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Air Date: July 5, 2009
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Now, four o'clock.
Higher in USA Radio News, I'm Jason Walker.
Arizona Senator John McCain expressing support for his former vice presidential running mate.
Alaska Governor Sarah Palin announcing Friday she will leave office in a few weeks, some 18 months before her term expires.
McCain says he was deeply honored to have her as his running mate.
Now McCain's stance is in sharp contrast to one taken by Alaska Republican Senator Lisa McCain.
We're good to go.
This is IRN USA Radio News.
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President Obama praising members of the United States Armed Forces in Independence Day remarks at the White House.
You are the latest, strongest link in that unbroken chain that stretches back to the Continental Army.
You're the heirs of that legacy of proud men and women who strained to hold together a young union, who rolled back the creeping tide of tyranny, who stood post through a long twilight struggle,
We've taken on the terror and extremism that threatens the world's stability.
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California lawmakers continue working on a massive bill, hoping to avert a total budget meltdown.
Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger's spokesman, Aaron McClure.
I think we all are interested in getting this done as quickly as possible.
We just have different ideas on how to get there.
The governor wants to solve our entire $26.3 billion deficit all at once, and the legislature has tried to do a little bit at a time and push the rest off for later.
We don't think that's the right way to go.
California lawmakers failing to balance the budget by the beginning of the new fiscal year earlier this week.
More anti-tax Tea Party protests all across the nation Saturday.
Officials estimate there have been some 1,300 events.
Eldest organizers say they hope they've added opposition to the administration's agenda on health care, energy, and the environment.
Very special Independence Day for George W. Bush, former president, addressing an audience in the small town of Woodward, Oklahoma.
Bush had surprised city leaders by accepting their invitation to attend the 4th of July celebration.
Joey Chestnut snarfing down a record 68 hot dogs to win the 9th annual Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest on Coney Island Saturday.
Chestnut from San Jose, California won the title for the 3rd straight year.
Japan's Takeru Kobayashi came in 2nd with only 64.5.
Tens of thousands of people jammed the Coney Island boardwalk to watch that event.
I'm Jason Walker, IRN USA Radio News.
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Now live from Austin, Texas, here's Alex Jones.
Ah, it is July 5th, 2009.
We're going to have wide open phones for the full two hours today.
And we have a special guest on the economic front popping in in the next hour.
Surprise guest.
Tell you about that a little bit later.
In the transmission.
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Central, that's 2 to 4 Pacific, a lot of stations re-air this show.
In fact, more stations re-air it than carry it live.
So, if you're listening to the retransmitted broadcast, you can always email us.
at Infowars.com.
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You can always call in during the weekday show from 11 a.m.
to 3 p.m.
as well.
Okay, it is Sunday, day after Fourth of July.
Why am I here when most people are taking off?
Well, because the Republic is on its last legs, as they say.
The United States has been captured.
It has been shanghaied.
It has been bamboozled.
It has been hijacked.
It has been boarded.
It has been buffaloed.
It has been overtaken, captured, wherever you want to call it, by foreign offshore corporations openly.
We call that group of bad guys the New World Order.
And they write thousands of white papers and hundreds of books and give thousands of speeches and go to Davos and brag they're bringing in world government and how they're gonna have a global carbon tax and make us all feudal serf slaves who live at subsistence level because it's better for the earth and easier for them to control us.
This is a fact.
This is what we're facing.
Now, the global crime syndicates media for decades, as all of this structure was being set up and built, they denied it existed.
And had their controlled corporate media, the old media, sit there and tell you that you're crazy if you talk about these issues, and they would craftily, on TV and radio, and in print, mix the private Federal Reserve, talking about the private Federal Reserve, or talking about chemical and biological and radiological weapons testing on the people,
Or subjects like that that are documented on record.
The private Federal Reserve is private, is run for profit, has never been audited, is a criminal group.
That's a fact.
It is a fact.
There have been tens of thousands of above ground chemical, biological, radiological testing against the people of the United States and the world.
That is a fact.
There are thousands of issues, just as big as those,
That nobody ever really discusses unless they try to mix it in with chupacabras, space aliens from Mars, time traveling, which is all interesting and fun, but not based in provable, certified reality.
And so when the mainstream media, by design, mixes those issues in, mixes the private fellow reserve and the private corporate dictatorship in with those silly issues, the other issues that can't be proven,
Then that discredits the serious topics.
So, for years the media did this, and now we openly have world government being set up.
Hundreds of major publications are coming out and saying that a private group of banks offshore now rule the United States, just like they rule third world and developing countries through debt, and that we're going to be paying our carbon taxes to them, and that we're going to lose our standard of living, and that America's over, and that our freedoms are over.
And that, well really, this is good because America has been too uppity, America has been doing too well, and we deserve this.
So after all these years denying that any of this existed, after all these years denying that any of this is happening, they're now going, oh yeah, there's a world government run by offshore banks, but they're going to fix all the problems and fix the environment and everything's fine, so just sit down and shut up.
And if you don't like it, well then you're basically terrorist.
That's what's going on.
That's what's happening here in the United States and worldwide.
So you need to know that on this day after 4th of July, that everything the 4th of July stands for, all of our liberties, all of our freedoms, private property rights, parental rights, family rights, constitutional rights, it's all going out the door.
It's all being wholesale, trampled on, butchered, decimated, burned to the ground.
It's being disintegrated in front of our eyes.
And until we start realizing that, until we start facing those facts, it is only going to get worse.
You know, I have linked to, and I have made films about, and I have covered at Infowars.com and PrisonPlanet.com and JonesReport.com and PrisonPlanet.tv, ad nauseam, the thousands of public documents where the elite of the planet sit around and brag
Their plan all along was to deindustrialize Western Europe, England, and the United States.
To bankrupt the free market, to bankrupt the middle class, so you had to go on welfare.
Because they're going to leave the taxation control grid in place, they're going to bankrupt every factory, every job you've got, to make you serve them, to make you be under their control.
It's like NAFTA and Gantt.
They knew and they wrote that that would de-industrialize the country, and look what it did.
Then the very same banks loaned out all this fiat currency and credit.
Then they pulled the rug out from under the people two years ago.
They've had tax incentives to move your companies, your factories, offshore, out of the United States and out of the West.
It's a monopoly game.
How do you control it all?
You first bring it all down.
They knew what it was going to do.
They paid the tax incentives.
We've paid to move the jobs overseas and left the borders wide open when it's unconstitutional, criminal, and 80-90% of the American people, depending on the poll, don't want our borders open.
It stays open no matter who's in office.
The illegal aliens.
I've got Associated Press articles where Homeland Security, when they do arrest an illegal alien, they take them and give them a job building government facilities.
This is the takeover, and the big question is, what are you going to do about it?
They paid the companies to move out of the nation.
And now they're putting a carbon tax on every farm, every ranch, every factory, every company, every office, every car, every home, every tank of natural gas, every tank of gasoline, every container of motor oil, everything, with carbon taxes on it.
The foods you eat, the fertilizers that are used to grow them, and no one else but the West, the United States and Europe, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, no one else of 160 plus other nations has to make any of those greenhouse gas cuts.
Now, if you think the economy is already in free fall,
And you think the situation's only being made worse by governments spending $14.8 trillion more than the gross domestic product in the first seven months of the banker bailout that began in October.
If you think that's bad, imagine what the carbon taxes are going to do.
It is designed to throw a wet blanket on what's left of this sputtering economy with the last coals.
Of industry and jobs are now dimming and burning out and they throw a giant wet blanket over it.
What does a wet blanket do?
It puts out the fires of free market.
And then what is Obama and the Republican Party with him doing?
There are car dealerships from Texas to Michigan, from New York to Florida, from Florida to Vermont, from Vermont to Washington State.
Three thousand plus Chevy dealerships.
The White House openly controls what stays open and what closes.
