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Name: 20160307_Mon_NightlyNews
Air Date: March 7, 2016
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Welcome to the InfoWars Nightly News.
I'm David Knight.
It's Monday, March 7, 2016.
Here are our top stories.
How the TPP is already affecting US jobs.
Then, BMW debuts its new self-driving car.
After that, ranchers on the border are dumbfounded by the lack of security.
And the gloves come off in the Democratic debate.
That's next.
That Secretary Clinton has discovered religion on this issue.
But it's a little bit too late.
Secretary Clinton supported virtually every one of these disastrous trade agreements written by corporate America.
NAFTA, NAFTA, supported by the Secretary, cost us 800,000 jobs nationwide, tens of thousands of jobs in the Midwest, permanent normal trade relations with China.
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Well this breaking news we have Michael Bloomberg saying he is not going to enter the presidential race and of course he has flirted with this saying that if his favorite Hillary Clinton did not get the Democrat nomination that he would enter to save the world from Bernie and from Donald Trump.
I guess when I look at this profession that he is not going to enter the race, a couple of James Bond titles come to mind describing this James Bond supervillain we call Michael Bloomberg.
Never say never and the world is not enough.
And just keep that in mind because these guys can always jump in.
He's a long ways off and of course Hillary can always be indicted.
More on that later in the news broadcast.
But when we look at what happened this last weekend, there was a lot of news, of course, not only a Democrat debate that we're going to be covering with Leanne McAdoo in the next segment, but there were also a lot of primaries this weekend.
Let's take a look at what happened on the Republican side.
This is an article from the New American.
Does Super Saturday signal a change in the Republican race?
And of course, in Kansas, Ted Cruz thumped Trump.
A big victory for Ted Cruz.
But is Kansas really much of a bellwether state?
Remember that Kansas in 2012 picked Santorum.
In 2008, they picked Huckabee.
Neither of them, of course, went on to win the nomination.
Very much like Iowa.
Both of those states were won by the same two people in both of those years.
Huckabee and Santorum in 2008-2012, respectively.
What's going on in Kansas?
Is that it is a closed primary.
We'll talk about that in just a moment.
But there may be something else that's going on, and this is brought up by the New American Story.
They look at Louisiana, for example.
Now, in Louisiana, running up to the vote on Saturday, Trump took almost 47% of the before-election-day vote.
Only 23% for Cruz.
Rubio had 20%.
Kasich had just under 4%.
But Cruz won a plurality of those who actually showed up on election day to vote by a very narrow margin.
40.9% for Cruz.
40.5% for Trump.
And they ask, why did this happen?
Well, it appears that Rubio's support imploded.
It disappeared.
And it looks like the bulk of it was picked up by Cruz.
They say that Kasich picked up 4%, but Trump's totals declined by 6% and Cruz gained an amazing 18%.
We've seen this happen many times before.
When we get into a fight between two candidates, they both go down in the polls, and a third party, a third candidate, will go up in the polls.
And that appears to be what is happening with this nasty fight between Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz.
It is destroying Marco Rubio, but it is also hurting Donald Trump a little bit individually, but massively by people moving from Rubio to Cruz.
Now there's something else that's going on in this as well.
Fox points out that Trump is doing better in the open primaries.
Cruz is seeing more success in GOP-only contests.
In other words, where you have to be registered as Republican before you vote.
They say if Trump indeed is being boosted by crossover voters, it suggests he's a stronger general election candidate than Democrats have given him credit for.
And they have a quote.
Former Chief of Staff for the Cruz backer, Iowa Representative Steve King says Trump has got crossover appeal.
He's won a dozen contests, seven of which were open to voters regardless of party affiliation, two of which have a hybrid system.
He's won only three contests that were limited to registered Republicans.
Nevada, Kentucky and Louisiana and those last two were the ones that happened on Saturday.
They say that was very close.
Five of Cruz's six victories, however, came in closed or semi-closed contests.
The only exception was his home state of Texas.
They also point out, and this is a DC-based public affairs firm that has worked with a pro-Cruz super PAC, they say some of Trump's supporters are Reagan Democrats, some of them are Perot independents.
That, I believe, is why he can win in the general election.
And Trump himself says, why can't the leaders of the Republican Party see that I am bringing in new voters by the millions?
We are creating a larger, stronger party.
That's what he tweeted after Super Tuesday.
Well, of course, they do see that.
But they would rather lose to Hillary Clinton or have Cruz, Kasich or Rubio become the nominee.
They would rather lose to any of those people than to have Trump in place.
They don't want to win the election.
What they want to win is the globalist trade treaties.
He stands in their way with the globalist trade treaties.
That's why they want him out.
The rest of those people, the rest of the Republicans as well as Hillary, support NAFTA, support TPP, support TTIP.
