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Name: 20160309_Wed_NightlyNews
Air Date: March 9, 2016
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Tonight, on this live edition of the Nightly News, superdelegates and illegal aliens may determine the election.
Obama and Soros-linked organizations are pushing to naturalize illegal aliens in time to vote for the November election.
And, Bernie Sanders is so desperate to poke holes in Hillary's firewall of black voters that he lectures us about white privilege, saying white people don't understand what it's like to be poor.
When you're white, you don't know what it's like to be living in a ghetto.
You don't know what it's like to be poor.
But it may not matter whose vote he gets, because of Hillary's superdelegates.
Then, stay with us for live analysis and commentary as Hillary and Bernie Tango on Dancing with the Issues, otherwise known as the Democrat Debate.
All that and more on tonight's live edition of the Nightly News.
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Or is a live analysis and debate coverage our nightly news live portion where we will be watching the Democratic debate.
I believe this is the fourth or fifth meeting between Hillary Clinton
And Bernie Sanders.
Oh, Bernie Sanders.
That's right.
Bernie has now made an upset in Michigan.
He won just by a few percentage points, but he was able to, you know, get some momentum.
NPR is looking at the three things to watch in this debate.
You know, delegates are momentum.
They're like, can Hillary Clinton woo the independents, which she lost apparently to Sanders.
And also to white working class voters.
That's surprising considering the remarks Sanders made saying white people don't know what it's like to be poor.
And we'll talk about that a little bit later because everyone says we took that out of context.
So, we're going to go ahead and clarify that in a little bit.
And also looking at the enthusiasm gap because after the primaries on Tuesday, what did all the networks go to?
45 minutes of Trump talking about steaks and wine and just being a chill, showing you the leader.
He's just going to be a leader with steaks and wine.
Wine and dine-em.
I mean, they're absolutely complicit in the election of the next president.
And if you want to see that, I mean, they're talking about how Trump must be Hitler because of all of these tens of thousands of people that show up to his rallies, raising their hands, pledging support.
Meanwhile, they won't show you the tens of thousands of people that are showing up to Bernie Sanders events.
Because they're so in the bag for Hillary Clinton that they don't want you to see how many people are really, truly grassroots are moving for Bernie Sanders.
In fact, we have a graphic right now just showing a medium-sized Trump rally plus a large.
There's the 30,000 that went to Mobile, Alabama.
This is 15,000 in Dallas, Texas.
And the most recent one was Mobile.
And now let's look at Bernie Sanders.
We have, this is in Madison, Wisconsin, about 10,000 people there.
And then the next one I believe is in Portland, Oregon.
Huge rally in Portland, Oregon.
It's huge!
Now we got Ted Cruz, Des Moines, Iowa.
This is his largest rally that I've been able to find.
3,000 attendees.
Marco Rubio, this is his latest one in Tampa, Florida.
Ooh, 300.
And Hillary Clinton, they kind of sway it for her, where they'll only show you the front of the room.
Yeah, and here's 2,000 at her latest in Cleveland, Ohio.
This was on Tuesday, so only 2,000 people.
So the populist, you got Trump on one side with the populist.
Bernie Sanders on the Democratic side with the populist vote.
But they are, I'm sorry, Bernie supporters, they are going to steal it for Hillary and we're going to illustrate that tonight in a number of different ways.
But I think first we need to address an issue.
We've been called out as, you know, taking things out of context here at InfoWars because after Bernie made this statement that white people don't know what it's like to be poor,
Here it is from BizPakReview.
Sander Stepson declares white people don't know what it's like to be poor.
Darren McBreen was monitoring Facebook earlier today.
And Darren, are you out there?
What exactly did you see?
Read out that comment for us, please.
Well, I don't have the exact comment in front of me, but I'll just paraphrase.
What I did was I posted a meme that was the exact quote from Bernie Sanders, right?
And actually, Carmen has my Facebook page pulled up right now.
But he said, when you're white, you don't know what it's like to be living in a ghetto, and you don't know what it's like to be poor, right?
So I posted that and I was immediately responded that Bernie Sanders supporters, they came out of nowhere, you know, and they started saying, look, you took this out of context.
That's not what he said.
And then they posted this meme, if you guys could show what the counter meme was, basically saying that we took him out of context, Fox News took him out of context, and that we're basically lying.
Well, let's show exactly what he said, because we do want to get this right.
We want to show exactly what he said.
We actually have two clips.
He answers this question that he's asked, one speaking from the point of view of a Black Lives Matter supporter.
So this is the meme that someone posted.
This is a very popular meme right here that's being passed around social media right now.
Certain black communities.
There it is.
So let's go to that first A, burn white people BLM.
That's the first title of that one.
Let's roll that one guys.
I was with some young people active in the Black Lives Matter movement.
Young lady comes up to me and she says, you don't understand
What police do in certain black communities.
You don't understand the degree to which we are terrorized.
And I'm not just shooting, I'm not just talking about the horrible shootings that we have seen, which have got to end and we've got to hold police officers accountable.
I'm just talking about everyday activities where police officers are bullying people.
So, to answer your question, I would say, and I think it's similar to what the Secretary said,
When you're white, you don't know what it's like to be living in a ghetto.
You don't know what it's like to be poor.
You don't know what it's like to be hassled when you walk down the street or you get dragged out of a car.
There it is, so I would say... He said it!
In fact, we've even slowed down the clip, so everybody out there, Bernie supporters, please listen carefully.
Here it is once again.
So, to answer your question, I would say, and I think it's similar to what the Secretary said, I would say, and I think it's similar to what the Secretary said, when you're white, you don't know what it's like to be living in a ghetto.
You don't know what it's like to be poor.
You don't know what it's like to be hassled when you walk down the street or you get dragged out of a car.
And the point is, it was a live debate.
Fox News couldn't have edited it.
Like, some people say they took it out of context, or this is what he said, and then they only showed you this.
It was live.
They didn't chop it up.
That's what we call a soundbite in the industry.
So they were just showing you a snippet, and that's what he said.
And he said, I would say, I would say,
That's what he said, and then he said it.
And this is coming from a guy who lived in a place with a dirt floor, in a maple syrup factory or something, right?
Not only on Facebook, but we've got emails, we've got people phoning in, saying that, look, you took Bernie out of context.
You owe him an apology.
And then the thing is, you could send them to the video, say, no, look, watch the video.
And then once they do, you would think they would
Maybe admit they were wrong.
That just never happens.
It's like, yeah, sure, maybe I get the gist of what Bernie Sanders was saying, but you have to stop pitting the races against each other.
See, here's the thing.
A lot of people in this country are suffering.
It's not just one group versus another group.
Before we go any further, 877-789-2539 is the number to call in and join us live on the air.
We're going to open up the phone lines.
We also have a special message from David Knight to Bernie Sanders supporters.
Because look, we agree, Bernie Sanders is the populist candidate in the Democratic side.
And I think he should receive the nomination if he were to do everything fair and square.
But guys, come to my phone right here.
This was at the start of the Louisiana primary on March 5th.
Right there you can see zero percent of the results have come in.
Hillary Clinton already has six delegates.
You can't defeat that.
You're not going to win.
There's no way you can beat that.
And so I want to talk a little bit, just a little bit about this super delegate system and how, you know, the Democratic Party, they're the party of democracy.
It's all, we care about your votes.
We actually care about the voice of the people, which is absolutely not true, especially now when you're witnessing this mass amount of people that want to vote for Bernie.
The Democratic establishment, they've already got it set up so that their guy or gal is going to, is going to be the Democratic representative.
They're not the will of the people.
So this is, according to CNN, and this also kind of ties into how the Democratic Party is up a little bit racist, because this whole superdelegate thing was set up, according to CNN, the DNC created this process in 1982.
As a continuation of the effort to bring the experienced, more moderate members of the party to the convention to act as a ballast against the passions of other delegates.
So basically the same thing we're seeing now, but what was going on then?
That translation means we want to keep the establishment people in place and always ready to install them if anybody should come up and occur like what happened when Howard Dean was running.
But here's the thing is that it was created because in 1984 the superdelegates powered the establishment candidate, former VP Walter Mondale, over the insurgent Reverend Jesse Jackson.
So they did not want the first black president, even though he would have been the first viable African American presidential candidate, they did not want that.
So they create this super delegate system to make sure that their establishment choice would be, you know what, but there you go, that's the Democratic Party.
And that is how Trump is stumping them.
So when they do steal it for Hillary, which they're going to do, it's in the bag.
I'm sorry to say we saw it happen with Ron Paul two years in a row.
And it was the dirty tricks I think were even worse.
They would show graphics of the first place guy, the second place guy and the fourth and fifth and sixth place guy.
They would just omit Ron Paul like he didn't exist.
And that's what they're doing.
You know, they're doing that in the same way with Bernie, but it's even a little more sophisticated.
They won't show you the tens of thousands of people that are just saying, well, it was a real shocker that he won in Michigan.
It wasn't a shock.
People, there's no one showing up for it.
No one likes her.
And just look at the crowds.
The crowds speak for themselves.
Now we're also going to go over later today, we're going to have Kit Daniels pop in from our Twitter station talking about our Inner Flash $1,000 Bernie Sanders meme contest.
We had one of these last week with a Washington, I think it was a Washington Times or Washington Post photo with Romney, a chuckling Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio all on a plane.
And one of the more popular ones was snakes on a plane.
In fact, everybody thought that one should have won.
I let David Knight and I think Daria pick the winner and they picked Americans Think We're Conservative from Can't Stump the Trump and she won that.
Very nice lady who I've been kind of tweeting messages back and forth to.
Mother of five, six grandchildren, started listening to Alex after her husband passed away because he was a big fan.
And so she's like, well, maybe there's something to this started listening to it is become a fan and, you know, listen every day and then enter the contest.
And that's how it is.
That's how quickly you could win a thousand dollars for wars.
Just one of the many ways we're trying to do this.
The reason we have these contests is to spread the word about these different memes because memes are very powerful.
They go viral.
Memes are super powerful.
And if they go viral, you can really change people's opinion.
I mean, people with just a few words.
Yeah, it's so easy to hit the share button on a meme on Facebook or Twitter or something.
So that's why we want people to submit.
Or a like or an upvote.
There's a lot of things you can do.
It really pushes it out there.
Just don't take Bernie out of context.
Whatever you do, don't take Bernie out of context.
Don't do it, McBreen.
Don't do it.
So we're going to see tonight what's going on.
They're in Miami.
We'll see if we're going to see anything new.
I think it's just going to be the same old stuff.
I'm surprised they're having this many debates at this point.
Well, you know, they weren't even going to have this many debates, but because of the fact that Hillary started trending so poorly and Bernie Sanders was becoming so powerful there with the people, they had to get her some more time on stage because she traditionally does very well in debates, so they wanted her to get more air time so people would remember why they like her so much.
And so Bernie supporters out there, I encourage you guys to call in.
Tell us why you're voting for Bernie.
I would like to hear it.
Really, I talked to some Bernie supporters last night.
Joe Biggs and myself.
We have Kyle from Houston, Texas.
Is he ready to come on?
Kyle, go ahead.
What's your question?
Well, I just had a, you know, the question was, where is all this free stuff that Bernie is promising?
Now, I don't want to take him out of context.
But where is all this stuff coming from?
I mean, my brother-in-law says, well, I voted for Bernie.
And I said, why?
He says, well, you know, all the free stuff.
No, he didn't say that.
I kid you not.
Oh, yeah.
He's about 21 years old living at home, you know.
Give us free stuff, that's what they want.
They don't want freedom, they want free.
You don't get free stuff from the government.
There's always a catch.
There's always going to be some strings attached.
You're always going to have to jump through a hoop.
It's going to destroy the middle class.
Oh, I agree, I agree.
Where's it going to come from?
It's going to come from people who work like you.
They all think it's going to come from the 1%.
It's gonna come from $100,000 and up in small businesses, and then once they're gone, it'll go from the middle class, and then once they're gone, it'll be ultra-rich and super-poor, and then you'll wind up like any other socialist country.
Hey, real quick, when they ask where the free stuff is gonna come from, I say, I got it.
I'm buying.
Because it's going to come from you and me.
The Democratic black hole.
That's for all the free stuff.
Yeah, because the 1% is going to do like they've always done and figure out how to get their money offshore and get the heck out of this country.
Kyle, what do you do for a living?
Actually, I have my own business.
Very good.
We have a commercial facilities maintenance business.
We started off working really hard, just cutting grass, and now we do everything.
You know, asphalt, the interior maintenance of buildings.
And that's how it happens.
Success doesn't happen overnight.
It's a long road to the top, if you want to rock and roll, to quote ACDC.
We're going to have more callers.
And you just need to go ahead and redistribute your country.
Are we about to go to break, guys?
I mean, your whole corporation that you built, your business.
Hey, Kyle, thanks for calling.
Didn't give it away.
Exactly, and you know, that's the thing.
It's about equality and fairness.
They want to take the labor from hard-working people and take it and give it to people who, you know, frankly don't want to work and think they deserve $15 an hour for flipping burgers.
You know, when I worked at McDonald's, I worked for $4.25 minimum wage.
They gave me one raise, a penny, $4.26 an hour.
Because you were working hard.
Because they said, you're doing a good job, but you haven't worked here long enough.
You know, and you know what I did?
After another month and a half of that, I left and I found another job.
And that's how it works.
If you don't like the job you're in, go find another job.
Don't let people tell you you can't find another job.
Create a job.
We got Nicholas in Florida.
That's the way to go.
I'll let you get started, Nicholas.
He's saying Bernie is taking out of context.
And so, we'll go to him real quick.
Nicholas, what's your point?
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Welcome back to our pre-show coverage of live debate analysis and commentary of the Democratic debate between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.
I'm Rob Doo.
We've got Leigh Ann McAdoo sitting in.
I've got Darren McBreen over in the studio in front of the Washington banner.
I've got Kid Daniels over in the Twitter station.
We're going to be checking in with him in a second.
Also, we'll have Joe Biggs over in the Situation Room.
We're going to be everywhere.
Angie Carrey-Jackson is going to join us once the debate starts at about 7.30.
Although, I did see an article where it said it was going to start at 8 o'clock.
So, you guys might want to check that and make sure that we're still on the same schedule.
I just saw an article, I think, from CNN that said something like 9 o'clock.
Yeah, they were going to start at 8.39.
Without further ado, let's go to Nicholas in Florida who says we are taking Bernie out of context.
Please explain, Nicholas.
Hi, let me just start off by saying I'm a huge fan.
I support Info Wars, Alex Jones, all that.
I kind of turned off when you guys started going against Bernie Sanders for everything he said.
And so, about the out of context part, he was talking about, like, I know the
Um, how he said white people don't know what it's like to be in the ghetto and stuff.
He might have made a mistake on that part.
But what he was trying to say is how people, like white people, like rich white people, which is the majority of white people, they're usually more wealthy, they don't know what it's like to be in the ghetto.
