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Air Date: Nov. 28, 2008
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Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
It is Friday, the 28th day of November 2008, the day after Thanksgiving.
Hope you had a great Thanksgiving with your family and hope you gave thanks for what this country has stood for in the past, the Republic.
Our liberties, our freedoms, the Bill of Rights, the Constitution, all of which is under assault by the Pentagon, under assault by the foreign banks that control the Pentagon and the executive, as well as many of the leaders of the legislative.
They are enemies of the Republic.
They are openly declaring war on the Bill of Rights and the Constitution, making themselves tyrants and treacherous traitors.
That does not mean our enlisted men and women are tyrants or treacherous traitors any more than people in the German military that stood up against Hitler were traitors against the German military or the German people.
In fact, they were defenders.
And make no mistake, ladies and gentlemen, we're in a lot of trouble.
I took off, what, Wednesday and Thursday, and it was very hard to do that.
In fact, yesterday morning,
I called up the network and they had a skeleton crew, just somebody in there to make sure all the computers fired and replayed the shows, and I was told I couldn't go live yesterday.
Then about an hour later, John Harmon, who's my regular guy running the show up in Minnesota, I'm down here in Texas, called me and said, well, I'll come in if you want.
I said, no, let's just go live tomorrow.
So here we are.
Why did I want to go live on Thanksgiving?
Well, because of the string of bombings and attacks and hostage-taking in India.
And we have the most detailed reporting you'll find anywhere at InfoWars.com and PrisonPlanet.com from Paul Watson, Steve Watson, and Kurt Nemo, all of them doing great jobs writing news stories on Thanksgiving.
So we'll be going over that with Paul Watson, who is joining us in about 10 minutes.
For the balance of this hour,
But I did something else Wednesday night and Thursday night.
I did a lot of research.
A lot of research on the memo put out by Secretary of Defense Gates.
And I have that in front of me here today.
I read the entire 50-something page memo last night.
Secretary of Defense, Memorandum for Secretaries of the Military Departments, Recommendations on the Commission of the National Guard Reserves, and it's worse than even I had thought.
They openly declare the states are vassals of the federal government, the governors are vassals, that regular army will be used against the American people in our everyday lives, the National Guard is to be abolished and rolled into NORTHCOM completely,
And he admits in here that this was already done covertly.
Over and over again they say no changes needed, no further recommendations needed, already operational.
This is just an announcement to the world.
You see, the private banks took over the U.S.
in 1913.
Then they engineered the Great Depression to get us under federal control with the War Powers Act and the Emergency Powers Act of 1933.
And then the American people in the seventies didn't want wars, didn't want to be an empire.
So they set about turning America into a high-tech police state, brainwashing the public.
And because, I mean, if you want a world empire, you can't just have an external empire.
You've got to control your domestic slaves.
And that's what this is.
And we are just used, basically, as a mercenary force to pay taxes, to create the armies, and to levy the taxes, to fund the armies.
And it's, it's, we are the most conquered here of anybody in the global empire.
We are, we are the conquered.
You have a very shallow, dumbed-down public that can't look any further than the end of their nose.
And so we're in a lot of trouble.
But I did make some notes here in this memo.
We'll go over that.
The shape of things to come.
Things present.
We have a completely ruthless group of people in control who will think nothing of staging terror attacks in the United States.
It's all part of the military mind.
So what?
Just more death, huh?
Gets the job done.
Gets the mission done.
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Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Even mainstream media is...
Commando attacks across the financial capital of India in the last two and a half days.
Paul Watson has been detailing this as well as Kurt Nemo.
Paul Watson will be joining us in about seven minutes from now for the Balance of the Hour.
It is Friday, ladies and gentlemen.
We are live.
I was going to take off the day from radio to finish up my studio, that it for all intents and purposes is done.
And so in the next few weeks we'll be doing our shows from the new studio.
Just a program note for everybody.
And it's got a great new look for all the PrisonPlanet.TV members with the TV show we're going to be doing in there.
I'll probably just do the new international television program I'm going to be doing out of that studio as well.
It looks that good.
So just wait and see.
We're pretty excited about it.
Here's some of the other news.
Fox News reports on collapse of Building 7 before it happens.
You know, we have CNN saying 45 minutes before that Building 7 had fallen because of structural damage in its own footprint with a total collapse.
Putting out the official story, we had BBC 25 minutes before on BBC World and BBC 24, two separate channels, saying the exact same scripted lines as CNN.
And so we went on air and said, ladies and gentlemen, and it took years, it was years after 9-11 that these tapes were discovered that it aired live by 9-11 researchers.
And we said, you know, clearly Reuters or AP put out an internal wire, which they do, to the news agencies reporting that earlier as part of the official story to make sure that they put out the official story when they blew it up.
And then BBC denied that and said we were liars and said they'd lost the tapes and said that it wasn't even true.
It wasn't even basically a real video.
Then they had to back off and say, okay, we found the tapes.
It is true.
And yes, Reuters sent them an internal memo reporting that.
See, exactly as we said, we know how the world works.
This is what we do.
We study enemy operations.
We're just desperate.
Uh, groups of people desperately trying to defend what's left of liberty, studying the enemies of freedom, studying the globalist crime syndicate.
And that's why we're right about everything.
I mean, and I'm not tooting my horn here.
It's horrifying that we're right.
It's horrifying that things... Folks, I couldn't even sleep last night.
I rolled around every 20-30 minutes waking up staring at the clock on the wall.
Just so upset about what's happening.
So upset about what the next phases of the New World Order are.
So upset that I've been right about everything.
So upset that we assess things correctly.
I mean, I look at my innocent children every day and I want to break down crying.
Just out of sadness for them and humanity.
And I look at the dumbed-down public.
I don't hate them for their ignorance.
I feel sorry for them.
You know, this morning in Long Island,
A Walmart opened, and the man opening the front door was trampled to death, and as he laid there bleeding to death on the floor, after more than 500 people had run over him, stomping on him, no one stopped to help him.
And that's what's happening to America.
When the CPS takes somebody's small child for no reason, and take them for medical experiments, or take them to adopt them out to a home, to a family for money, or when somebody dies of cancer from fluoride in the water, or somebody dies at a young age from cancer viruses in the vaccines, or when troops get nerve gassed in chemical tests by our own criminal government, it just, it'll come out in the news and nothing happens.
Or when American citizens are grabbed and flown overseas to be tortured, it comes out nobody gets in trouble.
And I read every week about somebody in a major thoroughfare run over by a car bleeding to death for an hour.
Or a child being beaten to death by some schizophrenic psycho on the side of the road and hundreds of cars pass and nobody stops to help.
They just call 911.
A member of the British government, a conservative member of parliament, who put out information about government corruption that was confirmed to be accurate, was arrested by anti-terror forces of the British government.
And there's members of parliament, the mayor of London is calling for his release, and they're using anti-terror powers on the general public over there and over here.
Because this entire anti-terror apparatus is for us.
Do you understand that?
NORTHCOM is for us.
I mean, how did I know about all this a decade before it became mainstream news?
Because I went to Urban Warfare drills and witnessed our military training to take our guns and saying it was for the United States.
That's high treason!
I don't care if they brainwash the military and tell them it's not.
I don't care if Secretary of
Defense, Gates, says it's okay.
I mean, they say it's okay that four plus trillion dollars has been stolen out of the Pentagon pension funds, and they tell Congress that they're not allowed to investigate.
You're not above Congress.
Bloomberg reported two days ago that it's 7.8 trillion.
Two weeks ago it was 5 trillion.
They're stealing a trillion bucks a week, folks!
In the open!
AP, Reuters!
They're going for broke!
They don't care!
NORTHCOM's standing by!
They're deploying regular army to the United States, and it's just creeping death.
Just expanding all around us.
I have videos in front of me and a woman, 50-something years old, no criminal record, somebody was sitting in her seat, so she was sitting in the seat next to it,
The cops come in and they say, we're ejecting you.
They grab her, drag her out, throw her on the ground, and on video she's not resisting and they taser her.
They're being trained to attack us, trained to bully us, trained to be enemies of the people.
The military is, as well.
Just any excuse to attack us, any excuse to go after us, we have a rogue criminal government.
Now after Paul Watson leaves us, I'm going to get into Memorandum for Secretaries of the Military Departments, document number OSD 13259-08.
Signed and delivered to every command and every sub-command in the military, November 24, 2008.
Now CBS News on the 24th ran the headline, Military Examines Role of Domestic Defense and says that troops will be used on the streets of America.
But it's even worse than that.
This codifies into official policy the John Warner Defense Authorization Act to abolish the governors in emergencies and to abolish the National Guard and to make standing NORTHCOM troops
part of our daily lives.
It's all in here and it's in the Military Times, in the Army Times, in the Air Force Times.
It's posted everywhere.
We have it up on Infowars.com and PrisonPlanet.com.
You'll be on the Pentagon's own website reading OSD 13259-08.
You can link through.
So, you know what I'm sick of?
Watching all the covert preparation for this
For 13 years on air?
It's the denial of the public.
Or the public goes, what's wrong with having military on our streets?
Well, why didn't we have that before?
Why is our whole government set up to defend against that?
That's why we have states.
That's why they're sovereign.
Have you read what the Founding Fathers said about this?
Communist China has a standing army domestically.
Russia has one.
Venezuela has one.
Cuba has one.
But, if you study the attack profile of this, it's worse than those forces.
More egregious, historically.
This is the military designed and set up to attack the American people.
Then I have a stack of news about Defense Intelligence and the National Reconnaissance Office and others with local police spying on the American people all over the United States.
Army intelligence is in every town and city, folks.
They're shipping in the cocaine, the heroin.
It's disgusting.
And what is infrastructure protection?
It's ensuring more people go to prison, more checkpoints, more cameras, more regulations, more taxes.
And these offshore corporations control our Pentagon.
They take the money out of the United States.
They put it into multinational corporations.
The military is there to stand guard against the Congress and the American people to make sure the looting and the stealing goes unabated.
Now, $7.8 trillion has been stolen in six weeks.
Bloomberg, AP.
$7.8 trillion.
Four trillion has been stolen in the last ten years out of the Pentagon pension funds.
They've taken the fire department funds.
They've taken the school funds, retirement funds.
They've taken the police retirement funds.
They've taken the state worker funds.
And when you find out about it, and you try to go out and take the government back, they're going to gun you and your family down.
And they're going to go to people's houses door-to-door, they're going to take people like me, and they're going to put me on a C-130 chained up for two or three days, and they're going to take me to a third-world country to give me an acid bath.
They've built these acid bath facilities all over the world.
Folks, I'm not joking about this, okay?
They're going to steal everything, they're rogue, they're criminal.
If Dying Coral set up airports with 200,000 women and children kidnapped a year,
And fly them out.
That's industrial size.
That's massive.
They'll do that there, they'll do that here.
But I'm not going to any acid bath.
And I'm not going to let some big fat jail guard they hired for Homeland Security take me away.
I'm not going anywhere with you murdering pieces of anti-American traitorous filth.
You got it?
You got it?
We're going to stand up against you and we're going to kick your butt.
You know how we're going to do it?
We're going to warn the people that you're really the terrorist, and we're going to expose you, and you're already losing.
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The Genesis Communications Radio Network proudly presents the Alex Jones Show.
Because there's a war on for your mind.
The Pentagon was seized by the New World Order a long time ago.
They're running operations against us like we're an occupied country.
Their propaganda is everywhere.
They must be identified.
They must be exposed.
We must take control of the military, the executive, the legislative.
It is our right.
It is our duty.
For the balance of the hour, I'm going to talk to Paul Watson about what really happened over in India.
And, uh, coming up in the next hour, I'll get into what Secretary of Defense Gates is up to, and this unbelievable information.
Again, we are live.
It is Friday, the 28th day of November 2008.
Mumbai gunmen included Britons.
That's being reported by Mainstream News.
Uh, let's go ahead and go to Paul Watson from the United Kingdom, who's been tracking this for the last two and a half days and writing detailed articles.
Paul, give us the latest.
Break down what's really happened.
Hello Alex, good to be back.
Good to have you here.
Yeah, I was watching this unfold when it started a couple of days ago and obviously the first thing that happened when there was still confusion about exactly what was happening and who was responsible, within about an hour of the first report after it went big on the mainstream news networks, BBC, Fox News,
We're already saying that it was Al-Qaeda, that it was another massively orchestrated Al-Qaeda plot directed against the West.
Which, you know, whenever anything happens, you know, last summer if two retards set fire to a Jeep at Glasgow Airport, and injure only themselves, then it's a deadly, massive Al-Qaeda plot.
You know, if somebody fakes a beheading with tomato ketchup,
Then the media instantly lapsed it up and says it's a massive Al-Qaeda plot.
So that's what they were doing immediately after these attacks started to unfold, despite the fact that nobody really had a clear sense of what was going on.
And the evidence they cited to make the claim that it was Al-Qaeda, and for Al-Qaeda, of course, you could substitute Al-Qaeda, but whichever, they said the claims were coordinated
And that was it.
That was the sole basis on which they said it was directed by Osama Bin Laden.
So because these terrorists had the sophistication to pick up a calendar and select a date, that's now proof of sophistication and expert planning, and it's proof that Al-Qaeda did it.
And they're still saying today, you've got David Miliband, the UK Foreign Secretary, saying it's probably Al-Qaeda.
You've got terrorism experts on the BBC saying, quote, the attacks bear all the hallmarks of Al-Qaeda.
Certainly those attackers were inspired by Al-Qaeda methodology.
And you know, what methodology?
Choosing a date on a calendar.
As some people have said, and it's broken through in the mainstream media, these attacks had none of the hallmarks of Al-Qaeda.
By the way, day one when this all started,
Wednesday, you said that they would end up blaming it on Pakistan, and the Indian government did do that, but now Indian papers, Irish papers, British papers, French papers are reporting that the gunmen included Britons, and they tried to shut down Twitter and other network internet systems, people communicating, because Westerners and others were reporting that it was blond-haired, blue-eyed people in black uniforms running around machine-gunning and hand-grenading the crowds.
Well, that's certainly interesting and they definitely locked down the information on it.
But what I get from that is that there were some Kashmiris involved and if you look at it, Kashmiris have lighter skin, a lot lighter skin than Indians because Alexander the Great invaded that area.
That's right, the upper caste is white in India, and that's the upper caste predominant area where a lot of the upper caste live and historically come from.
But expanding that, just a year ago you had, what, 2,000 Muslims killed nearby by the radical Hindu group.
So there is evidence, and most of it, as we said day one, points towards
This is payback for that, and every few months we hear about mass shootings and killings by both sides.
So the question is, why are they trying to build this as an Al-Cieda attack?
Now, Indian papers are saying if that's the case, ISI, CIA, and Mossad have classically been in control of the Pakistani militant groups.
That's even admitted.
I mean, my take on it is if, you know, if it was American and British SAS or whatever, they wouldn't be walking around taking hostages and being identified.
You know, those SAS soldiers in Iraq who were caught staging the bombings were at least dressed up as Arabs.
So, as you said, it's a different group that's behind it.
But again, the media's not telling the truth on who is behind it and the reasons why it's happening.
Yeah, well, the reports are you'll have clean-cut guys, you know, but with punk rock hairdos, and they just walk out of restaurants and start blasting everybody.
Paul Watson, stay there.
Let's walk through it all.
When we get back, stay with us.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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We don't need no education.
Here's just some of the headlines up on PrisonPlanet.com right now.
Attacks for Anglo-American intel operatives.
Media forced to backtrack on Al-Qaeda link to attacks in India.
Attacks blamed on Al-Qaeda as pretext for US military response.
Then, of course, they had their own hyping of, oh, we've got to have more checkpoints from Boston to Dallas at the train stations because Al-Qaeda is about to strike on Thanksgiving.
If you go back, the White House admitted four years ago they put out fake terror alerts and so many people, you know, were hoping that Barack Obama would reverse all this.
Instead, he just gives the criminals in control of the government a new lease on life to con a new group of people to go along with the system again.
I mean, if you look at his cabinet, that's a whole other story now.
Hillary Clinton, Robert Gates, the list goes on and on.
Remember Rush Limbaugh said, don't vote for Ron Paul, support Hillary, because then McCain can beat Hillary, but the polls actually show that Hillary would have probably won by even greater numbers than Barack Obama.
Ah, you got suckered again by the fake neocons.
Paul Watson, continue breaking this down.
For those that don't know, break down exactly what happened in India with the attacks all over their major financial center.
Go through in a chronological order and then give us the latest.
Well, what happened was that reportedly these terrorists arrived on boats which came into the harbor there.
With rucksacks and heavily armed, and they fanned out into the different areas of Mumbai, including a train, subway station, a restaurant, and these two major hotels.
And they started indiscriminately, which is the key word, firing upon innocent victims.
Now, when it started unfolding in the media,
The terror experts were wheeled out to say that it had all the hallmarks of an Al-Qaeda operation.
