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Air Date: July 20, 2015
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Alex Jones interviews William Binney about corruption in government, NSA, and the current financial crisis in Europe. They discuss the OPM data breach, intelligence community's incompetence, private contractors, China hacking US background dossiers, Iran nuclear deal, and potential connection between recent hacking events. The interview highlights issues related to data security, government surveillance, and international relations."

Big Brother, Mainstream Media, Government Cover-Ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Strap yourselves in.
The globalists are trying to orchestrate social upheaval worldwide to bring in their planetary government.
William Benny, former top NSA whistleblower, is going to be joining us.
Wayne Madsen, also formerly of the NSA, to break down the real history of McCain and Moore, and a ton of breaking news today.
But first, John Bowne's report on the fact that revolution is imminent in Greece.
With great reluctance, the German Parliament has voted in favor of beginning negotiations on the 86 billion euro Greek bailout deal.
49% of Germans didn't want to enter talks over the burden of relieving Greece of its 320 billion euro debt.
The credit control limits on the restriction to withdraw only 60 euros per day will only be eased gradually.
While the value-added tax will rise from 13% to 23% in the next few days, raising prices on everything in a country struggling with a broken infrastructure.
Basically, the European people paid off
The debts, the Greek debts held by these big banks, which were charging monster fees, and now they're saying, okay, they're telling Greek people, now you have to bail out our bailout.
And it's coming down to a massive per family interest charges of $10,000 to $15,000 a year.
And under Greek salaries, it's impossible.
They're basically going to be taking all these assets.
In the case of Greece, by the way, one of the big assets that they were trying to grab is Greece has tremendous offshore gas resources.
And at the moment, obviously, the natural gas market has collapsed.
But believe me, they're going to be going after those resources.
You know, we see in Ireland, Ireland actually has gold.
They're going to be going after those resources.
Spain has resources.
So basically, they're draining these nations.
Economist John Perkins suggested Greece turn to China's banks, rather than kneel to the sovereign, sucking IMF and EU monstrosity.
I recently met with a minister of state of Ecuador, who's very savvy on these things, and he said, of course we'd rather borrow money from China.
And I said, well, don't you think that China's going to turn around and do the same thing?
He said, well, we have no idea ultimately what China will do, of course.
But what we do know is that the World Bank, the IMF, the Europeans, and the US have screwed us over.
And we also know that they've overthrown our governments in coups throughout Latin America.
They've assassinated presidents down here, including in Ecuador.
The Greek people are furious.
Right-wing Golden Dawn party member Ilias Kasidaris tore up the bailout deal.
Reflecting the rising anger amongst the people of Greece who voted by 61% to reject austerity, their wishes were ignored.
The terms imposed by the Euro leaders in the all-night tug-of-war negotiations resulted in Greece surrendering
The Wreckage!
Of the ship of tyranny, the ship of death, the ship of corruption, the ship of fraud, the ship that is willing to overturn our world and everything good in it, because everything good in it is diametrically opposed to the hellish vision
With cotton in their ears to the lowly voices all around them, the globalists are hastily playing their cards as the Eurozone, the demon child conceived in the back rooms of the 1955 Bilderberg meetings, spirals out of control.
John Bound for InfoWars.com
As it was designed to do, and we return the top story, they're calling to end all national sovereignty that's left in the EU as the answer to the EU crisis.
Then the EU itself will collapse and enter the open planetary government.
But only after a five to ten year worldwide depression and orchestrated civil unrest.
I'm Alex Jones.
There's no doubt that our country is in serious trouble right now.
And if you're wondering how on earth we ever got in this situation, well I'll tell you how.
When the Democrats showed their true colors, you got angry and you elected Republicans.
And then when the Republicans showed their true colors, you got angry and elected Democrats.
And when anyone suggested to you that both parties were corrupt and that neither side were looking out for your best interest, you acted like they were crazy.
But the real definition of crazy is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.
That's why it is vitally important that you wake up, America, and break the matrix.
Visit us at Infowars.com, PrisonPlanet.tv, and the Alex Jones Show, because there's a war on for your mind.
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Resistance to tyrants is obedience to God.
It's Alex Jones.
The internet designed by DARPA is a real-world, real-time interface meant to track every activity of every human on the planet in real time to be able to predict the future and also manipulate the outcomes of future events.
It is designed to blackmail and control and suppress the population.
The last 20 years, as we've seen the internet go from being something that only techies were involved in since the 70s, to being ubiquitous in every home and every appliance,
Well, simply the rollout of the Trojan horse, glistening and beautiful, coming through the gates with rose petals being thrown before its wheels.
But now, in the dead of night, as the world hurdles into a new dark age, a trap door in the belly is opening, and out is pouring the true payload of the Internet.
I want to be clear.
Technology is a double-edged sword.
Technology in the hands of good people is a good thing.
I'm the opposite of a troglodyte.
But the way it's been designed and the way the system's been set up is dehumanizing.
There's a lot of examples of this today that I'm going to be going over at the bottom
Of the hour.
Like this one.
Cheating website Ashley Madison hacked.
Hackers are threatening to out millions of users, 30 plus million, of Ashley Madison, the dating site for married cheaters.
37 million clients.
I read the news every day, intensely.
Constantly, basically.
And you know, you can also go to the statistics.
Almost all data breaches are by the big banks, the government, and mega-sites.
And then they're the very groups always calling for the cashless society.
And to be 100% dependent on technology.
What happens when there's a giant X-Flare that hits the satellites?
What happens when there's a Carrington event?
And we're totally dependent on GPS and robot cars and automation.
Already you see the jobs disappearing because of it, as if it's a foregone conclusion.
We could have built a global architecture and a design model to put humans at the center of technology to empower and enlighten us, and instead, the globalists openly admit, it's being set up to make us obsolete.
Planned obsolescence for humanity.
And that's the big governing system of our world, governed by the Hungarian-German royal family, slash Romanian royal family, that married in with the Rothschilds the last 200 years, and controls much of the planet's wealth, a good two-thirds of it,
And is tax-exempt wearing crowns in front of us, and being worshipped by every tabloid on the surface of the planet.
And then it comes out, her uncle and her dad and her and all of them hailing Hitler, as if it's news that Edward VIII was going to be set up as the Nazi king of the EU, a German princeling.
And they're talking about arresting whoever released the film footage.
of her and her Nazi salute.
Well, I mean, this was a program so that her uncle could take over.
Hitler planned to put Edward VIII first on the throne of England, and then on the throne of the EU, and then the throne of the world.
And they have a whole laid-out plan how they'd put fluoride in your water.
How they developed biometrics in 1860.
And you gotta hand it to them.
I mean, they're smart.
Devilishly cunning.
And how do you get a public who doesn't even understand the basics of history or the branches of government to understand what they're facing?
Right next to Hitler in the gray trench coat, Edward VIII.
On screen with Adolf Hitler at the Eagle's Nest.
I mean, it's even in the BBC, the EU was a Nazi project.
And let's be clear, the Nazis were one vehicle to establish planetary government who were then set up by the even more cunning elites
And used to bring in the United States and the UK elites as the saviors of the world and Bretton Woods with the control of the new global currency, the dollar.
And now we come to the beginning, the beginning of the end of the dollar and the new global SDR.
And I've told you for about 18 years of my 20, that the plan of the Trilateral Commission would be to create three super regions
Merge them through crises, and now the EU is saying get rid of all sovereignty that's left, end all sovereignty in the local countries, transfer it all into the super state, and that will fix the problems.
That's what the French President and others are saying.
Then the EU itself will be completely imploded, and the great planetary regime will be brought in on the back of it.
But first they're going to engineer world social unrest and divide and conquer infighting the likes of which this rock has never seen.
But let's go to the latest Mark Dice video on Infowars.com.
Liberals signed petition to support white privilege tax.
And that ties into Obama and his secret race initiative database.
That ties into
The announcement, if you're disabled on social security, you will have your guns taken.
It was on Infowars.com Saturday.
It's in the LA Times today.
It's all starting, so get ready.
Here's that report.
Well, this is something we've been trying to do for a while, just to help out with the equality of print, birthdate, and a signature.
The white privilege tax is just a small 1% tax on the Caucasians, on their income.
That money will be used to help some of the minority programs, the minority communities.
It'll just help even the playing field, don't you think?
Yeah, I just don't see it getting passed.
Well, we're trying everything we can, and we'll see.
Your signature should help support that quite a bit.
So, thanks for supporting that.
Alright, take care.
Race, are you?
I'm Puerto Rican.
We're trying to implement the, you know, white privileges.
A lot of Americans, when they're white, they're born into this white privilege, and so we're implementing a new, just a 1% tax on the Caucasians, just to use that money to fund programs in the minority communities.
Would you help to support the White Privilege Tax?
Just print your name there.
Birthday and a signature.
The white Americans are born under this white privilege and to help make everything more equal, we're just going to implement the White Privilege Tax.
Just a 1% on the Caucasians.
Use that money and redistribute it into minority communities.
I appreciate you supporting that tax.
Thank you so much.
I'm trying to help out with some of the minority community programs and increase funding by implementing a white privilege tax, just a 1% tax on the Caucasians, which will then be redistributed into helping some of the minority communities.
Well, but actually I'm not from here.
This is really just, you don't even need to be a resident.
It's basically just to go to the City Council and say, hey, we've got 100,000 signatures.
They won't cross-reference or anything.
It'd really help out quite a bit.
So, in other words, tax a white man?
Yeah, it's the white privilege tax to sort of offset the inequality that we experience as white people being born into white privilege.
It's just a 1% income tax on white people to be redistributed to some of the minority communities and programs.
I really appreciate you supporting that.
Signed too?
Yeah, name, birthdate, and the signature on there too.
Thanks for supporting that white tax.
The white privilege tax, just a small 1% on the Caucasians to help fund programs in the minority community.
We're going to take that silver spoon out of the white people's mouths.
We're going to put it back into yours.
You guys deserve that.
Yeah, but you know what?
I have enjoyed the white privilege myself, so I'm trying to give back to the African-American community with the white privilege tax.
Thanks, man.
Appreciate that.
Appreciate that.
Thank you.
It's a new white privilege tax on the Caucasians' income.
It's just an extra 1%.
That's terrible.
That's awful.
What the f***?
Thank you, I appreciate that bro.
Implement the white privilege tax just to help make everybody more equal so the Caucasians will just have a 1% tax added to their income which will help fund programs in the minorities and in the inner cities.
Just a quick birthdate or print your name, birthdate and a signature.
You know when white people are born in America they're born into this white privilege.
This program is going to implement the white privilege tax.
It's just the 1% onto Caucasian income, which will be redistributed into the minority communities.
We appreciate you supporting that for equality.
Thank you so much.
So apparently these mentally enslaved morons think that in order to fight racism, they're going to implement a racist policy by taxing white people.
You have benefited from white privilege from being in America, so we're trying to give back to the minority communities to implement, uh, it's a white privilege tax.
It's just a 1%.
Hold on.
Is this a joke?
It's just a 1% tax.
A lot of Caucasians experience white privilege being born in America white, so we're trying to... Thank you.
I appreciate you.
We're trying to... You're the kind of white dude I like.
Thank you.
I'm on your side.
I love white dudes.
I'm white.
We're trying to give back to offset things so we're implementing a new white privilege tax basically to to help kind of bring down and offset the white privilege we're implementing extra 1% tax on the Caucasians which will be redistributed to help minority community programs so just print their
Print birthday and a signature.
Well, the white people are beneficiaries of the white privilege institutional racism in this country.
He knows.
And so the white privilege tax, it's just a small 1% tax.
On the Caucasians.
So I appreciate you supporting that, bro.
No, honestly, that's cool that you're promoting, you're aware of that kind of stuff going on.
Yeah, dude.
It's just a small 1% white privilege tax.
That's awesome.
They can deal with that.
I appreciate it.
You know, white privilege, Americans, white Caucasians have benefited from the institutional racism in America, and we're trying to implement a new, it's a white privilege tax.
It's just 1% tax.
I don't want to tax you guys.
It's just a 1% tax on the Caucasians.
The question about you guys, we wouldn't have all this.
Well, it's time to give back.
What are you talking about?
It's just a 1% tax on the Caucasians to help... You're joking.
There's Jay Leno, Jay Fowler.
We are joking.
Thank you for not being so stupid.
Thank you for not being racist.
We're trying to fight racism by being racist.
How do people actually sign anything?
Oh, they want to just tax the white man?
We're gonna fight racism by being racist.
Alright, the full video is up on InfoWars.com and MarkDice.com as well.
There's a little bit more there.
I skipped a network break.
Imagine Martin Luther King, who said we should be colorblind and judgeable by the content of their character and their deeds, which is common sense.
