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Air Date: Nov. 26, 2008
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We're gonna air a few more minutes from the intro to the great global warming swindle.
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Back to the Great Global Warming Swindle.
It's important that people know that climate enabled a quite different lifestyle in the medieval period.
We have this view today that warming is going to have apocalyptic outcomes.
In fact, wherever you describe this warbeard, it appears to be associated with riches.
In Europe, this was the great age of the cathedral builders.
A time when, according to Chaucer, vineyards flourished even in the north of England.
All over the city of London, there are little memories of the vineyards that grew in the medieval warm period.
So this was a wonderfully rich time.
And this little church, in a sense, symbolizes it.
Because it comes from a period of great wealth.
Going back in time further still, before the medieval warm period, we find more warm spells, including a very prolonged period during the Bronze Age known to geologists as the Holocene Maximum, when temperatures were significantly higher than they are now for more than three millennia.
If we go back 8,000 years in the Holocene period, our current interglacial, it was much warmer than it is today.
Now, the polar bears obviously survived that period.
They're with us today.
They're very adaptable, and these warm periods in the past, what we call hypsothermals, posed no problem for them.
Climate variation in the past is clearly natural.
So why do we think it's any different today?
In the current alarm about global warming, the culprit is industrial society.
Thanks to modern industry, luxuries once enjoyed exclusively by the rich are now available in abundance to ordinary people.
Novel technologies have made life easier and richer.
Modern transport and communications have made the world seem less foreign and distant.
Industrial progress has changed our lives.
But has it also changed the climate?
According to the theory of man-made global warming, industrial growth should cause the temperature to rise.
Alright, ladies and gentlemen, we'll be back with Alan Watt from Canada, and your phone calls at 800-259-9231.
I'll go over the day's important news, the economy, his outlook on the future, and a lot more.
The always intriguing Alan Watt, straight ahead.
I'm Alex Jones.
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Hello, I'm Steve Schenck.
We're entering a holiday season never before seen in America.
We're thankful for the warning given by members of Mr. Obama's campaign team of the coming international incident which will force unpopular decisions.
Without this warning, many of us who still have money available would have unknowingly wasted it on Christmas gifts that will be useless when the only food available is in a government breadline.
When the President is faced with the expected national security
I think so.
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Transmitting and streaming over the web at InfoWars.com and PrisonPlanet.com as well as over different satellite systems.
This is the Alex Jones Radio Show.
I am Alex Jones.
And our guest is Alan Watt of CuttingThroughTheMatrix.com.
Again, for the next hour and 51 minutes now.
I know that we have Don in Costa Rica, Jimmy in Kentucky, Dustin and others holding over from the last hour.
But Alan can speak to any subjects you want to call in about.
If you want to talk to Alan Watt, it's 1-800-259-9231.
I have a lot of questions I want to ask Alan.
I want to have discussions with him and try to bring both of our knowledge of the New World Order and all of our knowledge together to a higher level.
Because to defeat the enemy, you have to know who they are and what their agenda is.
But we will start going to your calls.
I think?
Well, if they're saying they plan to kill 80% of us, how do they plan to do that?
And I was explaining to him that it's incremental.
First, they've got to socialize us, get us under government control, being regulated, being tracked, being traced, in government schools, where they always, you know, have things more far advanced than they are for the adults.
This is all part of, like programming, bringing in the new model, you know, flushing out the old info, putting in the new, reducing the language, semantically reducing the language,
Drugging, poisoning, sterilizing the population.
We have all the numbers on that.
I want to go over that.
But out of the gates, I wanted to ask you, because I've seen a lot of this in their Club of Rome planning, UN planning, biological diversity assessments.
We've seen a lot of it.
In the university-level documents they're putting out, what the RAND Corporation is saying, what the British Ministry of Defense said last year that I know you covered extensively, as we did here, where they admit that there's a global elite, they're waging war against the individual, that they're putting in robotic aircraft so they can replace humans, even refusing to say nerve gas large cities.
So can you walk through how, from the pieces we have, and I know you've researched the same stuff I have and even more in some cases because I hear you, I read you, I know it's all on target because it's from the enemy's own manual.
So for listeners, this is not our opinion here.
But again, they leave gaps in it.
They explain a lot of it, but then you have to, it's all compartmentalized and partitioned, you have to put it all together.
And they're not clear on time frames, but they want to use global war, global famine, controlled bioweapons releases, to train us with each terror attack, each bioweapons release, being bigger, to live in a more and more controlled society, in the name of keeping us safe, to get us finally in that totally controlled technological enslavement grid.
Yes, well, as far as bringing the population down, it's already happening.
It's been happening for 50 years.
And their own statistics prove it.
I've read reports this last week or so from official reports on the sterilization of males.
The CBC television, Canada, that's the BBC version of the Canadians, came out with a documentary called The Disappearing Male, where we're now at 85% or more sterile.
Now the West is dying from Russia to Japan to the United States.
First world is dying at about 3-4% a year, but to be clear, you mean they've slowed down the global growth?
Oh, absolutely, and there's more girls being born than boys now because the boys have been attacked in the womb by bisphenol A and phthalates, which literally alter the biological makeup of the male.
It attacks his endocrine system at the age of seven weeks as a fetus.
And we're seeing them today, the feminine males.
They're much slimmer, they have no shoulders.
Let's not glaze over that, and this is again, main government documents, CBC broadcast, what Alan and I have already covered, but there it was, codified, the baby boys are dying in the womb, en masse, being targeted, if they make it out, I don't want to even say they're feminine, they're an emasculated male, whose literal glands do not develop.
Alan, please continue.
Yeah, and also on that same documentary,
We're good to go.
I think so.
And this is well understood.
They've been studying this for 50 years, and it's only now they're releasing what they've always known for the last 50 years.
And you have to go back 50 years to the writings of Charles Dalton Darwin, who came up with his book, The Next Million Years, where he outlines, on behalf of the elites, the different techniques of doing this very thing, sterilizing the population, primarily targeting the males,
And reducing them drastically.
So it has been happening.
People are always looking for a big apocalypse.
And it doesn't happen that way.
It happens gradually, quietly.
And the big mainstream media make no big deal about it.
Explain that, because you do that very well.
I mean, they state it's silent weapons for quiet wars.
They slowly turn up the ambient chemicals.
The frequency pollution, what's in the water, the food, so that we slowly get used to the neighbors, the kids dying of cancer, the old people dying early.
We slowly get used to everybody not being able to have babies on the block, except for the new third world populations that come in that haven't been under the chemicals.
But then you take third world groups that have been here a generation, they're just as sterilized as blacks and whites.
I mean, we're under hardcore attack right now.
It's complete all-out warfare.
And now he discussed this, Charles Galton Darwin, he was a physicist in the 1950s.
And you'll find Arthur Koestler also worked at the United Nations.
Arthur Koestler is admitted now.
Koestler was a member of MI5, MI6.
And he taught at a university in New York for a while.
I don't
Yeah, they've been putting out baits to chemically sterilized badgers and foxes.
And again, it's all done just like you manage animals.
They even say that.
Go ahead, please.
Yes, they actually call it herd management when they discuss humans in the medical societies now, openly.
So this has been happening.
We're seeing all the other side effects.
As the sperm count drops and the endocrine system is severely attacked in young men, their IQ level is dropping as well, which also explains why they can't catch on to the big picture of what's happening around them.
They literally don't have the ability to see what's happening.
And that again ties in with the big planning committees who discussed this with
Charles Galton Darwin.
He didn't do this on his own.
He spoke on behalf of the big think tanks and foundations that worked on behalf of the British elite at the time.
And they talked about the necessity for dumbing down the people, especially the male, because the male was their main target.
They said, if the men will never, ever accept this new world order, this regimented system from birth to death.
And that's why they pro-Zack and Ritalin the boys, that's why they target them for a fist fight, they go to jail now, instead of doing, you know, being allowed to do their normal male activities.
I mean, that'd be like arresting a baby pronghorn.
You know, a juvenile pronghorn for, you know, for, uh, you know, challenging other males out on the grassy plains of New Mexico.
All normal human activity is made criminal.
The male is destroyed.
That is correct.
And, as I say, they had a target, targeted IQ, uh, there's a very little testosterone working there.
You technically are not a man anymore.
You won't, you won't rebel.
You won't stand up and fight.
You won't even object.
You're very passive.
And again, this is well understood by herd management for animals.
When you basically neuter a bull, he becomes very, very placid and he'll accept treatment quite easily.
There's no objections.
Well, that's happened in society.
And then the police now take steroids to supplement the fact that they've been basically neutered.
And so that's the only sequestered area, though, where you're allowed to be male only if you're assaulting your own people, though.
That is correct.
That is absolutely correct.
And of course, the guys in charge of the military and the police turn a blind eye.
They understand this.
And I've seen cops, too, in Toronto.
Please continue.
Well, what's interesting too, one of the main chemicals that is a synthetic hormone
The very things that Charles Galton Darwin was talking about and advocated was bisphenol A. Now bisphenol A was understood, it was discovered in the 1800s and in the 1930s the chemical companies in the US
Had done extensive experimentation with it and they found that it was an endocrine disruptor that literally would attack male growth in the womb.
So, what did they do with this bisphenol A?
They make it mandatory to use it to sterilize all babies' bottles.
That's right, there's hundreds of types of plastic, but they find this one type of sterilizing rats and guinea pigs.
And so they make sure there's universal adoption of that.
How loving!
And then, of course, they put it into the bottles themselves, and with heat, it leaches very quickly from the plastic feeding bottles for babies, and it's in the little teats they use, too, the rubber teats.
And in children, it's even more devastating.
Alan Watts, stay there.
We're going to come back and talk more about this.
Only one small facet of how you're under attack.
Don't believe us.
It's all true, all on record.
They bragged how they would do it.
Diet injections and injunctions will reduce you to the level
Of mutton.
Or sheep.
But mutton on the plate.
We'll be right back, ladies and gentlemen.
Stay with us.
Lead from solder in copper pipes.
Mercury from fish.
Dental fillings.
Arsenic in the water.
These heavy metal toxins are difficult or even impossible to avoid.
Even trace amounts of these heavy metals over time can impact your health.
Many health problems have been suggested as being related to this heavy metal exposure,
I don't know.
We're good.
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Alan wants our guest.
Call's coming up.
Alan, of course, you've only covered one tiny area of this, and they just throw it in your face that they knew in the studies over a hundred years ago what this would do.
And they said, well, put it in the plastics.
Put it in the liners for the tin cans.
Put it in everything.
And more importantly, they said, let's put fluoride, sodium fluoride, in the water.
We have the documents on that, but then they just laugh at us.
Please continue, Alan Watt.
Yes, what you have is a multi-pronged attack.
When you look at your victim or your enemy in warfare, you must study the enemy and the enemy are the people.
You study them, you find out what their habits are, what do all people go through in stages, etc.
How do they rear their young?
You can conceive their young.
Where can you hit your target?
You hit your target in the womb, preferably, if you want to stop major natural changes from occurring.
You get in there first, and you cause abnormal changes.
We've been under attack from so many areas, including the inoculations.
Now Bertrand Russell, Lord Bertrand Russell, another member of MI5, who is now declassified again, along with Koestler, and many other big writers of their time, who led big international meetings,
He said himself that they'd also use the needle to make people very placid.
Those are his words in one of his books.
And they have been using inoculations.
They train the public, who are taught to trust their masters, and they've trained them that everything they pump into your body is for your own good.
Well, it's like your dog!
You're lovingly coming over and getting your lap and the government just injects cyanide in.
I mean, it's so sick!
Please continue.
Yes, and once again, these inoculations literally have targeted the immune system of people.
There's hardly a person in the Western world with an intact immune system.
I thought about this years ago when I looked at the fads that the medical sciences have gone through, and they do go through these strange fads.
And back in the 50s, at the same time as all this was mandated to go into effect with the food and so on, they also started tonsillectomies and removing adenoids.
As a matter of course, with all children in Europe around the age of 4 or 5, it was the done thing to do, and every mother brought in their child and out would come their adenoids and their tonsils.
That's your first line of defense.
They are parts of your immune system.
They create white blood cells.
So once they're removed, you're already missing 30% of them.
You're being set up so that ordinary little colds or flus or things which you would normally fight off could actually kill you.
And that was the intent of attacking the immune system.
And they did studies in the 40s.
They knew that antibiotics were going to create superbacteria.
But please continue.
And not only that, what really staggers the mind too, I call this the Matrix, because you swallow the world that's being presented to you.
And everything in it is pretty well false, or a deception, or a cover.
Now, again, the CBC in Canada did an incredible documentary a few years ago called Phagocytes.
Now, phagocytes are viruses which are man-made, which can attack and destroy other viruses, any other viruses programmed, literally programmed to destroy, or bacterium.
And the Russians, the Soviet system, were using them from 1917 onwards, and all through the period up until the 90s, the mid-90s, the West, they knew about this, of course, in intelligence agencies, they knew about this in the military-industrial complex.
But we were told there's nothing but antibiotics.
Meanwhile, children can go into a clinic in Russia with pneumonia, they get a little puffer, inhalants, they have a couple of breaths of this, they go home and they're cured the following day.
Because special viruses can be programmed like computers from 1917 and they did not need antibiotics in Russia.
Now a company in New York bought over all of the rights of this particular Georgian company
That's right, in Latin it means bacteria eater.
Uh, and uh, well the bigger problem with the cold cuts and the meats, they're spraying with it, is it allows them to take rotten meat covered in feces from the slaughterhouse, literally folks, and not clean it off or not throw it away.
They just spray it with virus eaters.
That's right, and now we have outbreaks of listeria on cold beets suddenly that doesn't happen before.
And so their answer is radiated.
But you're still eating the toxin.
What gets you really sick is the bacteria excrement.
We'll be right back with Alan Watt and your calls.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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So many things going on in the world.
Babies dying, mothers crying.
Going back to Alan Watt, your phone calls here in just a moment.
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Alan, I said I was particularly having you on today, and we appreciate your time, to take calls so we can go in different directions than you or I would normally focus on.
I'm, you know, pretty much on the same page with you and your research, because we just go to their own source documents, with the chemical dumbing down, the biological attacks,
What they're setting up, but I want to go to the calls, and we've been interrupted by a few breaks, and my seconding everything you're saying, but I can't help myself, it's all so accurate.
I want listeners to know this isn't a joke.
This is earth-shatteringly important.
But encapsulating it, and then I want to go to calls.
Again, you're trying to give people the facts, like you always do.
I do the same thing.
But going from the up close view to the wider view, just in a general gestalt, what their time frame is, what the world's going to look like, what their endgame is, Alan Watt from CuttingThroughTheMatrix.com.
Yeah, they want to manage the takedown of society, and at the same time, they want a unified world to come out of at the very end with the survivors.
We know that the elite themselves are not going to dumb themselves down.
Charles Galton Darwin was very explicit about that in his writings, so was Arthur Kessler.
He said we, the elite, must retain our survival capabilities because we will be guiding planet Earth, but the rest of the people will not need theirs because the state will be making all the decisions for them.
So that's what they want to come out at the very, very end.
A placid, compliant, genetically enhanced, more productive species, but of a far reduced, more efficient population.
And when you tie that in with the Department of Defense's think tank study for NATO, which was echoed by the U.S.
military's one, it's quite identical, they see nothing but riots starting around 2010-12.
To do with food and various other things, necessities really, and escalating for 30 years.
Now that ties in with the timelines that the United Nations has talked about for their new global society with the reduced population.
They say in their own documents now there'll be a vastly reduced population by the year 2030, 2035.
So we're looking at a long-term business plan that's going to reduce population
During that time, they will be putting big money into genetic enhancing of specific people.
We're good to go.
And this has been done by scientific indoctrination from birth.
Plus the masses of entertainment they take in.
They cannot tell fact from fiction.
They have no reasoning abilities.
And they do expect, like Brzezinski says, they expect the media to do the reasoning for them.
And unfortunately for most folk, that has happened.
And that's why we see all the pre-programming.
