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Air Date: March 22, 2009
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You can't possibly know or control what government, corporate America, or others will do, but you can control what you do.
Complete your supply now.
63 years a World War II hero from Texas.
You are listening to GCN.
ALVJ Austin, Texas.
IRN USA Radio News, I'm Jody Jordan.
An Oakland, California police officer is battling for his life a day after three of his colleagues were shot dead.
A parolee with an extensive criminal history opened fire at a routine traffic stop and hours later gunned down members of a SWAT team searching for him.
The government also died.
This is California Attorney General Jerry Brown.
It's just an indication to me that our prison system is broken, the parole system is inadequate, and instead of cutting back and putting more and more burdens and restrictions, we have to give the police greater authority to do their work and protect the citizens.
And President Barack Obama will be making a personal pitch to Senate Democrats this week as he pushes his plans for fixing the economy.
But first, the President will wrap up a long weekend with his family at Camp David.
This is IRN USA Radio News.
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The astronauts aboard the orbiting space station and docked shuttle are getting the morning off after a busy week.
Meanwhile, NASA is trying to figure out what to do about a pin that was mistakenly inserted upside down during a Saturday spacewalk, jamming an equipment storage platform.
A new urine processor is also ready to be tested.
This is NASA's Kawatzy Alibarrojo.
What's on the plate is to actually fill the urine processor with urine and to attempt to do a full process cycle on that.
The U.S.-led coalition in Afghanistan says troops killed five suspected militants during a raid today.
But local mayor says his house was the target and that the people who died were his guards, a crooked driver, and another man.
And Pakistan's reinstated Chief Justice is back at work following two years of protest over his ouster.
For the latest news and analysis, log on to IRNUSANews.com.
With a word about Israel, here's best-selling author and Bible teacher, Kay Arthur.
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The British Embassy in Iraq says it's received a new video that purports to show a British hostage who was kidnapped nearly two years ago.
Here's Charles De La Desma.
The British Embassy says the video shows one of five British hostages, Peter Moore, who says in it that the five are being treated well.
They were seized by heavily armed men in police uniforms in May 2007 from Iraq's finance ministry, then driven away towards Baghdad's Shiite enclave of Sardar City.
An official said the new video was filmed eight days ago according to its date stamp.
Charles to the Desmond, London.
Pope Benedict says he regrets the deaths of two women who died after being trampled in a stampede at a stadium where he later addressed young Angolians.
Benedict is addressing an estimated 1 million people in open-air mass.
He extended his condolences to the victims' families and wished those injured in Saturday's crush a speedy recovery.
Here's Victor Simpson.
He's trying to bring a sense of hope to Africa, to get people moving through the classical blights of the continent, such as corruption, wars, the civil wars, the ethnic rivalries.
And police departments in three dozen cities are using a new form of technology to try to reduce violent crime.
SpotShotter, as it's called, uses strategically placed acoustic sensors linked to a computer designed to help police locate gunfire.
But critics question its usefulness.
I'm Jody Jordan for IRN USA Radio News.
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This is the Alex Jones Show.
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Now live from Austin, Texas, here's Alex Jones.
Thank you for joining us, ladies and gentlemen.
It is the 22nd day of March 2009.
We've got two hours laid out here before us.
I want everybody within the sound of my voice, especially conservatively tens of thousands of people on different AM and FM stations or the internet tuning in for the first time, listen to me very, very carefully.
You are being robbed.
Criminals have hijacked the government.
They have decided to bankrupt everything so they can consolidate all of the wealth in this country criminally.
And the elite knows that the working class cannot tell the difference between middle class and elite, and so the elite is sicking the working class on the middle class, the historical enemy of the ultra-rich.
Now listen to me very, very carefully.
It is in government documents, think tank documents,
I have written articles, we have made films, I have been covering it for 14 years, that the globalists plan to put a police state grid in control of the U.S.
and then implode the economy.
It is now happening by design.
And there isn't time to screw around or sit on the fence about this anymore.
In my stacks of news, a huge stack I'm going to analyze on the second banker bailout, the world currency openly being announced,
And what all of this means?
We will not be talking about the $165 million bonuses at AIG.
That is nothing.
That is the Congress's diversion and the President's diversion from the $9.7 trillion that AP and Bloomberg have reported that has disappeared.
And I've got video clips.
In fact, pull it up again.
Senator Sanders grills Bernanke.
And there's scores of these clips where they say, where is the trillions?
And they go, we will not tell you.
I got a clip of the former Fed Chairman Greenspan, private Fed head, on Laird NewsHour saying, we're above all three branches of government, no one can question us.
Well, you read the Declaration of Independence, Bill of Rights, Constitution, you know that's a fraud.
But even if you haven't read that, anything that's above the law is called tyranny.
So I've got that stack of news.
Then I have a police state stack of news.
About two weeks ago, we broke the news story on my weekday radio show about the MIAC report written by the feds and issued to the state police in Missouri.
Subsequently, we've gotten state police reports out of Alabama, Texas, California, and others.
CNN covered it night after night, Fox covered it, Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh covered it day after day.
They never gave us any credit for breaking it.
I received a secret report, and I got called a liar for a week.
The governor of Missouri has come out and said it's real.
I've had state reps on, it's real.
It's now admitted.
But I always take the heat, because we're doing the real research here.
And we come out with it first.
Now, since then, they've made a lot of other announcements, including martial law for major U.S.
Mainstream news.
You know, for really 12 years of my 14 on air, I've been warning people about the military trying to confiscate guns, the police state, and people say, oh, you're just crying wolf, it hadn't happened.
All I knew is I would go to urban warfare drills and witness Marines and Army training to confiscate our guns and saying it was for the U.S.
And I said they could do this anytime, I don't know, this is scary.
The bankers say they'll implode the economy first, and then bring this in.
And now we're here and it's happening.
No, I was a man before my time.
I knew what I was talking about.
You know, we pushed in the national spotlight a month ago in Iowa.
The Army, it was in the newspaper, being quoted.
A sergeant being quoted going, yeah, we're going to lock down the city and do mock gun confiscations door-to-door.
People couldn't believe that report and then it became mainstream.
We don't make any of this up.
Understand that.
And I'm sorry this is scary.
I'm freaked out by it, too.
I live here.
I have family.
I have children.
So I'm going to get into that.
Also, CDC takes a closer look at Gardasil and paralysis.
This is from U.S.
News and World Report.
I also have CBS News and Associated Press.
Now, two and a half years ago, during the trials of Gardasil, a large percentage of those that took it had paralysis or death.
I was only reading their own trials on air and I had doctors and people on, people who'd been in the trials who'd died or who'd had family that had died or who had gotten sick.
It's now mainstream news again.
You can Google Alex Jones Gardasil and pull up video interviews I did two and a half years ago saying it causes paralysis.
That's what it does.
It's now mainstream news again.
This is what I do.
This is what I research constantly.
Five, six, seven, eight hours a day on top of being on the radio.
Now, I'm done talking about our research.
The point is, get ready for intensive news and information to be covered and your phone calls coming up.
Now, here is the banking stack of news.
I'm just going to read the headlines.
Feds planning 15-fold in U.S.
Monetary base.
Federal Reserve announces massive increase in government debt.
Now, this is Rolling Stone article we got a link to up on Infowars.com.
Finally, mainstream media is getting it right.
The global economic crisis isn't about money, it's about power.
How Wall Street insiders are using the bailout to stage a revolution.
And they got it right in this detailed report.
The bankers are bragging to stockholders.
That even comes out in mainstream financial publications.
They engineered the whole stinking thing.
There is no aid coming.
There is no cavalry coming.
They want to hurt you.
They're conquerors.
They're ruthless.
That's why they're in control.
Stop being so sappy and so weak and so passive and so trusting.
That is
The Rolling Stone Magazine.
Here's another mainstream headline.
The National Post, big paper in Canada.
Is this the end of America?
And it says, Helicopter Ben Bernanke's Federal Reserve is dropping trillions of fresh paper dollars on the world economy.
No, he isn't.
He's dropping it into their own bank accounts.
The President of the United States is cracking jokes on late night comedy shows.
His energy minister is threatening a trade war over carbon emissions.
His Treasury Secretary is dithering over banking reform program and raising concerns over his competence.
Oh, he's competent, alright.
They're doing this on purpose.
And monumental, dysfunctional U.S.
Congress is launching another public jihad against corporations and bankers.
And they go on to talk about the implosion.
Here's another one by Lou Rockwell.
Robbery writ monumental.
What it means when they monetize the debt.
The government's buying its own debt now.
The world isn't.
That means wheelbarrows like Weimar Republic.
Or what's happening in Zimbabwe right now.
