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Name: 20160311_Fri_NightlyNews
Air Date: March 11, 2016
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Welcome to the InfoWars Nightly News.
I'm your host, Jakari Jackson.
It is March 11th, 2016, and here's a look at our top stories.
Tonight on the InfoWars Nightly News, Trump says enough with the debates.
France sends tech execs to prison for refusing to cooperate with their surveillance state.
Then Homeland Security finds homework inside of a backpack.
The U.N.
adopts the first resolution tackling sex abuse by the U.N.
And a couple taken hostage in their own home manage to escape and take out their offender with a gun.
Plus, the madness engulfing the St.
Louis Trump rally.
And President Barack Hussein Obama comes to South by Southwest in Austin, Texas.
All that and more on the InfoWars Nightly News.
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I want to start off tonight by talking about something that's been bothering me for the last several months, and that is the case of trivial political theater.
And I think, well, matter of fact, I know the reason why it annoys me so much is because I cannot get away from it.
When you look at the political system, and I'm not just talking about, you know, the major networks, this is something I myself have been guilty of, and that's why I'm sharing it with you, because I wouldn't tell anybody but you guys.
This is really irritating me because
You look at politics, you know, it's in a sense supposed to be, you know, the most fine minds going against the problems of the day, trying to find the most proactive solutions to these.
But the political system, or at least the way it's being portrayed on the television, has disintegrated to just the most TMZ-like, actually it's even worse than TMZ, because at least TMZ talks to interesting people.
These political shows, they're just boring old politicians, with the exception of Trump, not endorsing Trump, saying he's just an entertaining guy, going over their talking points, you know, I want to fix the roads, I want to fix the bridges and all this other stuff.
But then it goes to, like, the most benign behaviors, you know, he said this and she said that.
It's like I said, it's like watching an episode of TMZ, just the boring old people edition.
And with this, I look at these debates and in a rare showing of agreement with Donald Trump, I have to agree with the statement that he said, Trump, enough with the debates.
He's saying, we've seen enough of these debates, in my opinion, adding that it's like Vince McMahon put them on because they're WWE and that's all they are.
It is political wrestling.
I love that quote by Jesse Ventura.
I think it's in one of Alex's movies.
He was sitting there with Willie talking to him, and Jesse Ventura, he says, Alex, you know, this is my Jesse Ventura impersonation, he says, Alex, wrestling is just like politics.
I hate this guy and I'm going to kill him, but afterwards we go out and we shake hands and we have a beer.
And that's exactly what the political system is.
That's why I'm very skeptical.
When I see these politicians, you know, take all these jabs at each other, I think of it kind of like they're going for the title belt.
You know, they're trying to find the best champion to lead the country for the next four years.
So while these guys are on TV talking about how much they hate each other, my plan is better than this guy's plan, even if they believe that for the time, you know, afterwards, after it's all said and done, I'm sure they go have a big steak dinner, or at least after the election, they will get around to doing that.
The wall-to-wall, incessant coverage of the most minuscule...
Pointless things about these people.
It's on full display 24 hours a day, even if you don't try to look for it.
That's one of the big reasons I'm just really annoyed by this whole deal.
And it's going to continue because there's going to be more debates, more stupid stuff, more this guy has little hands, more this guy is a short guy.
You know, just trivial things.
You need to vote for me because I'm a, you know, insert whatever your deal is or what they think your deal is.
It's going to continue.
It's very unfortunate.
And I'm just hoping that the new generation of voters out there, a lot of you guys are feeling the burn.
If you like Bernie Sanders, that's fine.
That's not my issue right now.
Just, I hope you guys can ascend to a better level than what the current political system is now.
In maybe five, ten years, you know, a couple elections from now, we'll have a completely different political cycle that's actually meaningful.
Because what it is right now, it's like watching the NFL pregame show.
I like the Dolphins.
I like the Cowboys.
But we got two hours left, so let's keep talking about how I like the Dolphins and you like the Cowboys.
And this thing continues over and over again, week by week, show by show, network by network, to the point where you guys are getting very little actual, tangible information that's actually affecting the world around you.
Case in point, I did a report last night about
A series of rapes that have been going on over in India.
Now, these are very important issues, even if you don't live in India.
Let's say you do live in India, okay?
You're not hearing much about this because you're being drowned out by all this Trump news and all this other stuff that doesn't really mean anything in the grand scheme of things.