I mean, the
The Pentagon back in 2000, as you know, said we'll use Hollywood, we'll use movies, we'll use security, we'll use the call for Alzheimer's patients, we will use the fad-driven PR.
Peer pressure system, public relations system, to sell the public on taking microchips.
And they talk in all these government white papers and documents.
I covered one on Sunday.
I think I'm going to play that clip later, Dr. Coffman talking about it from the document, about how most people don't even have their own thoughts, how we're pathetic slaves.
I mean, they're really doing this to you.
I just feel so sorry for the yuppies and people who are so arrogant and so into themselves being powerful.
They've been trained to laugh at us, and then they wonder why their son, you know, is sterile, or why they are sterile, or why they're so unhappy, or why their wife has breast cancer at 40.
And it's all engineered, and they just sit there dying, still loving the lie.
They do, they do.
The trick was, and it's been written about too, is to make a generation believe that they were on the cutting edge, that no other society has ever had before in history, and that all information is out there, and it's all true, and therefore, in other words, there's nothing you can tell them.
They truly believe
Everything that we've been told.
An arrogance, a haughtiness, a self-false satisfiedness that they're members of the elite.
I mean, here's a microcosm.
There have been tens of thousands of urban warfare drills the last 25 years.
I mean, they have thousands a year.
So, I mean, it's got to be tens of thousands, more than tens of thousands, probably hundreds of thousands.
And they always tell the town or city, even though they may have been there 15 times over the years,
You are the first city to have this drill.
You are special.
You are the first city to have us tax you to drive your car with transponders.
You are the first.
And I always see that and go, but they're not the first.
But again, it's part of that.
Oh my God, I'm part of the first.
I'm cutting edge.
I'm a trailblazer.
Go ahead, please.
That is how it's done.
And they truly believe that the most advanced species has ever existed.
That's exactly what Bertrand Russell and others said in the fifties.
They said, we shall create an egocentronic society, a hedonistic society where they'll live for themselves and think they know it all.
And they will be the willing fools for our strategy.
Well, that's happened.
That's happened.
And you can take them to the documents, the published works, government policy, and they will just
Laugh at you.
They'll get this pre-programmed little smile and go, man, I tell you.
And now they're openly announcing world government, Alan.
They're now openly announcing the banks are going to run it all, carbon taxes.
And still, people email me and post on InfoWars.com and PrisonPilot.com in the comments.
They say, oh, they're announcing world government, but that's different than the one you're talking about.
Governance isn't government.
It says Lord Rothschild called last week for governance.
Well, governance is, in the definitions, government, the system of government.
So, global system of government.
And then they say, okay, they're calling...
They really believe this.
I've had them tell me that too.
And I say to them, I say, well, don't forget there are going to be central computers to program that chip, which means you're not going to be in control of your own mind anymore.
And they're just laughing.
So they're a lost cause.
And I realize this is a war and the vast amount of people are the casualties.
That's just the plain fact.
But in a war, you've got to
Well, the good news is there are more people than ever that do want to hear, that do want to know, and it's so three-dimensional, even four-dimensional, how it's all interlocked, and after decades of study you can get a map of it in your own mind, you can articulate it, but still
It's so hard to articulate the subtleties to people.
The globalists in their own documents articulate it, and try to articulate it.
And because the public can't see it as one-dimensional or two-dimensional, they'll just throw it out of hand, saying, that's too complicated for anyone to run, when it is being run, and they say they're running it.
They say, and that's the key to the term they're using, of governance.
You see, the new system that's already here, it's been here for a long time,
...is a system that, to the public, appears to be something called democracy.
In reality, you have a powerful government run by foundations which, in turn, are a front for the ancient establishment, the very wealthy, rich establishment.
They fund the non-governmental organizations that appear to speak on behalf of the public.
In reality, they're speaking on behalf of the very foundations that fund them.
That's the new type of governance they're talking about.
It is the Soviet system.
The Soviet means rule by councils.
And in the Soviet Union, they had NGO groups with their leaders appointed from the Politburo.
We have the exact same system here as they merged the two systems together.
That came out from the Ford Foundation during the Reeves Commission.
We're good to go.
That those groups with the power and the voice, who get the voice, and the media is too happy to listen to them, they are the new type of government.
This is the new Soviet that has been brought in.
If you don't belong to a big group, you have no voice whatsoever, and these big, well-funded NGOs... And they call them stakeholders.
The individual has no voice, but all these subgroups, who then have heads, who are globalists,
Who speak for them and really control them.
They are stakeholders.
And we see all this nomenclature now coming in and replacing everything.
Alan, I want to go to calls here, but just in closing before we do that.
The plan.
The official UN documents, as you know, and government documents say they want to reduce this by 80%.
And everything we've seen up till now is just testing the soft kill weapons, testing how to sell the public, how to not have the public notice that people are dying all around them, uh, you know, how to try to cook the numbers and spend things.
But we know there's been hot kill going on in Iraq, hot kill in Serbia, Afghanistan, Africa, Latin America, where, you know, large portions of populations are being killed, 10, 20, 30, 40% in some cases.
The hot killing, the fast killing in the West, um,
When are they going to start launching those?
I think, fairly shortly, they have big plans to standardize the world quickly.
What they're doing, and that's exactly what they're doing, they're eradicating all older cultures that haven't gone along and accepted this very vague term of democracy.
They haven't accepted World Bank running their system.
They haven't accepted, basically, the British-style parliamentary system.
Because this whole world system was born in London, England.
It's from the 1500s.
John Dee wrote about the creation of a world empire based on the British system.
And it's now come out that the Crown, MI5 and MI6 run the whole Parliament, spy on it.
They kill any member or set them up against a line.
It is totally ceremonial, just like the Congress.
Yes, and after World War II, there were big talks at the United Nations and once they set it up, that those colonial countries would not be pulled out of Britain until they had set up in those countries a mini British-type system of government.
And then they could pull out and withdraw a particular generation... And they wrote hundreds of books from Quigley's to others bragging about the system, but you go to Wikipedia or to the mainline Encyclopedia Britannica, and they say the New World Order doesn't exist!
Does it matter if it's taught at Princeton and Harvard and Oxford and they admit the system of world governance through the shadow roundtables?
They will just still laugh at us and say it doesn't exist!
That's right, even though the historian for the Council on Foreign Relations, which is part of the Parliament, Carol Quigley himself, wrote his big book on it, The Anglo-American Establishment and Tragedy and Hope, and he outlines them there, their whole agenda.
It was quite fascinating.
Yeah, that's a great book.
I read that back when I was about 15, and I had no idea what I was reading.
It was the keys to how it all worked.
And this is the government commissioning.
Because, you know, the people in government really have to know how it works.
These are the slaves.
We're poisoning them.
We're going to get rid of them, okay?
And if you work with us, you'll be allowed to procreate, and we won't kill you.
How's that sound?
Another odd thing, too, was back in the 90s, I don't know if it's the same in the U.S., but politicians in Canada and the British Commonwealth countries
They made a law to treat the politicians and their families in special military hospitals.
And I thought at the time, well, what's all this about?
Aren't the hospitals that we have good enough for them?
And I realized, too, what it is, is all these coming plagues that are scheduled to come out, they do have treatments for them.
They do have the real antidotes to them.
And I think they've been giving the politicians and the families these particular antidotes.
And so in other words... Well that's actually already come out.
I mean that's... I mean they get all the cancer cures.
They get it all.
And I mean this is so diabolical.
And that's why they go along with these politicians and they will keep their mouth shut.
They will play the game because they're getting all these benefits and a fairly good guarantee they will live.
Ultra-vicious, ultra-wicked, ultra-selfish, and a lot of you listening will continue to laugh.
But, God forbid, as you're burying your children, your wife, your husband, from what your masters are going to do to you, maybe then you'll fight back.
Then you'll be facing the drone aircraft, and the Swords, and the brainwashed chip troops, but we can still get into their deep underground bases, even after this happens, and probably beat them.
But, uh, we'll see.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
We're good to go.
I think so.
Today, unlike any other in the long course of American history, a terrorist act of war against this country.
The enemy struck America on September 11th.
But who is the enemy?
Bin Laden.
This is his ammo.
We have to look to the Middle East.
We have to look to Uzbekistan.
Some U.S.
investigators believe that there are Israelis again very much engaged in spying in and on the U.S.
I'm aware that some Israeli citizens have been detained.
Either you are with us, or you are with the terrorists.
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We're going to Don in Costa Rica, Jimmy, Dustin, Donna, Rico, Dustin, Jeremy, and others.
You know, I've done a lot of hit pieces.
I've gone on a lot of national TV shows where they tape you for days or hours and then cut up what you said.
They never let you put out your real evidence of a 9-11 minute inside job or the New World Order.
And, uh, you know, the key is the mainstream media has lost all their credibility.
They've been caught putting out their disinfo forever.
And I, you know, I said I'd do this, uh, history, well, first history channel thing and others, and I did them, and it... I mean, it's a stacked deck, but this newest one, uh, Alan, was, um, a guy that specializes in hit pieces on JFK researchers and others, and really puts out ridiculous pieces, um, where it's not even based in reality.
You know, the very foundations of it aren't.
And he's doing a big piece for National Geographic.
And I said, you know what?
I don't think I'm going to do that interview.
No, I'm not going to be interviewed by it.
And they just can't believe that I don't care about going on their national TV show so that I can have them stack the deck and do that.
I mean, again, the culture is so sick wanting to be on TV, Alan.
It's true, it's interesting as well to recognize that Professor Carroll Quigley himself mentioned that that was a technique they used in mainstream media because they often called on him to bring on with a guest who was coming out with a theory of the world being manipulated and they'd bring him on to try and repudiate the guest.
So that was part of his function, and he admits that in his own book, that they try and stack the deck and make the person look ridiculous.
You gotta go on TV, here he is, government historian, who's writing a book for the government, laughing at how he would go lie to the American people and say this didn't exist.
I mean, how do they get these guys to do this against their fellow man?
Many people out there are so easily bribed.
Ego status,
I've been asked by the elite themselves, you know, why don't you simply join us?
You know, you have the skills, the talent, the IQ and so on.
And they cannot understand that you have something which we call integrity.
They can't understand that at all.
It's a foreign... They actually go into a stunned look when you say it.
They can't... Well, I mean, they killed 3,000... 3 million Iraqis.
In the last 18 years?
I mean, I don't want to be part of that.
I mean, killing little kids?
Yes, and to them that's nothing.
That's nothing at all.
They sleep well.
They plan this kind of thing.
They don't need sleeping pills.
They are psychopathic types, and we really cannot relate to them.
They're so far removed as a species and psychopathy, and so inbred that they're just guaranteed to pass on to their offspring.
All right, let's talk about that term later, but right now let's go to
Don in Costa Rica, and we'll hold him over.
Don, thanks for holding on the air without a watch.
Don in Costa Rica, first-time caller, former Californian.
Can you hear me okay?
Yes, sir.
Okay, I just wanted to talk a little bit about global warming and supposedly it's caused CO2, which a lot of people call greenhouse gas, but if you want to find some information on it,
You could better find it by looking up industrial gases on the internet.
And you'll find all the uses that industry uses CO2 for.
So my plan to stop all talk of global warming would be simply just to outlaw the sale of CO2.
And when you do that, the first people to raise a stink about it would be the soft drink industry.
And also, maybe they're consumers.
Yeah, well, they're not going to do that.
They're going to tax it.
They know it's based on all manufacturing life on this planet.
You know, a key, it's sunlight, water, oxygen, carbon dioxide, makes the world go round.
Stay there.
We'll get Alan Watts' take on this when we get back.
Yeah, the global feudalism tax.
Stay with us.
Thank you for listening to GCN.
Be sure to visit GCNlive.com today.
May I have everybody's attention, please?
I've come with a message of information.
9-11 was an inside job.
Do you like being a puppet, sir?
Do you like being a puppet for the New World Order?
How do the American people know that 9-11 was a state?
Was it engineered by you, David Rockefeller, the bilateral commission, the CFR?
If you know that there's treason going on, you can be held accountable for treason yourself.
All hell is breaking loose on 6th Avenue.
Truth Rising.
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Waging war on corruption.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Yes, CO2 is just used in almost every type of manufacturing imaginable, soft drinks, the oceans are filled with it, the atmosphere is where the plants breathe, but it's the perfect thing to restrict.
It's what humans exhale, and as the Club of Rome said, Richard Inhofe has the CFR writing for them, he said, it's about making humans the enemy, and the state is the solution to deal with the enemy.
So it's about making us bad, Alan Watt?
Yes, that's in the book The First Global Revolution, and that's put out by the Club of Rome, and they said that back in the 70s, they were looking at a way to unite the planet and allow the public to be dominated, to allow themselves to be dominated, and they said that they hit upon the idea of making man the enemy of an environment,
And you could say the global warring was caused by man-method.
That would fit the bill.
That excuse would fit the bill.
Yeah, that's a quote.
Now, now, now, this is published publicly.
Now, think about this, listeners.
Openly saying it's fake, and openly saying they want a global state waging war against the individual and exterminating us.
These are not nice people, Alan.
Any comments on that, Don?
What we know, too, is that the Club of Rome is not just a think tank, it's the premier think tank that creates strategy for the future and hands it to governments to put into policy.
Meanwhile, you have all these well-meaning liberals and mainline people and having global warming parties and getting involved in knifing tires of SUVs.
I'm proving, oh, I'm so loving.
And then now Obama openly has announced
These youth brigades, 3 million men, environmental squads, 1 million men, domestic spy force, he says it on TV, his chief of staff says it, all of them do it, he puts it on his website and pulls it off, and I'm getting hundreds of emails every day, Alan, saying I'm a liar.
I mean, they, it openly, and then I was watching PBS Sunday, a show called Fueled,
And they had a roundtable on PBS with Robert Kennedy and others saying, we're going to take everybody out of work and have them work for the environment.
Fighting for the environment.
Can you imagine all these dumbed down, fluoride heads, sterilized, running around, literal zombie creatures, coming after us that know what's going on, because the government gives them a little uniform?
That is right, and what the Club of Rome also said about that agenda was that the only time that the public will allow themselves to be completely ruled 100% is during a war scenario, and therefore they'd have to make a war scenario to do with the environment and man against the planet, and then they would change all of society by the laws they would then introduce.
So, it's a war scenario.
They're using all the techniques right now, so you're quite right.
A land army was spoken about, the First Earth Army, at NATO, of all places.
Actually, NASA came out with it, and they now have it.
And they mention, let's get more to that after the calls, but they also mention the other part of the pincer.
It says, fake environmentalism, carbon tax, terrorism, threat of stage terror, and then like a beetle grabbing a wasp, he's got you.
Pinscher attack!
Fake terror, fake environment.
Yeah, that's right.
The indoctrination of children at kindergarten now is terrifying because they're going to grow up to be real staunch environmental Nazis.
And you can see it all coming, what's being planned.
They always go for the youngsters to train them for their role when they're adults.
Well, you saw these articles in the New York Times and others where, I'm glad my three-year-old and five-year-old rebuke me for taking a hot bath.
I won't anymore.
I'm glad my children are my bosses.
So reversing roles with mindless five-year-old Nazis, literally in red and black uniforms, climate cops.
We're not making it up, just storming around, reporting everyone.
Oh, it's so good.
I mean, how could you make this up, Alan?
It's too insane!
Yeah, and George Orwell had that in his book, and you see it in the movie, too, the British version with Richard Burton.
Excellent work, uh, movie, 1984.
The spies!
The children have little uniforms on.
They call the adults thought criminals.
They're going to report them.
This is all here.
And the uniform is red and black, just as it is now in England and the U.S.
Red and black uniform, kids running around.
By 15, they give them machine guns.
We're gonna skip this break for Internet listeners.
I'm gonna let Don finish up in Costa Rica.
Here we go.
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The reflection blinded our camera.
We are under the microscope.
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Have a fighting chance with SprayYourPlate.com's Photoblocker.
When properly applied, this revolutionary product has proven itself to be
I think so.
The day unlike any other in the long course of American history, a terrorist act of war against this country.
