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Air Date: Jan. 29, 2016
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Radio host Alex Jones discusses topics such as environmental conflicts in Oregon and political correctness, while also promoting products for personal health. A Huffington Post caller accuses the publication of biased reporting against Donald Trump by labeling him a "serial liar" and attaching statements about his proposed actions on Muslim immigration, which the caller argues is actually a temporary restriction."

Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Ladies and gentlemen, we are broadcasting worldwide on this Friday, the 29th day of January 2016.
We're going to be live here for the next four hours.
We have Jakari Jackson and Leanne McAdoo coming in in a couple segments to break down the incredible Republican debate and how
Donald Trump dominated it, even mainstream media, even Reuters said, took over, had more viewers in the total aggregate than Fox.
And we're going to of course find out coming up here in a few days, with the Iowa caucus just three days out, exactly who the winner is going to be, unless Microsoft, that Bernie Sanders is even warned of, basically manipulates the findings.
And if you don't think Microsoft
Isn't above that.
They are involved in heavy covert operations.
We have the author of the US-UN ratified biological weapons treaty.
joining us today.
He's very bold.
He's a top professor.
He went through the same Ph.D.
program at Harvard as Kissinger, but only one person goes through a year to be tutored for the elite position, and basically did not join them at that point.
And that, of course, is Professor Dr. Francis Boyle.
He believes Zika is a race-specific, basically, bioweapon to target Latin America.
And the fact that it's leaning towards race-specific doesn't mean it won't hit other groups, but it's tailored for that, like HIV with blacks.
This is a big deal, and it's amazing that the Gates have been heavily engineering mosquitoes.
They're involved in the secret weather modification program.
It's admitted that the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation heads up the Department of Energy's secret program.
That's even in mainstream news.
They just won't tell us what they're doing.
Well, we've reverse-engineered that, and it is bad news.
And, you know, these subjects get so serious.
We're going to break down Trump.
We're going to break down the election.
We're going to break down geopolitics.
It's a huge news day, obviously.
But that said, Buckley, my cousin, who 23 years ago helped me start InfoWars.
That was a good four years before I came up with the name InfoWars.
I've been on air about a year and a half before I came up with that term, right out of high school.
He's the same age as I, and he was in RTF before I was, going to Southwest Texas at the time, and has a new name.
And he helped me launch what became InfoWars, and then worked at InfoWars the first few years that it was launched after that, until he went on to work for national television stations around the country.
But the reason I raise the point of Buckley
He's always telling me, hey, you don't need to be on air too much because you're pure, you're focused, you're a knight in shining armor when you care about liberty and freedom.
But when you cover this much negativity,
I've watched you over the years, after you work four or five hours on air, you know, then you start getting real sarcastic, you start getting real aggressive, because it's very stressful and you've got to have gallows humor.
And he is absolutely right about that.
And that's why so many times I quit doing the fourth hour years ago, and I have other folks do it, is because by then I start, I get fatigued mentally.
And then my higher purpose really isn't there, and then the racy jokes start, and the aggressive, mean statements begin.
And I just want to say, Jokari and Leigh-Anne did a great job with debate coverage last night.
It was different feeds, live feeds, mixing them all together.
It kind of turned, though, into me just being aggressive and making insulting statements about the mainstream media, because I'm so sick of them, and I'm in a lot of pain, folks.
I mean, these people really make me angry, okay?
And I know they're the enemy, and I'm sick of them, and I don't mean to get nasty.
A lot of folks liked it, some people didn't.
I don't like it.
Okay, so I'm gonna commit here, and I'm gonna work as hard as I can.
The problem is being so real.
I'm really real, folks.
It's a family show, and I did some mild stuff that wasn't nice, calling Megyn Kelly names and doing things like that, that aren't becoming of the political and geopolitical and cultural power that we have.
So I'm just saying that right here.
It's true.
I really shouldn't be on air more than three hours a day, because after that,
Because my brain speeds up, I get really focused.
After about three hours, it just goes downhill.
That's why when I do Coast to Coast AM, I do a pretty good job.
I go home, go to sleep at about 9 o'clock, get up at about 11.30, and then it's like a fresh day and I do a good, cogent job.
The few times I don't take a nap and I'm going Coast to Coast, it's not good.
Join us this Thursday, January 28th as InfoWars.com and InfoWars Nightly News bring you another installment of Political Science Theater 3K.
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From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
We're good to go.
Monday through Friday from 11 a.m.
to 3 p.m.
We broadcast worldwide in radio slash television.
We return weeknight 7 o'clock Central InfoWars Nightly News.
We covered the Trump event last night with our own live feed there.
We monitored CNN's coverage of Trump and we also carried pieces of the Republican debate that was so boring we didn't even play much of it when it was live.
It just seemed to be Governor Kasich half the time or Chris Christie
Up there.
And we know these guys' backgrounds.
These are not real libertarians or conservatives.
Rand Paul, I think, won the Republican debate.
I got up early this morning and watched a bunch of the highlights of it, and a lot of even mainliners said they thought that Rand Paul did the best.
I thought he was very presidential, extremely informed on the subjects, and also more aggressive.
Here is to Rand Paul.
And again, I wish he could be president.
I hope he can spring back to the front.
I am hoping for that, but if not, I know Donald Trump can destroy Hillary Clinton.
Here's the issue.
The system knows that, and that's why they're looking at indicting her.
I have said in the last few months we could be seeing the fall of Hillary Clinton, but she's got all the blackmail data.
But now they are looking at hitting the button.
She's in the airlock and shooting her into space with the FBI going public if the Justice Department does not indict her or does not call for an indictment.
So this is a very, very, very critical time, obviously, because there's different power structures battling for control, and they could pull anything at this time.
And there's foreign governments using blackmail material on a lot of these people.
It's just incredible cloak and dagger, unbelievable
We're good to go.
We'll be joining us Dr. Francis Boyle who authored the U.S.
version of the Biological Weapons Convention that was adopted by the United Nations and then ratified by the rest of the planet.
And he believes that Zika is a biological weapon and that it's transferred by sex and saliva
And it is now spreading to hundreds of thousands of people.
So of course they're telling us, no big deal, don't worry.
If it's something like SARS and it's killed three or four people, they just use it as a big drill to take rights and, you know, check people at airports and practice martial law.
But if it's real, they just play it down.
I remember two years ago when I lost three family members in two months to a mystery illness.
That killed tens of thousands in East Texas and South Texas alone.
It was in other areas, but it would only be in local news.
The hospitals had never been fuller.
The funeral homes couldn't even handle all the burials and cremations.
I was so shell-shocked at visiting people at the hospitals who were dying that I would go back and go on air and talk about it, but I should have done big investigative reports.
And that's how you know something's really bad, is when they tell you everything's fine.
You know, Ebola's still spreading in Africa.
There's been Ebola cases here and in Europe.
They just cover them up very quickly.
They basically declared civil emergency to do that.
And then you saw different governors and emergency managers come out and say, we got hospitals with folks locked up in them here in New Jersey, you know, here in Texas, and we don't know what's going on.
They're using the drug-resistant TB and the Ebola and all these other emerging and black plague is popping up all the time now.
Bubonic plague.
And then you ask yourself, why are they bringing this all in?
Why are they?
It's a larger plan to test least or less lethal bioweapons to see the response, to titrate the dose, to build up the ambient background.
of the death until people just incrementally accept that 1 in 20-something thousand gets autism 30 years ago.
Now it's 1 in 58.
Maybe 1 in a million kids in the 50s and 60s would get cancer.
Now it's 1 out of 30-something.
I mean, the numbers are just staggering and they just normalized it with all these fundraisers.
Oh, everybody's dying of cancer.
Everybody's sick.
Raise money.
Find a cure.
Find a cure.
Never asking, why is breast cancer skyrocketing?
Why is brain cancer skyrocketing?
Why are there all these new, hundreds of new leukemias, cancers of the blood, hundreds and hundreds of other new cancers?
And then you can go into the medical literature and they knew by the 20s that most cancer is viral.
And they have been testing and developing, it's been declassified, by the 60s.
They had weaponized cancer.
This is what was being studied and what JFK was looking into down in New Orleans.
Lee Harvey Oswald, all of it.
I mean, that's in the movie JFK, the weaponized cancer.
You know, he only spent a few minutes on it, but that's what was going on.
They had cancers that you could blow in somebody's face virally, with live virus, or inject in someone that kills you within a week to two weeks.
That was in the 60s.
We're not in Kansas anymore.
They can load mosquitoes up with cancer, you name it, and it's bye-bye, but show that it's not too noticeable.
They've developed cancers that trigger within a few years and embed, and then when you're... This is what happens.
Your body gets overwhelmed by the GMO crops, the fluoride, the aluminum in the sky, in the atmosphere.
Hundreds and hundreds of weird chemicals and then suddenly you can't handle all the normal plant pollen.
My mother never had allergies the last 10 years.
Her mother grew up in Austin.
My grandmother, 90 years old.
And she never had allergies until a few years ago.
And it's because your body's getting overwhelmed.
Then you take things to suppress your immune system because of all the allergies.
This is mainline medical science and then your body doesn't kill the cancer that most people get every day.
When you're over 40.
All the replication failures, all the malfunctions going on in the cells, and there's viruses plugged in with RNA, shooting it in, that have been floating around in your body for decades, and then you're creating more and more cancer, and your body's fighting it all the time, and finally your body just goes, I'm done!
And it goes, replicates, you come in, they diagnose you, they suck all the money out of you, maybe you live, maybe you don't,
It's an economy designed to take everything you develop and all of your wealth and then you're going to be medically imprisoned in a slave system where they're going to roll out the more advanced technologies that if you're an insider, okay, we'll keep you alive.
One thing they would do by World War I was spies.
If they weren't sure about them and thought they might be a double agent, they would give them a poison that would be slow acting and kill you within about two weeks.
And so you had to go carry out the assassination, the mission, whatever it was, and you couldn't figure out, even with apothecaries, what the cure was of the obscure poison, so you'd come back to them.
You'd go kill the person, or carry out the dangerous mission, to come back, and then they'd give you the cure.
Well, this is a more advanced example.
And to use a sci-fi example, Escape from New York, Snake Plissken.
Green Beret, they grab criminal Green Beret and they make him go in and carry out all these operations and they put explosive charges in his arteries, in his neck, to where if he doesn't get back and they don't neutralize him with a microwave that is going to kill him.
Well, by the way, you just don't think that's just in that movie, do you?
See, I've talked to people high up and they say, no, they actually have that and have been doing that since the 60s again.
Little explosives that are magnetically charged where they can demagnetize them.
But people can figure that out.
So they've got them that are a microwave frequency that dissolves the detonators in them.
But what they would really do is go in a quick surgery and put an explosive next to your heart.
Which again, you see mirrored in movies like Dune, that's not in the book, but we have the heart plug.
So see, they just throw all this in your face, folks.
And they think it's real funny.
And I'm sitting here watching it, I know it, I have all these experts on.
This is the author of the Worldwide Biological Weapons Treatment.
Coming on to say Zika is a bioweapon.
Oh, now it's not as fun to talk about Trump and the whole fight and Megyn Kelly and all the rest of it.
That's why I like to screw around sometimes with gallows humor and, you know, make silly jokes and things.
It's because basically I'm cracking up when I'm doing that.
And I don't mean cracking up like I'm going to fall down or, you know, be sent to the loony bin.
It's just at a certain point, I get why people punch out of this.
I get why people don't want to admit this.
I get why people don't want to face reality because it's crazy, folks.
And whether you are black, white, hispanic, asian, most people are marrying each other mixed, we're just humans.
Where you're from, whatever.
The globalists are waging a covert war against us and what we know, what's declassified, what's confirmed, is so horrible that I just can't even imagine the next phase and what we haven't been able to document but I can extrapolate out very easily and it is wild.
Now the way a lot of these tailored viruses that they had had by the 60s to classify some of the details in the 70s and some of the church hearings and others is that it's they also have viruses that go in and replicate in key cell areas that they're attracted to that they're able to operate in and then they create a plaque and they sit there.
And then because they've been bred and prepared and mutated to where they aren't able to replicate until hormone levels go down.
So it's a built-in Logan's Run program.
Then, once your hormone levels lower to a certain point, that's when you retire, you know, 65, that's where everybody at, you know, 65, knows everybody at 65 is dying and getting cancer or whatever, all of a sudden mortality rates are skyrocketing.
It's because it's time delayed.
It's time delayed.
And then the viruses release, they bloom, your body gives up, you get cancer, you die.
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You see, the establishment are eugenicists, and they want to test medical treatments on the population and then use the stuff that works for themselves in a breakaway civilization, while using the rest of the faulty treatments to transfer our wealth to themselves.
Always promising a cure, never asking why as soon as they took over the medical system in the last 60 years, all these new hells began to develop and be deployed.
And a lot of it is the toxic environment and man-made stuff that isn't the establishment.
But you can directly go into mainline literature, books written by the White House science czar, you know, the list goes on and on, where they admit all of this.
It is very diabolical.
And it comes down to this.
Instead of fighting evil and fighting death and fighting corruption, they've decided to join with it and surf it.
To ride it.
And in many cases, exacerbate it and make it worse.
How many former CIA people do I have on, and Congress people and others?
That Ron Paul on your show, he goes, yes, it's true.
The government and the elites do everything they can to do the most evil policy with the most destructiveness on purpose.
Because they then orchestrate a solution that gives them more power.
And then there's no memory in the public, like goldfish, or like that fish from Finding Nemo that doesn't remember who they are every 10 seconds.
That species of fish actually does do that every 20 seconds or so.
I forget which species.
Which one is it?
Yeah, yeah, blue tang.
I mean, we're not blue tangs, folks, okay?
Memory is pretty much everything.
And the willingness to face what's happened in our memory.
And they're only getting away with all of this because people don't remember.
And everything they're gearing is about lowering attention spans, lowering people's will to fight, lowering the population's will to thrive, will to survive, telling people put your baby in a crib, don't give it your own milk,
You know children on average have 20 plus or lower IQs when they're not held at least two or three hours a day.
I mean, you know, in every human community, babies were in sacks on their mothers or on their father's backs.
IQs, immunity, everything just, it just explodes.
I mean, that's the one thing I had going for me, even though I grew up in a toxic environment in Dallas, is that man, I was always with my mother.
And when my dad was home the first three or four years, I was always on his back.
When he was fixing a toilet, or going up on the roof, or working on a car, I was a monkey on his back.
And I still have my first memories being one and a half or so, thinking, I love this creature.
It takes care of me.
It's sweet.
What happens if something happens to it?
It's doing this.
It's doing that.
And that's why all the astronauts, basically all of them have been first born.
Same thing in Russia.
That's why in the military, almost all the leaders are first born.
That's why in the Bible they said, you give your land to your first born.
It's not the second or third or fourth born is bad.
They watch other kids and learn from them.
How to act like kids, how to end fight, how to have a rest of development.
And now we put big giant groups of kids together in schools.
No one in any society stuck their children with other people's children.
They stuck them with men and women and trainers and apprentices.
They would treat three-year-olds like little men, and by the time they were 10 years old, they were killing people in sword fights.
You look at 25-year-old men now, they're not men.
I'm not saying I'm some great man, but my dad
Was right there with his mother and his dad.
And the same thing before that.
And so I was watching adults.
I was sitting there listening to my political scientist mother and my doctor father.
I was there with him reading a book.
You know, The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich and reading passages to me when I was two.
That's why I can't even communicate with the general public.
I'm not even that smart compared to somebody like Thomas Jefferson.
But the mental midgets they're creating don't even know they're being murdered and killed, and if you can even talk to them, they don't even understand it.
So you think about that.
Firstborns are raised by adults and are more mature, on average, and it's just a fact.
Now, you don't hold your baby?
You don't spend time with your baby?
They're going to be a follower moron, and they're going to be unhealthy, and they're being primed for death.
And look, it's not your fault, I get it.
They set the society up where there is no home, where both people have to work, so you don't have kids.
Good, that's even better for them.
But if you do have kids, they got to jack them full of mercury, and lead, and arsenic, and fluoride, and GMO, and baby formula that's 60% high fructose corn syrup, and then you wonder why you talk to full-grown adults, and they're like five-year-old morons.
It's because they've been soft-killed, period.
And I mentioned this, you were talking to Boyle yesterday, now it's come out in the news.
Oh, Zika virus transmitted through sex now!
Oh, it's not just from the mosquitoes, see?
Oh, and it deforms your baby.
So don't have sex, and now they're getting ready to declare martial law in these countries that were about to overthrow their own governments.
That's in Reuters as well.
Oh, and this is just a test virus to get us all in line.
You know, Bill and Melinda Gates spend billions researching delivering things through mosquitoes forcefully.
Remember when he released the mosquitoes in that public area?
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
scientists have urged the World Health Organization to take urgent action over the Zika virus, which they say has explosive pandemic potential.
Zika is linked to shrunken brains in children, and it's causing panic in Brazil where thousands of people have already been infected.
Some countries are urging women of childbearing age to wait until more is known about the virus to become pregnant.
Microcephaly can cause brain damage in babies or even death.
Health officials said 23 countries are affected by mosquitoes that are spreading the virus locally, while some people are transporting the virus after traveling to affected countries.
The CDC said the U.S.
has 31 confirmed cases in 11 states and D.C.
There is no cure for Zika.
For now, officials urge wearing mosquito repellent and absolutely leave no standing water on your property.
Stay tuned to InfoWars.com for more updates.
Leanne McAdoo for InfoWars.com
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The world is a dangerous place.
Not because of evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
We now take you live to the Central Texas Command Center.
It's Alex Jones.
Take the children and yourself and hide out in the cellar.
The fighting.
By now the fighting will be close.
The fighting is covert.
The fighting is through propaganda and through hidden ingredients in the food and the water of the GMO.
Just like the hidden Trojan horses inside all of the electronics, inside of all the cars made in the last 10 years, all the motorcycles, all the washing machines, all the dishwashers.
