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Air Date: Oct. 12, 2008
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Thank you for listening to GCA.
It's four o'clock.
IRN USA Radio News.
I'm Pete Levallee.
With global markets closed for the weekend, it gives international leaders time to talk before taking more action on the worldwide financial crisis.
As for any Americans considering protecting just our own, Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson says isolationism and protectionism are not the way to contain the damage.
Correspondent Tim McGuire is covering the World Bank meeting in Washington.
Politicians and economists want to avoid, at all costs, the go-it-alone, protectionist approach that made things so much worse during the Great Depression.
The World Bank's policy board is meeting today in Washington.
The group has already issued a warning that the global economic crisis is a greater threat to the poorest nations.
That's because they're already wracked by growing food and fuel costs, and bigger countries may not be able to help them survive.
Tim McGuire, Washington.
This is RM, USA Radio News.
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One home and three motorhomes have gone up in flames from a wildfire on Angeles National Forest.
One that's forced the evacuation of some 1,200 people 20 miles north of downtown L.A.
In addition to the people, there were large animal evacuations.
So we had fire trucks going in, hot shot crews going in, aircraft overhead, and horse trailers that were bringing those animals out.
The U.S.
Forest Service says firefighters are now gaining ground on the fire.
In Northern California, authorities say a rock struck by a car ignited a wildfire in California's Napa Valley that destroyed a home and a barn and threatened several wineries.
The car's owner tried to extinguish the fire when it broke out Friday afternoon, but strong winds in the hills near the town of St.
Helena caused the fire to spread quickly.
Full containment expected today.
And pirates off Somalia have apparently fought off an attempt by Somali forces to retake a ship seized for ransom last Thursday.
For news and analysis online, log on to irnnews.com.
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In Damascus, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas says he wants an end to the rift with Hamas.
The rift that dates back to over a year.
Abbas says no one is happy to see the current divisions continuing.
He added no one would ever respect us if we go on.
A reconciliation already appears in the works.
Zimbabwe appears to be headed back into political crisis.
The leader of the opposition is threatening to pull out of a national unity government if President Robert Mugabe refuses to cede control of key ministries.
He accuses Mugabe of power grabbing.
At least a dozen people have died after a strong earthquake struck Chechnya and other parts of Russia's Northern Caucasus region today.
The quake registered a magnitude of 5.3.
The death toll expected to rise.
A new accord has been reached on nuclear proliferation.
Correspondent Connie Long reports.
The United States has agreed to take North Korea off the list of nations sponsoring terrorism.
In exchange, North Korea has once again agreed to cease processing of nuclear material which can be used for weapons.
It is also supposed to stop exporting weapons material to dangerous regimes and terrorist organizations.
The U.S., U.N., and other countries are supposed to have access to North Korea to continue inspections at will.
The arrangement will be cancelled if North Korea violates the agreement.
Connie Lawn, IRN USA Radio News, Washington.
I'm Pete Lavallee, IRN USA Radio News.
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Now live from Austin, Texas.
He is Alex Jones.
Thank you for joining us.
It is October 12, 2008.
We're going to be live here for the next two hours.
Coming up in the next hour, attorney Phil Berg, prominent lawyer.
He is a
Going to be joining us.
He has been trying to force the federal government, which they would normally do for any other candidate, to release the birth certificate of Barack Obama and other accompanying documents, passport information, to prove that he was actually eligible to be a presidential candidate and president.
For those that don't know, there's questions with both men.
John McCain, of course, was born in the Panama Canal zone.
But when he was born there, that area was controlled by the United States.
It was controlled by the United States until 2000.
But he had to be on a U.S.
military base, and he lied and said that he was born on a base that was not open or built until about a year after he was born.
So it's clear that John McCain is not eligible.
As bad as that is, Barack Obama is even less eligible.
It's even more clear.
And the campaign could have easily released this information.
Now, we don't have a dog in this fight.
Both candidates are bought and paid for by the New World Order, by the global corporate system that we're going to be talking about today that's engineering the economic collapse.
The point is that this is going to be a very serious issue, and if Barack Obama wins,
Which is looking like he's going to win.
He's seven to ten points ahead in almost every poll.
Then this is a way to discredit him later by other governments or people in our own country.
And certainly a way to blackmail him and control him.
So he's very, very, very compromised.
And if he isn't compromised there enough, it's all the connections to the PLO, the People's Liberation
of course, and many, many others.
So, quite a sordid past there with Barack H. Obama, talking with Phil Berg coming up in about 55 minutes from now.
What I wanted to get into in the first hour, and in the latter part of the next hour as well, I'm not going to spend the whole day on this Obama thing, is the economy.
Now, if you go to PrisonPlanet.com, one of my flagship websites, InfoWars.com and PrisonPlanet.com are my two major sites.
I have several others.
You can go over on the right-hand side in the News in Focus area, and you can read a story that Paul Joseph Watson, one of my writers, put together earlier this week, titled, You Saw It Here First.
Economic Crash, Banker Stickup Predicted Long Ago.
And you can read articles that we wrote four years ago, three years ago, two years ago, a year ago, six months ago, detailing not just the current economic implosion.
But predicting it would be in 2008, early 2009, predicting it would start with derivatives, and that's the securities where they take credit card debt, bundle it together, sell it as a asset, AAA rated, solid gold, when it's total garbage.
When they take home loans, mortgages, and bundle them.
When they take credit card debt, bundle it and sell it.
But that's only one small area of derivatives.
There are hundreds of different types.
And then there are derivatives on derivatives and different indexes and things that make Las Vegas look as pure as a driven snow.
Compared to this level of gambling and corruption.
But I want you to go there and watch the video clips, the radio clips, the scores of articles we wrote, the congressman we had on, the Nobel Prize winners.
We had two on for economics, Stiklitz and one other.
All the other top experts saying years ago this was in the works and the IMF and World Bank were fully aware of it.
We're good to go.
So, go there.
You saw it here first.
Economic crash.
Banker stick-up predicted long ago.
I mean, there's lots of people that talk out there, but we don't just talk.
We give you the evidence, the facts.
I told you almost three years ago, we covered Bilderberg Group.
We were able to get moles inside to get us documentation.
I was actually even arrested trying to cover it and detained and we came out on air and I came out on this show and many other radio shows, other people's radio shows and said the bankers have decided to implode the derivatives market starting with the subprime mortgages in 2008.
And it's all come true.
So the point is, if you're not paying attention to this radio show, if you haven't paid attention to the things we claim and the things we say, we put our money where our mouth is.
And as John Wayne said, it's no bragging, it's just fact.
In fact, I'm very, very upset that I am right.
It's very upsetting to know that this is unfolding and leading towards a worldwide depression within two years.
We said the start would be in 2008 and it would deepen into 2010.
Our experts said that.
And, of course, all the real experts know what's going on.
The talking heads they put on national TV, those are the liars that keep you in the false political paradigm.
So, you saw it here first.
Economic crash.
Banker stick-up predicted long ago.
There's a lot of different facets to this, but here's the bottom line.
The very inner sanctum of the New World Order, a select group of families, less than 20, that own the central banks of the world, the Federal Reserve, the Bank of England, the Bundesbank, they are all private.
And they put into their international holding company, IMF World Bank, funds to go loan third world nations, funds they created out of nowhere.
But they tie those fiat funds, those confetti funds, like Monopoly money, to real assets like your 401k, the stock market, pension funds, and they have leveraged your savings, the money that you have in the stock market and other investments, into all of this.
And so now, all the thousands of trillions of real investments
We're good to go.
Started moving into safer assets, into commodities, into infrastructure, into media, into research, into mines and shipyards and ship companies and grain, food.
And we saw that they were openly discussing in policy reports the fact that derivatives were going to blow up and they were going to allow them to blow up by cutting off the banking funds to further derivative type investments.
And about two years ago, they fully turned the spigot off.
And now, two years later, you're seeing the effects of that.
Now, they are still turning the spigot off to Main Street, to Sally Soccer Mom and Joe Six Pack, to companies, to the real economy, to GM and Ford.
They are turning the spigot off to that.
While terrorizing the public saying if you don't guarantee government-backed liquidity of over five trillion dollars, that's what Bloomberg and AP and others reported accurately, is really in the banker bailout bill.
We're now every day hearing about the new powers that are in there that we told you about weeks ago.
Now the media is announcing them to you piecemeal saying, oh they have unlimited power, they have dictatorial power to now take your money, which they're telling you is to get Main Street going, and to inject it directly into their coffers.
And it's not bad enough to have the conflict of interest, the insider trading, the man who helped change the rules, lobby to have the rules changed to allow this to happen, the current head of the Treasury, Paulson, to have him be the former head of Goldman Sachs just a year and a half ago.