The enemy struck America on September 11th.
But who is the enemy?
Bin Laden.
This is his MO.
We have to look to the Middle East.
We have to look to Osama Bin Laden.
Fabled Enemies is the first 9-11 film to take a close look at the terrorist ties to intelligence networks inside the United States.
Some U.S.
investigators believe that there are Israelis again very much engaged in spying in and on the U.S.
I'm aware that some Israeli citizens have been detained.
Bin Laden's connections to the CIA, the hijacker's ties to the FBI, the Saudi Arabian connection, the Israeli intelligence network, warnings and war games, the shadow government, and much, much more.
Fabled enemies.
Get the DVD at InfoWars.com or see it in super high quality along with hundreds of other titles at PrisonPlanet.tv.
Either you are with us or you are with the terrorists.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk, Alex Jones, on the GCN Radio Network.
They have trained the public, Alan Watt, as you know, to believe that what they believe is reality, and that the general public is with the elite, and as you were saying, that the general masses
Well-being is the same well-being of the elite or that we're all together.
We're all going in the same direction.
We all have the same interest.
The public's also been trained not to have respect for themselves and to imagine Hollywood people as like gods who float around on clouds and elitist with eggheads in fancy suits on TV no more than they do.
When in truth, once you really know what's going on, you watch the eggheads, the experts, they're putting out false disinfo on purpose that isn't even meant to make sense.
That is true, and with science they can rationalize anything to an ignorant populace.
Let's take more calls here.
Let's talk to Dustin in Ohio.
Dustin, you're on the air with Alan Watt.
Dustin dropped off.
Okay, I see that there.
Donna, in New Mexico.
You're on the air.
How are you today?
Fine, thank you.
Hi, Alan, as well.
I'm going to raise a point that never gets raised in terms of the global climate change debate, and it's one that really gets under my skin because I've researched it extensively, and that is heating of the ionosphere using electromagnetic energy from projects such as HAARP, one of many.
I think over 60 countries now are heating the ionosphere.
And I don't see how we can even have a discussion about climate change and so forth without including this in this quote-unquote debate.
The debate itself is polarized.
It comes down on two sides.
Those who believe in naturally occurring climate change, that's one side, and those who believe in the global warming myth.
And it is a myth.
There's no doubt about that.
It takes you about five seconds to figure it out if you look it up.
What we see when we experience this ionosphere heating
With electromagnetic energy is severe changes in jet stream, increase in volcanics, increase in earthquakes.
Now my understanding is that HAARP went operational approximately sometime right before 2004.
And right after that we had the dramatic earthquake tsunami in Indonesia.
Yeah, let me be specific here.
Because you're bringing up a really important point that I have made, but not often enough.
In fact, this morning, I was meaning to make this very point, and then you have these thousands of thoughts that never get on air.
And I want you to comment more on it, Donna.
And then we'll have Alan comment on it.
But it's this.
We know the sun was in a particularly hot phase, putting off more heat radiation in the last 30 years.
Now, the last few, it's cooled down.
The entire solar system is cooling.
The ice caps that were receding on Mars are getting larger.
Same thing for the moons of Saturn and Jupiter and others.
Separately from that, they're getting upset that because of the cooling it's becoming obvious that it's not global warming.
So now they're just saying climate change.
But then that's very childlike.
We're always having climate change.
We have seasons.
We know we go through hot and cold periods.
But you're right.
None of that even matters when it's declassified that they're doing thousands of aerosol spraying operations.
Just Google it.
The government now admits they're... I'm watching one right now.
Just finishing this thought for folks that don't know what Donna knows, that don't know what Alan knows.
I'm just throwing this out because it's so important, and I meant to make the point today, and I'm glad you called in on synchronicity or serendipity, whichever one.
The point here is, is that, just finishing the thought, they are clearly, as Secretary of Defense Cohen said in 97 in Army Times in the April issue,
They do have weather weapons, they do have tectonic earthquake weapons, they said it, they admit it, they are manipulating the weather.
So finish up your comment, and then I want to get Alan Watts' take on that.
Okay, well, there is a misconception about missile defense shield.
The prevailing, what the mainstream puts out there is that missile defense shield are these interceptors which fail nine times out of ten.
And in fact, missile defense shield is pulsed energy, electromagnetic energy, into the ionosphere.
And I'm leaning toward thinking that the chemtrails that I'm witnessing right now inside my window have something to do with that.
So what we have here is this shield of energy being created by antennas such as HAARP, and you say HAARP, and you've got this horrible stigma just like you have when you say chemtrails.
But it's a very real thing, and it's impacting everybody, everything, every living organism.
Well, governments admit that they use antennas to manipulate the atmosphere, and that's in thousands, literally thousands of mainstream newspapers have reported on that.
China does it, Russia does it.
The problem is we don't know the full extent of that.
We do know that there are thousands of spraying programs going on with aluminum dioxide with barium salts being added to jet fuel.
Perfect compartmentalization.
The companies don't even know.
It's only the three big jet fuel makers that are adding it.
Alan Watt comments on this.
It's much bigger even.
The HAARP technology was used in the 1970s, early 70s from Russia, Riga.
In fact, the Soviet system and Mafia.
And we find out now there's over 54 of them worldwide.
The U.S.
has one in, I think, Iceland and one in Greenland as well, there's one in Alaska, and they had one in Australia in Pine Grap.
Now, they can work these in concert with each other.
It was in the British papers, they used it in the first Gulf War in Iraq, and it literally affected the minds of the soldiers who were just walking out the desert, completely stunned.
I think?
The United Nations signed a document with all the countries that had HAARP technology in the 1970s to look into that as under weather warfare.
And the whole idea was dreamed up in the 50s with Teller, who was the inventor of the H-bomb.
He said if they can doze the atmosphere with barium salts, aluminum oxide, and others, he said, we can make it very conductive and it will help with this ELF frequency.
And by the way, the Baltimore Sun, eight years ago,
Did a big report admitting that DARPA is testing antenna arrays across the United States, and it said to calm the American people, we put off these waves, we love you, we're the government.
Yeah, I've got photographs from Canada, the States, and Europe.
They're putting up these strange antennas.
They look like tall lampposts with a windsock on the end of it.
I've seen this construction and photographs of construction where they have massive thick cables going into the bases of them and this is part of the Technotronic series set up where they can control crowds during and whole populations during times of crisis.
They can make you literally zombified and very placid if they wish to.
But that's freedom, Alan!
That's the freedom.
That's their new freedom.
That's the freedom.
Freedom was redefined.
By Mr. Bush himself.
Well, for the people that think they're going to enforce this system, most of them aren't going to be part of the Brave New Future either, are they?
No, they will not.
I think, too, that'll start freaking out some as they get closer to their target.
When they personally will see their end coming, they will no longer be necessary.
You see, technology is very old.
This is interesting.
Because the true sciences are kept back from the public, and even from professors.
There's much higher levels of technology and science existing and we know this from Nick Biggage who had a documentary on television on the Wendy Mesley Show where he demonstrated the obsolete technology, little handheld remotes that the CIA used back in the 1950s where they could put thoughts directly into a target's mind.
By the way, they had said Ted Stevens was beating his brother
Uh, but it looks like, uh, Senator Stevens is gonna be Senator Stevens.
Looks like he's beating, uh, that's Nick Begich's brother, uh, Mark Begich.
So it looks like he's winning right now in that, uh, highly contested Senate race.
Just a program note, uh, you're absolutely right.
Uh, they've suppressed a lot of technologies.
Uh, anything else, uh, you wanted to, uh, add there?
One more thing, and this is really important.
The powers of observation for everybody are critical, not just in terms of the political, geopolitical situation.
I mean, we really have to use our minds.
But in observing nature every day, if you really pay attention, you will see things you've never seen before.
We had a period of six weeks.
I live in a small mountain village in northern New Mexico where we have farming and ranching.
There was a period of about six weeks or more where things stopped growing.
Literally stopped growing.
Flowers didn't bloom.
Crops that had been planted weren't getting any bigger.
And when I noticed it myself, with regard to my indoor plants and my outdoor flowers and so forth, these are plants that are potted, mind you, not even in the ground.
Everything these elites do is about playing God.
Total matrix dominance, total... I mean, they have all these terms, but go ahead.
Full spectrum dominance.
Well, this went on for weeks and weeks and weeks.
They weren't dying, but they weren't flourishing.
They weren't growing.
So when I talked to local people, local farmers about it, they said yes.
They had observed the same thing.
They didn't know what was going on.
I posted on a message board that they go out across the country and people posted the same thing.
We noticed it was very strange.
They said yes.
I mean, it's a what if.
So what if?
What if this energy that they're manipulating could be used to stop things from growing?
It could be used to kill you.
But listen, 2 billion bees, or close to 80% of them in England, just dropped dead.
They're dropping dead everywhere.
Other animals are dropping dead.
Whole bird species are dying.
Meanwhile, the globalists dance around going, it's for the Earth, for the Earth, when really, they want to destroy the Earth and rebuild it in their image, playing God.
Alan Watt is our guest.
Again, we'll be right back for everybody on the AM and FM dial.
We're going to take some more calls, so I want to get to everybody here on the Infowars.com streams only.
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Thanks for watching.
Okay, behind the scenes there, we were talking to Rico in Toronto.
He went and saw the new James Bond movie.
No, I didn't go see it.
I mean, I'm dealing with all the admitted world government being set up in front of me.
They talk about how it's like Catholic priests doing human sacrifice to the Illuminati in the movie, and I got some emails about it.
I haven't seen it myself yet.
So on that side, it's saying it's a Catholic conspiracy.
Then you have the new angels and devils.
Uh, coming out, uh, with, uh, you know, all these big actors like Tom Hanks, where it's the Catholics fighting the Illuminati, and I can tell you what that is.
That's about making it factionalized, or divide and conquer, where now people will fight about which group is it really when the New World Order controls both groups.
Uh, correct, Alan Watt?
There's no doubt about it.
Even Malachi Martin, who was a Jesuit priest, said that the Vatican had been totally taken over and is now run by Freemasons.
And these are the same Freemasons that run the Protestant sides as well.
It's the same Freemasons that go over and get knighted by the royalty.
That's one of their high ambitions, of course, if you serve the Great Work.
And see, let's be clear, we're not having a debate about the Catholic Church pushing world government.
The last two pubs have called for it.
We're not debating that.
We're just stating the facts of what it is today, and for some reason, groups out of Israel fund the idea that if you don't only talk about Catholics being the source of all evil, that you are in their employ.
And that's just massive disinfo.
That's right, even though in Israel itself there is a Masonic Lodge there, where some of the Muslim leaders attend, along with the Jewish leaders and leaders from the Western world.
There's been articles in the paper here from
A Jewish leader in Toronto with his regalia on, his Masonic regalia, going off to that particular lodge representing Canada.
So, you understand, you should see that ISIS had a thousand faces.
Well, you see, this is the organization with a thousand faces and fronts.
There are a thousand points of light.
And the Masons are only one more of those fronts.
Yes, there's blue, there's all arched, but they all take their orders from the English lodge.
That's where they get their charters from.
It's like all royalty gets its charter from there.
Yes, and the Duke of Kent, traditionally, is the head of the York Rite of Freemasonry that runs the whole show.
Rico, do you agree with those statements?
Um, I do, I do.
Like it's definitely, but it was just, it was crazy because they were showing you like it's a, it's a cabal of all industrialists.
But, but, but the British are good and they're going to save us from the cabal, right?
Well, they were, wanted to go along with it, but supposedly James Bond did not want to go along with it.
Then after that, but it's like, it leaves you with like, okay, this shadow group is still out there.
They're still doing what they're doing, and yeah, and the ministry even goes on to say, we're running out of resources.
So we've got to go ahead and do what the Shadow Group wants.
I appreciate your call.
That's throwing it in your face, and we're seeing that everywhere, Alan.
Explain to people what predictive programming is.
Yeah, predictive programming is a technique developed in London for the BBC by Tavistock Institute.
Where they experimented on, first of all, mental patients, and then they expanded it into the general population by surveys and tests, etc.
And they found out that, mainly through fiction, because your sensor part of the brain is down, you don't expect to have to make decisions on information, you're being entertained, your sensor is down, and therefore all of the messages that are wrapped into generally a fight-and-flight scenario, where the hero gets chased, there's a lot of chasing going on, and your adrenaline's up,
And so now when we talk about it, they're comfortable with it because, oh, everybody knows about that.
Everybody knows the CIA deals the drugs.
Everybody knows they put cancer viruses in the vaccines.
I mean, a lot of people don't even deny what we're saying.
They just go, okay, yeah, everybody knows that.
That's right, but they don't realize that they now have opinions and conclusions, and they have no idea how they arrived at those opinions.
Let's jam in another call here.
Jeremy in Canada.
A lot of calls from where you're at.
Jeremy, you're on the air.
Okay, listen, I really appreciate what you and Alan are doing, and other people like you in the alternative media, because you're the only ones I hear speaking the truth these days.
I just have one question.
Wouldn't the Bilderbergers and the elites who are killing us with soft kill, are they suicidal as well as homicidal?
Because like on the subject of the disappearing male,
Wouldn't their sperm count be way down and wouldn't their children be deformed too?
No, when you read, they all avoid the plastics.
They avoid the vaccines.
I mean, it's like when I had the state director on about them forcibly injecting the kids in Maryland.
He said, it's no law.
You're right.
And I don't, my kids don't take them.
And then he laughed.
You see, it's that pleasure, Alan.
What's interesting, back in the 60s, I think it was, that was a small time flowing around, but there's a documentary on the Queen and how she had her own personal herbalist who dealt with the soap she used and everything else.
But they don't use what we use.
They understand the agenda and they make sure they're healthy and their offspring are healthy too.
Yeah, does that answer your question?
Yeah, apparently.
Hold on.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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A day unlike any other in the long course of American history.
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Bin Laden.
This is his ammo.
We have to look to the Middle East.
We have to look to Osama Bin Laden.
Fabled Enemies is the first 9-11 film to take a close look at the terrorist ties to intelligence networks inside the United States.
investigators believe that there are Israelis again very much engaged in spying in and on the U.S.
Some U.S.
I'm aware that some Israeli citizens have been detained.
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All right, final segment with Alan Watt.
This show has just blasted past us.
Then Dr. Kyle, Scott, Dave, Andy and others.
And we're going to go back to Alan Watt here in just a moment.
But before...
Before I go any further, I do want to tell you about some of our sponsors.
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I want to do online and probably on TV daily news review shows.
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Support our sponsors like Interfood, 866-762-9238.
You know, I don't even lose sleep dealing with this.
I mean, I do sometimes, but not as much as I would if I just didn't do the best job I can fighting it and move forward.
You're only alive one time.
There are just very wicked focus control freaks that run the planet.
They say it's their right to do this to us because survival of the fittest.
They're in control.
We're not.
And I liken them to cancer.
You know, cancer can take over a body.
Cancer is, quote, dominant in the tissues of the body.
But it ends up killing the host.
And it's the same thing with the global elite.
I don't think they're in total control.
They've lost their minds.
They're crazy.
They say there's no such thing as a genetic mutation, so when they create chimera cross-species creations, they just say, well, man's a natural.
Mutation, and so anything we make is a natural mutation.
So all their talk about the environment is a bunch of bull.
They don't even care about themselves at certain levels.
Some of them do, some don't.
A lot of them are very nihilistic, and openly state, we have this in the endgame blueprint for global enslavement, that they might want to just destroy the earth for fun.
You know, it's like Nero burning Rome, or Caligula marrying his horse.
I mean, throughout history, these guys go crazy.
So there is some megalomania going on here.
This is just a huge institution of evil.
And they select more evil people into their ranks as the older ones die.
And, uh, to them, I mean, it's a great honor that Zbigniew Brzezinski brags that he supported Paul Pott and helped him kill two million people.
He's very proud of that, and they honor him when he walks on stage anywhere.
They look at him with respect.
Oh, you killed two million.
Kissinger killed tens of millions.
That's why they just, there's just such respect for him.
