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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Oil has rebounded several dollars in price on dollar worries.
Concerns over conflicts worldwide as well as a hurricane.
Tropical storm preparing to slam into Florida and key refineries in Mississippi.
A year later, Fed faces growing financial storm.
This is from CNBC.
Merrill Lynch to face legal action for security sale.
They've also moved tens of billions of dollars into a British banking group to avoid billions in taxes.
Massive developments on the Russian front dealing with the caucuses.
Peacekeepers to stay in Georgia.
That's how the media is spinning it when all the Russians are planning to do is to leave their original peacekeeping force slightly augmented in Ossetia and Abkhazia.
Peacekeepers to stay in Georgia, but it's being spun by the Western media that they have broken the ceasefire and are refusing to pull back.
If they pull back, Georgian forces will again pour into the areas they've already attempted, somewhat successfully, to ethnically cleanse, going door-to-door, murdering men, women, and children in the two breakaway republics that have been part of Russia for more than a thousand years.
Continuing, U.S.
Gates scoffs at Russia's warnings to Poland over the missile shield and satellite bases they're handing over, as well as the Ukraine.
Pentagon Chief Robert Gates dismisses his empty rhetoric.
Sunday, Russian warnings that Moscow would target Poland for a possible military strike because Warsaw agreed to host part of the U.S.
missile shield.
Pakistani dictator who's been caught in two staged elections, Musharraf, resigns as president.
We'll try to break down that big development that just came the last few hours.
Pakistan's president has resigned to avoid impeachment charges, he told the nation during a televised speech.
So see, more happens in a month in some cases in history than happens in the previous decade.
The psycho Lenin had a good way of saying it, that sometimes in a week more happens than in a hundred years, was basically the paraphrase.
And notice how so much is happening with the economy, and with the militaries, and with global balance of power.
The tumblers are slipping into place all over the place.
This is an amazing time to be alive.
Policymakers call this a fluid situation.
Normally the societal and global and regional and imperial sociological structures are very rigid in a status quo, but during these periods of radical change, the situation liquefies and is more pliable.
That means good men and women
That means people that know the truth about government-sponsored terror and world government, the New World Order, and its crimes.
We have a great opportunity now, like never before, to have our voices heard and to shape the future.
And the New World Order knows that they've had to bring in chaos, they've had to liquefy and take out the rigidity of the global structure.
Which is very dangerous for them, but as political alchemists, they have to do this to then bring in a greater crisis, so they can offer the solution world government, as Zbigniew Brzezinski is doing in Time Magazine today.
You know, how to deal with Russia, basically a strong global government, bringing them into the family of nations, but only after they're militarily encircled.
You see, they have liquefied the political situation, and they want to reform the world in their image, under their grid.
We need to go in and challenge them at every level by discrediting them, exposing them, showing up their lies.
And we're doing it!
On the London bombing, on 9-11, on the Iraq invasion, with Iran, on what happened in Russia.
They're being caught with their pants down, as it is said.
So, very important information today.
We're going to go over all the financial news, what's happening in the caucuses, what's happening with Iran, a lot of key police state news as well.
Just very important broadcast and some special guests we'll tell you about a little bit later in the show.
We're also going to have wide open phones today at 1-800-259-9231.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk, Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
On the economic front, big things are happening.
You don't need me to tell you that, but we'll get into the specifics.
Then take your phone calls.
On the economic, military, and societal fronts, 1-800-259-9231.
Wide open phones today throughout the full four hours, and we have some special guests popping in near the end of the show today.
You see, they know the average person is living hand-to-mouth.
The average person worldwide, not just in the West, is thinking about the news in a perspective of day-to-day.
And so they can come out and say, oh look, oil is dropping, commodities are dropping, the economy is doing great.
Meanwhile, we have record bankruptcies, record defaults, homes going into receivership, being repossessed.
That's up 55% just in the last quarter.
They're now admitting that even when they're cooked,
Inflation numbers, that it's double what the Fed had projected, at around 6%.
It's more like 15, raging unabated.
All the market fundamentals say that our economy is in deep, deep recession, bordering in the future on depression.
We've talked a lot about that here, and almost every major financial expert we've talked to, including Nobel Prize winners in economics, have agreed.
But the corporate-controlled press basically will give you bad financial news for a month and give you good financial news for a month and say, this is the end, we're coming out of it, everything is wonderful, when all the fundamentals show a worsening economic trend.
And then, what does the Federal Reserve, the private banking structure that owns and controls this nation, through fraud,
What is their answer?
More issuance of currency, more issuance of liquidity to themselves, while they tighten up on credit to the general population.
And they may have interest rates down at 3%, but real interest rates are going up to 10%.
A lot of people are paying 25-plus percent, and that's compounded on credit cards.
How long can they keep this facade going?
You know, they report that the crash happened in October of 1929, but it really took about a year of the stock market going up and down on the same roller coaster we're seeing now before it finally settled in at the lows that it stayed at for the next few years.
And if you look at the market fundamentals and the economic fundamentals and the ratios of debt with private citizens and corporations and governments, local governments, county governments, city governments, state governments, it's an all-time record debt.
Meanwhile, they've been taking almost all the tax money at water districts, school districts,
Cities, counties, states, and putting it into private funds, private investment funds, overseas, offshore.
They've shored up their assets while leaving us with the bill.
A year later, Fed faces growing financial storm.
When Federal Reserve officials gathered for their annual Jackson Hole conference last August, Bear Stearns shares were trading at well over $100 apiece.
The benchmark federal funds rate was 5.25%, more than double where it stands now, and oil cost $70 a barrel.
Twelve months later, Bear Stearns is gone, as is about $400 billion from banks.
They've put out $400 billion in a single month before.
It's well more than that.
Ballot sheets, legendary old oilman T. Boone Pickens thinks the days of oil under $100 a barrel may be gone too.
Looking back, the 2007 conference provides some cringing moments.
Cringe-inducing moments.
In a speech at the Wyoming Mountain Resort, Fed Chairman Bernanke declared that the central bank was ready to act to shield the economy from the credit crisis, but would not save investors who'd made bad choices.
It is not the responsibility of the Federal Reserve, nor would it be appropriate to protect lenders and investors from the consequences of their financial decisions.
But he's done that.
For the banks, not the investors.
But said at the time, words that now sound ironic in light of the Fed's role in rescuing Bear Stearns from bankruptcy in March.
Now Bernanke is hoping the Fed won't have to act again.
And it goes on from there.
The Fed hopes it won't have to act again.
They are destroying the dollar.
All the fundamentals of issuing more liquidity, more currency, helicopter bin,
He's only going to kill the dollar, and they can try to pump it up by saber-rattling and global grandstanding to scare the world back into supporting the dollar.
But what they give the dollar in support with one hand, they take away with the other.
And so much of what we're seeing now was reported on three years ago by the Financial Times of London, the true financial paper of record.
And they stated there that the elite are going to bring the world into a global recessionary slash inflationary depression.
And that the only point up for discussion and the only debate is whether the elite, the true financial powers, not the guy who lives in a million dollar house down the road from you who you think is rich, but the true billionaires, those that leverage and control trillions, will be whether the global elite can survive
A economic implosion and consolidation that they started in motion.
That is the only real discussion here.
Will they be able to create this black hole of economic implosion and consolidate the power and then maintain it?
Or are the economic dominoes that they have set in motion so disastrous that it will bring down their own financial system?
And so we stand here watching the controlled corporate press trying to spin things, telling us that the light is at the end of the tunnel, that everything's going to be okay, that America is back on her feet.
Meanwhile, more and more layoffs, more and more factories shut down, more and more families go bankrupt, more and more homes are repossessed.
More and more companies downsize.
People take massive pay cuts if they're lucky enough to even have a job.
Or yuppies with two or three degrees to their names who have hundreds of thousands of dollars in college loans that they'll never be able to pay back are working at the grocery store in the morning and at the video game rental shop in the evening.
And the government, and the state, and the social engineers, the social architects, get what they want.
And what is it that they so dearly desire?
To destroy families, to destroy the middle class, to wreck free market systems.
And that's exactly what they're doing.
As the Associated Press reported last week, Walmart, in the midst of every other major
We're good.
That's the black hole.
That's an example of this predatory system, where they have unlimited slave labor, no environmental standards, no workers' comp, no insurance, no social security to pay.
It was not free trade.
It was not fair trade.
It was predatory slave labor being used to criminally destroy the free market.
These are monopoly men.
That's how they get their power.
That's how they get their control.
They destroy any chance you have through neo-mercantilism of having an independent, strong, vibrant nation.
They train you that going into debt is a good thing, that going into debt they told you in a thousand plus TV programs and financial publications tens of thousands of times that it was great to live off of interest on your house, to live off of increasing values in your home in the last decade in the real estate bubble.
They advertise that it would never end and they use that to trick the gullible population
Into getting into deeper debt, so that they could fully implode this economy.
But they've done such a good job of it, that it threatens to completely implode too quickly.
And as the Financial Times of London said many times with their top analyst, the elite want a slow slide, a slow deliberate destruction of the standard of living.
I mean, how many UN documents have I read on air?
How many times have I heard, riding home from work on NPR, them bragging about
Oh, global warming and the new global tax and the new global carbon trading systems.
This will teach Europeans and Americans not to live too well, not to have too high a standard of living.
It is feudalism.
It is serfdom.
And they planned to have a slow slide into feudalism, into serfdom, into peon systems of control.
Or you don't have any money to fight back or defend yourself in court or any money to private school or homeschool your children.
So both of you have got to work to death to pay those bills.
But now they've done such a good job of destroying the economy that it's unraveling too fast for them and they are losing control.
It has always been the social architect's goal.
To create monopolies and destroy all competition of their monopoly of power.
Because it isn't just a monopoly over manufacturing or computing or spying or force.
It is a monopoly of the mind.
They want a dumbed-down, servile population.
To paraphrase the words of Bertrand Russell,
A ruling elite that is so brainwashed and dumbed down and confused and semantically destroyed the language to where a revolt by the middle class and a revolt by the working class would be as ridiculous as a revolt by sheep against the practice of eating mutton, which is baby sheep.
The practice of eating mutton.
That's what they think of us.
That's what the social engineers have done.
And now, the predatory, parasitic economy is expanding at record rates.
Only by recognizing who has engineered this, only by recognizing who has laid this trap, only by exposing and discrediting the New World Order and all of their, quote, solutions, which will just bring us
Under more of their control, can we reverse this?
When we come back, I'm going to break down the mindset of the New World Order.
We're going to get more into the economy, take your phone calls, get into huge developments with Russia.
Jim Newcomer from Midas Resources.
August 18, 2008.
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The November assassination quieted the production of the new currency.
However, the Executive Order still stands unrepealed.
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It was an inside job!
Do you like being a puppet, sir?
Do you like being a puppet for the New World Order?
How do the American people know that 9-11 was a stage?
Was it engineered by you, David Rockefeller, the bilateral commission, the CFR?
The day that we stop asking questions is the day that we have allowed the seeds of despotism to grow at our own door!
Seven years after the attacks of September 11th, a global awakening has taken place.
If you know that there's treason going on, you can be held accountable for treason yourself.
All hell is breaking loose on 6th Avenue.
And if the government has not told the truth in five years, we will be here on the 10th anniversary of that.
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The social planners that control both parties 100% of every major nation, except for a handful of rogue countries, want neo-feudalism.
That's what the Club of Rome states.
It is made up of former American presidents, British, European royalty, the Rothschilds and Rockefellers.
It's all stated, it's all covered in my film, Endgame, Blueprint for Global Enslavement.
And they say just thousands of times in these reports that they are going to bring us to subsistence level.
They are going to have a social welfare quote net that is there to euthanize us, sterilize us, that is there to kill us, there to carry out their chemical, biological, radiological attacks upon us in a controlled environment to forcibly cull.
This is a control freak wonderland.
And if you go to the major universities, that's all that's taught.
We're evil pigs.
We've got too much.
We've had too high a standard of living at the rest of the world's expense.
And they sell the third world on that.
No, no, no.
The third world is not going to be allowed to live better.
And then we're going to be lowered down to their level.
And that is what Barack Obama saying that we're not going to get as much food as we had, and we're not going to be able to drive cars like we were, and we're going to have to live in these compact cities and be highly controlled.
And we hear the exact same things out of Gordon Brown and England, and we hear it from the Japanese president.
This is what they're pushing!
And they mean to set it up.
They mean to do it.
They mean to flood the market with cheap goods, buy up their competition, blow up their competition, use regulators to shut down the family farms and ranches with the animal ID, the premises ID, to shut down the small meat packers.
They've already shut down almost all of them.
To shut down the small refineries.
Everything is about consolidation.
So that they can have their way with us unabated.
And if you study the ancient Romans and the Babylonians and every other major culture, the Druids, they all had stylized human sacrifice and the gladiatorial events in the Aztec and Mayan kingdoms in Mesoamerica.
We've talked about it so much.
Emperors always went crazy when societies became decadent and corrupt and began
Publicly murdering whoever they wanted, engaging in all sorts of bloody, bizarre rituals, because 1% of the population, and this has scientifically been studied and proven, around 1%, they're now finding because of the U.S.
sick culture and media, that they're creating artificial psychopaths.
So the number's a little bit higher here in the U.S.
and a few other nations.
But on average, about 1 out of 100, about 1 out of 20 sociopaths doesn't care about you.
But one out of a hundred is a psychopath and enjoys killing and stealing and murdering.
And whereas it sounds like absolute abject horror for you or I to want to grab some woman off the street, take her to some shack or some basement, torture her for six weeks, rape her, and then kill her, that is beautiful to the psychopath.
But who gets busted?
The low-level psychopath who's always in love with themselves and on an insane power trip and has these dark visions while they're killing and torturing the only time they feel alive.
They are the unintelligent or the uncoordinated or what psychiatry calls the uncontrolled psychopath.
And sometimes you'll have a somewhat controlled psychopath who may kill 10, 20, 30, 40 people.
Before they finally get sloppy.
They may kill one person every six months for a decade and then they get more sloppy and it's one person every month and then two people a week and then they start driving around drunk with machetes and just hacking people up on the side of the road and then they finally get caught.
And they tend to
Come across as being truthful.
