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Air Date: May 12, 2009
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Big Brother, Mainstream Media, Government Cover-Ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Welcome, ladies and gentlemen.
Thank you so much for joining us on this 12th day of May, 2009.
It is a Tuesday.
We're going to be live here for the next four hours and I have swept the decks clean.
No guests today because I want to have wide open phones for the full four hours.
There is a lot to talk about.
There are a host of vitally important news stories that I want to go over.
The mainstream media has now picked up on the article that Kurt Nemo did back on Saturday dealing with a new bill introduced that states if you're on the violent radicalization list that the Attorney General will be able to ban you owning firearms without a conviction.
Without an arrest, without an indictment, and without any evidence.
Now remember, they have a separate bill introduced where the Attorney General can ban any firearm type he wishes.
It just gives him imperial god-like power.
And also, they're saying that they have a new bill introduced where if you hurt someone's feelings, the feds decide if it's hurt someone's feelings.
It actually says hurt their feelings.
And that you will be indicted federally for your free speech.
I mean, we need some master article written by Kurt Nemo or Paul Watson or Steve Watson or Aaron Dykes or one of our people that just goes through all of the insanity that's going on because any one of these issues is earth-shaking tyranny, just red flag, rogue government, totally criminal, totally illegitimate.
But when you put them all next to each other, hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of these things that are going on, it is just mind-blowing
That all of this is actually going on and happening.
Now remember White House Chief of Staff, in fact guys cue that up, it's actually in the Obama Deception.
The Obama Deception is like a chronicle of their entire agenda and what they're going to do.
You know, this thing was literally just released two months ago, a month and a half ago, and people are seeing it going, this thing is like totally up-to-date and pertinent because they have expanded the agenda we expose in the film so it's, people who watch it say it's like watching the nightly news, but with analysis because we say this is what they're gonna do, and now they've done everything we said they would do.
I mean, it's just devastating.
Because people go, wait a minute, they just laid out this whole plan.
People kept saying, how are you criticizing him?
He's only been in office a month when you released this film.
We know all his advisors.
We know what he said his policies would be.
We had all the statements and we had this film.
We were working on this film to, you know, until a week or so before it was released.
And so it has just all the latest up-to-date stuff.
I don't know, I'm already going off ranting about it.
It's just they are moving against the Republic.
They are engaged in high treason at every level.
The Republicans are just as much involved as the Democrats, and the enemy is coming in like a flood against the Republic right now.
But, you know, Kurt Nimmo wrote a great story about this when he was sent the bill by a listener.
You know, we're the folks that are linking to the bill that where they say,
Makes somebody feel bad, hurt their feelings, you're going to be federally charged with a felony.
And then it gets picked up by all the rest of the media.
That's the power of this show, is the listeners who are activists.
It's a huge audience, and you're active, and so we can push into kind of the libertarian or right-wing or liberal media, and then into the mainstream media, anything we want now.
And that is what's exciting.
We're kind of like the front-line watchdogs here, ladies and gentlemen, yipping and yapping and then waking up some of the bigger dogs.
And it's just amazing to see all of this going on.
But ladies and gentlemen,
Ladies and gentlemen, the establishment is moving like never before seen against all of our freedoms, and it's all coming up today.
Also, new torture photos being released by Obama.
What's really behind that?
A gag order on any brass in the military speaking to Congress?
That is totally unconstitutional.
Violation of the separation of powers.
Scientists want to have vaccine corn to force you to take the flu shot?
It's all coming up.
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We've got to give them a stake in creating the kind of world order that I think all of us would like to see.
The Obama deception completely destroys the myth that Obama is working for the best interest of the American people.
Well, Obama's already fudging.
He's fudged since day one in this election.
If you have a demagogue with a fanatical mass movement of personality cultists who is imposing the program of a group of extreme bankers and finance oligarchs, that's fascist.
It's not about left or right.
It's about a one world government.
This film documents who Obama works for, the lies he is told, and his real agenda.
Get your copy of The Obama Deception today at InfoWars.com or download it in super high quality at PrisonPlanet.tv.
The Obama Deception.
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Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Okay, in the first five minutes of the show, I said no guests today, but things are fluid here and change.
Joyce Riley, a longtime Genesis host here on the network, she had a lady call into her show with the police raiding her house.
Even though she owned the property, and then it would happen right as Joyce was going off the air.
So Joyce stayed on the line with the network.
She's in outside Versailles, Missouri, but the network's in Minnesota.
So the lady stayed on the line at Genesis as the police kicked down the door as they came in and as they hung up the phone.
And I'm told this is a pretty shocking audio.
It has never before been heard.
And when I, I get ready at home and I show up about 20 minutes before air time, generally here.
And when I came in, they ran up to me, the producer said, we've been trying to call you.
This whole thing happened about 40 minutes ago.
And I just said, get me more facts, get me more details.
So we're going to do that either at the bottom of the hour, next hour, only so I can talk to Joyce and find out or talk to John, because some of this was on air and find out what's going on.
So that I can assess what's happening from my perspective.
So I can talk about this from my perspective.
And so I can gauge it.
So we'll talk to Joyce and we appreciate her calling us this information.
All over the nation, this has been going on for two years as repossessions accelerate.
People are now becoming homeless in massive numbers.
I'm now seeing clean-cut families on the streets of Austin.
And if they go to the shelters, the CPS is there, and in almost every case, takes your children.
So if you become homeless, they will take your children.
And then now, all over the country,
Cities and states, New York, California, other places are announcing rent for homeless.
They are arresting homeless.
You can't sleep in an alley, you can't sleep on a park bench, you can't sleep in a tent on government land in a state park out of the way.
They come and arrest you and they take you to a FEMA paid-for facility.
Hawaii, California, New York, and then they charge you rent
And they say, oh no, you're not forced labor, we're just charging you rent so you have to work.
So, all of this is being announced as I told you it would be.
This is how they did it in Germany and Russia and China.
It's always the same.
I remember Michael Savage four or five years ago going, arrest anyone that disagrees with the war, because when you protest the war, you're a terrorist.
Because you're aiding terrorists.
And then I remember seeing the Deputy Attorney General of California in the
Oakland Tribune saying the same thing.
We're banning protests in California against the war, this was in 2004, one year into it, and we're now six plus years into it, because they're fighting Al-Qaeda in Iraq, and when you protest the war, you're with Al-Qaeda.
And then Savage pushed for the Sedition Act and said arrest anybody.
And then now notice Savage is banned from England and they're arresting people in England that criticize the open borders.
See, this is how it works, folks.
The left takes the right's rights away and the right takes the left's away.
And between that, everybody is slaves.
And the globalists control the left and the right.
But I'm digressing, ladies and gentlemen.
I'm literally at information overload these days.
You know, I promised to open the show up and take your calls.
Randall, Wilson, Mike, Josh, George, others.
And I'm going to do just that.
I've been getting a lot of emails, and so has Jason Burmess, who does the show 9 to Midnight here out of the InfoWars studios on Genesis, saying we're liars about the military and military contractors raping children under orders.
So, today, I've been saying the last few shows I do this and I've just run out of time.
Today, coming up later in the next hour, I'm going to do a news report on this.
I'm going to play Congressional Hearings, where Rumsfeld doesn't deny that DynCorp and Halliburton kidnapped children in mass.
And I am going to go over Salon, New Yorker Magazine, ABC News, with the Army's own report about how the CIA ordered the jail guards, and of course they profiled them, they hired them, federal guards that had lost their jobs for raping people and abuse in prisons, sickos,
You know, Jeffrey Dahmer's that are smart enough to not just grab kids off the street.
They're smart enough to get a badge.
They're smart enough to get a uniform.
You know, smart psychopaths.
You take basic psychology, they'll teach you.
The intelligent psychopaths, those that have a higher IQ and are more controlled, I guess the term is controlled psychopath, they want power.
They want a badge.
They want a gun.
And they get them.
And they take over almost every nation, and that's why the world is in slavery and darkness and pain, because good people lie on their fat butts and let psychos take over.
Is it because good people are cowards?
Is it because we're domesticated, we're lulled to sleep, we're taught to lay down and take it?
I don't know what it is, but I'm not laying down and taking any of it from this dirtbag, rogue, illegitimate government.
I'm done.
And I don't care what the media says about me.
I don't care what they make up about me.
You know, if somebody we hire infiltrates us and tries to set us up criminally, that's on their heart and their soul.
I didn't do anything wrong.
You're a bunch of criminals.
The government is criminal!
It is illegitimate!
Their crimes are so horrible, I can't even begin to try to explain it.
And I'm just sick of the public.
Large segments of it that have woken up to the government's lying and corrupt but they buy into all the COINTELPRO bull to attack me that I'm a Scientologist or I work for the Vatican or I work for Israel and you know and then they'll mix all the lies together which are just ridiculous.
Instead of ever responding about real issues and spending time warning people about vaccines, or open borders, or the New World Order agenda, or brain scanners going in airports, or how the public schools have been turned into brainwashing camps, or how the CPS is... I mean, you know, on the issue of children being abused by the state.
It's come out, and it's even been in CNN, that 4,000 plus children
Come up missing every year that are in government custody in Florida alone, and they find them in Saudi Arabia, and they find them in other nations, and they find them in slave brothels, and they find them dead.
And then it turns out that every major director of the CPS in Florida turns out to be a convicted pedophile.
Well, of course, it's a pedophile guild!
Who do you think the globalists hire to go out and kidnap Christian, mainly, that's who they target, children, and then ship them to slave camps?
Remember World Net Daily reporting on slave cruise lines where they have prostitutes and slave children on them and Bill Clinton administration people being on them.
You can't make this stuff up!
I mean, every time I read this stuff, I can't believe what I'm even reading.
Then I have congressional testimony on it and I can't believe it.
And I can't believe these people just sit up there with straight faces.
These are killers, ladies and gentlemen.
It's a religion to feed on us and abuse us.
Well, you take the Texas Youth Commission...
And, you know, it comes out that every major juvenile justice facility, including the CPS facilities, it's the same in Michigan, California, Florida, I mean, you see it everywhere, the same story.
It's all federally run, all federally financed, all federal guidelines, where they've stole, they steal so many children, folks, they warehouse and make little, you know, two-year-old babies live in drawers.
At CPS, bureaucratic facilities would snot all over them, you know, they'd die, and they'd just take little dead bodies and, you know, say, oh, the parents, you know, did this to them, even though they'd had the kid for two weeks, you know, with the facility not even feeding them, and they'd die.
Then they'd go indict the parents after they kill them.
And it turned out the Texas Youth Commission, en masse, was openly raping children and videotaping it, and that the parking lots were filled with judges and police and local pedophile rings that run most cities.
Literally, it's a pedophile guild that runs everything.
People talk about, it's this group, it's that group.
I'll tell you, it's a bunch of devil worshipping pedophiles.
You want to know who runs things?
That's who runs things.
You know, devil worshippers, they like to sacrifice kids.
What is that?
It's the ultimate expression of attacking innocence, of being ruthless, of trying to burn out their souls, trying to prove how ruthless they are.
And then I saw it in the news that they don't even mention the fact that they've set up a new
State Agency for Child Welfare and that they supposedly set it up to counter what was going on in the state already.
But then they took all the new funding that the legislature just funded and they're saying they're going to put out task forces to steal more innocent people's children.
See, that's, back when CNN was reporting on that in Florida, I said, you watch, folks, they're going to come out and say we need more funding to stop what's happening with the abuse of children at government hands.
And that's what they did.
And then, I had that article here in my stack.
Oh, it doesn't matter, it's all over Texas News about
Guys, just do a search on me about new state agency for child welfare in Texas.
Just give me that.
I had it here in the stack and now it's not here.
Nothing about why they set up the agency.
Nothing about the Texas Youth Commission and all the horrible things it did.
It's all about how American and Texas parents are bad and the state's got to go out and grab their children when the state's five times more likely in the Justice Department's own numbers to abuse children than any other group.
Again, the state is evil.
The state is corrupt.
The state has been fully taken over by criminals and degenerate scum at the higher levels.
And now they're taking over the mid and low levels and getting all their people in place and telling us torture and secret arrest is good to sell everybody on a full-bore terror, a red terror in America.
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The Obama deception completely destroys the myth that Obama is working for the best interest of the American people.
Well, Obama's already fudging.
He's fudged since day one in this election.
If you have a demagogue with a fanatical mass movement of personality cultists who is imposing the program of a group of extreme bankers and finance oligarchs, that's fascism.
It's not about left or right.
It's about a one world government.
This film documents who Obama works for, the lies he is told, and his real agenda.
Get your copy of The Obama Deception today at InfoWars.com or download it in super high quality at PrisonPlanet.tv.
The Obama Deception.
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By the way, a bunch of YouTube channels, and I mean a bunch of them, got shut down yesterday.
And I even talked to some of the We Are Change folks.
And they had one shut down and they don't even give them a copyright violation.
They just basically say no Alex Jones.
So now the YouTube situation has turned into open...
Censorship and open season because they've figured out in the establishment We are reaching millions and millions of people a week on YouTube alone that is coming up and Google announced yesterday We've confirmed this first they hid Google video first They took down all our videos as number one every time we were always number one one of our videos You know was always you know in the top five, but routinely number one
They would take those down.
They would just freeze them until they dropped out of the top 100.
Or they would erase them and then never even give us a notice that, oh, it's a mistake.
Those always are videos.
And now Google Video has just announced, oh, there's no longer going to be any uploading to Google Video, a hugely popular function.
We're suspending everyone who has Google Video accounts.
You no longer can use them.
So we're going to get into that later in the show.
New torture photos being released by Obama.
They're going to release the lighter ones.
That's what happened last time.
This is being done as a political stunt.
They're continuing the torture, continuing the secret arrest, continuing no right for detainees.
This is a political stunt to further politicize things and hurt the Republican Party itself so the Democrats can be an even bigger supermajority and further destroy separation of powers.
Speaking of separation of powers,
Heritage Foundation reporting.
So is the Associated Press.
Defense Department gag order on all brass.
Not allowed to talk to the press and not allowed to talk to Congress.
Secretary Gates, Robert Gates, has made them.
By the way, you can't, under law, compel anybody in the military to, you know,
Wave their rights, if something isn't classified, to the media or to the public.
And you certainly can't keep them from talking to Congress, even in classified meetings.
So, first they tell Congress, PDD 51 on the cover page, the accompanying executive order, states the President now runs all national security emergencies.
Congress has no oversight and no involvement and has no say in anything here in the future.
And members of Congress came out and said, this is martial law.
And the head of the Homeland Security Committee, after different members of his committee for months tried to get it, came out and said, this is unbelievable.
Congress is co-equal to the President.
We have the highest security clearance.
We need to see all of PD-51.
But this executive order and the accompanying Presidential Decision Directive states on the cover page that he's basically a dictator for any financial emergency, any other emergency.
Congress, the governors, you know, the John Warner Defense Authorization Act dovetails with that.
This looks like martial law.
And they said, hey, sit down, shut up.
We run things now.
Well, now Congress, five congressmen, this just broke over the weekend, five different congressmen have gone public, including Republicans.
In fact, three of the five are Republicans, saying, you can't put a gag order on all brass.
In fact, they always have to swear to tell the whole truth, nothing but the truth.
And of course, the Pentagon's a giant stealing cash machine of around a trillion and a half dollars a year.
Not counting black budget, that's another 800 billion.
So we're talking two plus trillion.
Well, that'd be two trillion, three hundred billion and growing, not counting all the cocaine and heroin money, another four hundred billion a year they're making.
And, you know, the generals are a revolving door with the multinational defense contractors.
Halliburton gets fifteen million dollars for blue tarps they put up.
One blue tarp, fifteen million.
It's just incredible.
And so they're saying that
Now Congress can't talk to the brass.
This government is so rogue, so criminal, so evil, and they're telling Congress, sit down and shut up, or it'll all come out who your mistresses and hookers are.
It'll all come out when you were 35, 36, 37 years old, you know, when you were the mayor or whatever, that you did A, B, and C. You know, that's why they admit the Pentagon's given out over $70 billion, last time I checked, to privates and captains and sergeants.
You know, they give colonels over a million a year on the side, and they say, what's this for in these big pallets of cash?
And they said, it's just for doing a good job.
But later they come back to him and go, now listen, you took the money too.
Now, you marked down that missile system was used in combat.
You fill out a fake report.
Well, that's illegal.
Do you want us to kill you?
Do you know how many officers we've killed?
We've got a private merc team that'll come in here and then kill your whole family.
Do you understand?
Yes, sir.
I'll do whatever you say.
By the way, do I get an extra couple hundred grand?
No, you don't!
You never get money again!
You work for us now, you got it?
We got cocaine you're gonna ship!
We're on the march, the Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Hello, this is Steve Shank.
You might not be able to spell Constitution, but you sure know how important it is.
You might not be missing any shirts from your closet, but you have given the shirt off your back hundreds of times.
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You might not know who the bad guys are, or what you should be complaining about, but you do know what to be thankful for.
You might not be looking for a government handout, but you do know how to live
We're good to go!
In the New World Order's war against humanity, Barack Obama is the tip of the spear.
We've got to give them a stake in creating the kind of world order that I think all of us would like to see.
The Obama deception completely destroys the myth that Obama is working for the best interest of the American people.
Well, Obama's already fudging.
He's fudged since day one in this election.
If you have a demagogue with a fanatical mass movement of personality cultists who is imposing the program of a group of extreme bankers and finance oligarchs, that's fascist.
