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Air Date: Aug. 31, 2008
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A killer hurricane is on the move.
Hurricane Gustav, after leaving 71 dead in the Caribbean, is expected to cross over Cuba today, after plowing through the Cayman Islands.
As Hurricane Gustav nears, many in New Orleans aren't waiting around to be told to leave.
Correspondent Warren Levinson is in New Orleans, where memories of Katrina are still vivid.
The buses are coming starting Saturday for New Orleans residents who don't have their own transportation out of the city.
Emergency Preparedness Director Jerry Sneed figures they'll move 30,000 of the city's 310 to 340,000 residents.
We don't want anybody left here except the first responders.
It could strengthen to a Category 3 storm and hit the U.S.
Gulf Coast early next week.
A full-scale evacuation of New Orleans could come as early as Sunday.
Warren Levinson, New Orleans.
You're listening to IRN USA Radio News.
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Republican John McCain has selected first-term Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as his vice presidential running mate.
Correspondent Ed Donahue has our report.
John McCain says Sarah Palin's experience in shaking up the status quo is exactly what is needed in Washington today.
She's not from these parts, and she's not from Washington.
But when you get to know her, you're gonna be as impressed as I am.
Kaelin says she is ready for the challenge.
I know that it will demand the best that I have to give, and I promise nothing less.
A spokeswoman with the Obama campaign says John McCain put the former mayor of a town of 9,000 with zero foreign policy experience a heartbeat away from the presidency.
McCain and Palin are on a bus tour across Ohio to Pittsburgh, where they will hold a campaign rally today.
Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton plan to speak at a memorial today for the late Ohio Congresswoman Stephanie Tubbs Jones.
The 58-year-old died earlier this month from a brain hemorrhage.
For news online, log on to irnnews.com.
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A train slammed into a propane tanker truck in north central Oklahoma.
It triggered an explosion, killing two people and injuring a third.
A series of fast-moving thunderstorms, packing winds up to 100 miles per hour, has plowed through the Phoenix area.
Tens of thousands were without power.
Several airliners were damaged.
ASU's new football facility was also damaged.
More headaches ahead if you plan on taking an airline for transportation.
airline executives say that despite the economic downturn, fares will rise.
Discounts currently available will be scarce and routes and frequencies of flights will be reduced as domestic capacity is cut through the end of the year.
Retail gas prices are up slightly for the first time in six weeks, and analysts warn that if Hurricane Gustav makes a direct hit on U.S.
oil rigs, refineries, or the distribution system, the price could soar to near five bucks a gallon.
In Orange County, Florida, the mother of a missing Florida girl has been arrested again, this time on check fraud and theft charges.
Casey Anthony's latest arrest came just over a week after a bounty hunter bailed her out of jail.
She's now being held on $3,000 bond.
Stocks closed sharply on Wall Street following a government report that personal income fell last month by the largest amount in nearly three years.
The Dow lost about 171 points.
The Nasdaq dropped 1.8% on the day and the S&P 500 fell 17.85.
I'm Pete LaValle, IRN USA Radio News.
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Now live from Austin, Texas, here's Alex Jones.
Welcome, my friends.
Welcome and thank you for joining us for this Sunday edition.
I'm live on the radio six days a week, and Monday through Friday is not enough.
I come in every Sunday, 4 to 6 p.m.
Central Standard Time.
That's 5 to 7 Eastern.
We'll be here for the next two hours, a former White House analyst and White House historian, also top consultant to NASA, writer for the Washington Post, many other major publications.
We'll be joining us in about 25 minutes, Richard C. Cook.
To discuss the latest developments between the burgeoning hot war, not cold war, with Russia, NATO, and the United States.
The Shanghai Cooperative Agreement being activated between China and Russia.
Iran and Russia teeming up.
Very, very serious developments happening there.
We'll also break down what's happening with Hurricane Gustav set to slam into the Gulf Coast sometime tomorrow, raining on the Republican National Convention parade, dwarfing that.
In fact, McCain and many others aren't even planning to be there now, but to go down and grandstand next to Obama and Obama next to him for the spotlight after the botched Hurricane Katrina
Situation so for all intents and purposes they're reporting right now that the RNC or Politico saying it's in They're scrambling and that it's in shambles and that it basically isn't even going to be happening So we'll we'll see if they are right about that But frankly that doesn't even matter when we start talking about issues with a new Cold War slash hot war with Russia
Meanwhile, ridiculous comments out of Michael Moore saying hurricane coming during GOP convention, proof there is a God in heaven.
I'm not even bashing Michael Moore here, I'm not weighing in.
Both of these conventions are nothing but theater to give the public the illusion that these presidential contenders actually run something.
I went to the DNC to document the police state, to document the anarchists, would they be out there provocateuring, and I spent, as you know, five days there reporting.
And we made the news repeatedly.
In fact, in hundreds of newspapers, national television, international news, that was our goal, was to go into that staged event, that theater, pull down the curtain, and show people that it was nothing but a Shakespearean diversion from the real governors of our planet, i.e.
the New World Order.
Interesting tidbit on the subject of Hurricane Gustav, set to make landfall in
Louisiana right now, same place that Katrina hit.
Gustav Evacuees get bar-coded bracelets, the Tyler paper of Tyler, Texas reporting.
Tyler will be a hub for several thousand Hurricane Gustav Evacuees as city officials enact its emergency response plan and so far it seems as though early relief efforts have been fluid.
And it says everyone has to wear little RFID bar-code bracelets.
Now that's because under this FEMA is enacting Continuity of Government and these individuals for all intents and purposes are prisoners.
So we'll be going over that for you.
But I first want to get into the situation with Russia.
For those that don't know, the former Soviet Union, very corrupt, extremely evil, conservatively killed 60 million of its own people.
And in 1991, because their own police, their own military wouldn't go along with it anymore,
Starting in Poland and then of course with the Stasi in East Germany with the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, that led up to Boris Yeltsin seizing control of the capital and then basically collapsing into an alcoholic stupor until 1999 when the true head of the country, a former KGB chief from St.
Petersburg, Vladimir Putin, took over.
Under suspicious circumstances with a popular war, the U.S.-backed Chechens were beating Russian forces.
He couldn't get the Russian people behind an invasion of Chechnya to save the breakaway republic.
And so, the evidence is clear.
Vladimir Putin's FSB, the name of the new KGB, staged terror attacks by blowing up three apartment buildings.
Moscow police caught FSB members planting, that's government, that's KGB's new name at the time, Federal Security Bureau, planting hexogen bombs, plastic explosives, in a fourth building.
So I'm not here saying Vladimir Putin is a wonderful person.
I'm not here saying Vladimir Putin is an angel or his new puppet president that he has in there, though he's very popular.
He, of course, now is Prime Minister.
I just report the facts here.
Russia has been imploding.
NATO and the West have been hiring Muslim extremists
As they always do, to attack different areas, different sectors of what has formerly been Russian territory.
And when they take Chechnya, it's not enough.
Then they want to try to push into other areas, though.
Russia gained control back over Chechnya.
Then in 1998,
The KLA, or Kosovo Liberation Army, which are, if you can get this straight, Marxist-Leninist Muslims out of Albania, publicly U.S.
backed with over $500 million, began attacking Serb military forces in Kosovo.
And Kosovo is as much a part of Serbia as Texas, Oklahoma, you know, Tennessee are.
And, uh, the KLA launched long-term, multi-year attacks, killing men, women, and children, running sneak attacks on police stations, you name it.
