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Air Date: March 19, 2009
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Big Brother, Mainstream Media, Government Cover-Ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
We are live, ladies and gentlemen.
Thank you so much for joining us today.
It's Thursday, the 19th of March, 2009.
We're going to be live here for the next four hours.
We have Dr. Chuck Baldwin, Constitutional Party presidential candidate, 2008, who was basically listed as a terrorist leader by the state police.
Propaganda document put out in Missouri, written by the feds, and that's what the document does.
Don't let them spin it.
Also, we've got Commander David K. Robin of the American Legion joining us, outraged by the fact that they're going to make all veterans pay for their own health care.
Now, that's CNN, ladies and gentlemen, and they put a spin on it and say it's good.
So basically, you'll have to get your own insurance when your arms and legs get blown off, or you breathe nerve gas, or you get shot.
You know, more than 15,000 troops have died in Iraq.
They just changed the rules seven years ago, as they were building up for the war.
We've now passed the six-year mark for being in Iraq, but seven years ago they changed the accounting rule, kind of like they've changed all the other federal statistics that were always somewhat fraudulent, but now even more fraudulent, to where if you're not looking for employment anymore and you just dropped out of society, which tens of millions have done, you just are counted as employed.
Isn't that interesting how they cook the numbers there?
Well, it's the same thing here.
You can pull this up, you can just Google it, the government admits it.
15,000 plus troops five years in, I haven't looked at it in a year, have died of their injuries since they left Iraq.
And I mean, they can die on a jet, medical aircraft, flying them to New York City or to D.C.
or to Virginia or to Rammstein in Germany, and it doesn't count.
So, when I say 5,000 died in the Obama deception, I'm just going with what they're officially spinning and saying.
Not even counting the 1,000-plus dead contractors as well, so it's well above that.
Continuing, we have Stuart Rhodes from Oath Keepers coming on the show.
This is a group of police and military saying they're going to keep their oaths to not violate the Bill of Rights and Constitution under criminal orders from either the commander-in-chief or their direct commanders in the military and police departments, police chiefs and others.
So that is coming up.
We also have author Jeff Grubb, author of Corporatism, The Secret Government of the New World Order, very interesting professor, joining us in the last hour of the show today.
Rescheduled him from last week.
So that's basically what is coming up.
Okay, massive news, very important news.
Let me break it down right now.
House passes mandatory national service bill.
You heard me.
It's now going to the Senate.
They are going to do this.
They are moving on every front.
By the way, Obama is going down to Mexico.
I was listening to him live.
I gave a speech on the radio this morning to a crowd saying that, well, we're going to fix the illegal alien problem because we're just going to legalize them.
The American people want to legalize them.
They just want them to be official and legal and have papers and be in the system.
and so get ready for that as well but uh... just off the charts report prison planet dot com paul watson house passes mandatory national service bill the house passed a bill yesterday which includes disturbing language indicating young people will be forced to undertake mandatory national service programs as fears about president obama's promise
Civilian National Security Force Intensify.
Watson's being too timid here, like he always is.
If you read the bill that passed, it says forced service, so I'm going to read it.
Yes, they have passed it.
It's going to the Senate right now.
The Obama administration is now having to admit they engineered the loopholes for the banks.
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We've got to give them a stake in creating the kind of world order that I think all of us would like to see.
The Obama deception completely destroys the myth that Obama is working for the best interest of the American people.
Well, Obama's already fudging.
He's fudged since day one in this election.
If you have a demagogue with a fanatical mass movement of personality cultists who is imposing the program of a group of extreme bankers and finance oligarchs, that's fascist.
It's not about left or right.
It's about a one world government.
This film documents who Obama works for, the lies he is told, and his real agenda.
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Okay, we're jam-packed with guests today, so I'm gonna go right into the news.
Out of the gates.
This is up on PrisonPlanet.com.
This article is of maximum importance.
We need this to go to the four winds immediately.
House passes mandatory national service bill.
Legislation intensifies fears about Obama's civilian national security force.
Intensifies fears?
I mean, when they're marching down the street in massive brigades, will that intensify fears?
You see, we get accused constantly of exaggerating.
No, I have to call Kurt Nemo, Paul, Steve, Aaron, constantly and say, hey, you didn't put the fact that they added Ron Paul and bumper stickers in this MIAC report.
I didn't see that in there, I can't believe that.
Read it, it's in there.
It's worse than they say.
It's worse than this headline says.
Read the bill.
We're about to read the bill on air right now that's passed the House.
And I understand why Representative Jim Guest of Missouri, when he first heard about our story last week, didn't believe it at first.
He said that on air because it's so horrifying, it's so unbelievable that the government is out of control and as criminal as it is.
But it's happening, it's really going on.
This is why, if you study criminology, people let con artists in their houses, it's why women get in cars with killers, because, oh, he was a nice man, he was wearing a suit, you know, Ted Bundy.
Of the few women that escaped, and finally that's why he got caught, was, oh, he was so clean cut, I couldn't believe a serial killer would be clean cut.
Most of them are.
And so because all these politicians are wearing fancy suits up there and have fancy teleprompters and, you know, big curtain backdrops behind them, people get conned.
It's worse than we can even describe here, ladies and gentlemen, the full spectrum of deception and disinformation by the establishment media.
The twisting.
The boldness of the politicians' lies.
Alright, I'm pontificating.
Let me get into the article.
House passes mandatory national service bill.
Legislation intensifies fears about Obama, civilian, national security force.
Paul Watson, PrisonPlanet.com.
The House passed a bill yesterday which includes disturbing language indicating young people will be forced to undertake mandatory national service programs as fears about President Barack Obama's promised
Civilian National Security Force intensify.
I mean, why would we be wondering if he's going to do it when his Chief of Staff wrote a book about it, Obama's given a bunch of speeches, Rahm Emanuel has, it was on change.gov, we exposed it and they pulled it, saying mandatory service for middle school, high school, college, adults, seniors, I mean, we got a screenshot of it, it's right there, it's in Obama Deception!
People are like, maybe Alex is right.
Maybe they are planning to put troops on the streets.
They've announced they're doing it!
It's already happening!
They're announcing world taxes and world government!
Yes, it's all true!
It's all real!
Can we stop the denial?
And do something about it instead of debating all day whether it's happening or not!
I'm gonna read this bill.
The Generations Invigorating Volunteerism and Education Act.
Remember, compulsory volunteerism, another doublespeak term.
Just like the Patriot Act's unpatriotic.
You know, just everything is a doublespeak term.
The New Freedom Initiative, where the government wants to put half the kids on drugs in their own documents.
It's new freedom!
Don't you love these terms?
The Generations Invigorating Volunteerism and Education Act.
Known as the GIVE Act.
What do we have, Benny Hinn is the president?
The Generations Invigorating Volunteerism and Education Act, known as the GIVE Act, was passed yesterday by 321 to 105 margin, and now goes to the Senate.
And the Senate's usually worse along these socialism-fascism lines, so it looks like it's gonna pass.
Get ready, folks!
Under section 6104, under section 6104 of the bill entitled Duties.
Duties, what you got to do.
That's why it's called a duty.
In subsection B-6, the legislation states that a commission will be set up to investigate whether a workable, fair, and reasonable mandatory service requirement for all able young people could be developed.
That's a quote.
You know, in Australia, and everywhere else, this is how they introduce it.
They go, oh, it's just a test of the National ID Cards or the REAL ID Act, and then they force it down your throats.
Oh, don't worry, if you don't like it, don't worry, it's just a test.
Or, don't worry, we're going to ban most websites in Australia that you can visit and have Chinese-style net censorship, that's the government's quote, but it's just a test.
And then two months later, they're saying, ah, it's going to be permanent.
So don't worry, we're just looking at mandatory service.
We're just seeing how we can do this in a workable fashion.
Well, they've already said how they're going to do it.
They've been setting it up for 20 years.
It's called SecureCorps, a division of AmeriCorps.
And they've got pilot programs from Illinois.
to pennsylvania to texas to california where they turn the entire school into a government-run military academy for boys and girls and the kids are told you can on guns you can shoot down your parents are bad second and it's bad but then all would you like to have to go to the shooting range with in sixteen oh you can have that but if you're with the government you can here in sixteen's your and then right out of high school they're gonna go into the brigades it's you go read the philadelphia uh... daily news article from
Six years ago?
Where they laid it all out?
And it said in the article that they had the high school students training with M6 teams and training with the SWAT teams and Army on how to go door-to-door and do cordon operations, locking down cities, and how to do fugitive apprehension.
That is Philadelphia Daily News.
You cannot make this stuff up.
They've beta tested, they're getting ready to roll it out, and now you're slack-jawed.
Drug-head, know-it-all, video game players, who've been playing all these violent games, who've all been primed for this.
They're going to love their new authority through the government, and they're going to be running around in their uniforms, and they'll come to the dinner table at night and boss you around, and, hey mom, hey dad, I'm with the Hitler youth now.
I mean, this has been done everywhere, and this is the... Mao did it, Hitler did it, Stalin did it, Lenin did it, Pol Pot did it, Fidel Castro did it.
This is the most stinking
Out-of-control tyranny you can get.
I just want to tell all the young snot-nosed punks.
Don't try running a checkpoint with me.
Don't try coming up and tasering me.
I just can't handle it anymore.
I can't handle the scumbag bankers robbing this country, and the classical tyranny they're setting up, and the dumbass public that doesn't know that tyranny's looking down the barrel of a gun at them.
I'm sorry, I'm just getting angry, folks.
I just... It's just really starting to get to me.
Under section 6104 of the bill, entitled Duties, it says a fair and reasonable mandatory service requirement for all able young people could be developed.
And they admit this is a military draft for a million-person domestic military, and it says in the... I need to... I can't remember the exact code.
It was...
1,014 point... Hey guys, Google this for me right now.
Google this because I can't talk in Google.
And then print it for me.
It's in the Obama Deception.
It's not even a bill.
Pentagon just said they're doing it.
Headline... Pentagon announces or Pentagon launches new civilian force.
Pentagon launches new civilian force.
Print that for me, please, so I can give people the actual code on that.
Section 120 of the bill also discusses the Youth Engagement Zone program and states that service learning to the public schools will just be complete drone, brainwashing, indoctrination camps now.
Re-education camps.
Section 120 of the bill also discusses the youth engagement zone program and states that service learning will be mandatory part of the curriculum in all of the secondary schools service by local educational agency.
But see, that's federal funding.
They call it the new Obama doctrine, the new Obama curricula, curriculum, and it's happening.
The legislation states it's slated to cost six billion
Over five years we'll create 175,000 new service opportunities.
They're going to pay them, too.
So then we'll say, well, it's not really service.
You have to do it, we're going to pay you.
That's like a draft under AmeriCorps.
But here's the key.
In that Army code announcement, they say, million-person Army, and that service will not be voluntary, it will be mandatory, and that, yes, they will decide whether you stay here domestically as part of the occupation force or whether you go overseas.
It says it in the bill!
And it says it in the code.
Did you find it?
Call Paul Watson.
He'll know the exact headline.
I have to have that right now or people won't believe it.
Thank you.
I mean, it's Pentagon Announces New Civilian Force.
That's the headline.
Pentagon Announces New Civilian Force.
It'll come up.
The legislation is slated to cost six billion over five years.
It goes on.
Under AmeriCorps, bringing the number of participants in the National Volunteer Program to 250,000.
It will also create an additional corps to expand the reach of volunteerism into new sectors, including a Clean Energy Corps, Education Corps, Healthy Future Corps, and Veterans Service Corps.
So they're going to have the military, when you get out of the military, you'll be domestic military.
And expands the National Civilian Community Corps, that's it, he's got a link to it, to focus on additional areas like disaster relief and energy conservation.
And then he's got links to the mainstream news reporting all this.
And it just goes on from there.
Now, that's big news.
I'm gonna cover it more with Chuck Baldwin.
But, but, first, when we get back...
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In the New World Order's war against humanity, Barack Obama is the tip of the spear.
We've got to have a civilian national security force that's just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded.
The Obama deception completely destroys the myth that Obama is working for the best interest of the American people.
Well, Obama's already fudging.
He's fudged since day one in this election.
If you have a demagogue with a fanatical mass movement of personality cultists who is imposing the program of a group of extreme bankers and finance oligarchs, that's fascism.
It's not about left or right.
It's about a one world government.
This film documents who Obama works for, the lies he is told, and his real agenda.
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The Obama Deception.
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We're good to go.
Alright, let me give you one of their favorite tricks, one of their favorite tactics, then we'll get into this banking scam news, the latest developments there.
They will announce carbon taxes after hyping up the earth dying, everything's being destroyed, carbon dioxide's deadly poison, the polar bears are grounding, all these lies.
And then they'll have the federal government proposed satellite tracker boxes in all cars, taxes on your homes, taxes on literally every product out there, just thousands and thousands.
And it just expands on from there.
And then he'll come out and say, oh, we're not doing that.
It's a conspiracy theory.
We have no plans to do that at this time.
Obama came out two weeks ago and said, we're going to make veterans of all wars, including the current one, get their own insurance and then pay for their own health care.
CNN reported it, AP, everybody.
And they put the spin on it.
Oh, it's good.
We need to do that.
Oh, he's so good.
Because we told you, this isn't a socialist, and socialism is bad enough because it makes you dependent.
They're already done with the socialism phase, domesticating us.
The only socialism is taking all our money and giving it to the bankers, and that's fascism.
You know, they take 9.7 trillion, and then a couple hundred billion comes back to the states with strings attached.
That's their socialism.
Their socialism is saying, no healthcare for the troops.
Their socialism is saying that cities all over are cutting health care for police and firemen and city workers.
That's your socialism.
You see, tyranny is about robbing us.
That means every stinking one of us, except for a few thousand elite.
We comprehend that.
Here it is, it says,
Obama changes course on veterans health care.
President Obama has reversed course on a plan to have the private health insurance of veterans pay for health care.
White House spokesman Robert Gibbs issued a statement Wednesday saying the proposal had been floated.
This is WhiteHouse.gov in his briefing room's page.
Quote, maximize the resources available for veterans as well as keep costs down for veterans administration.
Gibbs said that after consulting with several leaders, the president now believes the move could affect the ability of veterans and their families to have access to health care.
Who would have thunk it?
They will go ahead and ram this through.
They're gonna go ahead and they've almost made it impossible for veterans to get anything other than pills.
Any real surgeries, you name it.
And they've got people that don't even have real, you know, proper medical licenses from India and places.
I'm not saying they don't have some real medical schools over there.
Very smart folks.
Just as smart or smarter than Westerners.
Top scientists.
Point is, they have a lot of quack schools over there like Mexico does.
And there's a bunch of quack doctors that's come out in the news.
People don't even have real medical degrees.
You know, cutting off the wrong leg, or leaving tools inside people, you know, Russian doctors, you name it.
So, that's going on, and so they'll just make it very hard for you to get healthcare, and then say, you just need to have your own insurance.
That's how this works.
So, as huge opposition mounts when they introduce it, they then back off, and then they'll be right back in a month with it again.
And then they'll deny they ever said it again, and then they'll come right back with it again.
And then about the third or fourth time, they'll go ahead and do it.
They'll just get you sick of talking about it and get you acclimated.
Every time the outrage grows to a crescendo that's about to spill out and actually hurt the establishment, they back off and say, we never said that, or, well, we're not going to do that now.
And they come right back with it.
See, they don't want you to organize.
And so as people start organizing against this, they go, okay, we're not doing it now.
Organization falls apart, they're right back.
Kind of like the Associated Press a month and a half ago.
Headline, Trans-Texas Corridor, part of Napa Superhighway grid, is dead.
TxDOT says, and the Department of Transportation federally say, and then three paragraphs down it said, actually we're doing the entire program of seizing the roads and putting toll roads on them.
We're just not going to call it Trans-Texas Corridor anymore.
See how that works?
I mean, this is why the public is fooled.
Because they don't even understand there's a couple dozen tricks the establishment plays.
And I was flipping through radio this morning, XM and AM and FM, and I would listen for about a minute to each news station.
You know, just I was flipping, flipping.
It was just all propaganda.
Everything I tuned into.
Propaganda, propaganda, propaganda, propaganda, propaganda.
All elaborate spin packages.
The Feds and their PR firms are now spending close to $100 billion a year on domestic propaganda.
And it's simple.
Tens of billions a year on Pentagon propaganda.
And they buy everybody.
Hollywood, the rock stars, all out there pushing their propaganda.
And they just play these little spin games over and over and over again.
And so every week the big talking points come out.
It's put out by the PR firms.
The lazy reporters just regurgitated on the news.
Just lies, lies, lies, lies.
Alright, when we come back we got...
Chuck Bolden on, but I want to get to this first for a few minutes, right when we come back.
Senator Dodd admits adding bonus provision to stimulus package.
We have you, Dodd.
We didn't put it in the film, but during the Obama deception research, we have all these speeches of Dodd going, how dare these bonuses?
We're going to fight them, and Obama, we're going to fight them, and we're going to deal with it, and we're going to stop it!
And in the film we expose the loopholes, we show the executive order.
Oh, it's now mainstream news, not just in the Obama deception that Obama and all them wrote it and engineered the whole thing!
