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Air Date: Nov. 17, 2008
3105 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Gerald Salonte joining us coming up in one hour.
Then in the fourth hour today, business specialist, stock market inventor.
He's invented some of the major systems used on the stock market.
Journalist Max Kaiser will be joining us for an hour to take your phone calls.
So that is our guest for you today.
We have some other really important guests, informative guests, coming up later in the week as well.
A lot of news that developed over the weekend and just this morning, and I'm going to attempt, I say attempt because there's so much of it, to not get too long-winded on any one subject but to cover
Most of the news here in the first hour and then go back through it in more detail throughout the additional three hours of the laps after that and to have open phones today.
Now, Salente may be with us an hour, he may be with us just 30 minutes depending on his schedule.
If he's with us the full hour, we'll open phones up in the second half if you have any questions for the Futurist.
For the predictor, for the individual who has a really good track record of predicting what is coming up and what's happening.
Remember last week we wrote a story at PrisonPlanet.com where Salente had gone on Fox News saying total depression by 2012, absolute breakdown of society, that there's been a coup by Wall Street to take over the United States.
I mean anybody who just reads
Industry publications and financial publications knows that, but so much of the public still don't realize how deep or how hot the water is that we're all in.
Celente predicts revolution, food riots, tax rebellions by 2012.
Trend Forecaster, renowned for being accurate in the past, says the
America will cease to be a developed nation within four years.
Crisis will be worse than Great Depression.
Large swaths of the country are already third world.
It is the official UN-IMF World Bank International Bank of Settlements policy to turn us into a third world country.
And that's stated.
The bankers want to bankrupt you.
They want your assets.
They want you poor.
They want you uneducated.
With your government-provided television set drooling.
And if you don't watch a lot of TV, for years I just quit watching television almost entirely.
I would see it in a restaurant or at somebody's house and marvel at it, but trying to get back in shape on the treadmill, it's just too boring without watching TV.
And so I watch the news, and I mean it is cartoonish!
It's all lies, all spin, all disinformation,
It's unspeakable.
I can't believe that probably half the public watches it and believes it's real.
By the way, Congress has put out another report.
So have some watchdog groups.
Every news station they looked at, they looked at 75 across the country.
That's all they had money to look at.
Every news station they looked at, that's what they looked at.
Had fake news.
Now, by fake news, these are video packages that the local news reader reads over to make it look like it's local, telling you it's the law to take shots.
I already talked about this yesterday, it just blows me away.
We have such a criminal media, such a criminal, illegal, bankrupt government, that for decades, a large portion of the news, I mean, it's already propaganda,
Is completely fake and lies.
That's why I said yesterday I was going to be interviewed by National Geographic.
I think I'm going to call them today.
But you know what?
And I'm just not going to do it.
Because I'm not going to... Why go into a stack deck?
Why let them try to set us up?
Talk about that some to today.
But look, the news is coming up.
It's all very important.
We're going to go through just some of the latest lawlessness.
of the crime gang, the armed crime gang known as government.
Stay with me.
Hello friends, this is Alex Jones.
I've told you for a long time it's important to be self-sufficient, and today that's more important than ever.
We need to be independent, and food and water is the key.
You'll never have to stand in a bread line if you have your own bread.
You'll never have to go to the Superdome and beg for FEMA to take care of your family in any emergency if you simply prepare.
Our elected representatives wanted a good old boy bailout for the special interest, so they ignored your screams not to do it.
They turned off the telephones and email.
They voted to print $850 billion at least out of thin air.
This money now owns the American and European banks.
The exploding inflation that is now guaranteed will slash your life savings to nothing and blast the cost of necessities, particularly food, beyond many Americans' reach.
In pre-Nazi Germany's superinflation, the cost of a loaf of bread doubled every two days until it reached over 4 billion marks.
Food prices are skyrocketing so fast,
There seems as if there may be no end in sight.
The private banks merging with our government are refusing to loan grocery stores enough money to restock their shelves.
The stores have less food but jack up prices to stay in business.
Whatever happens in America, we need to be prepared and be ready.
Everything is zeroing in on food.
One third of Americans have to choose between buying food and paying for other necessities.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
All right, trend forecaster, futurist, Gerald Cilente joining us at T-minus 52 minutes, 45 seconds.
on the economy in the fourth hour today and wide open phones as well at 1-800-259-9231.
I have to admit I knew that Oprah Winfrey set up a church back in 2005.
I knew it was new age, global government, merge the religion type stuff, the same thing the last two popes have been pushing.
But I don't watch Oprah Winfrey.
I don't watch hardly any TV.
and you know she seems like a nice smiley face person and so I didn't really have any antagonism towards her and as a modern guilty white taught that I'm evil and pathetic I kind of have a blind spot for black folks because you know black folks are from the grassroots the salt of the earth but they can't be big powerful new world order deceivers well
I did some research on her this weekend, and again, ladies and gentlemen all the time send me emails, clippings.
They say, why aren't you covering this?
Why aren't you covering that?
Why are you covering this up?
Why are you covering that up?
Folks, I'm just an average person here.
You know, I gotta try to make breakfast for my children.
I gotta, I mean, frankly, I spend probably too much time, six, seven, eight hours a day sometimes researching.
I'm totally addicted to it.
Like some cogitor, I could sit up in a tower and just read manuscripts 14 hours a day and stare out over the wasted plains of Agmar.
But the point is that I can't, and I'm not aware of everything, so thank you for asking me.
It was an email I got to look into it and sending me a few links because it's just total New World Order.
Total, very dangerous.
Very dangerous.
And I don't even approach it from a Christian perspective.
I approach everything from just analyzing what the New World Order attack plan is.
What their program of control is.
And they understand religion, man's religion, is a great way to control people.
And so the United Nations and the Club of Rome and the CFR back in the fifties and sixties all write
And we've read these reports and linked to them at InfoWars.com and PrisonPlanet.com that they were going to create a false earth worship religion centered around restricting the resources of man so that the public will laud, not fight against, living in third world enslavement.
And so the third world can be suppressed from ever industrializing and threatening the Anglo-American command bases in London and New York.
And it's all stated in the International Royal Commission on Population and countless other documents.
And they've got their Barack Obamas, they've got their
Hillary Clinton's, they've got their Bill and Melinda Gates foundations, they have their Oprah Winfrey's, and just like Margaret Singer wrote back in the twenties, and we've sent off to the universities and gotten copies of the letters, it's true, those quotes are real about blacks being weeds that need to be exterminated, she's writing off to the big heir of Colgate,
Saying I need millions more, we're recruiting prominent blacks because they can act as Judas goats to lead their fellow blacks into the eugenics operation.
It's just so shameful.
Now in the case of Oprah Winfrey,
I liked her because I remember her 12 years ago or whatever exposing that Mad Cow was in the US.
But then she got in a lot of trouble for that and kind of pulled her horns in.
And she may not be consciously evil, but the lady's too smart to not know what she's part of, really.
Or she's a grand dupe.
But she is pushing the world government religion.
They had a big consortium of tech company owners.
Come out this weekend and announce a international mission for a one world religion in the name of harmony.
Oh yeah, you can have any religion you want, just don't criticize any other.
And then you see that's an attack on free speech and then tyranny.
So there's a major move on to do this and later I'm going to play some clips of that and go over it.
And it's always the same.
I mean you go take
Classes in political science and study Marxism, Leninism, Socialism, Fabian Socialism, and it's always the same.
Utopic visions, they always have a high-tech background, they're promising no work, heavenly future, and when I really start recognizing how much of this stuff is infiltrating even the alternative media,
With films and radio shows and the rest of it.
You will always know them though because they're always anti-Christian.
And they'll always attack true Christians via guilt by association or straw man.
By pointing out all the mainline establishment phony Christians who were put up there to dress like clowns and act like clowns to discredit true Christianity.
Because just from a secular position, from a sociological position, studying this,
It is generally true Christians who resist tyranny, who resist slavery, who resist corruption, who don't go along.
And it is really only Christians, and I have to admit, to a certain extent, Muslims, who are not fit for the New World Order.
And that's why Albert Pike said Christians and Muslims would be played off against each other.
He also threw in Judaism.
But that's been so taken over and so changed that it's not a major threat to the New World Order.
And I just see it everywhere.
It's so fashionable to make fun of Christians, to attack Christians.
Hey, it's Christians that started the homeschooling movement in this country that's saving some of our future brain trust.
Everybody else is basically irrevocably ruined.
It's the Christians that were the core group exposing the New World Order
20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 100 years ago, it was the true Christians, not the pulpit prostitutes paid off, the intellectual prostitutes, the ones paid off by FEMA.
I'm already digressing.
The point is that the enemy of the New World Order is true Christians.
And I just have to call it like it is.
Also, they don't like Muslims.
And that's why the New World Order loves playing the Christian world off against the Muslim world.
That's why the New World Order brings in masses of Muslims to antagonize the now secular, debilitated, disintegrating Christendom.
That's why they bring in Christian armies in name into Arabia and Central Asia to antagonize them, to have a
Clash of Civilizations, as the neocons say they are!
They set us up against each other, and in the Illuminist, the old-time religion, the Babylon Mystery Schools, they reign supreme.
Divide and conquer.
And so, in our name, in America's name, 3 million Iraqis are dead in the last 18 years.
Half of those in the last five and a half.
In our name, that was done.
And in the name of the Arabs, in the name of the Muslims, 9-11 was carried out.
But the same people that carried out the policies that brought you Iraq, and the same people that orchestrated the hoax that is 9-11, they are one and the same.
They initiated this grand struggle.
Systems of thought not within New World Order control.
And certainly they've controlled those religions in the past to a great extent and used them.
But now there's no room for those.
It's now time for those to go bye-bye.
And if you don't accept the one world Gaia religion whose central rule is humans are bad and Gaia needs blood.
By the way, that's in the 96th Biological Diversity Assessment.
That's in the 97 Biological Diversity Assessment, passed as policy and law by the UN.
It says we need to reenact human sacrifice through war and ritual killing.
Do not roll your eyes!
Go read it!
It's in my film!
Road to Tyranny.
Blow-ups of the actual UN documents.
You can take the header off of them, go to the UN's own website, and read it for yourself, instead of living in denial.
Yeah, I know that sounds crazy, but I'm not the one that made it law internationally.
That their policy is to bring back mass murder.
That is a sacrifice, ladies and gentlemen.
The three million Iraqis were sacrificed to their god, Lucifer.
Now, I'm going to explain to you something.
If I talk about the Zoroastrians in Iran today, or I talk about animists in Central Africa, it doesn't mean I believe in the Zoroastrians or the animists, or if I go study some Inuit religion, it doesn't mean I believe in what the Eskimos believe.
So you atheists can't ignore this and just throw it out.
I'm scientifically pointing out to you that the UN says they're setting up a one-world religion of anti-humanism.
See, everything with them is a twist within a twist.
They claim they're humanist.
They're about expanding and empowering humanity.
It's the opposite.
They are anti-human.
Genetically poisoning us, altering our DNA.
Yes, mercury alters the DNA, generationally.
Attacking us with sodium fluoride, spraying our food with poisons.
All by design to dumb you down.
Play God.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, we're going to come back after this break and get into all the news as I promised.
I got sidetracked.
It's just... To know what I know, to know I'm right, to know it's all documented, to know...
How can I go on like nothing's happened?
How can I not beg and cry out to warn you?
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A day unlike any other in the long course of American history.
A terrorist act of war against this country.
The enemy struck America on September 11th.
But who is the enemy?
Bin Laden.
This is his MO.
We have to look to the Middle East.
We have to look to Osama Bin Laden.
Fabled Enemies is the first 9-11 film to take a close look at the terrorist ties to intelligence networks inside the United States.
Some U.S.
investigators believe that there are Israelis again very much engaged in spying in and on the U.S.
I'm aware that some Israeli citizens have been detained.
Bin Laden's connections to the CIA, the hijacker's ties to the FBI, the Saudi Arabian connection, the Israeli intelligence network, warnings and war games, the shadow government, and much, much more.
Fabled enemies.
Get the DVD at InfoWars.com or see it in super high quality along with hundreds of other titles at PrisonPlanet.tv.
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Quite some time I've been sitting it out Didn't take no chances Was a prisoner of doubt
Ain't no sleep Got the feet a-fallin' Kill me Comin' straight on for you
Here's a big question for the listeners out there.
Every man, woman, and child, old, young, black, white.
Five weeks ago, we told you here on this radio show, in finest detail, told you six weeks ago, seven weeks ago, a year ago, but you can tune back into those archives at InfoWars.com and hear us lay out exactly what happened.
And a lot of you out there, but on the fence about this show and our information, should ask yourselves, well if this guy is just making stuff up, how come he can predict everything?
Folks, I'm not predicting anything.
Your enemy, my enemy, the New World Order Crime Syndicate, they are openly stating what they're going to do, and it's not pretty.
Now the big issue here is, I want you to really think about this.
I want this to sink in.
I'm asking you to think about this.
And then, go to theprisonplanet.com forum and post in there your answer.
Or call into the radio show and tell me, specifically.
The bankers, again, not your main street bank, not your local bank, the four big US banks that are tied in to the other six international banks.
There's no more than ten big'uns.
They've got some subsidiaries.
Why are they publicly stealing five trillion in just five weeks?
That's about a trillion a week.
They knew it would come out.
Why did Kashkari just smile and glare and say he respected them, but look at them with contempt?
And his body language was, I'm a frat punk.
I'm rubbing it in.
You see, it's a big joke to them.
I mean, it's now out in mainstream news.
They're stealing the money, and they're keeping it, and they don't care.
They lied, and then it was never for subprime mortgages.
Because subprime mortgages weren't the problem, folks.
They just needed a psychological trigger for the history books to say, oh, it was the subprime mortgages.
Greedy, dumb Americans went and got mortgages they couldn't afford.
Of course, the media and the government told them to do it, and the president, Clinton and Bush, came out and said, you need to get these.
This is your dream.
These are offered.
This is the American thing to do.
All the poor folks were even hesitant to do it.
They were told, do it.
They were told, hey, you've been blue collar your whole life, but homeownership's the American dream.
Don't be, don't be shy.
Don't keep renting and getting ripped off.
Go in there and buy it.
See, they psychologically need to say it was our fault.
It had nothing to do with it.
Nothing to even do with it.
So of course they're not spending the money on that.
That money's to buy up the stock market.
And buy up other banks, and they now admit that.
They're leveraging that money in the market into derivatives again.
You know what you can do with 5 trillion?
That's what the congressman Issa said.
He said, what would it take to corner?
To leverage with the multiple.
They're all using code words up there, but we know what that means.
The fractional reserve multiple.
What would it take to corner the 55 trillion
I think?
And see, Issa was saying to him, hey, I'm not bringing this out.
I'm talking in code to you.
You better back off, pal.
We know what you did.
And that was the one time Kashkari squirmed a bit.
I know you're an intelligent audience.
I hope I'm not speaking above you out there.
Some of you are new listeners.
It sounds like we're speaking Martian here.
I understand.
This is the real world we're discussing.
Not football, not acting cool, not dressing studly.
Or getting collagen injections in your lips?
The real world!
Why did they do this knowing that everybody's gonna find out?
Well, it's a big answer.
It's got a lot of answers.
But it's all in the same direction.
They just don't care!
And that brings you to the next question.
Why don't they care?
Why are they stealing us blind right in front of us?
Because they don't respect us.
And they shouldn't respect us.
We're a nation of wicked.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Terror Storm, a history of government-sponsored terror.
Loose Change, Final Cut.
Endgame, Blueprint for Global Enslavement.
The Truth Story of the Bilderberg Group.
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Knowledge is power.
And the information you need to effectively wake up your fellow man and fight the New World Order is available right now.
David J. Smith for Newswatch Magazine.
Did you know that when a nation is on the rise to bring about a dictator, that they will invoke external threats to the people?
They will also have internal threats, so that the people will be fearful at all times.
Therefore, they will be able to furnish the solution, be able to call emergency, and then impose martial law upon the people.
We'd like to help you understand why these things are happening and are they happening in the United States of America right now.
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Call now, while I'll
Operators are available to receive your call.
I am so frustrated.
I can't seem to remember anything anymore.
Seriously, my memory and attention span is terrible.
I read something and forget.
I forget people's names.
I hear all this great information on the radio and I want to tell people but I forget.
I- Okay, slow down.
Poor attention and memory loss is not your fault.
Factors like fluoride in the water, aluminum in deodorants, genetically modified foods, the way the education system taught you.
It's all meant to dumb you down.
You know, I can remember everything now!
Even entire books!
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What's the website?
Now, don't forget.
It's pmemory.net.
The letter P. Memory.net.
We still have time, we might still get by.
Every time I think about it, I want to cry.
The phones and the data, and the kids keep coming.
Don't we live in an easy time to be young?
So, we have a criminal banking structure operating as world government.
They met this weekend and agreed to openly start regulating nations at the international level, that private banks will be paid carbon taxes, basically everything they've already written in white papers and been pushing for, for decades.
And the private banks will continue to implode the real economy so they can suck it up.
They are continuing to consolidate the economy.
What does a mosquito do?
It injects the saliva into its prey to liquefy the cells and blood.
That was the injection of fiat currency and liquidity into the market.
That melts it down.
Then it sucks it right back up.
These are predators.
It's why they're in control.
It's why they own the planet.
Because they're ruthless and they don't care.
It is a guild of sociopaths and psychopaths who see us as weak.
Those of us that care about our fellow humans.
Those of us that have the proper programming.
Who are in our natural state.
Who understand
What affects others ends up affecting us.
But it's an ingrained instinct.
And I know I talk about this a lot, but it really hit me this weekend.
It really hit me last night and this morning.
It hit me hard.
Three million dead Iraqis.
Eighteen years of siege.
All based on premeditated lies.
And Madame Albright can get up on TV and say, yeah, I'm glad they're dead.
It was a good thing to do.
Good price to pay.
700,000 of them children at that time.
It was a million and a half dead.
Half of them children.
See, they don't care.
They're proud of it.