It's not about left or right.
It's about a one world government.
This film documents who Obama works for, the lies he is told, and his real agenda.
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The Obama Deception.
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Central Standard Time, we're here live, ladies and gentlemen.
Coming up, we'll get to Randall, Wilson, Mike, Josh, George, and many, many others that are holding wide open phones throughout the show.
I'm going to detail why Obama's releasing new, quote, abuse photos, it's really torture photos, and what the psy-op there is coming up.
Also, they're putting a gag order on all commissioned officers.
Not even be able to talk to Congress now.
Total violation of the separation of powers.
The executive is becoming an open public dictatorship.
The institution, the titular heads, the figureheads, come and go.
Okay, it's kind of like the paint job on a Mack truck, but it's still the same truck, the same vehicle.
Kind of like a bird grows new feathers every year and molts, and it molts off the George W. Bush and then puts on the feathers of Barack H. Obama.
There's another parallel or parable or analogy.
You know, something we've been following the last two years
This is breaking news here.
This is an exclusive and a very sad exclusive.
I have been seeing the reports and reading in the different journals, mainline fraud journals that report on fraud, with mortgage companies
Coming in when houses are paid in full, generally they target lower middle class or blue collar people, or elderly, and they take their land.
In fact, we found out about a city scam, just giving you some background, so this is in context.
When I first got on the air in 1995, this is the type of issues I did video reports on, and a lot of those are online.
Now today, have been recently re-uploaded to the web, to the different video channels.
And at first we were wondering, why is it always an old man or woman, after they have surgery in the hospital, suddenly they have their house taken?
And it was Roland Ellingston and all these other old people.
Then it happened to my grandparents.
My grandfather had had a heart attack.
And suddenly they were saying there was a creek behind their house that wasn't even their property, but that they had to clean out the fallen limbs that had come down the creek that weren't theirs, or it was $2,000 a day fines.
And in just a week or two, it was over $14,000.
And I then discovered a pattern that all these people have been in a city hospital.
He lived on West 37th Street where those little three-bedroom houses were going for half a million bucks if they were broken down, a million bucks if they were nice.
He owned two houses side-by-side on 37th Street.
He had colon cancer surgery, was down to look like a concentration camp victim.
They were giving him $2,000 a day fines for three-inch grass.
So I went out and showed the three-inch grass.
I then went and I showed the health department that had three-foot grass.
And it got picked up by the Austin American Statesman.
It was a big news story.
I went to the city council people's houses and showed they had taller grass.
That was my first experience getting death threats and pulling out of my house and having cops pull me over, pulling out of my apartments.
And again, most of the cops weren't involved.
These are criminal units they have within.
This is mafia.
The local judges here, as you now see around the country, get paid bounties for how many kids they put in the juvenile justice centers.
It's totally illegal on the face of it.
I mean, you're late to class three times, they charge you with truancy, and then make you waive your rights and sign on to probation.
Next time you're... and it's not even a violation, it's not even truancy, you go to jail.
Because they're getting federal money for all the prisoners they've got.
They've got private juvie halls and others that then pay kickbacks and open political contributions.
I mean, it's just mob, boss hog, everything.
Now, I have confirmed, and it's been all over the news, I'm sure you've seen it yourselves, where... Here's an example.
I had a $150,000, it was like a $145,000 mortgage on a house.
And they kept selling my mortgage, and Bank of America bought it, I think the fourth time it got sold, and suddenly they were suing to take my house.
And I went and said, look, the money was paid in escrow, the property tax is paid, and they started the suit to do it, and we had to counter-sue them to stop it.
And I had to go out and get a real estate lawyer.
And Bank of America was going to take the house, folks.
And then did I file counterclaims?
No, I don't have
The lawyers were telling me $50,000, $60,000 to go win a case, and the courts are so corrupt, I might have gotten lawyers' fees back for it.
I'm about to go to Joyce Riley, who has a talk show, what, 7 to 10 in the morning here on Genesis as well.
One of the longest-running shows here on Genesis.
And so this is all going on everywhere, and a lot of good sheriffs have said, look, we can't repossess whole neighborhoods.
We've put a hold on this.
They're getting sued.
But the issue is, that's one thing.
Another is everywhere where we're mainly seeing small farms, small ranches, homes that are paid off, generally old people, after they've had a heart attack or something.
That's the MO I've seen in Austin and around the country.
Then the police come.
And a lot of times they're on the payroll, they themselves move into your house.
I mean, it's now mainstream news, I've seen it in CNN and everywhere, that in all these Texas towns, and they list them, they literally pull over old women and take their earrings, their wedding rings, and the cash out of their purse and tell them, get out of this town or I'm going to kill you.
That's how America operates now.
I mean, Boss Hogg is an angel.
Illinois, it's in mainstream news, and Chicago and everywhere, they just pull you over, they like your car, they just take it.
It was on NPR nationally.
Dallas Morning News, that the police pulled over thousands of nice cars, threw bags of chalk in, took people to jail and said, you're going to prison, that was cocaine, unless you sign over your house and car to us.
Now, that's some background.
Here's Joyce Riley with what happened today.
At the end of her show, this lady called in.
They confirmed the lady's name, where she is in Missouri, and that the lady's in jail now.
And then they had to go off air.
The show was over.
There were other shows programmed.
There's no way with other shows like Gary Brownfield coming up.
That they could, you know, keep going.
That's why I have it set on overdrive so I can go internet only if I need to.
And so Joyce continued to record.
Folks were chomping at the bit to hear what happened.
So she kept the lady online when her live show ended at 10 a.m.
Central Standard Time.
And you're about to hear that.
But to set the table, I know Joyce, because I listen some days when I'm driving into work,
Here on the local station, Joyce has really been on top of the fraud and how they're taking people's houses, but I want to explain something to you.
They tried to take my little three-bedroom house three years ago, four years ago.
It was about 2004, five years ago.
Man, time's flying.
Joyce Riley.
It's getting worse and worse now, though it's just amazing what's going on.
Joyce, good to have you here with us.
I'll tell you, it is so important, it is unbelievably important that we have the opportunity and the ability through Genesis to be able to tell this message and I really appreciate...
You're coming on the air allowing me to come on today because of this story.
It needs to be told and it needs to be heard what just happened.
This lady, I've been following her for several months and she has been trying to save her home.
Her job went off to China, you know, the whole story.
I don't need to tell everybody that, but her daughter lost her home so she brought her daughter and her grandchildren into her home, was paying for food and got behind on her mortgage payments.
She is desperately wanting to save her home.
That's all she's got.
Well, they had been threatening her to take the home and she found out that her original note had been paid as full when she wrote to them and asked them.
Do I, you know, do I owe anything?
And they said it is paid in full.
Your mortgage is paid in full.
Let me stop you.
I was listening to XM to a financial show, mainstream syndicated show, and they had an expert on saying that these mortgage companies, I forgot because I hadn't heard the story yet, Joyce, are running scams.
There's so many I can't cover them all.
That they sell them, and not just what Bank of America tried with me, that they then tell you it's paid when there's only one or two payments left.
They let that build up, and then don't notify you and take your house.
Is that what happened?
Go ahead.
That is so criminal.
So criminal.
Well, in this situation, that mortgage was sold, and the new mortgage company was not a lien holder on it.
There was no equity interest, so they had nothing
I think so.
I don't know.
For trespassing on her own property, basically.
Let me stop you.
We're going to tell the rest of the story, but I've got to add this.
The New London, Connecticut case.
Kelo, a New London case.
This is on record, folks.
We had all the experts on and we had the witnesses on.
It was even in the Wall Street Journal.
And we had the family of Gore Seafood from South Texas.
Same thing happened to them.
They don't just take your property for private interest now.
These homes were paid for.
Generational homes there on the water.
Nice homes.
They said, we're not going to pay you for your homes.
We're condemning them.
And if you fight us, we're then going to charge you interest and rent for the years you've been fighting us.
And they took the homes and then charged them hundreds of thousands of dollars for taking their homes.
Go ahead, Joyce.
So, I mean, they will find a reason to take your property.
I was just talking to Gary Brownfield a few minutes ago.
If you don't go along with NAIS, if you don't go along with whatever, they will find a way to take your home.
Well, as a result, at 9 a.m.
this morning, we had her on the phone.
We had her on the phone from about 8 o'clock on.
And I'm talking about Dawn Welch from Hillsboro, Missouri, which is over by St.
We had her on the line for a full hour.
She started telling us, well, they're driving up now.
There's an ambulance that drove up.
There's a Humvee that drove up.
There's nine police cars out there.
The Sheriff's Department is there.
The police officer is there.
And she walked us through this as it started to happen.
Okay, so she knew they were coming, so she called you, and then right as the show ends, they hit continue.
Spell out her name as best you know it so we can get an article up on InfoWars.com and PrisonPlanet.com about this, Joyce.
Okay, it's Dawn Welch, D-A-W-N-W-E-L-C-H, from Hillsboro, Missouri.
She was filming it with the video.
She had people on the outside filming this and documenting it.
So there is film of what happened.
The police went around to the back door right at about 10.30 this morning.
Now we went off the air and John from Genesis and Ted were kind enough to allow us to continue recording there at Genesis.
We've got it all for people to hear.
So what happened was, she continued to tell us the reason why she believed in what she was doing and why she had to do this.
And she had to stand up for everybody, not just herself, but for everybody.
So at about 10.30 then, all those people gathered around her door and they started yelling at her to come out.
She would not open the door, she would not go out.
They then took the battering ram and began
Yes, we are.
And let me stop you, Joyce.
Bloomberg reported when it was at $9.4 trillion that that would have paid off all mortgages.
Not mortgages in arrears.
Not mortgages just to poor people.
All mortgages from $50 million houses to $100,000 bungalows.
All mortgages when it passed $9 trillion.
Now they have spent, according to Bloomberg and AP,
14.8 trillion.
That would pay off all mortgages, all credit cards, all car loans.
But here's the deal.
We've got to pay for all that with interest to the banks we gave it to.
We give them our money, then we pay interest on it.
We pay them to be slaves.
So again, if we're going to have socialism, ladies and gentlemen, the point is all the houses would have been paid for.
We're not getting any of this, Joyce.
This is unbelievable.
It is, and they're wanting any excuse to take your property.
Like I said, if you don't go... Joyce, they tried to take my little house!
They tried to take the... If you have a field out on your property, I don't care what the excuse is, they want your property, and they are going to get it.
That's their goal.
So Don realizes this, and Don was standing strong.
54 year old, 125 pound grandmother.
She was told to have her children out of there because of the marriage license that allows the state to have control over the children.
Had the children been there, they would have carted them off to DFS.
She was endangering the lives of her children and would have put them into foster homes.
So she didn't have her children, she had her daughter there, who is of course above age, and then her grandchildren were off the property at the time.
They came to get her animals, they came to get all of her belongings.
We don't know what has happened, because after you hear this, you will realize that Don was not treated very well.
And by the way, we need to go to the courthouse when they try to sell it off, and show the little criminals, it'll probably be local bureaucrats trying to get the house, because they always have these little private little secret auctions for themselves, little boss hogs.
Joyce, how long is this clip we're going to play?
It should be about five minutes to the point where they break in and they totally subdue her.
It's approximately about five minutes.
If we can cut right to the chase, and I think John's got it right there, it may be only about two minutes from the time... No, no, that's fine.
In fact, I want to play more of this.
I want to hear the build-up, if that's okay, Joyce, because you said you were going for 30 minutes before this happened.
Maybe we should...
Let's do this.
Let's talk about, because I know I've been told and I've also heard you guys are really covering this.
I know we've been covering it some, but not as much as we should.
Break down what you've been seeing, the different tricks they're playing.
There's so many tricks, I don't know them all.
I'm just, you know, I've seen what happened to my grandparents and what happened to, you know, my dad and what happened to me with chicanery with the criminals that run government that have hijacked the nation.
So let's walk through that till the 8 after.
uh... in about uh... fifteen minutes because i want to add a lot of stations join us in the second hour they don't cover carry the first let's recap go over all that's happening some of the background you have a play at eight after okay joyce okay you've got it okay so so without me interrupting layout again what's happened what's and then let's spend the rest of time we have the next is plus short segments getting into what your own knowledge is on this
Okay, the situation is, a woman has refused to let go of her house.
She does not want her property to be taken away, so she does everything to defend that.
Now, she was working with Jim Percy, who has written a book called, Am I the Only American That Thinks This Way?
When he found out that this kind of fraudulent activity was taking place, she then began to be really empowered, because she listens to Genesis, to be empowered to do the right thing to save her property.
So she submitted to the judge the paperwork showing that her mortgage was, in fact, paid in full.
The second mortgage company, later on, who purchased that mortgage, then tried to foreclose on her.
Now, as Representative Marcy Kempter said on... Do not let people take your home if it is... if they do not have an equity... Joyce, start over.
Your phone cut out.
Who is the representative?
Start over.
Representative Marcy Kaptur went on television, on CNN, and said, if people do not have an equity interest on that lien, they do not have a right to your property.
In other words, if they're selling mortgages back and forth and over and over and over again, and we know that they usually get ten times the amount of money put on their books for a simple loan,
Then she said, you do not have to give up your home, and she was encouraging people to be squatters, to stay in their homes.
Because that company, that mortgage company, does not have an equity investment.
Well, there's been court rulings.
There's been a bunch of them that have found that way.
That's right.
That have found for the homeowner.
And they're saying, no, you can't take that home.
Well, as a result of that, she got really empowered and decided to become very strong and save her home.
Not just for her, but representing all the other people in this country who are about to have the same thing happen to them.
Joyce, stay there.
That's right.
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But more and more we end up doing three, four hours of the show.
And we've just gone live at PrisonPlanet.TV for all the members that watch there.
And then, of course, it's posted as an archive at the end of the show each day.
And then folks rev it to the four winds all over the internet with millions and millions of views every week.
Very, very effective.
That's why they're shutting down.
Google Videos announced they're totally shutting down.
YouTube is going from a user format to a format that is corporate.
And this is all being announced.
And I keep telling people and they go, oh, they're not getting rid of Google Video.
They're not going to start restricting YouTube.
Yeah, they are.
And so we better start using these sub-sites and make them the biggest sites out there.
Because YouTube is a thing of the past.
While it's still big and somewhat still open, we've got to use it because that's where the people are.
It's bigger than all the other big video sites combined.
Going to Joyce Riley, Genesis Talk Show host.
And coming up in about 10-15 minutes, we're going to play this clip at the 8 After.
So, I guess it's in 12 minutes.
Joyce Riley continuing.
So this lady had a note paid in full.
But they don't care, they just sold the mortgage to another company and claimed you own money.
And I've seen so many mainstream news articles where they admit these fraudulent companies will just take people's houses that have already paid many, many times, just outright fraud, and they even lose in court cases and just pay the multi-million dollar fines, but that they'll steal billions and then pay millions.
So, you're saying in this case, you were already aware of this case then, that this was clearly fraud, so the police came in, they're in Missouri, continue from there.
I don't know her situation in paying.
I do know that when Wachovia took over the mortgage, they then said they were not going to honor the previous mortgage company of saying that the note had been paid in full.
So, since Wachovia was not on the lien, did not have an equity interest, that's when she went to the judge and she said, you don't have jurisdiction, you can't take this house because Wachovia has no room to do this.
And that is what began to take place was the fight with the sheriff and with the county to try and take her home.
So, Dawn Welch then prepared herself for this and decided that she had to make a stand and it's time that people start making a stand and not just giving up.
Because it's so easy to give up or renegotiate or whatever and she didn't feel that that was the situation here.
She has lost her job.
She has no money.
Evidently, they were not willing to work with her, but I don't know that to be a fact.
So I'm just simply saying... You're working with somebody that was working with her, and you had her on today, and then you had to go off air as the show was over.
We have this audio coming up.
But, Joyce, in the rest of this segment, the next segment, before we get to this audio here on the show for people...
What you ended the last segment with is key.
The number of homeless has doubled.
They're now arresting homeless, making them live in shelters, charging them rent, saying they've got to work to pay that rent.
We're talking about slave labor and the poorhouse, the debtor's prison, being reinstituted here.
And as the economy continues to be imploded by design, we have the IMF, World Bank, Bilderberg Group documents.
They are engineering this by design, Joyce.
A lot of arrogant people out there that don't care about the slave need to understand they're next.
That's right, just like Gary Brownfield was saying.
We were talking about this as being part of the plan to get private property.
There is a desire and a goal to get private property.
I don't care for what reason they use.
Well, in this case, Dawn was standing tall.
And I think when people hear this absolutely chilling break-in at her house,
That was live on the air this morning or that was live with us this morning at 10 30 a.m.
Central Time.
People need to get that clip from Genesis.
It's on the front page of Genesis now.
It's posted there.
People need to get that and download it.
Send it out to all their email and get people aware of this because this is where we've come to.
We're innocent people who are doing nothing.
Thank you for listening to GCN.
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We're good to go.
Big Brother, Mainstream Media, Government Cover-Ups.
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Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
14.8 trillion according to Bloomberg and AP has been stolen in seven months.
They're online in one year out from the bailout to spend 26 trillion a year money.
That's double the GDP.
The Federal Inspector General
Says they don't know where the trillions went and they're not going to tell you.
The Federal Reserve's on record saying they're above the law.
And then this isn't just people that haven't been paying their mortgage.
In my experience, their companies are just saying you still owe when it's paid off, especially if it looks like you're blue collar.
