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Air Date: Nov. 6, 2012
8772 lines.
Big Brother, mainstream media, government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
I am going to attempt to be focused today and go over all of the different facets of what we're dealing with here.
The election of 2012 here in the heart of the global world government empire,
the former United States is in full swing.
It is a political distraction overall to make people think the buck actually stops with presidents
and not the globalist special interests that have hijacked this nation and other nations.
But it is important in that it shows how the system is able to engage in overall election fraud,
black box voting, and it's important to see in the globalist evolution where both parties are taking us.
And that is very, very rapidly deeper into classical tyranny.
So we're going to be going over all the different facets today.
An incredible speech last night where Obama started crying.
He's been crying more today.
Absolute Oprah Winfrey deception garbage by a con artist trying to suck in his followers.
Romney, obviously a globalist deceptor and a deceiver and frontman,
but not giving us those types of theatrical events.
Obama said that he tells the truth.
Obama, you know I tell the truth.
That's the headline at info wars.com, an article I worked on this morning with Paul Watson that he just published.
You know when Obama is lying because his lips are moving.
A key article with the fact that Obama is a bigger liar than Bill Clinton.
Obama and his administration engage in lies that are mind blowing.
Here's an example.
They've put al-Qaeda in charge of Libya.
Now they're trying to have him dig over Syria.
Hillary is in the news today.
We have an article up at info wars.com saying that they've got to invade Syria because of al-Qaeda.
Because al-Qaeda is now in the country.
The al-Qaeda they publicly shipped in.
Hillary Clinton aims to rewrite history.
He says Islamic extremists hijack Syrian revolution.
By the way, we had Lieutenant Colonel Tony Schaefer on yesterday.
And off air, he said, yeah, the evidence points towards a hit on the ambassador to get rid of him because he didn't want to arm al-Qaeda in Syria.
And then on air, that wasn't in confidence.
He said I could talk about it on air.
He said, yeah, that's one of the options.
But bottom line, they ordered the stand down in Benghazi.
And I'm sorry, that's spin to claim neocons ordered al-Qaeda in.
When that al-Qaeda group was running security in Benghazi, and now we learn for seven hours, not five.
They had drones over while the firefight was going on.
The Alamo was going on with just a few guys and they're holding off hundreds with anti-aircraft guns.
You name it.
And that Obama ordered the stand down.
Now they've been relieving generals over and that's come out in the Washington Times.
In fact, guys, that's in my news stack from last night.
Can somebody jog over?
I mean, jog over.
It's a big little complex now.
The InfoWars campus and grab that off the other broadcast desk.
I think it's still sitting there.
Still loitering over there.
My stack of news from last night is a bunch of research.
We pulled together and I don't have it in the stack.
So when I actually have that, we're going to get into Obama.
Well, I mean, here's a clip of it.
Here's a clip of Obama saying he doesn't lie.
He says, I only tell the truth.
That's another lie.
Here it is.
Ruling out compromise, pledging to rubber-stamp the Tea Party's agenda in Congress, not change.
Changing the facts when they're inconvenient to your campaign.
That's not change.
At least not the kind of change you want out of your president.
You may not agree with every policy I've put forward.
There have been times where, by the way, Michelle doesn't agree with everything I do.
You may be frustrated sometimes with the pace of change.
I'm frustrated too sometimes.
But you know where I stand.
You know what I believe.
You know I tell the truth.
You know I tell the truth.
You know I tell the truth.
We've got an article documenting his lies.
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Welcome, ladies and gentlemen. It is election 2012.
It is, of course, the sixth day of November 2012.
And we're going to be here for the next three hours.
And then I will be back tonight, five central to past midnight, with the entire crew behind the scenes.
People like Chris Allines and CJ and Dan Badandi and Rob Dew and Aaron Dykes and Rob Jacobson and everybody in our operation that's behind the scenes that you don't hear about a lot.
And then some of them also have double duty as reporters.
Jakari Jackson, David Knight, Darren McBreen, Marcos Morales.
The list just goes on and on. Melissa Melton, Paul Watson, Steve Watson.
I want to start the broadcast here thanking the crew. The point is, is that they are working their butts off to really analyze and track what's happening.
And the accelerated talk of rioting if Obama loses, the different Democratic Party operatives putting out videos calling for U.S. cities to be burned.
Michael Moore, of course. We have just unbelievable behavior out of Bill Maher calling for racial attacks on whites.
Literally incitement if Obama doesn't win.
Everybody knows I don't like Mitt Romney, but just the behavior of the Democrats shows you they are a nasty group of authoritarians.
And they've just got a giant group of camp followers that are dependent and think governments, their mommy, their daddy and their, their granny all rolled into one.
And it is, it is Creepville off the chart.
You've got all the geopolitical things that are happening, the global meltdown moving quicker and quicker.
Bev Harris will just pop in for like 10 minutes at the bottom of the hour with the latest on any type of election chicanery.
Then she's back on Demara in the aftermath. They're still talking about a board of elections in New York extending voting for a couple days.
So I think it's 50-50 probably right now that they're going to postpone the election results for a couple days.
And then that, that's where I think you've got a chance of the real civil unrest if things are contested.
If Obama wins, I don't think you're going to see, I don't think you're going to see Romney supporters engaging in any type of criminal activity.
You may see a little bit of stuff.
I think that if Romney clearly wins, you're not going to see a lot out of Obama supporters.
Maybe a little bit of, you know, Windows being knocked out or a little bit of rioting, but I think it'll be moderate.
If this thing gets protracted and then there's allegations of election fraud on both sides, you could see both sides getting really, really nasty.
And the civil unrest could really go south quickly.
And I see so many Democrats in their tweets, but also on TV and radio and in print saying, oh, conservatives are scared.
They're scared. There's going to be rioting.
Like Bill Maher said, you know, black people, you need to go out and attack white people and basically hunt them down.
Charlie Skelton, the London Guardian has done an article for us pointing out that it's racism, implying that black people are going to do this and then trying to goad them to do it.
I mean, it's, it's really a form of terrorism being engaged in here.
And again, it's like picked your poison.
No matter who gets into office, I know the new world order is going to continue.
But Obama says he's going to try to ban handguns and rifles in the second debate.
We already knew that was the plan. I can't believe he admitted it.
He only tells the truth when he admits he wants socialism and to disarm the American people.
That's about the only time he tells the truth.
In the first campaign, he lied about it and said he believed the Second Amendment was going to leave it alone.
Now he says the Second Amendment means they have a right to take your guns.
That's the new lawyer speak.
He plans to expand taxpayer-funded abortion, making churches pay for it in their insurance packages.
A lot of really bad stuff they are announcing.
If you think 200 power plants shut down, how about a thousand plus?
We're talking about close to 1,100 coal power plants.
We've already seen power prices in many areas of the country double.
It's up 37% nationwide in the last four years.
Can you imagine if they shut down a thousand?
They shut down the two city-owned plants for the earth.
It was so big insiders could make more money with their coal power plants.
Our prices have doubled the last five years.
This is pre-Obama right through it.
If you imagine they shut down our final power plant, we'll have to buy it all from Mexico, strangely enough,
where they have totally dirty plants.
They're talking about another doubling.
You want to get gang raped by the globalists?
Don't worry.
All of you idiots that think Barack Obama is going to deliver you a free lunch
and that overall your life is going to get better under the destruction of this country
and the job shutting down and the shipping overseas,
you people are in for a rude awakening because you're going to still get your welfare checks.
You're still going to get your social security checks.
You're still going to get your food stamps.
They're just going to be devalued and you're not going to be able to buy as much with them.
I'm already digressing here.
We've got Bev Harris coming on.
I thought it'd be interesting to have David Icahn during the election just to cover things in the world.
Richard Belzer, the TV star and Hollywood star,
a few months ago, he was on and suddenly said,
hey, here's Christopher Walken on the show, on Skype.
And sure enough, there was Christopher Walken.
I think they had a few glasses of red wine that day.
So who knows what the surprises will be with Richard Belzer popping in.
And then tonight, I'm going to be in this radio slash TV studio, taking calls.
We're going to have Gerald Salente on at five o'clock central, Max Kaiser, Wayne Madsen,
Paul Craig Roberts, Lou Rockwell, Nomi Prince, Webster Tarbley and others.
And tomorrow, we're going to have special coverage.
If you go to infowars.com or prisonplanet.com, if you're a radio listener,
you'll notice it's not the world map now as the header of the online newspaper.
It is a world map with just the U.S. on it and big red curtains,
like a puppet show with Obama and the other side of the coin,
Romney up there as wooden puppets or ventriloquist dolls.
So that is up there on the site.
And you can link through just by clicking that header and it takes you to a page
that has the free video feeds up there for everyone.
What prisonplanet.tv viewers and subscribers can see every day.
The radio show, five-camera shoot, the TV studio over there.
We're going to have our reporters giving you the latest news every 15 minutes.
The latest, most of it, of course, fraudulent numbers with both parties engaged
in all sorts of rigging of systems.
So it's a battle, like a football game over who can cheat the most.
And so we're going to be tracking all of that, the Senate races, the House races.
We're also going to have reporters in Austin, Texas out on the street with live video feeds
back to the studio interspersed with the guest.
And yes, I will also take some phone calls.
In fact, I want to open the phones up here for people specifically
that have seen election anomalies.
Or if you had no problem voting, if it was all quick and easy,
then you call in with your 30-second comment or a minute comment if you need to elaborate
on any type of fraud.
I've talked to people here in Austin where they want to have the University of Texas
have us now pay property taxes directly to them when they're worth over $500 billion plus.
It's unbelievable.
Just in their permanent fund, you know, they're talking about $4 billion just in cash.
But if you count all the investments and all of it, I mean, it's almost as wealthy as the state
of Texas itself with the comprehensive annual financial reports.
And magically people trying to click that I've talked to, no on Prop 1.
It's just saying you're done voting and flipping it that you voted for it.
So we'll also give the number out here to call in with any reports you've got on what's happening
with the election, 800-259-9231, 800-259-9231.
We'll get into the latest on the aftermath of the breakdown of society and FEMA not really
helping anybody in New York and New Jersey, but citizens, Americans that did get prepared
and the churches that got prepared, they are buoying the community.
And that's in the local news.
It's also what our listeners are telling us.
FEMA, nowhere to be seen, cops are mainly writing tickets.
In Long Island, in Jersey Shore, in Manhattan, in Staten Island, they're out writing tickets.
There's looting at night.
They're also arresting people that try to bring gasoline to their neighbors.
And they're arresting people who, you know, pose, you know, in the news with a baseball bat.
You're not allowed to defend yourself.
So we're seeing what we saw in Katrina.
If New Yorkers had guns to confiscate, the police would be coming around confiscating their guns.
Now, most police departments aren't like that, but New York, Chicago, and places like New Orleans,
I'm sorry, they are criminal run.
No one, no one can, no one can deny that.
It's well known.
Now, let's go out to break with this clip.
When we come back, I'm going to cover it.
It's a very important article by my shelf and Paul Watson up at infowars.com.
Please retweet this.
We've tweeted it out at twitter.com forward slash real Alex Jones and follow us there.
Obama, you know, I tell the truth.
And it goes over all of it here where, well, let's go out to break or let's just play this clip again from last night
where he's crying saying, you know, I tell the truth.
I don't flip flop.
Here it is out of your president.
You may not agree with every policy I've put forward.
There have been times where, by the way, Michelle doesn't agree with everything I do.
You may be frustrated sometimes with the pace of change.
I'm frustrated too sometimes.
But you know where I stand.
You know what I believe.
You know, I tell the truth.
You know, I tell the truth.
I mean, is that some kind of sick joke?
I won't hire any lobbyist hired more than anybody ever had in history.
I won't have any signing statements.
Broke Bush's record first year he was in office with which he's claiming his law.
He can change the law right there, which he can't veto it or not veto it.
I said he closed Gitmo.
Didn't said he didn't torture.
Didn't said he was against the NDA when his people wrote it and then said he wouldn't sign it and did sign it.
You may just keep going on with this.
We're going to cover his lies, his flip flops and sure Mitt Romney does it too.
But Mitt Romney has never got up and said he's never changed his views.
He tries to twist why he's changed them.
Obama just says he's never flip flopped.
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Hi, Ted Anderson, I'm placing a silver dollar in a book explains our monetary system. Call for your copy 800-686-2237.
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You know that's the thing about these wars. We think we're winning these wars, but the foreign megabanks that run Europe, run England, run the United States, run Scotland, run Ireland, both northern and southern, that run New Zealand, that run Mexico,
they are sucking our energy out and empowering their world government while destroying our national sovereignty and destroying our individual sovereignty and training us that we have no rights that we're basically slaves.
And more and more as I people watch and study the science, the general public is like a bunch of lemmings. This morning I was exercising down at Barton Springs and when I came out there was like 20 school buses pulling in, I think for some big band event.
And the school buses were parking, but parents were also there with their own cars getting their kids out. And I was going like two miles an hour and these people in the middle of the big street would just walk out in front of a car.
I see people walking their kids to school who will get on a major highway and walk on the white line while giant trucks are one foot away from them.
But then they're scared to death of imaginary al-Qaeda or they're scared to death of another citizen having a gun, but they have no sense.
And you look the looks in people's faces, they have the look like when somebody's watching television has their mouth hanging open and are in a trance because they are in trances.
Medically, the IQs are dropping across the West. You can look this up for yourself. The brainwaves are dropping. That's what the new issue of InfoWars Magazine is about.
And we have to understand folks that we're in a lot of trouble.
Also, if you look at the video of the people behind Obama that's up at infowars.com in the article, Obama, you know, I tell the truth, close quote, that's the headline. They all have these shining smiles in their faces that are all looking at Obama and feeling real satisfied.
You can tell almost crying. They're so energized with reflected glory. So they're looking at a puppet who they believe is on their team and they're feeling powerful because the guy that runs the country is on their side.
It's the same thing with supporters of Mitt Romney by and large.
I mean, it's one thing if you say somebody's a lesser of two evils and support them, that's bad enough.
But if you really think the buck stops with these guys, that's what this whole pageant is about. So you think the election's real, so you don't realize it's all a facade, so you stay in the system.
Then people ask, Alex, you expose the left, right paradigm that you talk about left and right. Well, because there is a left and right within the left, right paradigm within that box and you've got to communicate to people.
We've probably gotten another 50 affiliates or 40 or so the last six months. We got a lot of new listeners who wouldn't even understand when I was talking about if I didn't use these terms.
And there are differences between the two, but only within that system.
I'm trying to get people to look outside that system, but there is political power within talking about the system as it is within the box to get people's attention to then use it as a teaching moment to expand outside the box.
And that's what I do. I go into the matrix to get people out of the matrix, but I'm in the matrix and I'm outside the matrix.
I am in the world, but not of the world, of this fake construct. I'm in the real world. I'm in the real universe.
Okay, and that's what I seek to get other people to tune into is that it doesn't mean I have some ultimate truth or some utopia.
Quite the contrary, being in the universe is getting away from the cruddy politicians and their lies and stop identifying with them and stop buying into the system.
And then stepping back and going, whoa, look at the universe around me. Look at the wonderment around me.
Look at how incredible the world is. Look how much good there is and not letting Madison Avenue make you feel inadequate so they can sell you slavery.
It's realizing how important you are. It's realizing your place in the universe. And then these people are a sick joke.
Let's play this clip one more time. Here's Obama saying that he tells the truth. He never flip-flops.
He says that in the full speech. Here it is. And then we'll, after we pose as a dilemma for Governor Romney.
But he's a very talented salesman. And in this campaign, he has tried as hard as he can to repackage the same old ideas and pretend they're new.
He's offering them up as change. Says he's the candidate of change.
Now, let me just say this. We know what change looks like and what he's selling, ain't it?
It ain't it. Giving more power back to the biggest banks, that's not change.
Another $5 trillion tax cut.
All right, we're going to go to Brexit. We'll be right back. Stay with us.
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It is election coverage or should I say selection coverage. 2012, it's election day. It is November 6, 2012 on this Super Tuesday as they call it.
And it's like going into a casino where you know everything's tilted and rigged for the house. I'm just not going to go gamble and be part of something that's designed to sucker me.
I know that there is some evidence that there's still some real election processes in some local areas in different regions of the United States.
But we have proven decades and decades and decades of fraud with Kennedy versus Nixon in 1960.
We know about the fraud to get LBJ into Congress in box 13. We know about the fraud in Ohio. We know about the fraud on both sides in 2000.
We know these machines codes have been made public where it's designed for fraud.
And still the companies operate and just change their name and that's what we go out and vote on.
Now that said, we can see where our country's gone. We've got Barack Obama openly saying he wants to go after handguns and rifles.