They support the unconstitutional process to make those latter treaties operative.
They say there may be another factor at play though, and that may be the fact that Cruz is more highly organized.
In other words, he can manipulate the process and the caucus better.
You know, like telling people that Ben Carson has dropped out.
That's what he did to win the Iowa caucus.
They spread that rumor a half hour after the first tweet had gone out, along with a follow-up tweet immediately after that saying he's not dropping out.
They waited 20 minutes until the caucuses started, then they started spreading the rumors.
That's why caucuses are fundamentally different than primary voting situations.
They also point out in the Daily Mail that Trump plans to convert Democrats in order to sweep to general election victory.
We all know this.
We all know that he would take the fight directly to Hillary on corruption, that he would get the backing of what's called the Reagan Democrats as well as the pro-independence because of the economy issue, because of the trade issues.
And that is one thing that you can count on Donald Trump.
He's talked about this same issue in the same way for 35 years.
They say it could reshuffle the battleground state maps in a way the country hasn't seen in decades, some experts predict.
Working class white voters have been trending more and more Republican in the last few cycles, but Trump could grab even more away from Democrats in states like New Hampshire, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.
And, I would add, Michigan, which votes tomorrow.
And of course, it's not just middle class, working class, blue collar white voters.
Working-class, blue-collar voters who are losing their jobs to foreign countries of every race and color.
They always like to make it about the race issue because that's the way they want to try to stop Donald Trump.
Take a look at this story coming out of Youngstown, Ohio.
Officials attribute a thousand people switching from the Democrat Party to the Republican Party so they can vote for Donald Trump.
This is from the county Republican chairman, saying, we're seeing something this election cycle I've never seen before to this degree.
Every day I take phone calls or I get voice messages from people saying they've been Democrats all their life, they've had it, they want to vote for Trump.
I'm surprised at the volume of inquiries we're getting.
It's remarkable.
They say about 14% of those who voted Republican were previously Democrats.
And here's another person, same county GOP chair, who says that he supports the Republican Governor Kasich in Ohio, still says, we're seeing this all over the country, the Republican vote is way up and it's because of Trump.
Now it's happening in the Valley.
Whatever you think of Trump, you can't take away his ability to energize the electorate.
They say in Ohio, party affiliation is based solely on voting in a primary.
So all you have to do is tell a poll worker you want to vote for a certain party in the primary, and that becomes your affiliation.
Now this is very important in Ohio, where Kasich hopes to win, to make his case for this.
Now, look at this article that's on Infowars.com today.
It's also on the Drudge Report.
Ohio lost 112,500 jobs to trade with the countries that are part of the TPP.
And of course that is an analysis done by the Economic Policy Institute.
This will soar if the TPP is enacted.
Because what did we see when NAFTA was enacted?
I showed the graph last week, where you come up to the point where NAFTA is going.
We have a trade surplus some years with Mexico, some years we had a deficit with them.
But it was basically plus or minus two to five billion dollars a year, the trade balance with Mexico.
Some years we won, some years they won.
As soon as NAFTA was passed,
We had a trade deficit of $15 billion, a huge trade deficit, but that was the smallest deficit we've ever had since NAFTA was passed.
In all the 23 years since then, we have had increasing trade deficits.
We have a $58 billion trade deficit this last year.
We have lost a trillion dollars in outflow of cash to Mexico and a million jobs.
That's what NAFTA has done for us.
And if we do the same thing with TPP,
It will accelerate that.
It will be NAFTA on steroids.
And they point out that the lost jobs in Ohio represent 2.2% of all the employment in Ohio.
And the institute that did this study says the new report quantifies what a mistake it was to leave our currency rules out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership.
Understand that?
There's no rules in there.
There's no prohibitions to stop currency manipulation.
What has Donald Trump continually talked about
He's talked about currency manipulation being a huge part of the problem with China, and of course China would be part of the TPP.
And everyone at the debate, from the moderators to the other candidates, their eyes just glaze over and they have absolutely no response to the idea that currency is being manipulated by China.
The EPI says the trade deficit with TPP countries
Attributable, in large part, to misaligned currency, costs America's working families 2 million jobs in 2015, more than half of those in manufacturing.
By omitting currency rules from the TPP, it benefits Wall Street.
It makes the TPP a tool for offshoring jobs, not for job creation.
If Congress is waiting for more evidence that TPP is a bad deal, this is it.
And I would suggest that when you got people like Hugh Hewitt, the moderator who tried to troll Donald Trump for the nuclear triad.
Do you know what the nuclear triad is?
And he didn't know that it was the three different ways that nuclear bombs will be delivered because that's all they care about.
Okay, what about the economic bombs that are being delivered to this country?