Trillion dollar notes.
Here's another one from AP.
13 companies getting bailout money owe back taxes.
Yeah, their CEOs just don't pay their taxes.
Now here's one of the London Telegraph, what's really behind all this?
IMF printing billions of dollars in global quantitative easing, issuing a new global currency, a new global super currency.
Here's another Reuters headline, UN wants 750 billion dollar green investment.
And when you read it, it's actually a tax.
Okay, now that's just some of the news here, but here's the big one, and I'm going to go back through all these.
Here's the big one.
Just a small window into what criminal liars these individuals are, lock, stock and barrel.
In my film, The Obama Deception, that I've made in the last three months, it was done about three weeks ago, it was released last week, but the information is that up-to-date.
I show Obama's executive order.
Supposedly shutting down these huge bonuses to bailed out companies.
And in there, he says they all can do whatever they want and are immune.
So see, it was advertised as he was slapping them on the wrist, but it was actually the opposite.
So we'll come back and get into all this.
And now he's been caught red-handed with Senator Dodd.
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You're listening to GCN, the Genesis Communication Radio Network.
We are back live.
Oh, by the way, I'm going to get into the state police around the country being taught by the feds that anybody who has a Ron Paul sticker, anybody that talks bad about the banks is a terrorist.
There's been a giant new development on that front.
I made some phone calls this weekend and confirmed it.
I had the Army watching me up in Dallas at the In the Fed demonstration in November of last year.
We were there protesting the private Federal Reserve in Dallas.
It was going on at 38 locations.
The video of that is in my film, The Obama Deception.
And the U.S.
Army, violating federal law, was there.
It's a felony, but they were there spying on us, and we got the documents from inside the military.
Big Libertarian group got them as well.
They're all posted right now on InfoWars.com.
That's how serious this is.
Remember, a week and a half ago, there were the horrible shootings in Germany and Alabama?
I said they'd all be on Prozac drugs.
Of course, it turned out they were, but that's a side issue.
They always are.
It's on the drug insert.
It admits it causes psychopathic behavior.
When you wake up on the wrong side of the bed taking the hallucinogenic drug, it's in the class, but... the hallucinogen class.
But I saw a Reuters photo and it said the Army was there.
22 MPs running checkpoints after the shooting.
Regular Army.
So we called and got the Army colonel on.
And he admitted that they were there.
And I said, well that's a violation of posse comitatus.
And he said, no it's not.
I said, you're engaging in law enforcement activities.
Not writing the federal law on air.
Well, now the Houston Chronicle, Associated Press, Reuters, CNS News, the Army's doing an investigation of violating federal law.
So, there you go.
I first report the Army's there, because I see the photo in Reuters.
No other news, just a photo of the troops.
We call up Fort Rucker, confirm they're there, put out a report on it.
Now, I have the Army following me around.
Now, that's who we had following us around when I covered Bilderberg in Virginia last year.
Was Army in plain clothes.
That, too, is a violation of federal law.
But they just don't care.
So, when I sit here and tell you folks that we're getting followed around by the Army, people think I'm joking about the FBI calls we get at the office.
But who knows how real it is?
And they're running the show.
I mean, this is reality, ladies and gentlemen.
Because we're exposing who the real criminals are that run the government, and they don't like it.
Now, the good news is, the military and the police, that's where we're learning about all this from.
They don't like it either.
They know this is tyranny.
They know we're the good guys.
All right, that said, you know, I started the show saying the $165 million bailout money being spent by AIG, it's in the tens of billions in bonuses so far with different companies, but the $165 million in new bonuses, the third round since five and a half months ago, October 3rd with the bailout,
Got everybody really hot.
And then Obama came out last Monday and said, look, we didn't know about this till this week.
We are very upset.
And I'm going to do something about this.
Because remember, months ago, he got up and said, first day in office, second day in office, he said, look, we're going to punish the people that did this.
We're going to put caps on CEOs, which, by the way, is socialism and a very dangerous precedent.
And then I read his executive order and it said all the big bailout companies who got any of the money, they're exempt in perpetuity from following the rules.
And I showed the executive order and read it on air and put it in my new film.
That's why Monday when I saw Senator Dodd running around saying, I am so angry at the bailouts.
He's been doing this for months.
I am so mad about the CEO bonuses and executive bonuses and the billions.
We're going to do something about this with new laws.
Don't we give them more power?
And then it turned out that, of course, into the accompanying bill, Senator Dodd had actually written the part giving him the money and giving him the loophole.
See, that's perfect cover.
That is perfect, perfect cover when he's the one doing it.
But then, when he got in all this trouble and there was talk of impeaching him by Wednesday, he came out in Bloomberg and said, uh-uh, Obama told me to do that.
And here is Bloomberg.
Meanwhile, here's a CNN headline from
Wednesday, Geithner.
I should have known about bonus problems sooner.
Now, it's now come out that it was Geithner specifically, and this is in the Obama deception as well, mainstream news, who wrote the banker bailout takeover plan that they then gave to Paulson with Bush that they had passed.
See, they work in perfect tandem, like a rowing team or a
Football team or passing the baton.
I mean, this is perfect synchronized crime operation.
Now imagine, Obama is still running around saying he knew nothing about it when he signed the executive order and then had Dodd pass the accompanying law!
They're saying they don't know about it when they wrote it!
And this was no secret, it was all over financial publications with the $787 billion stimulus a month or so ago.
I mean, it's in my film, The Obama Deception.
I mean, I'm just little ol' Alex Jones and I know all about this.
So think of the level of deception.
And for all you conservatives out there who are loving this attack on Obama, I notice when I listen to talk radio, there's no mention of the Republicans and how they were team players on this.
Now, granted, they were the front line.
They were the linemen.
Geithner and Obama were the quarterbacks.
You know, they were the running back and quarterback here.
Or the wide receiver.
They're the brains of the operation.
And again, I'm non-partisan.
I'm saying in the left-right period, I realize the same offshore banks own both parties.
And people still can't seem to get that through their head.
And until folks do that, nothing is going to change.
But I want to sink in very, very clearly there.
Obama is running around saying... Well, that's another thing.
People see trailers for the Obama deception and, you know, there'll be hundreds of thousands, in some cases millions of views for the trailers on YouTube and Google.
There's all these comments going, How dare you in the trailer show Obama and then show Paulson?
You know, Obama was against the bailout!
You right-wing fascist!
Uh, no!
That's why we have both of them in the trailers together, because they all worked together.
And it wasn't a banking bailout.
It was a banking takeover, where they could take trillions of dollars secretly and not tell anybody where it was going, or they basically have a pardon for everything they've done.
Now, every time you hear about a new bailout or a new stimulus package, it has nothing to do with that.
It is hundreds of billions and trillions of dollars, depending on the package, directly into these crooks' pockets.
So I'm going to explain again.
Researching, watching C-SPAN, making the Obama Deception in the last three months, we have countless clips of Senator Dodd wagging his fingers saying, how dare them have a bailout, how dare them have bonuses, because we're like into round three now on the bonuses.
They have them every month or two.
And I had so much evidence against him, I didn't even stick Dodd in there.
I'm going to make a little video for the web that has him in there, where he's saying he's fighting all this while he's the guy that was their man in Congress writing it.
You know, the Democrats control Congress.
They're the ones that passed this, and then Bush shoved it through.
So, Obama's saying he knows nothing about it when he wrote the stinking thing, and his Treasury Secretary was already in control before Bush even left office.
That is on record.
Now, more, even, just more shocking news straight ahead on the banking front.
You think they've raped you so far?
Get ready.
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This is the GCN Radio Network.
Home to hard-hitting talk radio.
We are back live.
It's amazing.
All this news is off the chart here.
We've got to go through it all.
Your phone calls are coming up here in a little while at 877-590-5525.
That number 877-590-5525 if you want to get involved on air.
And comment on anything I brought up or any other news item or story you wish to discuss.
But finishing up with the banking.
Every time it's been done in Germany and in hundreds of other countries,
In Zimbabwe right now, it happened in Argentina nine years ago.
Every time the government starts buying its own debt, they create the fiat currency and then supposedly have it backed up with some value, investors and governments buy it.
And Bush tripled the size of government.
Obama is set in his first year in office to double that again.
In his first term, he's set to quadruple what it currently is, so it's just exponential.
By the way, I've got a bill here that's gotten a lot of attention in the last few weeks, it's very close to passing, that will ban gardens, fruit trees, chickens.
You'll have to have special government licenses and control to have that.
You can't make this stuff up.
We're being hit from every angle and every side with classical tyranny.
The country has cancer.
It's called the New World Order.
It's called tyranny.
