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Air Date: Sept. 30, 2008
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Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Hello ladies and gentlemen, thank you so much for joining us as we track the criminal activities of the global elite, also known as the New World Order crime syndicate.
We're going to be here live the next four hours.
I'll tell you about some of the guests that are coming up after the first segment is over when we go into the second segment.
But I wanted to calmly
Go over the facts of what we're looking at right now, what we're facing.
The different nuances.
The biggest issue is, we have criminal fear-mongering going on by the President, by Paulson, by the Republicans, by the Democrats.
I monitored some of the brainwashing television transmissions, and I mean brainwashing in every respect,
This morning, and they were using every trick of semantical manipulation, every trick of their body language.
I'm going to be talking about that as well, but John McCain, just about 45 minutes ago, gave a three-minute statement.
We're going to be playing a little bit later.
And he basically said that the whole economy is going to go bankrupt.
Main Street is going to go bankrupt.
That the economy is going to come to a standstill, that no one will get home loans, or student loans, or business loans, and that you won't be able to get Sonic hamburgers.
He was actually talking about how vital the service industry is.
By the way, that's listed by the federal government as manufacturing.
We have a lot of manufacturing that goes on in this country still.
It's just manufacturing is now putting a hot dog in a hot dog bun, or putting lettuce and cheese in
Tomatoes and onions and ketchup on a hamburger.
That's, that's... The Japanese make cameras and Honda cars and optics for our satellites and we make hamburgers and act tough.
That's mainly what we do.
So, we'll be going over the incredible fear-mongering.
Now, now, they had really dumbed it down.
Just, there will be a depression
If you don't give Secretary of Treasury Paulson immunity, secrecy, nothing can be reviewed, nothing can be looked at, no branch of government can look at it.
It went on and on and on.
And then they tried to deny that that was in the three-page bill, and then it came out that they lied, so they lost even more confidence.
With the American people, the tiny reservoir, a drop or two at the bottom of the well.
And then, they changed their talking points this morning, and I was running on the treadmill for 45 minutes this morning, flipping back and forth on CNN, Headline News, MSNBC, CNBC Fox,
And it was all the same talking points in the same order over and over and over again because they understand the public now understands that the banking system is a parasitic organism that sits atop the real economy and that it's feeding the remnants of the real economy.
It's already cannibalized most of it.
And then it wants to feed the last little scraps into its gaping maw.
With its snaggled fangs, dripping venom.
And so now they've gotten a little more sophisticated.
They're talking to the public like the public might actually have opposable thumbs.
And they're saying, no, no, no, no, no.
We're going to basically
May I have it?
No, it's an inside job!
Do you like being a puppet, sir?
Do you like being a puppet for the New World Order?
How do the American people know that 9-11 was a state that wasn't engineered by you, David Rockefeller, the Trilateral Commission, the C.A.R.?
The day that we stop asking questions is the day that we have allowed the seeds of despotism to grow at our own door!
Seven years after the attacks of September 11th, a global awakening has taken place.
If you know that there's treason going on, you can be held accountable for treason yourself.
All hell is breaking loose on 6th Avenue.
And if the government has not told the truth, in 5 years we will be here on the 10th anniversary of Donald Trump.
Truth Rising.
Download the film at PrisonPlanet.tv right now.
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From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
I have controlled myself in the last week, and I've tried to stay out of the presidential election diversion, the presidential election distraction.
I mean, you could not get worse candidates than John McCain and Sarah Palin, and of course, Barack Obama and Joe Biden.
I mean, there are so many bad things about each and every one of these candidates and both the selections of both parties that it is just unspeakable.
But we have to remember that they are puppets bought and paid for by the same institutions, the same international banking crime cartel.
And evidenced by that is how both parties, both presidential candidates, both VP candidates, the leader of the House,
The leader of the Senate, the minority leaders, it is all the same talking points and they get new ones every day and you can, I mean the literal talking points come out because simultaneously on every channel and on C-SPAN and the speeches they give, it is all word for word the same thing.
I wish we had the staff
Well, we do.
We have the listeners.
It'd be great if all the great listeners that are on YouTube and all the other big video sites, you really should go and grab all the other YouTube videos the last week and a half and just compare, day by day, how it's the same talking points and how there'll be a new talking point every day or two.
I mean, that is control, ladies and gentlemen.
A lot of people woke up 20 years ago, independently of hearing a radio show like this one, independent of reading some patriot newsletter,
And that's who was there first in resistance to the New World Order.
You can call it the Truth Movement, the Liberty Movement, the Reality Movement, the Anti-Corruption Movement, the Pro-Humanity, Pro-Freedom Movement, but it really did start with the, quote, Patriot Movement in this country.
Worldwide, this is the resistance.
Gotta be proud that the core of what was America and the good attributes and aspects of our 234-year history expressed themselves in that remnant
That kept the torch of freedom and liberty and true information alive so that greater fires could be lit with it later.
And with that tiny spark of reality that was left in the basic deluge of sports and mind control and Madison Avenue brainwashing, that it was the hardcore paleo-conservatives
That wrote the course out of the waters we're now in.
Now, will we take that course?
That remains to be seen.
But now, that course is becoming very popular and people are discovering it by the millions on a weekly basis.
So if we had more time, we would assuredly defeat the New World Order.
Unfortunately, time is on no man's side.
And things are deteriorating very, very fast, so...
I am blown away every night when I go to sleep, and I woke up five or six times last night, and I would get up and pace around in the dark, cold house, and I'd go in and look at my children and look at my wife, go in and hang over the baby crib and stare at the baby in the starlight, and I just thought about how wild it is that out of the tens of millions of people resisting tyranny that this radio show is the most prominent.
And is the most dominant.
And I'm just struck with the soul-shaking reality of the responsibility I have.
And I have to really control myself to not get frustrated by my lack of skills in many respects, organization, personnel, research,
But in the final equation, none of us are perfect, none of us can do it all, and so many times after I get off the air, I say, oh, I'm meant to talk about this, and I'm meant to talk about that, and I'm meant to go over this facet.
And I even write pages and pages of notes up of ideas I want to go over sometimes, and then I don't get to them.
And some days I get on air, and I just...
It's not that I even want to away from it all because I know I can't just tune out of it and live in denial and things be okay.
But at the same time I just want to do a better job and I don't even know why I'm going into this right now on air.
It's just we are in such incredible times right now.
Instead of talking about the staged election or even the current economic rumblings and
Things that are going on.
We really should be talking about what we're going to individually do if a full bore depression unfolds.
A. What that depression will look like.
It's different manifestations that run from bad to worse.
What it will look like.
What life will be like.
How long it will go.
What the new world order is going to do during this contrived collapse.
So there's so much happening, there's so much going on.
I saw McCain today saying that the economic stabilization, the market stabilization packages that the Treasury has can act on their own with hundreds of billions of purchases in the market of bad paper that they can move in for liquidity into the banks
That's completely lawless.
McCain's saying the President should just act alone and just lawlessly create out of nothing more credit.
I want, in the sake of quote, good radio, but we're not in the business here of good radio, we're in the business here of serious radio.
I mean, it's the stuff radio's made of.
To sit here like everybody's finally doing.
I remember over the weekend thinking... I remember last week thinking, I've got to take these interviews with Sarah Palin and sound like a complete moron.
And I've got to play these on air right next to... Miss South Carolina.
I even said that last week.
Others have picked up on that.
That it's almost identical in the bumbling mindlessness.
But see, that's not funny!
It's not funny.
It's a sickening feeling I get when I look at this.
I mean, why revel in the fact that the elite think so little of us they would give us this... this bumbling moron?
So I want to talk about that.
I just can't control myself anymore.
Because, you know, it's not a distraction and a diversion.
If we laugh at it and make it a joke, it's a diversion.
But if we illustrate the fact that the elite are putting people into power that can be completely manipulated and controlled and have a lot of baggage, then it's informative.
But all of that is a side issue.
Compared to the points I want to make right now, very succinctly, and then I'm going to go through each one of these points and flesh them out a little bit more.
And then I'll also open the phones up.
We have a lot of guests, too.
We'll open the phones up to specifically get your calls on the economy.
You know, I don't mind not screening the calls and just saying, what's your first name or where you're calling from.
But I also get irritated that we can have really big events happening, like a 9-11 terror attack, or an economic implosion with 1.2 trillion lost in the stock market in one day.
And I know good and well when I open the phones up, it's going to be person after person plugging their websites or things.
And hey, that's okay.
I don't mind people doing that.
We're here to network, folks.
I really want to hear from callers specifically on the economy on the they're not calling it a bailout that term didn't work anymore so they're calling it the rescue package they have shifted about a day ago from bailout to rescue package that sounds better oh you want to render aid you want to save a drowning child the rescue package I also want to get into
I don't spend enough time on this.
I should make a film, or somebody should, just showing the psychology of the newsreaders.
And there are textbooks written on this, and there are different schools of thought on it, and it's changed from the older male authority figure, very sternly telling you the news, that was the old model, and they've shifted in the last seven years or so, almost entirely, to
Supermodel females licking their lips and looking at you with sexual desire.
Now they're not really looking at you, they're looking at the teleprompter and then they now have the male anchors and contributors talk so genuinely and thank you and oh and so lovingly talking to you.
So the women sit there with sexual desire for the men
And I mean, they're finding the best at this.
I'm sitting there on the, jogging on the treadmill, and I'm having to, you know, have my cognitive, more scientific regions of my brain stay in constant, conscious control.
Because on channel after channel, there are just gorgeous women with glistening lipstick, staring at the camera with total sexual desire.
While they spew lies and propaganda and pout their lips and then cut to men who are acting genuine and compassionate and loving.
That's for the women, what the women want.
Just like they're in love with you.
So sexual passion from a woman, what men want, lust.
And from the men, they're staring at the women viewers with just genuine focus and concern like they're across a candle lit
White linen dinner table with a French waiter pouring Dom Perignon.
And then there's the hovering mist and subliminals and five or six video feeds in the back to switch on the subconscious mind, because the conscious mind can't gauge it all.
You know, I want to warn the public, this is mind control!
Do you understand that?
Today, unlike any other in the long course of American history, a terrorist act of war against this country.
The enemy struck America on September 11th.
But who is the enemy?
Bin Laden.
This is his MO.
We have to look to the Middle East.
We have to look to Osama Bin Laden.
Fabled Enemies is the first 9-11 film to take a close look at the terrorist ties to intelligence networks inside the United States.
Some U.S.
investigators believe that there are Israelis again very much engaged in spying in and on the U.S.
I'm aware that some Israeli citizens have been detained.
Laden's connections to the CIA, the hijacker's ties to the FBI, the Saudi Arabian connection, the Israeli intelligence network, warnings and war games, the shadow government, and much, much more.
Fabled enemies.
Get the DVD at InfoWars.com or see it in super high quality along with hundreds of other titles at PrisonPlanet.tv.
Either you are with us or you are with the terrorists.
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We got Max Keiser, economic reporter, joining us in about 40 minutes.
Then we're going to have about an hour of open phones.
Then Colonel Craig Roberts joins us.
Hadn't had him on in a while.
Talk about Mr. Adventure.
Marine Corps sniper, Vietnam, highly decorated.
Police detective, SWAT team commander, helicopter pilot.
Crashed one time in Tucson when a helicopter broke down.
That's an interesting story.
Then investigated Oklahoma City bombing.
Was a government op.
Had the Feds try to set him up, reported on them killing other cops who were investigating killing other witnesses.
And I had Cheech and Chong set up together.
I mean, this would be the first time they've been on radio together.
They started a new tour a few weeks ago.
Tommy Chong, as you know, is a fan of my films and is tuned into the show.
He's been on a few times.
And I want to get them on about the police state and the drug war and the rest of it.
And we had them both set up, but Cheech had to cancel today, but he's going to be on later.
We're going to get him soon, Cheech and Chong together.
But Tommy Chong will be on for 30 minutes at the end of the show today to talk about how they've been trying to set him up and some other things.
I have Jesse Ventura, Governor Ventura, will be on the show tomorrow.
And he's coming into town in late October, hanging out for a few days.
That'll be interesting, driving around with Jesse Ventura.
He is something else in person, folks.
Something else.
That is a real character.
And, uh, ain't got time to bleed.
Normally I'd be looking forward to that, but so much is happening as everything goes to hell in a handbasket that it's kind of a side issue.
That's for the Will and Elson event that we're going to be at.
That, by the way, is going to be free on the internet.
I'll announce the details tomorrow of it.
But it's going to be streamed free on the internet because this event, without it even being announced, sold out in one day.
And it was an event Willie was already planning.
So we just are killing two birds with one stone, having a 9-11 slash anti-war, anti-New World Order event with Jesse Ventura and myself.
And then I found out that Jimmy Vaughn's going to be there.
So that's always good.
And a bunch of other people.
This has turned into quite an event.
So, I'll just leave it at that, and we got Jesse Ventura popping in for an hour tomorrow, before the big surprise guest.
Now, our big, big guest is traveling, but 98% chance.
I mean, he is set for the show, but we'll see if that materializes.
But it just won't be that we're having some big celebrity on the show.
The big issue is what they're going to be talking about.
Ah, there are those little pleasures in life.
Like savagely stabbing the New World Order in the gut with a double-edged dagger of truth.
We're gaining a lot of momentum, ladies and gentlemen.
And I just thank God I'm alive.
I thank God that I had life experiences and parents and teachers in my life that put me on the path to not be one of these mindless idiots out in the street.
You know, they're only maybe 10% of the population, max.
But they are calling to talk radio going, My 401k, it's going down.
You gotta bail it out.
You gotta do the risky package.
Your 401k is gone, sir.
Because the international bankers monetized it and then sold it into junk paper.
But you can't ever blame the elite, because to you the elite doesn't exist, because you're the elite.
You know, you got a bass boat, you're the elite.
Or you got a badge and a gun, you're the elite.
Or you're a school teacher, you're the elite.
Or you're a McDonald's manager, you get to boss people around, you're the elite.
No, you're not the elite, okay?
There is an elite and you ain't it.
And the elite's very dangerous.
And they're where they're at because they're ruthless, and they're cunning, and they will eat our lunch unless you grow up and be a man about things and start admitting there's a global crime syndicate in the New World Order.
If you don't do that, Jack, like 90% of people are starting to wake up and doing, we don't have a snowball's chance in hell.
I mean, I listen to these people.
So, I'm going to call them when we get back, break down the economic situation.
I've been kind of just eating around the edges of it and throwing out some of the other issues I'm thinking about.
And then we're going to open the phones up on the economy.
Because we're going to have open phones when Max Keiser is on with us.
And if I go to the calls, we're not going to screen your call.
Your first name, where you're calling from.
But when I take you out of the box and put you on the air,
If you don't get into the economic situation, I'm gonna dump you in about 10 seconds.
If you got a plug or something, I'll give you 10 seconds.
Dear God, help us.
We'll be right back.
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Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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We're telling people about the free podcast.
By the way, it's going to be launched tomorrow.
Free archives.
I talked Ted into letting me do this.
I'm glad because we don't have time to play around.
Everything's going to hell in a handbasket.
We've got to get the word out here.
There was a time when
Ted literally had memberships that even kept him afloat.
And what they're going to do is they're going to bump it up to like 120-something K and have special little reports and stuff for all the shows.
And you'll still have memberships at Genesis.
But I'm going to be offering my show, all the archives, for free.
And, by the way, I've been saving them for two years, so it's going to go back two years.
Now, that is quite a job, though, to put those two years up.
So for the next few weeks,
Then I'm sure we'll procrastinate and it'll never happen, but for the next few weeks, we're just going to start adding every day, the new show, right after it ends.
And so you'll have archives of the show, not just the podcast.
I mean, the podcast has been an archive.
Well, bottom line, they just walked in and handed me some stuff.
Not distracted there.
Bottom line, there's going to be archives of the show there for you.
And you also have the free podcast.
So that's how we get the word out.
That's how we reach out to people.
That's how we reach new people.
Because we've never had more fertile ground than freedom lovers have now.
The public is ready to receive that information.
They're ready to question authority.
We're going to use a world carbon tax to regulate our everyday lives and enslave us.
And so now, like never before, both in cyberspace, which 70 plus percent of the western world is now online, it's over 90 percent in South Korea, the most connected country in the world, then 80 something percent in Japan, 75 percent or so in the U.S.,
And you've got hundreds of millions of people coming online every few months.
And the enemy is certainly preparing to restrict, to tax, to shut down, to curtail, to govern the internet, to govern it back, to begin hacking pieces of it off, to make it more sluggish and force people in to internet too.
But their plans are behind schedule, their New World Order program of consolidation,
I think?
Who can't understand what their advisors are even telling them.
Thank God their younger advisors are not in control yet.
They will be soon.
Crises have a way of shaking off the old Deadwood and bringing in the younger, more hungry demons.