Yes, he's a political contender, and yes, he could potentially be the next president of the United States, but like I said, when they're talking about Trump and steak dinners, it doesn't matter about anything.
So, real news about real issues that affect real people is being completely drowned out by just complete BS on the TV, on the internet, on your iPhone, on whatever.
You can't get away from it and I'm truly sick and tired of it.
Now, let's move on to some other news.
Syntec execs to prison for refusing to cooperate with the surveillance state.
Now this is a follow-up to the things we've seen with Apple and the iPhone and all that stuff, in case you guys didn't know.
The San Bernardino shooters were using an iPhone and now the FBI wants them, Apple, to open the iPhone for them.
They say the encryption technology
We're good to go.
John McAfee told these guys point by point, McAfee Antivirus Software that is, how to crack this phone so you don't need Apple to do it for you.
Apple can keep their security, ISO, and you guys can get the information.
Everybody wins.
Now they're trying to push these type of measures over in France.
They say the measure includes a crime bill presented by the French Parliament.
The legislation was cleared upon the first reading in the lower chamber of Parliament, 474 votes to 32 votes.
The rule aims to force phone makers to give investigators data, and it will be up to the manufacturer to use whatever technique is necessary.
In addition, they will pose fines and potential prison sentences on those who refuse to comply.
So yeah, this is Big Brother just coming in and saying, we're going to make you do whatever we want.
I think when you talk about advances in technology, whether it's printable guns or iPhones or whatever else, it's up to the government to keep up with the private sector.
I don't think the private sector has to drop their encryption or whatever technology down to suit the government.
You guys got all these billions of tax dollars anyway.
If you stop spending them on stupid stuff, maybe you could be able to crack the phone, which I think you can't.
I think you're just messing around on that one.
Now let's talk about more security measures.
Homeland Security finds homework inside suspicious backpack that prompted school evacuation.
So basically this happened in Atlanta.
Somebody called in a bomb threat, and I understand you have to take bomb threats serious.
I'm not knocking you on that one.
But the way they went about this is they actually went inside the backpack and they found it was nothing more than just homework in the bag.
So it's becoming a growing problem.
We saw this last year in New York, also in California.
Somebody called in and things like this I can understand.
The things I don't understand is when some student has an umbrella that doesn't even look like a gun.
I mean, I guess
Far away, it may resemble slightly a type of firearm, but that's why you need to get closer to actually inspect what you're looking at.
Those are things I think are completely ridiculous, stupid.
We've seen kids suspended for playing with toy guns in their own front yards and all types of silliness.
Suspending kids for bubble guns and this just goes along with it.
I don't know any immediate remedy to stop these bomb threats because, yes, you do have to take them serious, but let's stop the overreactions and all the other stuff that's not
A particular threat like kids walking around with umbrellas.
That they want to crack down on these peacekeepers who are doing these dirty deeds.
With the exception of Egypt, they have opted out of this particular resolution because they say it is treating pretty much all the peacekeepers as, you know, potential suspects.
And okay, I can understand that to an extent, but they do have a very widespread problem at the UN.
As I always say about the UN,
Outside of their sexual abuse allegations and outside their anti-gun agenda, I think they do a lot of good stuff.
I'm not a fan of the forced vaccinations because I think it was the World Health Organization under the UN that gave out a bunch of forced vaccinations in Syria.
The kids died and everybody was like, oh, we don't know how it happened.
Other than stuff like that, the UN does a good job, but they definitely need to clean up their own house before they try to clean up other people's.
And speaking of cleaning up house, a man entered a house thinking that he was going to hold a family hostage and ended up on the business end of a firearm.
A family, including a young child, were taken hostage by the man believed to be Raphael McLeod.
They were tied up, but were able to get away and shoot that man again, who is believed to be Raphael McLeod.
And the investigation is ongoing, but the police chief says he's just glad that McLeod is off the streets.
We have exhausted a lot of man hours for this community to find this escapee because we wanted to make sure that no one else was.
And that's why I'm always a champion of the Second Amendment, because as good as the intentions may be by the police, they cannot be there to defend you all the time.
That's why you need to have the means, or at least the option, to protect yourself.
You don't want to own a firearm, you're scared of them, you're afraid your kids are going to get a hold of them.
That's your business.
