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You're listening to GCN, the world leader in independent talk radio.
Austin, it's 4 o'clock.
IRN USA Radio News, I'm Mark Thomas.
North Korea is threatening military action against the United States and its allies, and it's admitted for the first time that it has a uranium enrichment program.
The defiant statement came after the UN Security Council approved new sanctions to punish the Communist nation for its recent nuclear test.
military says an American soldier has been killed by a roadside bomb during combat operations in Baghdad.
The U.S.
The death toll has now risen to 4,312 members of the U.S.
military who have died in Iraq since the war started in March of 2003, according to an Associated Press count.
Iran's Interior Ministry says 91% of the votes have been counted and President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is cruising to a landslide victory for another term.
He has about 63% of the vote, while his main challenger has less than 35%.
Reformist Mir Hossein Mousavi is denouncing the results as treasonous manipulation.
This is IRN USA Radio News.
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Investigators in Brazil are scrutinizing the first wreckage recovered from the Air France jet that crashed in the Atlantic almost two weeks ago.
Officials say the number of recovered bodies has risen to 50, with the discovery of six more.
The search continues for the plane's black boxes.
The Obama administration is voicing satisfaction with the new UN sanctions on North Korea, correspondent Mark Smith reports.
UN Ambassador Susan Rice says the sanctions, which include an expanded arms embargo, have teeth and will bite.
North Korea's actions have been dangerous and reckless and destabilizing.
They've been met with a clear and strong response from the international community.
That includes confronting ships thought to be carrying contraband arms, though not forcible boarding.
Rice tells reporters no one here would be surprised if the North responds to the sanctions with a new warhead or missile test.
But she says the sanctions make clear such actions come at a cost.
Mark Smith at the White House.
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A German con man calling himself Clark Rockefeller has been found guilty of kidnapping charges involving his then seven-year-old daughter last summer in Boston.
In the above entitled case, we the jury say that the defendant is guilty of offenses charges.
We're good to go.
For the second time this year, a fuel leak at the launch pad has forced NASA to scrub a shuttle launch.
Ground teams won't be able to closely look at the faulty hardware until tomorrow, but tentative plans call for Endeavour to be ready to launch again on Wednesday morning after teams repair the leak in a gaseous hydrogen vent line.
NASA's Mike Moses says they ran some tests after a similar leak developed ahead of a shuttle launch in March.
We didn't really find anything that would tell us what common cause is, but obviously something is going on.
The second time in three flights, something is going on.
A Wednesday launch for Endeavour is not a sure thing.
An Atlas V rocket is already scheduled to launch that day on a lunar mission, so there will have to be some negotiations to determine who gets to fly.
If the lunar mission doesn't launch by next Saturday, it could be delayed by two weeks.
And if the shuttle doesn't launch by then, it will be pushed back a month.
I'm Mark Thomas.
I think so.
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Now live from Austin, Texas, here's Alex Jones.
Make the most of every moment in this short life we have together on this planet.
Remember, it's a magical thing to be alive, to be conscious in this multi-trillion year old universe we live in.
That's me putting a human number on it.
It's really as old as infinity itself.
No beginning and no end.
We feel like we've been forever upon this plane of existence.
But as individual sentient beings, ladies and gentlemen,
We've only been conscious for the twinkling of an eye.
So in this brief glimpse you have into the universe, certainly make the most of it.
And don't let Madison Avenue make you feel like your life is empty and meaningless.
Because your waist is a little too big, or your hair is thinning, or you don't look like a supermodel, or you don't look like an NFL football player, or because you don't have the biggest, baddest Harley.
What matters is that we are conscious, sentient beings, and we are alive but once on this plane, and it is all nothing more than a test.
All right, big transmission lined up for you today.
Extremely informative issues on a host of fronts.
Remember six months ago, we had a PrisonPlanet.com article written by Paul Watson, and it had links
It had links to mainstream news articles in Europe and China dealing with the RAND Corporation, which is a large private think tank, one of the top three think tanks in the Western world, that advises the Pentagon and other federal agencies on the actions they should take.
To expand the power of the one world government at the expense of the United States, of course, and individual liberty.
They always pose as if they're patriots, but it's the opposite.
And they manipulate a lot of well-meaning men and women to do very, very wicked things in the name of patriotism, but that's a separate issue.
And it was dealing with the Rand Corporation saying the international banking cartel that owns the United States and Europe
And England would not be able to carry out the expansion of world government through the financial crisis they had created by design without a giant world war bigger than Iraq 1 or Iraq 2.
It can't just be a localized theater war.
Not a localized theater war.
But a world war.
You see, governments tend to stage terror attacks and wars to get power and control.
And the social controllers that run Europe and the United States, they're a lot slicker with their tyranny.
It's not as naked as it is in North Korea, where it's openly run by a hereditary thug, a second generation now handing it on to the grandson of the first dictator.
Where there are troops on the streets, and checkpoints, and cameras on every street corner, though we're becoming that.
And paramilitary police marching around, and secret arrest, and no due process, or habeas corpus, and torture camps.
The bad guys, they torture.
I've listed a lot of things North Korea does, and you would recognize that we are becoming that by design.
But not there yet.
So the establishment can say, look at North Korea.
They censor the Internet.
They secretly arrest people.
They have troops on the streets.
They don't have any due process.
We've got to go to war with them.
We've got to have a conflict with them.
That's exactly what the Rand Corporation said that the globalists need to be able to bring in a world crisis.
They bragged that the global elites
Staged, uh, started World War I to get the League of Nations.
When that didn't go all the way through, they staged World War II by funding Hitler and the Soviets.
That's now all declassified in public.
We've covered that ad nauseum.
And they set up the United Nations.
And now to set up a new Bank of the World, global carbon taxes, they need the fake threat of environmental climate change.
First it was global ice age.
Then when it got hot, they say it's a warming.
Now that it's getting cold, they call it climate change.
They've got school kids believing the summer is abnormal and that the temperature is supposed to be 74 degrees year-round.
They're actually teaching that.
Children believe summer and winter is a catastrophe.
Seasons are now abnormal.
And a couple more generations of being called a conspiracy theorist if you believe in the four seasons and the yuppies will say there are no seasons, this is abnormal.
And there are no 12-year sun cycle seasons either.
That is abnormal.
The sun has now cooled.
According to all of the gauges by universities and NASA show, the ice caps of Mars are getting bigger.
The ice caps that have been shrinking on this planet, known as Earth, or terra firma.
They're getting bigger again.
The sun is real.
It really is a yellow ball out there.
It really is a star.
It drives the climate.
The main driver.
Pretty soon they'll say the sun doesn't exist.
And if they tell the yuppies that, they'll say it doesn't.
But, I mean, I'm going off into satire here.
The issue is, the Rand Corporation said we need a world war.
We need something big to get the people's minds off of the private banks, bankrupting the planet by design, and then even though we're bankrupting the people and bringing them into bondage, there won't be a political
I don't think so.
And that is possible.
There's talk all over the planet of arresting the private bankers that engineered the controlled financial implosion.
The IMF World Bank documents are leaked.
They're public.
The people now know.
There's a bill that's got 226 votes now.
It'll go to the full floor in the next few weeks to audit the private Fed.
It's never been audited.
Congress is subpoenaing the Fed about $300-plus billion in missing cash.
The Fed arrogantly said they were above the law, no one could audit them.
You're not above the law, nobody is.
I don't care if you sit there in a $5,000 suit, slickly acting like you're above everybody with that fake aplomb.
It's the confidence of a con artist as he's sneaking out with the jewels and somebody catches him on the back porch and he says, oh, I'm just a mover.
I'm just here helping secure the jewels.
You're a criminal, you're a cat burglar, we caught you.
I don't care if you're wearing a tuxedo, Bernanke.
The jig's up, conmen!
So they need wars.
They need staged terror attacks.
And believe me, they're going to give them to you.
So, three words.
North Korea, Iran, Pakistan.
We're going to talk about that when we get back in what could be the beginnings of World War III, a la the New World Order.
Brought to you by the Anglo-American, Dutch, slash, European, slash, Rothschild crime axis.
