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Air Date: Aug. 15, 2014
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In this broadcast, Alex Jones discusses various issues such as geoengineering, chemtrails, police state in America, media manipulation by globalists, Ferguson situation, ISIS threats against InfoWars, U.S involvement in Ukraine and Russia conflict, black on black crime, police brutality towards protesters and reporters, civil liberties, false flag stage attacks, indoor pollution, and martial law. He criticizes mainstream media's lack of left-wing perspectives and expresses opinions on gun control, global economy, political ideologies, free markets, Israel-Palestinian conflict, nuclear threats, and political lobby groups. The show also touches upon Hollywood's portrayal of the Liberty Movement as terrorists and its impact on public perception.

Big Brother, Mainstream Media, Government Cover-Ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Everything is proceeding as I have foreseen it.
Well, Emperor Palpatine, not really hard to do.
MSNBC is demonizing anyone that doesn't basically worship the Black Panther Party, the new Black Panther Party, and Al Sharpton, and trying to create racial division and destabilize things.
With the whole Ferguson situation that has now spread across the U.S., as we said back on Monday, it probably would.
And people said, stop fear-mongering.
No, I know how this stuff works.
Anybody who pays attention does.
Thousands march in Times Square and other cities and other town squares across the country.
That's the Daily Mail.
As new evidence emerges that Michael Brown was a thug who had just robbed the store minutes before being shot.
And there are now reportedly witnesses, black witnesses, that indeed he did have the officer on the ground.
Again, it doesn't mean that police don't discriminate against blacks sometimes or that there isn't a police state in this country.
The issue is we just go where the truth is.
Does that say it's okay that the police attacked reporters and shot my reporters who were running away?
Does that mean it's good to have paramilitary police aiming M4s at my reporters?
Who are standing there with press passes, with flagged microphones.
Completely non-threatening.
No, that's horrible.
And see, this is how they're going to sell it.
They're going to have MSNBC come out one-sided.
With Al Sharpton and Obama.
And they're going to have the other side, Fox News, going, everyone is there for Al Sharpton.
Al Sharpton is behind this.
Meanwhile, Gateway Pundit reports it.
My reporters have talked to people on the ground, on live Ustream.
We need to get them to go out and do it in HD.
Everybody's saying, literally, to you-know-what with Obama and Al Sharpton, and that this is being used to create a police state, and that all they want is the truth.
And that thugs came in out of St.
Louis using Craigslist to organize
Looting on the backs of protest.
Thugs taking advantage of it, because in thug culture, that's what you do is you loot as your form of protest, a.k.a.
So you got legitimate people that just want to know what really happened.
And then you've got the police descending in, and I said this yesterday, I said if you want nationwide demonstrations,
And then if the police attack any of those demonstrations, nationwide looting, do exactly what the state police, with Homeland Security involved up to their eyeballs, and the local Sheriff's Department, are doing.
What they're doing is inciting people.
The militarization is provocative.
And the whole world is seeing this.
This looks like Tiananmen Square or something.
Now the SWAT team has come out now and said they were helping the Al Jazeera and InfoWars camera people because it was Washington Post, Al Jazeera, InfoWars.com, all over there.
Vice was, HBO was down the street.
And picked up one of our reporters that was vomiting.
We appreciate that.
And they're saying on the loudspeaker, turn off your cameras.
They fired tear gas and rubber bullets at him.
And then go over and dismantle the cameras.
Well, there's Fox 2.
Despite reports SWAT team helped Al Jazeera reporters did not take their equipment.
That's real funny.
So you got MSNBC lying with one perspective and you've got Fox News, national and local, literally putting out Joseph Goebbels level bull.
I'm just sorry.
The world is more sophisticated, folks.
We're going to really look at this and really find out what happened.
And if Michael Brown's a thug and he tried to kill the cop and the cop killed him, then, you know, we're going to report that.
And if military police aim guns at us for no reason, we're gonna come report it and get angry about it!
This is Alex Jones for InfoWarsLife.com.
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He's going the distance.
He's going for speed.
Crashing through the lies and disinformation.
It's Alex Jones!
Ladies and gentlemen, it is already Friday, the 15th day of August 2014.
Coming up today on this special Friday Worldwide Transmission, Max Keiser is here making a documentary film.
He's about to go to South America in search of Ken Lay, who did stage his death.
The evidence is massive.
He's dropping by to interview yours truly for that film and some other things.
So Max Keiser, all the way from England, will be in studio with us today.
And we do have our reporters on the line as well from Ferguson, Missouri to break down what happened yesterday, last night, and this morning since we last talked to them when we signed off at about 9.30 last night.
We did two hours of live television out of the new studios that PrisonPlanet.tv viewers were able to see.
We had a massive number of folks tuning in last night.
And then we did 30 minutes of pre-recorded world news that we shot between 2 and 7 o'clock yesterday.
So again, InfoWars Nightly News is a mix of live and also tape-to-air analysis.
There's nothing else like it.
Five nights a week, 7 o'clock Central, 6 o'clock Eastern.
That would be
Of course, well, 8 o'clock Eastern, 7 o'clock Central, and then 6 o'clock Mountain, 5 o'clock Pacific.
We are teleprompter-free radio and TV news here, and so occasionally I will drop the ball on getting my time zones correct.
Again, my friends, it is Friday.
We will be back this Sunday.
4 to 6 p.m.
Central Standard Time.
I'm going to be working over the weekend on some special reports that will air during the live broadcast with David Knight and myself on this Sunday edition.
I'm going to have a special report on geoengineering that is declassified on record going on worldwide.
The specifics are classified but a lot of it is now declassified and so I want to put together the patents and the foreign news reports and the congressional testimonies where they admit that our atmosphere is being manipulated towards what end we're not being told.
Just like I knew the NSA had put hubs into all telecommunications systems by the mid-1990s,
And kill switches into everything by October 1st, 2001.
And total control grids to be able to manipulate information, not just block it.
We told you all that because a lot of it was decompartmentalized and declassified.
But no news media would pick it up.
Now everything I told you in 96, 97, 98, 99, 2000 is mainline news.
Not some of what I said, exactly what we told you.
But just like something massive like that could be kept secret, even as it hid in plain view, the world's atmosphere is being assaulted.
And the astrophysicists, the meteorologists,
The climatologists, the planetologists that we have been interviewing over the years say it appears that the atmosphere is being assaulted and that they're attempting to destroy it.
They even have in college and high school textbooks that we've shown on air, mainline textbooks used nationwide, that the government is spraying barium salts, aluminum dioxide, and other isotopes
To quote, protect the Earth as a sunscreen.
And the reason I'm gonna stay late today and do this special report for Sunday, is I woke up this morning, looked out the window, and there were chemtrails at 5,000 feet.
Those aren't ice crystals.
At 10,000 feet, ladies and gentlemen, it's about 80 degrees.
I went and looked it up at this time of year in Texas.
Five to 10,000 feet.
Some of them were at 10,000, some at 5,000.
I mean, they were right over my house.
This is insane.
And while we're busy worrying about what's happening with the police state,
That's been openly building in front of us that they've been denying exist for the last 20 years.
All this other scientific tyranny, medical tyranny, secret death list for the veterans.
It's death panels where people that have skin cancer or brain cancer or lung cancer or bone cancer.
Who are operable, who you can save 100% of the time in some cases, 90% of the time in other cases, you can look it up, are being put on list to not be given care.
Some are 25 years old, some are 80-something years old.
And of course, when it came out months ago in Arizona, I said it isn't just Arizona, and then it turned out it wasn't just Arizona, because it's an order.
I don't care if you're in the military, you're a cop, whoever you are, and you think you're working for the system, and you think you're, you know, overall a good person, so the system must be good.
We're going to Jakari Jackson, Joe Biggs, and Josh Owens here in just a moment for the balance of the hour.
Then we'll have open phones in the second hour.
But I want everybody to get this through their heads.
We live in a mind control echo chamber.
But people think that there's a choice because the globalists create the perception of choices.
Famously in England, the two biggest grocery store chains are on record owned by the same family.
They'll have motor miles in major cities where
Most of the dealerships are owned by the same family or the same group, but they'll put different names on them and act like they're doing deals against each other across the street.
Just like a Don King heavyweight boxing match where he owns both the fighters and they make the money on when they're gonna stage the knockout.
Fox News, this is bigger than Ferguson, it's bigger than
Demonstrations all over the country that the Democratic Party and the Justice Department are behind.
It's bigger than just the system wanting to start a civil war that I've been warning you about every day for months and now you see it beginning and I said watch it's going to be race war and open borders because I know what the globalists are up to.
So when I get up here and I get mad at the police and I get mad at the demonstrators throwing rocks at them
And I criticize different angles.
It's to get people into the mindset of not just going with Ford or Chevy, the Dallas Cowboys or the 49ers.
It's about getting outside the box, outside the Coke, Pepsi box, outside the Democrat, Republican, Fox News, MSNBC box, and actually looking at the big picture.
Clearly, day one, the police response was a good response to looters burning down businesses.
Then demonstrators come out because they don't like their town being occupied and being told get off the streets and guns being aimed at them.
It escalates
The police shoot a bunch of reporters, tear down people's cameras, lose the moral high ground.
The other big issue is America knows the armored vehicles, the helicopters, the surveillance, the Boston police state.
People know we're living in a tyranny.
The cameras.
People don't trust the central government.
It has a six to seven percent approval rating.
So the police then are on the ground where the rubber meets the road, so the untrusting nature of the people, for good reason,
is expressed onto the police and the globalists know that so they're planning to then cement the police due to public backlash because of tactics that are designed to cause a backlash to compartmentalize the police further into an us-against-them mentality so the destabilization campaign can roll out and so the police can be scapegoated instead of the new world order and the globalists so the new world order and the globalists are in there
Training the police, giving them the hardware, the tactics of an occupying force.
Then when there's a backlash against that, the feds come in as the saviors while exacerbating the racial tensions, hoping it blows up nationwide to make that the big issue and not the faltering economy, not the banker bailouts, not the open borders.
And to not have the Libertarians and Republican Party that's moving to demilitarize the police, de-escalate the police state, they don't want that to happen.
So they want to brand it as an Al Sharpton thug, thug life, Democratic Party, pants hanging down around people's ankles, knockout game, poster.
And that's what Fox News is doing.
Al Sharpton runs it all.
Al Sharpton's behind the unrest in Ferguson.
The people on the ground in Ferguson on video, Gateway Pundit and InfoWars has it, are saying, we hate Al Sharpton.
We hate Obama.
This is a police state.
We're sick of having guns pointed at us.
We're sick of the fact the police department has 60-something people and only three of them are black.
And this city is mainly black.
Those are all legitimate issues, folks.
So there's a lot of complex things happening here.
But the bigger backdrop is, this is all an example to learn how the PSYOPs are being run, and how the globalists are running both sides.
And how the media all comes to act like Al Sharpton is who speaks for black people.
An FBI informant, COINTELPRO, racist, race-baiting, thug, piece of garbage.
We'll talk to our reporters straight ahead.
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Alex Jones here, back live on this Friday edition.
I tend to call things like Ferguson a Rosetta Stone.
A lot of listeners know what I'm talking about there.
But the Rosetta Stone, for thousands of years, historians, philosophers, could not read ancient hieroglyphics.
Until they found the Rosetta Stone that had the symbols next to the words, basically, so that they could then decode it.
And if you look at how they're managing this Ferguson situation in the media, you see the divide and conquer.
Fox News, the police are 100% in the right, the First Amendment's bad, attacking the press is good.
Or they're saying that the press was never attacked.
Rubber bullets were not fired at the press.
None of the press was arrested.
Fox News, there's the headline, despite reports SWAT team helped Al Jazeera reporters did not take their equipment.
Now it's coming out that Ferguson cops say Michael Brown robbed store before he was killed and have released HD photos
From the store of the shopkeeper being choked and attacked by a man that looks like Mr. Brown.
And they've released the report.
Well, that's good.
They should have done that the day after.
Or said, hey, we're going to release evidence, stop it.
And then not started attacking people.
But, when the police shoot your reporters with rubber bullets, tear gas them, and run up and dismantle mainstream media's cameras, after saying, turn your cameras off from hundreds of yards away, and then now the police have come out and said, oh no, we were helping Al Jazeera, and Jakari Jackson's in the video running away.
We were shooting video from behind, as the flashbangs go off, and then the police run over and dismantle
The cameras and they have the nerve.
We have them in press conferences.
Again, we're showing for TV viewers the side shot and the back shot of Jakari when the flashbangs and the tear gas and then the rubber bullets come and then the SWAT team runs and breaks down their equipment and they're calling this helping them.
Look, they're helping them when the Al Jazeera reporter there gets hit in the face with tear gas.
Look, that's helping them.
I mean, we're being fed such manifest bull.
There is no NSA spying.
If you built a business, you didn't build that.
Obamacare cuts the price of your care 80% down to the cost of a phone bill.
Raising the debt limit doesn't raise the debt limit.
I'm sick of this level of lying, whether it's Obama or the police.
Stop it!
Stop it!
Stop it!
You lose the moral high ground.
You play into the globalist's hands.
They've got Justice Department facilitators.
The same ones we caught sneaking around in Florida with the Trayvon Martin situation.
Didn't matter if witnesses came out and said that Trayvon Martin was on top of Zimmerman and the truth had been told.
Turns out Zimmerman's kind of a nut too, running around looking for trouble.
Which is what I thought it was from the start.
They were both out of their minds.
But the media turned it into a big race deal.
And the Justice Department was down there, and the police are all dressed up in paramilitary, all ready for civil war.
Don't play into the federal training.
The feds give them this training, give them the equipment, then they act like this, it blows up nationwide, and Obama can play the part of the savior with Al Sharpton.
And now anyone who's against reporters being attacked, on the other side, or a police state, oh now we're with Al Sharpton.
See how they do that?
Jack Spratt could eat no fat, his wife could eat no lean.
Between the two, they lick the platter clean.
Full spectrum dominance.
What do you think's going on here?
The Globalists fund and support and protect Al-Qaeda.
They changed the name to IS and ISIS or ISIS to confuse everyone.
Turn them loose to murder Christians and non-radical Muslims everywhere.
And then they bomb a few artillery pieces claiming Obama is trying to save a Muslim minority on a mountaintop.
No, the deal was to give Al-Qaeda
That's what it's called.
Al-Qaeda in Iraq changed their name to IS.
That's a fact.
That's in mainstream news, back of the paper.
I'm gonna throw up.
The people running our government stir it up.
They send in the Justice Department and Al Sharpton to stir it up.
We go out there to try to, okay, looks like the, you know, Feds are stirring this up and there's a bunch of thugs.
We better get out there.
We get there on the side of the police on Monday, basically.
I'm getting criticized for that.
Then the police act like total monsters.
And they're all self-righteous.
And I said, this is going to blow up nationwide.
What, do you think you're going to get more armored vehicles and more power out of people burning down cities?
We're all going to lose the country.
And the globalists are going to use this to bring in a police state that is mainly aimed at gun owners, the Tea Party, all the bubblers that are saying, lock up all these black people and buy an end to this.
It's aimed at you.
Don't be idiots.
Just like Homeland Security is for the Liberty Movement, never for Al Qaeda.
I told you that 12 years ago.
We're going right to Jakari in Ferguson when we come back.
Right to Jakari, I promise.
Stay with us.
You're getting the decoding here.
We're decoding it.
You gotta decode it, or they're gonna win.
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You're listening to an InfoWars.com Frontline Report.
It's Alex Jones.
The big question is, do we want to be free?
To be free, we've got to understand propaganda and how the social engineers are manipulating us.
To be free, we've got to step outside of the left-right paradigm or the Fox News, MSNBC.
Either the police are God and totally perfect and can do no wrong and NSA spying is good and...
Blah, blah, blah, law and order.
Or, all the police are the devil and Obama will save us, race bait, race bait, MSNBC.
No, we've got to have a larger debate about why they're militarizing, why we're being surveilled.
And the truth is, we've been taken over by foreign banking cartels, who are hardcore totalitarians, who follow a eugenics system.