And the Slobodan Milošević finally launched an attack down into Kosovo, clearing them out.
The world screamed bloody murder.
NATO went in and bombarded not just Kosovo, but all of Serbia, bombing Belgrade with depleted uranium weapons, radiating the population.
Their cancer levels have now more than tripled, international studies show.
Bombing the infrastructure of the nation.
Their car plants, their helicopter plants, their airplane plants, their water treatment plants, their media, their universities, their electrical power generation facilities.
Because they don't want a sovereign nation right in the middle of the New World Order.
The globalists don't want any sovereign nations.
Not U.S., not Russia, not Iran, not anybody.
The U.S.
is dominated by the international banking cartel.
Serbia was not.
And so they use Muslims to attack them, but it's just like 1984.
East Asia has never been our enemy, and the next day East Asia has always been our enemy.
Or Eurasia has never been our enemy, now it's always been our enemy.
They told the American people that Serbia attacked Kosovo.
And the public bought it and CNN and others got caught showing UN camps on the Macedonian border and the Albanian border with starving people months into this trying to break into the camps regarding the food and they lied and showed people through the barbed wire looking in and said look they're in Serb camps and that's now admitted.
The American people bought it, Slobodan Milošević was grabbed, and then poisoned to death years later in The Hague.
And it was admitted he was poisoned.
He said, they threatened to poison me if I don't plead guilty.
Then they poisoned him, and they said, well, he got poisoned in his cell, and poisoned his self.
Now, that's a fact.
Now, expanding on the same thing that just happened.
On 888,
The day the Olympics started, this is all in the European press, even in the bottom of the newspapers here in the U.S., but you've got to dig to find it, 1,000 Israeli commandos, that's in Iraq's Jerusalem Post, they're very proud of it, more than 1,000 Ukrainian commandos, hundreds, and this is the admitted number, of U.S.
Marines and Army commandos, launched a sneak attack on the capital of South Ossetia, that's always been part of Russia.
Always been part of Russia.
Georgia, for
More than 200 years has been.
Joe Stalin was from there, so he made it part of Russia.
Well, that is, took some enclaves that had been part of Russia, Ossetia and Abkhazia, and gave it to Georgia and the governor there that he was friends with.
And in 1991, the Georgians launched sneak attacks on those Russian enclaves.
came in, and then on 8-8-8, U.S.-backed Georgians launched a massive sneak attack, killing thousands.
The U.N.
Now, having the most dumbed-down public in the world, our media told us, headline, Russia sneak attacks Georgia.
When we come back, I'm going to give you the latest developments.
It's getting very, very serious, and we've got two experts joining us, Dr. Paul Craig Roberts and Richard C. Cook.
Stay with us.
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All right, we're back live, my friends.
Thank you for joining us.
Continuing, I gave you some of the basic history of the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, and then the, quote, West encircling them.
At the time, in 1999, U.S.
troops began moving, along with NATO troops, British troops,
We're good to go.
Because NATO was trying to take that part of Serbia, and Russia went ahead and backed off, pulled out, under the promise that there would not be ethnic cleansing, and that Kosovo, or one-third of Serbia, would not be handed over to the Muslims, going back to the Crusades and the fights back and forth between the Muslims and the Christians over that area.
It's holy land to people there in Eastern Europe, and always been part of Serbia.
And then last year, the United States announced, yep, we are breaking that off completely, and we are giving it basically to Albania.
Muslim Albania.
This is the same government telling you, give up all your rights or the evil Muslims are going to get you.
No, they use whoever they can, whenever.
Ideology means nothing.
Only pulling down sovereignty and independent states that have their own banking systems.
This is a global government being formed.
Now, the Russians are watching this happen.
Meanwhile, thousands of U.S.
troops, weapons systems, black sites, ghost sites, that is secret U.S.
military bases,
Open military bases being set up in Czech Republic, in Ukraine, in Georgia, of course in Poland, moving offensive and defensive weapons systems in.
NATO then last year put out a new policy, it's incredible, saying we may launch a sneak attack, a preemptive nuclear war on Russia.
Russia's like, why are you doing that?
So Russia starts testing hypersonic missiles, long-range ICBMs with MIRV tips,
Multiple re-entry devices, so one missile can carry in 24 warheads when it comes back into the atmosphere over North America, when it's shot over the polar ice cap to the north of the Arctic.
Escalating all this.
And then on 888!
On 888, a sneak attack is launched on Russian bases that were internationally sanctioned and there since 1991, killing thousands.
In fact, Georgian peacekeepers inside the bases would wait until the Russians would run out of their bunkers when they were getting bombed and would machine gun them.
These are Georgian peacekeepers, part of the UN force that were in there with the Russians.
Guys they were eating with hours before.
Guys they were bunking next to hours before.
I mean this is the most dastardly sneak attack you can imagine.
Pearl Harbor was bad enough with Zeros flying over bombing ships.
This is guys you've been bunking next to.
Talk about a dastardly sneak attack.
So all of this is going on and they think the American public is so stupid.
And I even bought it for about ten minutes that Friday on the air.
I was like, my God, look at the headlines.
It says, Russia has attacked Georgia.
And then I would read in the bottom of it and say, wait a minute, after Georgia attacked these Russian enclaves.
So, I mean, even I don't expect the government and the media to lie in that extreme of a way.
To just, and now for the last month, close to a month,
They have been saying the same thing over and over and over again.
Russia's bad.
Russia has to have sanctions put on it.
More U.S.
troops have to be brought up to their borders.
More missile systems.
And meanwhile, the EU, European Union, is set to vote tomorrow on sanctions on Russia.
The Black Sea fleet is being threatened by the Ukrainian fleet, saying they can't land back at their port that they've leased.
It goes on and on and on, and U.S.
forces, I've got the articles right here, are massing.
troops are being flown in by the thousands.
Weapons systems.
Russia's saying, that's an act of war.
The United States is saying, leave Abkhazia and Ossetia, which have always been part of Russia and which were just snuck attack.
And I hear the public and I hear talk show hosts saying, man, Russia's bad, sneak attacking Georgia.
Just like they say, man, the Serbs are bad, sneak attacking Albania.
When the mainline history admits it's the opposite.
So, Russia's saying they stand by their actions of recognizing completely Ossetia and Abkhazia.
Russian President Dmitry Medved has said his decision to recognize Georgia's breakaway regions as independent is irrevocable.
On the eve of the special EU summit on Georgia, he warned that Russia has ready to retaliate against any sanctions the EU might impose.
And folks, when they impose these and Russia cuts off oil and gas to Europe, it'll be, oh look how mean Russia is.
Germany and the UK have differed in tone over how the EU should proceed with Berlin warning against escalation.
Moscow's envoy to London and sanctions would hurt the EU more than Russia.
And it goes on and on.
But right now, let me play you about a minute and a half, two minutes of Vladimir Putin speaking to the international media.
Let's go ahead and roll that now.
At this time I was in Beijing and had an opportunity to have a brief discussion with the President of the United States.
George told me that no one wants a war.
I hoped that the US administration would intervene to stop the aggression of the Georgian leadership, but nothing of this kind happened.
You've always enjoyed, over your period as President of Russia, and still now, a very close personal relationship with US President George W. Bush.
Do you think that his failure to restrain the Georgian forces on this occasion has damaged that relationship?
Of course it has damaged our relations.
First and foremost, interstate relations.
