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Name: 20160303_Thu_NightlyNews
Air Date: March 3, 2016
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That's infowarsteam.com You're listening to the Alex Jones Show!
We're now down to four as Ben Carson has abandoned his campaign.
Dr. Ben Carson accusing the Cruz campaign of playing dirty tricks to win the Iowa caucus.
As Christians, of course, we accept people's apologies.
But we also have to ask ourselves, is this acceptable?
Or should there be some accountability?
Tonight, the establishment unleashes its attack chihuahua, Marco Rubio, at the next GOP debate.
It will still be quite a circus, as Rubio and Cruz will be joined by Megyn Kelly and the train seals from Fox News as they try to take down Donald Trump.
Join the InfoWars Nightly News staff for live commentary and analysis of the debate.
We'll give you the back story, the full story, and we'll open our phone lines so you can call in and tell us how you see it.
The damage was done to me.
It wasn't done to them.
You can live stream on YouTube at the Alex Jones Channel or on Prison Planet TV.
Coverage begins at 7 Central, 8 p.m.
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I'm gonna sit here and take it!
Welcome to the InfoWars Nightly News live coverage of the next GOP debate, which is tonight, two days after Super Tuesday.
I'm David Knight with Leanne McAdoo.
We're going to have the rest of the news crew here tonight.
We're going to give you some news before the debate starts in about an hour.
And then we're going to do a live coverage of the debate with all of our staff here.
Jakari Jackson, Joe Biggs will all be joining us, along with Rob Dew and others in the control room.
Of course, today, Leanne,
It was no coincidence that Mitt Romney chose the day of the debate after Super Tuesday to basically come out of wherever he's been holed up for the last four years.
After this humiliating defeat that he had four years ago.
After running for president for an eight year period and not being able to do anything
Manage anything other than one loss for the nomination and getting the nomination but then losing to Obama.
He now comes out on the day, interestingly enough, he goes to the Hinckley Institute in Utah, an institute that lists among its alumni Karl Rove, the political assassin.
And I don't know if the Hinckley Institute is associated with
The John Hinckley family.
Of course, there's a lot of Hinckleys that were very wealthy.
There's an endowment of John and Anne Hinckley of the Hinckley Institute.
But nevertheless, kind of a veiled reference.
Not only maybe a threat, but also the fact that he's coming out on this day of the debate.
Yeah, absolutely.
I mean, he's been, like you said, missing in action for the last four years, really.
And then he just starts sending out all of these tweets, attacking Donald Trump, of course.
And it's kind of interesting being there with an insider now who said, this is what they're planning, this is what's going to happen.
And then, lo and behold, it's exactly how he said it was going to be.
Well, of course, we've had Donald Trump respond and essentially say that he's a loser, and that's very, very true.
If you go back and you look, I thought it was an interesting comparison to go back and look at where they were four years ago on Super Tuesday.
Where was Mitt Romney four years ago versus Donald Trump?
And if you look at just the states that have voted, because they had a different number of states.
They had quite a few more states that voted by Super Tuesday four years ago than they have this time.
But we've had 12 states
That's right.
And where he came in, in first place, he got 45,000 votes less than Donald Trump did when he won Massachusetts on Tuesday.
That's 17% less.
And if you go across the board of the states, New Hampshire, South Carolina, Nevada, Alaska, Georgia, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Vermont, Virginia, those are all states that by this time, four years ago, had voted and have also voted this time.
If you look at that,
You see that Donald Trump has gotten 69% more votes than Mitt Romney did four years ago.
He got a little over 2 million, 2.1 million votes versus 1.2 million for Mitt Romney at this point.
Mitt Romney was 6 and 6.
He had only won half of the primaries.
Whereas Donald Trump has won 67% of the primary seats, eight and with four that he came in in either second or third place.
In other words, Mitt Romney is not doing nearly as well.
Right, and also he had a lot less competition.
Donald Trump was up, at least until yesterday, up against five plus people.
That's right.
And here he was going against Santorum and Gingrich.
And also you have a situation where Mitt Romney did not win New Hampshire and South Carolina.
He lost South Carolina to Newt Gingrich.
That's why Sheldon Adelson jumped in with $10 million after South Carolina.
Where was Romney's fire a few years back when he was running against Obama?
He didn't have the fire and the intensity that he came out attacking Trump when he was going after Obama.
And the fact that he was weak
And had a horrible campaign.
We had to get four more years of Obama.
So it's really interesting that he all of a sudden decides to come out of the woodworks and then have this fire lit up under him.
Hang on a second, Joe.
I'll let you finish that point.
Guys, get ready to play that clip of Rick Santelli on Romney.
Go ahead.
What you were saying is exactly right, Joe.
We're going to reinforce that because you're not the only one who's saying that.
There's also Rick Santelli who was saying it.
Go ahead.
I mean it's interesting he comes out today in this you know speech in Utah and he's talking about how you know Donald Trump's a horrible businessman yada yada yada but then you go back to what was it 2012 and Romney is sitting there shaking hands with Donald Trump on stage praising him saying he's a great businessman.
He's such an awesome guy.
He's created so many jobs for people.
He's a better businessman than I am I think is the exact quote.
He's completely flip-flopping, like, just out of nowhere.
I mean, the GOP is stretching.
They're desperate.
They're doing everything they can.
When I see Mitt Romney go on stage, I honestly think he's trying to throw it for the Democrats.
The only thing he can do is possibly take votes away from Trump if he decides to get into the race, which means there's going to be more concerted effort going towards Hillary.
I think you're exactly right, Jakari, and we're going to talk about that more in detail.
Before we get away, though, from how Mitt Romney had essentially no backbone and completely, I guess to use Trump's phrases, choked when he ran, let's listen to what Rick Santelli said today.
I haven't seen this Mitt Romney.
As a matter of fact, the only word I can think of is irony.
And I'll tell you where my mind is going.
You recall that on September 11, 2012, our consulate in Benghazi was attacked.
There was a debate five weeks later on CNN.
The moderator was Candy Crowley.
And basically, she did something I've never seen ever in a debate ever.
She inserted herself to stand up for the president and how he labeled what happened that night.
And Mitt Romney did not show this kind of courage because if he would have walked off the stage like a Donald Trump would have done, he'd probably be president today.
So I guess I'm a little lost that all of a sudden he has a courage that he didn't display at a time where the vice president, Biden, and the current president Barack Obama... Yeah, let's stop it right there at that point because he made a very, very strong point.
He says, where was this Mitt Romney four years ago?
When he was running for president.
Why wouldn't he oppose Obama as strongly as he is opposing Trump at this point?
And remember, that debate was five weeks after Benghazi.
Why didn't he come after Obama more strongly?
Why didn't he show what was going on with Hillary Clinton at that point?
He let them get away with it.
Then in the hospital he actually had a backbone inserted into his body and it's finally healed up and now he's got his big boy pants on and decided to actually do something.
But it's why a lot of people have said, who support Donald Trump, that he's the only one who can beat Hillary Clinton.
Because the rest of the GOP establishment isn't really going to challenge her on these issues.
They'll take a powder on it just like Mitt Romney did.
They don't want to get too confrontational.
They don't want to yell and scream about something as horrible as what happened with Benghazi and the lies and cover-up that followed up on that because this was remember five weeks after Benghazi so by that time we knew that phony story about a riot in a reaction to a movie that no
Well, I mean, I run into a lot of Bernie Sanders supporters on a daily basis.
Obviously we live in Austin, Texas.
You know, it's littered with them everywhere.
But they, the reason a lot of people support Bernie Sanders is because he's anti-establishment.
Donald Trump is pretty anti-establishment at this point in time.
And you can see a lot of these people that I've talked to, they said that they would rather vote for Donald Trump if Bernie does not get the nomination to beat Hillary Clinton.
Because most people can come together and agree that she is evil.
She's probably one of the worst people out there right now.
I mean, the things she's done, she's gotten away with, she's getting away with, she's being looked at by the FBI, and yet they want to talk about Trump because he didn't disavow.
Well, he did disavow.
Not the way they wanted.
Yeah, even I did a man on the street just yesterday.
We went out in the streets and we were asking people, and I was just talking to a lady out there.
She seemed very informed.
She's a Bernie Sanders fan, and I was like, why Bernie over Hillary?
She's like, I just don't trust that woman.
You know, so it's not just us, you know, I guess what you would call the conservatives, many of the liberals and the Democrats don't trust Hillary as well.
And a lot of the feminists too that I've talked to, they said, I want a woman as a president, but not her.
Let me give the Bernie Sanders supporters another reason to vote for Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton if it turns out to be that choice.
There's an article that was on Politico, GOP hawks declare war on Trump because, you know, that's what neokinds do, they declare war on people.
They point out, hey, he called the Iraq War a lie.
He called for neutral arbitration between Israel and Palestine.
He says, why are we always the ones to be at the forefront of every war situation?
And so Politico points out that even more so than on economic issues, his stance on foreign policy challenges GOP neocons.
And so they're all coming out of the wall and you've got all these people... That's what's so telling.
Got all these neocons, most of them involved with the Council on Foreign Relations, coming out and saying, I'm losing.
This is Max Boot, and they call him a military historian at the Council on Foreign Relations.
Because, you know, if you're CFR, you're an expert on whatever you choose to be an expert on.
They say, Elliot Cohen says Hillary is a lesser evil by a large margin.
Max Boot says that he too would vote for Clinton over Trump.
I'm literally losing sleep over Donald Trump.
She would be vastly preferable to Donald Trump.
Because she would allow things like an arbitrary imposition of a no-fly zone over Syria because she supported these wars.
They know, the neokinds know they could get Hillary Clinton to support these wars and Donald Trump
He's not playing ball.
And you look at people like Robert Zoellick, another one who's come out here, former deputy to Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.
Again, Heidi Cruz worked for Condoleezza Rice.
She also was working with Robert Zoellick at the CFR talking about the North American Union, how they can make a common border around the United States, Canada and Mexico.
So it's all of these people, to which I say,
We see Mitt Romney coming out, we see all these neocons from the CFR.
Why don't they just create a new party?
They could even keep the acronym GOP, but they could call it the Globalist Oligarch Party, because that's what we've had from the GOP establishment.
The hardcore that refuses, no matter what, to give up and give in to the will of the American people.
They will support Hillary Clinton.
Over somebody that the GOP voters want?
Right, and that's what we've said all along is that she is the perfect one to go in there.
That's why they're not going to let her fall with this whole FBI indictment.
Even though this is happening, she's still the frontrunner there for the presidency because she is the one who is going to take that ball all the way to the finish line for the globalists.
I love that meme that we've shown on the site.
I don't have it pulled up right now, but it's the image of all the mainstream media propping up Hillary as a statue and they're pushing her up because they just cannot let this woman fall.
No matter what she does, no matter the scandals, Benghazi, what her husband has been accused of, nothing seems to be able to... Nothing sticks.
Yeah, nothing sticks to this woman because they just say, you're just sexist if you bring this stuff up.
And that's why Trump shut that down right away.
And honestly, he only made that one attack.
She stopped going after him.
So they're gonna sort of save their little attacks for when it becomes just the two of them.
So that was kind of a very interesting dynamic where he just fought back against that sexism thing just that one time.
Today was good, though, too, for Trump, though, because Romney came out with a whole bunch of stuff.
Really, what can Hillary come out with now at this point in time and try to hit him with?
You know, Romney said some pretty bad things, a bunch of lies.
I think this really is going to help Trump out in the long run, because he actually had a chance to be attacked.
Think about this.
And this is going to help him when Hillary comes, because, like you said, she's going to come at him full force.
And I think that was good practice for him today, to sit here and listen to what these kind of attacks are going to be from these kind of established people.
Yeah, and you can see how she's already setting herself up and she's saying we need to bring love and kindness into the party so that she's already setting herself up as like the total opposite of Trump and it's... And I gotta say, you know, we look at her in that Chairman Mao suit that we've got there.
Yeah, when you look at her in that... Is that Shrek?
My wife has suggested that she does look like Shrek.
It is like Weekend at Bernie's when they gotta prop up the dead body.
But perhaps she's wearing those kind of clothes my wife said because maybe she too is wearing a bulletproof vest.
Either that or a bulletproof girdle.
We're good to go.
About the KKK, and he says, well, this Tapper Trump exchange on the KKK will play 100,000 times on cable.
Who knows how many millions of times on social media there are a number of people who claim that Mr. Trump is a conman, a fake.
No, you're a conman for continuing to bring that stuff up.
And here's another way that Mitt Romney is the real conman.
Let's understand, he begins his speech by invoking multiple times Ronald Reagan.
And one of the things he says is, back in 1964, Ronald Reagan.
Well, let's go back to 1968.
It was his father, George Romney, who was running against Richard Nixon.
Also, Ronald Reagan got into the race later in the spring.
Now, it was interesting because in that race, which I'm sure Mitt Romney remembers very well, he was probably 20-ish, something around there.
In that race, Reagan came in in the spring, and Reagan only participated in Nebraska and California, but he got so many votes that he had actually a greater number of popular votes than Richard Nixon did.
Richard Nixon was nine votes short of having a threshold that he needed to win on the first round, so they threw it into a brokered convention.
That is precisely what they want to do.
And I want to say one more thing before we give out the phone number, because we're going to take your calls coming up in the rest of the hour.
But in 1994, he was the person who wanted to distance himself from Ronald Reagan.
He was running against Ted Kennedy for the Senate.
And this is what he had to say in the debates.
He said, I was an independent during Reagan and Bush.
I'm not trying to return to Reagan and Bush.
That was Mitt Romney in 1994.
Then he worked with Ted Kennedy to create Romneycare.
And that's precisely what they were trying to push through four years ago.
What's that phone number, Leanne, that people can call on?
Well, everyone, you're going to call into 877-789-ALEX.
That's 877-789-2539.
Let's go ahead and get these phone lines lit up.
Taking your calls.
That's right.
And of course, what is at stake this time, is they want a candidate who is going to push the globalist agenda just like they pushed Obamacare last time.
Stay with us, we'll be right back.
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From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
Welcome back to the InfoWars Nightly News live coverage.
Tonight we have live news for this hour and they're going to be joining the GOP debate in Michigan.
First debate, just two days after Super Tuesday.
So it should be very interesting to see what happens.
We've seen a big change in tone from Marco Rubio.
And more interestingly, a big change in tone from Fox News.
And we're going to let you call in and comment as we're covering this debate.
We want your comments live during the debate as well.
We're going to have our analysis and commentary.
We're going to let you call in with commentary.
What's that number again, Leanne?
So you're going to go ahead and get the phone lines lit up right now.
Call into 877-789-2539.
That's 877-789-2539.
And also, if you've got Skype, we're going to be doing something new tonight, something a little bit exciting.
So if you've got Skype,
Stand by, because coming up later in the show, during the debate, we're going to be putting out the Skype handle so that you can Skype in with us and we'll be live on air with the rest of the Info Warriors out there.
So that's exciting.
Stick around.
But for now, we are taking your phone calls.
So give us a call.
And let's go to Darren McBrain before we go back to the news.
I want to tell you something that happened that regards the standoff at the Bundy Ranch two years ago, nearly two years ago.
But before we do, let's go to Darren McBrain.
Yeah, I wanted to point this out.
I have some breaking news right now that's coming out of the New York Daily News.
They posted a complete guide to fleeing President Donald Trump's America.
This is the liberal response to a potential Donald Trump presidency, right?
They are saying that left-leaning Americans all across the nation, they plan to pack it up
And get out of the country should Donald Trump win.
And they even, you know, by the way, they're saying it's like it's a bad thing.
I like this idea and I shall support it.
Don't they have that gif of Bugs Bunny sawing off Canada from America and the Canadians are all like, no, we don't want to.
Yeah, good riddance.
I'm telling you, it's a complete guide with passports.
They got how to get your work visa.
They even suggest other countries and places like Canada, Singapore.
They suggest that you can go to parts of Mexico.
Hey, you can go to Venezuela!
Venezuela is not on that list, isn't that strange?
Oh, but also paradise that Bernie Sanders loves so much, that's not on the list.
Miley Cyrus said she's going to leave if Donald Trump wins, so I'm really fully behind Donald Trump.
He really is going to make America great again!
Yeah, we need to get rid of that woman.
This is the complete guide to a liberal evacuation of America.
I think we need to stand behind them and get behind this.
This is something I totally agree with.
So let's back up the New York Daily Times on this.
Yeah, maybe they'll self-deport.
Who knows?
Now, some serious news.