Imagine Martin Luther King watching a spectacle like that.
But that's what modern political correctness is.
And the truth is, the West has a very long, wicked history.
But even the big liberal Jim Morrison said, the West is the best, in one of his songs.
And I don't even know, I'd say the West is the best.
I mean, maybe the best at limited freedom.
Because other societies and cultures, even if they had an elite that was cultured, and that had science, didn't really want to progress, whether it was China, or Japan, or Mesoamerica, or Africa, or the Middle East, because the ruling elite had set up feudalism, and they didn't want an upwardly mobile middle class.
And by the way, it was the same thing for almost a thousand years during what they call the Dark Ages in Europe, where the elite did not want progress and would basically kill anybody that engaged in mathematics, research, herbology, anything.
So the truth is, people act the same all over the world.
And it's very easy for historians to point at problems in Western culture
And then not go study other cultures that did the exact same stuff.
Every culture human sacrificed.
Every culture sacrificed their children.
Every culture started wars with their neighbors and robbed them.
Every culture played off tribal differences.
Whether it was one African tribe killing another, or one Mesoamerican tribe killing the other, or one Germanic and Gallic tribe killing each other in Europe, it's been the same story over and over again.
And I'm not for war.
But it was necessity.
Inventions basically created out of necessity.
They say necessity is the mother of invention.
And so Europe had all these endless wars, complex wars, and a lot of technology did get developed up until the Renaissance.
The only technology that was allowed was basically military.
If you study
People like Leonardo da Vinci and others, they couldn't make money painting or sculpting like they could coming up with war machines.
And then the middle class started to form.
A lot of factors went into that.
There was a black plague that wiped out most of the elites in the cities.
For the first time in a thousand years, labor was valued.
And so people were valued again.
And so an attitude that humans weren't ugly and bad was embraced.
And we saw the greatest period over the next 450 years of innovation, invention, and light coming into the world that this planet's ever seen.
And now if you read the Club of Rome, Council on Foreign Relations, UN, Ecoscience, or turn on television, it's the world without people!
How much better we'd be without humans?
To destroy our life force, to destroy the idea that humans have any value, to destroy
That innate?
Upward mobility, master builder, designer, creator, spark that humans have in their heart and in their minds.
So that we'll just abdicate our responsibility and our birthright and hand it over to the technological technocrats and say, you know what?
We are ugly and bad.
We'll just fight with each other here in the dirt and watch civilization unravel and collapse and not rise to the challenge
And see humanity go to the stars.
We agree with you that we're an ugly, brokeback species that isn't even worth moving into the next millennium, or even to the next century.
And so we're going to let you run the show.
How did the British Empire, ruled by European royalty, come about
In the 1850s, with the current plan we live under today.
I made a film about it, End Game, Blueprint for Global Enslavement.
I've talked a lot about Francis Galton and George Bernard Shaw later, and all these different type characters.
Charles Darwin.
And the limited pop representation that the public's given.
Even the so-called intelligentsia.
But what really happened is European elites were challenged by the giant middle class and the fast growth of innovation and technological development and the open dissemination of information and a public that within 200 years of the invention of the printing press
was voraciously accelerating their understanding of the world.
The rock stars of the age were trailblazers, inventors, men of honor, women of honor, and it was just too much for the establishment to handle.
And so they openly went to scientists and said, we're going to buy you all off, develop mind technologies of mind war, as it was called in the 1880s.
To bring people back into enslavement, back into an agrarian society, back into feudalism.
And that's what Agenda 21 and the UN and UNESCO and all of this is, and they admit it, is a new dark age for all of us, with our numbers massively reduced, with the elite
Living in high-tech, breakaway civilization, technological reservations, above the law, tax-exempt, with diplomatic immunity.
In their castles, in their techno-castles, feeding on us outside the gates.
And I know that I make that announcement and basically break that down about once a week.
But that's because no one else is saying it but them.
They're saying what I'm saying, but from their perspective.
And so the public needs to understand the great challenge we face and why we're being divided and conquered right now.
Now when we return, I'll get into the big news.
The EU dictatorship goes into overdrive.
Then the latest on the situation in Chattanooga with protesters on the street saying, how dare you cover up that it was a radical Islamic attack.
We're on the march, the empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Let's talk about the real war on women.
First wave feminism was a noble cause, but modern feminists?
Well, instead of fighting for, say, paid and protected maternity leave, they want to ban words, shirts, and manspreading.
Come on!
That's cultural Marxism, which asserts that culture and language is responsible for oppressing women and not the state.
The truth is, the state encourages gender wars.
It's a divide-and-conquer tactic designed to keep us fighting amongst ourselves.
In fact, the feminist movement was hijacked by the political class to exploit women.
As the late Aaron Russo revealed, the Rockefellers bankrolled feminism.
Not because they had any interest in women's rights, but because women in the workforce was the ultimate trifecta.
The state collects more tax dollars, children are indoctrinated at an earlier age, and the traditional family structure destroyed.
Leanne McAdoo reporting for InfoWars.com
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Live from Austin, Texas broadcasting worldwide, it's Alex Jones.
Well, he's the highest level NSA whistleblower ever, the technical director of the National Security Agency, formerly.
William Binning will be joining us in the second hour to cover the Big Brother rollout, the admission of total surveillance, not just by governments, but by corporations.
We'll get into the Ashley Madison hack here in a moment as well.
We'll be talking about that with him.
I'm going to get into the latest on the Chattanooga shooting.
The hunt for the source of the leaked Royal Nazi salute film footage.
They're talking about arresting them.
See, because the public doesn't care if it's on record that King of England was the top Nazi.
Or that Prince Philip, the Queen's husband, is a Nazi.
Who says, kill all the minorities.
No one dare criticize the actual hardcore demons, dressed up in clown suits with crowns on their heads, taxpayer paid for.
I mean, these people are a bigger joke than Kim Jong-un.
Went in, wiped out all the real nobility of England.
They're like cowbirds that get in a nest and kick out the eggs, then lay their own eggs, and then the other, the blue bird or whatever comes back and raises it.
Because they wear giant monkey suits.
In fact, pull up photos of Prince Philip, Queen Elizabeth's husband, Prince Charles' father, the grandfather of these new miscreant children, who we're all supposed to worship and fawn over.
Look at their ugly looking dad with his clown face.
And they're wearing like red uniforms from the 16th century or the 17th century.
And we're just supposed to bow down to it.
It's just a complete joke.
While this guy and his foundations fund the anti-gun movements, the open borders, all the anti-white initiatives, because if you're an elitist, you hate everybody, not just other white people.
You want to dominate anyone who could ever unseat you.
You have a predatory attitude to poison everyone but yourself.
His cousin
The consort of the Queen of the Netherlands, who died a few years ago, Prince Bernhard, one of the founders of Bilderberg Group, is a Nazi as well.
And of course he ran and founded the World Wildlife Fund, that it came out was a front for poaching and selling animal parts.
There's nothing the public won't buy.
And then look at all their stupid little princelings behind them, in their own little military outfits.
I mean, this is a joke.
It's been a long time since royalty led the troops in battle.
And this isn't even a product of the British Isles.
That's what's even more disgusting about it.
The globalists are like the John Carpenter movie, The Thing, the remake of the 50s movie that came out in the 80s.
They look and act like they're part of the culture of freedom, and they are the opposite.
They are the anti-freedom.
So we'll get into that as well.
You know, we have some of the very best nutraceuticals out there that are really the missing link.
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Okay, enough on that front.
Neighbors would see me.
It's not that big a deal to swim two miles.
I'm not bragging.
There are people that swim 30 miles in a day.
In the English Channel, when it's like 60 degrees, I couldn't do that.
But neighbors would see me or walk over me and say, you swim to one side of the lake and back.
It's a little over a mile each way.
At that point, the lake wasn't down like it is now.
Now it's back up.
They're like, aren't you worried about alligator gar?
There's like 10 foot ones in that lake.
They've never even been known to attack humans.
But still, it's scary.
Aren't you scared of boats running you over?
No, that's why I'd wear an obnoxious red swim cap.
Wouldn't dare get out in the lake when people are out there.
But it just shows how I'm not governed by paralyzing fear.
In high school, we'd go to the beach.
And I think it's what separated the boys from the men.
Almost all the guys would be scared to go skinny dipping with the cheerleaders.
I should tell these stories.
I feel like I'm ready to go.
And of course, something you really had to worry about out in the Gulf of Mexico at night was not so much sharks.
They're out there, but you got a better chance by being run over by an elephant than bitten by a shark is the jellyfish.
But I mean, you just can't live in a total culture of fear like being called racist.
Oh, you don't support Obamacare?
You must be a racist.
People have to get through the fear in their lives to really be able to live.
Now, I'm a father of three now and have an important mission to carry out.
That's why I've never gone skydiving.
I really want to go skydiving, but I won't put myself in a risky situation for no reason.
I will put myself in risky situations to fight for freedom.
To stand up for human liberty.
And we need people out there to get outside of their comfort zones and to start getting involved.
And I know I'm stating the obvious here, but now is the time.
Now, I personally was deeply outraged Saturday.
And I really had one of those moments where you're basically hit by a thunderbolt of dismay
That the shooter, Mohammed Yusuf Abdulaziz, who died in a shootout with police last Thursday, now a fifth person has died, a Navy member, four Marines, one Navy sailor, and three others wounded, and he goes to Kuwait back and forth.
His dad's under investigation.
He's connected into these radical groups.
Yeah, things go bad in his life, he has nothing to lose, so he goes out and carries out a holy war, a jihad, and they get on the news and say, this is not because he's Islamic, and this is not connected to terrorism, when it was clearly terrorism.
I mean, we said the little white degenerate drug head shooting up the nine black people was a terrorist, and was out of control.
But see, it's political correctness.
He put out tweets that he was going to get the American dogs.
ISIS put out tweets taking credit before it was even announced he was Islamic.
He tweeted that he was going to carry out an attack 30 minutes before he did it.
And then they invert reality and say no connection to Islam.
I'm not here trying to demonize Islam.
Anybody who's been listening a long time knows that.
But when our government and the globalists fund radical Islam to take over the rest of the Middle East and radicalize the rest of that region, bring in record numbers of Islamic immigrants who, from Detroit to London, from New York City to Miami, are on the news coming out, telling women to wear hoods on their heads and overturning
You know, people's tables and getting aggressive and saying, you will live as we want you to live.
This is not compatible with free, laissez-faire, Western civilization.
They let MSNBC come out and say, oh, it's because Tennessee's full of a bunch of gun nuts.
He's probably a gun nut.
Days after it was known.
And so now U.S.
investigators probe shooters' alleged war text message.
He sent a text saying, I'm now declaring war.
So even self-identified as a quote, the definition of an enemy combatant, but now under political correctness, they can't do that.
And so the Washington Post should have the headline here, Americans protest angry over cover-up of Islamic terror.
But no, the headline is, angry protesters in Chattanooga, when's the government going to do something?
Paulina Proxemire was surrounded by screaming street preachers, angry protesters, and unsettled mourners who had just arrived at Sunday Church.
Her son, Petty Officer 2nd Class Randall Smith, 26, had died Saturday from wounds suffered in a shooting rampage here.
The attacker was an aimless, depressed, 24-year-old Muslim man whose online postings suggest he may have been motivated by radical Islamist movements.
Yeah, and do you think grizzly bears take a crap in the woods?
I mean, I'm sorry, folks.
It's just this is getting old.
Proxemire stood across from the bullet-riddled Armed Forces Recruiting Center, one of two military sites attacked by the government last week.
She brushed back a strand of sweat-soaked hair and sobbed.
Her son had been dead for barely one day.
Around her, people were screaming.
I can't believe these people even come here to this country, one woman yelled.
Why do they come here?
Why'd you bring your family from Kuwait?
We let women drive.
We don't sexually mutilate them.
We gotta bow down to everybody and just say we're sorry that freedom came from the West.
We're sorry spaceships came.
We're sorry classical music.
We're sorry medicine.
We're sorry.
Yeah, a lot of bad stuff too, but look at all the other cultures.
We're sick of it!
We're sorry you feel inferior or bad and don't feel like you're accepted by Western culture.
You came here because, though, we're so accepting.
We pay for everybody to come here and have their babies.
What more can we do?
We're a pathetic joke.
We're totally conquered by criminals and foreign banks.
And you're not going to be able to cover up the racial attacks and the clashes and all these
Disparate, different, sub-sex, here in America.
Because the melting pot is broken.
It's not come here and adopt Americana culture, and then keep your culture, and it becomes part of the American culture.