That was a direct quote from the London Times article.
When it had none of the hallmarks, it was not a suicide bombing.
You know, they were using grenades and AK-47s, they were taking hostages.
In all of the previous, quote, Al-Qaeda attacks, substitute Al-Qaeda for Al-Qaeda because that's who runs it, none of those things happened.
So then, you get these reports that they've taken hostages, and that the attacks are targeted against American and British citizens.
Now, they've just announced that two Americans have died, and they previously announced that one British citizen had been killed.
But the fact is that out of 150 dead, there's one British guy who was born in Cyprus.
He had a British passport.
And there's now two Americans, they're saying.
And well over 100 Indians that are dead.
You know, they walked out into the train subway station and started
Fire in on people indiscriminately.
Indian Mujahideen group, who by the way have taken responsibility and the media has ignored that as a tit-for-tat for the last massacre of more than 2,000 Muslims at the hands of Hindus.
Right, and these are exactly what was described as these young kids in their early 20s who were mostly Indian Muslims with some Kashmiris and Bangladeshis.
And basically, it's a domestic issue.
It has nothing to do with an attack on the West.
I mean, all the evidence is pointing towards tribal warfare, which, you know, you should do an article, Paul, just showing the last five years the hundreds of cases where sometimes you'll have 500, 600, 800, a thousand dead.
And again, I'm not getting in between the Muslims and the Hindus here, but the sect that killed the 2,000 Muslims recently in India, that's the same sect that killed Mahatma Gandhi.
Because he wouldn't get behind their group exterminating Muslims.
So this is the same group that killed Gandhi because he wouldn't go along with them.
And then for a few months, even then, they tried to blame it on the Muslims when they killed Gandhi.
Right, and you had the 700 Muslims killed in the riots in 2002.
You got the Indian government bombing
Muslim mosques.
You've got Indian controlled Kashmir where there are false arrests.
Women are getting raped.
It's like the Israeli occupation of Gaza, basically.
So yes, there is a motive for them to do this kind of thing.
And you had the claim from Deccan Mujahideen, which is probably an affiliate of the Indian Mujahideen.
But then, as I predicted in the first article that I wrote about this on Wednesday night,
The Indian government is now officially blaming Pakistan and saying that the ISI-linked group Lashkar-e-Toiba, which always claims responsibility for its attacks, but in this case has vehemently denied responsibility, they're saying that they're likely responsible.
So you have to ask yourself,
What on earth would Pakistan gain from sponsoring these armed thugs to go on an indiscriminate rampage which is played out on international television?
Yeah, the way this works, when all this happens, everybody tunes in and hears Al-Qaeda struck, killed people in shopping malls and train stations, they may strike America, credible threats, they're in America, they're gonna attack on Thanksgiving, they're gonna kill Americans, it's over, give up all your rights, only Homeland Security can save you,
I mean, India gets bombed every month.
In fact, I'm surprised every time I read about a bombing or a mass shooting in India that kills, you know, 40, 50 people.
It never gets any headlines in the Western media.
And suddenly they've seized upon this, which admittedly is on a bigger scale, but it's the same thing.
It's a domestic issue.
It's tribal warfare.
Well, it is on a bigger scale than some of the smaller ones, but I mean, I've seen them with 2,000 dead.
But again, that's Muslims being killed, so that's OK.
Yeah, well, there was 164 or whatever killed two years ago in a train bombing by the Indian Mujahideen.
And they got nothing like the headlines that this is getting.
So again, as you said, it's all being tied into Pakistan.
You've had the bombing raids inside Pakistan.
We should, you know, kill women and children, highly unpopular.
And now they've got the perfect pretext to expand that.
And then you've got, obviously, the link to Afghanistan with them saying that it's all the Taliban are getting all the support from the border.
And that's another perfect pretext to continue the military occupation of Afghanistan.
Meanwhile, both nations, Pakistan and India, have nukes.
And they nearly went to war in 2002 after the ISI sponsored in that case bombed the Indian Parliament.
But in this case, both the Lashkar-e-Toiba and the Pakistan government are vehemently saying they've got nothing to do with it.
And in fact,
The top ISI officials are now on the way to India to prostrate themselves in front of the Indian government because, you know, they know what's coming if it gets linked to them, which is... That's right.
Clearly, Pakistan has fallen out of favor with the New World Order.
Their puppet, Musharraf, after eight years in power, got kicked out.
Uh, Budo shot her mouth off, but it appeared was being sent in by British intelligence.
She got killed, machine gunned on video, and they told our mindless public that she hit her head on the car.
I mean, that's how dumb they think we are, folks, that she was on TV being shot, and then they tell us that she hit her head.
Uh, all over the foreign press, they didn't even dare say that.
It's just only here with the mindless public.
It is such an insult to our intelligence, ladies and gentlemen.
It's very murky what's going on over there, Paul, but what, from your research, overall, the bigger picture in Central Asia, where do you see it going?
I think the bigger picture is to, as you said, Pakistan fell out of favor.
It's more of a democracy now than it was under Musharraf, who they liked, because they could manipulate him easily.
And now it's going to put a lot of pressure on Pakistan to integrate more into the New World Order.
In 2002, when they nearly went to war, it came out, and this was in my book, I put it in Order Out of Chaos.
The American and British military-industrial complex and the weapons manufacturers were arming both sides.
They were arming both Pakistan and India as the tensions built up and it was very lucrative for them.
And it nearly kick-started a nuclear war.
So, I mean, that's a financial motive right there.
And as you said,
Pakistan have fell out of favor, so they want to get them back in line, and now you've got Pakistan prostrating themselves, saying, we have nothing to do with this, as the Indian military and government leaders accuse Pakistan of having a direct hand in it.
Well, the biggest issue here is, you're right, every month things like this happen in India.
Why was this given so much attention now?
Why was it coordinated with the Western intelligence saying big event, big Al Qaeda spectacular, then Chertoff coming on saying this is an Al Qaeda spectacular, when very low probability that this would be Al Qaeda.
If it was Al Qaeda, even mainline press reports it's controlled by Pakistani ISI, which is controlled by
CIA, MI6, and Mossad, and so right there, you know, either way you cut it, what we're here saying, what this probably doesn't have Western fingerprints on it, but even when the West isn't provocateuring it, or staging it, or funding it, or allowing it to happen, they just take a real event, which is ongoing with the billion
300 million people in India, and they're constantly killing each other, just like in Africa.
You've got Christians and Muslims and Christians and animists and everybody running around killing each other.
Exactly, and now you've got the Mossad news front, Debka File, saying that the terrorists sailed on a boat from Karachi, sponsored by Pakistan.
And you've obviously got the hostage situation in the Jewish Center, which is still ongoing.
So there you've got Israel hyping it as well as another reason to expand their military adventurism.
And who even knows what that is?
They've clamped down on the info for two and a half days.
That could be staged, that could be real.
Certainly the Muslims over in India are no fan of the local synagogues.
Well, what's interesting is that the first thing the Indian government said about they were asked are there any hostages, they said no, there's none whatsoever.
And now it's been dragging on for three days.
Who knows what's going on?
I mean, they could be firing at each other.
Because they've been, at first, this morning they said the Taj Mahal was a done deal, that they'd completely cleared it.
And now they're firing at it again and throwing grenades at it.
So who knows what's going on?
Well, we know the Russians staged, and then killed the reporters that tried to break it, a whole string of them, staged takeovers of schools and theaters.
And how that works is you have your commandos dressed like terrorists, they go in, they release knockout gas, then run out the back door and the army lets them escape.
Then they grab a patsy, put them on the news, then, you know, a year later it comes out it was staged.
So, you know, the FBI and Homeland Security say they want metal detectors on street corners, metal detectors at malls,
I think it's in the cards for them to let a real militant group in, because they do exist, there are real terrorist folks, into the United States, just like in 93, where they went and found the blind cleric, radicals saying, kill, kill, kill, you know, the infidel.
They literally found two guys they'd assessed on city welfare, low-grade morons, both borderline retarded, both of them below 80 IQs.
And it took him months and months to build the bomb, train him, give it to him.
And then the guy that built the bomb for him, hired by the U.S.
government, came out and said, OK, let's bust him.
And they said, no, we let the bombing go forward.
So he knew he was being set up.
And he so he recorded the FBI saying, we're going to let the bombing go forward.
And that's why we leave.
Oh, by the way, this week, Paul, as you know, the Germans got caught.
This is in Reuters.
This is confirmed.
Staging terror attacks.
He wrote a story at PrisonPlanet.com about that.
And then there was some other cases of NATO being caught trying to attack Polish diplomats.
And even the Polish government says that that was staged.
We've had people being assassinated in
Georgia as part of UN slash NATO convoys.
Turns out Georgia staged that.
And that isn't Alex Jones or Paul Watson saying all this.
This is mainstream news saying it's staged.
So that's very strange to see the mainstream media telling the truth.
Looks like they're losing control of these operations.
Or it shows how government and media are compartmentalized.
Most people in the Army or in the FBI or in Reuters, you know, they're not evil operatives.
They're just compartmentalized.
Paul, tell them about the Germans.
Yeah, that was an EU mission in Kosovo.
The Kosovan government had just rejected a proposal to have the EU basically take over their entire police force and government.
And then four days later you had two what turned out to be German BND intelligence agents who threw grenades at this
The EU mission building in Kosovo and the other reports said they also planted a bomb next to it.
And they were caught and they were identified by German newspapers as German intelligence BND agents.
So obviously they were trying to elicit an agenda for the EU to come in and say, you know, it's unstable, we need to take over.
Yeah, they were attacking their own building.
Now, for those that don't know, when we say Israel stages terror as well.
Israeli newspapers report that there's fake Al-Qaeda and that more than two-thirds of the bombings in Israel are staged!
I mean, for listeners out there who are new listeners, this is not our opinion!
Reuters, there's Spiegel, they're all reporting the Germans got caught bombing and shooting their own building, Paul!
Not for the first time either, if you think about what happened at the Reichstag.
But then you've got to look at the fact that in certain
Regions of the world, for reasons of revenge and atrocities that are carried out against them, and there's atrocities on both sides, which is the case with Muslims and Hindus, Indian Muslims and Hindus, there are real organic terrorist groups.
But what you have to know is how
The attacks are exploited by the governments in question and the media.
Yeah, they use Al-Qaeda as a catch-all term for any Muslim group in the world that engages in asymmetrical, low-intensity combat.
And this is the classic thing, just like we saw in North Africa with the French.
And when they were being thrown out, running around the streets, shooting people, that's what these real fighters do.
Well, they say it's Al-Qaeda, so it puts the fear of God into Americans so they can show authority figures pointing guns at people at checkpoints and then say the subway's about to be attacked.
Give up your eyes.
Paul Watson, stay there.
I want to talk about UK government using police to arrest political adversaries.
UK Daily Mail, they're now arresting powerful members of the government for terrorism.
Stay with us.
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Today, unlike any other in the long course of American history, a terrorist act of war against this country.
The enemy struck America on September 11th.
But who is the enemy?
Bin Laden.
This is his MO.
We have to look to the Middle East.
We have to look to Osama Bin Laden.
Fabled Enemies is the first 9-11 film to take a close look at the terrorist ties to intelligence networks inside the United States.
investigators believe that there are Israelis again very much engaged in spying in and on the U.S.
Some U.S.
I'm aware that some Israeli citizens have been detained.
Bin Laden's connections to the CIA, the hijacker's ties to the FBI, the Saudi Arabian connection, the Israeli intelligence network, warnings and war games, the shadow government, and much, much more.
Fabled enemies.
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I think so.
We're good.
You see, a national security state is set up in England, the United States, Russia, Germany, China...
To suppress the legitimate, real government elected by the people.
And to remove it.
Or to ensure that it's only ceremonial and has no real power.
That's what Homeland Security's for.
We're going to cover that next hour.
Abolishing basically the governors and their emergency role.
Total federalization.
It's all being announced.
But over in England more and more, reporters, citizens, Britons, Scots,
Irishmen, with no connection to terrorism, are being arrested, and more often than not, for releasing corruption about the illegitimate executive government, or the national security state.
It's come out that the entire British Parliament is spied on by MI5 and MI6, that they're blackmailed and framed.
Again, you have the illegitimate government, the private military, working for the offshore banks.
In this case, the City of London, within London,
Engaging in this, Paul Watson, the UK Daily Mail, UK government using police to arrest political adversaries.
David Cameron today let a furious outcry at the arrest and detention for nine hours of the conservative shadow immigration minister, Damian Green.
The Tory leader called the police operation extraordinary and frankly rather worrying, while former shadow Home Secretary David Davis
I compared it to the arrest of opposition in Zimbabwe.
Mr. Green had his home, his commons, and constituency office searched over claims that he leaked confidential government documents.
The arrest and an operation described by Mr. Green's colleagues as Stalin-esque.
This is the leader of the Conservative Party saying this, okay?
Plunge the Tories into an unprecedented fight with the police and the government.
Well, the government is the Parliament.
Uh, street and home offices must have been notified.
Extraordinarily, it emerged that Mr. Cameron, Boris Johnson, and Common Speaker Michael Martin were all informed about the rage at number 10 and insisted the Prime Minister and Home Secretary had no advanced knowledge.
See, lying.
But one senior backbencher said, the arrest smacks of a police state, Mr. Cameron said.
The police have, to answer questions, frankly, government ministers have got questions to answer here as well.
Well, exactly.
I mean, what did Hitler and the Nazis do just before he claimed the
The Labour government had given visas to 5,000 illegal immigrants to work in security positions.
So a real national security threat that he exposed.
And now they sent out nine anti-terror police to arrest him.
They confiscated all his files, his computer, his mobile phone.
Yeah, it's this Darlene Eskin, Zimbabwe style, taking on their political adversaries with terrorism powers, just like they use them against the people by following people around who they suspect might live outside catchment areas for schools, or using anti-terror powers on people who, you know... And they now question any adult in a park eating lunch.
They ask him, are you a pedophile or a terrorist?
All about
Training you to accept being interrogated by secret police.
By the way, a shadow minister.
They're the minority party.
is empowered to have a minister in every major department.
That's how it's parliamentary represented.
Stay there, Paul.
Let's do five more minutes on this very worrying trend that dovetails into homeland security and more and more details coming out about what NORTHCOM is going to do with regular army troops inside the United States.
Thank you for listening to GCN.
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Do you like being a puppet, sir?
Do you like being a puppet for the New World Order?
How do the American people know that 9-11 was a stage?
Was it engineered by you, David Rockefeller, the bilateral commission, the CFR?
Seven years after the attacks of September 11th, a global awakening has taken place.
An inside job?
How dare you?
If you know that there's treason going on, you can be held accountable for treason yourself.
All hell is breaking loose on 6th Avenue.
The government has not told the truth!
Truth Rising.
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Waging war on corruption.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Paul Watson is our guest, editor of presentplanet.com.
He's been detailing
The terror attacks that appear to be sectarian, tribal, religious warfare between Muslim and Hindu groups that are constantly killing each other en masse, not an Al-Qaeda attack.
If it was an Al-Qaeda attack, that would then be Pakistani intelligence, but because Pakistani intelligence, it appears, is going out of the hands of New World Order control, they've fallen out of favor, and that's why Barack Obama wants to invade the country, that has nukes, by the way,
We're finishing up with Paul for stations that just joined us.
UK government using police to arrest political adversaries.
They've arrested a minister, a government minister, over immigration.
Because he leaked to the press, remember it came out like four years ago, that Tony Blair allowed hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens in and secret deals with the EU.
Well this was thousands of individuals who were illegal aliens to be in high power intelligence positions.
And they used foreigners like Ugandan
It is, but it's no surprise.
For every day that Blair was in office, and now Brown, a new law was created which takes the rights away of British citizens.
And they're using that new terrorism detention, well it's up to 50-something days now, where they can grab anybody and not even say they've grabbed you.
Oh yeah, exactly, and the foundation on which they do it, I mean you had a woman reading the London Independent, which is a mainstream newspaper, one of the best selling, and it had a
Mildly anti-war headline on the front page, and she was reading the story, and she was questioned under the anti-terror powers for reading the story.
No, no, no.
She was arrested, Paul.
Was she arrested?
Yeah, yeah.
She was taken into custody, yes.
I mean, that's how they're using these anti-terror powers to spy on the public.
So there you go.
That's what Homeland Security's for!
And you've got the same thing over there.
They are now announcing.
That, yes, the military homeland security is to go after the states, the governors, the people.
They are openly turning the military against us, Paul.
Well, how could they be for anything else?
If there were real terrorists running around in America, then it'd be like India and Israel.
There'd be bombings every month.
But there isn't any real terrorists, which is why you only get one mass casualty event every five, six, seven years, because the mass casualty events are staged.
There's no terrorist, then who do the powers get focused on?
It's us.
You just said the key there.
On average, every seven years, they bomb us with a staged event to create the illusion that it's real.
Oklahoma City, first World Trade Center attack, the last World Trade Center attack.