And all of you yuppies and social climbers, you like globalism?
You like how slowly everything's getting turned off and real unemployment's at 19%?
The government says it's at 10?
You like how world exports went down by 30% last month alone?
From the UN's index of 180 a year ago to 95 today?
You like that?
We'll just keep clutching the government and the media and all the lies they tell you.
Just keep trusting everything and everything will not be alright.
But in the end you'll wake up, won't you, and remember you're an American.
You're not a slave that you hate tyranny.
But more importantly, you remember you're a human being and can say no to corruption.
North Korea warns of nuclear war amid rising tensions, AP.
Key article up on Infowars.com by Curt Nemo today.
North Korea Kibble Missile Crisis Redux.
Key article.
North Korea in early phase of all-out confrontation with the U.S.
London Telegraph.
Iran going on with that election.
I don't doubt that Ahmadinejad has stolen the election.
China warns against forces and carrying out North Korea sanctions.
It's all coming up when we get back, and a lot more in the latest on the economy.
I'm Alex Jones.
Your calls are coming up as well.
Stay with us.
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You're listening to GCN.
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That's right, we're a group of inbred international banking families intermarried with royalty.
Cold-bloodedly play three-dimensional chess.
A global game of risk for entire nations.
Where hundreds of millions of people represent nothing more than pawns on a board.
You know, we are in a matrix.
But it's not a physical matrix where you're in a computerized, encased bubble being used for battery power to fund the very prison and very matrix you're in.
That's an analogy for how our own tax money is used against us.
How we kill ourselves to live.
But through the television, through the corporate media, through the programming that is then regurgitated by our fellow homo sapiens sapiens on the ground,
We are more and more being inserted into a false reality where the language is being reduced semantically, where we're being taught false constructs, to where the general public is becoming biological androids that are almost impossible at this point to even communicate with, as George Orwell warned they would be.
Or as Edward Bernays said that they would, uh, render us.
Render us like sheep rebelling against the practice of eating mutton.
Which is young, juvenile sheep.
Okay, here's the deal.
I don't know if they're gonna start World War III on the Korean Peninsula.
In the central eastern part of Asia.
I don't know if they're going to start World War 3 between Pakistan, India and China.
I don't know if they're going to launch another 888 like they did with NATO, the United States and Israel on record launching a sneak attack
on Russia and having such incredible disdain for the American people that they told us Russia had snuck attack and most Americans still believe that, though they didn't think the Brits were that stupid.
They admitted on the news the United States had snuck attack Russia but said Russia was wrong for defending itself.
I mean, they think you're mighty dumb, folks.
But I know this.
Rand Corporation, the Pentagon,
Zbigniew Brzezinski and two of his publications, Grand Chess Board and one other, calls for it to start in that crescent.
From Poland, and the Czech Republic, and Ukraine in the west, traveling east on a crescent through Georgia, through Turkey, through Iran, Iraq-Iran, into Pakistan in the stands, south of there you have India,
And Kashmir and to the East China.
And this is all the Global Grand Chess Board.
And they think so little of you and I that they openly publish their plans and laugh at us and call us slaves.
It's very funny.
That they can publish their plans and that the public doesn't care.
But they'll sure read an owner's manual for their car.
Because that's part of their ego.
But don't care enough about their bank account and their future.
So they know as long as they throw milk and honey and circuses and more bread at you, and more gladiatorial diversions, you won't wake up until it's too late.
While they put in the technological enslavement, technocracy and panoptagon around us right now.
But it's always more sophisticated than just black and white.
You have the monolithic Anglo-American European power establishment that's enslaved Europe, enslaved the United States, Canada, Australia, England.
We're dumbed down, we're indebted, we're controlled, we're used as slaves to fund and to fight for the global empire, the offshore banks, that while they're destroying the rest of the nation's sovereignty worldwide and getting people in debt or invading them, they're busy rendering us down to armless, legless, blind, little creatures that can't resist.
Like some type of weird, genetically engineered, eyeless, toothless, clawless, legless guinea pig that just has feeding tubes into his little mouth.
And the ruling class are nothing but giant boa constrictors.
Nice analogy, that's about what it is.
And we're almost rendered down to hairless, blind, little pink bloblets that are down in the warm incubating nest to be fed on by the tyrannical globalists who bragged 50 years ago, they started calling the boss, Human Resource Department, because we are a resource.
A very cheap resource, now seen as a negative.
What was the cartoon about a fictitious Eastern European communist country where the government's money actually has negative value and they've got to pay the mafia to take away the toxic crud?
That's about what we're seen as.
And as little blind food units to the elite, we even have learned to hate ourselves and feel like we're part of the elite.
And there's a few guinea pigs that still have some dim sight and maybe half a leg to crawl around on as a rudderless flipper.
And that's the police in the system and it kind of prods around the rest of the immobilized slaves.
Now, it doesn't have to be like this, but the New World Order says they're planning to start World War III
With Russia and China, and they're going to use surrogates on record, like Georgia, and South Korea, and the Taliban and Al-Qaeda that publicly worked for the CIA on record.
I mean, the Pakistani president went on NBC a month ago and said, you're saying we're helping Al-Qaeda?
How dare you?
You founded Al-Qaeda and the Taliban to attack the Russians.
Yeah, they started it with the Russians in 1979, and you're using them to destabilize us.
How dare you say we're working with them?
That government's on the verge of falling, with Taliban and Al-Qaeda forces encircling their three major cities.
And then when they're done, Al-Qaeda will step back as usual after doing their CIA job, and the West will pour in the tens of thousands of troops to take over the major cities.
And it will become Islamic Republics, as promised to the Saudi Arabians, as Iraq has now fallen to the Islamofascist?
So will Pakistan.
And there will be no longer secular TV or radio, women will no longer be the college graduates.
You see, imagine the genius of the New World Order.
They control the radical Muslims.
They use them to attack the Serbs, and attack the Iraqis, and attack everybody.
They're using them right now to attack Iran, the Wahhabist, funded by Saudi Arabia, running blitzkrieg attacks, bombing mosques, airports, aircraft, schools, police departments, funding riots all over Iran right now.
So when we come back, I'm gonna tell you exactly what's happening with North Korea, exactly what's happening with Pakistan, exactly what's happening in Iran, exactly what's happening in Georgia, and who the players are and how it really works.
Oh, you thought Al-Qaeda attacked us?
In a sick way they did.
Al-Qaeda is nothing but a sword in the armory of the New World Order.
Their great sword of victory.
Victory to atheism and death and the New World Order.
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Thank you so much for joining us, my friends.
Your calls are coming up toll-free 877-590-5525.
And I'm going to finish up with what's happening across the world as suddenly these conflicts or the threat of thermal nuclear conflagration conflict begins to flare up everywhere.
Then I'll tell you about some of the other news that's coming up later in this two-hour abbreviated Sunday transmission.
And then we'll go to your phone calls.
Now, whenever we sit here and we talk about the United States or England or Germany or Russia or China, when I break down what's happening on a geopolitical level, I don't have a dog in the fight.
A dog in the hunt, as they say.
Most people, when they look at an issue of like Iraq and the United States, they say, well, who do I identify with?
And then I will look at the issues and decide who I'm going to support.
If it's good for my interest or good for my ego.
Oh, well, I'm for America, red, white, and blue.
Kill them Iraqis!
Never understanding that Saddam Hussein in 1958 was hired by the CIA on record, trained in assassination, carried out a bunch of assassinations, led forces trying to overthrow the Iraqi government.
Then in 68, they made a deal with the United States
Uh, to stop trying to overthrow them if they put Saddam Hussein in as deputy president, head of security.
He then staged a coup in 79, launched an attack against the Ayatollah Khomeini, totally U.S.
government-backed, on record.
He was told to use nerve gas.
He was given satellite photos and told how to, where to spray and how to spray.
And then our media says, oh, he's bad years later for using the nerve gas when the United States helped give him a lot of the nerve gas.
So see, it's hypocritical.
Saddam Hussein is bad, and the people running the United States are bad.
Not, well, I'm red, white, and blue, so I'm against that Saddam.