And churches should have to pay for insurance that pays for abortion.
But Romney that says he thinks Russia is a big enemy and wants to start some new wars, it is evil on the left, evil on the right, and a whole fraudulent system over it.
Now Bev Harris runs blackboxvoting.org. She's only popping in for about 10, 15 minutes today.
And then we're going to have her back on tomorrow and the aftermath and the days following that to track what's happening in our election process.
Because the establishment doesn't just spend billions of dollars controlling both candidates so they control the outcome that way.
They also obviously have their hands in there, the different power structures, the different management teams of the two parties that want first dibs at the government trough as king makers.
There is a fight going on to see who can be the CEO of Slavery Incorporated, two different management teams fighting over who will get the CEO job of Slavery Incorporated, as I said, 12 years ago in the film Waking Life.
And that's more true today than it's ever been.
And so Bev has got all of her moles out there tracking things around the country. What type of anomalies are we already seeing Bev Harris?
Well, you know, I want to actually jump ahead if you don't mind, Alex, to what people can do this particular today.
I'll tell you what we're doing, okay, because that's going to pull in the reports of the anomalies directly from the field from the people who are out there.
I am in contact with a network of different organizations, both Ron Paul supporters, progressives, people from all political walks of life, which is what we want.
Ordinary citizens from all political walks of life who are reporting in with what they see and also, you know, vetted stories that they may see on local news or local radio.
There's three different places for them to report it. And then what I'm doing is then pushing it out again to more media sources.
So if you're a Facebook fan, there's a Facebook page that's very active called Occupy Elections.
There's also the Black Box Voting Facebook page. There's also Watch the Vote 2012.
And we have people monitoring those pages. So if you post on those pages, we've got people monitoring those and kind of just filling out the cream of the crop and getting it to me.
There's also, if you want to make sure it's permanently archived because, you know, on Facebook it just sort of rolls off the page and then you never see it again.
On blackboxvoting.org, there's a button at the top that says go to your state and you simply push that and go to the location where it happens and post it there and it will stay there for years so that people can track what's happening different places.
And then what I'll be doing is taking the most important information and feeding it right back out to the media like you.
So that we can start having a method of flowing this information more systematically because I feel, as you mentioned yesterday, we're getting close to the tipping point with American public awareness.
And so we need to get the information out there as efficiently as we can this year.
Again, Bev Harris is our guest. I've got a bunch of special guests tonight. Gerald Solente, Max Kaiser, Wayne Madsen, Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, Lou Rockwell, Naomi Prince, Webster Tarpley.
But we've got some spaces in there tonight, Bev, so I hope that we can, if there's some breaking news, we'll be tracking blackboxvoting.org, showing it on the TV transmission.
Hopefully you can pop in.
Sure, you've got to track it. Sure, I'm just saying if there's any big breaking news, we'll be touching base with him.
I'd be happy to jump on it if we can match up our schedule. Sure. What about the classic thing of people showing up on even local elections? We're seeing this and trying to vote no on a bond proposal, but it votes yes instead and just says that's your vote.
Yeah, that's a programming. It's a feature of the programming. I don't care what the voting machine vendors say when they, or the election officials, and they say, oh, it needs to be recalibrated.
No, it is only doing what it's programmed to do. If you show up and you vote no, and it says yes on the screen, a programmer has put in there to report the wrong result.
And sometimes if you overwrite it several times, then it knows, okay, you know, the person needs to. But that's a classic symptom of a corrupted voting machine.
And just to be clear, they don't have to steal it every time. They have it programmed to shave what it needs. So most people are like, hey, it worked fine for me, but then only certain people does it do that too?
Yeah, I mean, classic election tampering is done by insiders and it involves shaving the vote. So it's not 100%. It's just a percentage.
And that's why you and I may disagree on this, but I think it is helpful to vote because you can, you know, shaving will only go so far in most cases.
And you can override that if enough votes show up or if it's stronger than the person who put in the algorithm expected it to be.
Well, sure. This is a complex issue. People say, Alex, you're saying go out and vote, but then you're saying it's a fraud.
Well, even if it's rigged, I don't have to go in a casino that's rigged, but my country's been taken over by foreign banking cartels that publicly brag about it.
They've been caught in all these other frauds and fractional reserve banking and selling bad derivatives that they knew were scams.
And so by voting and being involved from what I've read and what you've said, it's very hard for them to steal a landslide.
Also, you're now engaging and you're in there to continue to report on the fraud you're seeing.
And we're gaining headway in the polls, as you said, 80 to 90 percent, depending on the poll. Now, no, the fraud is real.
Ten years ago, it was the opposite number. And so we engage them over and over again to discredit their fraudulent system and restore the system.
And just briefly, and then we'll get an update tonight, a bigger update tomorrow, Bev Harris, and we'll be following blackboxvoting.org.
What would be a good election system that's pretty much bulletproof?
Well, you have four things you need to be able to authenticate. Who can vote? Who can vote? The counting of the vote in the chain of custody.
So that's the voter list, the poll list, the counting system, and the chain of custody. Ideally, you want to count it in public by hand in many cases.
It doesn't matter if it's by hand. It has to be a method that's in public. So it's not the mechanism that counts.
In public, before it travels anywhere, you don't want votes that are out of the public eye. You don't want them traveling from place to place before they're counted.
And you need to be able to know who voted and who's able to vote.
So it's not really as complicated as people make it. You know, pretty much all election fraud falls into those four categories.
It's not like they're going to limit themselves to one category to tamper with an election. They'll do whatever works and whatever they get asked to.
Sure. I mean, it's real simple. Correct me if I'm wrong. You have clear ballots, paper at the smallest little precinct unit.
It's publicly counted in front of everyone with all sides there. Then that's literally posted on the wall and then tallied in the precinct itself.
So you have a public number and then all those are tallied publicly. And then everyone is there aware of who really won.
And if there is any fraud at the top, there is a chain all the way down so you can reconstruct what happened very, very quickly.
Instead, they sell it as, oh, that takes too long. And oh, you know, that can be defrauded. Let's just have a black box with wires going into it owned by foreign companies and people.
And we'll just tell you who won.
Yeah. And by the way, people aren't going at the best time to go out and observe and catch them in the act, whether you voted or not.
The best time is immediately after the polls close, okay? Because that's when the stuff happens.
At the polling places, they're tallying things up and running results and sticking ballots in boxes and deciding what they're going to put fields on.
And at the central tabulation facility, they're bringing everything in. And if you go and videotape, and they tell you can't, then what you do is you videotape them telling you you can't.
Videotape the obstruction to your right to observe. If they get aggressive, I guess, sit down, keep your voice low so that they can't possibly misunderstand and claim that you were being aggressive.
So you just sit down, lower your voice, modulate it, and capture them on video being effective to your right to oversee.
Then get back to YouTube and good things will happen.
Well, Bev, we'll get an update from you by tonight. And then obviously tomorrow we'll know more about hotspots of potential fraud going on.
And we'll talk to you then. Thank you so much, Bev Harris.
Thank you, Alex.
All right, there she goes. And again, coming up today central at five o'clock central, six o'clock Eastern.
We will have free audio streams and video streams at infowars.com, prisonplanet.com and prisonplanet.tv with our real live election coverage.
And so please go to our Twitter account, twitter.com, forward slash real Alex Jones, send that address out to everybody and let them know that we're going to have live updates there as well.
And that they're on that site. We have links to the free audio and video feeds for everybody and our AM and FM affiliates across the country.
They're obviously going to have their own local coverage.
But if they would like to dial in and carry any of our coverage, any pieces of it or all of it, obviously our affiliates are more than welcome to pick up Gerald Salente, Bev Harris, Max Kaiser, Paul Craig Roberts, Lou Rockwell,
Nomi Prince, Webster Tarpley, and so many others that are going to be on with us five o'clock central to midnight.
We'll probably go past midnight. I think 10 hours on air will be enough for me and some of our other reporters will probably take over at that point. They'll also be reporting for us as well.
We're going to be going back and forth between the two studios we've got. We're building more studios right now here at the infowars headquarters, here at the infowars campus.
Believe it or not, we need them because we end up using the voiceover equipment, the video editing, all of it, the two studios, even though we have other workstations.
We just end up needing more spots to put out more because there's so much news and the globalists are moving on so many fronts. Every time we engage the globalists, we have victories.
The problem is that we can't engage the enemy on every issue because they're moving on so many fronts. That's why you need to get your own YouTube channel.
You need to go do your own local access show. You need to go get your own local radio show. And if you think it's hard, it's not as hard as you think.
You need to go engage the globalists. None of us are going to defeat this evil by ourselves. But with God's help and taking action, with what's right, and having little fights with these people every day, we will move against them.
You're never going to get anything done just sitting around. Now, again, I played parts of the clip. Here's the end part. It's up at infowars.com.
Obama, you know I tell the truth, and I want to read some of Paul Watson in my article that we put out that is so important up at presentplanet.com and infowars.com.
Obama, you know I tell the truth and just caught in massive lies. In fact, that's a great headline Paul has. That's the headline I told him.
I think we need to add Obama. You know I tell the truth. Fact check. We want to add fact check to that if we can. If Watson isn't listening, maybe Nemo or Don cannot do that.
I mean, he's caught red-handed in lies. I mean, I don't know how you get a strong enough headline here. We're going to play that clip one more time in case you just tuned in.
Here's Obama crying, totally staged, right out of Oprah Winfrey in the same speech he started crying. I mean, this is absolutely asinine.
I mean, sometimes I talk about abortion and I'll get a tear in my eye because I start thinking about my children and what if they would have been aborted?
It really shakes me up. People say, oh, that's fake. But let me tell you, Obama doing this, maybe it's real. Maybe he's crying thinking he's about to get kicked out.
Because again, I don't like Mitt Romney either. But Mitt Romney, this is the one reason I don't hate people that end up voting for Mitt Romney because I understand you're hitting the reset button.
I didn't hate people that voted for Obama. I said, I hope he does something better. It's like a man who's being held under water. You just want to get to the surface.
And spiritually, that's how this feels. Because I started to get a lung full of water yesterday morning and had to get up to the top real quick.
And it was kind of that panic feeling. And I thought, man, that's how I feel every day, deep down. It's kind of a controlled panic.
That's what you have on the show. I think it's why we're so successful is because we're real and people are picking up on the vibe that you're feeling as well.
It's fear. It's not even anger. I want out of this. I want my leg out of this bear trap, okay? I want this to stop. I want freedom. I want prosperity.
And Obama's not facing reelection. He gets reelected. And my gut tells me Mitt Romney and the people that run him are dangerous.
But my gut tells me that the Obama folks are going to go for a full takeover if they get in. And maybe that's what has to happen. Maybe that's good.
Again, just whatever happens, I'm going to do my best exposing these people. Here's this clip one more time.
At least not the kind of change you want out of your president. You may not agree with every policy I've put forward.
There have been times where, by the way, Michelle doesn't agree with everything I do. You may be frustrated sometimes with the pace of change.
I'm frustrated too sometimes. But you know where I stand. You know what I believe. You know I tell the truth.
Our tricaster that we use to do video is quite a piece of equipment. So it started playing another clip before that.
We're going to have to get something else. And that's part of the studio upgrade that we're doing right now.
But that means we actually have to do it. We actually have to get something in there that works. This is a big show.
Three million people a day. We kind of just, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again.
And I guess the buck stops with me. So it's really my fault. And I will pledge to you it's not going to continue.
All right. Again, you just heard Obama right there saying that he doesn't lie to you, that he always tells the truth.
I'm going to go to break and I'm going to come back since you heard that. And we are going to get to on record in this Paul Joseph Watson
Alex Jones article what he's really done. Then we're going to get into the latest with the hurricane and the latest with the election
and all sorts of calls for more violence. We could see some pretty wild stuff tomorrow if Obama is not elected.
It's all rearranging deck chairs in the Titanic, but it is quite a spectacle. To behold, stay with us.
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Suck in the children's blood day by day.
Certainly is. This is a vampiric system.
So, Obama says, you know I tell the truth. Yeah, the attack on Libya and Syria is peace bombing. The drones radically expanded its peace bombing.
The waterboarding and torture is peaceful. The hiring nothing but lobbyists when you promise not to. That's not lying.
During a campaign event in New Hampshire last night, Barack Obama told an audience of his supporters, you know I tell the truth.
Here are 10 flagrant examples of where Obama has not told the truth and in fact has lied to cover up his own administration's failings or as a deliberate act of deception.
As part of the 2008 campaign pledge, Obama promised to close down Guantanamo Bay.
The Obama administration not only failed to close the infamous prison camp, they expanded its use to a larger torture camp to actually create alkytopatsis.
Number two, last year after campaigning to protect Habeas Corpus, again, he campaigned to protect it.
Obama promised not to sign the National Defense Authorization Act with his provisions for the indefinite detention of Americans, yet put his signature on the bill in the dead of night on New Year's Eve.
Indeed, it was Obama administration itself which argued for the removal of the language that would have protected Americans from the provisions.
And then had them reinstituted after a court had struck them down.
He's still fighting to keep it in place while claiming he was against it.
Just total deception, counting on you not paying attention and being stupid.
Number three, Obama has lied time and time again about Operation Fast and Furious, the program which saw guns delivered directly into the hands of Mexican drug lords.
Obama told a national television station the program had begun under Bush when it's fact it began under Obama's watch in October of 2009.
And we have links to all those documents.
Number four, emails sent shortly after the incident as well as CBS 60 Minutes interview from September 12th proved that the White House knew the assault on the U.S. Consulate Ms. Ngozi was a premeditated terrorist attack by guys they'd hired.
Yet the administration spent over a week claiming the incident was a protest against a YouTube video.
Number five, as part of a campaign pitch, Obama promised to not use signing statements as a way of doing an in-run around Congress.
Obama has issued no less than 19 signing statements since he took office.
In 2010, Obama said we've excluded lobbyists from policy-making jobs or seats on federal boards or commissions. Not only have dozens of lobbyists had regular access to the White House, but Obama has hired over a dozen lobbyists breaking a campaign promise to ensure that lobbyists don't find a way into the White House.
Number seven, as part of efforts to bypass congressional authorization of the war on Libya, Obama gave a speech in which he promised there would be no boots on the ground in Libya.
That's a quote. The promise was broken within four uniform military personnel were sent to Libya in addition to widespread reports that U.S. Special Forces had arrived in Libya months before the overthrow of Qaddafi.
Yeah, it was actually thousands of U.S. troops, but Paul just links to one article.
Under Obama, number eight, under Obamacare, Obama claimed that there would be no state-funded abortions.
It later emerged that federally funded abortions would be expanded under Obamacare. And yeah, he's going to make churches pay for him. That's so sick.
Number nine, in 2008, Obama promised no more illegal wiretapping of American citizens just months after he took office.
Obama expanded Bush's warrantless wiretapping program to journalists and others.
The invasiveness of illegal wiretapping is worse under Obama than it was under Bush, as Chris Hedges has pointed out.
Number 10, before the passage of Obamacare, Obama claimed the bill was absolutely not a tax increase on all Americans.
When the Supreme Court rubber-stamped Obamacare, they were only able to do so by classifying it as a mandated tax. Yeah, the IRS runs it.
Otherwise, it would have been unconstitutional. Tell the truth, Obama doesn't know the meaning of the word. We'll be right back. Stay with us.
This is GCN, the Genesis Communications Radio Network.
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All right, ladies and gentlemen, thank you for joining us. I'm Alex Jones.
Part of our continued live coverage of the Globalist Selection of President 2012.
It doesn't mean that people shouldn't vote. It helps to expose fraud in different areas.
It helps to sometimes even not have fraud in some areas and get people into office who are patriots.
But we are going to be taking calls throughout the broadcast today. David Ike's coming up.
We also have Richard Belzer coming on. And then of course I'll be back on tonight at 5 to midnight with a special radio slash TV transmission.
5 to midnight central. And you can find all that information in infowars.com, the free audio streams, the video streams, all of it.
Right now let's go to some calls. Matthew in New Jersey, what are you seeing with voting in your area Matthew?
Hi Alex.
Yes sir.
Hey, I just got out of the voting polls for, I just voted for Gary Johnson.
And everyone's down there all got their 7-11 coffees. You know, everyone's got their Romney cup or their Obama cup.
I don't know if you know 7-11, they got this, you know, who you're going to vote for thing.
And they don't have the Johnson cup. I got a green cup and I put Gary on it.
But one thing I want to talk to you about, I don't know if you heard, IMSNBC,
I had an report where Romney's engaging in the niggerization of Obama.
And I haven't heard you talk about it. And it's very, very, very racy.
What are you talking about?
