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Air Date: Sept. 16, 2015
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In this InfoWars radio show, Alex Jones discusses global affairs and threats to national sovereignty. He emphasizes how the enemy's agenda is becoming more overt with world government, free speech restrictions, and government control being openly pushed. The hosts also mention the importance of being in close covenant with God during difficult times and promote various health supplements available at InfowarsStore.com. They discuss topics such as taxation, globalist agendas, fast food chains ranked on antibiotic usage, mental illnesses caused by media consumption, and live streaming to defeat mainstream media. Callers are advised to use the new call-in number 512-646-1776 due to GCN dropping calls.

Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Here we are live!
Kicking off the 28-hour live transmission.
It is 9.16 on this Wednesday.
Thank you so much for joining us.
Already so deep into the year.
Over the next 28 hours, we have just an incredible lineup of live guests.
September 16, 2015.
Of anchors and reporters that will also be hosting the show.
I'll be popping in live as well.
I will host three hours today and obviously three hours tomorrow.
The full lineup is at InfoWars.com forward slash money bomb.
And we're also going to add a icon up at the upper right hand corner.
of Infowars.com that will lead you directly there.
This year, the crew basically did the preparation for this special transmission almost by themselves.
I was not involved in it a lot.
They've done an incredible job with so much background research, so much documentary film production, lining up the guests, and so much more.
So I just want to salute the work they've done.
We're going to be sending out on Twitter
And, of course, on Facebook, more links to the 28-hour live broadcast transmission that's about to take place.
Now, when we attempt to raise a million dollars today, that sounds like a lot of money, but when you actually know how much a media company, even a smaller one like this one, costs to run, it's basically what's needed for this year's satellite, closed captioning, and some of the other accoutrement that goes along with the syndication of a radio-slash-TV transmission.
But we already have a lot of affiliates picking us up, even though we hadn't officially announced that the satellite's been up for the last month.
We're going to be talking about some of those new affiliates and some of the responses they've already been getting.
UHF, EHF, and also major cable channels in cities like Houston.
So I know we have program directors, station owners, channel owners, channel managers,
program directors across the country that are listeners and quite frankly we're just going directly to them and going directly to you the listeners to send them the links that we're going to be announcing and launching today and in the next few days that take people uh... to the affiliate pages uh... so that folks can find out more about that but InfoWars.com forward slash money bomb uh... we're also going to add to the front page a big red link that simply says
Live feed, 28-hour special broadcast or 28-hour special live broadcast live feed.
So you can also send that link to your friends and family out there so they can tune in.
I will also go over the schedule that I have for the 28-hour broadcast and exactly who is coming up on the show today.
We're also, obviously, going to get into the news and have a lot of special guests.
You'll probably have 10 minutes to an hour of us talking about supporting InfoWars and the launch of the TV satellite system and the rest of it.
And the main body of the next 28 hours will be at least three new documentaries that we've shot.
One in Rome, one in Arkansas, and another here in Austin on some of the most important subjects out there, bar none.
Some really powerful stuff inside the Vatican with a big Vatican insider that's blown the whistle years ago and so much of what he said came true.
He's Leo Zagami.
I've never had him on because, quite frankly, I thought what he was saying was pretty outlandish.
It shows how crazy stuff's gotten.
People think I'm outlandish?
I mean, he said there's a pedophile ring inside the Vatican and they're going to make the Pope step down.
They're going to put a Jesuit Pope
In the current, when he said this about a year and a half before it happened, and he just laid it all out.
And there I am on the outside of the Vatican with police coming over trying to stop us from filming, even though we weren't on the Vatican.
And while he's talking for 30 minutes, a thunderstorm starts behind him with lightning basically striking the Vatican.
And on the cover of his book, there's lightning striking the Vatican.
I mean, it was, they wrote years ago.
It's really weird.
That's coming up.
The Miss America pageant is known for beautiful women who sometimes give rather amusing answers.
But recently, Miss South Carolina turned the tide when she was asked about this.
Do you support a ban on military style assault weapons?
I don't, but I think it's because we need to increase education.
We have to go back there.
If we teach people the proper way to use guns, then we will reduce the risk of having gun-related accidents.
It starts with education.
Even before she could finish answering her question, her response received a massive applause.
Demonstrating strong support for gun rights, despite the establishment's ongoing gun demonization campaign.
And yes, there have been high-profile slayings with fully automatic rifles, but the FBI's own numbers show that you're more likely to be killed by a blunt object, such as a baseball bat or hammer.
You can find more reports on InfoWars.com
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No weapons of mass destruction were found.
Are you kidding me?
Do you buy that?
There were, there were, there were.
Nyeh, nyeh, nyeh, nyeh, nyeh, nyeh, nyeh.
Come on, let's shoot.
I need to get the raft.
The raft.
The drop raft.
I got a wounded girl.
We need to take the rest of the mile.
That's right.
Hello boys and girls.
I have a special message for you from the President of the United States.
I salute the boys and girls who are buying United States savings stamps and bonds and they're giving important support to the cause of freedom and the men who fight for us in Vietnam.
Congress gave us this authority in August 1964 to do whatever may be necessary.
That's pretty far-reaching.
That's the sky's the limit.
As an American citizen, you have to respect our president, whether I like it or not.
It's really not my decision.
But I do respect my president, and I will support whatever decision he makes.
Music played on people's side.
Just for me, the church bells rang.
It is a hard fact that U.S.
strikes have resulted in civilian casualties.
Now he's gone, I don't know why.
Until this day, sometimes I cry.
The United States knows that Iraq has weapons of mass destruction.
One of the first things they told me was, you're not even to acknowledge the drone program.
You're not even to discuss that it exists.
Renewed hostile actions against United States ships on the high seas in the Gulf of Tonkin have today required me
To order the military forces of the United States to take action and reply.
That reply is being given.
Crashing through the lies and disinformation.
It's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Well, it's what so many people have been waiting for.
We haven't done a 24-hour broadcast in three years.
We've done some 10-hour broadcasts covering elections.
Five, six hour special broadcast covering some big events.
Three hour transmissions covering debates.
But we haven't done a fundraiser in three years.
The last money bomb we did was three years ago.
It was actually one of our listeners, I guess it was a decade ago, that came up with the first money bomb for Ron Paul, and our show got behind it.
Ron Paul didn't even know what it was, and he raised something like three million dollars in one day.
Then the folks that launched the Ron Paul money bomb said, we're doing one for you.
And I was in a four and a half thousand square foot former
Mechanics Garage that had a small TV slash radio studio at it, and that had a shipping department in the building across the street.
And there was about 10 people in there.
And I did not want to get more employees.
I did not want to make more films.
I did not want to work more than 14 hours a day.
I was, I guess, under enemy propaganda that it was bad if I made any money and it was bad if I expanded, that I was going to be like a
Priest or something up in my high tower writing manuscripts or something.
I was so, so good and so pious that I drove an old Tahoe truck.
Nothing wrong with that.
Old Tahoe SUV and I lived in a lower middle class, pretty much blue collar house.
And I put 99% of the money, 98% of the money that came into Infowars.com
Back into the operation.
And he, the guy that invented money bombs, the guy that, I forget his name, I gotta look it up, I just tell these stories through my consciousness, didn't even intend to tell the story, just was thinking about it, so I told it.
He's the guy that launched the Ron Paul blimps around the country.
And of course, Ron pulled it to save the country.
He didn't win the presidency, but he promoted libertarian ideas and a juxtaposition of the establishment Republican Party and the Democrats that helped launch the modern Tea Party, which is one of our best hopes out there.
One of our last best hopes, in my view.
That's why it's under universal attack.
So this guy starts the money bomb, and I ignore it, and thousands pledge to give to it, and I ignore it.
About two days before, people are saying, why aren't you covering your own money bomb?
Well, I was going to ignore it.
Then the day of, or the day before, 50-something thousand dollars had already come in on this third-party money bump.
So I call the guy up and I say, look, I'm not going to really promote this.
You can just write me a check for whatever it is and I'll put it towards things, but I'm really maxed out right now.
I want to be a radio talk show host and make films.
I can't do more.
I've got two small children, three now.
I can't do this.
So I said,
I told you don't do the money bomb, so I'd appreciate it if you just stopped promoting it and didn't make this a big deal, because I was under such mind control at the time that I thought I was this wonderful, pure, good person because my car would break down every few months, and I didn't like having money, and I didn't like having responsibility, and I enjoyed being humble and simple.
And I understand that's something we see in the New Testament and is one aspect of Christ.
I understand that.
But the enemy was always attacking me on national news saying he wants money.
He wants your money.
He's into money.
It's all for money.
Don't support him.
Don't buy his videos that I gave out for free online.
Which killed sales, by the way.
And the guy said, look, I'm going to send you all the money, and you really need to expand.
And a half million dollars came in.
And I went into Weldon Henson, who was the head of the shipping department, been working for me three years, Air Force vet, great patriot.
And I said, Weldon, you're a good, confident guy.
You've got businesses on the side.
I said, I don't want the responsibility.
Can you go find us cheaper space to rent, maybe 10,000 square feet, and we'll just start making more films?
And I guess with this money I'll bring in other filmmakers and make other films that reach tens of millions of people.
Because our films were reaching tens of millions of people.
InfoWars was already a major phenomenon.
The reason I tell this story is to understand where we came from.
Then I'll get into the huge breaking news.
And most of this 28-hour broadcast will not be me talking about the history of InfoWars or ourselves or even fundraising.
It's going to be talking about the mission of independent press and where we're going.
And Weldon found
The cheapest warehouse, but air-conditioned facility in the city.
It's still some of the best area.
And so we moved in here, and then I had the responsibility to try to spend that half a million dollars, 100% of it, against the globalists.
And it bore fruit incredibly.
And out of that, here we are, eight years later, in a 30 plus thousand square foot facility,
Not reaching 2 or 3 million people a week, conservatively, but reaching 20 plus million a week.
And by the way, they brought in the metrics to my house last night, Buckley Hammond and Anthony Gucciardi that I have working.
We're good to go.
If you count all of our social media, it is several billion more individual users.
We did a metric run with a major company and looked at our YouTube views, just on the top 500 sites carrying our videos, and it's over 150 million views a month.
And so they're now collating all of that data.
We'll be releasing soon, but it appears we're reaching upwards of three and a half billion individual people per month.
There is six
Billion people that have some access to the internet, some access, three and a half that have heavy access, if you look at the latest numbers.
It's clearly probably a billion people or so, but they're using different phones, different computers, different devices.
We don't think we really have three plus billion people of the globe tuning in.
It appears to be around a billion.
So, I don't like to get killed.
I don't like to get in fights with the globalists.
But they already know all this, so I don't want to brag about what's happened.
It's actually like standing on the edge of a 600 foot cliff about to dive into the ocean.
If you don't dive exactly right, you'll rip your eyeballs out and break your neck.
This is our responsibility, it's what we're doing, and it's because of you, the listeners, and the viewers, and our sponsors, and our affiliates, and your prayers, and your support, you built InfoWars.
And the people in the control room built InfoWars.
And the reporters, the writers, the customer service people, the video editors, people like Rob Jacobson built InfoWars.
People like
Darren McBreen and Jakari Jackson with that great intro that you just saw, that we just played.
People like Jakari Jackson built InfoWars.
Your love of Liberty built InfoWars.
And the globalists are gonna demonize us and attack us all day long because we are effective, we do scare them, and on all media platforms combined, we're reaching a month, a billion people.
That's a big deal.
And quite frankly, I look at some of our production value because we're by the seat of our pants, we're busy, we're a small crew doing too much, and I get upset about it, I get upset at myself, but it doesn't matter.
Because we're doing it from a pure heart, we're doing it for the greater good, we're doing it to be honorable, we're trying to tell the truth, and that's what people resonate with.
And when we come back, I'm going to tell you what we're fighting, though.
Because good people tend to hate ourselves.
Good people tend to be tough on ourselves.
God knows I am.
And God's really laid it on my heart.
It's time to start loving ourselves and the gifts God's given us and appreciate our gifts.
Instead of beating ourselves over the head, it's time to go after the globalists, not ourselves.
My name is Bill Bonner, and I'm the president of the largest private news and research network in the world.
And I paid for this airtime because I have an important message to the American people.
There's a change coming that the government isn't telling you about.
This change has deep implications for life in America.
From where you shop, to the doctors you visit and the family you want to protect,
Look, I've made predictions like this before.
Thing is, I was right then, too.
A few years ago, I warned that housing prices would collapse.
They did.
Before that, I warned that dot-com companies would crash.
They did.
Those who listened had a chance to save themselves.
But this has nothing to do with the stock market.
This will affect us all.
You can watch the video for free
Right now, by going to DollarDanger.com.
Again, that's DollarDanger.com.
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Come and take it.
28 hours global broadcast is now 24 minutes in.
Coming up the next segment I'm going to read for radio and TV listeners and viewers the two-day schedule the 28-hour broadcast that's a day and four hours so it spans over two days.
You're going to have the Alex Jones Show the first three hours, then Overdrive with Anthony Gucciardi and Dr. Edward Grubb, then David Knight with Gerald Cilente, Jakari Jackson and Leanne McAdoo.
Then you'll have the InfoWars Nightly News with David Knight.
Then you'll have Mystery Science GOP Debate with David Knight, Jakari Jackson and Leanne McAdoo.
I'll also be popping into the end of that.
And then I will host
Basically, 10 to midnight with Larry Nichols in a special documentary up there in Arkansas interviewing him, where he goes to so many of the key places.
See, I said I'll tell you next segment, I just started doing it now.
Then, midnight to 1 a.m., Rob Dew and Leo Zagami from Rome, the special documentary shot in Rome with him, extremely powerful, inside the Vatican.
Joe Biggs, Darren McBreen, with Larry Pinckney of the good Black Panther Party, the original Black Panther Party, that was not killed the cops and caused race war.
That's why the government shut him down.
And then we have the video premiere of Demonic Possession of Vatican Exposed with Leo Gazzami.
Exclusive interview.
And then we have the Alex Jones Show with Larry Klayman and more back tomorrow for three hours and then an hour of overdrive after that.
So that is what is coming up.
I need to get into the news now.
But coming up at the start of the next segment
I'll go to Jakari Jackson, or I'll go to Darren McBrain, or I'll go to Rob Jacobson's really talented video editors.
And they'll put together something that talk radio's done for decades.
A one-minute, a two-minute, a three-minute promo using interesting clips from the news and current events mixed in with movies and things.
And I started doing this taking clips of films like 1984 and Brazil and others and mixing it in with my own show or other news events and airing it on AXS TV 20 years ago.
And folks really liked it.
Then it became some of the first viral videos.
Once viral video was allowed to operate, there were some platforms in the last 16, 17 years.
But we've really, I think, brought it to a new level here.
We have new ones every week.
Darren McBreen has spent a few weeks off and on working on the one we're going to premiere today.
Because The Matrix is one of the best allegories or parables or parallels in fiction to the type of world we're entering into.
That's where the technocracy, where the THX 1138, Brave New World, Philip K. Dick, Wirehead, cyberpunk dystopia is going, because it's a plan to take us there.
The globalists have a brand new god.
The god of false reality, the god of synthetic death.
And I'll assure you, studying it and peering into it, swimming in it, that it is not a good place to go.
And you can see the fruits of it all around you.
So there's the war between false reality and reality, and all we're offering is the truth, nothing more.
Now, to illustrate why independent, liberty-based, naked media is so important, there's an article on Infowars.com right now.
Now when I first learned about something similar to this in 2003 from a news site, Al Martin Raw, I went to the Congressional Funding Office online.
It wasn't BizOpps at the time, it was another one.
And I actually found where Marcus Wolf was paid $900,000.
In one year alone, and over several years, it was paid even more, it was like $3 million, to establish the Department of Homeland Security.
Now, again, back then, I thought I was hardcore and knew a lot, but I thought that was made up.
I mean, I had the guy on the show, I said, I don't believe it, I went and looked it up.
Later, it became mainstream-ish.
Just like I didn't believe when somebody called me and said, I have a tape of CBS News saying, Mercury's good for children's brains.
Or, hey, we got a clip out of PBS Boston where they have the inventor of the polio vaccine admitting they knew it was going to kill hundreds of millions of people because it had SV40 cancer virus in it, and they laughed and said, good, there's too many people.
And then the tape came in the mail.
I used to get these calls at the office that I or a secretary would take.
I had like one person answer the phones, and people would tell me, no, I have it, and it would come in the mail.
Stuff like that.
Well, this ex-Stasi agent is hired to run Germany's censorship of xenophobic Facebook posts.
We are literally battling former Stasi commanders.
There's a new one, Wolf Wolf's dead.
This is who we have trying to censor our posts in Germany, ourselves.
We're on the march, the empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
The Miss America pageant is known for beautiful women who sometimes give rather amusing answers.
But recently, Miss South Carolina turned the tide when she was asked about this.
Do you support a ban on military style assault weapons?