Our reporters, Josh Owens, at 100 feet away had them pointing M4223 M16 variants at them, directly at their camera, when they were standing there on the sidewalk.
And the militarized police would march over during the day and say, get back on the sidewalk!
And then later, get off the sidewalk!
And if you don't get off the sidewalk, I'm gonna arrest you.
Just because they didn't like him reporting.
And then firing rubber bullets at him, and then having the nerve, on video, firing tear gas rubber bullets and flashbangs, running up, dismantling the camera equipment after saying, turn your cameras off, chasing reporters down the street, throwing flashbangs at the car, blowing up in front of the car.
That, by the way, could have blown the car up.
Josh Owens, I wonder, I should even be asking, does Vice have the video of that?
Where he's in the Vice car?
Vice is huge, you know, HBO, you name it, started on the internet.
I think it got bought for like $100 million by HBO.
The point is, is that they're there with the explosions going off, chasing them!
And then the cops have the nerve to go, we didn't chase any reporters, we were helping you.
That's like at UC Davis, where the head cop's spraying him with the pepper spray in the face.
I mean, was he helping him there?
Was he, uh... The Sheriff's Department says that they thanked the officers.
That's right, that Al Jazeera thanked them.
A spokesman for St.
Charles County says that the reporters thanked them.
That's right!
Why not say that Joe Biggs thanked you for shooting him with a rubber bullet?
Rubber bullets.
Or how about Josh when you were trying to blow his car up for no reason, the car he was in.
I wonder if UC Davis students thanked the officer that did that.
That's the crazy disconnect of you guys believing your own propaganda.
And this is designed, you're being given orders to make the public hate you.
You're being set up for a civil war.
That is the plan.
I don't want it to happen.
Let's go to Ja'Kari Jackson, Joe Biggs, and of course Josh Owens.
I want to talk to all of them.
And then I want to go out to that crowd some, start of the next hour before we go to calls, and talk to the people there.
Ja'Kari Jackson, thank you for working so hard and being in so much danger.
Would you like to thank the police department for tear gassing you?
This is Ja'Kari Jackson, theinfovoice.com in Ferguson, Missouri.
No, I do not thank the police officers for first telling me to, uh, basically shoving me to get me out of the street and then onto the sidewalk, then shoving me on the sidewalk.
I do not thank the police officers for telling me to turn off my cameras.
I do not thank the police officers for tear gassing me.
I do not thank the police officers for firing multiple flashbang grenades at me and making me run over a fence, run into a yard, and that's when I ran into Al Jazeera.
And I tell you Alex, I was right there with Al Jazeera when all this went down, when they shot the rubber bullets at them, when they lobbed the flashbang.
No, I know, you shot video from behind.
We have it from the side and behind.
And I don't think Al Jazeera thanks them either.
So, just like you said, they're drinking their own Kool-Aid, they're believing their own propaganda.
Nobody thanks them for that situation just a few days ago.
Well, it discredited them, and now the police chiefs come out and said it was wrong, which is a good thing, and then they ruin it all by coming back out and having the Sheriff's Department say they were thanked.
Oh yeah, it's completely ridiculous.
Just like the journalists who were arrested at McDonald's.
You know, they were keeping them safe.
I don't know what type of justification they have to think that other people will believe their lies anymore.
Just because you put it on a press release, doesn't mean that everybody is going to agree with it.
Some people may report it.
This is what the Sheriff's Department or the Police Department said.
But not everybody is going to believe that.
The people here don't appreciate that.
I talked to the Police Chief last night.
He was out here walking the streets.
And I say, you know, you're pretty much, your officers out here indiscriminately shooting rubber bullets into a huge cloud of smoke.
You can't make out who's in that cloud of smoke.
I didn't see anybody with any night vision goggles.
They just see a form in the smoke and then they just open fire.
And keep in mind, before they even open fire with the rubber bullets, they're firing the tear gas, they're firing the flashbang grenades.
And we want to talk about the rioters and the looters, and that was a very big issue earlier in the week.
But the police officers were the ones lighting the fires a couple nights ago when they're shooting out these flashbang grenades.
And the big issue is, in the neighborhoods shooting them over houses when those things are activated by fire, that's again what burned down the Branch Davidian.
In the summertime!
In the summertime.
Jokari, I want to read the quote that's being put out nationally and locally by Fox News of what the Sheriff's Department had to say because, and we're going to pull that up and put it on screen, because it is just ridiculous.
It says, despite reports SWAT team helped Al Jazeera, did not take their equipment, and then I was reading the quote earlier, we scroll down to that, it says, in fact,
A spokesman for the St.
Charles County Sheriff's Department says the reporters thanked their officers.
Really, we have video.
That's not true.
In fact, last night the SWAT team officers were assisting the media in moving their camera equipment and media personnel to a safer area with their consent so they could continue to cover the event, the Sheriff's Department spokesperson said.
Ladies and gentlemen, they say, turn your cameras off, turn your cameras off.
We have the video from multiple angles.
Then they fire tear gas.
Then they fire flashbangs.
Then they fire rubber bullets, and you see people being hit with it, and then running, and then they start charging you, and then tear down the equipment.
This is the most Orwellian statement I've heard since Common Core said 2 plus 2 equals 5, and Obama said, if you've got a business, you didn't build that.
I mean, I don't even want to attack the police here, because that ties into the psychology
Of compacting them into an us-against-them mentality.
But what world do they live in to shovel this type of Grade A Bravo Sierra at us, Jakari?
Yeah, that's a good question, Alex, because the narrative we keep hearing, you know, I talked to a couple of police officers last night, including the police chief, and what you keep hearing from these guys, well, I wasn't there, I didn't personally give that order, so I can't really comment on that situation.
So for this sheriff or whoever this guy is to come out and make this statement, was he there with those guys?
If nobody else seems to know what's going on because they weren't here, how could he make a statement saying that they thanked them and that they were keeping them safe?
Chakari, thank you.
I was listening, but Rob Dude just brought me in news articles with the actual statements by Al Jazeera saying they were chased, attacked to their cars and guns were pointed at their faces until they told them thank you.
So this is like Jeffrey Dahmer making little kids thank him for raping them.
I mean, I mean, this is literally getting bizarre.
It is bizarre.
And like you said, we don't want to fall into this
Us against them parallel because the officers out here, the state troopers, they were very well behaved last night.
I even walked up to one of the state troopers, shook his hand.
I said, thank you for coming out here and being professional, not coming out here with the heavy armor, not with the guns aimed at people, none of that stuff.
Just standing there peacefully in the blue uniform on the sidewalk.
I said, thank you for being professional.
So we don't want to make it us against them.
We want everybody to be held accountable.
Whether it's the officers pointing the guns, the officers shooting people with rubber bullets, or if it's the looters out here, or the people burning down buildings.
Everybody who was a participant in the violence of this needs to be held accountable.
And I don't want to hear just, oh, we're sorry, we made a mistake, we'll try to do better next time.
No, somebody needs to be held accountable.
Somebody gave that order, or at least somebody didn't tell the guys to stop pointing the rifles at people, putting red dots on people's chests.
Well, this is the Homeland Security federal training that we as taxpayers pay for to send these departments to these facilities.
This is standard.
Who gave them the MRAPs?
Who gave them the LRAD sound cannons?
Who gave them the money for all the riot control gear and the rubber bullets and the flashbangs?
This is Homeland Security standardization.
Those uniforms they were wearing are one of two designs departments are allowed to pick out that the feds pay for, Jakari.
And so this is the Feds and the Globalist and the RAND Corporation, National Stabilization Force, training to federalize the police that's been going on since the mid-90s.
It's declassified.
We've read it on air.
It's public.
We know more about the police state than anybody else.
We're the operation that made four films about it.
We're the people they've been covering since 96.
I've been the police state guy.
And notice now, everybody's really getting concerned.
Even mainline conservatives, libertarians, you name it.
Wall Street Journal, New York Times.
Because we're in trouble, folks.
This is pointed at us.
It's beyond North Korea what they've set up.
And we don't want it to be used against us.
It's that simple.
We don't want to be a mix between a Guatemala third world police state with a bunch of high-tech robocop stuff meshed together.
I mean anyone with half a brain can see how serious this is.
Now listen.
Jokari, I want to get into what else you've witnessed.
Talk to Joe Biggs and Josh Owens here in a moment, but I know you guys got the interviews.
I know it's in Gateway Pundit.
I need you to go out and talk to that crowd because you told me that a lot of folks are saying they hate Obama.
They hate Al Sharpton.
He wouldn't dare come down there to the crowd.
People told him don't come down there.
The media is making this black versus white, Democrat versus Republican.
And really using it to make all the predominantly black folks out there, but it's a lot of other white people, you name it, marching in solidarity.
They're trying to make this a racial issue purely and to project the thugs that went out and looted the first night onto free speech and trying to sell the police state right now.
And trying to get a civil war going as demonstrations pop up all over the country, thousands marching in Times Square, in places like New York where they let gangs rape women in Central Park and do nothing.
We need to get on top of this.
As I said a few days ago, I need you guys to go get the interviews with folks.
Talk, because you've said they're telling you this.
I know you already have some of those.
You're working very hard.
We need to get those videos out ASAP, Jakari.
All right, well, we'll see what we can do.
Many people have varied opinions out here, but yes, like you said, we have encountered people who have very strong opinions about the way this has been handled or addressed by the supposed leaders in the black community.
Well, it's key to get that out, because we're watching Fox News here, and they're basically saying you are a new Black Panther, which is literally, literally
As bad or worse than the Klan.
As bad or worse as La Raza.
I mean these guys openly say kill all the white people.
Openly try to intimidate voters at voting places.
The new Black Panther Party is horrible.
Horrible, horrible, horrible, horrible, horrible, horrible.
Major Justice Department connections to then project onto black people in general, you know, like they use the Klan to project on white people.
We need to have these folks decry Jakari because they're being used in the PSYOP to sell the police state to be used first against inner-city blacks and then against everyone else, Jakari.
Yeah, they're not the Black Panthers that Larry Pinckney was a part of many years ago.
That's exactly right.
Well, you were there covering it at the fire station.
Great interviews with the police chief and others.
Before I go to Joe Biggs, other things you've witnessed here in the last 24 hours, Yakari Jackson?
Well, the thing I want to point out to everybody, what happened last night, if you see the videos that are on InfoWars.com, one of the videos where I talked to the Marine who was out here in full uniform, when people were marching up and down the street, several thousand, I don't know how many people were here by the end of it, but at that point it's probably 2,000 people or so.
But notice how peacefully all these people were assembled, walking up and down the street, trying to do what they were trying to, or doing what they were trying to do just the day before, when the police had the streets blocked off on both sides.
Going either way.
All they wanted to do was peacefully assemble, walk down the street.
They went to, uh, we went to an apartment complex.
I assume it was Michael Brown's apartment complex.
And so we had a gathering there.
Then we went up to a church and then came back here to our current location outside the Kwik Trip.
So, you know, just showing people you can have a peaceful rally without aiming guns at people's heads.
You don't have to do that.
You can stand on the side if you're the police and just say, hey, we're just here to keep the peace.
We're here to make sure the streets are relatively clear so people can pass through.
But otherwise, you guys can come out here, have a fun time, have a safe time.
And nobody got shot last night.
Nobody got stabbed last night.
You know, you always have a few hotheads who want to use the colorful language.
But nobody was hurt and everything went well.
Well, Jakari, you said it looked like about 1,500 last night in your report.
The video we're showing looks like 3,000, 4,000 people.
This just goes on and on forever.
I mean, how many people do you estimate are out there now?
Right now, it's about 400 or 500 at this moment.
Yeah, the video you referenced, that was
Probably earlier in the day, there were definitely more people here by the time we left.
Later in the evening, people were driving all the way up and down the street, just like you see now.
People lined up all the way down the street for a good mile or so, and people passing through in their vehicles, you know, people honking their horns, people waving their signs.
So, by the time it was all finished, we probably had several thousand, much more than 1,500.
For those that just joined us, Jakari Jackson, Infowars.com Nightly News Reporter and co-host of this radio show is reporting live from Ferguson, Missouri, outside St.
And, Jakari, we're going to come back from break and talk to Joe Biggs and then, of course, to Josh Owens.
This is a very complex issue if you're a new listener.
We are not against the police.
We are not against the protesters.
We're trying to show how this is being managed by the feds.
We have the head of the Black Panther Party in Missouri, the new Black Panther Party, no relation to the original Black Panther Party that were angels compared to these people, and incredibly racist group and organization, and they're there thanking Eric Holder.
And Eric Holder got caught stirring up the Trayvon Martin business.
So again, they want to sell more military equipment and all this to the public.
And so they want to try to get riots going while acting like they're trying to stabilize the situation.
This is what Obama wants.
That's why the police should not be running around doing things that will cause a provocation.
That's why we want the citizens to not go out and have provocations with the police, and we want the police to not be involved in provocations, because this country is sitting on top of a mountain of dynamite politically.
And again, they sell the police state to fight Al-Qaeda after 9-11?
Notice it's for the Tea Party now.
They sell a police state for Al Sharpton and thugs with their pants hanging out around their ankles?
Then they announce it's for veterans of the Tea Party.
The average police I know, unless they're part of special revenue units, the truck police, the DWI police, you name it.
...are generally protecting and serving and have tough jobs.
The problem is they're being federalized, they're being given unconstitutional missions.
If you go up to InfoWars.com, there's a graphic up there that Curt Nimmel made.
He makes them daily, does a great job.
Not just a writer.
It says it's always dangerous to have an army stationed among them over which they have no control.
Speaking of troops being drawn and quartered, that's Sam Adams.
And of course, it's in the Bill of Rights to not have paramilitary on the streets.
It's also in the 1878 law, Posse Comitatus.
So they just federalized the police themselves and gave them federalized training.
Then when they do this, the feds come in as the saviors.
I know it's fun to dress up like Robocop and everything, but this doesn't intimidate the public.
It makes the public hate you.
I just want to explain that to the police.
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By the way, I should have done more on this, but part of me doesn't want to give it attention.
We've had real ISIS-affiliated groups threatening InfoWars.
I mean, obviously, it came out in the British news, London Independent, that Assad, the president of Syria, reads InfoWars.com and that his government gets a lot of their analysis from it, so al-Qaeda doesn't like us because they've been attacking Assad.
And I point out they're a bunch of scum that they need to be dealt with.
I support airstrikes on them.
Real airstrikes.
Because Al Qaeda is running around murdering Christians en masse.
But that's how bizarre all of this has gotten.
And now Secret Service says they're aware of ISIS flag photo in front of the White House.
And ISIS has promised to blow up the White House.
Yeah, and Obama and his controllers aren't beyond attacking the White House, and they'll use real jihadis that are six or seven layers fenced or sheep-dipped.
They won't know, but they've got real crazy jihadis that'll do it, and then make him a hero.
See, when it comes out our government runs al-Qaeda, they'll do something like that.
We learned this years ago, three years ago at Bilderberg and again last year.
One of their main topics was the world knows that Al-Qaeda is run by the West.
And they are freaking out.
So they renamed it, they're doing all this, oh, they're bombing them, because they're trying to kill some Kurds on a mountain.
They're pulling a bunch of scams right now, because they know our military knows.
Remember when our military, by the thousands, officers would cover their faces, would put out tweets in uniform saying, I won't fight for Al-Qaeda, and Ron Paul, and Rand Paul,
Others talked about it.
We're going to go to break and come back for about 20 minutes with Joe Biggs and Josh Owens.
We're going to play some of the clips of the interviews that Jokari and others got last night in Ferguson.
But while this crisis is going on and the border's wide open and they're legalizing all the illegals basically by fiat and Obama's ruling by executive orders, this is the bombshells up on InfoWars.com.
Scores of Russian trucks, aid trucks they say,
Ukraine says armored vehicles were blown up on the road yesterday, coming out of Russia into Ukraine.
NATO just announced, and the US Pentagon just announced, US sending 600 troops, armored personnel carriers and tanks, including Abrams, to countries bordering Russia to quote, reassured threatened allies.