As usual, we know all their tricks and we're on target!
We're on the march, the empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We've got to give them a stake in creating the kind of world order that I think all of us would like to see.
The Obama deception completely destroys the myth that Obama is working for the best interest of the American people.
Well, Obama's already fudging.
He's fudged since day one in this election.
If you have a demagogue with a fanatical mass movement of personality cultists who is imposing the program of a group of extreme bankers and finance oligarchs, that's fascist.
It's not about left or right.
It's about a one world government.
This film documents who Obama works for, the lies he is told, and his real agenda.
Get your copy of The Obama Deception today at Infowars.com or download it in super high quality at PrisonPlanet.tv.
The Obama Deception.
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Here we come again.
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To take on the New World Order for another round.
In the cage!
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You put me in my place.
Alright, we are back live.
Chuck Baldwin, pastor, syndicate of columnists, author, great mind.
Dr. Chuck Baldwin, constitutional party, presidential candidate.
Got massive votes for a upstart party.
It's been around for years.
That's what the media called it.
I want to get his take on a lot of things, including Senator Dodd admits adding bonus provision, a stimulus package, while he was the guy bad-mouthing it and blaming it on Republicans.
And we're not defending Republicans.
They were a party to it.
The point is, they're all controlled by the same people.
And then meanwhile, Dodd is now blaming Obama administration for a bonus amendment.
Well, yeah, because the bonus amendment mirrors the executive order.
So when you see Obama go, we're going to get these people, his administration is literally run by the people that engineered the current banking system.
Bush just continued it, just as guilty, but he wasn't the author of it.
It's just so outrageous, the level of their lies, but it's being exposed, it's coming out.
And by the way, this is what the Obama deception covers.
We go over all of this in the film.
Not just his lies, but the real agenda from their own documents.
We show video clips of them saying one thing and then doing another.
Let's go ahead and go to Chuck Baldwin.
Chuck Baldwin, good to have you here with us.
Alex, thank you very much for letting me come on your show.
You bet.
I am fired up today.
What about you?
I'm seeing Liberty, the awakening to tyranny exploding.
Well, this Missouri fiasco, I think, is illustrative of what we're dealing with here.
Whenever you can categorize people who vote for myself or Ron Paul or even Bob Barr as potential domestic terrorists and make that part of an official state police agency report, we are in deep doo-doo.
There's no doubt about it.
Yeah, and that's the main reason we got you on, but there's a host of other issues I want to go over with you.
But let's cover that first.
The MIAC report, I've had a state rep on to confirm with the head of the state police.
On the phone, it's real.
We called the state police.
We put their names out in the article.
People still couldn't believe that this was real.
They thought I made this up, Chuck.
No, you didn't make it up, but I thank you for reporting it.
Now, of course, it's all over the media.
Even Rush Limbaugh talked about it the other day.
The Missouri State papers have been carrying it quite a bit in the last couple of days, as you can imagine.
And this thing is now beginning to get a life of its own.
Thank you, Alex, for helping to break this story.
Whoever that police officer was in Missouri who first contacted you, he's a real hero.
I don't know who he is, but he sure did a great service to his country by alerting the public as to what is going on behind the scenes in the police department there in the state of Missouri.
This thing is unbelievable.
I mean, to categorize voters of Ron Paul, supporters of Ron Paul, Chuck Baldwin, Bob Barr, as potential domestic terrorists, not to mention the fact that if anyone opposes certain things, and I listed that in my column that I put out earlier this week, if someone opposes, for example, the New World Order,
Uh, if they oppose the United Nations, gun control, the violation of Posse Comitatus.
If they're part of In the Fed, or the Liberty Committee, or the Constitution Party, uh, and they say, oh, these groups are bad, too.
They have soup kitchens and try to work with the local police, talking about your group and others, and, I mean, it's clear, and they say, but secretly, they've got cell groups, and they're really terrorists, too.
Yeah, anybody that opposes any of the above, abortion on demand, illegal immigration, etc.,
Is a potential domestic terrorist, a potential threat to the police forces there in the state of Missouri.
Can you imagine what the firestorm would be if instead of Bob Barr, Ron Paul, and myself, had let's say Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton been named.
With the insinuation that people who support these individuals may be considered domestic terrorists.
Can you imagine what the mainstream press would do with something like that?
And yet this is exactly what that report says there in the state of Missouri.
We have sent, the three of us, Ron, myself, and Bob, have co-signed a letter to the governor and to the respective parties in Missouri demanding that they repudiate
This report and apologize to the supporters of those who voted for us.
Chuck, let me stop you.
This is big news and of course we broke it here.
I have the original, actual report here in my hot little hands right now.
Specifically, what did Limbaugh say about it?
A, and then B, where is a copy of this letter?
I would like to publish it right now up at InfoWars.com and PrisonPlanet.com.
Okay, the letter, I have a copy of course in my possession as does Bob Barr.
Will you do me a favor and scan it or email it over and we'll post it and put a link over to your site?
Sure, sure we can do that.
As to what Limbaugh said, I really don't know exactly what he said I didn't hear.
I very seldom listen to Rush Limbaugh but I've had several people call and tell me that he did bring it up on his programmers or maybe a caller did and they did talk about it for a few minutes.
The point is that it's beginning to spread around the country.
Yeah, I knew it was in newspapers.
Oh, absolutely.
The newspapers and talk radio, of course, are the ones that are breaking the story right now.
You were the first one to break it, as far as I know, and again, I thank you for that.
But this is incredible, and the thing about it is...
Law enforcement agencies often share this kind of information with each other.
No, sir.
All 50 states have this.
I actually have it from other states.
It's just state police have asked me not to publish the copies they've got because they're scared.
And I've gotten many similar reports.
I've seen a Texas report on the same style letterhead a few years ago.
It just wasn't this egregious listing Ron Paul, yourself and others.
As far as I know, this is the first report
Such as this, that has actually named names.
You know, they did this back in the 90's when Jenna Reno was there in the Clinton White House.
But they did some of the same kind of insinuations and broad brushing and so forth.
But they didn't actually name names.
But here we are now in 2009 and they've actually named Chuck Ball and myself, Bob Barr and Ron Paul.
And saying the supporters of those of us who ran last year as an independent party ticket
are somehow considered dangerous and a potential domestic terrorist.
Yeah, well I need to get Ron Paul back on.
I don't like to bug him because he's so busy, but last Wednesday when we broke this, Thursday I got calls from listeners saying, we called Ron Paul's office, of course it wasn't Ron Paul, he hadn't heard about it yet, and they're saying it can't be real, and so I had to explain to them, send them to the site, and I said, I'm not going to call Ron at home, I've got his home number, but I said, give this to him
We don't make stuff up.
You know that, right?
And they said, no, no.
We all know you and like you, Alex.
I said, good.
It's real.
The state police officers' names are there.
Call the number for yourself.
Confirm it's real.
Because I got slapped around for three or four days, and folks are still saying I made this up, Chuck.
It doesn't matter if the state police and state reps say they talked to the head of the state police.
They're still, the establishment's still trying to deny this.
Well, that's incredible, because all anyone has to do is call the toll-free number and talk to the state officials there in Missouri, and they won't deny it one bit.
In fact, they will defend... They'll just say that it's been misconstrued and people are... Yeah, we play recordings of them on there.
People say that's not real.
Yeah, go ahead.
They don't deny it, but they don't deny it, is my point.
I mean, they will readily admit that it's legitimate.
And for the most part, they stand behind it.
As far as Ron Paul, you're right.
At first, you know, I'm sure that the people in his office didn't probably believe it.
When I first heard the story, it was somebody, you know, told me, said, hey, have you heard the story coming out of Missouri?
And I said, oh, no, they didn't.
They didn't do that.
I mean, that's the first thing you think about.
But then whenever you start to look at it closely and you realize, hey, this is real.
This is not make-believe.
Then you can begin to do something about it, and of course, this letter that we have co-signed, Bob Barr, Ron Paul, and myself, and I'm sure by now is on the way to the governor's office there in Missouri, in which we give him three days to come out and repudiate this document.
Chuck, do you have the letter in front of you?
I do, I do have the letter.
I'm going to sit back here.
Will you read that on air, please?
It's a little over two pages.
Yeah, let's read it.
Go ahead, read it.
It's important.
First time here, exclusive.
Go ahead.
Dear Governor Nixon, the three of us write you as former presidential candidates, as concerned citizens, and in the case of Ron Paul, as a sitting member of the U.S.
House of Representatives, and Bob Barr, as a former member, 1995 to 2003.
We bring to your attention the most disturbing document being circulated by the Missouri Information and Analysis Center, MIAC.
Over the seal of your office and your name as governor.
We respectfully demand that the following described document be immediately removed from any and all websites associated with or maintained by the State of Missouri or any agency thereof, including the MIAC.
That the said document no longer be circulated by the State of Missouri or any agency thereof or associated therewith.
That the State of Missouri repudiate its references to the three of us as contained therein.
The document to which we refer is identified as follows in a copy enclosed therewith.
And of course, uh, it's the MIC Strategic Report dated 2-20-09, and it's entitled, The Modern Militia Movement.
Four names appear on the mask of this document.
Jeremiah W. J. Nixon, Governor.
John M. Britt, Director, DPS.
James F. Keithy, Colonel, MSHP.
And Van Godsey, Director, MIAC.
The aforesaid report is imprinted at the bottom of each page thereof with the following designation.
Law Enforcement Sensitive.
It would be difficult, Governor, to recount in any letter of reasonable length the nonsense and inaccurate information contained in this so-called strategic report, which concerns purported analysis of the modern militia movement.
The report draws links between white supremacists, anti-immigration persons, people opposed to gun control, those who do not favor the Federal Reserve Banks, and much more.
Were the report nothing more than a nonsensical diatribe penned by some uninformed person, we would certainly not take our time writing this letter.
Although we might respectfully suggest you might want to question why such nonsense is of interest to and being disseminated by an agency connected to the state of Missouri.
Our concern, which we believe warrants your attention, however, is found at the top of page four of this document, after the heading Political Paraphernalia, as follows, quote, Militia members most commonly associated with third-party political groups.
It is not uncommon for militia members to display constitutional, and that's a misspelled spell because it's constitution, not constitutional, party
Campaign for Liberty or Libertarian Material.
These members are usually supporters of former presidential candidates Ron Paul, Chuck Baldwin, and Bob Barr.
If it is the intent of the state of Missouri to link these three, excuse me, to link three legitimate former candidates for the office of the President of the United States, who also happen to be a sitting member of the U.S.
House, a former member of the U.S.
House, and a Baptist minister, then this document clearly does so.
And this is the basis for our demand that the document be removed
It's a state issue and immediate and unequivocal repudiation of the document.
In view of the fact that there are indeed real criminals present in Missouri and many legitimate matters of public safety on which your office, the Department of Public Safety, the Highway Patrol, and even the MIAC, should focus their attention on resources, we respectfully assert that spending any time, resources, or effort on the nonsense contained in or about this MIC strategic report constitutes an irresponsible and inappropriate use of official resources.
We stand ready to discuss this matter at your convenience.
Okay, I would just add to that that they start out with a page listing cop killers.
And then they demonize the militia, connecting it to that.
Then they connect violent militias, which basically don't exist and are constitutional, you know, the non-violent ones, to basically the majority of the American people.
Pro-Second Amendment, pro-sovereignty, pro-border, just you name it.
They basically say, people with these bumper stickers
If they do not repudiate this forthwith, I feel confident that there will be legal action in suit.
And I can tell you this too, that the Constitution Party and hopefully the Libertarian Party in the state of Missouri are likewise sending off similar letters with just those exact
I think it was primarily Bob Barr.
Okay, so Bob Barr is the Thomas Jefferson here in this, but you guys, you and Ron Paul, Congressman Paul and yourself, Dr. Baldwin, agreed with this.
Did they, in the conversations on the phone, talk about carrying out legal action themselves if this isn't repudiated?
Because, you know, I'm glad you guys are doing this.
You have to.
This endangers the tens of millions of Ron Paul, Bob Barr, and Chuck Baldwin supporters and fans
And we've got confirmed reports on video of police pulling people over for Ron Paul bumper stickers in Las Vegas and places.
So this is dangerous.
Oh, absolutely.
I mean, this, you know, talk about the essence of freedom.
This is the essence of freedom.
Whenever state police agencies begin pulling people over for political opinions, and that's exactly what this is.
If you support Bob Barr, Chuck Baldwin, Ron Paul,
That's a political opinion.
That's what the report is, for those that don't know, and I'm keeping it running because it's key.
This is given, they say, MYAC report is for them when they pull people over.
This is to profile.
This is for harassment.
Go ahead.
Yeah, and so when we start profiling people because of political thought, political ideology, I mean, this is what they did in Nazi Germany, what they did in Stalin's Russia, Mao's China, the whole nine yards.
You know, your identification with a particular thought or particular idea means that you are a threat to the state.
That is the antithesis of everything that this country was founded upon, and if we don't stand up and resist this now, it's only going to grow.
Chuck Baldwin is our guest.
I have the head of the VFW coming on at the 8 After, but we'll have Chuck with us until then.
Obama saying, cut off the health care to the troops.
You cannot make this stuff up.
Chuck Baldwin is our guest.
And notice, everything we cover here now goes huge in the media.
That's because this show is exploding.
Liberty is exploding.
Our movement is exploding.
Stay with us.
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I think I can safely say that the sense of
of each of us is that this is serious enough that the state of Missouri does not respond appropriately.
Uh, that we should consider legal action.
I think that is certainly a consideration right now.
So that was discussed?
That is, that is very important news right there.
Good, because instead of putting up with the Southern Poverty Law Center and the ADL, who go after, you know, groups that are obviously bad and are constantly mixing good people in with it, I'm sick of this slander, and they've lost lawsuits before over this, and now the police are putting this out secretly.
This is outrageous!
It is outrageous, and it threatens the liberty of every American.
I hope that your listeners understand that even though they may not have voted for myself or Bob or Ron Paul, or perhaps they don't live in Missouri, that this doesn't affect them.
But the fact of the matter is, this affects every single American citizen.
When police agencies can begin to profile Americans on the basis of what they believe,
We are in serious trouble.
We don't have freedom if we don't have the freedom to think, the freedom to speak, the freedom to express our ideas and our convictions publicly.
When we don't have that freedom, without being considered an enemy of the state or a domestic terrorist, however you want to say it, we don't have the most basic fundamental freedoms in this country.
And that's what's at stake for every American.
Yeah, this is a chilling effect.
I mean, this is a Soviet Union, Nazi Germany.
This is classical tyranny to have the police turning into secret police with these reports, demonizing the very people that are defending the Republic.
Yeah, and think about it, you know, the people that they mentioned there, you know, Bob Barr, the Libertarians, Chuck Wallen, the Constitution Party, Ron Paul, the, you know, if you want to say the constitutional wing of the Republican Party, you know, these are the people that, for the most part, are the most adamant defenders
Of the Constitution, of freedom, of the very principles that the law enforcement personnel around the country are sworn to protect.
Let's remember that every law enforcement officer in the country takes an oath to the Constitution, as does every military officer, of course, every public official.
So, you know, and we are the ones who are promoting the law that each of these law enforcement personnel have sworn to protect.
I mean, if there's any group of people that they should appreciate, it should be the people that are trying to support and defend the Constitution that the law enforcement personnel have sworn an oath to.
Absolutely, and they might as well list Lou Dobbs in here, because the whole document looks like a Lou Dobbs CNN TV show.
I mean, the North American Union, the SPP, RFID, Tracker Chips, the Second Amendment.
I mean, they just demonize everything that this country stands for.
Absolutely, yeah, that's a good point.
This document is treason!
They should have mentioned Lou Dobbs, because how often does he talk about many of the things that you just listed there?
Chuck Baldwin, I'm going to talk a little bit more about this for five more minutes if you can do it, and then... Alex, I gotta go.
I got another interview at 12 o'clock straight up.
I'm sorry.
Oh, I didn't know that.
Okay, well, you, right now, during the break, send me that letter so I can post it.
I'll do that as soon as I get off my next interview, Alex.
Okay, let me say bye to you during this break, then Chuck Baldwin will have to have you back up next week for a full hour.
Well, I want to fire out your website.
I'll do that after the break.
Hold on.
Thank you for listening to GCN.
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You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, you can just Google Chuck Baldwin, find all his sites.
We're gonna get back up in the near future.
He had to go because of another radio interview.
But look at how we broke.
This major news story, because state police officers sent it to us, actually two of them did, one in California, one in Missouri.
It's the one in Missouri that doesn't want to come on air.
The state police officer in California is saying he will come on, he's going to be on.
We may even get him on later in the hour, because he said a few days ago he would come on any time, and I guess we just haven't set him up yet for some reason that escapes me, because I want him on immediately.
I had a state rep on yesterday who talked to the head of the state police in Missouri,
Jim Guest, Representative of Missouri, and they admitted it was real.
It's really going on, demonizing all these people.
And I want Paul Watson, Kurt Demme, whoever, to go ahead and Chuck says in 30 minutes he's going to send me that email.
He's got to...
Finish the interview first and send it.
We're going to get that up on InfoWars.com and PrisonPlanet.com.
