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Air Date: Dec. 25, 2008
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Big Brother, Mainstream Media, Government Cover-Ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All men 18 to 44, well now in the U.S.
Code 18 to 49, are members of the militia.
And I believe all able-bodied men should own rifles, handguns, firearms, like they've always done in the Netherlands.
Now they're restricting that.
Switzerland, and of course where we adopted their models, really out of the Dutch founding New York.
That was one of the biggest cultural histories that the founders drew on.
And of course was part of the culture of the colonies before that.
That the men, and the women for that matter, be armed to protect their counties, their cities, their towns, their hamlets.
But now we've seen a demonization of the Second Amendment culture where we try to put a rifle in a rifle rack even in Wyoming or Texas.
Cops will pull you over.
Nine times out of ten, run up and a lot of times point guns at you, pull you out on the ground, put you down.
Because the public sees a gun, they panic.
Oh my gosh, there's a slave with a gun.
The TV dramas are almost all based in Chicago and New York.
All these different TV programs.
They show people being busted with guns and handguns and rifles in their houses or cars.
They're always a criminal.
So the message is, you're a criminal.
They always have drugs or something with it.
You have drugs.
You know, you are a child molester.
You are a cop killer if you own a gun.
It's programming.
And the message that guns are illegal to begin with.
And a caller called in with an example of
You know, NFL on Sunday on Fox, and they were even having anti-gun messages in there.
And, uh, I pulled it up, and sure enough, last night it was there, demonizing, oh, these football players were always getting caught with guns.
They're wealthy, so what?
They've got something to protect, so what?
The point is, and maybe even some of them are gang members and thuggish, don't take my rights because of them.
But for those of you that don't want to go join one of the active militias, and I will tell you it's dangerous because they're infiltrated with feds, they try to provocateur you.
Never be around anybody who says, we ought to carry out an attack, we ought to get violent, we ought to do this.
They'll wait till you're having a beer or something after you've been training.
That's a fed, folks.
They're normally the leader.
They'll even found groups to do this, and I've seen a lot of folks go to prison.
Don't be... The best thing to do is say, hey, we're a...
We're a local shooter club.
We're a neighborhood defense deal.
You know, we're just training for the defense of our homes.
We're a gunsmith club.
And yeah, we like to go out and train.
It's exercise.
And then anybody that comes in and calls for violence, just go to their car, say, get out of here, right down their plates, get in your car, follow them.
It's a fed or it's a local state police operator.
And then you call the media.
You call the news.
This is how we counter-strike them.
You call the media.
If the media doesn't cover it, you go on AXS TV.
You call them to talk radio shows.
And you say, hey, this cop came.
He tried to get me to do violence.
And there's lots of counter-stinks happening all over the country.
It's very, very exciting.
That's one of the things that really made him go after the militias in the early 1990s.
Remember in Alabama?
It was a good ol' boy roundup with more than 5,000 FBI, BATF.
They were selling N-word hunting licenses and hanging blacks in effigy.
Remember that one on 60 Minutes?
Boy, they went after the militia hardcore after that.
So there's a lot we can do to them as well.
So, this is the model.
Anybody that tells you, it's malicious, secret, meet me to dig up guns, meet me, you know, do some covert ops.
It's a Fed, folks.
Or it's a schizophrenic, mentally unstable.
We're the good guys.
We're the patriots.
We're out in the open.
It's our Second Amendment.
And we have to bring our guns out in public, show everybody, bring our culture back, not let them act like it's some porno movie you bought on the side of the highway at some shop that you put in a black bag and sneak out to your car with.
They have made gun owners get in the closet, while the globalists and their tyranny and their social engineering is out of the closet, pushing us around, telling us what to do.
So we're going to talk about the history of the Founding Fathers, the history of this nation, Revolutionary War stories to relearn who we are, where we come from.
Then we're going to get into the Appleseed Project at appleseedinfo.org and a really good, cutting-edge group that'll keep you out of the jailhouse.
We can still defend the Second Amendment.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk, Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
I've got some big breaking news that just developed here in the office, but we're going to cover it after this current guest leaves us in about an hour and 20 minutes from now.
So stay tuned for that.
Sam Damewood.
I heard him on Derry Brownfield a few weeks ago and really wanted to get him on.
26-year active duty military veteran from Erie, Pennsylvania.
Gunsmith, lifelong student of American history and a crack rifleman currently living in Alma Gorda, New Mexico.
And we're going to talk about constitutional history, the militias, and this apple seed movement that's got tens of thousands of people out training to be riflemen.
To try to bring life back to the true heritage of a country that is a gun culture to its very core.
Remember a few years ago, a head professor up in Chicago wrote a book saying that it was an anti-gun culture and 99% didn't own guns.
He was kicked off.
He lost his tenure.
It turned out he lied.
He falsified everything.
Well, we already knew that.
The point is, they are attacking this culture.
They say you're evil, you're bad, you're a redneck, that it's a false appendage, all of this stuff.
You want to own a gun?
We want to be sovereign.
We don't want to be slaves.
We don't want to be like China and Russia and other countries in Mexico where they've been disarmed and made to be slaves.
The Second Amendment is the key.
And the dual key is the First Amendment.
All of these are under attack.
And so we'll also talk about appleseedinfo.org.
Uh the apple seed project as well and take your phone calls coming up in about 45 minutes But I want to talk first at link to our guests because I've probably read I don't know 15 20 big books on
Revolutionary War itself, quite a few books on the pre-war.
I read Alexander de Tocqueville's book that came out about 10 years after the war, where he went around the colonies, now the United States, and was just amazed by the ingenuity, the intelligence, the educational level of folks living in log cabins.
Just the most amazing people he'd ever seen.
He'd been all over Europe.
And then how we've turned into what we are now.
How we get back what we were, this incredible heritage, and then go forward from there.
So it's really great to have Sam Damewood.
All of us, Sam, it is wonderful to have you here.
Thank you.
Thank you very much, Alex.
I appreciate you inviting me on your show today.
For folks that don't know who you are, a little bit more about yourself, and then, you know, how you got involved in Appleseed, what it is briefly, and then we're going to get into what this country really is about.
Well, Alex, I'm really just an ordinary person here in America.
I was born in the late 50s, grew up with all of the fine American values that we had in the 60s, was taught to be a decent human being by my parents, joined the military.
I spent most of my adult life with them.
When I retired, I came out into gunsmithing.
And a couple of years ago, a friend of mine put me onto the apple seed people.
He said, this is something you really need to get into.
And I looked at them, checked them out.
I went and participated in an apple seed shoot.
And I said, these people have something that I really need to be part of.
They've got the message.
They know where America's from.
They have those values that we all appreciated and that we grew up hearing about when we were children.
And that's how I got involved with apple seed, and it just took off from there.
And you're an instructor with apple seed now.
Break it down for folks what this country is really about and why the globalists want to remove our heritage.
Let's break it down.
Well, I'm not really sure why the globalists want to remove it, but over the past 200 years we've deviated a lot from the principles that we've read about from our founding fathers and
Appleseed just put me back on track.
It just told me where I needed to go to get back with those values and those things that our country was founded on.
Our love for freedom.
And I believe there are people in the world that just can't deal with freedom.
Here in America, we're founded on freedom and Appleseed's the best way I've seen to maintain it.
So I stuck with it.
Briefly describe Appleseed, and then let's get into some of those great stories you were telling, many of which I was familiar with, but I love the way you were telling them.
Let's spend some time on the spirit of the riflemen, you know, 70-plus-year-old men fighting the Redcoats.
I mean, people need to hear that.
You know, in Appleseed, we introduce to our shooters
A lot of the history that went with Lexington and Concord and the background behind them, so that they can appreciate what it took for our founding fathers to break away from England.
And in amongst the shooting instruction, we tell the story of what we call the Three Strikes.
What started the Revolutionary War and how it got going.
We offer very good shooting instruction in the process, but
When people are listening to the history, it brings tears to their eyes.
Because the older people are familiar with it, and the youngsters have never heard it.
It's not taught in the schools today.
We teach the nation's heritage as riflemen, how the people planned to take care of themselves, they were self-reliant in those days, and looked out for each other.
They just wanted freedom, and they planned for it, and they carried it out.
And Appleseed,
Brings back that heritage as a nation of riflemen to America and introduces people to the history of the founding and how we got going.
And I guess we really should start with back at Lexington and Concord like we like to teach it in Appleseed.
On the 18th of April of 1775, General Gage was the British commander in Boston.
And the cities of Boston and New York had been occupied by the British military
For almost 10 years at that point.
In retaliation for actions we'd taken against the First Stamp Act in 1763.
The people rebelled against it.
They felt that they were being unfairly taxed for a purpose that they didn't care for.
They weren't consulted in it.
And Parliament had never before tried to control the colonies.
Or tax them.
With the mounting debt that big government will always bring,
The Parliament was in huge debt from the French American War.
Excuse me.
From the Seven Years War.
French and Indian War, as we call it.
And they wanted to recoup that, so they passed the Stamp Act and the Revenue Act to try and raise money to pay that off.
The colonies objected.
They objected so strongly that the British sent in over 10,000 troops to occupy the country.
And when we refused to pay to quarter those troops, they sent in more.
Occupied New York specifically to punish them.
Along with those taxes, they started passing what were known as Wrists of Assistance, which were general search warrants that allowed the British to search anywhere they wanted for contraband that had been smuggled in in violation of those taxes.
And Americans were pretty creative as smugglers in those days.
As some of them still are.
And the British just couldn't keep up with it in any way, shape, or form.
As the British government became more and more oppressive to America, the colonists took action to protect themselves.
And they formed committees of correspondents to pass information back and forth between the colonies so that everyone could keep abreast of the latest news
What oppressions and evils were being done?
One of the people that we hear a lot about, Paul Revere, was primarily a messenger for the Committee of Correspondence of Massachusetts Colony.
And he was widely respected and known to people all over the nation, because he carried the messages back and forth.
He made a series of journeys south, carrying news from the Committees of Correspondence.
As the oppression became more and more intolerable, the people knew that they were going to have issues.
The British had taken the government of Massachusetts' colony and thrown it out.
They said, you no longer have the right to govern yourself.
We'll appoint the courts.
We'll appoint the representatives.
We'll tell you everything to do.
The people of Massachusetts were very brilliant.
They ignored the British.
When the British tried to have a court sit, people didn't come for jury duty.
When the British tried to have an assembly and vote on things, get things done, people ignored what they said and did.
They held their own town meetings and continued to rule themselves.
The British were highly intolerant of that.
And as things came to a head, in late 1774,
The British started to become more and more aggressive in trying to control the colonists.
Now let's stop there, we're going to break in a moment and come back and go through this, but as you list what you're listing that was later put in the Declaration of Independence, they've now announced NORTHCOM, 20,000 streets for the streets of America for civil insurrection, that the governors will serve at the pleasure of the president as dual-hatted military officers, same thing the British did.
We've created all these new courts, family courts, federal bureaucracies, regional courts that aren't even real courts, they're tribunals.
All the same forms of tyranny.
I don't
Colonel on last week is a Republican saying this is horrible.
It's all over the news that what we're hearing is totally illegal.
So we see a dovetailing here with what our founders went through and what we're going through.
And the good news here is
They were occupied, as you say, for more than a decade before they finally physically fought back.
So, folks, this is gonna be a long, hard fight, and that's separate from Appleseed and the rest of it.
The point is, is that it was the publishers.
Many of them, many of the founding fathers were publishers, and they finally tried to stop them publishing their newspapers, so they'd go underground.
Then they would arrest them.
Then the people would rebel, seeing that tyranny.
We're gonna go through the same thing.
A lot of us won't make it through this.
But in the end, the Republic will be restored.
We'll be right back with our guest.
Stay with us.
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You can run on for a long time.
Run on for a long time.
Run on for a long time.
Sooner or later gotta cut you down.
Sooner or later gotta cut you down.
Sam Damewood is our guest.
Good to have you with us today.
Do you want to comment on what I said as we went into break about similar tyrannies today or do you just want to move forward into 1775?
Yes, Alex.
Obviously, in response to that government oppression, the colonists felt a need to prepare.
They prepared in many ways.
They developed their own information networks with the committees of correspondence, and they paid attention to what was going on with the government.
They created several organizations.
There were seven or eight in Boston alone.
And it's remarkable that of all of those lists,
So the main ones, there were only two people that were on more than three of those lists of organization.
One of them was Paul Revere, who we all know from his famous ride, which the poets have sort of misrepresented to us, but in their preparation, they had decided they needed to arm.
And they had maintained stocks of arms all throughout the colony.
Lexington and Concord had them, and the very first action that was taken by the British government was something called the Powder Alarms in our history, where the British went and attempted to remove the stocks of gunpowder from the colonists.
The colonists took this as a signal that the government was taking action against them, and they stepped up their training and organization.
There had always been
A militia in the colony.
People needed to band together to protect themselves, first from the depredations of Indians and criminals, and from the French during the French and Indian War.
But the militia, as many people know it, is an incorrect picture.
It's a body of many kinds of citizens, but not Minutemen, like we all like to think of.
There were, in fact, Minutemen, and the colony of Massachusetts had
Agreed that they should field some companies of Minutemen, who were a quick response force.
But there were two other bands that were very important in this entire process.
One of them was called the Alarm Band.
And the Alarm Band were the people that sounded the alarm when, uh, when danger was detected.
Paul Revere was, uh, one of the people that passed that information to them.
And we think of Paul Revere running off alone to tell the world, but there were actually a whole group of supporters that helped him in this endeavor.
We had spies in the British Army keeping track of them, and it was through one of those spies that we learned that the British were going to be coming up to Lexington and Concord to seize weapons.
And they routinely would kill, they would hang those spies.
This was also very, very dangerous.
Yes, it was.
What was unusual in this, and like most spies, it's hard to tell who they really are, but it appears that the spy in the enemy camp for us on April 18th was a woman named Margaret Kemble Gage, who was the wife of the British General Gage, the commander in Boston.
She was a good American lady from New York and had trouble with divided loyalties.
She wanted America to succeed and prosper on its own without British intervention.
As far as we know, she's the person that told us that they were coming.
So the word went out through several people.
It took three people to get those lanterns up in the Old North Church to give the signal.
And Revere, Dawes, and several others went on their way to go out and pass the word that the regulars were coming.
They didn't ride up and down the road yelling, the British are coming.
And that's very important, because they didn't think of the British as separate people.
They thought of themselves as loyal British citizens.
Yeah, they didn't say the Redcoats were coming.
They said the British were coming, and they were telling the government to treat them the same as British citizens or subjects as they had been.
They weren't being treated like that.
They said the regulars were coming, because they all considered themselves to be British citizens.
In any case, Revere and the others went about their alarm to pass the word to everyone.
And Revere's initial mission was to get to Lexington and pass the word because it was thought that the British were trying to capture John Hancock and John Adams.
And that wasn't actually the case.
They were going for the guns in Concord, but Revere went to Lexington, passed the word to Hancock and Adams so they could get out because it was thought that they were targeted.
They were the only rebels in Massachusetts who had not been offered amnesty.
We'll be right back.
Stay there.
Long segment coming up.
Quick break.
Lots of time to get into these battles.
I want you to take your time breaking down what happened and how this country was founded.
Stay with us.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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We need to not just maintain, we need to radically and quickly expand the rifleman culture in this country.
Because without that skill we cannot have a true militia to defend our nation from enemies foreign and domestic.
Sam Damewood, to know the present and the future, as you well understand, we need to understand our past.
And we are doing that today, so you were continuing with Paul Revere's ride, getting stopped by the British, all the things that happened there, and then what unfolded after that.
Please continue, and take your time.
I want to tell some of those amazing stories.
Okay, Alec.
Revere went on his ride, and he was actually stopped and captured by the British on the way.
By a British named, uh, Major by the name of Mitchell.
They interrogated him, held a pistol to his head.
Asked him what was going on.