Because, you could take, in the past, a culture from Mexico that was European, Spanish predominantly, or you could take Italians into the US, which were European, which was Western.
You could take Russians, you could take Japanese, because their culture,
was about working together, but now they're bringing in people from all over who are the most radical groups who will chop your head off if you get caught looking at porn.
And you got the left over here who wants to teach your kids how to watch porn, but then they want to bring people in that'll chop their heads off.
It's an oxymoron.
It doesn't fit together.
So yeah, this guy brought his son in here, and his son got whacked out and couldn't handle it.
We're going to go to break, but... People are mad!
And this is how they're starting the clash of civilizations.
Look at this one.
Exploding Muslim immigration overwhelms FBI.
I'm going to dovetail that with this London Telegraph article.
Life for young Greek men is completely in limbo.
How this is spreading all over the world.
How the shooter was declaring bankruptcy, was on drugs.
According to his diary, well, that ties into what's happening to every other group of young men.
It's bigger than just religion.
So I asked my buddy Mark, where does the name Ghost Gun come from?
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I said, where?
Okay then, I'm headed to Guns80.com.
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We are being conquered by the globalists with their synthetic mind control.
But in the end game, they're going to play every culture, every society, every religion off against each other with the New World Order and its global peacekeeping forces as the referees who come in and arbitrate the disputes, of course consolidating power amongst themselves, further dividing the people, bringing in a new dark age.
Now, I'm not an apologist for Islam's failings, Islam's radicalization.
That said, the West has done the Middle East wrong.
If you want to know why radical Islam is spreading, look in the mirror.
NATO openly funding the Free Syrian Army and others.
It is a destabilization program.
The State Department for more than 50 years, this has even been in the Washington Post, has funded madrasas with radical Islamic rhetoric.
But it's not new.
Now the argument was, it was to be a bulwark against communism.
The truth is, is to keep the Middle East in a stone age
position, because previous to the rise of Islam, much of what we call the Middle East today were capitals of science, engineering, and commerce.
And then they got taken over basically and became a war-like culture.
There had always been war going on in the areas, and became more of a conquest-type culture, and began clashing with Western civilization with the rise of the Prophet Muhammad.
And so yes, Islam has been about conquest since day one.
Let's not be liars about that, and that's why it's as far east as, you know, China and the Philippines.
Islam's all over the world.
There were Islamic pirates, you know, off the coast of Australia 180 years ago.
But the public is ignorant to all of this.
But a lot of Muslim countries were very cultured, pro-Western.
They're the ones that get targeted and overthrown.
Because who wants those people building rocket ships?
Who wants them having nuclear power plants that are peaceful?
Who wants them having colleges and their young women going to school and being doctors?
They want them with bags over their heads.
And when the Saudi Prince comes, or the Saudi King comes to the south of France, they shut down miles of beach in the middle of the hotel district so he doesn't have to look at people.
That was in the news yesterday.
As God would have it, as a cruel joke I guess, and no one knows the way the Lord works in mysterious ways, the most radical group out there has given all the oil.
And merges, as it would with the British intelligence, which is the eugenics cult.
But meanwhile, life for young Greek men is completely in limbo.
Broken, beset by stigma of unemployment.
Young Greek men are putting off serious relationships and extending their childhood indefinitely.
That's the breakdown of demographics out of Greece in the London Telegraph.
And that ties into investigators on Sunday were probing the communications of the shooter who killed US troops in Chattanooga to determine his possible motive.
Four Marines were killed and a sailor.
They're not calling it an act of terrorism.
And they go into how he was depressed, losing his job, going bankrupt on illegal drugs.
I mean, how do you blame somebody coming out of Kuwait as a young kid and thrown into a gangster Mac Daddy culture that's weaponized by MTV to destroy everybody?
And then you get this weird mutation that I've seen radical Islamists merging with the whole Mac Daddy pimp game.
It's a...
Idiocracy perspective that makes me want to throw up.
Though it is a fascinating world to quote idiocracy.
And so across the world from Spain to the United States, young men are told to be boys till you're 35 now.
Stay in your parents' basement.
And just simulate that you're a conqueror on your Sony PlayStation or your Kinect.
This is the mind control.
This is the future that doesn't need us.
This is the end of humanity.
The end of men in the military.
It's all gonna be robots.
We're being broken right now.
Visit GCNlive.com today.
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You're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
Big Brother, Mainstream Media, Government Cover-Ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
There are different philosophies that govern populations of humans.
That's undisputable.
And we've seen in the last century communism sold as the rebellion against capitalism.
When we should see a rebellion of capitalism against insider mafia rule known as crony capitalism.
But if you look at a country like Mexico,
That has, depending on which resource you look at, about three times the natural resource on average that the United States does.
But why can't Mexico ever seem to become wealthy or free?
Well, they never got out from under colonialism.
You can argue we never did 100% either.
And folks in Mexico are really smart and innovative.
But using Mexico as an allegory or an analogy or a parallel, I went and saw a movie Saturday night that everyone should go see that I want to get the director of on, and it was Cartel Land.
And it shot about 80% of it inside Mexico, about 20% on the Arizona border.
And it shows the Mexican militias that have taken back large parts of the country.
But then only themselves to become a mafia again.
And they all say, well if we don't do it, somebody else will do it.
And then they lock up the founder of the movement and put him, I'm giving the movie away here, put him in federal prison at the end because he won't go along with it.
It was the winner, Best Documentary Sundance Film Festival.
It's that good.
And what's crazy is, it's actually fair.
It just shows the humanity of both sides.
It actually puts the Minutemen, it's not the Minutemen group itself, but a similar vigilante group, on the same level as the Mexican vigilantes.
It doesn't say they're perfect, they're just human.
But it shows the police cooking the methamphetamine, it shows all the different gangs, and that's all it is, is rival gangs in the Mexican economy.
They have different rival gangs bidding with each other to try to get other people to join the other gang.
They have an economy based on the Dark Ages.
Mexico is back in the Dark Ages now.
Because everything becomes, how big is your gang?
And you've got the central government
The Army, the Marines.
Would the Marines build as the non-corrupt group?
That's not true.
Though they're not as bad as the Army.
Who basically go and shut down the militias, then reconstitute them with their operatives inside, who are actually narcotics traffickers.
And they don't say it in the movie, but it's clear the government of Mexico and the United States are the ones organizing all this, and it's come out in court.
So I don't know why they didn't put it in the movie.
That El Chapo, and his number two guy, and all of them, when they're in court, with his number two guy, this was even in the El Paso Times, Chicago Tribune, three years ago, were working with the CIA, DEA, and FBI, running all the major drug operations, and had been armed to take out the specific
Cartels not controlled by the Federal Reserve.
And I had a former DEA agent on Selly Castile that they went and set up and raided his house and put in jail after he came on.
When he said they tried to hire him, because he was a Vietnam vet, to train Los Zetas and other cartels working for the CIA,
Before El Chapo, before this was ever in the news, before the war in Mexico started eight years ago.
Here's an update on the Chattanooga shooting.
Over the weekend, one of the victims died of his injuries, and now the death toll is six, including the shooter.
And the FBI is telling people not to jump to conclusions, and that the shooter may not have had terrorist ties, but may have suffered from depression.
So here we have another potential mass murder-suicide-pill incident.
Thanks, Big Pharma.
Of course, Mr. Abdulziz's father was initially on a terror watch list, and Mr. Abdulziz himself made some interesting trips to the Middle East over the last few years.
But don't look at any of that.
It's not a terrorist attack.
This can only be considered an isolated incident.
But that didn't stop General Wesley Clark calling for internment camps for disloyal Americans.
Over the weekend, the retired general told MSNBC, Clark's remarks reveal the mindset of the upper echelon of government.
Those who disagree with our so-called leaders
Are now to be rounded up and shut up indefinitely in political internment camps.
Rob Dew reporting for InfoWars.com.
Check it out today.
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From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
The intro you're hearing has aired for 18 years.
I've been syndicated for 18 years.
On air for 20.
Soon to be 21 in about 4 or 5 months.
Hard to believe 21 years on air soon.
And I meant it tongue-in-cheek then, you know, broadcasting from deep behind enemy lines.
Because originally there was another little intro before that that was clips from Red Dawn.
Where the chair is against the wall.
Chair is against the wall.
John has a long mustache.
You know, coded messages from unoccupied U.S.
into the occupied U.S.
And for all of you on or behind enemy lines, this song's for you.
And then it would cut from that into that intro.
But now, 18 years later, almost 19 years later,
We're under FEMA.
The NSA does whatever it wants.
The CIA spies on Congress.
Obama rules by executive fiat.
We're going under TPP that no one's even allowed to read.
The three subsections that have been leaked by WikiLeaks are just so draconian across the board.
And they've got the Ford Foundation hyping racial division, so we're all fighting with each other over race instead of about how all of us collectively are losing our basic freedoms.
We're going to be talking to William Benny, former Technical Director of the National Security Agency.
Huge whistleblower about some of the big developments concerning the NSA that have come out.
And we'll take some phone calls, if he's up for it, with your specific questions.
And you can tweet at RealAlexJones with your questions as well.
But our video is up on DrudgeReport.com, up at the very top of one of the major columns.
And you can just link through and watch the video.
It's on the left-hand side.
Liberal signed petition to support white privilege tax.
And I'd say about what, it's the same paradigm out in LA.
Eight out of ten people, Hispanic, it looks like, Arab, and black,
Sign a petition to make white people pay a 1% tax.
Doesn't matter if you just came here from Russia.
Doesn't matter if you're Polish.
Doesn't matter if you're an Italian immigrant or Romanian.
And you know, of course, the Hispanics that are out there are part Spanish or Portuguese.
A lot of Germans settled in Mexico and Latin America as well.
So you're European as well.
I mean, it's just so crazy that all the reparations talk being so mainline, you could have this going on.
And meanwhile, I wanted to ask William Binney about this.
It's now come out that Obama has a secret database, data mining into everything you do, data mining into local government, Google, you name it, to create a database of your racial connections.
To start federal fines and fees to quote show white bias.
You can't make this up.
So this is what the data mining is all about.
Then another article dealing with data mining.
Obama pushes to extend gun control background checks to Social Security.
That if you have a Social Security disability.
So you're getting disability, you will not be able to own a gun and will have to turn your guns in.
Not a felon, not a criminal, done nothing wrong.
You're handicapped in a wheelchair, need a firearm in a bad area?
The police are coming to take your gun.
We reported on this on Saturday and I saw comments on InfoWars.com saying this can't be true.
This is in the LA Times today.
They're going to use a Department of Veterans Affairs program that they've been using for a decade on veterans
To manage who has their firearms taken.
It says that right here.
So see, the don't treat list in the military that have been out for a year, been around for four or five years, where you just cannot get treatment for operable cancer, operable heart problems.
You're just given pills.
Oh, your knee's bad?
Here's a cane.
What did Dr. Blaylock say over and over again on this show about Obamacare?
They'll be the model of the VA, and once we get it, they'll say, no knee surgery, here's a cane.
No cornea surgery, here's glasses.
They got more doctors than anybody else in the world, per capita.
In Cuba, you just can't get any service.
And it's down here.
And it's all managed by computers and databases.
William Binney is going to be breaking this down.
I want to get his take on this first.
CNBC, Wesley Clark, former top U.S.
Former top NATO General.
Former Supreme Allied Commander of Europe for NATO.
Advocates rounding up radicalized and disloyal Americans.
Oh, like this guy already being watched by the FBI who shot and killed five people in Chattanooga?
And his dad connected to networks that are under scrutiny?
Just like Major Ahsan, the NSA had him with overseas communiques, and the CIA blocked for two years an investigation of Ahsan, who was being handled by Anwar al-Awlaki.
And they didn't call that terror either.
Why are they doing this?
Because they use it to get more domestic funding.
But now he wants to lock people up.
But when you read deeper, they've SWAT teamed William Binney.
They tried to put him in jail.
They've put record numbers of journalists in jail.
They admit, at the Homeland Security level, it was first leaked to us seven years ago, it's now declassified.
I had State Police, Federal Marshal, and others look at me, multiple documents on record, where they said veterans, gun owners, conservatives, libertarians, constitutionalists, and then anti-war activists are listed as the real terror threat.
And here's Wesley Clark, just setting the table for how this stuff is going to affect everybody.
Data mining.
That you went in when you had a divorce or you went in when you had a car wreck and they recommended, hey, go see a psychologist about your broken back or whatever.
And then they said, oh, we say you have PTSD.
They just hand out diagnoses like they hand out candy at a barbershop to kids.
And then you're told you can't own a gun anymore.
I told you it was coming.
What they do to the vets, they do to us.
What they do to the least of us, they do to me, Christ said.