Let's kill over a million Iraqis.
Let's bring them freedom.
When the truth is, it's the grand chessboard.
When Iran is strong, the West goes in and funds Saddam to attack them.
They kill a million and a half Iranians in that war, and 300,000 Iraqis.
It goes on for eight years.
To know what's happening currently and in the future, you gotta know the past.
And as soon as Saddam had, uh, worn out Iran, and as soon as Iraq had been partially destroyed, then suddenly he was the enemy, suddenly Kuwait started overselling, slant drilling, Iraq was gonna go bankrupt, the United States, April Gillespie, U.S.
Ambassador, tells him, go ahead and invade, we don't get involved in inter-Arab affairs, it's on video, and he does it.
Then he miscalculates, thinking he was trained since he was a young man by the CIA, that everything will be okay, and it wasn't okay.
And years later, they go in, take over again, and kill him.
Now that's treachery.
That's duplicity.
And that's also chess, ladies and gentlemen.
But not this two-sided chess.
It's more like fifty-sided chess.
There's dozens and dozens of different factions, but there's the big Anglo-American faction,
And it's intertied with the Chinese faction, the Japanese faction, and the Russian faction, and the Latin American faction.
It's the biggest faction.
It's a merger of the Anglo-American power with the Rothschilds.
And they write big CIA books on this.
You know, the CIA and the State Department higher-ups have to have real documentation on how the world works, not what they feed the dumbed-down mass.
And one of those books, 900-plus pages, commissioned by the CIA, is Tragedy and Hope by the head of Georgetown Political Science.
Professor Carl Quigley, and he was given access to the private, corporate, world corporate states.
The Cecil Road, Saxe-Coburg, Gotha Files, and he explains left and right is controlled, communist fascism is controlled, how the whole thing works.
And you can read a John Perkins book, you know, written 40 years later, called Confessions of an Economic Hitman, and how he worked for the NSA, and how he took orders from generals in the Pentagon, and how they take over third world countries and get them in debt, and how they're doing that to the United States.
This is a fact!
Joseph Stiglitz quit the World Bank.
2,000 pages of documents got leaked simultaneously, though he won't take credit for it.
The IMF admits it's their documents, how they're staging worldwide economic depressions by design.
I'm already digressing.
The point is, things aren't going to get better until we wake up to what's happening.
So, when I talk about what's happening in Iran and Pakistan and North Korea and Georgia, all client states bordering
Russia and China, they're being used by the West, and this is a parasitic group, when I say the West, that's destroying the West as well.
It hates the West more than anybody, because the values of the West are the opposite of what it's doing.
Tyranny, Napoleonic law, guilty until proven innocent.
Giant private combines that make their wealth through crony capitalism and inside deals.
Their biggest enemy being the true free market.
They use socialism to domesticate and consolidate markets to create monopolies.
They're monopoly men.
So forget everything you've been taught and learned.
You've been given false data, false maps of the mind, false lexicons, false language, false semantics.
If you want to stop being gamed and being laughed at, learn how the world really works, on record.
I mean, David Rockefeller four years ago wrote a 400-something page book bragging that, yeah, you bet I want to overthrow the U.S.
and bring in a one-world government.
I get charged that by the conspiracy theorists, and I say guilty as charged.
They all write books.
Former German chancellors like Helmut Schmidt, and former secretaries of state like Zbigniew Brzezinski, now running foreign policy in the White House.
They all write them, calling you dumb idiots.
Laughing, going, the dumb idiots will never read this, and we own the media, and they'll never see it.
This is just our own private laugh.
Ha ha ha ha ha!
It's so funny!
So, when I sit here and talk about what's happening in Iran or North Korea, or Russia,
That doesn't mean I'm with Russia, or I'm with China, or I'm with Pakistan, or I'm with any of these countries.
Human nature is the same.
These are all corrupt elites as well.
And if they had the power and the slickness of the British political mind merged up with the banking houses of the Rothschilds, if they had that shrewd aplomb and that diabolic
Equations of just incredibly wicked logic, then they would be in control.
You understand?
But it's all cold-blooded, it's all evil.
The Iran leadership, corrupt and evil.
The Russian leadership, corrupt and evil.
The United States leadership, corrupt and evil.
The Israeli leadership, corrupt and evil.
The Saudi Arabian leadership, corrupt and evil.
This is the paradigm I'm trying to explain to people.
The real paradigm.
And as long as they can all play different countries and different religions off against each other, the corrupt elites, the society of rogues, the society of conmen, using sociology and psychology, will continue to stay in power.
And their mindset is one of disdain and hatred for humanity, one of eugenics, one of population reduction.
That's what they all hold in common, is their sadomasochistic, psychopathic,
They all have the same spirit, the same mind, the same idea, whether they're Chinese or Jewish, whether they're German or Italian, whether they're Mexican or Inuit.
And they get their power by playing us off against each other.
And many of them are actually at each other's throats.
North Korea is a great example of just out-and-out ancient tyranny
A dark age state run by hereditary dictators calling themselves communist.
I mean, if Kirk Watson was ever able to become president, the state senator here, who was just a mayor, you know, he'd end up having his grandson in military garb running around.
I mean, he's already snatching land and trying to pass CPS bills so they can take your kids with no due process.
You know, it's the same thing.
If Lenin could have stayed in power forever, he'd have his great-great-grandson in power right now.
This is what monarchy is.
That's a monarchy.
In fact, internally, there's been unauthorized biographies written by people that worked in the private centers of Kim Jong-il.
He is called the king, and his sons are called the princes.
That's why the Queen of England makes me sick.
She just had a great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great grandpa who was a big, fat Kim Jong-il murderer.
Now she wears big gold crowns and we all bow down to her.
It's disgusting.
I guess if there's 20 generations of Kim Jong-ils, I guess we'll bow down and worship them.
I'm gonna keep explaining this and your calls are coming up in about 20 minutes to the next hour.
But I want to break down geopolitically what's happening and then get into a bunch of other news, but your calls are coming up.
So I'm gonna break this down.
The key, when we get back.
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This says it all, ladies and gentlemen.
And then I'm gonna break down how the world really works.
That's here.
That's home.
That's us.
On it, everyone you love, everyone you know, everyone you ever heard of, every human being who ever was, lived out their lives.
The aggregate of our joy and suffering.
Thousands of confident religions, ideologies, and economic doctrines.
Every hunter and forager.
Every hero and coward.
Every creator and destroyer of civilization.
Every king and peasant.
Every young couple in love.
Every mother and father.
Hopeful child.
Inventor and explorer.
Every teacher of morals.
Every corrupt politician.
Every superstar.
Every supreme leader.
Every saint and sinner in the history of our species.
Live there.
On the moat of dust suspended in a sunbeam.
Think of the rivers of blood spilled by all those generals and emperors so that in glory and triumph they could become the momentary masters of a fraction of a dot.
We are back live, and that is the intro to a video that's had millions of views online at YouTube alone, the final push for world government, and then it gets into about a five-minute clip of myself and others, very well done by that director.
That was the voice of Carl Sagan there at the beginning, and that's powerful audio, but even more powerful video, so that's the final push for world government.
Okay, let me just simplify this because of time, because I want to get to Robert, George, Robert, and, uh,
Many others that are patiently holding 877-590-5525 coming up.
So when I sit here and break down what's happening between nations, remember it's an international group of private corporations, bigger than most governments, of the 100 biggest economies, over 50, I'd always say 49, now it's 52.
Last time I saw the government numbers on that.
52 of the world's biggest economies aren't countries, they're companies.
People say, oh, well, let Walmart say you gotta give an ID and they register you when you buy ammo now.
Then, of course, sell it to the feds, no doubt.
A database of gun owners.
Big deal, I'll buy it somewhere else.
Yeah, but Walmart soon won't be anything else.
Notice how they make more and more money as the economy implodes more and more.
This is the parasite economy.
This is the cannibal economy.
But side issue.
North Korea
It's another group of crooks.
And so the slicker world government that's even more vicious in its real actions, but has a better packaging, they say, oh, look, we got to have nuclear war.