Why don't we ask Hugh Hewitt if he knows what the China price is?
Why don't some of the moderators ask if some of the other candidates know or even care what the China price is that is devastating this country?
Now, of course, John Kasich, who is governor there in Ohio, where they've lost 112,000 jobs, 2.2% of the jobs in Ohio have been lost to these TPP countries.
Of course, he said back in July, he was asked on Meet the Press by Chuck Todd, he said, well, there's a, you know, you're a NAFTA guy.
He says, that's a tough thing to be in Ohio now, isn't it?
And the governor said, well, there's now some car companies that are talking about moving things to Mexico.
They're citing NAFTA.
I'm going to take a look into that.
Yeah, you take a look into that.
And when you figure it out, John Kasich, let us know.
Meanwhile, there's somebody else that has figured this out.
We have figured it out and Donald Trump has figured it out.
We look at Ted Cruz, of course.
He voted for the TPA before he voted against it.
He's been on both sides of the fence when they didn't need him for the Trade Promotion Authority, which basically was set up to streamline the TPP without going through the constitutional process.
Hear that, conservatives?
You want to talk about Ted Cruz being your constitutionalist candidate?
You say he says he's going to appoint judges that are constitutionalist, strict originalist, take it as it's written?
Well, if they do, they would rule against his eligibility.
But when we take a look at the trade issues, he didn't want to follow the Constitution's process for ratifying a treaty.
That's what the TPA was about.
He voted for the TPA and then later he voted against it when they didn't need his vote and said, well, I'm not happy with the support for the Export-Import Bank.
No, I'm not happy with the fact that Ted Cruz voted to take down our economy and he did it
By supporting unconstitutional means.
Now, tomorrow we've got 150 more delegates that are up for grabs.
We've got 19 in Hawaii, 32 in Idaho.
Now, Hawaii is partially open, Idaho is closed.
However, Mississippi and Michigan are open and they have 40 and 59 respectively.
Of course, they will be allocated proportionally still.
Not until March 15 will there be any winner-take-all states.
But, in some of these states, there are conditions that if a candidate gets more than 50 percent, they will get all of the delegates.
And that might happen in Michigan, because there has been a tremendous amount of support for Donald Trump in Michigan.
After the debate on Thursday night, he had a meeting in Michigan where there were auto workers there, and he told them that Mexico is becoming the new China.
So, with about 2,000 to 3,000 people there, it was a raucous crowd, as it was characterized by the media.
Now Donald Trump ran away with the Nevada caucus.
He got 46% of the vote in Nevada.
Number two was Rubio with 24% of the vote.
This is something that we have not covered before, but something that I do want to cover because I've spent so much time talking about in the last several days what is going on with the BLM.
We're good to go.
Now if you want to know why Donald Trump did so well in Nevada, I think it has something to do with an op-ed piece that he wrote back on the 26th of January that we've previously not talked about here at InfoWars.
I want to read you what Donald Trump said because what he did was he called out
The lawlessness of the BLM, and we have an article up talking about that particular op-ed piece at Infowars.com.
He talked about the damaging, the damages that does to the economy, the impediments to growth, but he also focused on the legal aspects of this.
Listen to what he had to say.
He said, the United States of America is a land of laws and Americans value the rule of law above all.
Why then has our Congress allowed the president and the executive branch
To take on near dictatorial power.
How is it that we have a president who will not enforce some laws, but who also encourages faceless, nameless bureaucrats who manage public lands as if the millions of acres were owned by agencies like the BLM and the Department of Energy?
And Nevada, the lack of enforcement of immigration laws, the draconian rule of the BLM.
This is Donald Trump talking about the draconian rule of the BLM.
He says they're damaging the economy, lowering the standard of living, inhibiting natural economic growth.
He goes on to say, the BLM controls over 85% of the land in Nevada and rural areas.
Those who for decades have had access to public lands for ranching, mining, logging and energy development are forced to deal with arbitrary and capricious rules that are influenced by special interests that profit from the DC rulemaking and who fill the campaign coffers of Washington politicians.
That is powerful language.
That is why Donald Trump won 46% of the vote in Nevada.
He understands what's going on there.
He says he could have stopped the situation with the BLM as well as what's going on in Oregon with a phone call.
So could Obama.
Alright, stay with us when we come back.
We're going to talk about what else happened this weekend.
We're going to talk about the Democrat debate.
Leanne McAdoo will be joining us.
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But in the 21st century, there are silent weapons for quiet war.
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Let's do it!
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Joining me now is Leanne McAdoo to talk about the other big news from this weekend, the Democrat debate.
Welcome back.
Right, that's right.
Well, you know, it's a lot of Democratic deja vu all over again.