What they'll do to unborn babies, what they'll do to old people, what they'll do to vets, they'll do to everybody.
William Benny's take on the general world itself.
He's been to Europe.
He's been speaking around the planet.
He can tell us about that and update.
We're so honored to have him.
But he'll be with us 15 minutes to the next hour.
And we're going to be joined by Wayne Madsen, formerly of the NSA, as well with breaking news.
Well, we've got to identify the people who are most likely to be radicalized.
We've got to cut this off at the beginning.
There are always a certain number of young people who are alienated.
They don't get a job, they lost a girlfriend, their family doesn't feel happy here.
And we can watch the signs of that and there are members of the community who will reach out to those people and bring them back in and encourage them to look at their blessings here.
But I do think on a national policy level, we need to look at what self-radicalization means.
Because we are at war with this group of terrorists.
They do have an ideology.
In World War II, if someone supported Nazi Germany at the expense of the United States, we didn't say that was freedom of speech.
We put him in a camp.
They were prisoners of war.
So if these people are radicalized and they don't support the United States and they're disloyal to the United States as a matter of principle, fine, that's their right.
It's our right and our obligation to segregate them from the normal community for the duration of the conflict.
And I think we're going to have to increasingly get tough on this.
Okay, and so will Europe, he goes on to say.
Here's the problem.
They're bringing in record numbers of Muslims from radical countries, from radical sects.
I mean, they can look into a database, find out if somebody is a Wahhabist, like these folks were connected to.
They can see his comments online, on Facebook.
I mean, the FBI was already watching him and was told to stand down.
And William Benny talked about the NSA had the power to stop 9-11.
We weren't allowed to use those tools.
Instead, everybody gets spied on because the political class wants these threats to be there, wants to keep them going, as William Benny has said, to take more of our liberties so they can dominate the general political mass of the people who are not criminals.
Joining us is William Benny, former Technical Director of the National Security Agency.
I don't know where you want to start, sir.
We could get into
The latest hacking situation with Ashley Madison.
We could get into corporation spying.
We could get into exposed facts.
The site that has your info posted.
The tour you just came off of speaking around the world.
We could get into this call for interning Islamists that are radicalized.
What do you want to tackle first, sir?
Well, it's good to be with you again, Alex, but could we start with the OPM issue and the data hacking?
Let's talk about the data hacking and more time in the spotlight for NSL 2014 and review this big court ruling.
First of all, with the OPM, when they lose all of that data, that includes things like when you go for a clearance with the government to work for the government,
You fill out a form that's an SF-86, a standard form 86, and that goes through your entire history, work history, health issues, your family, all your family members, all their names, addresses, phone numbers, and references, all the people you have done as references, plus it also authorizes them to
You have to authorize them to be able to acquire any kind of information health-wise, financially, or anything else that the FBI wishes to get.
It's like a universal NSL on every individual that applied.
So all of that goes into the files in OPM.
And so in layman's terms, the reported Chinese hack that Obama's covering up is basically the secret files on federal employees, operatives, and others.
An unprecedented breach.
Who do you think's behind it?
They're saying it's China.
Mr. Binney, you're the expert on this.
Who do you think's really behind it?
Well, I think they're probably right that it is China.
I think that's probably what it is, yeah.
But there's something other than that, there's something even more threatening here, that is, I'm not sure what OPM had exactly in their files, but if they had all of the, they're supposed to compile all the data of your experience while you're working with the government, so it's like your central personnel file.
Which will have a lot of intel on who's been investigated.
This is a devastating breach.
Yeah, and it would also list, for example, letters of appreciation or commendation or awards and things like that, which for your work history, that is, if you achieve things in work, then they would write them up and you would get a letter or some kind of award, achievement award or something like that, which would go into describing what you did.
So it would be classified.
So now if that classified data is in there, also that means the Chinese have all of that, too.
Well, Mr. Binney, this is so bombshell, and I knew it was in the notes to go over.
I'd like you to start over without me interrupting.
Explain the data breach that happened, the clear hacks that have been going on, the glitches all over the place, the war between the U.S.
and China.
And then I want to go back into the last time you were in studio with us, and we're going to put this together with that on the nightly news tonight.
Well, you explained by putting everything on digital databases and by putting back doors and everything, it made our country wide open to foreign hacking and is the ultimate tool, Trojan horse, to make us absolutely Swiss cheese penetrable.
That has now, within a month or two of you predicting it, has now happened.
So explain it to us like we're just the lay public and not 200 IQ super geniuses, you know, top code breakers like yourself.
Okay, let me, if I can just put, see if I can put it simply.
If, for example, you have a bunch of protected information that you want to, that you have classified, or information about the people who are working for you, you're assembling it in a database so you can help manage your business, okay?
The industry would do this too.
So, but if you put it in a database, you have to try to ensure that that database is secure.
Well, if NSA is going along and other intelligence agencies around the world are going along trying to find weaknesses in operating systems or firewalls or other kinds of encryption or things like that, and when they find them, they don't tell anybody so that what they can do, it gives them a window into everything that they are doing.
That simply says they're allowing a flaw in the system to exist and continue, which can be discovered by anybody in the world.
I mean, they have no monopoly on smart people.
There's lots of smart people all around the world, so that means that they eventually have a chance to get in and see that too, which means that that then makes everybody with that system vulnerable.
So they leave the holes, they don't patch them, please continue.
Yeah, they leave them that way because they want to be able to look into what you're doing.
So they know they have a window in, but other people can discover that too.
And when other people do it, like the Chinese for example, that means that they can come across and take everything that's in those files also.
So now it's safe to say the entire 21 million huge government database of operatives and spies and hackers, you name it, has now been grabbed by the Communist Chinese.
Plus, potentially, some of the awards that they've all achieved over their work history, which means it may outline some of the programs that are existing and some of the techniques that were used to achieve the success.
But almost no coverage of this.
We've heard Snowden's the biggest demon in the world for exposing illegal spying on the people, but not actually releasing the intel.
And now we have the system itself built so government agencies can go in and out of there and not have their tracks seen.
And it also outlines all the contractors that are involved with the NSA or CIA or anybody else.
And it gives them, like for example, that's how the Chinese came up with the design of the F-35, you know, that's the same design as ours, but they got it from us, they didn't get it from, you know, from having to do the development themselves.
They don't have to spend $400 million now, they can just take it for free.
Yeah, they take it from the contractors, yeah, who are, you know, the weaknesses then are system-wide, all the contractors that are involved also have to be protected in the same level, and they're not.
And that's why they're being able to get into these systems.
So, I mean, it makes everybody vulnerable.
Why are we seeing prosecution of journalists that expose the crime, but then they let the communist Chinese operatives also work in these secret facilities as well, who are then physically, as a brain trust, taking the plans out of the building?
You know, it's beyond me.
I can't understand this myself.
I really can't.
I mean, it's absolutely astounding.
How can people do this?
I just don't understand it.
I mean, if whistleblowers come out and show that there's a problem...
Or an issue or something illegal or something on, you know, criminal or some fraud or waste.
I mean, it would be it's in the vested interest of the organization, the government or the industry to address that issue.
If they want to improve as a corporation or a government, they should address it to fix the problem instead of letting the problem fester and continue.
Because it only allows, you know, all of these follow on things to happen.
So, you know, it's almost infallible to me as to how they would, you know, just let this continue like that.
It shows a really decadent attitude and a laissez-faire attitude by these people.
This smells like an empire on the verge of collapse to me.
Just all of this craziness going on really, really stinks to high heaven.
Yeah, it certainly does, yeah.
I absolutely agree to that.
Well, I've asked some of the questions here.
You brought up these huge data breaches.
Then that ties into, as you said, commercial outfits.
Everything from Amazon to Bank of America to Ashley Madison with 37 million cheaters on it.
Now they're saying they're going to publish that in a database so men and women can find out if their husband or wife cheated on them.
I mean, it just seems like all this open source, open code, backdoor open stuff is going to bring down the world.
It certainly makes the world vulnerable to all kinds of manipulation and monitoring and all kinds of blackmail or things like that happening anywhere in the world for anybody.
It's not just the average citizen, but it's also members of parliaments around the world, government officials, everybody.
What about planted info?
I know I've seen a lot of cases where different agencies in this government and others plant stuff on people's computers.
Isn't it easy for them to go in and plant stuff with these back doors?
Yeah, you see, that's part of the problem.
That makes that all possible too.
And that means that, you know, it gets back to a question of trust.
How can you trust a government that has the capability to do that?
And if they do everything in secret, you never know what they're doing.
And so it's very difficult to prove one way or another that they did or didn't do that.
The way we did it, of course, was to have duplicate copies of everything we ever did in multiple places.
So you're backed up so that if they manipulate anything,
Then we could show it from a record copy from another source that we had.
Weren't you able to do that yourself?
Didn't they try to set you up, but you, somebody inside warned you?
Well, we didn't have any, it was basically we understood how these people operated, so we did the backups like I just said, and so that when they took data and tried to accuse us of something, we already had retrieved all the data from our backup sources.
And so they couldn't claim things that didn't exist in our backup sources, so we could show in court record copy, you know, emails, things like that, that would demonstrate that what they were saying was untrue.
I'm going from memory, last time you were physically here, there was some other facet to it though, where someone inside basically stopped them from being able to set you up.
You don't know who they are though?
Oh, that was the, in the Department of Justice, there was the, somebody felt really bad about, you know, excuse me, what they were doing to us, so they sent us a copy of their draft indictment, which showed all of the falsehoods that they were attempting to claim against us.
So there was somebody in the DOJ who actually felt bad about it.
So, you know, not everybody there is bad, is what I'm trying to say.
Being in government for decades, being admittedly one of the top codebreakers ever, moving up from the mailroom to the very top of the organization, basically, to use that allegory, or that analogy,
And we're going to break here in a moment, just a quick question.
What percentage, as a guesstimation of government, would you say are good guys versus bad guys?
I think that the corruption of people and the conversion to the dark side starts around grade 15, which is probably, which is the government service grade, which is like a lieutenant or a bird colonel in the military.
At that level on up is where the corruption really starts.
And so at that point, I'd say you're talking maybe about 15% of the people.
And it runs basically on a military system, you're just in plain clothes.
In fact, you were a, what level were you?
A general?
I was like, it's not quite equivalent to military, but it's like a 1.5 general, yeah.
Star general, yeah.
We'll be right back.
Stay there.
William Binney, former technical director of the NSA, is our guest.
I'm Alex Jones.
Stay with us.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Economic upheaval has enveloped the European Union this year as a result of bailout practices that have done nothing but make these countries more insolvent.
Well, French President Francois Hollande has proposed a solution.
He recently suggested that every member of the Eurozone transfer all their sovereignty to a newly created federal government.
In other words, it would essentially be a United States of Europe.
The government would have a prime minister, a parliament, a federal budget, and a federal treasury.
That's a pretty good suggestion.
Since your original Eurozone bureaucracy in Parliament didn't do anything to help these financial crises, except make the banks richer, let's create another big bureaucracy that we can feed money into, therefore kicking the can down the road just a little bit farther.
Michael Schneider notes that during times of emergency, the elites are often able to push through things that they would never be able to accomplish under normal circumstances.
And for those of you keeping score, a year ago the euro to dollar ratio was 1.35.
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Okay, Mr. Benny, I've been asking some of the questions.
Former head of technical operations at the NSA is our guest.
If folks just joined us,
Former Technical Leader for the Intelligence with the NSA before becoming a whistleblower in 2001 to Congress.
He did it the proper way until he got SWAT teamed.
After more than 30 years with the agency, Benny has been described as one of the big, best analysts and codebreakers in NSA history.
Benny continues to speak out on the NSA's data collection.
I've got a lot of questions to answer, to try to get you to answer, but I also want to hear what you think is important front and center.
So, go ahead Mr. Benny, what else should the public know about from your expert perspective?
Well, relative to the OPM loss of data, I mean, they could have easily encrypted that data.
It doesn't matter whether you have data stored on an old set of equipment or a new set, it's still stored in a database.
You can encrypt a database no matter where it is.
So they could have done that all along, but they didn't.
So that even made them even more vulnerable.
You know, so that would have been a simple solution for them to do and to help protect that information.
And they didn't even do that.
So, I mean, they're not making good decisions here, period.
I mean, these are not people who are competent at securing anything.
I mean, the same is true with NSA.
I mean, they're doing this bulk acquisition of information and burying themselves.
And I keep, I use the case of the Garland shooting, Garland, Texas shooting down there where, you know, a member of Anonymous tipped off the local police down there that they were going to be attacked two days before the attack occurred.
And yet our intelligence community, for which we pay over a hundred billion dollars a year, said absolutely nothing.