And, uh, in a great, uh, line of misdirection, he told them that, uh, in Lexington he was going to meet 500 men on the parade ground.
In the town square.
And as they hang around in that position, that patrol was dead men.
Major Mitchell was pretty hot-headed.
And he'd already gotten upset and hurt a couple of people that day over it.
He took Revere's horse and turned him loose on foot and headed back to warn the army with an exaggerated version of the perceived danger.
Revere went back to Lexington at 430.
The militia had already been called out and formed and released at least one time at that point.
They were hanging around in a place called Buckman's Tavern, which still stands today.
The Captain Parker, in charge of the militia in Lexington, had sent out two scouts to find out about the status of the British.
And one scout returned and said there was no danger.
About the time that Revere got back, another scout returned with news that the British were only 15 minutes from town.
He'd found them a little bit earlier, but he got trapped in a road behind them.
Captain Parker had the drummers, the sound assembly, to bring the militia back out to the Common, the town square, which is a park in the middle of town.
Where the militia would muster and do their training.
Let's stop right there and then continue in a moment.
What type of men made up the militia?
We know there were silversmiths and blacksmiths and we know there were doctors, there were pastors, there were preachers, but predominantly these, a lot of them were veterans of multiple conflicts.
The war with the French, the different wars with different tribes.
Oh yes.
A lot of these men had had military experience during the French and Indian War, and had been working along dealing with Indian attacks all along through their entire lives.
The American continent was not a quiet and peaceful place for the most part.
And that's one of the reasons why they kept up their militia and did their training, because there was always a threat of some kind.
There were farmers, doctors, lawyers, insurance salesmen,
Every occupation that you can think of.
Revere was a silversmith.
One of the captains of militia was a blacksmith from the town of Acton by the name of Isaac Davis.
He was particularly adamant about having his people trained.
Besides being a blacksmith, he was a gunsmith, which is a profession dear to my heart.
And he had his people trained by firing behind his shop.
And he went to considerable personal expense to make sure that his people were outfitted with what was, at that time, the latest available gear.
They all actually had ammunition boxes and bayonets, which most of the militia did not.
There were farmers, shopkeepers, doctors, clergymen.
Many of the people who were in the alarm band were doctors, because doctors did a lot of traveling in those days, and they knew their way around in the dark.
They could find their way from one town to another.
Same way with pastors.
Given the type of life that they had, a lot of their life centered around the church in those days.
And the militia was a very democratic organization.
They voted in their officers and NCOs, and they actually consulted before they did anything.
They often would consult with their pastor, who was an integral part of the unit.
There was one old pastor who took part in
In the festivities on April 19th, 80 years old, who walked all of them into the ground.
He was that adamant to be part of the organization and go out.
And then meanwhile, while this is going way to the south in the Carolinas, you have at this time when he's 10 or 11 years old, as it's all about to start, that his mother and brother died in a British concentration camp.
They actually invented them.
And that, of course, was Andrew Jackson, who wouldn't clean
The boots of one of the British officers, that's the famous scar across his face.
So also in this war, a lot of amazing people were developed.
But now let's continue back with there's a British force coming, where they are, what happens?
The British force marched on Lexington, and the lead unit was about 250 men out of a total of 800.
It was led by a young lieutenant named Jesse Adair.
He saw the militia gathered on the green and led his unit off the main road from Concord taking a fork up to the to the green to confront the militia before the officers in the rear could stop him.
Captain Parker, head of the militia in Lexington, saw this and began moving his men back.
The British unit lined themselves up in a battle formation in front of them and shouted their battle cry, which was so loud that many of their own officers were deafened.
Couldn't hear it very well.
Captain Parker had approximately 70 men mustered on the green.
Two of them were strangers from out of town that were recruited on the spot.
Will you stand with us?
And they did.
Parker lined everybody up and told them stand their ground.
With a famous, uh, pretty famous quote, stand your ground, don't fire unless fired upon.
But if they want to have a war, let it begin here.
That, uh,
Sounds pretty aggressive, but actually they were still in a very defensive mode.
Do not fire unless fired upon.
The head British Marine in that contingent by the name of Pitcairn rode up on his horse with four other British officers and told them to lay down your arms, you damned rebels.
And Parker actually ordered his men to disperse.
And they started to back off of the green in pretty good order.
Somebody fired a shot at that point.
And a lot of evidence shows it's the British, plus these are battle-hardened troops from wars all over the world.
They're there, they see people getting ready to back off, and so they go, okay, let's go ahead and take a shot.
Well, it was in pretty good agreement from all the statements afterward that not one of the regulars, the British regulars in the formation, fired a shot.
To begin with.
And none of the militia people fired a shot.
But there was Major Pitcairn and four British officers on horseback at the head of the formation.
And one of them was a Lieutenant William Sutherland, who was well known as a hothead and had been speaking rather harshly of colonists all day long.
And it's thought that he's the one that actually fired the first shot from his pistol.
Most of the people agreed that it sounded like the first shot came from a pistol and did not come from the British line.
But after that first shot was fired, the British regulars began to fire.
The militiamen were pretty much amazed.
They hadn't planned on being fired on at this point.
They were dispersing, retreating off the green.
The regulars opened fire without orders, and the officers couldn't control them.
They tried everything they could, but it didn't happen.
The young guys ran away.
Several of the older ones were determined to fight back.
And, uh, one of them, Jonas Parker, said he would never run.
And he was shot down on the spot.
And while he was trying to reload his rifle, he was bayoneted.
Another one that was killed was Ebeneezer Monroe, who thought there was no chance to escape, so he might as well fire back.
Only two of the militiamen fell dead on the line where they were mustered.
That was Jonas Parker and Robert Monroe.
The rest were killed while following the order to disperse.
Jonathan Harrington, who was probably the father of the Pfeiffer, fell with a gaping chest wound only yards from his home and died on his own doorstep while his wife and son watched.
Seven militiamen were killed and nine were wounded.
A prisoner who the British had captured earlier was also killed.
Reportedly he was told he could leave, then he was shot in the back as he ran away.
Only one regular was wounded.
Now let's be clear, the regulars have been beating people up and interrogating and torturing people on their way.
That was ongoing, so they weren't a friendly lot.
Well, they weren't friendly.
They didn't go out of their way to
...to hunt people down and molest them along the way, but they had regular patrols out there to stop the alarm word from getting through.
And they had been stopping citizens and threatening and interrogating them all the time during the march, all evening long, because just about everybody on the road at that time was one of the messengers.
They had taken a good swipe with a sword at one fellow earlier on in the day,
And the alarm list had done their job.
The organization was getting the word out.
There were alarm guns, which were gunshots fired in a pattern to signal people, and church bells ringing all over Middlesex.
That entire area of Massachusetts was alarmed and told what was going on.
And the British had been trying to control that information flow all through the night as they marched on their way.
Well, with only one regular wounded, it was kind of surprising because the various militias shot pretty well.
So it's pretty convincing who fired that first shot, and it was a Britishman.
No way to get around that.
Like I say, they think it was Lieutenant Sutherland.
He was called in to General Gage later to explain his actions of that day.
It was never admitted that he fired the first shot, but he's the biggest suspect.
Okay, continuing with what unfolded that day and the next few days, and then what it led to, and some of the interesting characters, heroes, of the fights.
Well, you have to remember these are common people who are out, uh, they're out just doing their day-to-day job, and suddenly they're warned by the alarm guns and bells that the regulars are coming out, obviously not to do them any good.
You know, we had some amazing people in all of this.
One of them that, like I say, is dear to my heart was Isaac Davis, who's a militia captain from Acton, who had well-trained his troops.
And he marched his troops to Concord.
And at Concord, he was in the van when the shooting started there at the bridge.
And it's interesting to note that... By the van, he was in the front?
In the front.
In the front of the group.
Uh, he was chosen because his troops were the most well-equipped and well-trained, and it was widely recognized.
And at this time, the British are, uh, regulars are running around trying to confiscate firearms and cannons and powder and things of that nature.
Please continue.
Uh, when the British got into Concord, they went out to, uh, to a farm that was operated by a militia colonel.
Colonel Barrett.
And it was heard that
Uh, all of the guns and cannon had been moved to his farm and stashed there.
So the British split their forces, secured the bridges in Concord, and sent a party of men to Colonel Barrett's farm.
So they could seize the guns.
While part of the militia stayed behind, er, British stayed behind in Concord to search through the town.
And they spent all morning searching through the town.
And finally, uh, Major Pitcairn,
Had to break into the inn in Concord.
Threatened to shoot the innkeeper because he wouldn't open the door.
Got in and held him at gunpoint and told him he was going to blow his brains out if he didn't tell him where the guns were.
Unfortunately, the innkeeper knew where the guns were and he led them to three 24-pounder cannon which the British destroyed.
They busted the carriages up and tore the trunnions off.
They found a bunch of musket balls that they threw in a pond.
They destroyed flour.
A bunch of wooden spoons and trenchers, and they cut down the town liberty pole, which was the signpost where people would meet to exchange news and post broadside flyers.
The Sons of Liberty Meeting Place.
Yes, basically it was.
And they started a fire with all of that wood, and in the process the fire got away from them and set the town alight.
What's most interesting is that the troops stopped their business, the colonists stopped theirs, and they got together for the first time that day and helped each other put out the fire.
When the militiamen at the North Bridge, they were a mile away from the North Bridge on a hill, saw the smoke, they were certain that the British were burning the town.
And they started to march back toward town.
When they saw all that smoke from the fires.
They were asked, in typical militia fashion, who wants to go?
All of the commanders and troops were consulted, and Captain Isaac Davis said, I have not a man that is afraid to go.
And they lined up and headed toward the bridge, spread out along the hillside, in a row of twos, with strict orders not to fire until the British fired first, but then fire as fast as you can.
When the British saw them coming
They fell back from the bridge and they started pulling up the planks on the bridge.
One of the militia majors, Major Buttrick, was upset.
That was his family land and had been since 1638.
He consulted with his men, took time out to have a meeting, and they consented to attack.
And two regiments marched down the hill with drums and pipes, marching in formation.
Militiamen marching in formation.
That so shocked the British,
Untellable how much of a shock that was to them.
They didn't believe that the militia would come in there in good order.
Their officers had been saying all along that the people of Massachusetts were nothing but an armed rabble.
Major Pitcairn had said, I only need to start to draw my sword out of the scabbard and they'll run.
So tell folks what happened.
Well, the British were lined up for what they called a street volley.
There were only eight or ten abreast, and one row would fire, and then the succeeding row would come up, and they would keep up a continuous fire that way.
But they were bunched up with a narrow front.
When the militia came down the hill, one of the British troops in a line, nobody knows who, fired, and all the rest of the British began to fire.
Isaac Davis was killed in that opening volley with a ball through the heart.
When the British fired, they were never taught to aim.
There were no sights on a Brown Best musket.
And usually they shot high.
That's just kind of the way they worked.
This was designed for huge armies blasting each other from just 50 yards away.
They fired in formation, and really they considered the bayonet to be the primary weapon.
So they would fire the gun, and then fix bayonets if it weren't already, and do a rush.
Well, we aimed, and the British didn't.
They shot high, we shot low, and we decimated the British.
Almost exterminated every officer in that company.
Alright, stay there.
Stay there.
I want to hear more about this for the listeners.
The start of the war that led to this republic.
And now we have the great-great-great-grandchildren of the British New World Order system bringing in their corporate slave state yet again and attempting to decimate the Second Amendment.
We'll stay.
With it when we get back.
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Today, unlike any other in the long course of American history, a terrorist act of war against this country.
The enemy struck America on September 11th.
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We got about 35 minutes with our guest, Hal Time Plaza.
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We'll have him back on for a part two.
Some of the incredible things that happened during the war.
You know, I can tell these stories too, but not as calmly and as Sam is doing.
I mean, so much happened.
I mean, what happened to Trenton after all these battles they'd lost.
I mean, literally dragging cannons, you know, many miles through the snow from Ticonderoga.
I mean, just all the, I mean, the dedication, it was really amazing, and the hardship, and 3-1, 5-1, 10-1, and some of the battles, just absolutely amazing.
Sam, let's accelerate now and start getting into a little bit shorter of the version of what happened.
So, the British get blasted off the bridge, most of the officers get killed, the war is on, continue.
We're what the Appleseed folks call the second strike with the initial engagement at the North Bridge.
And the British regulars, with all their officers shot to pieces, turned and ran for their lives, headed back for town.
And this is a really surprising thing to many people.
Remember I said earlier that a bunch of the British had gone to Barrett's Farm to try to find guns.
As those British came back across the bridge, they saw
One of their wounded men, who was laying on the far side of the bridge, a bystander after the shooting had come up and hit him in the head with a hatchet.
Nobody knows for sure who did that, but they got the impression that this guy had been scalped.
And that word spread through the army and was one of the reasons why the British committed so many atrocities later in the day.
But the militia, who were on either side of the bridge, let that unit pass through unharmed.
They were still reluctant to initiate a fight with the King's troops, and that unit coming back through from Barrett's Farm didn't fire at them and they let them go.
At this point, the militia is still in a highly defensive mode.
They're not taking open action against the British.
We're at noon on that day now, on the 19th of April, and Colonel Francis Smith, the head of the Regulars, is marching his troops out of Concord, heading back to Boston.
And as he left, he knows the hills are alive with militia who are coming from many parts.
Those alarm riders that went out, along with Paul Revere, had alerted the militia all through Middlesex, that area of Massachusetts, and they were all heading for Concord at that time.
Several thousand of them.
And as they lined up around Concord,
Colonel Smith saw them, and he was afraid.
He knew that he had serious problems going.
They were starting to come up with a formidable adversary, something that they had to respect.
Not just 50, 60, 70, 200 militiamen, but a couple of thousand militiamen.
As they headed on back, they got to a place called Merriam's Corner, which is between Lexington and Concord, a sharp bend in the road.
And it was at Merriam's Corner that the militia took their main action of the day.
The third try at lighting the match of revolution.
And at that point, the British fired from the back of their formation into some of the militia troops.
Stay there!
We gotta come back.
72nd break.
Sam Damewood.
Sam, of course, is with and out promoting great folks at the Appleseed Project.
Thank you for listening to GCN.
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Well, so does he.
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And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Betty Martini joining us in about 45 minutes to give us the latest on aspartame poisoning worldwide, known as Nitrosweet and Equal.
We continue our public service announcements, warning people about melamine in the baby formula and other serious issues.
That's what we do here.
Information here on the home front defending the Republic against the globalists.
Sam Damewood is a military veteran, a gunsmith, and a prominent promoter and one of the instructors with the Apple Seed Project, appleseed.info.
Before he leaves, we'll get into that and specifically about the Revolutionary War, specifically about the founding of this country, the gun culture that we were founded out of, specifically for the guests coming up in about 20 minutes.
We're gonna open the phones up.
At 1-800-259-9231.
You can go ahead and call in.
Only on this issue, though.
Not other issues, okay?
I want to respect our guest and keep it on that.
Okay, so, recap where we're at, what's happening.
Let's accelerate through those first days.
Alright, Alex.
We're at a junction in Country Road called Merriam's Corner between Lexington and Concord.
Militia have been pouring into the area all day.
Not a simple battle plan where people were firing from behind rocks and trees like we've been led to believe.
This is a sophisticated plan put together by a self-educated, self-appointed general by the name of William Heath, a book dealer from Massachusetts who sat and read every military text that he could find.
And he was the appointed military leader for the colony of Massachusetts.
began a series of ambushes against the British.
And these were well thought out and planned.
It was what he called a circle of fire.
As the British moved down the road, new elements of militia would move down the road ahead of them, and set up, and as the British passed, they'd shoot them to pieces.
Sometimes from behind rocks and trees, usually in good order from well back off the road.
The British had to put out a lot of their troops as flankers to keep these groups from getting together,
And when the small groups of British flankers went out to do that, they didn't have as much firepower and they became prime targets.
So the militia kept up a running fire against the British all along.
