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Air Date: Oct. 6, 2008
3324 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Well, I wouldn't want back down No, I wouldn't want back down You can stand me up at the gates of hell
And I won't back down!
Welcome ladies and gentlemen, welcome to this October 6th
2008 worldwide broadcast on the AM and FM dial.
Simulcasting on multiple satellites.
The internet at PrisonPlanet.com and Infowars.com.
Global shortwave and the podcast right at 100,000 people a day.
Downloading that six days a week.
We're here Monday through Friday 11 to 3 p.m.
Central Standard Time.
Coming to you from deep in the heart of Texas.
Austin, Texas.
And then of course Sundays 4 to 6 p.m.
With an abbreviated radio show.
Okay, he was on with us about three weeks ago and it was only for an hour and so I wanted to get him up for two hours to talk about the nature of reality, the international banking syndicate, the crime syndicate, engineering the collapse that he and others detailed to a great extent.
David Icke will be with us in the third and fourth hour today.
He'll be with us
Coming up at one o'clock Central Standard Time.
He is in California.
Just finished two big events or actually three big events that he had out there.
So he will be with us coming up in the third and fourth hour today on this October 6th 2008 edition.
I don't have to tell you that the markets are in absolute free fall, going down to 10,000 points today.
If you listen to the radio shows we did last Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Sunday, we stated that of course the markets are going to plunge.
That's the whole point.
They needed to get the immunity for the crimes of the international banks, the brokerage houses that carried out
The Ponzi scheme with the fake liquidity that they're going to leave us holding the bag with.
In the provision, it makes the Federal Reserve dictatorial through the Secretary of the Treasury, the private Federal Reserve.
It allows them to seize any homes they want, revalue mortgages up or down.
It allows them carbon taxes of all different types.
It allows them to hand
Your tax money over to foreign corporations, and none of it can be second-guessed or even reviewed.
It states that clearly.
It says at the discretion of the Treasury Secretary, he can create a flim-flam group, chaired by himself, to push recommendations and propaganda.
And so global markets are headed straight down right now.
The stock market plunging, just unprecedented.
Last week, when the public
Throttled the Congress with thousands of calls to one not to go along with it the establishment reacted by savagely
Savagely attacking the market and driving it down 1.2 trillion.
Well, they've just outdone that today.
The market is down 400, 400, 443.55, 443.55, and plunging fast.
We'll be right back.
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May I have everybody's attention please?
It was an inside job!
Do you like being a puppet, sir?
Do you like being a puppet for the New World Order?
How do the American people know that 9-11 was a stage?
Was it engineered by you, David Rockefeller, the Trilateral Commission, the C.A.R.?
The day that we stop asking questions is the day that we have allowed the seeds of despotism to grow at our own door!
Seven years after the attacks of September 11th, a global awakening has taken place.
If you know that there's treason going on, you can be held accountable for treason yourself.
All hell is breaking loose on 6th Avenue.
And if the government has not told the truth in 5 years, we will be here on the 10th anniversary of... Truth Rising.
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Prepare for tomorrow now.
He's the T-Rex of political talk.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
I am going to attempt to simply and succinctly break down the latest economic developments that are just massive.
And then I'm going to open the phones up from the bottom of this hour, we're going to open them up now, until the time that David Icke joins us two hours from now.
So I'll have an hour and a half of open phones, your chance to respond, not just to where we know this is going, hyperinflation with a contracting economy at the same time, or the term that I have coined, hyperstagflation.
Or ultra stagflation.
It is the very worst economic possibility, the very worst economic nasty that you can be under.
We didn't have stagflation, which was the worst thing, the worst combination ever seen, until the 70s in this country.
And that is going to be a shadow of what we will witness, and well, it's already materialized to a great extent.
Hyper stagflation.
Hyper stagflation.
And of course, economists previous to this in hundreds of years didn't believe that even stagflation could exist.
Much less hyper stagflation, but only in a manipulated, contrived market.
Can you, uh, have this unfold?
Now, the stock market has plunged over 440 points.
You, of course, were promised that everything would be okay, as long as you acquiesced to handing the private banks imperial power.
We're gonna break down those powers.
But, uh, we here, who know what's going on, and know the enemy's modus operandi and their contempt for humanity, knew
That this would prop nothing up.
That this would accelerate things.
You know, God love Webster Tarpley.
I think he's right about Barack Obama, but he continues to tell everybody that the New Deal is the answer.
The New Deal was the bankers beginning the domestication of the American people.
And that's when federal agencies started operating outside of the Congress.
That was the real beginning of Congress becoming vestigial.
Or a left behind.
It's like, uh, tits on a boar, as the old country saying goes.
Men have vestigial breasts.
Well, the Congress is like the tiny mammary glands, and there's the entire mechanism is in a male, just not activated.
Never grows.
Well, it's the same thing.
Congress is like
Mamrie Glantz on a boar, there's really no use for them.
Now, the people did not acquiesce, the people, despite the terrorizing of the New World Order Monday, last Monday, seven days ago, of, okay, you didn't, you didn't, you told Congress a thousand calls to one,
Conservatively, that you didn't want this.
How about the Plunge Protection Team, President's Group on Markets, doesn't prop it up?
And so it plunged 1.2 trillion.
Well, today is setting up to outdo that as it nears
That 10,000 psychological barrier.
And so I'll be walking through that today.
The toll-free number to join us is 1-800-259-9231.
You're welcome to call it anything you wish, but I particularly would like to talk about not just what's happening currently with economic structure, or how it's designed, or, you know, who is to blame.
I want to discuss that, but also I want to talk about what's happening on Main Street, what's happening in your town or city, what's happening in your metropolitan area or in your rural community you live in, what the effects of the economy are you see,
I can tell you what I'm witnessing.
It's not good.
And supposedly, it's the best city in the country during this recession that's leading into a depression.
Or I broadcast to you from Austin, Texas.
But I also want to talk about the bad to worse.
You know, you have the good, the bad, and the ugly.
I think the ugly is a better choice than the bad.
This is gonna get ugly, but will it get really, really bad?
Marshall Lawbet.
And there's these big debates now raging everywhere.
Alex Jones was right.
It was true.
Seattle Post-Intelligencer comes out and says it's terrible.
They want to use regular army brigades on the American people.
The Pentagon admits it.
A violation of posse comitatus.
Police state.
Banana Republic.
CNN came out last night with a big report about how great it is and showed the Apache helicopters lined up
Being loaded with weapons for its mission against us!
An open threat to those that have eyes to see.
But for the dumbbells, more conditioning.
There's a bunch of reports out now, and they line up the troops and the tanks and the helicopters and they say, that's to help local police!
They are shaking their saber.
At us.
They are waving it around their head saying, we are big, we are bad.
And people are responding by saying, they will destroy us, they're too powerful, they're invincible.
It runs the gamut from that to, uh, we have over a million men armed and ready to fight, we'll easily brush them aside.
But there's a method to the New World Order madness.
They intend for you to beg for the troops to come.
You see, they turn the welfare checks off, and they turn the gas pumps off, and they turn the gas deliveries off, both propane and fuel and oil, because there's no credit to run the system.
And by credit, because nobody trusts anybody to even be on a 10, 20, 30 day payment
When the trucks showing up at the gas stations are demanding payment in hand.
If it goes to that, see, they're going to let things unravel.
This is all by design.
And then you're going to beg for the army.
You're going to beg for the troops to come and put down the rabble burning parts of cities.
And then they will come in, they will bring food, and they will give people IDs.
As economic refugees, and then the people say, man, this was great having the military put down the illegal aliens and poor people and others running around looting.
And then the arrests start.
Then the government, the criminal government, the occupational government, will stage terror attacks against police and military.
In some cases, they've already got feds leading militias who will launch attacks on the military saying what they're doing is unconstitutional, you know, while they're having firefights with people in the inner cities.
And there'll be military atrocities shown on TV to get people to revolt.
They may not even have to stage anything, but they will.
And they'll hype it up and show dead cops in the streets, and then that will unify the police and the military against the people, and then they can come to Alex Jones's house at 3 a.m.
Then the armored vehicles can pull up, go in, gun me down whether I resist or not, which I'm not going to.
I'm gonna make them strike me down.
I want that on record.
On record, no matter what they say.
It's too important as a leader
To take a victory from that, that's a victory against them.
Remember the Alamo?
Remember Goliad?
Now I'm not saying for you, when they go into the second phase, after months of the cities breaking down and burning, when they're going around picking up Christians, conservatives, gun owners, land owners, people they want to steal from, there'll be a lot of people that were serving the system,
At those points, you've got to engage the forces yourself.
But I'm saying, early on, people like me, they're going to come after during the inner city looting and burning.
So I skip ahead to the second phase for the general public.
People like myself are probably in the first phase.
Now, I'm cut off from the radio during all this and things break down.
I am going to go ahead and retreat to the countryside and I'll tell the feds, I know you hate me, I know you hate us because we love America and Bill of Rights and Constitution and you think it's cute and funny what you're doing and you want to take over so you've got positions for all your boyfriends.
I would just tell people in the strata who are not my enemy, you know, it would be nice if you just leave me alone so I could retreat as everything falls apart and you'd be advised to go take care of your family during all of this.
But I know it's, you're committed, you're wedded to wickedness and I understand.
I understand.
I understand you need to
You need to help America fall, I understand that.
But, um... CNN's reporting that they're getting ready for martial law, basically.
So is the British newspapers.
So are the British newspapers.
So I'm gonna go over that, but first I want to break down who did this?
Who carried this out?
I mean, this is by design.
That's why I mentioned Tarpley earlier, saying, no, no, this is a real collapse.
I mean, I'm sorry.
I have the IMF World Bank documents.
We have the Bilderberg inside information.
We have all the proof, I'm going to go over that, that this was engineered.
This was all planned.
It was all set up.
And we're going to go over all of that and what it's going to look like.
You know, the minimum of what's going to happen versus the most extreme possibilities.
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Today, unlike any other in the long course of American history, a terrorist act of war against this country.
The enemy struck America on September 11th.
But who is the enemy?
Bin Laden.
This is his MO.
We have to look to the Middle East.
We have to look to Osama Bin Laden.
Fabled Enemies is the first 9-11 film to take a close look at the terrorist ties to intelligence networks inside the United States.
Some U.S.
investigators believe that there are Israelis again very much engaged in spying in and on the U.S.
I'm aware that some Israeli citizens have been detained.
Bin Laden's connections to the CIA, the hijacker's ties to the FBI, the Saudi Arabian connection, the Israeli intelligence network, warnings and war games, the shadow government, and much, much more.
Fabled enemies.
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Federal agents!
Act now.
We are armed!
The Dow fell to 9,900.
The Plunge Protection Team pumped in
Secret amounts of money.
They won't tell the slave public.
Then it started plunging again back towards 10,000.
I think Paris says it best.
I mean, let's put a little bit of the man role.
And then I'm gonna break down exactly who's behind all this and where it's headed in the future.
Then your calls.
I see a message from the government, like every day.
I watch it and listen and call them all suckers.
They're warning me about Osama or whatever, picturing me behind this scam.
I said, never.
You in tune to a hard truth soldier spitting.
I stay committed, give a...
If you die, I lose commission.
It's all a part of fightin' devil's state mind control.
And all about the battle for your body, mind, and soul.
And now I'm hopin' you don't close your mind so they shape ya.
Don't forget they made us slaves, gave us aides and rapists.
Another push season mean another war for profit.
All in secret so the public never freak to stop it.
The Illuminati, triple six, all connected.
Stole a post, they control the race and take elections.
It's the Skull and Bone's Freemason Kill Committee.
See the dragon gettin' skewed in every city.
Why would you turn away too?
Now ask yourself, who's the one with the most to gain?
0-9-11, most people couldn't stand his name.
Now even he's waving flags like they lost their mind.
Everybody got opinions, but don't know the time.
Cause America's been took, it's plain to see.
The oldest trick in the book is make an enemy.
A phony evil so the government can do its dirt.
And take away your freedom, lock and load, deep in search.
Ain't nothing changed, but more colored people locked in prison.
We're good to go
We told you last week that when the bailout package passed, the dragon was in power.
That he would then feed.
He is now feeding on the markets.
What's left of the free market.
What's left of the real economy.
So now you askin' why my records always come the same?
Keep it real, ain't no fillers blingin' Mine eyes seen the gory of the comin' of the beast So every story, every word, I'm sayin' peace See, you could witness the Illuminati body count Don't be surprised, these is devils that I'm talkin' bout You think a couple thousand lies mean the killers?
Nigga, I swear to God, we the ones, ain't no villains Or any other word to demonize a country Ain't no terror threatin', less approval ratin' slumpin' So I'ma say it for the record, we the ones that planned it Ain't no other country
I don't know.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Let me tell you something.
I was listening to talk radio this morning.
I heard black callers on local news station 590 saying that Sarah Palin's Joe Sixpack was code word for racist Americans.
Completely made up.
Completely made up.
Sarah Palin meant blue-collar, average folks on the street.
Factory workers, black, white, Hispanic, Asian, old, young, who like to get off work.
That saying's been around for 30-plus years.
Who like to get off work and go into the store and buy a pack of cigarettes and a six-pack and go back to their little houses and cook sausages in the tiny backyard and throw the football with their neighbors.
And they're good people.
And I heard folks talking bad, the white folks about Joe Six-Pack saying, oh no, he's not racist, he's just scum.
And then I heard the black caller saying, no, it is a racist term.
You know, black folks, if you want to look for racism, why don't you go look at Albert Pike down the street from the Supreme Court building.
We got video of it.
Founder of the Klan, head of the Masons.
If you want to find racism, how about your liberal poverty pimps that break your families up and paid your women not to have men in the houses, so they can destroy your communities and go from 10% illegitimacy to 90%?
Or all those vaccines they shoot your children up with?
Or the fluoride you're drinking in the water?
And by the way, we're all under that attack.
No, Barack Obama's not going to save you.
And you'd be well advised to figure that out, neither's John McCain.
Alright, I'm gonna break down the economy.
I'm gonna break down the unfolding police state.
And a lot more than your phone calls.
I'm Alex Jones.
Stay with us.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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The entire history of humanity has been pitch battle.
Desperate fights for survival.
Against the elements.
Against animals.
And of course against man.
The species excels during crisis.
That is when the great attributes are brought forward.
Passionate love for the tribe.
Adversity makes men.
Plenty makes monsters.
But games are soon to end.
The veneer of civilization is soon to burn away and peel back.
As it's already done in Mexico.
As there are thousands of murders a week.
As the society completely implodes into criminality.
As the government engages in more and more corruption.
Well, the same thing happened here.
This is the time to get real, as they say.
Okay, let me break this down.
Paul Watson's gonna be doing an article off of this analysis I do, because everything I say, he can go pull up the documentation for.
I keep waiting.
I keep doing analysis on air.
I keep waiting for someone to put out a Rosetta Stone article.
But covers all the basic facts because it isn't just important historically to know who to pin the blame for this collapse on.
It is important now.
It is life and death now.
For all the marbles.
Right now.
To know who is engineering this collapse.
To understand who is carrying out
The economic implosion that we are witnessing.
If that message doesn't go out to every hill and mountain, to every shire, to every county, if that does not go out to every sector of the globe, if you don't carry the ball, the truth, under your arm, and deliver it, into the end zone, the enemy is going to win.
The time for thumb-sucking is over.
The time for the Liberty Movement infiltrated and turned against itself, spinning its wheels half the time, but still having great effect.
Devastating effect against the New World Order.
No doubt we would have averted all this if we didn't have COINTELPRO getting assaulted and fight with each other.
The time for that is over!
Martial law is a grave and real threat
And I'm going to break that down after I give you the basics of what's happened.
And then your phone calls for those of you that are patiently holding Rourke, Jared, Tom, Chuck, Will, Tom, Jesse.
And I'm not going to talk to Rourke.
He calls in now every day with the same thing about, we don't need money.
We just need to have free things in the stores.
It just, I, I,
And he always sounds like he's completely stoned, and I just don't want to talk to him today.
Rourke, you can call in once a week, but you can't call in every single day.
In fact, I meant to say earlier, I'd like to hear from first-time callers.
But, you know, I just don't have time for games anymore, ladies and gentlemen.
We don't have time to play games anymore.
It's a great weight on me.
I don't like having to break all this down.
I don't enjoy having to focus in on it.
Believe me, I'd like to go bass fishing.
I'd like to go water skiing.
I'd like to go camping with my children.
I'd like to go hunting.
I'd like to visit more with my grandmother.
Precious grandmother, the last of my grandparents.
And I don't have that much time to get it done because I work constantly in the fight against these people.
And I'm not trying to... Alright, let me get into it.
Let me break it down.
All right.
The bottom line is this.
The international banking cartel, the private banking families that are on the Bank of England and the Federal Reserve predominantly, that at the end of World War II, the Anglo-American system had already been dominant worldwide through the British Empire, and then through Cecil Rhodes and when he set up
All stated that they were setting up a rural government by roads.
Queen of England, you know, gave them a whole country and named it after him.
They set up roundtable groups.
They said British intelligence management arms, like the Royal Institute of International Affairs in England, the Council on Foreign Relations in the United States to recruit the most powerful in banking, media, industry, academia, philosophy, to then give those individuals great wealth and shared power.
To be the true governing body over nations.
It's a similar model to what they developed hundreds of years previous to the British East India Company in, of course, India.
A corporate behind-the-throne government system.
Now for these international bankers,
It is quite easy to finance their armies, to finance the takeover of other corporations' companies' land, because they were able to get control of the U.S.
Empire, which was already an empire by the turn of the last century, by 1900, by the British Empire when they took over with the Rothschild-controlled implosion of 1815, when they falsely put out the rumor that Lord Wellington and the British and Austrian forces had lost against
Napoleon causing the British stock market to plunge by close to 99 percent.
They then bought it up and went from the most wealthy banking family in Europe and England to the owners of the economy and the Saxe-Coburg-Gotha dynasty at that point basically became their minions in hawk and pawn to them.
Lordships, baronies were then handed over to them and the Rothschilds were told look we'll basically
The British Crown basically told them, we will assassinate you and take your holdings if you don't marry in with us.
And so they married in the British Royalty.
What a bizarre hybrid that created.
So, to know the present and to understand where the future is going, to see the future, one only needs to understand history.
And again, I'm only giving you a thumbnail sketch here.
There is so much proof to what I say, so much, so many facts from the enemy's own mouth, their own books and publications.
Make no mistake, this is a fact.
Now in 1913, the private, predominantly British-owned Federal Reserve was set up by staging a decade-long media campaign where the international bankers came out and screamed and yelled and publicly financed against the Federal Reserve Act.
That fooled at least enough of the public to get behind it, but still only a minority supported it.
So they did a quorum call and had a minority of House members and Senate members pass it two days before Christmas in 1913.
They simultaneously got their IRS, which there were dozens of other constitutional taxes,
But the IRS income tax was meant to be paid directly in to the private central banks on the debt on the currency they then ordered to be created and the liquidity.
And so now the superclass of banks that dominated Europe now could start the long task of using federal regulators they controlled to go in and take over banks that were owned by separate elites and there were many other wealthy groups.
The International Bank's owned by a handful of families who had met at Jekyll Island right before the passage of the Federal Reserve Act to get all their ducks in a row.
Many men who publicly were enemies met in secret.
They met on Jekyll Island, Georgia.
They bought up the majority of the newspapers.
They already owned many of them.
They bought into fledgling radio.
They began massively funding universities, buying off the different departments, creating chairs.
A chair meaning different funded departments run by people endowed by them.
They built all the new major music halls and theaters with their names on them.
They sold the idea that they were these philanthropists.