Families that even want to just change car dealers and own the property their dealership's on are being told, no, you signed contracts years ago saying you have to shut down if we tell you to and give us your car list and customer list.
And then if they're inside Democratic Party operatives, they get to stay open.
If they're not, they get shut down.
This is a top-down mafia economy.
Where big, select, global corporations use the executive branch to forcibly come in and take over whatever sectors of the economy they want.
This is what tyranny is always about.
Stay with us.
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I think so.
Are you tired of searching for great talk radio?
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We are the GCN Radio Network.
There's a top story up on InfoWars.com.
It's got links to the mainstream newspapers in Missouri.
I'm going to cover it later in the next hour.
And it just says the National Guard trains to take on the U.S.
High treason, ladies and gentlemen.
Northcom openly announces in the Army Times they're preparing major combat brigades to, quote, engage the American people, including state governors.
And that's the same thing the John Warner Defense Authorization Act says.
Now, anybody who lives in the real world and understands history, the hair on the back of your neck should be standing up.
But you see,
It's not just the government that's corrupt and rancid.
It's the American people.
We were once the smartest and best and toughest.
All those clich├ęs were true.
But it's probably been a hundred years since we were anything close to those ancestors.
And now we're a bunch of showboats.
A bunch of posing, preening peacocks who like to act like they're tough and act like they're informed and act like they're involved.
But in reality, it's a bunch of cowards that'll go along with anything.
And so the word went out to the vultures of the planet.
This is the place to pick the people's bones.
This is where they'll put up with anything.
As long as you wrap it in the American flag.
You can shove a shotgun in their mouth and pull the trigger, as long as the shotgun is red, white, and blue.
And they'll thank you for blowing their brains out.
Now I know there's still a lot of good people in this nation.
And the New World Order global crime syndicate's taking over on the planetary scale, so there's really nowhere to run.
So we gotta stand here and fight, ladies and gentlemen.
But, on average, 640,000 jobs are being lost every month for the last 8 months straight.
600,000 plus people a month are losing their jobs.
It's accelerating now.
Real inflation is above 15%.
Real unemployment is now above 20%.
And it's only going to get worse.
There's no cavalry coming over the hill.
The government wants to make the depression as bad as possible.
They want to bankrupt you.
They want to make you dependent on them.
They want to get control of you.
It's in all the IMF and World Bank documents.
They've done it in third world countries.
You know, you like to shake your finger when you're in a third world country.
Nicaragua, El Salvador, Argentina, areas in Asia.
You like to shake your finger and say, look at these homeless people everywhere.
Look at these poor people.
Why don't they do something for themselves?
Well, see, their corrupt leaders were bought off by foreign offshore banks that signed agreements with the leaders that they were not to pay the loans back that were made up out of fiat money to begin with, backed up by U.S.
And that they were then to hand over the entire infrastructure to the people.
You see, the elites want you to be bankrupt and poor as a tool of control.
As a tool of bondage.
As State Department Memorandum 200 clearly states, declassified in 92, written by Henry Kissinger in 1973, they have to use war and famine and poverty to reduce the world's population.
And their number one target is the West.
Now, they've had trouble killing off the third world.
Its numbers are growing.
But the West is dying.
The world average for the West, that counts Japan, they've got a Western death trend.
For every two people, two parents, for every two adults, for every two baby boomers, they're having 1.3.
That's the world average in the first world.
So, see, two people becomes 1.3.
Our cultures are dying.
It's a bunch of lackadaisical, smart-mouthed know-it-alls who don't even have an idea.
So selfish!
That they would allow themselves to be sterilized by the plastic products they drink water out of.
They would allow themselves to be sterilized by the sodium fluoride they're drinking water.
They would allow themselves to be sterilized and brain damaged by the mercury in their vaccines.
And they wouldn't even stop because they were too lazy to even save their own lives.
So I want to ask you, why is the Fourth of July important?
What do those fireworks symbolize?
They symbolize warfare.
They symbolize mortar shells exploding in the air.
But you know, the West is like a big rotten dead animal.
It just has to be drug off into the ditch and buried basically.
That's what you want.
It's what you get.
The bankers, you can believe all their lies.
You can believe in hope.
They're going to grind you under their feet.
They're going to stomp your brains out.
They're going to push you and squeeze you and bankrupt you and take your farms and your ranches and your homes.
And so many of you are so cowardly.
You will engage in mental gymnastics, you will make excuses for the system, and you'll go join the youth brigades and the forced labor brigades, and you'll go to work at the corporations that live off government contracts, and our whole economy is converting from industry and manufacturing and farming to tattletale squads and different government jobs and government-funded jobs.
Everything's converting to police state.
That's our new economy.
And that's our new religion.
That's what's worshipped.
And our whole economy is being turned into a Pentagon murder grid, a control grid, a cashless society control grid, a technological enslavement panopticon to totally annihilate our society.
And we're just incrementally introduced to the new level of the matrix every month, every year.
As the intensifying corruption just expands.
You're all good little mind slaves.
You make the excuses.
You rationalize.
You're caught in that trance.
You're caught under that spell where you just can't get out of it like the frog in the boiling water.
Because you're not a slave.
You're not going to admit you're a slave.
You're going to rationalize.
You're going to make excuses.
You're going to believe in the false left-right paradigm.
You're going to watch your four and a half hours of TV a day.
But I want to ask those of you out there that do love liberty, that do love freedom, that do know the Bill of Rights and Constitution has been completely butchered from pillar to post.
What are you going to do to stop this?
What are you going to do to fight this?
What are you going to do to speak up against this system?
Because I know this, the enemy will give us no quarter.
They're not going to back off.
They're not going to quit.
They're not going to stop pushing.
They're only going to go and push harder and harder and harder.
They have created a banking black hole of fiat currency and debt that was impossible to get out of the day they set it in motion.
It is a worldwide Ponzi scheme, but when the Ponzi scheme pops, that's when the elite get the real power because everything implodes into their police state hands.
Northcom admits they've been preparing for 10 years for the collapse of society.
Northcom wasn't set up in 2002.
Homeland Security wasn't set up in 2002.
It was set up in the early 90s.
You can go pull up Bill Clinton's speeches talking about it.
All of this has been a master plan.
Just like the CIA has taken down hundreds of third world countries, they're taking us down now.
They work for offshore banks.
They work for foreign corporations.
These elites don't care about you in the red, white, and blue.
They only wrap themselves in that so you'll stand down.
That's their camouflage while they run over you.
These are ruthless, cold-blooded world conquerors using financial systems to blast out economies and get people under their control and domesticated and dependent on them.
And if they can't do that, they'll fund terror organizations and revolutionary groups in your country to overthrow you.
Or they'll hire your military to overthrow you.
Or they'll come in and bombard your nation and blow its infrastructure out and then sit back for 15 years, waging siege on your nation till millions of your people starve to death.
Then they'll come in and take over.
We're facing cold-blooded killers.
At least people out there can wake up and face how much trouble we're in, but you won't, because you want to be slaves and bankrupt homeless, okay?
Get what you want then!
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You're listening to GCN.
The Genesis Communication Radio Network.
We are back live.
Look, I'm not trying to be negative here.
I'm telling the truth.
Tyranny is taking over the planet.
Remember what Stalin did, and Hitler did, and Mao did, and Fidel Castro, and hundreds of others, and Caesar, and the Aztecs?
This is what elites do.
They're ruthless.
And they're openly bragging publicly that they've engineered the world financial collapse
To bankrupt the planet, and then backed up by NATO and the U.S.
They point guns at every country, including the U.S., and say, you're going to accept all our new rules, or we won't turn the money spigots back on.
And the money spigots is all through perception.
It's all just fiat these scam artists make out of nothing.
Just stop being such schmucks, folks.
Remember the tens of thousands of chemical, biological, radiological testing that you know about?
All of you have heard about them spraying U.S.
cities and testing biologicals on people and the government grabbing foster kids and radiating them to death?