Remember Petraeus when he was CIA director?
Five years ago.
He said, your dishwasher is listening and watching to you.
And of course, we were telling people that.
It was in the literature a decade before that.
They were going to that.
People said, you're nuts.
That's not in Wired Magazine.
They even had mainstream news articles that came out and said, Jones claims your dishwasher is washing, you know, watching and listening to you.
Even though he'd already said it, they wanted to try to discredit it.
But now it's admitted.
Everything is about a stealth attack.
That's what the globalists are up to.
That's what the globalists are doing.
For the rest of the hour, Jakari Jackson and Leanne McAdoo are going to be here in studio with me.
Just briefly, I want to let you know that we are Lister Supported.
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He said that it will be sold out by tomorrow at about noon.
Uh, at the current sales rate.
And so I will tell you that it will be sold out by tomorrow at the 25% off rate.
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But regardless, you're funding this operation, so it's a total win-win.
So thank you all for your support.
We salute you, and thank you, and God bless you.
Now, shifting gears.
Obviously, we have Professor Francis Boyle, the author of the Worldwide Biological Weapons
Treaty joining us.
He says Zika has every evidence that it is a bioweapon produced and he says the prime suspects are the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation that are super above top secret and the front line of publicly saying they're going to release mosquitoes full of everything on us.
Vaccines, you don't want to take them?
We're going to do it.
We're going to do it.
We're going to go over all those articles.
But shifting into the circus because the circus really matters is Donald Trump last night
That's coming up.
And his event that did win, did dominate, did take over, did get most of the press.
We'll see if it works though with the people of Iowa.
That remains to be seen.
I like honoring the veterans.
I thought some of it was interesting, but I would have liked to hear other policies.
I understand it was, quote, about veterans and about raising money for them, but it did get a little over the top with a bunch of USA chanting, because I just hear that and I think we're going to blame Iraq and go invade them or something.
Some of it set wrong with me.
But overall, I'd give it an A. The Republican debate that I watched some of live was incredibly boring.
I watched more of it last night and this morning, and I think Rand Paul won overall.
Way too much time to Kasich, way too much time to Jeb, way too much time to Rubio, trying to prop them up, hoping somebody gets out in front of Trump.
Regardless, Trump is a big populist move here.
And he is a manifestation of the populist movement.
He is a manifestation that we're angry, we're upset.
Congress has a 9% approval rating in a Gallup poll earlier this week and several others.
The US public thinks the government's the number one threat.
So it's a manifestation of that in my view.
I love these reporters because this isn't a cult, folks, like Fox or CNN where they all agree with each other.
Leanne's going to give you her unfettered view.
So is Jakari Jackson.
We're going to go through some of these clips.
Go ahead, Jakari, Leanne, whoever wants to go first.
Well, when we look at the clips from last night, I want to start, guys, with the Chris Christie clip where he's talking about Hillary Clinton is not qualified.
You know, I'm not a big Chris Christie fan.
You know, he says he wants to shoot down Russian jets like he's duck hunting.
He has done some good things that I like, like he's parting people over bogus gun charges.
He's done other things I like, but there's plenty about the guy that I don't like.
But in this particular clip that we're going to see, he's talking about the NSA and then moves on to talk about how Mrs. Clinton is not qualified to be the leader of this country.
Well, let me tell you something.
I do believe that the vote on NSA made the country less safe.
But let me tell you what the country should really be worried about.
I watched that town hall meeting with the Democrats the other night, and I heard Hillary Clinton ask a direct question by an Iowan, and that's what Iowans like to do.
They like to ask direct questions.
And they asked about her email situation.
And here's what she said to the American people.
She did it for convenience.
For her convenience.
She put America's secrets at risk for her convenience.
She put American intelligence officers at risk for her convenience.
She put American strategy at risk for her convenience.
Let me tell you who's not qualified to be President of the United States, Chris.
Hillary Rodham Clinton did that to our country.
She is not qualified to be President of the United States.
Yeah, but he starts off talking about the NSA as well, you know, and I'm not a big fan of them.
So, it's a love-hate relationship.
Well, it's not even really a love, it's a... You're not a fan of folks illegally spying on everything you do and then bringing in ISIS terrorists?
Yeah, I'm not a fan of that at all, no.
What else really caught your eye?
Also, the Ted Cruz clip.
He says, if you guys ask me one more mean question.
And the thing that interests me about this, you know, anybody who watched the debate last night know I'm not a huge Donald Trump supporter, but, you know, he originally criticized Donald Trump for not going to the debate.
He was like, whoa, Donald Trump says Megyn Kelly may ask him a mean question.
So, then he comes back and says, if you guys ask me another mean question, I'll just walk off the stage.
Now, had he just walked off the stage and said, this is a joke, this is a complete bull, I think they should have did that many debates back.
What's on C?
Do you think that this is tongue-in-cheek, though?
I kind of saw it as both.
Well, we can watch it again and analyze it and see what's going on.
Yeah, let's play that Cruz clip.
Note that the last four questions have been, Rand, please attack Ted.
Marco, please attack Ted.
Chris, please attack Ted.
Jeb, please attack Ted.
Let me just say this.
It is a debate, sir.
Well, no, no, a debate actually is a policy issue, but I will say this.
Gosh, if you guys say, ask one more main question, I may have to leave the stage.
I was going to say, it's 17.
I think you need to get away with it.
I don't know.
Yeah, I agree.
I think it's double.
Any vote you're going to make in this election.
People like Cruz.
He's obviously super smart.
Really good linguist.
He loves double statements.
Double entendres.
Oh, he is a debater.
Rather than just attacks directed at each other.
I think the questions were about issues, but Senator Rubio... I think Kelly is very pretty, but she does look too skinny now.
She will rant like, I would like to respond.
She doesn't even look over in his direction.
Everyone just ignores him.
She's very elegant, very beautiful woman.
I think she's trying to look too masculine now as if a woman with long hair can't be smart.
And I think she's getting too skinny and borderline anorexic and I'm worried about her because if the TV puts like 10, 15, 20 pounds on you, she looks too little now on TV.
What's your view?
Well, I think she's a beautiful woman.
I don't know.
And I like her with short hair because I think that she can afford better hair extensions.
So I'm glad she finally did it.
There you go, but you're not getting rid of your Wonder Woman hair.
All right, let's get serious.
I'm just doing some fun stuff because I'll go crazy if I don't.
All work and no play makes me go crazy.
Leanne, clips you want to get to.
What you think of this?
Well, I wanted to respond to something that Jaquari, his first clip with Hillary's for her convenience, because as we know, one of the big things is her emails.
And this is going to be a huge thing for her if she gets indicted, if she does happen to become the Democratic frontrunner.
And so for her convenience, the state is going to release her emails after the Iowa caucuses.
For her convenience.
This is a point I haven't really made, but I've studied spycraft, a lot of history on it, talked to a lot of top spies.
The way a lot of times people will sell info to the Russians or the Israelis or the Chinese, you know, more these days, not mainly Russia, is they throw it in the trash.
And then it's not really looked at.
Then they were just careless with something, you know, if the Russians go grab their trash off the corner or whatever.
So for her, the head of the State Department, she was in the CIA when she was 18 out of high school, okay?
That's when they recruited people back then, right through college.
We know they were CIA in England and Europe.
They infiltrated left-wing groups.
That's what Obama did.
He was CIA.
That's come out.
Uh, and so she's CIA trained for 40-something years, you know, since she was 18, okay?
A high-level spy, basically was the president under Bill Clinton.
I mean, she ran more stuff than him.
She knows all about it.
She knows the Israelis were targeting them, blackmailing them.
So for her to have this email server to be doing this, clearly she knew foreign governments were getting in, and clearly
Clearly she was violating the laws and caught doing it and was probably selling information to be paid later to the foundation is my view.
Unless, I don't want to give her an out, unless they got a high-level...
National intelligence decree, which I don't think Congress would authorize for her to leak fake information via that.
But the Russians and people are so smart, they would know if it was fake or probably tainted all because of it.
This is over the top that they did this and the fact that they think the public doesn't understand it just shows how dumb they think we are.
Well, let me tell you, the intelligence agencies understand it.
I mean, it is illegal.
For them to use an unauthorized device.
It is illegal when you're in the cabinet to do anything that isn't... I mean, in France, they send it through pneumatic tube to each other, you know, if you go to the bank, because they don't want anybody seeing the info.
I'm sorry, go ahead.
Well, and also the fact that, you know, when Richard Reeves confronted her about using her email, even after she knew that it was hacked, and she said, it's a lie, it's false.
We reported years ago, a couple years ago, when Guccifer had released all those emails from Sydney Blumenthal, and it didn't say her name, but that's who she was going back and forth speaking with.
Now he's what, in a Romanian prison or something?
And he's a listener.
Yeah, so he released these emails from the person who was giving her all of this intel.
And by the way, Guccifer said... She continued to use the email, though.
He didn't believe in the world government and the conspiracy until he got in everybody's email.
And he said, there's a planetary government, they're taking over, eugenics, they're putting stuff in the food and water.
They went and locked his butt up, and they said, no, this is real info he got.
So, I mean, you know, he gets in their emails, I'm not killing you and your family.
So right there where she, again, said, it's a lie, it's a complete lie, I didn't, it wasn't hacked.
I mean, the evidence is there, and that was like New York Times, all sorts of people reported.
Well, if John P. Holdren
And Paul Ehrlich will write a book in 1974, the year I was born, 42 years ago, and brag about we'll put stuff in the water to lower their fertility and all this stuff.
What do you think's in their emails?
Oh my goodness.
I mean, if you publish a book admitting that, I wonder what else is there, Zakari?
She said it was just her yoga practice.
Zakari, I don't say this because you're African-American.
I ask you this as an American because I'm scared seeing it happen.
I know they've done it to every group.
But, I mean, Tuskegee, 45 years secretly giving black people in the South syphilis when they go into medical clinics.
The evil, the anti-human viciousness of that.
I mean, we have all these documents.
You see them.
Well, do you think folks should be a little worried about vaccines and things the government gives us with this history?
Well, the issue is that people have been so conditioned to just accept.
And I was actually thinking about this last night, because if you think about something like cough syrup or over-the-counter pill, they say on the bottle if you start experiencing symptoms from this, stop taking it immediately and go see a doctor.
Once you get that injection into your body, you can't go see a doctor.
But they have people so conditioned.
Because even, because the debate is, if vaccines were bad, if anything was wrong with the vaccine at all, I'm not saying they're inherently bad, but they do have bad properties, like we saw the kids in Syria die after taking the vaccine.
Well, they taint them, they jack them.
There's nothing wrong with going to a clinic.
You know, the folks in Alabama thought they were going to get medical treatment, they were shooting them up with syphilis.
Obviously, obviously, you know, a Band-Aid isn't bad, but if they put, you know, plague on it, it is.
But yeah, they got people so conditioned to not even question the vaccine.
Because even when you see people like the girl in Katie Couric who got sick from the vaccine, they have a doctor sitting right next to her saying, oh, these are so statistically rare.
Even if they are, people need to have the right to know that.
You know, if it's statistically rare that, you know, your car could e-cigarettes.
You know, I just saw it on Drudge or some other site that e-cigarette blew up in some kid's face.
Even if that's statistically rare, people need to know that that is possible.
I want to go to a clip and Leanne's got some clips.
Well, this is one of the clips that we have kind of been asking this question with Rand Paul running.
Why didn't he align himself fully with Ron Paul supporters, the people that propped up his dad?
And so this was something that they actually asked him about last night at the debate.
Did he make a mistake not aligning himself with his father?
Because there's so many here.
Do we have that clip?
I think it's a Rand Paul goes after Cruz on NSA and the Fed.
All right, we're going to go ahead and play that clip right now, and I'm going to skip this break.
Go ahead.
You're definitely not in the establishment category.
But at the beginning of this campaign, you said you were your own man when asked about your father, former Texas Congressman and three-time presidential candidate Ron Paul.
Senator Cruz's campaign is out with a video saying that Cruz is the intellectual and political heir to your father's 2012 campaign and the Liberty Movement.
And your father now says that it's realistic that Donald Trump will be your party's nominee.
So did you make a mistake by not fully, more fully, embracing your father politically at the beginning of this campaign?
You know, I've always had a great deal of respect.
There's probably no person I respect more in the country or in recent history than my father.
I think he was probably the most honest man in politics that we've ever seen in a generation.
And so in no way have I ever said that I don't embrace my father or love my father or appreciate everything that he's done for the country.
I think what's interesting about where that Liberty vote goes, that my father brought to the Republican Party is, I don't think they're necessarily going to go for Ted.
You know, Ted didn't show up.
We had an Audit the Fed vote, which was the biggest thing my dad had been advocating for for 30 years.
Ted didn't have time to show up.
He was the only Republican that didn't show up for it.
And so I think really that vote is going to stay in the Paul household.
I think more of it's coming and it's going to grow.
The NSA is another big issue.
Ted said he was for, you know, NSA reform.
But then he told Marco Rubio, oh no, I voted for the bill because I'm for the government collecting 100% of your cell phone records.
I don't think Ted can have it both ways.
They want to say they're getting some of the Liberty Vote, but we don't see it happening at all.
We think we're going to do very well in Iowa with the Liberty Vote.
So I think he answered that correctly.
But that's one thing I'm really getting tired of.
I'm seeing it on Twitter, all this.
There's a bunch of articles out today.
Oh, you know, I don't trust Ted Cruz or my gut instinct tells me he's a snake in the grass.
But just because you wouldn't go have a beer with him doesn't mean he's going to be the best.
So many people do not trust him, and then just the fact that they say, well, he's the most conservative, but then he doesn't show up for votes.
Here's the deal.
He really wanted on this show because I was going up against the known CIA dirty end of things, in my view, here in Texas, David Dewhurst.
I mean, I've met David Dewhurst many times.
I know David Dewhurst.
I've been down at the Capitol a lot.
I've run into him.
He gets very uncomfortable.
We're in the same restaurant.
He is a scary guy.
And he was on the end of the CIA with the Nazis down in South America.
And that's come out.
I mean, he with Klaus Barbie.
OK, so I supported Ted Cruz because his rhetoric was good, but he only held one state position before that.
I didn't like the Goldman Sachs background of his wife, the CFR connection.
But I said, look, anybody at that level is going to be recruited by that.
So, you know, he's not been there 20 years.
Let's see what he does, and since then he's voted well, he's done well, he has a good record.
I overall like him.
They've kind of twisted some of the NSA stuff, so I don't just sit there and say, I don't trust him because he's so smooth, so slick, you know, an eloquent guy.
I'm not intimidated, you know, by smart masculine people.
That said, you know, there is something a little cold about him to the point of, you know, getting a little creepy.
And I get that.
The thing about Trump is he's goofy, he's funny, he's also dominant, but he feels accessible.
That's kind of like I am, folks have told me.
Again, but I just can't go off that.
I don't have a bad feeling about Cruz.
I think Cruz could go either way.
I think deep down he wants to be a libertarian.
He is a patriot.
He is anti-communist.
That is where his roots come from.
He was involved at the time.
He was 14, you know, giving anti-communist speeches, just like my dad was, you know, for the John Birch Society and groups.
I mean, my dad was on radio in Dallas, you know, doing anti-communist speeches when he was 16, got recruited into Plan 2 at UT.
That's when he found out about, whoa, the shadow government.
They tried to recruit him.
He didn't get recruited.
A lot of the other family did.
I've not made any secrets about that.
I don't know all the stuff that went on, and I don't want to know.
But, you know, Buckley was like in command bases when he was a kid being attacked in Guatemala by communist rebels.
I mean, you know, my family has fought for this country, fought against communists, and I know what it means when people say I've been up against communists and I am against the globalists.
But at the same time, I think Cruz is willing behind the scenes to kind of work both sides with the elites, and I think they know that, and that's why they don't want him.
So, uh, that's my... I'm ranting.
I agree.
He could go either way.
I'm not convinced 100% either way what his true intentions are.
He has done good things that we have documented in the past.
He's also done some questionable things here recently.
Well that's, I mean, but that's the thing is like, I know a lot of us here support Rand Paul, and that's, you don't have to go, well, you know, but he didn't do that.
The only thing that I, that discourages me with Rand Paul is that he didn't fully align himself with his dad and his dad's supporters.
Absolutely, and I'm going to say this about Rand Paul.
Again, I've known him for 20 years, since his dad was first running for Congress again after his one term in the 80s.
And I would have him on.
He's a great guy.
We've interviewed him here in Austin.
Interviewed him on air.
And a really nice guy to have dinner with.
Really smart.
Maybe even smarter than his dad.
Maybe almost too smart in that he did kind of try to go, not be anti-establishment or establishment, kind of in the middle, and kind of be Ron Paul-like and purposely didn't use his dad's face, didn't use his dad's apparatus, and listened to a bunch of Republican insiders that basically advised him to do things that really hamstrung him.
And so I don't want to get into a bunch of inside baseball, but that question from the Fox, I forget the reporter's name, Dano.
Absolutely is on target.
Yeah, and they just wanted to point that out, which I think wasn't, and he could have been bold that way, you know, by saying, no, this is, I am for the Liberty vote.
There's only one candidate up here that is going to get the Liberty vote.
Now, let's get to some of these other clips.
I want to go to something I really like Rand Paul saying in the War on Drugs clip.
Rand Paul says, War on Drugs disproportionately affecting African Americans.
And this is one of the biggest true racisms you can find, proven just undoubtedly with sentencing that blacks in this country get two to three to four times, depending on the state, but also with the feds, longer sentences for the exact same drugs.
That is
A white 17-year-old gets caught with cocaine, she gets probation.
A black 17-year-old male gets caught the first time, he gets five years in jail, gets out in two years with a full degree in criminal activity, because he can't get another job now, he might as well go, because that's what happens when you go to prison.
I've been in juvenile hall a few times growing up for fighting, and they always drop the charges because I didn't start it, but you'd be in there four or five days waiting for court.
