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Air Date: Sept. 25, 2008
3219 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Thursday, the 25th day of September 2008.
I am Alex Jones, your host, and we're going to be here for the next four hours live, taking your phone calls, talking to Congressman Ron Paul about the controlled financial implosion being orchestrated by the military-industrial complex in a financially-military-coordinated attack against the free people of the planet, not just the United States, indentured servitude
And the financial enslavement is being set up right now.
Bob Chapman, the international forecaster, will pop in for his weekly visit as well.
And Webster Griffin Tarbly, another expert on the world banking system, been breaking down for more than a decade exactly what we're now witnessing by design.
Congressman Ron Paul, fresh off grilling the Private Fellow Reserve Chairman yesterday in the Banking Committee in the House, will be joining us, Webster Tarpley and Bob Chapman today.
I'm gonna break down the false reality that the public is being handed and given on the economic Armageddon that we're witnessing.
Just the
Just the foreshadowing of it that we're currently seeing versus what's really happening in the real world where we actually live.
And so I'm going to do that in the next 30 minutes before Tarpley joins us, then Ron Paul, Bob Chapman, in that order today.
We will also open the phones up when Tarpley is on with us and Bob Chapman.
We only have Ron Paul for
30 minutes, so we won't be taking calls.
Who knows?
I might take a few, but we'll see what happens there.
Maybe I should open the chat room up.
If I open the chat room up, maybe somebody should make a entry in the area of the Prison Planet Forum.
There's a section for live questions on the air.
I do peruse it daily.
And perhaps folks should post short questions there, and then one or two of your questions will probably make it on air with Congresswoman Ron Paul, because I love the directions and the angles that listeners take us in, and a lot of times bring up points that are more salient and that cut to the heart of the matter, even more so than I would or our informed guest would.
We have quite an audience to be able to pull on,
Though most of them are working when we're on the air, so can't call into the show, you can certainly go over to the Prison Planet Forum and put some of the questions in there.
Also, we need to deal with the military situation.
Last week, last Thursday, we made much to do
About the Army Times calmly reporting that a armored brigade, combat brigade, from Iraq under NORTHCOM would have crowd control, riot control, quote, non-lethal weapon patrol of the United States.
They're going to be rotating different brigades and preparing them for a homeland mission.
And there was a spectrum of responses to us posting that and covering it and writing some articles, several articles in the last week about it.
It runs the gamut from people saying, oh, it's just training, it's no big deal, to people on the comment sections of the stories going, why isn't Alex covering this?
He's covering it up!
Uh, to people freaking out over it.
Now, you know that's COINTELPRO, but we leave it up there, we let people post what they want up there.
Unless they call for murders of people.
Believe me, we don't have the time or the energy to go through there erasing things, so we just leave 98% of it up.
But you've got to know it's COINTELPRO, folks.
It's not just idiots.
When they go in there and constantly accuse us when we are the main authors of exposing the militarized covert takeover.
I mean, I made films on the subject 11 years ago.
And then to claim that I'm covering up the military takeover.
It's just unbelievable.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
On September 11, 2001, along with hundreds of my fellow troops, I went to ground zero.
And we knew what to do.
Or at least we thought we did.
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Whitman, EPA director on the 18th, made a statement.
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This film follows the growing momentum of 9-11 truth as brave souls throughout the world take action against their global masters.
He had his hand over the radio while he was getting a countdown.
He takes his hand off and you hear three, two, one, and it was boom, boom, boom, boom, boom.
This is an emergency transmission worldwide.
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If we don't expose the government-sponsored terror, they're going to commit more acts and bring in martial law.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
We have the stunt of John McCain trying to cancel the debate tomorrow night with his colleague.
It's like Hulk Hogan fighting the Iron Sheik.
It's all completely staged.
They train together.
They stay in the same hotel together.
They come in the same limo to the WWF event.
It is totally staged.
It is a joke.
But what's going on?
They're grandstanding to make it look like the presidential debates matter and like these people are important and Bush is calling them to the White House today to have an economic summit as the Republicans and Democrats circle the wagons because in every major poll
Right at or under 30% agree with the stick-up.
I mean the bailout.
The takeover of the real economy by the criminal bankers.
That's what it is.
But they know how to label things deceptively and then we spend all our time just educating people about what it really is and by then it's too late.
Again, this is military PSYOP precision.
All laid out.
We told you years ago, the real money was moving offshore, getting out of the country.
They planned to pop the subprime.
This show, this radio show, didn't tell you that it was just coming, an economic collapse.
We told you exactly how it would happen and what year it would happen.
Over and over and over and over again in news articles and guests and experts and Nobel Prize winners for economics.
On and on and on.
We told you exactly what's going on.
I mean, we're so informed about what's going on, because we keep our nose to the grindstone, that it's basically like we're police detectives that have been tracking a serial killer for years, and we've gotten so inside his mind that we know where he's going to strike next, what type of woman he's going to grab off the street next.
We told you exactly what they were going to do, and they're doing it right now in front of you.
This whole thing is a giant psychological warfare operation.
But before I get into all of that, and play some audio clips of Bush last night, and break it all down... I was on coast-to-coast AM, 4 in the morning.
Couldn't get to sleep till about 5.30, so I am chipper, let me tell you, this morning.
You're on the air.
I actually am fired up, I feel great.
I'm gonna be basically beat though when the show's over, but get ready.
We got three hours and 50 minutes spanning out before us with Webster Tarpley, Ron Paul, Bob Chapman and others on this live September 25th, 2008 edition.
But speaking of psychological warfare, let me set the table for something.
You know, not just the staged wars or the staged terror or the staged economic collapse.
Let's break down
What a country in receivership looks like, and how they've sold the childlike public on accepting their bondage.
And I wonder, have the police and the social workers, have you ever looked at the prison that you're also building around yourselves?
Because we're all in this together.
Whether you like it or not, you're with us.
You're with the American people.
You're not, in some elite position, immune from this.
You're gonna get hurt just as bad, probably worse than everything that's happening, because you're gonna be expected to defend the corrupt system as things get darker and darker by the day.
This is gonna stretch out for years.
If a child, in front of a hundred witnesses at a park, falls off a jungle gym and breaks their finger or arm, which happened to most of us growing up,
There's a good chance the parents are going to fight with lawyers, their lives, everything they've got, maybe, just to keep the child.
But about a third of the time, the government's going to take your child.
Doesn't matter if you have witnesses.
Doesn't matter if it was just an accident.
Doesn't matter if your child's playing with their brother or sister and slams their finger in the front door.
Something I did playing with friends one time.
Hide and seek, you know, running around the house.
You take your child to the hospital, they're gone.
The hospitals have been trained and prepared, like Stasi, to be just watching and waiting.
You drive without insurance, you're gonna get a ticket, and a lot of times they go ahead and arrest you now.
You don't have your seatbelt on, in your own neighborhood, pulling up to your mailbox.
They arrest you now, in the town where I live, Austin, Texas.
You're a pregnant woman who sits down on a bench too long in New York.
They arrest you.
You bring your Gatorade with the top on it on the subway.
They say no food or drink.
They arrest you.
These are all mainstream articles.
You take a cake to your teacher when you're graduating from high school.
You're the valedictorian.
You pull out the plastic knives and forks.
The police see it.
You're arrested.
Your degree is taken.
Scores of examples like that.
The book is completely thrown at the American people who are the milk cows, the sows that are bled.
Illegal aliens because they have a job to drive down the wages, break down the society, and bankrupt the states with unfunded mandates for health care, welfare, and the rest of it.
I'm not attacking them, I don't blame them wanting to be here, I'm just stating facts.
They come up here, they get pulled over drunk, no ID, no nothing, insurance, they get let go, but citizens don't.
Now I've set the table with that, and there's hundreds of other examples.
Meanwhile, there is a story that's up on the Drudge Report.
I want this up on InfoWarsAndPrisonPlanet.com with the headline, Police to Stop Responding to Crimes.
That's right.
You heard me read the headline.
Local 6 News out of Florida.
Now, this already officially happened 20 years ago in Dallas.
I've had two cars stolen in Dallas.
And they laugh at you on the phone when you want the police to come out.
And then I said, fine, you can't help me, and hung 9-1-1 up, and the police showed up five minutes later getting in my face saying, why'd you hang up on 9-1-1?
See, it's about the bureaucracy.
It's about you licking boots.
It's about you learning to be a slave.
Police may stop responding to some crimes.
Budget crunch forces move to be considered.
And it says robberies of homes,
Robberies of cars not to be responded to.
Now, of course, they put an emotional salve and excuse in there.
Very, very sick.
Listen to this.
Palm Bay, Florida.
A budget crunch in Palm Bay may mean city residents who forget to secure car doors or close garages will get only a case number and nothing in terms of a visit by patrol officers and something is stolen.
So see, it's that excuse, oh you're bad citizens, you know, you pulled up and took the groceries and somebody ran in and stole your car, and so we're not going to investigate crime now.
But you run a red light, or you slow stop at a sign, or you're text messaging in your car, we're going to arrest you.
Your child draws a picture of somebody with a gun at school like every other boy does.
We're going to arrest your child.
Zero tolerance.
But that's because it's only for the fat cows.
Our fat slaves were sucking dry, not for real criminals.
The police revision is part of a wider cost-cutting look at the Palm Bay Police Department 200 million annual budget.
Yeah, I bet they're not going to stop having cops out writing tickets to little old ladies or acid forfeiture seizure, grabbing cash out of their purses.
We're looking very seriously at types of calls we will go to.
Palm Bay Police Chief Bill Berger said, still about 85 to 90% of the people who've had their cars broken into left the car doors open, but obviously, it's an actual break-in, we'll respond.
On and on and on, because we've got more serious things to do.
They've more than tripled the number of cops in this country, and you can't get one!
You know, woman gets mugged in the heart of town, calls for the police, but there's none around, he's out on the interstate, setting the trap,
For a live one, the skin and rap.
Cue that song up.
Drag them off the interstate.
Sock it to them, JD Blues.
Wanna play that later.
The bottom of the hour coming in.
So, that's what's going on.
Meanwhile, in Austin, Texas, every week I hear about them shutting down a major highway, shutting down downtown, panicking, hyperventilating, freaking out, a cardboard box blows out of a car, bomb squads, and the police always show up because it's meant to send a psychological message.
There's terrorists everywhere and you need paramilitary police and intelligence units and all the federal funding and the emergency centers that spy on the citizens and spy on the churches and spy on the peace groups.
We need them because there's terrorists.
Oh my gosh.
They have all these fake drills, which they admit in their own documents, are meant to create fear, to create the realism of the terror threat.
Well, it's the same thing here.
Hot dog outside Philly ballpark causes bomb scare.
There was a paper
We're good to go.
Tonight's Phillies game goes on as scheduled despite a bomb scare at Citizens Bank Park just a few hours earlier.
Three suspicious packages were found just outside of a gate that leads into the park.
Fans who had already arrived for the game had to be evacuated as a precaution and players were actually kept on the field.
Well, the bomb squad arrived and they detonated that package.
Turns out there was nothing more inside than some hot dogs wrapped in duct tape.
There was packaging and duct tape.
I don't see many hot dogs sold here with duct tape.
You know, that's a lie.
We just did what we thought was appropriate.
Oh, yeah.
All Philly's officials say the packages did not contain any type of explosive device.
Okay, so what that's about is, and see they always blow something up, so that kind of creates the psychological, it's all Pavlovian psychological warfare.
It's all operant conditioning.
There's a boom, and see they came out and there was a boom.
And so there's terrorists everywhere and now they're putting face scanning cameras and brain scanning cameras up all over the country.
Told you about that more than a decade ago.
By the way, big mainstream articles last week just announcing, oh, guess what, all the local cameras, they're really Homeland Security and they're hooked in, they're watching you, it really wasn't for traffic after all.
And if you don't want to hand everything over to the private bankers, the army brigades are coming.
I know, hey, hey, listen, police, FBI, all of you, I know.
Go ahead, just sell out to the system, they're gonna hurt you real bad, you're gonna pay for your crimes in the end, okay?
This new world order will fall.
And any of you that served it criminally are going to go to prison.
I and others are going to see to it.
You understand?
We'll be right back.
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Well, I'm not the kind to kiss and tell, but I've been seen with Farrah.
I've never been with anything less than a dime, so fine.
I've been on fire with Sally Field, gone fast with a girl named Bo.
Police and military.
They expect you to assist them in the bank robbery.
You know what you're into.
Are you aware of the real world?
But in the final equation, it doesn't matter.
Reality is still there, looking you in the face, even if you deny it.
Okay, um... Ron Paul is coming up in an hour and a half.
Webster Tarpley in the next...
segment and we're going to be breaking down in detail all the things that are happening with a controlled financial collapse.
Here is some of the news we have today.
Reuters, U.S.
to lose financial superpower status, Germany.
And all that's happening is the international banks are fully sucking the United States dry and having the American people sign on to their international quadrillion in derivatives.
That's over 1,000 trillion.
Now, a year ago, and we have articles up on InfoWars.com that break down all the official numbers on this, it was only 61 billion dollars that was owed in mortgages in the United States.
And now it's only a little over a hundred billion dollars.
Even with the devaluation in the
Real estate market in many areas of the nation.
Some areas are still holding firm, like Austin, Texas, to some extent.
Now, how is it that they need a $5 trillion bailout?
By the way, that's Bloomberg Financial, last night, saying, I have the headline right here, headline, Bailout not $700 billion, more like $5 trillion.
Just Google that.
You can read it on Bloomberg Financial.
And that is conservative.
If you read the bailout bill that was secretly written up Sunday and released Monday, it states no one can review it.
The Treasury basically becomes a private institution with the private Federal Reserve, and they are allowed to do anything, buy any derivatives, buy any stocks, buy international bank stocks.
They can do anything they want.
And then I was listening to talk radio shows this morning with all these disinfo agents and an establishment economist on saying, this isn't really a bailout.
The government, the taxpayers, are getting really good assets.
You know, they're getting some really good financial instruments.
Well, number one, you're not getting anything.
Let's say they were solid gold.
They're not.
They're fraud.
They're just paper instruments, leveraged times a million.
But let's say they were worth something.
Private banks
I think?
John McCain coming out and saying, let's suspend the debates, let's suspend the campaign for now.
Kind of a trial balloon for suspending the campaign period, as CNN was saying last night.
Oh yeah, CNN saying, are they talking about suspending the campaign period?
You know, things are so bad?
And then Barack Obama says, no.
Now he says, maybe they're meeting today at the White House to grandstand, to have the Republicans and the Democrats team up and say to the American people, hey, we know in Ross Mewson polls and other polls, 25 to 30 percent
Depending on which poll you look at, some are 25, some 28, some 30, but around 25-30% of you are for the stick-up that they call a bailout.
The total takeover of the banking system of the real economy.
That's all that's happening.
They're just getting us even deeper into hawk with them through a fraud.
So we have the Congress, we have both parties circling the wagons,
Saying that, listen American people, you're wrong.
You've got to sign on to this.
You've got to say you're going along with it.
You've got to say you believe in it.
Because later we're going to take everything you got and remind you that you signed on to it.
We have to convince you, at least publicly, to go along with this.
And so all the parties and all the politicians are getting together to try to sell you on that idea right now.
And it also props up the illusion
That Joe Biden and Sarah Palin and
Barack Obama, Senator McCain actually run something or do something.
They are carrying out a scripted program.
Both of the candidates, both the Republican and Democratic candidates have the very same set of advisors, the very same think tanks.
It is all orchestrated right now.
The bank robbery is taking place right now.
And whether you're a fireman, a cop, a school teacher, an auto mechanic, a doctor, a lawyer, this is going to hurt all of us.
This is only going to help the International Crime Syndicate.
We've got to stop it.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
It is a big idea.
A new world order.
In the near future, Earth is dominated by a powerful world government.
It's known as the Bilderberg Group.
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Build America is making great progress toward a world government.
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They're not after money.
They have all the money they need.
They're after power.
That's their aphrodisiac.
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I'm good.
I think so.
We're good to go.
Well, I just popped over the old state line My headlights focused on a welcome sign When hiding in the bushes there waiting for me Was a big policeman with a capital P Shouting, look out stranger, you're heading for danger There's a welcome sign ahead
He dragged me off to the old town square.
The justice and the peace are waiting for his share.
He said, look here boy, you better slow down.
You're in a heap of trouble in this one horse town.
So look out stranger, you're heading for danger.
There's a welcome sign ahead.
I've got to go drag him off the interstate socket to him, J.P.
Yeah, welcome in the evening, the sun come when they're leaving blue.
You better pray to me and you better lick my boots!
I'm an officer and you're a lowly civilian!
Go ahead!
There's a welcome sign ahead When a sign says, welcome to God's country Don't you got competition from a slick JP?
Fuzzy old buzzards are filling their craws With highway robbery in the name of the law So look out stranger, you're heading for danger There's a welcome sign ahead Oh God, don't drag him off the interstate Sock it to him, JP Blues
We're good.
Lick em!
Here, here!
Lick the boot!
I want you to lick em that way and lick em this way!
You learn, you scum, you civilian trash!
Absolutely an oldie, but a goodie!
In the next hour and 15 minutes or so, because I want to open the phones up for people to be able to talk to Webster Tarpley, he really is a great political and financial mind.
How is that evidenced?
By so much of what he said coming true.
Limited predictions, but always done in a precise way, always exposing the Anglo-American global banking cartel.
Before we go to Webster, I want everybody to understand something.
Everything that was foretold, everything we've warned you about, everything my films have covered,
You are now seeing the front of the storm.
It's like a hurricane coming in.
It's a Category 5, going 154 miles an hour.
You're only feeling the leading edge before it hits.
This is 20 mile an hour winds you're feeling.
You're going to feel 150 plus mile an hour winds financially.
There's your analogy for the hour.
And let me tell you something.
Me and my wife were praying this morning.
I mean, I'm on my knees, folks.
I got up here on the air and, you know, I don't put on a bluster, but I mean, that's just what comes out once I'm on air.
I put a good face on it, that we're going into this storm with our chins up and our chest out.
But let me tell you something, all of you better get yourselves right with God, because this is going to make the Great Depression, whether it comes this year or five years from now.