But you're also going to have some of the sycophants who aren't even as hungry as their overlords.
I don't know.
And so, great change is upon us.
The New World Order has tried to control the change.
They have controlled and governed a great deal of it, but they have lost control because they've lost the confidence of the people, both in the economic superstructure and overarching system, but also just in basic confidence on political issues, not just in the United States and Europe, but worldwide, in different regions of the geopolitical kingdoms.
As the New World Order calls them.
So, there is an awakening, an accelerating, a quickening that is taking place.
The evil is intensifying, the good is intensifying.
Those that are willfully want to be dumbed down, they are more in denial and more in delusion than ever.
Those that want to be awakened are accelerating their knowledge gathering, their understanding.
These are very, very, very exciting times to be alive.
Very perilous times.
But, as the structure of the world architecture is liquefied, unfrozen, during this time of flux, of change, we, the common people, can be history's actors.
We can take control collectively, at every level of society, moving
With one mind towards liberty and freedom.
And that is an unstoppable attack pattern that cannot be dealt with, that cannot be intimidated or bludgeoned or backed off.
It is a asymmetrical, low-intensity conflict in the info war, but widespread and in every strata and sector of society to the point of the enemy cannot react
Their propaganda systems are built along a widespread blanketing and dumbing down and is based on the drones still having confidence in the system.
And they have some specialized propaganda for different technocrats and different strata of the system, gauging the psychology of those different niches.
In the overall, uh, human system.
But a lot of those individuals who were sold on going along with the evil, but only given a small glimpse of it, and they are now getting outside the box, outside the compartmentalization, and getting an idea of the true magnitude of the New World Order and just how dark and destructive it is, so a lot of them are pulling out of it.
Most of them just passively.
But that's enough to bring it down alone.
They're finding out that they are not the pet puppies, as Mark Kornke likes to say.
They are not the chosen ones.
They are to be gutted and stuffed and taxidermied as well.
So the spell of self-assured, giggling self-delusion is beginning to evaporate.
I mean, it always shocks me just how delusional the general public is.
And the elites are not immune from this either, the different strata of elites.
Again, some guy that makes $400,000 a year
And has a coveted membership at the local country club and lives in a three million dollar house and has got a trophy wife.
They really think they're members of the elite because they go to luncheons when a senator comes into town and the senator has a list of names they memorize before the meeting and so they say hello to the person in their first name and they're all on a big power trip thinking they've reached the creme de la creme of society.
Just like in some one-horse town with 200 people living in it, Bubba Johnson, who owns the auto parts store and the one Easy Mart convenience store, everybody stoops and bows to him.
Because his three brothers are the sheriff's deputies.
And he's got, you know, half the people in the town employed at his Mini Mart and his... It's the same thing.
You run into this in business and life, and I always talk about it, but I'm really just now beginning to understand it.
The public are on their own personal little power trips.
I mean, they're walking around believing whatever delusion.
That's what dressing up fancy is all about.
And I'm not saying dressing up nice is bad.
It shows you have respect for yourself, or you're trying to look nice, or it's a special event.
But for a lot of people it's turned into like a three-year-old, a three-year-old girl dressing up in a princess outfit.
Or a five-year-old boy dressing up in a Green Lantern outfit.
And it is this delusion.
And you run into these people who, my corporation right or wrong, my country right or wrong,
And they lie to themselves.
I mean, they will try to cheat you in business in a minute, and then make up lies to themselves about you while they're trying to Shanghai you, while they're trying to bushwhack you.
Or they'll lie about in a relationship why they're doing something.
Or they will believe their own baloney.
Believe their own BS.
And, they will always overestimate themselves.
And, it's a false self-confidence.
You can people watch, and watch people at the gym, where they really posture, or watch, because endorphins are flowing, or watch people at the mall, or watch them at church, and the posturing.
I mean, so much of our species is posturing.
And it's been said by philosophers, the higher centers, the higher development in humanity is about getting past the posturing and getting into veritas, or truth, and ideas, and invention, and literature, and creativity, and being honorable.
And then you realize that so many people are living in delusion.
And that's why they don't want to be told the economy is built on a house of cards.
On sand.
That's why they don't want to be told there's a corrupt elite.
Because then they might have to do something about it, and then they don't want to hear that they're a slave.
Why, they're running things!
Why... You know, they're powerful!
Why the... Why the chief of police knows their name and tips his hat at them.
They like being suckers.
They like being maroons.
They like being... schmucks.
They like being lied to.
They enjoy being fools.
Because to a three-year-old child, they really believe they're the Fairy Princess.
They really believe they're Superman.
Or Batman.
Or Super Skrull.
They really believe they're Ben Grimm.
Just like they really believe they're members of the elite.
It's just a new form of delusion.
And whereas you really could matter in history, and you really could amount to something, and your life could really mean something as soon as you figure it out, it's about getting out of delusion and diversion and getting into reality, and that all of your passion and all of your fire in the belly is not about yelling and screaming over your favorite football team, that energy is about defending your tribe and your people against a tyranny that will always be manifesting itself.
There will always be evil in our species, so there will always be a need for good to challenge it.
But they figured out how to seduce the public and the world into being not a race of men, but a race of preening, strutting peacocks.
We have been right about everything we've basically discussed.
But still, I'm attacked on the radio nationally and locally.
Local talk show host, two of which I've been sent recordings of the last week in Austin, said that I'm making stuff up about the economy and I'm a liar and I'm anti-American.
You know what the good news is though?
The public heard my predictions, heard Ron Paul's predictions, the other economists we had on.
And they know we were right, and they know you're wrong.
And so see, that's how it works.
You can only scam people so many times.
You can only con people so many times until they figure out you're selling a load of bull.
And you can try to change horses in the middle of the stream.
You can try to change parties and fool people so many times.
But at the end of the day, that doesn't work anymore.
And you can tell people
But the economy is doing well when it's not.
And you will lose credibility.
Now, let me just get into some of the basics of the economy, then I will go to Joe, Rob, Alex, Scott, Tony, and others.
First off, it is the very same financial elite that created the current market situation.
I mean, the very individuals, Paulson and others, that are now
Telling us they're going to save us while they're involved in conflict of interest, transferring hundreds of millions of dollars of assets and liquidity into the companies that they still own large amounts of interest in.
And it's the same mainstream media and the same President Bush and John McCain that told us the economy was doing absolutely
Peachy King and was marvelous and wonderful and anyone that said otherwise was a conspiracy theorist in the last two years and that's the exact words they used at infinitum like a flock of cockatoos repeating the same thing, parroting it over and over again.
Now in the last two weeks they begin engaging in financial terrorism
Screaming from their high positions of power as Treasury Secretary, as President, as Presidential candidates, as leaders of the House and Senate, both parties, that there would be a massive depression if blanket total immunity and power was not given to them.
That has been in all three versions of the bill.
And they're still defending it.
I saw a different White House spokesman on the lawn this morning, on Fox News, saying that the immunity and the imperial power is good, and still saying they support it.
So let's get that part straight.
There is no doubt that the fear-mongering caused the biggest single drop in stock market history.
1,200,000,000 plus was 1.23.
1,200,000,000 plus billion lost in one day.
And then what do the terrorists do?
The talking point last night and today on every channel, on every talk show, we've got to get behind the bailout now.
And people calling in saying,
The feedback, you know, the talking heads say, you won't have a 401k, there'll be even more losses if you don't get behind this.
And then the people call in saying, I know it's socialism, and I know it's corrupt, and I know it's bad, but my 401k, you gotta save it!
The 401k is a dead duck because they wrote all that paper to buy up real assets they fenced, and now they're leaving you holding the bag.
If they do this bailout, your 401k, when it crashes, will crash even lower than the bottom is here.
But, we'll see.
We'll see if the public buys it.
We'll be right back.
Do you want to pay for the government bailout of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac?
You may have no choice.
Obviously, taxpayers are on the hook for over six trillion.
That's right, trillion dollars in mortgages held by these two corporations.
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Today, unlike any other in the long course of American history, a terrorist act of war against this country.
The enemy struck America on September 11th.
But who is the enemy?
Bin Laden.
This is his MO.
We have to look to the Middle East.
We have to look to Osama Bin Laden.
Fabled Enemies is the first 9-11 film to take a close look at the terrorist ties to intelligence networks inside the United States.
Some U.S.
investigators believe that there are Israelis again very much engaged in spying in and on the U.S.
I'm aware that some Israeli citizens have been detained.
Bin Laden's connections to the CIA, the hijacker's ties to the FBI, the Saudi Arabian connection, the Israeli intelligence network, warnings and war games, the shadow government, and much, much more.
Fabled enemies.
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So, 1.2 trillion lost in the stock market yesterday.
Went up 200-something points today, but didn't get anywhere near, so far, regaining its losses.
And much of it is infected with the junk paper.
But notice how the bankers did this.
They, we told you two and a half years ago, from Bilderberg, that they were planning to blame it on subprime mortgages, and that's also another part of the talking point.
Well, this started with the people.
The American people need to pay this.
It's not the bankers.
They haven't done anything wrong.
It's not the brokerage houses.
They haven't done anything wrong.
The American people did this and now the talking point today by both parties and all the pundits on TV is this is your fault.
You did this and Main Street will be destroyed if you don't bail out Wall Street.
And you're going to lose all of your pension funds and you're going to lose your IRAs and then you're going to lose your savings.
Hey folks, if these bailouts and this
Pardons are given to the financial institutions to take us into the next phase of their scam.
They will fully devalue the dollar and then that will destroy your savings and your investments.
So you see, if we go with their plan, it means total ruination.
But if we don't go with it, they engage in financial terrorism and they don't have the Federal Reserve
Inject hundreds of billions of dollars into the economy and into the stock market and you get a trillion two hundred plus billion dollar plunge.
So there is no doubt that we have never seen a president in more than 60 years get up on TV and talk about there will be a depression if you don't do this or that.
I don't believe it was ever even done before that.
I can't find a case.
No one I know, no economist we've talked to has.
So, weeks and weeks of fear-mongering.
Do what we say, give us total immunity to do whatever we want, or there will be a total depression.
And McCain and Bush and all of them, including Obama, they're all up there saying, if you don't get behind this bailout, which they're now calling a rescue package, there will be a depression.
Which is another form of false flag.
They are engaging in terrorism.
They attack us with a military industrial complex attack and say that some foreign group did it so they can invade a bunch of sovereign nations that have nothing to do with it.
They tell us to do everything we say on the economic front, make us imperial kings who there is no oversight over or there will be depression and then the Congress says no because the calls were going a hundred to one against it.
We had a congressman on here yesterday that said he had over 2,000 calls and five of them were for the bailout.
And so the media, the government, circles the wagons against the people.
If there was ever an example of how it's the people against the media and the elite, the global elite and the corporate-owned media that's owned by them, here it is.
Both parties, the leadership,
The entire dominant media saying, we've got to have the bailout, we've got to have the rescue plan, we've got to do it, we've got to do it, we've got to do it, we've got to do it.
Or there will be a depression.
And then, the Federal Reserve didn't prop up the stock market yesterday.
The thing's totally rigged.
And they decided to quote, teach you a lesson to panic you.
And then the new talking point comes out of, see?
You didn't do what we said!
So a trillion, two hundred plus billion was lost yesterday.
So the big story here, the big issue is that we're witnessing economic terrorism.
An economic gun to the world economy's head and worldwide they are blaming the Congress for all the economic problems that are happening that the bankers engineered.
Thank you for listening to GCN.
Be sure to visit GCNlive.com today.
On September 11, 2001, along with hundreds of my fellow troops, I went to ground zero.
And we knew what to do.
Or at least we thought we did.
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Whitman, EPA director on the 18th, made a statement that the air
We're safe to breathe.
This film follows the growing momentum of 9-11 truth as brave souls throughout the world take action against their global masters.
He had his hand over the radio while he was getting a countdown.
He takes his hand off and you hear three, two, one, and it was boom, boom, boom, boom, boom.
This is an emergency transmission worldwide.
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If we don't expose the government-sponsored terror, they're going to commit more acts and bring in martial law.
Waging war on corruption.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Max Keiser, inventor of the Hollywood Stock Exchange, virtual specialist technology, TV presenter, radio host, broadcaster, journalist, a presenter for Al Jazeera English and a blogger for the Huffington Post, will be joining us coming up in the next segment from London, England.
He's been accurately predicting for more than five years what we're currently watching.
I've been watching him on Al Jazeera, British TV, Russian TV, and I thought, man, this is a voice we need to hear here in the United States.
So we're going to be getting him on the show today.
And we're going to be taking phone calls while he's on with us as well.
I just broke down the basics of what's happening with the economy.
I'll give the latest market news and analysis with Max Keiser coming up in the next segment.
Right now, let's start going to your calls.
We'll be taking them with Keiser as well.
Joe in California, you're on the air.
Hey Alex, how are you?
I have nothing to plug other than information and trying to wake up America along with you with this switch coin now and this appropriate description of an economic 9-11.
Madison Avenue is being, you know, blown up.
Pre-meditatedly by these international bankers, terrorists.
Well, they expand the power of the FBI and pass a bunch of police state laws.
The Wall Street bombed itself in 1920.
People forget about that, so yeah, that's what they do.
Yeah, and we need to look at, you know, the people behind the veil, the same old players.
For example, I work for AIG, and AIG, as you know, is the 18th largest company in the world.
And they insured the scam, they insured the scam paper.
Absolutely, and good old Maurice Greenberg, Hank Greenberg, who ran the company from 62 to 2005.
Listen to his credentials.
This is something that perhaps Paul Craig Roberts, your next guest... And he made over 3 billion dollars himself!
And here's the point.
He was the honorary vice chairman and director of the Council on Foreign Relations.
He's a member of David Rockefeller's Trilateral Commission.
In the 1980s, his foreign connections prompted the Reagan administration to offer him a job as a deputy director of the CIA, which he declined.
But then in 2005,
He and his two sons, after being screwed out of Elliot Spitzer, the Attorney General of New York, he and his two sons, Jeffrey and who ran Marsh McLennan and Evan Greenberg, who ran Ace Limited, cornered virtually the three of them, father and son combination,
And how did they do that?
Through selective enforcement, because they control the regulatory heads, they allowed their company to engage in creating false assets through the paper scam to then corner other legitimate
Uh, structures in insurance and banking and now they are using federal regulators to go after solvent banks to forcibly consolidate to themselves.
And Henry Kissinger, he was such a buddy of his that Kissinger opened the way for Greenberg, you know, in the 60s during Mao Zedong's era, which was impossible to bring to China and cornered the Asian market in insurance.
Then as a return favor, he appointed Kissinger the Hong Kong Chief Executive's Council of International Advisors.
He also was a trustee of...
From 98 to 2005.
In fact, he's a Greenberg-Hengrivers, currently the trustee of the Asian Society.
He's a trustee emeritus of the Rockefeller University and honorary trustee of the Rockefeller Foundation as well.
He donated $50 million to Yale University, skull and bones, in 2006 to advance Yale's China collaboration.
I mean, so the point is this, and this is one of the things that maybe you can talk to Dr. Paul Craig-Roberts.
I've been wanting to bring this up when he's been on your show in the last several weeks.
I love him dearly, he has great research, but he seems to think that financially speaking, even though he's right on with the state police and all that being orchestrated, he doesn't believe that this is all inside as far as bringing this... Well, that's because he comes from the inside structure.
Excellent call!
Let's do it!
I don't know.
Today, unlike any other in the long course of American history, a terrorist act of war against this country.
The enemy struck America on September 11th.
But who is the enemy?
Bin Laden.
This is his M.O.
We have to look to the Middle East.
We have to look to Osama Bin Laden.
Fabled Enemies is the first 9-11 film to take a close look at the terrorist ties to intelligence networks inside the United States.
Some U.S.
investigators believe that there are Israelis again very much engaged in spying in and on the U.S.
I'm aware that some Israeli citizens have been detained.
Bin Laden's connections to the CIA, the hijacker's ties to the FBI, the Saudi Arabian connection, the Israeli intelligence network, warnings and war games, the shadow government, and much, much more.
Fabled enemies.
Get the DVD at InfoWars.com or see it in super high quality along with hundreds of other titles at PrisonPlanet.tv.
Either you are with us or you are with the terrorists.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk, Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
We should have Max Keiser in the next few minutes.
We got a bad line to England, so he's going to another office right now.
He'll be joining us.
He's a writer for the Huffington Post, presenter on Al Jazeera TV English, and on other TV networks as well.
So he'll be joining us, coming up here in just a few minutes, as soon as we work that out.
Bottom line, this is a financial 9-11.
And in fact, the establishment have been calling it on the order of 9-11.
They are the authors of the inside baseball scam.
They control the regulators.
A small group of banks, i.e.
the private Federal Reserve shareholders, they regulate and control all the other banks.
