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Air Date: April 16, 2015
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This episode of The Alex Jones Show covers various topics including his investigation into ISIS's presence in Mexico, health benefits of silver solutions, Michael Springman's book "Visas for Al- Qaeda," the current situation in Mordor, Joe's experiences while living there during his time in the army, proof related to certain theories, investigations into possible ISIS bases, a four-week food supply for $99 with free shipping, nutraceutical formulas designed to help children focus, marketing strategies for InfowarsLife products, attempts at censorship and legitimizing alternative news sources, ease of communication made possible by the internet, and listener experiences with products and recent events.

Big Brother, Mainstream Media, Government Cover-Ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Well, ladies and gentlemen, you will not want to miss today's transmission.
Joe Biggs and team did fly into Mexico and did discover some very suspicious-looking facilities that tie into what Judicial Watch says they have evidence of.
Al-Qaeda base, ISIS base, a couple miles over the Texas border, outside of El Paso.
Joe Biggs is joining us at the bottom of the hour from inside Mexico, it looks like.
Just going to leave it at that.
It's almost scary to turn him loose, though, because he and Josh are so bold.
We're going to see what happens.
We have visas for Al Qaeda.
Michael Springman, who blew the whistle on the Saudis being involved in 9-11, who was ordered to stand down.
Absolutely bombshell info.
That's all coming up, but here is a short video report that's up on InfoWars.com of the InfoWars crew going into Mexico with amazing aerial surveillance footage.
You want to get this video out on Facebook, Twitter, and everywhere.
This is a maximum action alert.
It's on InfoWars.com.
Here it is.
You're a radio listener.
Go to m4wars.com to see the video.
Joe Biggs here with Infowars.com.
Now today we're in Santa Teresa, New Mexico, just west of El Paso, Texas.
And what we're going to do is we're going to fly over Anapra.
That is the area that has been deemed hostile by the Judicial Watch, basically saying that ISIS has been operating out of there due to some reports from the Mexican military and some police in that area as well.
Now we're here back in September covering some of this stuff and we showed you just how easy it was
We're good to go.
Um, after the fact that we had some Kiowa pilots able to fly over, they got footage showing that that was indeed a Taliban training camp.
So for 15 months, we're out here deployed, driving up and down the road, not knowing what's behind it.
That's why we want to get out here, fly over, take a look, see what's going on, because a lot of the people who are going to live in Anapra are not going to be able to see if there's anything beyond walls.
And that's what we're hoping to achieve here with this flight today, to get a bird's eye view and look down to see if we can find anything that is suspicious.
This is the InfoWar and you make it all possible.
Now, as soon as we reach the altitude that we're going to be flying at for this mission to try to get video of these ISIS bases that could possibly be on the other side of El Paso in Anapura, we were able to get a little bit closer and see that the border stops off right where we were at on the ground earlier.
It does it right at the edge of a mountain, every time, just like we saw back in Arizona, showing you how wide open these borders are.
This is a very serious problem, and now we have ISIS at our doorstep.
One of the places that we saw that was really strange was this large compound that was empty in the middle with a big tower and just outside of it was a piece of pavement with a cross sticking out with what appears to be these burn marks all around it.
We're not sure what that is but from this high up it definitely looks a little strange.
And at one point we were able to go back and look at the footage and zoom in and we saw a truck
That appear to be leading a group of unknown amount of people marching across this desert area to the base of the mountain where quite frankly there is zero security whatsoever.
They're marching.
So this is why I've decided to go into Mexico.
This is why I want to get out there and get the story because we were unable to see anything from this high up.
So I want to get out there on the ground and try to find this ISIS camp that we've heard about.
So be sure to stay tuned tomorrow.
We're going to cross in an undisclosed location for my safety.
This is extremely dangerous.
No one goes over there really, especially a gringo like myself.
I'm going to try to be as cool, calm, and camouflage as possible.
That's right.
Pray for him.
He joins us in 30 minutes.
We all know of the countless cases where young black men had drugs or guns planted on them by police.
Now the tables have turned by former black police officer Jeffrey Walker from Daily Mail.
A disgraced ex-police officer testifying against his drug squad colleagues acknowledged on Tuesday that he stole drug money, planted evidence, and lied on paperwork too many times to count.
His victims, in his own words, were white college boy khaki pants types who were easy to intimidate.
Now that Mr. Walker is out of a job, maybe he should try his hand at the DEA.
Apparently having wild sex parties and accepting gifts from drug dealers and working with the Sinaloa cartel is no big deal.
DEA head Michelle Leonhardt said, So Mr. Walker, you can probably get a job with the biggest drug dealers on earth.
And continue your disreputable ways.
Rob Dew reporting for InfoWars.com, InfoWars Nightly News, and PrisonPlanet.tv.
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There are, of course, those who do not want us to speak.
In fact, even now, orders are being shouted to telephones and men with guns will soon be on their way.
Just let me think.
It's Chancellor Settler.
Damn it!
Because while the truncheon may be used in lieu of conversation, words will always retain their power.
Words are for the means to meaning, and for those who will listen, the enunciation.
The truth is, there is something terribly wrong with this country, isn't there?
You designed it, sir.
You wanted it foolproof.
You told me every television in London!
Cruelty and injustice.
Intolerance and oppression.
And where once you had the freedom to object, to think and speak as you saw fit, you now have censors and systems of surveillance coercing your conformity and celebrity.
We're good to go.
I know why you did it.
I know you were afraid.
Who wouldn't be?
There were a myriad of problems which conspired to corrupt your reason and rob you of your common sense.
Fear got the best of you, and in your panic you turned to the now High Chancellor, Adam Sutler.
He promised you order, he promised you peace, and all he demanded in return was your silent, obedient consent.
There is a war.
It's happening now.
It will decide the fate of humanity.
The time to choose sides has come.
We are the resistance.
We are the Infowar.
Thank you for joining us on this live worldwide Thursday of the 16th day of April 2015.
To say that today is yet another incredible overload of key intel.
is basically putting it lightly.
I mean, there is just so much that we're going to be getting to here.
I quite frankly don't know where to start.
Joe Biggs and Josh Owens, our reporter with a pilot, went into Mexico where Judicial Watch claims that they have intel from the Mexican government and others that there are ISIS training camps and they found very suspicious looking facilities that they are now going to go in on foot
And investigate.
In fact, and I'm letting them make their own decisions.
This is their mission should they choose to take it.
In fact, I didn't even say go into Mexico.
I just said go down there, get a plane, investigate.
If you want to go in, do it.
Well, they want to go in and they're reportedly going to be in place if the Skype's working.
A few miles inside Mexico investigating live, ladies and gentlemen.
You notice mainstream media doesn't do this.
Nobody does this.
Vice doesn't do this.
By the way, we hope to get other people to start doing this.
It's not fun to always be on the tip of the spear.
And I'll tell you,
We're at the tip of the spear here at InfoWars, and our reporters like Joe Biggs and others are right at the tip of the tip, so pray for them.
Because that's one of the most dangerous areas of Mexico, where they are right now.
Mass graves have been found all over the place by the hundreds.
And I mean hundreds of people per mass grave.
50 people, 60 people, 30 people.
Graves of children, graves of women.
I don't know if they actually found an Al-Qaeda base.
I've blown up the video.
It looks more like... If you can believe it, even worse than that.
There's a lot of Satanism down there on the border and it looks like some type of... If you don't live in Texas, you don't know about this.
This has been in Texas Monthly Dallas Morning News.
Growing up, they're always finding some pit with a couple hundred people dead with their hearts chopped out.
And it'll be a footnote in the newspaper that they were sacrificed with the drug cartels.
And the drug cartels will also grab men that they've been going after, usually who are against the drug operations, and they'll try to torture them, and if they can't break them, the Satanists flip out so bad, and will then kill themselves.
There was a whole Texas Monthly article about that when I was a teenager.
I remember my dad was reading it, being blown away by it, and then I read it, and was just like, this really goes on.
But if you don't live down here, you don't know about it, because it just sounds so crazy.
But the cartels are whacked out of their minds.
So, I've been reviewing this morning the over-the-top HD footage they got when they flew down to about a thousand feet and were zoomed in.
This is human intelligence out there taking action.
Joe Biggs will join us, Josh Owens.
And I kind of told them, I said, maybe you shouldn't go in Mexico.
They're like, now can we make the decision?
I said, you can make the decision, but
It's obviously extremely dangerous, so pray for him, folks.
But, that's Joe, wants to get the mission done, and Owens has, you know, been there with the feds, threatened a shooting with David Knight.
They're at the bottom of the ranch situation, they were at the front of the line there, and they just have a lot of courage, they're great Americans, and I'm really honored to be working with them.
I know you're honored to be associated with them as well as listeners, and we're all together as just the patriots that love freedom, love America, love due process, love the family, love the Second Amendment.
Love justice, love freedom, love prosperity.
And are proud of the virtues of women, are proud of the virtues of men and our children.
We have a good view of humanity and a positive view.
And the truth is, it's just like the allegory of Aoife Vendetta, where the government at the top's bad and the police are oppressing the population, but it's a police detective in the end that ends up helping bring the whole system down.
That's actually how history works.
It was members of the Stasi, high level, not going along with mowing down people at the Berlin Wall that made that finally happen.
And so, truth will win in the end, make no mistake.
History shows that.
That's why the globalists try to project an image of invincibility, of invulnerability, of infallibility.
They're not.
I want to give you an example of that before I get to the biggest news of the day that is over-the-top and confirms everything we thought, and it's worse than we thought, on the subject of preparing for war with the American people.
It's bad.
Jade Helm's bad.
It's worse than we thought, and things are moving very, very quickly right now.
There's a reason they freaked out when we covered this.
We cover these military operations all the time.
They don't freak out, and it's because we struck on something very big.
And we may be able to stop Obama and the globalists from pulling something, but there's articles, even mainstream news, the elite are running around feverishly gearing up for something.
Is the stock market collapse?
Is it war with Russia?
Is it war with Iran?
There's a lot of different crises out there, but the preparations are to fight gun owners and veterans, libertarians and conservatives.
And we've got new Coast Guard memos, exclusively on Infowars.com,
Say that if the American people try to repel a tyrannical takeover, they actually say, if we try to stop tyranny, they're going to take us out.
They actually use those words, just like the army uses two years ago the word re-education camp.
That's directly out of the Soviet Union.
They use the word that they're preparing re-education camps.
You understand that's declassified.
Do you understand
I haven't gotten to the new stuff yet, but it's just freaking me out.
They used the word re-education camp and how to process us by our social security numbers when they were hiring camp guards for civil unrest in America on Fez Biz Ops website.
And they just hope that you're too lazy to go check it out for yourself.
I mean, this is Twilight Zone.
There's no reason any of this has to happen.
It's illegal.
It's over the top.
But so's everything else.
So's opening the borders.
So's the NSA spying on us.
It's crazy!
But we're run by a bunch of people that worship Frank Marshall Davis and the Weathermen.
I mean, do you understand?
They're sitting there with America.
They can't stop.
They want to break it.
They hate it.
They want to break it.
It's not that America's ever been perfect, but my God, compared to George Soros and a bunch of weirdos, man, I mean, the hedge of protection around this country's dropping.
Speaking, though, of how the evil will fall, the TSA is meant to be a nationwide takeover force with checkpoints on the highways.
You'll have to get a waiver by them to have any job at 7-Eleven or as a cattle rancher or as a teacher, anything.
Told you that 14 years ago as I watched a two-hour cabinet meeting on C-SPAN where they laid it all out.
Now you see it's all happening.
The good news is they don't grope under 12-year-olds or put them in the scanners because of lawsuits.
They're backing off at many airports.
Because everybody knows the borders are wide open.
It's all security theater.
And more and more agents are going public.
Former TSA agent unleashed.
These are all on DrudgeReport.com.
Let's punch DrudgeReport.com up for TV viewers.
Radio listeners go there.
This is the fall of the TSA facade.
It's beginning.
And it'll take years for it to fully implode, but you can stick a fork in it.
They're going to be done very quickly.
The fire is hot.
The stakes are on.
They're almost done.
Former TSA agent unleashed.
Groping scandal is business as usual.
Abuse of passengers daily occurs.
Many hands on people's private parts.
Naked body scanners.
They're not useless to Chertoff, who's company made $3 billion.
He made something like $50-something million himself.
It's a pretty good job to order those as the head of Homeland Security and one year later leave office and take delivery of the cash.
Be like if I was the governor and I, uh...
Ordered something that costs, you know, in Texas, $50 million and then I retire a year later, become the head of the company when the money comes in and delivery happens and I get part of it.
I mean, it's totally criminal.
Conflict of interest.
But there it is.
The facade's dropping.
We told you they draw you out of line on purpose to grope you and harass you.
Pedophiles go after kids, pervs go after women, the gay pervs go after other men.
People are like, what are you, homophobic?
Yeah, you know what, see that's how they, now the gay person wants to grow up, it's okay because they're gay.
No, it's wrong if somebody wants to grow up a kid.
Do you want to grow up a woman or a man?
The pedophilia thing is even worse, obviously, because they're children.
I don't care.
So tech dirt.
TSA's investigation into groping agents ensured they wouldn't be prosecuted.
And see, it's in tech dirt.
That's good news.
I mean, it's hardcore technology news, but I wouldn't even call it mainstream.
It's huge.
But why is that what is being reported?
It should be on every channel out there.
You know, when it finally does break though, they'll try to get more funding and quote, have training.
Kind of like the VA got more funding for death panels for trips, and then they just keep the death panels going.