I mean, ladies and gentlemen, this is hardcore.
George Soros bragged two months ago that he was behind the overthrow of Ukraine.
We're starting it with Russia.
I had Ray McGovern on two days ago, who fought the Russians for more than two decades.
Fought them.
High-level CIA.
And he says we're totally in the wrong about to start World War III.
George Soros is a Nazi collaborator.
In fact, when they put him on screen, I literally get angry, okay?
So do I. I mean, I'm getting sick of this, okay?
The globalists are setting the world on fire because they're going to pose as the saviors and consolidate control.
And we're busy with cops and black people fighting with each other.
And then we go out there, supportive of the police, because it did look like this guy might have been a thug, and there were a bunch of thugs burning stuff, and then the police treat us like absolute crap.
What do you do when just every side is a bunch of morons?
I mean, why is the public so dumb?
Why do the police want to attack reporters and then lie about it?
Al Jazeera think test.
I have the Al Jazeera statement saying they chased some of their cars and pointed guns at them after shooting on rubber bullets.
That's what happened!
Not what you say!
You lie!
And you work for the globalists who are pure evil and want to destroy you and your family.
So join the Republican.
I know most police actually have.
That's why it's such a sick thing to see this civil war starting and just not having the power to stop it.
Please support us.
Spread the word about the broadcast.
Second hour coming up.
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We'll be back.
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Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Ukrainian forces destroy Russian convoy.
I mean, this is escalating so fast.
We ought to queue up the end of the Raymond Governor interview from a few days ago, where he said it ends with thermonuclear war.
This is beyond the Cuban Missile Crisis.
Hope and change turns to rage.
Shooting a black youth comes amid dire social disparities.
My concern is
Black-on-black crime is anywhere on the statistics from 5 to 12 to 14 to 7 to 9.
I mean, the numbers all vary, but you can look up the Justice Department's own numbers.
Black-on-black crime.
No one gets upset in Chicago when 3 or 4 black people get shot a day by black people and killed.
More than 15 a day get shot on average.
Look it up.
Don't believe me?
Type in, how many people get shot a day in Chicago?
It's about 15.
About 3 or 4 die a day.
On average.
During the summer, it's a couple less during the winter.
And other months.
I mean, I know these numbers, I see them every day, the numbers come across the desk here.
Why is no one, I mean, it's like, why aren't the black people upset about 52% of blacks being aborted before they're born?
No, they only get upset when a cop shoots a black person.
Even if it's a black cop shooting a black person.
And I mean, yeah, the cops do lie about it.
Sometimes they shoot black people in the back and then lie about it like what we saw in San Francisco.
And it's the lying that then makes the public not trust police.
So what are the police doing?
I want to ask Joe Biggs this.
We're going to have Josh Owens coming up.
This is not how you win the hearts and minds.
Like we said three days ago when you first got there, this is going to escalate things.
Now we have demonstrations nationwide, them attacking reporters.
And now, sure enough, they're saying that reporters thank them.
Al Jazeera thanks them and that they were there helping them with rubber bullets, tear gas, and flashbangs.
And they were there helping them with their equipment when they told them turn it off and dismantle it.
I guess the Washington Post reporter eating at McDonald's who was arrested by paramilitary and slammed into the wall.
I guess he was being helped as well, Joe Biggs.
Joe Biggs here, Infowars.com, Ferguson, Missouri.
I agree with you.
I mean, I've never heard of protect and serve in that manner.
Entering a McDonald's and then slamming a reporter, that's just, that's out of this world.
That lets you know that things are starting to fall apart.
The other day was just complete and total lawlessness by the police officers here.
I mean, they were looking for something to do.
They wanted to use that equipment they had.
They got that stuff from Washington and they were itching to use every single thing that they had.
What would happen with your terms in Iraq and Afghanistan if you guys acted like this?
Well, someone would probably call in to one of their Taliban buddies and then probably within 15 to 20 minutes we'd be ambushed from all directions and eventually die.
You don't treat people like they're animals.
You know, the other day they had everyone cornered into an area and then pointing rifles at them.
How do they expect people to react when there's a sniper rifle at them?
And a lot of people are saying, oh, these guys are thugs, they're thugs.
Tell me how you would react at home
If someone points a sniper rifle at you, at your chest, or your child, how would you feel?
I gotta be honest, I mean, I don't think it's good what they're doing, but as a man, at a primitive gut level, you've gotta admire people that'll throw bricks, or pieces of brick, at police when they're aiming machine guns at you.
I mean, you gotta actually say those folks are, I mean, that's pretty ballsy.
Well, one of the guys told me something.
He's like, if you're passionate about something enough, you're willing to die for it.
And he said, we're willing to die for the justice that we want.
We're willing to die so we don't have police brutality in our town anymore.
He's like, I'm willing to take a bullet from one of these officers so my daughter can grow up safely, so we can make a change to get these corrupt officers out of here.
Yeah, for those that don't know, we're going to come back and talk to Joe on the other side.
For those that don't know, there's been a lot of allegations of police brutality and out-of-control behavior.
And the force is like 60 people, only three of them are black.
So I think that's the big issue here.
We'll be right back.
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The police are shoving people, shoving Alex, shoving the crowd.
Here we go, folks, I'm being assaulted!
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Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Well, I'll tell you, it's really shameful on all sides here.
The looters, the people calling for killing the police, the police attacking Washington Post, Al Jazeera, Infowars.com reporters, and then coming out on Fox News today, we read the statement earlier, and saying they were assisting the media when they overran us and tore down the TV equipment.
We have HD footage from both angles.
They said turn your cameras off, charge hundreds of yards, firing, attacking.
There's video of all of it from the front and back and side.
Just absolutely ridiculous.
And then separately you've got locals saying that they saw Michael Brown with his hands up being shot in the back.
But then other witnesses said there was a scuffle on the ground with the officer by the police car.
And it's beginning to lean towards the police, at least telling the truth, partially.
But how do you know that when they lie so much, folks?
I mean, Al Jazeera said they were terrified, shot, chased their car, guns pointed at their heads, after being tear gassed for no reason.
Our reporters were there, and they're saying that Al Jazeera thanks them.
Al Jazeera says that is not true.
I mean, again, this is just getting ridiculous.
But this is breaking up on InfoWars.com.
Ferguson cops say Michael Brown robbed store before he was killed.
And now we're seeing some of his online photos and things that we'll put up on screen.
And he looks pretty, pretty, pretty thug life, ladies and gentlemen.
But police released surveillance video stills allegedly showing teenager
Choking the shopkeeper.
You know, I love how thugs always rob these chains where the shopkeeper couldn't be armed.
They don't do that to the mom and pops.
Because let me tell you, I mean, I can fight, but if somebody comes in and starts trying to assault me, I'm not going to get in a physical altercation in my business.
I'm going to pull a gun out and say, get out of my store.
And if they try to assault me, I'm going to shoot them.
And that's why the store got torched by the thugs who put snitch on it because the word got out that he dared call that the guy came in and was snatching merchandise when the shopkeeper tried to stop him because they get fired if they don't.
He began choking them and basically because he was three times bigger than the shopkeeper.
And again, we need to post in Watson's article the photo of Brown that's up on Drudge.
Can we punch that up right now from Drudge on the left-hand side?
Hope and Shane turns to rage.
And it's the whole thug life, you know, F.U.
to the world attitude.
MSNBC's done the regular deal of trying to show photos of when he was younger, just like with Trayvon Martin.
Again, it's all part of each side lying and manipulating as much as they can.
I mean, we can get up here on air and lie as well.
I don't want to do that.
I want to really try to find the truth.
So, what's the final equation here?
The globalists are manipulating this whole symphony and trying to get demonstrations going nationwide so Obama can be the peacekeeper and the referee and try to call for calm while his surrogates, Al Sharpton, the Justice Department and others, run around stirring up as much racial animus as they can because he hasn't delivered to the black community.
He had to deliver to anybody but the offshore globalists.
So all they've got is race now, and black folks are turning against Obama all over the country.
And white folks are turning against the political system and the Rhino Republicans.
So what do you do?
You get Fox News making it racial, making it about Al Sharpton, selling the police state that everybody's waking up to as something that's well for those black people, so it's okay.
No, it's for everybody.
What you do to the least of me, you've done to me, as Christ said.
You can do this to poor people, you can do it to anybody.
So, that's what's going on here.
Okay, yeah, we've beeped out some of that there.
But that's the type of stuff that's going on.
But that's not even the real criticism of
They're saying we're sharped in that.
Well, he's hanging out and can hardly walk back doing a press conference.
Obama has his Justice Department there stirring things up.
While all this is happening, Ukrainian forces have destroyed a Russian convoy and are saying it was military.
The Russians are saying it was aid.
And the U.S.
is sending 600 troops, APCs, and tanks
To surround the Russians.
To quote, reassured threatened allies.
This is really cruising towards military conflict.
They got missile cruisers off the coast there in the Black Sea.
Menacing the Russians.
So that Russia can't respond to a first nuclear strike.
They're trying to push the Russians into attacking us.
We have high level intel, that's the plan.
We have missing nuclear weapons out of Dias Air Force Base.
You notice, as soon as we reported that, all hell broke loose and they said, yeah, there are nukes on the East Coast.
Al-Qaeda's gonna bomb us with them if we don't attack Syria, when Syria's the opposite group than Al-Qaeda.
We're under nuclear blackmail, folks.
We don't even know the full extent of what's going on.
But it's very serious.
The borders are down, the dollar's being devalued, all these wars are starting.
The globalists are announcing our kids belong to the state.
Surveillance grids out in the open, the NSA spying on the Tea Party.
It is getting crazier by the minute.
And we need cooler heads to prevail and not let the next shoe to drop be race war, burning cities, and Obama calling in Homeland Security as the referee while his surrogates stir it all up.
I really wonder who they're hiring as police officers though.
With the 70-man paramilitary team with the MRAPs there in Ferguson.
Oh, these are for Al-Qaeda.
First chance they get, they're out there in people's face.
As soon as they pull the tanks back, suddenly people stop throwing bottles.
I mean, be like if some guy got in your yard, all muscle-bound, saying, come out here, I'm gonna kick your butt for no reason.
I guess the cops think we're all the type of coward that would just cower inside.
I mean, I'm not looking for trouble, but I don't care how big the guy is.
The bigger, the better, quite frankly.
I get people that when they're faced with something big and mean, getting really aggressive.
Because I tend to fight, not run.
And that's why, quite frankly, I can't go to these type of events.
Because, I mean, I just can't.
I mean, man, the cops start aiming guns at my chest when I'm standing there with a video camera.
I'm not doing anything.
I mean, they're just all standing out there for hours, and they look over, and the cop's aiming a .223 right at your chest, smiling at you.
I mean, I'm telling you, folks, we're dead inside if that doesn't make you angry.
I guarantee you, both my grandfathers, and they weren't like the meanest guys in town or anything, would have climbed up on top of that armored vehicle and beaten the hell out of that cop.
When World War II vets came back to Athens, Tennessee, and a bunch of that stuff was going on, they attacked the city hall and police station and basically blew it up.
And the state police stood down and the state legislature endorsed it.
So, of course, that was white people, mainly, though.
The Battle of Athens.
So, I mean, is it different when whites march up with guns?
That's another issue.
Look at what happened when it was predominantly a white crowd.
There were some blacks and Hispanics out there at Bundy Ranch.
And the Feds knew there were military people ready for it to start.
Thank God we were there trying to de-escalate the situation.
But see, this is where all this is going, folks.
Tinder boxes at every level.
As a military veteran who saw a lot of combat, Joe Biggs, do you disagree with my analysis?
Do you agree with it?
You're out there in Ferguson reporting live from the street.
We're going to go out and talk to some of the crowd coming up.
We're going to talk to Josh Owens as well.
You've heard my breakdown, but what's your take on what I just said?
Well, I completely agree.
You know, when someone points a gun at you, you're gonna stand up for the most part.
Most people don't... They're not gonna be oppressed like that, you know?
And the funny thing is, they're trying to justify a complete gassing and shooting up of a town because of one glass bottle and one Molotov cocktail.
The Molotov cocktail wasn't even thrown at the police.
That landed on top of a car wash away from them anyways, and it was out in 30 minutes.
So, they try to justify basically turning this town of Ferguson into Fallujah from one bottle hitting the ground.
They were threatened from that, and they all had guns pointed at us, and yet one bottle threatened them.
I just don't understand that.
And that's at night when they attacked everybody.
During the day, you're all just standing around.
We have the HD video, and they're like, go to the sidewalk.
Now get off the sidewalk.
Start shoving people and aiming guns at you.
There were women and children trying to get by because they needed to get home.
There were kids that needed to get home and they refused to let people by.
There were elderly out here.
There were people who were crippled with walkers and canes trying to get home because they couldn't continue standing out here all day and the police refused.
And then once the police decided to attack this entire town, all they did was push everybody another mile up the road to a combat zone and putting them further away from where they needed to be.
It was complete and total unprofessionalism.
On the part last night of the Ferguson Police.
Well, the feds are giving these orders, which is always the same now, to get more funding and create the perception they need all these riot police to start the Civil War, Joe.
They keep doing something like this.
The scary part is that might happen.
Well, that's the plan.
It's like putting two roosters in a pen together.
And, you know, putting knives on their feet.
I mean, it's going to get violent somewhere down the road.
And they're just all sold and ready for this civil war, which is meant to be triggered using groups that it'll be seen as acceptable.
But the real target's the Tea Party.
Don't the police and military get that that's officially in the Pentagon plan?
Do they really want to go up against American gun owners?
I hope not.
I know for the most part, like I've said in the past, all my friends that are military, there's no way they would ever pick up arms against U.S.
They're not going to infringe on people's rights.
So, they've got to find some very sick, twisted individuals out there to be able to do that, given there are some, but I would hope that the masses would not do that.
Well, what about what we saw in Katrina?
I mean, they came and took the guns there.
Yeah, that was a very crazy event right there.
I still can't believe that happened.
Well, they ran the shot off.
It was all a test and America passed the test that we're ready to be disarmed.
And so the New World Order takes that as a chance to advance.
Now they're there playing the police and the citizens off against each other.
And Obama and the globalists are sitting back laughing.
I want to talk to the crowd when we come back.
Then some to Josh Owens.
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Why didn't the police, within a day, go get the surveillance camera footage?
Well, maybe they couldn't.
Because the place was burned down.
But they go into the report how they got it off a digital cloud backup footage of Ferguson citizen Michael Brown reportedly choking and robbing someone in the store, the store owner.
And see how they use this destabilization as the pretext now
I mean, we always had stuff like this happening before in America.
Why do we need armored vehicles now?
We've got Al Sharpton, the reanimated corpse, there stirring it all up.
Let's go back to Joe Biggs reporting for InfoWars.com.
Then we're going to come back in the next segment and talk briefly with Josh Owens.
What else is coming up, Joe?
What else is unfolding out there?
I'm told the paramilitary police are gone.
Now it's state police in blue uniforms talking to the public.
The police chief came out, talked to folks last night.
We were able to interview him.
What do you expect to happen tonight?
Are things starting to de-escalate?
Yeah, everything's calming down quite a bit, Alex.
Right now,
Like you said, the police that have been here that were here last night were way more professional.
They weren't treating people like animals.
And when they gave them the right to exercise their rights as an American, and everything was peaceful and fine.
The Highway Patrol was very, very professional.
They did an outstanding job.
But I have Andrew here with me.
He actually got to hear the chief of the Ferguson Police this morning speak.
What did he have to say?
Well, the fact
That the Ferguson Police Chief came down here this morning and didn't release any information on the incident report of the murder of Michael Brown, which is the main story here, and began the whole process of starting to blame the guy who can't stand up for himself because he's dead.
So for him to come down here, it was unbelievably unprofessional and provocative.
For him to come down here and only give information which suggests we're not really going to talk about the murder right now, we're going to talk about the fact that Mike was a regular person, maybe not a perfect person, but he's dead, he has families, he deserves justice, and the story continues to be and needs to be the death of Michael Brown and not about wrecking him.
Not about wrecking him personally.