Well, let's not, listen, let's not use erogatory terms there. That's not an FCC term we can't use, but it's, who is saying that?
That type in niggerization, MSNBC. I'm not racist at all.
No, I mean, I just, I know that all they do is try to create racial division in this country.
MSNBC, I mean, I don't even really watch them ever anymore.
So I don't, yeah, I just don't see anything on that.
So send me a link to showtipsandinfowars.com, sir. I appreciate your call.
We'll look into that. Russell in Florida, you're on the air. Go ahead.
Hey, how's it going, Alex? Worldwide broadcast. How you doing today?
Good, good. Just to get what you're just talking about, about the races. I was just, they're failing horribly in Florida with that.
I was just out front smoking a cigarette and a black guy was just down the street and started talking to me.
Well, yeah, most people get along fine. That's why the media is trying to create all this racial division.
Did you try to vote? We opened the phones up for folks to see if they had any problems, anomalies, voting.
No, I'm not going to vote this year. It's just a crowning of a new globalist king.
There's no point in it. I think it's all rigged anyway.
Well, you know, I can see not voting for one of the two big candidates, but there's still elections locally.
And that's where we need to get in there and get patriots in, in my view. But thank you so much for calling.
And one more here. Let's talk to Vern in Wisconsin. Vern, did you go out and vote? Did you have any problems?
Yes, I did, Alex. And I'm a blind person and I'll have to talk to someone later because I know you don't have much time.
But I went to vote and I use a braille ballot because I refuse to use the voting machines.
Every time I use them, the handicap voting machines broke down.
Now I went to vote and usually my braille ballot is there.
I had the lady at the polling place talk to the city and, well, she actually talked to the city before I got there
and she was real upset because it wasn't there. We don't know what happened to it.
I talked to the city clerk and six years ago somebody had called up and said that I did not want my braille ballot.
Well, when I called up and complained about it, they told me to drop the whole issue that this should not even be looked into.
I should shut up. I have not shut up about it. This morning I get there. The braille ballot is not there.
We don't know what happened to it.
And I want to be able to keep in contact with you so that I can update you as to what's happening with this whole situation.
There's more to this story than I know that you have time to talk about.
But I have no idea where that ballot is and I just, I felt that I should call and let you know about it.
Yes, sir. We're going to continue to track all these different anomalies with calls and more. Thank you so much for calling.
We'll be right back with David Eich to get his take on all things geopolitical and talk about how he packed Wembley Stadium this last week in England. Stay with us.
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Crashing through the lies and disinformation, it's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
He is November 6th, 2012. We are covering the 2012 presidential election and all the other elections.
The selection, no one can deny the globalist, own both the horses, the big horses in the big race for president, but they don't control every other person running for Congress or the Senate.
We're going to be tracking this here today, but also back tonight with free audio and video streams, infowars.com, infowars.netlynews, continual coverage, special transmission from 5 past midnight.
So all total today, I'll be on air more than 10 hours and then we have our other reporters and crew will probably push past midnight as we track all this.
Even though they're puppets, we still have to track this because they're trying to get a race war going.
I said that two weeks ago and I hope we can stop it and I think we will be able to because people are wise.
We've all got basically spirits and you've got good people, you've got bad people, you've got people that love good, you've got people that love evil.
You've really got different types of mindsets and souls out there. It's not about race or color.
And it is despicable to see people like Michael Moore saying if Romney wins, it's a fraud, burned down US cities.
He puts out videos showing seniors saying that and then saying in Spanish, yes we can.
You've got Bill Maher saying that if Romney is elected, that blacks should go out and find and attack white people.
And that's meant to create racial division. That's classic divide and conquer.
We're going to talk about that with David Ike, who's been the head of the Green Party in England, BBC News reporter, sports reporter.
He can certainly expose how they will have the Tories and Labor, Republican Democrat, conservatives, social Democrats in Germany.
Same story, different country. But here's some of the headlines.
Thousands of public housing tenants struggle to survive without heat, water and power a full week after Hurricane Sandy, New York Daily News.
And government's not helping them. It's churches and local New Yorkers.
And we've had callers about this, but it's also in the news confirming that New Yorkers that did get prepared are going in and helping people in the projects.
So there you go. And that's got to make MSNBC angry. That's why they're not covering it.
They hate to see whites and blacks and others helping each other.
So continuing here, Sandy price gouging probed $7 loaf of bread, $10 box of matches NBC, New York.
There are some people who were cashing in on it though.
Continuing, New York City residents still stuck in neutral over gas shortages.
And after about the hurricane, Sandy, they're now what, seven, eight days into this and government can't or won't help them, especially in areas where the public's been disarmed.
There is looting. There are attacks. Sandy victims beg for help.
The weekly standard and amazing compilation video I saw this morning where people are just begging and pleading and no help is coming.
Continuing, Giuliani says FEMA as bad as Katrina.
Yeah, no doubt about that. And people begging government to protect them poor folks more than half the population.
They estimate made no preparation.
Manhattan garbage days cut as sanitation workers head to Sandy stricken burrows.
So government shutting off the services, other areas to go try to dig folks out.
Grid down collapse, hard assets soaring value.
Another report we've got up at prisonplanet.com.
Continuing here, Chris Christie Institute's gas rationing system in New Jersey.
See all government can do is take control of things and then ration it.
That's just some of the reports that we have breaking that down and we're going to David Ike.
Let me just hit a few of the election news stories and we'll cover this first with him and then get into the big geopolitical developments.
Obama supporters mark election day with more threats to kill Romney.
Are these young people the vanguard of hope and change? And again, you've got all the Democratic Party operatives trying to invoke racism and trying to stir folks up into barring down their own neighborhoods.
Not a good idea.
Thousands of shocking threats of violence by Obama supporters on the eve of the election.
Another article from the economic collapse blog breaking all of that down.
Obama campaign to supporters don't panic over early exit polls.
Yeah, don't worry. The electronic voting machines will save you. Doesn't matter though.
Again, it's rearranging deck chairs in the Titanic.
But if it is contested, that's when you're going to see the social unrest.
Battleground tracking poll, dead heat, Politico.
Again, Romney's ahead in most of these battleground states, but don't think that that means he's really going to win.
Who knows? We're going to find out. Even if it is a staged horse race, it's still interesting.
JZ substitutes meant for a bitch while rapping at Obama rally. Excuse that term.
Des Moines store near Obama rally has message for the Secret Service.
We do not consent to our store being searched. It's not that there's anything illegal in here.
We just employ several Colombian prostitutes and don't want to tempt you guys.
Now, since when does the Secret Service sometimes come into whole neighborhoods?
I want to search everyone for the stupid puppet president.
All ideas to make you think the buck stops with the president.
Bob Dylan predicts Obama in a landslide.
We'll get to more of this later in the hour.
Ahead of Richard Bells are joining us.
I'm going to give us his take on what's happening.
He thinks if it's a contested or close election, there's going to be civil unrest as well.
TV movie star, also longtime listener and author writing about government coverups and false flags.
But we go to David Ike of davidike.com who packed Wembley Stadium.
They're in London in a historic event that got front page coverage in many British newspapers.
And I wanted to get him on. They called him a kook. They called him nuts.
They called him dangerous. They called him scum.
The issue is I agree with about 98% of what David Ike says.
And I know David believes what he's saying.
And I know that David has been proven right.
I mean, he said years ago on record that Savelle, that big BBC reporter, he used to work at BBC, David Ike,
that David's known since the 90s, that Savelle was part of a pedophile network.
Boom, that's all been confirmed.
And the highest levels of government.
He's talked about so much more, dozens of things that have come true.
In the last 20 years that he's been exposing things he's sold, I don't know,
millions of books worldwide, former champion goalie, BBC reporter in news and sports,
gave it all up when he had an awakening, an epiphany,
a Saul of Tartsis moment on his road to Damascus.
And he joins us now.
David, thank you for joining us.
I want to get into the election.
We'll also talk about your historic event and more in the 50 minutes or so we've got.
We'll get Belzer on at eight after next hour.
But David, you just heard me go over all these headlines,
all these things converging at once, military actions expanding,
our governments using Al Qaeda in the Middle East, drones being launched,
the world's financial meltdown, children being given RFID chips,
you know, to wear around their necks to go to school, all over the world.
I mean, it's like the dam has broken and evil is just rushing in.
David, I hear take on it all.
Well, the saddest thing Alex is that today in America doesn't really matter that much.
I think you've got on your website the puppet of choice.
And this is what people worldwide need to understand if they're going to get a grasp
and a grip on the world that they live in, because all these celebrities,
well, maybe not all of them, maybe not the Jay-Z's of this world,
but all these celebrities and all these people that work in the lower ranks of the parties
and get pulled out to, you know, people that rallies and knock on doors,
they will believe staggeringly on the face of the evidence
that there's some difference between the person they're supporting
and the person they're opposing.
And all they are, it literally is like the Pied Piper of Hamlin.
You know, he's going along with the pipe and the children are following,
oh, I'm Democrat children, oh, I'm Republican children,
oh, I'm Labor children, I'm conservative children.
And yet, when you go up the pyramid, up the structure of these parties,
eventually you end up with the same people.
America is a wonderful example, Alex, but this is what happens worldwide.
But in America, you've got the Republican Party,
and they're controlled quite demonstrably,
not least during the Bush administration by these people called the neocons,
the neo-conservatives, people like Pearl and Crystal and John Bolton and Wolfowitz and all these people.
And then you've got the Democratic Party,
and they are controlled by a similar group, which I call the Democons.
These people like Brazinski, Soros, Rami, Manuel, David Axelrod.
But then you go to the next level, and the Democons and the Neocons answer to the same master.
So at that point, it doesn't matter, that point in the hierarchy,
and by this time you're out of the public arena and you're in the shadows,
it doesn't matter who wins because they're the puppet of that always-in-power grouping,
time and time again, decade after decade.
It's happening all over the world.
I mean, we've had a guy here, Alex, called David Cameron, who's come in,
and there's a satirical magazine in Britain called Private Eye,
and some years ago they had a front page which was brilliant, summed the whole thing up.
It had a picture of Tony Blair, Labour Party, it says here,
and a picture of David Cameron, Conservative Party,
and the headline was, World's First Face Transplant, a Success.
Because he's just Tony Blair under another name, and this is what's happening all over the world.
And yes, we have to look at the Abomas and we have to look at the Romneys,
and we have to look at these people who are put forward to give us the illusion of choice,
but really what we need to really look at and really understand is this all-encompassing grouping
that controls all of them, because over the last 20 years or so,
I've uncovered this network and how it works, and it's real simple.
What you have is like a secret society, also Satanism and pedophilia, funnily enough,
version of a transnational corporation.
So you've got someone like McDonald's or, I don't know, Monsanto, any of them,
any of these transnational corporations, McDonald's is a wonderful example,
and you've got a headquarters somewhere in America.
You've got a state to the whole McDonald's global network.
So wherever you go in the world, you're going in basically the same McDonald's,
because it's the same corporate image, it's the same corporate way of working the same everything.
This grouping, this global grouping has created a structure of secret societies,
satanic societies, pedophilia networks, which operate in the same way.
In Europe, places like the city of London, Rome, Brussels, Paris, Berlin,
and of course the United States to a large extent as well,
but Europe's the real epicenter, not governments at the centre of this web,
and they dictate to their subsidiaries.
So in each country, you've got a network of families, interbreeding families under different names,
secret societies, satanic networks and pedophile networks,
and that grouping, they have the job of introducing in their country,
their spirit of influence, the central dictated agenda.
So as I've travelled around the world, more than 50 odd countries in the last 20 years,
what you find is the same blueprint in every country,
and this is why you go from country to country,
and you see the same things being introduced at the same time,
justified by the same excuses, because it's central dictated.
So what's happening in America today is that the next stage of the agenda
of the grouping that controls America, but is dictated to by this global epicenter,
this centre of the spider's web, is now deciding,
well, it's decided before, but it's going to officially decide
who is going to be its front man for the next four years,
but that's all that's going on, because the agenda will continue unchecked,
because that force that is in the background behind the Republicans and the Democrats
is just following the same agenda, election after election, party change after party change,
and that's why nothing changes, that's why the same agenda unfolds.
David, you're absolutely right.
So how do we break people out of this, because either people are waking up faster and faster,
or they're getting deeper into the trance?
Well, for me, the greatest statement that people could make today is not to vote.
Well, there's one thing they should vote on, in my view, and that's Proposition 37 in California.
If California today doesn't vote for GMO labelling, then the world is completely insane.
So I support that voting, but voting for Romney or voting for Obama.
So people say, well, if I don't vote for Obama, then Romney will get in.
For Romney, then Obama will get in. It doesn't matter,
because the same grouping, this hidden grouping behind both parties, is in control anyway,
and by voting, we are giving credence to a rigged system.
By not voting, you're saying, we know the system's rigged, and we're not having it anymore,
because otherwise, I mean, it's like in Australia, that it's compulsory to vote,
and all that does is give credence, because people vote,
not because they think they've got a choice most of the time, but they think, well, I get fine if I don't.
They keep the voting levels up, and therefore give credence to a rigged system.
In countries where that's not applicable, I would say in Australia, included,
don't vote in mass numbers, what they're going to do, but the thing is, don't vote.
I haven't voted for decades and decades and decades,
and it's not made any difference whether I vote or whether I don't vote,
because the same force has been in power, whether Labour or Conservatives.
Sure, I want to talk about how compartmentalization works and how they hired people in the system
who are into different types of criminal activity so they can know that they're compromised,
but why it's pedophiles at the top, they've obviously now have indicted the former head of Penn State for covering up,
and I mean, it's obvious that if Sandusky was raping children in broad daylight in the fieldhouse,
which is a college fieldhouse, is like an airport, there's so many people in it,
this was obviously open season on the children, it's always the same model,
and I see it coming out daily now where whether it's TSA agents or Homeland Security
or movie stars or politicians worldwide, they always run children's homes or children at risk.
Well, no kidding, these are literal ghouls who want power so they can abuse and attack everybody,
and this is what I've been saying about places like Bohemian Grove that goes on in some sectors of it,
this is the stuff that's connected to skull and bones, it's just a feeder group to these satanic rituals.
Every culture says there's bad people that like to come and chop folks up or drink their blood or sacrifice kids,
every culture sacrifice children, and if they can't get away with killing them, well, they'll rape them,
that's the next best thing, but I want to get into that here for a moment,
in fact, this is just all coming out now that that's who runs things, and we see HBO a few months ago,
and guys, don't show the news articles, I know it's in the news, but I'm not going to show it,
it shows four-year-old girls simulating sex with large sex toys.
This is what they now put on during the family hour, their religion is wrecking innocence, their religion is abortion,
their religion is death, poisoning, this is what they're into, they're now calling for two child policies in the West,
but I'm now ranting again, David, I guess our guest here, but I specifically wanted to talk about Prop 37.
I've seen this over and over again, a month ago it was two to one for it, everybody wants to be able to read on a label to make their choice,
it's very simple, and then they start running polls saying suddenly it's neck and neck, suddenly it's behind,
those are obviously fraudulent polls, they do that when they're getting ready to use the electronic machines,
and California is totally run by fraud to do that, and so people need to understand, folks,
just because these polls say something doesn't mean it's the case, I have been in the Republican primary repeatedly,
working in Austin to watch it, and seeing Pat Buchanan getting 60% of the vote, and then they announced he had 2% at the end of the night,
and I was walking around to all the tables as they put the Scantrons together, David, and shoved them in the machines back in 1996 and one other time,
and I talked to everybody, it was Pat Buchanan more than 50%, they said he got like 2% in Travis County or something,
I have witnessed it, so people need to grow up and understand that obviously people don't want GMO worldwide, we don't want it here either,
the GMO grows where it kills the honeybee, the honeybee can't eat what we're supposed to eat, or the bugs, so David, I'm ranting there,
but just on those topics.
Well, a few things there, Alex, I'll say as someone that I spent an enormous amount of time in America over the last 20 years,
but when I first realized coming in from Britain, which is far from perfect, my goodness me, are you kidding,
but when I came in and realized that you had voting machines and voting machines were being introduced more and more,
where you pressed a button and somehow electronically or through a computer, your vote was registered, I mean, I was absolutely horrified,
I mean, okay, you're sitting around a table, and you say okay, we're looking for suggestions on how best to rig an election,
well, the best way would be if we had voting machines, because then we'd just rig the computer, I mean, it's like, hello,
and you know, it's done on the basis of oh no, it's the latest technology, well, it's technology that is a piece of cake to rig,
you know, there's some things that need to stay as they were before, so that they can be much more easily or it'd be much more difficult to rig,
but voting machines, I mean, hello, it's just asking for trouble, it's shocking to me.