Then he goes to Mr. Kashkari, his gopher, his assistant, his minion, one of many vice presidents there who's always at his side.
This is his assistant, his minion.
To hand out the $5 trillion dollars.
Yeah, forget $700 billion, $851 billion, forget $1 trillion.
Now the news is admitting $2 trillion.
It's $5 trillion conservatively.
Some market analysts are saying that they could really get $10 trillion out of this.
To give you an idea, the defense budget, the biggest ever, was $1 trillion this year.
The defense budget they just passed for next year.
To give you an idea, the entire GDP is around $3 trillion of this country.
Ten trillion, but let's just say it's five trillion.
They now take that money, put it into their coffers, then they implode the economy and use the money they've transferred from us to come in and buy up homes, farms, ranches, companies, to make GM hand itself over to Chrysler, which is owned by European Central Banks.
So this is a military operation.
It's why the bankers are in control.
The bankers, quote, make their money when they destroy assets and call in the loan.
They're calling in the loan on the U.S.
It's an inside job set up.
We'll tell you about it when we get back.
Stay with us.
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The number of the mounted troops was 200 million, the vast majority of the population of the US.
Though the people of the US, where their numbers and influence are strongest, have primary responsibility for reigning them in and bringing them to justice, all nations will participate since they reside the world over.
They are called Illuminati, elite, proponents of the New World Order.
They oppose everything that is God and truth.
They are of the line that was disinherited 2,000 years ago.
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Exposing corruption.
Dismantling the false left-right paradigm.
He's Alex Jones.
On Friday and Saturday, the world witnessed the lame duck President Bush, with less than 100 days left in office, 99 to be exact, and financial leaders from nations rich and poor, pledged Saturday to intensify their efforts to unlock a frozen financial system before it does more damage to an increasingly shaky global economy.
Gotta love it, the people that have engineered all this, posing as the saviors.
You see, the same people that own the Federal Reserve and the Bank of England.
The same people that owned the private German banks.
Not all the banks, not the low-level banks that you think of as a bank that gives you a loan.
The private central banks.
The private families that control the issuance of currency and credit.
The Federal Reserve is private.
The Bank of England is private.
They're privately owned.
And so you have these world financial leaders, via the governments, meeting and pledging to give unlimited power
To the private inner coterie of the central banks.
Now, we told you what was in there, and the same legislation has been passed in England.
Carbon taxes.
You will be paying carbon taxes on what you breathe and what you eat and what you do.
A feudalist tax, a surf tax, to the private banks.
They have that set up.
You'll pay directly to them.
They will be able to have new regulations that they put on low-level and mid-level economic organizations, banks, insurance companies, brokerage firms, and so they can break all the rules.
They can do whatever they want.
They get all of our money, our currency.
They get to use it now while it still has value.
Over the next two years, it will fully devalue our currency.
Things will then even implode more, and the central banks of the world will have even more power and real assets.
To be able to buy up everything else for pennies on the dollar, or pennies on the pound, or pennies on the euro, or pennies on the yen, or yon, or pennies on the ruble, or the shekel, or the denarii.
That's what banks do.
It's a massive economic monopoly game.
They change the laws in Europe and the United States simultaneously in the mid-90s.
Simultaneously a 95 and then a 99.
Simultaneously, just like they acted simultaneously to cut interest rates that will devalue the dollar even more.
Because it's the world reserve currency.
And because people now won't buy those securities.
Look, it's all very complex.
Bottom line, it is stated in IMF and World Bank documents.
It is stated in Club of Rome documents.
It is stated in Trilateral Commission documents.
We've written articles about it.
We have the quotes.
This is public.
That they are orchestrating this, and I've come on the air day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year, telling you this was coming in 2008.
And it would only deepen until 2010.
Now, I also told you, on record, they would propose, and they now have in the Wall Street Journal, and the Sunday Times of London, and everywhere else, every major publication, a New World Order!
That's the headline.
Just Google, New World Order, in Google News.
Don't only pull up news sources.
Hundreds of articles, all mainstream, going, Oh my God, the banking crisis caused by a few greedy Americans that lied on their applications.
Oh, we'll have to have a world government run by the bankers and never let this happen again!
Private banks did the same thing for 30 years, up until 1913, and then advertised the private Federal Reserve to fix it all, then they gave us an even bigger depression.
I'm somewhat of a historian, only because it's so interesting, and I've studied quite a bit about the Great Depression.
They would call in whole loans on houses, cars, on farms,
And people might have paid $100,000 over 20 years for a farm, and they only owned $1,000, $2,000.
They said, they were calling it in.
And the banks had cut off the money supply as they implemented the Depression.
And they would send out Pinkerton Security, the National Guard, the Army, and there were hundreds of cases in Kentucky, and hundreds in Colorado, and hundreds in the Dakotas, and New York, and New Jersey, and Michigan, and Texas.
Where they would come up with troops and they would just mow whole farms down.
They would, hundreds, there were pitched battles between hundreds of farmers trying to keep their farms in the military.
The U.S.
You would have World War I bonus strikers who 20-something years later had never gotten their bonus they were promised.
And they would peacefully go to the Capitol and camp out and they sent in tanks and men on horseback with machine guns and killed hundreds.
And now you see the same thing.
The news saying, yeah, the Army's got brigades ready for this if there's any financial riots.
Yeah, they've been training police and the military for financial riots for years.
For years, I've been telling you about it, gearing up for it.
That's right.
And then we have a story out of the Boston Globe last night, postponing the election.
Is it a joke or is it?
And the article never really gives any facts or proof.
It just says that basically we're liars.
But then at the end of the story, he says, well actually it's true, we are actually already under martial law with Presidential Decision Directive 51.
And they go on to say, you know, the Democrats think George Bush is going to declare martial law to keep Barack Obama out of office.
And they link to sites that post my news.
They don't link to InfoWars.com or Prisbane.com.
They link to sites that have my story posted.
So they're linked to my stories.
The stories that Paul Watson and Kurt Nemo put out in the last couple weeks on this about martial law, and with the interviews with Congressmen and the rest of them.
They don't put that in the article, they just link to it.
Where Congress was told, you pass this or you will be thrown out and martial law will be declared.
The executive can't tell the legislative that.
They're not above them.
In fact, the government says things are co-equal.
That's not really true.
The legislative is really above the judicial and the executive.
If you really read the balance, the majority of the arguments by the founders.
I just so happen to have read all that and had constitutional scholars on, because it's so interesting.
Because if you know history, you know the future.
So, the Congress is above the President.
They pass the laws, they have the separation of powers, the Founders put the most power in the body that had the most diversity and the biggest number of people, knowing it'd be hard for a dictatorship to take over that with hundreds of members.
Five hundred and something today.
But the executive tells them, you will pass this or we will dissolve the Congress.
And then the media calls it a rumor.
But the point here is, I'm not saying George Bush is going to declare martial law.
We're already under martial law when Congress has threatened, do this or you'll be dissolved.
That is martial law.
And I told you George Bush is a nobody puppet.
I told you all these powers would be given to a John McCain or Barack Obama.
Probably a Barack Obama.
And Barack Obama has gotten three times the contributions from Wall Street, the private bankers that own this country through fraud, and four times from Goldman Sachs, which is running the receivership operation for the private families.
They're just the hired thug to do it.
And so we lay out exactly what's going to happen, and the Boston Globe kind of tongue-in-cheek makes jokes about it but then links to a lot of proof that it is happening, but makes it a conspiracy where if we don't see martial law in the next 23 days, 24 days,
That it was all made up, because you've got Naomi Wolf, and you've got Amy Goodman, the liberals, out saying, they're seeing all this freaking out, thinking, oh my God, it's George Bush, because they can't see the evil in the Democratic Party.
The Democrats are owned by the very same people.
Barack Obama comes in, he's the new FDR, we go into the police state receivership.
We're under martial law with these checkpoints, and face scanning cameras, and everything tracking us, and
The banks, the private banks owning and running the government and threatening martial law to the Congress if they don't submit.
So we'll come back and break down what's really happening and take your calls.
Stay with us.
I'm Alex Jones.
These are the times that tribe men's souls.
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Twelve months ago, the British Ministry of Defense released their ten-year prospectus, what they believe would happen in the next ten years.
They said the derivatives market would implode in the near future.
Worldwide Marshall Law would be instated.
We wrote big articles about it, linked to it, had experts from Britain on about it.
I told you, of course, about nine years ago,
We read federal documents on air how they plan to put license plate reading cameras in nationwide and about four years ago you saw the headline Florida Town reads the plates and runs the background of everybody that drives through it.
Well here is the news today Portland Tribune got a link to it up on InfoWars.com
We could all be tracked.