It's like they won't fill the potholes, but then they always want increased city funding, and they still won't fill the potholes.
That's what it's all about.
They have certain tactics they run.
You know, the Vatican is holding an exorcism training course.
We all experience Satan.
How about an exorcism for America and the White House?
Speaking of the White House, maybe the gyrocopter that landed there today on the lawn, the pilot was arrested.
This is evil swirling around that structure.
Now they want to turn it into an armored compound, even more so.
And the truth is, you can't stop people from trying to go after the White House.
And you're going to have mental patients as they hype people going to the White House.
More copycatters are going to start going there.
There was a toddler a few days ago, now a gyrocopter.
Next it'll be a giraffe being ridden by an elf.
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Coming up, Joe Beggs and Josh Owens are going to join us from the border or inside Mexico.
FBI holds special meeting in Juarez to address ISIS.
DHS not invited.
Judicial Watch reports that they're publicly been denying it, but privately confirming that indeed it's going on.
That is coming up.
Well, ladies and gentlemen, ISIS is operating inside this country with camps as well.
They're being left alone.
They're being allowed to operate while patsies are being set up.
What is this a larger plan for?
Well, here are three articles, four articles just today that tie into the big picture.
Holder's gun ban list targets veterans.
Disarmament of the American people begins with the veterans.
It's now beginning.
No judge, no jury, not even a PTSD designation.
It's just happening.
We're going to break that down.
Continuing, military
Bulletin labels patriot groups, militia, domestic terrorists.
The source that gave this to Infowars.com from inside the government said this is unprecedented in their terror alerts.
They have the Coast Guard not on the lookout for Chinese smugglers or Mexican smugglers or human trafficking, but for patriots to blow up docks and bases.
This has been issued by the Coast Guard.
It's also gone to the other armed services.
Imminent Patriot attacks on April 19th.
And they list veterans and gun owners, the same Southern Poverty Law Center ADL script, just vomited over and over again, but now directly the military.
And of course it was in the news two days ago, mainstream news, the entire military is being trained at the Founding Fathers, that the Constitution, that the Bill of Rights, that all of it is sexist and racist.
So there's a full-on preparation for our government that's been hijacked to make us the enemy.
We know it's been going on at an embryonic level for decades, but now it's doing the high jump at winning.
I mean, it's big, it's strong, it's grown, it's now at its fightin' weight.
We're not in Kansas no more, baby.
Military Bulletin labels Patriot Groups, militia, domestic terrorists, Kit Daniels article.
Bulletin claims militia may launch terrorist attacks on Patriots Day, being led by Patriots.
Because they are sworn to defeat and stand against tyranny.
I mean, wait till I actually read this.
And of course they mix gun owners and veterans in with white supremacists that are mainly federal run.
So see the demonization campaign.
Bloggers compared to ISIS during congressional hearing.
Paul Joseph Watson, also up on Infowars.com.
Member Hillary famously, and we'll play a clip of this, said that they're losing the Infowar five years ago and had to shut down alternative media.
Well that's what they say in this hearing.
We're going to play clips of it in the next segment.
Or if Biggs joins us, I'm going to have to revisit it.
The clips are on the website.
Chairman Royce questions witnesses in hearing and goes, there's all these scary fringe websites and blogs.
So bloggers are now compared to ISIS while Congress funded the Free Syrian Army, which is ISIS.
So they fund the real ISIS.
And the TSA
Pick their poison, whatever they're into, men, women, children, get to attack you, get to go after you.
I mean, I went out to see Megadeth and Iron Maiden with my buddy Shane Steiner and his beautiful wife Amy, and we went to the VIP entrance, and they still were groping, but only about every ten fifty people.
And I said, watch this, I mean Amy looks like Miss America, literally.
I mean, she could win Miss America.
She's like as beautiful as you can be.
And the woman shaved down head, you know, looks like a man.
I said, watch this.
We're way back in the line.
You know, like 15, 20 people.
And boom, 15, 20 people go through.
Art Search grabs her out.
And let me tell you, she took her time and was licking her chops.
Licking her chops.
I mean, I went to school with Shane.
Good friends with him.
I guarantee you, if I tried to grab on his wife, he'd punch me in the nose.
And he should.
But see, oh, it's security.
It's the government keeping us safe in a woman wearing a halter top and a skirt and high heels.
And it kind of ruined our time for about 20 minutes after that.
Then we went and had a good time, went and hung out with Dave and other folks.
But the point is, that's what goes on in this country.
That's what happens.
That's what this is all about.
Alright folks, we're going to be back and see where our team is on the border or inside Mexico.
They didn't want to tell us over the phone.
Biggs wanted to leave all that dark, except for in his brain, so they couldn't be tracked as easy.
We'll find out where they are when we come back.
Straight ahead, InfoWars.com, the true tip of the spear.
We're on the march, the empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
There's no doubt that our country is in serious trouble right now.
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When the Democrats showed their true colors, you got angry and you elected Republicans.
And then when the Republicans showed their true colors, you got angry and elected Democrats.
And when anyone suggested to you that both parties were corrupt and that neither side were looking out for your best interest, you acted like they were crazy.
But the real definition of crazy is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.
That's why it is vitally important that you wake up, America, and break the matrix.
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You are listening to an InfoWars.com Frontline Report.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the Resistance.
Well, Doug Hughes, part of a campaign finance reform lobby group, citizen's group, is who landed his gyrocopter yesterday at the White House.
Back in 1994, on September 11th, a gentleman flew his Cessna into the White House grounds and crashed it.
And if you follow the copycat effect, this is going to be happening a lot more as the media obsesses on this and covers this.
The thing to do will then be to crawl under the White House fence like a four-year-old did a few days ago.
Hey, Alex Muenter, correction, it was the Capitol Lawn.
Capitol Lawn, that's right.
I'm going from memory.
So, September 11th, 1994 was the Capitol Lawn, not the White House.
Somebody else flew a plane and landed at the White House, if I remember correctly, though.
That was Frank Eugene Corder, I guess, that crashed into the Capitol lawn.
But that's the type of news we've got swirling around out there.
Signs that the elites are feverishly preparing for something big.
What is the world, what in the world are the elite up to?
That's a story up at InfoWars.com.
We're going to be looking at some of that.
Also, researchers believe a biological revolution enabling humans to experience everlasting youthfulness is coming.
That's what the elite believe.
That's why they want to get rid of the majority of us.
Saying there's too many of us.
Mexico issues alert over stolen radioactive material.
That ties into our story with Joe Biggs.
We're about to break down.
Even the Third Amendment is dead.
Police forcibly occupy home to gain tactical advantage against suspect.
Yeah, I think you should let the police in if there's like a hostage situation or something next door, but they shouldn't be able to force you out.
It's just a property rights issue.
And people say, oh, be reasonable.
Well, it always in history becomes unreasonable when you don't have the right to say no.
Very, very dangerous.
We will break that down as well.
Dr. Paul Craig Roberts asks, will Washington kill us all?
And the former, well he's now dead, Nobel Laureate, of course in Germany, on his deathbed said he was afraid of the same thing.
Did you know that Washington keeps 450 nuclear ICBMs on hair trigger alert?
We're going to be looking at all of that.
Russia blames US for security crisis, turmoil in Ukraine.
Actually, you should blame George Soros.
I saw a clip that I meant to give you that Gary Franchi sent me of George Soros a few days ago at a conference.
It's video.
I think the headline is, George Soros says global government in trouble.
But really, if you watch the clip, he goes, we've got the crisis in the Middle East, the crisis in Ukraine, other crises, and the answer is more global government.
Global governance by these people, in their endgame, taking over right now, is what's causing all of it, and it's always, give us more power, we'll fix it.
Got a big autism problem?
The answer is more glyphosate.
A new MIT study just came out saying that by 2025, half of children will be autistic and they fingered glyphosate.
Well, it's a cocktail.
But we know that by the third round of shots with boys who have a weaker blood-brain barrier, I've had medical doctors, scientists, brain surgeons on about this, that
Autism in boys is seven times more common.
And they're 18 months old, they get the third round, and Junior never talks again.
Or he screams cuss words at you for the rest of your life.
Orga, you know, just makes chirping sounds.
And I tell you, it's very, very sad what's happened to these children, especially when they become 200-pound adults and are not inhibited.
They have incredible strength.
50% will have autism.
How's that sound?
Oh, nothing's going on.
The elite don't want to hurt us.
Everything's fine.
If we just support armored vehicles on the streets, we'll be safe.
That is to control the population as we're imploded into poverty for social engineering.
Now, after Joe Biggs leaves us here in a moment, Holder's Gun Ban List targets veterans.
I'm going to detail that article.
Military Bulletin labels Patriot groups militia domestic terrorists.
They say break for April 19th terror attacks.
Like the one that the Clintons ran in 1995.
I mean, we know the names of the feds.
We have their hotel receipts.
World Net Daily broke it.
Judicial Watch.
Local News.
I mean, we know who did it, who planted the bombs, what went on, who they set up, the cops they killed to cover it up.
I mean, it's open and shut.
I could go into a jury and put on two days of evidence and then say, go ahead and put on your defense.
Guaranteed death penalties.
Guaranteed open and shut.
I'd even put on the stand the cops, like Don Browning, the head of the K-9 unit, highly decorated Marine Corps veteran in Vietnam, when they came to his office, and then another time at the water cooler, the FBI said, you keep investigating, you and your wife are dead.
Oh, these are very nice people.
And again, the general FBI isn't even involved.
It was the special White House-run cadres.
And you know who was running that unit?
The outgoing, he's been outgoing for a year,
Attorney General Eric Holder, the same one who ran the other false flag of Fast and Furious and got caught in, see, the underwear bombing, Fast and Furious, the chemical attacks against Assad, you blamed on Assad, you got caught, turned out it was Saudi Arabian nerve gas, launched by Al-Qaeda, aka ISIS, everything you do, you don't have the Midas touch, you have the Mr. Hankey touch.
We all know who Mr. Hankey is on South Park.
Everything you touch turns to Bravo Sierra.
The tricks don't work no more.
But yeah, you're still in control of the power, for now.
So just keep on going.
Because here's the deal.
You can't just take me out now and take out a few hundred other people and have this stop.
The blueprints, the game plan, the playbook is out.
And people are going, I guess Alex isn't that smart, actually.
He was just going off what they said they did, and I guess it is all obvious.
I just didn't have the courage to admit it.
But folks now do understand it's not about courage, it's about survival.
There is no debate about what's going on here.
We're in the hands of total criminals.
But I've learned one thing in this world.
The only thing that gives orders, to quote Tony Montana, is huevos.
And the globalists have had some big, arrogant, chutzpah, bravada-filled eggs.
But it's not working anymore, ladies and gentlemen.
Because they thought we were all just scared of them.
No, people were lazy, and people were fat and happy, but now they've been pushed enough to kind of look around and go, oh my God, and it's past now, the laziness, they're going, we're in danger.
A fire has been lit under the butts.
And then these clips are coming up.
Bloggers compared to ISIS during congressional hearing.
Just mainline bloggers are terrorists, we must be shut down.
To show you where these criminals in government are going.
But there are good people in Congress,
There are good people in the FBI.
There are good people in the White House, even.
I happen to know that.
There are good people in every party.
There are good people in every city and town, in the corporations, in the system.
They're the ones that give us the information.
We were given the information from the Coast Guard.
And they're freaking out.
They're actually saying veterans are going to blow stuff up.
Everybody I talk to knows
I told the story, and we're going to Joe Biggs, about I was at the Travis County SWAT team offices.
They invited me over one time because I was next door, yelling at the county commissioners.
They said, come on Alex, just come over here and have a cup of coffee with us.
And it was just Patriot literature, New American Magazine, Oklahoma City cover-up videos.
People say, well I bet that's because they were watching you guys.
No, they weren't.
It's the local newscast of the bombs that didn't go off, and the witnesses to the bombs, and who planted them, and the head of the HUD department seeing the men who did it.
She said, what are you doing?
Oh, we're putting in telephone lines.
And there were big gray sticks of butter.
And McVeigh was with them.
FBI, ATF, and CIA-connected German intelligence operatives.
Now, I'm going to stop right there.
I'm going to stop right there.
I'm going to go to Joe Biggs on the border.
And Joe, for security reasons obviously, you're in a very dangerous area of the border, one of the most dangerous in the country, there by El Paso in Mexico.
You did an amazing HD overflight that we'll roll some footage of while you're talking in the background.
Tell us exactly what you saw, what unfolded.
And I don't want to say what you're planning next.
You wouldn't even say whether you'd be in Mexico now or wouldn't be in Mexico.
Looks to me like you're right on the border with Mexico.
Former Staff Sergeant in the Army, Joe Biggs, really fighting for the Republic now, out there with our InfoWars veteran, Josh Owens.
So go ahead, Joe Biggs.
Joe Biggs, InfoWars.com.
We're standing out here on the border of El Paso and Juarez.
Yeah, yesterday we had the opportunity to fly over in a small Cessna and get some aerial footage of
The, uh, cities of Juarez and Anapra on the other side of the mountain range is behind me.
And what we saw were a few suspicious things.
We saw a truck that was actually leading what seemed to be four or five adults towards the range where there is no fence whatsoever.
So that could have been like a possible coyote leading these guys to the area where they could cross over.
In that area it would be easy to get over because the border fence ends right at the edge of the mountain and then there's nothing there.
You don't see anything for about a mile or so.
And there's a lot of deep crevices out there because we walked out there on foot before we went up on the plane.
We saw a few places, a little like compounds, things you would see over in Iraq, with the big outside walls that you wouldn't be able to see from the ground level, that you would only be able to see from the air, which look a lot like what we call collots in Iraq and Afghanistan.