So, on the heels of everybody being distracted by the $165 million, that is a distraction from the $9.7 trillion that's been stolen by offshore banks, with the quote, banker bailout, really a takeover.
But it is not a distraction if you look at how they lied about it.
See, they brought this out to make it a distraction, sort of grandstanding and Dodd and
The Democrats, as well as some Republicans and Obama, we're gonna, this is outrageous!
And people went, wait a minute, you wrote it.
Wait a minute, you signed the executive order.
Wait a minute, you did this.
And now the rats are fighting with each other.
Dodd's saying, hey, the White House told me to do this.
Now, if that upsets you, ladies and gentlemen, you should know that Tuesday of last week, the Federal Reserve announced what we already told you three months ago.
On record.
We wrote stories about it.
Because it was in foreign financial publications.
And that is that the private Federal Reserve began buying U.S.
bonds with U.S.
taxpayer money.
Let me explain.
They create fiat currency, then they're giving it in the bailout, then they buy the bonds and they make the profit.
I mean, this isn't just giving them the trillions.
They then loan it back to us with interest attached.
I mean, boy, that's good work if you can get it.
So we have all of that happening and going on right now.
And it's being reported in the Financial Times of London and Marketskeptics.com and other places, Fed planning 15-fold increase in U.S.
monetary base.
Now, you're not going to get that cash on the ground.
Less than 1% of the fiat numbers in government computers and bank computers is manifest by physical cash.
You don't get any of this.
They're actually tightening down on loans and
What you can get for houses or tuition or whatever.
They're hoarding all of it, you understand?
But you gotta pay it back in taxes and you get none of it.
The Fed is planning moves that would more than double its balance sheet assets by September by $4.5 trillion from $1.9 trillion.
Whether expressing approval or concern over the Fed's intentions, most commentators shall understand the real magnitude of the projected expansion of the U.S.
monetary base because they don't take into account the amount of dollars circulating abroad.
In U.S.
monetary base, there's the M1, M2, M3 money supply.
This 15-fold increase will be impossible to reverse.
Next September, when the Fed realizes it's gone too far, they know that, and tries to reverse its balance sheet's expansion, it will be unable to do so.
The realities which will hinder the Fed's control of the money supply are, at least 70% of all U.S.
currency is held outside the country.
That's right.
And when it starts coming back into the United States, that's Weimar Republic.
And the world's already dumping dollars.
The dollar plunged by 10% last week.
That's why the Federal Reserve had to come in and buy U.S.
notes, because nobody else would buy it.
And it just goes on and on.
But I tell you, this article out of Rolling Stone tells it like it is.
The big takeover.
Yeah, I got a film called Police State 2, The Takeover.
The globalist economic crisis isn't about money, it's about power.
How Wall Street insiders are using the bailout to stage a revolution.
And when you read the Trilateral Commission, RAND Corporation, CFR, they publicly bragged their engineering economic collapse to bring in a one world currency and a bank of the world that will rule every country on earth.
You want sources on that?
London Telegraph this week.
Financial Times of London this week.
Newsweek again?
I mean, I've got the new articles this week where they admit it, but this is not on US TV.
It's in some of the financial publications, and you talk about it, I mean, you read the London Telegraph on air, you get put in a police database.
Because the police documents, the MIAC report and others, that again, Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Fox News, CNN, all covered it this week, that we broke a week and a half ago,
And they say, if you believe the banks are corrupt, you believe they're running a scam, you believe a new world order exists, you believe there's going to be a new global currency, you are a cop-killing terrorist.
And Ron Paul and Bob Barr and others that are listed in there are considering legal action.
We broke that.
What, on Thursday on the show that they're doing that?
And then the governor of Missouri came out and said, I back the feds on this, put out by our state police that the feds wrote.
So that's the news there.
Let me go ahead and get in
To the MIAC report news.
Again, just type M-I-A-C report and you can read all the AP and Reuters stories about it.
It literally, I was sent the nine-page report by two separate state police officers in two different states.
It's gone out everywhere under governor's letterhead, but the feds wrote it.
And it says people that are pro-Second Amendment, cop-killing terrorist.
I mean, it just demonizes anybody that, if you believe the North American Union, cop-killing terrorist.
But the police have woken up to this, and they've read it all on the mainstream news, and they go, wait a minute, people are crazy if they talk about this?
They're dangerous if they talk about it?
It's not working.
Now, on the heels of that, we've gotten an army document, and I've gotten these before, but never one that I'm in,
Where all over the country they've announced in mainstream news suddenly fusion centers and they're putting regular army and every major police department as liaisons and oh the army's out at the mass shooting or they're out at the DWI checkpoint outside the base searching citizens and it's all a violation of federal law but they're getting everybody ready for martial law.
If we expose it they may back off.
The point is, everything we warned you about is now happening.
Kurt Nemo wrote the story for InfoWars.com.
Army dispatched in response to end the Fed protest.
This broke yesterday.
This is first time on radio.
It's up on InfoWars.com.
Another world exclusive here.
Thanks to the folks at the Libertarian Restoration Project who originally got the documents.
The Liberty Restoration Project blog has posted an advisory released last November by the United States Army Reserve, which is now totally federal.
It's under NORTHCOM.
The United States Army Reserve Command is publishing the Force Protection Advisory
And who are we?
Well, Ron Paul went and spoke at one.
I was there with Ron Paul's brother and led the deal with about 300 people in Dallas.
It's in my film, The Obama Deception.
And state police being there spying on us.
And Dallas police is one thing.
Bullhorning the Federal Reserve.
But the Army was there.
The Army fights a foreign enemy.
They kill things and break things.
This is classic tyranny.
And in the Army's report, you can go read, it says that, you know, we believe the Federal Reserve is private, and we believe it's corrupt, and that basically we're terrorists that are dangerous because we're protesting it.
It's our First Amendment right, where they're pointing out who's taking over the country, who's looting us, who's robbing us, and our own military is to be used against us, spying on us in plain clothes.
According to the Army Reserve, the folks gathered and exercising the First Amendment response to the Federal Reserve loan sharking operation are essentially terrorists.
The Army, quote, established relationships with local law enforcement and FBI and encouraged them to update alert rosters, according to the document, 2003.
Hello, this is Steve Schenck.
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You are listening to GCN.
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I mean, think about it.
I'm a radio talk show host.
We have rallies with Ron Paul and Ron Paul's brother, a congressman.
We go to Dallas.
We protest the private Federal Reserve.
We do it at 37 other locations around the country.
And the Army is running around, putting out reports like the Mayak report that the feds wrote, saying, Ron Paul, sticker on your car, probably a terrorist.
Almanac in your car?
Road Almanac?
Can't have a map.
That's terrorism.
I have the one the Feds put out to the Texas State Police.
Says cell phones, blue jeans, being nice to police.
All these reports say community service.
We're probably terrorists.
Now, again, the entire apparatus, you were told, in anti-terror was to fight Al Qaeda, this imaginary CIA creation.
And now they're swinging the whole thing around.
The Patriot Act was written for the American people.
The Military Commissions Act.
All of it was.
Where citizens can be secretly grabbed, secretly held, secretly tried in kangaroo courts, secretly executed.
This is what our criminal government does all over the world.
The bankers running things that run this nation have bankrupted hundreds of third world countries the same way.
They take them over.
That's why third world countries have troops on the streets, because they bankrupt everything to get control.
And this particular report we got, secret report,
Was in the state of Texas, but said it was going on all over the country, where they go and meet with the police and the FBI and others and they all hype up how we're a bunch of terrorists because we dare go out and instead of protesting the puppet Bush or the puppet Obama, these nobodies, these front men, these Madison Avenue pitch men, we go directly... Did you pull up a Senator clip where he's asking Bernanke, Senator Sanders?
Yeah, let's go ahead and play.
I guess he's a terrorist, too.
The Senator dared ask the private Federal Reserve Chairman, where's the two trillion bucks?
That's just, you know, from months ago.
It's now 9.7 trillion.
He says, I'm not going to tell you.
I'm not going to let you know.
He says, well, it's on our website.
He says, no, it's not.
He goes, well, I'm not going to tell you.
I mean, how dare the Congress?
How dare Ron Paul?
How dare senators?
How dare them ask the private Federal Reserve what it's doing?
How dare the American people go out and protest?
That's terrorism!
The First Amendment's evil!
And they demonize pocket constitutions, everything in these documents.
They say if somebody talks about the Constitution, makes frequent references to it, they want to kill cops.
But they claim they're friendly to police and want to work with them.
Yeah, we want to take our government back.
Police are losing their future, too.
We have criminals running the government, so they're brainwashing the police and military, that the patriots that know who the enemy is and who are peaceably exposing them, that we're somehow criminals.