But I would just go ahead and have Paul Watson do a couple paragraph blurb about, you heard them say that he talked to Ron Paul, they are considering litigation, and Bob Barr.
Bob Barr, Ron Paul, Chuck Baldwin, considering litigation if this isn't retracted, and they've sent a letter.
The letter has been sent.
Go ahead and get that article up, and then we'll post the letter in it.
I don't want to wait here.
So launch the operation immediately!
Folks, you don't realize how much power the American people have.
You don't realize the platform we have with InfoWars.com and PrisonPlanet.com.
A lot of people don't understand the effect we're having.
That's what's blowing me away.
I mean, this is history.
We are standing in the crossroads of history.
We can take on the New World Order.
We can get a reprieve like Nineveh with Jonah.
You know, but the phony, bought-and-paid four churches under the faith-based initiative of tens of billions a year, under federal control, are telling people, stand down to corruption, stand down to tyranny.
Obama's basically God.
They told their people Bush was basically of the Lord.
Well, we've posted what they teach in the sermons.
Protestant, Catholic, doesn't matter.
All federally written.
The clergy response teams, you know, now mandatory service, passing the House, going to the Senate.
It's all happening.
And the biggest threat we face is the pulpit prostitutes, as Pastor Butch Paul calls them.
I talked to his wife, he's in the bathroom.
Well, we're on air right now, you know that.
Okay, okay.
So, I mean, we're having an open discussion right now.
I'm sorry.
It's alright.
Hey, it doesn't matter.
The main thing is he sent us that letter he wanted us to publish.
That's what they'll catch him, find out who he is with.
So, let's just get the Missouri officer on.
But let's do it now.
And just tell him...
You know, it's his First Amendment right to talk about what he thinks of this.
And we'll just leave it at that.
She said he'd do it.
Just get him on.
Okay, thanks.
This is the battle command station here, ladies and gentlemen.
This is the headquarters of the resistance.
I'm going to let you in on a little secret.
And the establishment knows that's why they're engaging in all this covert demonization of us.
But we just called.
His wife's there.
He just got off a shift and he's in the shower.
You got both of them ready?
Then get the Missouri State Trooper on.
Twist his arm.
He was ready to do it a couple days ago, and I didn't know he was ready.
Now, I don't want any cold feet here, ladies and gentlemen.
Okay, um... Oh, there's so much.
This is all incredible.
After we cover all that, I'm going to get into Senator Dodd admits adding bonus provision to stimulus package.
Now in Bloomberg, he's blaming the Obama administration for it.
Well, they're both guilty.
He put it in the bill, the Obama deception crowd, the Obama administration put it in the executive order.
It's all in my film, The Obama Deception.
We finger who did it.
And then they're claiming they're fighting these CEOs and all these bonuses.
All right, stay with us.
We'll talk about them wanting to reduce the health care for the troops.
When we get back, I'm Alex Jones.
This is the GCN Radio Network.
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Because there's a war on for your mind.
Just a program note.
We have confirmed that Limbaugh did a bunch of his show on the MIAC Missouri Report demonizing conservatives and gun owners.
The state police reports the feds put out demonizing conservatives.
Beck did a whole hour last night on Fox on it.
This story we broke last week has just gone huge.
Another story that is massive
I think?
I appreciate the opportunity this afternoon, sir.
Thank you.
Give us some background.
You bet.
You're meeting with the President, and now it looks like they're backing off.
Well, this issue really came to light about three weeks ago, and while some testimony was being given in front of the House Veterans Affairs Committee, we didn't expect that it was that serious an issue at that point, but we did think it was serious enough that
A dozen veteran service organizations got together and jointly wrote a letter to the President opposing this idea, thinking that maybe it wouldn't go very much farther.
But then we were all invited to a meeting at the White House last Monday afternoon, and that's when we discovered that this truly was a serious proposal.
The administration, and at that meeting was the President himself, his Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel.
At that meeting they told us that they had identified 540 million dollars that they thought could be recouped back into the VA by billing private insurance carriers for treatment of service-connected disabilities.
At that point, and I want everybody to understand that the President didn't
President never threatened to cut off treatment.
This was simply a method of how that treatment would be paid for, whether by the government or by private insurance.
That would certainly start a big precedent towards that, though.
It would start us down a road that we didn't want to go.
The organizations all felt, every one of us, that
The government has a fundamental responsibility, not just to provide that treatment, but there shouldn't be any financial burden borne by the veteran or by the veteran's family for that treatment.
Oh yeah, they're going to raise insurance rates on them if the insurance companies learn that insuring a veteran separately that they're going to have to pay.
I mean, come on.
Insurance premiums would go up.
There are annual and lifetime caps, maximums on the benefits that are paid.
One of the things we're really concerned about is once that maximum benefit cap is reached, then the entire family loses their health insurance coverage for the rest of the year.
And with the state of the military right now, many of our military people are married.
Many of them are parents, and the last thing we need to do is to have more young children out there uninsured.
That's just not acceptable.
And then there's the added load of this on the entire insurance system, the type of catastrophic injuries associated with military service.
As you just said, this would bankrupt the entire family's cap very quickly.
Very quickly, very quickly.
When you start to talk about the state-of-the-art prosthesis, and we expect
State-of-the-art prosthesis for those folks that have undergone amputations, loss of limbs.
You know, those costs are very high.
And then, on top of those two, there's also the effect on the employability of the veteran himself and the effect on the company if this disabled veteran is running his own small business.
There's just way too many dangers here to take a chance on implementing this proposal.
We're talking to the commander of the American Legion, David K. Rabin.
I didn't think of that.
I didn't think of that.
Businesses, guaranteed, if they knew I'm going to take a veteran on with a job who's going to have huge insurance costs on our whole plan, with small businesses especially, that would prejudice people against hiring veterans.
It certainly would.
It certainly would.
We think that if a veteran walked into the business, even if he was the most qualified, that might be the deciding factor as to who gets the job.
Just the potential effect on the employer's insurance costs.
No, go right ahead.
You're in the meeting with the President.
He was trying to... Who was doing the selling?
The President or his Chief of Staff, Emanuel, or was it Shinseki?
Who was pushing this in the meeting?
All of the discussion at the meeting, the primary discussion came from the President.
Chief of Staff Emanuel carried part of the discussion.
The VA Secretary, General Shinseki, said very little during the meeting.
He was present, but there wasn't much discussion coming from the General, from the Secretary.
What was his body?
Sorry, go ahead.
The thing that did surprise us, and disappointed us, frustrated those of us from the veterans organizations, the President did not wish the discussion, and he stopped the discussion a couple of times, from addressing that fundamental responsibility of the government to take care of not only to provide the treatment, but to pay for it.
The discussion focused strictly on the money, on the financial aspects, and where the money was going to come
So I'm getting from what you're saying, he didn't want to be on record, uh, seconding the fact that the military's always been promised continual health care, and when you were saying, you support that, don't you, Mr. President, he was non-committal?
That's, yes.
A couple of the folks in the meeting tried to address that issue, and that discussion came to a halt fairly quickly at the President's request.
That is outrageous.
So he was dehumanizing the issue away from the troops.
I mean, that is outrageous.
So that clearly gives us a bird's eye view into the mind of where they're trying to take policy.
Any other little interesting pieces of intelligence from the meeting, sir?
No, not from that one in particular.
There was the suggestion made that if the organizations
If the organizations did not agree with this, if we were strongly opposed, that if the organizations would make some other suggestions as to where this money could be either saved or additional sources of income, that the administration was willing to listen to those.
That left us a little uneasy, left me a little uneasy, because I don't see it as the responsibility of the veterans' organizations to partner with the government in making those kinds of plans.
You're lobbying an organization, a fraternal organization, Guardians of the Veterans, and what you're saying, I don't want to put words in your mouth, is that there was an attempted co-opting going on here, a little bit of stroking to get you to, quote, help them.
Yeah, that's right.
I mean, will Obama cut
You know, four or five smart bombs out of the budget, that's your 500 million.
I think that's, I think, I think there's some, I think that's an accurate assessment of what was going on.
Uh, the, what they were asking for was strictly ideas based on veterans healthcare and the VA.
And there's a couple of them out there.
Uh, the American Legion has advocated for a long time that we don't see why a Medicare eligible veteran that's going to the, to the VA medical centers for non-service connected treatment
Why Medicare should not be able to be billed and to bring some money back into the VA that way?
We think there'd be new money come into the VA that's currently being spent out on private doctors if that possibility was allowed.
Currently, the VA cannot bill Medicare.
That's law.
It's going to require a change in the law.
Yeah, and that's government money to begin with, so I don't see the problem with that.
That's more money.
That's more options for better care for the troops.
Any other key points that were going on in this meeting?
And then we'll go into Chapter 2 here in the time we have left with the head of the VA who's nice enough to join us here.
Anything else in the meeting that people should be made aware of?
And was there anything good that you agreed with that the President or Chief of Staff said?
Only that the President was very clear that there would be treatment for these people, that there was never any doubt that treatment for service-connected disabilities would happen in the
In the VA medical care system, and it would be very good treatment.
The President, Vice President Biden, and Mrs. Obama have all been very clear about how much they care about the military and the military's families.
So he wanted us to understand that there was never any question about whether or not treatment would happen in the VA.
It would.
But it would take it away from their families with the cap.
That possibility exists, yes.
There was some discussion of a test program, a pilot program in maybe two states, to see what the effect would be on premiums and lifetime caps and employability.
But frankly, those of us in the organization, myself as commander of the American Legion, I'm not willing to take that risk.
Well, we know what they're doing.
Those veterans that have service-connected disabilities, they and their families have sacrificed enough.
We don't need to run a test program
And run the risk that they would be sacrificing even more to find out things that we're pretty sure would be going to happen.
Well, we know that's a government trick all over the world to just say it's a test to kind of kill opposition, and then they roll it out saying, oh, our tests worked great, now we're going to do it.
Yes, yep.
And you've seen things studied and studied and studied.
And again, you know, the study never seems to get over.
I'm not good at reading body language.
I don't dare give an interpretation there because there's such a chance that I might be mistaken, but he was very clear this was about the money and can you as organizations come up with ways to help supply this money?
All right, sir, we've got a break for a quick break.
Come back with five more minutes with you to talk about the good news from talking to the Congress and now with a new statement today by Gibbs, the White House Press Secretary.
They're claiming they're backing off of this for now.
So we'll finish up with the head of the American Legion, Commander David K. Rabin.
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We're good.
Yeah, strange days are here all night, folks.
Thanks for joining us.
Commander David K. Rabin of the American Legion is on with us.
I just can't believe they're trying to nickel-and-dime veterans' treatment when we have a trillion-plus dollar defense budget.
And they're not worried about trillions to the private banks, but it's just amazing.
Your thoughts on that, and then the good news that they are backing off this plan, sir.
Yes, sir.
There was an invitation back into the White House yesterday.
The President could not be there.
He had prior commitments, but Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel led that meeting to bring the veterans' organizations back in.
We had all expressed our opposition.
The American Legion put out a very strong press release, and we've been talking about it for the two days, expressing our opposition and involving the citizens and our membership around the country.
At that meeting, which only lasted about 15 minutes, the Chief of Staff received the opinions of the veterans' organizations, the opposition, and made the promise that he would consult with the President and be back with an answer yet yesterday afternoon.
When that answer came back to us, it was that the President was withdrawing that proposal.
We also heard that coming from Speaker of the House Pelosi and House Veterans
Appropriations Chairman Chet Edwards.
They both made the statement that this proposal had been withdrawn and would not be involved in the budget for this coming fiscal year, which was very good news.
But the issue is that they're proposing it.
It shows the mindset, as you said.
What was the... I mean, I know the outrage was here that we saw on the internet and the phone calls we got to the radio show.
I mean, did this issue, on a scale of 1 to 10, how hot did veterans get and veteran supporters over this?
Oh, I think from the people we were hearing from, I would put it up around the eight to nine.
This, you know, this, this really, when you tell people that have worn the uniform in the United States about this idea, you get about three, two thirds of the way through the description of what's being discussed here.
And the head starts to shake.
Just that quickly, because, because they understand this fundamental responsibility.
No, right.
They understand,
Understand the reason that those folks were injured, why they're coming home with that disability, and they understand that fundamental responsibility is not to be trifled with.
Plus, they were promised.
They were promised.
They signed contracts saying this.
So that's...
It hits very high on the radar screen when you start to talk about it with the members of our organization, with the veterans around the country, and frankly with a large percentage of the population around this country, even those that haven't been closely involved with the military.
Does this put a chink, do you think, in the Obama administration's image with veterans who are already in a lot of areas not too pleased with him?
It certainly didn't help.
We in the American Legion have been very pleased the last couple of years about budgets.
We're very happy with the budget request that the President has put in.
All we've seen is the bottom line number there.
We don't know the details, so we're looking for the details.
We're anxious to see them, but we've been very pleased with the bottom line number.
But yes, this could go a long way to hurt what's
What tends to be a favorable first impression in my mind.
That was one of the things that was said by one of the other representatives in that meeting to the president, that this wasn't something he needed this early in his administration because at this point things were going reasonably well.
All right, well, Commander David K. Rabin of the American Legion, probably the biggest veterans organization, not just in the U.S., but on the planet, and the website is legion.org, legion.org, and we appreciate you not being a lapdog.
So many other groups that represent people have been kind of seduced in to all these hundreds of meetings they've been having, trying to co-opt everybody, and so we're really glad to hear that
Thank you very much.
It was very good to see so many of our colleagues in the organizations feeling the same way.
That wasn't an absolute necessity.
We in the American Legion will form our opinion and we'll act on it based on what we think is right.
Alright, Commander.
Thank you so much for spending time with us and keep up the good work.
Thank you, sir.
Take care.
All right, folks, so shut that down for now, but they'll be back.
Coming up, we're going to probably have a state police officer on with a MIAC report.
I'm going to get into the latest banking scandals.
It is big and another black eye for the White House.
It is all coming up, ladies and gentlemen.
So please stay with us.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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We are back live, ladies and gentlemen.
We've got Stuart Rhodes from Oath Keepers.
It's a group of police and military saying they're going to uphold their oath to defend and protect the Constitution from enemies, foreign and domestic.
So much is going on during the break, so I forgot to ask my producer a question.
Come on in, Rob.
We're on the air.
Is the state police officer coming on in the next ten minutes?
Did you call him back?
That's what I was in the process of doing.
I was talking with somebody else called in.
One of our next guests.
I understand.
The only hole we've got is in about ten minutes.
Are you going to call him right now?
Thank you so much.
Appreciate that.
It's a war room in here as I was saying earlier.
I'm going to go ahead here in just a few minutes and go live at PrisonPlanet.tv and so I can play the video that has resurfaced.
I used to have about two people working for me at the time in 2001 and I would just do the live TV shows and then we've got warehouses, well not warehouses, three portable buildings filled with videotapes rotting.
Of all these TV shows and all these reports I did locally, and this video went viral all over the internet, I put it up for free on my server, got a $4,000 bill for it, and had to pull it.
I actually crashed our servers, then I got a $4,000 bill, and I learned that I couldn't put videos out for free.
This was back in 2001.
And it's up on InfoWars.com, payoff of anti-gun testimony caught on tape.
You guys ready to go live to PrisonPlanet.tv?
You ready right now?
Give me the signal so I can make this congruent with the video that gets made of it.
Okay, we're going live right now at 1235 Central Standard Time at PrisonPlanet.tv.
We'll be simulcasting from the show here on out.
Back in 2000-2001, I had two employees, and so tapes got stacked up, they didn't get labeled right, they went everywhere.
Hundreds of important TV shows I did, and it's just gold, the information that's in these.
And we're trying to go through these now to get them on the web, to get them out at PrisonPlanet.tv, but Mike Hanson, who did camera work for me around a local TV show at the time, I've asked him to dig through his stuff, he's done that.
And because I've been unable to find this particular tape, he was able to find it.
Uh, in, uh, his store of TV programs I did.
Payoff for Anti-Gun Testimony Caught on Tape by Alex Jones is the headline up at Infowars.com.
And the reason this story is important, we're going to play the video here, is that
Uh, Jews to Preservation of Firearms ownership's local director.
We were there testifying against shutting down the gun shows, ending private sales, shutting down 4-H shooting clubs, YMCA shooting clubs for young people and children.
That was the bills.
And this is when I really woke up to the NRA.
Seven years ago now.
I guess eight years ago coming up.
This was in early 2001.
Because the NRA was calling us extremists for not wanting to shut down the gun shows and things.
This was in the Dallas Morning News, attacking me and others.
And then when we caught the bribery, they said, get out here.
You know, they're, what looks like bribery, being paid off.
And the House Ethics Committee said that he should have been a registered lobbyist, that it was improper.
But then the investigation stopped there, and Hena Hoza, the committee chairman, did get reprimanded.
But they get up and they say, yeah, basically there's dangerous gang members everywhere, and
We've, you know, you need to restrict guns, you need to restrict gun shows.
And then they go outside and this gun control group sits there and pays them off at least $300 a piece, the three guys that testified.
And then the statesman called me the next day after we put the video out on local TV, I was live that night, and said, why don't you like black people?