So those are kind of the key places that I want to look at if I'm able to get over in there today on the ground.
So today my plan is to get over there.
We're good to go.
I don't know.
Both sides back and forth whatsoever, but me being a gringo, a white boy here in America, it makes me hard to even get back into my own country.
Or if you're black or Hispanic or Asian and American, you don't have the same rights as the illegals.
And to be clear, your military ID just expired, so you haven't gotten a passport yet.
You've got that in right now.
Something that we hadn't really thought about.
Joe, so let's get that done immediately when you get back.
But separately, you know, a photo ID should be enough for them.
They'll just run it and prove that you're a U.S.
Yeah, that's what we're hoping for.
So, I mean, we're going to go down there and I'm not going to say what entrance I'm going in.
There's a number of entrances into Juarez and other parts surrounding this area.
Josh has his, right?
Josh has his.
Yeah, he's got one.
Yeah, but that's a whole story in and of itself.
He won't let an American citizen in with his driver's license, but the illegals are allowed to drive back and forth.
Yeah, exactly.
I mean, the fact that we're just trying to go over there and find out whether or not there's an ISIS base or not, if I get hassled for something like that, that's just crazy.
Well, let's be clear.
I mean, this area you're going in is a major smuggling drug route.
In fact, they say it's probably the most dangerous area on the border, the 2,200-mile border.
For those that don't know, we can pull up some of the headlines, the massive mass graves that they find on a routine basis right over where you're about to go.
Pretty creepy, Joe, so you don't have to do this.
And you sure that you and Josh want to try to go over there and try to actually find this ISIS base?
Yeah, I'm going to go do it.
I've got a couple of friends in this area.
I've got this.
They're going to help me out.
And Josh is actually going to stay back here as a support with a radio.
So that way, if something does happen, I can contact him immediately and he can notify the proper authorities in case something happens.
Because if we both go over there and something happens, then we're pretty much screwed.
So I'm just going to go over there and try to get this done myself.
This is how it always happens in the movies.
The people split up.
We probably should have sent three people down there.
Yeah, well, the more of us that look like me in the same vehicle, the more suspicious that vehicle is going to look.
So I'm going to be kind of buried around a few people in there and hopefully we can get this done.
Alright, well great job Joe, and obviously I don't want to say anymore because I don't want to give any more information now, but if the government won't do their job, we will.
Judicial Watch is very accurate throughout the years.
Doesn't blow out hype.
All the local news agencies in this area for the past few days keep saying that this is not true, it's not true.
You know, but meanwhile we get reports eventually from Border Patrol where they're catching these guys coming over the border.
So I just think it's
I think it's too early to go ahead and say that it's not true when they obviously don't know.
When we have proof that these guys have been crossing in places like McAllen and Brownsville, why not in an area like this?
If it was going to be ISIS, if they were going to cross over, why would you cross over in Brownsville where there's nothing?
When there's electric grids here, there's UTEP, there's a military base.
I just thought of something.
The head of NORTHCOM said that ISIS is in the Caribbean and that they're worried about them infiltrating up from Central and South America through Mexico.
That was a month ago.
Can we put that headline on screen?
Head of Northcom is worried about ISIS infiltrating the Caribbean and Latin America through Texas.
So, again, the local media and the national media and the Obama media keeps lying.
We know the second largest group of other than Mexicans...
Because Mexicans, Chinese, and then it's Middle Easterners are the third largest group that are being caught thousands a month in that sector.
So you've got thousands a month, you've got congressmen bringing it up, you've got NORTHCOM saying it, you've got the FBI down there investigating, and then you've got ICE who's not invited.
In fact, I have the new Judicial Watch article here, Joe.
The FBI holds special meeting in Juarez to address ICE's DHS not invited.
That's because the top of DHS is completely run by a bunch of Ford Foundation
You know, Bill Ayers types.
Well, the thing I don't understand is the fact that the FBI will come out and say that there is ISIS in all 50 states, but it's completely mind-blowing to think that they could be over here in this area whatsoever.
So, I mean, if they can be in every 50 states here, why couldn't they be over here as well?
You're totally accurate on that.
And again, we're going to pull up those articles.
Maybe it was the head of Southcom.
I know it's an admiral.
Head of Southcom.
It was about two months ago.
Says that ISIS is coming into Latin America and infiltrating up and that that is one of their biggest concerns.
I mean, that was AP, Reuters.
It actually got a lot of attention.
I want to get that on screen.
I've become very obsessive compulsive about putting everything we talk about up on screen.
I want to put the article.
Up on screen.
He threatened the local border patrol and agents around here because they were basically feeding information to Judicial Watch.
And what he was saying is basically that information is true and it doesn't need to be out there.
And said that these people would be fired or spend time in jail if they continue to speak with Judicial Watch and get this information out here.
And this is the same congressman, I can't remember his full name, Beto something or Bezos.
He actually spoke with the local ABC affiliate today and sent them a letter saying that all these allegations of ISIS being over in in Opera Juarez and south of the border are just completely and totally false.
Well Joe, I just pulled up
Up the Newsweek headline, General warns of ISIS fighters entering U.S.
through Caribbean, and he goes on to say through Mexico, and that's the United States Southern Command.
Northcom came out a week later, so we're right on both counts, and said the same thing.
Stay there, Joe Biggs, reporting with Josh Owens from right on the Mexican-Texas border.
This is all coming up.
And then we'll also pull up the headline, FBI ISIS operating in all 50 states.
And listen.
They're recruiting jihadis all over the world.
Most of them come from the West.
This is real, folks.
This could be what Obama uses to bring in martial law.
We're trying to blow this operation wide open.
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Joe Biggs is down there in Pancho Villa territory.
We got Willie Nelson, Merle Haggard, bringing us in live as we broadcast worldwide.
Livin' on the road, my friend.
Livin' on the road, my friend.
What's gonna keep you free and clean?
Alright Joe, finishing up here, we were able to find the Newsweek articles and others with Southcom, Northcom, the FBI saying ISIS pouring in, but then local news, the Obama administration say we're liars, we're conspiracy theorists, when Judicial Watch has all these sources confirming that it's going on.
I mean this is out of control and bare minimum we know ISIS and other groups fund themselves in human trafficking.
I have no doubt they're there, probably just smuggling regular Arabs and Muslims in who don't know how to speak Spanish, basically.
And we know that they've linked up with the cartels, that's been in the news for years, and are funding themselves now through narcotics trafficking.
And I just can't believe our government is going to allow this to basically grow and go on down there.
What do you think the hope is by higher-ups?
Because I don't know how they're going to spin an ISIS attack in this country when they left the borders wide open, Joe Bix.
I mean, I don't know how they're going to pull it off, quite honestly, but I mean, it seems like it's something they're trying to do.
You know, I think if something like that does happen, especially we've been saying this for, for years, that it's a possibility.
If something like that does happen, I mean, it's just going to be all out chaos.
You know, especially in an area like this.
I mean, we've got the largest tank division to my right, quite a few miles away.
You know, it'd be very hard for something like that for these guys to launch an assault right here.
But I mean, if they're going to do it,
You know, these guys really don't care.
They're pure evil.
You know, like I said, our government is Dr. Frankenstein.
These guys are the monster they created.
Quite frankly, they've gotten out of control, and for some reason, our government still funds them, still drops them ammunition and weapons.
So, I mean, it's just mind-blowing.
It's so hard to tell what it is they're trying to pull off here, but, I mean, it's just disgusting.
Alright, well, I've talked to you off-air.
You've got a pretty good plan, and
So the pucker factor into serious surroundings.
We're worried about you, obviously, because folks, this really is the most dangerous area of Mexico, probably the most dangerous.
I mean, we can pull up headlines about all the mass graves out there and them killing U.S.
tourists just straight across there.
I mean, it's bad.
But Joe's got a good plan.
There's a headline.
Nobody, especially the government, knows how many mass graves have been found in Mexico.
Joe, when do you plan to be out of there?
Because I want to talk to you immediately as soon as you get out of there and to know you're okay, because I'm going to be standing around on the telephone and won't be able to get anything else done until we know that.
Well, I don't want to give a time as to when I'm going to be going over.
I don't mean specifically, but you're going to be done today?
Yeah, I mean I'm only going to go over for about an hour and because that area where they're suspected at isn't that big of an area so I should be able to get around there pretty quick within an hour and get back over here.
Alright, well we'll be backing you up here and obviously then you'll be able to be on the Nightly News and we'll have the footage uploaded.
You and Josh are doing an excellent job.
Anything else?
That's it, thank you.
But thank you, alright.
That's Joe Biggs, truly fighting for the Republic, exposing the open borders and exposing what is reported to be an ISIS base.
I mean, there's an ISIS base down there.
military should go take it out.
They have the authorization 10 miles into Mexico to carry out military operations.
That's why there's Mexican Marinos over on our side.
This is just ridiculous.
And we'll get to the bottom of it.
That's what real journalists would do.
So be sure and support Joe Biggs with your prayers and support.
Speaking of support, we fund the reporters and these expensive operations with airplanes and equipment and everything else with your money.
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You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Silver Bullet.
Big Brother, Mainstream Media, Government Cover-Ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Michael Springman has written the new book, Visas for Al-Qaeda, CIA's handouts that rock the world.
He was the head of the visa section of the main U.S.-Saudi Arabian embassy and was ordered basically to let, and was later told by his associates after he left that they were ordered to basically let the jihadis into the country, Mohammed Adda and others.
He was on with us back in 2001, 2002, and he's going to be joining us again today, coming up in the next segment.
You know, I just love the denial out there.
I'm reading comments on InfoWars.com.
Aerial footage.
Reporters investigate ISIS bases in Mexico while flying in Cessna.
Reporters uncover strange events on US-Mexico border.
Yeah, white truck, like eight guys in black marching.
It looks like a mosque, just really weird stuff.
This is one of the most dangerous areas, not one of them, it's probably the most dangerous area in Mexico with mass graves everywhere.
I mean, this is joke level beyond Mordor.
I mean, in Mordor, in the fictitious Mordor, there weren't piles of skulls everywhere, you know, and huge mass graves.
That's where Joe's going.
And he's lived down there when he was in the army, Joint Task Force 6.
We're good to go.
And then there's commenters on the video, like children, going, better be proof by tonight or you're in trouble.
We're reporting on what Southcom, General Warrants of ISIS fighters entering U.S.
through Caribbean, Latin America, Mexico, Newsweek headline.
We're reporting on the FBI saying ISIS is in all 50 states.
We are reporting on what Judicial Watch says, that they have intel that there's an ISIS base.
That's why we're down there.
I know everybody wants to try to discredit us.
Go ahead and hold your breath.
Fortune favors the bold.
Our fortune is liberty and our time.
We're down there investigating whether this is true or not, and all the evidence points towards it is going on.
Who knows, though, out of all these facilities and houses, if we can find it.
But I just love how people sitting there at their keyboards are talking about our reporters down there putting their lives on the line.
Then there's another comment.
Yeah, he better show proof Obama's mother was in Les porn.
Best-selling documentary filmmaker on, I sell the video, Dreams of My Real Father, Frank Marshall Davis, who Obama lived with, who looks just like him, with the same photos of Obama in his living room, with the same photos of a woman, looks identically like his mother, with Frank Marshall Davis doing lesbian porn.
That's the proof, is the film, jackass!
And you don't make me mad because you're discrediting us.
The show's exploding.
You make me mad because I know you're trolls.
And I'm so sick, I almost feel
Not always being the one on the front lines.
But I've been to Bohemian Grove.
I've been to the military bases.
I've been to Mexico.
I've covered it.
I've done it.
All over the place.
Joe likes to go out and do it?
I'm glad he's got courage and goes and does it.
But I kind of feel pathetic not being down there myself.
And then I can't imagine how pathetic you feel, sitting there at your keyboard, instead of trying to edify people or spread the word and warn people about what's happening, you're there going, oh yeah, Jones is making it up, there's anti-ISIS down there.
ISIS has taken over areas of Tunisia.
Libya, Syria, Iraq, and a whole bunch of other countries.
They're recruiting and being allowed to get young people recruited from Australia to England to the U.S.
and they've been threatening us on Facebook and Twitter.
Very serious groups.
They're threatening other reporters too.
This is a real situation.
Obama out of Egypt
And out of Kenya got caught.
People have been convicted in Egypt funding the Muslim Brotherhood and Al-Qaeda to overthrow the country.
Anderson Cooper supported the jihadis taking over when they were burning people and killing them and throwing them off roofs and crucifying.
Our government backs Saudi Arabian-backed Wahhabist Sunni jihadis.
You understand that?
And they're allowing them to infiltrate the U.S.
to pull off giant attacks.
And the next guest is going to break down how this happened in 2001.
Stay with us.
Are you concerned about police departments across America using stingray devices to steal cell phone data?
The Northwest Arkansas Democrat Gazette reports Matthew Campbell, a lawyer representing three Fort Smith police officers in a whistleblower case, said that someone tried to hack into his computer by giving him an external hard drive contaminated with malicious hardware.
It was Douglas Carson, the attorney representing Fort Smith and its police department, who sent Matthew Campbell the hard drive.
Upon examination, it was discovered that the hard drive contained four Trojans, one of which was a duplicate.
Mr. Campbell told PC Magazine,
Seems like the Fort Smith government is taking a page from the NSA.
In 2013, Spiegel reported, Of course, it's all for our safety.
Rob Dew reporting for InfoWars.com and InfoWars Nightly News.
Another major health threat.
