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Air Date: March 8, 2009
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This is the GCN Radio Network.
IRN USA Radio News, I'm Jody Jordan.
The death toll of this morning's suicide bombing in Baghdad has reached 28 people.
Iraqi police officials say the attack at the city's main police academy wounded 57 in addition to the fatalities.
Here's Kim Gamble.
In December, another suicide bomber hit recruits as they were lined up at the entrance.
33 recruits were killed.
The police academy also was targeted several other times in the past.
And no one has claimed responsibility yet for a lethal attack on an army base in Northern Ireland.
It killed two members of the British military and wounded another four.
Gumman opened fire from a passing car, striking the soldiers.
This is British Prime Minister Gordon Brown.
I think the whole country is shocked and outraged at the evil and cowardly attacks on British soldiers who were serving their country on civilians just going about their ordinary duty.
This is IRN USA Radio News.
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Pakistani authorities have released 12 Taliban militants who have been in Pakistani custody to keep up their end of a bargain negotiated with Taliban leaders.
The deal was struck with Islamists in the troubled southwestern Swat Valley.
officials are uneasy about the deal, fearful of the possibility of another safe haven for al-Qaeda on Pakistani soil.
The President of Afghanistan has welcomed President Obama's willingness to working with moderate Islamic factions in the Middle East.
President Hamid Karzai's pro-western administration has come under attack by a re-insurgent Taliban.
Karzai said the effort to begin peace talks with moderate Taliban members, along with last month's approval to send 17,000 additional U.S.
troops to Afghanistan, is a step in the right direction.
And a pilotless U.S.
drone aircraft is missing after entering Pakistan yesterday.
It's believed the drone crashed.
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The weak U.S.
economy is evidenced even in the annual Itterod Dog Sled Race, which began with a traditional ceremonial 11-mile run through Anchorage Saturday.
The field of competitions is smaller, 67 mushers compared to a record 96 entries in last year's race.
Because of heavy snow, the race is expected to take more than the normal nine days on the trail.
Lance Mackey, the two-time defending champion, says the snow conditions could be better, but that's okay.
I mean, you've got a lot of snow to deal with, but, you know, it's better than no snow at all in some of those places.
I don't know, it's gonna be challenging, no doubt about it, but every year is, so... I think it's, um... I think it's kind of equal playing terms for everybody here, playing field.
Victims of disgrace financer Bernard Madoff will get a chance to address the court when he enters a plea on Thursday.
It's not clear how many victims will speak, but the hearing is expected to be emotional.
Here's Adam Goldman.
Even though we're not talking about violent crimes, we are talking about many people losing everything they had.
I'm sure their reactions to actually seeing Madoff on court will be visceral.
And an election is underway in North Korea.
The outcome is pretty much determined ahead of time.
Here's Jean Lee.
If they approve of the candidate, they cast their ballot.
If they don't approve of the candidate, they have to go to a separate ballot booth and cross the candidate's name out before putting it into a special ballot box.
And defectors tell us that this is something that no North Korean would dare to do.
I'm Jody Jordan for IRN USA Radio News.
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Now live from Austin, Texas, here's Alex Jones.
All right, here's what's going on on this 8th day of March 2009.
We'll be live over the next two hours.
We have Lindsey Williams joining us for the last hour and 15 minutes of this Sunday abbreviated transmission.
I do every Sunday 4 to 6 p.m.
Central Standard Time.
For folks in the eastern area, of course, that is 5 to 7 p.m.
And out on the Pacific, that is 2 to 4.
Thank you again for joining us today.
Let me break down the four stacks of important news I have here, and I'm really just going to news blitz and go through news for the next 45 minutes until Mr. Williams joins us, then we'll have open phones for the balance of the transmission dealing with what's happening with the contrived global collapse that we have been detailing for many years before it began, exactly how it would begin and how it would unfold.
Vaccines were contaminated with avian flu virus.
That is the headline.
And that headline is out of the Toronto Sun.
Here is another headline.
This is out of the Canadian Press.
Baxter product contained live bird flu virus.
Another headline out of the Times of India.
Virus mix-up by lab could have resulted in a pandemic.
Another headline, Vaccines as Biological Weapons, Live Avian Flu Virus Placed in Baxter Vaccine Materials, Sent to 18 Countries.
That's out of Natural News and Mike Adams, the Health Ranger.
And then that dovetails with a New York Times article dealing with Baxter Pharmaceutical, tied into Bayer.
They were part of the IG Farben Combine during World War II.
Bayer is, with the Nazis, blood, money, and AIDS.
is the headline and it talks about how Bayer and other companies knowingly shipped out factor eight blood product filled with HIV and hepatitis and over a million dosages of that were sent out and everyone that took it contracted HIV and AIDS eventually and of course hepatitis all three A, B, and C in there for you and of course France arrested the directors of Bayer in France but that was it nobody else got any trouble and it did come out
This was from June 11, 1996, by the way, the New York Times.
I just thought I'd pull that up for you.
But it came out in 2000 in court hearings that they premeditatedly did it.
That's the important thing for those of you out there that still think vaccines are good for you.
Sure, roll up your sleeves!
Meanwhile, we have national television and Dr. Dina Dell and others calling us conspiracy theorists when we just read out of the Associated Press and the New York Times, but this latest one was bird flu.
It kills over 60% of those that ingest it, but it's not very airborne.
It only lives a few seconds in the air, so they were splicing it with a bunch of other varieties of hearty flu that are extremely airborne and extremely contagious.
By the grace of God, a subcontractor tested it on ferrets, and it killed all of them.
Of course, normally, they would just test on the ferrets, because the ferrets get sick.
It means that the flu virus wasn't radiated properly in the vaccine, a routine problem.
And so then they would send it back, which then just killed them better than a hammer.
So they studied what was in it, and it was... This broke in the Czech Republic.
They tested it there, and in Austria.
And the people at these 18 sites are all having to go to the hospital and be tested right now.
So that's the type of issues we have here.
I could, frankly, spend two hours on that, but I'll spend a little bit more time on it later.
Also, every day I see articles from even the South.
You'd think this only goes on in places like Boston, in Massachusetts, or in places like Connecticut, where people legally go to the gun shop, they buy some guns, and the police pull them over and charge them for having an arsenal.
There's no law, but they still go to prison.
Now you're saying, how does that happen?
Well, people go to prison all the time for not taking vaccines.
There's no law.
I've had listeners, and it's been in the newspaper, in Lyon County, Kentucky, Kelly Rushing gave state police some of my videos.
The police arrested him and said it was threatening, and said that they didn't appreciate the material.
In my film, Road to Tyranny, it was also a Ron Paul video, and I called the judge up at home, and he said, yeah.
You can watch the court case.
I'm not going to comment on it.
It was in the newspaper and they took him in there and tried to put him in prison and the jury said not guilty.
They said it was terrorism to hand out my videos.
Then we have the state police being trained on their own video footage around the country that freedom is terrorism.
I'm not joking when I say this.
I want you to understand something.
But I see these articles every day where troops returning home are arrested for having guns, legally.
uh... where citizens are being harassed and again we're not against the police here until they stomp all over the bill of rights and constitution and the feds are training the police the second amendment is evil and bad they're federalizing everything police chiefs nationwide are announcing they're going to take your blood at checkpoints uh... for any reason any misdemeanor now they're announcing everywhere that even small cities are getting federal grants to put up police surveillance cameras
We always told you the cameras weren't for the highway, folks.
It was dual use.
They're face scanning you.
They're tracking you.
Austin's getting it.
It's just happening everywhere.
But I have these reports here.
Police arsenal found in Danbury teen's truck.
And he's eighteen years old.
He went and legally bought some rifles.
He was going to shoot them with his buddies in Maine ahead of a wedding that he was going to attend.
The police pulled him over and he had four rifles and they freaked out and flipped out and they were all legal semi-automatic rifles and they still arrested him and they're charging him and there's no law but they don't care.
Now in Texas there was no law that you couldn't carry a
uh... rifle shotgun loaded in your car still people are in prison everywhere for it you try to put one in your gun rack and driving down the road so the state of texas had to pass a law a few sessions back stating no they had to pass a law saying there is no law that you can you know making it illegal for you to carry a gun uh... the only law they kept in there was you can have a loaded handgun with you in the front of the car needs to be separated from the ammo in the back of the car
Or locked up somewhere.
But still, I know a lot of people get pulled over.
They say, do you have any firearms in the car?
Well, certainly I do, officer.
Oh, I'm going to go ahead and take you into jail.