They engineered, of course, right before that, the Sherman Antitrust Act, which was really about making the old robber barons and select elite groups money safe from taxation, as everyone else's money came under new predatory taxation rules, which then were paid directly to them.
But then they advertised that as another defeat for the bankers.
Alright, so I've spent enough time on that.
After getting control in 1913, they then massively increased the money supply and issued hundreds of billions of dollars in liquidity, not just in the United States, but worldwide.
Just as they have done since the mid-1990s, again in this latest bubble, this contrived bubble.
You see, that's how financial institutions, the inner bodies, don't confuse a Federal Reserve shareholding cartel bank with your Main Street bank.
And they engage in chicanery and corruption as well, but nothing compared to this.
Don't confuse a local corporation that may even make a billion bucks a year with the elite.
The true elite own shares in the central banks that run the nations.
And they can issue themselves unlimited liquidity to buy up real assets.
And so now you've had the amazing vertical integration of the wealth.
So after 1913, they issue hundreds of billions in liquidity.
And then in 1929 they shut the spigot off, put out a bunch of news articles in their newspapers about all these poor people and people that, you know, and shoeshine boys investing on the stock market, and how they'd gotten greedy, and how they'd lied on loan applications, and how there was too much credit
And that it was top-heavy, and that the American people had partied too much, and the flappers, and had started having sex, and had become decadent, and women were smoking cigarettes, and they advertised this to get the Christians real mad, and to have the churches say, yes, yes, we're bad, we're being judged.
To get, of course, the quote do-gooders all into ninnying and running around.
And they just cut the currency off.
They cut the liquidity off while everyone was overextended and living on 15 plus years of super cheap credit issued to anybody.
And so then that infected the stock market, it infected other corporations, and they just cut the spigot off
And for a decade, for a decade, they made alcohol illegal, which tripled alcoholism, that allowed federalization of police, that allowed the corruption of police, the big banks and the mafia groups had secretly, and that's come out, lobbied for prohibition, knowing that only criminal combines could bring in the liquor, could make the liquor, and so
A glass of beer went up in price about 500%.
A shot of whiskey went up about 500%.
Fabulous fortunes were made.
So they used black markets to bring down the nation, to corrupt the police, as they'd done just 60 years before in China, bringing in opium,
Where it had always been illegal, British troops, U.S.
intelligence, this is all historical fact, bringing in the opium, using it to corrupt the police, using it to then get them under their control to wreck the country in 10 parts and hand it to different parts of Europe and the United States.
Through a drug war!
They are masters of the black market, so they bring in the black market.
Same thing here.
And then, of course,
Just to abbreviate things.
The bottom line of the article we're doing needs to state that this is engineered and why it's important to understand it's engineered.
Because the more we give into these bankers, the worse things are going to get.
People ask how far they will push.
As far as we let them.
That's how far tyrants always push.
They don't stop.
It's their nature to dominate.
They enjoy total control.
They openly hate the middle class and you having any wealth.
They're not your friends.
You understand that?
They're ruthless beyond imagination.
They're diabolically keen and focused on total domination.
And the greatest form of domination is, of course, extermination.
We look at how humans have behaved over and over again throughout civilization.
The Babylonians would move into an area and kill everybody.
The Israelites would move into an area and kill everybody.
The Romans would move into an area and if anyone resisted them, they would kill everybody.
The Aztecs, the same thing.
They would go around exterminating every other tribe.
Full spectrum dominance.
How do we know we've won?
We killed them all!
And evil elites love blood and death and gladiatorial events and thousands crucified every day.
People being boiled in oil and having their skin flayed.
The evil rises to the top in a society where the good don't combine forces together and follow a Bill of Rights and Constitution and constantly guard against tyranny.
And even if you do that, you normally fall to it.
But they convinced the American people that evil didn't exist in government.
Alright, I said I'm going to your calls, but I need to break down currently what's happening.
This is so important.
This testament is important for people to understand.
So they engineer the crash in 29, the stock market rollercoasters for a year, then settles in, devalued by around 90%, but that wasn't the bigger issue.
Then the banks, as they went under, were gobbled up by larger private banks that were Federal Reserve held, and they would come out and call in the entire loan on a farm, a ranch, a house, even if people were paying it, even if they had money.
And in Kentucky, and in Texas, and in Kansas, and in Illinois, and in Colorado, everywhere.
Hundreds of times in Kentucky.
Hundreds of times in Colorado.
Hundreds of times in the Dakotas.
Hundreds of times in California.
Army tanks would pull up.
Men would ride in on horseback and they would just kill everyone.
There were huge battles and martial law all over the United States.
Strikers would be mowed down by Pinkerton security in New Jersey.
Just whole people would march with their children.
They would just mow them down with machine guns in the streets.
If veterans protested, they would move in with tanks and machine guns and slaughter hundreds on the spot.
But the bankers own the newspapers, so you don't know about it today.
So we're going to talk about the rest of their history and then currently what they're doing when we get back.
And then your phone calls, I promise.
Stay with us.
Cameras are everywhere.
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Today, unlike any other in the long course of American history, a terrorist act of war against this country.
The enemy struck America on September 11th.
But who is the enemy?
Bin Laden.
This is his ammo.
We have to look to the Middle East.
We have to look to Osama Bin Laden.
Fabled Enemies is the first 9-11 film to take a close look at the terrorist ties to intelligence networks inside the United States.
Some U.S.
investigators believe that there are Israelis again very much engaged in spying in and on the U.S.
I'm aware that some Israeli citizens have been detained.
Bin Laden's connections to the CIA, the hijacker's ties to the FBI, the Saudi Arabian connection, the Israeli intelligence network, warnings and war games, the shadow government, and much, much more.
Fabled enemies.
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Ladies and gentlemen, the Dow just mega plunged again to 9,796, a 528.70 drop.
NASDAQ, even harder hit.
120.57 drop.
S&P just massively hit with a 63.32.
All engineered.
How did we tell you
Last week that it would plunge after they passed it, they promised it wouldn't.
Everything they say is lies.
Police, military.
They are poisoning you to the water supply.
It is a fact.
I know it's scary, but you better gut up as a man and research what's happening and stop acting like a foolish monkey as the media and culture has trained you to be.
Finishing up is I want to go to all these callers.
So, the banks set up the Federal Reserve in the name of stopping any panics or runs that they had at a smaller level on a regional basis before 1913.
They engineer the Depression.
They institute martial law with the War Powers Act of 1933 under Franklin Delano Roosevelt.
They go around all over the country kicking people off their ancestral lands.
In many cases, claiming they hadn't paid local taxes and taking land that was paid for.
And see, now you're hearing the same thing.
Oh, we may call in whole mortgages.
You see how that works?
Going back for two years, they've been having people at closes at the very end when they're closing on a mortgage.
Oh, sign here that we can change this agreement without you knowing whenever we want.
And the people are tricked into signing it.
Oh yeah, a fraud provision, a sharecropper contract.
Look, let me just accelerate up to what's currently happening.
A, this is engineered.
They set up the martial law preparations, they prepared the military for all of it, they put them to the urban warfare training and told them it was for America.
FEMA went around in the last three years hiring over 26,000 preachers secretly to train their flocks, to do what government says, to turn their guns in, to go to FEMA camps.
We told you that before it was declassified last year.
Again, the credibility.
Everything we tell you happens.
They militarized the police.
They went from 500,000 cops to 3 million cops.
They built federal command centers in every major city overseeing the surrounding counties with live-time GPS tracking via the cell towers, triangulating down to all the telephones.
People always play semantical games with that.
The cell towers are GPS.
They triangulate into the phone down to 15 feet regulation.
A military control grid was put in place, and then we get the IMF and World Bank documents, leaked after Joseph Stiglitz leaves the World Bank as our Chief Economist, and they talk about how they imploded Argentina by design, how they imploded hundreds of other countries, the secret agreements they make governments sign, where they pay off the leaders to sell out the infrastructure, to inflate the currency,
And then hand everything over to the bankers once the economy implodes.
They need to, like a mosquito injects through its proboscis, enzymes to liquefy your cells and blood so it can slurp them up.
That's what they do.
They bring the economy down.
They shatter confidence by design.
After they've tricked everybody with overconfidence, irrational exuberance, to get deeply into this, after they issue all of this currency and all the liquidity, they then get you tricked into getting deeply into it.
Paul, you can just take the last chapter of Descent into Tyranny and put that in the story as a link.
On September 11, 2001, along with hundreds of my fellow troops, I went to Ground Zero, and we knew what to do.
Or at least we thought we did.
Truth Rising is a breakthrough 9-11 film that finally gives first responders a platform to tell their story.
Whitman, EPA director on the 18th made a statement that the air was safe to breathe.
This film follows the growing momentum of 9-11 truth as brave souls throughout the world take action against their global masters.
He had his hand over the radio while he was getting a countdown.
He takes his hand off and you hear three, two, one, and it was boom, boom, boom, boom, boom.
This is an emergency transmission worldwide.
Download Truth Rising at PrisonPlanet.tv and aggressively spread it worldwide.
Or order the DVD at Infowars.com.
If we don't expose the government-sponsored terror, they're going to commit more acts and bring in martial law.
Waging war on corruption.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
The stock market has fallen on the Dow Jones Industrial Average 550 points.
The Dow is at 9,775.
As we told you last week, after they got their bailout plan, they were going to throttle you, but they needed dictatorial powers first.
Sure, the executive could claim they had those powers all day, but they wanted to have that rubber stamp from Congress.
And they got it.
Now they're gonna panic the public again.
The public's gonna say no,
But the private Federal Reserve doesn't care.
The Treasury is now private as well.
And they are now going to conduit everything into themselves.
Foreign banks, insurance companies, brokerage firms, the very bankers running all of this, the ten firms Paulson's hiring, are the very firms being given the money.
And the small banks, the regional banks, even some of the big independent banks that aren't owned by the private banking cartel that issues the currency,
They're refusing it because they know what it is and they're saying this is a takeover of the entire financial structure.
If we take money, we by contract sign everything over to the Federal Reserve cartel.
We had all those experts on last week that told you things would plunge after this happened.
But all the yuppie scum and the experts on TV paid, lied to you and told you that Valhalla
As if they were reading from the Guter Dammerung.
You would enter Valhalla just as soon as you agreed to it.
But you didn't agree.
That's the good news.
They terrorized you, they dropped the stock market, the largest one-day plunge in history, now eclipsed by today, and you still said 90 plus percent no.
And so they put out lots of news articles about, oh look, here's the army with their... with their Apache helicopters, photos of Apache helicopters with missiles being loaded on CNN.
Oh, here's the army preparing for its missions with the helicopters and tanks.
For you.
What's a bank robber do when they come into a bank?
They pull out a gun and they say, hands up!
And the biggest bank robberies in history are carried out by rogue government.
Most governments are rogue.
That's how they work.
That's why most nations can never get up above third world slums.
Because why should anybody work?
Why should anybody have a job if somebody will just take it from you?
Plus, the few elites that live up on armored hilltops, they don't want the little slaves down below having anything.
They like it that your kids are running around with dirty feet getting parasites and dying.
They like it that people look at them worshipfully.
That's how they like it.
And they're gonna teach you how to like it too.
And then don't worry, the cops will still live in dirt floor at Hovel's, but they'll still get to wear those black uniforms.
Everybody will be scared of them in the shops.
You traded a wonderful country, but you got that black uniform.
And don't worry, you're gonna get to enjoy it.
So the bottom line is, I want an article up on PrisonPlanet.com breaking down that the bankers engineered and prepared this whole thing two years ago.
More than two years ago, they changed the bankruptcy law where the average person can't get out of their debts, basically.
But they made it easier for big corporations.
Four years ago, Bush passed a piece of legislation.
The House went along with it.
To allow private companies to spend the money in the pension fund in investments.
To use the pension funds and not pay them back.
So see how they got all their ducks in a row.
We're going to come back and break this down and then get to your phone calls, I promise.
But I need to continue breaking this down and get to the latest martial law news being thrown in everybody's face by the mainstream media.
Stay with us.
Today, unlike any other in the long course of American history, a terrorist act of war against this country.
The enemy struck America on September 11th.
But who is the enemy?
Bin Laden.
This is his ammo.
We have to look to the Middle East.
We have to look to Osama Bin Laden.
Fabled Enemies is the first 9-11 film to take a close look at the terrorist ties to intelligence networks inside the United States.
Some U.S.
investigators believe that there are Israelis again very much engaged in spying in and on the U.S.
I'm aware that some Israeli citizens have been detained.
Bin Laden's connections to the CIA, the hijacker's ties to the FBI, the Saudi Arabian connection, the Israeli intelligence network, warnings and war games, the shadow government, and much, much more.
Fabled enemies.
Get the DVD at InfoWars.com or see it in super high quality along with hundreds of other titles at PrisonPlanet.tv.
Either you are with us or you are with the terrorists.
You know, I know exactly what you're thinking when it comes to this economy.
The banks are crashing.
The stock market's a mess.
There's the mortgage crisis.
There's the lending crisis.
There is the food and gasoline prices through the ceiling crisis.
And we are paralyzed a little bit.
We don't know exactly how to respond to it.
I don't know what to say.
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Take care of yourself.
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The Genesis Communications Radio Network proudly presents the Alex Jones Show.
Because there's a war on for your mind.
The stock market has plunged by 550 points.
This is all engineered.
Your calls are coming up.
In the big article we're doing, trying to cover all the facets, it's key to point out this was financial terrorism, just like 9-11 was physical terrorism.
This is terrorism, ladies and gentlemen, to have the President, the Secretary of the Treasury, the Democratic and Republican leaders of the House and Senate, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, all of them, come out and say that if... It's just so horrible to see this happening.
I'm speechless right now.
Come out and say that if you don't give us this bailout provision, which is a banker takeover bill, with immunity, power to take over any bank's financial institutions, by any financial securities, derivatives of any foreign bank, it is a complete looting.
It is a tick that weighs 500 pounds, sucking the last bit of blood out of a 3-pound Chihuahua.
And by the way, that is not an exaggeration.
If you have over a thousand trillion, over a quadrillion in derivatives, and this giant tick that weighed... I mean, that's hundreds of times the real market and the real assets in the world.
It's made-up fiat, a tsunami of cash.
They bought up everything they could with it.
They de-industrialized us with the Chinese model by leveraged slave goods that no one could compete with, while they piled more regulations and controls and taxes on Western factories.
They did everything they could to debase.
It's a mercantile system of controlling countries through trade by not letting any country be independent.
That's what globalism is, is a neo-mercantilism.
That's what globalism is, is neo-mercantilism.
And now we're going to see hyper-stagflation.
So they did everything they could to get you in debt.
And so now, in 2007, in January, for the first time, the country became negative savers.
We, as a whole, individually, had negative savings.
That's when the bankers blew the trumpet and said, okay, start plunging the economy.
And we have the IMF and World Bank documents.
We came out of Bilderberg with our spies inside and said they're going to start the implosion by design with the subprime mortgages a year before anybody was talking about that.
We have on-the-ground intelligence.
It is not revelation.
It is proof.
It is inside knowledge.
That's how we know.
Because we told you the truth.
We've been proven right.
So we've had financial terrorism, terrorizing the public, saying there's going to be a depression, the world's on the edge of an abyss, French leaders, German leaders, Dutch leaders, British leaders, U.S.
leaders, all saying the same thing, knowing that in the past, one head of state saying something half that strong would cause a depression, because it's all built in confidence.
Because it's so leveraged.
And that was their signal that they were bringing it down.
And so, the Congress panicked under threat of martial law last Friday.
That's a key point.
Congressmen, on the record, on this show, not just C-SPAN, saying, yes, we were threatened with martial law and blood in the streets if we didn't do this.
And so now they've been given these dictatorial powers, these powers of immunity,
For a select cadre of banks to take over what's left of the real economy.
With all their fiat currency.
Because some groups wouldn't sell.
Some companies wouldn't sell.
Some financial institutions wouldn't sell.
Well now they'll be forced to.
Now the regulators are coming.
With a wall of our money behind them.
Which will then cause hyperinflation.
With an implosion in the real economy.
Hyper-stagnation inflation.
You could call it super stagflation.
You could call it economic Armageddon.
And make no mistake, this is a military-style attack.
This is run with military precision.
They are engineering the implosion of our economy and the world economy, and we told you ten years ago, and nine years ago, and five years ago, and a year ago, and a month ago, that when they did this, they would come out in all the major financial publications and say, it's the people's fault, it's minorities' fault.
They went and got
Mortgages they shouldn't have when the media cram it down their throat, and that's a very small part of all this.
That's about blaming on the public and making us think in the fake history that it's our fault.
And playing into some of racist America.
They love it on talk radio and in the newspapers that it was the minorities that did it.
Give me a break!
Give me a break!
And what's left of the middle class loves feeling elitist, and, oh, this was all cause by them!
Oh, I love Bernanke!
I love Palin!
I love Bush!
I love Barack Obama!
And so now, we have to educate the public on how this was engineered, like our lives and future depend on it, because they're going to demand more and more money, more and more power.
The bailout plan, according to Bloomberg and other publications, is really $5 trillion.
And that's just a start.
And we need to explain to the public why milk, and eggs, and cars, and fuel, and housing, and everything else is going to go up.
Because for a time, you're going to see housing go down, but in a year or so, it's going to spike right back up with hyperinflation.
There were a few things that were overextended in price because of the bubble and speculation, but after that implodes, and then after the currency is devalued, the price of necessities is going to skyrocket.
May take two years for real estate or three years to rebound, but it will.
But it won't matter because people won't have the jobs to have the fiat currency.
See, Main Street will be dead and so no one will be able to even get a hold of the fiat currency.
And then comes the federalization.
Then comes when the welfare checks aren't big enough to buy the milk and eggs and Kool-Aid and the rest of it.
Then the market
We'll basically be a shadow of its former self.
You will have food riots.
You will have more and more homeless.
The number of homeless is more than tripled according to numbers coming out of different states.
Texas, California, Nevada, New York, Michigan, Florida.
The states are now going to go bankrupt.
Florida, California, Michigan, Texas,
All 50 are going to go bankrupt by design.
They were put into an economic model by the feds and by the private banks where they couldn't pay for it all.
The three million cops and the welfare and all the illegal aliens.
And the corporate welfare.
And so that will worsen things and then you'll have riots.
A riot in LA.
A riot in Detroit.
You'll have a riot in New York, and the police will go out with sound cannons, microwave guns, backed up by troops.
They will route it.
They will show you horrible, you know, criminal types looting electronic stores, and then instantly that will sell.
Thank God for the U.S.
They had to shoot a bunch of people, but it was needed, and you'll have a black president probably, so it's okay that they'll be mowing down poor whites, poor blacks, and Hispanics.
And he'll be telling you it's got to be done, giving the left cover that Tarpley's right on.
Looks like that's how it's shaping up, regardless.
McCain will do the same thing, and McCain gets in.
Then, a bunch of blacks get killed, and illegal aliens get killed, and whites get killed.
Then you'll see even more riots.
That plays into what they want that way.
And so the middle class, code word for
White America, but there's a lot of blacks and Hispanics and Asians in the middle class.
A lot of hardworking, smart people.
They will go to the system and beg them for the military.
Beg them for troops on the streets.
You know, people keep thinking on these websites and forums, they're all saying, Alex Jones is right, Alex Jones is right.
Get ready for war, lock and load, this is it.
Combat with the U.S.
You're not listening to what I said.
The globalists will give you a scenario where you beg for it, and they've already got yuppies and people saying, okay, they're getting ready for martial law, but we need it.
Because, you know, things are gonna implode, so the army's getting ready.
Yeah, they got ready 20 years ago.
They covertly paid off your local politicians 20 years ago.
They covertly put CIA in your local cities 30 years ago.
They built FEMA camps covertly 25 years ago.