Now, I want to explain something to all of you that work for the system or
have been in denial.
You understand the elite running things don't care about Iraqis, they don't care about Serbs, they don't care about Georgians or South Ossetians, they don't care about Africans, they don't care about anybody.
You understand that?
They don't care about you.
And they now know that they've got you in the grip of their propaganda, that you're confused, you don't know what's going on, and they're making their move on you.
They're openly stealing
Five trillion dollars.
That's basically the GDP of the entire country in a year.
You understand, ladies and gentlemen?
They're doing it in front of you, and they're leveraging the money to wage war against the stock market and wage war against Main Street and the real economy to consolidate it.
That's what they do.
They're corporate raiders.
The New World Order is an offshore consortium, an alliance of private corporations.
That combined forces in combines to wage war against sovereign nations and take them over in corporate takeovers.
They then implode the economies so they can vertically integrate the society.
A nice word for putting you out on your hind end.
And then with the other hand, they then offer government jobs and government control which further domesticates us.
I was watching
PBS yesterday had a show called Fuel.
I talked about this on last night's show.
And they had a panel of more than 10 people.
One of them was Robert Kennedy, Jr.
And he said on there exactly what Obama's been saying.
And some of the other hosts, some of the other commentators were saying that if you lose your job, the government needs to hire you for an environmentalist job, an environmental enforcer job.
It's on the Obama website, it's his chief of staff writes a book about it, Obama gives speeches, and what do the Obamanoids do?
They deny it and say we're lying, it doesn't exist.
Alright, let me get into the news here on your calls.
Major international drill based at DM to focus on rescue skills coordination.
This is out of the
Arizona Daily Star, and it says foreign troops will be working with local police, everybody, and the U.S.
military in secret missions around the state.
Now, now, remember when NORTHCOM announced a few months ago they were going to put first one, then two, then three, then four.
Now they're announcing new brigades every week.
Of battle-hardened troops domestically operating, quote, to deal with the American people.
Remember that.
This is all on record.
This isn't some rumor.
There's still people on my website denying it, going, it's made up, it's not happening.
Probably paid shills.
You know, I'd like to believe that and just think they're paid shills.
No, they're people who are so invested in the lie, even as the globalists admit what they're doing, they still can't believe it.
And they said, oh, the army's gonna help deal with insurrection and rioting and civil unrest and help with car wrecks.
See, that's a PR function.
Oh, why's the army here?
Oh, they're here to help with car wrecks.
Just normal to have regular battle troops out helping.
They kill people and break things.
They fight enemies.
They're now deployed amongst us.
They were just suppressing the Iraqis, but now they're here.
And they said they'll be out with the jaws of life helping people at car wrecks and army helicopters will now be your star flights.
See, that's for PR.
It's the same thing in this article.
Just like they occupy Iraq and spend billions a year in fake news and lies lying to them, the military is not our military now, and it's here lying to us.
When they first started getting rid of posse commentatus, secretly in the late 80s,
They would have Marines and Army dress up in police uniforms and raid people's houses and gun shops.
That's all on record now.
But see, now they're out in the open, so... The interesting thing about this is the foreign troops.
And it's on record in the deal signed six years ago between Canada, Mexico, and Europe to use foreign troops for, quote, civil emergencies, riots, and, of course, disasters.
Whether man-made or not.
So, see, that's not a rumor.
And then in January of this year, they signed a public deal and Congress said, hey, we weren't included in that.
And Northcom said, sit down and shut up.
You're not involved.
PDD 51.
Saying they'll use Mexican and Canadian troops here in the U.S.
So, it's on record foreign troops for America.
And then we can give you the quotes of General McCaffrey and General
Well, many others.
Let me see, General McCaffrey's on record.
Barry McCaffrey.
And then the, um, others are also on record at West Point saying they're going to use foreign troops in America.
Remember the Mexican troops came into Texas, Louisiana, and said, oh, we're bringing you soup!
The Mexican flag, you know, driving in, the announcements, they're all conditioning you.
Troops donned in combat.
Troops down in combat.
Few sites are sweeter than the approach of military rescuers.
See how they pose it?
They're coming to help get you out of your car wreck.
In a few weeks, Tucson will be the center of efforts to speed up that life-saving process.
Personnel from around the globe will converge at Davis Mountain Air Force Base from December 1st to December 12th for the largest rescue exercise of its kind.
The effort, dubbed Angel Thunder, will involve U.S.
Army and Air Force troops from Germany, Chile, Colombia.
So they're using
Trips from Central and South America in Iraq.
It's the Death Squads.
From Chile, Colombia.
And observers from Canada, Mexico, Brazil, and Pakistan.
Several non-military U.S.
agencies, such as the State and Justice Departments, the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency, that's the satellite spying on us, and the National Reconnaissance Office, same thing, also will take part in the drills, which aim to smooth interaction between military branches, allied nations, and civilian agencies.
That's right!
Local police are going to be involved.
That's why it's for here in the U.S.
Of course, it has dual uses overseas, but then they go on and say, oh, it's only for overseas, but the state police will be involved.
This is so sick.
This is unbelievable.
So, just more brainwashing, more conditioning, so the next time you hear about foreign troops, yeah, the Mexicans bring soup, yeah, we got Norwegian AWACS and F-16s over us, yeah, there's all these German bases, yeah, there's all these Czech Republic bases, yeah, they were doing Mexican police drills with our military at Fort Hood, oh yeah, Fort Benning, Georgia, yeah, they're all over, yeah, the Army's out running checkpoints now, but they're just helping the state police, yeah, yeah, yeah, it's all conditioning.
By the way, speaking of government deception and government bankruptcy, last week, the Dallas Morning News, the AP and others reported tens of thousands in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.
Now, the way they've minimized that is the new articles this week are saying, you know, they'll talk about per school and say, well, in this school there was 140-something people.
But total, it's in the thousands in the state of Texas.
But they'll focus in on this school district.
You know, 149 in this school district, 200 in this school district.
You know, to make it sound small, but at the same time it sounds like they're reporting on it, but they're not.
But it's thousands.
And it turns out for a decade or more, they just issue other people's social security numbers.
The government just pulls up social security numbers, the state of Texas does, and these school districts do.
And then these people go, these illegal aliens, that are employed by the school districts to cook the food and mow the lawns and even be teacher assistants, in some cases teachers, they get to even use those social security numbers and they get benefits and then the people who they've stolen them from, the government's stolen them from, just have no recourse on their credit or anything else.
And so over and over again,
Separate agencies kept telling them to stop it, and they're just not going to stop it, and that's the way it is.
And then I ran across another article today in the news.
This is out of the Houston Chronicle.
A system's fatal flaws.
Oh, it's a fatal flaw.
Kind of like when NASA just got caught faking all the temperature readings from weather services around the world, just completely faking them.
Over and over again, they call it a mistake, you know, to say it's the hottest year on record when it's actually one of the coldest.
It's always a mistake.
You know, when a SWAT team goes to your house and kills you, it's a mistake.
Thousands of inmates admit they're in the U.S.
illegally, but even those convicted of violent crimes are often released right back onto Houston streets.
I remember a story three years ago that said 400,000 violent offenders were released in one year in Houston.
Oh yeah, Houston's about 8 million people.
6 million in the city, 2 million in the metro.
About half illegal alien.
Literally, go down there.
Um, and, and, you know, I mean, there's cases where they'll rape or kill scores of people, you know, the, the railway serial killer, all these people.
And, and it's not, it's every criminal in Mexico knows this is the happy hunting ground.
You come here, use any name you want, get consular matriculus from the Mexican embassy in any name you want,
The cops release you?
The gringo cops, they release you?
I mean, it's on record that they're told, cops are told, we're just going to release them if you arrest them.
Don't arrest them.
So they, illegal aliens have wrecks, drunk, no license, no nothing, nothing happens.
Citizens are arrested because we are the slugs.
We are the Capri Sun.
You know, to have the straw stuck in us, the fruit drink, the juicy juice, and they just
They've trained to be fed on.
Oh, but an illegal alien?
They're there to drive down wages, break down the society, make sure Mexico never has a real revolution, the U.S.
is a steam valve, get everybody fighting with each other.
Federal immigration officials allowed scores of violent criminals, some ordered, deported decades ago, to walk away from Harris County Jails despite the inmates' admission to local authorities that they were in the country illegally, a Houston Chronicle investigation found.
A review of thousands of criminal and immigration records shows that Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers didn't file the paperwork to detain roughly 75% of more than 3,500, this is a total whitewash folks, inmates who told jailers during the booking process that they were in the U.S.
Again, this is a government that isn't a government.
The laws are for us.
Let me explain something.
I've got the news reports audits this year.
We're already up more than a hundred percent of citizens.
And the IRS, when they need money, they just come and say, well, we don't care if you paid us what you were supposed to.
We're gonna go ahead and assess you a bunch of fines and fees.
We gotta give it to the foreign banks.
We gotta give it for welfare for the illegal aliens.
We gotta have it.
And so, they are taking houses, squeezing homes, seizing bank accounts.
See, you're not just gonna have your dollar devalued or have your country bankrupt.
You're gonna be squeezed around the neck
And if you're caught drinking one beer coming home, you're going to jail.
You're caught not having your insurance up to date, one day, you're going to jail.
You're getting a ticket.
You're caught without a driver's license, you're going to get your... They're taking people to jail for not wearing seatbelts now.
You will have the book thrown at you because you've got money and honey, you're going to be sucked dry.
Folks, I have countless articles today with government just doing whatever it wants, whenever it wants.
And why shouldn't they?
It isn't government.
It's a private holding company.
Government acts as the nozzle on a vacuum cleaner, shucking up everything.
And it's growing like cancer.
Government tripled.
In the last eight years, and Obama's probably going to triple it again, everything else is going to implode, and all we are going to be is a giant third-world country with a bunch of people running around in black uniforms and environmental outfits telling us what to do and regulating us and micromanaging us, and they're not going to lower your property taxes.
In fact, they're already announcing all over the country they're just going to start assessing fees on homeowners.
They're not even calling it property tax.
Just, oh, there's a new fee because we need more roads or a water treatment plant.
They hand the water treatment plants, the power plants over to private investors.
They triple your prices overnight.
And as the economy gets worse and worse, these people in uniform, they aren't going to say they were wrong.
They aren't going to back off.
They want their money.
They like their power trip.
They're going to squeeze, and squeeze, and squeeze, and squeeze, and squeeze, because they're now in a pathology of they're the good guys, we're the bad guys.
And no amount of corruption, no amount of double standards, no amount of lawlessness by them matters.
Charles, Steve, Tyler, Mike, Stephanie.
Your calls are coming out.
We got a big guest as well today.
Couple big guests, but, uh... Oh, there's so much news here, ladies and gentlemen.
It's just all incredible.
But we'll cover it all.
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You see, a lot of people, you know, what's the big deal of police checkpoints?
What's the big deal of black uniforms and cameras?
So what?
I've done nothing wrong.
Oh no, that's not what it's about.
The surveillance, the secret arrests, the prisons.
It's about stealing from the middle class.
See, tyranny
Is about suppressing you while they rob you.
They always have nice excuses for it.
See, that's why tyranny isn't fun.
See, Americans have seen Hollywood kind of make it look glamorous.
Well, you're going to find out how glamorous it is.
Get ready.
They're going to squeeze you until your eyes pop out.
And by the way, they're not gonna audit government workers.
They're not gonna audit their own people.
Just like in California, 994,000 people can't get tickets, can't be arrested, basically for anything.
Other than like murders.
Because the computers, cameras, aren't even allowed to scan their license plates.
They're above the law.
They are the gods of our Earth now.
They are the tyranny.
They are the tyrants.
Charles in California, you're on the air, go ahead.
I don't know.
What few countries?
I mean, you're big.
You've got a lot of information coming to you, a lot of informed people.
So my question to you is, as a backup plan, say FEMA doesn't take over all the airports yet, and I do want to leave this country, what three, four countries do you know of that, I mean, you know, there's no silver bullet, obviously, but what few countries would be the best to maybe look at?
The New World Order is everywhere.
We know this.
They are, I mean listen, they're announcing now, if you're gonna fly to England or England's gonna fly you from England, you have to register with Homeland Security three days before.
So you no longer need to fill out a customs card, they decide.
So now you see there's, there's no leave, there's no come in list, but the illegal aliens can commit violent felonies and are released.
It's about us, the producer.
We, we are literally what's for dinner.
You understand?
We're the suckling pigs they roast and put on the table.
And the whole grid's going into place worldwide.
Listen, World War III's already here.
It's economic against the people.
And the war on terror is the war on the people.
It's the physical end, then the phony environmental banking collapse, and environmental regulation is the other side of the pincer attack.
I agree with everything you're saying, but you did mention yesterday how, you know, if you weren't selfish and you... I mean, if you were selfish and you weren't, you know, doing what you're doing, that you would leave this country.
So what I'm asking you is, which country would that be?
Which few countries were you looking at, or would look at?
Well, I would only leave because I'm high up on the list for somebody to grab.
By the way, go ahead and get Celente on.
Go ahead and call him.
Um... I would, um...
See, it's different for every person.
I'm saying because I'm so high up in the food chain in the fight that I'm a major target, if they really go into a hot war against the people.
I mean, it's low-intensity attacks on us right now, and they're slowly turning the heat up with the ambient background, silent weapons system.
You know, where the neighbor gets grabbed, or the neighbor's kid gets grabbed, or the neighbor dies of cancer at 25, or the neighbor gets Alzheimer's at 30.
You know, there's soft kills all around us, but they've got to slowly turn the heat up so their own zombie minions don't notice what they're part of.
See, they're under mind control.
They've been incrementally brought into this.
I mean, as bad as it is, rural areas of Mexico,
Costa Rica.
I know a lot of big monies go into the Cook Islands.
It all depends how much money you've got.
A lot of people have private fortresses in the Bahamas.
A lot of big money goes to Switzerland.
Spain, Portugal.
I mean, if you're somebody who isn't high up on the hip, see, here's the problem.
They changed the rules two years ago where we can't even get our money out.
See, they got all their money out.
Now they won't let anybody with even a little bit of money get out.
Thank you for listening to GCN.
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Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Number two, we have stock market analyst, international television host, Max Keiser joining us, coming up in about an hour and a half.
We're going to have open phones in this hour for our guest.
And he can talk about any issue, so the folks on hold, you can talk to him as well.
He's Gerald Salente.
We're really honored to have him with us.
We wrote a story at PrisonPlanet.com
Last week's title, Salente predicts revolution, food riots, tax rebellions by 2012.
He goes on international television, national television, Fox, CNN, you name it, he is one of the, if not the most accurate, because I've been following him for more than a decade, people predicting trends, they call him a trend forecaster, I would call him a futurist, but just seeing where things are going,
And he makes a lot of the similar predictions we make, but I tend to just read UN think tank documents, Rand Corporation, where they say what they're going to do.
He said, there will be a revolution in this country, and it's not going to come yet, but it's going to come down the line, and we're going to see a third party, and that's the catalyst for it.
The takeover of Washington, D.C.
and broad daylight by Wall Street in a bloodless coup.
And then he goes into talking about basically riots and homelessness and complete breakdown of society.
And so joining us for the next hour is Gerald Salente to talk about a host of issues and get where he thinks we're going in the future.
And of course you can also link through and go to his website TrendsResearch.com.
Gerald Cilente, thanks for coming on.
Hey Alex, thank you for having me.
You bet.
We've got three minutes before we break, but just lay out in the first three minutes a little bit about yourself and what trend research is.
Well, current events form future trends.
So we look at the major social, economic, political, geopolitical, environmental, consumer.
We look at over 300 different categories on a daily basis, worldwide, looking for those major trends that are shaping the future.
For example,
The current event today that everyone should know about is that what Citigroup announced, they're firing 50,000 people.
I mean, they're not going to make those jobs up in the circuit city of Starbucks.
So, we look at this data, and we analyze it, but we do so as political atheists.
Both of these parties, you know, we have nothing to do with them.
And so we look at events for what they are, and not the way we want them to be.
And that's what really stops a lot of people from seeing the future.
The other thing is, when you look at economic forecasts,
When we come back, I want to get into the fact that the NSA uses its snooping system, not so much to even quote, spy on the individual, but to see major trends and try to get ahead of it, to control it, and to give that info to select inner group corporations.
The government, the big corporations, they know what you and I know, Gerald, and what you're so good at.
They just don't like advertising real systems to the public.
Well, yes and no, because we've worked with a number of the major corporations, and that's our business.
And I have to tell you, there are corporations like Ford, for example, they came to visit us in the 90s, and we thought we were talking to dead people.
And we said, you know, why waste our time working with these people when we know that what we give them is not going to be implemented?
So, you know, we assume that they know, but from our experience, Alex, most of them are well behind the curve examples.
You know, look at the major corporations today and how they're suffering at so many different levels.
We're going to talk about that when we get back, and we're going to discuss the key, what you just said.
People look at the world the way they want to see it, ladies and gentlemen.
That is delusion.
That is a fraud.
Don't you want to really know how the world works?
Don't you really want to count?
Instead of having your thoughts fed to you?
Gerald Cilenti is our guest.
We'll be right back after this quick break.
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Our elected representatives wanted a good ol' boy bailout for the special interest, so they ignored your screams not to do it.
They turned off the telephones and email.
They voted to print $850 billion at least, out of thin air.
This money now owns the American and European banks.
The exploding inflation that is now guaranteed will slash your life savings to nothing and blast the cost of necessities, particularly food, beyond many Americans' reach.
In pre-Nazi Germany's superinflation, the cost of a loaf of bread doubled every two days until it reached over 4 billion marks.
Food prices are skyrocketing so fast, there seems as if there may be no end in sight.
The private banks merging with our government.
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Because there's a war on for your mind.
There's not a better trend forecaster than Gerald Salente.
The man knows what he's talking about.
Gerald Salente has a knack for getting the zeitgeist right.
USA Today.
Economist Magazine wrote that he has a network of 25 experts who range of specialties would rival many university faculties.