So, first thing that I didn't say.
Well, the majority of people on welfare are actually white.
So, I mean, it's... You know, I had a billionaire on the show today, Gary Haven, who said, you know, I started off working a minimum wage job for $1.10 an hour.
He became a millionaire by 28.
He lost it all by 30.
So he's back to being poor, bankrupt.
And then he became a billionaire, self-starter.
And, you know, I agree with you that there are ghettos and black people are probably, there's probably more disproportionate if you take the numbers.
The ghettos are black.
But who created these ghettos?
This was Lyndon Johnson, a big Democrat, who created these ghettos.
They created it with his New Deal and his new society, or the new society, or the Great Society, where they started building these projects to corral black people and minorities into them, so they could control them.
Because once you corral people into these areas, then you can say, hey, you're going to lose your housing unless you do this.
You have to do this.
Don't get married, because if you get married, you lose your housing.
You can't make too much money or you're going to get off government assistance.
So you have to stay at this level of income or else you get taken off of welfare.
I mean, it's a trap.
It's a whole trap.
And so that's what I'm saying.
I do not disagree with what Bernie Sanders is saying.
I understand where he's coming from.
Wall Street's out of control.
I get it.
Corporations are taking profits out of this country.
But it's an exact quote.
That's exactly what he said.
And it was disrespectful to a lot of white families out there who are poor and have hard times.
Let me tell you something.
We're not the only ones that attributed that quote to Bernie Sanders, right?
It's also attributed to Bernie Sanders from the Washington Post, the Huffington Post, The Hill, the National Review, NBC.
MSNBC, Reddit, and on and on and on.
I don't think Nicholas was denying that.
He's trying to say, well, what he meant to say was... Yeah, he wasn't... Yeah, he wasn't saying, you know, there aren't any poor white people per se, but yes, this... And honestly, like, I kind of... Hello, we have an African-American president, the kid that was starting the whole thing at his school last year, where he was...
Um... I...
Well, Hillary has taken all his ideals with her, so she's basically mimicking her.
But do you believe a word she says?
So you believe what she's saying?
That's the question.
You believe this woman is sincere, a woman who covers up for her sexually abusing husband, a woman who lied about what happened at Benghazi.
Right, she'll say anything to get elected.
She sees how popular Bernie Sanders' ideas are and so she's following right behind him.
Exactly, she's trying to steal that populism.
Nicholas, thanks for calling.
Let's jump over to Kit Daniels real quick.
Kit, show us some of the memes that have been entered in this Bernie Sanders meme contest that we're going to give away $1,000 for.
Yeah, absolutely.
Here's a really great contest entry right here.
I really like this one.
It says, white people don't know what it's like to be poor.
It shows a picture of Bernie Sanders at the bottom of it.
It says, was unemployed until the age of 40.
Now, correct me if I'm wrong, dude, but I think it was Bernie Sanders, he was like, what, living in a dirt house, like a dirt floor house, like a single bedroom house for a long time.
He was barefoot, yeah.
Yeah, I think he got married and his wife left him because of the living standards and he's riding like smut.
One of his first jobs also was writing smut.
You're exactly right.
Hey, we have to jump to this David Knight clip, and then when we come back, we're going to be turned around facing the big screens watching this debate live commentary, so stay tuned.
I've seen signs at several businesses throughout Austin who were staunch supporters of Ron Paul four years ago, now with Bernie Sanders signs.
To many, it may not make sense because they are polar opposites ideologically.
But there is some common ground.
Both Ron Paul and Bernie Sanders followed their principles consistently over decades of public office.
In a word, authentic.
You know what these guys are about.
Both Ron Paul and Bernie Sanders had a long association with a mainstream political party
That they were never really a part of.
They were never part of the club, never part of the establishment.
That's why the establishment hates them.
It's why we identify with them.
We're not in that club either.
And the supporters of both of these men speak of the movement behind their candidates as a revolution.
But the system is obdurate.
It hates change.
The establishment of both parties each has its own ways of controlling access to power.
An article today on the Drudge Report speaks of the undemocratic Democrat Party rules.
At issue are the superdelegates.
The superheroes of the party.
Current office holders, former office holders, party apparatchiks, and lobbyists.
In fact, 1 out of 7, 14% of the superdelegates are lobbyists or former lobbyists.
Bernie Sanders started out as a 450 delegate underdog.
Hillary was one-sixth of the way to the finish line before the first vote was cast.
So far, 7 million people have voted, but 473 people, that none of us know, account for 42% of the delegates so far.
And last night's Michigan election?
Hillary lost, but got more delegates.
Both parties are dishonest and oppressive.
The political parties should be abolished or replaced with new parties.
But with the rules currently in place, the best we can hope for is a hostile takeover.
A hostile takeover is easier under the rules of the Republican Party.
As Nate Silver of FiveThirtyEight pointed out, the rules of the Republican Party are not as restrictive as the Democrat Party's rules.
And it helps if you have a billionaire who doesn't need the money of the multinational corporate donors.
Donald Trump doesn't have the grandfatherly demeanor of Ron Paul or Bernie Sanders, but as gruff as he may be, he's not dependent on establishment donors and he's willing to fight.
And there's some commonality between Trump, Bernie Sanders, and Ron Paul.
Like Bernie and Ron, Trump has also stood consistently and alone against the establishment for decades.
Trump's stand has been in opposition to unfair trade that is taking our jobs and destroying our economy.
35 years ago, he paid $100,000 for an ad in the New York Times to oppose the trade and war policies of the multinational corporations, the globalists.
He has opposed the Republican orthodoxy of so-called free trade and of being the world's policeman.
And he has said it to their face.
He's called for ending NAFTA, for auditing the Fed, for releasing the secret 28 pages of the 9-11 report.
He will stop TPP and TTIP and stop the exporting of jobs.
Neocons and those who want to provoke wars for profit for the military-industrial complex are his biggest critics.
For all his bluster, he has long criticized American militarism and confronted Jeb to his face on the lies about weapons of mass destruction that were used to start the Iraq War.
But most of all, he's not part of the club.
Globalists hate him.
Multinational corporations hate him.
The political establishment hates him.
And the warmongers hate him.
Think about it.
He's closer to Bernie than Hillary.
And no one personifies the cronyism and corruption more than Hillary Clinton.
She must be defeated.
Bloomberg said he would enter the race to stop Bernie and Trump if Hillary wasn't the nominee.
Bloomberg understands what's at stake.
Fox News and the establishment understand what's at stake.
Do you?
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Thank you.
General, what do you think about the FBI saying that there's a terror alert on Monday about a potential forfeiture situation?
The police are shoving people, shoving Alex, shoving the crowd.
Here we go, folks, I'm being assaulted!
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Welcome back to our pre-show of the live debate coverage and analysis of the 2016, what are we, March 9th, Democratic debate between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton.
I'm Rob Doo.
And I'm Leanne McAdoo.
That's right, and we got a whole host of callers up.
We're going to go back to some more memes from Kit Daniels in a second, but let's go first to Jason in Florida who wants to explain Bernie's point of view.
Before we go to him, I'm going to give you the call-out number again.
It is 800- 877-789-2539.
It's on your screen on the lower third there, the bug.
So Jason, what do you want to say about Bernie?
I guess you're a Bernie supporter.
Yeah, I mean, I haven't really covered the candidates that much, but it's pretty cool to see how Bernie actually identifies with black American.
It's pretty cool.
Yeah, I mean, because he's kind of right.
I mean, I'm mixed.
My dad's black and my mom's white, but me and my wife, we live in the projects.
She's a black American, and we don't see that many white people.
I don't think so.
Taking people to jail for no reason, for small violations, ruining families' lives out here.
I mean, at the Martin Luther King parade, they were posted up walking around while there's kids with M16s on the street.
We saw that in Ferguson, too.
They were shooting tear gas at people.
It's crazy.
I mean, it's not to say that the people are wanting to keep this racial biasness going in our country, but it seems to be more the government and their war dogs, the police,
So why would you trust the government to fix the problem if the government is the problem?
I mean, not obviously, but really I don't support any of these candidates.
I don't.
I'm not really a big supporter of politics.
I think that they're all liars.
I like Alex Jones.
I like his opinion.
I like, I like the realness that, you know, just the fact that we know that the government is, they're all about secrets and we know that they're not lying to us anymore.
They have their own agenda, like you said.
Hillary Clinton is their vote.
I believe that she's the elite's vote and I believe that they're not going to even let Bernie Sanders go on.
But it's just cool to see a candidate actually, you know,
Make this an issue.
And you're right.
They're absolutely having to make this a political issue.
People are fed up.
Obviously we saw that with Ferguson.
We see a lot of people are fed up and they are pushing this out into the forefront, forcing people to have to talk about this issue.
But that's, I mean, you kind of alluded to this.
You can't
Now give the government even more power to fix the problem that they've created.
And you saw with Ferguson, the entire country was rallying around everyone there and could see that there was a militarized police state.
But then all of a sudden, all these NGOs moved in, created this Black Lives Matter.
And no, obviously the Black Lives Matter was a grassroots
Originally, but there's a lot of other people now coming in to control it, just like that's what always happens.
And so now it's become... Yeah, and now it's more about black versus white, rather than the people versus the tyranny of the state.
Jason, what city are you in?
Lake Wales.
It's a small city in Florida.
Polk County, Florida.
What part of the state is that?
Is that in the Panhandle?
No, it's in Central, actually.
It's one county below Orlando, in Highlands County.
Alright, and so, you say you're not political.
What made you get involved in, I guess, even tuning into this broadcast?
Is it just because it's InfoWars and Alex Jones?
Yeah, I love y'all, because y'all just speak about the truth.
Me and my family like to be informed and it's just cool to find people that really get down to the bottom and not afraid to say the things that we all know and we can all see going on around us.
Yeah, information is definitely power and I think the amount of information we put out on a weekly basis is just voluminous compared to the drivel that you see on mainstream media.
It's really not about knowledge.
They're just about throwing things out there.
Exactly, they're covered up.
They're being controlled anyway.
And I think that's what a lot of people, they have concerns.
They're like, well, why aren't you for Bernie Sanders?
You know, he wants to, he's saying down with the establishment, down with the 1% and this and that.
But his solution with this socialism is to make the government even bigger.
And he says he's going to do that by taxing the 1%.
But that's not how it works.
If you look at things through history, it
That's just not how it works.
Eventually, yeah, it starts out in fairness and equality, but it always ends in tyranny and poverty.
Jason, are you on any government assistance?
We get food stamps.
My wife, she's on Medicaid.
Her baby has Medicaid.
Yeah, you know, I got on Food Stamps in college.
I had to go on Food Stamps myself, and I actually got kicked off of Food Stamps because I work, could only work 18 hours a week.
So, you know, I was like, really?
I think that that means I need this.
Yeah, it's just a screwed up system, so.
It really is.
Hey, Jason, thanks for calling.
Let's go to Evan in Panama.
First time caller, he's worried about Trump's safety.
Evan, how are you doing in Panama today?
Doing really well, and I really appreciate you guys.
Man, you guys are my hero.
But what I wanted to say is if you guys could encourage Donald Trump to somehow on the air publicly talk about his safety and start naming names if something happened to him in his alley, that would be his biggest safeguard because we all fear for his safety, what he's doing.
And like at these rallies and debates, if he would start...
Speaking that out, then if something happens, they would feel like they were really being targeted.
Does that make any sense?
It does, and you know what?
There's people out there, they just showed a Vice article.
Guys, pull that back up again.
It said, Vice Editor jokes about Trump assassination to save America from fascism.
So, of course, they're akinning him to Hitler.
So we want to save the country from fascism by murdering people who we don't like their ideas.
What is wrong with, like, they're being so fascist.
Yeah, exactly.
And we've heard other people, there was a boy from Egypt who voluntarily left the country after making threats against Trump.
And on Facebook, you had even Glenn Beck, who was talking about stabbing, stabbing wouldn't stop repeatedly.
There's a guy, I don't think we took out of context at all.
And he said, oh, you took me out of context.
Come on, you said it.
And he's like, I was talking about my producer.
You're talking about one of your co-workers, you would stab him repeatedly?
That doesn't make sense, Glenn.
That doesn't make sense, because that's what he came back and said.
I was talking about my producer.
Oh, man.
Geez, I feel bad for Nico.
Hey guys, don't forget the New York Daily News has that guide of how to escape Donald Trump's America once he becomes president.
There you go.
People are lining up to leave.
It's a liberal evacuation of America.
Don't let the door hit you in the rear.
That's what I say.
Evan, thanks for bringing up that point.
Thanks for calling.
Let's go back to Kit Daniels over at the Twitter station to cover more of the memes.
Give us two more of the memes that you like in there for our $1,000 Flash Bernie Sanders Meme Contest.
Yeah, and I really like this meme right here because it ties into something we've been talking about all week, which is the shooting death of LaVoy Finnegan.
Now this meme goes on, I don't know if you can see it fully on screen, but I'll go ahead and read it for you.
When a white person puts their hands up, this is kind of paraphrasing Bernie Sanders, the police don't shoot.
And of course, the bottom of the meme shows you LaVoy Finnegan getting shot by the state troopers up in Oregon.
Right, that everyone was celebrating.
Yeah, y'all catered.
They deserved it.
LaVoy did not deserve that one iota.
That is a very honorable man, and the world is at a bigger loss because he's not here on the show.
And that's the whole reason why they want people divided so that you won't be able to see that, and you'll just be like, that white boy deserved it.
Yeah, police brutality happens to everybody.
Referring back to the last caller, if you go out to a small town in Texas, there's going to be a lot of poor white people, but there's also going to be a lot of cops that harass the poor white people.
So it goes both ways.
Yeah, Kit, I like the meme that you posted in the article.
If you could pull that one up, that shows it was the young homeless man whose dad was a police officer.
And I forget the guy, Kelly... Kelly Thomas?
Kelly Thomas, yeah.
And this was a few years ago, and there's hours of tape of these guys just beating this poor man.
Yeah, like 30 minutes straight.
All around him.
And he's crying for his dad.
Yeah, yeah, I made this one.
This is what I thought about when I saw what Bernie Sanders says was the Kelly Thompson case.
And yeah, I mean, this is like, it just, the image itself speaks for itself.
I mean, I really couldn't add anything else to it.
There was video of this beatdown taking place of this man crying for help, saying, please help me, please stop hurting me, and they got off.
So we're going to be back with more, Kit.
We're about to go to break.
We're going to take more of your calls and cover more of this news that's going on.
And then at 8 o'clock, we're flipping around and we're going to be live analysis and coverage of the Democratic debate between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton.
Stay tuned.
I'm Rob Deust, Leanne McAdoo.
Thanks for watching.
Infowars.com forward slash show.
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I don't know.
Good job, Walker, on those graphics, making those intros for all these live events that we're doing here.
We are live right now in the InfoWars.com War Room.
I'm your host, Rob Dew.