I believe we're going to have inaugural terrorism staged by the black ops so that Obama can be our savior.
Well, they promised it.
Joe Biden guaranteed it.
It's not like it was a hint.
I mean, he outright came out and said, yes, I guarantee, I promise it's going to happen, that there's going to be this international crisis that Obama has to deal with.
And it could be something that happens in the U.S.
or it could be an escalation of, you know, a nuclear conflict with Pakistan and India or any other country, but guaranteed that he's going to be faced with this, quote, crisis to rally the nation around him.
Well, we're one month
24 days away from this, Paul.
Exactly, and what it could be, we can't guess at the moment, but... You know, if it's terrorism, I still believe they'd like to play that Schwarzenegger card and have something off in California, because it'd be too tempting for them not to.
But if it's not that, it's gonna be some geopolitical crisis, as is guaranteed.
All right, Paul Watson, we'll continue to watch your great analysis there at PrisonPlanet.com, InfoWars.net, and Curt Nemo, doing a great job over at InfoWars.com and TruthNews.us.
Thank you, Paul.
Today, unlike any other in the long course of American history, a terrorist act of war against this country.
The enemy struck America on September 11th.
But who is the enemy?
This is his MO.
Bin Laden.
We have to look to the Middle East.
We have to look to Osama Bin Laden.
Fabled Enemies is the first 9-11 film to take a close look at the terrorist ties to intelligence networks inside the United States.
investigators believe that there are Israelis again very much engaged in spying in and on the U.S.
Some U.S.
I'm aware that some Israeli citizens have been detained.
Bin Laden's connections to the CIA, the hijacker's ties to the FBI, the Saudi Arabian connection, the Israeli intelligence network, warnings and war games, the shadow government, and much, much more.
Fabled enemies.
Get the DVD at InfoWars.com, or see it in super high quality, along with hundreds of other titles at PrisonPlanet.tv.
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From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
I want to play some audio clips like this one.
Cops taser, 50-year-old woman, football fan.
Dying in Arkansas for foster care.
Every day I see reports of police tasering someone who's chained down, or handcuffed, or who has a broken back, or who's done nothing, or a quadriplegic who can't get out of a car fast enough, and I don't even play these.
I don't even want to bash you.
I don't even want to attack you, because I understand the psychological warfare experts that have set all this up.
They understand that compacts you more into your gang culture.
The more you get attacked, the more you feel like you're under attack, the more you retreat into your thin black line, your thin blue line.
I just want to say this.
Things are out of control.
Corruption is breeding everywhere.
The government has gone bad.
It's been totally bought off, and they've stolen $7.8 trillion in six weeks.
That's every major news article.
We've got them all posted up on InfoWars.com and PrisonPlanet.com.
Bloomberg, AP, Reuters.
And Bush has said, I'm giving another $800 billion to Congress.
I mean, without Congress' authority, another $800 billion.
And why is Bush saying that?
Because the bill Congress passed
Six weeks ago said Treasury and the private Federal Reserve cannot be investigated, cannot be audited, cannot be reviewed by any court, by any law enforcement group, that they're above the law.
And then Alan Greenspan went on TV on Laird NewsHour and said we're above the law already.
Now on its face that's a fraud!
It's illegitimate!
And it appears they've decided, well it doesn't appear, it's conclusive, to completely go for broke.
That they just don't care
And they're going for broke.
And, you know, when I get up here and I tell you that they've already stolen most of your pension funds, you know, your cities, your counties, your states invested in these offshore corporations, these offshore stocks and bonds and these brokerage firms.
It's all gone.
By all gone, about 70% of it's gone.
And they're stealing the rest of it right now.
They took the real assets and they bought up infrastructure, roads, shipping firms, media companies, defense contractors.
Agribusiness, GMO.
This is why the power leader in control.
They care about the world and how it works.
They care about power.
They care about being in control.
They want to dominate.
They enjoy doing things like this.
We're being militarily dominated by Homeland Security.
They've got us stuck up.
They've got us with a gun to our head up against the wall, spread eagle, while the bankers walk in and steal everything out of the Treasury.
It's a better analogy to say, a better parallel to say they run up our credit cards.
Because we gotta pay for all this.
We have to pay all this back.
And I've got all these news articles about taxes going up, regulations going up, police writing more tickets to raise more money.
How they're gonna start having just these property tax assessments, it doesn't matter if your house value goes down, they'll just assess you $10, $20, $30, $40,000 a year.
They're going to squeeze us
And that's what the paramilitary police in North Comber for, and they're now saying that!
Now I read declassified documents when I was first waking up 15 years ago or so.
Where they were planning all this.
And so I'd go on air, and I'd warn people.
As they built it, as they set it up, as they expanded it.
And now it's going from a cold war against the people to a hot war.
A hot war.
And whether you're in the military, a police officer, whatever you are.
You know, the State Department protective detail.
State Department security.
That's had fun harassing us.
For no reason.
Defense Intelligence.
I have stacks of news today where they're spying on churches, they're spying on school groups, they're spying on mainline veterans for peace with no history of violence.
You have the history of violence!
You're a rogue!
You work for the private groups that have seized our government!
And I at least want you to publicly be aware of what's happening and be put on notice, because I know you listen.
And I want you to consciously make the decision whether you're going to be with the people or with the elites, because the elites are acting very unstable.
You know, they're focused, they're intelligent, it's all planned out, but still their plan is diabolical and is nuts.
And I don't see you getting away with it.
I mean, you've stolen almost eight trillion dollars in just a month?
A month and two weeks?
I mean, what's coming next?
And then the CPS business, 1.4 million children grabbed every year.
In fact, John, you read me back only one clip.
There were two clips.
One of the clips was CPS director saying children die.
Did you see that clip there, too?
Okay, that's the one.
Now, I've got these out of Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Michigan.
I sent you a couple.
You're five times more likely to die in government custody of your child.
That's in the foster home or the larger holding facilities.
That's just department numbers.
Last time I saw them, the trend's going up.
But I haven't seen a national number in a while.
I've seen state numbers are off the charts.
The kids live in cages.
The kids live chained up.
The kids get starved to death.
They get medical experiments done on them.
Again, I want to ask the people who are the enforcers of this.
I mean, what
What does it profit a man to gain the whole world but lose their soul?
I know you get bounties on every child's head, and I know you rationalize and just say children will die, so what?
So let's play that clip first, then we'll just go right into the clip of the lady being drug out by police, not resisting, and then being tasered.
So here it is.
Strong words from DHS after the deaths of two children.
Thanks for choosing Eyewitness News 5 at 5.
I'm Maggie Carlin.
Good evening, everyone.
I'm Jessica Schambach.
Two-year-old Sky Dawn Ward died Sunday.
Tonight, her death and the death of another child over the weekend are raising questions about how DHS keeps kids safe while they're in foster care.
And Eyewitness News 5's Amanda Guerra joins us now.
And Amanda, you talked to DHS today and what they told you, downright shocking.
Yeah, it was shocking because the DHS spokesman, like you heard, told me children will die no matter if it's in their own home or in foster care.
She was just beautiful, I mean...
I don't think so.
Because children will die, whether they're in foster care or whether they're in their own relative's care.
Children will die.
Accidents will happen.
But for Melissa Word, her daughter's drowning was no accident.
To me, I think it was neglect and lack of supervision because there's no I'm sorry or it's an accident.
If the child would have been watched, it would have never happened.
Our bigger question in our society right now is, why can't parents be better with their kids so they don't have to come into foster care in the first place?
Okay, now because of cases like this, a state legislator has ordered a six month long investigation into DHS.
And when I asked George, excuse me, when I asked George about the investigation, if they're going to participate in it, he says, well, they're going to, but only because the state has ordered them.
And Amanda, you tell us that DHS is required to go to these foster care homes and check up on them every 30 days.
Did that happen in this case?
You know, I asked George that and he told me probably so, but he couldn't give me an exact answer.
But tonight at 6, I'm going to tell you why these inspections aren't being done every 30 days.
Alright Amanda, thank you for your report.
Came back in October.
Now this fan was sober, 54, a season ticket holder, and a Badger booster.
And this eyewitness videotape from a cell phone appears to reinforce questions about the police decision to Taser.
It happened in Section U in Camp Randall Stadium.
Several police officers tried to eject Margaret Heaving from an aisle.
Heaving had a season ticket.
But the game was another sellout.
Her row jammed someone in her seat.
When eyewitness Seth Dahman started recording from his cell phone, Hibbing was actually in a seat.
Her husband on the right in the video.
Margaret Hibbing upset.
All the other police were there to, like, really, like, control the crowd because, like, there's a lot of people yelling at the other police because, like, it was a little out of hand what the police officer did to the lady.
Dahman said that included threatening Keating with pepper spray.
A police officer blocks the camera view, but sounds are clear.
I was just thinking, I was shocked.
I couldn't believe it.
It was this really scary sight.
Dahman says police officers dragged Hebing into the stadium concourse.
So they laid her down up on the top level, like in the walkway area.
And she was laying on the ground?
Yeah, she was laying on the ground, face down.
And she was still kind of squirming so they tasered her.
And they handcuffed her and tried to stand her up and she couldn't stand up and walk at all.
Eyewitness Seth Dahman kept recording.
Also then they had to get a wheelchair and she put, they put her in the wheelchair and then carted her off.
UW police officials have said they are reviewing the decision to use a taser on this badger fan.
UW Police Lieutenant William Larson told us this evening, department officials have not completed the review of officer actions during that October game.
More than two dozen Badger fans who were eyewitnesses to what happened, including Seth Domin, who had that videotape, have signed a statement protesting police tactics.
And folks, I see these videos every day.
You have a mad dog government that says, yeah, we're five times more likely to kill your kids, but
They will die.
Children will die.
That's just the way it is.
When we get back, the military examines the role of domestic defense, abolishing the governor's power, abolishing the National Guard, everything under NORTHCOM, everything under Homeland Security, turning the military against the people when we get back.
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Is it getting better?
We're live, ladies and gentlemen.
It's the day after Thanksgiving, the 28th day of November, 2008.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
I'm just an average person.
And I discovered, 13 years ago, a public plan to remove the 1870 law barring the military attacking the American people.
Policing the American people.
The military is trained to kill people and break things.
It's 101 of tyranny to have domestic military forces suppress the people.
It is 110% against the founders intentions and against our jurisprudence, our common law, and our culture.
Now, going back in the 80s is the earliest that we can document it.
There's some evidence that went on as early as the 60s.
Regular, and of course in the 60s, you've got Penn State, the military, National Guard shooting people, shooting students, but in the mid-80s, covert operations with the U.S.
Army and Marines, aiding police departments covertly with helicopters, surveillance, wiretapping, gun confiscation.
And that's covered with the documents and videos and insider interviews in my film, 9-11, The Road to Tyranny.
And the Feds training local police departments pre-9-11 that the Founding Fathers were bad, America's bad, but the New World Order's good.
Training manuals saying gun owners are bad.
It's with the phone numbers of the FBI in the manuals.
I mean, this is real!
And we told you they would incrementally stage terror attacks, build up a national security state, put in face scanning cameras, thumb scanners to get driver's license, federal standardization, this total grid, make it hard to leave the country, make it hard to get your money out of the country.
They're following everything a dictatorship would do.
But the public is distracted by George Bush or Bill Clinton or George Bush Sr.
Barack Obama thinking, oh, things are changing for the better or worse for the new president.
They're titular.
They are figureheads.
They are ceremonial.
They are front men to push an agenda.
That's it.
If they get out of line, they get killed like Kennedy in that military operation in 1963, 45 years ago and a few days.
Then we saw the John Warner Defense Authorization Act.
It states in the bill passed by Congress that Homeland Security will take over the National Guard from the governors, that the governors will be under federal control and have no authority, and that Homeland Security is being set up with NORTHCOM to engage the American people under insurrection or rebellion or rioting.
And the Military Commissions Act says they can grab a U.S.
citizen, secretly strip him of citizenship, take him overseas, torture them, execute them in secret.
It's in the bill.
It's all there.
And it goes on and on and on and on.
And then, of course, two months ago, the Army Times comes out and says, we're deploying this brigade, and they list a bunch of other brigades and units that are already here, to NORTHCOM to assist in civil emergencies, disasters, crowd control, insurrection, rioting, non-lethal weapons, microwave guns, sound cannons, and they even said in the article, we hope we don't have to shoot Americans.
Ha ha ha.
Total treason.
On its face.
Caesar bringing his troops into Rome.
This isn't just in U.S.
history, this is thousands of years old.
That when this happens, you're in deep trouble.
And then what did we see six weeks ago?
On October 3rd, the Congress would not pass the Banker Takeover Bill, now $7.8 trillion stolen in those six weeks.
None of it given to the people or for the loans.
Or to get the economy going.
They're the ones that kill the economy so they can consolidate it.
Of course they don't want to get it jump-started.
Of course they're not.
They want to implode it so they can buy it up cheaper.
They're offshore.
They're foreigners.
You got that?
They tell Congress, we will declare Marshall Law.
We will basically abolish the Congress.
We will just do it without you.
We had two congressmen on the show talking about it.
One Republican, one Democrat.
Both senior.
People couldn't believe it.
Even when it was on C-SPAN.
A week and a half ago, it comes out that it was exactly who we said it was.
In a meeting with the leaders of the House, behind closed doors, with Secretary of the Treasury, Henry Paulson, Secretary of the Fed, or Fed Chairman, he's not government, Ben Bernanke, and they told him, martial law will be declared, you have no authority, do it.
And so under threat of martial law, see, that's what martial law's for, is to overthrow the legitimate government.
Those of you taking part of this, you're part of the illegitimate, rogue, criminal government.
Cease and desist, you've been put on notice.
I don't care what your commanders tell you, they're criminals!
We're on the march, the empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Trying to give you the big picture here, that's why I went back over some of the history of this.
Very brief history, only touching on a few facets of it.
We can talk about how they corrupted the military, how they corrupted the police, how they twisted their culture from being one of defenders, honorable warriors, into being merchants of wickedness.
And that transition isn't complete.
We can reverse this.
I'm not saying you're all bad, but the directorship of this is evil.
Now we see in England what the type of things we see in Pakistan, the type of things we see in other unstable nations where the Secretary of Immigration for the Conservative Party in England is arrested under terrorism charges
For leaking information to the press that the government was legalizing all the illegal aliens.
I mean, that's in mainstream news.
And they're arresting citizens over there.
For no reason.
There's secret police all over the streets.
I've been questioned by them twice in England.
Steve Watson's been taking a date to a rock concert and been questioned.
They won't tell you who they are.
They demand your papers and threaten you.
This is happening everywhere in the West.
The elites, the social engineers, have decided to go for broke.
They've decided to behave like third world dictators.
They've decided to loot and steal everything.
They've decided, because they've committed so many crimes, they can't go back now.
Do you understand that?
It's like they've already robbed one bank, why not rob a hundred?
They've already kidnapped one woman and tortured her to death.
Why not kidnap 50 women?
You see?
They have nothing to lose, folks.
They have freedom.
Freedom to carry out evil.
Freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose.
You ain't got nothing if you ain't free.
Well, that's what they're doing.
They're free to rape, rob, and steal.
And they use their propaganda arms in the media to have the public go along with it.
Every tenet of a free society, every canon of a free society, every bedrock common sense thing is being overthrown right now!
As if we couldn't see it coming when they started issuing under federal grants black riot uniforms and black masks and armored outfits and sound and microwave guns to the police.
As if we weren't going into tyranny over the last 40 years, hundreds of times.
The CIA, the FBI, the military caught shipping in heroin and cocaine.
As if we weren't in tyranny when police all over the western world have been caught staging terror attacks and staging provocateur actions to attack free speech.
I mean, it's gone bad, folks, by design.
This isn't just some good ol' boy boss hog corruption.
This is scientifically focused and they have shown every indication that they are going to go for broke and that all the corruption and the pain that we see now is only the beginning.
That brings me now to Tuesday's show where I read the CBS News headline, there's also an AP headline, military examines role of domestic defense.
And you read this article, it's meant to deceptively introduce it to you.
Like, oh, there was a government review, and it says the National Guard can't keep us safe from Al-Qaeda, and so we've got to go ahead and just abolish the Bill of Rights.
We've got to just go ahead and have regular military on the streets.
Oh, this is just now starting.
Oh, the military's just now announcing that this is going to be done.
When they passed all those laws and regulations, and before they even had passed laws,
They had covertly been doing this, but now they... Oh, this just now is happening!
Defense Secretary Robert Gates ordered his top department leaders to conduct a broad review to determine whether the Military National Guard and Reserve can adequately deal with domestic disasters and whether they have the training and equipment to defend the homeland.
The 41 page memo signaled an acknowledgement that the military must better reorganize the critical role of the National Guard and Reserves and Homeland Defense but stop short of requiring many specific policy changes.
That's not true.
I've read the entire policy and Gates over and over again says this has already been done.