Because they're buried in so much information they can't find it.
Whereas Anonymous was very focused, they had a focused attack, a focused look at the
People who were involved in terrorism or were showing signs of being radicalized.
And they found the information, whereas our intelligence community didn't.
And so they have the incompetence at the top levels of all these agencies are adopting the incorrect process for the entire agencies of the intelligence community.
That means they're making us all more vulnerable than we've ever been before.
So, I mean, that's so important that people don't seem to realize, well, they keep saying they're doing this for our protection.
Well, so did the Nazis in 1933, when they, you know, took power to do anything with anybody with NDAA, Section 1021, which is Special Order 48 for the Nazis.
The same kind of thing has occurred down through history over and over again.
And if their objective is to protect us, then they ought to do things smartly, professionally, and with discipline.
And that's what they're not doing.
So what is the endgame?
I mean obviously hundreds of billions of dollars are being made a year by private contractors and big companies, so they're always lobbying for more and more of this, but then you have giant sprawling facilities in Utah, Texas, Maryland, all over the place, not to mention 800,000 people that are outside government with security clearances, building the ultimate hackable
Open door, nightmare system.
How do they think they're going to get away with this?
I mean, it's going to create more and more disasters.
Now the Chinese have stolen 21 million background dossiers on federal employees and operatives.
I mean, this is just unprecedented and nobody's getting in trouble for it.
Yeah, I think they feel that this is what President Eisenhower really warned us about back in 1961, was the power of the evolving, at the time, military-industrial complex, is the way he called it.
But it's really the military-industrial-intelligence complex, which includes government.
The supposed intelligence committees that were supposed to prevent spying on U.S.
citizens as a result of the FISA laws back in 1978, in fact, are now advocates for spying on U.S.
So that's the kind of reversal that's gone on.
I mean, our entire government in the intelligence-related field, national security, if you will, has now felt that they're above the law, they're above the Constitution, they can do anything they feel is necessary, and nobody's going to stop them.
And everybody's afraid to do anything, because they'll feel that if political people started doing, they would fear being labeled, you know, weak on terror, weak on national security, and they don't want that label, and so therefore they go along to get along.
Well, take Rand Paul.
He said four years ago, don't fund the Free Syrian Army.
They're really Wahhabis out of Saudi Arabia.
And then now, they go on the news and say, because you're not for the Patriot Act extension, or illegal NSA spying, it's going to be your fault when we get hit by terrorists, when they have this giant NSA system, and it didn't stop anything.
That's exactly right.
And that's because they're not doing a professional, disciplined approach.
The management is directing something that is focused on getting more money and more money and building a bigger bureaucracy and not actually solving problems.
That's the way they've approached this entire problem from the beginning, even before 9-11.
I mean, it was basically they allowed things to happen without actually trying to stop them and doing smart things to make that happen, make that possible.
They just were looking for money as the main objective.
Well, we know what's going to happen.
The Chinese are going to use that database to make connections between the people that are on the list and operatives inside their country.
And they're undoubtedly going to end up imprisoning or killing U.S.
operatives inside China and rolling up the entire Western operation.
And it only seems like it's a matter of time before this confrontation with China escalates.
But so many of our leaders are heavily invested in China.
They're basically already double agents to China.
I mean, this just seems like a recipe for disaster.
I couldn't agree more.
I mean, we're not doing anything smart in most international arenas.
I mean, it's just not it's just not smart to do that, taking the and doing the procedures that we're doing, even like with the
I don't understand why we didn't put more pressure on the Iranians to get a better deal.
I mean, why didn't we ask for a better deal?
It seemed like we caved on every point that they were asking on.
You know, it doesn't make a lot of sense to me to do that.
You know, usually I can figure out what's going on.
I can't figure out what's going on with Iran.
Because the West is clearly funding Iran's archenemy, Saudi Arabia, and allowing them to run a Sunni takeover.
And then meanwhile, we've been fighting a proxy war against Iran in Syria.
But then on the other hand, we make a one-sided deal that is for Iran, and then they make fun of us.
I mean, I can't figure out what's going on.
Yeah, it's hard to follow the bouncing ball in that arena.
That's for sure.
I really don't know what to say myself.
I don't know how to characterize that.
Meanwhile, for those that just joined us, you got SWAT teamed for going and whistleblowing to Congress, and they tried to put you and others in prison, so that's who this government's focused on, is people like you that built so much of what they're misusing today.
So I guess, honorable service to the Republic, that's legal and lawful, is punished.
Being an absolute whore traitor is rewarded.
Yeah, I think I refer to that as population control, which is the objective of mass acquisition of data on everybody in your country, or on the planet.
It's really population control.
So that's really what they're after, I think.
That way they get to manipulate anybody they want to do anything they want them to do.
And then they just hope that other governments and corporations are too incompetent to know how to use the data that they can get as well.
That just sounds arrogant.
Well, so far it's been pretty much true, except that there's like some of the cases when they have these break-ins and theft of information, why that shows that others are starting to wise up too.
So, I mean, it means that
It simply means that they can't guarantee that they will be the only ones to be able to leverage this information.
Well, take Ashley Madison.
From the time I heard that being promoted on Talk Radio by Howard Stern and people, I just immediately thought, that sounds like a recipe for blackmail.
And then now, 37 million people that have reportedly cheated on their spouses, that database has now been stolen.
Why would anyone, if they were going to cheat on their spouse, go do it on a mass database?
Yeah, that's really kind of...it's really...people don't realize what's possible today and, you know, with the information systems we have, they just don't realize that this information is out there forever for just about anybody to get to it if they know how to do that.
William Binney, former Technical Director of the National Security Agency, is our guest and we're here going over some of the latest developments.
What do you make of a whole bunch of financial websites, the Wall Street Journal, airlines going down two weeks ago, the New York Stock Exchange going down, and they said it was not connected to a hack.
Do you have any info on that, Mr. Binney?
I don't have any first-hand knowledge of that, but it sure sounds suspicious, even by simply a time coincidence, that those things are happening without some central or coordinated action.
You have to try to figure the random probability of that actually being that way.
The random probability is pretty low, in my view, anyway.
Since you were last on, Clapper,
Of course, for folks who don't know, who headed up the NSA, his lawyer came out and said that he was forgetful.
He didn't mean to lie, saying the NSA does no domestic spying.
He was just forgetful.
What do you make of that?
I think that's just a bunch of hard wash.
I mean, he was given those questions, you know, two days in advance.
So how can you be forgetful when you're given the questions you're going to be asked in committee, and you go over them, how can you forget that you went over them?
I mean, that's just a bunch of malarkey.
Well, we see how the Supreme Court's acting, we see how Congress is acting, doing whatever foreign corporations want.
We've been conquered with blackmail, I think it's clear.
It's come out that the British Parliament's being blackmailed with their MI6 spying.
It's come out the CIA is spying on the Senate Intelligence Committee.
I mean, I think it's pretty clear we've been hoisted on our own petard.
We've been hung on our own rope and that this technology has been used to overthrow the country.
I don't have a... I can't argue with that.
That sounds very much on the mark to me.
In your gut, do you think we're going to be able to reverse this or get it under control?
Yeah, I really do, because one of the basic, the fundamental thing that they're most afraid of is being exposed.
I mean, that's why I think there's a lot of people who talk directly about issues, create a real firestorm, and are opposed by any number of people.
That's because nobody wants to address the real hard problems.
And when it comes to it, they try to cover up things that they're doing.
So they're very sensitive to having sunlight put on the events or the things that they've actually done.
And some of that is coming out and even being more discussed in Europe now.
For example, the Bundestag is finding out that the BND had agreements with certain limited numbers of members of the higher level members of their government.
To do certain things with NSA that the rest of the Bundestag didn't know about.
Well, the same was true in our Congress.
You see, we exported that technique of how to co-opt in.
Uh, uh, uh, legislative areas around the world.
How to give data to select people and then make them even more prominent because they're operatives.
It's, it's, it's espionage.
Let's come back and talk about that when Merkel claimed a year ago she didn't know about NSA spying and of course she did.
William Benny's been over to Europe, he's been speaking to these parliaments and we'll find out about his recent travels and then take a few of your phone calls.
Your quick questions, 800-259-9231.
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The story just broke on Infowars.com.
Black rebel flag supporter dies after being ran off the road, witnesses say.
That story is up on Infowars.com.
They've got us all fighting over rebel flags while all of our basic freedoms are being stolen.
William Benny is our guest with us 15 minutes to the next hour.
We're going to talk to Steve, Chris, Eugene, and others.
Quick questions or comments for our guest, one of the top NSA experts out there, 800-259-9231.
But yeah, you've been out of the country and traveling the last few months, Mr. Benny.
Tell us about the progress you're making alerting the world to what's happening, because whether it's here in the U.S.
or Germany or anywhere, there are laws against this.
This is not legal by any stretch of the imagination.
So how are they getting away with it?
Well, that's what I've been suggesting when I go to, like, for example, Germany or Europe, anywhere in Europe.
I mean, the European Union has laws against data transfer without the permission of the individuals involved.
I mean, they view information, even if it's held by telecoms or any kind of service provider, that it's still, that information is the property of the individual.
And so, if they want to transfer it somewhere, give it to somebody else, or share it, then they have to get the permission of that individual to do that.
Otherwise, it's against their laws.
So, what that really means to me, and what I keep suggesting over there, is that they should file lawsuits and criminal prosecution against all these people for sharing the information, all of the companies at least.
If they don't want to do it against the U.S.
government, then they should do it against the companies that are participating in this data sharing.
Specifically with the PRISM program or any other of the tapping programs.
Even the Bundestag has found out, I believe that just recently, that the BND was cooperating with NSA and sharing data about German citizens and other European citizens as well with the NSA.
So, I mean, that's also against their laws.
So, I mean, they have ample opportunity, if they want to, to charge these organizations with criminal prosecution.
I mean, they just need to start doing it.
Or, what comes next?
I mean, if we don't reverse this big brother on steroids move, where does it end?
I mean, you know, Samsung six months ago, with all its new customers that buy their new TVs, tells you, we watch and listen to you and sell the data.
I mean, not just watch your patterns of what you view, to sell a
I know, it's insane.
I mean, why would anybody want to buy a product like that?
I mean, I certainly wouldn't.
I mean, it's like that case when a school gave laptop computers to the kids.
Yeah, and they started spying on them when they were at home.
I mean, that's certainly a violation of their privacy rights.
Exactly, and it was the school themselves that announced it like it was a good thing.
You know, Mr. Binning, it's almost like a revolution of these crazy control freaks against the rest of us.
They're just doing it like it's their religion, no matter how crazy.
Sorry, go ahead.
No, no, that's absolutely right.
I agree totally with that.
I mean, it's a matter of standing up for your rights.
I mean, I've never, I have never known Americans not to stand up for their rights until this current cycle with the terrorism.
I mean, and what they've done is they fear mongered us into thinking that, oh, we're all in so much danger, we better just forget about our rights and let them do anything they want to try to protect us.
Well, they aren't really trying to protect us.
If they were, they wouldn't be doing this bulk acquisition.
They'd be doing the targeted... Exactly.
Stay there and explain that in 70 seconds.
When we come back, we'll take phone calls.
Two more segments with William Benning.
Stay with us.
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Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
William Benny is our guest.
Former technical leader for intelligence with the NSA.
He was number three, number two, depending on how you look at it, of the National Security Agency.
Blew the whistle back in 2001 about illegal spying.
Also pointing out that there was so much of it, it would blind us to real stuff.
And they didn't do anything, they SWAT teamed him.
Years later.
And tried to set him up.
He's a real hero.
For doing his job.
And as he said, most people low-level in government are not bad.
It's as you get higher level, they want compromised individuals.
Next segment, we're going to go to Steve, Chris, Eugene, Scott, Jeremy, and others with your questions or comments for William Benning.
And he posts his information at exposedfacts.org, major whistleblower website.
But we were talking
Back before the break about Pennsylvania and other areas where, and I mean that was like eight years ago, where the school gives out all these quote free laptops, they're not free, they're taxpayer paid for, and then they were watching kids in their showers, they called the police because a girl was eating Skittles, they said they were pills, and then the school themselves was bragging about it is how they learned.
And so there's a revolution going on by government corporations to spy on us,
And nobody's getting prosecuted.
Nobody's getting in trouble.
And this stuff is opening us up, these back doors, to private hackers and other groups to steal our data.
But it is coming to a head.
Mr. Benny, in the three minutes before break, this is a short segment, you say you do see things getting better.
How do you see that worm turning?
What needs to be done?
Well, I think fundamentally they need to have
A restructuring of how NSA is permitted to do business.