But the thing is not only that the US administration has failed to restrain the leadership from committing this criminal act, but in fact equipped and trained the Georgian army.
But I have some other comment to add.
Even during the Cold War, during the time of tough confrontation between the Soviet Union and the United States, we have always avoided direct clashes between our civilians, let alone our servicemen.
We have serious reasons to believe that directly in the combat zone,
Citizens of the United States were present.
And if this is the case, then the suspicion arises that someone in the United States has on purpose created this conflict with a view to exacerbate the situation and create a competitive advantage for one of the presidential candidates in the United States.
These are quite astounding claims.
Just to be clear, Mr Prime Minister, are you suggesting that there were US operatives on the ground assisting Georgian forces, perhaps even provoking a conflict, in order to give a presidential candidate of the United States some kind of talking point?
And if you are, and if you are suggesting that, what evidence do you have?
I've told you that if the facts are confirmed that US citizens were present in the combat zone, that it means only one thing.
That they could be there only on the direct instruction of their leadership.
And if this is so, then it means that American citizens are in the combat zone.
Performing their duties, and they can only do that following a direct order from their leaders, and not on their own initiative.
Ordinary experts, even if they are providing training in military matters, should do that.
Not in a combat zone, but at training ranges and training centers.
I repeat, this needs to be further checked out.
I'm telling you this based on what our military told me.
Alright, we're going to come back after the news.
Stay with us.
More as this develops.
I haven't even scratched the surface.
of the important information that we're going to be covering.
It's all posted on InfoWars.com and PrisonPlanet.com right now.
They have completely encircled Russia.
NATO has announced they may preemptively strike Russia with nuclear weapons.
We've never seen an escalation like this in the history with Russia.
We'll be back.
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They oppose everything that is God and truth.
They are of the line that was disinherited 2,000 years ago.
Everything they have built over the centuries, the wealth they have accumulated, the power they have established, the poisoning of the masses, the destruction of the earth and mankind, we will undo through the authority that has now been delegated to us.
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Dismantling the false left-right paradigm.
He's Alex Jones.
Criticise the Western media for what it's called its biased view on the conflict.
But not all journalists blame Russia for the conflict.
We're now joined on the line by Alex Jones, the US investigative journalist from the Infowars.com website to get his opinion on all this.
Hello to you Mr. Jones.
So in your opinion, what was wrong with the coverage of this conflict in Western media?
Well, Ellis, thank you for having me on.
First off, let me say I am ashamed as an American.
I'm a loyal American who loves my country, but my country has been taken over by a private international
Alright folks, I'm going to play that full six minute interview on Russia Today.
That's their biggest domestic channel, their biggest international.
It's standard, like Paul Watson, one of our webmasters, lives in London.
And that's on his standard cable package.
In fact, it's on cable right here in the United States.
Tens of millions of viewers at any one time.
And in six minutes, I broke down on Russian television exactly what's happening.
And in the next hour, before Dr. Paul Greg Roberts joins us, in the last 30 minutes of the show, former head of the Treasury Department, father of Reaganomics, former Wall Street Journal editor, breaking down the treason of the New World Order neocons, using our country for this,
I'm going to play that and analyze it and break down.
You know, some would say, well, why go on Russian TV and speak out against what's happening?
You have to do that.
You have to save some of America's name.
We're now known as the country of torture, the country of secret arrests, the country that stages terror attacks.
The very people that run our nation, that control both parties, are the ones getting rid of our borders, destroying our currency, destroying our country's name.
They are now launching sneak attacks on Russian enclaves, and handing part of Serbia over to Muslim countries, while telling us to hide under our beds and give up all of our liberties or the evil Muslims will get us.
On and on and on and on is the propaganda, the evil Muslim, the evil Muslim.
But it's not the evil Muslim when it's their Muslims.
And I'm not saying Muslims are evil, I'm quoting them.
uh... that are staging these terror attacks uh... that are attacking nations and then every time the nation tries to defend itself nato the united states comes in and bombs the living daylights out of them and then has such contempt for the american people tells us that russia started all of this and now nato in the year talking about sanctions on russia
Russia is saying it's an act of war for more U.S.
troops to be massing in Georgia and surrounding countries.
Pressure is mounting on the EU to isolate Russia.
Putin saying U.S.
provoked Georgian conflict.
And saying that the U.S.
did this for gain, but not the U.S.
The multinational corporations that use us as their engine.
As their engine of domination and control.
And you know, the whole world's going into receivership, being bankrupted, being consolidated.
I have the New York Times here today.
Dealing with the fact that they're not just going to hand over city streets to private corporations but city government operations.
This is part of the IMF World Bank plan that we've been reporting on since
2002, when thousands of pages of IMF and World Bank documents got leaked, and they talked about how they go in, how they buy off governments, how they then bankrupt societies, create currency implosions, so they can come in, the multinationals, and buy the country up cheap, and how they wanted to do it to Western Europe, the United States.
And of course, England.
And they're doing that now.
We're now six years later, and they're engineering all this, but they need you to rally around the flag and blame it all on a foreign enemy.
They need that false patriotism, that false nationalism.
So they go up and they punch the Russian bear right in the nose, and then it starts, you know, taking swipes.
At the bee that just stung it on the end of its nose and our media has such contempt for us that they tell us that Russia started it all.
Absolutely amazing.
It is because I love this country that I'm speaking out against this.
Because it's my right and my duty to not allow my country to be hijacked by multinational corporations and used to start wars.
And they need this.
Their war on terror, their hoax is falling apart.
The people are awakening to that.
So they're trying to go back to their old Cold War.
But this time, they're starting a hot war with Russia.
And so because I love this country, I have to speak out against it being taken into criminal wars.
You know, you may want to believe the media about WMDs in Iraq and their lies there, but you can't believe them that Russia started this.
It's time to wake up and realize our government's been hijacked, and they use phony patriotism to manipulate us.
I want to go to Richard C. Cook, he's written for the Washington Post, and
Scores of other top publications.
He's a historian, has been an analyst to the White House, to NASA.
His bio goes on and on and on.
You can check out his website.
We'll give that to you.
But he's with us for the rest of the hour.
I know we have calls.
We'll take those in the next half of the next hour.
Then we've got, again, former head of policy, Department of Treasury, former Wall Street Journal editor, Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, joining us to also talk about the Russia situation.
Thank you for coming on, Mr. Cook.
Thank you, Alex.
Glad to be here.
You haven't been on this show, and it's on some stations that the weekday show isn't.
Why don't you, just in a nutshell, tell us about your particular acumen, how you've come to your understanding of what's happening right now in Russia, you've written about all this happening before it happened, and then break down very simply what we're facing and cover the latest mega-escalations, which I can't even find words to describe.
Well, you take a long-range view, and the
Western powers have been under the control of an international financial elite going back probably at least a century.
And what we're seeing now happening with Russia is simply the latest phase in what I call the second hundred years war.
The first hundred years war, of course, took place back in the Middle Ages, the late Middle Ages, between England and France.
And now we've seen the second hundred years war
Enormous income taxes and enormous loans.
And Serbia and Russia have been doing too good, so they have to have client states attack them.
Well, Russia has been the enemy of the Western powers for a very long time, and it really goes back into religious history.
And it's just the latest phase of these fomented inter-European wars.
An inter-European civil war, which is all World War I and World War II really were.
And now we're seeing it again.