Just like we saw the issue of the young lady who got shot, I believe it was this week, by a four-year-old.
She had a firearm in her car.
The kid picked it up and shot her.
Owning a firearm does not absolve you of personal responsibility.
If you have young children, don't keep your guns around the young children.
I don't recommend letting your kids shoot Uzis and all that stuff.
You can do what you want in this United States of America.
I personally wouldn't do it.
You still have to be a responsible parent.
Teach your kids firearm safety.
If they're too young to handle a gun, just teach them don't touch the gun.
Stay away from the gun.
That's for adults.
If they see a gun, you know, tell it to an adult figure.
And finally, we're going to talk about President Barack Obama because he is in the city of Austin, Texas right now, as I speak, doing this show for you.
He is in the city at South by Southwest talking about technology and all the things that are so great about that.
But before we talk about that, let's look at this.
Barack Obama says David Cameron allowed Libya to become a, quote, blank show.
And you can see the words right there on the screen.
Basically, he's saying that the U.S.
did its part in Libya, but afterwards, David Cameron and all his band of merry men didn't pick up the pieces.
And I don't think that's exactly fair criticism.
You can't just go into a country, tear it up with war, and then tell somebody else to clean it up.
That's like if I came to your house, tore it up, and told you to clean it up, you'd be like, get the hell out of my house.
So that's my view on that.
So here's a look at what happened when Barack Obama came to the city of Austin, Texas today.
Leigh Ann McAdoo with InfoWars.com.
I'm here covering South by Southwest 2016 and the complete 180 the festival seems to have taken.
Last year, Edward Snowden was the keynote speaker.
He was here pleading with tech developers saying, you've got to protect people's privacy, encryption is so important.
But now, this year, the king himself has rolled into town.
He is courting the tech industry.
President Barack Obama is saying, I am with the government and we need your help.
So what do you think about President Obama being the keynote speaker here at South by Southwest?
Is it a fit?
I mean, it doesn't get any bigger than that.
So there's a lot of people who love him and don't agree with him, but I mean, it's an honor to have him at South by.
What do you think about the fact that the tech industry right now is like on the precipice.
They're trying to stand up for our rights and our privacy and the government is like, you guys, you know, we need you.
Yeah, I mean, I don't agree with it.
I don't support it really.
It's like you're making, yeah, it's like you're putting everything under state control.
Yeah, I mean, it's definitely problematic.
I mean, I think it's just the festivals showing two sides of a coin, maybe, and it's one of those kind of scenarios where you have, you know, the one side and the other side, and they're both kind of trying to fight their... I don't like the government going all the way into the tech industry.
I mean, it's uncomfortable to think that they're trying to... the whole iPhone thing and trying to get, like, the backdoor information and stuff like that.
So it's something to be, like, to look out for, but I think
Well, I think having Snowden last year was great to get that perspective and learn because he was on the other side and he knows about a lot of stuff that, you know, general
Citizens should know about and Obama reaching out to the tech community and wanting for private sector and for silicone and all the amazing startups to to help the government in these issues I think it's the right way to go to to try to build that bridge between private sector and the government and from there you can advance into more technologies to make us safe instead of the back doors of what Edward Snowden was talking about.
I think that is an interesting juxtaposition but
I think that Edward Snowden represented something too, that not only is the tech industry something that we're excited about growing, but we also have rights that we need to protect as well.
And I think that there is kind of good points to both sides, you know?
Does it concern you at all that the government is kind of starting to get into South by Southwest?
I mean, we've got people here from DARPA and things like that saying, you know, we need your help guys, work with us.
Does that concern you at all?
I wouldn't say that it concerns me.
I think that you have to come to an agreement at some point, that the government and technology is going to have to come together to work through some of these issues.
So I think it's important for them to kind of come together and, you know, do good stuff.
What do you think about choosing today to come to town when they've got to shut down the highway for a few hours, the mayor told people to work from home, businesses have to shut down between 3 and 6, you can't go out on your balcony?
So you got people who need to work, won't be able to get to work.
And then you got people who want to be here for South by Southwest, won't be able to get to South by Southwest until late.
So, you know, for the local people, it's not great.
But for anyone who's, you know, following the political campaign and following Obama as well, you know, it's good for the city.
For me, coming from a country like Finland, I mean, our president goes skating with kids at the local skating rink with one guy, one security guy.