Well, I guess here's another one of the terrorists, then a senator, asking the private Federal Reserve head where the trillions are.
...talked about with regard to the 2.2 trillion dollars that the Fed has lent out.
Now, I find that absolutely extraordinary that
I wrote you a letter and I said, hey, who'd you lend the money to?
What were the terms of those loans?
How can my constituents in Vermont get some of that money?
Who makes the decisions?
Do you guys sit around in a room?
Do you make it?
Are there conflicts of interest?
So my question to you is, will you tell the American people to whom you lent 2.2 trillion of their dollars?
Will you tell us who got that money and what the terms are of those agreements?
We explain each of our programs.
In terms of the terms, we explain the terms exactly.
We explain what the collateral requirements are.
To whom did you explain that?
It's on our website.
So all that information is available in our commercial paper.
And who got the money?
Hundreds and hundreds of banks.
Any bank that has access to the U.S.
Federal Reserve's discounts.
Tell us who they are.
No, because the reason that it's counterproductive and will destroy the value of the program is that banks will not come to the show.
Isn't that too bad?
In other words, isn't that too bad?
They took the money, but they don't want to be public about the fact that they received it.
We heard a whole lot about AIG.
They're on the front pages.
I got banks and I have businesses in the state of Vermont who are in a lot of trouble.
Our banks, by the way, are doing pretty well.
Not banks.
Now, how do these guys who are honest business people get it?
Do you have to be a large, greedy, reckless financial institution to apply for these monies?
There is no subsidy, there is no capital involved, there is no gift involved.
It is a collateralized... Alright, all lies.
That's enough from him.
You know, I thought of another clip I want.
Google, Alan Greenspan says Fed above the law.
I want to play him on Laird NewsHour saying, look, the President, the Congress, nobody can question us, nobody can audit us, nobody can look at us.
There's never been an audit of the Federal Reserve.
Greenspan says Fed above the law.
Now, imagine this.
We didn't have these stinkers running our country until 1913.
They engineered the Great Depression.
That's been declassified.
They engineer it all.
This is the enemy of any free society.
And by the way, while we were protesting the private Federal Reserve in Dallas, it's Branch Bank.
They had hundreds of high school teachers and professors in there brainwashing them for a federal program to go out and sell the public on what the private Federal Reserve is doing.
And that's in the news today.
San Francisco Chronicle.
Obama plans huge pledge drive for his policies.
He said on the Tonight Show a few nights ago, 13 million people signed up for his private campaign will go door-to-door pushing his agenda for a new banker bailout.
So see, it's okay for them to organize the public to sell their crime.
But you go out and you protest and say, we don't like what you're doing.
Hey, we sick the army on you.
We spy on you in America like this is Russia or East Germany or Communist China or Cuba.
You understand they're trying to mobilize a bunch of idiots to go along with them to be sicked on the American people that don't want to go along with it?
They just passed in the House compulsory national military service Thursday.
I'm going to cover that later after I take calls.
That's why I haven't taken calls yet.
I know the phone's been loaded.
Because, folks, the hour is late.
We're being robbed by offshore banks.
We're being robbed by offshore banks.
The Federal Reserve is a private offshore bank.
What more are you going to put up with?
I have the army on me.
I got the FBI calling my office.
I get death threats constantly.
This is real.
They've already taken half of your pension funds and your 401k.
They're going to take it all until you wake up.
You understand?
We're the people here fighting these crooks.
You understand that?
We're the ones risking our lives for you idiots out there that have been saying we're conspiracy theorists.
All we're covering is documented fact.
Here is Alan Greenspan in his own milquetoast way saying we're above the law.
Listen to this carefully.
What is the proper relationship, what should be the proper relationship between a chairman of the Fed and a president of the United States?
Well, first of all, the Federal Reserve is an independent agency and that means basically that there is no
Stop right there.
We're an independent agency.
I want to play it again.
Back it up.
We're an independent agency.
The Congress, the President, they can't look at us, they can't question us.
Oh really?
The Legislature, the Executive, and the Judicial all are supposedly co-equal.
But now they claim the president's a dictator under PDD 51.
John Warren Defense Authorization Act and others.
Now he's up there saying no.
What's my relationship with the president?
It doesn't really matter because they can't look at us.
They can't question us.
This is a private bank.
Go back to it.
Other agency of government which can overrule actions that we take.
So long as that is in place and there is no evidence that the administration or the Congress or anybody else is requesting that we do things other than what we think is the appropriate thing, then what the relationships are don't frankly matter.
Back it up.
I want folks to listen carefully.
Play it again.
The Congress, everything's okay as long as the Congress doesn't look at us.
And everything's good and everything's fine as long as the President can't look at us.
You know, we're independent.
We do whatever we want.
We're the private bankers that bankrupted and took over this country in 1913, and we'll do whatever we want.
Listen, children!
I go out and I protest these people, and the Army's there watching us with the police and FBI like we're terrorists!
And now they're conditioning the public.
Oh, for DWI checkpoints and car wrecks, the Army's going to help police.
And, oh, there's going to be military and local FEMA camps for emergencies with the local police.
And, oh, we've hired 26,000 preachers to prepare their flocks to go to FEMA camps for their safety.
And the Infra Guard, 50,000 executives are prepared.
And, oh, there was a mass shooting in Alabama, so the Army came out and ran checkpoints after it.
And, oh, you know, they're just getting everybody.
And I told you that was illegal with the Army in Alabama.
Houston Chronicle headline.
Army investigates whether federal law was violated and they say yes it was.
Listen to this carefully.
This is a financial coup d'etat.
...actions that we take.
So long as that is in place and there is no evidence that... No, no.
Play it from the start.
Play it from the start.
I want them to hear this whole clip carefully.
Go ahead.
What is the proper relationship, what should be the proper relationship between a Chairman of the Fed and a President of the United States?
Well, first of all, the Federal Reserve is an independent agency, and that means basically that there is no other agency of government which can overrule actions that we take.
Alright, we'll be right back with a second hour.
We'll be back with a second hour.
Stay with us, folks.
The IRS is skimming the wealth of the American people for the Wall Street bankers.
Taxpayers are being raked over the coals and forced to pay for bailout after bailout.
First we went after the Fed, now we're going after the Internal Revenue Service.
On April 15th, the Republic strikes back.
Every zip code, every post office nationwide, one purpose.
Show me the law.
Visit ShowMeTheLaw.org and sign up today to get involved.
Action groups are forming now at RestoreTheRepublic.net.
Join us in this national grassroots action to end the federal income tax.
On April 15th, the Republic strikes back.
We the people grow cotton, weave fabric, engrave ink, embed strips and fibers to protect from counterfeit, then carting to a private bank, having it lent back at interest, forcing taxes to service debt.
This capitalism or was Jefferson correct when stating a central bank issuing the public currency is a greater menace to the liberties of the people than a standing army?
Hi, Ted Anderson.
I'm placing a silver dollar in a book explains our monetary system.
Call for your copy 800-686-2237.
It's time to understand the system.
Call 800-686-2237.
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Hi RNUSA Radio News, I'm Jody Jordan.
An officer in Oakland, California remains hospitalized in the wake of the city police department's deadliest day ever.
Authorities say a parolee killed three other officers in shootings that began after a routine traffic stop yesterday.
The gunman was also killed.
Howard Jordan is with the Oakland Police Department.
We believe at this time that there are no other suspects involved in this case.
The suspect that we believe that was responsible for all four shootings had an extensive criminal history and was wanted on a no bail warrant.
And a memorial service could be held as soon as today for actress Natasha Richardson.
She died at a New York hospital Wednesday after a skiing accident.
Actress Amy Brenneman says Richardson had a wonderful life.
Life is short.
She lived beautifully.
She lived well.
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President Obama will be pitching his plans to fix the economy later this week.
Today, however, he and his family are wrapping up a long weekend at Camp David.
Here's Ross Simpson.
Obama says it's going to take a little bit more time than he would like to make sure that his administration gets this plan just right.
In an interview taped Friday and set to air Sunday evening on CBS,
He says, of course, we'd still be subject to criticism.
And Pope Benedict has been offering condolences to the families of two young women who died in a stampede before a papal youth event in Angola.
He's also wishing speedy recovery to the dozens of other people injured in the crush.
The Pope can make a big difference by the messages he delivers when he visits the country.
Here's Victor Simpson.
His remarks, asking forgiveness for the clergy sex abuse scandal, I think were very important for the Catholic Church in the United States.
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The British Embassy in Iraq says it has received a new video that purports to show a British hostage who was kidnapped nearly two years ago.