And then they just send the police out and they take your house.
I mean, it is.
This happened during the Great Depression, too.
They're also starting to call in full loans.
They're starting to call in full notes.
Like, let's say you owe $500,000.
You know, you did owe a million on your family farm you bought, or a piece of land you expanded your farm or ranch on, and you've paid off half of it.
They're now saying, you know what, there was a little clause in there we interpret.
We're taking the property right now, unless you could pay a half million bucks right now, and you're like, hey, I'm making my payments.
They go, SWAT team standing by!
SWAT team standing by.
And then you become homeless, and then they now grab you off the street, puts you in a government home, that's basically a prison, and make you pay rent.
I mean, Joyce, in fact, guys, people won't believe me, that search engine that, New York State to make homeless pay rent.
I want people to see this for themselves.
Joyce, this is frightening because this is getting worse and worse and worse, and in coming up in the next segment, we're going to play the audio here that's never before heard when you went off air today, but you still had her online from your radio show when this happened to her.
This is, this is, I haven't heard this yet, but John Harmon says this is some really painful audio to listen to.
Can you tell us what's coming up?
Absolutely horrible.
I mean, we were all in tears when we were listening to it.
Everybody in our office at the Power Hour was in tears listening to this because it is just so chilling to believe that it can happen in America to innocent people.
I mean, really innocent people.
You know, the trillions of dollars you were talking about earlier that's going to, you know, the Leave No Banker Behind Bailout Act
You know, anybody that needs the money that they want to give it to gets the money.
And you know what I was saying to Josh this morning?
Do you know how long it takes to count to a trillion?
If you, Alex, decided to start right now and count to a trillion, it would take you 42,000 years.
That is so unbelievable of how much a trillion dollars is and then somebody's a few dollars behind on their mortgage payments and they get thrown out on the street because they can't get a job here because we're too busy giving the jobs away to China and then bringing in the plastic food for our babies to eat
Well, let me add to that.
Let me add to that, Joyce.
In fact, we just put up the headline, New York charges rent for working homeless.
They find out, oh, you're homeless, but you've got a job.
They rifle through them and they go and start debiting the little job of the poor person trying to get back on their feet, just like all over the country.
People have a mobile home they're living in while they work, trying to get a house.
They seize it the minute the tag's out, but then leave illegal aliens alone.
But you guys can pull this up.
Let me think of the exact headline.
It's been all over the news that half of Congress doesn't pay taxes, most of the Obama administration doesn't pay them, and says they don't care.
But more importantly, if you see these articles, they got rid of most of the IRS enforcers on billionaires.
And they focused them on actually blue-collar, which of course brings in a lot less tax receipts, but showing the white-collar criminals have made it where there's no investigations of them, Joyce.
Well, and the question of who owes taxes anyway.
You know, that's another whole discussion of who owes taxes and what is income.
You know, that's something that's talked about.
But even within their system, they don't follow it.
The law is for us, the schmucks.
And they're the gods.
And you've got the poor getting poorer, the rich getting richer, and the confiscation of property.
And like you were saying, Alex, with your own home, I think this is where it's at.
I think that is the desire and the goal is to take property, to seize property.
Don't just take it, to seize it.
Now, I've got an update.
I just got an update on the break a few minutes ago as to where she is, where Dawn Welch is, and what's going on with them right now as we speak in Hillsborough, Missouri.
Alright, we're going to do a recap after this break.
Long segment coming up.
Latest developments.
Play the audio here for the first time.
Then we'll post it up at InfoWars.com, PrisonPlanet.com, ThePowerHour.com, Dave and Joyce's site, and of course GCNLive.com.
I'm sure I'll post it as well.
Stay with us.
We'll be right back.
This is coming up.
You'll hear the real deal.
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Big Brother!
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Alright, I know I said wide open phones today and no guests, but news develops here.
So, your calls are coming up at the bottom of the hour throughout the rest of the show.
I will do an analysis of why is Obama going to release news.
Torture, as they call them, abuse photos.
We'll be breaking that down.
Latest developments on the economy.
A bunch of police state news.
They've introduced bills to arrest you under federal felonies if someone says your email site or your news story hurt their feelings.
You can't make this up.
It actually says it.
We've been talking about that since last week, but it's racing through the house now.
Other hate crimes bills restrict free speech and a violent extremist act that says that the Attorney General thinks
You might be violent or a terrorist someday.
That's what Rahm Emanuel said in the speech.
We're going to play it later.
But now they've got a law they're trying to pass where you can't then own a gun.
The right-wingers, returning veterans, the American people.
I mean, this is high treason.
It's actually happening.
That is coming up after we take a bunch of your phone calls.
Joyce Riley, talk show host here on the Genesis Network from 7 in the morning to 10 right before Derry-Brownfield.
They had this lady on who said that neighbors were told the police were coming that day to evict her even though she had the letter and the court case.
Note paid in full.
They'd sold it to another company, Wachovia.
They're saying, no, we're not honoring that.
We're taking it.
I've experienced this where they sold my mortgage three or four times and then just took the escrow money and said I hadn't paid it and we're going to take my house and they were suing me to take it and I had to go prove all this.
I have a little four acres and we turned out we did pay it on some land out in Johnson City.
And I just got a big bill and they're saying they're taking it.
I mean folks, this is happening to everybody and I gotta go fight that or they'll take it.
Even though we have the record, we sent them a check.
This is how they operate.
Now Joyce, just during the break, got some new information.
So for stations that just joined us, Joyce, and quite a few just joined us, tell
Recap what's happened in Missouri, the lady's name and the new developments, and then we'll play this audio that was recorded after your show ended.
Don Welch has been a listener to Genesis Network for five years.
She's very well aware of what her rights are.
So when this first mortgage company, when she was smart enough to write to the mortgage company and ask them if they still owned the note and if her mortgage was paid in full, they sent her back in writing
Yes, your mortgage is paid in full.
Well, the mortgage had been sold to Wachovia.
Wachovia then enters in, though their name is not on the lien and they have no equity interest in her home, they went to the judge and of course the sheriff and told them to go ahead and take the house.
Well, she went through the whole proceedings all the time standing up for herself and challenging them every step of the way.
She put notices on her front and back door.
She put up no trespassing signs.
She said, this is my property and I will not voluntarily give it up.
So as a result of that, over the last few months, we've known that there were some problems there and that the police were going to come.
They sent it one note to her saying that we will come within five days.
She put a note up saying, I will sue you as a private individual, Mr. Sheriff, if you do this.
Well, they did come today and when they came to her home,
I don't know.
That's great.
I don't know.
Uh, involvement there.
And what we did was we continued to tape this in an ongoing fashion so that we could hear her and had her on the phone the whole time.
At approximately 1025, they then began to come to her door to break it down.
With the battering ram, they came to her door, started screaming for her to come outside.
She refused to do so.
They knew she was not a
A person who was going to harm them and so they weren't even showing any weapons at the time.
But she was unfortunately the victim of them breaking down her door.
And what you're going to hear is the sound this morning at 10.30 Central Time when they broke down her door.
Then after that I'll give you the update of what I just learned has happened to her since that time.
But this is so chilling I want everybody to take this off of InfoWars and get it onto your email.
Send it out and let people hear what it's like for a 54-year-old grandmother who's trying to save her home for her children and grandchildren.
And then meanwhile the bankers have stolen 14 plus trillion and they say we're not going to tell you where it is.
In fact, here's Bloomberg today.
Fed Inspector General claims she does not know where the trillions went and doesn't have to tell anybody.
Later I'm going to play clips of the Defense Department saying they won't say where trillions have gone.
It's just a rogue criminal government.
And I will again remind people, I had Bank of America a few years ago buy my mortgage.
Let's go ahead now.
Here is the audio.
Of what happened today, live.
This hasn't been heard yet.
This is the first time it's being heard.
It'll be posted at InfoWars.com if you missed this, or at PrisonPlanet.com, or at ThePowerHour.com.
But here it is, live, right now, from what happened today at 1025 Central Standard Time.
Here it is.
I need you to open the door.
We have a court order for you.
Sheriff's Department, I need you to open the door.
We have a court order for you.
We need you to open the door.
We have an execution for your resident.
If we don't open the door, we're going to break the door, ma'am.
Ma'am, you need to open the door.
I can hear your voice.
Yes, we're here.
We're here.
We're here with you.
Sheriff's Department, open the door.
I'll put the phone down and just put my hands out, guys, whenever they walk in.
I can't just step out on the street, guys.
I can't.
We don't want you to get hurt.
We want you to be safe.
We want you to, you know... Ma'am, it's the Sheriff's Department.
You need to open the door.
We're going to force in the door.
Josh has offered to go up there and move your stuff to a storage unit if that's what it takes.
He will take care of that, he said.
We got two housefuls here, but thank you, Josh.
Well, we could get the good stuff anyway, hopefully, but if that would help.
You know, we need to be prepared next time for these kinds of events and make sure we got Plan B and C in place.
Alright, they're coming around.
They've got a camcorder also.
They're recording.
They are recording me in the window.
I stepped away where he can't.
Oh my God.
I don't know that it ever gets worse than this kind of a situation.
I can't imagine this.
I just cannot imagine.
This is just beyond the pale.
You know you're doing the right thing, don't you, Don?
Yes, ma'am.
And why do you know that?
Why do you know you're doing the right thing in your heart?
Because we have a corrupt criminal government that is stealing our homes, our properties, our lives, our jobs, moving them overseas, you know, all the same reasons.
And then they leave you just basically flapping in the breeze, taking jobs away.
You can't get a job.
All right, here they come.
Here they come.
Get the video camera.
Here they come.
They're coming through the door.
They're bashing the door.
What do I do?
Let them go?
Get in the bathroom.
They're getting in the bathroom.
I'm going to stand here.
Just hold your ground right there.
Don't run.
They're filming it.
Don't anybody make any fast moves.
Don't anybody make any... I'm laying the phone down.
Okay, but don't hang it up.
I won't.
I'm right here.
I'm right here.
Do I just put my hands out, Jim?
Well, are they in the house yet?
Not yet.
I need to know.
Okay, when they get in the house, just say, listen, I don't mean any personal harm to anyone, but I am not voluntarily surrendering my property to anyone.
They're busting the door.
Is that recording, guys?
Remember, I mean no harm to anyone.
I am not surrendering my house.
Should I start saying that now?
Well, as soon as you can see them.
Here it comes.
They're busting the door.
Here it comes.
We'll make sure that people know that you meant no harm to anybody.
I mean no harm!
I mean no harm!
I am on the ground!
I'm on the ground!
I'm on the ground!
There is no dog!
My daughter is here.
We're out!
Sheriff's office!
They're in the house.
Where at?
Sheriff's office!
Come out!
They're getting my daughter and her friend.
They're putting us all on the ground.
My hands are on the back of my head.
There is no dog.
There is no dog.
I am not trespassing.
This is my property.
I have the paperwork to prove that this is my property.
They are stealing.
Don't hurt me.
They are stealing my property.
I have paperwork right there.
And then they hung up the phone, Joyce.
I'll tell you, this was so hard to listen to, but knowing that she was going through it.
But listen to how strong this 54-year-old grandmother was.
I mean, she's just amazing.
Well, as a result of this, I just got a phone call that we had contacted, um... We gotta break, Joyce.
We gotta take a network break.
Stay there.
We'll be right back on the other side.
And your phone calls are coming up, ladies and gentlemen, and a ton of other news as we track the police state.
Stay with us.
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Well, Obama's already fudging.
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If you have a demagogue with a fanatical mass movement of personality cultists who is imposing the program of a group of extreme bankers and finance oligarchs, that's fascism.
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The system wants you to be dependent on them.
What'd the communists do in Russia and China?
They would just tell everybody, you gotta move off your land.
You gotta go into the central work brigades.
Then they just put a ring of machine guns around them and let them all starve to death.
They want to re-engineer societies violently.
Now this is the bankers that funded the communists and the fascists and they're just looting and stealing.
I want to explain again.
More than double all the mortgages.
That wouldn't be double.
What's 9 trillion would pay off all the mortgages is 14 plus.
So more than 100% of the mortgages and then again half.
All the mortgages in the US and half again would be paid off.
All mortgages.
With the money taxpayers have had to pay now to the bankers.
They're using it all offshore.
Going to Joyce Riley, we have Jim Percy, who knew the lady that this just happened to, and was on the line with Joyce while she was on air.
Joyce, finishing up your point, though, about this lady's courage and the new developments we've got, then we'll go to Jim about this.
Okay, she was so incredibly brave.
What she did, the manner in which she handled herself, she kept asserting herself the whole entire time, and not in a violent, radical way, in a way a grandmother would protect her brood, really.
She said, I'm the matriarch of this family, and I need to protect them.
Well, I just got word that the television company, the television network that we had contacted, had gone out to her house.
They were there toward the end of the event.
Unfortunately, they didn't get there in time, but they were able to, according to Jim, and I think Jim can give us probably better information on this, they downloaded the information from the kids that had been video recording this and the other people that were video recording there.
They had gotten, found out what had happened.
I'll let Jim tell you about what took place then with the 15-year-old grandson, but the bottom line is they have now gone in there, they've got
Armed police everywhere, taking all of her things out, and they have taken her to jail.
So that's what we know thus far, is that they've taken her to jail.
For trespassing in her own house, let's go to Jim Percy, who's written... I've been covering this situation.
Jim, what's the local TV station?
Do you have the call letters for that?
Or will we see this on the nightly news, the afternoon news?
No, I only know that it's an NBC affiliate station in Hillsboro and in St.
Louis and it's Channel 5.
I spoke with Doran's grandson about 25-30 minutes ago and he said, Jim, he said the sheriffs came over to me when they were taking my grandmother and my mom out of the house in handcuffs
Because I was shouting at them, you're violating her constitutional rights.
You are, you are so wrong in what you're doing.
And the sheriff walked over to him and said, listen, if you don't keep quiet, I'm going to read you your rights.
And he looked at the police officer and he said, I'm a minor.
And he said, well, then you'll be a minor in jail if you keep talking.
And this 15-year-old grandson that Don has is quite an interesting young man.
He's got a real heart of steel.
But you know, Alex, it's really two-fold what's going on with Don Welch.
I don't
You know, Christopher Boyko ruled in November of 2007 in 14 cases that were brought before his court regarding Deutsche Bank trying to do the same thing.
Judge Christopher Boyko ruled that because the bank had not put themselves in a legal lien-hold position, that the properties were paid for.
And those people walked out of his court with their homes.
Now, Don Walsh not only used that as her defense, but we also challenged the jurisdiction of the court.
Because as you well know, Alex, today there are three courts in America.
There's a common law court, there's an equity court, and an admiralty court.
The only courts that are up and running are equity and admiralty.
And the only thing that the equity and admiralty courts can adjudicate
Are those who have voluntarily consented to a contract or those who are corporations.
And we had filed with the courts an affidavit denial of corporation existence.
And we had challenged the jurisdiction of the court.
And when the court's jurisdiction is challenged, Alex, you probably know this.
The court cannot proceed until they overcome the challenge of jurisdiction.
Yeah, well, they don't care.
I mean, the government ships the drugs in, the cocaine, the heroin in openly.
Police openly pull the ladies over and grab their earrings and watches publicly and it's on the news and the cops say, we're allowed to.
You don't like it?
You know, I mean, that's the answer.
We got a SWAT team.
You don't like it?
We got a SWAT team.
And we'll finish up with this on the other side and get to everybody else's calls and shift gears.
Stay with us.
We're on the march, the empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Well, Obama's already fudging.
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If you have a demagogue with a fanatical mass movement of personality cultists who is imposing the program of a group of extreme bankers and finance oligarchs, that's fascist.
It's not about left or right.
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I think so.
Look, everything's a fraud nowadays.
The IRS didn't exist until 1913.
It's a collection agency for the private Federal Reserve on record.
Congress has had hearings and admitted that.
And not one red cent of the money you pay goes to the infrastructure.
It all goes to the interest of foreign banks.
Now, they've gone to a new level.
$14 trillion in seven months.
$14 plus trillion.
Not counting the $787 million stimulus package, where they said it'll all be transparent.
Now they say none of it's transparent.
Ha ha!
And if you don't like it,
You're a terrorist.
We're not going to allow you to own guns.
You thought the DHS report was bad.
Now they have a bill citing those reports saying you're not going to be able to own a gun, veterans.
Remember Bill Clinton?
First thing he did when he was about to leave office was say that hundreds of thousands of vets couldn't own guns that didn't even have criminal records.
And everybody, I mean literally everybody I know, I know former, you know, guys that owned businesses here in town who were famous UT football players.
And you know, and I'll be at an event or something and someone will go, Alex, I don't have any criminal record and I can't buy a gun now because they say something in my military record.
And one of the guys here in the office, no criminal record.
I don't
When you get the DMV, but the illegals are all exempt.
Everybody for 36 years at birth has blood taken for a DNA database which they now admit is for eugenics.
I told you that for years, now it's mainstream news.
The Human Genome Project, Cold Springs Harbor.
Just search engine Cold Springs Harbor.
Don't believe me, it'll be the birthplace of eugenics.
What Hitler quoted as his founding play, it's all eugenics.
And I know I'm ranting here, and I'm going to go to Wilson, Mike, George, Steve, and Josh, because I know you've been holding... I said I'd have open phones today, and then this came up.
But, Joyce, I know you'll be covering this on your show tomorrow in the morning, and then I want to have an update from you on this as it develops.