And I said, what are you talking about?
Well, if those were white men being paid and testifying against the Second Amendment, would you have done your story?
And I said, I wouldn't care if they were green.
I mean, this is a non-issue.
So the Statesman headline was, Payments Made to Backers of Gun Bills.
And it was the cover of the Metro and State local section of the Austin American Statesman.
And I said, are you kidding?
And that was in the article.
I said, are you kidding, sir?
Are you joking with me?
And I said, you know, don't say that in your article.
But no, they did.
That's not what this is about.
It was all this Alex Jones racist because he showed black guys being paid.
So it's an important article in that respect.
And literally there's hundreds of reports.
Just this is important.
And I'm trying to make enough money to hire a person full time just to go through all my old videos.
Because this is stuff that needs to be seen.
He needs to flood YouTube and everywhere else, and we'll use PrisonPlanet.tv to do that.
But I want to thank Mike for digging through his stuff.
I'd ask him to do that more.
He's got his Mike Hanson Archive page up on YouTube.
And this video's been out for a few weeks.
It was just emailed to me this morning, and I saw it.
So we're going to go ahead and play that here.
Some of the testimony audio isn't the best.
There's only a few minutes of that.
But we'll boost the audio up so folks can hear it where they're testifying, basically demonizing the Second Amendment.
And go, you know, play the part of, really, it makes black folks look bad.
The racism was putting them up there going, yeah, we're gang members, yeah, you know, we've been gang members, yeah, the Second Amendment, you know, we need to get rid of these gun shows, it's dangerous.
It was really sick what they did.
That was what was playing the race card.
You know, like, ooh, here's the scary black guys, you know, and guns.
It was disgusting, and they were very thuggish once we talked to them outside.
You'll see that video at PrisonPlanet.tv right now, and also hear it over the radio.
And this is one of the guys involved with the Million Mom March here in Texas.
Just a disgusting episode, but I've always wanted to play this when we had the bandwidth to put it out for everybody at PrisonPlanet.tv.
So here it is, and we're going to have the state police officer on in about five minutes from now.
So here is the video and the audio.
So, you guys were paid for your testimony?
Well, we just saw the gentleman give you money.
It doesn't matter.
Traveling expenses, baby.
So, you guys were the million mile march?
Who are you with this camera in?
No, he's the guy who has some Austin show.
Oh, I'm sorry.
Actually, it's campaign contributions.
Campaign contributions, right.
Man, nobody's getting paid for nothing.
What I said in there, that's what I feel.
Well, I mean, who gave you the money?
It doesn't matter.
The money I've been at.
Looks like quite a bit of what I saw.
I got money all over the place.
This gentleman giving you money?
I gave him traveling expenses.
Oh, really?
And I saw you testify, sir.
You were here with Nina Butts, funded by George Soros, the foreign currency speculator.
So this is how business is done.
And who are you?
I'm Alex Jones.
Oh, hi Alex.
A known fireball purchaser and seller to minors.
Oh really?
I didn't know I was in that business.
I thought I was a radio talk show host.
Oh, that's an effective deal.
But really?
So you guys are taking over the country now, right?
You are, dude.
Just as soon as people are disarmed, right?
Just like Hitler.
So how much did he pay you?
It looked like thousands to me.
Well, I saw wads of 20s and 100s.
It was.
It was $20,000.
I had to get my camera.
I was across the hall there.
The police told us about it.
We're gonna go buy a lot of guns and we're gonna come back and sell them to the NRA.
Hey, we're making it so hot.
Remember, Hitler was for gun control, guys.
Hitler was for gun control.
And if I would catch him, I'm gonna block him and shoot him.
For real.
So, how did the Million Mile March get in touch with you?
We're not even a part of the Million Mile March.
Oh, really?
You said the name of a group you were with.
Young Texans against gun violence, baby.
And you get paid to do it, huh?
We get a stipend.
We get a stipend for volunteering.
From who?
Don't worry about him.
From that old man.
That man, that old man is our best friend.
Campaign contribution.
It's not his son?
It's not my son.
You just call little kids' names.
That's... That's your boy, Ricky.
You got to do that.
You don't want to lose your 4-8 shooting club, do you?
Well, there's a little bandit where they won't be able to train you how to shoot.
No, I don't.
And that's their goal.
So you guys with a 4-8 shooting club?
It's unbelievable.
And you've been waiting all day and they wouldn't even let anybody talk.
So they had all the Nina Butz's up there first.
I saw you paying those people off.
Your guy.
Paying those guys from Houston hundreds.
Excuse me.
Excuse me.
I don't have a hundred dollars.
I caught him on tape.
I caught him on tape.
You're caught, lady.
Who are you talking about?
What did you see?
Because across the hall I saw wads of money.
I ran to get the camera.
I missed it and I came back and I thought he hid the money.
She told me that... We went over there and he was counting them out.
I saw hundreds and twenties.
We think he gave each guy like $400, right?
Well, no.
He just said, oh, my style was $400, and I saw him count out.
A lot of you guys are looking from the outside in.
You know what I'm saying?
You guys are looking in on the situation, and you guys are living it day to day.
I have friends who sell guns, who buy guns from people, who go to the gun shows and get guns at large quantities.
You know, I mean, I know all these people I live in where all this is going on.
And, I mean, you guys might think that there's already a, y'all already have a, y'all have everything under control, but it's not.
I mean, regardless of if we pass this law or not, I mean, things might change, but this, this right here, this bill, after these bills,
This is just the beginning because there's bigger threats out there and there's bigger laws that we need to focus on that are being enforced in America.
But these three house bills right here, this is just the beginning and I'm all for it.
And like I said, you guys are looking, most of you guys are looking out, from the outside in.
Because I'm there.
I'm there every day.
We've gone into researching, I don't even want to know where these companies are located at and all that.
But... Well then what makes you think that they're selling because I give these guns?
Because, that's only, who else is going to give them?
They don't have a factory in the hood where they're making guns.
You don't think some of those guns might be stolen?
They're not, man.
How can... Where are you going to get 200 stolen guns from?
From 200 houses a year, 10 houses a year.
See, nobody says, alright, nobody... So, I'm sorry, just wanted to clarify.
I think what I'm hearing you saying that at least one source of these guns on the street is the gun shop.
Thank you.
First question I would like to ask is, do we have an epidemic of gun violence because the proponents of the legislation, the ladies, the very well-intended and sincere testimonies of the March members and others, would lead to believe we have an epidemic of gun violence.
That is not the case.
Texas and the United States are safer than they have ever been.
I won't go into detail, but if you look at the clipping file here, it has information from the National Center for Health Statistics, the Centers for Disease Control,
Payments made to backers of gun bills.
Questions arise over cash given to three witnesses who support gun show background checks.
Proponents of gun owners' rights asked Lawmakers Friday to investigate cash payments made to three Houston men who appeared before a House committee this week to support bills that would require instant background checks at gun shows.
Dave Smith, president of Houston-based Texans for Gun Safety,
A known front that is funded by Hangar Control Incorporated said he gave the three members of Young Texans Against Gun Violence, Nina Butz's group is Texans Against Gun Violence, about $300 each to cover their expenses and lost wages for the trip.
All three men, however, said they are currently unemployed.
So, they can't get their lives straight.
That's lie number four right there.
It was reimbursement for their jobs, but they're unemployed.
Otarius Kelly 20, one of the witnesses said, it is ridiculous that someone would raise concerns about their testimony.
It's against my morals, Kelly said.
An admitted gang member, by the way, in the Houston Chronicle, there's another story about this in there.
Another witness agreed.
The money that was given to us was not to change our testimony, said Bruce Brown, 18, who did not speak to the committee, but submitted a witness form that showed he supported the bills.
Smith, who gave the men the cash just outside the committee hearing room, said Young Texans Against Gun Violence is an arm of his group.
The subsidiary group receives donations from the Catholic Campaign for Human Development,
And the Alliance for Justice.
Those groups encourage young people to get experience in the political process, Smith said.
Yeah, right.
Reimbursing witnesses for travel expenses is not unusual, said Susie Woodford of Common Cause Texas, a group that monitors government ethics.
But she said other witnesses using cash and paying for witnesses, time raises ethical questions.
It totally undermines the witnesses' credibility, Woodford said.
I got here, I said, how will this look?
It says, complaints about the payments began circulating after Austin-based talk show host Alex Jones, who was at the House Criminal Jurisprudence Committee meeting Tuesday, aired videotaped interviews with Smith and the young men.
They told Jones the money was reimbursement, stipends and campaign contributions.
Three different stories.
It's like the famous scene in a movie.
Where are you guys going?
What are you doing?
Going to see my mother.
Going to get something to eat.
Going to the moon.
It's just making it up.
Head of Gun Owners Alliance has asked his thousands of members to seek a house investigation of the payments and to have the hearing disregarded.
Smith said complaints are being raised because the young men are minorities.
Jones is a strong supporter of gun owners' rights since Smith was trying to cover up his dirty activities by making accusations of racism.
He's sitting here, caught on tape, throwing out different stories and giving out money, said Jones, who mentioned the payments during his testimony against the proposal to require background checks at gun shows.
How dare he try to divert attention by saying I'm a racist?
Committee members Rick Green, R. Dripping Springs, and Juan Hena-Hoza
McAllen said they were uneasy about taking Jones seriously because of other inflammatory comments he has made.
Hinojosa, the chairman of the committee, said that although he didn't know details about the payments, he is not concerned if the witnesses are compensated for testifying.
Hinojosa said lobbyists are compensated for their work to influence policy on behalf of other interests.
Maybe these kids were paid for their travel, but I don't see anything improper about it, Hinojosa said.
It is part of the process.
It is part of open government.
State law requires people who are paid more than $1,000 in three months or who spend more than $500 a quarter trying to influence legislation or agency action to register as lobbyists.
So you broke the state election laws, bud.
You're not a lobbyist.
We checked.
Smith said not reimbursing witnesses for lost wages would mean average Texans would be left out of legislative debates.
And he said cash made sense.
All right, we're back live at PrisonPlanet.tv simulcasting on the radio here.
And this is my first time talking to him.
My producers talked to him many times.
We've set him up for the show.
I'm not even going to say which state police agency he's from.
We've gotten this from several states, more than several different variants, in the last few months.
We're going to call him David.
That's not his name.
That sent us the MIAC strategic report that has gotten national and international
In fact, the MIAC report was here in my stack and then Jason was in here last night doing a show.
I'll have to dig it out.
Here is the MIAC report.
No, that's not it.
Well, the point is it's up on Infowars.com and everywhere else.
No, that's a copy of the MIAC report.
Oh, there it is.
Folks, it's so crazy in here setting up guests.
I was just talking to Ron Paul's office and then after that I was talking to
Chuck Baldwin's office just now and setting up the state police officer right now.
What I'm going to do is I'm just going to come back from break.
We're going to push Oath Keepers back to about 15 after next hour so I have time to talk on air to the state police officer and restart what I was just covering here with the MIAC report because I got on air and realized I wanted the MIAC report and found it here in the disheveled stack.
So we're going to talk to David, state police officer.
It's not his name, folks.
When we come back, directly from the gentleman that sent us this, one of the gentlemen that sent us this, stay with us.
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Well, Obama's already fudging.
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If you have a demagogue with a fanatical mass movement of personality cultists who is imposing the program of a group of extreme bankers and finance oligarchs, that's fascist.
It's not about left or right.
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Last Wednesday we broke a report separately sent to us by two separate state police officers in two different states.
MYAC Strategic Report, the modern militia.
This is federally written to the fusion centers distributed all over the country.
This is the Missouri version with the governor's seal on it.
We've got state reps on that have talked to the head of the state police there.
The commander, it's true, they admit it, they back it, they support it.
We've interviewed and called and played clips with the state police captain in charge at MIAC.
This is real.
And now, Lindbeck's covered it, Rush Limbaugh's covered it, we've confirmed those clips, I've watched them during breaks.
It is a huge story and it should be, but these and other variants like them go out everywhere.
We're joined by David, the current state police officer, we're just going to leave it at that, not even tell you what state he's in.
You're quite welcome, Alex.
Okay, tell us when you first got this and what it was like reading it and what other officers are saying.
Well, they emailed it to all the aerial officers and officers and it's like a training thing.
And when I pulled it up on the screen, at first I was in disbelief after I read it.
And I had to read it a couple of times to understand what are they saying.
I thought it was a spoof.
When I read it, when I ran it past a few other officers, you know, and they had the same twist that I had on it, that they were actually saying that some of us were militia members, that we belong to a militia group just because, as myself, I have a law enforcement sticker on my car.
Some other officers, they believe that gun control is not correct and that we shouldn't be marking up bullets.
So the majority of other officers that you talked to in your state police office, they were upset by it just like you?
Yes, they were.
And I'm telling you, I'm talking about officers that are cruelly drinking officers.
I mean, officers that back Bush all the way.
Even they were very upset by this document.
They said, nah, this can't be true.
You know, and a few of them looked at the author of the article and they said, well, of course, that this is probably what comes out of this agency.
Yeah, we decided to go with your cell phone because it doesn't have a good connection and kind of distorts your voice, but it's doing its job too well right now.
So just, I guess maybe speak a little bit louder for us, officer.
I don't want to give out any details about where you are or how senior you are, but we just appreciate, again, your courage coming on.
How long ago did you first get emailed?
This came out in the 20th of February.
Was it around that time?
I got it about a week after the 20th.
That's when I opened it.
It took me that long to digest what was actually on this document and really interpret what they were trying to tell us.
Yes, I do agree.
Amazing guilt by association.
And then they show American flags, and the don't tread on me, and that's used by most of the military.
It's bad if you got that on your car.
Look out for folks with these bumper stickers.
We're going to come back in one minute, sir, 70 second break, and get into, is this profiling?
What is this meant to do when they give this to the state police?
And is this why we see state police across the country harassing Ron Paul people?
Thank you for listening to GCN.
Be sure to visit GCNlive.com today!
We're good.
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Waging war on corruption.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
We are back live now already into hour number three.
In about 15 minutes we've got Oath Keepers, a group for police, military, and others who are saying we're going to uphold the Constitutional Bill of Rights.
Very well written, very well done site because it's a constitutional lawyer that started it, but a lot of police and military have joined and pledged their oath to protect and defend the Constitutional Bill of Rights.
We've got a gentleman on the line right now, a state police officer, we'll just call him David, that's not his name.
His name has been changed to protect the innocent, those defending the Bill of Rights and Constitution.
We're talking about the MIAC strategic report.
Here's the report he sent me.
Got it up on screen right here for you as well.
This story is now huge.
I mean, they admit this is sent out to state police.
It was sent to your state police.
This is going all over the country, that's confirmed.
We're not going to get into that though, because that can get into where you're at.
Actually, I believe it is.
I believe that is the intent.
But I don't think it's going to work.
Officers in my agency can see through this ruse, and they understand that this document is meant to enslave the American people, and I don't think it's going to work.
I think it misses the mark.
It's so obvious.
It's so obvious to lean one way to be a net that encompasses everybody.
Like I say, even though I don't have that right-wing, left-wing, false paradigm, but even the right-wingers in my
Well, they're certainly losing now.
Congressman Ron Paul, former Congressman Bob Barr, and presidential candidates are saying they're going to sue if they don't retract this.
What they're trying to do, they're trying to train the young officers.
I mean, the really young, impressionable officers.
But they don't understand, these young officers that are coming into these departments, a lot of them are really smart and sharp.
They're coming in with four-year degrees.
I know a couple of attorneys that have just started the department, and they can see through this, Alex.
I think these people are running scared now.
I think you and your office
And people like you have done such a great job informing the American public that people are seeing through these people.
The American citizens are seeing through these people.
What type of things were the state police officers in your office saying when they read this?
They were in disbelief.
They said, hey, I like guns just like any other American likes guns and I'm not letting nobody take my gun.
And the ammunitions and, you know, like the 223 round and the 308 that Obama wants to get rid of, they say, no, it's not going to happen.
They say, when they come to get, well, I mean, the statements are getting really bad.
They said, they're going to have a hard time getting my weapon from me.
And I say the same thing.
You're not getting my weapon unless you pry it out of my cold, dead hand.
I'm not giving it up.
I mean, would you say 90% of the police, the other state police officers you work with are like this?
Or 50%?
And you're saying if the statements are getting like, sounds like you're saying bordering on, we're going to resist this.
I would say 80 to 90% of the officers that I spoke to, and that's at like 80 officers, 90 officers, are saying, no, this is not going to work.
Stay there.
Let's recap that when we come back and get into anything else you want to cover and your take on this story getting so big.
It should get big.
This is outrageous and it's public now because your courage and other state police officers' courage.
Because this outraged police so bad, we got two copies of this from two different states, ladies and gentlemen.
Stay with us.
We'll be right back.
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We've got to give them a stake in creating the kind of world order that I think all of us would like to see.
The Obama deception completely destroys the myth that Obama is working for the best interest of the American people.
Well, Obama's already fudging.
He's fudged since day one in this election.
If you have a demagogue with a fanatical mass movement of personality cultists who is imposing the program of a group of extreme bankers and finance oligarchs, that's fascist.
It's not about left or right.
It's about a one world government.