An extremist group has claimed responsibility for the abduction, and now there are demands for the release of hostage Peter Moore.
Here's Charles De La Desma.
The kidnappers have demanded that the U.S.
military release the founder of a Shiite militia group, blamed for the abductions.
While the British have asked that he remain in custody as long as the hostages are not freed.
More details are coming out about the Obama administration's plans to tackle bad bank assets.
Here's Carlotta Bradley.
And about 2,000 people turned out in a small Georgia town to honor the peanut at the first Peanut Proud Expo.
It happened in Blakely, Georgia, the same town where a Peanut Corporation of America plant was linked to a national salmonella outbreak.
Jim Morris, a peanut broker.
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Now live from Austin, Texas, here's Alex Jones.
We are back live.
I'm gonna go to your calls right now and I got a bunch of other news coming up.
It's very important, but let me just boil it down simply.
Private banks took over the U.S.
in 1913 monetarily.
Since then, they've turned us into an engine of world government, the Anglo-American establishment, the British Empire, basically.
And we go out and we protest the private Federal Reserve that says that it's above the law, above the President, above the Legislative, the Congress, above the Judicial, that no one can even investigate them, no one can look at them.
You know, Congress has hearings on the President, the President goes after Congress, the courts hear it.
This is not our system of government, to have these private banks doing whatever they want, and Senators and House members ask them questions and they say, we're not going to answer it.
We're good.
We get sent Army documents, and we've confirmed them, and they're up on InfoWars.com right now, that particularly in Texas, but all over the country, the Army was spying on us and reporting us as potential terrorists to local police who were there when we just protested the Federal Reserve.
And they talk about terrorism!
This is terrorism!
This is criminal!
Now, why do we have this report?
More than any other candidate in the Republican or Democratic Party, Ron Paul got more money.
From the military.
The military, the majority of them know about the New World Order, know about the FEMA camps because they're involved in it.
They're very upset and that's why we get these type of documents.
That's why we got the MIAC report from state police in California and Missouri.
That's why I got a Texas report we covered Friday that was even more insane.
Demonizing the American people.
These are secret police.
This is un-American, and it's a violation of federal law, the Posse Comitatus Act.
I told you last week that stuff in Alabama was illegal, and now it's in the Houston Chronicle that it's illegal for the Army to be out on the streets.
It's a violation of federal law.
Posse Comitatus.
So, you got criminal bankers robbing and looting and bonusing themselves into Valhalla.
Into heaven.
They're doing whatever they want, and then we... I mean, Ron Paul was at one of the things in Houston protesting.
I was there with his brother in Dallas.
We're all over the country, every location.
And we're the bad guys.
But see, the military is on our side, so they know we're not the bad guys.
They know we're the real patriots.
And the police are waking up.
And I've gotten some idiots sending me emails going, how come you're kissing up with the police and military now?
The point is, the commanders are bad pushing the New World Order.
The high-level ones are globalist.
But low-level, they know what's going on.
We need to wake them up.
We need to not just sit there and demonize them for no reason.
As society collapses.
So, let me explain something to people out there.
And I'm not talking down to the general listeners that listen all the time.
Most of you are smarter than I am.
But for new listeners,
Freedom and liberty and not living in a third world banana republic and not being robbed and ruled over and being enslaved is very, very rare.
Freedom is very, very rare.
Tyranny is the norm.
The reason you have a nice house and a nice car and can have a job, the reason the streetlights come on at night, the reason is because we have a rule of law.
And having secret police and troops running around demonizing the American people is treason to the country and classical corruption.
This is classical evil.
It's that simple.
And we've got another one coming up in April, another in-the-Fed demonstration all over the country.
We'll be identifying the military and plainclothes spying on us.
We'll be there.
We'll be identifying those committing federal crimes.
You are criminals.
You are violating federal law.
You know, they act like in the system, well, we can break any law we want, but the citizens will throw the book at them.
Listen, criminals.
It's just like Nazi Germany when Hitler took over the military.
You don't want to be part of this evil.
You need to choose which side you're on.
And I've been saying that every day for the last few years, and the police and military are responding.
They're saying we're on the American people's side.
Let's talk to Steve in Texas.
Thanks for holding, Steve.
Yeah, hey, good evening, or good afternoon, Alex.
I just wanted to say, first of all, that, you know, it's really too bad you didn't find out about the military spying on you at the end of February.
I said on air they'd be there.
They're always there.
They spy on peace groups, anti-death penalty groups, anti-immigration groups.
It's illegal.
There's military crawling all over us.
I caught them making bribes to police chiefs to operate in cities a decade ago.
Yeah, I was going to say, it's a shame you didn't find out about that in MIAC while you were making the Obama deception because, boy, I tell you, that would have fit in so well.
I'm making an Obama deception update or addendum that'll be out in one month.
Here's the deal.
Yeah, no rest for us here.
We're going to put out another one, don't worry.
Yeah, before I get to the main reason I called, which is about Marshall Ross and the situation that happened here in Texas during Hurricane Ike, I just want to say I finally got to see The Obama Deception last night, and it is definitely your best documentary, and the reason is because here I'm watching stuff that's actually going on now, not stuff that you're reporting on that's already occurred, even though there was.
This is like I was watching today's news as I'm watching The Obama Deception, so
You know, kudos to you, Alex.
You've done a fantastic job.
This is definitely your best documentary, and I'm really encouraging everybody to get a copy of this and spread the word about this.
I don't know if you heard about this, but last year, I live in Houston, and last year during Hurricane Ike, there was a town outside Houston called Lamar.
It's near, I believe it's Bay City off of, along I-10.
And this was all over the news for, I believe it was 48 hours, maybe more.
They had actually had the city down under lockdown and they used the term martial law.
No, no, no, no.
They're doing it everywhere.
The feds have told them.
And I've contacted and talked to a mayor up in New York, Schenectady, said, oh, because we have police corruption, we're going to have martial law.
That's the Capital News 9 out of the capital city.
They're in New York reporting on the nearby city of Schenectady.
No, Schenectady.
Yes, Schenectady.
Yeah, because I'm from New York.
Yeah, okay.
The point is Schenectady.
Well, I always get it wrong.
You're right.
Schenectady police chief Mark Charles said this is unprecedented and it goes on headlines.
Schenectady mayor considers options martial law.
So see, everything now.
Oh, we got drug drivers.
The Army's gonna be out.
Oh, we got car wrecks.
The Army.
They're just using petty excuses.
Well, what's wrong with the Army helping at car wrecks?
They're just getting us ready.
Go ahead.
Well, what I was gonna say is, this is where they actually had martial law in place.
These people could not leave their homes.
They said, if you leave your home, if we even catch you out on your front lawn, you will be arrested.
Now, that's tyranny.
I remember, and again, they set the precedent with things that sound reasonable like this, and there's a lot of good old boy cops and military saying, good, good.
Hey, the bankers are doing this so they can take over and take your pension fund, the value of your house, your stocks and bonds.
So go ahead and feel like you're part of the establishment, some of you out there listening.
The New World Order is going to go after you too.
You're not protected.
Get ready.
Good to hear from you, sir.
I have time for one more call.
All right, let's go.
I know we have this connectivity clip.
It's up on Infowars.com.
If they don't want to believe it, don't even play it.
They don't want to believe us, fine.
You know what?
Just enjoy the foreign bankers having their way with you.
Josh in North Carolina.
Go ahead.
Yes, hello Alex.
So, what I want to try and bring to people's attention today is a post that Shane put up on Friday on the forum, but what he highlights is, just go to YouTube and Rockefeller, basically Jay, declared war on the internet.
The exact headline, hang on, let me grab this.
Yeah, I was listening to BBC Radio on XM driving into the office today.
And they have the inventor of the internet on there admitting, a British scientist, that they're already shutting down the original web.
Total censorship coming in now because they're taking over through banking fraud.
They can't have us on the web.
And the exact headline at Google is, Jay Rockefeller.
Internet should have never existed.
If you go to YouTube right now and plug that in, that should pull it up.
And that's him basically saying that they're going to pull the plug on it very soon.
And the thread itself has a lot of evidence showing that they're gearing up so that basically, you know, at this point they've already had kind of their false flag with Marine One when you think about it.
Yeah, claiming hackers got the data.
Stay there, I'm gonna put you on hold.
Come back to all of your calls after this quick break.
I'm Alex Jones, InfoWars.com.
Like to still visit it?
And PrisonPlanet.com.
See the Obama Deception online for free as well.
Just Google the Obama Deception.
It's free everywhere.
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Be a part of the revolution today.
Good day.
Jim Newcomer from Midas Resources.
March 20th, 2009.