In fact, here's a quote from the AP.
He said, another 29 recommendations are underway or finished.
And what are those recommendations?
See, they start the article out by saying, oh, it's just a government report.
They're looking at doing this.
And then you read the article, it goes, oh, by the way, Gates said 29 recommendations are underway or finished.
Now, there's 80 plus of these in the 400-page independent report.
And I read over these.
Yes, I read 400 plus pages.
I did that Wednesday night and then last night I read twice his 50-something page directive.
And by the way, it's all implemented.
It's all done.
It's all done.
It's just most of it is illegal because Congress hasn't passed laws to authorize it yet.
Kind of like
Bush got up two years ago and said, we're not spying on Americans without warrants.
That's ridiculous!
That's a lie!
And then it came out they were spying on everybody, and they said, okay, we gotta retroactively pass a law to do it.
Then they lied to the media and said, oh, it's just so we can listen to Al-Qaeda.
Then it turned out, ABC News reports, they listened to Americans' phone sex.
And they listen to the congressman's phone sex, and they listen to the troops calling home to their wives, and they sit around laughing at the NSA and the National Reconnaissance Office and the hundreds of other private groups, two-thirds of these spying is being done by private groups now, in office buildings.
They just listen to everything.
And they use it and they sell the data to corporations.
They use it to offshore.
They use it to break down the country.
They use it to be able to take over other businesses and corporations.
That's the main reason they use this NSA data.
They just tell you it's to fight Al-Cieda.
Now, I want to challenge you to go to the Air Force Times, and then they have a link to the Defense Department memo.
You can read it there.
I have it here in my hands and read it.
Go read it for yourself and find out because this is what's already been done.
They're just now announcing it.
Kind of like Bill Clinton signed an executive order in 93 stating that if the highway departments of the 50 states and territories and possessions wanted their highway funds, they take our money
From the state, and then they send it back, about 33% on average, and they say, okay, here's the strings attached.
You gotta put these face-scanning cameras in.
You've gotta have your police dressed this way.
You've got, I mean, just hundreds of things they have to do.
They said, you've gotta put thumb scanners in, and a digital photo for face-scanning in, if you want your highway funds.
And by the late 90s, every state had adopted it.
And then they tell us in 2008 we're going to have a national ID card standardized when we already had it and under treaty in 2000 it was already standardized worldwide in every industrial nation.
Your driver's license or ID is a world ID card and they're just now getting around to telling you it's a national ID card.
Just like this has already been set up illegally and he says well we've gotten 29 of our 80 something recommendations
But we've got to have Congress get rid of our old prejudices like posse commentatis.
He actually says that.
Oh, the prejudices against the military.
Like it's a prejudice.
Oh, the poor military can't, can't raid our homes.
We don't like them.
Why don't you like them?
You're not pro-America.
No, our founding fathers said don't do it.
The governors, the common sense, the history.
Because the military becomes the enemy of the people.
But he spins it in the directorate, in the directive, that it's mean to them.
I mean, this is sick psychology, folks.
Totally sick.
When you talk to the majority of troops and they've done internal polls and studies, upwards of 80% say they don't want to police the American people.
But again, he spins it, because the whole military, all the officers are being directed to read this, and it's like, they want to be mean to us!
They don't want the troops here in Rome!
The Senate doesn't want us to occupy Rome!
What are we going to do, boys?
We're going to take them over, Caesar!
That's right!
And you notice under Barack Obama, it's all accelerating, and in here they talk about the National Guard.
You're going to have to serve months every year,
Everybody's gonna have to be a part of it.
It's exactly what Obama's saying.
But Obama's saying exactly what George Bush said!
And exactly what Clinton said!
And exactly what George Bush Sr.
It's the same program!
They just passed the baton to Obama to be the puppet.
This is from AP.
The report released earlier this year by the Commission on the National Guard and Reserves to the Pentagon must use the nation's citizen soldiers.
Now again, the report, two years ago they passed a law to do this.
To create an operational force that would be fully trained, equipped, and ready to defend the nation, response to crises, and supplement the active duty troops in combat.
And then they mention the ordnance disposal teams and say, it's going to be law enforcement, it's going to be everything.
But remember, that's how it all started in my film, The Road to Tyranny, where we'd have these ordnance disposal teams at checkpoints on I-35, in quote, training missions, pulling over real citizens who didn't know what it was, and the troops would come over to us and say, turn your cameras off, and we'd say no!
See, that's how they started it.
And they had a secret program in 77 Texas counties, in the documents we got then, saying, don't let anybody know because it's illegal, but we're here to aid you in warrant service, raiding homes, you name it.
That's all in Police State 2 The Takeover.
Released in 2000.
See how long this has been going on all around you?
But then it announces regular army brigades of National Guard
And notice recruitment's way up, because when they bankrupt the economy, people basically have to join the military, and now it says you will serve domestically, and you can sign up to just serve domestically!
Exactly what Obama said!
This is government domestic police, he said, a one million man, as big as the military, domestic intelligence force.
That's only one cadre in this!
They've now announced... They've now announced...
The new green deal with, as we told you, three million green environmental officers, I mean folks, and they're going to tax and regulate and seize and harass.
They'll all have machine guns.
It's so horrible, folks.
It's so horrible to see this happen to America.
And we told you how long ago that this is, it's all coming to a head.
And now they're arresting high-level government ministers under terrorism.
Same stuff's going on in England.
He gave them 25 days to submit the proposed changes along with budget impact they might have in connection with 53 separate recommendations.
He said another 29 recommendations are underway or finished.
The Commission's report included 95, excuse me, recommendations, but Gay did not order many of these changes using the Commission to give the National Guard and Reserve Troops better access.
It goes on.
And so the military, like this, there's pay increases and things in there.
Just like out of Rome, I'll give you more gold!
Each man gets five golden sesterces for joining us!
History repeats itself.
Will anybody notice?
Listen to this.
This is from the Air Force Times.
The memo
Sent to every senior, uniformed, and civilian Pentagon leader, and copied to three other Cabinet Secretaries.
Gates directed the development of a new total force integration policy that recognizes the cultural divide that exists between the active and reserve components.
All vestiges of cultural prejudice that remain in law, in law, should be removed by Congress, he wrote.
Now they already did that to a great extent under John Warner Defense Authorization Act, if the President declares martial law.
But this just integrates us and puts us into martial law where NORTHCOM is over the Governor's and even says that in here!
Gates also called upon Congress to mandate the National Guard and Reserves the lead role and form the backbone of DOD operations in the homeland.
And you go read what these guys are saying in mainstream news, it says domestic law enforcement.
Twenty of the 82 recommendations will require, this is 82, this is 95, the support of Congress.
One asks the President to direct all federal agencies to issue guidance emphasizing the importance of reserve service and to prescribe sanctions for civilian supervisors who fail to comply with guidelines regarding treatment, and it goes on.
Now, here is the memo itself, and I recommend you go read it.
In fact, I recommend Attachment 1.
Go read Attachment 1.
It comes after page 22.
Attachment 1, okay?
I'm begging you to go read Attachment 1 of OSD 13259-08.
Secretary of Defense Gates to the Armed Services and Joint Chiefs of Staff, and to the State Guards, National Guards, all of it.
National Guard, Bureaus, on and on and on.
It's right here.
Recommendations for which no further action is required.
This means it's already in place.
Institutionalization and Operational Reserve.
Recommendation 1.
Congress and DOD should explicitly acknowledge the need for and should create an operational reserve force that includes portions of the National Garden Reserve in order to place the reserve components on the sustainable path as part of that force.
Congress and DOD must modify existing laws, oh laws, policies and regulations relating to roles and missions, funding mechanisms,
We're good.
Adverse trends and readiness and capabilities are to be reversed.
Moreover, the traditional capabilities of the reserve components to serve as a strategic reserve must be expanded and strengthened.
No further action is required.
The Department of Defense is in the final stage of publishing a DOD directive that provides the principles and overreaching policies for managing the reserve components in their operational and strategic roles.
So see, under martial law, this was already to be done.
They go then into the missions, abolishing the governors, all of it, folks.
Abolishing the National Guard!
They've already tried to abolish the unregulated militia, claiming that the real militia is the 1906 National Guard.
Now they're getting rid of that!
NORTHCOM RC Manual, Recommendations 4.
A majority of U.S.
NORTHCOM command billets, including those for its Service Components Command, should be filled by leaders with staff and reserve qualifications and credentials.
Job descriptions for senior leaders and other key positions at NORTHCOM
See, a big hiring boom, folks, should contain the requirement and significant reserve of National Guard experience and service.
And it goes on to talk about North Compton should be a National Guard or Reserve officers at all times.
No further action is required.
Furthermore, Section 1821 of the National Defense Authorization Act, Fiscal Year 2008 Public Law 110-181 Directive
A review, and it goes on, of Northern Command, which the department is considering.
Governors directing federal forces, recommendation 7.
Folks, there's 50-something pages of this.
I can't read it all.
It's all in here about...
On the streets of America with the police.
It's just so horrible.
Governors directing federal forces.
Recommendation 7.
As part of its efforts to develop plans for consequences management and support of civilian authorities, DOD should develop protocols that allow governors to direct the efforts of federally military that allows the governors.
See, but when you read John Warner Defense Authorization Act, it says the governors are puppets.
They serve at the president's pleasure.
Direct the efforts of the federal military assets responding to an emergency such as a natural disaster.
The direction may be accomplished through the governor's use of a dual-hatted military commander.
So that makes him a federal officer.
This direction may be accomplished through the governor's use of a dual-hatted military commander.
Read that again.
But you read the subsections on that.
If the president doesn't choose to make him the commander, the governor's removed from that command.
No further action is required.
Says this has been put into law.
And, uh, it just goes on and on.
I mean, all the really bad stuff.
I don't have time to get into it.
We're going to come back and talk more about this.
Uh, I'm going to read... I meant to highlight this last night.
And, uh, I didn't highlight all the areas I want to go over.
There's a whole bunch of stuff that's even worse.
You know, how they're merging the military, how the feds will run everything, uh, how they're getting rid of the National Guard under NORTHCOM.
Stay with us.
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My friends, this is classical charity we've been covering.
I'm going to get more into this on the Sunday show from 4 to 6 p.m.
The abbreviated Sunday broadcast we do Central Time.
Michael Desarian is going to be joining us coming up in the next two hours for an interview.
We are live.
It is the 28th day of November 2008.
Look, we don't need to hide under rocks.
The military has been
Questioned by the Defense Department.
They know the military doesn't want to go along with this, so they're trying to hire mercenaries.
They've signed deals to use Canadian and Mexican troops in the U.S.
That's CBC and AP.
I mean, you can't make this up.
They plan to use foreign troops here and militarize police.
And they plan to stage riots and terror attacks to sell the public on it.
But the people are not buying, and federal judges got up and yelled at Mukasey, saying you're a tyrant, during a speech in Seattle.
And Mukasey, the Attorney General, collapsed.
So people know what tyranny is.
People know how dangerous this is.
I mean, once it gets out of control, folks, it'll destroy our way of life and everything we're doing.
So for the good police and the good military, we stand with you.
We need to kick the New World Order's butt in the information war.
We don't want this to get physical.
I love all these guys that on my website say, let's start shooting.
Let's start.
But notice they're never out shooting.
And most of them are feds.
You know, I mean, you're talking too, Bubba.
I'm just here warning people and showing them what's happening.
You know, I read 400-page government memos.
Do you do that?
I mean, come on!
We need you to go out and warn people and wake them up and show them historically how this is dangerous, instead of griping at people like me trying to warn folks.
Now, now is the time to get out there and reach out to people.
Now is the time to show them.
I mean, almost 8 trillion stolen in 6 weeks by offshore banks that control our government?
They're illegitimate!
Let's just say no to all this!
Let's just wake people up, and we need well-spoken, intelligent people to become fighters in this.
I can't do it all.
It's time to get involved.
Go to your city council.
Speak about this.
Hold this up to them.
Say you don't want troops in your town.
We had 800 cities and 7 states throw out the Patriot Act.
We can do it together, folks.
Alright, now Tesserian's coming up in about... at the 5 after break.
But listen very carefully, folks.
Ted Anderson bought a whole bunch of gold when it was $705 on average an ounce.
He bought some at $700, some at $710, but on average about $705 an ounce.
Instead of jacking up his prices when gold went up $120.
It's up $120 from when he bought it.
It's been even higher than that.
On average.
It's been $732 over the weekend.
Well, I say weekend, yesterday.
The point is that Ted has gold and most of it sold out.
The American Eagles, the
Oh, what are they?
The Maple Leafs, but he has Frank's gorgeous little coins from Europe.
He has British Sovereigns, and he has some others, and they're almost all gone.
This is the end of them.
He says he can run this through till the Sunday Show Sunday, and then that is it.
And you know when Ted tells you that, that's the case.
So I wanted to bring Ted up real fast.
Ted, explaining to people here
You have gold, you have silver, at the prices it was two weeks ago, or a week and a half ago, silver's up two bucks and something, gold's up 120-something bucks, you're almost out, you can't hold this till Sunday, tell them about the coins and give them the number.
Yeah, sure will.
Well, the coins are the British sovereign, the French franc right now, the francs from the European, there's some are from Belgium and other places.
You said you had something else too?
Yeah, we do.
We have the $10 Indian still.
We have the $10 Liberty.
We have the walking Liberty Habs.
All that stuff was locked in back when silver was lower and gold was lower.
Not surprising, today gold is up.
India is one of the largest countries, largest consumers of physical gold out there.
And with the bombs going off out there, everybody's running to it.
800-686-2237 is the number.
Sunday will be it.
The prices are up.
I'm paying more for this stuff than I'm selling it to you.
So I'm going to have to reflect that.
Wait a minute.
So you're actually having to buy new gold.
You are out of it?
No, I have some of it on hand.
That's why I can do it.
But after Sunday, I'm going to have to enter into the marketplace and pick up new positions.
Stay with us.
We'll be back in one minute.
You are listening to GCN.
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A day unlike any other in the long course of American history.
A terrorist act of war against this country.
The enemy struck America on September 11th.
But who is the enemy?
Bin Laden.
This is his MO.
We have to look to the Middle East.
We have to look to Osama Bin Laden.
Fabled Enemies is the first 9-11 film to take a close look at the terrorist ties to intelligence networks inside the United States.
Some U.S.
investigators believe that there are Israelis again very much engaged in spying in and on the U.S.
I'm aware that some Israeli citizens have been detained.
Either you are with us, or you are with the terrorists.
Waging War on Corruption!
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network!
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live, and now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Hi, we're live.
It is the day after Thanksgiving, the 28th of November, 2008.
Michael Messarian coming up for an hour and 52 minutes with us after the break.
We're talking to Ted Anderson right now.
Folks, if you don't know about the dollar being devalued or about the inflation that's coming, Bloomberg is reporting today.
I never even got into this.
I meant to get into it.
Food prices will rise, causing export bans, riots, and that's Bloomberg.
November 25th.
I mean, I have stacks of news.
Americans food stamp use at all-time high.
This is the type of information and they're planning.
I mean, the government's saying that it's on the table to devalue the dollar coming up in January or February, probably in February.
That's the big unpopular surprise.
While you still can, move Federal Reserve notes at least 10, 20, 30 percent.
I mean, even mainline analysts on Fox Business and CNBC Business are saying that people should get into gold and silver.
And I challenge you, go ahead.
Find out what gold and silver is selling for right now.
Ladies and gentlemen, Ted bought this at a little over $700.
$701 to $710 when he bought this group of coins, and when gold was at that price.
And so, you know, then he has some of it left, a lot of it's gone, and this will be it.
This is guaranteed.
This will be the end of this deal.
Gold is at $820 something today.
He bought it at right above $700.
He has the francs, he has the sovereigns.
Those were just, you know,
For the amount of gold you get for the money, those are the best deals.
He has some other great deals on other coins that are collectors, but that are below where you can buy them anywhere else, because Ted bought them when gold was 120 bucks an ounce under what it is now.
I cannot stress that enough.
Ted, what else do you have on the silver front for folks?
I would recommend in the silver for sure to get into the Walking Liberty halves.
Again, they're at $8.40.
Back when silver was at $9 an ounce, and right now it's at $10.52.
Silver dollars are trading for over $25 now.
This stuff is less than half of that.
This is the thing to be getting into.
It's more silver for the money.
Bar none, it's the best deal.
You know, India, that's huge.
When India goes to plant their seeds, to do their crops, they're selling gold in their springtime, and they affect the entire physical market.
People in India carry chains, 24-carat chains around their neck, because it's more valuable to them than the paper currency they carry.
Yeah, they don't trust banks, they've been through it so much.
Now listen, this is going to run until when Sunday, Ted?
This will be until midnight on Sunday.
Monday prices will be higher.
Because I know that, Alex, because I'm selling... Historically, gold goes down during the Thanksgiving week.
And instead, it's up right now.
So again, 800-686-2237.