I don't, but I think it's because we need to increase education.
We have to go back there.
If we teach people the proper way to use guns, then we will reduce the risk of having gun-related accidents.
It starts with education.
Even before she could finish answering her question, her response received a massive applause.
Demonstrating strong support for gun rights despite the establishment's ongoing gun demonization campaign.
And yes, there have been high-profile slayings with fully automatic rifles, but the FBI's own numbers show that you're more likely to be killed by a blunt object such as a baseball bat or hammer.
You can find more reports on InfoWars.com.
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The control grid is everywhere.
The answer is up there, Neo.
It's the question that drives us.
What is the Matrix?
You are a cancer of this planet and we are the cure.
They estimated that they would have to eliminate 25 million people in these re-education centers.
And when I say eliminate, I mean kill.
The Matrix is a system, Neo.
That system is our enemy.
When you're inside, you look around, what do you see?
Businessmen, teachers, lawyers, carpenters.
The very minds of the people we are trying to save.
But until we do, these people are still a part of that system, and that makes them our enemy.
You have to understand, most of these people are not ready to be unplugged.
And many of them are so inert, so hopelessly dependent on the system, that they will fight to protect it.
We are trained to deceive if we have to.
You shouldn't trust me.
I will taint the news.
Our propaganda was beginning to pay off.
And our Lord and Savior, Barack Obama!
Genetically modified sounds Frankenstein-ish.
Drought resistance sounds really something you'd want.
I am not a dictator.
I'm the president.
This is a full, dishonorable, scientific mafia warfare takedown.
Public policy could itself
Become the captive of a scientific technological elite.
These people are coming for everybody!
I'm not gonna wait around to be soft killed.
I'm not gonna wait around and watch my family die around me.
I'm gonna die fighting!
Take the blue pill.
The story ends.
You wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe.
You take the red pill.
You stay in Wonderland.
And I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.
The Alex Jones Show.
Because there is a war on for your mind.
Stop being a moron.
Stop being dishonorable.
Within 15 years they say, CNN, that everyone will be merged with machines, or will be obsolete.
I'm not gonna sit here and
Ladies and gentlemen, the technocrats admit that they are using human technology and our system to build a world designed to destroy what's left of humans.
Designed to make us obsolete.
The statements I just made are repeats of every major computer company expert that's spoken out.
All the major billionaires, metaphysically, have a law they must follow to tell you what they're going to do to you.
Before they do it to you.
And that's the word that's trickled down why I'm even tolerated.
Is that it's believed that you're so unconscious and so stupid that you're not going to listen to what we're saying so it won't matter.
Well, all I know is my heart, my gut, my soul, my intellect, my will, and I know your will as well, will not sit here and go quietly into this modern soul-sucking system.
Whether it was built by men or entities from the center of a black hole, we can debate that all day long.
But where this fantastical world is hurtling is a very, very nasty place.
And there are seven and a half billion people on this globe who know there's a problem, who know the planet's being killed, who are seeking after the truth, who know that the danger is increasing in their gut, but also intellectually.
And they are seeking, always seeking, to try to warn others, but trying to also inform themselves.
I want to get into the rest of the news and some more key information, but I want to go back to what I talked about before the break.
Because we're all dumb as dirt to some extent.
We're all in denial.
We're all ignorant.
It's a learning process.
And the more you learn, the more you don't know.
You see, the confidence of the dumbed-down masses...
Who have no culture, no ritual, no history, no future.
They've been destroyed.
They've been turned into mindless vessels that imprint on whatever the latest propaganda is.
They don't even know how shocking it is to learn 13, 14 years ago that Marcus Wolf, the former head of the infamous Stasi, the most oppressive, all-encompassing police state the world had ever seen, had been hired to found
The Department of Homeland Security.
And there it was in the congressional record.
There was the funding.
And he was hired for the next four or five years till he died.
And they hired other top Stasi and other former KGB and NKVD of the Soviet Union to come here.
That's why it looks just like that, because that's what it is.
And then I get up and I read Paul Joseph Watson's article that links directly to major German newspapers that report on this like they're talking about something good.
Oh, thank gosh we're fighting the racism of people that don't want totally open borders with the Middle East and North Africa.
They've got this woman here that looks like a joke out of a Nazi movie, you know, some weird control freak woman in her uniform.
Sitting there in her power-tripping, you know, repose.
Ex-Stasi agent hired to censor xenophobic Facebook post.
German government cracks down dissent against migrant flux.
How about illegal hordes?
The German government and Facebook are working with an organization led by the ex-Stasi agent to oversee a new program that will identify xenophobic posts while the social network website has pushed and punished people who make them with fines and jail sentences.
So if you make a comment against open borders, that's judged as racist, that you don't want to pay for somebody who openly says they don't like your culture.
And so now you're going to be fined and jail sentences.
And this is really happening.
I mean, we link to the mainstream German articles that report on this like it's good.
Sweden's really making people house illegals.
They're really telling women, don't wear short miniskirts.
It angers the radical Muslims.
This is really happening.
Look at the latest headlines up on Drudge today.
They're also on Infowars.
All hell breaks loose on hungry border.
Tear gas water cannon.
Rioting refugees.
Pelt police with giant rocks.
Allah Akbar roar.
Migrants overrun police at border crossing.
We're actually seeing the collapse, not just financially.
But culturally right now, as Europe prepares to collapse under the EU into a new EU super state where there's no rights, no freedoms, and no sovereignty in their own words.
Create the crisis, offer the solution.
They'll let, as I said years ago and months ago, enough people that won't assimilate into the West
Put them under socialist indoctrination and welfare.
They'll bring in enough to checkmate any political move against the globalists.
Then they're going to totally seal the borders.
And use that as a police state to keep you from ever getting out.
You'll demand a police state to protect you.
In the interim, they will.
And the average cop or military person is facing incredible odds and is a good person.
But if you look at the entire engineering and the paradigm, it is the end of Europe, the fall of freedom, the fall of the Renaissance.
And now, into the void comes the Stasi.
The German Minister of Justice, Hiko Maas, met with Facebook this week to form a special task force that will work to remove comments from the website that call for hatred against migrants.
See, by criticizing and saying we shouldn't have to pay for them, that calls for hatred.
The organization will be overseen by Network Against Nazis.
Oh, isn't that nice?
Netzgegen Nazis.
A group led by left-wing activist Anita... How do you pronounce that?
Anita Kahane.
Kahane, that sounds...
Scottish or Irish?
Doesn't sound German.
Although Kahane now describes herself as an anti-racist.
Oh, aren't they all?
She was in... It's the same thing.
Sorrow stuff.
She was intimately involved in another dark period of German history, working as a Stasi informant under the code name Victoria.
During her most oppressive era, 1974 to 1982.
The Stasi, which liaised with the Soviet KGB, was the official secret police of the former communist government of East Germany.
Its role was to spy on the population and use its vast network of informants to hunt down political dissidents.
Numerous Stasi members were prosecuted for their crimes over the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989.
Last week, Chancellor Angela Merkel and her father and mother were in the Stasi, total communists.
Look it up!
Well, they actually commanded them.
I'm sorry, they were above them.
Vowed to tackle racist comments made on social media sites.
Yeah, they've banned demonstrations.
Describing them as sedition!
It's sedition to not want your country destroyed, and demanding that Facebook take action!
25 years of German reunification, former DDR citizens along with their West German brothers and sisters are to be monitored by former Stasi cadres, notes the German website PI News.
A report in Bild also confirms the network against Nazis led by this woman was involved in monitoring Facebook for racist and uniform comments as well as refugee baiting remarks.
Those found guilty will be hit with fines of around 5,000 euros and 120 days in prison.
This is in mainstream news.
They're not playing games.
This is EU-wide, folks.
We were in Spain.
They came over and erased our footage, took our cameras, threatened to put us in jail.
And we weren't even trying to film the police.
But it was on the news that you couldn't do it.
Criticism of government?
Anyway, you're arrested.
It's on.
You gotta read the rest of it.
It's up on InfoWars.com.
This story needs to go viral.
They can't arrest us yet in the United States, so they're trying to pass laws.
That's why it's more important than ever.
Before Europe fell, I had to get over there.
I may go back to document what's happening in Germany.
See, I told you, they start with saying if you deny the Holocaust, or if you say 5,999,000 people died, they will put you in prison for life over there.
Even if you're a U.S.
citizen and they grab you.
Or Canadian Citizen.
And whereas, I don't like the Nazis either.
That's just one bad group for another.
The Nazis aren't in control.
The Socialists, the Communists, working for people like George Soros, and the big above-the-law banks are, and they want the President to arrest whoever they want.
So it sounds reasonable.
Oh, let's find somebody that says Hitler was great.
You take somebody's free speech away.
Next it's, you can't preach the gospel.
That's now happened.
You can't criticize the open borders.
That's now happened.
You're going to have former Stasi over you, whether you're in Spain or whether you're in Germany.
And notice it's Germany and Spain, more than anybody, directing the police state again in Europe.
The EU was the project of the Nazis.
I'm not saying it's a Nazi conspiracy.
They simply took over what the Germans tried to set up under the Nazis and are now running the same playbook, but pushing it as politically correct.
That's just some of what's coming up.
There's so much more, but it is earth-shaking to see this.
That's why we need to be on satellite over the United States, which we now are.
Go to InfoWars.com forward slash affiliates to see all the details.
Go to InfoWars.com forward slash money bomb to see all the details.
Go to InfoWars.com where we just posted
A red link, InfoWars live feed, 28 hour special broadcast, and send that link on Facebook and Twitter and everywhere else you can out.
Now the way this works is we've had Facebook and Twitter censor us a lot for criticizing Benghazi response for
Putting Obama up there and saying the word crook-undering.
And we've protested and pointed out it's not a violation of even their quote policies that they are engaged in serious Soviet-style censorship and Facebook has been forced to back off.
The answer is use these platforms to keep them free and to point out that these movements by Europe demanding Twitter, Facebook and Google censor things is an attempt for an EU tyranny to come into place that can get away with virtually anything they want.
And understand that when you spread the word about InfoWars.com
Or PrisonPlanet.com.
When you support our sponsors, when you buy products from InfoWarsStore.com, when you donate at InfoWars.com forward slash money bomb, we're going to email out to all our email lists and everywhere else the links you can donate $5, $100, $1,000, $10,000, 100% of the money I put in a special account that comes in from these money bombs will go directly
To the syndication of radio and TV, directly to the studios, directly to crew, directly to reporters, directly to camera people, directly to plane tickets to send our reporters places, and to really expose what's happening, and to really give the people of the planet a chance to see what's going on.
For money making, most domestic shows target domestic audiences.
We're not here to make money.
Money is fuel to fund our true passion of fighting corruption, of fighting the new dark age of tyranny.
And so, when you buy the products, when you go to InfoWars.com forward slash money bomb, we'll put that on screen for you.
When you do that,
When you support what we're doing, when you buy the products, there's many ways to support.
You are not behind us.
You're at the very heart of this operation.
And I know that many of you understand that, but I want all of you to consciously realize the huge effect that you've been having.
It's massive.
And I understand the responsibility that I have to tell the truth, to fight harder,
To be as eloquent as I can, to get the best guest on we can, to reach out to you as best I can, to fire you up to take action, so that we go in as hard and as fast and as focused and as truthful as our frail, imperfect human bodies and souls can do.
We're going to skip this network break.
Only this one.
But that's what this comes down to.
This is a huge historical time to be alive.
We are seeing the manifestation of classical oppression, classical totalitarianism, classical police state surveillance that the world has never seen.
Europe is going pure tyranny.
The U.S.
is falling into staggering corruption.
But the good news is the polls show the people have never been more awake.
The evidence shows people want to do something about it, but they need a media outlet.
They need a place to come together.
They need more outlets and more venues so that they can understand that they're not alone and so that their tips, their videos, their comments, their information can be seen and heard and not censored and then given on and passed on to others.
And out of this giant
A spectrum of wonderful organizations and great media operations and beautiful souls across the world fighting the scientific takeover that is corporate fascism, globalism, masquerading as grassroots communism.
InfoWars stands out at the very top.
Now quite frankly, I would hit my knees in joy
And cry my eyes out if some organization rose up more eloquent, more focused, more dynamic, more serious, more committed.
It has not happened.
And so I must give my full energy, my soul.
I'm exhausted sometimes and I have to dig deep and actually pour out my very essence to do this.
That's what you need to do.
Money is only a symbol.
I don't know.
But I will tell you now, if you won't go to InfoWars.com forward slash money bomb and donate right now, if you won't spread the word and send that link out to friends and family to the free video feed, if you won't support our local sponsors and local MNFM stations, if you won't buy the products at InfoWarsLife.com, if you won't take action, if you won't wear a political t-shirt
To stand up against this oppression, you're going to lose everything.
The globalists want to bring in a tyranny because they plan to oppress the people.
The globalists want to bring in a tyranny because they know you're going to use the legitimate means of media to come after everyone.
They want to get rid of legitimate media so we can't fight back.
They want to come in and be able to shut down whoever they want and do it in the dark where no one is aware of it.
It's already happening in Spain, it's happening in Germany, it's happening in Greece, it's happening in the UK, it's starting to happen here.
They meanwhile fire up the left to go out and start killing police to get them to become even more militarized so they can be misdirected against the patriots.
The takeover is here.
It's happening.
Everyone can feel it.
Everyone can see it.
And so many people get caught in the trick.
They think, just keep your head down, stay out of it, and you'll be alright.
Or, better yet, join with the New World Order.
In your gut, you know that means destruction of your very will and enslavement.
And it puts your soul in peril, which you do have one.
But more importantly, to people that don't care about things that really matter, it puts this temporal world and prosperity on the chopping block.
Because under the globalist-owned statements, they're ending the age of prosperity.
They're ending the Renaissance.
They're ending private property for the average person.
They're ending individual free will.
They are bringing in an absolutely destructive system on so many fronts.
The fruits of the New World Order are bondage, are sad, are pathetic, are starving children.
It's ignorance.
And everything it holds out, enlightenment, empowerment, saving the Earth, everything they say they want to do, it's the opposite.
They're coming for our families.
They're coming for our children.
They're coming for the unborn.
They're coming for everything.
They want total, complete micromanagement and domination that the computer allows them, through their minions, to carry out.
And they want total compliance, but to get that first, they've got to bring you to your knees.
But bringing 7.5 billion people to their knees is hard.
And if the people know that it's premeditated in a plan, there's nothing it can do.
That's why, as they brazenly advertise free welfare, and as they brazenly bring down the Middle East, and have their proxy armies flush out these populations, they bring them in with leftist social workers to fill them full of Western hate against the West, and to bring them in as the new destabilization force.
To fully complete Europe's enslavement as we are being fully enslaved by the Latin American invasion and the European and the Chinese and the rest of the world checkmate against this country.
You are seeing 21st century warfare.
You're seeing World War III right now being conducted by the big five megabanks and the insurance companies and the propaganda firms and the systems.
And it's a war against every sovereign country.
It's a war against individuals.
It's a war against the very militaries and police that are being used up in the struggle against their own populations.
It is a premeditated, ordered out of chaos program.
We are seeing just incredible times.
How could you watch History Channel now or read a history book when you're watching the most fantastical history ever?
Thousands of cross-species with humans spliced with every animal you can imagine.
Humans implanted for 20 years inside cows and pigs.
Every form of genetic chimera blaspheme.
Open-air crops by the thousands, creating all sorts of new illnesses and allergies.
Mega-cancers rising.
Diabetes off the chart.
Neurological disorders spreading like wildfire.
The death numbers exploding.
1 in 58 with autism.
You can really see the soft-kill plan of the eugenicists, developed by British intelligence, deployed by Hitler on a low level.
Now being operated out in the open, and you see the will of Satan, the will of hell being unloosed, you see God stepping aside.
You're gonna let your veterans die?
You're gonna let your old people die?
You're gonna let your babies die?
You're gonna stand by while your neighbor dies of cancer and just raise money for him, but not try to find out why cancer's exploding?
You know what I'm gonna do?
God says, I'm gonna remove my protection from you.
I'm going to let what you now desire, what you worship, turn loose.
I've warned you.
I've told you what's coming.
God has, through his people, put out the messages.
You've now been told over and over again.
That's the only reason outlets like this have been so successful, is because metaphysically, it's a rule that you be warned over and over and over again, and see, this is gonna happen, boom, now this is gonna happen, it happens, now this is gonna happen, it happens, until now at the very end, before billions are killed, before World War, before mass diseases, the rise of robots, the stuff you're gonna see in the next 20, 30 years, that's gonna make this look like the most fantastical science fiction nightmare you've ever seen, with the elite on synthetic drugs,
We're there in heaven and don't even care?
Until they begin to fall as well, and then scream, our false reality wasn't real, the drugs weren't real, the Satanism wasn't real, the sex wasn't real, you didn't protect us!
And they're gonna pull their hair out in their bunkers and bleed out of their eyes.