And no big deal.
So, you know, big country, big problems.
And the presidential motorcade is making its way down here right now.
As you can see, all of the traffic is blocked off as the king makes his way to lecture the technocrats.
We're good to go.
And as you can see, the presidential motorcade just made its way here through Austin.
They cleared the way, make way for the king, as he is off to lecture the technocrats on supporting the government and their technocratic takeover.
Thousands of years ago, there was a basic form of chivalry.
Our ancestors would hear the drums of war, giving the warriors of the tribe a chance to organize and prepare a defense.
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President Obama dressed casually, I would say, for his first visit to South by Southwest.
Shaking hands there with Austin Mayor Steve Adler now being greeted.
Rob Doo from 4Wheels.com.
We're attempting to get some drone footage of the presidential motorcade going by.
My screen was working now.
Now it's turned blank.
So I don't know if they've initiated any kind of jamming signal or anything.
We're not going anywhere near the motorcade.
We just want to get a shot of him, a video of him going by.
A video of him going by.
So we're over here posted up.
You can see where the drone is.
It's far away from the road.
At a very safe distance.
So we'll see what happens.
There are going to be random traffic closures, not only for the President's motorcade.
Austin police will provide rolling blockades and extra protection for the President.
For security reasons, his route is not public, but here's a look at the potential roads to watch out for.
I've said at the State of the Union that one of my regrets is the degree to which polarization and
The nasty tone of our politics has accelerated rather than waned over the course of the last seven and a half years.
Chikara Jacks reporting in Austin, Texas.
South by Southwest.
And we're out here because President Obama is expected to land any moment here in the city of Austin where he's going to come down to South by Southwest to give a speech.
Now if you notice behind me, there's somewhat of a sign of the times.
$80 to park at South by Southwest.
That is re-damn-diculous.
That's right.
In addition to the 200,000 workers and guests and attendees who will be filling up the Austin downtown area, Barack Obama is going to show up with his giant Secret Service detail.
Of course, in addition to tying up traffic, as Kit Daniels covered, even the Mayor of Austin is warning people to stay home on Friday as the President's visit is sure to tie up traffic for hours on end.
He will also be utilizing state police and local police resources, which could be used during South by Southwest.
He'll be making two stops.
One at the Long Center for Performing Arts to give a speech, and then jumping across the river to attend a fundraiser at Austin Music Hall.
And then it's on to a private fundraiser at the home of Amy and Kirk Rudy, local developers here.
It was Amy Rudy who approached a local Austin City Council member after he voted against awarding a $37 million tax rebate to her husband's company and said, don't F with my husband.
And she repeated it twice.
These are the kind of people Obama hangs out with.
Mark Tapson of Truth Revolt posed the question, what planet is he living on?
In regards to President Obama's complete disregard for his blatant hand in dividing the country on race.
Look, I've said at the State of the Union that one of my regrets is the degree to which polarization and
Uh, the nasty tone of our politics is accelerated rather than, uh, waned, uh, over the course of the last seven and a half years.
Uh, and I do all kinds of soul searching in terms of, are there things I can do better to make sure that we're unifying the country?
Objectively, it's fair to say that, um, the, the Republican political elites
And many of the information outlets, social media, news outlets, talk radio, television stations have been feeding the Republican base for the last seven years.
That there is a them out there and an us and them are the folks who are causing whatever problems you're experiencing.
And the tone of that politics, which I certainly have not contributed to, I have not...
America that's in the Bible for killing innocent people.
Oh, I am so glad that I got a God who knows what it is to be a poor black man in a country and a culture that is controlled by and run by rich white people.
We have got to change the way we have been doing things as an arrogant racist military superpower.
Yes, 9-1-1-0-1 happened to us.
And so did slavery happen to us.
Wonderful man there, Reverend Wright.
Right, who is my pastor, and he is a wonderful man, and I think that's an example of, he's a pastor of a large congregation in Chicago.
The hope that is embodied in the church, the sense of liberation that is embodied in the historically African-American church, is really something that moves me deeply, and I think
This rhetoric was spewed out during a ceremony welcoming Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to the White House.
Trudeau representing a Canada where radical Islamic Imams openly preach division and the conquering of their host.
What is it that instantly angers most Americans about Obama's statements?
Is it that we all side with the Republican Party?