Of course, they rolled out with their faulty statistics on 90 people a day are killed by gun violence in our country, which, you know, of course, those statistics are off.
All the cliches they repeat every time they get together, every time they speak.
And more calls because, you know, this debate was held in Michigan, so of course they used the crisis in Kalamazoo to once again call for gun control, but they went even further this time.
Take a look at this clip.
But as I understand what your question is, and, you know, you're not the only person whose heart was broken.
I was there in the Senate when we learned about this killing.
It is almost unspeakable to talk about some lunatic walking into a room.
I mean, it is hard to even talk about.
We all feel that way.
But if, as I understand it, and maybe I'm wrong, what you're really talking about is people saying, let's end gun manufacturing in America.
That's the implications of that.
And I don't agree with that.
We're gonna move on.
So actually, now admitting that the be-all end-all of this is to end gun manufacturing here in America.
And doing it with all the cliches that they all use, and of course it's sheer demagoguery, talking about children in schools, gun-free zones, where nobody's allowed to protect them, even the teachers are not allowed to protect them.
And again, you know, automatic weapons and so forth and so on.
But let's talk about what brought this all up.
And of course this was the father of a 14-year-old who was shot in Kalamazoo by the Uber driver.
Now, understand what's going on here.
The liberal press is showing this and saying, we need to do something to stop the gun manufacturers.
Well, this was an Uber driver, okay?
And nobody is saying that Uber needs to be taken down because he shot them while he was at work.
Nobody is saying that the car manufacturer that he was riding around in needs to be charged.
Only the gun manufacturer that he was using needs to be charged.
And I have to ask, would they say that Uber or the car company were responsible if, instead of shooting people, he had run them down?
This is the issue, and this is what Bernie Sanders was saying.
Bernie Sanders was absolutely right on this issue.
People need to listen.
Democrats, listen to Bernie on this issue.
What he's saying is, if you haven't done anything criminal, you shouldn't be liable.
But Hillary Clinton is so desperate to shut down the Second Amendment, to shut down gun ownership, to shut down gun manufacturing, as Bernie Sanders pointed out, that she will
And divorce any reason whatsoever from this, and go after people when they don't have any negligence.
And understand, I've heard people say, Leanne, that, oh well, the cars are set up for driving people around, and guns are set up to kill people.
Guns are there to defend people.
And when they're used by mass shooters, they are misused just as much as if it was a car running down a crowd of people.
Well, that's a misuse of the car.
That's not what the car was intended for.
The guns are intended to protect people.
They are a deterrence and they are a defensive mechanism.
When they are used offensively, that's a crime.
That's a crime.
And if you're not part of that, then you don't have any liability in that crime.
Right, and this is just going to set up a slippery slope if Clinton has her way.
And also, it is inaccurate, this claim, that the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act of 2005 removes accountability from the makers and sellers of guns.
There are actually at least six exceptions where civil lawsuits can still be filed, and this is where, you know, they're being negligent.
So there are still some protections, and as Sanders pointed out, ultimately what you're saying is you want to end gun manufacturing here in America.
That law was there to clarify that people like Hillary Clinton cannot hold you liable when you're not liable for a crime.
When you haven't done anything wrong.
And so of course then she wanted to backtrack and say how wonderful everything was during her husband's presidency because yeah he did some bad things there with his pipeline to prison laws but you know the economy was so great.
Well, Bernie Sanders was also correct in calling her out on saying, well, yeah, you know, some things are great, but some things were not great.
Let's talk about these trade deals.
So we've got a clip of that as well.
Let me tell my story, you tell yours.
Your story is for voting for every disastrous trade agreement and voting for corporate America.
I will.
Did I vote against the Wall Street bailout?
When billionaires on Wall Street destroyed this economy, they went to Congress and they said, oh please, we'll be good boys, bail us out.
You know what I said?
I said let the billionaires themselves bail out Wall Street.
Shouldn't be the middle class of this country.
Here again, Sanders is absolutely right about these trade deals being detrimental to the middle class, the working class here in America, and we're going to be dealing with this all over again to a much larger degree with the TPP.
It's amazing to see how Clinton spun this, okay?
She is...
Irreversibly joined at the hip with Wall Street and the big bankers.
Just like Ted Cruz is.
So what she tries to do is to take her support of the TARP program, of the banker bailout, and say, oh, this is about a bailout of the auto industry.
That's not true.
That was a very small part of it.
But even if that were true, how has that worked out?
Well, we've seen that Italy got Chrysler for a sweetheart deal, and I guess they should say grazia, okay?
I don't know what the word for thank you is in Chinese, but they should say thank you as well, because when GM survived with their bailouts, what'd they do with the money that they saved with that?
They opened up more factories in China.
They moved more jobs overseas.