You all know about black men in Tuskegee and the... I mean, I just mentioned a few of the common ones folks know about.
The carnage is endless.
These people are completely ruthless and out of control.
But they don't want to startle their prey.
You are their prey.
And so I'm like a warthog walking around out in the field and the lion doesn't want me.
It wants the little group of gazelles.
There's a pride of lions coming up and I'm a warthog snorting and kicking and making noise, warning everybody, putting out my warning call about the lions crawling up in the high grass.
And the gazelles are laughing at me going, well, if there were lions, they'd eat you.
If there were lions, you'd be dead!
No, folks, I'm not their quarry.
I'm not their target.
These are psychopaths.
These are sociopaths.
They have nothing but disdain for you.
I've had many elitists, high-level, say, Jones, why are you even trying to help the slaves?
As you notice, they want to be a steak on the table.
They want to be eaten.
They want to be controlled.
They want to be dumbed down.
They want to be hurt.
Evidenced by you warn them and they don't listen.
But so often,
I see yuppies and low-level nobodies think they're part of the elite.
Folks, if you're not worth billions of dollars, and if you've been invited to eugenics meetings where they openly discuss exterminating the majority of the planet once the world government's in place, if you've been in a eugenics meeting where they're talking about the master plan to kill the majority of people, then you're an elitist.
But if you're some guy worth $500 million and you haven't been in on the meetings talking about killing everybody, you're nobody.
Because let me tell you, that's all these control freaks talk about.
They're into power, into control.
They always want the greatest extreme of power.
What's the greatest extreme of power?
Ask Hitler.
Ask Stalin.
Ask Mao.
It's killing the majority of the people.
Every time these guys get total power, they go, okay, I rule these kingdoms, start killing everyone.
Because they can.
Because that's their nature.
And the Bill of Rights, the Constitution was there for a reason.
And as soon as the government started getting rid of any of the Bill of Rights and Constitution, any areas of it, as soon as we let them chew on the edges of them, they've gone ahead and just eaten through the entire thing.
It's like a bunch of weevils in a sack of grain.
Oh, there's just a few weevils in that sack of grain in the closet, in the pantry.
I'm gonna leave them alone.
Go in there a week later, there'll be hundreds of weevils, most of the grain will be eaten, and there'll be nothing but weevils and piles of weevil dung.
That's it.
There'll be a bunch of bugs and a bunch of their excrement, and a little bit of grain left.
And that's basically what America is now.
And they're openly set up Northcom and openly trained them.
I've been to the Urban Warfare Drills.
I don't need to read it in the newspaper, but now I can.
How they're training the military to set up checkpoints, lock down cities.
And let me tell you, they're not training them to go after some guy wearing a turban on his head named Allah Akbar.
They're training them to go after somebody named John Jones.
Or David Smith.
Or Dan Johnson.
You understand that?
Or Carol Schmidt?
That's who they're training them to go after.
John Q. Public, Sally Soccer Mom, Joe Sixpack.
Because they know when you find out your whole country's been stolen out from under you, not everybody's just gonna go work for the government or work in the government brigades or the tattletale squads of the prisons.
As the entire economy, you know, every technical institute shifts over to security guards and all the major college, uh,
Grants that they give people, and scholarships are for the police state, and data mining, and spying, and CIA's tripling its domestic operations.
Totally illegal.
They know a lot of you aren't going to like being fed on.
See, because they're... Not everybody's going to get the government job or the government contract.
The other half of America is going to be the food.
You're going to be the dinner for the Stalinistic, Mao-Hitlerian system.
Look in the mirror.
You're the food!
See, a predatory system, the globalists have turned America into a bunch of backstabbing, weasel-head scum.
A bunch of backstabbing, lazy, slack-jawed trash.
Now, that's not the majority of America, but they got a big cadre of ruthless gangster thugs now, who love petty power and will taser and kill and rob to get what they want.
And they're ready to march out and take everything from the American people.
Just like the Chicago system.
All of America is going to be like Chicago.
Mafia corrupt run, but ten times worse.
And every little local thug that works for the feds and the foreign corporations is going to be able to get away with whatever they want.
The message has gone out to the police and everybody else.
Just have your way with these slobs.
Knock them around.
Let them know we're in charge.
You will be backed up no matter what you do.
You will be promoted.
Now go out there and let them know they are our slaves.
Go out there and you pull those old ladies over and you just grab that money right out of their wallet and if they don't like it, you taser them.
You're too good to punch her in the face or blackjack her like you used to.
You just taser that old witch.
You take her car if she smarts off.
This country's run by us now.
We're taking it!
Are you ready, men?
Are you ready, pirates?
Aye, we're ready, Captain!
It lay to it, boys.
There's plenty of these weak cowards for us to feed on.
And none of them's got no fight in them.
So go all the way.
Take everything they's got and everything they are.
Break their spirit, boys.
Let's them know now that they're gonna be slaves on the deck of my ship.
A ship of hell!
I grieve for this nation.
I told my wife this morning, I said, I can hardly do this anymore.
All the sorrow, all the pain, knowing I'm right, reading the bills, reading the documents, knowing I'm telling the truth, knowing it's hundreds of times worse than I can even explain to you, seeing the public having no idea.
All these nice, sweet, gullible families, all self-assured with their little kids, shooting them up with deadly vaccines full of cancer viruses and mercury.
Shooting them up, giving them fluoride water, brain damage, cancer everywhere, people dying in mass, Gardasil killing people all over the place, SWAT teams raiding farms and ranches, raiding people selling eggs, raiding people selling, just hell has been released, total corruption, government bureaucracy is spreading out like a cancer, the nation's got
Just huge tumors popping and spilling out.
Metastasization as it just spills through us.
One giant rotting cancer with a bunch of yuppies giggling and snorking and laughing.
That a bunch of fake churchgoers going into their churches that tell them to lay down, go along with the system, it's the end of the world, do what the pastor says, after all he's on the FEMA payroll.
I mean, how creepy is that?
They admit that most of the preachers were on secret FEMA payroll and are now public, getting you ready to quote, go to the FEMA camps?
I mean, I'm getting so conditioned to accept this that
I saw four or five articles Thursday and Friday and just mentioned them where the Houston Chronicle and others reported the police just come to your door now and asked to search for illegal guns.
They call it knock and talk.
And then I saw articles out of Illinois again where they're using the army to go knocking at and go out.
I mean, it's happening.
Forget coming.
It's happening.
And see, it's all about
The offshore banks made the decision to steal everything, to bankrupt everything, to kill the goose to lay the golden egg, so nobody else could ever get a golden egg again.
So they're the only ones with golden eggs.
They're breaking the mold.
See, they got the power out of the mold they used to build their New World Order.
Now they're breaking the mold.
They want you bankrupt and totally poor, so you can't stand up and resist them and say no to them.
Now, are you going to put up with these criminals?
It's so outrageous they're getting away with it!
Your call is straight ahead.
Stay with me.
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Great talk radio starts here.
Oh, man!
It makes me mad to know all these offshore criminal bankers are taking over.
Hey, when a corporation has a hostile corporate takeover of another corporation, do they lay the people off?
Do they fire them?
Do they steal pension funds?
Of course!
Oh, but there wouldn't be a global government moved by the corporations to take over governments.
Oh, no, they don't want control of governments where they can set all the rules and have the
All right, hold on.
Got a bunch of news coming up next hour and a special guest, but let's go to your calls.
Loaded phone lines.
We'll give each caller one minute.
Delilah in Ohio, you're on the air worldwide.
Hi Alex, thank you for taking my call.
Thanks for calling.
Okay, I basically have my entire family living out there in California.
Which is totally collapsing with that Nazi thug running everything.
Yeah, yeah.
Could you please give me some clue or idea of what to expect because I really believe California is going to be the first one to fall.
So if you could give me some type of idea of how this is going to play out.
It's going to fall like luscious dominoes right into the Rothschild Rockefeller hands.