And all of you that worship weakness, all of you that love death will be given a giant, bleeding, stinking cup.
Your mouths will be opened and all of that satanic evil will be poured into your soul.
You are listening to GCN.
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Well, so does he.
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And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
It's the battle of false reality versus reality.
Alex Jones here.
It's the 28 live hours of transmission.
We just went through an hour and they kept telling me the whole time, hey, you know what's really gonna raise money for the money bomb is some of the biggest sales you've ever offered in the history of InfoWarsStore.com or InfoWarsLife.com
And, of course, we have a very popular guest who hasn't been on for about eight months.
He's been writing another best-selling book, James Wesley Rawls.
He was for an hour and a half interspersed with news on the designed worldwide collapse that's being engineered.
And I love some of our critics.
They'll say, well, if you think a collapse is intimate, what are you doing trying to run your operation?
That's why we're doing a money bump.
If the collapse really is as bad as some think it may be, I hope it isn't.
I'm very clear about what I've said.
Straw men say different things.
That isn't Alex Jones.
It's like, must have been ten different publications I saw yesterday without even looking.
You know, Alex Jones discredited.
He said there would be martial law by September 15th and they would be taking all the guns in Texas.
They don't show where I said it.
And they lie and say that Rick Perry said it.
Rick Perry criticized me.
They show a bunch of other Republicans that never even said any of that stuff.
It's lying, but I don't care.
Go ahead and lie all you want.
You've got people dumb enough to be your constituent readers that I just feel sorry for.
But it's the fact that even if Jade Helm was something nefarious, exposing it and speaking out against it made them back off of it.
But I never said I thought that's what it was.
I said it was the engineered build-up to condition us for occupation in this country.
And now you see all these top financial experts and others saying it could be a total collapse, the bubble can't go on forever, but if you deflate it, it's going to implode, we're in big trouble if we do end the bubble, we're in big trouble if we don't.
And I'm just up here saying, wow, we're sitting on top 2.2 quadrillion in fake derivatives, counterfeit garbage, that every major government signed on to.
I don't know when this volcano is going to go off, but smoke and lava is already coming out of it.
And half the world's already in turmoil and flames right now.
In fact, more than half the world.
So, I really think the collapse has already begun, and I want to try to stop it.
But they've got publications out today saying we're fear mongers and, you know, we say that there's going to be a total collapse now.
I don't think it's a total collapse.
It's the beginning of the new dark age, the new austerity that the new world order is engineering to bring in their total power.
And that's what it comes down to.
So you bet.
Now's the time to expand the audience bigger than ever, because now's the time for the message.
Now's the time for the responsibility.
Now's the time to pray.
Because I never get scared when I'm awake during the day.
I always start crying when I think about this because I don't want to leave my kids alone now more than ever.
My children need me now more than ever.
I'm pretty much one of the only people there for them.
And I know in my heart that as all this unfolds, this show is going to get bigger and more popular to a dangerous level because we know what's going on.
And I've been told by top globalists that I'll be just fine until all this comes true.
And then that's when I better stop.
And the criticism is, what do you want money for if you're ready to stop?
Well, I'm not going to stop during the collapse.
I'm going to go to the next level and put everything on the table and be all in.
That's what you do when the enemy comes in like a flood.
This is the end of the West, the end of humanity as we know it.
This is a total satanic takeover.
Don't you understand?
It's real.
It's not a game.
They've captured our churches.
They run everything, basically.
They're putting drugs in the water, people!
And I'm not trying to scare you.
This is the truth.
And yes, we need to raise a bunch of money.
Infowars.com forward slash money bomb.
Because we don't need to just have this much money to run things.
We need to have wealth as backup, extra fuel in the back of the tank to get to our mission, attack the enemy, and defeat them.
You cannot support anybody better with more bang for your buck than donating to the Infowars 2015 money bomb.
You just can't do it.
Kit Daniels, InfoWars.com.
President Obama has ordered the federal government to start conducting behavior experiments on U.S.
Jared, that right?
The new executive order commands federal agencies to condition people into doing whatever the government wants them to do, effectively turning we the people into lab rats running through a maze for a piece of cheese.
The feds are going to start hiring so-called behavioral scientists to encourage, meaning brainwash, people into say, signing up for Obamacare, or even turning into their guns at a local gun buyback program.
So basically, the Obama administration wants to take the freedom of choice away from the individual and give it to the government.
That doesn't sound like freedom now, does it?
Freedom is the right of the people to choose how to live their lives as long as their conduct doesn't infringe on the rights of others to do the same.
The Obama administration, however, wants to brainwash you into surrendering that basic liberty.
They want you to be a lemming who jumps off the cliff when they say jump.
But you have the power to decide not to be a slave.
For more reports, check out InfoWars.com and PrisonPlanet.com.
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We're good to go.
From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
That liner you just heard was updated about five years ago, but it's the same liner I wrote 20 years ago for my local radio show.
And then it was a little bit tongue-in-cheek.
From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines.
Because the program director was kind of a libertarian patriot, but he still made some jokes about how extreme my show was.
And he said, you ought to have an intro where deep behind enemy lines from your bunker.
You know, kind of the cliche, you conspiracy guys, and it'll kind of put people on that mindset.
And I said, well, you know, we really are under the Federal Reserve.
We really are under FEMA Region 6 here in Texas.
And he was an old veteran guy and he goes, I know you're right, I know we're under it, but the point is the people don't know that and they kind of want to laugh at you.
So I think if you, you know, want a bigger audience, you ought to go along with it.
I said, okay, I'll do the liner you want.
So see how that liner was written by somebody else 20 years ago as a joke.
But five years ago, we had it updated.
The original guy that did the voiceovers died by someone's similar voice.
Wasn't a joke anymore, was it?
I live in captured FEMA Region 6.
They haven't captured all our mines yet.
They haven't captured all our power plants yet.
They haven't taken all our farms yet.
But they're doing it now.
They're announcing it.
Our kids belong to them.
Our fire stoves, wood stoves belong to them.
They're now announcing no more single-parent families, homes to be built in major cities across America.
And people are tuning in and going, wow, you made a film 15 years ago, another one 8 years ago saying that.
How would you know?
Well, it's in Agenda 21, the worldwide treaty.
Just like taking half the roads off limits and making them for driverless cars is in the treaty.
And now LA just announced it.
They also just announced that they are officially the capital of the Southern, Central, and North America.
The capital of Latin America.
That's the globalist balkanization.
I saw that 18, 19 years ago in globalist publications.
And what they put in globalist publications like Club of Rome, CFR, they do.
Now they're a few years behind in their program, but now they're accelerating it.
And that's why
We haven't done a fundraiser in three years.
It's because I've really tried with products and sponsors to pay for everything, but because it looks like the implosion is getting worse, because the economy is going down, because even though our audience has roughly doubled the last year, it's never grown that fast.
I can look into the future and it'll be hard for me to pay for the satellite, the closed captioning, and the crew we have, if we don't raise a million dollars.
For the next year on top of the 10 million plus dollars I have to raise to run this.
And if you don't know about media, that's cheap, folks.
A small town, you know, newspaper for 100,000 people costs 10 million dollars to run.
Or more.
Just the licensing, the servers, the everything.
And we do it cheap in Texas.
I've been told by top consultants what we run would cost 50 million dollars in New York.
Not 10 million.
Not 15 million.
What we run would cost probably more in L.A.
because of the unions.
We reach, and I'm going to go over these numbers, and we're going to be putting a video out in the next few days showing this from all the big demographic sites, 150 million domestic, 150 domestic AM and FM affiliates, plus 40 million web page views a month to just one website, Infowars.com, half a billion views,
Plus a year just on YouTube.
Video streams that come from InfoWars.com, five million a month just from our original streams.
Audio streams, 200,000 users a day.
Podcast, one million hits a day.
That's conservative.
One million people a day get our podcast.
Subscribe to it.
Social media.
1.6 billion reach per month is who we touch.
Who sees our links, who sees our stories.
Conservatively, it's over a billion that read it or watch it.
Now that's not counting thousands of other major platforms.
And I'm not bragging here.
But the enemy's gonna attack us and laugh at us because they know how big and dangerous we are.
I don't like this position.
It's not fun to be one of the big ships in the battle up front being shot at.
But I want you to know, we're in this fight, you're in this fight with us.
We've been able to do so much of this because of you supporting InfoWars.com, because of you spreading the word.
So we're trying to raise a million dollars today, and that counts purchases at InfoWarsStore.com.
We're going to take whatever the profit is, we have it calculated out for each product, and we're going to put that profit
We're good to go.
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But this is your chance.
People, they thank the broadcast, they thank our other hosts, they thank our guests.
This is an undoubted one of the biggest, most successful platforms in history against tyranny.
Because we're willing to do it.
I don't like that position.
I don't like saying that.
It's very dangerous.
And I've been told, hey,
You've gone far enough.
You just need to do the right thing now and need to idle off.
You need to back off.
You need to play ball.
I'm not playing ball with anybody.
I never have.
Because I can see my soul forfeit the minute I do.
And that's not...
Hocus Pocus, that's not me even being religious.
It's just in my gut, I can't be part of not fighting this tyranny and not speaking out against it.
I don't see that as heroic.
I see it as my mission.
But we're entering a very dangerous phase right now.
People need to get ready.
They need to offensively speak out.
They also need to defensively get ready.
Because you are the people that need to be prepared in case this really goes south.
So, InfoWarsLife.com, InfoWarsStore.com, or 888-253-3139.
You can call and purchase over the phone, you can call and donate over the phone, 888-253-3139.
We'll be broadcasting for 20.
Eight hours, we're already one hour and 16 minutes in, so for the next 26 hours plus we're going to be here live, joining us until about 40 after next hour, so for about an hour and a half, is a highly sought after guest, probably the top survivalist in the world, James Wesley Rawls.
SurvivalBlog.com was in Army Intelligence, worked in high-level secret operations.
I was down south working on a story and had a guy who used to be over Rawls in the Ronald Reagan administration who said for me to say hi to Rawls off-air.
His card was in here, guys, where'd you take it?
But he was saying hi.
He works at... I'm not going to say where he works.
He told me I could, but I'm not even going to.
But James Wesley Rawls has been an enthusiastic survivalist since his teenage years.
He's now a survivalist author and lecturer and editor of survivalblog.com.
He has a bachelor's of arts degree from San Jose State University with a minor degree in military science, history, and military history.
A former U.S.
Army intelligence officer who helped
We're good.
Alaska, his most recent books are Tools for Survival, non-fiction, and of course Land of Promise, counter-Caliphate Chronicle series book that's coming out in just about a month and a half.
And I remember he was on with us about eight, nine months ago and talked about the plan to flood the West.
I know James, 10 years ago you let your face be seen in public, now you don't even come on with people via Skype, you don't even want your photo out there because you know how imminent this is.
We've been trying as you know in an offensive, defensive
Posture both to stop the takeover.
We've been holding it back, slowing it down.
The elite have now gone ahead and dropped the hammer regardless.
So it's a paradox.
People now know world government's real.
The Pope's calling for it.
Europe's being destroyed.
Free speech is being banned.
They're announcing our children don't belong to us.
Every form of evil is now out in the open.
We know they're selling babies, killing them, keeping them alive and harvesting them.
We now know everything the patriots warned us of is true.
So we've now reached that paradox moment where the enemies emerge, which means they're going into full
Full takeover mode is what I believe.
I want to get the time frame to you, what you think the battle space is, how well are people that love life doing, or just people that don't want to kill everybody, how well are the forces of non-insanity doing, and
Have we not reached one of the most epic moments in history as all the forces are lining up, all the stars are aligning politically, and everyone can just feel that deep breath before the armies collide into each other?
Is that an accurate assessment, James Wesley Rawls?
Yeah, I think you're right, Alex.
Things are definitely coming to a head.
The folks who are pushing the New World Order have definitely taken the gloves off, and they've also kind of let their guard down.
They've let their full agenda be seen.
by so many people in so many different ways that is now abundantly clear exactly what they have planned and they are no longer being secretive and conspiratorial about it.
A lot of what they're doing is now out in the open and they're, again, not pulling any punches.
They are pushing as hard and as fast as they can to institute one world government in our lifetimes.
And I think that the patriot movement, the libertarian movements, and just the freedom movement in general has caught on.
People are waking up.
People are getting actively involved politically.
People are getting involved out on the street with their cell phones, their smartphones, taking video of some of the tyranny that's coming down around us.
And people are getting actively involved.
A good part of that ties into family preparedness.
A lot of people are stocking up and teaming up and training up because they can see what's coming in the very near future.
The enemy loves to say all day, where's the tyranny?
Where's the world government?
Where's the bans on speech?
Where are they coming for the guns?
Even as it was happening,
They would sit there and deny it.
But now, they're just doing it out in the open, but still denying they're doing it, and it's discrediting them.
What is the modus operandi there?
Well, I think their level of fear of retribution, whether it be political or otherwise, has dropped a bit.
They're just feeling very brazen, very self-confident.
Well, I've been asking some of the questions here, and I've got more, but
Get into what you see as front and center right now.
Obviously, they're imploding the borders, a big plank of globalism in our face.
Yes, the whole globalist agenda is getting played out in prime time right now.
The dissolution of America's borders with NAFTA, with GATT, with the international trucking agreement,
And so on are blatant.
The conservative or so-called conservative politicians, even coming from the Tea Party side, have caved in and are now saying, oh, we can't erect a border fence.
It will prohibitively expensive, impractical or whatever.
Our nation's borders are incredibly porous.
We're, in the very near future, going to find out just how porous they are when a weapon of mass destruction comes across our border and is used domestically.
We're at a juncture now where the very sovereignty of the nation itself is at stake.
I'm not just talking about a demographic shift here.
I'm talking about the very sovereignty of our nation is in peril.
Things are that bad.
And they're crowing from the rooftops.
LA, now the capital of Latin America, officially from the city.
They are openly having George Soros and the White House fund kill the cop movements.
What's the strategy there?
We notice Europe's imploding its borders.
We're imploding the borders.
It's all the same tactics.
The globalists are moving on every front.
Is this just the beginning of the major offensive?
Or is this a vanguard?
Do you expect it to ratchet up even more?
I think it could ratchet up more.
I'm not sure what their exact time frame or timetable is, but they certainly could, through manipulation, orchestrate a lot more attacks on police officers and highway patrolmen, for example, without too much difficulty.
We have a society, really, when you come right down to it, that is based on a government that trusts the people.
And we've built our infrastructure accordingly.
It's not like European nations, where the whole underlying precept
is that the government doesn't trust the people.
Our nation was built on the precept that our own government is of and by and for the people, and that the people were to be trusted.
And because of that, we built such a free and open society that it's created, unfortunately, some vulnerabilities, which I think will be exploited.
And those vulnerabilities will be used as an excuse for greater and greater control.
So, for example, for many, many years in our nation, we've enjoyed the freedom to travel.
And I think that could very well be taken away from us.
A lot of it's already gone.
If you look at things like the Border Patrol checkpoints, for example, and even agricultural checkpoints, we no longer have full freedom to travel.
But could you imagine a society where you essentially have to file a flight plan just to take a cross-country road trip?
We very well could be in that situation soon.
Or we could be in a situation where it's not up to us at all, but our own cars will be spying on us and reporting our movements to Big Brother
With transponders that were put into the cars for the purposes of collecting tolls on individual toll roads or bridges, but now those transponders would be used to track our every movement.
Which we now learn they've been doing for 20 years since day one, premeditatedly.
And you can see the White House and Soros funding this kill the cop movement that's expanding all over the country in an attempt to destabilize the country and bring in a police state
I have seen that wake up a lot of police and military, but it's a paradox.
They're awake, but they still follow orders.
The citizens are awake.
We still put up with it.
Meanwhile, leftists are out killing police, so they're so fired up, once we demonstrate, they'll attack us.
I wish there was some sophistication out there that everyone not be played like fiddles.
Right, well, right now we have a lot of people being played like puppets, indeed.
Radicals are being pushed toward killing police officers, for example, where, you know, there wasn't even talk of that for about a 25-year period in this country.
You have to go all the way back to late 1960s or early 70s with the Black Panther movement to see, you know, at the time they referred to it as the Kill the Pigs movement.
That kind of went quiet for a long, long time in this nation.
And seeing that reemerge is very troubling because that could be used as a pretext for a huge number of draconian controls on public meetings, on the freedom of assembly, freedom of travel, you name it.
If this situation gets out of control and large numbers of police officers start being killed by radicals,
That could, again, be used as a pretext for just out-and-out tyranny in this nation.
And what's crazy, James Wesley Rawls... I think a lot of people would go along with it.
I agree.
Is that they're nakedly doing it.
I use that word naked a lot.
They're so out in the open.
They're so obviously evil.
And then you add to it, don't use the name boy or girl, he or she in school, it's hateful, body parts selling of babies, open world government.
I mean, this is crazy how evil these people are.
From your research, we want to break in a minute and a half, but from your research, who runs the New World Order?