And the court system is so corrupt, they will charge you with things you're not even guilty of to put you under the jail.
So I want to get into some of that.
In fact, let's just get into that right now, and I'm going to get into all this other news here on the economy.
This is out of the Omaha World Tribune, and notice how they report this like it's normal and no big deal.
A marksman in Iraq, no gun permit in Omaha.
Now they're honest in this article.
The instant check is registration.
It is a gun permit.
It turns a right into a privilege.
And Clinton put hundreds of thousands of veterans on a list when he left office where they have no criminal convictions, not even misdemeanors.
The federal law of the Sixty-Eight Gun Control Act says a felony
And you can't own a gun.
But they don't care.
That's why Obama is now seizing all the psychological records of all Americans.
If you were 15 years old and put on Ritalin or something, no firearm.
Doesn't matter if you're 35 now.
And, you know, a bank president.
It doesn't matter if you were in the military.
Doesn't matter if you're police.
They're all going to be losing and are losing their peace officer licenses right now.
So it goes on here.
It says, Sergeant Tim
McKeeley trained fellow Marines to fire .50 caliber machine guns.
He qualified as a marksman.
He fought in the Battle of Fallujah, Iraq and received a combat medal with a V for Valor.
Back home, he uses a rifle for target shooting.
Yet when McKeeley sought to buy a 9mm Ruger pistol for protection in his Midtown apartment, the Omaha Police Department rejected his application for a gun permit.
You think in Nebraska they have a good Second Amendment?
They don't.
I was trusted by the federal government.
Oh, we're trusted by the government.
How nice.
The people stealing all the money right now to carry a loaded weapon, but I'm not allowed to purchase one by my local government.
McKeeley32 has received counseling for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder related to service in Iraq.
While completing an application for a gun permit, he responded yes to a question that asked whether he was being treated for a mental disorder.
See, see, they advertise that everybody's got to get a mental disorder.
It's like getting a new pair of Nike tennis shoes.
It's the latest thing.
It's how you get, you know, everybody should go to counseling and well, so it's on your insurance.
We'll give you a designation.
No gun for him.
But that's nothing compared to this article out of Connecticut.
Arsenal found in Danbury team.
They said, well, you're not allowed to have more than one gun.
And so it didn't matter if he's going to the shooting range.
We're gonna charge him with felonies.
And they just love it.
Lick their lips as they destroy America.
We'll be right back.
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We are back live.
Thank you for joining us.
Throughout history, every time governments disarm their people, they jack the taxes up, double-triple them, and enslave the population.
Every mafia-run city like New York, Chicago, and L.A.
has massive gun control against the people and the highest crime rates.
And now it's going nationwide.
And I see these stories every day, and normally it's preceded by, you know, Bill was an insurance salesman living in an upscale home at a barbecue.
He told his neighbors the economy was going to collapse.
I mean, I've seen literally hundreds of stories just like this.
You can pull them up.
And Bill told his neighbors the economy was going to collapse and that they need to get storable food and buy firearms, and that he had quite a bit of firearms.
The police raided his home and confiscated 15 firearms.
And they're investigating to see if he's a terrorist.
And then I go check the state's laws.
I've seen this in Texas, Ohio, you name it.
It's not even illegal!
And then we'll call the person up over and over again, I'll have my producers, these people, and 99% of the time they go, my lawyer says don't talk.
My lawyer says I gotta plead to this.
But wait, it's not illegal.
I know, but, but, you know, they're just saying that if I plead they won't put me in prison for 20 years and I'll just be on probation.
And a few times they've fought it and won.
They've listened to me.
It's gotten to the point I don't even call these people up anymore.
Let's do it again.
But you know what?
This week, I'm going to call this gentleman up.
An 18-year-old city resident is in a Massachusetts jail after state police said they found an arsenal in his truck.
Luke S.
Huizinga was on his way to a wedding in Maine when a state trooper pulled him over for a minor traffic violation.
It goes on.
He had a Bushmaster, semi-automatic.
He had a shotgun.
Why, he had some knives.
Oh my gosh!
And it goes on and on.
It shows the pocket knives.
They're so deadly.
He was going up there to shoot with his buddies.
And it goes on to say that he just graduated as a top of his class homeschooler and had no criminal record including no misdemeanors.
He was homeschooled as a sportsman and gun enthusiast who's familiar with guns.
Perhaps a little too much, his mother said.
Stressed that he was no criminal intent.
And they never list the crime he's committed here.
And I see this over and over again.
I mean, listen folks, try in Austin, Texas, driving with your pickup truck with a rifle.
The police will pull you over in 10 seconds.
Now in rural areas.
I have talked to family that live in East Texas, where we've been since 1829, and the police will pull over, you know, if you're walking across the street to your own land to go dove hunting, and they'll, let me see a bird hunting license, let me call the game warden over here, let me, let me, you know, what are you doing with that shotgun?
It's the Soviet Union!
Okay, and I've had enough of it.
See, first we can't have our rifles in our cars.
Folks, when I was in high school, drove a red pickup truck, I had a, you know, a
Rifle rack in my car, and I'd throw my .243 in there and jet down to the ranch to do some hunting.
And I remember being pulled over, and they'd say, you know why we pulled you over?
That rifle.
What are you doing with that?
Well, I'm going deer hunting, buddy.
What do you think I'm doing?
I need you to get out of the car.
I'm going to have to search it.
And one time, myself and, uh, who was it?
Roger Raessler, later a UT football player, a few years younger than me, and his brother Alex Raessler,
uh... were uh... driving about what he was valedictorian of his class now is a good top doctor but point is no criminal record guys i love to waits with and we're driving to go to the shooting range and there's and we've got four rifles in the back and some handguns and uh...
State police pull us over, go through the guns, ask us why we've got them.
They get on the radio, the cop wants to do something to us, and his superiors tell him, don't.
I mean, this country is down the toilet.
It is down the toilet!
We have turned into a secret police degenerate nation.
You know, I've told the story one time, I lived in an apartment, walked out when I was in college, popped the back of my Mustang hatchback, threw the deer rifle in there, drove, uh, went hunting, came back a few days later, my neighbor said, yeah, the police were here, and they went to your door and everything else, because, you know, old lady next door saw you putting a rifle in there.
Oh my goodness, not in America, because these people, all they do is watch television.
And all these cop shows are based in New York and Chicago and Boston.
You know, these fake shows.
But then the real cop shows, too.
Where you're not allowed to carry a handgun or rifle in your car.
Even if you're going to the shooting range.
It's up to their discretion.
Texas was like that for a while, but so many lawsuits later, they had to back off of that.
So that's the moral of the story.
You can fight this.
And you see these TV shows, every episode.
You know, he's got a gun.
You got a permit for this?
Very few places you've got to have a permit.
But they say, you got a permit for this?
And people watch that in Alabama, and Texas, and Northern California, and Nevada, and Arizona, and Wyoming, and everywhere else, Oklahoma.
They watch these shows, and so then when they're in your house... I had a carpet cleaner one time try to call the police on me for a shotgun on the wall.
Back before I had children.
In my broadcast studio out of my house, had a shotgun right up on the wall.
Had a gun safe right next to it.
You bet!
Got a shotgun.
And that guy started freaking out about it.
I'm not going to clean this room.
That gun's illegal.
Because it was black and I guess scary.
And I was just like, what are you talking about, pal?
There had to be a newspaper article with me leading a gun rally on the cover of the Metro and State, and I held up the newspaper.
I said, see me on the newspaper at a Second Amendment rally?
It's not illegal for me to have that gun.
Then I had a bad feeling, and I called the carpet cleaning place, one of the bigger ones here in town.
They drive yellow trucks.
I'll just leave it at that.
And the manager said, yes, Mr. Jones, he did want to call the police, but we explained to him it's not illegal.
You understand the country we live in.
The government knows.
The criminals that run the government, they're stealing all the money out of the banks right now.
They know what they're doing.
They put up billboards for the last 15 years, constantly in every state of the union, with an image of a revolver and it says, report illegal guns.
These weak-minded cowards out there that make up most of the American people see that and think that revolvers are illegal.
It is creating a perception with these numbskulls, just like they've created the color of law perception that you've got to take all the vaccines the government says you have to take.
But it's just incredible to see this type of thing happening.
And, you know, police say they're pro-Second Amendment, then act like it!
Then act like it!
Defend it, because it isn't going to be there long.
You know something?
They've reintroduced the assault weapons ban, but this time they want to physically ban all semi-automatics.
All semi-autos will be banned.
Semi-automatic rifles, handguns, .22s, most of the firearms out there.