And the people tell you, you're going to join our gang and our criminal group, or we're going to, you know, stab you later, you know, tonight when you're up there having to, you know, wash clothes, you know, on the fifth floor.
And by the way, you're going to come to the shower with us.
And I said, well, I'm going to, you're going to have to fight to the death.
But I mean, I was just in there a few times for a few days.
You get stuck in there for two years, you come out whacked out folks on average.
And that's my biggest, I want to get Jakari's take on that and yours too, Leanne, but here it is.
Rand Paul says we're on drugs disproportionately affecting African Americans.
Here it is.
You know, I've supported legislation to allow body cameras.
I've been to Ferguson.
I've been trying to look for solutions to our criminal justice problem.
One thing I discovered in Ferguson was that a third of the budget for the city of Ferguson was being reaped by civil fines.
People were just being fined to death.
Now, you and I, and many of the people in this audience, if we get a $100 fine, we can survive it.
If you're living on the edge of poverty, you get a $100 fine, or you're car towed, a lot of times you lose your job.
I also think the war on drugs has disproportionately affected our African-American community and what we need to do is make sure that the war on drugs is equal protection under the law and that we don't unfairly incarcerate another generation of young African-American males.
In Ferguson, for every hundred African-American women, there are only 60 African-American men.
Drug use is about equal between white and black, but our prisons, three out of four people in prison are black or brown.
I think something has to change.
I think it's a big thing that our party needs to be part of, and I've been a leader in Congress on trying to bring about criminal justice reform.
Buy some at the grocery store, it'll bomb you out of your brain.
You don't go to jail for 20 years for it.
I just say decriminalize it.
What's your view?
Yeah, I like what he said, but I do agree with what you added on there.
If we could just do away or at least impactfully lessen the war on drugs, these harsh sentences, the things that they are coming after people for.
And we all know, you know, it's a lot of the stuff is coming over the border.
El Chapo, all these guys bringing all this stuff in.
Meanwhile, we're giving them guns, you know, giving them 50 caliber rifles so they can bring it over more effectively.
So it's a big thing.
It goes all the way around.
We talked to Rick Ross, Gary Webb, all the people who documented how these things get into the country in the first place.
So yeah, I agree with Rand, but let's take it a step further and knock down these stiff penalties for the war on drugs.
Well, Hillary's trying to come out saying that she's for the African-American vote and that this is the same thing with her.
She's so concerned it disproportionately affects the African-American community.
When, you know, a decade or so ago, she was saying how her husband's well-thought-out plan, yeah, it's tough, but it's... He launched the modern war on drugs and they're actually, at MENA, I've interviewed the eyewitnesses, bringing drugs in.
Oh, I mean, listen, the Clintons, folks, used to run for president with the rebel flag as their symbol.
I'm not bashing the rebel flag, but then they say ban it.
I mean, these people are sick Dixie Mafia.
And the only thing about Dixie Mafia, folks, when they're not in the Mafia, they're wearing pointed white hats.
I'm telling you.
I'm telling you.
I'm not saying they're Klan, but they're coming out of the same group.
Pharmacist Ben Fuchs here, host of The Bright Side.
Hey, everyone.
And as many of you know, I'm on a mission to help Americans get and stay healthy.
You've all heard the shocking statistics.
Despite spending trillions of dollars in health care, nearly $10,000 per man, woman and child in this country, obesity, diabetes, cancer, heart disease and autoimmune illnesses are rampant.
I think so.
We're good to go.
Waging war on corruption.
It's Alex Jones, coming to you live from the front lines of the InfoWar.
Alright folks, I'm going to go to your phone calls now.
We're going to give the number out.
We're going to the 20 after.
We'll take 5-6 calls.
The Jakari and Leanne are going to get ready for InfoWars Nightly News tonight, 7 o'clock central.
And who's hosting the news tonight?
Jakari's hosting the news tonight.
I am.
You just told me that.
So much going on here.
We've got a guest coming on who authored the U.S.
that became the World Biological Weapons Treaty, saying it appears to be a bioweapon.
Dr. Francis Boyle, we've got David Knight and Joe Biggs popping in briefly with a final report from Oregon, as I guess there's three people left saying they're going to fight to the death inside.
I mean, it's just redonkulous.
That is coming up.
We've got just so much on the economy, the debate.
We're going to play some more clips, but here's the toll-free number.
What do you think of the debate?
Okay, and first-time callers, give you a chance to call in.
I'll have free-for-all later.
I don't care where you're calling from in the world, too.
Who do you think won this?
Was it Trump basically going and having his own event?
Was it Cruz?
Was it Rand Paul?
I think he did the best of that debate.
Cruz kind of just floundered around and I don't think gained or lost anything.
What's your view?
That's 800-259-9231 with your question or your comment.
In fact, I really just want to hear your view quickly on who won, what you thought was key, where you think it's going, your predictions on Iowa.
Who do you guys think came out on top?
I mean, I think
This went for Trump, maybe 60%, but still his event was goofy in ways.
I mean, I love the veterans, but then the other Republican debate was weird.
I mean, you think I'm wrong or right?
Well, debates are just boring in general unless you do get people up there with some spicy.
That's why I didn't like it when Rand Paul wasn't in the last debate.
It's better having him.
It's much better because he comes with substance.
But the Trump event, yes I agree, he could have really dominated and it was kind of boring.
I agree, and it was just some of the people like, here's my friend, he made millions of dollars.
It was almost like Oprah handing out cards.
Right, yeah.
This guy's amazing, yeah.
He offered me a million, but I sent it back, because he's my good friend.
And it's like, oh, is he going to be in your cabinet?
In a way, I kind of liked how goofy and hokey it was, though.
I mean, Trump is just a piece of work.
I tell you, they say he's 19th century, I kind of agree.
He's a great guy, good guy.
And that's what he goes like, you know, Alex Jones, yeah, I like him, nice guy, yeah.
Good fella.
Nice guy.
There is a little bit of a kind of Italian gangster to him, doesn't he?
Oh, yeah, well, you know, I think with the casinos thing, you gotta kind of... Well, that's the thing.
They have had a microscope on him with casinos.
They haven't found anything.
But that is one negative.
I mean, it's his right to have casinos.
I guess he's on the right end of it with the chumps that go in there, but man, I just, not for banning gambling, I'm a libertarian, but man is it stupid.
He's gonna have a lot of practice working with politicians and stuff now that he's kind of worked with casino gangsters.
Oh, he's a good salesman.
Jakari, I got a lot of angles here that I could go over, and I'm going to cover some as we take calls, but what's your biggest takeaway from this, and what's your gut on Iowa?
Well, as I said last night, you know, I think it's my overall thing from this whole, you know, spectacle that was the GOP debate is that people are starting to realize, they're starting to wake up that you don't have to go the establishment route to get your message out there, whether it was Trump this time or Rand Paul last time.
I think that's a good positive thing for the nation to realize, for any potential
I don't
Trump isn't here.
What do you guys think about that?
So even when he wasn't there, they took the time to talk about him.
I don't recall them doing that with Rand Paul.
Yeah, my biggest problem is he didn't give more rhetoric about what he was going to do, a plan.
I think Big's best point yesterday, Big did a great job of the coverage.
I was teasing him, you know, at some parts because he looked so angry at Trump.
We don't need a wall, we need a plan.
We need to build a plan to steal Biggs' point.
And I know he's put out some of it, but, you know, specifics.
Specifics of how he's going to make the Mexicans pay.
He goes, believe me, I will.
Can't really do a Trump yet.
Everybody's saying, everything's going to be free!
We're going to guillotine all the rich people!
Mr. Burns!
We'll be back with your phone calls, Nellie, Eric, Angelo, Ken, Teresa, and others.
President Obama is guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors you may not know about, until now.
For one thing, he illegally gave Obamacare exemptions to unions that supported the passage of Obamacare.
That's right, Obama gave some of his favorite organizations exemption from some of Obamacare's requirements, because many of them were unions and other groups that pressured the public to support the socialist program.
Once these groups realized just how bad Obamacare really was, they wanted exemptions from the very same law they forced on everyone else, which Obama gave them.
President Obama also had the IRS grant special illegal favors for his brother's so-called charity.
The Daily Caller reported the IRS had taken the unprecedented step of approving a non-profit application within just one month from the Barack H. Obama Foundation.
Additionally, the IRS illegally gave retroactive approval for the organization's tax-exempt status.
You can find out more from the article on InfoWars.com entitled, 75 Times Obama Broke Law During Presidency.
This is Kit Daniels reporting.
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The Genesis Communications Radio Network proudly presents The Alex Jones Show.
Because there's a war on for your mind.
We're now well into hour number two.
Our reporters are joining us to continue the coverage of the ongoing standoff, the Wildlife Refuge.
It's already left one dead, one injured, and handed the establishment media a great demonization platform, the Liberty Movement.
Joe Biggs and, of course, our own David Knight will be popping in at the bottom of the hour.
I'll continue with calls and global news on the debate, the economy, and so much more.
Jakari Jackson and Leanne McAdoo are here for another segment or two.
As we go over clips from last night's debate, there are so many
So many of these.
But then I loved Rubio and Cruz clashing on records on illegal immigration.
Rubio's acting like he's the get tough on immigration guy when he's worse than Jeb Bush and worse than Ted Cruz.
Ted Cruz says, yeah, we should have a path to citizenship.
You can't have open borders.
You can't reward people that are here illegally.
He has a good record.
They're trying to act like he doesn't have a good record.
What's your view overall on that, Jakari, Leigh Ann?
We're going to go to calls.
Uh, as far as the immigration deal, you know, it's a touchy issue.
But at the same time, I do support a path to citizenship, but do you really want to incentivize, you know, people coming to the country illegally?
So that's kind of the balance that they're trying to find right now.
What was it like for you a year and a half ago down there with the Don Salazar and our crew in McCallum on the Mexican border?
And he just admits, yes, they ship the illegals in on buses, the Border Patrol loads them on private buses and pays with vouchers to ship them wherever they want and releases them.
It was quite surprising.
I definitely respect the man's honesty, I'll give him that, but it was not the thing I was expecting him to say.
But it shows that's been going on for six months.
The Border Patrol called us.
They called other media.
It took us six months to get down there, but no one else would cover it.
Now they just have planes landing, offloading people, and the big story here is no papers are checked, but citizens are.
Jakari, when you fly, do they check your papers?
Oh, they check my papers, they pat me down, they look through my bag.
They are getting much more aggressive with the pat-downs, too.
They used to just be like, I'm gonna lightly caress you here and there, and now they're like, yeah, I'm gonna get in here, and it's like, okay, that's aggressive.
And I'm going under your crotch.
Yeah, that's very aggressive.
It's so annoying.
We're good to go.
Yeah, it's all a scam.
And then I say to them, you know the borders open and that they ship in the illegals.
Sir, just please comply!
You know, why do you have grape jelly?
I'm calling the police.
This is all real.
That literally happened.
Alright, let's go to some phone calls here.
Let's go to Eric in West Virginia.
You're on the air.
Hey there, I have two points.
One on Trump and one on criminal justice reform.
Last night I was not impressed by Donald Trump's
I don't know.
Sure, well let's expand on that.
Law enforcement gets a very tiny part of it, but they have been bought off for chicken feed, and it has corrupted them, and it's what was done on purpose.
It's the big private prison industry.
We have more prisons than anybody in the world.
They literally, look this up at the state and federal level, they're the open lobby for stronger laws on everything, now on zoning to throw you in jail for 10 years.
That's Agenda 21, folks.
They want to make everything illegal to lock you up and then you work for 25 cents an hour.
You think illegals work for cheap?
Forget that!
The prisoners, folks, are displacing our jobs.
Well, the fact that you have judges or attorneys who have a stake in the prison system, that is absolutely... Conflict of interest.
Leigh Ann, sorry.
It's like, yeah, you know what, I think you're going to go into this prison for 10 years and
Tulia, Texas, the judge and the sheriff and the locals, I keep using the word because it's true, literally owned the small private prison.
They own the private prison.
And every black person that would drive through the town, almost everyone, they would lock up and throw in there.
I covered that a lot with Texas Monthly, and I had the people on.
And then they would even get like old farmers, 85 years old with no criminal record, and plant cocaine on them to lock them up to make money.
I did a story on that, and they have to promise, it's like promising your shareholders, they have to guarantee 85% occupancy, 90%.
See, where's Black Lives Matter on that?
Soros doesn't want to point that group at that.
He just wants to point it at local police to make it about federalization, as Al Sharpton said, Jakari.
Oh yeah, they are pretty much laser-focused on that one issue, but there are many other things out there such as abortion and the issue you just raised there.
It's all a giant distraction.
A giant conquer rather than taking it all down.
Great point, Derek.
All right, let's go to Millennial.
You're on the air from Colorado.
Hi this is Millennial Millie and thank you so much for having me on guys.
I really appreciate what you're doing.
Thank you.
I just wanted to make a quick comment on I really think that what Trump did supporting the veterans was a very smart move politically.
And so I do, you know, give him an applause for that.
I also do support Rand Paul, though, because I do think that he is a very commonsensical choice.
Yeah, Rand Paul's my first choice if he's in a leader position.
And so, but I've got to take Trump over Clinton.
Or give him a top place in your cabinet.
Definitely, and you know, I just wish that somehow they could, you know, mend things between them and maybe run as a Trump-Paul or Paul-Trump.
Either way, they'd have my vote.
I agree.
Do you agree with me that what blew it for Rand so far is he didn't have his dad in his campaigns, he didn't use his dad, he said, I'm not my dad.
He was like his dad before.
See, if he'd been different before, I would... No, he changed.
I wonder if his dad even gave him, like, listen son, they're not going to take you seriously if you... No.
His dad was like... No, no, no, Ron Paul does not change or make stuff up for anybody.
Super rigid, classic German traits, just bullheaded, stubborn, real smart, good, does not move one micron for anybody.
Well, and because that's what I was thinking, like perhaps Rand had been given some advice of like, hey, just, you know, steer clear until you get the get the nomination and then you can.
Be like, just kidding, I'm totally my dad.
I'm my father's son.
I agree.
Maybe he's just trying to make it on his own.
Regardless if that's a good idea or not.
He's been trying to do his own thing.
I mean, I kind of see that point.
Like, I'm not going to, you know, stand on Daddy's shoulders.
Which Jeb tried to do and that blew up in his face.
Because you are standing on Daddy's shoulders and your brother's shoulders.
But, you know, in the case of Paul, his dad's so good.
I mean, how could you not do that?
You want to build on your father's legacy.
My dad's Ron Paul.
By the way, my dad's who I admire the most of anybody.
But when it comes to politics and other people, it's probably Ron Paul.
Well, I'm glad to see we got a call from a millennial.
Thank you, Millennial Nelly.
Let's go ahead and talk to Angelo in Michigan.
You're on the air worldwide.
Hi there, Alex.
Yes, first-time caller.
I just want to point out.
So I think that one of the biggest problems in our country is obviously the corruption with campaign finance.
And I know he's a Bernie Sanders fan and I understand all the facts.
I'm a libertarian too.
You have to get big money in order to buy the process.
Everything's free.
There's just so much that he says, like you can look back 30 years, he's against the big banks and against, you know, the corruption and he really is pointing out all those things.
He's in the Obama deception.
I use clips but I say watch out, he's a socialist.
The thing is, socialism doesn't work because anything centralized gets taken over.
And then it gets robbed.
The only socialism that has ever worked that I've seen was Muammar Gaddafi.
And that's because he really lived in a small little armored fortress with a 10-foot wall and a swimming pool, you know, smaller than my parents.
And he gave like 90-something percent of the money to the people in education, roads, bridges, aquifers, infrastructure, industries, and he was giving it to the rest of Africa and they killed him better than a hammer.
But I mean, it just has never worked.
You have to have a philosopher king.
I'm not lionizing Gaddafi, but when it came to making socialism work, boy, he did it.
He's the only one that's ever worked.
I've heard that as well.
I mean, I've been watching him for decades.
It's true.
I mean, he is at least trying to give him, you know, somewhat of a gold standard, you know, get back on real solid currency.
So I do respect that.
There's many other things I disagree with him as far as policy, but he was trying to do something.
But it never works.
Flourishing then.
And now it's a waste.
And that's what they wanted.
But good point, Angelo, that some of the things Sanders says are good.
I mean, it's like
I'm getting off into it.
Look, there's a lot of stuff Hillary says that's true.
But we know she's evil.
It comes down to that, in my view.
Let's go ahead and talk to Ken in Colorado.
You're on the air worldwide.
Go ahead, sir.
Hey, Ken.
How you doing, Alex?
I'm a first-time caller.
Who do you think won the debate?
I think Trump won the debate.
I'm a plumber from New York.
I worked all the Trump buildings.
Trump World, across from the UN.
Trump City, a city within a city.
Trump used to come to the jobs, talk to us, buy us lunch.
And one thing I noticed is the morale was always highest on Trump jobs.
Everybody wanted to be on the Trump job.
I think he's going to bring that morale in his country.
As for Ted Cruz, our last caller, his wife works for Goldman Sachs.
He's taken donations from Goldman Sachs.
I voted for Obama the first time in 2008.
He preached jobs, jobs, jobs.
I'm going to make 10 million jobs in one year.
And then after the first couple of years I seen that was all...
Yeah, I know people now that I've known for years that I didn't know were friends with Trump, a lot of them, and they go, no, he's the real deal behind the scenes.
I mean, he really has endless energy, loves to get everybody jazzed up, just works like 18 hours a day, reads everybody's letters.
I mean, he's got... Well, I could totally see him not being like Obama, going to play golf after every beheading.
I could see him really actually saying, well, he's a businessman, so I could see him working with that sort of brain.
Has he... Stay there, sir.
I want to talk to you some more.
And you guys, I'm sorry, Jakar.
I know you want to get ready for the news tonight.
He does so much research, but I love having him on this big show.
So, Jakar, he's got to stay with us for one more segment.
He'll be gone at the bottom of the hour, so will McAdoo.
