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Air Date: Dec. 24, 2015
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In this InfoWars broadcast, Alex Jones discusses the reach of his platform and criticizes politicians Chris Christie and John Kasich's approaches towards Russia. He praises Rand Paul and announces an upcoming interview with James O'Keefe from Project Veritas, who has exposed large scale corruption in the past. O'Keefe shares experiences filming undercover in Greece and talks about his organization's mission to expose fraud and corruption. He emphasizes building an army of investigators and videographers, and discusses successful past investigations as well as future plans. Lastly, he addresses the importance of constant vigilance in protecting liberty and the need for individuals to stay informed and engaged in order to bring about change.

If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
Live from Austin, Texas, broadcasting worldwide, it's Alex Jones.
The info war has achieved liftoff.
We'll be in orbit soon.
Targeting enemy globalist lies with even more firepower.
We've only just begun in the beta testing of the resistance.
And hacking the globalist propaganda system.
Directing the narrative back into the reality zone.
I am your host, Alex Jones, coming up.
James O'Keefe of the Veritas Project, or Project Veritas.
Then, Harry Dent in studio on what's really happening in the economy and more.
House Dems push assault weapons ban.
It's all coming up.
German court lets off Sharia police patrol in German city.
They're actually allowed to be vigilantes.
You're not allowed to demonstrate against them, but they're allowed to do whatever they want.
Because they're the new shock trips of the socialists, the friends of women.
But first, let's go back to the chipmunk, excuse me, the giant gopher-like creature.
What are those big gophers called?
I don't mean that to be goofy how he looks, but he looks like one of those giant burrowing rodents.
Is it a woodchuck?
A capybara?
Is it a, what's that other one called?
A brown hog.
Chris Christie is an open borders, anti-gun chump.
And he's up here saying, I would call up and threaten Vladimir Putin, you don't fly planes in there.
A sovereign nation's been invaded by the West for five years.
Maybe he's a nutria.
All this stuff's going on.
And the response of Governor Kasich and Governor Christie is, punch the Russians in the nose, that's a quote from Kasich, and call it Putin-threatening, we'll blow your planes up.
They know you've already blown up Ukraine, and put fascists in, and overthrew the elected government, and blown up the power, and bombed the power plants, and all trade into Crimea will be shut off next week, the hijacked leaders.
of Ukraine just said today, I mean, believe me, Russia gives speeches saying, never moved since World War II, we've been under this attack, we're encircled, we've got the nuclear forces ready, we believe they may hit us first, they're dangerous neocons who are psychotic, the bunkers are being built for the public, prepare, we just want to keep Russia from collapsing, we're trying our best, and meanwhile our guys are bloody nose, body bags, kill the Russkies, I mean, Hitler didn't shoot his mouth off like that.
It's just so unmanly.
It's so... Even warlords who were tough stuff don't act like this.
I mean, this is real third world general stuff.
You know, with 14 stars on their lapels.
These guys are a bunch of neocon chicken neck cowards.
Let's go back to Rand Paul's devastating response.
Governor Christie.
If the U.S.
imposed a no-fly zone over Syria and a Russian plane encroached, invaded that no-fly zone, would you be prepared to shoot down that Russian plane and risk war with Russia?
Not only would I be prepared to do it, I would do it.
A no-fly zone means a no-fly zone.
Wolf, that's what it means.
Maybe because I'm from New Jersey, I just have this kind of plain language hangout.
But I would make very clear, I would not talk to Vladimir Putin.
In fact, I would talk to Vladimir Putin a lot.
And I'd say to him, listen, Mr. President, there's no fly zone in Syria.
You fly in, it applies to you.
And yes, we would shoot down the planes of Russian pilots if in fact they were stupid enough to think that this president was the same feckless weakling that the president we have in the Oval Office is right now.
Senator Paul.
Senator Paul, I want you to respond to what we just heard from Governor Christie.
If there was a no-fly zone, you say that potentially could lead to World War III.
Well, I think if you're in favor of World War III, you have your candidate.
You know, here's the thing... We're going to come back with the rest of his response.
Let's pay it up to Wolf Blitzer.
The admitted Israeli Mossad operative, I'm not against Israelis or anybody, I just want you to know that Anderson Cooper, CIA, and then you've got the former head of the big Israel PAC and a known agent, Wolf Blitzer up there.
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We now take you live to the Central Texas Command Center in the heart of the resistance.
It's Alex Jones.
Huma Abedin, the admitted Muslim Brotherhood mole, but over here she can dress in fancy dresses and, you know, hang out with Hillary Clinton in the same hotel room.
They're really good friends, and that's fine.
But the potential First Lady, the woman who could potentially be the shadow First Lady, got caught by James O'Keefe, undercover reporter, in some pretty serious stuff.
And then, of course, O'Keefe's got some other big breaking undercover news.
And then he's a little under the weather today, so he's just going to do 20 minutes with us.
He's going to come back in the new year with something potentially, and I know what it is, but I'm not going to say, I appreciate him sharing it with us in confidence, as big as Acorn or bigger.
Okay, and this is a guy that has helped blow up corrupt organizations that were getting up to four billion dollars a year in taxpayer money.
He's like the Patriot Death Star to the New World Order.
And, of course, they don't sing his praises.
They arrest him.
They try to indict him.
He is a true 21st century Paul Revere.
I'm not kissing his butt, folks.
I don't do that for very many guests.
But James O'Keefe, I'm a big fan of him, and he's a best-selling author as well.
You can find out more at ProjectVeritas.com.
If you're not supporting them,
You're basically aiding and abetting the globalists.
I mean, I'm done talking.
Let's go to a clip of this undercover report with Hillary Clinton's girl.
Here it is.
When we were able to catch the Vice Chairwoman after her speech, she made it clear that Hillary is all in favor of allowing Syrian refugees into the country.
I hate public speaking.
I am shaking.
Thank you so much for addressing the Syrian refugee crisis.
You're going to be the next President.
Because honestly, the Islamophobia is rampant.
And you have to promise me, if Hillary is elected President, she's going to do everything she can to let these Syrians in because the Republicans are doing everything they can to ban them.
Oh, and by the way, it's not just Republicans.
There are some Democrats who are here too.
We need to have leadership and we cannot turn these people away.
And I think the Syrian people know that Hillary is the answer for them too.
You know?
I think they know.
We're going to be an isolationist country, turning everybody away.
That kind of talk is music to the ears of the Syrian men we met in Athens, Greece, recently.
You guys must really hate Hillary Clinton.
Yeah, of course.
No, we don't hate Hillary Clinton.
We like her.
You like her?
They say politics makes strange bedfellows.
I guess they are right.
Here we found Syrian refugees looking to get to Northern Europe, or to the United States, by any means possible.
You know, we need to travel to Germany.
How are you going to do that?
Maybe by a plane, by a fake passport.
We like Hillary Clinton if she have action to finish Syria.
Well, what about now?
Do you like her?
Do you like her now, though?
Like what she's done so far?
Because voting ID laws are so lax in so many states, these Syrian refugees might just be able to vote for Hillary.
If, as she supports, they can get into the United States.
And this is the political plan.
And then make them a protected group that can whine and complain and go around and bully people with Sharia law.
German court lets off Sharia police patrol in major German city.
That's BBC.
They can just run around, do whatever they want.
And again, folks, the reason James O'Keefe is so amazing, he's gone through so much, he's built such an organization, he keeps really wounding the globalists grievously and their agendas, and he's a model for everybody else with investigative journalists and undercover stuff.
I mean, I was around before James O'Keefe doing some similar things, but not with the skill, the focus, the dedication.
He is somebody I learned from.
And the reason I brag about it is we don't give patriots enough kudos because we need to understand the success we're all having.
That we're bigger than the mainstream media.
I get 20 million viewers or listeners a week now, conservatively.
In fact, it's grown.
Think about that.
Think about what we're all doing together.
We are becoming the majority.
People are waking up.
All right, James, I know you're under the weather, so we'll just keep you to 30 after.
Appreciate you coming on.
I tell you, you really got my heart racing with the news you relayed to the producer earlier.
Can't wait till you break that.
But break into this and then get into your other big coups that you and your crew have been carrying out.
Yes, thank you, Alex, and thank you for the compliments.
I'm very impressed by what you've built.
Like I told you last time, I love the work you've done.
About 10 years ago, going to the DMV in Texas and forcing those people, showing them 11 different forms of ID, and then they still want to take your blood.
So that was an inspiration to me early on, so thank you very much.
Thank you, brother.
Yeah, this whole thing we did on the Syrians, we went to Greece and we interviewed a lot of these so-called refugees and illegal immigrants coming into Greece and some of these guys were talking to us about how much it costs to get a fake passport to get into the United States.
One of them says $3,000, €3,000.
To get a fake passport.
And what they told us they were doing.
These are people we interviewed on the street with hidden cameras.
These are the exact same types of people that went on to France and committed the bombings.
And they all love Hillary Clinton.
And that's what our hidden camera exposés showed.
In terms of Huma, we do go to the fundraisers with hidden cameras for Hillary Clinton.
That's when we interviewed Huma.
We also have people right now, and I'm happy to say this to you, working for Hillary Clinton that are working for Project Veritas.
And we have built kind of like a
Kind of like how they have their intelligence agencies.
We've built our own kind of intelligence journalistic operation.
And we have a number of these undercover people reporting back to us throughout 2016.
So in terms of the Syrian stuff, it's pretty straightforward.
I mean, these guys are blatant about their plans to come to the United States.
They're telling us how much money it costs to buy the fake passports.
And they all love Hillary Clinton.
Shouldn't she be congressionally investigated, Hillary's girl, for being so blatant about this?
And look, I'm a libertarian, so I don't get into bashing lesbians and bisexuals and people as long as they don't promote it to kids.
But I mean, obviously it's well known that she's hooked up with Hillary, that Hillary has seen more tail than a toilet seat, quote Bill Clinton.
And so she should just be honest about it.
Is this going to be the first lady?
I mean, shouldn't Hillary's potential first lady be investigated further?
And by the way, talk about courage, James.
You know, messing with Hillary's girl, she might really come after you.
Well, Alex, we did launch a story back in September where we actually caught one of Hillary's attorneys in Nevada saying, just break the laws, just break the rules on voter registration.
We caught this on tape, and this attorney, Christina Gupana is her name, she just completely disappeared.
I mean, we could not find, I don't think she works there anymore, and nobody knows where she went.
So it's kind of a mafia-like tactics that we have discovered in the Hillary campaign.
In terms of fear, you know, Alex, we built an organization, we have 100,000 people that we distribute to, so I think Hillary's got to be careful about retaliating against people like me or people like you, because all it does is sort of
You know, waking up the beast.
The people, the audience that we have, I think that the last thing Hillary wants to do is engage.
I agree.
They don't want to make us martyrs, and that's what really freaks them out.
She admits she's losing the info war to Congress three years ago, as you know.
What do you expect them to do next?
I want to get into your other big coup.
I mean, they are getting mad.
They are talking to all the think tanks openly saying, what do we do to shut down the libertarian patriot movement?
How do we censor these folks?
Matt Drudge, as you know, has been told by a major Supreme Court justice that they're coming for us.
Him, you, myself and others next year.
I saw the interview you did with Matt Drudge.
Phenomenal scoop, by the way.
I agree with Matt Drudge.
This is a courageous fight.
Project Veritas is going where no one else has ever gone before.
We're building our own journalistic, kind of intelligence-gathering operation.
We're putting people behind enemy lines with hidden cameras.
We're going to candidate events, to fundraisers.
We have people working for campaigns that are reporting back to us.
How do they not shut you down?
Maybe they will, but we're going to give it the best shot in 2016.
And they've tried to put me in jail before, you know that.
I've been on your program to discuss this.
But I think we're kind of like the Death Star.
At this point, if they shoot into us, it only makes us bigger and bolder and badder.
And when I was one person, one man, I mean, they can shut down one guy, but they cannot shut down an army of exposers and investigators.
And that's what we need to do.
We need to build the army.
If your audience is interested in becoming a videographer-reporter, contact ProjectVeritas.com and we will equip you, we will mobilize you, we will deploy you.
They are unable to shut down more than one man.
Absolutely, and I intend to try to get even more reporters on staff and also get auxiliaries around the country as well, because we're not in competition.
We are fighting for the life of this country, and I use the Death Star analogy because of the firepower blowing up some of their biggest on-the-ground
Frauds like Akron.
I mean, that was a devastatingly evil organization.
You guys literally destroyed it with the truth, or they destroyed themselves.
But flipping back to the Star Wars analogy, it's more like you've got 100,000 X-Wings in your group, and so do we, that they can't hit us all, they can't get us all, because we're just all over the place.
Because they didn't see a small one-man or one-woman fighter as a threat, and they just can't defeat us if we take action.
It's over.
They're deterred.
Yeah, one thing that we found like with ACORN, ACORN rebranded itself.
Your audience knows that ACORN was shut down.
President Obama signed legislation to defund ACORN six years ago after our expose.
ACORN has turned into a bunch of subgroups like Organizing for America and a lot of these groups are scared.
They're petrified that there are going to be people like us
Going in there with cameras exposing it and they're ultimately deterred.
They're deterred from doing the fraud.
But what happens is they take the fraud and they go behind closed doors.
It makes it tougher to uncover.
So we actually at Veritas, we have to increase our sophistication.
And Alex, I want to come on your show in January because we have a huge story coming out about the topic is education in the country.
And it's a topic that your audience is going to want to hear about.
We had to, we had to build online aliases.
We had to go way behind closed doors, build relationships with a lot of these federal officials over months.
This is what we have to do to expose them because they take their fraud deeper and deeper and deeper.
They don't do it in the open anymore.
So we got to go behind closed doors.
Well, you are using intelligence agency tactics when you use good-looking women and stuff, and you've got people pulling their wedding rings off and spilling their guts.
I mean, you're doing some stuff that they would use against the mob or whatever, or the CIA would use.
I've really got to hand it to you, just the innovation, the boldness.
But I guess, let me guess, as they've persecuted you more and you've just become more successful, has that made you more aggressive, their attempts at intimidation?
I think it's just made us smarter.
You know, they say, what doesn't jail you makes you smarter.
But I do really believe in the Death Star analogy, like Eric Holder.
You know, we got offered Eric Holder's ballot because there's no photo ID, so you can get offered ballots.
And after that happened, Holder did not come after us.
Instead, he kind of backed off.
So I think applying the tactics of Saul Linsky, personalizing the target, learning from intelligence agencies, we actually hired a former
A former CIA case officer to teach us about the tactics that they do and learning these techniques and using them to investigate and expose fraud.
I think it's made us bolder.
I think it's made us learn more.
Yeah, see, I didn't know that you'd been trained by a former CIA, but that's clear.
What you guys are doing is really aggressive and it is the model, folks.
Everybody's got to get your book that breaks all this down.
I mean, I've told my crew this, we need to do this as well.
I've kind of not cracked the whip because it's such a sophisticated thing you're doing, but overall it's just about doing it, you get better and better.
Let's shift gears before we get to your final story and let you go here in about five minutes.
Let's talk about, again, James O'Keefe, ProjectVeritas.com, joining us, breaking one of the biggest stories ever early next year.
He says he'll join us as soon as that comes out.
What about the culture war?
I mean, we know so many prominent Hollywood people who've been silent their whole lives, like Kurt Russell this week.
Coming out and saying, I'm pro-gun, and here's why, so eloquently.
I don't know what the system's going to do as everybody really turns on political correctness.
I mean, even South Park is.
This has got to be really, really worrying them.
Well, I mean, one of the things that, in terms of the culture wars, The Good Wife on CBS, I don't know if people watch that show, but it's, it's, all the investigations I do, they mentioned our work about two weeks ago on The Good Wife.
CBS, the screenwriter, they said,
They did a whole show about undercover videos on Planned Parenthood and abortion things, and they brought my name up and said, this is disgusting.
This is like James O'Keefe.
I must have gotten 200 text messages in the course of two minutes.
People I've never even talked to in years suddenly paying attention.
So we've got to somehow take our work and make it mainstream.
We've got to force people to pay attention to what we do.
Now on the subject of guns,
Now what we did, and this is something that we're going to continue doing, I think it's very important.
The Attorney General of Maryland, we went undercover and we met this guy.
Yes, he took his wedding ring off, this guy's married, he was supposed to be at a taxpayer-funded conference.
He tries to, he starts hitting on my female undercover reporter and divulging all this information and saying, now here's the truth.
I really want to ban all guns.
I want to ban all guns.
I don't want you to tell anybody I said that.
I want that to be off the record.
This is the Deputy Attorney General of Maryland saying this.
So, I'm going to continue to do this.
Usually I don't say this publicly, but I'm going to try to catch all these officials in all these states.
What exactly do they intend to do about the Second Amendment?
And for some reason, I don't know why they don't shoot a shout from the rooftops.
If they want to ban all guns, let's hear it.
That's one of the things that I'm going to be doing.
That's what we did in Maryland.
Got this guy in hot water.
He takes off his wedding ring.
He starts hitting on our undercover reporter, telling her exactly what he intends to do with your gun rights in the state of Maryland.
And that's how you pick up Democrat weirdo socialist women who he thought he was, as you tell them, I want to destroy America, I want the guns, I'm a tyrant, I'm filth.
They just go, oh my gosh, let's go.
But sadly enough, that's not who they were dealing with.
After you're gone, I'm going to come back and play a clip of that video.
Maryland Attorney General's office, sex guns and egregious ethical violations.
One of the latest bombshell videos that you released just last week.
Now, speaking of, you go after Akron, they're getting three to five billion a year.
You're going to multiple offices where they're like, you got underage prostitutes?
No big deal.
I mean, just showing the incredible.
Seediness and mafioso behavior of these organizations.
But as you said, they then just break into Battleground Texas and metastasize.
Speaking of Kurt Russell, it reminds me of The Thing, where you chop off one part of it and it just grows tentacles and ends up running away.
Now still, that ends up hurting it, but how do you track down every piece of it?
How does Kurt Russell take this out and flamethrow it?
How do we deal with this, James O'Keefe?
I haven't seen that one in a couple years.
I think that the price of liberty... I think the price of liberty, Alex, is eternal vigilance.
A lot of people I speak with think, James, they're just going to...
Metamorphosis into something else are going to change into something else.
Look, you got to keep going.
If something is effective, if something takes an organization down or exposes the truth, you got to keep exposing it.
Acorn is going to turn into different subgroups.
They've lost their federal funding.
And if we catch one government official and they lose their job, which is what's going to happen in January again, we call them scalps.
If we can get one person to lose their job, then we need to do that a hundred times.
And I guarantee you that after the hundredth person loses their job, maybe our people in Congress
I agree with you.