Is it that we are all racist against Obama, regardless of the fact that he won by a landslide twice?
I have no more campaigns to run.
My only agenda... I know because I won both of them.
The anger boiling within the average American stems from a total rejection of the diatribe spewed out by a delusional sycophantic elitist pawn.
Once you strip away the myths, the lie, the propaganda, all that remains are the facts.
Lies put out and repeated over and over again by the President of the United States are not a substitute for empirical research.
Obama hasn't just divided Americans on race.
My main message is to the parents of Trayvon Martin.
You know, if I had a son, he'd look like Trayvon.
Unfortunately, you've grown up hearing voices that incessantly warn of government as nothing more than some separate sinister entity that's at the root of all our problems.
It's time to stop submitting to this tyranny!
It's time to realize that we're being enslaved!
Some of these same voices also do their best to gum up the works.
They'll warn that tyranny is always lurking just around the corner.
Tyranny with a capital T. You should reject these voices.
Everything that's been done
With torture, mendition, the NDAA, the Patriot Acts 1 and 2, from day one, was focused on the American people, period.
That's it.
It's always been about erasing the Bill of Rights and Constitution and rolling out NSA spying publicly, saying it's for Al-Qaeda.
Rolling out torture, saying it's for Al-Qaeda, but it's really for the general public.
Rolling out total control and the end of any underground free market systems in the name of fighting Al-Qaeda, but really shutting down any type of free commerce.
This is all about converting us
From a free society to a tyranny with a capital T.
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We're good.
General, what do you think about the FBI saying that there is a terror alert on Monday about a potential forklift situation?
The police are shoving people, shoving Alex, shoving the crowd.
Here we go folks, I'm being assaulted!
Whether it's the radio show, the news websites, documentary films, or the nightly news, InfoWars is the tip of the spear.
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Military drone technology is back in the headlines.
Recently, SCO, a subdivision of the US military with ties to DARPA, released a video of micro drones being launched from an F-16 fighter at 430 miles per hour.
The Washington Post article titled, Veil of secrecy lifted on Pentagon office planning avatar fighter and drone swarms.
Reads, canisters containing the tiny aircraft descend from jets on parachutes before breaking open, allowing wings on each drone to swing out and catch the wind.
Inch-wide propellers on the back provide a propulsion as they found one another and created a swarm.
Paul Scher, Director of the Warfare Initiative at the Center for a New American Security wrote in his 2014 paper,
Robotics on the Battlefield Part 2, The Coming Swarm.
That swarms of robotic systems can bring greater mass, coordination, intelligence, and speed to the battlefield, enhancing the ability of warfighters to gain a decisive advantage over their adversaries.
The announcement also represents another step toward total autonomous military robotics
I'm good.
Imagine this technology in the hands of the same government that was also forced to admit this week that it had been using domestic drones for domestic surveillance operations.
USA Today filed the story, Pentagon admits it has deployed spy drones over the U.S., detailing the fact that for the past decade, the U.S.
military has been using UAS, or Unmanned Aerial Surveillance Technology, domestically, in spite of our Fourth Amendment right to privacy from the government.
The article assures us that domestic surveillance operations were completely lawful.
It also states that the Pentagon report made public through an FOIA request, did not provide details of any domestic spying missions.
So when they claim their domestic spying operations are legal, we'll just have to take their word for it.
Curt Nemo adds in his article, Pentagod admits to using military drones to spy on Americans, the Posse Comitatus Act prohibits the military from operating on American soil, and that the Environmental Protection Agency used drones in Nebraska and Iowa in 2012.
I have two words for you.
Predator drones.
You will never see it coming.
Rob Dew reporting for InfoWars.com and InfoWars Nightly News.
Richard Reeves with Infowars.com and coming up we're going to have a pretty long video talking about what happened here at the Trump event in St.
Louis, Missouri.
Huge event, had several thousand people lined up for the event.
The venue hailed
3,100 people.
There were probably 2,000 or 3,000 people that could not get in the venue, so they had overflow.
Literally was out here in the street.
So we're going to have lots of video of the activities out here with regard to Black Lives Matter, with regard to Trump supporters and their interaction.
And for the most part, really surprising.
As a matter of fact, there's still a little bit going on right here that they're just having lively debate, lively discussion, but it's peaceful.
And those folks that say, hey, it always just boils down to somebody bloody in somebody's nose, they're wrong.
