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Air Date: Dec. 7, 2008
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I'm Jody Jordan.
President-elect Barack Obama tells NBC that the survival of the U.S.
auto industry is important, but that any proposed bailout needs to work toward an industry that actually works.
It is a huge employer across many states.
Millions of people, directly or indirectly, are reliant on that industry.
And so I don't think it's an option to simply allow it to collapse.
And a key Michigan lawmaker says he's not sure there's enough votes to pass an auto industry rescue plan.
But Senator Carl Levin says he's confident an agreement will be reached on a $15 billion aid package.
Ron Gettelfinger is the president of the United Auto Workers.
We're very hopeful that Congress and the administration will be able to pass legislation that will help us out of this economic downturn that we're in.
This is IRN USA Radio News.
If you've been watching the news lately, you've been hearing a lot about the obstacles in our economy.
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Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice says the U.S.
took the wrong approach to Iraq after Saddam Hussein was overthrown in 2003.
She was the national security advisor at the time and now tells Fox News Sunday that the Bush administration should not have put a single department, the Pentagon, in charge of running Iraq.
India's foreign minister denies charges that he made a threatening phone call to Pakistan's president at the height of last month's Mumbai terror siege.
Pakistani officials insist that he or someone else in India's foreign ministry placed the call.
NBC has named David Gregory to be moderator of Meet the Press.
Tom Brokaw has been serving as NRA moderator since Tim Russert died in June.
Gregory is chief White House correspondent for NBC News.
And it looks like Florida and Oklahoma are headed for a matchup at College Football's National Championship game next month in Miami.
For more news and analysis, log on to IRNnews.com.
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Senator John McCain says the situation in Afghanistan will get tougher before it gets easier, describing the situation as similar to how things were in Iraq.
It's a tough situation there.
We're going to have to have additional troops and additional help.
McCain has been visiting as part of a Senate delegation.
President-elect Barack Obama has asked McCain to report to him on his findings.
Government have blasted their way into two transport depots in Pakistan and torched scores of vehicles destined for U.S.-led troops in Afghanistan.
The bold attack revs up concern that militants are trying to choke key supply routes for Western forces in Afghanistan and drive up the cost of war.
This is Lieutenant Colonel Rummy Nelson-Green.
Obviously we're always concerned and we are always in prudent planning and coordination for viable alternatives if need be.
But thus far these attacks have been militarily insignificant and have not created a great impact on our operations here.
And a festive Christmas parade in Texas has turned tragic.
A 10-year-old girl died yesterday after Beaumont Police say she jumped off a float and was run over by a trailer.
This is Police Supervisor Monica Smith.
It appeared that she had suffered serious injuries.
There was an ambulance that was at the parade that was summoned over and the child was transported to St.
Elizabeth and she was later pronounced deceased at the hospital.
I'm Jody Jordan for IRN USA Radio News.
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He stands for what's right.
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Now live from Austin, Texas.
He is Alex Jones.
Welcome ladies and gentlemen, welcome and thank you for joining us today.
We're going to be live here for the next two hours and we're going to have wide open phones at 877-590-5525.
Kurt Nemo, the editor and one of the chief writers over at Infowars.com will be joining us coming up in 30 minutes.
He's done a detailed report two weeks after the terrible Mubai
Attacks in what was formerly Bombay, India being implicated being tied to Pakistan a lot more has now unfolded and Developed there and the evidence is clear.
This is a Western intelligence operation by the way Most of the Indian papers happen to be in English So it's the Times of India and literally scores of other mainstream papers are now
Reporting this so that's where our information is coming from not just out of Pakistan and we'll explain the very nuanced situation That we're dealing with here.
This is cloak and dagger.
This is complex.
This is black ops
And so, we're not sure if it's elements of Pakistani intelligence that we know are Western controlled.
That's mainstream admitted.
We don't know if it's MI5, MI6.
MI5 does operate outside England, not just 6.
We don't know if it's CIA.
We don't know if it's Mossad.
But we have elements of all of those clearly implicated in the Pakistanis, not just with not having a motive, but with the evidence clearly are not involved in this.
And this is meant to kick off a war
In the region.
So, we'll be going over that.
In fact, the Indian Express reporting today, Rice, U.S.
will act against alleged Mubai perpetrators and Pakistan will not, with not just bombardments, but perhaps even a physical invasion.
Now, remember two months ago, Joe Biden and Barack Obama and others said the crisis will be Pakistan.
There's going to be a huge international crisis.
leading up to the inauguration on the 21st of next month in early 2009 on the 21st of January and we went on air and said it's going to be Pakistan because separate from talking about the international crisis in other talks they had been gearing up to go into Pakistan and that's the new place the Pentagon wants to go into so we'll break that up coming up in 30 minutes this is getting really really serious hundreds of NATO vehicles were torched and blown up in Pakistan today
That's up on Reuters right now.
We have that up on InfoWars.com.
McCain is in the Indian Express as well, warning Pakistan of Indian strikes.
John McCain hasn't really been surfacing since he lost back in November, but now he pops up and tells the
Tells the newspaper and tells Pakistani officials and Indian officials that there are elements of the Indian government preparing a new war with Pakistan.
They had a somewhat of a war, a border skirmish with artillery and helicopters and mortars.
Thousands were killed on both sides in 2002.
Both countries have the bomb and medium-range delivery systems.
They can fire missiles at least 3,000 kilometers a piece, but a little over 2,000 miles.
So that's a very, very serious issue.
And we have the RAND Corporation.
That's where Zbigniew Brzezinski, Obama's advisor, comes from.
It was actually Brzezinski who came up with the 9-11 plan, the New Pearl Harbor event, that was then plagiarized by the neocons.
Brzezinski publicly said we need giant terror attacks in the U.S.
as a pretext to go into the Middle East, but he said he wanted to start a war in Central Asia first.
This was a National Security Advisor to Carter, founder of the Trilateral Commission with David Rockefeller.
So he's the real brains here along with Henry Kissinger, but I'm already getting into this.
It's very complex.
The average American thinks that this is in the Middle East what we're facing.
This is in Central Asia.
And I'm not saying you're stupid.
You know all about the football scores and all about the Cowboys not going into the playoffs.
You need to start spending some time learning about this, not the Cowboys and the Playoffs.
I combined that word with the Playboys.
Cowboys and the Playoffs.
You know, I love this nation.
I love this country.
I'm proud to be an American.
But I hear all these charity groups and people for PR reasons running around.
Let's give toys to needy children.
Let's give toys to needy children.
What they need is a future.
What they need is their liberties and freedoms.
The Bill of Rights being given to them and being protected by the American people.
What they need is a true free market economic system and not this crony capitalism with 8.4 trillion.
Last week we were here, and it was 7.8 trillion.
As of Wednesday, AP and Reuters reported that it is now 8.4 trillion, and I guess next week it'll be 9 trillion or something.
Hundreds and hundreds of billions a day being stolen.
More than a trillion a week being stolen.
Seven weeks ago, the banker bailout took place, and again, they always mislabel things.
It was not a banker bailout.
It was a foreign banker takeover of the United States.
So we'll be breaking down some of that as well today.
Barack Obama went on to meet the press this morning and I have a transcript of it here very very chilling and he said headline this is from AP economy to get worse before it improves and so
When you hear things like that coming from the President-elect, you had better hold on to your wallets and look out, because what's happening is foreign offshore banks are imploding this country and the world by design to consolidate them.
So we'll get into that for you as well.
I also have a little police state stack of news here, and this is only the tip of the iceberg.
I have seen the last few days
Toronto bans bottled water sales, but junk sodas remain legal.
This is out of Natural News, reporting on a story out of the Toronto Star on Friday.
Now, a government that can ban bottled water, saying plastic's bad for the environment, can ban anything else they want.
We're good to go.
It sets the precedent to control and regulate your everyday life.
It is feudalism.
It is serfdom.
It's worse than any serf or feudal slave in ancient Europe or ancient China had to live under.
This is total control.
And in the same, speaking of control, all over the nation from Oregon to Ohio, every day I see reports
Of natural organic farmers being raided by the police now coming and saying you're not allowed to have unlicensed agriculture and you've got to have all these special licenses to be able to go to the farmers market or have a food co-op here in the land of the free, home of the brave.
I mean, Russia wasn't this bad, though Stalin did try some similar things.