General Gage must have had some idea that these people were going to be in trouble because he sent out a force under a fella named Lord Percy to reinforce them, supplement their numbers.
I guess he knew they were going to run into trouble.
Lord Percy was a typical British gentleman, a member of the peerage, thought well of himself, and the only main thing that he really had to say when he wrote back after it, I had the pleasure of keeping them from being exterminated, because the militia fire was so heavy on the British regulars when he came up, they were about to lose it completely.
They were fired upon the entire way back, and this is where those
Those people, those common people, went out and did their stuff.
Most of the old men were in what were called the alarm bands because it was thought that they were too old to fight.
So you go out and you give the alarm, you collect the intel, you let us know when the regulars are coming.
A lot of these guys didn't do that.
So they had men like Hezekiah Wyman.
It was his birthday.
April 19th was his birthday.
I believe he was 55 years old.
And his wife said, you're too old to fight.
He got on his good white mare, took his musket, and went out and, as a one-man force, took on the British.
He'd pop up ahead of them, get off, rest his musket across the horse, take a shot at them, get on the horse and ride away down the road and do it again.
The grim gray-haired messenger of mortality, mounted on Death's pale horse.
You don't run into people like that anymore.
Alright, we're going to tell more of these stories when we get back on the other side, continuing with how this unfolded.
And, uh, 75-year-old men, 80-year-old men involved in the fight, how many British got killed that day, what it led to, and then getting into the modern reawakening of the riflemen here in the United States.
Hello, I'm Steve Shane.
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Today, unlike any other in the long course of American history, a terrorist act of war against this country.
The enemy struck America on September 11th.
Who is the enemy?
Bin Laden.
This is his M.O.
We have to look to the Middle East.
We have to look to Osama Bin Laden.
Fabled Enemies is the first 9-11 film to take a close look at the terrorist ties to intelligence networks inside the United States.
investigators believe that there are Israelis again very much engaged in spying in and on the U.S.
Some U.S.
I'm aware that some Israeli citizens have been detained.
...Laden's connections to the CIA, the hijacker's ties to the FBI, the Saudi Arabian connection, the Israeli intelligence network, warnings and war games, the shadow government, and much, much more.
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Sam Damewood is our guest.
26-year active-duty military veteran.
Lifelong student of American history and a rifleman.
Involved training thousands of people through the Appleseed Project.
All over the nation to go out and learn rifletry.
Learn how to hit a target 500 yards away.
A man-sized target.
And that is really the core of what let us win the war against the greatest empire on the planet that no one had defeated, not even organized governments and other empires.
You know, a few years later they even beat Napoleon repeatedly.
This is a very important story, and we are in the second American Revolution.
Either the globalists, the multinationals, who have now stolen $8.4 trillion as of last week in the Banker Takeover Bill, are going to be able to slowly but surely enslave us, or we're going to, in the information war, as the founders tried for close to 20 years to fix things through the courts and through the ballot box,
But make no mistake, the enemy is going to push it into physical conflict and it's very important for the American people to understand our heritage and understand our history so they can know what needs to be done in the future.
And so that's what we're doing here on this radio show, is educating you with a committee of correspondents about the crimes, about the abuses that are taking place in this country and worldwide today.
Sam, I want to take calls coming up in the next two segments at 800-259-9231, specifically on history and the riflemen and the attack on the Second Amendment culture.
But before we do that, let's continue with what happened that day and tell us about some of the other characters involved and then what this led to.
Okay, Alex.
Well, Hezekiah Wyman, the guy who was too old, is one of the characters in what we call the Dangerous Old Men.
And the entire game that day was full of dangerous old men.
One of them was Samuel Whittemore that you mentioned earlier.
The man was 79 years old, a veteran of the French and Indian Wars, armed himself with a musket, a saber, and two pistols.
And opened fire on the British when they came by.
They sent a detachment to clear him out.
He had killed at least three British before they got up to him.
He was shot in the side of his head and had half of his face blown away.
And he was bayoneted.
They found him later that day with 14 wounds in his body from bayonets and gunfire.
He lived to be 96 years old.
And if you look at the phone books in Middlesex, I think he tried to repopulate the entire state of Massachusetts on his own.
There are a lot of Whittlemores up there.
The British commander sent an ammunition wagon back to resupply them because they only carried 36 rounds in their cartridge boxes, and the cannon that Lord Percy had with him only had 12 rounds with him, but they carried in the side boxes.
The ammunition wagon was guarded by a crew of grenadiers.
The biggest, meanest, ugliest-looking assault troops in the British Army.
That's the Marines.
The Marines.
They were assaulted by the old men of Woburn, led by a fellow named Daniel Lamson.
The only record of him is known that he was a mulatto.
And he led his group of elderly neighbors to capture that supply wagon, disabled the horses, shot the officers, and ran off the troops.
And they got the ammunition wagon, so there was no resupply.
Those grenadiers ran off in fear, scared for their lives, threw their guns into a pond, and went looking for a place to hide.
They came across an old woman named Mother Bathrick.
This woman is so poor she's out digging dandelions in a field to get some greens to eat.
They surrendered to her, and she took them and turned them over to the militia.
This was a very bad PR coup for the British, because their critics in Parliament popped up and said, if one old Yankee woman can take six grenadiers, how many soldiers will it take to conquer America?
We scared the British badly that day.
We decimated them.
They lost twice as many people as we did, and we kept up a running fire on them all the way back to Charlestown, which is a suburb of Boston.
They hold up on the other side, and after that began the siege of Boston, which is where the war proper got going.
But I think it's very important in this entire story to remember that the militia fought a purely defensive action.
They didn't take aggressive acts.
We had old man Jason Russell, who was too crippled to walk, set an Englishman's home as his castle, sent the wife and kids away and stayed home, and when the regulars came up,
He fought him.
They killed him dead.
Him and 11 others there at the house.
Whether it was good judgment to fort up in the house and let them surround him and take him, I won't go into that.
But the man was out there, too crippled to walk, and he's gonna defend his home from the British Army.
And this is the kind of character that these people had.
The police in Illinois just do home inspections without warrants.
And now look at us today.
I mean, all of this humiliation.
The entire Magna Carta completely erased.
We don't even have the Magna Carta.
Forget the Bill of Rights in this country.
That is an issue.
And it's something that the people are going to have to sit down and decide for themselves where all of this goes.
And, uh... Well, as for me, I am going to try to rally as many people as I can to this threat.
And I'm not going to any FEMA camp.
I'm not turning my guns in.
And that's just the end of it.
And I am defensive, though.
And not just historically or from a Christian perspective, from a propaganda perspective, the fact that they are going to squeeze, they are going to gun confiscate, it's already happening all over the place.
The harassment, the fact is, more and more people will defensively fight.
The regulars are going to have to stand down.
And if the people will just stand up and not be slaves, they're not going to be able to get away with this.
You know, Obama's saying, don't worry, he's in the newspaper today.
He's in the Sun-Times.
Obama, don't stock up on guns.
He says, well, I'm going to reasonably restrict your guns.
That means ban many types, and it goes through his votes to ban 308, 223 assault weapons.
How he's going to create larger gun confiscation crews.
I mean, it's all right here, and I've got news for the government.
I'm glad that the American people are buying the gun stores clean, and the ammo clean off the shelves.
At many times, previous records, this is the all-time record, Sam,
It is.
It is.
I'm a gunsmith by trade at this point in my life, and I'll tell you that I've been cleaned out.
My shop is empty.
One thing that people need to remember is that just owning all these weapons is not going to help them.
They need to know what they're doing, and they need to become disciplined riflemen.
And this is where Appleseed comes in.
They need to come out and learn how to use those weapons.
And we don't make any
Tell you about how they should use them, when, where, why.
That's what I love.
You are politically neutral and some say you've got to throw in and say it's a military group, let's go off and have a war.
You are a training arm to teach our heritage, teach our history and to be mainline to get people trained in the skill of being a rifleman, hitting a target, a man-sized target at 500 yards, which basically anybody can do.
If you just go out and take the training, tell us all about it.
Okay, Alex.
The Appleseed program conducts shoots all over the nation.
Two-day training clinics.
We'll take a group of people and teach them to use rifles effectively.
We teach them to the old standard that we used to use for the United States Army.
It's readily achievable by anyone, with even moderate fitness and health.
Yeah, there's no magic to this.
It just takes a lot of practice.
It's very exciting.
Meet great people.
Tell folks all about it.
Oh, they're fantastic people because they come out and they want to learn.
They come with an open mind and we teach them through six steps how to fire a rifle accurately and effectively.
We generally do the training at 25 yards so the people can practice with a 22 if they want and all these skills will pass on to larger rifles at longer ranges later on.
Through this two-day course we go through
We make an initial assessment of their ability shooting on a target, which they save, and at the end of that two days, they fire the same target and course of fire, and they can compare those two targets and see what the difference is and how much skill they've gained.
Most people that come think they're pretty good shots already.
There's a lot of testosterone floating around out in America, and of course, every American's a good shot.
Well, they are from a bench with a scope-sighted hunting rifle.
But that doesn't do anybody much good.
That's not an effective application of the rifle.
So we teach people to take a common, ordinary rifle and common, ordinary ammunition and be able to effectively control 500 yards in front of them.
The rifleman's quarter mile, they call it.
It's a bit more than a quarter mile, but that's what it does.
500 yards.
A rifleman can hit any target he can see inside that distance.
And that's a reasonable goal for anyone with a rifle.
Now we feel that if we have enough people in America who know how to use a rifle, use it effectively, that we will win the war without ever having to touch a rifle.
I'm going to refer to an article that was written by a gentleman named Jeff Knox in the Shotgun News last week.
He referred to the militia as mutual assured destruction.
If we ever have to get into an engagement, it will be mutual assured destruction.
And that is not the goal.
Our goal is to be strong enough that the government and anybody else in the world will realize
That you are not going to play with the American people.
And if we have enough people who are trained effectively enough...
No one will ever fire a shot, and that is our goal.
That's why they're trying to demonize the culture, brainwash the children, and go after that way.
We must explode as emissaries, happily, with the Second Amendment, getting everybody involved in its history, and then getting them involved in how to use a handgun, a rifle, a shotgun, but the key, as you said, is the rifle, and the rifleman.
That is, that is mad.
That is mutually assured destruction, and the enemy won't be able to move on us.
Sam, I think in a way you're wrong though.
They are gonna move even if it is mad.
They are mad.
And they are moving with the National Guard in Illinois doing door-to-door gun confiscations under controlled areas.
Hi, this is Ted Anderson.
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Call 800-686-2237.
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Call 800-686-2237.
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Even if you're a great, uh, former military shot or marksman, you should go join Appleseed.
Go to the course.
They'll recognize that.
You can become an instructor.
Start your own chapters in your area.
Or you can go get involved in a competitive shooting club, rifle club, handgun, shotgun, riot guns.
I used to be a really good shot.
I mean, I could, just standing up, shoot about a four-inch pattern at 500 yards.
Routinely shoot deer at 600 yards.
But, uh, can't do that anymore because I don't have time to go shooting four or five times a year.
I'm just horrible.
You lose the skill very quickly.
And, yeah, I've been out with so many people that claim to have these great shots, they can't hit the side of a barn.
We need good people to get involved in something mainline, something that everybody can be part of, something that is very patriotic to then massively grow our numbers.
And the gun culture has been on the front lines
Defeating the establishment, but they're covertly coming in against it.
But people are really waking up now to this most precious of rights, the right to self-defense.
So check out the fine website and organization, Appleseedinfo.org.
I want to go to some of your phone calls at 800-259-9231, specifically on the Second Amendment, specifically on gun confiscation, on the Revolutionary War.
It's a wide area to discuss.
We'll take your calls this segment and next.
We'll talk more about Appleseed before our guest leaves us.
Chip in Missouri.
You are on the air with our guest, Sam Damewood.
Go ahead.
Hello Chip, are you there?
Okay, I was told Chip was there.
Is he gone?
He dropped off.
Well, you know, we're going to take calls the next time because we only have time to get to those then.
This is a short segment.
Specifically, let's just do this now.
How many states is it in?
How do people get involved?
The best way to get involved is go to Appleseedinfo.org.
Last year we held events in, I believe, 39 states.
We want to be in every state this year.
If you have people
And have access to a range, we will come put on an apple seed clinic in your town.
That's how we operate.
We do charge for it.
We charge just enough to cover the cost of transporting instructor staff and equipment to your location.
If you have a range, we can put on one.
If you have a piece of farmland with a hill behind it, we can put on an apple seed at your place.
We will come to you if you can't come to us.
If you go to Appleseed Info, you'll find out how to sign up for one of our shoots, and how to contact us to put one on in your area.
We will do that.
We'll go any place where it's legal to fire a firearm, with any group of people who are legal to own them, and we will teach you to use them.
How many, um... How many have you put on?
How many states?
How many events?
How many people?
Well, we've been going for three years now.
The goal is to double every year.
This year, so far, we've hit about 4,000 people.
And I believe we had 180 events this year.
And that's exponential!
That's exponential!
Because it's mainline shooting, but it also teaches you about the Founding Fathers, Bill of Rights, Constitution, our history, why the rifleman's so important.
And if you're exponentially growing in three years, 4,000 people, it could be 8,000, then 16,000, then, you know, 30-plus thousand.
This is so exciting.
It is, Alex.
We, our goal is to double every year, but I'll be a lot happier if we treble every year.
Yeah, we may not have that long.
And again, I like the training.
I like what you guys are doing.
I think you're going to get an ultra massive response today of people that want to be involved or have you come to their area.
So, again, folks can go, if they're online, to appleseed, just one word, appleseedinfo.org.
What about phone numbers to contact folks?
I'll tell you, Alex, we're an all-volunteer organization.
We don't have anybody that can sit there and answer the phone all day because our people all have jobs.
We're all regular, ordinary folks, so we do it over the web.
Because we don't have any paid employees.
No, I understand.
So people need to get involved and maybe folks want to volunteer out there.
They can go to the website appleseedinfo.org.
But 4,000 people trained this year.
That's beautiful.
And we're not done with the year.
I have a shoot here in Alamogordo on the 27th and 28th.
We've already got over 150 events scheduled for 2009.
We want well over 200.
And, uh, we're trying to have a shoot in all 50 states on April 19th.
Well, that's great.
We've got a shoot for that.
Got about three or four months to get that done.
Uh, why do folks want to go to the Alamogordo event?
I guess they just go to appleseedinfo.org?
If they go to appleseedinfo, they can sign up for the event, uh, right there.
It says register for an event.
You can go right on there.
We're a little bit different here.
We like to have everybody out.
Women and children, shoot for free.
Anyone under 21, any female, shoots for free.
Any elected official, shoots for free.
Yeah, I'm listening.
It's just beautiful.
We're about to go to break.
Stay with us.
Your call's straight ahead at 800-259-9231.
What do you think of this?
We'll be right back.
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I wish a buck was still silver It was back when the country was strong Back before Elvis And before the Vietnam War came along Before the Beatles and yesterday
When a man could still work, still would.
It's the best of the free life behind us now.
And are the good times really over?
We're back live with our guest, one of the main coordinators and instructors of the Appleseed Project.
The RWVA, Revolutionary War Veterans Association, what it's all about.
Find out more.
I want to go to some calls now.
Joe in Maine, David in Virginia, and others.
Joe in Maine, you're on the air with our guest.
Hey, how you doing Alex?
Good sir.
Thank you for taking my call.
I hope I'm coming over okay.
I spoke with a couple of people, I was at a bar the other night, and I was speaking with a couple of people about the Second Amendment.
And basically what I tried to say to them, you know, was that there really is no gray area in the Second Amendment.
It's the right for the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.
And they just didn't get it.
And all they could say was, well, you can't carry concealed.
I said, why can't you?
Where's the gray area that says you can't?
Well, those are domesticated people, and you just have to move on from them and wake up those that can be woken up.
But the main thing is, there's 160 million gun owners in the United States, probably more.