This film documents who Obama works for, the lies he is told, and his real agenda.
Get your copy of The Obama Deception today at InfoWars.com or download it in super high quality at PrisonPlanet.tv.
The Obama Deception.
The people strike back.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk, Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Foreign offshore banks are engaging in a corporate takeover of the United States, just like they've done to hundreds of third world countries.
That's all that's happening.
They're announcing, I've got Reuters, world taxes on everything you do to private banks.
It's all over the news, there's a new world order.
So what happens when the state police and police open up these federally written reports saying none of this exists, you're a violent cop killer if you talk about it?
If people have these bumper stickers, look out, and we have out of Las Vegas the footage of them pulling somebody over.
What's that Ron Paul sticker on your car?
I guess that's the 10% the officer's talking about that I guess buy this.
We've got Abby Newman being pulled over at a checkpoint, and she's got a pocket Constitution, and they grab it and say, is this legal?
And on the squad car video, they have a discussion about if she's allowed to have it, when all it is is what this country's founded on, what they swear an oath to.
Officer, specifically, you know, the New World Order is becoming big news now.
I would imagine the officers, you say, are getting upset.
I mean, are they going, wait a minute, they're admitting there's a New World Order.
Why are they then saying you're a cop killer, basically, if you talk about a New World Order?
I don't know exactly why I think that they're reaching.
I think they're in desperation right now.
They understand that they're being exposed.
It's like the Obama deception.
I watched it the other day, and I can't even make enough copies.
I have officers coming up to me and saying, hey, John, David, I understand that you have this film about Obama.
I can't even keep copies.
I gotta make copies constantly of the Obama Deception.
And by the way, I wish you guys sent out my DVDs so I could make better copies.
We have!
They're shipping right now, but imagine we had thousands of orders, we got four people back there, you know, since Monday, just packaging, packaging, so it's on the way.
And another thing, Alex, you know, since I've been listening to you, probably since the end of 2005,
And luckily I have, because you have saved me in literally hundreds of thousands.
You got me out of the stock market, close to your guests.
I sold my own before the market crashed.
And all of these things, the other officers realized.
And I tell them, you know, Alex Jones has saved me money.
And so that pushes them to you.
And now the Obama deception.
And now this, this, my document is further pushing people towards you.
Your show, your radio show, because they know that you're giving out the truth.
Why do you think people were in denial, even state reps and people that know I tell the truth, when they first saw it they couldn't believe it and they called the state police and they said, yeah, that's our document, we're proud of it.
Well, it was so over the top, you know, it's like there's a quickening.
No, I am.
Well, what happens, you know, with tipping points in history is they can tip into evil or tip into good.
And because we've done the groundwork and warned people, and because we were right about what was going to happen and what was going to develop, and people have seen that in hindsight with my 22 films and the work we've done, but countless others out there fighting, that we have a fighting chance in this.
But people need to know, the enemy will stage terror attacks.
The enemy will release bio-plagues.
I mean, these people are hardcore killers.
They funded Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Lenin.
Pol Pot, Zbigniew Brzezinski, Obama's chief advisor, brags in two books he wrote about how they did it.
I mean, these people are sick!
And, so just because people are waking up, I don't want people to think we're out of this.
This is deep, this is serious, and the new world order is going to hurt everybody out there.
You know, I've made mistakes in the past.
I had a primitive level.
I get threatened
I agree with you.
I know what side I'm on, and a lot of the police officers I talk to, they know what side they're on.
And I tell them that, you know, you're gonna have a choice to make one day.
You're gonna be asked to do some horrible things, and you have to think about it right now.
Are you going to take people's guns away from them?
Are you going to force people into cattle cars?
Remember what Hitler did.
I impressed upon at least the young officers, the old officers, they understand what's going on, where this country is going, and they understand they have to wake up and they have to be on the side of America.
And we took an oath, and I remind these people that this oath is for our country.
We have to defend this Constitution.
This is the best Constitution in the world, and we have to keep it in force.
Yeah, basically this report takes the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, everything good and wholesome, and then just spray paints white supremacist cop killer all over it in an attempt to demonize the very heart of this country.
It's asinine, it's a fraud, and I am just buoyed by the fact that so many police and military are waking up, not from my information, but from the over-the-top nature of the criminal fed government's propaganda.
Right, and coupled with what Obama's doing right now, he's doing what you predicted he would do.
I mean, with his gun control, he's doing exactly what you're saying.
He's trying to stop us from having 2-2-3 rounds, from having 3-0-8 rounds, and this is nuts.
It's not going to work.
Well, I mean, I'd like to brag and say I'm real smart, but I'm really not.
I just go off what the white papers in government and corporations say they're going to do, versus what they publicly say on the news.
I mean, my job's like reading a TV guide.
I mean, the UN, on July 7th, 2001, at the UNITER meeting in New York with thousands in attendance, said, we're going to take every civilian-owned firearm, period, single-shot, black powder, we're going to take all of it.
Yeah, so, you know, that's their goal.
And so we're just laying it out.
I mean, now the veterans found out that Obama was planning to make them get their own insurance.
I mean, the people are finding out that it's a bunch of made-off criminals.
The state police in your organization, are they aware of the banker takeover and how that's a scam as well?
Well, not quite.
That's a little too esoteric for them.
I tried to explain to some of them.
Some of them get it some way.
Portions of it, but they don't get it totally.
That's a little bit of a difficult role to hold.
But you're saying on the Second Amendment issue, and this is a document, cop killer, white supremacist, we've got to restrict guns, you know, they mix that in, they saw through that?
Right, they saw clearly through that.
Because, like I said, a lot of them, almost a majority of them, you know,
They have guns, they have rifles, they go to ranges, they shoot, and I guess some of them are called gun nuts, you know, and they're not going to get their gun, they're not.
But they are trying to hire a bunch of social worker, mainline liberal types who are anti-gun to be policed, but once they get into the culture, it is a pro-Second Amendment, pro-self-defense culture.
I mean, the 10% that are brainwashed, what are they like?
A few of them are Obama supporters, and a couple might know, mainly because they're white, and they get harassed for it.
It's kind of hard to have a cookie cutter for them.
It runs the gamut.
They could be left and right.
Well, but I mean, you're saying that 10% though are just buying this.
I mean, they get a thing saying basically Ron Paul supporters are terrorists, libertarians are terrorists, and they just, they buy that.
They buy it, about 10%, but they get harassed.
You know?
Wake up, you know?
You know, the other officers, they harass them about it.
Come on, you guys gotta wake up.
This one article, and actually it sits right on my briefing table.
In the briefing room, and so people view it every day and make fun of it.
This was, I think, the coup de grace for the New World Order.
At least in this little battle.
This is waking a lot of people up as to what's really going on in this country.
Well, I think the police I talk to are starting to realize, too, that it's not going to be a fun job trying to disarm the American people, because 10% of gun owners are a lot of them are veterans.
They're not happy about life, the economy.
If 10% of 140 million gun owners fight back, we're talking about 10 million, 14 million people.
I mean, do the police ever talk about what it would be like to try to go out and confiscate guns?
Not specifically.
I don't think it's going to come.
They don't think it's going to come to that.
But I try to put that little thought in their head, so they at least think about it.
So when that decision does arrive, at least they have thought about it.
Well, they'll keep doing it incrementally, but I just hope that officers are supposed to judge the law as well as the facts, have wide discretion, because I've read over the law.
I know most police are pro-Second Amendment because they understand guns, they're not stupid.
But then you've got that other type, where you can be in the countryside now in East Texas, walking across the road to your land to go bird hunting, a cop will pull up and say, what's that shotgun for?
So, there's certainly that percentage, that 10%.
Well, I mean, I'm sure you've heard about Ron Paul supporters that have been harassed, and now we know why.
Why do you have a Ron Paul sticker?
Well, why are you asking?
Yes, I have heard about Ron Paul supporters, since I am one, being harassed.
And so, like you said, I want to... Jason Burma said, keep a tape recorder with you.
And I do keep a tape recorder in my car.
And yeah, I do carry a badge and everything, but I still keep a tape recorder because, hey, this conversation goes downhill.
I want verifiable proof that...
I would stop illegally for a Ron Paul sign on the back of my car.
Well, officer, this has been an amazing discussion.
We salute your courage and what you've done, and I want to get you back in the next few weeks for a longer interview here on the show.
Thank you so much for spending time with us.
You're welcome, and thank you for all the hard work.
God bless you.
All right, there he goes, state police officer in an unnamed state, David.
We're going to come back and go to Stuart Rhodes with Oath Keepers.
Thank you so much for joining us, sir.
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Barack Obama is the tip of the spear.
We've got to have a civilian national security force that's just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded.
The Obama deception completely destroys the myth that Obama is working for the best interest of the American people.
Well, Obama's already fudging.
He's fudged since day one in this election.
If you have a demagogue with a fanatical mass movement of personality cultists who is imposing the program of a group of extreme bankers and finance oligarchs, that's fascism.
It's not about left or right.
It's about a one world government.
This film documents who Obama works for, the lies he is told, and his real agenda.
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The Obama Deception.
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I think so.
Don't worry, this show is documented.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Kurt Nemo's got the story up.
Baldwin, Paul and Barr send letter in opposition to MIAC report to Missouri officials.
Good job Kurt Nemo on that.
We'll have a letter up there soon.
But we need to add in here that they're considering suing.
That needs to be in the headline.
You know, they're considering litigation if lies not retracted or demonization not retracted.
Something like Paul, you know, Ron Paul, Bob Barr,
Baldwin, write letter to Mayak, report demonizing their supporters, and it needs to be in the first line.
I'm doing editing even here on the air, ladies and gentlemen, it's insane.
We're joined for the rest of the hour, and I apologize for getting him on late, but we still have a state police officer on, but it's a perfect segue into this.
Stuart Rhodes created a great website, he's a constitutional lawyer, but masses of military and police have been saying they pledge to be oath keepers and not violate the Bill of Rights Constitution and to follow their oath.
Uh, and it's, it's, when I read it, I said, this person has a deep knowledge of what's going on, because this is how I would have written it, probably better than I would have written it.
So, uh, Stuart Rhodes, thanks for coming on, sir.
Oh, you're welcome, and you're absolutely right.
That was a fantastic segue.
That officer is an oath keeper.
And that's exactly what we are here to do, is to bring more men like that out.
And most of the members of our organization don't use their real names, or we don't even want to know who they are.
Because just like that gentleman there just did, we want them to be able to continue in their job and continue doing the good work for the American people.
Well, because the federal government is so out of control and criminal, I mean, that's a sad testament that these officers don't even really have their own First Amendment to say they don't appreciate the country being destroyed.
That's right, and standing up and saying you might actually obey the Constitution, because you can't.
So that's the world we live in right now.
But you've probably been to our site.
You can see the Florida testimonials we have in from veterans.
Most of the veterans are not afraid to put their name on it because they're no longer within reach of being punished for it.
And they're standing up and saying, no, we're not going to do this.
And the veterans are very important because the veterans are there to teach the young bucks how to behave.
Just amazing testimonials on the site.
What gave you the idea to create this and how many people have come on the site and pledged in just a few weeks it's been up that they're going to stand by the Constitution and Bill of Rights?
Well, I was working for, uh, in Congress, Paul's, uh, campaign here in Nevada.
I used to work in his D.C.
And, but I was so focused on the campaign, but about a year and a half ago, I had the idea that, you know, what do we do next?
And, uh, if this campaign's not successful, what's our next move?
And my thought was, as well, what's our focus of effort beyond the men with the guns?
If you're going to have an awakening of one million people, so you're going to have a chance to awaken one million people,
They're the guardians of the Republic.
That's what they are.
Yes, if tyranny is going to come, it's going to come in the form of a uniform.
The Ron Perl Revolution has probably woken up.
Even mainstream media says probably 20-30 million Americans identify now.
Imagine if we focused on the police and military.
Game over for the New World Order.
Go ahead.
It's like maneuver warfare theory.
You go to the rear of the enemy, you go to the heart of their strength.
It's kind of like in the Lord of the Rings, the Ring of Power.
They think the Ring of Power is that these guys are going to do whatever they say.
They think the oath is their ring of power, but it's not true.
The oath is to the Constitution, and even more fundamentally, it's to the people.
And so we're going to take that right to Mount Doom and toss it right, you know, right up their chute.
Oh man, that analogy is just pure gold.
You are something special.
Let me tell you something.
I write for SWOT Magazine and here's what actually got me thinking about this.
About a year and a half ago, I wrote a column and in response to that column, we got a letter from a U.S.
Ewell, Colonel, U.S.
Army, retired.
And he said, the Constitution and our Bill of Rights are gravely endangered today.
And this community of military and veterans and law enforcement is where they will be saved.
They ought to be saved at all.
And he had the same insight you did.
Look, they can't do it without those guys.
Game over.
It'd be like the end of the movie V for Vendetta.
You know, the military stands down and there's nothing between the people and the vultures.
And that's what our goal is.
Well, I mean, police are going to lose their houses.
They already are.
They're going to lose their future in this new world order.
They're going to lose their Second Amendment.
Yeah, and their children will be indentured servants for the rest of their lives.
That's right.
Yeah, the globalists have overplayed their hand.
I keep telling listeners, the phony churches on government payroll, I told you this a decade ago, now it's declassified, are telling you to stand down.
So, there's several rings of power.
One is the police and the enforcers.
The others is the churches.
Gotta take those back.
Stay there, sir.
We're gonna tell folks how they can visit the Oath Keepers website when we come back.
We're on the march, the Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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We've got to give them a stake in creating the kind of world order that I think all of us would like to see.
The Obama deception completely destroys the myth that Obama is working for the best interest of the American people.
Well, Obama's already fudging.
He's fudged since day one in this election.
If you have a demagogue with a fanatical mass movement of personality cultists who is imposing the program of a group of extreme bankers and finance oligarchs, that's fascism.
It's not about left or right.
It's about a one-world government.
This film documents who Obama works for, the lies he is told, and his real agenda.
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The Obama Deception.
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They railed against the crown, another ragtag band, declaring
They laid their bodies down in a bloody war.
For liberty for their descendants.
Look in the mirror, that's you, that's me.
Thanks to the renegades, we're free today.
Thanks to the renegades, we're free today.
Thank God for the renegades!
When it comes to heroes, renegades are mine.
And going back to the Mordor analogy, you have the tower, the mountain of power, the all-seeing eye with its armies moving across the world, but right here
And it's command base right here in Empire US.
It is distracted, looking everywhere for the ring.
That's what this MIAC report is.
They're counting on the police and military being Uruk-hai, or orcs, or black ships from the east.
They're planning on them going along with this evil and being seduced by the dark side, by being played and manipulated and maneuvered into war with the American people as they destroy their own futures, as they burn their own beds, their own nest.
It's going to fail.
It is going to fail.
You have to first believe that and know that and reach out to the police and military now so they understand and educate them.
Waking up one police officer or one active duty military person is like waking up a thousand regular Americans.
Now, we have to also understand that the key here is, is there's people like Stuart Rhodes over there with
Oath-keepers.blogspot.com or just google his name, Stuart Rhodes, Oath Keepers, and it'll come up for you.
We've got it up on screen right now at PrisonPlanet.tv.
The fact that there is Ron Paul and Alex Jones and Stuart Rhodes and Jesse Ventura and thousands of other prominent people fighting, not just millions waking up and fighting, they kill me and only makes my information grow that much faster.
If I was the only guy doing this, though, I'd be dead.
If Stuart was the only guy doing this, they'd go set him up or something.
But there's too many of us now.
They can't target and intimidate.
They had the Ron Paul girl in here last night.
I didn't know that.
They were waiting for her outside.
She was on my show last time.
You know, Amy Allen, with crowbars, stealing nothing, just putting her in the hospital, you know, breaking bones.
That is the type of intimidation.
I've been physically attacked.
And they've told me, shut up or you're dead next time.
But I fought back and fought them off, and they didn't like getting hurt real bad.
I got hurt bad too, but they were, you know, they were surprised that I wasn't a sheep, and I actually went absolutely ape.
Because I'm not a slave, folks.
You attack me, I attack right back.
Quite frankly, the time enjoyed it.
You know, I mean, that's just how I am.
That's living there, you know.
You don't really live until four people are pounding on you.
But sad for her, she's a little girl.
They hurt her bad.
But you can't let that scare you.
You gotta say, oh, that means I'm hurting you.
That means I'm getting close to the crack of doom to dump this ring in.
You have to dare great, ladies and gentlemen, and you can succeed.
Okay, I'm going to shut up.
I made those points.
It's just that they're also trying to divide our movements, trying to demonize, trying to say, don't trust this leader, don't trust that leader.
That's the operatives.
That's what COINTELPRO does.
This person's a Mason.
That person's a Vatican assassin.
This person works for Israel.
It's the information that's key.
Bill of Rights, Constitution, Liberty, Second Amendment, National Sovereignty.
Cut the size of government.
Kick them out of the states.
You know it's free by its fruits.
So the other attack is to divide us.
Now, go ahead and comment on those points, Stuart Rhodes, and let's get into the Oath Keepers.
Contemplated in first plan before the election.
We didn't care who got elected.
It didn't make a difference who was going to be president.