We see reports that there have been two people
Uh, in regards to the Bundy Ranch standoff back in April 2004, two people were arrested today.
One in New Hampshire, and of course one of Clive and Bundy's sons, David, who to my knowledge was not even at the wash.
Of course, they've charged Clive and Bundy, who was not at the wash.
They've charged him with firearms violations the whole time we were there.
Josh and I never saw Clive and Bundy with a firearm openly carrying.
And he was not even at the standoff, but this is now being reported by TPM as a Trump campaign official arrested on federal charges linked to the Bundy Ranch, and that's not quite true.
Actually, he is a co-chair of Veterans for Trump in New Hampshire.
He's not somebody that has been hired by Donald Trump, but he hasn't done anything wrong, folks.
This was a protest.
This was nothing that really threatened any federal agents.
They're trying to make it out to be that way.
There are a lot of lies in this indictment from things that I have seen in terms of the criminal complaint that was filed, and I'm assuming that it's the same as the indictment of these people.
And then in Nevada we had David Bundy who was arrested.
David Bundy had been arrested before we got there for taking pictures.
Of these federal tyrants that were in this area.
He was arrested and transported anywhere from one to two hours away to Las Vegas.
They did not file any criminal charges with him.
They essentially left him stranded in the town without his wallet or his phone, I believe.
It was a strange situation.
But now, two years later, the feds come back to arrest him.
That is what we're seeing now, as well as reports of more people being harassed up in Oregon from the Daily Shoot.
David, pretty soon he's going to be head of the Trump campaign.
That's what will come out next.
That's right.
He keeps moving his way up.
Yeah, first it was reported as a Tea Party activist.
Next he'll be Trump.
It'll be Trump was arrested.
I mean, it's just ridiculous what they keep doing.
And this gets back to this whole, will you disavow type of thing.
Now, it was interesting.
That ideology!
I don't know if he will disavow or whatever.
And here's somebody who disavowed Ted Cruz.
This is a guy who roomed with him in Princeton.
It was his roommate.
He says, my horror year in the Princeton dorm with Ted Cruz.
This is a guy who wrote, he's a screenwriter, he wrote Hangover II amongst some other things.
And one of the things that he said that I thought was interesting in his tweets, he said, I'm getting emails blaming me for not smothering Ted Cruz in his sleep in 1988.
What kind of monster do you think I am?
A really prescient one?
And then a more serious one.
He said, Ted Cruz will become the thing you need him to be.
So that he wins an election.
No principles, no moral center, no values, just ambition.
And that's precisely what we saw when he came after Ben Carson.
That's precisely what we've seen as he has changed his positions on pretty much everything, like Ed Snowden being a hero, now he's a traitor, so that he can win the election.
And of course, Ted Cruz has his data analysis machinery going there.
He has hired one of the dirtiest campaign consultants out there.
There's been many articles written in Politico, The Hill, and other places about that.
Yeah, exactly.
This is a guy who he was furious with when he was running for his Senate race against David Dewhurst.
It was a primary, and of course, that was really the real Senate race.
It was a GOP primary.
And he said, he questioned my patriotism and a whole bunch of other things, right?
But he was so outraged by it that he hired this guy to be his presidential campaign candidate.
He's like, you're really good at being sneaky.
He's also accused of driving another candidate and another race to suicide.
So this is a guy who is very, very vicious, that he has as his campaign manager.
That's the kind of Ted Cruz that we see on this, and that's what
His former roommate in college is saying about him he will be whatever he needs to be even going down and using the latest data analysis tools to tell you precisely what he knows you want him to say so that he can get your vote and that's why so many people say well I'm voting for Ted Cruz because I agree with him on the issues.
A lot of other people are saying, no, I agree with Donald Trump because I want somebody who will tell it to me straight.
They realize that Ted Cruz is just telling them what they want to hear.
When we look at guys like Ted Cruz, the only thing you have to do is remember what he did to Ben Carson.
You know, Ben Carson is bowing out of this race.
He's no longer a contender.
And then he tried to suck up those votes.
And that's a very dirty, underhanded thing, even in the game of politics.
You know, to say that a guy just left the race, I think is very dirty and underhanded.
That's absolutely true.
That's right.
And these first four states are all about creating a perception of momentum.
That is the key thing.
And so when he robbed Ben Carson of that momentum in Iowa, because that was really his key competition in Iowa, they were all competing for the evangelical vote.
Iowa really hasn't become a very good predictor for the Republicans because it's been taken captive by a couple of evangelical kingmakers.
Uh, so we look really more now to New Hampshire and South Carolina as reliable predictors of who's going to get the nomination.
Nevertheless, it's very important because it's the first place votes are taken.
And when he did that, and when he then subsequently lied about it by saying, well, we didn't know or mistakes were made.
Jokari, you know the timeline.
You know that they put this out and they based this off of a tweet.
They twisted a tweet that was put out by CNN 20 minutes before the caucuses started.
And the guy clarified immediately.
He says, well, it's kind of strange.
Ben Carson is going to be going to Florida, but he assured us that he's not getting out of the race.
And then 20 minutes later, they put out this rumor, this lie, this whispering campaign throughout the caucuses.
We're going to go to break and we're going to be right back.
We're going to take some of your calls.
Give that number out again, Leanne.
The number is 877-789-2539.
Give us a call.
We want to hear what you have to say about tonight's debate.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
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Welcome back to this live edition of the InfoWars Nightly News.
I'm David Knight with Leanne McAdoo.
We also have Joe Biggs and Jakari Jackson and Darren McBrain, the rest of the crew with us tonight.
We're going to be covering the GOP debate from Michigan and we're about 20 minutes away from that happening.
Now today, of course, Mitt Romney made a very strident denunciation of Donald Trump on the day of the debate.
There's been a lot of speculation since last week, as Roger Stone revealed, that there were plans afoot to have Mitt Romney come out if Marco Rubio did not work out for the establishment.
Perhaps giving him until Florida to make good, but I think a lot of people realize that Florida just isn't going to happen for Rubio.
So after Super Tuesday, we're seeing an accelerating push forward of Mitt Romney.
Now if we go back about a year and a half...
There was a story on CNN.
People were speculating as to whether or not Mitt Romney would run.
They said three reasons Romney will run in 2016.
Four reasons that he won't.
And here's one of them.
He keeps doing interviews for the New York Times.
He keeps putting himself out there at that time.
They say he won't go away.
And then they say, well, he was right about tensions with Russia.
Well, of course, you know, that's the neocons that support him.
They stoke the fire there, and then, oh, wow, look at their smoldering.
That's right.
The globalist oligarch party is pushing these tensions with Russia, so it's kind of a self-fulfilling prophecy.
But here's the reasons that they said he wouldn't.
Number one, the 47% is still there.
I don't know.
He'd have to go through a primary.
Oh, well, now he could kind of skip that.
And they point out, you know, Romney would have to convince Americans to choose him over one of the new guys who hasn't had a chance yet.
This could end up being a tough argument to make.
And we've got an exclusive video, exclusive to InfoWars, of Mitt Romney.
Yeah, it would.
Go ahead, Rob.
Yeah, yeah, that's right.
We found this today.
Him practicing, actually getting ready to do this speech, this, you know, amazing speech he was going to give on the state of the GOP.
So yeah, we're going to roll this now.
This is exclusive to InfoWars, so everybody, you're going to, this is riveting.
Here it is.
Behold the King of Serfano!
Keep me covered!
Who is that?
Is that the press there?
Waiting for his speech?
It's Omni!
It's Omni!
Instead, I'd like to offer my perspective on the nominating process.
If we Republicans choose Donald Trump as our nominee, the prospects for a safe and prosperous future are greatly diminished.
A safe and prosperous future for the elite.
Please, be clear.
It's not a safe... The thing who would not leave.
America already knows that he's not talking to them.
He's literally talking to bones in a cage.
I thought he had a nicer house, personally.
Those are the scavenged bones of all the businesses that he destroyed.
Yes, thanks for reminding us what a loser Mitt Romney was the many times that he's run.
And really, it's a reminder of what losers they have picked to be the champions of the globalist oligarch party.
He needs to go find a shrubbery.
That they can just roll these people out saying the exact opposite of what they've said before and that we're not going to find the video and destroy them.
Well, when you stop and think about it, you know, it was going to be Jeb Bush who was going to be the savior of the GOP establishment.
And of course, he was the one who scared off Mitt Romney with his war chest of $150 million, which he frittered away to absolutely no results.
Then they moved from him to Rubio.
And then, of course, after Super Tuesday, Rubio said to Jake Tapper,
We fought Trump to a draw.
Absolutely amazing.
And Politico points out, no actually, Rubio's path to an outright win has vanished.
They point out he has absolutely no chance.
That's a picture of them flying to Miami to Rubio's phone party.
Phone party 2016.
A thousand dollars for the best meme.
So you can get on our Real Alex Jones at Real Alex Jones on Twitter and that's where you enter.
You reply back to that original tweet and enter your meme in and we're going to judge them tonight.
Me and Alex were laughing.
There's one that just says, snakes on a plane.
It looks like Jeb is saying, I love Mr. Pink Bubbles.
Yeah, Rubio is saying, why am I Mr. Pink?
Well, here's an interesting quote from this article.
And this is the person who was the deputy campaign manager for Mitt Romney.
And she said, our whole strategy has been to deny Trump the 50% that he needs.
Now, she is also, not only was, she went from Romney's deputy campaign manager to the founder of a PAC that is running millions of dollars of anti-Trump ads.
Let's go to some of our calls.
Let's go to Jesus in Colorado.
Hello, Jesus.
In Colorado.
Okay, let's go to Ira in Florida.
You guys have Ira in Florida?
Having some problems with the phone line.
Let's take a look at Rubio's
Alright, well hang on, we're going to come to those phone calls.
Tonight what we're going to see is going to be interesting.
Now there's a lot of interesting news I think that comes out because the question is, what is Rubio going to act like?
We saw him completely transformed into kind of an elementary school troll at the end of last week.
And then after Super Tuesday, after bragging, hey we got Trump exactly where we want him, he kind of toned down a little bit.
And something else happened to Fox News.
Over the weekend, there was a story that came out of the New York Times talking about how Fox News had really worked to promote Rubio's amnesty package, how they had met with Roger Ailes and other executives at Fox News, how they put pressure on a lot of people in the conservative media.
It wrinkled a lot of feathers.
It got people like Rush Limbaugh very angry, especially Sean Hannity, who said, nobody tells me what to say.
And, of course, he got into a Twitter war with Ann Coulter, who said, hey, Rubio took you.
Now, we see this report from The New Yorker.
They say, in his role as a donor class' darling, Marco Rubio has enjoyed support from Republican media arm Fox News.
Fox provide Rubio with friendly interviews and key bookings, including the first
I don't think so.
Fox News is angry and embarrassed about having their relationship with Marco Rubio and the amnesty plan exposed.
So they are pulling back on him.
Sean Hannity is totally unloading on Rubio, saying he's an embarrassment, he has turned into a suicide machine, he's a hired gun to take on the insurgent Trump.
So it's going to be interesting to see what happens tonight with Fox News.
Are they going to pull this back?
Are they now going to try to go towards Romney?
It'll be interesting to see if they go for the jugular on Donald Trump as we've seen Megyn Kelly in the past.
I hear we got our phone lines fixed now.
Let's go to Jesus in Colorado.
Hey, how's it going?
Hey, yeah, I just wanted to comment on the whole puppet show that's going on and I just feel like we're just having more of the same rhetoric and I feel like we've got to talk more so about
Thank you.
Thank you.
And marijuana, not just the medicinal aspect of it, or the recreational of just to get high, but I feel like the lawmakers really got to talk about it.
I don't know.
I don't know how it would be with the Donald Trump presidency.
I don't take anyone else seriously.
Well, I agree with you, Jesus.
You know, we have to understand there's going to be a lot of things we're going to need to do at the local level.
We all need to understand that the presidential race is not going to solve all of our problems.
I think there are some real key things that could be done by Donald Trump, like stopping us getting involved in wars, shutting down these globalist treaties that would be very positive.
But when it comes to things like that, we're going to have to do that local level.
Stay with us, we're going to take a break and we'll be right back.
Hang on, stay with us, Jesus will give you a comment on the other side.
We'll be right back.
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I don't know.
I don't know what's going to happen at the end of this, but you want to fight, you better believe you got one!
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
Welcome back to this live edition of the InfoWars Nightly News.
I'm David Knight with Leanne McAdoo and the rest of the InfoWars crew.
We're about 10 minutes away from the next GOP debate here two days after Super Tuesday.
We're going to have live commentary and analysis and we're also going to be taking your calls throughout the debate as well.
Right now we've got the phone lines lit up.
We were just talking to Jesus in Colorado about pot and what things might be done with medical marijuana.
Let's put it that way, his way he put it.
You have to understand that there's a lot of things that are not going to be solved by a presidential election.
No matter who wins.
A lot of things that we're going to have to fight for our freedoms.
Nobody's going to give us our freedoms back.
And of course, I'll let you all know, in case you haven't seen this, it's been on the Drudge Report and elsewhere, there's going to be a pot rally in front of POTUS's house.
POTUS, the President of the U.S.
And this is going to be on April 2nd, and they're going to light up at 420.
It's an act of civil disobedience because there's a back and forth in Washington.
You had something you wanted to say about that?
Yes, well, the residents there in D.C.
voted to legalize medicinal marijuana, marijuana, and the federal law, they're saying no.
So this will be interesting to see what sort of a pushback those people receive there in D.C.
But I wanted to talk about the issue of sustainability and helping the homeless population and just the fact that this is something that we can do on the local level because we're constantly saying,
Solve all of our problems for us, government.
This is one of those things that we can do.
Well, no.
And I saw a really interesting story.
There was a group of just young people.
They got together and they started using the rooftops from some old abandoned buildings in like downtown and some other places.
And they were able to get it with the city officials where they're gardening.
And they actually have the homeless population gardening.
And so they're feeding themselves.
They're able to share it among some of the other homeless.
You know, we're never going to solve our problems as long as we look at government to solve it for us, even at the local level.
That's great.
And then, of course, that passive disease of looking to somebody else to solve our problems for us begins with looking to the government at local level, then state level, then federal level, then all of a sudden we think,
No problem is going to be solved unless the president does it for us.
And so we have to combat that.
Now we're covering these presidential debates because there are some problems that can be handled by the right president.
We can stop these globalist trade treaties that are decimating our country.
We can stop the headlong rush into wars.
We've seen these neocons saying, hey, we'd rather have Hillary Clinton because she'll give us our wars.
She'll give us our no-fly zones.
Donald Trump is kind of hedging back on this and say, oh, wait a minute.
Maybe we don't want to start a war with Russia.
So there are some important things that can be taken care of at the presidential level if we've got the right person in it, but most of the things that we are faced with in terms of our liberty really have to be taken care of by ourselves.
Let's get a comment from Jesus.
Jesus, you've been holding.
Go ahead.
Yeah, I'm here still.
I believe it starts with the community, and I'm part of the New York Change for a Lot movement, and I know that they're a huge part of helping out.
Yeah, absolutely.
Yeah, absolutely.
As you know, they faced the Denver water polls and they made 18 headlines about floor insolidation.
Well, your phone call is kind of breaking up a little bit and I want to get some of the other people on here.
Hey, I got something really quick, David.
Go ahead.
Yes, absolutely.
Hey, there's some breaking news out of the Washington Examiner.
It's on top of Drudge Report right now.
Trump names Senator Sessions chair of his national security team.
So this is going on right now.
He just tweeted that out.
Says Donald Trump on Thursday named Sessions as chairman of his national security advisory committee.
Trump's campaign said Sessions, a local advocate of tougher enforcement of the nation's immigration laws, would counsel Trump on foreign policy and homeland security.
So what do you guys think about that?
Well, I don't agree with, that's one of the things I don't agree with Senator Sessions on, is his approach to security and homeland security in the National Police State.
However, Senator Sessions is the only one who's looked at these trade agreements.
He knows that it's not just an issue of bad economics, it's an issue of sovereignty.
He did a very large presentation to the Senate about that.
He's been presenting this information to Donald Trump, from what we've heard now, since August.
And so I agree with him as an advisor.
I think Senator Sessions is a man of the utmost integrity.
I respect him, even though I disagree with him on some of the security issues.
Yeah, I agree.
Yeah, he's somebody that cannot be bought.
Of course, there's that famous back and forth between him and Leon Panetta saying, well, you know, if we're going to have a no-fly zone over Syria, who would make that decision?