And then other federal regulators put into power by this corrupt system regulate and control the insurance agencies.
And the stockbrokers, the brokerage firms.
And so they created thousands of trillions of fake paper.
Hundreds of times bigger than the entire real global economy.
And they are looting everything.
They know they're bringing the dollar down.
They know they're bringing down the world financial system.
They've had Kissinger and the head of the Kissinger Group and a bunch of others.
We've had stories up on Infowars.net by Steve Watson.
Excellent ones in the last week.
You should go read it.
We should play those video clips of them on television saying it.
Saying, we need a new world order.
We need a global regulatory banking system over every nation.
Only that will stop further crises.
This inside group, who control the regulators, who control the liquidity, they have flooded the world with all this fake paper.
They bought the mines, and the stocks, and the defense stocks, and the real estate, and the media companies.
They bought up the real infrastructure.
And then now, as the derivatives come home to roost, which is hundreds of times greater than all the real assets in the world,
They're blaming it on less than a hundred billion in subprime mortgages?
Which could have been paid off for less than a hundred billion?
They're claiming that caused all of this?
To blame it on the people as usual.
And so they terrorize for two weeks saying, if you don't pass this bailout there will be a depression.
No president, no treasury secretary ever talked like that.
Then they don't have the president's working group on the markets, the Plunge Protection Team,
They have them stand down.
They have them stand down.
Yesterday, so a trillion, two hundred plus billion can be lost in the stock market, and then they say, okay, it's going to go down even further unless you, the American people, and I saw John McCain say this, the American people don't understand, doesn't matter if it's unpopular, we've got to do this.
Sit down and shut up.
And it's still in the provision to give immunity
But not just immunity, nothing can be reviewed by the Treasury to make it a fourth super-branch of government, above everything, with no oversight.
The very criminals that engineered this.
And now they've said they want to create a new world government banking body over the crisis caused by the American people.
And the very bankers that engineered it all now want to stampede us into accepting a world government banking system.
We'll buy our carbon credits from them.
That's the new bubble they want to create.
It's amazing.
For the rest of the hour, we will be taking your calls.
For him, coming up at the bottom of the hour, is an amazing individual.
I've seen him on Russian TV, Iranian TV, I've seen him on British television.
He's one of the top financial presenters for Al Jazeera English.
He's a blogger for the Huffington Post, one of the biggest alternative media sites in the world.
He's also the host of a weekly radio talk show about the markets on Resonance FM in London, which I'm also a routine guest on other shows on that fine station.
And it just goes on and on and on.
He has a daily podcast.
He's also an inventor.
He invented the Hollywood Stock Exchange and a lot of other things.
We're really honored to have him on with us for the next 47 minutes.
Mr. Kaiser, so much is happening.
Can you just give us the basics?
You've been predicting this for a long time, of what we're really facing.
Who the insiders are and where they're trying to take things versus where the Congress is trying to take things, saying no to the rescue package.
I guess I think bailout is a good enough con name, so now it's the rescue looting package.
Break it down for us.
Yeah, sure, Alex.
Thanks for having me on the show.
I was listening earlier, you were mentioning about the sexification of the evening news.
And I think about CNBC when they have Maria Bartiromo, if you've ever seen that show.
That shot of her standing on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange.
And she is basically the female egg that is surrounded by hundreds of male sperm trying to penetrate the egg.
And that shot, just from a visual, is quite stunning when you put it in that context.
You know, Keynes talked about releasing the animal instincts.
And in the economy, and I'm sure she's launched more buys and sales based on that one shot of her surrounded by all those hungry, all those active sperm than probably any bailout package ever conceived.
Yeah, this is a archetypal image and the psychological warfare experts are masters of it.
It is taught by the PR firms, but the public doesn't understand that this is how it's done.
But anyway, on the financial side of it, you know, people get bogged down in the jargon and the
The terms that are used by the finance media to try to confuse people, but it's really, you know, you break it down, you know, words like derivative, for example, and I think people would benefit if they just kind of understood a little bit more about what this whole idea of derivatives are.
If I can just spend a few minutes... Oh, listen, I'm just going to sit here, you just run.
You know, to think about a derivative, if you think about it, you've got to go back to, remember, the dot-com craze of the late 90s.
A lot of these dot-com companies did what was called banner swapping, where company A and company B would swap, let's say, a million dollars worth of banners.
These banners had no intrinsic value at all.
But both companies would book the transaction as a short-term gain, and both companies would book the long-term liability, you know, the loss as a long-term liability.
If you think about that in terms of what the banks have been doing for the past five to ten years, it's kind of a sophisticated version of this banner swapping, where Bank A and Bank B, they'll both swap a billion dollars with the derivatives.
These derivatives have no intrinsic value whatsoever.
But both Bank A and Bank B will book the immediate sales of profits.
That'll drop down to the bottom line.
That'll boost the stock price, which will trigger an option payment to the executive.
And both banks will consider the loss as a long-term liability, that they don't have to worry about for 10, 20, 30 years.
Now what happened, that's just... If you look in that context, you understand that what's been going on is just billions, hundreds of billions, and trillions of dollars worth of intrinsically, inherently worthless transactions.
But they generate these huge amounts of fees for the people involved.
And for 10 or 15 years, they could get away with it, because for 10 or 15 years, going all the way back to
And so has the trade deficit.
Exactly, because that is essentially a number that keeps building, but you know, a lot of those numbers never hit the actual balance sheet.
For example, you know, the number like the GDP number, or the inflation number, the employment numbers, you know, a lot of these numbers are not our massage.
And we made a film for this, a couple of films on this very topic.
But what happened last summer, Alex, and the reason why this crisis really hit was that starting
Last summer, you had this long-term trend in interest rates reverse itself, and interest rates started to tick up.
And what happened was the hologram, that is this global financial system, started to be shut off.
And these banks started to have to realize that what they were carrying had to come clean and say, look, this doesn't actually have any value whatsoever.
And this triggered this, what I call a hologram, a global financial hologram, I guess, you know, to start to trigger the continuous and the contiguous requirement from various banks to recognize that what they were holding was, in fact, worth nothing.
And this kept building and building.
Now, this effort right now by the Congress to put a gun to the head, by Wall Street, to put a gun to Congress' head and say, look, we need another $700 billion to keep the Ponzi scheme going, you know, it's money that basically is not going to really
It's a black hole!
It's a black hole!
Effectively, it has become a financial black hole.
You could shovel 700 billion, a trillion, three trillion.
It won't make any difference.
The structural integrity is going to collapse.
Well, this is like a house that's on fire, and the firefighters try to put it out by throwing giant truckloads of kindling on it.
Pretty much.
This is actually making the problem a lot worse by throwing... And also, remember, when they talk about putting money into the problem,
They're not actually putting any money into the problem.
They're putting credit into the problem, and what does that mean?
It just means that...
The American banking system and the global banking system work on a fractional reserve requirement.
And so they're always leveled up.
That's the point.
All this money, $940 billion, lended out last week alone to the banks.
They're going out with the same scam instruments, even more desperately trying to keep the bubble going.
It's just piling more debt on top of debt.
You can't get rid of debt by creating more debt.
All you're doing is you're making the situation more unstable.
Well, bottom line, when we get back, I want to hear from you, Max Keiser, because you've predicted this with great precision like Ron Paul and others.
Where the next phase of this is going to go, what it's going to look like, and I also want to hear you give us your expert take on the asinine claim that subprime mortgages, it's all our fault, we have to pay this,
You know, they're trying to... the people that engineered this are now trying to pose as the saviors, get incredible, you know, new powers out of it, and at the same time be given this immunity.
And so I want to break that down with Max Keiser.
The website's maxkeiser.net.
Stay with us.
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I think so.
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That's 866-245-8670.
Bottom line, we have the architects of the derivative black hole posing as the saviors and engaging in economic terrorism.
I mean, there's no
Well, let's talk a little bit about how to affect the market downturn.
You know, as you mentioned, I designed the technology for the Hollywood Stock Exchange, which became the basis for what are now called prediction markets.
These are online markets using virtual currencies.
And I used a lot of the technology that was used on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange, which is the specialist system.
And, for example, the government, in this case, those who are interested in getting a buy-in from the American public through having the stocks crash and the fear that would come as a result of that.
You don't have to actually sell the stocks per se, although they are actively buying and selling stocks.
You know, as you pointed out, after the 87 crash, Reagan and Greenspan and Robert Rubin created the Working Group on Finance, which is euphemistically now called the Plunge Protection Team.
And I was working on Wall Street at the time.
On Wall Street, the day of the crash, and I remember that quite vividly, and I remember Reagan's speech and what Greene had to say about that.
But this technology has evolved, so you don't actually need, let's say, the government or whomever selling, and by the way, you know, J.P.
Morgan and Goldman Sachs have very, very close ties to the government, as does Sumitomo Bank in Japan and various other central banks.
They control a very large central pool of capital that is used
Ostensibly for currency control, because after 1971, the world went off the gold standard.
You know, the U.S.
closed the gold window and went on a pure fiat currency standard.
This means the government had to keep their currencies somewhat in line to affect global trade.
Well, that's been abused over the years, so the government is now using that mechanism to, as we see now, to make political policy by making prices move.
And in the case of these prices on the derivative exchanges and the bond markets, you don't actually have to go in there and change the price per se.
You just need to change the ratio required that creates a downtick or an uptick.
For example, on the Hollywood Stock Exchange or any virtual market, if I want to make it so that stock prices go down, I simply change the ratio required of a sale versus a buy that would affect the downtick.
And if you affect that change, you create, anyone that comes in with a sell order,
That's right.
As we know from economics and finance, there's a lot of emotion involved.
And if you start to see prices tick down, you then are emotionally, you're kind of drawing to it and you panic and you sell more readily.
And this is very easy for them to do this.
Now, I had an issue a few years ago because the Pentagon,
I was launching under Poindexter.
They were launching a virtual market called the Policy Analysis Market, or PAM, where they wanted to make futures contracts based on future terrorist events, or try to predict terrorist events.
And I was adamantly against it.
It was going to be betting on terrorist events, which, by the way, they could trigger when they wanted to.
Well, that was my point.
You see, they go out there with this message that markets are fair.
And markets are able to affect a certain equilibrium.
That's true if you leave them alone.
But we don't have a free market.
It is rigged.
It's completely rigged.
I made a film called Rigged Markets for Al Jazeera.
Nobody in America would broadcast the film.
Only Al Jazeera broadcast the film.
I made a movie for Al Jazeera called Death of a Dollar, Death of a Dollar 2, talking about how the dollar and the markets were rigged and nobody in the U.S.
would broadcast it.
In the UK, in our radio show, I said that Bradford and Bingley, three years ago, I said Bradford and Bingley were going to collapse because of what they were doing in the market.
They just recently collapsed.
I said Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were going to collapse.
They collapsed.
And by the way, that's why you're here.
We see hundreds of these experts who, in different sites, have done the analysis, who are wrong about 80% of the time.
But that's why the establishment puts them there, is to lie and mislead people.
And people like Ron Paul, yourself,
And really, hundreds of other economists, like Joe Stiglitz, they are almost always right, but then you hardly ever see them on TV.
Yeah, I follow those guys' work.
Maybe what I bring to it is understanding the technology of money and going off the gold standard.
Financial engineering has become the biggest product in America.
America doesn't make stuff anymore.
They export exchange units and bonds and currency in exchange for stuff.
Basically, they're the man behind the curtain running the different Ponzi schemes.
That's right, and it's worked very well up until last summer, when interest rates, which are basically the secret sauce of any Goldman Sachs, J.P.
Morgan derivative product, structured vehicle, special... Hold on!
Stay there!
We'll be right back to break that down and more!
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Today, unlike any other in the long course of American history, a terrorist act of war against this country.
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We have to look to Osama Bin Laden.
Fabled Enemies is the first 9-11 film to take a close look at the terrorist ties to intelligence networks inside the United States.
Some U.S.
investigators believe that there are Israelis again very much engaged in spying in and on the U.S.
I'm aware that some Israeli citizens have been detained.
Either you are with us, or you are with the terrorists.
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The man with the foolish grin is keeping perfectly still.
Yes, Max Kaiser.
Website MaxKaiser.net.
Kaiser spelled K-E-I-S-E-R.
That links to him up on InfoWars.com and PrisonPlanet.com.
He is internationally known and he's known in Europe, Japan, Asia, Russia, England, but of course here in the U.S.
because he'll tell you the truth, he's not known because the
Financial hologram, the false reality as he properly calls it, I love that term, owns the corporate media, the PR firms that are there to sell you lies.
And now we see the Ponzi scheme coming to an end.
The question is, will they be able to set up their new international order and give themselves global governmental powers to enforce a new order?
They create crises, scam everybody, and then poses the saviors into the next phase.
That's what they do.
And so, he's giving us a lot of technical information, which is very valuable.
I don't want to say dumbing it down, but even for people like myself who try to follow it,
You've been very good at predicting what's going to happen.
I know there's different scenarios that could unfold, all of them not good for the average person, most of them not good even for the elites that are running all of this, but I mean, break down what it means that Congress said no, now the fear-mongering of, oh look, you made the market go down $1,200,000,000,000, the biggest stock market drop ever in total numbers, ladies and gentlemen.
I mean, there's so many facets to this, but where do you see it going, Max Keiser?
Well, the question is, are the markets being manipulated?
And the question is, yes, they're being manipulated.
And I think, again, you know, my predictions that I've made have been based on looking for how and when markets have been manipulated, and then understand who's manipulating them, why they're manipulating them, and then you can make some predictions based on that.
You know, after the 9-11 collapse,
You know, Greenspan dropped interest rates to a very, very low level.
He was manipulating the interest rate market.
And he was doing so, in my opinion, because he wanted to save face, you know, that the idea was, we can't show the bad guys that we're going to stop shopping, we're not going to, we don't want to interrupt our, you know, our model here in America, 70% consumption.
So they dropped those interest rates very low in a very manipulative way.
And this created, you know, there should have been a recession in 2001 and 2002 because of the dot-com collapse.
But that recession never happened.
Greenspan simply reinflated the bubble by keeping those rates too low as a way to really overcompensate.
For those attacks, because those attacks, you know, there was already a recession baked into the cake.
They overcompensated, they manipulated rates down.
And so now it's worse today, and then they're going to pump it up again, making it even worse in the future.
Yeah, the bubble reinflated, you had the real estate bubble, it popped.
Now what's in that bill that they're trying to circulate?
Unbelievably, there's a clause in the bill that would move to reserve less banking.
They want to have the American banking system go from having one or two or three percent reserves on the balance sheet for the loans to zero.
Reserveless banking!
That's like saying we're going to be moving to an economy based on a currency that's collateralized by chicken feathers.
There's absolutely nothing in there.
They want to have an economy that's pure transaction.
They want to still generate fees.
Hank Paulson's laundromat, the $700 billion laundromat, all they do is it's a circular laundromat.
The bad debts go in, and then nice fresh T-bills that are completely uncollateralized, freshly printed, come out.
There's a lot booked.
And that book loss is going to go as an item on the balance sheet to be paid for, but I don't call them the American taxpayer, because there's no such thing anymore.
You have all the American debt slaves.
You have debt slaves, that's it.
You know, I call people the American duck farm or flog law farm.
You think they're stuffed.
You know, I'm laughing, Max Keiser, but...
The bankers are laughing, but who gets left holding the bill?
Sure, it's all fiat for them, and they buy real things with it, and you know, empires are bought and paid for in wars, but then we are left holding the bag, and so now they're trying to go from a fiat system to a complete hologram forecast.
I mean, how is this going to end?
Well, I was very struck by the story out of the UK.
There's a banker in the city of London, he was a rich banker, an elite I guess you could call, who just killed himself, threw himself in front of a freight train, because
Part of the situation here, I'm convinced that the bankers are almost worshipping death in some ways.
For example, Goldman Sachs, they create bonds that they themselves are destroying in their back office.
They're completely schizophrenic.
You know, they were doing this as part of the build-up to the meltdown in the real estate market.
The story here, how Golden profited from the subprime meltdown.
They're talking about how they themselves were issuing bonds to finance the subprime while shorting the bonds at the same time.
They have this internal schizophrenia that's almost psychotic.
I think that's one of the elements.
We talked to a lot of your guests on your show.
You talked to eminent economists.
The question always comes up, why are they doing this?
It seems like they're shooting themselves in the foot.
I'm pretty sure that there's a certain element of psychosis.
I call it almost as if Hank Paulson has become like Colonel Kirk.
He's going upriver and he's surrounding himself with bankers.
Well, it's narcosis.
Like when you're diving too deep and you're high as a kite.
It's narcosis.
I mean, it's the same thing, and they're building up a police state to suppress us when they repossess everything.
You know, they believe there's a method to their madness, and their argument is, hey, if we can create unlimited paper and buy up all the real assets and then leave the schmucks holding the bag, so what?