You're going to have to hand them in!
Federal psychological testing for everyone.
Not that you're already on some list because you got depressed when you were 20 or something when your daddy died of cancer.
Not because you were in a car wreck and they give everybody a psychological designation, or not because you collapsed once at 120 degree weather in Iraq or something and they give you that designation.
They hand them out like hotcakes.
They give more than half the troops that leave the military now a psychological designation.
That's so they can disarm you.
They don't want people who know how to use weapons and defend this country to have them.
But see, they've gotten smart.
They don't brag about their legislation anymore.
They just introduce it quietly.
Just like they've been saying for months that they don't want to return to the Fairness Doctrine to restrict free speech.
But this time they say on the Internet.
Now they've introduced a bill to do just that.
Nancy Pelosi, Wall Street Journal reported Friday that will restrict free speech on the internet and talk radio.
The bill was introduced by the Speaker of the House.
Meanwhile, Obama's out lying in public saying, oh, we're not reintroducing that.
They do that to destroy resistance, just like they've introduced all these federal bills for carbon taxes on every facet of your cars, your home, businesses, jobs, hundreds of taxes.
And then Obama comes out and says, you're not going to do it.
To destroy people saying no.
Meanwhile, they've introduced the bills.
You understand how they operate?
You understand what they're doing?
Alright, when we get back, I'm going to tell you about the deadly vaccines, the latest.
Hey, how about some bird flu in your vaccine?
How's that sound?
How about make it go airborne?
How about kill a bunch of us deader than a hammer?
How about some AIDS in your vaccine?
We'll tell you about that when we get back.
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You're listening to GCN, the Genesis Communications Radio Network.
There must be some way out of here.
Say the joker to the thief.
There's too much confusion.
So what's really happening is they're demonizing the Second Amendment and effectively banning the Second Amendment right now without even having new federal laws.
They're saying millions of former members of the military, veterans, cannot own firearms now by the government giving them psychological designations for absolutely no reasons and also the general public.
They want you institutionalized.
They want you on welfare, or they want you deep in debt, or they want you in the psychiatric system.
And that's what National Service is about, is forcing the rest of us to be in the government system.
And the bills are introduced where you, even if you were never given a psychological designation, you will go before federal psychiatrists every two years to be able to have a permit to own firearms, period, retroactively.
That is introduced right now.
They are coming for the Second Amendment.
Make no mistake.
Okay, let me get into this news story.
Baxter product contained live bird flu virus.
That is out of the Toronto Sun.
Here is another one out of the Times of India.
Virus mix-up by lab could have resulted in pandemic.
And I have other mainstream news articles along these lines at Infowars.com and PrisonPlanet.com.
What happened is, Baxter Pharmaceuticals, based in the U.S., mailed to 18 of its subsidiary factories in Europe with the orders to mix H5N1 avian flu virus, the deadly type that kills more than 60% of the people that come in contact with it.
A horrible, gruesome death.
Your lungs fill up with water, you die.
It has a higher kill rate with young children.
So they ship this out, has nothing to do with the regular flu vaccine, but it's mixed at 18 different locations in the big test batches.
And the scientists that are reporting on this in the Canadian, French, German, Czech news, we have quotes
In stories we've written up on InfoWars.com that link to all this, that are kind of boil downs of all this news.
But this is so important, I recommend you read all the articles on it to fully grasp it.
This is the perfect way to mutate the bird flu, the deadly bird flu, into a super airborne flu.
Because it is not possible, it is likely, that it would then mutate into an airborne type by merging with the other flu strains.
But as if that isn't bad enough, it will also kill you if you are injected with this, or give you a good chance of being killed with it, without it even mutating.
Because the H5N1 is very fatal, it just doesn't live long in the air, so it needs to get through your skin into your bloodstream to be effective, and that's exactly what being injected with this will do.
So I thought I would go back, and thank God this got caught and stopped, but not by Baxter.
I thought I would go back, you can just Google HIV Hepatitis in Factor 8 into Google and you'll get hundreds of news articles, MSNBC pieces where they admit that Bayer, the big parent company of a bunch of these conglomerates, knowingly
For years, and this was ongoing until 2000, all over the world shipped out HIV-filled Factor VIII blood clotting agent that's injected.
The media always calls it a vaccine, it really isn't.
And it's also filled with hepatitis.
And it turned out they knowingly did this.
And who was involved in that as well?
Baxter Pharmaceutical, the same ones.
Now, what's interesting here is the mainstream European press, big newspapers, and the Czech Republic and others are saying, was this done on purpose to cause a pandemic?
Because Baxter separately is trying to get approval for a bird flu vaccine.
So that's not Alex Jones saying that, that's mainstream news in Europe.
But look at this article from 96.
You can pull up hundreds of these.
Blood, money, and AIDS.
Last December, Corey Dublin...
A hemophiliac infected with a virus that causes AIDS met for lunch at Carol's Restaurant in Camarillo, California with John Bocci, the president of Baxter International, Inc., a unit that makes blood clotting products, which are doubling like an estimated 6,000, 10,000 hemophiliacs nationwide.
It's a lot more than that now.
It's millions worldwide.
Became infected with HIV after receiving a tainted clotting substance by Baxter and three other companies in the 70s and 80s.
Uh, no, this went on longer than that.
This is from 96.
Hundreds of victims have sued, but statutes of limitations prevented thousands more from bringing claims.
Really, there's no statute on fraud, there's no statute on murder.
That's not true.
Mr. Dubbin, however, had not come to lunch to pick a fight.
Rather dissatisfied with the way the key plaintiff's lawyers were handling litigation, he was on a stealth mission to negotiate for all those infected a settlement with a four companies without the knowledge of key plaintiff's lawyers.
There's just an example of that.
Go to YouTube and Google, Bayer AIDS, and you can watch the news clips about it, where they knowingly, knowingly, especially Bayer Pharmaceutical, did this.
Now, we told you two years ago that in the trials of the HPV, the human papillomavirus vaccine, that it was killing scores of people that took it, and thousands of others were having autoimmune responses and seizures.
And bloody sores popping up all over their body with this live cancer virus injection that they admit doesn't even guarantee that it will stop them from getting cervical cancer that only kills about 4,000 people a year.
They're saying every girl needs it, now every boy needs it.
Perry claims it's the law to take it.
Go look, there is no law.
He just made it a recommended shot to the state health departments as a recommended to go to school.
They don't tell you there's waivers.
But why are there waivers if there's not even a law to need a waiver?
And now CBS News, CNN, all of them are having to report it.
All these deaths confirmed by the HPV, hemopapilloma virus, inoculations.
So, you know, do this at your own risk, ladies and gentlemen.
If you go back about 15 years ago, there were only five vaccines they tried to push and they claim were mandatory.
Now it's over 60 shots they're trying to make people take.
The big pharma comes out with new vaccines.
They go lobby, pay off politicians, and politicians then claim it's the law, you've got to take them, when there's not even a law, you've got to take them.
Just fraud and lies and corruption on every single front.
Now this is confirmed there's HIV in these products.
It's confirmed bird flu.
It's confirmed the swine flu that was caused by vaccines is admitted.
Killed tens of thousands in the U.S.
Remember that?
In the 70s?
Folks, you better find out about all this.
You better learn what's going on with all of this.
You better learn about the connection between vaccines and cancer.
Not just the DNA in the vaccines triggering cancer, but the fact that HV40, SV40, and scores of other viruses, most cancer is viral.
Most cancer is viral.
That's the big, dirty secret.
But now that that's out, oh, they have vaccines against viral cancer.
Which then kill you, in many cases.
Or maim you.
But look into the fact of SV40.
Just Google SV40 cancer.
And you will be on the Centers for Disease Control admitting more than 200 million Americans were injected with it, and that it causes scores of different types of fast-acting cancers that were unknown
Until the fifties with the polio vaccine, and guess what?
It's still in most major vaccine stocks, not just, let me explain that again, not just polio.
Now, if you see my film, Endgame Blueprint for Global Enslavement, we show all the documents, all the government documents, State Department, CIA, congressional testimony,
That the eugenics families, like the Rockefellers who publicly are in the encyclopedia funding the Kaiser Wilhelm Eugenics Society, that Hitler learned everything he got from, that they knowingly discovered that most cancer is viral and that it is implanted in your vaccines.
I mean, I just read the words HIV and bird flu.
I mean, what else do you need out there?
We'll be right back with Lindsey Williams, a bunch of economic news.
Stay with us.
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We are back live.
I know we've had loaded phones since the start of the show.
I know your calls will be all over the map, but Lindsey Williams can comment on those.