Brokers will be there throughout the day until midnight every day.
If they don't answer, it means they're, you know, in the can or, you know, at Subway down the street.
Just keep calling 800-686-2237.
Ted, how do you know it's going up?
Well, that's the thing about it is right now I'm paying more for British Sovereigns and French Franks than I'm selling them for right now, Alex.
I have to pay 20 bucks more a coin in many cases here.
And so, I know, I mean, my supply is going to be gone and I'm not going to be able to do it at this price.
That's right.
You can't.
It's been 115 to 130 bucks above
For the last week and a half, or more than a week and a half, of the last 12 days or so, so what Ted's telling you is he's about to run out, he has to buy gold again, he knows that it's going to be a lot more than when he bought it, so the prices will go up and still be a great deal.
Take advantage of this now.
Folks, do the math.
Ted bought gold when it was 700 bucks an ounce.
It's 820-something right now.
For the last week and a half, he's running out of these.
He's already sold out of most of the coins.
He's already sold out of the other coins he has.
He has this now, 800-686-2237.
And Ted, there are going to be brokers there?
Oh, they'll be here, alright.
And they're there right now, folks.
So get in on this.
I mean, again, this is the second time Ted's ever done something like this in the ten years I've been working for him.
Michael Desarian coming up.
Stay with us.
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The Genesis Communications Radio Network proudly presents The Alex Jones Show.
Because there's a war on for your mind.
Our guest is in Europe right now, he was born in Ireland, and he has made a lot of films, written quite a few books, very prolific.
We've had a lot of listeners request that we have him on.
I want to really get him to talk about the nature of his awakening, and then I wanted to just get into what we can prove with Michael Desiree today about what the elite believe, and from his in-depth research, he's done a lot of great research,
Who the global elite are, what their driving mindset is.
We know they have a kingdom of cults, a hierarchical, pyramidal structure of power.
But who is at the top of that pyramid, and from his unique perspective, what their agenda is.
So we're really honored to have Michael Desarian on with us for the next hour and 15 minutes.
Michael, welcome.
Oh, thanks a lot, Alex.
It's nice to be on.
Thanks for the invitation.
You bet.
It's great.
I'm a big supporter.
Big supporter of your work.
Followed it from the beginning and just want to offer you my, you know, total congratulations, not only on your work, but the gutsy way that you've been doing it.
And I just want to say to all your listeners out there, if we had more people like you,
As gutsy as you to back up what you're talking about with action, you know, we wouldn't be in the mess in America that, you know, we are today.
So I give you a lot of kudos for what you've been doing through the years, Alex.
Well, Michael, kudos to you.
For some of my audience that may not know who you are, tell us a little bit about yourself, your awakening, and then let's, you know, strike a chord.
In the present with what the global banking structure is doing, your point of view, your perspective on what's happening there, and then let's get into what makes the New World Order tick and what their endgame is, Michael.
Right, thanks.
I mean, my research has started pretty much in Ireland and by 13 years of age I started to realize, you know,
Two things.
One is that we're being told nothing but a tissue of lies from the official, orthodox, fundamentalistic sort of educational system.
It just doesn't fit the facts.
Growing up in Belfast at that time was very difficult because there was a lot of violence and trouble.
But basically, I started to see through that and check out the, you know, the Orange Parade that happened on July and seeing a lot of the symbolism that was being used there.
Well, one thing led to another.
Through the study of this symbolism that's being used by the Orange Order, I suddenly started to research the history of the Orange Order.
Discovered that it's not so much a political, you know, organization as it is a fraternal brotherhood.
And then I thought subsequently later, you know, a few years later, start discovering that this is the same story with the IRA and particularly the provisional IRA.
And then we have the official IRA.
And then I started to notice by tracking through all the different symbolism and then going through the research works and the reference works, that basically what we're dealing here is a one-party system.
You know, I mean, this is in the early days, so I didn't have the whole globalist picture here, but just from my own researches in the microcosm of Ireland growing up there, I realized that, you know, we're not being told the truth about these organizations and how these are connected to the super-Masonic orders, the pre-Masonic orders.
So, basically, around 15, 16 years of age, again, pretty much in an Irish context, I broadened my study.
To look into this whole movement of the secret societies in the world.
And this was, you know, a little bit before coming across the works of the great American scholars like the G. Edward Griffiths and the Eustace Mullinses and the Jordan Maxwells and so forth and so on, you know.
I mean, I hadn't had exposure to these thinkers.
Even the Ralph Eppersons, you know, all the people who basically connect all the dots.
I had to wait till I came to America, you know, in sort of 82.
And then later on in the 90s to really sort of have these teachers help put things together.
But I noticed that you see in America a few people have the whole European understanding of how the British Royals, how some of the Fabian networks, how the Common Purpose, how some of the groups like the Club of the Isles,
And this connects again with high-level Freemasonry, not only Scottish Rite Freemasonry, but like I said, the Orange Order, the orders that are behind the IRA, like the Irish Republican Brotherhood, the Ancient Order of Hibernians, the Green Ribbon Society, the Clannagh Gael, all from an Irish context.
My studies then continued to show me that these groups that are funded and armed to the teeth, basically what the public know as terrorist organizations operating in Ireland, are far from merely Irish.
These groups are connected to the international, you see, underground of the entire black hand, meaning the entire terrorist network.
And that's used to destabilize and frighten the public into accepting the state.
Dominating them and it's even come out in mainstream news now that the IRA and the Orange the Protestants at the highest levels were really meeting and working together and that they were all basically British and international intelligence just completely staged.
On a very high level.
See, again, when you point your finger in this direction, people, you know, they sort of poo-poo that.
They can't see that because they've been so brainwashed.
They've been so, you know, brainwashed by the media that they don't check these things out.
I'm one of only three.
There's three of us that have, you know, studied the occult history of Ireland.
This is where my research has been, you know, lo and behold.
Well, I just know it's come out all over the mainstream news and I've had a lot of the former British commandos S.A.S.
Who they would finally get to the top of the IRA and all three of the leaders were all British intelligence.
And then they would, you know, infiltrate the Orange and find out, you know, that the three heads of the IRA were meeting with the three heads of the Orange.
And it was just a way to terrorize the public and they used the infighting and the bombings as a pretext to basically murder and kill and oppress whoever they want.
They've consistently, you know, this incredible fear and death toll and the murder of innocent people in the country on both sides.
They've done that.
I'm talking because I'm not partisan.
I'm not siding with either side.
I'm just looking at this thing, you know, from the overview.
Yeah, that trouble made Ireland a third world country in the West.
They degraded the people.
They kept them ignorant.
They kept them stupid while they used the land.
That's the old divide and conquer, and now groups today want you to bash the Protestants, or want you to bash the Jews, or want you to bash the Catholics, or want you to bash the Hindus, or they always want you to bash a particular group, and they always want to divide our movement into all these subgroups, and then they'll claim that I'm this group or that group, just so they can get other groups like hunting dogs to alert on me, and I'm trying to explain to them they're in a controlled sub-paradigm.
How many jugglers can you get in a room?
How many pit bulls can you get into a pen, you know?
This is, I saw first-hand in the Irish context, also, that these groups were connected to these higher Masonic orders, because we're not talking about the street-level stuff here that, you know, people are never going to get their mind around at all.
But anyone who studied the British system and how these clubs and these organizations, returnal orders, are networked into these terrorist organizations, how they fund them, how they meet at the top, like you say, behind the so-called large door, that not a single one of these distinctions, not a single one of these biases that people are willing to die for in the streets, you see, this is what I saw in Ireland, whether you're Jew or Muslim, you're Christian or not, or whether you are Protestant or Catholic, or whether you are
Rich or poor, or whether you are conservative or labor.
You see, all these divisions of people are just enmeshed in the outer world.
I started to learn that this doesn't mean a damn behind a large door.
It's a totally different agenda, and that's why my researches, you know, researches into deeper matters, into the whole occult symbolism that these people are using, and their occult origins.
And really, it's a gang.
And of course, most Masons are well-meaning, good people that understand that the higher levels of their order
Uh, you know, have been used as a vehicle for secret intelligence agency operations is, you know, basically what's happening.
And the New World Order goes to, like, a wardrobe with a Catholic outfit, a Jewish outfit, a Muslim outfit, a Protestant outfit, and they just put that cloak on, and that's why it's so hard to get after them.
But we know the overriding thing they want
They say they're trying to get rid of government, but really they create the mega-state through which they can control the society.
And I'm very concerned about what you just said about the fact that we have to start appealing.
I mean, my main message is for the complete disbandingment of all secret societies.
You know, I don't belong to any secret society, never have done.
And the message that is often recurrent through my own work is for the total illegality, the making of all these kinds of secret societies.
I don't care if it's Opus Di or Scottish Rite Freemasonry.
The masses of the world need to actually start integrating laws that make these groups absolutely illegal.
But more than that, in the meantime, until we do that, my message actually goes out to members, like some of the good folks, the good people who rank and follow these orders.
That's why my research has taken me into the subject of masonry and into the occultism, and I've had a lot of backlash from that, from people who don't have a clue in their heads as to why you want to maybe study this kind of subject matter.
Well, how the hell are you going to appeal to people who are, you know,
Well-meaning members of these various secret societies, unless you speak in their own language, in order to try and explain to them some of the symbolism and the rites and the rituals where it comes from, not that some of the rites and rituals are wrong, it's just that you're doing a normal critique.
In order to relate to these people, you've got to know what they're doing, you know?
You've got to know what... Well, Michael, I don't want to disagree with you, but anything that has the power to ban something,
Uh, you know, there's a right of association, uh, itself could turn into a great tyranny, and I think there should be public exposure, uh, there should be open discussions, uh, if groups are found to be involved in collusion, uh, you know, the classic case of, you know, somebody who's committed a murder, you know, the Mason in Distress sign and they're let off, that happened with a great uncle I had, I mean, he told us about it, it wasn't, it was the cases in the newspaper,
But, you know, his argument was he had to go through a Masonic trial afterwards, but, you know, to find out if that was, you know, true or they would have, quote, dealt with him, you know, drowning him, if he would have lied.
You tell low-level Masons that, they just don't, you know, they're just not aware of the higher-level things that go on, but asking you a question, I mean, how do you say ban these things, you know, the engine that could ban these societies would rise up into a mighty tyranny itself?
Yeah, there's always that danger, and there's always a danger that, you know, by making them illegal they go underground.
It's not a total win-lose solution, but what needs to happen is that the ordinary people have got to find out about the tiger and the long grass, and at least arm themselves up with even a modicum.
I mean, that's what our programs are doing, that's what our work is doing, and you do have to address it.
I like to address them because it's better to address them.
You know, you can address the beginners, you can address the seasoned, and you have to address the insider as well.
So my work goes a lot to the insiders.
I mean, you said it yourself a few minutes ago.
You had insiders from the Orange Lodge, insiders from the IRA, whistleblowers.
And if you look back through the whole conspiracy movement and the exposure, you'll find that the greatest damage has been done by the generals, by the insiders, by the politicians, you know, even up to the level of presidents who've come out and written memoirs.
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Today, unlike any other in the long course of American history, a terrorist act of war against this country.
The enemy struck America on September 11th.
But who is the enemy?
Bin Laden.
We have to look to the Middle East.
This is his M.O.
We have to look to Osama Bin Laden.
Fabled Enemies is the first 9-11 film to take a close look at the terrorist ties to intelligence networks inside the United States.
Some U.S.
investigators believe that there are Israelis again very much engaged in spying in and on the U.S.
I'm aware that some Israeli citizens have been detained.
Either you are with us, or you are with the terrorists.
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The basic view from Michael Messarian of British Secret Society networks using Freemasonry as one vehicle because of its secrecy.
They can inhabit any group.
And then the secret symbolism, the language that's all around us that they communicate through.
Again, the low-level Masons aren't even part of it.
And there are other religious groups and secret groups.
Masons oversimplifies it.
Then we'll get into what the endgame is and the
Uh, technocratic oppression, the electronic control grid.
We've got an hour and 35 minutes left with our guest.
Okay, Michael, you got the floor.
Start rolling.
Well, that was, you know, when I got over to States, then I had to basically brush up.
And that's when I bumped into the work of Nord Davis, and especially Ralph Epperson, you know, who's just great.
His work put a lot of pieces together for me.
And then, of course, the great G. Edward Griffin and Eustace Mullins, you know, it became like a study.
Because when I realized that the average American doesn't know anything about this, yeah, I'd bump into the average, you know, I'd bump into occasionally to a Vietnam vet.
Who had been through so much hell, through the VA hospitals, that these guys knew, you know, something about what was going on, especially about the federal system and the Federal Reserve and so on.
And so, my education began in the 90s, you know, to sort of brush up on, okay, I've seen it in an Irish context, I've seen not one picture of tyranny, but how does this work in the American context, you know?
So, as I started to study more and get into the Webster, Tarpley's, you see, and even the Dr. John Coleman's,
It was a long discovery to find out that this country didn't really win the war of independence because they let their guard down.
They became so apathetic.
They became so decadent and narcissistic that it was easy pickings right from the time of the first presidents basically.
For this federalistic group to get into, to insinuate itself into the body politic of America through the federal systems, to get rid of the Republic, to change the Constitution, to amend it, and so forth and so on, all the stuff that you've covered yourself and so many things, you know, this was my education to find out.
But my main point was, though, is more of a historian aspect to say, look, never forget that America is just the last in line to be taken down.
The people who are doing this
Have colonized and colonized the world.
They've been doing it for centuries of time.
And my research has leaded back to Egypt.
You know, first of all, I had studied the ancient Irish myths.
That helped me, you know, with my first book on Atlantis, to get into a lot of areas there to show just how ancient this actual, you know, oligarchy is, that they keep bloodlines.
And these bloodlines are still today, and the politicians that pop their heads up every, you know, every four years, there they are again with their bloodline connections back to the ancient
Royal Oligarchs of Europe, but then what happened is I got more and more, you know, into it after the first book was done.
Then I started to really look at the Egyptian roots of this, and my research took me to a group that I refer to as the Atenists.
It's the same group of, you know, people would refer to, say, by the terms such as Luciferian or whatever.
You know, my term for it is Atenists.
This is going back to the 14th Dynasty.
Well, just to be clear, when you read mainline even British history,
You know, they say they're related to the pharaohs.
They say they are related to Moses and, you know, and the queen is coronated on Jacob's stone and all of this.
And so they really believe this.
And worldwide, international royalty, even in Japan, says that the greatest queen is the royalty of England and that they all claim they're part of that and are part of the same secret societies there.
So regardless of whether it's true or not, they do claim lineage to the pharaohs.
You're absolutely spot on, and you see, it doesn't have to be necessarily just bloodline.
For a certain amount of the top boys, it is a bloodline connection.
For everybody else that serves this monster, it's an ideological, you know, connection.
Equally as bad, equally as pernicious.
These are not people who serve the good of the human race, or for the uplift of the human race.
These are ancient pharaohs who've kept bloodline dynasties, and people better believe that they have not gone away.
We're good to go.
I think so.
And, you know, their generation, they were expurged finally from Egypt.
They had basically committed so much desecration on the land of Egypt that finally, you know, in the reign of Akhenaten, the people of Egypt rose up and basically exiled these guys.
And then history loses track of them.
They just disappear.
Whether you're coming at this from a biblical point of view, as you said, through the Moses story, or you're coming at it through alternative historical approaches,
Basically, they're meant to have fallen off the map and history pays them no more mind.
My work picks up on the fact that after they were exiled, after this famous exodus, they did not fade away and that these people are instrumental behind the, you know, powers and grief.
Alright, stay there.
Stay there.
We'll be back in three minutes.
Michael DeSoto.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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We're good to go!
May I have everybody's attention, please?
I've come with a message of information.
9-11 was an inside job.
Do you like being a puppet, sir?
Do you like being a puppet for the New World Order?
How do the American people know that 9-11 was a stage?
Was it engineered by you, David Rockefeller, the bilateral commission, the CFR?
If you know that there's treason going on, you can be held accountable for treason yourself.
All hell is breaking loose on 6th Avenue.
Truth Rising.
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Michael DeSario, before we go any further, give out your website for listeners that want to check it out.
Yeah, I was checking out the trailer for that.
It looks really powerful.
So, micheltesarian.com.
Tesarian is T-S-A-R-I-O-N.
Now, again, I don't know if the Queen of England is really related to Moses.
I don't know if she's really related to the Egyptian pharaohs, B.C.
I don't know if the Sun King of France, you know, was really related to Jesus' family.
The point is, they believe they are.
They take it deadly serious.
And I've been inside Bohemian Grove.
People say, oh, that's just a play.
You know, a mock human sacrifice.
Regardless of what it is, those old men that I was with in that crowd of about 1,500 watching the ritual, they were in religious rapture.
They were grinding their teeth.
They were breathing heavy.
Whatever the real ritual was, was over behind some black curtains from the trees across the water before they brought the baby, the small child, the effigy over to burn it before Lilith.
