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Air Date: Feb. 22, 2009
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IRN USA Radio News, I'm Jody Jordan.
The nation's governors are bickering over the economic stimulus money designated for their states.
Republican Haley Barber of Mississippi tells CNN he's thinking of rejecting a portion of the money.
Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal on NBC's Meet the Press says President Barack Obama signed into law a bill that has a lot of wasteful spending.
If he had worked with Republicans, instead of allowing Speaker Pelosi to write this bill, if he had worked with Republicans to say, let's really invest in infrastructure, let's do targeted temporary spending, let's do some tax cuts, let's get the economy moving, I don't think we're going to solve our economic challenges through government spending.
And European leaders meeting in Berlin are backing sweeping new regulations for financial markets and hedge funds.
A statement from German Chancellor Angela Merkel says the leaders agreed on seven key points during their one-day meeting.
This is IRN USA Radio News.
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A once reviled, now revered British reality TV star has tied the knot with her fiancé.
The wedding has drawn much attention in Britain because 27-year-old Jane Goody is dying of cancer.
A spokesman says it was a very beautiful, very moving service.
Charles De La Desma has more on the intense interest.
Police, media, and well-wishers all gathered at the entrance to the Down Hall Country House Hotel, while a plane flew overhead, trailing a banner emblazoned with the couple's names.
A movie of the wedding will be produced by Kate Jackson, who was also one of the four bridesmaids.
In Pakistan, the government in the troubled Northwest says it will set up village militias and arm them to help counter terrorism.
A province official says the militias will help police in the region, which is under increasing threat from Taliban militants.
And Chinese state media say the search for victims has ended after a gas explosion ripped through a coal mine in northern China.
For more news and analysis, log on to IRNnews.com.
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Authorities in southeastern Pennsylvania say seven school buses have been severely damaged by fires that were deliberately set.
It happened early today in West Brandywine Township, which is just north of a town that has seen 66 arson fires since January 2008.
John Hageman is with the ATF.
The school bus fires
...are just two miles from Coatesville.
So we're certainly looking into the possibility that they are related, but it's still too early to say that they are.
Acknowledging that American families and small businesses are hurting, Republicans Saturday attacked the Democrat-sponsored spending bill that recently passed Congress.
Michigan Congressman Dave Camp talks about the Republicans' economic plan.
House Republicans offered a plan to help our economy using fast-acting tax relief.
And in President Obama's weekly radio address, he talked of his wide-ranging economic recovery plan.
He says his housing plan will help stem the tide of foreclosures.
It is only a first step on the road to economic recovery, and we can't fail to complete the journey.
That will require stemming the spread of foreclosures and falling home values, and doing all we can to help responsible homeowners stay in their homes, which is exactly what the housing plan I announced last week will help us do.
I'm Jody Jordan for IRN USA Radio News.
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Now live from Austin, Texas, here's Alex Jones.
It is the 22nd day of February 2009.
We're going to be here for the next two hours live.
Thank you for joining us.
You know, I get this question emailed to me every day when I'm on other radio talk shows or on television.
People ask me this question over and over again.
They say, Alex, why are you so negative?
Alex, why are you saying things are so bad?
Why don't you just be positive?
Well, if you go into the doctor and they tell you you've got a huge brain tumor on the CAT scan, but the good news is it's easily operable and that you'll be fine after a week's stay in the hospital.
And you just say, Doctor, I think you're a conspiracy theorist.
I don't like to hear that type of bad news.
And so you go home and a few months later the tumor grows.
On your brain stem and suddenly you can't walk and you go back to the doctor and you say, okay, I guess it's true.
I guess I do have this brain tumor.
And they say, sorry, it's too late.
It's eaten into the brain stem.
We may be able to save you, but you're going to be paralyzed from the neck down.
In fact, I've seen real cases of that.
People are in denial.
Now, I'm very positive about the fact that this nation has a giant brain tumor.
That's the federal government.
And that throughout the body of the country, the states, we have hundreds of other tumors.
Now, I'm going to be honest with you.
A lot of you didn't listen and you made jokes and laughed about it.
It's fun to be a yuppie and snicker and feel powerful.
Or it's funny to be a mainline right-wing person and think everything's okay.
And it's fun to be a mainline liberal.
And the nation will probably go ahead and fall apart into the North American Union and will be like Mexico slash North Korea.
With a sprinkling of the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany.
And that's what you wanted.
That's what you demanded.
That's what you needed.
You know, you could have had the tumors removed when they were very small.
But we do have a chance to remove them, but only if people finally wake up and get involved and educate yourselves very, very quickly.
If you don't do that, we're in deep trouble.
So no, I'm a very positive person.
That'd be like if I saw my neighbor's house on fire.
And I went and banged on the door and said, Bob, come out.
Your home's on fire.
And he walked over to the door and said, Alex, I don't want to hear from you.
You're just being negative.
And I said, look, flames are shooting out of the top.
There's smoke coming out.
And he says, Alex, you're a conspiracy theorist.
I'm going to have a positive outlook on things.
And then Bob or Bill goes back in and the house collapses on top of him and his family.
I mean, that's how ridiculous this is.
The truth is I've done my homework.
The truth is I'm right about 99% of what I say.
Occasionally I make an error.
Normally I underestimate how bad things are.
So today I'm going to go over a lot of the important news, but I'm also just going to boil down the basics of what we face as a society.
And we're going to be taking your phone calls as well.
The toll-free number to join us is 877-590-5525.
We're listening in Central Texas from the station that the syndication originates out of, NewsRadio 590 KLBJ.
It is 8-3-6-0-5-90.
Okay, I have 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 stacks of news.
I could spend the entire show on any one of these and go into great detail and prove every claim I'm making, but we don't have time.
I suggest you check into these stories yourself.
Drug violence spins Mexico towards civil war, CNN.
El Paso Times reports FEMA and Homeland Security are preparing to seal the border for martial law in South Texas.
I tell people listening in emails that I'm a conspiracy theorist.
Hey, whatever makes you happy, okay?
I told you that Bank of America and others weren't safe a year ago and you laughed at me.
Now they're talking about them collapsing.
Look, I just give you the facts.
I'm sorry if it isn't what you want to hear.
This is not magical thinking.
This is not Harry Potter world.
This is reality.
As crime mounts, Mexicans turn to vigilante justice.
This out of Time Magazine.
And it shows all these images of machine gun, dead police and military.
Brzezinski fears class warfare and the destruction of the New World Order.
That's a quote from MSNBC.
And we have a link to it up on Infowars.com.
So we'll be going over that report.
Also, you know the Army and the Marines have openly announced they're going to patrol the United States and are training for gun confiscation.
Again, a decade plus after I told you they were doing that secretly.
But it was in the Daily Times Herald out of Carroll, Iowa.
They're going to practice locking the town down, a real town, go door-to-door asking about people's firearms.
And I had the colonel, the head spokesman on Friday,
Discussing it with him, and then we got a call back from the mayor, and a call back from the Army saying, Mr. Jones, don't worry, the drill has been cancelled.
And I looked at my producer and I said, that's a lie?
They will announce by the end of the week, and their press release has been scaled back.
Guess what the Associated Press and several other publications, we have a story up on InfoWars.com that Kurt Nimmo did a boil down linking to them, they said they're not cancelling it, they're cutting it down.
Because folks, I know these people.
I know them like the back of my hand.
All they do is lie.
Lying is their job.
NORTHCOM is over the United States.
We are an occupied country.
The U.S.
military openly works for offshore banks now.
They're doing nothing but running military operations against us.
They will lie to you every single time.
Now I guess I'm not supposed to tell the truth.
I'm just going to go, well I need to be pro-military and just accept the law.
It's good to be lied to.
You know, that's how we stay free.
If you call Mexico freedom or North Korea freedom.
You see, when a government goes bad, everything falls apart, and the criminals steal everything, and confidence is lost, and the society falls apart for 99% of people, and then
In every case, the criminals that bring down the nation, they go retire in Switzerland, or they go retire in the Bahamas, or one of the favorite places, they go retire in Portugal or Spain.
Or the Cook Islands.
That's where they all go.
And see, they don't care about your 401Ks.
They don't care about your future.
They don't care about the red, white, and blue.
They don't care.
And they got control of this country, and they've now used up our credit and bought up the world with it, and they're done with us.
And they're leaving a rear guard, because they're still a scare to the American people, of NORTHCOM and the Marines and the Army to make sure that their getaway is safe when they turn this country into a third world nation.
And when you realize they've stolen everything by design.
You understand that?
That's what the military and the police and the black mask and the cameras are for.