I've got Leanne McAdoo as my co-pilot.
We've got Darren McBreen here in the control room.
Kit Daniels over in the Twitter station.
And checking in later will be Joe Biggs and Jakari Jackson.
So we've got the full crew here for our live debate and analysis coverage of the Democratic debate between Hillary Clinton
And Bernie Sanders.
But really, it's the delegates versus the people coming out of the Party of Democracy.
I mean, who are these superdelegates?
They're distinguished members.
So they're D.C.
power brokers, political insiders.
Dozens of the 437 of them are registered federal and state lobbyists.
So this is who the establishment Democratic Party is going to be pitting the voters up against here with Sanders.
And I want to show that video again, showing the crowd sizes with Trump and Bernie versus the rest of the crowd.
But first, we are listener supported.
And it's your support by spreading the word about the broadcast so other people can see it, by going to InfoWarsStore.com.
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Last you a little longer.
So we're gonna go back to calls.
The 877 number to join us is 877-789-2539.
We have Dave in California on why he supports Bernie Sanders and his message.
877-789-2539 to join us.
Are you wondering how much free stuff he's going to give you, or do you really think you're going to get free stuff?
What's your take on that?
No, no, totally.
That's not the point.
The point is, I am a college student, and believe me, I gave up on the political stuff.
Many other college students, like me, they gave up on politics because we keep getting these establishment candidates.
They pretty much say the same thing and when they go to office, we never see any changes.
When I heard Bernie Sanders for the first time say that he is not taking any donations, I was surprised.
I was shocked.
So I immediately turned to his videos and I watched and I watched and the more I watched from his videos, the more surprised I got.
So this election is not about Bernie Sanders and giving free stuff.
This is not the issue.
The issue is we have a campaign system that is giving the elections for a bunch of billionaires and corporations.
They are buying elections and the candidates, they go there, they are not for the people.
They are for the corporations and billionaires.
When they go there, they give
I agree.
Money to the government.
No, absolutely.
So who's going to pay?
Or if there's a $15 minimum wage, a lot of these people are just going to go, you know what, we're going to start the robots three years earlier than we thought.
And not only that, but yeah, so let's say you get $15 minimum wage, but now you're being taxed at 60, 70%.
So really your take-home pay is still going to be like $5, $6.
So how does that work?
Do you know now how much, like what's the rate of tax on the billionaires
You know, like some of the billionaires, they pay zero in taxes because of the loopholes.
And I agree.
And so it's crazy that they don't pay the taxes and because they keep
And guess who these same people are the 437 superdelegates that the Democrats allow to choose their candidate.
Look, you've got to get the money out of politics, and I think you have to have term limits.
That's the only way you're going to see the political system not be corrupted.
And also, I think we need to just take away the power of the government and start governing ourselves.
We have the technology to do it.
We can set up alternative systems, especially in our local governments and in our county governments, using the sheriff as the bulkhead.
And the sheriff can, we've had, I think it was the Paiute County Sheriff said, I'll deputize every man, woman, and child in here if the feds come in and try to mess with us.
So, thanks for calling, Dave.
I hear where you're coming from, but let me tell you, there's no such thing as a free lunch.
Somebody's going to pay for it somewhere, and you think these rich people are going to do it, they're going to leave.
But we'll see.
We're going to come back, and we're going to have Nick in Arizona, who says Bernie Sanders is dupe voters.
We're going to give you both sides here tonight, and then we're going to watch the debate and do some live commentary and analysis here at Infowars.com forward slash show, YouTube, the Alex Jones Channel.
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We're good.
Joe Bicks here with InfoWars.com.
Now we're in downtown Austin, Texas on 6th Street.
Now, you've probably heard the term, white men can't jump.
Really listen to me.
White men can't jump.
Ah, f**k me!
Or, the fact that white people can't dance.
I went to a white disco recently and I watched white people dance.
Y'all, y'all can't dance.
Or the fact that white privilege can literally keep you from being poor.
When you're white, you don't know what it's like to be living in a ghetto.
You don't know what it's like to be poor.
Now we're gonna go talk to some people and see how their white privilege is working out for them.
Did you know that because you have white privilege, you can't be poor?
That's what Bernie Sanders was saying.
I say he's full of s***.
I've been poor for five years of my life.
I've been out here on the streets for five years.
You don't know what it's like to be poor.
I think he's wrong.
I mean, you can be poor regardless of who you are, if you're white.
I think that you have a special privilege because you're white.
That's some bullshit.
I mean, B-U-L-L-S-H-I-T.
Mr. Sanders should suck cock.
That's true.
You can't be poor and be white.
So your white privilege hasn't put a home over your head?
I'm not lying to you.
Mr. Obama went to his desk and looked at something and they took a picture.
He can have it all.
It hasn't kept you warm when it was cold?
It hasn't kept you cold when it was hot?
We're rich.
That's how rich we are.
Any office you want, any communication you want, okay?
We built everything for everybody to get along.
Does it automatically, like, keep water from falling and hitting you when it rains?
Well, it didn't keep me dry this morning.
It didn't keep me warm last night.
So, we'll see what happens.
You don't know what it's like to be poor.
Yeah, did he say that?
Well, he must've meant that s***.
If he said it, Bernie said that s***.
Yeah, but do you believe that though?
Hell no!
White people f***ed up.
We all n****s.
Bernie Sanders is an a**hole when he throwed color into the mix.
Because if everybody was stripped down and didn't have hair on their body, we'd all look the same.
So Bernie Sanders can kiss my a**.
I'm taking this button off.
So, where did y'all get this s*** on video?
You said this s*** for show?
F*** that a**.
Yes, on Sunday.
That's totally wrong, yeah.
I disagree with that, with Bernie Sanders on that one.
They can blow their ass too and end up just where we are.
I've been a homeless white man since I was nine years old.
I've lived on the street.
You don't know what it's like to be poor.
And I support Bernie, but I really, really am offended by that statement.
I'm very offended by that statement.
Bernie's gonna be the dude.
You don't know what it's like to be poor.
I'm good.
Welcome to our live debate analysis coverage of the March 9, 2016 Democratic debate being held in Miami, Florida.
Right now they're just finishing up the Star Spangled Banner, a young man in a mariachi outfit.
And Miami is the home of the most Cuban Americans in the country.
And so now that we have improved relations with Cuba, it should definitely be interesting.
A lot of the Cuban Americans that are here hate Cuba and hate Castro and what it's become.
And they don't want to see America turning into that.
You stole my thunder right there.
But of course that's, you know, what we have.
Well, like I think Big said, you don't see anyone on a raft going back to Cuba.
That's true, that's true.
Or on a nice boat going to Cuba.
Although there used to be a pretty nice tourism industry there.
People went there, they had casinos.
And what was interesting about Cuba, it used to be the place where
New products would be sent to be tested, test marketed.
So you'd have the newest cars, the newest refrigerators.
Now I'm talking about the 1950s.
But you were getting all these new products because people saw this as a place where they could test things and see how people reacted to them, whether they used them or not.
But now you have those same cars and refrigerators still there because they haven't been able to import much due to the embargo.
So we're going to be getting into that.
Let's go to some more callers.
We have Nick in Arizona who wants to talk about how Bernie Sanders has been duping voters.
Nick, go ahead.
Hi, how's it going?
Hey, how are you?
I'm doing great.
What's on your mind?
I actually just wanted to let you guys know that in regards to Bernie Sanders' statement that white people don't know what
It is to be harassed by police, in other words.
And I guess what I wanted to say is I've been pulled over and searched multiple times by police in Pittsburgh alone.
You're from Pittsburgh.
Yeah, I was pulled out of my car and threatened to be tased and everything.
I mean, it's not so much a racial issue.
I mean, of course, yes, we do see the statistics that, you know, Latinos and, you know, blacks driving while black and all that other stuff.
But you're missing the case of Kelly Thomas.
You know, when we were out in Ferguson, which you guys were talking about earlier, they shot tear gas at everybody.
They shot Biggs with a rubber bullet.
You know, so it's not
A exclusively racial issue.
We've seen the videos of, there's a very famous clip that happened last year of a black officer pulling a gun on a black passenger and shooting a guy dead because he was reaching in the glove box.
So it's really more of a...
How police relate to the populist thing, not so much a racial deal.
Even though that does play a hand in... Well, Jakari, here's a question I ask everybody.
When you see a squad car in your rear-view mirror, do you feel safe or do you feel threatened?
I don't care what color you are, you're not threatened.
Both hands on the wheel, I'm straight ahead.
Don't make eye contact!
You know, Nick, I used to get hassled by the police.
I lived in Pittsburgh.
I finished high school there, but it was mainly going to get-togethers.
And they didn't like anybody having a party.
And I saw many times where police would just enter a house without knocking.
They were looking for underage drinkers because they could ticket those people $100 to $200, maybe even $300 a piece.
So if they got a whole party of, you know, maybe 50 people,
That's a big score for them, especially in these smaller towns, living in a smaller town outside Pennsylvania, or outside Pittsburgh.
And so that's where I saw a lot of police harassment when I was, you know, growing up.
And so, yeah, I definitely see that, the cops being on a power trip in Pittsburgh.
And let's, hey, thanks for calling.
Let's go to... Well, and the fact that they've got this whole, Matt in California is who will... Oh yeah, Matt in California, the Marine, yeah.
We're going to go to him.
Is that it?
Do you have anything to say before we go to him?
Well, just the fact that they've got so many people now pitting the police against the people, and so now you're even seeing police officers getting shot a lot, like eight so far this year, maybe even more.
It's hard to convince people the other way to go about it.
Of course, we do see the issues with police brutality that have gone on for many years in many different types of communities.
But, you know, shooting some random cop at a gas station, you know, it's kind of the same tactic that the gangs use, right?
You know, they see a rival gang member, they walk up and shoot him.
They see a cop, they walk up and shoot him.
You're not doing anything better when you just walk up and shoot some random guy.
You're not going to make the cops go, oh, well, I guess we just better stop over.
No, no, what's going to make them do is call up DHS to get more of those no hesitation targets and get the full battle rattle there and get the MRAPs to come after you.
That's what happens.
Not going to allow you to protest against police violence.
Yeah, you need to have some type of, you know, legal lawful recourse.
And I understand, I've dealt with the police many times myself.
I understand they're not the easiest people to deal with, but you have to try to have some type of a civil redress of grievances.
Well, here we already have Hillary Clinton talking about corporations taking jobs out of the country, when it was her husband and Al Gore that were the architects of NAFTA.
And as we've already pointed out, they're not going to, well see this is the problem with socialism and this authoritarianism that is the Democratic Party, is that they want to force the corporations, they want to run the corporations, they want the government to run the corporations and tell them what they have to do, rather than making it attractive to
Just like Solyndra, the green corporation that they put hundreds of millions of dollars into, and it folded.
Because when the government gives you free money, you don't treat it as if you earned it yourself.
You treat it differently.
You're like, hey, we'll just buy this, and we're going to have lunches every day, and we're going to do this, and some people want to... Yeah, put it on my tab!
They just think of the government as this cash cow, and they don't really take the money and go, hey, we better invest in this, we better look at... And they continue to give them more government contracts, even though they've messed up, just like they did with the healthcare.gov website.
There you go.
So let's go to Matt in California.
He's a Marine who's been on both sides of the political spectrum, the left and right, which are really two wings of the same bird as far as I'm concerned.
Matt, go ahead.
It's interesting you say that because that's true.
I've done multiple exercises out here on the West Coast where it's basically all the Marine forces on the West Coast taking part and
You meet, these congressmen come out and they want to see what's going on and yadda yadda yadda, you know?
And there's always those civilians behind them, telling them what they're allowed to say, telling them what they're allowed to do.
And then they'll tell us stuff, thinking it's all behind closed doors, a bunch of officers, it's all cool.
And then they go on TV and say the exact opposite.
All of them, left and right.
They're all the same.
They all answer to whoever's behind these civilians standing behind them.
Exactly, that's what I was gonna say.
They're there to give you guys some rhetoric to make you feel good about what you're doing, whatever your mission is, and then they're going back and doing, hey, we gotta get some more war going because, you know, the clock's ticking and we gotta make some money.
Have you been overseas in any foreign conflicts, Matt?
Twice to Iraq and once to Afghanistan.
I'm going to be honest with you.
I've been going on 12 years.
The only time that we went overseas where we really knew what our mission was,
With this last Afghanistan, we were an advisor team.
Half of us were British and half of us were U.S.
And we were advising their military for the 215th Corps down in Helmand Province.
And when was this?
Was this later on in the war or towards the end here recently?
This was about two and a half years ago.
Did you see any of the protection of the opium fields or protection of certain parties and I guess persecution of other parties in Afghanistan?
Two years ago.
Those that weren't within the official groups?
Oh, their military is as corrupt as they come.
We saw
We're good to go.
You know, you might as well escort yourself to the brig.
Well, and didn't that happen?
One guy went up and roughed up one of these guys.
He roughed up a police captain, I think, one of the soldiers, and they pretty much threw him in the brig for it.
He got trouble for it.
But he was doing it to protect somebody who was sexually assaulted.
One of our British majors, the second in command of the whole unit, walked in on it.
And he came out and he was flipped out.
And they basically said, shut your mouth or you're waving goodbye to your military.
Wow, that's terrible.
I mean, Joe's not messing around when he says the stuff he says.
And, you know, I mean, we were on the same base where those two $31 million buildings were built that were empty the whole time.
That's not surprising.
But hey, $31 million went somewhere.
Well, I'd like to... You guys covered the whole story, so I mean, you guys know the whole in and out and all that.
But, you know, that's really why I started listening to you guys, because that guy looks around and goes, Senior Captain in the United States Marine Corps, I can't do anything about it.
Who can?
That's crazy.
Joe Biggs, do you have any comments on what Matt's saying?
He's a Marine.
You were in the Army.
Is Joe Biggs there in the Situation Room?
Well, if not, let's go ahead and they're asking Hillary Clinton about her email server now, and did you actually send any of these unclassified emails?
And here she's... Oh, she finally admitted she made a mistake!
We have so many clips to play of her, uh... Well, I have a piece on that, too, because I was the classified security manager for my unit, so...
Can you guys pipe in more of the debate?
What you're talking about is retroactive classification.
Oh, retroactive classification.
The reason that happens is when somebody asks... Somebody puts emails on their server that aren't supposed to be there, we have to retroactively classify.
I ask all of my emails to be made public, then all the rest of the government gets to weigh in.
And some other parts of the government, we're not exactly sure who, has concluded that some of the emails should be now retroactively classified.
They just said the same thing to former Secretary Colin Powell.
I don't get indicted.
I'm a Clinton mafia head.
He's not going to get indicted.
Of course he's not.
Well, I can't find my article, but it, sorry, it basically says... Yeah, of course that's not gonna happen.
They're not gonna indict her.
No, not at all.
There's Joe Biggs.
Look, it's taken how long for her to actually come out and admit that she's done something wrong?