We saw the growth of the executive power.
And we're talking about active duty military and veterans.
And these gentlemen don't care who's who's president.
We're looking at the big picture.
And we're also, we stay neutral on politics.
We stay neutral on the Iraq war.
In fact, I'll be speaking at, possibly speaking at a big event in June, a big pro-truce rally in June I was invited by.
Uh, former Navy SEAL Captain Larry Bailey of Gathering of Eagles.
So a lot of the more hardcore conservative groups who might not have listened during Bush are starting to wake up and understand what the great danger is.
And so we're seeing an awakening, like the officer said.
It's a quickening.
And it doesn't make a difference.
Forget about left and right.
Forget about that kind of stuff.
Like you've said before, it's about liberty or tyranny.
That's the dividing line.
And so we go back to the basics.
We go back to the definition of independence.
We go back to the Bill of Rights.
We go back to the Constitution.
Those are our all stuff.
Those are our common bond.
And that's all we care about.
And you swore an oath to defend the Constitution, and you swore an oath more fundamentally to defend the people of this country.
And that's all we care about.
That's what really matters.
And their interest is with the American people, too.
Of course.
Well, you know what?
They don't belong to the Mordor and the Potomac.
They belong to us.
They're our fathers.
They're our sons.
They're our sisters.
They're our uncles.
They are us.
They don't belong to them.
They belong to us.
That's right.
They don't belong to Mordor, do they?
That's right.
No, they don't.
We're taking them back.
They belong to Midas Tarith.
That's why they have to demonize people.
That's why you saw HR 1955 with a bipartisan assault on the American people.
First thing you do is you label someone the enemy, you make them the other, you dehumanize them, and then you turn the forces against them.
And so, but we're fighting back, and I think your show is important in that.
You know what I think woke the military and police up the biggest?
And we've confirmed this with state police and military everywhere, and it's even been in the news.
But we knew about it before it was... I mean, the point is, before it was in the news, they're telling them that, you know, mainline Americans are about to start bombing police stations.
We've got to do IED training.
The Army's going to be on the streets of America.
There'll be a new world order, but it's good, and those that are against it are bad.
They're now seeing the whole apparatus that was supposedly to fight Al-Qaeda has now been swung around like a cannon and aimed at the American people, and the police and military are going, whoa!
That's right, yeah.
In fact, we just now put up on our site an article on how enemy combatant status was first proposed during the Clinton administration.
Most folks don't realize that, but that idea of using tribunals for even American citizens was first proposed during the Clinton years.
I think.
You know, going back to the Mordor analogy, it's just too good.
Remember when the keeper of the fortress goes insane and says, no, we're all dead, and starts pouring oil on himself, saying, we can't beat them, there's nothing we can do, and sets himself on fire?
That's the spirit.
More than just waking up police and military, it's...
The change is an inside job.
It's all of us have to decide, victory is ours.
And it's not just a spirit or an idea, it's the truth!
We have incredible power!
But we have to prepare ourselves, steel ourselves, as you said, like steel, to understand this work and just commit.
And when you commit, and aren't worried if they demonize you, set you up, kill you, whatever they're going to do, you just commit.
It's like a million pound weight goes off of you and you're truly alive.
And you're now in communion with the Founding Fathers and every other rebel against tyranny in history.
That's right.
We're all going to die anyway.
No one gets out of here alive.
So what counts is whether you leave your children free.
That's all that matters.
That's all that matters.
That's really it.
And to get back to your analogy there, they want you to think it's hopeless.
It's like you're staring into the... You're seeing only their propaganda.
If all you do is
Is look at what they want you to see, you'll think it's hopeless.
That's right, he's staring into the crystal and it's only what, it's a TV set, it's only what Mordor wants him to see.
That's exactly right.
Like Claire Wolf said, break your TV, you know, break that stuff and get on the web and communicate with your fellow man.
And here's the thing about Oath Keepers, it's positive.
That's why people respond to it so much.
It's positive.
It's not just more negativity.
They're starting to see the other side of the look.
You know, like you said, we have the strength.
And we have the power.
And you can't just assume the military is your enemy.
You can't just assume police are your enemy.
They want you to think that.
I have fallen into that.
I mean, over the years, I've also got to reach out to them when I see the outrage.
I started wondering about five years ago, why does the media show the worst police brutality over and over again?
Why do they focus on it so much?
And then I realized they want to split us apart, which puts the police more in their gang mentality and the people more in their mentality.
And that's why they're advertising.
And I'm actually helping them
When I make a big deal out of it.
Well, you know, you gotta have the truth.
Like Patrick Henry said, you gotta see the truth.
No, no, no, exactly.
We put the truth out, but we have to also add, understand, they're encouraging officers to act like this, and understand they're not all like this, and if we fall in to just hating them and being threatened by them, that's what they want.
And that's one of the values I have in a man like you just had on, where he tells you, look, not all officers are like this.
That's right.
And you'd be surprised.
We have a testimonial up on our site by a police officer.
I'm going to find it here while we're talking and I'll read it to you.
But he just basically says, look, the majority of the guys in my force agree we won't do these things.
And I'm hearing that from Marines, too.
I got a Marine sergeant the other day I talked to on the phone.
He's like, I talk to my guys about this stuff all the time, and I make sure they know their oath.
A lot of the young guys, when they first get to his unit, they think that they're opposed to the President.
And they have to set him straight.
You know, but now more and more we're talking about this stuff.
And that was going on, you know, before we founded Oath Keepers.
It was going on already.
So we're just kind of tapping into what's already happening.
I'm looking for that right now.
Here we go.
This officer says, he's a Texas police officer, because after serving in the Navy from 90 to 93 on board the USS Blue Ridge, I became a police officer and I'm still on the force.
Not only will I refuse any unlawful order that violates the Constitution, I will fight the tyrants that give the orders.
Rest assured that me and my brothers in law enforcement talk about this subject on a regular basis.
About 80% feel the same way I do.
I ask the rookies that when it comes down to nut-cutting, whose side will you be on?
The founding fathers who made this country so great, or the tyrants that are in power now?
I took the oath twice, and will uphold it two-fold.
God bless America, and you sign this name, Colin Connerly.
Some people are willing to put their names on it, other folks understandably are not.
But that's the sentiment we're getting.
We're getting flooded emails like that, saying, yeah, we're with you, you know?
Well, I would add to this that, you know, getting into the spiritual angle of this, standing up for liberty and goodness, you know, as Martin Luther King said, the universe bends towards truth, towards justice.
I think?
That's right, and the first thing you've got to do is not let fear control you.
You've got to look at the big picture and realize that's the value of the oath.
Everyone has taken that oath in the military.
They did so understandingly, it could mean their life.
And these men, they take it so seriously still.
I've gotten letters, I can't read them, I'll start bawling, but letters from Vietnam veterans and Korean War veterans, and they still take that Osterius to this day.
And they understand that they have a line going all the way back to the men of April 19, 1775, even before that.
They understand that the line of men who have fought and bled and died for freedom,
And they understand that all those men gave him a sacred trust.
And now it's their watch.
That's why our motto is, it's not on our watch.
Because now it's our turn to make sure that the white of liberty does not go out.
Because if America falls, the world will fall into an age of darkness.
And that's the truth.
And these guys, they know it.
They're waking up.
Look at North Korea.
Look at Mexico.
Look at China.
They're all falling into total corruption, mass murder, and open sewage running down the streets.
That's what evil does.
Very few nations in history, and we haven't been perfect here in the U.S., but compared to others, it's been amazing.
Four percent of the world's population, half the world's wealth, until the bankers took over.
Now they're taking it from us.
And that was produced here.
And again, that's what a little bit of liberty.
We haven't been perfect, but it's a lot compared to other countries.
The jewel of liberty, as Thomas Jefferson said, must be guarded.
It is the engine of everything good.
That's it.
I mean, that's it.
Freedom is all that matters.
And as Franklin said, those who would give up freedom for perceived security will have neither.
And so you can't give up freedom.
It's the fundamental, like you just said, it's the engine of all that's good.
And so the secret is not to let fear control you.
And since 9-11, people have been so afraid, they've allowed all the infrastructure for the totalitarian state to be put in place.
And as you know.
And so now what we have to do is we have to stop it.
And you don't stop it in the courts.
And apparently you don't stop it in Congress either.
They'll go ahead and do whatever they want anyway.
What you do is you stop it at the base level of the people just saying no.
Here's an example.
I was on 93.7 FM for an hourish day downtown during South by Southwest.
And I walked by three police.
And they were all fans of the show and wanted to shake my hand.
So, you know, that's an example.
Even after all of my, you know, ranting and raving, you know, they've told me, hey, we don't like what's happening either.
And we don't like how the media just totally focuses on the bad cops.
And so I can see I was, I've also been fooled by that spell.
You know, as I get older, I learn more and more how this sophisticated mind control system works.
All of us, you know, are waking up together.
And I agree.
I mean, when I sit on there, I feel a quickening.
I see a quickening.
It's like I just, you know, jumped off a 300 foot cliff into cold icy water.
You know what I mean?
It's invigorating.
It's bracing.
It's like, whoa!
And then to realize that myself and others are at the very center of a crossroads that is the future destiny of humanity.
That's right.
When people look back on this time, it's going to dwarf the importance of 1776, I believe.
It might well, it might well.
And that's the key, is to break the spell.
You know, they've been under a spell, and we've been under a spell, and it's time to break it.
And so what we did is we issued a declaration of 10 orders we will not obey.
And that's what's kind of causing a lot of controversy and firestorm.
And when I go around the web and look at different forums that are discussing it, what's happening is exactly what we wanted to happen.
We wanted veterans and current serving military to have discussions about where their line is.
Each person has their own.
Every service member has an obligation.
Not just that they can refuse a legal order or a lawful order.
They have an obligation to.
They have to.
And so they have to make a decision for themselves where that line is.
And so, as the author said a minute ago, you have to do it ahead of time.
So that's our declaration of 10 orders.
We carefully cracked these to tie into American history, because history is repeating itself.
Much of the causes of the revolution are happening again, and also the history of the 20th century with the death camps and mass internment, and what we see happening today.
It all flows together.
So do you want to go down to the ten orders?
Yeah, let's do that in the next segment, and then if you can stay five minutes to the next hour, then our next guest is coming on.
I want to invite you back routinely.
I know you're a busy guy, but you need to talk to Ted Anderson, maybe get a Genesis radio show or something.
You're very, very eloquent, and when we come back, we'll go over the ten points, but what I like
Is that, you know, that huge rumble revolution, at first people were like, oh, it went nowhere, and I said, no, it's a delayed explosion, like in Force 10 Navarone, when they bombed the dam, and they're like, where is it?
And she said, just, just sitting there smoking a pipe, just wait a moment.
Uh, you know, that's how, and then suddenly it starts breaking, boom!
And, and now we're seeing that, and then people realize they can defeat the enemy in the Info War, and now they're just blasting, they're picking up arms in the revolution of the mind.
People are taking the red pills,
They're waking up, and I'm seeing people like you from the Ron Paul campaign and others disperse out and start your own operations.
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We're good to go.
In the New World Order's war against humanity, Barack Obama is the tip of the spear.
We've got to have a civilian national security force that's just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded.
The Obama deception completely destroys the myth that Obama is working for the best interest of the American people.
Well, Obama's already fudging.
He's fudged since day one in this election.
If you have a demagogue with a fanatical mass movement of personality cultists who is imposing the program of a group of extreme bankers and finance oligarchs, that's fascism.
It's not about left or right.
It's about a one world government.
This film documents who Obama works for, the lies he is told, and his real agenda.
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We're good to go!
I think so.
You're riding the storm, folks.
The storm of liberty.
When the enemy comes in like a flood, the Spirit of the Lord will lift up a standard against it.
Be part of that standard.
Get involved in the Info War today.
Enlist in the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and Liberty.
Targets of Opportunity.
Wake up those in your area.
Get the Obama Deception on DVD.
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This is the way to have it.
Make copies of this.
Get it out.
Download it in DivX format at PrisonPlanet.tv.
Support us here.
Support others.
Let your children play.
If you give this man a ride, folks,
Don't give this man a ride.
Barack Obama, the front man of the New World Order, the tip of the spear in their war against humanity.
Wake up to them.
Realize the true depths of their wickedness.
Their attack on every basic liberty.
It's over the top.
I'm sure you heard, sir, Stuart Rhodes with Oath Keepers, oath-keepers.blogspot.com, that the House has passed the forced conscription of the American people bill, and I happen to have the Army code that the Pentagon has issued saying it will be forced military service.
I mean, the hour is late.
It is, but that's okay.
It's darkest before the dawn.
And so I think it's pretty clear that we're going to stand tall.
That's why we bumped up our program.
We were going to do a regular site, but we saw that things were happening.
In fact, I called Colonel Hapgood, also of the Iowa National Guard, and he lied to me like he lied to you.
They have a dedicated mouth facility 80 miles north of that town they're going to do the exercise in, and he just flat lied to us.
So that's one thing that got us hopping mad and decided to put it up on Blogspot first.
One thing I do want to say, I want to let folks know that I write for SWAT Magazine, and I want to make it clear that that's a magazine that's, you know, most people think it's just for law enforcement.
It's not.
And the gentlemen who run that magazine are dedicated patriots, and they're going to give both keepers free ad space.
So I encourage folks to check out SWAT Magazine, run by true patriots.
So that's my plug for them.
No, yeah, give out the website.
No, that's good.
We have to take the high ground here.
That's right.
Yeah, you betcha.
And their mission has always been, that's why they asked me to write that column.
They used to have Claire Wolfe write it.
You know who Claire Wolfe is, correct?
She used to write the Enemy at the Gate column, and then she asked me to take it over when she got kind of burnt out.
But their mission is to make sure that there's the separation between law enforcement
And the people is broken down.
They don't believe there should be that separation.
And so Rich Lucebello, the man that owns SWAT, has stood up and dedicated that entire column every month to the mission of defending the Bill of Rights.
Well, we knew this would come when the New World Order emerged and admitted everything we've been warning people about.
That's why I said, even if we get laughed at, tell people the documents, tell them the truth, because when they finally emerge, when they make their big move, which is now happening,
Then people would have been warned and then they would wake up, but also as the police and military are being twisted in their mission now to carry out globalism, that would be the big wake-up call there.
I think the enemy trying to program them right now is waking police and military up faster than even the patriots.
Absolutely, and of course Obama is acting like a complete fool with what he did with the veterans and forced them to pay for their own medical care.
It's just a huge blunder.
It just shows the arrogance.
The hubris.
Oh yeah, and so the anger and outrage.
They're blind.
They can't see certain things.
They're almost autistic in some ways.
Alright, we're about to break.
We only have like five.
Yeah, they're delusional.
We're about to break, but start with the ten points.
Well, the ten points are just what we think are the most likely hot points and tripwires, and what we think officers should be considering, and soldiers, as the lines in the sand they will not cross.
Number one is, we will not obey any order to disarm the American people.
And I was like, you know that was the cause of the first American Revolution, and that was the final part.
Lexington and Concord continue, number two.
Number two, we will not obey orders to conduct warrantless searches of the American people.
And there again, the risk to the system.
Warrantless searches were one of the causes of the American Revolution.
And number three is we will not obey orders to detain American citizens as unlawful enemy combatants or to subject them to the military tribunal.
Stay there, we've got to come back in 70 seconds.
Thank you for listening to GCN.
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Waging war on corruption.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
He has spurred so many thoughts in my instincts.
The other ones are, we will not obey orders to impose martial law on a state or state of emergency on a state.
You betcha.
Five is we will not obey orders to invade, subjugate any state that asserts its sovereignty.
That's kind of a reflection on the initiatives that have come out recently where states are standing up and saying, we're going to interpose ourselves between the federal government and our own people.
And that was an issue back in the 1770s because they would remove governors or legislatures and put in puppets, but go ahead.
And number six is we will not obey any order to blockade American cities.
We're good to go.
So number seven is we will not obey any order to force American citizens into any form of detention camps under any pretext.
And we fight the history, an unfortunate history of the Japanese internment here at home and also the history around the world of oppressive governments.
When they make war on their own people, they put them in the camps, in part that's done to put women and children in the camps so that the men who are fighting will turn themselves in on behalf of their children and women.
And the schools, public schools, admit they've been drilling to grab kids without asking on FEMA buses and then tell parents to report.
So tyranny does the same thing over and over again.
Number 8, we will not obey orders to assist or support the use of any foreign troops on U.S.
That's right.
soil against the American people to keep the peace or to maintain control.
And as you know, we've been hearing rumors of this for decades, but we're now hearing the same rumors once again from very credible sources.
No, no, no.
The agreements have been signed.
Toronto Star, Canadian and Mexican tribes to be used.
I-4 tribes to be used.
Those are not rumors.
I have hundreds of mainstream articles if you'd like them.
Email it to me.
Go ahead.
No, go right ahead.
Go ahead.
No, no, it's just that... No, I mean, I've had Colonel Craig Roberts and others on who have had, like, their nephews at West Point and they, you know, they send in famous generals to tell them we're gonna use foreign troops, but it's a good thing.
So, no, that is going on.
That's not a rumor.
Oh, I know.