Whatever the trajectory of this is, and it looks like sooner rather than later, it's going to make that look like a Sunday walk in the park, as they say, because we had 90% of the population being agrarian, rural farmers, and they were self-sufficient, and 7 million, according to major studies that have been done by universities, between 7 and 10 million, the conservative number 7 million, starved to death during the Great Depression.
Starved to death.
Now, if 7 million, we're only a country of 200 million, if 7 million starved to death and 90% were self-sufficient, then what is going to happen when we've got 90% living in the city, 10% on the farms, and only half of those on the farms are self-sufficient?
And that's a
You know, that's trying to make it look good.
It's probably less than 5% that are really self-sufficient.
I got family, lives on the farm, lives on the ranch, and let me tell you, they're not self-sufficient.
They are close to it with wells and gardens and canned foods, but I mean, could they take care of themselves in a road warrior situation?
That remains to be seen.
Could I take care of myself?
Certainly not, folks.
You know, those skill sets are being lost.
Now remember, Pinkerton Security
Rockefeller security, they went in during the depression.
They ran people off their farms and ranches.
The banks would call in the whole note.
By the way, that's still in the rules now.
They've changed the law so they can take the pension funds.
I want to ask Webster Tarpley.
You know, he's trying to fix the financial crisis.
He's been trying to stop it.
He's been trying to put out ideas that I agree with on how to fix it.
You know, take over the Federal Reserve, nationalize it, monetize it.
I mean, there's a lot of ideas.
Pump, you know, the $5 trillion, it's not $700 billion, into the people's hands.
That needs to be done now.
Because it all is fiat.
We're paying for it anyway.
...of other corporations.
This is all-out war.
This is the last, you know, few moves in a chess game here.
It's been going on for decades.
Everything positioning us.
Everything getting our industry offshore.
Getting the family broken down.
Balkanizing communities.
Buying up local public utilities.
Handing them over to private corporations who just shot them down.
Strip-mining the economy.
So Webster Tarver, before we get into the
Details of what's currently happening, and then the two parties circling the wagons to sell the stick-up, or the total transfer to Paulson.
I know by now you've had time, since it came out Monday, I interviewed you last week, to read the bailout bill, the stick-up bill, and it just, it literally is the private banking system becoming the government.
Taking everything, being able to steal homes, infrastructure.
This is the executive orders where they can take land, work brigades.
I mean, folks, this is hell on earth.
You think things are bad?
If they get the bailout through the way they want it, it is not a bailout, it's a takeover.
So, Webster, first off, instead of getting into the economics, and I want to get into that, how do we, because I don't think there's any stopping this now, though we see only 28% and Rossmussen polled for it, so maybe there's some way to stop them, but then they're going to crash the economy and say we caused it.
And then get a propaganda victory and then later pass some bailout so they'll actually get both.
I mean, it's a very sophisticated game we're playing here.
Only getting the word out in some mass way could stop it.
I don't know if we have the power to do that.
So, I think you're getting the gist of this long five-minute diatribe of the facets I want from your mind.
I want to pick your brain, the listeners do, of A, what do you think of what I just said?
And then B, how do we organize quickly so they don't take the farms and ranches, so they don't corporatize it.
Instead of nationalizing, they're going to be stealing everything and handing it in to this warmock, this juggernaut, as the private banking system goes to war against humanity.
Webster Griffin Tarpley.
Thank you, Alex.
I would recommend, first of all, political mobilization, political action.
The sort of survivalist side of things you can do in your spare time, right?
Get some stuff in the pantry and all that.
That's all fine, but political action.
And a lot of people have never tried it, so this is now the time to try it.
The power of the financial oligarchs has thrived in an atmosphere of public passivity, apathy, lethargy, not voting, not caring, above all, not being active.
Politics can't be a full-time job for many people, but it's worth a couple of nights a week.
Yeah, we had a snickering, giggling, morbid population trained that it's cute to not care and cute to be uninformed, and now, if people think it's bad now, they have no idea.
Yeah, you can just take the time you're devoted to some idiotic sporting event, which is just bread and circuses provided by these same Wall Street bandits, and devote that to politics.
Now, obviously,
The imperative right now is to mobilize to stop the bailout, and any reason to vote against the bailout is a good reason.
And in the anti-bailout coalition, you can easily have a lot of very diverging points of view about what ought to be done after that.
And there are.
But certainly, the minimum common denominator of civilized humanity is that you've got to be against
The bailout.
Now, as you say, success is not guaranteed, especially because it looks like we've got a pan-oligarchical coalition.
We've got all the oligarchs of all the different stripes who are now coming together to say that they're going to have to put aside their ideological scruples.
They're going to have to put aside their various free markets.
Yes, Wester, they know it's a fight.
They are circling the wagons, both parties against us, and even in Austin and Dallas, I'm listening to local radio, they are dispatching CFR members, globalists, to speak to the business councils and saying, hey, get behind this, get behind this, and they're terrorizing people and saying, or there'll be a depression next week.
Well, there is, of course, a prospect of an immediate deflationary crash, but using the sorts of methods that I recommend, and these are, of course, New Deal methods, it is proven, using these methods, you can stop a depression in a single day and begin to turn it around.
But let's just look at it.
Now, it's not so apocalyptic as people think.
What we're in now, you might say, is the Herbert Hoover phase of things.
And let's take it back to 1931-1932.
Hoover created something called the Reconstruction Finance Corporation, and with the help of Congress, put about three to four billion dollars in it.
And the 3 to 4 billion in those days was a lot of money.
If you want to estimate inflation, I think a good way to estimate inflation is to use postage stamps.
In those days, a first class letter cost 2 cents.
Today it's 42 cents.
That looks like a 2,000 percent inflation rate.
So, if you multiply the 3 to 4 billion of then,
By 2000, you're more or less in the ballpark that you say, right?
$4, $5, $6 trillion that have been thrown into this between Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, the current bailout, other sorts of liquidity injections, and so forth.
Now, the trick about the Reconstruction Finance Corporation under Hoover was that it was a failure.
Why was it a failure?
Simply because, under conditions of economic breakdown, financial panic, and the things that we have today, it is impossible to maintain paper values.
Forget paper values, they are irrelevant.
You've got to think about the survival of civilization, the survival of humanity, production.
You've got to produce the wherewithal for human life.
Forget about paper, forget about property titles, forget about investment returns, forget about all this...
We're talking getting back to the real economy, the basis of production, and life.
In other words, tangible physical production, commodity production.
Now, in any rational system, we should be giving cheap, subsidized credit, preferentially,
To people who want to do something productive.
That means manufacturing goods, farms, transportation.
But instead, the globalists have been penalizing that and paying people to go offshore to put us in this position.
What we've got today is the world turned upside down.
We've got reality stood on its head.
What we've got is a bailout program that only touches financial institutions and everybody else be damned, even companies that still produce
Something useful.
I mean, you've got to, the way the world is set up right now, you've got to have cars.
That means you've got to have General Motors and Ford and Chrysler, and those assembly lines are a precious asset with the trained, skilled labor that are associated with them.
You've got to keep those things together, because if you don't have that, you literally go down the tubes.
You can't even build army tanks without those people.
Thermodynamic breakdown means that everything grinds to a halt, and it does exist.
And the people that are running this idiotic show today are basically not, they don't want to see that.
Now, the Reconstruction Finance Corporation was a failure under Hoover, precisely because it tried to prop up paper values, it tried to save insolvent banks.
You can't do any of this stuff.
We should look at the Reconstruction Finance Corporation as it existed under Roosevelt, and Jesse Jones of Texas, who was one of the great
The people who built the United States, he had the Reconstruction Finance Corporation, and he said, I'm not going to try to prop up paper values and insolvent banks.
I'm going to create things like the Synthetic Rubber Corporation, the Chemical Corporation, the War Plant Corporation.
In other words, new plant and equipment, creating high-paying industrial jobs that soaked up unemployment, expanded the tax base, and led to recovery.
And of course, some of the recovery had to wait until World War II.
But a lot of it was done, for example, during the year of 1941.
That's the year that unemployment really disappeared under Lend-Lease.
That kind of policy would be effective today.
What we basically need today is a Lend-Lease program to fight the Depression on the home front.
Lend-Lease, of course, was... Lend-Lease to ourselves!
Yeah, but you don't need a war.
You don't need to be producing for Britain or the Soviet Union or anybody else.
Look, look, look.
By our family land, there's several bridges that have collapsed this year in Texas.
I mean, this is where I live, and we could start right there.
I mean, we could start fixing our infrastructure.
That's exactly where you should start, the rebuilding of infrastructure.
But here's the idea.
The way with the system we have now is that the inherent power of the federal government to be its own bank and to coin money, because the Constitution says the Congress has the power to coin money.
Today that would mean the currency issuance of the United States and the interest rates ought to be decided by public law.
That's all we have under our system.
The House, the Senate, and the President signed it.
It's debated in public and it says the currency issue for the new year is this much and the interest rate target is going to be this.
So, not by the market, because there is no market.
Let me stop right there.
I am a free market person.
The problem is, with these crime syndicates, we don't have a free market.
Just like Enron had fake trading computers in California, stealing over a billion a day for a year.
I mean, what we're dealing with here is just a small coterie of criminals.
Explain that to people, Webster.
This is not free market.
This is socialism for them.
Yeah, I don't agree with the slogan of the free market.
I don't think there's been a free market anywhere in the world for several centuries.
And to pretend that it has existed, I think, gets you on the wrong track.
But the main issue now is the question of credit and the Federal Reserve.
Now, this, of course, is run by a banker's cabal.
I think people are familiar with this.
It was set up the way it is under Rockefeller and Morgan, above all, right?
The House of Morgan dominates Wall Street, still does.
JPMorgan Chase is the centerpiece of it.
Jamie Dimon is the JPMorgan of today.
So you have the inherent power of the federal government to issue money is somehow hijacked by the Federal Reserve.
This came up in the hearings the other day.
Helicopter Ben Bernanke was asked in the Senate Banking Committee, how is it that you do what you do?
And he says, well, we were created by the Federal Reserve Act.
The Congress has the power to issue currency, but they have delegated that power to us.
Now, this is unconstitutional.
You can't change the Constitution with a statute.
And that is what the Federal Reserve Act did.
And lastly, I have to do it by going to the states.
We're going to come back and talk more about this, but remember last week, Paulson tried to tell Congress, well, we don't need you, because we have contractual agreements with the Federal Reserve, and now they're claiming they have contractual agreements with foreign banks.
So stay there, let's come back.
He wants to bail out foreign banks.
And now they're having to back off and say, okay, we need Congress to sign the dotted line, but can Congress constitutionally sign a blank check
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We have to look to Osama Bin Laden.
Fabled Enemies is the first 9-11 film to take a close look at the terrorist ties to intelligence networks inside the United States.
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The country shows they have miscalculated.
At this moment of attack, this moment where they attempt to take over the entire world financial system that they've already been sitting on top of and they want to fully bankrupt it so they can consolidate it.
At this point, they're very weak.
They've exposed themselves as criminals.
The public out of the gates doesn't believe anything they say.
They're operating in a 20-30 year old paradigm when they controlled the newspapers and the television before the rise of the alternative media.
Webster, do you agree that they have miscalculated and that we could certainly use their miscalculation to open up a wider front against their operations and that this could be the catalyst that destroys the Anglo-American crime syndicate?
Well, I think we do need to mobilize against it.
I don't see them operating according to a timetable.
In other words, the process of descent into a new world depression is uncontrollable from the point of view of any single oligarchical faction in this polycentric... But they're attempting to control it and use it as a centrifuge black hole consolidator.
Well, they try to turn the crisis against the people.
There's a world depression.
They want you to pay for it.
We want them to pay for it.
A world depression costs about $100 trillion or $500 trillion.
We say the bankers should pay.
They created the depression.
They created this mess.
The finance oligarchs should pay through the nose for the current world economic depression.
People should not pay.
No austerity.
That's right.
They should have to disgorge all the real assets that they've been snatching up with the previous Ponzi scheme.
Yes, and above all, they should pay for the actions that they've taken that have destroyed and annihilated these resources.
Again, I'd just like to get back to the Federal Reserve.
What you have today is, if I'm JPMorgan Chase, I can go to the Federal Reserve and borrow money for 2% or less.
2% is the normal interbank rate, the federal funds rate, which the Open Market Committee sets.
Now, the Open Market Committee has in it
A lot of unelected, unaccountable people from the Federal Reserve District.
Those people represent the banks of San Francisco, the banks of Chicago, the banks of Atlanta, and Boston, and all the rest of it.
And they all vote.
The New York Fed is always represented there.
They represent Wall Street.
So they vote to set the interest rates.
And that then is imposed on the rest of us.
So if I'm JPMorgan Chase, I can borrow at that interbank rate, that federal funds rate, which is right now it's about 2%.
I can then turn around and lend that money back to the U.S.
Treasury at 4.5% to 5%.
Now, think of what that means.
You're locking in a 2.5% to 3.5% profit, and often this spread is bigger.
Often it's 5 or 6% for doing absolutely nothing.
Why do we have to create the Federal Reserve so they can lend to JPMorgan Chase, so JPMorgan Chase can lend to the Treasury?
Why not nationalize the Federal Reserve?
Cut JPMorgan Chase out of the game, right?
Let them go and earn money some other way.
And the inherent capacity of the U.S.
government to finance itself comes into play.
Why do we need to have this crew of Wall Street money center banks?
Who are there simply to parasitize the public debt and the currency formation of the United States.
That gets worse.
JPMorgan Chase is supposed to be a commercial bank.
Commercial bank is supposed to, or used to traditionally, they would make loans to businesses to create new plant and equipment, new businesses, new jobs, productive jobs maybe, or highly paid jobs.
They don't do that anymore.
JPMorgan Chase and the rest of them, Citibank, Bank of America, the really big ones, Wachovia, and so forth, those are not commercial banks anymore.
Those are derivatives monsters.
Right now, if you look in the official statistics from the controller of the currency at the Federal Reserve, or the Treasury in this case, they will tell you that JPMorgan Chase officially carries almost $100 trillion of derivatives.
Now that is six or seven times the gross national product of the United States.
It's impossible.
It cannot be maintained.
It's total fraud.
Stay there.
Our guest, Webster Tarpley, back in 72nd.
Thank you for listening to GCN.
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9-11 was an inside job!
Do you like being a puppet, sir?
Do you like being a puppet for the New World Order?
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The day that we stop asking questions is the day that we have allowed the seeds of despotism to grow at our own door.
Seven years after the attacks of September 11th, a global awakening has taken place.
If you know that there's treason going on, you can be held accountable for treason yourself.
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Waging war on corruption.
Alex Jones on the GCM Radio Network.
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You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
The international banking oligarchs have created a tsunami of fraudulent paper they use to buy real assets.
Now they plan to give themselves dictatorial powers in the name of fixing the problem they created that will only deepen it.
Webster Tarpley, author, researcher, joins us.
He's breaking this down with his particularly insightful perspective.
He'd gotten up to just JPMorgan Chase
With $100 trillion, conservatively, in derivatives alone.
Webster, continue.
That's just the official figure.
They say $100 trillion of derivatives, but it's really something like $300 trillion.
We don't know how many, because it's not reportable.
It's completely deregulated.
One of the obvious things you'd have to do to come forward with this package to say, spend $700 billion,
If you wanted any credibility at all, you'd have to say, and we're banning derivatives from now on.
We're going to outlaw derivatives, because that's the heart of this crisis.
Now, if you listen to the hearings, I think the Senate Banking Committee hearings with Hanky Panky Paulson of Goldman Sachs, helicopter Ben Bernanke, this reckless, incompetent Cox,
Who's the head of the Securities and Exchange Commission, a guy called Lockhart from the Federal Housing Administration.
They all, they try to avoid saying that this is a crisis of derivatives.
They say these are mortgage-related securities.
That is not the essential point.
They are derivatives.
And in the course of this, strangely enough, Elizabeth Dole, who's running for... trying to keep her seat in the Senate in North Carolina, she may get defeated.
So she was a little bit more radical, let's say, in the questioning.
She starts asking about credit default swaps.
Credit default swaps.
Now, as soon as you say credit default swaps, Paulson of the Treasury starts saying, that's a huge market!
They're huge!
They're huge!
Yeah, it is huge!
It's at least $500 trillion.
It may be as much as $700 trillion.
That's what's bringing down AIG that had certified it, but you just moved over a key point you made.
I want to go back to this now or later if you like, Webster, but make sure we cover it.
The statement that this is people defaulting on mortgages,
Literally has nothing to do with it.
We're talking about a hundred billion there.
This is their excuse to blame it on the people.
This is about the leverage derivatives.
That's right.
In other words, the fact that some poor schmo got a mortgage, an adjustable rate mortgage, and then defaulted because he couldn't pay is
It's peanuts.
Basically irrelevant.
In other words, that's a factor of tertiary or less significance.
It's just a side issue that they throw in.
Naturally, adjustable rate mortgages should have always been illegal.
They're a predatory loan sharking usury, but the point is it's a red herring, a scapegoat.
Yeah, because what they've got now is a theory, and you hear that they say, um, a lot of loans were made that should never have been made.
A lot of greedy people bought more house than they could afford, and that has led to the present crisis.
This is absolutely nuts!
You're talking about a derivatives bubble.
I, again, estimate one quadrillion, that is $1,000 trillion.
We're good to go.
Paper based on paper.
It's not mortgages.
It's not even a bundle of mortgages.
It's a bundle of mortgages with an extra layer of derivatives paper added to the top.
It's betting on the index.
If you want to solve Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the first thing you want to do is go in there and say, look, any mortgage-backed securities that you have, we're going to strip off that top layer of derivatives and declare that illegal.
We're not going to pay that.
In other words, you come down to the following.
The 1.5 quadrillion of derivatives is antithetical to the future of human life.
It's a cancer that cannot be physically paid back.
It's hundreds of times all the assets in the world.
This is the black hole.
We must escape it.
We'll talk about how we do it on the other side, plus the amazing conflict of interest to have the former head of Goldman Sachs, Henry Paulson, heading up this Titanic.
Today, unlike any other in the long course of American history, a terrorist act of war against this country.
The enemy struck America on September 11th.
But who is the enemy?
Bin Laden.
This is his ammo.
We have to look to the Middle East.
We have to look to Osama Bin Laden.