This one in Toledo, Ohio, where everybody in the entire city has been told not to drink the water.
Ohio's governor declaring a state of emergency.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Well, vindication is the word.
We've seen one of the heads of the 9-11 Commission, Senator Graham, come out.
And said that he's seen the 28 pages, and that it shows that Saudi Arabia was quarterbacking much of the 9-11 attacks, where 15 of the 19 hijackers reportedly came from.
And we've had 5 of the other members, so that's 6 of the 10, come out and say the same thing.
I've had Congressman Walter Jones on recently, who's seen the 28 pages.
And it doesn't just show that Saudi Arabia was involved, but there was an ordered stand-down
Through the entire system.
And now we have the New York Post who would attack 9-11 truthers with the headline yesterday, how the FBI is whitewashing the Saudi connection to 9-11 and then goes back to it.
See, they always frame 9-11 truth is that you're saying like Wiley Coyote, they actually said this.
This is a talking point they used, that the Bush's used, but then Chris Matthews of Hardball used.
That I quote, Alex Jones quote, believes, this is a quote, a talking point, it's been in newspapers, that like Wiley Coyote, George W. Bush had a detonator plunger and blew up the World Trade Center.
No, I never said that.
I said criminal elements working at the international level had drills that day in order to stand down
And then you extrapolate out to the Al-Qaeda being allowed into the country, the CIA threatening the visa section to let them in, saying they really work for us.
Colonel Stephen Butler of the Defense Language School saying, some of these guys trained at my base.
You add all that together, we know we're being lied to.
So we're simply saying the official story isn't true, and that's been proven.
And because we don't know exactly what happened, then you can debate all day like a whodunit
Like Clue, that's how you figure out in an investigation what really happened.
And I'll ask Michael Springman, J. Michael Springman, his view, he has a new book out that I just started reading, and I even learned something from it, and I've studied this in depth.
Visas for Al Qaeda, CIA handouts that rock the world, an insider's view.
And the book is now available.
He's a former U.S.
diplomat, exposes the leadership and policies that spawned a deadly international conflict and killed over a million Iraqis.
Sprigman holds degrees from American University, Georgetown University, and Catholic University of America.
He currently practices law in Washington, D.C.
Again, Springman serves the U.S.
State Department government as diplomat, State Department's Foreign Service with postage in Germany, India, Saudi Arabia, and also worked at the U.S.
Commerce Department.
He left federal services and currently practices law in the Washington, D.C.
MichaelSpringman, two N's at the end, dot com.
We'll tweet out his book and website right now, please.
At RealAlexJones, please retweet that.
Talk about courage!
He blew it wide open in a few Canadian, British, and U.S.
papers and German papers, but it was shut down everywhere else.
We got him on the air going back 14 years ago.
The 15th anniversary is coming up.
And he was one of the key people to expose what happened.
And tie that in today with Judicial Watch, who covered what he said back then.
FBI holds special meeting in Juarez to address ISIS.
DHS not invited.
Here's another headline.
General warns the head of South Com of ISIS fighters entering the U.S.
through Caribbean.
He says they get into the Caribbean and get in through Mexico.
That's Newsweek.
So understand.
What happened on 9-11 is replaying again.
And good FBI tried to expose the people training not to land the planes or take off.
In Minneapolis and in Phoenix and in Dallas and got made to stand down.
So this is going on.
The government's not our enemy.
Criminal elements within it that are exploiting this to launch wars and take our liberties are, in my view.
Now I'm done with that preface.
Mr. Springman, great to have you back after many years.
I think we were on about six years ago, then 14 years ago.
But God bless you for your incredible courage and for continuing to stand up and writing this book.
I know you're a successful lawyer in your own right.
Don't need to, you know, write a book.
But I'm glad you've written this testament as a witness to what you saw.
Thank you so much, sir.
Well, thank you for having me on the program.
I'm delighted to be able to speak to your audience and to do my best to answer any questions you might have.
Well, let's do this.
Let's let you quarterback it at first.
Take us back to 9-11, walk us through the book, and then give us your take on what you think is currently happening.
Because, boy, isn't it pertinent today how our government funded the Free Syrian Army that was really Al-Qaeda, now they're ISIS, and now we were told Al-Qaeda and Muslim extremists were defeated.
Now it's a bigger threat than ever, three wars later.
Yeah, it's basically changing their brand names.
When I was in Jeddah, and that's more than 20 years ago now, I was being pressured to issue visas to people that had no ties to either Saudi Arabia or to their own country.
They couldn't explain why they were going to America, and I was being ordered by Jay Frares, the Consul General, who some suspect is working for the Central Intelligence Agency.
And other people with the consulate to issue these visas.
Never gave me an explanation why.
If they had, conceivably, I would have been dumb enough to issue the visas that they wanted on the basis of, well, I work for the federal government, you work for the federal government, this is a federal government interest, I'll do it.
But no, they couldn't do that.
So, after I was out of the Foreign Service and back in D.C., we had September 11th.
And Joe Trenton, the journalist, who tipped me off to what they were really doing, recruiting the mujahideen to fight the Soviets in Afghanistan, to go to the federal government, to go to the Department of Justice and the FBI and say, this is what was really going on, this is where you guys ought to look.
And I was passed from office to office to office, and finally the Washington Field Office for the FBI said, oh, we'll call you back.
Well, that was 14 years ago.
Since then, I've been speaking out on this.
I've been writing about this.
And aside from the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Rye, RT, and a German journalist,
I've been ignored by the American press, the mainstream media, the fawning corporate media as Ray McGovern calls it.
Well, they certainly are fawning, and if you just joined us, Visas for Al Qaeda, CIA handouts that rock the world, J. Michael Springman.
Let's go back and look at this, because do you feel vindicated now, before we walk through it, that you do have the head of the 9-11 Commission coming out and saying they basically covered up and stood down for Saudi Arabia?
I mean, that's complicity right there, and it's now even in the New York Post that demonized anyone, including firefighters and police, that questioned 9-11?
Well, it makes me feel a bit better, but then you've got to look at the fact that they've kept a lid on this for 20 years or more now.
They've ruined people's lives, they've mocked them in print, and so forth.
So, it's better, but the wheels still haven't come off the wagon, and nobody's in jail, and nobody's been executed.
Well, I want to give you the floor right now.
As best you can tell,
Break down exactly what happened with the hijackers, what your colleagues tried to do, what you reported on and exposed.
And then, all these years later, what do you think really happened on 9-11?
Well, going back to me and Jetta, I had gotten this strange conversation with then-American Ambassador Walter Cutler, who was in town for consultations with State Department officials.
And one of the people from the Saudi desk, the people who follow what's going on in a given country...
Uh, called me and said, Cutler's in town, do you want to say hello to him?
I said, yeah, sure.
I figured it'd be a five minute hello and goodbye session.
And he spends 45 minutes talking to me about all the problems that my predecessor Greta Holtz had created for the embassy in Riyadh.
She was refusing visas, so he said, to the servants of rich Saudi women.
They're seamstresses, hairdressers, and all these other factotums, and they just couldn't travel without them.
And I thought, he's telling me something, but I have absolutely no idea what he's telling me.
So when this was over, I talked to the desk officer, and I said, what was that all about?
He said, I have no idea, Cutler's just a queer duck.
Well, I get off the jetta, get all this, I'm welcome with open arms, people tell me, you're such an improvement over Greta Holtz, she was such a bitch, she was a troublemaker, nobody could get along with her, and so forth.
Well, after a bit, I started getting pressure on issuing visas to people who weren't qualified.
One guy, or actually two Pakistanis, I think, were going to a trade show.
And they couldn't name the trade show in the United States and couldn't tell me what city it was located in.
But Paul Arvid Tveit, T-V-E-I-T, a case officer, according to namebase.org, who was working undercover at the commercial section, called me and demanded visas for these guys.
And I said, no, they haven't proved that they have any compelling reason to come back either to Saudi Arabia or their own country.
So then he calls Justice, given name Stevens, the head of the consular section, and got these guys their visas.
And this pretty much went on for the 18 months or so that I was in jail.
Nobody could explain this.
And the odd thing was Eric Walkenbush, the
The head of the CIA base at the consulate, he came to me and said, Mike, we've got this Iranian agent.
We want him in Washington for consultations.
We really need to have him there.
Can you issue him a visa?
Wink, wink.
Well, the guy had a clean passport.
He had previous visas to go to the United States in it.
He was working at, or running in fact, the family had a
I think so.
And I still to this day don't know why Quackenbush tipped me the wink about this guy, but said not a word about all these other people who were really sleazy characters that the agency was sending to the U.S.
for training to send on to Afghanistan to the war against the Soviets.
So that's why you said this went on 20 years, because this was happening even before 9-11.
Now fast forward from my memory, you end up leaving, but then you talk to colleagues and find out they were told the same thing with Mohammed Adda and others.
Walk us through that.
Okay, well, once I was out, I heard from Joe Trento, the journalist who follows national security issues, that the real reason they wanted me to see some of these guys was to send them to Afghanistan.
They were creating the Mujahideen.
And I said, that's why they got so mad when I refused the visas.
And I started researching.
I started writing letters.
I sent letters to everybody involved, including Joseph P. O'Neill, the so-called inspector who came out and really wanted me to tell him what was going on in Jeddah.
And he said, I'll protect you.
And he didn't.
He passed the word to the State Department and the CIA, of whom I think he was a member.
Uh, to get rid of me.
And I had nothing but trouble after that.
Once I was out of state and after I talked to Trento, uh, I had written an article about this, published in Covert Action Quarterly, uh, the hand that rules the visa machine rocks the world.
Uh, this got me a few interviews and, um,
I tried after that to learn exactly why I had been thrown out of state.
I filed a Freedom of Information Act request and a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit around, oh, maybe 1991, 1992, thereabouts, and got nowhere.
As time went by,
I sent letters to everybody else.
I had been involved with Freres and Henry Ensher and Karen Sasahara, his successor as political officer, saying what was really going on in Jeddah.
You know, time is going by, you can tell me.
Dead silence.
So then I filed a Freedom of Information Act request and ultimately another lawsuit, I guess about three years ago now, asking what I should have asked for the first time around.
All of the visas that had been overruled by Frears and Justice Stevens.
And when I was in JEDA, the filing cabinets were bulging with old visa applications that nobody had shredded.
They were 5, 10, 15 years old.
And my staff said to me, look, Mike, if we shred these things like we're supposed to do every year, we're never going to deal with 100 to 200 visa applicants a day we're getting.
And you got a choice.
You want us to shred documents or you want us to work on these visa applications?
So I said, do the visas.
And the lawsuit again was dismissed by Reggie Walton, a Bush appointee, a guy who was put on the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act Court, the secret court.
And he first demanded the names of all 45,000 visa applicants a year I was dealing with.
And I said, that's impossible.
And State said, well, we shred these documents every year.
And I said, that's impossible.
And gave them an affidavit about the bulging, overflowing file cabinets.
And he simply dismissed the case.
And I said, well, I want to know who dismissed, or who shredded these documents.
What was their names?
What was their rank?
When it was done, don't you people keep records?
There's a guy in
British government, Nick Pope, who had written about freedom of information and national security.
And he had mentioned that, well, you know, in a big organization, papers go missing, files get misplaced, and so forth.
But if you're dealing with government, if you're dealing with national security issues, if you're dealing with major topics like visa applications, these don't go missing.
And if they do, there's a very questionable reason for why and we need to investigate something like this.
Well, that prompted me to start writing the book.
And in the course of doing the research, I found out that basically, as I began to suspect,
The people who were sent to Afghanistan also were sent to Yugoslavia.
I found through John Schindler's book, Unholy Terror, that these were some of the guys that had been trained in Afghanistan and fought in Bosnia and were involved with the planning or the execution of September 11th.
Now let's stop right there, this is so huge.
The KLA out of Albania
Involve taking over areas from Serbia.
Serbia fights back.
They're called terrorists on the news.
NATO bombs them.
I'm not saying the Serbs are perfect.
The point is, is that again using them as a secret army and then meanwhile using the drug money from what I've read to launch the next operation.
That's exactly right.
The guys got NATO intelligence.
The guys got NATO training.
The guys got
Money and drugs to sell back and forth to finance their operations, just like they did with Iran-Contra.
In Michel Chassidowski's website, there are a number of articles, Global Research Canada, that talk about using drug money to fund the war in Yugoslavia and to destroy the country.
I want to go back to 9-11.
And again, we just joined us.
Visas for al-Qaeda.
The former head of the Jeddah Saudi Arabian U.S.
Embassy Visa Section, who saw them letting terrorists fly around before, then after, talked to people involved.
And he's going to get to that in a moment.
Basically said, hey, you know, let these people in.
They're not really terrorists.
They work for us.
I wanted to get back to that in a moment.
To know that they are using Al-Qaeda type groups as secret armies against the Serbs, against our basic liberties, using that threat to take our freedoms, against Syria, Libya, Iraq, I mean all over the world.
This is getting so obvious.
What do you make now of the reports by Southcom that ISIS is coming into the Caribbean and Mexico and into the U.S.?
Is that just hype to get more government funding or are they covering their butt?
I don't know for sure.
The first I heard of it, actually, was when you mentioned this on your show just a few minutes ago.
I'm inclined to think this is more like George Bush and these other people saying, well, if we don't stop Iran and Ronald Reagan, if we don't stop the Contras in Nicaragua, we're going to have to stop them in Harlequin, Texas.
I would suspect that this is basically hype and beating the drums for more security, more removal of personal liberty, and to pump more money into these organizations in the Middle East to destroy the rest of the region.