We've got our other reporters coming on in a ton of news, but I want to talk more about what he was like on the job, Ken.
Stay there.
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Going back to Ken in Colorado, who says he worked on big construction sites that are involved with Trump.
Trump comes, he says, buys him lunch.
It's really nice.
That's what I've heard from other people.
As a businessman, he knows it's also good for morale.
But I've talked to a lot of other people, famous people, that say, oh no, Trump's a real deal behind the scenes.
He's really goofy, makes fun of himself, tells a lot of risque jokes, you name it.
You notice the evangelical groups are mainly endorsing him.
I guess the country's gotten so decadent and so wild that, you know, somebody like Trump now can get that endorsement because they've already worked with the fake Republicans that claim that they're holier-than-thou and then end up screwing everybody over.
I think it shows desperation and populism in the evangelical-type folks.
I want to go back to the caller, but Jakari, I know that you're, you know, a devout Christian and, you know, go to a lot of different churches and stuff.
What's your view?
What do you think folks on average that you've been talking to think of Trump?
Well, as far as Trump, I'm reminded of Huckabee.
They asked him, you know, does he have the values that you would embody in your services and all that.
And he says, you know, it's not a big deal to him.
And by and large, my deal with Trump isn't so much a moral or ethical deal.
I'm just looking at his policies, purely on policies, not the controversial stuff he says about, you know, Rosie O'Donnell, anything purely on policies.
That's my issue with Trump, not anything else about it.
Well, mine too.
I mean, I don't, I care if somebody bombs and kills innocent people.
I don't care if they're on tape using a cuss word.
I'm not saying that's good.
It's just that, it's that line from Apocalypse Now where Colonel Kurtz is going, we order the pilots to drop napalm on children to kill them on purpose, and then we
Court-martialed them for writing cuss words on their airplanes.
And for me, that's what they do.
It's like, they'll obsess over how your hair looks, but then Hillary can be running around involved in all these crimes, and it's okay because she's a woman.
It's all just so evil.
Yeah, I agree.
Going back to Ken, more about Trump.
I mean, how he is behind the scenes.
Wow, hey, yeah, sure.
Once he had us all up on the podium on the first floor of a building,
And as for Cruz, I think once he gets in, he's going to do exactly what Goldman Sachs tells him to do.
And I'm not knocking just here to knock Cruz.
Don't forget, Hillary's lies matter.
Leanne wants to say something to you, Ken.
Well, I just, I really need you in that thick New York accent to say, Infowars.com, there's a war on for your mind.
All right, Alex, that's all I had to say.
Thank you very much.
Hey, sir, we're not making fun of your New York accent.
What they do is they get different Southern stingers, you know, Latin American stingers, with folks saying Infowars.com.
This is a warrant for your mind, because we're going to have a whole bunch of different accents saying it together, like we're all together for freedom.
We're all together for liberty.
So, I mean, do you mind doing it for us?
I think they hung up on me.
We don't want to fail.
He didn't want to do it.
Ken the plumber!
From New York!
The war on 4UrMind!
Well, I like your projects, Leanne.
They're very, very good.
We have a guy going on InfoWars.com.
There's a war on 4UrMind!
It's good stuff.
We're nationwide.
We've got to get all the spectrum.
In South Carolina, I think they met that guy.
All the spectrum.
All right, let's go ahead and take another call.
Nathan in Pennsylvania.
Hi, Alex.
You're on the air.
First time caller.
Long time listener.
Um, I watched the debate last night.
I mean, I would have to say, from a PR perspective, I would have to say Trump won because he basically stole the establishment media's ability to control the narrative.
I mean, like, reading up, I did see the clip with O'Reilly.
Come on, come on, you want to come on to the big show?
I'm over-controlling the border.
But a wall isn't going to do it.
Jokari, Leigh-Anne, final comments on that?
Oh, I definitely agree with that.
This wall that is going to be pretty much a never-ending construction project that he's going to have Mexico pay him to build does not sound like the best idea to me.
They just build tunnels under it!
Yeah, you got drones dropping stuff, you got El Chapo building tunnels, they can get around it.
And I hate how you have to wait until months before to announce who you're actually going to have advising you and saying, this guy's the expert in that area.
You prosecute the people that hire illegals on a mass scale.
It ends.
Okay, that's how you do it.
You don't try to stop it at the border.
You just don't give the illegals welfare.
We'll be back.
Great job, guys!
An elementary school in Minnesota has banned Valentine's Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.
To avoid offending minorities.
Principal Scott Mussini of Bruce Elementary School in St.
Paul wrote a letter to parents saying that the decision to ban the holidays was based on his concerns for tolerance and respect, prompting an obvious backlash from parents who feel that the decision is totally ridiculous.
Meanwhile, the St.
Paul School District continues to spend roughly 1.5 million dollars on white privileged teacher training.
InfoWars reported back in December that universities across the country actually published advisories warning students and staff planning Christmas parties not to include mistletoes or the colors red and green because they might be seen as racist.
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Broadcasting worldwide.
Defending the Republic from enemies, foreign and domestic.
Then we return weeknight, 7 o'clock Central, InfoWars and Nightly News.
Covering all the news that breaks after the transmission ends at 3 p.m.
Then I return because there's so much news that breaks.
Friday night, Saturday, Sunday morning and afternoon.
4 to 6 p.m.
Stay on top of the new week as it develops.
I'll be live in studio this Sunday.
4 to 6 p.m.
We're going to David Knight on the ground in John Day, Oregon here in just a moment with Joe Biggs.
They also did a great job last night as we analyzed the debate.
We're going to talk about that in a moment as well.
In fact, I want to just say something about the debate last night because I wanted to put this out there.
I haven't gotten any criticism from stations.
I personally got criticism from Buckley this morning, and I already knew it, because when I do three, four hours of radio, and then I don't take a nap or something, and I get wound up, some folks know like in the fourth hour, I tend to get dingy sometimes and start being goofy and things.
That's just what happens.
I'm so focused when I'm on air, after two, three hours, you know, that's just how my physiology works.
And last night we had the Trump feed that was kind of hokey, and the Fox feed that was kind of hokey, so it was so stupid.
That it just turned into me, you know, calling Megyn Kelly, uh, you know, a space alien.
Which, I don't think it's Megyn Kelly, I'm just being stupid, and the other guy, Dano or whatever, and, you know, Big's a wet cat because he looked mad at Trump.
Uh, it was fun, a lot of people liked it at night.
By morning time, looking at it, it wasn't as funny.
And so, when we do debate coverage or Iowa coverage or other coverage, because we're doing this more and more, there's a lot of stations that are picking it up, we're going to actually carry the debate and then give our commentary during the applauses or things.
Because people really loved it when David Dijakari, Jackson Lee, and all of them were doing it.
And then I'd Skype in from home, you know, at the beginning and at the end with my comments for, you know, 15 minutes.
Because I could maintain being focused at that point.
I was just so excited seeing Trump.
Running over them, seeing how desperate they are, the death of the mainstream media, and my disdain for these people.
That, I mean, I can get nasty, folks.
I mean, what you see on air is really what I'm thinking, and really what's going on, and this is some heavy stuff.
We wanted to do a piece making fun of Bernie Sanders, because I can do an imitation of his voice.
And last week I said, you know, people want us to be serious.
We've done a lot of comedy, and it's fun, and some folks want it, but you know what?
We're serious.
We cover serious subjects, like next hour is the Zika virus, a bioweapon.
Well, the top author of the U.S.-UN Biological Weapons Accord says it shows it is.
And we know they're going to be targeting our reproduction as the admitted plans of bioweapons.
These are serious times, and I want to be serious.
I want to be focused.
I'm not perfect.
And we're popular because I'm real, and there's train wrecks, and people know that.
But at the same time, that's not what we're going to be doing here on air.
I'm going to really focus and dedicate to be more of a family broadcast.
I've been very conservative years ago about it.
I mean, more conservative than anybody on radio about everything.
It was like a hardcore, almost more than the Christian shows.
And then over the years it's just drifted because I've just gotten so sick of everything I let my guard down and act like I'd act at 10 o'clock at night when my kids weren't around.
And it's mild stuff, it's just that I'm a leader, I need to be a leader, and I can be real so far, you know, but I can't just sit there and be a maniac.
And so that means in my private life I need to be like that, which I am.
But 15 years ago I was so conservative, folks, about everything that
You know, I mean, there have been long periods where I don't even drink a beer for two years or smoke a cigar.
You know, I mean, I'm that conservative.
And I'm not up here on some high horse judging people either.
I just know why people try to be circumscript and controlled, because you can get wild real quick.
And that's kind of what happened.
It was entertaining.
It wasn't that big a deal.
It was fun.
It's just we need to be more serious.
And that's what folks tune in for, at least most people.
At least that's what I want to do.
Because they won't do a lot of comedy around here, and I'm like, yeah, let's nix it.
Because this is a more serious time as this stuff's been documented.
Okay, now going to John Day, Oregon, where Joe Biggs and David Knight are reporting on the latest developments.
We're going to go over what's happened.
Obviously, three days ago, this poor gentleman, Lavoie, got shot while jumping out of his car, saying, reportedly, don't shoot.
There were questions about did he almost run over an officer, but it looks like the officer kind of jumps in front of the car.
Then they said that he looked like he went in his jacket.
We've watched probably 20 times, and Richard's going to pop in, that it looks like he is doing something in his jacket or something.
Regardless, the feds are in the wrong stealing the property.
We don't know what really happened.
It's a tragedy, but we're trying to find out.
That's why David Knight's there with witnesses and others.
Let's go to David Knight in Oregon.
I see you've got somebody there to interview.
Tell us the latest.
David Knight for InfoWars.com.
We're here in John Day, Oregon.
We came here mainly because I wanted to talk to this man.
This is Tad Alp, and he is the one who organized the meeting that Evan Bundy and Lavoie Finnecombe and others were on their way to when they ran into the blockade.
They were arrested.
Lavoie was killed.
What was really dangerous about this was that I had 400 people and they had been going around in different locations.
Talking to people about what they could do to stop what is going on.
Now in our backdrop here, what Tad has brought us up here to show us is the massive devastation of wildfires that happened this last summer.
We're standing on his property and he has pretty much lost everything.
He's worked hard, set aside, this is his life savings.
You can't insure a forest like this, a private forest.
And this is the out-of-control, quote-unquote, management of the Forest Service.
David Knight, for Radio Listeners, it looks like Mount St.
Helens just went off.
It looks like a fire-breathing dragon just annihilated, I see black hills with just a few sprigs, like bass drop, and we had fires outside Austin.
I mean, how bad is it for Radio Listeners?
Oh, it is absolutely devastating.
Let me let him tell you a little bit about the devastation.
We've been walking around here shooting some other video.
We're going to upload it as a more detailed report, but he said when the NASA satellites were looking at this, he said it looked like it was a couple of nuclear explosions in terms of the heat that was released from this fire.
Tell us a little bit about the actual fire itself.
This is actually two fires.
What happened is, they peddled with these fires for three days, the US Forest Service did.
In fact, they were initially lightning strike fires, but they pulled people off both fires overnight, and these fires got away from what's happened.
Then the wind came, a little bit of wind came up.
Well, then these fires fed each other, and they created their own winds.
The one fire that burned across the canyon here, it took out 7,000 or 8,000 acres in an hour.
And what it did, it sucked another fire.
The other fire was 14 miles away, and it sucked it in here.
And by the time it got to my property here, it had winds that were exceeding 800 miles an hour.
Now, we talked about the backfires and, of course, the Hammonds.
Your Skype just broke up for a moment.
David, you're about to be back in just a moment.
Okay, your Skype's breaking up.
Hold just a moment until it stabilizes again.
For those that don't know, the big fight in the West for the last 20, 30 years is the environmental groups have taken over, won't let them cut fire breaks on their own property or even on the towns of all these dead trees that are dead tender on the ground.
So when fires get going and there's high winds, it just turns into an inferno.
Yes Alex, the point we're making was, as we're waiting
Most areas were backfires and of course they sent the Hammond family to jail that they want to send them.
David, we're going to have to stabilize again.
There's no feed.
There's types of great technology.
It's wonderful.
Takes us anywhere.
But it does have problems.
Occasionally, they may have to move to higher ground.
We may have to go phone.
They can just tape an interview with this gentleman.
And then we can get that out to you that way in living HD.
Of course, I'm sure they're already doing that.
But again, just seeing the devastation, it looked like Smog the Dragon had descended on a small
Middle Earth Village and blasted it into a war zone.
And then we're going to recap for you what's happened there and the latest and who's inside and what we're hearing.
Or I'll go to the news and get that information.
I've got it here in the stacks.
But the Bundys were coming to talk to that group that night, and then obviously the Feds moved in on them.
They ran into a snowbank, and then one of the guys got out and he got shot.
A real tragedy.
Okay, I believe we have Skype back, David.
Let's finish up with what happened with the firebreaks, and please give us an update on exactly what the latest is with the standoff.
We're going to go into burns as soon as we're finished here.
We want to get the back story of what's going on here.
Please continue then.
You've got good Skype now.
Okay, good.
What I wanted to say was, they made a big deal out of 139 acres that were burned as a backburn, a control technique.
But tell us about what happened here in terms of the backburns that were being set by the Forestry Service.
Well, you know, I've fought fire for probably over 30 years off and on.
The Forest Service is so out of control on their backburning.
I mean, from here...
From basically the front face of the Strawberry Mountain Range here, up to Prairie City for a number of miles, that's all backburns.
And they burnt homes even, you know, from their backburns gone wrong there.
So as we looked around at this, Ted was pointing out, he said, virtually all of this area around here, Alex, was burned in terms of backburns.
So this was something that was said by the government itself, and yet for 139 acres, where they were trying to protect their family, their private property, they got a little bit out of control.
They're sending these people to jail for five years minimum.
It's absolutely amazing.
So to be clear, you must do these firebreaks.
And of course, the government lets you do it here in Texas because the Feds don't have much land.
The state's like, yeah, we'll give you better insurance rates if you do.
But when the Feds do it, they're countermanding what was policy until 30 years ago, correct?
I mean, this man's the expert, but I followed it.
I mean, wasn't it the policy before, you know, to have folks ask them to do this?
They would organize locals to work with the government to do it?
Was it the policy before to have locals work with the government to do some control backburns like we saw happen with the Hampton
Well, they do what they call prescribed burning here a lot, you know, and that's not nothing to do with the forest fire, but I mean, they get those prescribed burns.
They do always get away from it.
They always burn more.
They always kill more timber.
Well, I tell you one of the things that Mr. Halp told me, and he is an elected official here, so he's been going around the Forest Service trying to get them to do better management.
But let me give you an example, because I think it's very telling.
They have an arbitrary rule here in this particular county where they cannot cut a tree that is more than 21 inches in diameter, and that includes trees, Alex, that have
So these are dead trees and it won't let them cut those down.
Eventually, they're going to fall down and they're going to become more fuel.
No, exactly.
They won't let them sell the resource.
That's incredible.
So what they're doing is, instead of allowing these people to earn a living, and they've gone from a population of about 8,000 to about 3,000, is that correct?
Just in labor.
We have almost the same
Population as we had 40 years ago, but the labor force is less than half.
They're depopulating the workforce.
Ask him overall what he thinks about the Bundy's and where he thinks this is all going.
He wants to know what you think overall about what's happening with the Bundy's and where this is all headed in terms of, do you see a resolution in sight?
I sure hope so.
The people are fed up with what's going on.
I mean, the arbitrary rules they're making, the illegal activities of the state police and the FBI.
I mean, they literally murdered that fella coming to my meeting.
And illegally arrested him, hauled him out of the county, which is a constitutional violation of their rights.
They were scared to death of them speaking at my meeting.
And they weren't going to be the only speaker.
I was going to be a speaker, too.
And the people need to know the truth about this.
Tell him he's talking to millions of people right now, David, and then you can come back, please, sir.
Tell him, say what he wanted to say at the meeting now, and then ask him the key question.
Did the majority of people support the Bundys in the area?
Because it sounds like they did.
He wants to know, you're speaking to millions of people now, so here's an opportunity for you not to just talk to 400 people, but to millions of people.
Tell us what you wanted to tell them at the meeting.
Of course, you have to condense it because we have a limited amount of time.
And were most of the people there supportive of what the Bundys were telling them?
Were they concerned about what's happening?
Well, at the meeting we were going to explain to people what their constitutional rights were.
And we have all, the people have all the power and authority.
All of it.
The government doesn't have it.
We have the authority, if government isn't doing what we want them to do, to remove that government.
And if that's what it's going to take, I mean, it's evident that the government's scared to death with the people.
That people are going to understand what their rights are.
And I would also add, Alex, as we were standing here talking to Mr. Howe.
He pointed to these mountains and he goes, this is the largest source of chromium in the world.
And of course, there's uranium here.
There's all these mineral rights that are beneath the surface.
Once they remove the ranchers, once they remove the mining rights of people, once they remove the loggers, then we've seen what happens.
We've seen what Harry Reid has been able to do with this.
We've seen what John McCain's been able to do with this out in Arizona.
They sell it to a large foreign corporation.
They sell them surface rights, or they sell them the rights to the minerals, the copper, in the particular case of Arizona.
That is the endgame, is to lock everybody out.
Destroy this, not to preserve it as a recreational area, as many of the environmentalists and people in the cities think this is going to happen.
This is deliberate mismanagement.
They would rather burn this place down, and burn these people out, to clear the people who have rights.
That's the globalist's plan.
You're absolutely right.
That's what we expose in American Destroyed by Design, the film.
It's free online, folks.
Watch it.
My first film, 1997.
Let's let him for a few minutes here.
This is important.
I'm glad you did this.
This is great.
I want to expand, though, because you're there to find out what the latest with this group saying they're going to stay there and die.
I don't want a new Waco.
I don't know what's going on with that and you and Biggs ahead of our next guest coming on.
But ask him what else he wanted to impart mainly at that meeting that he wasn't able to do.
Alright, Alex wants to know, what else would you have told people at that meeting?