Later, at the very end of the show, I'm going to play a clip of a senator that actually asked some hard questions of the private Federal Reserve head, Bernanke.
They won't say where the $9.7 trillion now they've stolen went.
And there's a Bloomberg headline from Friday, Fed refuses to release bank data, insists on secrecy.
That's what this police state's all about, so the offshore banks that control Washington can carry out their heist.
Also, the media is saying that Obama is basically making his entire policy system be built around attacking Rush Limbaugh.
They have to do that, because the Republicans and Democrats all vote to expand government, attack our liberties and freedoms, so they have to act like there's a difference between the two parties.
And that will energize the liberal base, that will energize the mainline conservative base.
This is a basic form of manipulation.
We'll go over it.
I also have some other important news.
You know, there's that Bob Dylan song, Sundown on the Union.
And he says in there, you know, someday even growing your own home garden will be against the law.
And I've seen articles around Europe and the United States where they're restricting people even having gardens in their backyards saying you might grow marijuana.
See, no citizen can even be trusted, not just to have a gun, they can't be trusted to grow tomatoes.
And if you go back to slaves in Europe under feudalism, they couldn't grow their own food.
It's a system of control and I saw that out of the Tulsa world
Tulsa City Councilor questions community gardens, saying, allowing citizens to grow gardens in their backyard.
Yeah, we're so controlled.
Can't have a garden.
He says, because they might grow marijuana, so we have to have police inspections of your gardens.
See, all guilty until proven innocent.
Oh my gosh, you got a tomato plant.
And here in Austin, everybody I talk to that gets raided by the police, it's for having bloodweed in their backyard that grows everywhere.
Oh, that bloodweed looks a little bit like it.
We don't have a warrant, but we're coming in your house.
It's such a sick joke.
They use the phony drug war to get involved in our lives, and the bigger the drug war gets, the more drugs on our streets, the more liberties and freedoms we lose.
Look at Mexico collapsing because of their phony drug war.
You end the drug war, the crime gangs, the syndicates, the banks laundering the money will rise up like a coal sore.
It'll all become very, very clear.
But they won't do that, because it's their plan to bring down this nation.
It's the globalists.
They want to conquer us.
It's what they do.
And until we wake up to that, it's over.
Now, I want to introduce Lindsey Williams.
Lindsey hasn't been on the Sunday Syndicated Show.
I know a lot of our listeners tune into both the weekday shows and the Sunday show, but Lindsey, in the time we've got, I would just ask you to basically recap who you are, the story you've told, the information that's come out.
You know, what you wrote about 25 years ago came out to be true in declassified documents, that there's more oil in one area of Alaska than in all of Saudi Arabia, and they won't let us have it because they want to, you know, be able to manipulate the prices.
uh... we also know that uh... well you said seven months ago on this show and others
That the oil price is going to drop from $147 a barrel to below $50.
Everybody laughed at you, but you have these former executive contacts when you worked with the board of Atlantic Richfield and others as their chaplain, and you've since talked to this individual again, and you went on my show and made those predictions because it was directly from The Globalist.
Just like we infiltrated Bilderberg in 2006 and said they're going to run the stock market up,
We're good to go.
Everything we've covered in the last three or four interviews we've done, condense it down what's happening in the world.
Lindsey Williams, good to have you back with us.
Thank you, Alex, for allowing me to be this weekend with you on your weekend show for the first time.
I feel honored.
And yes, let's go back a ways.
And well, first of all, let me say,
That back on July the 28th, you were bold enough to allow me to present something that possibly no way in this world it could happen.
But I guess as a result of you knowing that for the past 35 years the elite have told me things, you allowed me on your show to tell you because I had a contact from them eight months ago and was told everything that the elite plan to do in the world for the next year to a year and a half.
And it has happened exactly like they said it.
But let me go back so that folks will understand why I can say the things that I'm going to say today.
Because today I'm going to tell you how things have already taken place and everything that will happen for the next year.
It began for me 35 years ago.
I was asked to be the chaplain on the Trans-Alaska Oil Pipeline and the
The elite.
Folks, let me say as emphatically as I can that Positively is a group of people on the face of the earth who control the world.
And since I was chaplain on the Trans-Alaska Oil Pipeline, they invited me to sit in on their board meetings in an advisory capacity in order to help the relationship between management and labor as they were building the biggest pipe ever constructed on the face of the earth for the carrying of crude oil from the Prudhoe Bay, huge new American oil field on the Arctic Ocean.
Well, I had the experience of my lifetime.
By the providence of God it had to have happened because how would a little unknown insignificant missionary flying airplanes out in the bush of Alaska all of a sudden be allowed to sit with the people you hear about in the World Bank, the IMF,
Top oil company officials of the world.
It could have only happened by the providence of God.
Very few people on the face of this earth have ever lived with the elite for three years time.
I did.
Sat across the dinner table from them.
Stayed in the same dorms with them at Prudhoe Bay on the oil field.
These were not men coming to my church.
I was on their oil field.
They greeted me kind of like a mascot.
Told me everything that I asked.
Never withheld anything from me.
And I had an opportunity to
Literally observe the elite of the world firsthand as probably nobody else ever has that would be allowed to ever tell the story and I'm quite sure they didn't think that I would.
Well, over the past 35 years, everything that I've ever been told by them, I have told it to the world.
And a few times I've been contacted and they've said, Chaplain, you're saying too much and you're going to have to back off.
If you don't, we're going to have to take action.
Well, that's exactly what happened back eight months ago.
One of them called me.
This is the second time this has happened in 35 years.
This gentleman I had not seen for about 25 years.
I know who he is.
He's 82 years of age now, but once you become a part of him, you never get away from it.
And he said, Chaplain, you've got to quit saying certain things.
You're talking too much, and you're getting us in trouble.
And if you don't quit, we're going to have to take action.
And by the way, for those that don't know, your video went as viral as Loose Change, the most downloaded film in internet history.
It was number one on Google Video for six, seven months, with millions of views a day.
So that's why they called you.
It was international sensation.
The info you've been telling us for, myself, thirteen years, finally got a lot of attention.
So they call you up, they threaten you, continue.
Yes, and what he said was not too pleasant, and I remember very well that John F. Kennedy, the President of the United States of America, decided one day he'd buck the elite, change over the currency and do away with the Federal Reserve.
Well, it didn't take long for him to get shot, so there was no sense in the world in me arguing with him.
I talked with the gentleman a few minutes, agreed to pull my video, redo it, agreed to shut down my website, which you won't find it there any longer.
Uh, but that's not the important thing.
The important part is what I can do in helping you, who are listening to this program today, know everything that the elite told me for the next year and a year and a half that they plan to do.
Because after this gentleman and I came to agreement, he said, now chaplain, if you'll do these simple things, he said, we'll let you alone, let you go ahead and talk like you want to.
Well, at that point, I asked him, I decided I'd be friendly.
I said, uh, how's your family?
Your wife?
Where have you been living since I saw you 25 years ago?
He became quite polite.
And at that point, I began asking him questions.
And for 45 minutes time, he talked with me on the phone.
If you can imagine, Alex, again, I must say, I put on my britches just like you do every morning.
This is a former CEO of one of the big 5 oil companies, but go ahead.
Yeah, and he was talking with me on the phone, and he said, this is what we're going to do.
Now, that was when crude oil was $147 a barrel.
It actually hit $150 to be technical, but go ahead.
Yeah, and there's no way in this world that it was going to come down to $50 a barrel, but he said to me it's coming down to $50 a barrel.
He said the price of gasoline at the gas pump is going to $1.50 to $2 a gallon.
And I said, why are you going to do this?
He said, we're going to do it for the purpose of bankrupting OPEC oil producing countries of the world.
This was unthinkable.
The richest people on the face of the earth to be bankrupted.
I said, what's this going to do to that city over there called Dubai?
Five-star, never anything been built like it before.
He said it's going to become a ghost town.
He went right down the line with everything that was going to happen, including what was going to take place for the next 12 months to a year and a half in the United States of America.
Alex, I would like to do something very unusual on your program as it goes along today.
I have never done this in the 35 years that I have had the privilege of doing radio talk shows all across America.
I have never done what I'd like to do on your show today.
You see, knowing the elite personally, sitting across the dinner table from them, living in the dorms with them,
Talking with them on their level, I was able to analyze their mind.
I understand.
Stay there.
You got to know them and how they work.
Stay with us.
We'll be right back.
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No one has claimed responsibility yet for a lethal attack on an army base in Northern Ireland that killed two members of the British military and wounded four others.