They tend to come off as charismatic.
They're in love with themselves.
They believe what they're doing is good.
It's like Ted Bundy had the judge liking him in his murder trial.
Ever seen the film footage of that?
With the judge saying, young man, I'd like to know you.
I'd like, you know, to have you as a son-in-law if you hadn't turned to evil.
I mean, that's how he tricked that judge.
Because that judge was judging him by his mindset that he was somebody who just went bad.
And was loving the compliments and everything that Ted Bundy was giving him.
See, that's the public.
Buying into Republican, buying into Democrat, buying into these psychopaths.
I'm gonna come back, finish up with this, get more into the economy, and then your phone calls at 1-800-259-9231.
Because I want to break down how they're building the world.
I mean, I've mentioned this, but I want to go into more detail.
How they're building the whole planet as a wonderland.
An amusement park for psychopaths.
Control freak.
And they're also turning the world into their environment.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Our beloved Republic is on her knees.
The forces of globalism are destroying national sovereignty worldwide.
But in Liberty's darkest hour, there is hope.
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The man with the foolish grin is keeping perfectly still.
But nobody wants to know him, they can see that he's just a fool.
And he never gives an answer, but the fool on the hill.
The fool on the hill sees the magic, the majesty of life, and appreciates the simple things.
And loves the goodness.
But the dark and controlling and uncreative, they seek to dominate and enslave the good.
They are threatened by the light.
They seek to build pheasants and armored fortresses in the midst of the common people in their village.
And to erect offices and enforcers and bullies to go out and rule over the slaves.
And that's basically what we face as a society.
One percent of the population are psychopaths.
If you're in a crowd of a thousand people, there are ten psychopaths among you.
But psychopaths also tend to congregate, and the more intelligent types combine their forces and their strength and are controlled.
And they can control their impulses for blood, and destruction, and raw dark power, until they get into positions where they can effectively exercise that power.
And that's why with a Stalin, or a Hitler, or a Mao, that when they get total power, and no one is opposing them in their nation, they suddenly start attacking their neighbors, and overtaking them, and then the next neighbor, and the next neighbor, they have to have it all.
And then they start killing their own internal population and stealing the wealth until it destroys the middle class, the engine of their original power, and their empire begins to implode.
But the modern psychopaths are so...
...intelligence so controlled that they've had sociologists and psychiatrists and anthropologists study this, behavioral psychologists, and they write papers and textbooks about how they can keep their grid in place and ensure that it doesn't collapse, and how they can head off at the pass every way that free humanity has struggled out of their iron grip in the past.
And they call that the Final Revolution.
It's been written by many historians and many philosophers, going back 3-4 thousand years, up until current dates, that for kings and queens and their courts and the elites of old, no matter where they were, what color they were, what, quote, race they were, we're all the human race, we all behave similar, all behave the same over and over again.
History repeats itself time and time again because people behave the same.
Groups combine forces and behave the same.
We behave the same in group psychology and mob psychology.
And it's been said that kings and queens and elites, war is their profession.
If you look at British nobility or French nobility, Japanese nobility, they didn't work.
They didn't work in the fields.
They didn't go to a nine-to-five job.
But they would engage in battle, in conquering, in conquest.
That was their profession.
In intelligence, in subterfuge, in espionage.
And they have studied it for thousands of years, and every empire passes on to the next empire its combined knowledge of control.
Thousands of years ago, textbooks were written by Julius Caesar, and by those before him.
On statecraft and how to control populations and how to dumb populations down.
And they could write those textbooks, write those books to the gentry, to the nobles, to the elites, to their families, to their power blocs.
And laugh in those books about how the middle class and the working class and the slave class, the bond class, never understood it and never saw it coming.
And it's become a religion of the elite to detest us and to hate us and to look down on us.
And that contempt grows after generation for generation where they get the good medicine, they get the good food, they get plenty of sleep.
And we're the little people, the little slaves, feet shorter than them.
More genetic disorders, more diseases.
Or so the elite thought.
Then they discovered that their inbreeding and their elitism actually made them weaker and made the people stronger.
So they built up even greater scientific systems of control.
And now, in the name of environmentalism, they are setting up a world tax on breathing.
On all mammal, and all animal, and all insect respiration.
They are making that a crime.
They are listing carbon dioxide as a poisonous chemical.
When it is one of the four life-giving elements, one of the four needed, water, sunlight, oxygen, and carbon dioxide.
Without those, carbon-based life forms cannot live.
Imagine a world government that taxes and regulates and demonizes the very air we breathe as they create a new religion.
They take your religions away from you, they discredit them, they destroy them, they pull them down from within,
They mock them, they set up pimps in their places to discredit them, and then they bring you a new religion.
Something that makes sense fundamentally, to be a good steward, to take care of the earth, to not hurt life forms around you, and to hence not hurt yourself with toxic waste and chemicals.
When in reality, they are the authors of the toxic waste.
They are the authors of the true crime, the vandalism of the very genetic code of the planet, through the cross-species, genetic creations, and a thousand plus other abominations.
They are killing the Earth.
They are hurting the Earth.
They are irrevocably damaging it while telling us that we need to tax the very air we breathe.
That's their own statement.
They move against free speech.
They move against the Internet.
They try to bring back in the Fairness Doctrine.
They put in their electronic fraudulent voting machines on record to be stealing elections.
They militarize the police.
They put in military control grids so that there is no escape from them.
So that every avenue is blocked.
Every avenue of escape is blocked.
Soon, they believe their control grid, their invincible control grid, their invincible prison will be in place.
The whole world, a prison.
And they, the wardens, they, the insane running the asylum, where they can have their way with you in whatever way they see fit.
Their mass crimes, more than two-thirds, or 67% national average,
...of children on psychotropic drugs that are in foster care.
On an average of seven drugs.
And when they're questioned in the Texas legislature, of why in this state, 68% higher than the national average, why more than two-thirds of the children are on these dangerous drugs, what tests have been done, what screening's been done, how do you even know these drugs are good when the drugs show they cause suicide and medical problems, physiological problems, not just mental problems, and they're told, oh, they come from bad gene pools.
No judge, no jury, no assessment.
Just, oh, you're poor?
Oh, you're crying for your mommy when you're four years old?
We're taking you?
When we've taken you from your mommy?
That's mental illness.
Here, let us give you shock therapy.
Because we put you on Prozac and Ritalin and you started cutting yourself and crying out for help.
You've never been like that before.
But now you don't like being locked in your room and fed three meager meals a day of your lucky.
Hundreds and hundreds of cases I've seen in the news and they suppress them.
There's more.
Where these foster parents lock children in cages and in some cases feed them one hot dog a day and two glasses of water and they lay there, they lay there in fleas and ticks and in feces and urine and die.
That's just one of the crimes.
A million plus children grabbed a year.
A mass extermination arm going on, wrecking their minds, poisoning them, drugging them.
And by the time they're 14, 15 years old, they've been on dozens of drugs, their minds are blown.
They then put them into the state hospital for a few years, suck some more money out of the federal system that pays for bounties to do all this, and then they throw them out on the road to sit there.
Talking to themselves, gibbering, their minds destroyed like zombies on the side of the road, begging for money, panhandling.
And you drive by in your SUV and laugh at them.
That's only one crime of the psychopaths.
But if only one out of a hundred, or one percent are psychopaths, but one out of
You can debate the numbers.
Some sociologists, some psychologists say it's 1 out of 20, 1 out of 40.
Whatever it is, there's more sociopaths than psychopaths.
They will serve the dark side.
They will do whatever is told, whatever is done.
Just to them, life is all a competitive ladder.
To stab people in the back, to cheat, to steal, to grovel, to do whatever it takes to put on the corporate garb, the clean-cut good guy in the suit.
To do whatever it takes to get that power.
And there's still more who aren't sociopaths but are rationalized, just decadent individuals who aren't even psychopaths but are taking on some of the psychopaths' ideas.
And are beginning to believe that torture of children and murder of a million, two hundred thousand Iraqis is okay as long as they look different from us.
Who, out of cowardice, who hear about the police state and hear about the checkpoints and go through the checkpoints, through cowardice, make the decision, as George Orwell said, to engage in Crimestop.
To decide it's all okay.
To rationalize it's all right.
To go along with it.
You know, the example I like to use to illustrate what I'm talking about, about how good people are conned,
And for what they believe is monetary gain, they're tricked like an animal, like a little fish in a pond when you drop a worm down on a hook.
And you can't tell that little mindless fish, don't take the bait.
But with humans, we have a chance that once we've been conned, once we've been ripped off, once we've been scammed, to pull out of the scam.
But you see, more often than not, people who are being scammed, they stay in the scam.
They get deeper into the scam.
They habitualize and create a sick psychological fetish or they transmute what's happening bad to them and then rationalize the situation and claim to themselves that they're really in control of it.
That they're dealing with it.
That everything's okay.
You see this with compulsive gamblers who will bankrupt their family, lose their jobs, do everything, and then suddenly they're robbing banks.
And none of it makes any sense.
It's craziness.
Or they're stealing from their family.
Or they're stealing from their job.
Because they can go back to the crap table.
The craps table.
They can go back to the poker table.
They can go back to the slot machines.
They can go back to the roulette wheel.
And just try one more time.
And then they're finally going to make it.
Then they're going to be able to do it.
Then... Then they can go back and pay the money back and nobody will know.
Like in so many cases with embezzlement.
When the individuals get caught, they say, well, I was going to pay it back.
And in some cases, they even find that at first they do steal money and then pay it back.
Then they do it over and over again and finally get caught.
But one of the best analogies is what's been going on for the last at least 10 years.
They come out of Thailand.
They come out of Nigeria.
They come out of these hives of scum and villainy.
Where corruption can just run unabated.
And they target the West.
They target the most gullible population in the world.
They target England and Europe, but the US is the most gullible.
Canada's gullible.
People who live in a lap of luxury and have done well because of their ancestors' strength.
You get an email in your inbox and it says, I am the Empress Taboonga.
I am the Princess Taboonga.
And, uh...
Somehow, my $14,000,000 got tied up in the bank of Jaboogie, and because my $14,000,000 got tied up in the bank of Jaboogie, I need someone to just give me $4,000.
Because it's a small banking fee, it just got confused, it's just quite normal, this has happened before.
I'm just contacting you because I hear you're a person of rare taste and understanding,
And it's just totally asinine.
It's ridiculous to anyone that is living in the real world.
But they say, you are going to get a million dollars if you help me get my 14 million out.
Here is my phone number.
Please contact me.
I am the Princess Kaboongi.
And I have known people, neighbors who believe this.
I have had callers to the show who've called in over the years going, Alex, I just need
$4,000 is tied up in a bank in Nigeria, it's tied up in a bank in Israel, it's tied up in a bank in Thailand, and they are going to give me $1,000,000 or $14,000,000 of it as soon as I get it.
I need you to have your people call this bank in Nigeria and I'll give the $1,000,000 of the $14,000,000 to you.
You've heard those callers here.
I mean, this hoax, it's a known hoax for 10 years.
I even get calls on the show about it.
I get emails about it every few weeks.
I've known a guy down the street one time sort of telling me, yeah, I'm talking to this princess and she just needs, you know, $10,000.
The scams always vary a bit.
And I'm gonna get, you know, five million bucks.
And I'm like, no, no, no, it's from Nigeria, right?
Yeah, how'd you know?
Well, let me start looking at you paranoid.
It's my money!
That's the American people for you.
Totally delusional, having no idea what's going on, ready to be raped, ready to be scammed, ready to be taken to the cleaners.
And the corruption and the scams and the businesses are everywhere.
The evil is all over the place.
But you see, that's the psychology.
Because a lot of people go ahead and send the 2,000, the 4,000, the 5,000, the 10,000.
It's always different.
They go ahead and send it to Nigeria.
They go ahead and wire it, and you know, they call the number, and a man goes, Yes, this is, uh, Dr. Buzuki.
Yes, I'm calling for the princess.
She will call you back in one hour.
Is she busy?
She is with our counselor speaking to her people right now.
Oh, well, tell the princess thank you.
And then the princess calls.
We are prepared for you to talk to the princess.
Ah, yes, thank you, Mrs. Johnson.
I have had a very hard time with him and the rebels, and I only heard that you were good.
Oh, who did you hear I was good from?
We heard from friends.
Oh, thank you!
Oh, Princess, oh, your highness, I'm so honored to speak with you.
Yes, well, we have heard you are good.
Is the small amount coming that I need?
Yes, I'm going to get it to you right now, Princess.
I will give it to my associate.
Dr. Abubi, please send the money immediately.
Can you wire it tomorrow?
I want to thank you.
You are now going to be part of my court for doing this.
When I come to New York, I will see you.
Oh, Princess, thank you.
Oh, Princess.
And they send the $4,000, and then a month later, Princess, Princess, when do I get the money?
Well, things are tough now.
They are not giving me the money.
I need $5,000 more.
Oh, Princess, yes.
Oh, Princess, yes.
And then they give the Princess $5,000.
And they start calling talk shows.
Help me, Alex!
They... I've given them 10,000 of my money and the princess says I'll get it as soon as I give them this.
And see, they can't admit they've been conned.
It's the same thing with George Bush, Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, the New World Order.
It's a liberal-conservatives.
They can't... It's just like a Nigerian scam.
It's just a little more sophisticated.
Alabama state code makes it illegal to drive barefoot.
In Downey, California, it's illegal to wash your car in the street.
In Minnesota, you can be fined for displaying that your vehicle is for sale.
These laws are obviously not made to protect us, but instead to help states profit.
The use of red light cameras is another great example.
They intrude on your privacy, are unconstitutional, and cost you valuable time and money.
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That's 1-800-276-9601.
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That's SprayYourPlate.com.
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Spray your plate!
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What's up, Bonnie?
Well, I got a question about those shielded secure sleeves from Identity Stronghold.
Yeah, the sleeves that block us from stealing account numbers from the new credit cards with RFID chips.
What about them?
Well, I mentioned them to our friends and they went in for purchasing the secure sleeves.
Oh, Bonnie!
If everyone starts hearing about the secure sleeve, it'll destroy our plan to steal credit card numbers at the mall with my new RFID reader.
I know, but these are our friends, Clyde.