There's still a few people left there who are fighting back.
They're doing it in Yemen.
Bashar al-Assad, he may not be the world's best president, but
He didn't start the war, and he's certainly better than Al-Qaeda, and I won't be able to speak to that.
I agreed until about six months ago with your view that it's just more hype to get more FBI funding and more Homeland Security funding.
The issue is, though, I see him allowing ISIS to recruit, you know, 18, 25-year-olds all over the world, from the U.S., Canada, Europe, England, Australia, to fly there to fight.
It is a proxy army.
And I see it being promoted domestically as kind of trendy.
And then I ask, are they going to allow ISIS to attack to even take more liberties?
It's just getting really, really suspicious.
Yeah, it's conceivable.
I mean, when they were recruiting for Afghanistan, there were 52 recruiting offices in the United States for the Mujahideen.
They were rounding up Arab-Americans to either fund the operation or to be recruited and trained to go and fight in Afghanistan.
I was thunderstruck at that.
I hadn't heard about that at all, but it was in Peter Bergen's book, The Osama Bin Laden I Know.
That's right and that's now admitted and of course Reagan didn't, I don't want to blame Reagan, he didn't know at the time either but obviously he had all those meetings at the White House with the Taliban leaders and I mean ridiculous film footage but it, you know, that happened.
I want to get into the book in the next segment.
I skipped a break.
We've got a few minutes left here.
Give us the meat for new audiences that just tuned in, because it's so groundbreaking what you were able to discover in talking to your colleagues that were still in the State Department about how many of the hijackers were actually given visas to come into the United States, even though they were on a terrorist list, and what story was given to force the embassy to do that.
Well, as I discovered in researching the book, well, 15 of the 19 hijackers, according to the Los Angeles Times years ago, got their visas from Jetta.
And I thought I had raised enough hell with my Freedom of Information Act lawsuits and letters and speaking out that they would stop this stuff.
Um, but I learned in doing the research that the Shayna Steiger, s-t-e-i-n-g-e-r, she was hired for my position in JETA to issue visas straight out of Columbia University at FSO for a very high rank for someone with no experience, no training,
And just a student background.
She did this.
She issued the visas, gave equivocable answers to the 9-11 Commission, and has since gotten promotions and is still working for the State Department.
And we know Mohammed Atta and others were able to go to some other training camps in other parts of the world and come back through Saudi Arabia and then into the U.S.
That's what I've seen.
These guys moved all around.
They got visas from the U.S.
And if you get a visa from an American consulate or an embassy and you go to another country, they're very quick to issue you a visa because, look, the Americans had investigated them.
They have better resources than we do.
In addition, they went and they came back.
And it removes bars to their travel.
Stay there, because this ties into everything we see happening now.
The book, Feasts for Al Qaeda.
J. Michael Springman.
I'm Alex Jones.
Stay with us.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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First wave feminism was a noble cause.
But modern feminists?
Well, instead of fighting for, say, paid and protected maternity leave, they want to ban words, shirts, and manspreading.
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That's cultural Marxism, which asserts that culture and language is responsible for oppressing women and not the state.
The truth is, the state encourages gender wars.
It's a divide-and-conquer tactic designed to keep us fighting amongst ourselves.
In fact, the feminist movement was hijacked by the political class to exploit women.
As the late Aaron Russo revealed, the Rockefellers bankrolled feminism.
Not because they had any interest in women's rights, but because women in the workforce was the ultimate trifecta.
The state collects more tax dollars, children are indoctrinated at an earlier age, and the traditional family structure destroyed.
Leanne McAdoo reporting for InfoWars.com
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Waging war on corruption.
It's Alex Jones.
In the third hour, we're going to have open phones and hit the economic news, the TSA news, the Russia news, the Mexico news, more on our investigation down on the Texas-Mexico border with Joe Biggs and others.
I'm going to play some of the congressional hearings where they're like, we've got to ban bloggers.
They're like ISIS.
And that ties into this new memo put out to the armed services.
We were leaked it to the Coast Guard.
It's got phone numbers and emails, folks.
It's confirmed saying they're preparing for veterans to attack on April 19th and that we're the biggest terrorists.
So, talk about using 9-11 to set up a police state and then focus it on domestic legal constitutional organizations.
It's pretty amazing to see this transformation.
We're going to get Mr. Springman's take on that, the NSA, and so much more.
As a lawyer and as a former diplomat, what do you think of the transformation of FOIA requests?
People say, I don't care about FOIA.
Well, most FOIA requests now go unanswered, even though it's federal law.
The government operates in secret to, quote, keep us safe, but then won't release any information.
That is a recipe for total enslavement.
We're going to talk about it in a moment.
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In fact, this is the type of book, we haven't done it yet, that we're going to reach out to Springman and buy a few hundred copies of to add to our bookstore.
Visas for Al Qaeda, CIA handouts that rock the world, and that ties into this story in the New York Post just a few days ago, how the FBI is whitewashing the Saudi connection to 9-11, what we told you 14 years ago, what he told you 14 years ago.
And he joins us now.
Again, the book is something everybody should get.
You should support people that are telling the truth.
You should give this to skeptics and friends and family and others.
Or donate it to the library.
That's how you win an information war.
Let's speak some about the book.
You've agreed to take phone calls.
I'll give the number out for specific 9-11 questions or visa questions or four-year questions.
This is a very important issue.
800-259-9231 with specific questions or brief comments for our guests.
But I want to finish up talking about the book.
You're a smart guy.
I want to get your take on the NSA, on the way America's changed, on where the world's going in general, and how do we turn this around.
So Mr. Springman, tell us more about the book itself.
Well the book starts out essentially talking about my experience in the State Department and the problems I had getting in and the problems I had once I was in.
We've mentioned this a little bit earlier about my issues with JEDA.
I went on from JEDA to Stuttgart in Germany where I had been there some years before.
And it turned out that two of the three consuls general that were there worked for the Central Intelligence Agency.
In fact, I was told by the legal advisor's office at the State Department not to link Day Mount, it's D-A-Y, like the day of the week, and Mount and Doug Jones to any of the American intelligence services.
These were guys that blocked me from what I was doing, created difficulties for me in the office, and it was just absolutely amazing.
They refused to do anything at all about following what was going on in Germany with the younger generation.
They clung to the old guard, the people who were in their 70s and 80s and above, who had lived through the war and the end of the war, and just loved America, and couldn't or wouldn't see any good in talking to anybody else who might have had a different opinion about the United States, who might have had a different opinion about where Germany was going.
But it was a rocky ride there for two years as well.
So, uh, I went on from there and then pointed out some of the problems these people created and how they violated the law and regulations.
So, bottom line, they were letting Al-Qaeda, Saudi Arabia, and secret armies have U.S.
visas that basically get them in any country in the world so they could carry out their nasty operations, narcotics trafficking, murder, terrorist attacks, you name it.
Oh, not in Shugart, but in Jeddah, this is what they were doing.
I want to continue with a book that walks through how all this works in fine detail.
It's so important.
But go back, because you got cut off of the break.
Talk about the KLA, because that's come out since you talked about it, that so much of the 9-11 funding came out of there, Albania, all of that, the Clintons.
This is bipartisan.
This is how they fund this stuff.
Yeah, it was run very much like the Iran-Iran contract.
They were slipping money in secret to people.
They were giving training in secret to people.
They had...
Intelligence given them.
Clinton didn't have a clue about foreign affairs and he went along with these people.
They wanted to do to Yugoslavia what they had done to Afghanistan and create a cadre of essentially terrorists, a wrecking crew if you will, that would go from country to country and by God they've done it.
They started in Afghanistan, they went to Yugoslavia, they had
Drug money running the place.
They even worked with the Iranians to fly plane loads of weapons and supplies in.
The German delegate to the peace talks and to the mediation conferences they had, he was a fellow from their external intelligence service, the Bundesnachrichtendienst.
So it was a really nasty operation all the way through and it wasn't quite as well concealed as they've done since then.
They were still learning, I guess.
They took one guy
A Norwegian helicopter pilot, Captain Ivan Moldestad, to a hotel balcony and threatened to throw him off because he was asking questions about unmarked aircraft with fighter escorts flying into airfields in Yugoslavia.
And he wanted to know where they were coming from, and he contacted the NATO Aviation Center in Vicenza, Italy.
And nobody wanted to talk about this.
Man, I mean it just sounds like a giant mafia worldwide is using radical jihadis to destabilize countries and sometimes they overthrow the country and put them in charge or they remove them and then they come in and make massive amounts of money off of the response.
It just sounds like something Spectre would do out of a James Bond movie.
Yeah, it's almost too fantastic to believe.
You've got Yugoslavia broken up into small, ineffective statelets.
They've been trying for years to break Iraq into three pieces.
They haven't quite succeeded, but the Kurdish North, through the Israeli influence and American efforts, is almost a separate country.
And they're trying to split the Shia South from Sunni Center.
As well, they haven't quite done it, but they've in fact wrecked everything in the country where you have electricity for only a few hours a day.
Nobody has any education anymore.
It was one of the shining lights of the Middle East with a great literacy rate.
Women had equal rights with men.
People were educated.
The language of instruction for doctors, medical doctors, was English.
Yugoslavia, I'm sorry, Iraq is a failed state.
They moved the people into Libya and murdered Gaddafi.
Libya, under Gaddafi's rule, while he may not have been a wonderful philosopher, king, leader, but under his rule, Libya had one of the highest standards of living in all of Africa.
They murdered him, shot the country up, destroyed the country, and you read in the paper every day that there's a new terrorist attack, there is a new government, and there is an attempt to secede from one part of the place or the other.
And then they moved all the bad guys into Syria, and they've done pretty much the same thing there.
Syria is essentially a non-state now.
Damascus, the oldest continuously inhabited city in the world, is about the only thing that Bashar al-Assad really controls.
And they destroyed most of the United Nations World Heritage sites.
And nobody seems to care.
They just seem to think that, well, we need to get rid of Bashar al-Assad and then Syria will be so much better.
But they ignore the fact that Bashar al-Assad has kept together a patchwork of religions and cultures and philosophies together.
And while Syria might not have been a
A country with a fantastic standard of living and so forth.
Sure, I mean, compared to Al-Qaeda, Assad is a philosopher king.
And expanding on that, Hillary said, I made a mistake in Libya, and they have these headlines saying, Libya now a failed state, hell on earth, thousands being killed a month, black aborigines being targeted by jihadis, and they act like they screwed up.
The plan was to destabilize it, because Libya was uplifting
All of Africa.
It was creating an investment fund that actually was helping.
So, I mean, you could say Gaddafi was a bad guy a long time ago, but he actually was starting to live more frugally and was giving almost all the money to the people.
I'm not endorsing socialism, but he was actually doing it, and it was actually working in the public works he was putting in, and the money he was giving to other countries.
And now all of Africa is, as you know, they admit, descending into hell, and al-Qaeda forces
Are spreading all over the continent.
I mean, and then, AFRICOM says, oh, now we can come in to deal with the threat.
I was talking about that on RT a couple of weeks ago with a guy from Cairo University who was an expert on Africa.
And he and I agreed that this Boko Haram business is just another version of Al Qaeda.
It's another rebranding of the franchise of lunatics and crazies that allegedly espouse Islam.
And we thought, both of us, that this is another way to destabilize that part of Africa because it was spreading beyond the original infection point to other countries nearby.
Simply amazing.
The new book, Visas for Al Qaeda?
Where's the best place for people to find it?
They can get it from Amazon.com.
It's in Amazon in the U.S.
and Amazon in Britain, France, and Germany as well.
People need to read this book and see the facts for themselves, especially now that all this is coming out.
They see we told you so.
They can also get it as an e-book as well.
Well, that's fantastic.
Let's go ahead and talk to Jeff in Georgia.
Jeff, thanks for holding her on the air.
Thanks, Alex.
Great to talk to you today.
Great conversation, great guests.
It would be great to have McAfee, him, Siebel Edmonds, Tosh Pumley all sitting at the same table and get some stories from that.
Specifically, I called to ask his reaction when he saw this whole underwear bomber thing go down and the exposure by Kurt Haskell, can't recall his name exactly, but the exposure of that and how the man was let on the plane and again signed off by CIA and allowed on board.
Well, basically, from what I understand, this underwear bomber, somehow, he didn't really have the proper paperwork to get on the airplane.
He didn't have a visa, I think.
That's right.
And he was shepherded through a security... A sharp-dressed, well-spoken American man basically argued and ordered them to let him in.
So, knowing your background, who has enough power to order people to do that?
The United States government, TSA, the CIA, the State Department.
We don't know.
It was an Israeli company that was running the security at the airport.
And it was so strange that somebody fills his underwear with explosives and tries to set them off on the airplane.
Uh, that's more along the lines of the, uh, the, uh, the shoe bomber, where the guy tried to set fire to the shoe in the cabin.
That all it does is create an opportunity for creating fear on creating, uh, tighter, uh, alleged security.
Security theory, I think, is a better word for it.
I think, basically, it's, it's, um, it's absolute nonsense.
And then that makes everyone a suspect when it's the shoes, it's the belt, it's the shampoo.
Or Bristol for women who are lactating.
No, that's who you gotta watch.
Can't trust anybody but the government and the big corporations that run it.
Jeff, does that answer your question?
Uh, yeah, and then just to tie in that, well, we do know what the, uh, you know, uh, who benefited from that, and that was, uh, Chertoff.
As soon as he leaves the government, he goes to work for the company that had the body scanners all lined up and ready to go.
No, that's right.
That's what I understand.
Simply amazing.