Now, none of this is my opinion.
Remember, I'm the guy that wrote a book in 2002 called Descent into Tyranny that said all of this would happen and even named the year it was going to happen.
Wasn't hard.
I have the IMF and World Bank documents.
Again, none of this is hard.
That's what's so ridiculous about all of this.
You know, I was on a talk show stationed in
San Francisco, big station.
I forget the call letters.
Yesterday, and they're picking up the show.
They've been carrying it last week and got a great response.
But the guy was reading me emails on air of people that still say I'm a kook and they're like, this Alex Jones is a nut!
This Alex Jones makes up an imaginary New World Order!
And then today I was walking out of my office and I looked at a stack for the Obama deception I'm finishing up in the next few days.
And it was a stack of over 30 mainstream news articles that I just printed off the last two weeks.
And there's hundreds of them every week.
This is some I printed for the film and I gave to the graphics guy to get shots of and put in the film.
And there it was.
I started reading over them.
Every day it's Zbigniew Brzezinski and Obama's people and the Republicans and all these leaders
Calling for world government and saying we'll have a new Bank of the World that will pay carbon taxes to.
And they're announcing all of it and it doesn't matter if I've got Wall Street Journal, Newsweek, Time, Financial Times of London, Times of London, Associated Press, MSNBC, Reuters.
I mean, that's what I've got.
It doesn't matter.
They just say, it doesn't exist, Alex.
No, you're still wrong.
It's not happening.
And people write articles attacking me saying it's not happening?
I mean, do you suckers that think you're part of the establishment really think you're gonna make it through all this and that you're gonna be on the winning team?
You're with the people!
You gotta be lying.
There's no way you don't know this is true.
We'll be right back.
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That's right, it's syndicated.
The show's on about 40 stations now.
The Sunday Show, the weekday show's above 70, growing again quite a bit.
And big stations, big stations are turning us on.
I talk to these station owners and they're like, I didn't believe you years ago, but it all came true!
I've got all the mainstream newspapers here saying world government's gonna save us from the banking crisis!
That's exactly what you said!
I heard you as a guest on my station seven years ago say that they were going to implode the banking system through derivatives and then announce a new plan to re-monetize the world through a private central bank that would control the United States with carbon taxes.
Well, of course, I was reading the Council on Foreign Relations public plan.
I mean, folks, I've used the analogy of
If my wife tells me, hey, Monday Night Football is coming on the night, you want to come home early and watch the game, and I say, and I come home and it comes on, and I say, how did you know Monday Night Football was going to come on?
Are you psychic?
How did you know?
She's like, no, it's in the TV Guide.
I mean, this is openly what the UN has always said.
This is openly what the big central banks have been working towards, setting us up to do this, and now it's happening.
So many people invested in saying that I, and many others like me, were a liar.
And we're liars.
That now, even though it's all happening, there's a minority of people that still cling to the old propaganda that none of this exists and that it's all a conspiracy theory.
All right, here is some of the news.
A guardsman to conduct urban training in Arcadia in April.
I'm going to go into that.
Drug violence spins Mexico towards civil war.
Brzezinski's fear.
Class warfare and the destruction of the New World Order.
And he says on the piece, I'm afraid the people are going to revolt against the bankers.
I thought international bankers didn't exist.
I thought everything was fine.
Look at this story, AP.
Transportation Secretary says taxing how much we drive may replace gasoline tax.
I remember being on countless radio interviews on other people's shows with them making fun of me.
They'd say, oh, what's going to happen in the future?
And I said, well, they're going to tax you by the mile with license plate reading cameras and transponder boxes and satellite boxes in your car.
And I had that from the Transportation Department over a decade ago.
And they just laugh.
It's so funny.
It's so funny.
Folks, you're going to be paying like France when they're done, 80% taxes in one form or another.
That's openly what the OECD and the International Bank of Settlements have said their goal is.
And it's going to be going to interest on debt to private banks that made the money out of nothing.
Here's another one they're announcing all over the country and USA Today.
They're putting in body scanners where you walk in and it scans your naked body and puts it in a database.
What they don't tell you is these airport scanners are to get a biometric read of your entire body so that their street corner cameras have your body's digital algorithm and can track everywhere you go with instant ID.
And I have a CNN article here.
You can go up to InfoWars.com if you want and click through and watch the video.
It's also up on PrisonPlanet.com, we have a link to it.
On the CNN side of the sub-page, it's actually a YouTube clip of CNN.
What I told you, I'm not saying I told you, I told you, but we did tell you.
And you keep laughing and there's not time for that anymore.
Okay, just admit we're right and then decide what you're going to do about it.
I'm not even telling you what to do about this.
I'm just saying, will you please wake up?
Remember Minority Report that came out, I don't know, five, six years ago?
Where they face scan you everywhere you go and then the little billboards in malls and on the street?
It also tracks where you go when they're after Tom Cruise, you know, the cop that's gone rogue.
They use it to track him.
Well, see, that was already developed and patented more than 20 years ago.
And about eight years ago, I was at the UT psychology department funded by DARPA and saw them.
This was the unclassified areas I was allowed to see.
Setting up these facial recognition systems and what they do is they buy from the states your digital photo and then with that they track everywhere you go on the street and in the malls and so if you see minority report that's really minus the precogs what life is now like.
So there's that report there for you.
I always told folks because the UN and the IMF and the World Bank and the Club of Rome and the CFR and the Trilateral Commission said this was their plan.
They even laugh and say global warming's a fraud, and giggle and snicker that the public can be scared of carbon dioxide that plants breathe, that's one of the four life-giving elements on Earth.
Sunshine, water, carbon dioxide, and oxygen.
They even laugh at us, it's very funny to them.
And in a way it is funny, if it wasn't so sick.
So I'd have all these world leaders on the show, and I'd say, well you're planting these carbon...
You know, restrictions to tax people.
They'd say, that's ridiculous!
I have that in the endgame.
The Rothschild heir, who was on the show, was going, that's ridiculous, isn't it?
A plan to tax.
And I'm like, but it's in all your documents.
Oh, rubbish!
I mean, we ought to play that clip.
It's all over the news now.
They're announcing the budget shortfall.
In fact, Somerset, he's going to talk about it tomorrow night in his speech.
The feds already have put it out, but that Obama is.
EPA expected to act in regulating carbon dioxide, Herald Tribune, and there's, I mean, just Google carbon tax called for, and all these senators and committee chairmen, and folks, it is, last night I was doing a voiceover for the Obama deception, so I was going back over my research of what they're going to tax.
They're going to tax all natural gas, all oil, asphalt, all plastics.
They're going to tax
Uh, having a fireplace, or a wood-burning stove, or an outdoor propane space heater.
They're going to tax trash pickup, federally and internationally, on top of your local taxes.
They're going to tax cattle when they're produced.
Pigs, sheep, goats, chickens, all meat will be taxed when it's produced.
And on the dinner table, just Google beef tax.
That's now about to be passed.
The feds are pushing it.
They're going to tax everything there.
They're going to tax water.
They're going to tax your home.
They're going to tax your light bulbs, your toilets.
There are thousands of taxes.
In the voiceover, I say over a hundred, because people just can't believe that.
I mean, actually, people accuse me of exaggerating.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no.
I limit it, because I know people can't handle that.
But just get ready.
I know.
Laugh now.
Suck your thumb now.
It's so much fun.
Just keep being delusional.
You know, I told you that the bailout bill wasn't $800 million or $700 million.
I told you it was over $9 trillion so far, and now Bloomberg and AP have come out with the latest numbers, $9.7 trillion.
Just Google, bailout now, $9.7 trillion.
And then they admit in that one article alone that they've spent the money, and they're bragging in their corporate documents that, oh, our banks are very healthy.
We're just blowing out some, you know, dumbing corporation fronts.
We're buying up healthy banks and insurance companies.
And we'll keep terrorizing the public, telling them, give us this new power, give us that new power, do whatever we say or the economy will die.
And when we do whatever they say, oh yes, master, oh yes, oh, whatever you want, just save me, just save me.
I know it's not conservative, but socialism's the only thing that'll save my 401k, so I guess I gotta go with it.
This isn't socialism.
$800 billion, if you want to get technical, it's $787 billion there.
There's the exact number.
The $787 billion stimulus plan they passed last week, what did that do?
What did that do?
Well, it did something horrid.
It further federalized the states, and now the bill's been analyzed, and most of the, quote, free federal money they took from the states, the feds give them 20% of the money.
Some's 30, some's 40, but on average it's about 20% of the money.