They promised not to tell anyone else.
I guess you're right.
That's what friends are for, I suppose.
Tell them they can get a five-pack of secure sleeves that will fit credit cards and driver's licenses for $19.95.
And Identity Stronghold also has a three-pack of secure sleeves for passport books for $14.95.
And where do they buy them?
They can buy them online or get a mail-in order form at IDStronghold.com.
Okay, well, what if they don't have the Internet?
They can call 1-800-610-2770.
That's 800-610-2770.
Thanks, Clyde.
On September 11th, 2001, along with hundreds of my fellow troops, I went to ground zero.
And we knew what to do.
Or at least we thought we did.
Truth Rising is a breakthrough 9-11 film that finally gives first responders a platform to tell their story.
Whitman, EPA director on the 18th, made a statement that the air was safe to breathe.
This film follows the growing momentum of 9-11 truth as brave souls throughout the world take action against their global masters.
He had his hand over the radio while he was getting a countdown.
He takes his hand off and you hear three, two, one, and it was boom, boom, boom, boom, boom.
This is an emergency transmission worldwide.
Download Truth Rising at PrisonPlanet.tv and aggressively spread it worldwide.
Or order the DVD at Infowars.com.
If we don't expose the government-sponsored terror, they're going to commit more acts and bring in martial law.
They send you an email saying you're going to get tens of millions of dollars if you make a small investment.
Now you're on the hook.
And instead of realizing, I'm an idiot, I'm a fool, I've been scammed, you stay in the scam.
You commit to it.
You tell family, no, I haven't been scammed.
No, it's not a scam.
I'm going to make millions.
You're going to see!
And I've had those callers on the show call in and say,
You know, I'm getting all these millions, Alex, and I'm gonna help you as soon as I get it from this Nigerian princess.
Or this Malaysian princess, or whatever it is.
It's generally, you know, just a handful of countries, and I tell them sadly, I go, it's not real.
And they go, shut up, you're bad!
And then they'll be on the internet, you know, on some Google page saying, Jones is a CIA agent, he's trying to keep me from getting the 14 million.
You know, and then it just goes into schizophrenia.
He says it's not real, he's a liar!
I'm gonna give more to the Nigerians!
And I remember in college, and I only went to college for two years, and I'd be hanging out over at buddies' frat houses and things, never join one, or I'd be at a party, or... And it was always the case when I was hanging out at, you know, wealthy frat houses where I had friends, you know, that I worked out with, or UT football players, that's where it was thick as fleas.
He would hear, ooh, that guy.
Yeah, he isn't going to college.
He's just staying here.
He's real rich.
He's an aster.
He's a Rockefeller.
And, you know, the person would walk into a bar or restaurant.
Everybody would go, you know, there'd be all these good-looking girls, sorority chicks.
We'd be sitting there drinking beer, and they'd be like, it's him!
It's the aster!
And I'd go, you know, I've heard of scams.
Where then they always need a loan because they were having a trust fund problem and they're going to pay you back.
You know, does he drive a fancy car?
No, no, he's staying with Jonathan right now.
He's staying over at this apartment with somebody.
You know, he's just run away from his family right now.
He's about to get a billion dollars and he just, oh, how did you know about the loan?
He's upset.
Did you tell you?
My friend Betsy, she just gave him $20,000.
And I probably saw that.
I mean, it's just con artists everywhere!
It's just scam artists everywhere!
I'm a Rockefeller!
I'm a... But I need... And then, I was telling Burmess about this a few months ago, and he said, oh, you know, I grew up in upstate New York, but also grew up some in Long Island.
And then Rob was talking about it.
There's always these people saying they're Astors, or Rockefellers, or Carnegie's, and they're always blowing into the... Not just with the college kids, they blow into the, um... The, um...
Country clubs, and they show up in a fancy suit.
You ever seen, um, what's that movie with Kane and, um, the other guy?
Well, they're two con artists conning each other, and they're in the south of France scamming all these rich, uh, single women.
I mean, just incredible.
And it's the same thing, and they come in, and they've always got an incredible investment that nobody can be part of, and then always the blue-haired, wannabe aristocrats, you know, who've got ten million bucks in the bank, they feel like it's so great that they now know a Rockefeller, or a Rothschild, or an Astor, that they're like, they'll even tell their husbands there's divorces over it.
I'm investing a million with Count Vibelbrob!
I'm investing it with the Countess!
There's nothing you can do to stop me!
And that's all the New World Order is.
They're slicker, con-harnessed.
I mean, if you study how the Rothschilds got in power, it was giving loans behind the scenes.
You'd have a... There were, I don't know, more than 10 different royal sectors of what Germania was, Germany today.
It was broken up into counties.
And you read the histories of where the Rothschilds and other moneylenders... The king would be mad at his... The local duke would be mad at his wife and would cut her off her allowance.
Well, the Rothschilds would just go get her in debt and scam her, and get her in a scam, and then have intrigue in.
Basically, that's all the New World Order is.
Psychopathic henchmen, and some psychos in control, a bunch of con artists, who just run around scamming us through government, scamming us through everything, and they've just taken over the world, and then all their bottom feeders are crawling all over us, and the public's dumbed down and defenseless.
Thank you for listening to GCN.
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For the first time in history, the elite's plan for world government is blown wide open.
You will learn the secret that drives the entire New World Order agenda.
Bilderberg is making great progress toward a world government.
Most people have no idea.
They're not after money.
They have all the money they need.
They're after power.
That's what they're after, these people.
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Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
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You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
I said we would have open phones today for the full four hours, and we will.
I got off into a rant about con artists, people coming into small towns, big cities,
There's got to be millions of them.
They've always been there.
It's the same old scams.
They show up, they find out who's weak in your family or your business.
They tell you there's a get-rich-quick scheme, a Ponzi scheme, and they come into the country club and they tell you they're always a duke or a duchess or they're royal.
It's the same system over and over again.
And they find out who's gullible, and then once a person's been sucked in, they can't admit they were conned, and it'll ruin marriages, it'll ruin everything, and a lot of people end up giving everything they've got to a con artist, and they'll be homeless, still admitting, I just don't know why the Duke did that to me.
You can always tell these sociopaths, because a lot of times, these con artists are, they're able to con you because they're delusional.
They believe their own scam.
And that's what government is.
I mean, they come out and tell you that Russia attacked Georgia.
The public believes it.
They come out and they tell you the dollar's strong.
There's people all over Wall Street going on the news and saying the dollar hasn't lost any value, it's a conspiracy theory.
They'll come out with this outrageous statement that there's no new world order, no one's calling for it.
They'll come out on CNN and say there's no trans-Texas corridor when it's all over Texas, thousands of miles of road, and the signs are everywhere, and there's PSAs on TV and at the theater.
You know the movies they have ads.
Doesn't exist!
And see, the public doesn't want to admit they've been conned by the media, the culture, the government.
They've bought into it, so if CNN says and Fox says that there is no trans-Texas corridor, Texans will say to my face, there isn't one!
Doesn't matter, there's billboards, announcements.
Kind of like that police chief in Austin.
I mean, he may not know the Feds put microphones in and Austin runs it, but I do.
It's been in the paper.
Maybe he doesn't know.
Maybe he's lying.
The point is, is that we know the facts.
We know the government's gone bad.
And we also know the public doesn't want to admit up to that because it's so scary.
I mean, it's worse than just sending $5,000 to the Nigerian email scam, thinking you're going to get a million back.
And not wanting to pull out of it and sending them the next payment, and the next.
I've seen it reported in the news where people have paid as much as a half million dollars to the Nigerian scam.
From an email.
You know, you send out an email to a million people saying, send me five thousand dollars, you get a million back, you're gonna get people that are gonna take it.
Because they want to believe their lucky day has come.
And these yuppies want to believe that the Earth is really dying from carbon dioxide and that it's a deadly toxic waste, not the life-giving gas on the planet next to oxygen.
They really want to believe they're part of something good.
They don't want to admit they've been scammed and conned with all their environmental bumper stickers.
They don't want to admit they've been lied to.
Conservatives don't want to admit they've been lied to about George Bush being a good conservative and a great American.
You can give them mainstream articles about gay porn stars and madams visiting hundreds of times at midnight, and they'll just say, you're a liiiiine piece of crap.
You can show them video of Bush kissing him on the head at a press conference.
They'll just say, SHUT UP, COMMUNIST!
Or you tell a liberal that, and they'll be, QUIET, FASCIST!
Hey, you gotta love it, New York Times attacking me last week in association with Corsi for 9-11 truth.
And see, now I'm the fascist.
I was looking at the comments and other stories.
Alex Jones, a well-known right-wing fascist.
Oh, I've been the big commie.
I was bashing Bush, saying he's a pop, but he runs nothing.
They control both parties.
The liberals go, oh, you're so liberal.
We like you.
Oh Alex, you're good.
We like you.
You're against George Bush and now I'm saying Obama's bad too.
Oh my God, you fascist!
Oh my!
And I'm like, no, he's for spying on us without warrants, the same police state and war wars, all the corporate funding, and they're just like, liar!
My God, you're funded by Republicans!
You can't admit you've been scammed.
You can't admit you've been lied to.
Wake up!
Stop being scammed!
Get cynical about this.
Stop letting these con artists rip you off.
Stop letting them hypnotize you.
I promise we're going to Warren, Seth, Steve, Brendan, Jeremy.
When we get back, the economic news, huge Russia news.
Stay with us.
May I have everybody's attention, please?
I've come with a message of information.
9-11 was an inside job.
Do you like being a puppet, sir?
Do you like being a
People know that 9-11 wasn't staged, it wasn't engineered by you, David Rockefeller, the Trilateral Commission, the CFR.
The day that we stop asking questions is the day that we have allowed the seeds of despotism to grow at our own door.
Seven years after the attacks of September 11th, a global awakening has taken place.
If you know that there's treason going on, you can be held accountable for treason yourself.
All hell is breaking loose on 6th Avenue.
And if the government has not told the truth in 5 years, we will be here on the 10th anniversary of... Truth Rising.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Stocks drop as oil climbs.
Financials slide.
Euro shares rise, buoyed by oil and miners.
Commodities going back up.
We're going to get into Merrill Lynch getting in trouble for running a bunch of criminal scams.
Also, peacekeepers to stay in Georgia.
Gates basically threatening Russia.
Secretary of Defense Musharraf resigns.
We're going to break that down.
Georgian President Shashvili
Eats his own tie on live TV.
Looks like something out of a Charlie Chapman skit.
Starts acting completely nuts.
Chewing on his tie like a complete mental patient.
Live on TV.
Iran warned not to allow war pretext by Saudi and Egyptian leaders.
China to overtake US's largest manufacturer.
This is not our headline at PrisonPlanet.com.
Sounds like one of ours.
This is the mail online out of England.
Rounded up into torture camps.
The undesirables.
China doesn't want you to see.
Well, we've got one.
They torture you.
It says with big signs that they're going to be using cattle prods in that giant FEMA camp they've built out in Denver secretly.
The police with a secret camp!
Yeah, the police.
You can really trust them.
They've got secret camps.
Totally criminal.
Totally criminal to do that.
They're criminals.
The government's criminal.
It's shot.
It's gone.
Not Green, NBC, Beijing, Outdoor Set, Air Conditioned, Outdoors.
Oh, see, even those criticizing the fake environmental movement for the global carbon tax only criticize how they're a bunch of hypocrites.
They have a bad carbon footprint, which only legitimizes all this bull.
TV news ratings and newspaper ratings continue to plunge.
Lawmakers take up the battle against the light bulb ban with these highly toxic, deadly light bulbs they want us to put in.
I mentioned this last week, but I want to spend more time on it today.
Texas School District letting teachers carry guns.
That's just some of the news I've got that I'm going to be going over today.
But right now, let's go to Warren in Michigan.
Warren, you're on the air.
Hi Alex, I thought I called to your show yesterday and he kind of had an interesting point.
He was saying, well, suppose we have a revolution and then we've got all these elites left over, what are we going to do with them?
And his point was we should execute them to be sure they won't keep oppressing us.
The point I wanted to make was,
The ancient Greeks had solved that problem.
They had a practice known as ostracism.
And I never hear the ostracism.
Yeah, that's the old thing.
Put them on a deserted island.
And candidates for ostracism didn't necessarily commit any crimes.
They were just people that had too much intercourse.
Yeah, but that was used by the very elites to oppress anybody that challenged the criminal state.
That's why you need a Bill of Rights, Constitution, where everybody's due process is protected.
You don't punish classes of people.
You individually, if they committed crimes, then investigate them and indict them with a grand jury.
I thought the original purpose of ostracism was so the people could
You didn't have to wait for somebody to commit a crime if you became somebody that was just... Well, you know what a crime was?
Which one was it?
Was it Aristotle?
Or one of the others?
Socrates was exiled.
Yeah, well, but I was going to mention something else.
Which one was made to drink hemlock?
Yeah, Socrates.
And then there was another one they threw off a cliff.
One of them was trying to teach the young to question the government and question the elites.
They made him kill himself.
Others they murdered.
And so that was their idea of, quote, this pure democracy.
It was not a democracy.
It sounds like the original idea was corrupted and perverted.
Well, that's it.
That's why our system is not perfect, but it's the best ever devised.
Our republic hasn't failed.
We have failed it.
But you don't ever want to say, uh, we are going to punish the landed class, because the elites are normally the authors of that, and they will direct a mob, led by one of their front men, to actually go steal from the middle class, because the poor think that anybody who's got five dollars more than them is the elite.
I mean, poor people think somebody in a Cadillac with bling.
That's what bling's all about, just the mindlessness of, my gosh, he's got some gold around his neck, he's rich!
No, really rich people hide it.
They're secretive about it.
They're low-key.
Well, I think if David Rockefeller was up for ostracism, I think I'd vote in favor of it, wouldn't you?
Yeah, but see, you don't want to start voting people out of the country.
You want to investigate David Rockefeller for his crimes, which are legion.
You then want to indict him and convict him and then have the state law carried out against him.
Okay, Alex, I guess that's about all I had to say.
Thank you, yeah.
We don't want a French Revolution where one group of rogues takes over, and then six months later another group takes over from them, and then there's another revolution.