The other thing about Proposition 37 is this is just so simple what we're facing here in California.
You've got a group of transnational pure undiluted evil corporations who are devastating the health of America with genetically modified food,
who are saying we and they have put unbelievable amounts of money into a campaign to persuade you whose health they are targeting to vote against having labels on the food
so people can have a choice about whether they're going to eat it or not, a campaign to stop them saying that genetically modified food is natural.
Imagine, they make you say how much sugar is in it, but they won't let you know what's in an additive, they just call it an additive,
and they tell you how they want to take care of you all day when they knew in the 70s Aspartame gave tumors to the monkeys and now it's proven to make you obese.
David, I have talked to countless people, family, business people who said, man, I was 40, 50 pounds overweight.
I went to Germany or I went to Austria or I went to all sorts of countries in Europe, went to Russia, and they said I drank every night.
I ate like a pig and I lost 40, 50 pounds eating like a pig and drinking every day when I was on a health nut here and couldn't lose weight.
It's the additives, it's the crud, because the studies show that GMO across the board sterilizes and makes the rats obese and stupid.
Well, that's precisely what it's designed to do, and of course you've got the growth hormones which people are consuming that have been given to the animals,
and this crazy idea that this stuff does not cross from crops into people and from animals into people.
You know, one of the biggest explosions of health problems is food allergies.
Oh yeah, let's talk about allergies when we come back, absolutely.
We're on the march, the Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Now they're coming out with hundreds of other food crops because you could eat beets, you could eat peas, you could eat rutabaga, you could eat hundreds of things, Brussels sprouts that weren't GMO.
Sure, they're inorganic, they got pesticide on them, whatever, but they're still got some good stuff in them. Not anymore, everything, grasses, trees, all of it.
And here's the deal, when you hear GMO, it doesn't mean splicing two plants together, natural hybridization.
We're talking about insect genes in the food, we're talking about animal genes, we're talking about pigs and cows that now have human genes that are going on to your breakfast and dinner table and lunch tables.
I track this. I mean, they had human embryo clones 25 years ago and just admitted it a few years ago. This is all light years ahead.
I've had Dr. Begachan, how these are binary weapon systems. People say, well, it's hurting the globalists now. They will put one thing into us, but know that it's something else that activates it.
And that's why everyone I know across the United States, almost everyone, gets deathly ill now from allergies who have lived in certain areas their entire lives, eat the same diets, are healthy, take care of themselves,
because you're even breathing during the summer and spring, you're breathing the pollen of GMO now.
And a bunch of reports came out in the last two weeks of the National Institutes of Health, aspartame studies. 67% of female rats developed visible tumors at dozens of times.
I mean, just massive, thousands of percentage point increases faster than other rats. You can pull up that study, just type in aspartame cancer.
The link between aspartame and brain tumors, what the FDA never told you about artificial sweeteners, natural news, links to the National Institutes of Health.
Rat study ties artificial sweetener to weight gain. That's out of Reuters. This came out in 2008, because I just told them during the break, I said, hey, find me those studies.
They found studies, other ones here. They just had one last week, National Institute of Health, a big decade-long university study with rats.
Ladies and gentlemen, they fed them the same caloric intake, but gave them aspartame, and the rats got fatter, got tumors, and were dumb, lethargic.
Look at the public. We are under chemical and biological and radiological warfare. And who talked about it 20 years ago?
David Ike, to cloud your brain computer. It's like throwing up radar disturbances, so that radar-guided missiles can't come in or something.
The globalists are doing this, and it's come out that the Chinese elite, I can show you the articles, the Monsanto factories, their engineers have their own private cafeterias from the workers.
They will not eat GMO. All the royalty randomly picked Dutch or British royalty, randomly picked Chinese government, Canadian government, German government.
Type in German elite, eat organic. German elite get clean vaccine. Type in Monsanto doesn't have GMO in their cafeteria.
Type in Chinese Communist Party has secret farms for their food. That's London Telegraph. David, I've got you on here, but you say things that make me rant.
In fact, if we can, we try to keep David maybe 10 minutes to the next hour, 15 minutes, then it bells are moved up a little bit, because I've just got so much to talk to him about.
We're in the middle of this election, but I felt like this morning, word of honor, coming in here and talking about allergies, and how it's the sign that we're under chemical warfare.
Our immune systems are lowering. Everybody's basically getting the equivalent of AIDS now. Artificial HIV, that's what the studies are showing, is that's what all this is doing to us.
That's why cancer is exploding, because our immune system finally just gives up. David Ike, I mean, we're being killed. How bad is the killing going to get?
How many of us have to die before people wake up out of the trance that we're being soft killed? David Ike.
Well, I've been saying for a long, long time now, way, way back into the early 90s, that one of the great prime targets of this whole conspiracy is the human immune system, because it's very simple.
You can do this to the body, you can do that to the body, but if the immune system's strong, well, it's got a racket and it's hitting the ball back.
But if you can dilute, destroy, and undermine the immune system, then not only can the things that you're throwing at it, you'll manufacture this or manufacture that get through.
But actually, so can things that couldn't get through before, like so-called normal things that the immune system would deal with easily.
And another thing about the immune system and allergies is that because the immune system is reacting to threats to the body, what I would call threats to the operating system,
then if you can put into food things that the immune system picks up as a threat,
and my goodness me, where do you start with the stuff we call food today, then the immune system is going to see that food that you're consuming as a threat and it is going to attack it.
And thus you get the whole food allergy going.
And there's another big angle to this, very important one.
And that is that some of this genetically modified stuff is genetically modified to have its own insecticide.
And this insecticide punches holes in the bodies and the intestines of insects.
And it's part of the way it kills them.
And so because they say, oh no, but when humans consume it, it doesn't pass over.
Well, yes, it does, you liar or idiot, depending what level of the structure you're talking from.
It does.
And what it's doing, it's punching holes in the human intestine.
And when food, normal foods or foods that people would have never had a problem with before get through into the main body, if you like, then that's not where they should be.
And thus the immune system picks up that food in the wrong place as a threat.
And that goes into the immune system's database.
And the next time you eat that food and it enters the body, the immune system goes alarm bell, danger, danger.
And now suddenly you've got a problem with that food, an allergy to that food that you never had before.
This is how it's working.
And we talked at length for many years about the coal.
They want a massive coal of the global population.
Well, this is one of the key ways they're doing it because it's cumulative.
But with GMO, as we're now seeing with the catastrophic effects on American health in so many ways, this stuff really started dominating the diet because of course you get it in corn.
You've actually got it into almost everything.
It's cumulative, yes, but it's a quickening and quickening cumulative because it's starting to affect people in a very, very negative way faster and faster.
Because of course once your immune system's undermined by GMO, then it's undermined to be hit by the next lot of GMO and the next lot.
And the GMO is getting more and more power over rewiring the genetics of your body while your immune system is getting battered into submission.
This is what's happening.
And it's so important, America, they are killing you.
They want to kill all of us or the vast majority of people.
But in Europe, although they want the same thing, there's more resistance here and thus they're finding it more and more difficult to get it in.
But by the way, David, like a military, though, that they've caught them in Brazil and all over, Monsanto and others will go even when it's illegal and will plant little crops next to growth belts to infect things.
And they've bragged before I've seen them in National Geographic saying, our plan is to take over where you don't have a choice.
And it's the same company that brought us Aspartame, that brought us Agent Orange, that buried dioxin in neighborhoods.
Evil is their business, but expanding on that, I remember you more than a decade ago saying this is meant to rewire our genetics.
Big studies just came out, a couple of them this year, proving that GMO penetrates the cell walls with the new DNA in the plants.
There's also viruses, so it's RNA, and is causing mutations and rewriting us.
And of course, none of this is on accident. Why does every GMO in studies end up sterilizing rodents and end up giving them cancer?
Because they're stacking traits. We're told about one trait, that's why so many times the GMO doesn't even do what they tell the farmers it will, because it is a deployed weapon system.
That's exactly what it is. It's a deployed weapon system to attack the human immune system, rewire us genetically, and also there's a two-pronged attack in terms of dramatically reducing the world population.
One is killing people, and one is making them increasingly infertile, so more people don't come along at the other end.
And there comes a point. This is what catches people out. People still see the human population growing worldwide, or at least that's what the figures tell us.
But there comes a point, a tipping point, where the cumulative impact of all of this, because this is only part of it, you've got the chemtrails, which have multi-reasons for being there, and one is its effect on human health.
You have the electromagnetic soup that people live in, which is dramatically affecting human health, because we have electromagnetic fields, you distort them, you distort the body, which is an expression of that field.
And therefore, there comes a point where the cumulative buildup of all this is a tipping point, and that's when lots and lots of people start to die, and people are going, hey, what's going on? People are dying in this large number.
It's been building up for decades, mate. And now they're good at no one even noticing 3,000% increases in the U.S. in general cancers, over 10,000% in pediatric, the U.S. leading the world in neurological brain disorders, early onset diabetes, multi-thousand percentage.
And now they're just saying, get ready for half the population to have diabetes. And no one ever asks, why is it happening? It's always, oh, the government will tell you what you can eat now, and the school lunch is nothing but GMO.
Oh, but aspartame is good for you. Listen, expanding on this, David. Now we knew this was coming. Now I'm seeing headlines every day in newspapers going, hey, infertility's off the chart.
DNA is damaged for some reason. Don't worry. You're now going to go to the government under government healthcare in Europe and here, and they're going to even create a baby out of three parents if they have to, and they're going to cut out all the bad traits, David.
So things will have to be designer. They wreck our fertility, make us ill, and then we have to go to them to the genetic augmentation to even live or survive or procreate.
But in that we give up our procreation. Now the genetic engineers are in full control. This is the master plan.
Well, yeah, I mean, you know, I've been writing for a long, long time about ancient genetic manipulation of the human form and what the ancients talked about in terms of the manipulation of human genetics then is simply another expression of what's happening now.
The force that's behind all this is obsessed with human genetics, not least because it knows that human genetics is an information field or an energetic information construct, and the nature of that construct and the information it contains fundamentally impacts upon the person's perception of reality,
perception of self perception of the world. And therefore they are manipulating this so that we are constantly having our perceptions squeezed and squeezed and squeezed.
So when I say people that succumb to this, they get dumber. The range of things that they're actually interested in and take notice of get squeezed and squeezed and squeezed. It's like looking out of your eyes and seeing a massive panorama.
That's the natural state of human awareness. But suddenly it's getting squeezed and squeezed and squeezed and squeezed and squeezed and squeezed. And now, instead of seeing a panorama, you're looking down the end of a telescope in terms of what you can perceive, what you're interested in, what you can understand.
This is what's happening. And the more that they can squeeze that range of perception, the more they can operate all around us and do whatever they like. And that perception will not see what's going on because if you're looking through a telescope, a telescope doesn't have peripheral vision.
It has the little dot at the end that you're looking at. And where the conspiracy goes on is in the peripheral vision. So it wants us focused on dots so that we don't see the greater picture of how the other dots exist and fit together.
So concentrate on your game, concentrate on your family, concentrate on your job, concentrate on whatever, but don't have peripheral vision. And what they're doing, Alex, is genetically and through chemical means is that they are also squeezing the range of our perception.
So that, you know, we're just looking down the end of a pipe, down the end of a telescope, and they can do it. To a television giving us all these destructive messages. Again, folks, I thought we'd have David Icon as part of the 2012 election coverage here of Puppet A or Puppet B so that we could bring some sanity to the insanity.
And so that's pretty funny because the mainstream media likes to call David Icon insane. He's probably one of the sanest people I know. And it's said some incredibly wild things over the years that turned out to be true.
Like giant pedophile rings run the British government and naming Mr. Savelle, which now it's come out was running a giant operation. But notice, we're not seeing the more arrest happening.
Now, we will get more into the election itself and all the things that are happening and the threats of violence in the next hour. And we have Richard Belzer, TV and Movistar, who's also knows about the New World Order and is an author exposing it, joining us.
And we will get to some calls. But tonight, five to midnight central, there's free audio and video streams you can get right now at infowars.com and prisonplanet.com.
Please send this out to everybody you know and say, hey, you want to get some real coverage of what's going on? You want to break the matrix in this paradigm? Go to infowars.com and prisonplanet.com.
Now, David, expanding on all this just briefly because we're about to go to break and time always moves so fast when you're with us.
What is happening over in England? Because we're having our own pedophile scandal with the children's groups. It's been well known the CPS routinely kills kids and don't even get in trouble here in the U.S.
Exactly. I mean, there are so many thousands of scandals came out five, six years ago that thousands, three thousand plus kids were missing the CPS had.
It was even on seeing an end and they found a bunch of them dead. Then the story was shut down. Is this stuff brought out from time to time by the establishment during key blackmailing periods because it's always been going on.
Why is it servicing now?
Well, I think that there may be a number of reasons for that. But between about 1997 and well, well into 2000s, 2005, six, I did just the most fantastic amount of research worldwide on pedophilia,
satanism and this whole stuff that we're talking about now, mind control, mind control, massively important thing to understand and why people, including politicians, do certain things.
And what I found, Alex, is that you know that that structure I talked about earlier of the McDonald's type transnational corporation structure and the secrets that the three things I went into this in detail at Wembley,
the three recurring themes that are the cement that hold this whole thing together and, for instance, hold the one party state together.
Stay there. We're going to hear about those three things on the other side with this intriguing interview with David Eich and he'll explain what interlocking corporations are for those that don't know.
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The Texas Youth Commission was running stuff like that and the state police tried to stop it and they fired the director.
I mean, so the good news is the Texas Rangers were good guys and tried to stop it and they just got shut down.
And that's what's so incredible that David Ike now more than ever, the real evil at the top is being exposed.
So I want you to get into the three points that cement all this together and I agree with you.
I mean, you can call it Satanism, whatever you want. You know, these guys believe they're communicating with these entities.
You call them aliens, people say you're a kook, you call them demons. Well, you can go to the Baptist church and give a speech.
But the point is, regardless, I've studied them. They think they are, so they might as well be.
I mean, you are what you think you are in a way. But I mean, David, what are the three things that cement it?
And what do you make of it starting to come out? Because I know a lot of this is coming out because good people are blowing the whistle and are standing up against it.
Well, you know, the reason I talked in the Moneybomb show about the big reason why there's this obsession with sex and abuse of children is to do with a much bigger picture.
But if we keep it in the level of the political system and the system in general, they are wonderful people, pedophiles, to use in positions of power when you want to control that position of power.
Because let's not forget for a second the scale of blackmail that goes on worldwide, whereby once you compromise someone with this and you are providing their children for them, et cetera, et cetera.
Well, yeah, you'll keep doing that as long as they keep passing the legislation and pushing the agenda that you demand that they do.
Otherwise, they know that in 24 hours or less, you could be completely finished and, in fact, facing a very long jail sentence.
So what is happening in Britain at the moment, what is coming out is classic, and this is not Britain, this is worldwide, but Britain is a massive centre of all this, because it's a global centre of the whole cabal.
Jimmy Savile was a BBC presenter, a disc jockey. I don't know what he did really, but he was a very strange man.
But the BBC protected him when he was abusing children on BBC premises after BBC programmes in BBC dressing rooms and all this other stuff, and it never came out.
And he always used to boast that he was untouchable and he could do anything he wanted.
Well, the reason he could do that is that it's coming out now since a British television programme talked to some of these victims and this great explosion of other people have come forward and said what he did to them.
We're looking at a pedophile of just colossal proportions, but that's him as a pedophile.
But the reason he was protected was not that, but that he was providing children for the rich and famous, including royalty.
And by the way, that's now coming out that he's best buds with the top royalty, and he would brag the reports are saying that I can do whatever I want, I get things done, and he would call the little kids his little slaves, and now it's coming out that he was also hanging out in mortuaries.
I mean, and you look at him, we'll put him up on screen for TV viewers if not just to search the term Jimmy Savile, folks, and get ready.
A weird twisted old man with rotten teeth sitting around in his underwear with photos taken on the news in gold jumpsuits.
I mean, he is the art type in the encyclopedia Britannica next to pedophile, next to demon.
I mean, I would imagine Satan looks like Jimmy Savelle. I'm sorry, David.
Well, the thing is that he was providing children for the rich and famous, and it included royalty. This is why he was so extraordinarily close to royalty.
Stay there.
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Big Brother, mainstream media, government cover-ups. You want answers? Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network. And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
If you're watching on TV, you're seeing the headline, Jimmy Savile, met to lead sexual abuse complaints investigation.
And of course, you know, that that is obviously full of operatives for this cult.
But if you look at that image, CJ and their run on the board made the point that that's what kids would call the bad man.
Little kids would run from this guy, but he helped run the children's charities and would visit them, just like Jerry Sandusky.