So see, they were geared up and ready for all of this and have been training the military and they're just now telling the public, oh don't worry, police train for riot scenarios.
BBC police officers from forces across South Wales are receiving training prepared for riots.
Police horses, dogs, and helicopters will be used to add realism during a two-day course at Morton in Marsh Fire College.
Gloucestershire, some officers will take on the role of hostile crowds in real-life scenarios such as
Demonstrations and disorder.
Missiles and petrol bombs will be thrown as part of the training.
That also gives the image that the citizens are going to be throwing firebombs at police, which then sells the image that the citizens are bad, see?
That gives them preparatory images for the news.
Officers attending the training will come from Gloucestershire, Dorset, Wilshire, Avon, Somerset, Devon, Cornwall,
Constabularies, and it goes on and on.
Now, here's CNN last night.
It's here in my stack.
CNN reports on deployment of 1st Brigade Combat Team in the U.S.
The United States Military Northern Command formed in the wake of September 11th terror attacks is
Dedicating a combat infantry team to deal with catastrophes in the U.S.
including terror attacks and natural disasters.
Now you read what the Army actually put out two weeks ago in a press release.
It says for civil unrest, martial law with non-lethal weapons and they said they hope not to shoot Americans with real bullets.
And in the CNN story they show Apache helicopters being loaded with missiles and it says the U.S.
Army gets ready for operations in the U.S.
A threat to those of us in the know.
Oh, here's a helicopter.
All right, I said I'd go to your calls.
I'm going to take some of those, but then I'm going to get into part two of how this will unfold.
Alex Jones here with a question.
What does humidity mean to you?
Most people think of hot and sticky summer days, but many people are beginning to realize that humidity can be a valuable source of pure drinking water.
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Call Ecola Blue right now at 866-585-4044.
That's 866-585-4044.
Or visit Ecola Blue at E-C-O-L-O-B-L-U-E.com today.
It is now time to reign in evil and bring them to justice.
Through the authority that has been delegated to us, it is time to destroy the destroyers.
The number of the mounted troops was 200 million, the vast majority of the population of the U.S.
Though the people of
We're good.
It is a big idea
A New World Order.
In the near future, Earth is dominated by a powerful new government.
It's known as the Bilderberg Group.
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Don't want no shackles.
Well, we're getting banker shackles right now.
Stock market below 10,000 right now.
I'm gonna at least get through these calls that have been holding and then I'm gonna get... There's so many facets to how they're imploding the economy by design, giving themselves immunity.
How they're preparing and selling the public for Marshall Law.
The first phase, the second phase, the third phase.
I want to go over those, but let's go to your calls.
Chuck in Illinois, thanks for holding, and Jesse, Scott, and others.
You're on the air.
Well, how are you doing, sir?
Good, I'm on the radio.
How are you doing?
I'm doing pretty good.
The first thing I want to say is I'm scared.
Well, I mean, but we should be scared.
They put poison in our water and kidnap over a million kids.
You know, government every year.
Evil's already been all around us, sir.
We've killed 50 million of our own babies.
Yeah, I'm the guy who gets the six-pack of beer and the smokes after work.
Believe me, I've been there, brother.
You know, I need to know, you know, I'm not a rich guy, obviously.
I'm here to rock bird, you know, the police taser people and kill them repeatedly, you know, it's accepted.
I need to know what I can do to make this better.
You know, as far as hunger, if my neighbor's hungry, he can come over and I'll feed him if I got it.
You know, I think as a society we need to come together.
You know, if he's a black guy, come on over.
I'm a white guy, you know, come on over.
I don't care who you are.
If you're hungry, you know, I'll feed you.
I'll be there for you.
Well, you do that the first week.
What happens when you run out of food?
Then I'm gonna go to the neighbor's house and see if they've got any food.
Well look, they trained the police.
They know the tasers kill people.
They're going from 50,000 volts to 75,000 volts.
They've brainwashed cops.
It's all about procedure and their safety and the threat continuum.
And they've militarized them against us and they've trained them that we're the enemy.
But hey, I want the cops to know you're not getting away with it.
Your masters are gonna hurt you bad.
Well, you know, I don't know.
You know, me, I'm 38.
It doesn't really matter to me what happens to me.
You know, my American dream's out the door.
You know, my wife and my three children are what's important to me.
And I'll do whatever it takes, and take any, you know, ramification, any consequences, and I will protect those four people.
Yeah, well, they have to bankrupt the economy.
And then let us riot and fight with each other so they can play savior again, emergency reorganize everything, set up the Amero, the North American Union as a new dollarization, and then they'll bring the economy back a little bit, but lots of people will be arrested, but the yuppies will be for that, because they'll be told that everything will be okay, they'll just go along with the police state, and then they will start carrying out the controlled plague releases that will kill most of the country.
You know, it's... I know the cops won't listen, but you know, 10-15 years from now when you're dying in your, uh, house of the, uh, Straconian 12 Megavirus or whatever the made-up thing they release, just remember, your masters did it and they loved you.
And they don't...
I got, yeah, I got a quick question.
What can I do now?
What can I do now?
My kid's 18, 17, and 16.
Do I stick him in the military?
You know, do I buy a gun?
You know, do I get a crew together?
You don't own a gun?
You don't own a gun?
No, sir.
Well, I don't want to kill anybody.
I don't want to shoot anybody.
Well, it's because, but let me ask you a question.
Who comes first?
How are you going to protect your children from a pack of thugs?
Do I need to go out and get a gun?
Well, that's what I'm asking.
See, it's so alien to me, because I'm the stock of... I come from, you know, rebel stock, and I know most Americans do.
I come from frontier stock, and though I'm a shadow of those men and women, who they were, I mean, it's just, you know, I was shooting a 410 when I was four years old, and still, the children around here in Texas, you know, mainstream children,
Uh, you know, I know a lobbyist lives down the street from me, and you know, he takes his son out shooting a shotgun, or we go out and shoot the shotguns together.
You know, one day it's baseball, next day it's shotguns.
And then I see full-grown adults who were never taught that great birthright of the weapon.
Yes, you need to go out and get a, um, you need to go out and get a revolver first, because it's safe.
Take some local lessons this week.
But don't talk about what it's for.
Uh, shooting center of mass at only about 20 feet.
You need to be able to shoot somebody at 20 feet, center of mass in the chest, um, or in the head if need be.
Or you can always go for the legs.
Um, but uh, well the key is, well I'm not gonna get into it.
Point is, if you're dealing with mercenary forces, it's very easy just to walk up to somebody and stick the revolver right up underneath their arm.
But I'm not gonna get in, I'm not gonna even start getting into that.
Anything else?
No, sir.
Thank you.
Thank you.
I'm not trying to be mean to you, man.
Listen, it's not that we pet guns and oil them and then it's an extension of us.
It is a man, a free man has weapons.
Slaves don't have weapons.
It is one of the highest expressions of liberty.
So, yes, you all need firearms.
You need to act like they're magical and scary.
You need to learn how to use them.
And if you point them at somebody, you need to pull the trigger.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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There's always a silver lining.
And the trials and tribulations coming will only make us stronger.
All of this plenty has made us weak.
The future of mankind's direction is now being decided.
You're only alive one time.
Let this life count.
This is your chance.
Join the rebellion against the New World Order.
To let the people know who their enemies are.
And to reach out to the military and police and let them understand they've been conned like all the rest of us.
Let a little bit of this song play out, then I'm gonna go to your calls.
The forces of evil are upon us.
And like the man behind the curtain, sleight of hand and deception is their greatest tool.
The evil has already come to Africa, to Asia, to Latin America, where the United Nations carries out the extermination of the population, the sterilization.
They've already been under the attack for a long time.
The New World Order has taken their time to set the trap here in the West and bring down a mighty people.
But they've miscalculated and there's more resistance than they bargained for forming.
Alright, I'm going to hurry through your calls now because I want to get back into what they're going to do in the future now.
We've talked about how they engineered it, how they carried it out.
Now, what are they going to do next?
Let's move quickly here.
Chuck in Illinois, then Jesse, Scott, Jesse, and Will.
Go ahead.
You're on the air, Chuck.
We already went to Chuck.
Okay, I thought we went to... Oh, Jared hung up.
Jesse in Wisconsin.
Hey, I'm here.
Go ahead.
Yeah, I'm glad you're having David Icke on the program today.
I've got a couple things I just wanted to mention to you.
I'm from Madison, Wisconsin.
The first thing on the list is an advisory to everybody in Madison if they can make it to the University of Wisconsin.
October 9th, Eric Rosengren of the Boston Federal Reserve Bank will be there speaking to students.
I'm not really sure about what, but it's probably just him trying to sell his ideas on the eventual takeover of the U.S.
Well, they're doing that.
The bankers are out everywhere selling their lies at every event.
Oh yeah, I do not doubt it, but what I'd like to do is just get anybody involved.
If you're in Chicago, if you're in Minneapolis, just drive down October 9th at 4 o'clock.
It'll be at the Ingram Building, what's the room, 10B, 41B.
You know, the New World Order talks about this.
They talk about, he works hard for us, he's a good guy, when they talk about their different minions.
And then they've admitted they're everywhere selling their takeover, everybody.
They're selling it.
They are, yeah.
On a personal note, my neighbor's backyard, or sorry, my parent's backyard neighbor, he's lost his retirement, basically.
He has to work until he's 75 years old.
That really hits home, you know.
And they told him, if you'll just go for the bailout, your retirement will be okay.
And then they dropped the hammer as soon as they had the power.
And this has been going on for a long time.
Oh, yeah.
My Uncle Jack, who's actually my grandfather's brother, he was the head of security at the Treasury Building.
And he knew that their whole fiat currency, when they switched over from that in the 30s, was a farce.
And what he did his whole life is, every time he got a paycheck, he'd put it into commodities like copper and tin and things like that.
So he's actually doing very well for himself right now, because everything he has is actually backed up by a physical precious metal instead of a bunch of currency, digital numbers made out of light that are worth nothing.
So, I think what, at this time, what I'd recommend for a lot of your listeners is what you've been doing too, is just invest in anything you can get your hands on that's of value, whether it's tools, whether it's machinery that people are going to need to dig people out of fires or whatever.
Most folks don't have money to invest, but yes, folks should get some food, firearms, but not get all paranoid and crazy and start jumping in shadows.
Be open, be strong, be leaders.
I appreciate your call, Jesse.
Scott in Arizona, you're on the air.
Hey, Alex.
I just wanted to call and say that you're right on everything and how it's all coming down, but I wanted to tell you this.
I looked on Steve's Quilt site over the weekend.
He's got some alerts out on bank runs.
I mean, not bank runs, but bank holidays.
And then another thing he had on there was about Webbot and how they predicted a lot of things, even though I'm a Christian and I don't believe in all that, but their predictions have been pretty right on.
They say tomorrow,
They said that they've been getting this prediction for a long time, and they said the precursor was September 22nd through the 28th, what would be the event that would take place tomorrow.
It's a big day.
So I'm kind of curious to see if that's going to come true, but it kind of seems like it's setting it up today.
Well, for those that don't know what WebBot is, it's a private consortium that does what the NSA does.
It goes around and sees what the buzz is, and it's picking up people in message rooms and chat rooms and everywhere saying, bank run, bank run, economy implosion.
It isn't much of a prediction to say, while the stock market's dropping, you know, thousands of points, to come out and say, oh, guess what?
The economy
uh... might you know go down a whole bunch or there might be bank runs or or or or there might be a major economic crises while the president and the elite are out bad-mouthing the economy to drive it down by design so they can consolidate it.
I appreciate your call.
uh... let's go ahead and uh... talk to who's next?
Jesse in Seattle, you're on the air.
Hey Alex, how's it going?
Yeah, I was curious, have you ever heard of a guy named Jim Willey?
He's a market analyst?
He's pretty good, and I've been hearing him talk.
Maybe you could talk a little about it, too, because I'm not too familiar with a lot of the details, but he was talking a lot about how, I believe, Fannie Mae had about $1.5 trillion in fraud that Interprint's just missing from its books, and also talked about how AIG, before they got the loan from the government, had actually gotten an offer from a couple of German banks, but the offer was blocked by the government.
And his whole theory is that there's a lot of fraud, there's a lot of systemic fraud... Well, that's not a theory, it's a fact that none of the banks, the private big Federal Reserve banks will show their books to any government.
No, they're telling the government they've got it butt-backwards.
They are demanding the government be handed over to them, a governmental power be handed over to them, and so now they're doing this.
But of course, sir, there was
There was upwards of $2 trillion missing in the weeks before 9-11 from the Pentagon Trust Funds and Investments and Pensions.
That was in the Associated Press in Oregonian.
It's over $4 trillion now, according to Congressional testimony, and the Pentagon, Rumsfeld and others, back when they testified two years ago, actually laughed, with General Myers as well, laughed at the Congress people asking about it and said, we're just not going to tell you.
That's what it's about.
The military and the police don't know it, but they're there to guard the bank robbers taking everything offshore.
That's what it's looking like for sure.
No, no, that's it!
That's what it is, sir!
When they put $4 trillion, and idiots email me and say, the defense budget's only a trillion bucks a year.
Now it is.
It used to be $500 billion or so.
What do you mean?
How could there be $4 trillion missing when they don't even get that in a year?
It was all the investments.
Water districts.
Everybody was told in the last 50 years, since they started doing it, to invest most of the tax money in private funds.
And then they allow the mayors and others to steal part of it to do it.
It's total criminal government.
Now they took all that real asset offshore, then they moved derivatives and fake assets in to the portfolios of the cities and counties and water districts and police pension funds, teacher pension funds, retirement.
And the cops are going to be defending the system
The military is going to be defending the system.
Look, it's just like last year.
The Pentagon announced, oh, guess what?
We're no longer going to give Korean, Vietnam, World War II vets free health care like we always promised.
That's being taken away.
Four years ago, they changed the rules where any private corporation can take its employees' pensions.
Again, they set all this up by design.
Anything else?
No, that was it.
I was hoping you could maybe elaborate on it, but... So angry.
Oh man, I'm mad.
Will in California, you're on the air.
Mr. Jones, please.
Hello, Will.
Hey, man.
Good work, man.
First of all, I just wanted to tell you that I'm praying for you and your family all the time.
Keep you safe.
Oh, man.
Pray to God.
I was wondering if you heard of the Codex Alimentarius.
Yeah, that's the big international UN takeover of the food and the vitamins and forcing countries to accept genetically modified crops that are deadly and prescriptions for vitamins and total control.
So, um... They're hitting it.
They're going after family farms and ranches with the Animal ID and Prima Society taking it over.
They're going to create over a million bureaucrats there.
Three million greenie-meanie bureaucrats with carbon checkpoints and carbon audits of your homes.
The only new jobs are going to be control freak socialists running your life.
Right, so I've never heard you guys speak about it too much on the show.
I haven't listened to it for a while.
We've had live reports the last two Codex Alimentarius from the United Nations meetings.
They just met last month.
We had live reports from the area.
Right, so your listeners can watch at Google.
of a lecture of Dr. Remo LeBeau.
Yes, we had them on, yes.
General Stubblebine, former head of the Army, who has been desperately fighting this, and now has said they have all the documents.
It is a mass extermination camp program.
Again, they have to bankrupt everything to get us on the plantation in the next few years, get control of us, stage more terror attacks, arrest people that don't serve them, shut down the free internet, and then they can carry out the controlled exterminations.
So, um...
And I also just wanted to tell you that there's McFlyers going around out here in California.
I don't know who started this or whatever, but it's got like a list of documentaries, and they're somehow like covertly trying to get people on board with this whole thing, and it's just got a list of documentaries, books, and websites for people to go to, and they're just like leaving them on a windshield, and at the bottom it says, copy and distribute.
So there's people out here that got your back, man.
Yeah, I know.
People are listening.
They know it's red level.
If we don't fight with the DVDs and the leaflets and the call-to-talk radio, and if we don't get the word out about who did this, they are going to win.
And the reason people are finally listening, this show has gone supernova.
I mean, everywhere.
Fantastic, man.
It's great.
Well, but the problem is, and I appreciate your call, my friend, Will, the problem is I feel totally sick in my stomach.
I have a headache.
I'm upset.
The stock market has plunged below $10,000 to $9,796.
Just to see them doing it.
You know, I know intellectually what they're doing.
I understand their program, their plan.
But to see them getting away with it, to see them carrying it out, to know they're taking the pension funds right now, to know they're looting everything right now, to know that they are taking $5 trillion of our tax dollars.
It's not $850 billion, folks.
$5 trillion at least.
And just open crime, open private banks engineered it all, just totally writing checks on the taxpayers' back to do whatever they want.
And then the BBC and CNN reporting, yeah, the police and military are gearing up for riots over all this, and then they're gonna...
Carry out an economic... I mean, they killed the economy two weeks ago with the, there's going to be a depression, there's going to be a depression, there's going to be a depression.
We kept saying there's going to be a depression if these bankers don't stop this.
They're engineering it, they're doing it by design.
Once they get a banking bill through that gives them anonymity, which gives them secrecy, which gives them immunity, they're going to drop the hammer.
And Congress gave it to them, and they are dropping the hammer.
And they'll probably pump the market back up again, or two or three times.
But it's going straight down on the yearly graph.
Now, I only have about one migraine a year.
And they always start in the back of my head, and I'm starting to have one right now.
I got... I just can't... I gotta... gut up and not get... I just... I just... Folks, I know it's real.
I know there's the FEMA camps.
I know they put poison in the water.
I know the New World Order's real.
I know they're Satanist.
Macy's just came out with a huge line of... Hell Club, 666, Bohemian Grove,
Devil stuff.
I mean, they're just throwing it in our face, in everybody's face, Illuminati Night, 666, you know, all of this crap.
They are really letting everybody know who they are and what their agenda is.
They are pulling out all the stops.
I mean,
When you find out that your world leaders go to meetings where they bust in thousands of gay prostitutes, when you find out Barney Frank is allowed to run underage male brothels with children in them and that he doesn't get in trouble, when you find out that they're putting melamine in the food and now the FDA comes out and says it's not bad for you, when you find out that it's so much crazier than I can even say that they've hired felons and illegal aliens by the hundreds of thousands for the armed forces,
Now understand, we're already under martial law financially.
You heard Ron Paul say that last week under Paul Craig Roberts.
And that's the basis of martial law.
And you're under martial law when the police taser you if you don't answer their questions or you don't jump fast enough when they say jump.
That we're under martial law.
When the private banks run the government and can grab any amount of public money they want.
And now they're physically telling you they're getting ready with the military.
People are saying, oh, they won't dare use the military against the American people.
They're not going to have them march out and go street by street on day one and start grabbing people, political dissidents.
They're going to create an economic atmosphere that causes rioting and starving and bank runs and societal breakdown, and then the public is going to beg for it.
Then they will stabilize things, they control the banking system, the economy will be bad, but people will be glad cities aren't burning, and then they're going to start the political arrest.
And they're going to tell the yuppies, go along with this, and your football games and everything will continue as scheduled.
That's what's going on here.
So, the good news is the public knows the Congress is evil, the public doesn't trust the Congress,
The public is aware of the Congress's criminal activities.
Congress has a 9% approval rating.
The public didn't want the banker to take over Bill by 90 plus percent.
Thousands to one in the phone calls.
And so they just did it!
The problem is if they let rioting break out, that will scare the public back into supporting whatever the central government does.
So we gotta start saying, arrest Ben Bernanke, arrest former chairman Greenspan, arrest Paulson for insider trading and conflict of interest and all these crimes.
We've gotta say, enough is enough, arrest the criminals!
And that's gotta be the only chant you hear, and then the police and the military and the Congress will hear you, and they will respond.
They don't like it either, they're scared.
Congress was told martial law would be declared last week, and they didn't do this.