Who are the different power blocks?
And what's their endgame?
Boy, that's a huge question for a minute and a half, Alex.
We can come back and finish it, too.
You know, it's one of those meet the new boss, same as the old boss situations.
It's the same international banking cartels that have existed since the 19th century and earlier.
We have international banking influence.
We have the
All the power structures that go along with that.
We have Interpol, their own policing organization that goes along with it, that's co-opted our own police departments and our own federal law enforcement.
When you come right down to it, the same folks that are trying to enslave us are... Tell you what, stay there.
Answer when we come back.
Give us the... ...centuries ago.
Sure, sure.
Your Skype is breaking up.
Stay there.
Come back and tell us.
Say, the same people trying to enslave us now were the people when your Skype broke up.
James Leslie Rawls is our guest.
I'm Alex Jones.
It's the 28-hour 2015 Operation Money Bomb.
We're on the march, the Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Kit Daniels, InfoWars.com.
President Obama has ordered the federal government to start conducting behavior experiments on U.S.
You heard that right.
The new executive order commands federal agencies to condition people into doing whatever the government wants them to do, effectively turning we the people into lab rats running through a maze for a piece of cheese.
The feds are going to start hiring so-called behavioral scientists to encourage, meaning brainwash, people into say, signing up for Obamacare, or even turning into their guns at a local gun buyback program.
So basically, the Obama administration wants to take the freedom of choice away from the individual and give it to the government.
That doesn't sound like freedom now, does it?
Freedom is the right of the people to choose how to live their lives as long as their conduct doesn't infringe on the rights of others to do the same.
The Obama administration, however, wants to brainwash you into surrendering that basic liberty.
They want you to be a lemming who jumps off the cliff when they say jump.
But you have the power to decide not to be a slave.
For more reports, check out InfoWars.com and PrisonPlanet.com.
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We now take you live to the Central Texas Command Center, in the heart of the resistance, rallying patriots worldwide.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Ladies and gentlemen, I mentioned this last hour, the story's up on InfoWars.com.
They've hired a former Stasi operative to head up censorship of anyone criticizing the open borders in Germany.
And they are arresting anyone and giving them 120 days in jail and or a 5,000 euro fine.
Any criticism.
And now they're telling women don't wear short skirts.
They're telling people you need to house these folks in your homes.
You have to understand, Hitler was willing to kill millions of people to get power.
Stalin was willing to kill millions of people.
Genghis Khan was.
Julius Caesar is breaking eggs.
And so for anybody who studied history, or anybody who studied world events, you know there's a confluence of things coming together.
Most of the top historians in the world, long after Rawls and myself and others pointed it out, it's not rocket science quite frankly, have come out and said, we have a lot of the same factors as World War I and World War II.
The economic, the cultural, all of it, in the middle of it, we have West-hating, freedom-hating elites, communist mainly, run by big banks, what a paradox, who want to make the middle class poor and break the back of Western culture, who get on the news with a straight face and say, don't call yourself a boy or girl, you're a purple penguin.
So I was asking one of the top survivalists in the world,
Best-selling author, Mr. Rawls, I'll give you his website up on screen, survivalblog.com.
I was asking James Wesley Rawls the exacerbated question in his research, who's at the bottom of the rabbit hole here?
What do the globalists want?
I mean, I know in my own mind what their endgame is, but I get why some new listeners hear this and just think it's fear porn.
What's their endgame?
Well, you're going to think it's fear porn if there's a worldwide depression, which we're basically already into.
You're going to think it's fair porn when they give your kid a forced inoculation and you go ahead and get it and they have a seizure and never talk again.
This isn't a game.
So I want you to understand, for those of you that have been insulated, that have been sheltered,
You have no idea.
The rest of the world's already in turmoil.
Mr. Rawls, finishing that big question, take as much time as you want about who runs it, where's it going, and then I want to get your prognosis on the world itself, what you see coming in the future, because you've been pretty accurate in the past, and then tell us about your latest novels you're working on, but basically done, I guess, about to be published, about to be put out there on bookstore shelves, that basically predicted so much of what's now happening.
Well, Alex, to get back to what we were talking about in the last segment, I think that when you come right down to it, the folks that are behind the New World Order are the same international bankers who have been pushing for this for centuries.
And while their tactics have changed, their strategy hasn't.
And when you come right down to it,
These are folks who have all the money in the world, and once you have all the money in the world, the only thing that's left is power.
They want to control all the nations of the world.
And, ironically, a lot of them don't even really care what system those nations are under, as long as they control those nations.
And that explains things like World War I and World War II, where you had, you know, essentially fascists versus communists and some freedom-loving people on the sidelines.
And the Cold War, which went on for such a long time, but the end result of it was an America that was less free.
You know, we were
We're priding ourselves on the fact that we broke the back of international communism under the Reagan administration, but the end result back 30 or 40 years is that we now live in a less free country, and in a lot of ways, a country that's a lot more like the Soviet Union used to be now than what we had back in the 1980s.
We have more central planning, we have less individual freedom,
When you come right down to it, we are at the cusp of what will probably be a third world war, is what it's going to be called in retrospect.
And exactly how the nations will line up for that war is difficult to say.
And we have this huge wild card that's been created by the internationalists themselves, which is radical Islam.
They want to have radical Islam as a foil, as the new enemy du jour, and they want to use that as the pretext for forming global power structures, global armies, global currencies, and global media and global control.
To them, again, the bottom line is not what system gets put in place, but who controls that system.
You can see the beauty, and I want you to continue on this eloquent breakdown.
That's right.
Just like the Rothschilds 300 years ago would fund both sides of the European war, or three or four sides, then they just jump to the winner at the end, and then dictate the terms to the defeated.
Just like World War II, British intelligence and others had a secret peace treaty with Hitler.
That's been declassified.
They basically encouraged him to invade Czechoslovakia and Poland and Danzig and all these other places.
I'm not saying Hitler was good.
He was totally played.
He had a treaty to attack the Soviets and they would stop, or attack the Russians, and then they double crossed him there, on just so many fronts, and you sit back and you realize, oh my gosh, the elite running us in World War II was more evil and sophisticated than Hitler.
And that's a hard group to beat that could actually play the Germans.
And you just sit back in awe and you see them radicalizing Islam, turning it loose, giving them the weapons, letting them overthrow our allies, secular governments, taking over.
It just goes on and on and on.
And then you see the ultimate enemy is free will.
It is Western Christianity.
It is the Renaissance.
And you understand, when they set up the Soviets, then we had to build up to fight them.
But that was the globalists building up arms and a culture and a police state they again would control to then use against the people.
You see how sophisticated it is.
How do you get the public to even tune into that reality to understand that at the end of this endgame...
There is mass population reduction, world government, the end of religious freedom, forced inoculation, I mean, and now we're so close to it!
Now in Europe they're arresting you if you don't want to have a thousand Islamists in your town of a thousand.
If you say it's wrong, I don't want to pay for it, they come and the Stasi arrest you!
The Stasi!
I mean, it's so naked!
Go ahead, sorry.
I have to agree with you.
You were asking, how do we wake people up?
The method I chose was to write novels, because a lot of people will not sit down and read a treatise on globalism or a treatise on economics, but they will read a novel.
Starting first with my Patriot series, which was about socioeconomic collapse here in the United States, and now with my new series of novels, it's going to be at least a five-book series called the Counter-Caliphate Chronicles, I'm exposing what they have planned to do in instituting a semi-successful Islamic caliphate.
My goal is to wake people up, to get people
And to basically shift their paradigm so that they can see through this nonsense that's being fed to them on the nightly news.
And they can re-establish critical thinking skills.
That's what's really needed here.
We need an educated electorate.
We need statesmen instead of politicians.
And we need people to stand up
for their God-given rights and constitutional liberty.
We need to re-establish a constitutional republic and we need to defeat the globalists in detail and en masse.
Well, I would hear you, and I respected you, I've been interviewing you off and on for about 15, 16 years.
First read one of your books 20 years ago, where you actually put real militia leaders and stuff, you know, in the book.
And then I finally interviewed you and you said, no, I'm kind of writing what I think may happen in the future, but putting it in a popular novel form so it actually reaches millions.
And you've had some number one New York Times bestsellers.
To now go back and read some of your books, which I've done, it makes me physically nauseous.
I can't even read them, because I do see how accurate you were.
I'll be honest, I'd hear Glenn Beck, who's been wrong on a bunch of stuff, six years ago say there's a plan to launch a new caliphate.
I would hear, you know, things like that, and I would think
To myself, this is overblown.
They'd never actually bring in giant Islamic armies and let them start attacking to fully bring stuff down.
But now I see there's a billion and a half Muslims.
They first successfully infiltrate them, take them over, put the most radical in charge, give them weapons, turn them loose, and let them take over large areas.
And then what areas they don't let them take over, they'll use the attacks to take us over in the name of protecting us.
They'll kill a bunch of cops with White House-run groups.
The cops will then militarize.
They'll then aim them at me.
I mean, you can really see it.
This is sick.
So as I was saying, James, in the past, because I heard you talking about this 15 years ago, plans for these Islamic armies and the rest of it, I knew they'd wound up al-Qaeda for 9-11.
That's now come out in the news.
To a great extent it looks like under this whole world government system they plan to give Islam a huge seat at the table and make everyone adopt a one world religion where we can't have Christianity, we actually adopt a one world religion that's partially Islamic.
And that that's how the politically correct use it.
They say, we've got to be tolerant of whatever the most aggressive, intolerant group is.
Or, you can't have a boys and girls bathroom, that hurts somebody else, because this radical minority says they're a transvestite.
I now see the paradigm of where they're going, and they know how politically correct and pathetic we are now.
So they'll bring in a bunch of radical Muslims to bully us with government backing and they believe we're so broke back we will bow to them and worship them.
So how do we not go down that road and how did you see it coming so far away?
Well, to get back to your first part of your question, if you look at the way the internationalists and globalists operate, they always think in terms of multiple gains.
They never do anything unless they're going to get more than one win out of the situation.
And in the case of backing international Islam, what they want to do is two things.
They want to have a
A worthwhile opponent that they can expend massive quantities of money on in the form of military armaments and military deployment and so forth.
And they want to also draw a parallel between Islamic fundamentalism and Christian fundamentalism.
They want to make us look like two heads of the same coin.
So that, in their war on Islam, they can have a simultaneous war on Christendom.
They pass laws saying, be nice, be open, where you now lose your basic right in the process.
That's right.
That's their goal.
And I think that if you look at what's gone on in the events leading up to 9-11, and of course everything that's happened since 9-11,
It's all played into this kind of master plan of both building up international Islam and putting fundamental Christianity in the same breath as fundamental Islam.
That's their goal.
And they played it very masterfully.
And of course they have the mass media as unwitting dupes in all of this.
And if you look at what's been poured out of Hollywood, what comes out of Madison Avenue, and what comes out of the halls of power inside the Beltway in DC, it all fits together.
And unfortunately,
The folks that end up paying are soldiers deployed overseas who end up paying in blood, and the American people who are paying in the form of overtaxation and the diminishment of our individual liberty.
You always have to ask yourself, who benefits?
James Wesley Rawls is here just piercing insight.
He can take five minutes of my babbling and in 30 seconds crystallize it down.
But that's exactly what's happening is a war on religious freedom by importing the most radical and tolerant groups.
They've also used to take over the Middle East and basically then bring in laws restricting all of our speech in a foil to, quote, suppress their more radical instincts, but also exempting them to be radical.
But no one else can be, quote, radical.
And if you expand on that, some of the good news I see and I want to get James Wesley Rawls take on this is the military
A couple years ago said no to backing a bombing of Assad in Syria for Al-Qaeda.
And we saw a lot of non-commissioned officers and officers hold up signs and go to Twitter and Facebook saying, I will not be the air force for Al-Qaeda.
I will not fight on the ground to kill Christians in Syria.
They clearly saw that Assad didn't start the war.
He didn't do anything.
He's a good guy compared to Al-Qaeda.
He's certainly not perfect.
And that the West is destabilizing the whole region.
We've already seen it in Egypt, Libya.
So people understood it.
Now, we have the former head of Defense Intelligence coming out a month ago and saying, we were ordered to back Al-Qaeda in Syria, it was a conscious decision.
And the reporter said, so Obama didn't know what he was doing?
No, we were ordered, they knew exactly, we told them what they were doing.
Now we have the former deputy head of the CIA coming out saying, there needs to be an investigation, it appears they were ordered to cover up that we knew we were aiding Al-Qaeda, which is really ISIS.
I was here every day, you were there talking about it, but now U.S.
training helped mold top Islamic State military commander.
That's in McClatchy today.
They'll probably get a Pulitzer Prize for it, we told you four years ago.
House dims what 9-11 docks in Saudi Arabia declassified.
President Obama orders behavioral experiments on American public with the CIA domestically.
See, this is where it's all, that's Daily Caller.
See, it's all getting really weird now where CIA is operating domestically.
And, you know, I'll be walking down the street and I'll have guys that are obviously military in plain clothes going, you ought to work with us, Alex!
I mean, it's getting really weird how they have their soft intimidation going, how they're messing with people.
But at the same time, the military people, who aren't openly evil, who don't want to be bad, who know there's always been some corruption, but understand they were lied to, you don't dance with the devil and then
He changes, you change, when we come back I want to get into the good things that are happening and what do you think about the situation where openly backing Islam, radical Islam, to go around and murder everybody, our own military saying no.
Is there some breaking point where the spirit of sanity could wake up?
And we could say no to this divide and conquer strategy.
We'll be back with James Wesley Rawls.
We'll open the phones up for our guests some of the next hour.
We'll tell you more about his new novel that's coming out as well.
And we'll tell you about some of the other big guests coming up.
We're going to be broadcasting for another 20 plus hours live.
Communist China freely allows the sale of bulletproof armor plates, while our U.S.
politicians argue from banning Americans from owning body armor.
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One on the Vatican and how it's been blackmailed and taken over.
One on the Clintons with one of their big insiders.
It's really the new Clinton Chronicles 2015 is what I'm describing it as.
Extremely powerful.
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I think so.
I think so.
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I've got a video that we haven't aired yet with the owner of a big cable station down in Houston that's had us on for a while.
It's having a huge effect.
This is exciting.
And it's about taking what we've done and upping the ante.
Because, man, how do you not do it?
We're going to break here in just a moment.
And I appreciate your ride to shotgun during this promotion to fund the operation.
But Mr. Rawls, continuing, in just the minute we have left, how big is it that our military is coming out and saying, we don't want to back Al Qaeda?
Well, it's definitely a substantial shift.
And it's evidence that people are waking up.
Folks on the street, folks in the military.
You don't have to be deployed to the sandbox three or four times to wake up.
A lot of people are waking up just on their... a lot of these soldiers, sailors, airmen are waking up on their first deployment.
They're talking with other people.
They're looking at the big picture.
They're seeing what's really going on.
Back in 70.
You're gonna have the floor.
Stay with us.
And your calls are coming up.
For our guests.
One of the best guests you can get.
I'm sorry.
Skype's breaking up.
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Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Well, Dick Cheney openly wrote the PNAC document in September 2000 that would use the clash of civilization by radicalizing Islam and allowing it to invade and attack the West to bring in world government.
Well, Obama's actually doing it.
This doesn't mean stir up the radical Muslims so you can go blow them up, because you want to save America or whatever.
No, you go blow them up so they hate you, then you radicalize them, then you bring them in.
James Wesley Rawls, one of the top, probably the top survivalist authors and researchers out there, formerly Army Intelligence, and just really knows his stuff.
That's why it's so popular.
You got cut off by the break.
Join us.
Four minutes here, twelve minutes in the next segment.
Coming up, we'll start taking some calls.
But James, getting into how big a game changer is it?
Repeat what you said and continue.
That our own military's all across the board, leaking.
Generals are going public.
Hey, there's been a purge.
Our government's betraying us.
They ordered us to back Al Qaeda.
I mean, it shows there is too far for the system to go.
The couch potatoes may not care, but the military and even brass are saying no.
That's got to really freak out the establishment.
Well, yes, I think they should be running for cover right now because when the rank-and-file military and the military leadership
wakes up to the gravity of the situation and really takes the blinders off and looks at what's really going on how they've been played and what the end result of all this this endless this endless round of deployments it's just deployment after deployment after deployment that's tearing apart families
That's wearing down our military, that's wearing us out logistically, that's stretching our supply chain to the breaking point, and that's essentially hamstrung us from the ability to fight a conventional war.
They can see the setup, that's the key.
Everything that's gone on since 9-11 has gutted our military so that when World War III breaks out, it'll be just like the outbreak of World War I and outbreak of World War II, where we're not physically prepared to fight a conventional war on two fronts.
We've been involved in counterinsurgency for so long and we've reorganized and pared down our military and worn out our military to the point where we can't fight a two-front conventional war.