Cops test license plate cameras that store trace all data.
Everyone is recorded.
Everyone is tracked.
They're just letting local police dial into it.
Those traffic cameras, they told you were for traffic five, six years ago?
It was in the Pentagon documents that that is a military control grid for NORTHCOM.
That's your government now, not Congress, but the military.
What did Thomas Barnett, one of the top war specialists and futurists at the Navy, have to say on C-SPAN?
He said, we work for the banks, we work for Wall Street.
Wall Street is foreign.
Austin is one of the wealthiest, richest towns in the United States.
I know a lot of prominent people, people who are part of the New World Order but, quote, don't like it, and they have been leaving the country for five years.
What have I been telling you?
Saying, quote, financially the United States won't exist.
The United States is going to be the epicenter of an economic hydrogen bomb going off worldwide.
By design.
There isn't time to suck your thumbs anymore and deny what I'm saying.
There's only time to go research what I'm saying and find out it's true.
Because politically, the American people have already gotten their head out of the sand.
Two weeks ago, they told Congress, we do not want this banker bailout plan.
These are mainly foreign-owned banks.
That's why you now hear they're bailing out foreign banks.
Our banks are foreign, basically out of Europe.
They figured the scam out hundreds of years ago.
The Ponzi schemes.
And we don't want you to do that!
And so, the President had his group on financial markets not prop up the stock market that Monday.
That still didn't terrorize the public into submission.
The public did not go along with the threat.
And so the President's Working Group on Financial Markets did not bail the stock market out that Monday evening.
It dropped around $1,200,000,000 to be technical, $1,200,000,000.3.
Then, it dropped another $3,000,000,000 in value since then from its high of last year, this week, its high last year on Thursday of $14,000,000 down to right around $8,000,000.
And it's only going to go down more.
Now, we told you on this show, we said, you watch, they pass that banker takeover bill, that's what it said, a small group of private banks, not your bank on Main Street, but the private families that own the Federal Reserve.
If you do that, they are going to hammer the stock market down to nothing because they want to buy it up cheap.
And then we gave all the documents and linked to them on the website.
I mean, we have them engineering it.
We have them doing it.
And look, if you can't figure that out intellectually or economically,
If you can't figure out what I'm saying, I know most of you can but some probably can't, those that tune into mainstream media and are basically brain damaged from bars from the fluoride you drink.
If you can't figure out what I'm saying there, you never saw a president or a prime minister or a democratic leader of the house or senator, republican leader, the speaker of the house, whatever, come out and say depression, depression, depression, we're going to have a depression.
But they came out for two weeks terrorizing the public, trying to get the public behind this banker takeover bill.
That's what it is.
Unlimited power.
The power for the select group to take over other banks and other brokerage firms and insurance companies.
And private companies separate from the financial system.
And what did they do?
What did they do?
They dropped the market.
Thousands and thousands and thousands of points from 11,000 down to 8,000.
And then they have a world summit and say we need a world banking elite now to be in complete power.
And what happened?
I told you when they passed that the stock market would plunge and what happened?
It plunged!
Because the enemy is out in the open with what they're doing.
Now, the Boston Globe can make jokes all day, postponing the election, is it a joke or is it?
And I'm surprised even this much truth could come out in a major paper, but you ought to go read it.
But they don't ever mention what the congressman had to say.
The fact that multiple congressmen, Democrats and Republicans, were threatened with martial law if they didn't go along with it.
Now last week when I heard this on C-SPAN, I didn't just stop there.
I called and had the congressman on.
Here it is.
The only way they can pass this bill is by creating and sustaining a panic atmosphere.
That atmosphere is not justified.
Many of us were told in private conversations that if we voted against this bill on Monday, that the sky would fall, the market would drop two or three thousand points the first day, another couple thousand the second day, and a few members were even told that there would be martial law in America if we voted no.
That's what I call fear-mongering.
Proven wrong.
We've got a week, we've got two weeks to write a good bill.
The only way to write, to pass a bad bill, keep the panic pressure on.
Now, what has the Senate done to this bill?
Now, that's from C-SPAN.
Now, they knew that bad-mouthing the market for weeks, saying depression would make the general public and institutional investors, cities, counties, states, and that's the biggest amount of investment, pull out.
And they did.
And so while they sit up there saying, oh, things are bad, depression, boy, give us more power, they are the ones orchestrating it all, while the money is given to the select inside group of banks to go and forcibly with regulators take over those banks, take over those institutions.
Meanwhile, Chrysler, GM, have merger talks, sources report.
Chrysler is in talks with General Motors Corporation about a deal to combine the number one, number three automakers at a time when both are struggling to cut costs and shore up cash, according to three people familiar with the matter.
That's from Reuters.
So, again, every U.S.
asset being bought up.
That'll be done with taxpayer money and handed over to Chrysler.
Scramble to save banks as IMF warns of meltdown from Reuters.
Again, more fear-mongering from the central banks.
Give us unlimited power or it's going to be financial Armageddon.
Financial terrorism.
Here's another one from Reuters.
Markets to fall another 20 percent.
More at most.
IMF economist.
In a worst-case scenario, markets could fall more than 20 percent but there is practically zero chance
Another Great Depression, International Monetary Fund Chief Economist Oliver Blanchard was quoted as saying on Sunday.
Really, we don't have an economy left here in the United States.
All we have is debt and rolling debt over into our houses and getting a new mortgage on another house we flip.
I mean, this is a total setup.
Meanwhile, the sheriff in Chicago halts foreclosure evictions, Reuters reports.
That's actually something sensible to do.
I mean, if you're going to be bailing out international bankers,
Why should they be forcing people out of their homes?
I mean, I'm not a socialist, but we shouldn't just have socialism only for the banking elite and not the people who are going to have it.
Gold runs out in German rush.
Gold runs out in German rush.
London Evening Standard.
Risk-averse Germans are turning to gold in trouble sometimes, but there's none left.
German gold dealers say demand has skyrocketed in the past week to ten times normal as more orders
Can be taken for the foreseeable future.
No more orders can be taken.
The demand exceeds our capabilities by a great deal, said Helco Ganass, head of precious metals company ProUrnum.
The request cannot be satisfied right now.
A dealer from the Dusseldorf WGZ Bank confirmed.
And it goes on to say the country has run out of gold.
The U.S.
Mint has suspended gold sales.
The Canadian Mint doesn't have any maple leaves left.
Other mints are running out.
The Russian Mint doesn't have it.
And why don't they have it?
Because the private banks have derivatives and have leveraged and played all sorts of games, this has been admitted, on suppressing the price of paper.
Paper gold.
Or people that hold paper in the price of gold.
And so banks and mints can't buy gold at its real price of around $1,500.
They can't do that.
Because that's the real price of gold.
And so, but because the financial dictatorship says gold only costs $850 an ounce, you see, no one can get it.
And so they can't issue the coin anymore.
This is the utter mind control that we're under.
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They don't have to worry about the oddities of the world taking over and wrecking their lives.
I've always wanted to be a good provider.
And I'm not going to change that now, just because the economy's in upheaval, and because there's a lot of political and social uncertainty, and I hear about global famines, and I see the escalating prices in gas and food and oil.
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You're listening to GCN.
The Genesis Communication Radio Network.
Brazil, Guatemala, Nigeria.
They did it back in the mid-90s in Japan.
And we know what we're talking about here.
A depression will be devastating, but the banks need to do that.
They need to have a long-controlled economic collapse.
They want to have an incremental one, not an overnight one, so they can further expand their control of the world economy.
And they want to, out of the crisis they've created,
Blame it on the public and claim that subprime mortgages did it.
That's one small part.
They packaged those bad loans and sold them repeatedly.
So, the people are not to blame.
In that respect, the people are to blame for being slovenly, being ignorant, not being involved in their government, letting the private banks take over.
If you study U.S.
history in its first hundred years, everything was about the private banks.
Everything was about stopping them taking over.
People understood that.
Thomas Jefferson.
Of course, you have the famous case of Burr, you know, in a shootout duel, killing Alexander Hamilton, who wanted to have private banks take over.
And have a king, wanted George Washington to be a king.
We have Andrew Jackson fighting the British banks taking over.
On his deathbed, they said, what are you most proud of?
And he said, I killed the bank on his deathbed at the Hermitage there in Tennessee.
So politically, if we can expose that
These guys need to go to jail, as Congressman Ron Paul said a few weeks ago on this radio show.
He said, yeah, they're guilty.
He listed the crimes.
Bernanke, Paulson, Alan Greenspan, they have engineered this.
And we need to start having discussions and talks about that.
And talks about real ways to help Main Street and rebuild our industry.
Instead of, oh, let's have a bailout of the same New World Order foreign banks that engineered this.