Leon Panetta said, well, we would, who at the time was Secretary of Defense, we would go to the United Nations.
We would go to NATO.
I can't believe what I'm hearing.
You're a congressman, you know what the process is.
We've got a constitutional process.
They simply don't care.
So at least he cares about that part of it and I guess we would have to, of course he's also a drug warrior as well, so we'll have to see what happens with that.
I got a feeling that Trump, if he is nominated and wins the election, he'll put Judge Napolitano in the seat to fill Scalia.
What do you think?
Uh, Alex, I mentioned that to Alex and he said, oh yes, that's already been, that's been mentioned many times.
And you know, I think Donald Trump is the only candidate, uh, of all the Republicans that would have the, uh, uh, the courage to do that because everybody else would say, oh,
I'm going to get somebody who's well respected in the Harvard Law Review, somebody that is the lawyer's lawyer.
This guy was on television.
That's not a disqualifier for Donald Trump.
And Andrew Napolitano knows the law.
He is a staunch libertarian.
I would love to see him as a Supreme Court judge.
I wouldn't mind seeing Senator Sessions as Vice President.
And he would definitely fulfill the witty commentary coming out of the Supreme Court.
It's going to be interesting to see who Trump ends up picking as his VP.
I keep running over names and I just can't quite decide who I think he's going to pick for something like that.
Do you have any ideas?
Well, who knows?
I mean, you know, the other thing about Senator Sessions, I always look at this as a geographical balance.
You know, he would be somebody who'd be from the South, as opposed to everybody else that we see pretty much coming from the North.
We got Donald Trump, we got Bernie Sanders, we got Hillary Clinton, who's a transplant now to the North.
So that would give him a geographical diversity there.
Yeah, I thought it was going to be Carson for VP.
They always seem pretty buddy-buddy.
Let's go ahead and take a phone call from Ross in New York.
He actually wants to talk about who would be Trump's running mate.
Let's see what Ross has to say.
Hi, how's everyone doing?
I had a question.
I was wondering, one, who will be Trump's running mate?
And do you think it'd be a woman?
Because ultimately he's going to end up running against Hillary.
Yeah, who knows, you know, Governor... We saw McCain.
Yeah, former Governor Jan Brewer of Arizona, who's been real staunch on the border, she has endorsed Donald Trump.
So, I mean, you know, if he gets people who are strong on immigration, I think that that would really play well to what he's like.
Because, remember, that was the very first issue that he came up with.
And, of course, one of the issues that he came out today with was a seven-point health care plan.
And I think they'll be talking about that tonight in the debate, if they get into any issues of substance.
And I think it is a dynamite plan.
I looked at the seven points, and I didn't see anything there that I disagreed with, quite frankly.
I think it could be Kasich, because if you watch these debates, you see Kasich, he's never really attacking Trump, and Trump is always saying, hey, that's a nice guy.
The governor over there, he's a nice guy.
So it seems like they've kind of been bonding behind the scenes a little bit.
So I'm thinking, my opinion, it might be Kasich.
Who knows?
Who knows?
You gotta have, you know, Ben Carson and John Kasich don't really bring a lot of votes to the table.
You know, I look at somebody like Sessions or Jan Brewer.
They're somebody who's been very strong on his core issue, which is immigration.
So, who knows?
And of course, they are both far away from him geographically, but Donald Trump has done
Really well geographically in terms of votes all across the South, which Ted Cruz thought was going to be his territory.
They beat him soundly in South Carolina and soundly on Super Tuesday, which they call the Southeastern Conference primary.
And he's done way, way better than Mitt Romney did.
As we're looking at it, there were some of the states that he doubled.
The vote totals that Mitt Romney got four years ago from the states that Mitt Romney won, and he won eight out of twelve.
Romney only won six out of twelve.
So we're going to take a quick break that's coming up here, and we'll be talking about, it's about a minute away, I want to give you the seven-point health care plan, because I will be talking about this.
He's going to get rid of the individual mandate.
In Obamacare, he would repeal the restrictions of allowing insurance companies to offer insurance across state lines, which Marco Rubio taunted him about.
But think about this for a moment.
Why is it that the globalist GOP wants to have free trade with foreign nations, but they won't allow free trade with insurance policies from state to state?
What is wrong with that?
Everything is upside down.
They don't want the state to have power.
Yes, stay with us.
We'll be right back with more of your calls in just a few minutes and we're going to have the debate starting very shortly.
We'll have our live analysis and coverage of that.
We'll be right back.
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You are watching the InfoWars Nightly News, which airs 7 p.m.
Central at InfoWarsNews.com.
And your support is helping us defend liberty worldwide.
Webster's Dictionary describes a liberal as favoring progress and reform in social institutions and the fullest, practicable liberty of individual action.
A liberal is tolerant and not strict, basically the epitome of an open mind.
Unfortunately, the very word representing a pursuit towards individual liberty
Has been replaced in the modern era.
The new definition of liberal should be a group of closed-minded chattel that ignore all facts in favor of entering a sycophantic, trendy, trance-like state of emotional hypocrisy in order to challenge individual liberty.
Basically, the complete opposite of the original meaning.
Case in point, how many times does Donald Trump have to disavow David Duke and the Klan's support for his campaign?
Before the mainstream media's disinformation piranhas smell fresher meat to get yet another belly full of lies while ignoring the real issues that matter to most Americans.
Will you unequivocally condemn David Duke and say that you don't want his vote or that of other white supremacists in this election?
Well, just so you understand, I don't know anything about David Duke, okay?
I didn't even know he endorsed me.
David Duke endorsed me?
I disavow, okay?
I don't mind disavowing anybody, and I disavow David Duke.
I disavow Alex.
Wait a minute, John McAfee, why won't you disavow?
You're seeing him not disavow, folks!
I'm gonna ask you one more time, or Paul Ryan's gonna have to come out and give a speech.
Now, he's done it ten times by Paul Ryan's speech.
He's done it over fourteen as of last night.
I want you to disavow fourteen times, and disavow the way I want.
Go ahead.
I want to just continue to say one phrase over and over.
My wife is black.
My wife is black.
And if I keep saying that... Not good enough, say I disavow.
They spoke with some Trump supporters.
Let's play what they said.
Out from under the rocks all the time around this time this year.
It's got nothing to do with Donald Trump.
We're all Americans.
I think we need to stop with all the racist stuff and the race being... Like me and my friend right here, we just met today and we was talking.
You know, we got to stop with the racist stuff and this and that.
We're all Americans, man.
And nobody paying attention to my life.
Um, clearly, let me just be clear here.
Obviously the majority of Donald Trump supporters are not African American.
I don't know how many African Americans were in that building.
He is whipping up and tapping into and pushing buttons that are very, very frightening to me and frightening to a lot of people.
I know how he talks about terrorism.
The Klan is a terrorist organization that has killed... A leftist terrorist organization.
You can put whatever label you want.
That's your game to play.
No, that's important history.
We're not going to play that game.
No, they're not.
Most people still don't realize that the Democratic Party actually created the Ku Klux Klan.
In 1863, Republican President Abraham Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation, which freed slaves held in the Confederate States.
The 13th Amendment to the United States Constitution took effect in December 1865.
And finally ended slavery throughout the United States.
That year, the Ku Klux Klan was founded.
Historian Eric Foner observed that basically, the Klan was the military muscle behind the agenda of the Democratic Party, the plantation owner class, and all those truly afflicted with a mental disorder that is racism.
The Klan's purposes were to reverse the interlocking changes sweeping over the South during Reconstruction, to destroy the Republican
And as the media zombies downplay the question whether or not Hillary will be in a jail cell by the general election, Hillary's ties to the Klan are silenced.
Today our country has lost a true American original, my friend and mentor Robert C. Byrd.
Senator Byrd was a man of surpassing eloquence and nobility.
There are a lot of people who wrote these eulogies for Senator Byrd in the newspapers and I read a bunch of them and they mentioned that he once had a fleeting association with a Ku Klux Klan and what does that mean?
I'll tell you what it means.
He was a country boy from the hills and the hollows of West Virginia.
He was trying to get elected.
And maybe he did something he shouldn't have done, and he spent the rest of his life making it up.
I've spent more time overseas than you ever have in your little life, so don't tell me about how I'm laughing this stuff off.
How much time have you spent in the Muslim world?
Not much in the Muslim world.
How many times have you been to Iraq?
How many times have you been to Afghanistan?
Anderson, what is your point here?
You make it seem like Donald Trump hates Muslims.
He does not hate Muslims.
He's concerned about radical Islam.
We can't allow these Muslims
Refugees into America.
Now a lot of people were upset with him, but I know, sir, that the hatred for America in the Muslim world
Is building as we told Mr. Bush, no Muslim leader had the power to unite the whole Muslim world.
I said, but America's policies will unite those people against the West and it is happening.
So in this way, Mr. Trump is wise to vet.
Anyone coming from that area into America.
My humble advice to modern liberals, the demonic overlord establishment, and its teleprompter reading media prostitutes, is that once you get a real belly full of what hundreds of millions of enraged Americans really think,
You may want to load up on a hefty stockpile of adult diapers and get there early before what's left of the corrupted Democratic and Republican parties buy up the entire supply.
John Bowne for InfoWars.com.
I don't hear anything.
Welcome back to our live coverage at InfoWars Nightly News.
This is the debate in Michigan that has already started.
And of course, the very first question out of the box is, will you disavow the KKK?
And they're not asking any of the other candidates.
Can you believe that?
They're asking Donald Trump.
They don't even say, do you disavow.
No, no, no, no.
They said, we know you said you disavow.
You said it several times.
But what do you think about the Ku Klux Klan?
And now they're talking about his hands.
Let's go to live audio feed here.
It's just so insulting.
You say that you are the true conservative in this race.
But 15 states have voted... Oh yeah, let's just ignore that and go to Cruz.
There we go.
You've lost repeatedly with what is supposed to be your core voter groups, including evangelicals and conservatives.
Hasn't your brand of conservatism been rejected by an electorate that appears to be more taken with Mr. Trump's populist message?
Well, Megan...
You know, at the end of the day for the folks at home, this is not about the insults back and forth between the candidates.
This is not about what attacks we can throw at each other.
And it's not even about whether or not he can win.
The evangelical voter, the southern voter, the conservative voter.
This is what he always does.
He's a master debater.
And he never answers the question.
A cunning linguist, this guy.
That's a thing.
My mom always told me, trust your instincts.
And all of us here have said, repeatedly.
I think?
Yeah, I guess that's the drinking game for tonight.
Every time they don't answer a question, so...
Totally non-responsive.
That's where my focus is, not on your question.
Beaten Donald Trump to date?
I've heard Ted say that over and over again on television.
Well see, it's that participation trophy that they win with.
I've won ten.
He's won three or four.
Last week, in fact on Tuesday, I was a half a million votes higher than him.
I was a million votes higher than Marco.
One million votes.
That's a lot of votes.
And was by far in first place.
So I keep hearing that... No applause because none of those millions of people who voted for him were allowed to come to the debate.
Yeah, I guess, what do they have, 350 tickets tonight?
All given to lobbyists and elected officials.
I thought you had him right where you wanted him, Marco.
The numbers are there.
No, can you believe that?
Can you believe that?
He's 10 and 5.
Where is his math coming from?
Marco Rube.
That's funny.
Which you have opposed on every occasion as a Senator, Marco Rubio.
You have taken away our borders as well as our freedoms.
He was the 60th vote!
For the TPA, the Trade Promotion Authority, which took away the constitutional process for approving treaties.
A national poll, excuse me, a national poll, a national poll, where he's at 15, he's at 14, and I'm at 49.
So when he says 75%, that would mean that 80% of the people don't dig you, and I'm back down to 50.
Of all the people on the stage, he performs the worst against Hillary Clinton.
I beat Hillary Clinton.
I beat Hillary Clinton in many polls.
I beat Hillary Clinton in many polls.
Excuse me, I think I'm talking.
That's the strategy.
He just keeps talking.
He won't let anybody else talk.
Oh, there's that smile again.
I can't.
No, I just can't.
Why don't we even still talk about polls?
Yeah, finally.
Hang on a second.
...over your failure to denounce David Duke on Sunday.
You have repeatedly disavowed him since then, but I'd like to go deeper than that.
What are your views on the Ku Klux Klan and white supremacists?
I totally disavow
The Klu Klux Klan.
I totally disavow David Duke.
I've been doing it now for two weeks.
This is, you're probably about the 18th person that's asked me the question.
It was very clear.
That question was also talked about in the form of groups.
I want to know, which groups are you talking about?
You have to tell me which groups.
Ultimately, he got to the Klu Klux Klan, which obviously I'm going to disavow.
And by the way, if you look on my Twitter account, almost immediately after the program, they were disavowed again.
You know, it's amazing.
When I do something on Twitter, everybody picks it up.
It goes all over the place.
But when I did this one, nobody ever picks it up.
Take a look at my Twitter account.
Well, see, there you have it.
I mean, they keep trying everything they can to go after Trump for these alleged, you know, endorsements and allowing this David Duke guy to so-called say that he wants to call people to vote for him.
You know, he's come out many times saying that he doesn't, you know, support David Duke.
He doesn't support what the KKK does.
And yet that's all the mainstream media is focused on because it
Joe, I gotta say, Chris Wallace has absolutely no shame.
To start out the debate with that canard.
That is the most ridiculous thing.
He's not a journalist, he's a propagandist when he does something like that.
He ought to be ashamed of himself for doing that.
Chris Wallace, you're nothing but a tool.
You're nothing but a tool.
And that's what we're going to see tonight from Fox News.
Let's go back to the debate and see what they pick up the debate with.
Not even a sharp tool.
A blunt instrument.
He wrote me off before I even got to New Hampshire.
Then when I finished second in New Hampshire... While we were showing you that clip at the very beginning of the debate, John Kasich has been telling us for the umpteenth time, he's told us as many times as Donald Trump has disavowed the KKK, John Kasich has told us that he created all these jobs in Ohio, which is the usual
Pre-recorded message of any governor.
They always created more jobs than any other governor in any state in history, and that's what he's replaying right now.
That's his replay message.
Right, like Romney says, he created so many jobs as well, failing to say that he bankrupted 25% of the companies, and many people lost their jobs, and... Yeah.
I can't believe anything he's saying.
Facts don't matter.
These are facts.
Well, he just asked, you know, why don't they give you any time on the debates?
Well, it might be, John, because you're polling well under 10 percent, in many cases under 5 percent, and so most people are more interested in finding out what the people who are polling 30 to 50 percent have to say.
He has got a lot of votes.
He got disproportionately, yes.
Well, now, we were actually remarking on that in some of the earlier debates, but who is this guy?
Why are they talking to him so much?
Why are they giving him so much time?
And he still wasn't polling higher with that extra attention.
Discussing it online.
A lot of that conversation is happening here in Detroit, where the unemployment rate is 10.9%.
That's more than double the national average.
Thank you, Democrats.
You have taken to calling Mr. Trump a con artist who portrays himself as a hero to working people, while he's really been, in your words, sticking it to the American workers.
For 40 years.
But he has built a big company that employs thousands of people.
How many jobs have you created?
Well, first of all, government doesn't... Fox News has turned on Rubio.
...something that he's not, in exchange for their money.
Now he's trying to do the same in exchange for their country.
He talks about these great businesses that he's built... How many...
What have you done, Marco?
Answer the question!
Here's what they say.
You can be anybody with somebody, but you can't be anyone with nobody.
Marco Rubio is a nobody.
He has never accomplished anything.
He is as unaccomplished as Barack Obama.
He hasn't even completed one term in the Senate.
That's how ridiculous his accomplishments are.
He hasn't passed any bills.
How many votes did he not show up for?
He's just a pretty face that had the good story that they thought would be appeal to.
Oh yeah, he always talks about his parents and all that.
Lines around the state.
He's back to this, but look.
As I said before.
Please answer the question.
Respond to his specific assertion about Trump collection clothes, which you say some of it is made in Mexico.
This little guy has lied so much about my record.
Hey, why don't you shut up your hands?
I don't think Donald Trump has small hands.
Like, is it weird?
Do you guys see that?
I don't see it.
I mean, not that it matters.
But, I mean, I don't know.
I don't have any real perspective on it.
Look, you gotta give it to Trump.
This guy is always getting stuck in a crowd that's stacked against him, and yet he doesn't waver.
He sits there, he holds his point strong, and he fires back, you know, with a
With an amount of confidence that is unseen in politicians today.
