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Air Date: April 27, 2015
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Radio host Alex Jones discusses various topics including gun control, political corruption, civil unrest, Common Core standardized tests, Stephen Hawking's warning about humanity surviving another thousand years unless it escapes Earth, and new information about President Obama from his half- brother Malik. He also mentions technical issues with the testing industry, his favorite coffee blend available for purchase on InfoWarsLife.com, and the benefits of using super male vitality supplements."


Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Well, it's already April 27th, 2015.
I'm your host, Alex Jones.
And this will be just an over-the-top transmission today.
So many of the dots are now being connected.
Top professor, who first documented decades ago that more guns means less crime, John Lott, will be joining us for 30 minutes in the second hour.
Joe Gilbert was on about two weeks ago and had breaking news with World Net Daily.
It was set to come out the next day, but it was so big that they continued to develop the story of the last week and a half, two weeks.
He'll be breaking that information on Obama here today, coming up, as Obama's half-brother tells all, with us today during the third hour for 30 minutes as well.
That said,
Just incredible information to cover, obviously.
The mayor of Baltimore, Maryland, has come out and admitted that the police stood down and let the rioting looters attack police cars, attack businesses, attack other vehicles, and attack reporters and citizens.
And then the police were caught by the Associated Press being ordered to target legitimate reporters.
Because they didn't want them there to show that there was a stand-down.
And the spin is, oh, let people riot, they let off steam.
No, that's how you cause, it's well-known in mass movements and mob psychology, that if you let a riot get going, a lot of times it gets out of control.
And anybody knows that.
It's like a fire.
You let a fire get going, it could spread.
I mean, that's a no-brainer.
You put it out, unless you want civil unrest.
Quite frankly, over abortion and going after our guns and open borders, we legitimately could have civil unrest right now.
But it shouldn't be shops and random police cars or shooting cops in the head who are just as dumbed down as the general public.
Civil unrest ought to be against the actual controllers!
The usurpers!
Let me just bring a point up here.
In Operation Valkyrie, did the German officers go after a cop in the street?
Did they go break a window out of a cafe?
Did they mug a reporter?
No, they went after Adolf Hitler.
Now, I'm not advocating going after Obama because he's a puppet and a frontman.
The public's so dumbed down, I have to destroy that demigod, that frontman, that branding.
Like NBC was branded by Brian Williams.
He was their face.
Obama is the face of the liberal fascist.
Oh, by the way, there's a video clip I forgot to give you guys.
Ted Cruz came out and branded them liberal fascist.
That is exactly what they are, because they're not liberals at all.
They're fascists.
By every real indicator.
So is the Republican Party leadership.
George W. Bush has broken his silence and come out and attacked Obama.
That won't make Obama's numbers go up.
And then when he attacks Hillary for his brother, he's so hated, that'll make Hillary look good.
And that's exactly what they're planning.
The Clintons and the Bushes are as thick as thieves.
They always have been.
It was George Herbert Walker Bush when he was the head of the CIA that was the handler of Hillary and Bill.
I've had former top CIA folks on to write that down.
We know both were in the CIA based in London while George Herbert Walker Bush was the director of the Central Intelligence Agency.
Under... Under who?
Under Richard Milhouse Nixon.
The fix is in, boys and girls.
The fix is in, unless we realize there's a fix.
And the polls across the board show everyone is sick of the Bushes and the Clintons.
It's all going to be documented today.
Stephen Hawking says humanity won't survive another thousand years unless it escapes Earth.
This is as Stephen Hawking warns.
New video shows Tennessee cops and National Guard in riot control exercise.
And everybody has to take vaccines in Australia but the Prime Minister.
Not a single 11th grade student showed up to take the SBAC Common Core standardized test at Nathan Hale High School last week.
But students aren't the only ones walking out on Common Core.
Earlier this year, teachers at the same school passed a resolution against the Common Core standardized tests and were threatened by Superintendent Larry Nyland with the loss of their teaching license if they didn't administer the test, according to the Seattle Education Blog.
Liberty High School in West Virginia is proactively warning students' parents that their child will be suspended if they opt out of upcoming Common Core testing.
Superintendent Mark Manchin even called into a radio show to levy even more socialist brainwashing rhetoric.
Parents don't have the right to pick and choose what provisions of public education in which they feel they want to comply with, he said.
Technical issues are plaguing the Common Core testing industry even worse than student walkouts.
The Washington Post reports that over 15 states are suspending, scrapping, or reviewing Common Core standards for a variety of reasons.
Maybe the computers are having trouble calculating 2 plus 2 equals 5.
For more stories like these, go to Infowars.com and become a member of PrisonPlanet.tv.
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Waging war on corruption.
It's Alex Jones, coming to you live from the front lines of the Infowar.
Yeah, there's a song on the loose, sirens in my head.
Wrapped up in silence, all circuits are dead.
Can I be cold?
My whole life spins into a frenzy.
Welcome my fellow InfoWarriors listening around the world and also tuning in via InfoWars.com and watching on the free TV streams at InfoWars.com forward slash show.
Thank you so much for joining us on the official kickoff of the new weekday transmission.
This new week that spans out before us.
It is Monday, the 27th day of April 2015.
Professor John Lott will be joining us to document that more guns means less crime.
We'll also be joined by Joel Gilbert, who has now released part of the interview.
We'll play more of it here today with Barack Obama's half-brother, Malik.
Exposing what's really been going on behind the scenes.
This is groundbreaking news and information in association with WorldNetDaily, WND.com.
Again, I'm Alex Jones of InfoWars.com.
Thank you for joining us.
We'll have open phones and news during the
I mean, I say this every day because it's true, but I get in here now and go over the news and it is just over the top.
Confirming the globalist master plan that they wrote about and talked about and gave speeches about for decades.
It's just showing they really mean what they say.
But at the same time to see the mounting resistance to it is bullying.
Very uplifting, but to also see some people falling to the propaganda is very nauseating.
So it is the best of times, the worst of times.
It's all over the top.
Look at this headline from John Rappaport at Infowars.com.
And this is from the major Australian newspaper.
Everyone must get vaccinated except the Prime Minister's daughters.
And it turns out the Prime Minister...
Who, by the way, is anti-UN, anti-carbon tax, and trying to even reverse some of the anti-gun laws.
I mean, Tony Abbott is good on so many fronts, but let me tell you, Big Pharma will spend unlimited money to destroy you if you don't submit to them.
Kind of like Rand Paul came out and got vaccinated whenever they were pointing out that he was an anti-vaxxer from interviews we did with him a few years ago.
And he's a medical doctor.
He came out and said there are a lot of negative problems, a lot of side effects they won't tell you about.
There are some benefits.
You should really research it and check the lot of the vaccines.
Just good doctorly advice they would give prior to 10 years ago.
Now, if a doctor says don't give a pregnant woman a vaccine, they go after their license, even though the insert still says it.
And so they bullied Rand Paul, one of the few places he really buckled, into taking a shot on TV, tweeting out photos of him taking the flu shot.
Pretty disgusting.
And I really like Rand Paul.
I gotta say that Tony Abbott, compared to what they had, has actually done some good things.
But man, it's like Rick Perry.
He's good on some things, but lied ten years ago, former governor, and said it's the law to take Gardasil.
And I went on air, and I was in the local paper as well.
They called me, and they go, the Austin, Oregon State, and they go, Mr. Jones, you claim there's no law.
Is the governor lying?
And I said, don't ask me as if I'm making it up.
Go to the state law.
There is no law.
He has made it a recommended vaccine with an executive order through the state health department, and then county health departments then put it on the list of school required vaccines, but there's a waiver.
So there is no law.
He is lying to people and buffaloing them.
And I've got to tell you, it took about two years and a bunch of young girls dying, and Japan banning it, and India banning it, and Brazil basically banning it, saying don't take it from all the deaths and all the illnesses and all the autoimmune disorders, but it came out that indeed there was no law, and indeed Gardasil could really hurt you.
That's what he was quoted
See, I said I want to just give you the headlines.
Just this first story, I have to cover it first.
Was in news.com.au Abbott rules on cancer vaccine for his daughters.
I could be seen as cruel on Gardasil.
He was federal health minister at the time.
He said that while he may seem as cruel,
Callow Callow's heartless bastard.
He would not be rushing to have his own daughters vaccinated with HPV shot against cervical cancer.
And then he went on to basically say that he had concerns about the vaccine.
We'll cover that more coming up later.
But the point is, he doesn't take vaccines.
His daughters don't take vaccines.
And let me give you the rest of the story.
Here's Der Spiegel, the biggest newspaper in Germany.
Most respected.
From 2009 during the swine flu hysteria, second class medicine, Germans unhappy with alternative swine flu vaccine for politicians called a clean vaccine in a secret program for top military brass and government officials.
China also has this, so does England, and so does the US.
But you go to medical doctors?
And you say, I'd like to get some of the clean vaccines without the thimerosal and from the special lot labs.
Here's the name of the company.
I want this tetanus shot for my daughters.
And the doctors go, what we give is great.
And you don't want that?
I'm not going to give you the vaccine.
I've actually gone and investigated it, because tetanus is a serious issue.
The problem is, they know everybody takes it, so that's where they've been caught in India, Africa, the Middle East, and Eastern Europe, and Latin America, adding a hormone to it that then creates an autoimmune response when your daughter goes into puberty, and then every time she gets pregnant, it causes a miscarriage at the beginning of the second trimester.
That's a declassified UN program, 1996.
They still do it.
And they've been caught doing it with a little bit of an augmented hormone that's softened a bit, so it's not 100% here, 100% sterilization, but it's partial.
It's a very cruel form of sterilization, because you're not really sterile, you have the autoimmune response and a self-abort-the-baby and have complications.
And hey, maybe women want an auto-destruct system in them.
Then let them be honest, you can go get the shot and have all the miscarriages you want.
I'm being sickeningly sarcastic, but this is going on.
So, just understand.
I can pull your articles out of China.
China Daily.
I can pull your stuff out of The Independent.
I can pull you more.
Not just your Spiegel.
They don't take the shots.
I've never talked to a globalist who takes them.
They go, of course I don't.
Now, they've got to go to really dangerous countries that have got problems.
They have special.
The State Department has a program.
You want to know what to take that has least amount of complications and problems.
Learn the State Department list of purchase orders through FedBizOpps, who they're going out and who they accept for contracts for vaccines for their higher level people.
Their low level get the general vaccines.
This is what's going on.
I'm going to get back into that later.
I just wanted to mention that now.
German Chancellor.
Ministers get special vaccine without soft kill ingredients.
Another headline.
Let me just give you now some of our top stories.
New video shows Tennessee Cops and National Guard in riot control exercise.
And Jade Helm, by the way, has already kicked off.
I can cut right now to Ustream, Alex Jones live on Ustream, and show our TV viewers that are watching at Infowars.com forward slash show.
Joe Biggs, Jakari Jackson, and others are in Bastrop, outside Camp Swift, where the major command base
For hostile operations, that's what they call Texas, is going on.
They have an army officer speaking right now where our reporters are.
We just lost the feed.
As soon as that feed comes back up, we're going to go to that with audio for TV viewers.
But we have a link at InfoWars.com and PrisonPlanet.com to that testimony that's going on.
And we'll continue in our news center.
To have someone on that, to be watching that and getting key intel as it develops and as it unfolds.
Again, please tell me when the feed comes back up, gentlemen.
Jade Helm live coverage in Texas.
Americans flood Bastrop, Texas courtroom to oppose Jade Helm.
It's full of hundreds of people with Infowars.com shirts on many of them.
In fact, there's no bug on
You stream, and it was funny, there was a guy sitting right in the right-hand lower corner with an InfoWars shirt that looked just like a bug there.
Has the stream come back up, guys?
Okay, please notify me as soon as it does.
Or call our crew and tell them to reboot.
They may not know the stream's gone down.
Let's just set a policy for that to direct that operation.
Thank you.
Video shows Tennessee cops and National Guard in riot control exercise, civil unrest training, now taking place once a month.
There's a massive escalation of this.
And when you hear them chanting on these videos from California and other states, they're trying to take on veterans that announce themselves as patriots, as gun owners, as sovereign citizens.
You know, who won't take forced inoculations.
Simply amazing.
US National Guard drills in public aimed at dealing with domestic dissidents.
We're going to play a special report with Paul Watson on that front.
Meanwhile, Baltimore Mayor, space was approved to those who wish
We've had these types of conversations before.
And I've made it very clear that I worked with the police and instructed them to do everything that they could to make sure that the protesters were able to exercise their right to free speech.
It's a very delicate balancing act because while we tried to make sure that they were protected from the cars and the other things that were going on,
We also gave those who wished to destroy space to do that as well.
And we worked very hard.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
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By the way, we've had Ustreams before that have had a million and a half people on them.
In one day, we had three and a half million people.
On our Ustream.
Right now it's just a few thousand because we just announced it.
It's up on Infowars.com covering Jade Helm.
Citizens are asking questions right now of the military brass that's there.