We all know that she's done something wrong.
There's nothing new here.
This woman's a snake.
I don't understand how anybody in America can vote for this disgusting, vile human being.
I totally agree.
It's ridiculous.
Hey, Joe, did you hear what Matt was saying earlier about what was going on in Afghanistan?
No, no, I was cutting in and out.
I'm not very convinced by Bernie Sanders and all of his rhetoric, because I have this article here by CNN, and they're basically talking about Mr. Sanders' tax plan.
And in the tax plan, they talk about how he's going to tax the super-rich.
Yes, we will!
Yeah, but if you actually take the time to read the article, it's Bernie Sanders' mega-tax plan increases largest in peacetime history.
That's on CNN Money.
They have a big graph on there.
That says basically that he's taxing people to make $200,000 a year, or couples to make $250,000 a year.
That's not super rich.
Yeah, exactly.
Ja'Kari also $80,000 a year on down, so it's $19.6 trillion in tax hikes.
How's he going to get that just from the 1%?
It's impossible.
It can't be done.
It can't be done.
Not even if he cuts the military budget.
They just asked Hillary Clinton, you know, straight up, you know Donald Trump.
Is he a racist?
And so she, I have plenty of time to answer that here in the future.
She went to his wedding.
She supports one of the
The most notable card-carrying KKK members, Robert Byrd, said he was her friend, her mentor, her husband makes excuses for him at his funeral.
So... Yeah, she said he was her mentor.
So they wanted her to say this once again.
That's the new buzzword.
Media savages Trump over Duke, ignores Hillary, praising former KKK member Robert Byrd.
And Bill Clinton said he did it to get elected.
Join the KKK to get elected.
That sounds like an excuse.
She just said you don't make America great again by getting rid of everything that made it great.
When that's what they are trying to do, they want to do away with the Second Amendment, they want to do away with freedom of speech, freedom of religion, if you're a Christian.
They want to have minders everywhere telling you what you can say and what you can't say.
That's what made America so great and that's what we've lost.
And no offense, but Bernie Sanders is the ultimate social justice warrior.
That's what he's spent all of his life doing.
Well, instead of asking them about their policies, it's like, what do you think about people in the other party?
Why don't you ask her?
Like I said, I'm not a Trump fan, but at least ask her about things she's said and done.
Ask her about the allegations of her husband's sexual abuse.
They want to talk about the character of Trump.
What about the character of your own husband?
Yeah, who's going to be in the White House again.
Being able to become a predator again in that power position.
He'll have a lot more free time this time.
First husband.
That's right.
Senator Sanders, do you think it's fair to call Donald Trump a racist?
Good God.
I think the American people are never going to elect a president who insults Mexicans, who insults Muslims, who insults women, who insults African Americans.
And let us not forget
Hey guys, bring up how much Dearborn, Michigan voted for Donald Trump.
Let's see the percentages in Michigan of Dearborn.
Please, find that.
Well, I guess they got tired of Bernie whooping on Hillary in the last debate, so now they want to divert all the attention over to the other party.
And it was Hillary Clinton's camp that started the whole birth certificate thing in the first place, and Donald Trump came up after her camp put that out there, so...
Donald Trump got the majority of Latino votes in Nevada.
He's really saying that Trump is insulting everybody.
He's really sitting there saying that Trump's insulting everybody.
All he's doing is saying the stuff that's happening.
There are, truthfully, with facts, there are people, criminals, coming from Mexico into America.
There was a murder in California, killed.
There's one in Kansas.
Four killed today by one illegal immigrant who was deported and he came back.
Since when did it become racist to bring out the facts and the truth about situations that are happening?
Facts are racist.
Yeah, exactly.
That's the world.
This is such an Orwellian time we live in.
It's ridiculous.
Facts are racist.
And let's not forget that this is being put on by Univision, which is Hillary Clinton's, one of her top donators to her campaign.
And Jorge Ramos, his daughter, works for Hillary Clinton.
He's one of the moderators.
So, you know, fair and balanced.
In 2003, I sponsored the Dreamer Act.
I sponsored it, I think, in every way.
And she came out and said that she was very against illegal immigration.
There, now hers is on.
See, they switched.
There's definitely some audio issues going on.
Somebody tweet that out, please.
Audio issues?
Somebody needs to fire the audio engineer.
Well, not fire him.
That would be getting rid of a job, I guess.
Or maybe replace him with somebody else.
Somebody need an H-1B visa in there to control the audio board.
Yeah, that Dreamer Act's been turning out really well.
All those young people coming over the border that are actually like 30 years old and gangbangers.
That's right.
Kids up to 35 years old.
That's right.
It actually said that, children up to 35 years old.
Anybody find the votes in Dearborn, Michigan?
Yeah, last time I checked, a child is like, you know, from birth until about 12 or 13, not 35.
Someone who already has kids.
If you're considered a child and you already have kids, there's a problem with the definition.
That's true.
If poverty is increasing, and if wages are going down, I don't know why we need millions of people to be coming into this country as guest workers who will work for lower wages than American workers and drive wages down even lower than they are right now.
And he's absolutely right!
So, Senator, were you concerned with working conditions for guest workers, or really because you think immigrants drive down wages and take jobs from Americans?
As they do!
I don't know where the, uh... I need to see this answer.
Like the workers Disney's now training to bring in.
Oh, yeah.
Like Cesar Chavez said.
Guys, please put the document cam over here.
We have the city of Dearborn.
Here's their results from March 8th.
Okay, of their precincts.
Majority Muslim.
Let's go to the votes here.
Look at that, 39% for Donald J Trump.
39% of the people in Dearborn are majority Muslim.
Josh was there.
Josh flew his drone over one of the largest mosques in the country.
Okay, they have malls and shopping centers of you know with hip jabs in the in the window.
Well, and that's what they understand.
39% for Trump.
He that's is that the vote?
Is that the vote of people who think he's racist?
They must really think he's racist.
We had our caller the other night that agreed the same thing.
A Muslim from Boston.
And he said we can't vet people that are coming.
I just reported last night about the 16-year-old girl that was in Denmark or somewhere converted to Islam and wanted to blow up her schools and stuff because of her 24-year-old boyfriend from Syria who just came into town that was working in jihadi networks.
I mean, you can't vet these people.
And I think we have got to expand.
Oh, now don't be racist.
Look, he wants to expand.
Yes, we will.
Yes, we will.
Bernie wants to expand.
You don't know what it's like to be poor.
Hey guys, you know the image where they're saying that everybody that took the Trump pledge, it looks like a Nazi salute?
Yeah, I notice when I look at it, there's all kinds of races in that picture.
There's black people in there, mostly white people, but there's a lot of Latinos, there's some Oriental people, there's some black people in the back, so I guess they're all Nazis?
No, that's really the only thing.
And you're seeing record turnouts for the Republican primary.
You're not seeing record turnouts for the Democratic primary.
You're not seeing it.
And it's because a lot of Democrats are jumping over to the Republican side because they're sick of looking at this lady.
No, the ones who are in the Democratic Party are voting for Bernie.
...immigration reform with a cap to citizenship in the first 100 days of my presidency.
But see, what are they going to do to stop the flood of illegals that are coming into the country right now to try and get here before they come up with them?
Because, you know, I get it.
I have plenty of friends that were at University of Texas.
They were brought here when they were kids.
They've been here their entire life.
So I get it where people are coming from with this.
But the fact that we have a broken immigration system right now, that needs to be fixed.
Not increasing the system, which is what they want to do.
Well, I mean, I think they could do a lot if they... Downside is not completely eliminating a lot of these catch-and-release programs, because I do concede that there is something wrong with the immigration program.
The people I've had a chance to interview, they talk about how they wait years, they pay thousands of dollars, and they still may not get into the country.
So, even if somebody was going to be rejected for whatever reason, if they could find out earlier on and if there was a remedy, go through that remedy process,
So yeah, the system is broke and needs to be fixed, but why don't we start cutting some of these other programs instead of just looking at other options as far as bringing people into the country?
Yeah, well you can't just say, come on in, we'll pay for everything.
That's not going to tell anyone to stop coming.
And they want to do this to create a poverty center voting block that they can come in and say, now we control all the city centers, all the population centers, and we can steal any election we want because we're bringing in people who don't know about the Second Amendment, don't know about private property.
All they know about is government assistance.
And they've been told if they make it to America, they can get free.
So they want to come here and get there free.
That's everybody wants their free stuff from the government.
If I wanted to go move to Mexico and buy some property, because trust me, I've already looked into it, I have to have $28,000 in the bank, I have to prove that I make at least $1,500 a month, that I'm going to be an asset to their country, or they don't want me there.
So what is wrong?
It's not racist.
It just makes sense.
The country will fail.
Hey, let's go to a caller, Joy, who's in Illinois.
Point on Trump and Sanders to think about.
Joy, what do we need to think about when it comes to Trump and Sanders?
Hi, how are you guys?
Yes, you guys are awesome, and I totally support InfoWars and all the informative stuff you guys inform people of.
I have two quick points about Sanders.
Two of his suggested policies that are kind of analogous
But they're both the wrong solutions to their problem.
And those are?
Go ahead.
The first one was about paying for college by taxing Wall Street.
That only makes America more dependent on Wall Street for longer, even if it's a temporary program.
Why would you want to make America more dependent on Wall Street?
And that's important to millennials, but that's
I think you have to do something about these computers that make millions and billions of trades, you know, in an hour.
You have to do something there where if you're gonna make trades like that and change money and make a lot of money,
Yeah, I think that should have some sort of a small tax on there, and I think it would stop a lot of that, which is leading to what we have, a lot of this market manipulation.
Plunge protection teams, stuff like that, where people come in and make these trades to either prop a stock up or bring it down.
And I think that is something we do need to look at in Wall Street.
But, yeah, I agree.
Do we want to be dependent on Wall Street?
Is that where we want to go in our world?
It's legalized gambling, yeah.
It is, it is.
But you know what?
I don't think there's any problem with gambling.
I think if people want to gamble their money away, they should have the right to do that.
I think if people don't want to do it, they should have the right to not do it.
When they bring a lot of their Wall Street money overseas and stuff and they're not taxed on that.
It's a whole situation, but it's a possible solution, but it might be the wrong solution to the problem.
Well, as we were saying earlier, it's not just Wall Street.
I'm sure you know the tax on the middle class.
Everybody across the board have at least a 2.2 percent, I believe, increase in their taxes.
The higher up you go in your income, the higher your tax rate would go.
That's one of my biggest issues with Sanders, because I know he's a very popular guy.
I always say, if I was 17, 18 years old, I'd probably like the guy, too.
But when you really look at what the guy's doing, it's very short-sighted and misleading, the way he's going about his campaign.
I was a Democrat when I was born in college.
I actually voted for Clinton in the first election, and then I started reading about what's going on in this world, and I became a Libertarian the next election.
I voted for Harry Brown, because when I read about what Libertarianism is all about, it's about less government, more freedom.
That's what I'm all about.
Well, and that's what people, that's, okay, so in 2006, here's what Sanders said, because everyone's like, what do you mean by this democratic socialism?
And so this is why this is really resonating with young people.
He says, I think it means the government has got to play a very important role in making sure that as a right of citizenship, people have healthcare,
All of our kids have quality child care, are able to go to college without going deeply into debt, we don't allow large corporations and moneyed interests to destroy our environment, and we create a government in which it's not dominated by big money interests.
So, you know, this is...
This is very important, but yes, the key word there is that the government has to play a very important role.
So what they're doing is rallying up all of these people and all these young people who see that there's a broken system.
And that's what this is all about, is these young people just really totally done with this two-party system that's completely failed.
But what they're doing is giving even more power to this broken system and saying, fix it.
That broke the system in the first place.
We allow the government to come in and do that.
Go ahead, Joy.
Especially with socialism.
If it's democratic socialism, I can see that's okay, but we have to definitely make sure with checks and balances that it's decentralized and not centralized government, not centralized socialism, because that can lead to communism.
Yeah, I agree.
And you know, those types of things work in small groups of people.
You have people coming together, everybody pitches in, does their thing.
There's communes all over the United States where people work three or four hours a week and they're able to live on a big farm, share resources, and make it work.
But I think if you want to go do that, then go do that.
Don't tell everybody else in the world they have to work so you don't have to work.
And I don't think, I don't agree with that whatsoever.
Or pay for my college or pay for anything else.
The difference with it is really the Democrats, Democratic Socialism, so Socialism is basically giving you the choice to vote on how big the government, you know, should be in order to distribute everything.
You want a big government?
I want a really big government.
And the Democratic is just saying, well, here's your big government.
So it's just this illusion of giving you choice.
But either way, it's going to be a huge government that's in control of the production and the distribution.
Big governments need big money.
Where do they get that money?
From you, from me, everybody else.
That's where they get it from.
Thanks for calling, Joy.
Let's go to Brad in Louisiana.
That's my home state.
It's where I was born.
What makes Trump the indisputable best candidate?
Because he's huge.
What's up with Trump?
Hi, Rob, Leanne, Jakari.
I'm one of those despicable former Democrats who changed over to vote for Trump.
Poor white guy who managed to work his way through college and professional school.
You're not poor.
Yeah, oh yes.
But nonetheless, the reason why Trump is head and shoulders above everyone else is because we don't have to make excuses for what he says.
He comes back and explains what he says.
And the reason that he can do that with such authority and such conviction is that he's
He's been there.
He speaks the truth that's in his heart.
He's confident.
Very confident.
His record bears out his words.
There's no question about it.
I noticed Hillary a minute ago when I dressed with a question about Trump's racism.
She says, oh, I have plenty of time to deal with that in the future.
Which to me is a Freudian slip indicating that she's going to win this and she's going to deal with Trump.
At some later date.
And he's got plenty of time to deal with her, too.
Amen, Leanne.
Thank you for that, my friend.
I can't wait to see these debates, honestly.
This is going to be great.
The biggest issue that we're talking about in the last few minutes is about the colleges.
You know, colleges have become a place where they teach you what to think.
Not how to think.
That's exactly the problem with Common Core.
That's exactly why Trump wants to get rid of it.
We've got to try, we've got to stop molding children and young adults to being the same exact replica.
And that's why I believe Trump is the best man.
You don't have to make excuses for him.
He stands on his own two feet.
And if he's made a mistake and he needs to change his mind, you know what?
He's gonna do it.
And he'll tell you why.
And he'll bring out wine and steaks for the reporters as well.
So I would just like to point out that Jorge Ramos is asking her to pledge not to deport children or people here illegally without a criminal record.
He's asking her to take a pledge, which I thought that you, according to Ted Cruz, you only pledge allegiance to the flag or the country.
Oh, there you go.
He wants her to pledge allegiance to the illegal immigrants.
Yeah, pledge that you won't deport children.
Meanwhile, wasn't the only time there ever was a child deported at gunpoint?
What about the ones Obama just released last year?