It's like the Bob Dylan song, you know, someday even your home garden is going to be against the law.
That's in Sundown on the Union.
It was made in the USA.
Oh my goodness.
Yeah, they want to
Grow their corn on the moon and eat it raw.
And I mean that is literally what this is turning into.
Every form of control.
Well, the same rural county in Ohio, and this is all over the Ohio papers, we've got links to it up on PrisonPlanet.com if you want to link through to it.
We have a page just of links to the different news stories there.
We do those little boil-down stories, like Curt Nemo posted.
But the police SWAT team holds an entire family at gunpoint.
It was a local farming co-op, and so for the farmer's market,
Getting ready this weekend, the people came and massed their produce, I guess their last crop of the year, and some of the canned vegetables and things there at this facility.
And the police with machine guns, a SWAT team, came and held them at gunpoint for nine hours, took their computers, didn't have a warrant by the way, took their computers, took their food, took everything,
And the reason this is important, it's the same county last year where they arrested a bunch of Amish people.
And in one case, an Amish man was giving raw milk, which is much better for it, of course, than the pasteurized stuff, to needy people, so they arrested him.
So, see, they're gonna put poison in your baby's formula, you know, melamine, and say that's okay, and mercury in your vaccines, and have wide-open borders, and total tyranny, and the government's caught shipping in drugs every week, but the Amish and the people growing vegetables, they're going to jail!
That's the freedom!
We'll be right back.
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December 5th, 2008.
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We've been hearing the USA has been spending money faster than tax collections.
Now the government has published the document that sounds the alarm.
That's right, the United States Government Accountability Office, the GAO, has published the Long-Term Fiscal Outlook document, clearly stating that the federal debt burden is spiraling out of control.
This will directly affect programs like Social Security to FDIC's ability to insure bank deposits.
Taxation and inflationary printing of the U.S.
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...through the lies and disinformation.
It's Alex Jones.
We are live.
It is December 7, 2008.
Not December 7, 1941.
A day that will live in infamy.
Coming up later, I'm going to break down what Barack Obama's planning for the United States.
It's IMF and World Bank shock therapy.
If you don't know what that term is, Google IMF World Bank shock therapy.
That's where they implode the nation's economy and take all of the assets into the hands of foreign corporations and banks.
We're good to go.
You know, I'm still not used to this phone system in here.
How do I pull the phone system back up on my screen if I don't have it up here in front of me?
Thank you for coming here and doing that for me, Jaron.
I appreciate it.
I've got my weekday show with my own phone system that I am used to.
And on this one, sometimes it gets minimized and then I can't pull it up.
I don't want to... Maybe it's this caller data one.
No, see it's not up there.
Alright, well while you guys are fixing that, finishing up with the situation all over the nation of the game wardens and the environmental police and the Department of Natural Resources, federal, state, local, they are just harassing farmers and ranchers everywhere.
And now, federally, and at several state levels, they're trying to pass a flatulence tax.
This was in the Associated Press Friday.
We've been telling you about it for years, but now it's in the news.
If you want to look it up.
Where the methane that is released from the cows is going to be taxed $160 plus per cow
Sixty-something dollars per pig, all this money, as if methane from animals is bad.
As if that isn't a naturally occurring part of the planet.
Whales release masses of methane.
Some whales eat as much as 7,000 pounds of plankton a day and release the amount of methane that hundreds of cows would release.
I guess we've got to go out and kill all the whales.
No, this is about taxing all human activity and setting the precedent to be able to put a tax on literally breathing.
We exhale carbon dioxide.
We exhale carbon dioxide, and Barack Obama has sworn to list it as a toxic waste, as a controlled poison, as a threat to the environment.
And government is going to tax it at the local, federal, and international level, and the Times of London and others have reported that the very bankers orchestrating the worldwide financial collapse, and we have our own documents for doing it by design, we've posted those, we've covered it,
We told you years ago we're going to then propose a worldwide carbon tax where you buy the carbon credits and pay the taxes to them.
And that now has openly been announced in hundreds of newspapers in the last month.
So we have banning bottled water in major cities in Canada, the US, and Europe.
Banning or taxing fireplaces.
Banning or taxing space heaters.
Just all of this control coming in saying a fireplace is bad for the environment.
Saying that it adds carbon dioxide to the atmosphere.
I mean, is this freedom?
Is this what liberty is all about?
That's why I said at the start of the show, it's great that people collect all these toys and give all these toys to poor children.
Well, what those children really need is to not be in government training camps, government indoctrination centers, the public schools.
What they really need is to not have melamine poison, that they've always said is deadly poison and causes all sorts of cancer and kidney failure, especially in small children.
I mean, that's just a fact.
We need to not have lead in the toys.
We need to, you know, really deal with serious environmental problems.
But no, that's not going to happen.
Now the FDA says, ah, you know what?
Melamine's good for you.
Mercury and shots are good for you.
You know what?
So all of this is about control.
All of this is about taxation and regulation and big corporations and big agribusiness.
They lobby to get laws passed to shut down small family gardens and farms that are producing organic food.
Just a couple years ago the big dairy producers using this bovine growth hormone raising their girls and boys are six and a half, seven feet tall and mom and pop are five two and five eight.
And we've got all this acromegalia going on.
Acromegalia is just off the charts, or acromegalia-like diseases.
That's why your girls are going into puberty.
It was at 7, 8 years old.
Now it's 5, 6 years old.
It's all the hormones.
And there's hundreds of studies on that.
And all the chemicals being put into the cows, and the antibiotics, and the rest of it.
So what happens?
A couple years ago,
Big agribusiness came in and tried to get the federal government to pass laws where organic milk companies just couldn't say, we're organic and we don't have growth hormone.
Now they failed, but in many cases they're not failing.
In fact, last year they succeeded, what about 18 months ago in getting a law passed, where before, if something had a government organic stamp on it, it had to be 100% organic.
Organic fertilizer.
It couldn't be cross-species.
There couldn't be cockroach genes in your tomatoes.
Or pig genes in your tomatoes.
Or your potatoes.
Or your corn.
Or your wheat.
Which has caused sterility in mice and a lot more and all sorts of health problems and caused all sorts of allergies.
They've been tied to all the cancer in lab animals.
And they came in and got the law changed where
The majority, 75% of the fillers in the food product can be GMO, genetically modified organisms.
And see, they're fighting so you don't even have a choice, the freedom to find out what you're being fed, what you're eating.
Now there's ways around that.
Now there are lots of private groups that are individually testing that have their seals of approval.
And that's who we have to count on.
You can't count on government.
Not a government that's busy doing stakeouts to see if Amish are selling whole milk, doing stakeouts to see if farmers markets are selling organic food, that are SWAT team raiding organic farmer co-ops for not having a $10 certificate.
Everything is about throwing the book at the American people, throwing the book at the grassroots economy, ensuring that the grassroots mainstreet economy falls in on itself so they can bottom out the dollar and destroy every other major currency in the world to bring in a world ID card.
And we already have a world ID card under treaty in 2000.
We had a national ID card in 93.
They're just now getting around to telling you that you have a national ID card, the Real ID Act.
But we have the executive orders I covered in my film America Destroyed by Design.
And so what they're doing is moving in a system to implode the world's currencies, and down the road they're going to devalue the dollar and every other currency even more, and then finally, when there's not enough physical money circulating in the economy, the banks have cut off real liquidity to Main Street.
The real economy has come to a standstill.
The blood has stopped flowing.
The world economy is a zombie right now.
The major ship companies can't even get the credit or the insurance certification from the major retailers that are planning to buy the goods when they get here.
So the majority, the AP reported two weeks ago, 90 plus percent of the ships are staying in port.
That's why there's so many shortages of different items.
And then after the economy implodes,
And after there's not enough physical money to even pay debts, in this debt economy, they will bring in the World ID, the World Currency.
We'll be right back with Curt Nemo, and I know we have loaded phones.
We'll get to all of you.
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Without this warning, many of us who still have money available would have unknowingly wasted it on Christmas gifts that will be useless when the only food available is in a government breadline.
When the President is faced with the expected national security incident, the
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All right, we're going to have open phones for the balance of the broadcast after Curt Nemo leaves us.
I'll keep him for one segment, maybe part of the next.