Oh, look at North Korea.
You know, they're building nukes.
So we've got to start stopping all their ships and searching them, which is a embargo, which is a blockade, which is an act of war.
Remember doing that to the Soviets in the early 1960s with the Cuban Missile Crisis?
And North Korea has nukes.
Why do they have nukes?
Donald Rumsfeld, the head of ABB, the Swiss company, in the mid-1990s, and Clinton got criticized for it, and he certainly allowed it, and Rumsfeld was the company he allowed to do it.
That's why Republicans wouldn't go after him in the impeachment for that.
They had to go after him for sex with an intern.
Because that was an isolated incident not connected to them.
All the missile secrets and reactors to Pakistan and North Korea, that was part of a later plan for World War III.
That had to go on and Republicans were involved in that just like the Democrats were.
In real issues, they're one entity.
So see, now the thug is on the verge of dying.
He admits he's had strokes.
He's very close to dying.
They can barely prop him up.
They say he could be dead in months.
He's about to hand power to his 20-something-year-old little thug son, who's literally described as a chip off the old block, another little spoiled rat demon.
I meant to say spoiled brat, but it's spoiled rat.
It's a good Freudian slip.
And I read the excerpts, the autobiography by his Japanese cook of 10 years.
What a little monster.
The prince.
Put a crown on him, though, and American audiences will bow down to him.
That old witch, Queen Elizabeth II, makes Kim Jong-il and real crimes look like an angel.
But see, he's not good at hiding it.
And so now, magically, right when he's on the verge of dying, when they know that regime is the most unstable, they want to push them into conflict.
So they set a new nuke off, and they're threatening to nuke South Korea, threatening to nuke Japan.
And so Japan's saying they're going to go nuclear.
And I got news for you, they did at least 15 years ago.
They're threatening to get rid of their armistice, where they have their pacifist constitution.
Everything's escalating.
Meanwhile, the United States helped arm AQKON Laboratories, W199I, got declassified by the BBC, with Bill Clinton and then George Bush Sr., Jr.
reauthorizing it, telling the FBI to allow U.S., British, and Israeli companies to transfer nuclear weapons components directly to AQKON Laboratories.
You think Pakistan just made a nuke, but Iran can't?
That's even more scientifically advanced.
It's on record.
So they give them these weapons.
North Korea was given the reactors to produce the fissile material, and forget that.
Akukon Laboratories was given even more.
And then take Georgia.
The West goes in, arms them, tells them to go ahead and attack the Russian-held territory of South Ossetia.
Guards inside the UN bases that were NATO, Georgian, Israeli, admittedly killed guards they'd worked next to for years inside
The Demilitarized Zone and murdered them.
I mean, in a Special Forces takeover.
But not a Special Forces takeover where they high-load or he-load or parachuted in.
They were in the same barracks as with them.
They slit their throats.
They hand-grenaded the command center.
I mean, that's the most dastardly sneak attack.
And then they think our public's so dumb, they told you that Russia snuck attacked Georgia.
Now again, I'm not for Russia.
But the issue is Russia is not
The most powerful arm of this global system.
They're vying for it.
Why is the West trying to get them into a war?
Through a proxy state.
So they can tell the dumb public here, oh look, Russia hit them, we gotta hit them.
Why are they moving more U.S.
troops into Georgia?
Why are they moving more missile systems and radar systems into Poland and Ukraine and Czech Republic?
Why are they moving them into other areas?
Why are they moving troops into Pakistan?
And funding Taliban and Al-Qaeda to take over the cities as the government begs the United States to stop launching Al-Qaeda attacks inside Pakistan.
And they tell the dumbed-down American people, oh, the U.S.
is beefing up in Pakistan and Afghanistan to fight Al-Qaeda.
Al-Qaeda is a knife to the throat of Pakistan to do what the CIA tells them.
And Mossad and MI6.
This is on record!
And then, five years ago, we break the news, and since then the White House has admitted it, both administrations, Bush and Obama.
Since then, it's been in New Yorker Magazine that four Wahhabist sects of Sunni, the majority Islam religion, financed out of Saudi Arabia, Israel and the United States, are waging jihad inside Iran against the Shiite cleric-run government.
See, there's two big branches of Islam.
They're at each other's throats.
The news isn't going to tell you this.
And the news says Iran is al-Qaeda and is running al-Qaeda attacks inside Iraq.
They've lied scores of times saying they find Iranian weapons.
Total lie.
Always turns out it's not.
The Iranians are begging, suing the U.S., trying to sue at the U.N., saying, stop blowing up mosques, stop trying to get Sunni and Shiite to kill each other inside Iran, because there's Jews, Christians, Zoho, Astors.
Iran allows all the religions to operate, more than Israel does.
Proselytizing Christianity or Hinduism is illegal in Israel, but side issue.
Just let's be honest about all this.
And most Americans don't know that last little tidbit.
And I'm not against Israel either.
I'm laying out the facts here.
That Wahhabi Al-Qaeda is public.
The White House admits calling them freedom fighters.
The number three in Al-Qaeda.
Hired by the White House publicly two years in a press release.
And so they have Al-Qaeda attacking Iran while saying on the U.S.
News that Iran is Al-Qaeda.
We're the opposite group.
That's the same thing in Pakistan.
They're using Al-Qaeda and Taliban, Wahhabis, to hit the central government and hit them hard.
They're threatening India.
They're going in and launching attacks in India, which mainstream Indian news reports was really CIA slash Mossad operations using Wahhabis, as destabilization worldwide, and right as North Korea is destable, and becoming more and more unstable, and Kim Jong-il's on the verge of dying, and the young prince, the third in the communist wonderland dictatorship.
So I'm not saying Iran's good, I'm not saying
Pakistan's good.
I'm not saying North Korea's good.
They're all corrupt governments like everywhere else.
They're just not Big Daddy governments.
And they're all being prodded into collapsing or launching nuke attacks to start some big global crisis, so everybody will rally around the Western governments, give up all of our rights, because of the scary World War III that's about to start.
So we'll accept the new Bank of the World, the new global currency, so we won't get mad about the depression they've engineered, because psychologically we'll be blamed on World War III.
Looks like they're getting ready to do it.
This is it.
They're ratcheting it up everywhere in the next few years, maybe even sooner.
We're gonna come back after important news, take your phone calls, get into a host of other issues.
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Check your watch, it is now 5 o'clock.
Republicans are blasting a Democratic climate change bill now being considered by the House.
In the party's weekly radio and internet address, Indiana Congressman Mike Pence says capping releases of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases amounts to an energy tax on consumers.
North Korea is responding to the U.N.
Security Council's new sanctions with threats.
The Foreign Ministry calls the sanctions another vile product of the U.S.-led offensive against it and says it will not abandon its nuclear program.
Instead, it says it will weaponize its plutonium.
In Afghanistan 8 people are reported dead after a suicide car bomber hit a fleet of fuel tankers intended for a NATO base.
21 people were wounded.
This is IRN USA Radio News.
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We live in West Georgia.
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Defense officials say Pakistan is planning another new assault on militants.
National Security Correspondent Sagar Magani reports from the Pentagon.
The officials say the Pakistani military will go into South Waziristan, which is considered a key likely hiding place for both Osama bin Laden and other Al-Qaeda leaders.
Plus, Taliban Chief Baitullah Massoud.
The operation would likely lead to offensives along both sides of its border with Afghanistan.
One official tells us the central element is to put pressure on Al-Qaeda and Taliban militants believed to be working out of safe havens there.
At the same time, the official says the U.S.
would provide more surveillance and intelligence support to the Pakistanis.
Sagar Meghani at the Pentagon.
So far no signs of protest in Iran where officials claim the hardline incumbent president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is heading to a landslide election victory.
The pro-reform candidate says he's the winner and he's accusing authorities of voter fraud.
Here's a word about Israel from Dr. Jack Hayford, President of the International Church of the Foursquare Gospel.
To go to Israel is to change the way you will ever approach the Bible.
The Bible becomes based in an entirely deeper and richer way because you have been where it happened.