You see, they're creating a world depression, and then they're stocking up with our currency and our money to be able to buy everything up that they don't have while they do that.
Let's go to Justin in LA, and then many, many others that are patiently holding.
Justin, you're on the air worldwide.
Oh, great.
Thank you, Alex.
I mean, Albert Louis Possum.
I'm really excited to be on your show, and I've written down what I wanted to say on air because I'm afraid I'd be too nervous and just get distracted.
Go ahead and shoot.
Okay, I want to tell you a story.
I'm hopping mad right now with all the things that I thought I'd call about.
Like, I've been researching depleted uranium, chemtrails, which I have almost 2,000 photographs of.
I'm talking about my martial law experience in Los Angeles.
Last month, September, I'm sorry, September 14th at 11 p.m., I was walking down to the end of my street to go to 7-Eleven and get a gallon of water because the tap water here is... You're engaging in Al-Qaeda activity, alright.
You're outside, you're not supposed to be a slave.
I only get one house down from my apartment complex and this Lawndale sheriff's deputy, Tony Torres, shines a spotlight on me from about 15 feet away.
I turn and look, he screams at me to come over there and put my hands on the hood of the car.
I ask why, because I know he has no probable cause.
I hesitate.
And after a moment of him screaming at me to come over there and spread my legs, I go over to the car, he runs up behind me, pulls my hand behind my back, and starts taking everything out of my pocket and patting me down without consent.
Okay, now, long story short, why?
Well, he told me that there...
I said this isn't Nazi Germany or Communist Russia.
He says I have to do this.
This is, you know, this is a high crime area.
I have to do this.
Yeah, that happens.
I'll leave my office at like midnight a lot, and just anybody walking to the convenience store that's next door, the cops just wait in the dark and turn their lights on, then frisk them and shake them down, which sounds good, but they're doing nothing about stopping all the real cry on the open borders, you know, the rest of it.
That's what I told this guy, because I talked to him for about a half an hour after he did this.
He told me it's California law that I must have photo ID on me.
Yeah, that failure to ID thing has been thrown out a million times, but they still force it.
Failure to ID has been thrown out.
There's a Supreme Court case from Austin, Texas.
There's quite a few on it, but one from Austin, Texas in the mid-80s, 1984.
And it's totally unlawful.
It's totally criminal.
But they've all been trained.
They're doing this, treating us all like prisoners.
The kids are prisoners in school for our safety.
No, it's for the Banker's Takeover Power.
I appreciate your call, sir.
Let's go ahead now and talk to Jay N. Mass.
You're on the air, go ahead.
Hey, Mickey Dittles, Alex.
Hey, buddy, what's up?
Nothing much.
I was wondering about, what do you think about 1013 tomorrow?
Apparently it's supposed to be some anniversary for the death of the Templars or something like that.
So I think it'd be a good idea to watch out and see what goes on tomorrow.
Well, a lot of people put a lot of dates on things and we don't generally do that.
You know, we just covered the facts that we're able to, but Friday the 13th is known as bad luck.
I mentioned that, by the way, last week, strangely enough, because that's when the Pope in France and Spain rounded up the Knights Templars and took their money and killed a bunch of them, and the rest of them fled to Scotland.
Let's go ahead and talk to Bill in Pennsylvania.
Bill, you're on the air.
Yes, sir.
Uh, yeah, no, I was listening to your show last week about, you were talking about the Zeitgeist Addendum, right?
Yeah, I said, film online, and I was talking about claims that we're not going to have any classes in this wonderful utopia ran by machines, and I said, funny, the New World Order says they're going to have a utopia run by machines, but the majority of us will be exterminated.
Okay, anyway, I just wanted to mention that I went to their, they have the Zeitgeist Movement,
It's really strange when you're talking to people about things that you've done research on.
They look at you like you have an eye in the middle of your forehead, you know?
But there's a lot of different kind of movements going on, right?
Each of them separately don't draw enough people, I think.
But all these separate movements, if put together,
There's a lot more people, you know what I mean?
No, I know.
The problem with that is you can't combine all the different alternative media groups and different movements of different ideas in together and, you know, have them agree.
Because other groups aren't going to agree with each other.
That's not how this is going to work.
We need a grassroots movement of people waking up, getting involved, and having a public debate.
And I wasn't attacking Zeitgeist on my radio show when I played a few clips of it.
I was telling the story of Zeitgeist.
You know, I've gotten a lot of attacks and a lot of hate because people don't agree with the movie Zeitgeist, quite a few people.
And then the guy used a bunch of clips from my films in it.
And so then I got the blame as if I was premeditatedly involved and all that when I wasn't.
Now later he called up and got authorization to use some clips because you can't really say no when they're already doing it.
The point is, is that they cover the 9-11s and inside jobs, there's a new world order, there's a private banking system running things, the monetary system's a fraud.
I overall think it's a good film.
I agree with about 95% of it.
But then they put out an addendum that is, you know, I mean, I know history.
I know that the new world order puts out this view that there'll be no more classes, no more money, no more system.
And then they say we're going to eradicate classes.
That takes force.
There's going to be people that are going to want to quote, claim they're in a class.
There's going to be people that want to own their own private property.
You start talking about getting rid of all that, that's a very serious issue.
And I just did the parallels between the fact that H.G.
Wells, another futurist, eighty, ninety, a hundred years ago, and Karl Marx and others talked about the age of the machines and not having to work as the machines will produce for everybody and make everything wonderful in a land of milk and honey.
And I said, where they've tried all that, that hasn't happened.
Now, certainly, because of technology, humanity really could go to another level.
The point is, is that to just say that it's not dangerous, and to not mention the dangers of that type of centralization, it's a centralization.
And then they're claiming that it's a decentralization.
So, because this has made so much interest, I'm going to try to put a mini-documentary together, you know, a ten-minute blurblet or something.
To break down the facts here, but people need to just see Terror Storm in-game.
They need to see films like Truth Rising, which specifically cover an issue and prove an issue.
You know, the criminal elements of the government staged the 9-11 attacks.
Here's the proof.
Now, don't trust them anymore because they may stage more terror attacks.
Or, here are these private banks.
They're going to orchestrate an implosion.
You know, we're there before it happens telling you what's going to go on.
Not after the fact.
But it's not some arch crime for me to have my free speech and say that when you talk about eradicating money and classes, that every time that's done, you get a Mao Zedong or a Stalin.
I got time to take one more call here?
I don't.
Yeah, we better go ahead and go to break, and then we will come back with our guest, Phil Berg.
He's a prominent lawyer.
He was also the head of a state agency previously to that.
Talking about Barack Obama, is he really a
I mean, Barack Obama, can he really run for president?
I was thinking about Congressman Ron Paul and a club I'm gonna be playing later.
The bottom line is, with anything that says it's too simple, here's a magic bullet, there's gonna be a utopia, we're gonna run it all, no more classes, look out, the blood's gonna flow in the streets.
And that's happened historically, so I pointed it out.
Alright, here comes the news, and we'll be right back after that, stay with me.
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I'm Pete LaVallee.
The weekend has seen an international effort to address the global financial crisis.
World financial leaders have been meeting this weekend in Washington, D.C.
and Paris to talk about resolving the global financial meltdown.
Hoping to speed the process along, President Bush made a surprise visit yesterday to a meeting of the group of 20 finance ministers, saying world leaders are committed to making the right moves to strengthen the global economy.
Here at home, former Treasury Secretary Larry Summers tells ABC's This Week, the current crisis is much more serious than the one that triggered the stock market crash in 1987.
You didn't have the breakdown in all the trading between the banks.
You didn't have the largest banks in the country unwilling to lend to each other.
And that's why we're going to need much more substantial measures today than the ones we needed in 1987.
This is IRN USA Radio News.
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Seven people are reported dead from a car bombing in Baghdad.
A Taliban attack on a key southern town in Afghanistan has reportedly been thwarted with the help of American airstrikes.
Some 60 militants reportedly killed.
Just hours after the United States removed North Korea from a terrorism blacklist, the North announced it will resume dismantling its main nuclear facilities.
Pyongyang halted its nuclear disablement in mid-August in anger over what it called U.S.
A Russian spacecraft is on its way to the International Space Station, this time with another tourist.
American computer game millionaire Richard Garriott reportedly paid 30 million bucks for the 10-day trip.
Two other people are also aboard.
It lifted off from Kazakhstan today.
It is scheduled to dock at the space station on Tuesday.
In the Pacific, Norbert is now a tropical storm.
Forecasters say it'll continue to weaken rapidly after making landfall as a Category 1 hurricane earlier this morning.
For news online, log on to IRNnews.com.
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Fire crews continue to battle a blaze that's burning in the Angeles National Forest near Lakeview Terrace.