But the problem is, the people aren't buying into what they're saying.
I want to go to some calls, but first off, Max Keiser, and the website's maxkeiser.net.
Well, there's a whole bunch of them here, then.
Okay, .com.
Well, whose website is .net, then?
That's me, also.
.com is where we have all the headlines.
.net is where we have some information about the organization, but .com are the headlines where people come to get the daily follow-the-money headlines.
We've got links to both.
Now, I just happen to have the net one in front of me right now.
Now, looking at this,
Do you think the establishment was counting on Congress saying no to the bailout?
A. B. Do you think they'll be successful now with the financial terrorism?
During a break you likened it to the terror alert and every time Rumsfeld needed money or there was a political
We're good.
I think it was a defeat.
I think it was a bit surprising.
But I also think that, as we've described, they can do pretty much anything they want to the market, and it scares people.
And as we were saying, it's just like those terror alerts that you used to get.
You know, every time Pentagon wanted more money, they'd hit the red alert.
And suddenly there was an alert, everyone was hiding under their desks, and the Pentagon got a huge new influx of money for their budget.
Similarly, they're using the markets in this similar way.
You know, you've mentioned it in terms of financial terrorism, etc., and I don't think that's far from the actual truth.
But based on what I know in terms of how markets can be manipulated, we talked about the policy analysis market for a second, which was that market on terror futures,
And the room for abuse for that is incredible, because now you've got people directly profiting from manipulating a market, and then when they take their profits, they can simply say, well, it wasn't us, it was the market.
See, that's the tall grass everyone runs into.
Every time that there's a crash or something like this, they say, well, it wasn't us, it was the market, and nobody knows the market.
That's completely incorrect at this stage of the game.
The market, the prices on these stocks, bonds, currencies, are being managed.
They're being targeted for an effect.
If they think that it's going to take a certain percent drop in the Dow Jones to pass this bill, they will get to that price.
And they can do so using the technology they have and using the relationships that they have.
There is no buy and sell as that notion is understood in a free market.
And Ron Paul is absolutely right when he says that, you know, to paraphrase.
He talks about that the free market is really not at work in the United States.
You've got now something that looks like a free market, but it's being operated by people who are using it as a scare tactic.
That's clear.
I can see that as an expert, if you will, on the technology of markets.
I've been involved for 25 years.
I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt that these markets are being manipulated for political ends.
Well, they admit they are.
At the same time, it's more than just insider trading.
It's insider regulation.
It's the ultimate, in fact, and I want your take on this, but I would say that this is, that the term conflict of interest isn't strong enough for just Henry Paulson alone with Goldman Sachs.
It's a cult.
There's a cult.
There's a cult of personalities, not just a conflict of interest.
It's like saying that Charles Manson is squeaky fine at a conflict of interest.
It's a cult of insiders who worship the market.
They believe in something called market fundamentalism, the same way extremist theocrats believe in religious extremism or fundamentalism.
These are market fundamentalists.
They believe in the market as this
...entity that they're willing to do these things in the name of the market.
And it's a counterpart to what we see in other areas of the world with what we call religious fanaticism or extremism.
These guys are market extremists.
And the result is equally damaging.
Well, it takes the term that markets are based on confidence to a new level, where they just say, we can commit any crime, break any rule.
Meanwhile, I had a congressman on yesterday, Burgess, and a lot of others are saying that the reason they're voting against the package yesterday was because there is so much insider opportunism going on, and then earlier you just mentioned the fact that there will be no reserves in this banking, but that's only in a select
I don't know.
Yeah, absolutely.
The Glass-Steagall Act, as you know, was put up there after the crash of 29.
As far as the Securities Act of 33 and 34, the SEC put up the Glass-Steagall Act to separate banks and brokers because they're naturally cannibalistic.
Clinton, actually.
The Glass-Steagall was repealed, which gave these banks and brokers the ability to collude again.
And what we're seeing now is these rapacious, vampire-like, debt-sucker, black-hole banks.
They need fresh blood.
So they're going after these small deposits, these small banks, and they're going after them, and they're stealing their deposits to help defeat the black hole, to feed their extremist view of the way markets should be active.
So anyone who's got money in a bank in the United States
You know, they're being targeted by these guys who want that fresh blood, that fresh cash, that is, they're not insured at over $100,000.
They want that fresh cash to feed their, their, uh, their repatient debt, you know, spinning, fee-generating model that, it just doesn't work.
Again, you know, I mean, not to quote Ron Paul, but he does make some excellent points, as he points out.
Please, Aaron.
All right, MaxKaiser.com is the website.
Max Kaiser is our guest.
I want to get to your phone calls.
Rourke who disagrees will go to the head of the line, but I've got to ask this question before we go to calls in the time we have left with you today.
We got on a bit late because of phone problems with that.
I apologize to the listeners, but again, you can find out more about our guest at MaxKaiser.com.
Max, where is it going?
You predicted years before, you know, each bank that was going to go under, you and others were able to see the basic market fundamentals and break that down.
Where is it going?
What is going to happen?
How bad is this depression going to get?
How long will this sustain?
How do you see things settling out on the other end?
Will the architects of this criminal vortex be able to hoax us into positioning themselves as the saviors and setting up a new global government based on banking?
A new order where they go around regulating everybody else.
I mean, that's what they're saying they want to do.
Or will they fall?
Yeah, it depends on the American people.
The American people still have it within their means to push back.
And, um, I'll give you an interesting something to think about for you and your listeners.
Basically, the way, what they're fighting the American people with, the ultimate weapon that they use is inflation.
Basically, that's the weapon.
They're going to inflate the value of your currency down to zero, the U.S.
dollar, so that you end up back in the poorhouse where you were and your family were generations ago.
So therefore, it stands to reason that the only way to fight inflation
Is with deflation.
I'll give you an example.
I suggested this a couple of years ago, and I was immediately smeared by the right-wing press in America.
But it was written up by a bank here in Europe, Chevreux Bank, as the ultimate weapon for activists looking to fight back.
Think of it this way.
If deflation is the only thing that can fight inflation, then why not target your deflation?
Why not get together as a community, as an American community, and say, you know what?
We've got the power to make these markets reflect our interests.
And what you can do, for example, is you look at these stocks, you look at a stock that might be vulnerable,
To the only weapon that an impoverished person has at their disposal, which is a boycott.
It worked for Gandhi.
It worked for Martin Luther King Jr.
The boycott is the no-cost weapon of choice.
Is there a company out there that's vulnerable to a boycott on that, effectively pushing deflation against inflation, or what's called a monopsony, versus you're fighting the monopoly?
Well, I agree with the plan.
The power of the boycott, of course, is legendary.
The problem is we have an alternative media.
It's big, it's growing, but it's splintered.
We don't have that mass transmission power they have to put out the talking point on every channel, and so how do we communicate an effective boycott?
How do we pick an effective boycott target?
I'll give you what the motivating force is going to be greed.
Let me tell you something to you and your listeners.
How would you like to be... How would you like to make money using the same tools that they're using against you?
Here's what I suggest.
If you take a company that's vulnerable, and I'll give you a company, and it's not because they're a bad company, it's because they're vulnerable.
Although, you could make the case that they do bad things.
If you take a company like Coca-Cola, for example, it's trading at close to four times sales.
For every dollar you don't spend on Coke's products, you're going to cut four dollars off their market cap.
If a sufficient number of people join that boycott, two things happen.
Number one, the revenues start to go down.
Number two, the same hedge funds that are attacking you and your savings, and attacking you and your, you know, American dollar, are going to attack Koch stocks.
So you're drawing the same forces of capitalism in your favor.
So it's like putting blood in the water.
You draw in bigger sharks to attack the Shamu.
And it shows, if the American people can take down a $120 billion company just to show that they can, to flex their muscle, to bring deflation against this inflation, they're going to feel mighty good about themselves.
It's like the Boston Tea Party.
No taxation of their representation.
All right.
Max Keiser, stay there.
I'm Alex Jones.
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An inside job?
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I don't know.
We welcome folks like Max Keiser by visiting InfoWars.com.
We bring you the best guests, people that have accurately predicted what's happening, and they talk about the real market architecture.
It is fraud by design.
It is not free market.
It is a dog and pony show to the greatest degree.
It is an illusion.
And before he leaves us, I'm going to challenge him to really get into how bad he thinks it's going to get, how he predicts it will play out.
Because we haven't seen anything yet, but I want to go to your calls right now.
Let's talk to Rourke in Texas.
He's the last caller in line, but he goes to the head of the line because he disagrees.
Go ahead, Rourke, you're on the air.
Hello, Alex.
Hello, Max.
Yes, I called in today because I believe money is a trick.
I believe the economic ideologies that exist are tricks.
And I believe that communism, socialism, and capitalism are degrees of fascism.
And I believe the solution is a free market.
But money is control, and so I think an even freer solution is that of a free manufacturing base.
Yeah, but, you know, you've called before, and then you don't really flesh out your idea.
Nothing is, quote, free.
Someone has to take their time and energy to build it, and then they're going to have to sell something to pay for it.
Well, if there's no money, there wouldn't be any need.
Yeah, and we go back to the Stone Age, sir.
That's why they invented... No.
I can't talk to you.
I appreciate your call.
Yeah, I'll give you an insight into that, if I might.
If you look at what's happening in the open source movement with software, you know, that has really minus-turbled in North Europe, of course, and Linux.
Okay, go ahead.
Gave rise to this whole idea of free software and Richard Stallman, the free software movement.
And it really is a worthwhile economic model to have free software distributed freely.
Certainly Google is a huge multi-billion dollar company giving away free information effectively that is contributed to them by others.
So this is interesting period in history because of the frictionless nature of the internet, you can have what's called return, increased return economics, where you're getting back something actually
Well, let's be clear, I'm not saying that you can't have barter with information technology systems, that that doesn't accelerate it, but he's called in and said, you need to build a factory and not charge for what comes out the end of it.
So, I mean, that guy's called before, and I've talked to him, and I'm not going to be mean, I'm not going to... Well, I'll say, dude, read about Richard Stallman, and then call back.
What I'm saying is money can be manipulated and it does become a lie, but money, whether it's tally sticks or gold coins, you need to have some symbol of exchange because in a complex society you've got to have ways of
You know, greasing the skins of the market, or it would be Stone Age overnight!
Yeah, you need a means of exchange, okay?
No question about it.
For the exchange of goods and services.
And money fulfills that role.
And there's a way to manage it so that, you know, it's not being abused the way it is now, unfortunately, in the U.S.
Because of the way it's set up, you end up with those who are in the money business co-opting the political process.
So that the political process makes it easier to be in the money business.
Yeah, and that's unfortunately now we're at a point where the money business is the only business in America, really.
It's the predominant business.
The fiat-made-up, smoke-and-mirrors banking system is gobbling and eating up the entire real economy.
And when we come back, I want to get your take in one minute on... Well, let me start now.
Where do you see this going?
Well, I think, you know, you're talking about an inflationary depression.
You're going to talk about unemployment going back up to, you know, 10, 15, 20, 20 percent.
If you look at the unadjusted numbers, unemployment in America is already over 10 percent, the real number.
You're looking for that to double.
All right, stay there.
We'll be back in 70 seconds with Max Keiser.
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A day unlike any other in the long course of American history.
A terrorist act of war against this country.
The enemy struck America on September 11th.
But who is the enemy?
Bin Laden.
This is his MO.
We have to look to the Middle East.
We have to look to Osama Bin Laden.
Fabled Enemies is the first 9-11 film to take a close look at the terrorist ties to intelligence networks inside the United States.
investigators believe that there are Israelis again very much engaged in spying in and on the U.S.
Some U.S.
I'm aware that some Israeli citizens have been detained.
Bin Laden's connections to the CIA, the hijacker's ties to the FBI, the Saudi Arabian connection, the Israeli intelligence network, warnings and war games, the shadow government, and much, much more.
Fabled enemies.
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Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Taking your phone calls for the next 20 minutes for Max Keiser.
Website's maxkeiser.com.
He is the inventor of virtual specialist technology, prediction markets, Hollywood Stock Exchange.
He has a TV program and produces films for Al Jazeera English, writes for the Huffington Post, it goes on and on.
Hosts two different radio programs, and he's our guest here today.
We really appreciate his time.
You were finishing up with, in the short term and the midterm, long term,
How do you see things unfolding?
And I'd like to also ask you, how do you see the architects of this banking hologram, this fraud, how do you see them responding?
What do you see them doing?
Uh, yeah, well, another quick note here, in terms of virtual money, it's very interesting, the pair wagging the dog.
You know that on Intrade, which is a virtual market, the contract for the probability of the bailout packaging failing in Congress, two days before it failed,
So the insiders, and insider information is legal on Intrade, were trading and making bets that the contract would crash.
Now, with that knowledge, of course, if you applied it to the S&P futures contract in New York, and you went short the market yesterday, you would have made a killing.
So here you have virtual markets, virtual money, based on aggregating opinions,
Generating a price signal, which is getting people in New York and Chicago and around the world to actually buy S&P futures and make a ton of money, based on virtual money.
So, that's how we're at in this phase of capitalism where it's all virtual money and there's no underlying there.
You can still make tons of it based on reading these virtual markets and virtual currencies.
And you've just got to take the virtual money before the market implodes and you've got to get into real assets, you know, land.
Well, the smart money is obviously buying gold and silver because it's completely scarce.
You know, you can't go buy gold and silver these days at the spot price because the market is exploding.
The paper price, which is on the futures exchange, is a manipulated price.
It's another purely manipulated market.
The silver market is so shockingly manipulated that it's one of the worst cases of manipulation.
That's what I was going to ask you next, is we have this war between the fiat hologram of the bankers, what they say on paper, gold and silver and copper and other things are worth, these commodities, versus what they are in the real economy, where they're becoming extremely scarce.
Who's going to win that fight?
Let me give you my prognosis, okay?
I have a term which I call neo-feudalism.
In other words, we're going back to lord and serf.
Oh yes, I like that term.
Okay, so when this is all over, you're going to have, you know, those with a ton of money in their vaults, gold and silver, land, whatever, and private army mercenaries, you know, Blackwater and the crew are going to be moving into America soon.
You know, their battle-hardened troops are going to be in the U.S.
We went to patrol the streets again.
By the way, that's already been announced by the Army Times.
Regular Army.
It's for the American people.
Yeah, so that's completely... We are now the enemy of NORTHCOM.
Declared enemies.
I mean, how can you get any more against the Constitution than that?
I mean, that's... Anyone who...
Because, anyway, you've got the standing army now in the U.S.
They're going to be patrolling the streets.
So you've got these, basically, aristocrats.
You've got lords.
You don't even have a middle class, Alex, to begin with.
The only reason we unite is to begin with is because 400 years ago, during the bubonic plague, the aristocrats started paying more for people to come manage their estates.
Because there weren't as many people.
Because for the first time, there was not a glut of human labor.
And that was the beginning of the middle class, and it morphed from there to what we call, you know, the American Dream, was the ultimate middle class, you know, people buying... And they knew they had to get rid of the manufacturing base and other things to economically convert back to neo-serfdom, neo-feudalism, and man, I tell you, Max Keiser, we're gonna get you on a lot more.
Let's come back.
I just could have you on for the whole show, but we've got to get to some of these phone calls on the other side.
I agree with you, that's it.
Ladies and gentlemen, it's going to be the police enforcers, starving slaves being euthanized, and the global rulers.
You know, as a father and a husband, one of the enjoyable things in my life has been walking in at night and checking on my children, checking up on my wife, making sure she has the things she needs, but mostly providing for my family and knowing that they're secure, that they feel comfortable every day in their little skins.
They don't have to worry about the oddities of the world taking over and wrecking their lives.
I've always wanted to be a good provider, and I'm not going to change that now just because the economy's in upheaval and because there's a lot of political and social uncertainty.
We're good to go.
I do hope that you'll join me in this new sense of American security.
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That's 1-800-409-5633.
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Terror Storm, a history of government-sponsored terror.
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The Genesis Communications Radio Network proudly presents the Alex Jones Show.
Because there's a war on for your mind.
Max Keiser is our guest TV host over in Europe, radio host.
I'm going to be taking your phone calls.
Well, right now.
Rob in Missouri.
You're on the air, Rob.
Go ahead.
Hello, Alex.
Hi, go ahead.
Hey, first of all, Terror Storm, in-game, awesome.
Thank you.
I'll tell you, I'm a 46-year-old male.
Used to think of myself as macho, but now married with kids, you're my hero.
I mean, for somebody, you're the John Wayne of the future, I'll tell you.
Oh, come on, man.
Hey, I want to state something here.
Because what happens is I get idolized, or Max Keiser does, or Ron Paul does, and then we think, oh, he's handling it, they're there, it's extraordinary to be fighting this.
I don't want to be a serf and a slave.