Eyewitnesses said gunmen opened fire from a passing car, striking the soldiers.
This is British Prime Minister Gordon Brown.
Our first priority has always been the security of people in Northern Ireland.
And we'll do everything in our power to make sure that Northern Ireland is safe and secure.
And I assure you that we will bring these murderers to justice.
And the death toll from this morning's suicide bombing in Baghdad has reached 28.
Iraqi police officials say the attack at the city's main police academy wounded 57, in addition to the fatalities.
The bomber was reportedly wearing an explosive vest when he drove a motorcycle, also packed with explosives, into the back entrance of the academy building.
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Pakistani authorities have released 12 Taliban militants who'd been in Pakistani custody to keep up their end of a bargain negotiated with Taliban leaders.
The deal was struck with Islamists in the troubled northwestern Swat Valley.
On February 24th, Taliban militants announced a ceasefire and Pakistani forces in turn halted operations in Swat.
officials are uneasy about the deal, fearful of the possibility of another safe haven for al-Qaeda on Pakistani soil.
A pilotless U.S.
drone aircraft is missing after entering Pakistan yesterday.
It's believed to have crashed.
The unmanned aerial vehicles routinely fly over northwest Pakistan regions along the border with Afghanistan, seeking out Islamist militants.
And an executive order that would lift the eight-year limits on stem cell research is set to be signed by President Obama tomorrow.
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The weak U.S.
economy is evidenced even in the annual Idarod Dog Sled Race, which began with the traditional ceremonial 11-mile run through Anchorage Saturday.
The field of competitors is smaller, 67 mushers compared to a record 96 entries in last year's race.
Because of heavy snow, the race is expected to take more than the normal nine days on the trail.
The winner receives a new truck and a cash award of $69,000.
This is Governor Sarah Palin.
This is what puts Alaska on the map.
Yeah, this uniquely Alaskan event.
We're just so proud to get to Alaska, of course, get to host such an event.
It's world-class, it's so unique, and we're just so proud of this race every year.
North Koreans go to the polls today, and this is the first election since Kim Jong-il reportedly suffered a stroke last August.
Here's Gene Lee.
There are hints that Kim Jong-il may be grooming one of his sons to succeed him.
And summer jobs are not just for young people anymore, especially in this pink slip heavy economy.
Dan McBride is the director at the Ride Playland amusement park.
He says high unemployment in a nation in the midst of a recession is tipping the age scale of his summer applicant pool.
This year our applicant pool is older and more mature without any question.
The unemployment situation is the nation's worst in 25 years.
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Now live from Austin, Texas, here's Alex Jones.
I know we've had loaded phone lines since the radio show began.
We're going to get to you.
It won't matter if it's all over the map, if Lindsay Williamson can comment on it all.
But Pastor, recap what you've said in your past interviews.
Explain what he told you that we're going to do eight months ago.
Then you go on the air six and a half, seven months ago.
You break it down when oil prices were only rising.
And believe me, you had to have been bold to have allowed that, because crude oil prices at that time were $147 a barrel, and this gentleman told me they were going to $50 a barrel.
I knew there was no way in this world that this could happen, except that the elite would do it.
Now, folks, let me pause here long enough to say, please,
Please, I beg of you, believe everything you hear Alex Jones say on his show.
I know from first-hand experience that the elite of this world do exist.
There is a handful of people who control our government, control our president, control the currencies, control OPEC and the oil production of the world, and the price they get for a barrel of oil, and this man said to me,
It is
Completely bankrupted OPEC, the oil producing countries of the world.
That means a year to a year and a half, you are going to see gasoline price prices stay right where they are today and not go up.
Mark my words, I was told it by one of those who knows everything that goes on behind closed doors.
And by the way, since then, several mainstream publications like Bloomberg and AP and George Soros at the Davos World Economic Forum, where the elite spews their propaganda, admitted
They've artificially lowered oil prices to bankrupt Russia, Venezuela, the Arabs, and ensure a worldwide depression so the big central banks, flush with all the bailout money, can buy everything up for pennies on the dollar with an artificially engineered fire sale.
Within months of you saying this on air, it began to drop from $150 a barrel down to $100, down to $75, down to $60, down to as low as $33 a barrel.
It's at $40-something right now.
It bounces around down there at the bottom.
Again, he told you they were doing this.
Now, break down why they wanted to destroy the world economy.
They're doing this intentionally.
All this was planned months and months in advance.
This did not happen by chance.
What's happening in the finances of America right now, likewise, are not happening by chance.
All of this is for the purpose of bringing about everything that you're seeing take place right now in banking.
He told me.
He said, America will see a... Now, folks, please notice this.
I'm quoting this man verbatim, word for word.
He... It's almost as if he had just walked out of the boardroom of the elite
And was quoting it to me on the telephone before we had this financial crisis, before Obama was elected, before we had any money given by the treasurer of the United States of America to the banks of America, before the real estate crisis took place.
This man told me, and Alex, thank you for allowing me the privilege of being on your show.
You bet, Lindsey, you bet.
Let's get into it.
America will see a financial collapse that will be so great that it will take years to come out of it.
Now, this means he was forecasting exactly what's taking place in the financial world right now.
The real estate crisis, the banking crisis, and folks, you haven't seen anything yet.
You just wait until they finish up what they wanted, because he said to me, he said, this is being done for the purpose of bankrupting the OPEC oil-producing countries of the world.
That means that they no longer have the money to buy our T-bills.
Folks, you don't realize just how drastic this is.
The T-Bills pay the interest on the national debt of the United States of America, and when they don't buy our Treasury bills at the auctions of the Treasury, it could bring about a collapse of the dollar.
Mark my words, you are going to see, six months, nine months, maximum one year from now, a total, complete collapse of the United States dollar and the economic system in this country.
Prepare yourself for it.
I was told by one of the
That it would first start bankrupting things like Dubai, which was supposedly the best place to invest in the world.
Now the New York Times admits it's imploding.
They're stopping building.
They're going into full-bore depression.
People are going to the airport and just leaving their cars and flying out of the country, the foreign workers.
I mean, it's happening here.
This is a war against everybody.
I've had some good old boys email me and go, good, let's bankrupt Venezuela and Russia and the Arabs.
No, no, no.
This is the banks and the oil companies, the same people that own them, bankrupting the world to bring in a world government, a world carbon tax, total control, and they've now announced it.
They've announced Gordon Brown was here this week.
Announcing a new world government.
I mean, I was listening to Fox Radio on XM and they were going, I guess people like Alex Jones are right.
I imagine I turn on XM last night and there's some talk show.
I was going, I guess Alex Jones is right.
They're saying it's a world government and they're taking over.
We were only going off their documents.
But please continue.
Yes, go ahead and get into their mindset.
Alex, you're telling everything that these people plan to do.
You've told it in advance.
You've been right on the money every time.
People should believe every word you're saying.
OPEC financial oil ministers met just a few days ago, and after that meeting, they made this statement.
They said, in four months,
OPEC, that's the oil producing countries of the world, have lost two and one half trillion.
You've heard me correct.
And they were heavily leveraged in derivatives as well over extended again.
Bankrupt the middle class in Western Europe, the US.
Bankrupt the middle class in Japan.
Bankrupt the middle class in Australia.
Bankrupt the middle class in Latin America.
Bankrupt corporations.
And then government working for the bankers come in then and consolidate everything.
Go ahead.
They have everything to gain by this.
The average person says, oh my goodness, as one person said to me the other day, don't some of these elite who live in the United States of America, do they want to destroy their own country?
I said, wait a minute, you don't understand their mindset.
So this past week, after you'd given me the invitation... Yeah, these are conquerors.
Explain their mindset.
Break down their... They're conquerors.
This is... This is global domination using economics as a weapon.
Now, folks, understand, I've lived with them for three years.
I had an alacrity to analyze them on their own ground.
The name of the game is control.
If you remember anything in this program today, please remember that expression.
The power
The power of these people is greater than the average person can even comprehend.
They control presidents, they control the government, they control nations, they control currencies, they control the masses.
They have the leverage and the power to be able to do this.
They create a problem and then they create a solution to solve the problem.
Now, let me begin 15 years ago.
Two institutions that were created, remember back on this,
Two institutions were created to make money available for the real estate loans, Fannie and Freddie.
Forty percent of all loans were made by them, guaranteed by the government.
They were ordered, Fannie and Freddie were, to make loans to anybody.
Visa loans, interest loans, no interest loans, option arms loans.
And the real estate workers were publicly told to falsify the reports and they wouldn't get in trouble.