So the military is used to, at the brass level, Hegelian dialectic and dirty tricks and playing people off against each other, but they can see how our own military in America is being degraded, being shut up, being prepared.
Briefly, we're going to go to break and come back.
You can talk more on this.
I know it's hard to see who's going to line up with who in World War III.
In many respects, I think it's already started economically and with migrants and with destabilization, Ukraine, all of it.
But what are some of the blocks that we could see allying themselves in World War III?
Well, again, it's difficult to predict, but I believe that they're going to try to have a pivot that will put China and Russia
As everything lines up for World War 3, you're going to see some pretty strange alliances, and it'll be just like Orwell pointed out, where you have country A versus B, and teaming up with country C or whatever, and then changing the order for the next world war.
We could see some pretty strange bedfellows when everything lines up for World War 3.
Some of the folks that we have long depended upon to be allies may not be there for us.
The Miss America pageant is known for beautiful women who sometimes give rather amusing answers.
But recently, Miss South Carolina turned the tide when she was asked about this.
Do you support a ban on military style assault weapons?
I don't, but I think it's because we need to increase education.
We have to go back there.
If we teach people the proper way to use guns, then we will reduce the risk of having gun-related accidents.
It starts with education.
Even before she could finish answering her question, her response received a massive applause.
Demonstrating strong support for gun rights despite the establishment's ongoing gun demonization campaign.
And yes, there have been high-profile slayings with fully automatic rifles, but the FBI's own numbers show that you're more likely to be killed by a blunt object such as a baseball bat or hammer.
You can find more reports on InfoWars.com.
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If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
Live from the Infowars.com studios, it's Alex Jones.
Well, even though his Skype, his audio Skype's breaking up a bit, the intel he's laying down, what he says is already unfolding.
What's coming is really important information.
James Wesley Rawls, survivalblog.com, is our guest.
After he leaves us, I'm going to launch into a lot of other news we haven't covered.
We're going to be taking your calls for him here in just a moment.
We're going to be getting into President Obama orders behavioral experiments on the American public and a new executive order.
They say that's how they're going to better serve you, is targeting you with conditioning, with brainwashing.
Just like the former Attorney General told the RTF Association, Radio, Television, Film, he said, it's time to brainwash the public.
We don't just do the messages sometimes.
We hammer them.
Turn in your guns.
You can't say boy and girl.
I mean, these people are so evil.
Everything's racist.
And they know they're bad.
They don't think they're doing this for some greater good.
They want total control.
Obama lands in Air Force One and tells Africans they can't have air conditioning or cars.
I mean, these people are just so bad.
And they can't help it.
But so many folks are donating.
Hundreds and hundreds of people have donated.
We've raised $68,000 so far.
But with any money bomb, I count the profit of shopping cart purchases into the money bombs.
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And the insurance and the electricity and the servers and the equipment and all of it cost us a massive amount of money to put five hours of radio and TV on television satellite every day to reach every UHF, VHF cable system in the country and to have $10,000 a month.
That's what it costs for that many hours.
It's about $100 an hour.
It's federal law.
You have to have closed captioning.
A person's doing it.
We have to have a high-def feed to these people.
We've got one of the biggest companies doing it.
They type it all out so somebody can hit their closed captioning.
That's $10,000 a month.
It comes out to about $400,000 a year just to pay for the satellite and the closed captioning.
Then there's all the rest of it.
So when I say I want to raise a million dollars, that's just so we can do this new thing this year.
Not even expand.
I intend to find the hot products, the best things, the best ways to promote things, to be self-sufficient, selling quality products at low prices, so I don't have to do this.
I haven't had a money bomb in three years.
But it's fun to do a 24, 26, 27, this is our longest ever 28-hour broadcast.
It's fun to do it, the listeners and viewers like it.
But it's also about saying, hey, we're some of the best outlets there are.
We have a responsibility to not just stay the same, but to expand in the face of this craziness.
And that's what we're doing.
And as soon as this phase is successful, and I've got enough affiliates and enough advertising revenue to expand, I'm going to get satellites into Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia.
Then I'm going to get another satellite hitting the South Pacific and Australia and other areas.
All counted to get the big mainline satellites and hit the whole populated areas of the world.
Five hours a day at the best prices.
We've gone to the big conferences, flown to Chicago, New York, gone to talk to folks in Europe.
We've got some of the cheapest rates out there, but to do all of that, we're talking about
Two and a half million dollars a year just for the satellites and all the rest of the stuff.
And we're obviously far from that right now.
We're just going to hit Canada and the United States and Northern Mexico.
And we've already got the affiliates lined up.
So infowars.com forward slash affiliates.
You want to find out our simple free to air contract.
There's what 13 minutes of advertising an hour.
And we only get three of them.
I mean, nobody else does that.
The contract's so easy to sign, and boom, you can rebroadcast, you can just pull one of the episodes, the nightly news, the radio slash TV, put it on the weekend, test it out, whatever.
We did this because I was internet television before anybody else did it.
And people kept saying at affiliates, UHF, VHF affiliates, that had AM and FM stations, they'd say, hey, up the production value, we'll put it on TV.
And so we did do that, and we've got a bunch of stations, mainly that air us on the weekend and stuff.
And it's very popular.
Very, very, very, very popular.
So that's why we're doing this.
Okay, James Wesley Rawls is our guest.
I want to go to phone calls for him with Eagle Eyes as he's ex-Army military intel, listening on WNFZ in Tennessee.
I want to go to Dan on
9-11 issues, listening on InfoWarstreams.
We've got a lot of folks, Sam in Kansas, Mitch in Georgia, James in Michigan.
We'll be going to your calls here in a minute.
James, Wesley Rawls, other points you'd like to make to people about what you're most concerned about, what you see happening, negative things, positive things.
We've now entered this time where people that are even halfway awake now know this is for real.
I've always known it's for real.
I've always hoped we could slow it down or stop it.
It's beyond a sick feeling now.
I'm not even afraid anymore.
I'm just so disgusted with the people that want to be part of this and the collaborators.
I mean, they're so openly signing on to evil.
It gives me hope our military is trying to say no, but
They just still move forward.
I mean, what's it like for you, a veteran, a patriot, a guy who's been fighting this for 20 years, 25 years, what's it like for you?
Well, it is very discouraging, but at the same time, it is encouraging to watch people wake up, to see that people have finally lifted the veil and are looking at the big picture.
They're seeing what's really going on on a macro level.
And they're no longer just concerning themselves with local politics, just with individual issues, but the larger issues, the big issues like who is really pushing for freedom in the world and who's trying to enslave us.
They're looking at that as a bottom line issue.
And just to back up for a little bit, I want to encourage your listeners and viewers to go ahead and make some purchases
Through InfoWars, it's a win-win because not only will you be getting your family better prepared, but you're also going to be building a war chest for Alex Jones to get the message out there.
Now, to get back to your question,
I think that we are living in very perilous times, but it is both discouraging and encouraging because even though we can see the drums of war being beaten, we can see the storm clouds of economic catastrophe on the horizon, we can also take heart in the fact
That our friends, our neighbors, our relatives, our fellow church congregants are waking up to the big picture.
They're getting involved and they're not going to back down.
We also have a two-edged sword with modern technology in that, yes, modern technology is slowly enslaving us because we now have our own cars and our computers kind of spying on us.
But at the same time, we have technologies like smartphones that are in almost everyone's pockets.
And that smartphone is an instrument of liberty.
A couple of years ago, one of my sons and I started a free press credentials organization.
And our goal there was to get press credentials in the hands of everyone.
Because in the modern context, everyone that owns a smartphone can be an on-the-ground journalist reporting on what's going on.
And I encourage people to get those credentials and get involved.
And when you see
People's rights getting trampled.
Pull out your smartphone, turn it on in camera mode and document what's going on.
You can be part of the solution.
That's right.
I mean, this is just a tool like a gun.
The enemy is using it to control us.
We have to use it to expose what they're doing and support good police when they're good, go after and expose bad police when they're bad.
But I really see, despite the fact they're trying to hire thugs with these psychological
Actuaries, I've seen the police really wake up, give us so much good information, and the police I run into all over the country are some of the most informed, freaked out people I'm seeing, because they get, in the coming civil war the globalists want to start, that they are going to be put on the chopping block, and that the system wants to use the crises that are coming to basically degrade them, cull them, soften them up, just like they're doing the military.
So again, people need to wake up, get involved.
The free press credentials organization that I mentioned before, folks can find at cfapa.org.
That's C-F-A-P-A dot O-R-G.
And we're about the only organization out there that will issue free press credentials to anyone.
All they have to do is print them out and slap a photograph on there and laminate a badge and they are ready to get out there.
Well, you've been doing a lot to try to save this republic.
I ran into a fellow that knew you during the Reagan administration.
I'm not going to get into how I knew him, but he was a pretty high-level fellow, and he said that you were under him in some operations you were part of, but he was just telling me
Separately, how awake the intelligence services are.
He now works for a major computer company developing stuff for the Pentagon and others.
But he just said that, you know, I used to hear my show 15 years ago and he couldn't even believe it, but that now he was basically more radical than I was.
And I think we've hit that point now where people really get that the bottoms drop out.
And I kind of asked this question earlier, but I want to ask this question and then talk about the collapse of their engineering and then go to calls.
Isn't it a spiritual issue at the end of the day when I really study these people?
Because, I mean, I've always been a Christian, but I wasn't some Bible-thumper guy.
I wasn't somebody obsessed with it all the time.
I wasn't somebody praying at every meal.
I had God in my heart.
That was it.
I love justice.
But the more I study these people, the more I fight them, the more I get around them.
I realize they really are animated by a love of evil and a love of hurting justice, a love of dominating good people, and I just can't see how anyone's going to let this level.
The other issue is our enemy is so chicken-necked.
They're so weak.
Their eyes have no fire.
Why is it that such weak scum is dominating us?
That just adds insult to injury.
I mean, are we really going to let filth like this run our lives?
Yeah, it is troubling to see that, but in essence what is really going on here is spiritual warfare.
There are powers of darkness that want to enslave the whole world, and they will make a pact with the devil if they think that's what will get that power for them.
You asked about our chicken-necked opponents.
I think one of the reasons that they've been as successful as they have is because they've had
The media elite in league with them, the media elite that pushes the mainstream news organizations, that packages and engineers everything that comes out of Hollywood and Bollywood and Nollywood, they're all in cahoots.
That all goes back to academia, which was co-opted years and years ago by the leftists and globalists.
And basically everyone that comes out of journalism school these days is going to be a leftist center
internationalist, globalist.
I went to journalism school back in the 1980s and I was already a minority then.
Perhaps 10% of the folks attending journalism school would be classified as Christian conservatives at that time and I think unfortunately it's even less now.
So the media is not on our side and that's what's allowed
The folks who want to enslave us to frame the whole conversation.
And create a false reality.
And then again, I look at them, they're not even real liberals.
It's a cult.
They all talk the same.
They're ordering us how to speak.
They're saying we've got to pay for everybody else's stuff.
They are, whether consciously or unconsciously, playing into the hands of the globalist elitists that want to enslave us.
And they think it's somehow in our best interest for them to shove all this down our throats.
And they do it across the board.
If you look at almost everything that comes out of Hollywood and everything, all the advertising that comes out of Madison Avenue, all of the major network and also cable network news, it's all very neatly, slickly packaged and it all fits their agenda and all uses the same
Gosh awful rhetoric that wants to remove individual liberty.
It's really amazing because I look at the Republican establishment that's obviously a handmaiden to this whole thing, but they're just moving so quick, they're so obvious, they're so out in the open about it all, they're so brazen, but I really see it as their arrogant
Bravado driven response to the fact that they know people are waking up but at the same time
Waking up, but then not taking action.
A. How do you think the average person should take action?
I think you hinted at it.
Becoming a citizen journalist.
Just doing something to warn others.
But B. Getting into the collapse.
You were on with us, I don't know, eight, nine months ago, the last time you've been writing your new novel.
So you couldn't come on.
But you'd never said, I believe collapse is right around the corner.
I believe it's imminent.
Last time you were on, if memory serves, you said,
No, no, I think we're a year away.
You can see the preparations.
I think this is it.
Well, now you're in most areas of the world.
The collapse is already here.
So what's your view on global collapse?
Well, I think it's definitely being orchestrated.
If nothing else, the mountains of debt that's been built up, public and private, and the derivatives to go along with it, are sowing the seeds of disaster.
And at any given time,
The elites can pull the plug, implode the system, wipe out entire currencies, and with it, wipe out and unseat entire governments in the process.
That's the endgame for them.
So, we're on the cusp of a collapse.
The question here in the United States is, do the elites want to wait until after
The next presidential election, do they want to see a Democrat seated before it happens?
Or is their goal to wait?
Or do they want to see it collapse first and then try to make a Democratic candidate look to be another FDR-style savior for our economy?
I'm not sure how it's going to play out, but either way, individual families need to get prepared.
Folks need to not just wake up, but they also need to stock up and team up and train up to be ready for this.
Because it's only going to be the families that are well prepared where you're going to have someone who can have their head up to look at the big picture.
Everyone else is going to be concerned with where they're going to get their next meal for their family.
Folks who are operating at that level are not going to be part of the solution.
They're going to just be individual survivors out there.
I want people to thrive so that they can be part of the solution.
They can be part of rebuilding a truly Republican form of constitutional government in this nation.
I totally agree.
I mean, look at how Europe would bring in millions this year of radical Islamists and encourage them and let them get there and then arrest people that criticize it.
This is really happening.
Now the next wave will be five, ten million.
I mean, this is World War III by the central banks to bring down Europe and the U.S.
They're pulling the same stuff here.
They're going to cause a nationwide rioting and killing of police.
The feds will come in as the saviors, federalize everything.
You can really see that they've decided
To try to do this.
They're trial ballooning it now.
Their trial balloon is incredibly destructive, James.
And, uh... Yes.
I think this is... We don't really have an economy left.
We have a shell of an economy left in this nation and it's just moving along because of inertia and because of the ZERP, the Zero Interest Rate policy that we've had for so many years that's creating a false prosperity.
Do you think the Fed will get rid of that or keep that?
I'm sorry, say again?
Do you think the Fed will keep zero interest rates or will start raising them?
I think they will for the foreseeable future because they've really backed themselves into a corner.
If they even raise interest rates a quarter of a percent, it's going to be perceived as a turning point and that could collapse the entire economy.
I want to go to break, come back.
I want to go to break, come back to take calls with you for about 10 minutes, and then we're going to let you go.
We're going to get Dr. Grouppen here and a couple other news, but I appreciate all your time.
Eagle Eye and others, I'm going to go to you, in fact, right now.
But after the break, I've got something really important to say, folks.
It's just, I'll just say it now.
I'm going to Eagle Eye after the break because I want to get your brief take on this.
I'm not saying I'm the smartest guy around or the toughest guy around, but I do have a good sixth sense my whole life.
I got a gut that's never wrong, a nose that's never wrong, they say.
And that's what I go with as I get older and things, you know, just get better the more I follow my spirit.
That's what it really is.
I've never had my sixth sense so on fire.
It's beyond being afraid.
It's beyond the hair on the back of my neck standing up.
It's so over the top, James.
That I just feel for people that don't know what's coming, because obviously it may not be here this year or next year, but in other parts of the world, it's already here.
I mean, my gut tells me, get ready for full-out defend your life, and my gut tells me it's not just you, it's going to be everybody.
I mean, my gut tells me all hell is going to break loose, and what we're going to see is going to make World War II look like heaven.
You may very well be right, Alex.
And after the break, I'd be happy to take those calls.
We got 40 seconds.
What does your gut tell you?
Because off the facts, what does your gut tell you we're facing?
Well, I think that
We're definitely on the cusp of economic collapse.
And with that, we'll probably try to bring martial law to select cities in the United States.
They'll use the collapse and all the riots and looting that goes along with it as a pretext for instituting martial law in those cities.
Folks who are living in lightly populated areas are... Stay there!
Gotta go to break!
We're gonna come right back and have you finish up the ride to Eagle Eye.
Dan, James, Meg, and Sam.
We're in March.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Kit Daniels, InfoWars.com.
President Obama has ordered the federal government to start conducting behavior experiments on U.S.
Jared, that right?
The new executive order commands federal agencies to condition people into doing whatever the government wants them to do, effectively turning we the people into lab rats running through a maze for a piece of cheese.
The feds are going to start hiring so-called behavioral scientists to encourage, meaning brainwash, people into, say, signing up for Obamacare or even turning into their guns at a local gun buyback program.
So basically, the Obama administration wants to take the freedom of choice away from the individual and give it to the government.
That doesn't sound like freedom now, does it?
Freedom is the right of the people to choose how to live their lives as long as their conduct doesn't infringe on the rights of others to do the same.
The Obama administration, however, wants to brainwash you into surrendering that basic liberty.
They want you to be a lemming who jumps off the cliff when they say jump.
But you have the power to decide not to be a slave.
For more reports, check out InfoWars.com and PrisonPlanet.com.