Then we have to hunt down every piece of it and then prosecute them for the crimes they've committed.
So, I mean, isn't local government, states taking action?
Isn't that our Kurt Russell on the ground with the flamethrower?
Alex, I don't believe that our current court system or our current political leadership is going to solve the problems our country faces.
I think this is a movement-driven thing.
I think it's a people-driven thing.
It's a bottom-up thing.
I do not look to courts or to Congress to actually solve the problem.
You've got to outrage the people.
That's happening right now in our politics.
It's happening with some of the support that Donald Trump and Ted Cruz... People are very frustrated.
So I think we've got to feed people information, allow them to be outraged about what's happening, and if the groups change and they turn into different... I'm laughing at what you have on the screen there.
If they turn into different alien forms and Organizing for America and Snakeheads, just keep going after them.
That's what you do.
I mean, Kurt Russell knows how to take them out.
We can learn a few things from the CIA and Kurt Russell.
I encourage your audience, I know that we don't like Saul Linsky and we don't like some of the CIA tactics, but we should also learn from some of the things they do.
In the old days the CIA used this against mass murdering communists and it's all very fair if it's applied right.
You know, it's the new stuff that's dirty, funding ISIS and stuff, proxy wars.
It's good to legally and lawfully be an investigative journalist, infiltrate,
You know, use sex operatives as long as they're not offering sex for info.
And just let these guys spill their guts.
These are enemies of the republic in my view.
And we gotta take the gloves off.
We are at war.
We are at war and we don't take prisoners.
Now we're journalists so we're not funding ISIS and doing some of the dirty things you mentioned.
But this is a war for the sake of our country.
That's why I'm building what I'm building.
I'm building stuff I can't even talk to you about.
But I am very excited to come on your program in January.
I want you to be one of the first people to have this story about our education system, our federal education system.
It's going to be bombshell.
And I just encourage everyone to have hope.
Uh, and to know that, you know, things are turning around and just be part of this movement for accountability.
Rotted into something really scary that's metastasizing, and they're really out to destroy the two-party system and really take over, and they're working with a bunch of neocons and rhinos, and it's time to take the gloves off, and you and your book and ProjectVeritas.com, in my view, James O'Keefe, again, is the model, the cutting edge of how to counter these people, and in closing, I mean,
When I see stuff like these folks infiltrating the abortion clinics and others, and then I talk to these folks, they are using you and our model, but especially you and others, as the way to do it.
And I know those are just more X-wings out there to attack the Death Star.
It's got to give you a good feeling to know that we're all in this together, more people are coming to the floor, and that means it makes us even harder to beat.
Yeah, I mean David Daleiden who did the story on Center for Medical Progress.
I met him a couple years ago in Sacramento and it took him, by the way, three years of commitment to infiltrate Planned Parenthood and expose what was happening with selling fetal tissue.
That's a lot of commitment.
Three years on one issue.
That's what it's going to take.
It's going to take a couple brave people.
And if federal officials, if government officials are lying, stealing, cheating from the taxpayer, we will make you an unwilling internet sensation.
We will make you famous.
Well done.
Well done.
Well, ProjectVeritas.com, James O'Keefe, you're awesome.
Have a wonderful Christmas, and we look forward in a few weeks, when you break the bombshell, to have you back with us.
Thank you, sir.
Thank you.
Folks, put his book back on screen for TV viewers, if we can.
It's available at ProjectVeritas.com and bookstores all over the place.
You want the model.
It's Breakthrough.
Our guerrilla war to expose fraud and save democracy or this republic.
James O'Keefe.
It's a blueprint for victory.
He's a true info warrior.
Stay with us.
We're on the march, the empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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We now take you live to the Central Texas Command Center in the heart of the resistance.
It's Alex Jones.
Well, we had Matt Drudge about a month ago in studio.
Only does an interview every three, four years.
And I thought that got me excited.
But I'm telling you, Donald Trump is our guest, ladies and gentlemen, for the next 30 minutes or so.
And obviously, he is a maverick.
He's an original.
He tells it like it is.
Doesn't read off a teleprompter.
Neither do I. He's self-made.
This whole media operation that reaches 20 million people a week worldwide, conservatively, self-made.
That's why I'm so excited.
And he joins us from Trump Tower in New York City.
He is the leading 2016 Republican presidential contender.
Donald Trump, again, joins us.
And I've got so many questions.
But first off, Donald, thank you for joining us.
Thank you, Alex.
Great to be with you.
I've got so many questions, but you are vindicated, this has got to be the 50th time in the last six months, on the radical Muslims celebrating, not just in New Jersey, but New York, Palestine, all over.
What do you have to say?
They're still attacking you, though we've got Dan Rather on video, we've got New York Post, we've got Washington Post, we've got... I mean, what's going on here?
Well, I took a lot of heat and I was very strong on it and I held my line and then all of a sudden, you know, hundreds of people were calling up my office.
I was the other day in Sarasota, Florida and people are in line and we had 12,000 people, which is fantastic.
And the people were saying, many of the people from New Jersey, four or five people said,
Mr. Trump, I saw it myself.
I was there.
They talked about Patterson.
But they said, I saw it myself, Mr. Trump.
I was there.
So many people have called in and on Twitter, at real Donald Trump, they're all tweeting.
So I knew it happened and I held my line and people wanted me to apologize and we can't do that.
People like you and I can't do that so easily.
Now, we can do it if we're wrong, Alex.
You apologize.
I'd apologize if I was wrong.
But they were celebrating and they were celebrating the fall of the World Trade Center.
I think that's disgraceful.
It is, and that same week you were reporting on that fact, we had two different international football games, soccer games, with the Turkish fans and others during the moment of silence for the dead people in Paris chanting Allah Akbar and booing.
So did that not happen too?
Well, that happened and everybody saw it.
That was a week ago and the players were out on the field and they couldn't believe it.
They were embarrassed.
They didn't know what to do.
The coach and the managers, they all apologized, but it happened.
Look, we have to deal with reality.
And you know, it all started because I said, we need surveillance.
We need proper surveillance.
We have people that truly are evil and they're coming from someplace and you know sort of where they're coming from, at least the vicinity.
And I said, we need proper surveillance.
Whether it's a mosque or any place else, we have to be surveilled and we have to see what's coming at us because we're not going to have a country anymore.
Between the weak borders that we have, the pathetic and weak borders where politicians are afraid to do anything about it.
Between all of what's happening with radical, you know, you look at what's going on.
You have a president that doesn't even want to talk about, you know, the radical Muslim stuff.
He doesn't want to mention the word.
He doesn't want to say it.
But you look at what's happening where we have a president that's over there celebrating global warming and trying to get everybody excited about global warming, like that's our number one problem.
He considers that to be our number one problem.
And our number one problem is what's going on where they want to blow up our cities and they want to blow up our country.
That's our number one problem.
And then our number two problem is Crippled America, your number one New York Times bestseller.
We're going to talk about that in a few minutes, but let's continue with the number one problem, and I agree with you.
It's now in mainstream news, Associated Press and others are reporting that it's a secret deal with Turkey, with the Germans, with Merkel, the admitted socialist, to bring in millions
of radical Islamists, they admit almost all of them are Sunni, that basically invaded Syria.
They're getting their butt kicked by the Russians, so now they want to flee up to the north into Turkey.
You said months ago, bomb the oil of ISIS and the mainstream media laughed because you said the sky was blue again.
Now the Pentagon says that's the right thing to do.
And now you've come out saying, quote, it looks like
That Turkey's on the side of ISIS, close quote.
Well, the next day the Russians released satellite photos documenting that there are literally thousands of trucks coming up to the border at these huge terminals connected to Irgun, the president's son, making billions of dollars total off of this.
Again, you're in trouble for saying the sky is blue.
Well, I was right about that.
I was right in saying in a book that I wrote, you covered it really nicely, I appreciate it, but I wrote a very political book years ago in the year 2000, The America We Deserve, and I said in that book that we better be careful with this guy named Osama Bin Laden.
I mean, I really study this stuff, I really find it very interesting, and even though I'm a businessman, I find it, I've always found, I've always been involved in politics.
I said, we better be careful with Osama Bin Laden.
There's a guy named Osama Bin Laden, nobody really knew who he was, but
He was nasty.
He was saying really nasty things about our country and what he wants to do to it.
And I wrote in a book, 2000, two years before the World Trade Center came down, I talked about Osama bin Laden.
You better take him out.
I said, he's going to crawl under a rock.
You better take him out.
And now people are seeing that.
They're saying, you know, Trump predicted Osama bin Laden, which actually is true.
And then two years later, a year and a half later, he knocked down the World Trade Center.
And I talked about terrorism and that was before terrorism as we know it today.
I said, we better be careful.
That's going to happen.
It's going to be a big thing.
And it certainly is a big thing.
So with the oil, and I'm glad you brought it up, but as you know, for three years, I've been saying you better take out the oil because if you don't take the oil, it's going to be a problem.
So we shouldn't have been in Iraq.
But once we got there, the way we came out was horrible.
And I said, take the oil.
Then we didn't take the oil, so ISIS got the oil, and as you know, Iran is getting the oil, because Iran is going to take over all of Iraq.
You know, we made one of the worst deals in the history of our world when we gave them $150 billion, and virtually we gave them keys to nuclear weapons.
Mr. Trump, I hate to interrupt you.
You are the leading presidential frontrunner, with the Republicans gaining a huge lead as you don't back down, but I've got to just back you up again, because the more I research what you've actually said and done, it's amazing.
You were the only
Leading American figure who openly said do not go to war in Iraq.
They had almost what 90% votes in Congress for it bipartisan.
You said don't do it.
Iran will take over.
I mean, look, you can say that today and everybody can say that.
But you said that in 2001, 2002, 2003, when it was very unpopular because you've done your research and had good advisors.
How did you know that when almost no one else did?
Well, first of all, I'm the most militaristic person there is.
I'm going to build the military.
If I win, I'm going to make our military so strong, so powerful that nobody's going to mess with us.
We're going to take care of our vets and all of that.
But I have to tell you, you have to know if you're going to go to war, you have to do it properly and you have to know what to do.
I viewed it as this Iran and Iraq.
Tell us about it.
And this is the way it is.
I said, if you take out Iran, or if you take out Iraq, either one, you're going to destabilize the Middle East.
Well, we took out Iraq.
And, by the way, Iraq has the second largest oil reserves in the world.
People don't even know that.
So we gave, like, incredible.
We took out Iraq.
I said, you're going to destabilize.
Well, and I said, and you'll know this, and you know this, and I appreciate what you just said, then Iran is going to come in, and Iran is going to take over Iraq.
And they're just taking it over right now.
As we speak, they're taking it over.
Iran is running a rack, and very soon will be virtually, gonna be totally running a rack.
Especially after all of, you know, the deal we just made, which is the worst.
So, I said, keep the oil.
And I said, if you're gonna leave, you shouldn't have gone in, but they shouldn't have, they should have left soldiers behind, like 20,000 or a certain number of soldiers.
But if you're gonna leave, take the oil.
And I've said it.
Then they left.
They didn't take the oil.
So ISIS got the oil.
Iran is getting the oil.
Everybody's getting everything but us.
So we lost thousands of soldiers.
We spent two trillion dollars in Iraq.
We have wounded warriors who I love all over the place.
And what do we get out of it, Alex?
We had nothing.
We had nothing.
No, the French and the Germans are getting the oil and the Iranians are getting the oil.
And you know who the number one customer for the oil is?
Guess what?
That's right.
I think so.
When we go into Afghanistan, we're fighting, you know, tremendous mountains and ridges.
We're fighting on one side, and you know who's got their excavators on the other side?
China, working out all the minerals.
You know, Afghanistan, nobody knew this, Afghanistan is rich with minerals.
Not oil, but minerals.
Lithium, everything.
And China's taken out all the minerals.
We have trillions.
And here we are fighting.
We have like a trillion dollars in Afghanistan.
And we get nothing out of it.
And we're going to end up leaving and keeping a couple of thousand soldiers there and this and that.
We get nothing.
China is taking out the minerals.
They're the buyers, the big buyers at very, very low prices of, as you know, of the oil in Iraq and probably in Syria.
But China is a big buyer of the oil.
But one thing with the oil, because you've covered it.
For three years I've been saying, hit the oil, because ISIS is getting stronger.
They're no JV, as the President said, and they're certainly not contained.
But I said, hit the oil, and hit them hard.
And they laughed at me.
And they would put generals on television saying, no, that strategy wouldn't work.
Well, after Paris, they started hitting the oil.
The problem is, we've given them a two-year edge.
And it does work.
They have billions of dollars.
The Russians started hitting the oil for one month, and ISIS is already rolling over.
So Putin is following your strategy.
You know Vladimir Putin well.
We should have done it two years ago, Alex.
That's the only problem.
Donald Trump joins us live.
Can you speak to, as president, what your relationship would be with foreign leaders and what you know about Vladimir Putin?
Because all I know is, why are we starting a fight with Russia when they're not doing anything to us?
Well, number one, and just to finish on the oil, by the way, I say hit the oil, but we should keep the oil.
In other words, we should keep.
We'll get Exxon Mobil.
They'll go in.
We'll get other of our oil companies.
We'll get some of the great oil companies.
We should keep the oil.
We bid it out.
You know, in the old days, to the victor belong the spoils, right?
We don't have that.
We go in, we fight a war, and we leave.
We get nothing, except we get death and we get deficit.
That's all we get.
I think I get along great with people.
I mean, I will probably get along well with him, and if I don't, somebody else will, and who knows?
You know, he's a difficult cookie.
He's tough and he's smart.
I was on the show 60 Minutes with him recently.
Not together.
I mean, they did him and they profiled me at the same show, which was there.
We were stablemates, right?
But I think I get along very well with him.
I think it's fine.
Look, here's the thing.
We lose with every country and yet we don't get along with any countries.
China is killing us.
Everybody's killing us.
China is just beating us to a pulp and trade.
Japan, Mexico is killing us.
And yet we don't get along with anybody.
With me, they're not going to get so rich.
Believe me, they're not going to get so rich at all.
We're going to take back our jobs.
We're going to take back our manufacturing.
We take back our base.
Yeah, they'll like us more than they do now.
Sort of amazing.
Well, Donald Trump, let me say this.
My audience, I'd say 90% supports you, okay?
And you definitely have shown your knowledge of geopolitical systems.
Hillary and others have been demonizing you for saying radical Muslims celebrated on 9-11, but she got caught a few years ago.
Claiming that she got shot at in Bosnia, in the air, on the ground.
They have video of it all.
None of it happened.
She admits she lied.
If you did that, you'd be done.
But you wouldn't do something like that.
You don't steal glory from our veterans.
But they demonize you for made-up scandals every day, trying to see what'll stick.
And then you got Hillary involved in Benghazi.
You've got them involved in everything.
And people love you for tough talk.
Is it not time for impeachment hearings against Obama?
I mean, what do we do politically to really try to prosecute Hillary Clinton?
Well, you remember this.
The best thing that we have going with Obama is he's got a year left, okay?
Because, you know, by the time you do the hearings and everything, I don't... So don't make him a martyr.
In a way, you'll make him a martyr, but I don't even say that.
You know, one of the things I'm the most disappointed in Republicans, because they go to Washington, they're going to do all this stuff, they're going to impeach Obama, they're going to end Obamacare, which has to be ended.
I don't know if you've seen the premiums they're going up.
It's killing everything!
55%, you know, it's going to implode anyway.
In 2017, Obamacare blows up.
It's over.
I mean, it's over.
And everybody knows it.
And they're doing big stories.
Even the ones that were for it are saying, oh, this isn't working.
Well, the premiums are a disaster.
And if you look at anything having to do with Obamacare right now, it's over.
But the problem with the Republicans is they'll try and fix it.
They'll try.
Get rid of it and we can come up with a phenomenal plan that's much better for the people.
The people are getting killed with that.
So, there's so many things to do, Alex.
We will do such a good job.
There's so many fronts.
A number will win on trade.
We're going to strengthen our military.
We're going to take care of our vets.
We're going to get rid of Obamacare.
We're going to do so many things.
There's so many things that can be done.
But we have to use our good people.
You know, everybody running against me, in terms of even the Republican side, and Hillary certainly, they're all controlled by their donors and their special interests and the lobbyists.
I'm putting up my own money.
I'm funding my own campaign.
Nobody's going to control me.
I'm going to do what's right for you and for the American people.
Listen, I get it.
I mean, you are a true maverick.
I understand.
You know, you've made tens of billions of dollars.
You've hired tens of thousands of people.
I mean, I would imagine that as you've gotten older, correct me if I'm wrong, because I know you talked about wanting to serve America decades ago.
Really, all it comes down to is wanting to have a free country for your children and grandchildren.
And that's where I want to come to this point next.
Because I know you're smart, sir, and I know that you also, though, you don't dumb your message down, but you keep it at a mid-level so the general public and the establishment as well can get it.
But let's get down to brass tacks.
I routinely talk to the top generals, special forces, Pentagon currently, out of the Pentagon, CIA, as I know you do, and we'll just leave it at that.
There are a lot of people in this government and also retired who don't want to destroy the country.
They really know that we've reached the crossroads where the country's done as a third world nation within a few more years.
Forget Donald Trump in four years if this happens, we're done.
I mean, we're talking about resurrection of the dead here.
We could turn it around right now, as you've said properly, you're dead on, sir, you're right.
We could turn it around, all the actuaries, all the numbers show it, but it's got to happen in the next few years or we're done.
And there are globalists that want to have a world government, a system run by select crony capitalists, using socialism at the grassroots to make people dependent.
And I've talked to not just high-level folks that have been in government that are on your team, but separately high-level people in government currently that say there's an internal war going on and that you're a manifestation of that.
I don't want to get anything inside baseball with you, but I already know the inside baseball.
I know now from top people that you actually are for real and you understand you're in danger and you understand what you're doing is epic.
It's George Washington level and you understand that office.
So I want to tell you right now, can you speak about the war for the soul of this country that's happening right now and really tell people what's happening and commit to people that you won't Ross Perot under death threats and step down when you're in the lead two months from the election?
OK, so let me just tell you, Alex, as you know, I'm leading in every poll nationally in every poll state.
I'm leading in Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina, the SEC, Texas.
I'm leading in Texas, which I love.
I love Texas.
You know, we were there.
Mark Cuban called up.
He said, do you want to use the arena?
I use it.
We filled it up in three or four days.
20,000 people in Mobile, Alabama.
We had 20,000 in Oklahoma.
We had 35,000 people.
I'm so into this, and I'm not into, you know, I could do other things that I would enjoy doing, to be honest with you.
No, you're doing a dangerous mission.
We understand that.
It's not an easy thing, but the key is make America great again.