I just like to... I don't like to hit my bets with people... Well, no, I mean, it's true.
They're planning it.
The rumor is they may bring them in.
I see what you're saying.
Go ahead.
We will not obey any orders to confiscate the property of the American people, including food and other essential supplies.
That's number nine.
That's in the public executive orders.
They're planning that.
So that's public.
We will not obey any orders which infringe on the right of the people to free speech, peaceably assemble, and petition their government for re-disagreement.
I mean, all these are basic... This should be common sense.
No brainers, but unfortunately, as you know, you have to remind people of the basics sometimes.
We can't take it for granted that someone's going to be thinking about this stuff ahead of time.
Look at Katrina.
You know, we're hearing now that a lot of that was caught because those guard troops and those officers hadn't thought about it ahead of time.
They were kind of like caught flat-footed when they were told to go do these things.
And so we want them to think about it in advance.
And we don't think it's going to go down the same way again.
That's right.
Iowa was a gun confiscation drill.
That's admitted.
And then they sent out 22 MPs and a colonel to the Alabama shooting and now they're looking at charges of posse comitatus violation.
That's a good sign.
That's right.
It's a good sign that within the military there's still people who understand the necessary wall of separation between civil and military power and take it serious.
So we're very confident.
We feel very good about this.
One thing I do want to ask your listeners to do, we are going to be doing a tribute video to men who served.
And so we'd like to have them send us in photos.
Of those who served when they were young, all the old photos of them and their buddies, and who they were and where they served, email them to us and we'll put them in our tribute video.
Stay there.
I want to say one last point when we get back of how the enemy is going to attack your key operation, and then we've got our next guest on the line.
We've got our next guest up.
Stay there for two more minutes on the other side and we'll get to our next guest.
Stay with us.
I'm Alex Jones, InfoWars.com.
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The Obama deception completely destroys the myth that Obama is working for the best interest of the American people.
Well, Obama's already fudging.
He's fudged since day one in this election.
If you have a demagogue with a fanatical mass movement of personality cultists who is imposing the program of a group of extreme bankers and finance oligarchs, that's fascism.
It's not about left or right.
It's about a one-world government.
This film documents who Obama works for, the lies he is told, and his real agenda.
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Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
We are back live.
We have 52 minutes left in transmission.
In just a few minutes, we're going to go directly to our guest who apologized and rescheduled twice last week.
So much has been happening.
He's written an amazing book.
I've already read most of it.
It's somewhere in here in the office.
Will somebody find me that New World Order book?
Corporatism, the Secret Government, and the New World Order.
Talk to this professor here in just a moment.
But finishing up with Stuart Rhodes of oath-keepers.blogspot.com.
Let me tell everybody here how they're going to attack what you're doing.
And it's with fear, again.
Intimidation of police and military that speak out.
But as more and more speak out, it's kind of like in those famous, you know, historical things where we have a church full of people in the Revolutionary War, and they'll say, who stands with us?
It takes about a minute, and one guy steps forward, and then two step forward, and then everybody steps forward.
Same thing with the Alamo in 1836.
The enemy, and I bet if I Google this it's already out there, is going to say, don't sign up for this!
It's Feds getting your name in the list and they're going to get you!
You have to be, I've always said this, out in the open, resisting the New World Order, speaking out, involved.
We are the majority, we have to shatter
That illusion that we're not the majority and we have to get past the mind game of fear.
And so I think it's a great idea whether it's anonymous, you write letters and post things, or other people should start other Oath Keeper sites, more groups, lots of people.
But it's good, in my experience, just to go past the point of no return and to commit.
We're only saying we'll follow our oath.
That's how I got the city of Austin was saying they were going to vote against the Patriot Act.
They were going to vote for the Patriot Act and keep it.
And I went in there, and I gave them an impassioned, the most powerful speech I've probably ever given, because it was directly from my soul.
And I explained to them their children had no future.
I explained to them all we were doing had no future.
This continued.
That all they were doing was reaffirming the Bill of Rights Constitution.
All they were doing was saying they'd follow their oaths of office for the City Council, the police, the firemen, the workers.
That they had to do it, and they did vote to overthrow it, and people that were saying they were going to vote against, voted for.
Because, I mean, I poured everything into literally trying to reach in and grab them.
You know, grab, you know, just literally brush up against their souls, and I did.
You know, literally bending my will with goodness towards them.
And believe me, that's what humanity's all about, folks.
You've got power, you don't know you have.
It's a survival mechanism with the truth to literally be able to reach out to people.
When you're telling the truth, it's unstoppable.
The Globalists are going to pull a lot of other tricks, but I wanted to, just in closing, Stuart Rhodes, get your take on that enemy attack angle, and has that already happened?
Well, not yet, and here's what we're going to do.
We're going to do the same thing that Congressman Paul did with his campaign.
We're going to let the few... He's already got an officer in Houston who's volunteered to run our Facebook operation, and we encourage folks to start up meet-up groups.
I mean, the website... We'd like people to send their testimonials to the website so everyone can go there and read the testimonials, and we don't screen anything.
We post them, they send them, we post them.
And by decentralizing with meetups, it turns the engine loose where no intelligence unit, no group in the government could track or trace or stop what we're doing or try dirty tricks on anybody because there's too many of us and agents that are assigned to try to infiltrate or cause problems will convert over to our side, I'd say 80% of the time.
And here's the other thing, we do encourage active duty to stay anonymous, unless they're short timers, or they're going to be getting out soon, or, you know, a few people standing up and making a convicted statement is fine, but for the most part, we do think it's probably wise for most of them just to put an anonymous statement.
Well, that's their decision.
I'm just saying most of this is anonymous.
I'm saying we need more, I think, to go all the way.
Because that's what's going to shatter the illusion of the establishment.
I agree, but it's up to them.
I want them to know they can do it anonymously.
They can go on there and any discussion and just post an anonymous comment and we'll turn it into an anonymous post.
And the veterans definitely should stand up and be counted, for sure.
Yeah, I mean, they'll charge machine gun nests and fly helicopters into hell, but they won't stand up when the country's imploding.
No, they are standing up.
Sir, we commend you.
The website again is oath-keepers.blogspot.com, or just Google Oath Keepers, and folks will find it that way.
We'll talk to you in the near future.
Awesome, sir.
Thank you for spending time with us.
Really great hearing from you.
Okay, let's go to our next guest, lecturer and college instructor, Jeffrey Grubb.
He wrote the book, Corporatism, the Secret Government of the New World Order, and they do use a corporate
Model our finance oligarchs to control things.
That is the real government.
That's the elite.
And there's Catholics, there's Jews, there's Protestants, there's Hindus in it.
It's a system of global fiat currency control and corporate management system behind governments and through governments.
And his book is excellent.
Corporatism, The Secret Government of the New World Order, Jeffrey Grubb.
An amazing book, a remarkable book.
And it's just very, very interesting and we're glad to have him on with us.
Sir, thanks for joining us.
Thanks very much, Alex.
I'm really happy to be on.
I just want to say I'm a big admirer, a big fan of yours.
What you're doing just gives me a lot of inspiration.
We live in a nation full of men, young men especially, who are confused being raised by these fake churches and TV and public schools.
They get to be 20, 30 years old and don't know what they're doing.
I think what you're doing is helping them learn how to be men by the entire nation, I would say.
Yeah, we've never been given our true identity and people are unhappy until they find what the identity is.
Fight for freedom.
Fight for liberty.
Be informed.
Be involved.
Engage the world.
You're only a live watch.
Tell us about yourself.
Tell us about the book.
Okay, I think one of the reasons that you wanted me to come on was I just recently got fired from Purdue University for an incident that happened with a gun.
It was actually my second incident with a gun at the university.
Well, anyway, about me, my name is Jeffrey Grubb.
I'm the author of A Corporatism, which is published by Progressive Press.
It's on Amazon.
I'm 38, been an instructor in philosophy at a number of schools in northern Indiana.
And I was fired from two of them.
Actually, the first time I was fired was from Indiana University for talking about vaccines and the New World Order and 9-11 and a bioethics class, and they sure didn't like that too much and got rid of me real quick.
But I've got a lot of publications, and I look pretty good on paper to the university, so I got another job real quick in the Purdue University system, where I've been getting my PhD.
I'm actually a lecturer.
It's a non-PhD teacher at a university.
And I recently had...
I was teaching at Purdue North Central up in Northern Indiana, which is a branch campus at Purdue University, and I had requested to teach in the prisons because they have a little program where they teach inmates in the prisons.
I've been doing it for the last 18 months or so, and I was on my way to work, I think it was February 24 or so.
You're just like Jimmy Johnson who twice has tried to take his handgun, because he gets death threats and stuff, why couldn't he, you know, onto the airplane and they open, you know, they scan the briefcase and there's the gun, so a similar thing happened to you.
Yeah, the nation's full of these anti-Second Amendment zones.
I forgot to take my gun out of my school supplies because I had it on me because I was running errands during the morning before I went up to teach at the prison.
Of course, in the media, they won't report on depleted uranium and the burning of the rainforest and all this kind of stuff.
What they want to do is report on me, a professor.
Well, actually, I'm called a lecturer.
I forgot to take my gun out of my school supplies.
It's in the Indianapolis Star and the Chicago Tribune.
They get the story all wrong.
They say, you know, I was trying to smuggle the gun and all this crazy stuff.
And it's just, it's just pretty amazing that that's what, it just shows that that's what the media is all about.
The mainstream media, that's what they're going to fail.
You know, the future is, is us, is this, this voice, you know, against the new old order.
I think a lot of these universities are going to, you know, we're just beginning this economic crisis and it's, you know, a lot of universities when this economic crisis really gets going, you know, later this year, into next year,
A lot of them are going to fail, and I think eventually with American Revolution II starting here, we're going to get new universities, or the ones that exist are going to be heavily modified, and I think our information, our voice, I think is the future there.
So, I mean, I don't, you know, that I got fired from my job, really I don't care, I've been teaching for eight years, you know, all summer, a lot of classes, I'm anxious to take some time off, and plus, I don't really know where I fit in these schools anymore.
I mean, these universities, they're not teaching empirical information.
I mean, it's hard for people to understand this if you're not really in the university system paying attention to what's going on, but they're not, you know, you don't get into a class and sit there and tell your students, okay, I got this scientific article from this top journal, and this scientific article from this article from this top journal, and we're going to just debate these, and we're going to get to the bottom of things, and we're going to be empirical researchers.
That almost never happens anywhere.
Well, they teach you the German 200-year-old model of not learning how to think and learning how magical the world is and how things connect.
It's all just by rote, regurgitating information.
Yeah, exactly.
Well, they got these agendas.
Like, when I was teaching bioethics at Indiana University Northwest, which I was inspired from, they wanted me to teach this bioethics class.
And I said, OK, that sounds great.
I'd love to.
Didn't have a whole lot of background in it, but I said I'll do it because I could use it.
And it was really a eugenics class they wanted to teach here.
Yeah, they wanted me to teach eugenics, which, you know, it doesn't really... By the way, we've never talked before.
I just knew that because that's what they teach.
But go ahead.
Yeah, no, right.
Well, they wanted me to teach about euthanasia and all this stuff, and I said, you know, it's not really relevant.
You know, I'm wasting the students' money.
I'm not really teaching them relevant information.
So what I did is I just, on my own, got rid of that section of the class.
It's brainwashing!
You pay $30,000 a year or whatever to go be brainwashed and taught a bunch of propaganda instead of information.
Go ahead.
Yeah, it's absolutely unbelievable that people don't just wake up and say, what am I doing here?
I mean, I take a calculus class.
We really only learn about four concepts the whole semester, and I never use any of this stuff ever again.
That's why I dropped out of college.
I was ma- I mean, it was like, I'd go to math class, and it'd be how we've got to get rid of the most of the population, guns are bad.
I'd go to, uh, you know, philosophy class, it was all New World Order.
I'd go to Texas history, it'd all be New World Order.
I'd go to U.S.
history, it'd all be New World Order.
It didn't matter what class, art class, it'd be New World Order.
I mean, just everywhere, it's brainwashing.
Yeah, people don't pick up on this because they do it in a hidden way.
Some classes won't talk about eugenics, so what they'll do is talk about global warming.
It'll act like everybody's in agreement.
You get the two students in the back who are questioning it, and then all the rest of the students gang up against them.
People don't know
I mean, brainwashing in the universities is really serious.
They're re-education camps.
They're re-education camps.
Shaved heads, sleep deprivation.
Military, same thing.
And this is what people don't understand.
This is all 200 years old.
It all comes out of Germany and England.
And before education wasn't like this.
I mean, everything you're saying is true, just because I've researched it myself.
That's what's great about talking to somebody else who's researched this with your perspective.
We're going to come back, get more into your book, and I'm going to try to shut up and get into your The Corporatism Secret, Government of the New World Order.
It's published by Webster Tarpley's publisher, I thought I would add, so to give you an idea of the caliber of the material, and Progressive Press, so we really appreciate having you on the show with us.
We're going to come right back to you after this break, but...
Yeah, I mean, you pay after 12 years of your children being brainwashed at government schools to send them to another re-education camp.
And folks, when I say re-education camp, they are re-education camps.
I mean, re-education, Soviet Nazi system, that is what goes on at most universities.
You got some good professors and teachers who aren't like that, but overall, it is a brainwashing mess.
I mean, they tried to recruit my dad into eugenics when he went to UT in the 60s.
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Well, Obama's already fudging.
He's fudged since day one in this election.
If you have a demagogue with a fanatical mass movement of personality cultists who is imposing the program of a group of extreme bankers and finance oligarchs, that's fascism.
It's not about left or right.
It's about a one-world government.
This film documents who Obama works for, the lies he is told, and his real agenda.
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No matter how hard you try...
Alright, let's go back to our guest, Jeffrey Grubb.
Jeffrey, continue.
Let's get into your book, Corporatism, the Secret Government of the New World Order.
Yeah, that book was written from 2003 to 2007.
When 9-11 happened, I was deep in my academic studies getting my master's degree and I really didn't even pay attention.
I actually tried as best as I could to ignore all politics.
I thought it was a complete joke.
I didn't want to pay attention.
I just wanted to do my academic work.
But then, 2003 happened.
I forgot exactly the date.
March 20th.
The 19th when we invaded Iraq.
I was sitting there in Applebee's with my father, having a happy little lunch, watching the people of Baghdad get blown to bits.
And that completely shocked me, unbelievably.
And from that point on, I've been distracted.
My academic work has been distracted.
All I can really focus on is what exactly is going on in the world.
And the book, Corporatism, is my process of trying to figure out what's going on in the world.
And it took me four years to write.
I basically researched it, you know, 100 hours a week or more it took to get that book to be completed.
Of course, you're quoted in the book about 30 times, Alex.
I've been listening to you ever since 2003.
And, uh, you know, I've been listening to, uh, I mean, where else am I going to get this information?
You know, I mean, you guys report all this stuff.
I mean, nobody, it's really hard to find any really good information.
So, um, but the book is, uh, I think there's only one problem.
I think whether, you know, like you said the other day about the Obama deception, you, you know, after you finish something, you find out things you wish you added later.
There's a couple of things I wish I added later, but the book basically to sum it up is about how the secret government works.
The secret government is basically invisible.
I mean, people like Rockefeller and stuff, um,
I think so.
We were basically told who to vote for.
The public didn't even know who Ron Paul was until late in the game.
Yeah, they spent billions manufacturing this guy.
That's prima facie evidence.
He's New World Order.
Then all his advisors.
Now the policies.
Now the betrayals.
I mean, you know, he comes out and says, I am against these bailouts and these bonuses.
I'm fighting it.
And it turns out he specifically signed an executive order to allow it and had Dodd put it in the law
And that's now mainstream news.
Well, I knew that months ago.
We put it in the Obama Deception that was just released.
But that's now mainstream news today.
Yeah, Obama's specifically doing the neocon agenda where you say one thing and you say it purposely, you say exactly the opposite of what you're implementing.
So he'll say, I'm against AIG and the banks, and you know, go on the TV and scold them and stuff.
But then, you know, he's like you say in the Obama, you show in the Obama Deception, he's the guy behind the whole thing as far as the, you know, the puppet government goes.
We're good.
Killing people for some sort of enjoyment or pleasure that they have.
It's some sort of religion.
So that's the summation of your research, which is true.
You could be an atheist and come to that realization.
People are like, I don't believe in that.
I'm an atheist.
I'm an agnostic.
Point is, the globalists believe in it.
I mean, they are into this stuff.
They are out of their minds.
Actually, Alex, I used to be an atheist.
I even published an academic article in a top philosophy journal called Sophia.
I'm trying to prove that God didn't exist.
Way back deep into the 90s, I was so angry with my upbringing and the horrible church that I was raised in.
I just became this fiery, bitter atheist.
I read a book in the last few years called Beginning Sacred Design by Bonnie Gount.
Pretty much, I can't believe that nobody's talking about this information and the churches are on TV.
That's why a lot of time, and we're going to talk about it now, but a lot of top scientists who have been atheists, when they finally look at DNA under electron microscopes and the layers and how there's, you know, in there, they're like, my God, this is designed.
I mean, this didn't come out of a cabbage patch.
It's everywhere.