You end up with what you had in Rome, where you'd have a new emperor every six months or so.
And it was always whoever the last Praetorian leader of the Praetorian was.
I mean, that's how third world nations are in Asia and Latin America.
You know, the president's always just some general who took over.
And then, you know, he gets killed in a few years, there's some new guy.
The middle class has to get together, go in and take over the government, set up checks and balances to lower the size of government, make it very small, and only big enough to keep tyrants from coming to power.
Limited, tied down, and then we have to be armed, aggressive, build up our individual organizations against tyranny, and then you become a land of milk and honey like the United States or Switzerland.
Let's go ahead and talk to Seth in Arkansas.
Seth, go ahead.
Hey, Alex.
Hi, I met you in New York on 9-11 last year.
I'm a change member.
I actually did the Clinton confrontation in Mississippi.
Good job.
Where he said we may not be perfect, we don't blow up our own buildings.
I'm also in the New World Order film with Tom and Andrew and Luke, with those guys, with you as well.
Um, anyway, Saturday night, I just moved back to Fayetteville, Arkansas, which is kinda like Austin, you know?
And Saturday night I was out on Dixon Street, which would be about like being on 6th Street in Austin, and I was out meeting up with some friends.
I had one drink probably about 11 o'clock or something like that.
Anyway, I was hanging out dancing about 1 at 1.30 in the morning.
I come out of the establishment I was in, and I see police have roadblocks set up.
So I go up there and I start talking to a female officer and I was asking her about the roadblock.
And uh, she said to me, you know what I mean, I asked her was it a normal thing, she said they were doing it for public safety.
And anyways, I started recording it with my camera phone.
She came up to me and she told me to go home.
Go home.
You thought you were in a free country?
You thought you'd videotape a Fourth Amendment violating checkpoint that treats everybody as if they're a criminal?
Yes, sir.
So she told me to go home.
I said, no, ma'am, I don't have to go home on a public sidewalk.
So she came up to me and started asking for my ID.
So what happened next?
Okay, so she asked for my ID.
I said, ma'am, am I being detained?
Am I being detained?
She said, give me your ID.
I said, am I being detained?
And it went on like that for a couple minutes.
And I have video of all this.
It's up on YouTube now.
What's the name of the video?
We'll play some of it.
The name of the video is Fayetteville, Arkansas Police Abuse.
Fayetteville, Arkansas Police Abuse.
Is it on YouTube?
Yes, it is.
Go to YouTube, John, and Fayetteville, Arkansas Police Abuse.
Hit date added.
Get that for me, okay?
Also emailed that my policer to Nemo and Watson and Steve.
I want to get that up.
And you can put me in contact with them.
So let me continue.
So I asked if I was being detained.
She said no.
And at the end of the video, you'll see her say, just go home.
So I walk away from her.
I walk away from her.
And I go down where there's another roadblock.
And more police.
And I start videoing Alex.
And I'm standing there videoing.
She comes down from her roadblock with another cop.
And says you are being detained.
They snatched my camera.
I put my hands behind my back.
Total criminals.
Hardcore American enemies.
Absolute cancer.
They charged me with public intoxication.
Interfering with government operations.
And they charged me with disorderly conduct.
False charges.
Increasing their criminal evil.
But thank God... Well listen.
It's like in...
Truth rising, the cops come over, they say a camera is a gun, you're gonna be arrested for having a gun, they say backpacks are bombs, and they say, we know you're not terrorists, but we're gonna say you are.
Our government is criminal.
So, I bet she celebrated.
Was this a great victory for wickedness and evil once they arrested you?
Let me tell you what she said, Alex.
I'm standing there and I say, don't y'all know this is illegal?
I've been involved in this.
The lady looked at me and said this to my face.
She said, just because you're an educated college boy and know what the ACLU is, don't mean I'm not taking you to jail and don't mean nothing to me.
I looked at her, I said, Alex, I said, I told her, I said, ma'am, I didn't finish high school.
I'm self-taught and I love this country and I love freedom.
And the other guy looked at me, an officer that had walked up.
Here's the deal.
You need to just start the process of suing them.
Here's the deal.
It's all corrupt good ol' boys.
Walmart's base there.
It's a continuity of government crime base.
Total evil.
You need to go ahead, go in and file a complaint today with the head thug, and you need to go ahead and get that YouTube video out.
But the point here is, for your First Amendment rights, you were taken to jail.
This is a third world cesspit nation of wickedness.
And don't worry cops, your bosses are gonna hurt you bad.
You think you just hurt America?
You just hurt yourself.
Don't worry, this country's going down.
It's gonna fall apart.
Your children have no future.
You're getting just what you want.
The death of the republic.
Just what you filthy trash want.
Now I want this filthy trash's name.
I got, I got, I don't know the arrested female officer's name.
I do have her on video though.
I have the Fayetteville Police Department's phone number.
I have all that information and a story typed up I could get to you or Steve.
Well, you know, I want to watch the video.
I'm going to keep you on hold while I look at it.
But you're lucky they didn't murder you.
I mean, I see cops just beat people to death and then do a celebration of evil.
Terror Storm, a history of government-sponsored terror.
Loose change, final cut.
Endgame, blueprint for global enslavement.
The true story of the Bilderberg Group.
The late, great USA.
America, freedom to fascism.
These are just a few of the hundreds of powerful documentary films and books available at TruthNews.us and PrisonPlanet.com.
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We're good to go.
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The U.S.
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We're good to go.
Illuminati, elite, proponents of the New World Order.
They oppose everything that is God and Truth.
They are of the line that was disinherited 2,000 years ago.
Everything they have built over the centuries, the wealth they have accumulated, the power they have established, the poisoning of the masses, the destruction of the Earth and mankind, we will undo through the authority that has now been delegated to us.
We do have the video.
It's true what Seth is saying.
Of course it is.
And I do recognize him from the video.
I do recognize him from confronting Bill Clinton peaceably.
The National News called for him to be physically attacked in Taiz.
We have it all in truth rising.
We're in unison.
Every major cable news station says we need to be taken to secret prisons, killed and tortured, whatever.
Our murder is what's called for.
And police set up a warrantless checkpoint to stop drunks as if they couldn't sit there and look for evidence, Fourth Amendment, and see somebody swerving.
No, we'll just train you with the federal grants.
See, the federal grants are about checkpoints everywhere.
And they're acclimating you in the name of drunk drivers and, we're trying to save people.
You're not trying to save anybody.
Prescription drugs kill 300,000 people just from bad interactions a year.
The government ships in the heroin and cocaine and don't tell me they don't.
They've been caught hundreds of times.
CIA aircraft have crashed with the cocaine and heroin.
Our troops openly guard the opium fields, and it's up eight-fold what it was in Afghanistan, shipping it in here, the dirty heroin.
You make me sick how you sit around claiming you're good and how the system's good.
It's disgusting!
Now, I'm just starting to get mad because they have secret camps all over the country, in every major city, and they have a secret one in Denver.
And it becomes discovered that it's there, and the cops run out and threaten people to get away, don't videotape it, from city property, private property, across the street.
In New York, I went out to Pier 57.
I was a hundred yards away.
It's all in martial law.
A hundred yards!
Probably more!
And the cops run over and say, I'm gonna arrest you, and start screaming at me, and just say, shut up!
I told you to shut up!
And then they ask you a question, who are you?
And you talk, and they go, I said shut up!
See, it's all drill sergeant psychology, and they're saying, I rule you!
I rule you!
There's nothing you can do!
We run your life now!
Do you understand us?
You work for us!
You're here to feed us!
Well, you go ahead and roll your sleeve up, then, cops, and you just take those injections.
You, the military, too.
You just serve them.
Take your injections!
Give your kids the injections!
Just, do you understand that the New World Order's gonna hurt you just as bad as they're gonna hurt me?
How dare you!
How dare you!
In this country!
Say that we don't have a right to videotape your criminal activities!
Play the audio!
Be entertained.
Okay, I'm out here on Dixon Street.
I've asked a cop a question and supposedly I am supposed to give up my ID like it's Nazi Germany.
Ma'am, am I being detained?
Am I being detained by you?
Are you taking me to jail?
Have I broke any law or any right as an American citizen?
Am I being detained?
No ma'am, I'm recording you and I will be continually recording you.
I'll just ask you a question as a public servant, as a public person, as a taxpayer of the state of Arkansas.
Now I've not bothered you or done anything.
Go home.
I told you to go home.
Go home.
Hit pause.
That's martial law in America.
I'm telling you to go home boy.
See it is martial law.
I'm telling you to go home.
I went down here and waddled into a uniform.
And I'm gonna go get another officer and I'm gonna show you who's boss.
Because I don't have a brain cell to rub together, and I don't understand that when I bring tyranny in, it's going to hurt my family just as bad as it's going to hurt you!
And listen to how calm and how controlled.
Obviously, this guy hasn't even had two beers.
He's out there talking to a God Force!
A God!
He dares speak to the Olympians!
You will be imprisoned!
And now you're facing hardcore, what, 2-3 year prison sentences?
For your crime of speaking to a God!
Complete the video.
So now he's leaving.
Walking away from the God Force.
And by the way, you were arrested because you walked away from the God Force.
You see, when you run from a dog, they will bite you.
You know, one day I was out walking my firstborn in the baby carriage, and this pit bull comes out, running up to bite me.
And you bet I'm mad because I know what this means.
This country's gone.
That's third world, folks.
That's communist China.
That's Russia.
This isn't the land of the free, home of the brave, and these idiot cops think they're God.
And I've had Austin cops, who aren't as bad as some areas of the country, come up to me and tell me, you can't videotape when I'm 300 yards, 200 yards from them.
I just say, okay, go ahead, arrest me.
When they start threatening me, I go, go ahead.
The problem is now, now they'll get you in the jail cell and beat you to death and say you did it to yourself.
Ah, yeah.
You're evil now.
You're the bad guys now.
And everybody knows it.
Everybody's waking up to it.
So you just keep on pushing.
You're gonna get the depression you want.
You're gonna get your family living in the street like you want!
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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He had his hand over the radio while he was getting a countdown.
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This is an emergency transmission worldwide.
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Webex from Cisco.
In our forefathers...
If they knew today that if you talk to police and don't submit to them when they tell you to leave, trying to videotape them, you'd be arrested.
It's disgusting.
This nation is about licking boots, being slaves, being idiots, being lied to.
And all I want is to be friends with the police and have them do their duty, but their prime directive is criminal.
It's suppress and dominate the slaves, suck money off of us, run double standards, illegal aliens are above the law.
I've had enough.
Seth, I want to go to Steve, Brendan, Jeremy, Dilan, and others.
But I want you to be able to finish up what happened to you.
So there wasn't too much of a celebration when they arrested you.
They just said, it doesn't matter if you know how to talk and got book learning.
You're going down for not submitting to the crown.
Yeah, you know what I mean?
Basically, basically that was the end of it.
They put me in the back of the car.
They got me to the station.
They were smiling, smirking the whole time.
They tore my wallet apart right in front of me.
They were happy.
You know what I mean?
Just, just trying to dig.
I just, I just tried to stay calm.
I was watching them kick dudes' butts in the jail.
And I was like, hey, y'all need to calm down.
And they were like, you need to shut up, boy.
You better shut up, boy.
And I mean, they, you know, Officer Jackboot.
Don't worry, they're going to get hurt real bad by their system.
They don't understand that as soon as things go evil, everybody gets hurt.
They all think it's a time for the thug.
So what was going on in the jail?
What were they doing?
Just slamming guys around for a little fun?
Yeah, yeah, that's happened to me.
And then they say, oh, you want to make a move, tough guy?
I work here because I'm a cowardly piece of crap.
And I was always a bully until people stood up to me.
But now I get to work here in the jail and slam somebody's head like yours in the wall because I'm a cowardly piece of garbage.
Listen, all my friends, I had lived here before, Alex, and I have a great group of friends, and they are all scared to death of the police.
They're like, Seth, you cannot do that to them.
They have turned straight Nazis up here.
You can't question them, man.
You gotta be cool.
You can't say anything to them, man.
They're just, they're, they're going
That's because the government is now completely rogue and criminal and they're now hiring aggravated felons to police departments and the military.
They will tell you that you've got to let aggravated felons take your children from you, smirking and laughing.
They're emptying out the prisons.
They are criminals!
They're ignorant.
They have no clue of what rights a human has.
And the minute a person stands up and tries to tell them we do have the right to do it, oh no.
You're going to jail.
We'll show you what rights you have.
If you tell me her words, I'll say verbatim, she said, obviously I know my rights better than you.
And she's booking me in.
So she's like, I know your rights, and I know I'm setting you up.
And that's what I do, because I work for the dark side, boy.
Listen, I'm not exaggerating.
I've probably seen 20 videos in the last two weeks, never covered one here on air, mentioned it a few times.
Have you seen all the YouTube videos of people will be on their porch
In one case, 200 yards away on their front porch, videotaping a huge checkpoint, searching everybody's cars in a neighborhood.
In this case, with San Diego.
Well, I mean, let me tell you.
And the cops come over and say, you're not allowed to videotape us in America, but they're gonna scan our plates, track us, videotape us.
They're criminals!
They've been told they're God!
Well, yes, I'm going to file a complaint as soon as I get off the phone.
I wanted to ask you about that.
I'm glad you told me to do it.
Everybody here is like, man, you're just going to get them on your back, man.
If you go file a complaint, they're going to have it out for you, man.
And then see, people got that attitude, just like...
It's like if you had somebody that worked for you and you put up with them pushing you around and pretty soon it's like they're your boss.
It's the same thing here.
Because everybody's groveling to them, they're starting to believe it.
I'm God!
I'm the boss!
How about if you live in Tennessee or anywhere and you know a cop's bad, how about you don't talk to them at church?
How about you do what I do?
When the Travis County SWAT team, or the Austin SWAT team in one case did something bad, I saw the guy in Target and I walked up to him when he was with his wife and I said, what you do is wrong, what you've been doing is wrong, killing people's dogs when you come in their houses, shooting their chihuahuas, their labs.
I said, you ought to be ashamed of yourself, and the guy was shaking.
And he said, how do you know who I am?
And I said, because I know what you look like.
And I said, stop doing wrong.