And we need to get them mobilized to just wake up one person, and we've got the whole country awake, only 300 million.
But, I mean, even if they, you know, even if 5 million of the 160 million gun owners go out and wake somebody up, we can take it back.
We can get politically active.
We need the good people that aren't idiots to get involved and to get properly trained and to stay in the gun culture and to grow it.
And we need to go out, just like, you know, Christians go out and take people over to the side of Jesus and get them saved.
We've got to get people born again into the Second Amendment and liberty and freedom and what this country is all about.
Sam Damewood, do you want to comment on that?
You hit it exactly right, Alex.
We have to get the people behind it.
We have to get the word out.
We have to teach people.
We have to become a nation of riflemen again.
In three years with his group, they have reached out and woken up
And look at Sam.
With a handful of volunteers, 4,000 people trained, discovering what this country is, being able to hit a man-sized target at 500 yards.
What if all of you did similar things, or used organizations like this to help expand things?
The solution is in the mirror.
So, those domesticated people in that bar...
Maybe give them a book, materials.
I've got videos from Jews Preservation of Firearms Ownership about the history of gun control.
You know, maybe, you know, get that and give it to them.
But every person you unlock, every person you literally take from being a gelded, neutered slave to being a free human, and freedom is a mental place, it's a spiritual place, and it's
Thank you Alex.
Yes, I totally agree with what you're saying and even though there are a bunch of people up here in Maine that
I'm not so deluded, I guess is the way to say it.
I would really like, because it's uncomfortable, especially not knowing who to talk to and who not to talk to, who to confide in.
Well, try this.
Don't be uncomfortable about it.
Say, man, you know why we got a Second Amendment?
It's to be a free country.
You know, cities that have no gun control have the lowest crime rates.
Those that do have gun control have higher crime rates.
You know, really talk to them.
Listen, I appreciate your call.
Let's talk to David in Virginia.
You're on the air with our guest.
Go ahead, David.
How you doing Alex?
Alright, my question is, I had actually downloaded the form from my state to get a registered handgun and I heard rumors in the past that if you were arrested for a misdemeanor or maybe a DUI or something that they can actually prevent you
Is that true?
From getting a gun.
Well, they can't.
You have to force them to not violate the First Amendment.
It's only felonies.
You have to go to a judge.
Usually it costs a few hundred bucks.
And they're expanding the NICs.
They're expanding all this to restrict.
They're adding veterans on the list for no reason.
They're putting psychological files on it.
They're claiming a name is spelled wrong on your Medicare, Medicaid, or Social Security so you can't.
We have to say no to the bureaucracy when they do this.
Alright, and one more thing I would just like to say to all the listeners, you know, don't just take in information.
Make sure you go out and do the research and back up, like, what people like you, Alex, are saying, because that will help them, you know, know that it is true.
I hear you, David.
David, I hear you.
You've got your radio in the background.
I appreciate your call.
Folks, try to turn those off.
Look, last time I checked, you don't need a license.
Hollywood and movies show cops arresting people for an unlicensed gun.
That's only a few cities.
Okay, so they... and everybody thinks you need a license.
They think you need a license to own guns in Texas.
I've had a carpet cleaner almost call the cops on me for a shotgun on the wall a decade ago.
You've heard the story.
They're dumb!
We have to get out and expose to them that they're trying to make guns illegal by fiat just to create the illusion that that's the case.
We have to reverse that and we have to go out and educate people.
That's true, Alex.
An apple seed is the answer.
We will educate the people.
We make riflemen.
Armed Americans who are trained in the tradition of American liberty.
Well, Sam, you've got my number.
And I want to try to help you coming on the show.
I have millions of listeners.
They're also not just millions, they're the most active listeners out there, period.
Everybody says that who's been on has been guest.
People go on, you know, Meet the Press, or they go on Rush Limbaugh, and they get less response than they get here.
Those audiences are much bigger, but they're not active.
We're going to make sure you get, on April 19th next year, in all 50 states, a event.
We've got to make sure that happens.
We've got to grow, grow, grow.
We've got 4,000 in one year, starting three years ago.
You know, let's reach 50,000 next year.
Rick and Reno, you're on the air.
I have a comment and then a question.
My comment is that recently at a gun range, some fellow let his kid shoot a Mac-10 and the kid shot his face off.
Do you vet the people who come to your ranges to sort out the incompetent from the competent?
That's a very good question.
We have very highly trained instructors, and to be quite truthful, we never would have had anyone like that out on our range firing a weapon like that.
Number one, we only do rifles.
But from what I understand, the person who was actually supervising that youngster was 15 or 16 years old and of no experience.
Look, let me say something.
There's gonna be, you got 300,000 people a year dying in car accidents, you got a few thousand with guns.
The point is, you're gonna have idiots, you're gonna have morons, not these apple seeds events.
And if you see somebody handling a gun wrong, at a gun range, you know, go call over the owner.
Go call over the manager.
There are a lot of idiots out there just now getting into the Second Amendment.
They weren't brought up four years old in their granddaddy's lap with a .410 shotgun, like everybody else was trained in this country in the gun culture, and then taught safety, you know, neurotically having it all drummed into us.
And I see these people who aren't trained.
I see police who aren't properly trained.
That's why it's a shame that we had a true Second Amendment gun culture, where everybody was basically taught when they were tiny, knee-high to a grasshopper,
And so there were never accidents like we have now.
People brought their handguns and rifles to school, to go shooting after school, even in big cities.
They have almost destroyed our gun culture.
We're gonna get it back, right Sam?
That's right.
And if you come to Appleseed, you can help us do it.
We can save America by making educated Americans.
Does that answer your question?
My question is this, if I may.
First of all, Alex, it's an honor to talk with you, and thank you.
And Mr. Damewood, is it your plan or aim to invite Mr. Obama and his family to your shooting range?
I think it's a good idea.
We would love to.
Matter of fact, I will go ahead and personally send an invitation myself this afternoon.
I urge Alex and your audience to do the same, because I'm going to do the same.
All right, thank you.
Uh, let's talk to, uh, is the next one Blake in Texas?
And we're going to Betty Martini.
Last caller, Blake in Texas.
Go ahead, you're on the air.
Hi there, Alex.
Blake Yellen, Longview.
Actually, I wanted to ask Dan Wood there, what specific type of training do you get from coming to the Apple State?
I know you talked about the rifle firearm.
I'm an avid shooter myself, with pistol and with rifle.
And what all do you do if you come up to an Apple State event?
What all do you go through again, exactly?
To begin with, we'll evaluate your ability by having you fire on a target.
And then we'll teach you the six steps to firing an accurate shot.
Over the course of two days, you're going to fire more than 500 rounds of practice with intense, close coaching and instruction the entire time.
And we will probably double your ability to hit.
If you put a patient effort into it after an apple seed, you'll easily be able to hit targets out to 300 yards.
And if you're really good at it, and you practice a little bit afterward, we'll have you where you can hit a target effectively, reliably, to 500 yards on demand.
Yeah, with basic frontier training that I know all basic rural Texans got, and I was kind of the last generation of that, I need to get my children involved, my son's been out shooting with his son, just getting the basic training, and he's 6.
By the time I was 10,
I don't know.
Now, that was probably with a three power scope.
Now, I'd be lucky if I could hit the Tabasco bottle.
But the point is, if I could shoot the top off every time and blow the top off, obviously you're probably a great shooter.
The reason I'm saying my listeners need to get involved in Appleseed, go take the basic course, show them you're a great shot, know all the safety skills, then become an instructor.
What we need is the cadres for force multiplication now on this front, on the micro FM and AM front.
We're about to roll out a plan with that.
To aggressively get the word out.
We have the info war and then the physical preparation for defense of the Republic.
Anything else, Blake?
Actually, one more final question for you, Mr. Alex.
I'm actually very young.
I'm only 24 years old here in Lummi, Texas.
I'm not a very high position, but I've been listening to you for a while now, and I tell you what, you're a very strong voice to me and a lot of my close friends here.
We've actually started a small group here together of basically like-minded people that get together and we've been talking about current political issues, trying to keep all of us
We're good to go.
More people involved and more people together.
Sir, put ads on Craigslist that you're forming Sons of Liberty as a study group to politically come up with a plan to try to make sure liberty is safe and freedom is there in your town or your city.
And then if you build it, they will come.
Just get involved.
It isn't about money.
It isn't about having a silver tongue.
It's about having guts and guts being enough and getting involved and putting one foot in front of the other.
It's initiating the zenith.
It's initiating the genesis.
It's initiating just like I did 13 years ago when I said I'm gonna get out and try to warn the people I don't like what's happening and I went and got an AXS TV show.
I appreciate your call.
Sam Damewood, I really want to thank you for coming on the show.
I can think of listeners teaming up with you guys to come out to a few of the shoots to make some promo videos for you guys to recruit more people.
You know, there's so many things, but it's all about personnel and people taking action.
Let's talk more action, as Elvis would say, and you guys are taking action.
This is just part of the ongoing solutions we try to offer as part of the show every single day.
So, again, I commend you for what you've done.
I commend you for your work, Mr. Damewood, and we will talk to you very, very soon again.
Please give us status reports about what's happening at Appleseedinfo.org.
Thank you very much, Alex.
I appreciate you having us on today.
Remind everybody, go to appleseatinfo.org.
Learn to be a rifleman, an armed American, trained in liberty.
We appreciate you keeping the light of liberty burning.
We appreciate you keeping our just amazing birthright alive and growing it.
And I see on every front we are reversing the tyranny right at the time it's trying to take over.
And so when the enemy comes in like a flood, the spirit of the Lord will lift up a standard against it, and you are part of that standard.
So we commend you for the very important and sacred work you're doing.
Take care.
Thank you, Alex, and we will.
There he goes, ladies and gentlemen.
Okay, we are now live at PrisonPlanet.tv here in the last hour and 12 minutes or so of the show.
She's with us for the next 45 or so.
Got her on a bit late because I wanted to finish up with the history of the riflemen in this country and trying to re-educate the public that they've been brainwashed against the Second Amendment.
So that's what we're doing here.
Betty Martini hasn't been on the show in years, but I've interviewed her many times.
And another example, another solution of someone single-mindedly taking action
In the last few decades, she has woken up millions of people, been on international TV, radio, thousands of times, international TV, scores of times with her website about aspartame, the doctors, the scientists, the research she's brought together, just handing out
Hundreds of thousands of pamphlets about aspartame, known as NutraSweet or Equal, just how deadly it is.
All the scientific evidence, the brain tumors, the excitotoxin, the endocrine disruptor, to where a lot of governments have banned it.
A lot of countries now put warning labels the U.S.
doesn't get, but you know, now they are putting it in thousands and thousands of products, and not even listing it as aspartame.
You can't buy at any major store bubble gum or chewing gum that doesn't have it, even when it's
It certainly has been a long time, Alex, but I'm so glad to talk to you again.
I remember how we started out many, many years ago, and there really is a lot going on about aspartame today in the world.
Okay, we're going to break in a moment.
I'm going to give you the floor for the 40-50 minutes we've got with you today, and we're going to have you back up with Dr. Blalock soon, because I'm going to haven't really covered this in years.
I'm going to get back into it.
With all the melamine news and the plastic toxins news and the lead in the toys news.
That is all dwarfed by the Aspartame.
And so just recap how you got involved in this.
We're going to come back.
What is Aspartame?
A brief snapshot of its history and where we currently are.
Betty, so go ahead and tell us a little bit about yourself for folks that don't know you.
First of all, I'm the founder of Mission Possible International, which is a global volunteer force.
I work with world experts.
We have operations today in 30-down nations, everybody working free to warn the world about aspartame.
That started out many years ago.
I think I've been doing this
Now close to 17 years, never thought it would take this long, when someone almost died from aspartame after being diagnosed with Parkinson's, when I met Dr. H.J.
Roberts, who explained aspartame not only can precipitate Parkinson's, but interacts with L-DOPA, and he was probably drinking a Diet Coke with his L-DOPA, which is exactly what he was doing.
And after reading his first book and finding out about the MS issue,
Seizures, I would get people off of aspartame and their seizures would stop, the MS people would walk out of wheelchairs, and today there's even been a movie made about it.
All right Betty, stay there, stay there.
Got you on late, we apologize for that.
You'll have plenty of time to break this down.
A wonderful hero in the fight for health, Betty Martinez.
Doctors around the world claim that cancer and other diseases cannot live in a pH balanced alkaline environment.
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An inside job?
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I read the news today, oh boy.
Gold is up by $19.90 today.
20 cents.
All right, going back to Betty Martini, founder of Worldwide Volunteer Reports.
30 plus countries, gotten nations to ban it, take it out of the food and drinks.
Not here, though.
Okay, Betty, you've got the floor.
Roll through the basics of what it is, the studies, the fight, where it currently is being used and put into thousands of foods today.
Okay, first of all, as I was saying, there's now a movie about it called Sweet Misery of Poison World, and I can remember when Corey Brackett called me.
She was in a wheelchair.
She had gained a great deal of weight.
She couldn't walk.
She could barely talk.
She was diagnosed with one of the largest lesions ever diagnosed in an aspartame victim.
And she said she had walked out of her wheelchair.
She was fine.
She said a movie needs to be made about it.
I said, tell me about it.
She said, honey, I own the film company.
And she went ahead to make Sweet Misery, that you can get it found in Fury.tv.
And in it, it tells how this deadly, addictive, excitoneurotoxic, carcinogenic drug that interacts with virtually all drugs and vaccines got on the market.
And what happened was, Sero was the original manufacturer, and they couldn't take a poison and make it safe, so they got caught.
And the FDA asked U.S.
Prosecutor Sam Skinner to indict them for fraud, and instead he went to work for Sidley & Austin, which is their defense team.
So they asked Prosecutor William Conlin to indict them, and he too went to work for them.
So the FDA still would not approve it and revoked the petition in 1980.
And you'll find the actual 50-page report on www.mpwhi.com.
Now the interesting thing here, it almost sounds like a story out of Twilight Zone, is that Searle had hired Don Rumsfeld as CEO of Searle to clean up this mess.
And Don Rumsfeld said he would call in his markers and get aspartame on the market no matter.
So the day after they revoked the petition, which would have been signed into law in 30 days, Sorrell sued the FDA to keep it from being signed.
Rumsfeld was on President Reagan's transition team, and he owed Rumsfeld a favor, because he had promised to nominate him for vice president and instead nominated Bush.
So here's what he did.
He had the transition team, someone from them, to call the FDA commissioner, Jerry Gorian, at 3 in the morning and fire him, because he was going to sign it into law.
And we have the letter from his wife on the website.
Then he appointed Dr. Arthur Hull Hayes to do the deadly deed.
But he knew that it would take 30 days to get him to the FDA and that would be too late.
So he wrote an executive order making the FDA powerless to do anything about aspartame until he got there.
When he got there, he overruled the Board of Inquiry
We're good.
Aspartame disease has become a global plague and a medical text by Dr. Roberts has been written that's over a thousand pages of the horrors neurodegenerative diseases and cancers.
I bet it causes.
Betty, we've got a break.
When we come back, there's thousands of studies as you know.
Get into what they did with the monkeys covering it up, that it killed the monkeys in the test.
Rumsfeld covering it up.
How many foods and drinks it's actually in and how we stop it.
Back in 70 seconds.
Stay with us.
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Fabled Enemies.
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All right, we're back live, moving quick, with Betty Martini.
She'll give you her website and some of the other good sites to go to.
It's all documented.
Government documents, government studies, letters, reports, everything she says is documented and replicated.
She's an amazing researcher.
She started out 17 years ago fighting this.
Nobody was talking about it.
And she really single-handedly started, ignited the fire that's now gotten it banned, restricted in nations, and saved undoubtedly tens of millions of people.
It's gotta feel good.
And it's another example of what good people can do when they take action against evil.
Who are the other Betty Martinis out there on other issues?
The Second Amendment, open borders, GMO crops.