What would you tell them to do?
What was the plan of action?
Well, we were going to just show the people what their options, what options we have on dealing with the corruption in our local, state, and federal government here.
It's not just the federal government, the state, the Oregon state government is just as bad or worse.
And that's what we, this was to be an informative meeting to, because people have
A lot of people don't know what their rights are, and I mean, they've been dumbed down, they've been beat over the head, you know, on, oh, you can't do that because that's the state government, or you can't do that because it's the federal government, and that's not the truth.
You said your mother lost her claim, her rights to what she was doing, because she filed paperwork one day late.
But she actually never filed it a day late.
That's what they said, but they changed the rule and we were later told by a BLM official that it was specifically to get rid of that mining claim, get it off the books because it was the oldest perpetually held mining claim in the state of Oregon.
Sure, what they do is they put, first they put it into a non-legal process.
Have you signed into the process, and then when they say you didn't do it right, they take your right contractually.
You're absolutely right.
I want to come back and hear more from him and David Niner.
Then I want to learn the latest on the standoff straight ahead.
And then we've got the economy, the Zika virus.
Is it a bioweapon?
Top expert says yes.
Boy, this is just getting crazy.
Hundreds of thousands getting it.
They bring martial law to many areas of Latin America.
Just all craziness breaking loose around the world.
I'm Alex Jones with InfoWars.com.
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I was talking to Joe Biggs during the break.
He's coming up, popping in shortly at the start of the next hour to give us some of the really crazy developments.
A pregnant lady inside.
Folks saying they're going to fight to the death still.
Just really a sad thing.
Making the villains outside look bad.
I mean, I get
Standing up to this, but this is just, this whole thing's been a psyop, walked into a trap.
We warned everybody and it's just terrible.
We're going back to finish up this story with the local here in just a moment with David Knight.
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Okay, going back
David Knight is talking to a local representative there in the local government, talking about the out-of-control federal government and the types of activities that they're engaged in.
Finishing up, David Knight.
Yes Alex, I wanted Tad Haupt to talk about the fact that we've heard from a lot of state officials, we've heard from the FBI.
These are dangerous people.
The community was afraid of them.
They had 400 people who were gathered here to talk to them.
I don't think they were afraid.
I want him to talk to you about the character of the people that he knew.
And of course, there's different people that are there.
What's his dead reckoning on the percentage in the county that supported the Bundys?
What's your dead reckoning on the percentage of the people who supported the Bundys?
Just dead reckoning.
In the county.
Yeah, around here.
In the county?
I'd say 80%, 80 to 90%.
Talk a little bit about what you thought of them personally, and were you afraid of them?
Absolutely not afraid of them.
They were great people.
I associated with Brian Payne, he's a patriot, and then other militia people there, they were good, honest, hard-working people that loved their country, loved their neighbors and friends, and
They've had a great injustice done against them, and we can't stop, you know, supporting them, and we need to push on.
These people that murdered the one fellow there, he was a great guy, and he had better personality and character than the guys that shot him.
It's known here in Eastern Oregon that our state police is very militant-like, and almost Gestapo-style.
Lots of problems in the past in this county with the state police.
And I doubt the FBI is much better from seeing their actions.
Well, I know this.
It seems like in rural areas now around federal lands where they're really mean.
I've never seen such mean park rangers as at Big Bend towards citizens.
And then in other rural areas, it seems like they think the locals are their property because they've got 90% of the land.
So just amazing.
Do an in-depth HD interview with this guy for the Nightly News.
Obviously, David, great job.
Be safe.
I'm glad you guys are coming back tomorrow.
We're going to come back, but absolutely, it looks like they killed this guy in cold blood.
Needs to be an investigation.
That's why I got mad at the Bundys, because I knew they were being set up, folks.
We need to support land rights movements in this country.
I got mad because I love those people.
David Knight was there and almost got killed in Nevada, you know, standing up for the First Amendment.
He knows.
I mean, but it makes me mad to see him set up.
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You're listening to the Alex Jones Show!
Live from Austin, Texas, broadcasting ear-wide, it's Alex Jones.
That's right, coming up, an incredible interview live with Francis Boyle, the biological weapons expert, wrote the U.S.
treaties on it, saying Zika looks like it is a race-specific or...
and U.N.
System designed to cause infertility and deformities.
And he's got some suspects, and they're the usual suspects.
That is coming up at the bottom of the hour.
Joe Biggs out there reporting with David Knight, doing an excellent job.
The reports they've been filing are just top-notch to really show what's happening on the ground.
He's analyzed the footage from the helicopter of the Lavoy being shot.
I want to get into that, but I also want to spend some time on what's happening at that federal
facility at that wildlife preserve with the people inside that I've seen saying that, you know, they're all going to die, it's going to be a bloodbath, all this crazy talk.
I mean, is that provocateurs in there?
And what are they doing with a pregnant woman in there?
Because again, I'm against what the feds are doing.
But my gosh, I mean, the tactics of some of the people this whole time are like they're written in central casting to demonize the Liberty Movement.
Joe Beggs?
Joe Biggs here, Infowars.com.
We're in John Day, Oregon, standing on top of a mountain where we've been interviewing some of the locals.
Now, what's going on back at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge?
There is currently four people holed up at that facility.
There's three males and one pregnant woman.
Now, the pregnant woman is married to one of the men that are there, that I've been told.
And, I mean, at the end of the day, we know how women are, Alex.
No, I hear ya, I hear ya.
I just wouldn't take my wife to it.
Wait a minute, you're saying women can be crazy?
You know, so, but here's the thing though, what we know today at this exact point in time is that these four are in there.
There's a YouTube guy in there, David Fry, I think his name, and he's had this live stream going for the past few days ever since the Bundys have been taken and up and before that for a little bit.
You could, if you watch some of the live stream footage, they've called for, you know, if the FBI comes in there, they're going to shoot them, they're going to do all this.
It's been very provocative stuff.
And then somebody walks up and says, here's your release form.
It looks like, they look like bad actors.
Yeah, it's really weird what's going on there at this point in time.
You'd think that after Ammon being arrested, being held in a federal facility in Portland, that this would all just come to an end.
And now you've got people in there actually making it worse, making it look worse.
It's pretty ridiculous.
I'm not saying this, but the Southern Poverty Law Center ran the white supremacist compound that McVeigh was out of.
We're going to come back and talk more about this briefly with you and get into the shooting and show some of the footage of that and break it down.
You could just have the leftovers with the provocateurs, the feds, the foundation operatives, or at least one or more left in there running.
In fact, I think there's a chance of that, a pretty good one, Joe, with this type of behavior.
I mean, there's definitely a possibility.
Like I said, I don't personally know the people who are in there, so I can't speak on, you know, who they are, what their integrity is.
Well, I've seen the feds pull stuff like this, so, yeah.
Yeah, I mean, obviously, I mean, it does happen, and it's definitely something, an angle to look at when you're looking at this.
But they've come out, and before their social media was disconnected this morning, one of the guys came out, spoke to a reporter out of New York, I believe, and said that, hey, he's like, we would rather die here than go to prison.
And they said that's the stance they're making now at this point in time.
I spoke to some people in the Pacific Patriot Network this morning, early this morning, probably around 7 o'clock our time, who said that their social media accounts, the people inside the compound, have been cut off, so they've lost contact with them that way.
And the Pacific Patriot Network has also called on all militiamen in this region to send down on burns and to go out there and support.
Well, I'm sure they're nice people.
I don't know who they are, but they should be looked into.
And then, obviously, the Globalist Foundation, Merck's, foreign countries, you know, could come in and then shoot somebody, shoot feds, shoot police, shoot state police, and then all hell will start breaking loose, and then Obama...
...can sit up there and say, you know, turn in your guns because of the evil white terrorist, the Al-Qaeda.
I want to talk to you, Joe, for five more minutes to the other side, then I'll let you get to those important HD reports you're doing, but your Skype looks great there.
It's just now gone HD for us.
So we're going to come back, get into that, and where you think all this is going.
Former Staff Sergeant Joe Biggs joining us.
I say that when he gets into some type of paramilitary stuff he's covering, because he has expertise to go over it.
Then I'll get a final take from him on the debate last night.
Stay with us.
An elementary school in Minnesota has banned Valentine's Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.
To avoid offending minorities.
Principal Scott Mussini of Bruce Elementary School in St.
Paul wrote a letter to parents saying that the decision to ban the holidays was based on his concerns for tolerance and respect, prompting an obvious backlash from parents who feel that the decision is totally ridiculous.
Meanwhile, the St.
Paul School District continues to spend roughly 1.5 million dollars on white-privileged teacher training.
InfoWars reported back in December that universities across the country actually published advisories warning students and staff planning Christmas parties not to include mistletoes or the colors red and green because they might be seen as racist.
Welcome to the new America.
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You want answers?
Well, so does he.
It's Alex Jones.
It is so cold out there in Oregon where our Infowars.com reporters Joe Biggs and Evan Niner that their equipment just froze up and quit working.
So I'm gonna try to get Joe to call back in and finish up his report.
On the situation deteriorating out there with the standoff and people saying they're going to fight and die inside and you know the revolution is going to start there and all this business.
Just not good timing, not a good time for this to happen in my view.
I think that strategy is pretty clear to anybody.
We're starting to win in the information war.
We're starting to wake up the police and military.
We're starting to expose the areas and agencies that are rogue.
We're having big effects.
And so I've been telling you this for years, the globalists want to start a war with the militia and the government and then tie that to the whole liberty movement to start going around persecuting people.
They keep saying homeland security is for the veterans, gun owners, you know, rural activists, land rights activists, gun owners, all that.
And so it's here.
And I've been on air for 20 plus years and I have seen this over and over and over again and I've learned the tactics of these people.
You can say what you want about George Bush and the Republicans because they were bad news, but they didn't do all this when they were in office like the Democrats do.
When they're in office, this is the stuff they pull constantly.
And I personally, repeatedly, have had U.S.
military personnel
Try to commit crimes right in front of me to say I did it.
And Mike Hanson's a witness to it both times, and part of it's on tape in my film, Police State 2 The Takeover.
And I mean, it is hardcore that you, you, you, you, you, and you say, wait, so the military's waking up, it's good.
That was like 17 years ago, that one particular case.
And we've been educating them.
All I know is they don't do it anymore.
For a long time.
I have to deal with foundation operatives instead.
It's not FBI.
It's not ATF.
It's not it's not federal marshals screwing with me.
It's not local police.
It's not state police.
It is foundation operatives that literally command the police
And they sit there and tell folks who their enemies are.
In fact, in these indictments, and I guess they haven't released any of the people yet on bail, they say we got it all from open source document groups.
Well, I could go get toilet paper in there and say I got from it that, you know, the police chief of Austin is a space alien.
It doesn't mean it's true.
Or that I'm, you know, from Timbuktu.
Going back to Joe Biggs.
Joe, amazing reporting by you and David out there talking to the local commissioners and people.
And I know you've talked to a lot of folks on video.
You're putting a video together to show what the locals really stand for.
Do you agree with that local official statement that 80% supported the Bundys?
Well, of course.
I mean, when you look at the amount of people who actually live in this... When you look at the amount of people who actually live in this town and the fact that it had 400 people who were willing to come out
I mean, that says a lot.
Especially when you have a lot of government workers who are here.
I mean, so, you know, the whole mainstream narrative that we keep getting is saying that the people in these towns, Burns, all this, do not support what's going on.
That's hogwash.
All these people here are affected by the BLM on a daily basis.
You know, this guy just took us on a trip down the road to the mountains here.
There's over 50 homes that have been burnt and demolished because of what the Forestry Service has done to the BLM.
Joe, I want to go to Big Ben with you because that's something you brought up, wanting to show what's going on there, but they let the illegals, they let the illegals walk right across, come into the country right in front of you, and then even up by the motel, you know, by the park
The rangers themselves are nice, but then the police rangers are rude to families, rude to me, rude to people by a creek.
I mean, I've seen them just walk up to a couple that's just sitting there holding hands and hugging each other and go, what are you doing?
And I mean, it's like something I've been in, you know, places like Nicaragua and, you know, dangerous areas of Europe and Mexico and places.
And I mean, the police don't act this thuggish.
They'll just go like, you know, you know, please give me tip $20, $30, you know, or I or I give you ticket and you're like, okay, I'll pay you off.
You know, that's bad enough here.
It's just like they've trained them somehow and I'm most police aren't like this.
But these federal parks and federal lands goons are hired, just like the TSA ad said in Seattle a few years ago, we want you to be imperious and aggressive.
Well, imperious means imperial.
I rule you!
That's how a slave master acts when they're a slave.
And man, I bet the locals are mad, but they want them admittedly depopulated, run out of there, so multinationals can come in with Chinese workers.
And I'm serious.
Joe, your take on that and this ongoing situation.
Anything else you've learned?
Are they going to let him out on bail?
The hearings?
And then what's next?
I know you guys are coming home.
Yeah, so that's definitely true.
I mean, these guys do bully people.
I mean, they're pushing people around.
They have this sadistic look in their eyes when they get off on it.
You know, everyone
When you look at the video, you look at the scenario with this.
They knew that the Bundys were going around and giving these speeches.
They were trying to inform people on what's going on.
Because truth is power.
Knowledge is power.
That gives you more ammunition than actual weapons.
So you think they killed this guy to shut up the First Amendment?
Or do you think they did it because they were scared?
I think that they took this opportunity because they knew they were going to have to go.
It's about an hour and a half away from Burns.
There's a lot of straightaways from the population where there is nobody.
There's no cell phone service, nothing.
And they used that and they knew they were going to be there.
When you actually see LaVoy come out of the vehicle, there's a guy that like pops up out of the snow out of the middle of the woods and shoots this guy down.
And they sat there.
I mean, they planned this.
This was a predetermined thing to take one of these guys out.
They wanted to make an example of it, and they wanted to send a message to the rest of these patriots out here that if you stand up against the government, we're going to come and do this to you.
It's a bully tactic.
Well, I hope all the people involved in this understand that
Soros and the Globalists and others have trained them to act like thugs because they want to have a civil war in this country and they're going to be betrayed by their bosses if this thing kicks off.
This thing is meant to chew them up.
That's why they give them armored vehicles and training to make them feel like they're invincible.
You have a Civil War starts, it's like moose hunting.
There won't be enough tags out there for all the, you know, goons to be hunted because, I mean, somebody goes out, gets a goon, and then disappears forever, and then it's total resistance.
It's over for the enforcers.
I don't want to have this war.
And I don't want it to be projected onto the average beat cop either, because that's the plan.
But I'm telling them, if they're dumb enough to follow the Southern Poverty Law Center's directives and the Ford Foundation, and really want to keep acting like this, it's going to get bad.
Now people ask me, well wait, you're mad at the Bundys, but you're also mad at the Feds.
I don't want this civil war.
The Feds are wrong.
They're stealing.
We supported the Bundys, you know, in Nevada.
What David Knight did was incredible with Josh Owens.
I mean, they deserve, you know, a medal for that.
You know, the Feds saying, we're going to shoot you if you cross the line.
That was dangerous.
They didn't.
Because they hadn't had time to have provocateurs inside to shoot their mouths off and lead a smaller group into a building.
It was out in the open, it was happening spontaneously, so the feds couldn't manage it and have their operatives say violent stuff and project it onto the group.
And so men in, you know, army uniforms basically, aiming their machine guns, aiming their assault rifles at people on horseback with their guns down, march across and they had to back down.
Yeah, exactly.
I mean, I don't think this is going to spark a revolution right now at this point in time, I'll tell you that.
But what I do see happening, what I do see happening is the fact that now you have
A lot of people, and I've spoken to some people here on the ground who are extremely, I'm telling you, so angry with these Oregon State cops that the word has been that they said there will be retribution.
And that's the scary part, is the backlash of this happening.
People looking at what happened, or what happened with LaVoy Finnegan, and then reacting, and then you just have this whole, you know, it's a whole more demonization of the Patriot movement, saying these guys will make the state police.
This is white terror, we've got to get a, you know,
A hold on this whole thing and it's just the whole issue with what happened here in Oregon was bad timing, wrong place, wrong time.
I agree with you.
I'm going to try to queue up the video after you leave of the compilation of the Oregon cop, the Washington police, the Indianapolis police, and others saying, we need these armored vehicles for the coming war with the veterans and the militias and the patriots and the conservatives.
And that's exactly the simulation where they just get us and teach us to line up and have a war with each other.
And it's so stupid.
And it's just mindless.
I hope that there's some way to educate these people.
But, you know, I know that a lot of the federal park police and land police act like goons.
I've seen it myself.
I mean, they act like unspeakable third world police.
They are a shame on America.
What about the state police?
I mean, they vary around the country.
I mean, ours aren't that bad here in Texas.
There might be a lot of good people, some bad, but overall pretty good.
Is it true what locals are saying, that they're basically foaming at the mouth as well?
I mean, from what I've talked to a few people, they're saying that they are.
They're pretty bad.
Every time I speak to somebody, the word militant comes up.
They say that these state police are militant individuals.
You know, red, white, and blue is supposed to represent freedom, but every time you see that red, white, and blue light flash behind your car, people tend to get scared when they have one of these state policemen pull them over.
You know, they don't feel safe, they don't feel the freedom, they feel like something bad is about to happen.
Well, I hope that the globalists are defeated in what they're trying to do.
Joe Biggs, I know you've got a lot more you're going to do before you fly back tomorrow, and so we'll see those reports filed on InfoWars Nightly News tonight at 7 o'clock and right through the weekend with videos up at InfoWars.com and PrisonPlanet.com.
Thank you so much for all the hard work you're doing.
In the 60 seconds we have left,
Now we had a little too much fun last night on the Bay to turn into a comedy show with me kind of the center of it, but it was kind of dumb all of it together.
The Trump thing was kind of weird, but overall I think he won.
What do you think happened?
Like I said, you know, I think Rand Paul did really well at his debate.
He was there.
I think he kind of took control of that.
There was a lot of polls that he leaded the whole thing.