And that guy looked like he was about to crap himself.
Because they're so scared.
They know they're doing wrong.
And so, you know, that's the difference.
You ostracize them.
We had a caller talking about ostracism earlier.
You don't put them on a desert island.
You put up 5,000 copies of Truth Rising in the streets.
You put banners up everywhere.
You go get a one-hour radio show on the weekend.
You go speak before the City Council about what happened.
You list their name.
You go back out there with 10 people with video cameras the next time they're doing it.
And you stagger them out so you get it all on video.
And you bring in a lawyer from outside just to file the suit.
To let it start against them for unlawful arrest, false charges, official oppression, violation of your civil rights.
You have to punish them.
Everybody's kissing their butts because they'll throw you off a bridge and taser you 19 times.
Bunch of towns, not just one.
Now in Arkansas, first they said one part of the town.
Now it's the whole town.
Now multiple towns.
Suddenly towns nationwide are announcing daytime curfews.
The National Guard to confiscate guns in Illinois.
It's all happening, Seth.
Give us your full name and I'm
I've seen the video.
I know the story's true.
And give us the Fayetteville Center of Wickedness phone number.
My name is Lamar Seth Jackson.
They arrested me as Lamar Jackson.
I go by Seth, but my first name is officially Lamar, and that's how the arrest was put.
It happened Saturday night.
Uh, on Dixon Street in Fayetteville, and Detroit's phone number is 479-587-3555.
The chief of police name is Greg Tabor.
Greg Tabor!
Get out there and knock the heads of the slaves and suck money out of them!
Hire more felons!
That's the bottom line.
Everybody's afraid they'll go Officer Jackboot.
I mean, when you did that clip, that's it.
That's what's happening.
Drag them off the interstate, sock it to them, J.P.
Hey, pull that up for me, John.
Officer Jack Boot for me or whatever it's called.
Drag him off the United States, sock it to him, J.P.
Now give out the number for this paramilitary gang that's out of control, out there feeding, and people call them and let them know.
You're not going to vacation anywhere around Fayetteville.
It's a vacation spot.
Let them know you're aware of them.
Let them know the planet knows what they've done.
Go ahead.
That's the Fayetteville Police Department in Fayetteville, Arkansas, home of the Razorbacks.
And so to be specific, you walk down to another checkpoint, they just walk up when they say, hands behind your back, you're under arrest.
You know, yep, exactly.
No, the first thing they said was, give me the camera, give me the phone, give me the phone.
He snatched it from my hand, the lady officer pulled one arm behind my back, then the other,
When I asked her about my civil rights issues and that's when she told me it didn't matter what I thought or what I knew.
We've just become accustomed to this.
This is like a third world hardcore behind the iron curtain.
I mean, this is so bad and I've got videos of it everywhere.
God help us, these people are so evil.
Well, listen, we're going to stand behind you on this.
You need to make a YouTube video about what's happened to you in conjunction with this video.
You need to get a story out.
Email it to Aaron with two A's and InfoWars.com.
Now don't, you're not,
You're not requesting a complaint, because they play mind games with you.
They'll go, well, we're not going to take your complaint.
You're filing a criminal complaint of false arrest, official oppression, false charges.
And then you start getting the numbers of grand jurors and start calling them.
You go to the city council.
You let them know.
And you go in and you say, this is my country.
This is my state.
And I'm not letting it turn into an iron curtain.
And you break it down like that.
And you say, this is shameful.
This is happening all over America.
Yeah, and you go down there with 10 people now.
Give them your phone number, Seth.
I want people back out there this Saturday again.
My phone number?
If you want to get our email or something.
Oh yeah, if you want to get in touch with me in Fayetteville, Arkansas, if you live in the area, you anywhere, you want to come up, I'll do this.
I'll start a Fayetteville Cop Watch every Saturday night.
My phone number is 706-974-0562.
I just got back to the area.
I'm looking for anybody willing to stand up to the people.
I got my camera.
I got my computer.
I'm ready for the info war.
We'll make DVDs of Terran Storm and we'll get them out there.
We'll be at the endgame.
Seth, listen to me.
Listen to me, Seth.
You see, this is what you do.
You don't cow like you did, but once they attack you, you don't back off.
Now, it's a war in info.
Now it's DVDs, flyers.
Now you're gonna take the city back.
The people want that spirit.
You are their leader, and I want you to stand up to them for liberty and justice.
Are you committed?
And God bless you, Alex, for everything you do.
Yes, sir!
And let's do it.
If somebody's ready to do it, you call me.
Let's do it.
I'll be out there and every weekend, every day if I gotta be.
I want you full time.
Folks, he needs your help.
He needs a few good men and women.
You call him right now.
God bless you and take care.
This song is dedicated to those thugs who falsely charged him with three serious crimes.
He's facing years in jail for videotaping their illegal checkpoint that violates the Fourth Amendment and urinates all over our dead veterans.
We are one step away from total tyranny.
This totally threatens me.
That's why I start growling like a dog, folks, because I know what this means.
A full attack on my beloved country, your beloved country.
This has been a great nation and I'm not putting up with it.
Now, this song is dedicated to the thugs.
Over the old state line My headlights focused on a welcome sign When hiding in the bushes there waiting for me Was a big policeman with a capital P Shouting, look out stranger You're heading for danger There's a welcome sign ahead
He dragged me off to the old town square.
The justice and the peace are waiting for his share.
He didn't look at you, boy, you better slow down.
You're in a heap of trouble in this one-horse town.
So look out, stranger, you're heading for danger.
There's a welcome sign ahead.
I've got to go drag him off the interstate, sock it to him, J.P.
Yeah, welcome in the evening, sock them when they're leaving blue.
You better pray to me and you better lick my boots!
I'm an officer and you're a lowly civilian!
Go ahead!
You're heading for danger, there's a welcome sign ahead.
When a sign says, welcome to God's country, know that you got competition from a slick J.P.
Fuzzy old buzzards fillin' their craws, with highway robbery in the name of the law.
So look out stranger, you're heading for danger, there's a welcome sign ahead.
Oh, gut, don't drag him off the interstate, sock it to him, J.P.
We're good.
Lick em!
Here, here!
Lick the boot!
I want you to lick em that way and lick em this way!
You learn, you scum, you civilian trash!
Wow, I couldn't say any better myself!
Oh man, this country's gone.
I just hope we can salvage something.
And I know there's a lot of good police who... The system's evil, it's direction's evil, it's directed by evil people, but there are a lot of good police, and I know that.
And you know it's bad.
And you know it's making you look bad.
You just need to find another profession, but I hate to even say that because then it'll be nothing but pure felons in there.
Stephen, Utah, you're on the air.
Alex, thank you for everything you do and your crew around you.
And I'd like to thank George Norrie for having me on.
And just, I guess when we confront these people and we're harassed by them, make sure we look them in the eye and we talk stern and
You know, don't back down.
Like you said, the dog will chase you if you walk away or you show fear.
So, I think, with my experience with them, you look them in the eye and you don't show any fear.
Well, I would have demanded a supervisor and put it on them.
It's a very low-level mentality.
And said, look, I'm out here in a free country.
I'm not interfering with what you're doing.
She didn't ask me anything reasonable like, stand over there, don't get in our way, and we're not in your way.
You came over here to me.
And, you know, that's what's happening.
We're allowed to talk to these people.
They're not gods.
No, no, not at all.
But, yeah, just be, you know, be solid when you talk to them.
Well, they're getting ready to bring us into a depression and take everything we got, so they're telling the cops to be bully boys, so they can make the hell out of us, and it's not going to work.
But when you're, you know, when you don't show fear, you don't care, you don't look down, it affects them.
It affects their psyche.
Well, no, what I do is I tell them, look, don't do wrong, don't commit crime, because I'm going to come after you legally.
It'll be a lot better for you to just do your job and not violate my rights and desecrate America.
But, uh, yeah, I just want to say thanks, and, uh, you know, I can't watch the regular news, because it just, I just, it just doesn't work for me anymore.
There's no coming back, is there, brother?
Once you've seen The Matrix, there's no turning back.
Thanks for the call.
All we offer is the truth, nothing more.
You take the blue pill, you stay in your reality.
Take the red pill, you go down the rabbit hole.
Find out how deep it goes.
Steve in, uh, we just talked to Steve.
Brendan in Denver, go ahead.
Hey Alex, how's it going?
I just blew my voice out again, but I'm alright.
I was actually calling because I was watching C-SPAN on July 30th.
I don't know if you caught that, but they're trying to pass three different bills.
All of them pretty much the same thing, which ties in the Department of Human Services, the Homeland Security, and they threw in the firefighters and the police in the last bill.
Um, did you hear anything about that?
Yeah, integrating them all into a giant federal snooping arm, integrating everything, where everything's federalized.
They're all spies, scanning all your plates 24 hours a day, tracking your every movement, but don't you dare aim a camera at them.
Yeah, pretty much.
Total martial law integration being activated right now.
National Guard standing by to confiscate guns.
Yeah, pretty much.
That's it.
Oh, I got mainstream news right here.
They're happily announcing in the Washington Post.
Yeah, I think it was like HR 6193.
We're gonna show you American people who the boss is.
The government runs it all.
You work for us now.
Anything else?
Um, no, that was it.
I just wanted to say about that.
Good to hear from you, fellow slave.
And of course, they've now passed a law where you can't get any of your money out of the country.
But all the big boys are allowed to violate it and do whatever they want.
Slaves get in, they don't get out.
Going into total tyranny.
They want tyranny in place so they can do really bad things to us all, including you police.
Land of the free, home of the brave.
Land of the slaves, home of the cowards.
Land of the overrun nation with third world populations.
Everything going bankrupt.
Moron cops stomping around.
Felons joining the military.
Illegal aliens filling up the military.
Mercenary forces.
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That's what America's all about now.
Not having freedom, not having liberty, being bossed around by the government and goons.
Darth Vader outfits.
I mean, how can they claim this is freedom, this is good?
They're the good guys.
It's disgusting.
We have the power to turn this around if all of you will get insanely aggressive in the info war.
That means calling in mainstream talk shows every night and putting out websites and info.
It means getting Truth Rising and Endgame and other films I've made that are the most powerful out there and making copies of them and giving them to people.
It means starting your own local radio talk shows, or starting your own websites, your own blogs.
It means going on message boards.
It means talking to people at church.
It means, you know, a lot of members in churches, you're able to come up and speak to the church if you want.
Say, go up and say, America's about our liberties and our freedoms.
We're losing them.
More and more, the police are bossing the public around.
I know there's some officers here.
I'd like to talk to you privately about where things are going.
You know, let them know that we're aware of what's happening, and stand up and speak out, and you'll find other like-minded people
That are concerned as well.
And then just say no to this and realize how insulting and how dangerous and how outrageous.
I mean, I see videos every day of somebody on a bicycle and the cops just tackle them and then savagely almost kill them.
In some cases, I see videos of police actually beating people to death.
And then they charge their dead bodies with assaulting the officers to protect themselves and then go to court with video of the person never touching them.
And they have these vetted, hand-picked juries that are all wives of cops who come in and... I mean, never forget Kelly Rushing.
He gave out a videotape, two videos.
One with Ron Paul, a speech he gave in 2003 called Neocon.
47-minute speech.
And he gave him a rhododendron.
And in Lyon County, Kentucky, the county court had the trial.
I called the judge at home, and then it was in the newspaper.
They said he is charged with anti-police videos.
The cops were totally warped, the state police.
They actually believe Ron Paul isn't allowed to speak on the floor of the house.
They actually believe that my road to tyranny was, quote, anti-law enforcement and so illegal.
Just like we have in Road to Tyranny, Abby Newman pulled over at a warrantless checkpoint.
She says, no, you can't search my car without a warrant.
They'd grab her out of the car.
She doesn't resist.
And they pull the pocket constitution out of the back of her car, and they start breathing heavy.
Oh my God, I can't believe she's... I mean, that sounds like a Monty Python skit, or a Twilight Zone, where officers find a constitution and they're, my God, look at all this paraphernalia.
Look at this thing, and is she allowed to have that?
Should we charge her for this paraphernalia?
And then the commander goes, I don't know, because he's a smart one.
Maybe she's allowed to have that.
Just take her in, take her in for all of this.
And the word Patriot upset her, upset him, because it was Patriot games with Harrison Ford.
They saw that and they just got the word Patriot.
You see, totally out of their minds, brainwashed.
Just gone.
And then we have that same film.
This is pre-9-11.
The footage, Kansas City.
Was it like September 1st?
Well, KCXL listener,
He said to this big classroom of firefighters, police, and sheriff's deputies with FEMA saying American freedoms are the enemy of the government.
The founding fathers were bad.
The Bill of Rights is bad.
Anybody that talks about the Bill of Rights is bad.
We have the training manuals that say it before that.
We have the video of them training from it.
And these cops get into a role where they're the good guys, they're our protectors, and then if FEMA tells them the founding fathers are bad, the officers were in there agreeing they were
They were agreeing, and these are bad people.
And in the law enforcement magazines and publications, with law enforcement technology, I'll never forget in 2000, it said in there, Officer, if you see someone that has a United Nations, get us out of the UN sticker, go ahead and arrest them.
And police chiefs, support your officers in this in their discretion.
These people are anti-American and probably terrorists.
That's right.
How dare you talk about the founding fathers?
You don't do that in America.
I mean this is so out of control.
Thank you for listening to GCN.
Be sure to visit GCNlive.com today.
May I have it?
9-11 was an inside job!
Do you like being a puppet, sir?
Do you like being a puppet for the New World Order?
How do the American people know that 9-11 was a stage?
Was it engineered by you, David Rockefeller, the bilateral commission, the CFR?
The day that we stop asking questions is the day that we have allowed the seeds of despotism to grow at our own door.
Seven years after the attacks of September 11th, a global awakening has taken place.
If you know that there's treason going on, you can be held accountable for treason yourself.
All hell is breaking loose on 6th Avenue.
And if the government has not told the truth in 5 years, we will be here on the 10th anniversary of... Truth Rising.
Download the film at PrisonPlanet.tv right now.
Or get the DVD at Infowars.com.
It's now time to take the revolution to the next level.