You'll never be the same when you visit Israel.
To start planning your trip to Israel today, visit www.goisrael.com.
The White House isn't ruling out moving Guantanamo detainees to the United States.
Correspondent Mike Gracia reports.
Having pledged to close the prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba by early next year, President Barack Obama is running out of options for what to do with the detainees who are held there.
Late Friday, authorities said three detainees had been sent home to Saudi Arabia.
But earlier, White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs did not rule out the possibility of releasing detainees in the U.S., while adding, We're not going to make any
Mike Rossia, Washington.
The men in charge of struggling General Motors and Chrysler are defending their decisions to close hundreds of dealerships.
On the heels of a recent Senate hearing, Chrysler President James Press and GM CEO Fritz Henderson faced more grilling at a U.S.
House hearing.
Roughly 2,000 GM and Chrysler dealers are losing their franchises.
The auto executives argued restructuring is painful but necessary as the two companies work to regain their footing.
The crew of the space shuttle Endeavour will have to wait a while before they can begin their mission to the International Space Station.
NASA has postponed Saturday's launch of the shuttle due to a technical problem encountered during fueling.
When the shuttle flies, its seven-member crew will deliver the third and final segment of the Japanese science lab Kibo to the ISS.
NASA's Mike Moses says things have been a bit more hectic than usual because the last shuttle just landed a few weeks ago.
I'm Mark Thomas.
This is IRN USA Radio News.
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Now live from Austin, Texas, here's Alex Jones.
All right, second hour.
This is an abbreviated Sunday edition.
I do a four-hour radio show, Monday through Friday, 11 a.m.
to 3 p.m.
Central Standard Time, then come back in and do a Sunday abbreviated two-hour because so much always happens over the weekend.
And I always get Saturday off and then a little bit of Sunday and then just can't wait to be down here doing the syndicated transmission.
By the way, they gave me a list of six new affiliates we've got in the last two weeks for the Sunday show alone.
And I forgot to bring them, so I was just trying to call the program director at Genesis.
I know we're on a big, famous station, and it's on the tip of my tongue.
860 in L.A.
I'm gonna think of the... I'm gonna think of it.
I'm gonna plug it before the show's over.
Jaron's looking it up.
In there.
Okay, let me tell you some of the news that's coming up, and I'm going to your phone calls, Robert, George, Robert, David, Karen, and others that are patiently holding.
I mentioned North Korea warns of nuclear war amid rising tensions.
I mean, that's big news.
And they're saying if anybody boards any of their ships, they're going to nuke South Korea or Japan.
And they're saying it's an act of war, and it is an act of war.
And these are spoiled, rotten psychopaths on a power trip.
And the globalists know that, so they're prodding them while they're unstable, and in an exchange, a transition of power from one degenerate, hereditary king to another.
They have a king over there.
They call him a war leader.
It's very, very serious.
Obviously, let me quickly tell you what I think about the Iran situation.
I know Ahmadinejad barely won when he got elected five years ago.
And I know that I've seen a lot of the polls out of Iran that he was going to lose big time.
And it does look like that there was some chicanery, but
At the same time, the CIA brags they're running a lot of the student groups and trying to destabilize Iran, so a lot of those riots you see were staged.
And so, facts are facts.
Just every side is incredibly corrupt on this.
It's not, oh, Ahmadinejad's good, and the U.S.
is bad, or the U.S.
is, you know, bad and Ahmadinejad is good.
It's just amazing.
So, North Korean Cuban Missile Crisis Redux, that's up on InfoWars.com.
Excellent historical breakdown of this.
We haven't had a crisis this big since then, up on InfoWars.com.
North Korea, in early phase of all-out confrontation with the U.S., North Korea has pledged to begin work weaponizing plutonium to create another nuclear bomb, as it's delivered a furious response to a U.N.
resolution ordering a fresh round of sanctions against the rogue Stalinist state.
And I heard on Fox Radio News earlier on the station we come to you out of, NewsRadio 590, Kelby Jays, where we syndicate out of here, and I heard Biden on the radio going, oh yes, China's all behind us.
No, I've got from Bloomberg the statement here from China, and they're saying they're against North Korea threatening to nuke, but they also stand behind them if they're attacked.
So, ladies and gentlemen, more lies by the media and Biden.
China warns against force in carrying out North Korean sanctions.
China warns against force, ladies and gentlemen.
tells North Korea to end provocative actions.
What about the West's provocative actions?
Hillary Clinton saying they're going to start seizing their ships.
Ahmadinejad defends vote as real and free.
Again, I don't know what to believe on that.
We'll find out in the days to come.
And I got a bunch of police state news coming up.
I'll tell you about later.
And also a bunch of Chicago big city corruption machine where Obama's saying the feds are going to seize whole parts of US cities and quote bulldoze them.
That's AP Reuters and London Telegraph.
Also it's coming out that only Democrat connected car dealerships get to stay opened.
The Chrysler and Chevy dealerships
Uh, are being handed over to select, uh, offshore buyers.
Just unbelievable corruption.
We'll be going through all that.
Right now, let's go to your phone calls.
Uh, let's talk to Robert in Texas.
You're on the air, Robert.
Hi Jones, how are you doing today, sir?
Good, thanks for holding.
You're on the air.
All right.
But I'm just going to lie on air, because I'm Glenn Beck, and I'm going to say that 9-11 truthers think this Von Brun is a hero.
Well, I confronted him about thermite in the buildings, and his reaction was priceless.
He called me a freak, and that's all he said.
No, peer-reviewed government journals, industry journals are saying thermite.
Government journals admit there were explosives in the buildings.
I mean, I guess they've got a problem.
Well, if anybody wants to see it, it's on my YouTube channel, Funkmaster5, F-U-N-K-M-A-S-T-E-R-F-I-V-E, and his reaction is priceless.
I fooled his call screener, got in there, dropped the bomb, the info bomb, right on his big fat head.
Now, did it get out on air or were you recording it?
You know, it got on the air and I also recorded it because I was able to get the audio from his show.
So I put the video on my channel.
What's the name of the video?
That's the best way to find it.
The name of the video is Funk Master 5 confronts Glenn Beck about thermite at WTC.
Thank you.
Yeah, Glenn Beck says all Ron Paul supporters are basically terrorists, but then he says he likes Ron Paul.
He says the army should be used on anyone that criticizes the government.
He says there are no FEMA camps and build straw men that I predicted.
All of you people that bought into it were fooled.
I don't want to spend all day on another talk show host, but he really is disingenuous and disgusting.
Robert and Colin, oh yeah, the DHS report saying conservatives are terrorists and returning veterans are bad.
They deserve it.
What, you found the clip?
Oh, Joe in Spain.
Oh, you want me to skip ahead to Joe in Spain?
Then we'll go to Robert and George.
Joe in Spain, you're on the air.
Go ahead, Joe.
Yes, sir, go ahead.
Yes, Mr. Jones.
Hi, my name is Joe.
I'm from, well, I'm half American, half Spanish, and I lived in Spain 20 years ago.
I've listened to your show almost every day.
And I have to tell you, I thank you for everything you do, and I can absolutely tell you that almost everything you say is absolutely true.
And I drive these people around.
I work for a very serious, high-luxury company that, you know, drives all the most powerful people in Europe when they come to Spain.
And all these people that you talk about, a lot of them I drive around.
People from the CFR, Bill O'Byrkes, Rothschilds, you name it.
That's the plan, you know?
That's the plan.
Once we get in the system, then they won't be able to resist.
What about the colonel?
Well, I talked to the general.
And you would just hear little pieces, but tell me the kind of stuff you hear as you're driving around in the limousines.
Well, the kind of stuff I hear, you know, like very powerful deals, you know, uh, people from, you know, countries that have been absorbed, uh, you know, uh, very high, like government officials that then go into the private industry, you know, and they cut... Yeah, you'll hear the big banker with the vice president going, I will deliver you the 12 million gomingolas immediately upon your transfer of the property, stuff like that.
Just the other day, for example, you know, just with some people from the liquor business, you know, on the global scale, and these people were just talking about, you know, they were cutting up the planet.