We're shooting HD video as well.
We'll have a nightly news report with everything boiled down.
But there are hundreds of citizens there.
Covering it and asking real questions.
So let's go ahead and go to a citizen talking to the military during citizen's communication at the County Commissioner's Court in Bastrop, Texas, outside Austin, Texas, just to the east.
Here it is.
Operation is supposed to be benign and I have assurance from several other sources that it is.
As you mentioned, there would only be two Humvees.
I imagine there are over 12,100 Humvees.
As they move through our roads,
You know what this is?
This is smart citizens using bureaucracy to shut this down.
Not, oh, we think you're here to acclimate us for martial law, gun confiscation.
Oh, you're here to condition us to accept military presence, which is the overall mission.
To condition the military, the general public, you name it.
No, it's, oh, are you going to fix anything you break?
You see, and the media is spinning this that we're anti-military.
Then they go, well then why are you against the VA scandal?
We're all for the veterans and the troops themselves.
We're against having them be used to back up ISIS and Al Qaeda previously, or to take our guns in Katrina, and to be training to fight the Tea Party, and we have the video.
We're here saying no to the mission being ordered by the traitorous, illegitimate
Bosses in Washington.
And the military knows that.
That's why there's huge listeners.
And we're going to keep checking in today during this multi-hour hearing with what citizens are asking.
Especially the minute Joe Big starts speaking, let me know guys.
Or Jakari Jackson, I want to go to him.
But let's go hear a little bit more of this live coverage of the beginning of Jade Helm, the main mission to prepare us for the occupation of NORTHCOM.
That's the county judge speaking.
That's right, it's fire-in missions.
Now they're learning to do a domestic mission.
Uh, and we've seen that the long distances offered here in Texas, uh, are exactly what we're looking for to, uh, push our best into life.
Thank you.
Uh, let me recognize, uh... We're going to more questions.
...for a question from the floor, and then, secondly, the gentleman to my right over here.
Thank you for being respectful.
They've not been going to Joe.
I'm going to actively... They keep saying, thank you for being respectful, like, like, acting like we weren't.
Like we inherently have to be restrained.
The good news is look at that huge room packed with people that know what's going on.
That will take place if we're just letting them know, okay, here's what happened the last 24 hours, here's what's happening next 24 hours.
It's in all the manuals.
I mean, it's not our opinion.
Very good question.
Thank you, David.
A quick question for demonstrators.
Why was Bastrop County picked out of all the others in Texas?
And how does this affect the routine, day-to-day life of our citizens?
Uh, so how counties were picked in Texas comes down to this.
The land was volunteered by the private landowner.
They came to us.
They're not getting any reimbursement for volunteering their land.
They believe in training America's Special Operations Forces, not only in words but also in deed.
Fort Hood's the size of Fort Ellis' with all these bases.
They don't need places to train.
And we see they got tools and terms.
We're going to go to break and come back with the rest of this, but remember what the Baltimore mayor said.
We're going to go out to break again with that clip.
She said that we let the looters have an area to basically wreck stuff.
This is the attitude of government.
So notice, they're hyping all the rioting while preparing for the big summer coming up to already have the military in place.
I mean, this is amazing.
We're going to go to break and come back with that clip and give you the rest of the story, breaking it down from every angle.
We're learning a lot more about Jade Helm right now and how it ties into this march towards tyranny.
And again, we do not believe Jade Helm will be martial law.
It is just another increment as they turn the heat up into a total atmosphere that is martial law.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Pre-crime technology is on the rise, and the latest city to adopt this philosophy is Miami, Florida.
The Miami PD is in the process of planning and adopting HunchLab, a predictive policing system that will be able to produce small maps of where specific crimes occur in the city during a particular shift.
Miami's HunchLab system will use everything from paydays to school calendars, weather reports, and social media.
This is unlike the crimestat-only PredPol systems, which are in use in LA and Atlanta,
And as we covered in 2013, Seattle and Tacoma.
Did you know Google and the CIA have been working on political pre-crime technology since 2010?
They are funding a company, Recorded Future, which scans tens of thousands of websites, blogs, and Twitter accounts to find input and relationships between people, organizations, actions, and incidents.
In fact, in 2010, Google and In-Q-Tel injected $10 million into Recorded Future, eight years after the movie Minority Report was released.
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We're good to go.
Waging war on corruption.
It's Alex Jones.
Now, we've had reporters there since before the county courthouse
The county government opened in Bastrop today.
It's a big county, big facility.
And as best we can tell, they never announced the name or the rank of the guy wearing airborne patches that is up there speaking.
If they did, we missed it.
We're trying to find out right now.
Before they had a civilian speak in another county, out in West Texas, and give us a lot of juicy intel, we have the live streams at InfoWars.com
And PrisonPlanet.com from Alex Jones live on Ustream if you want to go watch that feed, if you want to take clips of it and make your own reports.
We need the human intelligence out there, you know, to help us as well track what's happening.
We need that.
But here's the good news.
We understand the PSYOP.
The hundreds of citizens that showed up understand the PSYOP.
We know what's going on.
We understand this is about using the love that the American people have for our veterans and our military that's done a lot of good things in the past.
To then attach that to the new direction they're taking it, where Forbes and others report that the U.S.
military is working around the clock to fight their main enemy, this is all over the news, the Tea Party.
In fact, there's the headline right there if you're a TV viewer.
How the U.S.
military would crush a Tea Party rebellion.
Similar headlines in Time, Newsweek, Associated Press.
This is what's going on.
It doesn't mean the National Guard doesn't help with forest fires, or that the Army doesn't help sometimes when a volcano goes off at Mount St.
Those are legitimate missions.
And they go out now, and they do these training exercises amongst the people, like in Arcadia, Iowa, that are gun confiscation drills.
And they tell us, you're not welcome at the drill in California.
It's for dirty bomb.
And we get there, and it's basically the Tea Party has set off a dirty bomb.
And the Tea Party is being attacked by riot police yelling, we're sovereigns, we're sovereigns!
The Tea Party's not setting off dirty bombs and IEDing police, but they're preparing the idea and the locals so when the globalists have their mercenary brigades carry out the attacks on police, we will be blamed, they'll start the gun confiscation,
And then a real fight will start, because we're not going to FEMA camps.
You can type in, Army Advertisers for Internment Specialists.
And it goes on to how they'll process our social security numbers, how they'll take our guns.
That was three years ago.
And where did we get the document?
Remember at first we broke Jade Helm a month ago and people said, there is no Jade Helm for a week?
Oh, now is there a Jade Helm?
Oh, there is a Jade Helm!
These are the classic PSYOP techniques we deal with from people like this guy up here.
Oh, we're here to learn how to fight overseas, yeah.
You're here to learn how to suck eggs, too.
Let's go back to some more of the questions that are being asked.
We just lost audio.
Well, we'll see what happens with the Ustream on that front.
Having a lot of problems today, but the image is HD almost.
Call and let them know then.
Let's keep monitoring that.
We've got enough guys to do it.
Thank you.
Now, we ought to just go to our own Skype and see how good that is as well.
Don't we have a Skype backup usually?
Usually what we do in the field parameter, since I first did it with coverage in 2008 of the DNC in Denver, is we go live back then with JustinTV, and then a Ustream, and then we also have a Skype.
And that's the field kit that we have, that we went through hell to get, to train with, and everything else.
Regardless, folks, it's why we need you to support us so I can get larger teams, reporter groups, we've got a two-man group out there right now to cover this.
But the good news is the citizens are out there all videotaping, and it's all going to go up on the different platforms, different channels, and you're going to be able to see the highlights of whatever was said as this whole thing unfolds from out there outside Camp Swift, at the county seat, the county government, there in Bastrop, Texas.
There in Bastrop County.
So, Baltimore Mayor, space was provided to those who wished to destroy.
Baltimore Mayor, Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, made a stunning admission Saturday, and if you go to DrudgeReport.com, he understands what a big deal this is.
He has it red-linked at the top with that quote, Baltimore Mayor, space was approved to those who wished to destroy.
Let's go ahead and roll that clip.
We also gave those who wished to destroy space to do that as well.
And we worked very hard to keep that balance and to put ourselves in the best position to de-escalate.
And that's what you saw.
I also pointed out yesterday on the Sunday broadcast that Baltimore, Maryland is majority black.
It's pretty much a black-run city.
They have upwards of half their officers are black.
And I'm just sick of hearing that it's white people out to kill black people when the statistics have been out for a decade.
If you're white or Hispanic, you're twice as likely to be shot by cops.
And you know why?
I don't care if it's a black police force or a mixed police force, what it is, they don't want to respond to gangbanger inner city poor black areas.
Because you'll get shot at, you'll get sued, you'll get called racist, so they don't respond to as much crime there.
They slow roll.
Just like in the riots in Watts back in the 60s, just like with the LA riots back in the early 90s, the police did not respond.
They let the looters beat Reginald in his face and the rest of it.
And it's almost like government is complicit, even if they don't false flag it.
Sometimes they have provocateurs.
I mean, it's the media provocateur at this time, MSNBC, that they order the police in Seattle with those black block white kid looters.
They let them loot in order for the police to stand down.
I interviewed cops and the police chief later.
Oh, yes, we did our journalism that they were basically ordered to stand down by the Delta Force.
Clinton's people were there.
Oh, Delta Force, the same ones running the PSYOP Jade Helm.
And don't look at the uniforms of these officers now in Special Forces and think, oh, they must be Patriots.
I have no doubt they're not proficient, intelligent men, but they now have survived all the Obama purges and have shown they're ready to follow orders.
So in my experience now, when you get up to colonel level and above, full colonel level, you're dealing with some folks who are willing to take orders all the way.
People like Lt.
Schaefer got basically run out.
He's now still involved with the Pentagon, in secretive things, with his anti-bin Laden unit because he blew the whistle that was a stand down.
They go after real people.
Pat Tillman wouldn't play games, so they killed him.
So, Baltimore Mayor, and again we'll show you DrugsReport.com on screen with the big red headline, space was provided to those that wish to destroy.
Baltimore police beat journalist during protest, quote, he's a photographer, he's press, get him!
That's AP.
Read the article, Baltimore police beat journalist during protest, so they let
The black-run police department can't blame white people here.
And again, I'm not blaming blacks or whites.
Governments just act the same, generally.
But the point is, ordered the press attacked, and ordered the stand down.
And now the White House is there running the show.
Just like the quote, white-run police department,
In Missouri, when Ferguson ordered Ja'Kari Jackson and Joe Biggs and Vice Magazine and others attacked, attacked, and maybe we should show the video of the journalists being beaten by the police.
So targeting people that have done nothing.
Now do I blame the average cop?
No I don't.
Do I blame the cops that follow the orders to beat somebody?
But the point is, you try being there when the protesters are attacking you and the police are.
And why is that?
Because at the end of the day, they're all working for the globalists who want social decay and social unrest and social collapse.
Unbelievable, as a journalist, to see the amount of persecution of media.
And to see the whore media not even willing to stand up for its own people.
Though the AP did at least admit that the police did this and it was wrong.
AP came out three weeks ago and said, the president of AP, and said, the media is controlled, we're told what to say, we're being given no access.
Yes, that's what's going on.
And there are political prisoners rotting in jails everywhere, all over the United States, for simply reporting on government crimes.
Tyranny is here.
We're all in grave danger.
The answer isn't groveling.
The answer is standing up and getting involved like folks are doing in Bastrop.
Do we get the audio feedback?
Let's go to see what's happening now in Bastrop, Texas, if you're a TV viewer.
Radio Lester should get the audio.
Here it is.
I'll just ask this question.
When we have a federal government that cannot tell the truth, how do we know that what you're saying is true?
Just ask everybody not to mix apples and pumpkins.
Let's do it that way.
This institution right here has been around for over 240 years.
I've transitioned in this uniform, various shades of it, under five presidents, all of it peacefully.
You may have issues with the federal government.
You may have issues with the administration.
So be it.
But this institution right here has been with you for over 240 years.
They're gonna use the uniform to sell the tyranny.
It's high-level psyop.
I said that 20 minutes ago.
You just saw it.
Total enemy script.
Wow, that's evil.
State your name, please.
I'm sorry.
My name is Sandy Churchill and I live in Rosanne.
You've stated that the FBI and DHS is involved.
Not DHS, no.
Yes, DHS is.
It's on the damn document.
Is FEMA going to be involved?
FEMA is too, you liar.
Thank you, thank you.
God, that's a liar.
By the way, they say George Washington isn't welcome in today's military.
But he just used George Washington.
See, they're playing games.
Oh, you're wrong.
Oh, no, you don't get your question.
They're just, they're just sigh-offing the whole group.
The question is, have any of you been paid money by the Army?
Joe Biggs needs to ask that, text him.
Like in 99 in San Antonio, have they paid any money individually to the campaigns?
Let's go back to it.
See, the county judge is trying to manage his enemy, his prey.
Audio just went way down guys, can you boost it?