They were.
And that's why none of them are, because they were told to do it.
They created the bubble.
They knew exactly what they were doing, and they also knew exactly when they were going to pull the noose, and that the bubble would burst, and the real estate crisis would take place, and it all began 15 years ago when they began to create it.
Secondly, 15 years ago, they planned the price of crude oil to go from $30 a barrel to $137 a barrel.
Then they planned it and told me about it eight months in advance that it would go from $137 a barrel to $50 a barrel, that gasoline would go from $5, $4 to $5 a gallon to $1.50 to $2 a gallon.
OPEC oil producing countries had
During the time, it was $137 a barrel.
It stayed there for quite a period of time, around $125 to $140.
And the OPEC oil-producing countries obligated themselves to defense contracts.
Oh my goodness.
They fought on them like you wouldn't believe.
Stay there.
We got a break.
We'll come right back, Lindsey.
Get under their mindset.
Good day.
Jim Newcomer from Midas Resources.
March 6, 2009.
Gold opened this morning at $9.3490.
A one ounce gold coin can be purchased for $9.6176, $4.8088 for the half ounce, and $2.4044 for a quarter ounce.
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We've been hearing the USA has been spending money faster than tax collections.
Now the government has published the document that sounds the alarm.
That's right, the United States Government Accountability Office, the GAO, has published the Long-Term Fiscal Outlook document, clearly stating that the federal debt burden is spiraling out of control.
This will directly affect programs like Social Security to FDIC's ability to insure bank deposits.
Taxation and inflationary printing of the U.S.
dollar are inevitable pressures facing the economy.
Get this document free by calling 800-686-2237.
The USGAO has spelled it out in black and white.
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You know, someday having your home garden may be against the law.
And I got articles all over the country.
Police want home gardens to be illegal.
Can't trust prisoners.
You think a prisoner's allowed to have a garden?
But they're doing it because they want to help you.
Tulsa City Council questions people being allowed to have their own gardens.
He says they may grow weed.
You're all prisoners until you say, no, I'm not a prisoner.
We need a jailbreak here.
Defeat the New World Order.
Lindsey, I want to go to calls in the last 30 minutes of the show.
And we're going to come back and also tell folks about some of the documentaries you've done.
But right now, yeah, blitz through.
You were getting how they set the world up in this big Ponzi scheme to blow it out and then bring world government out of it.
And then the mindset of these people.
Go ahead.
What we're talking about is not a conspiracy.
This is an agenda.
They had it planned in advance.
They knew everything they were going to do.
I heard them talking about a 30-year plan, 35 years ago, when I lived with the elite on the Trans-Alaska Oil Pipeline.
Today, I am seeing them fulfill everything they have told me over these past 35 years they were going to do.
They planned the real estate crisis.
They planned the price of gasoline to go to $1.50 to $2 a gallon for gas pump.
They had the states, the United States government and the states of America, obligate themselves for every kind of project imaginable and put in every kind of agency imaginable based on the taxes that they were going to receive as a result of the booming economy that had been artificially created.
And even though it's imploding, they just keep expanding government everywhere.
Yes, and they've done all of this intentionally.
Okay, 15 years ago, they planned the price of crude oil to go to $137 a barrel.
They did it gradually.
Then they led all the OPEC, that's the oil-producing nations of the world, to believe that it was going to stay there, so they obligated themselves for defense.
Every kind of infrastructure project imaginable, every kind of debt and obligation long term that you could imagine, they got them in that debt intentionally in order to be able to bankrupt them.
The only way you can get a person bankrupted is to put them in debt.
They took the price there so that they could bring it to $50 a barrel.
They told me eight months in advance that they were going to do it.
Dubai started to build that beautiful five-star city.
Venezuela got into every kind of trouble imaginable, and now Mr. Chavez is just about to be ousted because his people think he was the one that did it.
He was not the one that did it.
The elitists did it to him.
Nigeria is in trouble.
The Arabs are in trouble.
China, oh my goodness.
You say, wait a minute, the elite don't control China.
Yes they do, folks.
Please believe me.
The Rockefellers sent George Herbert Walker Bush there in 75 to start the one-child policy in a State Department treaty for money.
They control the world!
I mean, they control China, they control Russia, they control the Arab world, they control the United States of America, they dictate to Congress what bills to pass, they put in... Oh my goodness, okay, China.
They let China believe that the economy of America was going to continue the way it was going in the rest of the world.
Now, today, they have almost bankrupted them.
China has 70,000 Chinese factories that have closed in the past five months.
28 to 30 million Chinese are out of work.
They came from the farms into the city, and you're going to see riots in China like you've never heard of.
And then the IMF documents state that once the riot starts, that lets the establishment bring in martial law, and then the people are actually asking for it.
And so, in Russia, they've devalued the ruble eight times.
Because the elite of the world took crude oil to the price they did, then crashed it to the price that I never thought they'd take it down to $33 a barrel, Alex.
But they have.
He told me $50 a barrel.
I was amazed when they took it to $33.
They really want to get on with this project.
And so Russia's in trouble.
15 years ago, they created derivatives.
Oh, folks, if you've never heard about derivatives, please, I beg of you, you've got to know what a derivative is.
Yeah, it's not the subprime mortgages.
That's the cover.
That's why they didn't spend the bailout money on that.
It's these made-up instruments that they rated as pure gold cash.
They use it to buy up the world.
Then they pop the Ponzi scheme.
They have all the real assets and buy up the planet.
And every bit of this was created in advance.
They created the real estate problem.
They created the fuel problem.
Well, it's Obama's... I mean, Bush was involved, and Clinton was involved, but it's Obama's entire team.
Rubin and Summers and the rest of them are the very people that made the changes and got rid of the Glass-Steagall Act and others.
And every bit of this, folks,
It is not happening by chance.
Oh, I plead with you to believe everything you hear Alex Jones say.
The elite of the world created the real estate crisis.
The elite of the world created the banking crisis.
The elite of the world created the small business crisis.
And you haven't seen anything yet.
Unemployment didn't just happen, not on your life.
Every bit of this is an
You are going to see, I'm going to read it to you one more time, this individual, who knows everything that goes on behind closed doors, told me eight months ago, and I broke it on the Alex Jones Show on July the 28th before it ever happened, he said, America will see a financial collapse that will be so great that it will take years, not months as Obama says, years to come out of it.
They are creating a depression, I was told, eight months in advance.
And had the privilege of saying it on this show.
Oil to $50 a barrel.
Bankrupt OPEC.
Now, finish up with their mindset, though.
Finish up with their mindset.
Their mindset is control.
It's not necessarily money.
Some people think, oh, these people... If you've got the control, then... I mean, you print the money, but go ahead.
Yeah, Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, it's the identical same mindset that they had, is the mindset they'll be elite.
The elite have made you to believe that the United States Treasury must bail out the banks.
They had to do this.
It was all a part of you paying for the elites playing.
I don't know how else to put it.
No, no, no.
I mean, they admit they're setting up a new bank of the world, called a new world order that you will pay carbon taxes to, hundreds of new taxes, everything you do organized and run by them, or they won't turn the economy back on when they're the very people that engineered the implosion.
I mean, even the Financial Times of London admits this.
When we come back, I'm going to play a quick clip of George Soros admitting they're using oil as a weapon, but please continue.
Yeah, they made you believe that the banks of America had to be bailed out.
In order to do it, they created the real estate crisis.
Then with all of these derivatives that were out there, the banks of America were in trouble.
They told you as a taxpayer, oh, you've got to bail them out.
If you don't, we're going to have
Another depression?
Well, you're going to have another depression anyway, whether the bailout or not.
And, Edward, did you realize that you, the American taxpayer, have paid the bills for the elite by bailing out the banks of the United States of America and GM and Chrysler?
Well, it was a setup.
I mean, they mean to bankrupt GM and Chrysler and move them to Brazil and places with the bailout money.
But, I mean, the banks are bragging that they're keeping the money to buy up other banks and insurance companies.
It's a total scam.
Now, folks, you've got to believe this because I told it on Alex Jones Show on July the 28th, not because Lindsey Williams had the knowledge of this.
Lindsey, Lindsey, I had you on because I got the exact same info two years before that at Bilderberg.
That's why I knew, plus you've been accurate in the past.
I mean, we're going off what the globalists say and do.
I mean, I got arrested going up there trying to cover it.
You know, we go through hell and high water to bring people this information.
Let me give you an example that maybe would come down to home, because I know some of you sitting out there right now still mind-boggled to saying, can this guy possibly know what he's talking about?