Then we're going to get to Eric, David, Jack, George, Sam, Chad,
Chris, many others that are patiently holding all across the country and the world.
You know, just to flesh out and finish up my point, our children don't need a bunch of toys and a bunch of commercial garbage.
I'm not saying you shouldn't get them.
I'm not saying Christmas isn't fun.
I'm saying the spirit of liberty and freedom is what is valuable, and out of that comes material possessions.
Out of that comes success.
You know, there are hundreds of countries in the world
That have greater natural resources or as great per capita as the United States.
But 90 plus percent of the public are abject slaves in places like Mexico or North Korea.
Because they never had liberty.
Why is that?
They never had a system that didn't put up with corruption.
They never had a system where they were allowed to live their lives.
And what is happening to the United States, and the Western world for that matter,
Is that the people have become disengaged from society, so international corporations with their own armies, their own mercenaries, their own intelligence agencies, their huge lobbying arms have come in and taken over the government and are lobbying for tyranny here in the United States.
I mean, they're openly announcing all over the news now 20,000 combat troops.
It was 3,000 a couple months ago to be on the streets of America.
Robert Gates, Secretary of Defense, came out yesterday and said, we need more foreigners in the military.
Then they spun the story
And the Associated Press about, oh well, this is being done so that we'll have more linguists and more Arabic speakers and more Mandarin speakers.
They've always done that.
This is a cover story.
If you Google foreign troops in America, hundreds of mainstream articles about, what, 20% of the army's illegal aliens they legalized, the biggest army recruiting centers in the world is in Mexico City and Manila, Philippines.
Combat foreign troops.
So, not only are we going to have troops on the streets of America for civil insurrection, for civil unrest, as the Army Times and the Army admits they're doing,
Total tyranny, 180 degrees from freedom, that abolishes the governors under martial law.
It says that in there.
What Gates put out in the Washington Post last week.
What we've been telling you about for years.
But it's going to be foreign troops making up large contingents of that.
Not some outside foreign military, but foreign troops in our military.
And they're hiring felons.
Google military hiring felons.
And you'll see hundreds of mainstream articles.
Police departments are hiring illegal aliens to be police!
You can't make this stuff up, so... You want to give your children something, give them liberty and freedom.
Give them a future to not live in a controlled, nightmare police state.
Now, I want to go to Kurt Nemo here in a moment.
For those that don't know, the Rand Corporation
It was reported, mainstream news, two months ago, we wrote stories about it at PrisonPlanet.com and InfoWars.com, said we need a huge theater war, bigger than Iraq, bigger than Afghanistan, bigger than Serbia, to quote, get the economy going.
What they mean by that is to get the people to go along with what they're doing, to get us to stand down and rally around the flag as these international groups take us to war for empire.
That's what empires do when they're in trouble.
Napoleon, or Hitler, or the Soviets, they always start wars.
Because that silences opposition at home.
And they are openly proposing trying to start a war between Pakistan and India, two nuclear powers.
And, you know, this happened a few weeks ago.
We withheld judgment, looked at all the evidence, and now the Indian and Pakistani papers for the last week
are reporting that members of the army intelligence were caught leading and commanding other terror attacks in india and involved in this one and the five anti-terror chiefs out of thousands of anti-terror forces that were in mumbai they were the only guys that got killed
Chief among them, the head of Indian anti-terrorism, who had been in the papers two days before saying Western intelligence is controlling Muslim terrorists, that they're funding, this is not Pakistan, and this is a false flag government staged event.
He was shot three times in the chest within minutes of the attack starting.
You've got the army killing the separate people there who are within the Indian government who are exposing this.
People always say, well, this stuff was government.
We'd find out it'd come out.
It is coming out.
And folks, just go check out the story at InfoWars.com.
Kurt's got links to all the mainstream stories that back all this up.
And two Mondays ago, about eight days ago, it was in Reuters.
and Der Spiegel that the German intelligence was caught right when the Muslims that the West brought in to attack the Serbs, well now they want NATO out there in Kosovo, southern Serbia and so and the Serbs want them out and it was unpopular for the Germans and NATO to still be there so the German secret police were caught staging terror attacks and separate NATO troops caught them and they admitted to it just like
SAS, Special Air Services assigned to MI6, were caught in 2005 in Iraq, in Basra, staging terror attacks, dressed up with fake beards on, attacking our troops.
Now, that was confirmed.
That was Times of London.
See, people wonder why I talk about government-sponsored terror.
Aren't I supposed to when it's confirmed?
I mean, you know, admitted?
Let's bring up Kurt Nemo for this segment and the next and I promise nothing but your phone calls after that.
So be patient because I want to talk to all of you from San Diego, Las Vegas, Germany, Texas.
We'll go to Germany first when we do go to calls.
Kurt Nemo is a writer for InfoWars.com.
He's written for major newspapers and produced for major TV programs across the country.
I hired Kurt a couple years ago.
He did a great job at InfoWars.com.
He runs InfoWars.com for us and he did a great report
Kind of a roundup of this news.
Arrest provides more evidence India, Israel, and the United States behind Mumbai attacks.
And then he goes through that, the AP reporting on it as well.
Kurt, a basic boil down of the evidence.
Well hey Alex, what happened on Saturday is the Indian officials arrested a guy, his name is Mukhtar Ahmed, and he's accused of providing a SIM cell phone
I'm good.
And so it begs the question, you know, is the ISA responsible for this or is Indian intelligence?
Well, I mean, the head of all Indian anti-terror forces, and this is in our stories and mainstream Indian papers reporting, he was caught by the head of Indian intelligence running the staged attack on the train that killed 63 people.
And so the head of the Indian anti-terror force had been reporting, hey, this is a false flag, and then he gets killed the day of the event.
Out of all of his forces, he's the one that gets killed, and his four deputies.
They all die.
None of the junior people die, and then the Indian police stand down and won't shoot at the people running around on LSD.
That was the attack that was in Malgaon, I guess it was, in Western State in India.
Yeah, it's no coincidence this guy, um, what's his name?
Hemant Karkai was killed when he entered the hotel.
He was one of the first people to die in there.
Yeah, obviously they're covering up the tracks and they're trying to get rid of the people who know what's actually going on.
This is a false flag terror attack.
I mean, you take a look at it.
I mean, the Indian press admits that the RAW, the Indian's version of the CIA, basically has a
A relationship with the CIA and Mossad.
That's common knowledge in India.
Well, what Pakistan is saying is, look, we want peace.
We've been wanting to work with India and the very same Muslim terror groups that the U.S.
founded in the seventies, and that's a fact, what is known as Al-Qaeda and its splinter groups.
They've been staging attacks against the Pakistani government the last six, eight months, blowing up buildings, blowing up hotels they're in, doing this.
And Pakistani intelligence says, look, we've been a puppet of the West.
We're trying to kick them out.
Elements of our ISI, Pakistani intelligence, they are working for the West to do this as a pretext to get a war started between Pakistan and India.
And we come back, Kurt, let's talk about more of the evidence of this being an inside job.
Not just the motive, but all the evidence coming in.
And these guys all on cocaine, methamphetamine, and LSD.
The supposed attackers and then they catch only one guy and he's the guy that we see the images of on the news We'll be right back ladies and gentlemen total false flag, but why are they doing it?
What is the false flag?
We'll talk to Kurt Nemo when we get back.
He's over at InfoWars.com check out a story
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Coming to you from the capital of Texas, broadcasting the truth coast to coast and worldwide, this is the Alex Jones Show.
World War I started through proxy states, so did World War II.
The Ram Corporation, the Vigna Brzezinski, and others have said they want
A war on the scale of World War III, and he wrote in the Grand Chess Board in 97 and in public white papers in the last year, that they want to start the war in Pakistan and India.
That's why the West has given nukes, thermonuclear weapons to both sides, with 3,000 range, 3,000 kilometer range delivery systems.
And right when they're about to sign a peace deal, here come the terrorists.
The police stand down for three days and hundreds dead.
And then the only people getting killed are the high-level police commanders who had publicly been in the newspaper saying the government is staging this.
That is the only place that we saw this happening.
I kind of like that.
It was like Johnny Carson.
Alright, you know, I'm not laughing about that.
The point is, is that this is not Iran, this is not Iraq, this is not Afghanistan, this is not attacking Serbia.
This is potentially starting World War III.