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Taxation and inflationary printing of the U.S.
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You're listening to GCN, the Genesis Communications Radio Network.
Oh yeah, we found the YouTube clip of, uh, in a Senate hearing, Senator Jay Rockefeller saying,
The Russians, the Chinese, some kid in another country can attack us through the internet.
We gotta shut it down.
As the New York Times said two weeks ago, a new, safer internet.
Internet 2, where you won't have any free speech and there'll be a few thousand choices of corporate news and information.
They're moving, folks.
We're kicking their hind end right now.
Good luck shutting the web down, boys.
Go ahead and try.
That is coming up a little bit later.
Let's, uh, who was I talking to again just now?
I'd forgotten the name of who I was directly going to?
Okay, Josh.
I'm talking to Josh in North Carolina.
Josh, finish up your points.
Hey, yes, again, Alex.
Great to be back with you.
Yes, I was the one who, of course, was bringing to your attention Rockefeller coming out on Friday and formally announcing that they wish to end the web.
So, well, the net in general.
Basically, there's a thread on the Prison Planet Forum discussing this.
There's a lot of evidence that they have been gearing towards this.
No, they admit.
Internet 2, taxing the web, ending net neutrality, the headlines in Australia, Chinese colony, internet censorship.
They're doing it.
They're doing it.
They're doing it as we speak.
And that is the thing.
They're doing it now.
This is happening now.
We are moving to internet too.
And as I point out on the forum here, people are in the matrix.
The average Joe doesn't care about his internet or how it works.
It's like his TV.
And the elite don't care about him either.
And that's the amazing issue.
Thanks for the heads up.
I'll tell you, our listeners give us all these heads up.
I remember seven years ago learning about Internet 2.
It's a consortium of private companies and governments who say openly, quote, the Internet's dead.
They're going to hijack the web, kill its freedom, and give you a few thousand choices.
They build it up, get everybody dependent on it, then they hijack it.
It's kind of like these foreign companies do where we pay for the roads, the state bills them, and then the state gets paid off and hands the roads over to them and they put toll roads on them.
I mean, it's happening now.
Hey, look, the Obama deception.
I put it out for free on the internet last week.
It went to number one on YouTube and Google.
I mean, we're talking hundreds of thousands of views a day per video.
There's a bunch of versions of it.
A bunch of uploads of it.
And they would just take us off the main page, the most viewed, the hottest, the most discussed pages.
And you see videos with a tenth of the views we have that are up there on the main page.
They want to suppress it.
They want to control it.
It's disgusting, ladies and gentlemen.
And again, there's a lot of crappy copies of it up on the web.
People that uploaded it in bad quality.
You Google Obama deception.
The Obama deception.
And it's the third or fourth link down.
It says, Obama deception high res.
And it's changed a channel.
It's the name of the YouTube version.
It's 400 and something thousand views.
Cruddy ones have more than that.
We want to make it the number one video out there, because if you're going to watch it, you might as well see it in high quality.
And the video that gets the most hits will go to the top of Google and other search engines.
So, you know, I make a $100,000 film.
It's free.
And this film shows people that Obama's controlled by the very same private banks that controlled Bush.
This film is made for people that aren't awake yet.
It's made for people to understand that Obama is a Judas goat.
A betrayer.
And it's got all the latest information in it.
Sure, even if you know a lot of stuff about the New World Order, you'll learn some new things here.
But it's designed to be given to people.
It's designed for you to buy the DVD in high quality at InfoWars.com and make copies of it and wake up conservative and liberal friends.
It shows them how they're all bought and paid for.
How Bush and Obama's people worked together to craft the banker takeover bill known as the Banker Bailout.
How they crafted it all.
You need to see this or they'll keep fooling us with bait and switch with Republican Democrat.
Okay, let's go to Brett in Montana.
Brett, thanks for holding.
Just two things I'd like to cover real quick.
Hey, thanks for having me.
The first thing is that, you know, I've been really worried about people in my area not waking up, but just yesterday I saw a group of protesters and I was just at a local health food store and we ended up having a conversation, all the people in the store, about
They've got a bill that's about to pass that openly will ban all gardens, everything, and then I've got mainstream news out of major cities like Tulsa, Oklahoma saying we're going to basically restrict you having your home garden because you can't be trusted to have one.
You cannot make this up.
They are the terrorists.
They are the criminal bankers.
And that's, listen, there are Tea Party protests with thousands and tens of thousands in every city every week now.
That's why they're teaching police protesters are terrorists, because they don't want the police and military figuring out their interest is the American people's interest in joining together, because if we ever really take the government back, all these bankers like Bernanke and the rest of them and Paulson and Geithner are going to prison!
We're the good guys, folks!
That's the whole point!
We told you what was going to happen.
Go ahead.
Absolutely, and that's exactly the conversation that we were having, and it pretty much was wrapped up by a couple of older ladies saying that, well, I guess we are terrorists, and I guess I'm just going to have to be a good shot.
And it was just so refreshing to
Yeah, everybody's waking up, but the establishment's gotten scared and is moving against us right now, and I got the Army and everybody else on my tail.
Mainstream news.
So do you think that the Obama deception has sped things up even more?
Oh, absolutely, sir.
There are over 100 uploads we found of it alone that have over 100,000 views apiece.
So what's 100 times 100,000?
That's 10 million, maybe.
10 million views in one week!
I'm sorry, go ahead.
Any updated predictions for 09?
You think this is... Yeah, I think the government's going to stage terror attacks.
Everybody's going to start loving the government again.
The criminal, illegitimate government.
I think they're going to continue to bankrupt the world economy by design.
Not because I'm making a prediction, but because the enemy admits what they're doing.
Steve in Indiana.
Steve, you're on the air.
Oh, hello.
Yeah, hey Alex.
Yeah, I've been listening for a long time.
Yeah, there's so much going on.
It's overwhelming.
Talk about terrorists.
Yes, I have a pocket constitution.
I'm proud of it.
That is in mainline FEMA documents.
A terrorist document.
They say the Founding Fathers are bad.
Ron Paul supporters are bad.
I got a Southern Poverty Law Center intelligence report in.
Lou Dobbs.
I showed it on the TV show Friday.
It shows Lou Dobbs.
His picture says he's evil.
I mean, just we're all evil.
You don't like the bankers.
You don't like the fact they have stolen trillions.
You are a terrorist.
Well, it's just, it's unfortunate that these... Well, they're the terrorists!
I mean, give me a break!
They're the criminals!
Yeah, it's unfortunate that those... Of course the bank robbers are telling the police, the people pointing out the bank robbers bad!
That's unfortunate that their mindset is so screwed up compared to ours.
Did you hear the state police officer on the show Thursday that sent us one of the documents that's now mainstream news and confirmed?
He said 90% of his Iowa, and he's a senior officer, 90% of his department knows the New World Order is real and the government's own propaganda is what woke them up.
Because it says there's no new world order, there's no foreign banks, the Federal Reserve isn't private, and then they go, wait, I know that's a lie!
Yeah, you talk about what you call psychological warfare crap, yeah, I mean, big time.
I mean, yeah, I'm as fired up as you are.
I mean, yeah, I think it's a joke in the end.
I mean, they have to be total morons who think they're going to get away with this.
Well, so far they are getting away with it.
I mean, they've stolen $9.7 trillion and counting.
Just absolute corruption everywhere, running rampant, doubling, tripling, quadrupling the size of government.
I mean, the news I've got in front of me, it's all coming out.
More of your phone calls.
This is the second American Revolution against tyranny!
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In every case in history, when powerful elites take control of nations, they gut the economies, loot everything, and destroy the sovereignty and liberty.
That's what freedom's all about, defending against banker takeover.
That's what the Founding Fathers spoke about.
It's now happened.
And the criminals that run our government are completely illegitimate.
Now, the protection of this nation has been taken away.
The Bill of Rights and Constitution is in the toilet.
We've got to get it back, ladies and gentlemen, and that means all of you have to get active and aggressive and speak out, and don't let the chilling effect of the establishment saying, if you talk about freedom, you're a terrorist, and protesting is illegal, and the American people are bad.
No, it's the bankers that are bad!
It's the bankers that claim they're above the law and run this country.
I just played you clips of them in testimony saying they run this nation and they're above the law.
They are not above the law.
They are not God and they are not invincible.
We're on the radio.
More and more stations are picking up the show.
We're resisting these people.
And other folks are waking up.
There's a huge awakening taking place.
So as crazy as all the news is, the good news is folks are starting to wake up.
George in Texas, you're on the air.
Good, sir.
How you doing, Alex?
You know, I was sitting there, uh, you know, with, uh, with those nuts, um, people, there's no outrage.