My thing with Trump is that he says a lot of stuff and he never comes out with a big plan.
So instead of saying, let's make America great again, let's lay a plan on how to make America great again so you can get more people like me who might be on the fence that are skeptical to go in ahead and go in for that final push and I'd be willing to vote for him.
So I want to see a good, solid plan by Donald Trump, and I want to see him lay that out to the public.
And at that point in time, I'll be convinced if I see it and I like it and I believe in it, I'm there.
All right, Joe Biggs reporting from Oregon.
You and David, be safe.
And I'll obviously see you back here on Sunday if you guys want to pop in for 30 minutes on the Sunday show with kind of a retrospective.
We'll know more then with the ongoing standoff that could become a new Waco.
Stay with us, folks.
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Governments love in their propaganda to act like it's weird to worry about tyranny.
Obama says, yeah, we got this paranoid stuff about some foreign group doing something to us and our psyche as Americans.
You know, some faraway tyranny is going to come around the corner any minute.
That's going to destroy this country.
No, what's destroying it is the totally legal NSA spying on the citizens and the political system to blackmail folks, on record, while bringing in Al-Qaeda, while waiving all the entrance issues for foreigners, and advertising freebies for them to come here and have a political force that doesn't speak English, that can be controlled by political operatives in their areas.
And then the plan just goes on from there.
We do have a tyranny.
It is mopping up what liberty and due process is left.
It is centralizing control of production and agriculture.
And if you study communism, it's a communist system on the ground with fascists offshore above it.
And communism, when I see Bernie Sanders, and he is a communist, that's who he worked with, that's where he comes from, he's a communist.
They're like, is he really a socialist?
Yeah, he's that and more.
He's dangerous, folks.
I mean, you want to be a slave?
Because everywhere it's done, it's HELL ON EARTH!
There are people over everything that work for the system, and they get powerful, they get rich, they live in mansions, they want your wife, they get her.
They tell you what art you can produce, it is HELL!
By political correctness, I have stacks here every day.
I notice my will is not being broken, but I recognize it was beginning to be.
And I get so angry, it's not going to happen.
There are so many articles now, so sensational, mainstream, I don't even cover them with straight faces going, you know, this school district in Minnesota has banned Christmas, Easter, and all other holidays, not to hurt anyone's feelings.
You know, Valentine's Day.
This school district is banning boy and girl.
This college is, it's happening everywhere.
You will call her she or zee, you know.
I mean, it's total beyond hardcore cults, okay?
And then, oh, Oregon.
complained that Martin Luther King was not inclusive enough.
There's part of his speech on the wall about everyone coming together.
But because it didn't list everyone, it's racist and they want it down.
I mean, this is a guy that got beat up 20-something times, put in prison dozens of times, death threats, lied about, went through so much, said judge people on what they stand for and what they've done.
They're fruits.
This was a Christian.
You know, they got FBI files that say he's a communist, they demonize him, whatever.
He spoke to all those groups.
They killed Martin Luther King because he was bringing people together.
They didn't kill Malcolm X until he said the same thing, then they killed him.
They want violence.
And I respect Martin Luther King.
It's some weird, super right-wing litmus test of bad-mouthing.
No, I admire Martin Luther King and what he stood for.
And now, these sick freaks.
I mean, this is with a straight face.
This is a straight face.
Up on Infowars.com he links the local news stations.
SJW's campaign that Martin Luther King was not inclusive enough.
MLK's dream didn't encompass transgender.
See, they give you some weird made-up right, which nobody's doing.
I mean, give me a break.
And then change the whole world like handicap access ramps, you know, that gives federal control.
But you say that's reasonable.
Now there's gender bathrooms for them.
And now there's people saying, I'm a cat, I'm a dog, I'm blind.
Pay for me to blind myself.
It's scrambling everyone's brains.
How about we get our Bill of Rights back, and then, if you want to come up with some weird rights, that's fine.
You know, how about I don't have to pay for your sex change?
Oh no, no, I have to.
And I have to pay for your abortion, and I have to pay for you to have cat ears put on your head.
I mean, this is actually happening.
Meanwhile, they've deployed thousands, it's over 8,000 total now, about 3,000 of that big giant, you know, one of the last few years, to police and they say it's for the patriots.
Let's go to that clip right now as we go to break with different, you know, Oregon, Washington and Indiana saying it's for the patriots.
Here it is.
We really didn't have the violence that we see today.
The weaponry is totally different now than it was in the beginning of my career.
Plus, you have a lot of people that are coming out of the military that have the ability and the knowledge to build IEDs and to defeat law enforcement techniques.
What's the problem here?
Can I do something about it?
I'm going to play this in overdrive today.
I'm going to get Paul Joseph Watson to play it and talk about it in the fourth hour today.
We're not in Kansas anymore.
Here's the deal.
We're in grave danger.
They're going to push us and push us and push us until we get in a physical war that's meant to wipe out the police, the state police and the feds and the military and take out all their enemies at one swath because they know statistically, even though there are some bad departments and bad people, police are the second most awake group and the most pro-gun and patriotic and aware.
They may not have been 20 years ago.
I don't know.
The point is they are now.
I know.
Oh, we'll probably fall for all of it.
Sick of it!
I'm sick of watching everybody get gamed, everybody being stupid!
I mean, it's so dumb!
It's so treasonous!
The country's been taken over by globalists!
They're putting poison in the food and water and the vaccines!
We're on the march.
We've got a top expert on it coming up.
And others on the run.
Top experts, stay with us.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
scientists have urged the World Health Organization to take urgent action over the Zika virus, which they say has explosive pandemic potential.
Zika is linked to shrunken brains in children, and it's causing panic in Brazil where thousands of people have already been infected.
Some countries are urging women of childbearing age to wait until more is known about the virus to become pregnant.
Microcephaly can cause brain damage in babies or even death.
Health officials said 23 countries are affected by mosquitoes that are spreading the virus locally, while some people are transporting the virus after traveling to affected countries.
The CDC said the U.S.
has 31 confirmed cases in 11 states and D.C.
There is no cure for Zika.
For now, officials urge wearing mosquito repellent and absolutely leave no standing water on your property.
Stay tuned to InfoWars.com for more updates.
Leanne McAdoo for InfoWars.com
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From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
That's the French News Agency, our team and others have been reporting on what they call the California flu that's killing...
Hundreds of people, including 20-something troops, just the last few weeks in eastern Ukraine.
Major power stations have been blown up.
Power lines are being blown up.
The West is running a very serious war there.
A year ago, U.S.
Special Forces were sent to advise.
There's been video of men speaking American English, New York accents, you know, firing machine guns.
It's a very serious situation, proxy war, so is Syria.
The Pentagon, at a certain level, basically said, we don't want to be part of this anymore.
And it's come out, they've been leaking info to the Syrians.
So there's an internal war within the government.
But part of any war, in the last 60 years really, are covert bioweapons.
And we're going to look at the Zika virus and see if it's one of those or a precursor to prep people for it with one of the top experts in the world here in just a moment.
I've heard numbers of 100,000, 400,000.
I was watching CNN last night and they said upwards of 400,000 in 22 countries and 20-something cases in the U.S.
Is that hype?
John Rappaport has a report on that.
But what does this virus really do?
Dr. Francis Boyle is about to join us.
Briefly, I was going to plug this anyways, what do I do to try to stay healthy?
I take iodine, because a lot of people are deficient in that, or X2 is the purest you can find out there.
Infowarslife.com, read the studies, look at the evidence there.
DNA Force, that's about to sell out, has the bio, PQQ, that just one serving of this is literally hundreds of pounds of blueberries.
You can look up all the facts.
Thank you.
With all these new crazy super diseases, I never used to be a hypochondriac, but when my uncle died, my great uncle and my cousin in a two month period two years ago, with a mystery illness racing around that no one knew what it was, they wouldn't say, and the hospitals were all full, but it wasn't on national news, you know, it really asked, you know, super bugs from antibiotics, whatever's going on, it's crazy.
has the biggest biological weapons program in the world.
And the U.S.
And so now we go to our guest, who I really appreciate joining us.
I'm not going to go over his whole bio in the interest of time, but Professor Francis Anthony Boyle is obviously an author.
He is a leading American expert in international law.
He was responsible for drafting the Biological Weapons Anti-Terrorism Act of 89 that was then ratified.
The American Implementing Legislation of the 1972 Biological Weapons Convention.
He served on the board of the Directors of Amos International for four years as well, and represented Bosnia and Herzegovina at the World Court.
He serves as a legal advisor to the Palestinian delegation to the Middle East peace negotiations.
He, in 2007, delivered the Bertrand Russell Peace Lecture, and I'm not going to, it just goes on too much, at the top of his class at Harvard.
He's got the contacts.
He does his research and he's here to present what he thinks is going on with Zika and where he thinks it's going.
Now, I immediately, when I heard about this weeks ago, and I've been doing my own research, I hadn't spoken yet and Nico said, why aren't you talking about this more?
And I said, well,
You know, I know Bill Gates is obsessed with releasing mosquitoes to, quote, give you vaccines and force medical things on you.
And he's also involved studying gut illnesses and things.
I mean, weather control.
He's the head up guy on that.
He runs the U.N.
programs with these inoculations that keep killing people en masse and maiming them and sterilizing them.
And they find in the vaccines the hormone added to it to create a sterilant.
So it's not like he's a suspect.
He's been caught in all this.
And his wife a few years ago made a very cryptic statement in Germany.
She said, the people claiming we're involved in covert population control and things, you better watch it or people are going to die.
It was a double meaning, quote, you're going to kill people not having us do this, or we're going to get you.
But they're very, his dad ran Planned Parenthood.
Was in army intelligence, high level.
These are very serious people.
And from our research, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is a front for real shadow government eugenics.
Now let's just stop right there.
He's the main funder of gun control, you name it as well, but never gets heat for it.
So talking about him is very dangerous.
So we appreciate Professor Francis Boyle's courage.
He's going to drop some heavy data on us.
And for radio listeners, I'm going to be going through articles here while he speaks.
Show, backing up the things I just said, okay?
And you can later tonight go to Infowars.com, we'll have the video of this posted, even if you're not, you know, watching us live and just listening.
Because this isn't science fiction, this is the real world, and they're saying women shouldn't have children for a couple years, you know, in these countries now.
Is it a scare to not have kids?
Is that the population control?
Causes deformities in children?
Here to tell us what the virus does, what he really thinks is happening, and who the main suspects are, if it's a bioweapon, is Professor Francis Anthony Boyle.
Sir, thank you so much for joining us.
Well, Alex, thank you very much for having me on and my best to your viewing audience.
Thank you, sir.
Go ahead and tell us what you think's going on here.
You've got the floor.
Well, of course, I have no inside information.
I've just been dealing with
reputable news media sources from around the world, but it does seem to me and to others, another expert friend of mine, that what we're dealing with here is some type of bio-warfare agent that has been genetically modified, GMO.
So, for that reason, you really can't believe anything the WHO, the Pan American Health Organization, the CDC is telling you.
It also appears, as you correctly point out, that Gates was involved in this.
Bill Engdahl has the book on Gates that he's basically a genocidalist.
He does have people on his staff with experience having done what I call death science, life scientists who do biowarfare work.
It appears that the U.S.
Advanced Biowarfare Facility at Galveston was involved.
It also appears that the BSL-4 facility at Colorado State that works with GMO-ing mosquitoes was involved.
And that this British high-tech firm Oxitec was involved.
What is critical here is that I believe it was the summer of 2004, there was a scholarly paper published saying that these genetically modified mosquitoes could be dangerous if they were released.
And despite this knowledge, they were released both in Brazil and also in Colombia, deliberately and maliciously.
Now, why Brazil and Colombia?
Brazil, you hit the Atlantic coast of Latin America.
And Colombia, you hit the Pacific coast of Latin America and you set off a pandemic.
So, as of now, I think that's what's going on.
I'll continue to monitor the situation and, you know, act in accordance with the best information I have.
But I don't think you should trust anything the CDC, the WHO, the Pan American Health Organization is telling you.
They're all in cahoots with Gates.
The Brazilian government is in cahoots with Gates.
They're all up to their eyeballs in this stuff.
Right now, I personally would not be traveling down to Latin America until we have some idea precisely what we are dealing with.
And yet, I note on Monday, the WHO has convened an emergency meeting where they're going to tell everyone, well, just keep business and travel as usual.
I take it they got those instructions from the CDC, and we know full well the nefarious role that the CDC, the WHO played in the Black West African Ebola pandemic.
You and I have already been through that, so I'm not going to go through that here.
All over again.
It's a very dangerous situation.
In fact, another biowarfare expert, formerly the United States government, that I am working with, with my approval, has informed the administration of the University of Illinois
That we don't believe anyone should be traveling down to Latin America for any reason until we know precisely what is going on here.
This so-called Zika is also transmitted by sexual intercourse, which I think proves that we have a GMO'd bio-warfare agent at work here.
And it is also transmitted by saliva, and that indicates to me that we could be dealing with some type of GMO gain-of-function bio-warfare agent, namely that it could jump.
I don't know.
I'm continuing to monitor the situation, see what I can.
But under the circumstances, that's the best I can give you, Alex.
Dr. Boyle, I just read the news every day.
Some days upwards of 200 news articles I scan over and some of the things I obsess on are MIT.
I remember 20 years ago reading in an MIT magazine at the University of Texas at the library about growing embryos and they were implanting them in cows.
I think?
I'm giving examples of stuff that's done to be 20-25 years old.
Now they come out two weeks ago and go, oh, we're doing it in pigs and sheep now and, you know, producing, well, they're actually producing humanoids and they can grow the organs up bigger in them and they're now going mainline with it.
So there's something 20-30 years old that I talk about and they have mainstream media then do articles making fun of me saying I'm crazy and claim that humanoids are being grown in cows.
It doesn't matter if I have three MIT articles this year in the last month.
It doesn't matter.
It's like the public that's informed knows, but they're scientific, maybe 1%, 2%.
The general public just thinks it's X-Files.
I mean, the episode of X-Files on Monday was human-animal chimeras.
And so it's the X-Files.
Now it's a joke.
And so you see the PSYOP.
Of course.
Or research purpose.
We all know about Tuskegee.
I'm giving just well-known examples.
There's thousands of admitted radiating little children to death.
Other countries do it.
There's a mad scientist guild, it seems.
Russia did it too, that actually get off on this.
We know we brought the rat line over here after World War II from Germany.
You have written, you know, the major global treaties.
You know the people.
You went to the top schools in Chicago, and for folks that don't know, and Kissinger, and all of it.
You know, you were being groomed to be one of them.
For new viewers, I just have to add that to your pedigree.
What is it with these people?
It's not just population reduction.
They're clearly running all sorts of weird bio-operations against us.
It's horrible.
Cancer and all this other stuff is exploding.
From your expert, wider analysis, what does this warfare operation look like to you?
Are they still in a mass testing phase?
What's the endgame?
And then what do we do about Zika?
Obviously, nobody should go down South.
Instead, our borders are wide open.
I mean, they're just bringing in people with drug immune TB.
What is the endgame here of diseasing the whole world?
Well, you've raised an awful lot of issues there.
Let me just say that even Professor Chomsky, who is on the faculty at MIT, has publicly stated that basically MIT is a front organization for the Pentagon, and most of its money comes from the Pentagon.
In the case of biowarfare, we know for the fact that the Harvard-MIT Broad Institute helped set off the Black West African Ebola campaign, sorry, pandemic, with some type of GMO biowarfare organism over there.
And then tried to cover it up with an article in Science Magazine that I publicly debunked in 15 minutes.
Sure, it's just like them now saying that ISIS built its own Stinger missiles and at the bottom of the article it said they got them from the U.S.
It's like, oh, you know, this weaponized thing just appears, this Stinger missile just appeared, this Zika just appeared.
I mean, it's crazy.
Well, that's correct.
I've added it all up and it
The United States government has spent $100 billion, $100 billion at least, on researching biological weapons since 9-11-2001.
Now, to give you an example, in constant dollars, the Manhattan Project to develop the atom bomb cost $40 billion.
So, we're already over twice, two and a half times as much.
So, it's clear that the United States government is running an offensive biological warfare program.
Indeed, it goes back at least to the Reagan administration, as I documented in my book.
It's mega-massive, it's underground, and what do you think its goals are?
Well, I think we're seeing it with respect to the Black West African Ebola pandemic.
Pop control, destabilization.
Latin American Zika pandemic against blacks and browns down there.
This is population control and reduction.
Is it in the sectors because it's more equatorial and the viral spread or is it you're saying race-specific that it's more effective in preliminary research against people with dominant bloodlines?
Well, I'm not saying it is race-specific, this GMO organism, but rather they are using Ebola and Zika against people of color in third world countries.
And this goes all the way back
To the Nixon-Kissinger infamous National Security Directive.
In fact, wasn't that 200?
We can put it on screen.
I can't recall the exact number.
It's the Kissinger Population Control Memorandum.
And then we also have Dick Cheney in the PNAC document, in the Austin American-Statesman, calling for the legitimization of using race-specific bioweapons.
That's correct.
And I believe... So I'm not saying that...
The Zika virus or the Ebola virus was race-specific, but genetically engineered to be race-specific.
But both have been used against people of color, Blacks in Africa and Browns.
And of course, we know there are a lot of Blacks down in Latin America, especially in Brazil.
And I believe this is what is going on, that these are being used for that purpose.
Yes, that is National Security Study Memorandum 200, National Security Council, Washington, D.C.
Code number 02506, April 24th, 1974, about a month and a half after I was born.
Right, and you also mentioned the outbreak of swine flu in Ukraine.
There is a U.S.
biowarfare facility there, and we know that swine flu is a genetically engineered triple chimera.
So even President Putin and their new national security directive have publicly accused the United States government of waging biological warfare against them.
And I believe that is a correct conclusion from what I can see.
Well sure, in Kissinger's memorandum he says we can't have peace and free market breaking out in these countries.