This is all over the news, now you can pull it up yourself.
And then the states have to pay for the 80%.
It's an unfunded mandate.
So, more taxes, more control, and just federal databases on healthcare, rationing of healthcare is in there.
That was in the mainstream news, but telling you how great it is?
I mean, they are hitting us at every angle.
This is a revolution.
Private offshore banks have come in, taken over the nation, they've bankrupted things on purpose for a fire sale so they can consolidate wealth, while secondarily terrorizing the public and the Congress into handing over all their authority because the bankers, with a gun to our head, say, do what we say and everything will be okay, but then things only get worse.
Your call straight ahead.
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We're going to go to your phone calls here in just a moment.
I'm going to get more into the collapse of Mexico, what that means in the U.S.
What big financial institutions are going to be going under as part of the staged event in the near future and a lot more today.
But also, I wanted to get into some of Obama's latest lies.
I mean, there's so many it's hard to even stay abreast of all the new ones.
But I was with an independent film channel crew that was also an Australian national TV crew at the same time down here Thursday and Friday.
So Thursday night, I said, let's go down and talk to Obama supporters.
Or the public period down on 6th Street.
So we went down there about 8 o'clock at night.
And I'd walk up to the Obama supporters and I'd say, so do you support Obama?
Oh yes, I love him.
And I'd say, okay, well he lied.
He said he was going to bring all the troops home from Iraq, but he's actually increasing overall troops overseas and saying now they're going to stay in Iraq for at least 23 more months before they even look at it.
And they said, yeah, well, he had to say that to get elected.
See, now they feel like they're part of the power structure.
And, you know, Obama's their guy, and, you know, they're part of the system, and they've got a place at the table.
So, it's okay that, you know, he lied about that.
And I said, well, he's continuing, actually, the rendition.
He's at the secret arrest.
They're just looking at closing Guantanamo Bay, but it's only one of hundreds of camps.
And they said, well, yeah, but you've got to do that in the war on terror.
So, suddenly, these are George Bush supporters buying the whole lie.
And I said, well, he promised not to appoint any lobbyists, but that's all it seems he's appointing is big lobbyists and donors to powerful positions in government.
And they said, yeah, well, you know, those are the people he needs to get the job done.
And I just started going in the line.
I said, well, he said they had to pass the stimulus bill without reading it.
But then he went on vacation for four days.
He really didn't want people reading it.
And he promised that he wouldn't do that in the future.
And they said, yeah, well, you know, we gotta give him time.
This guy's done everything Bush did but put it on steroids.
Well, here's the latest.
Obama backs Bush.
This is AP.
Obama backs Bush.
No rights for Bagram prisoners.
Now, this is the real camp.
This is where they first pick them up and then end up killing a lot of them.
People have been beaten to death and murdered there by the thousands.
I mean, they've had cases admitted where they'll put, in one case, 3,000 plus people in tiny containers for a week without food or water, where they couldn't even sit down, like cattle cars in Nazi Germany, and then a week later they just pull all the dead bodies out.
You can Google that story.
It's mainstream news.
Never forget, uh, it was, uh, Gruckheimer, Sergeant Gruckheimer in the Ithaca News, talking about how they just go in villages and kill everyone, including children.
And the Pentagon came out on Fox News and said, well, we want to clarify, we only kill everybody in certain villages.
The Obama administration, siding with the Bush White House, contended Friday that detainees in Afghanistan have no constitutional rights.
And that went further, no Geneva rights, no international treaty rights.
And see, then our troops don't have any rights when they get captured.
But see, this is meant to terrorize anybody.
If any government or any group or any sovereign group... You know, it was the precious Afghans fighting the Russkies in the 80s.
Well, now they want the U.S.
out, and they just call them Al-Qaeda.
No such thing.
That's a CIA front group.
And so they let them know, hey, we're going to torture you to death if you fight us.
See, it's a form of terror.
The Nazis would do that in Russia.
And in Europe, when they were taking over areas, they would kill and torture people to death, letting them know, if you fight back in any way, we torture you to death.
But see, it was bad when the Nazis did it, good when the good old U.S.
of A. does it, but it's not even our military anymore.
And when Pat Tillman started writing letters home, saying, this whole war's a fraud, all we're doing is guarding poppy fields over here, boy, they fragged him quick, didn't they?
I've talked to his family.
They killed him with a hammer.
That was a Pentagon assassination.
Oh, yeah, football player.
You're useful to them.
You're useful to the system as long as you play ball.
But the minute you don't go along with the propaganda, you die.
You think the globalists just kill people and break things in other nations?
They think nothing of our lives as well.
They've conquered this country.
And until we wake up to that and speak out against them, it's just going to get worse.
So, Obama backs Bush.
No rights for Bagram prisoners.
In a two-sentence court filing, the Justice Department said it agreed that detainees at Bagram Airfield cannot use U.S.
courts to challenge their detention.
The filing shocked human rights attorneys.
Because Obama promised to reverse that.
You know, I mean, if you've got the proof on these people, show it in court.
But see, they can't do that.
Because even the CIA section chief that wrote the book Jawbreaker, I interviewed him, admitted
They don't pick up any real Taliban or Al-Qaeda.
What they do is they just grab 14-year-old goat herders, and then they pay the Taliban a $25,000.
They pay them a $25,000.
I mean, literally, they go up in the hills and they pick up the goat herders up in the mountains, many of them who've never even heard of America, that literally, it's that primitive.
And they go up there and they grab them, and they put them
Absolutely incredible.
The hope we all had in President Obama to lead us on a different path has not turned out as we'd hoped, said Tina Monsfafir Foster, a human rights attorney representing a detainee at the Bagram Airfield.
We all expected better.
The Supreme Court last year gave al-Qaeda and Taliban suspects held at U.S.
Naval Base in Guantanamo, Cuba
The right to challenge her detention.
Oh, but Obama says he's not going with that.
He's going with the most extreme interpretation of the Bush administration.
But then, meanwhile, they've got to have a nice little PR story to salve the public, so they put out this piece of propaganda in the Communist News Service, CNN.
Abu Ghraib, but now a humane prison, Iraq officials say, though they wouldn't allow a tour of the facility that was holding prisoners.
Now, I saw reports a month ago that they have secret prisons all over Iraq where they, without a trial, just shoot or hang people.
So see, they just moved out of the Abu Ghraib and moved down the road.
They have PR pieces for the American people.
It says the notorious Iraq prison once called Abu Ghraib has reopened under Iraq government control and the Ministry of Justice has launched a public relations campaign to show it has changed since the days when prisoners were tortured there.
First under Saddam Hussein and later by American troops.
It's now called Baghdad Central Prison and has water fountains and freshly painted garden and a gym complete with weights and sports teams and jerseys on the walls.
But it goes on to say that they were not allowed to actually see any of that of the prisoners.
That's funny.
Unless you're one of the people in the torture camp.
I mean, this is sick, folks.
This is so completely and totally sick.
It just boggles the mind that it's... But my wife listens to NPR when she's cooking breakfast or lunch or dinner.
So it's on in the background.
And she's always scoffing at the propaganda, but they just repeat over and over again.
Barack Obama has closed Guantanamo, he stopped the secret arrest, he stopped rendition, Barack Obama's done this... All lies!
All lies!
All lies!
All lies!
But hey, if it makes you feel good... See, it was fun to be upset about torture and Bush and wars and police state and the Patriot Act and warrantless spying.
You got to feel like good Democrats and good moral people and, darn it, we're going to do something.
We're going to get the Democrats in in 2006 and the war expands.
And then we're going to get Obama in and it all expands.
But it doesn't matter now.
Now, well, we're running the war and now it's darn good!
And, well, we need to do what he says.
He'll get the economy going.
I've actually had him email me and go, you know, how dare you in your film claim that Barack Obama was involved in that dastardly banker bailout?
He's fighting that!
Well, wait till you see the Obama deception.
It's nothing but him up there bragging that he's the one that got it rammed through the different caucuses of the Democratic Party.
I mean, you guys are complete and total Jim Jones, Kool-Aid drinking fools.
You love to be suckered.
They're in a scam out there that mainline Republicans and Democrats hadn't bought into.
Let me give you a news flash.
Barack Obama is a front man puppet.
Barack Obama runs nothing.
He is a PR, public relations creation.
He might as well be a Max Hedrum hologram.
It doesn't matter.
He goes out and lies to you convincingly and looks right into the camera, reading the teleprompter.
He's just a better liar than George Bush.
George Bush, who looked like Satan with his horns cut off.
Uh, you know, see how that was all scripted for you.