Let me just say something, and then I'm going to let you talk.
You've been holding a while, but let me just say this.
And I'm not mad at you praising me, and I appreciate it, it makes me work hard.
But the bottom line is this.
What Max Keiser just said, they plan to make us total serfs with a boot on our throat every facet of our lives manufactured through the government system.
This is stated.
I am angry and threatened by that.
I am fighting through self-serving reasons because I don't want to be a slave.
So I want to just get this straight to everybody out there.
What I'm doing is the minimum, ladies and gentlemen, okay, because I went and witnessed Marines training to take our guns and put us in FEMA camps in the late 1990s.
This is a long-term plan.
They have planned all of this.
Well, the point is that the nation and the people nowadays, Alex, you are an inspiration because people are so dumbed down to find people to actually be able to communicate with now.
It's unbelievable.
But let me get to the point.
We've got $770 billion dollars we're wanting to give away to these
Gangsters get to pay off their own debts, and they keep themselves... And then they lie and say, oh, it's not really money, it's gonna make money.
That's... Sorry, go ahead.
No, it has nothing to do with anything.
That's just to cover their own tails.
But, you know, if you took that $70 billion, divide it by... Let's just say there's 200 million people over 18 years of age.
Divide that up amongst them.
I don't know what the figure is.
Give it to them.
I think it's like $300,000 or something.
Let everybody pay off their mortgages.
Let everybody go buy new cars.
Let's put it into the economy on a positive way.
And like you had the money bomb, you know, for the shows earlier?
If we could get a money bomb put together just for billboards, just for all the listeners of, you know, InfoWars and the Alex Jones Show, to get down in their pocket, to know what's coming down the pike, to know that they're going to take all your money.
Let's get something positive.
Let's get the billboards up.
It says what the $770 billion to do for 200 million American adults over the age of 18.
And let's get InfoWars on the bottom of those and let's just plague the thing.
I think it's not too late to do it if it can be done.
Rob, I appreciate your call.
Let me just say this and then get back to our guests, Max Keiser, MaxKeiser.com.
We did a money bomb because somebody already started one and just did it.
Separate from me, so I said, okay, I'll support it.
Now I've been hustling in the last four months to get a bigger office.
I was already planning it, you know, to build a little better TV studio and radio studio and I'm trying to deal with people building it and with bids and all that.
So I'm not that big an organization.
If I tried to raise a couple million dollars, probably what we'd raise, buy some billboards as a drop in the bucket, that's old media.
The power of you, the listener, taking action, telling people about the show on AM or FM or shortwave or internet or satellite, the power of you calling into talk shows.
See, people are thinking centralized, they're thinking about going to Alex Jones, and that's fine.
But the point is, it's about all of us taking action in little ways every day and having your voice heard now.
We don't have time to launch a money bomb, raise the money, put billboards up.
I'm not bashing that idea, and certainly we need support.
Buy the books, buy the videos, support our sponsors, and then we can do more.
But I don't think that I'm the center of the universe in this fight.
It's all of us together in a freedom movement, a reality movement against the false reality movement, the hologram Max Keiser.
You know, Warren Buffett just two years ago warned that America was going to become a nation of sharecroppers.
He said that publicly.
What does that mean?
Intended servitude.
He's the richest guy in the world, the richest guy in the United States, admitted saying openly, America will become a nation of sharecroppers.
He also said that he expects in a few years Americans to be paying income tax to Uncle Sam and to China.
Now that's Warren Buffett, that's not
Alex Jones and Max Keiser.
That's Warren Buffett.
He's on the cover of Fortune Magazine every few weeks.
You know, he's a very respected guy.
He's one of the guys architecting this so-called bailout.
He himself has led Americans to become a nation of sharecroppers.
And let's be clear, he is one of the kingpins organizing and running this, and then he tells you like he cares about you, but really he's just letting you know.
Because they don't want private capital.
They don't want a middle class.
And I want the cops to know this.
The cops and the military.
The reason you've been given black masks and trained to hate us and tasers is you are going to be there to help destroy your own country.
Max Keiser, what would you say to the functionaries who are having trouble getting their mind around this?
What would you say to them?
Well, unfortunately, you know, we've had 20 years of a bull market that everyone has become frightened to death of losing their
Uh, money that they've accumulated, and uh, they are unwilling to see a bigger picture, and Americans, from what I can tell, have lost touch with the struggle that came before this recent generation.
And it looks like they're gonna lose it.
They're gonna lose it all.
And they're gonna go back, you know, it's like, uh, that game of, uh, slides and ladders.
You know, this is a huge slide, all the way back to the beginning.
You know, the idea of rebuilding the country from scratch, and getting those rights,
You know, it was recently said that, let these banks collapse.
Just let the banks collapse.
You know, every American is going to, if they let the banks collapse, they might be broke, but if they still have their freedoms, if they still have their liberty, they've got everything they need to rebuild the economy from scratch.
Instead, we're being held hostage by the very institutions that engineered this, saying, now give us everything, and sign on to this, and make us kings, or you're gonna lose it, when they're the ones that have set it up.
And what you said is so key.
McCain, Obama, all of them on TV are saying the same thing.
Both parties.
They're saying the banks pay the payroll.
The banks open the Sonic hamburgers up.
If it wasn't for the banks, you wouldn't have a pot.
You got out of the grocery store in the last two or three years, the prices are skyrocketing.
The price of gas is skyrocketing.
In Atlanta, half the
The bankers are destroying the country!
You know, they're trying to hypnotize people into thinking that they've got the answer.
But again, the message to anyone in the U.S.
should be, let the banks fail.
We can take it.
We can take the punch.
You know, take the punch.
And let them rebuild from scratch.
But if you give us this money, and you take away our freedom, we're going to end up with no money and no freedom.
Well, they did a good job.
I talked to several congressmen on and off air and they said that they were getting about 2,000 phone calls for every 3 or 4 or 5 calls for the scam out, for the stick up job.
And I guess in the final equation, you know, that's the good news.
They said no then, but then the bankers slammed it down.
The biggest one-day loss in history for the stock market.
1.2 plus trillion.
And do you think the public will buckle?
Or, McCain was talking about today, just the Treasury ignoring Congress and the people and doing it with some mechanisms they've got.
Unfortunately, the rights of the U.S.
citizens have been systematically stripped.
You know, the Patriot Act has many items in there.
The U.S., I have a prediction, a running prediction right now.
I kind of feel that this election in November is going to be postponed because of this financial crisis.
And therefore, because Bush has the ability under the, I forget which rule it is, I think you actually know that... PDD 51!
Right, right, exactly.
He gives him the ability under any circumstance to declare what is effectively martial law.
Now, if in fact this bailout does not go through, I kind of thought today what was going to happen is that the market was going to crash around the world, and then Bush would come out and say, we're going to enact that rule, and I'm going to make the bailout go through myself, George Bush, right now, because I think you need it.
In that case, it's game over.
It's like 1931 and Hitler just took power.
And they're citing the threat of a financial collapse like Hitler cited the threat of communism.
It's completely manipulated.
Let's jam in a final call or two.
Scott in Arizona quickly for our guests.
Go ahead.
Yeah, I agree with him 100%.
I believe that.
And like I said before, I believe that Bush is not coming out.
And I believe that even if we go through with this bill, it's only going to last a few days.
And they're going to bring us down and everybody's going to start kicking our currency around the world.
Which is going to then come to the next crisis where they're going to say, you know, the bailout didn't work.
Instead of having another bailout, we need the new currency.
While we're losing our freedoms, they've got everything they want.
I do believe that the election will be suspended.
I've been feeling that for a long time.
So I think he's right on the money on that.
Well, I don't know why Army Times is reporting NORTHCOM activating against the American people.
And, you know, they declared martial law in Congress Monday and Sunday.
I mean, it's just getting crazier and crazier.
Very quickly, Tony in Chicago, last caller.
Our guest is leaving us in one minute.
Hey, Alex.
I just, yeah, he's right.
You know, in 2004 there was an article in the Trib about how in the Virgin Islands there's enough dummy corporations there to have every person who lives
In the Virgin Islands, there's their own dummy corporation.
I think two dummy corporations is how the article went.
This is no surprise.
I live in the Chicago prison grid, and we are completely foreclosed upon, but America, you just gotta be ready.
It's time for blood, and I'm ready to shed it.
And by the way, cops, while you're busy taking people's houses, your grandma's gonna be starving to death.
It's probably gonna get that bad in a few years down the road.
When do you see this implosion peaking?
Two, three years from now, Max?
Well, I don't think... You're talking about a 24-hour cable station playing old Ronald Reagan speeches as the only thing left in what was once called America.
It's gonna be Mexico and Canada meeting somewhere in New Mexico.
It's not going to be anything less.
Yeah, well I know somebody worth like six billion bucks and they left the country a year ago saying, quote, it won't be here.
I get emails every day.
I feel like Harriet Tubman.
You know, the old, uh, getting the slaves out of the South?
The Underground Railway?
I get everyday emails saying, how do I get out of the country?
How do I escape?
I need to escape.
How do I escape?
Oh, Max Keiser.
Today, unlike any other in the long course of American history, a terrorist act of war against this country.
The enemy struck America on September 11th.
But who is the enemy?
Bin Laden.
This is his MO.
We have to look to the Middle East.
We have to look to Osama Bin Laden.
Fabled Enemies is the first 9-11 film to take a close look at the terrorist ties to intelligence networks inside the United States.
investigators believe that there are Israelis again very much engaged in spying in and on the U.S.
Some U.S.
I'm aware that some Israeli citizens have been detained.
Bin Laden's connections to the CIA, the hijacker's ties to the FBI, the Saudi Arabian connection, the Israeli intelligence network, warnings and war games, the shadow government, and much, much more.
Fabled enemies.
Get the DVD at InfoWars.com or see it in super high quality along with hundreds of other titles at PrisonPlanet.tv.
Either you are with us or you are with the terrorists.
Hi, this is Ted Anderson.
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I do an abbreviated Sunday transmission from 4 to 6 p.m.
Central Time as well.
I haven't had Dr. Paul Craig Roberts on about eight months.
Not Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, Colonel Craig Roberts.
We have Dr. Paul Craig Roberts on every week.
Uh, and he's coming up in the next segment.
Talk about the police state, New World Order.
Now, he's still in the army, so be careful about what he says.
I don't know, he might have just retired.
I forget.
The point is, he's coming on the show next, and we'll talk about a whole bunch of things.
You know, ladies and gentlemen, the bankers are gonna hurt us so bad.
And they're not done.
And they're gonna hurt you military, they're gonna hurt you police.
And you'll figure that out later when you're not Roydhead 22-year-olds.
A lot of you have already figured it out.
And we just say, no, no, no, this may not happen.
We may be able to actually turn this around, but it doesn't look good.
Things look better, but still, we're not in a good spot.
People are waking up, but the globalists can terrorize the public into almost anything.
I hope you'll be pleasantly surprised, but they're going to try to get no more fractional reserve banking, just unlimited lending to whoever they want, fiat in our name, total
Community for all their crimes.
It's just unspeakable.
And I want to bring Ted up just for the rest of this segment.
About four minutes we got left and then Colonel Craig Roberts is scheduled to be joining us.
Talk about a host of issues and continue taking your phone calls.
And then we have Tommy Chung popping in on the whole fake drug war, New World Order system.
But let's go ahead and go to Ted Anderson.
Ted, the people said no, but then the president bad-mouthed the stock market down to its biggest loss in one day ever, 1.2 trillion plus.
And the media is talking about how wonderful he is and how wonderful McCain and Barack Obama are.
So you have all the mainstream media and both parties' leadership saying the people are bad, saying the Congress are bad, saying everything's our fault when they're the ones that control the Plunge Protection Team and they're the ones that clearly drove the market down yesterday.
This is just too rich.
It is.
There's an awful lot of manipulation going on, and the President right now is trying to pitch his thing.
I was looking at a picture of Bernarki and Bush and Paulson.
You mean Mr. Malarkey, Bernarki?
Yeah, right, exactly.
I mean, they're just all lined up together, and I thought, you know, I don't think Bush should be standing amongst those people.
I mean, talking about doing political suicide, of course he's not going to be voted in again.
No, no, he's a hero to the globalists, bringing America down!
I mean, that's been his job, fooling conservatives just long enough to slit their throats.
I mean, he's a rock star to the New World Order!
He sure is, Alex, and he definitely wants to sell this country out.
I mean, there is so much going on in the marketplace right now, there's absolutely no reason for Congress to come to a consensus and agree on this bailout package.
But by the way, Ted, you're right.
This is a globalist corporate takeover of the U.S.
They bankrupted us on design, by design, and are now sending in their brainwashed police.
They are, and they want us to bail out not only companies that are located here in the United States, they wanted us to bail out the foreign companies as well.
I mean, right now, this is nuts!
And they've been pushing this line of bull that we're gonna make money from this?
That bill sets the precedent for them to spend any amount of money they want!
It is in about $700 bill!
And it's going to be like the Patriot Act.
It'll come to its expiration date and they'll forward it further and it's just going to become a regular way of life that the United States government is going to continue to bail out these companies with our money.
But it's not a bailout again.
Now they're calling it a rescue package.
What it is is kicking the trigger to drop the gallows and drop the American people through and snap our little necks.
Ted, tell folks about the gold and silver offer you've got.
You've got it again at below what it's trading for today.
An insane deal.
You heard our last guest on saying you're nuts if you don't get into precious metals.
Well, that's exactly right, Alex.
And I do.
I still have the dimes.
They're trading at $160 right now.
I've got British sovereigns at $241.
And I've got to tell you right now, the supply is not very, you know, there's not a whole lot of gold or silver out there anymore.
Physically, it's just gone.
The francs right now are at $196.
Alex, the market is so hot.
I know.
He was saying, and this is one of the top, you know, presenters on international TV, he was talking about how people cannot get a good spot right now.
No, they can't.
They just can't do that because the problem is the physical market is so short in supply.
You just can't get enough of the material to sell.
And when we talked about it last time on the radio, we filled up every telephone line we had with people wanting to buy this stuff.
Thank God!
People are getting this stuff in their hands.
It's going to be one of the few things that they can hold on to that's going to hold value.
Yeah, give them the offer.
Fire out the number.
Okay, it's British Sovereigns.
They're at 241.
The Franks are at 196.
The Dimes are at $1.60.
You can call us at 1-800-686-2237.
That's 1-800-686-2237.
Get gold and silver.
Get it in your hands.
Now, you need it.
There's no question about it.
You have to get into it, and get into it now.
Get away from people.
Stay there, Ted.
I want to go over a few of the market numbers we're seeing right now.
I'm going to get back, and then
Colonel Craig Roberts, my good buddy, will be joining us for an hour, then Tommy Chung.
So stay with us.
We're on the march, the Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
On September 11th, 2001, along with hundreds of my fellow troops, I went to ground zero.
And we knew what to do.
Or at least we thought we did.
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Whitman, EPA director on the 18th made a statement that the air was safe to breathe.
This film follows the growing momentum of 9-11 truth as brave souls throughout the world take action against their global masters.
He had his hand over the radio while he was getting a countdown.
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In 1814 we took a little trip along with Colonel Jackson down to mighty Mississippi.
We took a little bacon and we took a little beans and we caught the bloody British in a town in New Orleans.
We fired our guns and the British kept a coming.
There wasn't as many as there was a while ago.
We fired once more and they began to run it on down the Mississippi to the Gulf of Mexico.
We looked down the river and we see the British come And there must have been a hundred of them beatin' on the drum They stepped so high and they made the bugles ring We stood beside our cotton bales and didn't say a thing We fired our guns and the British kept a-comin' There wasn't as many as there was a while ago We fired once more and they began to runnin' On down the Mississippi to the Gulf of Mexico
We're back live, finishing with Ted Anderson in the next hour.
We're going to have Colonel Craig Roberts, who I really appreciate coming on, because he was active duty Marine Corps for five years in Vietnam for several tours, highly decorated, and then of course is a best-selling author.
On sniping and so many other issues I mean New York Times bestseller Millions of books in print he of course was on the Tulsa Police Department SWAT team a helicopter pilot a
Uh, you know, he's done it all, and he also investigated the Oklahoma City bombing, helped expose that as an inside job.
So much of his investigations have now been mainstream news about the Southern Poverty Law Center basically running the white supremacist compound.
I mean, running it, forget infiltrating, running the thing, as they always do when we catch them.
So, uh, he's here to talk about police, because I've had
The Austin Police Chief on this show says he's not going along with the New World Order.
I've had police come into stores when I'm in there and say, look, you know, we're with you.
We know you're right about this stuff now.
I've got tons of contacts, people around the country.
We have events, you know, like a 9-11 in New York.
Police give us thumbs up, the majority of them.
Five years ago they would trip us and threaten to arrest us.