And that's what these people understand.
The day after the contentious GOP debate on Thursday, Donald Trump had, on that Friday morning following it, he had a big rally in Michigan talking to auto workers.
And as I pointed out in the previous segment, that is the key.
He's got a lot of people there in that area.
I think he's going to do very well in Michigan because he's talking to the people who have lost their jobs.
That's why you're seeing the Democrats moving in droves from the Democrat Party to vote for Donald Trump, because they understand that this economy has been viscerated.
And nowhere do we see that more so than in Michigan.
And yet Hillary Clinton tries to spin that around and say, well, I did the banker bailout to save automobile jobs.
Well you didn't do a very good job of it.
One little line in the second to last paragraph.
Nobody at the time had any idea what money was even going to go to the auto industry.
It was to bail out Wall Street.
And she knows that.
Sanders called her out on it.
That it was to bail out her friends.
Which really brings us to the top story on Drudge this morning.
This was a Reuters story and the headline on Drudge was Trump shakes the world order.
That would be the new world order.
And of course we've already seen how China and Mexico are furious at Donald Trump because he wants to stand up for what is in the best interest of American workers.
And we've got the former president of Mexico talking trash about Donald Trump.
He needs to understand, and we need to understand, that we had a trade deficit just last year of $58 billion with Mexico.
And as Donald Trump points out, they're essentially, Mexico is the new China.
That's what he told the automobile workers, and it's true.
The jobs are moving to China, but we have these foreign diplomats who think that not only do they get to write the trade rules in secret, okay, not only do the globalists get to write the trade rules and not our Congress, but now the foreign leaders, these globalist leaders who want open borders, who want to export our jobs and import workers into our country, those same people decided that they should have a say in our election.
Well, we need to tell them that they don't have a say in our election.
I could care less what Birka Merkel wants for our country.
She is destroying her own country in Germany.
She wants to do the same thing here.
That's what's behind all this, as well as the people that we see that are listed in this article out of India and so forth.
India, South Korea, Japan, Mexico.
So, of course, these are all places that
We want the U.S.
to stay in line with all these trade agreements that they're benefiting from heavily while American workers are losing their jobs and they're going to lose even more due to trade with these TPP countries.
And not only the trade issue, not only just the economic issue, but also that we should shoulder the burden of their defense.
Look at these countries, South Korea, Japan, Mexico, India, okay?
It's not only the economic issues, but it's also us paying for their defense.
And if you want to know who's genuine on this issue, this is the key issue to me when I look at the presidential election.
Because on all the civil liberties issues, unfortunately, there's no difference between any of the Republican candidates or Democrats.
They are against us on civil liberties.
If you haven't noticed that yet, you're not paying attention.
But on the issue of trade and what is good for our country, we need to understand who is the insider, who is the outsider.
That's the big question in the Republican Party race.
Is Cruz the outsider or is Donald Trump?
Well, if you look at who the establishment, who the globalists are opposing, who they are desperate to take down, there can be no doubt about it that the outsider is not Ted Cruz, that they're not really worried about, that they're funding through Goldman Sachs.
That he was one of the largest collectors of big money donations on Wall Street.
No, the person that they're trying to take down is Donald Trump, because he's been talking about this for 35 years.
35 years.
And Hillary Clinton and Sanders, they don't have any actual solutions.
She says, oh, well, I'm going to make those corporations pay an exit tax if they want to leave the country.
And Sanders came along and said that, you know, he was going to make them bring the jobs back.
Sounds exactly like the Republican Party, don't they?
Just generalities.
Stay with us, we'll be right back.
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Now, as we mentioned at the beginning of the broadcast, Michael Bloomberg has said that he will not be running for president.
He's evidently very confident that Hillary Clinton is going to be the nominee.
He may want to reconsider that at some point in the future, though.
That's why I said never say never for the James Bond villain, Michael Bloomberg.
This is an article from the New American, and it quotes Judge Napolitano saying that a grand jury may soon indict Hillary Clinton.
And listen to his reasoning.
It is very sound.
He points out, Brian Pagliano has been given an immunity deal.
This is someone who created the install the server for Hillary Clinton.
He says that means the investigation has gone to the next step.
The Justice Department has convened a grand jury and is presenting evidence to the grand jury and it wants evidence from the guy who installed the server.
And because Pagliano asserted his Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination, they offered him immunity, meaning he cannot be prosecuted for the words he used.
And of course, this is what's behind this folks.
Whenever they grant immunity to somebody lower down in the issue, the crime syndicate, if you want to put it that way, or in the case, they're going after somebody who is higher up.
Who would that be?
Maybe Hillary Clinton, maybe her close associate, Huma Abedin.
He points out immunity can be granted only by a federal judge.