When CNN wants to know about top trends, we ask Gerald Solente.
It goes on and on.
And Gerald, I want to get into how you integrate all these different sectors of the economy, the society, how you come up with your trends that have turned out to be so accurate.
But before we do that, perhaps we should get the listeners who don't know who you are to learn a little bit about Gerald Solente, how you got in this particular field and became a leader in it, or the leader in it.
Basically, some of the predictions that you've made that have been so accurate and where you see us going, you know, fleshing out the discussions that you've had about basically complete breakdown of society and martial law type scenarios.
Well, the way I began my career after graduate school, I managed the mayoral campaign for the fellow running for office in Yonkers, New York.
It was 1971.
And, um, from there, they sent me up to Albany.
I did such a great job.
And I was the assistant to the Secretary of the New York State Senate.
Which, by the way, was the worst job I ever had.
You know, it's a disgusting spectacle to see grown men grovel.
Particularly from a kid that was grown up in the Bronx.
And, you know, you'd watch all these people.
I'd be talking to a buddy, you know, and we'd be in the chambers, in the Senate chambers, and a senator would walk in.
My buddy would leave me to go help the senator sit down, you know, pull his chair out, you know.
So when my friend would come back, I'd say, what's the matter?
You know, the guy can't sit down on his own, he needs some help.
So that was my, I got to see the insides of government from there.
I went to St.
John's University, and I taught probably one of the nation's first courses in American politics and campaign technology in 1972.
From there, I went to Chicago, and I was a government affairs specialist working for segments of the chemical industry and other parts of the industry, and between Washington and Chicago.
As a matter of fact, I was in D.C.
when the first energy crisis hit in 1973.
Jimmy Carter later becomes president and the Iranian conflict breaks out.
And I had been following this thing for years, Alex, and I knew how the CIA overthrew the democratically elected government of Iran, and Mosaddegh, and on and on, and how the SAVAK, the secret police of the Shah, was only second to the SS, you know, it was a brutal regime.
When the revolution started to happen in Iran, I knew it was real, because I knew of the pent-up hatred that they had against this guy.
Jimmy Carter goes to spend New Year's Eve with the Shah and his wife.
He and Rosalind.
And in those days when the President came back from overseas, it was a big deal.
He walks up to the microphones after saluting at him, walking out of the helicopter on the White House lawn.
And Jimmy Carter announced to the American people that the Shah was the island of stability in the Middle East.
At that moment, I became a political atheist.
I'd been around long enough.
I knew the game.
And then the second thing that hit me was, what will be the implications of what's going on?
And I realized that gold and oil prices would increase.
So I started to speculate in both those fields.
And I was only a kid, I was in my early thirties, you know?
And I didn't know what the hell I was doing.
But I did know enough that I knew that the American public was getting one story, and there was a whole other story on the international scene.
I made enough money from that where I quit my job, and that's when I began the Trends Research Institute in 1980.
Always under the understanding that current events form future trends, but if I look at them, as you said going into the break, without looking at them the way I want them to be, the way I wish them or hope them to be, and just the way they are,
And let the data speak for itself, then you can see a clear direction of where the future is heading.
You know, it's like going to a doctor.
You get a diagnosis.
You don't call the doctor an S.O.B.
if you don't like his economic or political diagnosis.
You accept it for what it is and work from that parameter.
And that's what we do.
We see the trends, the way they're laying out in front of us, where they're going to go, and then we work around that direction, not trying to redirect it in our minds so that we hope for something different.
Now, specifically, because we have limited time with you, I can talk to you for ten hours, you've got so much information.
Briefly, I know you don't like to brag, but no brag, just fact, as John Wayne would say, break down some of the predictions and trends, the projections that you've made that have unfortunately come true.
And I say unfortunately because your analysis is pretty much identical to mine and many other experts I'm interviewing about, on the good side, total depression, breakdown of society, police state.
On the bad side,
Road Warrior, Mad Max, you know, 10,000 BC, just lawless third world bands of
I mean, that's what you're talking about now, and that's where all the trends are headed, and government is doing everything it can to accentuate that.
So, let's break down some of your track record, and then get into what's happening currently, and then into the future, sir.
Well, I guess my first big forecast came in 1980, actually January of 1987, and I had predicted that there'd be a stock market crash that year, and the Wall Street Journal gave me credit for that one as well.
From there, the next big one was with, in my book, Trend Tracking, as a matter of fact.
I came out and said there would be a new third party.
This was in 1988.
And for some reason, I said that Ross Perot would be the type of candidate that would head this kind of party.
In those days, nobody knew who Ross Perot was.
From there, my other big forecast in the consumer end had to do with gourmet coffees, the organic foods, water in the early 80s, a big water trend, bottled water, a whole variety of natural healing trends.
Matter of fact,
One of the early books I worked on in 1986 was called Natural Healing, so I got a very good understanding of that field as well.
And again, this is what really differentiates me from a lot of the other trend forecasters in that I get involved in a lot of the fields where I see things going and understand them at a different level.
So, those are some of the things.
Then, going back into the economic crisis, we then forecast the 1990 recession, how long it would last, and the 1997 foreign currency crisis.
The dot-com crash in our Trends Journal, we said in October 1999 that by the second quarter of 2000 we would have the dot-com bubble would burst.
Then the ensuing recession, and then this past November 7th, we took out the domain name panicof08.com.
And now we see that unfolding.
What do you see
Breaking down the next three years, how do you see it unfolding?
Now again, folks, this is general.
It can go from bad to worse, or you can say the good, the bad, and the ugly.
What is the best case scenario versus the worst case scenario?
I mean, take that question any way you want.
Those are just general thoughts I have.
Well, and let me back up, too, because, you know, we're only human here, and we don't see everything, and we don't make all the calls properly.
In the 1990s, for example, we underestimated, around 1993-1994, the impact of the computer revolution and the technology boom.
Any of us that remember back then, you know, it was still in its infancy.
And so, and they had that law, I forget which was the name of the law, where things increased at an exponential rate in technology, far beyond what we had ever anticipated.
So that's what got us out of the 1990s recession, because we should have been in the shape we are in now, back then, had it not been for that technological boom.
But isn't it also, I mean, I understand for time we're oversimplifying, but also they changed the banking rules in 93, 95, 99 to allow intensified fractional reserve banking and leveraging, so that also helped the bubble along.
That helped the bubble along and that created the big bubble that burst that we're in now, as you well know.
So, just to give you the scenarios, yeah, we're saying we're going to go into a depression worse than the Great Depression, and here's why.
And then I'm going to tell you why it cannot happen, or it may not happen.
Yeah, I mean, there is a way to get out of this.
There is a way to get out of it, but not through fiscal or monetary stimulus.
If we have an alternative energy breakthrough, beyond solar, wind, geothermal, biofuel, that they like to talk about, whether it's something in coal fusion, zero point energy, charged clusters, permanent magnets, hydrino power, something like that that's a productive enhancement.
That's as big as the discovery of fire or the invention of the wheel.
Then we get out of this economic mess.
A whole new market, a paradigm-shifting development.
You're saying minus that, we're in deep trouble?
Minus that, we're going to go into the greatest depression, and here's why.
Back when we had the last depression,
Most people didn't own homes.
They didn't have all this burden that they're carrying now with taxes and everything else, insurance.
Back then, people didn't have home equity loans.
As a matter of fact, we're probably both old enough to know when people had something called second mortgages, they were called losers.
Back then, people didn't have credit cards.
They weren't over $14 trillion in debt.
Back then, the government had a trade surplus.
We were not $700 billion in the whole year.
And the people were self-sufficient.
And the people were self-sufficient.
Back then, the government was not spending $11.5 trillion and growing in the hole with a budget deficit.
Back then, we had budget surpluses.
Back then, we weren't costing us over $2 trillion to fight wars.
Back then, we had a manufacturing base that when the Depression finally did end with the onset of World War II, we were able to manufacture ourselves out of it, and then later on, the rest of the world.
Gerald, stay there!
Gerald Cilente, TrendsResearch.com is our guest.
Stay with us, this is powerful info.
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We're good to go.
He's one of the top trend forecasters in the world.
And he is our guest for the next 40 minutes or so.
We're going to be opening the phones up, coming up later in the hour at 1-800-259-9231.
I know we had callers holding over from earlier, but it's all on the same subject.
What's happening to our world, our society.
So please address your questions to our guest or get off the line.
We're good to go.
Then the people that went through the 10 years of the Great Depression, and then forecasting where we're going in the future.
Please continue.
Yeah, the other thing too, and by the way, the one that you pointed out as well is very, very important.
The people are more self-sufficient then than they are now.
You know, this is a...
It's like a baby state in so many ways.
And, you know, people looking for help from the government.
My God, you know, I mean, Katrina Quality Rescue Skills, what are they looking at?
So the other thing, too, is back then, people didn't have 401ks and IRAs that were their future evaporating.
They were right before them.
And the other thing that people need to know was during the Depression, you know, you could do some of these work project things that they talk about.
You know, we didn't have these deficits that we have now.
So to keep talking about stimulus packages, to keep talking about work project packages, where is this money going to come from?
And again, as every historian or economist knows,
The only thing that got us out of that depression was World War II.
So having said that, we are looking now in the short term, here's the scenario that we see unfolding.
Before we get to the riots and the tax revolts and the increasing crime, which is already beginning to happen, we're going to see
Is after we think the real breakdown is going to begin in February.
That's our forecast.
Because in February we're going to now realize the shock of what has happened from a disappointing, disappointing is putting it lightly, Christmas
Holiday retail season.
And you think the Obama hope will fade by then as well?
Yes, for a lot of people.
It's going to fade for the people that have lost everything.
For example, as I said, Citicorp today announced they're laying off 50,000 people.
You go to all of these places around the country, like the Carolinas, we had Wachovia and all these banking centers, financial centers, people living in their McMansions, and having these huge, huge mortgages.
I mean, they're going to become McBoarding Houses as they try to get people in there so they can pay the rent and pay the taxes and pay the utilities.
So, we're going to see people out on the streets.
You know these things called self-storage units?
They're going to take on the true meaning.
Cells are going to be storing themselves in there, because it's better than living in a tent, as these tent cities are sprouting up all over the country, or sleeping out in the streets, or sleeping in a homeless shelter.
So we think it's going to be February because the real data is going to come in to show how really bad this is.
Having said that, there's still going to be the element of hope that Obama's going to be able to do something.
And being that they're painting him as an FDR and cloaking him in that mantle, get ready for a bank holiday.
Because we're going to see runs on the banks that are going to come, that there's no, they're not going to be able to cover them anymore.
And I love the terminology, Alex, that they use, you know, holiday, holiday, you know, they make it sound so beautiful.
That means you're not going to get your money out of the bank.
And they're going to say, don't worry, it's FDIC insured, but you just can't get it out all at once.
So we are also in that camp, by the way, that we are going to see, even though it doesn't look like it now because of a variety of manipulations going on, we believe that gold is going to go into the 2000 range, and we're going to see periods of deflation whereby all those homes out there
I don't know.
It's going to be a glut of commercial real estate, and that's the next shoe to fall.
Alright, long segment coming up.
I want to break down, then, over the next few years, what he thinks government's response will be to this, why he thinks it will push the people into open rebellion.
Our guest is Gerald Solyntek.
I'm Alex Jones.
Our website's InfoWars.com.
We're on the march, the empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Hey, I was just talking to Gerald Salente during the break.
He didn't tell me not to say this, but he'll probably get a seat in the FEMA camp for it, probably already will, but I didn't know he was aware of our work and said it was, um...
Well, interesting.
And that, uh, well, let's just get from Gerald Celente, because I'm interested.
I'm really respecting what he thinks of the work we're doing here from the work of mine that he's seen.
Mr. Celente?
Yes, no, I've been following you for years, and I admire you as a man of courage.
And in these times, not many people have it anymore.
And they're always towing the party line or afraid of the implications of what they say.
And you've been a man that speaks out, you speak your mind, and you're a man of your word and your conviction.
So, uh, you know, what's not to admire?
Well, I admire you, but look, with me it's not even courage.
I would imagine it's the same with you because I talk to other people that will speak out and trailblaze.
Why would you lie?
All you've got is who you are and the truth.
Money, power, things like that really don't matter to a well-centered person.
The truth, veritas, is everything.
So with me it's not even courage.
In a way, it's the opposite of courage.
I have been so freaked out by what I saw coming historically, because we repeat the same activities over and over again, that it's actually been out of fear that I've been trying to change things and trying to warn people.
And, you know, also, quote, brotherly love.
I mean, I don't like seeing people be conned.
I don't like seeing my fellow, you know, humans being hurt.
I mean, why do you do what you do, Gerald?
Because obviously, you know, you put yourself at risk doing some of the things you do.
Oh yeah, no, listen, you know, it's funny, when we talked about the failings of the Bush administration, we were called Bush-bashers, now we're being called Obama-bashers, you know, but it's the price that you pay.
And you said it, but what's more than your word?
I mean, for me, my belief is that when I take that last breath, I want to know that I was true to myself.
There's a great saying, you know, that
Whether it's the Quran, the Bible, Jesus, Muhammad, or Buddha, there is no salvation for the hypocrite.
You know, what's the point of living if you're going to be a hypocrite?
You know, but it really is the time for people, as they say, now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country.
And this is that time, and we've never seen it more than this.
Because there is going to be that period following, when the crime rates start going up, the first reaction is going to be, send more police out into the streets.
And so they're going to build up more and more of this.
Again, you could call what's going on now with the government now controlling the world's largest insurance company, the world's largest mortgage brokerage, and now they're talking about taking over one of the largest auto companies.
And of course now they're buying into the banks.
You could call this either socialism, communism, or fascism, but you cannot call it free enterprise or democracy.
That's right, it's total command and control, and the break interrupted you.
You were continuing to go through how you see this unfolding, and just how bad it's going to get.
So what we're looking at then is they're going to call a bank holiday, we believe.
And we also believe that they're going to try the same thing that FDR did with confiscating gold.
That'll be another thing, because we're already hearing from the G20 members to reinstitute some format of the Brenton Woods Agreement, which, of course, gold was the standard.
But, of course, there's too much money out there, so that means gold would probably be $6,000 or $60,000 an ounce.
It would have a really, really high value.
So we think that there's going to be that kind of confiscation.
We think also that they're going to...
They're doing it already.
They're squeezing the little people and this is what is going to be a revolt.
You look at, go around the country, Alex, state after state, city after city, locality after locality, they're raising taxes to make up for lost revenues.
How are the people going to pay these things when their median household income is well below $19.99 levels?
Wages are falling behind.
They're losing their jobs, that's number one.
Here in New York,
You know what they're doing in the city is they just hired several hundred new traffic enforcement officers so that when you're driving in New York City and if your car goes into that white space between the lines where the pedestrian walks
You get a ticket.
They're just going to keep squeezing and squeezing, and now not just property taxes, they're saying, we're just going to assess you $20,000, everybody in the town, for new roads we're putting in.
I mean, government just is going crazy.
What's going to happen?
Well, this is why the revolt is going to take place.
You know, there's another one, too.
They've unleashed all the people from the sales tax people, you know, going to all the small shops, the pizza shops.
You know, the liquor stores, all the small people, and they're cracking down on them, making them pay more sales tax.
IRS is going to go after more of the small people, because the too-big-to-fails, the too-big-to-control, and too-big-to-monitor.
So, this is where the revolution starts taking place, because when you're hungry, and when you're out of a job, and when you're out on the streets, you don't want to hear, yes, we can anymore.
And that's what's going to happen.
And the other thing that's going to happen as well...
Is we believe that there's going to be a new third party formed around the same reasons the third parties were formed in the 19th century against the central bankers taking over the country.
And if anybody's not old enough to see what's happening or too blind to look, they better wake up.
As we said in our trend alert recently, it was a D.C.
They hijacked Washington.
And you have Henry Paulson in there from Goldman Sachs.
I love it, you know.
The liberals, you know, they bash Bush and Cheney.
You know that Cheney has ties to Halliburton.
Yeah, how about, you know, who did Obama bring in as his new team, his transition team in there to look for the economy?
Robert Rubin and Larry Summers.
They're the guys that changed the rules to do all of this.
They're the ones that put the nail in the glass, the Glass-Steagall Act, that allowed the banksters to be running wild as they are now, and also to put all these phony little gambling games like derivatives... Well, here's the $64 million question, then.
Why did Kashkari even go up before the House and basically admit they took the $5 trillion, not $700 billion?
They're not telling anybody where it went.
And then he started laughing at them.
I mean, I've never even in modern history, or even in Rome, with Caligula, you know, marrying his horse, seen this type of craziness where it's like they're wanting to push us into rebellion.
And this is the same thing.
I mean, the same thing happened in France, you know?
They are living in a world that is... I was on MSNBC one time recently, during the elections, and Mitt Romney was still in the race and he came out with his, you know, shining city on the hill kind of thing, trying to mimic Reagan.
And the host said to me, well, you know, isn't Governor Romney correct in what he's saying?
You know, shouldn't we be more hopeful?
This was, you know, last year, and I said, this year actually, but earlier this year, and I said, you know, I said, this guy doesn't go to the gas station and pump his own gas.
He doesn't go shopping and stop and shop and watch the prices of cut coupons.
They don't have a clue what's going on.
And that's what's going on over here.
Let them eat cake.
Well, studying history, studying trends, how bad is it going to get?
And we were progressing there.
We've gotten up to February.
Moving forward, break down what you see happening.
So we think the first cracks are going to become very evident in February, when the cold winter sets in, people are going to feel the hardship.
From then on, it's going to go downhill from there.
We're going to see the real estate market's going to bust out completely, and again, the next big shoe to fall, here they come, is going to be the commercial real estate sector.
This is what we wrote in the Trends Journal last year before this all happened.
We said the subprime problem was merely the cracks at the bottom of the foundation.
Matter of fact, you can see that on a clip that I did in December of 2007.
We said, you know, this stuff about the subprime.