He is dead and he can't speak for himself.
And if the witnesses are born out of what happened a couple streets away, then it is not okay that the police chief of Ferguson comes down here and acts like the story is that Michael Brown might have gotten himself into some trouble.
He did not deserve to be shot down like a dog.
Sorry, but it's upsetting.
What do you think about the events that have unfolded at night time around here with the police department the other night?
Were you here when they started shooting tear gas and rubber bullets into the crowd?
I was not here.
I'm from North County and happy to be from North County, but I'm from Hazelwood.
It was an unbelievable overreaction.
The militarization of the zone was ridiculous.
It was overkill.
And if you point guns at people, bad things are going to happen.
It's going to provoke them and upset them for obvious reasons.
The feds leaned in and they said, pull out the presence and people will act like people.
And that's what happened.
Oh, the feds saved us.
All the more unbelievable.
This guy's an MSNBC listener.
Don't say this kind of stuff after we finally calmed the community down.
Hold on one second, I want to ask him a question.
Ask him if he's aware of where the training came from that got the police to act like this to begin with, and ask him if he knows about the police report and video showing purportedly Brown robbing the store.
I mean, isn't that pertinent?
Are you aware of where the police got their training from?
Uh, no, that's an unusual question for me.
No, I'm not.
I'm not.
And what was the other question, Alex?
Well, I mean, my point is they've been federalized, so the feds can play the part of the savior.
Ask him if he's aware that they've released a police report and video stills purportedly showing Michael Brown robbing and choking and attacking the shopkeeper.
Are you aware that they have released some footage and stills saying that Michael Brown actually was involved in a robbery?
I'm very much aware of that.
That, however, after several nights of violence, should not be the main story.
And the fact that he came down here to launch that, along with nothing, literally nothing about the murder, suggests that they're beginning to circle the wagons and suggest that it's about who Mike was.
It's not about who Mike was.
We all have kids.
We all have kids that don't, that aren't always perfect.
But you know what?
You don't get to gun them down.
And there's no indication at this point
That the police officer was chasing him down like a robber.
If he was chasing him down like a robber, then why didn't he take in his compadre, his friend who was with him at the scene?
Well, I agree with that if that's true.
Hold on, I'm going to come back and let that guy finish up.
Talk to a few more.
Talk to Josh Ellis.
I'm going to give the number out.
Take your phone calls.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Live from the InfoWars.com studios, it's Alex Jones.
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Don't forget, we'll be back live this Sunday, 4 to 6 p.m.
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We're here Monday through Friday, 12 noon to 3 p.m.
And then back Sundays, 5 to 7 Eastern or 4 to 6 Central.
Infowars.com and PrisonPlanet.com.
I've been monitoring MSNBC and CNN during the breaks.
And it's just, you know, we need the feds to federalize everything.
They are the saviors.
They will save us.
Obama will save us.
I mean, I've got CNN and MSNBC on, and at the same time, they've got talking to the crowd saying the same thing.
With pre-screened folks that they're interviewing.
We're just walking up to folks saying, if you promise not to cuss, we'll put you on air and hear what you have to say.
Then, I tune into Fox, and it's Al Sharpton and the cop haters, who love thugs and want to burn everything down, don't like the NRAPs that keep us safe.
The feds gave them the training and we just put an article up on screen where it shows they were given this federal training.
They were given the armored vehicles.
They were taught how to aim guns at people.
This is what the feds do.
And then I just love how they gave them the costumes, the armored vehicles, everything.
And then they get to sit there and criticize it.
Well, they got predator drones flying around.
So the police are playing right into it, as usual.
Newsweek, how America's police became an army.
The 1033 program.
Well, that's just one small part of it.
I don't mean to toot my horn, but I am the expert on the militarization of police because I've been obsessed with it since day one.
When I found out the police were training with the military for gun confiscation all over the country, look at Katrina.
All right, let's go back to the crew there.
I want to get Josh Owens, the cameraman's take on what's happened.
I want to talk to a few more people, but Joe Biggs is there finishing up with that gentleman.
Anything else, Joe, or does that guy have more to say, or is he gone?
Is there anything else you'd like to say, sir, about what's been happening out here?
Well, in the previous nights, I think it was quite obvious that the response was disproportionate and unbelievably provocative.
I think you can put any group of people on a street, and if you bring military stuff and you point it at them, and there's plenty of reports of that, you're going to have a problem because people are upset and it's not a fair fight.
It wasn't really a fight in the first place.
And you know what?
What it was is people in the small community really angry that it appears
That one of their 18 year olds about to start technical school on Monday, maybe not a perfect guy, they're going to reveal as much as they can about him, but that they decided that they were going to make that the story instead of investigating and revealing the name of the police officer, which they finally done.
And an incident report, which would perhaps try to explain how he was shot repeatedly, perhaps even after he turned around.
And put his hands up.
That's why the symbol is hands up.
Because nobody can believe that a professional police officer would continue shooting since that means I give up.
Well there you have it Alex.
Words from Ferguson, Missouri.
Ask him if he thinks the feds are so good.
Is he aware they've given the police the training nationwide and the MRAPs and the rest of it?
Explain that to him.
Like, are you aware that the, uh, the federal government actually gave the Ferguson Police Department those militarized vehicles, those sniper rifles, those M4s, and the equipment, the body armor, to come do this?
Oh, oh yes, absolutely.
It's part of the surplus military program that made these things available.
The problem is- That's the color.
These are very, very serious weapons.
They tend to be provocative just by the way they look when they roll down a community street.
And so, there needs to be appropriate training to use these vehicles.
And even when the feds decide... So you think it's okay to have that kind of weaponry and vehicles moving up and down through towns in America?
I don't know.
Even with proper training?
I do not think that there's much of a place for it at all.
I think it happened because there were surplus vehicles available.
I don't think the training has probably been proper for the use of them as judging by the way it went down on Wednesday night.
When they backed off and treated people like human beings, everything went much better.
But just to make the point, you know, tell them Alex Jones, the host, wants to tell you, because everybody thinks this is just by accident, army surplus.
It's Rand Corporation, it's public, the last 30 years, accelerating the last 20.
It is a plan to militarize the police.
To have a new market for defense contractors domestically.
This is not just them getting surplus gear.
The military bravado, the end of posse commentatus, all of this is being directed as part of a totalitarian takeover.
Alex Jones wants to know, do you know that this is a plan by our government to militarize our police nationwide?
Well, I wouldn't go so far as saying it's anything coordinated.
I think actually it's a fair amount of incompetence.
You just think it's just random?
I think the inability to handle weaponry like this is because the feds couldn't be better.
And then clearly, they're still afraid to even say who was calling the shots.
Do you like to get groped by the TSA when you go to the airport?
I don't know.
Perhaps there are necessary evils in the world.
I don't know.
What happened here was avoidable.
Ask him if he thinks the state should be bigger.
If they hadn't decided they were going to trickle out a tiny bit of information, and that information was primarily going to be about how, well, the guy wasn't really such a great guy.
Ask him what his favorite TV network is.
TV News.
What's your favorite TV news network you watch?
I just watch the news.
Don't give that much thought.
Tell him if he likes Mr. Maddow.
CBS, CNN, Fox, any of those?
Which ones do you like?
CNN's not what it used to be.
Probably NBC, I guess.
Do you like Rachel Maddow?
Yeah, she's fine.
Yeah, I don't know what that would have to do with anything, really.
I don't necessarily have a lot of opinions on people on the news.
I know that the last day of news was what brought me down here.
Ask him if she could be the most handsome man in GQ.
Let's not start pointing fingers at people.
He wants to know if you think that Rachel Maddow could be the most handsome man in GQ.
No comment, no comment.
Seems like a nice, nice lady.
I actually saw her here yesterday.
I mean, Chris Hayes, my bad.
I confuse them all the time.
Well, you know, she's actually a great actress.
She plays both.
That's the big conspiracy.
Alright, Joe.
Hey, let me talk to Josh in just a minute, okay?
Okay, will do.
Let me get folks a toll-free number to join us on this issue.
Or the Ukrainians blowing up a Russian convoy might be of some concern.
And hundreds of U.S.
armored vehicles and tanks being deployed against the Russians.
That's mainstream news.
The 1st Brigade, 1st Cavalry Division will deploy to the Baltic states to the Russian border.
I think that's kind of important.
toll-free number to join us 800-259-9231 800-259-9231.
Here's some of the headlines up on PrisonPlanet.com and Infowars.com.
Ferguson cops say Michael Brown robbed store before he was killed.
It looks pretty incriminating.
Former cop arrested over anti-TSA protest on public property.
Yeah, can't have a First Amendment.
See, that's what's wrong with the police, is they'd file an order to do that.
Secret Service investigates photo of ISIS flag outside White House.
SWAT team claims they were helping.
That's a quote.
That's really actually hilarious.
In tear-gassing of journalist and attack on Al Jazeera.
We were there, folks.
This is redonkulous.
I mean, that is really rich.
Louis County Police Chief grilled on his officer's out-of-control actions.
That's a Jakari Jackson interview I want to play part of.
There's a lot of those articles.
Stirring the pot, DOJ sends marshals to coach the protest in Ferguson.
That's just some of the news up on InfoWars.com and PrisonPlanet.com.
You can follow us on Twitter at RealAlexJones.
Again, I'm going to shoot some special reports so we have videos for this Sunday's radio slash TV show.
It's going to be live, too, but we're going to have some special reports.
I'm going to put on a feast of information Sunday, 4 to 6 p.m., on chemtrails, you name it.
So be sure and join us for that.
Again, the toll-free number to get involved on air is 800-259-9231.
We will get you up and on the air here today.
And while those calls are coming in, let's go to Josh Owens, the cameraman, to get his take on what he's witnessed overall.
I mean, I love how all these Democrats and MSNBC viewers... I could tell that guy was a Rachel Maddow viewer when he was talking, and he means well.
That's a mainline liberal.
Has no idea how he's being gamed.
Oh, the feds aren't shipping drugs in.
The feds aren't, you know, buying armored vehicles.
The feds aren't preparing for martial law.
We have all the documents.
You know, the feds didn't do secret testing on black people.
They're so naive.
In fact, we should have asked.
I bet that guy was a state or federal worker.
They literally are like one-year-old babies that think of the state as mommy's milky.
I mean, I'm sorry, that's what this comes down to.
And they just think that it's a big giant mammary gland, giant udders in the sky, hanging down like Romulus and Remus, you know, suckling from it.
Makes you want to throw up to see the gaming of these people.
And then meanwhile, you got Fox News doing the right-wing gaming, you know, up there saying, if you don't want armored vehicles and choppers in your neighborhood and NSA checkpoints and cameras, you know, you're with Al Sharpton.
I mean, it is just ridiculous.
Josh Owens.
Uh, Josh Owens, Ferguson, Missouri.
Sometimes when I'm standing behind the camera and I hear guys like that talking, some other people we've talked to out here, all I see in my head is a marionette show.
And there are the manipulators pulling the strings up, up above.
And I guess the manipulators change with the media, the feds.
Every person, I guess, is different.
But sometimes, I mean, I honestly think that guy believes there's a room, a surplus room, where the military is just having a friendly yard sale, giving all their equipment to the police, putting it out on the street so that they can stand right over here, be in their MRAPs, and point guns at people.
It's just...
I don't want to say it's funny, because it's not funny, but sometimes you can't do anything but laugh.
They give them federal grants.
That's the standard uniform they were wearing.
They're being federalized.
It's called the RAND Corporation, National Stability Force, to convert us to martial law.
But see, I'm not a pseudo-intellectual speaking with a sniffering voice.
I just read the last nine or ten versions of that updated The Plan for America.
I'm a weirdo, Josh.
I know under U.S.
Code Title 50, they authorize lethal secret testing on the American people.
Well, right.
And the fact of the matter is, a lot of the times these people can be shown the documents and they still don't see it.
And, I mean, the...
The proof is in the pudding.
We were out here, we saw what happened.
I mean, last night there were, uh, I read reports there were hundreds, no there weren't hundreds, and there weren't even a couple thousand.
There were four or five thousand people here, possibly even more.
I mean, when we were marching down the street, you couldn't see the end.
I was at the front, and I couldn't see the end.
I mean, it went on for miles it looked like.
And, uh, there were no MRAPs out here, there were no guns being pointed at people, and, um, the world isn't over.
So, you see when reporters are out here, they're trying to show what's going on and they say, turn your cameras off because they don't want the proof of what they're about to do.
They chase people into neighborhoods, they shoot flashbangs at cars, they shoot people with rubber bullets, they send tear gas out so people are throwing up everywhere.
And this guy is just worried about a surplus room and a front of a little garage sale.
Well sure, I mean look at Waco under Clinton with Bradley Fighting Vehicles and the rest of it burning it to the ground.
And Law and Horiyuchi and the rest of them out there shooting men, women and children.
I mean, they literally think, oh, the feds would handle it different.
This is federal militarized law enforcement in our face.
And again, I said this back on Monday and Sunday, we're going to have to hear about the feds being our savior now as demonstrations start up all over the country.
And if local police don't back down and allow this to escalate, cities will burn.
And then Obama and the globalists get what they want.
It's that simple.
Well, like we've seen from Fox News, all it takes is for them to come out with a story saying that Al Jazeera was being helped by the police.
They were shooting at them.
In the video that you see that Jakari got, Al Jazeera was screaming, saying, stop shooting at us.
But that was loving.
I mean, they were helping them.
I mean, how do they think they can just lie?
They're like, turn your cameras off or we will attack!
Turn your cameras off!
Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom!
And they run up and throw all their equipment down like, actually Al Jazeera asked for help and we were helping them.
I guess because there are a lot of people that will be out here and they'll literally get shot and then they'll go see on the news that they know no one was shot and they'll just immediately believe it.
Well, that's probably the answer is just for the cops to kill everybody and then just say that they were helping everyone.
Yeah, exactly.
Well, I mean, if people believe that, then, I mean, there's no end.
Well, what about 2 plus 2 equals 5?
I mean, Obama said so.
If Obama says so, then it's the truth.
I mean, you're not racist, are you?
I don't know.
I might be.
Well, do folks see how they have different management teams, right-wing management teams, managing that fake narrative that's dumbed down and simple, and then left-wing management teams,
And if you're watching this on TV, there are the reporters thanking the police as they roll around on the ground being hit with tear gas and rubber bullets.
Again, they're thanking them, Josh.
And by the way, you're being anti-police, Josh, claiming that Al Jazeera didn't thank them.
Well, I mean, they're rolling on the ground like a dog rolls on the ground when it wants its tummy to be rubbed.
They're just so happy that they're being shot at.
I mean, you see the Al Jazeera reporter, he can't even talk to Jakari because he's blind, just like what happened to me.
Well, were you happy when you were in the vice car, the reporter's car, and they were flashbanging you?
I mean, obviously, you need to thank them.
I felt extremely safe and I'm just glad that they were keeping me from leaving the area by shooting flashbangs at the car while I was suffocating in the car because all we could see in the headlights was red.
I'm sure everybody in the neighborhood too, I'm sure they were really happy when they walk out the next morning to go to work, to go to school, and their eyes are burning from the tear gas still in the air.
Yeah, that's what Biggs was telling me is that the next day you guys were almost vomiting out there, there's so much of it.
But that's good.
Well, they were assisting you.
Yeah, exactly.
I saw a Frontline special on this a few years ago that was so accurate from my research.
You know what's happened?
MTV dumbs things down on purpose.
Then they say, oh, the public wants dumbed-down television.
No, they're dumbing it down on purpose, and then that does dumb down the population.
We all treat each other as if we're all stupid, and then the cops treat us like we're stupid, and they get treated like they're stupid, and the departments want to hire folks with under 100 IQs now.
to literally just dumb everything down where everything's a load of bull.
Josh, we're going to come back with phone calls.
We'll check in with you towards the end of the next hour when Max Keiser's in studio.
Great job there.
We'll continue to track everything happening in Ferguson as the demonstrations start in other areas of the country.
We'll be right back with your phone calls and more.
Stay with us.
I'm Alex Jones, InfoWars.com.