And that's who these people are.
We've only got David for this segment and part of the next, and then I'll give you a recap on the election and then go to Richard Belzer.
But David, thank you for coming on. Oh, you're a busy guy.
When we come back in the next segment, I want to talk a little bit more about geopolitical stuff and also the Wembley event that I know sold out a Wimbly.
I can't pronounce anything right, you know, briefly on that because I want to say congratulations.
You really scared the establishment with that.
They absolutely gave you front page and a lot of newspapers freaking out.
And I noticed almost all the comments because I spent like an hour reading them on three different articles.
I saw almost everyone agreed with you.
So again, they're not in total control.
That's why they're turning up the game, but you were getting into the pedophile networks and why they use them.
David, do we have David?
Can we paw him up or did we lose his Skype?
His Skype, we're just talking to him during the break and he could hear us.
David, can you hear us?
Alright, I want him to be able to.
I can, yep.
Okay, great. We've got you back.
David, finishing up what you were saying at the end of the last segment.
Well, the thing is that what's happening in Britain is like what's coming to light is the blueprint of what happens in virtually every country.
And certainly in the United States and Canada.
Canada is obviously very connected to Britain because of the Commonwealth and what have you.
And Jimmy Savile was providing children for the rich and famous.
When you do that and you keep your mouth shut, then you are protected.
And this is why people are saying, well, there was this police investigation and that one and then it didn't go anywhere.
And then this person said that and why did they, somebody must have known what they did.
The other thing is that I said in the night in the time that I talked about being a pedophile.
I said that he was a necrophiliac.
He was sex with dead bodies.
This is why he used to volunteer to be a porter.
And that's now in the news years after you talked about it.
It got him into the mortuaries.
Now, what has happened now as this whole pedophile focus has expanded and exploded is that there's a television program called Newsnight.
I used to work for it, finally, enough years and years and years ago.
It's a current affairs program late at night and they were putting out, or some people from the program were putting out a few days ago,
that that night they were going to name a pedophile who was very much a well-known political name in the Thatcher government.
And when it got to it, they did the item, but they didn't name him.
And now it's all, who is it?
Well, I know who it is.
I've known it is since the 1990s.
And so we're now looking at a situation where they have announced, Cameron's announced, the Prime Minister,
they're going to have a reinvestigation into a massive abuse of children at children's homes in Wales,
which has already been investigated in the 1990s.
But part of that investigation was to stop the victims naming the famous people involved.
They were blocked and they were not allowed to go into the final report.
And the person who set that report up, this brings us to the relevance to many, many things that are happening,
was the, or set that inquiry up with those closed briefs to stop the total truth coming out,
was a man called William Hague.
He was Secretary of State for Wales at the time, which is why he was the one that instigated the inquiry when it came out.
He's now the Foreign Secretary.
He, in league with Cameron, is deciding whether to support NATO bombing in Libya.
Amazing. Stay there. I want to get into some geopolitical issues and your event as well.
We'll be right back.
We'll see you next time.
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Fittingly, we have David Icke with us.
They're on the line hearing election 2012 here in the United States
because the very same globalist interest run this country that run England.
And if you turn on the news now, you see them announcing
we're run by foreign banks, global governance is in charge, world government is here.
But aren't we lucky technocrats are now appointing who runs all these countries.
So we need to get past the illusion.
Sure, you can get sucked into debating who will be worse or who will be better, but that's part of the illusion.
David Icke, who do you think is going to win the U.S. a puppet election?
I mean, you've worked for the BBC, you've been the head of the Green Party, you've been in the U.S.
I don't know, probably 100 times.
Does it even matter?
I mean, who do you think the establishment is going to put back in tomorrow?
Well, they'll put the person in that they think will both best serve their interests.
What I would say is that they do tend to like two-term presidents
because they can run something over eight years without having to change the personnel in the middle of it.
Without facing reelection?
Yeah, of course, as people in America well know, once you don't face reelection, then what have you got to lose?
Whatever you do, it's then craziness on steroids and the agenda on steroids.
Once you cross that line into, I don't have to win another election.
So it's likely that Obama on that basis will be who they want.
But having said that, Romney is perfect as well because Romney would do anything.
At least someone like Obama has at least to play some lip service to the fact that he's supposed to be a man of the people.
Whereas Romney doesn't have to do that.
I mean, you've only got to see some of the things he said in the election campaign.
He'll just do anything.
He seems to have, I mean, they're both heartless people or they wouldn't be there.
But heart open people running for election.
That's their worst nightmare.
But Romney, you've bombed Iran, no problem.
Don't even question, bomb anybody and squeeze people and put them on the street and destroy their lives financially or not a problem to him.
And it will be the same with Obama, but he's got a bigger sell on that.
Well, here's the deal, looking at all the polls and people on the street.
People don't like Obama, but they put him in four years ago.
I think he did get popularly elected because people are like, we're sick of Bush.
We'll put you in record numbers of white folks voted for him.
Also, quote, proving to themselves they weren't racist showing that they did have racist tendencies.
They thought they had to vote for somebody because they were black instead of because they were a patriot or because they were what they thought was good.
But I think one reason they may put Obama in, and I said last week that I thought Romney will be the real winner.
Looking at all the numbers is because they can divide people along racial lines.
Earlier, I was doing a search before you came on because a caller told me about it inward.
In fact, I'm not going to say it on air, but it was inward MSNBC.
And the guy brought it up and said, what do you think? And I had done this been going on for a month and a half.
I went and looked it up. They get on there and call anyone that supports smaller government who's black.
They call them an inward on MSNBC.
But the point is that David, they openly now over here say, you need to riot if Romney is elected.
MoveOn.org puts out videos showing old white ladies saying we're going to burn things down, showing old black ladies saying they're going to physically attack Romney.
The government lets people on Twitter call for this. I'm concerned. I'm not saying it's going to happen, but they're certainly trying to get some type of civil unrest going.
I guess for further divide and conquerors, that's one more thing they like about Obama is they can say, oh, you don't like government-run health care.
You're a racist. Your comments on that, David.
Well, yeah, it's like, you know, if you're a conjurer doing a magic trick, then you want people looking in one direction while you're doing the trick bit in another place where you've diverted the eyes away from.
So the more divide and rule that they can create, the more focus, like on this phony war between Obama supporters and Romney supporters and all that stuff, black, white, sky-brew, bloody pink,
the more they can focus people on that stuff, the more, again, once you focus on something, you've lost peripheral vision, and thus they can do what they like in the peripheral vision,
and you're not seeing it because you're so focused on a meaningless fight.
So, I mean, obviously, anything that they can bring about divide and rule for is perfect for them because, you know, at Wembley last weekend,
6,000 people came together with open hearts and open minds, and there were thousands more watching live on the Internet.
And when you feel that energy and when you see those people who have refused to be divided and ruled, they were black, white, they were young, they were elderly,
they were every walk of life you can think of, they come together as one.
And it was unbelievable that the conspiracy could not work in that room because of the people or that arena, because of the people's mentality.
And that's the nightmare they want.
You know, this is why anyone that stands up over the years and said, we must come together and love each other, I mean, bang, bang, gone.
They don't want that.
They want people who they can play off against other people and create war, create conflict, create on all levels of life.
That's what they want.
And we must stop giving it to them because if we do, then the whole deal will go on and continue to go on.
And I say that this, Alex, in the time we've got left about this pedophile thing back here, this guy, William Hague, the Foreign Secretary,
needs to be questioned on why that Welsh inquiry into the massive pedophilia in Welsh children's homes was given the brief that it did.
And therefore, stop these kids talking about what happened to them.
And this is the big thing.
If the police investigation does not knock on the door of Buckingham Palace over this whole savel and the wider implications that are followed,
then it's a cover-up because the British royal family are fundamentally involved in this right to the top, right up to the people like Prince Philip and all these other people.
Because you look at it, I mean, you put the picture on the screen, Alex.
You describe what he looks like.
This man is an aging, sleazy, disjockey, right?
And he had complete access to the British royal family and they used him as an official go-between, Prince Charles and Princess Diana,
when they were falling out in their marriage.
And now it's come out this week that he was advising Prince Charles on aides to employ.
Why is this man so close or was so close for so long to the British royal family?
The answer to that will bring the British royal family down.
Wow, very, very dangerous stuff. And remember you years ago saying this about Savel and many others?
And it's just like the Sandusky situation.
Happy Valley was a child torture and rape valley in Pennsylvania.
And it's just everywhere because that's the type of scum that wants power and craves it.
And that's when you get tyranny. Every culture in every time had the elite demanding your firstborn to be sacrificed to idols.
Every culture got royalty that loved to literally bathe in the blood of children.
People don't know about that. It's well known, Transylvania and other areas.
Every culture had the legends, not just the history of the elites wanting to grab your kids.
Look out. Every authoritarian system tries to come and grab your kids because that's what they're into.
These are demons. Whether you believe in God or not, these are demons who want to torture children.
And there is no doubt about them. They're all around us. They have the TSA training us to have our children abused now.
They are pushing pedophilia on mainstream television, HBO, showing four-year-olds doing things I can't even say on the radio.
This is a war. I listened to some of the comedy radio shows just tuning through.
And now it's a cutesy thing to make jokes about pedophilia. That's the new cool thing.
And they're trying to turn us into them. And they are bombarding us scientifically.
David, I've got some stuff to talk to you about. I'm going to call you here in about 45 minutes when this show ends.
But I really appreciate that we got Richard Belzer coming up.
I appreciate your time in closing before we go to break and get Richard Belzer on about his new book and the election and some of the things he's been saying.
Where do they want to take us? Just quick answers. We've got like two minutes.
The imploding economy, the wars, the admissions our governments run al-Qaeda.
Where are things going in that temporal range in your view?
Well, the whole area that we're going into is to throw so many shocks at the human population from so many directions that basically we look to someone to save us.
And the idea is that the cabal comes forward to save us.
This is the only way of sorting out the economic situation, World Central Bank, single-world currency and all that stuff.
The only way to stop all this conflict is more and more and more and more control.
And this is an important point. You mentioned a few minutes ago, Alex, about bringing technocrats in.
In this whole pedophilia thing involving the political system of Britain and wider a field, it's important to remember this as this stuff comes out.
They want us to have so much disdain for the political system that we will be much more open to what they've got in Italy now.
One of the major countries in the world of a technocrat banker running the country as Prime Minister and the whole cabinet in Italy being technocrats.
We've had a technocrat in Greece as well at one point, Lucas Papademos and all these people are connected to Goldman Sachs and stuff.
And the media is saying it's good.
Yeah, this is the point. Let me just emphasize this to finish. Pedophilia, which is coming out involving political people, it doesn't end and begin with political people.
Those behind in the shadows are into this stuff big time and even more deeply.
First people in the shadows are the same people that control the technocrats. They want to replace the politics.
Well said, well said.
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Here's some of the news up at infowars.com as we track Election 2012.
Obviously the thick of it will be tomorrow in the aftermath, 11 to 2 central, noon to 3 eastern,
and of course tonight, tonight, 5 to midnight, we're going to be there with the returns coming in,
the audio streams at infowars.com, and free video stream boxes.
Or just click on the banner at the top that shows Obama and Romney as puppets, it'll take you right to the free video feed.
We're streaming video right now of the show as well.
It's going to be quite a lineup this evening.
Richard Belzer is going to be with us until the end of the hour.
I appreciate him coming on today.
He is the author of Dead Wrong, Straight Facts on the country's most controversial cover-ups.
A bunch of false flags, assassinations.
I'm going to tell you, it is a page turner.
We sell it at infowars.com.
This is your short segment, long segment coming up, where you can really break things down.
But I saw him make a comment last week that if the election's close, he thinks there could be civil unrest.
We're seeing preparations for that.
I hope that's not the case.
I try to be nonpartisan, though I'm pro-gun, so people think I'm a right-winger.
But I've seen Michael Moore put out videos saying burn this effort down if Romney wins and all this.
I mean, I'm wondering where all this is going.
I'm not trying to get you in trouble with all your Hollywood friends, who knows if Christopher Walken won't come sit in your lap this time.
That was hilarious.
But Richard Belzer doesn't need to be introduced here.
He plays Detective John Munch on Law and Order.
And of course, he's been in all the different TV shows, you name it, for decades, movies.
And he has also been studying the New World Order and stuff for decades, decades longer than I have been.
And he divides this time between France and New York and BelzerBook.com is a place where you can also find out more about his book or Ibelz, I-B-E-L-Z.com as well.
Thanks for coming on.
What do you make of what's happening in the election between the two choices we have, Mitt Romney and Obama, Richard?
Last time I was on your show, my book Made the New York Times Best Solar List, and I think it's directly attributable in part to your support of the book and me.
And I really appreciate that.
Oh, you got to be kidding.
I mean, this is a book I couldn't put down, buddy.
Thank you for coming on.
Well, thank you, sir.
And Chris says, hello, by the way, he's working right now.
But anyway, I think, as I've said before, the Republicans and the Democrats are like, it's like they're two, the president is a bus driver.
You know, Obama drives the bus and Romney drives the bus.
If we get on Romney's bus, you know, both buses are going off a cliff, in my view.
I think Republicans maybe are going 90 miles an hour, Democrats are going 70, 80 miles an hour.
It's, you know, presidents are part-time workers.
There's a much deeper thing going on here than just these two guys.
And I mean, I think they're, you know, they're both obvious.
I mean, Obama brought in all the worst banking cats that caused the problem in the first place.
So right away, that was suspicious.
And also, we don't know really too much about Romney.
So that's scary.
We don't know what he's going to do once he gets in.
We don't know what he's going to do.
We have no idea what he's going to do.
And as far as the gun issue, I was just in Washington recently addressing a thousand police chiefs and police officers.
I work for the National Police Memorial Museum.
And the consensus is, as we all know, who are familiar with law enforcement.
I mean, I play a cop, but I'm lucky to know a lot of people who actually are on the front lines.
And they know that no one can take everyone's guns away.
No one can.
Physically, first of all, it's impossible.
Legally, it's impossible.
The only thing a lot of the chiefs were saying was that there has to be more strupulous background checks, which everyone agrees on,
and that the limiting of certain types of military weapons for civilians.
But that's it. It's not like anyone's going in and banging on the door and taking my gun.
I mean, everyone has the right to have a gun.
That's a basic American right.
Sure, but there's not many countries left where you can have guns.
Look at Switzerland.
I mean, guns are a basic right of someone who's free.
But your analogy, in some ways, Ronny says he'll drive the bus off at 200 miles an hour with a war with Russia or China.
But then in other areas, like bankrupting the country, Obama's going 200 miles an hour.
I mean, really, it sticks one way, it's half a dozen another.
Arguably a photo finish, I have to agree, for different reasons.
Now, we're going to go to break. Long segment coming up.
I want to get into a whole host of issues, Richard Belzer here.
But I want to get your take on civil unrest, specifically why you're thinking we might see.
Okay, I will.
We're going to go to break. Richard Belzer is our guest.
Again, we're going to have open phones tonight, five to midnight central.
Plus, I'll be in studio right here.
But you'll need to go get the free audio and video feeds at infowars.com and prisonplanet.com.
If you're going to watch all this continual coverage, then we'll have highlights tomorrow.
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Richard Belzer, movie and TV star, but also a guy that doesn't trust the New World Order.
He's written the book Dead Wrong, Straight Facts on the country's most controversial cover-ups.
Richard Belzer and David Wayne, afterward by Jesse Ventura, who will be joining us tomorrow.
Jesse Ventura has not been doing any interviews.
I knew the reason why he's not ill, but he's taking care of some family that is.
And that's why you've seen him in the media the last month, but he is coming on our show.
So he was on with us last week. He's back on with us tomorrow in the aftermath of that.
We had David Icon earlier. You can get the book at infowarstore.com and support Belzer and us.
By the way, with me, the thrill is getting the word out.
I'm now putting 80,000 in Full Wars magazines on the streets of Austin,
and the advertising allows us to do that big glossy 60-page magazine covering the most hardcore issues.
Fluoride, the torture of the wars, the New World Order, the banking collapse.
The new issue, The Secret Life of Zombies, is out about the lowering IQ,
the TVs making kids have epilepsy. This is all on record.
How you're being scientifically attacked, you can buy those in groups of 10 up to 100 at cost,
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And these are like color books to give people, friends and family, leave places,
but even better is a subscription because it's one time, 12 issues.
We have back issues. We'll mail a few with the first one when supplies are there
because this is what I'm into, is fighting these people.
I get a thrill out of knowing that people are getting these in droves and giving them subscriptions
to their police station, to their library, to the local law school, to the local professor,
to the preacher, to their rabbi, to their emom, to their little league coach, to their grandma.