Over 100,000 criminals were released from prison.
How do we do that?
We just had an illegal immigrant today kill four people.
Right, but meanwhile there's people that are committing crimes over and over again being let go and coming back into the country.
Who they ask at the border, are you in a gang?
No, you're not in a gang?
Okay, come on in.
Let's go party.
That if you become president, you won't deport children who are already here.
I will not.
And that you won't deport immigrants who don't have a criminal record.
She's pledged!
That's what I'm telling you.
She's not pledged to the flag or the country.
I'm not contradicting what I told you in the interview.
Asylum is a particular legal process.
I don't think they are really deporting people at this point.
You're busting them all over the country, telling them to show up for court hearings and they're not showing up.
Here's your summons to show up to court three years from now.
You got to Texas while you live in Washington state.
You got the Arizona border sheriff saying Obama has handcuffed us.
Literally, we're not allowed to do our job.
Let me just say, I don't think that the Secretary fully answered your question.
And I think the proof may be in the pudding.
Honduras, that region of the world, may be the most violent region in our hemisphere.
Yeah, that's why Mexico has a southern border.
Vicious people, torturing people, doing horrible things to families.
Children fled
Hey, let's go to Veronica in Georgia who wants to talk about it.
People don't know what socialism really is.
Did you flee from socialism, Veronica?
Hey, guys.
Can you hear me?
Yeah, go ahead.
No, I haven't.
I'm gonna speak.
I was born in New York.
And what I'm saying is, I'm a teacher, baby.
So, what's making me so angry, I'm watching these people on TV, Bernie and Hillary.
I feel sorry for Bernie sometimes, but I'm a Republican, and I grew up in an era where we have entitlement.
I worked my way up in my job.
I raised two children.
I did not raise them on the system, you know, and I'm seeing all these people coming over here, and I've worked for Indians that have owned businesses
We're good to go.
So if you don't have insurance, you're just out of luck.
No, and with my medical condition, I can't do it, but I don't really care.
My son takes care of me.
My son works less than 30 hours a week.
He has three kids.
His wife has to work two part-time jobs to take care of three kids and take care of me.
But I bet you help out with the kids, don't you?
Is that one of your...
Do you help out?
Yeah, I help out with the kids.
Yeah, exactly.
An invaluable asset to, I have four kids and my parents live in town here in Austin and they're invaluable to, you know, giving us a break, you know, just taking care of the kids for a night, you know, having them stay over.
It's invaluable.
So what you do, what you do is hard work, by the way.
Yeah, but you know, I raise my children, I'm helping my children raise their children.
You know, but my biggest thing is I have enough time to get on the computer and search information.
That's all I do.
I'm an information machine.
I watch you guys.
I watch Lisa Hagen.
I mean, I'm constantly searching for information.
And if you remember what Bernie Sanders said, you know, he made one of his, uh, in his stump speech, he said, I think we should look at countries like Denmark, Sweden, and Norway and learn from what they have accomplished for their working people.
If you look at them right now, with the influx of refugees and everything, their economy is blasting.
Their government is collapsing.
They're switching from socialism to capitalism as a result of their disastrous, you know, policies.
They've run out of other people's money.
They've run out of it.
Yeah, they say they're an expanded welfare state, but now that welfare state, it was fine when they had X amount of people there, and they have a lot of money in the bank, so to speak, because frankly, we pay for their military.
We protect them, so they don't have to spend all the money like we do with the military, because we protect the whole world, apparently.
And so they have money, but now they've expanded their welfare state, and that's what's going to happen here, is it's going to get too much.
It tips the balance.
We're already in debt.
They're neutral.
So, you know, if you notice Denmark, they never get involved in any war.
They're neutral.
You know, we have people going over there and putting money in their banks.
But right now, I was reading that they're planning on deporting 80 million refugees.
They've closed their borders.
They're making them pay for them to stay there.
You know, and literally, refugees come in, but they gotta give up some of their gold or whatever they have.
You know, not including the stuff that they're doing.
They're racing.
Women, children, you know, they're trying to integrate into society.
I mean, it's crazy.
And then I look at our system and I look at these millenniums and feel they're entitled.
This whole thing about autonomy.
All these people, anytime, don't get me wrong, like I said, when I had two kids, I was two years, I was living in New Jersey, I was two years on a Roots program.
Two years.
That was it.
I went to work for Donald Trump at the Taj Mahal in 1990.
You know?
But my thing is, in my day, when we were growing up, we had to work for it.
I started working at 13.
Mhmm, me too.
How was Donald Trump as an employer?
Did you ever meet him?
Did you ever have any interactions with him?
Actually, when we, when the, um, sometimes when he'll open up, that's when Michael Jackson came and stuff, and he actually wouldn't be shook by the fan.
Let me tell you, I got fired.
And for years I blamed him.
But it wasn't him, it was my own booking.
That's youth for you, you know, you want to blame somebody else.
You know, but he wasn't.
I was making $10 an hour in 1990.
Raising two children.
I had a medical.
I had insurance.
I had a gap.
These people are my knowledge.
You know, and this is in 1990.
Yeah, that's good money back then.
I raised my kids.
And I mean, I've been in the restaurant industry.
I've been a restaurant manager for 20 something years.
I've had to hire all kinds of people in Orlando.
I've been living in Georgia since 1999.
And you've had to fire people, too, as a restaurant manager.
People that don't do the job.
But you got... When you hire somebody whose minimum wage is $7.25 or $7.50, they're telling you, coming out of high school, I should make $8 an hour.
Prove it!
Show up!
I do agree that there should be a basic level of health care for people in this country.
I know we have Medicaid, but for whatever reason that doesn't carry over to all the states.
A lot of people can't depend on it.
But it is ridiculous.
We are one of the wealthiest nations in the world and we don't even get Medicaid.
You know, $5,000 if I break my foot to go to the hospital and get my foot fixed.
I mean, it's ridiculous.
We pay so much money in taxes, and yet we don't really see a return on that investment.
So I can see why people are upset about this, but with Obamacare, originally the way that it was sold to us was that it would be that basic level of healthcare, and that's why everyone was...
Totally for it, but then it turns out it's not.
It's actually a tax.
You're forced to give money to an insurance company.
Pay the insurance company and then pay us.
For me, it's like more than $400 a month I'll have to pay on top of if I do ever break my foot, it's still going to cost me $5,000, $7,000.
Hey, Veronica, you know what?
I'm in a program.
It's a health sharing program.
I'm with Samaritan Ministries.
I would encourage you, just look up health sharing.
I cover my whole family for a little over $400 a month and our deductible per incident, they don't call it a deductible, but it's, I cover the first $300 and then they cover the rest.
You send them your receipts, you pay for everything, and you do it as a, I'm a cash payer, so if I go to the hospital or something, I pay it up up front in cash, I put it on a credit card, and then I submit the receipts
And we have Liberty Health Share up on the screen right now.
And then they, I get reimbursed.
And let me tell you, it's made me more responsible for my health and my health care.
And I've also, I'm not spending that money.
If I was to get health insurance for my family, $1,500 a month.
Oh yeah?
$5,000 deductible.
I might as well just pay for it myself at that point, you know?
That's over $20,000 a year.
And that you might not even use.
That's two good vacations.
Well let me tell you what happened with us.
Me and my son, because like I said, they work, but they don't even make $30,000 a year together.
Trying to raise three kids, that's six people in the household, you know?
Yeah, that's tough.
Me and my son tried to go ahead and we went for Obamacare and everything else.
They were telling them three hundred and something dollars a month.
That was not for a budget month.
I mean, it's crazy.
That's ridiculous.
I get my thing.
I am so sick of seeing so much division in this country.
These politicians lie to everybody, you know.
They're playing us.
They're playing us like a fiddle.
I'm so angry.
You know, and right now, you know, if you think about it, you know,
Everybody's hating Trump, but the truth is, he really has, you know, he's right for what he's saying, you know?
Right, and he put out a pretty good healthcare plan, I think, better than anything else the other people have shown thus far.
She's talking about the wall right now being a fantasy.
In fact, if you cared about anything with the members of Congress, like Senator Nye... Yeah, so... Well, thank you so much, Veronica.
We appreciate you sharing your story.
Thank you for calling in.
Yes, spread the word about the broadcast.
Get more people involved.
The numbers right now on YouTube are a lot lower than they were for a Republican debate.
I don't think a lot of people are interested in the Democrats anymore.
Well, especially our audience.
Well, because they already know it's sold out.
I mean, we want to hear from, you know, the Sanders supporters.
Thanks for watching.
But, you know, they're constantly telling Sanders supporters, I mean, that was one of the first questions they asked him.
Is there really a chance?
I mean, how do you expect to close the gap?
She's got so many delegates more than you.
Shouldn't you just give up and give her the... And that's what they want to let people just know, that there is no chance.
You won't beat the establishment.
Resort to racism and xenophobia.
That's exactly bad.
So they're all reading from the same script because when I was at this bar last night, defeating everyone in ping pong by the way.
They said, what do you not like about Donald Trump?
He's a racist and a xenophobe.
Racist and a xenophobe.
Exactly what Bernie Sanders said.
They're all reading from the same MSNBC talking point.
Because they really don't have an argument of substance.
We just heard from a black lady who was hired by Donald Trump.
She said she got fired, but she said, when I looked at it, it was my own fault.
He has a black female who is his spokesperson.
He has had many women in the top positions in his companies.
Years, decades ago, when that was unheard of, to have women in powerful construction positions.
But he's a racist and a sexist.
And now you're not only learning that Trump is a racist from the Democrat candidates and from the mainstream news media, but now shows like Saturday Night Live and The Cleveland Show.
So you can't escape it.
And John Oliver and everybody else just wants to get out there because they're afraid of somebody who cannot be controlled.
All these people are vested in the system.
They're all employees of the system.
All those media companies, there's what, five or six main media companies in the world?
Or in the United States at least.
I guess in the United States that own all the media.
And if they tell a lie enough times, people start to believe it.
That's right.
Joe, wasn't it ridiculous last night, those people?
What did they say?
He's a racist, he's a xenophobe.
That was their argument.
He wants to build a wall.
I said, well, how's he a racist?
Well, he's got to do something.
Well, anytime anyone brings up a valid point about something, that's their safe word.
Oh, you're a racist!
Well, no, he's talking about trying to keep criminals out.
You know, he's talking about keeping terrorists out based off of what happened in Paris, because we do know terrorists use that situation.
They took advantage of the border situation, the open borders, the crisis, the refugees, used fake passports, came in, carried out attacks.
That's not racist to bring that up and say that we don't want that here.
It's not racist to say that you want to keep Americans safe from possible terrorists.
There's nothing racist about that.
That's what a leader who was supposed to run America should think about.
That is smart.
Why are you not with your children?
Or why would you send your children here by themselves and you're on the other side?
They don't have to be here.
And so obviously I think that's extreme and sort of cold.
And who's not going to say what Bernie Sanders just said?
This reminds me of Mr. Obama, I need a house.
They can promise you anything, but when it comes down to it, is he going to make sure that she's reunited with her children on this side of the border?
No, they don't care.
There's Alan Grayson in the audience.
I wonder if he's going to get a question in.
I wonder if he'll ask about the Federal Reserve.
He was a guy who was a big proponent of auditing the Fed.
They ran his ass out of office quickly.
That guy was a Democrat that I kind of respected.
I did too.
He was bringing up a lot of points.
He spoke out about the TPP.
He enamored Clinton on a few things.
So I hope they give him a question.
Let's see if CNN has any cojones to do that.
And that'll be interesting.
I'm not sure many people really understand
Yeah, I don't understand how a mother could leave her kids.
I don't understand that.
The work that I've done and the many families that I've met, I have heard similar stories like yours, where your husband is deported, your children's father is gone, you are doing your very best to support your children, but it is time to bring families together.
And I don't think
There's any doubt that we must do more to let stories like yours be heard more widely so that more Americans know what the human cost of these policies are.
And on this topic I kind of agree in the sense that as far as like who are they deporting and what's the system that they... Why is someone like this who I guess that her husband got deported and he was probably a good guy hard-working and that's what she's saying and now their family's torn up.
Why is he deported and not the criminal who just went and murdered four people or, you know, multiple rapes?
Well, he was deported.
He didn't care.
He came back.
He doesn't respect the laws.
And that's what criminals don't do.
They don't respect the law.
That's why you can't have gun control, because criminals are still going to go out and buy guns.
Ask the people in Illinois who hear the gunshots going on in Chicago, especially.
So should we just not stop deporting everyone because the bad people don't respect the laws?
Yeah, exactly.
Thank you, Enrique.
Yeah, we'll see if they bring your family back together.
Let's see what Hillary Clinton does to help your family.
She's gonna help them.
Well, and that's the thing is that we have to fix the welfare state first.
So that we, these hundreds of thousands of people that are coming over, stop.
Only 37% of Americans consider her honest and trustworthy.
I like that.
That's awesome.
I really want to hear this response, whatever she says.
I don't think it's even that much.
Oh, because of the vast right-wing conspiracy, they don't trust her.
That would foster this kind of mistrust.
Anything in your own act.
She's tried not to lie.
Everyone, she's tried not to lie.
And I do take responsibility when you're in public life.
What difference does it make?
Even if you believe that... You guys, we've got a bunch of little clips to play.
Calm down.
I know, I have tons of clips.
She's said all this before.
I do.
Take responsibility for what?
For the reason why people don't like you?
When you talk about leveling with the American people, have you always told the truth?
I've always tried to.
I always try to tell the truth.
Some people are going to call that wiggle room that you just gave yourself.
I always try.
I will never lie to you.
You know, you're asking me to say, have I ever?
I don't believe I ever have.
I don't believe I ever have lied.
She's on tape laughing about how she lied.
She does not believe she ever has.
That woman is so crazy.
I honestly believe her when she says, I don't believe I've ever lied.
Because she's delusional.
And she's on tape laughing about the fact that she lied and was able to get off a rapist.
One of her first cases that she was so successful in arguing.
I'm not a natural politician.
Oh my word.
You're the consummate politician.
You've been in here for decades.
Which is why you have all the superdelegates.
Lie to us and tell us what you think.
I don't think she in any way shape or form answered that question.
It's like on Happy Gilmore where he gives a super long answer and the guy's like, we're all dumber for having heard that response.
Let's go to, uh, we have Terry in Minnesota.
Let's talk about Hillary and Benghazi and his son's friend was involved in Benghazi.
So, uh, Terry, go ahead.
Tell us your story.
Well, here's the deal.
Um, I was, uh, went to the caucus up here in Minnesota with my son, uh, to vote for, uh, uh, Trump here, uh, last, a week ago, last Tuesday, right?
So in walks the, um, uh, my son's friend.
I know him too, obviously.
Anyway, I hadn't seen him since high school.
He joined the Marines.