You know, they were talking about, you know, all... How they were using regulators to shut down their competition?
Because that's all these people talk about.
Big, fat, dirty, globalist corporations using government to shut down their competition.
The carbon tax is their favorite.
I mean, of course, here in Europe we're full of taxes and we're just waiting for more.
And another bad thing that's happening here, like Obama, he's like a demigod here, you know?
Like, just the Spanish President himself, you know, compares himself to him, you know, as opposites.
Yeah, they're meant to sucker.
You know what?
I want to hear more from you.
Stay there.
Stay there.
We'll come right back to you after the break, Joe.
And then we're going to get to Robert, George, and many others.
The toll-free number to join us, 877-590-5525.
If you disagree, you're welcome to call.
You can also call in Central Texas, 836-0590.
Stay with us.
We'll be right back.
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Yeah, one of the new stations picking us up, the Sunday Show, is KRLA.
They re-air us there at 4 o'clock Pacific, so right when the show ends, it starts.
A whole bunch of our affiliates re-air us, which is fine, but I'd love to talk to all those folks in Miami and Chicago and upstate New York and Buffalo and California.
I'm about to go back to your calls, but coming up, just out there during the break, I saw Rolling Stone laying on the table, so I just opened it up, and I said, oh, that's Ray Kurzweil.
So I started reading the article, and it says, when man and machine merge, meet Ray Kurzweil, prophet of the techno-rapture.
By 2045, he says, computers will surpass us in intelligence, the universe itself will become conscious, and humans will live forever.
Now, I put that in endgame, and everybody makes fun of me
Saying, I'm saying they're going to live forever.
No, they're saying they are.
And he's one of the heads of the Modern Eugenicist Society, the transhumanist.
Transhumanism was founded by Julian Huxley, head of UNESCO generals.
He was the United Nations General, Governor General of UNESCO.
And he just came right out
With it and said we can't call it eugenics because Hitler went too far too quick.
We've got to call it transhumanism.
So I want to explain to you what Bill Joy and Ray Kurzweil and all these other people, and this guy's a billionaire by the way, are saying.
They're saying, you gonna die!
So, later before the show ends I'm gonna go over a little bit of that.
It doesn't matter, just watch and see what they do.
I guess they gotta kill you dead in a hand before you listen to me.
Oh man, it's crazy.
Okay, Joe in Spain, my friend.
So what else goes on when you're picking people up in the limo?
Well, you know, they'll come from the most powerful corporations that there are.
They're old.
Old money?
Alright, we lost his phone.
Cut out, I guess.
Lost that call from Spain.
Sorry about that.
Call me back again, my friend.
Thank you.
Let's talk to Robert in Colorado.
Robert, you're on the air.
Yeah, thanks for taking my call.
You bet.
Alex, appreciate it.
Interesting diatribe you gave in the first hour about Iran and North Korea.
You're probably right on.
But you were also right.
Last Friday's edition of Denver Post had like a five paragraph diatribe.
I think it was an AP story about David Carradine.
Early investigation says he did not commit suicide.
Yeah, the police say he didn't commit suicide.
He was killed in a Luciferian ritual and that's what the info we have.
And we said that, what, five days before AP did?
Yeah, so you're right on.
I think, uh, I think they tried to shut... Well, I think they... We also, and I'm not bragging, but we also told you we were really under level six for flu pandemic a month and a half ago, and now it's admitted that, oh yeah, we're under it and we've been under it for a month and a half.
I have the secret state document.
Yeah, yeah.
It came out.
You're right.
You're right.
What is the latest on your employee's daughter who was accosted at the school north of you?
South of Austin.
The Child Kidnapping Services said, okay, we're not going to kidnap your child for a bruise on her leg, but we'd like to.
But don't ever raise your voice to her, world taker.
And I was actually even given their orders that they gave her.
No court, no judge, no jury.
It's not illegal to yell at your kid.
And that's what happened with that.
I appreciate your call, sir.
Good to hear from you.
Georgia and Texas, you're on the air.
How you doing, Alex?
Good, sir.
Congratulations on the money bomb.
Yes, yes, I have put a little thing up on the website thanking everybody.
Very, very successful and that's going to allow us to go to the next level and so I salute all of you for your free will in supporting us in the fight.
Yes, I don't know if you got it, I've been trying to get through for days, but Greg Pound got arrested again on May 29th.
Ah, they, what, kidnapped four of his children for no reason.
The CPS worker admitted she lied.
She lost her license for lying, but the court said, we've kidnapped your four little girls.
We've gotten $300,000 a piece for them, selling them off to adoption agencies because they're blonde-haired, blue-eyed.
And it's in court records and it's in the local news that the CPS worker lied to do it.
She lost her job, but they say, we don't care.
We still take your kids.
What have they arrested him lately for?
Well, because he held up a sign when his kids come by on the school bus.
He said, Grandma lied, Mommy and Daddy still love you.
Well, they considered it violating a domestic violence injunction.
Well, they arrested him for running for political office when he went to the local Republican function and they did nothing and they arrested him.
I guess I've got to get a hold of him.
Land of the free, home of the brave.
Why'd you like it to this police state news that is coming up later?
Let's go ahead and talk to Jerry.
Jerry in Texas.
Thanks for holding her on the air.
Hello Alex.
Hannity and Bill O'Reilly and Glenn Beck, are they actually that unknowledgeable what's going on?
Well, I've seen... I mean, do you want to say any more or let you go?
No, I'm good.
Go ahead.
Okay, thank you.
It has been declassified back in 1977 in the Church hearing, Senator Frank Church, and then it was declassified five years ago that at least, well, it's over 40 billion total, but different packages.
One's 8 billion, one's 12 billion, one's 3 billion, in fake news.
And it's turned out that most big anchors, fake liberal, fake conservative, to keep it all in that controlled paradigm, to give you false choices.
But it's all one level of the matrix.
A false reality, false political systems.
Most of those guys are on payroll.
But I have no doubt, Beck has CIA on his show every program I see.
And I don't even watch it much.
And these are men in PSYOPs.
And I noticed years ago he was reading off of Homeland Security documents I've gotten from people inside Homeland Security.
We broke the MIAC report and DHS report for folks that don't know that say veterans, gun owners are what Homeland Security's for.
We're the terrorists.
The VA, the VFW are terrorists.
We broke that years ago.
And people wouldn't believe us.
It finally got checked into and it made national news.
So I knew they were reading off those reports when I would hear it.
So I knew they were being fed that, because they wouldn't say, this is from a report.
They would, but the teleprompters had it word for word.
Now, Limbaugh doesn't enjoy doing that when he does it when I hear him.
Beck does.
So that's why I don't like them.
Hannity does.
I mean, it's the enjoyment of the betrayal that's so painful.
So, when it came out that these reports were put out, they had to say, are these reports good?
Maybe so, maybe not.
And then now they're backtracking saying, oh yes, the DHS report is good.
Oh, look at Von Brun.
Oh, you know, we've got to say the veterans of the terrorists now.
You know, Shepard Smith.
So, yes, they know exactly what they're doing.
Exactly what they're doing.
And I could get into more detail on that, but that's the bottom line.
And they're part of the false right control system, control the right wing.
And then Rachel Maddow and all the rest of them, Keith Alberman are part of controlling the false left paradigm.
When they're all working together, they're all intermarried, you know, it's like Mary Madeline married to Carvel and all those other families where the families will split up the false paradigm, split up the business.
It's a sickening joke.
Ronnie in Texas, you're on the air, go ahead.
Hey, thanks sir.
I'm calling about a partial response to a show you had the other day about the drugged out kids on Prozac and Big Pharma.
It's not an accident that Big Pharma is short-sightedly fighting the legalization of their competitors.
That's right.
The government drugs pushed by Big Pharma make you become mentally ill.
They put you on more drugs.
We have their own internal documents.
Merck was in mainstream news saying, quote, we're going to liquidate and send hit teams out to scientists' houses that criticize us.
We'll come right back to you in a lot more.
Stay there.
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Yeah, I'm shouting right back, the devil!