Wait till all these hedge funds, and how about these leveraged buyout firms like Seberus and Carlisle Group and Blackstone that were buying up multi-billion dollar companies with no money down.
How about all these real estate developers?
And credit default swaps, and credit cards, and just everything.
So now you look at the commercial sector, as I said, you're seeing now, after the retail hit comes, you're going to start seeing ghost malls.
Who's going to occupy these things?
But here's the positive end, and I want to make this very clear.
As the giants fall, they're going to leave big gaps left behind.
And that's for the entrepreneurs to move into these slots.
You see, what's happening, Alex, is this is, by the way, more than just the collapse of the markets.
This is the decline of Empire America.
This whole corporate model is built upon growth and expansion.
Let's take first the retail sector.
They get their money and their stock, people to buy stock in them, by the amount of new stores they're building each year, their expansion.
Now they're in decline.
It's not as though these are brilliant managers and increasing in-store sales.
That's not happening.
You're saying we've got to switch to innovation, not just growth and expansion?
Exactly, and they don't know how to do that.
As we were talking earlier, why, you know, I get frustrated working with large corporations.
The innovation is not part of their DNA.
Or else if they were, they wouldn't be them.
All they know how to do is make money.
That doesn't make you smart.
It makes you shrewd.
You know, so there are very different things here.
So this is going to be a great opportunity.
Something old and ugly is dying that deserves to die.
Now let's take it to the other level, agriculture.
The agricultural model is built upon producing massive amounts of product
And then shipping it far distances.
Guess what?
Can't do that anymore.
This is a great time for local.
Local communities, buy local.
If the people want to thrive and survive in these times, they have to put their focus locally.
Support everything you can locally.
Don't buy a thing that you don't have to.
And only, and only, and by the way, people ask me, you know, what should I do?
I go, first thing you do is call up whatever town you're living in and tell them to shut the damn lights off.
They're lighting up all these municipal buildings.
It costs money.
You know, my father, he was seven of us.
I grew up in the Bronx.
And, uh, they saw Rest in Peace.
He used to say to us, shut the, shut the lights off.
What do you think I have a problem with, Edison?
Shut the lights off.
Stop, I don't want to pay for this stupidity.
So this is where we're going, and then we're going to start seeing the tax revolts.
You can't raise taxes when people are out of work and their incomes are declining.
Who do these people think they are?
Well, what you said earlier is happening already.
Bush tripled the size of government, Obama's promising to expand it even more, and they're hiring more cops, more bureaucrats, more, more, more, and we just don't have it!
What is it you don't understand?
So then they're going to understand the same way they did with the French Revolution.
We're going to have a revolution.
By the way, in our future forecast, we could see the country splitting up into either regions or separate states pulling out.
Because this country, again, you could go back to our Trends Journal.
It was the Fall edition, 2002.
The headline read,
Empire of America fading fast.
We're going the way of the former Soviet Union.
We're going to see this country break up.
For anybody to think that these people in Washington are intelligent, more intelligent than they are, or they have the answers...
Well, Mr. Sollente, a lot of them are people worth billions of dollars that I know that live in Austin, that I've met personally.
They have fled the country in the last three years, and their inside info, and I was saying this three years ago, the United States, quote, won't be here economically, and that's the term you're using, is a post-industrial, a post-first world nation.
Yeah, and we call it an underdeveloping nation.
And they're gonna do the things that they do in other underdeveloping nations, for example, like in Argentina, when the currency busts out.
You can't get your money out of the bank.
And they'll do a fake flag thing, you know, they'll blame something else for the problem.
I mean, I love this Obama and his speech, you know, how, you know, yes, we can.
We don't count.
If they were listening to the Wheeze, the Wheeze don't want the General Motors bailout, and the Wheeze didn't want the $700 billion bailout.
Well, let's stop right there.
Let's stop right there.
You talk about a false flag, what, some type of staged event or group of staged events to keep the slaves rallied around the bankers while they slit our throats?
You got it.
You know, look, there's nothing that...
I did nothing that they say that I believe.
Read my lips, no new taxes.
I didn't have sex with that woman, Monica Lewinsky.
I smoked, but I didn't inhale.
I'm no crook.
You know, Saddam Hussein has weapons of mass destruction and ties to al-Qaeda.
What am I, a kid?
I'm going to believe these people?
Well, it just came out again that every TV station that Congress looked at is broadcasting fake news.
They were paid to lie.
And you know, one example is, every year before school, you see the same newscast on every channel, same words, and I knew it was paid for then, but now they admit it and they say it's the law to take vaccines.
There is no law!
I mean, that's how bankrupt and evil and corrupt, and they aren't gonna stop now.
Now, you know, I got so many callers who want to talk to you.
This is such a hot interview.
Is there any way to keep you, and if you can't, we'll shove you back up in a few weeks, for 15 minutes to the next hour?
Sure, I'll do another 15.
What about pension funds?
You talk about Argentina, you talk about other countries.
They are now saying, hey, we want to take over the pension funds, the 401Ks, to quote, keep them safe.
Your take on that?
Again, you know, as I said, you could call it, you could call it communist, fascist, or socialist, but you can't call it democracy or free market.
They will do anything.
And so, yeah, I don't put that past them.
Well, Congress just had hearings last week saying they're looking at it, taxing them, taking part of them.
They're going to take your private 401k and then the Social Security Administration is going to send you a check.
So you're saying you really think they're delusional in government and they just think we're going to go along with this?
Except Steele.
Except Steele.
Yeah, and make bad decisions!
None of us would be employed if we screwed up as much as they did.
So, I mean, yesterday Obama broadcast that thing on 60 Minutes about the economy, and he said, he'll do whatever it takes, or what's whatever.
Well, that means nationalizing industry, stealing everything the middle class has got.
Folks are going to point the poor, uneducated people at the middle class.
They're going to rob the middle class.
And they're planning on all of this.
We'll talk more about it on the other side and take your phone calls with our amazing guest, Gerald Salenti.
His website is KrensResearch.com.
Ours is InfoWars.com.
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For only $12.95, Pepperspray.com also carries hundreds of less than lethal self-defense products, including personal pepper sprays, animal repellent,
I think so.
It's an inside job!
Do you like being a puppet, sir?
Do you like being a puppet for the New World Order?
How do the American people know that 9-11 was a stage?
Was it engineered by you, David Rockefeller, the bilateral commission, the CFR?
The day that we stop asking questions is the day that we have allowed the seeds of despotism to grow at our own door!
Seven years after the attacks of September 11th, a global awakening has taken place.
If you know that there's treason going on, you can be held accountable for treason yourself.
All hell is breaking loose on 6th Avenue.
And if the government has not told the truth in five years, we will be here on the 10th anniversary of that.
Truth Rising.
Download the film at PrisonPlanet.tv right now.
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It's now time to take the revolution to the next level.
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Okay, we're gonna go to Steve, Tyler, Mike, Casey, Aaron, and others.
Please have your question ready for myself or the guest, Gerald Cilente, one of the top trim forecasters in the world.
I mean, that last question, we're here marveling at this.
They have, you know, increased the police force six, seven-fold the last 15 years.
They have prepared this MIT surveillance grid, the cameras, the license plate reading systems.
They say they're getting ready for revolts.
They're moving NORTHCOM brigades in, saying we're under military occupation.
So, the government at the top does know it's going to be unpopular and that the raping
The middle class is going to be improper, but they're going to use the poor.
Dumb down, you know, who means well, middle lower class or whatever, and the blue collar folks, to kind of sick them on the middle class is what I'm seeing.
I see that class warfare being set up.
What do you see, Gerald Salenta?
They're going to try that, but it's not going to work.
Because, you know, they're going to be very angry at all levels of society, because there's not going to be any money out there.
The government's going to become the common enemy.
And as a matter of fact, we see the Republicans and the Democrats working together very closely, you know, to defeat the common enemy, which is going to be the common man.
And that's what we see the battle shaping up in the coming years.
That's right, that's why we see such incredible integration of both parties, because they work for the very same interest.
Exactly, they both work for the Wall Street mob.
You just have different divisions.
You have the Goldman Sachs group over in D.C., you have the J.P.
Morgan mob over in New York.
You know, just different members of the crime family.
You've got Gambino and the Genovese.
So, in closing, before we go to call, sir,
Crime is going to be rampant.
It's going to be...
It's going to be also a time, and I really want to make this, because there's a positive end of this, because something old and ugly is dying and something new could be born.
This is going to be, this could be the time for a renaissance.
It doesn't have to end ugly.
Because one thing America has, and I travel the world, I mean, you know, people still look to America for the place of innovation.
They don't know how bad it is over here.
They don't know how everybody's become so corporatized.
But the thing is that
We have, more than any other nation, the ability to turn this around and turn it into a positive.
And the way it becomes a positive is if we break away from one-size-rules-all.
So if we start going back to states' rights, to local rights,
No, I agree.
We're stagnant, we're decadent, we're dying.
This is like getting a fever that burns out the infection.
But, so that's the big challenge.
Do we let the globalists, the New World Order, use
Precisely, and that's by the way the foundation of the work at the Trends Research Institute.
We provide the trends, we provide the lifeboats, but once you get into it,
Then you have to use your own skills, imagination, and ingenuity to navigate the open sea.
Yeah, this isn't some master control thing.
So, we believe that every human is endowed with a unique
Individual gift.
And when you're free to bring that out, that's the renaissance.
And that has not happened.
We've become all corporatized, homogenized, and... I mean, what is this?
This is a McDonald's and a Burger King.
Yeah, they're like androids.
The public has literally taken on a false reality.
Now that nightmare, hopefully, is about to end.
Stay there.
Back in 60 seconds with your calls.
Thank you for listening to GCN.
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A day unlike any other in the long course of American history.
A terrorist act of war against this country.
The enemy struck America on September 11th.
But who is the enemy?
Bin Laden.
This is his MO.
We have to look to the Middle East.
We have to look to Osama Bin Laden.
Fabled Enemies is the first 9-11 film to take a close look at the terrorist ties to intelligence networks inside the United States.
investigators believe that there are Israelis again very much engaged in spying in and on the U.S.
Some U.S.
I'm aware that some Israeli citizens have been detained.
Bin Laden's connections to the CIA, the hijacker's ties to the FBI, the Saudi Arabian connection, the Israeli intelligence network, warnings and war games, the shadow government, and much, much more.
Fabled enemies.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Go to TrendsResearch.com.
You can subscribe to his trends tracking publication, the Trends Journal.
Yes, sir.
Go ahead.
With the trend of big government that we've had in the last eight years and which will probably continue under the reign of Obama, do you see Obama or somebody like him being in office for more than eight years repeal of the constitutional amendment that prevents a president being in there for more than two terms?
No, we really don't, because he's going to end up very unpopular.
You know, people are putting more into this than it is.
I mean, let's remember, he only got 52% of the vote.
What was it when FDR came in, Alex?
It was like 80% the second time around or something?
Absolutely, and hype dissipates a lot faster now.
The people aren't very sophisticated in knowing they're being lied to, but more than ever they know they're being lied to, and so they want instant gratification.
If Obama doesn't deliver them to Valhalla instantly, they're gonna turn against him.
Yes, I agree with you.
Not instantly.
We give him at least six months.
I mean, we could be wrong on this.
You know, but again, the people are so desperate, they're so desperate that they buy lines from a presidential reality show.
Oh, by the way, I have to make this point.
You know, Obama, this was an Oprah production.
And I've been on every major TV show and I've been on Oprah twice.
Nobody does it like Oprah.
She's the queen of TV, hands down.
You go back to December when
When Oprah started to support Obama, the whole stage, the whole scenery, the whole performance changed.
Yeah, she took over.
She took over.
This was an Oprah production.
You saw it in his nomination speech, if you missed it before, and then you saw it in his acceptance speech, rather, and then you saw it after Election Day, Election Eve.
You know, this great staging.
Yeah, she wants global power.
She's got a church now so she can put her money through that and I don't want to use the term launder, but you know, clean it up and she's got a two million person church.
She wants a global religion.
I mean this girl is
We ain't seen nothing yet, huh?
So that's why I'm saying not to sell it so short.
Because this is a country that loves the reality show, and they certainly love the presidential reality show.
Well, by instantly, I meant like six months to a year in the scheme of things.
Yeah, we're probably talking around the same period.
Alright, anything else there, Steven?
Oh, no, thanks.
You all have a wonderful day.
Thank you.
Let's cram Tyler in California in.
You're on the air, go ahead.
Hey, what's going on, Mr. Jones?
This is Flint.
How are you guys doing?
Fine, go ahead.
Hey, my question is, I am a reservist.
I am an active reservist.
I'm using my GI Bill to get my degree in history.
And my family is small business owners and is a rental construction equipment business owner.
And according to my dad and some other guys in the business field, that things have, the economy started to slow down.
Nobody's building anything anymore.
People aren't doing like lawn and garden type things.
They're not taking care of the yard because they don't have money to.
Yeah, it's dead.
They better sell all that equipment now, even though it's already been depreciated because of the recession.
We're going into depression.
They need to get rid of everything now, Gerald.
We're not telling you what to do, but it's not going to get better.
It's only going to get a lot worse.
When you talk about gardens, during World War II they had victory gardens.
We should start thinking in those terms again.
Stop ripping up these stupid lawns with grass that you can't eat or smoke.
I think.
The winter's coming, prepare for it.
Again, you know, about going to, getting a degree in history.
You know, we're recommending to people that, you know, if you have a kid going to school, and they're not getting a degree in like, let's say, medical field... Hold on, give us that advice after the break.
Final segment with our guest.
Hello friends, this is Alex Jones.
I've told you for a long time it's important to be self-sufficient, and today that's more important than ever.
We need to be independent, and food and water is the key.
You'll never have to stand in a bread line if you have your own bread.
You'll never have to go to the Superdome and beg for FEMA to take care of your family in any emergency if you simply prepare.
Our elected representatives wanted a good old boy bailout for the special interest, so they ignored your screams not to do it.
They turned off the telephones and email.
They voted to print $850 billion at least out of thin air.
This money now owns the American and European banks.
The exploding inflation that is now guaranteed will slash your life savings to nothing and blast the cost of necessities, particularly food, beyond many Americans' reach.
In pre-Nazi Germany's superinflation, the cost of a loaf of bread doubled every two days until it reached over 4 billion marks.
Food prices are skyrocketing so fast, there seems as if there may be no end in sight.
The private banks merging with our government are refusing to loan grocery stores enough money to restock their shelves.
The stores have less food, but jack up prices to stay in business.
Whatever happens in America, we need to be prepared and be ready.
Everything is zeroing in on food.
One-third of Americans have to choose between buying food and paying for other necessities.
My friends, whatever it takes, get prepared, get self-sufficient, get food.
For everybody out there listening, it's very important for you to understand that by having a supply of storable food, the government, the new old order, has a lot less control over you.
And so it's a mindset, a mindset of self-sufficiency and preparedness.
No one is going to take care of your family in the final equation but you.
You know eFoodsDirect.com is still able to ship storable food that's safe from E. coli, salmonella, genetic alteration, or Chinese imports.
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Take action today.
He's the T-Rex of political talk.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Folks, the offshore corporations, they want a crisis to herd us into their solution that is a new world order.
Run foreign by the banks.
We'll pay a carbon tax into them.
It's gonna be hellish.
You better take very seriously
Seriously, what our guest, who's worked at many different levels, in and out of government for major corporations, is one of the best trend projectors out there.
He's able to project forward and really predict what's going to happen, Gerald Cilente.
And we've only got about six, seven, eight minutes left with him, so I want to hurry through your calls.
But people get mad at me, Gerald, when I get up here and I say,
Don't go into $30,000, $40,000, $50,000, $100,000 in debt unless you're going to be a doctor, or an engineer, or a chemist.
Because those jobs you need, a college degree, you're really taught something.
But, you know, fine arts or history, folks, you can forget it.
You're not going to have a job in the foreseeable future with that.
And you do a lot better going out and learning how to be an exterminator, or learning how to mow lawns.
I mean, explain this to people.
Well, you hit it right on the head.
I mean, people spending this kind of money for art, history, psychology, business administration, you know, economics.
I mean, my God, you know, get into the workforce and do like they did in the old days.
Find yourself a master and become an apprentice, not the Donald Trump junk, but, you know, real business.
And learn from the ground up, because people that are going to debt to send their kids into the college industrial complex are just throwing money away.
And here's the most important part of it.
The college industrial complex is built upon, again, the old model of filling people for the corporate field.
That whole corporate paradigm is now dying, and the colleges are still geared up to filling that.
So, you know, I mean, people sending their kids to a school because it has a great language course.
Send the kids to the country where they want to speak the language, and let them work and they'll learn it there.
Or get Rosetta Stone, but don't spend $40,000, or send them to the community college.
Yeah, we're seeing a giant paradigm shift, and take Joe the Plumber.
That guy's making a couple hundred grand a year.
He's a plumber.
I know people that own lawn companies, plumber companies, that are small, and they're living better than I am.
And then I see these yuppies with two, three, four degrees, and they're working at the local grocery store.
Where are they going to get a job?
You get out of college, you're going to go to work for the sports authority?
You know, and the thing about, you know, working the lawns, again, now you go into business and you say, listen, we're going to turn your lawn into a productive piece of real estate.
And, you know, I'm Italian descent.
We're good to go.
This is the time for innovation, and the people that think for themselves, and by the way, that's the motto of the Trends Research Institute, think for yourselves.
You're going to be ahead, because once everybody rushes in, then you're just going to be able to survive instead of capitalizing on the future and getting out ahead, ladies and gentlemen.
I mean, this is all about survival, about telling the truth, but studying the globalists, studying trends, studying the real world,
It's a way to make a lot of money, isn't it, Gerald?
You're going to make more money now than you will before, because every schmo was in the game before, because of all the cheap money.
Now the intelligent people, this is a time for people to think for themselves that are intelligent, that are true to their word, true to themselves, they could make a fortune during these times.
These are the best of times for the people of a higher moral character.
You know what's amazing?
I read your news articles over the years, but I've not subscribed.