So there's been a mass awakening
Uh, and so I want to talk to him as a police officer, as a sniper, as a retired lieutenant colonel in the army, somebody who worked in army intelligence, on a whole host of issues, has everything we said.
He's had a syndicated radio show in a previous incarnation as well.
Uh, I mean, he's talked about so much.
Of course, he knew about the new order before, but then he had a
A death experience, he died on the operating table and then came back and just amazing stuff that Colonel Roberts has seen and witnessed.
So he's with us and I want to move quick with him because there's so much to cover.
But before we go to Colonel Roberts and some of your calls, finishing up Ted, I had that market expert on last hour and into this hour talking about how they're massively trying to manipulate, pumping the stock market back up today because their economic terrorism didn't work yesterday with a trillion plus drop.
And they're also trying to hammer and manipulate gold, but again, it's only going to shoot back up.
Still up over $100 from what it was two weeks ago.
It went above $900 yesterday.
Every time they push the beach ball into the water, it only pops up with that much more fury.
So you've made another big buy of gold and silver, so you can translate these discounts to people.
Folks, use this as a buying opportunity.
Don't wait any longer with your paper in these banks.
It is not safe.
The annuities are not insured.
Yeah, you bet it's going on right now.
The banks are trying to prop the market up, the precious metals.
That's like their vital enemy.
They need to push it down and they need to keep people in the paper, but it's not working, like you said.
There's just simply not enough money.
There's not enough gold and silver out there to manipulate like that.
And that's why we've seen that $80 increase just boom, just like that when the banks started failing last time and now we have the same situation going on right now.
McCain and President Bush and all these dignitaries are trying to tell us that we need to stick all this money into these companies.
That's the wrong thing to do all the way around.
And everybody knows it, and the constituents.
Folks should use this opportunity.
We can't control things fully, what's happening.
Tell them we don't want the scam, we don't want total liability protection and all of this to be given to these crooks.
Do that, but also protect yourselves.
Ted, give them briefly the gold offer and silver offer today.
Again, British Sovereigns, you can't beat it.
It's 241 francs, 196.
Silver is in such short supply, I can't even get the walkers right now.
I'm with the dimes at this point.
They're at $1.60.
I just can't say it enough, you've got to get into the gold and silver market if you're sitting there.
With money in the bank, and you got the money in the stocks, or you have annuities, or whatever it is.
I mean, all that stuff is at high risk with all this manipulation that's going on, and the political environment, the companies that are failing around us.
You know, now is the time to move.
Prices are low.
I mean, gold could be $3,000 an ounce, just adjusted for inflation.
Silver, about $100, and maybe even $300, you know?
There's a lot of good reasons to be getting into the gold and silver market at this time.
There's no excuse for you not to move.
Let me give people the phone number.
It's 1-800...
Do not wait, ladies and gentlemen.
Ted, thanks for popping in.
Yeah, you bet, Alex.
Take care.
Okay, I don't want to cut into any more of his time.
Colonel Craig Roberts, you want to take what's happening with the economy first?
We talked about years ago, the Globalists were engineering for control.
They're proposing a world banking government run by them after they engineered it as the new savior to all of this.
You want to talk about the police and military, NORTHCOM announcing that they are going to engage in domestic operations for civil unrest with regular army brigades, everything we warn people about, the federal police force.
I mean, what do you want to tackle first?
Well, let's hit the economy first and get that out of the way, Alex.
It's good to have you here, my friend.
Yeah, break that down.
You know, we talked about this a long time ago.
If you look at this differently, you have to understand there is no money in the stock market.
The stock market doesn't have a dime.
The money is either in the corporations or in the shares of those corporations that you and I own as stockholders.
And it's when we go in and buy and sell, it creates situations where people look at that and they go, you know what?
I better get out of this.
This looks really bad, and they panic, and they start dumping stocks, and it drives the stock market down, and so on and so forth.
And when you go in and you start tearing out the economic base of these banks and loan companies and these mortgage things, that only throws gas on the fire, and then we end up with a situation we've got now.
Well, that's looking at it from one door, but let's walk around the other side of the house and open the other door and look into what's really going on from a different view that no one seems to be discussing right now.
I look at it as a military aspect.
And the military aspect is, if you're going to destroy a country, there's several things you can do, several things you have to do.
You can't just march in with troops and start shooting.
That's not going to work.
If the country has the will to fight, you're going to lose.
You have to destroy the will of that country to fight.
You have to destroy the motivation for people in that country to do anything.
You have to take away the reconnaissance.
You have to take away their eyes by using the media to tell them
Don't worry about anything.
Sit on the couch, open another six-pack and watch the ballgame.
Stay out of the way.
Shut up.
The government will take care of you.
And so people take their antenna down, they fold up the radar set and put it away, and then they sit there and let this sort of thing happen.
You'd have to destroy the morale of a country.
You'd have to destroy the morals of a country.
You'd have to create a hopeless situation where the people won't rally around anything central or anything big.
And then you have to cut off the logistics to that country by moving the industrial base away from that country, move it out of the country, send it overseas, send the jobs overseas.
You have to dumb down the education of the children so as they get older they don't see that there's anything going wrong and that the government is always right.
Then you have to remove the barriers, tear down the walls, and open the borders to allow anybody to come in that wants to come in and bring all the crime, all the drugs, anything else they want to, to reinforce your total battle plan.
And that weighs down the states and bankrupts them.
A situation where the government has to use money out of your pocket to solve the problem.
It's the old Hegelian effect all over again.
So all of these things attack us at once.
We don't know which window of the cabin to run the shootout of.
We're sitting here going, man, I don't know what to do.
Maybe I ought to just buy a boat and go to Costa Rica.
Maybe I ought to just get a whole bunch of food and block all my doors and stay here until this thing blows over.
Maybe I ought to just plant a garden.
I think so.
And if the government collapses, if I've got a government pension or social security, I'm not even going to get that.
So now what do I do?
So we end up being Europe in 1943 when countries are being invaded and the refugees are beginning to leave.
It's that same mental aspect of population panic.
And that's all programmed.
This stuff does not happen by accident.
This stuff happens because it's set up years and years in advance as part of a total plan to do something.
And one of the things they've failed at so far, they haven't completely failed, but they've partially failed, you can't turn the peasants into slaves unless you disarm them.
Well, they've been, the Clinton administration spent eight years trying to reduce our firepower.
They couldn't totally disarm us on the Second Amendment, but they tried to reduce our firepower.
Said, you know, you can only have a magazine that's ten rounds or less, you can't have this on your gun, it can't be ugly and black and blah blah blah.
But that only raised alarm flags so people armed up even more.
It backfired.
It backfired so big, they didn't realize what they had done.
They pushed the wrong kind of people.
They had underestimated the basic mainstream American mentality that's inbred in us, all the way from the Pilgrims up.
And that is, people ran down, they started buying up every piece of ammunition they could get, they bought every gun they could afford, they started panic buying.
Because they didn't want to, instead of send their, like the Australians and the Canadians and the Brits and roll over and say, here's my guns, you can roll over them with a street roller, people bought more guns and they hid them.
I mean, they probably sold more PVC pipe.
Because in the first 200 years of this country, it was a barbaric frontier warfare nation and only the strong could survive.
And so even if we're fat, dumb and happy, those original genetics and those original information was carried on.
Well, absolutely.
I mean, you can find examples throughout American history when there wasn't really a lot going on, but all of a sudden everybody just rallied around a situation.
You're sitting right there next to the Alamo.
You know, the Alamo was a classic example of people rallying and, you know, with single-shot muskets holding off an entire army of well-trained soldiers.
You've got other situations that cropped up through American history where people just within a moment's notice all of a sudden became a militia or all of a sudden became an army in their own right and were able to defeat superior odds with motivation and courage and just plain guts.
And so we still have that in us today.
We still look back at our ancestors and see what they did.
You know, I mean, I look at stuff like the Civil War.
And on both sides of the Civil War, we could not fight that war today.
Our army, Alex, could not fight the Civil War today with the conditions they went through, with the equipment they had.
They're not tough enough.
I know.
I was in it long enough.
You look at the Battle of Gettysburg alone.
In July, it was hot.
And the Union Army made contact with the Confederate Army, who had been forging up north and was coming back south at Gettysburg.
They made contact with the lead elements, and they had 30 miles of troops strung out down the road with hot, full-sleeve wool uniforms in the middle of July, carrying packs full of all their gear, big heavy muskets, bayonets, canteens, all that.
We're good to go.
And now they're starting to open the door to let the enemy in.
And if you don't have a problem, of course, you're not going to have a solution.
Well, the solution is to destroy the economy more, to do these massive bailouts, to spend more money.
Look how much money they spent on the war on drugs, and all it's done is gotten, the drug importation has gotten more and more every year.
Look how much they spent on the border, and it's done, and it's doing less every year than it ever did before.
It doesn't matter what it is.
They spend money, but it doesn't do any good because it's not being spent in the right places and then led by the right people and supervised by the right people.
So basically what it is, it's creating more of a debt.
And the debt is one thing.
And as Rothschild said back in Europe in 1773, they said, debt is power.
I care not who wins on either side of a conflict.
If I loan money to both sides, in the end they're both in my debt.
And I control them, on both sides.
And that's what the Rothschild plan was back then, and it still works today.
And so let's talk about what they're planning to do now, and then the wild card, because the police and military, look at Ron Paul getting 73% of all the Republican donations, and outweighing even Obama's donation from the military.
That sends the signal that the military is with the people.
Well, yeah, the military is, by and large.
You know, you're not going to have it, and there's a plan A and a plan B at work here.
The plan A is, the morons behind this thing sit in their little ivory towers and their little, you know, oak panel rooms, and they come up with all these grandiose plans, and they base everything on the good old boy tie, and their bank account, and who they know, and so on and so forth.
But they really don't know what's going on beyond the Alleghenies.
And they don't see, they don't take anything as a genuine threat.
You know, when I testified before Congress on April 5th of 1995, I mentioned to those guys, I said, look, I said, all the Second Amendment stuff you guys are pulling, what it's doing is it's making a lot of people real nervous out in the, you know, the main part of the rest of the country, in flyover land, and they're actually forming militias to resist the government to come in and take away their guns.
And they looked at me and said, there's no such thing.
We're good to go.
They don't understand that the military has swung more and more and more to the right, and conservative and patriotic, but more and more distrustful of the government.
And it was the same way when I was in Vietnam.
You know, I would fight for my country, and I would fight for the guys that I was with, but I hated LBJ, and I hated everything he stood for.
So when I got home, I was totally opposite of what the in-place government wanted at that time.
So the military and police are buying that Bush was a fake right-wing, and it was all staged, and that's what the intel I'm getting.
What are you hearing from your military contacts and your police contacts?
Well, on the military side of the house, there's more and more guys who are just saying, you know,
It looks like there's going to be a situation at home where we're going to have to do something to survive this thing, and our loyalties are going to be to our families and our communities.
It doesn't matter.
You can take a brigade from the 82nd Airborne, and you can send them to some town in the United States and say,
Maintain order.
They'll maintain order.
But when you tell them, these are the enemies of the nation, and anybody that resists, shoot them, guess what?
You're going to have problems.
I wouldn't want to be the officer that gave that order, because I might see a bunch of M4s turned around in my direction.
So, I don't think that plan's going to work.
The idiots in Washington don't realize that.
The idiots in New York City at the UN don't realize that.
They think they can make that work.
Here's the other side of that coin.
They have a backup plan.
And just like we talked about before, when General Barry McCaffrey gave the graduation speech to a CASCU class in Fort Leavenworth, Kansas several years ago, he used the term, and he's a member of the Council on Foreign Relations.
Let's hear about their backup plan and how this is going to flesh out, and then talk about the police, because of course you've been a police officer, SWAT team guy, helicopter pilot in the police department, done a lot of detective work, and of course in the Army and intelligence before that in the Marines, so you know all these people.
We'll talk about it.
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Okay, Colonel Craig Roberts is our guest.
We're getting into the military and police.
Everything you see all these people like Colonel Roberts himself going back over a decade ago with a syndicated talk show myself countless others warned everybody laid out what was going to happen people laughed at us the ADL and Southern Providence Law Center lied and kind of demonized people that warned about it the media tried to do it but now it's become mainstream now it's become
Just massively mainstream, and the public is now learning about it, and our credibility is shot up.
Continue, Colonel Roberts.
Okay, now we were talking about what Plan B was, if our American military doesn't go beyond a certain point in enforcing any type of martial law that may be declared.
We had General Barry McGaffrey, who at that time I think was Commander of South Com, and he was at the CASQ graduation of officers in Fort Leavenworth, Kansas.
That's a course you take before you go to the Command and General Staff College.
During his speech, he said that because of the build-down of American Armed Forces, should we be
I think so.
Then, if we had an emergency situation in the United States that required military intervention, that we would be required or have to call upon foreign assets to patrol our streets,
Now, foreign assets, obviously, are foreign troops.
Now, we take this and we throw one other thing into the mix, and that's the fact that the Clintons destroyed the military when they were in, and they wore out what was left after Desert Storm.
They took away the money for maintenance of all of our equipment, airplanes and ships, and then they closed down military bases right and left.
And then, Bush Jr.
comes along, and we end up committed in Iran and Iraq and South Korea and other places around the world.
To where we stretched the military so thin, now we've had to use up the Army Reserve, the Air Force Reserve, the Army National Guard, and so on.
We're wearing out the troops that normally would be here as a last resort, and they're being deployed over and over overseas, so there's no one at home to watch the chickens.
With that being the case, now they're wanting to bring Army brigades back in case of a civil disturbance, civil unrest, whatever, riding in the streets at the election.
You know, we don't know what's going to happen.
To use them just like they had to use the 82nd Airborne in Washington D.C.
back in the 60s.
If they don't do whatever has to be done, in other words, if people take up arms for whatever reason and they don't do that, then they're going to call upon these foreign assets and we're going to end up with blue helmets creating a target-rich environment out here for everybody that's got a gun.
I think that's where this thing's going.
I think it's been set up for a long time.
It's not going to surprise me if that happens, and I know the police and the military both are looking at this as a very realistic possibility.
Well, let's talk about that, but look at the conditioning.
UN troops over the last decade helping with forest fires, then Mexican troops helping in New Orleans, Dutch troops, Dutch AWACS, Dutch F-16s used to patrol the U.S.
like we didn't have the forces.
Uh, our name demonized worldwide.
Now, what, earlier this year, without Congress' approval, NORTHCOM signs a deal with Mexico and Canada to, quote, use their troops here during domestic disturbances or terror attacks.
Uh, so, this is all being prepared, and we're going into global receivership, and that is Plan B, which will fail as well.
Uh, and listen, the New World Order failed a big test.
They thought they could get their bailout yesterday.
That failed, so they plunged the market $1,200,000,000.
It's just amazing.
Okay, we will be right back, ladies and gentlemen, in one minute.
Thank you for listening to GCN.
Visit GCNlive.com today.
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You're listening to GCN.
All right, we've got Colonel Craig Roberts with us.
Again, five years in the Marine Corps.
Also in Vietnam, holodeck-rated sniper, best-selling author on that subject and many others.
We'll give you his website before he leaves us.
We just went live on PrisonPlanet.tv, Tommy Chung to talk about the police state and the phony drug war.
We'll be joining us in 30 minutes.
I knew about this about a week ago, and Ventura, after he told me, said, now don't tell anybody.
And I said, of course not.
He's on tomorrow for an hour with us, but he said soon it would be out.
Well, it is out, and I know some of the behind-the-scenes stuff, but we'll talk about it tomorrow.
This is up on Yahoo News.
Governor Jesse Ventura working on a new project for TruTV to investigate conspiracy theories.
And of course, we woke him up to the fact that 9-11 was an inside job.
He's coming down here for a speech with myself and Willie Nelson later next month.
But before the show ends, I'll give you some details of that.
Steve Watson has more of the details.
It's up on PrisonPlanet.com and InfoWars.net right now.
I think I know a lot more than is in this article, but I'm not going to say anything really until Ventura is on tomorrow.
But I will tell you this.
I was pitched by the same group a year ago to do... You've seen that trailer online.
I forgot the name of the show.
They created a little mini-pilot.
It was called Conspiracy Nation.
I'm going to, John, Google that, Alex Jones Conspiracy Nation, and later I want to play that little one-minute trailer from that internal pilot they made.
But hey, I'm glad.
I mean, Jesse Ventura, I've been thinking, man, this has got to be great with a TV show doing this.
I'm just glad that that is going on, that that did happen.
This is Time Warner is putting this out, by the way.
They know that's where the, quote, market is.
And that goes to what we were just saying, Colonel Roberts, that this is mainstream now.
The New World Order.
Mainline people know it was true.
Newt know we're right.
People now know we told them the truth.
I don't see how the New World Order is going to get away with this when even Mainline TV is doing shows about it, Doug.