We're seeing the financiers who control the economies of the world pitting the United States and Russia against each other once again trying to foment these kinds of inter-western wars because they make a lot of money off of it.
Absolutely, and we now have the handbooks and internal documents on this.
This is not your opinion.
That's right.
That's correct.
And as you say, it was the West who attacked Russia initially by going in, and of course we had somebody from Cheney's staff being in Georgia the week before the attack.
They claimed that the person was there to prepare for Cheney's planned visit, which of course was nonsense, because while that person was there, the plans were formulated for the Georgian military to make this incursion into
South Ossetia
The Georgian military... Did this go well?
Did this go well?
I'm gonna let you finish, but the big question is, did this go well?
Did this go how the Western powers, how the neocons, how the British Anglo-American establishment thought it would?
No, I think what they were banking on was a long protracted stalemate taking place in the Caucasus, but Russia came in, they have probably the best ground force in the world, and they've had that
At least since World War II and probably long before.
So they thought it'd be a replay of 99 with the handover of Kosovo, but that didn't happen?
And that didn't happen.
It was over in a week.
Now, probably the person who is most informed as to all this and why it happened was Putin.
And Putin said something very interesting the other day.
He was asked, why did you think the United States fomented this attack?
And Putin said that it was in order to help get John McCain elected president.
In fact, we played that before you came on, Mr. Cook.
That was pretty interesting, I thought.
Yes, sir.
I'll let you go back and talk about the sneak attack itself, the spectacle of the American people like zombies walking around drooling, believing it, and where this is going, how you see this unfolding, how it ties into Iran.
Stay there.
Richard C. Cook is our guest.
We're very honored to have him.
Stay with us.
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Okay, I'm going to try to control myself.
He just brings up so many points and so many facets.
I want to raise so many questions.
Let's do it this way, Mr. Cook.
You're really an expert on this and predicted so much of what happened.
We've seen big escalations the last few days.
I could list them or you could, but whatever you think is most important about this conflict and where you see it going, to me it signals desperation on the part of the Anglo-American establishment and most of the even mainline analysts I see are saying they are really upset and concerned that this is worse than the Cuban Missile Crisis and that this is spiraling out of control very fast.
Mr. Cook?
In my opinion, a split at this point
uh... between the united states and the european uh... elitists who have controlled events in the world for so long and i think the united states is beginning to be viewed and i'm talking here about the with the bush administration you know the the bush cheney crime syndicate or or whatever you want to refer uh... uh... it as uh... because the united states uh... plans to attack iran have been checkmated
The United States has this overarching plan to control oil and natural gas in Central Asia.
And that's what PNAC said in 2000.
And that's what PNAC said.
Yeah, and the plan is failing.
It's failing in Afghanistan, and that's why you have this really strange thing going on with Obama.
uh... in biden where you know obama began as an anti-war candidate saying i'm the one who voted who you know who didn't support the iraq war and now he's saying well the reason i didn't support the iraq war was because we should have invaded afghanistan and now we're going to do that we're going to invade afghanistan and pakistan because that's where our real interest is in that of course is just a sign of desperation so we have the iran uh... situation falling out with the split with europe
We have a failure in Afghanistan.
We have Russia cementing its relations with China and the Central Asian Republic through the Shanghai Cooperative Organization, which is being tremendously strengthened by what the United States is doing.
So it's almost as though this last-ditch effort to do something in that part of the world, because if you've got a military-industrial-intelligence complex that only lives off of conflict,
That only has meaning when there's war.
That only feels that it's doing what it's supposed to do in the world when it's attacking people.
It's got to do something.
You've got a huge military commitment and extension into Central Asia.
You know, after Vietnam, we thought, well, the U.S.
has learned something.
It'll never fight another Asian land war.
And now we have the entire resources of America committed
To a land war in Asia that nobody else wants.
Why did they miscalculate, like Napoleon, like Hitler, why have they miscalculated thinking that this US-slash-NATO-backed sneak attack on Russia would result in the same type of thing that they saw in 1999?
And then I tie that into Wesley Clark being overruled when he wanted to bomb Russian forces
At the Pristina Airport, and then only General Jackson, the head of NATO, said no.
The head of military force.
I mean, again, we have this insane strain, it looks like, in both parties.
Well, look at history.
Napoleon invaded Russia.
Hitler invaded Russia.
Everyone who goes into that enormous expanse of territory
Let me back that up.
People aren't going to believe you.
And we're not for Al Gore.
We're stating scientific, historical, sociological, anthropological facts.
They stole the election, the Supreme Court appointed him, and he clearly stole it.
People have gone to jail in Ohio.
He clearly stole 2004.
So when you say dictator, you mean it.
And with the PDD-51 and the John Warner Defense Authorization Act, Congress can't even see PDD-51, but the cover sheet says he's a dictator.
Do you expect them, if they're brazen enough to launch 9-11 attacks, brazen enough to sneak attack, it comes out in mainstream news that Cheney planned to sneak attack our own ships a few months ago, New Yorker Magazine,
Do you see them trying to pull a rabbit out of a hat?
Well, at this point, I don't know if they're capable of doing it, because everybody's on to them.
You know, there was talk a year ago, and I even wrote an article about this, you know, when the nukes were being flown from North Dakota to Louisiana, and they just kind of disappeared as to what was going on there, and who was really planning some kind of a behind-the-scenes
I think?
That McCain, who's of course just a clone of Bush in all of this, has pulled out of the hat.
I'm not sure they've got anything left.
Well, speaking of their tricks being exposed, when you've got it in New Yorker Magazine that Cheney wanted to blow up our own ships, when you've got the top Russian general last week, we can play it here folks, coming out and saying, we know U.S.
forces are planning to dress up like Russians and go around committing false flags.
I mean, this has become so mainstream, it's their favorite tool.
Yeah, it is.
And one reason it's become mainstream is because Putin and the other Russians are speaking out.
They're talking to the press.
They're the ones who are blowing the whistle on so much of these things that are happening.
But I think it's also essential to realize that behind the lines here in the United States, we have a collapsing economy.
We have a bankrupt government.
We have
Uh, stagflation beginning.
Is that why they're trying to start these wars?
Is to get people to rally around the flag as corrupt systems have done before?
It's always been a method of diverting attention.
You know, it's the wag the dog syndrome.
And one thing that particularly the Republican politicians have always done, and Reagan did this I believe,
Uh, was when the economic situation at home becomes so bad that it's embarrassing, you divert attention from it by going off and attacking.
But at least he attacked Grenada, which was something that didn't, you know, a country that didn't have 20,000 nukes.
But this is, no, this is, of course, this is, uh, much more serious and, uh, it, it, again, it, it reminds me
Of the foolishness with which people in past history have gone into Russia and have come out, if they came out at all, on the losing end of a major confrontation.
Because Russia is not Iraq.
Russia is not Iran.
Russia is a world power.
Where do you see this going?
How do you see this extrapolating out?
Where do you see it developing?
I think it's going, in my own opinion,
I think we're going to see things just be a talking war with the Westerners, with Condoleezza Rice and Cheney and everybody just kind of mouthing off in the press, the talking heads doing their thing against the intransigence of Russia, which is simply not going to back down.
They're about to annex at least South Ossetia.
And they're not going to give Bush an inch.
Even when Bush tried to use this to get the weapons defense system into Poland, Putin called him on that, and called the Polish on that.
I think it's going to be a stalemate into the election, and that it's going to be turned over to either McCain, God forbid, or
Obama and Biden, then, to try to manage their way down out of this tree they've climbed up into.