So anyway, we'll have upcoming here later today, a long video showing you all of the different highlights that we captured.
Bernie Sanders didn't have a job until he was 40.
Do you speak for Ferguson?
Do you live in Ferguson?
Do you live in Ferguson?
Hell yeah!
Do you live in Ferguson?
Hell yeah!
Hell yeah!
Hell yeah!
16135, you want my address?
You want to see my ID?
I don't live in damn well for 15 years.
All my kids went to school.
Got a good job!
Got a good job!
Ain't no criminal!
Can you tell me what happened in Ferguson?
What happened in Ferguson?
They got exposed.
Who got exposed?
You're saying that the problem in Ferguson wasn't the mainstream media blowing up a false narrative?
No, it was the militarization of police!
You can tell you are pure white, and I say that you have never experienced racism in your life.
I'm experiencing racism right now!
No, you're not.
America has done to me, but I don't let it stop me or deter me.
It's going to help you out.
I know what you chose.
I vote for Hillary.
Hillary Clinton, a known liar.
Bernie Sanders, the socialist who didn't have a job until he was 40.
There's your candidate.
That's right.
I'll take him over to Donald Trump.
Donald Trump, who's employed millions and millions of people.
He's a racist.
He's a racist.
He's a racist.
He's a racist.
He's a racist.
He's a racist.
He's a racist.
He's a racist.
He's a racist.
He's a racist.
He's a racist.
He's a racist.
He's a racist.
He's a racist.
He's a racist.
He's a racist.
He's a racist.
He's a racist.
He's a racist.
He's a racist.
He's a racist.
He's a racist.
He's a racist.
He's a racist.
He's a racist.
He's a racist.
He's a racist.
He's a racist.
He's a racist.
He's a racist.
He's a racist.
He's a racist.
Did your ancestors come to the United States?
Yes, they did.
Yes, they did.
How do you know this?
Because I looked up my family ancestry.
That's how.
They came from Germany.
They came to Ellis Island.
They had to wait for weeks because they had to be vetted for disease.
You're an immigrant.
I can tell you where my ancestors came from.
I know where they came from because you don't know, but I know my grandparents were born slaves.
So you don't know what I know.
You know, my dad was born in 1918 on a plantation in Tallahassee, Florida.
You don't know shit about racism.
You don't know shit about racism.
You know about it.
No, no, but I do know about it.
So what does that have to do with Donald Trump?
So you're asking me, and you're talking about, so what you're saying, what you're saying.
Now hold on, what you're saying.
I am a fucking racist.
I am a punk!
I have never been scared to stand up for what I believe in or die for what I believe in.
What does that have to do with Trump?
You can't prove Trump's racist!
Everybody got something to stand up and believe in today.
I will die before I elect Donald Trump to become President of the United States.
Hillary Clinton let people die in Benghazi.
That's alright.
That's alright.
Benghazi, for real.
Yeah, for real, it happened.
I'm talking about right here in America, bruh.
In America, we have control.
We don't got no control over in the country of Libya.
They don't even have no real, no established government themselves.
They don't even have established government themselves.
The system that you're complaining about starts with the politicians at the top who've been in office for decades!
Donald Trump is the only one not from the insider class!
He's a racist!
He's a racist!
He's a racist!
He's a racist!
He's a racist!
He's a racist!
He's a racist!
He's a racist!
He's a racist!
He's a racist!
Why did you do that to that white guy?
Why did you do that to a black guy?
Why did you do that to me?
Why did you touch me?
Don't you know I would have fucked you up?
He just wanted to yell and yell and yell.
Put your hands on me!
Put your hands on me!
Why you ain't touch one of the black guys?
Touch one of these real front line protesters!
Put your hands on me!
I'm a real front line protester!
All right.
All right.
You know what?
I gotta say, I take my hat off to you, because you are the guy, this is the guy right here.
Look around you right now, there's gotta be 150 people standing around.
And it all started with this gentleman right here.
Because I'm a leader.
Because he walked through the crowd and he started viewing racism.
And now the conversation's elevated to where we've gotten to this point.
You put your hands on him!
You put your hands on him!
He's assaulting people.
Oh, you little pussy!
You are a pussy!
Jones is right!
Jones is right!
Guys like you are pussies!
Get your hands off me!