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There's no turning back.
They can only get away with this.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
It's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
They can only get away with this because of the mainstream media.
The people that's got captured are certainly captured.
I want to thank you all for your donations.
They will help fund the satellite, closed captioning, more reporters, getting our reporters out in the field.
And then it is my intention this be our last fundraiser ever.
I haven't done one in three years.
The one three years ago, I never told people I intended to be our last, but I didn't intend to be our last.
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Since you want to try to tell us to shut up and go away.
So you really do have a huge effect when you donate whether it's $5 or $5,000.
But I'll tell you this, it's got to feel good to donate to a cause fighting for human freedom.
Then to have the government take money from you and then give it to organizations like Media Matters and others that come after your basic freedom.
So that's what it comes down to.
That's why we have the 2015 Operation Money Bomb, which is an attempt to just augment our war chest.
I mean, they spend, Bloomberg sometimes spends 10, 15, 20 million in one city trying to pass anti-gun ordinances.
So, the little people have to start giving.
But I'll say something here briefly, and then go to your phone calls with James Wesley Ross.
If you are nouveau riche, if you're self-made, if you're worth a million dollars, 10 million dollars, 20 million dollars, 100 million dollars, you are insane.
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The public already doesn't like being force-fed what's happening.
We've just got to give them the full analysis of what's happening, and let them know in their town and city, they're not alone.
We have to get through the intimidation of you better not talk about the New World Order and just do it.
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Tonight, we're going to have the mystery science theater coverage of the presidential debate and analyze the propaganda.
That is coming up 8 o'clock to 10 o'clock tonight, then I'll be on after.
Mystery science, GOP debate, David Knight, Jakari Jackson, Leanne McAdoo, I'll be popping in as well.
And then Alex Jones and Larry Nichols, 10 to 11.
Then the video premiere at 11 p.m.
Central of Larry Nichols, Clinton Chronicles 2.
And you know, I didn't micromanage all this.
They did such a great job in the promotion.
They had a Clinton Chronicles too.
It's, it's, it's The New Clinton Chronicles 2015.
Because Jeremiah Films made Clinton Chronicles 1 and 2.
So, we'll also put all this stuff on YouTube.
So the name of it, we need to update that, is The Clinton Chronicles or The New Clinton Chronicles
You just saw that right there, and son, I'm doing that on air to do something on air.
I just have to do it.
I'm moving too quick to even be able to correct the steering brake.
Okay, let's continue here, and there's other documentaries going to be airing throughout the night.
Video premiere, Demonic Possession of Vatican Exposed.
We don't mean like an exorcism.
We mean by groups that are communist, pedophile crews, you name it.
We interviewed the guy in Rome, in front of the Vatican.
Who talked about it all and broke it down before it happened and predicted it.
Then he'll be on live during the middle of the night with...
Who's hosting, then, with our news director, Rob Dew.
So see the full lineup at InfoWarsStore.com, InfoWarsMoneyBomb.com, InfoWars.com forward slash show.
It's all linked right up there.
Okay, back to James Wesley Rawls of SurvivalBlog.com.
Can't wait to have him back up in December when his new novel comes out.
But now let's run through your calls.
Eagle Eye in Tennessee, thank you for holding.
Thanks for being part of the broadcast.
Go ahead, you're listening on WNFC 94.3 FM in Tennessee.
Peace, love, and protection for you and for all the warriors of liberty.
Knowledge is power, is key.
Knowing is half the battle.
Seeing what's coming up front gives us the opportunity to be able to affect change.
We're good to go.
That will completely eliminate our ability to communicate with one another, especially for those who are of like mind and of spirit, that are truly the patriots of this country, trying to fight for the liberty and freedom.
And I wanted to get both of your thoughts on the best way to handle that.
Well, let me just say this and have James have the floor on this subject, and Dr. Groves coming in on the next segment.
I'll do about 20-30 minutes with him in overdrive, then Anthony Gucciardi is going to come in as well, because I've pushed Groot back and that's wrong, and he's got key intel for us.
But what you said is the entire truth, and I don't know why I don't say it more.
I do this so much, I'm so exhausted, and I'm not complaining, it's just that I don't do very well a lot of the time, because I just do too much of this.
But asking God to lead God and direct us is key.
If we just pray to God to show us what to do to fight this great evil and to try to lessen its attack, because we know it's coming.
I'm going way past the point of trying to stop it.
And we do need to ask God to tell us what to do.
Isn't that true?
I mean, I know you're going to agree, James, but can you talk about that and what's key for us to pray for?
And then B, get into his communications takeover with the Obama kill switch we know is in place.
Yes, it's important that we be in close covenant with God.
We can't expect God's covenant blessings unless we're in the covenant with Him.
And we need to pray specifically that God would put us in the right place at the right time with the right people.
I think that should be our key prayer for the months and years to come because we're going to be coming into a very dark period for our nation.
I refer to it as the age of deception and betrayal.
That's the age we're entering.
The age of deception and betrayal.
And to focus on communications, that's one of the things that we have been writing about year after year in Survival Blog, is the importance of every family having multiple
Modes of communication.
I do recommend that people, even if they don't want the shackles of an FCC license, at least go to a ham radio swap meet, talk with some of the old timers there, and get yourself set up for both 2 meter and HF communications equipment.
And for point-to-point communications at an individual retreat or ranch, I recommend the MERS band radios.
That's M-U-R-S, which stands for Multiple User Radio System.
It's an unlicensed
And that is it's fairly close to the CB band, but it's very underutilized.
It will not be crowded in the event of a crisis, at least in suburban and rural areas.
And again, since required.
And it will be your means of communication.
It also sits right next to the National Weather Service frequency, so you can have your handheld MERS walkie-talkie that's programmed with both your local MERS push-to-talk frequency and the National Weather Service alert frequency, which sits right next to that band.
As well as having perimeter security via a system called a Dakota Alert.
I've written a lot about that in my blog.
The Dakota Alert system also uses the MERS band frequencies so that one handheld radio can be your solution for
Push to talk, to talk with your neighbors and folks right there at your retreat for coordinating retreat security, as well as having access to weather alerts and being alerted when someone's entering your property through a Dakota Alert infrared driveway alarm system.
All right.
God bless you, Eagle Eye.
Anything else?
Thank you for your service to both of you and God bless you.
God bless America Aerosol.
I'll tell you folks, it's just... Thank you, sir.
It's just so crazy to know that they really do plan.
I mean, that's one big thing that's scary, James.
You said years ago, other guests said years ago, the elites were buying secret airstrips, underground bases, running to the hills.
Now they admit they're doing it.
And just what a nasty elite to screw the world up so bad.
They've got to go hide out, but they don't care because after all this, they'll come back and be our rulers.
I mean, what a group of sick freaks.
Absolutely, Alex.
When you come right down to it, that's what's really going on.
We have a power elite that has all the money in the world.
They just want more power.
And again, as I mentioned before, they don't care what system it's under as long as they're the ones at the controls.
And that's why they'll fund all these different groups and let there be a big battle, because they've got their operatives at the key levels.
So when whatever is
In power, they'll still be in control.
I mean, what a group of loons!
And what's crazy is they're already in control pretty much.
They just want total global control.
And so they're willing to endanger even themselves for the power grab.
These people are psychopathic.
Yes, it is psychopathic, or at least sociopathic when you come right down to it.
Oh man, I tell you.
Let's go to Mitch in Georgia.
Thanks for holding her on the air with James Wesley Rawls.
Go ahead.
Hi, James.
Hi, Alex.
I just want to first take my hat off to you, Alex, and tell you how much of an amazing man and amazing courageous pro-patriot you are.
Same as you, James.
And I just want to get right to it.
Alex, you are one of the first and one of the most noble and courageous people that have exposed an issue I want to ask your thoughts about.
In Endgame, the documentary, you exposed the organ harvesting of the Falun Gong, the spiritual movement in China, where now up to four million have been killed
And now it has been coined the largest genocide in history out of China where now basically the entire Chinese economy has been used to eradicate the Falun Gong spiritual movement for their organs.
And it's basically appropriate because Planned Parenthood has been doing the same thing.
But what is going on with the Falun Gong in China has made Planned Parenthood look like little babies.
And I just want to take my hat off to you Alex.
Well, please don't take your head off to me.
I mean, we expose that because that could happen to us.
We have empathy, but absolutely.
A great term you use, the globalists use economies and gear them to destroy who they want.
That's what a command and control non-free market economy.
A free market economy is what you want happens, the will of the people.
But a globalist economy is what they want.
That's a very powerful statement.
James, your comment on what Mitch was just talking about.
Well, yes, organ harvesting en masse is definitely going on, both in China and here in the United States.
And if I were a black American, I would be deeply, deeply outraged to know that the entire Planned Parenthood apparatus was specifically directed at the so-called urban areas of the United States.
They actually wanted to reduce the black population of America.
That's why they put so many of the Planned Parenthood centers in urban areas.
They were specifically going after black Americans.
And here they've been caught red-handed, literally red-handed, harvesting baby organs and selling them on the open market.
It is a sick, sick system.
And I'm glad that people are exposing this, but that is just one aspect of the larger battle.
Well, imagine what we don't know about.
I mean, it's always worse than we even thought.
And I happen to know a lot of stuff that's going on that I've mentioned on air, but people just can't believe it.
I've read in scientific papers, 20 years ago, they've created thousands of different human-animal chimeras.
They just don't roll them out.
In Costa Rica, in Thailand, all over.
I mean, the abominations already committed by the elite are so horrible, I can't believe God hasn't already blown the whole planet up.
Well, one thing's for sure.
We only deserve God's wrath, and we need to beg God to stay in covenant with us.
And at this stage of the game, we are at the end of the church age.
We cannot expect God to protect the United States as a nation.
The best we can hope for is that he will protect individuals, families, and church families and communities at this stage.
Well, that's something I have a quandary with.
We should be imploring God that we should be imploring Him to protect us individually.
Thank you so much, Mitch.
God bless you.
Good to hear from you.
Yeah, that's something.
It's a paradox because I want to be protected.
I want my family protected.
But then if God just burned the whole planet up and started over, I would get it.
I wouldn't blame God because, man, we have really taken free will and decided to just be absolutely evil.
Well, yes, that's what the media has been drumming into everyone's heads, that we are to be like gods and to turn our back on God, His sovereignty, His plan, and His covenant with us.
So at this stage of the game, if you look at things like the abortion mills, for example, we only deserve God's wrath.
And we can, at this stage, only beg God that He would stay in covenant with us and protect us.
We need to pray the 91st Psalm.
Well, I'll tell you this.
The enemy knows about these rules.
That's why it's gotten us to go along with the corruption or deny it's there and let it happen, so that we would lose our protection.
And I just...
I just can't believe that it's this bad.
It's just so insane that there's this many people that would consciously go along with evil.
Dan in New Mexico, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Yeah, thanks for taking my call, Mr. Rawls.
Pleasure to talk to you.
I have one simple question for you.
Just sort of a hypothetical.
If you were the president and CEO of Restore Liberty, Inc.
Given the amount of evidence that exists, and especially some new evidence that has come out through a researcher by the name of Rebecca Roth, why wouldn't you make the exposure of 9-11 the cornerstone of the strategy?
Are you asking me or are you asking Jim?
Or guess what?
I'm asking the guests.
Well, I've got to say that I don't think that 9-11 was entirely carried out with robotic aircraft, but there is substantial evidence that there were thermite charges pre-placed in those buildings.
And I mentioned that just recently in my blog.
I try to stay away from some of the more conspiratorial aspects because I don't want to run myself in little circles getting involved in minutiae and lose sight of the bigger picture.
Yeah, James, you're such a wise man because I've been exposing 9-11 since the day it happened, since before it happened.
We have the Saudis running it.
We have the NORAD stand down.
We have the PNAC documents.
Our government, bare minimum, aided it.
It's criminals, they're aiding Al Qaeda today, our military knows, but then people call in and they'll bring up somebody, I don't even know who they are, and they'll say, hey, why aren't you covering this aspect?
There's a giant compendium of people researching it.
And a lot of them fight with each other and stuff, and it just becomes a big tar baby.
Criminals have taken over our government.
They're harvesting babies organs.
They're putting fluoride in the water.
They want world government.
They're doing evil stuff.
They're aiding radical Islam.
We've already won that war.
Most people now, our own military's coming out, saying our government runs Al-Qaeda and ISIS.
So, get the word out on that.
I mean, you just don't win the argument.
I don't know.
Or basically he was hit by a car, let's say he's brain damaged.
So we know he did it, but if we go to the prosecutors and stuff and try to get exactly how he did it, we'll never win the case.
We just have to show that this is the main suspect, that's our job.
The public is here to decide what to do about this.
Hands down, 9-11 was carried out by the New World Order.
People want to say it's our government, so then it's projected on firefighters and cops and military who were compartmentalized.
The globalists that have taken over our government, they work with foreign Islamists, as they always do, look at today, to carry this out.
And we need to demand the 28 pages be released.
God bless you, I appreciate your call.
I'm going to continue with these callers on NATO and on Islamic takeover and other stuff, but our guest has got to leave real quick, so let's go to Sam real fast, and then James, the last caller is for James Wesley Rawls.
Go ahead.
Hey Alex, hey guys, thanks for taking my call.
I just want to reiterate something, I guess more of a comment than anything else, but
Uh, you know, you always respected Muslims, Alex.
Uh, you know, I gotta give you credit for that, but just so kind of the general audience realizes that we don't want to emphasize that, you know, this is a war against Islam, especially we don't want to be a Christian versus Islam thing, and I hate that because a lot of times I see people kind of making it into that
Because you know that people in the area, they've suffered a lot in the Middle East.
Yes, the globalists want to kill and enslave everybody.
They have gone in and put the radicals in charge.
They have killed a lot of good Muslims.
There are good Muslims, in my experience.
And I think it's terrible it's happening, but now the West is being targeted.
So just like I was against the Iraq War and attacking Syria, I'm now against this globalist destabilization, now using the radical Islamists they're bringing in.
Thank you for the call.
I want to get a final comment on that from James Wesley Rawls.
The Islamic threat is genuine.
It has, in part, been manufactured.
But the thing that we need to keep in mind is that the war on Christendom will continue.
There's going to be huge numbers of Christian refugees in the coming decades.
And I believe that there is actually a need for a new homeland nation for persecuted
Christian and Messianic Jewish refugees who are going to be pushed out of countries in huge numbers in the years to come and that's why I decided to write my Counter Caliphate Chronicles series.
That first novel called Land of Promise describes the establishment of a Christian homeland nation and I also made it
Fictionally, a Christian libertarian nation to illustrate a lot of other points, but I do think that that is needed, and we need to pray that God would provide a safe haven for persecuted Christians all over the world.
It's going to be needed, desperately needed in the years to come.
Powerful points!
Survivalblog.com, can't wait to have you on when the new novel comes out.
James Wesley Rawls, thank you so much.
Thank you for having me on, Alex.
You bet.
He's going to be hosting for two hours coming up.
Some stations don't carry the fourth hour.
A lot of them do now.
And it'll be into the fifth hour today.
And then I'm welcoming, I'll get him a hotel room here tonight to pop in on some of the other shows.
He comes up from South Texas.
He's Dr. Edward Group.
We're going to break here in just a few minutes, but you talked about it here six months ago.
Our other guests talked about it.
The impending, not even a feeling of doom, but concern.
Get out there, get involved.
They're getting ready to drop the hammer.
You can now see the beginning of worldwide destabilization.
It's now ready for them to bring in their whole world government.
We're now ready to launch in their face, because of the metaphysical rule for every action there's an opposite and equal reaction, or equal opposite reaction.
We're at that point of world government.
Now's the time for people to spread the word.
That there are people awake, there are people involved, there are people that know what's happening.
I want to salute our listeners and supporters.
We're trying to raise a million dollars today.
Sounds like a big number, not a big number for media.
We're going to be talking about a lot of stuff in the next two hours.
What are some of the things you're going to be covering, Dr. Groot?
Well, we're going to be covering worldwide events that are currently happening right now.
We're going to be taking calls, answering health questions.
That always seems to be a really good segment that people love and enjoy.
Covering different things people can do to possibly prepare their family, prepare themselves health-wise, not only health-wise, but what to do in an emergency situation.
We're just going to be covering a whole lot of different topics.
Some of the things that are going on right now around the world, like the typhoons, the dust storms in the Middle East,
Soccer ball size hail.
I mean we're seeing a lot of geoengineering things happening and what we're going to do is we're going to cover a lot of solutions and a lot of positive news too.
I mean the point you make though is they've gone from testing all these artificial systems, social engineering, open borders, bioweapons, forced inoculations, immigrant flows, proxy wars, to now you can see they're going operational at every point.
Do you agree that it looks like they've actually decided to launch
The beginning of what becomes World War III.
I mean, why do you think in closing of this hour, people have such a feeling in their gut?
Everybody, even people that aren't Christians, atheists, whatever.
Everybody's upset.