Uh, you know, these people, we respect the tough job you've done.
Well, at least someone has to do it.
Uh, Alan, in closing, before we take a few final calls, but in closing for your comments, I want folks to go to CuttingToTheMakers.com, uh, get some of the audios, uh, the CDs that are there, support you, listen to the...
Well, I love it about your side.
It's got all the interviews and stuff you do.
There's a lot of different variants and flavor and ideas covered there.
But I want you, in closing, to speak to the enemy's mindset.
I mean, was I accurately, from your position studying it, was I accurately trying to articulate their mindset?
Yes, what they've found with psychopaths, like Hitler, he said that the German people could not conquer the world, they did not deserve to live under his own theory, the Darwinistic theory.
And you find with Israel, Israel had to drag the Prime Minister Beginoff, when he had the Samson Complex, when he said, well, if Israel goes down, we will take the world with us.
That's a standard psychopathic response, complete nihilism, if they cannot win and get their way.
However, most of them at the top,
Same thing with Hitler!
And his superweapons, but they do have the underground bases.
I mean, in Switzerland or in Russia, they have underground bases for the whole population of food.
Here, we're told they don't exist, while they're in the Congressional Office, Budget Office, they admit it exists.
But, you know, they tell us the dumbest people on Earth, no, it doesn't exist.
Or the most mind-controlled people on Earth, I should say.
And so they're also very confident because they have those facilities.
Yes, they have the total faith in forward planning and the unlimited financing that can be taken from the taxpayer and funneled into building their safe houses.
That's right, Owen Mullins.
Yeah, that's the arrogance.
And by the way, Michael Crichton did come out about global warming.
His last book was about the New World Order.
State of Fear, I read it.
It came out in, what, 2006?
It was about the New World Order, how they're engineering the mass extermination.
And I know people that knew Michael Crichton.
He died of an accelerated, basically very quick-acting cancer.
He was in great health, a medical doctor.
And I believe they got rid of him.
Mark Cuban was going to put out loose change.
He backed off after threats, and he was threatened.
We showed an article about that.
Uh, but so he did back off of it, and then notice you have trillions being stolen by the bankers, but they claim he stole, you know, a stock, selling his own stock, $700,000, and he's worth, you know, like $5 billion, uh, uh, selling some stock of some little, little company.
But again, the public will think of him as rich.
He owns a basketball team, just like they burned Martha Stewart.
So none of the bankers, Kashkari or Paulson, they won't get in trouble.
And of course, they're minions too.
No, no, it's going to be Mark Cuban, and he's going to be punished now for even thinking about it.
And remember, O'Reilly threatened him.
He said, you will be taken down.
Do not make it or you're gone, buddy.
I'm talking about
You hear me?
I mean, he went further and just threatened him on air.
He said, you keep your mouth shut.
You don't do it or you're going down.
You understand?
It's over.
I'm threatening you.
This is a threat.
Don't do it.
And then now you see they wait and he's punished, just like the governor of New York was going to go after the banks.
Well, his dirt came out.
So, I mean, this is dangerous stuff we're involved in.
Oh, they are ruthless at the top.
Absolutely ruthless.
They had James Goldsmith, Sir James Goldsmith, who tried to pull Britain out of the EU.
He was popular enough and famous enough to get a massive following.
And he died from a pancreatic cancer that killed him within two weeks of diagnosis.
And of course, there's more than just that.
We have the guy that was going to get us out of Iraq and England, who was going to beat Gordon Brown, and ooh, something happened to him real fast.
Kelly, he said they'll find me in the woods with my wrist cut.
And sure enough, they did, but they found no blood.
But you know, their standard MO, they're utterly ruthless at the top.
And those who join their circles and join their fraternities and take oaths do put themselves at risk.
They know that.
Most of them think they'll never have to recount for it or stand up for it.
But they do know if they cross the line, their life can be forfeited.
What do the elites think of us, Alan, from your study?
I always liken it to the sadist breaking the legs of the cow and down it goes, and then they kick the cow because it can't get up.
In other words, they've dumbed us down, they've poisoned us, they've dropped the IQ, they've literally bioengineered us until we're almost transsexual as we are today.
And they laugh at us, they laugh at the mess we're in, and they have this complete disdain for us, in fact.
That's right, they laugh at us wallowing in our excrement on the ground with broken legs, drooling in pain, and they say, look at how ugly they are!
Look at how beautiful we are!
I mean, that is the ultimate in selfishness.
Yeah, I was watching a documentary.
It was made in Germany during World War II, where some psychiatrists were explaining to schoolchildren why they had to kill off the feeble-minded.
And they showed you the most extreme examples of deformed people with very low IQs.
And I thought, this is exactly the same technique.
They're conditioning the whole public.
They're conditioning the victims to accept their own demise.
That's what they're doing right now.
Well, I want to jam in very quickly, a few final calls here.
Who's up next, John?
Kyle in Florida, go ahead, you're on the air with Alan Watt.
Yeah, how you doing, Alan?
Good, go ahead.
Um, yeah, I just, I actually, first of all, your show is amazing.
You have unbelievable insight, and I hope the general public knows what you know.
Um, my question to you is, um, I have a situation going on where I'm prescribed the painkillers and, uh, my doctor decided to drug test me and apparently I came up
Yeah, I'm good.
I'm just kind of wondering, you know, why they are trying to make this a criminal proceeding.
Well, number one, I appreciate your call, but we've got to jump here.
Look, everything is designed to trap the average person.
And so nice people always say, why are they setting me up?
Why are they criminal?
Don't they want to be nice?
They want to put you in the prison.
They own the private prisons.
You're seen as slaves.
So they put out drugs as their excuse to legalize slavery again instead of it being an illness or a problem or something you need to be gotten off of.
It's, oh look, you're bad.
We're going to put you in prison now.
And so, yes, they go, they put you on painkillers, then it's a Schedule 3, then they test you, then they find marijuana.
You know, when a mother goes in, they don't tell you, they find marijuana in a mother, kid's gone.
They find any alcohol.
They find, and about a third of the time it's a false positive.
They CPS your kids.
The whole system is meant to destroy individuality and to get control of your life.
So, folks, never take painkillers.
I mean, even if you're in really bad pain, because if you get addicted, they're going to ruin your life.
Never take their illegal drugs, because they want to catch you.
You defeat them by living clean.
You defeat them by living well.
You defeat them by realizing they're scum and filth and garbage.
Young people, do not use drugs.
Do not think it's cool.
They're brought here for you.
Don't even get into the gateway drugs.
Keep your head down if your parents put you in a government camp.
Keep your mouth shut.
They're there to destroy you.
I mean, I could rant and rant, but Alan, in closing, you want to comment on that?
It's true.
It is true.
They run both sides of the drug industry, legal and illegal.
And you would not have the excuse to build up the massive police forces, always under the guise of recruitment, to fight the drug war, if it wasn't for them putting out the drugs themselves.
And we know for a fact, and I've read articles from some of the top ex-special forces men who were involved in bringing the drugs into the country.
We see that Oliver North,
That's here.
That's us.
That's home.
On it, everyone you love, everyone you know, everyone you ever heard of, every human being who ever was, lived out their lives.
The aggregate of our joy and suffering.
Thousands of confident religions, ideologies, and economic doctrines.
Every hunter and forager.
Every hero and coward.
Every creator and destroyer of civilization.
Every king and peasant.
Every young couple in love, every mother and father, hopeful child, inventor and explorer, every teacher of morals, every corrupt politician, every superstar, every supreme leader, every saint and sinner in the history of our species, live there, on the moat of dust, suspended in a sunbeam.
We're good to go.
There is a global meltdown coming.
It is a global depression.
And one world currency and one world financial system is the endgame.
China said last week they want one global currency.
France said yesterday or the day before that they want one world order, a new world order, at the end of this event.
Tonight a proposal for an expanded so-called free trade zone from Alaska to the tip of South America.
It's a plan from the business elites, the political elites, that will cost more American jobs, cost American sovereignty, but it would fulfill the president's father's vision.
This time a new world order with business at the helm of trade and economic policy, effectively surrendering the sovereignty of the United States.
Which is what Bilderberg is into by and large, the idea of a one world community, a new world order.
They see themselves as a government as opposed to a group of world leaders or people with influence.
The European leaders have been pressing for an overhaul of the whole international financial system, and they will continue to do so.
They're calling for an organization of a global summit as soon as next month.
Chancellor, and Josie very much for the transatlantic
Economic integration plan.
And for that too, we need to develop a common market, common standards.
So this is indeed a very important agreement.
Within the next four years, we will see the emergence of a new international order.
The beginning of a new international order.
A new world order.
A new world order.
A new world order.
You're free, and freedom is beautiful.
And, uh, you know, it'll take time to restore chaos.
The forces shaping this world at this moment are so strong, and they all tend in one direction.
We're good to go.
And if you hear the shouting, it's a group of demonstrators.
9-11 was an inside job.
Oh, get a life!
We're going after everybody.
How do we know, how do the American people know that 9-11 was a stage, was engineered by you, David Rockefeller, the Trilateral Commission, the CFR, and Bilderberg Group, sir?
That's what we want to know.
David Rockefeller, we know about your new daughter.
Our government staged the Gulf War campaign to start the Vietnam War.
An inside job.
The 21st century is going to be a new century, not the century of slavery, not the century
It's gonna be the age of humankind standing up for something pure, something bright!
The truth is out there in front of you!
But they lay out this buffet of lies!
I'm sick of it!
And I'm not gonna take a bite out of it!
Do you got me?!
On September 11th, 2001, along with hundreds of my fellow troops, I went to ground zero.
And we knew what to do.
Or at least we thought we did.
Truth Rising is a breakthrough 9-11 film that finally gives first responders a platform to tell their story.
Whitman, EPA director on the 18th, made a statement that the air was safe to breathe.
This film follows the growing momentum of 9-11 truth as brave souls throughout the world take action against their global masters.
He had his hand over the radio while he was getting a countdown.
He takes his hand off and you hear three, two, one, and it was boom, boom, boom, boom, boom.
This is an emergency transmission worldwide.
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Now we can see a new world coming into view.
A world in which there is the very real prospect of a new world order.
It is a new world order with significantly different and radically new challenges for the future.
It is not the elite cockroaches that determine that.
It is you!
We will now order our inbred elitist control freaks.
We're good to go.
We have come to grips with just how evil this thing is.
Folks, it's that we have trouble grasping.
We look at the world with our eyes and we think that other people think like we do.
But history shows that's not the case.
There are dangerous individuals who are greedy and hateful.
Nothing matters to you.
And they're jealous of the freedom you got.
They're jealous of the love you have.
They hate you because you're not miserable like they are.
Are you going to vote?
Are you going to vote?
This isn't just the 7th American Revolution.
This is a worldwide revolution!
We shall prevail!
We shall prevail!
We shall prevail!
We shall prevail!
We shall prevail!
We shall prevail!
We shall prevail!
We shall prevail!
We shall prevail!
We shall prevail!
We shall prevail!
We shall prevail!
We shall prevail!
We shall prevail!
We shall prevail!
We shall prevail!
We shall prevail!
We shall prevail!
We shall prevail!
We shall prevail!
We shall prevail!
We shall prevail!
We shall prevail!
We shall prevail!
We shall prevail!
We shall prevail!
We shall prevail!
We shall prevail!
We shall prevail!
We shall prevail!
We shall prevail!
We shall prevail!
We shall prevail!
We shall prevail!
We shall prevail!
We shall prevail!
We shall prevail!
We shall prevail!
We shall prevail!
We shall prevail!
We shall prevail!
We shall prevail!
We shall prevail!
We shall prevail!
We shall prevail!
We shall prevail!
We shall prevail!
We shall prevail!
We shall prevail!
Today, the Rockefellers, the Rothschild representatives here, the Queen of the Netherlands, from all of you, we tell you, you are not our queens, you are not our kings, you are not our gods.
We do not belong here.
We are not your slaves.
Man has stood, the beginning of time, against the strong hand, against the gods, against the ruling.
We will defeat you.
I don't know.
Your entire agenda, including your final plan of world population reduction of 80% that Henry Kissinger penned in 1973.
Ten hours to believe that you're invincible.
You will and you are failing now.
Your New World Order will fall.
Humanity will defeat you.
The answer to 1984 is 1776.
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A day unlike any other in the long course of American history.
A terrorist act of war against this country.
The enemy struck America on September 11th.
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Bin Laden.
This is his MO.
We have to look to the Middle East.
We have to look to Osama Bin Laden.
Fabled Enemies is the first 9-11 film to take a close look at the terrorist ties to intelligence networks inside the United States.
Some U.S.
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I'm aware that some Israeli citizens have been detained.
Bin Laden's connections to the CIA, the hijacker's ties to the FBI, the Saudi Arabian connection, the Israeli intelligence network, warnings and war games, the shadow government, and much, much more.
Fabled enemies.
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Alright, folks, we are back.
It is Tuesday, October 28th, 2008, one week from Election Day.
And we've been talking to Webster Tarpley in the past hour.
We're taking your calls right now, and, uh,
In these last, in these five minutes before we go to the next segment, uh, Webster, and take more callers, I want you to go over those three points.
Now, obviously, your agenda is to stop Obama at all costs.
What are the other two big points that we have to get by on this election?
A few more comments.
First of all, no Obama.
Stop Obama at all costs.
If you don't stop Obama, you're going off a cliff.
You're leaping into an abyss.
And most people have very little idea of what fascism was and what this is going to look like.
Again, re-read that thing from Biden.
Uh, tremendous, crushing, brutal economic austerity within the first 12 months, and an international confrontation, probably with false flags or some form of aggression in the first 6 months.
Secondly, anybody who voted for the bailout has to be punished.
You gotta vote against any elected official.
Who supported that bailout.
Obama, of course, was the one who organized the whole Black Caucus with a conference call to switch their votes into it.
McCain, I think, vacillated because there were a lot of Republicans who were against it.
You remember in the House, it was stopped for the first time around with quite a few Republican votes.
The third one, you gotta come out of this with gridlock.
No one-party state.
We do not want the presidency, the Senate, and the House of Representatives in the hands of the same people.
The monstrosities of the Bush era are largely in the period of one-party Republican rule, which is from about January of 2003 to about January of 2007.
That's the Republican one-party state, and that's what gets you the Iraq War and a lot of other things going with it.
As far as these third parties go,
Cynthia McKinney, Rosa Clemente is somebody that I've known from broadcasting in New York City.
She needs to develop a much more aggressive critique of Obama.
She could be very, very effective.
Nader has probably attacked Obama more than others on the idea that Obama betrays the black community, doesn't care about them, uses them.
Bob Barr's running mate, Wayne Root, is somebody who graduated from Columbia in 1983, and points out that he was in the same year and the same department as Obama at Columbia College, and nobody ever heard of Obama.
There's no sign that Obama ever attended Columbia during those years.
This is the big mystery.
I think that's when he was recruited by Brzezinski.
So, if you're in a state where it's clear that it's going to go one way or another, if you're in a state like
You know, I guess Texas is pretty much, you know, a lost cause for Obama.
Then you can think about trying to make a statement with these third-party votes.
You've got to do what's congenial for you.
And some people, obviously, you know, are going to want to support them.
And maybe out of that, some of these third parties can come out with a permanent infrastructure and some government funding.
That would be a good thing.
Yeah, I mean, obviously, I mean, the way I look at it, look, in New York, they're gonna vote Obama no matter what.
I don't see McCain getting the, you know, New York vote.
I'm voting third party, and I hope other people in New York vote third party as well.
I mean, New York can show there's a lot of change.
I think California is the same way.
I mean, that's going Obama.
I mean, you don't think that John McCain has a shot in either of those two states, do you?
No, but this is a very, very close election, and I do believe that any place where you have blue-collar workers,
The group that's undercounted are the Puma Democrats, the Reagan Democrats, the Hillary Clinton Democrats.
It's about 25% of the Democratic Party.
They will not vote for Obama, and I think it's going to be a surprise.
The whole Appalachian area in particular is fundamentally hostile to Obama because they have a class instinct.