Caller, we're going to jump.
Thank you.
Jerry, Gordon, Max, Steven, and others, your phone calls are coming up.
I'm Alex Jones.
We're talking to J. Michael Springman, an insider view, Visas for Al Qaeda, CIA handouts that rock the world.
It looks like they're building up again for major events.
Communist China freely allows the sale of bulletproof armor plates, while our U.S.
politicians argue from banning Americans from owning body armor.
Does that sound right to you?
Arm your American body at InfidelBodyArmor.com.
Infidel Body Armor.
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Boulder's gunman targets veterans.
I'm going to detail that article coming up.
Military bulletin labels Patriot groups militia.
Domestic terrorists.
Says they're about to attack on April 19th.
That's what all these military drills are about.
And then it's the right wing supporting the whole police state takeover.
And meanwhile they're being prepared to attack them.
It's just hilarious.
If it wasn't so sick.
Also they're saying it's sexist if you don't want a overweight girlfriend.
And that it's a conspiracy of the male patriarchy that we don't want that.
In the news, Paul Watson breaks it down.
I don't know, I don't really, I'm not into really skinny women.
I'm gonna be honest, I like voluptuous.
I mean, I think everybody has different tastes.
Some people are into 400 pound women.
I mean, that's, that's, see, this is how this works.
You can be in what, you can like what you want, I'm gonna like what I like.
Women in Turkey, I hear they like big women.
Or at least they used to.
That's fine!
You can have them.
It's just that we're allowed to have our own views and our own tastes, but that's coming up in the next hour.
I want to do this segment in five more minutes with our guests, if you can stay with us, so we have enough time to take some of these calls.
We have Mr. Springman, thesis for Al-Qaeda author with us.
Jerry in West Virginia, you're on the air.
Yes, hi Alex and Mr. Springman.
I just really am curious about the 28 pages that were unclassified and have yet to be released.
I also lived in Saudi Arabia and no one is aware of all the Americans and UKs
But that's politically correct.
I mean, they're allowed to because it's the right thing to do.
Just like Mexico can torture our people and that's okay.
Do you have a question for Mr. Springman?
Yes, I want to know where the 28 pages are.
That's a great question.
What do you make of all that and the people that have seen it and what they say, Mr. Springman?
Well, the thing of it is that the United States tends to over-classify a lot of things, but also at the same time, they will not let anything out that will make the government look bad, that will make a politician look bad, that will make a decision look bad.
So I think the 28 pages are A, either nothing,
Or, B, it's a bombshell and it shows the ties of the Saudis and maybe the Israelis and the American government officials to September 11.
And the only way to learn about it is to declassify the 28 pages.
Well, I've talked to Congressman Jones and others and they say they've seen it.
It's beyond that.
It's stand down.
It's that people were ordered to basically shut up and let it happen because they didn't want to, quote, embarrass Saudi Arabia.
Yeah, well, if that's the case, then I can see them holding the lid on and doing their damnedest to keep the truth from getting out.
What happens if it does come out that Saudi Arabia ran the attacks and that our own government stood down?
That makes them complicit, doesn't it?
Oh yes indeed!
And the United States is working with the Saudis to destabilize all the countries in the Middle East, most notably now in Yemen.
It's the Saudis, with American advice and assistance and intelligence from NSA spies in the sky, to go and kill civilians in Yemen because they're the wrong brand of Islam and because the Saudis want complete control of the Arabian Peninsula.
That's right.
It's about Saudi Arabia setting up a globalist empire, and they're the muscle.
Jerry, great question.
Thank you.
One more call before we go to break.
I'm Max in Wisconsin.
You're on The Year.
Greetings, Alex.
When Smitty was talking with you the other day, supporting the Hillary corelocracy, he said that under Clinton, we had eight years of peace and whatever.
As a Serbian-American libertarian, I wonder if Hillary gets installed, if I will get JDAM, DRONE, or DU.
What do you guys think?
Well, yeah, let's talk about that when we come back.
If Mr. Sprague can do five more minutes.
Can you do five more, sir?
Alright, we're gonna go right 70 seconds, come back and talk about that.
I mean, look, both parties are a bunch of warmongers.
I mean, one thing we're fighting a war to defend somebody.
We're fighting wars to destabilize.
We'll be back.
Stay with us.
Thank you for listening to GCN.
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Big Brother, Mainstream Media, Government Cover-Ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
I'm not a diplomat like our guest Michael Springman.
But I have studied history, it's kind of fascinating.
Up until about 1963 or so, the U.S.
generally did try to build up countries, and if they did an overthrow, they tried to put in a better government, and actually tried to build up the industry of the country, to then make them an ally and a successful partner.
It was still corrupt.
Picking winners and losers, violating the doctrine of George Washington, even the Monroe Doctrine.
But since then, it's degenerated until they're not even trying to overthrow countries to get somebody bad out.
They want to degenerate Serbia, degenerate Syria, degenerate all these countries.
They want to wreck them.
And then leave them wrecked.
And that's not even good for business globally.
So, that's my view on it.
Mr. Springman, what do you think is behind this?
Then we'll talk to Stephen and others.
Well, I think your point is pretty much on the mark.
They don't want a viable functioning democracy or something close to a democracy with a healthy economy making life better and better for the inhabitants.
They want to destabilize and destroy the countries.
Because it gives them more effective control.
They can move the CIA in.
They can promise them the sun, moon, and stars with the rebuild of their economy using American contractors and American equipment and so forth.
But basically, I think it's the rebuilding is more of a
Way of shifting money from one pocket to another pocket.
That in Iraq, for example, they have all these horrible tales of corruption and money going missing, but nobody goes to jail for it, nobody gets investigated.
It's basically a big scam.
Wreck the country, give us control of the various factions we've created to fight one another, and we'll promise you that you will have a much better country next year.
Except that doesn't happen.
But in the meantime, money is exchanged, banks get rich.
It's a high-tech way to conquer countries.
Yeah, yeah.
I mean, it's like the Roman Empire.
Divide and rule.
It's just a fact.
I agree with that.
Stephen in Michigan, you're on the air with our guest.
Go ahead.
Hey Alex, thanks for having me on.
My question for your guest is, how can the mainstream media completely ignore all the evidence that 9-11 was an inside job?
That's a good question.
Yeah, the mainstream media is run, in the United States at least, by maybe four or five large corporations.
They don't want to offend advertisers.
They're very close to the government, as Bob Perry noted in some of his books about how he was tossed out of the Associated Press.
They want feel-good stories.
They don't want to antagonize anybody that has any power.
And they want to keep their good relations with the federal government.
And they've allowed corruption to totally take over now.
Good question, Steve.
Bob in Colorado.
Thank you.
I think the last caller we have time for.
Then I'll go to Aaron after you leave us.
Go ahead, Bob.
Do you have any questions for Mr. Springman?
Yes, sir.
The recently released ISIS video promises another 9-11.
Now, we know 9-11 was an inside job, so I don't know what to make of that.
I was just curious what your take is.
I mean, if I could get mine briefly, it's another inside job if you let these groups build up, get armed.
They're crazy jihadis, but you let them in.
It's like putting a bunch of black widows in your neighbor's bed.
You didn't make the black widows bite them, you just let them in to do it.
Or a bucket of rattlesnakes.
So, Mr. Springlin?
Well, basically, they like to keep the fear alive, and as Cheryl Bernard had said, she was a RAND analyst who was married to Zamek Khalilzad, who had been American ambassador to Afghanistan, to Iraq, and to the United Nations.
She said, we went out, and we knew we couldn't beat the Soviets in any possible way, so we decided to collect
And arm and train the most outrageous zealots, the most crazy fanatics we could find, and we turned them loose.
And they killed everybody.
They killed the moderates.
They killed the progressives.
They killed everybody who didn't agree with them.
And you end up with this cadre of vicious extremists that have been turned into what I call the Arab-Afghan Legion that fights anywhere and everywhere the United States sees enemies.
Mr. Springman, Godspeed.
Thank you for your courage.
We're gonna be right back.
Stay with us.
The vaccination lies in hysteria continue to ramp up in California.
The Temecula Valley School District recently sent a letter home to parents stating the following.
To help protect your children and others from whooping cough, a new California law now requires students to be vaccinated against whooping cough.
This applies to all students entering the seventh grade and any student transferring from out of state.
But they fail to mention the exemption that exists by law that covers medical or personal beliefs.
In fact, you can find it in the California Health and Safety Code 120325, and the particulars of the exemption can be found in California Health and Safety Code 120360, which is specifically about the exemptions.
It's letters like these that continue to push Big Pharma's agenda to inject you and your young children with toxins, heavy metals, live viruses, and DNA from insects.
Don't be intimidated by vaccine pushers.
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It's Alex Jones.
Alright, I have loaded phone lines here and the guests are still on the subject of 9-11.
I think that's fine.
The calls are.
And then I'm going to intersect that into all this news that's unfolding.
Because I don't look at news separately, I look at it in the body of work.
I don't need the police to tell me, and I'm glad they've arrested them and that's good, it's a good start, that the TSA singles out good-looking men and women and their pedophile children to grope and abuse them.
Or that the TSA has been caught in documents, it's now mainstream news.
Covering all of this up.
This is how they operate.
And now you'll see the system come out and try to defend them and cover it up, or maybe even stage a bombing.
This is getting really predictable.
Former TSA agent unleashed.
Groping scandal, as business as usual.
Abuse of passengers, daily occurrence.
Many hands on people's private parts.
Naked body scanners, useless.
Agent shielded from prosecution.
People always ask when I fly.
That's off DrudgeReport.com, all mainstream news articles.
People ask, hey dummy, why don't you just naked scan and then you won't get groped?
No, they pull out probably every 10th person randomly or if they want to grope you and still grope you.
You get the trusted traveler thing.
I travel quite a bit.
And I mean, they pull the trusted travelers out too and then grope you.
It's all bull.
The only control I have
Because they know because of lawsuits, they've got to let you opt out of being radiated.
Because I know they save those images, and that's come out.
But, you look at that, and you look at how they're funding Al-Qaeda, funding ISIS, letting them build up, letting them get ready to attack us, it's completely obvious!
And then you look at the degeneration of the American government, out of Straussian ideas from the University of Chicago, mainly, that in justifies the means.
And then no matter how bad you do things, it's okay if it's for a good aim.
Well, A, that never ends up working like that in history.
And then B, the globalists never had a good aim.
Yes, in situational ethics, there might be a time to torture somebody.
But very rarely, and you obviously don't put it down on paper, you don't codify it into law, and you don't say it's legitimate because it always ends up being worse because of fake confessions and discrediting real confessions, and then discredits the system, discredits the rule of law, and the civilization falls.
And that's what the criminals want.
They want you to know.
The law is discredited.
They want you to know it's unevenly distributed.
They want you to hate the government and the police and make it about the government and big government buildings and faceless cops by faceless, you know, in their cars instead of us letting it happen and the fact that our government's run by foreign special interests.
I mean, that is spectacular that our government is publicly run by foreign banks
And then even the head of the AP came out and said, the government's becoming tyrannical and trying to suppress the news, and going after journalists and not releasing any information.
The AP is the most lapdog organization there is.
But it's got a lot of real journalists working there.
And I've talked to AP section chiefs, I've talked to Reuters section chiefs, when they call me back and they go, off record Mr. Jones?
I've never seen them tell a story like this directly.
This is real news.
They used to call the AP all the time.
They used to get a lot of stuff in the AP.
And they said, we've been told nothing from you.
It's in the system.
It's in the AP system.
Do not talk to Alex Jones.
Not at the reporter level, but at the section chief level, it pops up a note.
The unspeakable name.
Look at Fox News.
They won't say my name now.
They go, we all know who we're talking about from Austin, Texas.
And they're all like, whoa!
Whoa, because I have the former head of technical of the NSA on.
I have the former head of the JETA visa unit on.
I have generals on.
I have all these.
I mean, they hate this show because we are an example of people that cannot be intimidated or shut down.
Without them putting a bullet in my head.
Or setting me up.
And hell, they might do that.
They're just afraid how to do it because it might blow up in their face.
But see, that's the gamble I'm willing to take.
I'm not going to sit here and roll over to this because I understand how degeneration and rotting happens.
It starts at the head, like a fish, and moves down.
And the people in Washington are so out of control, so crazy, that they've got to be stopped.
And there is no end anymore.
There is no, oh, we do bad things for a good.
It's humans are bad, getting rid of people's good, humans are dumb, they're ugly, we're going to have a world without humans.
That's the cosmology, while the leader in the news saying we're going to live forever with life extension.
That's back in the news today.
I'll cover it after we take calls.
So what I'm getting at here,
Is that the dinosaur media and the dinosaur system is basically has dementia.
And it's running kind of an old battle plan.
The old computers are still there, the old systems of control, the old programs are there, but they're degenerating and getting more corrupt by the minute.
And the death throes of the dinosaur media we're beginning to see.
And now many of the dinosaur outlets understand they're on the chopping block and wow, they really are being told what to say by the government.
They're really being told, don't criticize Hillary Clinton, don't criticize Obama.
They're really openly being threatened now and they've got their own egos.
They're like, wait a minute.
Now they're being told, yeah, we're going to go ahead and start taking pension funds over to protect them, of course.
We're going to go ahead and start arresting some dissidents.
Everything we see points towards clear preparation for a major event or events.
Economic, military, we're not sure.
We know there's a lot of balls in the air, a lot of things that could fall first.
But what we do know is, after that crisis, they're coming after, let's go through the list, we've gotten thousands of, it's in thousands of pages and hundreds of public documents now.
There's no denial.