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We're going to take your phone calls now and when Max Keiser is in studio with us.
He just got here.
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There's Max Keiser.
Donald McDonald with black hair.
Good to see you, buddy.
And I'm Jabba the Hutt.
Anyways, it's good to see Max Keiser.
He'll be in here in a couple segments from now.
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Yeah, first of all, we love you Alex.
Thanks for all you do, brother.
And I just need to bring to your attention, there's an article out by KRQE News 13 over here in New Mexico, over here in Albuquerque, and it just touches on
They're bringing in these new mobile cameras for APD to use against us.
And, uh, I mean, all the other issues are going on in the world.
Uh, I mean, this ain't too much, but I mean, I mean, they're causing havoc over there just over here.
Oh yeah, if you look at Albuquerque, we've done a lot of reports on that.
It's one of the most dangerous police departments out there, shooting homeless people for no reason, and then celebrating, and then letting a dog attack the body, and shooting him more to make sure he's dead.
I mean, and it just keeps happening.
They are so whacked out.
And it's just, there's no accountability.
But it's the same thing with the foreign banks looting the treasury.
It's a nightmare.
Yeah, they're putting mobile cameras up everywhere, but don't want their officers to have cameras on.
No, they only want them for the public.
New Mexico's a giant narcotics trafficking command base.
Ironhead in Washington.
Go ahead.
You're on the air.
Hey there, Alex.
I don't know how I keep on getting through the picket fence, but I guess I'm destined.
Providence gets me to the end zone.
You're on the air.
Well, you're here.
Go ahead, sir.
Thank you for calling.
Yeah, right.
Problem, reaction, solution.
I think it's time that all the info warriors throughout the planet start going, identify the problem, and then state a solution.
And maybe you could have a solution set day where you just ask people to call in, give a solution.
My solution to what's going on up and down both sides of the border on this country is what would happen if one day, starting next month, we had an open carry day.
I guarantee you there would be no problem on either side of the fence.
They may use it as a provocative event, but just think about the impact that would have.
Well, open carry is great because it teaches people that guns are not illegal yet.
They want to have the perception with all the TV shows set in New York where you're going to jail, boy, I found you with a gun.
To create the perception that all our guns are illegal.
So it is a key thing.
Great point.
What's another solution?
That is the solution set that I wanted to illustrate.
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Just won't quit.
Waging war on corruption.
Alex Jones on the GCM Radio Network.
Big Brother, Mainstream Media, Government Cover-Ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Max Keiser's coming up in studio.
Also, L.A.'
's moving to pay people to vote.
They can't get all the illegals and folks to vote.
They already got their welfare.
So they're going to pay them and give them fake driver's licenses.
Oh boy.
But you can't protest in America unless you're an illegal.
Tiffany in Texas, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hey Alex, it's Tiffany.
I'm at PrisonPlanet.tv and this is my second time calling in.
Um, I was really just calling about everything going on in Ferguson, how outrageous it is.
I see they weren't too quick to paint us out as terrorists down there when they try to militarize the situation.
Um, also I wanted to call and talk about Gaza and Israel, kind of about what's happening there.
Um, I just think it's really crazy that they got the Christian genocide and then they're painting people as religious terrorists now in this state.
And I think that's going to be a big thing.
That's going to be a threat to us as American public.
So we'll see how that unfolds.
Well, I agree with you, and again, it's about getting outside the box and seeing how they're playing everybody off against each other.
It's not choosing a side, it's figuring out what's really going on.
And I just can't believe we can't get these MSNBC viewers to understand the feds are the ones that set this all up.
And they're not the saviors.
Anything else, ma'am?
I saw that he was definitely, you know, kind of, you know, struck when you kind of talked to him about Rachel Maddow and everything like that, and he kind of had no negative comments, which I think is kind of hard not to say.
God bless you, ma'am.
I appreciate your call.
Let's talk to Kimmy in Tennessee.
Thanks for holding, Kimmy.
Hi, Alex.
It's Kimmy.
It's great to finally talk to you.
I think I wanted to talk about Obama's kill your mama care today and the indoctrination for our kids as well.
Just two days ago I had my seventh stroke.
Sorry to hear that.
So your health care, let's be clear, went from free to costing money?
Well, also, I used to go to the best stroke hospital in the state.
And now I get railroaded to the hospital that has a very large police presence with dogs.
Does your family have a big history of stroke or do you know why you're having all these strokes?
I don't know.
I'm adopted.
Well, yeah, I think it was GMOs to begin with and aspartame and fluoride.
I quit all that.
And on a regular, I feel much, much better than I have in years.
They had me on 10 different pharmaceuticals for the longest time.
And my first stroke, I had time to read about GMOs.
And then I was like, wait a minute.
And then of course, it keeps on peeling away the onion skins and you find out more and more and more.
Oh yeah, the GMOs literally eat the brains of the animal, lab animals that eat them and just do incredible things.
But yeah, look, a lot of people said just create Medicare and Medicaid for everybody.
Have it through the federal system that doesn't have it.
Game over.
People already get health care before free.
It's just the public didn't know that.
They would lie and say, what do you think the illegals can come here and get everything free?
And so they actually got rid of that for everybody through Obamacare, and you had all these people going, I want my free health care, when it was already there.
And so, again, it's worse than socialism, because now it's social engineering health care.
God bless you, Kimmy, I'll pray for you.
Strokes are really a scary thing.
I've always had like 2015 vision, then it was 2020, now I'm 40 and I used to look right at the head of a pen, up close, and now it's just blurred.
Blurred about right here.
So I'm getting old, and I'm just not looking forward to it, but in the future, no matter how much money you got, unless you're a globalist, you're not gonna get healthcare.
You're gonna get a death panel, and well, if you're against it, you're racist.
I mean, Rachel Maddow said so, and she's liberal, even though she's a fascist.
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It's Alex Jones.
Ladies and gentlemen, Max Keiser is in studio with us right now.
He was having a fit during the break.
But we have gotten him to put his big boy...
Right here!
Right now!
I wanna be a Texan too!
I want some fun!
I want some barbecue!
I want a big hat!
I saw hats in the airport!
I want a big hat!
I want a Molon Law Bay t-shirt!
I want it all!
I want it all!
Don't you understand, Alex?
I'm ready to be converted!
I'm ready to be Texan!
I'm here!
I'm all here!
Let's do it!
Are you in your manic phase right now?
Because when I hung out with you a bunch in London, you were pretty subdued.
Well, you know, being at the headquarters of the Infowars as a transcendent event, it takes me to a new place, a new level.
You know, I've been watching it for years, I've been listening for years, but to be right here, ground zero of the Infowars, is exciting!
You were running around in circles, yelling in the green room for 10 minutes, and you just landed.
I know!
You are turbocharged!
I was up at 5am this morning, got on the flight, came right here from the airport, and here I am, to talk with you and to discuss all matters that need to be discussed, as only you can.
How is London right now?
Well, as usual, it's raining.
This is an interesting culture of people that like to live within a rain cloud and worship mushrooms.
That's pretty much their entire cultural bearing.
Being here now, it's about being in the sunshine, and it has kind of a, you know, great effect on the mind, because all those sun rays are coming into my brain, coming into my eyes, and I'm so glad to be out of London.
I think that's the point I'm trying to make.
Are you going to go native and start buying .50 caliber rifles?
I'd try to buy a shotgun at the airport, but they said they don't sell them at the airport anymore.
You gotta go to the bank, and they'll give you a shotgun if you open an account.
But no more at the airport, I guess, because that whole, you know, 9-11 thing.
But nevertheless, everyone seems to have got a hat and a gun, so, you know, that's all I need.
I'm ready to go.
And the Texas women?
What gun would you recommend?
For a starter, like myself, being a Yankee from up north, what gun is a good one to start?
Do you have a big history of firearms?
I used to do a little sharpshooting in my day.
I bet.
So what are you into now?
Personal defense?
I mean, this would just be for something to go to the corner donut shop.
What would I need, like a .45 caliber?
You know, just to get from point A to point B. Sure, sure.
I mean, I would go with something like this.
If a criminal shows up, for example, what do I need to blow him away?
That's what I'm asking.
You know, a handgun?
Yeah, you want something to protect yourself, like a little Smith & Wesson .357 Magnum.
Something like that.
You know, kind of tuck deluxe, I guess, would be kind of the family of a smaller, little high-powered handgun.
Six shots, five shots, just something that's there, but it's got the energy you need to stick right into somebody's chest that's assaulting you and put them down for good.
I assert my freedom.
Let me show you what you need right here.
I need to make it clear that I am pro-freedom.
This is what you need right here.
Holy mackerel!
I tell you what, he's gun-crazy.
Just make sure they're all unloaded.
Bring in M4s, Reapers, and .50 cals right now.
I think we need to just look.
I want both .50 cals in here.
I want Reapers.
I want .223.
But I tell you, you're here, so I'm gonna unload this.
Yeah, good idea.
Although, if Stacey was here, she'd say the opposite.
You know, she'd be loading it.
You know, that's the way she likes to handle it.
Yeah, it looks fantastic.
It looks great with that suit, by the way.
Yeah, I think the chrome and the suit, it's a nice look.
You like it?
It's all there.
But I mean, you think Rachel Maddow likes this?
Uh, well, Rachel Maddow's packing something.
It's not a gun, though.
It's, uh... Packing the same thing that, uh...
That the First Lady is?
The vernacular would be a strap-on.
I mean, I know it's a family show, so I don't want to go down... You mean she's got a rifle strapped to her side?
She's got a rifle strapped to the side.
That's enough.
Stop it.
This is a family show, I apologize.
Stop right there.
You know... Stop right there.
Don't you ever talk bad about the daughter of Janet Reno!
The illegitimate daughter of Janet Reno and William Jefferson Clinton!
The granddaughter of Osama Bin Laden!
If God comes back and it turns out she's a lesbian, then we're all set.
Rachel Maddow will be leading us to the promised land.
That's all I'm saying.
We're in good shape.
What is wrong with you, man?
I'm here!
Did you hear we're now accepting Bitcoin?
Of course, after me, you know, banging you on the head for years and years and years, Alex, finally you've seen the light about Bitcoin, and I want to take full credit for that, as I normally do for things that I deserve full credit for.
I think you deserve a lot of credit.
I think full credit.
I'm not fully endorsing it, but people have adopted it, it's working pretty good, the system's coming.
I saw your video on YouTube, you didn't mention my name, which I was surprised, given the fact that... Should I have added to the end of my little cupcake, Max Keiser?
As soon as I said, Max Keith.
What is Stacey's little nickname for you?
Just that.
That's all.
Here comes the Terror.
Just a tiny Terror.
Or TT for short.
Tiny Terror.
That's it.
Wherever I go, Terror follows.
If you see me in your town, it usually means things are going to go bad.
So, when I was in Athens, the country went bankrupt.
I went to Ireland, they went belly up.
Now that I'm here in Austin, I mean, it doesn't portend well for this town.
That's why I'm thinking maybe I should get a- I don't know if that's very scientific.
You go to the places while they're hotspots.
Well, there's a cause and effect here.
You know, the jury's still out.
But that's why I'm anxious to get, you know, a gun.
Just in case, you know, because I figure if things pop off, everyone else has got a gun.
Wait, wait, are you talking about moving to Austin?
Well, no, I mean, I'm here for the next few days, but I mean, is that a good idea?
Should I move to Austin?
I think you should move to Austin.
It's supposed to be a fantastic growth town.
I've heard on your show you've got a lot of growth in Austin, a lot of new people moving to Austin, but you've got a lot of people coming from all over the country.
We need to balance it out because I think you're getting some influx from folks that are not maybe true to the true origins of Austin and its Texas background.
You know, they've already destroyed California, so they're fleeing here, but then immediately start doing the same thing they did in California.
They need more info warriors.
So I would clearly be an info warrior, so I'd help balance out the migration of what's called non-info warriors.
Yes, I don't know though if Austin's enough of a mega city for you.
Paris, London, Austin.
Yeah, well, the thing is growing quite rapidly, so you like to get in on these things while they're, you know, developing.
You like to get into bubbles early?
You know, the bubbles are bursting.
I think the bubble is quite large at this point here.
Well, London is a bubble.
You mentioned real estate bubbles.
London is clearly in a bubble.
The bond market's in a bubble.
Stock markets are clearly in a bubble.
Because these central banks, they do nothing but inflate these markets with all their free money, their easy money, their quantitative easy money.
And it does nothing except
I want to look at your perspectives for the world, because you did predict here last year that you would see this dollar devaluation and a lot of the defaults and things that are happening, but what about blowing up convoys of Russian
Trucks going into Ukraine today and the Pentagon announcing they're sending the Army's 1st Brigade 1st Cavalry with Abrams tanks to the border to prepare for basically battle with the Russians.
Look, there's a pipeline that has its origin in that area.
I know, but this isn't the Iraqis we're robbing, now it's the Russians.
Because they do own that pipeline.
Right, you've got Russia, Iran.
Russia and Iran are now coming together in a way that they would potentially supply Europe with 50% of their gas, natural gas, if this pipeline is completed.
The PARS, I think, is the shorthand for this pipeline.
And of course the U.S.
and Saudi Arabia doesn't want that to happen.
So they're going to go to war.
They're going to go to war in Ukraine, essentially.
And that's why Saudi Arabia is now attacking Iraq, which really means Iran.
And then our media acts like Obama is bombing ISIS when it is literally hatched from his loins.
I would agree with that.
I mean, there's a proxy war going on.
And it's all about oil.
So, Russia is basically... I've been saying, doesn't Russia have the right to defend itself?
You know, basically, to use the law... But I don't have to intellectually have any facts or argue with you.
I'm just going to call you racist.
Um, because I'm taking a line other than the party line.
Homophobe, racist, mass murderer.
Well, you bring up a good point in that there are code words that are used by mass media to marginalize people before even they get their point out.
So, I mean, in media in this country is extremely monolithic.
There's only one view.
It comes from the White House and is repeated over and over and over again.
Only InfoWars and a few other outlets have an opposing view.
But I hear what you're saying.
It's very difficult to have a debate in this country because all debate is shut down.
Fox News being the primary center of non-debate debates.
And this guy Sean Hannity, who I think has really become the worst example of media extremism, where he's over there, you know, he's trying to dry hump Netanyahu like a chihuahua.
Family show.
Okay, stop.
No more.
No more.
No more.
But listen, can't you pull back though and see the whole Palestinian-Israel thing is a giant manipulation as well?
I mean, look at Fox News.
There's also energy resources off Gaza that they have.
They have some gas resources off Gaza as well.
There's also an energy element to that conflict as well.
And it's an occupying force, Israel, that is, you know, like a bad developer with nukes.
You know, that's what they are.
They're a developer with nukes.
So they think, oh, we're just going to develop, we're going to build wherever we want to build, we don't care what the law is, you're in the way, we'll bomb you, we'll kill you, we don't care.
That's the Israel policy.
The U.S., because they're... Yeah, but I'm not defending Israel, but I want to be fair here.
I mean, a bunch of the Palestinians are dragging people who don't agree with them around behind motorbikes.
And who cares about the 300,000 Christians being murdered by IS?
See, if the Palestinians... Well, you know they're defending their border against Mexicans.
Why can't the Palestinians be defending their border against Israel?
Look, I'm not defending the border against Mexicans.
They're bringing in all these people from Central America and paying them to vote in California.
Well, what about coming across the border?
Okay, and Palestine doesn't want people coming across the border either, building illegal settlements on their land.
It's their land.
Well, I mean, it does look bad when that happens.
Well, that's what I'm saying.
So they're defending themselves.
They have the right to defend themselves.
But see, I don't even have to debate you.
I'll just call you an anti-Semite.
Well, Semite now means terrorist.
Thanks to what Israel's been doing.
According to Israel's definition of anti-Semitism, according to Israel now, that means you're anti-terrorist.
Let's be clear.
I'm really confused now.
Let's be clear.
I want to talk about terrorists!
Stay there.
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We the people grow cotton, weave fabric, engrave ink, embed strips and fibers to protect from counterfeit, then carting to a private bank, having it led back at interest, forcing taxes to service debt.