Any of the military personnel who will be in the county and private citizens on the street or in a restaurant or for exercise purposes, Your Honor, no.
Or if it is a matter of going in a cheeseburger or an ice cold Coke, yes.
The kids are going to want a can of Coke, maybe.
They may want a taco bar rolls.
They may want a can of Coke.
That's fine.
Mr. Head.
Wow, that's a lie!
We have footage around the country.
They're currently training for civil unrest.
We're gonna have HD video all this and audio.
The crew here is doing a great job.
The crew out there is doing a great job.
I'm kind of chomping at the bit.
I wish I kind of would have gone, but I've got a traffic cop everything here.
This is just unprecedented to hear the lies coming out of their mouth.
In no shape or form is this preparation for martial law, because they're not going to call it martial law.
They can get up there and say there are no FEMA camps, because they're not called FEMA camps, they're called the Emergency Centers Establishment Act, they're called Preparation for Continuity of Government, they're called the Civilian Inmate Labor Camp Program, they're called Emergency Resettlement Centers.
In fact, we'll put that on screen, or I'll pull it up, just for folks.
Army hiring resettlement experts.
Army preparing resettlement operations in the U.S.
And then he gets up there and says there's no preparations for martial law when it's in hundreds of newspapers that the military is training to quote, take on gun owners and veterans.
I mean, that's been in the news hundreds and hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of times.
There it is.
Careers and Jobs.
Internment Specialists.
They've got them for overseas and domestically.
Let's go ahead and go back to the feed and see if we can get some good audio.
How do you respond to that, sir?
One, there's not a style of campaign going on associated with that.
This is an information brief.
And that has nothing to do with private citizens.
So, I wish you'd clarify the question because it sounded more like a statement in the end.
The question is, is psychological operations, is it considered psychological warfare?
Is it considered weaponry in your army training?
They're just feeding a bunch of bullet, folks.
I just searched armyresettlementinfowars.com on Google.
Leaked U.S.
Army document outlines plan for resettlement.
Army manual outlines plan to kill rioters.
I mean, this is all from Army manuals.
You go there, you link through to army.mil.
Army admits re-education camp manual.
I mean, that's just bombshell.
Video, become a FEMA camp internment resettlement officer.
I mean, all of this is their own sources.
Look, Army admits re-education camp manual not intended for public release.
They got so upset with us back at the time, and it lists the social security numbers, how to process this, all of this, and they just think that we're going to sit there and go along with all of this like we're stupid.
There it is, army.mil, FM3-39.40.
But again, he just sits up there like we're stupid, like we don't know what's going on.
I'm going to continue like Paul Revere to ring the alarm here.
This is like the Redcoats coming into town and saying, oh, we're not here to attack you.
We're just here to stay by your house and sneak around your backyard.
And you find the Redcoats manual.
They're trying to take you on.
You're like, what's this?
Never mind that manual.
I'm your friend.
Trust this uniform.
We're going to go to break and come back and get into some other really important news here today.
But before I go any further,
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Instead of hyperventilating over Jane Helm, I just get so upset when I see people like Army Lieutenant Colonel Mark LaStoria, who's up there speaking, in Bastrop, Texas, going, there are no plans for martial law, there are no plans to go after the patriot groups, I don't know what you're talking about, what are you... He goes, what?
I mean, I don't know how it is for AM listeners, because I'm getting the raw feed that's still not that good in audio, but I can hear it.
I don't know if you're getting all of it.
That's why tomorrow we'll have the HD version of it to play clips.
It's like, the sky's blue?
The sun's yellow?
Birds tweet?
Rabbits have big ears?
Barack Obama's a liar?
I know nothing!
I mean, do I need to play the clips from Miami and Indiana and
California and Washington of people saying, what are the armored vehicles for?
They're for the Patriot gun owners.
We're preparing for war.
They're for the veterans.
And you have all the manuals, and you have all the news articles, and you have all the preparations.
And we start getting video back with their training right now.
And they're like, what?
They're going to show dirty bomb exercises and stuff and go, see, we were here practicing to get kittens out of trees.
And the guy's like, I'm a colonel.
You see this uniform?
I don't know what you're saying about Obama, okay?
But this is, you can trust this.
Really, I can, huh?
Oh boy.
We have the clip.
Role players caught.
Sovereign citizens a week and a half ago in the bomb drill that we were blocked from going to.
But we still got footage shot through the fence.
Imagine what else we missed of them going, I'm a sovereign citizen.
That was the cue to be clubbed to the ground.
I mean, we have them, but they just sit up there in a confidence game going, no, no, no, there's nothing happening.
Please don't be mean to our troops that are coming to town.
Please don't be mean to the military.
Please don't be America haters.
Those aren't America haters that are there.
Look at that crowd of people.
Hundreds and hundreds of people there in Bastrop, and they're not going to Joe Biggs deliberately.
Let's go back to the feed briefly and see what we can hear from outside Austin, Texas, where the headquarters of the Defeating the Hostiles marked as Texas.
Another question from downstairs has to do with, and I appreciate Commissioner Pena's perspective on military history, their comment is that the last time they remember something like this had to do with World War II and they even talk about rounding up
They have an entire auditorium full of people below them.
That's the judge.
It's so full.
Ooh, you said dirty words in the manuals.
That's bad.
Those who cannot protect themselves.
Those who can.
Well, sounds like good stuff from the Colonel.
Not true.
That powerful stuff, but we gotta go to break, ladies and gentlemen.
Just epic questions.
I'm told by our crew that there's probably 300 people in that area and more in a bigger auditorium below it.
So it's just overflowing.
It may be a thousand people.
We don't have the crew to have a camera outside to show the big crowd.
Maybe we'll get some of that.
That's why it's vital
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Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
You want answers?
Well, so do we!
So does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
I've got my 1776 lapel pin in.
I don't just wear an American flag, I wear the symbol of the birth of this republic.
Because we need a rebirth, we need to recapture that spirit.
The answer to 1984 is 1776.
And I want to salute and thank all the great Texans.
It may be over a thousand, it may be more than that.
I mean the building I'm told is overflowing.
The county commissioners outside Austin and Bastrop County.
They're up there not being as condescending now, fumbling around the serious questions that are being asked.
Looks scared.
Joe Big's got his question in during a break, so we'll have that tonight on the Nightly News.
He basically said, have you given money, like Delta Force was caught doing in 99 in San Antonio to local officials, and they reportedly said no.
Because they just give them bags of cash, sometimes 200 grand apiece.
If you don't believe me, it was in the Associated Press.
Look it up.
This is an infiltration operation.
And even the captains and majors aren't given half.
of what's going on.
We have Professor John Lott joining us, the famous professor that first did the actuary showing that more guns means less crime.
Now, in fact, let's get our graphics from the nightly news ready from last year when those numbers came out that show the 51-52% drop in violent crime in areas with guns.
Well, it's nationwide overall.
It's like something like 80% in the areas with the guns actually.
Overall, it makes it go down 51% in guns being used in crimes.
And that's why they've got to let people loot and riot in Baltimore, as the mayor said, so that they can then have an excuse for a police state.
It's real simple.
And it was the same Delta Force, folks.
Following orders from Harry Clinton, who ran the dirty trick on the WTO protesters in 99, and brought in a group of 50 scum from the local university, commonly trained, Ford Foundation funded, Soros Group, to knock out windows and burn stuff.
And then they blamed the peaceful crowd.
Ordered to stand down for a day until the public said do something.
And they then attack the peaceful crowds.
That's how you do a false flag.
Let's go back to some of the feed to see if we can get some of the audio because it's up and down from Bastrop.
Okay, so Robin Sage is our captain of the training tent.
Okay, we will talk about Robin Sage.
Yes, and it was a soon-to-be Green Beret was shot and killed by a sheriff's deputy.
The sheriff's deputy did not know that the exercise was taking place.
Robin Sage is a
And it's legitimate training that's been turned illegitimate.
Now you've had people killed.
The notification went out, but it was not passed down to every person that it should have made its way to.
The point is, these drills are dangerous.
There was an altercation that took place.
They tried to disarm the police officer.
They killed him.
The deputy sheriff had no idea what was going on, and the deputy sheriff shot and killed as soon as he came around.
Some additional control measures were put in place, but again, the R&D process has also been in place for 25 years.
How many Green Berets that we had on as guests and Marine Corps Colonels we've had on as guests that are telling you this is for martial law?
So he sits up there, and the only reason he sits there is because he's willing to shovel huge manure buckets on the American people.
But listen, here's the good news.
We're here out ahead of this, so you'll never get away with martial law.
So when you try it down the road, everyone would have already been educated about it.
We're not going to get hit flat footed.
This is about a fighting stance.
We know what's going on, we're ready, and we're in the info war.
We're not laying around until the false flag gets pulled to come out for the guns.
We're peacefully working to take our counties, cities, and states back, and our country back, and restore the republic, 1776, and support our armed services to have a constitutional mission,
And to support them in constitutional domestic operations as well, and to support them once they get out of the military.
Something the establishment doesn't do?
The very army up there speaking right now says their number one enemy is veterans.
I was born on the prairies where the wind blew free, and there was nothing to break the light of the sun.
I was born where there were no enclosures.
I wonder what he thinks of the permanent checkpoints, where you're quizzed about your citizenship, about having to submit to bag searches to ride public transportation, his thoughts on non-violent offenders riding away in prisons.
They say that in these current times we are more, quote, civilized, but are we really more free?
When the Persian army demanded King Leonidas and his Spartans surrender their arms, the outnumbered king shouted, Molon lave, or come and take them.
Even though Leonidas was eventually defeated by a much larger adversary, he is not remembered for his loss.
He lives in history as a beacon of defiance and self-defense.
The desire to disarm the people is nothing new.
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From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Coming up at the bottom of the hour.
Humanity won't survive another thousand years unless it escapes Earth.
Physicist Stephen Hawking warns.
And that ties into headlines like this.
2,000 times normal radiation found in Tokyo playground.
Officials deny any link to Fukushima.
That ties into the Ukrainian nightmare of Chernobyl that happened 29 years ago today.
We're going to be looking at all of that coming up, plus the increased earthquakes, and what scientists are saying is happening to the Earth's crust, and the Great Ring of Fire.
What are the volcanologists, what are the seismologists saying?
It's extremely, well quite frankly, frightening.
There's some good news.
Chipotle to stop serving genetically altered food.
That shows the power of consumers taking action.
And we've got new intel on the Batman killer.
Turns out he was working for DARPA and secret brain disorder programs.
That's out of the Associated Press.
Can't make up that stuff, it's so weird.
We're going to get into more on Jade Helm and our reporters on the ground with that training that's going on.
The reason there's the concerns is the Army itself says they're being trained in their main mission to fight as gun owners, conservatives, libertarians.
So that's why people are concerned.
We'll look at every angle of that.
Also, Hillary has not done one press conference or talked to any press.
Breaking a record, that's coming up.
But joining us, until the bottom of the hour,
He's one of the most important people when it comes to defending the Second Amendment from a place of science.
Twenty-plus years ago, when he began to first put out his research, you know, top statistician from, you name it, Yale University, University of Chicago, the list goes on and on.
I won't go through all his PhDs and the rest of it here.
He's an economist, you name it.
He's also a Fox News columnist and analyst.
He's got a PhD from UCLA.
He's written over a hundred peer-reviewed academic journals.
He's written, um, Dumbing Down the Courts, How Politics Keep the Smartest Judges Off the Bench.
His website is amazing, crimeresearch.org.
And they have the Crime Prevention Research Center.
He got attacked when he wrote his best-selling book back in the 90s with all of his published studies on More Guns Means Less Crime.
Such an important book to have today.
But now even more numbers are in.
51% drop in violent crime from 92 to 2012.
We don't have new numbers yet.
But the LA Times reported last year, gun crime goes down, but public believes that there's more crime.
We'll put that headline on screen for folks here in a moment.
But then you tune into mainstream TV and they go, there's an epidemic of violence, an epidemic of school shootings.
It's worse than ever.
Gun crime is plunged, but Americans think it's up, study says, L.A.
So, I'm not defending police brutality, militarization.
There are certainly some bad cops.
They get defended by bad departments.
It's wrong.
But police violence overall is flat.
But there's a perception that it's up as well.
So, is this a victory of delusion over facts?
Because we've had a lot of success with the Second Amendment.
We've turned the tide to a great extent, but still, still the anti-gunners put out their lies.
So are we winning or are we losing?
If this was a football game and we just ended halftime, where are we, Professor John Arlott?
Well, thanks for having me on.
Well, I mean, I think it's divided.
If you look at a lot of states, things have been getting better in terms of allowing individuals to defend themselves.
If you look federally,
You know, you have a lot of judges being put on the bench right now who are not very sympathetic to individuals having the ability to go and defend themselves.
And obviously, President Obama has been trying to do many things recently, trying to ban one of the most popular type of bullets for what's the most popular type of rifle in the United States.
But I think on net things have generally been improving.