Fabled Enemies is the first 9-11 film to take a close look at the terrorist ties to intelligence networks inside the United States.
Some U.S.
investigators believe that there are Israelis again very much engaged in spying in and on the U.S.
I'm aware that some Israeli citizens have been detained.
Bin Laden's connections to the CIA, the hijacker's ties to the FBI, the Saudi Arabian connection, the Israeli intelligence network, warnings and war games, the shadow government, and much, much more.
Fabled enemies.
Get the DVD at InfoWars.com, or see it in super high quality, along with hundreds of other titles at PrisonPlanet.tv.
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We're good to go.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
We're going to be opening the phones up here in the next segment.
Specifically today, in this hour, Ron Paul's on with us next hour.
Congressman, I want to discuss and I want to talk about what is at hand now.
You can bring up the military deploying regular army to the U.S.
or other subjects, but it really needs to be on subject.
Uh, you know, not how I work for the Tooth Fairy or, you know, any of these other diversions or distractions.
We normally have wide open phones, but on any subject, but right now we're looking at what's happening with the economy.
Uh, Webster Tarbley... What about prosecuting these criminals?
That's important, but, but, you know, what concerns me the most is out of the gates the last few months, the corporate-owned media owned by the big banks and hedge funds and defense contractors that have pulled these scams,
They are just telling us over and over again, no one did anything criminal, no one's bad, no one's going to be investigated, no one's going to be jailed, and that's really, just like Bush had them retroactively pass something to destroy the Fourth Amendment for warrantless spying on the American people,
So he's trying to basically get a pardon retroactively.
It's the same thing, and I'm sure you've read the section where it says nothing can be investigated, nothing can be reviewed by any court, the government, any agency.
Nothing these financial institutions ever did, once they go under the umbrella,
Of Paulson, who again, headed up Goldman Sachs.
They can use the money, they can leverage it, they can buy more derivatives, they can speculate.
I mean, this is just unspeakably corrupt and wicked, and you have the very people that engineered it doing it.
So, how do we bring them to justice?
The first aspect is the draft sent by Paulson and Bernanke was this infamous three-page outline where Paulson says, everything that I do is above the law, nothing can be reviewed, not by a court, not by a federal agency.
Now this is blatantly unconstitutional.
I actually think that some of the extreme provisions of that three-page document were put in there as a kind of a kabuki dance.
In other words, he says,
I want 700 billion dollars and I want it now and you can't review what I do and I get to do whatever I want and to hell with you.
And then he can moderate and it's the false choice.
And then he can become more reasonable.
I believe that particular provision has already been dropped because that would be sure to be overturned by the Supreme Court if there is a Supreme Court.
But it is obviously in flagrant violation of the Constitution.
I would focus right now on getting the policy straight.
Later on, once you have state power, you can prosecute all sorts of people.
You can't put the cart before the horse.
The question of a world economic depression is that it goes beyond stealing.
The question of a world economic depression is the wrong policies that have now been in place for decades.
These are monetarist policies.
In my book, these are the Milton Friedman Chicago School policies.
We're going to get into that in a moment, and I'm going to give you the floor to cover that, but I don't think that's cart before the horse.
That discredits their entire current wrong policy, as you put it, but to them it's by design.
And so, you know, justice be done, may the heavens fall, it's been said in different ways, and so we need to, while everybody's paying attention to this, a year from now, you know, people will be focused on whatever the new issue is, or some Russian war, and then the mainstream media can basically create collective amnesia.
I mean, you're saying that we don't need to point out they're criminals now, while everybody's... Yeah, they're criminals, but here's the thing, you've got to understand, the reason that you're seeing all these criminals is
As it's been said, when the tide goes out, you find out who's swimming naked.
In other words, a lot of the embezzlement, a lot of the theft, a lot of the abuses are now being revealed by the fact that a world economic depression is in progress.
And the roots of the world economic depression go back to people like Nixon, Kissinger, Arthur Burns, George Shultz, who's still around, so is Kissinger.
Meeting in Camp David, August 15, 1971, the wanton destruction of the Bretton Woods economic system, the fixed parities and gold settlement that had worked remarkably well since 1944 to allow the greatest increase in human productive power in all of recorded history.
That was thrown out under the pressure from the British, who were demanding gold payment.
Not the gold, not the French, but the British.
Ever since then, we've seen a decline in production and standard of living and an increase in... It's been going down, and risk.
Above all, the growth of risk.
About ten years ago, the head of J.P.
Morgan Chase went on television and he said, you know, my bank is in the risk business, meaning we gamble.
The JP Morgan Chase is a huge gambling casino.
Now that's not what they should be.
They should be providing credit loans to corporations for plant equipment and the creation of jobs.
It should be an engine of growth and stability, not a crime syndicate.
And above all, this aspect of derivatives as gambling, that's simply a bet.
It's a bucket shop.
It's just a kind of gambling, and if that's what you're doing, you have no ability to come to the public and say, look, we're a public utility, you should bail us out.
They're not.
Okay, go back to the point you were making earlier.
The way that the risk came into the system is because of the, above all, the greatest risk of all is currency risk.
From 1944 to 1971, currency risk was minimal.
But the system was destroyed.
The British didn't like it.
The British wanted floating rates and competitive devaluations.
The Canadian dollar was kept floating the entire time.
And they made speculation the economy.
Basically, the speculators have taken over the economy under the aegis of risk.
The problem is, the entire system organized itself to protect against risk.
And now you see that the credit default swaps that were supposed to be the way to remove risk, that's how they were sold to suckers,
They are now the center of risk.
So explain to people what a credit default swap is.
Well, it's a kind of derivative.
It's a so-called insurance on somebody going bankrupt.
And now that they're all going bankrupt, this is bankrupting everybody.
So it's basically, it's a derivative in the sense that it's paper based on paper.
It has built-in options and futures and other things.
And it can have, you know, it can have thousands and thousands of elements in it.
Basically, the thing that people have to know is that it's cancerous, it's toxic, it should be illegal, and it probably has been illegal the entire time.
We had, in 1933, there was an attempt to corner the wheat market.
In futures, using options.
So futures options were used to try to get control of all the wheat in the United States.
That led in 1936 to a very good New Deal law that said options on agricultural commodities are illegal.
They're a federal crime.
That remained in place until the great communicator Ronald Reagan came along and he abolished that in 1982.
But again, the philosophy here is deregulation, privatization, and free markets.
Those are the slogans under which the entire regulatory edifice of the New Deal was destroyed by people like Gingrich.
Take the Glass-Steagall Act.
There's another great example.
The Glass-Steagall Act said, look, a bank is one thing, a commercial bank is one category of institution.
You want to be a stockbroker, that's got to be separate.
All during the 1990s, the bankers agitated.
No, no, we don't like that.
We want to have J.P.
Morgan stockbrokers merged with Chase Manhattan Bank.
Now we want to have Goldman Sachs as a bank.
We want to have Morgan Stanley as a bank.
So you go from investment bank, which is no bank, but really just a stock jobber, brokerage, counting house operation.
We want to make that into a bank.
This is absolutely nuts.
This was the first thing they did in the New Deal, 1933.
Carter Glass of Virginia, who was a very conservative
Guy said, look, we've got to separate, we've got to have a firewall between anything that has to do with issuing securities of any kind and having responsibility for deposits.
That was abolished.
Take another example, the uptick rule.
Under the New Deal, the Securities and Exchange Commission was created and it said, you can't continue to short, sell short a stock if it's just going down, down, down, down, down.
Today they abolished that.
This character Cox, who's the head of the Securities and Exchange Commission, came in and last summer he abolished this uptick rule just in time for the great mudslide to begin.
And just in time they make it harder for the average citizen to declare bankruptcy just in time.
They set rules where companies can steal pension funds.
They plan this bank robbery very, very well.
Now let's talk about policy.
We know what needs to be done versus what they're doing.
We have the circling of the wagons.
We have this meeting going on at the White House right now with Obama and McCain and Palin and Pelosi and all of them in train.
And Barney, Frank and Dodd.
Don't forget Barney, Frank and Dodd because they are key.
Yeah, they've been involved in the deregulation in the mid-1990s.
Clinton grandstanding saying how great McCain is today.
Bob Rubin!
Yeah, so they're all together now with a sales job and they've dispatched their minions in every major city.
All over the media saying, we've got to do this, we've got to do this, we've got to do this.
Break that down.
Well, I think in terms of the politics, the most important thing is to have a mass movement of people of goodwill of all types.
To oppose this kind of thing, but with realistic demands.
In other words, if people say, well, my goal is to go back to a world where there's no income tax and no taxes of any kind, there's a utopian program.
It's frankly crazy.
And if that becomes the program, then that's a failure.
It's a little bit like what the communists did, right?
The communists said, look, it's not enough to have radical reform, we've got to have the complete revolution and the dictatorship of the proletariat.
It's crazy.
And then you get 60 million people starting
It meant that in any situation where radical reform was possible, the Communists would come on the scene as a saboteur of what was really within reach.
So you've got to steer away from extreme ideological or utopian programs.
Now, the New Deal Alternative, which I represent, is not utopian.
It is tried and true.
It is tested.
It has been done before successfully.
It worked then, it would work now.
It's the only thing that worked.
If we had gone ahead during the 1930s with more of this Herbert Hoover, laissez-faire, deregulation, privatization, free market, don't touch the free market, then we would have had death on a mass scale, and by the time World War II came around,
It would have been impossible to mobilize anybody.
Okay, Webster, we got a break.
We're going to come back and take calls from Chris and Brian and Lindsey and Matt and others.
Always intriguing.
Got Webster for about another 20-something minutes.
And I want to be specific when we get back, just briefly, about my view about the economic situation and my idea about New Deal-esque policies.
So, I'm not particularly in favor of those, but compared to what we have, with just mass stealing of the entire infrastructure, it certainly is better.
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Yeah, I want to get away.
I want to fly away, but I can't do that.
I have a family, I have children.
This is my country and I'm not letting the crime syndicate take it over.
They can either take over now completely or we can't expose their crimes and bring them to justice.
The British banking system orchestrated the collapse in 1929.
They restricted liquidity.
They criminally consolidated land.
The Grapes of Wrath, that movie, you should go watch it, but it was much worse than that.
And then certainly the New Deal over the next eight years or so, leading into World War II,
Certainly, that did create make work, that did set up jobs for people.
A lot of folks didn't starve because of it.
And so it's, you know, it truly is one of the lesser of two evils.
Because out of that grew the social services system, the CPS kidnapping rings, the federalization of our local police, the militarized control grid we now live under.
The problem is in complex societies,
You know, there is nothing utopic, and so you're always going to have some type of governmental structure and system, and you're always going to have corrupt individuals who know there's great power and wealth in government and in structures, so the corporations are going to move in.
Not your corporations, some little ones, the big ones, folks.
Move in and take it over.
So the mainline conservatives say, oh, free market, leave it all to the market, leave it alone.
But then they use government power, government selective enforcement,
To really create a system that is government.
It's not free market.
It's a corporate command hegemon.
It's a predatory, mercenary system of law of the jungle, with them beating their chest at the top of the temple.
And so certainly, do I want a $5 trillion bailout, as Bloomberg is saying it is?
Not $700 billion, but $5 trillion?
Do I want that of the bankers?
Of the people that did all this?
Now, because they have de-industrialized us by design, stating it was to make us more easily managed?
Now that there isn't any real industry left, 80 plus percent of it gone, now that the people are in such debt through the loan sharking that's gone on, that's all we can do now is take the power of the Treasury, use it for what it was meant to do, and they're already devaluing the dollar, so might as well go ahead and flood the real economy with capital to generate an infrastructure for us to live in and on.
And so, I think that's where, in the intellectual debates, people get into this libertarian camp or into the kind of Webster-Tarpley, you know, government-helping-us view.
The point is, the government is bad, it's out of control, it does horrible things, but because it's become a minion or a control panel for this international crime syndicate,
And it will certainly become that again if it's big.
But I say in the interim, use it to help the people survive, and then pare it down and control it in the future.
Webster, we're going to come back and take calls, but I needed to just add my view on that.
Do you have any comments?
Well, if you look at history, I think you have a very hard time arguing government is always bad.
The one thing you probably can argue is that bankers are always bad.
Finance oligarchs, finance elitists, financiers,
Uh, finance capital, you could argue that that is, if it's left unchecked, that will be evil.
The government could be good or bad, depending on who controls the government.
I reject this notion big government is always bad.
You need a government that's powerful enough, in some future moment, different than what we have now, with real leaders, a strong presidency, not a weak one.
Again, a Lincoln, a Franklin D. Roosevelt, even a Kennedy was trying to do this.
To stand up, to say no to Wall Street.
Look at Kennedy, fighting Roger Blau of U.S.
Steel, saying no to Wall Street, and forcing U.S.
Steel to back down, when that was a gambit put forward by Wall Street.
Right now you have three possibilities.
You have a hyperinflationary bailout, which is what you're getting right now.
That leads to the fascist corporate state.
We have stagflation.
We have a collapsing relationship.
Sure, with the World Economic Depression, because it doesn't work.
You can't maintain the value of paper.
Otherwise, though, the people who come forward and say, do nothing, go back to the free market, that is a deflationary collapse right now.
And if you have children, you have to look at them and say, do I want the next five or ten years of their lives blighted and possibly ruined so that they can't go to college, that they can't get jobs, they can't have a normal life?
But I see that as a fever, and I'm not saying I'm for that, I'm saying let's look at it, because that would bankrupt the police state, that would bankrupt the
The Pentagon control group?
Let me finish, Webster, please.
Or it could actually energize that.
If you look at 1932-1933, you'll see that the deflationary collapse occurred in 1930, and Herbert Hoover said, oh no, I can't do anything because that would violate the free market, and the Depression just got worse and worse.
And in Germany, it got bad enough so that you could have an actual fascist seizure of power.
Well, no, I agree.
That's a wild card, and so I agree with you in letting it implode.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
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I think so.
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Central Standard Time.
Strangest thing, I got contacted yesterday by the folks with Great White.
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We're going to be in Texas doing an event and we're
I was being invited down to that.
Baby, baby!
I guess everybody's listening to the show and they know I'm a fan.
We're gonna go back to Webster Tarpley.
Just a moment.
Man, it's hard to turn music off like this.
Crank it up for 30 seconds.
Alright, that's enough.
We've got to get back to the real world.
What's happening?
Webster Tarpley, recap those three different scenarios.
You hadn't got to the third yet.
The three are these.
The hyperinflationary bailout, and CNBC is now reporting that
The Congressional leaders have announced agreement in principle on the $700 billion bailout with some, you know, window dressing and stuff about no golden parachutes and some other stuff to make it look good.
Which is kind of big.
You have three possibilities.
The hyperinflationary bailout.
Which is an attempt to maintain paper values by pumping in money.
Doesn't work.
It's a failure.
This leads then to the fascist corporate state.
But it also leads to things like the junkification of treasury bonds, the collapse of the dollar, and so forth.
Then there's the free market alternative.
The free market alternative says do nothing.
And then you're going to get a deflationary crash.
In other words, then you're going to get a situation where chain reaction bankruptcies go through the big commercial banks and the banking community, and ultimately everything grinds to a halt.
Possible road warrior scenario.
You're going to have, you know, no food in the supermarkets in a couple of months, right?
Or weeks.
The third possibility is New Deal measures.
The New Deal measures would be wipe out derivatives.
Seize bankrupt banks and triage them.
Some of them should be shut down.
Some of them might survive.
But wipe out the derivatives.
Delete them.
Cancel them.
And I say arrest a whole bunch of the criminals engaged in derivatives to send a shockwave through so they know the predatory activities in the markets are over.
You want to do some high-profile arrest.
I'm all for that.
Stop foreclosures!
All the politicians now say, keep people in their homes.
Let's have a uniform federal law.
If you foreclose on anybody, you go to Leavenworth.
If you shut down a farm, a business, a taxi company, a trucking company, a ferry, a railroad...
An airline, any factory that produces anything, a dry cleaner, anything, you go to federal prison if you try to shut that down over questions of debt.
Because people are literally surviving on that, and people are saying, well, you can't do that.
Oh, we can bail out the criminal bankers, but we can't keep our factories open.
Yeah, we want to have a bailout in reverse.
We want to bail out production and people, not bankers.
The other thing I think you've got to do is guarantee the social safety net.
In other words, we're going to need
Unemployment insurance, we're going to need food stamps, we're going to need WIC for pregnant women, to have enough protein so you don't get cognitive defects, you have a whole array of... And so the CPS can kidnap them too.
Things like this.
So you want to make sure that these payments are maintained and then nobody tampers with Social Security because then you're going to kill old people or Medicare.
No entitlement reform, no privatization, no looting of that by Wall Street because that would be the next
And that will immediately start feeding private investment back into the real economy.
Yes, well, I think the step-by-step for investment, then, is you've got to say, look, the Federal Reserve is a failure.
When the Federal Reserve was instituted back under Woodrow Wilson, the argument coming from Rockefeller and his school of thugs was, if you get the Federal Reserve, you'll never have a financial panic again.
Well, it failed in the 1920s by stoking the bubble.
They were doing that to try to support the British pound for various reasons in the 1920s.
The Federal Reserve is responsible in many ways for the Great Depression of the 1930s, and above all, the Federal Reserve has absolutely failed as a regulator to deal with derivatives.
Greenspan, Bubbles Greenspan, at the Fed in the 1990s, is the number one person responsible for dealing with derivatives.
But I'm saying Arrest Paulson, Arrest Bernanke, they certainly need to be arrested.
And Greenspan, don't forget him.
And don't forget Wendy Graham, the wife of Phil Graham of the McCain campaign, when she was at the Commodity Futures Trading Commission at the very end of the first Bush administration.
Well, let's go over our list.
Who needs to be arrested?
Well, Paulson, Bernanke, Cox, Greenspan, Wendy Graham, probably Rubin and Summers from the Clinton administration.
We want to be even-handed.
What about the heads of these brokerage houses we know have committed crime after crime?
Yes, we have Jamie Dimon above all, JP Morgan Chase, and so forth.
You can go through the list.
Hold of Bear Stearns, I'm sorry, of Lehman Brothers, and
What's his name there?
By the way, the head of Lehman Brothers made three billion bucks as CEO.