This capitalism?
Or was Jefferson correct when stating a central bank issuing the public currency is a greater menace to the liberties of the people than a standing army?
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By the way, where are the firearms?
I wanted the 50 cals and stuff brought in here 15 minutes ago.
Let's just start bringing those in.
We're bringing them in.
They're very heavy.
I understand.
During the, uh, perseverations of Max Keiser.
Max, let's get serious.
You're in your manic phase right now.
I prefer to use the term light-hearted.
Light-hearted, thank you.
I understand.
But let's get serious just here for a moment, because I know you're a smart guy, inventor of a lot of virtual trading technologies, worked with George Soros' son.
I want to talk about a lot of stuff with you, but what do you make about the crises in the world
Secretary of Defense Hagel two days ago said the whole world is blowing up.
Obama, three weeks ago, they said that we owe him for the world being the most stable ever.
So obviously I agree with Hagel, not him.
There's just more and more craziness going on.
What do you think the grand strategy is of the technocrats, or is there not a strategy?
Because every analyst I have on, really smart, top CIA people, you name it, say this is insane with Russia, good chance it's going to lead to a big war, nuclear war.
Our elites are doing things that were never done before.
What is happening, Max Keiser?
Well, Alex, you have to look at it in terms of the fact that there is now a global conflict over the remaining resources out there.
Energy resources and food resources.
And how did we come to this?
We came to this point because over the past 30 years or longer, there's been an attempt to grow the world economy using only monetary policy.
There's been an attempt to grow the world economy simply by... On paper, B.S.
...spending money.
And back 40 years ago, for every, for example, dollar of debt that was generated by the United States, there was maybe $1.50 or $2 of debt for every dollar of GDP.
That was roughly the equation.
You'd create about $2 of debt and you'd get $1 worth of GDP.
Today it takes almost $12 of debt to get the same dollar of GDP.
So what does that tell you?
It tells you that this debt, you know,
Europe wants to absorb a snack.
And they want to absorb Russia's gas pipelines and bases that have been there for 600 years.
And so there has to be, I guess, a war, because that just belongs to George Soros.
Well, look, after World War I and World War II, all that money in Europe ended up going to the U.S.
That was for safe haven.
So the U.S.
inherited a tremendous, billions and billions of dollars worth of cash.
And they created, as we all know, in the 70s, a petrodollar with Saudi Arabia.
But now we're in an interesting inflection point where if Iran and Russia are successful building this gas pipeline into Europe, they could have 50% of the gas flowing into Europe very soon.
That would completely undermine the dollar and completely undermine the U.S.
hegemony and U.S.
post-World War II strategy.
They're going to go to war over this.
But it isn't even really U.S.
It means the corporate interests that run the U.S.
Okay, fine.
I mean, you can call that as well.
But the corporations that represent the U.S.
corporations, the agriculture, like Monsanto is a big one, or the big oil companies, they are now understanding that the only way that they can protect their position is to go to war.
So they're going to war.
I think we're on now at the beginning of a major global war over a region that's in the past been the region that
I don't lionize pooty-poot, as Bush called him, a man whose soul he could trust.
But, I mean, Russia is not offensive right now.
They're not stirring stuff up.
They're trying to be free market.
Our government's trying to overthrow them, messing with them.
And, I mean, they just can't bully Russia like they did Iraq or Syria.
I just can't believe the neocons and the Democrats are trying to bite something off this big.
They're delusional!
We know from the Victoria Nuland tapes that the EU and the US and the IMF and the Western forces were anxious to put in a puppet government in Ukraine.
And they succeeded in putting in a puppet government to put the interests of these corporations like Monsanto and others forward.
And the people in Crimea decided they didn't want to have any more to do with this.
They voted a referendum to leave.
They were then subsumed by Russia.
The people in Eastern Ukraine are saying, you know, they're getting bombed every day by Kiev.
Eastern Ukraine looks like... Oh, I know, I know.
They voted to not be part of the EU, so the CIA overthrew the country.
And then now they're trying to steal the part of Russia that's always been part of Russia and their gas pipelines.
So where's Russia been aggressive so far in that?
I think Russia's horrible and they're racist.
That's why they need to be bombed.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Nuclear war with Russia right now.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
They're racist.
Nuclear war with Russia now.
They're racist.
InfoWarsStore.com from this Monday to next.
All of the incredible books, videos, supplements, liberty-based attire, belt buckles, Molon Labe t-shirts, organic seeds, you name it, are 10% off the already extremely low prices.
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Crime directive, discredit Alex Jones.
Jones is the wildly popular conspiracy theorist.
A popular conspiracy theory talk show called InfoWars.
Alex Jones is now in an Austin jail.
These people are assaulting us.
Targeting of patriots engaged.
They are never going to stop.
They're never going to deviate from their program until we stop them.
Block free iPhone apps at Infowars.com.
Block free podcasts and video feeds.
Destroy prison clinics.
You've got to set your eye on the enemy, not worry about what propaganda they put out.
Intellectually, it's begun.
You can feel it.
Oh yeah, Max Keiser in studio.
Isn't that a pretty song?
I prefer the Billy Idol myself.
That's the kind of intro music I like.
I agree.
You know, Billy Idol?
I do know Billy Idol.
It's really exciting when you play that.
You know, sometimes you get soft, Alex.
You play some of the 60s psychedelic music.
And I'm thinking, are you in the back smoking a joint or what?
I mean, you're supposed to be out here doing... It's a family show.
No, I don't do things like that.
We're in Austin.
That's because you're a serious economist, world respected, a worldwide TV show.
Keep it weird.
You don't act like this on your own show.
You came to see me in Austin.
We're going to go out to dinner Saturday night.
We appreciate you.
You're here.
We want to talk about serious issues.
I think the subtext for the audience out there sees in the shot these rather large firearms.
So I think that they can discern from your comment that you're more than just being critical of him.
You've gone to war with Max Keiser.
You've gone to war with Max Keiser.
You've brought in the 50 cows and now you've declared war on Max Keiser.
No, no, no.
You said I've come to Texas.
I've got my own protection here.
I've got to put on this bulletproof vest just to do an interview with Alex Jones.
You came here and you said you wanted to see guns, so we conjured some out of the gun safe.
It's 308 Reaper.
Let's do it!
We've got a video coming out where I shoot four different Tannerite explosions, one after the other with precision.
Television says loaded with Tannerite.
Only Imperial Stormtroopers are so precise.
Well, I'm ready to do this interview with Alex Jones.
I've got my... But I don't think this... You look like a CNN reporter.
Yeah, I'm down at CNN headquarters.
Guys, will you please help hook him up?
If Rachel Maddow gets a little too frisky, this is what the other reporter... That's actually a high-tech restraining suit.
That's good.
So, from this distance, could this protect me from... It doesn't seem... It seems like that would be... It's a straitjacket.
It's a double purpose, you know, for the other guests that you might have on the show.
No, no, no, no.
You said, I want to see guns.
Only in Texas do they have straitjackets that are double up as bulletproof vests.
No, no, no.
We disguise the fact that we're really all wearing straitjackets.
But they're bulletproof straitjackets.
I think that's the best.
Why would you sell those?
That body armor.
That law and law bay t-shirt.
Bulletproof straitjackets.
That would sell for like a 9mm or 40.
Call the marketing department right now.
That's a huge sales winner.
Bulletproof straitjackets.
For liberals.
I mean, if that's not a winner, I don't know what is.
I don't know, because they're scared of everything.
It's like Molon Labe on the back, bulletproof straitjacket.
You know, you can sell a million units of those.
I want a commission, and I want full accreditation, unlike when you talked about... I just invented... I just invented the bulletproof straitjacket.
I invented the bulletproof straitjacket.
Right, and you've got the guns to prove it, you see?
How am I going to debate that?
We don't call this...
We call this America.
I mean, have you seen the jacked up trucks and stuff?
This is all part of America.
That's right.
They got the wheels that go way up.
Yeah, that's America.
And I got a duck calling whistle.
Do you say America?
I got a duck calling whistle.
And I got a gun and I need a hat though.
I still need that.
That's an idea.
You want to go shooting?
As long as I'm not the prey, I'm up for it.
See, you are kind of a liberal.
You're like afraid we're going to hurt you with these guns.
Look at the size of these guns!
I mean, what do you mean?
I'm from New York.
We carry pencils and pens.
Did you know these guns have only been used in one crime?
And that was when he took over the studio?
The .50 caliber Barrett... He performed with your wife?
No, no, no.
No, no.
Was used to rob an armored car once.
Not these guns particularly, but... Okay.
Lowest crime rate, these guns.
These guns don't go out and do stuff on their own.
Actually, I think I saw these guns in that movie, Heat.
They use a similar guns to these in the famous scene where they're robbing the bank in the end.
I could be wrong, but it's a fantastic film.
Well, we were able to... Michael Mann directed it.
That's what you can buy armor-piercing, incendiary, B-52, rear gun, radar-directed gun ammo.
And take down a commercial airline.
Malaysia Airlines.
No, Army.
No, no, Army.
Army surplus.
If I wanted something like that, one of those, it goes $30,000.
I bought it from the police supply house, $3 a round instead of $7 a round for the regular.
You can buy a Buk, B-U-K, anti-aircraft, ground-to-missile air launcher here in Austin.
Take down a commercial airplane here in Austin.
I know.
No, no, no, no, no.
Is that what you're saying?
I shoot B-52, 50 cal ammo.
From the old rear guns they had.
They had four of them radar directed.
I bought a bunch of that surplus.
And it's really fun.
We can shoot it through half-inch steel.
When it goes the other side, there's a white flash where it detonates.
Let's say I'm trying to get into a... Meant to blow up gas tanks.
I'm trying to get into a Hooters restaurant.
And there's a big line.
Can I use one of these to get in?
No, you can't.
We have firearms responsibly, Max.
And we're here, you know, like when people are scared of things they shouldn't be?
Well, I don't know.
I forgot the psychology term.
It's where you desensitize them.
I think they call it running.
And show you that it's safe.
They run.
It's called running.
It generally kicks in and you're running as fast as you can in the opposite direction.
Psychologically, you can call it anything you want.
Which one of these guns do you like?
Do you like the .308 Reaper?
Do you like the .223 Stag Arms?
These are the type of guns they were aiming at our reporters for no reason a few days ago in Ferguson, Missouri.
And then we have a good old-fashioned, this is a former state police, Texas State Police gun I bought.
Range Rifle 223.
This is a good little fun plinking gun right here.
So it's like a home shopping network, kind of what you got going on with these huge guns.
I mean, the one that's closest to me seems...
It seems lethal, but easy to use.
That would be the choice out of all these.
You're right.
I mean, I would probably need some training for these bigger guns.
This one looks like any yo-yo from New York could pick up something like this and sneak into the back entrance of a movie theater and, you know, have a crazy time.
Am I right?
Well, statistically, mass shootings are flat.
Overall shootings are down 52% from 1992 to 2011, the latest Justice Department numbers.
And they usually only do that in areas that are gun-free zones because they know there's no one there to stop them.
But yes, if the media hypes enough that crazy people under Pentagon DARPA projects
You know, he was in a secret Pentagon DARPA project under a top Pentagon psychiatrist's control and then he told everyone he was a patsy out there in Aurora, Colorado.
Well, the culture in Texas is clearly a gun culture.
Also in Georgia, in Atlanta, it's clearly a gun culture.
I mean, in America, I think it's hard to get laws that work coast-to-coast because it's a very, very different country in different states.
Can we get a document cam from up top, guys?
Just all these beautiful... Yeah, I think you'd need a total 360.
Well, it's almost like
It's like looking at pin-up girls, these guys.
I mean, just look.
For some, although I'm not getting a hard-on right now.
Well, I don't mean that.
I mean, no, no, no.
It's like looking at a beautiful helicopter or a Mercedes.
We're not talking like that here.
Maybe that's part of the whole Texas culture I'm missing.
This sexual arousal that comes with these large... No, no, no.
You totally missed it.
I was saying that as a joke.
Well, it is fun at a thousand yards to shoot an old truck.
Is that what you're calling your girlfriend?
No, no, no, Max.
Max, I'm saying you can go out to an old junk pile, you can sit back, fire this a thousand yards away and hit your target.
Actually, I am a sharpshooter, but not qualified on these weapons.
On a rifle.
Rifle, I can, I can hit... Bolt action?
Remington .700, .308?
I can hit a target as qualified as a, not a sniper, but as a sharpshooter.
What did you qualify out of?
I was on the farm for a while.
You know, that was my background.
You know, little government work.
Now I'm, you know, working the whole media thing.
I think we can break that story.
You know, you like to get those news.
Tell me, you say you were in the FBI?
We're talking about the other place.
Oh, really?
Well, tell me about that, Max.
Wait, where's the music?
Are we going to break?
No, no, no, tell him.
No, no, of course, I exaggerate.
But, Mike, I actually learned how to shoot a gun in high school.
That's where we were all taught that, in gym class.
Are you really from, like, a spaceship or something?
We had gym class, and we had, uh, up in, um, I went to Maronich High School in New York.
And we had, uh, part of gym class, you got trained on bolt-action rifles.
Well, I just want the viewers out there to understand that these firearms are not going to sneak out of here at night and go hurt anybody.
Of course not.
Because guns don't kill people.
People kill people.
That's right!
That's right.
Now let's get serious.
Max Keiser.
What do you think about them sending tanks to the Russian border?
Sending the Army's 1st Cavalry Division to the Russian border.
Is that a good idea?
From the Russian side?
No, no.
They're deploying.
They've announced that the... Who?
Russia or Ukraine?
The United States is sending it to multiple Baltic states, including Ukraine and Poland, to the Russian border.
They're getting ready.
An insane provocation.
So while liberals are shaking in fear that Texans have firearms, and are afraid of movie theater shooters that happen once at a blue moon, and everybody hypes up, our government's messing with people with 20,000 nuclear weapons.
I think that they are getting ready for a major conflict.
What do I think?
They're in a major conflict because the global economy is shrinking.
The U.S.
economy is based on what I call the Martingale betting system, where they have to constantly double down on taking over these countries.
Even though it's a failed strategy, they think that the next bet is going to be the winning bet.
They think that by doing what they're doing in Ukraine and moving against Russia, that somehow this is going to make all of their bond markets profitable.
So let's be clear, it's the financial people that feel insulated who just make 40 to 1 bets like Corzine are delusional.
At the moment.
Well, think about the Pentagon takes up 50 cents of every tax dollar.
So 1.5 trillion dollars collected in taxes last year went to the Pentagon.
The daily gasoline spend by U.S.
military is 250
A million dollars.
I could be, I might be wrong on that.
It might be $250,000, but it's some enormous number of every single day that the U.S.
military needs to gas up all of its vehicles.
So this is enormously cash-intensive business running an empire.
The same thing happened in empires of old.
You run out of cash eventually.
And then on the margins, on the periphery, it starts to collapse.
I think that's what's happening in the U.S.
But I don't have to intellectually listen to what you just said or the historical facts backing it.
I can intellectually trump you by saying you're racist.
As we've said, in the media space in America today, there are dog-whistle words that you can say to get to stop debate.
If you say racist, if you say homophobic, etc., these are dog-whistle phrases that... Chauvinist!
...stop the debate... Chauvinist!
...and bring out a whole... What are some of the others?
Two plus two equals four, that's a thought crime?
Well, I mean, unfortunately, you know, in this country, in my opinion, you don't have enough of what I would call a shock left.
I mean, you have like a Rush Limbaugh, which I think is more of a shock right, and you have yourself, which I would consider more in the center.
Believe it or not, people always associate your show with being on the right, but I don't think so.
It's more shock libertarian, but we're not trying to be shocking.
There's shocking stuff going on everywhere.
Right, but I mean you have guys on from the Black Panther movement.
I mean you have these guys on who were in decades previous considered to be shock left.
The Black Panther movement was considered... Well I have the real Black Panther party on who was not about racism.
And he was set up and gone after, instead of working for the Justice Department as provocateurs, the new Black Panther.