It's one of the things I just found out.
My kid's school has been initiating emergency preparedness stuff lately, and I've got emergency alerts on my phone and through email.
And I started looking around and finding out that all across the United States, schools are being forced to issue these emergency alerts and containment policies and all these weird things by September 18th.
I think it's just it's spreading.
It's everywhere.
People are talking about it.
They're feeling it.
And there's just an uneasiness that I think, I've never been in my life in a situation that I've felt so much uneasiness, but almost at the same time there's a calmness to it.
Well exactly, it's like almost as it gets closer it goes from being upset to being calm.
You're ready for the fight.
There's no more games.
Now you're in the ring.
Now the fists are flying.
We'll be back with the fourth hour.
Infowars.com forward slash show to find the free feeds.
Send it out to friends and family now.
We'll be back.
We're good to go.
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You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
You know, I want to rush you in this first 30 minutes through a lot of the news we haven't gotten to.
And then Dr. Group's going to take over with Anthony Gucciardi for two and a half hours to take your phone calls to cover health news, world news, other major events.
They're bringing us in the latest news as it breaks today.
But Dr. Group, what did you make of the article?
I saw you reading it earlier.
Ex-Stasi agent hired to censor xenophobic Facebook post in Germany.
The dreaded criminal Stasi.
That rounded up folks for their speech will now be over arresting people that criticize the radical Islamic invasion.
I mean, this is such totalitarianism.
You know, I don't really have too much of a comment on that.
It just goes right in line with all the other news that you're seeing every single day.
The stuff that you just cannot believe is actually coming out.
Especially with the harvesting of the organs, the political campaigns, all of the disinformation that's coming out on the media.
So, what I've really been doing lately is trying to focus on the positive things and what people can do and some of the things that are happening around the world.
They're waking people up.
They're trying to accelerate all this because they know human consciousness is expanding, awareness is expanding.
I believe that.
I mean, it's like the 100th monkey phenomenon.
You know, once you get to a certain point, there's so many people that really do feel a positive
Yes, we are.
Have even heard of you, for example, or never would have believed any type of so-called conspiracy, like something might be happening with the earth, that are high-level executives at oil and gas companies.
I talked to one the other day that was actually talking about survivalblog.com.
So people are, even people that you would never think
are getting involved in understanding and that consciousness which is rising and rising and rising.
I know a bunch of atheists.
I know folks that are into Eastern mysticism.
I know liberals that are coming to me with tears in their eyes.
It just happened today and saying it's God and the devil.
It's good and evil.
I can feel it.
What do I do?
I'm scared.
And I'm saying, don't be scared.
Just love God.
Say you want to do the right thing.
Say you're not with the New World Order.
That's all God wants you to do.
I mean, just choose a side in your heart.
Yeah, you just have to have faith.
We used to tell people that came in our cancer clinic with four-stage cancer,
They've lost the hope and they've lost the faith because the medical profession with the chemotherapy and radiation has destroyed their immune system, has destroyed their body and they've lost all hope and they've lost all faith and they've
Created this fear within themselves.
So that's exactly what I tell people is don't fear.
I mean, just have faith and have hope that everything's going to be OK.
What else can you do?
I mean, you can prepare.
You can have some iodine.
You can have do some cleansing on your body.
You know, all of the different things that we talk about.
Have a bug out plan.
Make sure you have access to clean water.
I mean, the whole the list goes on and on, which is great.
Everybody should do that.
It's good to know about these things because
If you don't know about it, it's like how God warned Noah before the flood.
This is what we've devoted our lives to do, is to tell people the truth, warn people, and let them prepare and give them the things that they need to increase their consciousness.
I mean, that's how you can create change, by increasing consciousness and bringing that awareness back out and giving people the hope.
That they can survive.
That is so important.
I'm not here just to scare people.
The flood's already coming down the valley.
The dam already broke.
I'm just saying get to high ground.
And that's the good news is we've got time to get ready.
I wanted to stop this whole thing from happening, but if you live in other countries, I mean, all Hades is already broken loose.
We're going to come back, hit some news articles we haven't hit, and then we're going to go to your phone calls.
Dion, AD, Chris, Justin, Sonny, and many others.
I'm Alex Jones.
We've still got 24 plus hours left.
Kit Daniels, InfoWars.com.
Do you ever wonder how the current migrant crisis is going to affect Europe and America a decade from now, if governments keep handing out welfare?
Well, Sweden has been accepting a lot of immigrants for the past 15 years, and now 58% of the country's welfare payments go to migrants.
The majority of violent crimes in Sweden are committed by first or second generation immigrants.
Most of them refuse to assimilate into Sweden's culture.
Even more shocking, nearly half the immigrants don't work.
And now Sweden has the biggest employment gap in Europe between natives and non-natives.
In other words, native Swedes are working their butts off to support an immigrant population who won't work and won't assimilate, but will steal, rape, and murder.
Simply put, when a government offers free goodies and welfare to immigrants, the country is only going to attract the worst kinds of people.
What's going on in Sweden is now going to happen in the United States.
This is the New America brought to you by Obama and his puppet masters.
More decadence, less prosperity and freedom.
Keep checking back at Infowars.com and PrisonPlanet.com for more reports.
And follow us on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube and give us your take on this issue and more.
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We have the radio studio in there, Studio A, B, and C, is that after you've been in here four or five hours with these lights, even with the best air conditioners around, it gets hot.
I think so.
Jakari Jackson, Leanne McAdoo, David Knight, and others from 8pm to 10pm.
Then I'll be back with Larry Nichols for an hour.
Then we're going to premiere the new Clinton Chronicles 2015.
Very powerful.
I don't know.
And then, of course, we've also got Leo Gazzami exclusive interview and more video premiere, Demonic Possession of the Vatican Exposed.
I want to get into some other news stories and phone calls with Dr. Group right now.
But first, the reason we're doing 28 hours is to produce a whole lot of other media and guests exposing what's happening and to also sell high-quality products that help fund this organization and give people a chance to donate.
I don't know.
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That's not.
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We operate out of Texas, and it's inexpensive.
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You see, so we are mission-oriented.
Nothing wrong with profits.
But we fund ourselves with high-quality products, competitively in the open market, so we're not beholden to our sponsors.
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Can't find them now.
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Quite frankly, I'm all for handicapped folks.
I'm all for the hearing impaired or whatever.
Hell, I'm half deaf and one ear.
I'll probably need it someday.
But what if you're a small media organization that doesn't have $120,000?
That's the cheapest for five hours a day of closed captioning that we have to do to be on TV satellites.
That's federal law.
That's how they use the Americans with Disabilities Act to bankrupt people.
So we're trying to get on television in a kosher way to reach people.
That's 120,000 smackers on the barrel head and a year-long contract that's signed.
You have the satellite in?
$400,000 for five hours over the next year.
And let's just start adding everything else up.
That's why a million dollars is not a lot of money.
The globalists have the money.
That's why they've been able to enslave us.
That's why I'm making an attempt, and everything else we've been doing is successful, praise God, to try to go to that next level and beam down to North America.
And when it's successful, and I believe it will be, thanks to your support, your prayers, all the rest of it, then we're going to target Europe.
Then we're going to target Africa, we're going to target the Middle East, we're going to target free-to-air Asia.
You're talking about a couple million dollars a year to do that, and I have committed to do it.
Even if I have to spend the emergency money in the bank, even if I have to sell my house, when it comes time, when this new syndication thing is working and operating, I will expend every amount of backup capital we've got.
But 100% of the capital
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And I want to salute all of you that have been supporting us.
All right, because we're all in this together.
Dr. Group, I see you have loaded phone lines there.
We'll wait until Anthony's in.
You guys are in the... Well, he'll be in the studio for 30 minutes, then you'll move into that one afterwards.
I've got a special message to affiliates.
We're going to air at the start of the next hour.
A lot of other surprises coming up.
But, Dr. Group, you're sitting there listening to me rant.
What is your view on how key it is to get behind truly independent media?
Well, just like you said, I don't think people understand the real cost of media.
And it's designed that way, obviously, because then everybody would be out there telling the truth.
So they do try to suppress anybody from getting on TV.
And I'm just real happy to help out and to be a part and to offer
Some of the best, well, the best products in the world for your listeners and glad to be a part of something that really can change the world.
I mean, being able to get this information out to 400 million people, just getting on television, it is extremely expensive.
Uh, the sales that you have going on right now are extremely good.
I mean, we have all these things that are happening.
I mean, this month right here is a groundbreaking month in history of the world.
I mean, we have apparently all these things that are happening.
All these good things are happening.
You're getting on TV.
People are getting healthy.
People are waking up.
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One million is hardly anything to keep the show going, and I know you personally, and I know that you put everything into this organization, and I've, you know, we even tried to get the highest quality products and... Well, let's just go off record.
You've given me even bigger discounts, even though you don't make a lot of profit.
It's not that profit's bad to have that, but we're all in to go to this next level.
Exactly, that's what it is.
It's all about, I feel like I was born and put on this planet to help humanity.
You feel like you were born to help humanity.
We've both done that, and we've both done that in many different ways.
And now, look at all the other people that are out there doing that.
It's just bringing high quality supplements, giving solutions to individuals on how to prepare, how to protect themselves, and giving them the truth.
It really all boils down to the truth.
You know, no one is out there spreading the truth, whether it's... If you start taking real pure iodine, it's revolutionary what it does to your body, what it does to your energy.
You take oxy powder and flush out your guts, it's revolutionary.
This is real simple stuff that you and others have developed that's simply amazing.
It's not like, you know, sometimes people call in and say, oh yeah, who's that snake oil salesman or whatever.
It's not about that.
It's about helping people.
It's about educating people.
It's about telling them the truth.
It's not like we have 500 products and we're saying buy everything.
I mean, the mainstream media pushes deadly pharmaceuticals all day and says they're all moral, but if we push these mainline herbs that boost your vitality, that in my experience works better than
Stuff like Viagra.
That's supposedly evil.
No, they try to shame us into not wanting to be big and not wanting to be successful.
And I want to thank them for that, because I was so humble, I would have never tried to go to the next level until I thought about, why are they attacking me for reaching millions of people?
Oh, they don't want me to grow.
They're scared.
Now we've got the Clinton documents from their library where they were admitting all this.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
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Your phone calls are coming up in the next segment with Anthony Gucciardi, who's going to be sitting here in the seat about all these stacks of news, some of which we've covered, a lot of which we haven't.
Dr. Gribbs, our guest, and he was just making the point about, you know, one of the comments he sees somewhere is, look at Alex Jones.
He says his company costs over $10 million a year to run InfoWars.
Wow, and now he wants more money.
And I've actually talked to some of those folks on the ground.
They're not really trolls.
They have a nine-to-five job, which I'm not knocking.
I kind of wish I had one sometimes.
They don't understand.
Well, a company grosses is not the profit of the company.
It's well over $10 million to run it.
It's like $400,000 just for the satellite and then closed captioning.
I mean, they just don't understand what we're saying.
Well, first of all, it's $10 million that you have grossed, then you give 40% of that to the government for taxes, so you've already broken it down to $4 million, and now you're trying to run it on that.
But see, it's exactly... The tax laws have changed so much.
I should do a whole show on this and have a CPA on or a tax lawyer.
Used to, I could buy TV equipment, computers, you know, a $50,000 switcher, which is a cheap one.
You know, the good ones are like $150,000 so stuff doesn't mess up.
The guys are working with, you know, lower-grade stuff because we do it on the little bit cheaper, which is fine.
But exactly, now they don't give you the quote, write-off on equipment or studios.
This is supposedly mine now.
Well, it's totally worthless if it wasn't here.
This is not my property, but oh, it is.
So I pay taxes on quote, things I have, you know, or this company has, that is just the infrastructure.
So yeah, exactly.
They've gotten rid of all the write-offs, you name it.
That's another thing that's killing us.
No, that's what I was going to say.
Go ahead.
You were leading into, and what I was talking about at the break is, is people think that you have a multi-million dollar company or you're grossed five million in sales, but they don't realize that, you know, the government's going to take 40% of that, then you have overhead, then you have your equipment, you know, then you have your charity, which you can't even write off charitable contributions.
Let's say you show $15 million in supplements.
It's just a hypothetical number.
Okay, you buy them, you pay the insurance, do all the stuff, ship them, deal with it all.
Let's say you make profit on half that.
So now you've got $7.5 million.
Now you pay 40% of the government, then you pay the state taxes, local taxes, all the rest of the employee taxes, deal with some lawsuits, all the craziness that goes on in any business.
This is overall getting the word out, but it runs as a business and a free market system.
We're left with like 30% of the money.
And then that's the money to get more equipment or hire people or expand.
I mean it's just crazy to him.
Because that's why there's so many investors usually that want to come into companies because you get to a point in your growth where you really need you either struggle and you do it slow and steady wins the race.
Or you need outside funding to come in.
I mean to get to that next point.
And that's what this is.
It's kind of like our shark tank that people want to fight the globalists.
You know we'll be there.
We'll fight for your Second Amendment.
We'll fight for your family rights.
We'll fight for your medical rights.
We'll fight for sovereignty.
We'll fight against...
Throwing our military away like garbage.
Throwing our babies away like garbage.
We just fight for ourselves.
We have empathy.
That means fighting for you.
And when you go to Infowars.com forward slash money bump, when you donate $50 or $100 or $5, when you buy books and videos, when you take advantage of free shipping over the 28 hour broadcast, a 20% off survival shield, super male vitality, brain force, deep cleanses, 15, secret 12, 15, oxy powders, 15.
When you do that,
We got some special hourly stuff coming up next on Products Individually, not these.
You are fighting the tip of the spear, so I want to salute you and thank you for that.
Now, Dr. Group, tell folks some of what's coming up.
You've got a lot of news issues, some really important stuff you're going to be covering with Anthony Gucciardi.
Right, well first of all we're going to be taking calls because everybody loves to get their health questions answered so we're going to be focusing on that probably for a little while and then we're going to be talking about some good news that's happening.
Camera 4, grippy, go ahead.
No, I'm joking, he's awesome.
No, I know there's no light on it so you wouldn't know that.
So we're going to, well I like to look at you back and forth anyway because you always have those.
Oh I know, you're awesome.
I have that big fat ugly face.
And you're really not sweating that much either.
It's been staying kind of cool in here.
They put an extra air conditioner in, like a portable one today.
I feel like a king.
They're not burning me up today.
Yeah, so I mean you're gonna be able to go the whole 28 hours, but we're gonna be covering a lot of recent news, a lot of good things that's going on, a lot of
You know, political things that are happening, but really most importantly is trying to focus on some solutions that we can give people in their life, whether they're stressed, depressed, and focusing on the root cause of some of these things and, you know, giving them solutions right away that they can implement today.
So that's really what the show's gonna be about, is giving back, just like everybody is giving back to you.
I think.
It looks like we may actually reach the goal at Current Trends.
I want to thank everybody that is donating.
That's really exciting because I really want this to succeed with the affiliates.
I really want to reach hundreds of UHF, VHF and cable channels.
We've already got hundreds of them calling us up.
It's a big job getting hooked up with them.
It's just amazing.
Chris, listening on 910 AM KINA in Kansas, you're up next.
And Justin, AD, Dion, Lucas and others, please be patient.
We'll get to you before they cover all the news.
We're going to go to a round of calls.
We'll be back.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Kit Daniels, InfoWars.com.
President Obama has ordered the federal government to start conducting behavior experiments on U.S.
You heard that right.
The new executive order commands federal agencies to condition people into doing whatever the government wants them to do, effectively turning we the people into lab rats running through a maze for a piece of cheese.
The feds are going to start hiring so-called behavioral scientists to encourage, meaning brainwash, people into say, signing up for Obamacare, or even turning into their guns at a local gun buyback program.
So basically, the Obama administration wants to take the freedom of choice away from the individual and give it to the government.
That doesn't sound like freedom now, does it?
Freedom is the right of the people to choose how to live their lives as long as their conduct doesn't infringe on the rights of others to do the same.
The Obama administration, however, wants to brainwash you into surrendering that basic liberty.
They want you to be a lemming who jumps off the cliff when they say jump.
But you have the power to decide not to be a slave.
For more reports, check out InfoWars.com and PrisonPlanet.com.
It's now more clear than ever.
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The Genesis Communications Radio Network proudly presents the Alex Jones Show.
Because there's a war on for your mind.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show on this Money Bomb special.
We're going to be going for 28 hours up until tomorrow.
Alex just left us.
He'll be back soon.
And I'm Anthony Gucciardi sitting in with Dr. Edward Group.
Coming up tonight, we've got the nightly news, which is going to sit in and kind of comment on the debates, the Republican debates tonight, and break down what's really going on with those debates.
We've also got a lot of news to cover.
Alex didn't even get to about 50% of the stack.
There's a lot left.
We've got President Obama orders behavioral experiments on American public.
Nearly one in five Americans suffer from mental illness, apparently, according to this new report.