We can make America great again, but if you have to suffer through four more or eight more years of what's gone on in the past and, you know, what's going, just, we're being eaten away.
It's just, it's eating away at our country, and we can make
In my opinion, we can make America greater than ever before.
But we have to get going.
It has to happen.
We have to get going.
And, you know, when you look at the vision, I said Iraq.
You agreed with me on Iraq.
I said hit the oil.
I said a lot of things that turned out to be
A hundred percent true.
And I'm giving credit, I'm giving credit by some people.
Some people refuse to acknowledge it.
You know, they refuse to say it.
No, you've been, you've been, you've been absolutely on target.
So what I'm asking is though, can you speak to the crossroads we're at right now though?
Because you've talked about it.
Are we at a crossroads to decide whether this country's done or whether we go to the next level?
Well, I think this, I think that, sadly, I think that if we don't get it right this time, I think this is going to be the most important election our country's ever had.
I mean, you'd have to say George Washington was right there.
You know, the couple of pretty important elections, right?
But this is certainly in the last, in the modern era, this is the most important election our country's ever had.
If we don't get it right, if we put another one of these people in, like Hillary, I mean, she's so corrupt.
She is so corrupt and she shouldn't even be allowed to run.
And frankly, her greatest legacy, she was a horrible Secretary of State.
If she runs, I think her greatest legacy will be that she got out of the email scandal.
That's what I think.
It'll be one of the greatest jobs I've ever seen of getting out of a scandal.
Because General Petraeus and many others, I mean, their lives have been destroyed for doing 5% of what she did.
So she shouldn't be allowed to run.
That's right.
But, you know, the recent Fox poll that just came down two days ago has me beating her head to head, which is very interesting and very good, and beating her soundly head to head.
We have to get it right.
Our country can be absolutely, we can turn it around.
But I would agree with you, if we don't get it right this time, I'm not sure if you go another four or eight years with the insanity and the stupidity of these leaders, I'm not sure you're going to be able to turn it around anymore.
I think it could be.
Donald Trump, the man in the arena, his new book, we're going to talk about in a moment, is exposing the fact that this country is being sabotaged by design.
Specifically, I don't want to bring up detractors.
And it's a question I had early on, but then I did more research, and I understand that you really do want to save this country where your children and grandchildren live, but let's expand on this.
There are certain pundits out there saying you played golf with Bill Clinton.
And so, you know, you had to do business in New York, so you said nice things about Hillary.
I get keeping your enemies closer when you're not, you know, in politics.
I get it.
I think that's what you did.
I understand.
But tell us specifically, and I don't think this now.
I know you're for real.
I've seen it.
You wouldn't be saying the things you're doing.
They're scared of you.
The whole system's coming out against you.
But promise us that you're not going to...
Drop out at the key moment, keeping all the other Republicans out of view, and then Hillary races to the head, or Jeb Bush does, because as you know, folks are claiming you're a Clinton operative.
You know, I've never heard that.
I heard it actually a few months ago, but I've hit her harder than anybody times ten, if you look at this.
You have, you have.
I was a businessman.
You know, I've only been a politician for five months.
I hate to use the term because, you know, it's all talk.
You're a statesman.
But I've just been doing this for a very short period of time.
I was establishment.
You know, I was like a guy like you would say Trump is total establishment.
And I was a big donor to a lot of different Republicans.
But over the years, I've given to Democrats, I've given to Republicans, I've given everybody because I had an obligation.
I was a businessman.
One of the magazines recently called me a world-class businessman.
I built an unbelievable company.
The truth is, I did.
Tremendous assets.
Tremendous, not only that, iconic assets.
Very little debt.
Tremendous cash flow.
It's a great company.
And by the way, people now see how good, when I did the filing, everyone said, oh, he'll never file, he'll never file.
It's almost 100 pages long.
And it's an unbelievable company.
So I built, which by the way, the reason I say that, that's the kind of thinking our country needs.
I get along great with Clinton.
I get along great with Harry Reid.
I get along great with everybody.
Because when I needed them, I didn't want to have an argument.
I didn't want to have somebody say, well, Clinton doesn't want it to happen.
So you're not a loser.
You don't get in mindless fights.
You move forward with your agenda.
But now you see America in trouble, and you're, hey, that's all sidelined now.
Donald Trump's not working for Donald Trump.
He wants to work for America.
Yeah, as a businessman, you couldn't have even functioned if you don't get along.
No, I know, yeah.
For example, in New York City, it's 95% Democrat.
I mean, if I didn't get along with the Democrats, I wouldn't have one building.
Well, I'll tell you, I mean, you did want the vice president, you know, a position that's come out decades ago behind the scenes.
I mean, I know you're a Republican.
What about libertarianism?
What's your view of libertarianism?
And then I want to ask you, who's your favorite president, and who do you think your running mate might be?
Folks, I think it's Ted Cruz.
Well, I think that libertarianism is sort of interesting.
There are certain things that I really like about it.
But, you know, keeping government out as much as possible.
We need government for protection.
We have to protect.
When you look at these maniacs in the Middle East that want to destroy us.
And, you know, the problem we have today, Alex, is the weaponry.
If this were a hundred years ago, I'd say forget about them.
They've been fighting all their lives.
Let them keep fighting.
Let them keep fighting each other.
Who cares?
But the weaponry is so powerful and they hate us so much that we have to now protect.
So that's a big part of government.
So there's a certain common sense to certain elements.
And I do very well with the libertarians, frankly, you know, because they sort of get it and they they get me.
But we need bigger strength that I think the libertarians really want.
And we need it.
And we have to have it.
We have to have it.
If we don't have it, we're not going to have a country.
If we don't have borders, we're not going to have a country.
As far as running mates, it's too soon to say.
I actually respect a couple of people that are on the stage.
Some of them I have absolutely no respect for.
I mean, I think they're not very good at all at what they do.
You look at what's going on.
But I have respect for a number of people that are on the stage with me.
I have respect for a lot of people that are throughout this country, political people.
I'll pick somebody I think that can really be a great vice president.
But he wanted to make America great.
And he really did, he wanted to make, he had actually, let's make America great, that was his, and mine is, make America great again, so there's a little bit of a difference, but.
My son, my son, you know, finally sold me on being a bigger supporter of yours.
I mean, I liked you, love Americana, you're pure Americana, but I'm still, you know, it was research, but my 13-year-old son's really smart, does a lot of research, he watches all the debates, he just really loves you.
He is on cloud nine that you're here, Rex Jones, and it was his question, you know, which president was your favorite?
But all time, all time, who's your favorite?
Well, all time, I'd say Ronald Reagan.
Shorter term, I would say, well, you know, you look at Lincoln, you look at Washington, you have to go with, they're the classics, right, Alex?
You know, you think in terms of the great classics, you have to go with the Lincolns and the Washingtons.
I agree, as a man's man, George Washington was badass.
Yeah, that's what they say.
I mean, that's what they say.
They say he never told a lie.
Let's hope that's true, okay?
But George Washington was pretty good.
But look, we had some great presidents.
And we had some good presidents on the other side, too, in all fairness.
But we will hopefully be right at the top of that list.
We're going to make the country so strong
And we're going to make it financially secure.
We can't owe 21 trillion dollars because it's going to be that number.
That's my final question.
What type of an elite wants to cloward and pivot and bankrupt the country so socialists can run it and we all get handouts?
What type of an elite is that?
I mean, you've been around these people.
Are they mentally ill, Donald Trump?
Well, we have to make our country rich again.
You know, the other day I said to a woman, she came up to Mr. Trump at a big rally where we had 14,000 people.
And at the end, she just sees me and I'm, you know, signing autographs and stuff.
And she said, Mr. Trump, I'm voting for you 100%.
But are you, this whole concept of making it rich, it sounds so crass.
I said, you know what, it might sound crass, but if we don't make our nation rich again, if we don't take back our jobs from all these other countries that are ripping us,
And if we don't take back our money, and if we don't, you know, balance up our budget, at least get it damn close and soon, we're not going to have a nation anymore.
We're a third world country.
Donald Trump.
You know, I know you've got to go.
60 second break.
I want to come back in just three minutes.
Talk about your book and your big rally in Virginia.
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The world is a dangerous place, not because of evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
We now take you live to the Central Texas Command Center.
It's Alex Jones.
And when we're under attack, our enemy media will tell us we're not.
That's right.
This republic is under serious attack.
Ever wanted to see how America and the West itself would fall, how it would be deliberately crashed into the ashes of history?
You now have front row seats.
Most dangerous place to be though is in the bleachers.
The only chance we've got is getting on the field.
Paul, I know you're churning out reports, analysis, you name it.
You were reporting in the afternoon the guy's name.
Uh, Michael Savage was reporting in at WorldNetDaily and on his show hours before.
I want to get Michael Savage on to get his take on this.
The attack is happening.
They want to use the attacks with one hand to take our freedoms and take our guns, but on the other side bring in the jihadis.
I mean, this is just too rich that, you know, he just went and got his bride in Saudi Arabia and came back.
And the clerics have called for a jihad on America.
It's happening in Europe.
It's happening.
And it is a real radical attack, but it is a false flag, in that evidence is emerging, they brought these people in, they knew what they were going to do, they're allowing them to attack us.
So, somehow we've got to explain that, not to our listeners, but to the rest of the population, that look, a false flag doesn't just mean the government did it all.
But if the government brings them in, then that's still a false flag, right Paul?
Well, you remember Obama said, why is everyone worried about Syrian orphans and mothers?
This accomplice in this attack, this woman, went and dumped a, what, six-month-old baby on her grandma before she went on this rampage.
So it's not whether they're mothers or what.
A lot of these Islamic terrorists are women.
They're called black widows.
It's a known phenomenon.
Obama just said, I mean look at Israel, all the stabbings.
Obama just said a couple days ago again, ISIS no threat in America.
Yeah, and the other thing is political correctness.
Remember the Bryce Williams shooting of the TV reporters on air?
That was motivated by him alleging they made racist comments towards him.
Now we have in this case the neighbours of this shooter, Farouk, who said they didn't report him to authorities because they were afraid they'd be called racist because it was racial profiling.
Even though they were seeing these packaged deliveries over and over again, these odd deliveries,
Other neighbours reported three to four Middle Easterners recently moved into the area.
CVS reported more neighbours who said they didn't say anything because they didn't want to racially profile these people.
So again, the concerns of political correctness have been put above.
Genuine, rational security concerns, and it's wound up with 14 people dead, just as it did with the Bryce Williams situation.
Well, look, there are going to start being jihad attacks in the West every week, Paul, and I've been saying this for months.
It's happening.
I think they've jumped the shark.
I think they've gone too far, doubling down and saying there's no such thing as Islamic terror.
They're not going to get away with this.
Well, obviously it can be defeated by waffling on about climate change in front of the UN.
Your president is actually now saying that on a weekly basis.
That's how ludicrous it's become.
And then the other thing was Trump and these other Republicans, Ted Cruz, tweeted out, you know, all our prayers are with the victims of the San Bernardino attack.
And then the left and the media and the New York Daily News said,
Prayer for the victims is not going to fix this.
Only complete gun control is going to fix this.
So they actually basically crapped upon everyone who just said, this is really terrible, I'm praying for the victims.
To push their gun control agenda, as soon as it came out it wasn't a white Christian conservative, that all collapsed again.
So, you know, this has been really embarrassing for the left and it proves they will exploit feverishly anything before the bodies are cold to push this radical gun control agenda.
Because they have this irrational hatred of freedom and irrational hatred of the republic and the irrational hatred of the family, they really are a sick cult of scum who want total global power and want to carbon taxes.
Paul, continue the great work at InfoWars.com and PrisonPlanet.com.
We'll be back.
Despite all the statist rhetoric that gun control works, here's five reasons why it won't.
Number one, California has many of the most restrictive gun laws in the country, yet those laws did absolutely nothing to stop the San Bernardino shooting.
Number two, Paris, France also has some of the most restrictive gun laws in the world, but those laws also did nothing to stop the November 13th ISIS attacks.
Number three, it's estimated that someone in Chicago is shot every 2.8 hours despite the city's strict gun laws.
Number four, Mexico also has restrictive gun laws just like Chicago, yet over 160,000 people have been murdered in the country's drug war since 2007.
The only people who are actually stopping the Mexican cartels are private citizens who are openly defying Mexico's gun laws to form self-defense militias.
In fact, Obama approved the rearming of the so-called moderate rebels on October 1st, the same day he called for gun control in response to the community college shooting up in Oregon.
You can find out more at InfoWars.com.
Skip Daniels reporting.
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Live from Austin, Texas, broadcasting ear of wide, it's Alex Jones.
We're down to the second hour until about 40 after, so we've got a really amazing guest, extremely informative, and also in this day and age has a lot of courage to engage in the First Amendment.
John Coleman, meteorologist, the original National Weatherman on Good Morning America, the founder of the Weather Channel.
We're going to be talking to him in a moment, but obviously everybody's focused on the
Dead, the 14 dead in San Bernardino and just minutes ago during the break I was watching CNN and their supposed coverage of a live press conference of the FBI and others and they're getting up there saying, too early to say it's terrorism, don't say it's terror.
Okay, the police now say they had a bomb factory at their house, basically suicide vest, tactical gear, GoPros to videotape the killing that jihadis do.
You know, they said for four years the Fort Hood shooter, Major Hassan, was not Jihad.
Of course, he talked to the head of Al-Qaeda, said he was going to do it.
It was a Jihad, and they've now admitted that.
The attack on the Marine Corps Recruiting Center and those killed, they said, oh no, this isn't Islamic terror.
Of course it was.
They couldn't say that about Paris, though they tried.
Or Charlie Hebdo and the rest of it.
So this is happening.
This guy brought his bride into the country.
NBC News is saying maybe, maybe he was triggered by the Christmas party and a Christmas tree.
We even have a clip of that coming up after our guest leaves us.
But this is sick, folks.
This is getting sicker and sicker and sicker.
By the minute.
That when we get attacked by these folks, there's such political correctness that even neighbors have admitted, well, we didn't want to report because they were Islamic that we saw suspicious things going on.
Well, they've now been killed in a hail of gunfire with the police, obviously, in a chase yesterday.
And the answer by the controlled left is, we the people should turn our guns in so we can be safe from the jihadis that they're now reporting somehow got police-issued weapons.
To get this straight for the mainstream media, I'm not saying the government did this and it's a false flag.
I'm saying the Obama administration letting this guy come in with his radicalized wife, protecting people, Hollande opening the French borders, all of this, they are directly connected to allowing this to happen and are aiding and abetting it.
We now have the Detroit police chief coming out today and saying armed citizens deter terrorist attacks in Detroit, police chief says.
And the head of Interpol said, where they have gun control in Kenya, he said we should arm the Kenyans.
That's how we answer these terrorist attacks against jihadis.
Now, shifting gears to John Coleman, founder of the Weather Channel on cable television.
Coleman was also the original weathercaster on the ABC Network morning program, Good Morning America.
For many years, he was a full professional member of the American Meteorological Society.
He's a meteorologist, obviously, and was once honored as broadcast meteorologist of the year.
Coleman had a 61-year career in television, extending from the campaign from Champaign, Illinois to Milwaukee, Chicago, New York City.
And Coleman has become very active in his efforts to counter the global warming climate change frenzy.
His studies of the climate data convinced him that there is no significant man-made global warming and his beloved science of meteorology has been hijacked by a cadre of politicians and environmentalists and the scientists who they generously fund to provide scientific papers supporting their failed theory.
And boy, has that really been proven true now with hide the decline, climate gate.
It's about a global tax.
And as Vladimir Putin said, it's about shutting down industrial nations and letting other nations operate.
China can operate, India can operate, but we can't.
JohnColemanBlog.com is his website.
Sir, thank you so much for coming on with us and your tireless work.
You know, now they call for arresting people in Europe.
Same time as this, Alex.
Yes, I take great risk.
I have my Christmas tree up in my living room here in San Diego, just 100 miles from San Bernardino.
That's beautiful.
And is it going to stimulate someone to attack me?
I think not, because for the most part, we're peaceful.
But you're right, we certainly have some strange and awful people among us.
It is a sick testament that you have to, you know, make a comment about having an offensive, evil, beautiful Christmas tree.
In fact, I want to say yours is quite nice.
Not bad at all.
My wife and I decorated that yesterday and enjoyed it a lot, but she made me turn off the San Bernardino coverage while we were decorating, and I think she was right about that.
Enjoy Christmas as best you can.
Now, while I'm enjoying Christmas, over in Paris,
They are 185 nations.
Can you imagine?
40,000 people gathered all over bad science, a totally false premise, and it just drives me nutty.
I want to show you the man who passed away about five days ago, Maurice Strong.
Maurice is the man behind this.
Have you ever heard of him, Alex?
I have, but a lot of folks haven't.
Tell us all about him.
Well, Maurice was sort of an oil baron in Canada, interestingly enough, but the other side of him was he was a one-world kind of guy.
He joined the United Nations as an undersecretary, and he wanted us to have a one-world government.
And when he saw how Al Gore was succeeding with climate change, then global warming in the United States, he snapped onto that.
And he threw the first international Earth Day in Stockholm back in 72, and out of that was able to grow the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.
So that big meeting in Paris, Maurice Strong started it.
He was the man.
He made it happen.
He was, and if you look at interviews with him, he said that he was looking for a way to create one world government.
That was his plan.
And by using global warming, he was going to tax the rich nations of the world, to pay the poor nations of the world, and create this one equal nation of the world, the world, global government.
So Maurice Strong, this was his life's work.
Well, he passed away four days before this giant event began in Paris, but he had already been retired because he got caught with his hands in the cookie jar during the oil for food thing following the war in Afghanistan, when suddenly a check for about $900,000 to him from the UN showed up.
And he said, oh, yeah, and retired to Shanghai or Beijing.
I've seen both.
And that's where he passed away in the last few days.
So he created this great United Nations global warming frenzy.
And now we have 185 nations.
The negotiations, as usual, have run into a snag, because the rich nations, who have to pay the poor nations, are holding back a little, and they want some money from the poor nations.
The poor nations say, wait a minute, you give us the money, guys, so we'll see how this whole thing comes out in Paris.
In any case, it's all because of so-called global warming.
Well, did you know there hasn't been any global warming of any significance in almost 20 years?
So there are young people now, 19 years old, married, having children, maybe in the military, college graduates, 19 years old, and during their lifetimes, the Earth has not really warmed.
That is an amazing, amazing thing.
There's little ups and downs in that chart.
See them there?
Of that warming.
But that warming is... Those ups and downs are a tenth of a degree.
That's not degrees.
That's even hundredths of a degree.
So now we have such political silliness.