12 issues, delivered to the door, shipping included, $59.95,
but more than half that cost is the shipping.
So we're selling these at cost. This is a outreach program.
That's why I push the daylights out of it.
Also, just until Friday for the election, because the government can't and won't protect you,
look at the citizens helping each other in New York and New Jersey, predominantly,
and government getting in the way, just like Katrina.
The Pro Pure Best Gravity Fed filters out there, 15% off.
We already have the lowest price, normally, with the biggest distributor up in the world,
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We love for market saw. The point is, you've got a Pro Pure right there on the counter,
the point is, is that 10% off, no one offers that.
Now we're offering 15 just this week, so you can take care of yourself
and stop drinking the garbage they put in the tap water.
So again, infowarstore.com.
Okay, Richard, you're here with us now.
Let's get into this, because that made national news last week when you said,
hey, you're worried about that there could be some civil unrest
if the election's closed, or what was your exact quote?
First of all, I'm not condoning or inciting anything.
I'm saying if the election is very close, either way,
and they find that in that state or that region,
there has been voter suppression or voter tampering, whatever you want to call it,
I think that could be a problem.
I wasn't by no means saying if so-and-so wins, there's going to be a riot.
That was the hardest thing for my mind.
I'm just worried as I was in 2004 about voting machines and how votes are counted,
and it's been proven in the last four years that it's very, very tricky.
And the college students have hacked into voting machines,
and so I think it's a concern for both sides.
I think that's what I was saying.
I certainly wasn't saying-
Listen, if you thought we implied you were saying that, no, no, no, we're talking about Michael Moore,
who I know you know, and I'm talking about some of these other people who are, it seems, trying to incite.
I said in the first hour today, I think if it's close, either way, that's when you could see some problems.
But look, the country's been in a depression for a while,
and we're already seeing college students over tuition that's too expensive
that they can't even get a job with already protesting or demonstrating or rioting
when cops get out of hand and they get out of hand.
We're already seeing skateboarders rioting, white skateboarders predominantly,
when they don't get to see the movie they wanted,
and we are seeing predominantly black youth, there's some white folks in Hispanics as well,
who are saying they want to use this as an excuse to go out and go wild.
I mean, that's kind of the new thing with social networks,
which the CIA has used to stir it up in the Middle East.
They like to stew it up here.
I'm sorry, go ahead.
Well, you know, I'm so glad you brought that up,
and your previous guest is well-schooled in some of these things.
But, you know, for some reason, elements within our government foment dissension
and foment contention among different groups for their own purposes.
And to me, that's evil.
To use the arm, some arm of government or elements within that arm
to incite things that wouldn't normally be incited is a despicable treasonous thing, I believe.
And I think that's going on.
I agree with you.
I think a lot of things are exaggerated or provoked.
We know very well from history that a lot of FBI agents infiltrated the civil rights movement
and incited violence, whereas many people in the civil rights movement were in fact nonviolent,
but were perceived as violent because the FBI instigated violence.
So the government is not above making groups looking worse than they are
or making groups more contentious than they would normally be.
So, yeah, I'm with you on that.
And, you know, who taught us all that, of course, is all the rat line and the operation paper clip.
We brought so many Nazis into this country to teach us about psychological warfare under the guise
of using their scientific knowledge, you know, for rocketry and stuff.
A lot of those guys murdered people and were...
Yeah, they brought 28,000 high-level Nazis in to basically,
because they were the really cool bad guys for the intelligence agencies in England
and wherever else.
Oh, you know, like Darth Vader's school or Joseph Mengele monsters, and they put him in everywhere.
Expanding on this, though, here's some of the headlines at infowars.com.
Some of the breaking news reports of voting machine problems.
Vote flipping begin to pour in.
Steve Watson has an article and there's photos and snapshots people are putting up.
And I know people that have had problems here in Austin who were savvy when it comes to computers.
Also, we've got an info wars election poll up there.
So we also have video of voting machine flipping a vote for Obama, selects Romney instead.
There's video of votes for Romney flipping to Obama.
Just a lot of key information up at prisonplanet.com.
Yeah, American people, how can the American people trust this system?
You know, they say this is an important election.
And part of the reason is the technology of voting.
And first of all, they should totally get rid of the electoral college.
You know, someone could win by 50,000 votes and then not when the election is insane.
There should be, you know, direct one man, one woman, you know, one vote.
First of all, and voting should be expanded shouldn't just be on Tuesday.
It should be like a week.
I mean, everyone should vote.
And the voter suppression is, you know, that's a really serious, was ever doing it.
That gets the bottom of some of the uglier aspects.
You know, this is an open society and everyone has a voice.
And we may disagree, but, you know, at the end of the day, 20, 30, 40 years ago,
everyone from both sides of the aisle would get together over drinks somewhere
and cut up legislation in a gentlemanly way and then go to war again
the next day in the Senate or Congress floor.
That's over.
And that's, you know, it's not good.
It's not good.
Well, we got front row seats or whatever is going to happen.
Again, people get confused by my position on this.
More and more there is election fraud.
It's been proven over and over again by both parties in Europe and area.
More and more of our electronic black box systems are being exported.
And we're seeing a fraud over there.
But I'm saying people should vote, especially locally, so that you can prove the fraud.
And but when it comes to a Romney Obama, where both are bought and paid for by the same Goldman Sachs,
JP Morgan interest, I mean, I've got to be honest, Richard, I'm not voting for either one of them.
Just because, you know, I mean, I know I'd be a chump.
Are you going to vote?
Pardon me.
Are you going to vote for someone?
Well, well, again, I was going to say where we know it's a total fraud like Travis County.
What's the point?
I mean, I've proven the state elections board has admitted when I'm there challenging it that, OK, yeah, there was fraud in this election in 1998,
but we're still going to certify it.
So I'm still thinking about that right now.
But the point I'm getting at here is Richard is that I'm not saying we shouldn't vote.
But why do we get 60% turning out for a presidential race, but only 8% locally?
That's where you can really find real candidates.
You can even run yourself.
Yeah, that's a very good point.
People forget about down ticket and the other races.
You know, 90 million Americans aren't going to vote in this election.
That's astounding.
You know, black helicopters keep going by my apartment.
It's not that I'm crazy, but I swear there's no markings on them.
I photograph them.
I live on Hudson River, Alex, and I take a lot of photos of strange things.
But I swear in the last few days, there's been some serious black, you know, matte color, no markings.
And I have a good camera.
I can zoom in and see markings because I photograph the ships that go by and stuff.
Now, Richard, helicopter, black helicopters don't exist, even though they have urban warfare drills all over the country, terrorizing people.
You didn't see that. Everything's fine.
Now, I'm delusional.
They try to marginalize this, Alex.
But you know what you said something before about your magazine, which made me realize something I've said before.
People ask me why I'm an actor.
I'm comfortable.
I feel because of my celebrity, and I think you feel this too, that we have a civic responsibility to get information out.
Not just, you know, do what we do, which is, you know, what we want to do, but also because we have a voice that we're town criers and, you know, in a humble way.
So I respect that.
No, no, exactly.
I would rather go jump in a fire ant bed to be quite honest than sit here and even have to do this research every day.
I mean, it's intriguing. It's fun to break stories at one level.
But I mean, I'll be honest, you know, 15 years ago, I had a lot bigger ego because, you know, I mean, it was fun to become somebody.
But once you've become somebody like yourself, a movie and TV star, myself, you know, in the media, well known, then it actually becomes a negative in many ways, unless you use it for good.
Now, some people who get celebrity, you know, go into the ego maniac realm and destroy themselves.
But I almost miss my ego. You know, I come off as somebody who has a big ego, but it's really just aggression and anger and things like that.
It's more like a rhinoceros.
But I got to be honest, I wish I had some of that ego where I got off on being a big man I used to have.
Because let me tell you, that's got some energy behind it.
So I'm going to be honest.
I'm John Lennon wanted to lose his ego.
I'm trying to find mine, Richard.
Well, no, I think your ego got you to where you are, so it's more enlightenment.
You're evolving. You're not devolving, in my view.
I know, but I mean, there was some relish in, you know, when I hadn't had success getting it.
And now, that's...
Nothing better than getting, you know, in front of a line at a restaurant.
That's why I like to be a celebrity.
That's about one of the fringe benefits.
What about people buy you lunch, though?
That happens almost everywhere I go now.
I kind of don't like it. I'm like, well, thank you, but I'd like to buy my own lunch.
You know, they send me things, you know, and I, you know...
I worry where they, when I need it, is what I say usually.
But I mean, sorry to...
The reason I get into celebrity here with you is because so many people that don't have celebrity.
I mean, I'm sure you've seen...
Because I have a small celebrity compared to a lot of movie stars and people,
but so many people, like I was talking to a famous movie star and they were saying,
yeah, you ought to see Bill Clinton, Al Gore groveling on, you know, a six-hour flight to Hawaii with me.
You know, celebrity does strange things to people.
And the point is, is that the power of that, that Madison Avenue uses that to make people
who even have monetary or civic success or successful family,
which is the greatest success to be, you know, healthy and happy and nurtured.
People think they're missing something because they're not a celebrity
and they really don't understand that, that I've been there, I've done it.
It isn't Jack Krap.
I mean, do you agree with that statement?
I totally agree.
The difference between the top and the bottom, the only difference is the food's better at the top.
But everybody's the same, you know, personalities and everybody reveals themselves and who they are
at every level of society.
And no, I agree.
I totally agree.
But, you know, what happened, what I found was, since celebrities are people who make it,
my feeling is, the bigger you are, the more magnanimous you should be.
I know people who've made it and they've become meaner and greedier.
And it's like, that really perplexes me.
It's like, why not?
How much do you need and why can't you share?
And, you know, anyway, but that's all others.
Well, look at Lance Armstrong.
Look at his fall.
Well, that's a tragic baffling story, isn't it?
Who do you think's going to win tomorrow?
Well, I think Obama's going to win.
And I think it's because of women.
I think more women will vote.
In 2008, 21 million single low-information voters, women, did not vote.
And I think the perceived attack by some on the right of women's health issues is galvanizing
more women than a lot of people realize, women that aren't being polled, for instance.
And I also believe a lot of Republican women, whatever they tell their husbands, are also
kind of threatened by this imposition upon what choices they can make in their health.
So I think it'll boil down to women and women winning for Obama.
That's what I could do.
Well, here's my deal.
Look, with abortion, I know it's always gone in every culture.
I understand there's medical issues, things like that.
But abortion, but here's the thing.
Abortion is directed from the top to reduce the population.
It is eugenics-based.
I want the people at the top who are for abortion to be honest about it, that it's about population
reduction and about a hatred of humanity.
I agree with you in the 20s and 30s, some very wealthy families were really pushing eugenics.
And very few people know, I'm sure you know, the Nazis got the idea of eugenics from us.
So we're nothing to be proud of.
But I disagree, Alex.
I don't think everyone who is for birth control and prenatal counseling is cognizant.
Oh, no, no, no, no.
I think 95% of people aren't.
I'm going to agree that they're not doing it because they want to kill people.
But I've been around globalists and their minions.
And believe me, they want to kill minorities.
That's what abortion is really all about.
Well, you know, there's a term that was used by the CIA scientist.
That was said by a Nazi scientist.
The term, you've heard it, I'm sure, useless feeders.
That's very much, that mentality is very much around.
You touch on something in your last segment about pedophilia, which is a subject that is incredibly difficult for us to talk about because we're parents.
But I was writing another book years ago about JFK.
Hey, I'll tell you what, we got to go to break.
We're going to come right back and we're going to get into this with Richard Belzer.
Stay with us.
With more election coverage coming up.
I'm President Barack Barrie Obama.
And you're watching continual coverage of the 2012 presidential election here on Infowars.com.
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Bob Dylan predicts Obama in a landslide.
Speaking of Bob Dylan, there's Bob Dylan. Right there.
Who's going to take away their license to kill?
You got interrupted by the break. Richard Belzer, author of Dead Wrong, New York Times bestseller.
Available at infowars.com is with us.
When this main radio broadcast ends and your local stations continue the coverage,
that's awesome. Spread the word about them. Support them.
Our local stations are across the country. Over 130-plus affiliates right now.
In fact, it's even more than that. We're getting all the numbers. Very exciting.
That the truth is starting to get out and people are hungry for it.
It shows that no army can stop an idea whose time has come.
Stations are welcome to grab any snippets for their news.
Are there shows that are coming up from 5 to past midnight tonight with my shelf?
Harold Solente, Max Kaiser, Wayne Madsen, Paul Craig Roberts, Lou Rockwell, Nomi Prince, Webster Tarpoli and other surprise guests.
And we're going to open the phones up for the election fraud news.
It's pouring in from all sides. Obama being flipped to Romney.
Romney being flipped to Obama. People knocking down Republican signs.
I mean, it is just bedlam. It's all at infowars.com and prisonplanet.com.
But the video feeds and audio feeds are there.
If everybody that wants to be able to follow that, you'll be able to listen to the iPhone apps as well
and listen to the audio of the video.
Now, going back to Richard Belzer, you were getting into the pedophile issue that I was covering with David Eich.
It's blowing up here in the U.S. and England right now all over government and universities and things.
A cult of it. You were talking about you were writing another book.
Go ahead. That's where you left off.
Yes. Thank you. Here's the guy who's writing a book.
And there was one thing I left out of the book that I was afraid to put in
because it was about a bank, a front bank of the CIA that was also used to traffic children
for elites to have their way with.
And it was just such an amazing story at the time.
This is researching this in the 90s.
Was that the finders out of DC?
The Franklin Bank, I think.
Yeah, all of it. Yeah, unbelievable. Yeah, that's all. Yeah, unbelievable.
I was a little afraid of it then.
But then over the last 14 years or 15 years, as more and more evidence is coming out
that the highest levels of government and certain elements of NATO,
there's this weird child thing on our net is you couldn't write it.
You couldn't make it up.
It's so disturbing and true.
There are some researchers who, some believe, have lost their lives
for delving into that story.
No, you're right. You have courage even talking about it.
I mean, this...
Well, no, this BBC reporter that now has died and hundreds of people are coming out
and they're confirming it, he would go around bragging about it to reporters,
this Savelle guy, and he looks like a textbook demon.
Is he the one that was a host that got caught for years of...
Yes, yes.
He would brag about it in England, you mean?
Yeah, it turns out he was bragging to reporters about it, but they were scared to report it.
I mean, he was saying, I'm above the law.
These children are my little slaves, stuff like that.
Well, this is going to go right up to the royal family then,
because that guy was close to the royal family.
Yeah, he was inside of it.
So there's some dark...
Well, anyway, you know, this royal family, they're not even English.
They're Hanovers. They're Germans.
Who are really Transylvanians.
Yeah, well, I'm Transylvanian, so watch out.
Really? You're really Transylvanian?
My grandfather was from Romania, my grandmother was from Russia.
Yeah, but you're not related to Dracula.
It's not bad to be from Romania.
We're talking about... No, no, no, they're related to Dracula.
You mean the Count who...
Yeah, the bad guy. We're not saying Romanians are bad.
Vlad the Impaler.
Yes, Vlad the Impaler. I'm not kidding.
Look up Prince Charles, Vlad the Impaler.
He's actually moved into the castle.
Richard Belzer, amazing.
We'll get updates from you in the next few days.
I want to get your post-election.
Folks, get the free streams, infowars.com.
Thank you, Richard Belzer.
Thank you for listening to GCN.
We're back at Five Central.
Back at Five Central.
Find the streams at InfoWars.
Welcome to InfoWars.
Live coverage of the 2012 election.
The polls are not going to be closing
for another couple of hours,
but we've actually got some returns
from Dixville Notch. They're a little bit early.
They loved to be first in the nation.
And so they, every year,
or every four years in the presidential elections,
they meet at midnight
and they hold an election in Dixville Notch
and they release the results right away.
Now, this year, the results were tied.
Five for Romney, five for Obama,
and what they had in,
actually, in Hart's,
they had another election,
which is right there close by in New Hampshire.
They had 23 votes for Obama.
Romney got nine
and Gary Johnson got two.
But a few years ago,
I guess it was in 1992
when Andre Maroux was running
for Libertarian.
They actually did an experiment
with the Trump administration
to see if there was a chance
they actually did an experiment
in Dixville Notch.
And what they did was they
actually added,
sorry, let me get my earpiece here.
Rob, I'm getting a lot of echo on that.
Can you not get my feedback in here?
in 1992,
Andre Maroux was running as Libertarian
nominee for president,
and they did an experiment.
Dixville Notch, a subscription
to a Libertarian magazine for a year.
And the interesting thing was
that year Andre Maroux won.