Fighting the New World Order.
Where are the other Alex Joneses out there?
Look at all I've been able to do.
Thanks to you spreading the word.
All right, Betty Martini.
Again, these are some short segments here at the end of the hour.
Long segment coming up.
We're going to break in about five minutes.
Please continue rolling with what Aspartame is.
You gave us some of the history of how it got in.
And then now that it's lost its patent, it's been put in tens of thousands of things that we know of.
Okay, and I'm glad you brought up the monkey study.
First of all, aspartame is 40% aspartic acid, which is an excitotoxin and stimulates the neurons of the brain to death, causing brain damage.
Dr. Russell Blaylock wrote the book, Excitotoxins, the Taste that Kills.
Then it has a methyl ester, which immediately becomes free methyl alcohol, which is a severe metabolic poison, converts to formaldehyde, causes metabolic acidosis.
There's 50% phenylalanine, which is an isolate.
I think?
The monkey study that you're referring to, there's a little more on this now, was actually pivotal in the approval of aspartame.
It was a 52-week oral toxicity study done on seven infant monkeys fed aspartame.
Five had grand mal seizures, one died, and they actually used that in the approval of aspartame.
Now something about that is, as it explains in Dr. Roberts' medical text, is that it interacts with all anti-seizure medications, sometimes even after the patient is off of aspartame.
But what is going on now
Is that they are beginning to put aspartame in the very products used to treat the problems that it causes.
For instance, an informant from Pfizer called and said they had reformulated Dilantin and had put aspartame in it.
And indeed, people are complaining of more seizures and many reactions that aspartame causes.
Uh, such as male sexual dysfunction and all the vision changes.
I mean, it's an accelerant, but we're about to break.
Let's go back, and then we'll come back and get into the monkey study and what you're covering now, and it's not just Betty Martini saying this.
All the medical doctors and brain surgeons and toxicologists you've got on your team, and it's all documented on your website.
We'll get that out, but going back, yeah, tell them how they make aspartame when you mentioned that it's, you know, biologically engineered.
Explain that to them.
Well, um,
It's interesting that Dr. Bill Deagle worked across from the aspartame factory, and he had seen all these vats of this black toxic sludge, and he said that they were told at the hospital not to mention the things that it was causing.
And that they actually insert genes into it.
It's cultured on E. coli.
And he said then it's pressed into a white powder.
And it is, you know, shipped out and then made into the actual NutriSuite product.
And we have the material safety data sheet on WNHO.net.
And you actually have to wear protective clothing even to go into the plant.
Stop right there.
I'm going to skip this break.
We're going to keep talking right now.
I'm going to come back to everybody else in just three minutes with Betty Martini.
Here we go.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Betty Martini is our guest.
You can read all the government reports and private studies and others at her website.
She'll give you her site and some other sites here in just a moment.
In fact, Betty, do that now, and then let's get into how many products Aspartame is really in, what we know, what other governments are saying they know it does.
For those that have problems dealing with this,
There have been all sorts of drugs and chemicals they've said aren't bad for you that turn out causing problems and they remove them.
But not now.
It comes out that the chemicals in most plastics are estrogen mimicking and endocrine disruptors.
They just keep it in the market.
It's killed tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands sick now in China from melamine coming into the U.S.
China says it's bad, executes people that put it in.
Our government says no problem with melamine.
Just like with aspartame.
They say mercury is good for children and shots.
When all these major universities show it is the most destructive heavy metal to brain tissue.
Causes electrochemical, uh, literally short circuits and explosions.
It just keeps cutting through the nerves and causes, well you can see it under an electron microscope, they're electrochemical.
It literally is little explosions in the brain, little electrical shorts going on.
So we have them telling us all these poisons are so great, but I can think of no poison worldwide as prolific as aspartame.
In the U.S.
sodium fluoride and its derivatives and subgroups in the water is probably worse than aspartame just because everybody's exposed to it in all the studies, but with aspartame worldwide and in the U.S.
Probably the most destructive thing we're dealing with.
Please continue.
Okay, first of all, I have in front of me the statement from Dr. Deagle about how it's made and maybe this will help you understand.
He says, most people when asked how aspartame is made do not have the first step of understanding.
While an ER doctor and primary care physician in Augusta in 87 and 88
I was told a number of interesting facts about the adjacent aspartame factory.
Bacteria with genes inserted generate a sludge, which is centrifuged to remove the aspartame and many hundreds of contaminant organic and amino acids are present.
We were told not to report illness or workers' compensation issues for fear of being fired by the hospital, now the Augusta Region Medical Center.
Many of their employees presented with psychiatric
What's going on around the world now?
I lectured in New Zealand when Abby Cormack almost died from Wrigley's aspartame gum, and I want to warn people, because after a suit was filed against them because of this in 2004, although they got out of it, Wrigley's arrogantly turned around and put it in all but two of their gums.
It is the most dangerous product because, as Dr. Roberts wrote a paper on it, it works like nitroglycerin under the tongue, goes through saliva.
Straight to the brain, and they were about to diagnose her with bipolar until she found out, and I went over and lectured in the medical schools, and now they are petitioning for the ban in New Zealand.
In the Philippines, in fact, I just happened to meet their councilman who was trying to get it banned there.
I talked to the California Board of Medicine, and he came in from the Philippines and talked about what was going on there.
By the way, let me stop you.
I just looked up how aspartame is made.
I'm on university websites and it says it is a organic, there's a whole bunch of these, a organic fermentation process.
So what, what, what Deagle said, I mean, I've read this before separately, but I mean, if you just Google it, it's on university sites and it says they ferment it like beer.
So it is bacteria.
It's made from bacteria.
It's pretty well known now.
The recently, now it's been two or three years, Parliament, there were 47 members... Hold on, here it is!
Genetically engineered bacteria, which are fed these altered amino acids.
And over the course of three days, the amino acids are harvested and the bacteria are destroyed.
Yeah, it's true.
Oh my God, I'm reading the actual photos of this.
Oh my God.
Yeah, I mean... Go ahead.
Yes, it's absolutely in the records now.
But anyway, 47 members of Parliament signed for a ban.
So now the European Food Safety Authority is now doing another review, which will end in January, and it would just be wonderful if we could get it banned in Europe.
We did try in Hawaii last year, and we had problems with it.
But we are trying to get a co-sponsor now to go back through the Hawaiian legislature, and then I testified for the New Mexico House and Senate when they tried to ban it, and the Capitol was just saturated with lobbyists.
But they're going to try to do that again this year, so even states in the United States
All right.
And the law states that they must answer it in 180 days, and they have refused to do it.
I mean, it's been six and a half years.
And the reason they refuse to serve above the law is I'm using their own government documents and what they said themselves.
They can't answer it.
So an attorney told me to go ahead and file an amendment as an imminent health hazard
And I did that in October.
That's required by law to be answered within a week or 10 days, and they refuse to answer that.
That's the big problem, no matter who does it.
The Community Nutrition Institute petitioned the FDA to ban it in 86, because so many people were going blind from the free mental alcohol and having seizures.
And he took it all the way to the Supreme Court.
Yeah, let me stop you.
I'm looking at the manufacturing process here from a university website.
We're gonna put it up on screen later.
They admit they take...
Aspiric acid and phenylalanine, combine it in tanks, then put genetically modified bacteria in, then put it into a crystal separator, and then dry it into a white powder after separating the dead bacteria.
And it's admitted that, I mean, they admit, mainstream, I'm looking at it, that once it hits 87 degrees, it breaks back into the wood alcohol where your body is, what, 98 degrees?
I mean, this is insane!
Well let me give you a little bit of good news.
First of all, I was talking to someone who makes herbs from the Amazon rainforest some years ago, and I said, look, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to make a safe sweetener, and these products are killing diabetics.
And he turned around and made it, and it's called Just Like Sugar, and it has chicory, which has been used for 70 years to improve the health of diabetics, and orange peel, vitamin C, and calcium.
And then Dr. Blaylock asked that it be analyzed and he wrote in his newsletter, the Blaylock Wellness Report, finally, finally a safe sweetener.
And I talked to the CEO and I said, look,
So many people are having the problems with the gum.
They're putting it in everything and it's the most dangerous product.
And he said, I promise you by the end of December, we will have a gum free of aspartame made with just like sugar.
And I said, while you're at it, how about, you know, on every restaurant table that you have Splenda, which is the chlorocarbon poison.
And equal, and he says that we'll make packets.
So I have no financial association, of course, with the company, but they are getting this month a congressional award for making the first safe sweetener in America.
So I'm glad with all this bad news, to give you a little bit of good news, that there will be a gum that's safe, because even some of the wriggly gums that have aspartame in it,
They also have Splenda in it.
They have a sulfene potassium, which causes cancer and leukemia.
Well, what we have is chemical companies getting rid of soap and giving us toxic byproducts of the oil industry, which is detergents.
What we have is the chemical companies and bio companies getting rid of our sugar and giving us this chemical weapon.
They're replacing everything with their poison and then they own the medical system that then misdiagnoses us and controls people.
Why don't you, Betty, start getting into all the doctors and scientists and governors, I mean governments, that have come out and admitted that this is so bad?
Well, we've basically got all those records.
In fact, if you really want to know about this study, one of the best articles ever written, it's on mpwhi.com, is The Ecologist.
They did a 17-page cover story.
Uh, Rumsfeld's name on the front of it and starts out by telling you that originally aspartame was listed with the Pentagon in an inventory of prospective biochemical warfare weapons submitted to Congress.
Oh, and it accidentally got in all the food oil, like everything else.
Oh, oh, population control, oh.
I notice the Pentagon doesn't want to discuss it with me.
But, and you know, we've had to start a Mission Possible Aviation, and the reason I did that was because a pilot called me and he said, dumb, I'm not, but I crashed my plane on aspartame.
I couldn't make a decision, you know, it destroys memory, which is one of the reasons that it, you know, escalating Alzheimer's, and it causes confusion.
And so, Dr. Blaylock... Well, they're now saying you get Alzheimer's when you're 30 now.
Oh, yes!
You know, in fact, one of the hospices called me some years ago and asked why 30-year-old people were getting it.
You know, the reason that aspartame interacts with most drugs is because of damage to the mitochondria or life itself.
And what that does is make you old.
And aspartame knows no age, you know, Michael Fox.
That's right.
Inside of the cells, the engine of the cells and its programming is the mitochondrial DNA, and they're showing studies that it's damaging the very DNA of the species.
Betty, let's continue speaking.
This is so vital and we have limited time for internet listeners and PrisonPlanet.tv viewers.
I'm going to skip this break.
Everybody else will be back.
This is just too important.
We've got to get all this info out in the time we have.
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If you just google aspartame army chemical biological weapon you'll discover how it was developed in the US chemical weapon to brain damage subject populations and I've got the London Independent here from the 20th
Of, uh, what, July 1999, World's Top Sweetener is made with GM bacteria.
And, uh, it is a, uh, chemical weapon derived from a biological, uh, weapon mix.
And, of course, that's why it's in most your food you buy prepared.
Because they're exterminating us.
I mean, you can't imagine this.
You can't make this up.
You can't
Everything they do.
Oh, the GMO just so happens to sterilize the mice that eat it.
And then the humans get it and our fertility's dropping.
Oh, melamine just so happens to kill kids.
Oh, the one type of plastic they chose out of hundreds to be standardized, the main plastic, sterilizes people and gives you cancer.
Oh, and there's an army report on that.
Army figures this out.
Now, does that mean the average person in the army's involved?
They put it in your food.
It's the eugenicist.
It's the eugenicist, and that's why there's dead kids all over your neighborhood from cancer.
That's why 23-year-old women are dying of cancer.
That's why it's exploding in there.
Betty Martini, please continue.
Okay, when you mention that article, I have to tell you a story about that, written on the front page of the Independent.
Not only on the front page, but above the Royal Wedding.
And the way that came to be is that one of the aspartame companies
Actually had on their website the formula for genetic engineering and people just didn't realize what it was.
And I was talking to the independent and I told them, I said, you know, you people don't like genetic engineering.
Why don't you help us with aspartame?
And they said, prove it and we'll help you.
And so when I put that online, they immediately took the website down, but it was too late.
I had printed it out.
And faxed it to the Independent in the U.K.
and they kept their word, put it on the front page above the Royal Wedding so that all of the U.K.
could find out about it.
Yeah, that's what they report is this is directly from the aspartame manufacturer, so our source is... Yeah, Montano could not deny it because there was on the website showing the actual formula for this.
And another thing that people should know really worries me about what's happening
To the vets, because they're now reporting how many of them are going blind.
You know that's from aspartame.
But if you get on WNHO.net and go back to 2003, you can read or report our case for aspartame disease being Gulf War Illness and Lou Gehrig's.
Because the government back then was saying, you know, they're crazy.
And then they did their own study, and I had told them it can precipitate MS and cause Lou Gehrig's.
Dr. James Bowen has Lou Gehrig's maspertine.
And when they did their own studies, they found it was Lou Gehrig's.
So now, you know, they're chewing gum and drinking it in Iraq, and here they are.
You know, fighting for our country and, you know, being killed by aspartame.
Well, I mean, you know, I mentioned that I know this is a setup.
I mean, I see the same story over and over again.
Fighting this for 17 years, interviewing scientists, doctors, all these government reports.
You know, you helping get governments to ban it around the world, or restrict it.
I mean, do you believe that this was done by design?
Well, you know, I cannot say.
I mean, there's no way to say.
But I do know that Searle knew it, because I have talked to so many informants and people from Searle.
They said they all knew that it was poison, and they knew it before they put it on the market.
But I mean, the Army discovers it and says it's a chemical weapon.
And then suddenly it's Rumsfeld and it's in all our food.
I mean, you know.
You know what they call it now?
Rumsfeld Plague.
That's right, Rumsfeld Disease.
Well, the medical text is Aspartame Disease and Dr. Roberts says we're not going to call it Rumsfeld Disease because they usually honor doctors.
So it's called Rumsfeld Plague and the Idaho Observer wrote a great
Fantastic article on biochemical weaponry and Rumsfeld's legacy.
And incidentally, somebody has written a book
On Rumsfeld, it even tells the whole story.
Rumsfeld is Raspall's catastrophic legacy.
Well listen, he's the one that gave nuclear reactors as the head of ABB to North Korea.
He's the one that got the Terminator genes and GMO approved.
It's like whatever is evil, he gave the bioweapons to Saddam.
It's like a poop of smoke and he's like the devil and he's there at the scene of everything.
I know, I know, and they actually told this.
In fact, I sent this to Atlanta Magazine when they interviewed me, and they actually put this in their story right here in the home of Coca-Cola.
And when the reporter came out, you know, I said, you're really going to write a story about Aspartame here in the home of Coca-Cola?
And it turned out the reporter was the victim.
And then the photographers came out and I said, who do you work for?
He said, mostly for Coke.
I said, then you're gonna take a picture of... Hold on, hold on.
Here we go.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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On September 11, 2001, along with hundreds of my fellow troops, I went to Ground Zero, and we knew what to do.
Or at least we thought we did.
Truth Rising is a breakthrough 9-11 film that finally gives first responders a platform to tell their story.
Whitman, EPA director on the 18th, made a statement.
That the air was safe to breathe.
He had his hand over the radio while he was getting a countdown.
He takes his hand off and you hear 3, 2, 1, and it was boom, boom, boom, boom, boom.
This is an emergency transmission worldwide.
Download Truth Rising at PrisonPlanet.TV and aggressively spread it worldwide.
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If we don't expose the government-sponsored terror, they're going to commit more acts and bring in martial law.
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As we've been trying to dump the wine press, it's much too long streaming.
Sucking the children day by day.
Melamine, aspartame, mercury.
All of these things.
And then they control the hospitals and the medical system.
The doctors don't know.
They're compartmentalized.
Final signal is Betty Martini and we're gonna spend a little bit of time.
Really honored to have him today.
John Wodkin is one of the most talented YouTube directors out there.