That if the temperature peaks up just a little bit, by let's say two hundredths of a degree, suddenly they start screaming that it's the warmest it ever was!
Well, that's sheer and total nonsense.
First of all, think about it.
When I was a kid, I'm 81 years old.
When I was a kid, a thermometer was a little stick of wood with a little tube of mercury attached to it.
And the best you could possibly read the temperature was within one or two degrees.
I mean, its accuracy was pretty questionable.
And now they're telling us we have records because of hundredths of a degree?
You've got to be kidding!
If you look at the pattern over, let's say, the last thousand years, temperatures have gone up and down.
We had the medium of a warm period.
We had the little ice age.
And you see that little squiggle on the extreme right-hand side of your screen, the last little red squiggle on this chart?
That's the warming of the 20th century into the 21st century.
It is nothing.
It is insignificant.
And it is far less than the Middle Eagle 1 period.
And they're telling us it's the warmest Earth has ever been.
You know why that is?
They've manipulated the data.
It's an amazing thing.
And we even caught them with the Copenhagen documents.
We even caught them with the hide-the-decline emails.
But they are so committed to this that they just continue to move forward.
They do whatever they can.
It's a screaming outrage.
This is our federal government, NOAA, the National Weather Service, at its National Data Climate Center down in Charleston, South Carolina.
These people have manipulated the temperatures four times.
And in the process, they have made the past cooler, so the present is comparatively warmer.
Only by a degree or two, but enough for them to scream and holler about global warming.
Now the whole thing, Alex, is blamed on what?
What's the bedrock?
Do you know?
You got it, my friend.
You're a very well-informed man, by the way.
I know it.
Oh, no.
My wife and I visited both Austin and San Antonio last year.
Wonderful, beautiful cities.
It's certainly a great place to live.
But if you look at the long-term temperatures and CO2 of planet Earth as determined by the ice cores dug near Antarctica, near the South Pole, you find that the
CO2 has been up and down, and it tends to follow temperatures, not vice versa.
In other words, CO2 doesn't drive the temperatures up, the temperatures cause the CO2 to... Sure, and in Al Gore's film, this was found in British court for those that don't know, that he had flipped, basically, where he has temperature following CO2.
And I understand that you're a top meteorologist, John Coleman, founder of the Weather Channel, JohnColemanBlog.com, a lot of my listeners are informed, they know
I don't know.
Pick winners and losers.
General Electric by Obama was given, as you know, 2,000 plus waivers to operate coal power plants the last seven years.
Their competitors weren't.
They had to shut down.
So this is all about raw power.
And what you explained earlier is so key.
They're making a bunch of money and getting power out of this.
It's not like they're well-meaning misguided idiot liberals who want to save the earth and are just worried about CO2.
This is their way of taxing and controlling the entire carbon cycle, and they're trying to ram through these global treaties to do it.
And I really think, you know, the diabolical nature of that needs to be exposed.
Well, I'm shocked when Al Gore is put on television and no one calls him to task when he screams about tons and tons of carbons spewing into the atmosphere.
That's sheer nonsense!
What we are emitting is, yes, tons and tons of carbon dioxide, an odorless, tasteless, invisible gas that is essential to life!
And it's a trace!
It's been in the atmosphere forever, and man has contributed just a tiny amount to it, and it's still less than one-half of one percent.
Well, sir, you're the expert on this, but I've had astrophysicists on, I've had historians on.
During the warmer periods, going back over hundreds of thousands of years, it's a boom time for plants, animals, humans.
We see the booms in civilization during these warming periods.
And also, CO2 has been much higher in our history and is associated with higher oxygen levels, plants growing better, better health.
I mean, isn't the earth, if you look back over the last thousand years from ice core samples, actually in a CO2 starved position?
Isn't CO2 a tiny trace gas?
And yes, we desperately need more, not less.
Here in Southern California, where I live, they pump CO2 in large quantities into the greenhouses in order to make the flowers grow faster.
You know, we supply all those flowers for the whole nation.
Your Christmas and Thanksgiving bouquets all come from greenhouses here, loaded with carbon dioxide, CO2.
I have a friend who is a great submariner.
And set many records in his submarining days.
And he tells me that on their subs, they took the CO2 up to 5,000 parts per million.
No problem.
They did it all the time.
And they thrived on it.
My friend, Craig Itso, over in the Phoenix area,
He uses CO2 to prove that plants grow faster.
He grows plants with low CO2 and high CO2.
And those with high CO2, the trees grow feet higher than those that don't have it.
And since we have been putting a little more CO2 into the atmosphere, crops grow better.
There's more food for the world's poor.
Our plants grow better.
And the plants put off more oxygen too.
The earth is 20% greener, Alex.
It's amazing!
It is amazing!
So, what are we going to do about this great need for more CO2 in the Earth?
We're going to keep growing using our fossil fuels.
Understand, CO2 comes from the exhaust of fossil fuels burning.
So our jet aircraft, our cars and trucks all cause it.
Now, they have taxed CO2 already, particularly here in California, but to some extent nationally.
CO2 is down 10% in the last decade, as you know.
The average American family is now paying more than $1,200 a year more for their food products, for their energy, for everything.
And that's a lot of money for a poor family.
And under the plans of the Obama administration, that's going to go up to about $4,500 a year for that family of four.
Now, the kids don't get their pads, they can't get on the internet.
The kids don't get their health care, they can't go to summer camp, they don't get their clothes done.
You know, it's a serious matter.
It's a very serious matter.
It's an impoverishment, cloud and piven, sickening plan.
They literally are turning the lights off, they're literally turning the oxygen supply of the plants off, CO2, the equivalent.
I mean, this is something you'd imagine Lex Luthor to do in a 1950s comic book, and I wonder, where did Maurice Strong cook this up?
Because first it was global freezing, then it was going to be warming, and you and others just proved that, so now it's change, period.
And they get on the news when it's hot or it's cold and say it's our fault.
By the way, I covered the Ice Age coming story for ABC.
I was their science reporter.
Remember when Time Magazine had that picture of New York City under all that ice?
Yes, sir.
I covered that story for ABC, interviewed the scientists behind it, and those same scientists have now changed their mind and are global warming nuts.
It's an amazing turn of events.
But isn't the real danger, if we study real sunspots, cyclical systems, that we could be entering a mini cooling period?
Well, a mini one, yes.
And within a couple of thousand years, we'll all be gone, but our ancestors will be around.
We'll have to cope with the beginning of the next ice age.
Because they have come on a regular basis, about every 20,000 years through the history of Earth,
Now, you're a top meteorologist.
I want you to walk through this.
But folks, understand, there's not just 365 days around the sun.
There's not just the four seasons.
That's the cyclical, yearly cyclical system.
But exactly, we know there are larger seasons, larger cycles.
Please continue, John Coleman.
Well, one of those largest cycles is caused by the tilt of the Earth on its axis.
Our solar system is quite imperfect, and our Earth is quite imperfect.
And the Earth actually tilts, you know, about 17 degrees on its axis.
And when it tilts more or less, that has a huge impact on the weather, and may be the reason behind the beginning of ice ages.
But there's also an astrophysicist named Seven Swan,
In Norway.
I may be getting his name slightly wrong.
No, you got it.
But he's a heck of a man, and he has a theory that is caused by cosmic rays coming in elsewhere from the universe and activating our atmosphere.
A very interesting theory that I've been studying.
The truth is, of course, we don't know for sure what causes ice age, but I'm happy to say that we are so civilized today
That when the next Ice Age comes, I think man will be able to cope with it by putting up reflectors to reflect more sunlight into the Earth and deter the Ice Age.
I mean, our great scientific enterprise... We'll be able to geoengineer.
It's not the politicians, it's the scientists that make the earth a great place to live.
Well what about this hoax?
I mean I just saw a public letter where tens of thousands of scientists just signed saying global warming is a fraud, this is all a fraud.
They get on the news and say all scientists agree that global warming is real, pay Al Gore tax money or the earth will die.
I mean they literally say that, it's so ridiculous.
Yeah, that was totally manipulated.
That 97% figure is widely used, but there are 30,000, 31,000 to be exact, scientists so far who have signed the Oregon petition.
And that petition states clearly what I state with all my heart, and with great study and great scientific knowledge, there is no significant man-made global warming.
Now, there hasn't been any in the past, and there is no reason to fear any in the future.
That petition signed by thousands of scientists is an example that there's not 97% of the scientists.
But, Alex, it's the power of money.
Our government is now giving $4 billion a year
And I should add that that's their new tactic with gun control.
They're funding billions.
I had Professor Lott on a few weeks ago to now fund all this fake data on guns.
I mean, they really are cooking the books.
Yeah, and this is the same thing going on with global warming.
Well, let's think about this.
At $4 billion, so far they've had about 10,000 research projects that they have funded.
Every time a scientist does a research project, he has a publicist who puts out a press release, and he starts by saying, you know, that so-and-so, so-and-so, the bees are all dying from global warming, or whatever.
And then he puts out a couple of press releases while he's working it.
And when he's done, he puts out more.
Well, the media gobbles up those press releases.
So day in, day out.
Night in, night out.
We're deluge with propaganda.
Stay there, John Coleman.
I'm going to come back and talk about how we fight this and how you woke up to all this.
I mean, you've been fighting this for decades.
You've been vindicated as well.
I'm Alex Jones.
Stay with us.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Man-made climate change is largely a myth promoted by politicians to scare the public into accepting a vast expansion of government to supposedly stop global warming.
Global warming is a manufactured problem played up by the government to instigate a public reaction, in this case fear, the government then exploits to offer a predetermined solution.
This strategy, now known as the Hegelian dialectic, has been used successfully by politicians for millennia to expand government which can only grow at the expense of individual liberties.
The Bush administration used this strategy successfully in 2003 when it gained enough public support for the invasion of Iraq by claiming the country had weapons of mass destruction, and the war ultimately expanded the military-industrial complex in America's emerging police state.
Today, global warming is used as a boogeyman because it allows the UN to use government-funded scientists to scare the public into believing that man-made climate change is too big of a threat for their country to handle alone, and thus it can only be defeated through the expansion of the UN at the expense of their nation's sovereignty.
The number one goal of an out-of-control government is not to protect you, but rather to gain more power at your expense.
This is Kit Daniels with InfoWars.com
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Defending the Republic from enemies foreign and domestic.
It's Alex Jones.
I remember growing up watching John Coleman on Good Morning America.
I remember when he started the Weather Channel and it was one of the top rated things for so long.
And I gotta say it's
Declined quite a bit since he left, just from what I've seen in the news.
And then you tune into it, and it's all this propaganda about the global warming's gonna get you.
And oh my gosh, we have a dust storm, it's global warming, turning it all into the same scam.
It's so sad.
And the same mainstream media is telling us this isn't an Islamic radical attack in California, and they're trying to blame conservatives?
I mean, these are just really sick, sick people.
And the mainstream media is committing suicide.
It really is committing suicide.
It's like we had Donald Trump on yesterday, and there are over 2,000 articles.
If you go to Google News, click News, type in Alex Jones, Donald Trump, and it's just all this made-up stuff.
Stuff I never said.
Donald Trump goes on a show that denies the moon landings.
I say the moon landings were real.
I talk about the 28 pages, Saudi Arabia.
To congressional hearings that our government knew?
And they go, look, he's a truther, all this other stuff.
Well, yeah, I mean, I want the truth about our government covering up Islamic terror to come out, but they misrepresent it.
They claim all sorts of other weird stuff.
This is how they deceive.
Donald Trump called for $5 million if he was to go to CNN debate to be given the Wounded Warrior program.
The headlines said Donald Trump wants to be paid $5 million, said nothing about him wanting to give the money away.
That's how they misrepresent.
And the reason I bring this up is John Coleman, you've been through a lot of demonization for telling the truth about man-made global warming.
I've seen them misrepresent what you say, where they go, oil companies fund these people, no oil companies funded me.
I mean, it really is frustrating to see how disingenuous they are, but isn't that
I mean, isn't that the reason that mainstream media is in such decline?
Is that people know that they engage in so many dirty tricks and then now they only seem to be doubling down and getting more deceptive about the things they say and do.
Instead of watching the mainstream media yesterday, Alex, I watched your program with Donald Trump and Lord Monthan.
I had no need to turn on my television set, did I?
Wow, I'm flattered, sir.
I didn't know you were a viewer.
The mainstream media is in decline because now scientists, technology has made it possible
Thank you.
For you to reach thousands, billions of people via the internet and go right around television.
And that's why it's in this huge decline.
They have a big, big problem.
And it's the technology, it's the work of scientists that makes it possible.
And it's the work of scientists that is going to solve this so-called global warming problem.
It's going to end our age of fossil fuels.
Now fossil fuels have fueled this country for about close to 200 years now.
However, in this great 21st century,
It will not be long before you begin to hear about graphene, and graphene will solve the problem.
In 30 years, I'll be dead, but you'll be an old man, but in 30 years, we won't need fossil fuels anymore.
We'll be turning them off because science has brought in the new wave of technology.
These are great things that happen.
Now you asked before the break about how I got into this whole global warming thing.
Yes, I'm excited about science and what it can do, but then I had covered that Ice Age thing.
So I heard about Al Gore being elected to the U.S.
Senate after he wrote a book about climate change.
And I said to the man who worked for me, a man named Joe DiLeo, who's a certified consulting meteorologist of great reputation.
And he worked with me as my scientist helper when I was doing Good Morning America and then went with me to the Weather Channel.
I said to Joe, I said, what's this all about?
I'm very skeptical because I saw this whole Ice Age thing.
And he said, let's research it.
And we began to research.
And the more and more we researched in the early ages of computers, before the internet was easy, we finally came to the real facts.
That how it all happened and what started Al Gore.
And I'm speaking to you today from San Diego and just a few miles from me is where the modern problem began at the Scripps Oceanographic Institution.
And there, a man named Roger Revelle and a man named Tom Seuss had come up with a study that said, yes, global warming was being caused by carbon dioxide.
It was a small study, it wasn't a big deal, but it started something back in the smog.
The smoggy 50s.
But we've cleaned up the atmosphere hugely since then, with great technology and science.
But never mind, that started something.
And Roger Revelle then went to Harvard.
He left the Scripps Oceanographic Institute in anger, went to Harvard, and started the Center for Population Studies.
But he talked about this problem with carbon dioxide in his class.
And in the front row of his very first class,
Who was the freshman student?
Al Gore.
And Al Gore gobbled on to this and made it the meaning of his life.
Now, a few years later, Ravel realized that the global warming wasn't happening and tried to take it back.
But Al Gore was already in the Senate and beginning to spend tens of millions of dollars on science to support this awful theory.
To make himself the savior of the world.
I mean, if you're writing the script, I can see why they did it.
You write a screenplay where you're the hero.
And so here we were.
And so I learned that how wrong this was and how honorable it was as a great scientist that may prevail that he could come back and say my theory was wrong.
That's the sign of a great scientist when he can realize his theory is wrong and say so.
Because now we're entrapped by all these scientists who are receiving these tens of millions of dollars a year for their institutions to study global warming.
All these scientists receiving that money, and if they do what Ravel did and said, wait a minute, it's not really happening.
If they were to do that, their money would be cut off.
They couldn't pay their mortgages.
They couldn't send their kids to college.
Their wives would leave them.
So they just stick with it.
So they're bought and paid for.
They've become political prostitutes.
John Coleman, founder of the Weather Channel, won the National Meteorologist of the Year Award during his career.
I'm such a big fan of what you've done over the years.
We've got about four or five minutes left.
I want to invite you back up for a full hour very, very soon, sir, when there's not all this horrible shooting news and jihadi wave attack of news and the rest of it.
But this really is front and center with this global government.
Open treaty, openly admitting world government.
They've really emerged.
I want to ask you, as a smart businessman, as a guy that started one of the most successful cable networks out there, one of the first to do it,
Just as a savvy person looking at the gestalt, all the different pieces, because I really respect your view and want to know it, in your gut, does this thing have so much inertia that it'll still roll over us even though it's a proven fraud?
Or is the tide turning against it?
In your gut, if we all work hard and you work hard and we expose what's happening and we tell the truth, where does this end up going?
I mean, we know it's criminal.
We know it's dastardly.
We know it's a fraud.
We know it's anti-science.
We know it's going to be used to restrict other sciences that they call disruptive.
We know they're blocking real clean energy and only funding themselves with sickening boondoggles to their friends.
They want at the UN, in Maury Strong's own words, a new...
Dark Age to control the population.
That's really the end game of this, like the communists used to keep people poor.
So how do we have the new renaissance defeat these people and do you think we can defeat them in your gut?
If this was a football game and you're looking into the future, we're in the second quarter.
In your gut, where do you think we're going to be in the fourth quarter?
I think it will fade away.
I don't think we'll win.
I don't think they'll win.
I think the battle will continue.
I was encouraged here, Lord Watkins, that we have turned the tide yesterday.
But I wish I could agree with him, but I can't.
But Alex!
It's not going to be the public debate.
It's not going to be politics that settles the fight.
It's going to be science.
And that's what I was telling you.
That science is going to produce a new way that our civilization
That is so sensational that we will turn off our use of CO2, and when we turn off our fossil fuel, the whole thing's over!
It's over!
We're not producing any more CO2!
They don't have a basis to complain!
Their whole breakfast dies!
I can hardly wait!
But I don't think I'll live that long, but I think it's about 30 years away when we have a totally new power regime for our civilization based on graphene that will just wipe out the whole argument and end the debate.
So you believe we'll transcend by technology and development as the last renaissance did, those that are attempting to stagnate society into these new classist systems that the liberals are pushing.
I think that's really an exciting worldview and I tend to agree with you overall and the battle is up to us, but speak specifically about the innovative technology that you were just mentioning that a lot of the viewers and even myself aren't up to speed on.
I mean, I know what it is, but I'd like to hear from you, who is obviously an expert.
By the way, go to YouTube and you'll find my report on graphene.
That's G-R-A-P-H-E-N-E.
Graphene, invented by two French scientists, won the Nobel Peace Prize, Nobel Science Prize in 2009, and more than 30 patents have been issued for graphene products at this point, and it is
The most powerful, the hardest, best conductor, most amazing substance ever created by man.
It can substitute for the steel and the aluminum in our vehicles.
And get this, we will be able to build a paint with it.
If you paint a car with it, it will produce enough power to power that car forever.
Say, wait a minute, you need a battery.
Graphene batteries.
There's a patent been issued for graphene batteries.
Now, we still can't produce graphene inexpensively in quantity.
There's several companies working to do that.
When they do, the world really changes.
Plastic was the substance of the 20th century.
Graphene will be the substance of the 21st century, and it will end the global warming debate, and it will power this civilization into
Well I agree with you and there are so many other technologies being developed that many of us don't even know about yet that could leapfrog past this.