My big concern is that you have people like Michael Bloomberg, George Soros, President Obama, many large foundations are putting a huge amount of money
I mean, literally hundreds of millions of dollars trying to put out studies to go and claim bad things about guns on debt.
And that's one reason why we set up the Crime Prevention Research Center.
You know, we're not going to have hundreds of millions of dollars, but I think even with hundreds of thousands of dollars, we can make a difference in terms of that debate.
So we put together, if people go to
Our website, they can see the list of academics that we have associated with them.
We have people from Harvard, University of Chicago, the Wharton Business School, other places who are experts in these areas and can quickly respond to claims that are put out by Bloomberg and others.
I remember just three weeks ago it came out in the Associated Press that despite the fact that it showed a 51% drop in violent crime, the FBI had been pressured on that report to try to play up school shootings and actually doctored the numbers.
So that's why school shootings were flat instead of actually down.
And obviously most of them were gangbangers shooting each other.
So this shows some real deception going on here.
Right, well, it wasn't on school shootings per se.
What it was is they had released a report just before the November election last year claiming so-called mass and active shooters cases had increased dramatically since 2000, from 2000 to 2013.
They were claiming that there was a 16.5% annual increase in the rate of these attacks, and it's simply false.
I mean, they did several things with regard to the data there.
One thing was they actually missed a number of cases of mass shootings, but the cases that they missed were almost all at the beginning of the period, so it made it look like the beginning of the period was safer than it actually was.
And then,
They included these so-called active shooter cases, which include cases where somebody fires a gun in public but nobody gets shot.
And the thing is, the way they incorporated that data, there's no data set for that.
Police don't collect that type of data like they do murders or rapes or robberies.
What they did was they did Google News searches on them.
The problem is... Sure.
If I were to do a Google News search on, let's say, a mass shooting that occurred a week ago, let's say I get 800 stories.
If I do it five years from now, that same event, I may get 500.
If I do it ten years from now, I may get 300.
Archives are kept up, news organizations go out of business, they just don't pay for having the hard disk space in order to keep... Sure, it's total absolute quackery, kind of like the Justice Department's new report saying veterans and gun owners are the number one terror threat.
And when the FBI was questioned about it, they said, oh, we got our information from the Internet.
I mean, they just can go and randomly make up whatever they want.
How do they deal with the FBI's crime statistics then that show, according to Fox News breakdown, you can correct me if I'm wrong, or even the Justice Department's own breakdown, a 51% drop in guns being used in crimes since 1992.
Is that accurate?
It's been more than, actually the peak in murders and other violent crimes was in 91.
But you've actually seen, I don't know, maybe a 60% or more drop in gun crimes and similar with murders.
So we weren't exaggerating, Professor.
We were actually not giving people the, it's better than I said.
Somewhat better.
But I mean, those are two different issues.
Gun crimes generally and those that are used in mass shootings.
I mean, there's mass shootings.
Deaths from mass shootings have been relatively constant.
You've actually had a drop.
If people go to our website at crimeresearch.org,
We actually go through and look at, over the last couple decades, deaths from school shootings, and that's been declining over time.
Right now, the rate of deaths in school shootings is about half what it was in the early 90s.
Sure, but then you ask the public, and I think there's an epidemic, so what do we do about this brainwashing, as the Attorney General called it that, what do we do about this brainwashing, Professor?
Well, what you do is, you know, people try to inform themselves.
We have places like Crime Prevention Research Center where hopefully within a news cycle when Bloomberg or others or the Obama administration comes out with reports, we have people working with us who know where the data actually is and we can go and put out kind of correct information.
It's hard to get that out, you know, in the FBI report.
Fox was the only one that was interested in running a story on it, even though when the original report came out, it was front page stories in the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, led on all the major news broadcasts, but it was simply false.
I mean, it fit into the narrative that the Obama administration wanted to push at the time and to try to gin up some support for gun control before the election last November.
Absolutely, but they got caught with ClimateGate with the actual email saying let's hide the decline.
New memos have come out where they fudge the numbers on that as well, or would put thermometers out on black tarmacs to raise the temperature.
Has there always been this type of institutional and academic fraud, Professor?
And we're just learning about it now, or is it getting worse?
Well, I think over time, and I've been reading FBI reports for 30 years,
The FBI has kept a Chinese wall between kind of political influences and the raw data.
The report that was released before the election last November is the first time and the only time that I've really seen FBI numbers actually corrupted in that way.
And it's something that concerns me.
I hope it's not a trend that goes on.
Data has been used for political purposes, but there's always been a distinction between how data is used and the actual raw data.
I mean, other academics around the country will use that raw data for studies, and if the raw data is corrupted, it's going to make it so that all those studies that use that data are going to be pretty useless.
Well, we actually have gone out on a number of occasions and hired doctorate statisticians to look at the numbers and, you know, one can come up with 51%, you can come up with 60.
Bottom line, more guns does equal less crime.
And if you go to crimeresearch.org, you see some of the most prestigious research which needs to get out to people because we have the facts, they have the lies.
Everybody knows
You know, a city like Austin with all the guns has a lower crime rate than New York with no guns or Chicago.
I mean, it's really a no-brainer.
But Nobel laureate Milton Friedman called John Lott, said John Lott, quote, has few equals as a prospective analysist and controversial public policy issues.
He's one of the most productive and sighted economists in the world.
He's ranked 26th worldwide in terms of quality, adjusted total academic journal output, 4th in terms of total research output, and 86th in terms of citations.
That's worldwide out of tens of thousands.
Among economics, business, and law professors, his research is currently the 25th most downloaded in the world.
He's also a frequent writer of op-eds.
And I'm not trying to sit here and, you know, grovel at the feet of the professor, but he really is a top academic
That big corporations, governments, militaries come to to get real numbers, folks.
Not the publicized Obama garbage, where they get... I mean, what's breaking the back?
Let me ask you this, getting out of statistics, Professor.
What is breaking the back?
Because, I mean, I think we're starting to break it.
We're starting to win, which really makes me fear for what they're going to pull next, what hype they're going to go with.
How will they strike back, A, the anti-gunners?
Obviously, executive orders, but more, I want to know.
And then, B, looking at this just as a layperson, not as a professor, why are they so anti-gun?
What's driving them?
Alright, well there are a lot of questions that you're raising there.
Let me just point out first, if you look at polls, whether it be Pew or Gallup or CNN, over time there's been increasing opposition to gun control.
The latest polls show that on net you have significantly more people opposing gun control than support it.
That if you look at Pew's surveys, for example, that change basically started around 1999-2000 and it's gradually been getting more opposition right now.
People oppose more gun control by about a 52 to 46 percent margin.
If you go and you look at the surveys that kind of break this down a little bit further, what you find, I think, is that the number one reason people are opposing more gun control is that they've changed their views on the benefits of guns.
Gallup in 2000, when they asked people whether guns in the home make people safer or is riskier, only 35% of Americans said that having a gun in the home made them safer.
At the end of last year, it was up to 63%.
That change is huge.
Is that not an inversion?
I mean, that's a flipping, isn't it?
Right, it's a flipping, but basically it corresponds very closely with the other polls that I was mentioning in terms of increased opposition to gun control, and I think
Just as we can see that, the reason for the change, Bloomberg and other organizations see that also.
And so what they're spending, and you're going to see over the next year and a half or so, has been an... Right, so you're showing the Pew survey there, and you can see...
Support for gun ownership was falling during the 90s and it hit the bottom the end of the 90s 2000 and has gradually been increasing since then.
But they see that also and so what you're going to see over the next year and a half.
It's really an explosion of research being financed by Bloomberg, by the Obama administration, by others, by large foundations.
You know, just in the beginning of 2013, President Obama met with the head of 23 large health care foundations who had been working with him on pushing Obamacare.
And what happened was, is that
He said, look, we've won that debate.
It's time for us to focus on another issue.
And what he convinced them to do was to focus on gun control.
So you have these large foundations that may be spending tens of millions of dollars each now focusing on guns.
And they've been doing that for a couple of years.
You're going to start to see pretty much a tidal wave of research, and it's going to get huge news coverage when it comes out over the next year and a half.
And I think that's how they think they're going to change the debate.
And so the question is,
Who's going to be able to go and do research in order to try to offset that, to try to respond to all those claims?
Well, that's your answer, and that's exactly what I think as a layperson, and I can see the graphs, I can talk to the public, I see what's happening.
Abortion in 1973 was basically 60% for...
Uh, 35% or so, uh, against.
Maybe 5% didn't know.
Now the numbers have flipped.
As you said, you can look at different polls.
They're all pretty much the same.
Same thing with guns.
It's completely flipping.
And I see after Newtown and other events,
That accelerating the implosion of the gun control myth that it makes us safe, is there a danger for Bloomberg and Soros and these other operatives, is there a danger for them, Professor, if their past propaganda pitches backfired, then is there a chance, and I personally think this will cause an even bigger backlash?
I mean, they're doing it differently.
Well, I don't know.
They're basically funding academics that...
Agree with them, giving them lots of resources to produce research.
And so I'm not sure I think it will have some impact on the debate.
I mean, if you have academics constantly coming out and saying that guns are bad, I mean, I think they're not representative of the research that's out there and that it's misleading.
But you have to understand the problems with the research and most
People in the media don't have the background or the knowledge to go and dissect those claims that are going to be made.
That's the reason why we set up CrimeResearch.org.
Well, here's why I know, just as a man and as a media person, why they're going to lose in the end.
And that's because people have lost confidence in the central government to protect them.
They've lost confidence in most local governments to protect them.
It's not the local government's job to protect you.
And people now are understanding they need to get prepared.
And be the captain of their own ship.
And I think it's for that reason the major libertarian swing that even the Financial Times of London reported on worldwide.
I mean, we're seeing gun control reversals in other countries now.
I think this is the beginning of a libertarian renaissance.
But as you said, the empire is going to strike back with quack science.
But I think we've got a good chance of really winning, Professor.
Well, it's going to be an interesting debate.
All we can do is just try to get accurate information out there to accurately measure both the costs and benefits of people being alone with guns.
I mean, there's been some changes for the better.
I'll just mention a couple things.
One is, due back to 2007, there were about 4.6 million concealed carry permit holders.
Now there's
Over 12 million.
And you've begun to see that people who I think benefit the most from owning guns, basically two groups, women and the elderly, who are relatively weaker physically and the presence of a gun represents a much bigger change in their ability to defend themselves, as well as poor blacks who live in high crime urban areas.
People are most likely to be victims of violent crime.
You've been seeing changes in their attitudes towards guns that increase gun ownership and increase concealed carry among those individuals.
Can you talk about that?
Because that's really interesting.
I've seen the statistics out of Chicago.
Just a handful of concealed carry by black Americans in those bad neighborhoods has started to bring down the crime a little bit.
I mean, talk about antibiotics, you know, dealing with these thugs.
You know, having good Americans with guns is the answer.
Look, police are extremely important.
My research indicates to me that police are the single most important factor for reducing crime.
There's no doubt about that in my mind.
But I think the police themselves understand, if you look at surveys of police, that even though they are extremely important, they recognize that they virtually always arrive on the crime scene after the crimes occurred.
And that raises the question, what should people be able to do when they're confirmed by themselves?
And depending on themselves, as you say, it turns out to be the safest course of action when the police can't be there to protect them.
As I said, it's particularly true for people who are most likely victims of violent crime.
The problem is that in a place like Illinois,
To go through the concealed carry permit process is like $600 to go through the training and pay the fees.
In neighboring Indiana, it's $45 for the total cost.
In a state like Pennsylvania, it's $20.
Amazing wealth!
You are a true general on the front lines of human liberty and the right to self-defense, a modern-day founding father of the New Liberty Movement, crimeresearch.org, John R. Lott, Dr. Lott, thank you so much for the time and what he just warned us of, the next big fight's coming, the next wave's coming in.
Thank you, Professor.
Thank you very much.
We'll be back with more news straight ahead on Alex Jones.
We're on the march, the empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Let's talk about the real war on women.
First wave feminism was a noble cause, but modern feminists?
Well, instead of fighting for, say, paid and protected maternity leave, they want to ban words, shirts, and manspreading.
Come on!
That's cultural Marxism, which asserts that culture and language is responsible for oppressing women and not the state.
The truth is, the state encourages gender wars.
It's a divide-and-conquer tactic designed to keep us fighting amongst ourselves.
In fact, the feminist movement was hijacked by the political class to exploit women.
As the late Aaron Russo revealed, the Rockefellers bankrolled feminism.
Not because they had any interest in women's rights, but because women in the workforce was the ultimate trifecta.
The state collects more tax dollars, children are indoctrinated at an earlier age, and the traditional family structure destroyed.
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This is just bare knuckles, average people going toe-to-toe with the globalists.
I'm just like those, looks like a thousand people now.
I didn't know they had multiple huge rooms full of people and out the door at the courthouse saying no to military drills, we know about the gun confiscation drills, we know what's going on, and the colonel's getting really arrogant, really rude.
My crews in there listening to him.
We'll have highlights of this in the Nightly News tonight and tomorrow.