And again, the main thing is putting these people in jail is a deterrent, but that won't help you, that won't prevent you from starving.
You know, but you got to... By the way, folks, don't think that we can't do this.
This is how big things start.
Don't think that... I mean, we've got to start talking drumbeat, arrest them, arrest them, arrest them, or they're going to...
...and continue.
They're taking the bailout money already!
The bailouts they got in the last year, and using it to run around leverage in the market.
...put them in a situation where they'd be concerned about bail, not bailout.
Okay, Webster, I want to take a few calls here.
I want to get you back up, not late next week, but early next week.
Too much is happening.
Chris in Alabama, you're on the air with Webster Darbly.
Yes, sir.
Hello, this is Chris Mobile, Alabama.
I'm running a meet-up group down here, and I just had some ideas.
Yesterday I had a bunch of our members call in faxing and doing everything they could.
Our representatives here in Alabama, especially Sessions, I think it actually had an effect, or at least it didn't hurt.
Sessions is now, I don't know if you know, he's come out fairly opposed to the bailout.
Yeah, it's mainly Republicans against it.
The Democrats are hopping up and down for the criminal bailout.
Sad but true.
And then Sessions is also the ranking Republican on the Finance Committee, so he's a fairly good guy to target.
I'm putting a call out to anybody that's listening to this show to call Sessions, call his office in Washington, call his local office, send him taxes, do whatever you can do to kind of keep the heat up and let him know that we're
We're thankful for his opposition so far, but we don't want to see him do a turnaround because, you know, it's the whole bait-and-switch thing.
Tell them we want a bailout because, see, they don't want to do nothing and they get blamed for a depression.
Tell them, no, we want bailouts for the American people.
We're going to pay for it anyways.
And by the way, folks that are rich, we're not going to have an economy if we don't bail the working class, blue collar, and lower middle class people out.
I mean, if there isn't some basic bailout for the American people, the real economy is dead.
You can pack up and leave the United States, and the depression that's going to ensue, Tarpley, do you agree that a depression in the U.S., which we now see forming, will suck in the rest of the world?
It'll be a world crisis.
And remember, the problem we have in the U.S.
now is that since industry was destroyed under Volker Carter and the first Trilateral Commission regime, like Obama now, everything is now imported.
So the standard of living necessary for human life in this country now depends on international export financing, which is going to be destroyed.
We've been made to be dependent by design, and a bunch of satanic, senile men are running it all.
Chris, anything else?
I appreciate your call.
Anything else?
Yeah, I'd just like to say, along that line, whoever does call him, try to mention some of the things that Webster's talking about, you know, ending the Fed, putting the Federal Reserve, you know, putting them out of business, and going back to the Treasury, you know, printing the notes.
And folks, what I'm saying is, and I appreciate your call, I am for moving towards the free market.
I am more the Ron Paul school, not entirely, it's kind of a hybrid between the two, because I know that there are no utopias, it's a process,
But we're like a man who has been in a life raft for two weeks, sunburned, lips parched, cracks in our skin, living on subsistence rations, who can't walk.
And so that's why we have to have a bailout of the American people, because we may die on the shore if we don't have that.
And so that's what I'm saying.
Webster, you like that analogy?
One good example, LIHEAP, the low-income heating assistance program of the federal government.
It was supposed to be in the previous bailout, but Obama and Goolsbee said no to it.
Now, any place where it gets cold, and that includes a lot of places, you're going to have people freezing to death this winter in the entire northern tier of the United States because the LIHEAP
Money runs out because there's not enough money in the LIHEAP fund in order to buy oil, heating oil, or kerosene, or whatever people use.
It's simple.
They cannot argue with us before they bail out international bankers, which shouldn't happen.
But just for the sake of debate, they help the American people first.
They get the economy going again with a real stimulus.
You could take the $700 billion.
If you want to have $700 billion, here's what you can do.
$15 billion of infrastructure in every state.
I mean, you'd have to sort of average it out, because some states are much bigger.
But an average of $15 billion per state, but obviously less for the small ones, more for the big ones, you could then begin to rebuild your railroad system and your highway system.
And all of that localizes, it localizes
You would basically give that to state governments and they would subcontract to the private sector.
It's not a government program in that sense.
It does not create the federal infrastructure corporation.
Except if the bankers refuse to do it.
In other words, if you can't get something produced in the private sector, if they refuse, then you have to go ahead and do it anyway.
Well, they've been fraud, so we just seize their assets.
Let's go ahead.
In this case, it's clear that infrastructure companies would be glad to get those contracts, and that would immediately begin to deal with mass immiseration, mass unemployment, and put a floor under the economy.
Alright, Brian in Illinois, you're on the air with Webster Tarpley, go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
Hi, Webster.
I'm a big fan of both of you.
Thank you.
I read Synthetic Terror, and I've seen Endgame, and it all makes sense to me.
I just wanted to say that I thought last night the little sock puppet, he got up there and threatened... Which one?
Oh, okay.
He threatened the American people and their Congress.
I mean, basically, either bail my cronies out, or I'm going to burn your economy down.
It's like Julius Caesar's family.
You know, pay fire insurance premium, or I'm going to burn your house down.
Look, I would say there is a real economic crisis.
This is a real economic depression of unimaginable proportions.
The point is, it may not be quite as rapid as he says it might be.
It's hard to say.
But he's obviously doing this to try to stampede people.
It's similar to what he did at the 9-11.
It's clear financial terrorism.
Paul Watson has a great article on PrisonPlanet.com.
We need to get out to everybody.
Where it breaks down, this is financial terrorism.
It was a threat, Alex.
A threat.
It's an attempt to extort what he wants.
And that, of course, at that point you have to say, no, don't do it.
And by the way, did you see the look on his face?
He was so predatory.
I mean, it was a...
He is a real son of a bitch.
He has no power.
He's just a walk-on part at this point.
He's a cut-out.
He's a cut-out.
Power is now located in this Principles Committee, the Committee of Public Safety.
That would be Paulson, Rice, Gates, Mullen.
Those are the most obvious.
And of course, Paulson wants to be named.
Economic dictator of the United States, he wants to live in a juridical vacuum, where he could presumably commit federal crimes, and nobody could touch him because of the provision in this three-page thing that they sent, right?
Saying that Paulson is head-forth untouchable and above the law.
Now, that obviously couldn't fly, but that makes Paulson and the private banks.
Divine right of kings, god emperor.
Robespierre, the uncorruptible, is above everybody else, because Robespierre didn't end up too well.
So the main thing now is to mobilize to oppose this, and remember, it will fail.
You cannot maintain paper values for worthless derivatives.
The intrinsic value of derivatives is zero or negative.
If you remember the old Little Abner comic strip by Al Cap, there was something called the Rasputnik.
I think they meant the ruble in those days.
And they said the Rasputnik is a currency with negative value because it's a nuisance and you've got to pay somebody to come and cart it away.
You've got to pay a sanitation man to come and get rid of it for you.
Derivatives are of that nature.
Derivatives have zero value.
They're only good earlier in the Ponzi scheme when schmucks are still taking them.
Yes, I guess so.
It's based on a mass delusion, and now that mass delusion is coming to an end.
And again, if they want to be serious, again, when we make these arguments, these are basically killer amendments that clearly represent the public interest that ought to be attached to this bill.
One of the things that could be attached to that bill as a wonderful killer amendment is
Ban all derivatives.
Outlaw derivatives.
They were always illegal.
We didn't have any derivatives to speak of 15, 16 years ago.
It's all something that came under the Greenspan, fed the Wendy Graham.
No, I totally agree with you.
Here we go.
Thank you, Brian.
Let's talk to Lindsey in Idaho.
You're on the air with Webster Tarpley.
Hello, Alex.
Go ahead.
Hey, I hope you're feeling better today.
I am.
Okay, I have two quick questions for Mr. Tarpley.
I believe they're both related.
I heard a couple of days ago on your show, Alex, somebody mentioned about annuities that people have that are issued either by insurance companies or, I believe, banks issue them.
Yes, those are not protected by the FDIC.
That's my question, is, in other words, if the insurance company or the bank that issues the annuity to this person goes under, that it's not worth the paper it's written on, is that correct?
No, it's not, because you have the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation that insures deposits up to $100,000 in
Commercial banks, and that's all.
And then you have AIG that was insuring the annuities, understand?
Look when you go into your bank, there's a sticker on the door that says FDIC insured.
If you have a credit union, there's a similar federal credit union insurance entity.
And it's $50 billion has almost run out.
They're asking for more now.
Go ahead, Webster.
Naturally, that could be replenished.
That's another part of the safety net that has to be replenished.
That's where money should go.
You better believe they better give us our fiat crap when we go in for it.
We're not even talking about you getting your money out.
Yeah, but the annuities, these are generally sold by insurance companies.
Now, you're going to find people on television saying, well, insurance companies are heavily regulated, that's fine, but in a real economic panic breakdown crisis of the type we're facing now,
They are iffy.
I think annuities are in question.
The other problem with annuities is the reason you get sold these things is the guy who sells you the annuity makes a tremendous commission.
They sell it to old people who don't know what they're doing because the guy who sells it to you makes more money on an annuity than anything else he could sell you.
All right, let's stop right there.
Matt, Scott, Bill, John, I'm going to get to you, but Webster's got to go, and I've got to get on some economic news.
We've got Ron Paul coming up here in just a few minutes, so everybody stay with us.
I want to give Webster the last minute to plug his second book on Barack Obama.
I carry his first book at Infowars.com, but you've got the last minute, Webster.
Tell folks about the new book.
I have two books.
One is Obama, the Postmodern Coup, the Making of a Manchurian Candidate, and that you should order straight from Alex, and I hope soon also.
Barack H. Obama, the unauthorized biography, and that is the story of Obama as a poverty pimp.
Everybody wants to know, what does it mean to be a community organizer?
Well, it means that you're working for a foundation like the Ford Foundation.
Their task is to defend the existing social order, meaning the existing ruling class of... He manages tribal reservations.
That's what poverty pimps do.
Poverty pimps take suffering people, poor wretches, and turn them into dupes and a saleable committee of political commodities.
So, spread the word.
Obama is a poverty pimp.
He wants to be president.
He's a divider.
He's a splitter.
And he works for the same guy.
We've got Obama, the biography by Webster Tarpley, available at Amazon.com.
Give that title out again, Webster.
Give the title of the book out again.
It's Barack H. Obama, The Unauthorized Biography.
Please buy it at Amazon.com, failing that at Lulu.
Alright, hold on, let me talk.
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I hear the train a-comin', it's rollin' around the bend, and I ain't seen the sunshine since I don't know when.
I'm stuck in Folsom Prison, and time keeps draggin' on.
We're steaming towards an interview with Ron Paul coming up in the next 10 minutes.
He's going to be calling in.
Later we're going to be playing some clips of George Bush last night and going over what's happening.
The United States is being imploded by the New World Order right now.
And they've got the police state in place.
They've got the FEMA camps in place.
We need to have a loss of confidence in this criminal government.
If we allow them to do what they want, it's not the government anymore, they will win.
Now, I'm so busy going coast-to-coast AM and doing other interviews.
I got one with Texas Monthly tomorrow morning, I'm glad I just remembered that.
You know, all this stuff going on, National Geographic calling up, that I don't, I mean, I haven't even had time to get my finances properly in order.
I'm just here at my machine gun on the front lines.
The point is, I believe in gold and silver.
And I believe that for people that still have paper assets, you're out of your mind if you don't move into gold and silver.
And Ted Anderson, the owner of Genesis Communications Network, has been laying out this for years.
He is able to get into gold when it is lower than it currently is, to offer it to you at below spot.
Well, it's just like Webster was saying, we're looking at an inflationary depression.
If we finance this deal, if we don't do anything about it, we're going to go into a deflationary depression.
We really need to get away from this Federal Reserve System.
We need to get into honest money because this isn't going to help.
This $700 billion bailout is just the tip of the iceberg.
And like Bloomberg said, it's going to be closer to $5 trillion.
Right now the nation's debt is at $9 trillion.
You add $5 trillion to it, you're almost doubling the debt.
I'm sorry, you're almost increasing it by 50%.
That's just ludicrous.
To put that much new currency into the system is just going to destroy the value of the money.
Right now, without a question, yes, indeed, there are some really great buyers right now.
The British Sovereign right now is trading at $241 per coin.
That's a couple bucks less than it was the day before.
I think it's like $5 less.
And then we have the Swiss francs and the French francs, that stuff, $196.
That's about a dollar and a half, two dollars lower.
And then we have the Mercury Dimes and the Walking Liberty Halves I can't even get anymore.
We were talking about those earlier on last week and they're sold out, gone.
Now the Mercury Dimes are starting to dwindle away and there's going to be no supply there.
See, people think that just because the gold and silver market comes down a little bit that the supply is increasing in the physical markets.
It's not.
People buy the stuff and they put it away.
They're not buying it to trade, they're putting it away and it's no longer on the market.
So all this stuff that's in the physical market right now is just drying up.
I'm hearing it from everywhere, all sources, that there's not enough available to meet just the demand from last week alone.
It's crazy, Alex.
Right now at this time, if you, I mean, to watch what's going on, the only thing that's good that's coming out of this thing is John McCain has suspended his campaign until they come to an agreement.
I hope they never do.
Well, at least we won't have to listen to him anymore.
Well, if you Google a gold shortage, silver shortage, they're trying to suppress it.
The price they can.
It's gone up over a hundred bucks in the last week.
And all they're going to do is devalue the dollar, and the dollar's already a dead duck.
They're just trying to pile more.
The United States dollar, the Federal Reserve note that we're trading today, is a dead duck.
You've said it just like, you know, that is just exactly right.
What's going to happen is that dollar's going to fail.
Call us at 1-800-686-2237.
Everybody knows that the dollar's toast now.
There's nobody out there that thinks that this thing's going to last.
Again, 800-686-2237.
Get out of the paper, get into gold, because that's honest money and been money for 6,000 years.
The United States government can't mess with that.
Absolutely, it's been performing at over 30% a year, while everything else has been in the negative.
Stay there, Ted.
Thank you for listening to GCN.
Visit GCNlive.com today.
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Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
We're into the third hour.
Congressman Ron Paul scheduled to call in in the next five minutes.
John, I forgot to ask you, are we calling him or is he calling us?
Do you have his number?
You weren't told whether we call him or he calls us?
Why don't you call and find out from the crew, okay?
Let's nail that down right now.
He's scheduled a date after.
Okay, going back to Ted.
Ted, give them the two gold coins you're offering at discount and the silver dimes.
Explain those to people and what the price is.
Sure, okay.
British Sovereign's 241.
It's a quarter ounce gold piece.
And it is.
It's a really good buy right at this time, and especially small gold.
I mean, this is the kind of stuff that you can put into the sole of your shoe and walk away with and have as money.
Back in the Weimar Republic, when that fell apart and the Nazis were coming in, and people were fleeing for their lives,
They had to use things that are real wealth, and paper and Weimar Republic notes weren't doing it.
You could have been a multi-millionaire, you'd have been wiped out, but if you had pieces of gold, diamonds, emeralds, jewelry, that kind of stuff was valuable.
Obviously this gold is going to be valuable.
Gold was valuable when the Egyptians were living on this world, and it hasn't lost its value since.
This United States currency was attached to gold through 1971.
We're good to go!
That money comes into existence through the creation of a loan.
That's what the Federal Reserve is.
It's a bank, and it lends us the money, and that's how it gets into the economy.
But every time you see these defaults occurring, that means that that money that's been lent into the economy disappears into the same black hole that it was created from.
It goes away.
And that's why these banks collapsing.
That's the real issue there.
Allow these banks to collapse and the money supply dries up to nothing and there's no currency for commerce.
That's why you don't have food in the grocery stores.
Everything comes to a screeching halt.
And we obviously need to get away from the system because the people of the United States shouldn't be forced to take on debt in order to have economic commerce.
That's a crazy
Crazy notion that it would even accept something like that, and yet it was sold to us in 1913.
Now we're sitting here, the dollars imploding, and the companies that created these derivatives and all these different things, you know, they're all falling apart, and it just doesn't make sense.
It does not make sense to have your money in the bank.
It doesn't make sense to have your money in annuities.
It doesn't make sense to have your money in any of that paper stuff.
We've got people calling up, freaking out, going, my annuity isn't insured.
They don't believe us.
We're good to go.
I believe gold's only going to go up.
All the market fundamentals state that as a law of finance, a law of currency, a law of economics.
But bottom line, this is something that is real.
This is something that is scarce.
This is something that has intrinsic value anywhere in the world.
The brokers are there until midnight.
Ted, can you, because that's another great deal.
These deals you've been offering have just been amazing.
Can you hold that deal again to midnight tonight?
I most certainly will.
Give her hell or high water.
I don't care where gold goes.
I'll hold it till midnight and then we'll watch and see what happens tomorrow.
We may even be able to do it for tomorrow.
Briefly, gold's been all over the place today.
I know it was up this morning.
Where is it right now?
Well, right now, the last time I looked, gold was at 873.40.
It had a high today of 891.40.
There's this gyration going on because they don't know what's going to happen
And the Plunge Protection Team keeps dumping money trying to rally the stock market, which everybody knows now that happened right before 1929.
Open discussion of depression and things.
Call Midas Resources today, 800-686-2237.
Let me give you that number again, folks.
I wouldn't procrastinate on this.
I don't need to procrastinate.
Thanks for popping in with us for the segment.
I really appreciate all you're doing.
Yeah, thanks.
I'm gonna go get back to shipping this stuff.
We're way behind, so I gotta get on it, okay?
All right, here we go, ladies and gentlemen.
It is crazy.
Stay with us.
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866... From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Okay, we are skipping the next break in between votes in the House and doing his work and his lunch.
He's joining us.
He'll be with us until about 23, 24 after.
So note to networks, we're skipping the next break.
Congressman Ron Paul joins us, former presidential candidate, as Libertarian, then for
President, he has been for decades warning about how the international banking system would cause a world implosion.
He's been intensely warning the last few months on national television in Congress and here on this radio show.
And I specifically want to get from him the breakdown of what's happening, this unprecedented
I don't
Two parties have circled the wagons.
They're saying you must give us unlimited power and five trillion dollars, according to Bloomberg's, the real number, Bloomberg Financial, or depression will strike, which itself is enough to send the markets into oblivion.