I mean it really is amazing and that's what I've been told by high-level people in the CIA, in the FBI, in foreign governments is there's a fight between elites that want to stagnate development and keep it for themselves and elites that want to give it to the people
But at the end of the day, as you said, the true elite is the scientific mind of innovation, and it's really hard to hold that down, sir.
Go ahead.
I don't know that they're the elite, because money is so powerful.
That's where the money is.
And politics is controlling the money.
But science has to overcome that, and it's not easy.
Science has ruled the world, if you look at it.
Civilizations, countries, empires come and go.
Even rocks have a lifetime.
But science has always taken us to the next level.
And so I'm confident that science will win the battle on global warming by making it totally unimportant.
That's why they want us to forget about science in school now and make it all about infighting and racial garbage, when what unifies us is innovation, is discovery, and so much more.
JohnColemanBlog.com, I am so thankful you came on.
I've tried to get you on for years, and I must have not been reaching out at the right place, but I'm very honored that you tuned into the show, and we really appreciate you coming on, sir.
In the minute or two we have left, any other key points you would like to relay to the viewers and listeners out there?
Well, I think the key point that I will make is it is science that has made this program possible.
It is science that has made many others like it possible.
The mainstream media of which I was a key player for 60 years.
When I started, we had like two TV stations people could watch, one newspaper they could read, and there was no internet at all.
And I have watched as cable came and brought additional channels and spread out the power, and that helped.
But then came the internet, and now we have digital television, which is growing in leaps and bounds.
And I think this opens up communications.
The Facebook is just a small thing.
I'm trying to develop something called My Life, My World, which involves both video and a Facebook-like content, and Twitter, that would just tear the world apart.
Because everybody
We're becoming a communicator, and that's the way it ought to be.
Wow, well, Mr. Coleman promised me that you will come back in the next few months with us again, sir.
It's really been a treat.
My pleasure, Alex.
Thank you.
I tell you, what an innovator.
What a broadcaster.
What a fighter.
He was there at the beginning when they were rolling this fraud out, and he's sitting around with other scientists, other meteorologists, going, this doesn't sound right.
They just said we were going to be freezing to death if we didn't give them all the power.
Let's look into this.
And so from the beginning, he's just been going, come on, guys.
Al Gore is going to save us?
We're going to pay him tax money?
The guy that says he invented the Internet?
The Internet was invented back in the 60s by British and US scientists.
It wasn't invented by Al Gore, it had nothing to do with it.
Then he went, well, I was in the Senate in the late 80s when we gave the Internet some funding.
I saw this bumper sticker on somebody's car.
I think it was quoting Oliver Wendell Holmes or something, but it said, I like paying taxes because I like civilization.
And that's kind of the proto-fraud idea of what Obama said.
If you got a business, you didn't build that.
Somebody else did that.
So, I mean, obviously, some type of government, some type of centralized system, some type of law has helped build civilization.
But in latter phases, it becomes very oppressive and destructive, historically.
And then it destroys civilization.
But it is the human mind and human free will and markets that innovate.
So I like free market.
Because I like choice and I like civilization.
The collectivists say if somebody commits a crime with a gun, you lose your second amendment because you're all collectively bad.
I'm not racist because there's some other white guy that's racist.
Or if a black guy's racist, some other black person isn't racist.
I judge people by the character of their conduct and their deeds and who they are.
I listen to Jimi Hendrix because I like his singing and his guitar, not because he's black.
It's the same thing.
I judge people by who they are.
And that's common sense.
Let's get back to it.
We're going to go on a break.
I'm going to come back with a bunch of Donald Trump clips.
And then Jakari Jackson's going to be on the ground down at one of the Christmas trees downtown to ask folks, you know, do you think that this could have triggered the jihadi?
Should we take the Christmas trees down?
And should Christmas be restricted?
There's all these calls for that.
So Jakari Jackson's coming up.
I'll also open the phones up.
Before I go any further, because I'm not really been plugging this, but like once an hour I should be belaboring it.
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Sheriff John Brown, ladies and gentlemen.
Sheriff John Brown came.
We want to get a civil war going at the local government level with the police to then bring in tyranny.
We're exposing the false flag.
But I have never seen a more sickeningly illustrated example.
Of just oxymoronic treason as the European governments and our government bringing in radical jihadists that continue to attack us and the media trying to spin the fact that it's because they saw a Christmas tree or it's not jihad or trying to blame the right wing or patriots and then politically correct neighbors not reporting them to police.
They're admitting this because they were Muslims and they didn't want to be politically incorrect.
And then Obama arming these very groups in the Middle East to commit wholesale carnage against the Libyans, the Syrians, the Egyptians, the Iraqis.
I mean, I just have never seen our government be such bad guys before.
And it's certainly not been perfect, but man, this is low down.
And then Kit Daniels just walked in with this story, and I just gulped.
It's up on InfoWars.com right now.
I told them, red-link this sucker right now.
This is such a big deal.
Obama arms ISIS-linked militants without background checks.
Just like that plane last week from Mexico with 140 people and then their passports weren't even looked at.
It's like the migrants are being brought in.
They're just being dispersed.
Is this like sleeper cells or something?
Is this worse than I thought?
I mean, something's going on here.
I've told everybody that I've been dreading December.
Everybody else I've talked to just feels it's building up to this month.
Now we're here.
And you got stuff with Russia going on and economic craziness.
Look at this article.
This needs to be our top story, red-linked on InfoWars.com.
Obama arms ISIS-linked militants without background checks.
Gun control advocates want to enact universal background checks for guns.
That's registration in response to San Bernardino shootings.
Even though President Obama wasn't performing stringent background checks on ISIS-linked moderate rebels, he was arming in Syria.
And now he's letting them come in without background checks.
We need to add that, Kit.
The demand for more gun control is also strange, considering that the shooting occurred in California, a state that already has some of the strongest gun laws in the nation.
In California, we have tough gun laws.
I don't know how these weapons involved in the shooting got where they were.
We'll find out, said Barbara Boxer, sat on the Senate floor.
And the people, well, we have these gun laws, but look at this, we have 56% reduction in gun violence since 93 in my great state because we have taken action.
No boxer gun ownership went up.
So criminals are scared, and now all we've got is your weird cross-dressing crazies and your jihadis attacking us.
I mean, literally.
I mean, they always do it in gun-free zones like, you know, this government building.
Or at Fort Hood, you said that wasn't terror.
People know you're a pack of liars.
Paris Climate Summit, Hacker's Leak, login details, more than a thousand officials.
We're going to get to all this coming up.
It's a big broadcast in the third hour today.
Jakari Jackson's going to be at the Capitol, not just looking at the Christmas tree and asking, should it be removed, as some groups are calling for in the state of Texas, but also the state of Texas, the governor is suing to block the refugees.
Obama doesn't care.
He just brought them into my alma mater, Anderson High, 300 of them, just at the school where I graduated from 25 years ago.
So, there you go, ladies and gentlemen.
Isn't that just precious?
So, Jakari Jackson from the Capitol in 30 minutes.
But first, your calls, some of the Donald Trump clips from yesterday, and more.
The third hour of the InfoWar rolls on.
Thank you for listening to GCN.
Visit GCNlive.com today.
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You're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
Big Brother, mainstream media, government cover-ups.
You want to stop tyranny?
Well, so does he.
Live from the Infowars.com studios, it's Alex Jones.
The right wing has produced tyrants in the past, the left wing has as well.
But as Lord Monckton points out, going back to China thousands of years ago, you have the libertarians and the totalitarians.
And that's openly there what they taught, the totalitarians and the libertarians.
Or the whole Confucius movement versus the pro-imperials oppressing the population.
And you sit here and you watch classic authoritarian totalitarians run around lecturing everyone, screaming that they want to arrest you.
You have to understand, I have to actually water down what I say, because I can't even believe it.
I can't even believe they had multiple newspapers and TV stations say that the Christians deserve to die when these Muslims killed them because Christianity is hateful.
I mean, New York Daily News had a major headline with that.
And when you come to grips with what hateful, weird freaks these people are, and they have scientific studies in Canada and the UK that environmentalists are six times more likely to rob or steal or to lie
But they're more likely to say they're making donations.
And Lord Monckton, you've got four minutes left on this point, but I think you're hitting it on the head there that these are not liberals.
These are not Thomas Jeffersons that we're talking about.
These people are a cult of stunted mentally ill people and their con artist controllers.
We must start taking back the language.
The so-called Democratic Party are not Democrats.
We must call them what they are, the totalitarians.
The so-called liberals are not liberal.
We must call them what they are, which is totalitarians.
The so-called radicals are not radical.
We must call them what they are, communist totalitarians.
Let us no longer allow them to steal our language to make themselves seem fragrant when in fact they stink.
It's high time that we got tough on these people and your audience here can help, Alex.
You can look up the story about how Patrick Moore has complained to the FBI about a nasty attempt, a failed attempt, which has backfired very badly on Greenpeace, this hate-filled organisation, to entrap Professor Will Hacker just before he was due to give testimony in the US Congress, an excellent testimony he gave too.
And you too can look up the story, and if you think that Patrick Moore was right to put in a complaint to the FBI, then get onto the FBI website, click to the link that allows you to make a complaint, and add your voice to his.
Just tell the FBI that it is not acceptable that people should go around intimidating witnesses due to appear before Congress.
The Greenpeace has behaved illegally under the RICO statute and the Wire Fraud statute also by setting up a bogus company in the Beirut souk and pretending to operate from there and pretending to entrap people like Happa who of course is so honest they absolutely failed but of course they still spun it as though they had caught him out taking money from hated fossil fuel companies even if he had
I'm still waiting for my check from the oil companies.
I haven't ever gotten one.
Well, I'm still waiting for it.
Mine hasn't come this week at all.
And the problem is this, Alex, that these companies are themselves now in danger of being dragged into what has become, and the word you've just used is the correct word, a global fraud.
And one of the things that we, on the questioning side of the debate, have decided to do here at Le Bourget is to establish our own fraud investigation team
Under the aegis of the Independent Committee on Geoethics, which is a committee of very eminent professors from around the world, and one by one we're going to start investigating... Yes, do what Project Veritas does.
Lord Monckton, when this conference is over next week, we want to get a final update from you when you're back there in Scotland or back in England.
Thank you so much.
God bless you and be careful.
God bless you, God bless America, and the truth will win whether they like it or not.
Don't forget they beat him up a few years ago at one of these conferences, so he is...
Who do you prefer?
Barack Obama or George W. Bush?
Well, if you haven't figured it out by now, these guys are corporate spokesmen.
They're not leaders.
I mean, they both started illegal wars.
Hell, they both tortured people.
They bailed out criminal corporations and they spied on you.
They both violated the Constitution and they even committed war crimes.
So what's it gonna take?
I mean, what will it take to finally wake you up?
Think about it.
If Joseph Stalin ran for president as a Democrat, and Adolf Hitler ran as a Republican, one of them would end up leading our country.
It's elephants and asses screwing the masses.
And your choice between the two parties is a myth.
Because in reality, it is a two-party tyranny with one ideology.
Divide and conquer.
So join the revolution and break the false left versus right paradigm.
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Defending the Republic from enemies foreign and domestic.
It's Alex Jones.
Welcome back.
We're coming to you from deep in the heart of Texas, Austin.
Broadcasting all over the country on over 170 Aminathem stations.
Global shortwave satellite.
But really, what's scary to the establishment is over a million people with the podcast every day.
Two or three million people on one YouTube channel a day, millions a day on Facebook mentions, millions and millions more on other platforms.
We're talking 20 million people a week worldwide, about 10 million of them in North America, about half our audience, and it's growing exponentially.
So I'm not bragging about InfoWars, I'm putting out the good news that the more hardcore we get,
The more we put our reporters out there on the ground, the more the establishment freaks out and tries to misrepresent what we've said, what we've done, what we stand for.
And they do that to everybody else who's a libertarian or a constitutionalist.
They do it to Tucker Carlson, they do it to WorldNetDaily, they do it to Matt Drudge, they do it to Donald Trump.
And it's not that Donald Trump's perfect, and it can be seen as extreme, because we're a free, open society, that hey, until we get a handle on things, and until they're vetting people's visas, and until Congress acts to at least look at who's coming in, we will block every single Muslim coming into this country.
Well, they only had the, we will block every single Muslim coming into the country.
Turns out that's what Jimmy Carter did.
He kicked all the Iranians out basically and wouldn't let them come in during that whole situation.
That's what countries do.
You can't go to Saudi Arabia and preach the gospel of Christ.
You'll be imprisoned if you're lucky.
Sometimes executed.
So it's all about misrepresentation.
But their hoaxes don't work anymore.
For two days they said there wasn't any Islamic terror in San Bernardino, California.
That doesn't work anymore.
Exposing both sides of the police state, everything from Black Lives Matter to the Private Fellow Reserve, you name it, DailyCaller.com, which is a mainstay when you see links to Infowars.com or places like DrugsReport.com.
There's so much to cover.
Trump, where the dinosaur media is, are they really on their last legs?
I mean, I know you're on Fox.
I wouldn't call it dinosaur media because it's at least somewhat conservative, and so it has a big audience, but the others don't have audiences.
They're facades.
I mean, I can turn on a Facebook Mentions at home and get a million and a half viewers anytime I want.
Their biggest show doesn't have a half million.
So when does the zombie finally fall down and die, or can it not die because it's already dead?
Tucker Carlson.
I've never heard it put that way, but I love it.
I mean, you're watching it die now, and you're watching Donald Trump
benefit from its death.
I mean, in my view, the worst thing about Trump is the media reaction to him, which is so hyperventilating and self-righteous, it's merely an excuse for reporters to explain that they're morally superior to Donald Trump.
You know, he's a bad person.
It's a vehicle for their vanity and self-aggrandizement.
They're great people.
It's disgusting.
And, you know, there are things about Trump that I don't agree with, and there are certainly things about his rhetoric that I think ought to be more precise, that he'll explain better.
But none of that really compares in emotional impact to the feeling I get watching the press whine about him and declare him dangerous.
Every time I hear that, I feel like sending him money.
I agree with you.
What about Senator Leslie Graham?
I mean, excuse me, Lindsey Graham, the beauty queen.
He is up there just saying it's race-baiting, xenophobic, religious bigot.
Let's watch that clip from the Communist News Network.
Well, I want to talk to the Trump supporters for a minute.
I don't know who you are and I don't know why you like this guy.
I think what you like about him, he appears to be strong when the rest of us are weak.
He's a very successful businessman and he's going to make everything great.
He's going to take all the problems of the world and put them in a box and make your life better.
That's what he's selling.
Here's what you're buying.
He's a race-baiting, xenophobic, religious bigot.
He doesn't represent my party.
He doesn't represent the values that the men and women who wear the uniform are fighting for.
I've been in the Air Force for 33 years.
I retired this June.
He's the ISIL man of the year, by the way.
Just got back from Morocco a week ago this Monday.
Hillary, we played the clip last hour, also says he's playing right in the hands of ISIS.
Last time I checked, he didn't run the State Department that helped build up ISIS.
We have the former head of Defense Intelligence himself saying that.
Tugger, let yourself talk.
Jump in here.
Where do you see all this going?
Well, I mean, Lindsey Graham is the one who doesn't represent, obviously, the views of the Republican Party.
Look at the numbers.
I mean, you know, I don't dislike Lindsey Graham as a person, but he has no constituency and he has, it strikes me, no deep knowledge of the region.
He's the one who's forever telling us we need to arm this or that group about which he knows nothing.
He's not an Arabic speaker.
And yet he's always telling us this is a group of freedom fighters and your son needs to go fight on their behalf, etc, etc.
It's every bit, in fact it's more reckless than anything Donald Trump has ever said.
Here's the real reason people like Trump's recent statement on stopping Islamic immigration or putting a pause on it.
The message is really clear.
Donald Trump...
I would be shocked if Donald Trump awoke in the middle of the night seething with hatred toward Muslims.
I don't know but I doubt it.
He doesn't.
I think Donald Trump is just really worried that we're gonna see more terror attacks in the country and you look at Europe and its inability over 70 years to integrate and assimilate large Muslim populations and it does make you wonder like what do you you know we don't want to be Sweden or Belgium or France
Why is that?
Well, it's an extreme statement, but it's extreme to have 80% being military-age men, 80-plus percent fake passports.
Mainly, these are Sunni invaders into Syria, that's all admitted, who got their butt kicked.
They're now going into Turkey, going into Europe.
And just a month or so ago, Trump said, hey, we've got to let these poor refugees in.
We've got to take them.
His own constituents said, hey, a lot of them are terrorists.
He got informed and then he changed his mind.
He knows there's going to be more terror attacks after Paris and now San Bernardino.
That's right.
And they're taking him out of context.
He doesn't dislike anybody.
Well, exactly.
And again, you have to compare the recklessness of Trump, and sometimes he is reckless, with the recklessness of the people who now run everything, and Lindsey Graham is a perfect representative of that group.
Right after the Paris terror attacks, Lindsey Graham was not only calling for more Syrian immigration into the United States, but saying anyone who opposed it was somehow a nativist or a bigot or a bad person or immoral or on the wrong side of God.
I mean, there's no room for debate on this?
I mean, ask yourself the question, does any adult really believe that
That Germany will be improved by a million refugees from Syria and surrounding countries.
Pakistan, because they're not just Syrians.
I don't think anybody really believes that, and yet Time Magazine just gave Angela Merkel, the person of the year award, and it is effective on award, to congratulate her for doing that.
What's the effect of that kind of immigration?
It makes the people in power feel virtuous.
They get to feel like good people, but they don't have to deal with any of the consequences of it.
They don't send their children to public school.
They're not competing for jobs with these people.
They're surrounded by armed bodyguards that taxpayers pay for.
There's really no downside for them, but there's a massive downside for everybody else.
They are out of touch.
They really don't care about the effect of their policies on the people they're supposed to be representing.
And we really ought to be outraged about that.
And I'm hardly like some wild-eyed populist.
I think I'm pretty reasonable and mainstream.
But it's worth being mad about that.
Madder indeed than you are, than people are at Donald Trump.
Like, who's really at fault here?
I don't care if Hillary has special friends, I'm a libertarian like you are, but if this was Trump or a conservative, we know there'd be a spotlight on it, and then her whole background, she seems to just get away with everything.
I think that also sticks in people's craw, that these Democrats and establishment Republicans are above the law, they don't get reviewed, they don't get looked at.
And then Hillary's little hippo, uh, she can do whatever she wants and, you know, stay in the same hotel room or whatever.
I mean, this should be looked into.
And then Drudge and you and others are criticized for investigating Hillary's health, investigating her taste in women.