A federal judge would grant immunity only to help the government elicit testimony before a grand jury.
He says because of these two reasons,
Judge Napolitano says, we know a grand jury is sitting, we know that prosecutors are working on this, and we know they want to indict someone.
So he says they're going to ask him questions like, who was present when this conspiracy was hatched?
Understand that's what we're talking about here.
This is a conspiracy by Hillary Clinton to take classified documents and her emails and put them on a private server for whatever purpose.
It suited her to personally take these emails and to ignore the restrictions on classified documents, highly classified documents.
We've had so many people in the Obama administration who are journalists, who are whistleblowers, who have been persecuted.
We've had NSA whistleblowers that they have come after, persecuted and prosecuted, trying to send to jail for nothing that even comes close to comparing to what Hillary Clinton did.
He points out this office of the Secretary of State.
How was this conspiracy hatched?
Who did it?
Who hatched the conspiracy to divert national security secrets from a secure server to a non-secure venue?
The Washington Times quoted a former U.S.
attorney for the District of Colorado.
He said, you can assume there is a grand jury.
You don't go out and investigate unless you've got a grand jury because there's no authority to do subpoenas or to compel people to do anything.
With immunity agreements, that means, by definition, that there is a grand jury investigation that's going on someplace.
Now, of course, we now have two sources pointing out exactly what is going on with this.
Now, when we look at what's going on in automation, we look at what's going on with jobs.
We had this story about a week or two ago, pointing out the irony that the foremost promoter of removing humans as drivers, Mercedes-Benz,
Was going to be removing robots out of their factories, out of their assembly lines.
And of course what they said was they were going to do it to promote flexibility.
They said the robots cannot handle the pace of change, they can't handle the complexity of key customization options available for the company's S-Class saloons and the 101-year-old plant.
I think so.
Drivers, isn't it?
Except when you're Mercedes-Benz or when you are somebody like BMW, which amazingly is now coming out and joining this.
This has become a rush over the cliff for these car manufacturers because, you know, BMW has always promoted itself as the ultimate driving machine.
Now it's going to be, I guess, the ultimate non-driving machine.
This article out of Bloomberg says BMW sees its future shift to the ultimate self-driving machine.
No, it's a non-driving machine.
They say they want to liberate drivers through automation.
They say this is a major opportunity for revolutionizing mobility.
Yeah, it will revolutionize mobility.
It will also put a lot of companies, like BMW, who have offered these cars to people, it will put them out of business.
They say BMW wants to make driving a choice.
I wouldn't have a problem with it if I believed that for a minute.
The self-driving robot cars are not going to be offered as a choice.
This is a means of control for the population.
This is something that is being forced down our throat by the same globalist elitists who hate the human workers, but put them in by necessity, as we just saw with Mercedes.
But they don't like us controlling anything about our lives.
They want to control, they want to track us, then they want to pacify us.
And I think it is very interesting when we look at some of the things that they're offering here that are absolute nonsense.
They say, well, BMW has shown a video of how a light on the dashboard might do the equivalent of waving a pedestrian forward at a crosswalk by blinking green.
And I have to ask, how is this better than an actual driver waving their hand?
All of this complication does nothing except to increase the cost of cars.
And of course, cars will be controlled by the government.
They say the future of mobility will be to connect every aspect of people's lives.
And that's precisely where the problem is.
The problem is with the Internet of Things, and adding cars to that increases our risk for many different problems.
It's a danger to us in terms of privacy, it's a danger to us in terms of control, and of course it is a danger to our safety because these things can be hacked.
Finally, they say, BMW says, people will go around in robots on wheels.
Because that truly is what we're talking about here.
We're talking about autonomous robots that will transport you around.
We need to understand what they are.
They're another form of autonomous killer robots.
They will literally kill us, but they will kill so many other aspects of our freedom, of our independence, of our self-reliance.
And then BMW finally has this question.
They say, how will we justify the existence of vehicles by BMW?
A brand for whom the individual and the sheer driving pleasure are the focus of everything.
Yeah, you have to understand that when it comes to things like this, it is the journey, not just the destination.
And BMW is throwing that away.
Now people are not unaware of what's going on.
And of course,
I was happy to see that not only does a survey that's reported from CBS say that the majority of Americans are afraid to travel in self-driving cars, it truly are the younger people, the millennials, who understand what the situations are.
Perhaps they are going to be more reluctant to ride in these things than the older generations.
They say 75% of Americans are afraid to ride in a self-driving vehicle.
Young people are reluctant to embrace this new technology.
An 18-year-old says, if you have a car that drives for itself, you can't prevent yourself from getting into an accident.
A 24-year-old says, what if I'm driving one day and somebody hacks my car and crashes it into another car?