All right, I promise we're going to your calls.
Matt Johnstein, George Billy Bob.
We always love calling, getting calls from people like Billy Bob.
Uh, so that is coming up.
Don't forget, my new film comes out in just a few weeks.
It is TheObamaDeception.net.
That's the website.
Stay with us.
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Welcome back.
We're going to go ahead and go straight to your phone calls.
And we better start shouting at the international bankers, shout at the real devil, and realize who the real enemy is that has orchestrated this collapse and bring in world government, or things are just going to get worse and worse in this society.
Let's go ahead and talk to Matt in California.
Matt, you're on the air.
Hey Alex, how you doing?
Good, sir.
I'd like to just thank you, first of all, for all that you've done so far.
I joined the Infowar in October and I just can't believe how much I've learned so far.
But I just wanted to give you, I just wanted to talk about an economist that Ron Paul quoted in his book, The Manifesto, and it was Frederic Bastiat.
Have you ever heard his name?
Um, and he used the term plunder when he'd talk about banks, and he'd talk about, he'd use the term plunder when he'd talk about the French Socialists coming in, and that's basically one of the, you know... Yeah, yeah, low-level liberals think that, oh, we're a bunch of hippies, we're gonna make a big government and take money from the middle class.
They think of the middle class as the elite.
But in every case in history in the last 200 years,
Socialism is funded by the big financiers because they want to take control of governments and steal the tax money for themselves, then they just call it a worker's paradise and give a little bit of chicken feed to the blue-collar workers, when it's the bankers themselves that destroy the economy, where the people then think they've got to go to government for their sustenance.
Is it okay if I give you a quote real quick?
Yeah, go ahead.
In his book, there's a big essay called The Law.
This chapter is called How to Identify Legal Plunder.
And it says, but how is this legal plunder to be identified?
Quite simply, see if the law takes from some persons what belongs to them and gives it to other persons to whom it does not belong.
And he says, see if the law benefits one citizen at the expense of another by doing what the citizen himself cannot do without committing a crime.
And that sentence just, you know, hits it right there.
I mean, we are just being plundered.
And I love how he uses this term.
But that's all I have to say.
And I hope people read his books.
Frederick Bastiat really, he combines economics with...
With society and how it all comes together.
It's really great.
So thank you very much, Alex.
Hey, thanks for calling.
Reading books, though.
Most Americans don't do that.
That's not cool.
No, no, no, no.
What's cool is to tune into Mainline Talk Radio and have fake conservatives tell you that it's a commie conspiracy and that it's dumb hippies that are, you know, taking over.
It's international banks that want big government so that they can have corporate welfare from it and use government against their competition.
Use federal regulators and state regulators to shut down their competition.
And under the Republican administration we saw a tripling in the size of government and now Obama's getting ready to triple it again and claiming he's gonna cut the budget deficit in half when every form of spending is already being close to double buying in office one month.
Let's go ahead and talk to John in Pennsylvania.
John, welcome.
Alex, how are you doing today, my friend?
Good, sir.
Hey, it's great to talk to you finally.
I've been listening for about a little over a year now.
I woke up about a year and a half ago.
And I just want to say you are responsible for me waking up.
Thank you.
Well, God bless you, sir.
You know what?
If I'm going to be free, you've got to be free.
And the more people we wake up, the better.
So I didn't do you a favor there, brother.
I just did my duty.
Well, and I've taken it.
I've taken it one step further.
I've been doing all the research all this time and wondering what I can do to help.
And what I've decided to do is open a new chapter of We Are Change.
And I'm here to announce that the Northwestern Pennsylvania chapter of We Are Change is officially launched.
Good, and for those that don't know what that is, I guess about two years ago, Luke Rodowski, when he was 20 years old, a 9-11 truth activist, an anti-globalist activist, sort of We Are Change, and we tried to build a platform for him.
He did a lot of great work in front of a lot of people, still does it, and I think there's something like 100 plus chapters from as far away as Japan and Australia to the Netherlands.
Good to hear from you, my friend.
That's exciting.
Get a website up and you can call in and plug it.
Steve in Texas, you're on the air.
Yeah, hi Alex.
A few things I wanted to comment on real quick and then a couple of questions.
First of all, this colonel with the Iowa National Guard that you interviewed on Friday, I have one thing to say in response to all that stuff he gave you.
I mean, I can't believe what this guy was saying.
23 years with the National Guard, didn't know what was going on.
That you cited to him was in the, you know, local newscast.
I think that guy's just a puppet.
But notice, you notice their spokesman, he admitted they were going to do door-to-door gun checks.
They were going to practice locking down towns.
He admitted he knew the National Guard was being federalized and there is a plan to use 20,000 combat troops on the streets of America.
And he then had to admit, he said, we'll never confiscate guns.
I said, oh, well, was the Iowa Guard involved in New Orleans?
And he kind of went, and then he said, I can't comment.
Yes, we were there.
And then I said, and then I brought up PDD 51.
And he said, I can't comment on that.
He goes, yeah, I know what that is.
You see, I mean, this is sick.
Yeah, I maybe want to throw up when I actually have the nerve to talk about them defending the Constitution.
I also wanted to mention this.
I heard the other day on the news, Obama commenting after his sinfulness package, and that's what I call it, got passed.
Uh, he made this statement, and you probably heard this, this is the beginning of the end.
And, uh, I think that's really fitting, and of course people are probably thinking that I'm bored with him.
Well, you know, this is about the, you know, bringing our economy out of the crisis it's in, but of course we know what he really means by that.
And I thought it was fitting that the newscasters commented and said, this will give the economy its biggest shot in the arm ever.
And I think that's Freudian doublespeak, because what you know about vaccines, I think that's very fitting.
Yeah, it will be the biggest shot in the arm.
It'll be the death of our economy.
I appreciate your call.
Folks, whether you love the 30 million illegal aliens or hate them,
I don't blame people in a horrible third world nation of corruption who are being driven off their ancestral land of being enslaved wanting to come up here.
But in the final equation, if you look at the numbers, just incarcerating illegal aliens in Texas costs billions of dollars a year.
Incarcerating them in California costs tens of billions.
Paying for them to have the babies up here.
Then they become citizens and get on welfare.
And they've done federal studies on this, outnumbers all the amount of taxes, or all the work, or all they add to the economy.
And I don't care if the people from south of the border were white, black, purple, green, or polka-dotted.
I am against what's happening.
And on top of it, Mexico lost two wars with the U.S.
And they teach in their schools that the Southwest belongs to Mexico.
And this is now even being taught in our public schools.
So the globalists want to break this country apart.
And Mexico is in civil war.
Is collapsing.
I've been telling you that for four years.
Now it's in the Washington Post, in the New York Times, and CNN today.
And there have been more than 10,000.
I finally got the last numbers.
You know, late in the year I was seeing 8,000 plus murders on the border with the U.S.
and Mexico.
That's just on the border.
It was more than that.
They have thousands a week down there total.
I mean, it's just total bedlam.
But now the latest numbers came out from last year.
That was coming out a few months late.
Over 10,000 murders on the Texas
New Mexico, Arizona, California border.
And it's spilling over.
They are killing police, they're killing military, they've killed FBI, and it's always barely a mention in the news.
I mean, if a citizen kills an FBI agent, it's like the world ended.
And they have big parades, and the cops cry, and there's all this freaking out, and you know, it's not a good thing.
But the point is, well, here's an example.
90% of the time, if a cop's killed, they find the person that did it.
Only 10% of the time.
If a citizen's killed, they finally did it.
I think a citizen's is worth as much as a cop.
Or a fireman or anybody else.
And you sign on to this heroic, dangerous job.
But the point is, that when the Mexican troops, and that's who's dealing the drugs, it's the Mexican government, kill police and military and citizens and burn out houses and attack ranchers, the federal government instead comes in and sues the ranchers if they dare arrest people trespassing.
And that's like England, where, forget going to prison if you shoot somebody that invades your house,
Hiding a gun that's been banned for 20 years.
They put you in jail in cases if you break a vase.
Like a man broke a vase over a guy's head who was raping his wife in his house.
They let the criminal out and prosecuted him.
The guy that protected his wife.
Same thing here in the U.S.
Every week I see articles where a crook falls through a skylight in somebody's house or slips and falls in a house or cuts themselves breaking in and the cops come and the lawsuits are filed and the homeowner gets in trouble for the crook invading.
Folks, this is what's happening.
This is what's happening in the United States, and if you don't believe me, the stories I just told, and then you're hiding under a rock, that's been all over the news.