Anyway, he was over there in Benghazi on the ship, one of the ships I should say, during the Benghazi attacks, and his buddy and you guys are in this helicopter, they're basically fired up and ready to go, and they get the stand on order, and when we were sitting in the caucus, right before the caucus started when he came in, I mentioned Hillary Clinton, and this kid's face, he's 24 years old, this kid's face went from a happy, you know, kid,
He just seems Satan himself.
His whole countenance changed.
I backed up.
I held my finger up with the cross.
You know what I mean?
He was freaking out.
He was almost speechless.
His face went beet red.
One look says it all.
He was like, oh my god, this is crazy.
Um, I thought that was really, uh, you know, I mean, I watched the, uh, I watched the, um, some of those debates, um, on YouTube about Clinton when she was being drilled back in the day on Benghazi.
And I studied her face.
Um, one of the guys that was asking her questions, when she couldn't even look at this guy, the camera's trained on her eyes.
She can't even look at the camera.
She can't, she can't look anywhere.
She's so, she's so filled with this, this crap, you know?
And I'm sure glad you went to me because I got an air sickness stick sitting next to me and if I gotta listen to her voice much longer, I'm gonna need to use it.
You know?
Anyway, I gotta tell you something.
Hillary is a non-factor, okay?
I called you, I think I talked to you, Rob, on Sunday.
I was your last caller in the fourth hour, right?
Yeah, go ahead.
I'm listening.
Anyway, yeah, I was your last caller in the fourth hour.
Anyway, I was talking about scriptural things and the elect.
That's right.
And I got a Bible here.
It's a real quick verse.
I sent it to you on a whistleblower line.
It's about ISIS.
It's a scholar's book.
It's a King James with, you know, scholars know it.
No commentary, none of that stuff.
It's just straight scholars know it.
It's considered one of the best study Bibles out there, if not the best.
It says, I'm going to read it to you, it's one quick sentence.
It says, the three letters SSS, and in parentheses there's an equal sign with 666, that's Satan obviously, formed the symbol of the ISIS and the secret symbol of the old mysteries.
That's just part of the note on the Revelation 13 verse 18.
Like I said, it's a scholar's book, but I thought you might be interested in that.
And I believe scholar's notes are over 100 years old, you know, out of this Bible.
They identified ISIS right in scripture here.
You know what I'm saying?
Back then, you know?
That's very interesting.
So you sent that on the whistleblower line?
I'll have to check out.
We get a ton of whistleblower emails every day.
Don't hang up.
I got one more quick one for you, okay?
On YouTube, a guy named Mickey Robinson.
This is an old, old deal.
It says, man dies, comes back to life, what he saw.
I've been a scripture student for over 20 years with an actual scholar.
I watched this guy's video.
It is basically an exact, verbatim, scripturally proven statement of what this guy saw.
It's nine minutes long, and there's going to be all kinds of people throwing little scripture notes at you in the video.
Ignore all that stuff.
Pay attention to what this guy says.
It'll blow your socks off, because this is the real deal.
I know there's a lot of YouTube stuff out there about people dying and coming back to life, but God does have his
People that actually, you know, are real.
And this guy never saw it, you know, he didn't see new Jerusalem in his experience, didn't see a bunch of angels.
It is very straight to the point and what actually happened.
And I can tell you, I can back it up, what he said is actual scriptural and it's what happened, you know.
Appreciate that, Terry.
So anyway.
Thank you.
Thank you for letting us know.
All right.
Have a good one.
All right.
Thanks for calling in.
Well, I didn't catch all this.
What are they saying about the Koch brothers and the fossil fuel?
He's basically calling her out saying her speeches must have been pretty amazing if she got paid so many hundreds of thousands of dollars for them and that Wall Street must really be intimidated by her from these speeches because they paid her 15 million dollars so far.
So she must have really intimidated them.
...special interests and I will continue to do so.
Oh wow.
Standing with special interests is what she's saying?
Special interests.
Can I just...
You have 30 seconds, Senator.
You have 30 seconds.
There is nobody in the United States Congress who has taken on the Koch brothers who want to destroy Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and virtually every federal program passed since the 1930s more than Bernie Sanders.
And I am proud
That the gentleman who is head of Goldman Sachs... What did they say earlier?
It's kind of a hashtag that they say about her.
He's dangerous.
Then again, wasn't he the one that said neither of them actually wanted to audit the Fed?
They're both okay with the IRS.
Oh, of course they're okay with the IRS.
That is the enforcement arm of the government.
That's how they're going to get all that tax money to give you all that free stuff.
They're going to take all that.
Get Paul's vote, because they're going to rob Peter.
Gosh, can anyone imagine having to listen to that lady's voice for four years, probably longer?
Ugh, she'll go to give speeches and pack her way through them.
The vote of the Bank of what?
The Bank of Boeing.
It's 40% of the revenue, corporate welfare, and that's true.
It's those certain companies that get those government contracts, like I said, even if they're a total failure and obliterate countries in the Middle East.
Yeah, we just heard from a friend of somebody who said that they were on the helicopter ready to go down, and it was like the Millennium Falcon not getting into, jumping into hyperspace.
They just stopped.
They said, no, don't go.
Hillary, and Obama, and Panetta, and Biden, and all of Susan Rice, all told me it was a video when they knew, they knew it was not the video.
And they said that they would call me and let me know what the outcome was.
Secretary Clinton, did you lie to them?
Please respond.
You know, look, I feel- I try not to lie.
I feel sympathy for the families of the four brave Americans- Did you lie to them, boss, in Benghazi?
And I certainly can't even imagine the grief that- Yeah, I'm sure.
That you put them through by not sending them drugs.
I'm sure you lose all kinds of sleep over that every night, Hillary Clinton.
She loses sleep over the fact that people still ask her the name Clinton.
She is the most un-American, patriotic, unpatriotic person in the world.
She doesn't care about any loss of life of Americans in combat, in Benghazi, anywhere.
She doesn't care.
She has no soul.
She is simply the most evil human being in the world.
And she's trying not to lie right now when she's answering this question because we've seen her emails and we've seen the timeline of the emails that show that they wanted something to pit it on and they said the video... She's lying once again.
Trying not to lie.
By lying.
You're not answering every question you ask.
The man asked you a simple yes-or-no question.
If you lied to this woman, you're talking about an 11-hour testimony that has nothing to do with this victim.
They're asking about the video.
Because they came out and said the video is what made these people do this.
The fake film.
And at the time she had this trial testimony, they still hadn't released her emails, which by the way, let's not forget, she erased more than 30,000 of them on her private server that she set up at her house that she allegedly
One of the most important positions in the president's cabinet didn't send confidential classified information.
I wonder how many times she intimidated people for these hearings to go that way.
I wonder how many times her and the Clintons threatened people.
I wonder if he's going to ask her again.
She's talking about 9-11.
I mean, did you lie?
What difference does it make?
Did you lie?
After 9-11, nobody said anything about President Bush after 9-11.
They didn't politicize that.
They just said, look at what... Your daughter chose one thing, and a different thing to them.
Well, but Horry, that makes my point.
At the time I emailed with my daughter, a terrorist group had taken credit for the attacks on our facility in Benghazi.
Within 16-18 hours, they rescinded taking credit.
They did it all on social media.
And the video did play a role.
We have captured one of the lead terrorists.
And he admits it was both a terrorist attack and it was influenced by the video.
And did you torture him into saying this one?
Is that a tortured...
Hey Biggs, I know you've been talking to some of those guys who were actually at Benghazi.
When you have these discussions, does this tape, The Innocence of Muslims, ever play a part?
Say it again, it cut out.
I'm saying, you've talked to some of the guys who were actually in Benghazi on that night.
When you have those discussions, does the movie, The Innocence of Muslims, ever come up in the conversation in any meaningful way?
No, but there's definitely a dislike of Hillary Clinton that comes up in almost every conversation.
That's one thing that everyone can agree on, that she did the wrong thing.
She knowingly did it.
She lied.
She's lied numerous times.
She's going to continue to.
She's lying right now because she is speaking.
The fact that her lips are moving and there's words coming out is proof that she is lying.
She's trying not to lie.
When her lips are moving, she's trying not to lie.
You said military men are pawns to the Union.
Which by the way, I'd like to point out, not only did he vote against Iraq and he calls her out on her ties with Henry Kissinger, but that's not, I mean, so many times with things that Clinton has decided,
I think we're going to go to a quick break.
We'll come back with more calls.
We're going to check in with Kit Daniels, too, in the Twitter station.
So stay tuned.
You're watching live coverage of the Democratic debate this Wednesday, March 9, 2016.
I'm your host, Rob Dew, joined by Leigh Ann McAdoo and Jakari Jackson.
Thanks for watching.
Come on, Hillary.
Just a little.
Just a little sip.
Open up.
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Welcome back to our live debate analysis and coverage of the March 9, 2016 Democratic debate being held in Miami, Florida.
Right now, it's right on screen, Bernie Sanders is being asked a question about the unemployment crisis and youth unemployment.
Yeah, it was school and everyone needs a good education.
Go ahead.
A little bit of time here.
People who are going to school aren't getting a good education as it is.
No Child Left Behind is a huge failure.
Common Core, huge failure.
And look at the cities and the government policies that have been put in place.
They're democratically run cities that give people welfare rather than giving them jobs.
Open your eyes, everyone.
Look in the city that you are, that you're in.
Are you having trouble getting jobs there?
What is the common denominator?
You know what my jobs program was in my white privilege area that I lived in?
I went to the local McDonald's and I filled out an application.
That was my first job, working at McDonald's.
Before that, when I was 12 and 13, I mowed lawns.
Actually, from 12 to about 15, I mowed lawns in my neighborhood, and I had three or four accounts, and I worked.
I had to work for a living, and I didn't have a jobs program.
I didn't have anything helping me get a job.
I had to go out and get my own job, because you know what?
The jobs you go out and get are the ones that you're going to value more than if somebody gives you a job.
Here, we're forced to give you a job.
Take it.
I don't know.
And one of the other reasons why this tuition is going up at colleges and universities is because they're getting so much money from the federal government, so people are able to take out a lot of money to go to these schools, and rather than the schools being like, oh that's great, come on in, no, they raise the tuition.
So it's this vicious cycle.
State tuition is truly ridiculous, because even I was reading Bernie Sanders' own site today, he was giving numbers from years past, you know, $240 yearly tuition, which everybody recognizes that that number has raised, but why is it raising?
That's a question that nobody wants to talk about.
Because people that really shouldn't be going to college go to college.
There's nothing wrong with going and getting a trade.
The only reason why I even put myself through school years after being out of school was because I wanted a specific degree that would help me with a specific job.
This job.
I'm not going to get a liberal arts degree or some crazy thing where you're not even working at a coffee shop.
And that's the thing I always try to, you know, talk to people about, even on this show, is, you know, they tell you in high school to pretty much have a counselor come to you.
They say, well, if you do this, this, this, you're like, you're going to college, you'll get married before, you know, you leave college, you'll have a degree before, you'll have a job before you even get your degree.
And while that does happen for some people, it doesn't happen for everybody.
And it's really a misnomer that they continue to teach the kids.
And you can go ask a kid today, you're like, why are you going to college?
He'll tell you all the same things I just told you until they get out of college and they realize that doesn't happen for everybody.
They tell you the success stories, not the stories of the people at large.
That's why it's the pursuit of happiness.
You are given the ability to pursue something.
You are not guaranteed what it is that you're going for.
That's why there are some people out there who are lazy.
Henceforth, they don't get anything.
They sit around.
And those are the people who want Bernie Sanders handouts.
I, on the other hand, am motivated.
And I want to go out and do stuff.
And I've been working my butt off since I was 16 years old.
And I pursued what I wanted to do without depending on other people.
I want to get a PhD, but to do that I'll have to ask for a student loan.
What is she saying?
Oh, I don't have the translator.
Okay, that's not the translator.
She says she wants to go to grad school and get a Ph.D.
Oh yeah.
What are you going to do to help her achieve that?
Give me a free Ph.D.
Pay for those grad schools now?
Well, congratulations on your education.
Like, you're privileged if you're going to grad school, and there are so many things.
To be a doctor, and guess what?
The reason why you're going to get your Ph.D.
is so you can make tons of money and then pay off your tuition.
I thought they were talking about, like, associates and bachelors degree.
They're talking about grad school now.
We'll pay for your grad school.
Give us free.
What is going to be the benefit of having a degree if everyone has a degree?
Then there's nothing that's going to separate you from everybody else.
Everyone will have a degree, then what's the point?
And I didn't understand, like I always say, I didn't understand this stuff either when I was 17, 18 years old.
If everybody was bulletproof and could, you know, jump over tall buildings, everybody would be Superman.
You know, they wouldn't be Superman because everybody would be Superman.
Superman's special because he has these abilities that other people do not have.
When everybody goes to school and they all have the liberal arts degree, now you have to have a liberal arts degree to go get a job answering phones at, you know, some corporation.
He had super cis privilege.
My plan for debt-free tuition at public colleges and universities will eventually eliminate any student debt.
If you go work for the government.
After a certain number of years, you no longer have to pay anything.
So, she just said after a certain number of years.
Yeah, I do.
Breaking it in.
But the issue is, she just said after a certain number of years you would no longer have to pay on your student loan.
I'm like, how is this possible?
Who's gonna pay for this?
Well, that's because if you go work for the government or if you're, you know, for a teacher or something after so many years, they'll... Once again, the liberal arts degree students.
Who's gonna pay for their... Who's gonna pay for their... I went to school with a lot of people that never finished their degrees and, you know, they were smoking too much weed.
They were not going to class, they were partying, going out to bars.
I mean, they were treating it as a, you know, they weren't in frats, but they were treating it like a party, like a frat house.
Go to a trade school, be a welder.
Yeah, like you're going to make way more money being a plumber than you are going to be.
You're going to make more money being a welder and you're going to actually do something
That can make you happy at the end of the day.
Contribute to society.
Contribute to stuff.
I went to trade school.
That's what I went to school for was welding.
I mean, people nowadays that are going to these big colleges, they're getting out and guess what they're doing?
They're working at other places.
They're working at McDonald's.
But guess what?
We need welders.
We need plumbers.
We're always going to need welders.
We need people who are in construction.
We need engineers.
We don't need someone who's, you know, gets a degree in how to be a social justice warrior and how to teach kids how to find their safe spaces because they had a trigger word that triggered them all.
There's way too many people getting that education right now and our country is turning into a bunch of cry babies.
I need puppies.
Oh my gosh.
I need puppies.
I saw this picture on Twitter today with this whole hashtag.
What was it, Biggs?
The triggering?
Yeah, the triggering.
And I don't know what the concept of it was.
I don't know what happened immediately before this picture, but it's a picture of a girl on the subway standing in a box and it's that safe space.
Now, whether or not it was truly a safe space, it was just a very good illustration of what was happening in today's society.
Well, that was so she wouldn't have to be assaulted by manspreading.
Oh, yeah.
Hey, let's check in with Kit Daniels over at the Twitter station.