I know there's so much more in there, but separately on our own tracks, and it's the same with so many other great minds we interview here, we're all basically thinking the same or similar things, but then integrating and expanding each other's understandings.
But I've got to subscribe to your publication because I know
It's got hundreds of things, every issue, because I've seen copies of it that I don't think of, and then what'll happen is I'll read your information, and it spurs me to then hybridize it or come up with something new.
Same thing with you on the show today.
This is what the true college of research and understanding is all about.
Let's jam in a few final calls and let our amazing guest go, who you will hear from again.
Let's go ahead and talk to Casey.
Oh, Casey just hung up.
Let's talk to Aaron in Hawaii.
You're on the air.
Then we'll talk to Sheila, and that's it.
Go ahead, Erin.
I just wanted to ask about, they want to take over our 401Ks, and about a month ago my husband and I said we want out of the stock market, we want to sell all our stocks, and that was about six weeks ago, and they're not giving, I mean they lost 60% of the value by that time, but they're not paying, they're just keep giving us excuses on why we haven't gotten the money for that yet.
Listen, I'll tell you why they give you excuses.
Because a lot of them don't have the money.
And I could tell you a problem that I had.
I took all my money out of the banks.
You should see the song and dance I got.
I mean, I had to go through.
I mean, I had witnesses.
I had to take a witness with me to get my money out of the bank because I was having such a tough time.
I didn't want to get arrested.
And that's how bad it is now.
I don't even have that much money and I try to take some out to pay payrolls in emergency and the bastards wouldn't even give me like 10 grand.
Yeah, they had to sign all these things, you know.
I mean, it was a real song and dance.
So that's why they're not giving you your money.
They're trying to stall you, and they're going to tell you, they're going to give you all the reasons why you shouldn't take it out.
Well, the big money guys pull all their money out.
See, they're only waiting while they get all their assets out.
You got it.
Again, he's talking about bank runs by, what, next February?
Yes, we see them happening by February.
Okay, anything else, Erin?
Should we keep our money in the bank?
Absolutely not.
Well, you know, I can't tell you what you to do, but I'll tell you what I do.
We only keep enough money in the banks
For our operating expenses.
That's what I do.
As soon as it hits a certain level, it's out.
Yeah, that's what we do.
And of course, I'm not really in the job to even capitalize.
Our job is getting the word out.
So we don't have that big of a problem with a bunch of surplus.
But we keep in there what we need to operate.
But if they have a bank holiday, my office may even shut down, folks.
You may hear us on air saying, send us money, send us money.
Because that's the type of situation.
I mean, talk about confidence being lost, Gerald.
What's going to happen if they do do that?
Well, again, you know, they don't do these things that overtly.
You know, they always put smoke screens around it.
They're going to tell everybody how good it is for them, how we're salvaging the problem, and blaming somebody else.
You know, they'll blame... And, you know, the majority of the sheeple will believe it.
Yeah, one more call.
Appreciate the call, Aaron.
Sheila in California, you're on the air with Gerald Cilente.
You can go to his website at TrendsResearch.com.
Excellent, thank you.
I'm kind of new to your show, so you might have addressed this before, but it's a two-part question, and what it has to deal with is with the bankers getting their bailouts, and there's pretty much no accountability.
There's talk of many I know that say, well I'm in debt at this point in time and I'm a renter and why should I pay my credit card debt, my student loans, etc.
Why shouldn't I just take my credit cards, put it into a debt settlement, and lessen my load?
And I'm asking this question because what I want to know is
Is there any laws that you all are aware of that say, you know, those who do this have to pay it off in civil service or whatever?
Yes, they're trying to strengthen it where the little guy has to pay back, but the big bankers and others don't have to.
But a lot of people are purposefully running up cards.
They're rebelling.
It's kind of like a tax revolt, but it's overall a credit revolt.
Well, let's remember who's the one that put in these pernicious bankruptcy laws was Joe Biden.
The governor of the loophole state, Delaware.
You know, he was the one that made it so hard for everybody, but gives the big guys the break.
But don't forget, they're going to go after you no matter what.
These are people that know no bounds.
You know, if they'll get your first child, if that's what they have to do.
It's not going to be an easy ride to get off the hook.
Yeah, people keep saying, well, why should I have gold?
They might come take it.
They might come blow your head off and put you in a FEMA camp.
You know, why should I own a gun?
They might take it.
Exactly, folks.
There's no perfect world.
We're talking about getting the best position you can.
Yeah, listen, I own both gold and guns.
As a matter of fact, that's all my investments, other than the Trends Research Institute and my own properties.
I'm totally invested in that.
Conservatively, I'm going to let you go.
We're going to have you back up in another month.
You've agreed to do that.
We appreciate it.
When do you think gold's going to hit $2,000?
You know, it's hard to say, because as you know, these markets are being manipulated in front of our eyes.
Remember, they wouldn't allow short selling.
The game is being rigged.
It's not even pulling a rabbit out of a hat.
There's no hat.
So we know that they are, report after report, of banks buying tens of thousands of COMEX gold futures, shorting them, actually, not buying them, selling them, to keep the prices down.
We believe that they're going to try to put, that these G20 talks that are going on, gold, because once people start buying gold, then all of the fiat paper currencies, the fiat currencies are going to be worth nothing.
The worst thing that the governments around the world are going to fear are people buying gold.
And by the way, go to any of the websites of the big gold traders, Monix, Kitco, whatever.
They're sold out!
They're selling for premiums!
Yeah, and they're selling for premiums and they're telling you you can't get gold.
And that shows the manipulation.
You have gold down by a hundred and something bucks, now going back up.
Meanwhile, there's 30, 40, 50 percent premiums and you can't get it.
I mean, talk about global manipulation!
So what we're saying is, you know, gold is, and again, we could be wrong, you know, we don't walk on water, and we're only human, but I'm telling you what I do and what I believe, and I put all my investment capitals in gold.
What about silver?
You know, silver's a good one too, but silver also has production purposes as well.
And gold, you know, I would say both of them, but I know gold.
I've been following gold.
My first buy of gold was in 1978 at $187.50 an ounce.
And, you know, I've been buying it and following it since that time.
So, really, I'm not that well-versed in silver as I am in gold.
I understand.
You trade in what you love and what you know and what you research.
Well, Gerald Cilente, ladies and gentlemen, you know, the market trend research man, trendresearch.com.
Thank you for spending an hour and 20 minutes with us, and we'll talk to you again sometime in December.
Okay, thank you so much.
You bet.
What an amazing individual.
Uh, we're gonna come back.
We've got Max Keiser coming up, looking at the economy and taking your phone calls.
And then I promised to do it.
I've boiled down the most powerful 30 minutes of last Friday's hearings.
Well, Rob Jacobson has in there in the control room, and we're gonna be playing that.
What will happen when the grocery stores are empty?
What are you going to do once your food is gone?
What will you do when the dollar is worthless and your family needs to eat?
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Or call 877-394-6657.
Or go to GetSeeds.net.
That's 877-394-6657.
Today, unlike any other in the long course of American history, a terrorist act of war against this country.
The enemy struck America on September 11th.
But who is the enemy?
Bin Laden.
This is his MO.
We have to look to the Middle East.
We have to look to Osama Bin Laden.
Fabled Enemies is the first 9-11 film to take a close look at the terrorist ties to intelligence networks inside the United States.
Some U.S.
investigators believe that there are Israelis again very much engaged in spying in and on the U.S.
I'm aware that some Israeli citizens have been detained.
Bin Laden's connections to the CIA, the hijacker's ties to the FBI, the Saudi Arabian connection, the Israeli intelligence network, warnings and war games, the shadow government, and much, much more.
Fabled enemies.
Get the DVD at InfoWars.com, or see it in super high quality, along with hundreds of other titles at PrisonPlanet.tv.
Either you are with us, or you are with the terrorists.
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Max Keiser's coming up.
I got a lot of other news.
Folks, I've got stacks of articles for the police, the government, the military, the bureaucrats.
They just do whatever they want now.
Corruption is just spreading everywhere.
The government is insane.
The population is decadent scum.
What do we, the people that want liberty and freedom, do?
We get prepared.
We wake up as many people that care to hear the truth as we can.
We don't go to FEMA camps.
We don't go to work brigades.
They're openly talking about that.
It's in the executive orders.
Let me give you all a message.
I'm not going to FEMA camps.
I'm not working in slave labor.
I'm not going to lick your boots.
You're gonna have to put me six feet under, and you know what that means?
To do that, you're gonna have to go all the way up against me and millions of other people.
You may catch a few of us in the dark of night at 4 a.m.
when you're stealing houses and neighborhoods and everything else for your crime bosses, but in the end, you're gonna get your butts kicked, so I back off now and join the American people.
You know we're in the right!
You know the New World Order's real!
Your bosses are poisoning you.
The New World Order is a bunch of sickos.
It's all by design.
I'm not going to spend more than three minutes with him.
I drug him in here because I heard Gerald Solende talking about gold.
Folks, this is a buying opportunity.
Gold's back up again today.
It's up about 50 bucks in the last week.
And all I can say is it is a buying opportunity right now.
Ted Anderson, please tell folks about today's special offer.
You're right.
Gold is back and down this morning.
It's back up now.
Right now we have, I can do the same thing I did last Friday.
Right now I have the Frank currently right now at $187.
The British Sovereign currently right now at $228.
Both of those are, you know, that Frank is $11 off from the last time I had offered him.
The British Sovereign is off closer to $20.
I also have the walking liberties in silver.
I mean, silver is really a good buy tool.
Let's face it, when it comes down to buying groceries, you're going to need some of that silver.
And by the way, most, even big firms, are sold out, or it's at a 30, 40, 50 percent premium, even on bullion, and they tell you months.
Ted has this in a bank vault in Minnesota.
It ships out every day.
He has it on hand, ladies and gentlemen.
Ted, tell them.
Yeah, yeah, you're right about that.
In addition to this, people right now in the futures market are trying to take physical delivery there, and it's like fractional reserve banking.
There's not enough to go around.
So there's now a run on the paper gold because they just manipulated and shorted the market to drive it down.
Explain that to us.
Well, because it takes a lot of gold to lend in order for you to buy these shorts.
If you're selling something and you don't have it to actually sell it, it means you have to borrow it from somebody else.
Usually it comes from the central banks, and that's why you're seeing that kind of manipulation, and people are coming to that, where the banks are selling gold.
That's what they're doing right now.
They're trying to sell their own reserves.
And they've been caught using the bailout money, too, in the shorting.
Yep, so all this manipulation is going on, but the physical demand market, the stuff that's actually out there, the coin gold, that stuff is trading at premiums anywhere from $100 to $150 over spot.
And so there's this complete arbitrage going on where one market is being suppressed and the other one is saying, no, we're up here because they can't manipulate that, it's about physical supply.
Our whole portfolio.
I mean, I know you've got a lot of other stuff, but some of our collectors have a bigger premium.
We've got $10 Indians right now.
They're at $6.73.
I've got the $10 Liberties.
They're at $6.53.
That's a good buy.
I have the confiscation-proof $5 commemorative pieces that the U.S.
Mint put out as collector coins.
You've got great deals on all those, but the very best for just
A collector coin at bullion prices, even below because you bought it when gold was down.
You've got Franks, you've got Sovereigns.
We even have U.S.
Eagles, we have Canadian Maple Leafs, we have... Wait a minute, you have Canadian Maple Leafs?
We have some Canadian Maple Leafs, very short supply on that stuff.
How many?
I'll be lucky to do 50 of them.
How much are those?
Oh, really?
Well, they're currently trading right now in the range of just under $900 each.
Okay, regardless, folks, $900?
Yeah, just under that.
That is an insane deal.
That coin's got huge premiums.
I see those things for $1,200 right now.
Oh, I know.
Okay, well, here's the number.
And last week I told Ted I was going to buy some Indiums.
I got so busy, I didn't even do it.
This happens to all of us, folks.
Do not procrastinate.
Tell them Alex Jones and Ted Anderson sent you.
Tell them it's the radio special, or you will be paying more for Maple Leafs, and more for American Eagles, and more for the Franks, and more for the Sovereigns.
This is the radio special.
You have to tell them that.
Tell them the prices, so folks can quote them.
Real fast.
Well, right now, what you're going to ask for is you're going to have the Frank right now is at $187, the Sovereign right now is at $228, the $10 Indian is at $673.
That is a fabulous coin.
And then, of course, the Walking Liberty half at $840.
And I think that's about all I have time for.
Just call in.
There's more.
And people will be there until midnight tonight.
Oh, absolutely.
You're listening at midnight call.
Protect yourself from the New World Order vultures.
We'll be right back.
Stay with me.
Max Keiser.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Keep your foot hard on the pedal, son, never mind them brakes.
Let it all hang out, cause we got a run to make.
The boys up there stickin' Atlanta, and there's beer in Texarkana, and we'll bring it back.
For the next 50 minutes or so, we're going to open the phones up and let you talk to Max Kaiser.
He does international television for, well, you name it.
He's invented major systems used on stock markets worldwide.
He's producing an international TV show for the BBC with Alec Baldwin.
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All right, going to Max Keiser.
Max, a lot is happening.
The economy is worsening very quickly.
I had Gerald Cilente on last hour, and I mean, he's talking about war in the streets within two to three years, and we'll have bank runs in February.
What do you say to that?
Well, Alex, I think if you look around the world, you're already seeing evidence of that, and I'll give you two examples.
It was reported today in the independent newspaper in the United Kingdom that gangs from the city are invading the country, and they're stealing livestock from people's farms.
They're stealing salmon and farmed fish from farmed fisheries.
And you've already got this happening in the UK right now.
People are—gangs from the city are invading the country and stealing food.
If you look at the global picture, you see that around the world, you know, the corporations have taken over all the fishing rights around the world.
So in Somalia, you've got Somali pirates who are starving to death.
They are hijacking at one ship every day, on average, just for food.
And they just grabbed a huge oil tanker today, so their targets are getting bigger.
And they're being tracked by the U.S.
and the U.K.
and the navies out there.
But these are people who are starving to death because all of their food supplies have been taken from them by the huge corporation.
So this is what's happening on the fringe of the... You know, if you're in the United States, and your view is that, you know, these other areas are on the periphery of the biggest economy in the world, the so-called the U.S., you can see trends developing on the fringe, on the periphery,
And I think they're heading toward the U.S., but you see it already right now happening around the world.
Max, again, for folks that don't know who you are, tell us a little bit about yourself and then currently what you're most focused on and what you think is most important in the world right now, and then trends that you see going into the mid-term and long-term.
How bad do you think it's really going to get?
Well, just to follow up on a couple of things from when we spoke last time, you know, we were talking about the gold market, we were talking about Comex, and the fact that Comex is short gold that they can't deliver, and that some people are out there trying to organize a raid on the Comex.
I was talking to some folks in Canada, apparently Eric Sprott of Sprott Asset Management is going to try to take physical delivery of a huge precious metal position on the Comex this December to try to force the price from the physical.
Uh, in the paper market to match up.
So that could be, that's still in play.
Remember last time I was mentioning that there could be a major event on the COMEX in December?
Yes, you did say that, but flesh that out a bit.
For folks that don't know what shorting is and don't know what the COMEX is, explain.
Okay, well, shorting is actually something that's come up in a couple of the big stories today, and it relates directly to Goldman Sachs as well.
So I'll segue into the Goldman Sachs thing.
But a little bit about shorting, it's one of those concepts that
People have trouble wrapping their mind around it.
It's a little counterintuitive.
But, you know, if I can break it down as simply, is, you know, people are familiar with the idea of borrowing money to buy a stock, and if the stock goes up, they sell it for a profit, and they pay back their loan.
When you're selling short stock, you're borrowing stock, and you're selling that stock, and you're hoping that the price goes down, and after the price goes down, you buy back your stock at the lower price,
And you return it to where you borrowed it from.
But because the stock is now at a lower price, the amount of money it took to buy it back is less.
You get to keep the difference.
That's how you make money on a short sale.
And it works on stocks, and it works on commodities, and it works on the Comex.
And the Comexes were all the biggest precious metal futures operation in the world, and as has been pointed out by numerous guests on your show,
The big bankers in the world who love the idea of fractional reserve banking and love the idea of infinite credit, they hate gold, they hate precious metals because it's a limited supply, and they don't like to live in a world of limits.
They like to live in a world of infinite credit.
So it's in their interest to try to keep those precious metals down.
And they do this primarily by selling gold and silver short.
They're selling gold and silver contracts that they do not own, and they borrow for the most part.
And they do this with broad money, and they can borrow money quite cheaply.
The scandal, the scandal here, is something called naked short-selling.
And naked short-selling applies both to the comics, in my opinion, and to what Goldman Sachs has been doing, which is the opinion now of Bloomberg and the Wall Street Journal and, you know, observers around the world.
Well, there's no doubt they've been doing it.
They've been doing it to stocks they recommend to people.
Right, so naked short-selling is nothing more than counterfeiting.
It's just straight-out counterfeiting.
And this is now, when you, when you... I listen to your show, of course, Alex, I'm a big fan.
And when you talk about the Illuminati and the globalists and the New World Order, you can condense all those terms into basically two words.
Golden facts.
Golden facts is the epicenter
By the way, you're not joking.
They even had a big global advisor on CNBC a few weeks ago, and he said the Illuminati is doing this.
So now we're starting to see that even come out, but go ahead.
I mean, there's no need to look beyond Goldman Sachs, is my point.
You've got now Senator Inouye saying that
I don't
That's the AP headline, I'll just interrupt and back you up, is that a Senator Inhofe from Oklahoma, a very powerful Republican Senator, is saying that they're giving it to their friends and others, and it's not even being denied that that's going on, it's also being used for bonuses.
Go ahead.
Yeah, Chuck Grassley, he's a senior GOP on the Senate Finance Committee.
He just came out today, within the last two hours, and has suggested that Goldman Sachs is double-dealing.
Goldman Sachs is a conflict of interest.
Goldman Sachs is involved in naked short selling.
Goldman Sachs is at the heart of the American economic and banking collapse.