Abnormal is the new normal.
How everyone is going insane.
adults are dumber than the average human.
25 fast food chains ranked on antibiotic usage.
Agencies say they need to access Americans' emails without a warrant.
The list goes on and on and on.
Now, briefly, this is a money bomb special.
And at Infowarslife.com and Infowarsstore.com, you can get free shipping for 28 hours.
Okay, that's an unprecedented amount.
20% off Survival Shield X2 Nation Iodine, 20% off Super Male Vitality, 20% off Brain Force, which I just took before I came on this show, 15% off Deep Cleanse, 15% off Secret 12, and 15% off Oxy Powder.
Biggest discounts that I've ever seen Alex do.
You can get these for 28 hours.
And coming up in the next hour, we're having another discount that we're going to premiere.
But, Dr. Group, getting into a new realm of all this news, and also tying it into what you guys were talking about before, one of the things that I want to talk about is the ways in which we are consuming media
And the ways in which we are consuming a number of different things affecting our ability to think.
And I think I've really boiled it down for this program.
I've been thinking about it a lot these past few days, knowing that I had some time on this program to talk about some of the news, some of the issues.
We can get into why one in five Americans are supposed to suffer mental illnesses each year, and why U.S.
adults are dumber than the average human.
I think it really comes down to the consumption, the media consumption.
We know most media groups are owned by six different corporations, and as Alex was talking about, they're pumping millions and millions of dollars into all this.
That's also why it's centerfold for us to understand that the money bomb is just really about pushing forward alternative news, real news, and fighting those conglomerates, because they have billions upon billions of dollars.
I want to get into ways that we can kind of hijack our brain back from those people, solutions, what the top news you think is that's important, and really what is going on.
So what do you have on your huge stack over there?
I don't know if we can show his stack.
It's almost as big as this stack.
We have like six stacks of news that we need to get through.
I have a lot of different things and it really, you know, everything always comes back to the amount of toxins that you're exposed to.
You know,
If you have a calcified pineal gland... But mentally, too.
I mean, there's such a thing as toxic information, right?
Yeah, absolutely.
Because we're battling toxic... It's all fronts, I think.
We're having the physical war for our health with Monsanto and antibiotics and all the craziness like that.
We're having the mental consciousness war.
We're being bombarded by...
Moguls of media that just attack and destroy things that are just crushing our brain.
And then at the same time, we have kind of a social situation, right?
Because if we go out and we talk about these things to some of our friends and family, they say, oh, you're crazy, whatever.
They're just horribly negative people that don't want to hear the truth about things.
So we're being attacked on all these fronts.
And I think that's what shapes kind of this media system.
Well we have more mental illness now than we've ever had in the history of the world.
Depression, anxiety, you have children on psychiatric medications, adults on psychiatric medication, so much psychiatric medication in the water supply even that if you're in Europe and you drink a gallon of water in one day it's the equivalent of one Prozac.
So all of those things people are exposed to and
It does.
It's negative.
It's the fear.
A lot of that is generated through media.
I mean, pick up any newspaper, watch any TV show, any movie.
I mean, look at the movies that are out.
Zombie movies.
It's all killing.
It's all negative, negative, negative.
I mean, you really have to almost live in a bubble to not be exposed to negative media somewhere.
And now, I mean, documents are becoming unclassified that date back to the 1960s talking about psychological warfare.
You have HAARP.
They opened up military bases and we're testing even in the 1970s on different types of sound technology that they can make you happy, they can make you sad, they can make you angry.
All of these, you know, really kind of comes back to the mind.
You know, how can you control your mind or are you even able to control your mind?
That's a good point, too, because most people, I think, don't even know how their mind works, let alone how their body works.
They don't know anything, you know?
Unfortunately, and according to these articles, U.S.
adults are dumber than the average human.
Now that said, I believe everyone has the intrinsic ability and intelligence to really wake themselves up and do whatever it is they want in their life.
But at the basic levels, someone does know how to control your brain.
The corporations know how to control your brain that advertise to you, you know?
Your brain is being controlled.
And it reminds me of yesterday.
I was in a lobby and there was a TV on and on the television it was like a shooting and then they showed war and famine and it was a bank robbery where someone was being shot outside the bank and then there was forest fires and floods and all these things and it was all just pure
And you know, we say, oh, well, you cover things that are bad.
You're promoting fear.
There's a difference between showing, oh, we're all, you know, war is great.
We all need this evil in this world versus, hey, how about the fact that this article talks about.
Agencies say they need access to Americans' emails without a warrant.
It's not being negative.
Let's say you have cancer.
It's not being negative to say, hey, you have cancer.
You need some treatment for that.
You need to do something about it.
You need to fix that.
This is cancer.
Agencies spying on your emails without a warrant, doing whatever they want.
This country has cancer.
That's cancer.
To highlight that is actually being positive.
It's actually doing something.
It's actually a solution.
That is true positivity to help people to waken up to that reality.
Let's get into some of the news that you have over there as well.
Well, you touched on it.
One of mine is 25 fast food chains ranked on antibiotics use.
And the reason I bring this up is because, I mean, what is the, there's so many people coming down with infections these days.
I mean, it seems like somebody calls, you know, I have a hundred people call my office every single day saying, is there some natural alternative to antibiotics?
I was on antibiotics for this.
It is the honest truth that most doctors, when you go to the hospital, no matter what you have, you will leave the hospital with a prescription for antibiotics.
And what's happening is all these antibiotics are not only used for humans, but they're also used for all the animals.
Like 80% going to livestock.
80% of the, you know, all the chicken feed is mixed in, the livestock, the pigs, you know, unless, of course, you eat antibiotic-free, which would... And the water supply too, though.
So we're developing resistance to these harmful organisms.
And so, uh... Because we use the antibiotics and then that develops the resistance of the antibiotics.
Since we're just getting antibiotics dumped into us at all times, it loses the potency.
It's like if I were to punch you a little bit in the arm over and over every day for five years, you wouldn't even realize I was punching you anymore.
Well, that's the thing.
It's usually the unseen things that affect you.
The CDC...
Uh, said more than 2 million people in the U.S.
get infections every year that are resistant to antibiotics, and around 23,000 people die from these infections.
Nobody knows about that.
I mean, just think, 23,000 soldiers die over there.
It's a big deal.
All of this is covered up by the medical profession, and the use of antibiotics in foods is what this article is about.
I mean, again, it's letting the people know out there what they need to avoid so they can keep their bodies healthy.
In this report, there was only two fast food chains that got an A-plus rating, and that was Panera and Chipotle.
Uh, there was Chick-fil-A got a B rating, McDonald's and Dunkin' Donuts were C. Well, they all loaded up.
You know, at least Chipotle attempts to go GMO free.
He brought up an interesting point, though, in terms of the casualties.
If we were to go to war...
And 50,000 people died from something, it would be a big deal.
Or if there was a terrorist attack and 50,000 people died from something, it's a big deal.
We would probably go to war with another country if they launched a terrorist attack in the United States and killed 50,000 people.
We would go to war with that nation.
But here we are.
With the individuals in the United States pushing this kind of stuff on us, whether it's the GMOs or whatever it is, really ultimately killing us, millions and millions of people, and we're not doing anything.
Yet we have a war on drugs, we have a war on drugs, and cocaine and heroin combined doesn't kill nearly as many as legal painkillers.
So, you really have to wonder where the focus is.
It's obviously in the wrong places.
Well, the war on drugs has not been successful and it's gotten worse because that's a money generating scenario for the government anyway and the pharmaceutical companies.
So, it's just like legal speed when you have your Adderall and... It's an amphetamine.
Adderall is a pure amphetamine.
So, it's just legal drugs is what it is.
So, again,
If you create disease, create conditions, if you look at, let's say, some of the new procedures and medications being created, it's all going towards mental illness because there's no diagnostic testing for that.
There's no x-rays there, there's no CT scans or PET scans or anything or blood work that can say, okay, you have depression.
Basically, they say it's a chemical imbalance in the brain, but we all know that that's the easiest way for them to prescribe medications to pregnant women, to children at an early age, to get them on some sort of medication for life.
You know, I want to talk about that too.
I want to get to some calls here in a minute as well for you on a number of different subjects.
But overall, talk about depression.
And I look at the call board right now and I see a number of people talking about how depressed they are and talking about how upset they are with things in the state of the world, which I totally understand.
I feel you in many different ways and I've been there.
I felt like that before.
And I think there are four different factors right now that are affecting us in a serious way that I want to get into either now or later in the program.
I also want to get to this other news here as well.
But if you think about it,
How many people are depressed?
If you think about that right now, how many people are so upset and depressed and they feel powerless?
They feel like they can't do anything, right?
Well, we're here to change that, number one.
But secondarily, it comes down to about four different things that I found out.
Number one, it is your consumption of media.
How many people out there, as we talked about earlier, are watching the actual nightly news?
Not the InfoWars nightly news.
The nightly news.
Watching the shootings, the war, the attacks, the debates, the presidential, you know, garbage.
It's all thrown out in our face.
And we're felt to be powerless.
We're told we're powerless.
We're told we can't do anything.
That's a total lie.
That's a total, total lie.
And the second thing is, though, our health consumption, which is what we're talking about.
Obviously, these corporations that are destroying our health have deep roots in the government.
Here's an article.
EU panel rejects bid to stop Monsanto weed killer.
Sales of the herbicide, which contained 750 products, must stop in December.
So what happened is the EU was actually going to block glyphosate and Roundup because it's been known to link to cancer.
But, of course, they blocked that out.
And that's the number two way that all of us feel so powerless and helpless.
And here comes Alex in the studio.
Hey, Alex, I don't mean to interrupt.
Come on in.
Interrupt away.
We're taking people's questions on here, but I want you to get these callers, too.
Yeah, we're going to.
I want you to get these folks that have been holding it, and you're going to be able to see it on the wall.
There's Anthony Bucciardi and Dr. Drew.
That's right.
We're just going to give it to her.
Here we go.
He's giving a tour of the office.
Anyway, so we're back to the news and everything like that, but you should actually look up Alex Jones on Facebook and follow him.
He does live streams every now and then on Facebook Mentions where he's just hanging out and it could be up to about an hour long, sometimes just hiking on a trail.
It's pretty cool stuff.
It's amazing, which actually reminds me of the first point, too, because live streaming is defeating media.
Twitch.tv, which is a website where mostly people play video games.
One channel can get 56 million views of someone sitting there playing Halo in their boxers all day for doing nothing.
And they can make 60 grand a month.
Isn't that amazing?
The mainstream media and the television-based media systems of the old media are dying.
That's why InfoWars now, that's why Alex wants to crash through the lies on television and start the new media system.
Because everyone is so tired of it that they're looking for alternatives.
They're looking into apps like Periscope where you live stream, Facebook mentions, Twitch.tv.
All of the true, actual live-streaming stuff, because reality TV is dying, they know that too.
I mean, don't you just see this collapse, Dr. Group?
Well, it's just demand!
I mean, people want, I think people are waking up, they're kind of sick of seeing what's going on, they're sick of, they realize they've seen their parents die because they died of a disease, and they had to take care of their parents, and they never got any better on medications.
They're starting to see the lies that are being told through mainstream media.
So the Internet to me has done tremendous things as far as getting the information out there and waking people up.
And it's really based on consumer demand.
I mean, look at how
Natural health, organic foods, look at how that has grown exponentially in the last 10 years.
I can remember 15 years ago when you could stop 20 people on the street and ask them, you know, any question about natural health and they didn't even pretty much know what it is, what alternative medicine was.
And now everybody has a vitamin in their home, some form or another, whether it's a Flintstone vitamin from, you know, the drugstore or whatever, but people are becoming more educated about it.
And exactly what you're saying is people like that live interaction.
They like to see what you're doing.
There's a fakeness, you know what I mean?
There's like a fakeness to mainstream TV.
When they just sit up there, you know, you can almost see them reading
Off a teleprompter and everybody's so, you know, prim and proper and everything.
And it's just, I think people can see through that.
People like when you make a little mistake too.
Like sometimes, since this is teleprompter free, I'll be reading an article and mess up a little bit.
That just shows this is real.
And it's funny because... It's just like live.
Somebody sent me an email the other day.
Last time I hosted the show and they said you do a really good job You know, I can't even tell when you're reading a teleprompter and when you're not you guys realize there's no teleprompter in here I'm actually totally insane because I don't even come on here with notes.
Most of the time I just cover whatever is the hottest news and whatever is going on But let's take a couple calls before we go to break.
Let's talk to Dion I believe I can read his name from Illinois.
He wants to talk to dr. Group.
What's the going on Dion?
Yeah, I have a question for Dr. Group.
What alternative lifestyle choices and diet changes can we make for heart enlargement and chronic depression?
Well, Dion, thanks for the call.
Chronic depression, you know, it's really kind of simple.
First, you obviously want to figure out what the cause is of your chronic depression, but with doing a massive amount of liver cleansing and intestinal cleansing and just cleansing your body,
It's especially dating back in traditional Chinese medicine you know cleansing the liver works really really good for depression also the iodine as well and drinking more water believe it or not and looking at some of the things you can do
For happiness in your life.
When we were seeing patients with cancer, they would come in and one of the first questions I would ask them is, what are you doing for fun and what makes you happy?
That goes back to that hope and that fear that's generated from the
From the medical community.
Strangely enough, an enlarged heart can also be a problem with harmful organisms or parasites in your body.
And there's no accurate testing in the medical profession for a lot of different things.
And that's why there's so many misdiagnoses out there.
You know, especially with the autoimmune diseases, with let's say an enlarged heart, it's really hard to pinpoint.
That's why I believe that everybody has a self-healing mechanism and you have the ability to heal yourself.
And just like
For thousands of years, cultures have implemented strategic cleansing programs, and once you clean your body, you reactivate your body's self-healing mechanism, and your body begins to heal itself.
And not only heal itself physically, but also mentally.
Absolutely right.
I want to ask Dion, too.
What's his passion?
What does he do for fun?
What's in his life?
I think that's also key.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
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Support the operation.
We'll be right back with more news.
Later on, Alex and InfoWars Nightly News.
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I'm Anthony Gucciardi sitting in for Alex Jones on this special Money Bomb Overdrive edition.
We're going to take your calls and cover more news.
We've got reports about pesticides exposure and what it could do to your children.
We've got this new TV that sells for $133,000 and what it means and what it means for the future.
We've got risks of vitamin deficiencies, tons of interesting stuff.
But first and foremost, I want to get back to calls.
I also want to talk about what this is all about, the money bomb, the InfoWars money bomb, going to the next level.
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Hey, good afternoon guys.
Thanks for taking my call.
I'm really glad you guys are on today.
I see it as a blessing from God because
Pertaining to my wife, I got some bad news on a call today.
She was diagnosed last year with GBM stage 1.
They gave her some chemo and some stuff to control the seizures that directly resulted from that.
She got a call from a doctor today in Tennessee, a specialist, and based on all the tests and everything he got from the various doctors we've seen, specialists, they think that the scar tissue on the back of her brain is actually spreading and
Penetrating her brain and I'm just grasping at straws to see how and if there's any way we can prolong her life or even possibly reverse the scar tissue issue.
Well you know I'm gonna go ahead and say first and foremost that we're not giving medical advice on this show and you should always consult with your physician and I think it's always important to research and do your own stuff when it comes to health but always consult with your physician really a health care provider even if it's a naturopathic doctor.
But Dr. Grip what do you have to say about that?
Well, I mean, not knowing too much about your wife and going into detail, what we used to use that worked really good and what I've used in the past for scar tissue is MSM, which is methylcephalomethane.
Of course, I agree with Anthony that you should probably find a good natural health practitioner in your area.
Maybe somebody that can do some ozone therapy as well.
DMSO is something that we've used to work with scar tissue.
High levels of enzymes, like a really good enzyme formula, works fairly effectively as well.
So, really getting back to the basics and again, even if you start working on a condition and you're addressing the symptoms or trying to prevent a progression of some sort of illness,
What you really want to look at is trying to identify the root cause of why that happened to begin with.
Was it aspartame toxicity?
Was it, you know, chemicals at work that she was exposed to?
Because no matter what you do, you really want to make sure that it doesn't come back and you want to have a lifestyle change.
You want to incorporate more organic foods and you want to reactivate the self-healing mechanism.
I know I talk about that all the time, but it was a shocking discovery for me.
To realize how powerful and to literally see hundreds of thousands of people working with them, cleansing their body, reactivating their body's self-healing mechanism, avoiding all the chemicals and toxins in their life, how fast the body can heal itself.
I think so many people ask, hey, I'm at this point.
What can I do for this now?
You really want to ask how you got there, right?
I mean, if you end up somewhere, you want to ask what road did you take to get to that point?
All right, we're going to take some more calls in the next segment.
Unfortunately, we have to drop calls from GCN.
The new call-in number is 512-646-1776.
Stay tuned.
We've got more news coming.
The Nightly News and Alex will be joining the show again later today.