And everybody's going to beg the government, oh you did this to us, give us more world government, take more of our jobs, we'll do whatever you say, we'll turn our neighbors in.
And they'll go, okay, here's some SWAT teams.
They'll taser you, that'll fix it.
They'll go, thank you!
I mean, you know, I mean, it's the pimp game.
They want to be raped, they want... Ma'am, I'm sorry, I'm just very angry.
Number one, when I call Schwarzenegger a Nazi, he told Rolling Stone in 1977, I want to be worshipped like Hitler at Nuremberg and I admire Hitler.
His father was an SS officer who took people to their deaths on record.
Schwarzenegger openly wore Nazi uniforms and handed out Hitler records and screamed at the black people in gyms on record, down with the blacks, you're subhuman trash.
Arnold Schwarzenegger's a gun-grabbing, new-world-promoting piece of trash and he was designed to go in there,
And to sucker the people of California to take over.
So he's meant to bankrupt things by design.
Then the feds come in, they're gonna grab the 222 camps, the government facilities, the national parks.
They're gonna arrest any homeless people and forcibly put them in camps.
That's already happening in Sacramento.
I sent our cameras there.
And the feds are just going to federalize it and just further have total federal control.
Which itself, the feds are controlled by offshore banks.
The states are to be bankrupt with these unfunded federal mandates and all the free health care for the illegal aliens.
It's all working like a charm.
Only Americans would let some foreign piece of trash, Nazi-un-American piece of garbage be their governor.
So California wants to collapse.
They're trendy liberals.
They're trendy.
They love collapsing.
Does that answer your question, ma'am?
Yes, it does.
So basically what you're saying, Dan, is to expect the dominoes to start falling with California, and it's just going to just
Domino from there.
And the Feds then will get to grandstand as the saviors, fixing everything they engineered.
The country is in total foreign bank receivership to the banks that engineered the crisis that we gave all our money to, to quote, restart the economy.
You understand when we gave the foreign banks 14.8 trillion according to Bloomberg, that we have to pay interest on the free money we gave them?
I don't understand how people can not be outraged.
Oh, there's no future!
It's absolutely destroyed!
Look, ma'am, I appreciate your call.
It's all over!
Let me tell you why I'm so mad.
I'm running on the treadmill last night, and guess what is on television?
I'm watching... what's the show with the guy that used to have Politically Incorrect?
Bill Maher's stupid show.
What's the name of it?
Real-time with Chicken Neck.
Yeah, real-time with Fake Liberal.
Real-time with Know-It-All, you know, New World Order Minion.
I'm watching real-time with Chicken Neck, and he's sitting up there acting real smart and saying one line a minute, reading off a teleprompter, and he's got Opie on there.
Ron Howard.
And Ron Howard talks about how, well, America is over and we're going to collapse now and no longer be the superpower, but that's kind of the way it's meant to be and, you know.
See, this is what a globalist would say.
Oh, well, America had it good too long.
America had to be put in line.
Yeah, we're not going to be like we were before.
Why are all the industry gone?
Why are all the jobs gone?
Because we let foreign banks take us over and move the industry offshore as a tool of control and get us deep in debt.
Deep in debt, it's all made up!
It's a fraud!
And I listen to NPR, and they're always like, America's had it good too long.
I heard this 10 years ago.
And there's gonna be a world collapse, and that'll teach us not to have a high standard of living, and the carbon tax will teach us to live in our means, and everybody's trained.
Oh, I better not use too much water.
Oh, I better not use plastic bags.
Oh, humans are bad, the government.
Tells me we're like a nation of third graders that line up to ask permission to go to the bathroom.
Except the third grade teacher is a SWAT team commander with a taser and a German Shepard in a black uniform with acid dripping out of his mouth just ready to rip your head off and do you know what to your skull!
Not me!
I'm not a slave!
I know tyranny when I see it!
You just go ahead and yell and scream about your stupid sports and feel manly and tough.
I actually get upset about real things like being conquered by offshore banks.
David and Austin, you're on the air.
Yes, sir.
Go ahead, sir.
All right.
I'm disagreeing with you about something.
Well, don't worry.
Everything's wonderful then.
I don't disagree with you about very much, but I heard you say this last week or last week before last that
You didn't care what homosexuals did as long as they didn't molest children in the privacy of their home.
And that's what I disagree with you.
If you've ever studied much Oriental philosophy, especially Taoism, you realize that yin and yang and yang and yang produce harmful vibrations in the spiritual plane.
And yin by itself and yang by itself produce harmful vibrations in the spiritual plane.
Well, sir, you missed what I was saying.
You missed what I was saying.
My thing is, I don't have some hang-up.
I don't hate people.
I don't hate somebody that wants to have sex with a donkey.
But I don't particularly like it.
I have my taste.
And so, the issue is, is that a lot of those people are trying to force their taste on everybody.
They don't need to have any sex education for third graders.
Much less homosexual or heterosexual.
That's my whole point, and I was pointing out that a lot of the kids stolen by CPS are given to the gay and lesbian families, and they're hunting us like Planet of the Apes with their CPS riding in on horses, and we're running through the cornfield, and they're beating us over the head, and I'm sick of it!
And it isn't because of what they're doing in their bedroom!
Stay out of my lives!
Leave me alone, you control freaks!
Just because you can't reproduce, don't try to kidnap our kids!
And I talked about how almost every family court judge is one of these people, and they sit up there, and they're the big womb.
The big family judge, the gay and lesbian families, they go to them to get kids.
And then the big magic judge says, I'm the big magic, you know, shaved head commander woman.
And I supply you the kids.
Now bring in the poor Christian family.
Give me those daughters and little boys.
I'm the big mama.
Here, I give birth to them and I give you the CPS children.
See, they're the big fire of Moloch.
They sit up there on their big giant altar, and they steal our kids and then hand them over to the other people.
And they go, you're magic, Judge!
You can produce children!
You understand?
That's how this works.
And that's what I was saying, and I don't want to hear it, that, oh, you just don't like gays and lesbians.
I don't even care what you're doing!
The whole point is, stop trying to steal people's kids!
You understand me?
And for anybody out there that doesn't know about this, you need to go check it out for yourselves and go to the family court.
That's how it works.
And maybe these gays and lesbians don't know where most of the kids they're getting came from, but they came from people that had their kids jacked at the hospital.
Oh, mama had some marijuana in her blood.
Doesn't matter if it's a false positive a third of the time.
We're going to go ahead and take their kid.
And it's not just the gays and lesbians that want the kids.
It's also other people adopting kids.
You should know where these kids are coming from.
That's why women shouldn't have all these abortions.
Did you know there are more people wanting to adopt each year than there are abortions in the United States?
People want these kids.
So we kill the babies instead of having the women just give them up for adoption to families.
That's why they won't ever let you know where an adopted kid came from.
It's at Google this right now.
It was in BBC yesterday.
That they're taking the children of families in China that have more than one baby and selling them to US and European families.
A lot of these little Asian kids were stolen from their mothers.
I guess that's good too!
And I'll get an email saying, why don't you like Chinese people?
It has nothing to do with Chinese people!
I'm against those Chinese people having their kids taken!
But see, that's all multicultural fake liberalism is.
Is I say, hey, the sun's a little hot out here today, and they go, oh, I didn't know you were a racist.
Or, oh, I don't like Obama seizing the entire economy from foreign banks.
Oh, you don't like the black man.
It's all a bunch of bull.
It's all a cop-out.
I am mad, ladies and gentlemen.
I am fired up.
Michael, Peggy, Ronnie, Craig, Chris, Jeff!
Your calls are coming up!
I am on the front lines!
I am the Info Warrior!
I am ready to wage war on dehumanization!
I am ready to crush the New World Order!
Fire up and join me!
Get your soul back!
Get your heart back!
And say no to the tyranny!
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...says only 19 of the 112 prisons in... You're listening to GCN, the world leader in independent talk radio.