We're on the KSDK St.
Louis NBC5.
We don't see anything there yet about this.
Their editors might, you know, not let them run.
They may say she's with Al Qaeda or something before they do, but it is Missouri where they say Ron Paul's a terrorist and Libertarian bumper stickers are terrorism and we're on in Missouri.
They announced if you criticize Obama, you'll be arrested.
By the way, new listeners don't believe me.
Go to YouTube and type in Missouri, Missourians,
Missourians may be arrested for criticizing Obama.
And you'll see, and the news is with a straight face.
You know, you know, Joyce, Missouri's a great place.
The show-me-state, hard-working, great, salt-of-the-earth people.
A lot of the folks from Missouri are the ones that founded Texas.
They were from Missouri, Tennessee, Kentucky, places like that, Alabama.
What has happened to Missouri?
Or is it that there's so many patriots there, Big Brother's really trying to crack down?
I mean, why do we see some... I mean, I know this is going on everywhere.
Texas is real bad, too.
So is Illinois.
Every state's bad, but I mean, what is it about Missouri that they just really hate patriots?
Well, I think that it's the heartland area where if they can make the heartland look bad, they can make anybody look bad.
I mean, Texas has got a reputation, but Missouri doesn't.
So, now all of these patriots that are springing up Missouri, and let me tell you, there's a lot of them that live in the Lake of the Ozarks or back in the Ozark Mountains and don't want anybody to even know where they live, I think it's a concern for them.
So, the state of Missouri is attempting
We're good to go.
He was right there with her on a cell phone and then the judge called her to the bench and he was telling her what to do also.
Now this is not a situation where Jim encouraged her to do anything different.
This is a situation where she was already doing this.
She was already in trouble with the mortgage because of them saying that it wasn't paid off.
Yeah, she decided to make her stand so folks tried to come to her aid and absolutely.
Well Joyce, as this unfolds, well I guess you know they're gonna
Charger with trespassing for being in our house.
They don't just take your house now in America when the armed police come with their Humvees.
I guess they now charge you.
It's just a real travesty.
So we'll track this as it develops, Joyce, and we'll have you pop back in and Jim DeMar if you can do it.
Thank you so much, Joyce.
Thank you so much, Alex.
You bet.
Alright, we just spent an hour and eight minutes on that, but it's so important because this isn't
Where, you know, I'm just hearing this from afar.
I've been looking at this, and I've been experiencing this in Austin.
And I've had it happen to me, where I'm paying the house payment, and you get a lawsuit service, and they say, you didn't pay your escrow.
And then you go, here's all the documents, Bank of America.
You send it registered, and they keep the suit going, and you have to sue them.
You know, I understand the sheriffs get put in a bad position where lawful mortgages, people haven't paid, whatever, it's private property, the most sacred thing in this country.
If you don't have private property, you have nothing.
So, you know, the police are trained to do this.
But it's different when you know that they've sucked $14.8 trillion out.
That is five plus trillion more, according to Bloomberg, than they need to pay off all mortgages.
And I keep making that point.
You know, we go on to the Smart Growth Conferences, North American Union, NAFTA Highway Conferences, we read their documents and they talk about, you know, they come into cities and they go, we got a hundred billion bucks for your town if you turn all the toll roads, all the roads into toll roads, and we're going to do this for your state and that, and we have unlimited money.
You know why the banks are flushing money and nobody else is?
They've cut liquidity off the public.
They've de-industrialized this.
They're bragging.
It's all planned.
I'm at the World Bank, International Bank of Settlement documents.
I wrote a book about it in 2002, Dissent and Tyranny.
I had BBC reporters on about it.
We've had an economist on.
We've had, you know, the guy that wrote Economic Hitman, John Perkins, who worked for him.
It's on record that they fraudulently create a debtor system where there's more debt than there is real currency and real assets.
They buy up all the real assets with it and then leave us holding the bag.
It's like musical chairs.
They've all got a chair.
They make sure the people don't.
And it's going to get worse and worse and worse and worse until we stand up and say no.
OK, look, I'm just going to take calls now for the next hour.
And then very important news is coming up on the government run child kidnapping ranks because this new Obama
I don't know.
You're going to be on a no-work list, no-own-a-gun list, no-fly list.
The no-fly list is a master list under Patriot Act compliance.
They have a criminal list of over 4 million names, 1,100,000 on the no-fly list, the terror list.
No judge, no jury, no indictment.
Congressmen are on it, movie stars are on it.
On purpose, they won't take you off.
They just say, we don't care.
If you don't like it, swap team, we'll drive by.
And, I mean, literally.
And, you know, it's forced.
We're going to do this.
We're criminal.
There's no due process.
Ha ha, we wear black uniforms.
We're foreign bankers.
We got a bunch of roid heads out of the military.
They'll do whatever they're told.
They've been kicking down doors in Fallujah.
They're here now.
You can all day worship the military and love them all day.
And I know a lot of people are good in the military and are upset about what's happening.
And Ron Paul got most of the donations from the military.
And I know that.
But they found, sifting through the military people, the scum.
Like they're panning for gold, they're panning for New World Order trash.
And they got all this, all the sand to them, all the good veterans and military or, you know, the good cops, that's, that's junk.
They're going, oh, look at that little psycho, look at that little thug.
You know, they're panning in there.
Got all that sand going back and forth.
Who's looking at, you know, how you pan for gold.
That's a good analogy.
All right, let's go to the, oh, you want the gold?
You want to know where the gold at?
Let's do an image search of jackboot.
Let's look at who they're looking at.
Just Google jackbooted thugs.
Of course, Google's shutting everything down.
You know, I told everybody they were going to shut down Google Video.
They announced it yesterday, and they're now phasing out the user videos on YouTube, putting them on subpages, and relegating them, and banning Patriots, not just my videos, hundreds of sites.
Nate Evans, I'm going to tell you about it later.
Well, I'll never get the calls if I don't shut up.
Nate Evans had given us a director's account.
We hadn't used it since he gave it to us a few months ago.
We go there and it's gone.
He said, yeah, I was uploading your videos.
They didn't even give me a copyright infringement.
They just said we delete your account.
We're not going to have a director's account belonging to Alex Jones.
So we have them red-handed from Nate Evans that did graphics on Truth Rising and on the Obama deception that I've known for four years.
Uh, his family came to the first rising premiere here in town.
He's from Texas, but he lives in New York and L.A., works on big national TV shows.
And, uh, he donated some of those great 3D graphics you see of, uh, Obama and others, the Obama deception.
And he told me that we should set up Nate Evans and do a show in the next few days with Nate Evans and change the channel and, uh, Nuff Respect, some of these cool directors on there.
But, but the point is they,
Just YouTube is out to get us.
And you know why?
We are hurting the New World Order, folks!
I mean, I get on air and I say, they've stolen trillions, they say they're above the law, here's a congressional testimony with them saying the military kidnaps children for DynCorp slave rinks.
There's a jackbooted thug.
So, I don't know, let's just go to your calls.
I'm gonna shut up now.
Wilson in New York, you're on the air, Wilson, go ahead.
Okay, Wilson's gone.
I don't blame him for hanging up.
Mike in Wyoming.
Mike, you're on the air.
Yeah, hi, Alex.
Hello, sir.
Yesterday, somebody was calling in asking about the Council for National Policy, and I thought it's worth pointing out that Dr. Stan Monteith at least was a member.
I don't know if he still is or not, but back in the 90s, he was listed in their membership rolls for whatever that's worth.
The main reason I called, several weeks ago I emailed Aaron and Rob about Dr. Gordon Prather.
I'd heard him as a guest on the Goyette Show down in Phoenix a couple years ago.
He's an excellent guest.
I think he used to work at Los Alamos.
He's a nuclear physicist.
Somehow he was involved with the weapons inspection regime in Iraq.
Before that, all fell apart.
What's his name again?
We'll write it down.
My pen just walked off.
Gordon Prather.
I've heard of him.
And he'd be a good guy to just find out what is the capability of our government in terms of detecting nuclear devices in case one just, some terrorist device goes off in a big city.
Could have reasonably been expected to have been detected beforehand.
He would know that kind of thing, and I'd kind of like to have him weigh in on that issue.
Absolutely, we'll check into that.
What do you think about bills introduced that actually say if you hurt someone's feelings, federal felony charge under terrorism clauses.
What do you think about open bills saying if the Attorney General
Thinks you might be a danger.
We're going to put you on a no-gun list.
That's what I keep saying, because I remember seeing Homeland Security Ridge, when he was the head of it, say that this is to work, to live, to own guns, to travel.
They're going to have federal checkpoints on the state highways.
I remember seeing Bill Clinton's plans.
They've been planning this a long time.
It's just now it's happened.
They were clearly planning it several years ago when they started writing these, or enacting these laws that says if you threaten a congressman, you know, you're
You're guilty of terrorism.
They knew what was coming up and they were paving the ground for their antics.
That's right, and they're saying aggressive speech is what that is.
Like, you better stop or we're going to throw you bums out and the police show up.
Remember the news articles, if you search Engine, the term, man visited by Homeland Security for buying ammo.
And they usually bury it.
I've seen a bunch of mainstream articles in New York, in Texas, in Illinois, in California, in Oregon or some of the places, in Missouri of all places.
You'll see the articles and it's never in the headline.
Because I'm going to put this in a film.
I've been looking these up.
It's always in the bottom of the article like it's no big deal.
Oh, Bob such-and-such bought a thousand rounds of ammo and Homeland Security visited him and put him on a list.
You know, this guy bought three guns and got a Homeland Security visit asking if he was a terrorist.
They are advertising like you're a terrorist now if you go out and buy guns and ammo as a chilling effect.
Well, if we give in to this chilling effect, it's over, Mike.
What I've been doing is calling on these various issues.
All my congressional delegation is Republican.
We only have one representative here in Wyoming.
She's a first-termer.
But when I call them, I don't allow them to say, well, she or he voted no on that.
Well, it doesn't matter, does it?
Since they've marginalized themselves by eight years of apathy.
Uh, they can vote no and it doesn't matter because you've got a Democrat majority.
So I say, you need to be, or Congressman so-and-so needs to be pushing for criminal charges for a Justice Department investigation of
Bernanke of Greenspan, of Paulson, you know, the whole gang.
The Republicans didn't, you know, reinstate our liberties and our freedoms and all this, and they were in power.
They tried the opposite.
Now that they're out of power, they can act like they're patriots and fighting all of this, and the litmus test is arrest the bankers.
And if another one starts saying that, they can't get us all, come after us all for doing it, because believe me, it's dangerous.
We're getting a lot of heat for doing this, and I'm doing it willingly.
Mike, it's good hearing from you.
I appreciate your call.
Alright, George, Steve, Josh and others, I'm going to get to you in a moment.
I have looked more into this Council for National Policy because I keep getting emails and calls about it and people saying, I've heard you're a part of it, or I've heard Ron Paul's part of it, I've heard this guy's part of it, that guy's part of it.
So I knew I'd heard of it before in association with Blackwater from some professors and people we'd had on.
And so I went and looked it up.
It's kind of like a junior CFR.
You know, they have lots of these things that have, you know, Robert's Rules or wherever, where you don't talk about what goes on in the meeting.
And I went and looked at it.
It's something from the 80s where, you know, they went out and co-opted The Preachers and went out and co-opted Talk Show Host and went out and co-opted
You know, Oliver North was involved and all of these people.
And then when I look at the list of people that were involved in this, I know most of them have even come out and, you know, I mean, this was the 80s.
It's easy in 2009 to go, look at this group.
Uh, you know, they were being funded by the Hunt Brothers, and, and, and, you know, they wanted to bring back, you know, right-wing, Bill of Rights, Constitution, and, and Hillary's given speeches about it, I discovered.
That was what her whole, uh, vast right-wing conspiracy was about.
And, of course, there's a vast right-wing conspiracy.
That's the phony right-wing co-opting, uh, you know, conservatives in this country, and also trying to get power in the political process.
That's how all these groups work.
We always explain, we don't get too upset and obsessed about even the Council on Foreign Relations running everything.
We explain that's a pyramidal structure where most of them don't even know what the bigger picture is and they've been co-opted into this good old boy club.
Trilateral Commission's a lot smaller, it's pretty much all insiders.
Bilderberg, total insiders.
But there's all these other groups, but I mean, the endless obsession with, you know, oh, was somebody part of a right-wing group 25, 30 years ago?
Meanwhile, all hell's coming down on us.
The bankers are taking over right now, and they're trying to get us to fight off of left, not right.
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In the New World Order's war against humanity,
Barack Obama is the tip of the spear.
We've got to have a civilian national security force that's just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded.
The Obama deception completely destroys the myth that Obama is working for the best interest of the American people.
Well, Obama's already fudging.
He's fudged since day one in this election.
If you have a demagogue with a fanatical mass movement of personality cultists who is imposing the program of a group of extreme bankers and finance oligarchs, that's fascism.
It's not about left or right.
It's about a one-world government.
This film documents who Obama works for, the lies he is told, and his real agenda.
Get your copy of The Obama Deception today at InfoWars.com or download it in super high quality at PrisonPlanet.tv.
The Obama Deception.
The people strike back.
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I'm going to go back to your calls, but finishing up, I'll be on YouTube.
I'll be on my own website, InfoWars.com or PrisonPlanter.com, and I'll scan their comments.
There's always so many great video links and ideas and points listeners make.
The comments are more addictive than even the articles.
I'm just addicted to information.
Learning more and I'll be like, oh, that's interesting.
And then I'll just see these mindless throwaway lines.
Alex Jones is a Scientologist.
No proof, no facts, I just say it.
And I'm not!
Alex Jones is Jewish, like that would be bad if I was.
No, it wouldn't be bad if I was, but I'm not Jewish.
But I've decided to come on air and say I'm Jewish.
Fine, I'm Jewish!
I was bar mitzvahed.
I work for Israel.
There, there, there, there.
You can just make it up.
Of course, it's not true, but it doesn't matter.
I mean, but my whole issue is it's like the people that make that stuff up revel in it.
You're a Scientologist, which there would be a problem if I was that.
Boy, that's a really weird group.
And again, they want to make it about a fight.
They want to make me get into these sectarian battles.
I get death threats saying, we know you work for the Vatican and I'm some awesome assassin who can just like ninja people and all this stuff.
And people always want me to respond.
It's like, you know, respond that this isn't true.
And over and over again, you haven't responded to this!
And then listeners call in and defend me.
Alex, you know, we all know that you, you know, have criticized the Vatican for calling for world government.
We all know that people call in, you know, people I know go, Alex, I've known your whole family.
I've been to Baptist church with you.
You know, you're not a Vatican assassin.
Who cares?
Let them fight.
I'm a Vatican assassin.
It's not true.
You know, and the people that lie about me,
They, they have to live with who they are.
I mean, before I say something about somebody, I've done research, I've got proof.
I, you know, I want to be accurate about this.
And so let me just get it straight here.
I'm not Jewish.
My family's not Jewish, but it wouldn't matter if they were.
So, I mean, that's how sick this is.
It's like they're inquisitors in the Inquisition or something, or it's Nazi Germany, and I'm, you know, and they're dragging me off because I'm a crypto Jew or something.
I mean, you know, no wonder we see the activities we see out of Israel and all the corruption, because, you know, they think they've got to do all this to survive with you people.
See, what I disrespect is delusion.
What I disrespect is delusional people.
You know, just making it up that I'm a Scientologist, because there's some 60-year-old guy named Alex Jones.
That's how that started.
Well, then there's also some tycoon in Canada named Alex Jones, a New York Times writer named Alex Jones, and I get blamed for everything all of them do.
It's me!
Fine, I'm a billionaire tycoon from Canada who owns the biggest factories in Canada.
It's me!
I'm not, but if you want to say it, go ahead.
I know you'll edit this up anyways and show who you are.
And YouTube won't suspend that video, believe me.
I'm the billionaire Alex Jones.
I'm the Scientologist Alex Jones.
I'm the 69-year-old Alex S. Jones of the New York Times, an NPR reporter.
There's some baseball player.
I'm Alex Jones.
I'm him, too.
I moonlight for the Yankees or whatever it is.
Or is it the Braves?
The point is I... Who else?
I forget.
There's a photographer in Texas.
And his name's Alex Jones.
He gives a lot of big photos.
And I'm always getting credit.
People actually go, nice photo we saw in the paper, Alex.
Didn't know you did that, too.
He didn't me!
I'm not this poor Alex Jones guy he used to have on his website.
Silver Spider, I think's the name of it.
He's saying, I'm not Alex E. Jones.
And the guy one time called me and said, you gotta get these people off my back, man.
I'm not him.
And then I get blamed for anything political he says on his site.
You know, he posts some article with a photo he took of illegal aliens and doesn't call them illegal aliens.
So then, there's articles written, Alex Jones doesn't call illegal aliens illegal aliens.
It's another Alex Jones!
You know, I mean, it's craziness.
And I'm not part of something called the Council for National Policy.
I'm not part of a vast right-wing conspiracy.
I want my Second Amendment.
I want my sovereignty.
I don't want foreign banks ruling me.
It's always about, am I making money?
Of course we have to make money to run this operation.
And I'm not the government with the tax man coming and taking it from you to give it to foreign banks.
But see, the COINTELPRO is out there, and then they get weak-minded, mentally ill people to follow it.
The anti-Semites, the anti-Catholics, the anti-Conservatives, all of you, you make me sick.