I have three or four new articles today.
Well first, combat veterans, veterans, gun owners, libertarians, conservatives, Christians.
Right down that line.
And they say the big enemy is evangelicals.
Evangelicals are some of the most lapdog to government.
But, they're stubborn and won't do certain things.
And they won't take microchips.
And they've had their psych warfare experts study evangelicals, and they know that they have a bigger relationship with God than they do with physical things.
The followers, not the fake preachers.
So why are they getting ready to go after evangelicals?
Because they know they're going to say no to what's coming.
You can tell everything by the enemy's attack profile.
You can see what they're guarding, what they're ready for, what they're worried about, to know where their weaknesses are.
And I'm not just being shilled by them where I'm getting fooled.
They try to hide what they're afraid of.
They try to not discuss what they're afraid of.
They don't want people to understand that we understand their critical weaknesses.
They're illegitimate.
They're far in control.
They have people's, you know, goodwill in their target.
They are incredibly corrupt and degenerate.
They're going to screw over their minions?
Why would we want to be run by crooks?
Why would we want to turn our system over to a bunch of people that don't like prosperity?
I mean, can you get that through your head?
New World Order comes in, prosperity goes out the door.
Think about our elite, bipartisan.
That would put over 200,000 Jihadi Al-Qaeda in to blow up every church and kill every Christian they found in non-radical Muslim.
And there are non-radical Muslims, folks.
Alawites and others.
Forcing fathers to truck bomb police barracks where they kill their kids.
That's what most of these suicide bombings are.
Okay, I just shot your 5-year-old.
I'm gonna shoot your 3-year-old and 2-year-old and then your wife next if you don't suit up and drive this truck up.
And still they just pull over at the first cop and say, they got my kids, I can't, I can't blow you up though.
I just, I can't do it.
And they killed their family.
Those are real cases.
Our government is doing that.
What do you think they'll do to us?
And the military finally two years ago was faced with this and said, we're not gonna be part of this.
And the chairman of the Joint Chiefs went to Obama and said, no air offensive.
They were false flagging, blaming chemicals on a side.
It was a daily scam.
I mean, really, military?
Good job for saying no, but what about the brass at the top that didn't?
I mean, you really want your name signed on and your soul?
Maybe you don't believe in God, still!
Why would you want to kill all the Christians?
Why would you in army manuals say George Washington's bad and just yesterday a new one came out in the Daily Caller saying the whole Constitution, Bill of Rights, Christianity, just everything's bad.
It's just all bad!
It's all bad!
Because this scum says so, and we just bow down?
You're Melissa Harris Perry!
You said our kids don't belong to us!
You might be 10% black, so that means I better not criticize you.
Yes, ma'am!
I'll do whatever you say!
What happened to us?
Being lectured by these scumbags!
I just can't handle it anymore.
I'm gonna go to a break.
I'm gonna go to your calls, but... I'm gonna go to your calls, and then I'm gonna, at the bottom of the hour, get into...
This amazing congressional hearing that we have clips of, where bloggers quote or compare to ISIS during a congressional hearing.
And then we've got military bulletin labels, Patriot groups, militia groups, domestic terrorists as their attacks are basically imminent.
Imagine being in the Coast Guard.
You got smugglers and everything else going on, and you hear you're being sitting around in briefings about, the right-wing Tea Party's probably gonna blow stuff up on April 19th.
Get ready.
And see, they're gearing up for this, and tell everybody, get ready with riot control, because they may be planting a big false flag, if not this, in a few days, maybe later, I don't know, and then announce a roundup and gun confiscation.
Patriots will not go to the FEMA camps, and the Civil War starts right there.
I'm telling you, I believe now in my gut, this is a real possibility.
I've never been more concerned.
I think they may be going live on us, folks.
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Here's the deal, Globals.
You may think you've done down most of the public, but there's a large percentage of people that are not gonna submit.
And I have looked at every angle of your takeover plan, and I'm telling you, the dog doesn't hunt, the boat doesn't float.
And I know Smokey's got his ears on and he's hot on America's trail and he ain't gonna rest till we're in hell.
So we got to dodge him, we got to duck him.
We gotta keep that Republic truckin'.
So we're gonna drop that hammer down and give old New World Order hell.
To paraphrase the end of that song.
In fact, can we come into the next segment, can we queue up, eastbound and down, good old Jerry Reid, at the end passage, you got to dodge him, you got to duck him, you got to keep that diesel truckin'.
Alright, I'm sorry, I'm always going along with the intro music.
I want to go to these calls, then I'm going to get into the police state news and the other news.
I tell you, this is just three articles today, though.
Bloggers compared to terrorists, one of the shottest down in Congress.
Military Bulletin labels militia domestic terrorists.
Says their attacks could be any minute.
And holders taking guns from veterans outside of law.
Just unbelievable treason.
And I guess we sit here and we take it, so that's why they do it.
But I don't want to get violent because that's the road they want to go down.
But then they're just going to stage stuff.
They just want to keep pushing.
Somebody blows up.
But I look at people like Obama and Michael Moore and Melissa Harris-Perry that are running a lot of this.
You've got globalists above that have the master plan, but these people, these little globalists, they have no idea what it's going to be like when all this stuff really kicks off.
Like all the other tyrants.
I mean, Hitler had an Iron Cross First Class, that's a Congressional Medal of Honor, he's a pretty smart guy, but he was evil deep down, and you saw what happened to him, he thought he had it all figured out.
Hitler compared to a Michael Moore?
I mean, there's no comparison in intellect.
And so, you just keep thinking you're invincible.
Let me tell you something, I know I'm not invincible.
That's the opposite.
I don't think I'm in control.
God's in control, and I just try to do the right thing and say, God, it's up to you, whatever happens.
I don't pray to God to protect me.
I pray to God to protect my children selfishly.
I just say, God, please, whatever your will is, have it done, and please make me strong, because I'm weak.
And help me rise up against the enemy.
Raise me up against them.
Make me strong.
Give me discernment.
Give me intellect.
And God's given it to me.
In fact, it's scary.
It's scary to have God's blessing, and I know I'm in this evil body with this evil mind, and I'm aware of my sin, which is not that big compared to most people's, but man, let me tell you, you get close to God, you really see how dirty you are.
And then I look at these globalists, I can see their dirt, man.
I can see their spiritual wickedness, like it's an aura, and it makes me want to vomit.
I hate them.
I hate the entities they've become.
Mike in Washington, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
So, uh, yesterday I was scrolling through my Facebook and I see the news post a picture of the police belaying out of a helicopter with their canine dog just hanging from the helicopter as well in his arms.
And, uh, that immediately bothered me.
Uh, that's not okay.
You know, we should, we should not have that.
Yeah, I mean, you can individually say the cops are good, but there's a major projection escalation of force, a gearing up, and in all the major training manuals, we're the target, the best people in America.
So yes, this is for us, and you instinctively know it's bad.
I do remember you guys had a showdown here when the girl in Spokane seen the Bearcat at Walmart, and
She took the video of it and he said he was there.
The bearcat is for constitutionalists who stockpile weapons and ammo.
See, see, see, hold on.
There's the problem.
I'm trying to write articles and do shows about this and I can't even think of one-tenth of it.
Every indicator we've got.
Imagine a dash control with a thousand lights and like all 997 are blanking.
Right there, everywhere we have them trying to take us on, and then going, no we're not, no we're not, no we're not, there's nothing to Jade Helm, there's no drones, there's no, exactly.
And then they got all threatening and said we were threatening the police by even covering the report.
Remember that?
Oh yeah, and another thing that is disturbing about that picture I've seen is their canine dog that they have just in Sheriff Deputy Thurman's arms and canine Laszlo just sitting in his arms.
Nobody asks that dog if it wants to hang from a damn helicopter, you know?
Well, let me ask you a question.
Well, I don't want to disagree with you if you actually love it, but let me just talk about this with you for a minute.
Just imagine we're having to have this conversation here in this country.
I mean, this is just crazy.
This is crazy.
It's the military-industrial complex, folks.
It's taken over.
Eisenhower warned us he'd be called a terrorist today.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
I was born on the prairies where the wind blew free, and there was nothing to break the light of the sun.
I was born where there were no enclosures.
I wonder what he thinks of the permanent checkpoints, where you're quizzed about your citizenship, about having to submit to bag searches to ride public transportation, his thoughts on non-violent offenders riding away in prisons.
They say that in these current times we are more, quote, civilized,
But are we really more free?
When the Persian army demanded King Leonidas and his Spartans surrender their arms, the outnumbered king shouted, Molon lave, or come and take them.
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I am your host Alex Jones.
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During a three-minute break.
It just, it almost always invariably does this, torturing me.
I tell you what, let's go ahead and start playing these clips from bloggers compared to ISIS.
Can you go ahead and do that?
Thank you.
But also I was going to ask you a little bit about the platform that it provides for fringe and radical views, not just in Russia but worldwide, as sort of the extreme fringe is given a platform for what otherwise would not be considered reputable television.
You know, most broadcasts wouldn't have on the types of voices with these conspiratorial theories.
But maybe you could explain the process that RT undertakes to select its experts.
And I'll just turn it over to the panel for your responses.
And why it's effective, I think you had mentioned that it provides this voice for fringe voices, extremists, and it works because it provides a place for these people, a place where these people can congregate.
And feed off of each other's biases.
It's almost like a community that is almost like a cult, I would say, that is formed online and they mobilize and they feel like they're part of some enlightened fight against the establishment.
And they find a home.
They find a place where they're heard, and they find a sense of belonging.
They find an outlet where they can, a platform to voice their deranged views by using the internet to mobilize people that feel displaced, that feel like they've been on the outskirts of society, and give them a place
Where they can find a sense of belonging and maybe make a difference in their own way.
And we see that it's effective.
We see that they are shaping the discussion online, on message boards, on Twitter, on social media.
And the Internet, you know, we thought that it would be this place where, you know,
It's wonderful in a lot of ways because a lot of different viewpoints and a lot of different people have a voice like never before.
But unfortunately, it's provided a forum where disinformation, false theories, people that are just trying to make a name for themselves, bloggers or whatever, that have absolutely no accountability for the truth, are able to rile up a mass amount of people online.
Hey Alex, you know who that is?
That is the lady who quit RT live on the air when the whole Russia thing was going on.
Yeah, it turned out.
So now she's a government agent.
And it turned out that was all staged too.
Right, totally.
And that's what this is.
That was an infiltration.
This is all staged to make us seem like we're bad.
And by the way, this is so epic.
The crew's been trying to get me to cover it all day.
You know, I feel bad in that I'm up here having a coughing fit while I even cover it.
I probably need to shoot a special report for the nightly news on this and just give it some over-the-top headline because this isn't epic enough.
The headline Paul Joseph Watson has is great.
It's just sometimes reality is more fantastic than a headline.
Bloggers compared to ISIS during congressional hearing.
We'll play the third clip here in a moment.
People who challenge establishment narratives online linked with terrorist organization when it's this very government
Funding the terrorists.
Destroying our rights.
I mean, look, we told you the NSA was spying.
They were.
We told you that FLORAB was brain-damaging you.
Now it's mainstream news.
They can't stand that they've lost all this credibility.
And so now they have these little sick, sniveling, you know, meetings and events where they are just up there sickeningly acting like
They control reality.
I want Rob Dew, InfoWars Nightly News News Director, to be able to chime in on this, but bloggers compared to ISIS during congressional hearing, people who challenge establishment narrative online linked with terrorist organization, bloggers, conspiracy theorists, and people who challenge establishment narratives on the internet were all linked to ISIS terrorists during a chilling congressional hearing which took place yesterday.
But even more amazing is that
They talk about how we all have a voice and we're being listened to and blah blah blah.
The hearing hosted by House Foreign Relations Committee, and the reason I know, folks, those are government talking points that Maddow and all of them use on us and Media Matters.
That's a White House narrative she was reading.
She's talking about us.
Because on MSNBC and stuff, they list us by name.
The hearing hosted by House Foreign Relations Committee was titled, Confronting Russia's Weaponization of Information.
And that's the new thing.
They're claiming if you don't go along with the New World Order, with the Federal Reserve, that you're Russian agents.
They love to say that about me.
And accuse Russian state broadcaster RT of weaponizing conspiracy theories to spread propaganda.
I was told by the head of RTUS, which didn't have that big of an audience, but I'd go on there every couple weeks, you know, when they asked me.
I'd go on Japanese and British and Iranian TV and, you know, Venezuelan TV or Brazilian TV.
I've been on Mexican TV.
Alex, RT was calling you two or three times a week to get on.
I remember that.
You were going on there all the time, and then something changed.
2009, 2010.
Well, I was told by the people.
They said, no, the White House is going to try to take our license.
If we don't.
And so then they started putting people on that would basically spout their view in an attempt to keep RT on cable.
It's been dropped on a lot of systems.
So it's not that RT is perfect.
It's that this is an experience of the censorship and the control and trying to claim that I'm some type of Russian agent, which has been named.
They've said that because I have gone on RT.
I'm not a Japanese agent or a British agent either.
But go ahead and make your point and then let's get into these people and what they're talking about.
Well, right after she did her stunt where she quit live on the air, she was interviewed by CNBC, MSNBC, CNN, all these different organizations.
And so she's now this authority.
They've made her into an authority to where now she can come on and say, oh, these people are extremists.
How did you find your guests?
And she quit and prospered.
Of course, we know who she works with and who she's hooked up with.
She's a very interesting person.
Anyways, do you have anything else to say there, Rob Dick?
Well, I think it's looking more and more that this looks like kind of government paid agent activity to me.