Wish this guy lived in Austin, Texas.
Worked with me on films.
Uh, so he is coming up here.
Well, Betty, we're going to have you back up for two hours in the near future.
I'm going to have Dr. Blaylock back on and a lot of other folks.
But in closing, thousands and thousands of products.
I can't find gun that doesn't have it.
They call it natural, unnatural sweeteners.
They won't let you.
They're camouflaging it, uh, now.
Uh, and they didn't know before.
They certainly know now it's deadly.
This, this, this army chemical weapon, uh, made out of genetically engineered bacteria they discovered in the sixties.
Uh, dealing with that issue finally, and then briefly, the addiction.
Uh, you know, I had somebody down here this weekend who's a great guy, but I was watching him addicted to Diet Cokes.
He had to have them.
He wanted me to run around and get him halls, but he said they must be sugar-free, and he was acting like a drug addict when I would bring him the aspartame.
Uh, and I've seen this with people who get off of aspartame and literally go through all sorts of withdraws.
Dr. Blaylock, medical doctor, and others have developed, and you have this free on your website.
Give out those sites, some systems that will help people detox.
This is a, I mean, like many poisons, it's also very addictive.
It is addictive.
It's that free methyl alcohol that causes chronic methanol poisoning.
This affects the dopamine, the dopamine system of the brain and causes the addiction.
And, you know, one day I was talking with Dr. Deagle about the fact that when people are that addicted,
No longer rational, and he says, well, that's because it first affects the frontal lobes of the brain, and it's like talking to somebody with a lobotomy.
And a very good case of that is Lane Shore's wife, when one of the doctors found out and said, oh, we have found out it's aspartame.
Diabetics can't heal.
We can save your foot.
Just get off of aspartame.
And she said, I'm too addicted.
Chop it off.
And they did.
And that is not rational.
But this is the problem that we have, is this addiction.
And Dr. Roberts has written a very, very long article about it that's on the doorway.
And the miscellaneous doctors speak out.
The Townsend Letter for Doctors, that explains it in great detail.
Alex, are you still there?
Yes, Betty, I'm just sitting back.
You know, I have a penchant for interrupting, so I wanted you to continue.
So, uh, this is one of the most serious problems, and if, um...
If anyone, you know, gets in touch with us, my email is BettyM19 at Minespring.com.
We can send them, Dr. Blalock's, information about what they have to do.
They have to stay on magnesium the rest of their life because it protects the heart and the brain from excitotoxins.
And Dr. Blalock says you have to flush your system out with distilled water.
You can't use, you know, chlorine or fluoride.
He gives a great list of the things that can help and heal the immune system and tells you all the things to avoid and it's a wonderful paper.
Anybody on it really should get in touch and they can stay up to date on this list.
I think so.
It's like my neurologist said when he realized who I was.
He said I had a patient.
He said having seizures.
He said that we tried everything there was on the market.
He had no idea that it interacts with all anesthesia medication.
Found out that she was drinking a case of Diet Coke a day.
Got her off of it.
She went crazy.
They had to put her in a mental hospital.
Two weeks out of the mental hospital she was off of.
Aspartame, no problems, and the seizures stopped.
So it's very, very important for physicians to have this information.
It's a chemical weapon.
Betty Martini, we salute you.
We appreciate you for warning people.
And we'll talk to you soon.
Thank you for spending time with us.
Thank you, Alex.
You bet.
There she goes.
Great lady.
We're going to be doing several more shows in a long series on this in the next three months.
Because I've covered this probably a hundred times.
5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 years ago, and now we haven't covered it in so long.
I wanted to give you the evidence, and yet again, a government chemical weapon made by genetically engineered bacteria.
They know exactly what they're doing.
Alright, shifting gears, NuffRespect website on YouTube, that we know of, has 20, 30 million views.
Some of his videos have 5, 6 million views per short videos that he makes.
Just an absolutely amazing individual.
And then his videos get copied to hundreds of other video sharing sites and so really we don't know how many tens of millions more have seen his material just in two short years on the internet.
He lives in the United Kingdom in Cardiff.
He's made some great videos with my material that I've really been flattered that he's done that.
He has stood up for us when YouTube and Google have been censoring us, banning our videos, knocking our hit counts down to knock us out of the top ten, so that people don't see us there on the front page of YouTube or Google.
He has put out videos, he won, the three people that won, we had three different contests, he won one of the contests for the best internet censorship video a few months ago.
He won the first round of contests exposing
I don't know.
They're going to have free internet wireless nationwide with taxpayer money paying for it.
Nothing's free.
It's going to be highly censored.
Only a few thousand sites of the billions that you can actually visit.
Canada's openly saying they're going to restrict the web.
Australia headline in their newspapers, Chinese-style censorship banning all alternative sites basically.
It's here.
It's happening.
And, uh, he had all these top honors of top director in the UK, you know, one of the top directors in the US, the most hits, the most views, you know, he was, uh, you know, up there in the top 20 in every category.
So they basically restricted him.
Knocked him off the front page.
And again, we don't care about having little blue ribbons for being number one.
We don't care about being on the front page for, you know, the fame or whatever.
It's that that's where the billions of people that visit YouTube and Google go to do their viewing.
It's like the TV guy.
We know they've been restricting my hit counts, my views, because when you upload a Google video, you can still see what your hits and views are.
When we complained a year ago about them knocking us from 10 million, 20 million views on a video down to zero, they'd build back up in millions in a day, they'd knock it down again.
They just made those numbers secret, unless you're the person that posted it.
You can still see it.
We saw them censor fabled enemies a few months ago.
When it came out, it hit number one within two days.
And they just erased our numbers.
There was over a million views because we uploaded it.
We could see that.
Only people that could, us and Google, before it was public, and a year ago they changed it, and we saw them internally knock it off.
And we also got screenshots of them knocking us off the front page.
And I have asked, you know, people like enough respect
Being censored, being cheated is horrible, but it lets you know you're hurting them.
And please, enough respect, do not leave YouTube.
And all of you, when you get attacked, know it means you're hurting them.
Just start uploading to two or three other backup sites, other smaller video services.
People are on my message board at InfoWars.com, PrisonPlanet.com, saying, why do you care?
Forget YouTube and Google.
Well, YouTube's like number four or five on the web, Google's number two on the web.
Yeah, there are other sites getting millions of views a day, total.
But you can get millions of views per video for your video on YouTube and Google.
That's 97% of the video sharing area.
That's where we need to be.
We don't retreat from the field of battle.
Enough respect is calling on everyone.
Enough, I'd love it if you made another video including just overall internet censorship and how this is the front lines, this fight at YouTube.
I would love to promote that, push that myself, but we're playing in the background the challenge you've got for December 19th.
To make your video number one overall on YouTube and then show people if they do censor and keep you off the front page as they do my videos.
And again, this is how it all starts.
We know that Lieberman and others in the Congress with the Violent Radicalization Act have said, we want to censor the web, we want the government to tell you what to take down, what to put up.
We see YouTube shifting away from user-made videos that have made it so popular to fluff and corporate videos on the front page.
They did that this weekend.
There was a huge backlash, so they stopped it for the time being.
But they say on their rules page that they're probably going to go back to this.
So they let us build YouTube and Google up, then they kick us off of it.
And so without further ado, we go to John Watkins in Cardiff in the United Kingdom.
And I've never talked to you in person.
John, we appreciate you coming on with us.
Hi Alex, thanks for having me on the show.
It is a real pleasure to be able to speak with you.
I mean, yeah, you were so right.
Everything you said is just so right.
You know, this censorship issue.
It's something that we really can't afford to ignore because, you know, it's our free speech we're talking about really, you know, and I noticed this, you know, the first time I actually noticed this kind of censorship taking place on the internet was about two years ago when Google started censoring movies like Parastorm and Lose Change.
And the censorship was just so crude and so obvious and so sneaky that it was just infuriating to watch, you know.
I mean, for example, as you said, resetting the hit counts on certain videos like Terror Storm to knock them out of the top ten list.
When I saw that, first of all, I thought, well, maybe it is some kind of software error.
But it was happening so often, and it only seemed to happen to truth videos.
And another thing I noticed was that
On Google Video, they would display the top 10 videos on their homepage.
And now, at this time, two years ago, I think Terror, Storm and Loose Change were there in the top 10.
They displayed every other video that was in the top 10 on their homepage, except Terror, Storm and Loose Change.
And again, you know, that set a few alarm bells ringing, you know, in my mind.
Then in February of 2007, a couple of months later, Google pulled the infamous BBC video where they reported that Building 7 had collapsed, you know, 20 minutes before it actually did collapse.
And you know,
Every time somebody tried to upload that video, it was pulled within minutes.
It really was laughable to see.
You could sense the panic at Google.
They didn't want that video going out there, basically.
And YouTube is now moving in that same direction, as is Myspace and many others, censoring at every level.
So, it's here
Exactly, that's exactly what it is.
It is fraudulent.
Yeah, I think so.
So, you know, it's thanks to you, Alex, and people like you, that I've been able to expand my worldview.
And when you realise the manipulation that's taking place due to this globalist elite, the first thing you want to do is inform other people.
And that's what I'm trying to do on YouTube is just to get info out there to wake people up.
And now it's become so difficult.
And it only seems to be
After Google bought YouTube, that is when all the censorship seemed to kick in.
Because it didn't really exist back two years ago, but now it's rife on YouTube right now.
And that's because we're going into a worldwide controlled depression.
The banks are engineering it.
They're getting ready to launch new wars.
They just tried to start World War III between Pakistan and India, as Paul Watson covered earlier.
We need you to make one on that enough.
Because, I mean, so much is... I mean, you're absolutely right.
It's all coming to a head.
They have a violent radicalization actor trying to pass.
They list architects and engineers for 9-11 Truth with al-Qaeda terrorists.
They're getting desperate.
They're the crooks.
And higher-ups are saying shut them down, but that's actually great news, because it shows we're having an effect.
Exactly, that's right.
You know, and I think it scares them that we're getting information out there for the masses.
And, you know, I mean on YouTube, the methods of censorship now are just so blatant.
You know, one method is where, I mean, they remove videos under the excuse that they contain inappropriate content.
And this has happened to me a few times as well.
Oh, I'll have videos that don't even show a woman in a short skirt and they get banned for inappropriate.
Or people creating fake Alex Jones accounts.
Then they themselves go and complain on me.
Stuff gets shut down.
There's people also editing my videos together where I'm saying racist things.
But yeah, tell folks about some of the other tactics.
Well, I'd just say, you know, they remove videos under the pretense that they contain inappropriate content.
But YouTube doesn't give you any explanation as to what it is that they deem to be inappropriate.
So you're just left in the dark, basically.
You know, one thing I noticed with the videos that they removed of mine under the pretense of, you know, inappropriate content, the one thing they all had in common was that they all chalked up a lot of views within the first 12 hours.
I think it was something like 20,000 views within the first 12 hours.
And so it seems to me that Google doesn't mind us uploading videos that sort of expose what's happening with this globalist agenda.
But they don't seem to like it when those videos, you know, gather a lot of views very quickly, because obviously... Yeah, here's an example.
You made that one about Question Your Reality.
It got 200,000 views in one day.
It was number one.
And then suddenly, the comments kept going up by the thousands.
But suddenly, it was frozen for a few days, frozen in its hits, to knock it out of the top.
That's right, that's exactly what they do.
What I noticed with that video was it generated a huge number of hits, then all of a sudden it just sort of stopped.
It was weird, basically.
It just didn't look right.
One minute it's getting thousands of hits a day, and then the next minute it's just going up by about 100 or something like that a day.
Are you kidding?
It got 200,000 in one day.
Yeah, well this is it.
I mean, that's just one example of what's happening on YouTube at the moment.
And it only seems to happen with truth videos.
It doesn't seem to happen with all the mainstream sort of stuff, you know, the Britney Spears and all the rest of it.
It's only the kind of videos that I upload.
And it's not just me that it's happening to.
It's happening to so many different channels on YouTube.
Well, now Obama is announcing Internet 2.
That's what it is.
Tens of billions into that.
It's to create the new web, force all of us off, as Internet 2 is declared.
Now is the fight.
We come back in the final segment with the creator of the EnoughRespect channel, youtube.com.
We link to it all the time at infowars.com, John Watkins.
There's so many other great channels like the Alex Jones Channel that a guy runs and they ran off Gatekeeper Invasion.
They've run off so many other great folks.
To all the other wonderful people out there, you go make your own channels.
You've got video talent.
You go out there and put out whatever you think's important.
Don't let them silence the fight against the New World Order.
We're talking to John Watkins, an amazing individual.
Final segment with him and a challenge he's got for you.
Stay with us.
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I think so.
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The enemy struck America on September 11th.
But who is the enemy?
Bin Laden.
This is his ammo.
We have to look to the Middle East.
We have to look to Osama Bin Laden.
Fabled Enemies is the first 9-11 film to take a close look at the terrorist ties to intelligence networks inside the United States.
investigators believe that there are Israelis again very much engaged in spying in and on the U.S.
Some U.S.
I'm aware that some Israeli citizens have been detained.
Bin Laden's connections to the CIA, the hijacker's ties to the FBI, the Saudi Arabian connection, the Israeli intelligence network, warnings in war games, the shadow government, and much, much more.
Fabled enemies.
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From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Newspapers are declaring and filing for bankruptcy all over the United States.
New York Times is broke.
Headline, mortgages their headquarters and cash crunch.
They're going to strike back.
Obama's new Internet czar is going to restrict free speech and set up Internet 2, where you have a subdomain, just like Nefrospect has with YouTube, so they can shut him down.
I would have a huge YouTube, but I don't have the money for people.
I mean, I'm spending 20 grand a month right now on bandwidth, just with prisonplanet.tv and my websites.
So you have to understand,
This is
That said, I just want to commend you and thank you for all you've done.
You're another testament.
I mean, today we've talked about retraining Americans how to shoot the history of the founding fathers, then don't drink the aspartame, how it's deadly, now we're fighting against censorship.
I mean, the example of everybody I've had on the day, and you've reached more than anybody in just two years on the web, reaching tens of millions conservatively with just the
You know, one or two, three videos a month that you make, I salute you and you are the model of the type of person that's going to turn this world around.
Ah, thanks Alex.
I mean, that's really nice of you to say that.
Yeah, I mean, it's thanks to you.
You know, if it wasn't for you, there would be no NetRespect channel on YouTube.
It's because of you that I got into doing all this.
Because once you, as I say, once you realize, you know, the manipulation that's taking place, you know, in this world, the one thing you want to do is inform other people.
And that's all I'm trying to do on YouTube is just
I don't know.
You know, and they make it really hard for us.
You know, there's just so many different ways that they're doing this now.
You know, and some are more blatant than others.
But, you know, I've seen it enough times to know, you know, I mean, some things you could just brush off as software error, for example.
You know, some of the things I've seen, you know, it is definite censorship.
There's no other way to describe it, really.
I mean, another method they use to censor people, it basically is to suspend people's accounts for no reason at all.
And I get emails every single day from people who've had their channels suspended, or people, somebody's had their channels suspended.
When this happens, you lose all your subscribers, you lose all your friends, all your videos, and then when you try and start up another channel, nobody really knows for sure whether it's you or not.
That's right, so we need to create a... doppelgangers, you need to create, when they used to hack my websites, that's why I have so many, you just create more and promote them all, and let people know you're under attack.
In the minute and a half we've got left, and I'm gonna say to you, I'm gonna say bye to you at the end of the show here, privately, so don't hang up,
Tell us what's coming up the 19th, the challenge video you've got up there right now.
Oh yeah, well that's from a user on YouTube called Legitimacy Coalition and basically he's organizing this thing where what we want to do is get everybody to basically boycott YouTube on December the 19th.
Just not log in to YouTube at all, not use it in any way, shape or form for that date.
And hopefully if enough of us do that it'll have an impact and
You know, we've got to make our voices heard in some way.