Waging war on corruption.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
We are a decadent, slovenly, evil nation that's martyred more than 50 million babies.
We have engaged in all forms of crimes against innocent nations.
We have funded every evil regime on the planet.
And it's all coming home to roost.
What the globalists have done in third world nations, they're now going to do here.
Absolute destruction of the middle class.
Bondage, enslavement, degradation.
Totally pathetic.
And when Kelly Rushing got arrested a few years ago for handing out a Ron Paul video, one of my videos, he was charged with both, three year counts on both, of a threat to the police, saying the Ron Paul videos, and it went to trial, and the judge sat there and said, send this man to prison, these videos are illegal, and the jury found him not guilty, and then a week later, the police started parking outside his ranch, we were a well-to-do, well-known family in the area, highly respected, founders of the community, I later found out,
And, uh, they arrested Kelly and one of his friends horseback riding.
They claimed they were drunkenly riding horses and, of course, they weren't drinking.
And so it goes.
The evil must win.
Evil has to show you.
When you fight back, they come in ten times harder.
You know what?
We come back ten times harder.
Just to see our country going into hardcore bondage tears me up.
Brendan, we're going to talk to Brendan.
Jeremy in Denver, and DeLeon, Steve, Elliot, Frank, and others.
Go ahead, Brendan, you're on the air.
No, Jeremy, I've got two Denver callers there, so it's mixing me up.
Jeremy, go ahead.
Hey, Alex, look forward to meeting with you when you come out to Denver.
I wanted to talk to you a little bit about the DNC and the police state, but first, I heard you had the Money Masters guys on a few weeks ago, and I do the Liberty Dollar out here, and I kind of wanted to respond to that and give
Let's do just a real quick...
Economics lesson and how to beat the New World Order is that you can't beat them.
None of the stuff you do, calling Congress... Oh, that's another story.
It's totally legal.
There are hundreds of mints putting out their own gold and silver coins, but they're now arresting people who have those.
And they go ahead and beat you up, and then that's the charge.
But they also throw a counterfeiting on, but then the coin's totally legal.
People are being arrested for $2 bills all over the nation.
I've seen at least, probably more than 10 cases in the last few years.
The public is so dumb and looking for crime.
They're told to spy on everyone.
But there's nothing to really spy on other than the illegal aliens running around everywhere, but that's selectively enforced.
People are now arrested for $2 bills with a declaration of independence on it because the public are just mindless scum.
There's cases where more than a dozen cops show up at Best Buy and still arrest, and then they still charge you even though the $2 bill is real because the judges and the grand juries can't admit they were wrong, so people are now charged for legal tender money.
Sorry, go ahead.
Yeah, well what I was going to say is, there's no way to beat them unless you stop their money, period.
Because they're always going to have more than everybody else, and they're not going to be able to use their power.
But now they're asking for even using their money.
See, everything's illegal.
Videos are legal.
Cash is illegal.
The public are just grueling zombies.
Just all into themselves, watching TV all day.
It's all over.
We're totally screwed.
Scum everywhere.
Trash and filth everywhere.
You're all going to get raped by the New World Order.
Just get ready for it.
Unless we totally fight back now.
And have some shame for what we are!
...and will refuse to admit that you should really talk about the economists that have been to Harvard and Yale.
Because they're all convinced... I took economics in school and they start off talking about how the government influences the economy... How about this?
Economists don't exist!
I'll be like a yuppie.
I'll play devil's advocate.
Economists don't exist.
You just made up that economists exist.
Well, the bottom line is... Economists don't exist!
It didn't start until they created the Federal Reserve and the people, the professors that authored the Federal Reserve Act... There's no such thing as professors.
The Federal Reserve doesn't exist.
It's not private.
Everything's fine.
Black uniforms are good.
Cameras scanning you are good.
Cancer viruses and vaccines are good.
None of it exists.
Well, what I'd like to do is give the listeners a real quick, simple economic lesson.
One sentence.
Intrinsic value equals raw materials plus the labor involved.
You wouldn't work for months... Doesn't exist!
Labor doesn't exist!
Nothing exists!
Nothing exists but football and acting tough!
Shut up!
Everything's fine!
Government loves you!
Everything's wonderful!
Ah, it's good!
Ah, yes!
Everything's fine!
Stay there, I'll come back to you.
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The first time in modern history, the people are beginning to wake up.
It is essential that patriots worldwide accelerate their fellow man's understanding of the New World Order Master Plan.
We have a short time frame to fully awaken and energize the people to meet this threat.
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From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the Information War continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
You know, I was being sarcastic during the last segment because over the weekend Mikhail Shasvili, the Georgian dictator, that's what he is, staged an event arresting political dissidents, not allowing free speech, shutting down newspapers and TV stations and radio stations that disagree with him.
He called for a new world order, a world government, to stop Russia.
Zbigniew Brzezinski called for it over the weekend.
The Turkish President called for a New World Order to counter Russia over the weekend.
I found a new clip last week.
Gordon Brown gave another speech and called for a One World Government, New World Order.
And then all over the message boards, all over newspaper articles, all over media, I am being attacked, others are being attacked as crazy people that believe in a New World Order, and they say it doesn't exist.
Just like they're saying we're liars and that Russia snuck attacked Georgia.
Wanton denial and wanting to be conned and giving yourself over to total delusion.
I mean, it is a fact that the government is rogue and criminal and has murdered tens of thousands of children in chemical, biological, and radiological tests.
Tens of thousands of U.S.
I mean, the murderers!
These are the worst psycho killers ever!
That's who runs things, to create the cadres of scientists and killers.
And they're building this psychopathic wonderland of world government so no nation can rise against them, so no empire can rise against them, so no people can rise against them.
For 50 years, really for 55, 60 years, they've been creating cadres of killers in this country.
Our heroes are Jack Bauer who tortures children to get answers out of their parents.
That's really in the real White House memos.
The Pentagon admits that they're basically funding that show.
All these other shows where we are becoming evil.
It isn't enough to kill 50 million babies in this country.
It isn't enough to be euthanizing old people coast-to-coast.
I mean, I can bring on Wall Street Journal writers who've been there, when people are chained down, begging for food and water when they're under state control, and they're denied water for 14-15 days.
I'm not talking about
Terry Shineville.
I'm talking about the media used that because she did look like a vegetable so they could sell you on it.
But they're killing people every day, everywhere.
Every time we have a guest on about it, nurses call in and admit they've had to quit working at different hospices and hospitals because they're murdering people.
I mean, we got evil going on all around us.
It's hurting the police, the military, all of us, everywhere.
Thousands of troops are dropping dead from vaccines the last couple years.
They're not telling them what the shots are now when they're dying.
If they're lucky.
And I say if they're lucky, you know why I say if they're lucky?
Because a lot of times they're paralyzed, or they bleed out, or they just are in excruciating pain for a few years and then die.
They're all testing chemical and biological weapons on you.
And I know it for a fact.
And I have to sit here and deal with a public that are like a bunch of children living in denial about what we're up against, and then I don't want to go to martial law.
I don't want to go to World War III.
I don't want to go into depression.
And everything the Pentagon said they do, everything NORTHCOM said they do, they're getting everybody ready for martial law, all the federal funds are flowing for, quote, anti-terrorism, to run random checkpoints, they're getting us all prepared and trained, and it's so horrible and it doesn't need to happen, it's a bad dream, it needs to stop, and I love my family!
And then they pass a law where if I wanted to try to get out of the nation with just enough money to live on, I couldn't do it.
They won't even let you leave with your money now.
They have deals with every nation in the world to take your money, even Switzerland, and not even let you leave, unless you're an elitist, and then it's all selectively enforced.
It's shot, folks.
They have spun an incredible spider's web to capture us, and only waking up and going completely ape.
Are we going to be able to break out of this?
All right, I'm going to let Jeremy in Denver finish up.
Jeremy, you were telling us how the
The point is, you're right, they are threatened, and when they arrested Von Nuthaus for putting out his legitimate, he used to run the Hawaiian Mint, for putting out his... They never arrested him.
Well, okay, grabbing his stuff, and... They just stole it.
They don't have anything to... They'd have to go to a trial, and no jury in the world would claim they were counterfeiting.
You're right, arresting his material, shutting his facility down.
Go ahead.
Yeah, and the problem is that's their biggest Achilles heel, especially with silver, because gold, the Rothschilds have most of the gold.
But see, they put you into a process, sir.
There's too much silver out there for them to control it, so if we monetize silver, there's nothing they can do about it.
Then they're left with a bunch of pieces of paper and nothing else.
Yeah, but right now, we just need to try to even hold on to cash, even though it's theirs.
They're trying to get rid of that, and in a cashless society, they'll have total control.
Yeah, but whenever you use their money, you're ceding power to them, because what you're doing is, you're giving your time and energy for nothing of theirs, except... If you work for a month making this sculpture,
And then you traded it with me.
I just printed up a picture on my computer and said, here you go.
It took me 30 seconds.
That's how they get all their power.
Well, that's what everyone does when they go to cash their check at the bank.
You feel cheated.
They just spend two weeks to get a handful of paper.
And it seems like, well, I can go out and turn this in because we have what's called legal tender laws, which is another Orwellian word because legal tender, people think in their head, oh, if it's not legal tender, that must mean it's illegal.
Legal tender means that you're forced to accept it at the barrel of a gun.
That's why our founder said, only gold and silver can be legal tender.
That's the only thing you should be forced to accept.
And actually, Thomas Jefferson said not even that.
He said there shouldn't be legal tender laws, period.
You can request to be paid in pigs if we're under Jefferson.
No, I agree, and I hear you, and I appreciate your call.
Listen, my only point is, silver and gold, and I was trying to barter with it, is not the only Achilles heel of the New World Order, and it's a huge long-term plan.
It's very hard to implement, even if you can try to get the dumbed-down population who think silver coins are illegal.
I mean, they're just that stupid.
You try to convince these idiots of anything, they can't even think.
So, I mean, what's even... It just disgusts me, the public.
Their supine, willful ignorance.
Their gibbering smiles.
Their love of being slaves.
Their love of lies.
Their love of being conned and taken for a ride.
They just absolutely love it.
They revel in it.
But we do need to start our own gardens.
We need to start bartering with our neighbors.
We need to start realizing we don't need all this Walmart junk.
We do need to try to become self-sufficient because we had a depression 70-something years ago, 80 years ago, and 90% of the public was self-sufficient and 8 million people starved.
Now 90 plus percent are not self-sufficient
And don't even know how to really wipe their noses or brush their teeth.
They don't even know what country they're in, what continent they're on.
They're just totally in La La Land.
A low-level bestial level of just satiating their basic senses.
And trying to reach out to them is like trying to talk to an amoeba.
God help us.
God help us.
God help us.
God help us.
And a lot of these people, they think you're showing off if you try to warn them, or if you know facts, or if you know how to speak to them, or if you warn them about something.
You're like, you know how to talk!
You got book learning!
You're some kind of fancy!
Let's go to DeLeon in North Carolina.
Good afternoon, Alex.
Hey, man.
Hey, um, I recently have been, uh, trying to campaign against, uh, the fluoridation of waters here in the Durham area.
And it seems, I've even done a radio program on a station out in Greensboro.
If you've ever been here.
But, um, it seems as though every person I talk to, whether they be a dental hygienist, a dentist, or a dental assistant,
I cannot get anybody to stand with me and try to take action on this thing.
Well, they won't stand when the CPS takes their children without due process when some fat pedophile comes to their door to steal their children and child molest them.
So they're certainly not going to stand with you to do anything.
They're not going to stand up for their country, their dollar, their future.
They're going to be taken over.
They're going to be rolled.
I mean, they're fat, dumb, and happy and made for the pickings.
Uh, but you, but there are a lot of cities throwing fluoride out of their water and there are places where people are taking action.
And I would just, you don't need them to stand with you.
You'd be some dumb dental hygienist, some idiot dentist who believes they're working for the system, doesn't think they're doing anything wrong.
You've just got to print up.
Where the Dental Association has admitted that children don't need fluoride and it's bad for them, and where the EPA admits it's toxic, and bring those studies into the City Council, and go in there every week for the next year, pointing out that sodium fluoride's deadly and that they won't take it out of the water, people should at least properly filter their water.
And you'll educate hundreds of people that are at every City Council meeting.
And then you can start being known as the fluoride guy.
It's gonna take long-term commitment.
And if the scum won't stop putting it in our water, we can at least go out and tell the public not to put it in their water.
And let me tell you what you can do.
You can buy time on a local radio station on a Saturday or Sunday night, be called the Water Man, and do two hours every week on GMO foods, other things, but sponsor yourself by selling water filters, which will then help people not have the poison, and will fund your show.
So you have to fund your military operation to save people.
This is all Special Forces operations against the enemy.
And so, instead of trying to get the enemy to take the water out, you know, the cowardly pieces of filth on the City Council, it's like when I had the State Attorney on from Maryland, and he said, yeah, I don't vaccinate my children, but we're saying it's the law all other children do, and they lined up with police dogs barking at them, thousands of them to be injected.
Total hoax, total lie, there is no law.
Again, evidence how the public's totally in the dark, doesn't know they're having a hole in the ground, totally lied to, the cops are there in riot gear with dogs barking at them because it was national news.
With him showing off, look at how these slaves don't know that it's not the law, and how we can intimidate them through total fraud to take deadly injections.
You see how that works?
I mean, it's just such lies!
It's unspeakable!
The scale and breadth of it!
And just the fraud everywhere!
So that's how you find them.
You get on the phone.
You buy your first five water filters.
You start a little website that's got an easy name.
You know, like Durham Water or something.
And then you go and you pay for a local radio show.
And you go on there and talk about water you have guests on.
You talk about other issues.
Don't just be a one trick pony.
And then you fund your radio show with that.
And then you become a leader and you warn thousands.
You won't warn them all.
A lot of them want to die of bone cancer and die of kidney failure.
They love it.
They love the fluoride attacking every organ.
They love dying.
But at least you can warn
Let's warn some other people, alright?
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Earlier, I'm just freaking out.
I'm like an animal captured in a cave that's filling up with water, and I'm just scrabbling and tearing my fingernails out trying to get out.
And I can't believe my fellow lemmings just think it's all funny!