Now, there's an interesting lesson in that.
I think one of the things
that we need to look at is just
how important education is
and, you know,
getting people the message
about the issues.
After people focused on the issues,
at least in that small town,
at least at that one time,
based on their Liberty philosophy.
Now, that's exactly what
we're trying to do with Info Wars.
It's what we're trying to do with the magazine.
And I think as we look at this 20 years down the road,
there was an Internet back in 1992,
but 20 years down the road,
we've got
a magazine that
I think really helps to focus things,
because now, even though we've got the Internet,
there is a lot of fragmentation
in the information stream.
So it's very difficult to get people's attention,
but here, when you've got a well-produced magazine
that can put out the story for Liberty,
I think it can really have an effect.
So today, we're going to be looking
at what the major parties
have picked for us.
And we don't really know
who they've picked so far,
but we're going to see that a little bit later.
Like I said, we've still got
a couple of hours before
returns start to come in,
but we do have some live polling that's going on
on Info Wars' website itself.
If you
go to our website,
you can participate in some polls,
and you can...
We've got a few things there asking you
if you think polls are important.
That is professional, quote-unquote,
scientific polls that everybody does,
or if you think it's just a way to manipulate people.
We've also got some
things there to see
who you voted for,
what issues you think are important.
Were you interested more
in the very important ballot issues
that are going to be decided?
And quite frankly, they're going to have
as much of an effect on our lives
as this presidential election is,
because these are some issues
that are going to affect
drug prohibition and civil liberties
with marijuana ballot initiatives
in Colorado, Washington, and Oregon.
There's also going to be
a very important ballot issue
in California,
Prop 37.
Prop 37 is going to...
It's truth and labeling law,
and the question is,
are we going to be able to know
what's in our food?
And we've got big agribusinesses
been spending over a million dollars a day
on this...
Prop 37 in California to try to feed it,
and I think we should all be wondering
why it's so important to them
to not let us know
what they're putting in our food.
Just, you know, don't tell the
folks in the Soylent Green, I guess.
But anyway, we've got a lot of polls there,
and if you would like to
participate in that, even if you would like
to add some questions of your own,
feel free to do that.
You can either email me, David K,
at infowars.com, or you can
tweet your questions to
Puppet Press.
That's a hashtag, Puppet Press, on Twitter.
And we'll take a look at those,
and we might possibly put your question up.
We've also got
news in terms of
the quality of voting
and the corruption that's going on.
Back in North Carolina, where I'm from,
we've had quite a few 112-year-olds
that have voted this time. It's over
3,000 of those people.
I guess you didn't know that we had
that many 112-year-olds in North Carolina.
We also have reports
on Facebook of a man who voted four times.
But even in
My Circle of Friends, we had
a poll in Garner
and was told that
someone from his household had just been there
and registered, and he lives alone.
And they told him
that his mother, who
died six years ago, had just been there
earlier and voted.
They got out the ballots
because in North Carolina, when you walk in,
they don't require any kind of ID.
Basically, all you have to do is give them a name
and an address, and you're able to vote.
But they do put a number on your ballot,
put a number next to your name,
so they're able to go back and retrieve the ballot.
And they found that
it was a straight Democrat ticket,
although his mother had been
a staunch Republican.
Of course, that wasn't her anyway.
But we're seeing a lot of reports of that.
That's the kind of thing that
Bev Harris at blackboxvoting.org
has talked about.
And although those are
incidents that really kind of
stir our imagination and get us angry,
the real
cheating that is very concerning
is the host cell cheating.
And there's an article on infowars.com
about voting machine tampering.
And as Bev Harris has pointed out,
there's having
valid voters
making sure that your voters are valid,
but then also making sure that the voting machines
themselves aren't tampered with,
making sure that the votes
don't disappear to the
custody issue until they are properly counted.
So basically, we've got four different steps there.
And those last steps
is where
the host cell cheating can come in
in a massive amount.
So that's the sort of thing we're looking at.
And like I said, on infowars.com,
there's an article
a lot of voting machine irregularities
where people cast a vote for one candidate
and it shows up for another candidate.
We've also got
an article here
I noticed that when I looked at the poll
earlier, most of the people who had voted
on infowars were
we asked who their presidential preference was.
Gary Johnson was winning that poll.
Chris Matthews, however,
seems to think that
that's not really a very
valid choice.
He actually went on a route.
Went on a rant about third party
But we'll be covering that
in just a few minutes. We're going to be coming back.
We're going to be doing live feeds from reporters
in the Austin area
talking to people as they're leaving
the polls. We're also going to be going around
to some of the political parties later tonight.
But right now, we're going to be going
back to Alex Jones.
All right, thank you
David Knight. And again, we're going to be here
past midnight tonight. We kicked off
a little bit late here because
really we're beta testing between this studio
and the other studio
and our crew, but it is
just a fabulous job that they're all doing
here tonight. I have
literal stacks of
news coming in, but we'll learn more
as the evening progresses.
This is what we know
right now. And then we're going to go to Gerald
Salente joining us from Ireland.
It's pretty late at night over there. What is it
midnight? And he's going to be joining us
the wonders of technology.
But right now
excitement is building, exit
polls. Economy is still
the number one issue in national exit
polls. Obama has
190 electoral votes with Romney
with 191
right now.
there is a report from
2004 that breaks down
the fact that exit polls are historically
inaccurate, but exit polls
are showing
that Romney has North Carolina and
Florida is leading
that Obama is
winning in New Hampshire, Pennsylvania,
and other areas, a toss
up Ohio, Virginia,
Colorado, and
places like Indiana.
There's an interesting story here that I have
about a foreign policy. That's the subdivision
of the Washington Post saying
you in poll
watchers amazed us doesn't
require IDs
to vote
they're marveling on the trust system. Well, yeah, with the electronic
voting machines, no one else will accept
and the fact that you can
have retail fraud, it's just
amazing. So we're going to be breaking all of this
down here this evening
and we do have a
quite a laundry list of
amazing guests
coming up. First off, kicking it
off, we're really thankful for him spending time
and when he's over there speaking to a large conference and
he's back there, I guess in the back of the hall he can
see the big piles of chairs behind him
and then we have
Gerald Salente, then Max Kaiser also from
UK, he's joining us from England,
Wayne Madsen, Dr. Paul Craig Roberts,
Lou Rockwell, Naomi Prens, Webster Tarpley,
and many others tonight and we will have our reporters
out on the streets
giving you some of what the sheeple are saying.
Of course, a lot of people aren't sheeple now, they're waking up.
So joining us
right now is
Gerald Salente and Gerald,
tell us exactly where you are in Ireland
and what you're doing over there.
Alex, I'm in Dublin, Ireland
at the One World Chronicle
and I just flew in from Munich
two days ago
and I want to let you know
that in Germany and in Ireland
everyone has been telling me
when you talk to
Alex, tell them what great
fans we are.
very humbling
and I want to say hi to the
hundreds of thousands of people
that are tuning in one way or another right now
just to this special internet transmission.
So thank you Gerald
and say that I'd love to drink a pint
with all those great men and women there
in the background.
He said he would love to have a pint
with all of you great men and women over there
in the background.
Oh man
I'm glad we decided to do this.
Again Gerald, tell us what you're doing over in Ireland
and then give us your call.
I know you've been saying Obama
for months and it's neck and neck
but a lot of the pundits are saying
looks like four more years of
the man of peace who's launching all these wars.
Well what I'm doing
I was just at a metals conference
in Munich and the One World Chronicle
Conference over here in Ireland
they have a number of issues that they're dealing with
one of them of course
is the bailouts of the banks
which are totally illegal
just taking the money from the people
and giving them to the banks
but there's actually no deal made at all
between the banks that knew
what their risk would be
and then shaking down the people for all the money.
So there's a real, you know how I've been talking
Alex about direct democracy
well direct democracy
Ireland is taking hold
the people have fed up with it
they look, look what's going on
in the states. As you know
this is the first time I have not voted
in an election. Who could call
this a democratic election?
These clowns can't even count the votes
the whole game is rigged
the systems are breaking down
the people in Ireland are feeling it
they want no part of it anymore
and they're ready to rise up against it
and so what we're
I'm over here talking about
is the collapse of the currencies
the break up of the European
Union eventually
but more importantly
Ireland's joining with Switzerland
to start moving forth
with true democracy
where the people will have the right to vote
rather than it being controlled
by the gangs that are controlling it now.
We've got some of our reporters here
in Austin and holding places
like you just said are broken down not working
we're getting reports of
things flipped from Obama to Romney
Romney to Obama
we're like eight days into the hurricane
on the east coast where you'd normally be
Gerald and
still you know government can't and won't help the
where do you see this insanity going?
It's collapsing
it collapses around us you know what no one's talking about
with New York and you know me I'm a
New Yorker I know the gang
the entire infrastructure
of the United States is in
collapse and you get all these big mouth
politicians over there
shooting off their fat trap
saying about how we're going
to be there for the people
and don't forget that we're there for you
the entire United States
infrastructure is collapsing
we know the data coming out from the engineers
that are saying it's going to cause
an estimated 13
trillion dollars just
to get the thing back on track
that doesn't mean moving it into the 21st century
the entire nation
is in collapse and here's something
else Alex that the
prostitutes are not talking about
they're saying that an estimated 35
to 40 percent of the people
already voted correct?
all right now
what imbecile believes
that these clowns don't know what
the vote count is
this is the mafia
let's get this straight
they know what the vote count is
this whole game is rigged
what 3 year old does not believe
45 percent of the people have already
voted and no one
knows it's a secret
we promise
scouts on her
who are they kidding
so you're predicting
though that in this whole
war of the puppets we're going to get
Obama for four more years
that's still what you're predicting?
this is not one of the ones
that I'm going to base my reputation on
because again
anything could go
in a totally corrupt
government let's remember
who we're talking about
so nobody misunderstands this
this is the same government
where George W. Bush
hey haven't seen him on the campaign trail
what happened you know
how come he's not out there
like Bill Clinton
because this is the same
war criminal that lied
the country into war
of course they're going to lie about anything
they'll steal votes
they'll kill your son
they'll rob your money
they'll do anything that they can
who's going to win the election
what group of criminals
would be the best criminal on the block
I tell you it is exciting over there
from what I'm hearing from you Gerald
you've been there several times already this year to Europe
Europe and Ireland
are really waking up
give us the sense of what they think
about being under Bankster occupation
the people of that at Alex
you know I just came back from Ireland
last time I was here it was a little over a year ago
everywhere I look
there are signs
to let
for sale
everywhere you look
they're beating the people down into the ground
they got this clown
he fit really good in the US
this guy named Moonen
one of the bureaucrats over there
they're paying one of the criminal guys
who helped bring down
the system
the money from the people
check it out this is a country
of about four million people
this guy is getting
five hundred
pounds a year
in severance paid
for pulling off the criminal act
just the way they wanted
them to do it and you know what this clown
Moonen says
we can't do anything
that's already been done
we have to steal more of your money
that's right
look what's going on in Greece
hundreds of thousands of people out into the streets
look what's going on in Spain
millions of indignados
you know my saying Alex
when people lose everything
and have nothing left to lose
they lose it
and they're starting to lose it here in Ireland
you're finally seeing
the fighting iris spirit
now again
I agree with your point
that we don't know who's going to win
because it's a toss up between two different
criminal syndicates
through election fraud
and other systems trying to grab power
I mean I'm looking at this
thousands of dead Californians remain eligible to vote
we've got exit poll data
will be examined in quarantine room
and poll watchers amazed
US doesn't require IDs to vote
they're not here in Austin
it just goes on and on and on
what is happening
and the race is neck and neck
but it doesn't even matter
because Obama and Romney are bought
and paid for by the banksters
Gerald described though the differences
if you see any
the similarities and the differences
between these two men
because earlier today
they were crying
and saying you know I don't lie to you
I tell you the truth and we have an article
at infowars.com
going over all the facts that
was going to end torture continued it
was going to shut Gitmo expanded it
wasn't going to hire lobbyists broke the records
wasn't going to have signing statements
the list goes on and on was against the NDAA
turned out they wrote it and signed it
I mean it's incredible
how the standards have dropped
so what are the similarities between Obama
what are the differences
what is your incredible trends forecasting
someone's perspective everybody respects
that I know
what will be the difference between
the gangster chief
Obama and his group of criminals
and their management team
of slavery incorporated and Obama's
you know enemy over there
only on paper
Mitt Romney and his people
it won't be a lot of difference
let's go back to the debates
talk about foreign policy
listen to these little boys
talking about how they have to take out a sigh
let's remember Obama
that wonderful Nobel Peace Prize winner
you know the guy that
says predator drones
to blow up wedding parties
and kids collecting wood
how about that wonderful humanitarian mission
listen to that guy
Greg all the time
I took out
I said that if I had Osama
been locked in my sights
I'd pull the trigger
I mean come on this is a little boy scout
you heard Obama
talk about how he took out
and hearing the same thing with Romney
I don't believe however
that Romney
will also
out Obama
Obama on other
areas such as
giving more freedom to the
to rob us and steal
in a different way
Obama of course will make it up in other ways
by stealing more of our
constitutional rights
because you see Obama is a better liar
they both lie
but Obama you know he's a classier
actor so he could
pull it off better as he
did National Defense Authorization Act
so Obama will be able to
get away with it more
by taking us to the Constitution
for Romney
you know this guy is born on third base
and thought he had a triple
he's one of the white shoe boy
he'll be able to steal more of our money
so Obama will rob us of
our life
and Romney will rob us of our money
in the end we lose no matter
and both guys
again are bought and paid for by the same interest
people say Romney will launch more
wars and he's promised he will
but Obama launches wars
and calls him peace so
I don't really see the difference there
well that's what I was saying
Obama just lies better
but he'll rob us more of our constitutional
look Obama's the guy just in case
anybody's forgotten
you get arrested
having a drink or your bicycle bell
doesn't work properly
let's not forget that Obama
under the solicitor general
solicitor general
now if you get arrested take off your clothes
bend over
spread your legs
that's right that's Obama
Obama you mentioned
the National Defense Authorization Act
they could come and take you and me away
by having contacts
with alleged terrorists
no charges
no jury
no judge
no trial
that's Obama
Romney will rob all our money
this is the clown that
I'm a businessman
he's a hedge fund operator
he's the corporate vulture
I don't know what Eisenhower is saying
any man that seeks to presidency
is either an ego maniac
or crazy
this guy Romney has to stop
running since he's his little school boy
and he keeps
their ego maniacs and they're crazy
hedge funds
who the hell ever heard of hedge funds when we were growing up
this Romney
he put out a business all the entrepreneurs
that used to be in the
a very store business
he brags that he creates jobs
you want a job at Staples
wonderful he brags about it
you could make
62.50 a week
you could stock shelves
you could work all day long
but not enough to be a full-time worker
only a temporary worker
because shafty on benefits
yeah Romney wants
to build a defense budget even bigger
and screw everybody else
how could anybody vote
for either of these people
they should be ashamed of themselves
the casting of vote
for lesser of two evils
Gerald Salente is our guest
I'm Alex Jones we're going to be here
past 1 a.m. eastern
midnight tonight
and we will start getting into more of the election returns
and latest numbers
we got kicked off about 20 minutes late
just because there's some technical things between different studios
this is a live
beta test that you're seeing
we're talking to Gerald Salente
all the way out in Ireland
and I appreciate David Knight getting thrown
in the deep end with the sharks
thrown it to him first
it was supposed to be me up here tonight
but again we had some technical things
and some news gathering problems
that we were working on before the show started
but again this is infowars.com
true alternative
grassroots media
attempting to go out and engage the globalist
look at these headlines
CBS we covered this earlier today
video showing electronic voting machines
changing the vote
we'll now know what to look for
Gerald just 12 years ago
I would see national polls
where less than 10% of people
believe there was election fraud
now it's 80-90% depending on the poll
so people are getting more wise
they may get apathetic and just give up
but the point is at least people know
that the corruption is getting worse and worse
and the systems answer to that is a bigger police state
but what's it going to help the police
if their pensions are no good either
how do you see these
regardless of
which new puppet gets in
which new distraction gets in
where do you see things going now
here in the west
with some of the developments in the economy
Hillary is now saying in the news today
that we've got to go into
because Al Qaeda is there
and the media doesn't say wait
the State Department and NATO put them there
things have reached an absurdist
that I can't even believe now
it's really entering cuckoo
for Cocoa Puffs zone
let's talk about the wars
first of all
what's not making the news much
is China and Japan going at it
thanks to the United States
you remember what I said
how you keep playing back
great depression, currency wars
trade wars, world war
the trade wars are heating up
the United States lost in Afghanistan
they lost in Iraq
they're stabilizing now Syria
they've already destroyed Libya
they're moving wars now into
Mali and North Africa
and now they're refocusing into
Southeast Asia
and now China and Japan
are heating up
the world is heading to a war
before I go further I want to go back
on a solution
we've been hearing about this voting fraud