So, you know, these are the things we're going to have to do now to try and get YouTube to sort of at least listen.
And we have to boycott it to save it.
And again, why are we there?
Because it's the biggest place where we can virally reach the people.
John Watkins, we'll talk to you and the maker of that channel coming up next week for a full hour.
If you can do it, stay there.
No problem.
It's been great having you on.
Thanks, Alex.
Thanks very much.
Stay there.
You bet.
I'm going to say bye to you when the show ends.
Folks, I had Paul Watson on.
I had Betty Martini.
I had the guest on about the militias.
And, of course, I had enough respect on.
Be sure and listen to the retransmission now on the internet at infowars.com.
They're not censoring us yet.
They sure are trying.
Spread the word about the free podcast.
God bless you all.
Thank you for listening to GCN.
Be sure to visit GCNlive.com today.
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Government cover-ups.
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Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Alright, we're going live at PrisonPlanet.tv for the InfoWars.
PrisonPlanet.tv members in T-minus 8 minutes.
Richard Gage joining us.
Final segment with Bob Chapman, trying to get some of your phone calls in here quickly.
Tom in Utah, any questions for the man that heads up TheInternationalForecaster.com?
Well, this may not seem like it's connected, but I, you know, you're talking about the attack on the middle class.
I had an event where I became aware, curiously, of the absolute attack on the poor.
I've been trying to get word to you, Alex, but I'm glad Bob's here because I think there's a kind of a connection.
I put up a website called gassingamerica.com and what that's exposing is an attack on the very poorest of society, what we call the disposables.
Okay, tell us what's happening.
Well, I had a family contact me with a deathly ill child.
I diagnosed it, investigated it.
Beyond the medical profession, which seems to be complicit with this, they stand, you know, lockstep.
Okay, what's going on?
We don't have a lot of time.
Tell me.
The family was being poisoned by carbon monoxide, and it's by design.
HUD has placed a regulation in place where people living in manufactured or mobile homes, and that's the low end of society, or the poorest.
They are being poisoned by deliberation with fumes coming from their furnaces and right now I'm in a panic because Native Americans, vets and everybody, poor people, blacks, the Katrina people, are being poisoned because a fresh air opening is three feet away from the exhaust of the furnace.
Look on the website.
I've been trying to get you to look at that, Alex.
Listen, I appreciate your call.
I'll check it out.
It sounds interesting.
So many times, regulations that bureaucrats make up so that they're in charge end up causing serious problems in society.
I don't know if they're trying to gas people by design with deadly carbon monoxide, but I do know
That 43% of Native Americans were sterilized just in the 70s under George Herbert Walker Bush's program that he started under Richard Nixon, and that's on record.
And I know the CBC reports they are killings Indian children at these reservations and at these government homes for them.
And when they're caught, they say, well, we're supposed to do it.
You know, this is eugenics.
So yes, look, the government is predatory.
It's training the police and military to hate the public.
It is a group of criminal predators carrying out criminal activities against us.
Bob Chapman.
I agree completely.
And it's getting worse and worse each and every day.
Just yesterday I saw a picture in the Arizona Republic of Military People, full gear and weaponry.
Uh, working with police simile units.
And so you're absolutely right.
It's just an ongoing enlargening thing.
Well, it's worse than that.
The Arizona operation includes troops from eight other nations.
They have foreign troops.
And it's in major newspapers that they will use foreign troops against the American people and they're hiring foreigners for the military, private mercenaries, and aggravated felons.
You cannot make up tyranny that bad.
I mean, it looks like they're trying to just do the most evil takeover in history, Bob.
It certainly is.
Again, a pack of psychopathic criminals are in control.
Folks, check it out.
Get a free trial subscription.
I would just sign up and get the e-format one, or they have a hard copy they can mail out to you at TheInternationalForecaster.com.
It's well worth it.
Bob, thanks for coming on with us.
I'll see you next week.
Take care, my friend.
All right.
And in closing, I hope everybody will also visit InfoWars.com and PrisonPlanet.com, and I hope that people don't forget it's not too late to give the gift of information this Christmas.
You can give your friends and family PrisonPlanet.tv memberships, and then just, again, keep the passcode for yourself.
Create a passcode, a username passcode, that's simple for them, put it in a card or an e-card, give it to them, and then
Give it to yourself as well.
Again, you can share it with up to six people.
Your PrisonPlanet.tv membership because that's our goal is to reach out to more people.
So PrisonPlanet.tv, five months free right now on the site.
Stay with us.
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Well, snap out of it.
We now have a deadline.
Joe Biden said it's going to happen.
Former Secretary of State Colin Powell went on CBS Meet the Press and pointed to about January 22nd as the time a major international incident would force the new president to make unpopular decisions.
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Ask yourself, is it better to have too much too soon or too little too late?
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Today, unlike any other in the long course of American history, a terrorist act of war against this country.
The enemy struck America on September 11th.
But who is the enemy?
Bin Laden.
This is his MO.
We have to look to the Middle East.
We have to look to Osama Bin Laden.
Fabled Enemies is the first 9-11 film to take a close look at the terrorist ties to intelligence networks inside the United States.
investigators believe that there are Israelis again very much engaged in spying in and on the U.S.
Some U.S.
I'm aware that some Israeli citizens have been detained.
Bin Laden's connections to the CIA, the hijacker's ties to the FBI, the Saudi Arabian connection, the Israeli intelligence network, warnings and war games, the shadow government, and much, much more.
Fabled enemies.
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I want to thank the listeners, the sponsors, the Genesis Network, my great crew here in
Mission Control in Austin, Texas and John Harmon up in Minnesota.
We're getting April Gallup on either Sunday or Monday.
We had her on the show
If you remember about four or five months ago, and we raised money for her on the air so she could sue the federal government for basically staging the terror attacks.
And she's got a very, very strong case.
She was inside the Pentagon.
And so we're going to be covering some of that with Richard Gage in the next 50 minutes as well.
Richard Gage, a few years ago, founded, I guess about a year and a half ago, Architects and Engineers for 9-11 Truth.
And he's gotten hundreds and hundreds of members of architects and engineers, structural engineers, to join his organization.
There are also other organizations with hundreds of members of scientists and physicists and others coming out and showing that clearly Building 7 and Tower 1 and 2 on 9-11 were controlled demolitions.
And now Mr. Gage and many others have been vindicated because NIST's latest report
...has had to admit that there was free fall involved.
They denied that in Building 7.
Free fall.
Falling at the speed of gravity, as Richard has always said.
They tried to spin it and claim 14 seconds.
Now they've had to cut that in half, and they're admitting that it did fall at free fall speeds.
And so, again, these scientific questions are making a lot of scholarly individuals with a lot of letters behind their name look at the raw data.
Architecture engineers and scholars from 9-11 Truth and many others have gotten
We're good to go.
I think?
That have died in the name of that lie and false flag is now a household term.
Self-inflicted wound is now part of the nomenclature.
And now it comes out in major publications that Cheney wanted to stage terror attacks on U.S.
ships just six months ago as a pretext to attack Iran.
Thank God the military got the word out and stopped that.
We now know that's why Admiral Fallon resigned.
He was not going to be part of attacking U.S.
ships with fake Iranian patrol boats.
So a lot is happening and the truth is coming out on international television in England, in Germany, in Japan, in Russia, in the Middle East, or in
Just all over the world are airing well-produced shows showing the evidence that 9-11 was an inside job.
So, we are winning this fight, and one of the frontline warriors, one of the most successful at getting the truth out, has been Richard Gage.
So, Richard, good to have you with us.
Thank you, Alex.
It's just great to be with you again.
I can't tell you.
I'm really excited.
Well, we've gone over the evidence of controlled demolition in all three of the towers, and not just the eyewitnesses, but the scientific evidence, but can you recap
The last six months since you were on with us, what has happened with NIST having to go back on their previous reports and where the scientific investigation is right now?
Yes, well, NIST came out with their draft report of World Trade Center 7, the third high-rise that came down, not hit by an airplane, came down in the afternoon about 5.20 on 9.11.
And we'll talk about how it came down, but seven years later, finally, we have a draft report in August, in which they try to document that it was 40% of gravity that the building came down.
Now, upon questions by physicist David Chandler and scientist Dr. Stephen Jones, they publicly had to backtrack and fumble their way through the conference
And in their final report, which just came out in November last month, they acknowledge that in the first two and a quarter seconds, this 47-story building drops at freefall speed, which is eight stories.
Now, prior to this, in
August they said publicly that it couldn't have fallen free fall speed because had it that would mean the structure would have there would have been no structure and So now they're acknowledging free fall speed, but they're not saying well there must not have been structure there in other words what they're basically acknowledging to the 9-11 truth movement and the world is that
The structure had to have been removed for those eight stories because a building cannot fall at free fall speed and convert all of its gravitational potential energy to kinetic energy and do any other work.
It can't crush the 40,000 tons of steel that was in the building that was designed to resist any type of collapse.
And again, this was the FEMA command bunker overbuilt for strength.
CIA, FBI, Defense Intelligence, more than 20 secretive federal agencies base their largest section offices outside of Virginia and Maryland in the world.
Well, that was on the 23rd floor.
Yes, it was a very highly secure bunker, complete with all that they needed in the way of electricity, water, and backup electricity, reinforced windows against all kinds of hurricane and so forth.
But all of this was abandoned on the morning of 9-11.
For Tripod 2, a terror attack drill.
They had already moved out the night before most of their operations out on the pier, as FEMA said, because they were doing a top-off two-drill, a tripod two-drill for a terror attack.
Yes, we understand that there were hundreds of FEMA employees the day before 9-11 in preparation for a mock biochemical attack in downtown Manhattan, and we are wondering if that is just a coincidence or not.
But the 550 architects and engineers who are demanding a real investigation
Let's talk about that matter next, of the 550 and now a year and a half joining your group and how it's growing exponentially.
But before we go there, I'm not an architect, I'm not an engineer.
Uh, but you know, this is the main show that brought out the Building 7 controversy day one.
I remember hearing the news as I was driving in my car back to the studio saying they're going to bring Building 7 down, the Salomon Brothers, they're going to have a controlled demolition so it doesn't damage other buildings.
Uh, other people remember those reports, the false reports, BBC, Fox, CNN reporting it had fallen before it fell.
But I wanted to be specific here, you know, watching what what NIST has said.
First, they said free fall is impossible because that would have to be explosives.
Only explosives can, you know, do that because as it falls, it takes time to crush, you know, the next level.
And, you know, the basic science shows that.
But we have footage now of the entire building falling.
They love to show a video from, you know, a mile away with a building in the way.
We only see the first, you know, 25 stories or so because the other 20-something stories are below the field of view.
But in the other videos, we've timed it.
And, you know, it is falling in a little more than six seconds.
I mean, you can take your watch, you can time it, and, you know, that's how fast it falls.
So even NIST now backing off and saying, okay, for a few seconds it was at free fall, it looks as if that is another deception.
Well, I don't follow you.
They acknowledge the freefall, but they certainly are being deceptive about the implications of that.
Well, not just that.
They're saying that the freefall was only partial.
But when I watch the videos, it's a continual freefall, not just of 8 stories, but 47.
Oh, yeah.
No, it actually does slow down.
I encourage your listeners to look at the 10-minute video by... That says it's piling up at the bottom.
Yeah, it begins to slow down after about two and a half seconds, just slightly.
It is almost freefall for the next two, three seconds, and then it slows down a little bit more, so it is very close to freefall all the way down.
But you would expect that, as it actually did meet resistance.
They blow the floors out, it falls in on the rubble, and then you finally do have some slowing.
Yes, they're counting on the weight of the building to be harnessed to do most of the destruction.
So we have witnesses who have heard explosions at the base of the building, presumably those lower eight floors.
We don't really know.
A real investigation would get at the heart of this, and also to how they might have planted such explosives.
But we do know that the lobby, they had access to the lobby, which is not occupied.
They had access to the fifth and sixth floor.
Yeah, it was a spook facility.
Well, we're going to break and come back and then I'm going to attempt to give you the floor.
There's just so many issues I want to bring up here with Richard Gage, the founder of Architects and Engineers for 9-11.
Truth, over 500 members now and growing of Structural Engineers and Architects.
Very, very powerful group of accredited men and women.
That cannot be ignored and we'll talk about the deceptions in the NIS reports and why they've been so deceptive and why they claim there was no molten metal when the government's own studies and their own photographs admit there was molten metal.
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An inside job.
How dare you?
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We are back live with Richard Gage.
Okay, not wasting any time.
Richard, continue with NIST and their deceptions.
For those that don't know who NIST is, you might want to tell them who they are.
And then I want you to spend some more time on the explosive growth and the published papers peer-reviewed by architects and engineers for 9-11 Truth.
Yes, we have
So, acknowledging Free Fall, we were asking all of your listeners to write letters to the National Institute of Standards and Technology, and mostly to government officials and media officials, highlighting the dichotomy of what they're saying on the one hand and what they're not saying on the other.
That this could only have been by explosive-controlled demolition.
It's critical that we get a real investigation, and we're asking also all of your listeners to email every architect and engineer they can find, and with the link to the video that documents this deception on the part of NIST, and the video can be found on YouTube at our account, which is AE911TRUTH.
So go to YouTube and look for AE911Truth.
You'll see a listing of our videos.
The most prominent one that's received 20,000 hits is this physics professor, David Chandler, who, in this 10-minute video, documents this.
It's really important.
And by the way, this is our International Boycott YouTube Day today.
Because they've been censoring a lot of people, but on this day, I would encourage our listeners to go get the video you've posted there and post it on BlipTV, LiveLink, and a bunch of others.
We're trying to get folks to have an exodus away from YouTube.
We're going to stay on YouTube and keep fighting them, but to prepare people to try to build up some other big mega-sites because of the censorship of YouTube, openly announcing they are now run by the ADL, and they decide what goes up and what doesn't.
Banning my videos, restricting them, doing a lot of other bad things, and banning a lot of 9-11 truth videos.
But a side issue, the boycott of YouTube is going on today.
That's why my channel is shut down right now.
But please continue with some of the deception that they're involved in that you guys are exposing.
Well, you brought up molten metal as well, and this is one of the critical pieces of evidence that is denied by NIST.
In fact, before NIST took over the investigation, FEMA had done their own investigation.
And interestingly enough, their conclusion, first of all, is that fire, which is their best hypothesis of how this building came down, has a very low probability of occurrence.
What do you do when your best hypothesis has a low probability of occurrence?
You look for another hypothesis.
In fact, they found some evidence and documented it very well for the explosive control demolition with a new type of material, an incendiary called thermite.
This stuff, there's evidence all throughout the World Trade Center
And how do you get all this molten steel when we're talking about thousands of degrees above what we know is going on?
I mean, the people are standing in the wounds in the buildings.
Waving their arms, it's not melting them.
How does it melt these big four-foot-round girders?
Then we have the video of the molten steel, you know, the proper coloration, the studies have been done, pouring out, founting out like a foundry.
We have the firefighters on TV saying it was just like a foundry, like inside a volcano, just molten metal everywhere.
And then for weeks we have this molten metal.
Yeah, absolutely.
And FEMA documents the melting of the steel, the hot sulfur corrosion attack, turning three-quarter inch girders into Swiss cheese.
This is documented by Abul Hazan Astani, the structural engineer who had unlimited access out there.
Where does all of this melted steel come from?
And even more importantly, what did NIST do with this documentation in appendix C of the final FEMA report in May of 2002?
They eject it.
It is not a part of the official record.
They cannot afford to acknowledge this molten metal.
In fact, their lead structural engineer, John Gross, denies that there's any evidence or witnesses of molten metal.
He denies this publicly when there's dozens of witnesses and plenty of photographic evidence, as you cited, flowing out of the South Tower near the jet plane impact.
The local student group, PNAC, a project for a new American citizen,
They, a few years ago, questioned him about that, and he said there is no molten metal.
It didn't matter if they had the video they were trying to show him, and now there's all this footage of molten metal, but still they're in denial about it.