Okay, let's take a simple thing like your house mortgage.
All right, you buy a house.
You take it on a 30-year mortgage.
You go down and get a loan, and that loan is guaranteed by Fannie and Freddie.
All of a sudden, you've paid on the house for 15 years, and a financial crash comes, like we're having right now.
Stay there.
Let's cover it when we get back.
Stay there.
George Soros, straight ahead.
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I think so.
Are you tired of searching for Great Talk Radio?
Well, search no more.
We are the GCN Radio Network.
You know, it's so frustrating reading UN documents, RAND Corporation documents, Pentagon documents.
Linking to them on InfoWars.com, State Department Random 200, where they say they want to get rid of the majority of the people on the planet.
And to know it's real, to know it's happening, and just keep warning people and warning folks.
And yeah, tens of millions worldwide listen, but it isn't enough.
And more people are listening every day and finding out we're telling the truth.
But it's scary to admit the truth.
All I can tell you listeners is, we're in a lot of trouble.
But what the elite are doing is so over the top, so criminal, that if we just speak up and stand up and say no, we can beat them.
And we're going to go to your phone calls here in a few minutes.
I want Lindsey to finish up with a story he was telling about your house mortgage as a parable or an example.
But first, I wanted to play this brief clip of George Soros.
It's up on YouTube.
It's from the Davos Globalist.
However, it's not all bad news because the major oil producing countries have been the enemies of the prevailing world order.
Venezuela, Iran,
And it's not so easy to finance a Bolivarian revolution with $40 oil.
So I think Venezuela is Chavez.
Probably his days are numbered.
And in Iran, I think that is not going to last a year.
I mean, he's under considerable duress and his influence is going to decline.
In Iran, Ahmadinejad is up for elections in 2009 and unless he can provoke some
I think that he's liable to also be defeated and you may have a more reasonable regime.
Rashad is more troubling because
There, you see, Putin has been using oil for a number of reasons.
Alright, let's stop right there.
You can go watch the whole clip if you want.
Oh, these countries are going against the New World Order.
And so they've got to be dealt with.
Remember, it's going to kill you as well, because these countries can't buy our T-bills, they can't prop up the debt anymore.
This is the bankers going out and bad-mouthing the world economy, saying we're in a depression, to artificially implode it so they can consolidate.
That's the banker game.
It's now in congressional testimony that the banks engineered the 1929 crash.
Lindsey Williams, please continue.
A person told me back eight months ago, and you'll remember me saying this on your show, Alex.
It just was brought to my mind by what George Soros just said.
He said to me, right at the time that everybody was predicting, even I, was saying, we're going to have a war with Iran.
America, Israel, somebody's going to invade them.
This individual said to me, we do not want to go to war with Iran.
I said, well, what's going on?
No, you said that on air almost seven months ago.
You were right.
You said, no, we're going to bankrupt them with oil.
Go ahead.
Yeah, he said oil.
We're going to bankrupt them.
That's exactly what George Soros just said eight months later.
And I was told it by one of the people who knows everything that goes on behind closed doors.
Okay, go back to your house.
There's so much to say, Alec.
I'm having to talk as fast as I can.
I know we're running out.
Okay, your house, 30-year mortgage.
You pay on it for 15 years.
All of a sudden, you have a financial crash like we're having right now.
You haven't seen anything yet.
You think this is bad.
You wait until six to nine months from now, folks.
And it's not going to stop until we arrest the bankers.
It's not going to stop until we take our country back.
You're exactly right, and it's going to be programmers like yours that see it bought back, because the only thing that these people fear is the masses waking up, and that's what you're doing for them, Alex.
Okay, 30-year mortgage.
You pay out for 15 years.
What did that banker give you when you bought that house?
They gave you a piece of paper.
They did not give you gold or silver.
They gave you no tangible objects whatsoever.
They paid no collateral, but you did.
And you gave them that house as collateral.
Okay, you pay on it 15 years.
You have a crash.
You lose your job.
All of a sudden, you can't pay on your house.
After three months of you being behind on your mortgage, they come in and repossess.
What do they give you back for that house?
Positively, nothing.
But you've paid them for 15 years for that house.
You have paid the elite through the banks that are now owned by them because the treasury has bailed them out and totally controls them.
And they have everything to gain by getting that house back because they pay you nothing for it when they take it back from you.
Did the baby boomers think the elite were really going to let them have all this money they put in a 401k?
Obama's getting rid of all these 401k rules, mortgage tax deduction rules.
They want you bankrupted.
They're cold-blooded.
They financed Hitler, Stalin, and Mao.
Finish up, Lindsey.
The elite will own... Please, folks, listen to me.
The elite will own the banks of America when all this is over.
They will own the majority of the real estate of the United States of America because when you can't make your house payment, they come and get it back.
And they're going to use high taxes to drive everybody else out of their houses.
This is not... They don't want to help the economy.
They want to wreck it.
Well, sure, it's to their advantage to do that.
We have all their Banking Association documents.
It's incredible!
They're criminals.
In fact, stop there.
And then I want to plug your DVD for folks to go to calls.
Because this is too important.
The banks of America get that real estate back.
And who is it that owns the banks of America now?
Because the Treasury bailed them out.
Your great-great-grandchildren paid for the elite to get your house
After you've paid for it for 15 years, and put you out on the street, and now that bank has them, the nations of the world... Stop right there!
Stop right there!
But to buy up real assets, they cut off liquidity to the real economy worldwide, crash the world to destroy the economy, and then 9.7 trillion later, the banker bailout was really a banker takeover, Congress says, where's the money?
And they're told, we're not going to tell you.
And then the head of the private Federal Reserve lies and says it's on our website.
Senator Sanders says, no, it's not.
And then the head of the Fed admits, we're not going to tell you where the money is.
Bloomberg headline, Fed refuses to release bank data, insists on secrecy.
Here is that clip.
Absolutely extraordinary that I wrote you a letter and I said, hey, who'd you lend the money to?
What were the terms of those loans?
How can my constituents in Vermont get some of that money?
Who makes the decisions?
Do you guys sit around in a room?
Do you make it?
Are there conflicts of interest?
So my question to you is, will you tell the American people to whom you lent 2.2 trillion of their dollars?
Will you tell us who got that money and what the terms are of those agreements?
We explain each of our programs.
In terms of the terms, we explain the terms exactly.
We explain what the collateral requirements are.
So whom did you explain that?
It's on our website.
So all that information is available in our commercial paper.
And who got the money?
Hundreds and hundreds of banks.
Any bank that has access to the U.S.
Federal Reserve's discount.
Tell us who they are.
No, because the reason that it's counterproductive and will destroy the value of the program is that banks will not come to the show.
Well, isn't that too bad?
In other words, isn't that too bad?
They took the money, but they don't want to be public about the fact that they received it.
We heard a whole lot about AIG.
They're on the front pages.
I've got banks and I have businesses in the state of Vermont who are in a lot of trouble.
Not banks.
Our banks, by the way, are doing pretty well.
Now, how do these guys who are honest business people get it?
You have to be a large, greedy, reckless,
Financial institutions will apply for these monies?
There is no subsidy.
There is no capital involved.
There is no gift involved.
It is a collateralized short-term liquid loan that is both over collateralized and is recourse to the company itself.
We have never lost a penny doing it.
And how can other institutions
Get those loans as well.
All right, that's enough.
According to all lies, you're paying for it all with interest.
The private banks loaned back in the $787 million stimulus package, really the federalization package of the states.
They loaned it back at interest.
To the American people.
It's all secret.
And you heard Bernanke there to U.S.
Senators saying, you don't get to know, and the Federal Reserve is private.
It's only going to get worse until you recognize who the criminals are, and the private banks admit they have NORTHCOM and the military standing by, threatening Congress with martial law if they don't follow orders, and that the President is a dictator.
Lindsey Williams.
Well, Alex, this is the mindset of the elite.
You have done a masterful job of presenting it to the folks out in your listening audience today.
And folks, now listen, here's the latest, and this is final.
I'm going to stop with this and then go on to whatever Alex wants to do in the rest of the program.
We've got so much more to give, but the Treasury of the United States must sell, now this is as of Friday, this week, the Treasury of the United States must sell $450 billion of T-bills a month.
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Look, I know I usually take more calls on the Sunday Show.
We haven't done that.
They'll be all over the map.
We're going to go to them here in just a few minutes.
And I want to thank Valencia Williams for joining us.
I do want to put out a program note here.
My film, The Obama Deception, showing what the bankers are really doing, how they're engineering this, how he's their puppet, just like Bush was, but to betray the people, how they're bringing in the gun control, the FEMA camps.