You got this Lieutenant Colonel Mark LaStoria and he is up there just getting really sarcastic with people that are bringing up real issues.
Let's go ahead and get a little bit of the questions that are being asked right now.
No, they won't be wearing a uniform to come into town to get a burger.
If they come in uniform, like I want to get a burger, I'll be in this uniform.
But there aren't going to be any type of events where
Alright, again, we're going to have all the highlights of the hours and hours of this coming up tonight and tomorrow.
It'll take time to go through it all.
Oh my goodness, that's why it's important you as HUMET...
Human intelligence to be watching these streams and watching the archive that's up there of when the screen stops, it stopped four or five times, to go watch those chunks, find the little giblets, give them the headlines, and then we can compile it on the nightly news.
I mean, it comes down to that.
I don't have 10 extra people to go through all this.
I don't have 10 extra people to go through all my predictions coming through.
I don't have 10 extra people.
People call all the time, they go, you predicted this and it just happened, you predicted that.
Find the clip where you said it.
We just can't do it!
I mean, it's like the Alamo or some other event where you're being completely overrun, folks.
There's not time to go bake a cake here.
Believe me, there's a lot I want to do, but I need you to do it.
I need you to take action.
I need you to get involved.
We had a wonderful affiliate out in Oregon.
Call us and ask permission if one of their listeners wanted to donate three or four billboards if we wanted that.
And of course, but you don't have to ask me.
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How about I kiss your butt for being a fellow Liberty lover?
That's another thing.
All these narcissistic talk show hosts.
Oh, thank you for letting me call.
Oh, you're so great.
I'm not one of those people, man.
I'm in an absolute, savage, obsessed war with the globalists.
I know I'm right.
I've done my homework.
I know how serious it is.
If you're a new listener, some people tune into the show to laugh at it.
They think it's funny.
Imagine if you believed all this, how you'd be behaving.
See, because I don't just believe.
I know.
I know.
I know.
And see, I'm upset.
Now coming up after this special report John Bowne did, humanity won't survive another thousand years unless it escapes Earth, physicist Stephen Hawking warns.
I'm going to break that down.
Look at this out of the AP.
I was attacked by MSNBC back when it happened for pointing out that the supposed Batman shooter in Aurora
was in a secret DARPA mind control program.
Folks, his name was in the program.
He was involved in all sorts of super secret brain interface stuff.
He was totally set up on government payroll, said he was drugged, told people in the jail.
That was even in a local paper.
Then they came out and said it was never said.
He's a patsy.
He was set up.
He was drugged outside.
I don't have time to get into the whole story, but I will later.
His psychiatrist was the top Air Force psychologist in San Antonio over whole secret programs at their medical facilities.
And then she becomes basically his psychiatrist and spends hours, multiple times a week with him.
And by the way, the police investigated her.
They're not stupid, but they got shut down.
It begins with an H. Handler?
There's a word.
What do you call that?
Look into Sirhan Sirhan.
The LAPD found out he was drugged and he did not shoot RFK.
That's admitted LA Times as well.
Look it up.
Batman killer studied brain disorders before mass murder.
Oh, he studied brain disorders.
No, he was in a DARPA interface program.
His dad was in a program so classified we can't even find out what it was.
Just like Harrison Kleibold's parents.
Let's go ahead and go out to break with this John Bowne report on domestic propaganda psyops going on.
When that colonel gets up there and lies to people, he believes it's been legalized.
Let's go ahead and go to John Bowne's report.
Then we'll go to break and I'll come back and get the news from Stephen Hawking.
Back in May of 2012, while America slept, an amendment overturned the long-standing Smith-Montt Act of 1948 and the Foreign Relations Authorization Act of 1987, allowing for materials produced by the State Department and the Broadcasting Board of Governors to be released within U.S.
Michael Hastings of BuzzFeed.com put it this way,
The new law would give sweeping powers to the State Department and Pentagon.
Television, radio, newspaper and social media on to the US public.
It removes the protection for Americans, says a Pentagon official who is concerned about the law.
It removes oversight from the people who want to put out this information.
There are no checks and balances.
No one knows if the information is accurate, partially accurate, or entirely false.
A WikiLeaks archive released recently reveals that the government is actively working with the corporate media to produce the sort of propaganda required to shape the foreign policy narrative of the United States.
Within the trove lies ample evidence detailing a growing close relationship between the Obama administration, the State Department, and the transnational entertainment corporation, Sony.
The archive demonstrates Sony Corporation's connections to the U.S.
military-industrial complex.
An email from Richard Stengel, U.S.
State Department Undersecretary for Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs, reveals how the government enlisted Sony and other entertainment corporations in the propaganda war against ISIS and Russia.
It is addressed to Sony's Michael Linton.
It reads, It was great to see you yesterday.
As you can see, we have plenty of challenges encountering ISIL narratives in the Middle East and Russian narratives in Central and Eastern Europe.
In both cases, there are millions and millions of people in those regions who are getting a skewed version of reality.
And it's not something that the State Department can do on its own, by any means.
Following up on our conversation, I'd love to convene a group of media executives who can help us think about better ways to respond to both of these large challenges.
This is a conversation about ideas, about content and production, about commercial possibilities.
I promise you it will be interesting, fun, and rewarding.
Michael Linton responded to this email by sending Stengel a list of names including Andy Byrd, chairman of Walt Disney International, former Turner Broadcasting CEO Phil Kent, 21st Century Fox COO James Murdoch, and Drew Guff,
A founding partner of private equity investment firm Sigler Guf.
Another email from a staffer to Jane Hartley, the U.S.
Ambassador to France, shows how the government intends to exploit the celebrity of actors to push its foreign policy objectives.
We have already started to think through ways your superstars could potentially help amplify some of the great work U.S.
Embassy Paris is doing, the staffer wrote.
We'd love to include Sony names and events here, either as guests or performers, and would love the opportunity to leverage their popularity to promote the President's priorities and agenda overseas.
The Director of Press Advance at the White House has joined the LA Times.
The Los Angeles Times announced this morning the hiring of Johanna Mosca.
an aide to President Obama.
Moscow ironically employs the new age of news speak by uttering, without a robust press pushing the boundaries of power, absolute power will corrupt absolutely.
And that is precisely why we need organizations like the LA Times to survive.
The tentacles of the Obama administration are quietly stretching into large sections of media.
John Bowne, InfoWars.com
That's right, and that reminds me of the Attorney General saying at a media meeting, we need to brainwash the public into not liking guns.
And that's what the military is doing here, is getting us ready for them to be on the streets.
In fact, hear it from Holder, here it is.
What we need to do is change the way in which people think about guns, especially young people.
One thing that I think is clear with young people and with adults as well, is that we just have to be repetitive about it.
China freely allows the sale of bulletproof armor plates, while our U.S.
politicians argue from banning Americans from owning body armor.
Does that sound right to you?
Arm your American body at InfidelBodyArmor.com.
Infidel Body Armor.
Just won't quit.
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Strange days have found us.
The days of brainwashing.
Here's the Attorney General on brainwashing with the media.
And what we need to do is change the way in which people think about guns, especially young people.
One thing that I think is clear with young people and with adults as well is that we just have to be repetitive about this.
It's not enough to simply have a catchy ad on a Monday and then only do it every Monday.
We need to do this every day of the week and just really brainwash people into thinking about guns in a vastly different way.
And so when you see actors or movies or anything, they're being paid.
To say, don't be racist, give me your guns, don't be racist, support Obamacare.
Or, don't be homophobic, let us teach your three-year-old how to have oral sex.
And that was in the news Sunday.
In schools.
Or, let's have open borders, or you're a racist.
I mean, we're being conquered, and the agenda is, let us run your medical care,
Let us tell you how to be obsessed with this type of sex, and we're going to put military on the streets, and we're going to take more of your money.
And folks, they don't want us having kids.
They want to break up the family unit.
I'm not against people that are out with their sexual preferences or whatever.
I'm a libertarian.
A lot of those lifestyles are destructive, but who am I to judge people?
I mean, come on.
I'm not going to throw rocks in glass houses.
I've been a wild man in my life.
But to sit there and just make that the issue while the whole world goes on around us is crazy.
Now we have Joe Jennings who does a great job directing some of the TV nightly news.
He also does analysis for us.
Joe Jennings
Long-time journalist from TV News is in there.
He's been listening for the last five hours, even before we were live, and watching the Ustream feed of Jakari Jackson and Joe Biggs there in Bastrop, Texas, where they're having the Jade Helm brainwashing session.
And the message is, hey, a thousand people, because that's now the number we're getting.
It's room after room, auditoriums full, down the road, just, you know,
You name it, they're saying, we don't want martial law, we don't want our guns taken.
They go, we won't.
We go, oh, what about Katrina?
What about your manual?
Folks are confronting him about all the news, saying they're enemies of the vets and stuff.
And Joe Jennings has been listening to this, and he said that this colonel is super arrogant, but some interesting giblets of news have come out.
So Joe Jennings, tell us what you've learned in there, in the control room, watching our reporters in the field.
Hey Alex, what it seems to be is that they're saying this is all going to be done on private property.
Everything's going to be done on private property.
Um, some of the things they're talking about are drones.
They're going to be using a lot of drones.
Um, this is a spec ops kind of, uh, enactment.
They're going to be using some actors, but mostly spec ops troops.
They're training.
They said that they have to keep razor sharp because they've trained for the last 14 years of war and now they're going to be training for the next 14 years.
And that, of course, is here domestically.
And what's crazy is they admit it's about winning hearts and minds.
They admit in all their manuals their new mission is here domestically to fight the Patriots, the veterans.
And then he sits up there and, oh, well that's a major change then because their own original announcement plan that we broke over a month ago said that they would be on
Public land and in the streets, and be simulating illegal, suspicious activities.
So I take it now, they're saying they won't be in the streets and playing close?
They're saying private property.
Well see, what we're doing is forcing them to dial it back, but I'm telling you, this means nothing.
San Antonio said, get out, you're not doing this.
They went ahead and did it anyways.
Just remember that, I mean, you cannot believe a word comes out of this guy's mouth, Joe.
You can't.
And I'm sorry, I mean, I've just heard him.
Is there any plan to take on the American people ever?
No, that's ridiculous.
I mean, I could sit on a five-foot pile of news articles mainstream admitting this.
But they're all articles about, it's wonderful, Homeland Security trains to fight their main enemy, us, and to take our guns.
NBC reports, oh, Brian Williams, I mean, you know, oh, the military's training to take on the Tea Party, thank God.
Oh, they're so racist, oh.
We'll be back, third hour.
And it's that type of behavior that spurred me to do the research to develop a true nutraceutical formula that was designed to smooth out and help children focus.
All of our children are hit with modern mind control.
Television, music, fast food, GMOs, sugars, you name it.
Young humans have not yet developed their nervous system and are being hammered daily by globalist concoctions.
It's no wonder they can't focus and calm down and then are put on dangerous psychotropic
I think so.
You're listening to The Alex Jones Show!
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Out in South Texas, they sent a kind of preacher type of Thomas Meade to snow job the public.
But for Central Texas, right outside Austin, where they're running their main operations against the enemy force, Texas, for Jade Helm 1-5, they have Army Lieutenant Colonel Mark LaStoria.
And I was talking to Joe Jennings during the break.
He said the crowd is really mad and not buying any of it.
Well, I don't know how they could buy it.
There are listeners mainly.
A. B. There is no exaggeration.
Probably 500 mainstream news articles admitting they're trying to take on veterans and gun owners.
And then there's Katrina and then all these videos where citizens go, what's the armored vehicle or the drone for?
And they go, the cops are like, it's the battle of the veterans.
They're going to be attacking any minute.
Well I guess if Obama marches foreign troops in or something.
Let's go to the colonel right now and hear what Joe has to say.
Although they brought the former guy up, the portly preacher is back.
Thomas Meade has returned.
Here he is.
You know what's happening?
We've blown your operation as usual.
I mean, you know what you've done.
All you've done is stirred up the beehive.
Now, we're not acclimated.
You just thought we'd get acclimated and that'd be the end of it.
No, no, no.
We're going to use this as our own drill to get people to understand what's happening.
Let's go back to the feed.
I know what your question is.
But they're controlling it by being questions.
We need statements.
I just wanted to clarify, will there be any role play done in the community in public?
Because the reason I'm concerned is because you mentioned that there was a need to blend in with people from Bastrop.
Everybody there knows.
I mean, you New World Order just thinks you're gonna hit us while we're asleep?
Not gonna happen.
You're gonna have a stand-up fight.
I mean, look at the TSA on the streets.
I told you, 10 years before they rolled out, that was gonna happen.
How'd I know?
I watched it on C-SPAN.
Again, we're a big country, folks.
They can't just roll this out in secret, but they want to.
I want to go back to Joe Jennings, because the audio, at least in my ear, is a little bit hammered.
I see a lot of folks from InfoWars come and take it shirts, come and take it started, close to Bastrop and Gonzales.
Let's hear what this lady has to say.