Now, you work with Republican administrations yourself, but you're saying that you think Obama's better.
Well, I think... I'm not saying Obama is better, and of course... I mean, we know... Well, Roberts is saying the same thing, and he's the Reaganomics Mr. Republican.
We've seen what Obama has been saying about Georgia.
We've seen what Biden has been saying about Georgia.
They can't say anything else.
Bush has painted them into a corner.
But when they're handed the crisis, if it's they who are handed the crisis, they're the ones who are going to have to figure out a way out of it.
Okay, Richard C. Cook, can you stay five more minutes on the other side to finish up that thought and also give out your fine news websites?
Then I'm gonna play myself on Russian TV and then we got out of Roberts.
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Many on the East Bank will be leaving
Homes that have been renovated, a lot of material things that they have bought since Katrina that they cherish.
I know there's an attraction to staying and trying to protect your house and your resources.
And President Bush is being updated this morning on preparations for Hurricane Gustav, which could make landfall along the Gulf Coast as early as tomorrow.
Bernard Parish President Craig Tafferow says people need to leave now.
Anyone who has not left St.
Bernard Parish is instructed to do so.
We are pleading with the public, please do not remain in St.
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It's looking like Hurricane Gustav has disrupted President Bush's GOP convention plans.
Here's Mark Smith.
The President was supposed to attend the St.
Paul Convention as its featured speaker opening night, but the White House now says that's unlikely, and fallback plans are being made that could have him speaking via video link.
Bush is getting an update at FEMA headquarters this morning on preparations for Gustav's expected landfall on the Gulf Coast.
Determined to avoid any hint of the foul-ups that plagued the Hurricane Katrina response three years ago, Bush has already issued emergency decrees for the Gulf and his disaster teams have been working closely with state and local officials.
Mark Smith, Washington.
And no deaths are reported in Cuba after the western tip of the island nation was whipped by Hurricane Gustav.
But Cubans are returning from shelters to find flooded homes and washed out roads.
At least 300,000 Cubans were evacuated.
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The city manager of East St.
Louis, Illinois says two people have died after exposure to a dangerous chemical at a storage and mixing plant yesterday.
At least eight people were sickened by exposure to the chemical.
Two local hospitals had to lock down emergency rooms as a precautionary measure after taking in the chemical patients.
Any people who were in the vicinity of the chemical patients have been looked after.
Tess Nehais is a St.
Anthony's Hospital spokeswoman.
There are 20 patients who were in rooms in the emergency room, already in the process of being seen, admitted to the hospital.
Israeli and Palestinian leaders met to talk about making peace.
Here's Mark Levy.
The meeting was the shortest yet, just 45 minutes.
Israeli Prime Minister Odomer and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas can agree on one thing.
The chances of reaching a peace accord by the end of the year are next to zero.
They're still discussing the core issues that have stymied peace efforts for decades.
Those are borders between Israel and a Palestinian state, Jerusalem, and Palestinian refugees.
Palestinians complain that Israeli construction in West Bank settlements is the biggest problem now.
Mark for the Jerusalem.
The State Department is urging Americans traveling to the Bahamas and the Turks and Caicos Islands to be aware of the risks caused by Tropical Storm Hannah.
The travel alert urges U.S.
citizens lacking safe shelter and who are likely to be affected by the storm to consider leaving while commercial flights are still available.
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Now live from Austin, Texas, here's Alex Jones.
My job is very easy.
I just study the facts, the information, interview the experts, do my own research.
The truth is actually pretty easy to find.
It's just that the establishment counts on you being lazy, not researching, not looking into the facts, and that our government could be hijacked and launch a sneak attack on
Russian territorial areas that kill a bunch of people and then tell the public it's the other way around.
It's an insult to all of our intelligence.
The toll-free number to join us is 877-590-5525.
Yeah, just a couple things.
About a year ago, I was in a hallway conversation
with one of the democratic presidential candidates and i'm not going to say who it was because it was off the record but this gentleman said to me and i quote this country's government is being run by a crime syndicate unquote that was a democratic presidential candidate and he was talking about the bush cheney administration this administration has collapsed our economy
It has so overextended our military in Asia that we are now very close to a shooting war with the most powerful country in that part of the world, Russia.
And the one factor that's left out of this equation, Alex, that I have been reading about from some fairly reliable sources in the intelligence community is we take it for granted that the military is always going to salute
and do exactly what they're told no matter how crazy it is and no matter how contrary to the american national interest it is and i am being told that the military that there are people within the u.s.
military who are drawing a line
Now, on this Russia thing, and putting the Bush administration on notice, that they will only go so far in support of actions that are contrary to our interests.
Well, look at Fox Fallon!
I mean, he was the head over there at CENTCOM and said no on a sneak attack on Iran.
And he's not the only one.
Well, I mean, they're constantly quitting.
Guys, they thought they were behind him.
And we have to ask ourselves, why are they saying no?
It's not that they're even wonderful, mortal people.
They understand, folks, this is World War III.
This is a continuity of government being activated out there at Cheyenne Mountain.
That's correct.
And the Bush-Cheney administration has brought the country to collapse.
And we can't just keep walking
Into these traps without stopping and saying, what are we doing this for?
Who's giving us these orders?
Why are we being given these orders?
And what are the consequences for our nation going to be if we don't stop now, look within, see what we need to fix at home before we continue on this path of madness abroad.
And I think that there are enough people now who have this awareness that I at least have some hope.
That over the next year, two years, maybe a little bit longer, enough people in responsible positions are going to be able to come together and do something about it.
That's my hope.
Do you believe the polls that John McCain, on average, is about two points ahead of Barack Obama?
Well, I'm not too surprised to hear that.
I think Obama took a terrific beating from all of the people who are trying to arouse fears about him before the Democratic Convention began.
So, I'm not too surprised to see that, but we've got a long way to go until November.
Well, Mr. Cook, I mean, here's the problem.
I know you've worked in the White House, and at NASA, and written for the Washington Post, and you're a great analyst and economist, and I respect your opinion.
And I understand that the Bush-Cheney crime syndicate is the worst expression in U.S.
history of tyranny.
There's nothing even close.
I mean, this is Hitlerian.
The problem is the very same Wall Street, the very same banking cartel that you write so much about endorsed the PNAC plan of global domination in 1999-2000.
They endorsed the Bushes.
They gave them
You know, free reign.
And I see the same rhetoric now out of Barack Obama.
That's correct.
And so I just don't see it changing.
No, and I'm not saying it's necessarily going to come from Obama and or Obama-Biden.
I think there are other people in the country in positions of authority or who have been in positions of authority, including military people, who may be able to exert some influence here as we move forward.
Well I know they were bringing in more U.S.
troops a few weeks ago and the Russians moved some medium range nukes in.
I also know that the Georgian puppet dictator has said that he plans to attack Ossetia and Abkhazia again as soon as he can.
Russia says that's an act of war by the U.S.
arming them.
I hope you're right and this becomes just a diplomatic war.
Do you think the EU is going to put sanctions on Russia?
No, I don't.
And the EU already are the ones who are trying to mediate this.
I mean, it was a French ceasefire.
That the Russians signed.
And Merkel saying don't escalate.
Yes, I think there are enough people in the European community who have had enough of what Bush and Cheney have done that there is going to be some balancing force coming out of that part of the world.
Again, that's my hope, I think.