I was watching on MyFoxHouston that all the federal money that Texas got to secure the border is not going to the border.
Of course it's not.
They want, Obama's announced and Bush wanted it to legalize all the illegal aliens.
That's their way to fix it, is to legalize it.
And further bankrupt the country.
Yes, and the other thing is I started passing out Obama deception, and believe me, I got a positive response because now it's confirming people's suspicions that they couldn't put a finger on it.
It's all about the banker takeover.
I knew what he was going to do because I had his executive orders.
Look, the film is exploding because it's about exactly what's happening.
And it destroys this whole ping-pong back and forth between liberal and conservative as if the two groups don't work for the same syndicate.
Well, I just have to say thank you, Alex, for keeping up the good work, and to the audience, we all encourage you at the InfoWar.
Your participation is strongly encouraging.
Absolutely, folks.
I mean, look, the only hope we've got is to get the government back, to discredit the bankers, and to call for their imprisonment.
And that's why they're trying to demonize us to the police and military.
The people know you're the crooks.
It isn't going to work.
They used to deny their world government.
Now they admit a new bank of the world that will control our currencies and tax the United States.
Mainstream news.
In fact, I'm going to get to that.
It's in the stack.
Got some other news I want to cover.
But meanwhile, Obama's meeting with all these mayors and telling them to go back and announce martial law to fix the economy.
See how they keep floating that everywhere?
They're trying to sell you on military occupation of the United States!
Alex in California, you're on the air.
How you doing, Alex?
Good to talk to you.
I spoke to you a few months ago regarding the story I wrote.
It was linked up on InfoWars about the DUI checkpoints with the Marines in California.
That's right.
You wrote a big mainstream story in the paper.
We linked to it.
And you talked to the Marines illegally running checkpoints for citizens searching citizens' cars in California.
Mainstream news.
Tell folks about it.
Right, well, just to give you a little background, I'm a freelance writer.
I write for the Inland Info Weekly, among other publications.
Yeah, tell folks the article you wrote.
It was a good one.
This story was about the DUI checkpoints out in San Bernardino, and it was on December 12th of last year.
And at first, you know, I heard it on your show, and I thought it was a rumor.
People were kind of trying to discredit you.
Sir, if you hear it on my show, it's not a rumor.
I had the state police press release from ships
I had the local news reporters on.
Marines armed at checkpoints searching Americans because they've been given orders to condition the public for military occupation.
Go ahead.
Yeah, so I basically confirmed what you had already confirmed.
I spoke to the Marine, I spoke to the CHP, I spoke to the local attorney, the radio station, TV station that covered it.
It's all true, it really happened, but they're still being secretive about it.
And there's actually a picture, I don't know if you... Because it's a violation of federal law!
Did you see the Houston Chronicle two days ago?
Now again, a week and a half ago with the mass shooting in Alabama, I said troops are there, it's illegal.
I had the colonel on.
People said, oh it's not illegal.
It's illegal!
It's illegal!
Go ahead.
Yeah, that's the main point I wanted to get across.
You know, people can debate about it, but the fact of the matter is that it is illegal.
It's a federal law that bans military from doing these kinds of operations.
Because we know this is tyranny.
People are like, why are you against the military?
Because they fight foreign enemies.
They take over.
They suspend the law.
Martial law.
Martial law.
The bankers, if they think... They're doing a trial balloon for martial law right now.
All over the country, troops are popping up everywhere.
They're putting... I have literally 50 articles the last two weeks with them placing regular army in every major police department.
If they're able to sell this, they're going to go ahead and bankrupt us like Argentina.
That, I have the IMF World Bank documents.
They are going to do it!
They are going to take everything you got, listeners!
You think the economy's bad now?
If these bankers decide that you're going to bend over to take it, they're going to move!
They're like a bully or a criminal, testing to see if they can get away with something.
So I'm going to tell you right now, you better scream bloody murder, and you better stand up for the Republic, or the United States is falling!
Then don't you dare tell me I shouldn't get excited about freedom.
People yell and scream about football games.
They yell and scream about petty issues that don't matter, and they're called patriots.
But you yell and scream about a bunch of foreign bankers taking over the country and robbing it, and you're called a kook!
I'm the sane person!
Anybody that's got a problem with me, they're insane!
Go ahead!
Yeah, I just want to add to your point, Alex.
It's really scary.
I'm truly frightened, but I'm just so tired of all these fake liberals and conservatives, you know, debating it and acting like it's not a big deal.
I heard Rush Limbaugh a couple weeks ago, and he was openly talking about the FEMA camps, trying to say that same thing as Glenn Beck.
He didn't know if they were real.
I have all the bills.
I have all the bills I've had congressmen on.
The House passed national compulsory service for military service.
The House passed a national draft four days ago!
It's just unbelievably how sick this is and I'm truly frightened.
I just hope that everybody everywhere starts to wake up and realize what we're against.
People definitely need to make their voices heard and wake up to this information.
Like you said, it's all real.
We have no time to debate it anymore.
It's all true.
It's openly out there for people to see for themselves.
So, I think people need to get out of their daydream.
Wake up.
People think it's weird that I get upset.
They're under a spell.
It's weird if you're not upset about this.
Sir, give folks the headline of the great article you wrote for the local newspaper so people can read it.
It's in the Inland Empire Weekly.
Perfect, perfect.
It's a free local magazine out in Southern California.
It's IEweekly.com.
The headline is Tangled Up in Blue.
Got a lot of response.
Yeah, it was the cover.
It was the cover.
It was like the Austin Chronicle.
It's the cover of it.
It's got a cool drawing.
Yeah, it's the cover.
I got a lot of awesome response from actually military and police who were saying, you know, that if they were ever ordered to do this, that they wouldn't do it.
So I think it's a positive thing if we can reach out to the people in the military and police and let them know.
And a lot of them already do know, but if we can get them on our side,
When and if this stuff goes down, you know, we'll have a better chance.
It's just truly frightening.
Personally, I go through battles where I don't believe it, but like you said, I mean, it's openly out there.
It's a fact.
We're not living in 1984.
It's really happening, so people need to pay attention to this stuff.
Absolutely good to hear from you.
I want to be very clear about this.
I want to be very clear about this.
Folks, I began studying history when I was 12 years old because I discovered history books were more interesting than, you know, fiction.
This is all that happens.
The military always takes over under the control of some group of crooks.
It happens everywhere, every time.
It is incredibly rare to not have a nation taken over by a bunch of bankers and the military.
You understand?
This is the norm!
It is happening!
And I'm just a regular guy who discovered in the mid-90s that the military was covertly paying off police chiefs so they could bring in narcotics and all sorts of other crap.
I discovered all of this, I learned about it, and dug into it, and now I'm probably the leading expert on it.
And when you know how hardcore this is, when you look... It's just so amazing to know this is happening, and all I want to do is try to turn this around.
All I want to do is try to stop this.
You know, in fact, I have it here in my stack.
I meant to get to it.
PrisonPlanet.com, but it links to the bill itself and Associated Press.
House passes mandatory national service bill, and it talks about youth engagement zone, clean energy corps, education corps, health futures corps, veteran service corps, national civilian community corps, and let me read to you the actual subsection.
It states that
Mandatory part of curriculum in all secondary schools served by the local educational agency in preparation for military force service.
And then the nexus tying into that is already issued by the Department of Defense a month ago.
Defense Department Directive 1404.10.
Management retains the authority to direct and assign civilian employees either voluntarily or involuntary, or to an unexpected basis to accomplish the DOD mission.
This is national draft, but with a domestic police state army.
You understand what's happening?
Stay with us.
This is it.
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My friends, you've been sold on the false left-right paradigm.
These talk show hosts talking about issues of little or no significance.
How do you think they'd introduce camps?
Well, they're building camps for all the homeless, and the Army's gonna run them.
Oh, the Army's out helping to stop drunk drivers.
You're not for drunks, are you?
They're out helping, you know, run checkpoints and help car crashes.
I mean, the Army's here.
Oh, there was a shooting.
The Army's here.
The Army's here.
And then meanwhile, the military itself, higher level commanders, start going after their own people for committing crimes, and they're told, no, we're ignoring this law.
I mean, look at this San Francisco Chronicle article.
Obama plans huge pledge drive for his policies.
President Obama appear on The Tonight Show, the first ever for a sitting chief executive.
It was only a small part of the President's so-called permanent campaign.
A bigger move comes Saturday, when Obama will talk to 13 million people on his campaign email list to go door-to-door to raise support for his agenda.
See, it's being introduced as, oh, they're volunteers.
Part of them are, but they want to conscript you.
The House has passed a new draft, but the military decides whether you serve here or internationally.