So please, Congressman Ron Paul, who was just questioning Bernanke and the Banking Committee yesterday, the only one asking real questions, tell us what we're truly facing right now.
Who are the culprits?
Do people need to be brought to justice for this so that the criminal activity stops?
And what is your idea of a plan to try to avert what's happening versus their stick-up bailout, Congressman?
Well, obviously it is very, very serious, and we've been warning about it, as you have on your radio program, and it's here.
But when they say that if we don't do exactly as they say and turn over more of our money and more of our liberties and exempt themselves from any court in the whole nation,
They're trying to intimidate us and stampede us into doing the wrong thing.
But they're also right when they say that if they don't do that, we're going to have serious problems.
Yes, we are.
But we're going to have much more serious problems if we do what they want.
We lost him.
I'll call him back.
Okay, classic there ladies and gentlemen.
We lost the congressman over the congressional phone line system.
And so we are calling Congressman Ron Paul back right now on this key day with the decision of this nation being decided.
This is one of the most important crossroads in this country and in the world's economic history.
Will the criminals that have orchestrated this crisis
That's nothing to do with the subprime loans.
That's less than a hundred billion of the trillions of junk and derivatives that are out there.
Will they be able to
orchestrate uh... an expansion of their power out of the crisis they've committed to bring us even under greater control of the uh... economic fascist or will the american people rally and say no and come up with a real plan to avert economic depression this is make it or break it right now we're getting congressman ron paul back up on the line for folks watching a prison planet dot tv right now we are
Streaming live.
Bush and McCain blackmail America with economic terrorism.
Excellent article by Paul Joseph Watson that everyone should read and also get out to your email list, friends and family and others.
Because it's key right now that the American people understand why and how this is happening and who the culprits are.
That is absolutely essential right now that that happen.
And the good news is, in the Rossmussen polls and other polls, under 30% or 28% in some polls, lower in some others, higher in others, but never above 30%.
Only 30% of the people are supporting this.
And that is very, very exciting.
Were we able to get the Congressman back?
It is pandemonium up there at the Capitol with the phone system.
We will get the Congressman back on with us.
Lawmakers, financial bailout agreement reached.
This is Associated Press.
This just came out 10 minutes ago.
Warned of possible financial panic.
Key Republicans and Democrats reported agreement in principle Thursday on a $700 billion bailout of the financial industry and said they would present it to Bush administration in hopes of a vote within days.
Emerging from the two-hour negotiation session, Senator Chris Dodd, the Banking Committee Chairman said, we are very confident that we can act expeditiously.
I now expect that we will indeed have a plan that can pass the House, pass the Senate, and be signed by President, said Senator Bob Bennett, Republican, Utah.
The bipartisan consensus on the general discussion of the legislation was reported just hours before President Bush was to host presidential contenders Barack Obama, John McCain, and congressional leaders at the White House for discussions on how to clear obstacles to the unpopular rescue plan.
See, it's unpopular, so you have the establishment showing.
It's the establishment against the people giving dictatorial powers to these private interests.
Congressman, I had a little snafu there, but at least we've got ten minutes left with you.
He's back.
Please go back to where you were.
You were dealing with the very people that have engineered this are now saying give us unlimited blank check power.
Yeah, that's what they want, and they don't want any review of any court.
So they want dictatorship.
They want to pass all the penalty and suffering on the average person on Main Street.
They talk about illiquid assets, but what they should say is assets that have no value, that everybody would know what they're talking about.
And they just want to dump the real assets on us, and the bankers and others who are in special locations will pick up pieces of the good assets that were left over.
And we will have a depression or recession.
It's locked in place due to previous Federal Reserve action.
The only question is whether this will last one year or ten years and a full decade, and we lose a lot of liberties in the meantime.
And I was saying earlier that it looks like, from what I sense in this Congress, they're opting out for a decade plus of the
Depression, rather than saying, let's correct our ways, let's balance the budget, let's cut taxes, let's bring our troops home and do all sensible things.
And what they're going to do is more the same of printing money and spending, so that will prolong the agony and prevent the corruption that is mandatory.
If we're talking about 13 to 15 percent real inflation compounded, that is going to be devastating to people on fixed incomes, but the general economy itself is already grinding to a halt right here in Texas, even in Austin, supposedly the most successful city in the country right now.
Things are bad, Congressman.
Yeah, and you know,
We've had in addition over in our area, you know, along the coast, we've had the addition of the hurricane problem.
But, you know, if you're starting to feel it there, you can imagine what it must be like living in Nevada and California and Michigan and all these other places that have been suffering for a lot longer than a month or two.
It's been a year or two, and there's still a long way to go.
And my point is, as long as you prevent and slow up the liquidation and the correction, the longer the pain and the suffering lasts.
What about criminal charges?
I mean, there's no doubt that the brokerage firms and hedge funds that put out all this fake paper knew they were engaging in criminal activities.
I mean, don't we need to have some investigations and prosecutions so that Wall Street will stop engaging in these activities?
Yeah, there's no doubt about it, but probably if you wanted to prosecute the most guilty party, you'd have to prosecute the Federal Reserve Board and the politicians who promote that, because that's where the biggest fraud is.
Yes, that is true.
This encourages fraud and deceit and all this speculation.
But I like to see that as local as possible.
Just remember not too many years ago when Enron went bankrupt.
It motivated everybody to say, hey, there's not enough regulation, so they passed Sarbanes-Oxley, which was totally unnecessary and has hurt our economy.
In Enron, people were prosecuted under Texas anti-fraud laws.
So the whole idea of getting the FBI involved, that's sort of the FBI, BATF approach, and we don't like national police, so yes, they should be convicted and put in prison when they defrauded the public.
So you want to see state grand juries in the proper role under the Tenth Amendment that have very serious teeth, and the crime is public, so they need to convene grand juries right now.
Yeah, and we have proper authority for that, and experience with it.
I think the Enron case is a good example.
Okay, solutions.
I mean, you have won world economic awards.
I mean, I don't like to toot your horn, but you've won some of the most prestigious awards out there by different schools of economics.
Of course, the Austrian school, the Von Mise Institute.
What is your plan?
What would you do right now if you were the president and you were having this meeting coming up in a few hours?
What would Ron Paul do?
Of course, you have to realize a constitutional president is cautious about not becoming a dictator himself.
I know what the policy should be, of course, and you have to find out what the Congress is going to do.
But there would be a lot you could do.
You could probably... I think the most important thing is to send the message that we're going to quit living beyond our means.
And the President can set the standard for that.
And he has the most control under the Constitution on foreign policy.
He could say, look, no more wars.
We're done with these wars.
We're not going to take on the Russians.
We're not going to go take on people in Venezuela.
We're going to start talking to the Cubans.
And bring our troops home and save hundreds of billions of dollars.
That would send a powerful message that the dollar would respond to and actually oil prices would come down.
But then you have to get a consensus.
You have to get people to say, look, are you ready for a new idea about government?
Something that the founders knew about?
Government should be limited to protecting liberties.
We have to talk about unraveling the welfare state.
And we have to give up our ideas of world empire.
And that is the most important thing a president could do.
In the meantime, the policy ought to be shrink the size of the government, decrease the regulation, work towards a sound money, remove the authority of the Fed to create money out of thin air, and get tax reduction.
We need radical tax reduction.
They want more money in the economy.
Well, if we didn't have an income tax and did away with the spending, we'd all be a lot richer, and all of a sudden I think we would thrive in a short period of time.
I would permit the liquidation of debt to continue.
All right, Congressman, we have the AP reporting that a financial bailout agreement has been reached.
Basically, they're going along with almost all of what Paulson called for in his new financial imperium, or failing forward.
Getting back to prosecution, I mean, if you're saying go after the Fed governors, are you talking about Alan Greenspan, the former chairman?
Are you talking about Helicopter Ben?
Who are you talking about?
All of them, but, you know, in a way that's a symbolic gesture because they are
People who have been put in office, you know, through the system and the President.
I don't think we'd get anywhere on there, but morally speaking, they're the culprits.
And, you know, in 1792, when we had our first cornyjack, they said anybody that counterfeited money deserved a death penalty.
That's what they thought, because they hated inflation.
And here we are.
We endorse inflation, legalize it, and put, you know, how long was Alan Greenspan considered the maestro?
Nobody would say boo to him.
Here he set up the whole stage of this whole problem that we have.
And really he's just the little man behind the curtain running the scam.
We only have about four minutes left with you, Congressman.
I wanted to get into the Army Times last week announcing regular combat brigades to be rotated in for crowd control with microwave guns, non-lethal weapons.
We see the federal expansion.
We're good to go.
About civil unrest, if a depression comes, or if this deepens, and how do we counter that when they start activating regular army groups in the United States?
Well, it's going to be tough, because that's the movement.
They tell you what their attitude is with that provision in Paulson's bill, which says, we're exempt from the courts.
We don't even want the courts to look at it.
They may modify that language, but you know what their attitude is.
And they want to be lawless.
They don't want to be held accountable.
And that's why it is extremely dangerous.
I talk about the economic dangers, and we all should be concerned, because we want a high standard of living.
But ultimately, the only thing that counts is our freedom.
You know, we could be very, very poor.
We could wipe out a lot of wealth in this country.
But if we had our freedoms in the market and found money,
We would all go back to work quickly, we would help our neighbors and our friends, and we would be wealthy in a short period of time.
So that's why, what you're talking about, are we going to have martial law?
Or are we going to have more freedoms?
And the more problems that we have, the more likely it is that we're going to have martial law.
So I do think they anticipate and make plans for these things.
In closing, Congressman, you have detailed the fact that government is always co-opted by private corporations and corrupt systems, and no matter how much good you try to put into it, it always turns out becoming corrupted.
But at the same time, people losing their homes, companies falling apart,
The real economy being raided by Wall Street right now with the previous bailout money, you know, banning the shorting only on themselves but then turning the dogs loose on the real economy.
I know you're against the bailout of the bankers.
Is it a lesser evil to have some type of bailout of the infrastructure itself because we're like an emaciated person that's been thrown up on the shore?
Or what do you say to that?
And what do you mean by infrastructure?
Are you talking about material infrastructure, roads, highways, and things?
Well, all of it, and then people losing their houses.
I mean, if we're going to have a bailout, shouldn't it be of the American people?
I mean, I know that's bad, too, but isn't that better?
On principle, I wouldn't endorse that, but I also always have a program of transition.
If money is to be spent, we have to pay for it.
Just recently, we had a disaster relief program, and I voted against it.
And I did because we don't have the money.
But I'm not against doing some of that, but I'm against building the deficit to do it.
I would cut, you know, if we need $10 billion for survival reasons here or infrastructure.
I would cut $20 billion overseas, put $10 billion against the deficit, and use $10 billion here at home.
And that's not perfect, but it's so much better than continuing to spend money and expand our programs overseas and getting ourselves into so much trouble.
So the lesser of two evils.
Well, I certainly agree with you there.
This is the final question, Congressman.
They're saying that they're going to go ahead and go with the bailout.
Do you think that's going to fall apart, or do you think the scaremongering by both parties' leaders of imminent depression is going to get this rammed through?
And then, down the road, how bad do you think this will accelerate the hyperinflation?
Well, it's going to be inflationary, but it might calm the markets for a little while, but it will not solve the problem.
It just delays the inevitable.
But yesterday I would have said, boy, there's no way they can get these votes today.
You know, arm-twisting and giving everybody benefits and boosting this package up and passing out more funds.
It looks like they're going to defy the American people.
And it tells you how close the two parties are because you see, all of a sudden, you don't see McCain and Obama fighting over this.
They both endorse these bailout principles.
And you see Clinton endorsing basically McCain.
I mean, it's a love fest.
So that tells you that they are in charge, and you know that we've complained a lot about the political system and why
Anybody who truly objects to the establishment can't get very far in today's establishment.
Is that why you're endorsing Chuck Baldwin over the Republican candidate?
Well, I've rejected the two-party system, the two candidates, so yes, I did pick Chuck over... Congressman, I think this could end up destroying the New World Order globalist system.
I think they've overreached, and this is badly coordinated, and I think this is finally going to destroy the people's confidence in this giant megastate.
Do you agree with that?
I think that's a possibility, because I think they get to the point where they think they're like God and they can control everything, and they don't realize the market really is more powerful than all the bankers and all the politicians.
The markets rule.
It just takes time, and it's sort of about who's going to be the victims and all.
They think they have control, but ultimately, you know, it's the underground economy that
That is the real economy, so I think they could overstep themselves and hopefully we can come out with a better world afterwards.
Well, we're really blessed to have you up there watching the Banking Crime Syndicate.
They're on the House Banking Committee, Congressman, and we just want to thank you.
Please plug some of the websites and the book or any other information or any congressional websites that people might want to check into.
Okay, if you go to ronpaul.org and go to all my websites, but the most significant right now is Campaign for Liberty.
Either one will find me.
I'm found very easily on the internet.
Sir, thank you for your time.
Take care.
Okay, thank you very much.
There goes Congressman Ron Paul, spending 20 minutes with us today.
You bet.
We appreciate him taking the time out to do that in his busy schedule.
I know we have loaded phone lines here.
When you hear a caller hang up, it means you can get involved on air.
I'm going to go to your calls, but I'm going to go to them in rapid succession.
For me, that means extremely slow.
But on this call list, John, who is up next?
Matt in the UK.
Matt in the good old UK.
You're on the air.
Go ahead.
Thank you very much, sir, and I hope you're feeling a lot better, by the way.
I've enjoyed the topic today.
Yeah, I just want to mention very quickly, I know you've got a lot of calls to your show.
Basically, I watched the Bush thing yesterday in the UK.
And I just want to mention that basically, where I live in the UK, there's a lot of houses that have been repossessed.
And what the councils are doing is, is obviously the ones that have been repossessed, they're going to privatise and rent them out.
I don't know.
I saw some plans of that so you have government engaging in predatory activity at every level and of course the United States has said it's going to quote bail out the British banks they're talking about 200 billion pounds or that's 400 million plus dollars just in the UK with your 70 million or 80 million
I mean, think about the magnitude of this.
And so, the people pay for the bailout, and then they get their houses taken, and then government takes your tax money locally and buys the houses again, so really the banks are being paid.
That's just like in the U.S.
they're saying,
Top dollar will be paid for the junk securities and the derivatives and then the good homes and the bad homes, all of it, by the taxpayer.
Top dollar!
And then we get to have our houses taken!
I mean, I mean, it's just crime on crime on crime and just a mindless public, you know, no idea what's even going on.
They're just absolutely, like, people have had their ears gouged out, their eyes gouged out, their tongues cut out, beaten in the head with hammers, just drooling on the side of the road, just worshipping black ski masks, worshipping cameras, worshipping FEMA camps.
I mean, I feel sorry for people.
I mean, I mean, the people in the UK are blinded by this because, like,
The mortgage interest rate has gone up by 8, 9, even 10% in the UK, and people just can't afford it.
I mean, like, I don't know what it's like in the US for, like, we have, like, a minimum wage.
It's like £5.52 UK pounds.
I don't know what that is in US dollars.
But people just can't live on this minimum wage.
And then we're at RPM saying that they've created 3 million new jobs.
3 million new jobs where?
Matt, gotta jump.
Scott, Bill, John, Michael, stay with us.
Thank you for the call.
We'll be right back.
We're on the march, the empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Seven years after the attacks of September 11th, a global awakening has taken place.
An inside job?
How dare you?
If you know that there's treason going on, you can be held accountable for treason yourself.
All hell is breaking loose on 6th Avenue.
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Grave Digger.
Grave Digger.
Boy, and you dig my grave.
Man, Willie Nelson's voice is soothing.
By the way, just a program note.
I'm going to announce tomorrow or Monday.
We've already judged the essays.
I'm trying to judge the videos.
We want to try to be fair about this.
We already had one wave of contests.
For $3,000, a $2,000 prize and a $1,000 prize.
Those won a month or so ago.
The second wave, it's been a few weeks since that closed out, and we got a couple hundred essays of each, hundreds of videos, and we're just, all of us have been watching, reading, trying to pick the best winners.
So we're going to get on to that.
Also, Willie Nelson was on with us a few months ago, a month and a half ago, and a caller said, hey, you ought to have a 9-11 Truth Rally.
And he said, I'll do that in a minute.
And I said, well, do you really want to do it?
And he goes, yeah, set it up.
And then at the dates when he was going to be in Texas, he's not here that much anymore, it was just conflicts, and he said, look, just come to one of my concerts, and I'll have you and Jesse Ventura speak there.
And I had no idea how special this concert is, and who else is going to be there.
And so, Willie said, I mean, by the time he announced it, this concert was already sold out.
And so I kind of like, well, I can't have a bunch of people come to it.
We're going to have a free one.
But we're going to stream it live over the web.
It'll be at InfoWars.com for free.
And we've already been out there and wired all that up out there with his people.
And I'm just going to leave it at that.
And I have been so busy I haven't even called Ventura back.
He's set.
He's coming into town in his RV.
Last time I talked to him was like three weeks ago.
I've been too busy.
I'm going to call them tomorrow.
And it's all set up.
It's a done deal.
But I'm just going to get them both set up to come on and promote the event on air in the next month.
In a few weeks I'll announce where it's set and where it's going to be, but just know this, in late October you'll be able to watch it for free on Infowars.com.
I'm going to pay for it and stream it out and do the whole deal Willie was offering to hook up his own stuff and do it.
I said, look, I don't want to bug you.
Frankly, with all the economic stuff that's happening, all the things that are going on, I haven't really been thinking about it much.
You know, it's exciting, but at the same time, people who never met celebrities, who don't know celebrities, or haven't hung out with real celebrities, you know, people think it's like Cloud 9 and some magical kingdom that no one's ever been to, and you'd just be happy and fulfilled if you'd ever been there.
And me, I just know so many, and I'm not bragging either, it's, you know, the point is, because they're, you know, they think the same, or they agree with me, or they like what I'm doing, or, they reach out.
So many other countless celebrities have reached out and I don't even... It's really embarrassing.
I'm actually not very good at this.
I had a huge icon of rock and roll call a few weeks ago and I never even called him back.