I mean, isn't all of this open game?
Kuma Abadie, let's just assess the public record, okay?
That's enough.
I'm willing to give everyone a pass on their private lives or whatever.
Why do you have a picture of her on your wall?
It's from the 40s.
It predates even Huma.
She sent out an email two days ago in which she called Donald Trump quote a racist for opposing Islamic immigration as if Islam is a race rather than a religion.
It's not a racial ethnic category.
That's insane.
Now that is exactly the kind of
Of language, of rhetoric that divides people, that makes people hate each other, that whips the population into a greater frenzy.
Again, that's every bit as irresponsible as anything Donald Trump has suggested.
And unlike Donald Trump, she's actually in a position of power.
I mean, Huma Abedin was a federal official, a State Department official.
Up until pretty recently, a Obama administration official, and yet she can send an email like that out and nobody cares.
It's fine, it's just a reaction.
He's dangerous, no wonder she's upset.
It is all of this.
The Trump phenomenon is a reaction against that.
And I tell people who are upset.
A lot of Republicans in Washington, as you know, are horrified by Trump.
They hate him more than they hate Obama.
He's a direct threat to their power.
And I always say to them, there's a reason he's here.
And that's because you have been a bad steward of this party.
The president has been a bad steward of the federal government.
A lot of the business community have been bad stewards of the economy.
The people running things haven't done a very good job, so it shouldn't surprise you that someone like Donald Trump arrives on the scene and gets really popular by telling the truth about your failures.
Like, why is that shocking?
Tucker Carlson's our guest, Fox News, foxnews.com, dailycaller.com.
That's got to be the quote of the last week or so, the most crystallized, boiled-down truth that last 20 seconds.
That's it.
They don't dislike him because he's a bigot or he's hateful.
They hate him because he'll win.
He's not part of their power structure.
They've been caught working with the Democrats, and he represents the Tea Party, the Libertarians, taking over the grand old party and kicking
Uh, you know, these weasels out of Toad Hall who have invaded and taken over, and he is a bellwether of that and they're panicking.
What's so funny is they're in a lather this morning about the idea that he might run third party.
Here's the news slash, he already is running third party.
He's already broken with Republican orthodoxy on economics.
He's attacked the hedge fund people.
He's broken with them on foreign policy.
He's pointed out the Iraq war was a disaster.
That's not allowed, but he did it anyway.
He's being attacked by the head of the RNC.
He's hated by donors.
He's hated by lobbyists.
He's hated by the entire Washington establishment and the other candidates.
Or some of them said he won't vote for him.
He's incredible.
He's not running as a Republican.
Here's a newsflash.
And maybe that's why he's succeeding.
And again, I've always kind of voted Republican because I don't see the choice.
But the truth is the Republican coalition for 40 years has been a combination of libertarian economic policy and neoconservative foreign policy.
And neither one has worked for a lot of people in the middle of the country.
That's just the truth.
It's not delivering.
And if we don't watch out, we're going to get a Bernie Sanders or a Hillary.
We can't stand it.
And so the Republicans, I think, ought to back off, reassess what's happening, really try to talk to Trump, bring him in, then he would listen to them.
But now that I know some of the inside baseball, three or four months ago, I wasn't sure about Trump.
A month ago, I wasn't.
But now, like you said, going after the hedge fund boys, that's the top of the pyramid.
That's the too big to fails.
He is really showing the fact that
He's going after the establishment and now threatening them to go third party if they don't stop demonizing him and shrilly trying to outdo MSNBC.
I mean, Lindsey Graham and all these Republicans, and I hate to say it, even some people I've supported, are trying to sound more like Democrats than anybody ever heard.
They're not going to win like that.
I mean, how stupid are they?
Don't they get the mainstream media is the last group you want endorsing you?
But Trump is radical because he's not tied to anyone.
So take, for example, carried interest.
It's a loophole in the tax code that allows some people
In the finance business, hedge fund managers, among others, to take their income as investment dividends.
In other words, they pay half the tax that the rest of us wage earners pay.
Now, this is obviously wrong.
They won't even defend it in public.
I'm pro-capitalist, and I'm opposed to it.
And yet, seven years under the Obama administration, a supposedly radical, left-wing, redistributive administration,
It's indefensible.
They've allowed this to remain in the tax code.
They've never gone after it for seven years, okay?
It took Donald Trump to stand up, a billionaire, obviously a beneficiary of capitalism, to say, this is totally unfair.
You can't be tax exempt when housewives and working mothers and people are paying 20% tax.
You can't be tax exempt, bozos.
There's not going to be an economy if you keep setting the playing field where it's crooked.
But I think people underestimate how radical it is for the Republican frontrunner to say this, or even to make an obvious point.
You know, he's not attacking our soldiers or even Bush or Cheney.
He's just pointing out, look, the Iraq War didn't go that well.
And would you do it again?
Of course not.
That's a stupid question even to ask.
And yet
He was the only one in the Republican field who would say something that obvious.
No, that's right.
Overall, he's a true maverick.
Let me ask you this then.
I mean, in your gut, you're not making predictions here, Tucker, but you're a smart political analyst.
You made a lot of accurate predictions.
What do you think, just in your gut, is going to end up happening with Trump?
Where is this going?
Because just as a spectator, just from that position, this is fantastical for the news cycle.
I mean, every five minutes it's something new.
Where is this going?
It's the Media Full Employment Act.
It's unbelievable.
I have been usually right in my predictions, not because I'm so smart, because it's pretty easy to predict what's going to happen in American politics.
It always has been.
I'll be honest with you, I don't know what's going to happen.
My only prediction is this.
If he wins the Florida primary, which is far more important than any other.
It's a state you can't become president without winning.
It's far more representative of the country than Iowa or New Hampshire.
If he wins that, in a state where Jeb was the governor and Marco Rubio is a sitting senator,
How can you deny him the nomination?
If he wins, that's when you'll know, in March, the Florida primary, if Trump is still in and wins that, he will be the nominee.
Well, he's now gone on national television and said it's not about their religion, it is about safety.
In his full speech, he said they're not vetting him, they're not checking him, that's why we gotta do it for a limited time until it's fixed.
That's right.
He let them take him out of context, but the way people then get mad at him, then they find out what he really said, then they get madder at the controlled media,
I mean, even I, when I first saw the headline a few days ago, a day and a half ago, thought, oh, he's crazy.
And then you find out what he really said, it just reminds you how much they will spin and deceive.
Now remember, since we mentioned this, here's Trump a couple months ago saying we've got to take the refugees because of what they've been through.
So here's Donald Trump before he has the facts, shooting his mouth off, saying we've got to take the refugees.
Then he goes to the extreme of saying, you know, we can't take them until it's fixed.
Here it is.
Look, from a humanitarian standpoint, I'd love to help, but we have our own problems.
We have so many problems that we have to solve.
You have over there the Gulf States, tremendously wealthy.
You have five, five groups of people.
Okay, I thought they found it.
That's the walk back a week later.
That's him going on, I think that's Fox News, walking it back.
Yeah, on Hannity.
There's another one where he gives a speech where he says, quote, we've got to take them.
Go ahead, Tucker, sorry.
Well, it's just not surprising.
Americans are compassionate people, and their first instinct is always to help.
I mean, you're walking through midtown Manhattan, and a Japanese tourist with no English says, where's Times Square?
Twenty people rush to help him, and that's just kind of who we are.
So it's not surprising that anybody asked that question from a dead sleep would say, yeah, of course we should help them.
The question is not, is that your instinct?
The question is, knowing all the facts and watching what happened in Paris and watching the failure to assimilate of these large Muslim populations in Europe, do you still think it's a good idea then?
And here's my question.
Is Trump's position more reckless and crazy than the mainstream position, which is, despite all the evidence, let's just invite thousands of Syrians right from the battlefield to come to America at taxpayer expense, literally flown over on American aircraft at your expense to go on welfare,
There's no amendment to this bill.
On a humanitarian basis, something does have to be done.
So there he was before all these people got shot and blown up in Europe and the United States.
And what is Obama thinking, Tucker?
Let me ask you this question.
If you bring in hundreds of thousands of these people, who are mainly Sunnis from war zones, a lot of them soldiers, a lot of them ISIS, you know, it keeps coming out.
You bring millions into Europe.
Don't they know there's going to be more attacks?
How will they politically get away with this?
And why would they want to do this?
It's so destructive.
Well, they get away with it politically because they changed the composition of the electorate over time.
That's exactly, as you know, what's happened since 1965 when immigration law changed to favor people from outside of Europe.
And there are probably some good things about that.
There are also some bad things about it, which we never mention.
We lie about it and pretend it's all good because you get better restaurants and cheap servants.
But the truth is, it was a massive boon for the Democratic Party because the overwhelming majority of those immigrants in the last 50 years have become Democrats and stayed Democrats.
But it has made the country less cohesive and more divided, and there have been all kinds of other unattractive effects of it.
It's affected our education system, it's affected our economy in ways that are bad and really troubling over the long term.
But from a Democratic point of view, if you're David Plouffe planning out how to win the White House unto the generations for the next nine cycles,
Your first, your go-to position is more immigration from the third world, because that means more Democratic voters.
And I know, I always give people the benefit of the doubt on motive.
I don't know what motivates people most of the time, and I try not to pretend that I do, but on this specific subject, I mean, talk to these guys a lot.
They see immigration as a way to change the demographics of the country in a way that helps them.
Well, they admit it.
That's just true.
Well, yeah, I mean, if you take third world populations and, you know, they work hard, they get a job, the American dream, they're great.
You indoctrinate them into socialist,
Chip on the shoulder, trigger word, garbage, where they can't see a Christmas tree or they fall down literally crying, no not Halloween, don't let them have a party!
And then the Yale professors have stepped down now, they're creating a freakazoid cult.
Yeah, what about the political correctness?
I mean, I love Trump because he's the opposite of that.
Well, he is.
The problem with the political correctness on campus, and it's not just on campus, but it starts there, is that it's really an attack on speech.
I understand.
I've got a minority view on politics.
My views are not popular with most people.
I don't pretend they are.
I'm way out by myself.
I get it.
And it doesn't bother me.
The only thing, the line that the left crosses that makes me worry, really upset, is when they try to prevent me from expressing my views.
When they equate opinions they disagree with, with violence.
And that's exactly what trigger warnings are all about.
That's exactly what safe spaces are all about.
That's exactly why Loretta Lynch, the Attorney General, said the other day, if you criticize Islam in a way we don't like, we'll prosecute you.
These are all attacks on freedom of expression, on speech, constitutionally protected speech.
They don't believe in the First Amendment, and the polls show this.
A strikingly large percentage of Democrats, when asked, say, yes, there will be limits to the First Amendment, and those limits begin when you start offending protected groups.
That's scary.
None of us want to live in a country where we can't say what we believe is true.
Tucker Carlson's our guest for one more segment.
I've been asking a lot of the questions, but in the first half of this next segment, it's 18 minutes long, I'm gonna let him bring up whatever topics he wants, because I want to hear what he's focused on, what he sees coming up.
Then I've got some other questions I want to go over with him.
What's going on with Putin?
Talking about using nukes now on ISIS.
I know that's just rhetoric, but wow.
What does he make of what's happening in Turkey and other things straight ahead?
Tucker Carlson, TheDailyCaller.com.
We're on the march, the empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Hamtramck, Michigan is experiencing culture shock after becoming the first majority Muslim city in the U.S.
For example, business owners routinely advertise their products in Arabic and they can't obtain liquor licenses within 500 feet of a mosque.
But besides this cultural shift, Hamtramck also serves as a microcosm of America's economy.
Hamtramck was the home of a Chrysler automobile plant back during the muscle car era of the 60s and early 70s.
Everything from Plymouth Barracudas to Dodge Chargers were built at the Hamtramck plant.
But now the plant is closed down just like America's manufacturing base.
When the U.S.
dollar was chosen as the international medium of exchange decades ago, the U.S.
still had a strong manufacturing base.
But now it doesn't, and the only reason why we're still able to maintain a trade deficit is due to global demand for the dollar.
But eventually other countries will stop accepting dollars for their products because we barely manufacture anything anymore.
When that happens, the U.S.
economy will close down just like the Hamtramck Automobile Plant did so many years ago.
This is Kit Daniels and visit InfoWars.com and PrisonPlanet.TV for more reports.
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Is the U.S.
involved with any procuring of weapons, transfer of weapons, buying, selling, anyhow transferring weapons to Turkey out of Libya?
To Turkey?
It is a big idea.
A new world order.
How is it that this organization is so well-funded, so organized?
Islamic State-linked militants have gained a stronger foothold in Libya, seizing new economically vital areas of the country.
The leader of ISIS in Libya is none other than Abdel-Hakim Belmahdj, and of course he was armed to the teeth by NATO.
A world in which there is the very real prospect of a new world order.
The Russians say they're negotiating with North Korea to hold joint military exercises.
Kim Jong-un and Vladimir Putin teaming up, creating an ominous alliance against the United States.
Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is aggressively opposing the nuclear deal that the US government is negotiating with Iran.
Saudi Arabia is apparently prepared to allow Israeli jets into its airspace to conduct attacks on Iran.
We have an unprecedented opportunity to build a new world order.
I set up a foundation in Ukraine and played an important part in events now.
Ukraine is set to receive the first tranche of an international monetary fund aid package.
We had brokered a deal to transition power in Ukraine.
Vladimir Putin is on the move.
Only when this transformation is complete will we be able to take full measure of the opportunities presented by this new and involving world order.
It's known as the Milderberg Group.
Could their objective be world domination?
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show, I'm Alex Jones.
We've added the fourth hour of the broadcast.
Anthony Gucciardi is hosting today with Dr. Group in studio.
They'll be opening the phones up as well.
And then of course we'll be back tonight 7 o'clock Central Info Wars Nightly News and back tomorrow with a weekday broadcast as well.
Tucker Carlson of TheDailyCaller.com, one of the founders of it, one of the owners of it, joins us.
I could say one of the main pundits and analysts too on Fox News.
And even though Fox News has millions of viewers an hour, I really just think it's a bigger deal to have your own successful news organization that has journalists all over the country and all over the world.
Because the dinosaur media, and Fox will be the last to go, really is on its way out.
And I don't know what the establishment is going to do in the wake of that.
I just see how arrogant and delusional even mainstream reporters are to this day.
I mean, Obama's average YouTube video gets like 5,000 now.
When some kid reporting from the middle of nowhere gets 5 million.
And it's not just 5 million once or twice or 10 times or 20 times, it's consistently now for new media.
And I'm a well-known libertarian.
Conspiracy theorists, call me whatever you want, I don't believe a word these people say.
And they also take out of context what we do talk about, but it hasn't worked.
And so before Tucker gets into topics that I know are near and dear to his heart, because I want to hear these wild cards, I want to ask him though, I don't think we can really underestimate, because I think I did.
I mean, I didn't support McCain or Obama.
And I think that was a mistake, even though McCain's horrible.
I underestimated Obama.
I mean, I look at the average Democrat now, with these men on the streets we do in Austin and in California.
You know, we're not in the Beltway.
And I mean, these Democrats, nine out of ten say, we go for Obama, we're going to put gun owners in forced labor camps, and we're going to execute them.
And they say, yeah, I'm sick of these gun owners.
And we're like, so you want to put them in prison?
So next time we go out, we want to kill them!
Yeah, let's kill them!
I mean, look at all the people saying, kill Trump.
These are mainline people saying, go ISIS, kill Trump.
And they're not even radical Muslims.
It just seems like it's now more like a dumbed-down power cult, like the Nazis or the Soviets.
I don't know how to describe them, but these aren't the Democrats I grew up around who you'd agree with on a bunch of points and, you know, disagree with some.
These are like deranged, crazy people in my view.
Do you agree with that, or what would you call them, or what are they mutating into?
You know, it's a great question.
All the attention is on how the Republican Party has changed and it's more extreme.
No, it has changed in a lot of ways, but not as much as the Democratic Party has changed.
The Democratic Party, from our life, we're about the same age, for our lifetimes was the party of kind of the faculty lounge.
Affluent white intellectuals on college campuses, of course of minority voters, and of the poor.
But it was also the party of, like, the working man.
They always claimed that, and they were right, actually.
The average wage earner was a Democrat because he thought the party was on his side.
It is no longer that.
The Democratic Party is the party of left-wing intellectuals and of people who are wholly dependent on government, who need government help.
And so, of course, the Democratic Party is their natural home.
There's nobody in the middle.
They don't represent normal people anymore.
It's a gang.
So it's a gang.
It's a gang.
It completely is.
And so without the leavening effect of normal people with jobs and families and maybe a week of deer hunting every fall, they have no reference points for what's normal.
And the authoritarian impulse, which has always been on the left, because the left believes that politics is the way to improve the world and human
That's right.
They're not even pretending that gun control will make the country safer because it demonstrably won't or prevent terrorism.
It's absurd.
They don't even try.
They're basically just saying that anybody with a gun or certain kinds of guns is prima facie evil, which is to say they're part of another culture, one that we're not a part of, that needs to be stamped out and destroyed.
And let's just go ahead and use this national crisis to hurt these people.
I mean, that's kind of their open pitch.
They're not even pretending anymore.
It's really ominous.
Very well said.
I couldn't say it that good.
That crystallized again, which is really your skill at just boiling down this.
They are a cult of totalitarian intellectuals who want total power, see everyone else as an enemy,
They have radicalized their party, which has radicalized the Republican Party, but they are the real drivers of that.
Then they have this giant constituency that don't work, who are scared and programmed by the lies that the intellectual left is telling them.
So it's a giant gang run by a control freak cult, waging war on the family, language, the individual.
It's a nightmare scenario.
I think that is true.
And the most lasting damage they will do, though, is introducing a hard kind of ethnic politics into American life.
We're good to go.
Because they've been told for generations that the Republican Party hates them because of the way they look.
And once you think somebody hates you, you're not open to appeals from that person or that group anymore.
You shut down.
And so they've created, really they've been instrumental in creating a really tough kind of ethnic politics that doesn't go away.
These wounds linger.
And the one thing you don't want in your country is ethnic politics because it's not resolvable.
If you and I disagree on an issue, issues come and go.
You know, they're resolved.
Our ethnicity is immutable.
It doesn't change.
And so if we hate each other because of our ethnic differences, our children will hate each other because of their ethnic differences.
This is the story of world history.
It's the story of the Tower of Babel, of the broken coalition strategy, where everyone's so divided and conquered, you can never agree about a Second Amendment or private property or sovereignty or anything because
You're just too obsessed over your identity politics.
And that, man, you don't even know.
It's a very effective way to mobilize voters, by the way.
If you have a candidate like Hillary, who doesn't have a very impressive record to run on, she's not going to be running on her tenure as Secretary of State or her years as Senator from New York.