Is that why they're keeping... I mean, it was Goldman Sachs guys in the 90s that changed all the rules, and in the 2000s with Bush, and now you notice it's an inner group of Goldman Sachs running the bailout, running Treasury, running the Fed, and that they're bringing more Goldman Sachs people now into it as well.
Is that to keep it, you know, keep the conspiracy in a closed circle?
As part of the bailout package, they slipped into the package a tax break to give the bankers $140, $150 billion tax break.
Okay, so now it's openly being discussed that they're stealing it, and Goldman Sachs just laughs.
Why are they so arrogant?
Because there's been a coup d'etat.
There's been a coup d'etat, and Bank Paulson has dictatorial powers.
When I was on your show last time, I believe it was... When I was on your show last time, I might have been on another network.
No, no, you were here.
You were here.
And I was saying that basically, they have achieved through this $700 billion, which became $850 billion dollar bailout.
It didn't matter what the number was.
The number was arbitrary.
The key concept was it gives them dictatorial power.
That's the key.
That's right.
That is the key.
They have dictatorial powers, and they are literally having sconfed themselves
But just because they say they're God, and just because they say they can barbecue children on their front porch, doesn't mean they can.
They have law saying black people weren't human in this country, and we know those were bull, and they were overthrown.
So what do we do about these arrogant criminals?
You know, Wall Street frat guys.
I'm not bashing Yalies and people, but that's... I mean, it's that arrogant... I mean, watching Kashkari with the smart mouth comments, you know, the glare last week.
I mean, these are some arrogant little bastards.
Well, I mean, I was on Al Jazeera yesterday morning.
I sent you the clip.
Yeah, we're going to play it.
And, you know, I used some language that I'm not sure Americans have heard in this context, but
You know, the point is that these guys have, as you point out, I mean, they are literally, they pulled down their pants and are literally giving a golden shower into the face of 300 million Americans.
And unless you are into golden showers, unless you are into FNM, unless you enjoy that kind of thing, I would suggest that you begin to, you know, take some steps.
I mean, this is so
I mean, I've been a observer for markets for 25 years, and I have seen examples of egregious, you know, electronic feeding, as we used to do.
I mean, I was working on Wall Street in the 1980s.
I know many, many of the tricks that one can use in the bank to transfer wealth.
Electronic pickpocketing, we used to call it.
It's just electronically transferring wealth from the customers to the bankers.
That's all pretty much the job entails.
I think so.
If, in fact, it ever gets to the point where there's a serious problem, two things.
Number one, when you sign a new customer account, it forces you to go to arbitration.
Well, the people that steal and cheat and make the most money, they get promoted.
They go, wow, you've been indicted.
As soon as our lawyers fix this, you're going to be going up to vice president.
It shows initiative.
It shows initiative, or they simply change the law.
They simply changed the law.
The FCC is overworked and understaffed on purpose.
If they ever get to it, things get really tight.
You know, if you can't... Well, I mean, here's an example.
Under Bush, and this is all over the news, over 90% of the corporate white-collar crime investigators were pulled off, and they weren't put on anti-terror.
If you read deeply, they were put on mom-and-pops.
So what happens is big, too-large-to-fail groups can steal, kill, Halliburton can run white slavery camps, it can be in mainstream news, nothing happens to them, but then a pet store owner
A guy that owns a used car lot, a Guinness, somebody who has a hamburger place.
The IRS will rake them over the coals for no reason.
Go ahead.
Yeah, and they just changed the laws, basically, to suit, for their convenience.
Bankers are routinely, are constantly changing the laws, changing the products.
You know, it's like a three-card Monty game in the city.
You know, you see these guys, they're playing three-card Monty.
And the cops show up, they can fold up in five seconds, and five minutes later they shut up across the street.
So if they just go from scam to scam to scam, it's basically the same scam but repeated in different forms.
So where is this going?
I mean, the whole culture is going into total corruption, governments expanding, governments feeding, you know, no different from administration to administration.
How bad is it going to get when the immovable object meets the unstoppable force?
What is going to happen?
A lot of trends projectors, a lot of experts who've been writing the past are saying it's going to end up war on the streets.
There's also another thing going on, which is what I call the sixes versus the nines.
This is the people with six zeros in their net worth, the millionaires, versus people with nine zeros in their net worth, the billionaires.
Because after 9-11, when they dropped interest rates down to 1%, they screwed up the economy so badly that now, seven, eight years later, the system is so badly screwed up that you've got wars broken out between the billionaires and the millionaires.
So even a millionaire is like 5, 10, 15 million dollars.
People who thought they were wealthy a couple years ago are getting squeezed due to the global credit collapse.
So you're seeing like, for example, Goldman Sachs is at war with its own customers.
And this was today in today's Bloomberg.
Here's an example of this.
Goldman was targeted by investor complaints.
Of naked short selling.
Investors in a $591 billion high yield high risk loan market are accusing Goldman of naked short selling to profit from record price declines.
At least two fund managers complained that they were victimized by Goldman for whom they were doing business with.
So you've got wars broken out between the millionaires and the billionaires!
And they're machining each other using these credit derivative products and other... So this is only going to get worse, and then also your blue collar folks say, I don't care, I don't own stock, I don't care about some millionaire.
Well you better!
They're the ones that buy the products at your shops, they're the ones that spend money in the economy, not the billionaires.
They all hoard it on average.
It's the millionaires that actually are funding the general public.
And so what happens when the IRS is going to scalp the millionaires?
What's going to happen?
Well, the problem is that the global credit system is so bad screwed.
You look at what's called the Baltic Dry Index, which tracks the global shipping industry.
Four months ago, it cost something like $150,000 to send a ship from China to America.
The price has dropped down to $4,000.
It's down something like 98.5%.
There's literally stockpiles of grains stacked up in the port, because all global shipping has come to a halt, because no one can get a letter of credit to send a ship from point A to point B. Exactly, and Ford and GM can't get letters for the insurance for the parts manufacturers.
The insurance on the subcontractors that sell them the parts, so they're coming to an end.
Max Keiser, let's talk about it when we get back.
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Some U.S.
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I'm aware that some Israeli citizens have been detained.
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Hey, I want you to play the Illuminati clip first.
Let's go ahead and play that CNBC clip with one of the bigwigs on TV saying, yeah, it's the Illuminati.
Here it is.
All right.
Max Keiser.
We've always, for the last hundred years at least, had a very corrupt Wall Street elite that is engaged in some crime and some skimming and some manipulation, but, you know, is more boss hog-like.
This is so virulent.
This is so out in the open.
They're blowing their whole game.
Is it because the elite knows the dollar's dead and they're bringing us into a new world monetary system that they're just going for broke?
I mean, why?
I've never seen, and I've studied a lot of history, so have you,
So, such open arrogance.
I mean, that level of chutzpah or arrogance, bravado, kind of shakes me up.
Because, I mean, if they'll steal five trillion bucks in a month right in front of you and laugh at you, what are they planning next, Max Keiser?
Yeah, well, clearly the U.S.
dollar is an endangered species.
As such.
And I think a devaluation is all but certain.
And the question is, there'll be a global devaluation of all the major currencies, and then a revaluation upward for the price of gold.
This is exactly what happened in the 1930s.
And to discourage profiteering on the gold side,
You might see my friend Eric Jansen over at itulip.com thinks that they'll impose like a 90% capital gains tax on gold ownership at that point.
So gold, as you know, I'm a big believer in gold and I think you have to own gold as a core investment.
I think you need it to protect yourself.
But it's not as if the government cannot implement strategies to upset the gold owners.
Yeah, they won't do a 1933 War Powers Act gold confiscation.
They'll just slap a 50, 60, 70, 80, 90 percent capital gains tax on it.
And folks are like, well then I better not do that.
Well, that's better than just having them devalue it in the bank or have bank holidays.
I mean, these people...
Yeah, you gotta have a, you know, a strategy.
You know, you really have to get a defensive position because I think what these guys are telegraphing is, you know, it's so easy for them to steal so much money these days, I think, that they're telling you that they're coming and they want you to, you know, get in shape and work out and prepare yourself because they want a good fight.
You know, it's like those movies you see sometimes where the sadistic millionaire sets the humans out and goes hunts the humans.
But he lets them get a head start, because he wants to give himself a little bit of a sport.
I think what these guys like Cash Carrier are telling the American people is, get ready now, because we're coming.
Because he knows, he's got the SWAT teams, he's got the military, I mean he's got it all, and he wants you to know, we're going to rape you good!
Get ready!
We'll give you a head start, and you know, because we want to make this fun for us!
You know, the destruction of America is so much fun.
That's the message that he's saying.
I mean, obviously, the fact that the American so-called democracy is toothless in the face of what is obvious tyranny is quite shocking at this point in the country's history.
But Max, as you know, Obama will save us.
Well, you know, my last time on your show, I'm not hitting the
You know, anti-Obama button, you know, I'm going to, I'm holding back on my opinion.
I'm going to give the guy a few months in office and then see what happens.
You know, I do think that... No, I understand, but I mean, the guy's a puppet.
I mean, if he didn't do what they told him, he'd get a Dealey Plaza visit from the Secret Service instead of guarding him, so we all know that.
My whole point is, all these Obamanoids are in for a rude awakening, because there's no course changes here.
It's full-scale raping.
We'll be right back with Max Keiser in 60 seconds.
Stay with us, your call's straight ahead.
Thank you for listening to GCN.
Yeah, go ahead and leave this on air.
We've been live at PrisonPlanet.tv for 30 minutes and I want all the PrisonPlanet.tv listeners out there to be able to tune in and even hear the behind the scenes.
John, give me a new call list so I don't get any of these mixed up.
I'll type that right now.
Okay, thank you, sir.
Phone calls for Max Kaiser.
Again, for people out there listening, we're not on the AM and FM dial or short waiver satellite right now.
This is PrisonPlanet.tv viewers and InfoWars.com exclusive audio stream listeners.
And coming up in about 20 minutes after Max Keiser leaves us, we've boiled down from four hours of testimony by the arrogant Kashkari, and by arrogant, oh, thank you, I respect you, oh, sir, I'm working so hard, but he was just looking at him and the body language was smiling and smirking and just, I don't care, you're a slave, I own you.
We've boiled it down to the most powerful 30 minutes of four hours.
And believe me, it was difficult to cut it down to this because there's so much good stuff there.
We've cut out a few of his answers because he kept repeating the same thing over and over again.
That's coming up in 20 minutes after Max Keiser leaves us.
Right now, we're going to be taking your phone calls on a host of issues with our guest Max Keiser.
So stay with us, ladies and gentlemen.
Here we go.
Our guest is Max Keiser for the next 20 minutes.
Really appreciate him joining us.
I want to go ahead and go to your phone calls here in this segment and the next.
Mike, David, Kevin, Daniel, and many others holding around the country and the world.
Don't forget to join us 1-800-259-9231.
I don't want to squeeze a lot of calls in though, so just have your question or comment ready so we can get to the next person.
Any other points you haven't gotten to?
I mean, you were talking about the ships aren't moving, 98% reduction because no one has money or has the credit to even ship the products.
Same thing with Ford and GM saying that they can't even get the insurance ratings to have their parts suppliers overseas, these aren't American companies, to ship over here.
It looks like the economy is dead, but the brain is still going to get oxygen for a few minutes, maybe six months more, but it looks like the economy has just come to a standstill.
Yeah, it's a zombie.
And if you look at countries around the world, it's already happening.
Obviously in Iceland, the entire economy, because of banking tricks that went bad, the entire economy went offline.
The icelandic krona became worthless, and their own life support system from the IMF
30% of the population is trying to emigrate out of Iceland today.
Imagine in America, that would be 100 million people.
And by the way, Iceland was a wondrous first world nation.
Before this.
Iceland six months ago was considered to be, you know, exactly an example of the New World Order, if you will, to put it into your terms.
You know, a shining example of banking as arbitrage of all the banking products that would make everybody rich.
No one could immigrate there.
I mean, even if you had ten million bucks, it was harder to get into than New Zealand.
Yeah, and the whole thing went offline in a matter of weeks.
All the savings in the UK, people put their savings in Iceland because they were getting 6 or 7 percent.
All those savings evaporated in one day.
The UK government paid off those savers in the UK.
Now they're suing Iceland to get the money, as are other countries in Europe and around the world.
And by the way, there's not even food on most of the store shelves in Iceland.
That's right.
Just like Argentina, folks, because these bankers can't help it.
You turn the back, they have to stick it in you.
It's like a psycho that has to kidnap little kids and kill them.
I mean, they just gotta do it.
Also, on the gold front, you saw over the weekend that the finance minister in Iran has now officially come out and said that they're moving
Most of their 120 billion dollar reserves into gold bullion.
That's right, London Guardian, Iran switches reserve to gold report, and that's happening all over the world right now.
Central South America moving off the dollar.
Meanwhile, the American yuppies are watching football, acting tough, they're delusional, they're stomping around, drinking Kool-Aid.
What is going to happen when the American people find out just how bad they've been set up?
It's like the Sweeney Todd, the Demon Barber of Fleet Street.
I think I can see a lot of yuppie burgers being served at various outlets.
I agree.
In fact, give me the document, Cam.
It's Lennon Guardian article.
I want to show folks.
I ran switches.
I'm not going to play my video from yesterday.
It might be too hot for your show, Alex.
No, it's not that.
The audio is distorted, but we are going to play it.
I just wanted him to... It's a little overdriven, but it's great from... What?
Oh, that is code word!
That's a code word!
I wouldn't expect that from Al Jazeera!
No, no, no, no, no, no!
This is from Al Jazeera!
This is when you were on Al Jazeera.
And, of course, you have a TV show on Al Jazeera, which is, by the way, people say, Al Jazeera, that's Saudi Arabia or whatever.
No, folks, this is based out of England.
It's like their World Service.
Al Jazeera is in Qatar, which has the biggest military base of America outside of the United States.
Qatar, which is where Al Jazeera is, America's ally.
Qatar, or whatever.
I'm always saying it wrong.
Potato, potato.
I should remind you, on November 28th, Alex, it looks like the first episode of The Oracle is going to be on BBC World.
And last time I was on your show, I said I was going to invite you.
If, in fact, we do the November 28th premiere show on BBC World, it goes out to 180 million people.
Max Keiser presents The Oracle.
I think I got it hooked up.
I can bring you in a satellite, do a little, you know, three or four minute interview.
I want it.
Please put me on the Oracle, produced by Max Keiser and Alec Baldwin.
Let's do it.
I couldn't think of anything more exciting.
Stay there.
By the way, I forgot about your clip.
And I'm not afraid to play your clip.
That's a great way to build it up.
Max Keiser.
Your phone call straight ahead with our guest.
Stay with us.
More than 700 chemicals have been found.
Now we're going to keep talking.
Let me go ahead and talk to Keiser.
Hey, Max?
Yeah, we're on the internet now.
No, no, we will come back and play that clip.
What, it's about three and a half minutes long?
Yeah, not even.
It's like three.
Two and a half minutes.
Let me bring the culprit in.
John, we are not making this up.
John, it was telling me it was distorted, but I still said we're going to play it.
Right, John?
Yes, sir.
You asked if I had it.
I said yes, and I told them that it was a little distorted, but we can definitely play it.
But that's just whoever loaded it up.
Whoever uploaded it.
Whoever uploaded it up on there.
Well, let's do that.
Alex, I don't come in until 35 seconds.
So the first 35 seconds you can eliminate.
Yeah, it's no big deal.
Yeah, go ahead and eliminate and just cut right to Kaiser.
Well, you know, people won't know what it is.
Just play the whole thing.
Come in with it and play the music and we'll go back to Max Kaiser.
And Max, I love having you on.
I really appreciate you.
And yes, I want to come on your BBC TV show.
Yeah, you know, when I was doing my Al Jazeera films two years ago, Alex, not a single media outlet in America would even talk to me.
Well, we are Cautious Alternative Radio, only on about 70 stations, but we are really honored to have you here.
I mean, the info you're putting out, the info I'm putting out, I'm telling the audience this, is just getting hotter and hotter.
And so that's the exciting thing, is that the bankers think they're getting away with this.
I don't think in the final equation they're going to get away with it.
What do you say, Max?
Well, as long as there's a spirit of freedom burning in the hearts of Americans, then the bankers are going to have trouble.
We only have about a minute left before we come back to the full audience, but behind the scenes, tell folks about the specific stock market system that you're the inventor of, because I find that to be intriguing.
The virtual specialist technology is a technology that allows for a virtual currency to trade on an exchange, and you can trade virtual securities.
And the valuation is tied to something intangible, like awareness.
So in the Hollywood Stock Exchange, depending on what people's awareness is of a movie that's going to come out in six months or a year, their trading, buying and selling those securities creates a need to match those orders.
And to match those orders in a way where all prices over all securities, the price is consistent, there's price parity.
So in the system, the virtual specialist technology is a virtual economy that
Prices, thousands of securities simultaneously, within an environment where there is no hard assets, like the New York Stock Exchange, there's still earnings that are tied to profits and cash, etc.
This is based entirely on people's awareness, but you still have price parity, so it's a completely fair system within the economy.
So that system was sold to Cantor Fitzgerald, who moved the technology to the top floor of the World Trade Towers,
It's very precise.
This is a very complicated problem and we cannot fix it without some international rules.
Notably absent from the summit's final statement, any detailed plan to help troubled homeowners or struggling workers in the developing world.
That wasn't expected, but with economists projecting a global recession that could last upwards of two years, one might be justified in asking whether these leaders really feel the urgency of the situation.
Rosalind Horton, Al Jazeera, Washington.
Well, let's get a European perspective on all of that.
Max Keiser is a financial commentator based in Paris and joins us live.
Max, positive words there from the world leaders.
Will the financial markets be cheering on Monday morning?
Bush misspoke.
He said that the world's economies were hit hard.
That's not true.
The world's counterfeiting schemes were hit hard.
The Bond counterfeiting schemes from Wall Street and the City of London were hit hard.