Most people would kill for this and I am just like totally thinking about the New World Order and banking and FEMA camps and army brigades, you know, to occupy the U.S.
and it kind of makes me mad.
I wish I could enjoy
You know, having huge people call me up or, you know, finding out about icons that are listeners to this show.
And I wish I had time to, you know, go play golf with Willie Nelson.
Or, you know, get invited out to his place in Maui.
I mean, he's just such a great guy.
Can't do it.
Gotta stay here.
And be hated on and everything else that goes on.
But it doesn't matter.
Because it is the work that matters.
And also, I'm a little bit gun shy.
Just a little bit gun shy.
Every time some huge celebrity contacts us.
Or we run into them and have them on air.
It wakes up new people because it's a fad-driven, celebrity-driven society.
People also resonate with celebrities getting out of the left-right paradigm and really covering hardcore issues.
People resonate with the courage.
But I also kind of cringe with some of the guests we have coming on next week.
One of them rescheduled, I think, until Wednesday for Monday because of a flight situation, changing flights.
But some big guests next week.
And I almost cringe before they come on because I go,
You know, I want to have these big people on so people can hear what they think about the New World Order, so people can hear their views, but then it'll get media attention, and then it wakes people up, it expands 9-11 Truth, it expands people's awareness, but then the movement itself that is peopled with folks that have, I guess, never had my success, the hating just goes absolutely wild, and the manufacturing
Of baloney, and the lies about me, and it doesn't hurt my feelings.
Only in that, it doesn't hurt my feelings that I'm being attacked personally.
People are lying about me because I got a thick skin, and I'm kind of the type of person where it just, you know, in a sick way I just go, hehehe.
But I'm trying to not be like that.
I'm trying to not giggle and snicker around the office like Emperor Palpatine, because that's a little too comfortable for me to get into that mode and just go, I don't care, hehehe.
But yeah, I'm trying to not be a hard person.
And I'm trying to let my good side dominate and take over, and then when I totally shift over to my good side, well, we all have a good side and a bad side.
I just feel sorry for people, because folks, I'm legitimate.
I mean, I'm the real deal.
And am I perfect?
But I mean, I'm the real deal, and that's why so many millions of people resonate with this show.
That's why people of discernment resonate with this broadcast.
That's why people who
Who are awakening, you know, resonate, and it hurts my feelings that a lot of people attacking us are not feds.
You know, it's easy to say, oh, they're feds, and some of them clearly are, and that's been admitted before, but a lot of them aren't.
They are just people who really are products of the culture, and so they don't like the New World Order, and they don't like what's going on, but they also hate anybody doing well.
And see, that's how the New World Order sees things.
They see things like anybody that doesn't like the New World Order or doesn't like tyranny, well, they're just jealous they want the power.
And, you know, the old saying is that revolutionaries or closet want to be elitist or aristocrats.
But I know in my heart, and I know from the people that I work with, the people I'm around, that there are good, decent people who love liberty and want to face down this tyranny.
The very process of unseating tyranny and resisting it does bring power upon those who take power in their hands.
So we have taken power, and to resist tyranny.
And we have to be very careful that in that process we are not turned into what we were resisting.
And that certainly is a great danger.
Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts, absolutely.
But the fruits of this tree, I mean, if we were an apple tree, and Christ said, judge a tree by its fruits, this tree is laden.
The branches are laying on the ground with just huge apples, or oranges, or dates, figs, whatever tree you want to imagine, fruit tree, with pears.
With grapefruit, you know, whatever.
I mean, it is just so much fruit, the tree is just bulging with it.
And so many of these people that attacked me, they came and, you know, they woke up because of the information we put out.
And then if you're supposedly good people that attack me 24-7, well then how is it that I woke you up?
Or how was it that my work and others I woke up woke you up?
I mean, how is it that we brought in such a mighty harvest
And then you're like a bad son who is 14 years old and is embarrassed to go out to eat with their parents and basically hates their parents and hates how your parents look and hate how they talk.
Now once you're 25 and have kids, you'll love your parents and realize how good they were and everything they did.
But you're like snot-nosed 14 year olds
Looking at your daddy.
And who's your daddy?
You know, a lot of you know it.
I'm your daddy.
And you don't like it.
Now listen, I never claimed I'm the best daddy in this movement.
And you know, I've tried to skew the mantle a million times.
But I just can't do it.
I mean, if I'm going to risk my life, go all the way against the New World Order, do everything I can against it, you know, number one, I'm not your leader.
But I recognize a lot of people see me as a leader, and you've got to start being more sophisticated, folks.
The government knows how to manipulate your envy, your greed, your avarice, your hatred, your lust, all of it.
And they know how to whip you up into just incredible things.
And you know, every time I talk about this, my detractors howl with glee, thinking that they're hurting me.
You're not.
In a sick way, through negative energy, you're actually building and energizing and pushing this show.
And, you know, if you really cold-bloodedly hated me, you'd never talk about me.
I mean, if you really cold-bloodedly wanted to hurt this radio show, you would ignore it and forget it existed.
So, understand, attacks on this show only intensify it.
Only make it stronger.
I mean, attacks with people out creating fake websites where they claim that I'm saying kill people and trying to get Murder for Hire going.
That only made people realize that it was a fraud.
And then there's other schizophrenics and crazies and nuts and people who I really feel sorry for.
I wish I could sit down with them and, you know, get a hold of their hand and look them in the eye and, you know, because it's easy to hate some jealous, envious person who doesn't like you or dislike them or, you know, just disregard and not care and laugh at it.
But it's sad when there's well-meaning, weak-minded people
Uh, who have picked up on COINTELPRO and Mockingbird disinformation.
That's what Mockingbird is.
You know, the CIA puts out their info, then others parrot it.
And just to see that, you know, to see people who I know are deceived, and to see people I know are in bondage, and people I know could have so much more potential.
With their radio shows, and their films, and their websites, if they just wouldn't be in-fighting little bastards.
And you know who these people are.
There's hundreds of them.
And they always attack.
And there's always someone new they're attacking.
And it's always about who's the best, or who puts out what info, or who's right about this.
Hey, folks, we're now nearing the economic collapse.
I mean, they're deploying regular army to the U.S.
for a homeland mission against the American people.
What's in John Warren Defense Authorization Act is now openly stated by the Army.
The rubber is now meeting the road, and people, you really need to just have a gut check, and really analyze your own mindsets out there, and ask yourself what direction you're going in.
And you need to do it now, because we need everybody in this movement.
So any of you that aren't government agents, any of you that aren't being handled, you need to really
Be circumspect about it, and look at yourselves.
And I try to look at myself every day, and believe me, I don't like what I see a lot of the time.
And I have to pull up and behave myself.
I mean, Lord knows, man, I'm a worldly person.
And I've been around the block a couple times.
And, you know, I don't claim to be perfect, but I try every day to be a good person.
I try every day to not be wicked.
I try every day to make moral decisions, and to be sharing, and loving, and compassionate, and helpful, and have empathy for people.
And I know when you have empathy, it hurts.
Because you see all the other bad things that are happening to people, and then you care.
And then it gets to you.
Or you could just be a hard person who just doesn't care, and I'm out for myself, and so what?
And kind of go through life, but then you shutter yourself in.
You limit who you could truly be by not opening your soul up to the world.
By not being a good person.
So I would just tell everybody, we're coming towards points in time when things are going to get much worse than they are now.
That's undoubted.
I mean, that's a foregone conclusion.
The only question is how severe will the military, socioeconomic, political, societal... I mean, it's not just the government that's going to hell.
I mean, the public is acting like ravenous demons in parking, in stores, on the street, in business.
Hacking of all types is way up.
Just stealing is way up.
I mean, it's going to get bad.
I mean, it's going to get bad.
And I would challenge our movement to spend all the time you can exposing things we can stop.
The bankers are behind it.
The bankers are criminal.
The bankers engineered it.
Don't drink sodium fluoride and the other toxins they put in there under that name.
Learn how to properly filter.
Don't take mercury-filled shots.
Don't give it to babies.
Don't eat GMO foods.
Don't eat MSG.
Don't eat aspartame.
I mean, this is stuff killing millions of people every year.
And this is something we can do now.
Something warning people.
Folks are really listening.
We've reached exponential flashpoint.
Now is when people will actually listen to you.
We can save lives.
The CPS is in trouble.
Child Protective Services, Family Services caught raping, killing kids everywhere.
Rape rooms at the dormitories.
It's all over the news worldwide in the U.S.
and England, Europe.
I mean, the government is really being discredited right now.
We can go and take over local governments peacefully.
We can get rid of the electronic voting machines.
We're having victories in many areas there where people fight back.
But people say, give me a solution, give me a solution.
It isn't some silver bullet out of Congress.
It is you gut-checking, looking in the mirror, not spending your time spinning your wheels, fighting and infighting with our movement and saying, who's right, or who's this, or who's that, or he doesn't cover this, he doesn't cover that.
Somebody isn't covering something, call into the show.
And don't accuse them of not covering it.
Say, hey, you ought to have this person on.
Hey, let me tell you about this.
Have an attitude of winners, because the world needs us.
The salt of the earth, the light of the world, they need people that love liberty and love God and love honor and love innocence.
And you're needed, folks, not to have this morbid New World Order spell of just, you know, with each other.
It's disgusting.
And not just against me, it's everybody doing this.
It has to stop.
Those of you that are aware of this information have a sacred duty and honor to get this information out.
Well, how do I do that then?
Tell me exactly how.
Hey, there's a million ways to do it.
You think of the ways to do it.
I'll give you examples.
Alright, we've got loaded phone lines here.
Somebody disagrees.
So I'm going to skip ahead of... They dropped off.
They dropped off?
And there's no phone lines open?
Nope, they're all full.
Scott in Arizona.
Oh hey Alex, my question is
We know that we're going to be the ones paying this bill out back, alright?
And I talked to you about this before, but I want to find out.
We know it's $5 trillion, what Bloomberg's reporting is probably true.
Where are they getting this money?
First of all, where are they getting the money?
Have they released that exactly, printed that out?
No, no, they're going to sell debt that basically the U.S.
taxpayer has to pay for.
So, let me explain.
They're just going to levy taxes and fines and fees, and they're going to raise some of the money by selling U.S.
securities on the world market.
What are those securities that they've listed?
There's different types of bonds, different types of government bonds, different types of government securities.
And that's going to come up with the $700 billion that they're talking about?
Yeah, it's called the national debt.
But again, part of it's financed, part of it's done through, but again, then when those become mature, the American people through taxes have to pay off on those bonds.
You understand how that works?
They issue the bonds, and then when it's time to cash in the one year, the two year, the three year, the ten year, you know, when it's time for those to come in, they're always coming in, we pay.
Guys in black ski masks come and kick down your door and drag you out and sell all your stuff and sell your house.
I got a question for you.
You think they're going to come up with a debtor's prison for Americans that are... England is actually setting those up and they're talking about arresting you now for debts in this country, yes.
Our debts will not be forgiven.
That's what I'm wondering about because that sounds like something they're going to come out in the future here real shortly.
Yeah, they're bastards.
All kinds of stuff.
Anything else you want to add, Scott?
No, that's it.
Good to hear from you.
Uh, we're gonna come back and, uh, got everybody who's patiently holding.
The websites, they are InfoWars.com and PresentPlanet.com.
I'm Alex Jones.
Don't forget, I'm a documentary filmmaker, and the film's the most powerful tool we've got in the Info War.
Check out the websites.
Get the videos.
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Today, unlike any other in the long course of American history, a terrorist act of war against this country.
The enemy struck America on September 11th.
But who is the enemy?
Bin Laden.
This is his ammo.
We have to look to the Middle East.
We have to look to Osama Bin Laden.
Fabled Enemies is the first 9-11 film to take a close look at the terrorist ties to intelligence networks inside the United States.
Some U.S.
investigators believe that there are Israelis again very much engaged in spying in and on the U.S.
I'm aware that some Israeli citizens have been detained.
Bin Laden's connections to the CIA, the hijacker's ties to the FBI, the Saudi Arabian connection, the Israeli intelligence network, warnings and war games, the shadow government, and much, much more.
Fabled Enemies.
Get the DVD at InfoWars.com or see it in super high quality along with hundreds of other titles at PrisonPlanet.tv.
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Spray Your Plate photo blocker spray reflects and protects against flash photo images, making your plate unreadable.
One can of photo blocker will pay for itself many times over, last forever, and is completely unreadable.
I think so.
Oh, this song talks about the bankers!
I am a Midwest farmer.
I make a living off the land.
I ride a John Deere tractor.
I'm a liberated man.
The rain, it hasn't fallen since the middle of July.
And if it don't come soon, my crops will die.
The bankman says he likes me.
The bankman says he likes me, but there's nothing he can do.
He tells me that he's coming, but the clouds are coming too.
Alright, Bill, Ricardo, Cole, Brian, Christopher.
Bill, you're on the air.
Yes, sir.
You know that they're understating it, the amount of money for the bailout and the bill, correct?
You know that Bloomberg said five trillion and he's getting closer, right?
Yes, sir.
And you know it's a lot further out than that, right?
Well, in the bill, the way they have structured it, it's basically unlimited.
It says they can just do whatever they want.
Exactly, and I've been following you and listening to a lot of this stuff, and you know that, we know that.
Is this going to change anything?
It's going to rapidly devalue the dollar, and government is going to squeeze at every level to get assets to pay it.
Will we still be in a depression eventually?
Yes, eventually, and it will be far worse.
Far worse.
Now, do you think this will change any of their agendas for Iran or confronting Russia?
By doing this, they will continue to fund their operations, so it will allow them to continue.
Right, and isn't this thing so far out that they actually need to capture even more resources and more control eventually to keep the Ponzi scheme going?
You said it all, brother.
And what are we doing here?
Why shouldn't we have approached this not as a bailout, but we should approach this as a buyout of the Federal Reserve and end this nonsense.
I agree.
I've been saying nationalize the Federal Reserve, take it over and arrest them, and you heard Ron Paul saying they should be arrested.
And that needs to be a headline on InfoWars.com right there.
You know what's going to happen here.
I agree.
They're going to bankrupt everything.
They're going to suck everything dry.
That's why the 1 in 10 college grads is Homeland Security.
It's going to shift into a military industrial complex economy.
And it's going to be hell on earth.
And it's going to be at the barrel of a gun.
They're going to kill a lot of people.
Yep, they're planning a Maoist regime.
And folks, we're going into hell.
And Alex, wouldn't you, and I know you would because you're similar, you have children like I have, wouldn't you rather go through a few years of misery
And face and help other people survive this misery and go back to a, you know, a wealthy economy.
There is going to have to be government support of the people.
Alex, there's not going to be any resolution to any of this until we approach the idea of the Federal Reserve and buy them out.
Well, not even buy them out.
They need to be arrested.
It needs to be directly nationalized right now.
You know, when they talk about putting full brigades, and they're rotating them in and out of Iraq, from what I understand.
Yeah, no, they're going to build up a huge force.
It's not one brigade.
When they're here, and they finally get disgusted with having to do this horrible task of confronting the people who will resist, then when they finally look like they may acquiesce to the people, then they're going to float them out again.
Well, they're also going to find out who likes it and who doesn't, and then keep them here in sheep-dipped local commissars.
So you'll just have them in a local federal police uniform strutting around, everyone groveling, bringing them coffee and hot cakes, and strutting around in their glistening armored outfits, and marching, and everyone, oh, sir, thank you, please don't take me away, oh God, I love the government, oh!
It's just a bowing, broke-back nation of people licking boots.
Better write a book.
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We're going to go to Ricardo in just a few minutes because he was on the line when the show ended yesterday, then Cole, Brian, and Christopher.
Bob Chapman rides shotgun, the internationalforecaster.com for the rest of the hour with us.
So much has happened since he was on with us last week.
Things are accelerating fast.
Bob, let's break down from your perspective with the biggest newsletter in financial history in the U.S.
Military Intelligence before that, one of the largest gold and silver brokers in one of your incarnations, and you're back out of retirement now with one of the biggest newsletters again, the International Forecaster.
You've been forecasting and breaking all this down for a long time.
You've said within the next two years, total depression, basically no way to get out of that.
Ron Paul was saying it looks like they are going to try to go into martial law with the army brigades.
The Congress is agreeing to the total bailout, basically making Paulson supreme dictator.
The world economy, the power to buy, sell, raid any companies, the way other analysts have read this, it allows them to grab houses, infrastructure under executive orders.
Just break down what we're witnessing from your own perspective, in your own words, Bob Chapman.
Well, first of all, the people who are ostensibly trying to save us from all of this are the people who executed the whole thing in the first place.
And the American public doesn't know that.
No one has told them that.
Yeah, you'd think that'd be a big news item.
A huge issue that literally the architect of this, even more than Greenspan, is Paulson.
I mean, he is the chief scallywag, the chief thief, the leader of this gang of pirates, and he's running around as our savior.
Exactly, and he was with Goldman Sachs when all this was going on, and so he was a contributor to the
In part, to the collapse of the economic system.
And that was caused by voracious greed on the part of all of these people.
And of course, the ringmaster was previously Sir Alan Greenspan, and now we have Ben Bernanke, whose idea of settling a financial question is to use helicopters and piles of money that they can dump out of.
And, you know, let me tell you something.
Were they not able to pass this bailout, they would have end-ran the thing anyway, and just continue to create masses amounts of money and credit to keep the system floating.
The whole thing is all about bailing out Wall Street and the bankers.
The numbers that we're talking about here, the minimum losses over the next five years will be $3 trillion.
It could get as high as $10 trillion.
Nobody really knows yet, because... So you think that's a good number out of Bloomberg?
Five trillion?
Is that what they said?
Well, that's a good number.
A very good number, because I'm being conservative.
Three to ten.
And I don't know where yet, because I don't know what's on everybody's balance sheets, because they're hiding it.
And these are the same people that Bernanke and Paulson
...are acting for to relieve them of all of this debt that they created through either their incompetence, their corruption, or their greed.
Well, I mean, reading this, where it says no one can question, no one can investigate anything they want to buy, sell, any activity they want, you know, all of them retroactively have liability protection.
That's not even the right word.
They're literally being given a pardon.
I mean, this is just... and the public's just walking around going... I mean, I say that, but you only have 28%.
Even worse, Alex, is
The Congress, they know what's going on.