Los Angeles Fire Inspector Paul Hartwell says 750 acres were blackened since the blaze first erupted early this morning.
He adds afternoon winds may hinder firefighters efforts.
The winds are supposed to pick up this afternoon into this evening and we're making an aggressive attack with our aircraft trying to take the punch out ahead of this fire and it's actually looking pretty good right now.
Over 200 Los Angeles City and County Fire Department crews and the United States Forest Service firefighters are on the front lines right now.
About 30 homes have been evacuated and there's 5% containment.
At least a dozen people have died after a strong earthquake struck Chechnya and other parts of Russia's Northern Caucasus region early today.
Emergency officials say the quake had a magnitude of 5.3.
The death toll is expected to rise.
On the American political stage, neither John McCain or Barack Obama has any scheduled public events today.
But their running mates do.
Sarah Palin holding a rally in Ohio.
Joe Biden joins Bill and Hillary Clinton in a rally in his hometown of Scranton, Pennsylvania.
The attorney for Marine Corporal Cesar Lorian says his client is fighting extradition to the United States from Mexico.
Lorian was arrested there in April for the murder of pregnant 20-year-old Lance Corporal Maria Lauterbach.
Her remains were found in his backyard near North Carolina's Camp Lejeune last year.
I'm Pete Levallee, IRN USA Radio News.
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Now live from Austin, Texas, here's Alex Jones.
Ear calls and a ton of important news on the economy and the unfolding police state coming up in 30 minutes.
Prominent lawyer and former Deputy Attorney General of Pennsylvania, Phil Berg, is our guest for the next 30 minutes.
And I wanted to get him on because his website, obamacrimes.com, has received about 25 million visits in the last month or so, gotten international attention.
He, of course, has investigated 9-11, been involved in the 9-11 Truth Movement.
He's not what you'd call a right-winger who has an axe to grind against Barack Obama.
He had the question a few months ago raised to him about Obama not being a full U.S.
citizen, the type that could run for president.
The fact of where was he really born?
Was he born in Kenya?
Jerome Corsi tried to go out there last week and was detained for a day trying to investigate that.
Barack Obama has been challenged to release his birth certificate and other documents and as well as passport data that would prove it one way or the other and hasn't.
Now other presidential candidates in the past have released this type of material.
So that's what's so suspicious and he's got a lawsuit in and a court looking at that right now.
And so to break down why this is so serious, we are joined by Phil Berg.
Mr. Berg, thanks for coming on.
My pleasure, Alex.
Haven't seen you in a while.
Good speaking with you.
Last time I physically saw you was up in Chicago for a big event we were having up there, 9-11 Truth, and the 9-11 victim, family member Mrs. Mariani.
Good to have you.
Okay, for the audience that isn't aware of this,
Give them the basic facts we know, and then the big issue that Obama will not disprove this.
And that's why something really is rotten in the state of Denmark.
We know he went to foreign schools.
We know he went to Muslim schools.
I'm not saying that's a bad thing.
The point is he's lied about it.
We know his dad was basically a Muslim.
We know he was raised in other parts of the world.
His mother was a Marxist-Leninist.
He's connected to all these terrorist groups.
There's no doubting it.
He's been caught lying about that.
And there's a question of him even being a citizen.
And why that's important for me is that he's totally compromised then.
Different groups and elements can use that to influence the president.
And it looks like right now with him in about nine, ten points ahead, seven to ten points depending on the poll ahead,
He's a little bit less ahead than the Electoral College, but still ahead there as well.
And that lead widening, this is more important than ever with the election 25 days away.
Absolutely, and it's a total disgrace that the national media continues to protect Obama, not vet him.
Now for 20 months, no questions are raised of him.
And I'm doing this because the most important document in our country is the U.S.
I'm a lifelong Democrat, but I'm pursuing this for the U.S.
And just a side note, look what they're doing to Governor Powell, which I could care less.
But look what they're doing to her.
They're ripping her apart.
They're going in her closet, under her bed, asking all kinds of questions.
And if they want to do that, why haven't they done it to Obama?
I mean, I don't get this special mystique around him that they're not doing anything about it, and I think it's a total disgrace.
But what's important here, not only my lawsuit, he has refused to release anything.
He's refused to release his medical records.
He's refused to release his records from Occidental College, from Columbia University, and from Harvard.
So he's hiding something probably on those applications that might say where he's really a citizen from.
But my case is that under the U.S.
Constitution, there's three qualifications.
Number one, 35 years of age, Obama is.
Number two, you live in the United States for 14 continuous years.
Yes, Obama has.
Number three, you be a natural-born citizen.
We do not believe, well, I don't think he is at all.
I'm 99.99% sure that he's not.
Now, first off, many of your listeners go to vacation, say, in Jamaica, or Mexico, or Canada, or even to Kenya.
If the mother and father of the child are both citizens of the United States, and the child is born out of the country, the child is considered natural born when the child comes back via a United States passport, which they secure at the embassy, wherever they are.
However, in this case, we know that his mother is from Kansas, but his father is from Kenya.
So when only one parent is a United States citizen, you look at the law in effect at that time.
The law in effect at that time states that the mother or, well, not the mother, whoever is a United States citizen must be a, have lived continuously in the United States for 10 years.
His mother did.
But five of those years had to be after the age of 14.
14 and 5 is 19.
She was 18 years of age when she delivered Obama.
So if she delivered Obama where we think in Kenya, the ballgame's over.
You know, he's not a natural born citizen.
Now some of you listeners might say, well that's a little technicality, 18 years, 19 years.
I didn't create the law, Alex Jones, you didn't create the law.
The law is on the books then, the law is on the books now.
You have to look at the book, look at the laws and apply them.
And what's a disgrace here is, like for instance, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger from California, people talked to him about running for president and he says, fine, go amend the Constitution.
Uh, what happened to Obama?
He says, I don't care about the Constitution, apparently, and yet he taught constitutional law.
It just doesn't make sense.
Well, what about the constitutional crisis?
If he does get in, this is bound to come out later.
Oh, absolutely.
If he ends up getting elected, and this isn't resolved until later, we're going to have a constitutional crisis for this reason.
He'll be sitting in the office of president, not being qualified, and world leaders at this point, because I've talked to people over in England, over in Europe, they're aware of the situation.
They say 100% he was born in Kenya.
Therefore, they're not going to want to deal with him as president.
The only way to get him out of office at that time, you could keep suing him, but we know that it's very difficult to sue an incumbent president.
So the situation would be impeachment.
Well, impeachment is very, very difficult.
And especially at that point, they'd have a Democratic Congress, so there wouldn't be impeachment.
People wouldn't want to deal with him.
Any law actually that he signed into effect would really be illegal.
We'd have a real mess on our hands.
And Obama owes an obligation.
To all the citizens of this country, to come clean, you are or you're not.
And that's the big issue.
I mean, this has become a huge issue the last few months, thanks to you and others, and they are stonewalling.
Here's the thing.
I've been saying it on the radio, on the show after show, and I'll say it again here.
I challenge to Obama, okay, if I am wrong,
Approve certified copies of the following documents to the court, not to me, because I'll explain on his website.
Send us your certified copies of your birth certificate, of any changed birth certificates thereafter from adoption, an oath of allegiance which you might have taken, or a certificate of citizenship, and I'll explain that in a minute.
If you show those documents and approve your natural born, I'll close down the case.
I'll walk away.
But he hasn't done it, and I heard you mention our website.
It's obamacrimes.com.
O-B-A-M-A-C-R-I-M-E-S dot com.
We opened it up five weeks ago.
As of this morning, we're over 30 million hits.
This is such a hot topic, and I just sent you over a video they did the other day.
It's on our website at Independence Hall the other day, and already it's up near 150,000 views on it since yesterday.
This is just, um, Obama is putting us into a constitutional crisis.
Now if you are, show it to us.
If not, what are you hiding?
Now the thing is...
The reason I said the certificate of citizenship, assume for a minute he was born in Hawaii, which I really doubt.
If he was born in Hawaii, he would have lost his citizenship when he went to Indonesia.
People say, how could that happen?
In his book, he states, my stepfather, after his parents divorced, his mother remarried, and she married a Lolo Sotoro from Indonesia.
In his book he says,
And the only people that are in school there were citizens of Indonesia.
So one of two things happened.
Either his stepfather, Lolo Satora, adopted him, or acknowledged him.
There's two provisions of the law.
And by the way, it was basically a Muslim dictatorship then, wasn't it?
Yes, it was.
I mean, we got a guy going to a Muslim dictatorship, going to a Muslim school, and they... and, you know, Obama will jump over anything that isn't right, but he will not respond to this.
And I'm not saying
If he's a Muslim, that's an evil thing.