China has sided with Pakistan.
Russia doesn't know who to side with.
They usually side with India.
The United States has got intelligence operatives all over India, and right on time, Joe Biden says there'll be this big crisis, it's gonna be in Pakistan, and voila, look what starts happening.
Curt Nemo, other thoughts on this?
Well, Alex, I just wanted to say that what's really interesting is in this news article, it was all spelled out right there, that this counterinsurgency group run out of the police department in Kashmir,
This guy, this operative, was caught red-handed, you know, facilitating a terror attack.
And in the next paragraph, the Associated Press goes on to say that, well, you know, it was just India's having problems with its intelligence.
It was an intelligence failure.
It was a screw-up.
You know, so in the very next paragraph, they made excuses for this obvious fact that Indian intelligence through their police department in Kashmir is running false-like terror attacks.
But then you have the train bombing.
uh... with the army intelligence anti-terror captain running the organization you have the southern parley law center caught in fbi memos literally running the top people at elohim city the white supremacist compound with the bombing of oklahoma city fbi documents have now come out this is mainstream news i had the lawyer who sued over this and got it all out that the fbi was basically running the oklahoma city bombing and mcveigh thought that he was working for him just like lee harvey oswald and remember
1993, New York Times, CBS News reported, Ahmad Salam, the CIA and FBI, hire this Egyptian intelligence agent.
They bring him over.
First they're going to build a dummy bomb, and it's real Muslim terrorists, but the point is he's the leader of the group.
He goes out and finds these idiots, creates the bomb,
With real explosives, gives them the detonator, and then he thinks that they're going to bust them.
He goes to the FBI and they say, no, we're letting the bombing go forward in two days.
He flips out.
This is all in the mainstream news.
Goes and records more than 12 hours of the FBI him saying, let's stop the bombing.
We weren't supposed to let this really happen.
This is a sting.
And they said, no, we're letting it happen.
We're letting it go forward.
And then he knew they were setting him up, so he recorded them.
And then they had to pay him a million three to leave the country.
And of course they bombed the World Trade Center.
So we have these false flags where the government finds the crazies, brings them in, funds them, allows them to take action.
You have real terrorist attacks that do happen occasionally.
Then you have the totally staged events, like 9-11, where we know the supposed hijackers were U.S.
government agents training at U.S.
military bases, and that's on record.
But the media won't cover it after the fact.
So, Kurt, it's just incredible.
Well, the media will report parts of it, but it takes people
Exactly, but what I'm saying is...
People always say, well this stuff would come out.
It would come out of the Feds cooked the bomb and trained the driver and gave them the detonators in 93 for the World Trade Center.
It would come out of German intelligence was staging terror attacks in Serbia.
It would come out.
It does.
They caught the British in Basra dressed up like Arabs running around shooting people.
Well, Kurt, I mean, this is so bold.
I mean, the larger issue is they're clearly going to stage some more events between Pakistan and India.
India is now reporting they're considering massive attacks on Pakistan itself.
I mean, we could be in World War III here.
Well, precisely, as you said earlier, that's exactly what they want to do.
They want to create a crisis in South Asia and in Central Asia, and they want to have World War III, and that's the only way they can bring their public control grid into
You know, into being is to have demand that the people of the West buckle under, you know, under the severe crisis of a third world war.
Well, this will make everybody rally around Obama, too.
Hey, you know, we got an international crisis going.
Never mind the fact that AP reports that seven weeks after the banker takeover, known as the bailout, $8.4 trillion, and most of it's going offshore.
None of it's going for the mortgages.
But that's okay.
If you're patriotic, Kurt, you'll just give up all your liberties and freedoms and let offshore banks take all our money that we have to pay back in taxes.
Well, that's precisely what this is.
A cover for all those operations that the bankers are doing.
That's what Rand Corporation says.
It is a political diversion.
The big government-funded think tank.
It's a private think tank that
Since a lot of their policy was Zbigniew Brzezinski, and they're saying we need a giant war, and then voila, right where they say they need it, what happens, Kurt?
Well, exactly.
I mean, look what happened in 2003 when Bush invaded Iraq.
You know, the people mostly and generally, you know, 90-some percent of them, you know, agreed with Bush, you know?
I mean, even though at the time we knew that it was bogus.
Nonetheless, and since the magnitude of this attack, or this coming third world war, if we call it that, it will be even worse than the Iraq invasion and more demand will be placed on us to buckle under.
Well, there was only one difference between the neocon camp that took over the Republican Party, the former Trotskyites.
If you didn't know the neocons were Trotskyites, Google it.
I'm not just saying that.
They say it themselves.
No, we want the invasions and the wars to be a little more East in Central Asia.
The basic premise is the same, and that's what Brzezinski said.
He said they want to break these places up, balkanize them, so that the vassals don't get uppity and try to organize it.
Maybe we know so much, we forget folks don't.
Maybe we should do an article sometime this week tying it back to that Rand Corporation document.
And the Rand Corporation report about needing World War III.
And spell this out for people because this is Obama's international crisis.
This is the beginning of it.
And you've got all these Kool-Aid drinking Democrats that think Valhalla has arrived.
No more wars.
Meanwhile, he's saying, no, no, no.
Cutting your paycheck.
You're not going to like what I do.
By the way, we're going to ban your fireplaces and your space heaters.
The Neocons basically said the same thing.
We need a war to rally the people and to keep them in place.
And that's, you know, the Rand Report's basically the same, but like you said, they're shifting it a little bit to the East as opposed to the Middle East.
It's going to be in Asia.
Kurt Nemo, I appreciate you calling, good to hear from you, and thanks for coming on the show.
We'll watch InfoWars.com for your reports.
Okay, Alex, bye.
I'm going to jam in a call here from Germany, because he's been holding it long, so we're going to come back, and in rapid succession, go to all of your calls in the next few hours, so stay with us.
Sam in Germany, go ahead.
Hey Alex, I just wanted to call up and ask maybe, basically I wanted some tips on staying motivated because I get pretty depressed about this whole thing.
And also I'd like you to explain how gun confiscation would fail in America.
Well first off, we don't have a choice.
I mean things are bleak, things are bad, but there's also a lot of good things in the world.
The people are waking up to tyranny all over the world.
Government sponsored terror, banker looting, all of this is being exposed and so they're going to have a tough time
Well, that's good to hear.
I don't know, I think I'm actually going to come back to the U.S.
for a little while, kind of get my, you know, seat of magic on the ground, you know.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
It's funny, it's a worldwide deal, you know, it's just part of the new world order.
I mean, what did the Germans say when it was just in the newspaper that the government is staging terror attacks against itself?
You know, one group of police, of NATO police, caught German intelligence attacking their own buildings.
So, what's gonna happen?
Well, I think it really depends on which part of Germany you're in, but I think people here, it doesn't shock them, but they kind of understand that you have corrupt governments because they got so screwed during World War II, you might say.
You know, it was so bad here.
So it's not that shocking to them, but I think people are just kind of in a daze here.
Hi, this is Ted Anderson.
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This is Lieutenant Colonel Romney Nelson Green.
And President-elect Barack Obama is holding a news conference later today to formally announce his choice to head the Department of Veteran Affairs.
Eric Shinseki gets the nod.
The former Army Chief of Staff who criticized the Bush administration for underestimating the number of troops the U.S.
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Obama is building a diverse cabinet.
And here's Bob Eller.
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Voters in Louisiana have ousted a longtime Democratic congressman and sent a little-known Republican to Congress.
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Wintery weather is gripping some parts of the country.
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It is the first
It's the first time this year that we've had weather conditions like this, and yeah, people have to adjust their driving.
Paris Martha Sonny Von Bulow has died after spending nearly 30 years in a coma.
Her husband had been tried and acquitted of trying to kill her by injecting her with insulin.
A family spokeswoman says Von Bulow died yesterday at a nursing home in New York City.
She was 76.
Here's Verena Dodnik.
She was the talk of the town and of lurid news reports while her husband was being accused of murdering her by injecting her with insulin.
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Now live from Austin, Texas, here's Alex Jones.
Coming up after I get to this bank of calls has been holding Obama economy to get worse before it improves.
Great sacrifice for all of us.
We'll look at his agenda.
He claims he's going to rebuild the infrastructure.
That means turn all your roads into toll roads.