DJ Austin.
It's 5 o'clock.
IRN USA Radio News, I'm Jason Walker.
President Obama offering an Independence Day welcome to members of the military at the White House.
Even if this backyard is a little bit unique, our gathering tonight is not so different from gatherings that are taking place all across the country.
Parks and fields and backyards all across America.
In small towns and big cities, folks are reliving the simple, unmistakable joys of being in America.
Negotiations continue in California where a compromise may clear the way for an agreement on an overdue budget to head off a cash crisis for the state.
Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger says he's willing to reconsider his proposal to help reduce the $26 billion budget deficit with cuts to school spending that would require suspension of constitutional rules on education expenditures.
California already issuing billions of dollars in so-called IOUs.
This is IRN USA Radio News.
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We're good to go.
800-427-2086 That's 800-427-2086 800-427-2086
A former National Football League star is dead.
Here's correspondent Mary Perrin.
Quarterback Steve McNair was found shot to death in a downtown Nashville apartment.
Police haven't released a motive in the shooting.
An unidentified female was also killed.
McNair was with the Houston Oilers slash Tennessee Titans from 1995 through 2005.
He led Tennessee to the team's only Super Bowl appearance in 2000.
McNair finished his career with the Baltimore Ravens.
Mary Perrin.
Authorities in South Carolina say they have a serial killer on the loose.
In the last seven days, five people murdered.
A shooting on a Los Angeles freeway last December that left a man dead in a very expensive 05 Bentley may be tied to the Mexican Mafia.
Police now investigating the possibility that it is connected to the local drug trade and concerns some sort of, quote, power struggle.
For the latest news and analysis, log on to IRNUSANews.com.
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The Organization of American States says the interim government of Honduras cannot withdraw from the alliance.
Assistant Secretary General Albert Ramden says only legitimate governments can withdraw from an entity such as the OAS, and the current regime governing the country is not recognized as legitimate.
His comments came before a special meeting on the situation in that South American nation.
The interim rulers of Honduras took power in a coup that ousted President Manuel Zelaya.
So far, they have rejected an OAS demand to restore Zelaya and have defiantly renounced the charter.
The Navy investigating the death of a sailor at Camp Pendleton, California, as a homicide.
Seaman August Provost shot earlier this week while on sentry duty.
Another sailor now in custody.
One of Provo's relatives says she believes he was killed because he was gay and black.
Fourth of July, an extra special day at the Statue of Liberty.
The first day since the 9-11 attacks that Lady Liberty's crown has been opened to visitors.
Spokesman Chagan Firth says the crown tickets went on sale June 13th and are already sold out through September.
Ten people at a time can get access to the Crown.
We do groups of 30 every hour.
So you get a nice, long, about a 20-minute experience from start to end.
Wall Street this week.
The Dow closed at 82.81.
I'm Jason Walker.
This is IRN USA Radio News.
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Now live from Austin, Texas.
He is Alex Jones.
I went a bit wild last hour and quite frankly it's because this stuff's really getting to me.
You know, I get emailed people say, are you for real?
Are you really this upset?
Yes, I'm upset about offshore banks totally imploding the entire world economy and setting up Northcom openly to wage war against the American people for gun confiscation.
You bet.
I'm absolutely freaked out about it.
I mean, I have mainstream news here out of the News Tribune out of Missouri.
One of the big papers there in St.
Guard units trained for militia attacks.
And it says the National Guard is preparing, that's how the PSYOP works, for American gun owners to attack them at checkpoints.
Let me tell you how this is going to work.
So I've been to these urban warfare drills.
The military trains to take on the American people, and they train to break up families at checkpoints.
You drive up to a checkpoint, they run your ID, just like outside Fallujah or outside Baghdad, and they grab the daddy and put him in this truck, the mommy in that truck, and the kids in this truck.
And then when you fight back, it's going to be called a terrorist attack.
Now, I shot Police State 2000, Police State 2, the takeover, and Police State 3 total enslavement.
I mean, I went to these urban warfare drills.
Now it's mainstream news and it's up on InfoWars.com and Curt Nimoy wrote a detailed article, Missouri National Guard trying to kill militia insurgents in exercise.
Then I have them training new Obama youth to quote, take on disgruntled vets in seek and destroy operations, New York Times.
You cannot make this up.
It doesn't matter if it's Bush or Obama, it's the same policy.
These guys are just puppet front men for the military industrial complex and it works for the offshore banks who are a bunch of made-offs.
Now I know we got Michael, and Ray, and Peggy, and Ronnie, and Craig, and Chris, and Jeff, and I'm going to get to all of you.
In fact, Jeff's up first after Michael.
But, throughout the hour, and he can talk to any issue, is BBC TV presenter with his own show, The Oracle.
He has another one on Press TV.
He is the inventor of a major stock market system, including a system that's even been adopted by the Pentagon to try to monitor the stock market.
And he is an author, and also an economist, researcher,
He's Max Keiser and he joins us from Paris for the rest of the hour.
Max Keiser, things are really getting crazy.
Can you just boil down for folks what this global system is and what the banks are going to be doing?
I mean, are they not going to be happy until everything is destroyed and they own everything?
Alex Jones, how are you doing?
Good, Max Keiser.
Thanks for spending time with us on Sunday night there in Paris.
Yeah, it's fantastic to be on the show with you.
How is your beloved betrothed?
Oh, it's fantastic.
Stacy's been doing a lot of research on, looking at Twitter, and she's discovering that, you know, Twitter got contacted by the State Department, and if you notice, during that...
At the so-called Green Revolution during Iran, a lot of the major news outlets were quoting what was happening on Twitter, and yet the ability to manufacture results on Twitter is not that difficult.
And it turns out the CIA was basically running it and feeding the mass Twitters.
Explain, folks, what the little wicked Tweety was doing.
Well, Stacy has been looking at this pretty closely right now.
We're trying to put together some of our own back-end research and data collection because it is similar to the technology that I was involved with, and you mentioned it at the top of the show.
The Pentagon uses some of the ideas and some of the technology that I invented in the mid-1990s for what they call the policy analysis market, which was basically a terror futures market where people could buy and sell contracts based on terror attacks.
And they launched it, and of course there was a huge commotion because it was a way to monetize.
The average guy, the average Joe out there could make money betting on what the next terror attack would be.
And of course this sets up the situation where people would go out and commit terror attacks to make a profit on the Pentagon's terror futures market.
So the Pentagon could profit on its terrorism?
Right, they wanted to share their profits with the average person out there.
That was what the Pentagon was pushing.
And of course, there was a backlash against it.
And I wrote an editorial in the Financial Times, and I pointed out that there already is a terror futures market.
It's called the New York Stock Exchange.
People are already benefiting by pushing terror all over the world.
You know, the primary business, the primary export of America is military hardware.
I don't
And this was an idea that if you really wanted to cash in on America's terror policies, you could build a portfolio of stocks like Corrections Corps of America, which is America's biggest private prison operator.
You could buy stock in Taser.
Which, of course, is a huge beneficiary of what you talk about on your show all the time by giving local cops summary execution powers, basically, to just stop people on the street and taser them.
So all these stocks bundled together into one index, and as a way to give people at least a monetary hedge against the tyranny going on in the U.S.
So if you can't stop it politically, at least you can hedge your portfolio.
And, of course, MaxKaiser.com.
Max, you've been predicting for years what's happening now in the economy, this design implosion, but then the media is saying, oh no, green shoots, everything's wonderful, as everybody I talk to on the street think that we're descending into financial Hades.
What's really going on?
Are the international bankers going to save us?
Well, a couple of things.
First of all, the number one number that people should be looking at is that unemployment number.
The unemployment number is continuing to move up pretty sharply.
And I remember when Obama came into office, his economic program was he was going to restore 3 million jobs quickly, and the point of giving Wall Street all that money
Which, you know, Hank Paulson negotiated basically.