There's a lot of cons to this concept itself, because with a computer, you can rule the world nowadays.
A 21-year-old says, it just makes society lazier.
We already have everything that does everything for us.
Why do we need cars that drive for us?
That is the true issue.
And of course, it's not just self-driving cars are trying to ram down our throat.
It is also the open borders and immigration.
We have some new metrics on this today.
61% of Americans agree that continued immigration of the country is jeopardizing the existence of the United States.
It is an existential issue.
It will kill our economy.
It will kill us as a country.
It will kill us as a culture.
That is by design.
Take a look at this particular article here.
New Mexico ranchers outraged by lack of security at the border.
This is why we don't like open borders.
They don't have any security at the borders and yet we have the BLM harassing and bullying people but they can't be bothered with any border agents.
They point out a ranch hand working in New Mexico's bootheel.
Stumbles upon men, two or three vehicles stranded in a remote cattle country.
They turn out to be drug runners from Mexico.
They take him hostage.
They load his vehicle with narcotics.
They force him to drive to Wilcox, Arizona, where they leave him alive, but warn him not to go to the police.
And of course, the person who knows him, his family member, says they kidnapped him.
They tied him up.
Threw all our tools in there, fittings, loaded our company vehicle with all the drugs.
She says they waited till dark because they needed him to come out.
She says, this is still pretty raw.
We got him back safely, but they did rough him up.
We still got him back, but it is a mess.
Yeah, our border is a mess.
And all we see is the globalists telling us that we're bad people.
We're xenophobic.
We have to embrace this.
The Pope himself this weekend said the migrant tidal wave is an invasion.
But he says it's a good thing.
It's a good thing for him.
It's what they want.
It's what they have planned.
But we are going to stop it.
We're not going to allow them to destroy our country.
We're not going to allow them to destroy our economy.
Stay with us when we come back.
We're going to take a look at Nancy Reagan's legacy.
Just say no.
We'll be right back.
We celebrate the 4th of July as a reminder of earning our independence from a tyrannical and oppressive government.
Just a reminder to the Obama administration, there's plenty of room on the calendar for another holiday.
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We're good.
Well this weekend, Nancy Reagan passed away at the age of 94.
Now it may be impolite to say what I'm about to say about Nancy Reagan, but don't expect me to eulogize Henry Kissinger or George H.W.
Bush or Bill Clinton if they die while I'm still around either.
As they're looking on her legacy, many people have focused on what she was most famous for, her Just Say No campaign.
As USA Today points out, her effort was a pop culture icon, or rather it made her a pop culture icon.
Let's look at some of the things and places where she went with this.
They say the Ronald Reagan Library tells the story this way.
They say a little girl raised her hand, Nancy Reagan recalled, and said, Ms.
What do you do if somebody offers you drugs?
And I said, well, you just say no.
And there it was.
It was born.
Well, you know, that would be the way to respond to offers of drug use.
Just say no.
Just abstain.
You know, I've done that my entire life.
I didn't need Nancy Reagan to tell me that.
I didn't need a massive army of SWAT teams and militarized police to make me do that.
I didn't need to turn America into a prison state in order to do that.
I didn't need to suspend the Constitution with civil asset forfeiture.
Taking people's property without convicting them of a crime, without even charging them?
Those were things that the Reagans were doing as part of this.
They also, as I said, they militarized the country.
Just say no?
We need to understand what was going on with the Reagans.
But of course, as I point out, it was a cultural icon.
Look at the way she sold this.
She goes on a popular sitcom, Different Strokes.
Gary Coleman portrayed a reporter from the school newspaper who discovered that drugs are being sold on campus and Nancy Reagan came to the school to offer support for the anti-drug efforts.
Blatant propaganda on network television.
Popular kids TV show, Punky Brewster, did the same thing.
They had Just Say No clubs organizing anti-drug Punky Brewster marches at schools around the country.
And of course, they wound up getting about 1,200 of these Just Say No clubs all around the country.
They're all wearing t-shirts and everything.
Did it really help?
Did it really drive down drug use?
Do we have just as many people, if not more, doing drugs today?
But we've got a lot more people in prison.
We have destroyed our Constitution.
That's really what Nancy Reagan said no to.
And we look at all of these pop culture references that they put in here to get people to just say no.
What she was really doing was making parents afraid.
And this is what USA Today points out.
They say, well they tell me to keep doing what I'm doing, she said, to try to help focus attention on this tremendous problem that we have in this country.
She said, told the AP, and to try to help parents who are so confused and so frightened and don't know what to do.
See, what Nancy Reagan was doing was running a propaganda campaign to scare the parents so that they would trash and shred the Constitution so the government
And the hand-fisted, iron fist of the SWAT teams would basically pound us into submission and tell us that we're not going to take drugs or else.