In particular, I'm curious about the symbology of the small wooden shoe.
We need statements about militarization of police, the acclamation, the army admitting they're trying to take on the Tea Party, so he'll then deny it and we'll have him by the huevos.
Getting to lie.
Man, I should have gone.
You imagine me broadcasting angrily there with a headset?
I should have done that, actually.
The crew's doing a great job.
I mean, this guy is so full of it.
I mean, he's like a manure yard.
You could hire this guy to fertilize like 10 million crops himself.
They're training special forces to take on gun owners.
It's all over the news.
Okay, and they'll have some real emissions that are legitimate, mixed in to confuse the idiot public.
Kind of like cyanide pills, you know, taste like sugar.
They're 80% sugar.
Quick, Joe Jennings, you've been listening to the crowd.
What were you saying their basic attitude is?
Basically, they're trying to figure out why they're doing this.
Why are you doing this in my community?
Why do you need our private property?
Why are you coming after us?
And it's just stonewalling.
We're here for your protection.
Get in the white van, kid.
We got candy.
We're not here to hear your statements.
Just questions.
We're here to help.
We've come to your planet to help.
Now just let us put this chip in your brain.
Everything's fine.
We're not the droids you're looking for.
That's right.
Move along.
Move along.
Stay with us.
We got a big guest coming up.
Not a single 11th grade student showed up to take the SBAC Common Core standardized test at Nathan Hale High School last week.
But students aren't the only ones walking out on Common Core.
Earlier this year, teachers at the same school passed a resolution against the Common Core standardized tests and were threatened by Superintendent Larry Nyland with the loss of their teaching license.
I think?
...in which they feel they want to comply with, he said.
Technical issues are plaguing the Common Core testing industry even worse than student walkouts.
The Washington Post reports that over 15 states are suspending, scrapping, or reviewing Common Core standards for a variety of reasons.
Maybe the computers are having trouble calculating 2 plus 2 equals 5.
For more stories like these, go to InfoWars.com and become a member of PrisonPlanet.tv.
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When I got on air 20 years ago, I weighed 180 pounds.
I lift weights five days a week.
I can swim two, three miles.
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I started an access television show.
I was so dedicated to my work and hanging around with radio guys that I began drinking.
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He aligns himself with the truth.
And it's time for you to choose a side.
You're listening to Alex Jones.
It seems like last summer was the summer of rage with riots and police killings and hysteria.
They're saying this summer's really gonna be big.
With the mayor admitting that they let the looters attack people and have an area to wreck.
Simply amazing.
We're going to cover that at the bottom of the hour.
Joe Biggs will join us with his breakdown of the last five hours.
Well, he's been there since 9 a.m.
It's one o'clock in eight minutes.
So, yeah, the last five hours plus of what he's been hearing from this Army Lieutenant Colonel and just the stuff I've heard is outright bull and disinformation.
And they're not letting people speak more than about 10 seconds.
That's what's making them mad.
There are well over a thousand people there, it looks like.
So this is big news.
And again, they try to spin it.
Don't be against the military.
Oh, we're not against the military.
We don't want the military being used for domestic operations and being turned into an arm of the Democratic Party, their new civilian police force that Obama talked about.
It's that simple.
And constitutional scholars are across the board saying the same thing we're saying.
Now, joining us is Joel Gilbert with Breaking News, breakingnewsininfoawards.com and worldnetdaily.com.
Obama's brother says he's dishonest and abandoned the family.
He is the documentary filmmaker of Dreams of My Real Father.
And he's gotten an exclusive in-depth interview with the brother, the half-brother of Obama, breaking his silence.
And we have several clips here that we're going to be able to play of his interview with his half-brother in a moment.
But this is important information and documentary filmmaker Joel Gilbert joins us.
He was going to be on a week and a half ago, but they pushed the story back to do even more research and to dig even deeper.
So they've got even more intel now.
You can find his films at InfowarsStore.com, Dreams of My Real Father, and there's no place like Hell on Earth, I mean Utopia.
But right now we go to our guest with this breaking information, Joel Gilbert.
Hi Alex, great to be here.
As I told you about a week and a half ago,
I had a big interview I was completing.
This was based on my reaching out to Malik Obama, the alleged half-brother of Barry, Barack Hussein Obama, and I sent Malik a copy of my DVD of Dreams from My Real Father, and he watched the film immediately, and he told me at that time that
This might be an explanation for why Barack was so close to the Kenyan family, and he made such a big deal about them politically for his political career, wrote a book about the Kenyan Obama, and as soon as he was elected president, Malik reports that Barack shunned the Kenyan family, didn't want anything to do with them, and that they've been so confused.
And when you play these clips,
We're going to hear from Malik really letting loose and explaining what he thinks really is going on based on his relationship.
Don't forget Malik Obama was Obama's best man at his wedding and vice versa.
Obama invited him to Chicago to his community organizing events.
Malik is the one that brought Iraq to Kenya, took him to the father's grave.
Even if you watch the video, the full video, on YouTube or ObamasRealFather.com, Malik explains that Barack sent him his manuscript of Dreams from My Father, which had a different title at the time, and asked him to edit it.
So Malik was very close to Barack, so he's very hurt and confused as to why as soon as he made this big deal about the Kenyan relatives for his political
Well, regardless, this shows he's a total sociopath, or maybe worse, that people he's known for decades, his dad certainly dated his mother, looked nothing like her, the government threw him out saying he wasn't the dad, and people forget all this.
Frank Marshall Davis is where Obama would live during the summers.
Looks just like him.
I mean, you cover that in your film.
It's undoubtedly his father.
But to then just throw his adoptive family away just shows an incredible cold-bloodedness.
But I'm taking away from what he's saying that Barack's half-brother says he may not be his brother after all.
This is just bombshell.
Is that a fair statement?
You'll see when we play the clips.
Malik says that Barack looks like Frank Marshall Davis and nothing like his father.
Malik also said he wants to do a DNA test now.
Maybe have a DNA showdown, I call it, and see what the really the truth is because he is so hurt.
All the can you feel sorry for these Kenyan Obamas that they were used
And humiliated when he dropped their connection.
Malik tells in the video the story of when Anzai Tooni died, he went to the White House and he asked Barack to contribute.
They needed $20,000 to take her body from Boston back to Kenya for a funeral.
And Malik tells the story that Barack told him that she deserved what she got and that was too much money.
He also told me privately that Barack said, I'm not Bill Gates.
So the result was, Anne Zaytuny was stuck in Boston for a full month where they had to raise money from the public.
And Malik just says he was very hurt because Anne Zaytuny came to the senatorial inauguration.
She came to the presidential inauguration.
She accepted him when he came to Boston when he was in school.
But she was a prop to be used and then discarded.
Just unprecedented.
We're going to play these clips.
The full interview just went up on your website.
But this is... I am rarely this stunned because it's clearly his dad.
He comes out in the book and says he owes everything to him and his grandfather was best buddies with him and then his mother clearly posing in photos with him.
I mean, why would he be spending the summer with him as a small child?
It's his son.
When Obama talks about him, it looks like he almost cries in these speeches.
And then now the family that looks nothing like him
But who they'd kind of adopted is just thrown away.
Why would he be so arrogant and just throw these props away?
Well, always in these situations, the family is the last to realize it or admit it as to what happened.
The family finally gets it that it's just part of their game plan.
The whole socialist Marxist playbook is use people with a big lie to take power.
And once you take power, the ends justifies the means.
They're just old baggage.
And that's what the Kenyan Obamas have unfortunately, I think, come to realize.
They've seen Dreams From My Real Father.
They all agree that Obama looks just like Frank Marshall Davis.
And they're saying that only a DNA test can solve it at this point because they just think there has to be an explanation for why he made such a big deal out of them as his political base.
And now he wants nothing to do with them.
It's very sad.
It's a very sad story.
Malik is a good guy.
I have to also add that
A lot of the reporting about him being involved with all these questionable characters, you know, he shows up with a guru in India, or with Muslim Brotherhood, or with the Jehovah's cult in Texas.
What's really happened is, because Barack broke his promises from Malik's point of view,
Uh, to help the village and help the family.
He's trying to go wherever he can.
Whenever they invite him to go talk to a group, he'll go.
So he's a little bit... Sure, and that's a classic spin thing.
Like, I go on Japanese TV and therefore I secretly work for the Japanese government.
But here's the deal.
This brother was close to him.
He used him politically.
Now he won't talk to him.
He looks nothing like these people.
I mean, it'd be like if I had a kid with a white lady and the kid came out and was black.
I'd say, you know, or was Hispanic.
I've got nothing against it.
I just, that's not my child.
I mean, these people look nothing like Obama.
His dad is a spinning image, Frank Marshall Davis.
And then he says he shaped him, he lived with him.
It's his daddy!
And we got photos of him with his mother.
But what's incredible is Dr. Corsi, I really respect him, we're on that daily.
Uh, you know, in many ways, pantheon of journalism.
I don't think they're being hardcore enough with their headline that Obama's half-brother, you know, Obama discarded us.
The story is, I want a DNA test, you may not really be my family, you look like Frank Marshall Davis.
Uh, you know, wow, I mean, talk about a house of cards they put in.
His Harvard Law Review that he edited and Michelle's statements and all of it, that he was born in Kenya, so that later when it didn't add up, we would get upset and go after that instead of what was hiding in plain view.
There's no doubt you're right.
This is just added cherry on top.
Joel Gilbert, this is so huge.
I think the headline on this story and the video we're going to do should be, Obama's half-brother wants DNA tests to prove that he's actually family, thinks that he's Frank Marshall Davis' son, sub-headline.
I mean, it's just, it's incredible!
Yeah, I would agree.
The Kenyan story was cover because Obama could never have been elected if he said my father was a Communist Party propagandist and Soviet agent who worked on behalf of the Soviet Union to try to
Organize the unions to expel U.S.
forces from Hawaii to allow for Soviet expansion in Asia.
And that's what his father did.
And he was radicalized.
If Obama said, I was radicalized into this Marxist ideology in my teenage years while I was drinking and smoking pot with my dad, Frank Marshall Davis, please elect me president.
I'm going to support the Constitution.
So all he did was cut out my dad.
The only thing he cut out in the speech that we're going to play later is my dad.
We played it last week.
But he literally sat at the feet as a child up to a teenager with Frank Marshall Davis.
The spinning image that his grandpa's best friends with, that he lived with, I mean this is hiding in plain view.
Of course they had to have a cut out for the left that he was an immigrant.
Then that story doesn't fit, so we go after it.
This is incredible.
You deserve the Pulitzer Prize.
Well, thank you.
I think, look, Obama engaged in misdirection.
He uses misdirection and outright lies to hide the reality.
Don't forget he ran as a mainstream candidate.
I'm going to cut the deficit in half.
I'm going to support Israel.
I'm against gay marriage.
It was all mainstream, but it was an intentional deception.
Just like I show in my movie, There's No Place Like Utopia,
The Wizard of Oz never intended to keep any of those promises.
Obama's intentional deception is the fraud of the century that's been perpetrated on the American people and the Kenyan Obamas are now on to it.
They're on to it.
There's another headline.
Kenyon Obama's now on to the fact that he's an imposter and a fraud!
He's a Davis!
He's got the last name of the Confederate founder!
You can't make this stuff up, man!
I'm telling you, I know you're right.
I've seen both your films, I've researched it.
And I remember saying when day one, the birth certificate had like six layers, and it was the font of Microsoft that's the fake typewriter font, you know, because each typewriter font is like a snowflake.
They were all identical.
It's different.
It was totally fake right there.
I was like, why is it such a bad forgery?
Because it was meant to make us go crazy, like mad dogs after a steak.
The question never was, where's the birth certificate?
The question was, who is the real father?
And if you ask the right question, you can find the right answer.
Exactly, they threw a fake question out to divert us.
Right, and I like to tell people now that all this time we've been complaining about Obama, but if you listen to Malik Obama in the interview, he's been treating us like family all this time.
He's really Barry Davis!
He's Barry Davis, Frank Marshall Davis Jr.
Not just the fact that Obama lied to misdirect us, but he hid the fact that he was radicalized into a Marxist ideology that sees the world completely different from mainstream America.
He believes America is the source of all problems in the world.
He believes that capitalism and free markets and free speech, freedom of religion are all negative things.
And he wants to fulfill his father's dream.
You know the media is going to, I predict they're going to ignore this because it's right on target.
When I would cover the birth certificate stuff and say all I know is it's fake, all I know is he said he was from Kenya, I don't know if he really is, but here's a video of him saying he's from Kenya, here's his wife saying it, here he is in the Harvard Review that he edited over and over again saying I'm from Kenya, he ran on the Senate in Illinois on that, so don't get mad at me
Meanwhile, the whole time he was Frank Marshall Davis Jr.
Let's go to a clip of him from C-SPAN talking about his father, Frank Marshall Davis.
And then we'll go back to the crew.