But then, of course,
These occultists use different names.
They call it Moloch.
I know that's the bull, but they call their owl Moloch.
They address it as a female and then as a male deity.
It's all on video in my film, The Order of Death, and then we had somebody else sneak in and then set up and sent to prison.
Chris Jones, no relation to me.
So this is really going on.
They really believe this, whether it's true or not.
I know you, from your deep research in Europe and around the world, believe that there is some basis in fact in it.
So let's continue on, Michael.
Well, that's right.
Again, as far as I'm concerned, they believe it in their own heads.
They're not only bloodline connection, they have the ideological henchmen who have sworn allegiance, for one reason or another.
The basic fact is that my researchers did discover this.
The connection to Egypt, not only there, but the basic origin of the Knights Templar, the Order of Sion, you know, just the very Judaic phrases, which actually are more correctly to say Egyptian atmospheric phrases.
Well, let me stop you right there.
I mean, that's an absolute fact, and that's not even hidden.
That in, you know, basic Masonic literature and basic magic literature, white and black, it's all about the keys of Solomon, Solomon's ring, the seal of Solomon.
It's all about controlling these djinn, these entities, these angels.
And Solomon was open about it.
It was the secret of Egypt.
And the secrets of Greece, and the secrets of Babylon, and the secrets of all of these countries.
And people then say, well the whole New World Order is Judaic.
No, it was the Jews that codified it, and who were big on writing things down.
And so when Alexandria got destroyed in Egypt, and when Rome got destroyed in its libraries, it was the Judaics who carried on the mystery schools.
Within that, not ordinary Jews, but this elite group, the Levitical level.
We're talking about the Kabbalistic, Levitical, Mosaic, and also what's called the Gaionim.
This is a word that people have got to become familiar with, because it explains the capital G that the Masons use.
You know, people want to pick up my Irish Origins of Civilization double volume.
They're going to find chapter after chapter, they're showing this connection between the Judaic elites
And the ancient pharaonics and then how that percolates down into modern times through this occult, you know, bloodline, dragon court thread that people really need to be understanding about so they can not only decode the symbolism, but they can find out the roots of this tyranny because we're here in the effects of the tyranny, but we need to know its origins as well.
And the most amazing thing is that these guys mean business.
They lost an empire in the past.
And that's why their symbol is the pyramid of the all-seeing eye, which is the black sunshine.
These people do worship the dark side of the sun.
They can rightly be referred, uh, Christians refer to them as Luciferans, and they're perfectly adequate.
And that's what the Nazis' secret highest was, the black sun.
So it is.
And people say, how could the Zionists and the Nazis worship the same thing?
Because it doesn't matter.
All these people at the top worship the same deal.
How can it be that the same order of the Knights of Malta, the sovereign order of the Knights of Malta, can have members as extreme right?
I think?
You know, it just has no reality, and this is what people need to understand.
If they study the symbolism long enough, if they track it through, and I've done like 30 years of research on this, so, you know, this is the age in which this information is now finally coming to light.
These guys, not only do they fully believe it in their own minds,
Some of these kings and queens like Louis XVI of France and various other potentates have designed entire cities based on Egyptian symbolism to prove that they believe themselves as the newborn kings and sun pharaohs.
Yeah, that was the Sun King and called himself the Sun King and then we had Francois Mitterrand admitting that he was channeling Lucifer and going on mountaintops to pray.
Then they had the Japanese architect build a pyramid with 666 pieces
Of this gold pink glass and it has black pyramid inside.
I mean this is all right out in the open
That's right.
I never stop stressing, you see.
I mean, even though I've written a lot on Ireland, you know, the second book in the volume is dedicated to Egypt to show exactly that it came from a specific time, from a specific individual, a specific cult, a specific warped version of solar cultism, you see, and how this continues alive.
That is why there are so many obelisks in Rome and in Vatican City.
That's why Rome has certain, you know, geomantic alignments that it does.
Same thing applies to Washington, D.C.
Same thing applies to Cologne, to Paris, to London.
They believe that they call in spiritual forces from another dimension.
Now, again, whether you believe this or not, folks, the elite believe it.
Explain the sacred architecture.
And within masonry, if you look at the highest degrees of masonry, they have that Judaic aspect that you were talking about, Knights of the Kadosh, Knights of the Secret, all of these weird terminologies they've got right there.
Well, that's right.
People can see this in the design of the cities.
I have a huge collection of Masonic literature, so we're not making anything up.
This is from the horse's mouth.
You only need to go
To the Albert Mackey's, and to the actual Masonic Encyclopedias.
This is not hard to do, even though it takes a lot of time.
But if people spend the time, you know, see the Perus, our works, and we put this stuff on DVD, we put it in books, so it's there for people who don't have the time to do all this research, to find out that America is not free.
America has been colonized by the, you know, the royals and the pharaohs of old, and America was ostensibly meant to be the last bastion against these oligarchs, these imperialists.
What the people need to understand, in America context particularly, is that the imperialism is not going away.
The stuff that you're seeing now with the, you know, the Amaro coming in, and the NAFTA, and the CAFTA, and the destruction of the American Constitution, this is a form of imperialism that has been incinerated.
Ireland says no to the Lisbon Treaty, EU expansion, and then they say, we don't care, we're going to bring it back up for another vote, or implement it by fiat.
It's exactly the same as the Mafioso situation.
This kind of vampire never goes away until it's invited across the way.
And going back to Egypt, we see in the Old Testament and in the New, over and over again, the Pharaoh would send out to the different slave groups he had and would kill a large portion of their children to keep the slaves at a lower population.
You see the CPS today going out and kidnapping the children.
It's all repeated.
And they figured out thousands of years ago, thousands of years B.C., how to control societies.
And I want to highlight something you just said a few minutes ago about the kind of dark forces that they're in league with.
Those dark, you know, again, if people don't understand it, that's too bad.
But the fact is, these people do not act in just a material sphere of, you know, of influence.
They are very much tied into something off-world.
They're tied into other dark, angelic forces.
I think so.
You know, uh, influx of trauma across the TV, you see, and in our world in general.
They need anxiety, they want to keep people, you know, crippled and mutilated.
They are changing our neural pathways, showing us millions of simulated murders on TV, traumatizing us, where they now have university studies with the brainwaves, where the area of the brain associated with pleasure, even in quote, mainstream people, is lighting up when they see simulated murders, torture, death.
They are turning us psychically into them.
I couldn't agree more, Alex, and you know it's a situation of the normal, lower level, sadomasochism that people have multiplied infinitely.
This constant appeal to the limbic and mammalian centers of the brain, you know, and it's a diet, and a diet until you get so used to it that you don't even know what reason is anymore.
You can't critically look at anything.
You have an immediate defense mechanism as soon as the, you know, it's like most of these people that today you have the internet.
And that's the next issue is the enemy knows throughout history
We're good to go.
And I've seen them go from arrogant to now being fearful.
What are they so afraid of, Michael?
Well, they're always afraid of the human race because this is the serf, you know, that they've been able to enslave.
And of course, the big fear is that, you know, that particular indentured servant, slave, might in fact wake up and throw away, you know, all of the junk that, you know, basically an age of awakening is what they're fearful of.
Anyone who has control that's surreptitious, anyone who has a catalog of
Criminality, like they have.
These are super criminals, mega criminals.
The genocides, the colonializations, the war on consciousness.
You know, all the devastation they've wreaked.
Of course, these are criminals who don't want, you know, to be discovered or the light to be shone on them.
I've often said in my work that, hey, these guys say that they're worshippers of the sun.
They claim to worship light.
Well, what happened to them?
Let's see the effects on them when we turn the light of truth and knowledge onto them.
See how they like it.
You know, and this is the age that we're in with this kind of exposure.
They traffic in the souls of men.
That's really what's valuable to them, is blinders, shutting people down, darkness, destruction.
Look at the artwork the elite buys.
Buckets of maggots, images of dead babies.
I mean, this is the most popular art across the board worldwide with the elite.
You know, 100 million pounds, sometimes 200 million dollars, you know, for one piece of blasphemous art.
And they say, we're buying this art to worship it, to adulate it.
Well, they're not trying to set it up.
As I said before, this imperialist movement of this juggernaut, we're only seeing the latter days of something that has been a continuous ongoing incremental
They've already been doing it.
The movement, you know, gone through history.
Americans tend to, you know, not see that.
They don't see, you know, the whole movement of... Michael, I see it.
I'm talking about their endgame.
They're gearing up for something big.
Well, I believe it's basically... this ties into my work on 2012 and what's coming there.
It's a sort of a zero hour.
This is the death of anything human.
It doesn't mean the death of the planet.
It doesn't mean, you know, the end of nature.
It doesn't even necessarily mean the end of the world.
What it means is the
The end, and by God, anyone with their eyes open can see it's already taken place.
It's a countdown to the extinction of what we would use when we say the word human.
What we will have after 2012, 2015, you see, is a post-human world.
They're racing headlong.
You've dealt with it in Endgame.
You've dealt with it in Road to Eternity.
Well, remember, what they're going to turn on happens 2012 and post.
Before you can turn something on, you've got to end, or bring to an end, that which was before.
So all the idioms, all the customs, the traditions, that all the people of the world, especially of the Western world, because the Western world is now, as you see, being turned into a third world country, and the third world is rising to be a first world.
What we're heading towards right now is basically a post-human dystopia in which man is either so reduced to a robotic level that he runs even more headlong into the pharmaceutical thing, the drug, and to escape himself, or it will literally be some sort of Blade Runner dystopia in which you are literally, you know, going to be vaccinated in a way that changes your
Well, I believe, if you also bring in the whole concept of the GMOs, you start to discover that the hoarding of the actual organic seeds that nature has produced, they're siloing this, they're archiving it.
Doomsday maps.
What's that?
They've created doomsday vaults, the Rockefellers and the UN have.
They're going to infect everything, yeah.
Right, exactly.
My vision is that they may in fact unleash some sort of worldwide plague on the plant life, on the flora, and then this creates us to either be interned underground or in some sort of silo or dome situation in which only the privileged are given the right kind of food
Uh, et cetera, et cetera.
And that person has to be totally conformist.
They either wipe out everybody else... No, that's... I mean, let me stop you, Michael.
This is the stated reverse-engineered plan.
They state, you know, that they have black-op wars, they have drug wars to build up the police, and they stage terror to expand the criminal control grid.
Then they have smaller controlled bioweapon releases to get us into compact cities.
Then they start the real mass exterminations.
That is the stated plan.
I agree with you there.
I absolutely have come to the same conclusions in my own work that something along these lines is that people are hearing us now thinking we're talking sci-fi.
This is already happening.
The Monsanto and the GMO is all behind us.
There's something going on.
And it ties back to what we said about the inability to be able to control masses of people through the gun-to-the-head system.
That has been tried.
It doesn't work.
The next kind of colonialism that we're going to experience, the next kind of imperialism, is going to be a genetic one.
You know, we deal with this in the Architects of Control DVD.
That DVD covers a lot of ground, actually.
And it also goes into the psychological question of why people lend themselves to this kind of submission.
I don't know if we have time to talk about it on your show.
No, no, we will.
We have plenty of time.
We're going to have you back soon.
We have a whole other hour and ten minutes coming up.
But the point you're making, Monsanto said in 99, in a public speech, it was in major papers, that they plan to infect everything
So that then no one has a choice.
They admit that this is meant to take over the entire biosphere, and with the Terminator genes and others, end the regular life cycle.
The carbon tax is meant to be a tax on humans, to literally say that humans are bad, with this new guild of millions per country of environmental enforcers, one-child policy, all of this.
I mean, I don't think the public understands.
Hitler, Stalin, Mao, that was only warm-up for what they're getting ready to do.
Well, that's my main point.
It's warm-up.
What we're seeing now is just the preliminary tip of the iceberg.
You know?
Now, this, uh... The Architects that Control DVD is actually dedicated to Jim Keith and to also Ezra Pound.
These are two people that have a big impact on me because Jim Keith was always looking, and I know you do as well, at this whole technological leviathan, which is one of the greatest clubs in the hands of the elite.
Stay there, stay there, Michael Tesarian.
We're going to talk behind the scenes as well now.
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We're good to go.
Today, unlike any other in the long course of American history, a terrorist act of war against this country.
The enemy struck America on September 11th.
But who is the enemy?
Bin Laden.
This is his MO.
We have to look to the Middle East.
We have to look to Osama Bin Laden.
Fabled Enemies is the first 9-11 film to take a close look at the terrorist ties to intelligence networks inside the United States.
investigators believe that there are Israelis again very much engaged in spying in and on the U.S.
Some U.S.
I'm aware that some Israeli citizens have been detained.
Bin Laden's connections to the CIA, the hijacker's ties to the FBI, the Saudi Arabian connection, the Israeli intelligence network, warnings and war games, the shadow government, and much, much more.
Fabled enemies.
Get the DVD at InfoWars.com or see it in super high quality along with hundreds of other titles at PrisonPlanet.tv.
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Thanks for watching.
Michael Lasarian is our guest.
MichaelLasarian.com's website.
Link up on InfoWars.com right now.
It's hard to believe, but in my film, Endgame, we only show you the tip of the iceberg.
About who these global controllers are.
I mean, how do you get scientists in the U.S.
and Russia and everywhere to go nerve gas little children?
Or test radiation on children and kill them?
Or test it on troops?
That isn't about testing the nerve gas.
They know it'll kill a person or the radiation.
It's about creating cadres of scientists who will buy into this and who enjoy exercising the psychopathic power to create larger cadres of subunits to serve the New World Order going into the mass extermination.
And I want you to know, they're going to claim Al-Qaeda did it, or claim it came out of a lab, but when you and your family are dying, especially you police out there, you can at least, you know, realize that for those that survived, that the New World Order is real, and that this really happened, and that we really warned you.
We were talking during the break about them not capping the pyramid in 2000.
As they were openly worshipping what they called anti-beast or animon, and you were just talking about that.
It was on worldwide TV, fake fire shooting out of the ground, fireworks, huge horned demons marching on movie screens at the Giza Plateau, worldwide cultism, PBS carried it, open Lucifer worship on TV, and it was like I would mention it to people and no one even seemed to care, Michael DeSarian.
Well, that's exactly right, and people have to realize that these guys, on the highest level, you see, they operate based on an old stellar form of timing, based on ancient zodiacs, and the whole concept of that when you do something, the timing has to be right.
This, I discovered in the context of Ireland when I was studying things like the, you know,
I mean, the very fact that the Orange Parade happens, you know, very close to midsummer, the midsummer solstice, just like your Bohemian Grove investigation pointed out, that the dates are very important, the midsummer, the summer solstice.
We have the same issue happening in Northern Ireland, where the 12th of July parades,
I think so.
We're good to go.
It's based on ancient Masonic timings.
You know, we've got to understand... And by the way, that comes out in mainstream media that, oh, Tony Blair every morning is possessed by the spirit of the light.
He falls on the ground and convulses.
He goes to the four corners of the earth to do weird rituals.
Oh, and Ronald Reagan, everything he does is according to the astrology.
And, you know, this all comes out.
Exactly, and that's the reason why my life took me into those areas, to study these secret societies quite intimately, to definitely get into these occult areas, to find out what it is that they're up to, what are they doing, and then basically to pull back from the canvas and discover, my God, this is a worldwide ritual that involves many, many tentacles.
But getting back to the point about this whole technotronic age, you know, as I said, my work is dedicated to Jim Keith, and I want people to remember his name because he's one of the greatest American researchers you could imagine.
Do you believe he was murdered?
Absolutely, no doubt in my mind.
And the people closest to him also speculate upon that.
Well, then his publisher died mysteriously right after he did.
Yes, exactly.
And another friend of his, a co-researcher, was also mysteriously killed.
So there's no doubt in my mind that they either, you know, they took this guy out because he was so special.
He had the ability and the charm to reach many, many people.
Well, he also got wide-spectrum analysis.
I mean, he really got the big picture.
Well, remember, these guys were tied up.
Jim had investigated Scientology and did a runner from it because he knew, my God, what the hell is going on here, and then tried to whistle-blow that, and then from there, you know, went on to, like I did in my own way, to, you know, branch out and to find out about the world, the great global conspiracy.
And his work is fundamental.
His book, Mass Control,
You know, is an essential part of the DVD we're doing right now, about to release next month, or very shortly.
And this goes into his work, is dedicated to his work, and people have got to understand... All right, stay there.
We're going to break for one minute.
Come back with the next hour.
Michael Lassarian getting into this.
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Uh, Michael, I want to get into a little bit of positive news first, then I want to get into the technological control grid, the enslavement grid, what your new film's about, that, you know, is the bad news, but knowing the enemy is at the battle.
But you talk and speak a lot about the exponential awakening, and listen, I tend to
Underestimate how many people I reach individually, and I'm just one, you know, little outpost in all of this.