The point is, they act like you're a five-headed kook, you know, from Planet 12.
If you mention this, this guy, it's just, there's evidence all over the place.
Whatever you say to him, he just says, oh, it's like no big deal.
Like air is no big deal, Reverend, right?
It's no big deal.
Nothing's a big deal.
Now the PLO's no big deal?
But, you know, interesting.
Let's think back a few years, and I'm sure some of you listen, when McGovern was running for president.
Are we taking a break?
Let's take a break.
Yeah, we're going to take a break.
Okay, I'll be with you.
I'll stay with you.
Phil Burt, we appreciate you.
Links up on InfoWars.com and PrisonPlanet.com about this.
Look, he could easily put all this to bed by releasing the real birth certificate, but he won't do it.
We'll be right back.
Hello, Ted Anderson.
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This is a real issue, ladies and gentlemen.
He lived in a Muslim dictatorship when basically only Muslims were allowed to go to government schools.
It was a Muslim madrasa.
And I'm sorry.
Why is the first black guy that gets the position of power to really run for president in a serious fashion, Barack Obama?
I could care less.
Again, I have no guilt.
I'm a young guy.
I don't care what color you are.
I'm not going to play into that.
I hear all these Obamanoid cultists.
I'm not for McCain.
The point is, is that you're called a conspiracy theorist if you talk about what is admitted here.
This guy is covering a lot of stuff up.
And the evidence is, he was really born in Kenya.
And then Jerome Corsi tries to fly over there with a best-selling book about it, Investigative Reporter.
And he gets grabbed, gets nabbed.
Yeah, I just want to mention Dan Quayle for a second because
When he misspelled the word potato, no one ever let it down.
And Obama, it seems whatever he does, everyone just says it's fine.
I loved about two months ago when he went to the state of Oregon, he said I'm now in my 57th state and they wouldn't let me go to Alaska or Hawaii.
I didn't know we had 59 states in this country.
I mean, I thought the 50th state was Alaska or is it Hawaii?
I know there's only 50.
I know that.
Well, he's at 59.
The reason I say that is, if any other candidate said it, it would have been all over the news.
But whatever he says, it's like he gets a... Well, I've watched him on C-SPAN when he's actually giving a speech or a talk.
If it isn't a teleprompter, he's bumbling around.
Absolutely, absolutely.
But you know what?
And I'm not going after him for that reason.
I'm going after him for one reason.
There's nothing more important than our U.S.
That's why they just made the film the other day in front of Independence Hall where it was founded.
And he has to respect the Constitution.
And if he won't respect the Constitution, he's not going to respect anything else.
And we have real trouble because world leaders know he's not qualified.
Now you have a court case.
Tell folks the minutiae of this, what you're demanding, what he's supposed to produce, and what the court is doing.
Excuse me, I filed suit in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia.
The suit was filed back on August 21st.
Obama and the Democratic National Committee were served officially on September 4th, but on August 22nd, they received fax copies of the complaint, so they're well aware of it.
First of all, I must say this.
I think so.
And by the way, these questions have been around for about a year.
I mean, it's not like they just popped up yesterday.
Well, great point, because you said that.
And the reason I think that's a great point, Alex, is this.
That it's been around for about a year, so what happens in June of 2008, very significant, listen carefully you listeners, in June 2008, the Obama campaign to offset these rumors and say everything straight, they put on their own website, I didn't put it there, Alex didn't put it on there, Obama put it on his own campaign website, a certification of live birth from Hawaii indicating he was born in Hawaii.
The problem with that document is, and we had our experts look at it,
And it's on our site, Obamacrimes.com, is that it's a forgery.
It's a document that has been altered.
So, if you really had a birth certificate from Hawaii, why didn't you put up a birth certificate, not a forged document?
That's why I've asked for... Let's be clear, though.
It's a certificate of live birth that appears to be altered.
Why not produce the birth certificate?
And I think the reason they can't produce a birth certificate is...
Because they don't have a birth certificate.
You know, this is very simple.
You know, all of you listeners, when you go for a passport, when you go for a driver's license, you must produce your birth certificate.
It's not like we're asking for something special.
We're not asking for a social security number.
You know, we're asking for his birth certificate.
No, I went to renew my passport last year and I had to have the original birth certificate.
Someone called me about an hour ago and said, I just want to tell you, I went to get my passport and I've been carrying a certification of live birth around for 40 years.
I went to use it for my passport and they said, sorry, no good, you need your birth certificate.
And by the way, that's another issue.
You have tried and others have tried to get his passport records to show when he was in Kenya, right around that time as he'd be traveling on his mother's passport.
They're blocking that.
I mean, again, why not just release it?
Well, they're not releasing it because they don't have.
So in the court case that was filed, we filed the case, they had until September 24th to file an answer or some other motion.
Well, on the last day of the file, they filed a joint motion, Obama and the DNC, a motion to dismiss.
They waited until the last day saying, I don't have standing and there's no proper relief that I'm requesting.
We normally would have 14 days to respond to that.
The judge's secretary called and said, Mr. Berg, could you respond in five days?
We did.
We responded five days on September 29th and that's what's frustrating now because it's two weeks ago.
We submitted to the judge our opposition to their motion to dismiss.
So they're trying to run the clock down.
Now I know people in other states are saying they're filing their own investigations.
Any word on that?
I know a number of people have asked us, and the lawsuits which people are thinking about, and we're even thinking about, is to file against the Secretary of State of the United States.
I happen to be in Pennsylvania.
I just sent a letter to the Secretary of State asking for documentation, and I was told it's a privilege.
They can't give it to me.
But it's because if we sue the Secretary of State saying you don't have a qualified candidate,
Well, I mean, what if the clock gets run down and then a week after the election we find out he's really a foreigner?
Well, then we can go... On November 4th, you're not really elected president.
You get sworn in in January 20th?
No, no, no, no, no.
There's something in between called the Electoral College.
So we could bring a challenge to the Electoral College.
We will continue to pursue this case.
That's why on our website we're asking for contributions and if people can help us out.
My God, but you know what's going to happen?
Either way, there's going to be rioting if it comes out he's a foreigner.
Yeah, but see, here's the thing.
If there's a riot, you know, people are saying, oh, you know what's going to happen, there's going to be a riot.
If there's any riots out there, there shouldn't be any riots, and hopefully all the leaders in this country, black and white and Hispanic, whoever, get together and say, you know what?
No rioting, because the only one at fault here is Obama himself.
Well, justice be done, may the heavens fall.
Well, Obama should be held responsible for this.
And we're going to do everything to make sure that the responsibility is to the right person.
Because there's no reason, you know, people have called me, you know, how come you're doing this?
You're a Republican.
I say, sorry, I'm a Democrat all my life.
Then they've accused me now of being a racist.
And I say, well... That's a joke!
My response to that is very simple.
I happen to be Jewish.
But also, I happen to be a paid-up life member of the NAACP, so what's your next question?
You know, the only one at fault here is who?
Is Barack Obama and his staff.
Look, he's acting very sneaky, very suspicious.
It should be produced right now, and there should be major media doing investigative reports, obamacrimes.com.
Phil, let us check in with you once a week in the next three weeks as this develops and unfolds, okay?
That's wonderful.
Phil Berg, thank you so much for the time.
My pleasure.
There he goes.
Alright folks, there goes Phil Berg.
We'll take your calls, get into the economy, also all the incredible police state news on the other side.
I'm Alex Jones and this is the GCN Radio Network and Association with MS Communications.
Alex Jones here with a question.
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Let's go!
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Act now.
You are listening to GCN.
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Yeah, my issue isn't even whether Barack Obama is a Muslim or not.
We know that wouldn't matter.
He's bought and paid for by the New World Order.
Three times the contribution from Wall Street and McCain.
Media clearly has been bending towards Obama, giving him unfair coverage.
I mean, I just report it like I see it here.
You know, I'm not for George Bush or Bill Clinton or any of these people.
There's something about Barack Obama and all the police state actions, threatening to arrest people that criticize him, and that's actually been on the news.
uh... and the fact that he won't release these documents and that he did spend a lot of his life out of the country was a little kid and his daddy was a muslim a muslim dictatorship he did go to madrasa i mean this is amazing this is amazing and the media makes no issue and says if you question that he might be a muslim you're an idiot i mean i think that's a fair question now i mean if he was a muslim that was pro second amendment wanted to have national sovereignty and a new world order i'd be fine with me the point here is is that
Presidents are puppets of the military-industrial complex, and the president we've got, George Bush, just told the Congress a week ago he'd declare martial law if they didn't pass the spending package, the Banker Takeover Bill.
But during the break, Trey Kincaid, my producer, also board ops on the Sunday Show, he raised a point that I thought was excellent.