And the passage finally ends with me having a conversation with a close friend of my maternal grandfather, a close friend of Graham's, a black man from Kansas named Frank, actually at the time a fairly well-known poet named Frank Marshall Davis who had moved to Hawaii and lived there.
And so I have a discussion with him about the kinds of frustrations I'm having and he sort of schools me on that I should get used to these frustrations.
So let me dig in.
Frank Marshall Davis's son is now president and is now running the country into the ground deliberately.
I mean, that's why they say truth is stranger than fiction.
This is so sensational and you can just see the truth.
You can feel it.
Joel Gilbert, I can almost not continue broadcasting at this point.
What do we even do about this?
I mean, it just totally makes sense now, everything that's happening.
Well, unfortunately, we've had a media, as well as an adoring crowd of Democrats and others that have been willing to follow Barack Obama into oncoming traffic.
No matter how horrific the situation is internationally, no matter how horrific the economy is,
They simply use the tools of state, the IRS, the press office, to lie about everything.
Unemployment is 5%.
We support Israel.
There's peace in the world.
It's an era of disinformatia, Soviet-era disinformation.
And that's what you get from a man whose father was a Bolshevik and a Soviet agent, and someone who was indoctrinated into this ideology.
We just have to keep on keeping on, Alex.
You're doing a great job.
And if Rome could survive Nero, we should be able to survive Obama for another year and a half.
And hopefully a new administration can turn around all the damage that's been done.
Well, Joel Gilbert, I've been jumping in here a lot and making some good points, but hyperventilating at the same time.
Spend a few minutes.
Recap how you discovered this, how you made the film, the bombshell.
I'm getting chills.
And then now what this means as the family begins to come out and say, we always say didn't look like us.
We want a DNA test.
It was already really weird with my uncle.
He dropped us like a hot potato.
I mean, that is amazing.
Yeah, well, how I got into it, I made a film about the Iranian nuclear program called Atomic Jihad, Obama's Politics of Defeat.
And like a lot of people, I would read Jerry Corsi and Jack Cashill's writings about the birth certificate, and they never had an answer.
That was 2010.
And I said to myself, simply, if they can't find the answer, they're not asking the right question.
But I didn't know what the question was.
So I read about this guy named Frank in Dreams of My Father,
You know, Obama's biography, and it was filled with references to this mentor named Frank.
And I read online, they said he thought it was Frank Marshall Davis, this communist in Hawaii.
So I simply bought Frank's autobiography called Live in the Blues, and it's full of photos.
And as a person who does film and graphics, I'm looking at these photos of Frank Marshall Davis.
They look just like Obama.
And they would just click that this Kenyan story was just a cover for a radical ideology.
Once I realized that, I realized America was in grave danger.
And I decided that I have to commit myself to looking further into this and getting all the information I can.
And right at that moment, I said, I'm going to make a movie about Frank Marshall Davis, about Obama's real life story and the dreams from his real father.
And in the process, you get contacted and they give you the porn photos of mama in the house with Davis and other women because he funded himself with porn.
A communist did that.
And then there's photos of Obama sitting on the same couch with the same pictures!
I mean, we got Obama sitting on the porn shoot couch!
I mean, we've got him at every level!
Yeah, we don't even need those photos.
There's 20 or 30 pieces of evidence that shows that Barack Obama's father is Frank Marshall Davis.
More important, there's a ton of evidence and a mountain of evidence I show in the film that Davis became his ideological mentor and radicalized Obama in his youth.
The nude photos simply show the opportunity for that relationship to have taken place.
The photos show all these different strippers, Hawaiian, Portuguese looking, American.
We see Frank Marshall Davis's jacket in the background, the floorboards match, the jazz records match, Anne's face matches, everything matches.
So between all of that and all the other evidence, it's clear that Frank Marshall Davis is the biological father.
Now that would have been fine if he hadn't been radicalized or if Barack had
Learned later that everything his father told him was a bunch of bunk, and it was destructive and irrelevant.
But he simply stayed in that world of American Marxism that no one really knows about, went to New York, then Chicago with the Ayers family, where Bill Ayers' family brought him into Chicago, where he was in the radical groups like ACORN, Midwest Academy, and has lived his life as this American radical.
And he simply decided instead of
He learned the lesson from his mentor Bill Ayers.
Bill Ayers would look you in the eye in the late 60s and say, we're going to destroy the Constitution.
We're going to bring down America.
That didn't work because it was evil.
They throw him in jail.
His buddies got thrown in jail.
They had to go in the underground for 10 years.
Bill Ayers taught him the lesson when he came out of the underground in the early 80s.
He said, look people in the eye and don't tell them the truth.
Tell them you want to help people.
Tell them you want to help families.
Call them folks.
And you'll get people to support you.
When you take power, you can begin the work of destruction that they laid out in the 60s to bring down America.
And now they admit Cloward and Piven.
They admit everything.
They are so
And the elites are allowing them to do this.
The big foundations are involved.
They believe out of this communist revolution they're going to get their world government.
This is such a nightmare.
Both your films are available at infowarestore.com, but also on your websites you've got several.
Which one is the best?
Oh, we haven't even gotten to the Malik Obama clips.
We're going to have to hold you over.
Let's go ahead and go to the first clip right now.
Which one is that?
Which one should we go to first?
This is the one where he talks about Barack's real character is coming out now.
The first one.
Yeah, let's go to Barack's real character is coming out now.
His supposed brother.
Here it is.
Well, the way that he's turned and become a different person.
That looks nothing like you.
I mean... In the same way that I see him behaving politically.
He says one thing and then he does another.
He's not an honest man, as far as I'm concerned.
In who he is, and what he says, and how he treats people.
How has that made you feel as the oldest brother in the family?
Disappointed, used, used, and also betrayed.
In the beginning, I didn't think that he was a schemer.
He's real.
Character, his real personality, the real him, is coming out now.
Well, we're going to go to break.
If Joel can stay five more minutes, finish up with the other clip, let him make a final comment.
Then we're going to go to Joe Biggs and Jakari Jackson with their take on the Jade Helm takeover drills taking place this summer.
The kickoff of the PSYOP is beginning now.
We're on the march.
Stay with us.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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It's Alex Jones, coming to you live from the front lines of the InfoWar.
Ladies and gentlemen, we are now in the Twilight Zone.
Finishing up with Joel Gilbert, then Joe Beggs is joining us from Bastrop outside Austin.
The headquarters of the Southcom, Northcom, Joint Forces Takeover drills set for this summer.
And the PsyOps now in full swing, telling the public...
We've never heard of a plan to take on the Tea Party or gun owners.
No way!
Then the videos come in from all over the country as the training intensifies.
They're up on InfoWars.com.
And I'm telling you, Obama and the globalists could set off weapons, blame it on patriots.
I mean, the sky's the limit.
They're not going to go easily.
Finishing up, Joel Gilbert, lead us into this other clip where he talks about not even thinking he may be his brother.
Well, I sent, uh, reached out to Malik Obama and, uh, sent him my DVD, Dreams from My Real Father, you know, in Kenya.
Sent him a copy.
He watched it right away and he told me on the phone, he said, look, Barack looks just like Frank Marshall Davis.
And he said, maybe this explains why he was so close to me all my life and then wants nothing to do with me anymore or the rest of the Kenyans.
So it's almost a sad story when you watch the interview with Malik.
They've all come to realize that they've been conned just like the rest of us.
Well, and I've studied that whole African culture as well.
The Kenyans are some of the most patriotic, smart, upstanding, noble groups in Africa.
And I don't know how they couldn't see he looks nothing like them.
I mean, these people look nothing like him.
His dad looked nothing like him.
Right, and the worst thing is in American culture, if you stop talking to a relative, we all have a relative we maybe don't talk to, it's not considered such a big deal.
In Kenyan culture...
You have to give the respect to the oldest brother.
He's the patriarch of the family.
And if anyone who disowns the family or doesn't respect the older brother, it is considered a big humiliation.
And Obama's going to Kenya, I think, in July, and he hasn't contacted Malik.
There's no plans to see him, and it's terribly demeaning in this culture.
So he says that Obama has just been extremely hypocritical, and he's turned his back on them, and it's an extreme... Well, that's because it's not his family.
Malik, I sent you my movie a few months ago, Dreams From My Real Father.
When did you first watch it?
When you sent it to me.
So do you think that Barack looks like Frank Marshall Davis, this is a man that he said raised him, more than your father?
There's a great resemblance.
Yeah, I think Frank Marshall Davis and Barack, they look alike.
Some kind of moles I see on his face.
He has those too.
There's a resemblance.
And does he resemble your father?
Not really.
I don't, you know, they say about the years and... No.
Your movie definitely, you know, puts a lot of questions in my mind.
Well, would you like to see or do a DNA test one day to know for sure?
That would really prove... Right.
...whether we're related or not.
I would be willing to do that.
I don't know how I would deal with it.
If it really came out that it is a fraud or a con.
Full interview up on your website.
Give us the best site to visit to get the full interview.
We're going to link it all right now to InfoWars.com.
Joe Gilbert.
Yeah, please hit ObamasRealFather.com.
And right up on the top right, you can see the full video.
It links into YouTube.
uh... joel gilbert dot net it's there also so either one and uh... the kenyan family is is on to the scam
And it's unfortunate, but like he said, that the way that he's treated America politically, that is deception.
Say one thing and do another, he's done with the family as well.
And then his cousin is running the Muslim Brotherhood there and trying to turn the country over as terror attacks hit.
I mean, you just can't make this stuff up.
Thank you so much, Joel Gilbert.
Thanks for having me, Alex.
That's just an over-the-top interview.
We're going to get Joe Biggs connected right now and go to him.
I just don't know what to say.
If you go back to the videos we did on the day that a birth certificate was released, and the way the media played it up when it was so obviously fake and something didn't add up, and we were going with that he wasn't born here.
And then they put out that fake birth certificate to throw us off the trail.
And all I kept saying is, they're lying.
These are forgeries.
I don't know what's behind it, but it's not true.
And I said over and over again, we can find the video.
We don't know who his daddy is.
He doesn't look like him.
Something else is going on here.
I never came out and said,
You know, 100%, this is a Kenya deal, I said, his whole past is bizarre.
The fake names, the mosque in Indonesia, the Barry Sotero, the grandfather, the CIA, the Frank Marshall Davis, the weirdness, the weirdness of a CIA high-level guy, summer after summer, leaving his grandson, when the mother is out of town doing work for the CIA, with a top communist.
And then by the way, Frank Marshall Davis, if you look him up, was a mixed race.
And a lot of times you splice white genetics with black genetics, you get those moles.
And Obama's got that again.
In the exact same spots as Frank Marshall Davis.
I mean, he's got the moles in the same spots.
I mean, he's got his daddy's spots.
I mean, I don't look like that much like my dad.
I mean, I look like my daddy.
You see me and my dad, you go, this is your father.
Yes, looks just like me.
Just not as big and as fat as me.
That's it.
They go, that's your daddy, isn't it?
Looks just like me.
But I don't look as much like Obama as Frank Marshall Davis.
In fact, if you look up earlier Frank Marshall Davis photos when he wasn't old and compare him to Obama, it is just stunning.
Absolutely stunning.
They always cover Obama up in TV interviews to cover the moles he's got all over his face, but they both had about 15 moles on their cheeks.
I mean, in the same spots.
In fact, Davis even had a larger mole up on the side of his nose.
Obama had one even bigger.
I mean, right in the same spot.
Man, that's crazy.
That is his daddy.
Look at the ears.
Look at the chin.
Look at the neck.
Look at the hair!
Look at the skull!
I mean, that is his daddy!
I'm just speechless at this point.
Again, radio listeners are like, look!
What do you mean, look?
We simulcast on TV to document everything at InfoWars.com forward slash show.
Hang on some cable and TV systems around the country as well.
I'm meeting today.
It's all been my fault, not my crews.
Go ahead and pull the trigger on some multi-year contracts for some different satellite systems and file sharing systems and TV systems.
Then I've got to plow through the 70 or 80 TV stations and cable systems that have already been sending us letters over the last couple of years that we launched the news and have been developing it and getting it even more focused to then start picking it up.
And then I'm going to do a whole drive with a media packet that we'll send you or whatever station you want to reach out to your local UHF, VHF,
And local cable systems, because we have listeners in the management of hundreds of stations around the country.
And they already air, like on big TV stations, my documentaries and stuff without me even asking, which you're fully authorized to do.
You have a blanket release to do it.
But now we're going to have it on satellite with a computer coded where it says, free to air, do whatever you want.
And we're going to have it on these file sharing systems of the news networks.
There's a lot of hoops we've got to jump through with copyright, you name it, we've been doing that.
And it's just going to be beautiful.
But I've got to... It's like we're a rocket.
We've kind of gotten off the ground and we're speeding up.
We're at about 50,000 feet, but they've got artillery shooting at us.
But we're starting to lift out past the level of the artillery as we go into the stratosphere and into the edge of space.
And once we get into orbit, literally, with the satellites and everything, you may fire at will, Commander, to quote Emperor Palpatine.