Thank you for listening to GCN.
Visit GCNlive.com today.
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I think so.
Waging war on corruption.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Just finishing up my rant.
It isn't that it bothers me that people lie about me and attack me, because in a sick way that just brings us more listeners.
It is sick to me to see people in this level of delusion, because I know most of them aren't government agents.
They're just influenced by them.
And it's an admitted Israeli operative that, I mean, he brags about it.
And he's on national Israeli TV and radio all the time that he put out the disinfo that I work for the Vatican.
And I'm not even Catholic.
Uh, you know, so some of these guys are very, very proud of themselves.
But, I mean, what?
Trying to force me to come out and attack Catholics when Catholics are good, great people?
I'm not going to be anti-Semitic.
I'm not going to attack Catholics.
I'm not going to attack black people.
You know, I'm proud that I've got Native American heritage.
I get, you know, emails saying I'm a mongrel.
You, you are an idiot.
You don't have enough accomplishments in your life to feel good about who you are.
That you've got to sit around with some delusion that you're the master race.
You know, I don't care if it's the black Israelites saying they're the master race, or some of the Zionist sects saying they're the master race, or the Nazis saying they're the master race.
I'm sick of all of you.
But again, this is mental illness.
This is a population unable to deal with what's coming down the road.
The semi coming down the road.
The New World Order.
Bankruptcy of the country.
Gun bans openly being announced.
Attacks on liberty.
People having their children kidnapped everywhere by the state with no due process.
And I'm here just trying to cover this and literally every other comment on InfoWars.com and PrisonBinder.com is the same throwaway lines.
Alex Jones is CIA.
No proof.
Total lie.
I'm risking my life doing this, man.
I've been through hell to bring you this information.
It's annoying!
I work for this, I work for that.
It's all bull.
The establishment doesn't want you to believe there's things that are real, because they don't want you to believe in yourself.
But I'll just say this to everybody out there, because a lot of you understand the propaganda, the programming.
You've broken your conditioning.
You're moving forward, regardless of who or what Alex Jones is.
Let's just say I'm bad.
Let's just say I'm worse than Satan.
Let's just say it.
I'm all those things.
Put it all on me.
DynCorp didn't kidnap all those kids.
It was me.
The Feds didn't burn down Waco and shoot those people.
It was me.
Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan Chase, they didn't steal the 14-plus trillion.
It was me!
L. Ron Hubbard didn't start Scientology.
It was me!
The Hunt brothers weren't the big right-wing guys running around wanting a right-wing government.
It was me!
It's not Baxter Pharmaceutical mailing out to be mixed with vaccines live bird flu.
It was me!
Let me think else what I did.
You see, and then let's just get past it and let's just say I'm bad.
It's all my fault!
But if I went away tomorrow, would the New World Order still be there?
I built it.
I mean, let's admit it.
I did it.
I gave birth to it.
According to everybody.
I mean, it's me.
How mindless is that programming and propaganda?
The New World Order is the corrupt imperial system of governing through covert means, basically a private corporate takeover.
It's openly announcing itself.
We've been blowing the whistle
For almost 14 years, warning everybody about what was happening and being set up.
You can go watch my videos that I did locally on AXS TV 13, 14 years ago.
They're evergreen.
People are now rediscovering them, uploading them.
People that had them, you know, in their closet, the tape of local TV, they're uploading them.
Upload more.
People are seeing, oh my God, this guy knew everything was going to happen 12, 13 years ago.
Judge a tree by its fruits, the legitimacy of all the work.
And you talk to people, who woke you up?
Alex Jones, Alex Jones, Alex Jones.
But then we wake people up and they only get woken up to one level, then they get sucked in to kind of the court gallery of the New World Order, down all these wormholes of, it's this group, it's that group, it's this group, it's this group, it's that group.
You know?
And that's what the establishment wants.
It's a liberal conspiracy.
No, it's a right-wing conspiracy.
The system wants to keep you divided instead of, I want liberty and freedom, I want to bring down the new world order, I don't want a private fellow reserve.
They're like, silence Vatican assassin!
And I'm like, uh...
What's your proof?
Shut up!
You need to die!
And I'm like, but I just want to get rid of the private fellow reserve.
The Vatican blood!
Many human illnesses can be attributed to the fact that soil in the United States no longer provides plants with the mineral elements which are essential to human nourishment.
Studies have shown that a majority of Americans are seriously deficient in basic minerals.
Deficiency in any one of the more important minerals
I think so.
In the New World Order's war against humanity,
Barack Obama is the tip of the spear.
We've got to have a civilian national security force that's just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded.
The Obama deception completely destroys the myth that Obama is working for the best interest of the American people.
Well, Obama's already fudging.
He's fudged since day one in this election.
If you have a demagogue with a fanatical mass movement of personality cultists who is imposing the program of a group of extreme bankers and finance oligarchs, that's fascism.
It's not about left or right.
It's about a one-world government.
This film documents who Obama works for, the lies he is told, and his real agenda.
Get your copy of The Obama Deception today at InfoWars.com or download it in super high quality at PrisonPlanet.tv.
The Obama Deception.
The people strike back.
You worry.
If you don't, you don't understand
Folks, I can vouch that Linda's the real deal.
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Knowledge is power.
Better take action.
I think a storm's coming.
From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Ladies and gentlemen, the globalists have stayed on record.
Lately they've said the depression is great.
George Soros has said he's having the best time of his life.
He's having a great depression.
This is the culmination of his life.
That we live too well and that they've got to teach us to be more frugal.
Well, how about they become more frugal?
You know, it's always Oprah Winfrey and Al Gore and the rest of them have their own private jets.
And Al Gore literally owns Occidental Petroleum.
One of the top 20 oil companies out there.
The guy's fabulously wealthy.
And, you know, the heir to the Arm and Hammer fortune, that was given all to his dad, the Senator, and then to him, Albert Gore Sr.
And we just need to commit to ourselves to fight these people.
I mean, we can't sit here and suck our thumbs and be distracted and diverted like we're a bunch of children, where, you know, the emperor has no clothes, and the little kid steps forward and says the emperor's butt naked, and then the emperor's agents turn to the little four-year-old saying the emperor has no clothes, and they say, no, you're a government agent, little boy.
It isn't about the little boy.
Let's just say the little boy is a government agent.
He's evil.
But why would he be exposing the Emperor?
But let's just be mentally ill.
Let's just say the little boy exposing the Emperor is bad.
I'm bad!
But can you look with your own eyeballs and see if the Emperor's butt naked or not?
I'm bad!
I mean, you know, I understand.
I'm bad.
Let's just end that argument now, because my goal is to defeat the New World Order.
So let's just say I'm bad.
I'm everything bad.
Everything bad in the universe emanates from me.
It's not true, but let's just say it.
Now, can we address the New World Order?
Can we address what it's doing and what it's up to and what's happening?
Alright, I'm out of control here.
Let's go to calls.
George and Mast and Steve.
Josh, Tim, David, and others.
Go ahead, you're on the air, George.
Hello, Alex.
Hello, Alex.
Getting back to reading out the good and bad military, I got a friend that did black ops over 30 years ago, and I wanted to share with the listeners a couple things he told me.
Back in the 80s, the military issued a memo to all officers asking if they had a problem putting a gun to civilians' heads and playing the trigger.
He said that if they didn't answer yes, that their career was over as they knew it.
That he still has friends in active duty that told him that a whole boatload of microchips had just recently come into the country and asked him if they were just for kids.
He said no, for everybody.
God bless you.
Anything else, sir?
God bless you.
That's it.
No, I mean how they, this is on record, this is not a secret, that special forces, especially the Delta Force when they graduate, or they've done the physical stuff, they've done the survival training, they've gone through all these levels, they're then given Machiavelli's book, The Prince, which says the end justifies the means.
So you've got to do evil to protect good.
You've got to stage terror attacks to beat the bad guys, because you're still the good guys.
And you've got to do all these horrible things.
It's kind of a play on what Churchill said about the truth must be guarded by a bodyguard of lies.
But really, once you've played that little mind game, those are just evil people that are manipulating
Folks who are, who would be somewhat good to start down the road to the dark side.
You know, that you're going to get this power and be evil and do these bad things for the greater good because the enemy doesn't follow the rules.
So we got to break all the rules too, so we're in an even playing field.
You know, you got that soldier and they're already on such a power trip and so committed to this that they say, yes, they'll do it.
But a lot of them say no.
And, you know, they start them out doing a lot of just regular missions.
And then by the time they've been, say, an army officer, not even special forces, just an army officer, they say, OK, we want to recruit you, Captain, into the Central Intelligence Agency.
And we want you to do this with this agent and to work with organized crime, say, in Chicago.
This is a true story.
And then the individual goes and they're dealing drugs in Chicago.
In that case, they said they couldn't do it and left.
And their career in intelligence was over.
But I mean, the government runs the major prostitution, folks.
The ones they don't run, they bust.
They run the cocaine.
They run the heroin.
They run the ecstasy.
They run it all, except methamphetamine and marijuana, and that's why they wage war against those.
And methamphetamine is bad for you, because it'll burn you out, even if it's pharmaceutical-grade, but
The stuff people use on the street, because it's illegal, because it's, you know, made in back rooms with chemicals.
Well, to be technical, I shouldn't digress.
They control the sub-ingredients to methamphetamine.
And so people can't get those, so they have to take, instead of two or three ingredients, they gotta have 10, 15 ingredients.
And these people, most of them, you know, aren't chemists, or they don't have the proper tools.
Even if they did, it was hard to do.
They don't separate all the poison out.
They don't separate all the chemicals out and get what they need.
So you're you and methamphetamine, you're out of your minds.
If you're using bathtub, you know, basement,
I mean, you are out of your minds.
I mean, you use the pharmaceutical stuff, you end up like Elvis.
You, or John F. Kennedy was on it as well.
You use the street stuff, you're out of your mind.
That stuff kills those people so fast, their teeth falls out, they're basically zombies running around wanting more methamphetamine, because you might as well just drink Drano, folks.
It is so bad.
Just a public service announcement there for you.
But that's why they go after marijuana and methamphetamine so bad, because they don't control it.
And so that's how they corrupt these people into their systems.
And they pick up people for left-wing ideologies and they work within left-wing systems to carry out the New World Order for when the left's in power.
And then they infiltrate the right and try to take over those groups to control that.
And the globalists are masters at getting good people to join them by believing a false narrative that they're given.
Okay, let's go to Steve in Chicago, then we'll go to Josh, Tim, David, and others.
Go ahead, you're on the air, Steve.
Well, first off, I want to talk about that sheriff there that evicted that woman.
You have to know that he was the one that was involved, and I'll arrest you if you don't vote for Obama.
He's a Mayak maniac.
But that's not the reason I called on him.
I mean, hold on, sir, do you know that?
Yeah, it's right on.
He's called Glenn Boyer.
Wait a minute!
Wait a minute!
Wait a minute!
You just reminded me.
Hold on.
I believe the sheriff of Jefferson County is in those newscasts.
I think you're right.
In fact, guys, did you ever find the one about they'll arrest you in Missouri if you criticize Obama?
You didn't find that?
We've played it many times.
John, do you have it?
Find it for me, and then send it to the guys.
They didn't have any luck.
Okay, sir, I mean, are you saying, Steve, you confirmed this?
Yes, I did.
It's been all over the press.
You see, this is a White House black op.
You know what I'm saying?
This guy, he's having his strings pulled by Obama.
And he said if you didn't vote, there'd be arrest and intimidation.
And so this is what happens.
No, I mean, I know a bunch of Missouri officials, including the sheriff, that that city's in.
I haven't confirmed if it's Glenn.
I'm not saying you're lying.
I just have to confirm this.
Oliver Glenn.
Glenn is like his nickname, Oliver Glenn Boyer.
So you know all about him?
Well, I've heard about him.
He's disreputable.
He's not one of us.
He's working for the big companies in Obama.
The industrialists.
International bankers.
Well, no, I know that Obama's taking over all the local governments and communities.
I mean, Bush helped build it for him, and now it's going to jump a level.
It's like, you know, they built the platform, and then Obama's launching the system.
And they really are federalizing everything.
They really are getting GPS readings of everybody's doors.
They really are.
Can you believe that they've introduced bills?
To ban anybody that when government just lists you as an extremist, you can't own guns anymore?
I mean, they actually are trying it, while saying on the news, there's no new gun bills, there's no new gun bills, so everybody stands down while they try to pass it.
I just think this should be exposed, because now you see who's pulling the strings.
Well, you know, it's driving me crazy.
I didn't put this in the Obama Deception.
I mean, I could have made it even worse, but people wouldn't believe it about how they were intimidating people.
But it's going to be in the new film, because they're still intimidating people.
And I have no doubt it's the White House that's got our YouTube channels and other channels being shut down en masse.
I appreciate your call, Steve.
The reason I know that is it's been in the press that they keep calling small compared to us, people with a few million views compared to our tens and tens and tens of millions, to the White House telling them, this is disturbing what you're doing, I don't want you to do these blogs, and the White House has their own YouTube channel, they're obsessed with YouTube, he does YouTube-only transmissions.
I mean, they know that's the future.
We have just gone so viral on YouTube, especially, that they are censoring us, and that's coming up next hour.
I promise to get to your calls right now, but this is driving me crazy.
There's a bunch of newscasts out of Kansas.
It was linked on Drugs Report.
It made national news.
Let me think of the exact headline.
Hold on.
This is a good exercise we do on air because it gets listeners to go look it up for themselves.
Man, it's driving me crazy.
I can't remember the exact headline.
John, no luck, no dice.
This was just... I mean, InfoWars.com, PrisonPlanet.com wrote stories about it.
We covered it ad nauseum.
Man, it drives me crazy.
Let's go ahead and take another call here.
Let's talk to Josh in Oklahoma.
Go ahead.
Yeah, I'm one of the listeners that saw your videos on YouTube.
So I've just kind of been awake in the last couple of months.
One topic I've never heard you address is peaking of global oil production.
How this, now that oil is going to become a more limited resource, how it's going to play into the global elite's plans.
Anybody out there that's not familiar with it, I'd suggest you look up Matt Simmons on Google or go to lifeaftertheoilcrash.net for more information.
I'm just interested in your opinion.
Okay, well, I hate to disagree with you, but we have the facts.
Peak oil is a fraud.
There is more oil now they've discovered than ever before.
But you're right in that they're creating artificial scarcity.
And artificial scarcity, stay there, we'll come back to you.
We did find it.
Tell the truth about Obama and Missouri, go to jail, is the Kurt Nemo headline.
And again, folks, when I get frustrated, it's because I burn with exposing these people.
I know everything I'm saying is documented.
I know it sounds insane.
They got bills introduced to ban any guns they want.
They got bills introduced where conservatives won't be able to buy own guns anymore.
It's all happening.
Alex Jones here with a question.
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In the New World Order's war against humanity, Barack Obama is the tip of the spear.
We've got to give them a stake in creating the kind of world order that I think all of us would like to see.
The Obama deception completely destroys the myth that Obama is working for the best interest of the American people.
Well, Obama's already fudging.
He's fudged since day one of this election.
If you have a demagogue with a fanatical mass movement of personality cultists who is imposing the program of a group of extreme bankers and finance oligarchs, that's fascist.
It's not about left or right.
It's about a one-world government.
This film documents who Obama works for, the lies he is told, and his real agenda.
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The Obama Deception.
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Oh yeah!
We are live, ladies and gentlemen!
I'm going to keep taking calls right now.
But I'm going to go through the true level of the child kidnapping rings run by the federal government.
And I'm going to detail it from mainstream news sources what is really admitted.
And why Obama's about to release more photos, I'll tell you right now.
These are the whitewashes.
This is how they limit things.
It's kind of like you put an oil fire out with a stick of dynamite.
You fight fire with fire.
They released this stuff.
Abu Ghraib had already broken in Europe.
Troops were blowing the whistle.
There's thousands of videos and audios.
Congress admitted that's what was reported of the troops ordered to rape children in front of their parents.
And that's confirmed.
It's in the Army's own report.
But you never, never see that on the nightly news.
It's been in major newspapers, but that's it.
So we're going to go over that, tell you what's really happening there, and the gun grabbing, the attack on the First Amendment, and free speech worldwide.
But going back to peak oil, I have family that are petroleum geologists, family that's worked in oil fields as roughnecks, you know, right up to plant managers.
There's oil everywhere.
They drill gas wells, oil wells all the time, and they just cap them from Oklahoma to the South Dakota to Texas.
They're everywhere, you know, the North Sea, Russia, the Stans in Central Asia.
But the globalists at Club of Rome do say they're artificially cutting off resources and telling us there's no oil, and so they'd rather sell us a gallon of oil, a gallon of gas, refined from oil, for 20 bucks, instead of sell us, you know, 10 gallons for 20 bucks.
They, just like diamonds are semi-precious, but they advertise that there's nowhere to be found, and oh my gosh, it's, you know, mortgage your house to buy one.
It's just so important when it's a semi-precious stone in the same range as agate or, you know, rhinestones.
But yes, they are artificially bringing us back to a post-industrial world.
That is what my film, Endgame Blueprint for Global Enslavement, covers.
Anything else, Josh?
I just think that since 1970, American domestic production has been declining.
That just seems to me undeniable.
We import two-thirds of the oil that we use.
Okay, let's stop right there.
They allow one pipeline from Alaska.
It's admitted that the whole place has more oil than Saudi Arabia.