He's going to, quote, expand the internet.
That means go to the internet, too, and restrict free speech.
I have it all right here in front of me.
And a lot more.
And a domestic one million person spy army, foreign troops in our military, and mainline army on the streets of the United States.
But finishing up very quickly with Sam in Germany, then to Eric and everybody else that's patiently holding
Sam, you're making a point about it's in major German newspapers that the German government stages terror attacks and just got caught attacking their own government buildings, this time in NATO facilities in Kosovo.
And then you had one other comment on that, and then you were asking me about the Second Amendment.
Yeah, well I just wanted to say that basically, from what I've, the people I've talked to here in Germany, that knew about the Spiegel article, or Der Spiegel article, was that, I mean of course they were shocked, but I think at the same time they weren't so shocked.
I think people in Europe understand that governments are corrupt because of the corruption they've had in governments here, you know, that are on the books.
I think people here are kind of like it in some ways, like in the US, they're kind of asleep at the wheel, they're just a lot more aware of their surroundings.
It was nothing dramatic.
I don't know.
I guess my question on the second minute was, I've been talking to some people.
If they try to do gun confiscation in America, how could that fail?
How will it fail?
Because a lot of people I've talked to think that they can totally get it done.
Listen, I appreciate your call.
Let me briefly answer that and go to other calls.
It's a process of destroying the Second Amendment, suing the manufacturers, banning them in cities like Chicago and New York.
You know, just 15, 20 years ago, all over the country, people drove around with rifles in their gun racks.
Now the cops pull you over.
Doesn't matter if the rifle's legal, doesn't matter if you're allowed to have it.
Most of the TV shows are based in New York and in places that have gun control, so the dramas show cops arresting you for owning a gun.
The general public gets their news and information from TV, so they think because NYPD blew, you get arrested for having a gun.
That happens in Austin, Texas.
Listen, it's a demonization of the Second Amendment.
This is about 10 years ago.
I've told the story many times.
I'll tell it briefly.
I had a carpet cleaner.
In my house, and I have a radio studio in my house as well, and I didn't have children then, so I had a shotgun in a rack up on the wall.
And the carpet cleaner said, I need to talk to you.
And he said, I can't clean this room.
You've got a gun in there.
And I said, where are you from?
And it was someplace up north.
I'm not bashing folks up north.
A lot of them are pro-Second Amendment.
He just had grown up in some urban center and didn't know that guns were legal.
I said, listen, we're in Texas.
I'm in my house.
I can take that shotgun and walk down the street if I wanted to.
It's my Second Amendment.
And he said, oh no.
He goes, I'm leaving.
Then I had a bad feeling a few hours later and called, got the manager on the phone.
He said, Mr. Jones, he's a new employee.
Doesn't understand this.
Don't worry.
He did come and say he wanted to call the police, but we didn't call the police on you.
And needless to say, I'd never use that carpet cleaner again.
Well, I heard a promo for one of the local shows here.
Last hour, local listeners would have heard it on 590.
Folks on the syndicated stations wouldn't have.
Can you pull that promo up?
It's the morning show promo.
It's where Ed and Sergeant Sam are arguing with each other and they're debating
And this happens all the time.
About 12 years ago, I lived in Woodhollow Apartments, and I was walking out of the car to go deer hunting at our ranch in East Texas.
My Mustang was parked in my space right by my apartment.
I walk out, I pop the back, an old lady's walking her dog.
She sees me sticking a rifle and a box of .243 shells in the back, and she goes, and runs off.
I'd even forgotten about this until I heard that promo earlier.
And this was 12 years ago.
This was before Columbine and all that.
I went to the store, came back, and then a neighbor told me, yeah, the police pulled up and were checking and asking about a gun.
So the point is, you can't even put a gun in your car now.
Because the public thinks guns are illegal.
Now, gun owners know it's not.
The police know it's not illegal, but they still have to respond to a call.
And so the enslaved public has been trained to feel good and safe when they see cops and SWAT teams and guns.
But when a fellow slave has a gun, they get very upset.
And there was a debate about this, I guess, last week on their morning show here.
Do you call the cops when you see somebody with a gun in downtown Austin?
No, I don't.
Why don't you?
Because 9 out of 10, they're probably breaking the law if they're a young punk with a gun.
Oh, why should I?
No, man, wake up, man.
No, you wake up.
Use your brain, cowboy.
Hey, partner.
Hey, partner, you're not my partner.
You're just a caller to this radio station.
Alright, so see, you have a small member.
You are evil if you own a gun.
Okay, I mean, that's what that comes down to.
And so, uh,
I think the answer is Vermont-style concealed carry, where it's just the Second Amendment.
You can have open carry, concealed carry, train all these anti-gun, gelded people, castrated people, that it's our country, it's our Second Amendment, that's what counts, it's our liberties, that's what our veterans fought and died for.
Let's get another call before we go to break, and I promise I'm going to get to everybody.
Eric in San Diego, thanks for holding.
You are on the air, welcome.
Hey Alex, it's great to be on again.
Good to hear from you, what's up?
I've got a couple of things.
I was wondering if the story on Raw Story crossed your radar about Barry Cooper and Copbusters?
Do you see that?
No, tell me about it.
Oh, it's excellent.
What he did is, he's in Texas.
He's a former cop.
He's put a bunch of people in jail, previously in his previous occupation as a cop, in jail for marijuana and stuff like that.
And what he did is he rented a house in Texas
Set up a couple of grow lights and grew some Christmas trees.
I did hear about this.
Tell folks.
So basically the cops come in and falsify the search warrant and barge into this house to find that it was bugged and a complete setup.
Yeah, I did hear about that, and I meant to tell my producer to set that up.
What's the headline of that?
We're going to write that down, because there's this growing group.
My friend Kevin Booth, who made the American Drug War film, it's aired a bunch on Showtime, and won a bunch of awards that I consulted on.
I forget the name of the growing national former narcotics officer group, it's like tens of thousands are in it.
Oh yeah, it's called LEAP.
LEAP, who are for... Law Enforcement...
Against prohibition or something.
Against prohibition, exactly.
Yeah, and let's have a leap on, because again, just like prohibition for a decade with alcohol, tripled the alcohol, energized the gangs, criminality, corrupted the police, same thing with the drug war, but that's why they made drugs illegal.
The big drug cartels lobbied to make drugs illegal in the thirties, and that's actually come out in congressional testimony, because they make bigger profits when it's illegal.
And yeah, I mean I've been here in Austin and seen the Travis County SWAT team in one case that we covered that ended up on the news where the woman had blood weeds growing in her backyard.
I mean, everybody's got blood weeds.
If you don't mow your yard, you know, if it's jungly out there, if it's an unkempt, you know, back 40 or whatever, and that's their excuse to raid everybody without warrants.
Uh, is this blood weed?
And then I saw a couple cases this weekend, uh, where they're now raiding people with tomato plants, and then they, even though there's tomatoes hanging off of it, in one case I saw, uh, I think I meant to print it off and get it in the stack, but it's not here.
They still took a sample of the tomato plant to see if the tomatoes were marijuana.
Again, this is a complete fraud and a complete joke, and they catch police all the time now because citizens are putting hidden cameras in their houses.
The case in Tennessee where they torture the guy for an hour to make him say he had drugs he didn't have, and to make him sign the search warrant.
I mean, that's my point, is that what's more threatening, marijuana or the corrupt police state that comes along with it?
Hey, Alex, I've also got a somewhat related thing, and it's your story with that video with that kid, you know, basically exposing the New World Order.
Yeah, well, his textbook says New World Order, world government's good, but then his teachers tell him he's crazy, it doesn't exist, even when the school textbook says it.
I know, my kid's first year of high school, and
Either in social studies or history class, the teacher was just pumping the U.N.
I mean, just glorifying the heck out of it.
big time.
Get them out of the government training camp or send your son in there with a hundred copies of my films and use what they're doing against them.
Good to hear from you.
More calls.
Gonna blitz your calls when we get back.
Stay with us.
With rising unemployment and an economy that continues to fail comes an increase in crime.
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Are your kids safe when they go out?
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It's Alex Jones!
Before the show ends, I'm going to get into Barack Obama's, quote, policy, what he's planning to do to the country.
If you're a little listener, no, I'm not saying I was for John McCain.