The system is meant to go after good, hard-working Americans, like the famous case of the guy who had rats eating his tomatoes, so he killed one with a shovel, and neighbors saw it, and called the animal people, and then he went to jail.
Again, this is all about getting regular citizens in the net.
This is all about capturing regular citizens, because we're the ones that have money they can suck off of.
Here's an example.
99%, and I just saw these numbers today in the mainstream news.
I'll cover it when I get back, I'm out of time.
Hi, this is Ted Anderson.
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KLBJ Allston, it's five o'clock.
Here's Tim McGuire.
Louisiana's Bobby Jindal tells NBC's Meet the Press that taking short-term federal money to expand the unemployment system would cripple employers in his state.
This will result in an increase in taxes on our businesses.
California's Arnold Schwarzenegger, just off a bruising budget battle with the legislature, tells ABC's This Week if Jindal and the others don't want the money, I take it.
The federal stimulus plan is one of the topics in the National Governors Association meeting being held in the nation's capital.
Tim McGuire, Washington.
And President Obama is expected to focus on physical issues this week as he prepares to submit his first budget request to Congress.
A White House official says the goal is to cut the deficit in half by the end of his first term.
This is IRN USA Radio News.
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Rescuers say all the trapped miners have been found after a gas explosion ripped through a coal mine in northern China.
At least 74 were killed and 114 hospitalized.
China's news agency says more than 400 workers were in the mine when the blast occurred.
People have been gathering at ceremonies across Australia today to remember the more than 200 people killed in this month's wildfires in a Melbourne stadium.
Thousands rang tiny bells and dignitaries, including Queen Elizabeth's daughter, Princess Anne, placed white flowers on a large wreath.
Last year's Academy Awards brought their worst TV ratings ever, so this year's producers are hoping to liven things up.
Viewers of tonight's live show on ABC may see some new ways of presenting awards and other surprises.
The Rags to Riches tell Slumdog Millionaire is favored to win.
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There are new attempts to curb the influence of the Taliban in a remote area of Pakistan.
Here's Steve Graham.
Pakistani authorities announced today that they plan to arm villages in the northwest of the country with 30,000 rifles, setting up militias to help police in a region which has struggled badly against Taliban and al-Qaeda militants.
European leaders meeting in Berlin are backing sweeping new regulations for financial markets and hedge funds.
A statement from German Chancellor Angela Merkel says the leaders agreed on seven key points during their one-day meeting.
This is British Prime Minister Gordon Brown.
We need a global New Deal.
We need a grand bargain between the
He said he'd be back, and he soon will be!
California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger says he'll be shooting a cameo appearance soon for a new movie by friend Sylvester Stallone.
Schwarzenegger calls Stallone a terrific director, and writer, and a great actor.
Since I've become governor, I've done three cameos.
And friends asked me, and Sly asked me if I would do a cameo.
I said, of course I'll help you do a cameo.
There's no two ways about that.
And one of Schwarzenegger's favorite political movies?
The Candidate, with Robert Redford.
The governor appeared on ABC's This Week.
I'm Jody Jordan for IRN USA Radio News.
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Now live from Austin, Texas, here's Alex Jones.
I've seen several press reports in the last few days with the numbers on red light cameras that are going up all over the nation.
The people don't like them.
They're completely unpopular in every poll.
Government doesn't care.
They put them in because the government doesn't represent us.
They represent the governments that are controlled and owned by foreign banks.
Your cities and counties are all bought off and paid off, literally, through the comprehensive annual financial reports and they're here to suck money out of you and send it offshore.
But I saw the numbers, and I'd already seen these previously, but to see them all together, where 99% of the tickets being given, I saw a case in the suburb of Dallas, 44,000 tickets, 99% of them were a right on red, or slow stopping, where somebody had to edge up to the intersection past the white line to see when they could go out.
And, going back about a decade ago, they would just have the red light cameras for red lights, but people stopped running red lights.
Or, they would stop, you know, where it's yellow, but you go ahead and zoom through.
What they did is they started adding, turning right on red, or pulling past the white line, and they were admitting in this press report that most of the tickets were for that.
You know, something you see police do all day, something that you have to do to be safe coming up to the intersection.
It's about money, it's about control.
Meanwhile, the border is collapsing, rocket attacks, bombings of newspapers, mass killings.
Society breaking down, police being killed.
I've interviewed so many sheriffs.
We've had Mexican troops, when they bust a car full of cocaine, three miles off the border, they'll pull up, put guns in their heads, take it away.
The feds tell them, oh, just don't talk about what happened to you.
And what's happening in Mexico right now is the... I'll never forget in 1999, Reuters showed Richard Grasso, the head of the New York Stock Exchange at the time, not one of the other
Bernard Madoff, that's another one of the guys, but it's a nice group of people.
Oh yeah, Madoff was one of the top guys.
He actually founded the Nasdaq.
Grasso went down there, and there's actually a federal law where foreign countries or groups can actually invest narcotics money in the stock market or U.S.
And so it was a Reuters article with him hugging the head of the FARC, guerrillas, the communists that control half of Colombia.
And some surrounding nations, and said, invest your drug money with us or we're going to have an invasion.
And the FARC said no, and so U.S.
forces have been down there for more than a decade.
So I guess right at 10 years.
That was in 99.
So, they last year finally killed the head of the FARC, but somebody replaced him.
And I remember interviewing Celica Stello, former head of the DEA on all of Latin America, and all the press reports I've got.
And I've been down in Mexico many times in high school and college, and after that, or even as a kid with my parents.
And seeing, you know, troops guarding marijuana fields.
I mean, the government controls narcotics, and the only war is against the four or five cartels that are a minority of the total business, but they're keeping prices down, and the big U.S.
banks and the stock exchange and the Mexican government don't like that, so the U.S.
is spending tens of billions a year, quote, in a drug war, and the other cartels are fighting back, and so that's what you see happening down there.
It is a war.
A Pentagon prosecutor, they have Pentagon advisors down there for the narcotics.
And don't roll your eyes and say it's not true.
Remember last year, when a jet flying into Mexico, CIA tail numbers, one that had been used in renditions to Abu Ghraib and other places, and to Camp X-Ray and Guantanamo Bay.
This was in Reuters AP.
Never made national news here though, it was just in the news wires.
Crash with pure cocaine.
Why is pure cocaine important?
Three and a half tons of it.
Because it meant it came directly from the source.
You understand?
You see, the drug war is destroying our country.
It destroyed China 150 years ago.
It's destroying Mexico because by making drugs illegal, that jacks up the price and the criminal element comes in and takes over and then gets incredible funding for other criminal operations.
Cocaine, heroin, opium, speed was all sold at drugstores in every town and city until the 30s.
And if you look at the statistics, less than a third of the people per capita were on those drugs that are on today.
When cocaine was in Coca-Cola, you had a lot less cocaine heads.
When it was in Dr. Pepper, you had less.
When you could buy heroin, you could send your 10-year-old down the street to buy you heroin if you wanted to.
And people had problems with it.
But it was seen as a pathetic disease and people got treatment.
So your drug war is a fraud.
The bigger it gets, the more drugs we have on the street, the bigger a police state we have.
But I mean, here's the proof.
As crime mounts, Mexicans turn to vigilante justice.
And Time Magazine talks about, is it okay that Mexicans illegally are buying guns and shooting criminals when they rob them?
Because it's not just drug crime, it's all forms of crime.
The society is falling apart and our media is so controlled they say, is it okay for people when they're getting robbed to defend themselves?
I don't know.
I don't understand.
Graphic photos of the alleged thief's corpse were splashed on the front pages of Mexican tabloids with headlines that read, such as, dead brat and military justice.
The confessed shooter, retired General Algerardo Flores, was widely hailed as a hero for firing at a 30-year-old man who had tried to force his way into the military man's Mexico City home.
Of course he did the right thing, wrote Felipe Alcoker, is in one line from the incident.
I wish everyone would act in the same way and get rid of the antisocial scum.
Yeah, they don't have a Second Amendment down there, so of course their crime's horrible.
Just like Chicago and D.C.
have gun bans and highest crime rates in the world.
That's how it works.
But Obama's got more than 10 bills to basically ban the Second Amendment introduced right now.
George in Texas, thanks for holding.
How you doing, Alex?
You know, the thing is, I got in an argument with a Chicago police officer down here on vacation.
And he's told me guns are bad and all that stuff.
But he's got one, yeah.
Yeah, well, and the thing is, I just don't... If I were in Chicago and I didn't give up my guns, if I'd seen an off-duty police officer beat up that small little bartender, I would put a bullet in his head.