They can see that Obama is a class enemy.
He's somebody who's coming to impose crushing austerity in the name of the Wall Street banks.
He's an elitist.
He's an oligarch.
He's a puppet.
He has no life of his own.
Everything that he's got has been given to him by these bankers.
All right, Webster, we're going to take some other calls on the next segment, and in about, I think, 20 minutes, it's going to be Willie Nelson on the tour bus, the legendary country music icon here at InfoWars.com, PrisonPlan.com.
I am Jason Burma, subbing in for Alex Jones.
Remember, Ray McGovern at 2 p.m.
We'll be back after this.
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Alright folks, we are back.
It's the Alex Jones Show.
I am Jason Bermas, sitting in with Webster Tarpley, our guest, and we've got callers on the line.
We're discussing the bailout, the elections, uh, you know, Webster's books, uh, Obama, the post, uh, modern coup, and what is it, Obama, the presidency, H20?
What was it?
I'm sorry, man.
What is it?
Obama, Barack H. Obama, the unauthorized biography.
The unauthorized biography, kind of like your George Bush unauthorized biography, which is really a tradition.
Let me just add one quick thing.
You know, one person from the 9-11 truth movement who has, I think, completely understood the profound change, the phase change that we've gone through, is Phil Berg.
And Phil Berg, I believe, will be at the Supreme Court here in Washington, the United States Supreme Court.
Uh, attempting to argue his case, which has been defeated.
Yeah, he's appealing it, right?
Yeah, this is an appeal.
It's a direct interlocutory appeal to the Supremes that Obama is not a natural-born citizen, that he was in effect born in Kenya and naturalized as a citizen of Indonesia.
Making him an illegal alien, and people who are concerned about illegal aliens, better start with this one, or it's going to be a lost cause any other way.
So, Berg is waging a valiant struggle, and I urge people to support him.
He's got a website called Obama Crimes, and you can go there and give him a contribution, encourage him.
He's gotten tremendous media impact.
He's got 70 to 80 million hits on this website in about two months.
And this is an example of somebody who learned the lesson of 9-11, which is covert operations by the intelligence agencies designed to manipulate public opinion are bad, whether they're left cover, like Obama, or the right-wing racist war on terror stuff from 9-11.
Not to get off on a tangent before we go into calls, but you just mentioned the
Kenya's citizenship thing, do you think that's something that might come out after this man is already president and will, like, automatically amend the Constitution?
No, I think there are a lot of things that are held over Obama's head for control.
In other words, the whole Resco complex, the whole sewer and cesspool of corruption with Tony Resco, Nadhimi Aouchi, Al Samari, these characters from
Well, from Chicago, but also from the Eastern Mediterranean.
They're all Levantine Arabs.
Obama's got these three convicted felons that are his godfathers.
I'm sure that the feds could indict Obama at any time, but they're holding that over his head if people are interested in Obama, the unauthorized biography.
I do that in comparison to Harry S. Truman, who was controlled, among other things, in the same way.
With Truman, it was the Pendergast machine in Missouri that he came out of.
Truman could have been indicted at any point that the bankers decided that he wasn't obeying them.
And Obama will be the same story.
I'd rather think that the hope of the ruling elite is to keep the citizenship issue as yet another means to beat him over the head if he starts getting rambunctious in office.
All right, let's go to callers.
Let's take Aaron in California.
Aaron, are you with us?
Yeah, hi, Jason.
I'm Webster.
I just wanted to talk about, you know, Michelle Obama, when she gave that big speech where she was wearing that teal shirt of some type, right smack in the middle of her shirt was a sun symbol.
Sure enough, today on the Drudge Report, there's a picture of her from yesterday on
Jay Leno or maybe a few days ago and sure enough she's got a sun symbol right on her shirt.
I mean, is that a coincidence?
Because I don't think so.
Well, I'll say this.
You know, I'll say this.
You know, they're CFR.
They're obviously globalists.
They're obviously, you know...
Social climbers as well.
Are they into the occult?
I mean, I don't know if they go to Bohemian Grove.
I don't know.
I don't know how seriously they would take that if they did.
I haven't seen a whole lot of evidence, but it does follow suit.
It does seem like a lot of the upper echelon elites do get into that sort of thing.
So is it a possibility?
Is it a probability?
You know, let me weigh in with some more evidence.
These people, this is the deployment of the trilateral Bilderberg-Rand-Chicago school right now.
In other words, this is what the trilaterals and Bilderbergers are doing right now in our time.
It's not somebody else.
It's not like they want McCain or Hillary Clinton or, you know, John Edwards.
It's these people.
They are the prime deployment.
Now, that thing, I suppose, that's the old Solon Victor Smithra from the Byzantine Empire.
The other thing you've got to see about these people is the foundation milieu.
I haven't talked about that enough.
The mother of Obama worked for the Ford Foundation, top official.
Obama's whole life is working for foundations.
The Joyce, the Gamaliel, the Woods, the Annenberg.
His friend, the weatherman, terrorist, bomber, killer, butcher, cop killer, Bill Ayers.
You've got all sorts of money from the Annenberg Foundation.
Tens of millions of dollars.
Bernadine Dorn, another weatherman, terrorist, butcher, cop killer, comes with money from the MacArthur Foundation.
How does this happen?
Well, my explanation is, having known these people, I knew them personally, at least from a distance, in SDS.
Forty years ago.
Those were always agents.
They were always operatives.
They were foundation-funded terrorists in the middle 1960s.
And Obama has bought into this mentality.
In other words, with Obama, you are, in effect, putting a weatherman terrorist into the White House.
Or someone who thinks like a weatherman terrorist.
Because, as far as I can see, Bill Ayers is the guy's best friend.
And that represents a very, very personal choice for him.
Alright, let's jump to Daniel in California.
Daniel, what's on your mind?
You there, Daniel?
Yes, Jason.
I'm a first-time caller and I wanted to bring up the subject on why Obama supporters are so fervent over Obama.
Basically, I've found a pretty plausible theory as to why that's the case.
Basically, he uses hidden or covert hypnosis techniques in his speeches.
Let me say this before we get into hypnosis and things like that.
People orate and speak a certain way.
They move their hands.
There's a guy out in the UK that does a show.
It's not David Blaine-esque stuff.
His name is Darren Brown.
It's more how the mind works, how you're able to plant certain words.
So, you know, certain part of the brain activate to move a certain manner.
And these people are especially, you know, agents that are recruited by intelligence organizations like the CIA and the NSA, when they're going to be speakers, are taught these techniques that are there
To basically corral people, to convince them, to persuade them to do things.
Isn't that correct, Webster?
In particular, though, there's also the emotional need.
In other words, when somebody joins what amounts to a fascist mass movement or a neo-fascist mass movement of the Obama type,
They're doing this for the satisfaction of immediate emotional needs.
In effect, they want to be duped.
Part of it is the hatred for Bush, Cheney, and the neocons, which I can understand, which in some ways I share, has blinded people, and that's where you have to part company.
They've lost all criteria of judgment, as long as you're something other than Bush, Cheney.
There's also this question of alienation.
The previous caller mentioned Michelle Obama.
The centerpiece of Michelle Obama's speeches during the primaries was this stuff about our souls are broken.
We all have broken souls.
We need the healing touch of the beatific personality, the one, the Messiah, the Mahdi, Barack Obama.
There's a passage in Mein Kampf by Hitler where he talks about the fact that if you're a worker and you're in your factory, you're living an alienated life where nothing really belongs to you emotionally.
But if you go to a National Socialist Rally, then you feel fulfilled nationally, racially, and in all these other ways.
And there's a very similar dynamic in these Obama mass meetings, right?
The fact that he
He prefers stadiums.
He prefers large crowds.
Again, read Mein Kampf.
Hitler says the bigger the crowd, the more easy it is to control.
The more people that are there, the more you can brainwash them, and the more undifferentiated.
In other words, what you want is the massy mass.
Not people who are there as consumers, or workers, or housewives, but just the mass.
And when you've got the mass, especially at night, he says, at night is better because people are more irrational, then you can get them in the palm of your hand, and you're not convincing them with arguments, you're convincing them with an emotional experience which is irrefutable.
Yeah, like the hive-like mentality of being around all these things and just going with the flow.
Yeah, but it's dangerous.
When you get a mass movement of this sort under depression conditions, after all the tremendous damage done to the society by Bush and Cheney, this is where it gets really, really scary.
What we need is some time to build an alternative.
Right now, there's tremendous confusion.
People say, oh, I want the Austrian school.
I want the free market.
This is impossible in a depression.
I advocate
Well, you were just talking about schools of philosophy.
I just gotta ask you, have you seen the Zeitgeist Addendum yet?
I'm not interested in this stuff because of this vulgar attack on religion, which I think is just useless and pointless.
You gotta remember, the British intelligence is running a huge attack on Christianity, with Christopher Hitchens, with this awful Darwinian character, Dawkins.
Yeah, Dawkins, the god of delusion.
I mean, just the most... Well, there's some counter stuff out there, too.
Ben Stein just put out a movie called Expelled, the case for intelligent design, where he takes Dawkins and others on, pretty hardcore.
He talks about social Darwinism and eugenics, yeah.
Here's the problem.
We live in a Leibnizian
The problem with Darwin and the problem with Malthus and anybody who follows them is that it assumes that the universe is entirely random and that it's a matter of indifference whether there's development or higher energy states or whether there's not.
So, therefore, Darwin has to assume that all the progress in evolution, which undoubtedly is there, there's no doubt about evolution and the progress towards humanity from lower life forms, that's all clear.
But he says this is the blind watchmaker.
This is all a matter of just chance, interaction, and it could happen or it could not happen.
No, it's wrong.
The Darwinian-Malthusian universe is not the universe that you see.
The universe that you see is a Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz least action universe where there is, if you will, a built-in bias.
In the physical order of things, in favor of development and higher energy states, because that's what you see.
Webster, can you stay one more segment with us?
Can you stay one more segment with us?
We're going to be back after this with more calls.
Alright, thanks so much.
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We have to look to the Middle East.
This is his MO.
We have to look to Osama Bin Laden.
Fabled Enemies is the first 9-11 film to take a close look at the terrorist ties to intelligence networks inside the United States.
Some U.S.
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I'm aware that some Israeli citizens have been detained.
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You can, uh, check out my stuff over at loosechange911.com.
You can go to myspace.com slash Jason Bermas and befriend me and, uh, email me stuff.
I don't get everything.
I am a human being.
I do make mistakes.
I am imperfect, but I do put out some good products, I think, and I think Fabled Enemies is one of them.
It really goes into the intelligence ties behind 9-11.
It really lets you
Understand this international intelligence cartel, so I encourage people to grab that right now.
We're finishing up with Webster Tarley.
We've talked the bailout.
We've talked Obama, the postmodern coup, the new Obama unauthorized biography.
You can get that over at Amazon.com and we're taking your calls.
So let's jump to Kevin in Boston.
Kevin, what's on your mind?
Thank you, Jason, for taking my call.
Webster, I respect your research and the books, and I agree with you that we want no Obama, punish those who voted for the bailout, and no to fascism, but I think the suggestion that by voting for McCain is going to be anything but Obama is just falling into the false left-right dialectic, you know, of paradigm
Left-right paradigm that both candidates are puppets of the New World Order.
Chuck Baldwin, whether he gets in or gets not, at least you're voting for something that's not going to be more the same, where there is no Obama is going to be defeated and that's going to be a difference.
They're going to be the same.
The idea that the big deal, that the New Deal worked,
As an answer to the economic problem in the past, I think it's a fallacy.
If we just simply end the Fed and stop being interested for use of our own money, that that would be an answer.
And I think there's a book Dan Hopsicker wrote that had a, called Barry and the Boys, the CIA, the mob, and America's secret history.
It had a picture on the photo.
Uh, on the cover of, uh, Barry Thiel, CIA drug pilot, that, uh, they were, it was in Mexico prior to the JFK assassination.
Uh, he's seated with Porter Goss and several other, uh, well-known CIA agents.
Porter Goss, of course, was named Director of CIA by Bush.
These people connect the Clintons and the Bushes right up through... Your point, sir, is that this thing continues, that this Leviathan has been around for, you know, 30 or 40 years at least, at least this wonton of the Bush regime and the shadow government continuity of government program, and you don't think it's going to end, right?
Yeah, to say no Obama, anything Obama, if that is any sort of an answer, misses the point of all this research.
Alright, Kevin, it's a good call.
I gotta give him a chance to respond.
There's something of a counter-movement inside the Democratic Party.
It's the Puma.
The Puma Democrats.
You can go to Puma's Unleashed, just say no deal.
There's a whole complex of sites.
They vary in political quality, quite obviously.
But it is essentially the backlash out of the Democratic Party against the Obama-Howard Dean seizure of power, and one of the benefits here is that there's an openness to New Deal.
Now, this candidate that you've mentioned, the problem there of course is
That this is pure, reactionary, Republican, Herbert Hoover economics.
This is the kind of thinking that made the Great Depression as deep and as destructive as it was.
There is no debate, really, about what effective economics are.
It's New Deal economics.
If you're in a depression, you better get New Deal economics up and down the line.
Let's get beyond that, because we only have a couple minutes.
I want to know what you think about his power structure comment, that these guys have really... I think this is misleading.
In other words,
It's clear that Wall Street has a very strong, decided preference.
If you don't know that Wall Street's the enemy, that's a problem.
A lot of libertarians think that government is their main enemy.
I think that's extremely foolish.
Government is dominated by Wall Street.
If you look at somebody like Greenspan, is that the Federal Reserve is an independent power?
Aren't they, in essence, their operational arm, their think tank arm, where a lot of their ideas are... A lot of it comes down to... A lot of this is people looking for reasons not to mobilize, essentially to do nothing, and to say, well, I'll just vote for this one third-party candidate and leave it at that.
That's really choosing, I think, a very facile way out of it.
All right, well, let's certainly take another call, then.
All right, let's jump to John in Ohio.
John, what's on your mind?
Yes, I agree with very much of what Revival is saying.
I really appreciate it.
But I think my approach would be that we have to show the overlap between these neocon fascists to the Bush-Cheney group, the McCain group.
And the Obama, because I think if I'm going to vote for somebody it's going to be from a genuine left, a WSWS.org or a workers org type of real left point of view.
The fake left has been the favorite of the CIA all the way back to the Vietnam War, where they preferred to have a fake liberal cover.
On right-wing propaganda, anti-communist, pro-war, pro-Vietnam War propaganda.
What I'd like to say, though, is I think we can show the overlap between, and compare Obama's reality, he is every bit as much of a warmonger and then some as Bush and Cheney around the world.
I gotta let you go, John.
I gotta let you go.
I got about 20 seconds.
Finish up, Webster.
In other words, the new group around Brzezinski and Soros is worse.
Because the neocons have the elementary cunning of a bully.
Pick on defenseless countries.
With Brzezinski, you don't have that.
He's picking on Russia and China.
He's picking on states that have... Alright, Webster, I gotta jump.
Thank you so much for joining us.
I gotta jump.
Obama the... We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
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How do the American people know that 9-11 was a stage?
Was it engineered by you, David Rockefeller, the Trilateral Commission, the CFR?
The day that we stop asking questions is the day that we have allowed the seeds of despotism to grow at our own door.
Seven years after the attacks of September 11th, a global awakening has taken place.
If you know that there's treason going on, you can be held accountable for treason yourself.
All hell is breaking loose on 6th Avenue.
And if the government has not told the truth, in five years we will be here on the 10th Avenue.
Truth Rising.
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I think so.
Big John!
Big John!
Alright folks, we're back at the Alex Jones Show.
I'm Jason Bermas and I keep my promises.
I said at 1.30 we were going to play Willie Nelson on the bus with Jesse Ventura and Alex Jones and I keep my promises so that's coming up
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So without further ado, folks, let's jump into Willie Nelson on the world fam... I was on the world famous tour bus with Willie Nelson!
How cool is that?
Alright, let's play it.
Willie, thanks for coming on the radio this week.
Glad to be here.
I enjoyed it.