He extorted that money at the end of last year, and he threatened to kill the stock exchange unless the government and the citizens gave him... He threatened martial law.
He said, if you don't do it, we'll just march troops in here.
That's on record.
That's freedom, though.
So that was his pitch to Congress and the American people was extortion.
And what we heard from Obama was that this was going to result in jobs and job growth.
And unfortunately, we've had the reverse.
We've had loss of jobs.
Oh, the bankers are hoarding the money and they love everything imploding.
Oh, bankers don't love getting the farm that way.
They're friendly, Max.
Yeah, pretty much the bankers are hoarding the money and the unemployment rate is up.
The official rate is 9.5%.
But the unofficial rate, which is the rate which you would calculate by including...
The number of people who have stopped working for work, the government doesn't include those people in their numbers.
Plus, if you also... The government uses what's called the birth-death model in calculating unemployment, where it's a way to statistically under-represent the model.
It's just more statistical noise that the government publishes.
But if you were to give a more accurate picture of what the true unemployment number is in America today, it's 16%.
Now, a lot of economists are saying it's really 20.
Bloomberg said 15.6.
There's different ways to calculate it, but clearly it's 50-60% higher than what the official number is.
The trend is moving up quite sharply, and there's no reason to think that that trend is not going to keep moving toward that
25% level, which of course was the number we saw at the Great Depression.
So for people out there, and I know you talk on your show, you say, how come, why aren't people motivated to make a change or make a move?
I think the people who are losing their jobs, and they immediately find themselves in a tent city somewhere and cut off.
From the rest of the... from the society.
You know, they're like Indians being pushed onto a reservation by the government.
And they're cut off from society.
We don't hear from those people.
Because they've been cut off.
They're already... you know, you talk about...
The idea of these FEMA camps and these other types of facilities.
In a way, you already have that going on now, you just don't hear from these people because they're living in tent cities, and they're just not covered, they don't have internet access as such, and so they're just being pushed off.
It's just like we don't hear from somebody who's homeless on the streets of India, or the streets of Beijing.
No, you're right.
They're off the grid now, living in squalor.
Stay there, Max Keiser.
Call's coming up.
This whole police state.
Because you have really discussed how we're converting the whole economy into that.
Why is the Army training to pull triggers on the American people?
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I think so.
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We come back Sundays 4 to 6 p.m.
Central for an abbreviated transmission.
It's midnight over in Paris.
We're Timothy Maxwell-Kaiser, known as Max Kaiser.
From NYU, journalist, film producer, activist, Hollywood stock exchange inventor.
The Oracle with Max Keiser and a lot more.
TV show on BBC and he does one also on Press TV.
Max, I want to go to calls in the time we have coming up in the next segment.
I promise to get to all of you folks that are holding.
But right now, when you talk to other economists, other people researching this,
I mean, you know, the elites are just openly stealing everything in front of everyone.
Both parties in Europe, the Tories and the Labor, Republican Democrats here in the United States.
I mean, the same stuff.
And then meanwhile, they're openly saying NORTHCOM is ready to take on the American people.
I've got news stories coming out where they're training to set up checkpoints and they've got clergy response teams, hired preachers to report on their flock, secret police, CIA ads.
On all radio and TV, recruiting domestic spies.
I feel like I woke up in an episode of The Outer Limits.
The public's kind of in a mind-numbed robot world.
Will they be successful converting us over to just a pure 1984 society?
Or will people finally say, hey, let's audit the private Federal Reserve.
Let's arrest these bankers.
Or is it just
We're like a broke back toothless hooker with cigarette burns all over us with the pimp slapping us around and that's all we know.
That's a beautiful image, Alex.
I'm going to keep that in mind as I try to get to sleep tonight.
As far as you know, you mentioned two things there.
One is the growing surveillance in the police state in the U.S.
and that's definitely an extension of basically
They've put this policy of scorched earth policy of just invading countries and expanding the empire in South America, Latin America, around the world, but now they've run out of places to conquer in this way, so they've come back home.
And the same forces that drove this foreign policy of scorched earth and basically ethnic cleansing, if you will, they're applying this to Americans because they've run out of other countries.
They've run out of space.
So they come back home and they're doing it in their own country.
And of course, the rationality by the people putting this forward is that somehow they're serving the greater good, as they define in their own minds.
But clearly, if you're losing your job, or you're having your savings destroyed, and I want to point something out that happened last week, which is really, really, I think, needs to get some attention.
In the country of Sweden, they've now moved to what's called a negative savings rate, which means that if you have money in the bank, you don't get any kind of a savings rate at all.
In fact, you pay the bank to hold your money.
The reason they do that is they want people to take the money out of the bank and go spend it in the economy.
They're trying to force people to spend money.
So this is a purely debtor system where cradle-to-grave, the government and the private banks are God?
It's a pure cradle-to-grave debt system.
Yes, we are.
They will, as this bailout money fails to stimulate the economy, as the banks fail to make loans, as the economy continues to implode, then all the banks are going to start to move over to this negative savings rate.
Max, what about this?
What about this, though?
They're hiring and converting all the new people that lose their jobs into police state functions to now then go feed on the middle class that's left.
So a total end of private property, it looks like, as well.
What are these North Con Brigades with the military openly training to engage the American people?
I mean, so now if you don't like it, the military will just come kill you?
What's fascinating is that the CIA is recruiting from bankers that are getting fired.
Did you see that?
That was Bloomberg.
Yeah, no!
They're just taking everything over!
You know, I worked on Wall Street for many years, and so in other words, the same people that destroyed the economy, the Wall Street bankers, now that they've been forced off the grid,
They're going to be picked up by the CIA to commit financial crimes against their countrymen conducted by groups like the CIA.
So who knows how to conduct financial crimes better than the guys on Wall Street?
And we know the CIA's been caught shipping in the heroin, the cocaine.
We know they're involved with the Plunge Protection Team rigging the markets anyways.
I mean, this is literally like Hell Force is being released on us.
And you said it, just like the CIA overthrows third-world countries, they're about to have a big meal off us.
What made them decide to go ahead and gang-rape America?
What made them decide to go ahead and slit our throat like a sweet little puppy looking up at its master?
It's just a force of habit.
They don't know any better, and there's no resistance.
There's absolutely no resistance.
That's really what it is, yeah.
And if there was any resistance, and I've introduced two or three ways that there could be resistance, but there's no appetite for any resistance.
So this is really what the people want.
They want their kids being shot up with mercury and drinking fluoride.
They want to be bankrupt.
They want to be slaves.
They want to live across between Mexico and North Korea.
Well, you know, I've often said that, let me put it to you this way, if Hitler had enlisted Auschwitz on the New York Stock Exchange, America would have never invaded Germany.
You know what I'm saying?
In other words, there's a perception in America that no matter how bad things are, there's still a possibility that you might be the big lottery winner.
And people live with those blinders on.
Orwell talked about that.
He said the proles laid down in that 1984 fiction, but based on the Soviet Union he was studying, because they thought they could win the lottery.
Just kind of this magical bumpkin thinking, like giggling that it's not happening to me.
Almost laughing at your neighbor being torn apart.
Well, see, look what's happening in Russia.
Last week, Putin announced that they're closing all the casinos in Moscow, and they're moving them all to Siberia.
And I've talked, I predicted this trend.
I may have even talked about it last year on your show.
No, you didn't.
They were moving toward a casino gulag model.
No, you said that.
I remember.
I remember.
Well, now we've got direct evidence of it.
How did you know that?
A casino gulag.
It's wonderful.
It's a forced gambling model.
And just like in California, if they open up a casino gulag and you run out of tokens, of course the state is now going to issue you IOUs!
Then you can put those into your slot machines in the gulag casino, and you still maintain the illusion that you're going to be a winner, even though you've lost your house, you've lost your job, you've lost your family, but you still might be a winner, so you're going to put up with it.
And it's the same group of people that are now in charge that
Really have been taken from the casino industry.