That hasn't worked too well.
Prohibition never works.
And destroying the Constitution to achieve that never works either.
And I think it's very interesting because we see in the Daily Mail report that says, just say no, Nancy Reagan spearheaded the anti-drug crusade at the height of the crack cocaine epidemic.
Let's understand where the crack cocaine epidemic came from.
It came from the Reagan administration.
It came from the Reagan CIA.
Selling crack cocaine into the poor communities to get money for their dark secret war against the Nicaraguan Contras.
This was all exposed by Gary Webb and the thanks that he got.
Was not to be lionized by all these sycophants in the media for a just say no drug campaign.
When he exposed the lies of the Reagan administration, at the same time going on punky Brewster and telling people just say no, but then creating this terribly addictive drug, creating that and then trafficking it into our countries, into our cities.
At the same time they're doing that, his thanks is he gets killed for exposing that.
That is what we had with the Reagan administration.
We had the Iran-Contra Affair.
I loved candidate Reagan.
I loved the things that candidate Reagan said.
When we look at what Ronald Reagan did, how he destroyed this country, how he destroyed the idea that we would have due process, how he turned the drug war after the users instead of the suppliers.
We never did that with the prohibition war of alcohol.
And how our country has ignored the fact that the government has no constitutional right to enact the United Nations War on Drugs.
Understand that, conservatives.
It is a drug war that was created by the United Nations.
And it has been the Republicans, predominantly, who have prosecuted that by persecuting the American people.
That's what we need to say.
That's what we need to say.
Just say K-N-O-W.
The Information War is a war on ignorance.
And there's no better example of this than this video that Mark Dice did asking people where the city of Washington, D.C.
got its name.
Who is our nation's capital named after?
Oh, my God.
See, why are you going to ask me something like that?
Can I Google it?
It should be in your memory.
Our nation's capital named after who?
Why are you leaving me?
Okay, what's our name?
You're supposed to be helping me!
Don't worry, it's just you.
Oh, my God.
Okay, the nation's capital.
The nation's capital.
Okay, you understand.
Who is the nation's capital named after?
I don't know.
I give up.
I plead the fifth.
Who is our nation's capital named after?
Our nation's capital?
Who is it named after?
I have no idea.
You have to tell us.
The capital of America.
It's named after a certain person.
I have no idea.
I have no idea.
George Washington.
Are you sure?
No, I don't really care.
It doesn't matter about these things, right?
So you're not really sure who it's named after?
Um, no.
You can Google it.
You can Google it.
You do that.
I'm gonna have to go with, uh... Yeah, I don't know.
George Washington.
We gotta talk to the millennials.
They've lost their minds.
They won't know.
They're not gonna have a clue.
No, thank you.
I like that shirt.
Thank you.
You getting the shirt in there?
Our nation's capital is named after who?
I don't know.
Man, I just woke up.
What is this for anyways?
Where'd you get that shirt at?
Um, I don't remember.
What does the shirt stand for?
I love Washington, D.C.
Who is that city named after?
There we go.
Which who Washington?
Washington... President Washington.
First name?
What's his first name?
I'm having a...
A blank right now.
It's not coming to me right now.
Well, that's a nice shirt.
Thank you.
I'm just out of it.
Yeah, okay.
Sorry about that.
Quick question for you.
Our nation's capital is named after who?
Our nation's capital is Washington, D.C.
And I don't know who it's named after.
A president.
Some president, I don't know.
Is it true?
You're on the right track.
George Washington?
Okay, good for you.
We're just checking.
Okay, so I pass?
Our nation's capital is named after... Who?
Oh god, this is Jay Leno thing.
Don't look at him for help.
Answer the question.
Lincoln, D.C.
Okay, alright, thank you.
Who is our nation's capital named after?
We're Italian.
Oh, you're Italian.
Oh, this would be even better.
The capital of America, the city.
Yeah, after George Washington.
You're right, it is!
You guys are on vacation from Italy?
That is awesome.
We're just talking to stupid Americans.
Many of them don't know who our nation's capital is named after.
How is that possible?
Because they just lost their minds.
Do you think Americans are overwhelmingly dumber than Italians?
You won't offend me at all.
Sometimes, yeah.
In many cases, probably.
And a lot fatter too, aren't they?
Probably, yes.
I saw a lot of videos like this one.
Oh yeah, making fun of Americans is a pastime.
Thank you, so have a good vacation.
You too, bye!
That's the best example of how the information war is a war against ignorance.
There is a deliberate dumbing down of America.
We sell the book at InfoWars.com.
That is what we're fighting against.
We're fighting against the propaganda school systems.
That's it for our news tonight.
Join us again tomorrow night at 7 Central, 8 p.m.
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