I mean, there's nothing to talk about.
So she's going to be running on ethnic politics, identity politics entirely.
I'm a woman.
My opponent is not.
You're mad at your ex-husband?
Vote for me.
Or it's time to give a woman a shot.
And they're the white party.
You resent them.
They have things that are rightfully yours.
Vote for me.
Boy, that works!
I mean, it'll probably get her elected.
Or it could get her elected in any case.
But it will have effects that our grandchildren will be living with and that are very unhappy and very dangerous.
They shouldn't do that.
I've seen these news articles where it'll show like 20, 30, 40 women depending on the article.
It'll say the women of Hillary or the women press of Hillary.
And they admit it's ideology.
They do whatever she says because she's a woman.
And they're kind of advertising out in the open that they've gotten rid of any, you know, real journalistic integrity.
And I think a lot of this is because the Republicans
Back when my grandfather was becoming a Republican, you know, the first in the family's history in Texas, he'd come back from World War II.
He thought it was wrong that black people were being discriminated against.
He became a Republican, ran for office in East Texas, won.
The family got mad at him but accepted it.
But the point was, the Republicans passed the Civil Rights Act in the late 50s.
Eisenhower's sending in the troops to integrate the schools.
The Republicans have the moral high ground, and then they start losing elections.
So they do the Southern strategy, flip, start acting like Democrats in the South.
The Democrats flip and then start doing minority politics.
They're the original party of the Klan.
The Republicans played that game for a decade, got branded, got set up, and now we're dealing with
The most sinister, sneaky... I mean, I've been around some high-level Democrats before, years ago, and they're really racist, cold-blooded, weirdo criminals at the top.
And I've got to say that.
They're the mafia.
And the sad little Democrats just don't know who's leading them around by their nose.
I mean, I'm ranting, but can you speak to the party of the Klan, the Democrats?
Again, the key difference between the left and right is the left means it.
If you talk to the average staffer on a Republican campaign, he'll say, I really hope my candidate wins.
He's better than the other guy.
But if he loses, I'll become a lobbyist or play golf or move to Myrtle Beach or whatever.
Life will continue.
I'll get on with the business of my life, which is not inherently political.
If you talk to the average Democratic consultant, he'll say,
My guy is the best guy ever to run.
The other guy is evil.
Everything hangs in the balance.
This will not be a constitutional republic if we lose.
They invest meaning in politics that Republicans can't even comprehend.
Because for your average conservative or libertarian or even garden variety Republican, politics is something you do in order to create space to do the things that really matter, like get married, have children, have a business, go to church.
It's what makes that possible.
For Democrats, it's an end in itself.
So, of course,
They're willing to do things that Republicans wouldn't even conceive of doing.
The guy who cares more about something is always going to be better at doing it.
And that's why Democrats have an inherent advantage.
Their only disadvantage is the average person doesn't agree with them.
But really, over time, that doesn't matter because they just imported new people who do agree with them.
That was not a question!
Do you agree that we've reached a crossroads, and that the Republicans have been doing some of the right things, going out and running quote minority candidates, because I don't care if you're black, Hispanic, white, just don't take my guns, keep my taxes low, if you had green skin I'd vote for you for president, you know, if you weren't supporting tyranny.
I mean, do you think we're in danger of having a one-party system, the Democrats?
On the national level, we are.
Not on the state level.
I mean, there are plenty of states.
I mean, Republicans have done great.
Maybe not that it's really mattered, but they've done great in the last three cycles in the states.
They have more governorships than they've had in generations.
They have more state houses.
They have, obviously, a big majority in Congress, biggest in 70 years, etc.
But for a national election, a presidential election, the math is such that it's going to be very difficult, and most Republicans know this on a gut level, to win after this cycle simply because the demographics are just so very different.
Much more different than people understand.
The average person, I'm included, lives in a neighborhood that kind of looks like the neighborhood you grew up in.
Same kind of people.
But that's not America.
Once you get outside of your own little bubble and see the country, you see that it's totally different.
And by the way, that's not all bad.
Not all change.
Every all change is a mixed blessing.
Some of it is good.
But from a political point of view, it is absolutely death for the Republicans.
That was the plan from day one.
They ignored it or didn't know about it, and now they're staring down the barrel of elections they can't win.
And the consequences, I'll just say one last thing, the consequences are that the things that we've taken for granted, I mean the core things we took for granted, the right to bear arms, the right to speak freely, the right to disagree with the majority, the right to assemble, the right to privacy,
Things that we thought were constitutionally guaranteed, suddenly nobody cares.
That's right.
And now you can see... And now the Democrats know they're just an election or two away from total domination.
You see the criminal energy, the crazed eyes, the, we're gonna arrest you, we're gonna kill you, we're gonna take your guns.
I mean, it really is brown shirt energy I'm seeing.
And man, it's really frightening.
Well, it's power worship, and in the end, all power worship looks the same.
You can dress it up as Bolshevism or Islamism or whatever you want to call it, but it's always the same.
It's you will do my bidding, you will act out my will, or you will be crushed.
And by the way, all of this...
My core belief is that the Islamist movement is a reaction against massive changes in the world economy.
So you had an agrarian world that was totally overturned by the Industrial Revolution.
It displaced a lot of people.
You had a lot of anxiety and out of that you got Bolshevism.
You got worldwide communism which lasted for 70 years.
That ended.
We have another massive change going from an industrial economy to a digital economy.
People are completely freaked out and they're seeking solace in nations that haven't been able to compete.
In the digital economy, mostly the Middle East and Africa.
They're taking solace in Islamism.
This is not just a religious movement.
It's a reaction against radical global change.
And that's meaningful because it makes it so much more dangerous.
This could pop up anywhere.
It's a way for people who are not succeeding in this new world to say, yes, my life has meaning.
I'm going to strike out against people who are succeeding, who I'm envious of, who I think are responsible for my failure.
I mean, this is a big thing.
You don't even think about this in terms of the Cold War, 1952.
This is an existential threat to the Western way of life.
I really believe that.
Tucker Carlson, thank you so much for the time and the minute we've got left.
Any other points that we should know about that you're looking at that are on the radar screen?
The only thing I would say is I recently changed my view on guns and I think the Lever Action .357-38 is the single flattest shooting, nicest gun I've ever owned and I have a lot of different rifles up in Maine.
I have my own shooting range.
This gun is fantastic.
You can deer hunt with it in the .357.
The ammo is literally
It's a Rossi, lever action .357.
Oh, I've got one of those.
It's not Rossi, but those are great.
You can even shoot wild hogs with those.
You can, and it's totally cheap.
It's flat shooting.
It's like $400.
No recoil, it's just a fantastic rifle and the ammo is going to be the last to be banned.
I'm totally convinced of that.
And of course you don't stock Ian Rossi.
I wish I did.
Rossi has some nice handguns and shotguns and rifles.
Very inexpensive.
I love them.
It's kind of sickening how many guns I own.
I know, I love that.
I'm kind of the Imeldo Marcus of shoes with guns.
I got so many guns I don't want to say the number.
Well, I mean, luckily, I've never committed any crimes with him and it's a collection, but hey, who knows?
Yeah, it's an evil arsenal.
Tucker Carlson, DailyCaller.com.
Thank you so much.
Thanks, Alex.
I appreciate it.
Have a Merry Christmas and a great New Year.
Commit more thought crimes here on air.
I'm going to skip this last break of the week.
No more breaks will be skipped, I promise.
Don't let me, guys.
No matter how big the guest is, even if it's Donald Trump.
But we're going to need time to play.
The winner and the runner-up in the segment after this, before I hand the baton to Anthony Gucciardi and Dr. Edward Group.
We're going to have the winner here.
How do you pronounce his name, guys?
I'm public school educated.
It's Rupert Quaintance.
And it's youtube.com forward slash Kiv, R-E-S-P is his channel, InfoWars.com forward slash Quaintance.
Hoisting up a Christmas tree and we said come and take it.
And it's just about getting folks involved, the fun of it, rewarding some of the people that do the best.
But everybody wins by engaging in free speech and free expression.
That is what will counter this globalist dark age.
They're trying to bring in.
And then runner-up is Kenneth Webb, who of course has changed the channel and has a bunch of my documentaries posted.
I think there's like 40 million views of my documentaries on his channel.
Just another channel out there that has our videos with like 40 million views.
Again, just letting you know, we are the media.
We are dominant now.
We're bigger than CNN and MSNBC combined.
Can you think about that?
We've just got three or four shows, we're only here five hours a day, and we are clearly now bigger than CNN domestically and MSNBC.
We are bigger than any one Fox show, with two, three, four million viewers, their top shows.
But look at how arrogant Bill O'Reilly is up there.
But I love that fact.
And in a year, we'll be bigger than Fox.
I mean, that's why the system is panicking, folks.
That's why these things are happening.
Because we're just a bellwether.
InfoWars is just one little organization out there that is indicative of the establishment in free fall right now.
Now let's go ahead and go to the winner.
This video will be posted to InfoWars.com in the next few minutes.
If you're a radio listener, you can see it for yourself at your leisure.
But the winner of the Obama Oval Office Speech Analysis Contest.
We'll come up with a better name, I think.
I forget the exact name of the contest.
I'm just doing these so quick now, but here it is.
Hi, it's Rupert.
Today's episode is brought to you by thugs and killers and also
This is my analysis of President Obama's San Bernardino speech.
I will start off with the speech's most blatant contradiction.
So far we have no evidence that the killers were directed by a terrorist organization overseas or that they were part of a broader conspiracy here at home.
We see growing efforts by terrorists to poison the minds of people like the Boston Marathon bombers and the San Bernardino killers.
Okay, so which is it?
There is or isn't an influence from overseas?
But it is clear that the two of them have gone down the dark path of radicalization.
And where is this exactly?
I'm on the internet all the time.
I've never seen anything like that.
Have you?
In the next few clips, he's actually reminding us that he is in charge of the military.
Commander-in-Chief, I have no greater responsibility than the security of the American people.
Wait a minute, that sounds a little familiar.
In the process, we've hardened our defenses from airports to financial centers to other critical infrastructure.
Intelligence and law enforcement agencies have disrupted countless plots here and overseas and worked around the clock to keep us safe.
Oh yeah, I know where I've heard that before.
What's that guy's name?
George Bush.
We will destroy ISIL and any other organization that tries to harm us.
As far as I'm concerned, this is a George Bush speech.
First, our military will continue to hunt down terrorist plotters in any country where it is necessary.
And that right there is a very George Bush-like declaration of war on everybody.
Terrorists turn to less complicated acts of violence, like the mass shootings that are all too common in our society.
What he's saying is they've got the airports locked down, but they're still coming for you at the mall.
It is this type of attack that we saw at Fort Hood in 2009.
Alright, I guess we can call that a terrorist attack now?
And since the day I took this office, I have authorized U.S.
forces to take out terrorists abroad.
Take that, you confused anti-war Obama supporters.
Our closest allies...
Including France, Germany, and the United Kingdom.
Together with 65 countries that have joined an American-led coalition.
So we've got a 65 country coalition and a declaration of war on everybody.
Can we just go ahead and call this World War 3 yet?
We will continue to provide training and equipment to tens of thousands of Iraqi and Syrian forces.
I got a better idea.
Why don't you try providing people here with training and equipment?
To begin with, Congress should act to make sure no one on a no-fly list is able to buy a gun.
How is the no-fly list now not the no-gun list?
I think we should add a third random thing to the list, like
Hey man, you want to go get Mexican food?
Nah man, you know I can't.
I'm on the no taco list.
We should put in place stronger screening for those who come to America without a visa.
Raise your hand if you didn't know you could do that.
So that we can take a hard look at whether they've traveled to war zones.
I'm sure they'll tell you.
Oh, just ask them.
Now, even though earlier this week some guy was like, This guy is such a pussy.
I don't remember George Bush doing.
He's actually asking for a declaration of war.
If Congress believes, as I do, that we are at war with ISIL,
It should go ahead and vote to authorize the continued use of military force against these terrorists.
We should not be drawn once more into a long and costly ground war.
That is code for they're going to spend a lot of money on technology and they're going to bomb the crap out of some people.
Then I can't help but feel like he's proselytizing for Islam a bit.
We cannot turn against one another.
By letting this fight be defined as a war between America and Islam.
Including millions of patriotic Muslim Americans.
The vast majority of terrorist victims around the world are Muslim.
We must enlist Muslim communities rather than push them away.
That's cool, but can Christians, Buddhists, and Hindus get a shout out too?
Separation of church and state?
Let's not forget that freedom
So it's blatantly obvious to me that this speech is about using the no-fly list as a no-gun list, and it's also a speech about Obama getting ready to use the military
In a more massive way than he ever has.
I will always refer to this speech as Obama's George Bush speech.
He is evoking his power as commander-in-chief.
However, it's being done so in such a manner because of his constituency.
Alright, ladies and gentlemen, thank you for watching episode 60 of Hyatt's Rupert, which is also a submission to InfoWars.
Thanks, see you next time.
And that's the winner of $1,000.
Runner-up, Kenneth Webb, will get a Hillary, uh, vote for Hillary pin where she laughs at everyone.
That's actually her laugh, folks.
Very witch-like.
And a Hillary for Prison t-shirt.
We stopped selling those in nine days.
There may be some left, then that's it.
We're not producing any more.
That's a limited edition Hillary for Prison shirt.
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And that's also, what is that, 30-something percent off.
So that special is running on top of free shipping, and your purchases make this entire broadcast possible.
So we can have things like the Make Fun of Hillary contest that will run through the month.
We'll announce the winners early next year in the first week of January.
So that's only, like, you know, 20-something days away.
That's $5,000 for the first place because she's literally threatening to, quote, shut down major comedy clubs if they make fun of her.
I mean, they actually officially do this.
So, they're showing you who they are.
Don Nicolioni, who didn't suppress people's free speech.
This is a very Soviet-style, Nazi-style... I don't know what you call it, but, I mean, just pleats.
Is she the star of a zombie movie?
She just keeps coming and coming.
And I agree with Grudge.
I mean, she looks like a reanimated corpse or something.
I mean, is she okay?
I mean, I hope she's okay.
We love Hillary.
We're going to be back to play the Tennis Web Submission, and then Anthony Gutiardi.
Some stations aren't here in the fourth hour.
Please do.
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Because there's a war on for your mind.
We are back.
It's the fourth hour of Overdrive.
I'm your host Rob Doo.
I'll be with you for the next hour.
I'm going to be explaining, I guess, bringing you up to date on what's going on with the shooting situation in Colorado Springs.
It appears as if the shooter has barricaded in Planned Parenthood and has multiple victims.
That's Mike Violette.
Tweeting that.
I'm going to be pulling all these tweets up and showing them to you.
That's from the Independent guys.
If y'all can pull that one up.
Independent Colorado Springs shoots multiple people including police officer at Planned Parenthood Clinic.
Now what was funny, not funny about this, but when we went to a Planned Parenthood Clinic to protest, which is what we are obligated to do in defense of the unborn
Children out there.
We were attacked by this pack of communists that all joined hands together and then proceeded to mow down people, old people, people who were disabled.
They pushed one guy in the street who, you know, this guy can barely, you know, he has trouble walking.
And I mean, it's just amazing how these people just totally did not like the fact that we were out exercising our right to free speech.
We didn't bother them when they were putting up their signs.
They started making homemade signs.
We didn't say anything to them.
But then they started launching into us, grabbing microphones.
They ripped a microphone out of Alex Jones's hand and then proceeded to run away.
But just distasteful tactics, and of course, something like this, a shooting at a Planned Parenthood clinic is distasteful, and we definitely don't agree with that here at InfoWars, and hopefully nobody is seriously hurt, but it appears that the gunman may be barricaded inside, and we'll be bringing you more information about this.
I don't
The Army is testing remote-controlled weapons towers.
So all these devices being built are going to have their own type of command system, which will either, you know, it's going to look at things.
If you don't have the right biometric, if you don't have the right walk, if they perceive any type of threat, they may open fire on you.
Whether you're, you know, whether you need to be open fire on or not.
So that is really concerning and that just brings to mind these Terminator robot scenarios that we've seen movies about and just this is the beginning of it.
We're now seeing like, I guess this is the first inning of this robot situation we're in.
I'm going to be playing a report also from John Bowne.
Why celebrating Black Friday means you're a complete idiot?
I don't think you're an idiot if you go to Infowarsstore.com and check out the Black Friday deals we have because they are real deals.
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Amazing reaction.
Also, I'm going to be playing some
Some entries into the Hillary Clinton video contest we're having here at Infowars.com.
$6,000 in cash prizes.
$5,000 first place, $1,000 second place, and third place receives a Hillary for prison t-shirt along with the Hillary laughing pin.
Certainly that prize is worth worth its weight in gold, but we have a video there You can watch Alex Jones telling you all about the contest.
We have the list of Rules right here is the official rules, so we're gonna be playing some of those today and
I think that's about it.
Maybe I'll take some of your phone calls.
I think in the next segment I'll start with that.
We're going to get into Jon Bowne's video about Black Friday and also I'll take some of your calls.
We'll be discussing this robot war that we're going to be launching, not hopefully soon in the near future, but man it really does concern me.
That the armies of the world are creating robot drones that have guns.
It's definitely disconcerting out there.
So, all that and more on today's 4th Hour of the InfoWars.com Alex Jones Show.
I'm your host Rob Dood.
This is the 4th Hour of Overdrive.
Stay tuned.
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From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
We are back live with the fourth hour of Overdrive.
Happy Black Friday.
Hope you had a great Thanksgiving.
I'm your host, Rob Dew.
I'm going to be taking your calls later.
Tell me what you're thankful for, or what you're not thankful for.
Maybe it's the intruding government that wants to control every aspect of your life and tax the bejesus out of you in the process.
I've got a caller from Paris I'm going to go to right after we play this video, so stay tight.
I think it's Waleed in Paris.
He wants to talk about the Paris attacks.
Stay on the line with us, buddy.
We will be with you right after this report.
Some Black Friday deals, there they are opening the floodgates, and everybody's mobbing in to get their free goodies.
We have a report coming up from John Bowne.
Black Friday is now unofficially a global holiday phenomenon.
The day after Thanksgiving, that harkens the beginning of the month-long celebration of consumerism, regardless of the fact that Americans can't even afford the holiday system.
62% have less than $1,000 in savings, and 21% don't have any savings at all.
And for instance, the mega soul-sucking Walmart chains deliver Chinese goods to the most depleted American population, while slave-wage Walmart employees are subsidized by our tax dollars.
And he talks about the history of this as well, how it goes back to the 19th century gold swindling conspiracy.
So we're going to get into all that.