Look at the solar system.
When you look at the numbers of the solar system, the diameter of the sun, moon, earth, the ratios of all these diameters... Where we had to be in the galaxy, it's all perfect.
I mean, take Newgrange up in Ireland.
That ancient temple, about 2000 BC, it's estimated to have been created.
The sun, I think it's the winter solstice, there's one beam of light that
We're good to go.
Those very precise dates are traveling exactly the same trajectory through the sky without any deviation.
Now, that can't be a coincidence.
That's unbelievable.
I could name 20 of those coincidences.
Let's do it.
Let me come back.
No, let's do it if you want.
Let's get into the book and a lot more with our guest, folks.
The book is Corporatism, the Secret Government of the New World Order.
Jeffrey Grubb, I suggest you get it today.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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In the New World Order's war against humanity, Barack Obama is the tip of the spear.
We've got to have a civilian national security force that's just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded.
The Obama deception completely destroys the myth that Obama is working for the best interest of the American people.
Well, Obama's already fudging.
He's fudged since day one in this election.
If you have a demagogue with a fanatical mass movement of personality cultists who is imposing the program of a group of extreme bankers and finance oligarchs, that's fascism.
It's not about left or right.
It's about a one-world government.
This film documents who Obama works for, the lies he is told, and his real agenda.
Get your copy of The Obama Deception today at InfoWars.com or download it in super high quality at PrisonPlanet.tv.
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That's 1-877-747-6664.
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That's solar, T-H-E-R-M, solartherm.ca.
Monday through Friday we're here live 11 to 3 p.m.
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Don't forget Jason Burmas the Info Warrior.
It's the name of the show 9 to midnight Central Standard Time.
That's 10 p.m.
to 1 a.m.
Chimel Castle GCN Radio Network.
He's been having a lot of great guests in studio and on the phone with him.
It's all simulcast at PrisonPlanet.tv for three hours, nine to midnight.
We've been here today for the last few hours, so most days we do large portions of the show.
Every day we do at least two hours.
I want to go back to our guest.
We're not going to have any time for calls today.
We've had so many guests on.
We will have a lot of calls tomorrow.
Corporatism, the secret government of the New World Order, but he'll be on hold a few minutes.
I want to bring Ted Anderson up right now because
Every time gold goes down, and the graph goes like this, you know.
It's the last five years going up, but every time it dips, Ted buys it when it's low, and then he doesn't raise the price to the current rate, he passes it on to you.
Because Ted understands psychology.
Some of these people buy when it's high, I buy when it's low.
Well, he passes that on.
You're buying it at the low price when it's gone up.
It went up 30 bucks yesterday, it's gone up like 15 today.
Skyrocketing back upwards.
I don't know what the future holds, but I know gold and silver is real.
I know they're devaluing the dollar.
They're openly talking about abandoning the dollar.
If that happens, you know,
I got articles here, in fact, I meant to get to.
$750 billion green investment could revive economy, UN says.
They're calling for a world tax on all fuel.
And if you think $750 billion is big, that's just how they're going to start.
The income tax started at 1%.
It wasn't widely adopted until the 50s, though they passed it in 1913.
So, I mean, this is insane, the stuff.
I mean, here's London Telegraph, where they're talking about yesterday, issuing their own global super currency, and then another article said, oh, they're already doing it.
So, Ted Anderson, you've got silver, you've got gold at insane deals.
Out of the gates, because we always run out of time, give folks the group of coins you're offering today at the insane price of
Would you buy this when it was down by $70?
Yeah, right.
Alex, right when the market dipped there, I took advantage of those low prices, and now we have gold trading around $9.60, which is up again today.
That news that the Fed's going in there buying U.S.
Treasuries is just driving gold up through the roof.
That means the private bankers are selling themselves Treasuries taxpayer-backed.
The foreigners aren't buying enough of it to keep us afloat and they're moving away fast.
If folks don't know what that means, why don't you tell them, Ted?
Well, it just means that we're going to see inflation.
I mean, you think you've had an assault on your stocks and bonds and your 401k plans and your IRAs now.
Just wait till inflation starts coming.
Everybody knows now that we're looking at some huge inflation in the future here.
They just said yesterday, record inflation.
Record inflation in the last 20 years just came in.
Yeah, that's what everybody's pointing at right now because when the Federal Reserve System buys U.S.
government treasuries, it means they're printing money.
That's what it means.
And folks, inflation means the dollars are worth less.
I know this sounds stupid, but some people are elementary.
I want to be simple here.
When there's inflation, commodities, especially those that have true value as currency, gold and silver, historically only go up.
It's the most active time in trading for gold and silver that you can ever hope for.
I mean, back in 1980, gold went from $40 an ounce to $800 an ounce in about six years.
And now we're starting at a level of about $300, and if the same movement comes along, we're going to be looking at $4,000, $5,000, maybe even $6,000 gold.
And this is the answers that our government and the Federal Reserve System has for us.
And you're right, the U.N.
is trying to get away from using the United States currency as a world reserve currency.
That's going to kill us.
We have to have foreigners buying our debt in order to survive.
This is a slow slide into depression, but if the dollar gets dumped, which is openly being discussed, it will be an overnight crash.
Well, Alex, when I was up on the air just at the very end of the show yesterday, I told you I had some deals in here.
I have Frank Still.
Same price I had him yesterday, even though gold is up again so much today.
I have Frank Still from the time when gold was sitting here at its bottom.
At $218, I've got British Sovereigns at $272.
Silver's up.
I still have the Franklin halves at $869 apiece, or $173 per roll of $20.
And I have some of the U.S.
Eagles and some of the various different coins that you can find in the gold market.
You're going to have to ask for those, because I just don't have enough quantities to go out.
We have $20 gold pieces and tens.
Just call 1-800-686.
Two, two, three, seven, and take advantage of this.
The market is going up right now, and it'll continue to go up as the Fed steps in and inflates away.
They're trying to deficit spend our way out of our problems.
Explain to people what's going on.
You have gold.
Is it $60 or $70 under what it's currently selling for?
Well, that's the thing, Alex.
It was what, around $890 when it hit its low here last time?
So that's a $70 under buy you made.
You're passing those shavings on.
You cannot beat this deal.
Tell them the coin's dead.
Yeah, again, the Frank coin right now is at $218.
The Sovereign coin right now is at $272.
The Franklin half is right now at $869.
That's a silver coin.
I mean, people should be buying gold and silver right now.
Inflation is going to push this stuff up through the roof.
And the silver coin is $8.80-something cents.
I mean, silver dollars, if you can find them, are over $20 a piece, Ted.
I know.
They've been trading for more than $20 here for almost the last year.
Every now and then, you're lucky to get something for $18.
And here, this thing is $8.69.
I mean, it is really a good buy.
It is.
Give them the number, folks.
Again, it's 1-800-686-2237.
2237, man, pull your head out of the sand, get as much gold and silver as you can at this time.
I can't say that enough.
Did you hear that state police officer who broke the MIAC report here on last hour?
And he said, he said, Alex, you told me to get out of the stock market two and a half years ago.
At the top, I did it.
You told me to get out of my house two and a half years ago, I did it.
I've made hundreds of thousands of dollars.
Everybody else, you know, is losing their butt in his state police office.
He's senior.
I can't say it better than that, Alex.
At this time, if you're sitting in annuity, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, you have 401Ks, IRAs, you should be calling us at 1-800
The only excuse is, is that you're out of paper currency.
You don't have any more.
I just don't, I can't say it enough.
The United States dollar is under attack.
And you better do something about it.
And if you can't see the tidal wave coming, you're going to get drowned.
And when I was first telling folks to get gold, it was $280, $267 an ounce, and it's been above $1,000.
It's going back that way now.
Ted's selling it to you at the $890 level.
So, I mean, if you do the math, he's selling it at the $890 level.
You know, he has his tiny markup in there and things.
He's selling it to you at the $890 level when it's $960.
Ted, thanks for talking to us.
The Brokers will be there until midnight.
Yeah, well, thanks for putting such a great show on.
I'll talk to you later.
Thank you, Ted.
Oh, what did you think about Ron Paul and they were about to threaten to sue?
They're writing a letter.
They're threatening to sue Missouri if they don't retract all that slander in that MIAC report.
I know, I listen to that part of your show and I tell you what, it makes my blood pressure go up because I'm going to be down there in Missouri with Ron Paul next Friday and Saturday and Sunday and I got to tell you,
There isn't a better statesman out there.
I can't believe that anybody would stand and let something like this happen.
Well, it's because they're getting desperate.
Thank you, Ted.
Yeah, thanks a lot.
All right, there goes Ted Anderson on this for about six, seven minutes.
Let's go back to Jeffrey Grubb.
Jeffrey, please continue with your research of how the real government, the shadow government, works in your book, Corporatism, the Secret Government of the New World Order, available from ProgressivePress.com.
Go ahead.
Okay, and before I end the show, Alex, I gotta read you a Samuel Adams quote about the Second Amendment.
An Al-Qaeda quote?
Oh, you're gonna mention a terrorist on my show?
Okay, go ahead, I guess.
Can I read that right now?
Read the terrorist, yes.
Okay, this is specifically in reference to, you know, Obama saying, you know, all these government people saying, you know, you can own a gun, but we just want to restrict it, blah, blah, blah.
You know, they want to put, they want to take control over it and certify, you know, it's like a certification, you know.
When you have a certification over something, like organic food or whatever, the government can come in and control it, basically.
So it turns a right into a privilege.
Yeah, go ahead.
So here's Samuel Adams.
Among the natural rights of the colonists are these.
First, a right to life.
Secondly, a right to liberty.
Thirdly, to property.
Together with the right to support and defend them, if you were to defend them, in the best manner they can.
The key to that quote is the best manner they can.
What that means is, if it's best for us to defend our property and pursuit of happiness with an AR-15, which of course uses .223 most of the time, then that's specifically what we should use, according to this key founding father.
So when somebody like Obama says, oh no, we want to restrict something like .223 ammo, they're breaking the law.
The people should act accordingly to what they're doing.
And basically not cooperate.
We should perform civil disobedience against this administration in every way.
That, which is what I think is the best way to eliminate these people.
But that comes from, I'm reading out of a book called The Second Amendment by David Barton, that's page 24, and then he's got the site, the reference in there, exactly where it isn't.
No, I know that quote, I know it well.
Your website, by the way, is abstractadam.com.
Please continue.
Yeah, that website is mostly just my academic work.
There's probably not a whole lot that, um, there's probably not what the listeners are thinking.
It's just basically an academic site.
But I continue on, um, let me tell you another story about what happened at, um, Purdue North Central.
I think you'll really like this one.
This is different than the story of trying to, you know, forgetting to take my gun out of my stuff when I entered the prison that I was teaching at.
Um, but this happened last summer.
I was, uh, teaching ethics class.
And, you know, these ethics classes in college, you know, it's just a lot of fluff.
You can get the concepts over pretty easy, so you've got to fill it in with interesting concepts in the meantime.
So, of course, I'm bringing up the Second Amendment all the time.
But a couple days into the class, we were talking about evolution before that, and I was talking about how it's just a theory, and, you know, really, a lot of the research they say out there that it proves evolution is just a joke.
You know, these four million-year-old bones, how do we know those are connected to our lineage?
And, you know, they say that there's all this evidence in the junk DNA of the retroviruses
To show that we've got the exact same pattern.
Yeah, we can go look at a fossil record.
It seems like there's something, you know, step-by-step going on through the millions of years.
The problem is, it's trying to say that we come from apes.
That's what they have in mind.
Yeah, these are separate arms.
These are separate arms of development.
You know, you don't have a fish turning into a human, or you don't have a chimpanzee turning into a human.
These are separate, divergent.
They have the continual fossil record that doesn't have, you know, these connections.
There's these massive jumps, like overnight.
Go ahead.
Yeah, exactly.
It's called punctuated equilibrium.
This gradual evolution that Darwin put forth doesn't really exist in the fossil record.
That's actually pretty mainstream among biologists and stuff these days.
But anyways, I was discussing that with students, and I was trying to be as empirical as I possibly could, bringing up both sides of the story and saying, you know, I don't really know, and just the evidence for us coming from chimps is not there.
So I had a couple of students just absolutely, I mean, I could just feel their anger.
You were committing heresy against the eugenicist religion.
I was basically making it look like humans were not stupid animals, but were actually powerful spiritual creatures by doing that, which goes against that whole eugenics program.
So then the next class, to fill in time, we brought up some controversial issues to illustrate their concepts and philosophical ethics, and those were the Second Amendment, of course.
I'm always itching to bring up the Second Amendment.
It's my favorite.
My favorite thing in the world, besides reading, is guns.
I mean, just the freedom that carrying a gun gives you.
As Thomas Jefferson said, it's just second to none, that feeling.
But anyways, so I started talking.
I had this incredible handout for the students.
I've got it right in front of me here.
It's called A Lesson in the Second Amendment.
Just incredibly well documented, you know, about 100 footnotes and the thing and so forth.
We're good to go.
We got a phone call that you're carrying a gun in your pocket, which of course I wasn't, because I've been too afraid to, of course, carry a gun.
It's a felony.
It's an anti-second amendment.
So just talking about the Second Amendment, police came.
Well, it turns out I found out from other students that that student, Brad, one of the students that was so angry at me for just simply questioning and using empirical evidence to question the theory of monkeys turning into humans,
I don't know.
Well, that's what these fake intellectuals do, is they try to shut down free speech by false reports, whatever they can, because it just... I mean, if your information is so powerful and so true, you should want to defend it.
It's kind of like, you know, tens of thousands of people they've grabbed over the years and say they can't have court trials with the Enemy Combatants Act and the Military Commissions Act.
I mean, if these are really terrorists and we've got proof, let's see it!
But see, they always want to do everything they do in secret, and they don't want to allow any debate.
Well, the whole, you know, war on terror and, you know, Al-Qaeda and everything, if people look close, there's no evidence for anything.
I mean, if I see a videotape on TV or something like that, strictly speaking in the scientific sense, not evidence.
That's nothing, because, I mean, it looks like those dinosaurs are real.
Well, it's turned out those videos are old videos re-edited, that's been confirmed, and fake videos.
I mean, they've put the classic morph computer head up, you know, with the one with him in the room.
I mean, they put out admitted fake videos.
Yeah, I mean, the dinosaurs in Jurassic Park sure did look real, I mean, but of course they're fake.
Well, you saw Forrest Gump shake hands with Kennedy.
Exactly, yeah, good one.
But the, um, the, I forgot what I was going to say.
No, no, no, I mean, you were going through, they came after you for having supposedly a gun.
I'm good at that.
You didn't have one.
How did that happen?
Oh, yeah, we were talking about, yeah, that nothing in the war on terror is verifiable.
See, but Americans are trained to just believe whatever they want.
We're good to go.
And then you get this whole apparatus of society, basically everybody telling each other the lie.
That's out of Orwell, you know, everybody tells each other the lie and nobody knows the truth.
So you see it on TV, and then you go to work and talk about what was on TV, and you talk about it at church, and you talk about it at... So Feed My Globe.
Yeah, and it's just always lie, lie, lie, lie.
And then when somebody comes along and says, oh, hey, Diet Coke isn't healthy.
It has aspartame.
Everybody says, I can't believe that.
Nobody believes that.
You're crazy.
Everybody drinks it.
It could never be.
And now they've gotten to the point of when we prove mercury's in the food and the shots, they go, OK, mercury's good.
And we prove melamine's in the formula.
And they go, OK, we've always said it's deadly.
It's good for you.
Mercury, melamine, lead, it's all good now.
Yeah, but the denial is just so unbelievable.
Just like that police officer you had on last, an hour or whatever ago.
I've had the same thing happen to me when I started listening to you.
I got out of stocks, I dumped my house, got into gold.
All the stuff you were saying, and I've even made members of my family tremendous amounts of money, but they'll still say, oh, you were just lucky, or it was just a coincidence.
I'm like, 20 coincidences are just getting lucky?
Well, that's what they say about all the predictions we make, or what the guest said about oil prices, that for the next year at least they were going to drop down to below 50.
Lindsey Williams, it's just...
Oh, Alex, you guessed they were going to announce a new Bank of the World where we'd pay our carbon taxes.
Yeah, it's all over the news now, but you guessed that five years ago.
Yeah, that's exactly what people are saying to me, too.
Oh, well, they like being slaves.
But, you know, I always say, listening to this show is very profitable if you take our advice.
We'll be right back, final segment with our guest.
Stay with us.
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Alright, final five minutes we've got here with the author of Corporatism, The Secret Government of the New World Order, published by the great folks at ProgressivePress.com, put out Webster Tarpley's books that we carry at InfoWars.com.
Don't forget, it's out on DVD, shipping out now, The Obama Deception.
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Want to commend you.
By the way, in the retransmission starting in about four minutes, Dr. Chuck Baldwin came on about the MIAC report and big breaking news concerning Ron Paul and Bob Barr considering litigation against the state police for this and those that wrote it, and that'll be the ADL and Southern Poverty Law Center.
We need to get on the offensive here.
Commander David K. Rabin, the head of the American Legion, about Obama wanting to basically cut healthcare and make troops pay for their own healthcare.