I don't over gauge myself, but really, it doesn't matter any guest I call up now, some engineer or
Chuck Norris or, you know, some politician or someone in another country.
Or I go to foreign countries, people all over the street come up to me now.
You know, I go to Honduras, or I go to England, or I go to Germany, or I go to, you know, some other part of the world.
And, and, and, and, and you just, you know, I'm one little guy in all this.
And now, I mean, it's, I mean, take Austin, you know, my center of operations.
It's now where I'll be at the gym and 80% of the people in there come up and aren't just coming up saying hi, they're waking up, they're listening.
And so I see with my own life an exponential explosion in people starting to understand there's more to the world than meets the eye or the mainstream media service.
And so it's exponential.
So I see these two things, you know, the global enslavement grid coming head to head with a mass human awakening.
Your comments on that?
Well, I agree with that totally, otherwise I wouldn't be doing my work.
It is one of the things I also, everything you said is true for me as well, wherever I go.
The enormous amount of emails and feedback that I get, you know, and even the negative reaction, at least that shows me that this juggernaut, as I said, the lights, you know, must be blinding some people.
That gives you the reverse understanding that, you know, it must be happening because look at even the reactions.
It's causing even in a negative way to people.
You must know that by their threat, you can also tell, you know, by their backlashing, you can tell, my God, you know, our time has come.
And I always describe it as being that people have to stay very optimistic what's happening.
This can.
I am not a person who ever believes that evil will ever triumph in the world, because just like nature abhors a vacuum, nature also abhors that which is evil.
And if you are evil, if you're operating from that mindset,
You've actually just raised a red flag to the powers of nature to say, come and get me, wipe me out.
And I also believe that we are in the time of the death throes of this kind of, you know, sphere of activity, this kind of imperialism.
We're actually, it's bad, it's hot, yep, they're up in our face, but as a matter of fact, I also believe you see that it's a situation in which these individuals, it's their dying days, they're in the last phase of the tyranny, and that, you know, it's a situation
We're going to, you know, overcome it.
And I don't necessarily, see, I don't entertain any other idea at all because I wouldn't be wasting my time on five minutes of any of this research if I didn't totally and utterly believe that good always triumphs over evil, and it will do, and that these people are evil.
And my message is that we have to study the nature of evil.
Yeah, a person can be good, but a person can also be good and stupid or good and blind.
The point is now that the awakening continues as we pass the torch from one person to the other.
We get our arms around as much information as we can.
We do not bicker because we have minute differences.
We're all encamped here.
I said this in one of my talks in Los Angeles.
We all have our tents.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
are waking people up, they're involved, they're saying let's work together, but the enemy will attack you and then say, oh, we should work together, why aren't you working together?
You know, they never, it's just unbelievable.
But it's not just conscious enemy operatives, there are a lot of just broken down, morbid, malfunctioning minds out there that, you know, also have woken up to the New World Order, but still just thrash about attacking everyone.
We're going to continue with Michael Desarian.
MichaelDesarian.com is his website.
Stay with us.
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A day unlike any other in the long course of American history.
A terrorist act of war against this country.
The enemy struck America on September 11th.
But who is the enemy?
Bin Laden.
This is his MO.
We have to look to the Middle East.
We have to look to Osama Bin Laden.
Fabled Enemies is the first 9-11 film to take a close look at the terrorist ties to intelligence networks inside the United States.
Some U.S.
investigators believe that there are Israelis, again, very much engaged in spying in and on the U.S.
I'm aware that some Israeli citizens have been detained.
Laden's connections to the CIA, the hijackers' ties to the FBI, the Saudi Arabian connection, the Israeli intelligence network, warnings and war games, the shadow government, and much, much more.
Fabled Enemies.
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Hello, I'm Steve Shang.
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Well, snap out of it.
We now have a deadline.
Joe Biden said it's going to happen.
Former Secretary of State Colin Powell went on CBS Meet the Press and pointed to about January 22nd as the time a major international incident would force the new president to make unpopular decisions.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk, Alex Jones, on the GCN Radio Network.
Okay, we got about 51 minutes left with Michael Tasarian, great researcher, MichaelTasarian.com.
Michael, break down the technological control grid, the microwave guns, the face scanning cameras, the poison in the food and water, all of it admitted, all of it being intensified
One in 33 having cancer, now one in two in men, one in three in women.
You know, just, I mean, the plagues are upon us.
It is engineered.
Break down this grid.
Well, like I said, coming out of the work of Jim Keith and the people who have more of a look at this technotronic world, and you even have some of the insiders talking about that they can't wait for this, people of the Bertrand Russell School, you see, and the whole Bread and Circus clan, the intellectual types, what I've been studying is more the elite type, the people at the top of the pyramid.
What is their thinking?
What do they want?
How do they see mankind?
You know, the people coming out of the Thomas Malthus School, the people coming out of the Frankfurt Schools and the Tavistock Institute, and these highbrows who have always looked at us as some sort of subhuman, animalistic kind of being.
I mean, I don't want to get into it right now, but my work even tracks the whole genetic interference with mankind back thousands of years ago.
So what we're seeing now with the Industrial Age, and now we're in the Silicon Age, and we have all these MITs and Sun Corporations, you see, and all of this,
It's dirty, it's broken, we're bad, and for those that don't know, they would 2,000 years ago in Rome, breed large brutish, quote, dumb
Uh, Germans, Gauls, and others, you know, together when the slaves were mainly white.
And then, uh, it's openly in the slave manuals, very politically incorrect to say, but it's actually history.
I'm not saying it worked, but they actually did also breed people in this country to be large and stupid according to what the official documents say.
Go ahead.
That's right.
This is where they're at.
This is what, you know, Jim Keith's work really alerted me to the Dr. Delgado's, these Frankensteinian, you know, Bela Lugosi creatures that, you know, haunt the technical world that have a huge amount of funding.
And what really caught my eye, because as I told you before, my introduction to a lot of this has been through art and through symbolism, I started to notice that the symbolism that these, you know, Alex DeGrasse and these individuals who are now behind the whole Genome Project,
And many of the other technological sort of projects and organizations, right from the time of Francis Crick, doing his main research in the Templar zones of London, and then the first genetic experiments being done in the Templar areas of Scotland near Rosslyn.
You know, this kind of stuff started to, you know, start to like raise a red flag for me, because here we're up against the Templar symbolism again.
Here we're seeing the Holy Grail symbolism again.
Here we're seeing the man in white with the red crosses.
What is all of this?
What has science got to do with any of this?
So then I started, you know, tracking that,
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
It's like Wizard of Oz Shadow for you to be, you know, shaking in front of, but the real enemy is coming at you from the back.
What's it?
So, this is what I've also been studying, and I really do believe that this post-human world is upon us.
Whether the good, you see, the global village is upon us.
I mean, that comes out of my studies of Fabianism and studies of the common purpose and all of that.
But the global village can be many things.
They may not even put chains on you, they may not even build a wall around you, but you can still inhabit this planet as a global slave in the global village.
There's many ways of attaining this.
And through these RFI chips, the whole situation...
All the whole digital kingdom opening up for us.
This is what's going to break next speed.
Since we're sort of falling back of the main military budgets, we're not too much falling back on it, but as obviously they scaled back from Star Wars and these other things, where do you think all that money is going?
That money is now going into the whole technological, you know, world to create for human race.
Basically a cyber purgatory, which is going to be what supplants
This ending that I've talked about in the next four to five years, you're going to see a sort of a countdown to extinction of all the traditions, all the accepted norms that our forefathers worked for, that we've understood, that our grandparents and our parents.
This is both an education, but specifically a medical.
Just look at the way that children are medicated up their eyeballs right now.
You know, I mean, the complete destruction.
There's even one slug from Stanford University.
He wants to start introducing the anti-
Uh, you know, the ADD, um, pills, the drugs, before children even show the symptoms of it.
He already wants to put them on that from the moment that they come out of the womb.
No, no, there's already drugging of children in utero if they, quote, come from poor families in Oregon, which is eugenics.
Right, exactly.
This goes back to Mari Stokes, right back to the whole Fabian situation, you know, and back to the... And what it is, is these are really murderous, bloodthirsty, control freaks who just have disdain and arrogance for everyone.
And I've actually talked to some of these top scientists and elitists from these big families.
They're almost mentally retarded in a way.
They're gibbering, they're goblin-like, and they're not even that smart.
They're just vicious, vicious little demons.
Well, the more empty you are, remember, it's like Wilhelm Reich's Little Man, the more little you are, the more fearful you are, the more that you need to exercise these controls.
That is the Wizard of Oz shadow situation.
Now, people need to wake up, turn on the lights, and not be afraid of that type of thing.
It ties into the awakening that you spoke of, you know, in the previous segment here.
And that is happening and needs to continue to happen.
And as I say, I'm very adamant of people, do not territorialize this knowledge.
First of all, this is an alternative subject that we deal with.
It is not fundamentalistic.
It is not mainstream.
You're not going to territorialize it.
It does not belong to you.
It is knowledge and you cannot bring the same old world, you know, paradigms of own and control into this area.
You don't belong.
Go and study.
Go back to school, you know, and go back into the orthodox world is my message to those people.
I've noticed people always try to...
I notice people always in our own, you know, quote, you know, awakening movement, you know, reality movement, whatever you want to call it, they always try to territorialize it about who said when 9-11 was going to happen first, or who discovered this, or who discovered that.
And me, I'm always happy to have folks on, give them credit, but I do that almost neurotically just to please those that are keeping score on who came up with this or who thought of this first.
I mean, I have
Trailblaze, thousands of things, coin terms, but it means nothing to me.
I'm hoping people use it.
I'm hoping people expand on my knowledge as I expanded on others, stand on my shoulders as I stood on others.
But you're right, there's this obsession with territorializing, and I've done the opposite.
I've said, make copies of my films, do whatever you want.
Use my material.
Don't even give me credit.
Because it's about survival.
Again, people can wake up to the New World Order, but they haven't woken up to all the conditioning they were already under, so they've got to break that as well.
Well, they're walking towards, see, the word utopia.
If you actually look up the meaning of the word utopia as it was first meant to mean, it actually means no place.
And this of course then opened up, this would not have been understood when Francis Bacon, you know, coined the term or used it.
It certainly makes a lot of sense now because we have virtual kingdoms, we have cyber, you know, purgatories awaiting for us.
We have these virtual reality states in which man, so divorced from his own center, so divorced from his own spirit, not only divorced but running headlong away in the opposite direction from his spirit, what do you think is waiting there for him?
These, you know, these individuals are wanting to create a perfect social global village in which you can upload your own consciousness.
The Internet is, you know, one aspect of this.
It's not negative, but it's an extension of the cerebral spinal system, as many scholars have shown.
The point is, is the way they're engineering the technocracy is to dominate and subjugate and dumb down.
So we're not demonizing technology one way or the other, but the architecture of it has been
Designed for bad.
There is no doubting that and we're being inserted into the false reality when our whole development is about this plane of existence and we need to maintain that.
We can certainly expand but we need to maintain and expand our core.
Not give up our core of who we are to quote expand into something else because that will destroy who we really are.
Right, and we often, because again of the misuse of terms, because of the media's complicity in all of this, we often think of technology as being nothing to do with spirituality.
In fact, spirit and technology are two words for the same thing.
If you go back in history and you'll notice the emphasis of technology when it's used to write, to build pyramids, to feed the poor, you see, to irrigate great rivers.
I mean, technology was in the hands of all of the most spiritual people in the past.
It's being sequestered, it's being repackaged, it's being sort of territorialized and owned by those who are the darkest of powers.
It doesn't belong to them.
The great samurai, you know, the people who could make the great swords in the past, the great horsemen, or the great, you know, whatever, the musicians, the musicology, the creators of instruments.
We are a species who envisions and creates.
We are a magical species compared to everything else on this planet.
As neat as dolphins are, they've got nothing on Homo Sapien Sapien, and the enemy has to blunt and dumb down that creativity and get us focused off into issues of no significance or brute, beast-fuel, lower-level, making that, you know, through the mammalian image,
Uh, you know, through the peer pressure to be that lower man instead of that higher man.
And they claim that they are building a world for a higher man when the entire architecture is to destroy what man is and feed us into a technocratic meat grinder.
On the Michael Papine website, people will see an article there called Weapons of Mass Destruction Found, and it addresses this whole concept between the magic and the sorcery.
You got it.
I refer to what they're doing as black sorcery.
Basically, these people are possessed by a kind of archon, a demonic force that they serve, or they've...
You can look at it the other way, that they have basically uploaded their own consciousness into that place, into that place of fear, envy, endless greed, endless darkness.
It doesn't matter which way you look at it.
Either something's possessed them, or they have uploaded their consciousness.
What they've done is they've murdered their own spirit psychologically, and then by doing that, you allow this dark sorcery to enter into you.
Well, you can look at it either way, but the sum result is the infected, the person who is infected by that spiritual virus cannot sit still.
This is what the people of America and the world need to understand.
That kind of infected person cannot sit still unless they go around and try to infect everybody else.
The thing makes sense when you look at it from a psychological point of view.
Faith without works is dead, and that goes for the dark side and the light side.
I mean, people are going to manifest and build what their core is.
And then notice the occultists at the higher levels want to make everybody low-level atheists and not believe any of that, so that blinds us.
But at the top, the real top atheists in people are wild, satanic Luciferians.
We're going to skip this break, too, behind the scenes.
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Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
You know, I take myself as a microcosm of a journey of awakening.
Some people misinterpret what I'm doing as fear.
No, fear would put people in their box, in a catatonic state, in a fetal position, not moving forward.
Why has Alex Jones?
For all my foibles and problems, why have I been the most effective, and I think that's universally pretty much accepted even by my detractors on all fronts, as the most effective at waking people up?
Well, it's because I reached out to the people of the United States and the world and taught them and showed them how much power they had, and how much they could do to wake up others.
And that's why, to the listeners and the visitors of InfoWars.com and PrisonPlanet.com,
So you judge a tree by its fruits.
We have really resisted the New World Order, had a lot of victories against it, woken up a lot of people.
And it's because I have passion, and I am aggressive, and I am angry, and I shake people out of the mesmerized position they're in with the TV and the culture, to then just kind of like a cold bucket of water, ice water, wake them up, and shake them out of that.
And Michael Disari and David Icke, many others have also been very, very successful at doing this.
So, what are your ideas of how to fight this technocracy?
I mean, I want people to see how dangerous it is and know what a great threat it is, so they will move out of the way of the threat and then over it and on top of it and, you know, to denature it.
I mean, what are your ideas of how this revolution of human consciousness, how this is going to play out, and what are your ideas in the solution?
Well, see, whatever you want to call it, God, nature has already given us the tools.
It's called the human reason.
It's called the human curiosity.
This has built the greatest bridges.
It has created the shuttle.
It has built the greatest nations on Earth.
It's built pyramids.
We already have the hardware within us installed, but what has happened is we've been conditioned to not use it, to doubt our own sensibilities, to doubt our own bodies, to doubt that we have control over our own lives and our own families and our own communities.
And this has been the insipid, drip-feeding, you-feel-the-lie.
I'm going to come back up and talk about what you just said there about being angry.
You know, first of all, I do not have a degree in psychology, but I have studied the subject thoroughly, and I can tell you that you, Alex, are neither mad nor paranoid, and that you are a person who's got the guts to stand up and be as mad as hell, who can channel their anger positively, and this is what is needed.
Go back to the movie Network.
You've got to be as mad as hell.
You've got to fall in love with the word no.
You've got to ask questions.
We're good to go.
And be armed up to fight this kind of tiger in the long grass.
It is not something that's going to make itself known.
You could easily shoot in the wrong direction, you see?
So people need to be armed up with knowledge and education.
And I will not stand in my life, you see, which is happening a lot, I see in the world that these people who come into this subject, either they're bandwagon hoppers, or like we said, they may be debunkers or whatever, or they may just be a bunch of intellectuals who try to come there, you know, with the same rules that they knew in the college, in the university, in the mainstream, jumping through the hoops.
And then they come into this world and go, where's your qualifications?
What kind of books and DVDs have you written or done?
They want to territorialize this knowledge and they want to make you jump through the hoops.
Well, you see, back at one of the earliest mottos, one of the earliest mottos of the ancient Irish is very simple and it said in Gaelic, but I'll translate in English, it is deeds to match words.
And this is the fact, that here we are in a situation of colossal
I think so.
They gotta get up out of their damn ass, is what I say.
You know, people do exactly what you're doing, so I'm hoping that people will model themselves on you.
You know, what happens when people watch, you know, what was the reality back in the 1950s?
You know, people like me in Britain, Alex, grew up watching the Humphrey Bogart, you know, movies, the Jimmy Cagney movies, when people in America looked you right in the eye and told you where to get off.
How did everything become so politically correct?
What the hell happened?
We'll notice the mainstream media always tells us be passive, don't be aggressive, don't stand up for yourself, but meanwhile the government is aggressive and pushing towards us.
They're letting us know they're the boss.