I'm not putting my hands on you!
I've got a right to speak!
The tip of the spear, baby.
This is the information war.
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We have Alex Jones joining us reporting from the road.
Absolutely, David.
You know, I am obviously listening to the show via the free iPhone app that's at InfoWars.com, Ford's live show, along with the Droid app and the rest of it.
And I had just pulled in to the home office to go in and complete some work.
And I heard that report with Joe Biggs and, of course, Taryn McBreen.
So I literally, as I was walking in, got on my phone, pulled up the video.
It's on InfoWars.com.
And they're putting that report right now on YouTube for everybody else as well.
We're good.
The Redcoats came to Lexington and Concord to confiscate the firearms, the gunpowder, and the shot, or the, quote, round bullets, before they had cartridges.
They came to take the firearms.
That's what really finally kicked off 1776.
Imagine folks out in the middle of nowhere and in the wilderness and, you know, can't have guns now.
That's just crazy.
So that's what started the whole deal.
Well, they're claiming this is the new revolution being started.
George Soros has primed it.
Hundreds of millions of dollars.
$35 million just in Ferguson.
Trying to start a race war.
Trying to fan the flames.
Trying to turn everybody against each other.
Taking some legitimate issues and twisting them.
Others just making stuff up to literally get us at each other's throats.
And they keep sending in these big groups of people.
White, black, Hispanic, and American, but a lot of times, you know, groups of black folks going in to these Trump rallies, screaming, yelling, bumping into people, running over Secret Service people, you name it, saying, quote, it's a social experiment.
And they were just playing the clip where they admitted it's a social experiment.
So they know that if you go to a rally of 25,000 people and run around screaming and yelling, that there's going to be some hothead who's mad.
Maybe he's mad because his job got shipped overseas.
Maybe he is a racist, whatever.
25,000 people.
You're marching past thousands of them, you're bumping into people, you're doing stuff, you're going to get hauled off and hit.
I've actually seen in leftist publications them take the footage from last year at the abortion clinic where Jakara and everybody basically protected me, and I have seen them
I think?
On crutches, a brain-damaged guy named, you know, Ronnie that I've known for 20 years, a local activist, but he was hit by a car.
I mean, he's there, but he literally has trouble walking.
Literally, Jakari and others were there, had to protect him.
I've never seen Jakari get so angry.
He's usually very, very, you know, calm and polite and friendly and restrained.
He got really angry.
See, how dare him do that?
How dare I push back when the guy had already run into me four or five times?
And then he even grabbed my microphone away and broke it, and then ran off.
Okay, the police put him in handcuffs after they caught two of them, but then didn't charge him, okay?
But the point is, then the media spins it that I attacked him, and that my crew attacked him, when they were clearly attacking us.
And that's what these people do.
Skews us coming through, skews us coming through, link their arms, we're getting the full footage.
It's what's happened over and over again.
And then they, I mean, run over Secret Service agents, you'll get out of my way, you name it.
Just crazy.
They tried to say that the Secret Service agent was racist.
You know, on and on and on and on.
And that guy looked like he was a mixed race.
But the point is, is that this is an attempt to start a race war in America.
It's what all our inside intel's saying.
It's what intel was telling me six years ago, and I didn't believe it.
Uh, and now it's happening and this is their plan going in to the fall in the general election and maybe even suspend things.
I don't know if they're going to do it, but, but it's, it's, it's in the cards.
They're moving it to the front burner.
This is a big deal.
And I think we should go down.
Obama said yesterday, he said, well, he said today, we played the clip earlier.
We should play it again.
He goes, I've united people.
You know, I haven't divided people.
All his surrogates have done is divide people.
And then he gives, every time there's an Easter statement, he goes, well, there's a lot of bad Christians in the world, and it's shameful what Christians are doing.
Meanwhile, radical Muslims are killing millions of people every year, literally.
These people hate us, folks.
And it's time for people that like family, and people that like free speech.
And people that like being Christian or just being in a free country.
We need to have every race, color, and creed come together and see the manipulation that's happening and let these social dividers, these social engineers using literal communist tactics.
To divide and conquer, it's time we realize what rat snakes they are, and true total enemies of this country.
And they are trying to stir stuff up.
They are trying to absolutely infiltrate into these groups.
They come in one by one, and they all link up, 30, 40, 50, 60, 100 people, and then start running people down, and going, excuse me, when they plow into you holding hands.