every damn election
every damn election
why wouldn't people think there's voter fraud
because we have two frauds
fronting pretending to be president
we have frauds
that are fronting playing
to be congressmen and senators
the whole system is a fraud
here is what I suggest
I keep suggesting it
over and over again
they move trillions of dollars
a day
around the globe
rarely are the banking systems
if we could bank online
we could vote online
there's only one
reason why
they don't want us to vote online
the reason is
it would show
that the people won't vote
for them
that's the reason they're keeping it
because we could have full transparency
of all the computer minds out there
being able to figure out
the algorithms
so that when cheating starts
everybody can see it
it would be totally transparent
this is the
United States of America
these clowns spend over
a trillion dollars a year
on defense
and defense related expenditures
who are they
BSing when they say
out of voting systems
are broken down
could you pull up your zipper
could you tie your shoes
instead we've got these computer systems
that are all compartmentalized
and secret and then they engage in fraud
the problem is
any system I think they're going to engage in fraud
I see your point about internet voting
getting everybody involved
my issue is
if we go back to paper ballots
counted at the precinct in front of everyone
then the numbers posted
then everything can be publicly put together
and then integrated via computer
but then it can all be
fact checked right there at the grassroots
I agree with that as well
I agree on your percent
and this is the global age
everything is moving in this direction
people are hooked on there
I listen
I that I
I you know
everything they have in their hand
they can't vote
you know let's make this real
and again at full transparency
total transparency
for everyone to monitor it
because the numbers don't lie
the liars lie
the whole game is rigged
they as I said they rob our money
they rob us of our lives
and now the great united states of America
these BS artists
that are always talking about exporting democracy
you don't even have it at home
you can't even vote
for one of the two criminal groups
well well we're going to be finding out here
pretty soon you know they're talking about
devastation on the east coast
you've been in Europe the last week
what is your take on hurricane sandy
the horrible response of government
they claimed all these great things as usual
couldn't deliver and it turned it out it was
community centers, churches and individuals
helping the public
but I saw numbers and I talked to listeners who confirmed it
in New York New Jersey and other areas
more than half the public made no preparation
even as they were told
the storm was coming in
if the depression continues to worsen
what's going to happen to all these people out there
that absolutely
have to be taken care of
or they're just going to go
and die basically
you know Alex look at the people by the way
as I said you have loads of fans
everywhere and a lot
of them are telling me boy
we're glad we're preparers
we're glad we're survivalists
hey how come they're not making fun of them
hey toilet paper
records suppose when I do pessimism
I guess you must be a porn dealer
if you're a prepper right
I saw that little clown
crudman bragging about
what a great job Obama is doing
even though he doesn't have electricity
in his house
the entire system is collapsing
they can't cope with it
let's put this in perspective
this was a category one hurricane
in real countries
you know what they have
they have floodgates in front of tunnels
you know what they have in real countries Alex
they have
subway systems that doesn't
make you feel that you're in the whole of Calcutta
when you go into the New York subway system
you know what they have in real
countries Alex
they have their power lines
buried beneath the ground
you know what they have in real
countries Alex
they have real civil defense systems
you know what they have in real
countries Alex
they take care of the people
the people everybody
makes fun of preppers
if you can't see
why you should be prepared now
you're never going to see it
now let's put this
into perspective fully
let's suppose
that there's a real
terror strike in Manhattan
or Atlanta
or in Washington or San Francisco
let's suppose
that because of the United States
foreign policy
you know they have those wonderful terror
Tuesdays when President Obama
signs off oh let's kill
that guy let's kill this one
and they kill a lot of innocent people
and someone wants to get even
suppose a dirty bomb goes off
suppose there's a
terror strike with a suitcase
sized nuke
suppose there's a biological
warfare weapon
you want to see the systems
break down
you want to see entire
sections of the country go off
the grid
they're ill prepared to handle it
what are they going to do
put Janet Napolitano
on a
on a horse
and drive out and save the day
they better get a Clydesdale
on a horse
Gerald what's going to happen
to the system though as not just here
but all over the world the fraud
of government and these corrupt insider monopoly
corporations comes out
I mean I guess they just think their police state
is going to protect them
yes that's it's glow
as I mentioned to the conference here tonight
is a leadership
vacuum worldwide
all the spade to spade
called these clowns who they are
and see how ignorant they are
and how everything
they've tried they failed at
you got Cameron over
in the UK and Kenny over here
you got Obama there
and you got Merkel over here
you got Rajoystick over there
and you got
Barroso now one of the
commissioners in Europe telling people
what to do you got
three in three card Monty
over in Italy
you got one loser after another
you got Ben Bernanke
you got one loser
after another
that's destroying the system in front of
everybody's eyes
and then they're telling us
give us more power
we know how to fix it
oh brilliant the same clowns
that messed it up are now
going to fix it
the systems are collapsing
oh I can't forget about China
of the Chinese companies
that are listed
are late in paying their bills
the Chinese government
is low at interest rates two times
within the last three weeks
to keep propping up the economy
they're dumping trillions of yuan
into the system
trying to pump up the failing
housing bubble
in Europe they came out with a new line
monetary transactions
the stupid people who can't
think we'll just call it
OMG isn't that a nice name
that needs dumping
more paper money on top of
other worthless paper money
to cover the other worthless paper money
that they can't cover
the entire systems are collapsing
here's my forecast Alex
I'm voting
for Obama to win
not that I'm voting for him
I'm not voting but I'm hoping
he wins you know why
because no one expects anything
of him so the
transparency of this
this fraud
could be shown really quickly
when there are no other plans
that he could come up with and then
we'll have to go into a new system
because the one that they're propping up
is going to collapse
and the hell ever wins
then you're going to hear
Romney has a plan
let's give him a chance
there we say the same crap after
the election so he'll get away with
it for several more months
so we can't wait several more months
because in several more months
they'll figure out how to steal
several trillion more dollars
from us and drive us deeper
into depression
so your view is Obama will come
in he'll make it worse even faster
and buy a new
puppet it'll take people to figure
out that Romney
is a complete fraud so in a way
worse is better and you know as a radio
host it's
predominantly conservative libertarian
that's I mean I'm a libertarian constitutionalist
but obviously don't like the republican
party that is
fake conservatives and so deceptive
but I sit there and I watch
them and as soon as Romney gets
elected they're all going to go to sleep
so from a cynical view
I'm like hey Obama
gets back in
people may actually wake up plus it's good
for my radio show but that's not how I think
I'm just so torn because
I wish there was some way out
within the system
it's like being told you got terminal cancer
or something you're wishing there was some way
out of it but it really is
just a comeuppance
that we're entering
you know Gerald Salente
I want you first to take some time
to talk about your website the trends journal
and the type of information people can get
there because it's so invaluable but then
spend about 10 minutes I'm going to give you
the floor in closing to kind of give
us a
breakdown of what you covered in Germany
in Ireland you know kind of give us a speech
if you've got time you can go 20 minutes
if you like them we'll go to David Knight with the latest
election news here
in our other studio but if you've
got the time I know it's late at night over there
you know tell us about the trends journal
and then
breakdown you know kind of your speech
kind of a little shortened
truncated version
well on the trends journal of course
you know we're looking at what's going to happen
before it happens just history before it happens
and the purpose of the trends
journals to prepare people
so that they can make plans just like
being a preparer survivalist
with many different fields
where is it going to be growth where is it
going to be decline where should you put
your money what should you consider doing
with it what are going to be the educational
opportunities what are going to be the
business advantages and that's
what the trends journal really does
and as you know Alex we make
it available to virtually everyone
we have a discount request page
we know people are going from difficult
times just fill out the information
there's nothing personal there and we will
do the very best we can
to make it available for everyone
so my what my
talks are about
in both Munich and in Dublin
here at the One World Chronicle
is beginning with
you know what trend forecasting is
and and how
you can really see
the face of the future you can't
forecast it no one can predict
that there are too many wild parts
but when you tell people
things that they don't like
because they're locked into a belief system
they don't want to believe them
but when you go to a doctor
and you get a diagnosis
that you don't care for
you don't get a lot of baloney
shooting back at the doctor for hearing
what you don't want to hear
but when people hear political, economic,
social news that you're not ready for
they really take it personally
they can't break out of their belief systems
so that's the first part
of the presentation
the second part of the presentation
is tracking trends
is an understanding of where we are
and you know from the work
of the Trends Journal what I do
we paint a picture of the president
like no one else does
and I'm not saying that because
oh we're doing it but the facts
stand on their own
and I make this very clear
we're only human, we make mistakes
but we're at this since 1981
and our track record
is unparalleled to anyone
be it in gourmet coffees
to clean water
to clean foods
to the panic of 08
and the crash of 1987
so it's one after another
we've been on the honey
so the purpose though
however is not so much
to say this is what we've done
and how good we're doing it
we're saying to people
get in touch so you can see
where it's going
and forecasting trends
is the knowledge of where we are
and the understanding
of where we were
how we got here
so let's talk for example about
the panic of 08
and where we are today
you can see that panic
was going to happen
when we first wrote about it
in 2004
and actually coined the term
recession and said
it would hit by late
and it did
how did we know?
again, looking back
we knew because
the dot com crash
of 2000
when that happened
we knew that there was going to be no recovery
9-11 happened
and they use 9-11
as an excuse
to juice the economy
we're under attack
they hit our freedom and liberty
and who comes to the rescue?
Alan Greenspan
the guy that couldn't speak
one damn sentence
without making any sense
the same jerk
that every call that he ever made
was wrong
so he really
shafted it to everybody
he lowered interest rates
to 46 year lows
they conned people
into taking out loans
they couldn't afford
hey, you want to build that addition onto your house?
don't you know how much value
you have there?
we're going to give you a loan
have no income verification
don't worry about it
we'll give you the money
pay us back with friends
don't worry when you get the money
you give it to us
Alan Greenspan
that other little weasel
that other little fake creep
that other Bernanke clone
was the guy that set up
the whole system for failure
so we show people
how it happened
they conned everybody into taking out
bad loans
the loans went bad and we do this
we show where we were
and what did they do?
we went out with the big lie
the big lie was we had to bail out the banks
the two big to fails
because hey
after all they're better than you and I
they're too big to fail
if they fail we're no good
we'll all die
let's steal the people's money and give it to the banks
so what I do is I show people
by using a power point
long term decline
and I do it with pop culture
I show for example Duke Ellington
you know looking
as the Duke does
with a top hat
and a tuxedo
and playing a couple of bars of take the atrium
and then I show Kanye
yeah you remember Jay-Z
he was out there beating the band for Obama
out in Ohio
and he couldn't even fill the auditorium
and he said
who cares a damn with Jay-Z
or Bruce Springsteen
thinks about anything
I agree with you
you're getting continual coverage
of the real election
this is historical and I just want to commend
the amazing crew up here
and what they're doing tonight
I sit
and I watch all this unfold Gerald
and I see the corrupt globalist
fleeing the US
and they've engineered its collapse
and I commend the fact that you've said
you're going to stay here and fight it out
in the Info War and then
in other ways if need be
if we beat these people
folks will look back just like they look back
on the French resistance against the Nazis
or just like they look back on the polls
of the Ukrainians standing up against the Soviets
I just wish that
people that weren't historically or politically
I wish they understood this is not hyperbole
those of us that are staying here
do so at the threat of our lives
this is not a game, it's not a joke
and there's really three different groups
of people in this country
you can break it down into more but you've got
the small, tiny insider technocrat
parasite elite that knows the public's
unconscious and dumbed down
and then you've got the giant mass
of just people trying to work, muddle through
but they've been brought up to be continual
children, arrested development
literally don't know how to tie their shoe laces
so the television didn't tell them how
and then you've got people that are actually
aware of what's happening
and are horrified by it trying to wake up
the zombified
sheeple masses
and you've got the system
doing everything it can to further
dumb people down
you mentioned preppers, hey let's make fun of preppers
that were prepared in New Jersey
New York and other areas
Pennsylvania, Ohio, they're able to take care
of people now
and as usual government couldn't and wouldn't
and again it's this instinct
of the parasitic robber baron class
to want a bunch of victims
but then they destroy their own infrastructure
which they have now hijacked
in the process of this will
to power, this will to total
when the globalists all compete with each other over
who can be the most wicked, who can be
the most manipulative
and the most final equation it all blows back
on them as well, let me take
Prop 37, you know
most polls showed it two to one
people want to be able to know what's in their food
if it's GMO
cross species, rose its own
pesticide, makes bugs
guts burst but they say it's
safe for humans and then they come out and say
oh suddenly everybody's for it
that's all just a hoax ahead of electronic voting
machine fraud with that proposition
I've known that for a long time
this can only work so long
while they're killing us with this stuff
I'm kind of ranting here off of what you've said
but first speak to
if you agree with the kind of three basic grips of people
and what's going to happen
as the sheep and their master
as things collapse, try to escape
those of us that were proven right, I mean you were called a pessimist porn dealer
I've been demonized
and all these things constantly
but then everything we talk about unfortunately
is unfolding, we're not happy
to say the Titanic is listing and about to go under
get to the lifeboats
it's sad
I guess Orwell said
in the world of universal deceit
telling the truth is a revolutionary act
and I'm kind of ranting here
it's just that
you watch the general public
identifying with Romney as their savior
and their personal hero and what makes them have value in the world
or you watch the Obama supporters
and the Obama phone
and identifying with government
as their power
instead of themselves being their power
and it's just sad to watch
humanity drained
by a scientific tyranny
and to know we're going down this nightmare road
so I mean kind of in that rant
what groups do you see out there
and then your take on things like Prop 37
well it's what you said
yes there are the people that just follow
the three groups that you said
the elites and the others
and you asked me about my talk
and another part that I show them
the trends that are developing
where the economies are going
the great wars that are emerging
but really the crux of the entire
speech is that
everyone has to find the greatness
within them
this doesn't have to be the Ukraine
this doesn't have to be
the Soviet Union
this doesn't have to be
a police state
this doesn't have to be a revolution
of bullets and bombs
on the contrary
now as Einstein made it very clear
nothing comes of peace
brought by violence
that begins in violence
so my message is really
an intellectual and spiritual revolution
and there are a lot of wonderful people
every where I go
and when you show them
the power to clowns
and when you really break down
which I do
who the people are that are leading us
and how unqualified
and what psychopaths they are
that the only thing
that stops people from changing the future
are the people themselves
the people don't know
the power that they have
as you began this Alex
by talking about the small group
of elites
it's a small group of elites
they are powerless
without the police
being their power
and once the police
abandon them
they have no power
the power is with the people
but the people power
only comes about
as I believe it
when the people work to find the greatness
within them
so one of the messages that I say
what I talk about
is I'm a believer that
and I'm sure you are and everybody listening is
that each of us
have these unique gifts
bringing those unique gifts
that we have working on
because everybody knows
it takes a lot of work to hone your craft
when you keep doing that
you rise to higher levels
when you raise the bar
you don't accept mediocrity
and when the collective
when the individual changes
the collective consciousness
I have to say this Alex
with everything that I believe
and every ounce of
one truth and passion in me
the time has never been
better than now
and I'll tell you all
you mentioned earlier
that years ago when you say
12 years ago 10 years ago
there was vote of fraud
and then 8 years
a couple more people
didn't start believing
and as it keeps moving forward
and then you mentioned in numbers
80-90% of the people
you look at the numbers
of how many people no longer believe
in Congress
what is it like 16 or 17%
of the people believe in Congress
and those are the flunkies
that work for them to have the federal jobs
that's why they believe
some numbers are as low as
9% approval rating for Congress
9% approval rating for Congress
now here's the point
the vacuum has never been
it could be filled
with anything
the void is there
you have an empty suit
and a
stuffed shirt
that's vying for the White House
how transparent can it be
it could be filled
with anything
and my message is
let's fill it with greatness
the greatness of the people
the spirit of the people
the dignity of the people
the courage of the people
the respect of the people
the integrity of the people
and the passion of the people
those are unstoppable
that the politicians
are defenseless against
that's what I believe
and that's why I say
the time is now
well said
well listen to folks there in Ireland
what city are you in in Ireland
there Gerald
what city are you in in Ireland
I'm in Dublin
Dublin well hey
tell folks out there that I
salute the great Irish people
I've got quite a bit of Irish blood
coming through my veins I'm proud of that
I'm proud of all my ancestors
but I want to say this
if you go to Alexa.com
or you go to
Google Analytics
there is only one country
people would think that online