Well, that's because you're with Al-Qaeda.
It's good that the police are shaking people down in Chicago and Mafia-run.
It's good, and it's pro-America, that they beat up women in public and children and rule.
Okay, that's what America's about, and you, sir, are with Al-Qaeda.
Al-Qaeda, Al-Qaeda, Al-Qaeda.
If an off-duty cop wants to beat you up, you tell him thank you and take your own head and smash it into a brick.
In fact, you say, yes, God, and run and jump off a cliff, and then scream, you are God, you are God, you are God, I worship you, to the police officer as he smiles, looking at you over the cliff as you fall.
Police are only good.
They were good in Nazi Germany.
They were good under Stalin.
They were good under Mao.
The police are all good in Mexico.
There's no police corruption.
There's no drug dealing.
The police do nothing wrong.
It's good to have face scanning cameras everywhere and black masks on the police and armored vehicles.
It's good to have the IRS SWAT team stealing homes with no judges or juries.
It's good that foreign banks rule the country and that most of the Congress doesn't even pay taxes and most of Obama's officials don't even pay them and then run the Treasury Department.
That is good.
That is good.
How dare you call into this show, you know, how dare the founding fathers when the police and the system got out of control.
That's how tyranny always comes, is in a uniform.
How dare them fight back against King George III?
How dare them resist?
How dare them?
I stand with the average person in government.
I stand against the evil Founding Fathers.
And to be serious, in my film Road to Tyranny, I have FEMA teaching Kansas City Police, and we have training mails from around the nation, not just there, saying the Founding Fathers are bad, gun owners are bad, I have the training manuals, all of it.
You know what?
So what if in New York and Chicago and other places the police are beating and killing whoever they want?
That's good, sir.
They have a tough job and you are evil.
I can't believe how evil that last caller was.
How dare him?
He's with Al Qaeda.
Billy Bob, TJ, Michael, Steve, Patriot Bear, Ryan, and many others.
Phone blitz coming up and then a ton of other important news.
Remember, tyranny is your friend.
Government is only right.
Have you ever felt like the United States government knows way too much about your financial affairs?
I continue to hear stories about property seizures, frozen bank accounts, confiscation of stocks and bonds.
It makes me wonder if the U.S.
citizen will ever again have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.
Unfortunately, with the Drug and Money Laundering Act, the IRS Revenue Ruling 6045 of 1984, and the Trading with the Enemy Act and Franklin D. Roosevelt's Executive Order of 1933, some precious metal holdings are subject to government intervention.
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Well, the answer to the government is just disarm the people.
That'll fix all the crime.
Of course, it explodes.
That's what they like.
They have an excuse to put more cops on the streets.
To write more tickets.
But no matter how many police there are, you just can't seem to get one when your car gets stolen.
And the establishment doesn't like that.
They want you dependent, institutionalized, in debt, under their control.
Alright, but listen, a lot of police are great.
It's the system that is bad now.
And obviously, 99% of the time, police are agents of oppression worldwide.
Throughout history, in the days of Rome, in the days of the Aztecs, in modern times, in Nazi Germany, the police are under the control of evil government.
They become evil.
And if you can't tell our government's evil, and if you can't tell it's illegitimate and out of control, you are living in another plane of existence.
Government's too big, it's a cancer, and instead of getting smaller, it's going to expand again.
And most of you out there are going to lose most of what you got.
Just remember that.
But I know you love bootlicking, so you'll enjoy it.
Not my listeners, but new listeners I know who enjoy the system, enjoy being raped.
Well, okay.
Don't let me stand in the way of your happiness and success.
You just don't know history, though, do you?
Billy Bob calling from the planet.
So I guess he's here on the planet Earth, not up there in the International Space Station.
Hello, Billy Bob.
From planet Gonzales, Alex.
Okay, they just said planet on here.
I believe I owe you a cup of coffee, at least lunch.
How you doing?
Hey, good, buddy.
What's going on?
Man, you know I'm always listening.
Great to talk to you.
You're so out there.
Your persona has absolutely gone viral and I'm out in the boonies wherever I go.
I just don't run into people that corner me or push me around for
Any efforts of mine to be a patriot and to reiterate you, your name, and uh... So you're saying folks are very receptive to the truth of what's happening?
Oh yeah.
Oh yeah.
I've never... I don't get anybody that bows up to me at all.
Of course, I'm not real aggressive with it, you know?
Don't have to be.
And I just let them
Well, I kind of got an edge.
I'm an aircraft mechanic.
And I'll just tell them, I'll say, hey, listen, you'll never see a kerosene heater melt down and run out the door.
And that was absolutely, those planes did not bring down the trade towers.
And then there was Building 7, which is another whole topic.
I mean, when you cook stuff on your stove, the metal grate doesn't melt, and that fire is hotter than jet fuel.
Look at that Chinese building, brand new building, burned with 200 foot flames for several days.
Nothing collapsed, nothing fell in, and no plane hit building 7 on 9-11.
No, no.
Not at all.
And people, though, are just looking for help.
They're looking for answers.
And they're not looking at mainstream television.
They're watching that less and less.
And they're really searching for a way out.
And there's only one way out.
And that's the truth.
Absolutely, and you know I'm talking to a lot of station owners and program directors, and I even have talked to some very big radio consultants who've contacted me, famous people in the radio industry, and they've said, Alex, your time has come.
The people want you.
You would be the number one show in the country, but obviously the big corporations that own the biggest stations aren't going to let you on the air, but they tell me that, and I've had meetings before at the highest levels of radio,
You know, even the high-level executives are scared, and know that they're not members of the elite, know that their time is numbered, know that America is dying, but that's what they're saying.
Massive calls to talk radio, especially local talk radio, you know, that is anti-New World Order, anti-globalist, pro-America, and that basically my view, your view, the reality view is taking over and exploding.
And I mean, I'm just one small part of this, but my web numbers
Our radio listener numbers, everything is just hyperbolic right now.
It is exploding.
Good to hear from you, my friend.
Let's talk to TJ in Minnesota.
You're on the air, TJ.
Parabellum, Alex Jones.
You recognize this voice, I'd imagine, and I haven't talked to you for about five years at your request, but the time is short, brother.
Everybody needs to look up that word.
If you want peace, prepare for war, because the time is short.
But I've got a compliment for you.
You stood down an Iowa light colonel, Friday, in very good civilian fashion.
And then I have a question for you, and then I've got to get off this landline.
James Janos, his other name is Jesse Ventura.
We need him back in Minnesota.
Godspeed, Parabellum.
You want peace, prepare for war, I'll stand by for a little bit.
Alright buddy, good to hear from you.
I do recognize your voice vaguely, but I don't remember telling you not to call into the show anymore.
I do sometimes tell regular callers to give other folks a chance to call in.
When I see a caller call in five days in a row,
We don't screen calls, but if I hear the same guy, I go, hey, don't call in for a week or two.
You know, because a lot of folks try to get in.
People try for years to get in sometimes, and they can't get in.
The lines have been filled the whole show, but there is an open line right now at 877-590-5525.
But yeah, for those that don't know, I might as well go ahead and cover this article now, because it was our big top news story on Friday's weekday show.
If you go read the Daily Times Herald article, Guardsmen to Conduct Urban Training at Arcadia in April, April 2nd through the 5th, it says they're going to go door-to-door and do simulated gun confiscations.
I mean, go read the article.
You can't make this stuff up.
They say because of the, you know, the political climate in the U.S.
today, this is needed.
And this is the same stuff I videotaped over a decade ago, where the Marines and the Army trained to confiscate our guns, and then when they went into New Orleans, they didn't
Going to the areas where folks were flooded, they went into high and dry areas on ABC News and NBC.
We have the footage.
And confiscated people's guns!
To the point of where Louisiana just passed a law saying that if the feds try it again, the state police are to repulse them.
I mean, we're getting to the point where Montana passed it through their house, they're on the verge of passing a law saying they're not going to follow federal gun laws.
Texas just introduced, I have the state rep, Leo Birdman,
On Friday, he's introduced a bill to basically have the state not follow federal orders.
I mean, the state's created the federal government under the Tenth Amendment.
But, yeah, they were going to have this urban warfare takeover drill, and then we got calls from the mayor and others telling us Friday, oh, the drills are canceled now.
Please tell folks not to call anymore.
And I told my crew Friday night, I said, you watch.
By next Monday they're going to announce, oh no, now it's only being scaled back.