Colonel Roberts?
Well, you know, it's absolutely incredible.
It's almost insulting that
We have several things going on in the world.
If you get on the internet and you look at news sources overseas, and you see what's really going on in the world, and you can start putting all these things together, then you go back to our own news sources, and it's all been censored out.
You know, all the news that's fit to print according to them.
And so, the American public out here that only watches the three or four main networks, or listens to two or three places on radio, they don't get
The picture of what's going on, so obviously, if it's not in that two-second blurb up there on TV, it didn't happen.
And you go to talk to these people, as you and I do, and a lot of your listeners do, and we say, look, you know, did you hear about this?
This is what's going down.
It's already happened.
And they look at it and say, no, that can't be.
It couldn't happen here.
Couldn't happen in this country.
I don't know how many times I've heard that it can't happen in this country.
And yet, it's been happening incrementally for a long time.
Now, that's called Fabian Socialism.
Fabian Socialism is
Is you take a society or a country one little step at a time.
You don't go kicking the door in and rushing with all your guns and shoot the place up.
And that's what they've been doing.
They've been doing it in the legislature, they've been doing it in the UN, and they've been doing it on the local level with a lot of your cities getting away with things that are totally unconstitutional.
So just taking private property away from somebody so they can build a hotel on it because it generates more property tax, that sort of thing.
And then turning around in our courts back up the illegal operations of your local governments.
So we've got a court renegade system out there that's gone amok.
We've got a Supreme Court that is a toss-up.
It's a roulette wheel.
You never know where that thing's going to land.
We've got a federal government right now made up of nothing but special interest groups like this giant Portuguese man-of-war that has all these different tentacles of different lengths that hang down.
And they all have their own agendas, and they're all using the same power of our money against us.
And it's all coming home to roost as we speak.
All right, stay there.
Stay there.
We're going to come back to Colonel Craig Roberts after this quick break.
I'm going to skip the 20-after break for Internet listeners, because I don't want to waste any time.
I want to get back in what we were talking about at the end of the last hour, the plan for martial law, how that will unfold.
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We have to look to Osama Bin Laden.
Fabled Enemies is the first 9-11 film to take a close look at the terrorist ties to intelligence networks inside the United States.
Some U.S.
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Colonel Craig Roberts, our guest for another 20 minutes, and Tommy Chung is scheduled to be popping in.
We've got two big guests coming up tomorrow.
One of them, Jesse Ventura, about the new TV show he's working on.
There's a lot more than just that, but I'm just going to keep my mouth shut.
But let's go back to Colonel Craig Roberts and talk about the really serious issues of the
Criminal banking system trying to bankrupt the United States.
We're getting into martial law.
They want to use the military and police.
They've tried to train them.
They've got the microwave guns, the sound cannons.
They've got a certain percentage that will do it, but a lot of them are waking up now.
And so the federal government's openly said, we will use foreigners, but not just Mexican, Canadian, U.N.
troops as they've stated publicly.
We've given the evidence of that earlier.
But I want to recap that, Colonel Roberts, because a lot of folks just now joined us.
What about the fact that they're hiring all these illegal aliens for the army?
What about the fact they're hiring aggravated felons for the military?
I mean, that's all admitted.
So they're also doing what Stalin did there.
Break all that down for us.
When you have to resort to taking people who are, you know, known criminals, have felony records, and if you have to take
People who aren't even Americans.
They come across the border illegally and you end up putting them in the military.
That's an indicator you've got a serious problem with your retention and with your strength.
During the Vietnam War, they had to resort to the draft.
We had Canadians that came across and joined the Marines and served with us.
Great distinction.
But when I went to boot camp in Los Angeles,
I was on a Greyhound bus where there was three of us, I think, that did not have what was known as a choice, and the choice was from a judge that you're going to go to the state penitentiary at Chino or you're going to join the Marine Corps.
The judge gave these guys, and they elected joining the Marine Corps, most of them East L.A.
street gang type guys, and they ended up joining the Marine Corps and going to boot camp.
So the precedent had already been set.
We call it the dirty dozen mindset.
You go to the prison, you give these guys a chance to get out of prison to go die for their country type deal.
Well, when we start doing that, that's an indicator that, A, we don't have enough of our own people enlisting or re-enlisting to maintain the troop levels we want, or B, there's something else afoot that kind of stinks, and that could be a situation where we need to get people in that owe us more than they owe anybody else, so they're going to do what we tell them to do no matter what.
And those are the ones I would be afraid of.
Those are the ones who might be ordered to shoot Americans at a roadblock and do so.
What have they got to lose?
They're trying to get citizenship.
They're trying to get benefits.
They're trying to get something else.
They're trying to stay out of prison, whatever it is.
They would go along with that mindset.
Now, that's a minority of people in the military right now, but you never know what could happen in the future.
On the police side of the house, I've talked to police officers from California to Tennessee, and the mindset basically is the officers that are about 35 years old and older,
Are seeing all of this happen and understanding what's going on and getting on board and learning more and educating themselves and talking to other people and getting more concerned, where those below 35, especially those in their 20s, they're not quite there yet.
They're the babes in the woods.
They're still going along with the yes or yes or three bags full, and they're still in what we call the Wyatt Earp syndrome.
You know, I got a badge and a gun, I'll enforce the law and obey orders.
And that sort of thing.
And their scope hasn't focused out yet to see what's really going on in the world.
So, I kind of take those guys with a grain of salt because they haven't matured yet into the politics outside of their own police department or outside of their own city or county.
Another problem that I've seen going on, though, that's worried me, and we've talked about this one before, is cross-deputization.
Now, cross-deputization is when you have a state and a county and a city and a federal government
And the tribal police all become deputized in their various organizations to where they can enforce any law they want, any place they go.
And it's the same as the guy that has jurisdiction there.
In other words, it's a multi-jurisdictional situation.
And it's going to end up at the point where we're going to have a federal police force, a uniformed federal police force, even though it may say the California Highway Patrol or the
Houston Police Department or something like that on the guy's shoulder.
He'll have another patch or he'll have another ID card that will show him that he can be a federal marshal or a... Well, that's already happening.
I mean, that's already going on and it's federalized radios.
They put in these local regional command centers with the National Guard right next door and everything fused in together.
Well, and they're pulling it all together under the guise of Homeland Security because they couldn't make it work under FEMA like they wanted to.
FEMA was a disaster.
So now they're pulling it together under Homeland Security.
And, you know, it just makes me ill to think that you've got the same people doing the same thing that would represent my police department and TSA.
As far as I'm concerned, TSA is a total disaster.
I call them the airport Nazis.
It's another situation of overreaction to something by the federal government, but in the end they created bureaucracy with police powers that is totally terrifying.
You, I mean, you lose, when you walk into an airport today, for instance, you lose the First Amendment, you lose the Second Amendment, you lose the Fifth Amendment, you lose everything.
When you walk into that airport, you can't say anything, you can't have a bad look on your face, or you'll get profiled, you can't complain about anything.
Now they're putting brain scanners, not just in the airports, but on the streets.
And they make you walk through systems that scan your naked body.
Those are now going on the streets, not just airports.
Well, and on top of that, you know, we're going the same direction.
As they did in England, in the UK.
And I just read this morning, as a matter of fact, about the crime rate in the UK, especially in London, has skyrocketed since the British public has basically become disarmed.
But their excuse was, well, we think we've got some good video imagery of the murderers.
There's three of them.
We think we've got some good video imagery of them.
Well, whoop-dee-doo!
That doesn't put them in jail, and it didn't save the guy's life that's lying there bleeding in the street.
But the cameras in England are supposed to solve everything, so what are we doing?
We're following it down the same direction.
We're putting cameras all over the place.
Now, I had a phone call the other day from somebody who said, hey, in Tulsa, Oklahoma, we've got cameras on the intersections of every major street now.
Who owns those cameras?
What are they looking at?
And so I said, well, you know, I never even thought about it, but I'll check in, because I don't live in Tulsa anymore.
I moved out of there and moved to the country when I thought it was a good time to do so.
But I started making some phone calls, and I called the police department, and they didn't know.
They're not our cameras.
They belong to the Department of Transportation, or the city, or somebody.
So I called the city street department.
No, they're not ours.
I called all around.
Finally, everybody that seemed to know said, well, we think they're Department of Transportation cameras.
Well, what are they doing on our traffic lights?
And what are they looking for?
What are they for?
What are they looking at?
Well, no one could answer that question.
So, I guess if you go up to the state capitol and find whoever's responsible, you can get an answer.
But we're seeing this all over the country right now.
It makes citizens paranoid.
Well, what does it do?
I've heard people say, well, you know, when it comes down to it, I'll just take my shotgun out there and start shooting those cameras off the tops of the poles.
Well, when people start thinking about that, you know we've got some problems.
And these are the average people.
These aren't people who belong to a militia.
These aren't people who would normally go out and break the law.
They're just average people who have had enough.
They're fed up.
And they're tired of big brotherism, and they really, Americans really hate people prying in our private business.
But it's getting worse all the time, and I think it's a spring that sooner or later is going to be compressed to the point to where it flashes back, and it's going to be a big surprise.
That's when there'll be federal government entities step in and say, we have public unrest, we've got to stop civil disturbances here, these people can't get away with this, we're the boss, they aren't, you know, coming totally backwards on that.
And that's when we're going to start seeing military-type reaction to it in the form of martial law.
Well, again, the elite running the planet are criminal, they are out of control, and they are using the police state to try to guard themselves
uh... from prosecution from their past crimes and they want to use a police state apparatus to further consolidate their control and we better get control of our local governments now we better educate our mayors and people now because a few years ago they wouldn't listen now they are listening I'm talking about the Austin police chief you know
I thought he was putting me on behind the scenes and on air saying he's a fan of the show and believes a lot of it but then I found out people that know him separately at parties and behind the scenes at TV stations and radio stations he's doing Alex Jones imitations and talking about me constantly so I guess he's waking up and if I was a police chief
I knew about the stuff.
I would be thinking about it all the time.
I mean, and I see that all over the country with police.
As much as I bash them for violating the Constitution, I think at the end of the day, they realize that it is this country they owe allegiance to, and the bad guys are in control of the government, just like Hitler was in control of Germany.
Well, you know, Alex, I'm an old X-Files junkie.
I really like that show.
But every once in a while, they come up with a real jewel.
And one of the things that they said in there was, trust no one.
I don't know if you ever watched it or remember.
It says, trust no one.
No, I remember.
One of the deals.
Well, when it comes to chiefs of police, that is the theme.
Don't trust a single chief of police out there until you get to know them personally, like you did with this guy.
Oh, I'm not even saying he's perfect.
I didn't trust him until I heard behind-the-scenes stuff.
The point is, is that they're waking up, they're paying attention.
Well, yeah, one way or the other.
They're getting on board one way or the other, slowly but surely.
But you've got to understand, and when I say you, I mean... They may be getting on board because they've been told to be friendly.
Well, here's the way it works.
There are chiefs of police organizations out there.
There's the Major Chiefs Association, there's the National Chiefs Association, there's several others.
That they belong to, and they're like clubs, and they all share stuff, and they all come under different federal grant monies, and so on and so forth.
And what they do is they get together, and most police chiefs of any major city is going to be a political appointee.
He's going to be under the, you know, serve at the discretion of... No, I agree.
You've got to watch police chiefs a lot more than the average cop, because that's who's going to be infiltrated.
And, well, most of your police chiefs' organizations are very left-wing, they're very liberal, they're very socialist.
And you have to be very careful.
They're anti-Second Amendment.
They're anti-First Amendment.
I mean, there's so many things that a lot of these chiefs fall... They wouldn't get picked for that position if they weren't that way.
If you get a good conservative right-wing police chief, he's the odd man out.
You don't see that very much.
Now, you'll see that in the sheriffs because they're elected by the people.
There's a lot of good right-wing sheriffs out there.
There's a lot of good American patriotic... And by right-wing, you mean paleo-conservative?
Yeah, I'm talking true conservative America.
Okay, Colonel Roberts, let's continue.
It's internet only right now, but that's a lot of folks watching and listening.
How do you see this unfolding?
You know, we've talked about what's going on, who's behind the power structure, different things that are happening.
I mean, how do you see it unfolding with the international bankers right now?
I mean, I know you're not predicting, but what do you see happening?
Well, you know, what this is, this is October.
And October is the month of Satan.
And October is when you have your October surprises.
October is when a lot of evil things happen.
October is when we have Halloween.
I mean, there's so many things that happen in the month of October leading up to what?
The election!
So within the next six weeks, whatever's going to break loose is going to break loose.
And I actually think that it's going to happen within the next seven to ten days.
Within the next seven to ten days, and we've been looking at this, all my intel guys, buddies that I've talked to, we all kind of, you know, try to war game the different scenarios out.
And we all feel, since about last April or May, that it was all pointing to September or October of this year, because it's an election year and several others.
No, I've been hearing that for a year, that this is the key zone.
This is it.
From all sorts of sources, yeah.
This is the window.
This is their window of opportunity, whatever they're going to do.
And like your last guest said, I'm not real sure that we'll have the next election.
It could be to the point to where they suspend everything because of economic collapse.
Just like with Roosevelt.
Don't change horses in the middle of a stream.
And they could declare a national emergency, PDD 25, and all the rest of that stuff gets activated.
So you think they might be willing to be that obvious?
I think because the American people, if the media keeps pumping this big panic on us,
I think so.
It's really not that big of a deal.
I know, isn't it amazing to see the President saying depression?
I mean, that should cause one right there!
Oh yeah, these are the people, you know, he's the guy that's supposed to be saying, it's not a huge deal, don't panic, everything's going to be fine, we're just going to have to fix it and shore up what we need to shore up, but it's not your responsibility to do so, we'll take care of it.
You know, the whole thing boils down to the way the media is playing this thing up.
I mean, you watch the guy on the morning show at the stock market and he's panicking before the stock market even opens up.
He's up there getting so emotional and waving the mic around about how bad everything is and it could really go downhill today and yada yada.
Well, what that does, that spurs people to make it that way because they call their broker and they say, sell everything I've got, get rid of it.
And the price goes down, the price goes down, more people panic, and it's a snowball effect.
And it's stupid how many sheep are out there who will buy off on this because here's what's happening.
Somebody's out there buying that stuff.
Now, let's rewind the tape back to the Napoleonic Wars.
Remember when Nathan Rothschild was at the London Stock Exchange?
During the Battle of Waterloo, and the Rothschild... No, no, I mean my new film, Endgame, covers that.
It's historical fact that they lied and said that Napoleon had won.
It crashed by 90-something percent, and he bought it up.
And that's when they got their real power.
Well, the way it happened was, they had a... the Rothschild couriers were allowed to go any place.
They had a red bag that had R on it, on their horse, and they could go any place because the troops let them through because they sent messages to both sides.
And they were financing both sides, yeah.
And so the Rothschild Courier would ride up to the London Stock Exchange bond market and he would go inside and he would whisper in Nathan's ear, who's a big fat guy sitting in the back of the room, and Nathan would just hang his head and just look terrible.
Oh my God, what's happening here?
Oh, jeez.
And everybody's taking this as...
Wellington's losing the Battle of Waterloo, and so they start selling the stock.
And then, you know, a few hours later another writer would come in.
He'd go back there and Nathan Rothschild would just wring his hands and just, oh my gosh, I can't believe it.
The news is really bad.
But he wouldn't say anything to anybody.
Yeah, he would stand by the pillar pulling his hair out.
Oh, yeah.
Just, you know, really going through the deal.
Well, what that was, was that was mind control.
All right, here we go.
We're back to the full audience.
Jimmy Vaughn!
Final segment with Colonel Craig Roberts.
I've got to get him up a lot sooner.
He was getting into the Rothschilds, panicking the stock exchange, basically putting out the disinfo that Napoleon had won the war to consolidate.
And it's through these crashes these elites have the power.
And the Rothschilds are the same elite that we had then, that we have today.
Finishing up with that, Colonel Craig Roberts.
Well, and so here's Rothschild back there acting like they're all gloom and doom.
Well, all these people are selling their stock and bonds in the Bank of England.
And, well, somebody's buying it up, and at the end of the day, here comes this other writer up, and he... I'm sorry, it was another writer, but it wasn't a Rothschild courier.
It was a British Army officer, and he throws the door open, walks in, and says, God bless the king.
Wellington is the victor at Waterloo.
And everybody looked around like, my God, what have I done?
And what they did is they sold their country down the drain because they panicked.
And because they panicked... I mean, isn't this the definition of fire in the theater?
To have the Secretary of the Treasury, the President, the Democratic leaders, the Republican leaders, running around saying, Depression!
If you don't do what we want, then they hammer the market.
You know, through the Plunge Protection Team, drive it down.
I mean, this is pure terrorism.