You see, there's more candidates than just the two.
We've gotten to this problem because the establishment can give you both the choices, and control both the choices, who are both New World Order.
I know I keep repeating that.
It's just so mindless.
I'm not even against Barack Obama.
The guy is a puppet.
He will run nothing.
It's the institutions behind him.
It's the policies.
Ah, get ready.
He's gonna bring you a depression.
Because that's what the New World Order is bringing you.
Jack in Las Vegas.
You're on the air, Jack.
Hey, what's good, bud?
You know, I made my day on Friday when you went Obama.
I was pretty depressed from that.
Obama, Obama will save me!
Hold on, hold on a second.
I've got a group of Obama callers.
They're having an Obama appreciation.
A Obama appreciation, a political meeting, just called in from Albuquerque.
Hold on, put them back on the line again.
Hold on, I got a bunch of Neocon followers, a mainline right-wing talk radio calling in.
Oh, wait a minute.
You say you like Sean Hannity?
You like people that take OxyContin, the other talk show host?
Wait, wait, who is that there?
I'm sorry, go ahead and make your point, Jack.
It's alright, my name's Jack, by the way, but it's all good.
Okay, it says Jake on here, Jack, but we'll call you Billy Bob.
Go ahead.
I had a couple questions, I know it might take a minute or two, but I appreciate you keeping me on the line.
First of all, I just want to say, the first thing that got me awake was the entertainment business.
People like Parrish that you had on on Friday, and Immoral Technique, and people like Bill Hicks.
That like, that got me sort of involved, and then I got more and more into it, and I found out about your, like, scanner darkling, and, like, like a walking life, and it got me into it.
But, uh, my, my question that I had for you is, uh, I had a couple of, I had two questions.
My first question is, I was wondering if, uh, like, I've been hearing a lot of stuff about Hitler, how he might be like a Rothschild, or he might, he's possibly a Freemason.
Was he like, I mean,
There was no doubt that Hitler was into the occult.
There was no doubt that his father was born illegitimately out of the Rothschild house.
His grandmother was a servant girl in one of the Rothschild's houses.
Now the Nazis then tried to cover up his father's birth certificate.
They tried to cover up his whole family tree.
And so that's where all of that discussion comes from.
Good to hear from you, my friend.
Okay, let's go ahead and talk to David in California.
David, welcome to the airwaves.
Hello, yes.
Thanks for holding, go ahead.
Uh, yeah, I was wondering, um, I've got a couple of questions.
You can take off speakerphone for a second.
Hey, uh, so, um, I was watching, watching Fareed Zakaria today on the CIA and in, uh, the news network.
And, uh, he had, uh, a general and a former, uh, ISI officer
Uh, on, in interviewing the guy, and the guy says, uh, he mentions, uh, they're talking about, of course, the Indian attack.
And he says that it appears to be, and, uh, obviously, uh, an intelligence operation.
And then, uh, I just wondered, I was wondering how far would they go with this.
Well, I know the former head of the Pakistani ISI has already come out saying the West staged this attack to blame it on Pakistan, but go ahead.
Right, exactly.
Oh, he said that on CNN?
He said that on CNN, I couldn't believe it.
On Tarik Akaria, and they didn't edit it, unlike everything else they edited.
Well, you know that Sarkaria guy is actually a Bilderberg Group member, one of the few journalists that is a Bilderberg Group member of the 125 members.
Wait a minute, excuse me.
On CNN today, they had the former head of ISI.
It's the same guy.
Actually, I don't know if it's a head.
He was a former ISI officer and a general in the Pakistani Army.
I didn't get the guy's name.
Well, there's a former head, I've got to pull it up, who said last week that the West staged these attacks and then gave evidence.
And now even the Indian media is saying that.
That was on CNN.
What did the host say?
Okay, well, the host says, basically, please expand on what you're saying.
He goes, well, it appears to be an intelligence operation.
Nobody knows, really, who perpetrated this or organized it.
And then he gets into 9-11, and this blew my mind.
He actually made the point for 9-11 Truth, and they left it in the show.
But, however,
What he says, I'm paraphrasing in my memory, he says that 9-11 in his opinion, Afridi Gharia asks him, well who in your opinion committed 9-11?
He said, well it apparently appears to be a, quote, neo-con-Zionist operation planned in America and carried out in America by the same people.
And then, uh, Fareed Zakaria goes to commercial break, but they have a little piece they insert in, and Fareed says, uh, you know, just so that you guys know, much of what he's saying is false.
And he goes to a commercial.
I'm like, well, you had to add that little footnote.
With no evidence.
Yeah, exactly.
And it's unbelievable that they left that in.
I only say that because I post, I have posted twice.
On the Jack Cafferty file, back in July, and I think I sent you guys my letter.
Yeah, Cafferty does the piece with Blitzer every day.
And Jack Cafferty asked back in July, who do you think would be better at catching Obama than London?
Exactly, right.
McCain or Obama?
Please post and blah blah blah.
So I posted, and a simple little note, and I know I forwarded this to Aaron at a board,
I post, uh, well, according to Benazir Bhutto, and on her David Frost interview on November 2nd, and you can, anyone listening can do the search, November 2nd, Frost, Bhutto.
Yeah, she says, uh, Bin Laden died, yeah.
And he says that he was murdered, and we have the man in prison who murdered Bin Laden.
And so, in my post, I said, according to Tabuto, he was killed recently in Pakistan, so don't think anyone's going to catch the guy, ever, because, let's face it, he's sixty-six feet under.
I said, but just keep on pretending, and our idiocracy will never know the difference.
Well, my posting appeared on their blog for about a half an hour, then they deleted me.
And I didn't say anything that broke their rules.
I didn't, you know, promote violence toward anyone.
YouTube, Google, censoring my videos, everybody else's, because they're desperate.
They're losing all credibility.
And as William Colby said, former director of CIA, the CIA owns anyone of any significance in the major media, and this is 100% true.
I mean, you do not have to break their rules in order to get deleted, and that's a fact.
Listen, listen, do me a favor.
I hear you.
Put that together with the Fareed Zakaria program.
Write up a blurb and send that to Aaron at Infowars.com or send it to Mike at Infowars.com and he'll get it to me.
But I just can't keep track of all this.
No, I mean, it's in the Pakistani news, it's in the Indian news, it's in the British news that this looks like it could be a Western operation.
So it's not just Alex Jones saying this.
And for anybody that turns their nose up at Israel being involved in terror, you've got to have a problem with the Ross and Jerusalem Post and a few other of the big Israeli daily papers.
If you Google Israeli fake Al-Qaeda groups, you will be on Israeli newspapers.
And so if you've got a problem with somebody saying that about Israel, have the problem with Israel's own newspapers.
Because Israel, admittedly, has been caught staging hundreds of terror attacks against themselves.
Now, are there real terrorist attacks?
But every time Israel doesn't want a peace deal, or every time they want to try to go after a group... Well, I mean, here's the point.
UPI reported... Oh, what in, uh... When was it?
In 2003?
That Israel founded Hamas to be a counter to Hezbollah.
Hezbollah is Shiite.
Hamas is Sunni.
It's very sophisticated, folks, and you need to get informed on this like you are on football.
We'll be right back.
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Coming to you from the capital of Texas.
Broadcasting the truth coast to coast and worldwide.
This is the Alex Jones Show!
We are back live!
New World Order!
It's a New World Order!
That's what it all comes down to, ladies and gentlemen.
You heard the promo earlier.
We're evil.
We are bad men if we want to own guns and pass on liberty to our children.
We're cowardly.
We're shriveled.
We don't have any male appendages.
That's the attitude of people that want to be slaves, and I'm sorry for them.
They think it's trendy and cool.
Oh, I'm for turning my guns in, but I love it when we have troops on the streets.
You see, the government being oppressive and illegitimate, using troops from the American people, but let's take the American people's guns, that will be much safer.
You know, a lot of folks think that, oh, so what about tyranny or police brutality or violating the Fourth Amendment or warrantless spying?
People think that tyranny is some quaint thing that can't happen here or that tyranny happens to somebody else.
Tyranny is done so that the corrupt elite can rob and tax and over-regulate the people.
Tyranny is a horrible thing.
That's why tyranny is a bad thing.
So a lot of you that don't care about tyranny or don't think it won't affect you because, oh, I don't care about freedom, I'm not going to speak out against the government.