But, you know, I've given the analogy before that I threw all this coal in the engine of the steam train.
You helped me get the coal to do it.
And I got up to the top of the mountain I thought I was going to and I looked over there was like other mountains even bigger.
And I realized I've got to accelerate downhill with all the coal I've got and just go for it all.
So there is kind of a hesitation here last year or so.
As we try to nail everything else down, perfect things, redesign websites, launch a lot of new platforms.
A lot of stuff goes into this.
And there's a money issue.
We got a nice studio and stuff, but that's nothing compared to bandwidth and paying crew and equipment and, you know, all the rest of it that goes into things.
Like every spring, fruit flies get all over the grass outside.
We don't get the doors locked and any water out of the way.
There's fruit flies getting in the office.
You know, crap like that.
Or people leaving stuff in the halls.
Or, you know, dealing with other stuff that happens.
This is a real operation.
And I'm making the decisions.
And believe me, I'm looking for people.
We found some who can actually come up with plans, execute things, get jobs done around here.
So, InfoWars.com is ready to go to the next level.
Were we ever able to reconnect with Joe Beggs?
Yeah, we've connected with Joe.
Oh, good!
Thank you.
I knew we couldn't connect.
While we had Gilbert on, so I was waiting for that.
Thank you.
Let's go ahead now and go to Joe Biggs out there covering Jade Helm 1-5, the kickoff in Bastrop, Texas.
Joe, I know you've been out there for six hours or so now.
A, how many people, it looked like a thousand if there were a bunch of rooms filled outside of there.
What was the overall feel?
What did you pick up from this Lieutenant Colonel?
Um, well, what I picked up from the Lieutenant Colonel was complete and total BS.
I mean, the guy was just spouting off questions that he, you know, simply had written and given to him essentially.
I mean, got our answers.
He had to keep looking over to this guy in a suit for a confirmation on, you know, questions and answers that people were asking.
And the mood, quite frankly, here at the courthouse is get this Operation Jade Helm out of Bastrop.
Get it out of Texas.
We don't want it here.
How many people?
Because I'm told there was downstairs, auditorium full, other rooms full, people out the door.
The room looked like it held about 300.
It was jam-packed, standing room everywhere.
You're a good judge of how many people.
Joe Biggs, former Staff Sergeant, U.S.
How many people do you think you saw there?
Yeah, there was definitely a few hundred altogether.
I mean, the room that we were in, the main actual hearing, is only supposed to hold about 50-60 people, and we had over 100 people crammed in there.
And then you also had another area where they had a viewing television as well.
A lot of people showed up, a lot of people answered the call to come out, end up against this exercise, and a lot of good questions were asked.
But a lot of the, you know, typical, you know, psy-op, you know, questions to kind of beat around the entire,
Actual question to sell for, you know, those are the answers that this Lieutenant Colonel gave.
Joe Biggs, what about him saying, oh, we're not going to be in plain clothes outside of private property when their own manual and their news article interviews for the last month all said that?
He laughed at that and acted like we'd made something up yet again.
Yeah, he definitely, when real questions were asked, based off of their own documents that they put out there on the internet, when people asked questions pertaining to that,
He would kind of smirk and laugh and almost like, where did you get this idea from?
This is completely crazy that you would even think that we're doing this.
That we're going to be, you know, operating suspiciously and all that.
You know, they completely denied that.
They said that all these operations would be conducted on private property.
And they said that the people who own this private property decided to contact JSOC.
Oh, sure.
But they didn't though, because there was a guy who was sitting beside me who his neighbor was, uh,
They came to him.
The people of Jade Helm came to her property and asked if they could operate there.
But he's going out here and telling everyone that no, these people volunteered.
They contacted the military and said they wanted to use it because that's their patriotic duty.
Joe Biggs, I want to come back to you in a moment to break down some of the things you witnessed.
I noticed that David Knight has come into the control room.
David Knight, of course, frequently hosts this radio broadcast and anchors The Nightly News with you and others.
I want to find out his take on the situation.
Yeah, Alex, I spoke to my wife actually.
She's sending me texts because we don't live too far from Bastrop.
And this is what she told me.
She said, I spoke to a news reporter who was wearing a red and black dress afterwards.
Asked her if she thought there were more people against it than for it.
She said it was exactly equal.
And my wife was very upset about that.
She said that absolutely was not the case in the large overflow room downstairs where she was.
She says, I don't think that's the case where Joe and Dakari were watching.
We were watching the feed.
I'd say about 90% were against.
10% were just cordial.
Joe Biggs, what would you say?
That's how they're going to spin it though, of course.
Well, it shows incredible deception.
98% did not want it here.
They want it out of Texas.
They don't want it in Bastrop.
They don't want it anywhere.
Well, that's what I saw from the video, but I said 90 just to be safe.
Are you saying that your wife was actually in the overflow room, David Knight?
Yes, she was.
What a great family.
What a great family to see.
Your wife's not even reporting for us, but she's there covering this because you live out there.
Simply amazing that she talked to the reporter and she spun that at her.
It shows how it's getting everyone, the media, the police, to go along with the deception.
And it'll be interesting to see which news organization this is that has a reporter in a red and black dress.
See how they spin this.
If they're telling people it was people.
What does your wife think about that?
Well, she was very concerned about it, just like all the rest of the people there.
She's very upset about it.
I mean, we just went into Bastrop yesterday and we saw some people there with a joint task force, Homeland Security on there, but I think actually they're part of the Texas National Guard.
We looked up the organization that they were with.
I just have a concern with seeing military everywhere I go.
I mean, even though we're close to an area where they do training, we don't typically see military out there like we've seen them in the last couple weeks.
Well said, David Knight.
Well said.
I mean, that's what this is all about.
Just the 10 or 15 times we dialed in for a minute or so, just to get a smattering of what was being said, Joe Biggs, I heard about a third of the people bringing up, hey, you know, military's being trained to take on the American people, and he would just deny that when it's in their own manuals, Joe.
Yeah, exactly.
I mean, they have the documentation stating that they have training for that.
And it's stuff that they've done in the past.
You know, we saw the things that happened with Katrina.
We've seen it in other operations as well.
I mean, the people have a right to be concerned about this.
And quite frankly, I don't think these Jade Helm architects who showed up today did anything whatsoever to calm anybody whatsoever.
All they did was add further speculation as to what's really going on with their very vague and, you know, just senseless answers as to what they were
You know, to the questions.
Imagine being that colonel.
I mean, imagine having to sit up there in America that he's now been ordered to target.
It's been declassified.
He's engaged in a PSYOP.
Where do they find people like this?
Well, he's just a talking head.
The guy who actually is running the operation is Thomas Meade of Metris Global.
That was a suit that you could see in the video to the right of the lieutenant colonel that was just sitting there.
Uh, all he would do is he would nod and look at the colonel and kind of give him suggestive answers as to what was going on.
No one could speak to this guy.
We couldn't get anything from him whatsoever, but he... Stay there, Joe.
We gotta go to break.
Stay there.
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Okay, Joe Biggs, I've been jumping in and David's been jumping in.
Other points, I wanted to get Jakari on, but I guess he's too busy interviewing folks for the Nightly News, doing a great job.
I guess Josh Owens is out there with you now.
Overall, what's your takeaway from this?
My takeaway is the Globalists look freaked out, the PsyOps guy looked freaked out, the Colonel looked freaked out.
They know the people are fully awake and are aware of what they're doing.
Yeah, like you said, 90% of the people opposed this entire operation.
People were completely against it.
Hey, stop Jakari real quick.
Sorry, sorry.
Make your point and then grab Jakari.
Do what?
I just saw Jakari walk by.
Grab him.
Just yell at him.
Okay, hold on.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Make your point and then get Jakari.
I just saw him walk by.
I was wanting to get him on earlier.
Alex wants to talk to you.
Hold on Joe, I want you to finish, then we're going to talk to you.
I just wanted to get him for the show.
He's not going to escape coming on air.
I'm going to get him on air.
But Joe, what's your takeaway from it in closing?
Well, my takeaway from this thus far is that these guys came very ill-prepared.
They did not have the answers to questions that they should have had.
They backpedaled quite a bit in their answering on stuff.
They said that there would be
Operations only on private property.
And then at one time he goes, well, maybe there could be some that are off.
And then, you know, he said, well, there might just be two Humvees, but then there might be more or, you know, those back and forth.
And people kept asking the same questions in different ways to kind of throw the guy off.
And it worked because we can catch them stumbling quite a bit.
So I think they came out here thinking that most people weren't going to show up.
Even the, uh, the judge even was like, wow, I'm really surprised that this many people showed up.
Especially ones who are knowledgeable about what's going on, who have actually looked into this entire operation and have been following it for quite some time.
Well, that freaks politicians out because they don't know a political class of people that are actually awake and aware.
And, you know, your knowledge of the military, my research and knowledge of it, tracking this, the public's knowledge, this sends a message to the establishment that they're not going to get away with just slowly implementing martial law, Joe.
Yes, exactly.
This is the tip of the spear.
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There's a new headline on Infowars.com.
Black guerrilla family, that's a black supremacist group, says the Bloods and the Crips plan to take out Baltimore cops as a response.
And the mayor says, well, they're allowing rioting in certain areas.
I mean, this is all trying to get a summer of rage going as a pretext to put military on the streets.
It's pure PSYOP.
Obama's sending people to the funeral delegation simply to hype this up.
We need to send a crew out.
One of our reporters was just saying, Mikhail Thelen, with signs saying, Black Lives Matter at Abortuaries.
Because that's where the real killing's going on.
And people say, well, why are you giving that idea up?
We're going to do it, because I don't care.
People need to start doing that.
That's where the real black lives matter.
Jakari Jackson, you've been there since 9 this morning.
Great job with Joe Biggs and others for the Infowars crew.
You're out front the judicial building where they have the county council.
We call them county commissioners here.
Very interesting video that I saw, but you were there for the whole time.
What's your takeaway overall today, Jakari Jackson?
Well, it seems to me, Alex, that the people are very much apprehensive of the drill in general.
Some people were completely against it.
One way or the other.
And I was very curious that the commission and the spokesman really wouldn't hear their concerns as far as cancelling the drill.
They said, yeah, we're here to talk to people.
But it really wasn't something where they were going to make a decision whether or not not to have the drill.
It was pretty much, yeah, you can come and voice your concerns and we'll pretty much write it in the meeting minutes and nothing's going to happen.
So the people I talked to said that they should have some type of recourse to cancel the drill or at least postpone it.
Well, just from what I saw, he was being a little bit smart-mouthed.
They would also try to just say, ask your question.
They would try to poo-poo it.
But I heard a lot of stuff that colonel said that we know is not true from their own paperwork they put out to the public.
Yeah, and I had a chance to interview him briefly, just ask a couple questions, because I approached the guy.
I said, hey, Colonel, can I get a quick word?
He said, you're with InfoWars.com.
I was like, yeah.
And he said, you asked me a question.
I was like, yeah, I did, respectfully.
And he was like, OK, well, what are you going to ask me?
How many questions are you going to ask me?
I was like, you didn't ask, I think, who are they talking to, KXA and Josh?
Yeah, they talked to KXAN right before I walked up and he didn't screen their questions.
He didn't ask how many questions you guys want to ask me, you know, what questions you're going to ask.
So I said, okay, how about we just ask three questions?
He said, okay.
And they weren't, I was trying to be as unredundant as possible and ask him, you know, just some stuff off the top of my head because we have plenty of stuff of him kind of dancing around questions.
But you know, it's just basically a PIO's answer, you know,
Alex, I don't know if you've encountered these people.
I have.
David has.
Joe Bix has, of course.
And their job is pretty much just to give you the most undescript answer as possible.
You know, nothing that deviates too much from the script or from the cue cards.
But, you know, he did come out here and face the firing squad.
And, of course, like most of the people here, I respect him for his military service.
But I think he left the people here very unsatisfied in his answers.
Well, sure, and he said it's about my uniform, it's about me, you can trust me, as if he was the commander-in-chief, as if he was the George Washington.
This organization's been around 240 years.
The globalists are overthrowing that organization right now, and that's why they don't just have the portly PR guy, Hubble, out there anymore, or whatever his name is, Meade, they now are rolling out the military people, hoping that that sells the public.
Yeah, that's right.
You know, he's a guy who came out here.
He's very sharp.
I'm going to step up on this tree, Alex.
But yeah, he was a very well-spoken guy.
And the people, you know, they were very respectful.
I thought by and large there was a couple of outbursts, but, you know, the people were very respectful by and large.
But they just weren't here to answer the questions of the public.
They were here to reinforce the narrative that they've already stated.
And that's just, you know, it's pretty much move along.
There's nothing to see here.
And my question when I had a chance to ask the colonel during the meeting, I asked him, where did these roleplayers come from?
And would there be any drills to round up and or detain these people?
And at first he didn't want to answer or he kind of answered roundabout, but he eventually said, yes, it is a possibility.
These people could be rounded up.
During the course of the drill.