That's on record!
Don't think you're going to have a march on Washington.
They would hit us with a neutron bomb and claim Al Qaeda did it.
It has to be at the state level, the county level, it has to be at the grassroots, and we can do it!
We can do it together!
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May I have everybody's attention?
It's an inside job!
Do you like being a puppet, sir?
Do you like being a puppet for the New World Order?
How do the American people know that 9-11 was a stage?
Was it engineered by you, David Rockefeller, the Trilateral Commission, the CFR?
The day that we stop asking questions is the day that we have allowed the seeds of despotism to grow at our own door.
Seven years after the attacks of September 11th, a global awakening has taken place.
If you know that there's treason going on, you can be held accountable for treason yourself.
All hell is breaking loose on 6th Avenue.
And if the government has not told the truth in 5 years, we will be here on the 10th anniversary of... Truth Rising.
Download the film at PrisonPlanet.tv right now.
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That's uncivilliberties.com.
We're good.
Thank God there were a lot of patriots who knew about the New World Order plan who were in the military, mainly, that warned us 20 years ago when they started witnessing the plans to put us in camps, break down the society during an economic collapse.
Thank God all these great financial experts, economists, Ron Paul, Dr. Roberts, and others warned us about what was coming.
Because now the public has heard us lay out the facts of what would unfold.
They laughed at us, but now they know we told the truth.
And now they see CNN getting them ready for army troops on the streets!
We've got to get the military and police on our side.
But we do that by talking straight to them, not kissing their butts.
And the Congress is on our side.
They've been threatened with martial law.
They know.
They want to see us stand up and say no.
And we're going to make it through this together.
I believe this will be the end of the New World Order.
No matter the hard times that are coming.
The next, uh, this segment, and a little bit of the next, we got Ted Anderson with us, and then David Icke joins us from California for the balance of the show, about an hour and fifty minutes.
Hour and fifty-two minutes, if you want to be technical, because I want to hold Ted into the next segment.
Uh, I called Ted this morning.
Gold has gone up like thirty bucks an ounce today.
I told you last week, while it was sitting still, it was a buying opportunity.
I told you that when they did the bailout, that it was going to plunge the markets.
They're feeding right now.
They're consolidating right now.
And they've got your tax money to buy up those real assets now.
They need to bring it down so they can fire sale it.
It's a fire sale!
If you don't understand a fire sale, go watch the last Die Hard.
That's the establishment throwing it in your face.
Now we're dealing with this, and I told Ted, and I said, Ted, I keep forgetting to get a few coins.
I got some silver last week.
What do you got?
I've even got to, I guess, convert a little bit of payroll into it, so I can then convert it back later in case the banks get shut down.
And Ted said, look, this morning he said, all my major dealers are out.
He said, thank God.
He said, they can't say when they're going to get it in the future.
See, two weeks ago, the U.S.
Mint said, we can't sell gold coins.
Only what we've already got left, and they're sold out.
We can't get gold.
There's such a run on gold worldwide, the globalists are suppressing the price.
While the supply has run out.
Now ladies and gentlemen, ladies and gentlemen, Ted has a bunch of gold coins.
But different groups of them.
He only has so much of this, so much of that.
So there's quite a few coins he's offering today.
And then he can't get any more of these for the foreseeable future.
That's what he's being told from all his main suppliers in Europe.
It's already run out in the U.S.
Ted, this is some amazing news you gave me.
Tell us about it.
It is.
It's incredible.
I can tell you right now, I've never seen the market like this.
And I was in the market in 1980 when Jimmy Carter was in office and we had double-digit inflation back then.
I can't believe that I can't get physical supply.
Seagulls are gone.
Maple Leafs.
You can wait 13, 14 weeks to get Maple Leafs right now.
Bars of silver out of the marketplace.
I mean, just about anything you can mention, they're gone.
The things that I have right now, believe it or not, I can get franks right now.
I've got a supply of those that I can fill orders with, and I would really suggest that people get motivated with those.
The Franklin halves, right now I've got a supply of Franklin halves, and they're currently at $8.70 apiece, and silver and gold have both gone up.
I mean, I've got the stuff at the prices that I was offering to you, to the listeners last week,
When gold was lower, but gold's up 30 bucks today.
And that's because I locked in on this stuff.
Let's explain that!
They were already getting good deals last week.
It's up over 30 bucks today.
It looks like it's only going to go up more as the stock market drops below 10,000 to 9,780 and still dropping.
So ladies and gentlemen, Ted has gold coins at 30 bucks plus below what
They were selling four on Friday and he's still offering it at that price.
How long can that deal hold, Ted?
Well, I'm going to hold it today and we'll watch tomorrow.
I think we better talk a little bit more about this on the other side because it's just unbelievable what's happening.
Some stations leave us now, though.
I want to get the number out.
Give them a call.
Tell them it's the Alex Jones and Anderson Special or you'll pay.
30 plus bucks an ounce more.
Ladies and gentlemen, they are going to gut the paper.
Move into metals now or you are insane.
Thank you for listening to GCN.
Visit GCNlive.com today.
Today, unlike any other in the long course of American history, a terrorist act of war against this country.
The enemy struck America on September 11th.
But who is the enemy?
Bin Laden.
This is his MO.
We have to look to the Middle East.
We have to look to Osama Bin Laden.
Fabled Enemies is the first 9-11 film to take a close look at the terrorist ties to intelligence networks inside the United States.
Some U.S.
investigators believe that there are Israelis again very much engaged in spying in and on the U.S.
I'm aware that some Israeli citizens have been detained.
Bin Laden's connections to the CIA, the hijacker's ties to the FBI, the Saudi Arabian connection, the Israeli intelligence network, warnings and war games, the shadow government, and much, much more.
Fabled enemies.
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Waging war on corruption.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
David Icke's gonna be on with us.
Again, coming up after the break.
What a day to have him on.
Global markets pummeled by rising recession fears.
They go on to say, oh, the bailouts actually scared world markets because they understand that the United States is being socialized by a private cartel.
It's being described, not by Alex Jones, but by mainstream media as total fascism.
Again, fascism, socialism are really false terms that don't probably describe things.
It's command and control.
You always have black uniforms, cameras, secret arrest.
In modern history, same thing, minus the cameras.
Previously, just physical spies everywhere.
And, uh, they take our wealth, they hijack the treasury, and they pay all the money into themselves.
It's real simple.
And they terrorized you.
With, the markets will plunge, we'll have a depression if you don't do this.
And what did it give them?
Just like Bush said, terrorists will attack us if you don't give me immunity.
On the spying on American citizens, which he'd lied about previously and said they weren't doing.
And now they just announced this week in the U.S.
and last week, oh yeah, they're using the spy satellites to watch all the U.S.
citizens, local police are gonna have it, yeah, we're gonna be having secret police everywhere, and we're gonna be spying on all of you.
I mean, it's already been going on, folks.
It's criminal!
And they got some sick mental patients working for them.
I had these military secret police guys coming up to me and basically admitting they were, you know, at the hotel and on the streets, and you'd later see them inside the Bohemian Grove compound.
They'd be wearing clown masks, like it was Saw.
They were wearing Saw masks that the killer wears, like, that's gonna scare me.
Hey, you son of a bitch!
Excuse me, I'm sorry.
What ought to scare you is your kids are being shot up with stuff that's gonna give them cancer, boy!
You don't know who you're working for, and you think evil's cute!
It's not funny!
It's not funny what you're doing to this country!
You're fouling our own nest, you bastards!
I can understand Mossad corruption, and it's not good.
But I don't appreciate just out-and-out destroying a country.
I know Mossad corruption's bad, but that's one thing.
You are far past that.
Ted Anderson, we got two minutes left.
David Icke's coming up.
Tell folks about the gold coins.
Do you have any silver?
I know that's hard to get.
Yeah, silver right now, Alex, these people have to pick up the silver.
They're Franklin halves.
They're at 870.
They're the half of the 50-cent piece that was used right before the Kennedy.
And then you've got those at six-something, which is...
Lower than it was, you know, silver's up too, and it's lower than it was last week.
You're offering gold at 30-something bucks under what it's trading for now, the same deal you offered Friday.
Now is all you have left is the, and those are great coins by the way, I have some, the francs.
All you have is the Swiss and French francs, anything else?
Well they're the fastest, they're the one I can get the supply of the quickest.
I do have $10 Indians, I've got $10 Liberties.
Now those are gorgeous, tell me about the Indians.
Oh yeah, the $10 Indians are a beautiful piece, and currently right now they're trading at a price of $673 apiece.
The problem is that the stuff that's close to melt is just being consumed, gone.
Out of the market, there's not enough to go around.
The market has gone up at least by a hundred times from where it was back when things were real soft here just about, what, four weeks ago?
Again, ladies and gentlemen, imagine in a free market, if you couldn't get gold, its price would be high.
But instead, they're holding it where it is, while nobody can get it, but they can't hold it under for long.
It's already shooting up.
Right now, 1-800-686-2237.
So, in the offer, they can get Indians, they can get Franks and gold, which are both beautiful coins, great buys, good deals, great deals, because it's last week's prices, and you've got silver at last week's prices.
Yep, I do.
I haven't had to move the price up yet because of this position that I locked in on.
And I'm telling you, it's not going to last very long.
There's a lot of people calling for this stuff.
Get on it now.
I mean, you can see what's going on.
Every single market, Alex, I'm looking at it right here.
Everything across the board, there's nothing that's up right now.
Everything's down.
I mean, that is really bad news for the U.S.
economy and the world economy.
Germany right now is just melting apart.
There are runs on banks all over the world.
I don't want to panic people to say what I've seen in Austin, but they're already... I don't even want to get... Well, we've got to tell the truth.
They're basically people getting their money out, okay?
And moving it around and pulling cash out.
I hate to contribute to this, but I have to tell people what's going on.
It is not pretty, ladies and gentlemen.
We had that government-pushed hoax last week that there'd be runs on the banks.
This week, 1-800-686-2237.
Thank you, Ted Anderson.
Happy to help out.
Thanks, Peter.
You bet.
Folks, better call.
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Terror Storm, a history of government-sponsored terror.
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Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
For the next hour and 52 minutes, we're joined by David Icke, who is in the United States and California.
He had several events with more than 2,000 people showing up to just one of them.
And we have the same type thing happen.
We have an event, 1,200, 2,000 show up.
It is just incredible.
And this is only being done through the alternative media.
So while we see the stock market plunging 600 plus points today after the bankers got their empowerment immunity takeover bill,
Understand that at least the good news is thousands to one, according to members of Congress, phone calls against it last week, even after the White House said depression, depression, and then didn't have the Plunge Protection Team prop up the market last Monday when it went down.
Over a trillion dollars.
Well, the same things happened today after the bankers got their power, because this is part of a consolidation.
And David Icke's going to talk about that.
He's been writing about that for close to 20 years, how the main power of the New World Order in the physical realm is their banking fraud, their fractional reserve system.
But I want Icke to first talk, the man who needs no introduction, about the incredibly positive thing.
Because as the enemy moves against us, as they try to destroy the middle class and slave the people so they've got to go to the government for their food,
So that there can be a financial collapse, riots in the streets, so they can use the military on us as they're now announcing in mainstream news to be the saviors, so we accept a militarized banana boat economy.
The positive news that, this isn't hype when I say it, there is an awakening so huge it dwarfs anything a month ago, or anything a year ago.
It is exponential.
Here's an example.
We call up Chuck Norris to come on the show.
Never tried.
He goes, oh, I'm a huge fan.
I listen all the time.
I want to come on.
He comes on, endorses Ron Paul, moves away from the neocons, and says on air he agrees with everything I'm talking about.
I mean, again, Bruce Willis goes public and says, I'm no longer a neocon.
I know there's a new world order of false reality.
They're losing all their main icons.
On the left, the left is waking up and breaking the paradigm and breaking the controlled tiny box reality.
And seeing the wider universe around them.
So there is a consciousness shift in information, analysis, and it is the hundredth monkey.
There is a group consciousness.
It is spreading, it is happening, it is a mass awareness, and it is beautiful.
And so out of this adversity, it's going to get bad.
We're going to be tested.
Realize that this is evil trying to maintain control.
David Icke, after a very successful tour, which thousands and thousands came out to see in California, we welcome you to the Airwaves.
Thank you, Alex.
Sir, you've got the floor.
Let's break down the shift, what's happening, the positive, and then get into your analysis on the banking global takeover, then we'll get into the nature of reality itself.
Well, the thing is, Alex, that I've been a kind of barometer of this because I've been doing it for so long, and when I started talking about these things in Britain in the early 1990s, well, it was just extraordinary, the scale of
I don't
Along a road to change society in a certain way, there comes a point where it has to break the surface, where it can be seen, because that which it wants to change starts to happen in front of people's eyes.
And this, and what we're talking about today with the finance and everything, is putting in the face of people what they have, and I understand why, what they have tried so hard to deny was reality.
And therefore, they're finding it more and more difficult to look the other way and say, no, no, let's change the subject.
And all this together, and there's a consciousness awakening as well, very clearly.
People are waking up and expanding their consciousness on a scale never before in a time that I've known anyway.
And together, it's bringing people to a state of awareness where they are seeing
What is actually happening?
Now, we need to go to the next stage now.
People are coming out and listening to this information in vast numbers.
They're listening to programs like yours in vast numbers.
What we need to do now is start to get together, drop the fault lines between left and right and centre and progressives and all this other stuff and religion and all the rest of it and come together and cross the street and start engaging with this system.
And by engaging, ironically, I mean
Disengaging with it, ceasing to allow it to enslave us, ceasing to cooperate with our own enslavement, because as I talked about last time I was on the show, there are six billion people plus now being manipulated.
There is, at the core, a relative handful doing the manipulating.
I see a way out of this, but we have to come together, and it's starting, and I'm extremely optimistic, because now we're in this window of time where
The problem is they're blatantly in front of us.
The game is more and more blatantly in front of us.
And that is engaging and focusing people to the understanding that doing nothing is no longer an option.
It's a great time of opportunity this.
And they only are able to control us by us ourselves keeping ourselves in that box.
In self-regulating to where we're afraid to speak up or afraid to talk to neighbors and so we just go and watch the television.
But again, that is starting to break up.
That is starting to shift and it's so beautiful to see.
But before we get into the larger shifts in society and how there's only probably less than a hundred global masterminds, a few thousand technicians under them who really get the
We're good.
I've not been so focused on everything.
Well, I've heard.
I've been traveling and moving constantly for about ten days, two weeks.
I have heard the idea that this banking crisis is bad for the bankers and is not what they wanted.
We've got to understand a few things.
First of all, the people who are manipulating the banking system do not own just the banks.
They own the game.
They own the system.
Now, if you own football, it doesn't matter if one team beats another team or another team beats the other team, because you own the game.
You can't lose.
So, just because Merrill Lynch is absorbed by the Bank of America or this bank goes down and its clientele is taken over by this bank, it doesn't matter because the names on the doors are changing, the masks on the face are changing, but you own the game!
Those are just cutouts!
And if you own the game, you can manipulate the game because you're controlling the rules of the game.
So what we're looking at
And this has been long predicted.
And this is one of the real powerful things, Alex, at this time.
And why it was so important to get this information out about the game and how it's played and what the goals are over the years gone by.
Because that gives credibility when people look at it and say, hold on a second, this was predicted.
This is not just happening now.
And this really does start to take power from
Uh, the way they manipulate, giving us the impression that, oh no, this is just a problem that's just come out of nothing.
It's been planned for years.
No, no, no.
And the plan is for a centralization of power in every area over our lives and every area of global society, including politics, business, and all the rest of it.
Now, crucial to that is banking.
They want a World Central Bank that dictates to the whole of the global financial system, the whole of the global banking industry, and their families are going to control that.
That's the idea.
Diversity is the worst nightmare of the dictator.
You look at any tyranny, if you want to centralize power, it's no good having lots and lots of points of decision-making, and diversity of decision-making, because you can't centrally control that.
And just look at the way society's gone through the centuries.
It's exactly the same way.
Centralization of power constantly.
Because you can only control from the center in the hands of a few, if your center holds the power that affects
Power, you want to remove as much as you can the number of names, the number of, the amount of diversity.
And that's why the high-level private central banks that are not your regular Main Street banks issued over a thousand trillion in liquidity to other banks and institutions and changed the rules so they could sell derivatives and get into all this fraud because now the elite above get to orchestrate the consolidation.
They get to send down the regulators.
They get to send the tax money to the central
I don't think so.
The Financial Times of London said, actually, this is good for a few mega-banks, and they're the ones that changed the rules.
Meanwhile, you have all these people in alternative media running around saying, oh no, it's an accident.
It's an accident.
It's key for the establishment, the controllers, to sell that lie, so they don't get the blame for what they've orchestrated, so they can play the part of the savior, setting up the World Banking Cartel, which we buy carbon credits
We're good to go.
Yeah, you see, this is a big point to get across.
People, and I understand why, because that's what they're led to believe, they see private banks and they see the central banks in the different countries as separate, but the same families control both sides.
Now, this is the game.
They control the game.
So, whether private banks go out of business or not in this crash and crisis that's going on, they control the central banks.
They will control, if we allow them to do it, the World Central Bank, and therefore they will control the system.
The names will be different, but the system will be controlled by them.
That's right.
System equals control.
That's the whole idea.
David, let's finish up with this topic.
They move as one unit all around the world.
They move as one unit because they have a central control system.
David, stop there.
Let's back up about a minute.
I want you to be able to finish that point when we come back.
Stay with us.
Alright, we're still on air streaming.
We're still on air streaming, but let me just talk to David for a second for the InfoWars viewers out there.
Yes, mate?
You've got a three-minute break and we'll be right back to you.
Let's finish up with the banking and then get into the bigger picture.
No problem.
Thank you so much, my friend.
I'll tell you one point I could make, Alex.
What they've done with this trillion-dollar-plus bailout
We're good to go.
Let's come back and talk about all of that and explain to people how they're running the scam.
We'll be back in three minutes.
I think so.
I think so.
Today, unlike any other in the long course of American history, a terrorist act of war against this country.
The enemy struck America on September 11th.
But who is the enemy?
Bin Laden.
This is his M.O.
We have to look to the Middle East.
We have to look to Osama Bin Laden.
Fabled Enemies is the first 9-11 film to take a close look at the terrorist ties to intelligence networks inside the United States.
Some U.S.
investigators believe that there are Israelis again very much engaged in spying in and on the U.S.
I'm aware that some Israeli citizens have been detained.
Either you are with us, or you are with the terrorists.
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Again, that's E-M-I-N-I forecaster.com.
This is Rob at EveningForecaster.com and I approve this message.
Alright folks, we're back live with David Eich our guest for the Balance of the Radio show today.
We'll open the phones up towards the end of the show in the next hour.
The key here is that the unprecedented action out in the open of the President
All the major leaders of the two parties, the Treasury Secretary saying, there's going to be a depression, financial abyss, you've got to pass this Banker Bailout Bill.
And you read the bill, immunity, unlimited power, they can do whatever they want, commit basically any financial crime they want, and it doesn't say $850 billion, doesn't say $700 billion, it says $5 trillion, if you really read the fine print, as Bloomberg Financial and others reported.
So they are the ones terrorizing the market to plunge.
Then they forced through the bill, and last Friday we had the congressman on.
It was on C-SPAN.
They were threatened with physical martial law, David.
They were threatened with martial law if they didn't pass it.
Now CNN, BBC, Army Times are reporting the Army is to be used during riots.
But again,
Yeah, because we've reached that point, Alex, where it has to break the surface to become the changes in society that they've been working covertly for for so long.
This is the key, in terms of America, for what's happening on so many levels, in my opinion anyway, and I've been writing this for years.