But this is to acclimate the troops, acclimate the police, acclimate the public, and the media, that having troops running around with machine guns, firing blanks and throwing flashbangs, and practicing, they said they're going to citizens door-to-door, looking for evil gun dealers, and they practice raiding a gun shop, and they practice
Finding the the forms and then going and raiding the houses to confiscate the guns We'll be right back stay with us Newsflash unemployment is soaring over 10% the dollar is plummeting and banks are beginning to close their doors
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Are you tired of searching for great talk radio?
Well, search no more.
We are the GCN Radio Network.
We are back live!
You know, I ought to do a show sometime the next week or on next Sunday's show where I come in with like 200 mainstream news articles calling for a New World Order.
But then the detractors say, well, the New World Order doesn't mean what you say it means.
Oh, really?
All these articles where the mainstream media is announcing it?
Say that it's a new, quote, bank of the world to control the United States and the planet that we'll pay taxes to.
Unelected global bank rulings.
And then challenge, uh, dig up all the articles where I've been attacked saying the new order doesn't exist, and challenge those people, uh, to, you know, go on record and say it doesn't exist now.
But that's a military tactic, you know, when the regular army and the Delta Force were ramming the Branch Davidian Church and machine-gunning them as they tried to run out the back, all on flare footage, congressional testimony.
And we have Janet Reno's order ordering them in.
I mean, the truth's there, you just don't see it on the news.
Love or hate those people, they deserve to be killed like that, especially all those children.
But they kept broadcasting, this is not an assault, this is not an assault, come out with your hands up.
They'd run out with their hands up and they'd shoot them.
It's the same thing here.
This is not a world government.
There's no foreign banks doing anything.
Everything's fine.
The collapse is an accident.
Just do as we say.
Let us take over.
Everything's fine.
Yes, we're going to have carbon taxes.
Yes, there's a New World Order, but the New World Order doesn't exist.
I mean, so instead we always have a debate about, is there a New World Order, when they're all over the place announcing it, instead of saying, we don't want a New World Order.
And that's done in combat over and over and over and over again.
And in PSYOPs, they will tell you.
And you can read Army manuals on this, and other governments have put this on record as well, that when they're attacking foxholes or attacking positions, they'll broadcast, we're not assaulting, we're here to help you, everything's fine, just so people get confused and hesitate.
Now, if you like military propaganda being run on you, first it was 5 billion, then 10 billion, now they're saying 44 billion a year.
Is it to be spent to, quote, clean up the image of the Pentagon?
Domestic propaganda?
Brainwashing everybody?
I mean, you know what kind of propaganda 45 billion will buy?
I mean, NORTHCOM's taking over the country!
This isn't our military!
This isn't our government!
Can't you understand, just like third world nations get hijacked by banks, we've been hijacked?
And I know, I talked to a lot of the troops, they're upset, they know what's going on.
We appreciate them out there defending the Bill of Rights and Constitution.
We appreciate good police doing that as well.
And if we all start saying no together, this new world order will fail.
But if we don't, it's going to get bad.
Because they're holding us hostage.
They're going to continue to implode the economy and say, now do what we say, do what we say and we'll fix it.
And then if we don't do what they say, they'll keep butchering the economy and say, see, it's your fault.
But if you do follow their orders, they just continue to crush things as well.
Just check the facts.
Did things get better after the first banker bailout bill or the stimulus?
Steve in Ottawa, Canada.
You're on the air.
Hi, how are you?
Good, sir.
You got a really bad phone, sir.
Are you on a cordless or a speakerphone?
I'm on a Skype.
Okay, we'll just make it quick.
Back off the microphone.
Okay, just wondering if you had heard about the Predator B aircraft going to be patrolling the North Dakota border near Manitoba?
Yes, they're going to have Predators patrol the United States, not just the borders.
They have high-altitude blimps at 100,000 feet in Canada, the U.S., and England with biometric body scanning software tracking everyone in real time.
They know your biometric resonance just by the way your body moves from a shoot-down position from above you.
Yeah, because the thing I was concerned about is that these things can see about 14 miles into the Canadian border, and there's a lot of, well, Emerson, Manitoba is right on the border, so they can... No, I hear you, I gotta let you go, your phone's too bad.
Sir, your Toronto Star and other publications reported a year ago, in early 2008, that they signed a deal to use Canadian and Mexican troops in the U.S., Mexican and U.S.
troops in Canada, and vice versa, and our Congress said, hey,
We weren't consulted, and your Parliament said we weren't consulted, and then Bush just said, shut up!
Presidential Decision Directive 51.
And Congress said, this was in the mainstream news, they said, well we'd like to see this, you know, all we've got is the cover sheet of this military agreement to use foreign troops in the U.S.
Can we see the agreement?
And they said, no.
Presidential Decision Directive 51, which makes the President a dictator.
And you notice Barack Obama hadn't rescinded that puppy.
I mean, you can't make this stuff up.
So forget just a foreign drone over you, Bubba.
They got the Texas State Police up there training Canadian Mounties how to knock heads and how to run illegal checkpoints.
Patriot Bear in California.
Welcome, Patriot Bear.
I am the Care Bear.
Hey, how you doing, Alex?
Aw, man, I got bad allergies, but other than that, I feel like somebody's gonna...
They're just lambs to the slaughter.
But, you know, that was one call out of dozens they took that disagreed with me.
I mean, I had some guy call my show this week and say, you don't talk about the elite's plan to reduce world population.
So I just went along with it and said, yes, you're right.
I'm covering that up.
I never talk about that.
You know, people get frustrated by the information I put out.
And instead of taking action to wake others up and say no to the tyranny, they get mad at the messenger.
Alex, just one more thing.
Wasn't it just 18 hours before the bill came out to look at it?
Didn't he only give 18 hours to look at it?
Yeah, yeah, that was a media spin.
Obama said we have to rush this through, nobody can read it.
They released it at midnight the night before from the lobbyists, this was in the Associated Press, to the committees, and then they voted the next day, but they didn't post it on the web until a few hours before, so it was 1,076 pages long, so nobody had a chance to read it except for the lobbyists that wrote it.
And Obama had sworn to never sign something until it had five days to be read.
Everything he says is a lie.
Right, because I tried to tell this lady at church today and she just tore me up and I just stood my ground.
I said, no.
I said, that's the problem I have with him.
He doesn't give you enough time to look at it.
Just rush it through.
We don't know what the hell is in there.
Excuse my language.
And, uh, you could have half the stuff in there that's going to destroy the country even more.
And then she said, he's trying to save us, he can't help it!
No, what she told me is, well, we just need to pray.
Yeah, I'm praying for my president, but we've got to stand up, we the people, and we need to call these guys and tell them, you know, make sure that... No, you don't call Congress, that's Al-Qaeda.
Calling government's evil, that's what Al-Qaeda does.
No, no, no, I mean to be serious.
Yeah, it's not just that they... because I talked to Obamanoids this week and they said, well, he has to do it to save us.
And I said, listen, don't you understand he's continuing all the Bush policies?
See, they don't care because he's their man.
They didn't really care about all the torture and the secret arrest and the lies and the wars.
Now that they feel like it's their president, they don't care.
Now conservatives are mad about everything because they feel like their guy isn't him when the globalists own both people.
But the issue is
He said he pledged to wait five days so a bill could be read.
But then he tried to rush through when he was a senator.
The banker takeover bill.
The point is he lies about everything.
Except raising taxes.
He's going to keep that promise.
Except he's lying saying it's the rich.
Couples making 250 grand a year before taxes, that ain't rich.
But the average person thinks it is.
In fact, they've done studies.
It's the people making a quarter million a year are the ones that actually spend the money to keep the economy going.
But you'll find out, don't worry, they're going to rob the middle class and then there won't be anybody to come to your restaurant or come to your business or give you tips and you know, you'll lose everything.
But that's what you like.
You like being a schmuck.
You like being taken for a ride.
You haven't seen a sucker you don't want to suck on.
Here's, you know, and I'm talking to those out there that think George Bush is a conservative, and I like him, and people that like Barack Obama, they're puppets of the New World Order!
Final segment, tons of calls, lots of news, straight ahead!
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You know, I just told the guys in the controller about something that I'm going to talk about this week on the air sometime.
But I don't do it to be silly.
I don't get into potty humor.
It deals with the royalty of Europe and what scum they are and how low they think the public is.
You can't make this stuff up.
I ought to give it to the weekday... What's the name of that weekday show they've got that's only on for an hour?
It's pretty funny.
Let's do it.
Todd and Don, I ought to give it to them.
I shouldn't even get into it.
The Queen of England, and it still goes on.
They claim they stopped it in 1901.
The Queen of England.