It doesn't hurt the environment at all to pump that stuff right out of the ground and through pipelines.
The caribou use it as shelter out there.
All there are is caribou and mosquitoes, basically.
And it's all capped.
And most of the Gulf of Mexico is off-limits to drilling.
One 600-square-mile area has more oil than Iraq, and that's on record.
I mean, do you understand how many areas are off-limits to drilling, sir?
Yeah, I mean, Saudi Arabia produces I think 10 to 12 million barrels a day.
I think the maximum that anybody would expect to come out of Alaska is around a million to 1.3 million barrels a day.
That's in 10 years' time.
No, that's what Congress says.
They says if we drilled everywhere now, there'd be a 1% increase, and then they give no facts.
Hey, bro, listen.
How did you get sold on this peak oil thing?
I mean, do you believe diamonds are precious?
Uh, no.
I mean, they're rare.
No, they're not even rare.
Artificial scarcity.
Do you know what that is?
Well, except that diamonds aren't a consumable oil is, and so... Actually, diamonds are used in many industrial uses.
I mean, you know there's diamonds all over the United States, there's diamonds all over Canada, and no one's allowed to mine them.
Okay, well, I mean, I'm missing the parallel, though.
You know, the big oil companies finance all the fake environmental groups.
Every time they find diamonds in Arkansas or Alaska or Canada or Texas, they declare it a wildlife preserve.
And it's actually big oil publicly finances the fake global warming movement.
Rex Tillerson, ExxonMobil head, says it's real.
We've got to have a global warming tax.
We've got to tax carbon.
I mean, do you believe that?
I don't believe in global warming.
Well, I mean, the summer times here, I mean, it is warming.
I mean, that's natural.
Yeah, I mean, I don't believe in artificial global warming, but the two are separate, and so they're just real world limitations to the amount of oil that we're going to be able to pull out of the ground in the next 10 to 20 years.
You know, are you a petroleum geologist?
No, I'm not, but it's really just a matter of looking at the numbers.
I don't see how it would be way too complex.
We're good to go.
Did you know in the 20s that heroin and cocaine were made illegal, lobbied by the big heroin and cocaine companies because they lost their monopoly, they wanted it back?
We're on the march, the empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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In the New World Order's war against humanity, Barack Obama is the tip of the spear.
We've got to have a civilian national security force that's just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded.
The Obama deception completely destroys the myth that Obama is working for the best interest of the American people.
Well, Obama's already fudging.
He's fudged since day one in this election.
If you have a demagogue with a fanatical mass movement of personality cultists who is imposing the program of a group of extreme bankers and finance oligarchs, that's fascism.
It's not about left or right.
It's about a one-world government.
This film documents who Obama works for, the lies he is told, and his real agenda.
Get your copy of The Obama Deception today at InfoWars.com or download it in super high quality at PrisonPlanet.tv.
The Obama Deception.
The people strike back.
We're good to go.
Maybe too late.
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There's a man going around taking names.
And he decides who to free and who to blame.
Everybody will be treated all the same.
There'll be a golden ladder reaching down.
My whole point of the break cut off was that when the man comes around.
On record it was the big importers of opium and cocaine and other drugs that were sold in drugstores everywhere.
People really weren't using their drugs.
The word was out they were bad for you.
They were trying to put them in all the soft drinks, push them on kids.
That wasn't working too well.
This is all on record.
Dr. Pepper had cocaine, other stuff in it.
So did Coca-Cola.
That's why Coke's called Coke.
You don't believe me?
I assure you.
Had high levels of cocaine in it.
The mystery secret ingredient, because the cattle aren't ready to hear it, is denatured cocaine in Coca-Cola and Pepsi.
It's like decaf.
It's decoconated.
They just made it illegal to jack up the price.
And that's what the global warming carbon tax is.
They're going to tax the daylights out of it.
They're going to say it's bad for the earth.
Carbon dioxide that you exhale is a toxic waste.
No, it's not.
Let plants breathe.
There is oil everywhere.
I mean, ladies and gentlemen, they drill all over Texas and almost everywhere they drill, depending on how deep they go.
There's an oil field from Fort Worth down to Houston.
Everywhere they drill, they're hitting oil at two, three levels and natural gas.
You know, look, my family's from Texas, okay?
Both my grandfathers worked as roughnecks, you know, right out of college.
And then my, one of my grandpas was a, you know, after that, a lease hound, going around trying to get oil leases on people's property.
In New Mexico, you know, they lived in, well, what's the town, Roswell, they lived there.
Crazy story my grandma told.
We're coming back the day after Christmas,
From Ria Dosa, about four years ago, we've been skiing and we took her, we got an RV, my parents, my grandma, last living grandparent, we all got out to Ria Dosa and one of my daughters, who only had one daughter at the time, got a cold.
We knew high altitude, 9,000 feet wasn't good for a cold.
Chest cold.
So we came home.
So the day after Christmas, we're sitting there in Roswell, at a Denny's, with horrible service.
It took them like an hour and a half to bring us eggs or something.
And we're sitting there, and she goes, oh yeah, I remember when Bill, that's my grandfather, worked in the petroleum building right there.
I forget for what oil company.
And back in 1947 or whatever, you know, when
When Biff, that's my mother's brother, was born.
I was like, I didn't even know you lived in New Mexico.
And I was like, oh yeah, I remember now.
And then I was like, hey, do you remember the Roswell crash?
That's when that happened.
She said, I don't remember anything about that, but I remember when they had something under a big tarp on a truck and they said it was martial law and there were soldiers with machine guns in the town.
How weird is it?
My grandmother was in Roswell and all that went on.
And I don't cover UFOs.
I don't know what happened.
The point is, it's funny.
Uh-oh, now it's going to be that I'm working for the aliens.
Actually, that's already been said before.
They have it on good authority.
I am actually not a Vatican assassin or an Israeli agent.
I'm actually a Reptoid, ladies and gentlemen.
But hey, even if I am a Reptoid, still the bankers are ruling us.
We got to do something about it.
Exposing that I'm a Reptoid isn't going to save us.
We have to get motivated and take action against the New World Order.
And if we don't let them get us all fighting with each other, and if we just move forward against the globalists and what their policies are, whether it's Reptoids from Planet Pop-Tart or whoever that runs it, then we can get all Americans and people of the world together to defeat globalization, which is global tyranny.
Alright, I'm going to talk to Tim, I'm going to talk to Dave, I'm going to talk to Wendy, to Tony, and Kirk, and that'll be it for calls until I finish all the news, because we've got new, huge developments in censorship by YouTube.
Just ultra-massive, open announcements, no more videos, period, on Google.
It's been announced!
It's been announced!
I told everybody this!
They are shutting the web down, piece by piece, they're just flipping switches.
Imagine like a hundred switches and they're going...
Every week another switch, and we're like, look, the New York Times says they're shutting the web down as we knew it, to take away free speech for our safety and to be gatekeepers.
And they're flipping the switches, and Jay Rockefeller says they've got to shut the web down.
They're flipping switches, and I'm going, ah, ah!
And they got bills introduced to, uh...
Charge you with felonies if someone says it hurt their feelings what you said.
Flipping switches, I'm going, AHHHHHH!
And the public's still, AHHH!
Shut up, Reptoid!
And I'm like, man, listen, we got serious stuff to talk about here.
And I understand why people kind of psychologically sometimes divert off serious issues into kind of sub stuff, because this is scary.
And I got the government's run white slavery rings coming up.
I do, though, right now with PrisonPlanet.tv viewers and radio listeners, if you're just a radio listener, not a PrisonPlanet.tv member, you should become one.
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I figured since it's an act of terrorism and people, I'm going to warn you, are being detained, are being arrested for wearing these.
I mean, because the Founding Fathers wore them and everybody knows that's bad.
Don't tread on me, ladies and gentlemen.
And all it's saying is, you know, leave my liberty and my freedoms alone.
And here is the back.
It's got Thomas Jefferson, which I have FEMA saying on tape was evil, third president of the U.S., the Tree of Liberty.
Of course, you're really the terrorist criminal, so we're not going to let your chilling effect work.
The Tree of Liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.
Okay, that's one of the new shirts.
Look at this sucker right here, got a Minuteman, another terrorist on the front, he wouldn't turn his guns in.
Paul Revere, live free or die, New Hampshire motto.
Again, they say you're a terrorist, they've got bills introduced where people that are put on a conservative list will not be able to own guns, an extremist list.
Mainstream news, just like they made Jews wear yellow stars.
The New World Order always picks out a group to persecute first.
And I get the Obama people emailing me going, yeah, you right-wing bastard, we need to arrest you.
We're glad your YouTube channels are being shut down left and right.
You know, you're an evil racist.
And I'm like, it's Obama that keeps saying race, race, race, race, race to inject that in people's brains.
But these are great because you meet like-minded people wearing these T-shirts.
Patriots are everywhere.
Infowars.com and presentplanet.com folks are everywhere.
You wear this.
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So girls, get your t-shirt, boys get your t-shirt.
Or you go to political events, go to the tea parties with this.
Come and take it.
This is the Texas Gonzales flag.
They were coming to confiscate the guns from the people of Gonzales, Texas, south of Austin.
This is where the war started.
Then they ran to the Alamo, and the rest is history.
But come and take it.
There's a war on for your mind.
Arm yourself.
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Infowars.com on the back.
And then this one is great.
It shows a white guy and a red guy.
And the red guy, the commie,
Really works for the bankers.
He's got his gun to the head of the person with the bag of money, his property.
And it's just socialism.
Real simple.
It's sticking you up.
The bankers get 99% of it and their slaves get, you know, 1% to help them rob the people.
Defend yourself.
And on the back, Infowars.com.
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The affiliates, the listeners, the sponsors, all a big part of it, but Ted Anderson,
I was on 98.9 KJFK in 1996.
I started out on TV in 1995.
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And Ted Anderson was the main sponsor of a little bitty satellite network that happened to be on the shortwave and a few AM and FM's.
And I got on that and then Ted expanded it, set up a new network in 98 and has been there behind me all along and has literally been at the point five, six years ago where he had to mortgage his house to keep the network going.
And you know, he's been in the precious metal business for 31 years and he's gone from almost going bankrupt
To now being one of the fastest growing and one of the biggest, the top 10 gold and silver brokers in the country.
And he's done that, and we're gonna spend just a few minutes with him and go back to your calls and get into all that news, I promise.
He's been able to do that because Ted Anderson buys when gold and silver's low and then sells it at the low price when it's high.
That's Ted Anderson's secret.
Everybody else, not everybody, but everybody I know, I shop around.
When I buy some gold and silver, which I do every few months, a few coins here, a few coins there,
Because you can't trust the banks, folks.
They're devaluing the currency.
I've shopped around, and I've never found a better deal than I can get from Ted.
Because other places, when gold goes up, they buy low, too.
And they sit there and hoard it.
When gold goes up, they raise the price.
When silver goes up, they raise the price.
Ted sells out of what he had at the lower price, and then buys, and has to go up sometimes.
And that just happened with silver.
But it's still at a price much lower than you'll find anywhere, and it's Lakotas that are sold out everywhere.
These are $25 a piece everywhere else.
Ted's got them for $19.
Same thing with gold.
Ted Anderson, speaking of support, not only do folks get a great deal, it also supports the network that you've poured everything into.
And, you know, it takes a lot to not be one of the big establishment networks and do what you've done, Ted.
What is it?
Genesis has over 350 affiliates now between all the shows and growing.
I mean, I tell you, Ted, you've done something that other big networks operate on tens of billions of dollars.
You've done this for just a couple million dollars a year.
The network even less.
I've just got to commend you, Ted Anderson.
Well, thanks a lot, Alex.
I mean, you know, obviously it takes a lot of long, hard hours of work, just like you guys do.
I mean, but if you hang in there and you're tenacious enough, you know, you win.
Especially when you're doing the right thing, rather than the wrong thing.
But yeah, you're right about the gold and silver market.
We were talking last week, and you're asking me about what you can buy, and you see I had about $600,000 worth of
British Sovereigns and Franks.
And the price that I offered them to you at last week when gold was around $880 is the same price that I'm offering them right now when gold is at $900.
Well, personally, presently right now gold, last time I printed it off, let me look, $923.80, hit a high today of $924.80 since I printed off the sheet on what's going on in gold.
You can pick these things off, this is like picking my pockets, really.
The British Sovereign is right now at $267.
The Franks right now at $214.
That is the same price when gold was at $880.
Plus, also, you're right about that.
I do have the Lakota Nation silver rounds.
They're actually at $19.66.
And silver now, rather than being at $11 an ounce, now the silver is at... I need reading glasses, Alex.
It's been as high as $14.34 today.
So, I mean, big increases.
Obviously, a reflection
Of what happens when you take a fiat currency and you turn on the printing press.
Do you still have the Lincolns?
Because you were saying that was the best deal.
Well, not the Lincolns.
It's the Franklin half-dollar.
I mean, I do have that and that still is at the price.
I mean, I had the Lakotas at $17.
There's no such thing as the Lincolns.
I meant the Franklins.
Yeah, the Lincoln is a penny, obviously.
No, I know.
I'm losing my mind.
I can't keep track of it all.
Now, what about the Lakotas?
Why is that coin so hot?
I mean, it's a gorgeous coin.
It's got the Native American warrior on the front, and it's got the buffalo on the back.
That's a silver coin that's $25 plus on eBay and other places.
You've got them at $19.
Yeah, well, I mean, the reason why they're hot is because you have a private nation that is issuing a private currency that's competing with the Federal Reserve note, and you know, everybody knows
You know, what the Federal Reserve is about, and I think we're all hungry to see something new and different, and the United States of America is going exactly the wrong direction, and should be dumping the Fed and going back to constitutional money, and now the Lakota Nation decides to issue a coin that resembles what our constitution should be, you know, what our U.S.
government should be doing with the constitutional money, and no surprise to me,
People want it, and they want it in a big way.
That coin is a great coin.
It's beautiful.
I mean, the mirror finish with the Indian head on the front and the buffalo on the reverse.
Seeing a picture just doesn't do justice for it.
It's a very, very pretty coin.
Okay, now you sold out of them at $17.
You're getting close to selling them out at $19.
How long can you hold that deal for folks?
Well, I mean, I can tell you right now, I'll be able to hold on to this deal at least till tonight, and I would imagine into tomorrow, because last time I picked them up, it was about the quantity of 5,000 coins, and I just know about how long it takes for me to sell out on those.
It'll probably take me about a day, maybe a day and a half.
But if you really, really want to take advantage of something that is just a fabulous price and a great deal, those British Sovereigns and Franks and the gold, and then, you know, those Franks... Let's explain.
You've got gold 40-plus dollars less.
than what it's currently trading for.
You know, factored in with the price.
I mean, you cannot beat that deal.
It's there on screen.
Or MidasResources.com.
But tell them it's the Ted Anderson special to make sure you get that price.
Or it will be the current price, which is increase in silver and in gold.
And Ted, I just so firmly believe in this.
I mean, you know I bought, what, five rolls of
The Lakotas last week, because that's kind of the, you know, poor man's gold is silver.
And, you know, I just every few months get a little bit of coin here, a little bit of coin there, because, you know, the dollar is in deep trouble by design.
And I just hope folks don't trust this system.
I hope people will hedge their bets and get partially out of the stock market and out of these uninsured annuities and get into silver and gold physically holding it.
You know, the whole media tells you don't do this.
Look how gold's gone up from $300 an ounce to $900-something an ounce the last five years.
There's a reason.
This is the best bet, I think, out there, period.
And if folks don't hedge their bets, they are, frankly, moronic.
Ted Anderson, thank you so much for coming on with us.
Will the brokers be there until midnight tonight?
Oh, absolutely.
Just call in and just, you know,
Leave a message if you've missed somebody, but they'll be here for you.
Finally in the news this evening, it's being reported that cyber spies from Russia and China have now penetrated our power grid.
Even as energy experts are reporting that each summer we get closer and closer to the limits of our nation's power grid, some say that this summer's demand for electrical power may finally push the grid over its edge, creating a cascade of power outages across the country, putting us all in the dark.
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You know, this stuff happens, and even though you knew it was coming, it's hard to believe.
Google just comes out and says, no more Google Video.
They've been hiding it for the last year and phasing it out, and we said, they're getting rid of it, they're getting rid of it.
Now we're telling you they're phasing out user videos on YouTube.
Those are going to be relegated.
And they're now purging, not just my videos, but
I talked to Nate Evans.
Man, he was uploading my videos, purely my show, to a director's account he's had since early 2006, and they just shut him down.
They didn't even claim a copyright thing.
They just said, you don't get to have your account.
That's coming up.
A lot of listeners on AM and FM are like, who cares about YouTube?
They get these emails going, you should just stream your videos for free.
We can't afford it!
I mean, are you kidding?
I can barely afford to give really good service to the PrisonPlanet.tv members.
You know, on super high quality CDNs and high quality.
I mean, you know how much money YouTube and Google have?
They do it through advertising.
It's the biggest websites out there on the web.
You know, we have millions of views a week on YouTube and Google.
Conservatively, millions.
Those are the big sites.
Google and YouTube are the top three sites.
They're it.
Yahoo, Google, and YouTube.
And Google owns YouTube.
We're there because that's where the people are.
Everywhere I go, about half the folks that say they're listeners, I say, how'd you find the show?
They say, YouTube!
You heard the last caller saying that.
We can't just give it up.
That's where we're fighting them.
Man, it's so delusional.