You know, the casino industry is on the cutting edge of behavioral economics, which has had a study of the psychology of what makes people make economic decisions.
And the casino industry, of course, has introduced techniques where they make it very difficult to leave the casino.
The exits are hidden.
There's no clocks.
You don't know what time of day it is.
They put fragrances in the air.
They have a calculation for the slot machines, a certain win ratio, to keep people interested.
Max, gotta break.
Stay there.
News coming up.
We'll come right back to you to finish that point.
Other key points, then right to your phone calls.
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You're listening to GCN, the Genesis Communications Radio Network.
Max Keiser is our guest.
I want him to finish up his point and we're going to go to your phone calls.
He didn't comment on it all.
Very well read verse, young man.
I can't get no relief.
Max Keiser, there's got to be some way out of here.
You know, just in case listeners think you were joking about gulag casinos, I was listening to Fox News Radio here locally on 590 AM this weekend, heard that announcement, went home and googled it.
Sure enough, we had it linked up on Infowars.com, but here's Times of London.
Vladimir Putin, gambling law, banishes Russian casinos to Siberian exile.
And then earlier I mentioned how in China they CPS people's kids and put them up for adoption.
But they won't tell you that here.
They steal the kids and put them up for adoption.
They get like half a million bucks for a blonde-haired, blue-eyed baby.
I've had senators on admitting they have bounties out for your kids in the public schools.
Sometimes they sell them to
Foreign countries.
Saudi Arabia is one of the biggest purchasers.
But see, BBC, China, babies sold for adoption.
It says they seize your kid if you've had more than one child and sell it to people, I guess, who have been sterilized by the drinking water here in the U.S.
But going back to Max Keiser, so the casino, gulag economy, you did say like six months ago on my show that we were going to go to this and you were serious.
So finish your point on that.
Any other big, important items and big shoes to drop in the economy?
Then I want to start going to these phones here.
Yeah, the casino gulag model is what I've been talking about for a while.
And as the economy continues to implode, it'll become a standing policy.
My prediction for 2009, one of my big predictions, is that online gambling is going to be legalized in the U.S.
because this is going to be billed as a way to stimulate the economy.
And this will just further atrophy and carve out the equity of the U.S.
Now, during the break, during the news break, it was funny because the newscaster said that Joe Biden said that Obama miscalculated what the effect of the first stimulus package might be, and now they're thinking about a second stimulus package.
You've been saying that.
It's just like a heroin dealer.
Oh, you just need one more shot and it'll be okay.
Yeah, and I think it's what people should understand what this means.
And just spend maybe 30 seconds reviewing some of the big points.
No, no, take your time.
Go over.
Go ahead.
You know, let's talk about the banking system for a while, in context here.
The banking system, you know, traditionally, if you put $1,000 in the bank, the bank will then lend out $1,000.
Uh, then you, the idea of a fractional reserve banking system is you put $1,000 in the bank and the bank lends out $10,000.
Well, where do they get that additional $9,000?
It's loaned into existence.
And this is how the money, what's called money, expands.
But it's actually, these are just IOUs.
These are just debts that are being created by banks.
And they do it purely in their own service.
And the interest on the debt, of course, will always eclipse any kind of return they're getting on a deposit.
So you end up with an economy that's heading further and further into debt.
Now, what we've seen in the last... Wait, let's not just glaze over that.
Explain to people, this is a singularity financially, like a black hole.
It's designed to put you into debt.
It's designed to create more debt than actual asset.
The interest on America's debt now, I think it's the third biggest item on the budget behind Social Security and the military.
That's right.
Then comes debt interest.
And so soon it'll be like California where everything goes to debt and literally the police just go around holding you up by your ankles, shaking the chains out of your pocket.
How long till we reach that point?
Right, that number one for debt interest payment at the current rate, I haven't done the numbers in terms of picking the exact month or when that's going to be, but at its current rate, clearly it'll be the number one item.
But just to point out something, which is the next level, when over the past 10 to 15 years,
Well, the reason you have this huge crisis on Wall Street, really starting in the summer of 2007, is that that fractional reserve model moved into something that I would call the zero reserve model.
And in a zero reserve model, what happens is, you put $1,000 in the bank, then a bank like Goldman Sachs will sell that $1,000 deposit to another bank for a fee, and they'll still make that $10,000 in loans.
So they're making $10,000 in loans now based on having no reserves at all.
And that's how they can make these astronomical rates of return, is because they actually have no reserves.
The banking system, in a zero-reserve system, you have to think of it as a banking hologram.
These banks are simply swapping back and forth pieces of paper that they say represent some value, but in fact there's no value at all.
I think this goes back to something we saw a couple of weeks ago, which is a story that was big for only about six hours, which was that $134 billion
In notes that were trying to be crossed from Italy into Switzerland.
And there was a big story that broke, and people were trying to figure out what is the deal with this $134 billion in U.S.
Treasury securities that are trying to be smuggled into Switzerland.
And my take on what that was all about is that in Switzerland, of course, you have the Bank of International Settlements, which is the central bank of central banks.
And every quarter, when these banks have to report
I think so.
We're good to go.
But here's the bad part.
It's like musical chairs.
The big banks do.
They all get a chair.
They get the golf courses and movie companies and factories.
We, the people, don't get a chair.
Right, and that's what happened in the summer of 2007.
The music stopped, and even Chuck Prince, who was the CEO of Citibank at the time, he said, you know what, as long as the music still plays, we're going to keep dancing.
And it was at that month, almost to that day, when the music stopped, a couple of hedge funds at Bear Stearns blew up.
And the music stopped, and suddenly there were no more suckers coming into the market.
The Bernie Madoff thing blew up because of the same reasons, because there was no fresh money coming into the Ponzi scheme.
And it became this huge control, what I call a control demolition, because obviously if the bankers on Wall Street, including Goldman Sachs and J.P.
Morgan, even in 2009, are on schedule to pay themselves record bonuses, it's clear that they are not participating in any way in this financial catastrophe.
And it's also clear that they have the means to create the financial catastrophe, and it's also clear that, at this point, that based on Paulson's testimony to Congress and what
But they like that because now they get to play the savior again and consolidate
Even more power to have bailout after bailout directly to themselves, never sending one dime of our own money back into the economy.
I want to go to calls now, but one last point.
Madoff, it came out in AP, as you know, that it was $171 billion in assets, so that's the asset forfeiture seizure notice.
I thought it was $50 billion.
I mean, certainly Madoff wasn't acting alone.
Well, this is again, it gets back to peekaboo accounting.
It depends on what week you look at a book.
One week it's $50 billion, the next week it could be $170 billion.
In other words, it's all fictitious accounting.
It's all accounting fraud.
Is someone robbing your car out there?
Well, I'm in Paris and somebody's car is out there squeaking, yes.
Sure, it's a wonderful third world person bashing the windows out.
We've got to give him some welfare.
Okay, good.
I'm sorry, I interrupted because of the car alarm.
Okay, so that's the pick-a-boo accounting.
But certainly, Madoff didn't act alone.
Well, Madoff is... when I was working on Wall Street, there's a concept called parking stock.
And parking stock, or a busted trade, or an error account, the way it works is, at the end of the day, a lot of times, you would have bought or sold more stock than you actually... you made a mistake, you made an error, and you have it that the firm was called an error account.
And you park that stock in the error account overnight, and then the next day when you come in, you try to place it somewhere.
And, um, whether it's long-term capital management or it's Bernie Madoff's fund, these guys are used to stash errors by large traders who need to hide, you know, play this peek-a-boo game on a short-term basis.
And so that's why he's being left alone?
They're saying he acted alone?
Well, he's... the entire system... Gotta break, gotta break.
I promise, folks, we're going to your calls.
This is just too important with Max Keiser.
Hello, this is Alex Jones with some important questions.
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Great talk radio starts here.
Oh yeah!
Final segment, baby.
Don't listen to Alex.
The government loves you.