We've got to destabilize them, hurt them, poison them, ship our toxic waste there, bioweapon them.
And that's why people say, you know, why do you hate Henry Kissinger?
Folks, we have the memorandums, they write books.
Let me point out, I deliberately went through the same PhD program at Harvard that produced Kissinger and Brzezinski before me.
And they gave me Kissinger's old office at Harvard's Center for International Affairs.
So you have to understand the, I would say, Nazi mentality.
Uh, that people at Harvard have.
I mean, let's look at President Obama.
He was behind me at Harvard Law School, and Obama has the entire country being run by Harvard Law School mafia.
You can have Samantha Power there, our problem from hell at the UN.
They are the dominant breeding ground for the intelligentsia, and you are in the middle of their highest level, basically, secret program.
You've covered that before, and I want you to get back into it sometime in a whole show, but specifically, being around them, what percentage of them are eugenicists?
I know the Chicago Business School is phase one fascism and Machiavelli, and then Hegelian dialectic being used for evil purposes, and then you go to Harvard and they give you the technicals and how the government really works.
I mean, what percentage do you think really understand just how murderous the ultimate plan is?
Well, you're correct.
I went to the University of Chicago as an undergrad.
I was top of my class there and graduated in three years and won the Sigma Xi Certificate of Merit and Prize in Biology.
And then Harvard Law School and the Harvard PhD program.
The brainwashing system is extremely effective.
Mitt Romney, for example, back in those days we called him Will, he and I were 1Ls together at Harvard Law School.
We took all of our first year courses together.
So it's exceedingly rare for people to come out of these elite programs
And not to have been brainwashed along these lines.
Sure, I mean, it's also when the devil offers you all this power, like Albert Speer said, who was respected by people and wasn't really an evil guy overall.
He said, look, when the devil's got his warm arm around you, he doesn't look like the devil.
You know, when Hitler was putting his arm around him.
And I think that's part of it, is the elite comes and says, we want you to join us because you're smart, you're one of us.
Most people go, okay.
That's correct.
And the people who run this country are, you know, the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds and all the rest of them.
They understand full well that they need the brainpower of middle class, lower class people.
So they go out and get them wherever they can find them and effectively bribe them and say, well, here's some money, here's some power, but we want you to go out there and run the empire for us and do whatever dirty work you have to do.
And again, the primary case in point is President Obama, who, again, both he and his wife were behind me at Harvard Law School.
As a matter of fact,
We even had the same jurisprudence teacher there, Roberto Unger, who was recently on the BBC and said, quote, Obama is a disaster, unquote.
But Professor Unger, there weren't too many people like that at Harvard Law School when I was there.
And since I left, it has moved far to the neocon right, where you have a lot of... What's the best way to describe it?
What's the best way to describe these people?
Power-tripping, technocratic fascists?
What's the best term?
Machiavellians, yes.
I spent 10 years at the University of Chicago and Harvard, and it's basically brainwashing in Machiavellianism.
As for the scientists, they're
Basically told, there's really no ethical dimensions here to what you're doing.
This is just science.
It's a puzzle.
And you just... Sure, don't they just tell them also, we have to have the most deadly thing in case somebody else makes it, we've got to know how to fight it.
That's what the hundred billion dollars that the U.S.
That's correct.
government has spent on biological weapons is all about.
And the trillions of dollars we have spent on nuclear weapons since the Manhattan Project.
It's madness.
In the time we have left, sir, what is the best website, the best book?
You've written so many books for folks to read.
What's the latest?
Well, I gave an interview to Sherwood Ross, an investigative reporter, that I think I sent to your staff that updates my book.
So if you get the book and that interview with Sherwood Ross I gave last fall before the Zika pandemic,
That will pretty much bring everything up to date.
Alright, we will post that article under this video.
We will post that as it gets up tonight and tomorrow at Infowars.com.
Biowarfare and Terrorism, Francis A. Boyle in the update article.
Of course, you exposed the anthrax being an inside job.
The rest of it, we only got 45 seconds left.
Pretty big deal having Obama and the Republicans try to pass that Total War Powers Act that even Democrats call martial law.
Did you see that, sir?
I did.
I read it by
Sure, but to put it on paper is unprecedented.
I mean, this is unbelievable.
It really is, and it'll be just like George Orwell's 1984.
In fact, that is what we're living right through now.
We're entering it.
That's right.
The final... Domestically and internationally.
And everyone should reread Orwell's 1984.
Yes, sir.
The final twilight of liberty is here.
We have to bring back the day, but I don't know if we can.
Thank you, sir.
Have a great weekend.
We're gonna come back in the fourth hour.
Anthony Ucciardi, but I have more to say.
Thank you, Doctor.
Amazing man.
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Adon Salazar just came.
Adon Salazar just ran in here and told me that Donald Trump just called Ted Cruz an anchor baby.
Well, I'll say this, that is a next level of wildness from Trump.
It's pretty funny, if true, can we go to Trump's, bring it on in here, I want to hear what he said, but let's put him on the mic right now.
And if it's true, let's tweet it out.
If that's true, that's the kind of anger baby I want, you know, where the family,
Doesn't want communism, comes here, has good jobs, works hard, produces things, pro-Second Amendment, pro-property rights, but pretty hilarious.
So is it Kit or Adan told us?
I know you guys were talking earlier.
It's Kit Daniels about to jump on the mic there.
Let's go to him there in the control room.
And it's okay if it's blurred.
You just turn the camera on.
It's all right.
Let's go ahead and go right to Kit Daniels with this.
Kit, give us this breaking news.
Yeah, on top of drugs right now, it says Trump at a rally in Iowa pointed out that Ted Cruz is technically an anchor baby from Canada.
Well, technically being an anchor baby from Cuba, that's where they originally came from.
Well, I don't care if a baby comes here and the parents are here and they work and promote the Second Amendment.
In fact, if we had 40 million illegals here that were like, you know, Alex Jones's or Matt Drudge's or something, I'd be fine.
I don't want to bring people here and turn them into socialists and then I got to pay for them and then some idiot like Bernie Sanders gets in and puts me and my family in a work camp.
Even more than that, it's like by opening the borders we're supporting human trafficking.
There's more people that are enslaved now than any point in human history.
Well, we'll punch DrudgeReport.com up.
I usually have it up on the big screen or my iPad.
My iPad died and then the big screen had Skype on it.
We just had Dr. Boyle on it.
But I'm sure Paul Joseph Watson will cover that coming up in the next segment.
Some Clinton emails.
There it is.
Too damaging to release.
Obama administration confirms.
Wait a minute.
I thought there was nothing in there.
And yeah, there it is.
Says he's an anchor baby.
That is hilarious.
And then let's punch up InfoWars.com.
I mean, I'm really bad about not looking at InfoWars, and then I look at Drudge instead.
Let's see the latest there.
InfoWars is great.
I mean, Drudge overall just has the best layout.
That's why I copied it with Jones Report, but couldn't do it as good as he did, so defuncted.
There's a lot up there on Infowars.com that is very, very important and on PrisonPlanet.com as well, and they really want to censor this, folks, so be sure and get it out to everybody you know.
A lot of key videos, a lot of key articles, a lot of key information.
Oh, big story on Drudge, speaking of that, this is an article out of WorldNetDaily.
Media coup, Drudge poised to overtake CNN.
I'm not going to have time to get to this, but I know Paul Watson's going to be getting into this some.
A report that looks at where online newsreaders go for their daily scoops shows Matt Drudge, who operates the popular headline aggregation site, is a must-read and is gaining big on massive media organizations like NBC, CNN, yeah.
And when you add him by himself, he's bigger than them, bigger than Twitter, better than The New York Times.
But CNN is still as big as their website.
They are horrible.
A couple hundred thousand viewers average show.
Their TV is a joke.
But their internet is still huge.
In fact, was the biggest, basically.
The latter specifically might want to take notice.
CNN has spent the last five years loudly proclaiming dominance of the news market, even as competitors like Fox News and now Drudge have gained steam.
Drudge is growing, they're contracting, so they keep announcing Drudge is dying and we're dying.
We're exploding!
But with that comes cost, comes a tax, comes you name it.
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Uh, is coming up.
You know, when I'm affectionate, I give people nicknames.
And the red coat is the kind of red coat I love.
And he's coming up.
Uh, so I'm the pumpkin head.
Joe Biggs is the wet cat.
And Paul Watson is the red coat, uh... Alright, we'll be back.
An elementary school in Minnesota has banned Valentine's Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.
To avoid offending minorities.
Principal Scott Mussini of Bruce Elementary School in St.
Wrote a letter to parents saying that the decision to ban the holidays was based on his concerns for tolerance and respect.
Prompting an obvious backlash from parents who feel that the decision is totally ridiculous.
Meanwhile, the St.
Paul School District continues to spend roughly 1.5 million dollars on white privileged teacher training.
InfoWars reported back in December that universities across the country actually published advisories warning students and staff planning Christmas parties not to include mistletoes or the colors red and green because they might be seen as racist.
Welcome to the new America and you can learn more right now at InfoWars.com.
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That's right.
We're going to cut some new liners soon.
I've got to ride them though.
For the fourth hour, they're tailored to whoever's hosting.
This is Paul Watson.
I love Paul Watson hosting.
You know, I made Paul Watson.
He's been here 14 years.
Start getting on air.
He's a smart guy.
And he's a good looking guy too.
He finally cut his hair.
He looks like 007 or something over here.
Paul Joseph Watson.
That's what Nico was saying.
Yeah, he looks like a spy or something.
Whereas I look like a Southern Baptist preacher.
Paul Watson, there is so much going on in the world.
Just crazy amounts of good things happening.
Crazy amounts of bad things happening.
And I know you're over there in London.
You don't get too busy, you know, with all the ladies over there, as I know you are, I've been over there with you, for you to not actually get some work done around here.
No, no, seriously, you're producing prodigious amounts of material for Her Majesty.
But what is on the plate for today?
I haven't talked to you in a while.
We used to talk on the phone every day about stories and articles, but I've gotten too busy, you've gotten too busy.
It was good to have you here a few months ago in Austin, Texas.
But, I mean, wow, what would you say about the Trump debate?
Because I just want to hear what you have to say, and what would you say about the overall state of the world right now and what's coming up today, and then I'm going to punch you out of here.
Well, you know, I've been hot on this migrant issue for a long time now because over the past few months we've had army chiefs and security experts in four different major European countries.
Switzerland, Germany, France and Sweden all saying that this is going to lead to mass civil unrest and in the case of the Swiss Army General and the Swedish military source, World War 3.
That's not Alex Jones saying that.
That's not me saying that.
These are top brass warning that this is going to happen.
I'm glad you raised that because I covered that on Monday and Tuesday and then just didn't keep beating the drum because we have Democrat senators coming out on video saying they're trying to pass worldwide martial law and domestically they're taking over.
Watch out.
Ron Paul comes on.
He's worried.
I'm worried.
No one covered it.
I mean they had dry articles about
Authorization of military force, like they were talking about the price of Swiss cheese or something.
I mean, what do you think is going on here, Paul?
What are they gearing up for?
Well, this is why the German media, the German authorities, and authorities in other countries, including Finland, we reported on, are deliberately burying crimes committed by these migrants.
And now it's come out today, again out of a German newspaper.
All these stories come out of German language, Austrian language, Swedish newspapers, so if we don't translate... Yeah, they rape a 75-year-old woman in, in, in, in, uh, anally.
I hate to say it, but that's what they did.
And the police don't even deport them.
It's like, that's your culture.
You're allowed to rape old women.
Plus, I hate rapists, but why are they always raping old women?
What's wrong with these people?
They rape anyone they can get their hands on.
It's tolerant, it's liberal.
But in Germany they're saying that refugees who commit minor crimes, if they steal or if they assault somebody, will not be charged for anything.
So now they're just giving them carte blanche to commit minor crimes.
Good God!
And after the sexual molestations in Cologne, which still rumble on, every single day I see articles in these European newspapers.
About attacks.
There was one yesterday in Germany, a father with a baby.
He was confronted by two of these migrants.
They stabbed him, chased him.
He had to jump into a frozen lake with a baby just to try and save his life.
But that baby was white though, so it deserved it.
Yeah, and the reaction again is completely new.
And these stories are happening every single day.
Oh no, I see five or six new ones.
France admits their highways are collapsing.
They won't even say it's roving vans, but local news does of just people robbing everything.
You'll be at a red light and 50 people run out and just rob you and drag you off into the bushes.
And those are the people that Jeremy Corbyn, the Labour MP, the Opposition MP in Britain, leader of the Labour Party, he wants to invite all those 3,000 migrants, and that's just in the one camp alone, into the United Kingdom.
These people are now going out into residential streets in Calais, throwing bricks at residents, throwing tyres at them.
And the police, we have video of that, the police won't respond to that.
But if people peacefully come out to protest, they arrest you, tear gas you, and arrest German and also French major political leaders of mainline parties that criticize it, like Marie Le Pen.
Yeah, and you watch that video out of Calais, you have left-wing communists enabling these migrants to break the law.
They stormed a ferry and the French police just let them on.
You can see it in the video.
But if you're a Dutch person who says on Twitter, I think our refugee policy is a quote, bad plan, you get a home visit from the frigging police.
This is what the Socialists and Liberals deserved!
Total Communist takeover!
And with their... But they know the Communist Europeans are so wimpy, they can't read terror for them, so they're bringing in this leftist jihad!
I mean, this is so screwed up!
Thank God for George Washington and the Second Amendment, baby!
Because DHS, you'll never get our guns, so your little radical Islamic friends can rape and murder everybody!
We checkmated you a long time ago, filth!
I'm sorry, Paul, I'm gonna...
I'm going to hand it over to you, but you're right.
And you need to stay on me, because I get desensitized to five articles a day.
I'm not even playing these videos.
I just go, I have five more rape videos.
I have five more.
What about them raping and pooping in the pool video?
They just show up in mass and jump in the pool and start urinating and defecating and raping.
I mean, where the hell are these people?
That was xenophobic to even talk about that and the swimming pool had to lift the ban.
So they could masturbate and poop in the pool and sexually molest women.
Because it's trendy and we have to tolerate it because this is the cultural... How about we send them to these presidents and prime ministers and Labour Party heads' houses?
How about they just take in ten per house?
They can have poop ladies there.
If you analyze all these pro-mass immigration politicians, not a single one of them lives in the areas in these major cities where there is mass immigration.
Paul, I'm going to hand it over to you.
I just wanted to say hi to you and just thank you for all the great work you and your brother Steve are doing.
Great job.
I really want to get Steve, who's just as smart as you are, to start coming on the broadcast.
Now, if your code name is Redcoat, his code name, we're going to blow it here today on air, is Yoda.
And who gave him the name Yoda?
Well, he was in the band Squid Maker, remember?
You gave him that?
No, he did that time.
Come on, like with his legs crossed like Yoda, remember?
You said he looks like Yoda.
Anyways, your brother's awesome, man.
Why can't we get him on?
I love him.
I'll just ask him.
I'm sure he'll come on.
I want him on.
Anyways, I know he's too busy, just like you with the ladies.
It's a serious problem, guys.
So, I'll see you later, bro.
It is.
Go ahead and take over the transmission.
I'm gonna go work around here.
I'll do Facebook mentions when you're off.
And then we'll be tracking stuff over the weekend.
By the way, I want to get you signed up.
We can get it for you.
Facebook mentions.
People are like, why are you using that?
Well, because the average video has like 500,000 a million views.
I want to get you on that, too.
If I do that, will you, if I get you signed up for that, because we have the connections, can I get you to do some on the news and stuff?
Yeah, I'll definitely do it.
All right, and like I said, if you want me to get a camera crew in England for you, we'll start doing some camera stuff too.
I want to open up our first international bureau, and I just need you to decide that you are going to captain that.
Sounds good to me.
Will you do it for her Britannic Majesty?
As long as you don't send me into Molenbeek again, I'll do anything.
But there's a myth they try to run you out, right?
Oh yeah, it never happened, of course.
All right, Paul, I'll see you.
Have a great weekend.
Paul Watson takes over.
Nightly News Tonight, 7 o'clock Central.
I'll be back Sunday, 4 to 6 p.m.
Spread the word.
You are a weapon system.
We can win.
We can beat these people.
They're trying to break our will.
Right now, it's where anything goes.
Where they can tell five-year-olds how to, you know, give oral sex in school, and tell them how to be trannies, and say mommies and daddies are bad, and ban Christmas, and ban Martin Luther King because he's racist, and, I mean, literally happening.
Run around frothing, murdering each other, women are property, hoods on their heads, beekeeper suits, and the left just, I'm telling you, the left in downtown Austin, these hookah bars, it's the trendy thing for feminists to have like a Muslim boyfriend that slaps them around.
I've seen it, folks.
I mean, I'm serious.
It's like feminine cuckolding.
Let's hand it over to Paul Watson.
Paul Watson, you take control.
Okay, thanks Alex.
And on that point, as we saw a couple of days ago, we have the article on Infowars.com.
The feminist women of Cologne, who bearing in mind, in the days after the mass molestation of hundreds and hundreds of women on New Year's Eve, blamed white German men, even though it was already known at that point that almost all of the perpetrators were Muslim migrants.
They came out to Cologne, to the biggest refugee centre in Cologne, just this past weekend actually, and gave roses to the migrants.
Some of whom were probably involved in that mass sexual molestation.
So you've got feminists and just ordinary women, left-wingers, going out and apologising.
To the migrants apologising for the xenophobia simply because German people are rightly concerned about these issues.
And it wasn't just in Cologne, of course, it was in Hamburg and a number of other cities.
What's it going to take?
Are Germans going to have to be, you know, being beheaded on the streets of Berlin for the left wing to realise that this is a problem?
That there is an element, a massive element within Islam that encourages this and the primary victims of it are other Muslim women and children in these migrant camps.
In fact, we had a story yesterday about 14-year-old child brides being allowed to travel into these migrant camps with migrants arriving in Europe and being allowed to sleep with their, quote, husbands.