Make that point, Trey.
I was just saying, you notice they're always trying to do reverse legislation, and he'll probably end up being president, and then they'll have to pass a bunch of laws to make it legal, so they can backtrack all their crimes, and then next thing you know, Arnold Schwarzenegger's going to be the president.
Well, that's right.
People are saying, Alex, you just don't like him because his daddy was a black man.
Again, I could care less how much melanin's in his skin.
Could care less!
Don't care!
You know, I'm a 21st century guy.
I'm not into all that.
It's not what the show's about.
Arnold Schwarzenegger's daddy was an SS captain, the equivalent of a colonel.
He ran an entire sector of Austria, took people to their deaths.
When his daddy died, his mother married the head of the SS in Austria.
The head of the SS is Arnold's daddy.
He's sat on the knee of Kurt Voltheim.
Top SS officer, former head of the UN.
And I made a film, 911, rise of the police state, martial law, 911, rise of the police state, long title.
The last hour, three hours long, is about Schwarzenegger.
Now he shouldn't be able to be president, because he was not born here!
Now look, it isn't that I don't want a black guy in there.
I don't want a white Nazi in there.
And I sure don't want a liar in there who's covering up he was born in Kenya or that he went to Muslim schools.
And it's a fact he did it.
And the fact is that he's covering up.
That's the fact here.
And there's all this Obama brainwashing going on and I've had enough of it.
You know, I'm a communist when I'm against George Bush destroying the Bill of Rights.
And then now I'm going to be a right-winger disliking Obama as president.
Folks, I'm a constitutionalist.
I look at the facts and I report.
I got an easy job.
Don't look at this show through the lens of left or right.
I'm telling you, 9-11's an inside job.
Go look at it.
And I'm telling you, Barack Obama's covering up who he really is.
We just call it like it is here.
You want to comment on the Obama thing?
Alright, getting into the economy.
A bunch of police state news in the final segment right now.
Let's go to Noah in Denton, Texas.
You're on the air, sir.
I'm a big fan of the show.
Hello, Alex.
I was astonished the other day when I heard Mike Burgess on your show.
That's my representative here in Denton.
Well, they were threatened with martial law, so we had him on.
We had another congressman on.
They were martial law, so we just thought we'd have him on.
Do you think he's a listener of your show?
No, but basically we're always amazed.
Pretty much anybody we call, whether it's Chuck Norris or Jesse Ventura or you name it, that come on the show, they already know who we are and are generally listeners.
But, you know, I didn't ask Burgess that.
Did Burgess' office... Trey, get your mic back over there, buddy.
Did... He swings it away from him like it's a Cobra when he's not on it.
Did Burgess' office know who we were?
I can't remember off the top of my head, but when I dropped the name and everything, he was just, oh yeah, oh yeah, because you know, they're up in Fort Worth.
Yeah, well regardless, sir, so it sounds like he is.
What's your question?
Because I've sent him several emails about Architects and Engineers for 9-11 Truth and also InfoWars news articles and things like that and I was hoping if you can get him back on the show sometime, maybe you can ask him what his views are on 9-11.
I've read his website and he seems to believe the official story.
Well look, we just had a Republican and Democratic Congressman on about how they were threatened with martial law.
And so that's why we had him on.
It was on that subject and that subject alone.
Okay, I understand that.
I found a website just recently called texassecession.com.
It's about the Republic of Texas.
Texas can legally secede, but we don't need five ne'er-do-wells in a trailer to do it and declare themselves president first.
If we want to secede, it needs to be done in an orderly fashion through the legislature.
I agree.
Maybe we should start pressuring some of these congressmen about that.
Hell, I'm looking for a free country to move to.
People always say, get out.
Patriots are supposed to stay and try to make it better, but if they're going to federalize everything and take everything I got, I might as well just get out of here.
No, I'm not leaving, folks.
Don't start any rumors.
Bobby and Kelly, you're on the air, Bobby.
Go ahead.
Hi, first I want to tell everybody that flu shots have mercury, aluminum, and formaldehyde.
Absolutely, that is a fact.
From 1 in 25,000 with autism to 1 in 86 now.
From 1 in 33 getting cancer to now 1 in 2.
It was 1 in 3, now 1 in 2.
And I want to tell everyone to go to Google Video, type in Argentina Economic Collapse, and look everywhere.
And that was engineered by the IMF and World Bank.
We got their documents on that.
A first world nation within a month was a third world nation.
Yeah, I've heard you talking about that for years and years, how they're doing the exact same thing as Argentina.
Absolutely, it's the last chapter in my book, Descent into Tyranny, which is, by the way, almost out of print.
15,000 copies, I'm not printing more.
There's a couple hundred copies left if you want Descent into Tyranny up on InfoWars.com, online video and bookstore right there.
Steve in Colorado, you're on the air, Steve.
Hi Alex, thanks for waking me and so many others up.
I just wanted to ask two things.
It's no doubt that there's a lot of military buildup I've seen on the highways here in Colorado and that we're close to martial law.
I'm a PrisonPlanet.tv member and was wondering if you think that your audience slash members who are signed up through your website are going to get rounded up at, you know, get that 4 a.m.
red, blue, green
No, no, sir, that's not how it's going to work.
Look, the government, the criminals that run our country, they call themselves the government, have announced that they're going to arrest everybody and have announced the NSA is listening to you and have announced they're going to do all this because they want to have a chilling effect and scare you into not speaking up when it's key that everybody who loves liberty, black, white, old, young, it doesn't matter, Hispanic, purple, green, polka dot, speak up now for liberty.
Okay, so yes, a lot of stuff is tracked on the web, a lot of stuff is tracked on the internet, period.
There are tens of millions of people a month that visit InfoWars.com and PrisonPlanet.com.
If you go to Alexa.com and look at the ratings, 84%, 85% of those are in the U.S.
How are they going to arrest 10 million people?
They're not going to.
We're the majority.
I talked to police chiefs.
I talked to sheriffs.
I talked to Congress people.
They're against what's happening.
It's a private group of banks doing this.
So instead of living in fear and thinking it's going to be some hot martial law that comes overnight and they arrest us all in one day, they don't have the personnel for that, like the Boston Globe tries to put out.
We're saying it's going to happen.
It's incremental.
We're due process.
The rule of law are overturned.
Where they taser 400 and something people to death.
Where they threaten Congress.
See, martial law is against certain groups.
See, the White House threatens Congress.
Well, Congress should have just stood up to that bluff.
I mean, imagine if they said, we're going to arrest Congress or kick Congress out.
It would have been ridiculous.
But Lincoln didn't do that, so he was actually able to do it.
First thing Lincoln grabbed, though, was Congress and key things.
Here's the deal.
The first person you'll see get grabbed down this line
It won't even be Alex Jones.
It'll be business owners and corporate chiefs that weren't on the inside of the New World Order or thought they were but weren't.
Then it'll be people like Alex Jones.
Or more often, they'll just shut down the web and kick me off the radio.
Then it doesn't matter.
So I'm a canary in the coal mine.
If you see me go down, then something else might happen.
Alright, let's jam in one more here.
Let's go ahead and go to Rob in Vermont.
Rob, you are on the air.
Hey, thanks Alex.
One thing, keep up the good work.
Second thing is everybody out there needs to get into a position of elected office at the very local level.
A bunch of us are up in Vermont are getting our
And here's the point, the New World Order runs its candidates claiming they're patriots.
Why not run our candidates claiming we're New World Order?
I'm talking about real local, I'm talking about... No, no, local, local, yeah.
I'm talking local towns, local, you know, justice to the peace, because in Vermont law, and it's probably all over the country, we then have a lawful duty to check and make sure the ballots and the votes are all... That's right, and you have right to secede and right to revolt as well.
Anything else?
I'll put you on hold.
We'll come back to you after break.
Stay with us.
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You're listening to GCN, the Genesis Communications Radio Network.
My country is being flushed down the toilet by the International Banking Crime Syndicate.
They've been calling it the New World Order, a New World Order banking system.
They orchestrate the crime.
They get all of our money and leave us nothing.
They terrorize the public into believing that they were unsuccessful.
That if we gave them unlimited power, they would save the stock market.
And so it dropped by three trillion in the days after.
All right, here's the deal.
I want to cover a bunch of final news.
But I've got about 20 stories I wanted to get to.
Looks like I probably won't have time to get to them all.
I'll mention them at least.
But let's just rampage through your calls.
Who was it I was still talking to here?
I was going to let somebody finish up.
And I put them back on hold.
I was at Rob in Vermont.
Rob, real fast, because I've got a lot of calls to get to in a short time to get there.
Go ahead.
Okay, second thing, Alex.