The counterfeiting schemes have been exposed.
And the problem is that these G20 nations
...are not willing to get rid of the scoundrels and the criminals who are running the banks and putting in fraudulent, faulty economy.
Somebody should issue a fatwa against Hank Paulson.
Someone should issue a fatwa against Hank Paulson because he's an infidel.
This is the Constitution of the United States.
He's not obeying the spirit of the Constitution.
He's issuing counterfeit money, counterfeit bonds.
That's why the global economy is in such a sad shape.
The man is a financial terrorist.
That's not the hyperbole!
That's the reality of the situation!
The solution is what?
You have to go into a court of law and take Hank Paulson and Goldman Sachs up for financial terrorism, put them in jail!
This is counterfeiting!
They're issuing bonds that are absolutely non-collateralized!
There's $500 trillion in bonds that have no collateral!
That may be one response to Hank Paulson, but as far as the international global economy is concerned, we have matters like, should the IMF be reformed?
Should countries like China and India have a bigger say in regulation and moderation of the global markets?
Did any of these get addressed, and are these the way forward?
China, India, Europe, all the banks own structured financial products sold to them from Wall Street.
These are all counterfeit bonds that are exploding.
They're worth zero.
For example, they have no way of selling these bonds because they have zero value.
As a result, they dump oil.
And oil, because they're dumping oil to pay for these fraudulent bonds, the price of oil has dropped and these developing nations are suffering.
Because of this counterfeiting scheme that has zero value.
Bush is completely incorrect when he says a global economy is suffering.
It's the global counterfeiting scheme that's suffering.
These guys are criminals!
There should be a fatwa against these guys.
He's an infidel.
Hank Paulson, his head should be bouncing down the Capitol steps.
I'm sorry, but that's the reality of the situation.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas,
Alex Jones.
Well, he was speaking, I guess, to the Arabic audience there, though it's big worldwide, talking about Fatawas.
But no, Ron Paul said here about a month and a half ago they should all be arrested.
They are criminals.
But they know that they're doing an out in the open, too big to fail, too big to be criminals.
Well, either they fall or we fall.
Max Keiser, I hadn't seen that clip.
I just knew you'd sent it, and so I'd sent it onto the network.
Now I know why you wanted it played.
Actually, my producer had.
That is some powerful stuff.
You know, when I go on Al Jazeera, or Press TV, or BBC, or Russia Today, I thought I was getting hardcore on these channels.
My God, Max Keiser's like the gold standard of in-the-face, telling-the-truth boldness.
I'm actually being put to shame here.
I wonder if they'll let me get that wild on there.
Well, I want you on the article, Alex!
Well, I guess you and Alec Baldwin are the producers of it.
You think nobody will get upset if I go on there yelling and screaming, or is this going to be live?
This show is going to rip the ball, you know, the cover off the ball.
This is going to be the most watched television show in the world.
We're going to have 100 million viewers.
It goes out to 180 million households.
A half-hour show every Friday night.
We're going to be talking about all the global banking conspiracies and everything else that people are dying to know about, but they're not being told.
Because the mainstream press, even Al Jazeera, is too timid.
So Alec Baldwin is into all this stuff.
Yeah, he's my co-producer.
I've known him for 30 years.
And we've been friends for a long, long time.
And, you know, we're gonna have a blast.
He's gonna be a guest.
His friends are gonna be guests.
We've got a satellite hookup.
November 28th, and we're hopefully going to get the first show on the air on BBC World.
Well, hey, count me in.
You just have the producers or the people doing the legwork tell me where to be, what satellite feed, and hell, if you can't even get a satellite feed in Austin, which I'm sure you'll be able to, it was hard on Election Day for some other stations I was on, I'll go wherever I need to be to be on that.
I mean, you know, the use of the word FOTWA, for example,
Yeah, that's cool.
All that means is edict for fiat.
No, I understand.
I'm saying arrest them.
Guilty, guilty, guilty!
Go ahead.
Hank Paulson and Ben Bernanke issue a FOFWA every day.
It's called the U.S.
dollar by fiat.
The U.S.
dollar only has value by Hank Paulson and Ben Bernanke's FOFWA.
By the way, you're right about the stock market going down.
It's down 85 points today.
How far is it going to go down by next February?
Well, it's going to go a lot lower, you know, the stock market, because earnings for these companies are going to collapse.
You know, obviously unemployment is skyrocketing.
Citibank just announced 50,000 layoffs.
The auto industry is going to collapse.
I'm not in favor of bailing out the auto industry.
I think it's a farce.
Unemployment is going to go to 10, 11, 12 percent at a minimum.
And, you know, the earnings are going to collapse.
These companies are going to trade down.
You know, the average yield in a bear market gets to 6 or 7 percent, which means you're talking $3,000 on the Dow Jones.
Doesn't look good.
You know, I want to jam in a few calls.
The interview's almost over.
Time just flies, because I promised to play these highlights of the amazing Kashkari committee hearings last Friday.
But I want to go to Mike, David, Kevin, Daniel, Rob.
Guys, just ask one question of Kaiser quickly, please, because I want to get you on.
Mike in California, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Only one question.
Go ahead.
Only one question, Alex?
Oh, man.
Um, let me pick my best one.
Just ask them all over and spend time to figure out which one to ask.
Go ahead.
Sorry about that, Alex.
No, no, don't be sorry.
I'm sorry I don't have enough time.
Hell, hell, I'll just skip playing the clips.
We'll play them tomorrow.
We've got plenty of time.
Go ahead.
Yeah, just sit back and hear the questions.
All right, well, okay, with the fires occurring in California and all these people losing their homes and whatnot, will their insurance companies be able to cover them?
Oh, no.
I mean, in the short term, perhaps.
But look, the insurance companies are part and parcel with this global credit crunch.
They're running out of money.
Even Warren Buffett, you know, his stock is down 50% this year.
He's a big insurer.
Look, what happened is they took the cop tuitions, the police, the teacher, retirement funds.
It was all invested in derivatives.
The bankers stole it all.
Yeah, or you know, the thing is that if in fact by some stroke of luck you do get some insurance money on this disaster, your rates are going to be skyrocketed the next quarter, so you won't be able to afford insurance anymore going forward.
Just like in Katrina disaster, everyone can't afford flood insurance in New Orleans anymore, the rates were jacked up.
So the rates for insurance are going to go a lot higher with every single one of these disasters, so the insurance industry, which is the backbone of capitalism, is going out of business.
Yeah, look, down the road, folks, you're not getting your Social Security, you're not getting your insurance.
All you're getting is a forced labor camp, unless we throw these people out.
Mike, anything else?
Okay, I guess I'll ask this question for you, because I want to try to squeeze in some for both.
For you, Alex, do you think that it would be easy for the police state to confiscate guns from people, as it was for them in New Orleans?
No, because they had a... well, I mean, and listen, I'm going to let you go.
I appreciate the call, Mike.
You can call back later with other calls if you want tomorrow or so.
That was an isolated incident.
They had the cover of the disaster to do it.
It was a beta test, a laboratory test, to see if they could do it and how it would sell the public.
It didn't go well for them.
They're just going to do stuff like turn the money off, let everybody riot, then the public will beg to turn their guns in.
Max Keiser?
Yeah, agreed.
I have an idea for America, okay?
Start a new 12-step program.
It's called Goldman Sachs Anonymous.
Everyone gets together in a church basement, and they go the 12 steps of Goldman Sachs Anonymous, then we are powerless over Goldman Sachs.
That sounds a bit glib, but on the other hand, it's a way for people to reach out to their neighbor, because one thing that's going to get people through this crisis is it's going to be neighbor to neighbor.
So get to know your neighbors.
Get to know the people around you, because that's going to be key to your survival, I think.
And, I mean, it could bring people together, unfortunately, in a crisis, but generally that's what happens.
Let's go to one more caller here.
David in Michigan.
You're on the air with Max Keiser.
Great discussion, guys.
One question.
I'll be brief with it.
Because China owns so much of our treasury, the trade deficit is so high, what role do you think that China is going to play in this post-economic meltdown?
I mean, Alex, you know as well as I do that this country is New World Order's dream.
They'd love to run every country like this.
I mean, after it's all said and done, we're going to be slaves to the Chinese Empire.
I think this is going to hurt the Chinese as well.
I think they're going to have their hands full there.
I mean, most economists say if China ever gets down to 7% unemployment, they'd meltdown.
Or if their growth drops to 6%, they're dead meat.
Max Keiser?
Who took the Bank of China public two years ago?
The biggest IPO in the history of the world?
Goldman Sachs.
Okay, Goldman Sachs.
Hank Paulson is there.
He made something like 14 trips to China during his last year at Goldman Sachs.
He is completely in China's pocket.
That's right.
He was the Goldman Sachs guy.
That was his first big job there decades ago, was Goldman Sachs' minion in China.
You know, his first big job was he was working for Richard Nixon in Washington.
And he was definitely with China.
They've got that huge IPO.
Well, Cheney got out of dollars two years ago.
I mean, everybody's moving to Dubai, I guess.
Why is Dubai, Max, the place to be for the elites?
There goes your answer.
You know, we're going to talk behind scenes just for the internet audience and then let Max Keiser go because I've got to air at least most of this 30 minutes and tomorrow I'll air more and comment on it but I promised I had people come in and edit this four hours down to 30 minutes so that is coming up.
So we appreciate Max Keiser joining us, MaxKeiser.com.
That's it for the full interview.
We'll talk for four minutes behind the scenes then come out with the audio clip.
Here we go.
Okay, Max, again, let's take a few more calls here.
Kevin, in New York.
Kevin, you're on the air with Max Keiser.
Go ahead.
Come on, Kevin.
Hey, Kevin.
Earth to Kevin.
Go ahead, you're on the air.
This is with regards to the conversation they had with Celente a little earlier ago, and how the government is consolidating and the, you know, is the command and control type thing.
And I'd just like to reference that in terms of a new article by Naomi Klein in Rolling Stone, in the New Chalk, and she referred to the Bank of New York Mellon as being the kind of general contractor for the bailout.
So, you know, just two images here.
One is that the government is consolidating the corporations, and the other is that the corporations are consolidating or privatizing the government.
And your comments, and I'll take them off air.
It's just a mass raping.
I mean, government, corporations at the top, it's all one animal.
And it's just total booty.
It's total just grabbing, stealing, gobbling, laughing, giggling.
It's just Nero-esque insanity.
Max Keiser?
Well, it's balance sheet consolidation, you know.
For example, when Bear Stearns blew up, the fact is that Bear Stearns wasn't the problem case.
Morgan was the problem.
Morgan had unbelievable amounts of
Derivative contracts with no counterparty able to satisfy.
So what they did was they blew up Bear Stearns to get rid of the counterparty that could make claims against J.P.
Morgan assassinated Bear Stearns for their own good.
That company was assassinated.
That's a lot of experts.
You see a lot of this consolidation of balance sheets in the banking industry.
So Bank A goes to Bank B and says, oh, we've got these risks, you've got those risks, these assets.
You know, when I was working on Wall Street, we used to do a thing called swapping dead books.
So, if I'm a broker and I work in a one brokerage firm, and I've blown up a lot of customers, I can go across the street to the broker of the other brokerage firm who's blown up a lot of customers, and we swap each other's blown up customers.
Then I call up his blown up customers and I say, hey, you know, I got a great stock tip for you.
I already know his name, his brokerage account, his social security number, and I know what stocks he's owned, and I know how much he's lost.
And I can just put into my pitch, well, I think you could make X amount of money, and I hope you didn't buy this other stock last year.
That was last year's loser.
And meanwhile, this broker who I swapped dead books is doing the same thing at his firm.
So now you're seeing banks do that with each other.
They're swapping each other's dead clients and dead bonds for fees, and it's just another chapter in this huge Ponzi scheme.
And the government's going to come out and scalp the public to feed it to the bankers who sit there like 800-pound children gobbling our society.
Daniel in Texas, last caller for Max Keiser.
These callers are really taking their time today.
Daniel, go ahead.
They're in shock!
I would like to ask Mike Kaiser, why are the guys trying to destroy the middle class, and at the same time, trying to give us this massive superhighway?
Who's going to be buying all the goods that they ship in?
Well, after they consolidate everything, they'll start the economy back over again, and they want to tax all the roads, and those will be multinational corridors, Mr. Kaiser.
Right, but the toll booths on those roads are not going to be owned by Americans.
You know, Americans spent generations building an infrastructure, roads, bridges and tunnels.
And they should get the fees on the tollbooths, but those tollbooths are being sold to our foreign competitors in China.
Hey, we're out of time, Daniel, and I'm sorry to Rob and George and everybody else.
Call back next time Kaiser's on.
You'll go to the head of the line, Max Kaiser, MaxKaiser.com.
I want to really thank you for having me on the show, and you've got my office number or Trey's email if you want me on that 28th.
And if I can't make it for that, or if you can't have me on then, I'll be glad to come on to the second one or whatever.
And thanks for spending time with us, Max.
Thanks Alex, great show.
Appreciate you coming on.
MaxKaiser.com, take care.
Alright, there goes Max Kaiser from Paris, where my wife wants to move, where we never will move.
Alright, here we go.
Okay, we're going to go ahead and go for this segment for the rest of the show, with 30 minutes.
We may not even get to all of this.
Yeah, I really should just play this tomorrow and then stop and comment on it because there's so many facets to it.
But this is Kashkari being grilled.
This is only 30 minutes of four hours of the hearings last Friday.
Tomorrow I'm going to play some more of this in the end of it and then comment more on it.
But here it is, ladies and gentlemen, so stay with us.
Now, I heard your testimony and I have to say that I'm a little bit surprised because
It appears that testimony was prepared before Mr. Paulson's statement about the purposes of the Troubled Asset Relief Program and the Secretary's decision not to purchase mortgage assets through his decision.
Hasn't Treasury rendered obsolete entire sections of the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act
Because there was no question about Congressional intention that Treasury use an asset purchase program to mitigate foreclosures.
Your response to that?
We worked very hard with both houses of Congress to design the legislation to provide a lot of flexibility.
And we and the other regulators are using every tool at our disposal to get at this problem.
Stabilizing the financial system as well as helping homeowners.
And Secretary Paulson and Chairman Bernanke and Treasury, we have been looking at how do we deploy these resources to first stabilize the system so that we can get credit flowing to the entire economy, to our communities.
And so Secretary Paulson made the determination that the best way to get at this problem, given how rapidly markets were deteriorating, was to lead with capital.
But that doesn't mean that we don't care about other aspects that are very, very important
We're trying to use the right tool to solve the right problem.
Well, it would appear, Mr. Kashkari, that Secretary Paulson has gutted Section 109 of the Act, which requires Treasury to undertake specified steps to mitigate foreclosures with respect to the mortgages it acquires, including working with other federal regulators to directly identify troubled assets to acquire to further loan modification efforts.
How do you reconcile this policy reversal with Congress's expectations laid out in the statute?
Congressman, there are other sections of the Act, as an example, that direct other government agencies, whether it's FHFA in its conservatorship of the GSEs, FHA, the Federal Reserve, to the extent that they own or control mortgages to take action.
So let me give you an example, Congressman, because this point is very important.
If we had spent all $700 billion
Buying loans, that would be around three million loans or so, depending on the value of the loans, but around three million, three and a half million.
Instead, if you look at the actions that we took on Tuesday, by using the GSEs to now set a new industry standard for loan servicing, when the GSE set a standard, other servicers around the country use that standard, whether it's for GSE loans or for other loans, those actions and that protocol
It has the ability to influence servicing for almost every loan in America.
There are 55 million residential mortgages in America.
It could touch 3 million or 55.
Sir, it has the ability, but the problem is that Treasury, by taking this action that de-emphasizes loan modification, has essentially sent a signal to all the banks that this isn't particularly what you're concerned about.
I mean, even though you may maintain, oh, this is in there.
I've got the act.
Here's the purposes.
I want to spell them out.
The purposes of the act are, and number two, to ensure that such authority and facilities are used in a manner that protects home values.
And then it goes on to section B, preserves home ownership.
Now the Treasury just basically cut that out of the bill.
And what we have here is a situation where banks are hoarding the money,
That they're getting from the tarp.
They're using the money to purchase other bags.
We still have a credit freeze.
I'm looking at your testimony.
You're saying credit markets were largely frozen, denying financial institutions, businesses, consumers access to vital funding and credit.
Financial institutions were under extreme pressure.
Investor confidence in our system was dangerously low.
Are we in a different universe here?
The same situation prevails today!
And yet, your testimony
Acts as though, well, you know, we're just merrily skipping along our way here.
We've got millions of people threatened with losing their homes.
And the underlying problem is that banks are now increasing their interest rates in order to get more customers.
Think about this now.
It's counterintuitive to your troubled asset relief program.
You're now saying we're going to put the money into the banks.
Into these financial institutions.
Shore up finance capital.
Well, finance capital now is seeing that the only way they can survive is to start to raise their interest rates and give away some of the money that the government's giving to them.
At the same time, you're picking winners and losers.
How do you reconcile these policy reversals?
And why won't Treasury act swiftly and forcefully to maximize the system?
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Hello, I'm Steve Schenck.
We're entering a holiday season never before seen in America.
We're thankful for the warning given by members of Mr. Obama's campaign team of the coming international incident, which will force unpopular decisions.
Without this warning, many of us who still have money available would have unknowingly wasted it on Christmas gifts,
We're good.
I think so.
Today, unlike any other in the long course of American history, a terrorist act of war against this country.
The enemy struck America on September 11th.
But who is the enemy?
Bin Laden.
This is his ammo.
We have to look to the Middle East.
We have to look to Osama Bin Laden.
Fabled Enemies is the first 9-11 film to take a close look at the terrorist ties to intelligence networks inside the United States.
Some U.S.
investigators believe that there are Israelis again very much engaged in spying in and on the U.S.
I'm aware that some Israeli citizens have been detained.
Either you are with us, or you are with the terrorists.
Survival Property dot com.
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That's survivalproperty.com.
We're good.
At the same time, you're picking winners and losers.