Kit, you got any memes out there from the Bernie Sanders $1,000 meme contest, which we're going to announce tomorrow, uh, Friday.
Tomorrow's not, I keep thinking today's Thursday, but it's Wednesday.
Yeah, this tweet, this meme right here.
It sounds too good to be true.
It probably is.
This meme right here, it makes me laugh so hard.
It's from a socialist moth.
And it says, when you're a socialist, you don't know what it's like to be rich.
That's so true.
The only socialists, the so-called socialists, I'll add, that really know what it's like to be rich are the ones at the very top of the pyramid.
Right, like Hugo Chavez's family, like after he died, somehow their family miraculously inherited billions, even though the country are like waiting five hours in a bread line.
Yeah, and ideologically, they're not really socialists when they're at the very top.
That's why the Wall Street... Well, they redistribute the money, but they just redistribute a little bit more to themselves.
Yeah, that's why the Wall Street, like in 1917, they backed all the socialists and they let Lenin out of prison, I think in Canada, is because they gain from when they put communists in power, because they can just go, the capitalists, they can just go in and take all the wealth from the nation.
They're not really even capitalists, it's crony capitalism.
So yeah, this meme says everything that needs to be said about socialism.
I like that one, that's a good one.
And to enter into the contest, you have to reply to that tweet, which is in the article.
Yeah, I got the tweet up right here.
In the article, if you just go on InfoWars.com, here's the article.
Enter our Flash 1000 Bernie Sanders Meme Contest, and it gives you all the rules and everything you need to know.
Yeah, come up with a good meme.
You don't have to wait for us to put it up in an article.
And I think this is the greatest way to get people to enter.
You know, you can enter whatever you want.
I've seen some really interesting stuff, and really quickly.
I mean, Twitter is just immediate, and I love it.
Yeah, the meme generators come up really fast.
I memed one night, and I did a meme for those guys on the plane.
I called them cock knockers.
Liar, cheater, booger eater.
We have enough booger eating going on right now.
I didn't take it out of context, sorry.
Take that booger eating out of context.
You know, I wonder why they're not asking about Donald Trump's health care plan.
You know, he's racist, but let's not talk about his health care plan, which is going to make things like transparency.
We're going to see what people are charging for medical services.
Take away the state lines, law.
Competition, Jakari said it right, right there, competition.
It's going to lower the prices.
I can get my prescription drugs from anywhere.
All these horrible free market things that will actually lower prices.
What we're going to do is make people buy insurance.
We're going to put everybody on the same plan.
It's all going to be even.
Lie and tell them it's going to go down.
They can keep their doctor.
What is this graphic going on?
This is supposed to be the effects of climate change.
Was it an inconvenient truth where Al Gore was talking about Greenland or Iceland was going to be covered in ice or covered in water?
None of that stuff came true.
There's a whole big problem with that.
But you don't have to pay any attention to actual happenings in the real world.
Tell us.
They're gonna lie to you?
It is.
No, actually, climate change is real.
Climate change is a hoax.
Yeah, the climate always changes.
It has nothing to do with fossil fuels, you liar!
You know, the issue I have, I have this real conversation with people all the time, and they'll talk to me about pollution and all this stuff.
I do recognize that pollution is an issue, but go look at any ancient text.
Whether you look at a textbook, you look at the Bible, those things are full of natural disasters.
There were no cars, no coal power plants, no SUVs.
No nuclear power.
None of that stuff, but they still had natural disasters on a regular basis.
I just don't understand why people want to tax normal activity.
We've had the most stable climate in the history of the world in these last five, six thousand years.
It's been the most stable compared to what it has been.
Yeah, and we've seen places like Austin, East Austin, is an ancient riverbed.
Or you go to Utah where they have the arches and they were carved out of the earth by being underwater.
And so
The planet changes.
It's changed a lot.
We just so happen to be alive during a time when these things are going to happen.
And they're trying to tell us that it's all our fault and that we need to be taxed for our breath.
And this is the final thing I'll say on climate change.
Let's say you believe in hook, line and sinker, everything about climate change.
You agree with Bernie Sanders.
You got a big piece of spit on his lip.
Regardless, let's say you believe hook, line, and sinker with everything Al Gore says about climate change.
What is paying a carbon tax going to do to help the climate?
Seriously, like think about that.
You can give these people all the money in your wallet.
What are they going to do to stop climate change?
What are they going to do to teach the polar bears to swim?
Ask him that.
Are you racist against the climate, Jakari?
They're going to use that money to train the next polar bears for the Coca-Cola commercials so they can start speaking.
Put them in a zoo and go, well, we tried, but we just didn't.
We need to raise that carbon tax a little bit higher.
What they're going to do is put money in their pockets so they can have more power over you and have you make less.
They can fly around in more helicopters and bigger jets.
And these people who live in these houses on the sea, like Al Gore.
And I think, dude, you had that great meme about Leonardo DiCaprio.
When his Wolf of Wall Street, you know, he gets out of his yacht, goes to his SUV, hops in his jet, and then goes and lectures everybody about climate change.
And that's the thing, is like, even when the people did buy into this whole thing and they said, you know what, you're right, we do want to save the planet, this is really important, we should recycle and all that, and they started going and getting their, collecting their own rainwater.
And arresting you and throwing you in jail.
Or getting off the grid.
They're telling you you're not allowed to get off, you're not allowed to be self-sustaining.
Yeah, we saw that story about that, uh, I guess it was the city council someplace was telling the guy he couldn't live off the grid.
He was like, hey, I got my own power, I got my own water.
They said, doesn't matter.
If you live in the city limits, you're going to play by our rules.
If they really cared so much about climate change and saving the environment, why wouldn't they want us all to get off the grid?
Why wouldn't they want us all to be in those hybrid vehicles?
Why wouldn't they be doing everything they possibly could?
If it was so dire, why would they not want us to have solar panels and all this stuff?
It just, that's when you know it's a complete fabrication and the fact that people are demanding, like protesting, make us pay a carbon tax is...
Here's that DiCaprio tweet.
I think I retweeted this from somebody else.
Or I grabbed it off Reddit, actually.
I docked my yacht, drove my SUV to the airport to fly on my private jet to lecture people about emissions causing global warming.
These are the people who are telling you what's what.
People that... And it's just ridiculous.
You got Obama going to Africa saying, if we have too much air conditioning, the whole planet's going to boil over.
Have you guys seen this article from CNSU News that just made drudge?
Attorney General Lynch, the DOJ has discussed whether to pursue civil action against climate change deniers.
So in other words, if you don't believe in climate change, the government may come after you.
I think what they're going to try to do first is go after fossil fuel companies and say that.
That denying the climate change is real is kind of like how the tobacco industry back in the day would deny the studies that showed that smoking was hazardous to your health.
So they're going with that angle.
They're going to go after the fossil fuels and then they're going to come after me and you.
Right, well that's the whole point and that's why you saw them shift the rhetoric because it was always global warming, global warming, but then once
They were proving that the planet was actually cooling or staying the same temperature.
Then they had to change it to climate change, and no one can deny that the climate changes.
The thing that stays constant is that they want to tax you.
The bottom line, they want money, and they're going to get it any way they can.
Hey, let's go to Ronnie in Texas.
Is this Ronnie in Austin?
Hey, thank you, sir!
Hey, look at that.
Ronnie Reeve for seat.
I called it.
Trump is the alternative candidate.
Go, sir!
Tell us about it.
Thank you, sir.
Well, the headline, of course, is Donald Trump has, in effect, won tonight's Demublicant Party's Slogan Fest Cam.
Because those same old, slimy old, slogan, sick and even yellow dog Democratic Demublicant.
That's all that both those tired old socialists of past have got.
I mean, that's it.
For those so-called Dems who spew the hogwash slogan barrage, it'll backfire with a backlash big time.
So even superdelegates can't help save Ms.
Felony once
She's indicted and it's coming soon.
Watch for it.
I hope it is.
I think the FBI said they're going to go in full revolt if there's no indictment.
The FBI has peeved about this.
She just got up and said she's not worried about it.
She's not even going to answer the question.
Yeah, she pretty much insulted them.
So we'll see.
We'll see about that.
Let's hope she is.
I'd really love to see the socialist capitalism debate between Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump because I think a lot of these young whippersnappers out there that think everything comes from the free tree really need a lesson in hard economics and how this world really works.
And it's not mommy and daddy paying for everything.
It's not how the real world works, people.
When you get out in the real world, you get real world problems.
And because your parents cooked all your meals for you, and did all your dishes, and paid for everything, you didn't learn how to be a responsible person.
And that's not my fault, okay?
That's your parents' fault.
So grow up, pull up your big boy pants, or your big girl pants, or your big tranny pants, whatever you got, and get you a job and get to work.
Because that's what it's all about.
That's it, man.
You're right on.
Ronnie, you got me fired up.
Thanks for calling in.
Thanks, Ronnie.
Thank you, man.
Have a good night.
Let's go to Al in New Jersey.
How to help Trump.
Hey, what's up, guys?
Seems like y'all having a lot of fun tonight.
We sure are.
Watching two crazy people get up here on national television, I can't think of anything better to do.
Listen, I was sitting here thinking, I said, you know, Bernie's not too bad, and then he came with the hot, with the climate change, and I said, no, you're out the window, you're done.
You're out the window.
Just as fast, I was sitting and saying, he's not that bad, but Trump is our boy, of course, you know.
But Kevin... But Bernie's not too bad.
When he did that, I said, no, no, you're done.
Listen, for Trump,
See, God sent Trump here to bring us out.
He's like the Moses in Old Testament.
This generation has not seen the hand of God move yet.
What he needs to do, too, is he needs to say, listen, I'm a businessman.
Compare your record to mine.
All of y'all are career politicians.
You've done absolutely nothing but listen and sign and pass these bills that we're fighting right now.
All of y'all go over there and sit down.
They think he's better.
I wish I could get up there.
Why are you being racist against climate change though?
Climate change, because I remember very well in Georgia, one day I get up, 8 o'clock, clear blue sky.
By 9 o'clock, 25 planes flying up in the air.
By 12 o'clock, you could see the haze appear.
4 o'clock in the afternoon, the sky was filled with the haze.
I had been watching this for years.
I told them, you watch the weather change tomorrow.
The next day, it snowed.
I don't want to hear this stuff.
They had the allergies because their systems detected these chemicals in the atmosphere earlier.
Because there's so much more now, that's why the men and the children are becoming infected.
Another thing I would tell Trump to tell them, how come y'all don't say nothing about this speaker stuff that they made in the laboratory?
How do you know they made it in the laboratory?
Because the day it came out, you already had
There you go, nothing happens by accident.
Hey, what's the fallout of Chris Christie supporting Trump in your state?
Is everybody for that?
I never liked Christie because he had the 48th award and everything, but when he stood with Trump, I said he can't be that bad.
But I don't hear a lot.
I'm not really in the political arena.
I'm a minister, so I don't know a lot what goes on.
But yeah, the bad Nat Hillary, she just gets up and just lies.
Oh my gosh, I look at her because I see through all their stuff.
Where were you at, Hillary, when they were bailing out the banks?
There you go.
Hey, do you know Minister Childress in, I believe it's in Newark, he's in Newark, and we've had him on the show many times talking about, he runs the website blackgenocide.org or .com, I believe.
I'm gonna find him.
Reverend Childress is in your area.
He's a great guy and you know we need more people that think alike to get together on these issues because people don't want to come out and talk about abortion at this point.
They're just afraid, you know, it might rub people the wrong way or you're against women.
No, it's a big-time women's health issue and we need to educate women on what it does to their bodies when they go in for these procedures.
Yeah, well, you know, and see, I'm beginning to go to some of these churches because as far as I'm concerned, being a minister, a lot of these churches are not doing their job.
I look at what's going on, I don't hear any of them call.
Hey, Al Sharpton, where you at?
All this stuff going on, where you at?
Sit yourself down!
This is from Al, okay?
Now, uh, uh, the one thing I want to share, which I don't hear in the church, is, you know how y'all been talking about the 666.
Very quickly, in the early Greek, it's not 6-1-6, it's 6-6.
I mean, it's not 6-6-6, it's 6-1-6.
So when you add, you get the number 13.
It is in the 13th chapter of the Book of Revelation.
The 18th verse, which is the 3-6, is you add the 1 in the 3, the 1 in the 8,
Again, you get the number 13.
You add the 13, 18, you get a 31, a backwards 13.
You see, this is the same number that identifies the New World Order or the Beast System.
You take this, uh, 31 words in a verse, 117 characters, 9 times 13.
God was showing us how they would try to hide the number of the Beast.
So, when you add the 616, it's the number 13.
Bank of America.
13 letters.
Bank Americano.
Bank AmeriCard.
Morgan Chase.
Morgan Stanley.
You take the McDonald's logo.
It looks like the golden arch in the bar.
You turn it to the side, you see a 13.
You look at Baskin Robbins new logo.
Baskin Robbins 31 flavors backwards 13.
That first letter since when is a B a 1 and a 3?
But they put it in people's face because these people are asleep.
And they don't see it.
Al, that was the most numerology knowledge I've heard dropped in 30 seconds in a long time.
Listen, listen, what you do, what you do will open the eyes of the people.
Every place you see that 13, you put the 666 and you'll understand where we're at.
There you go.
Thanks for calling in, Al from New Jersey.
Let's go to one more caller and then we have our Skype account.
We're going to open it up.
Oh boy.
Oh, I didn't grab the right one.
Oh, well tell him he's got to wait in line.
We have John Bowne going to call in.
I want to get a couple more Skype callers before we let John Bowne in.
Call Alex Jones on Skype and y'all can call in now.
We will get John Bowne on.
One of our great producers out there who does some amazing reports and can't say enough about him.
The guy is just consistent.
Every day.
Let's go to Kevin in Atlanta.
Point of the whole anti-establishment movement.
People are sick of what's going on, right Kevin?
Are you sick of what's going on?
Oh, I've been sick of what's going on for a long time.
Yeah, I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired.
Right, exactly.
Yeah, I'm a Ron Paul revolutionary, two elections, and I've just been an online activist, and so I'm definitely out for what's going on there.
And I see, really what I learned from that experience is that, you know, while we need to, we would like to have the ideological masters, you know, to come through and have these great debates, and be able to have a Ron Paul or someone like that, uncorruptible, actually win an election,
I realize that as hard as we tried, as hard as we tried to get him a win, the establishment was just against us.
We had no choice.
So what we need is, we need Mr. Wolf, man.
Ever pulled fiction?
I kind of think of this election as Pulp Fiction, right?
There's the two guys standing there covered in blood.
They represent the Democrats and Republicans.
And, you know, they got a mess.
They don't know how to clean it up.
We call them the Wolf.
The Wolf comes to clean his house.
See, to me, the anti-establishment is both sides.
And we kind of need to learn to unify ourselves, you know?
As much fun as it is to pick on socialists.
You know, most of these kids are ideologically subverted from college.