Thousands of studies that sodium fluoride attacks every gland and organ.
Hundreds of mainline studies that it more than doubles the chance of boys, particularly, getting bone cancer.
They've done studies now over 50 years of areas with sodium fluoride in the water versus not, and you don't find any of these rare bone cancers there, and you find them all over the place with the fluoride!
And I get mad, and I scream and yell, it just is never gonna end!
Don't you understand, you dumb cops, you dumb citizens, that this isn't funny, this is real eugenics!
You're under eugenics attack!
God, I'm trying to help you, man!
We don't have a lot of time here!
Former White House historian and analyst, NASA consultant, Washington Post writer, Richard C. Cook for 30 minutes, then Ray McGovern on the Russia situation.
He's had a week and a half to analyze it, he's joining us.
I said I'd go to your calls and I've been out of control today.
Steve in Colorado, you're on the air.
Get me Steve!
First of all, Alex, I'd like to echo the comments of Steve from Utah that said, thank you and all your staff for what you're doing.
And the people that really understand what's going on, Alex, we know that you're speaking the truth.
So, you know, when they attack you, when the people attack you like they called you a right-wing fascist, as you said in the New York Times,
The only thing that they can do is sit there and try and smear people because they certainly can't fight against people like you with the truth because they know that you're speaking the truth and what they're speaking is trash.
So anyway, I just want to mention that.
And then also, you had mentioned, you know, your comments just a few minutes earlier about God help us.
Well, he's the only one that's going to pull us out of this, Alex.
I know, but I mean, I'm coming face to face.
Every day I get higher levels of knowledge and study of this.
It's like, once you kind of become, quote, a master, once you've really been studying something a long time, it becomes exponential.
Man, I'm not saying I'm a master of anything, but compared to a lot of people I am, and it's blowing me away just how prevalent evil is.
And it's not just in the government or the cops.
It's everywhere.
I mean, listen, the cops have a tough job.
The public's degenerating out there.
That's right.
It's like zombies fighting zombies.
It's just unbelievable!
It's true, it's true, and what's going on is the world is degenerating into the world of the Antichrist, as is spoken of in Revelation.
Listen, I always believed that in my spirit and know that, but I'm telling you more than ever, I think, I mean, it's really starting to freak me out.
It is.
When you read Revelation, look how dark things are.
And how the Antichrist kills, like, two billion people?
Yeah, it's just, it's amazing.
We're like a third of the population of the Earth, and so we're going to have to get there, and that's exactly what's going on.
And if you look at scriptures in Daniel, specifically Daniel 7.23, where it talks about the world is broken down into ten regions, that's happening right now.
And that's what the Club of Rome and the UN made it, and they call it Ten Kingdoms.
That's in the extras of Endgame.
I mean, they even follow the nomenclature.
Right on.
And it's one of them is South America.
Then of course the North American Union is one.
The European Union of course.
The Mediterranean.
The Asian.
Well, that's another thing.
They've now officially, last year, made the APEC, the Asian Union, a union, and then people write big editorials in newspapers saying, I'm a liar, it doesn't exist.
It's like saying Tokyo doesn't exist.
Well, once again, Alex, that's the only thing they can say.
The only thing they can say is deny that the truth is going on, and there's so many people out there that believe them.
That's what's so disturbing about it.
The Bible talks about them being given over to a strong delusion.
Yeah, and they are.
They are giving over to it.
It's true.
They wouldn't know a semi-truck if it was running over them.
Yeah, and I'll tell you, it's really coming down to those who know the Living God, and those who are going to end up falling.
And you're right, it comes down to that.
They love death, they love disease, and wickedness, and sorrow.
And they just love it, and I can't believe it.
I mean, I got three children, and it just freaks me out every second I'm thinking about them now, just realizing their innocence, their goodness, and how filthy this world is, and it's only going to hell in a handbasket.
We have evil people below, evil people above, evil everywhere.
It's just growing!
That's right.
And the real shame of it is that so many people have sacrificed so, so much for the building of this country, and it's almost like it's just going down their sacrifice.
It's like seeing your beautiful wife dead, covered in sores with maggots all over.
That's what this country looks like to me.
It's just to see something beautiful and good and wholesome, but it's worse than that.
It's like your beautiful wife has been turned into a demon or something.
I don't know how to describe it.
It's like it's just everything good watching it be torn to hell, and it's even tearing me up.
It's even making me freak out and be crazy.
I mean, it's just unspeakable.
Yes, it is.
And I'll tell you, the living God is going to be the only out.
Yes, it is.
And you can't trust in all these phony churches.
Folks, you better get right with God.
You better go in your prayer closet.
You better get a relationship right now.
And a lot of you out there who are atheists, you feel that tingle in your gut.
You know you want to join it.
You know we're real.
You know you want to join God and goodness.
Join us.
Join us against evil.
Join us now.
You're going to need God.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
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You ever have one of those days where everything goes right?
First, I get the best parking space at work.
Tonight, I have a date with a very lovely Rachel.
And today, I gave a killer presentation in Sydney, finalized a contract in London, and demoed our new product in Boston, online, from my desk, with WebEx.
Webex lets me take meetings and give presentations from my desk.
I just talk to clients on the phone and they watch what's happening on my desktop from their desktop.
So I can travel the world and still be here for my date.
It is August 18th, 2008.
We've got an hour and a half left in worldwide transmission.
Ryan McGovern has not been on with us in about two weeks since the Russian conflict started.
He's a former top CIA analyst for Ronald Reagan, George Bush Sr., top analyst in
General overall world affairs.
We have another former White House analyst, former NASA analyst.
He's written for the Washington Post, Washington Monthly, Space and Security News, Houston Post, and many other publications.
He has testified before Congress, before presidential commissions.
He's a top analyst on geopolitical activities, the economy.
He's also one of the leading experts on solid rocket fuel boosters, of all things.
Quite an expert joining us for the next 30 minutes.
I will be taking your calls for those that are holding right before Ray McGovern comes on with us a little bit later in the next hour, but we've got him for about 25 minutes right now.
He is Richard C. Cook, and I wanted to get him on to talk about first, A, what we see with the economy,
I think?
uh... georgia and now moving missile systems weapon system satellite systems into poland czech republic nato's new public doctrine which the russians have read on television freaking out that nato may want to see miss sneak nuke attack on russia say many the anti-missile system so the u s and a token nuke russia and so russia can't defend itself
And so any retaliatory strike will be shot down.
This is just absolutely incredible, these developments.
So that's basically why we have you, Richard.
Thanks for popping in today.
You've got the floor.
Hi, Alex.
Hello, Richard.
To me, what is really interesting is the connection between the two major events that you're talking about.
The economic collapse and the confrontation now that's building up with Russia.
Because these things don't happen in a vacuum.
It's very interesting.
Obviously, they are trying to keep the economy afloat until the election in November.
And it's starting to me to look more and more like they're trying to kind of back McCain into the election.
Obama's numbers are pretty poor.
The Democrats should be way ahead in the polls now, and obviously Obama's not.
It's a virtual dead heat, which says to me that they're trying to now maneuver McCain back in there by keeping the gas prices down a little bit and keeping the loans rolling over so the economy doesn't just collapse in a heap between now and then.
But I think that we have here a classic wag the dog syndrome.
Ellen Brown had a good article on global research with that as the title the other day.
And it seems to me that this whole confrontation with Russia now is a move of desperation because the people in charge of the US economy don't have a clue
what to do about the uh... extraordinary explosion of debt that keeps building up and now we have uh... uh... with the bailout of fannie mae and freddie mac uh... we have according to the experts who are watching that another three to four trillion dollars in debt piled on the already uh... ten to eleven trillion dollars in the national debt that the government has just taken on so the
The financial position of the United States is increasingly hopeless.
It is a state of de facto bankruptcy, which has really been acknowledged now for two to three years by economists very close to the Federal Reserve.
They don't have a clue as to what to do about it.
So, not knowing what to do when your economy is collapsing, why not have a nice big war with somebody in the hope that through such an event,
They could wipe the debts off the book and try to start over again.
But of course, for anyone who has to live on this planet right now, it's a potential catastrophe that's brewing.
So that's my take on it.
Richard, continue.
Well, let's even take a step back in history a little bit.
I've always been interested in the
Uh, historical background to our relations with Russia, uh, because, uh, up until 1991, in any case, uh, the United States and Russia were the two, uh, major superpowers.
Uh, but this kind of a division or this kind of a split in, in the power structure of the Western world,
It has been going on a long time.
If you go back in history, which I'm starting to do, I'm doing a lot of research lately on the origins of the present situation, the Western European civilization, which formerly was in the Western European democracies until they self-destructed in World War I and World War II and now lies in the United States,
And the Eastern European civilization, which formerly was the Eastern Orthodox branch of the Church and the Eastern Byzantine Empire, and then it devolved onto Russia as Russia increasingly became a power.
And you know, it was Russia when Napoleon invaded Eastern Europe that finally put Napoleon in his place and became the dominant power in Europe for a while.
So now we have really an age-old split.
Between the western part of the European civilization, which now the United States and Britain really are the representatives of, and the eastern part of the European civilization, which Russia represents, that now have the face-off that began after World War II continuing.
And it's not really a... You know, some people are saying that this is a renewal of the Cold War.
Well, it's much worse than that.
The Cold War, in a way, was a fake.
It was cold, absolutely.
Explain that, because we had the banking establishment here financing them and kind of using the Communists as a wicked doppelganger for them to go take over new lands and infiltrate and kind of a front to overthrow the situation.
Do you agree with that analysis?
Oh yes, absolutely.
The Russia that we allied with in World War II
By the way, I want to point something out.
I never knew your opinion on that, but you're a historian, and that's the factual history, and so I just knew how to finish your sentence there, and that's why I obnoxiously do that sometimes, listeners, because I want to point out to people, we're reading from the same sheet of music and don't even know it, because we're just giving you the facts.
This is a new Russia.
Yeah, that's correct, because all through the Cold War there was never any danger of an American soldier in uniform
Facing off against a Russian soldier in uniform and pulling the trigger at each other.
That was very carefully avoided.
Everything was done through proxy.
It was done through, you know, the different satellites.
Yeah, far removed proxies.
Far removed proxies.
Now we're right there up against Mother Russia.
If we send uniformed personnel on the ground into Georgia, we're running a risk
of the first time in history of American uniformed personnel and Russian uniformed personnel shooting each other.
This is what the Bush administration is getting us into.
Well, I agree, but I want to go back.
Go back to 99.
Wesley Clark with the neocons.
The Russians pour into Pristina, the capital of Kosovo.
The Russians are saying, you're not going to ethically cleanse with the Muslims, our Serb brethren.
No, it's part of the same thing, really, because after 1991, everyone said, well, Cold War is over, now we're going to get the peace dividend.
And before you know it, NATO under Clinton was in there bombing Belgrade and dismembering Yugoslavia.
It was all part of
The same plan, the same program to encircle the Soviet Union.
And notice how they're just switching the last letter of Iraq with Iran.
It's the same thing with Serbia versus now these breakaway areas with Russia, because then they said the Serbs attacked, which wasn't true.
Both sides, obviously, it's ethnic warfare.
We're killing each other.
But the Serbs were clearly the ones being attacked by the KLA, backed by the U.S.
and NATO in southern Serbia and Kosovo.
It's the same thing here.
The public believes that Russia attacked for no reason.
And, of course, Serbia has been a Russian ally and, in a sense, a Russian dependency all the way back prior to World War I. And the trap that was set by the people who started World War I in Serbia had the Russians behind it.
Well, that's correct.
So the Russians always had, as part of their sphere of influence,
Serbia and that part of the Balkans, because they're Slavic people.
It was all part of the general Russian policy of pan-Slavism.
And that's where they stopped the Muslim invasions twice.
Yes, that's correct.
And of course, all of that takes us back to the fact that Russia has always been the guardian of the Orthodox Church and kind of the overseer of the Eastern Christian religion.
If you want to talk about
That divide, that began with what was called the Great Schism in 1054 A.D.
And what we're seeing today, you know, believe it or not, you know, people don't really... No, no, Rome is obviously behind the European Union, and so, yeah, break that down.
Yeah, we are seeing, in fact, a continuation of the same split between Eastern and Western Europe that we have seen for a thousand years.
And what it is, in fact,
A lot of people have realized that, and you read Patrick Buchanan's book on the Unnecessary War that just came out, World War I and World War II were civil wars between different elements of European culture.
They were the same racial groups, the same people from the same civilization fighting and killing each other, and they've been doing this for a thousand years.
Carry that out into today's situation and say that the division between the United States as the representative of the Western European civilization and Russia as the representative of the Eastern European civilization
It's just the latest phase in this European Civil War that's been going on for centuries.
Richard, we don't have a lot of time with you, so I want to pick your brain on some quick questions.
Well, I agree.
How did this go for the NATO slash neocon Israeli U.S.-backed operation in Georgia?
Did they get what they wanted as a political diversion to start these brush wars, to try to buoy the dollar, saying, America's still tough, look, we're invading countries?
Or did it go badly for them?
Did they miscalculate?
Where do you see this going in the future?
I think they miscalculated because Russia crushed them.
I think Russia made a fool and a laughing stock out of the Georgian government and the American and Israeli backers.
I think they probably wanted this to be the fall surprise that would divert attention from the U.S.
presidential election.
It failed completely.
Russia was completely prepared.
And the Russian Army on the ground has been known for decades to be the most efficient, powerful ground force on the planet.
These guys are not the Iraqi forces who just cut and run.
I don't want to insult anybody, but the Russian military is very well-trained, they're very tough, they're very well-equipped, and I think they made
We're good to go!
I can't.
No, the Russians mean what they say.
And they have, throughout their history, they're very serious people in this game, and they're not bluffing.
And they've put Poland on notice that if you arm yourselves through missile defense systems and allow the U.S.
to come in and stake out territory for operations against Russia, you are going to have the nukes aimed at you.
And I think Poland realizes this.
This is very, very serious.
This is not
Simply the kind of bluster that we've seen during the Cold War.
This is another level of escalation.
Why have the neocons and their globalist controllers?
We know they're just one little instrument that uses a front within a front.
What do you expect the New World Order, the Anglo-American arm, to do now?