Again, I want to be very clear.
I'm not saying or justifying the kind of rhetoric that Obama and Biden have been putting forth.
What they did was appalling, but they're not the only players in this game.
There are other people, other forces involved in the world who are seeing the same things that you and I are talking about right now, or that Paul Craig Roberts has been talking about, and that at a certain point, some of this has got to come to the fore.
I'm not ready to give up hope on that.
What about the police state and the whole expansion of the Continuity of Government grid, NORTHCOM, based out in Colorado?
I mean, that all transcends the Bush administration.
I know Cheney and Rumsfeld set it up back in the 80s, the modern expression of it.
Yeah, and that's one of the products of the whole economic system that has built the military-industrial-intelligence complex as kind of the
main engine of power in the United States.
But will it slow down?
I mean it wants to federalize police, it wants to have Lockheed Martin red light cameras.
I mean, basically the military-industrial complex is eating the United States right now.
Can they be stopped?
Can they be slowed down?
Or will this organism just keep growing no matter what and start World War III?
I think they can be stopped.
I think they can slow down.
I think a lot of it, Alex, depends on us.
on the on the loyal opposition on the people who call attention to this it's not something that will happen by itself because clearly these people have all kinds of contingency plans in the patriot acts were not written on the spur of the moment they were pulled out of government files a decade old uh... the same thing with the uh... attack plans on iran uh... and and iraq and afghanistan these are off the shelf plans i mean these people have nothing to do except sit around and dream up wars
And sure, they've got plans and they've got facilities.
There was an order that went out on an official United States Army bulletin to have the Army bases be prepared to take civilian prisoners off the hands of the state prison systems and put them to work as free slave labor on the Army bases.
Yeah, that's the civilian inmate labor camp program.
Yeah, so all of that is there.
I mean, we've got an enormous... Bottom line, we have a very bad elite in control, who are out of control, and they don't even know what's good for themselves, and they already own and run everything.
They just gotta have more, more, more.
Why can't they just let us at least live?
Well, because we're in economic collapse, and the only thing that they can think of to do in an economic collapse is for more people to work for the government.
One trick pony, and only a war economy can do that.
Right, to borrow more.
I mean, that's how we got out of World War II.
Uh, the Vietnam War became an economic driver, and that's what Reagan did with the trillion-dollar military buildup.
They all do it because our economic system is structured on the basis of Keynesian economics, and that means government deficit spending.
That means the military-industrial complex.
Richard C. Cook, fire out your website.
It's www.RichardCCook.com.
Read his columns everywhere.
Thank you so much for the time.
Thanks, Alex.
Labor Day tomorrow.
We're going to come back, cover some other key news.
We've got another big guest coming up.
InfoWars.com is the website.
In T-minus 45 minutes, my new film drops at PrisonPlanet.com.
Have you ever felt like the United States government knows way too much about your financial affairs?
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You'll be able to watch that coming up in just about 45 minutes.
I got a lot of other news, economic news, police state news, your phone calls, of course, coming in.
I haven't taken any of those yet, but the Russia situation was so important, I wanted to cover it.
I want to thank the listeners of this show for people that aren't aware of what happened Tuesday.
I was out in Denver and they were having a moronic Recreate 68 anarchist event where these fools were saying they were going to levitate the U.S.
Fox News lied and said that I said I was out there levitating the Mint.
Michelle Malkin is out there who said I lied about the Marines throwing the puppy off the cliff.
She said I made that up.
I was just covering Associated Press.
Later, the Marines admitted, indeed, it was true, and they kicked those guys out.
She has written books about how torture is good, and Abu Ghraib is good, and she's written about how they put Americans in camps.
And I'm out there, and her bodyguards, and it's all on video, come up and start bumping into me.
I'm talking to her in a normal voicing.
Why did you write that?
Why did you say that?
I've interviewed her twice before.
They came and got in my face.
Fox News edited it to the end of it.
And then they lied and said that I said kill Michelle Malkin.
Now, it turns out we have video of her leaving in the parking lot with the people that were behind me screaming, kill Michelle Malkin.
Then they would scream, Alex is a capitalist pig and stuff like that.
They were just trying to incite the crowd.
And the Dallas Morning News and Denver Post have had to both do retractions.
So, there you go.
Thank you listeners for calling them and sending them the video clips.
Mark Davis, Dallas Morning News, sent a vicious email to my wife.
I'm thinking about action against him because, you know, people think I got up and said, kill this woman.
But it doesn't matter, it's been retracted, the lie has been exposed, and those videos are all up on InfoWars.com.
Now, I'm going to play this six minutes of me on Russian TV, myself on Russian TV, last Thursday, and I think I break it down well in about six minutes.
And I did this because I am patriotic, and because I will not let our country, you know, we run this country, the people do.
Start wars with Russia and then lie to the dumbed-down public and tell them that Russia started it.
So, here are the facts.
International television.
Russia Today.
And you'll hear some audio in the background because they were playing videos with audio turned up a bit behind me.
You can watch the video at InfoWars.com, too.
Here it is.
Russia has criticized the Western media for what it's called its biased view on the conflict.
But not all journalists blame Russia for the conflict.
We're now joined on the line by Alex Jones, the U.S.
investigative journalist from the Infowars.com website to get his opinion on this.
Hello to you, Mr. Jones.
So, in your opinion, what was wrong with the coverage of this conflict in Western media?
Well, Ellis, thank you for having me on.
First off, let me say I am ashamed as an American.
I'm a loyal American who loves my country, but my country has been taken over by a private international military-industrial complex, and they launched a sneak attack on the Russian enclaves of Abkhazia and other areas, as you know, on 888, using the cover of the Olympic Games and a dastardly sneak attack on the Order of Pearl Harbor.
In World War II, and I'm just so ashamed that our country's been hijacked and is being used to do this, and I am a syndicated radio host, and of course we're on the news site, Infowars.com, and that morning I was watching foreign news and I knew that the US-backed Georgians, the Israeli and NATO-backed Georgians had snuck attack viciously and were hunting down and killing civilians, attacking the peacekeepers, just unprecedented crimes in our modern age, in the 21st century.
And then I would turn on CNN and Fox and even BBC and they were reporting that Russia, it was headlines, Russia invades Georgia, Russia sneak attacks.
And our leaders went on television and said that we would have to have a new Cold War.
It was such an insult to the American people's intelligence that the United States backed Georgia.
Attack, snook attack areas on your border.
And I apologize as an American that we let our government have been taken over.
Like this.
This is not the United States that I grew up in.
It's very, very shameful.
Even in the Cold War, our governments didn't do things like this to each other.
And the Russian people I know want to work with the American people in Europe and sell us oil and gas and neocons in NATO, in the US and Israel.
Want to have a new Cold War.
And that's why they launched this sneak attack on Russia, thinking that they could intimidate Russia.
They expected Russia to back down, but Russia didn't back down.
And I just hope Russia keeps troops in Georgia, so no more sneak attacks can be launched, because the dictator, and we know he was elected under fraud, they're in Georgia.
I don't think so.
Mr. Jones, you certainly got some strong condemnation there.
NATO is a puppet of the military-industrial complex, the Anglo-American Western New World Order system based in
Of course, London and New York and D.C.
They have hijacked the U.S.
They have implemented continuity of government.
They have geared up for martial law.
They've built FEMA camps here.
They're destroying our republic.
They're destroying our freedoms.
They're coming after the free press.