I mean, it's exactly what's going on with them.
They have no idea why they think the things they do, or why these ideas are good, and they've been brainwashed, so they're victims.
That's kind of the way I look at them.
I have a lot of good friends like that.
They're smart people.
They just don't have it, because they've been sucked in, and no matter how hard you try, you can't really wake them up.
So we got Trump on one side and Sanders on the other, and then we have the establishment uncloaking right in front of us.
I think it's a time to reach across and say, OK, put the ideological differences down for a minute.
We'll have that debate later, once we have a fair system to work with.
And we clean house.
We let Trump go in there and put some of these guys in jail.
We help clean up the Democratic Party at the same time.
And maybe it's just for the Sanders people or someone like them, but not the Clintons, not the people that are in there.
And then we have a fair system to work with.
Eyes should be open.
I think the more we turn against each other right now, the more that the Sanders people buy into the Koch brothers scheme of villainizing Trump, and the more that the Trump people buy into the fight because they're not scared to back down and attack the Sanders people, that's the establishment winning every time.
You know, because we're never coming together.
We need to come together as the anti-establishment.
As Gerald Salenti said, the rise of the third party is the anti-establishment, you know?
And I think it is Trump kind of manifesting that.
And maybe you'll see Trump and Sanders, if they both get outed somehow in these Republican and Democratic nominations, they'd like nothing more than to see Hillary Clinton, I think they'd like to see Hillary Clinton versus Jeb Bush, and they know they have their man in.
But I think you're going to see, if Cruz gets the nomination, you're going to see him pick Jeb Bush as his running mate.
And then I think you're going to see a Bush presidency again.
And I don't want to say how that'll happen, but we all saw what happened to Reagan back in 1981.
Well, as soon as that happens, everybody's going to turn right around and forget about this entire thing.
No one's going to clean the parties and take them over.
No one's going to clean the house.
No one's going to get fair elections.
The majority of the people don't want the house cleaned.
They like the way things are.
They like the fact that they're in control and it's predictable.
Uh, Bernie Sanders just answered an interesting question about how he was a big supporter of Daniel Ortega.
Well, the question was, you know, what's the difference?
This was like a pretty important question, you know, what's the difference between, there's a lot of people obviously that are coming from Cuba, other places that are really concerned about this socialism and communism, they're fleeing it.
What's the difference between what you're offering and that?
And he didn't even answer the question.
Well, it's so bad that America goes in and tries to overthrow these governments, which I agree with.
They shouldn't overthrow these people, especially if they're democratically elected.
But he didn't answer the question and say what his version of socialism, how it's going to be different than somewhere in Venezuela or, you know, where it eventually in other places leads to communism.
And that's what we are trying to say.
It starts out with freebies and equality and fairness and it leads to tyranny and poverty every single time.
Let me break it down for all the commies out there.
Socialist commies.
You're never going to have your perfect socialist system.
You're never going to have it.
Because humans aren't perfect.
Humans are not perfect people.
Especially not when they get a little bit of power.
So you're never going to have the socialist utopia that you think you're going to get with your free college and your free healthcare and everything's for free and it's all run by robots and everything's great.
It's not going to happen because there's too many humans in the mix that are going to muck it up.
Just like you're never going to have perfect capitalism.
But you know what?
I'd rather take messed up capitalism over messed up socialism any day because at least you have a chance.
At least you can take yourself and your ideas and work within the system and try to better yourself.
And that's why people that are coming here on rafts or other places and they see here that, yeah, maybe this isn't as great as they thought it was going to be and it's a lot harder than what they thought it was going to be.
But it's better than where they left from, where they had no opportunities and even the basic level of care that they got from their government.
We're good to go.
I don't
I don't think so.
Buy a house!
And that, you know, yes, maybe you could eventually, if you're very rich, because you have to make above that, what, 70, 80% tax rate, to where you then can go and maybe further yourself a little bit more, because it's an expanded welfare system.
And then while you're living in those government houses, you have to live by government rules.
Government rules!
Not just rules in the house, but just follow their system altogether.
That's a lot of rules.
Hey, we do have somebody on Skype.
John is on Skype.
Doesn't say where he's calling from.
Uh, he wants a rebuttal of the, oh, it's Jon Bow, Jon.
No, no, Jon Christopher is on Skype.
He's the guy that called in the other day.
Okay, a rebuttal of those who accused Trump of making fun of people with disabilities.
Jon, are you there on Skype?
Yes, I am.
How are you guys doing?
Hey, we're doing good.
Oh, you called in last time.
Yes, I did.
Hey, so somebody said you had a talk show.
Is that true?
Do you have your own little internet show?
Go ahead and plug it.
Yes, sure.
I'm sorry?
Go ahead and give it a plug.
Okay, well guys, my show is The Truth War.
It's the Jay Man Show.
That's my nickname.
But you can go and find my show at thetruthwar.weebly.com.
And truly, I've based my platform off of you guys.
You guys are a big inspiration and I hope to work with you one day.
Right on.
How old are you?
I'm 18 years old, sir.
Alright, so what do you want to say about Trump?
Well, this is what I want to say.
These people, especially the reporters, when Trump came out and made some joke about a reporter,
And everybody lost their minds and said, oh my, he makes fun of people with disabilities.
Let me just say, what the media fails to do is go and ask somebody with an actual disability how they feel about that.
I'm a wheelchair user.
So I can tell you firsthand, I don't care.
We've gotten to a point where we're too politically correct.
And you know what?
As far as I'm concerned, he can say what he wants.
There we go.
Sorry, I thought we lost you for a second.
Yeah, no, you make an excellent point.
The media just tells you what they want you to say.
Oh, well, everyone is offended by this.
But did you actually go and ask the Muslim women that went to the event?
Why are you here at Trump's event?
It's ridiculous.
I mean, and I mean, for Bernie Sanders to come out and say white people don't know what it's like to be poor, I could flip that around and say, OK, are you going to say white people don't know what it's like to be in a wheelchair?
I mean, these people have a weird doublespeak about them.
It's really, I mean, it's messed up.
It really is, and it's disturbing that we've allowed our culture and our language to be captured by these people who really don't have the best interest of the country or the people that they claim to be serving, you know, in their hearts.
They have their own special interests.
Bernie Sanders has his own special interests, and it's for big government.
And so every big government person likes Bernie Sanders because they want to see more big government.
And like I mentioned earlier in the broadcast, this whole superdelegate system was put in place in the 80s because the Democratic Party did not want Jesse Jackson to get the vote.
They wanted their establishment candidate to keep that vote, and he was like this populist, uprising Reverend Jesse Jackson, and they were like, hmm, we gotta do something to make sure.
And Walter Mondale got decimated.
He got decimated by Ronald Reagan.
I remember that was in 85.
I was in the fifth grade and we had a big project.
We were covering the campaign because they were teaching you to like buy into the system.
In public school, you gotta buy into the system out there.
The system's really good.
It's gonna... For Democrats and for Republicans, we didn't talk about Libertarians.
We didn't talk about how the government was bad.
I didn't even know there was a Libertarian party until I was an adult.
I didn't either.
I had to go find that out myself.
And I'm like, there's a third party?
A third party?
What is this?
How dare there be a third party?
They told me it's Republicans and Democrats.
Yeah, your whole life.
John, Christopher, thanks for calling and plug your show again.
How can people find your show?
Well, again, you can go to thetruthwar.weebly.com.
I'm also on YouTube at the John Christopher Collins forward slash jman channel.
And I want to ask for you guys' prayers.
I'm going into college to major in journalism.
And again, like I said, I hope to start my own network, but not only that, work with you guys one day.
All right.
Keep me in your prayers.
Well hey buddy, start making video reports, send them to us.
My email is robd at InfoWars.com, Jakari's is jackson at InfoWars.com, Leanne's is leanne at InfoWars.com.
Send us your reports, man.
Yeah, just make reports, learn how to edit.
You don't have to go to college to learn how to use a computer and edit.
You probably already know how to do that if you set up your own internet show.
Yeah, just like Alex Jones.
I mean, look at him.
Be wary, there's a couple guys in this room right now that did not finish college and are doing very well for themselves.
It's just a lie that the system feeds where it's best for us to go to college.
I don't buy into that, but if it could open more doors for me, I'd give more power to it.
Well, and it's a good place to go and learn how to do stuff.
When I was in college, my last semester, I was taking 21 credits, I had a job, I was in a band, and I was producing a play that I was in, and I was also in another.
I was a busy dude.
Me too.
I was a busy dude.
I didn't have time to mess around with all this other stuff.
I was working my tail off, and that's what it's all about.
But I was doing stuff that I loved!
You didn't have time to get really pissed and go to your student government and say,
A therapist there on site to give me some therapy for that controversial speaker on campus.
We had a preacher who stood out on a soapbox in the front of the Mountain Lair, which was like the Student Union Center, and lecture on how we're all bad and sinners and all that.
It didn't bother me one bit.
I just ignored that guy.
I would stop and listen to the guy and go, alright, that's great.
He was on my kids too.
I don't think he's talking to me.
I'm going to keep walking.
You know, I didn't go complain and cry to the university.
Remove this man.
He says I'm bad.
Remove this man.
Thanks for calling, John.
No problem.
God bless you guys.
Thank you.
Take care.
Same to you, brother.
Have a good one.
That's what I like to see.
I like to see young people getting involved and doing their own thing.
And it's like, yeah, you can sit around and, you know, complain about it or about it, but get it on camera!
Get involved!
Upload it to YouTube!
Hey, the same two people in this room also got jobs here because of the reporter contest.
They got off their duff and produced reports.
Yep, Jakari and Josh over there.
That's right!
Don't we have some of those music videos?
Josh is making music videos that were really good.
He was too young to remember Schoolhouse Rock and I told him about it and he went and looked it up online and he started calling his stuff Schoolhouse Shock, which I thought was great.
So, taking ideas, making things happen.
There's a shot of Josh.
Josh, wave to everybody.
There he is.
And then there's the class of 2012.
You guys are 2000 and uh... I thought you were 2011.
Oh, 2011.
Man, it's been that long.
It's almost five years, Marcos?
Yeah, almost five years.
Yeah, I hired Marcos McBreen and John Bowne who's standing by on Skype.
Let's bring John Bowne up.
John, what do you have to add to the conversation?
Have you converted to socialism at this time?
Did I win?
Everyone won.
John, we're giving you some free stuff.
It's coming.
Everyone gets a trophy.
We got a bumper sticker for you.
Oh, perfect.
Yeah, I just wanted to add, and I can't hear my mic, but hopefully you guys can hear me.
You sound great.
Keep talking.
You sound great.
Awkward pause.
I just wanted to add my question, my addition to the whole Bernie Sanders rant that's going on about poor white people.
Let me ask you this, and by no means is the ghetto a good place to be.
It's a hard place to be, living on food stamps and just trying to make it day by day, week by week, paycheck by paycheck.
Believe me, I know.
I was a musician here in Austin, Texas in the early 90s, and my brother and I survived on a jar of honey for five days because we had nothing.
So with that in mind,
Let me ask you this, folks in the ghetto.
Do you have air conditioning?
Do you have TV?
Do you have electricity?
Do you have a phone?
Do you have running water?
Do you have a car?
Okay, well, let me introduce you to a bunch of white people in eastern Kentucky who don't have any of that.
I mean, maybe y'all should send me out there to eastern Kentucky and I will show you poor white people.
No, there are... The Appalachian area is filled with people cut off from this modern society.
Yeah, and that's the majority of the people.
They use outhouses still, and that's, you know, that's... They literally do.
The Appalachian people, and there are black Appalachian people.
You know, you just end up there.
And you're talking about pollution, you're talking about crime, you're talking about severe poverty.
And what is the statistic on children in this country that are actually living under the poverty level?
It's something like, is it 1 in 5?
It's staggering.
It's very high and unacceptable for the fact that we are supposedly the richest country in the world.
Which is why Bernie Sanders' message resonates with so many people, because he's not wrong in the fact that if you look at how the country's been going in the last few decades, there really is this huge inequality, this huge disparity.
But the fact is, the people at the top in the government, those lobbyists that are going to be the superdelegates that are going to make sure Hillary gets in, want her in because she is going to
Keep the system going just the way it is.
Her and her buddies on Wall Street and all those lobbyists, they want this system.
They've been working for decades to make sure it's just the way it is right now.
Shit, Hillary is gonna drive us into a pit of hell.
And so would Bernie.
I don't know if you've noticed, but the Rothschilds are sweating bullets over in Europe.
Yeah, they've been indicted.
Yeah, Baron David de Rothschild is being pursued by a French court all over France, and they can't find him apparently, which is odd.
And then Benjamin de Rothschild, the Swiss branch of the Rothschilds, is being probed by the French government.
And then you have the FBI, with what's going on with the FBI right now, with Hillary's emails, and with the investigation.
Into Hillary's emails.
They're threatening revolt at this time.
And they want to push forward on that investigation.
And Hillary is out there a complete globalist puppet.
A representation of the criminal element that is left on the entire planet.
That is pushing against everything that everybody sees as an American.
When you look at Donald Trump.
You know, warts and all.
You still see an American.
That's it.
He loves America.
Look at Obama and we've had almost 8 years now.
He hates America.
I really believe that.
You know he hates America.
That's why he's so invested in changing it.
And he hates Americans.
And Hillary Clinton?
Same deal.
Or Glenn hates everyone, I think.
We're going to go to Alan in upstate New York, who's also joining us on Skype.
John, stand by.
Stand by, John.
We'll have you come in as well.
Alan, why are you reaching out to us on Skype?
What do you have to say?
What did you think of this debate today?
Well, good evening there, Leigh Ann, Ja'Kari.
Good evening.
Rambo, over in the other room, and Kit.
I just wanted to say I am a relatively short-time listener.
Since I retired last year, I got tuned in, and I'm quite a supporter of your fine, fine products.
Welcome to the InfoWar.
Well, thank you very much.
I have recently acquired a webcam.
I've been starting to do my own little video reports, and you can start looking forward to those.
I have one quick question here, and it goes back to something Roger Stone said here a few weeks and months ago, and that is this.
Do you think that a landslide, in this case, would hold off or thwart a brokered convention on the Republican side?
That's all I need to know.
That was just my thoughts.
I don't think so.
I mean, we're already seeing that it's been pretty much a landslide and they're doing everything they possibly can to steal this election, to tell people he's a racist, to throw out the KKK and everything that's like these hot button issues that's of course going to make people that are going to vote for him go, well I don't want to vote for someone who... They basically said he's a Sandy Hook truther today.
Yeah, exactly.
So they're doing everything they can.
To throw him through the mud.
And if it's not that, I think that they're going to have some major catastrophe going on to suspend the election or something to say, we need Hillary in there.
It's going to be something.
That's kind of what I was thinking.
I've been saying that for like three years.
I'm thinking that Obama is going to come up with something, some catastrophe that's going to get himself elected king.