Ah, just put it out for yourself on video.
We wanna be where the big crowd is.
If I wanted to speak to a crowd of people, I would try to go find a big congregated folks, you know, people at the city park.
What you used to be able to do, they now arrest you and say you gotta have a permit.
That's the freedom of America, you know.
First Amendment says you can do it, but they say, we have SWAT teams.
You know, it always goes back to that.
We have weapons!
By the way, we're gonna take everything you got from foreign banks.
You don't have that.
How's that sound?
Oh, you don't like the foreign bankers?
You must be working for the Pop-Tart people.
You know, I mean, it is just totally delusional.
Ladies and gentlemen, all right, I'm out of control.
Tim in Ohio, you're on the air, Tim, go ahead.
I'm out of control.
Going once.
Welcome back, Alex.
Hey, Tim, how you doing?
All right, I got a little present for you.
Last week you had called for a clip and then a guest came on late and I didn't get a chance to play it for you.
It took a little bit of sanitization and we tightened it up a little.
With all that work done, I'd like to forward the balance of my time to this clip for you.
What is the clip?
Uh, Tony Montana.
Oh yeah, about the communists.
You a communist?
Alright, here it is.
You a communist?
How do you like it?
They tell you all the time what to do, what to think, what to feel.
You wanna be like a chief?
Like all those other people make?
I don't have to listen to this.
Your computer had a heart attack.
What, you want me to stand there and do nothing?
I love it.
Well, thank you.
Hey, you know what?
It got interrupted.
Play the clip again.
No music, folks.
Let's go on a break with Tony Montana.
More of your calls straight ahead, and I appreciate that present.
It's you from the top.
All right, here it is.
How do you like it?
They tell you all the time what to do, what to think, what to feel.
You want to be like a chief?
Like all those other people you met?
I don't have to listen to this.
You are listening to GCN.
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We're good to go.
John, John, John!
Alright, absolute news blitz.
I'm finishing up with Tim, Dave, Wendy, Tony, and Kirk, and that's it, because I got news blitz.
Massive news.
And more of it is pouring in.
But three is the charm.
I was talking about Tony Montana in the movie Scarface, which I think is an excellent film.
It's accurate.
He goes, they're the ones that do it.
They've been doing it a thousand years.
The bankers.
He's talking about how the government deals the drugs and how they just launder his money.
You know, Oliver Stone, to write that screenplay, he went and actually lived with some of the cartel owners for a year, really did his research.
That's why the movie is so accurate.
But, uh, it's kind of a composite, kind of like the Patriots, a composite of three real characters from, uh, South Carolina, North Carolina, the Revolutionary War.
Tournament 10 is a composite of some real stories, like that chainsaw story.
You watch the director's cut, they describe it, you know, as a real case, when they're sawing the guy's head with a chainsaw.
So let's finish up with this.
Uh, three's the charm.
Play it from the start, unedited, because we keep getting interrupted.
Here is Tony Montana, who is a radical extremist now.
He doesn't like communism.
He doesn't like the bankers.
He doesn't like being a slave.
So if he ever became a citizen, he can't have a second amendment.
They've got those bills introduced, so here it is.
They tell you all the time what to do, what to think, what to feel.
Do you want to be like a cheat?
Like all those other people, man?
I don't have to listen to this.
You want nothing?
You got nothing?
You want it your body?
You want every corner man looking after you, watching everything you do, everything you say, man?
How do you like that?
What, you want me to stay there and do nothing?
I know the criminal record.
I know it deep.
I'm Tony Montana, a political prisoner from Cuba.
And I want my human right, now.
Just like the President Jimmy Carter says.
Carter should see this human right.
It's really good.
What do you say, Harry?
I don't believe a word of this.
Send this to Freedom Town.
Let them take a look at him.
Get him out of here!
You know something?
You can send me anywhere.
Here, there, please stop.
It don't matter.
There's nothing you can do to me.
That Castro has not already done.
Get him out of here!
Alright, great clip.
Finally got the whole thing.
Hey Tim, the next one I want is that clip from Network, when he comes in and he says, I'll go to the media, I'm going to go to all the TV stations and the newspapers and expose what you've done, putting a Howard Bill in the air.
And he goes, that's good, let's see what we can get.
Now get out of here, you're fired!
I love Robert Duvall when he does that.
Good to hear from you, Tim.
Alright, let's go ahead and talk to Dave in California.
Dave, you're on the air.
Yeah, hey Alex.
Hey buddy.
Can I make a quick comment and ask you a question?
Sure, Admiral.
Okay, yeah, the bill that you've been talking about all day, where it's called the Keeping Firearms from Dangerous Terrorists, that's H.R.
2159, and that was introduced by Representative Peter King from New York.
I don't know if anybody can do one.
Go ahead.
Yeah, people want to call him or call their own representative and make sure they're not going to vote for it.
I called Peter King's office in Washington yesterday and it's just discouraging, like how many brainwashed people.
This is the girl that answered the phone and I said, I was real nice and I said, I'd like to get a little bit of information about this bill.
And she said, okay, I can help you.
Does this apply to American citizens?
And she said, oh, I don't know.
I'm going to have to check that.
And then she says, well, no, this applies to people who are on the watch list from Homeland Security.
And I said, well, could does that include American citizens?
And she said, well, this is just about keeping the firearms away from terrorists.
This bill is not going to affect law-abiding American citizens.
Well, I've read the bill.
It says it's anybody on the watch list, and they've now put over a million people on, and I'm going to cover this first after we take the calls, but bottom line, well, you have more to add, don't you?
Yeah, can you hold me over?
I don't know how I'm gonna get to all this, folks.
I got so much news.
I've really screwed around.
But we'll continue with your calls on the other side.
Stay with us.
Get ready to hand your guns in.
It's good.
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The Obama deception completely destroys the myth that Obama is working for the best interest of the American people.
Well, Obama's already fudging.
He's fudged since day one in this election.
If you have a demagogue with a fanatical mass movement of personality cultists who is imposing the program of a group of extreme bankers and finance oligarchs, that's fascism.
It's not about left or right.
It's about a one-world government.
This film documents who Obama works for, the lies he is told, and his real agenda.
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We're good.
I think so.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Jason Burmiss just showed me a Fox News clip where they shoot the kid in the back who was playing cops and robbers and then the cop tackles him and puts him in cuffs.
It's like the video of the guy they shoot in the back who's restrained and not resisting in Oakland.
Then the cops lied and said that he'd attack them.
Because they didn't know there were cameras.
They confiscated the surveillance cameras from the bus terminal and then live.
But then two different cameras that were in trains driving by and somebody down the platform showed it was a lie.
Same thing in East Austin.
Cops gunned some kid down yesterday.
There were riots.
They were attacking police cars.
Because, of course, Arte Saaveda says the cameras were off in all the squad cars.
They're always off.
But in the case of these other cases, I mean, that's coming.
I don't want to fight with the cops.
But it didn't used to be like this, where it was just constant cops shooting people in the back.
Most of them are back from Fallujah, where that was a daily occurrence, and you got awards for doing it.
So this clip's coming up after I finish up with this caller, and then I've got... I heard you last night, what made me think of this, Jason, is I was driving home about 11.30, 11.45, it was the end of the show, and you were saying, by the way, here's the Seymour Hersh, New Yorker Magazine, here's Salon, here's all these other news articles.
The Army's own report admits they raped children in front of their parents to make them talk.
And then you get emails, I get emails saying we're lying.
I mean, no folks, we're not lying.
You know, you have to understand this.
It's like when I get up and say Baxter Pharmaceutical, or excuse me, Bayer Pharmaceutical, knowingly shipped out, Factor VIII, knowing it had HIV, that's been on MSNBC, AP Reuters, Australian News, knowingly killed all these people.
Folks, we would be sued if that wasn't true.
Point is, we're not making any of this up, but I'm going to go back over that today, coming up, and I've got to get to it.
But Burmese, tell us what's coming up with this video clip.
Sure, you know, I couldn't believe it.
Somebody... I get all these news clips, Alex.
People are constantly giving me tips and someone sends me this thing.
Yeah, this kid was playing cops and robbers with his friends and the police officer apparently is on a robbery call.
I don't know how that works since nothing was being robbed.
And he just gets out, sees the kid, shoots him and then throws him on the ground and cuffs him.
I mean, you know, you mentioned that guy in Oakland.
You said the cameras never work.
You're right.
The cameras didn't work, supposedly, in the subway.
Thank God we have cell phones in this day and age.
And then they lied.
They said he assaulted the cops.
They lied.
He's handcuffed on the ground.
And they just kill him!
And then the cop gets mad and is wrestling his dead body around and slamming him while he's bleeding to death at that time.
And then, like, cuffing him.
I mean, I've got footage of cops breaking pro-lifers' arms and they pull out billy clubs and kind of
I'm serious.
It's like some kind of sadistic crazy man.
What about the Critical Mass protest where they have the permits, they're riding the bikes, and out of nowhere a cop just picks a random biker.
I mean, you couldn't have seen him ten seconds beforehand.
They're traveling at a pretty good pace.
He just bows up, undercuts him, and just... But it's worse.
Then they charge that guy with assaulting the cop.
The cop runs out of a group of cops, tackles him.
The guy's not even looking at him.
His head hits the ground, blood pouring out, and the cops are, Death to America!
Death, death, death!
The bankers will rule you!
They will steal it all!
And we're not joking!
And those cops that do that, it's like the Army recruiters and Marine Corps recruiters in Denver and Houston and New York.
It's always the same.
They go, I'm going to arrest you if you don't sign up for the military.
And the kid's going, my mom says, you know, the 17 year old, my mom and dad say, I don't have to sign up.
I'm going to arrest you right now.
Now I'm coming over.
You're going to sign it.
And then, and then they get promoted for lying and lying to the kids.
The government is criminal.
In fact, you know, I'm going to go back to the calls.
Let's go ahead and play this video now.
Go ahead and roll it a bunch up on screen guys.
I mean, it's bad enough, but the story is the kid was playing cops and robbers with friends, Bob.
Exactly, and no doubt this kid's lucky that he's alive.
Doctors say he's gonna make it.
He has a single gunshot wound, but he's in stable condition in the hospital.
He told sheriff's deputies he was playing this game of cops and robbers, riding his bicycle, holding a toy plastic handgun.
Sheriff's deputies, however, didn't know that when they confronted him last night.
He rode the bike here.
Police officer made a U-turn there.
Went down.
I didn't exactly see what happened and stuff like that, but all I know is I heard a BANG!
That was it.
One shot?
One shot.
And apparently the neighbors didn't know that he had a plastic toy gun as well.
It was about 8 o'clock last night that they called 9-1-1 saying that someone was riding a bicycle around the neighborhood carrying what they believed to be a gun.
Deputies went out there.
Hit pause.
Again, it's this hit pause.
It's this tattletale society.
I've had cops called on me putting my rifle in the back of my car to go shooting.
They're just, ah, ah, because the billboards everywhere say report illegal guns.
And they advertise as if all of America is New York City where there's a gun ban, where, oh, you got a gun, you're going to jail.
And I've told that story many times.
This is how they do it by perception.
And I've seen several stories where they arrest cops, now arrest kids.
In fact, Google, search, I'm going to stop saying Google, because they'll probably shut down searching soon, or restrict it, and they're already starting to see that, actually.
Search engine.
I'm losing my mind right now.
Dogpile is a good one.
Dogpile or Scroogle.org.
Do a search engine, guys.
I want to show folks this.
Child arrested for toy gun.
And the cops say, we're charging with a death threat.
He pointed the green plastic alien blaster gun.
The officer saw the weapon and moved in against the suspect immediately.
Go ahead and show the, go ahead and show that.
It says 10-year-old toy gun arrested.
Here you go.
That's 11 news.
Where is this out of?
It's out of Georgia.
The latest case of a zero-tolerance at the public schools as a 10-year-old student.
Seriously in trouble.
I can't read it from across the room.
He had a cap gun.
A toy cowboy six-shooter.
I mean, you know, this is unbelievable.
You would think that the police would have a little more discernment of gunning... No, no, it's zero... No, it's not about discernment.
They know it's ridiculous.
It's zero tolerance.
They arrest people for bringing plastic knives to school to cut up their lunch.
I'm talking about a kid on a bike.
It doesn't matter.
He could have been Al-Qaeda.
It saved a lot of lives.
In fact, finish up the Fox News Club.
Al-Qaeda member.
We can see the blood coming from about this area on his back.
And he was handcuffed like this, and he was rolling around.
He was rolling around in his own blood, the handcuffs on, and the cuffs.
He was just standing there, not even making sure that the kid was dead or alive.
A 15-year-old boy rushed to the hospital of Providence Holy Cross Medical Center in Mission Hills, again in stable condition, and doctors say he's expected to survive.
And now the investigation underway to determine if these deputies' actions were warranted.
They're also trying to interview that 15-year-old, trying to figure out why in fact did he
Point that toy gun at deputies.
And watch, they're going to say about Amara that the cameras were not on the cars.
They weren't working, Jason.
You know, one of the bigger stories while you were gone was this 17-year-old girl who calls 911 because her father just was in the hospital, had a brain aneurysm, and he starts having a seizure.
The cop hangs up on her not once, not twice.
Three separate times while she's trying to get an ambulance for 911.
She then runs to the police station where he is the only officer there and he immediately arrests her.
I mean, you cannot make this stuff up, Jones.
No, because listen, we have a criminal government and they've told the cops, treat the nation like scum.
You know, I drove down to the beach and two separate times I'd be on I-35 with no cars around me going 72 miles an hour.
Well, no, no, no, because the speed limit's 70, so I don't, you know, I 70... Seven miles over!
No, no, no, no, they didn't pull me over.
Well, obviously it was Al-Qaeda, Burma, so that's not a joke.
Anyways, cops, I guess one of them was called Shirts, it was a blue unmarked, and then State Police...
Imagine, you're on a two lane or three lane, depending on which area, you're in the slow lane, and the cop, just for pleasure with their lights, comes flying right up on your hind end, almost hits you, and then this happened twice, and then pulls around, and then keeps driving on, and it's like they just are driving, and they're like, oh, I see a scum, I think they're giving orders, I'm gonna show a scum that he's a scum!
I'm gonna show this guy he's a slave.
That's what taking your shoes off are about.
Answering questions when you go to the beach now.
They have literally dozens of cameras.
They ask you questions when you're going out on the beach.
Look like big ol' license plate scanners.
They indoctrinate your children in these D.A.R.E.
Summer camps are coming this year and the police are going to be using the D.A.R.E.
program to teach your kids how to say no to drugs and violence.
But also how to take their brainwashing and the inoculations are good, tattle on your parents, terrorists are everywhere.
I mean this country's gone to hell and I just want to tell everybody who's in denying this, the bankers are going to take everything you got.
I mean they're not done raping you yet.
They just took that woman's house this morning.
Yeah, but I mean, listen, all of you that think this is cutesy-tootsy and you're into bootlicking the government and all of that, good!
I know it's criminal, and I know how this ends.
So go ahead and suck boots all day.
Burmess, good talking to you.
You're definitely with Al-Qaeda.
Thank you, sir.
Okay, going back to Tim in Ohio, that was Dave in California.
Okay, Dave, finish up in the next minute and a half.
Yeah, I just wanted to say, I think Dave's
That bill, we're talking about H.R.
2159, keeping away from... and they're saying it's based on the Homeland Security who puts on the terror watch list.
No, no, listen, that's what the White House Chief of Staff said.
We're going to put you on a list if you're a conservative and you're not going to own guns!
And if you don't like it, we'll have paramilitary police kill you and your whole family!
Go ahead, slave!
I think that really shows how anybody that didn't think they were on the same team ought to look at that with Rahm Emanuel saying that a while ago.
He's a Democrat, and then you've got Republican Peter King comes out with that bill that's exactly what Rahm Emanuel said they were going to do.
How do they get away with this terrorist watch list thing?
I mean, that's what I was going to ask them about.
Well, like, who are American citizens on the terror watch list?
Well, and then she said, well, yeah, but don't worry.
She said, this bill is not for law-abiding citizens.
Even if you do get on there, there's a way for you to challenge this and all.
So you're innocent until proven guilty?
Who are all these terrorists running around that are suspected?
This is irony.
Because the right wing went along with the police state and the torture of children, thinking that it was, you know, for foreigners, and now it's all going to be used against them.
And the left's going to go along with this, thinking they're getting right-wingers, and that's going to happen to them.
It's for everybody.
It's guilty until proven innocent.
No, I hear you.
You're not going to have a job.
You're not going to own a gun unless you've paid all your taxes and done everything they said in no due process.
You don't like it?
SWAT team drops by.
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Well, Obama's already fudging.
He's fudged since day one in this election.
If you have a demagogue with a fanatical mass movement of personality cultists who is imposing the program of a group of extreme bankers and finance oligarchs, that's fascist.
It's not about left or right.
It's about a one world government.
This film documents who Obama works for, the lies he is told, and his real agenda.
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The Obama Deception.
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This is Alex Jones for survivalseedbank.com.
Yeah, we found the clip where they were announcing on the news if you lied about Obama and the police would decide with no judge or jury,
You'd be arrested.
The Obama campaign did the same thing in Missouri, that they also did in Connecticut, Vermont, and it was on the news.
They just said, look, we're going to arrest you if you criticize Obama.
And they put it on the news with straight faces.
And now they say, we're going to decide if you hurt somebody's feelings, we're going to charge you with felonies.