I'm not even going to say it, man.
If you Google it, it's mainstream news.
Guys at the office last night didn't believe it when I told them, so they Googled it.
My wife knew about it because she was also a history minor when she went to school in France, so she learned about the French royalty.
I'm not even going to get into it.
You know what?
I was just joking around during the break with the guys, but it's just that the elite are such scum, ladies and gentlemen, that you can't even imagine the stuff that they're into.
I'm not going to get into it.
Maybe later this week when I have time to cover it and break it down.
To give you an idea, Tutankhamen, one of the pharaohs of Egypt, had an official nose picker.
And I'm serious.
He was so elite, and he was God on Earth, so someone had to pick his nose for him.
Well, the royalty in England has a toilet attendant, and I'm just going to leave it at that.
Let's just say they don't touch toilet paper with their own hands.
It's taken care of by somebody else, and it's called the Groom of the Stool.
There you go!
You can't make this!
Hell yes!
I mean, that's how low they think of us, folks.
Oh, man.
All right, I had to give you a little bit of humor, folks, in all this craziness.
But overall, we are positive.
We believe if you expose all this evil that's going on and expose how corrupt the elite are, this can be turned around.
But somebody in the office was going, did you hear about New York stockbrokers buying $2,000 pizzas made of caviar?
And I said, man, that's nothing, OK?
Michael in Oregon.
I'm sorry, Michael.
Go ahead, you're on the air.
It was pretty funny stuff.
It's alright, Alex.
Well needed.
I'm calling you for a few reasons today.
I wanted to let you know what we're doing up here in Oregon and Washington and others to make you aware of something happening in New York.
This is the Coordinative Campaign for Liberty and I would encourage your listeners to maybe jump on board that ship.
It's a wonderful network of... Great!
You're plugging!
Go ahead and plug quick because I want to go to more calls.
Oh yeah, I was just letting you know that we're having good success in influencing our representatives and so forth in the area.
Also, I wasn't sure if you were aware of it or not, but New York has started a sincerity test where parents using religious waiver vaccinations now have to appear in front of an attorney to
Well, he can decide whether or not they're sincere in their religious beliefs.
Yeah, yeah, let's get this straight.
First, there's no law you've got to take vaccines.
But they say, oh, we want you to sign a religious or conscientious objector form.
And so now they're trying to pressure people to make it with more fraudulent color of law that you've got to do this.
Because more people aren't taking the vaccines now, no matter how many lies the media puts out.
And so they're getting upset.
I mean, I told you that the HPV shot was killing people.
That was in the trials.
And now CBS News is having to admit it.
I mean, you know, come on, folks.
They only had four or five shots they tried to claim were mandatory decades ago, and now it's up to 60 shots they want to force you to take?
There's no law.
You don't have to take any of these shots.
I mean, how would you trust a government and the media that lies and says it's the law when it's not?
Now, let's talk to Ryan in Ohio.
You're on the air, Ryan.
Alex Jones, how are you?
I'm pretty good, sir, but I don't have a... I don't have what the Queen of England has, so I don't feel like I'm really powerful.
Actually, my name's Brian with a B, but that's okay.
I'm calling to let you know I'm a police officer up here in Ohio, in a county that has about... probably about 3,000, 4,000 police officers.
And a lot of the police officers up here are very awake.
A lot of them are very resistant to what's going on.
Unfortunately, some of our superiors aren't, but a lot of police up here are very awake.
A lot of people are prepared up in this area.
Hopefully nothing violent becomes of it, but I know every time the feds want to come in here and start
Doing this and doing that.
We're very resistant to it.
No, no, listen.
I mean, the candidate that got the most military money was Ron Paul from the military.
So the military's awake.
And I get in here and bash bad cops all day, but I'm bashing bad cops that the bad system won't go after.
I know that most police are great men and women, but we need you guys to stand up and say no.
I mean, they're openly announcing they're going to have regular army on the streets of America.
I mean, when you say awake,
I mean, are the police aware of what's happening?
Oh yeah, I mean, there's a good percentage of them up here that know what's going on.
I mean, I've turned hundreds on to you and your show and your effort.
I mean, InfoWars is on all the computers in the city and the favorites, you know, and it's driving people crazy.
But as far as the military goes, I have some family members that are fairly high up in the military, and they basically speak of the same stuff that you do.
I mean, there's a small percentage of them that are dirtbags, but the overwhelming percentage is not going to stand.
And that may be what saves us.
The problem is the bankers.
The private banks are in control of the money, so they're going to plunge us into a situation where the rioting is so bad that
People will want troops on the streets and then the precedence set.
But let me just say this.
I've done a lot of damage in many respects to the movement.
I'm not perfect.
I've made a lot of mistakes.
I get psychologically threatened by the police state.
I get violated by bad cops.
I see people getting violated.
I lash out.
And then that makes police go more into that
That gang mentality and actually helps the new world order so I say to the good police officers out there I know you're there.
I know you're the majority, but you can't blame me historically knowing that tyranny is here and That they're going to ask you to do these bad things incrementally We're begging you to have courage and say no and enough of you stand up the new world order will back off I mean take five years ago when they ordered 14 million first responders including all police firemen and
Nurses and others to take the smallpox shot.
You guys said no, so their whole forced inoculation program for the public fell apart because their own enforcers wouldn't do it.
And I'll tell you right now, myself and most of the people that I talk to, they don't look at you as bashing.
I mean, you know, you ran a rave, but we all ran a rave.
And that's cool.
That's what has to happen sometimes.
You know, you got to vent.
You know, there's a lot of bogus stuff going on out there.
And there's a lot of good stuff.
But, you know, unfortunately, the bogus stuff is the stuff that gets reported.
You know, here's a funny note for you.
We have a Homeland Security office and right next to Homeland Security there's a big Illuminati bumper sticker.
It's kind of comical.
But hey, I love your bumper music you use, like Fall Guy and stuff like that.
See if your internet wizards can find a song.
I can't remember who did it, but it was the Battle of New Orleans.
Oh no, we play that all the time.
In 1814, we took a little trip.
It's difficult for me to catch it because I have to podcast because nobody here plays your show and due to my work schedule I can't listen while I'm at work.
So I have to podcast and I listen to you every night religiously.
My girlfriend's like, you better stop listening to him or I'm out of here or whatever.
I'm trying to tell her.
Gun Show was this weekend.
I went out and bought 2,000 rounds of ammo.
I'll tell you, the gun shows up here in Ohio, they're pretty good shows.
They're packed.
Ammo is the thing that's just getting so hard to find.
You go into the sporting goods stores here and 9mm and .45 are gone.
It's nonexistent.
Obviously, I'm a gun guy.
And I tell everybody, you know, buy your storable food.
Don't take that income tax money and buy a new LCD TV.
Go get yourself a year's worth of food and buy as much ammo as you can.
Absolutely, sir.
Good to hear from you.
I appreciate your call.
We're out of time.
I want to try to jam in one or two final calls, but absolutely.
Charles in Louisiana.
You're on the air.
How you doing?
Good, good to hear from you, Charles.
Oh yeah, I've been listening to you every day, but I just can't get in some time, you know?
Well, God bless you, Charles.
You're still passing out your tapes, Mr. Jones.
Charles was there during the gun confiscation in New Orleans.
I want to tell them people that.
Now, what that policeman said, there was a lot of policemen in New Orleans that knew, too.
I talked to them.
My aunt, my uncle's a policeman.
Policemen, they're going to go where the money's at.
They're forced to do it because of food or a family.
A lot of good policemen.
But here's the thing, when the time comes, a policeman is going to be a policeman.
You know, I've seen it in New Orleans, I was there.
I've seen people get shot, I reported to you, when there was policemen shooting innocent people off the bridge, remember one of them?
You reported that, you reported everything to us because you were in the middle of it as an emergency worker before anybody.
I could, but I just don't trust them when they come down, they anxious to shoot.
Now by the way, they did convict those police that did shoot those people on the bridge that you broke on the show, you saw.
But I ask people to still get your tapes.
I don't call in as much because I gotta get you at night.
But listen, Parabellum is the true word.
Like TJ said, but I respect you and your tapes are true.
They could never prove them wrong around here.
Policemen have got them.
I think the policemen are called on there.
He's a wonderful officer.
But Mr. Jones, we're headed to a bad times.
And these people better wake up and they better get some fury like you.
You're the only caller that's got fury.
God bless you, my friend.
Hey, I got fury because I love liberty and hate tyranny.
We're out of time.
Great job, crew.
See you back on the weekday show.
And next Sunday, spread the word!
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