I mean, the fact that he can sit here and take this kind of stuff in a crowd where everyone's booing him and continue to say what he's trying to say without getting scared like little Jebby did.
Let's listen to what he's saying right now.
He's going back and forth with Chris Wallace here.
Well, there's only 50 tickets for the public given out on this.
This is all operatives.
Will you promise that you'll move your factories back?
And by the way, I have been doing it more and more.
I will do that.
But they devalue their currencies, in particular China.
Mexico is doing a big number now also.
Japan is unbelievable what they're doing.
They devalue their currencies.
And they make it impossible for clothing makers in this country to do clothing in this country.
And if you look at what's happened... Right, and big capital was a huge part of that.
I can tell you coming from North Carolina that virtually all the textile companies have been shut down by the policies and the trade treaties that Marco Rubio advocates.
And if he were to do the same thing, Donald Trump's clothing lines would be shut down as well.
He would be bankrupt as well.
So they have created a system.
That exports our jobs and imports workers and then they criticize anybody if they try to survive within that system that Marco Rubio and his globalist oligarch party has created.
That's the GOP has given us that system and then they create they criticize somebody who tries to survive within that system.
The answer is he's not going to do it.
And you know why?
Because there are plenty of clothing makers in America.
If you go on my website, MarcoRubio.com, everything we have on there is made in America.
The reason why he makes it in China or in Mexico is because he can... Oh boy.
Yeah, because you just started making your little t-shirts for your presidential campaign and you do... Like three weeks ago?
Yeah, I mean... Oh, good job.
And by the way, did he ever answer the question?
First of all, let me completely ignore your question and start talking about something else.
Listen to the crowd cheering Marco Rubio.
That's the GOP establishment right there.
They should just rattle their jewelry.
Okay, as John Lennon said.
You haven't employed one person.
You ever heard of Trump Stakes?
You ever heard of Trump Stakes?
You know what?
You know what?
Take a look at Trump Stakes.
By the way, that's the other thing.
Trump Stakes is gone.
You've ruined these people.
Mitt Romney.
Marco couldn't answer a question last debate.
No, that's his thing.
He wants to call Trump out, but he couldn't even answer one question during the last debate.
That's ridiculous.
I am sick and tired of little communists like Marco Rubio, who criticize people who get in the arena, create multiple companies, and some of them, yeah, fail.
Some of them didn't succeed.
What did he ever try?
What did Marco Rubio ever do?
All he's done is do his sleazy little back deal doors, being a prostitute for the big power brokers.
That's what Marco Rubio has done his entire life, and he's still bankrupt.
Even though he didn't, you know, even as he's on the take from these guys, he still can't keep his personal life together.
Right, he hasn't accomplished anything.
He can't even win his own state, that's the point that Donald Trump just made.
Department of Education.
We're cutting Common Core.
We're getting rid of Common Core.
We're bringing education locally.
Department of Environmental Protection.
We are going to get rid of it in almost every form.
We're going to have little tidbits left, but we're going to take a tremendous amount out.
And everyone's like, oh, you don't want to protect the environment.
Oh, but they don't understand.
It's not about that.
It's the bureaucracy and people.
The government destroys the environment.
The militarized EPA.
You don't need a militarized environmental protection.
I mean like when you hit guys with fines for releasing balloons on beaches, I think there's something wrong with your policy.
The guy got raided for having a stock farm.
The EPA was created by Richard Nixon.
It hasn't been around that long, and I worked at a think tank with a guy who had worked there for 30 years, retired, and then created an organization to oppose it because he said they're not about protecting the environment, it is a bureaucracy out of control.
All of these bureaucracies are out of control.
And of course, Ronald Reagan said he was going to get rid of the Department of Education.
Unfortunately, after he left, it was many times larger than it was.
And it had only been created a couple of years before he took office by Jimmy Carter.
He could have killed it in the cradle like Rosemary's baby, but instead he fed it and it grew into a monster under Ronald Reagan.
Look at how they're breaking down the math here to explain how Trump's plan won't work.
I want them to do the same thing, to break down this plan when Bernie Sanders comes out, so they can spell it out easily for all the Bernie Sanders supporters of why his plan will not work.
And of course they're not going to do that, they're not going to, they don't have a graphic to criticize the tax plans of the other three people on the stage either.
That's something they're doing just for Donald Trump, just like they did the ridiculous KKK question again.
No, you're not, sir.
Let's put up full screen number two.
Oh, here we go.
We got another one.
Okay, so it's going to be a Chris Wallace and Fox News against Donald Trump.
That's what we're seeing here now.
They've got their little talking points.
...negotiating lower drug prices.
But Medicare... We have a caller, actually, Jason, who wanted to talk about that KKK comment from the beginning, and so... Are we going to pipe him in?
Yeah, go ahead.
He's live now.
Jason, go ahead.
The reason we don't is because they take care of all of the senators, all of the congressmen, and they don't pay.
They don't pay.
Guys, do we have his TV on in the background?
I think we need him to turn his TV off.
Yeah, let's go back to the debate.
We're not only talking about drugs, we're talking about other things.
I think we lost that.
We'll save more than $300 billion a year if we properly negotiate.
We don't do that.
We don't negotiate.
We don't negotiate anything.
I can tell you the insurance companies don't negotiate the fees of the hospital.
I promise I'll get to you in a moment, sir.
Senator Cruz, one of the centerpieces of your campaign, in fact you mentioned it again tonight, is that you will abolish the IRS.
Sorry, I was just going to say that with the whole KKK thing
Uh, Donald Trump totally lost my vote with that.
I think he was playing politics, more or less, than the whole earpiece thing.
I think that was just BS with the earpiece thing.
I think, honestly, he was playing politics.
I disagree with you.
I disagree with you on that.
I think they were the ones who were playing politics.
And, you know, I have an earpiece, and you can hear we're going back and forth trying to establish our phone connection.
But he had said that he wasn't going to run in the Reform Party for president because of David Duke and because of Leonora Folani, who is a communist.
He said, I don't want to be associated with people like that.
I mean, do you honestly believe... To me, it's exactly... I'll let you respond to this, but let me say one more thing.
It was like the situation we had.
Remember they put out that video for a day, the Cruz campaign did, saying that Marco Rubio walked by Ted Cruz's dad, saw a Bible on the table and said, there's no answers in that book?
And that was a total lie.
They left that out there for a day and a half.
Who would criticize the Bible in a campaign?
And who would take
Who would love the endorsement and embrace the KKK?
Hillary and Bill Clinton!
Which, you do not see the media playing that, and that's why I've told everyone to bombard it on Twitter, because Hillary Clinton actually, you know, commends this guy, but Bill Clinton tries to apologize for Robert Byrd joining the KKK, saying, oh, he had to do that to get elected.
Well, let's go back to Jason.
Jason, what do you think about that?
It's not about race.
Quit bringing race into it.
Who's bringing race into it?
Let me ask you this.
What do you think about Louis Farrakhan bringing race into it and endorsing Donald Trump?
Do you think that somebody should be calling on Donald Trump to disavow Louis Farrakhan as well?
Do you have to disavow everybody, go down the list of people who endorsed you?
You keep bringing race into it.
Who said anything about race?
It's about his character.
The fact of the matter is, he repeated the question twice.
He repeated the question twice to the person who was asking the question.
And twice, he didn't disavow.
He was playing politics.
He repeated the question.
Even if you didn't hear him.
Even if your piece was going out.
He heard the question, he left to repeat it twice.
And he still didn't disavow.
He was playing politics.
Well, I disagree.
I totally disagree.
I think the people who are playing politics are the people who continue to say, after he has disavowed it, after he's put it on his social media, they continue to do this.
I think you and Chris Wallace should be ashamed of yourself for promoting this divisive racism, using this canard and bringing it up.
Get on, move on to some real issues.
Thank you, Jason.
Let's go back to the debate.
You just got knighted.
But thanks for calling it, Jason.
Well, if states want to do it, they ought to sit down with business people and the lawmakers and figure out what will work.
But hold on a second here with everything else.
So why do minimum wages make people more prosperous, John Kasich?
Maybe, you know, Fox News, if they're concerned, maybe they should call that into question because, you know, if minimum wage is good, let's make it $100 an hour for everybody and we'll all be rich.
You have to know how to put everything together.
And, you know, I spent 10 years of my life to get there and I did not do that
Because I'm worshipping at some balanced budget shrine.
The reason I did it is when you have common sense regulations, lower taxes on individuals and businesses, and you have a fiscal plan that makes sense, the job creators will expand employment.
And what happened?
When I was there, the jobs were exploding.
Bill Clinton's tried to take credit for it.
You know what else exploded?
The financial bubble.
The financial bubble, he was part of, he was a Lehman Brother with Jeb Bush, we should not forget.
And of course, as Lehman Brothers and the Wall Street people were creating that financial bubble, he was selling worthless junk to the teachers unions and other pension plans that were there.
He made, I think, half a million dollars in commissions, and everybody else got left holding the deflated bag.
So, he doesn't want to talk about that.
And when you talk about this minimum wage deal, you know, I've been out to some of these fights for 15 rallies, and you know, there's a lot of young people, good-hearted people, they really think the world's gonna be better if they make $15 an hour, but as we all know, you know, with things such as Obamacare, you know, they don't want to...
Yeah, they don't want to pay you in general to have 30 hours a week.
So they definitely don't want to pay that for $15 an hour.
And your gripe is really with the CEOs of McDonald's or whatever company you work for.
Getting the public to try to chip into that isn't going to help.
If you can get the CEO of McDonald's to give you a raise and take a pay cut, great.
But other than that, it's not really going to help you in the long run.
You need to stop seeing yourself as part of a collective and see yourself as an individual.
You need to increase the value proposition on your employment, rather than saying we're going to try to strong-arm people into raising all of our levels, because it just doesn't economically work, as Tricari just pointed out.
You need to have skills people want.
And also, you're not supposed to work at freakin' McDonald's shaking the fries until you're 50 years old, you know, I started off...
We're good to go.
If you don't like Amnesty, if you don't like the Gang of Eight, Donald Trump funded five of the eight members of the Gang of Eight.
And let's talk about this... Can you, Cruz?
Yeah, exactly.
He gave money to you, too.
And who are the people that are giving Ted Cruz money?
We don't want to talk about that.
We want to hide the fact that he got money from Goldman Sachs.
We don't want to talk about that.
And we don't want to talk about the fact that Ted Cruz has more Wall Street donors than anybody, including Hillary Clinton.
Let's not talk about that, okay?
Donald Trump in 2008 wrote four checks to elect Hillary Clinton as president.
This guy is one of the biggest Wall Street whores out there and he's complaining about who Donald Trump gave money to.
Well, first of all, even if Donald Trump did write some checks for her, the people that are there in the GOP are saying they're going to vote for her and they'd rather see her as president.
They shouldn't have a problem with it.
See, I don't like the fact that he gave money to these politicians.
I don't either.
That's all he's bothering me about.
But Ted Cruz can't denounce somebody for making contributions to politicians when he's making so much money.
This is who gave money to Ted Cruz.
What's that?
Go back to the top.
Here's who gave money to Ted Cruz.
Right here.
Goldman Sachs, number four.
There you go.
I've got really good eyes.
Let me tell you something, Ted.
The last person that Hillary Clinton wants to face is Donald Trump.
You know what we need to do?
We need to ask Ted Cruz if he will disavow Goldman Sachs.
They're far more dangerous than the Ku Klux Klan today, folks.
Far more dangerous than the Ku Klux Klan.
The Ku Klux Klan is a bunch of screwy has-beens.
It's a very small organization.
Goldman Sachs has real power to destroy your economic life, to destroy this country.
Will Ted Cruz disavow the KKK?
Will Marco Rubio say that we ought to have free trade when it comes to insurance policies here in America?
No, he won't.
But he'll give the globalists like Goldman Sachs a free trade deal that will
Yeah, they're the ones that are in the white sheets.
Were they wrong?
But a lot of people said that.
Then, I did have a meeting with the editorial board of the New York Times, a very nice meeting.
Many of those things were off the record, I think at their suggestion and my suggestion, and I think being off the record is a very important thing.
I think it's a very, very powerful thing, and I will say this, these three gentlemen have gone off the record many times with reporters, and I think they want to honor it, and I would always honor that.
I will say, though, in terms of
Immigration and almost anything else there always has to be some you know tug and pull and deal and you know when I watched Ted stand on the Senate floor I had great respect for what he did he stood there for a day and a half or something in the meantime what came of it nothing
You have to be able to have some flexibility, some negotiation.
Now, sometimes you ask for more than you want, and you negotiate down to the point.
I may have discussed something like that with the New York Times, but I would never release off-the-record conversations.
I don't think it's fair, frankly, to do that to anybody.
How flexible are you on this issue?
Not very flexible.
People are going to make fun of Donald Trump's hair.
Shouldn't they make fun of her eyelashes?
Hey guys, we've got Patriot in Dallas who wanted to make a Trump comment here.
Alright, let's go ahead.
Go ahead, Patriot.
Hey, what's going on, David?
Hey, how you doing?
Hey, the one thing no one's talking about, this lady Katrina Pierson, is his press secretary.
And she's black.
Why would a racist hire a black lady to be his spokesman?
Are you talking about Trump?
On MSNBC, Ron Paul, who doesn't like Donald Trump at all, Ron Paul who says he's not going to vote for Donald Trump, said this is nonsense.
And they both acknowledged that this was a tactic by the GOP establishment to take down Donald Trump.
It's very transparent to virtually everybody except maybe Jason.
But everybody else really understands what's going on here.
Go ahead.
Hey, nobody's disavowing the money that they got from our Donald Trump.
That's right.
Did you hear what I said?
I want to see people call on Ted Cruz to disavow Goldman Sachs because that's the most dangerous organization to people of all colors in this country.
Those types of organizations and Goldman Sachs is exhibit A to people who are pushing this globalist oligarch party on us.
So that's the real threat to all of us.
I agree.
I think it's a total canard.
It doesn't make any sense.
I don't think people are buying it.
And they ought to be ashamed of themselves.
Well, it's just another way to attack the guy.
Like I said, I have issues with the guy.
I'm not going to vote for him just like Ron Paul said, but my issue with him isn't the David Duke deal.
Yeah, exactly.
Let's go back to the debate.
Thank you, Patrick.
We'll see what they're willing to support.
I've already tried to sell amnesty right here on this channel three years ago and shoved it down the throat of the voters.
Yeah, I'm talking about people losing their jobs while I'm tripling the amount of H1B worker visas.
I happen to be much stronger on illegal immigration.
Sheriff Joe Arpaio endorsed me, and if he endorses you, believe me, you are the strongest from Arizona.
But give and take is okay, and I thought what he said is okay.
We may, you know, differ on the degree, but what he said to me is okay.
Will you release the tape, authorize the action?
No, I never do that.
I would not do that.
I don't think... I have too much respect.
If I deal with you off the record, if I deal with... Are they talking about the New York Times?
Yeah, they're still trying to get out of that.
Fox News, why won't you release all of your off the record conversations?
I'm calling on Fox News to release all your off the record conversations.
The first one they need to start with is what the New York Times reported this weekend, that there was an off-the-record meeting between Roger Ailes, head of the Fox News division, and Rupert Burdock, head of Fox overall, talking to Chuck Schumer and Marco Rubio about how they could subvert the wishes of the GOP and the conservative voters and push an amnesty bill.
Are we going to go to break or are we going to take some calls, folks?
We have Ben, I believe, in Florida.
Or is that Ben in Florida?
Go ahead, Ben.
Hi guys, thanks for taking my call.
I want to use Rubio's words here for a second.
Let's dispel with this fiction that Marco Rubio has even an ounce of integrity.
This is a guy, Mr. Knight, I believe you made this point.
This is a man who prostitutes himself to the donor class and he has the audacity to go after Donald Trump and call him somebody that's a fraud?
Question Donald Trump's record?
I mean, this man, talk about just sad.
I can't stand him anymore.
And then, on top of all of that, he gets upset when Trump goes after him.
Yet, in his rallies, he calls the question Donald Trump's hand?
That's a big takedown of Donald Trump.
I know.
It's absolutely absurd, isn't it?
Hey, where did all this stuff come from talking about Trump's hands?
Because I remember they were talking about Rubio's height at one point.
Jeff was pointing that out.
And I said, that's so petty and ridiculous and childish.
And now they're talking about the man's hands.
Yeah, there's a whole thing about his height.
And I don't... It doesn't matter.