And it requires some very simple laws would handle it.
Like, for example, if they simply said to NSA or any other intelligence agency or any agency of the government of the United States, if they were trying, if they were, if they were holding data about a U.S.
citizen, that they must have a warrant.
Otherwise, they must purge their database of that data.
That would be pretty simple.
So that would eliminate any possible way of them having secret interpretations of anything.
So they could scoop it, scan it, but then purge it?
Right, exactly.
They'd have to purge it.
And they'd have to require a time limit of at least no more than, say, you have 24 hours to recognize this.
If you don't recognize it, you have a U.S.
citizen there without a warrant, and you delete it, then you are now in violation of the law.
So that would put them right on the spot.
And that would make it almost impossible for them not to follow the law.
Because then you need to prosecute them.
Once you find something like that, you have to follow through.
If you don't follow through, then there's no teeth behind the law.
Just like right now, when it comes to whistleblowers, they follow through in the law and they prosecute people.
But when it comes to administration people, like General Petraeus or anybody else that does things, they get slaps on the hand and never really get prosecuted or anything or threatened.
So, that's an inconsistent application of the law, and they need to be consistent in what they do, and they need to follow through with everybody.
What are some of the other solutions, William Benning?
Well, I mean, they're very simple.
I mean, if you take a technical approach, I mean, we already developed a technical approach that would allow them to do a focused attack on terrorism, or dope smuggling, or international crime.
And we left it with them, and they basically ignored it because it didn't get this bulk information acquisition system, which was the thing that really requires lots of money, and built an empire.
And so, that's fundamentally why they went that way.
So they should implement that but they aren't and that's all come that by the way is all a part of the DOD IG report.
It's titled Trailblazer and Thin Thread Requirements.
That was all documented in that and and the NSA and also the
DOD and everybody tried to suppress that as much as they could because they didn't want that knowledge out.
Of course.
Well, I mean, that's how you suppress any reasonably good development that would make it lawful in what you're doing.
Stay there, sir.
We're going to take calls.
Economic upheaval has enveloped the European Union this year as a result of bailout practices that have done nothing but make these countries more insolvent.
Well, French President Francois Hollande has proposed a solution.
He recently suggested that every member of the Eurozone transfer all their sovereignty to a newly created federal government.
In other words, it would essentially be a United States of Europe.
The government would have a prime minister, a parliament, a federal budget, and a federal treasury.
That's a pretty good suggestion.
Since your original Eurozone bureaucracy in Parliament didn't do anything to help these financial crises, except make the banks richer, let's create another big bureaucracy that we can feed money into.
Therefore, kicking the can down the road just a little bit farther.
Michael Schneider notes that during times of emergency, the elites are often able to push through things that they would never be able to accomplish under normal circumstances.
And for those of you keeping score, a year ago the euro to dollar ratio was 1.35.
Today it's come down to 1.08.
Clearly the European Union is faltering.
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Resistance to tyrants is obedience to God.
It's Alex Jones.
When you study legislation, when you study the news, you really marvel at the revolution of criminality in major corporations and government.
Where they get together in these big corporate lobbying boards and just basically decide to buy off the politicians.
And then in mass, they just violate the law, not just countrywide, but worldwide.
And they do it with the same playbooks.
It really is organized crime.
That's what I'd call it.
Organized crime.
Same stuff that brought down Mexico, that I've seen bring down third world countries, is bringing us down.
I mean, we've got a video that's up on Infowars.com out of NBC Atlanta, Channel 11, called The Back Room, where Georgia bills are made.
And then it just says, here, sign your name here, legislature is supporting this bill, and we'll pay you X number of money.
And it just shows how the country's up for sale.
And it's one thing if lobbyists lobby for stuff that's legal, but a lot of times they'll lobby for stuff that's illegal.
Then they'll just change the law later.
To get in line with what they've just done.
It's simply amazing.
And then there's how the NSA, and I want to go to your phone calls with William Benning, there's how the NSA is constantly getting caught, along with other major corporations it works with, stealing data from economic groups for economic warfare, but not even giving it to US companies.
Farming it out to international groups.
I mean, it is such an unlevel playing field, and with this amount of inside knowledge, they can corner any market they want.
Mr. Binney, that's my greatest concern, after foreign countries being able to go through all these back doors into our systems, as we just saw with the 21 million people working for the government having their data stolen by the Chinese government.
Is that it allows select crony groups to corner global markets with the inside knowledge?
Yeah, that basically gives them the power to be able to do that.
Yeah, that's right.
That's a major issue.
I mean, even within the country, they can do that, like they can leverage companies inside any country also.
How do they do that?
Well, it's just a matter of seeing the data that they're doing.
If you're bidding for a contract, for example, whether it's internationally or within the country, then any conversation or any data you're pricing, you're trying to price your bid, that information would be flowing around your company and that could be acquired and then they would know everybody's bidding position and then they could position themselves to win the contract.
And that's just the tip of the iceberg.
That's right.
I mean, it's a question of whether you can trust them.
How can you trust people who don't tell you the truth?
I mean, that's how can the public trust anybody in the government because they've never been.
I mean, they have a consistent track record of lying to us.
There seems to be a over-the-top arrogance, a bravado, a chutzpah in government.
And I'm not a Republican or a Democrat, but it seems like under Obama that has really intensified.
Is it just the corruption's growing and so it's going to get worse no matter who's in?
Or is there something different about the Obama administration?
Uh, I think it's pretty standard.
I mean, I think it was there with the Bush administration.
It just, uh, it just got worse with Obama.
I mean, uh, I think he's basically doubled down on what Bush was doing so that now there's twice as much capability as existed before.
So it's a matter of, uh, if you have the power, you know, how much power do you have and how much can you exercise of it?
And I think that as that knowledge grows, that power grows and so therefore they have greater capabilities of, uh,
Of doing more and more things.
So I think it's only a matter of whatever administration is in, they're going to use that power that's available.
And that means that that means that all of this information is being collected on this grand scale and accelerating scale is only going to make it more possible for them to do what they want to do.
And now it's come out that not just the DEA, but the FBI, all of them are doing parallel construction with fake court cases setting people up.
I mean, it's like, I thought if we exposed the evil, it would dissipate.
Instead, the devil just sits right next to you and says, yeah.
I'm here!
Yeah, and in fact, we had talked to the President's Civil Liberties Oversight Board about this, about the parallel construction and the corruption and subversion of our entire judicial process, and they told us that the administration assured them that if any of this information ever was used again against someone in a court of law, that that defendant would be told.
Well, I have yet to hear of a case where that's happened.
And the Feds have a 97% conviction rate.
Let's talk to Steve in Virginia.
You're on the air with an American hero, William Benny.
Go ahead, Steve.
Yeah, Steve, I think with this OPM breach, I think what a lot of people don't realize is that not only are they guilty, but so is the FBI.
And agencies like the CIA, where they invest a lot of money in their employees, they're
Why would the CIA have any confidence in the FBI to do background investigations in which their employees get burned?
Basically, the SF-86 is useless, and the American people, they don't trust our government anymore.
And quite frankly, as a consumer, I cannot buy a flexible spread-spectrum audioizer where I can secure my phone conversation
Yes, we are.
That's a great question.
Why aren't people making a billion dollars off of encryption systems?
I mean, is the big problem feasibility or has the government come after you, Mr. Benny?
If you've noticed, there's this discussion about NIST and NIST approval of encryption system for commercial use.
So, the point is that NIST and NSA are together, so that when an encryption system goes to NIST for testing and approval for commercial application, NSA knows about it and they see the algorithm and they are the ones who actually approve it.
So NIST and the patent office and all of them give the keys of the kingdom to any new system?
That's correct.
And if it doesn't get approved by NIST, it doesn't get commercially accepted.
Is there any over-the-counter online software for Skype or for Google or for any other communication system that encrypts it good enough where they're not going to be able to mess with it?
Well, with the Bull Run program, it makes all of that uncertain anyway.
So it's really hard to say that there is anyone that is, in fact, secure.
Including the government?
Including the government, yeah.
Total insanity.
Absolute insanity.
You know, I don't think... I mean, it's even more insane than that, though, Alex.
If you look at it, one part of NSA is the Information Assurance Directorate.
That's supposed to secure the communications of the United States, right?
And the other parts of operations, they're supposed to break into these communications.
Well, if you look at this, this is now dealing with the worldwide standard of the Internet.
So on the one side they're trying to protect it, on the other side they're trying to break into it.
And when they break into it, they don't tell the defense side that they've done that.
So they can't defend against it, you see.
So they're actually working against one another.
And that's even just within NSA.
That should be illegal!
It should be.
It's actually stupid, isn't it?
You know,
I don't know if Atlantis was real or not, Mr. Benny, but the analogy, the parable is certainly useful, but they got a super technology and blew themselves up.
I don't know if we're going to make it as a species acting this stupid when our own leadership behaves like this.
I mean, they have to know all these back doors and all this ubiquitous tech and everything, these Trojan horses and all the appliances is going to backfire on them.
I mean, why would anyone want to do something like this?
Yeah, I totally agree.
I mean, they certainly should, if they're going to have an effort, they should coordinate it and they should make it, they should make it where it actually does protect people and their communications for privacy and all, what have you.
Well, Wayne Matthews is coming up at the bottom of the hour.
He was in NSA security, but I've talked to a lot of other folks, high level like you, mid-level like him, and they all said, look,
We didn't spy on anybody domestically until a few years before 9-11.
You would get, you know, in deep trouble for that.
Everybody knew this is America, not 1984.
We don't do that.
And then just suddenly somewhere it all just changed where it's a free-for-all.
Where was that point?
Well, actually the 9-11 event was the leverage that they used to do this in secret.
You know, that was the ultimate threat that they could use to intimidate people to buy into the programs.
That's what they did with the four members of Congress, the House and Senate Intelligence Committee chair and ranking member.
And that's what they also did with the senior judge on the FISA court.
So once they co-opted them in and had it running for a couple of years, then they co-opted more people in on the court and more people in on the Congress, the leadership.
Once they got that leadership in, you see, and at the same time they had the Department of Justice, the Attorney General, and so also co-opted in.
It was all based on this false premise that if we don't do this kind of thing, we're going to be exposed to a lot of more terrorism, when in fact the CIA did a very good and effective job taking care of terrorism.
William, your phone just cut out.
You said the CIA did an effective job and it cut out.
Start back over.
Well, they probably didn't want you to hear it, but they did a really professional, effective job at getting rid of the worldwide network of terrorism when they went into Afghanistan.
That really wiped out their capacity to do an international attack.
That was really a very competent, professional job, and they deserve our appreciation for that.
But then now, they reconstituted it with the Free Syrian Army, funded by NATO, and now it's bigger than ever.
Yes, well, when you don't follow up success with smart programs, you allow things to reconstitute themselves.
That's their problem.
They won't even call this guy in Chattanooga a terrorist.
Can you believe that?
No, I can't.
Because obviously, I mean, that's obviously what it was.
It's just insane political correctness to the point of mental illness.
That's right.
They have to delude themselves into thinking that what their thought process is, is correct.
And that's basically what they've done.
Let's jam in some more calls.
Sorry, go ahead.
No, I was just saying they're mentally corrupting their thinking.
That's it.
They're smoking their own dope, as they say.
I skip this break.
We're going to go 10 minutes and let our guests go, and then Wayne Madsen joins us with some breaking news.
Christian, New York, you're on the air.
Thanks for holding.
Thank you, Alex.
Thank you, Mr. Benny.
I want to know, William's take, since we now live in the process of understanding the human domain, how can this be connected with the Watson IBM computer
That may be connected in the future with Obamacare and deciding the health care of our citizens.
Oh, it is actually.
That's a great question.
That ties into Obama's secret race database, data mining everything, that ties into his new gun control database where they're going to use a program used by the VA, I mentioned that earlier, to just throw people on a list
...saying that because you get disability funding, you can't have a gun.
Can you speak to computers being programmed to make the decisions for humans, sir?
Oh yeah, sure.
In fact, that's really one of the main driving factors for the White House Big Data Initiative that they issued in early 2012.
The whole idea there was to have the industry come up with algorithms that could go through massive amounts of data, which they're collecting on everybody in the country and the planet, and figure out the things that are important for them to do and to actions they should take.
Basically, it's minority report on a supermassive scale.
That's how to figure out what people are intending to do or what they're all about from the data that you've acquired on them in every domain.
And it's all done automatically with software then presented to people to make decisions and take actions.
That's part of what I think you're getting at, Alex, and also I guess what the caller is getting at.
And if that is quite, I mean, that's basically artificial intelligence being used and applied on under a rule based system that's being developed by analysts in many, many departments of government, none of whom are using things in a necessarily a disciplined or professional way.