And what I said was that they're going to use America, or are using America, to destroy America.
Because they want a world government.
A world government cannot possibly have total global power, while there's any superpower
We're good to go.
They're stretching America all over the place militarily and weakening them on that level.
And now they're attacking the American economy on a massive scale.
And this trillion, and as you rightly say, basically open checkbook, so-called bailout, is not designed to solve the crisis.
It's designed to further massively undermine
The American economy and American financial security.
And who's holding this debt now that, um, this, uh, goodness knows how much more debt that's coming in and the debt that's already, uh, owed by America.
Not that it is debt, it's money that doesn't exist.
It's a, it's a scam.
But people like China are holding massive amounts of this.
And I found it very interesting, you know, that Henry Paulson,
I don't
I think?
You're going to see the action start.
It's leading to a conflict involving China, the Third World War, to bring in finally this whole structure of world government, world central bank, world army, microchip population, world currency, and all the rest of it.
So all these things are moving as one unit.
They appear to be, to most people, unconnected, as you look at the invasion of Iraq.
That was also meant to demonize one flow of energy.
That was also meant to demonize the name of the U.S., to put the sins of the new world order on the U.S.
like they used the Soviets previously to carry out their dirty work.
They also need a global economic crisis that can be blamed on America to set up their world government and now all over the financial papers the last two weeks they proposed the private banks becoming the world government.
I mean, that is so unbelievable.
I was reading a piece when I was traveling about the head of the IMF saying that the IMF should become the central coordinating, basically, police force for the global banking system.
There's the open suggestion now of this world central bank that we've been talking about for so long.
And so what we're looking at is
Ironically, while America is getting this flag, while America gets the thinker pointed at it, actually, although it's firing the bullets, if you like, in places like Iraq and Afghanistan and what have you, the gun's being loaded in Europe, and there in Europe, you know, in the centre of the secret society web, Europe is basically going, who me?
I've got nothing to do with it, it's America!
Got a break when we come back.
Long segment.
I want to hear your solutions.
How to combat this now.
I say expose is really behind it, A, but what else can we do?
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Alright, I know we're on air everybody, for a few stations that don't even carry some of the breaks, and for the internet viewers at PrisonPlanet.tv and folks listening at InfoWars.com.
But David, so you don't say anything too much of substance here so some of the full audience can't hear it.
We're going to be back in two minutes and we'll finish up with this and then get into the nature of reality itself and how people can shift their paradigm into a larger horizon, okay?
That would be great.
Okay, we'll be back in two minutes, sir.
So it's a lot different for them.
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Instead of the states getting rid of some of the three million police, or all the welfare, or all the largesse to get people domesticated, and all the spending, and the billions per major city.
Yeah, billions per city.
New York's had five billion in cameras put in the last four years.
Boston in one year had two billion dollars worth of cameras put in.
Homeland Security's now announced all those free federal traffic cameras, they were DARPA designed by the Pentagon to watch you.
They're scanning your faces.
Now, instead of doing any of that, they are saying they're going to bail out all the states.
$7 billion for California, $5 billion for Florida.
They're going to, quote, bail out select crony corporations owned by the same private central banks.
The stock market's down by 700-plus points right now, and plunging, dwarfing what happened last Monday.
They promised you if you submitted and gave them unlimited power, they'd be nice to you.
And now there's debates on talk radio and TV about, did they say the bailout would do that?
Or are people making that up?
They know the public doesn't have a memory for last week, or does the public?
David, I want to finish up with the economy and get into the nature of reality, but there seems to be a shocking of the conscious.
And I've seen that in some psychological tests they've done.
At major universities studying rodent psychology, which is very similar to human grip psychology, in these controlled mazes, shocking, yelling, noise, heat, cold on rats, till they finally just go into a catatonic state and shake in the corner.
And you know, having CBS News come out and say, Mercury is good for your brain,
Taking mercury shots helps your brain cells.
Now, that's an actual newscast.
I've played it 50 times.
I'm not going to play it today, but if you want, I'll play it.
Or, I've got MSNBC saying, actually, poison in food is good for China.
We need poison in the food.
And then tens of thousands, just finishing up this statement, tens of thousands get sick from melamine, on purpose, in the milk, because it shows on a protein test, if somebody tests it, that it has high protein, and then it turns out it's in a bunch of food lines here in the U.S., where most of the food additives and drugs get made for the U.S.
and now in China, same for Europe, and they admit it's killing hundreds of Chinese that drank too much,
And it attacks your kidneys, gives you cancer, and the FDA comes out yesterday and says, actually, it's good for you.
So it seems like they're almost lying to be caught, as you said, to surface and shock everyone into just kind of submitting your comments.
Well, this will be kind of very interesting.
We've been talking about with the food additives and stuff when we get into the nature of reality and the way it's manipulated.
But in terms of the laboratory mouse or the laboratory rat, well enough, in my talks I do a section about that.
And it's very clear that when you put it all together, Alex, when you put all the shocks, all the constant instructions, all the do's and don'ts,
All the punishments for increasingly fine detail little things like, I talked about last time, people being fined in Britain for feeding the birds, people being fined for putting a card in their car saying it's for sale when it's their own car.
What it is like is exactly like the laboratory rat because of course when you, when they're doing those experiments, when the rat goes down certain channels he gets a shock.
After a few shocks, it doesn't go down that channel anymore, and you can take the shock equipment away, it still won't go down that channel because it's been programmed not to do that by the carrot and the stick.
It's okay going down this one, we'll leave you alone.
Go down that one, there's a problem.
Now, take this on a mass scale.
All the things that are being thrown at us and that's what they're doing that they are manipulating so many shocks on the mind Creating so many fears so many traumas that we become subservient and this and basically anything for a quiet life Yes, sir.
Just save me
No, sir.
Well, here's an example.
In England and the U.S., if an adult is at the park, and I, you know, when I was single, went for walks at the park all the time, or jogs, the police come over and ask, are you a pedophile?
I mean, how bizarre.
Or, um, Steve Watson,
Out for a date in London, they come over and put him in a terror database.
Clean cut, nice looking guy, with a master's degree in political science, with a great looking girlfriend.
Everybody I know in England has had this happen to them.
It happened to me when I was there, where they put me in a terror database.
They're letting you know you're a slave.
Yeah, exactly.
And, you know, it's something that is very important for people to appreciate, that we've been bombarded with shocks on purpose.
So that we will become subservient and we will give our power away.
And I tell a wonderful example which really was encapsulated in one headline.
When the tasers started coming out, when we started giving... I'm not saying all police are like this, but... But now they've gotten us conditioned to daily deaths.
Yeah, I've met a few policemen who, if they had a brain cell, it would die of loneliness.
And we're giving these people 55,000 volts of electricity to shoot at people.
Now, there was an article in the newspaper which was looking at this when they first came in, and the headline encapsulated exactly what we're talking about here.
It said,
I'll do anything you say, officer.
Just don't use that thing on me.
And that encapsulates this whole mind game.
It's a cattle prod!
It's a cattle prod for cows in this slaughterhouse.
It's a cattle prod.
Go ahead.
But what we mustn't do, and when we get into the nature of reality and the true nature of who we are, as opposed to the false identity we've been sold from cradle to grave,
And by the way...
And by the way, the first step is the biggest.
Once you realize you are in a hypnotic state with your literal brainwaves from the television, the average American now, the average Brit, they've done studies and we've posted them on InfoWars.com and PrisonPlanet.com.
I've also seen them on DavidIke.com.
That people are now in a lower brainwave state than they were just 30-40 years ago.
People are in a sleep state.
They are in a glazed-eyed state.
And what David is telling you is absolutely true.
Yeah, well, when you start to look at what reality is, then this conspiracy takes on a whole new depth, and indeed you get closer and closer to the foundations of it, because the foundations of it, it plays out as banking scams, it plays out as political scams, it plays out as engineered wars, all of which are absolutely vital for us to know about, because you can't cease to be a slave until you realize you are one and what the game is.
So that's vital information.
But alongside that,
We need to understand not just what the prison looks like, but how we open the door and indeed stop the door finally slamming shut.
And to do that, we need to understand reality, because the core people, behind the people, behind the people, the shadow people as I call them, they understand the nature of the reality that we're experiencing, and they have
We're good to go.
Be free!
Where are we?
Who are we?
What is the nature of reality is so absolutely vital, because it offers the key to the door.
And that's why it's my prime focus now, because this is where the key is held, to open the door to this prison cell that they're building by the minute.
Now to simplify that, they are trying to shock us now and intensify the amount of outrageousness
Well you know when they say Cadbury cakes filled with melamine are good for you, they're doing that because some even greater horrors and intensification of the tyranny is coming and they're trying to acclimate the mind to where we're so shocked that we're basically numb and so what you're saying
And you're absolutely right from my perspective and my life and studying history and philosophy and sociology and what's happening is once you realize you're being manipulated, once you understand you're being programmed, once you understand that's going on, then you start looking and then it's a progression of levels as you become more and more aware and that's what the enemy is in a race to block and stop.
Yeah, when you expand your consciousness, your energy field starts to vibrate quicker and quicker and quicker.
As you close your consciousness and you become a prisoner almost entirely of the five senses in how you see reality, you see possibility, and the five senses
Thank you very much.
In a low vibrational state, because everything is vibrating energy in different forms, then you are literally, we use these truisms as throwaway lines in our everyday life, you are literally closing the minds of people.
So anything that will slow us down vibrationally, and fear is the biggest one, will make us more and more closed-minded and have a more and more limited
I don't
The Laboratory Rat Scenario
And then Madison Avenue tells the women they're ugly and inadequate so they get even more depressed and don't realize what incredible dynamic creatures they are.
Men think they need to be manly and start fights and only like football and not be good parents.
All of it is to hamstring us.
But let me throw out
A historical example of horizons and expanding your vision.
The elite, of course, have suppressed a lot of history.
But they know that we are quote, made the image of the Creator.
We are great creators.
We can build things.
And that's why a science fiction writer like Jules Verne or H.G.
Wells or any of these people, they could expand just their imagination and almost everything they wrote about and talked about has now manifest because what the mind imagines in steps it is able to later construct through this group community, this mass organism that we know of as humanity.
So that's why the elite know to stop a true renaissance to the stars they have to make us petty, small, hateful,
To turn against each other and fearful of taking action.
Now, I say there's a balance there.
People call it fear when I say we've got to take action and go out and warn the people about the New World Order or they're going to enslave us.
That isn't fear.
I'm saying we have a positive way to stop this, but things will be bad if we don't.
That's just telling people the lay of the land.
They use a false fear of, uh, keep your mouth shut and everything will be alright.
If you don't, you'll be in trouble.
Do you see what I'm saying, David?
Because I've been very successful in different ways than you have.
You've been successful in other ways than I. By getting people moving, by being a cold bucket of ice water when they're in a trance, I am able, uh, with the information to shock them into waking, and then they find people like David Icke.
Do you see the point I'm saying?
Yeah, I mean, the biggest aspect of this whole conspiracy, Alex, in my view, is that they have manipulated humanity into a false sense of identity.
It's a sense of identity that looks in the mirror in the morning and says, that is me.
I am Chuck Jones.
I am Ethel Smith.
When we are consciousness having an experience as Chuck Jones and Ethel Smith, and if you identify
I don't know.
We need to start to understand that the prime, bottom line, foundation of this conspiracy is to put us in this fake identity where we identify with being human as human is what we are.
Human is what we are experiencing.
Now, when near-death experiences
I don't
Stories of what they experienced in the intervening time, where their consciousness massively expanded, where they were seeing the past, the present and the future at the same time, where there was no time, where there was no sequence of events even, where they had this amazing ability to process information on a scale that they would think was ridiculous, impossible when they're in the body.
See what the body does, Alex.
I had this, I was sitting in the bath a few months ago and I had this
Vision in my mind, it went like this.
First of all, there was a swirling energy, and I knew immediately that was symbolic of consciousness.
Then an eye appeared in the energy, and in front of the eye appeared a telescope, and on the end of the telescope was the Earth and this universe.
And then, this is the crucial point, the telescope morphed into a human body.
And what the human body is,
It's like what it is, a biological computer, but what it does... It's your narrowly focused consciousness.
It locks it into a certain frequency range of reality, which scientists call visible light.
People think when they look out of their eyes that they're seeing everything that exists in the space they're looking at.
They are not.
They are looking at a tiny, tiny frequency range of the mass and matter that
Mainstream science says exists in this universe, and there's a lot more than they've discovered yet.
The electromagnetic spectrum is 0.005% of that, and visible light is a fraction of the 0.005%.
That is the only frequency range that our eyes decode and our brain and genetic system decodes.
And sharing the same space as this, if you like,
I think so.
I don't know.
From cradle to grave, to believe that we are the vehicle
Which is, uh, focusing our consciousness to experience this reality, and that we are as limited as that vehicle perceives the world.
That is how you can turn humanity, infinite consciousness, into infinite expressions, into a herd of sheep.
When we break that understanding, when we move our point of observation from, I am Chuck Jones, I have no power, to I am infinite consciousness, having an experience, and I can take that understanding, that power, and I can change this reality, because I know... David, we gotta break!
I am.
David, we have to break right now.
We're going to talk behind the scenes.
Is David there?
Yes, mate.
Yeah, sorry, we had to go to break.
We're on satellites, so we had to break.
Let's come back.
I don't know how you keep up with all these different bits, Alex.
No, no, you're doing a great job.
It's easy, it's the same every day.
We're going to, I mean, I figure this, we're going out on AM and FM dial and shortwave and satellite and all this, there needs to be breaks for the stations.
We've got limited time and we have millions watching on the internet.
You know, hundreds of thousands right now, but over time, millions.
Why not in space and time, not waste that time because this has passed on?
I mean, talking about reality, look at cyberspace.
It is a real reality now of data and it's taking our live experiences and our interface and it is saving that through the space-time continuum and then it interfaces with this plane of existence.
I don't
I don't think some of the listeners may realize that you're talking about mathematics by mainline physicist and quantum mechanics physicist.
You're talking about real information about all these overlaid dimensions.
And regardless, take Colonel Craig Roberts, you know, Marine Corps sniper, Army colonel, police officer.
He had a surgery for a huge, like, you know, pound tumor in his stomach and he died for about 10 minutes on the table.
And he literally went through the vortex, he went before this all-powerful entity, and he was downloaded.
And this is the type of guy, he's real conservative and straight-laced.
This happened in the late 90s.
He was downloaded all this information, just like you described it back in the early 90s.
I mean,
That's crazy.
Understanding there's a balance between that and then the real manifestation, but taking the confidence of the wider horizons and then putting it into action in this spectrum, a very important reality.
We're here for a reason.
I think that's key.
So I want to speak to that because I see a lot of mystics and people, you know, who get into the higher levels of humanity, but they never spend any time going out and warning somebody on the street about the New World Order.
So here we go.
All they want us to do Keep on killing one another
What an amazing discussion with David Icke.
During the breaks, we're doing some behind-the-scenes talking, but I'd like to keep it congruent to the full audience.
You can go over to the InfoWars.com streams, the PrisonPlanet.com streams.
Those are separate from many others, including Genesis, and hear the expanded interview there or watch on PrisonPlanet.tv.
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Are more ready to receive this information than ever before.
Another great place to find out a lot of shocking information which regardless will open your horizons, make you question, and regardless whether it's all correct or not, it is extremely positive to question.
And I see that's the genius of David Icke and I really agree with him on 98% of what he covers.
I just haven't been able to tangibly prove the other 2%.
My gut tells me, for God's sake, it's probably true, but the point is that I stick to what I can prove more in this plane of existence.
That's because I found that's more successful with people who aren't further down the research line.
Everybody should visit DavidIke.com.
Just Google David Ike, and of course you spell his name, I-C-K-E, and he's got a lot of great books and videos available there at DavidIke.com.
Okay, David, we've got about four minutes until this segment's over.
We'll already be into the second hour.
You were getting into the nature of reality when I had to cut you off.
for the break there and how we are limited down to just this level of life.
But everybody knows in their gut and everything else that there's something more.
The sixth sense is proven.
You know, when somebody's looking at you in a restaurant, you know, when you're in the woods and somebody's, you know, over the next hill.
I mean, there's so much more to all of this and the enemy is obsessed with it.
And they're into dark energy and they're into torture and blood and death.
I mean, the best example
In the last few months is a sickening artist like Damien Hirst who sells a bucket of maggots, you know, a jar of maggots for four million pounds or a crystal devil skull for a hundred million pounds or ninety eight million pounds or images of razor blades and blood and tortured babies for twenty million pounds and the elite go and buy this and they say we're buying this because we are worshipping this.
This is how we adorate this.
Yeah, everything in the end comes down to a vibrational state.
The lower it is, the more limited you are, the more narrow-minded, I would say, narrow-banded you are.
The more you expand your consciousness, the more energy vibrates quicker.
We are experiencing a band of frequencies.
Now our consciousness is vibrating too quickly to interact with it.
If my consciousness tries to interact with this book on this table in front of me, I couldn't pick it up.
Just as Radio A couldn't interact with Radio 2, because they share the same space, but they're not close enough on the dial to interact with each other.
So consciousness takes on an outer shell that is vibrating.
We're good.
Thank you.
You're in a state of seeing everything as a part, which is the perfect vehicle, the perfect landscape to bring about divide and rule to different religions and... One minute break!
Let me talk to Ike!
David, back in one minute, and this is key, I'm going to skip the next break for everybody.
I may even have the station skip it.
We're going to be back in about one minute, and then back up, because I want to, before we get into expanding our horizons, expanding and realizing, not just with the spiritual or ethereal or the other wavelengths, but as a species,
We live on through our children, and that's why we should stand up against evil, to pass better things on to them.
You reap what you sow.
You know, there's also, you know, concrete things in this dimension, as you say, but I want to briefly get into something you haven't covered in a while, the Satanism.
Why are they wanting to, because they say in the Black Magic, they do these horrible things to bring in the entities, to bring them set, to get power, dark power.
Why are the elites into blood and wars and pain and babies being hurt?
Why are they into such horrible things?
I could get right into that.
So we're going to
Could we just cover one thing when we get back as it goes on for what I've just been talking about?
What is this reality?
What is this collective reality we're experiencing?
Yeah, let me tell you about the breaks.
This is a five-minute segment, then a three-minute break, then a 15-minute segment, and then a five-minute segment, and then a 18-minute segment, and then the show's basically over.
The next five-minute segment, I could do this easy.
Here we go.
We're going live right now.
We're going live.
We are now into hour number four on the internet streams.
We are number one on shoutcast period.
Number one on the web for radio on the internet.
And we're not just on the internet.
We're on AM and FM, shortwave satellite.
We thank all those affiliates.
Okay, David Icke.
Finishing up with the nature of reality and then expanding into not just the positive reality and love and light and goodness, but then we're going to get into the dark side and what makes up the enemy.
People need to understand that.
David Icke.
Well, this is the key, and this might, you know, shock a few people when they think about it, but this reality that we are experiencing a solid world is just an illusion.
The only place it exists is in our heads, and it is what I call the holographic internet.
If I'm in this room now, and if I look around, the wireless internet is in this room, but I can't see it.
But if I get a computer and I tune it into the wireless internet, suddenly I have a complete worldwide collective reality called the World Wide Web, which can be accessed anywhere in China,
I think so.
It is.
But the only place the internet exists in that form is on the screen.
Nowhere else.
Everywhere else it's electronic circuits, etc.
You say to people, tell me about television.
They say, well, it's programs that are moving pictures on the screen.
Yes, it is.
But the only place that television exists in that form is on the screen.
Everywhere else.
It is electronic circuits and frequency fields which the television decodes into those pictures.