And so they're using NATO expansion as a way to widen the war throughout Central Asia and then to the West, through Eastern Europe and Central Europe.
And I really appreciate the fact that Russia
Uh, has been restrained in all of this.
And I just want to say, I am an American patriot.
I stand for my country first.
And I'm very sad to have to come out and speak out against my criminal government.
But it's going to continue under McCain or Barack Obama.
The PNAC documents written by the neocons say they want war with Russia and China.
The American people do not want it.
This is not strong condemnation.
This is a saddened American having to
Uh, beg the world to understand that we've been hijacked in the U.S.
We do not like what's happening.
The British people do not like what's happening.
We want to be friends with Russia and China.
We do not want this.
But the neocons are bloodthirsty.
They've attacked all these countries.
Uh, they have, uh, just came out in New Yorker Magazine that Dick Cheney wanted to stage new terror attacks a few months ago.
against the US fleet, having Navy SEALs dress up like Iranians.
He wanted Navy special ops commandos to attack our own ships, to blame it on Iran.
We have a criminal regime.
We are in an emergency situation.
We are under martial law for all intents and purposes in the United States.
The United States has been taken over.
This is not the American people.
This is the corporate New World Order that has seized control of England.
And the United States trying to bully Russia into submission.
Russia is not expanding.
Russia is not trying to take over areas.
Russia is trying to be free market and trying to be part of the world community and they're being stabbed in the back.
Russia has always been attacked by the British bankers for over a hundred years.
They do not like your strong people or your culture.
They want to hijack Russia just like they did with the Bolsheviks.
They want to hijack the U.S.
We are all together against the New World Order and that's what InfoWars.com and PrisonPlanet.com covers.
Alright, Alex Jones from Infowars.com.
Thank you for those thoughts.
Alright, ladies and gentlemen, we'll be right back after the quick break in the news with Dr. Paul.
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And that's 888-253-3139, 888-253-3139.
Well, he was the head of policy at the Department of Treasury, the father of Reaganomics.
He helped broker some of the economic deals that took Russia from being the Iron Curtain to somewhat of a freer society.
There with its collapse in 1991.
He, of course, was an editor there at the Wall Street Journal.
He's a syndicated columnist with Creator Syndicate.
And he is a frequent contributor to this radio show, and we're always very thankful for Dr. Paul Craig Roberts joining us, and he'll be with us for the balance of the show.
And I know we have a lot of callers.
Specifically, if you have a question or comment on Russia, on the economy, on Iran, we will take a few of your calls right at the end.
Didn't take a lot of calls today because I've been focused on purely news and information.
But he's also, again, a top economist, so we're happy to get his perspective, and very thankful for his perspective on the economy as well.
Thanks for joining us on the eve of Labor Day, sir.
You're welcome, Alex.
Dr. Roberts, let's get into Russia and the escalation there first, and then let's break down some of the things we're seeing with the economy.
All right.
There have been a lot of new developments.
Talk of sanctions, more troops and weapons being brought in, Russia calling it an act of war.
We have
Yes, I think so.
The neoconservatives who control the Republican Party and the current administration and any future ones, they may also control the Democrats.
That remains to be seen.
They're determined to have a war with Russia.
They're still angry that Reagan worked out diplomatic agreements with Gorbachev and the Soviet Union and ended the Cold War without a fight.
They're spoiling for a fight.
They have broken all of the agreements that Reagan made with Gorbachev.
They've taken NATO to Russia's borders.
They're putting U.S.
Missile defenses in former Russian satellites in order to degrade the Russian nuclear deterrent as they're hoping to be able to bully Russia and force them to go along with whatever we want in the world.
And the Russians simply are not going to do that.
They have upgraded their nuclear forces.
They lack the kinds of smart weapons and electronic warfare that the United States has, and so they've announced that they will compensate for that with tactical nuclear weapons.
That if the Americans encounter them with smart weapons or electronic warfare, that they will respond with tactical nukes in order to wipe out the American forces.
So we're moving very rapidly toward nuclear war and this seems to be something joyful to the Republicans and joyful to the neoconservatives and to the brownshirt Republicans.
It's very odd that the Republican or the conservative movement ended up producing a bunch of brownshirts who think they can
Imposed by military force, their will on the world.
So we are headed to war.
Now I see, just the other day, the General Director of the Russian Center for Iranian Studies, his name is Safarov, he has now said that all Russia needs to do is to form an alliance with Iran.
Because then Russia will control the Persian Gulf.
And so... And so prodding Russia is actually causing them to start expanding.
Well, that's right.
You see, the thing is that Russia was cooperating with us in every respect.
And they were cooperating with Europe in every respect.
And Europe, of course, is heavily dependent on Russia for energy.
To go in there and threaten Russia for no reason.
It's madness.
And I think if McCain is elected, there'll be nuclear war before his first term is over.
Dr. Roberts, I've never heard you talk like this.
I mean, I know you go off of... Well, you have to understand that, you know, I held the highest security clearances for a quarter of a century.
I know all the people.
And they're very concerned about this.
So you're talking to a lot of former and current analysts and people, and I know we're interviewing some of them here on air, and they're saying pretty much the same thing you're saying.
Yes, they're very worried that for reasons they don't really understand, the United States is provoking the entire world, not just Iraq and Afghanistan, but they're now after Russia.
And we saw that recently with the trouble in Georgia.
This was a former constituent part of Russia for 200 years.
And we went in there with the Israelis.
We rigged an election.
We elected a puppet.
We armed the army and trained it.
And we tried to put them in the NATO.
Now, we're talking about something in the Caucasus, so far removed from the North Atlantic.
I mean, it's halfway around the world from the North Atlantic.
It's on the border of Central Asia.
That's right.
It's in Central Asia.
And, and, and the, our European allies said, no, we're not going to do that because, um, they've got all these separatist movements there that want to go back to Russia.
They don't want to be part of Georgia.
They used to be part of Russia.
Stalin sort of rearranged the borders because Stalin was from Georgia.
And if we go and make them part of NATO, NATO will be involved in civil conflict inside Georgia.
So the French and Germans and Italians nixed it.
So the reason for all the trouble there was we sent our puppet in to murder all the Russians and drive them out.
of the separatist provinces, so that we would end the succession movements, and Georgia would be, you know, quote, unified, and we could put them in NATO.
So you believe this was a miscalculation, then, because that didn't happen?
Yeah, well, it was a miscalculation out of the hubris that rules in Washington.
Let me ask you, why do you think we, you know, not just as an economist and former head of the Treasury and the rest of it,
But, you know, also, as a newsman, the former editor of the Wall Street Journal, studying people and knowing a lot of these neocons, but not just them, not just their imperial hubris, their mindset of, we control reality, we are history's actors, none of you count, you know, delusional megalomania, but also the public.
Because I get emails every day, I get calls, people think we're lying, they really think Russia snuck attacked Georgia.
And I think it's hubris mixed with the fact that they know the average American literally has no idea even what planet they're on.
And so Dr. Roberts, I want to come back and get your take on that and where you think this is going and ideas you've got, or the people you're talking to, ideas they have in the establishment to reverse this.
Dr. Paul Craig Roberts is our guest.
You just Google Dr. Paul Craig Roberts.
You can read literally hundreds of great editorials he has written.
He'll be our guest in the final segment.
We'll even jam in a few phone calls if we have time as well.
Stay with us.
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All right, we're back live.
Final segment.