I've literally read hundreds of MIT, Stanford Research Institute, UN, Pentagon documents.
I list them all.
Make films about them.
What is the endgame.com, endgamethemovie.com, full bibliography?
For they openly say once they get their world government in place, once they get their robot drone armies in place, it's going to be like Terminator.
There's going to be a small group of humans above the machines carrying out the mass murder of humanity.
That's the part that Rolling Stone doesn't tell you in this article.
Again, I didn't even bring this down here.
It's laying on the table.
I'm gonna go photocopier.
I'm just gonna walk off with it.
If somebody's up here at the station, I'll buy you a new one or give it back.
Just email Aaron at InfoWars.com, one of my producers.
But I gotta have this.
Or I guess I'll go up to the copy machine.
No, then they'll say it's fake if I show it on my TV show.
That's how the public works.
They'll say, that's not it!
Rolling Stone's color, that's black and white!
I mean, this is how the slaves are.
They've got literal imprint programming brainwashing to not face it.
And it's like, oh, humans won't be needed anymore and we'll merge with machines and a new life form will be here.
What they don't tell you is in the deeper writings of these people.
They're going to have to kill off the rest of us because we're not good for the environment.
Because the new zero carbon creature, the new silicon life form, and whether this is really going to happen or not, this is what the elite believes.
They're on power trips.
They're lunatics.
Do you understand?
I'm not the one saying this.
It's them.
You better see Endgame, folks.
You better see it quick.
And by the way, you don't have to buy the stinking thing.
Over a hundred plus grand, probably a hundred and thirty grand to make that film.
I got arrested trying to cover it, trying to get you the information.
I went through hell to get it for you.
And it's free on YouTube and Google.
You might want to buy the DVD, though, to have it in the highest quality at InfoWars.com.
Or PrisonPlanet.com, or the Obama Deception.
Still the number one video on YouTube and Google.
Hundreds of versions of it with hundreds of thousands of views apiece.
Some versions have 4 million views, 2.5 million views, 2.3 million views.
The film's been out three and a half months.
Praise God!
Praise the creator of the universe that they don't have full control over the web or society yet with their technocracy.
But they brag within 10 years they're going to have the control grid in place.
Sooner with the web.
And if we hadn't beat this... See, we're being... This is the insertion into the Matrix.
We're not in it yet.
But, you know, there's a lot of kooks out there that claim that, oh, this lady or this guy really wrote the Matrix book.
Or the script for it.
And the Wachowski brothers ripped him off.
Well, you know, I happen to have talked to people, let's just say, in the highest levels of that production.
Not gonna even say Wachowski brothers.
I'm gonna leave it open.
They didn't get it from anywhere in popular culture.
You know where the idea for The Matrix came from?
Turns out, I guessed where it came from, because I'd read it before, before I was ever told directly from people involved writing the script.
It came from the Pentagon!
1968 document, declassified July 7th, 2000, and then put out by the
What's the name of that League of American Scientists?
I forget the exact name.
Jaron, do me a favor.
Google Army Document talks about microchipping population by 2025.
It's in my book, Dissent and the Tyranny, published 2002.
Federation of American Scientists.
There you go.
And the Pentagon said that we'd have the singularity sometime between 2025 and 2045.
Kurzweil was always saying 2025.
He's now revising it in this article to
2045, this one in the page 57 in Rolling Stone Magazine.
He's now revising at 2045.
Because they've decided to suppress the technology and only allow it to develop and rise in technological spires above the slowly growing technological system we're in that we think is the most advanced.
I don't know how advanced it is, but it's very advanced.
I'll put it to you that way.
Above what we know.
So I believe 2020 is the real date from things I pieced together in reverse engineering of their own documents.
See, anything classified has its mirror or its shadow in civilian space.
You can tell a lot by something's shadow, by its funding, its development.
The research documents developed by different research facilities and private groups
That are then purchased and put into secret development by government by the nexus points of those pieces of equipment.
You can tell what they're building on the other end.
Just like on the 1996 Telecommunications Act, I went on air and told you they're putting in whole floors of wiretapping system in every major phone company and internet hub to track everything through the grid and surveil everyone.
How did I know?
Well, the bill said it had to be capable of doing that and that we're paying them nine billion dollars to put it in.
And that's how the engineers at
One of the guys that had to build one of the systems for him in San Francisco said, they said, well you weren't allowed to see the secret documents.
It was to surveil every piece of data coming through.
How'd you know?
And he goes, because I'm an engineer.
The head engineer at that entire building, when we built it, and this entire section of a floor, everything we do is wired through here.
Every email, every fax, every phone call, every cell phone call is sent by here.
And so we built it under government specs.
It's designed to capture everything, and now the government admits they are.
Sad issue.
With this extermination thing, they don't even hide it.
They're so arrogant.
Well, I mean, I keep talking about Bill Joy, co-founder and owner of Sun Microsystems, worth over four billion dollars, last time I checked.
He's one of the few who says, I went to a top IT tech, you know, a top technical meeting of the 200 richest computer company in
Technology owners and they were all of one mind that everybody basically has to be killed for the rise of the machines and that humans aren't needed anymore and I was the outcast for not wanting to do it.
That's Wired Magazine.
That exists.
April issue 10,000.
April issue 2,000.
And I'm just out here in the hallway and this magazine is sitting there
And it basically, it's introducing it to the slaves, and the slaves feel like they're all high and mighty, because it's all put in a way to make them feel good about it, like they're going to be part of it.
So like a bunch of jackasses, they'll all go along with it, and they play you like a fiddle.
I said I'd go back to your calls, and I've got all these audio clips I want to play, and a huge blitz of news as well, but... Whether they're going to be able to do it or not is a question, but
That remains to be seen, but they're on record saying global genocide for the Earth.
That's their excuse.
It's a kind of liberal Hitlerian idea.
You know, Hitler was a vegetarian environmentalist.
It's really just a control freak's excuse to dominate and control society.
And engineer society and play God.
And the genetic engineering merging with the nanotech, merging with the super hyper AI computing, it's very nasty and threatens to overturn this entire biosphere.
When you really read their literature, they say they're going to get rid of this entire system.
They're playing God, folks.
They think they're going to control the future.
My question is, can you look away from your football games and acting tough, or from your waistline of your women feeling inadequate about yourselves for five minutes, to just get engaged about the future of the species, with technology now doubling every two years?
I mean, do you care about any of this?
I guess you don't.
Some of you.
Okay, fine.
Just don't blame me.
Don't blame... You'll be so drugged out of your heads, though, what they're spraying in the sky and putting in your water, you won't even care.
So, according to them, you know, they say, well, see?
The slaves don't care, so they deserve to die.
We're right.
Because you can't fathom the magnitude of it.
Okay, a caller was holding... Who was I talking to last?
Or is he gone?
Okay, he wanted to talk about Big Pharma wants to keep illegal drugs illegal, like marijuana, and then push all their poisonous drugs.
And yes, that's how it works.
It's all about monopolies.
Chris in Florida, you're on the air.
Hey, talking about the caller who asked whether some of these talk show host commentators are really doing what, lying deliberately as propagandists.
I can say yes, from my experience calling into like Michael Savage, I'd encourage people to record their side of the conversation also because you might catch people, catch guests, behind the scenes conversations between the guest and the host.
You know, I'll say something on the air that's very opposite, you know, and just take pleasure, for example, in a certain guest he had saying how Iraq and the Middle East got a raw deal with the Treaty of Versailles, and yet he goes on air saying how the Iraqis are so ungrateful for not taking our help, and so that's just one side of it.
Another talk show host will say a certain something on the web doesn't exist, even after I've told the audience how to look it up, so... Oh no, people are all saying the Rolling Stone doesn't exist.
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Alright, look, here in the final segment I got a ton of news I gotta go over and I'll jam in a few calls if I have time to.
In a managed economy, big global corporations just love it.
They want to shut down smaller corporations and companies.
They don't like a Bill of Rights and Constitution.
They want to set up a new world government with new rules where they don't have to follow the rules and you have more rules on you.
A couple months ago, we talked about how the head of cyber security quits and the Pentagon's going to take over all the hubs for the internet so they can shut it down and censor it.