They've known for four years that Fannie and Freddie were bankrupt.
It's a conspiracy of silence.
And I'll tell you, if they vote for this thing, you people out there have got to vote everyone out of office who voted for it in both houses.
We don't want them anymore.
The polls out there are now showing that 66% of the people are against this.
I mean, is that plain enough?
Actually, the Rasmussen poll, this is very accurate, shows 28% are for it, so that'd be 72% against it.
Stay there, Bob Chapman.
We'll come back.
Keep breaking this down.
Go to Ricardo, Cole, Brian, Christopher, and others.
800-259-9231 is the number to join us.
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We have to look to Osama Bin Laden.
Fabled Enemies is the first 9-11 film to take a close look at the terrorist ties to intelligence networks inside the United States.
Some U.S.
investigators believe that there are Israelis again very much engaged in spying in and on the U.S.
I'm aware that some Israeli citizens have been detained.
Either you are with us, or you are with the terrorists.
You know, I know exactly what you're thinking when it comes to this economy.
The banks are crashing.
The stock market's a mess.
There's the mortgage crisis.
There's the lending crisis.
There is the food and gasoline prices through the ceiling crisis.
And we are paralyzed a little bit.
We don't know exactly how to respond to it.
I don't know what to say.
What can you do?
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Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Okay, call's coming up here in just a few minutes.
Bob Chapman with us for the rest of the hour, final hour.
Bob, continue with breaking down what we're seeing unfold right now.
We won't know until probably Saturday what's going to go on, but all they're doing is buying a little time here, a little time, maybe a year, two years max, to extend the process of collapse.
And the price that's going to be paid is this horrific debt
And then on top of it, you're going to have massive inflation because the money that's going to be put into the system was just created out of thin air, effectively.
And it's immediately going to get monetized and immediately be translated to inflation.
As opposed to that normal money and credit being injected into the economy, it takes about a year and a half or a year or six months for it to show up in a form of inflation.
This happens immediately, so I'm calling inflation at 13.58%, and I would think that next year inflation would be over 20%.
And if they continue to do that, because they don't need $800 or $700 billion, they really need $3 trillion, well, you get Weimarism written all over it, and we're going to go through the same thing that they did
In Germany in 1920 to 1923.
Now Bob, explain to people, because it hasn't been taught in school anymore, explain what 15% or 20% compounded each year inflation means.
That's like someone coming in your bank account each year and stealing 20% out of it and then it compounds each year until in just three or four years there's nothing left.
Major federal studies, and those are even whitewashes, admit that the last six years, half the buying power of people on Social Security has already been lost.
My God, if another 20% is lost in the next year, I mean, this is going to be terminal for the real economy.
That's right.
Absolutely correct.
And, you know, they don't want to talk about that in Congress.
I mean, these people are absolutely despicable in our Congress.
They know what's going on.
And yet they're going to go along with the bankers' program.
The program to save the rich.
And, you know, I'm not a rich guy, poor guy sort of person.
I've been a lifelong, hardcore, rock-hard conservative.
And I'm telling you, this is fascism first class.
And I see them talking on CNBC about, if you can believe this term, and I heard Robert Reich this morning, who's the
Former evil dwarf of the Clinton administration, he's an economist at Harvard, talking about socialism and capitalism, the marriage of them two together, which would be called social capitalism.
I never heard anything so insane in my life, and this guy teaches at Harvard.
He's better off teaching tiddlywinks.
Bob, continue.
Well, we're going to have lots of inflation.
We're going to have lots of unemployment.
And I think that wages are not going to increase.
They've been increasing at about 3% a year.
So inflation is 13.58%.
Then we're losing 10%.
You know, the average wage earner is.
And so, you know, 10 years of that, you don't have anything in buying power.
Another thing that people seem to miss here is that our economy has been slowing down into recession for the last one and three-quarter years, almost two years in February.
Now, during that process, we've been having people get laid off.
And so, we've got three figures from unemployment.
The 6.1 they tell you about, the U6, which is 10 and seven-eighths, and the long-term unemployment, and these are government figures, which is 14 and seven-eighths percent.
Now, that is going to at least double over the next three years.
But again, we have all the parrots on radio and... I'm going to get to my punchline here.
Go ahead.
Hold on.
Now, 70% of the GDP right now comes from consumerism.
And I see some figures have been as high as 72%.
We'll call it 70.
The average long-term mean since the Second World War
That the consumer contributed to GDP is 64.5%.
If we just go back to 64.5%, the mean in unemployment will be 35%.
Now I want you to slowly go back over that again, because that is so huge.
Everywhere I hear it parroted, oh, unemployment's only 6.1%, but they cook that number, because after you go off the unemployment rolls, after six months, and are not re-employed, they take you out of the roll, but when you look at the real number,
Which they don't publicize.
The long-term unemployment, you're talking about a staggering double-digit figure.
And, I mean, my God, that is depression level to have.
Go over those numbers again.
The short-term is 6.1.
The intermediate term, including the people that just left unemployment lines or unemployment payments, is 10 and 7 eighths percent.
The long-term, people going back to 1990,
Is 14.7% or 14 and 7, 8% which is, which is 14.875.
And the government doesn't want you to hear about it.
Just like you said, Alex, they don't publicize it, publicize it, but they do publish it.
Now, but, but, you know, they never talk about the birth death ratio.
This is a little trick that they've got that they use and they hypothetically out of thin air pull figures out as to
How many people enter the workforce and how many people got jobs that they think they got but they don't know?
It's absolute insanity.
Well, that was my next question.
Go over some of the tricks they use to cook the books, because... Well, that's the main one.
The birth-death ratio, as it's called.
And in the CPI, they have another thing called hedonics.
That's a real fancy name for hedonists, I guess.
And that figure, what it amounts to is this.
Somebody goes to the store and they want to buy a pound of steak and it costs $5.
They say, I'm not going to pay $5.
I'm going to go over there and get that chopped meat for $3.
So they're saying that when prices rise, people will go to lesser cuts of meat and get them cheaper, thereby reducing inflation.
If you can back into that...
Yeah, they're saying, oh, inflation isn't bad, because if you can't afford a Cadillac or you can't afford a Ford, you can have an old Gremlin or Pinto, and so now the amount of money you have basically has been indexed off into something else.
It's just total crap.
Let's take some phone calls, and I want to get, because you have a lot of expertise in this,
After we take a gamut of calls here, Bob Chapman, into banning the short trades for 10 days, which is going to end at the end of the week, and 700 and something financial institutions, it's only banned on them, and the way I see this is they have turned loose
We're good to go.
Ali, how are you?
Thank you for taking my call.
I want to talk to you about a police brutality that happened in Redback, New Jersey.
Last Wednesday, September 10, my wife had a small lipo in her arms and tie.
It was early in the morning, so I picked it up at 1 o'clock.
She looked fine.
She looked perfect.
She went to get my son.
It was around 2.30, 3 o'clock.
Unfortunately, she got involved in a little fender bender.
Okay, what happened to your wife?
So, the cop took him out of the car and they tell him, listen, you're drunk.
And my wife said, no, I can't be drunk.
I don't drink.
You know, yeah, you smell like alcohol.
So they did the test.
And they, you know, they make you blow that thing and everything comes zero.
So all of a sudden, this guy comes over and grabs her through her arms and says, I just had a surgery, please, it hurts.
And the guy put her right against her car.
She started bleeding really bad.
Well, that's what happens to the Iraqis.
This is how we're all... So they slammed her head in the car.
What happened next?
And they were holding through her arms.
And then another cop came over.
They took my son out of her sight.
My son was crying.
They put him in the car by himself.
And the officer, you're on my side.
You stay in the car.
It's still today that my son gets up like four o'clock in the morning having a nightmare.
So... I know, they're hiring men whose minds are completely gone from Iraq.
I'm going to hold you over if need be, but Bob, they're now announcing army begrades to patrol America, as you know.
We covered it last week.
They are now.
Police brutality is just exploding everywhere.
The police have been told, basically, have your way with the public.
I mean, is the government looking for a war, Bob?
They're looking for civil insurrection so they can put it down before too many people are mad enough to stop them.
And if they nip it in the bud now and do not allow the total breakdown financially and economically within society, because that will make everybody mad at government and other things, and they won't have anything, they won't have anything to lose except their lives, and they'll figure maybe I'll lose them anyway, and they'll fight back.
So they want to get them before that.
Well, there's all these videos where the women do nothing, the men, they're tasered, they're beaten, they're attacked, and it's really destroying the police name out there.
God help us.
So what ended up happening to your wife?
Did they take her to jail after they beat her up?
Yeah, all of a sudden, you know, one of the cops, they told her, get in the car, you F-bitch.
So, they had her in the car, and they take her to the hospital to do some urine tests.
So, the officer told my wife, you better shut up, because they're going to call diapers on you.
So, they would threaten her.
They took her to the hospital.
Call who on you?
Did they threaten the CPS or children?
The officer told my wife that they were going to send Dyfus to my house to... Stay there, stay there.
We're going to skip the break.
We're going to be talking behind the scenes.
Okay, Ricardo, continue.
Send who?
I don't understand you.
Send who to your house?
No, no.
The officer told my wife, you know, he was really nasty and told my wife, you know what?
You shut up because I'm going to send Dyfus to your house.
What's Dyfus?
No, I knew it, I knew it.
That's how they, yeah, they beat you up, then they steal your children.
God help you.
So, what, he was mad that she hadn't been drinking, so he decided to beat her up, and then how did this end?
No, no, no, no, I mean, I understand.
So, no, there's big articles where people go to the dentist and they CPS their kids.
So, tell me.
They took her to the hospital because they wanted to do some kind of test.
All of a sudden, this guy tells... My wife is a small thing, Alex.
She's 5'2", 120 pounds.
That guy was 6'4", 6'5", at least 300 pounds.
You got it.
So, my wife was desperate to find out where's my son.
I'm dry, I need water.
So, the guy told my wife, sit right there.
My wife said, I cannot sit, it hurts.
And you're ready, you're ready to destroy me.
So, all of a sudden she gets up and the guy jumps on top of her and they broke all the stitches in her leg.
She started bleeding unstoppably.
I don't think so.
Your wife is in this hospital.
Come over to the hospital."
So I told the guy, I said, why are you being lying to me?
My wife is not in the headquarters.
She's at the hospital.
So they knew that I was on my way to the hospital.
Now, lying to the American people is like part of the game.
It's like a cat playing with a mouse.
Your pain is nothing but pleasure for these demons of hell that are rapidly... Now, how did all this end?
They didn't kidnap your son, did they?
They gave me my son and they gave her a DWI
No, no.
I think, uh...
You see, when somebody... No, they want to get you in the system.
That's how they really get you for the national debt, is as a slave.
By getting you into the criminal system, you are now their slave here in this life.
And, you know, New Jersey, sir, is one of the worst.
Florida's very bad.
New York is very bad.
Michigan's very bad.
California's very bad.
If I was you, I would flee New Jersey.
So, Bob Chapman, you want to comment on this?
It's terrifying.
It's heartbreaking.
It goes on all day, every day.
And I don't know where they're finding these people to hire on the police departments, but they're not there to protect and serve.
They're there to pick on people, make arrests, particularly on minorities.
There's no question.
There's many racists in our society, and some of them happen to be policemen as well.
You know, in the states where you can, get a license to carry.
And they pull that crap, shoot them.
Well, Bob, that's an interesting perspective on that.
Well, what else are you going to do if you're being attacked?
Well, you go to the FEMA camp.
You hand your children over to them.
You let them ship the drugs in.
In the last 40 years in the United States, I never
And my wife never, and my children when they became 12 years old, never went a day without carrying a weapon illegal.
Well, Bob, I just think it's wrong.
The founding fathers were bad, like the government says, like FEMA teaches, and we should just submit to any level of tyranny or anything evil.
That's what freedom's all about.
And, you know, this is the land of enslavement, the land of tears, and that, you know, how dare you conspiracy theory that it's the land of the free, home of the brave.
It's very extreme and sickening.
I'm very ashamed of you right now.
Ricardo, let's go back to the full audience.
Alright, well for those who are listening on the InfoWars stream, not on the MNF, Ricardo talked about him battering his wife's head in the car, beating her up, busting open stitches from a surgery she had, saying CPS is going to take your child, reveling in the blood, breaking, you know, things.
And Ricardo, that's just par for the course.
I mean, you know, in Iraq they rape children in front of their parents, they pour battery acid on their body parts.
They're still, you know, when that guy jumped on top of her at the hospital, it was a dramatic hush, you know.
There was some social workers there and everybody was in shock at the hospital.
So the social workers were not vampiric?
They didn't go after you?
Well that's good.
No, they try to help her mom, actually.
But it bothers me, they didn't even want to tell me where she was.
She was at the hospital.
Well, that's the good news, is that not all the social workers are bad.
And more and more of them are waking up.
That's why they have 50% turnaround with new social workers.
Half of them just say, I can't do this.
And there are actually good divisions of social workers.
It's just the system is corrupt and bad.
Ricardo, did your wife get out of the hospital?
Yeah, she got out of the hospital, but psychologically, Alex, she's destroyed.
She will not dry.
My son gets up like at 4 or 5 o'clock in the morning, crying, shaking.
Well, that's why they do it.
It's to let you know, sit down, shut up.
The Congress has been told, sit down and shut up.
The Army Brigades are here, and it's disgusting.
Listen, Ricardo, I appreciate your call.
We'll pray for you and your wife.
What's your wife's name?
Okay, Ricardo, take care.
Bob, you know, this is the one thing I don't like about this show.
I have stacks of news of government corruption and people think I'm trying to make the government look bad.
No, I can't bring myself half the time to even cover it.
And I know it's true and worse than Ricardo could even describe.
I don't even hate these people anymore.
I am just so disgusted that we have a nation of men that aren't manly.
I mean, a real man doesn't enjoy beating the hell out of women.
A real man doesn't enjoy fighting people that are weak.
I think you're absolutely right, Alex.
Many of these men have been on three or four tours over there.
And, uh, you know, what else do we expect them to come back as?
I mean, their lives have been in jeopardy all day long, every day.
Uh, every time they're out there, their adrenaline's pumping a hundred miles an hour.
And it, you know, by the time they're in their thirties, they're totally physically and mentally burned out.
And, obviously, police departments are hiring them.
And so, it's not unusual to have things like this happen.
It's, it's because we shouldn't have had a war in the first place.
And if we were going to have a war, at least we should have sent enough people to be able to do what we have to do.
Well, I'm going to say this.
Yeah, I'm going to say this, and it's happening more and more.
Nobody better ever do anything to my children, because I just can't control myself.
And I think the police know that's starting to happen with people.
I mean, you can only push so far.
And so, what do you say to that, Bob?
If anybody laid just a hand on one of my children, or tried to do anything to them, of course they're older now, they're your age, they better go into hiding.
Because I ain't taking any prisoners.
And if I go to jail for the rest of my life, or I get hung, that's the price I gotta pay.
But I'm taking them down.
Well, that's the attitude that made this country great.
And that when tyrants are afraid, they're not afraid anymore.
And Bob, I think the establishment does realize at the top, but low level, I don't think these bullies realize what's rising.
I don't think they understand what is waiting behind just a thin wall, a thin line, just waiting on the other side.
I don't think they have any idea, Bob.
Well, I know there's going to be trouble, but they think they can handle it, just like they thought they could handle
The last corrupt bubble on Wall Street, which was the real estate bubble.
Or just like they thought the whole Israeli... Or just like the Isra... Incidentally, those guys on television today, they've been wrong about everything.
There's nothing they've been right about.
Well, Bob, they also thought that the entire Israeli military can handle a few Hezbollah and checkerboard foundations, but those guys said we're not retreating, we're not backing off, we're going all the way, and you just can't stop people that are like that, can you, Bob?
No, you can't.
And you're fighting on their territory.
And, you know, the Israelis have not told us the truth.
Stay there.
We're going to skip this for InfoWars stream listeners.
We're going to skip this break.
Here we go.
Bob, go ahead and make your point about how they've, I mean, they've, quote, been wrong about everything.
I mean, they're the authors of this.
And then get into the Israeli thing.
Go ahead.
And the invasion of Lebanon.
They just got the crap kicked out of them.
And then, in the last 72 hours,
Before the declared truce, they dropped thousands and thousands of these bombs with the things that go out that hang in trees and are on the ground.
What do they call them?
Cluster bombs and they also use nerve gas.
And all they're killing today is innocent civilians.
Children will pick them up in the street and get blown up and farmers who are out in the fields and
Well, they also used, admittedly, nerve gas from artillery.
Artillery delivered nerve gas, and that still didn't work.
I just... God help us, man.
God help us.
Because the New World Order could care less about the police and military.
I mean, they don't care if we get into some shooting war with them.
In fact,
That's part of the larger I-4 plan.
Speaking of the bankers, we're going to come back and take calls.
We're still on the air right now, though, to the internet audience.
Bob, you say that they planned this economic collapse, but it came too early and it's out of control for them.
Is it even more out of control for the establishment now, Bob?
I think it is.
I think that having to act economically with no way out, no way to go back,
Uh, has really stuck them, and even knowing that, and they know more about this than I do because they planned it, even knowing that, they still went ahead with the real estate bubble and the securitization of mortgages, gouging not only the public, but particularly other bankers in other countries.
You know, 48% of that toxic waste was bought by bankers in Europe.
Never mind how much was bought in Asia, and we'll guess at 55%.
So, what they did is they laid the paper on these people, and then they laid the rest of it off on the United States, and what they couldn't lay off, because what happened is Merritt & Whitney came out and said, well, Citigroup isn't worth what they say it is because of this and that, and that started the ball rolling, an untoward event that they never thought would happen.
And it happened, and that just really complicated things for them, because that brought on the credit crisis.
And so, yes, they've got serious, serious, unsolvable problems.
And then they troop these people up, and tell us how smart they are.
I want to tell you something.
My score on the SAT was 1595 out of a 1600.
So they are not any smarter than I am.
And we know what they're doing.
We're coming back to the full audience.
Stay there.
Stay there.
Welcome back.
Bob Chapman was just going over the fact that the New World Order folks are not invincible.
And he was saying they're going to be caught, they're going to be tried, they're going to be brought to justice.
Ron Paul was saying that former Fed Chairman needs to be arrested in the current one.