Now, the Senate hasn't passed it yet.
By the way, we have that clip of Rockefeller saying, get rid of the Internet, right?
Do you have that queued up?
I forgot to play that earlier.
We'll play that later, if you got it.
I'm going to take a few calls here.
The Pledge Project, Canvas, is an unprecedented effort finding out who a slave is or who isn't a slave.
By a president to reach beyond Congress and tap grassroots supporters for help, volunteers recruited online by the Obama Organization for America, a post-election group that they run U.S.
government PSAs for, by the way, to get members, will ask citizens to sign a pledge in support of the president's policies on energy, health care, and education.
Those who pledge will be asked for their email address so Obama can keep in touch.
This is just the beginning for us, said Jeremy Byrd, Deputy National Director of Organizing for America.
In an online video for Obama supporters this week, the establishment in Washington won't welcome this new direction easily.
Obama keeps saying he's anti-establishment.
This is the establishment creating their own phony rent-a-mob.
13 million who they want to go out and then double their numbers.
To 26 million people.
And if they do that, it's over.
We've got to counter them with the Obama deception, handing it out to them.
That's why I made it, was to give it to him and explain that he's controlled.
Analyst marvel, technology and political analyst, marvel at the potential of Obama's attempt to transfer successful campaign techniques, melding of street-level community organizing to new media tools to advance his policy.
What Obama is doing is very
New approach, said Lawrence Jacobs, director of the Center for Study of Politics and Governance at the University of Minnesota.
The approach being, during a campaign when Obama tapped, in an array of social network tools.
And he goes on to say that it's, just, folks, this is classic fascism.
It's exactly what Webster Tarpley says they're going to do in the Obama deception.
And again, I want to tell you, don't take this for granted.
Just Google THE Obama deception.
And the third or fourth link, as it changes all the time, will say, in high res, high quality.
That's the one.
Or just test the four links.
You'll see which one is crystal clear.
It's very clear.
Very good for web video.
Great ENCODE that changed the channel.
That's the name of the YouTube handle.
Send it out to everybody now, folks.
We can fight them.
The bankers know it's going to be unpopular taking over, putting troops on the streets, gutting the country.
And they want a bunch of idiots to run around cheerleading it, to basically go around and bully everybody into submission.
This is what Mussolini, Hitler, Stalin, Mao, all of them did.
Pol Pot, Fidel Castro.
This is hardcore, un-American garbage.
And they're running national PSAs with the Ad Council for Obama's private group with taxpayer money to produce the ads.
This is the takeover.
The bankers are going for broke.
Will you let them win?
Oh my God, it's bad.
It's bad.
Sherry in Florida.
Sherry, you're on the air.
Thanks for having me, Alex.
How are you today?
Just, it's unbelievable to see the New World Order takeover happening.
Open announcements of world government run by the banks.
It's all happening.
I'm just trying to warn the people.
I hear ya.
Hey, I work for a sheriff's department in Florida, and after listening to Stuart Rhodes this week on your show, it made me read the oath to office that I swore to.
And to law enforcement out there, read your oath to office and read what you're swearing to, because it's not quite what I thought it was.
Are you guys getting all these federal reports demonizing patriots that are against the Federal Reserve?
You know, I looked back through all of them.
We do get bulletins about stuff to watch for.
I never did see that one come through our department.
But is there other stuff demonizing people that are against the New World Order?
No, not really, because I listen to your show and I do look for stuff like that.
And in our department, I haven't really noticed it.
Let me ask you this.
Are the officers, the deputies, starting to wake up to what's happening?
Not at all.
Oh, man.
No, I'm kind of an outcast because I do talk about it and I ask them outright, oh, you're going to go take guns when they ask you to?
And they just kind of look at me like, oh, like that's going to happen.
Well, did you hear the state police officer on saying 90% of his people he works with are white?
He's lucky.
I envy him because the people I work with just, they're in denial.
They just don't think anything's going to happen.
It's already happening.
The economy is in free fall.
I mean, the bankers are destroying everything by design.
Can you believe Obama wrote the bailout plan that's now admitted and literally wrote the loopholes for CEO bonuses and then says he didn't know about it when they wrote it?
Well, it's all rhetoric, Alex.
It's all just campaign rhetoric.
Yeah, that's what he says every time he gets caught lying.
Good to hear from you and God bless you, ma'am.
Let's go ahead and talk to Zach in Nebraska.
Zach, you're on the air.
Oh, hi Alex.
My question is about all the increasing inflation that we see.
Will that increase house prices?
Or will the house prices continue to drop?
No, you're going to have a depression in the real economy.
So you won't have a job, but then things will cost more.
It's never before happened except in third world countries.
It's called hyper-stag inflation.
The very worst thing that can happen economically.
It is the worst
Hi, how are you?
Hello Alex.
I have a question about vaccines and stuff, but I actually wanted to plug My Cousin's Charity.
And what I have to say about vaccines is I find it interesting that the main cause of autism is because of the vaccines and the Marisol, yet the government doesn't cover any equipment or medication to fix that autism, or at least make some of it go away.
So My Cousin's Charity is actually called Tyler's Gift, and what it does, it covers medicine and equipment that insurance companies and the government does not pay for.
And I know a lot of people right there, um, out there who have autistic children and who may be autistic, you know, really, um, have low... Well, I mean, CDC is... All these people are dying.
They're taking the Gardasil shot.
And the corrupt government now says, before they said melamine in milk was bad, now they say melamine's good for you.
Before they said mercury was bad, now they say it's good for you.
I'm not kidding.
You can Google that and watch mainstream newscasts.
And then now they're all these girls are dying that are taking this or having being paralyzed, but so what?
It's good for you.
Fire out the website.
The website is www.tylersgift.com.
Okay, good to hear from you.
Gotta jump to more calls.
Arthur in Kansas City.
You're on the air, Arthur.
Thank you for holding.
Yes, go ahead.
Yeah, how you doing?
First of all, I just want to tell you, man, you'll be blessed for your deeds because the things you speak on are righteous, you know what I mean?
And for those who are trying to be sneaky, I think they was born like that and they're just now able to be able to act on what they so possess, you know what I mean?
On another situation in regards to the economy,
You know, if we don't have no legs to stand on.
You ever seen that picture of the, you know, symbol of the world with legs and arms?
And we on one leg, you know what I mean, with a sprung ankle.
So if everybody is, you know, our protection is somewhere else, you know what I mean, and the things that's going on in this world, I don't even feel protected, you know what I mean?
I don't, I'm not worried, you know what I'm saying, because ultimately those people that's doing that dumb stuff, they still gotta, you know what I mean, answer to God.
On another note, you know what I'm saying, you have common sense.
The key to life, you know what I'm saying, is common sense.
We all have it, but I think they forgot we have it.
You got four quarters of a dollar like winter, summer, fall.
You had, you know, when God gave us the power of choice to live on our own, you had where you were, where you're at, where you're trying to go, and where you're going to be.
Okay, that's changed.
It's where you were,
Absolutely, absolutely, and I appreciate your call.
That's it for calls.
I'm sorry to all other callers.
Call me back tomorrow on the weekday show or next Sunday.
But the point here is, the globalists want to destroy economies, to domesticate you, to institutionalize you, to get you under their control.
They want a total government takeover controlled by offshore banks.
They want to bankrupt the economy to consolidate the wealth and domesticate the population.
Their own documents admit it.
The globalists brag about it.
They are eugenicists.
They are totally ruthless.
And you've got all these naive people thinking the system cares about them and believe in all the PR and hype.
Folks, you better grow up and realize how serious things have gotten, how late in the hour things really are.
You know, that's why I make a $100,000 film and then put it out for free.
Because money doesn't matter, folks.
All that matters is we get the truth out.
Though I do need money to make the next film, so please buy the high-quality DVD at InfoWars.com of The Obama Deception or call 888-253-3139.
But that doesn't matter.
Spread the word about this radio show.
Get the free copies that are on the web.
Google The Obama Deception.
Change the channels.
The name of the channel on YouTube.
It's the best in code up there I've seen for free.
Spread that link out to everybody.
Get aggressive.
Realize the incredible power you have and take on the new world order.
The Obama deception.
I want it all over the web.
It's already super viral.
Number one video out there.
Great job crew.
God bless you all.
Hi, this is Ted Anderson.
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We the people grow cotton, weave fabric, engrave ink, embed strips and fibers to protect from counterfeit, then carting to a private bank, having it lent back at interest, forcing taxes to service debt.
This capitalism?
Or was Jefferson correct when stating a central bank issuing the public currency is a greater menace to the liberties of the people than a standing army?
Hi, Ted Anderson.
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