It's going to be out now in just about seven days.
You can pre-order the DVD right now at InfoWars.com.
It will also be up in high quality next Sunday night at the end of the show.
It will be the premiere 6 p.m.
It will go live at PrisonPlanet.tv for PrisonPlanet.tv members.
There's going to be a DivX copy up there in high quality to download and burn the DVD.
For activism,
So the Obamadeception.net or Infowars.com, get involved in the fight today.
We've got to expose this puppet for what he is.
Lindsey, speaking of films, every week now you do a DVD update, breaking down what's happening.
You go into a lot more detail than you've been able to here on air with me buttoning in and adding stuff.
Give folks that toll-free number who want to call and get that.
Toll-free number 800-321-2900.
Would you like to know everything that the Elite told me that's planned for you for the next one year?
It's two DVDs.
That's correct.
You watch them on your television.
Two CDs.
Over five hours of viewing and listening either in your automobile or at home on your TV.
You've got to know about the Baltic Fry Index.
I plead with you.
Let me tell you what Beto Locke told me in Southeast Colorado last weekend.
Folks, you don't have to... The farmers are going by the... 800-3-2-1-2-9-0-2.
Now, my operators have been busy all week long.
They were so tired they almost collapsed on Friday.
I persuaded two of them to be on the lines this afternoon.
That's right, right now.
You can call this number.
I beg them to be on on Sunday afternoon.
Give them the number.
We're going to get a call.
Two DVDs, two CDs.
I beg of you.
Get them.
And wake people up.
These are key tools.
Thank you, Lindsey.
By the way, they're not copywritten.
You can copy these and give them to everybody you want to give them to.
Just get the message out.
Alright, let's jam in as many calls as we can.
Nathan in St.
God bless you, Alex and Lindsey from the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, Local 1, St.
Sir, your phone's really bad.
Go ahead and make your point.
Okay, Alex.
What is your opinion on the rumor that Hillary Clinton signed an agreement with China that granted eminent domain as collateral for U.S.
And Lindsey, how does that go against or play into Big Oil's New World Order agenda?
Okay, it's not a rumor.
Under the IMF and World Bank plan, big companies that have bought T-bills, our infrastructure is pledged.
The particular website that put it out that it was a specific deal with China, that guy's disinfo and it's meant to discredit the serious story.
We had to do something in order to get China to buy our T-Bills.
Because the Federal Reserve two weeks ago said, we're going to stop buying American T-Bills.
They've never done it in the history of the United States of America because they knew that the dollar was about to collapse.
You're right, Alex.
It has to be.
And again, I'm going to be real quick.
Thank you for the call, sir.
We appreciate you as well.
Mark in Wisconsin.
You're on the air, Mark.
Hey Alex and Lindsey, thanks both you guys for everything you're doing.
I'll try to make this quick.
I was thinking about the whole vaccination scandal that's going on recently and I remembered how sometimes in Hollywood and such they'll, you know, years ahead of time just subconsciously acclimate, you know, the people to a certain scenario.
You know, put things out ahead of time and then, you know, years later you'll look back and go, oh, that was the plot of a movie or whatever.
Mission Impossible 2 was actually the basic idea of what was going on here this last week with the vaccine situation.
It was, you know, viruses combined into a super virus that makes it more easily, you know, transferable among humans.
Um, creating, creating a pandemic, uh, and then, you know, so a pharmaceutical company can therefore cash in on the mass needs for, uh, the...
And one of the issues I've got going on is I think the phone problem is on our end, so Hoos, I'm going to have you take these calls from in there.
For some reason, problem with the phone box in here.
You want to comment on staged terror, staged biological weapons releases by the elite?
I beg of you.
My eight DVD set, which I didn't even talk about a moment ago, one of them is entitled Vaccinations and Deals with the Problem this gentleman just called in about.
Again, I beg of you, 800-321-2900.
And one of the DVDs on my big 8-pack concerns that, Alex.
Well, I mean, it came out that they were trying to mix bird flu in with vaccines this week.
I mean, it's just, you can't make this stuff up.
It's just too insane.
Let's go to JD in Hollywood.
JD, you're on the air.
I'm calling you from the brainwash capital, but I'm a Canadian.
It's nice out today.
I can't see any chemtrails, so I guess even on the seventh day, the soft killers need to rest.
I like your story about the carpet cleaner.
If I were you, I would have told him that he missed the spot underneath the gun rack.
Anyway, I have a question for you about this article in Reuters.
The headline is Obama to sign stem cells order on Monday.
That was in my stack.
That's right.
It can be used for good, you know, but you know that that's not their intention.
Yeah, let me comment on that.
Let me comment on that briefly and I appreciate your call.
We got to move quicker.
Callers, I apologize for that.
That's in my stack.
I never got to it, but I will now since you brought it up.
There's no debate.
They can use skin cells.
They can use your own cells.
Just as good.
It's a cover story.
And if you read the fine print, it's there.
It isn't about stem cells.
It's about being able to use fetuses and embryos in genetic experiments.
That's what is being legalized.
Pastor Williams?
Yes, that's exactly right.
And it is immoral to the core and unbiblical.
Alright, let's talk to Josh in North Carolina.
Josh, you're on the air.
Welcome, Josh.
How are y'all doing?
Hey, guys.
How are y'all doing?
So, I have something of dire importance here.
While the story on avian flu broke, it was brought to the attention of many of the readers of the Prison Planet Forum, that we have also uncovered several of the moderators, Anti-Illuminati in Spain specifically, have come up with a lot of the evidence to back this up, that there is a
Yes, they're going to attack the internet, the Pentagon is, to shut it down and force us to internet too, where the New York Times admits we will have no freedom, and Infowars.com and other sites will be gone.
And the scale of this attack is far beyond anything else.
But we found some of the documents that talk about discussing this.
Yeah, the elite have to false flag their own internet because we're killing the mainstream media.
And in fact, the great writers on the site, I've seen the material they put together on the Prison Planet Forum, they should write articles and then submit them to Kurt Nemo and Paul Watson for posting on the main site.
Um, just to bring up a very dire point that's brought up here, this recent false flag about Marine One is completely, utterly false.
Yeah, they're claiming somebody got into the Pentagon online and got the specs for Marine One, so they've got to ban the internet because somebody got the specs for Marine One when the government's own computers are on separate nets that aren't even on the web.
Having worked in big IT as well as done some government projects myself, I can full-heartedly vouch that it is impossible for that to occur unless they let it occur intentionally.
But to sum up, basically, something that is very important here.
By their own documents they were saying that the type of attack that they are staging is so widespread that it could not only affect computers but almost any device plugged to the power grid and conceivably... That's right, they can deliver viruses over power cords because they have systems where they can deliver internet commands and things over the internet itself, data transmission.
I have an uncle-in-law who actually worked at one of the universities here in North Carolina who helped pioneer that technology document.
We're out of time.
I'm sorry to Mercedes, Chris, Chris, and many others that are holding.
In closing, Lindsey Williams, they're openly announcing they're going to shut down the old web, force us onto a new web.
They've got to do it because we're exposing their criminal activities.
Comments on that?
You're exactly right, Alex, and folks, I plead with you, set your spiritual house in order.
You don't have any time left to play around with what you do with Jesus Christ and the Bible.
Listen to everything Alex Jones says every day and don't you miss a single one of his programs because 24 hours could make the difference in you knowing whether it's going to be your dinner table with food on it or not, Alex.
Lindsey, since you brought that up, it's come out in the news.
The 26,000 preachers, 50,000 executives are on secret FEMA payroll.
We got the secret documents years ago, now it's mainstream news.
They announce it like it's no big deal.
The preachers, most of them are paid off to tell their flocks to go to FEMA camps, turn in their guns, take forced inoculations.
Is that biblical or is that of the New World Order?
Oh, that's with the New World Order.
Don't you dare let them get hold of any information about you.
I was in a church the other day, and I wanted to walk out.
They wanted every information imaginable, and they said they wanted it for their files.
I know exactly what they're doing with it.
Turn it into femur.
Folks, be careful of your local church.
I'm a preacher of 50 years.
Believe me, you must set your spiritual house in order according to the scriptures, not according to your local pastor.
That's right.
The New World Order is making its move.
They've got their secret police in place everywhere, but the sleeping giant is awakened.
It is rising.
We will defeat the New World Order with God's help.
Lindsey Williams, Godspeed.
Thank you so much for joining us on this important transmission.
We're out of time.
Retransmission starts now at InfoWars.com.
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