People can debate whether 9-11 was an inside job, but there's no doubt this economic terrorism, stealing over a trillion, two hundred billion yesterday, biggest one-day drop in history of the Dow, I mean, that's terrorism, isn't it, Colonel?
Well, in my mind it is, because it's political terrorism, it's mental terrorism, it's fear.
Well, what's the definition of terrorism?
It's instilling fear for political purposes.
That's what they're doing.
Well, it's, you know, the whole thing is a shift of power.
And it's creating a debt that the average taxpayer out here is expected to pay for.
Yeah, it's the illusion that we owe it and that they, the bankers and engineers, are the saviors.
I've got to have you back sooner rather than later, Colonel, because so much is happening.
Let me set you up in the next few weeks to come on the radio show as this unfolds.
In closing, give out your website.
I know you're a best-selling author, but you've kind of gotten out of that business.
You've got a few of your books still left in your shopping cart.
Tell us how we get them.
Go to RifleWarrior.com.
Rifle as in gun.
Warrior as in soldier.
All one word.
It's all out there in the open.
Nothing's hidden.
Well, my friend, we really appreciate you.
And would you personally ask the military and police to... I know most of them have already done it and found out we're telling the truth, but those that are on the fence, they need to look at what we're saying, don't they?
Well, and I think more and more all the time because it's pretty obvious.
It's right in their face right now.
And it's affecting them and their pensions and their plans for the future.
Well, they just better figure out Crooks run the government or they're going to win!
And people may not like my delivery style, but I've just tried my best to warn people, and now we're not talking about it coming.
We're in the middle of it, exactly as we said it would unfold.
Colonel Roberts, thank you for coming on with us.
We'll see you next time.
Take care.
You bet.
There goes Colonel Craig Roberts.
We're scheduled to have Tommy Chung, and we didn't get time zones messed up.
He's here.
Oh, he's already here?
I just got him on hold.
You already got him.
We're going to go to break and come back with him.
But before I do that, John, did you get that YouTube clip?
The latest one Aaron just sent you?
Yep, I'm recording it right now.
Okay, I'm going to play that after the break.
I talked to Jesse Ventura, who's coming down to town to speak with me and Willie Nelson at an anti-war slash 9-11 truth event later in October.
Willie invited myself, and then I said, hey, why don't we have Ventura come down?
And he said, yeah.
And I'll tell you more about that event in the next few days, but Jesse Ventura is on with us tomorrow.
And I was talking to Jesse a few days ago.
He told me all this great stuff he's involved in.
Let's just say this, he's not going back to Mexico.
And he told me, do not tell anybody about this.
So I didn't.
I just said there might be some big news Wednesday on the show with Governor Ventura.
Well, Tom Warner put out a press release.
They're going to do a TV series with him.
And I know all about this TV series because I know the company that pitched it to him at TruTV because they pitched me a year ago, a year and a half ago, two years ago.
And all the major CEOs.
I had a meeting with the President.
And again, I don't go out pitching TV shows, folks.
I'm busy doing what I'm doing.
I don't worry about it.
It was going to be very grueling.
They wanted me to be the producer.
But it went all the way up to the top a year and a half ago.
And three different networks said, we know this will get ratings.
But corporate controllers at CEO level basically said, no.
They said, it's too dangerous.
And now, this was pitched to a bunch of people.
But it's basically the same show.
But I am very excited for Governor Ventura.
And there's other stuff I know I can't talk about on air because he asked me not to.
But then, suddenly, Aaron walks in here 30 minutes ago with a PR Newswire deal released by Time Warner about Jesse Ventura.
And by the way, this is only the tip of the iceberg.
We'll see how much he can say tomorrow when he's on the show with us.
I'm really excited to have Tommy Chong, of course of Cheech and Chong fame and a lot more.
They're touring together after decades of not touring together.
And someday we're going to get him and Cheech on together.
That'll really be historical.
But we're really honored to have Tommy Chong about to join us after this quick break.
But tomorrow we don't just have Jesse Ventura, another huge secret guest.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Though the people of the U.S., where their numbers and influence are strongest, have primary responsibility for reigning them in and bringing them to justice, all nations will participate since they reside the world over.
They are called Illuminati.
Elite, proponents of the New World Order.
They oppose everything that is God and truth.
They are of the line that was disinherited 2,000 years ago.
Everything they have built over the centuries, the wealth they have accumulated, the power they have established, the poisoning of the masses, the destruction of the earth and mankind, we will undo through the authority that has now been delegated to us.
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Well, not just a cult icon, but a pop icon.
And a great activist against the phony drug war.
Tommy Chong is our guest for the next 27 minutes.
And we are going to get Cheech on with him.
That is the holy grail.
These two guys together because they just got reunited.
They're on tour.
We're going to tell you all about that and how I can see it when they're coming to town.
I'm going to go interview them behind the scenes.
Maybe even get them in studio.
But regardless,
Tommy Chong is a great guy, and we want to get an update on all the stuff that's happening with some of the films he's involved in, some of the persecution he's gone through for standing up against the police state, but mainly about the Cheech and Chong reunion tour, which is just fabulous.
Now, before we do that, again, this just broke.
I've known about it for a while.
I was basically pitched this TV show without looking for it, and it was pitched all these big ways.
They said, we know it'll get huge ratings.
Frankly, another pilot was shot for Discovery Channel, and one of the heads got axed over it.
I don't want to go into a long thing, but it looks like with Ventura it's going to happen.
So I wanted to play this trailer, and I can't say any more, but I'm glad Jesse got this job.
Here it is.
You're either evil or you're good.
These are the stories you hear in whispered conversations.
We're both in skull and bones at the Secret Society.
It's so simple we can't talk about it.
One would think it wouldn't take very long for that to happen, dealing with people like this.
These are the stories that offer different explanations.
These mothers have been every monster you can imagine, and I do this because I'm the lead in this country!
They are the stories that must be told.
Suspicion of our politicians is not new.
But the number of citizens who distrust the government today has reached an alarming new height.
In New York City, nearly two-thirds of the population believes there is more to 9-11 than has been told.
I believe the title was Bin Laden determined to attack inside the United States.
But where can viewers turn?
American Conspiracy.
Our nation's preeminent conspiracy expert, radio host Alex Jones, takes us beyond the stock stories of the mainstream media.
He asks the questions others won't consider.
Have you been there for the ceremony with the Cremation of Cairns?
Frankly, I don't think that's something I need to talk to you about.
He explores the places others only talk about.
You're beginning to sink deeper into the rabbit hole now.
He takes us through the doors others won't enter.
I can't begin to imagine what we're going to discover.
Alright, it goes on and on.
Anyways, folks, I'm so excited.
Can you imagine Jesse Ventura?
Because that's what they're doing.
Time Warner's announced it.
He's going to be charging around investigating the New World Order.
And I'm just going to leave it there.
Yeah, it sure is, man.
I watched, 9-11 was an inside job, the video you did, and I was mesmerized for the hour and a half or whatever it was that it took, because it opened my eyes.
I had those feelings, but it never really gelled until I saw the proof.
And now, just everything makes sense.
Again, and look what they're doing today, attacking Wall Street.
They're using Wall Street as the 9-11 to get more money out of the people.
Oh, you're absolutely on target there.
There's no doubt that they are orchestrating this.
I mean, this is financial terrorism to say, give us complete immunity for all the Wall Street crimes, give us trillions, it's not 700 billion, or we'll have a depression and then the biggest plunge in the market ever when Congress says no and they blame it on Congress.
That is amazing, Tommy.
Yeah, and the thing is, but it's like gambling.
You know, what they're doing, and thank God the people aren't going for it, is that, you know, these guys have got a gambling Jones and they keep losing.
And they want more money, more money.
They're like a junkie that needs more heroin, you know, and they'll never get enough.
And they're trying to use that.
I mean, you've seen how McCain tried to
Be the knight in shining armor, rescuing everything, and America's foot right into it when it fell on its face.
And it wasn't just the Democrats that shot it down, it was the real conservative Republicans shot it down.
Absolutely, and you talk about a heroine head as an analogy, or as an example.
This is like a heroine head robbing your house of your stereo and your jewelry, except it's Ben Bernanke and Mr. Treasury Secretary Paulson and Bush that are doing it.
Yeah, well it's Bush and his cronies.
It's the final insult, you know, it's goodbye, we don't care about you.
And like you said, who was it, I think it was
Michael Moore pointed out the fact that Bush is totally owned by the Saudis.
By the way, Michael Moore now is in our new film, Truth Rising, saying that he's looking at 9-11 being an inside job and police and firemen have told him there were bombs in the building.
I mean, they're going to have a big problem when Michael Moore and all these other people are starting to go public, Tommy.
They're in deep trouble.
Well, I know, I know.
And the funny thing is, like, you know, I mentioned this to Cheech, you know, and Cheech, his dad was a cop.
And Cheech is straight as can be, you know, on certain things.
And Cheech was very, very defensive for these guys.
You know, they said, no, no, no, no, no.
He just laughed it off, you know, like, oh, no, that would never happen.
And he said, you know, and my son, too, Paris, he said, oh, no, they can, you can make any film, you know, say anything you want, you know, with the editing and that.
And so I never said anything.
I said, you know, you guys just got to watch this film.
Just watch it yourself.
Make up your own mind.
You know, I'm not going to be trying to sell anybody anything.
What film was that that you showed them?
Oh, really?
Terror Storm?
What effect did that have on them?
Well, he hasn't seen it yet.
Okay, good.
Oh, you just gave it to him?
Neither one have seen it, so that's what I'm going to make sure Cheech sees it before he comes on the show.
Well, I know that Terror Storm, that's what I first gave Ventura two years ago in person in San Antonio, then led him to investigate, then his son gave him loose change and Ventura woke up, and that's how this is working, is person by person, you know, waking others up, and it's so exciting.
Yeah, it is, and it makes so much sense.
You know, because, you know, you can see active terrorism
You know, like in other countries, you know, but why would they pick those particular targets?
Well, why would the Arabs want to bring the wrath into their country?
But, I mean, larger than that, what I ought to send you, you probably know about it, but I can send you the video clip of Keith Oberman reporting and Cy Hirsch of New Yorker that Cheney, just three months ago, planned to paint up U.S.
patrol boats like Iranian boats and have Navy SEALs dress up
Dress up as Iranians and attack our ships in the Strait of Hormuz.
I mean, that's admitted!
Well, yeah, all that hanky-panky's going on.
And, you know, the funny thing is, Alex, is that these guys, you know, they're so short-sighted.
It just boggles the mind how shallow you have to be.
To go to that length, for what purpose?
There's some sort of insanity that's really hard to comprehend.
Well, that's what a lot of our guests have been saying, and I've interviewed a lot of people who have been in the government, and they say that that's what this current crew was known as when they were junior, twenty years ago, was as the Crazies.
And they have nicknames like the Prince of Darkness, Richard Perle, and they do, they're risk-takers, like psychopathic gamblers.
They want to get caught, they want to go too far.
Yeah, well, they're like the Unabombers and those guys where they
They can't stand not being, they want the publicity, they want the, like serial killers, you know, they want the notoriety, they want to show people how clever they were.
And if they're so clever they can't get caught, that defeats their purpose.
And so they leave these signs around so that you will find out who were the, you know, who were the nuts that,
Perpetrated all this disaster stuff on us.
Well, after World War II, we were a very trusting country.
We began trusting our government too much.
We'd just beaten the evil Nazis.
And then the people became very gullible.
But now the process of waking up to both parties and the whole system is pretty much complete.
9% approval rating for Congress.
Bush has the lowest approval rating of any president ever.
And 90 plus percent against the bailout.
No matter all the fear-mongering that the bankers engage in, it looks to me like it's like somebody, you know, a cousin or something that cheats you one too many times and you just say, I'm done with you.
Oh, yeah.
Well, you know, when I was in prison, the first thing I eventually learned, you know, that everybody has an angle, you know.
And these so-called friends would come up and be, you know, give me things and, you know, talk nice to me and know all about my family and that.
And they're all con artists.
And they're all slick, slick, slick, because everybody's got an angle.
And that's what you find out, especially in the political world, you know, that they make it look like one thing and then
Then they turn around, you know, I mean, like they do.
The problem is, is that after they get caught, then they're not trusted anymore, and it's scary to say that a minority of people in government now don't have an angle, and even a minority maybe of the general public.
I mean, I'm not trying to be negative, there's a lot of good people, but look, I've just learned what you've learned, that even common folks have angles.
Oh yeah!
Instead of just stating what they want up front.
I don't understand it.
That's what I'm saying, that's what I'm saying, that's what I learned in jail.
I mean, you find out that the people love the game.
They love the game, they love this, you know, like I was in there with this security thief, you know, and he made millions and millions of dollars stealing, you know, manipulating the stock market.
And while he was in there, he had another company that was, guess what, running mortgages.
So while he was in prison, he was running in mortgages.
He was into mortgages.
That's what he was doing while he was doing time.
And of course, when the mortgage thing collapsed, of course it collapsed because that's what these guys were in for.
But his thrill wasn't making the millions and millions of dollars because he was so stoned all the time that he never enjoyed
Enjoyed his money.
It was the fact that he could do it.
Well, that's what my dad years ago told me.
He would say, and my grandfather too, he'd say, son, there's people that would rather steal a quarter from you than make $100 with you honestly.
They get a thrill out of screwing people and lying to people.
And that's exactly what we have in power right today.
You know, that's what the Republican Party is, is filled with these people.
That are enjoying the game, like Karl Rove, for instance.
He gets more kick out of seeing how gullible these people are.
By the way, as you know, Tommy, he's said things like that to reporters before.
Sure, I know.
Same as Abramoff.
Remember when Abramoff was stealing from the Indians?
He was bragging about it.
It's unbelievable.
I want to get into the tour.
I want to get into some of the things that have happened with you, aka Tommy Chong.
The government seizing the film, but that only made it bigger.
I want to plug some of the stuff you're up to, because we really love having you on to support everything you're doing, Tommy Chong.
I mean, let's go ahead and get into that now first.
Giving us the latest developments since you were on with us a few months ago with what happened with the film you were involved with and what's happened since then with the continued persecution that you're under where Henry Paulson can steal hundreds of billions but you're in trouble for selling pipes.
Yeah, for shipping a bong across... No, thinking!
Thinking about shipping a bong, because it was a conspiracy charge.
And again, they had to hire someone to infiltrate your group to secretly mail it when you on record told them not to mail it to the... Oh my God.
That's right, and it's thinking.
It's a thought crime.
It was a thought crime of thinking of selling a paraphernalia of bong across the state line.
And there's a law, and you know who authored that law?
Joseph Biden.
So then a film comes out about this.
They don't want the film out.
Tell folks what happens.
Oh, well, what happened, the film wasn't, it was in some financial trouble.
And then, you know, because we couldn't get finishing money.
And then Matt Stevens of Urine Luck, you know, the drug testing company,
That helps people pass drug tests.
He stepped up and he bought half interest in the film.
His warehouse was stocking all the A.K.A.
Tommy Chong film when he was raided by the Feds.
By the way, it was the same person, Mary Beth Buchanan, raided Matt Stevens' offices
And you know what the charge is, Alex?
The charge is that because his drug testing is causing people to withhold information from the IRS because of his drug testing.
I mean, they bend over.
That is their charge.
And so what they did when they confiscated, of course, all his computers and, you know, it's a big drug testing ring they broke up, you know.
And basically what he did was sell urine.
His job was selling urine to people that needed urine.
So they got the urine and then they found the AKA Tommy Chong CDs or DVDs and so they confiscated a bunch of them.
And when he asked them, they said, you know, you'll get your stuff back in four or five years if you're lucky.
Well, Tommy, let's not let them stop the film getting out.
The film has gotten out, and a lot of them have gone out.
Tell folks how they get that, or I guess just Google AKA Tommy Chong, and it's all over the place.
Or can people go to your website and get it?
Yeah, they can get it.
AKA Tommy Chong is the best website to get the film.
And last time we were on the Alex Jones Show, we sold thousands.
I mean, it was unbelievable.
Matt Stevens couldn't believe it, because all of a sudden he got such a rush for orders for it.
And it's being sold on our tour, and we're going to be all over the place.
You can go to Cheech and Chong.com or Cheech and Chong tour.com.
You guys have been persecuted just massively.
People need to buy the film.
They need to go to the website.
But also, you're some of the best comedians out there.
And this is like Led Zeppelin if they do a reunion tour.
You don't know if you'll see it again.
You guys haven't been together.
You haven't been together for a long time.
Talk about that.
You got back together.
Tell us about the tour.
Well, we haven't been together for something like 27 years since we'd last been on stage together.
So we got together and it was like riding a bike.
It was so simple and we do the old classic Cheech and Chong bits and we just have the best time.
My wife Shelby opens the show and then we have a back screen projector and we show some of the clips from all our past stuff.
I think so.