And, uh,
You're gonna pay everything you got to foreign banks, and we'll kill you if you don't do it.
We're here to kill you.
We're here to take your kids.
And that's basically what America's turned into.
It's called tyranny, folks, and, you know, this is just the beginning.
I mean, the nice slide down into the cess has begun.
In fact, let's go ahead.
Do you have Rahm Emanuel up?
Let's play Rahm Emanuel, and then I'll play the... People won't believe it.
I'll play one of the newscasts about how you don't have free speech.
And they say all this with a straight face.
We will arrest you.
We rule now!
We don't care what you think!
You understand?
We're, we, we, we, you know, you belong to us!
Ha ha!
Go ahead and play it.
...thing we can do, and we've got to make this a number one issue, as a test vote, and then take it into the election.
That is, if you are on the no-fly list, because you are known as maybe a possible terrorist, you cannot buy a handgun in America.
Alright, let's stop right there.
He wrote a book saying National Compulsory Service, they've introduced all that.
Everything he wrote in his book, everything he's pushed for, they're doing or they're done.
They've done it or they're trying to do it.
And notice he said, if you're known maybe as a possible terrorist, and now they're expanding that to say, we're going to follow the DHS form, Ron Paul stickers, gun owners, returning veterans,
Well, they're really going to screw all the cops that are helping carry all this out.
Look, none of you guys are getting your pensions.
You're getting nothing from these bankers.
They're all going to leave when they're done with the country.
And in a way, that's good.
You get the evil, you've helped bring in all you judges and all the pedophile judges and all the people that run things.
This is H.R.
1966, House Representatives.
This is the Cyber Bullying Act, and it says here, if you cause emotional strain or hurt someone's feelings, you'll be charged with a felony.
Let me give you the penalty section on cyberbullying.
I mean, you can go read it for yourself.
It's HR-1966.
You can't make this up.
It's racing through the House.
House bill aims to strip right-wing extremists of Second Amendment rights.
This is up on InfoWars.com.
Gunners of America has chimed in.
And they've listed the group of potential terrorists.
To be gun owners, conservatives, property owners, but it also lists every liberal group under the sun, and you just don't have any rights.
No judge, no jury, and yeah, they'll get up on the news and say you're guilty until proven innocent.
And then there isn't a process.
Congressmen are on the no-fly list, can't fly still.
And that's how they like it.
They advertise there's nothing you can do.
This is the way it is, slave!
We say you don't get to travel, we say you don't get to own a gun!
And don't try to buy one somewhere else or we'll kill you!
We got guys that like to kill Americans!
They want to come to your house and kill you!
So you're our slaves!
Now, lick my boots!
And by the way, you think you're going to criticize the president or the government?
We'll arrest you for that too!
You don't have free speech!
You have a right to shut up!
Let's go ahead and play that next clip.
Here it is.
Senator Barack Obama's presidential campaign is asking Missouri law enforcement to target anyone who lies or runs a misleading television ad during the presidential campaign.
First, John Mills is live at the County Election Board in Maplewood.
He's been learning more about which members of law enforcement are getting involved in this.
John, tell us more about this.
Prosecutors and sheriffs from across Missouri are joining something called the Barack Obama Truth Squad.
Russell, good evening.
Two high-profile prosecutors are part of the team
We met them this afternoon in the Central West End.
They are Jennifer Joyce from the city, Bob McCullough, the St.
Louis County prosecuting attorney.
They will be reminding voters that Barack Obama is a Christian who wants to cut taxes for anyone making less than $250,000 a year.
They also say they plan to respond immediately to any ads and statements that might violate Missouri ethics laws.
We want to keep this campaign focused on issues.
We don't want people to get distracted, and Missourians don't want to be distracted by these divisive character attacks.
So we're here to respond to any character attacks, to set the record straight.
Whether it is directly attributable to the campaign or to one of the soft money operations, if they're not going to tell the truth, then somebody's got to step up and say, wait a minute, that's not true, this is the truth.
Now the Obama campaign tells News 4 that others, prosecutors and sheriffs, are also part of the team, including some from the Kansas City area and from rural parts of Missouri.
We're also told the Truth Squad is expected to include Jefferson County Sheriff Glenn Boyd.
Yeah, that's him!
That's the one that grabbed the lady's house, it's true.
That guy was right earlier.
I mean, folks, you notice, we're gonna decide what you say in the campaign.
We're gonna arrest you if we decide.
We're the Commissariat.
We got the guns!
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Hello, this is Steve Shank.
You might not be able to spell Constitution, but you sure know how important it is.
You might not be missing any shirts from your closet,
I don't know.
In the New World Order's War Against Humanity,
Barack Obama is the tip of the spear.
We've got to have a civilian national security force that's just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded.
The Obama deception completely destroys the myth that Obama is working for the best interest of the American people.
Well, Obama's already fudging.
He's fudged since day one in this election.
If you have a demagogue with a fanatical mass movement of personality cultists who is imposing the program of a group of extreme bankers and finance oligarchs, that's fascism.
It's not about left or right.
It's about a one-world government.
This film documents who Obama works for, the lies he is told, and his real agenda.
Get your copy of The Obama Deception today at InfoWars.com or download it in super high quality at PrisonPlanet.tv.
The Obama Deception.
The people strike back.
Hi, my name is MZ, owner of KSCO in Santa Cruz, California, and like Alex Jones, I'm passionate about talk radio, that great bastion of freedom of expression for us all.
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Remember www.chocolate.ownmyself.com.
All right, I'll get to your calls at the end of the show.
I got to start getting to all these clips and this news.
By the way, the clip goes on and on around Emanuel.
We have the clip in the Obama Deception, just one of the hundreds of things that's covered in the film.
And we told you, they've sworn to introduce bills to where the Attorney General can ban anyone he wants without him being convicted for owning a firearm, and he can ban any firearms he wish, any or all.
And he's argued for total gun ban against the American people.
I'm not just saying that.
I mean, this is on record.
We've given you bill numbers.
This is really happening.
They really have bills to arrest you for your speech if, quote, it hurts someone's feelings.
Finish up with Rahm Emanuel, which they've now introduced the bills to do it, but it's not Al Qaeda.
It's not, oh, well, we think this Muslim, it's okay to take a Muslim's rights, the media says, but, you know, they set the precedent, which is wrong.
Now it's everybody.
And most of the veterans I know can't buy guns anymore.
In fact, if you're a vet, try to go out and buy one.
Chances are, they're going to go, sorry, FBI Nick says no, Bill.
You're like, wonder why?
They won't ever tell you.
Just like the no-fly list, you're a slave now.
If you don't like it, SWAT team will drop by.
Let's go ahead and, because the bankers own us now, Bob, Bill.
Just hand them over, man.
If we just do what the government says and become their slaves, everything will be all right.
I mean,
In Vermont, in Connecticut, in other states, Missouri, they get on the news and say, we're law enforcement making sure, we want to keep this campaign focused the way we want, we're political officers, and if we decide what you're saying, we're keeping a close eye out on what you say on radio and TV, and if we don't like it, we're going to go ahead and arrest you.
That's what the American Way is all about.
I mean, this is just tyranny on steroids and it's happening.
And again, YouTube channels everywhere with hundreds of thousands of views.
Big channels that separate people.
I mean, I told folks about... And it's almost like I'm conditioned now to accept this.
I talked to Nate Evans, his own channel since 2006, put a few of my videos on, the director's account.
YouTube shut it down and didn't give him copyright violations.
They just said, we're not taking your account away.
We're getting hundreds of emails from people that have the same thing happen on YouTube, and now Google announces they're ending the internet.
They're ending video on their internet system.
And they're phasing out the You and YouTube to mainline TV shows and movies.
They've already moved most of the user videos off the main page.
They're doing it!
They've announced it!
This is happening!
Let's go ahead and play Rahm Emanuel!
Grandpa, is it really true that- I have not won far from liking- Hold on, pause it.
Back it up.
Back it up.
Grandpa, is it really true once we get on firearms?
Yes, once we did, but don't let anybody hear or they'll arrest us.
Hold on, a hover drone's flying over.
Just face-scan this.
I mean, this is tyranny.
This is the norm everywhere else.
It's happening here.
Criminals have taken over.
They own both parties.
I keep repeating that.
It's almost like a mayday situation at this point.
And both parties are in control.
The Republicans are standing down.
It's all staged.
Look, go ahead and play Rahm Emanuel, and now they've introduced the bill.
People say, oh, it will never pass.
I'm getting emails going, I don't know if this is credible.
Yeah, they introduced it, Alex, but it doesn't have much of a chance of passing.
I mean, and they've introduced bills to arrest you if they don't like what you say, but it ain't gonna pass.
The point is they're trying it and a lot of this stuff is passing.
All right, go ahead and play Rahm Emanuel.
Here it is.
One issue as a test vote and then take it into the election.
That is, if you are on the no-fly list,
Because you are known as maybe a possible terrorist.
You cannot buy a handgun in America.
And I am not one far from liking the mixing of politics and policy, but as my old boss used to say, give me that vote and throw me into that fryer patch.
I'll make politics out of that every day.
Because if it's between that terrorist list and the NRA,
I know where America's going to be every time, and they're going to make the right choice, and we have got to start building on that.
That is the right thing to take into the election, and it's the right policy.
If you're on that no-fly list, your access to the right to bear arms is cancelled, because you're not part of the American family.
You don't deserve that right.
There is no right for you if you're on that terrorist list.
Number one issue.
Now that's a 700,000 and it was a million as of a year ago.
Six months ago, the number was 1,100,000.
In fact, search engine for folks, no fly list reaches 1,000,000.
You'll have articles from 2007 on that.
So I say 1,100,000.
It's way above that.
And then they have 4,000,000 plus names on a crime list that most of them aren't even convicted criminals.
And they say no car loan, no house, no apartment, no job, but the illegals are all exempt from this.
So, I want to put that up on screen for folks, but this is all happening.
What is the bill number to arrest you under felony charges if someone says you hurt their feelings online?
This is HR-1966.
It's also discriminatory.
It's only for internet people, not the mainstream media.
What is the bill number to list everybody in the Homeland Security Right-Wing Extremist Report as terrorists so they can't own firearms?
Okay, check that out again.
The Defense Department, AP and Heritage.org have both reported that there's been a gag order given to all commissioned officers that they are not allowed to even talk to members of Congress about the budget.
Before, they would always call in brass and question them about what they thought the best weapons systems were and was the executive doing the right thing, because Congress raises the money for that and then they declare war and the President executes it.
And they've been told you're not allowed to talk to Congress.
Just more of Congress being made to be ceremonial
Dovetailing with the PDD-51 saying that Congress is basically defunct.
So are the governors in the states under the John Warner Defense Authorization Act.
Scientists experiment with vaccinations and GMO corn.
This is out of the Meat and Poultry.
This is a pro-meat and poultry industry publication.
And they're already doing this.
I saw this over a decade ago, but they're now announcing it to the slaves.
It says, Iowa State University researchers are putting flu vaccines in genetic makeup of corn, which may someday allow pigs and humans to get a flu vaccination simply by eating corn and corn products.
You can Google pharmacological crops, pharmacological vaccine crops, and you'll read over a decade ago where they had live HIV in corn.
That's been mixed in with the main corn crops.
I'm not kidding.
You can actually look it up if you'd like.
And it's just all part of the freedom.
All right.
But hey, it doesn't matter.
The cops are tough.
You know, they want ours.
They got weapons.
And you know, the cops say, well, we're pro-Second Amendment.
Where are you?
You speaking out against all this?
You're strutting around telling me I don't have any First Amendment and we've caught the cops in England and in Denver and in Canada and everywhere else staging riots against other cops to blame protesters.
That's now been in the mainstream British news.
The cops, like we told you, were dressed up like anarchists, attacking other cops, and then going through the police line.
It was all staged so they could attack people.
It was cops up there knocking the windows out.
Because the government wants to demonize protesting and demonstrating.
You understand?
London Guardian.
We told you about this eight years ago.
This is not new.
It's already in dozens of U.S.
airports that we know of, starting in Boston, Logan.
But now they're inducing it to the slaves.
Brain scanning may be used in security checks.
It's like 10 years after they put in license plate reading software and all the major highway cameras.
Tracking everywhere you go and what you do.
They're now announcing this to the slaves.
After it's in place.
Brain scanning may be used in security checks.
Distinctive brain patterns can become the latest subject of biometric scanning after you researchers successfully tested technology to verify identities for security checks.
And they now supposedly have your brain wave pattern, whether you're upset or not.
This will be the new quackery.
They sent hundreds of thousands to prison and many to death row with fake lie detector tests.
And now they've just, and those have been disproven to be fraud.
So now they just have another quack machine that
Oh, you know, the CAT scan says you just lied when TSA asked you that question.
It's all part of training you.
You're a bad criminal, the government's God, and all part of you submitting to be a slave.
You can't even go to the beach now in Texas without them asking you questions and license plate scanning cameras and we put up videos of me at the ferry from Galveston to Bolivar and people email me going, well that's to stop the illegal aliens coming into America, that's the border.
No, it's a U.S.
ferry a quarter mile across and they only search U.S.
to U.S.
citizens on record.
Illegal aliens are left alone, okay?
We're the slaves.
We're the schmucks.
I was searched six times going back and forth.
I know.
I watch what happens.
It's all part of being a slave.
YouTube free speech purge accelerates.
Infowarrior channel banned.
A bunch of other channels banned.
Nate Evans channel banned.
No connection to us.
Just ban, ban, ban anything with Alex Jones.
Ban, ban, ban.
They don't care if you know they're censoring.
They want to send the message.
You don't post Alex Jones.
And if we give in to it, they win.
God, these people make me sick.
I want to show people this photo of tyranny before I get into the child-kidnapping rings run by the government.
Look at this one.
Where is that in my stack?
I just had that.
Oh, here it is.
NAU precursor.
EU police subdue sovereignty protesters.
Peaceful protesters in Serbia are being forced off their land.
I'm not taking sides here.
I'm not, you know, Serbian, folks.
I'm not Croatian.
I'm not Muslim.
I don't have a dog in the fight.
I've watched what's happened.
And they're peacefully with flags, so they were tear-gassed and rubber-bulleted by NATO police saying, no protest allowed.
This, I want to show people these photos.
This is up on PrisonPlanet.com.
NAU precursor, EU police subdued sovereignty protesters.
Just amazing to have that right there.
Okay, let me get into this.
I'm not going to spend all day on this, but I'm going to play the Cynthia McKinney clip.
It's a long clip about trillions missing, and they say, we won't say where the money is, Dr. Chu won't tell you, Rumsfeld says, and the guy that ran the Northcom stuff on 9-11, General Myers, is in there whitewashing and sucking on breath mints neurotically.
It's all a big joke to him.
This is why they went after McKinney and put all that money against her to get her out of there, because she would ask real questions.
But it's not just McKinney saying this.
I have BBC, AP, you know, Chicago Tribune.
We're DynCorp, Halliburton, all of them are caught running giant child kidnapping rings.
And one day I saw cops out front the DynCorp building here in Austin.
I walked up and I said, you know, that's DynCorp.
They run child kidnapping rings.
And they laughed at me and said, oh, I know, I work in that building sometimes.
I'm like, you know, they're all smiling.
See, it's mental illness, folks.
The whole country's evil, I'm telling you right now.
We gotta admit we've turned into a bunch of demons.
This is just gonna get worse.
But every time we talk about, Obama says he's gonna release hundreds of new photos.
And you watch, it'll be people in clown outfits or people naked with dogs biting them.
Sounds bad or a dead body or something.
But they admit Congress has seen hundreds of videos, thousands of photos of them raping children, snuff films, you name it, under CIA orders, torturing people, torturing their children.
Things I can't mention on air.
This man, General Tugumba, he's an American citizen, Filipino-American general, three-star general, he was sent to do the report, he did a real report, and then General Tugumba got basically threatened as
Ray McGovern's talked to him and talked about it.
I need to get General on sometime, but it's hard to get him on.
About how they threatened him.
He said, well, this is the report.
This is what happened.
And because he said he couldn't be part of it.
They were raping children with battery acid.
Just stuff out of Hellraiser.
Stuff out of...
I haven't seen that movie, but I've heard it described.
I mean, stuff worse than the worst Hollywood stuff you can imagine.
And, uh, it says, uh, the generals report how Antonio Toguma, who investigated Abu Ghraib's scandal, became one of its casualties.
And they came after him.
And they killed a bunch of people, too, in the military.
Videos amplify with pictures of violence.
The raw story Seymour Hersh reveals.
Shocking new details of Abu Ghraib.
Father and son forced to do acts together.
Evidence for Hersh's claims of child sexual abuse at Abu Ghraib.
You can just Google Sy Hersh, boys sodomized.
You'll get AP, Reuters.
Look, people keep emailing me saying this couldn't be true.
I understand you committed to the neocons and committed to evil.
And then because you did commit to evil, you feel like you've shined on to, yeah, let's get rough and waterboard and it's, you know, you know, there's a clip up on a front page magazine, one of the neocon sites where it's got this Marine Corps officer going, I love electrocuting people.
I love all of it.
I love torture.
Oh, it's so good.
They're all giggling.
Well, I mean, you know, once you decide to torture people, why not rape children?
And that's what they do.
And then we're the bad people who don't want to have the government raping children.
So here's Cynthia McKinney bringing all this up and Rumsfeld just, we put them in a penalty box.
Dimecore didn't get contracts for a few months.