And he ends it with, of course, Merry Christmas, zombies, because there they are right there looking for their free goods, our cheap goods.
I mean, this is just crazy what we've become and how this is all
Just meant to condition us to buy these products that have little or no significance in your life overall.
So that is, you can watch more of that.
Just type in Black Friday Madness in YouTube and you can find other people that have put up videos.
So let's go now to John Bowne's report and then we're going to go to our caller from Paris.
Black Friday is now unofficially a global holiday phenomenon.
The day after Thanksgiving that harkens the beginning of the month-long celebration of consumerism, regardless of the fact that most Americans can't even afford the holiday season.
62% of Americans have less than $1,000 in savings, and 21% don't have savings at all.
Sales expected to reach $80 billion in the U.S.
The average American spending close to $400 throughout the holiday weekend.
While the mega soul-sucking Walmart chains deliver Chinese goods to most of the depleted American population.
While slave wage Walmart employees are subsidized by our tax dollars.
Allowing the Scrooge Walton family to rip out the heart of America and crush small business.
The irony is that Black Friday stems from a 19th century gold swindling conspiracy.
And now in the name of almighty consumerism, Americans are being swindled out of their last dimes, ethics, and common sense.
I'm a happy consumer.
And you know, I'm concerned about what my children consume.
I'd like to consume the barrel of a 12-gauge shotgun right now, if I could.
Thank you, because I'm in hell.
Black Friday is a complete scam based around the manifestly provable hoax that consumers are getting huge discounts on products that would normally be more expensive at any other time of year.
In reality, stores enjoy higher profit margins during the holiday period because retailers artificially inflate prices of goods in the months before Black Friday in order to make the subsequent discounts look good in comparison.
As the Wall Street Journal highlights, the idea of Black Friday discounts is a complete hoax, achieved via the process of price massaging throughout the rest of the year.
The scam also relies on shoppers' impulse, buying another product that has a 98% markup value.
So even if the first item represents a genuine discount, the vastly inflated price of the impulse purchase more than makes up for it.
In many cases, the supposedly great deals that people will sacrifice endless hours of their time camping outside stores to take advantage of are already available online anyway and can be found for even cheaper in January.
But hey, nothing says Christmas like braving the cold on Thanksgiving night to rip a vegetable steamer out of the hands of an innocent little kid.
What is behind the horrifying phenomenon of Black Friday and other extreme consumerist riots?
What is behind it is the madness of a lost society.
People that believe in hype.
People that believe in mainstream media lies.
Folks that don't know that Black Friday is one of the worst days of the year to go out and find sales.
These are the same type of crowds that believe in Obamacare.
And thought that it would really be a free ride.
Or who go and buy lottery tickets.
That's their future business plan.
That's their retirement plan.
These are born suckers.
And statistically, there are more and more of them.
Merry Christmas, zombies.
John Bowne for InfoWars.com
And of course we ended that report with the evil, racist, misogynist saying of Merry Christmas, which I think is another report we're going to go out and do.
Talk to people about, do they say Merry Christmas?
Do they say Happy Holidays?
Do they say Happy Kwanzaa?
Do they say Happy Hanukkah?
What do they say?
And if someone approaches them with something that's not of their faith, do they freak out and recoil and basically melt in a pool of their own ooze?
It just really makes you wonder all the political correctness we're going on.
I am, how are you Rob?
Hey, well, I'm so happy to talk to you.
I mean, I've never talked to you personally, and I've seen that you're a great guy.
But I'll just say that I called the other day when it was just the next day after the Paris attacks, and I talked to Alex.
He was running the show.
And we were just talking about gun control in Paris and all that stuff.
And Alex brought up Albert Pike and the planned war between Jews, Christians, and Muslims.
So first, I wanted to ask you, Rob, are you a believer in the God of Abraham?
Am I a believer of the God of Abraham?
Are you talking about the Christian God?
Is that what you're referring to?
Well, just the God... I mean, are you a believer in God?
Yes, definitely.
Well, so sorry, so I'm a listener, like I've been listening to you guys for more than seven years now.
So since I was a college student, and I'm a listener and a very frequent customer of Infowars Life, like, and I know how close you and Alex are, like specifically you two.
So just please allow me to say something.
Related to this topic of Albert Pikes and the war between religions.
Rob, I'm 100% certain, like I've been following this and I'm 100% certain that Paul Joseph Watson is leading an anti-Islam propaganda.
He loves to cite verses out of their context and just Rob, just please go and check the translation of the word Islam.
Just check it out.
It means peace and it means submission to God.
So I don't know what is making him and what is making Alex letting him do this.
I would love to hear an answer from you because I know that you could speak on behalf of Alex.
Thank you.
Well, I cannot speak on behalf of Alex.
Alex speaks on behalf of himself.
And I will say this about Islam.
Somebody sent me a video, and it was made in 2014.
You guys might not even be able to pull it up, but it was in Norway.
And it's at a Muslim, I don't know if it's a prayer meeting or get-together, whatever they're having.
There's a room full of people who claim to be Muslims.
And they're being led by a guy, and he says, you know, how many of you are moderate, consider yourselves moderate Muslims, and 90% of them raise their hands.
And then he talks about the punishments that are listed in the Quran.
He talks about stoning, cutting off limbs, how many people believe in those, and they raise their hands.
Every one of them.
He goes to see, you know, people always complain that when we have these talks that we're bringing up extremists and radicals.
And he goes, these people aren't extremists and radical.
And so that's what he's saying that their religion believes in.
I tweeted that out.
Yeah, there's actually the video right there.
What's the title of that video?
Yeah the moderate Muslim and it is I guess took place in 2014 and I like to value people and look at people based on their actions and somewhat their words I know a lot of people say stuff either that they don't mean or you know in the heat of the moment but actions is really what I really you know judge people on so when people
Like the Islamic State are throwing people off roofs for their sexual orientation.
I think that's wrong.
And I don't think we should be doing that.
I don't think anybody should be doing that.
I think we should all be working together to make the species of man as good as it can be.
And really launching ourselves into areas like better technologies, free energy even.
You know, that's the areas that I think we should be working towards.
Not about ninnying each other over our religious beliefs.
And so, but I don't speak for Alex, I don't speak for Paul Joseph Watson, but when I see videos like that, the moderate Muslim and these people are saying, you know, they believe in stoning, they believe in death for adultery.
You know, I don't agree with that at all.
And so that's, I guess that's where I stand on that.
Thanks for calling, Waleed, in Paris.
Next we have Dogleg in Idaho wants to talk about Fukushima.
Do you have some new news about Fukushima, Dogleg?
Well, I kind of wanted to bring attention to it.
First, I'd like to give a shout out to the people in Turkey.
That was an amazing caller.
And it's good to hear that they're awake.
Just tell them, hang in there.
We're winning.
But I'd like to bring attention to Fukushima.
There's a man named Dana Durnford, excuse me, in Canada.
And Dana has recently been arrested for online threats to some scientists.
And what are the nature of the threats?
Are they saying, is Dana a guy or a girl?
Dana's a guy.
He spent his whole life on the ocean, and he went and mapped the entire BC coastline here recently, and he says the entire ocean's dead.
I've been seeing a lot of reports about that.
The melting starfish, the dead sea life that's washing up, especially on the west coast.
People are going out to the beaches and they're saying they're not seeing the same wildlife that they used to see.
There was a guy who was taking a sailboat across the Pacific.
And he said, you know, I'm in these dead zones.
I don't know what's going on.
So a lot of people are very concerned about what's going on.
So this guy's been, I'm going to hold you over and let you finish up.
This is the fourth hour of Overdrive.
Thanks for joining us, Dogleg.
And we'll be back right after this to talk about more about the, I guess, the fear mongering and whatnot that, I guess, I don't know.
What is going on with Fukushima?
We're going to find out.
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From all of us here at SupernaturalSilver.com.
So an issue we haven't looked at in a while is Fukushima and the radioactive fallout.
I guess the seawater that they're using to cool down the meltdown rods is just being poured back into the ocean.
It's leaking.
We've seen the plumes.
We've seen the animations of the plumes.
We had a caller, Dogleg from Idaho, was talking about a man named Dana Dernford.
And I did a quick search.
Here's an update from 2015 of August.
200 kilometers of Canadian Pacific coastline dead zone, devoid of 99% of all life.
Almost all tidal zone species missing entirely.
And Dogleg, I'm going to let you finish up.
So this guy is being harassed by other scientists.
They're claiming he's threatening them.
Well, these so-called scientists, they've been downplaying this.
You know, huge cover-up.
We all know this.
And they've, you know, kind of selectively taken some things he said online and used that to pretty much shut down his whole site and make him take down everything.
He's facing some pretty serious charges now.
Well, that's the problem with Canada.
If you don't say the right things in Canada, they will throw the book at you and they'll allow other people to attack you if they don't like what you say.
We just had the guest earlier, the lawyer for the man who's just disagreed with some feminists on Facebook and now he's being slammed and looking at jail time and fines.
I mean, it's ridiculous what's going on with not being able to present two sides of an opinion.
Why can't people disagree with other people and we still
You know, get along and not have to do all this nonsense.
Oh, yes.
Many, many issues they're trying to shut down speech about worldwide, you know?
Did you have anything else you wanted to add?
Yeah, I totally agree.
Ah, it's just, you know, the greatest lie Obama told was Fukushima when he got on TV.
His family had already been flown to the Southern Hemisphere and he got on TV and told us it was all safe and he'd keep us informed.
And then himself and Secretary Chu, the Energy Secretary,
And the GE CEO, what's his name?
They all flew down there right afterwards, right after he gave that speech and, you know, stayed in the southern hemisphere until he got the all-clear.
See you later.
Everything's fine.
Yeah, exactly.
We'll be back.
It's just crazy.
And the thing with radiation is you don't know if it affects you unless you're wearing, you know, one of those little dosometers or you're next to a, you know, some sort of counter that could measure the radiation that you're being affected with.
You're not going to know if that stuff's affecting you
Thank you.
And these kids were playing in the creek, and everyone around them in their neighborhoods is winding up with cancer.
They're having autoimmune disorders.
So radiation is serious.
And if Fukushima, you know, is really dumping millions of gallons of toxic radiation water into our Pacific Ocean, and it's the currents are carrying it this way.
They're carrying it to Canada.
They're carrying it to the coast of Alaska.
They're carrying it to our West Coast.
And if we're not straight with the people,
About how dangerous this really is.
We're doing everybody a disservice, and that's why we sent a group of reporters out there when we were seeing high readings on some beaches in, I believe it was right around the San Francisco area.
Appreciate the call, Dogleg.
Ken in Washington, InfoWars Christmas.
You want to talk about the true meaning of Christmas?
Yeah, there's a really good documentary I've seen on YouTube over 10-12 years ago.
It's by a Christian ministry called Jeremiah Films.
And the DVD or the YouTube video, we uploaded the DVD to YouTube.
It's called The Unwrapping of Christmas.
And it's totally satanic.
Christmas is not, the word Christmas is pronounced Christ Mass.
We see a big fat Catholic Santa Claus, Santa Claus in the corner of the street or inside the mall saying, ho ho ho, Merry Christmas.
He's basically saying, mocking Jesus, he's saying,
Ha, ha, ha, happy is Christ's death.
Mass means the death of Christ.
It does not mean the birth of Christ.
It's satanic.
It's always been satanic.
It's Catholic.
It's Antichrist.
Also, there's a creature called Swartz Pete, also known as Krumpus.
Krumpus is a little devil that follows this Catholic saint around.
It's satanic.
I understand that people want to share love and care about their kids and all that, but
The Bible clearly says all on earth will be deceived by Satan.
And I quit celebrating Christmas about 10-12 years ago because I'm not going to mock Jesus Christ.
Jesus Christ is my King and Lord and Savior.
I'm not going to celebrate these pagan, satanic holidays.
It's Antichrist.
What do they say?
That little jingle that they sing?
He knows when you're good or bad.
It's like the NSA.
He knows when you've been sleeping.
He knows when you're awake.
The Catholic Pope, or the Saint, or Santa Claus, is a replacement for Jesus Christ.
He is Antichrist.
He is Satanic.
And he's supposed to be this man on Earth that's supposed to know when you're good or bad.
Hey Ken, thanks for calling the Unwrapping of Christmas.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Police departments across the country are now using an invasive surveillance tool called stingrays, which use cell phone towers to intercept phone calls and text messages without warrants.
The technology comes courtesy of the FBI, who have forced our nation's police departments into signing non-disclosure agreements, forbidding them from publicly talking about the technology.
Needless to say, this is a direct violation of our Fourth Amendment, and they have no legal authority for warrantless stingray spying, where we now know that police are collecting information on thousands of innocent people who are not even suspected of any crimes.
Once again, more evidence that the police state isn't coming, it's already here.
This is Darren McBreen and I invite you to join the resistance.
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We're good to go.
He's the T-Rex of political talk.
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We're exposing the fact that Black Friday itself is a big hoax.
Black Friday itself is just a great time to get in traffic jams and to watch people acting like mindless consumer zombies.
Now some people, when I talk about Black Friday, say, hey wait, you're criticizing the consumer zombies rushing Walmart or Target for video games or whatever, fighting over toilet paper, but then you're
Talking about your own Black Friday.
Well yeah, that's what we do.
We hijack globalist operations, try to educate people about them, and then try to take the attention that their scams are creating and siphon it off to wake people up.
It's like culture jamming.
It's like when I cover Miley Cyrus or Kim Kardashian, it's not because I'm trying to cover fluff, it's because I'm hijacking it, using their names to then expose the whole agenda.
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So I want to salute you and thank you.
Because whether it's a Hillary for Prison t-shirt to stand up for the First Amendment, or whether it's a water filtration system to cut out the glyphosate and fluoride out of your family's water, whether it's the incredible deep cleanse or oxy powder, whatever it is,
They're all amazing game changers because people perish for lack of knowledge.
This is a free will universe.
This is a universe of free association and tyranny can never trump the free will and the actions you take.
So I salute you on this Black Friday week.
We are hijacking it.
We are exposing it and we're helping take the info war into the black.
So we have the funding we need.
To continue on and hopefully even add a few more reporters and cover more of the election on the ground and really, really, really cover the news, really break big stories and really change the narrative away from globalist control to people-based information.
This is teleprompter-free news, folks.
This is teleprompter-free liberty.
This is from the heart, directly to you.
I'm Alex Jones signing off for InfoWars.com and InfoWarsStore.com.
From myself and the rest of the InfoWars crew,
You are family.
We salute you.
You built this operation.
You are the Infowar.
Let me tell you I have seen the support grow and the audience grow since I've been here February 2009 when I when I first started as a as a producer for the show doing some basic editing and I've moved up here in the ranks going on location to different areas and we really we could not send all the reporters out like we do without your support so really do appreciate you supporting us and definitely check out the deals.
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I want to do a quick update of what's going on in Colorado.
Apparently, the government has, they say, shot multiple people, including at least three police officers.
This is out of the Independent.
And he's barricaded himself inside the Planned Parenthood clinic.
The last check, 15 minutes ago, he was still inside.
I'm sure there's going to be a giant SWAT team build up and they're going to launch in and hopefully no one else gets hurt in this.
And I just can't wait to see how this story unravels.
I mean, this is obviously sickening for somebody to go on a shooting rampage, especially when we really had Planned Parenthood up against the roofs, exposing him.
I don't
And then I'm going to show you some that are in the longer five minute range, because five minutes is the cutoff for that.
But let's go to this first one.
Hillary Clinton, I think I am American.
All right, there's the countdown going down and it's going to hit one and then it's going to start.
I think I'm an American.
I'm running for president.
There it is.
That's how quickly you can make a point.
And it's not about either winning or losing the contest.
It's about making these videos and putting them out on YouTube and having other people click on them and start deprogramming, because that's what we have to do.
Let's go to Pete in Michigan.
He wants to tell us what he's thankful for.
Pete, how are you doing today?
I just wanted to say that the thing I'm most thankful for now is you guys there at InfoWars.
Good, good.
I've been a listener for eight years.
And you guys have really opened my eyes to a lot of things.
Well, thank you.
We appreciate that.
And let me tell you, my eyes are opened every day here, just seeing the news, the vast variety of tips that we get from around the world.
People like you out there calling in, emailing, just doing your part and keeping everybody informed, especially on local issues.
Because when we see stuff going on locally, we can see where it's being either funded federally or how it's going to be a trend coming up in, you know, say the next few months or so.
So thank you, Pete.
Thank you for that.
We got Chris in Indiana.
How are you doing today?
I am doing great.
God bless you for taking my call.
I'm going to spit some stuff out so you can go to your next caller.
All right.
First of all, I'd like to be thankful for our amazing God.
He gives us challenges.
He presents things to us and shows us.
And He brought Jesus here to show us that amazing love that He is.
And I'm just so thankful for that.
First of all, the North American Islamic Society is in our town.
It looks like a frickin' fortress.
And they have a stance on their website.
If you go onto their website, ISNA.net, it shows their stance and their position on it.
Second of all, my drum circles, I want to get some drum circles going every Saturday.
People need to be getting up and standing up for America.
God bless our country, and I am so proud of our country.
We need to be having drum circles and get everybody together underneath that banner, that American flag.
Get excited about this.
I want to thank my governor, Mike Pence.
I sent him an email, and I thank him for securing our way of life, our culture, our freedom.
He put his life on the line to stand up for our state.
That's where the power lies.
It's in the people.
Fiscal responsibility.
I ask them for fiscal responsibility and the refugees will stop that.
Controlled dialogue.
The social media has been controlling dialogue.
People are scared to stand up.
They're controlling that.
They are censoring it.
And they make you feel guilty.
There's hypocrisy, you know, because we need to keep our families safe, our country safe.
They didn't even talk about it.
They bullied these refugees.
The prayer is working, guys.
God bless you.
Keep praying.
I'm done.
Thank you.
Well, I guarantee you some of these refugees that are coming across are going to be carrying some sickness, parasites, who knows what they're going to be bringing across.
And our FBI chief has said we can't vet these people properly.
So it's a crazy situation that we're dealing with now.
And it's a situation that we helped start.
Why with all this regime change and going into different countries and bombing the heck out of them.
So we definitely are responsible for people wanting to leave their countries right now, whether it's because of these wars or not.
They're definitely using the excuse of our bombing activities to jump ship and go into other places.
And ISIS is definitely taking advantage of that.
Let's go to our, I don't know if this will be our final caller, but for a little bit, this is Douglas in California.
From sheeple to awake, did you just recently go through that transition?
No, it's been a four year unbelievable awakening from CNN, work your job, do what you're told, believe everything you're fed, and get in line.
To, who's Alex Jones?
Wait, and then you have that deep sense of, oh no.