With all the tens of millions of dollars that the corporate donors have given to Marco Rubio, you would think he could hire better comedy writers.
It's very, very childish.
It sounds like something out of elementary school.
And as Sean Hannity's pointed out, it's simply...
It simply doesn't wear well on Marco Rubio.
It's only been allowed at the foam party.
Yeah, yeah.
So yeah, thank you very much.
Let's go to another call.
Rob, who have we got?
I don't know, but it would be interesting to see how many of these reporters would release their conversations that are off the record.
I think that's kind of ridiculous that they would ask that.
Right, especially Fox News.
These are reporters, journalists, supposedly, who are asking a candidate if he would release off-the-record comments.
I just don't understand that frame of mind.
Well, and especially since it was either Saturday or Sunday, the entire conservative talk radio has been set afire by the New York Times article alleging that Fox News met off the record with these people to conspire to tell lies about Rubio's amnesty program with Chuckie Schumer.
So they met off the record.
There are allegations that Rush Limbaugh met off the record with Roger Ailes and Rupert Murdoch.
But they're not releasing any of that.
So for them to make this a point of contention, and to repeatedly ask this of Donald Trump, well tell us what was said off the record.
Well why don't you, Fox News, why don't you ask Roger Ailes what was said off the record about the amnesty plan that Marco Rubio had.
And don't tell us this line that you didn't know was an amnesty plan.
Everybody knew it was an amnesty plan.
You had him on for an hour with Sean Hannity, promoting amnesty.
Everybody knew what was going on.
Come on.
Phyllis Schlafly and the rest of the conservatives called Fox News and the conservative talk radio media on this, and they want to pretend they didn't know what was going on.
That was the real off-the-record meeting we need to know about.
Release the transcripts, Fox, if it means so much to you about that.
As long as there's going to be politicians and there's going to be reporters, there's going to be off the record.
We're totally just wasting time and trying to attack them on nothing.
And at the same time, I look at people in Austin and they're like goldfish.
It's really concerning because it's the destruction issue of pointless stuff going nowhere.
I agree, I agree.
Thank you very much.
As you pointed out, we can quibble about what Donald Trump has done with his TV and his other careers and that's an interesting line of discussion.
But let's get back to the debate.
Well, talking about doing the same thing over and over again, they're still asking him to release the transcript.
Well no, no, Megan just asked Donald his stance on the fact of allowing visas, work visas, in the country.
He said that on his website that he had a very strict stance on it, but based off the CNBC debate last time, he came out and said that he had brought in people to fill in those positions because he couldn't find people.
And I have that question lined up if you guys want to hear it really quick.
Sure, go ahead.
I'm changing.
I'm changing.
We need highly skilled people in this country.
And if we can't do it, we'll get them in.
But, but, and we do need, in Silicon Valley, we absolutely have to have.
So we do need highly skilled.
And one of the biggest problems we have is people go to the best colleges.
They'll go to Harvard, they'll go to Stanford, they'll go to Wharton.
As soon as they're finished, they get shoved out.
They go, they want to stay in this country.
They want to stay here desperately.
Let's get back to the debate here.
Let me just say this.
Again, when Marco Rubio wants to create an environment where people can't survive in this country because of the China price and other things that he doesn't want to talk about, and may not even know about.
I mean, he wants to talk about the nuclear triad, let's talk about the China price.
But when he wants to talk about people trying to survive in that business environment, understand that Marco Rubio wanted to triple the number of H-1B visas.
And so again, he's creating a system and then coming around and pushing back against that.
Let's go to Darren McBrain.
Yeah, I was just thinking about the boos that you hear from the audience.
Now, I'm not saying that it's impossible, obviously, for nobody to be there to boo Donald Trump, but it's very interesting when you learn that the hostile crowd might be against Trump.
We just learned that Mitt Romney's niece was responsible for picking some of the audience tonight.
Check this out.
So they actually put Rana, Romney, McDaniel in charge of handing out tickets.
And don't forget, it was last month in New Hampshire where Donald Trump, he said it was Jeb Bush who stacked the audience against him.
So, you know, this hostile audience might be a prop, an establishment prop, I don't know.
And as I pointed out earlier, it was Romney's deputy campaign manager from his campaign four years ago who is ahead of one of the largest anti-Trump super PACs.
Well, he's got his fingerprints all over it.
Ronnie is desperate to get another bite of the apple, but he's already had two tries and he's failed.
Let's get back to the debate.
And it goes from November till March.
It's a few months, five months at the most.
People don't want a short-term job.
They don't want.
So we will bring people in, and we will send the people out.
All done legally, all done with a process that's approved by government, 100% approved.
We bring people in, we bring them out.
When we can, we hire people from Palm Beach or West Palm Beach.
But we bring people in, we bring them out, we want to hire as many Americans as we can, but they don't want part-time
Very short part-time jobs.
Thank you.
That's not accurate.
I'm sorry, Megan, that's not accurate.
That's my... There were at least 300 Americans that applied last year.
None of them were hired.
This is the guy who tripled the number of H-1B visas, going to complain to somebody.
I mean, how many H-1B visas did he create?
How many people that were fired from Disney because of the H-1B visas that he wanted to bring in?
Yeah, I don't agree with the H-1B visa thing, but don't criticize somebody if you're going to triple the number of them, okay?
That's the kind of lies that we see coming from these people.
Let's have an upfront discussion about this.
Instead of lying to our faces and stabbing us in the back, which is what we've seen repeatedly from Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz.
Two guys, I'll add, who are not even eligible as natural-born citizens to run for president.
We've had that discussion before as well.
It's very, very hard to get people, but other hotels do the exact same thing.
Just so you understand, this is a legal process.
This is a procedure.
It's part of the law.
I take advantage of that.
There's nothing wrong with it.
We have no choice.
Let's release the Fox News tape.
The Fox News tape of Marco Rubio and Chuck Schumer and Roger Aile and Rupert Murdoch.
Let's release that tape.
I'm lying to the American people that the voters have a right to know.
Maybe we should have the tape where he negotiated the million dollar loan from Goldman Sachs and didn't report it to the FEC.
Maybe we should release the transcripts of the tape.
I think they should all play a poker game where they find the most incriminating tape and put it on the table to see who can take it off.
That's a good one.
I'm actually pretty naive.
I really thought that they would be talking about Donald Trump's health care plan, but they're not going to talk about that.
They're going to talk about his underwear or something.
Every year we have these people running for president and they always show how they're related.
We had Romney and Obama, we had Bush and McCain, or was it Obama and McCain?
Now apparently we have a caller, Chris in Reno, Nevada, who wants to bring up something about how Trump and Hillary are related.
So Chris, go ahead.
Yeah, guys, how you guys doing?
Okay, well, I've got two articles here.
I made a connection between the Bushes and Hillary Clinton.
In 2013, Jenna Bush made the claim that she's related to Hillary Rodham Clinton, but I just found today that Donald Trump
Is in lineage with Donald Trump and they have direct descendancy to the first Duke of Lancaster so what we have here is we got a stooge Hillary on the one side who's receiving money from donors and in big banks and such but then on the left they got Donald Trump who's using his own money
Who's related to her and they have no control over him and I think the establishment is just livid by the fact that they can't control Trump because of the money.
Oh, absolutely.
And this is their 19th cousins.
That is so far apart.
I'm probably 19th cousins with David Knight, honestly.
I know, I'd love to see who I'm... That's true, we probably are.
Well, the point... Because you go back and say, I hear what you're saying though.
Most of us are, yeah, if you've been here for a few generations, you're probably related to somebody from the Mayflower as well.
But here's the key, and you said this as well, Collar.
This time, just like four years ago, it was about Obamacare.
They had to get Obamacare through.
So the two candidates were Obama and Romney, who had done Romneycare, which was exactly like Obamacare.
He put it together with Ted Kennedy.
They wanted to get that through.
They give you a choice on some of the other stuff.
Hey, you want an old white guy or you want a younger black guy?
You want this issue over here, you want that issue over here?
But we're going to make sure we get Obamacare.
This time it's about the trade treaties.
It's about the climate treaties.
It's about the borders.
And they want all the rest of these candidates, Democrat and Republican, are with them.
Even Bernie Sanders.
Bernie Sanders opposes the trade treaties, but he just opposes trade treaties in general because he doesn't like anybody making any money.
He thinks it's about that.
He doesn't oppose it on the sovereignty issue, which Jeff Sessions, Senator Sessions, has pointed out that's a true issue.
But Bernie Sanders is for open borders.
Bernie Sanders is for the Climate Treaty, which will give us global regulation of our economy and a global taxation.
So, every other one of these candidates is on board with the globalist takeover practices that they want to do, except for Donald Trump.
That's why they hate him.
That's why they've got to take him out.
They're not sure they can get him to join with them if he becomes president, because he has opposed, and I don't think they will, because he has opposed this for 35 years.
Look at him spending $100,000 of his own money back in the mid-1980s to run ads opposing things like NAFTA, even before NAFTA came out, and opposing NAFTA as it goes along, saying, hey, we're going to get rid of NAFTA.
So that's, I think, the key issue.
Yeah, they're talking about the NSA.
I'd be very interested to see it there.
Okay, good.
They're going to talk about NSA.
Let's go back.
They're bringing up the fact that a hundred security experts, national security experts, signed a letter saying that Donald Trump's bad.
Oh, okay.
Bill, you mean people like Michael Hayden, who was appointed to the head of the NSA by Bill Clinton, saying that conservatives don't support him on this issue and calling for people to disobey orders.
I call on the NSA to disobey illegal spying on the American people.
How's that, Michael Hayden?
I totally disagree with Donald Trump on this issue.
But of course, here we have the people who created waterboarding, who created the surveillance state, who created the Patriot Act.
Criticizing him again.
Now saying it's bad because Donald Trump supports it.
They ran around and did it for years.
Yes, and they would all do it.
They would all do it.
I tried to say it wasn't even actually torture.
Yeah, we've tortured some folks.
This is not an issue.
Let me tell you something.
Exactly, it was Obama.
This is not an issue on which Donald Trump disagrees with the rest of these people.
They will all resort to torture.
They all want the police state.
They all want the surveillance state.
Especially hypocrites like Michael Hayden.
Remember Michael Hayden went on a program with Judge Napolitano and said, hey, we're both libertarians.
And they looked at him like, what?
Oh yeah, I remember that.
They're saying Trump is fundamentally dishonest.
This is coming from the national security who under oath said, oh no, there's no, we're not spying on people.
Trump is wrong on this issue, but he's taking your rights like a robber, holding a gun to your face.
These other guys are like burglars and pickpockets who will lie to your face and still steal what they want to get from you.
That's the difference.
I would rather face an armed robber who comes at me from the front than these kind of sneaks like Michael Hayden.
Who is nothing but a third-rate burglar.
The NSA and these people in Washington can't even protect their own personnel files from being hacked.
They can't even predict attacks on their own building.
That is true.
So he's a third-rate burglar of our information, is what he is.
Hey guys, we've got Adam in Washington State who wants to talk about Trump's healthcare plan and it looks like Ben Carson being Secretary of Health, which, I don't know.
We'll see.
Hey Adam, go ahead.
Go ahead, Adam.
Yes, go ahead.
You want to talk about the healthcare plan?
Yeah, just a quick question, because I know that Trump and Carson actually have been really going at each other and respect each other a lot.
Do you think that Carson would be a good fit, possibly, for Trump's healthcare plan to be either Surgeon General or Secretary of Health to help out Trump?
Because Dr. Carson does have that huge background in the healthcare field.
I agree with you because he was very knowledgeable.
I'll let you respond here in just a second.
He was very knowledgeable about healthcare issues, if you noticed in the last debate.
He's been kind of tentative on so many other issues, Ben Carson, but he really knows what's going on with that.
I think he would agree with most of what's in Donald Trump's plan.
The things that I see here are really moving us in a direction towards freedom.
I don't see anything that I disagree with in the seven points of Donald Trump's plan, and we can talk about that.
It's all very much freedom-oriented, and the things that I have seen put on conservative think tanks' websites for many, many years.
Go ahead.
Yeah, as far as Carson and the Trump campaign, as I said earlier, they do seem to be on friendly terms.
I wouldn't be surprised if Carson was a part of the Trump administration in some level, but as Leanne was pointing to with those forced vaccinations, I'm a little bit leery of the guy.
Yeah, that was... I actually like Carson on a lot of things.
He is for freedom, except for when it comes to those mandatory vaccines.
Yeah, yeah, we wouldn't want... Maybe that would be the one thing about having him as Surgeon General.
He has advocated mandatory vaccinations.
You know, he actually commented on that.
Richard Reeves asked him about that, and I don't even think we ever put this clip out to anybody.
But he was asked about it.
He goes, well, I don't think every vaccine should be mandatory.
He goes, only if there is an epidemic.
Which, I mean, hopefully he wouldn't consider that measles flare-up an epidemic.
Yeah, exactly.
What's an epidemic?
That's a lot of wiggle room.
Zika is an epidemic.
You have to look at him that way, but I think you could push back on that pretty quickly, and I think he could see, you know, he would, maybe we get Russell Blalock, who is also a neurosurgeon, to talk to him and really explain what's going on.
Really, the problem, vaccine science, yeah, it's got some merit to it, but it's what they put in these things that's the real problem.
It's not necessarily putting a disease or a virus into your immune system, but it's all the other things.
The adjuvants, the polysorbate 80, the insect DNA, the chicken bovine DNA.
I mean, it's all kind of things.
He just said he likes Richard Haass, CFR.
Well, Ted Cruz just asked Donald Trump.
Ted Cruz just asked Donald Trump, do you really think, or he actually asked the public about Donald Trump, do you really want a president who's gonna get up here and talk like this and be loud and demand people to do stuff?
Yeah, I think most people do because that's why they're showing up in record numbers.
They're tired of the guy that we have in the White House right now that has no spine that sits there and we're run over by everybody.
We're a joke to people.
We have a military that runs around in high heels that are just completely and totally worn out.
He's getting the
He's getting awards and stuff and he's droning people.
We need a president who's going to go in there, stand up, and make people take us seriously again.
Right now we don't have that.
And obviously, when you see right now, Drudge Report, you can go there right now, I've got to pull it up right here.
Already in the debate, 17,365 people have already voted that Trump is winning this already.
And you can see that.
That's what the American people want.
The fact that you watch Fox News and you see that this crowd stacked against him, you can see that this entire thing is rigged.
And people that just turn on TV and don't pay attention to politics go along with that and believe, like, oh my god, I guess everybody in America hates Donald Trump.
No, the people that actually care and that are going out and voting, the people have spoken.
This is who they want.
They're showing up in massive numbers.
So all these attacks are just completely and totally ridiculous.
I absolutely agree.
Especially these continued calls for releasing off-the-record accounts.
That's the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard.
That's a relationship between politicians and reporters, and it has been for years and years on end.
Sometimes you're going to have stuff on the record, and then sometimes you're going to have it off the record.
Off the record means that's between you.
Yep, that's right.
Once we get rid of that, then I mean...
I'm sure every pundit on that stage I'm sure has had an off-the-record conversation that they have no intention of presenting.
If they don't want people to keep bringing up these off-the-record conversations that Roger Ailes and Rupert Murdoch had with Marco Rubio and Chuck Schumer trying to deceive the conservative voters about the Gang of Eight amnesty bill, then they better shut up about this.
Let's talk a little bit about the health care issues.
And let me just throw out a few of the seven points.
This is an article that came out today.
This is from McClatchy.
Here are some of the things that Donald Trump has proposed.
I think they're excellent.
The first one is repeal the individual mandate of Obamacare.
That's the core thing about Obamacare.
That's the core thing that the Supreme Court Justice Roberts
He gave up on, when we believe he was blackmailed, he wrote both the dissenting and the concurring opinion saying that they could impose an individual mandate.
He would get rid of that.
But then again, this thing that Marco Rubio has repeatedly criticized and mocked Donald Trump for.
The lines, the lines.
Well, yeah.
The McCarran-Ferguson Act, which prohibited insurance companies from operating across state lines.
Why would we allow multinational
I think so.
Get rid of this arbitrary, anti-competitive thing that says you can't have insurance companies competing across state lines.
Competition will lower insurance rates.
Then go on to this.
Allow taxpayers to fully deduct health insurance premium payments and their tax returns like businesses already can.
Why can't we do that?
Everybody tells us... That's a big savings.
That is a big savings!
And they want to mandate... See, that's the difference.