Well, don't worry.
You're going to get hurt just as bad by tyranny.
See, you can't get out of this.
You can only fight back against it or get down and lick boots.
The phones are always loaded on this show, but they've been loaded since the very, before the show started.
I'm just, you know what, I'm going to do phone blitzing now, because I want to get to everybody, and I want more people to be able to call in.
At the very end, I'll cover some of Obama's new policies and a few of the little giblets of news here I have.
Let's go ahead and talk to Chad in Texas.
Chad, go ahead.
Chad, welcome.
In Colorado?
Yes, sir.
Could you call him?
I lost that caller.
Let's go ahead and talk to George in Texas.
George, you're on the air.
How you doing, Alex?
You know, I just about fell out of my chair this morning.
I was just, I don't, I watched Fox NFL Sunday and they were talking about all the football players, New York Giants players, arrested for carrying a gun.
And they were telling, oh, how bad it was.
Yeah, well, that's the message.
See, just like I said last, or earlier this hour,
That's what's done over and over again, is that they take media stories out of Chicago and out of New York, where there's total gun bans against the slave citizens.
And then they advertise that guns are illegal.
And so when you've got a carpet cleaner or a plumber in your house, in 98% of the country where it's not illegal, where you still have somewhat of a Second Amendment, they call the cops on you!
I mean, it happens all the time.
They're in your house, they see a gun case, they see a gun frame on the wall, they start freaking out.
They have been trained to be scared of guns.
And that's just disgusting.
Go ahead.
So they were on there talking about how horrible it is that these NFL guys want to protect themselves while the economy implodes and crime explodes.
How dare them want to protect their families!
How dare them!
Well, um, you know the thing is, before I left Florida, a woman called the police and this guy's house got SWAT teamed and all his guns taken away because she was looking through his front window and he was just cleaning his guns!
Sir, I read hundreds of news articles a day for listeners that don't, and I see articles every couple of days where a mainline guy who's a plumber or works at an auto plant, there's been a lot of cases, we've interviewed some of them, he'll tell his neighbors, hey you better get some storable food, things are falling apart.
Uh, or they'll, uh, be carrying their guns out of their car to go to the shooting range, or they'll be cleaning their guns on the back porch, and they get SWAT teamed, and the cops say, well, there's no law, but we're gonna go ahead and take your guns, because it's an arsenal.
So, so, I mean, tell me, so they SWAT team this guy for cleaning guns, with this good little spy watching him, and then what happened?
Well, he didn't get arrested, but he lost his guns.
It's like New Orleans.
They took hundreds of thousands of guns.
They busted into houses, took them high and dry.
People trying to get out of the city in their RVs and trucks.
They'd stop them, search them, take their guns, and they never got them back.
And it's the same thing with just all of this.
And now in Illinois, the governor announced three months ago, they have the National Guard confiscating guns door-to-door.
Well, the thing is, a good part about where I live, it's a sin if you don't own a gun.
Well, that's the kind of places we need everywhere, because again, slaves are disarmed.
Now, let me explain how this works in Illinois.
They're totally banned in Chicago and several other cities, a bunch of towns.
I mean, it's so enslaved in some areas of Illinois.
Great people, by the way.
We're on like four affiliates up there.
Two of them going to Chicago.
Great people.
My cousin lives up in Chicago.
Wonderful, you know, nice city, but the evil of the government, you know, with the son of the mob boss, you know, being the mayor for life.
You have to have a car to own a gun.
And so they love SWAT teaming old people because they'll get old and won't renew their card, and that's in a database.
And the day your card is expired to own a gun, you get SWAT teamed.
And so, and routinely when I see the articles, it's called CAGE units up there, the State Police Anti-Gun Units, and now they use the National Guard, and they just go door-to-door every day to the houses.
Okay, here's a list on the computer of those that didn't renew their card, they're still going to have guns, and they SWAT team you.
Again, ladies and gentlemen, enslaving the people.
Let's go ahead and talk to Chris in Illinois, speaking of folks in Illinois.
Go ahead, Chris.
Ecclesiastes 7 and 7, Chile oppression make it the wise man mad.
Alex, the GMO food situation.
I feed the animals in my backyard because, like you, I love nature.
Funny thing, in the middle of the winter, squirrels will not eat GMO foods.
I've talked to farmers where the pigs won't eat the GMO crop.
Yeah, they'll sniff it.
They'll look at it, and then they'll look at me like I'm crazy, like I'm trying to poison them.
Now if I go and get, uh, uh, what you call, uh, organic foods, they'll eat it right up.
They'll eat it right up and come back for more.
Sir, there are thousands of studies.
I just had an expert on Friday.
I mean, all these GMOs, they feed them to rats.
They can't have babies anymore.
It's being done by design.
Go ahead.
And even those rats, just like a man who was imprisoned, or a man who may be in a dire situation, you eat your own waste byproducts.
Those lab animals are starved.
Three Swallowtails and maybe one Monarch.
I always saw Swallowtails growing up.
You never see them anymore.
And of course, almost all the bees in England have died.
Half of our bees have died.
And they have major German and Russian studies, university studies, I've had the scientists on here on the show.
It's all linked to one GMO corn.
And when the bees, other bugs won't eat it, but the bees will, then the bees die.
And so that's the major issue there.
It is just so horrible.
But the reason pigs and squirrels and others, there have been studies on this, won't eat many varieties of GMO corn and other foods that have had mainly cross-species, other genetics, other animals put into it, is because they're olfactory nerves.
That's why they use a pig.
They're noses.
They use pigs to find truffles.
Some police agencies now use pigs other than dogs.
Pigs have a nose even better than a bloodhound.
And the pig is smelling something in there we can't smell.
Thousands of times better sense of smell than we have.
Good to hear from you.
Bobby in California, good to hear from you.
You're on the air worldwide.
Hi, I'm wishing to call out, Lou Dobbs broke a story the other day about United States funding Russian scientists that are building up Iran's nuclear program.
Did you hear about that?
Yes, the United States, what was that?
That was only $15 million to a Russian science institute that's helping Iran develop their nuclear reactors.
But again, that's a shill in and of itself, because if you Google US and England help arm Iran, actually the US and England have been arming Pakistan, India, and Iran
With real nuke components, so that's kind of a red herring.
So you think they're trying to build up Iran's nuclear industry so they can bomb it?
You ever seen the old western where the evil gunfighter hired by the mining company has just killed the little...
Miner's dad, and then he throws the gun down in front of the ten-year-old's feet and says, pick up the gun!
Pick it up!
Well, that's what they're doing with these countries.
They give them the weapons so they can blow the daylights out of them.
I think they're setting up Russia so they can bomb Russia.
In fact, they helped Iran.
Oh no, you're right.
NATO says they want to launch a sneak attack on Russia, just like they snuck attack areas of South Ossetia.
We'll be right back.
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I'm good.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Thank you for listening to GCN.
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All right, let's keep blitzkrieging through your phone calls.
Brian in Austin, Texas.
You're on the air, Brian.
Hey, thank you, Alex.
First off, I just want to say that I owe you an apology, because six weeks ago I would have been considered a right-wing Republican Christian conservative, and I ridiculed you to other people, and I regret it.
Well, what woke you up?
Somebody told me to go watch a 9 second video of Building 7 and then of course I had a heightened awareness and fear over the Fed printing all this money and so I watched Fabled Enemies and a few others and I'm just shocked.
Well did you hear me years ago say that they were going to do this with the banking and they were going to put troops on the streets and everything's being announced now?
Well you know I'm living proof that
What you're doing is working, because some of the things you would say, I'd say, you know, I want to believe that, but gosh, I just can't get myself to believe this, and this, and this.
But the good news is, you don't have to believe me.
Everything I talk about is documented.
No, I know, but... If I tell you they're arresting Amish people for selling each other whole milk, I got the news article.
Well, no, I believe everything you're saying now, Alex.
It's just that the information is getting out, and I had to see it to believe it, and now I've been able to absorb it.
But something that I think may or may not have gotten on your radar is they had an unbelievable stellar group of people, if you call them stellar, or at least that's the way they appear, in Colin Powell and Rudy Giuliani, Zig Ziglar.
And they were charging $19 for this big seminar.
No way it's profitable.