Right, but Rush Limbaugh would never have him on his show.
No, because I want to bring people together.
Right, exactly.
The establishment left wants to keep people on their reservation.
No, I know.
The establishment right wants to keep people on their reservation.
I want to really get America.
Then you have Rachel Maddow, who's considered to be liberal and on the left, but she's not.
She's a right-wing ideologue.
Because she'll give lip service to people like Hillary Clinton, who is a warmonger, who is a right-wing ideologue, who wants to do exactly what Barack Obama has done and everyone who's been in the White House for the past 20, 30 years done.
Bomb countries, grab assets, leverage the banking system, etc.
But she has a short haircut and is arrogant, therefore she's smarter than us.
So who's on the left?
There is maybe Amy Goodman at Democracy Now!, is actually you could say is more on the left, but doesn't get the carriage, doesn't get the distribution.
So who is on the left in this country?
If I were in this country, I would go opposite Rush, and I would meet him in the ratings.
We would both be doing, you know, whatever he gets, $20 million a day in listeners.
But no one in this country would ever put me on the radio against Rush Limbaugh, because then the entire facade would collapse.
Well, here's the thing.
There isn't a market for what you're saying.
There isn't the internet.
Because I wouldn't call it left, but I get your perspective.
Limbaugh is speaking to a certain niche crowd of AM listeners that were listening when he came on air when they were 60.
Now they're 85.
No, I mean, I'm serious.
And so it's well known in the radio industry that as he declines, it's going to be a libertarian seat.
That's why I've had a lot of the big execs over the years call up and say, yeah, you'll be the next Rush Limbaugh.
And of course,
I mean, you've got the huge audience, you've got the... Well, I don't even care about that!
Could very well be.
I just don't want to have nuclear war with the Russians.
Well, my point is that I don't see any real left-wing, as opposed to London, where you do have actual left-wing newspapers.
You know, they come out and they say they're left-wing and they present a left-wing point of view.
And there's nobody saying that they're immediately dismissed because they are left-wing, because they're on the left.
In the UK, they have a debate.
Here in the US, if you were to come out and say I'm left-wing, the only guy you have is Bernie Sanders, who's a socialist.
And he says a lot of good stuff about problems, but his solutions are horrible.
The token socialist, there's one guy, let one guy, you know, talk, he's the token socialist.
But there is no actual left-wing political party in the country.
Yeah, but here's an example about so-called left-wing.
They all think the state's gonna save them, and think Obama's saving them with the stuff in Missouri right now, and the demonstrations starting all over the country.
It's the training from the feds that did this.
Here's my point.
But it would work if the market wasn't rigged!
They're saying market fundamentalism while the market's rigged seven ways to Sunday.
That's why it's a load of crap.
I mean, don't you read Market Fundamentalism Works if it was free market?
If markets were allowed to operate freely, they would do most of what we need to get done.
Yes, yes.
We don't have those free markets now.
And then the state comes in to lock up people like John Corzine when they do reckless stuff to teach people a lesson.
The token arrests here and there, but no serious jail time, no serious deterrent, like in the S&L crisis of the 80s where 1,500 bankers went to jail.
We have none of that.
We have a couple of guys like Corzine of Sloan.
Yeah, I mean, they put melamine in the food here, nobody gets in trouble.
In China, they execute 20 people.
Right, so to round this back to what I'm saying is that my point of view is that it would be to look at these markets and say, look, they're not the end-all and be-all that both the left and the right seem to think that they are.
And this is what we talk about on our show.
We challenge the orthodoxy that markets are God.
And as such, we don't have carriage against Rush Limbaugh, because Rush Limbaugh is a market fundamentalist.
He believes that markets are without fault, this type of thing.
And this is why the dynamic has evolved the way it has.
People heard about me.
We're going to skip this network break.
Go ahead.
Do you feel safer in here now?
I've got my, I've got my, you know, bulletproof straitjacket on, which we're gonna marketing here on Infowars for $29.99.
You get yourself a bulletproof straitjacket and you can walk the streets of Austin knowing that you can be crazy and withstand a round from a .50 caliber.
That's $299.
But do you know enough about the gun to understand they're not even loaded?
Well, if I pointed at you, and you don't flinch, then I know it's not loaded.
You know nothing about firearms?
I know that they're unloaded.
You got the safety off, so that's worrying.
Nope, it's on safe.
Oh, okay.
That's on fire.
I couldn't see it.
Okay, alright.
You're getting ready to mow me down here.
Instead of just going to commercial, you just... But see, you're not really a leftist, because a leftist... I'm leftist... ...would be scared of me having a gun, but if they saw thousands of troops in black uniforms, they would salute it.
I'm anti-markets, which makes me a left market, left of market.
I'm fanatically anti-market rigging, which according to CNBC makes me a leftist.
Which would make me a socialist.
Why do you let their definitions define things, Kaiser?
I'm giving your U.S.
audience an appreciation for how this debate unfolds globally in the media space.
Talking about you as being in the center.
Talking about Russia being in the far right.
Rachel Maddow being right of center, who believes in market fundamentalism and Hillary Clinton.
And there being no left!
There being no hardcore left, anti-market rigging.
Except Rick Santelli on the floor of the CNBC.
He's the guy who comes out and screams about how these markets are rigged, but he's shot down by the panel on CNBC as being, you know, uninformed and, you know, and they use various epithets to shout him down.
Alex Jones.
Okay, you're obviously taking a mental break.
Let me just step in and take over the show.
This is what people have really been waiting for.
Max Keiser takes over InfoWars.
Send Alex Jones out to the farm to feed the chickens or whatever he does.
And me, David Knight, and Nico, we're taking over.
Okay, we got the firearm.
These are actually loaded, Alex.
This is the... No, don't touch them.
This is the insurrection right here!
This is the revolution!
You're in a straight jacket, man!
Come on!
We're the revolution!
Come on in, fellas!
We got them where we want them!
Bring it all in!
Bring in the tank!
Bring in the heavy firepower!
We're taking over the show!
Max Keiser did not take his medication this morning.
Hey, I want to take some phone calls for you.
They've been holding really patiently.
Phone calls?
Hey, what do you think of the Missouri... What do you think of the Missouri situation?
As I tweeted, I said, everyone dismissed Alex Jones saying that martial law would appear in America.
Who's laughing now?
I mean, you've been talking about this for ages.
That was martial law.
They have it ready to go.
Every town across America, they've got... What did you think of them attacking TV cruise?
Gassing them, chasing them, shooting them with bullets, and then they said, no, no, they thanked us, we were helping them.
You don't see that in Moscow.
That is 1984 level baloney.
Where are they getting off just trying to act like villains?
Because I don't want to demonize the police.
That plays into the whole deal.
I don't want to do that.
They're obviously doing exactly what they criticize Russia and other countries are doing by killing or attempting to kill journalism and getting rid of any kind of record.
I know, but announcing, turn your cameras off!
Then attacking, throwing the equipment around, and then saying we were helping the reporters get to a safe area.
They chased them down, shot them with rubber bullets, flash-banged their cars.
Right, well, your InfoWars had a live stream, and I think one other group had one.
That's like saying Ted Bundy was trying to help those young girls he'd pick up at the shopping mall.
Hitler was trying to help the Jews.
Well, that's not true.
Right, or Netanyahu is trying to free Gaza.
That's not true.
Well, I mean, Hamas are pretty bad guys, though.
But you defend yourself against somebody coming into your neighborhood and building... Sure, my issue is, is that Hamas does a lot of bad stuff as well.
Doesn't Palestine have the right to defend itself?
America had to defend itself against the British, you know, they staged a revolution in insurrection.
I mean, the Palestinian people have been... Listen, I'm not against the Palestinian people.
My point is, where are they talking about ISIS murdering everybody?
Where's the big lobby for that?
Well, it's a day-to-day struggle for survival right now against the occupying force of Israel that's in there just killing kids and babies.
No, but they had marches in Austin a few weeks ago, Free Gaza, and airplanes flying around saying it.
And then people call me up going, we know you work for Israel, blah blah blah, which I don't.
So I don't like the vitriol and like the holiness, like you're God or something, if you say Free Gaza or if you're part of that.
And it's just, I'm sick of the whole thing.
We sent a journalist to Gaza.
Using StartJoin, my crowdfunding site.
I know.
Scriptonite is her name, her blogger name.
She just arrived there this week.
Thanks to listeners who listen to you and listen to me on your show, we crowdfunded a few thousand dollars to send this woman to Gaza to report directly from Gaza.
I agree with you, we need more information.
That's why we've crowdfunded.
Well, I've had folks on about the Rachel Corey story, you know, with the bulldozer.
The caterpillar bulldozer.
Yeah, I mean... The point is though, no amount of Gaza worship
Will ever reprieve me, so I just need to say I fully support Israel and think they should nuke the entire region.
And I want to attack Putin as well.
I want to have a nuclear war with Russia.
And I support Israel.
I want them to nuke all the surrounding areas.
Think about all the fallout though from the recent... Nuclear weapons don't hurt anybody.
It helps them.
The genocide.
You just saw the police say that that helped everybody.
You just saw the police say they were helping with the DV cameras.
When they shot my reporter with rubber bullets, they were helping them.
My reporter thanked them.
Think of the fallout we've had now, post-Gaza, in the professors being fired and the journalists being fired, because they said something that was remotely challenging of Israel's position.
I think that's reasonable.
Arrest anyone that doesn't worship Israel.
A little chilling of speech.
I think it's wonderful.
Well, it's leading to economic collapse, because without competition, you can't have a vibrant economy.
I actually agree with you.
That's my big criticism of Israel, being serious now.
Competition is also part of competition.
I don't like the Israel lobby manipulating our internal politics.
Right, and because it's anti-competitive in a lot of ways, and just to keep on that theme, competition is good for the economy, and when you have monopolists in the banking sector and across all the other sectors monopolizing... Sir, you know Hamas is ISIS-Al Qaeda affiliated.
Let's say there's two car dealerships.
One's Ford and one's Chevy.
If I don't like either one, I'm not working for Ford or working for Chevy if I don't buy either one.
I don't like a lot of stuff Israel does, but I also don't like a lot of stuff Amos does.
Do you get where I don't like to go to baseball or football games?
You're equivocating, instead of taking a strong position on this.
No, I'm pulling back and seeing the big picture.
You're punting.
No, I'm not punting.
As it all shows, I don't punt on hardly any issue.
You're punting on this issue.
You're saying, I don't like anybody in the region.
They're all killing each other.
Get rid of the region.
No, that's called reality.
Well, I was not serious when I said nuclear.
That was a joke.
No, but you're saying... I obviously don't want war with Russia either.
No, I'm sick of it!
I'm sick of both sides, the Israel lobby attacking me if I don't get in lockstep with them, and the Palestinian lobby attacking me if I don't get in lockstep with them.
Quite frankly, I'm irritated by both groups.
And I'll tell you right now,
The more vicious group, to me, making crap up and harassing me has been the Hamas crowd.
And I was against invading Iraq.
All that stuff.
So I actually care about those people over there.
But at the same time I'm tired of their dumbed down arguments.
Understandably that you've been put upon by this lopsided debate in America.
But the children that have been slaughtered by Israel have been suffered a lot more.
You are listening to GCN.
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You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Give me the gun, Max.
Thank you.
Thanks a lot.
Thanks a lot.
Thanks a lot.
Thanks a lot.
Thanks a lot.
Thanks a lot.
Thanks a lot.
Thanks a lot.
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Thanks a lot.
We're going to go to 20 after and take all these calls.
Frank, Lance, Dan, Chris, Steve and others.
With Max Keiser.
I'm going to have you on the news.
And I want to take some special stuff for the Sunday show coming up.
What about my site?
We're going to talk about that.
What about my other site?
We're going to talk about it all.
After we take calls here in a moment.
The only anti-war thing that the left is allowed to talk about is worshipping the Palestinians because it's a political football like abortion or gay marriage or whatever to divert from the rest of the highway robbery going on.
And it's always a litmus test.
You know, do you want Israel blown up?
Well, then you work for them if you don't want Israel blown up.
So my issue is there's so many other things going on, Max, that I'm just saying I refuse to
It's like Ferguson.
I'm not pontificating or I'm not extricating myself out of it.
I'm not diverting out of it when I say it's a larger manipulation and that both sides are doing wrong things.
That's really what's going on there.
There's this primitive thought process where people shift to one side or the other.
And sometimes there are things that clear.
Like I'm on the side against cancer.
Or I'm on the side against child molesters.
But on a lot of issues, it is complex.
Max Keiser.
It is one conflict amongst many around the world, and there's a lot of propaganda on both sides.
And my feeling is that Israel has been manipulating the U.S.
government in a way that's shameless.
Oh, I agree with that.
They're committing acts of atrocity that need to be answered for.
But do you understand how nasty the anti-Israel crowd is?
Not legitimate people that have real issues.
But I ask the same people.
It's like Sean Hannity at Fox News.
I mean, if somebody showed up at his backyard and started to chop down his house and move into his house, into his backyard and take everything he owns, I'm sure Sean Hannity would do whatever he takes to defend his property.
So why shouldn't that right be extended to people in Palestine, people in Gaza who are having their territory removed over the decades?
Similarly, so where's Sean on that point?
He goes over.
I mean, that's it though.
The Israelis went into the country in the 40s after World War II, they carved it out, they started blowing up government buildings, and then they got the city basically divided and got part of it and took over, and have been expanding ever since.
So, yes, but from their perspective, they had the land before, so it's theirs.
But from the Palestinian perspective, they had it before, and the truth is,
Well, the rule of law goes back to the 19... Resolution 181 in the U.N., which divides the Palestine from Israel.
1947, 1947, 1948, you had the modern state of Israel.
According to the rule of law, this is where we mark the beginning of modern Israel, and we don't go refer back to the Old Testament or these other documents.
We say this is the post-war reality of the situation.
And in that context, they have
...gone into these territories illegally, and they have imposed restrictions that you'd have to go back to Nazi Germany to find something similar.
By giving Palestinians calorie counts on every single day, by blocking their movements, by keeping them essentially in a concentration camp, an open-air prison.
Sounds like the Michelle Obama lunch program.
Well, I mean, coming back to the U.S., you see a lot of these ugly truths in the U.S.
Ferguson being an example.
The same forces that are driving this occupation in Gaza from a well-armed, well-financed Israel are driving these incidents in places like Ferguson, which are driven by the corporate agenda, corporate media, the same victims.
You know, the people in Ferguson who are being victimized by the sudden martial law being declared spontaneously and having the military show up on its own essentially in just a small town with 21,000 inhabitants.
They've got essentially a militia ready to roll out at a moment's moment.
Exactly what you've been saying for years, that the danger is within our borders with the same... Well, no, I've not tooted my horn, but it is true.
Everything I've warned now is big mainstream news.
Because it's here.
The police state isn't coming, it's here.
We're going to take calls.
Max Geiger's got some big announcements straight ahead.
But first, your calls.
Frank, Lance, Dan, Chris, Steve, and others.
From Infowars.com Command Center.
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Excuse me?
You're so good, but you're drunk.
In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex.
I hereby declare this to be an unlawful assembly.
I order all those assembled to immediately disperse.
It's a military mission in North St.
Heavily armored vehicles are rolling into town and don't be alarmed if you see those over the next seven days rolling through your neighborhood.
If you see military helicopters flying low over Minneapolis, do not be alarmed.
Guns will be taken.
No one will be able to be armed.
We will take all weapons.
Mr. and Mrs. America, turn them all in.
Just really brainwash people into thinking about guns in a vastly different way.
We've had a very spastic interview with Max Keiser, but it's exciting to have him here with us, myself included.
We're going to do an interview on the nightly news and be very focused on the economy and world events and Bitcoin and a lot more with Max Keiser tonight, 7 o'clock central.
And if I have time, I'll tape another interview.
We can air during the live show this Sunday, 4 to 6 p.m.
He's got some announcements he's going to make here in just a moment.
But first, MaxKaiser.com, of course.
Let's go to Frank in Nebraska.
Been holding for a while.