You feeling good?
How you doing?
Pretty good.
You know, I've been working every day.
We played Billy Bob's last night.
How many days a year do you work?
Do you perform?
Well, concerts, probably a couple hundred.
A year?
Yeah, a year.
A year.
A year.
Like you said, it's just working two hours a day.
And, uh, yeah.
And then the other 22, you do other things.
That's a gloss on the paper, you know.
Jesus, I'll tell you.
You're supposed to be retiring, Willie.
By the way, he does one song after another.
Willie doesn't give up.
He does one song after another, too.
It's just been a while.
Oh, no, I just saw him this summer.
Like I said, I was at Hinkley at the casino, and Willie played up there.
It was great.
I gotta tell you, though, Willie, you need a new guitar.
Well, it's getting kind of holey.
Yeah, that guitar is really holey.
I'm looking at that guitar and I'm going, my God, that's got to be Willie's first guitar he's out there with.
Look at that son of a gun, it's wore out.
It's got a nice sound though.
Yeah, it's got the best sound.
That's why you keep playing it, sure.
But no, I had to laugh.
He's the expert tributary.
I looked at that guitar and I says, I'll bet you that I'd like to have that, do an interview with that guitar.
If there's one state in America that embarrasses me and I hate to say it, it's Texas.
Are there voting turnouts?
I mean, the last government election, 26% of Texans voted for their governor.
That's horrible.
It's embarrassing.
I think this year there's more reason to vote.
People will get up and vote against something more than they will for something.
This year they're voting against
Well, specifically, you were talking about, you were starting to allude to, they went too far with 9-11, but in your own words, because it has backfired with 84% in major polls believing they're being lied to about it.
In some polls, about 60% believing it's an inside job.
In polls five years ago, 36% saying inside job.
Wait a minute, Alex, I've got to interject.
Where are all these people?
I'm running into the opposite.
Nobody wants me, everyone I run into does not believe me.
But you're trying to talk to the government.
No, no, no.
Even people on the street.
I got chewed out yesterday watching a football game.
When they asked me what I was doing, I said I'm investigating 9-11.
Oh, you're one of them crazies?
These were regular people.
These were not people up in high-end government.
Well, Jesse, you're asking me a question, let me tell you.
Angus and Reed poll, Wall Street Journal poll, 84% believe they've been lied to about the official story.
I can show you hundreds of polls.
All I know is I've done several thousand radio interviews where the talk show host is attacking me and almost every caller agrees with me.
Let's ask Willie.
Willie, what response did you get for going public for 9-11 Truth?
Well, I had a lot of people that agreed with me, and, uh, I had a lot of people that didn't.
Uh, I'd go on people's shows, like Amy Goodman, and she's, uh, you know, she wanted to hear my views, and her and a lot of her listeners, uh, agreed that there is something there.
There is things to be answered.
There are questions.
Uh, it's not a cut-and-dried situation.
Never was, to me.
So, is there a reason to investigate?
Well, yeah.
No it isn't.
These are people I grew up with.
These are not Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh people.
I was at a football, I was at the Gopher game watching it yesterday with some friends that I've known since I was in 5th grade.
And a few of them there when they asked me what I was doing now and I said I was investigating 9-11.
They said, you're not one of them crazies that thinks that there was da-da-da-da-da-da to it.
There's a certain percentage of people who will not believe that their government will do anything wrong.
You have to admit that there are that certain percentage.
And they're bigger than you think.
But they will not believe that their government is capable of doing what we say.
It may or may not have happened.
Willie's right on with that, Alex.
There is a... No, I'm not saying there isn't.
I'm not saying there isn't.
It's bigger than my in-laws.
Wait, I told you about my in-laws.
They're elderly people.
I try to show them this.
They want nothing to do.
They will not.
They will not believe that our country, the great country that they all served and went through World War II and all of this, they will, they refuse to believe that our country could be evil.
I can't believe it.
And you're not going to change them.
I mean, I've pleaded with them.
There's a lot of them that are not going to change their mind.
There's a lot of them that still love what's going on out there.
They love the Iraq War.
They don't know why.
Mainly because they don't have any kids over there.
It's your kids and my kids.
Well, that's what I was going to say.
There is over 30% of the public still believes that WMDs were found and around 30% of the public believes Saddam Hussein carried out 9-11.
I wouldn't say it would be higher than that.
It was 55% four years ago, but now it's about 35% now, 30% depending on the poll.
But that's what I'm saying, is that you've got 30% that think WMDs were found, they think Saddam carried out the attacks.
So I'm not saying, Governor,
That I don't understand that there's people out there.
But they're complete zombies, living in total denial, and we know who they are.
I don't care.
If they say WMDs were found, I'm not going to agree with them.
Because we know they're... I mean, it's delusional.
So yes, you've got 30% that if they were told the moon was made out of cheese by George Bush, they'd believe it.
Because he's government, and as long as the President says it, it's okay.
That's right.
It's right, it's true.
And you're not going to change those folks.
I can't believe it, I'm actually ranting on Willie Nelson's bus.
I agree with Willie, because I love my mother and father-in-law dearly and I respect them, they're terrific people, but they just will not accept that our government would be evil.
How do you get past that denial, Willie?
I mean, I didn't get folks to break out.
Well, some people break out of it.
I don't worry about them.
I go on with my thinking and my job and let them live with their thoughts.
I don't have to be responsible for them.
Do you think the truth of 9-11 will ever officially come out like other things have?
I don't know.
The truth about John Kennedy didn't come out.
I wanted to get you to talk about Kennedy.
Give us your view on that.
I don't know about that.
I don't know what happened at 9-11.
I do know that a lot of investigations went on Kennedy that were stifled, just like what you're doing now.
They tried to hold that back.
And, you know, we know he was killed.
We don't know who done it.
The other argument of 9-11, we know those buildings fell.
Now, a lot of people think it was done this way.
We think it was blown up intentionally.
So, we're never going to be able to convince everybody, and we're never going to really know for sure.
And Willie's exactly right, because the simple way they get to that is by the removal of all evidence.
All evidence is gone.
Like when John Kennedy was assassinated, the first thing Lyndon Johnson did was he said that the limousine was where a homicide took place.
There should have been the yellow tape around that limo.
That limo shouldn't have been touched until investigators went through it with a fine-tooth comb.
Instead, LBJ orders it sent to Cincinnati.
It's cleaned and refurbished.
Not one person got to look at the actual crime scene, which is backwards to what normally is done.
That's what causes, for me, the light to go on.
Because when they start doing a crime scene the exact opposite of the way it's supposed to be done, that tells you that there's ulterior forces involved here.
Now you shift to 9-11.
In 9-11, the high priority was removal of everything.
It was not investigating it.
There were people, the priority went to the removal.
The investigators were considered secondary.
Well, that's the exact opposite.
Well, that's the exact opposite of the way it should be.
That's the exact opposite of the way it should be.
The investigation should always take priority, and even if they use the excuse, well, we were searching for bodies, there could have been alive people in there, which you can accept, it still doesn't, it still doesn't relieve them.
They could have removed that medal and put it somewhere to wear later.
It could have been looked at.
And that's what we all assumed they were doing.
They were doing, but it turned out they weren't doing that.
They were destroying it all.
They were building a new ship out of it as a monument.
They were selling it to China and melting it down and doing everything.
And so it's come down to today and Willie's exactly correct.
We will never know because here's the reason.
Now we're all experts.
Because with no evidence, with no concrete scientific evidence to go to, all of our opinions are valid.
Whether they be for or against, because there's no way to... But isn't the same thing happening at the Pentagon?
The very same thing happened.
They came in, they cleaned up everything, they took all the video cameras away, and they dared anybody to say anything.
Yeah, and so now there's no way to prove or disprove anything.
Well, Willie, isn't that right there historically, especially in a criminal investigation, a cover-up is generally seen as an evidence of guilt or that there should be a massive investigation.
Can you speak to that?
Well, I think that's true.
Anytime you cover up evidence or take evidence away, you have an agenda there.
You're trying to stop people from knowing what happened.
And I really do believe that's what happened.
So I think the cover-up's the biggest piece of evidence that it is an inside job.
That certainly plays a huge role in it.
What's your take on how they blocked the funding for the firefighters and police and emergency workers from all that deadly dust?
Why wouldn't Congress... I mean, we've been to Congress, made a film about it, and they just say, no, we're not going to take care of it, even though all the CAT scans and hospitals say it's killing them.
Well, first of all, there's a long list of things that we could talk about that we don't like about this government and what it's doing and what it has done, and it goes back
Further than the Bush administration, it goes all the way back to other administrations a long time ago when this country started going the wrong way and started doing things around the world thinking that we were the world's policemen and also we were the world's resource gatherer.
If there was something over there you had, we're gonna come get it.
We'll make you a deal you can't turn down.
So, that's been going on as long as I can remember.
As long as I've been watching our government operate.
So, this is just one more time, I think, that they're stepped over the line doing things that they... As far as I'm concerned, that's not what I hired them for.
They work for me, they work for you, they work for Jesse, and they're screwing up.
Well, I think that, like you said earlier, the people are finally really getting fed up and I don't think they're gonna go back to sleep again.
I think... I think the revolution's on.
I do.
Well, let me... I do.
I don't think they're going to go back to sleep.
Well, you can wait and go back to sleep.
We'll wake them up, but I bet they go back to sleep again.
Well, Willie, what do you say?
I believe some of them will go back to sleep because someone didn't want to get woke up.
I hope I'm wrong.
But there are a group of intelligent young people out there
Not very many of my age are your age.
Most of the people my age or your age think just exactly like what you said.
Things are the way they are.
Don't mess with them.
Go do your job.
Keep your head down, you know.
Don't stir up anything.
But there's some young people out there with a lot of guts, a lot of balls.
They're gonna stir it up.
And they're going to elect Obama.
They're going to elect some government officials.
They're going to elect some senators and congressmen who go in there and start doing the right thing for a while.
And then you're right.
In a little while, everybody will go back to sleep.
And the guys will say, alright, we're gonna let them have it for four to eight years, because look how we screwed it up.
Let's back out of the way and let them have our problems that we created for a while, and we'll go over here and we'll reorganize, and we'll think it over, and we'll raise some more money, and we'll go get it again.
I agree fully, because let's... Alex, we talked about history, and how if you don't study history, the old cliche, you're deemed to repeat it.
Well, look at my generation and Willie's.
We're the generation of the 60s.
We were supposed to be the rebels.
We were supposed to be the ones who were anti-establishment.
The ones who learned from Vietnam.
The ones that saw all this stuff go down.
And yet, what has happened to all of us?
Where did we all go?
I was so proud of the peaceniks.
I was so proud of the guys who got out there and fought against the war and come home from Vietnam and say, hey, that's wrong.
But they went back to sleep.
That's right.
What happened to peace on Earth?
I remember growing up that that was what we were all taught was going to happen one day.
I go to church and they say, well you've got the Prince of Peace, Jesus, he's going to come and there's going to be peace on Earth for a thousand years.
I said, I can't wait.
Where is it?
But that's essentially the problem.
We do it, and hopefully something will change.
But the problem is this.
Everybody lives in their own little world, and if their own little world is not affected directly, they will ignore it.
But right now, with the economy sinking, their world is affected.
Oh yeah, I agree.
And gasoline, they are affected.
They're going to have to start growing their own vegetables again.
Oh yeah.
That's great.
I'm glad to see them having to get out and dig in that soil and plant seed and sit back and watch it grow.
That's America.
Where they've been is not American.
Living on, you know, ten houses and six yachts and going off and starting these big corporations where they screw me and you out of money and they go overseas.
That's not America.
Now, I want to see one of those guys get out there and have to grow his own potatoes.
We have to stop electing Democrats and Republicans.
And we have to start electing and destroying the system they've created that is so corrupt within itself that we're a two-party dictatorship now.
Politics in America today is identical to pro-wrestling.
And what I mean by that is, in front of the cameras and the public, we all hate each other.
I'm going to kick my opponent's butt.
I'm going to wail him from here to high water and beat the crap out of him.
Yet behind the scenes with all our friends going out to dinner.
Went to dinner together.
And it's all a work.
All intermarried.
It's show business.
Show business.
Up until 2006 you had a Republican Congress and a Republican President.
Then along came the election of 2006, which was the war in Iraq.
The U.S.
people spoke clearly.
They said, get us out of Iraq.
So they elected the Democrats.
The Democrats took both houses.
And two years later, are we out of Iraq?
Alright, there you have it.
Willie Nelson, Jesse Ventura, and Alex Jones on the bus.
It's the Alex Jones Show.
I'm Jason Burma, sitting in InfoWars.com, PrisonPlanet.com.
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Alright folks, we are back.
Final segment of the third hour and the fourth hour.
We'll be streaming live via PrisonPlanet.tv.
We're going to have Ray McGovern, the 26-year CIA analyst, the veteran, on to talk about the current election, on to talk about his latest article where he really denounces the Washington Post, I believe, for their little editorial page.
Oh, it looks like the war with Iran is off the table with both us and Israel.
How sad.
And he really goes over that, how that's not a sad thing, and he does hope it's the truth, and I doesn't understand their attitude towards it.
But in this segment, I want to, uh, I want to read this article out of the, uh, National Post.
Now, this is a big, uh, paper out in Canada, and, uh, Jonathan Kaye, I guess, this, uh, guy who writes for them for many years, wrote something about the, uh, 9-11 truth movement, and then he had to write this.
Jonathan Kaye on the humbling frustrations of debating 9-11 truthers.
Want to fill up your inbox?
Write a column denouncing the 9-11 truth movement.
These are the people who dismissed the official 9-11 explanation as White House-filled lie.
One truther sect believes the American government, or rogue elements within it, planned the September 11th attacks under a false flag.
Another concedes Al-Qaeda's involvement, but insists the plot was known to the warmongering Bush administration.
Other truthers favor more exotic explanations, featuring missiles, remote-controlled airliners, the Mossad, mini-nukes, and even space weapons.
What they all have in common, I've learned, is a hate-on for journalists who blithely dismiss them as nutbars, as I did a few weeks ago in a blog post about ex-liberal candidate and unapologetic truther, Leslie Hughes.
Normally, I confess these are the sort of correspondence I delete from my inbox without much guilt.
As with all conspiracy theorists, see this is what I don't like, debate is pointless, since they have no chance of convincing me, nor I them.
Why waste my time parsing their arguments?
But see, he admits he won't be swayed no matter what.
But something about the truth or email, I got aroused my interest.
For one thing, there was a lot of it, which perhaps should not surprise me.
As the Post's Adrian Humphreys reported last week, 39% of Canadians either reject or doubt the official explanation for the 9-11 attacks.
That's 40%.
That's 4 in 10.
That's a major thing in Canada.
That's major!
Secondly, many of these messages, a majority in fact, were lucid and coherent, well-written even.
Some of the senders had letters after their names, and even email addresses contained the domain names of recognizable universities.
Conspiracy theorists they may be, but they're certainly not sub-human weirdos who try to convince me the Holocaust never happened, nor the anti-social paranoiacs who send me
Weekly updates about their decade-long litigation campaign against their ex-landlords.
So I like that, too.
He at least admits, you know, we have a standing.
Thirdly, they have a point.
Something that hit home when I read this stinging comment in a message from Winnipeg area writer Dallas Hanson.
Take a look at the mound of evidence suggesting a black op.
I'm sure you're a smart guy, but posturing as though that you've got all the answers to 9-11 and defaming those who question the explanation we've been given is a little much.
September 11th wasn't a black op, but Hansen is right that, like mainstream journalists, I overplay my intellectual hand when it comes to 9-11 and just about everything else besides.
I could lie to Mr. Hansen and my readers and tell them I've read the U.S.
Government's 571-page 9-11 Commission Report or Popular Mechanics Magazine Authority report on debunking the 9-11 myths.
But the truth is that I haven't.
I never felt the need to, because on a purely instinctive level, I've always believed the truthers' case was complete nonsense.
But he cops to it and he says he's going to read those things.