That's the difference between a Democrat approach which says you're going to buy this at whatever price we give it to you and you're not going to get it as a tax deduction versus an incentive to say we're not going to mandate this to you but...
If you take the responsibility to get insurance and take care of yourself, your family, we're going to help you with it on your taxes.
If insurance is such an important thing, why can't we at least get a deduction from our income taxes when we do it, right?
And didn't they try to say that it was an incentive, not a mandate?
Yeah, exactly.
Now, another thing that he has on here.
Allow individuals to use health savings accounts.
This is something many conservative think tanks have been talking about for years.
Make those contributions tax-free.
Allow them to accumulate year after year.
Make them part of an individual's estate so that anything that's not used can be passed on without a death penalty.
But not like about that.
Two huges.
Yeah, exactly.
We have Jimmy in Washington State who wants to talk about how Donald Trump is a job provider compared to the rest of the field.
I won't go to the rest of the field.
Okay, good.
Before we go to him, let me do one more here, Rob.
Require price transparency from all health care providers including clinics and hospitals.
Why can't we shop on price knowing what a hospital or a doctor or a clinic is going to charge us?
Just like everything else in the world.
Like everything else!
That would be a huge, I hate to use that word because it's become a stereotype thing we're talking about Donald Trump, but it is huge to allow us to have an informed decision when we're operating.
Why should that be hidden?
And what he's trying to do here is to create a voluntary marketplace.
You see the trend here with these seven patterns is to create a voluntary marketplace.
That's why they haven't talked about his health plan tonight.
That's why they've talked about the Ku Klux Klan operations.
Or what about this meeting that you had with the New York Times and so forth?
Let's go to the caller.
Go ahead, Jimmy.
This is Jimmy from Michigan.
I'm not from Washington.
Hey, Jimmy.
But thanks for taking my call.
I appreciate what you guys are doing.
I love what you guys do.
Thank you.
Trump is the only job creator of all of these people, and he understands what it takes to create jobs.
It means that the government has to get out of the way, and jobs will be created organically
By the people, by me!
I couldn't agree with you more, and that's why it gets me so upset when I hear governors going on and on and on.
The only one that's left now is Kasich.
So he's bragging about how many jobs he created.
As somebody who had a business, that makes me so angry because I know, as you just said, that the way you create jobs is to get the government out of the way.
And yet he's selling us this idea that the government, that the governor, is creating jobs.
Yeah, John Kasich is an idiot anyway.
I mean, come on.
He's from Ohio.
All he is is a washed out version of Rick Schneider from Lansing, Michigan.
That's all he is.
Yeah, I agree.
I mean, come on.
This is what we're talking about.
Thank you so much.
That's a very good point that you made.
They should stop, especially if they're Republicans, they should stop saying, we created jobs.
No, you can get out of the way.
Government is not the solution.
Government is the problem.
Government is the hindrance.
Let's go back to the debate.
Thank you so much for your call.
I said very meekly, long before we went in, I said very meekly, well, maybe, maybe, I don't know.
By the time it got to that point, I was always against Iraq.
But Afghanistan, I felt, and in that one, if you notice, I corrected it the second day.
Second question?
There are several examples.
He's a lot more comfortable in this debate.
He's not letting Rubio nipping at his heels.
And at least this way, we're not going to have the problem.
That's what we have to do.
But, just to say, because I fully understand what you're asking, when I first heard the question, first time the question was ever asked to me, first time I really had known about the question, the migration had just started, I was very much like, okay.
By the time I went back and studied it, and they were talking about bringing thousands and thousands, I changed my tune.
And the vetting process was a total failure, that they admitted they can't vet them.
How dare you change your tune when facts are presented?
Why don't you get a little bit more specific, Megan?
For instance, let's say, on the second question, you can't say, uh, it's okay, and then you find out it's not okay, and you don't want to do anything.
You have to be flexible, because you learn.
I mean, before I knew, you know, the question was asked by Bill, and the next day, or the couple of days later, the question was asked by, you know, I was asked by a number of people, actually.
I was asked by Sean, but I was asked by a number of people.
But by that time, the number had increased significantly,
Sean was the next day after Bill.
The next day.
But I had learned, I mean, nobody had ever asked me the question.
This was brand new.
But, and I really mean it, you have to show a degree of flexibility.
If you're gonna be one way and you think it's wrong, does that mean the rest of your life you have to go in the wrong direction?
Because you...
What if Megyn Kelly was ever wrong about anything?
Yeah, or changed her mind about something once she learned the facts.
I did 200 meetings in New Hampshire.
I don't know how many in Michigan now.
And in these town halls, people come in and they're very emotional meetings.
It's like when you first learned about the refugee crisis, you felt bad for those people.
If somebody tells them something, can they believe it?
And the reason why people are so upset in this country is because politicians all the time tell them what they want to hear, and they go to Washington or they go to the state capitol, wherever,
And they don't deliver on those promises.
You know, when I ran for governor of Ohio, I said not only would we balance the budget, but we would cut taxes.
People said it can't be done.
I wouldn't have said it if I didn't believe it.
We cut taxes in Ohio more than any governor in the country, $5 billion worth of tax cuts.
We're now running a surplus in Ohio.
But you see, what's getting in the hearts and souls of people is they want change, and they keep putting outsiders in to bring about the change, then the change doesn't come, then they put more outsiders in, because we're putting people in that don't understand compromise, they don't understand policy.
Kasich is actually beating Rubio in the poll now.
Trump has 33,421 votes at 71.74%.
Cruz, Kasich and Rubio in last place.
The establishment's little boy.
Rubio's just a suicide bomber.
He really is.
That's a good way to put it, yeah.
He's a political suicide bomber.
For the donor class, his career is going to be over unless he wants to go work for the K Street lobbyists.
When he gets finished with this.
He can't even carry his own state.
He does have big ears.
Those are Disney big.
We have Rusty in Arkansas.
I was talking about that Kasich is getting a lot of time in this debate compared to his percentages.
Although he did come in second place more than I think Rubio did.
Well, Kasich butts in more.
Yeah, go ahead.
He started speaking his talking points about how he was governing and such.
And tonight has been the same thing.
So it's like they want to
And we've seen that the last two debates.
I agree with you.
And the worst one about that is Marco Rubio.
We've seen this in two debates where the moderators, who are supposed to be not taking sides, are supposed to stop Rubio from talking.
But all he does, he talks and everybody and Donald Trump will be quiet about it.
And when Donald Trump starts to answer, Marco Rubio sits there continually talking.
We just saw an episode of it right there as we're watching this go on.
Let him finish his point, you know?
That's what they have to do.
And look at him.
He's gonna keep talking.
He's gonna start talking again.
He will not let anybody else talk.
He's a Ferengi master of deception.
Who was that?
That's a Star Wars or Star Trek here.
There we go.
Fox News really hasn't changed.
It is going to be Fox News plus three candidates versus Donald Trump.
This is what I know.
She is such a political prostitute.
Fox News.
I would encourage everybody to go read the New York Times article that was on the Drudge Report.
It's still out there talking about how Fox News used conservative media to push the Gang of Eight's amnesty bill.
Read that!
Find out what these people are about.
Find out what Megyn Kelly and the rest of these people who work for Roger Ailes and Rupert Murdoch are about.
You need to understand what Fox News is about.
It's a control technique.
You're seeing it tonight.
Read the New York Times expose of Fox News and it'll wake you up.
No, but stand by.
But what happened in that case was you countersued her.
The court threw out your countersuit and made you pay almost $800,000 in legal fees of hers.
And you made this same argument about 98% of the people being happy with Trump University.
And that woman in particular signing a survey saying she liked it while someone was standing over her shoulder.
She's getting out of the case.
She's trying to get out of the case now because her case is being held up.
Stand by.
This is what the Court of Appeals found.
They said that the plaintiffs against you are like the Madoff victims.
The problem is, is that, you know, the establishment is not happy enough.
How many college students can't get jobs in this country?
They had all this stuff by the way, folks.
Think about this.
They had all these graphics that they put up to come after Trump.
They had all this done before the debate.
This is all prepared stuff.
It didn't happen on the fly, okay?
It didn't just magically appear out of her mind.
They had this stuff set.
They're coming after him.
That's why he skipped the debate before it.
They're fundamentally dishonest.
David, getting a college degree does not guarantee you a job.
That's right.
It is true.
Signing up for a Trump course doesn't guarantee you a job.
Especially his stuff.
It's real estate.
You gotta get your hands dirty and get to work.
That's right.
I had a lot.
You know, who knows?
They might be lazy.
Who knows why they didn't succeed?
We had so many political science majors who were working for us when we had a business.
I had a rocket scientist one time who was working for me who had a retail business.
Tell them what you did.
You were running a video store.
We had a chain of video stores and one of the stores, a guy would come in and he would joke about it.
You know, he would say, I'm a rocket scientist and I'm working in a video store.
Because he couldn't get a job in the aerospace industry.
They weren't hiring at the time.
The bottom line is, you know, getting a college degree, especially in things like political science, doesn't get you anywhere, folks.
That's the truth of the matter.
You can go take a course on real estate, but it isn't going to make you a millionaire automatically.
You have to have money to at least get into that.
You have to be able to buy a piece of property to flip it.
That's how it works.
And you also have to make the right decisions.
You have to buy the right properties.
You have to do it at the right time and you have to sell the properties at the right time.
You have to fix it up.
There's no guarantees in life.
You have to have the gumption.
But what offends me, Rob, about this is Fox News laying an ambush here.
We've got a debate between Megyn Kelly and Donald Trump.
We don't have a debate between the candidates because the candidates are so weak.
The donors are telling Fox News, all right, Chris Wallace, hit him on the KKK thing.
Megyn Kelly, I want you to hit him on the Donald Trump University stuff.
And we've got prepared graphics.
Yeah, exactly.
What they're trying to do is turn the tide.
No one else has prepared graphics.
Nobody else has prepared graphics.
They didn't do it on anybody.
These other people have had some plans as well.
No one else has anything to offer.
Rubio's not worth the graphics.
They don't even have any history.
They couldn't even pay the guy enough to make these.
It's ridiculous.
Hey, we got, who's the other caller?
Frank in Maryland's on.
Frank, go ahead.
There you go, he's talking over him again.
Okay, go ahead, caller.
Yes, go ahead.
First, I want to say Donald Trump is leading the polls more than what's being portrayed in the news.
Second, Mitt Romney's a decoy.
And three, and this is the most important thing, the delegates are working in the darkness.
They can do whatever they want, nobody knows who they are, but every state knows who their delegates are.
And if you post their names before the convention, then they're going to have some fear about what's happening here.
Oh, that's a good idea.
You know what we should do?
We should get the public records and do that.
And then after the convention you post who they vote for.
Every state has their delegates vote.
Way before this election is coming up, so.
I agree.
Somebody put it together.
That's right, yeah.
If somebody out there doesn't do it, we've got to do it at InfoWars.
We've got to get the list and publish it.
Newspapers and the internet.
And that will put fear into them.
But they wouldn't believe it.
That's right.
And that will get people motivated.
And we put those names out.
We put those names out there.
And, you know, if people know who they are, people can investigate them and put it on the website.
Superdelegates need to be outed.
Superdelegates, absolutely.
If you're a superdelegate, you need a giant S by your name.
A little Superman S. A big red S, yeah.
Yeah, you're still online.
Am I on the phone here?
Yeah, go ahead.
Yeah, because I can talk to delegates here in Maryland.
They don't care what I'm saying.
They do not care about what I'm saying.
They have their own people who vote them in.
You need like three people to vote you to be a delegate to run for delegates here in Maryland.
And even then you need to be put up there in Maryland by their own establishment.
Yep, that's right.
So this is how it works in the system here in Maryland.
I'm sure it's different in every state.
Well, I'm thinking about... I got killed the other day.
You're talking about the delegates, and we mentioned this first with Bernie Sanders, the fact that Hillary Clinton had four or five hundred delegates in the fall last year that already had those superdelegates tied up.
And Bernie Sanders got 150,000 votes and he only got 15 delegates.
She just goes in and does a deal with these people in the back room.
They work in the darkness.
They work in the darkness.
They're not even caring about the popular vote.
They don't care.
And that's why none of these people... They work in the darkness and don't care because they have no obligation to do what the Bible says.
I agree.
And that's why none of these candidates will speak out against Hillary.
We have the names here in Maryland.
Yeah, everybody else could do it in every state.
Somebody needs to put it together.
Somebody needs to put it together like Rob said and we'll definitely link it on Infowars.com.
We should do it if somebody else doesn't do it.
That's a great idea.
Now what we're seeing here in the debate is a back and forth and he is complaining that he gave money to Hillary Clinton but he said something about $100,000 and it's like, but what about the million dollars, Ted, that Goldman Sachs gave you?
And you didn't even declare it legally on your FEC statement.
You buried it somewhere else.
He forgot.
He forgot about it.
That's what I mean.
It's like, look, I don't like the fact that Donald Trump gave Hillary Clinton money, okay?
But, you know, the hypocrisy of this.
At least she came out and admitted it day one.
And Ted Cruz gets ten times the amount of money from Goldman Sachs that Donald Trump gave to Hillary Clinton.
And you know, when he talked about that, he says, uh, yeah, I gave her money.
They said, she came to your wedding.
Yeah, I gave her money.
In other words, like, I own her.
You know, it was a put down of Hillary Clinton.
I don't like the fact that he's doing that.
But it's one-tenth of the amount of money that Ted Cruz is getting from Goldman Sachs.
Talk about that.
They own him.
Disavow Goldman Sachs, Ted.
Hey, let's go to Kit Daniels, who's standing by in our Twitter station.
And, uh, Kit, what's going on?
You got a WWE Smackdown tweet.
There's a lot of people on Twitter comparing the GOP debate to professional wrestling.
Got this lady here that says, uh, oops, I lost my...
Just one second, I lost my TV screen.
While you're looking for that, I saw a quote from Governor Ventura the other day.
He's actually saying it was like watching the WWE, but go ahead.
Yeah, this lady says, my husband took me to a WWE Smackdown for my birthday once.
The audience was slightly less crazy than this one.
And you got this other gentleman that says, is it too late to institute WWE Royal Rumble rules?
And there are ones talking about, anyone else think that we're using the soundtrack for a rowdy WWE audience for the GOP debate?
No, we're just, we just got GOP establishment people in the audience, they're cheering on Rubio and Cruz to a little bit of an extent.
Too bad, chair upside the head.
Yeah, we need to get that WWE clip, you know, where Donald Trump took down that one guy, what's his name?
Yeah, yeah, yeah, there's, uh, Thalem was showing me, Thalem was showing me a GIF earlier, a meme on the internet.
Oh yeah, you can see the YouTube video.
And then, uh, and then he shaved, yeah, somebody made a WWE thing of the Infowars people.
But yeah, I want to see the one, you know, where he took the guy down and then he shaved his head, because I want to see when he does that to the other three candidates.
I want to see when Donald Trump shaves the head of these other three candidates like he did that guy in the WWE.
They're getting shaved already.
He's already shaved them in 10 out of the 15 contests.
And to add to the comparison, I mean, Twitter blew up when Trump had to defend his manhood within the first seven minutes of the debate.
You know, you had a tweet here that said, oh my god.
Then you had another tweet that said, okay, we just reached a new cultural frontier.
It just goes on and on.
Let me give you one more.
Trump pairing Rubio's slam on small hands becomes first presidential candidate in history to refer to the size of his package.
We'll have to defer to Marco Rubio's expert on those matters.
I think that Ted Cruz should disavow Caitlyn Jenner.
I mean, she's absolutely, he or she is, Bruce Jender is absolutely contradictory.
Yeah, absolutely.
And has been disavowed.
So yeah, this whole debate just shows us how society has completely fallen to idiocracy.
I think it was one of the writers who said that he couldn't believe that within his lifetime it's fallen so badly to this level.
Let's go to Darren McBreen.
Well thanks, Kit.
I think it's got something for us.
Oh, it's going to break.
That's what we said.
Let's take a quick break and we'll be right back.
Stay with us.
They're on break.
We're going to take a quick break and we'll be right back.
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Welcome back to the InfoWars News live coverage of the Michigan GOP debate.
I'm David Knight with Leanne McAdoo, Jakari Jackson and the rest of the InfoWars crew.
We're going to come back to the debate here.
I also want to give, we've been taking phone calls, I also want to give out the Skype handle.
What is the Skype handle, Jakari?
It is Call Alex Jones, so if you guys do have Skype capabilities, you can go to Call Alex Jones, and it's video Skype only, to make sure you have a good, clear connection, all the good stuff you need, the good lighting, so we don't have to do that on the back end, just get that all ready.