What we do through this physical vehicle, what we call physical anyway, is we're decoding a reality on exactly the same principle, though fantastically more sophisticated, as the wireless internet.
And this is where we get our collective reality from.
Now this is vital to the conspiracy, Alex, because if you know this, and the people don't,
Then you can manipulate the way they decode reality to fit what you want those people to do.
What is that stage hypnotist doing on a stage?
He is manipulating the Stooges sense of reality.
In other words, the way they decode reality.
So he'll give one, for instance, a potato, and he'll eat the potato, but he beforehand will have programmed the brain, the decoding system, to believe that it's an apple.
So as the message goes from the taste buds to the brain, as an electrical signal, the brain decodes that not as a potato, but as an apple.
I do try telling that guy he's not eating an apple, because he's tasting it.
I went to stage images shows when I was researching all this, and I watched it happen.
I watched people reel back with fantastic smells.
But it never existed, but it's just been programmed in.
When I say this word, you're going to smell the smell of this.
It's all manipulation.
Well, it shows predictive programming, and they have those TV shows where they really do it, and they found in studies that the population is more suggestible, massively more suggestible, than they were just 10, 20, 30, 40 years ago.
We're being programmed by TV to be more suggestible, and now everything's like,
Times Square where they're taking over reality with blimps and with TV screens and where everything is becoming this Minority Report world.
And because they know that this information I'm talking about now, they understand this at the shadow people level, and they are programming, just like hypnotists, and they are hypnotists, they're programming the decoding system of the brain to decode reality, this wireless internet, this holographic cosmic internet, if you like, we call the physical world, to decode it in a way that suits them, in terms of limitation,
And that's what we are.
We're all these individual biomechanical machines marching around the surface of a giant planetoid covered by oceans and a thin ribbon of atmosphere who are all individually experiencing just a very narrow band of reality and then they're even trying to program that narrow band and use our social conditioning to keep us in very small parameters, David, correct?
They're trying to isolate us in the body consciousness vehicle, which has an ability to think for itself.
It's not just like an ordinary computer.
It's a biological computer.
It has the ability to think for itself and react to environmental changes.
That's what we call physical evolution.
David, we're going to skip this break.
It's too important.
Only on the InfoWars streams and PrisonPlanet.tv.
All right, David.
We're going to come back and finish up with what you're saying in three minutes, but I don't want to waste any of this time for the huge internet audience.
Why don't you continue along this line, but a separate substrata?
I mean, give us some microcosm example of the point you were just making.
Well, if you take the stage hypnotist situation, where he's programming into the mind, into the brain, he's actually programming the computer to read reality in a certain way.
And then you put it on the collective level.
That's what Wolf Blitzer is doing, Alex.
That's what people in colleges and schools and academics are doing.
Often, overwhelmingly, not because they know that's what they're doing, but these people are hip.
Well, they're products of the system.
You take the Delphi technique, one of many corporate techniques.
Now, if you watch Fox especially, they talk to you like you're a child.
And it's all done in a happy high.
Oh, hi there.
You're watching us.
You know, before we wanted stern people that it was authoritative.
Now, it's like we're children.
Oh, it's incredible.
Crucially, the thing is, this is the whole bottom line of it, is that consciousness, that which we are eternally, experiences this reality through the vehicle.
And the vehicle itself has the ability to think up to a certain point, because it's reacting to environmental influences all the time.
What they want to do is isolate our sense of reality into the vehicle and keep consciousness, the soul some people call it, out of the decision-making process, out of the awareness process, and therefore hold everyone in a state of limitation.
So you take consciousness out of it, expanded consciousness out of it, you can turn people
I think?
When they're pressing enter, they're more and more not getting what the computer would normally react with.
So the establishment has to shake things up, have calamities, terrorize the public, back into buying the official reality.
And the establishment says, if you buy into the official reality, if you do what we say, if you go along with the bailout, then everything will be okay.
But then it isn't okay, and they say, well go along with this again,
And this time it'll be okay.
So I think in the final equation, they don't want us innately or from our core, our instincts, from the ether, making decisions on our own.
They want us with their manual to only make decisions according to what they've prescribed, to never think on our own, but only go off of what Madison Avenue and the map makers of the mind say and engineer.
I want your take on that as we go live right now.
Big Brother, Mainstream Media, Government Cover-Ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
I asked David Icke earlier to plug some of his books and videos, and he said, nope, I'm not going to plug them, I don't care about that.
Well, he's an amazing individual, but he does have great books and videos, very enlightening.
They'll wake a lot of people up, and you need to get them at DavidIke.com.
And I've gotten to that point, too.
That's why I say my videos are all free on the internet.
They're in higher quality at PrisonPlanet.tv, or get them and make copies.
But at the same time, you need to support people like David Ike and myself, because then we can have more people, do more, take more action.
I'm running more of a news organization, so my needs are greater.
So that keeps me back on the, you know, straight and narrow of just trying to fund this operation.
Now, he's just traveling around the world speaking to huge crowds of people and writing books and making videos every year and we just really appreciate him.
David, I was asking you the question for the InfoWars internet audience, now we're back on the main audience, about the map makers of the mind.
It's also dangerous if we unlock minds, or people unlock their own minds by us pointing out that they're locked, and then the New World Order has set up lots of spiritual traps, or lots of, you wouldn't even call it spiritual, coding traps is what I would call them, of false rabbit trails
We're good to go.
I'm on TV right now, I'm showing people, you know, here's the mass-controlled consciousness that believes the Federal Reserve is federal, and the government loves you, and everything's fine, and melamine plastic's good for your kidneys, and poison's good for you.
You know, they're down here, but more and more are breaking through, swimming up, so the New World Order's created lots of false solutions, and lots of, I mean, it's very sophisticated, and then they infest the, you know, consciousness crowd, and knowing that people are going to escape, they're there to capture them.
How do people protect themselves from that?
Well, this is the bottom line of what they're doing, Alex.
You can call it soul, I call it infinite consciousness, expanded consciousness, whatever you like.
The idea is to keep that from imposing or infusing its level of wisdom and awareness and love and the understanding that everything is one through the physical vehicle, computer, into this reality.
It wants to isolate the computer and then into what I call body consciousness, which also includes the lower auric field, the electromagnetic field.
And then have us manifest evil through it using us as a puppet.
Yeah, the thing is that once you disconnect from, if you like, higher levels of awareness, and you become encased in body consciousness,
You're looking outside of yourself for information to get a fix on life, yourself, the nature of reality.
And what comes back?
What you learn at school, what you learn through the media, what you learn from bankers and politicians and all the rest of it.
In other words, what they're doing is isolating the computer from our consciousness, what you would call soul, and then programming the computer with the reality that suits the agenda.
Now, as people awaken,
Um, there are, what I've called in my books, endless cul-de-sacs, which are being set up.
Little mousetraps.
To take people away from the full magnitude of expressing the full power and awareness of who they are, into things like the New Age, into other things, where they can be, if you like, put in a cul-de-sac.
I mean, I've called the New Age, in my books, the last cul-de-sac before the goldmine, because it takes people away from understanding that they are the power, and again, it hands power to other people, some guru or some
New Age guy or whatever, just as the religions in all their forms are about the people handing their power and their belief systems over to others.
We are consciousness.
We are infinite consciousness.
We're all expressions of the same consciousness.
That's why the fighting between us is so idiotic and stupid and ridiculous, but that's what happens when you lose that understanding of unity and you see everything in apartness because you're caught in the body computer.
So what we need to do
Yeah, back into myself, and that's the incredible thing, is that
Just in a meat-and-potatoes way, let's say there is no consciousness above us, which we know is a lie, but through genetic consciousness, it's all a mirror.
I understand that I am all those that came before me, and I am passing on through my children everybody that came before me and who I was, and I realize I'm going to love my children's grandchildren, who I'll never meet, or their great-grandchildren,
As much as I love my children or I love myself, in fact, more so.
And so why would I want to commit a crime against the genetic code?
Why would I want to commit a crime against humanity when I'm related to all these people, whether they be black or white, Chinese or German?
And I realized that, and then I asked myself, why does the New World Order revel?
They know the Mercury's damaging the genetic code.
They know the GMO is attacking and actually mutating the human species.
They know they're attacking the Earth.
And then they give us fake environmentalism when we rebel against that, and then use it to control us more.
They know they are killing things.
Now, we've talked about the positive side, the enemy.
I understand this system, but the controllers, the shadow behind the throne,
Well, let's just go one point, which kind of relates to this, but relates to what you just said.
Take consciousness to be the most brilliant computer programmer in the world.
And he's sitting at his desk in front of a computer, symbolic of the body, shall we say, and he's trying to get his genius through that computer into the reality on the screen, this world.
If that computer is destabilized, if it's not working, if it's got viruses, if it's not decoding properly, if it's got various things wrong with it, if it's electrically imbalanced and its decoding system is distorted, I don't care if that guy in that chair
I've got to add something.
It's so incredible what you're saying.
That's the true reason for the microchip, Alex.
In a computer, the central processing unit, the CPU, that filters all the information traffic, is a microchip.
The reason they're talking now about having human computers... It's an electrochemical computer.
Yeah, because they're talking now about
Connecting the human brain to a computer, and you can work the computer through your thoughts, is because they're connecting two computers!
One more sophisticated by stunning margin than the other, but that's what they're doing.
So the idea is to attack the vehicle, the computer, on every level they can.
That includes programming it through words and repetition of lies, like Bin Laden was behind 9-11 and all this stuff.
No, I was just going to agree with you.
That's why, when you study eugenics, publicly they say it's about making the race better and getting rid of the bad, but real eugenics, at the PhD level, they say, no, we've got to mutate and dumb down the mass of people, so we in the future, and this is a hundred years ago, you know, all the top eugenicists, and we put it in the film Endgame, Blueprint for Global Enslavement, all the proof, there's a bibliography of it, whatistheendgame.com, they say, we really want to wreck humanity, so we can greedily control it for ourselves, because they'd rather rule in hell than serve in heaven.
And so, when you look at the body computer on one level, it is an electrochemical organism.
What are they bombarding us, not least our kids, with?
Chemical cocktails called soft drinks and food, electromagnetic and microwave attacks and pollution, which we're living in.
And if you want to affect every fish,
I think so.
Let me throw a point out.
Let me throw a point out.
When you go out to southern Utah and Monument Valley and there's nobody around, you can be in your tent.
It's not just the beautiful vistas that
You know, raise the soul, as people say, or, you know, make the soul sore.
It is that you are not around all the electrochemical pollution.
You are outside of that, and you're also outside the pollution, and they've proven this.
There's like wavelengths coming off the mind.
They broadcast all the programmed brains that are broadcasting the evil.
You're also away from those, and it's the incredible peace of being out in the middle of nowhere.
You know, the computer talks.
Consciousness knows.
That's why when you go into the silence and you're quiet in your mind, you can get incredible insights that you can't when the mind chatter's going.
Because the computer mind chatter never really stops.
Everyone listening to this show will understand what I mean.
Where the mind never shuts down.
It's always talking.
It's always trying to work things out.
It's always trying to create dramas or reacting to dramas and all the rest of it.
Then when you go into a state, some people call it meditation.
I don't meditate.
I don't
That mass mind-control manual came to like silent weapons for a quiet war.
Turn along, Xander!
Yeah, there was a line in that which encapsulates what we're saying here.
It said, keep them busy, busy, busy back on the farm with their other animals.
They're trying to keep our minds occupied constantly, because the mind-chatter is occupied by that level of entertainment that we get on the television, or what passes for it, the news, the televisions they're on, off the radios.
All the time, mind chatter, mind chatter, and that holds us in body consciousness reality, because it's dealing with words, which is a body consciousness decoding.
Okay, David, I want to ask you advice about myself personally, because I really respect you in this area, in the behind-the-scenes, internet-only discussion at PrisonPlanet.tv and the InfoWars exclusive streams right now.
For everybody else, we'll be right back.
David, every day I talk about this, or I think about this, and every week I talk about it on air.
At 1 a.m.
laying in bed or sitting on the couch at 10 o'clock at night when my wife and children are asleep, I have just amazing insights.
I write it down on paper.
Huge understandings about the New World Order.
Predictions that then come true.
Understanding thousands of pieces of data.
That my subconscious, whatever you want to call it, is able to analyze.
And then when I get on air, I can never articulate it with any of the depth.
I mean, I do it to a great extent, but nothing like the true depth of that quiet time understanding and that tuning into everything.
And when I tune in to the huge universe, I'm not worried about the New World Order killing me.
I'm not worried about what's going to come and what's going to happen.
But then as soon as I shift back into battle mode, then it seems like I'm more focused, but I lose a lot of my, well frankly, presence.
Well, that's interesting because I know exactly, exactly what you mean.
What I've been doing with myself over the last months and years
It has an ability to think for itself, but it deals in words, and we have simply, because this understanding of who we are, Alex, has been lost for so long, we've not developed the language to describe what we know as a knowing on a higher consciousness level.
That's a knowing!
It's a knowing!
It's a knowing!
And it's a knowing because you're dealing with consciousness that knows.
I think so.
But from a genetic expression, they now know that it's not what you call reincarnation.
It is all those millions of people that came before you, all that genetic information passed on.
We really are using 100% of the brain, not 10% like the scientists say.
It's just that we normally are only consciously using 10%.
There is so much more.
It is a species knowledge and a species memory that wants to go to the stars.
I don't
You're not talking about the internet for folks that just tuned in.
You're saying the consciousness is like a Chinese internet where 90% of it is walled off, curtailed, surveilled.
And people through the Panopticon self-surveil and restrict themselves in China.
Yeah, what I'm saying is that the body computer, even though it's just a vehicle, it's a fantastic vehicle and it has potentially the ability to decode far more than it does.
But what they've done, and I think there's been genetic intervention through the thousands of years and many other things,
They have firewalled off, and this is an interesting point, given what we've been talking about.
What does a hypnotist do?
I've seen a hypnotist say to someone, OK, I'm going to ask you your name, and you're not going to be able to know it.
You're not going to be able to know your name.
And he says the key word, and he asks them their name.
They can't remember their name.
I don't
David, we're back.
We're back live.
Here we go.
The time's almost up with David Icke.
I might be able to twist his arm for ten minutes more into overdrive today, but I doubt it.
There's so much he wants to talk about, I want to know about why the elite...
Who are aware of all of this like to get into the darkness and why they revel in that and some of the rituals they do.
I mean now Macy's has come out with 666 Knights of Hell Bohemian Grove wear.
It says Bohemian Grove on it.
It's using official Bohemian Grove logos.
Macy's nationwide.
It's up on Infowars.com.
I want to get into that and then anything else you want to cover David and then take a few phone calls at 1-800-259-9231.
But everything you say
Well, first of all, in terms of where we're going with this, we need to get a blank sheet of paper.
I don't
Uh, identify what you are looking at with the vehicle that's allowing you to experience this frequency range we call the world.
And you move your sense of identity to, I am infinite consciousness.
I am all that is, has been, and ever will be.
Uh, not that time exists outside of this reality.
It's another figment of our manipulated imagination.
I don't
Of taking action in pursuit of freedom.
I mean, you know, that level of consciousness, which is a level of love, which is beyond our comprehension, it's not, it's not, I love you, darling, saw you down the disco.
That level of love is an attraction.
Actually, it can be manipulated chemically, if you stimulate certain chemicals in the brain.
That's attraction.
I was in a half, kind of, wake state, waking up the other day, and going around my head was this statement.
Love is not what you are in.
No fear!
Freedom doesn't do consequences.
Love doesn't do consequences.
It does what it believes to be right.
And I tell you what, when you get to this level of consciousness, Alex, something that would change this world overnight because of all that would come from it, if people started making decisions not based on what is right for me in the circumstances before me, and that turns out often not to be right for you anyway, but what is right
End of story in the circumstances that I face.
What is right?
What is just?
What is fair?
What do I need to do to pursue that version of what is right?
And if we did that, there'd be no hunger, there'd be no conflict, there'd be no child abuse, there'd be no environmental abuse, there'd be none of this stuff.
You've got
I think?
But he's creating the problems, then returns to create more problems.
We have to move into an expanded level of awareness of who we are, the nature of reality, the illusory nature of reality that we live in, and then we can have a paradise here.
Because illusions only control you when you think they're real, and that's the key to this conspiracy.
It's been persuading people that this illusion that we're interacting with, and we can have great fun and joy with,
David Icke?
Gotta break!
Stay there, David Icke!
Talk to you during the break!
David, I don't want to turn this into a massive extravaganza.
No, but I tell you, you want to go into the dark stuff, I'll tell you about that.
Well, the thing is, I know that you've got a lot of things to do, but I would love, and I promise you we would end it then and also give you a break later, what if we did 20 minutes into the next hour
I'd love to do it Alex, but I've got to be in Nevada City.
Um, in the time it takes from 1 o'clock to get there.
That's my problem.
What time do you have to be in Nevada City?
Um, I've got to be in Nevada City by just before 2 o'clock.
I'm meeting a guy, funnily enough, who is a doctor who has understood that the body is a hologram and this great information waiting for me there.
Well, I hope you'll come back soon and tell us about that.
Oh yeah, no problem.
Well then, we'll talk a little bit more and then jam in some phone calls before you leave us and I appreciate you giving us the two hours.
If you want to get into the dark stuff and the ritual, I talk about that because it so relates to what we're talking about.
No problem.
Well, I wanted to talk about the...
You know, the different levels of consciousness, because you talk about what doing what is right.
When I'm calm, when I'm centered, again, I'm not worried about them killing me.
I realize fighting them and standing up to them, and my instinct, or my guts, my spirit tells me, even let them kill me, because, you know, that will only expose them greater, and that... But then, I hear a beeping going on.
John, do you know what's going on there?
I don't hear anything.
Okay, it just went away.
We got it here on the network side.
David, are you still there?
Yes, Mike.
But then when I get back into battle mode, the daily mode, which is what I have to shift into to be able to operate, I'm not as worried.
I mean, I'm still a little bit worried about it.
I'm just not completely at peace.
And then you talk about, you know, consciousness.
The problem is the corrupt elite system is like a cancer.
And so no matter how many of us are good and sweet and loving and do the right thing, which I try to do every day, we still have to stamp out and stand up against corrupt people in our lives or they will chew us to pieces.
So I want you to explain.
Yeah, yeah.
I'm not saying lie down and say, well, walk all over me.
I'm saying the exact opposite.
But just don't stand up against them in a hateful way.
Do it from a point of love and, I'm sorry, I have to do this.
Well, yeah.
Or even more than that, I am doing this.
End of story.
And what getting to those higher states of consciousness does, it takes the fear out of it, it takes the consequences out of it, and you just do it.
They were going back to the full audience.
Here we go.
David Icke is our guest.
We've got about 27 minutes left with him today.
I think I'm going to go ahead and myself, David can't stay with us, but I'm going to go into overdrive at InfoWars.com for 20 minutes.
You good to do that, Paul?
Because I want to cover what's happening with the markets after David leaves us.
But I do want to take some time out and take some calls before the show ends as well.
But David, during the break when we were still talking for the internet audience on PrisonPlanet.tv,
We were discussing, you know I was saying, well the elite are like a cancer though, they understand this, they've decided to be dark and evil and to shudder the souls of humanity because it makes them more easily manageable and they revel in darkness and I can't imagine having the knowledge of the wonders of being good and being loving and doing all that and then making the conscious decision to be dark and wicked
So why are they doing that?
And as good guys, how do we stand up against them?
Well, they are locked into such a depth of their own body consciousness.
That's why, and there's other connections to that, but they're so locked into that level of reality that that's why they're so good at manipulating it.
They're almost like
I don't
I don't
And because they have no empathy, they have no emotional consequences for what they do to people.
So 3,000 people on 9-11, hundreds and hundreds of thousands of dead and maimed civilians in Iraq.