Getting involved in your local government is really key right now because, look, with all the food shortages, the energy shortages... Oh yeah, food shortages worldwide, and it's going to start in the U.S.
Not just inflation.
Yep, and we've got to form the networks that are going to be able to protect people, protect our rights, and protect our liberties.
That doesn't mean joining a military group or any kind of thing.
Get involved, run for office, speak at the city council, get the information out.
I agree.
Trooper in Austin, Texas
Hey, now this latest covert McCain supporter
He's upset because, like I said in the last program, we're not going to take it lying down the way we did with Kerry.
The same people that funded Bush are funding Barack Obama.
Hey, wait a minute.
Can't you understand that?
Can't you understand it's not about the two parties, that both parties are owned?
You're right to a very large extent, but also the same people that funded
Hillary Clinton funded McCain.
Well, here's the deal.
We're going to find out, Trooper.
We're probably going to end up, hey, we're going to probably end up getting Barack Obama.
And so we're going to find out.
And I've got to sneak a suspicion.
I've got to sneak a suspicion.
Stuff is going to get worse.
Bush, Cheney, those people, the reason they don't want Obama to win, they're subject to arrest.
You know McCain's not going to go after them.
Oh, you think Barack Obama is going to call for criminal charges?
Well, let me tell you something.
The first thing Bill Clinton did was block Congressman Dan Burton's committee.
When George Bush came into office, they blocked that committee from investigating Bill Clinton pardoning cocaine dealers.
Look, they own both parties.
Figure that out.
Goodness gracious.
Let's talk to Fred in Austin, Tejas.
You're on the air, Fred.
Well, anyway, the birth certificate thing?
Obama responded in advance of this guy floating his lawsuit, because they knew the lawsuit was coming, and put up his birth certificate.
And what they get for an answer is, oh, that's not a real birth certificate, it's a fraud.
It's a certificate of it, it's not the original.
We need to see the original.
Well, it's... Let me ask you a question.
The media tells us evil Muslims, and I don't believe that, are hiding that the Muslims are evil or whatever, but the point is that vicious al-Qaeda is hiding under every...
Yep, it is.
But since that time, he's gone to Harvard and served in the State Senate and served in the Senate of the United States.
No, I don't like or dislike Barack Obama.
I'd really like to have a none of the above.
The point is that this guy is as American citizen as anybody else, and the problem is you can sue anybody for anything.
Why'd they detain Jerome Corsi when he went to Kenya to find out if he was born there?
Well, I have no idea.
I don't even know if it's true.
Oh, it's true.
The point is, Alex, you have a great show in general.
I listen to your stuff, and it's fabulous.
And today, I think you're getting worked over by a crackpot.
And that's the best description I can give you.
It's a major issue, and I don't agree 100% with everybody we have on the show.
Alright, well here's the deal.
I mean, I have other people on I disagree with, like Lord Rothschild.
People say, you're in with Lord Rothschild.
No, I'm having them on to debate them.
But no, I mean, the Barack Obama stuff,
Two weeks ago when they were announcing they were going to arrest people that quote lied about him, people said that story wasn't true and the Barack Obama's campaign said no it is.
So I mean, look, I'm going to talk about it.
I've had guests on about John McCain, who really wasn't held as a prisoner of war that long.
His dad was the head of the Navy, head of the Pacific Fleet, and so he went and spilt his guts.
He's known as Songbird.
And I've had people on about his mafia connections and about, you know, I'm gonna cover it all.
You get it all here!
Not some left or right agenda.
I want everybody to understand that.
Alright, let's go to Mark in Indiana.
Mark, you're on the air.
Hey Alex, thanks for taking my call.
I've been listening for a while now, and I just want to thank you for exposing the false left-right paradigm, because it's
It's pretty depressing watching the TV and all day long all you see is this campaign about Republicans and Democrats and I just want you to know you're the man I turned to.
Thank you.
What about Joe Biden?
He was involved with Pakistani intelligence and the hijackers.
We've gone and interviewed him.
This guy's a knee-deep in it.
Do what?
We are exposed to it.
Joe Biden, Barack Obama, they're all the same.
They're all New World Order.
And I'm just saying, you're the man to go to that you can get the truth from at Infowars.com.
I've spread it all over the internet.
I try to wake people up all the time.
And I really appreciate what you're doing.
Well, we appreciate you, my friend.
Thank you so much.
We just try to find the truth, try to tell the truth, do the best job we can.
Are we perfect?
None of us are.
We're just here covering the information.
Let's talk to Chris in Kentucky.
Chris, you're on the air.
Yeah, thanks Alex.
I just wanted to say what you're talking about.
The left-right paradigm is all controlled.
It's all by corporations.
Because a month ago, we had a massive power outage from Hurricane Ike here in Louisville, and how the police and the military blended together.
You know, they all look at... No, I mean, that's it.
It's slow martial law.
Military and police working together secretly.
Now main brigades.
Now it's public.
It isn't about George Bush or Barack Obama.
It's about NORTHCOM, owned by the private corporations.
They are getting everybody ready.
Troops at the Super Bowl.
Troops at the Kentucky Derby.
Exactly, and that's exactly what they did when we had that fire outage.
And the news media said, they did so good with the police and the military.
Next event, we could go to the next level.
And that's gun confiscation, my friends.
Which Obama supports banning all .223 rifles, all .308.
That's banning almost half the rifles out there, and he really did vote for that.
And you know what?
People say it's a lie.
I've got the voting record.
McCain's a gun grabber, too.
And I'm tired of the denial.
We're losing our rights!
You get 90 plus percent of the American people want to close the borders, doesn't happen.
80 plus percent don't want a war, continues.
99 percent plus don't want the bailout, thousand to one calls, they do it.
The bankers, I mean it's just, it's bull!
Get past these diversions!
By the way, McCain wasn't even born in the U.S.
He was born in the Panama-Casal zone and lied about being born in a U.S.
base that didn't exist then.
We had a guest on about that and got attacked as Obama operatives.
Johnny in Vancouver, Canada.
You're on the air.
Well, I'm a very big fan.
I travel to Mexico a lot because I'm afraid to come into your country because I'll probably be thrown in Guantanamo for the way I think.
And the bottom line is I had a couple out from Texas, Fort Worth, come stay with us for the weekend.
I tried to spill the beans, tell them everything.
They don't listen sometimes and it's getting so frustrating because it's also happened down here.
Prime Minister Stephen Harper's in with the CFR.
Yeah, he just said they're going to merge Canada with the European Union.
That's all in the official documents.
The U.S.
is already merging.
And you tell the public you're not aware.
Look, I know we've got loaded phone lines.
I'm out of time.
I can't take any more of your calls because I've got to cover.
The news here at the end.
Folks, call me back tomorrow on the weekday show.
I'll get to all of you.
Just tell the folks answering the phone that you got cut off to go ahead of the line.
Okay, they're announcing that the police are tracking all your license plates in real time, recording everyone guilty until proven innocent.
EU steps up pressure on Ireland to hold second Lisbon Treaty referendum.
Ireland said no four months ago to being absorbed by the European Union and losing their liberties.
They're still going to try to pass it again.
Traditional light bulbs banned by EU.
Doesn't matter that they're deadly poison and that the new ones are filled with mercury.
Brown lawn means jail time.
He got this Korean War vet, no criminal record, grandpa, done nothing wrong, got a brown yard as a sprinkler broke, they said sought it, they arrested him, they said indefinitely, he may spend years in prison, no judge, no jury, no indictment, just total tyranny.
Orwellian UK angers people with tree cameras snooping kids.
And I've got a New York Times article where kids in the U.S.
are being trained at public school and private school to tattle on their parents for environmental crimes and boss their parents around.
That's how tyranny starts.
It's nothing to do with saving the earth.
They want carbon taxes paid to the private banks.
New killer drones can be piloted by teenagers.
Told you this years ago.
Wired Magazine, they're saying that buck-toothed, basically, kids eating Hot Pockets and drinking Sunny D
They're going to be running the killer drones.
Army orders pain ray trucks.
New report shows potential for death.
The Air Force admits that it will actually kill people.
Local police departments in the Pentagon, they get high-powered microwave guns to control rioting crowds when they repossess and take everything you own.
They've been gearing up for decades for martial law.
They're implementing it right now.
NATO to attack Afghan opium labs.
That means tribes they don't control where they're not getting the opium.
It just goes on and on and on.
We are out of time.
Global warming.
Boise gets its earliest snow on record.
Earth is cooling.
The sun cools down.
The sun was hotter than ever.
It is now cooled off.
Ladies and gentlemen, we are out of time.
Infowars.com and prisonplanet.com are the websites.
Get out there and stand up against tyranny.
Defend liberty!
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