Well, we're having a question right now.
Megyn Kelly, remember, okay, Fox News is a conservative news organization, but they're trying to put the idea out here.
What is the federal government going to do to help the schools in Detroit?
Hey, conservatives, Fox News, Megyn Kelly, here's a news flash for you.
There's no constitutional authority for the federal government to run education.
We don't want the federal government running education.
And so we're going to come back to that.
We're going to come back to the debate in just a moment.
Before we do, we went about an hour without any ads.
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Before we go back to the debate,
I want to also talk about how Marco Rubio is not only dodging questions tonight, but he's dodging meetings.
He has quietly cancelled rallies in Kentucky and Louisiana, who are going to be having their primaries and caucuses this weekend.
He's also dodging CPAC, which is the big conservative thing that has started today, actually.
He's not going to be talking, and there are people calling for the exclusion of Donald Trump.
And guess who those people would be?
Those would be people who formerly worked with the Romney campaign.
People who have a Romney super PAC.
And they're saying, well he's not conservative enough to be there.
Well we've had Gary Johnson on one side.
We've had Rick Santorum speaking there as well.
And this is a quote from a PAC that is saying that they want Donald Trump disinvited from CPAC.
This is Rick Wilson and Liz Maher.
They have this PAC which is called Make America Awesome.
And they point out that Trump is not conservative enough.
But let's take a look at what Liz Maher, who runs this anti-Trump PAC, has done.
She's described herself as pro-choice, pro-gay marriage, pro-amnesty, has suggested her definition of conservatism is not one that matches the typical grassroots conservatism.
So there you go.
That's Make America Awesome.
They don't believe in free speech.
They sound to me like a bunch of anti-free speech leftists.
But they're calling for Trump's exclusion from CPAC.
Let's go back to the debate momentarily and then I think, yes, what have we got?
Go ahead, Rob.
Josh Owens, yes, we can hear you.
Oh, okay.
Let's go back to the debate here.
Let's see what they're, let's pick up on the debate.
Number one, you lift the regulations.
As president, I will repeal Obamacare, the biggest job killer in America.
I will pull back the federal regulators, the EPA, and all the regulators that are killing small businesses and manufacturing.
And my tax plan, which is a very, very detailed plan on the website, TedCruz.org, is what's called border adjustment.
It's funny, you know, Fox News didn't have anything about his tax plan in terms of the, uh, and stuff.
Everything that Ted Cruz just said here, I have heard every Republican candidate say in every election.
And you know what?
This is generalized boilerplate fill-in-the-blank stuff that he's throwing out here.
I want to cut regulation and taxes.
We're going to be great.
Yeah, everything's gonna just be wonderful.
Just vote me in.
...32% differential.
What that will do, Chris, is bring millions of manufacturing jobs back to this country.
Bring the steel industry back to this country.
The only place that we ever see any specificity on these plans from Republican candidates is on their tax plans, which they know they can put that out there.
Nothing's really gonna happen.
They talk about the tax percentages and the tax brackets that they're going to do, but I've never before
And I said this about Donald Trump, at first I was very negative about the fact that everybody was just following him on a cult of personality.
And that's really what it was for the first couple of months.
But then when he put out his immigration plan, and he's done this over and over again today, the latest one, I think the best plan he's had is the health care plan.
He's been very, very specific.
Far more specific than any other candidates.
For the most part, if they talk about an issue, they'll have a general outline of one topic, one paragraph.
But he's come out with things that are very, very specific.
When he came out with the first one with immigration, it was like two or three pages printed.
And I said at the time, I said there's a lot of stuff I agree with, a lot of things I disagree with on here, but I appreciate the fact that it was a plan with a lot of specificity.
We don't get that from these guys, and of course we don't see Fox News preparing in advance screens to criticize the plans of any of these other candidates on the stage except for Donald Trump.
Hey guys, we have an historic moment about to happen.
This is our first live Skype caller.
Let's try that.
And it's Jason from the home state of John Kasich.
Jason, did you vote for John?
Shake your head yes.
Alright, well go ahead with your comment.
Hey, just a real quick question.
Am I wrong, or whatever, these guys are supposed to be lawyers, yadda yadda yadda.
Why isn't anybody correcting these morons when they're talking about democracy when the United States is supposed to be a constitutional republic?
No, I agree.
I agree.
You're not going to hear them talk about that.
Democracy, democracy.
We're a republic.
Are these guys just that braindead or what?
Well, let me ask you this.
What do you think about the idea that we had two constitutional amendments?
One to prohibit alcohol and one to make it legal again.
Why is it that you can prohibit everything, okay?
Whether it's pot or heroin or whether it's a pharmaceutical drug.
Everything is prohibited by the government if they wish and everything is prohibited to us unless it is expressly permitted by the FDA or the DEA.
Why do you think nobody has a problem with that?
Let me ask you.
Because it's the dumbing down of America.
That's right.
Because of fluoride.
And from the pharmaceuticals, of course, too.
And our media.
That's true.
That's true.
And it's not even the drugs, David.
You know, we've seen people get arrested for raw milk.
You know, transporting that across state lines.
Just the most benign behavior out there.
They want to put anybody in jail.
Yeah, when they prohibited alcohol, everyone in the country understood that based on the 9th and 10th Amendment and the rest of the Constitution,
Everything, the federal government had no power unless it was expressly given to them.
Expressly given to them.
And so I said, we have to expressly give the power to prohibit alcohol.
We all agree that we want the government to prohibit alcohol at the federal level, so we have to amend the Constitution to do that.
And then they undid that.
But then, they have prohibited everything else since then.
The United Nations created the schedule on drugs.
Richard Nixon made the war on drugs in 1971.
The UN created that schedule of four different schedulings of drugs.
They did that in 1961.
Nobody pays any attention to the Constitution on anything.
They don't care about dragnet surveillance or anything.
I mean, these guys all swear allegiance to it.
And they're all liars.
Because they could care less.
As you pointed out, Caller, they're all lawyers, but they're also liars.
They swear to something they have no intention of.
And here's Exhibit A.
Ted Cruz, when people ask him, what is the basis for you being a natural born citizen?
He refuses to explain.
He says, hey, I've argued before the Supreme Court.
How dare you ask me that?
Well, then fine, Ted.
If you can argue before the Supreme Court, if you can give them a reason for the cases that you argue, then argue your case to the American public.
Tell us on your website why you are a natural born citizen according to an originalist
Had it been left to the states, and I think most people would have preferred that.
Senator Rubio, the late Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, a conservative icon obviously, pointed out in United States vs. Heller, that like most rights, the Second Amendment right is not unlimited.
Just like the First Amendment doesn't allow you to go into a theater and yell fire, he said the Second Amendment leaves room to regulate guns.
So do you agree with Justice Scalia?
And if so, what limits would you draw around the Second Amendment?
Let me say something.
Just because Scalia says you can regulate a right and turn it into a privilege doesn't mean that Scalia was right about that.
Understand that if you take a fundamental right and you start regulating it, you start prescribing it, you start, let's use a term that's in the Constitution, you infringe it.
You infringe it.
That's how people take your property.
They put their fence on your property and you leave it there long enough, guess what?
It becomes their property.
If they infringe on your constitutional God-given rights, God-given rights that are recognized by the Constitution expressly, if they take those
In a gradual process, and call it regulation, they've now turned it into a principle, they've now abrogated your God-given right that is specifically protected under the Constitution.
That's what we need to understand.
The word infringement was put there because the founders understood that when you have an armed citizenry, the government is not going to go in and in one fell swoop confiscate the guns.
They will take away your gun rights by a gradual process of infringement.
And you don't say, well I'd have as little bit of infringement as possible.
I would only make that girl a little bit pregnant.
And if you look at what's happened, whether it's in California where you had the 14 people killed, whether it's in Paris, which by the way has the toughest gun laws in the world, and 130 people killed, many many people in the hospital gravely injured, they will be dying, many people will be dying in addition.
If we had guns or if they had guns on the other side of the room, with the bullets going in the opposite direction, you would not have had 130 people killed, that I can tell you right now.
That's the exact same thing.
The singer that was there that night on stage when all this was going on, he was crying and saying that he absolutely thinks that it was the gun laws in France that made that massacre what it was.
Turn your speakers on because our callers are trying to talk to you and we see you there and this is a guy that's called him before as a young man who has his own talk show, but I don't think he's hearing us.
Okay, hang on a second before he says this.
I gotta tell you what Ted Cruz is gonna say.
They threw out this case of Heller in Washington because he's argued
In that case, he argued for Texas before the Supreme Court on Heller.
So that was a softball question indirectly by Fox News to Ted Cruz.
And I'm telling you, he's going to point out that he argued before the Supreme Court on this case that Brett Barrett just put out there.
All right, Keith in Massachusetts, go ahead.
Hello, Keith.
Go ahead, Keith.
Well, I was just saying that I think Donald Trump should be the president, and I also agree with what David Knight said earlier about everybody being against Donald Trump.
It's not cool.
Yeah, it's a very rigged process in this debate tonight, isn't it?
Pretty obvious to you, isn't it?
Yeah, it's pretty obvious to me, that's for sure.
And of course he did just invoke Keller, like you said.
Yep, I knew he would do it.
And see, that's the kind of things that Fox News is doing.
They could have talked about it in a number of ways, and quite frankly, our old friend, Piers Morgan, remember Piers?
Remember how much is going on with Piers Morgan?
And fighting him on gun control?
Piers Morgan talked about his longtime friendship with Donald Trump because Piers Morgan got his big boost in show business by going on The Apprentice.
And he said, yeah, we've kept in touch and he's been a loyal friend and everything, but we vehemently disagree on guns.
And he talked about back and forth that they'd had for many, going back many years, where Donald Trump said to him, hey, you know, Piers, guns are a good thing.
They protect people.
So now they want to say that he doesn't support the Second Amendment.
Second Amendment.
I wrote one op-ed supporting President Bush's nomination after he made it.
I would not have made that nomination.
But let me point out... That's not what you said in the op-ed.
That is not what you said in the op-ed.
Now Donald, please, I know it's hard not to interrupt.
But it's not what you said in the op-ed.
Breathe, breathe, breathe.
Donald Trump is not the first one to say that he promoted Roberts for Supreme Court.
Many people have said that.
I really hope that we don't... See, he lets Trump get him flustered.
Keep talking and don't get flustered.
You cannot, in fact, care.
Gentlemen, we're going to move on.
I was buying everyone off on this stage.
Hey, we got John in Missouri, another Skype caller, and then I think we'll go back to some landline calls after this.
We do have another Skype caller, but let's go to John in Missouri on number two.
He's on number two.
John, how's it going?
What's going on out there?
Good, how are you doing, Rob?
I'm doing great.
So, it's good to see young people calling in, getting involved, and so what's on your mind?
Well, here's what I'm thinking.
Not only do we have a government that wants to rewrite the Constitution, we have a government that I think would go so far as to rewrite the Holy Bible.
And so when we have a government, it's like Dave said, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights says, no infringement shall be taken upon the Second Amendment.
But we have infringement.
Not only that, but I think if we don't get Trump in, this will be our last real election.
And that's my point.
Well, I agree with you there.
I agree with what you said about our government not respecting the Constitution.
Clearly they don't.
And we were just talking about the government moving against people who were at the Bundy Ranch standoff.
And as we went out there, I'll never forget, driving out there and in the middle of absolutely nowhere.
I mean, you just drive and drive and drive and there's nothing anywhere because it's all under the control of the BLM and the federal government says it's their land.
Which, under the Constitution, they don't own land except for the District of Columbia.
They pretended it's their land.
They've got the militarized army to make it so.
And they've got this little tiny fence out there with a prepared sign that says First Amendment area.
And somebody hand wrote a sign that said the First Amendment is not an area.
Very powerful.
The truth is very powerful.
We have to stop allowing them to prescribe our rights, which is what we literally saw there when we went to Bunkerville.
And now they're arresting people who were there as part of that protest, and it is absolutely shameful what this tyrannical government is doing.
It makes me sick.
And as you were speaking on that, David, I mean, it's not just there, you know, in that situation.
You go anyplace all around the country.
You know, we travel the country quite a bit.
We run into these free speech zone, as they're referred to.
They say, you can stand in this little box, whether it's, you know, out at some protest or at a university, and this is where you can have your little documented place if you come and ask our permission beforehand.
All over the place.
That's not what the First Amendment's about, and I'm very glad... And where were the first places they did that, Jakari?
The first places they did that...
We're the presidential conventions, yeah, Democrat and Republican.
They move all the protesters, we have under the First Amendment, the right to protest and air our grievances, right?
And so what they do is they put everybody, literally as you pointed out, in a cage, and they put this cage way far away from where the convention is, and it's like, go ahead, you got your little... Over by the porta-potties, you can have all the free speech you want.
There are grievances, but no one can hear you.
The First Amendment is not an area.
And if we cover the Republican or Democrat conventions this year with Infowars, believe me, we are going to shine the spotlight on that reprehensible approach that our government is doing.
Because if they can prescribe your free speech in that way, they can do it in every other way.
And of course, they do want to do that.
They do want to take down the Internet.
Because they are losing the information war.
It was Hillary Clinton herself who said that, that they're losing information.
John, do you have anything else to add out there in Missouri?
Well, I just want to say, if people think that Donald Trump is racist, why don't we go speak to Diamond and Silk, because I'm sure they would end that debate in a heartbeat.
Yeah, or talk to Lewis Farrakhan.
Yeah, exactly.
Nobody's asking him to disavow that.
Or his spokesperson, like the caller earlier pointed out.
Yeah, exactly.
And you know what?
David, I think you did a great job taking down Jason earlier tonight.
Very good job.
Oh, well, I, you know, I don't like to be rude to people, but, you know, there comes a point at which things are so glaringly obvious that we just have to state it.
God bless you guys.
I mean, you know.
Well, thank you.
Thanks for calling in.
Thank you for calling.
We got somebody else, Rob, or you want to go to a break?
It's kind of freeform tonight, folks.
It's a live show.
Go ahead.
Hi, good evening.
Go ahead, Seattle.
Hi, how you doing?
Go ahead.
You're live.
I'm Marmar Mehmedovic, and I'm from Seattle.
I want to endorse Donald Trump as someone who's not born in this country, but a U.S.
I love how he's trying to work... Wait a minute, wait a minute, you're not with the KKK are you?
Do we have to have... No, no, no.
Here's the other thing.
I'm joking, I'm joking.
Here's the other thing.
I'm also a Muslim.
Okay, there you go.
Yeah, so... So tell us why you support Donald Trump and do you feel like he is racist against Muslims?
He's not racist.
What he's trying to do is to basically
Stop the Wahhabi Alliance, which is basically a form of Islam that is destroying Muslim nations, basically.
I don't know why the CIA supports this form of...
Islam, but... I know why.
You want us to tell you why?
I know why?
Yeah, I don't know.
I really don't know.
There's no... It's because of Saudi Arabia.
It's because Saudi Arabia and the CIA and the US have been joined at the hip ever since they created the petrodollar alliance, and they truly are involved with the CIA, the Wahhabis, yeah.
Yes, Wahhabi.
And Trump is probably going to stop that.
Like, he knows that form of Islam is not
You see, Muslims in the beginning, when Islam was formed, had trouble of these radical elements.
Even if you look at Islamic history,
These groups came along and went, but usually the Muslims took care of these groups.
Well, you're right, and we all have to remember that Islam is not monolithic, just as Christianity is not monolithic, just as Judaism is not monolithic.
You'll have people from all religions that do something insanely that affects all those inside that religion.
So, I support Donald Trump on the immigration because
We can't just let people even thought I'm I was born in Bosnia.
My parents came here legally with paperwork and the government looks through those paperwork.
But you can't just.
Cross the border and, you know.
Is that we have to understand who these people are before they come in.
We just can't open up our doors, blanket, not knowing who's coming in.
Especially when we're talking about bringing in people from areas that are currently at war with the West.
That have said they're going to plant people here that are going to cause us much strife.
And we can't vet them.
We do want smart people to come over, hard-working people to come over, but without any
People want to destroy the country, the nation.
Yeah, we've got enough of those people here already.
I couldn't agree with you more.
Thank you so much for the call.
It was very, very good.
No problem.
Yes, thank you.
Let's go back to debate real quickly.
Let's see what they're talking about here.
Let's catch up for a moment.
You're talking about ISIS.