We couldn't do that because we have empathy.
We have this emotional feeling for the consequences for others of our actions.
When you don't have them, there are no limits.
And that's why they act like they do.
And it's why I've been saying for years, if you see what they would do on the basis of what you would do, then you've lost the plot because they're not the same because of what I've been talking about.
I mean, I know I've had lots of
And they are.
I don't know.
Just outside of visible light.
You know, as I said right at the start of this chat today, I'm sitting here in California and all the television and radio stations broadcasting in California are sharing the same space that I'm sharing.
They're not on top of each other like a chest of drawers.
They're sharing the same space because they're vibrating at different speeds.
Now, when you get two stations that are very close to each other,
There's close enough for interference.
Interference symbolic of interaction.
And these entities that these people worship in their stupid, sick and horrific rituals.
All right.
They do these rituals and so a mass creation of this energy, a mass version of this ritual, we call wars.
We call credit crunches and banking collapses because of all the stress and fear energy that is released by the people in the face of these things.
So on one level, it's not the only reason they do it, but on one level they're manipulating these
So it's not just that they're evil and enjoy it, it is a psychic war and they're polluting everything with gloom and doom.
Yeah, they're bringing in everything.
As I said earlier, they are massively locked into low, low, low vibrational consciousness.
There is almost no light there at all, and that's why they act like they do.
You know, we've had this age-old theme, Alex, through the centuries and thousands of years, right across the world in ancient accounts, about the soulless ones.
Well, I've talked to top psychologists who study the serial killers, and they describe it as if they're dead.
They have no emotion, nothing in life, but there's like a burning light.
They only feel alive while they're torturing a child, while they're doing something particularly horrible, and so they become total slaves to it.
Yeah, and they're also slaves to something else.
They're slaves to these entities.
Now, this is another important thing to start connecting some dots here.
Why is this human elite obsessed with interbreeding?
Because if, with each other, and not interbreeding outside of itself, because if you really break it down to the level that we're talking about today, Alex,
Well, the Egyptians said they were gods, and they had to keep that bloodline in the family.
Yeah, but what's the obsession with bloodline?
It is this.
Keepin' the money together.
When you procreate, you are in effect downloading two hard drives, called DNA and whatever, onto one hard drive, which we call the new child body computer.
The child is consciousness.
The child's body is a computer like everyone else.
Now, that means that these bloodlines, when they interbreed, what they're holding is, in effect, a software program, a certain vibrational field, which is the fusion of the two aspects of the same genetic line, i.e., the same, you know, aristocracy or royal family, whatever.
Now, this means... Hello?
No, sorry, go ahead.
This means that the...
The Elite Bloodlines in physical form within this reality, they are vibrating to a particular frequency which, because it's a hybrid, has a vibrational sympathy with these entities operating just outside of visible light, human sight, and therefore that
I think?
They can with the rest of the population.
And so this is the key, Alex.
You've got a human bloodline, which is a hybrid bloodline with a certain type of DNA which they interbreed incessantly and have over the centuries to hold.
This allows a vibrational connection with these entities, which allows the possession of these human forms by these non-human entities.
And then you've got the secret society network, which manipulates these human elite bloodlines that we talk constantly about into the positions of power, and indeed their gophers into the positions of power.
And what we're actually doing
He's putting, or they're doing, is putting these entities into those positions of power.
But because we look at them with our five sense sight, we decode only the human level.
So that's all we see.
But if you could tease out your visual acuity and see a wider range of frequencies as you look at these people, you would see anything but a human entity overshadowing it.
This is how they've done it.
And this is what these bloodlines are about, having vibrational compatibility with these entities which they worship, these gods that they worship.
Well, and I know the elite believes that.
When I was at Bohemian Girl, people would say, oh, it's just a play.
I was there with a thousand plus members watching the ritual.
They were grinding their teeth.
They were in religious rapture.
They did some other ritual over behind the trees that was the real ritual, and they did the mock human sacrifice of the child, and that's in their own literature.
Now Macy's
Uh, has come out with all of this Bohemian Grove, the Knights of the Illuminati, 666, you know, the, uh, you know, the Hell Group.
I mean, now they're really throwing it in our face.
And we always know that through the popular fashions, they telegraph what's coming in the future.
Why are we seeing all the skulls and death and now Illuminati clothing?
Yeah, because they understand, because they are so entrapped in computer-level reality, they understand this stadium.
And so what they're doing is trying to pull all the time, as we talked about in this chat today, they're trying to pull humanity into a sense of reality that operates in the same stadium.
And that's what the Roman Colosseums are all about, the blood and death.
Yeah, I tell you what Alex, they are absolutely terrified of this awakening which they knew was coming and they know is now here.
They're terrified of it and they're desperately pushing this agenda forward, not least the microchip.
The real idea of the microchip, yes it's for electronic tagging and the computer knows where everyone is, yes.
But I've been given chapter and verse by a CIA scientist about this, many years ago now, 10 years in fact, 1997-98.
The idea is to hijack the body computer through the microchip, so they can externally manipulate us vibrationally, physically, mentally and emotionally from a distance, either en masse or isolating us as individuals.
And the reason that they, there's many reasons for the same thing, but a major, major reason
for watching.
uh... signal as well if you know someone's DNA through the technology they have they can work out that unique signal and target it.
This is all... the whole conspiracy kind of comes down to in the end and everything else is playing it out.
Well we knew that from the army plan that was written up in the eighties to classified in two thousand in uh... in february we know in there the army says
That through fads, through security, through prisoners, through Alzheimer's patients, and through having law enforcement be forced to take chips, they could then force the public to do it.
And now if you want to be a fighter pilot, you're going to have to have it.
That's openly mainstream news.
They are preparing the public that if you want to have a job, you're going to have to have basically this little wire port into your brain.
And the Army says that by 2025,
All of us will be, this is what they say, and this is where the movie The Matrix came from, was from the DARPA, exactly, from the DARPA reports, and this is in my book Descent into Tyranny, they say that they're going to put us all in tanks to be in the hive mind, so that movie is the plan.
Well, the Hype Mind is something I've been writing about for a long, long time, and you can only put people... because, you know, when I talk about, you know, infinite consciousness, I'm not talking about everyone being a clone and acting the same.
Infinite consciousness is infinite possibilities.
Yeah, tied into the bigger picture, not into the narrow band.
But David, my point is, you're not just saying this, the official army prospectus says this is the plan for full spectrum dominance because there'll be no more war, we'll all be safe if we're in these tanks.
You can't make stuff up that weirder than last year, the British ten year prospectus talked about having a neutron bomb.
Us, if we resist them, having to kill masses of us, flash mobs.
I mean, people think David Icke is weird or off the charts.
If you read what DARPA and the Pentagon and their head futurist, Mr. Marshall, are saying, it's all even stranger than David Icke.
Oh yeah, I mean, you know, the rabbit hole goes much deeper than any of us have got yet.
But the thing is, Alex, as you were saying, and I was pointing out,
Infinite consciousness is all possibility.
So, expressing your uniqueness, your maverick, your unique spin on life, is actually expressing the infinite consciousness that you are.
And that changes the controlled paradigm, so we're taking it over cell by cell.
So, when you talk, as you just have about those documents, you know, the tanks and everyone becoming a hive mind.
They can only create a hive, and they can't get to consciousness, you see.
It's vibrating too quickly.
It's too powerful for them, anyway.
Their arena is the body-computer decoding system, and they can only put us in a hive mind by locking us in that level of reality.
Now, they've done it for vast numbers of people, but this awakening is literally breaking the spell.
It's a massive revolution.
Yes, it is, and people should not, for a second,
Underestimate the incredible, extraordinarily amazing magnitude of what's going on.
Yes, we need to know what the manipulation and the conspiracy is doing, so we're streetwise to it, and there are enormous numbers of people who still don't realize they're slaves, who need that information to realize that they are, then they can do something about it.
David, we've got to go to calls.
We've got to go to calls.
Ladies and gentlemen, the bottom line is this.
Infowars.com, PrisonPlanet.com, DavidIke.com.
Check it out, and then put it into action.
It doesn't mean you'll be a master of this overnight.
Just start questioning the system, stop watching TV, love your family, eat healthy, go out and warm people, expose the bankers, and that leads you on the path to expanding your horizons.
David Ike, what an amazing individual.
David, let's take calls.
We're going to skip this next break as well for the internet listeners.
Michael in Texas.
You're on the air, go ahead.
Is this me?
Yes, sir.
Okay, Michael, yes.
Hey, thanks, man.
You both express yourself so eloquently.
I've been wanting to talk with both of y'all for a while.
And, you know, talking about the dynamics of these vibrational frequencies, you've covered it pretty good.
What I think we have coming toward us, those that are truth-rising, such as the both of you and your listening audience, is that we're approaching a point of separation.
In our vibration frequencies.
They've kept, by keeping us in fear, they've brought us down to their low life vibration that you've expressed so eloquently.
And by us raising our vibration frequency, by getting above their fear that they're trying to perpetrate us and keep us beat down, we will be able to raise our vibration frequency to a point that they won't be able to exist because they are so low life and dishonest and
You know, they create the killing fields, they've contaminated the planet, you know, the food, the water, everything, you know, and they operate with no conscience.
And I just feel like we're approaching that point of separation where they won't be able to function in their thought forms in a higher vibration.
In fact, that's what they call it.
They call it separation consciousness and the people they torture to create mind control slaves, and that's declassified, David.
Yeah, and I went through years and years in the 90s and early in this century, deeply, deeply researching mind control techniques.
And when I've talked to a stream of mind control victims who are now trying to do programs, they'll tell me the same.
They can't get to consciousness.
The mind control is done on the body computer level.
Even talking in the mind control projects about mind files and things like this, they understand what the computer is.
They're trying to lock us into that.
And when we look in the mirror and identify who we are with what we're looking at, they're locking us into it.
And if you look at society... Hold on, hold on.
Here we go, behind the scenes.
David, continue.
David, continue, and then Michael in Texas, finish up.
Go ahead.
Okay, what I was going to say is that if you look at society, and the way it's structured, and all the things that are in society to attract us, they're all five-sense things.
They're all five-sense magnets.
You know, oh, this taste, oh, this smell, oh, look at this, hear this, oh, feel this.
It's all bringing us into the five sense level of reality and it's done behind the scenes, on purpose.
You know, where is the talk of this stuff?
As you rightly say, you know, the thing is that science is a mass of dots called disciplines that don't talk to each other.
When you connect the dots, they've already sussed what this reality is, but if they don't connect the dots, then the dots don't come together.
You can't see that they've sussed what this reality is because they don't talk to each other.
And the idea is to keep those dots as dots, so we don't connect it and see the nature of reality we're experiencing, and to hold us in the five senses by creating a society that is appealing to them all the time.
We should be talking about this in the schools and the colleges.
We should be talking about this in the media.
They're big questions, which is where you get big answers from.
What is reality?
Where are we?
Who are we?
Why are these big questions never asked in the mainstream of public information?
Here's an example and then we'll let Michael finish up.
They're constantly putting out fish allures to drag us into petty, base, five senses, or the basic instincts for the bestial survival level.
And through fear, they try to put us into the primitive level.
That's a way for a psychologist or sociologist or a union or somebody to put it very, very simply.
But an example is, I'll watch TV just to monitor maybe two or three times a week, but I can barely do it.
And I'll be on the treadmill in the garage watching Fox TV and there's these beautiful info babes, smiling, putting sexual desire looks, licking their lips, staring at you like, no, oh, and I catch myself shifting into a primitive level, liking her, looking at her, because she's been trained through the TV to look at everyone like she wants to have passionate, wild, primitive sex with you right now, and the programmers know
That that's what they're doing.
And then the men that are on those shows, on Fox especially, they're going for what women want.
A man who's sweet and loving and wants to hear them.
And they'll, oh yes, as they report the news, it could be about anything.
Oh, good, thank you.
It's all about a fake genuineness.
There's an example of the false reality.
It's a TV, it's a signal, the woman isn't there, the man isn't there, but it is just base, complete, total, and absolute programming, manipulating the senses of the brain, and people get invested in the ride, like Bill Hicks said, they get invested in the false paradigm, and they get mad at you when you're trying to get them to struggle out of it.
Here we go, final segment.
Okay, David, I was talking about Fox News and TV and how the woman lustfully looks at you through the TV, but it isn't real.
It's a digital image, and she isn't really personally looking at you.
They're manipulating our basic genetic code as a mammal.
You're saying rise above that.
David Icke, and then finish up, Michael.
Yeah, I mean, you know, the five senses are there, and we can enjoy them, and we experience this world through them.
But once the five senses become the only, or the master level, of experiences... We can be lied to and manipulated through that!
Yeah, I mean, we are then in the trap.
We're then in the mousetrap.
They've got us.
So you can experience the five senses.
Something's very nice.
We don't come here to then ignore the fact that we're here.
I would say this to people who are awakened, quote, spiritually.
You know, we don't come here to awaken our consciousness and then ignore the fact that we're actually here because we've opened our consciousness.
Consciousness has to express itself to make the changes in society.
Faith without works is dead.
I mean, if you've really changed your consciousness from evil and destruction to love and light, you're going to try to help people.
Quickly finish, Michael.
All the time.
You're going to try to do what you're going to do what is right.
Not even try.
You're going to do what is right.
You're going to do it.
If you're not doing that, then don't kid yourself.
You've got expanded consciousness.
Michael, anything else?
Yes, sir.
Just for your listening audience.
One way that through my own personal experience of raising my personal vibration and recognizing it as it happens is the feeling of goose bumps.
That's just a surge of vital energy coming into every cell of your body, head to toe.
It feels good.
It feels warm.
And you can just actually consciously understand and realize how your vibration frequency is changing.
And by thinking about good things, good thoughts like truth rising or Luke Radowsky standing up to
Whatever that Yahoo's name is.
Getting past the fear.
Taking action.
People think that I'm putting out fear.
I'm not.
I'm saying there's a threat.
We've got to meet it.
It's empowering to take action against it.
I appreciate your call.
David, I know you've got to go have that meeting.
I'm going to twist your arm for only five minutes when the hour ends in three minutes so we can talk to Hashur, Ryan, Tim and Guy.
You can do five minutes after, can't you?
No problem.
All right, twisting the arm of David Icke, DavidIcke.com, and when this radio show ends on the AM and FM dial in three minutes, you'll have to tune to Infowars.com and PrisonPlanet.com on those streams or PrisonPlanet.tv to see us go live into overdrive right now.
Uh, Ashore in Oklahoma, you're on the air with David Icke.
Yes, sir, you're on the air.
Yes, um, Mr. Jones, I've been listening to you for about three years now.
And I have quite an extensive notebook of notes that I've been keeping relative to many of your shows.
This one in particular struck my interest because you're speaking of vibrational energy, which you've been referring to as frequencies.
And I've been studying that phenomenon for some time now, mainly through ancient languages.
And, for example,
I am of the belief, based on extensive research, that what you refer to as the New World Order and the current economic crisis is actually a transformation of the Beast of Mammon that will re-emerge as the Neo-Roman Empire.
And one of the reasons I say that is because of the calendar that Western culture and most of the industrialized world lives by is the same calendar that was implemented by Julius Caesar in 46 B.C.
And that what we are experiencing now is, in fact, the culmination of the prophecy relative to... Alright, stop right there.
I've got to jump as we're ending the main transmission.
Only five minutes left with David Icke.
Again, my websites are InfoWars.com and PrisonPlanet.com.
When David leaves us in five minutes, I'm going to cover the latest economic developments in overdrive only at InfoWars.com and PrisonPlanet.tv.
But in the 30 seconds we've got left, the main transmission, David,
That we have to end this in just a few minutes, because other shows are coming up, and I've got to get off the line.
Well, we're just going to go into retransmission now, but bottom line, David, they are trying to recreate empires they've had previously, and I'll ask you right now, as we go into overdrive, why they are doing that.
Here we go, ladies and gentlemen, into overdrive, right now.
David, I'm going to let you go in just five minutes, because I'm going to get off this network line, but network, I'm fine to be here for five minutes, I know that.
Comment on what he was just saying.
Well, they definitely throw this forward a very, very long way, and we get into the deeper stuff here.
There's a reason why they can do that.
People have said to me, understandably over the years, why would people hundreds of years ago give their lives to
A global enslavement plan when they knew they weren't going to be around by the time it arrived.
But this visible light frequency has a certain version of time.
It's a manipulated version of time.
I mean, you can fly across a mythical line on the planet and go into tomorrow or go the other way and go into today or yesterday or whatever.
And it's just a mythical time based on the timeline actually going through London, the heart of the beast.
And so it's a sequence of events that we measure as time, but it's an illusion.
And these entities that operate outside of this timeline, they can move up and down it and come in at different points.
So the same entities can be manipulated in the 1600s, that are manipulated in the 1700s, that are manipulated in the 1800s, because that's why this bloodline comes through history.
What's coming is the vehicles being passed through history, the compatible vehicles.
They can plan, in our timeline terms, vaster distances ahead, because they've not got the same relationship to our timeline as we have.
And the Roman Empire is massively significant in this, and what they've done is they've just constantly, constantly sought to expand the size of the empire, centralize power more and more.
We were in tribes once, then the tribes became nations.
Central Point is now dictating to all the previous tribes that were looking after themselves.
Now we're into the big way, into the next stage, which is bringing nations together under super states.
And so, it's been a coordinated plan over this thousands of years to bring us to the point where there is a global centralized empire, and that's what we're looking at now.
Wow, incredible answer.
Let's jam in these four calls and let you get out of here.
Three calls.
Ryan in California.
Oh, we have time for those three.
I apologize, listeners.
Ryan in California.
You're on with the legendary David Icke.
How are you guys doing today?
Okay, well I'm just going to try to get it quick, since you guys are short on time.
Yeah, when you guys were talking about the know, the infinite knowledge, this is kind of my perspective on things.
So, all form is formless, not to say formlessness has no substance, but to say the substance there is has no foundation outside of conceptualization.
Pure wisdom has no conceptualization.
Pure wisdom is infinite knowing.
Infinite knowledge is similar to intuition, but far greater to the moment of now.
Using that, I think, for you guys is a
Well, here's an example.
I can meet somebody from India or Russia or China who's never heard of me, never heard of David Icke.
Or I can meet some old lady at a gas station in East Texas who doesn't know who I am, and they have all the basic knowledge, and they know all the tricks of the New World Order, and they understand it innately, never even reading about it.
Well, I would make this point, and I think it's important to understand this.
Because the whole of this reality is about information, which on one level takes a vibrational form.
You've only got to put your hand in front of your mouth and you can feel the vibration of speech.
I mean, what have we got?
We've got the sound box is a vibration creator, that's what it is.
And then the receiver decodes that into language through the left brain and that's how communication goes on.
Yeah, I think so.
Um, therefore, it's not just when I'm speaking on your show, or you're speaking on your show, or the people listening.
That's not the only level of communication.
Yeah, that's going through the space-time continuum somehow.
As it's broadcast, the whole area that it's broadcast across,
I think so.
Well, I've got to let you go in just a minute and I want to talk to Tim and Guy, but let me just put out this point, and I'm sure you'll pick up on it and probably already have the same thought or even deeper.
The New World Order are masters.
They are virtuosos, conductors at this.
When they threaten that there are evil terrorists that want to hurt you, that want your freedom, that want to kill you, they know the public subconscious, you know, sixth sense, whatever, is picking up the fact that there are evil groups.
There are terrorists.
Somebody attacked us on 9-11.
Somebody's got some evil plan.
So the New World Order knows they have to have a terrorist group.
We're good to go.
Yeah, I do.
And you see, this is where symbolism comes in.