I know you're going to have a lot of different issues to talk about.
Thank you for holding, sir.
Go ahead.
Thank you for calling.
Hello, Alex, Max.
I also watch your show.
I'm calling in Omaha, Nebraska.
And I, early in the morning, Wednesday morning,
Yesterday morning, I saw a report on Yahoo News and they were saying that everything, there's a bunch of chaos going on, a whole bunch of people throwing Molotov cocktails and all chaos was breaking loose so that the police force had to go in and disperse the rioters.
And then later I watched your show and it was like opposite of what they said.
Well, there was one bottle thrown and then one mall off thrown, but very lethargically, and we've caught the feds before staging things, it may have been real.
The point is, bringing all the force out, attacking the reporters, helped escalate it all.
And this just illustrates the police state we are, you know, getting in this country.
I mean, remember, they denied the NSA was listening to us.
But there were problems on both sides.
But, I guess, what do you call that?
You call that punting?
For me to just say both sides... It's equivocating, I think.
I don't think it's equivocation to not take a side.
That was not in context with this question, Alex.
No, but it's the same thing.
Now you're teleporting.
Now I'm catapulting the teleportation.
Yeah, imagine if foreign armies landed like this and were doing this.
Right, is that the point of wearing the military garb?
People would go crazy.
Is it to put down the violence or is it to incite violence?
Because they incited a lot of violence.
The next day they show up in regular cop gear and suddenly people were a lot calmer.
I think there's a good point, a good question there.
It seems like they want violence to ensue, because as you point out in your show, and I would agree with you, there's a need to get people to buy into a lot of violence that needs to be put down, and therefore authorizing more militarization, more spending of militarization on the police, and to bring in more martial law.
Well, if you look at the video of the man that was shot, he's a big guy, Michael Brown.
I've seen the video now, it's up on Infowars.com.
I mean, he went in there, stole what he wanted to ransack, you know, attack the shopkeeper.
And that's why we have guns.
Right, but... Have you noticed the thugs always attack places?
But look, listen, put it in a broader perspective.
Well, you know he had a big rap sheet.
I'm not going to say that this would apply specifically to this case, but if you look at the broader economy, people are really suffering from this.
I know, but I'm... We don't know what really happened with the shooting, and I think it's sad if it was wrong.
The point is, is that the people looting isn't a good response, and then the police attacking reporters isn't a good response.
It's like everyone's acting like a bunch of jerks, is my point.
Right, I mean... Here's the thing, why didn't America act like this previously?
If this is so normal and so good, Max.
Because the economy is shrinking.
We've also got 100 million people on welfare in this country and a lot of people are just lazy, dumbed down morons.
Oh, I agree.
Being on welfare is not easy, Alex.
It's incredibly demeaning, and it's incredibly innovative.
But if you're on corporate welfare like JP Morgan, Halliburton... Look, we're on the same page, buddy.
You know, they're taking all that free cash, then they're sucking it out of the economy.
Frank, Frank, what's your bottom line?
You're saying you saw two different things watching the feeds.
You read one thing, saw another.
I mean, I've looked at it.
I think our reporting is the closest to the truth you're going to find.
It's live, it's on the ground, there's hours of it every day.
I mean, you can just decide for yourself.
What do you think of that?
I didn't mention anything about reporters being attacked or nothing.
And then after I watched your show, I came back later and they took it off completely.
They had a completely different story posted in its place.
That's censorship, right?
After they found out that it got leaked,
That the media was attacked, it changes the story.
Suddenly they got the word from up high, you know, change everything, we're getting national attention, this is no longer just a local example of us beating people up for no reason, and everything changed in a heartbeat.
This is what happened, this is what the caller is pointing out.
No, I'm aware of what you're saying.
And that's the PSYOP, them coming out now and saying they were helping everyone when they were shooting our reporters.
For no reason.
It just shows the training they're getting from the feds.
This is federalized standard training.
The vehicles, all of it, came from the feds.
The uniforms, all of it.
And it's because they're getting ready for martial law.
They're getting ready to take the pension funds, and they're getting ready to use the giant welfare class that doesn't know how to tie their shoelaces as the detonator to blow the country sky-high, Max.
They've disenfranchised tens of millions, if not a hundred million people in America who are... It was very interesting, when this attack went down, remember what the police and the Bullhorn were saying?
We are not upsetting your right to assemble.
As they attacked.
As they were screaming.
And this is very important to me because I've always said that the surveillance state would justify it.
They say if you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to worry about.
I've always said the problem is not privacy and whether I'm hiding anything or not.
What I want and cherish in this country is the right to assemble.
The right to plan a counterattack, you know, if their tyrants take over the White House.
No, that's it.
These are technologies used to bring in the ultimate tyranny.
They always do.
They don't want assembly.
They don't want people coming together to plan some kind of reaction to what is obviously a takeover by a police state.
And it was amazing to me that when the police got on the truck and the bullhorn said, we are not disturbing your right to assemble, which is of course incredible.
Max, do you understand the final piece of the equation?
They plan on us being us against them in a war with the police.
We've got to stop the civil war, let them know it's part of a larger trap, and try to educate them instead of playing into what the globalists want.
I mean, it's about financial sovereignty and financial independence, as we've been saying on your show for years.
Look at how the police have been joining in Italy and Spain and Greece have been joining the protesters.
Well, you have cops on your show often.
How is that going?
Are the cops, in your opinion, based on who you have conversations with, are the police in this country more aware of the dynamics?
They are more aware of the general public.
That's why this is such a paradox, is that they're a great hope, they're also a great problem.
That's why there's a tug-of-war between the globalists and the people to get the police to be good.
Well, in Spain, I think also, or in Spain and then in Ukraine, of course, people are defecting.
The military is defecting to Russia.
So the more you have the orders come down from Kiev to take a stand against Russia, the more the military is defecting.
And over there in the Russian border, they've got thousands of passports.
They're just handing them out like candy, like, hey, come on over.
The water's great over here.
Come on, welcome.
So, it's an incredible example of how stupid America's foreign policy is.
They're provoking Russia into... Nobody likes a bully.
That's why Israel was liked at first, because Israel was being attacked when like seven nations were ganging up on them.
But then when it's a little kid throwing rocks at a tank and he gets shot, or Israeli bulldozers are running over someone, that's wrong.
And then you talk about it and the Israel lobby attacks you.
Israel is a victim also in that they've lost the moral high ground, any pretense at a moral high ground that they may have had up until this recent Gaza incursion.
And now their brand, if you will, of Israel has been shattered irreparably.
And the same thing for America around the world.
On this show we've talked about it because I do reports all over the world.
And the idea of America as a beacon of hope and freedom has now been completely shattered.
Yeah, we're losing the moral high ground and we need to stop that.
We're going to skip this network break, go to the bottom of the hour, Max Keiser.
Lance in North Carolina, thanks for holding her on the air.
Hey Max.
Hey Alex.
Thanks you guys for what you're doing here.
You're true patriots.
I'm also glad that you're able to have some fun today because of all the bull garbage we gotta put up with all the time.
I really appreciate it.
It's nice to hear you guys.
Max, you're in the most secure room in Texas, brother.
I assure you.
I don't know about that.
Listen, what I want to talk to is to the people that are listening to my voice right now on this radio broadcast.
We have got to do something today.
This is so far past due for all of us to realize what these people are doing to all of us.
It's not just some of us, it's all of us.
We have got to get together and get the people around us to see what they have done.
There was an outstanding documentary called State of Mind, and Alex, you'll have to give the more information so the listeners know where to go search for this, but the second that you can identify their scheme and their procedure in making us believe and buy into their plan, that instant you are free from that.
And we need to spread that across the entire world.
This is not a Texas thing, a North Carolina thing, a New York thing, a California thing, a U.S.
This is worldwide.
We cannot stress this enough, people.
Today is Friday.
You know, Friday nights and Saturday nights, we get together with our families and our friends, and we talk about things.
We have ourselves, Blue!
Let's take these issues to our people tonight, people, because we have got to do this.
Well, the caller said, which I keyed in on there, was that it's a global problem and that if you can't find people in your local community to rally around these points, seek people out in other countries and other communities.
You know, during when Greece and Athens was collapsing, I suggested that the Occupy Wall Street movement should open up a branch in Athens because they had common cause.
But nobody in Occupy Wall Street
did this and they argued to me that no no, our points are the most important points, their points are not as important as our points.
So ego played a role.
Classic little socialist committees sitting around like debating the finer points of Lenin's toenails.
We saw it happen.
We saw it right there.
Whereas as an economist I'm saying the economies of scale suggest that if all of these groups were to band together and use their combined global economic power they could
Overturn the power in ways that they're talking about that they want to do.
But they just have to break out of their little silos, their little egocentric groups, as you're calling them, and get into a global basis.
Reach out to the global audience, the global group out there.
Well, that's what InfoWars is about.
It's just talking about historical facts and liberty versus tyranny, getting rid of all the terms.
We use all the terms to communicate with new listeners.
But you're absolutely right, Max.
Thank you so much, caller.
Chris in North Carolina, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
I just want to tell you about a TV show that came on, I think it was Wednesday night, TNT called Legends.
Hey, guys.
It was the pilot episode and they were looking for a guy called the Founding Father and they said he's the most dangerous domestic terrorist in the country.
Yeah, every major cop show I've seen, the terrorists are patriots.
And this is the total brainwashing.
This is what Homeland Security and the tanks are for.
And so they're smart.
Where do we use the tanks first?
Oh, use them on black folks.
The bubbles will go for it.
And then the president gets set.
I agree.
I put the clip on my YouTube channel.
I was going to give up my
Yeah, we'd like to see that and maybe do a story about it.
Another example of demonizing the Liberty Movement.
It's a C.A.E.N.
Like a can of soup.
And I just want to thank Max for sending it to the Zionist Stewart BBC.
Alright, now let's expand on something here.
The best way to plug your YouTube video is to give the name of it.
What is the name of the video?
No, the video is Legends TV Series Premiere-Domestic Terrorism Scripting.
All right.
Yeah, it's a new TV show.
I saw it on Billboard.
It's a new show.
So, I guess in the plot of the show, they've identified the bad guy as a patriot, a founding father type.
So, which is part and parcel of what we've seen.
Well, we know who the bad guys are.
George Washington.
So, that's another example of that.
Well, I think this is going to backfire on them.
And it already is.
But remember that, folks.
Thank you, Chris.
Let me jump in here for a second, because this also puts a lie to this idea that Hollywood is liberal.
That's false.
Hollywood is non-liberal.
Hollywood is cranking out this stuff, and it's right-wing trash.
So you're just projecting that on the term right-wing.
They aren't liberals is the issue.
They're authoritarians.
It has nothing to do with the term left or right.
Let the build as the progressives that people think, oh Hollywood, they're progressive, they're into something.
They're not.
They're hardcore reactionaries in Hollywood.
And they put out shows like Legends and these other shows.
No, the new video games you shoot tea partiers.
We just showed an article about that.
Games Con, shoot racist tea partiers in Battlefield Hardline.
I mean, this is in every TV show and movie I see now.
That, I like guns!
That's why I'm gonna murder everyone!
Or, I love the Founding Fathers, that's why I'm gonna nerve gas New York!
You know, it is just that they are getting ready to blow stuff up, Max, and blame it on the Liberty Movement.
That's their answer.
That's why there's an interesting dynamic at play here because there's very little room left to go for sanction, for sanctuary.
I agree.
I mean, here you are in Austin, Texas with this show, and you are kind of like holding down the fort.
I mean, where do you go from here?
There's very few places to go.
Because more and more of the population, more and more of the country is being converted to this extremism that's anti-freedom.
It's an anti-freedom extremism because this is what the government is saying we need to do to protect ourselves against the quote-unquote terrorists.
And this is setting... These people don't like the NSA spying on them.
Wait, I thought you weren't doing that.
These people want freedom.
They're terrorists.
They like the founders.
They indict themselves with those bizarre statements.
But since they own the media, there's very little, there's no debate.
No, they just, exactly, they say 2 plus 2 equals 5.
You repeat it often and often and often enough, as the propagandists of Germany said in the 1930s, you repeat the lie often enough and people believe it.
That was Joseph Goebbels, yep.
Steve in Iowa, you're on the air with Max Keiser.
Hi Alex, I just want to thank you for waking me up.
My topic is kind of off topic I guess.
My son is going to school this fall and they're requiring a vaccine for him to go to school.
It's all a lie, there is no law, there's a waiver they have to give you by law.
Yeah, and I found that waiver online, so then I went to my family doctor, and he's pro-vaccine, so I can't get him to sign it.
Just search engine, doctors that don't vaccinate, or doctors that do vaccine exemptions, and you'll find a hundred of them in your area.
Then I got another topic here.
Go ahead.
About a year ago, behind my house, there's a bike trail that runs through our city.
And I noticed there was a kind of, I think he might have been a National Guard guy, but he was in full combat gear and he's walking down the, you know, the bike trail.
It looked like he was measuring something, but I just found it kind of strange, you know, here the guy was in full combat gear, you know, walking down the bike trail.
Yeah, they've got military conditioning the public for full occupation out doing all sorts of regular government jobs now to acclimate them, the police, and the public for full occupation during the collapse.
And they'll say they're helping with the collapse, and of course the military will be helping, but no one will point out it was all engineered and staged.
Once again, you're not supposed to have the military on domestic shores as part of the
Yeah, and I would warn people that was coming and they'd say, no, you're insane, it doesn't exist, you're a terrorist.
Now it's, yes, we're using 1984 as a playbook and you're a terrorist if you don't accept it.
I want to get to a Bitcoin question, but tell folks about some of the new projects you're launching and some of the new websites, Max.
Right, so StartJoin.com is a crowdfunding website I started in London, and we also started our own cryptocurrency called StartCoin, which is similar to Bitcoin, except that we have it in-house to give away.
So people who have a project, like there's a project right now called Sean Hannity is an Idiot Billboards, okay, regardless of what you think of the project,
It is trending on the site and people are putting money into the site.
They need $7,000 in total to start putting a billboards up in LA and New York with Sean Hannity's face and says Sean Hannity's an idiot.
Now because it's trending on the site just this past week we were able to give it away 500 bucks to the project because we've got millions of start coin
On our own balance sheet to give away to projects that people are people are voting that they like so not only are people crowdfunding by putting in a buck or five bucks we track which projects are being voted up and then we give more money from the coins that we ourselves have that we created called start coin and it marries this crowdfunding site called start join
And it creates a new economic reality.
As you know, going back 15 years, I've been involved in creating new technologies and new financial platforms for 15 years.
And this is my latest creation, after my last company, Hollywood Stock Exchange, got blown out, blown away at 9-11.
You know, I haven't done a lot of work in this area for a while.
This is now my next big idea.
Very exciting.
MaxKaiser.com has links to all of it.
Real fast, Curtin Oregon, only got a minute and a half left.
What is your Bitcoin doubt?
And then Max can comment on that.
Thanks for your dialogue, guys.
A couple years ago, I read Wikipedia all about Bitcoin.
It took me all day.
I'm a computer guy, but not a math guy and not an economist.
The founder, who no longer works on it, said this should never be used as a currency.
And it is open source, but I'm wondering who audits the open source, because we would want to know what the algorithm is, and you'd need a very sophisticated mathematician, honestly, to look into it.
Also, I'd like to know full disclosure from Max on Bitcoin.
Well, okay.
So, first question first.
So, talking about Bitcoin, should it be used as a currency or should it not be used as a currency?
It's not designed as a currency.
It's designed as a way to have an open ledger, open sourced way to transfer value from around the network without charging any money.
Tell you what, I'm going to ask you, sir, you'll have to watch it.
It can be used.
We have to end it now.
We have to go tonight.
That's it!
I've taken over!
I got the guns!
No, no, no.
We're not out of time!
We have to keep going!
Sir, tune in.
Tune in tonight.
He'll answer the question on the Nightly News, 7 o'clock Central.
We'll bring up the Bitcoin question.
We'll repeat his question.
Then we can re-air it Sunday so the radio audience can hear it 4 to 6 p.m.
Great job, crew.