So they're going to make a lot of mistakes.
Well, it's like you said six months ago in the London Guardian, when you testified before the Parliament, or the EU Parliament, the NSA is about total population control.
Close quote.
This is social engineering, so they can manipulate markets, know what we're going to buy before we buy it.
A microcosm is the old customer loyalty cards that it's been proven in court are to decide what you'll pay more for so they can rip you off, not so you get a loyalty card.
You just think you're getting something for nothing, but really you're being gamed and now they want to just feed all data federally through this system and get industry to do it, I guess kind of legalizing it.
Yeah, well, that's basically the whole idea behind all this Big Data, White House Big Data initiative, too.
That's the same issue.
It's getting back to being able to do what the movie, The Minority Report, depicted mentally.
People were reading their minds and projecting into the future.
Well, they're doing that and wanting to do that with data collected on everybody in all domains of activity of people, including their health, finance, and everything else.
And then do that kind of projection with software running against that data.
Thank you, Chris.
Simply chilling.
Great question.
Let's go to Eugene in Missouri.
You're on the air, William Benning.
Good afternoon, guys.
I'm thinking about writing an article on this, and you guys have touched on all of the important points with this.
The spying of government leaders, the spying of all populations, the merging of countries into umbrellas per country.
I would say that this is, in an era of race-baiting, the ultimate form of racism against the human race.
All of this spying.
It is, it's a tiny elite using AI systems to surveil everyone to rig everything for a totalitarian takeover.
Yeah, so in an age of race baiting, this really is just racism for the whole human race if you're not above the fray.
Well that's what I've been saying, they're getting us to infight while they set up the endgame of basically artificial intelligence systems to just
Set up a hellish system.
I appreciate your call.
Mr. Benny, if we don't turn this around, the way this is being used, this commitment to authoritarianism we're seeing, where do you see it ending, sir, if things don't go well?
Well, I see us basically, I see it ending up in basically destroying the essence of humanity.
I mean, fundamentally, we won't be able to be human anymore.
That's the way I look at it.
I mean, that's why we fought a revolution, right?
Well, the essence of humanity is free association, is privacy.
So many historians and philosophers have pointed out, if you don't have privacy, you don't have humanity.
That's right.
That's the way I look at it, too.
But then notice the elites, they want to be secret.
Spying on them is illegal and it should be.
But when they spy on us, it's no big deal.
So it is the ultimate form of discrimination, isn't it?
It's discrimination against humanity.
Yes, it is.
My gosh, the rise of the machines with a tiny technocracy controlling it above the law.
It's not a science fiction book, it's 2015, and we're talking to the whistleblower, William Binney.
Jeremy in Kansas, you're on the air, this is the InfoWar, go ahead.
Yes, I completely agree with Mr. Binney's solution of the sunlight of truth to be our main remedy here.
I'd like for his take on the evidence for September 11th treason, which one strain of this is the cover-up.
Here in Kansas, we have Congress people like Representative Pompeo and Senator Roberts.
Senator Roberts stood down NSA whistleblower Russell Tice, who, while he was in, I think, Air Force Intelligence, saw the papers.
I'm good.
The fact of all the videos that we can see of a high energetic technology being used to destroy the buildings and the people in Manhattan that day, it was no coincidence that the Saudi Patsies were in a hotel across the street from
Well, let me speak to this, because we've only got a few minutes left and I'll get to a few more calls, but what about the 28 pages now we've had Congressman Jones on, Senator Graham has said what's in it, that Saudi Arabia ran 9-11 and that there was basically some type of stand-down ordered, and it came out that the NSA indeed did have the intercepts, but was stopped from doing its job.
You were there when all this was happening.
What's your take on that?
The NSA management actually stopped using the program ThinThread that we wanted, which is documented in the DOD IG report in 2005, which would have found all this material that they had in their database that they didn't know they had, but was there prior to 9-11 that would have actually given them the foundation to prevent 9-11.
But it also saw, and Tom Drake was able to run this program after he took over the ThinThread program after we left,
In October 2001, he ran it in early 2002, March or April, I believe it was.
And as part of the fallout of that process against the entire database at NSA, they found material that showed the dispersal pattern of people who didn't succeed at hijacking other planes.
And all the information necessary to stop them, even before 9-11, in August, starting in there and even going back, they found all of the phone calls that Alexander said that went from the Yemen facility back to San Diego, the two agents in San Diego, the terrorists there.
They said they couldn't tell it was in San Diego.
Well, the program found that very clearly.
They were there in San Diego.
The numbers were available and in the database.
So, all of that data was there and none of it was addressed.
And it's probably, probably some of it might be in the 28 pages, you know.
Well, it's amazing, sir.
We appreciate your time.
They just put a Reuters headline on screen that says it all, where the federal government ordered agents to cover up illegal spying against the American people.
Reuters, exclusive U.S.
directs agents to cover up programs used to investigate Americans.
I mean, this just shows the organized crime mentality that's taking over.
Mr. Benny, thank you for so much time, sir, and thanks for your courage.
Well, thank you, Alex, and thank everybody there at your show.
Thank you so much.
We're on the march, the Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Here's an update on the Chattanooga shooting.
Over the weekend, one of the victims died of his injuries, and now the death toll is six, including the shooter.
And the FBI is telling people not to jump to conclusions, and that the shooter may not have had terrorist ties, but may have suffered from depression.
So here we have another potential mass murder-suicide-pill incident.
Thanks, Big Pharma.
Of course, Mr. Abdulziz's father was initially on a terror watch list, and Mr. Abdulziz himself made some interesting trips to the Middle East over the last few years.
But don't look at any of that.
It's not a terrorist attack.
This can only be considered an isolated incident.
But that didn't stop General Wesley Clark calling for internment camps for disloyal Americans.
Over the weekend, the retired general told MSNBC, in World War II, if someone supported Nazi Germany at the expense of the United States, we didn't say that was freedom of speech.
We put them in a camp.
They were prisoners of war.
Clark's remarks reveal the mindset of the upper echelon of government.
Those who disagree with our so-called leaders are now to be rounded up and shut up indefinitely in political internment camps.
Rob Dew reporting for InfoWars.com
Check it out today.
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We are on the march.
The Empire is on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Murphy, Dave, Amy, Doug, I'm still going to go to all of you.
We pretty much finalized the deal to get Wayne Madsen to do investigative reports for us on the ground around the world.
And we're going to be starting tomorrow publishing his reports when they come out at Infowars.com, not just WayneMadsenReport.com.
So he's on board.
He'll be joining us pretty much every week for at least 30 minutes, sometimes for hours, and also routinely coming to the Infowars studios here in Austin, Texas.
He works, of course, in D.C.
and in Florida.
And I was just thinking during the break about how important the mission of Infowars.com is, and how I want to hire four or five more reporters.
That's what we need to be able to be two or three levels deep to be able to cover multiple stories simultaneously.
I want to hire more writers, more video editors, more researchers, and also pay them a living wage.
And listen, the listeners have already done so much for this broadcast, we're all in this together.
You don't stand behind Infowars or in front of Infowars, as I've said many times, at the heart of 1776 and what we're trying to do here.
Transcend liberal-conservative, promote basic freedom, promote basic ideas we know work historically.
Fight classical corruption with classical freedom.
But we are launching on satellite in the next, really the next few months, for the next few weeks, but we're not going to be advertising it until it's all ironed out and ready.
We already have a whole bunch of stations picking it up.
At that point I'm going to announce it, and that's pretty much already kind of happening right now, but I'm not going to make the announcements yet.
I have a tendency to say, this is coming up, and then go ahead and make the announcement.
I don't like to say, coming up, and then keep you waiting.
But for reasons of technical issues,
I don't want to get into the expenses of it, but it's another big nut for us to crack, but the Lord's always provided through people like you.
We need the finances and the funds to do this safely and to do this robustly.
I don't want to be spending all my time scrounging around trying to make ends meet instead of fighting the globalists toe-to-toe.
I'll get in the ring with these people.
I've been in the ring with them.
I'll go up against their emplacements, tip of the spear, so that it's safer for other people to tell the truth.
I'll be the canary in the coal mine.
But I need your support.
Spread the word about the broadcast.
Tell your friends and family every day.
Sign off on your emails, Facebook and Twitter with InfoWars.com forward slash show for the free feeds.
Let people know this is forbidden information.
This is hardcore intel.
This is stuff they don't want you to have because they're cracking down with censorship and control and dirty tricks and manipulating all sorts of stuff big time.
Across the political spectrum, an iron curtain of censorship is descending.
Spain just banned criticizing the government, period.
Hard jail time.
Major cities like Rome are on the verge of collapse.
We're going into a depression.
And the reason they're getting ready to start censoring people more, and they're openly admitting it, is because they know in this ruling class
That people are going to wake up and get really upset and really pay attention to what we have to say as things get more hardcore.
That's why I want to be on the field as strong as we can be, reaching the most people we can during this period.
I'll be honest with you.
I'm not asking to be crushed by the globalists, but I will do my duty and I will do it, you know, knock on wood, say an extra prayer every day.
We're not like other TV shows where it's just another boring show.
We have UHF, VHF cable systems all over the country that have been knocking down our doors for us to give them a feed.
We will reach immediately millions of additional people that have never heard the truth, never seen it.
Can you imagine on a major cable system, on basic cable, our UHF, VHF tuning through and an hour or two of the show is on in the middle of the day or at night, the nightly news?
Can you imagine?
This is really going to get the enemy's attention.
It's why they've already been doubling down their attacks against us.
And I'm not whining.
Quite frankly, they could arrest me tomorrow, blow my head off, and I've done my duty.
I mean, I'm committed.
I'm not stopping.
I have no fear except failure.
So, there's never been a place for you to promote more steadfastly and know you're promoting something
That is absolute Americana, vicious, double tough, uncompromising, never stopping.
I mean, this is it.
You want to sign on and support the real deal, InfoWars is it.
We're not perfect, we don't read off teleprompters, but we're the real deal.
And everybody knows it.
That's why we got so many enemies.
That's why we also have so many friends.
And we're here to try to free the people.
We're here to try to get the people to free themselves by taking the blinders off and to see the change.
If you want to be a slave, may your chains set lightly upon you.
As for me, give me liberty or give me death.
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And by the way, I don't say that with pleasure, like, I'm the biggest, and there's not a lot of company, and boy, we're kinda out here on our own, I feel special!
It is scary!
And it's scary also to know that when we fight back, we have success, and to realize that the public can take their chains off any minute they wanted to.
But they're brain-dead in a coma, basically.
So I wanna go to Wayne Madsen.
I just want you to realize that this is historical, what's happening.
And if you will continue to spread the word, that's the most important thing about InfoWars.com and PrisonPlanet.com.
If you'll get a PrisonPlanet.tv membership and share it with your friends, if you'll buy some of the products and check them out for yourself, what do you have to lose?
You are putting fuel in this information warfare bomber that will go over the enemy targets politically and will drop huge heavy loads directly on the enemy.
I mean, I'm willing to go in every day, and so is my crew, up against these people to use the bomber analogy.
We are not going to back down.
We're going to never stop the missions until the enemy's defeated.
We don't care how dangerous it is.
We want to get bigger.
We want to get stronger.
We want to force a confrontation.
We're committed.
We're ready.
We are not intending to just slither off at the opportune time.
If I'm completely ever shut down off the air, and have no way of communicating, I will try to go to another country to communicate.
But not to run, but to be able to communicate.
I will not be silenced.
And if they kill me or set me up, that won't silence me either.
And I meant to give this speech earlier, but ran out of time.
Wayne Madsen joins us from WayneMadsenReport.com.
He's been very busy, we've been very busy, but we're finalizing the fact that he'll do multiple stories a month on the ground, traveling the world for us, here in the U.S.
and abroad.
He'll also accompany myself and other reporters.
uh... to add his uh... gravitas to what they're doing so it is now happening when Madsen joins the Infowars team and that again is thanks to your support uh... and and the fact that he's also accommodated us uh... basically is just doing it for the expenses because he didn't really want to be paid he just wanted his expenses paid that's how much he realizes how serious this is and how committed this is I mean don't don't think later
Oh my gosh, I wish I would have realized how real this was.
This is hardcore, folks.
Tyranny is now naked.
Now, Wayne, I just ran it for five, six minutes, so don't pause or I'll start interrupting you.
You've got the floor.
You're investigating this dead...
Chef of the Clintons.
You're an expert on McCain.
Trump, I'm not even defending Trump, but he's saying he's no hero.
Boy, he doesn't know how true that is.
And of course, you've got new NSA info.
So much intel.