Oh, everybody's talking over him.
Senator, we have some breaking news tonight.
North Korea's dictator, Kim Jong Un, has ordered that country's nuclear weapons to be made ready.
Oh, they're lining up the firecrackers.
And this comes just hours after the U.N.
Security Council... How many times a year does he say this?
Team America!
Send them out!
Let's go!
Didn't they have some other breaking news?
He fired some sort of nuclear weapon the last GOP debate.
We have some breaking news.
They like to keep in the drawer to pull out from time to time to prove the fact that our government needs to be bigger and we need more and more military.
That's the guy?
I mean... It's the neocons.
It's the neocon people that have dug in and the GOP to oppose Trump.
And of course, they love Ted Cruz.
Every time things calm down a little bit...
Then they come out and go, oh my god, Kim Jong Un's about to come out and blow us up with nukes.
They use that to put the fear back.
It's to legitimize why we need this big government.
We need all this military.
We need more.
We need more.
We need more.
It's completely and totally ridiculous.
This guy's not going to do anything.
It's going to be like one of those bottle rockets.
That thing's going to go up and come down.
He's going to blow himself up.
That's right.
I want to repeat to people what we said at the beginning of the program, when they talked about how the neocons are digging in and going to war with the whole front.
And all these people from the CFR, all these neocons that they talk to, people like Bill Kristol of the Weekly Standard, and by the way, you spell that W-E-A-K-L-Y Standard, okay?
Um, but basically all these neocons and people from the CFR, uh, they say they would rather have Hillary Clinton.
Why would they rather have Hillary Clinton than Donald Trump?
Because Hillary Clinton will give them their wars.
And they don't think that Donald Trump will.
Because he has spoken out against the lies about weapons of mass destruction.
He's spoken out against, uh, this, uh, uh, enacting... What are they doing here with this?
Let's go back to the feed here.
They're saying he might name Putin as his running mate.
I just think so.
Oh my gosh.
I can't believe they put that up.
You talk about them being... Are they moderators?
Or are they... This is a hit piece.
I mean, what a ridiculous thing.
Fox News is worse than CNN or MSNBC, quite frankly.
You know what?
I don't understand why conservatives watch this trash.
Read the New York Times article about how Fox News owner and the guy who runs their news, Roger Aile, look at how they manipulated you conservatives, tried to at least, with this news channel here and with their talk show hosts.
Read that article, pass it on to everybody, bust the lies wide open from Fox News.
This is a disgrace, this debate.
Why shouldn't we make allies with Russia?
Why should we constantly be at war, per se, and constantly in fear of Russia?
Why is that?
Why are these people so scared?
It's good!
It's good though that Putin would like Donald Trump!
It's good that he would want to, yes.
It's good that we can maybe open up some doors and maybe start doing stuff with him.
Like Trump said earlier, they started hitting him about Russia.
He said, hey, why not?
He said, why are we so busy going and fighting pointless wars in Iraq and Afghanistan?
Why don't we start building bridges?
Let's stop trying to make everybody enemies.
He's like, we have a country to fix and we can help each other.
We can have Russia help us fight ISIS and we can take them out quickly.
Why is it so hard for us to be able to have Russia as an ally?
Because they're the axis of evil!
Donald Trump asked the same question all of us have been asking.
Why would the US be protecting ISIS?
Why would they be arming ISIS?
Why can't we just get rid of these guys?
Or if the Russians will do it for us, why are we opposing that?
Listen, you said, you talked about that, and I can't believe that they would put up
A mock YouTube type of video here to come after Donald Trump and say... More Donald graphics.
Well, I think it was K6 video.
It was K6 video, I believe.
A campaign ad, yeah.
But still to show the clips.
You say, why would they do this?
It's a military-industrial complex.
Well, I'll tell you why.
It's what they do.
It's called war for money.
War for profit.
War for profit.
And when the wall came down, when the Soviet Union imploded because they did the same thing that the military-industrial complex is trying to do to our country, when their economy imploded and we had a period of peace, they were wringing their hands.
What do we do now?
How do we make money?
So they created a war on terror with a lot of false flag attacks, okay?
That wasn't enough money for them.
They said we really need to have this big military-industrial complex that was giving us the intercontinental ballistic missiles, that was giving us the intercontinental bombers.
Let's get that back.
It's not enough to have a permanent war on terror to create a police-state-industrial complex.
We need that military-industrial complex back.
You know, the really big stuff, the big ships, the big bombers, the big missiles.
So let's recreate
The Cold War.
And that's what they've been doing these last several years.
That's what this is all about.
It's about money for the neocons.
Understand what this is about.
It's about Goldman Sachs and other people who support the neocon candidates like Rubio and Cruz, especially Cruz.
That's what they want.
They want war for profit.
That's why they're doing this.
They want to kill us.
They want to rob us.
We need to wake up to this.
KBR, Halliburton, Dick Cheney.
Oh yeah, absolutely.
Hey guys, we got Ron in Boise, Idaho.
We're gonna do two more Skype callers and then we'll go back to our landline callers who've been holding for a very long time.
Thank you guys for holding.
We got Ron in Boise and then some guy named John in Austin.
So we'll see what he's got to say.
But anyway, go ahead Ron in Boise.
And it's Don, not Ron, but that's okay.
Hey, Don!
And I've been watching the debates, and look, I've been 60 years old, so I voted in quite a few elections in my time.
And I can't say I've ever seen one quite so energized as I've seen this one.
It's time to watch these silly debates, which I never used to watch before, because you always get the same platitudes, the same... Yes.
Multi-point talking plans about, I'm going to do this and I'm going to do that and nobody does anything at all.
As Mr. Trump has pointed out on more than one occasion.
Yeah, that's right.
And that's what we saw tonight.
The first question to Ted Cruz, I agree with you Don.
The first question to Ted Cruz, they asked him a specific question about why evangelicals were voting for Donald Trump instead of him.
And he gave him a prepared speech that he'd worked out in advance.
That's exactly what you're talking about.
And Trump doesn't do that.
He does not come out there with a written speech by some professional.
That's the thing.
What you see is what you get.
I think it's time we had something like that in D.C.
That's right.
That's right.
You know, you don't have to like him.
Who said the president had to be liked?
That's right.
We should be electing an executive to run our country, not someone who's running a popularity contest.
That's right.
And that's where I'm at today.
And I'll tell you, boys and girls, you're never going to find somebody that you agree with on all points.
And I've got many points that I disagree with Donald Trump.
I haven't changed my mind on those points.
But I realize that those points that I disagree with him on, I also disagree with all the rest of the Republicans and all the Democrats on as well.
So I see some positive reasons to vote for him.
Thank you so much, Don.
Let's go to the next Skype caller.
Go ahead.
Who's the next Skype caller, Rob?
John in Austin.
In Austin?
We got another Skype caller in Austin.
It's John, not Don.
Okay, John, go ahead.
Yeah, I just wanted to point out there, Mr. Knight, that the Smith-Muntt Act was repealed.
Your voice sounds so familiar.
Three years ago.
So the propaganda that you just witnessed that they showed, you know...
Like it was nothing, which, you know, 10 years ago that would have been a big deal.
People's heads would have rolled for that, but propaganda is legal.
Killing Americans is legal.
Taking over your spiritual essence is legal.
So, the Skeksis that exist out there, Ms.
Leanne, and hello, Jakari.
Everybody needs to know that propaganda is legal.
When you go see a movie, propaganda is legal.
It's not, there aren't any, nothing's hidden anymore.
John Bowne, are you saying that we should change, that Fox News should change their name to like Voice of America or something?
Yeah, they might as well.
Well, they're just an outfitted voice.
I'm sorry Leanne, what were you going to say?
Well, I was going to say, I believe we were talking about this yesterday, about the repeal of the Smith-Month Act, and how this time around, how all the cable news networks, all the pundits, everyone is so vocal about who they like and who they dislike.
They're very outspoken about take down Trump.
They're not even trying to hide it in the media.
And now they're asking the repeal of the Smith-Month Act.
Now they're asking the questions, Fox News is asking, would you support Donald Trump if he's a nominee?
I mean, unbelievable.
It's just kind of gone full circle from the very first debate.
We all had our differences with Trump.
We've all been through the hell that we've all gone through with Obama.
We were sold one way or another.
Each one of us was sold.
Everybody in this country, not just the Infowars crew, but everybody.
That's why we're so angry.
So when Trump comes out and he starts saying these things that make total sense to us, your initial reaction, especially...
The first president I remember was Richard Nixon, so I've been getting robbed my whole life.
So, you know, when Trump comes out and starts saying these things, your gut tells you they can't be real.
But, you know, today when Mitt Romney came out like a complete idiot and tried to slam Trump, that speech that Trump gave was the first time that I started really believing in Trump because he had passion
He wasn't thinking, he had everything scripted.
He was teleprompter free like InfoWars.
And he was passionate about what he was saying and there was an immediacy in his voice and a knowledge of what he's been thinking about these things for a long time.
I agree.
Yeah, I love the Holy Grail.
Run away!
Run away!
We are the knights who say, me!
Here's the thing that's going on here, John.
They're going through and they're asking all the candidates to do a loyalty oath to the Republican Party.
This is why they're, you know, Mr. Trump, would you support the nominee if it's not you?
Mr. Kasich, would you support Mr. Trump?
And that's exactly, Rob, that was what we saw the other day with Reince Priebus saying, talking to Alison Camerato of CNN, saying, no, no, no, you don't understand, Alison, this is not an election.
I mean, he didn't say it's not an election, but in so many words he did.
He says, no, you don't understand what's going on.
They're going, they're trying to join us, and he's moving his hands like, join us, and she goes, well, yeah, kind of, but it's an election, and the voters are like, no, no, no, no, Alison, you don't understand, they're trying to
Join us!
And that pretty much puts us in this negative system, because everybody is so loyal to a party, or they're loyal to a guy, they're not loyal to their ideas and their principles.
Or the Constitution!
Why don't they ask them if they would be loyal to the Constitution instead of this Republican Party, that we need to change the GOP to the globalist oligarch party?
Rubio looks worn out.
Rubio's the youngest one on the stage and he looks completely worn out.
Well, he was crying his eyes out earlier today because they told him he doesn't have a chance.
He finally realized that, I think.
Oh, he's been chasing Trump around all day or his whole campaign, I guess.
Well, did you hear, John, that he's not going to be going to CPAC?
That he has cancelled a Louisiana as well as a Kentucky scheduled events tomorrow?
Yeah, he's given up.
He's thrown in the towel and he knows it.
Yeah, he's been given the word that he's going to stay there to try to suck off some more votes, but he's already been given the talk by the people who are in control.
I personally met Ted Cruz and Ted follows the Constitution as far as we know.
But my own personal experience, it wasn't like meeting a Jakari Jackson who's a wonderful, honest human being.
It was more like meeting a used car salesman.
And so when I met him, he looked right through me, looked right past me.
He didn't give a crap about me.
That's right.
And I'll tell you what, John, I don't think he cares about the Constitution either.
I don't think he's eligible.
I don't think he will make a constitutionalist, originalist argument for why he is a natural born citizen.
For the Trade Promotion Authority, which is a violation of the constitutional process to ratify treaties, and he voted for that before he then voted against it when they didn't need his vote.
Marco Rubio was the deciding vote for the TPA.
I don't believe that he supports the Constitution at all.
No, he's just another part of the corporation.
Hey guys, we've got a caller, James in Detroit, who is the host city of this debate, and so he could probably give us some insight on what is really going on with Detroit.
I've been there.
Well, the debate just ended.
It's a run.
Thank God.
Because that was just a backdrop.
That was just a ruse to get people to tune in to what is really going on.
Puppies or kittens.
Puppies or kittens, what do you want?
James, go ahead.
With all of the primaries that are coming up, it is obvious that Donald Trump is in the lead by a wide margin.
Now, at the time of the RNC, when they actually announce their candidate, they are going to be conspiring against Trump.
They are not going to nominate him.
Will he run, do you think, as an independent?
Carla, I disagree with you.
They're not going to be conspiring against Donald Trump.
They're going to be conspiring against the American voters.
We need to understand what's really involved here.
We need to understand that they could care less about the political process or the will of the people.
They're going to try to push through their collective backdoor power broker involvement.
They're going to do whatever it takes, David.
That's right.
They're going to do whatever it takes because their backs are up against the wall.
You know, they spend all their time out in Hollywood in their Illuminati sex clubs ignoring and owning all of us.
Over in the Vatican ruling over us with the spiritual warfare that they are, which is something we don't really talk about a whole lot, but that's what we've reached right now.
We're at a threshold right now with our morality.
I agree.
That don't want to lose money.
They want to keep their wealth.
They want to keep their power.
And Donald Trump has billions of dollars.
He does not need any of their money.
And that's why they are after him like hawks.
Well, again, as we were talking about before, I have a lot of issues I disagree with Donald Trump on.
But one thing, and I believe that he's authentic about it because he did it 35 years ago or 30 years ago, I should say, 80, 85, I think.
He's against this globalist takeover.
He's against these trade agreements.
He's against everything that they're trying to put into place right now.
They know that he is going to oppose them on this.
That's why they would rather have Hillary Clinton.
They would like to have somebody who is going to give them their wars, who's going to give them their treaties that they want to push through.
That's why they're pushing back against him.
What they need to worry about
Is that Donald Trump might get elected and we might create a political party that excludes these people.
We might push them over into the Democrat Party where they belong.
They have run both parties for far too long and we're not going to get them out of the Democrat Party this time.
They're firmly entrenched.
They've got the superdelegates.
They're going to get their Hillary Clinton person in there.
We're not going to get him out this time.
But we do have a chance to get them out of the Republican Party.
We do have a chance to have one party that reflects what, that offers what the American people need, rather than what serves the globalist agenda.
And we've got Scott in Michigan.
Will he reboot the Whig Party?
Hey, thanks for taking my call.
You guys are the greatest.
Your use of humor and satire is getting better and better, and earlier in the evening, you know, when they were talking about Ted Cruz, I think it was David that said he was a master debater, and then Leanne piped in and called him a cunning linguist, and that just about blew me away.
Well, and they had a nickname for him back in college, and it was Ted Scuzz.
It literally blew you away.
They used to call him Ted Scuz.
There you go.
You know, we've all had resistance from Donald Trump and he's literally in the middle of a gang up there and he keeps his cool more and more.
He grows more and more genuine, authentic, real and humble.
He's becoming irresistible.
You know, those folks are all afraid in four years they're not going to have a job and you guys are going to be running a debate and all those people in that audience won't be allowed to come back because we'll have something real and something that is for all of us to enjoy and participate in.
Well, Trump was in the middle of a Cuban sandwich.
We'll be hounding Hillary Clinton on whether or not she disavows Robert Byrd, the
What was he, the Colossus?
The Grand Colossus?
The Exalted Cyclops.
Exalted Cyclops.
Exalted Sith Lord.
Exalted Sith Lord of the Clan.
Of the 12th Order of the Third Arm of the 88th Degree.
Yeah, and he wasn't, he didn't just... The Tip of the Spear.
In 2018, there's going to be hundreds of new Trumps.
They're going to show up in city councils.
They're going to show up in township elections.
They're going to show up in counties.
They're going to show up in the state government.
It's happening right now in Austin, Texas.
All over the world.
I really agree with what you said at the very end there.
I think he's going to inspire a lot of people to believe that, yeah, they really can fight this system.
It is not so monolithic and in control that it can't be taken down.
If we see him get in, I think a lot of people are, and we're already seeing it at local levels,
I know because I've tried to work within the system.
I've tried to work outside of the system as a third party.
I know how this thing is rigged.
So many people have gotten into it, seen how rigged it is, and said, yeah, I've got other things I'm going to have to try to do with my life.
But if he does this, I think it's really going to set off a rebellion.
It's going to be a grassroots rebellion against the power structure.
Guys, this Milo guy from, I can't even say his last name, Yiannopoulos or whatever, he's from Breitbart and he is literally terrifying social justice lawyers across the country because he's, you know, openly gay and he talks about how these people are idiots running around and just, I think it's amazing.
Yeah, he was the first one to get his checkmark removed from Twitter.
Twitter took his checkmark, his verified
Checkmark off and then started hiding his tweets and... Yeah, there you go.
Really, that's the thing is, if you just get back in their face with a little bit of facts, they just crumble.
So they keep asking this question.
So, if we play dirty tricks, if we change the rules, if we steal the nomination from you and the voters, are you still going to support us, Donald?
And he ought to just say, you know what?