We're talking about 13, 14-year-old girls.
Because it's part of their culture.
Again, they don't have to adopt to our culture.
That would be a different debate.
We have to adapt and be accepting of their culture, even though it completely violates not only our moral foundation as a Western Christian nation, in whichever one you want to mention, as well as violating the law.
We have to accept that.
And again, in Germany now, they're saying migrants who commit, quote, petty crimes will not be charged.
So again, emboldening them to commit greater and greater crimes.
So we're going to get more into that after the break.
Also going to take your calls on what's going on with the American education system.
You heard it before in the break.
Elementary school bans Valentine's Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas to avoid offending minorities.
They've gone for the trifecta.
So while banning traditionally Western Christian ceremonies and celebrations, meanwhile we have Islamic indoctrination being forced upon children in the American schooling system.
We'll get into it after the break.
This is the 4th Hour Live on Focus.com.
Stay tuned.
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Man thinks, cause he rules the earth.
We are back, fourth hour live of the Alex Jones Show on this Friday edition with me, your host, Paul Joseph Watson.
Going to go to some of your calls later in the hour.
We've got people who have been holding for a long time.
But first I wanted to get back into this.
Elementary school bans Valentine's Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas to avoid offending minorities.
Bruce Bento Elementary School, this is in St.
Paul, Minnesota, has banned Valentine's Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas to avoid offending its minority student population.
Listen to the letter
The principal Scott Massini sent to parents, this is what it said.
I've come to the difficult decision to discontinue the celebration of the dominant holidays until we can come to a better understanding of how the dominant views will suppress someone else's view.
So again it's this tyranny of
God forbid one person, one child, or one parent might be offended by this elementary school even recognizing something like Thanksgiving and Christmas.
Of course, a massive backlash.
As the Minneapolis Star reported, parents said the move was very sad and totally ridiculous.
But this is a school district in St.
Paul that spent 1.5 million dollars on white privileged teacher training.
So they're obviously completely obsessed with political correctness.
And in this case it's proven to be racist for them even to implement this because this training was teaching teachers in the schools there in St.
Paul that
Black people can act out in classes, black children, they can shout out in class, they can misbehave and that needs to be accepted and not punished because it's a black cultural norm for these kids to misbehave in class.
So number one, you're stereotyping all black children as being misbehaved.
Again, the bigotry of low expectations.
And number two, they're telling these teachers, if these black kids act out, if they misbehave, don't punish them!
Don't punish them.
So how are they going to grow up with the mindset that if you misbehave, if you shout out in class, then that's perfectly acceptable?
Of course, they're not going to get a good education.
They're going to end up on welfare.
And so the circle continues.
So the implementation of that quote white privilege training was in and of itself completely racist.
And in fact, you had a black fourth grade teacher come out, Aaron Benner.
He told EAG News, quote, as a black man I can say, they are hurting black kids.
I've never seen anything as idiotic as PEG.
This is the group that's got the contract with the school districts there in St.
Everything we do, PEG is at the forefront, he said.
So they're telling teachers that you've got to not punish black kids who misbehave, whereas there's different treatment for white kids who misbehave.
Arriving on time is treated as a white cultural stereotype.
So I guess that makes it acceptable for non-white children to just turn up whenever they want.
Again, the bigotry of low expectations.
This is going to make them get a poorer education and yet it's being done in the name of white privilege and political correctness.
So now they're going to step further at Bruce Vento Elementary and just outright ban these three celebrations.
Meanwhile, parents furious after school changes the word God to Allah in Christian hymn.
Parents of a 10-year-old child at a school in Austria reportedly fuming after teachers assigned homework to learn the words to a Christian hymn, except they substituted the word God for the word Allah.
Austria's largest newspaper reports that school officials claim to have made the change to the words to the song
God's love is so wonderful, to Allah's love is so wonderful, in order not to offend the Muslim children in the class.
So again, the parents are completely outraged, of course.
We also had an article back a couple of months ago now, where you had Canadian children, and this was approved by the Canadian Prime Minister, Trudeau.
Singing a welcome song to Syrian refugees.
The problem with that was the welcome song was about how Mohammed slaughtered Christians and tried to convert them to Islam under threat of death.
That was the Quranic nature that the song was based on and they had these hundreds of Canadian kids up there singing this song to welcome the Syrian migrants.
Here's another story.
Parents seek to end forced Islam indoctrination school lessons.
A Maryland school district is staring down a federal lawsuit accused of indoctrinating students in Islam by forcing them to memorize a conversion prayer and banning a father who objected.
The Thomas More Law Center.
A national public law interest firm filed a lawsuit Wednesday on behalf of John and Melissa Wood and their daughter who attends La Plata High School.
We're going to get more into this after the break.
Again, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine's Day, they're bad, we got to ban them.
But making children sing songs and pledge their allegiance to Allah, that's perfectly fine.
We'll be right back.
4th Hour Live.
Stay tuned.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
An elementary school in Minnesota has banned Valentine's Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.
To avoid offending minorities.
Principal Scott Mussini of Bruce Elementary School in St.
Paul wrote a letter to parents saying that the decision to ban the holidays was based on his concerns for tolerance and respect, prompting an obvious backlash from parents.
Who feel that the decision is totally ridiculous.
Meanwhile, the St.
Paul School District continues to spend roughly 1.5 million dollars on white privilege teacher training.
InfoWars reported back in December that universities across the country
Actually published advisories warning students and staff planning Christmas parties not to include mistletoes or the colors red and green because they might be seen as racist.
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He aligns himself with the truth, and it's time for you to choose a side.
You're listening to Alex Jones.
I see your hair is burning.
We are back, live on the Alex Jones Show with me, Paul Joseph Watson.
Now there was an interesting image that I tweeted out a few days ago, which was these migrants arriving on the shore and Greeks.
And it was basically a photo op.
They were trying to present the notion that these migrants were drowning as they were struggling off the boat to get to the shore.
The problem with that image was you could clearly see that one if not two of these individuals were clearly stood up in the water.
It was at waist high.
There's no way any of those quote migrants could be drowning at all but that was the way the photo was presented.
And of course that's just one of a series of pieces of propaganda
They've created a fog of deception around this migrant invasion.
Of course, when they first arrived, it was all happy, smiling families.
That's the only footage that the BBC, that CNN would dare broadcast.
You had the Hungarian camera woman who tripped up a migrant and everybody went crazy about it for the whole week.
Meanwhile, you had other footage of migrants throwing rocks at Hungarians, stealing from people, smashing up towns.
All these rape reports coming out of Germany and other countries.
And again,
Not covered once to any great detail by the mainstream media, by the likes of CNN or BBC, just as the mass molestation of women in Cologne wasn't covered until at least two days after the incident, even by major German newspapers.
People are thirsty for the truth.
I made a video about the footage the media refuses to broadcast about the migrant issue.
It got over 2 million views.
It wasn't even on my main channel, it was just on a backup channel.
Because they daren't broadcast this kind of footage.
And now we've had more fakery with the whole migrant crisis.
This is an article out of brightbar.com.
Exposed pro-migrant campaigners faked migrant deaths for propaganda.
A pro-mass migration volunteer at a refugee centre has admitted fabricating the death of a Syrian migrant who supposedly died of the cold waiting for handouts in Berlin.
The story was widely reported in Germany, unlike the mass molestation of women in Cologne for the first two days.
And used to lobby for extra money and resources for migrants.
So they actually faked the death of the migrant.
They said, oh, he had nowhere to go.
He was out in the cold, in the middle of winter, begging for food.
Nobody would help him.
He froze to death.
He died.
Turns out it was completely made up, complete crap, to try and get more money from the government.
For these economic migrants, who aren't refugees.
Again, according to the UN's own figures, four out of five of them aren't even Syrian.
We're talking about huge numbers of unaccompanied men, very small numbers of women and children.
And on the issue of children, of course we've had calls for Britain to accept thousands of unaccompanied Syrian children from the migrant camps over there.
Turns out that a lot of them are claiming to be children and they're actually grown men.
An article out of the Daily Mail.
Just how old do you think these migrant children are?
Alarming pictures of refugees including the fastest 14 year old in Sweden that shed light on a growing scandal amid Europe's asylum crisis.
So they basically got a picture of some migrant children and amongst them is a self-proclaimed 14 year old
He looks at least 25 if not 30.
You have other individuals, if you scroll down this article, Ahmed Fareed claimed to be 16.
He literally looks about 40, could even be 50.
So a lot of these quote migrant children that we're supposed to accept because of our deep humanitarianism, are actually grown men who have faked their age because they don't have any documentation.
Just as many of them have faked being Syrian,
They have passport printing machines for fake Syrian passports that they get a hold of.
And they claim to be Syrian.
They're allowed into the country.
Of course, now they're talking about suspending Schengen.
Certain countries have already suspended it.
Finally, there are some efforts to roll this back, but it seems to be too little, too late.
Now we have a report out breaking 9-1-1 on this migrant issue.
Police in Sweden have dealt with over 5,000 incidents involving migrants since October.
Just the last few months.
Figures that have been recently released show police in Sweden have dealt with over 5,000 incidents since October involving migrants.
194 violent incidents, 58 fires, 9 robberies, 600 assaults.
600 assaults for a small country just in the past few months, all attributed to migrants.
4 rapes.
Of course, Sweden is the rape capital of Europe.
1400% increase since they opened the doors to mass migration.
Most of the culprits, foreign migrants.
But people in Sweden, prominent politicians who talk about that, are charged with hate crimes simply for bringing up government statistics.
And these migrants in Sweden were also responsible for 450 fights and two bomb threats in the last few months alone.
This is a country whose top Islamophobia expert who was preaching about how everyone was xenophobic and Islamophobic for asking questions about this rape epidemic in Sweden.
He went on to join ISIS!
You had the IKEA beheading back last year, where a couple of migrants actually tried to behead someone in an IKEA furniture store.
How did the left react?
How did the government react?
Well, they announced new protections for, not for the Swedish people, for migrants!
You had the left wing go on marches for migrants after two migrants had just beheaded someone in IKEA.
Again, in Cologne you had the women there giving them roses just weeks after the mass molestation in that major German city.
So again, the cuckolded left reacts the same way again and again because they refuse to draw attention to this because it completely demolishes their false moral high ground that they really care about the safety of women and children when they don't.
They only use it as a political bully stick to defame the patriarchy while waffling on about one in five women being raped on college campuses.
A completely fraudulent, made-up statistic.
So now we've got a huge crime wave in Sweden.
We've seen one in Finland.
We've seen one in Germany.
The police have been ordered to cover it up because they don't want to stoke civil unrest.
And on that subject we have this article out of RT.
Fleshing out more detail for this story that we had a couple of days ago.
Sweden may be at war in a few years.
Top brass in leaked document.
In a few years, Sweden may be engaged in a war with a qualified opponent after two centuries of peace, a senior Swedish commander has told soldiers in an internal brochure.
So who could it be?
One of the speculations is that it could be ISIS.
Of course we know from ISIS's own propaganda manifesto, they plan to infiltrate jihadists into Europe via the migrant wave.
They specifically and explicitly state that they want to create these Muslim ghettos, the same one that we got chased out of in Molenby, where all of these Paris massacre terrorists came from.
They want to create those ghettos
So they can radicalise people, so they can create new jihadists.
And they want to make an alliance with the left wing.
Again, this is out of ISIS's own manifesto.
They said, basically, leftists and jihadists share the same broad goals.
So we should recruit and radicalise left-wing protesters.
What do you see in Calais?
The left-wing communists waving red flags.
Helping the migrants violate the law, attacking residents, storming ships to try and get to the UK because it has a more generous welfare system than France.
So they've already joined up with many of these forces and now ISIS plans to radicalize more by creating more of these Muslim ghettos in major European cities.
So that's why we've had all these warnings of civil unrest.
We had one out of France.
Which we reported on back in August.
France prepares for mass unrest, radicalized immigrants taking over cities.
French security forces are preparing for mass civil unrest and radicalized immigrants taking over entire neighborhoods, according to intelligence sources.
The army is making contingency plans for the re-appropriation of national territory, winning back areas of cities in the event of immigrant populations obtaining weapons and becoming openly hostile to authorities.
Now in Molenbeek you can get a Kalashnikov on the streets within a couple of hours, you know, for a few hundred Euros.
This is what they're going to have to deal with if these waves continue to flood into Europe, if we don't impose reasonable, sensible border controls once again, which Merkel has showed no signs of doing in Germany.
To the extent where now a top psychiatrist says that she's in the midst of a mental breakdown because she refuses to accept any criticism and change her policy.
She's completely maniacal, she's gone beyond the pale and is in the midst of having a nervous breakdown according to a top German psychiatrist.
40% of the German people now
According to a Yahoo.com article today, want Merkel to quit?
Nearly 40% of German voters think Chancellor Angela Merkel should quit over her liberal asylum policy after almost 1.1 million newcomers arrived last year.
1.1 million new people!
All completely incompatible with Western cultures, Western traditions, Western democracy, have arrived in Germany in just a year.
And now you begin to see the consequences.
I mean, the most shocking thing about this article is the fact that a greater number, 45%, disagreed that Merkel should resign.
So again, we used to call it Stockholm Syndrome.
Now it has to be renamed Cologne Syndrome.
Because even after this mass molestation on New Year's Eve, the left has still fallen into line behind the mantra of multiculturalism, despite the fact that it's proven not only to be an abject failure, but now a growing national security threat.
Again, middle class becoming radicalized in backlash against migrant influx, warn German security experts.
This was from back in October.
Where they were warning Merkel that this was going to lead to a, quote, middle-class uprising, which is why they're covering up details of the migrant crime wave in Germany by not naming the suspects, the identity of the suspects, because they say it could, quote, legitimize critics of mass immigration.
Meanwhile you had one of the ex-Stasi agents involved with the German government and with Facebook censoring people for making anti-migrant comments on social media.
And again, they introduced it with
You know, oh, it's just violent threats that people are making.
That's all we're interested in.
And now you have the situation in just one town in the Netherlands where somebody said that their country's refugee open border policy was a quote, bad plan.
Those were the words he used on social media.
Bad plan.
Was that a violent threat?
No, but he got a home visit from the police!
As did several other people in that town.
Meanwhile, they're saying, these migrants can commit petty crimes, we won't do a damn thing about it.
But don't you dare say that it's a bad plan to import them all on Facebook, or you're gonna get a home visit from the police!
And they told him, you better change your tone.
How can you change your tone with any more?
How milquetoast is that criticism to say something's a bad plan?
He made no violent threat whatsoever.
Gets a home visit.
Numerous other people in the town did.
And it's completely tyrannical.
And that's why we continue to focus on it.
Let's go to one of these calls, though.
We got Matt in Florida.
He's been holding a while.
Matt, go ahead.
You're on the air.
Matt's not there.
Who else we got?
We got Darcy in Canada.
You're on the air.
Go ahead, Darcy.
Hello, Mr. Watson.
Thank you for taking my call.
Yeah, you're raising a lot of really important points, and I'm up here in Canada.
We have been less than a week.
February 4th, next Thursday, we're going to be signing into the TPP, the Trans-Pacific Partnership, and I think it's important that
Canadians know what that means.
It means more censorship, more control on our media.
I'd just like to say that people need to become their own local Drudge Report.
Don't let your local media use their talking points to push their agenda.
That's what I saw.
I'm a web host.
I opened an auction website for my local area, but it has a news column and I show local news feeds, Drudge Report news feeds.
And then I highlight the points that need addressing, like in Alberta, we have an education minister who's now allowing the students to define their own gender.
You know, I just see so many of the talking points being forced on us, and if people just take a little bit of effort, they can actually change that in their local area.
In less than a week, I'm up to over 700 unique
Uh, visit a day.
So I know it's making an impact and a lot of what InfoWars, what Drudge Report brings out, I can highlight and show to my local area where people would look at me and I get ostracized talking to someone one-on-one by friends and neighbors.
They wouldn't understand what I'm saying.
It's gaining traction.
So I just wanted to say, you guys, especially here in Canada, if you suffer from cold,
D3 is what you need.
Winter Sun and InfoWars Store is really important.
I notice it when I don't take it for a day.
I'm up to about $10,000 UI a day, personally.
I know I'm rambling on here, but my last point would be on Donald Trump.
Donald Trump, $6 million to your 501c3 for the veterans needs to be disclosed openly.
We want to know where that money's going.
Um, you know, we don't want to line the pockets of general contractors to put expansions on the veterans' buildings that already exist.
This money needs to go to the homeless veterans, the veterans that need the care.
It's real important that he discloses this publicly so we know where that money is going.
Don't mind donating to that cause.
If it's not going in the right place, it's, uh, it's, you know, I think that's what Joe is a little bit upset about.
Joe Biggs is, uh, uh, you know, a wonderful reporter and veteran.
And, uh, I identify with what he's saying there and, uh, sorry if I'm rambling on here, but.
No, I would fully agree with that because we need complete transparency on that.
And thanks for the call.
Cash in Missouri, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Oh, thank you.
Uh, pleasure to talk to you.
I don't know if you were listening earlier when Alex was talking to David up in Oregon and David had that local guest on who had organized a meeting of 400 people the night that guy was shot to talk about what they could do about the corruption in government.
And I just wanted to bring to your attention and the Oregon residents and your millions of listeners that there is a group out there that's doing some very important work.
In fact, they've moved into the Oregon courts regarding the Hammond case.
The name of the group is National Liberty Alliance, and their website is nationallibertyalliance.org.
All right, we'll be sure to check it out.
We've got to jump because we're going to go to a break in about 30 seconds.
Try and squeeze one more of your calls in.
Now they've come out with a new Barbie, a curvy Barbie.
Basically, it's a fat Barbie with blue hair so as not to offend feminists.
The problem is, the kids hate it and nobody wants to buy it.
They're having to package it with the normal Barbie just to try and get it off the shelves.
It's a complete marketing disaster.
Story's up on Truth Revolt.
We'll be back, final segment of the fourth hour, live in 4Wars.com.
Stay right there.
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