Oh yeah, they advertised on every radio and TV station.
Had to be hundreds of thousands.
And how were they making money saying 20, 30 people could come for $19?
They're not.
You know what they were telling people?
To leave your money in your 401k so they can steal it.
Well, Zbigniew Brzezinski, all of these people have been coming to Austin.
The head of the Federal Reserve, he should be going to prison, according to Ron Paul.
He came to town to propagandize and act like they're the good guys when they're engineering all of this.
So you saw through that.
Yeah, I absolutely did, but I wouldn't have had I not watched that nine-second video and then started listening to you.
And now I'm starting to study a little bit of British history, and it's absolutely frightening.
Last night on the Austin News, they talked about a fusion center here, and the news program couldn't even tell us what a fusion center was.
How many years did I say?
They're building FEMA command centers to federalize your local police, and they've now announced the governors will be federalized.
They told us the reason that Austin is more likely to be hit by a terrorist attack is because of our population and because of I-35.
What laziness on the part of the media!
No, a fusion center is a federalization tyranny center.
Well, Alex, what you're doing is working because, again, I owe you an apology.
I left a message several days ago for you just to... because I just felt guilty.
But I will never ridicule anything that you say again.
I mean, obviously, you know, I'm an independent thinker, so, you know, I have the right to disagree.
Ridicule whatever you want.
No, no, no.
I mean, the point is, I try to tell the truth, and 98% of the time, I am accurate.
You know, I was listening to rebroadcast of my show the other day and I was talking about Arnold Schwarzenegger shouldn't be able to be our president.
We shouldn't change the 22nd Amendment.
You know, if it turns out Obama, you know, isn't natural born and can't be president, we shouldn't amend that for him either.
And then I said, because Arnold Schwarzenegger isn't a U.S.
And later I listen to the show and I go, I meant natural born.
So I make mistakes like that all the time.
But when it comes to the basic information, I am accurate.
Okay, let's go ahead.
I mean, I also oversimplify because of time.
I mean, I want to go to your calls right now.
But earlier I said they're confiscating guns using the National Guard in Illinois.
Well, what they're doing is they're going door to door knocking and saying, can we see your guns?
It's called knock and talk.
Google that.
So, it's not like they're door-to-door, every house taking the guns.
They're trying to take the guns.
Let's go ahead and talk to Alex in California.
You're on the air, welcome.
Hi Alex, how are you doing today?
Good, sir.
Yeah, listen, I want to relate to your story.
I live in the Beach Cities area of Redondo Beach.
It's a suburb of Los Angeles.
I want to relate to your story about the Army.
My brother-in-law and me, we experienced... I was in Carson, California, right off the 91 Freeway on Friday.
About 11 o'clock in the morning and we were at a stoplight right by the freeway, kind of an industrial poor area, Carson.
So we saw these three canopies, they were trucks full of just military people and it was full on army, you know, we could tell they were soldiers.
Regular army.
Regular army is going to be in every fusion center, in every city, surveilling illegal the American people.
Listen, I just wanted to know if you have any information about anything going on in Los Angeles area.
And also, you know, I'm a freelance writer and I covered some local events, city council meetings and stuff in this area.
Have you heard anything about the El Segundo military entrance processing station?
I mean, I covered it when they were first talking about it in the City Council, so what exactly is that going to entail?
They said it's going to be open in the summer of 2009, so what exactly is that going to... They're going to turn the public schools into military academies, and I'm all for military academies, but not when it's public schools, like Nazi Germany.
They are going to build huge military bases and take old bases and reopen them.
All over the country, they're moving the National Guard, which has now been federalized, under Homeland Security, North Com, in with local police departments.
They are, I mean, just classical tyranny, sir, I don't know what else to tell you.
Ronnie in Texas, you're on the air.
Thank you, sir, and I wanted to also apologize for a missed opportunity on the BBC broadcast, World Have Your Say, they did here in Austin.
Gosh, I don't know.
I just didn't get everything in I wanted to.
I'm sorry.
I didn't know that that happened here in town.
It was great, and I was able to say my revolutionary name, which you don't let me say, by the way, which is, I don't think, constructive.
I don't know what you're talking about.
My name is Ronnie.
Reefer Seed.
It's kind of, I call it revolutionary because it's tearing up the Republican Party.
They wouldn't let me go to the, as a delegate, despite the overwhelming support of the... Well, I mean, it's okay for you to say Ronnie Reefer Seed.
I mean, you're claiming I'm not letting you say... Well, no, I guess I was trying to, you know, I've heard you say you prefer people who have only one name, and this is a kind of exception because, like, in my case, that's actually my name on the ballot when I ran for Congress in the year 2000.
Okay, well, let's see.
I mean, it's different if somebody is a
Listen, here's the deal, man.
I don't care if people smoke pot, I don't smoke it.
But people that smoke it, act like that's their revolution.
That's how they're fighting the man.
Or having Rasta hair, or having tattoos.
Look, I don't care.
Do what you want, just don't say I'm a square because I don't do it.
I'm against drug prohibition, but I don't think drugs overall are good.
Now, I think marijuana is not as bad as alcohol.
Let me be clear about that.
I think alcohol, I've seen the studies, is clearly worse.
Car wrecks, death, liver disease, everything.
I'm just making the point here that people stoned out of their head calling into the show is annoying to me.
I mean, I get sick of potheads.
People who smoke pot every five minutes.
I mean, I'm tired of it.
I mean, if you smoke some pot at night like you'd have a drink or something, fine with me, but just, I don't want to hear about it all day long.
Uh, let's talk to, uh, is that Chess?
It's C-H-E-S?
Uh, in South, uh, Dakota.
You are on the air.
Hi, Alex.
Uh, yeah, we're calling, we're doing, I want to tell you how we're fighting the info war up here.
You've talked about micro-FM, but we use these certified transmitters.
We've created a daisy chain of low-power transmitters in Sioux Falls and Omaha.
You're actually live right now in the two cities, and we're growing these by about one transmitter a week.
So you have legal little tiny ones, but get them in everybody's houses.
Yeah, actually these transmitters are certified only on the AM side.
They have available these certified transmitters.
They actually cover almost a three-mile radius.
You get six of these in a city like this, you're all over the airwaves.
Where did you get them?
Well, there's a man in New Hampshire that builds these.
He's an engineer.
I'm an engineer.
I used to work there in Dallas for Southwestern Bell.
I learned about this back then.
Hey, listen.
Give us your name and number because I know that small AMs are legal and I would love to have you guys as a sponsor or just to promote you, period.
Well, this is blowing up.
I mean, I'm getting emails everywhere now.
So, how many of these transmitters you got going out there?
I've got five.
I've got one in Omaha and four here in Sioux Falls and everybody in Omaha now.
We've got enough.
Yeah, it's called the Hamilton Rangemaster but I can get them at a discount for listeners.
But, uh, and Ted Anderson's folks know about me.
I've been talking to, uh... Well, we want to talk to you.
We want to put you on hold right now and, uh, get that information, okay?
Last caller, Drew in Arizona.
Go ahead.
Um, I, um... Hey, buddy, turn your radio off.
Um... That's another pothead caller.
I'm joking.
I'm gonna hang up on him.
That's a prank caller that keeps calling and disguising his voice.
I know who he is, so we just hung up on him.
Look, I'm out of time, ladies and gentlemen.
I didn't cover all the news I wanted to, but I did cover a lot of it.
Obama, economy worse before it gets better, CBS News.
He says he's going to do a lot of things people aren't going to like.
The economy's going to get worse before it gets better, he said twice in the early moments of the interview on Meet the Press, taped Saturday and then aired today across the nation.
And then tomorrow on my weekday show, I'm going to go through Obama's unveils 21st Century New Deal.
They're going to take over the web like they took over AM and FM radio 80 years ago.
They're basically going to shut down the free web and go to internet too.
They're going to turn most of the major roads into international biosphere corridors, international zones.
Tax you to go on those.
ABC News and AP are reporting more foreign troops to make up our military, more mercenary groups to be operating in the United States.
I've got a video here where the police
This guy falls in the waters drowning so his sons are yelling and screaming so they taser them.
I mean, just, I'm not bashing the police here.
I'm saying you've turned into just morons.
Not all of you, but a large portions of you.
Oh, and Reuters reported the Queen.
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