Wall Street's your friend.
Everything's gonna be fine, baby.
Ha ha ha ha, yeah.
Look, ladies and gentlemen, let's jam in some calls here with Max Geiser.
Speaking of the pimp game, have you pimped my website?
It's almost as good as InfoWars.com.
I'm trying to get my video, which is from this week's show, my show on the edge.
I put the video up there.
I'm trying to get up to 50,000 views.
Well, you've always got great TV show.
What's your, especially when I'm on it, but what's your pimp game today?
Well, the pimp game today, and I love that expression you started using last week, by the way, to describe what was going on.
In terms of people, basically, what I call it the Stockholm Syndrome.
People fall in love with their captors.
I think Americans have developed a mass case of Stockholm Syndrome.
They've fallen in love with their kidnappers.
Well, absolutely.
We have this ruling class who has a rigged game in the stock market, and they're just literally gotten greedy and screwing up everything.
Somebody's got to stop them.
Let's take some calls from Max Keiser.
That video is up on MaxKeiser.com.
We'll link it up on InfoWars.com.
We'll help you get up to $50,000 there, Max.
We have lots of videos of more than that.
I guess you'll want it in a few days.
Michael in North Carolina, thanks for holding.
Hey, hi Alex.
Hey buddy, go ahead.
Thank you for what you do, and while Max is on the line, Max, thank you for what you do, too.
You guys are speaking the truth in a time of universal deceit.
But that was another Al-Qaeda member.
George Orwell said that.
He needs to be arrested.
Specifically, the question I had was related to the Austrian journalist story, Jane Burgermeister, who filed the charges against the WHO and the UN for planned genocidal actions.
Yesterday on Dr. Rebecca Carley's show, she said that she, Carley, and Burgermeister had been scheduled to be on your show, Alex, like a week ago.
Yeah, no, I've had them on before, and I just haven't had them on about that suit yet.
We did link to the article at InfoWars.
But I'll work on that.
You know, that's a good question to ask.
Baxter Pharmaceutical got caught mixing that weaponized bird flu with the vaccines.
Then the London Telegraph reported there were deaths in trials but wouldn't say what company of bird flu vaccine.
Bayer got caught shipping out the Factor VIII filled with HIV.
I guess it's all just an accident though, right Max?
Well, those types of stories, you probably have more up-to-date on.
I cover mostly the finance stories and the banking stories, and that's my specialty.
Let's talk to Jeff in Mass.
Jeff, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Oh, yes.
Very, very simple.
The people will not get it until they see U.N.
tanks coming into the streets.
Sir, your phone is ultra-low.
Can you speak up?
No, no, no.
They'll run out and worship the UN tanks and ask for food.
And then if you're against the UN tanks, they'll say you're trying to hurt the UN and they'll bash your brains in with a sledgehammer.
Max Keiser comments on that.
Well, like we were saying before, I think that as long as there's this mentality out there that I'm going to be the winner, I'm going to be the lottery winner, it prevents people from getting together and pushing back as a collective force.
And so there's no resistance.
Now, if you were in a battle with capitalists who were trying to take over as much property as possible and there was absolutely no resistance,
You just keep going.
There's just no resistance.
They just... Nobody's trying to stop them.
Because everyone has this mentality that they want to be on the other side, they're going to get the lucky golden ticket.
Yeah, all of these slaves think they're the elite.
I mean, you can meet janitors that'll giggle.
They think if they side mentally with the elite, that makes them suddenly on the side of the elite, even as the tank is running over them.
What do you call that sickening mental mentality, Max?
Oh, CNBC, where they say lead is good for children, it's good for the economy?
Actually, James Cramer is like, you know, he's spitting the lottery wheel every ten minutes of every day.
Another winner!
Somebody else bought, you know, it's just one big hoax, basically.
And it's, remember a movie that came out a while ago?
They shoot horses, don't they?
And it was about the 1930s.
People were in the middle of the Depression, but they would dance themselves to death if they thought they'd win a free piece of apple pie.
It's unbelievable.
So it's that, well really it's that foolish, sucker-born-every-minute attitude, ladies and gentlemen.
Let's talk to Chris in Florida.
Chris, you're on the air.
Yeah, I wanted to thank you guys for speaking out so much.
I just want you to think about the thriving garden of souls you've helped to cultivate for God.
So, uh, I'm one of them, and I appreciate you.
But, um, I wanted to, uh, bring up Cynthia McKinney.
It looks like, uh, she might be, uh, and also Palestine and Gaza and Israel.
Now, what is this?
Six days that a congresswoman and a Nobel Prize winner in the Mediterranean, not even in Israeli waters, have been grabbed, and it's nowhere on our news, Max.
Well, I see that it's not really being covered, that at this very moment, the President of Honduras is trying to land in Honduras after the CIA, you know, put in that coup just two weeks ago.
They weren't covering that either!
I'm glad you mentioned that.
The CIA under Bush and Obama admit they were trying to start a color revolution during the election.
They had the other guy announce that he'd won before the polls even closed to try to make it look like something was being stolen.
Well, he's trying to land at the airport right now.
People are dying at the airport.
It's a huge international story and yet it's being just completely ignored.
So that's selective news projection.
So, you know, this is where your show comes in, because you're willing to talk about stories that are not being covered, and it's shocking that mainstream media is just selectively only focusing on those stories that are going to further the interests of the corporate interests who own those news.
And even the corporate media whores are destroying their own nests, burning their own beds,
But they just can't help it because it's that instinct that they're predators, too.
They get to lie, too.
It's just, oh, we get to be part of destroying America.
Oh, it's so much fun.
Oh, yes.
Well, these are the same guys, you know, who would have volunteered to be guards at the concentration camp.
I agree with you.
It's just unbelievable.
Well, I mean, they're social climbers, and if they say that ladder leads you up, they'll kill their grandma to advance themselves.
They have no honor, no nothing, and that's why we're in so much trouble.
But good men and women need to get involved and take action, and we know you're out there.
Craig in Maryland, you're on the air with Max Keiser.
Come on down, Craig.
You're on the air.
Yes, sir.
Go ahead.
Um, actually, my name is Hans.
I think it was a misunderstanding.
I'm a student at the University of Maryland, economics major.
Okay, Hans, go ahead.
Um... Hans Blitz!
Oh, no!
It's alright.
It's alright.
Um, my concern is, um, when you said in the documentary, The Obama Deception, that people were beginning to see through their facade, what was that you were referring to?
The Federal Reserve?
The whole system?
Yes, the people are beginning to see through the left-right paradigm and that global corporations own both parties.
Max, you want to comment on that?
Well, as you know, on your show, before the election, my attitude was I was going to give Obama a chance.
I was not in the Obama deception camp at that time, but I did say that I was very troubling that he was keeping Geithner and Summers in place, and if that were to continue, then that could potentially sway my opinion.
Well, I mean, Bush was so bad, everybody hoped it would end, I was hoping.
People are unwilling to admit when they've made a mistake.
For me, having worked on Wall Street, that's the biggest mistake you can make in managing money, is not being able to quickly figure out you made a mistake, and you have to reverse course.
And this is one of the disciplines that people who work on Wall Street and manage money have to learn quickly.
But in the political sphere, in the punditry sphere, you do not see that.
So, for example, a website like Daily Kos, which is a left-wing site, so-called, clearly, they're unwilling to listen to any items, any stories about Obama that contradict their preconceived notion that he can only do good.
And that's equally dangerous, as dangerous as any right-wing agenda.
All right, joining us from Paris, Max Keiser.
Our sites are Infowars.com and PrisonPlanet.com.
America, the world, change course.
Stop licking the boots of government and corporations.
Stop buying their slick hype.
Get back to the Bill of Rights Constitution.
Scream bloody murder or they will take everything you've got.
Get angry.
They will rape you financially.
God bless you, Max Keiser.
Great having you on with us.
Thanks, Alex.
We'll be back!
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