Well, I sent him an email urging him to watch Fabled Enemies and then the Loose Chain series, and I hope you help me out and do the same.
I'd like to see him take a look at that evidence.
Ray McGovern coming up next at the 8 After.
This is the Alex Jones Show.
Infowars.com, PrisonPlanet.com, and streaming live, PrisonPlanet.tv.
Thank you for listening to GCN.
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All right, folks, we're back.
It is the final hour of the Alex Jones Show.
I'm Jason Bermas, sitting in.
If you missed any of the first three hours, the interviews with Jesse, the interviews with Willie on the bus, the Barack Obama discussion with his assassination attempt, the parent one that just sounded completely off the wall, the hour and a half we spent with Webster Tarplet.
Remember, that gets restreamed over at InfoWars.com.
For free, all day, until the next broadcast.
It's really amazing.
Alex Jones just provides so much ammunition for the InfoWars and I just want to thank him from the bottom of my heart for everything he's done for me.
Helped me put together Fabled Enemies, which I really do believe is an important picture and I hope you go out there and pick it up from InfoWars.com, make copies and hand them out.
But more importantly, today I'm not asking for a donation.
I'm not even asking for a vote.
I'm asking you to go to this NationalPost.com website
How are you doing today?
Yeah, I wanted to speak, I really was calling to speak to your last guest, but I want to speak on some of the points that he made from the back of Barack Obama.
First I want to talk about him saying that Ralph Nader was stepping up, saying that Barack Obama is duping the black community and things like that.
The first thing about that I want to say is, Ralph Nader doesn't speak up any time.
When issues go on in the black community and injustice is done by people in this country, I've never heard Rob Nutter speak up.
Well, he's a bit of a gun grabber, I'll give him that.
I mean, he always talks about, you know, against automatic weapons in inner cities and stuff like that.
I'm not really for that, so... I mean, I feel like that's a form of gun control.
It's kind of soft, but continue.
Well, I mean, I'm a woman.
I speak a black.
I'm black, so I'm going to tell you, like, some of the things that go on, like with the June 6th, Sean Bale killing, and just all kinds of things.
So are you voting for Barack?
Let me finish.
I've never heard him speak up, and he's been all outsharking.
So it's not like he hasn't had a chance to speak on those things, but when he's all outsharking, so that's about as much in the black community as you can get.
I mean, the big opportunity is you can get to speak to the black community.
He hasn't done that.
And also, when it comes to Barack Obama, you know, not caring about the black community, guys like Professor Charles Overtree, Dick Gregory, Martin Luther King III, these are some of the most prominent people in the black community, and they're not part of the New World Order.
Matter of fact, these people are some of the most anti-New World Order people you can get if you ever listen to Dick Gregory.
Yeah, but I don't know how that translates into Barack Obama being anti-New World Order.
I'm about to tell you, if you ever listen to Dick Gregory,
He's kind of like Jordan Maxwell.
He's like the black Jordan Maxwell.
All of these people back Barack Obama.
So, if Barack Obama is so much this globalist and new world of people, why are all these prominent people who are very anti-new world?
Well, first of all, there's a controlled opposition, number one.
Number two, did you listen to his Berlin, Germany speech about six months ago?
Listen, man, just go check it out.
Just type in Barack Obama in Berlin, Germany.
If you can't tell that this guy has a globalist perspective on the world, I mean, he's really literally talking about a million and a half man youth brigade.
He's also talking about global citizenship.
Hold on.
And his wife and him are open CFR members.
It's a globalist organization.
He's a total globalist, man.
And look, I'm voting for a black woman for president.
You know, to me, race doesn't have that much of significance.
I like her policies.
I think that Cynthia McKinney is much more of a real person, much more of a bulldog.
She's the real anti-New World Order black candidate, and I'm gonna vote for her.
I mean, I just don't see... I don't think... I don't see this revolutionary that they're portraying on the television.
I don't see the guy that's on the Zoomies t-shirt when I go to the mall as, like, this guy that's gonna help us.
I thank you for the call.
I thank you for the opinion, man.
I gotta jump because I got Ray McGovern coming up after the break, but we're gonna take your calls.
In about 30 minutes, InfoWars.com, PrisonPlanet.com, it's the Alex Jones Show!
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This is his M.O.
Some U.S.
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I'm aware that some Israeli citizens have been detained.
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Alright folks, we are back at the Alex Jones Show.
I am Jason Bermas.
Remember, we are streaming live over at PrisonPlanet.tv right now, and if you missed any of the first three hours of the program,
You can go over to Infowars.com and listen to it for free.
I do want to make one point to the last caller.
Hopefully he is still listening in before we go to Ray McGovern.
Just because somebody's African American does not mean that they can't be part of this globalist system, a part of this quote-unquote New World Order.
Let me read you something off the Harvard University website, the Gazette News, from September 27, 2001.
Now, this is basically two and a half weeks after 9-11, because you did just mention people like, you know, Martin Luther King Jr., a great man, but then you mentioned people like Al Sharpton and, you know, other people who were under suspicion.
And, uh, just being corrupt.
I mean, not necessarily being part of any globalist organization, but very corruptible.
All right, this is what Jesse Jackson had to say in front of Harvard University two and a half weeks after 9-11.
It is easy to handle triumph.
Can we handle trouble or disaster, said Jackson.
Let us rise together for hope, healing, and a vision for the new world order.
And he uses this term all the time.
He's not the only guy.
So I just wanted to bring that up to Jamil.
Look into it.
Like I said, I'm voting for an African American candidate for president.
On November 4th, one week from today, I will be voting for Cynthia McKinney.
The Green Party candidate for president.
I encourage people not to waste their vote and vote third party.
I disagree with Tarpley.
I don't think getting McCain into office is probable or possible unless, you know, the elitists really want that and they rig the voting machines to do so.
Alright, without further ado, we're going to bring on Ray McGovern, the 26-year CIA analyst.
He debriefed people like Dick Cheney and others.
In the 80s, his latest editorial
You're welcome Jason, glad to be with you.
Now, Ray, you know, before we get into this editorial, election day is a week away.
You know, I interviewed you a little over two years ago, right in the run up to the 2006 election, and we talked about the Democratic Congress getting in and possibly emboldening them.
Two years later, we're not out of Iraq.
I mean, obviously there are Democrats that I want to see in.
I'd love to see Cindy Sheehan take Pelosi's seat.
Oh, man, that would be a huge triumph.
But, give me your take on the election right now.
Well, if I take five steps back, Jason, I say to myself, wow, I thought it was going to be a choice between a McCain-type person and Mrs. Clinton.
That would have been a real, real problem for me.
I never thought that I would have a candidate running who has said sensible things about Iraq.
I don't
To support my good friend, Cynthia.
However, I would ask people to reflect on what that could mean, because that happened once before.
Lots of people supported a third-party candidate, and we got George W. Bush.
So think hard about that before you waste your vote.
And you're obviously talking about Ralph Nader, who was run in the previous two elections and also in this one, correct?
For whom I also have great respect.
It's just that the realities are such that the very troublesome things are the intrude and I just still can't get over it.
I think my problem with Barack is that he does talk about a de-escalation in Iraq, but that's been on the table for some time now.
And it never seems to go through.
And, you know, we had Webster Tarpley on a couple hours ago, and he really talked about how Obama is talking about possibly an invasion or a bombing of Pakistan to go after the remnants of the Taliban or Al-Qaeda and Bin Laden.
And that could cause a whole new situation in the Middle East and Eurasia.
Yeah, Jason, again, I know Webster, I think what one has to do is be really careful about taking campaign rhetoric as a sign of real intention.
I mean, look at what Obama has said about Israel, for example.
I mean, it's almost sickening how the candidates reply among themselves to tell the American public who loves Israel the best, Joe Biden.
Trying to outdo everyone else by saying, yeah, we all love Israel, but I love Israel with a passion, you know?
I mean, that's really ridiculous.
So you expect that kind of rhetoric from Obama, from anybody.
And when he talks about, you know, about Afghanistan, for example, he has to sort of show the American people how tough he is, that he is up to the task, the military task.
But I would fully expect, and I've been wrong about these kinds of things before,
I would fully expect, were he to be in office, that the people that he would gather around him would tell him what a feckless exercise not only Iraq but Afghanistan has been, and that history dictates that no one wins this kind of battle or occupation, and he would come to his senses.
So I'm not willing to address what Obama says about these things as though they should be taken at face value.
So you do think that he's somewhat genuine and there's a possibility that these aggressions in the Middle East will subside after he's elected and he puts in an administration that you feel would de-escalate the war?
Well, yeah, I have, you know, the notion of the year candidate who says, you know, a hundred years, no problem, coming into office turns my hair on end.
I don't think that a
A fellow who's made his reputation by crashing airplanes and getting shot down has shown any real acuity with respect to policies to be crafted or followed.
And so it's a matter of compared to what, finally?
And, you know, when I look at the Democratic candidate and you look at the debates, there's a fellow with a cool head, easy and eager to learn.
I think he's teachable.
I think he will probably avoid the mistakes of predecessors who thought they could come into Washington and diss the people in the press and others with whom you really have to sort of work out a compromise so that they will give you half a chance to have your message heard.
And, you know, it's going to be not a very hard act to follow.
I mean, these eight years have been a disaster for our country.
And, you know, just as my friend Bobby Gates, the Secretary of Defense,
Just as he followed Rumsfeld and had, like, a two-year honeymoon.
So, too, I think whoever replaces Bush, presumably if it's the favored contender, that he will have a honeymoon period where people will just be so delighted to listen to a person who just conceivably might tell the truth on occasion, that if he's of a mind to, and hopefully is, he can change these crazy policies.
Well, I don't share your optimism.
I feel like he is the slicker candidate by far.
He's obviously more well-spoken.
When John McCain comes out and talks about a hundred-year war, or he talks about us being the enemy, I mean, I think you can kind of see the senility in his face.
He doesn't look the healthiest.
I can't even believe that they've put him up there, honestly, in the run-up to this.
I thought that they would go with someone more like a Romney.
I mean, McCain's establishment and
The Palin pick, I mean, it's bizarre.
It's not like he has a strong ticket.
It's almost like they're throwing the election.
I mean, do you really think that McCain has a shot at winning this?
This is not my field of expertise, Jason.
My opinion in this area is not worth anything more than the next person's.
You know, there are so many variables and so many shenanigans been played over the last couple of elections that I would encourage anyone who is as afraid as I am of Palin and McCain to make sure that not only that their vote is taken, but that their vote is counted.
Alright, well let's jump to this Iran situation.
You wrote this editorial.
You know, we've discussed Iran at length on the radio and TV interviews with you, Infowars, and myself.
Do you really think right now we are off the table with Iran?
It looks like there will not be a war of aggression out there.
Yes, they do, Jason.
And I say that as one who for three years was saying that chances were at least equal and probably greater than equal that Bush and Cheney to fulfill their promise to Israel would, quote, take care of Iran.
What's changed?
Well, there are a bunch of things that have changed.
One is that the senior uniformed military in this country have shown a little guts for a change.
We had Admiral Fallon resigning after saying, we're not going to do Iran on my watch.
Uh, resigning rather than letting himself be on the receiving end of the idiotic order to start a war with Iran and risk the fortunes and lives of all those troops he has in Iraq, Afghanistan, and in the Gulf.
He didn't want to put himself in that position, and so he in effect quit by going to the press and saying, we're not going to do Iran, don't be crazy.
Now, Admiral Mullen, Mike Mullen, who came in, I was an Army officer, so it's really hard for me to say these good things about Navy Admirals.
Admiral Mullen, I mean, I think he's got guts.
Guts that we haven't seen.
He goes back from Israel and says it would be very foolish to open yet a third war, a third front in that part of the area.
And then we later learned that, wait, I mean, we learned this from the Israeli Relay Press.
I mean, you don't learn anything like this from the American press or the, what I call the, the fawning corporate media.
We learned from the Israeli Press that when Mullen was there, he braced his opposite numbers in the Israeli leadership and he said, look, don't even think
Don't even think of any tricks in the Persian Gulf or anything that would provoke the Iranians so that they would attack you and then you would expect us to come in.
We're not going to come in if you provoke the attack.
And then, you know, the real blitz, Jason, you know, you brought up the... Well, we'll bring it up on the other side because we're just about to go to break.
We're with Ray McGowan, former CIA analyst.
Infowars.com, PrisonPlanet.com.
This is the Alex Jones Show, PrisonPlanet.tv.
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We're good to go.
We're good.
Alright, folks, we are back at the Alex Jones Show.
I'm Jason Vermas, subbing in.
I'm a filmmaker.
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This is vital information.
We're with Ray McGovern, 26-year CIA veteran, and he's discussing with us the
Military personnel who have returned home and said, no war with Iran, and you were just discussing a gentleman who just returned from Israel and said the same thing, right?
Yes, this was the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, Jason, Mike Mullen, an Admiral, who was out there in June, actually, and told the Israelis, not only do we not want a new war with Iran, but don't even think about trying to provoke one.
By doing something to let the boom go up.
Now, what I was trying to say is he did something incredibly gutsy, something that no U.S.
statesman has done in 41 years, and that is he raised the incident of the U.S.
Liberty ship.
That was deliberately attacked by Israel on the 8th of June, 1967, with 34 crewmen killed, 174 wounded.
It was an incredible attack, and we have bulletproof evidence that it was intentional.
Exactly why the Israelis did it is a matter of some speculation.
You're talking about the USS Liberty, of course.
And what Bolling said was, you know, he said, look, he said,
We don't want any more USS Liberty type incidents.
Now, why was it so powerful?
Because the Israelis know that Mullen knows, as a naval officer, what happened back on that terrible day, June 8th, 1967, and that Mullen was not going to let it happen again.
That's about as direct, that's about as clear a message as you can send to the Israeli leaders.
And right after that, right after that, we saw a slight attenuation of the propaganda out of Israel and out of the United States with respect to what a terrible threat
Iran is or was, but really isn't.
Now, the next big factor that has made it unlikely that we will be striking Iran by air
It's Russia, the Russian bear.
We talk about the bear market.
Well, I'm talking about the Russian bear who has it up to here now with his nose being tweaked.
What happened was the Russians saw Israel and saw us, that is Cheney and Elliot Abrams and those types in the White House, as being behind that idiot Sakhashvili's attack on South Ossetia.
Now, why was that important?
Well, the Russians are up to here, and they said, look, you know, not only are we going to repel this attack, and they did so brutally, I don't hold any grief for that, not only are we going to repel the attack, but don't even think about Georgia becoming part of NATO or the Ukraine, and besides, Israelis, if you thought that you could use Georgian air fuels to attack Iran,
Look at the map, you folks.
If it were the only feasible way without flying over Iraq and other countries who would deny overflight permission, coming down from Georgia would have been quite feasible.
And that, according to some reports, is what the Israelis had in mind.
So the Russians really came down real hard.
Olmert went up to Russia, other people went up to Russia, and they said, look, it's all over.
Don't even think about attacking Iran.
And they said the same thing to us.
And again, we intelligence analysts look at all sources, and we saw a very sharp fall off of all the warnings out of the White House about how bad Iran is, how it's supplying our opponents in Iraq, and how it's developing.
They all fell right off in early August, and it's still pretty far down.
Two other factors I've mentioned briefly.
You know, AIPAC, the American Israel
I don't
Uh, which amounted to calling for President Bush to blockade Iran, an act of war, okay?
Now, traditionally, when the Israelis draft this kind of legislation, they put the word out and a hundred representatives, you know, co-sponsor the thing, like, you know, like before you could say Jack Robinson, okay?
And that happened.
But guess what?
And the same thing happened in the Senate.
Grassroots folks inundated their representatives with calls, with emails, with taxes, and everything else, and got them thinking.
Guess what?
And actually, some of the co-sponsors withdrew their sponsorship of that bill because they were afraid that, indeed, the president would be encouraged, here's Congress telling him, to make an act of war on Iran.
I think they also didn't want to fall victim to what I call the Hillary Clinton factor.
You know, Hillary actually thought it would be a smart political move when she voted for the war against Iraq.