How do you reconcile these policy reversals?
And why won't Treasury act swiftly and forcefully to maximize assistance to homeowners under TARP and play a significant role in modification of home loans at risk of imminent default?
Why not?
Congressman, I personally have spent most of the past year and a half focused on ways to try to reach and help homeowners.
That's been my
That's the primary focus within Treasury.
Hasn't the Secretary listened to you?
Do you feel frustrated that your position isn't being vindicated?
Congressman, the Secretary is passionate about this as well.
Passionate about what?
Helping homeowners, Congressman.
He is?
What country?
Congressman, we are using all the tools available to the federal government to get out the credit crisis and try to help homeowners.
Let me give you an example, please.
We have different tools.
Mr. Kashkari, I really respect you being here, but I'm looking at a bill, section 109, that spells all this out.
The Secretary just essentially took some scissors and cut it out and threw it away.
Now, you know, maybe this is just some kind of a game to some people in the administration.
They're on their way out of office and they just feel they can do whatever they want, pick winners and losers in the market.
We've got millions of people losing their homes.
Mr. Issa came to my district
And saw some of our old neighborhoods, how they're just falling apart.
And we've got people that are holding on, hoping against hope that somebody's going to help them.
We've got millions of people in foreclosure and, if I read it right, Mr. Issa, in California there are millions more at risk of foreclosure with these jumbo mortgages and the Alt-A mortgages in 2009 and 2010.
And all of a sudden the Treasury sent a signal to the banks, forget about it!
We're going to give you the money that you want and you do what you want with it.
Unless you directed
Specifically, it's not going to happen.
So, tell me again, why isn't it happening?
Not how passionate the Treasury Secretary is.
Congressman, I believe it is happening.
If you'll permit me, I'll walk you through.
Please go ahead.
The four banking regulators.
The Treasury's not a regulatory agency.
The banking regulators supervise the banks that are getting this capital.
The four banking regulators put out a joint statement that's going to govern how they supervise these banks.
One of the things that they're going to be looking very closely at and watching, not just executive compensation, not just dividend policies, making sure lending is getting out there in our communities, and foreclosure mitigation efforts.
The banking regulators are the supervisors of these institutions and they've now put out a joint statement saying exactly what they're going to be looking at in their supervisory capacity.
There is no one better position in the country than the banking regulators to do that.
Treasury's not in a position to do that, but the bank and regulators absolutely are.
We've done numerous, had numerous initiatives to try to get at the root of this problem.
But the most important benefit, Congressman, for homeowners is that we didn't allow the financial system to collapse.
Imagine how many foreclosures we would have
If the banking system had collapsed and mortgage finance was not available to our homeowners, that's the biggest benefit that we've been able to achieve.
And, Chairman, we are not out of the woods yet, and I didn't mean to suggest that in my testimony, but I can walk through numerous statistics looking at the beginning of a healing credit market, which is the first step to getting through this problem.
Well, maybe, you know, see, again, this might be a philosophical divide here.
Because on one hand, the Bush administration and Treasury seems to indicate that the trickle-down effect, give the money to banks and they're going to loosen up money and credit and it's going to start to flow and people are going to be protected.
On the other hand, there's another model which says, create a system where you get pools of mortgage-backed securities the government takes control over and you direct loan modification.
You know, lowering interest, lowering principal, extending the terms of payments to keep people in their home.
One model may keep several big banks afloat.
But risk millions of people losing their homes anyway, and the other model keeps people in their homes.
See, you're talking about an IFCOM model that's based on the charitable sentiments, seemingly, of major Wall Street banks.
But the truth of the matter is, if you don't get the money into the grassroots and help on loan modification, the banks aren't going to get their money to begin at the end anyhow, because one model per
I think?
Look, Treasury's been given almost omnipotent power here.
And you have, unfortunately, you know, not exercised any interest to homeowners.
Do you believe that Congress would have passed the EESA if it understood that none of the TARP funds would have been earmarked for asset purchase and subsequent mortgage loan modifications?
I mean, this looks like classic bait-and-switch, Mr. Issa.
Thank you, Mr. Chairman.
Mr. Khashoggi, I appreciate that you were in on those negotiations with leadership.
The majority of Republicans voted against it once and twice.
Mr. Kucinich wasn't in the meeting where Secretary Paulson came in with the Vice President and Fed Chairman Bernanke.
And made all these assurances that there was absolutely a critical, immediate need to get rid of the corrosive derivative products.
You know, all the different names for this, you know, ubiquitous, you know, uh, sub S retraded credit default swap, blah, blah, blah, blah.
But they, they talked about them as though they knew what the hell they were.
You got the money and you immediately said, what items?
What auction?
Would you please respond to under oath?
When did you go from what you told members of Congress in open and closed sessions was the absolute reason to have this money immediately to buy a specific group of assets, about $350 billion in the U.S., about $350 billion held by other countries and other funds outside the U.S.?
Those assets were what you said was locking up and destroying the market.
When did you first hear that that money was not going to be spent that way?
Congressman, the day, on October 3rd, the day that the Congress passed and the President signed the legislation, we immediately created several policy teams developing asset purchase programs, all the details, both mortgage-backed security... Now, that wasn't the question.
No, I'm... I want to know the time and date, because I want to know whether Congress was lied to, or whether there was a team all along that had an alternate, one or more people, that had an alternate idea of how this money would be spent.
Congressman, forgive me, on October 3rd, we created a team.
No, no, that's not answering the question.
And here's the reason I'm asking a very directed question.
You can create the team, you can put together all that.
You know, look, people, you know, Circuit City, and I sold them for 20 plus years, so I'm very sensitive to the trouble they're in.
Circuit City announced that they were closing 155 stores and began that process.
They never announced they were filing Chapter 11.
But all of us looked and said, look, they're not going to renegotiate walking away from 155 leases without a bankruptcy.
So in our minds, we knew, you know, it's a question of time.
Well, they don't tell you one thing, they do tell you another.
You never, in any good faith, explained why
You formed these organizations and now you say it's hopeless and impossible to buy these products that were the entire reason.
You can't have the success for doing something different than you said without explaining why you didn't buy one of those assets.
And when did somebody figure out, by date,
When did you first learn that we were not going to buy these assets because we couldn't value them properly?
First of all, Congressman, it's not a question of our ability to value them.
The decision was made by Secretary Paulson very recently, as early as earlier this week, late last week.
Secondly, it has been said that your purchases of $250 billion plus of preferred stock
Is at a price that would not be market competitive, meaning you paid too much.
Tell me why I'm to believe for a minute that those preferred stocks that you bought, you could resell today for anything close.
Remember, the market has improved.
You've said that.
Tell me what the profit would be on those those preferred stocks if you put them began putting even one dollar into the market today.
Congressman, I don't know what the price would be.
Okay, well, you're from Goldman Sachs.
I used to work there.
Okay, well, I'm from Directed Electronics.
You're from your last job.
If you tell me that you've improved the market, then by definition, those assets, if bought at par, have appreciated.
Isn't that true?
Well, there are many, again with deep respect, Congressman, there are many different markets.
There's the equity market, there's the credit markets.
I think there are strong signs.
I can walk you through data showing the credit markets improving.
The equity markets, we purchase equity.
The equity markets are struggling.
You purchased a debt instrument.
Well, it's tier one capital, Congressman.
You know, we can go ring around the rosy here, but you're here today because Congress is feeling that you
You've played a bait-and-switch game, and you're not convincing anyone that you haven't.
But let's just try to go to the fundamentals.
You bought Preferred Stock.
Preferred Stock is a dead instrument.
Yes, sir.
You're capitalizing the company, but you're capitalizing with a dead instrument.
Those instruments trade.
I have BB&T.
I have a number of dead instruments of that sort.
They have, in fact, appreciated from the time you bought till today.
In various portfolios.
So I'm looking at those and I'm following a lot more of those kinds of instruments.
They have appreciated.
So my question to you today, under oath, as someone who should know about this is, are your purchases above par today in your opinion?
Candidly, Congressman, I don't know.
We have independent valuation firms that are going to provide regular reporting on the current valuation.
Regular reporting starting when?
You're here today.
Do you have any regular reporting from the day you bought them until today?
We've published the reports to the Treasury website within 48 hours of completing the transactions on the terms.
And then we're, right now we're in the process, just yesterday, the equity asset manager solicitations concluded and we've received I think hundreds of proposals.
We'll be engaging the equity asset managers
Who will be providing us the valuation services and the reporting to the Congress on a go-forward basis?
Well, wouldn't it be reasonable for us to believe here today that if in fact you have improved the market, that those assets that you purchase, we'll call them equities since they're a hybrid, have appreciated?
I think they'd be reasonable relative to the day that we bought them.
So if we find out on the next report, which I hope is forthcoming and we will be looking for it, that they are below par, then in fact you paid too much, right?
Well, again, it depends, Congressman, what our objective was.
Our objective was to create a program that would encourage
Thousands of banks across our country to voluntarily apply and to use the capital.
And so we intentionally made it attractive for them to want to apply.
So you believe here today that you had authority to subsidize banks, including providing them this capital at a below par, a below fair market, of a market that should have existed but didn't exist?
Well, Congressman, as you know, the market when we did this
There was no market.
Most banks couldn't raise private capital.
But we're in a better market today.
One of the reasons for the question is you've thrown $350 billion, including AIG and so on, out there.
You're coming back for another $350 billion.
If in fact what we discover, and I believe here today,
Is that your $350 billion, and we'll just look at $250 billion, we'll leave AIG, which is a whole other can of worms, aside.
If that money, in fact, is a subsidy arriving at a price below the fair market price, thus causing banks to choose you, including banks in my district, choose you instead of other capital, all you've really done is give them a discount capital.
Now, the reason I ask that is, how large is the capital base necessary for the banking industry in America?
Do you have any idea?
Isn't it about 55 trillion, plus or minus?
In terms of assets or capital?
The size of the market, if you will.
That sounds about right.
I don't have the numbers in my fingers.
So you'd have to put several trillion dollars in to be the owner, if you will, of that base.
Of all the capital.
Even with the multiple.
So, the reason I'm asking all this, and I know I've got to yield back my error, I've extended my time, and just follow up one last time.
If all you're doing is moving
Your money in at a discount to banks and entities like American Express and GMAC and everybody else who's rushing to become a bank holding company today as a result of this deal, then at the end of the day we will have bought stock at too high a price or debt at too low an interest rate, however you want to look at these preferred instruments, and we will have moved people to other capital
Well, Congressman, when you have a market that is dysfunctional,
Any deal that we would put in, because we'd be the only provider of capital, would by definition be better than the non-available capital in the middle of a crisis.
So yes, we did offer attractive terms to stabilize the market.
But those dollars, I believe, are not coming in until the United States quits subsidizing in competition to private sector dollars that would ask for a better return, and undoubtedly would say that dividends and excess compensation would have to be curtailed until they were getting their returns.
I thank the gentleman, and there was a reason why I
I voted with the gentleman twice on this same question, the bailout.
We now recognize for a period of ten minutes Mr. Cummings of Maryland.
Mr. Cummings, you can proceed with your question.
Thank you very much, Mr. Chairman.
Mr. Kerry, I must say that as I have sat here listening to your answers, I have been disappointed.
I think that
You have kind of skipped around the issues here and I say that because when I saw pictures of you I thought, you know, I said this looks like a guy that'll be a straight shooter.
So I'm going to ask you some questions, sir.
And I don't say that trying to embarrass you.
I say it because life is short and I don't have time to hearing around the rosy answers.
Let me go back to something the Chairman said.
He talked about how, whether you understood that when foreclosures take place, he said, he asked you, did you realize that it also affects the housing in the communities?
In other words, you sell a foreclosed house, it's lower price, price value goes down.
Let me ask you this follow-up question to that.
You also understand
That when price value goes down, local government is affected.
Because it's based upon the tax dollars are based upon that.
And it just goes on and on and on.
So it's a very serious problem that we are dealing with here.
Do you, and I guess what I'm, I always, every time I sit in these hearings, I always try to put myself in the position of my constituents who are watching this.
Because when I come home, hopefully I'll get home about 3 o'clock today, I live in the inner city of Baltimore, and believe me, when I go to the supermarket tonight, when I go take my daughter to the movies this evening, I promise you people are going to ask me about you.
And what they're going to say is, Cummings, we watched the hearing, we heard that guy, Cash Carey, but I'm losing my house today.
And they're going to ask the question.
They're going to say, well, we heard about the Citigroup thing where I've got to be three months behind before I can get help.
And we heard that guy, Cash Carey, we know he's in charge of the $700 billion.
What can he tell me today?
I do not want a handout.
I just want a hand.
I want to pay my mortgage.
I just need a little help because this Bush administration
And his policies has put me in a position where I don't have a job.
Or I'm now working a part-time job.
Help me, did I miss something Cummings?
What can Mr. Kashkari, did I, did he say something to help me know how I can help my family?
That's what they're asking.
They are in pain.
Now I'm giving you your, you're on TV.
You're the man.
I don't know how much we're paying you, but you are our employee.
And I'm asking you to look in the camera, somewhere back here, and tell those people what you are doing.
They hear about the bailouts of Wall Street.
They hear that their tax dollars are being paid to AIG and these people going on these junkets and all that.
They hear all of that.
But they feel like it's ring around the rosy.
They hear a lot of nice talk,
But they're still being put out of their houses.
They hear Paulson get up and talk about all this wonderful stuff, but they still are worried about whether they're going to come home and their stuff, all of their furniture is going to be on the street.
Those are the people that I represent.
So I'm begging you to please tell me exactly what is being done.
And then I want you to do something else.
With Fannie Mae,
Announcing Monday that it had lost 29 billion dollars and you talked about all the wonderful things that Fannie Mae is going to do.
I'm wondering how that affects, I know we got a hundred billion that can go into their coffers, but how does that affect them helping that guy that I just talked about?
And I'm saying, I mean I hear you guys talk about the urgency of the market and all of that, but
Something tells me that you need, and I think this is where the Chairman is coming from, you know, we can fix Wall Street, but it seems like there's a bucket down there at the bottom.
These people that are being thrown out of their houses, it's like a bucket with a hole in it.
So whatever you do for Wall Street, if you're not saving these mortgages and helping people stay afloat, and by the way, saving some pain,
I mean, it makes no sense.
And so, help me with that.
Because my people don't believe that you all care about them.
And I hate to tell you that, but they don't.
And they're angry.
Let me say two things, please.
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Here we go.
Let me say two things, please.
One, the legislation that we asked for
We asked for it to try to stabilize and prevent a complete financial collapse of our financial system.
And that was not to help Wall Street.
That was to help every American.
Please, sir.
No, let me tell you something.
I understand that.
That's why I voted for it.
Yes, sir.
But let me tell you, when we gave them money, when we gave the banks money, they still weren't loaning any money.
Let's talk about that, because we are passionate about getting the banks to loan money in our communities to help our small businesses and to help our homeowners.
First of all, we allocated $250 billion for banks of all sizes across the country, and just about half the money is out the door today.
I think we're going to approve another 20 banks today, large and small, across the country.
Potentially thousands of banks are applying, and it's going to take a few months to process the thousands of transactions to get the money out the door.
So we're working as fast as we can.
We're working around the clock to process all these to get the money in our community banks.
It's not a stimulus.
It's not an economic
Mr. Kashkari, in the neighborhood I grew up in, in the inner city of Baltimore, one of the things that you tried to do was make sure that you were not considered a chump.
And what Chump meant was that you didn't want people to see you as just somebody they could get over on.
And I'm just wondering how you feel about an AIG giving 503 million dollars worth of bonuses out of one hand
And accepting $154 billion from hard-working taxpayers.
You know, because I'm trying to get, I'm trying to make sure you get it.
You know?
I mean, and you know what, what really bothers me?
Is because all these other people who are lined up.
They say, well, is Kashkari a chump?
We can just go in there, and I'm not saying they are, I don't know.
We can go in there, we'll get some money, and you know what AIG did?
They even will tell you they're coming back for some more.
And they have the nerve, the nerve, to grant some 503 million dollars worth of bonuses.
I'm just wondering, do you all say to yourself, boy this doesn't look too good?
And I'm wondering about them, if it was strictly from a PR standpoint, and I know nothing about PR, but one thing I do know, I wouldn't want to be asking my friend for some money to help me stay afloat, and if I didn't get the money I'd be out of business, and then for my friend,
I say, okay, I'm really struggling.
Then my friend, who can barely afford to go to McDonald's, then walks around and sees me in a restaurant costing $150 a meal.
There's absolutely something wrong with that picture.
And so I wonder, do you all, I mean, does that go through your head?
Or is it just me?
Am I missing something?
No, Congressman, I saw the same images that you saw of the parties, and I share your frustration with that.
What about the $503 million worth of bonuses?
Let's talk about that, because I heard about that this morning, I think as you did, in the paper, and I asked my colleagues to check on it.
I said, what is this?
Because I was outraged when I saw the headlines.
What was explained to me is that this was money, apparently, and I'm not defending it, but this is money that had already been paid
to employees that were set aside in a separate fund that they would get if they left AIG.
And we need AIG to keep running as a company so that it can sell off its assets and pay back the taxpayers.
And so from what's been explained to me is that this money that had already been paid but set aside to the employees was now released so that the employees did not have an incentive to quit.
Because we need them to keep working so that they can sell off the assets and pay back the taxpayers.
We need them to keep working, but guess what?
There are a whole lot of people that can replace them because there are so many people losing their jobs.
This is an employer's market today.
That's true, sir.
Come on now.
There are people, I guarantee you, there are people who are lined up saying, please quit.
So I can get a job!
If I may take the prerogative as chair to say, I don't think anyone questions Mr. Kashkari that you're working hard.
Our question is who you're working for.
Alright folks, that is it for this transmission.
Again, rebroadcast starts now with Gerald Cilente, Max Keiser, and many others on the internet at InfoWars.com and PrisonPlanet.tv on those exclusive streams.
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I'm Alex Jones signing off.
Great job with the crew and the sponsors.
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