I have personally had anarchists do this to me four times.
It's on tape.
I've had the devil-worshipping communists do it.
In their own words, devil-worshipping communists.
This is who we're facing, devil-worshipping communists, and then these Black Lives Matter folks are brainwashed in the schools, told they don't have any money or any future, not because of globalism, but because some poor white plumber is at a Donald Trump rally.
They are turning us against each other.
Now, I don't think the people in Black Lives Matter are devil worshippers.
They are brainwashed.
We're good.
Syria, the Arab Spring, and what's happening in Ukraine.
These people aren't playing games.
They're causing a worldwide meltdown to bring in one world government.
I'm telling you, I'm going to go find, I'm going to start one of Black Lives Matter meetings.
I'm going to go
Which one of you is the foundation operative?
I used to say feds.
That's not what it is.
The feds are just there monitoring.
Sometimes they stir stuff up, but not often.
Usually it's a fed who's also a foundation operative, if it is a fed.
And we need to just start getting in there and getting to these young people and going, don't you understand what they're doing?
Don't you see the plan?
We cannot let these idiots do this.
Some of these young people, because I've talked to them, they go, oh man, you're just scared.
We're taking over.
That isn't how it works.
The New World Order took over.
It puts poison in your water, silly.
It's the one that doubled your unemployment.
It's the one that wanted to kill everybody in the womb.
It's time now, folks, to say no to the globalist divide-and-conquer race war.
It's time.
And then they'll say, oh,
But Trump, Trump wants to control the borders and Trump doesn't, you know, doesn't want Muslims being brought in.
Until they vet them.
And we gotta have borders as a country.
They take the most basic stuff and act like it's racist.
And then you've got all these groups.
In Cambridge, England, they're taking down a bronze rooster from Africa because it came from Africa.
It was stolen.
They want to take down stuff from the British Empire now, but they don't want to fight the current New World Order empire that Cecil Rhodes set up out of the British Empire.
No, they're actually carrying that out.
So the very empire
We're good.
They were in there yelling and screaming and pushing people.
Somebody cold cocked one of them.
And so it's the end of the world.
It's the devil whites again.
Like Bernie Sanders said, if you're white, you don't know what it's like to be poor.
They're the problem.
And by the way, we had a lot of videos and a lot of images coming from that contest.
I'm not going to announce it today, I don't think yet, because they haven't organized them and I want to promote them on Facebook and Twitter, but I want to get a status update on that.
I'll probably announce it Sunday, but InfoWars.com, PrisonPlanet.com.
And the reason I sound so excited
I might like this when I'm not on air.
It's because this is so desperate.
This is so real.
This is so hardcore.
This is so historic.
This is so over-the-top.
This is the key time in history, folks.
We get the word out on this.
We can have the enemies move, backfire on them, and defeat the globalists.
But if we don't, they are more, I'm more certain than ever, they're going to go with full attempted civil unrest.
It's already popping up all over Austin.
I've seen it.
Friends have seen it.
It is, it is despicable.
Whites are being attacked everywhere.
It is incredible.
And it's so sad.
It's going to create so much division that Christians mainly, abolitionists and others, work so hard to try to end
And Martin Luther King's work and so many other people's work is being flushed down the toilet by these wicked devils right now.
And the people claiming to be anti-racist are the very globalist controller filth and they know they're doing it.
Remember that.
Bernie Sanders, all these people.
George Soros, they know what they're doing.
Hillary Clinton, David Knight, back to you.
Yeah, Alex, and of course, as I was coming in this morning, I heard a headline.
I was reading the New York Times, Washington Post, talking about how the most dangerous place to be in the world is at a Donald Trump rally.
That's the way they're trying to spin this.
We have an article here from the Washington Examiner.
Brian York says, this is what the protester problem really is.
And he starts out by talking about how many people showed up at the Obama rallies when he was running for president the first time.
Now we have that scene.
Well, that's it for our show tonight.
I hope you enjoyed it.
And if you did, go to PrisonPlanet.tv and get yourself a free trial.
You can see the nightly news, the special reports, the rants, all right there at PrisonPlanet.tv.
And also go to the Alex Jones channel on YouTube.
Well, I'm Jakari Jackson from the InfoWars Command Center, and we'll see you again next week.
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