That's a headline we need at PrisonPlanet.com and InfoWars.com.
That's a fireball out there.
And that's the kind of talk we need to punish these people.
And then that'll bring confidence back in the markets.
Bob, you were talking about people not trusting us.
Then we're going to Cole, Brian, Christopher, Jamie and others.
The Chinese are no longer doing interbank lending with the United States.
Germany and Reuters, their government's saying the U.S.
is collapsing, will lose its financial superpower status.
I mean, it's happening.
Bailout or no, it looks like it's going.
And I don't know if it's going to be two years, Bob.
We've got just on and on here.
What do you say to this report out of AP?
Alex, we can sum it up very quickly and say, what took them so long?
I mean, they've known this has been going on.
You know, they're probably saying to one another in China and in Frankfurt and Paris, you know, how long are we going to put up with this?
Enough already.
We don't need it.
And they're burying every other country, all to bail themselves out.
And, you know, they've gotten away with it time after time because of the Fed control and who owns the Fed.
And they think they can get away with it again.
And there is protest whether it will evolve into an active situation where the Chinese don't buy Treasury paper or any other agency paper or any other paper from the U.S.
Or Europeans do that.
I've been waiting for it to happen for several years and it hasn't happened.
I don't know.
So I don't know when it's going to happen.
But, you know, the constituents, the citizens of those countries have got to be saying to the government, look, you know, they're going to destroy us.
And so something is going to happen, and it's starting to happen.
And when it starts to happen, you have that breakdown.
And I think in time, if it happened quickly, I think that the United States would be forced to walk away from their debt.
They would have to renege on it.
They would have to go bankrupt.
I don't see any other way out for them.
And that means people throughout the world wouldn't take the dollar.
I mean, they would have to have some sort of a medium of exchange that people could trust.
And the backing on that medium of exchange would have to be someplace outside the United States, say, in a neutral country like Switzerland or Sweden.
And they would have to probably start
A new currency order.
And all of the currency that they had before would be worthless.
And Europe's talking about maybe allying with that.
This looks like it was planned to me to bring the U.S.
The deindustrialization, the setup, the CIA releasing the torture photos, making 9-11 so sloppy where it was obvious the government did it, to then be blamed on the U.S., not on the globalist hand inserted into the Anglo-American system.
I mean, Bob, don't you smell and see, and I saw this in some of their documents, pieces of this.
A plan to set us up?
Or are you saying they're not that big of a virtuoso?
Well, I think it was surprising that China said what they said.
And they were going along with the program, so to speak.
They had to know what was going on.
They're not dumb.
And so, maybe this is part of a larger plan.
And, you know, maybe if the United States were to have insurrection, maybe they would
Invite foreign troops in to quell this uprising that can't be controlled by the American military, because 80% of them probably wouldn't shoot at their own citizens.
Well, that's the thing.
I mean, the people running the system are not stupid, and they know putting cops in black uniforms and telling them, get rough with the public, and then that goes out all over TV and the web.
I mean, they know that this is setting the police and military up.
I mean, they've got to know that the military and the police, if they go up against the American people and 1% fight back, that they're going to get their butts kicked.
I mean, 1% of the gun owners is over 100 million, over 1 million combatants out of that 100 million.
My God, I mean... It's like Marco... They don't stand a chance, and it could evolve where this New World Order philosophy, we would have a president, one of these two jermokes that are running
Uh, for the office right now, and they could invite the U.N.
to bring in troops.
Well, I mean, Canada actually signed a deal.
They have to fight the American military along with the public.
Well, the United States, yeah, going into global receivership, uh... You know something I've said for years?
Blue helmets make great targets.
Well, God knows what's going to happen.
The point is, quietly a decade ago they signed deals with Mexico and Canada to use troops, quote, to deal with American terrorists and for violence, break down a society.
Civil unrest is the word.
Now they've signed a deal publicly, remember in January of this year, up in Canada with Mexican and Canadian troops to quote, use them in the U.S.
for emergencies, and then the Congress said, hey, we didn't authorize that, and the Northcom just said, go to hell.
So, folks, I know it all sounds crazy, but what's happening now sounds crazy.
You can't make this stuff up.
Let's take some calls, and I want to get into some other financial issues with Bob Chapman.
We'll also tell you how to get his newsletter before he leaves us.
Cole in Florida.
Go ahead, Cole.
How you doing, Alex?
Thanks for waking me up in your modern-day Morpheus.
I wanted to bring attention to a show I called in earlier this week, and they had a talking point, talking about an October surprise from Al-Qaeda.
And I brought up some good points to the show, which is 100.7 FM WFLA, the morning show with Preston Scott and Eric Eggers.
And I brought up the big new Brzezinski and a couple other facts about the Northwoods document.
Well, I guess it's funny and they'll just end up being homeless.
And, uh, I was really appalled and I said I needed to call in.
I was real nervous about calling into the show, but I felt I had to call in and I've been doing research for over three, four years.
I'm pretty well knowledgeable on what's going on here.
And, uh, I just was calling in to congratulate you on what you're doing and keep up the good work.
The other thing I wanted to bring to your attention is Michelle Obama and Jill Biden are coming to Tallahassee, which is where I'm at.
And I was thinking about confronting him.
I was wondering, did you have any advice?
Well, they taser some people now, so just be polite.
Get the question out.
The key is, we know they're New World Order, so you're not going to change their mind.
But I don't really even know about Michelle Obama.
I know about her husband.
But I know about Biden.
Boy, he's a ring knocker, a kingpin in all this.
I mean, I would just bring up the fact to them that don't betray your people.
It's not too late to turn back and say no to the New World Order.
And, you know, I would bring up to them that, you know, will you investigate government-sponsored terrorism?
What do you think, Bob?
I mean, what's an idea for Cole to ask of these people?
Well, I think that probably the most important thing on people's minds right now is the economy.
And so, you know, how are you going to produce
More jobs.
Are you going to let Wall Street get away with what Congress has let them get away with by this legislation to loot the American public?
What is your take on that, Mr. Obama?
Yeah, that's a great question.
Cole, what's that radio station again?
And maybe others in your area can call in in the next few days and support you.
Okay, it's 100.7 FM WFLA and the show is called The Morning Show.
Hey Alex, thanks for taking my call.
I've got two questions for you.
Actually, a question and a comment for you today.
I just got done reading the proposed constitutional model for the new states of America by the Center for Democratic Studies.
Are you familiar with that?
In Santa Barbara, California?
Yes, sir.
I was wondering both of your opinions on this.
Is this something that they might have
Waiting in the wings, where they developed this legislation years before, and then bring it into effect, or is this just an idea they had 30 years ago?
No, no, they already tried to run that through at the Sesquicentennial, if memory serves right, and that's a Carnegie Ford finance deal.
I'm going from memory, but Bob even knows where they're located.
Is my memory serving?
Oh yes, I know them well.
We removed their bell one time.
Oh, tell us about that, Bob, back from the wars.
They have a bell there that they used to ring, and everybody would come, and they'd have their meetings, you know.
Very, very luminous.
Hutchinson, or Hutchins, used to run the place.
And it's an luminous training ground for things of the future.
And that's basically what it is.
Okay, I hope that answers...
You know, I never told my nephew that we took their bill because he's the assistant chief of police there.
Anyways, go ahead Cole.
I mean, not Brian.
Go ahead, Brian.
I was just curious if you thought this was something they might try to institute in the future after they crash the economy and possibly try to bring this legislation in?
Yeah, they've been trying to set up this new system.
I remember reading over that document more than a decade ago.
I know they proposed it officially, didn't they, on the Cessna's continuum and got some government funding for some big disgusting event.
It's all foundations usually.
It's a payoff also for people who have towed the line.
And they get a nice salary and that sort of thing.
Brian, I've got to move quick here because I've got some other questions.
What was your comment?
Just very quickly, I just wanted to recommend a book called The Shock Doctrine, The Rise of Disaster Capitalism.
If anybody wants to understand what's going on in the country right now, I think that pretty much lays it out.
Yeah, The Shock Doctrine of the IMF, which is designed to destroy an economy so they can consolidate it.
But let's go ahead and talk to Christopher in Georgia.
You're on the air with Bob Chapman.
Go ahead.
Hey, how you doing, Alex?
I just had a quick question, kind of for closure, I guess, if I could put it that way.
And it deals with the end of Dr. Paul's fight for the presidency.
If all the supporters were behind him until the very end, come what may, and we risked all the resources that we had, or we barely had, to raise money for him,
Spread his message and wouldn't have abandoned him for anything.
Why was there not a relentless effort, you know, on his part or on our behalf?
Well look, we asked Ron Paul to run.
He's the best candidate we had.
He's not perfect.
His chief of staff died.
His wife's almost dead.
He's 73 years old and really burnt out.
Okay, if you really want to know.
He's got arthritis so bad he can barely open up his hands.
He does 10-15 radio interviews a day.
He's burnt out.
And there's a lot of backstabbing and a lot of second-guessing now.
And the point is, is that he got in the arena, he got bloodied, he burned himself out.
I'm a young man and this stuff's tough on me.
And so, I'm hearing a lot of talk shows saying 9-11 troops dead, bad-mouthing Ron Paul, all this crap.
And then other people are kind of mockingbird and picking that up.
I was worried about this the whole time, because there was delusion.
Even when he was shutting down the campaign, it was, that's a lie, it's not really over.
Some of these people said I was lying, Ron Paul hadn't told me that he didn't want people to try to take delegates from McCain.
And then Ron Paul had to come on air and say he had said that, and I was still bad.
And I'm not bashing you here, Christopher.
It's just Ron Paul was one person, one vehicle to wake up tens of millions and energize the young people on campus and we did that and it was one more step in the fight.
This is a long fight.
It isn't one punch.
It's bam, bam, bam.
It goes twelve rounds.
Then it goes twelve rounds again and it's who wants it?
You understand that?
It's over and over and over and over and over and over and over and you don't stop.
It's going the distance.
It's going all the way.
It's the dedication.
It's the commitment.
Yeah, yeah.
My wife is in the Navy Reserves.
I was just wondering, in the event of a major financial crisis or depression here in this country, do you believe that those serving in the armed forces are going to suffer from any type of pay slash, or I wouldn't say unemployment, but how would they compensate?
They're not compensating the tribs for the inflation.
Thanks for the call, and I wasn't trying to bash you, Christopher, but do you want to comment on what he was saying about Ron Paul?
Well, I think people are disappointed and they don't understand the things that you do.
And, you know, the man is 73 years old.
He's two months older than I am.
And he's not as lucky as I am.
I don't have anything wrong with me.
He does.
And he did the best he could.
And he woke up a lot of people.
He showed that there was a lot of people who are unhappy in America.
He brought the message to young people, which is most important.
And I think he did a great job, but he just couldn't take it all away.
With his wife sick, and his campaign manager gone, and the sniping, even from the upper echelon of the supposed right wing of the Republican Party.
And I'm not talking about the fascists in Washington.
And it wasn't easy for him.
And I think you've got to cut him a little slack.
Just be happy he was there for us.
Absolutely, ladies and gentlemen, and put his life in danger.
Folks, you can't
Take victory from yourself.
And this was a big victory.
And instead of us coming together and breaking campaign records and all that, you know, COINTELPRO goes out and plants seeds of, where'd all the money go?
Well, it's all accounted for.
We know where it all went.
It was all spent.
And you know, well, what's going on with this?
What's going on with that?
We just, you know, keep it downrange, folks.
Ron Paul isn't the problem.
He's not the problem.
I mean, it's that simple.
I asked him to run, so that meant, and I begged him to run privately, and he said I was one of the people that finally turned him to do it, telling him it would be big.
And it was big!
And, you know, he opened doors for folks that are coming in the future.
Bob Chapman, behind the scenes at InfoWars.com.
We're out of time.
I want to come back to the final segment here and maybe cram in a few final calls with you.
But in the three minutes we're about to have behind the scenes, folks got to go to the InfoWars.com stream to hear this right now.
We know that 740-something financial institutions, the inter-criminal syndicate, the brokerage firms, the banks, the hedge funds, they
Don't have.
Shorts are banned against them, which can be very damaging to their companies when they're in trouble.
But then they got all this money from a previous bailout to go attack the real economy, and they're looting that as well.
So really, this is a takeover, not just a bailout.
So I want to get your take on that right now, and we'll be back for everybody else in the final segment.
Stay with us.
We'll be right back at InfoWars.com.
Okay, Bob, can you break that down?
Well, it's a consolidation of power, the way I see it.
And some of the people who are involved, who will be left by the wayside, have been devoted to serving the evil master, if you may, the Illuminists.
But they don't care about that.
They're trying to bring together a situation where there's perhaps five major brokerage houses in the country, and perhaps five major banks.
They don't hang on the numbers, they're just guesses.
And that consolidates their power.
And they're going to do the same thing in transportation and manufacturing and different segments.
They're going to do it with utilities.
It's all part of National Socialism.
Read Mussolini's playbook on it.
And for those who don't know, Mussolini was a Marxist before he was a fascist.
And it's the marriage of the state
With corporations and industries.
And the government will end up owning everything.
So all of these financial bodies, we'll call them, that get left by the wayside, they don't care about that.
And they don't care about the shareholders, obviously.
They care about the bondholders of Fannie and Freddie because they're going to pay them off because most of them are foreigners.
I think it's 1.1 out of 1.4 trillion in bonds belong to foreigners in Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.
Well, legally, to bail them out and not the shareholders is insanity.
I mean, they can't get away with that, but they're doing anything they want because we already have a dictatorial government.
Well, there's no doubt about that, Bob, and that's why this is contrived.
It's admittedly contrived, but it's even scarier that you're saying that you think they've lost some control.
I think it's also an opportunity for us, the old Chinese symbol of, you know,
Opportunity has a negative and a positive side to it.
You know, may you live in interesting times.
We certainly live in those.
And these are times where people are listening now.
They are paying attention to what we say.
And so all of you out there, this is the time to show people documentary films about the New World Order.
This is the time to call in to talk shows.
This is the time to be heard, and I'm glad to hear on Local Talk Radio every other caller is talking about the New World Order on mainstream stations, and about how the Federal Reserve is private and how they engineered it.
And so, they are losing their control, and this is going to be a growing up process for people, and we may actually get some real liberty out of this at the end of the day.
We may get some real leaders, too.
Younger men, men your age, that can evolve over the next 30 years.
And take our country back to where it should be that will force government to lay the blame on these people and punish them for what they've done.
And, you know, I'm not talking about taking them all out and hanging them.
I'm talking about taking their wealth away from them, which essentially they stole from the American public.
Bob, we're into the final segment.
I wanted to get... Here we go, folks.
All right.
We're almost out of time.
Go there, get a free copy.
By signing up, he'll send you one.
Comes out twice a week, the hard copy, a couple times a month.
Now, there's also a number, Bob.
Give you a number.
Do you have that on you for people to call and get a free copy?
Well, yeah, I do, I do, I do, I do.
Where is it?
Well, while you're digging it out, Ted Anderson gave a gold offer today, basically gold at below spots.
He was able to buy it before it went up again.
I mean, to me, it's a no-brainer for people to call our sponsor, Midas Resources, and get high-quality gold at very good prices, and silver.
I mean, Ted's even having trouble getting it.
There is a shortage.
While they try to suppress the price, how long can they suppress it?
I mean, it's already gone up a hundred bucks, but...
It's hard to say.
I don't think it's going to be too much longer.
And that phone number you're looking for to call in for a free introductory copy of the International Forecaster is 877-479-8178.
And that's toll free.
Or you can go to TheInternationalForecaster.com.
On the internet.
Bob, in closing, when do you think gold's going to go?
I mean, it's gone up over a hundred bucks in the last week and a half, and they're doing everything they can to suppress it, but it's like holding a beach ball underwater.
When will it go up, you know, past a thousand, and then how high do you think it will go in the next year?
Well, we certainly have a shot at over a thousand.
The next year, we've got to be looking somewhere between $2,200 and $3,000.
And, you know, once they stop suppressing, because they don't have any more gold,
Like you say, it's going to be the beach ball theory under the water.
And there's no telling what'll happen, and you've got to.
You must be in gold and silver-related assets.
If you have any money at all, of course you should have paid all your bills off and your credit cards and are prepared with food and weapons and filters and things like that.
There's a lot of things for you to do.
There's a lot of responsibility for you and for your family.
And you've got to do it now.
Okay, bye-bye.
Take care.
Amazing interview there.
I'm sorry to the other callers.
I'll get to you tomorrow.
In fact, if you call in tomorrow and you say that you didn't get on today, from the line tomorrow, other big guests tomorrow, important information.
I wanted to bring Ted up in the last minute and a half.
Ted, I was just thinking, that's why I drug you in here.
I was thinking, man, it's crazy.
I mean, I totally believe in gold and silver.
It's great prices.
It's an introductory thing to get folks into the market.
People don't need to wait until this thing even goes up more.
In fact, I'm going to call you today and get some of that silver.
To try to position myself even better, tell folks about the offer.
You've got one minute.
Yeah, sure, of course.
We've got the British Sovereigns, they're at $2.41.
We've got the Franks, they're at $1.96.
And we have the silver, and they're at $1.60 a dime.
I've got to tell you, it's pandemonium right now, Alex.
There's just so many things that are going on, I can't express it enough.
People need, not if you should get in, and not when there might be a crash.
We're having the crash.
It's all coming.
Folks, we've told you what's happening, we've told you what's going on.
The paper is going down the tubes.
The globalists are engineering this, and it goes up, it goes down, but they're telling you depression, they're looting everything.
Give Ted Anderson's brokers a call, 800-686-2237.
Folks, we'll be there until midnight.
on that smoking deal on gold and silver.
I hope you'll protect yourselves.
Get some firearms, food as well.
But mainly, wake your neighbors, your friends, your family up.
Know who to blame.
Discredit the criminal government.
Again, that number.
That's basically it for this transmission.
Thank you, Ted.
Thank you, Alex.
Now I had Ron Paul on in the second hour.
I had Webster Tarpley on near the front of the show.
Amazing analysis.
And I had Bob Chapman on.
Please tune in now for the retransmission at InfoWars.com only.
Thanks to all the affiliate sponsors.
Everybody, God bless you all.
We'll be right back at InfoWars.com.