They're going to have to, at some point, acknowledge that it exists and come up with some excuse.
What we've heard so far is, oh, well, the fire was down in the debris and it was so insulated that it got hotter and hotter and hotter, which is physically impossible.
That's not how it works.
Things cool in entropy.
All right.
We'll be right back with Richard Gage.
Long segment coming up in your phone calls on 9-11.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
We're on the march, the empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Today, unlike any other in the long course of American history, a terrorist act of war against this country.
The enemy struck America on September 11th.
But who is the enemy?
Bin Laden.
This is his MO.
We have to look to the Middle East.
We have to look to Osama Bin Laden.
Fabled Enemies is the first 9-11 film to take a close look at the terrorist ties to intelligence networks inside the United States.
Some U.S.
investigators believe that there are Israelis, again, very much engaged in spying in and on the U.S.
I'm aware that some Israeli citizens have been detained.
Laden's connections to the CIA, the hijacker's ties to the FBI, the Saudi Arabian connection, the Israeli intelligence network, warnings in war games, the shadow government, and much, much more.
Fabled Enemies.
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It is December 19, 2008.
Richard Gage, the founder of Architects and Engineers, for 9-11 Truth is our guest.
Next hour, we're going to get into the attacks on property rights and hunting, farming, organic farms, organic small country stores being raided by SWAT teams.
Now having your own chickens, I guess, will be an al-Qaeda crime here in this police state where they don't want any of us to be self-sufficient.
Richard Gage is our guest.
Your call is coming up here in just about 10 minutes at 1-800-259-9231.
Please, only on 9-11 and government-sponsored terror issues.
Questions for our guest.
Richard, specifically,
Where do you see 9-11 Truth going in the future?
We have April Gallup filing a suit.
She was in the Pentagon, one of the heroes.
You know, showing with her evidence it's an inside job, and then how they persecuted her when she started asking questions.
It seems that 9-11 Truth is only growing and growing and growing.
Richard Gage.
It's growing by millions every year, as a matter of fact.
We had, as you mentioned, the Europeans brought us out.
We had national coverage in Madrid.
We were sell-out crowds.
The European cities, they're more awake over there and the media is less controlled in many of the areas of Europe, not all by any means.
We have, we expect to have a thousand architects and engineers signed on demanding a real investigation by late summer.
And we will take the petition to Washington, D.C., and take lots of members of the 9-11 Truth Movement with us, hold a press conference at the National Press Club, and present the petition to Congress.
So we hope to also have hundreds of our architects and engineers there with us.
So that's a big push for us.
There's a large
There's a conference for 9-11 happening in Australia also in November, and a very important conference in Denver.
American Transparency, you must know about that one, coming up in February.
So there's a lot going on, a lot happening.
I wanted to make sure.
I realize I left some of your listeners hanging relative to this molten metal because some people say, well, who cares?
What does that mean?
Well, it turns out that this is not melted steel.
It turns out that it's not aluminum from a jet airplane.
It's molten iron.
It's iron.
This stuff is brought up, and iron, while a component of structural steel, is
This is not that.
This is the byproduct of thermite.
This is pure iron with elements of aluminum, sulfur, manganese, fluorine, and even 1,3-diphenylpropane, interesting, as found.
Eric Schwartz of the EPA says they've never found that before.
All of this is the key signature
Chemical signature of thermite, a high-tech incendiary which is used by the military to cut through steel like a hot knife through butter.
And not just thermite, but thermate, the specific type.
They don't just find the thermate residue, they're finding the thermite residue.
And it's not just a thermite or thermate residue either.
It is a very high-tech form of thermite, thermate, with nano-sized particles found in unignited chips.
Red on one side, gray on the other, in all of the dust samples.
So we're even finding part of the unignited explosive, the thermate.
And then it turns out some of the people at NIST just so happen to be former NASA experts in thermate couplers, explosive bolts, for separating intercontinental ballistic missiles and large booster components in their second and third stages.
Just so happens that there's just a few experts in the world on thermate.
They just so happen to be the people over at NIST.
That's interesting.
It's very interesting, and you can read more about that on our website, on the technical articles.
Kevin Ryan has done some incredible work.
Our website is ae911truth.org, and people can also purchase the DVD to get more information.
We have a two-hour DVD on all of this evidence.
It's all laid out for you.
Tell folks they can get that there at the site.
Yeah, right on the left side of the website, AE911Truth.org, the evidence is listed for you on the right side.
There's plenty of very important articles.
The PowerPoint presentation that I have used in 80 different presentations around the country and in Europe and Canada is there.
You can step through like 500 slides, very carefully read all the information.
What is the establishment trying to do to stop you or discredit you?
I know that Mythbusters is doing a two-hour special, National Geographic is doing a special.
They wanted me to be part of it, but it's a guy that does hit pieces on Patriot groups and on JFK researchers, and so there's no point being interviewed so he can edit it all together.
I believe you were interviewed by these guys, though, so there's a whole group
And that's just two of the shows.
There's several other big shows being produced trying to counter us right now.
Yes, and I'm not so sure that the gentleman that interviewed me for the National Geographic two-hour TV 9-11 documentary is producing a hit piece on this particular subject.
He has, he seems fairly well convinced to me and gave us every benefit of the doubt and asked us, it was a very friendly interview, I was surprised.
Have you seen the films he's made?
Get ready.
Time and time again, people will say, oh, the BBC was so nice.
And I go, no, I've seen, I go look at what they've made in the past.
He is a specialist in going after alternative media.
And, uh, I did a whole show about their, his inside the, uh, you know, a limo special that aired on Discovery Channel a few weeks ago.
And just the whole thing is a, uh,
And then I interviewed Robert Grodin, who was the expert, one of the leading experts in the world, but helped make the film JFK.
Was the main consultant on that.
Technical consultant to Oliver Stone.
And he was there when they were in Dallas with the car doing their shots, he said.
But that's not where the shooter was.
He was here.
But wait.
I mean, I mean, it just goes on and on.
So, well, just get ready, my friend.
We'll cross our fingers and hope for the best, I guess.
Absolutely, we will do that.
Incidentally, for some reason my computer's gone dead.
It had the callers on it, so we'll... the network IM that to the guys, and will you guys bring me a sheet with those callers on it, because I want to go to those here in just the next few minutes.
Richard, there's so many other facets to this.
Other points in your research that you haven't made that we need to go over and then secondarily Second I would like you to speak about the explosive growth of your organization
Oh, you bet.
Well, relative to Building 7, let's complete this because it's not just the fact that we have freefall, which is only one of the many smoking guns.
This building, 47 stories high, begins immediately its descent and it pulls symmetrically and smoothly nearly straight down and almost into its own footprint.
This is a feat that only a handful of companies in the world can even accomplish.
And it is, in itself, proof of controlled demolition, because in order to bring a building straight down, you have to take out, in this case, the 23 core columns within a tenth of a second of each other, synchronistically timed floor by floor.
That's the only way you can get it to come down straight.
So that is a second smoking gun, if you will.
Indeed, also, we have throughout the whole Ground Zero, all of this dust that blanketed lower Manhattan,
Has these tiny iron-rich microspheres, smaller than a human hair, most of them, this could only have come from an aluminal thermic event, because they have the chemical ingredients, once again, of ignited thermite.
So, there's no way that all of this dust, 20 minutes away in the Brooklyn Bridge, up on top of the skyscrapers, two, three blocks away, and filling all of the apartments, could have these billions of these
Well, how do they get to be spheres?
Well, liquid does this.
Its surface tension forms itself into a sphere.
So, in an explosive event, this molten iron, which is the byproduct of thermite, is dispersed, atomized, and this is how this happens.
It's the only way it could happen.
We're told, well, the welders down on the site cutting the steel could make spheres.
They can't make billions of them and send them 20 minutes away to the Brooklyn Bridge.
These explanations make no sense.
And they can't magically have the spheres be made up of the exact compounds in explosive thermite.
That's right, and attached to the unignited chips.
Uh, you know, 500 plus members.
I interview you in the film, uh, Truth Rising, and you know, then you had a couple hundred members.
Uh, now you've got over 550 members, and as these are published in peer-reviewed journals, you know, that's not you guys writing this.
Your findings are being seconded by prestigious journal after journal.
Uh, it seems like the establishment's got a big problem here, Richard.
Yeah, I hope so, but if we're having the dialogue in a vacuum and it's not being published by the mainstream media, then is it happening?
If a tree falls and no one's there to hear it in the forest, does it make a sound, you know?
Well, in the past it didn't, but now the alternative media is annihilating the mainstream media.
That's why they're moving in with Internet, too, in an attempt to shut down the original free web.
Yeah, and it's a huge problem.
I mean, we have to become our own media.
I know you're the major proponent of this, and we have to get this evidence out to the American people, and it's going mostly, I think, word of mouth.
In addition to alternative media, internet, it is happening, and there is pressure from underneath, if you will, on the mainstream media, so every once in a while they have to respond to it, or they look like they're not doing their job, and they don't want to have that appearance, do they?
So we get National Geographic to respond, whether it's a hit piece or not, BBC doing their hit piece, and people get to see Building 7 coming down for the first time because it's never been played after the first day on 9-11.
Talk about your organization itself that you founded, and then I want to go to phone calls.
We are a nonpartisan group of
It's 560 I think now.
Looking at all of these pieces of evidence and virtually every architect or engineer we show this information to ends up agreeing with us if they're willing to sit down with it for a half an hour or an hour or in some cases two hours is the length we've been speaking
They go, my God, why didn't I know about this?
Well, there's lots of reasons for that, but do you agree with the technical, science-based, forensic evidence?
Yeah, I have to!
Then let's get an investigation to find out what the other issues are, such as, obviously, if this is thermite, and Al-Qaeda didn't have access to these buildings, Al-Qaeda didn't have access to this high-tech
We're talking about some kind of other operation, and the architects and engineers don't speculate too much beyond that, because it's beyond our technical credibility.
But what we can do is provide the tools for your listeners to take the AE911Truth.org link, with the power of our 560 technical professionals, to their friends, to the media, to their congressmen,
Uh, and, and really start to, to move this through.
They say, take a look at this, you know?
You don't even have to say, I'm a conspiracy theorist and here's my conspiracy.
You say, here's a group of technical professionals.
Look at what they're saying.
Listen to them.
Does it make any sense to you?
I found that's one of the best things to do is say my film Endgame or Terror Storm, any of the work I've done, uh, folks that go out and just say, hey, this is pretty wild stuff.
Tell me what you think about it.
I want to make this short, but it's going to take a while.
I went on Google, and I put in Global Hawk.
And it went down to images, and there's about 20 or 12 pages of thumbnail pictures of various pictures of the Global Hawk.
And about a third of the picture down, it says, Global Hawk hits Pentagon.
And it has an explosion, and there's a website under it.
Then, on the next page, there's one, Global Hawk, Pentagon, 9-11, and it's painted in American Airlines' paint scheme.
Well, there's a lot of debate about what happened at the Pentagon, and the way they covered up the videos, the way the witnesses said they smelled cordite, or basically gunpowder, explosives.
You know, that is a major issue there.
And we've covered it, and we've got April Gallup coming on next week, who's filed suit over this.
She was in the Pentagon, and didn't see any plane, didn't see any wreckage, and they told her to shut up about it.
But, you know, the stronger evidence really is the controlled demolition, and then separately the fact that our government, which is illegitimate, has staged terror attacks over and over again that are declassified and admitted.
I mean, there are hundreds of examples where they admit they staged terror attacks on our troops, on our ships, or on other countries to blame it on their enemies.
We have an illegitimate government that's doing this, a group of terrorists.
And so I find that to be the strongest politically, to make people understand it, that, well, hey,
I mean, if I'm a cop and I'm looking for a serial killer, and we find a murder that has the same M.O.
of the other serial killings, then we go look at the usual suspect.
And these guys have done this over and over again, so that's why we do that.
Richard Gage, your comments on the Pentagon?
You're right, it is a little bit of a mess, Alex.
There's clearly a cover-up going on at the Pentagon.
They had hundreds of cameras that would have told us what did or didn't hit the Pentagon, and they're not releasing them.
Only the unclear five frames.
It's a joke.
They came and took the FBI, after five or ten minutes, the cameras from the hotel and the gas station nearby.
So, we have enough very hard evidence, as you mentioned, at the three worst structural failures in modern history, the high rises, that have not been properly investigated, and then that have their own set of cover-ups to go with.
And so, there's some controversy within the 9-11 Truth Movement about the Pentagon.
So our particular organization focuses on the high-rises instead, where there is very little controversy about the mechanisms for how these buildings were taken down.
Alright Warren, thank you so much.
Anything else from California?
Alright, he's gone.
Let's talk, well, we're going to go to break here.
We're going to come back quickly to Randy, Ralph.
We're going to go to Derek first.
He says he's a structural engineer.
I don't know if he agrees or disagrees.
Michael Leno and Kevin and Mass.
In the next hour, we've got a bunch of land rights feudalism issues as we're all basically being driven off the land, micromanaged.
The king has sent out swarms of agents to eat out our substance as the founders complained in 1776 when the Declaration of Independence signed July 4th.
Oh, you bet, Alex.
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Hi Alex, first I'd like to thank you and not Richard for spreading and keeping the 9-11 movement strong so long.
I know people are saying it's seven years or it's been a while.
My question for Richard, I'd just like to know the name of some of your books, and I had a comment after that as well.
Well, several videos have been made with Richard's work, and we have those available at InfoWars.com.
Their latest film is 9-11 Blueprint for Truth, available at AE911Truth.org.
Yes, that's true.
It's all right there.
We have not written a book yet.
Well, related to that question, I was just wondering, because I purposely go to the library to ask for, you know, 9-11-related books, and, you know, so when the library's crowded, I'll get weird looks from the librarian, because I'll know the title of the book, and I'll say, well, what books do you have from Vincent Bugliosi?
So then she has to say the title, and people look at me like, what?
You know, President Bush wanted for murder?
And, you know, I kind of pull a backwards trick for that.
You know, I first off recommend going to see Endgame first for anybody that's getting into this because if you watch it, it kind of starts and gives you, you know, it resets the history so you really know what happened before you go see all this 9-11 stuff and you can see how it relates.
Yeah, it gives it to you in a historical perspective.
Gotta jump, good to hear from you.
Let's go to a structural engineer, Derek from Texas.
You're on the air with Richard Gage.
Go ahead, Derek.
Hi Alex, Richard, thank you so much for letting me on your air and thank you so much for all the great work that y'all do.
Yeah, I'm a mechanical engineer, but I do, as a certified welding inspector, go to buildings and structures and review the structural engineer's recommendations and enforce
I think?
What they're suggesting is that this column 79 on floor 23, which had many attachments, this is a column that was attached to, or excuse me, a floor beam which they said expanded from a linear thermal expansion from these office fires.
And as far as my knowledge, the only thing inside these offices are normal consumables like
Which smolder and burn at 800 degrees, 900 degrees, all hail thermal expansion, a new scientific development in the history of building fires.
Yes, and they're suggesting that all this overcame a connection at Column 79, which was also attached to four other floor beams, as well as the deck connections, which are all welded.
The joists, which are about every two feet, they're all welded.
And, you know, there's many, many connections, not to mention a five-inch thick concrete slab that has reinforcement of steel rebar or post-tension tendons.
Uh, what we need to do is have a finite element method survey that's applied to this geometry and then put different initial load conditions in and run the FEA software and say, we already know that this is silly, but a good FEA survey will prove this is silly.
And this is something that I promoted on Neocon Radio and I enjoy doing it when I can.
Well, the criminal's running the government.
It's not our government.
They engage in a cover-up of everything, so we can't find out specifically.
Richard Gage?
We have to get the information from NIST in order to do the FEA, and they are closing it.
It is not available whatsoever.
They've locked it up, and this is a public investigation, and this information must be made public.
All right, stay there.
We'll be right back.