All right, hold that thought, Ray.
We're going to be with you after the break.
We're going to take your calls.
Ray McGovern, CI analyst.
It's the Alex Jones Show.
PrisonPlanet.com, PrisonPlanet.tv.
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Alright, folks, we're back.
It's the Alex Jones Show.
I am Jason Burmas, sitting in for Alex Jones.
We are with Ray McGovern.
We're discussing the upcoming election.
And he just mentioned that, uh...
Hillary Clinton was a bit of a warmonger against Iran.
I mean, she pretty much said everything was on the table.
I want him to finish up his point on that.
And then I want to get his take on this coming international crisis that people like Joe Biden, Colin Powell, and now a key member of the Pentagon Advisory Panel are talking about.
I want to think if
I want to know whether he thinks this is a reality.
Is this something that's coming up?
I mean, obviously, with the bailout and the economy, anything's possible.
But why don't you finish up your point and then comment on that?
You know, the business about the attack on Iran being off the table, probably.
I'll just finish up by saying that it was a grassroots effort, but many of the congressmen who actually had co-sponsored the bill withdrew that co-sponsorship.
I think it wasn't altogether altruistic.
I think they were thinking about two years from now, when they're running again, and there's a wider war still, and they voted for it.
What I call the Hillary Clinton effect would set in.
You'll recall that back in October 2002,
She thought it was the politically smart thing to do, to vote for a war.
Turned out to derail her attempt to be president.
It will derail the attempts of others to be representatives or senators if they voted for a wider war.
And that's why the whole thing was squashed.
This is the first time in recent memory that I've seen a grassroots effort able to defeat legislation not only proposed by, but drafted by AIPAC.
And the last thing, of course, is the financial crisis.
I think everybody kind of realizes that we're running out of money.
We're spending billions in Iraq and Afghanistan every week.
So where do we get the money to get involved in a war with Iran, which is not at all like Iraq or Afghanistan, but rather a very, very strong country with lots of armed forces that dwarf
So do you think there's a chance of this international crisis that Biden and Powell and other people in the Pentagon are now talking about in the first months of his presidency, if he gets in?
Well, Joe Biden is not one of my favorites.
He kind of runs off the mouth without thinking about what he's going to say.
And we're also dealing again here with the political rhetoric rather than reality.
My guess is that Biden was just trying to draw a parallel between Obama and JFK.
See, even you did it!
We can't just accuse the neocons now!
That's alright, continue!
My apologies.
That's alright.
Senior moment here.
Yeah, you know, it's always politically good to compare your candidate with John Kennedy for how much people have continuing respect, including myself.
And we all know, at least those of us old as I am, that Kennedy was confronted.
He was young and he was confronted by Khrushchev.
He was actually confronted by the CIA.
He was confronted by our military when they decided to go through with that Bay of Pigs foolishness and then expected Kennedy to bail him out by sending the Air Force in to save these guys.
They mousetrapped him.
And so he was beset by all kinds of challenges, not only from Khrushchev in Vienna in May of 1961, but also the Bay of Pigs before that.
And, you know, there was the Berlin, the trouble over Berlin access and everything else.
My guess, and it's only a guess, is that what Biden was referring to is, look, you know, Kennedy, initially braced and shocked by all this, came through, and even when the challenge to us in Cuba with the Russians sending missiles down there, when that happened,
He was able to handle that in a cool and collected way, but a strong way, and he made the Russians back down.
That's the memory most of us have of KFK, but I think it's nothing more than that.
I don't think Biden has any special matter of fact.
Given his record, he certainly has no special foresight or insight into what's going to happen over the next half a year.
I think that, first of all, I want to make one comment about what they're saying about Barack will be tested.
I think they realize they need to warn everybody and what they're going to stage is more false flag terrorism, but they need to brainwash the people and spill it in their minds first.
And the one disagreement I have is about some footage that was used in a film, and better footage could have been used.
I happen to personally know the guys from VTHEPentacon.com, and they actually have even newer testimony, other than the two Pentagon police officers on-site at the CITCO.
Yeah, yeah.
I like those guys and I like what they do.
I just feel like focusing on one issue like that one, we're never going to get the 84 tapes that are still classified, you know, out to the public.
I mean, God bless them for their research.
You know, we went out to DC with them two plus years ago.
You know, we interviewed Lloyd the cab driver.
We interviewed the pastor who was the first on the scene.
You can see there.
We interviewed the first guy with a camera on the scene, Bob Pugh, where you saw his footage all over the AP.
I just think that that issue is just
It's more of a, you know, we already know they allowed whatever had to happen at the Pentagon to happen.
I mean, we, that was something I've discussed with you years ago, Ray, is that Norm Mineta now on six or seven different occasions speaks about with, you know, whatever hit the Pentagon, we had about 20
Is this you, Mike?
Yeah, this is kind of off subject, but I have an idea for the iPhone, for the widget.
Like, uh, you know the Obama?
You click on the widget and it brings up Obama's little site.
I think Alex needs to have one of these so you can...
If you look at Obama's thing, you can just go with it.
We're trying to become more of a mainstream outlet to people.
I mean, we can only do so much.
I mean, when you literally have a staff, and I'm not part of that staff, I'm a staff of one, but when you have a staff like Alex of ten people and two of those guys work in the newsroom and they're also your main editors, I mean, they're also your main cameraman, it is tough to do everything, but we do need your help.
Alright, let's jump to yet another call.
Let's go to Carlisle in Texas.
Carlisle, you're on the line with Ray McGovern and myself.
Hey, I actually have something to plug.
It's kind of off the subject from what you guys have been talking about.
But it has to do with how Chief Osvedo wants to forcibly use the federal grants to forcibly take people's blood that refuse breathalyzers.
And I know Alex Jones had Chief Osvedo, you know, on about that.
He was saying how he wants to have a dialogue and engage the public.
But, you know, we've been trying to contact him for the last four months.
So what we were going to do was on Halloween night at 9 o'clock on 4th and LaVaca,
We're gonna stage a protest to try, you know, get his air and get him to actually come down here and explain how that program is supposed to prevent drunk driving, but it doesn't prevent it at all.
Okay, so what time is that gonna take place?
It's gonna be at 9 o'clock on Friday, on Halloween night.
Okay, alright man.
You got it.
Thanks for the plug.
Alright, let's jump to Andy in North Carolina.
Andy, what's on your mind?
Mr. McGovern, how are you, sir?
Hi, Andy.
Hey, Jason, how are you, bud?
Good, man.
Hey, listen, Mr. McGovern, I was going to ask you, and correct me if I'm wrong, did you mention that you were slightly dismayed by the fact that Hillary didn't get the nomination?
Not dismayed, just really, really, really, really, really happy that someone who did something crass for political purpose
And as a result, 4,200 U.S.
servicemen are killed.
That it turned out to be just the opposite of what she expected.
The war turned sour, and the person who was against the war from the beginning won the nomination.
That should be an object lesson to all people who make important decisions based on their ambitions to be president or whatever.
Well, I certainly agree that to see Hillary go down is a good thing, and that is a victory if that's the case.
My thing is a little bit larger point.
I was left dumbfounded because I guess I had become intellectually lazy that Hillary was going to be given the nomination, and we would just continue as we had because I figured if Bush was going to create this police state,
If he's going to leave it, he's going to leave it to someone that's going to continue on that thing.
And I think while we were all sleeping, and maybe you could speak to this, or maybe you disagree, that this thing that Tarpley talks about, I used to think he was a windbag, really, but I got to listen to him.
This whole Obama thing and the fascism thing, he's on to it.
And I think that maybe we've sleptwalked through this, and we're going to get a dictator that everybody loves, which is way more scary than one that's hated.
Well, let me say this.
I'm definitely fearful of that.
I think Carpley has somewhat of an ultra-perspective on, you know, Obama bringing, you know, super-fascism to the United States.
I don't see that.
But I do, unfortunately, I mean, I differ from Mr. McGovern, and I do see him bringing in more globalization.
I did not like his speech in Berlin again.
I mean, a million-and-a-half-man youth brigade talking about global citizenship.
He seems to be on the wrong side of the coin on the
Carbon tax debate and I think a lot of people are going to love him.
Like I said, I disagree with Tarpley where he says that Obama isn't that well spoken and he stutters and stammers.
I don't see that much at all and I watch him in extended periods of time.
I see him as a confident man who can look you in the eye.
He can orate well and he is good with his hands and his head motion.
I mean he's very good
Well, you know, compared to what sort of thing?
And you're quite right, we're going to have to wait and see.
Well, I'm less concerned about the global aspects that seem to trouble so many people.
I mean, if adopting a global perspective means going back and realizing that the new guidelines for war, for example, was set up after World War II and resulted in the Charter of the United Nations, which prohibits any country from conducting a
Preventive attack or a quote Preemptive end quote attack of the kind that Bush and Cheney have done You're not allowed to attack another country Unless there's an imminent threat to your country and there was nobody argues there was an imminent threat This proof that they could change not only international law as has contained in the UN Charter but national law because as you know once the Senate
Approves such a charter, and it did something like 95 to 2.
Once the Senate approves it, it becomes law of the land.
And so a war of aggression is just not a really good thing to do, and to the degree Obama is focusing in on this kind of thing, that we would have a modicum of respect for the law, well, heck, my hat's off to that kind of perspective.
Alright, let's jump to Ryan in Kentucky.
Ryan, what's on your mind?
Let's talk about the recent news of the public health emergency for anthrax, botulism, and smallpox until 2015, and how that could possibly play in the future.
And also, on how the Coast Guard is actually the agency in charge of a biotech or a pandemic flu release.
Well, to be honest, I don't really know much about this new warning.
Maybe you could send that over to Aaron at InfoWars.com.
I mean, again,
Is Obama going to have the coattails to end this war?
Well, I mean, I'll let Ray answer that on his perspective.
Obviously, he's optimistic and hopeful that he does.
I don't believe so.
I mean, I see these de-escalation plans that are already in place.
They're talking about they're going to take a few thousand here and a few thousand there.
But all it will take, in my mind at least, is an insurgency to keep the excuse to have
Well, you know, the war is over, folks.
The Iraqis have invited us out.
We cannot stay there legally past the 31st of December.
Uh, we will stay past the 31st of December, but we will incur the opprobrium of the whole world and the Iraqis.
So it's just a matter of time, and it's just a matter of setting the timetable for withdrawal.
Now, if we linger on like we did in Saigon and Bayernsphere and South Vietnam, then it's going to be a case of picking up the residual American presence off the rooftops of the billion-dollar embassy we've just created there in the Green Zone, and it's going to be a horror.
Need not be so.
We need to listen to the Iraqis.
70% of the Iraqis, according to U.S.
Army-sponsored surveys, 70% want us out of there.
So all we have to do is disavow any intention to grab more than our share of the oil, disavow any intention to build permanent military bases,
And just say, okay, you can take this for real, international community, and then and only then, you know, the Arab League countries, India, Pakistan, the West Europeans, they'll come in behind us and help us exit as gracefully as we can.
Because they like us, they all hate us by now, but they're interested, they're more interested in stability in that area than we are, and of course they're also interested in getting a portion of the oil.
So it's over.
It's just a matter of whether we linger for two, three, four more years and take the kinds of casualties that we've had since the surge, or whether we, in a more enlightened way, say, OK, Malachy, we understand the pressures you're under.
We're not going to press you to stay any longer than you want us, and just help us exit in as graceful a way as is possible.
That's the answer.
And for those who think that we have to stay there to referee
I'm with you there.
Ray, you just talked about the oil, and I was just wondering your opinion on whether or not this current economic crisis is going to continue to drop the price of oil by the barrel.
How is this going to affect the oil industry?
Do you think that they're just going to subside on their massive profits they've taken in the last four years for a little while?
Do you think they're doing this to maybe make the economic crisis a little less worse?
What's your take on that?
The price of oil fluctuates depending on how big a threat there seems to be in the Persian Gulf.
And I think the oil companies are seeing, what I reported earlier, that there's less likely to be a wider war there and that the U.S.
will have to depart.
Now, the problem remains, because, you know, as I've said to countless audiences, one of the most important factoids in the international situation is that the world is running out of oil.
And, you know, so in a very real sense, you could look at the attack on Iraq
Alright, Ray, I do have to let you go.
I thank you so much.
We're about to go to break.
I love having you on.
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Folks, it's the final segment one week before the presidential election, and this show brings you every perspective.
I mean,
Truly, folks, I mean, we had Webster Tarpley on for 90 minutes today, if you missed it, and he was wildly against Obama.
We just had Ray McGovern on for the last 60, and he's trying to vote you to vote for Barack Obama.
Of course, I, myself, am trying to get you to vote third party and vote your heart, much like Jesse Ventura.
And all those perspectives today were covered.
And we had Willie Nelson on his famous tour bus.
Exclusive stuff, not even on the web yet, not even over at InfoWars.com yet.
You can look for that to be posted
Hi Jason, I'd just like to say
I'm really pleased that I got through.
I've been trying to get through the show for a couple of months now.
What led me to you guys was a video called No End in Sight about the Iraq War, which I was pretty disgusted with.
So that led me on to you guys.
And now, everywhere I look, I can see things that Alex is talking about, he's been speaking about for months, and I'm trying to tell people.
Well, what other videos do you have out there?
Those are the tools, man.
I mean, it's one thing to step up to somebody and talk to them.
You know, you can get a light to start to switch on, but when you hand them an info bomb like the movie that, you know, No End in Sight that brought you out, maybe you should be making copies of that, or Iraq for Sale, or my films, Loose Change, Final Cut, Fabled Enemies, Alex's films, Endgame.
First, you have to educate yourself and get
Yeah, I did notice a couple of weeks ago in Glasgow where I live
A private car with a kind of rig on the roof, like a roof rack type thing but there was this big object sticking up from it.
And it really resembled the machines they use in New York, the sound detectors.
Oh yeah, well what those are, and I thank you for the call because I got a couple other ones, those aren't sound detectors, those are sound wave weapons and they're using those not only in domestic cases with the National Guard like they did at the DNC and the RNC in 2004, but they're now using it for military applications and when they point it at you and fire it literally feels like you're
Whole body is aflame, and you just want to move the quickest possible.
There's different levels, different frequencies.
You know, it can go further, it can be lighter.
It's literally like a ray gun.
It's pretty crazy.
Let's jump to Mark in Georgia.
Mark, what's on your mind?
You with me, Mark?
Okay, may we drop, Mark?
Um, let's go to... Here we go!
Yes, sir, what's up?
Ah, there we go, hallelujah.
I forgot I... Never mind.
Ah, yeah, quite, quite quickly, um, the Status of Forces Agreement is dead in the water, according to what I've read.
The Iraqi representatives know that it's political poison, and with this not being ratified, it's like, uh, basically, we can't stay there without this agreement.
Without our forces being subject to their law.
In other words, you know, you rape or murder somebody, we lock you up and we put you on trial.
Yeah, but that seems to me like it's going to be political rhetoric.
I don't think there's going to be any nuts behind that at all.
Just like Ray McGovern says, we're not leaving at the end of January.
You know what I'm saying?
And they're not going to start convicting or prosecuting members of Blackwater or our military.
I am not as optimistic as Mr. McGovern.
I don't see this change coming with Obama.
I don't see the dark future that Tarpley has, but definitely leaning towards that way.
I am Jason Bermas.
I subbed in for Alex Jones today.
InfoWars.com for the refeed right now!
Thank you for listening to GCN.
Visit GCNlive.com today.
A day unlike any other in the long course of American history.
A terrorist act of war against this country.
The enemy struck America on September 11th.
But who is the enemy?
Bin Laden.
This is his MO.
We have to look to the Middle East.
We have to look to Osama Bin Laden.
Fabled Enemies is the first 9-11 film to take a close look at the terrorist ties to intelligence networks inside the United States.
Some U.S.
investigators believe that there are Israelis again very much engaged in spying in and on the U.S.
I'm aware that some Israeli citizens have been detained.
Bin Laden's connections to the CIA, the hijackers ties to the FBI, the Saudi Arabian residents right