That's what this looks like.
Well, it doesn't matter.
She's up there saying it's horrible that the internet's there.
We thought the internet would be good, but it's not anymore.
I mean, that's exactly where they're going with the censorship.
This is like, uh, they're all together, but, you know, I forget the name.
It's like wrestling.
You know, you have the good guys and bad guys, but they're both on the same team.
It's a staged event, and she's loyal opposition.
That's what it is.
Loyal opposition.
Remarking that the internet provided a platform for fringe voices and extremists, Wall characterized people who challenge establishment narratives as a cult.
That's right, if we challenge the official known liars, and think that raising the debt limit does raise the debt limit, or that we did build our own business, if we don't do what they say, we're a cult!
No wonder everyone's deserting these people!
They mobilize, listen, they mobilize, and they feel they're part of something enlightening.
In a fight against the establishment, they find a platform to voice their deranged views.
Referring to comments.
I mean, this is total joke.
And they're saying conspiracy theories on RT.
They're talking about me.
They're talking about all of you, though, folks.
If they can shut me up, they can shut you up.
Go ahead.
Well, and this is a perfect example of this, is the congressman from El Paso who is threatening the different agencies to find the whistleblower to Judicial Watch.
But if you believe what Judicial Watch says, oh, we must be a cult.
But we have congressmen going around trying to shut down these leaks that are going on just so we can know who's coming through our border.
That's right, they want to leave the border open in the North American Union, and they're about to sign on to the new Asia Union, that's in my stack today, without any votes.
And then we're called traitors because we're paying attention.
But I'm just so sick of them putting up condescending men and women to tell us what reality we can even look at.
I mean, I think folks tune in to Infowars.com and they can tell they're getting a lot more reality than what they're getting from these people.
It's really pathetic.
And now, I just finished a video actually, I just put it up on YouTube, about these little police departments acting like NSA agents, where they're sending Trojan virus contaminated hard drives... To lawyers.
To lawyers, yeah, to try to break into their computers.
And it totally, you know... Well imagine, oh hi, we're the police department, here's a free hard drive.
Yeah, exactly.
This is all the evidence you wanted, you know, and they did it under the auspices of providing the evidence they were asking for and they were forced to in discovery.
Yeah, the government is in a revolution of committing felonies to get away with it and set the precedent that they are above the law.
The ultimate form of discrimination.
And that trickle-down is happening to these local departments.
Now they all think they're junior TSA, junior NSA agents.
It's disgusting.
Well, they've made the decision to try to shut down opposition and shut off the internet.
And it's not going to work.
Your video's online.
I'll give folks the headline to that video.
Local police caught acting like the NSA.
Absolutely, and criminally infecting computers.
It violates so many laws to spy on an attorney-client privilege.
And the lawyers won't, you know, stand up to it.
They'll roll over.
Well, and the lawyer that this happened to, he went to the state police, he went to other agencies, and they're saying, oh, it's not a big deal.
They're saying that's not a big deal.
See, none of them will enforce on the others.
That's how you get lawlessness.
What we have is a rogue government.
That's all I have to say.
Alright, thank you very much.
I'm glad you did that video.
Please tweet it out right now at RealAlexJones.
Let's get it out on Infowars.com right now.
I want to go to your phone calls.
Let's go to the third clip of this woman they bring in there.
Oh, we did play all three?
Okay, well, you know what, I want to play that last one with her one more time so folks can actually hear that from her own mouth.
We thought the internet was good.
We thought free speech was good, but it let them organize.
It let people talk to each other and feel like they had value.
It let them think they were changing and fighting the establishment.
It let, I mean, that sounds like a space alien talking.
Imagine a meeting inside the Board of Command Base.
We cannot let them have communications fire, or they will believe that they can be independent from us.
We must show... I mean, it's just, these people are... I think easier to beat than folks think.
I mean, this is really a giant pile of crap that we're dealing with.
Some bedraggled, stupid little reporter up there talking about how she doesn't like the First Amendment.
I mean, what a joke.
These people are sick.
Let's go to that clip.
Shaping the discussion online, on message boards, on Twitter.
We ought to take this to a special report and show Matt Al going, he's effective, he's getting bills passed, he's dangerous.
Alex Jones should be disbarred from Republican politics.
Do not have him on, do not listen to him.
Yeah, because you would win if you ever did.
They're like, don't go there, don't listen to him, oh my gosh, deadly!
It's like a vampire.
When you open the barn doors and the sun comes up, they're like, ah, no!
Ah, not that!
I mean, it's just, these people are such villains!
Does anyone have discernment?
Bunch of little creepy, mealy-mouthed teleprompter readers.
The internet, dangerous people are feeling effective.
What does Hillary say?
Let's go out to break with Hillary.
We're losing the info war to Congress.
Now we gotta have the daughter of Hillary, the spawn of Medusa, up there going, ugh, get it, ugh, freedoms, we need to do something.
Here's Hillary.
We are engaged in an information war.
You know, during the Cold War, we did a great job in getting America's message out.
After the Berlin Wall fell, we said, okay, fine, enough of that.
You know, we've done it.
And unfortunately, we are paying a big price for it.
And our private media cannot fill that gap.
In fact, our private media, particularly cultural programming, often works for counter-purposes.
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Keith wants to talk forced inoculations in California.
Robert wants to talk super male vitality.
I guess I won't censor him even though we don't need to plug it.
Or maybe he wants to attack it.
We're not screening your calls.
We'll see what he has to say.
Jim, Aaron, Keith, we'll do a little bit of overdrive to get to everybody.
I'm gonna go to you in a moment.
I have to pinch myself, though, that when by name in the New York Times, you name it, CNN, MSNBC, they say I'm dangerous, need to be shut up, and I'm a terrorist, and all this other garbage, while they train to take on the American people, I'm just a figurehead of the Liberty Movement, just one of many, but they target me.
Because I make it personal, I'm disgusted by them, I see them, I know who they are, they know I know.
And they don't like it.
They're always squirming around.
People say, man, aren't you scared?
These people are dangerous.
And no, I'm not.
Because somebody's got to stand up for the innocents.
And these people are a joke.
It's like dying every minute to submit to them.
It's like living every second to stand against them.
These people are villains, ladies and gentlemen.
I will never bow to this scum.
And it's just gotten so outrageous how flaming totalitarian they are.
I think we're near the end of these people.
I really do.
There'll be other problems down the road, other issues, but the globalists are just a sickening joke.
Mikkel Thelen just showed me six Washington State state reps.
I've had a few of them on as guests, the ones exposing a lot of the tyranny.
And there they are wearing the 1776 pins from InfoWarsStore.com, from MadeIn1776.com.
So we ought to send out the tweet, do your state reps for the 1776 pin?
We ought to get all those folks on the show.
That's the type of exciting things.
That's what the globalists are afraid of, is as good people at the state level come together, realize the globalists are totally illegitimate, and stand up against it.
I'm a testament in 20 years of fighting these people.
I'm not that articulate.
I don't have all the answers.
And they're totally scared of us and hate us.
And have tried all these dirty tricks that fail by God's grace.
I think about the 29th Psalm all the time.
I mean, that's why I know we can beat them.
If better men and women than I stand up, it's over for them.
But you've got to see yourself in that role.
That's why we don't want to just fight with local government for no reason.
We need to try to point out that we are the straight and narrow folks that are exposing what's happening, and that we want to restore the republic, not destroy it.
Robert in South Carolina, you're on the air, go ahead.
Hey Alex, how are you doing?
I'm okay, I got that lettuce down my throat, it's still getting me, but I'm going to get it out of there after the show.
Well, I listen to your show every day from the podcast, and you make me feel bad a couple of times here lately.
How'd I do that?
Well, you mentioned, you know, the super male vitality is great.
Well, we had one guy that, you know, was critical of it, but... That's why we have open phones.
We've had almost no criticism.
If you want to criticize it, go ahead.
No, I think I'm the guy that you're talking about.
Well, that's okay.
I mean, I mention you because we've had one guy, not one email, but one guy who didn't like it, so we talk about it.
I think that's me, and I feel guilty.
But buddy, if it didn't work for you, we want, you know.
Well, I bought some more, so I'm trying it again.
Yeah, I bought books off your website, and I bought... No, bro, you don't have to feel like you gotta buy jack squat from us.
That's just how we fund our operation.
We're doing pretty darn good.
We'd like to expand and do more, but please, please...
Thanks, everybody.
Before, we've been selling it for a couple years or whatever.
Before, I can say we've never had a complaint.
You are patient zero who said it didn't do anything for you.
Believe me, if I got thousands of those, I wouldn't sell it anymore.
I mean, so that's, we have true disclosure here.
Up until that point, I can say no one has not said they got results.
You are the one man who didn't get the results.
I feel bad, so I bought it again.
I'm going to give it another shot.
Everybody's physiology is different.
Everybody's physiology is different.
If I eat a tomato raw, my tongue swells up.
But I could drink a bottle of Jack Daniels and not pass out.
Another person can eat tomatoes all day, takes two shots of Jack Daniels, they're going to pass out.
I don't drink bottles of Jack Daniels, at least not in a long time.
The point is, is that everybody's physiology is different.
So there's, you know, we don't know why it didn't work.
I mean, it took them nine times more to put me under at the hospital.
Double this time.
I mean, everybody's different.
God bless you.
I'm going to come back and go to Keith, Aaron, Jim, and Kato.
Stay with us.
The Genesis Communications Radio Network.
Hi, I'm Alex Jones.
When I got on air 20 years ago, I weighed 180 pounds, I lift weights 5 days a week, I can swim 2-3 miles.
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You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
Alex Jones is in the GCN radio network.
If you want to sum up this broadcast, I know we're being taken over.
The globalists openly admit that.
I'm not going down without a fight.
And we've had a huge effect just this operation.
You have the power to say no as well.
And they know you've got power.
That's why they're scared.
And they should be.
They've committed a lot of crimes.
I think they're going to secure those crimes by totally dominating us.
You got a tiger by the tail.
Back off.
Don't stage the false flags.
Don't blame the patriots.
Don't do it!
I know I don't want it to happen, but man, I'm not the one that's pushing it.
You globalists, I wish you had to fight all your fights instead of having other men compartmentalize under your mind control do it for you.
That's the sickest part about the Civil War they're trying to kick off.
A lot of good people on both sides are going to get wiped out as a bunch of scums sit back and laugh at everybody, thinking they're smarter, and maybe they are.
I mean, this is out in the open, and it's still going forward.
What is wrong with people?
Keith in California, you're on the air, go ahead.
Alex, I could not have asked for a better intro to my call.
This is exactly what you're talking about.
This is why they're afraid of the bloggers, and I got two things.
First, I went to the Richmond Dirty Bomb Drill.
I'm the one that got the guy on footage saying he's a sovereign citizen.
You are the independent reporter that went megaviral on Drudge.
You are the guy.
You have the power.
It's millions of Alex Joneses of Paul Revere's out there.
Go ahead.
I got another one.
Yesterday, my wife went to the State Capitol in Sacramento because the Senate Education Committee was having their hearing on the mandatory vaccine.
She brought her video camera.
We got it all good, and I sent it to you.
If you guys want to run that one, you can.
What was the byline of the video you sent us?
It was, corrupt chair steals victory from California parents.
Because I'm going to tell you what, that bill was dead.
They did not have the votes.
It was dead.
There was a line.
The whole building was packed.
The line went out the door.
Are you telling me the media hasn't announced it and SP-277 has been shot down?
No, it has not been shot down because of the corrupt chair and that's what I'm going to get to.
It was horrible.
So the headline is, California won't let anti-vax parents testify.
They testified one after another for two hours straight.
There was almost a thousand people.
Oh, he led them.
I never heard about that.
No, the media just said that Senator Pan is going to wait.
That's not what happened.
They're not telling you the whole story.
I sent it to you.
It's all in there.
What happened was they were visibly shaken.
They had a packed room, a line going out the building and around the corner.
And they waited to get rid of you.
They waited to get rid of you before passing it.
No, the committee chair, Carol Liu, looked at the guy and because all the senators, they have problems with the school.
They said, we can't get kids out of school because they're not being vaccinated.
That's not going to work.
And what happened was she said, I'm going to give you some advice.
You don't have the votes right now.
Do you want to wait a week?
And then the camera panned back because it's all on video.
I got the whole video, three and a half hours.
We're trying to condense it down to get this very end.
She looked around and said, do we have the vote?
Do we have the vote?
And everybody looked around, didn't have it.
And she said, what do you want to do?
And he said, I'm going to take your advice and we'll do it next Wednesday.
Vote only.
No debate.
Vote only.
And I looked into this woman.
First of all, Pam's got all kinds of pharmaceutical money with all kinds of scandals.
But do you know who Lou's husband is?
Michael Peavy, California Public Utilities Commissioner that had to step down after the San Bruno gas explosion killed eight people.
Listen, listen, listen, you're an amazing individual as a citizen journalist.
I'd like to have you on the Nightly News or back here tomorrow if you send us basically the points you want to go over and see your new video but also talk about the California thing and the military trying to take on patriots as we knew they were.
Just like all over the country they say the armored vehicles are for patriots whether it's Indiana, Florida or Washington State.
I want to get you on as a guest tomorrow to cover both videos and talk about you as a citizen journalist.
Because that's what they're afraid of, is the HUMET, you out there showing the nasty stuff they're doing, then larger aggregators pick it up, like Drudge and others, and then it defeats the enemy.
Because they've taken over the old media and discredited it and killed it, now they want to strangle what we've built in its crib.
I'll put you on hold, Keith.