Now that's the headline of the New York Times.
Privacy may be victim in cyberspace plan.
Obama vows to protect civil liberties may be difficult to put into practice.
This is the guy that said he would stop secretly torturing and no rights for detainees.
He's actually expanded it.
The guy that said he wouldn't hire any lobbyists and all he did was hire lobbyists.
The guy that said he wouldn't be secret about the bailout money or the stimulus package.
Total secrecy.
Everything with this guy is a lie.
And AP is also reporting buyers face hike in mortgage rates as inflation fears mount.
The $14.8 trillion that would have more than paid off every mortgage in the United States.
That was $9.3 trillion.
None of this was about getting things restarted.
It was about hoarding the money and plotting the economy further to buy it all up.
That's right.
You've put in more tax money than the GDP in a year, and more than all the mortgages.
Everybody in America has already paid in taxes, or is going to be paying in taxes, enough to have $5 trillion left.
And the news is reporting that of the Chrysler and GM, over 2,000 letters have gone out, 1,500 to GM dealerships, Chevy and GM saying, we're shutting you down.
Give us your customer list.
Give us everything.
We're getting rid of you.
And they make them waive their rights and give up huge dealerships still worth a ton of money.
And then they're given to multinational corporations, the Chinese, the Russians, the Brazilians, and the Europeans, with bailout money, the 30 billion.
They're paying to give it to globalists.
That's what this is, Chicago mob politics.
But it's international in scope.
Handing it over, and then the Democratic power of the Democratic Party, Republicans used to do stuff like this, but now it's getting even more widespread with the Democrats.
Representative Michelle Bachman of Minnesota is right when she talks about this, but it's bipartisan.
But right now, Obama's taking it to a new level.
They're also announcing they're going to cap all sorts of business salaries and corporate business owners.
This is the elite.
The ultra-rich are going to take everything the middle class have.
And they're going to sick the poor, dumbed-down working class on the middle class.
But the middle class are conditioned to be surly, smiley face, know-it-all, arrogant, haughty, foolish yuppies, so they won't defend themselves because they listen to fake right-wingers on the radio.
They could stay open.
That senator was able to arrange a meeting between the dealer and the officials at GM.
We all know GM is now Government Motors because it's owned by the American people.
It's been nationalized.
There's no private corporation the way we used to think of GM.
Now the main stockholder is the American government.
So this Democrat senator, who was applied to for help, was able to secure a meeting with General Motors and a car dealership
And they were able to get their dealership back.
Well, that's great.
That's wonderful.
There's also another article I saw today where a constituent had contacted one of the representatives, a Democrat representative, here in this chamber, Representative Barney Frank.
Barney Frank was able to go and talk to the right people and get this dealership back open.
Is that what we have come to in this country?
And by the way, we do.
Now, let me stop right there.
I'm not trying to make
The police look bad?
They're so bad, on average, it's indescribable.
They're so bad, I don't have words.
Now, let me explain something.
All over the United States, as I scan news wires, I have seen thousands of news articles where the police pull old ladies over, that's usually what makes the news, and they have two or three thousand dollars in their wallet, they snatch it, they take their Rolex, they may even steal their Cadillac.
Because the police go on the news and defend it and say she shouldn't have that much money.
No judge, no jury, no arrest.
And then the judges even get the money.
Now, Texas is getting famous because right out here in the hill country, a bunch of towns south of us, East Texas especially, the cops pull you over and they take the money out of your wallet and if you don't like it, they'll blow your head off on the spot and say you attacked them.
And they don't even, I mean, these cops live in $2 million houses, huge swimming pools, they drive brand new Corvettes, whatever they've seized.
And let me tell you, I grew up in an upper middle class neighborhood, and down the street was an FBI agent, and next door to one of my friends was an FBI agent, living in million dollar houses back then in the 80s.
And you know, houses that were probably $500,000 then, and Corvettes, and money, and hot young mistresses.
And folks, they didn't get that on their $80,000 a year at the FBI.
Let me just give you a little newsflash there.
They did it dealing narcotics.
Now, that's why the drug war isn't going to end.
That's why we got more people in prison than any other country in the world.
Now that said, admitted CIA operative Anderson Cooper is doing news reports with the headline, American cops steal money from drivers and take trips to Hawaii.
And they got the DAs, they got the judges admitting they keep the money they take.
I mean, do they take it?
That's why you got these little county judges living in million-dollar houses.
And folks, by the way, if you live next door to one, I see reports where they decide they want your house.
They send a SWAT team over to kill you dead or in a hammer.
I mean, you gotta watch these towns.
That's why real estate's so much lower in Williamson County, even though it's beautiful and nice up there.
For ranchettes and things.
People that got brains don't want to live there.
They'll come after and take it from you.
They don't play games, folks!
Now, this is even a whitewash.
It's ten times worse because this show starts out with how they're taking, you know, five days, six days, four day trips to Hawaii and doing, you know, a couple hours of training, although there is the excuse.
But then later they admit, oh, the judge even gets cash.
The issue is the globalist, and Anderson Cooper, by the way, admits he's CIA.
He was CIA trained.
He's the heir to the Astor fortune.
He's an admitted CIA operative.
But they'll report this so the feds can come in and further take over the states.
The feds are even more corrupt, is my point.
And I get on air and mention the Dallas police, how they pull you over and throw bags of chalk in the back of your car, thousands of people, and take their cars.
That's been on NPR, Dallas Morning News.
I mean, I'm not making up, Houston does that.
I gotta say, Austin is one of the best forces in the country.
Austin police aren't involved in a lot of narcotics trafficking.
They are involved in running hookers, and they've been busted a lot doing that.
And some of the gambling here in town.
Mainly high-end hookers.
And some of the low-end hookers.
But Austin is one of those.
That's why people live here.
Because our police are not just complete raving criminals.
Now that said, they've now released the full dashcam of the cop beating up the ambulance EMTs.
They were gonna charge him.
They said their squad car showed the EMT attacking him.
Turns out it's a lie, just as the witnesses said.
Cop attacks them.
Then they start choking him.
That video's up on InfoWars.com.
And the issue is the state police lied about this.
And now the dash cam video's out.
Now, they're not totally corrupt, I guess, in Oklahoma, or they wouldn't even have released it.
Now, Austin does claim videos malfunction when they kill people.
So they still cover up when they kill people in Austin, but they're not as bad as some.
Let's go ahead, just because you won't believe this report.
It's a six-minute report.
It's up on Infowars.com.
I want to play just a minute of it, because people will say Anderson Cooper and CNN doesn't exist when I bring this up, but here it is.
This report takes us back to the heart of Texas, where Gary Tuchman has found another county awash in both cash and allegations of corruption.
The money, more than a million dollars last year, was seized from drivers who were pulled over by cops.
There are allegations that some of those drivers were innocent.
So, what's happening to all that money?
Well, that's where so many people, that's why so many people are steamed.
Gary Tuchman tonight is keeping them on.
Okay, that's enough.
I don't have time to play it all.
I'll play it on the show tomorrow, more of it and analyze it.
And then they admit, oh, the judge just keeps every week $4,000 checks for himself.
Personally, that even goes around the state law that allows total robbery.
But the current state law says, you know, that the... Oh, it doesn't even matter.
The point is, ladies and gentlemen, is that it's out of control.
Most counties in Texas are run by Boss Hogg.
And they're worse than Enos.
They're worse than, uh, what's the name of the head cop for Boss Hogg?
Roscoe Picotrain and Flash.
It isn't cute.
It isn't cute when a cop pulls you over in East Texas and walks up with huge Nazi swastikas, this has happened to me, on their arms.
And I manipulatively just went ahead and played the guy, and he said, Heil Hitler right back and left, and I would roll out of there.
I don't like Hitler, but I played a Hitler card and got out of it.
You're not gonna give a fellow white supremacist a ticket, are you?
Oh, he did a little Heil Hitler with me, and I was like, oh, Heil Hitler!
We're out of time, ladies and gentlemen.
The transmission continues at InfoWars.com.
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