You see, the Statue of Liberty in New York Harbor is that it was given to New York by French Freemasons who knew what it stood for.
It's Queen Semiramis from Babylon, holding the symbol of Nimrod in Babylon, which is the lighted torch.
And so that, because it symbolizes, whatever something symbolizes, that vibration is what it elicits.
I don't want to take you much longer than I said I would.
We're so thankful, David, for your great insight and I'm very appreciative of you and also for you forgiving me eight, nine years ago when I said mean things about you before I really, really thought you were for real and had grown myself.
So I just want to tell you before you leave us that I really appreciate you, David.
No problem, mate.
You bet.
Let's talk to Tim in Ohio.
Tim, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Tim dropped off.
Oh, Tim dropped.
Okay, Guy in Canada, last caller I have time to go to for David Icke.
Go ahead, Guy.
Hi, Alex, Dave.
Hello, Josh.
Just a quick comment for Alex.
I was introduced to you at the taping of the 9-1-1 Blueprint for Truth with Richard Gage.
From there, I worked feverishly to get myself off the grid, and I can live off the grid now.
I've gotten some cattle.
I don't use the regular toothpaste anymore, and you've really woken me up, and I've used your tools to help wake up... Well, good job!
I mean, the establishment doesn't want you to be self-sufficient and independent.
They don't want us spread out on the land.
They want us in compact cities, so you're doing the right thing there.
Anything for David Icke?
Uh, yeah, Dave, I just got your, uh, three DVD sets, Freedom or Fascism, time to choose.
Uh, great DVD set, and I was wondering, are you going to be heading through, uh, Winnipeg, Manitoba anytime soon?
Well, if someone asks me, I will, but every time I come into Canada, why Canada, I don't know, although I've got an idea.
I get stopped for hours at the border, all my gear is looked through, they find nothing, and eventually let me in.
So, what the problem is with Canada?
What I find out, as you know, is that it's just off mainstream countries.
The major force in North America, in terms of public awareness, is the United States.
The major force in Central Europe is Germany, and yet so much goes on in Canada, so much goes on in Austria.
The country won back from the major country in that area in terms of public awareness and politics and everything.
And so much goes on in Canada, which affects America and affects Canada, of course, which is kept quiet in a much more efficient way because it's not in the United States.
You're absolutely right, and of course I got detained when I was in Canada as well.
I appreciate your call, Guy.
In closing, David, a lot is going on, a lot is happening, and I don't put on a lot of events, but if six months down the road I wanted to get a hall that held like 5,000 people, where, say, I would speak one day and you would speak another day, and I mean, would you entertain, offer...
I jump at it.
You know, we guys have got to, you know, support each other and let our differences, you know, go over a bit.
David, I don't think we have any... I was just going to say, small as they're now becoming.
And just focus together on what affects us all, which is the freedom of everybody.
I would jump at it, mate, yeah.
Well, let's set it up.
Well, me too.
I'll call you in a week or so whenever you get back to England.
Let's do it.
When are you getting back to England?
End of the week, I'll be there.
Okay, well, I'll let you rest.
I'll call you in about a week and a half or so.
I just wanted to say that what concerns me is that my guts, my instincts, whatever you want to call it, my sixth sense tells me to work with you, tells me that you're right, and it's just so crazy to realize that reality is so false.
And it's amazing, but we're all together in this.
And like you said, I look into your eyes and see myself.
You look into mine, I see yours.
We look into a woman's eyes in the street.
We look back at humanity and this great journey.
And so, David Icke, thank you so much for all the time.
Tell the listeners about your latest book.
Well, it's a massive work called The David Icke Guide to the Global Conspiracy, in which I pull together all the different elements in the first two chapters, or all that we've been talking about today in great detail.
And the first two chapters, because once we understand the nature of reality, the nature of the society that's been created for us starts to become crystal clear.
David Icke, amazing interview.
Thank you for the two-plus hours, and I hope to have you up every few months when your schedule allows, and I hope to see you in person sometime here in Texas.
Take care.
That'll be great.
Cheers, Alex.
Take care.
There goes David Icke.
I'm going to go ahead and disconnect with Genesis now.
John Harmon, come up and say hi to everybody.
John, what did you think of that two-plus hour interview with David Icke?
That was great.
Great information.
You guys work really good together.
That's pretty much all I can say.
Well, amazing information.
So much as, you know what?
You were telling me that the ISDNs are freed up.
I'm not sure why, but why don't you go drag Ted in here?
Will you go find him?
It is okay if I stay connected here with the network for another ten minutes instead of having Ted calling on the phone line?
Sure, I can grab him in the studio.
Okay, go find him for me.
Thank you.
John Harmon.
So we'll stay connected with the network.
Let me give you the latest financial information that we have here.
I just had it on the screen and then my computer browser crashed.
So let me go back to it and give people my comments on the latest things that are happening financially right now.
Look, whether you love David Icke or hate David Icke, he is for real.
He means what he's saying.
And like I said, I agree with about 98% of what he has to say, and he's really a classy guy.
You know, I called him on international television, the turd in the punch bowl, because people back then weren't ready to wake up to even...
Wilder things and I said, you know, he covers all these things that are true and then goes even further.
But what he says about the elite, I have researched and found that they believe it's true.
So whether it's the truth or not, whether they're in touch with different entities or not, you know, I'm not crazy for reporting on the fact that the elite believe that they're doing that.
The stock market dropped around 700 points.
It's gone up about 200 back from that point as the Plunge Protection Team pumps money in.
When the Federal Reserve and the Treasury and the President and others badmouth
And said the stock market was basically going to die last week if we didn't submit to them and go along with them.
That was economic terrorism and that's the big issue that everybody needs to be discussing and getting out.
That that was a crime.
Yelling fire in the financial theater.
There's all sorts of laws against people in high places involved in financial panics for insider trading.
And that's the key here.
This was insider trading so that they would get immunity and trillions of dollars, not $700 or $851 billion, it's more like $5 trillion according to Bloomberg and other publications.
And they terrorized the public from high places in insider trading to affect the markets, to drive them down, to have the Plunge Protection Team stand back and not pump it up, to totally discredit world markets as world markets all over meltdown.
And now they're saying trillions of U.S.
taxpayer dollars, devaluing our currency and we've got to pay it back in taxes.
Will now be used to buy up any foreign banks, any assets at full value they want for this select group of interbanks that are going to get all these assets.
This is the biggest bank robbery ever seen.
It's getting worse by the day.
It is just unbelievable.
You know, Ted Anderson, you've been doing this almost 30 years, to consciously deal
With the fact that they are involved in insider trading, that they have engineered all this, that they are plunging the markets yet again, that they are terrorizing the public into giving them unlimited power.
But the good news is the public, 90 plus percent, don't agree with them and the establishment is being revealed and exposed right now.
I wanted to drag you back in here and really get your take on all this, Ted Anderson.
Yeah, I can tell you right now, Alex, that's what's going on.
Right now, we the people, the United States, are financing the elite, like you said, the Federal Reserve System, their banking partners, which, I mean, a lot of people don't know this, but the Federal Reserve System is made up, is owned by the Federal Reserve Bank branches.
In order to be a Federal Reserve Bank branch, you have to have at least 2% of the Federal Reserve System.
You have to own that much of it.
And so the Citicorp, Wells Fargo, all these different, you know, Mellon Bank, Chase Manhattan, all these banks that are members of the Federal Reserve banking system are part owners of this.
And what we have going on right now is we have the Paulsons coming in and saying, OK, we're going to buy up all this bad debt.
And take it off your hands so you guys can start trading amongst each other again.
You can trust, you know, right now there's a, you know, everything's all locked up because they don't trust each other's portfolios.
Nobody knows what they have or what it's worth.
How can we trade this?
And this whole system set up the way it is, really does, it transfers the real value of what people worked all their lives for
I think?
That if anybody else in the world or in the United States tried to do something like this, I mean, they'd be tried for many crimes, not just one.
I mean, just a whole long list of this.
And here they are, they're able to go in and they're able to buy all this stuff up, basically dump all the bad loans that were written on the end.
And by bad-mouthing the market for two weeks saying the world market was screwed, gonna plunge, depression, that destroyed remaining confidence when they had already built the Ponzi scheme.
They're blowing out their Ponzi scheme to suck up all the pieces of the puzzle that are left because unlike a regular Ponzi, they don't have to run out of town with the money.
They get to now play the part of the savior and expand it into an even bigger
Ponzi scheme, German bank runs, all sorts of crises in Europe, crises in Asia, stock markets plunging all over the planet.
And these bastards, they engineered it all, Ted.
They did engineer it all.
They're ending up with all the real value.
That's the whole point.
I mean, the United States... They bailed themselves out at the expense of Main Street and have the nerve to tell us that this was for us.
Yeah, that's what's going on, Alex.
That's exactly right.
Right now, they are saying that the people have gone too far into debt and the people have pushed themselves so far.
Well, it isn't the people that did this.
I mean, they set up this, first of all, this banking system to get money into the system.
We can't even have commerce here in the United States without taking on more debt from the Federal Reserve System.
And as we have more commerce, it becomes more debt to us.
And that's how the system works.
Now they're blaming the people because we went into debt.
They set up a financial system where it was very hard for the average person not to, and they said it was good and the thing to do.
It was all a massive setup.
Again, I'm looking at the news.
As it pours in, and they're probably going to try to terrorize people into even bigger bailouts.
They're saying they're going to bail out all these states, foreign countries, foreign banks, foreign insurance companies, brokerage firms, and they can decide to give it to whoever they want.
They're giving it to their own interest.
We have open insider trading sucking the Treasury dry for generations in front of us.
It is so big, it is unspeakable.
Well, the flip side of that, Alex, is that you can't print prosperity, and you cannot print wealth.
You can print money, but you cannot print wealth.
They just had a trillion dollar defense budget doubling previous budgets.
They are whoring it all out.
It's going to devalue the dollar.
Before you leave us, Ted, for the internet audience only.
I cannot stress enough, and you know me, what I'm probably doing with storable food and everything, they are insane!
You have gold, you have the French and Swiss francs, excellent coins that dealers in the US can't even get.
That your foreign dealers are running out.
Thank God you've got some in your hand.
You've got Indians that you've got, but you can't even, at this time, get any more of.
For people that missed it earlier, when I cut you short for David Icke, tell them what your suppliers in, you've been in this since 1980, 28 years.
You told me this morning, you were freaked out.
You said you have never seen it where all the major suppliers are out.
The gold and silver you've got, it could be all you're getting.
Usually it's like this Alex, I'll call my suppliers and they'll be waiting for me to place an order so I can do it and there's usually no restriction.
Right now my suppliers are sitting there just running around like their tails cut off looking for places to buy just the material that I'm short in.
And I'm asking them to take on positions right now.
I said, well, what can you put me into that I can actually have so I can deliver it to my customers?
He says, well, 20 francs I can still do right now.
I said, good.
Get me all you have.
What about the British Sovereign?
He says, right now I'm three weeks out on the British Sovereign.
I said, I don't care.
Get as many as you can.
Get them in here so I can get them to my customers.
You know, one of my hosts always says, hey, I've got ten bags of Franklin Halves.
I said, give me all ten.
Because I want my customers into silver too.
I want them in it right now.
There's just too much risk in the banking system, and this fiat currency, and the stock market, and the bond market, and the annuities.
And Ted, you were telling me, I mean, it's like two weeks ago, the American Mint says, we can't buy enough gold.
We're suspending coining U.S.
coins for now, and they're sold out of the Buffalos, and you can't get Buffalos.
You got a few hundred last week, and sold them in a few minutes.
I mean, ladies and gentlemen,
To explain this, they are suppressing the gold market, but it's still rising.
Gold's way up today.
But it should be at like $3,000 an ounce, most economists say, to 1980 inflation.
And then meanwhile, there's runs on it everywhere.
The public's starting to figure this out.
When the general public figures it out, you're not going to be able to get it at any price.
You were telling me earlier, the bullion's all sold out.
You're getting collectible coins that you're being able to sell at below bullion, because you bought them last week before gold raced up.
Well, that's right, Alex.
And then in addition to this, yeah, gold's up 30-some bucks right now.
And I picked up this stuff before it ran up.
And the other thing, too, is that, you know, I mean, you've got U.S.
Eagles gone from the marketplace.
Can't get them.
Maple Leafs, forget it.
You can't get Canadian Maple Leafs right now.
That Buffalo coin we talked about the other day, I mean, what did I sell?
A couple hundred of them?
You know, it's going to be tough to deliver any more further than I had to stop the sale on those things.
That's right, that's right.
But right now you have the Franks.
Tell us about the Indian coin.
Oh, that $10 Indian right now.
Usually the $10 Indian trades for about, I don't know, I guess about three to four times above its melt value.
And right now it's practically trading at its melt value.
I said, well what can I get in collector coin era?
So you're finding a few collectors that nobody noticed that are near melt right now.
These are insane deals.
Well, because here's what happened, Alex.
The economy has taken a big dive and people have been steering away from collector stuff and they've been going into the bullion.
So this stuff here, the bullion's gone up so fast, it's like people forgot about them.
And I've got about a thousand of these $10 Indians that I can sell at a price of about, hang on a second here, let me take a quick look again.
Where are they at?
I have $10 Indians right now at $670.
I mean, these things were like $3,500 here about five, six years ago.
And it's just totally distorted.
It's a gorgeous collectible coin.
It is.
It's close to melt.
Last week prices $800, 686, 2237.
He has European francs.
Those are Swiss.
Those are French.
Gorgeous little coins.
Even have some collector value.
Very close to melt at last week's prices.
He has the Indian, which is gorgeous.
And you have the Franklin half-dollar silvers, which are running out quick, you were telling me.
Oh, yeah.
Yeah, the Franklin, like I said, there's just a small little supply that I have.
When I talk about 20 bags, some of you might think, well, that's a lot.
It's really not.
I mean, not for the kind of volume that we're doing, and not for the kind of volume that the market is doing.
Can you believe they terrorize the public into the bailout and look at the market plunging?
Oh, first of all, everybody assumed that was jumping into this thing, that everything was going to be hunky-dory if they did this.
Well, it's obvious that the United States dollar is going to be doomed because they're printing so much more money.
Oh, that's a foregone conclusion.
Yeah, it is just the beginning of the bailout, Alex.
Folks, while the money still has value, get into gold and silver now or you're insane.
Here's the number.
Now, what do they tell the brokers when they call so that they get last Friday's prices at thirty-something dollars cheaper?
All they have to do is call in and say, hey, look, I've heard it on the Alex Jones Show.
It's the Alex Jones Special.
You're going to get the prices that are definitely a better price because
I can tell you right now, the market's higher.
And you can call everywhere across the United States.
I've had people call up and it's like, oh, how fast can I get it?
Well, it's going to take your check, it's going to get your yadda yadda.
They call another dealer and find out it's going to take them three, four weeks just to get the stuff shipped.
Ted Anderson has it!
Smaller watch you've got?
Well, I tell you what, I really don't have much because of the demand right now, and I really hate to even say it.
I've got a small amount of some fractional gold coins.
You can ask for those.
I would really suggest, if you want to get into something, probably those $10 Indians are going to be one of your best buys.
Certainly, silver right now, I mean, is in such short supply.
It was in short supply coming into this.
Back when silver was about $3.50 an ounce.
Every mine that was in the direct production of silver pretty well shut down.
Only the by-product mines are still putting it out.
In other words, the people that had to pull... They were already mining for something else and it was silver... Exactly.
Yeah, like copper and magnanese and some of these other nickel, you know, these other products that need to be used in industry.
And silver just happened to be a small little section of whatever came out, so they sold what they had.
Right now, because all those mines shutting down and the government just won't let you set up a new mine.
I mean, strip mining just does horrendous work.
It's insane.
I mean, this market is so manipulated.
It should be at 3,000 right now.
You have trouble getting any of it, but the price is going up, but not like it should be.
You cannot
Yeah, just real quick, just take a look at what's going on in the world market right now.
It started last week in the national market.
You're seeing it here in the United States in this meltdown of all these big corporations.
Expect to see the equivalent to that over in Europe, and that's going to just add a lot of fuel to the fire.
We're certainly looking at some really horrific times, and I just got to say, you know, get your gold, get your guns, get your food storage, get your water filters, be prepared.
And not only just for you, but think about your neighbors around you as well.
Try to educate as many people as possible, because it is a serious, serious time.
Now we're entering into Alex and I just, I can't say it enough.
I don't want this to be this way.
I fought so hard tooth and nail to try to get a sound currency system in here.
I must have put $100,000 into the Ron Paul campaign trying to get people to wake up to airplanes and everything else.
I mean, if we had a gold standard right now, whose business do you think would slow down to practically nothing?
It would be mine.
People don't need to have gold if there's a gold standard.
I practically would have ruined my business if we got what I was asking for.
And I can tell you right now, my heart is with the nation.
I want to see this country... Oh, I'm the same way.
We have spoken out against the bankers, the bailouts, all of it, because we know... I mean, we're upset, but Ted Niles said, yeah, we've been proving right about everything, but God, it's horrible.
It's like having a doctor saying, this cancer's going to kill you.
Yeah, it is, isn't it?
We're not pleased with the fact that we were right.
No, not absolutely.
There's nothing good about what's going on right now.
We should be back.
I mean, that's really the one thing that is good that might come out of this is maybe just maybe the people of the United States of America will finally insist upon constitutional values here.
That would be the very thing that could possibly happen.
The other side of this is that Alex is going to play in like you're describing.
The elite is going to come in.
They keep on putting out, you know, there's problems and then they come in as the saviors and they end up taking more of our liberties away.
Hopefully the people are smart enough to wake up to this and to stop it.
We have a Steve Watson article up on PrisonPlanet.com.
Ron Paul bailout on constitutional special interest force bill through Congress.
And he goes through the fact, and martial law was threatened last week.
People need to get this story out to people.
Can you believe, Ted, that I actually had a congressman on who said on the floor they were threatening him with martial law and basically abolishing Congress if they didn't go along with the bailout?
I mean, this is so criminal.
CNN's reporting they may use the Army against the American people.
That's just sad.
It really is sad.
I mean, who would have ever... I mean, we've talked about this stuff for so many years and people probably thought we were cuckoo, you know, and here it is unfolding right in front of everybody's eyes.
And it's just, it's not that, like you said, it's not that I want to be right.
I don't think you want to be right about this stuff either.
It's just that this is what's going on.
And when you tell the truth and it finally comes to pass,
You know, and people wake up, oh my god, they were right about this.
You know, Ron Paul was right about having precious metals as money.
There's still people out there that don't believe that.
You know, it's crazy.
Well, look at this Bloomberg article I'm going to put on screen for PrisonPlanet.tv viewers.
We're going to go ahead and go to 33 after so we can just skip the break and meet with rebroadcast as I was analyzing the total police state banking takeover in the first hour.
Key info, if you missed it, than David Icke coming up.
Fed may see companies, states, as next crisis fronts, and they say, we're going to bail out states, meaning the banks with our money are going to buy, because they get the assets, any state stuff they want, any private companies they want.
I mean, this is so criminal, they get immunity, they take our money and buy stuff at full value for private institutions!
And then the public gets nothing!
I'm not for socialism, by the way, but if we're going to have it, it might as well be for the people.
I mean, Ted,
This is even worse than I thought it could be.
Well, just think about the deal that they offered.
Right now, they can buy as much bad paper as they want to at a steep discount, and they can sell it back to the United States government at a profit.
Yeah, I don't even know.
I don't know how anybody can justify that.
Well, here's a report from the London Guardian.
Now Wall Street may shut a $700 billion bailout, and a bunch of other private banks and institutions are saying, this allows federal regulators to come in with money, and if we sign on to any of this, sometimes they force it.
Then we have no rights, and our company's taken over?