But the word is, the missing chef that was then found dead, on his body he had a letter
Saying, contact Larry Nichols if I'm found dead, whatever that means.
So, Wayne Madsen, thank you so much for joining us.
Good to be with you, Alex.
Well, you know, every once in a while there's a dead body turns up, and you know, dead bodies are always turning up.
Sometimes there's no story there, but I believe there may be a story with the former White House executive chef, Walter Scheib.
And the reason I feel so is yes, he was hired by Hillary Clinton in 1994.
He had been the executive chef at the Greenbrier.
And anyone who knows about how the government would react in the event of a nuclear war during the Cold War knows that the Greenbrier Resort and Hotel
So he knew a little bit about the government, continuity of government, continuity of operations planning because he, of course, would have had to have been providing the food for a transfer of the Congress to the underground mountain complex.
And why I'm saying this is this all has a bearing on 9-11 because when George W. Bush took over, that administration kept Walter Scheib on as the executive chef.
He was on until the Bush re-election in 2004 and then in January of 2005 he was given his walking papers.
It would have been nice to have heard just one of the mainstream media reporters to have actually read
Welter Scheib's book called White House Chef, which I decided I didn't have it.
I ordered it thinking, well, I wonder what he may have written that may have put a target on his back.
Now, before I read the book, I went back because I distinctly remembered from the 9-11 footage.
If you remember, all the people were running out of the White House.
It was a very it was uncontrolled.
It looked like one of these Hollywood disaster movies.
Sort of like Independence Day.
And I recall one of the people running away from the White House that day had a big, tall chef's hat on.
And I said, well, that's obviously somebody that works in the White House kitchen.
And it turned out it was Walter Scheid, who then gave an interview to Rebecca Cooper of ABC News, who
recounted her conversation.
You can find this clip on the internet on YouTube.
She recounted her conversation with Peter Jennings and she said, I ran into the White House chef and he was very, very upset.
He was too upset to talk on the air.
All he said is he and his staff understood what happened to the country that day.
Now that's a very strange thing to say because nobody else really knew what was going on.
I was in D.C.
I was two miles from the Pentagon when it happened.
Nobody really understood what was going on, but in reading Walter Scheib's book here, it's very interesting what happened, because he had a very tortuous relationship with the Bush administration.
Not so much W, who decided he didn't want to use the talents of a graduate of the CIA.
I don't mean the Central Intelligence Agency, I mean the Culinary Institute of America, but
I wonder what secrets of the other CIA chief, Chef Shy, may have possessed, because on 9-11, first he left the White House, and then he realized how bad the situation was, and there was no organized evacuation of the White House, and then he heard crackling over the Secret Service walkie-talkies, incoming aircraft.
And he went back to rescue his own staff from the White House kitchen.
He left again.
And then someone said, what about the cafeteria?
Well, that's the Navy mess in the White House.
And they don't report to the White House chef that they're Navy personnel.
But he went back in a second time to make sure that the cooks at the mess got the word to get out.
What he was struck about was there was no organized evacuation of the White House.
No one gave the order to evacuate.
Now who was in charge that day?
Bush was off in Florida.
Dick Cheney was effectively the person in charge at the White House, and he did nothing to organize or order an evacuation of the White House staff.
Wasn't he in the bunker?
Yeah, he was in the bunker at this time, the President's Emergency Operations Center, which is below the White House, several stories below the White House.
And so what happened was,
When Sean first realized what was going on with 9-11, he said he walked into the Chief Usher's office.
Now, the Chief Usher was a guy named Gary Walters.
He had been Secret Service, Uniformed Secret Service, under Nixon, and then he became an Usher under Gerald Ford, an assistant Usher under Gerald Ford, and then the Reagan administration made him the Chief Usher.
So he had served under like seven presidents.
And he noticed that the ushers were watching the television, a small television, and he said, what's going on?
And he saw flames, smoke coming out of one of the World Trade Center towers.
And then he said he saw the second plane hit.
And the chief usher, Gary Walters, at that point said, that's two.
And he said, the chef said,
That echoed in his mind.
What in the world?
You know, that's two.
That's a very strange thing to say.
Like, what was so important about the number two?
And then later, of course, he told Rebecca Cooper, we understand what's happening to the country today.
Now, let's fast forward.
June 15, Jeb Bush announces he's running for president in Miami.
On June 16th, Scheib, who had since been divorced, was with his girlfriend in Teos, New Mexico.
He decided to go hiking on a trail outside of Teos.
On the 16th, his girlfriend reported him missing.
And on the 22nd of June, a New Mexico State Police found his body in a ravine.
He was in water.
Of course, anybody knows that if a body is found in water, you can pretty much rule out the toxicology results because they're corrupted by the simple process of osmosis.
And so here we have Jeb announcing and the chef who had it, like I say, did not have a very good relationship with the Bush family, turns up dead in New Mexico.
And is this just another person who may have known too much about 9-11, may have known too much about the inner workings of the Bush crime family?
And was he eliminated because of his knowledge, especially at this critical juncture of Jeb announcing he's going to run
Uh, for the White House to be the third President Bush.
Please continue.
So, uh, anyway, I, I, I, my, my, uh, my suspicions are, uh, are heightened about the cause of death.
Uh, again, it was one of these where the, uh, New Mexico State Police immediately said it was an accident.
I mean, before the autopsy results are in,
How many times have we seen this?
We saw, you know, when I investigated the Phil Marshall death out in California.
Again, we had these preconceived notions by law enforcement that it was suicide before, you know, they knew any of the real facts on the, you know, from the crime scene.
And I'm just looking at all the long, long
I mean, how many cleaning ladies and maids and cooks end up dying at their houses?
I shouldn't laugh.
It's just ridiculous.
Stay with us.
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Thank you.
The Genesis Communications Radio Network proudly presents the Alex Jones Show.
Because there's a war on for your mind.
Some of the news breaking at Infowars.com, you can't make this up.
Feminists not allowing your wife to sleep with other men is sexist, but you don't cheat on her.
She'll tell me all about how she and Pablo had sex, and I'm glad because I'm a feminist.
The New York Times is so intellectual, they had a big spread about women with different colored arm hair.
Pink, blue, green.
I mean, this is just the mindlessness.
Paula Robb by offshore banks.
They have us all fighting with each other.
Black Sheriff has come out and said Obama downplayed Chattanooga because victims didn't look like Trayvon.
Look, here's where I stand.
I want Wayne Madsen's take on this, then in overdrive we'll get into John McCain.
I expose that Al Qaeda was synthetic, pretty much fake, a cutout to take our liberties.
But now, funding the Free Syrian Army, letting them recruit, it's a Saudi Arabia proxy army, and it's going to have some blowback that are going to be real shootings in the West.
Now, does the government go out sometimes and wind up mentally ill people to go run attacks?
But after we have the shooter in Charleston, we hear that whites are to collectively blame, well then are Muslims collectively blamed?
And I satirically said, let's ban all mosque and Muslims if we're going to ban all rebel flags.
I don't actually want to ban the mosque or Muslims.
It was a point that if somebody uses a Bushmaster gun, we then sue Bushmaster.
It's totalitarianism is what it is.
But Wayne Madsen, what is your view on the Chattanooga situation and where all that's going?
Because they're now setting up a domestic homeland security bureau to look for lone wolf extremists.
But I don't expect they're actually going to go out and stop any of these acts.
It looks more like a domestic police state.
Well, of course, I think that this attack in Chattanooga, let's look to it.
What kind of individual did we have here?
We had a guy who had been a national of Kuwait, had apparently grown up in Jordan at one point in time, had visited Jordan, had also visited Yemen.
So we hear a lot about profiling people.
I get the third degree when I travel, especially overseas or coming back from overseas by TSA.
It sounds like this guy was just traveling willy-nilly without anyone asking any questions.
I agree that he's a terrorist, but I have to then look at why was this particular attack
Conducted when it was.
We do know that Saudi Arabia, along with Israel, is totally opposed to this nuclear deal by the P5 plus one countries with Iran.
And now I hear on the Fox News is all these neocons saying, you see, you see, by having this pact with Iran, it's somehow enabling these terrorists, these sleepers in the United States.
This guy is a follower, obviously, of the Wahhabist Salafist sect of Islam.
Iran happens to be diametrically opposed.
They're Shias.
And they're as much a target as anyone else are by these Saudi fanatics.
Well, that shows how dumb they think the public is, is that they're always blaming Iran for Wahhabist activities when the two are archenemies.
Yeah, I remember George W. Bush, when he was president, said he didn't know there was a difference between Sunnis and Shias, okay?
So, I mean, that's what we were dealing with then.
But I think Obama certainly knows the difference, so I have to think that this
Failure by him to basically state that this was an act of terrorism in the same manner.
That doesn't mean that it was not known about in advance by certain people, especially, say, the Saudi government.
I heard the previous segment with Bill Binney talking about the 28 pages, but the Saudis are in over their heads on supporting these acts of terror.
And attacking a recruiting center in Chattanooga would be just down their alley.
And then now the king of Saudi Arabia had an entire giant beach in the south of France cleared of beachgoers in front of their hotels because he didn't want to look at them.
I mean, this is just, it's just a total joke.
This fraud that is royalty that we have to bow down to.
Back in 70 seconds on Overdrive with Wayne Madsen.
I'm Alex Jones.
WayneMadsenReport.com is his website.
You are listening to GCN.
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We are back live, final segment, we're with Wayne Madsen.
John McCain, I mean, you've talked about him.
I could go over his history, his past, the Keating Five, all of it, the fact that he's just a globalist all the way, but Trump comes out and says because he got captured, that's not a hero.
Well, I mean, it's heroic to fly off the decks of boats and have that courage, and I think that was a stupid comment, but boy, what if Trump really knew about McCain?
I mean, all the stuff he did, being a trustee at the Hanoi Hilton.
Can you give us the data dump on McCain?
Yeah, quickly.
Yesterday, July 19th, was the anniversary of the worst fire in the history of the U.S.
July 19th, 1967, the USS Forrestal had a terrible fire on its flight deck.
Well over 100 sailors were killed.
Many others were burned horribly.
Back in the 2008 campaign, I met with some of the people who were on the forestall, and they conveyed a story that was incredible, that McCain, who they said was, of course, injured because he was in his aircraft on the flight deck when the fire broke out, that his nickname was called Johnny Wetstart.
And a wet start is where a guy on the flight deck would basically rev his engines and then you know how you shake a lighter and then you flick it and you get like a big flame shoots out?
Well apparently it was possible to do that with his aircraft.
Is a four aircraft and and and so that there was an issue that McCain and the CEO of the Forestall Captain Belling were using 1935 bombs thousand pound bombs because you get more bang for your buck when you drop these things over Hanoi or Haiphong.
Other people said, look, they're unstable.
It's 1935 munitions.
Use a safer 500-pound bomb.
And McCain, who wore his daddy's rank, his dad was a commander of the Pacific Fleet.
He decided, no, no, I want to use 1,000-pound bombs.
And so he and the CO basically conspired to keep using these.
McCain did this Johnny Westart maneuver, apparently it cooked off a Zuni rocket that was in the plane behind his.
Now, the Navy Court of Inquiry shows footage of, no that's impossible, McCain's plane was, the back of it was parked out to the sea, so nothing could have, he couldn't have done anything.
I like that.
Well, look, the Navy handled the Court of Inquiry, and one thing I know about the United States Navy, having served in the Navy ten years of active duty and four years in the reserves, is that the one thing they excel at is cover-ups.
I've seen more acts of cover-ups in the Navy than acts of heroism.
And what the Navy Court of Inquiry did in that case of the Forrestal Fire was to exonerate McCain, make sure that nothing stuck to him.
As a matter of fact, he was the first
Uh, sailor, uh, taken off of the, um, forestall and, and helicoptered over to the Oriskany, because people on the forestall, I was told by crewmen, knew what he had done, and wanted to, uh, basically wanted to, um, have a piece of Johnny Westart.
After they saw their friends blown off the flight deck and horribly burned.
So, I just wonder whether Donald Trump knew about the significance of July 3rd.
Yeah, and by the way, this has even been in mainstream news a decade ago.
This is known, and I've had the people on, it's come out, about how he was a trustee at the Hanoi Hilton, who got women, good food, everything.
Yeah, I was told by people during the O.A.
campaign, some of them were POWs, in North Vietnam, said he was singing like a canary that he gave six months worth of Navy operational flights, you know, planning schedules to the North Vietnamese for better treatment.
So it's worse than Trump said.
It's not that he's not a hero, he's a traitor.
Yeah, it's worse.
We know this, he's a piece of work.
Wayne Madsen, thank you so much for your time.
Nightly News is tonight, 7 o'clock central.