Wow, Michael Desarian is our guest.
This is so important for the InfoWars streams.
I'm gonna skip this again, come back for everybody else in just three minutes.
This is the one, the only GCN Radio Network and MichaelDesarian.com is the website.
I'll be a routine guest here on the show.
Stay with us, we'll be right back.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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investigators believe that there are Israelis again very much engaged in spying in and on the U.S.
I'm aware that some Israeli citizens have been detained.
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I'm going to take five phone calls for Michael Tesarian coming up in about 15 minutes.
Specific questions for the guests.
Pretty wide ranging, so any topic goes.
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So the plants we have, 1-800-569-4056, 1-800-569-4056, or NewVitality.com, if you forget that banner, there's a link up on InfoWars.com.
Okay, going back to Michael Tesarian, MichaelTesarian.com, Michael, I want to go to some calls here in about 10 minutes or so, but continue with the technological control grid.
Well, these are people who have always thought of man as some sort of golem.
You know the story of the golem?
And even coming out of the New Age movement, all this stuff about the Greys, you know, I believe that that's been infiltrated, and a lot of that is disinformation, in order to, you know, prepare us to be not only afraid, of course, of some sort of off-world invasion, that, you know, that is science fiction, but it works well to prepare people for what's coming.
But basically, when you start reading the sort of schools of Bertrand Russell and these kinds of people, and these other maniacs that I deal with in my work, throughout my books and DVDs, these individuals literally do think of themselves as some sort of robotic, mechanical beings, and nothing could be in their greatest pipe dreams, you see, is to make a completely controllable human being.
I actually believe that for ritual purposes,
Certain segments of these Illumined Ones, so-called, wanted to completely devastate and wipe out the human race a long time ago, and that another quadrant, another section or cadre, sort of frowned upon that in the past and didn't want that, and came up with the idea that, look,
To make the perfect robot, all we've got to do is dumb down the people of the world to the level of the robot, to the level of the cyborg, and the job is done.
And that's basically where we're at.
That's where we've been up until now.
Now, they have restored the technology.
Because remember, these people armed themselves to the teeth with not only knowledge, but occult knowledge.
And so, I am not a person who's a Luddite.
I am all for technology.
But I do not want technology in the hands of occultists
We're good to go.
Within the Genome Project, and with some of these materialist philosophers and scientists who are just itching to create the global village.
And that, through the electronics, through the technologies, through the cybernetics, you see?
And this is actually an old story.
People are familiar with the work I did in my Atlantis book, know that this is a very old story.
That the cybernetics and cryogenics and the genetic manipulation is not something new.
It's just that they've had to build back the technology at a record pace now.
You know, in the chronology of time.
And they're succeeding to do this.
And that is why I believe they have postponed certain other events, because they wanted the tunnel vision on this particular thing.
It's backed up by the work of Jim Keith and these people that I've been mentioning a lot here.
And we've got to realize, you see, that this is coming down.
It's not just with arming the police with superweapons.
It's not just putting the, you know, HAARP technology and microwave technology.
Installing that on the satellites so that they have a complete police state global village situation in which no nation or no person can operate independently.
And then they troubleshoot this.
They check it out in the terrestrial wars that are going on on the planet.
These block operations that have been exposed.
They call them laboratories.
They call it a laboratory.
They call a war a laboratory.
That's it.
So they want this particular being, you know, magnetized, vaccinated, you know, injected, and completely, you know, digitized, so that they can then control every aspect of what you're doing.
Here's one microcosm example.
The GMO milk, the GMO food, the plastics, and there's hundreds of types of plastics they pick for worldwide distribution, over 90% of the plastic cups,
The one type of plastic that sheds the estrogen-mimicking hormones.
It's a documented fact.
They chose it 40 years ago for that reason.
That's come out.
And then three-year-old girls, four-year-old girls by the tens of thousands, by the millions at 7, 8, 9 are going into puberty early, then they get breast cancer.
And so again, they engineer that.
The local doctor is compartmentalized.
He doesn't know.
And they give the little girl something that's far worse.
Meanwhile, our boys are on so much estrogen that now they've got 10, 12, 14, 15-year-old boys whose testicles haven't dropped.
And I hate to get technical, but they're like ovaries.
They're still inside the body.
When normally, you know, testicles should drop when you're about 8, 9, right before you go into puberty at 12.
I mean, they are attacking
I don't think so.
I couldn't agree more.
And it goes to this whole idea of the heart of tyranny, the origin of tyranny, and that the human race is their chattel to do with as they feel like.
And they don't want disgruntled people.
They want a totally pacified, you know, and dumbed-down individual that they can completely own.
And you see, they know that they also never
They know that there is an awakening taking place, so these guys just don't let that happen.
They have to also, you know, arm themselves to react against the awakening that is coming.
Well, I had one of them on earlier, where they're gonna put all these satellite trackers in all the cars to Texas, and from a government study, and he was going, it's okay.
It's not coming for a long time.
It may not even happen.
This is good for you.
I mean, it's always the same script.
It's always the same script and I tie it into The Awakening.
You know, I said this in one of my talks entitled The Origins of Evil and in the first ten minutes of that talk I said that look, as the human child starts to awaken and tries to gain back his spirit, that is exactly at the point where the monster, the vampire comes in.
They're waiting there to infuse you with more, you know,
Toxicity, so that you again fall into your... But see, that's it, they want you to fall into sleep, and that's why you're affected, why I'm affected.
We're shaking them, going, no, wake up, don't even believe me, because you're being manipulated by Madison Avenue, by the culture, by the propaganda, and if you can't even admit that when it's admitted, there's much more advanced things.
We're shocking them, saying you need to realize what's going on.
There needs to be that urgency for people to get out,
You know, like, I knew cell phones were frying my brain, but I kept using them.
I finally got to where I check my messages about once a day on it.
I keep it far away from me.
My wife isn't using hers anymore.
We're living without it.
It tracks us.
It hurts us.
You know, I could break my habit.
We can all do this, and it takes the urgency, Michael.
Yeah, but when you have a media that turns around and shows you Bill Gates' wife is, you know, injecting her dog with a microchip and then suddenly it's not the dog anymore, it's the children, just like you showed on Road to Tyranny, you have that stupid, gormless LA family who goes, this is just wonderful, I can't wait!
You know, it's gonna save abduction, it's gonna save kidnapping, it's gonna save your dog.
You know, the human race is dumb enough to be trying to go, yeah, I want one too, where can I get it, you know?
By the way, it turns out, it turns out that was all fake, and then the family worked for Applied Digital Solution, an IBM front directorate, and then magically, magically members of the family started dying.
How about that?
Well, this is the casualty list.
They never publicized that about all the, like they said, with the estrogen that they're pumping into the girls.
And then these court cases that are backed up because there's been so much, you know, reactions in these children and these young people.
I'm very concerned about this whole medicated child bit.
I do a lot of work on that and a lot of research on that.
See, that's what the HPV is, a live cancer virus.
It's killing a bunch of people, maiming tens of thousands, and they knew it would do that.
They rolled it out as a test of how to cover it up, how to suppress it, how to have these soft kill weapons being openly used out in the public and testing how to compartmentalize it and cover it up.
And they tried on different populations of the world.
Remember, one type of virus is not going to work well on different kinds of nations, different kinds of people.
I can tell you, you know, and I'm talking to the floor, I know you know this, that from the AIDS virus down, from the bird flus, and from all of this other stuff, these are rehearsals for the worldwide plague.
They're testing how soft kills move.
Go ahead, absolutely right.
Yeah, they're ready to unleash a global plague.
You know, the science fiction writers have already written about it and tried to warn people.
And this is the perfect way.
Through food.
There's an old statement that says that people are three meals away from revolution.
It's through food.
This was brought out in movies like Three Days in the Condor.
Some people have used it in the context of oil.
But oil is a hell of a lot less important than the food, you know, sort of Damocles that these people are going to use because they're sequestering the organic seeds now, just like in some sort of hideous, you know, Noah's Ark experiment.
We've got the facts on this.
We've got the proof on this.
They're working overtime on it.
Well, James Bond was Ian Fleming, OSS, and then MI6, and they love to throw it in your face.
And every one of those movies, later, some manifestation of reality would then be shown.
And remember Moonraker, where the global elitists want to kill everybody and then repopulate the Earth.
That's right, all the way from the first one, Her Majesty's Secret Service, all the way up to the Moonraker.
You're right, they're whistle-blowing us through the films.
They want to tell, because remember, this is a ritual situation.
You need to tell the sacrificial goat what on earth is happening here.
That's the lesser magic.
Yeah, that's the lesser magic.
They have to do that first, yeah.
I totally agree with it, and that's what basically our job is.
Our job is not to territorialize knowledge, not to jump through hoops, but to try and collate a lot of this information, present it for people, you know, in an unbiased way.
And the enemy are in their own prison.
They are habitualized.
They are very obsessive-compulsive.
They do everything the same over and over again.
I think that's their weakness, Michael.
Well, right.
Remember earlier on you said that there's something wrong with them, there's something sort of inhuman about them?
This, I believe, ties into an experimentation that happened in ancient times, in which certain beings were created, these are the world rulers today, and they don't even have what we would refer to as spirit or soul.
So we've got to understand that we're talking about people here who are, you know, connected to sorcery and to dynastic concerns that have sworn themselves to this kind of control for years.
They look at us like some people look at the pets, like the laboratory, you know, the doctor looks at the rats in the maze.
That is exactly how the human race
Yeah, I think so.
Well, the bottom line is, folks, you can believe us or not, but war is being waged against you by the technocratic elite.
Whether it's real or not, they're all in the occult.
They believe into it.
You know, they believe what they're saying.
What Michael's telling you is true.
I mean, I don't know how true
It is in facts, but they believe it.
They believe they're another species, and they believe your baby is a piece of crap that needs to be killed.
And they're coming for us.
They're already attacking us.
They brainwashed the cops.
The military, they brainwashed.
A lot of them are waking up.
We didn't make it this way.
Everything we've told you has come true so far.
We're telling you it's going to get a lot more crazy, and you better realize this is life and death.
Let's take some calls.
Mick in Pennsylvania.
You're on the air with Michael Tesarian.
Thank you very much.
Do you think there's any way we could possibly... we have to come up with some way to break up that monopoly, perhaps through the use of their own fairness doctrine?
Because we don't have much... Yeah, but they're going to selectively enforce that and use that to shut me down.
That was always selectively used.
We need to intensify the web, not let them take it over, not take it for granted while we still have it right now.
Just each of you individually, waking up friends and neighbors and family is an unstoppable force.
There are leaders out there listening right now that will dwarf what Michael Disari and Alex Jones and many others have done.
Okay, you just have to start the fight, start the battle, and that will lead you into just amazing opportunities.
Oh, thank you, um, and just real quick, in all his research, the Israeli identity message of the European race is actually being the supposedly lost tribes of Israel.
Yes, that goes back to what I said earlier.
Yeah, yeah, let me get Michael to comment on it, but let me just comment.
We told you the Queen of England is coronated on, uh, what is it, the Stone of Jacob?
Where, where supposedly, uh, Abraham was going to sacrifice him.
And so, yes, they believe that, this goes back to the Merovingian line.
You want to explain this?
Well, you're totally right.
I was just going to say that, that we are in the hands of people who are dynastically linked to these Merovingians, who themselves, their ancestry goes all the way back into Egypt.
And Mick, you know, if you pick up my book on the Irish origins of civilization, you'll have an enlightening experience, because you see, when people like yourself ask questions like this,
It's very important to identify the terms.
Who are the 12 tribes of Israel?
Who are the lost tribes of Israel?
What we've got to do is analyze those very terms and find out who are we really talking about, because the image that's been presented to us from official sources is not even the true image.
That's a made-for-TV, made-for-the-history books, you know, sort of a description of who these people actually are.
That's like a sort of a dance on a theater, but you've got to understand those are actors.
What lies behind that?
There's the real tribes, and then there's the counterfeit.
You bet.
And we've been handed the counterfeit.
The time has come now to look behind the passion play and find out who is really operating behind these sort of, you know, as you say, the lost tribes.
You know, it's a fascinating story of who the real Jews are, who the real Judaics are.
We're using those terms as has been handed down to us from the establishment.
They're not even the correct terms.
So often when we're bandying terms around like this,
We're not even using them as their true occult definition.
This is the biggest problem.
What does a Jew, the word, mean to a Freemason is a totally different meaning of that word than it is to, say, the layman on the streets, you see.
So the definition of terms is a research, is a time to study, to find out, you know, first of all, we're not even using the right definition.
All right, Michael Desari, and final segment coming up.
More of your phone calls straight ahead.
Stay with us.
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Man, I was going to Overdrive right now, but I've got a taping interview with Tex Mars, myself, for his show, right when the show ends.
I was on Man Cow this morning.
They say no rest for the wicked.
I'm not very wicked.
I don't get very much rest.
It's kind of the opposite.
Michael Nasarian, I was bringing up standing up against evil and how that is empowering.
How once you just love humanity, that I think that's a big part of the solution.
Just that mindset and idea, that truly turns loose of the fear and then that empowers you and you were making a key point.
Well, see, Michael needs to come to understand that before you can help another person, you must be strong in yourself.
And then from your model, pretty much like Alex, what you are a walking example of is by your model, people have the egalitarian right then to either do as you do or not to do as you do.
You know, you can't force anything down people's throats.
It's the example.
It's the standard.
And people who are sovereign within, who've understood that they can find their center, they can find their own inner truth.
And as I said, that's not one-size-fits-all.
It is not going to work on a social level where, you know, because again, that's regimentation.
That's the fascist model.
It's one-size-fits-all for all people, as we say, as we do, not as we act.
So the most important thing is to realize that, yeah, you've got to go within yourself, into the sanctity and the kingdom of your own being, you know, and find your own center.
And then from that place, in a total state of fearlessness and passion,
Take on the rival or the adversary, you know, and like I often say in my work, when you are so strong, I mean this is pretty much borrowed from martial arts, when you are so inherently strong that your enemy cannot destroy you, then your enemy is lost.
You can't go after them using the tools that they've provided for you.
You can't enter into this duel with the swords and the guns that they have primed and offered you.
That has been tried in the past centuries and it hasn't worked.
We have not been able to overcome this tyrant, this Leviathan, for the reasons that you mentioned, because we've not been able to break the spell of their particular kind of sorcery.
That's absolutely right.
But sir, you were bringing up before the break, and when we were coming out, I want the full audience to hear it about, we owe it to our ancestors and the enslavement they went through.
Finish that point.
Well, this is what my particular motive is, is that even if a person is not humanitarian enough, Alex, to do it for the rest of humanity, that's alright.
Do it at least for the dead within your own family.
The mothers, the grandparents, the grandfathers, the ancestors who died on the fields, who plowed, who suffered, who was murdered in wars.
We're good to go.
The noble sorrow, the glee the enemy had at ripping babies apart, and enslaving, and the nobles loving the people, starving beneath them, you know, the raw enjoyment of depriving people.
I can't imagine that, but that's the enemy's soul.
They love greed, they love hurting you, they love dom- they are control freaks.
And they can't wait to find another more innocent, you know, just like the 20 million Inca that were killed in South America, or the Irish Genocide, or the South African Genocide, you see, or the opening of the British East India Company and the terrible degradation they did in India.
They want to subjugate the entire world.
They're trying it now over there in Iraq and Iran.
You see, they don't look at you as an Iranian or as a... if you read their own works.
If people go to their own works and go to the works of these people like the Albert Pike... They look at you as cattle, as an animal, as an insect that is to be eradicated and their religion is viciously tearing you apart.
That's right.
I mean, how many jugglers can you fit into one room?
It doesn't matter, you see, who juggles what ball.
Islamic, Judaic, Christian, Conservative, Labour.
That is all for the juggling act of the world.
It doesn't mean a thing to these people.
They just look at you as basically fodder that can be ritually murdered whenever the time or the particular astrological conjunctions take place when they need to sacrifice your ass.
To their cause, on the altar of their sacrifice.
Well, let me get the, we're going to release our DVD and I'll make sure you get one and we can talk about that.
Alright, God bless you, take care.
Let me say bye to you when the show ends in just a moment.
Everybody, retransmission with key economic analysis and news starts now on the internet refeed one place, InfoWars.com.
Thank you for listening to GCN.
Be sure to visit GCNlive.com today.
A day unlike any other in the long course of American history.
A terrorist act of war against this country.
The enemy struck America on September 11th.
But who is the enemy?
Bin Laden.
This is his ammo.
We have to look to the Middle East.
We have to look to Osama Bin Laden.
Fabled Enemies is the first 9-11 film to take a close look at the terrorist ties to intelligence networks inside the United States.
Some U.S.
investigators believe that there are Israelis again very much engaged in spying in and on the U.S.
I'm aware that some Israeli citizens have been detained.
Bin Laden's connections to the CIA, the hijackers ties to the FBI, the Saudi Arabian...