Don't forget, right when this show ends, my new film I produced, directed by Jason Bermas, that made a loose change to Dylan Avery, that is coming out, Fabled Enemies.
New 9-11 information, an amazing film.
T-minus about 12 minutes.
You can watch that live at PrisonPlanet.tv.
Oh, there's links at InfoWars.com.
Get the DVD there, or watch it online at PrisonPlanet.tv right now.
I want to take a few calls for Dr. Roberts, but finishing up your
The statement you were making and then my question about the mindset of the people, I mean, for an elite to sneak attack Russia and then say that Russia snuck attack, you know, basically came into Georgia for no reason, that's a new level of Orwellian lies.
Yes, it's possible though because the media was concentrated, as we've discussed before, under Clinton in 1997.
There's about five oligarchs or mega-corporations that own the American media.
It's no longer
An independent and diverse media.
It's a ministry of propaganda.
So whatever comes out of the White House, the media repeats, is truth.
The rest of the world sees through this, but Americans don't watch world news.
They watch CNN, Fox News, and the networks, and so they have no real idea of what the truth is.
And this is another reason, of course, that it's so easy to lead Americans into nuclear war, and which is directly where we're headed.
The Russians are not going to put up with American missile bases on their frontiers.
They're not going to put up with Ukraine and Georgia being part of NATO.
They can't afford that.
They're a powerful and independent people.
They don't intend to be our puppets.
And so we're headed directly into nuclear war.
This is what the Republicans and the neoconservatives are bringing to the world.
And is that part of the megalomania, the hubris, the we-control-reality business?
Yes, that's exactly it.
But you're saying, you talk to a lot of high-powered people, and they're saying they're really concerned and
Don't know where this is going.
They're really concerned because for the first time in American history, the professional people in the government have no voice.
They're threatened.
They're neglected.
They're shut up.
They have no power.
See, in the old days, they could leak to the New York Times, but now the New York Times sits on it for a year.
Or it says that- And then goes and tells the government that somebody has leaked to them.
Or they lie about yellow cake and aluminum tubes.
Not just sit on it, they lie.
Well, they lied about that because that's what the government told them.
But when the NSA guy told them that the Bush administration was spying on Americans without warrants, they sat on it for one year.
Well, that's just like the New Yorker Magazine sat on until later Dick Cheney planned to stage terror attacks.
I mean, that's big news.
So, Dr. Roberts, where do you see this going?
As I've already said, nuclear war.
We're headed to nuclear war.
You think they're just going to keep pushing and pushing and moving more troops up against the Russians?
Well, no.
They don't have any troops.
I mean, the Russians would tear our troops to pieces.
No, I know, but they're moving in advisors in the client states.
Poland, Ukraine.
They're going to provoke Russia.
By putting, by trying to degrade their nuclear deterrent in order to bully Russia.
With the anti-missile systems, yes.
That's right.
They're going to continue that until Russia says, okay.
But I meant stirring up the brushfire wars.
Well, you know, the other day the Chief Russian General told Poland that you will die in nuclear war for putting those American bases on your territory.
I know that the Russians are saying, and I saw a top Russian general two weeks ago, and I saw their new president read the NATO doctrine that I'd forgotten about, that they started in 1997, of NATO stating it is our policy to preemptively prepare for a first strike on Russia and to escalate and push them into this.
Exactly, but Russia is doing nothing to us.
What is wrong with NATO?
I mean, why do these guys want nuclear war?
Well, the Europeans don't, but all the European leaders are bought by the United States.
We simply give the leaders money, bagfuls of money.
I'm not talking about foreign aid.
We give them tens of millions of dollars.
We guarantee their financial future.
Now that's admitted now.
In fact, Top, it's been mainstream news that our government's totally mafia, and they even take over local cities like that.
I've interviewed police chiefs where the COG shows up with bags of money.
That's right.
We buy people.
And they sell out their own countries in order to get the money.
Let's take a call here.
This is incredible.
Let's go ahead and talk to Jared in New Mexico.
An economic question for Dr. Roberts.
Go ahead, you're on the air.
First of all, I'd like to thank both of you, Mr. Jones and Dr. Roberts, for all the great work you're doing on behalf of patriotic Americans.
My question today is, why doesn't Russia and or China dump their U.S.
Reserve, their U.S.
dollar reserve?
Because they're sane.
They're trying to work with us, Dr. Roberts.
Well, I think you gave him the correct answer.
They really can't believe the insanity of the American government.
It doesn't make any logical sense.
Now, China has such an enormous store of American assets and treasury bonds that they could dump it and essentially destroy us overnight.
It could come to that.
They just don't really understand that they're targeted for a nuclear attack because the Americans want to rule the world.
It doesn't make any sense to them.
Let's make that clear.
The global elite that sit in our capitals, not the American people.
We have to pay for this.
In closing, sir, in the last 3-4 minutes we've got left, the economy unraveling faster than we previously thought.
Yes, it's unraveling press and we previously thought according to the way the United States government measured inflation and unemployment prior to the Clinton administration, who rigged both measures in order to cheat old people out of their cost of living adjustments to Social Security.
If we measure inflation and unemployment the way it was measured during the Reagan years, for example, the current inflation rate in the United States is 9% and the current unemployment rate is 14.3%.
That is catastrophic.
Because that compounds.
Look, we used to get upset when unemployment was 6%.
Or inflation was 6%.
As of the end of July, the pre-Clinton official government measures of inflation are 9% and unemployment 14.3%.
Now we never had 14.3% unemployment except during the Depression.
It was higher during the Depression.
That was the only time it had reached a figure of that.
So where do you see it going in the short term, midterm?
I don't know.
I don't see any way low interest rates can help an economy that's maxed out on debt.
When people are so much in debt, they can't borrow any more in order to go spend it.
And so I think we're in a downward spiral.
And temporarily, the Bush administration has prevailed on European central banks, on the Saudis, the Japanese, to go buy dollars.
To support the dollar so they can continue this low interest rate policy through the election.
The current interest rates on treasury bonds are below the rate of inflation.
So the foreigners who buy the bonds simply are losing money.
This would normally cause a dollar crisis.
Is that what all this militarism is?
Like threatening the world with a gun to their head?
If you don't keep propping us up, we'll start World War III.
It could be that.
That's what a lot of people are saying.
Also that they're delusional because they've got a lot of space-based weapons, as you know.
A lot of secret things in the Black Projects.
Black Ops, and that's another reason they're so arrogant.
They've got some things they think and just completely... You know, Alex, one Russian SS-18 missile has 24 warheads.
Anywhere on the East Coast is essentially going to end existence.
East of the Mississippi River.
I know, 24 MIRVs.
So they're taking enormous risk with human life, with our country,
And there's no earthly reason for it.
Russia is not threatening us.
Well, Dr. Roberts, you shouldn't be so upset.
There's ball games on, there's cheeseburgers flowing, the economy's great.
Folks, you better wake up and get serious, or it's gonna mean the reign of the cockroach, as Dr. Roberts has said.
Dr. Roberts, thank you.
Have a great Memorial Day, and hug your family for me.
I'll hug mine.
Good for you.
Thank you, sir.
You're welcome.
Take care.
There he goes, former editor of the Wall Street Journal, former head of the Treasury under Ronald Reagan.
Ladies and gentlemen, I'll be back tomorrow and back throughout the week, and next week, Fabled Enemies goes live at PrisonPlanet.tv and get the DVD right now.
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