Well, I believe that they're doing this because the United States economy is collapsing.
It's a race against time between creating some kind of a massive diversion.
A tribal rallying point.
Yeah, but it's not even a rallying point because the American government and the American people are broke, are bankrupt.
They cannot continue even to fund the government because at a certain point
The foreigners who are buying the Treasury debt to keep this thing afloat are going to stop doing it.
It just cannot go on.
You know what it looks like to me?
It's almost like somebody saying, I have a bomb, I'll blow this meeting up if you don't do what I say.
It seems like they're holding everybody hostage, showing everyone just how crazy they are.
Well, they are, but there's nothing that they can get out of it other than a war.
There's nothing that Russia or China or anybody can do for the U.S.
To bail us out any further from our own collapsing economy.
In fact, they've been trying to... We've been feeding ourselves into this corner.
Well, and that's where it gets confusing.
They've been trying to prop the dollar up for a decade, and then, meanwhile, the White House makes every move to devalue it, and then suddenly jumps in trying to restore it.
And I know there's a method to the madness here, but does it seem helter-skelter and almost like they're crazy?
Well, they're trying to keep the dollar up.
At least through this election, and they've done that by no longer slashing the interest rates and still providing some kind of an environment where foreign investors can come in.
So they want a slow slide, not a total implosion?
I'm sorry?
They want a slow slide, not a total implosion?
At least through the election.
Now nobody knows what they're going to do after the election and after the inauguration if, say for example, McCain
If Obama's elected, he will try to do another New Deal.
...is put into place.
McCain does not seem to be heading in that direction.
McCain seems to be all out for the World War III option.
All right, stay there.
We're going to skip this break with Richard C. Cook.
If you're on the Internet, you can listen at Infowars.com.
Stay with us.
Okay, Richard, I'm interrupting here because I have a lot of questions.
What is most important in all of this, and what can we do to try to turn this around?
What can we do?
Yes, sir.
Well, the only rational thing that we can do is to go back to the very beginning and to start over again with rebuilding our productive economy.
Our productive economy was destroyed as a result of the international banker's decision to eliminate the United States as a producer nation that came out starting with the 79 Paul Volcker
recession and has continued ever since and you know you go to the uh... you look at the builder burger meetings that you've tracked alex and this is one of their my major agenda item and then we're forced to be a military economy's presents he said that take everything we've got and then we'll have to be hessian slaves by way of the economy it's the only way we'll we'll be able to live so domestically prisons checkpoints control surveillance and armored empire and then we supply uh... mercenaries to the corporate board
Well, that's the way it is.
I mean, that's what it's become.
The only way to stop that is for, and I've said this in writing, is for the federal government immediately to take over the Federal Reserve System, to nationalize the credit system, and to use the credit of the United States not to fight foreign wars, but to rebuild our domestic economy.
And that means putting a lot of the debt
That is floating around in the economy that is contributing to inflation, for example, to put that on hold, to put that into bankruptcy reorganization, and to take over the economy and to rebuild it from the bottom up.
That's what has to be done right now.
And people say, well, we don't want the government involved in the economy because it's always corrupt.
The problem is the corporations have already used the government to take control of the economy and then to literally cut it up into scrap and move it overseas.
Well, the economy is run now by the international banking community.
You're saying the people need to take control of the government and take control that way?
The Constitution of the United States starts with the words, we the people.
It should be an instrument for the people of the United States to control their own economic destiny.
Now, if it's done properly, it will be a mixed economy consisting largely of private enterprise.
But the key to it is control of the monetary system as the Constitution prescribes.
Now, I understand.
Turn that credit loose instead of to select corporations to leverage it and then move everything offshore.
Tailor it again to where it actually builds the nation up.
Credit has been privatized and it really began in earnest with the Federal Reserve Act of 1913.
And why would these big banking cartels not take advantage and destroy all their competition and try to set up a monopoly?
We're coming back to the full audience.
Here we go.
Richard C. Cook is our guest.
Just Richard, a C, and Cook.com.
Links up on InfoWars.com.
Don't forget Fabled Enemies, Jason Bermes' new film that I produced, which is a bombshell 9-11 film covering a lot of areas we haven't gotten into yet.
You can pre-order that now at InfoWars.com.
It ships out September 1st.
You'll be able to watch it at PrisonPlanet.tv September 1st as well.
The globalists have strip-mined the country, moved everything offshore to create monopolies.
Now their own empire is in danger of collapsing because they've been so predatory.
How do you think they're planning to salvage this by having a global reorganization where they pose as the saviors through a new corporate world government?
Well, I think that that's part of it.
You know, you've got the concept, for instance, of the North American Union or the North American Free Trading
organization that has been talked about to restructure the North American economy.
And that's a new bubble, that's all that is.
Yeah, but the problem is that they have this multi-trillion dollar debt overhang that nobody knows what to do with it.
That debt will never be repaid.
And that's why I feel that we're heading toward a major war, because they always use war as a means of
I think?
And cancel the debt that way.
They painted themselves into a corner, Alex.
There's no way out of it.
But control freaks, in the case of every other empire, we can study the current psychology by other elite psychology, humans behave the same way, normally just start throwing fits and attacking in all directions and then things, that only hastens their demise.
Well, they tend at a certain point to decide to set everything in stone so that
No surprises can take place.
This is what happened with the Roman Empire.
It's what happened with the British Empire.
But the British Empire went bankrupt.
And the reason the United States is in control now was because they took over the bankruptcy of the British Empire.
And they did it through World War II.
That's what happened after the Great Depression.
What lifted us out of the Great Depression was World War II.
It was massive arms spending.
And after World War II, we were the top dog in the world economy.
But they handed those mechanisms over to the internationalists instead of keeping that engine going, and now we've basically had our bones picked.
The internationalists took them away.
They were taken away.
That's why they got rid of Nixon, because Nixon opposed the general
Agreement on tariffs and trade, which was the internationalization that preceded the World Trade Organization.
Yeah, not that he was even a nice guy, but he wanted an empire for America.
He thought, why shouldn't- The strong American economy and Kissinger took it away.
They got him railroaded out, and from that point on, every American president, but the big one was Reagan.
You know, Reagan presided during the Volcker crash of the economy in 79 to 83.
And turn the economy over to the bankers and the international elite
Who, you know, run the Bilderberg Group and the Council on Foreign Relations and all of that.
And now the bankers are all buying offshore private islands with private security details.
Because I know a lot of them live here in Austin and I know they're lawyers, and I mean billionaires.
They've been pulling... We're just going to let it crash.
Yeah, that's it.
No, they're saying we're crashing everything and then we'll come back and buy it all up for pennies on the dollar.
That's right.
We're going to leave you with the lobotomized idiot cops beating you with clubs.
Have fun.
That seems to be the case.
Well, Richard C. Cook, thank you for your great columns, your great work and analysis.
I want to get you up sometime maybe later this week or next week with a full hour.
Thank you for your great insight.
Thank you, Alec.
There he goes.
Alright, Ray McGovern's coming on in eight minutes, but first, your calls.
Thank you for listening to GCN.
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Alright, is this a list?
Yeah, I just sent you that current list.
You should have six callers.
Who's up next, Frank?
A full hour.
Thank you for your great insight.
Thank you, Alex.
There he goes, huh?
Ray McGovern's coming on in eight minutes.
First, your calls.
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Now into the fourth and final hour.
I'm going to Denver next week.
Unless more war drums start going from drums to action.
But we'll be reporting each day with Jason Bermas riding shotgun.
Let's jam a few calls in right now, then Ray McGovern's coming on for about 20 minutes.
We'll continue with your phone calls.
Let's go to Elliot in Ohio, then Frank, Kevin, and others.
Elliot, you're on the air, thanks for holding.
Hey Alex, last week it was
Tuesday, I think I was actually listening to your show.
I was outside at work downtown in Cincinnati.
I was having a cigarette and I'm looking at the river and then I see this U.S.
Black military helicopter, you know, just going up and down, up and down the river.
And like, you know,
It's got a radiation detector and an oar.
It was over houses.
It's got an infrared looking for marijuana grow lights and that makes the troops think there's really a nuclear threat and they're really protecting America and there's there's all this real security stuff going on as part of the illusion so when the globalists set a nuke off they can grandstand as the saviors and the troops and police would have been we were looking for nukes.
Yeah, you know, like, I started calling, you know, a couple of the police districts.
Like, I called the one in downtown, District 1.
Of course, they didn't know anything.
They sent me over across the river in Kentucky.
Of course, they didn't know anything.
Then I called the Sheriff's Department, Cincinnati, and pretty much left a message, I guess, with a higher-up.
And he called me back, like, a half hour later, Lieutenant Scudder.
And I was like, sir, do you realize that there's a black U.S.
military helicopter going up and down the river?
And he's like, oh yeah, we have two of those.
I'm like, huh?
Oh, so it was the Sheriff's Department.
Oh yeah, they're also giving them, it wasn't a Blackhawk though, they're not giving them Blackhawks, or was it just a Bell?
There had to have been a Blackhawk, Alex.
Looked right at a Blackhawk down, like the movie.
Okay, well I didn't know that they had Blackhawks.
Look, they're federalizing everything in these threat matrix centers.
The feds are in control, CIA.
They're federalizing the police.
I have it in the Washington Post this weekend, finally came out and admitted the whole thing.
I mean, we already knew it.
But it's just getting really crazy.
Yeah, and you know, just talking with him, I was like, uh, did you get this from, like, the feds?
Did you get this from, like, the military?
Was it a donation, a grant of some kind?
He's like, oh, I don't know.
Well, do you know if it was manufactured at a military, uh... But he said the Sheriff's Department had these helicopters.
Yeah, apparently the Hamilton County Sheriff's Department in the city of Cincinnati.
And, like, as I keep talking to him, I'm like, okay, well, sir,
I have been researching how this country has been going towards martial law.
I brought up the situation in Arkansas with... Let me guess, I bet he said, well, martial law will keep you safe.
Oh, he didn't say that, Alex.
As soon as I dropped the phrase, police say, like, oh, sir, sir, I can't talk about that.
I'm like, wait, what?
I'm a taxpaying citizen of the city of Cincinnati, which trickled into your paycheck.
You can't talk about it?
Are you kidding me?
This is my country.
So how did it end?
Well, anyway, sir, sir, I can't talk about it.
And so I asked him one last question.
I was like, OK, OK.
Because he told me, oh, well, the military can go into any city they want at any point in time.
And I'm like, all right, fine, sir.
They've all been trained and acclimated to that, yeah.
Yeah, and I was like, tell me this, sir.
Are you willing to cooperate with military if they come in?
Into the city.
Are you willing to cooperate with the military if they randomly came in?
Oh yeah!
So you're willing to break Posse Comitatus?
Uh, sir, I'm not breaking Posse Comitatus.
We obviously have different political views and I'm not allowed to talk with you about this.
So, uh, that's all I can say.
I'm like, are you kidding me?! !
They've all been turned into little petty commissariat political spy officers.
It's happened everywhere.
This is the criminal state getting ready to fully repossess the nation and totally bankrupt us all, including his mama, his daddy, his greedy greedy granny that went beep beep beep down Sesame Street.
I mean, it is, it is, I'm serious.
It's everybody.
And they just, they think it's cute and funny and they've been acclimated by all these TV shows to make us the target.
I've been warning everybody and now they admit that.
I appreciate you telling that story.
Well, good to hear from you.
Ray McGovern's coming up, then we'll continue with phone calls.
We have another big
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I was going to tell you, but I wasn't sure you heard him coding.
Yes, he's all set.
And then there's two essay prizes for a couple thousand.
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Can you cue it up?
That's okay.
He had his hand over the radio while he was getting a countdown.
He takes his hand off and you hear 3, 2, 1, and it was...
Ray McGovern is our guest for the rest of the hour.
We'll also open the phones up.
But specifically on the Iraq situation, the Afghan situation, the upcoming crisis with Iran, what's happening with the former Soviet Union being encircled by NATO, and Israeli forces being the foreign minister, the defense minister of Georgia being so involved there.
I want to pick Ray McGovern's brain about that.
This happened about a week and a half ago.
He's now had a lot of time to study it as the former top White House analyst for Ronald Reagan, George Bush Sr., assigned from the CIA with the morning briefings.
He's also written for major publications.
Also, he's an Army officer, so he's uniquely vetted for us to really give us some good answers.
He's given us a lot of great material in the past.
Before we go to him, though, he is in my film, Terror Storm, talking about 9-11, questioning the official story, talking about Iran, no WMDs, you know, at that time, eight years out from having them.
Well, he's also in the new film, he did an interview with Jason Burmess, Fabled Enemies, which gets into the Israeli connection.
Fox News has learned that some American terrorism investigators fear certain suspects in the September 11th attacks may have managed to stay ahead of them.
Some U.S.
investigators believe that there are Israelis, again, very much engaged in spying in and on the U.S.
Whether it's because they're in intelligence services or what they were doing, I will defer to the Department of Justice and the FBI.
There was a report on the George Washington Bridge that there had been a van stopped there that had explosives.
We have a suspect who dripped from going in the van and then exploded.
Amdocs Limited, an Israeli-based private telecommunications company.
It is virtually impossible to make a call on normal phones without generating an Amdocs record of it.
It quickly unraveled to be the largest foreign spy ring ever uncovered inside the United States.
The largest.
Documents say they, quote, targeted and penetrated military bases, the DEA, FBI, and dozens of other government facilities.
There's one big elephant in the living room.
It is the relationship between the United States of America and the State of Israel.
What about this question of advanced knowledge of what was going to happen on 9-11?
Well, it's very explosive information, obviously.
A bigger question, they say, is how could they not have known?
That is from the film Fabled Enemies.
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On the AM and FM dial, shortwave satellite, and of course the regular free streams at InfoWars.com, where I'm going to skip some breaks during this hour.
Only the InfoWars.com listeners on those specific streams, not the Genesis streams, not other little networks and things that carry us, but on InfoWars.com is where you'll be able to hear that.
Okay, Ray McGovern, there's so many questions I could ask, but let's say I'm the President.
We're so honored to have you and we appreciate your time.
But let's say I'm the president and I'm asking you, or you were advising a foreign president, what has happened in Russia?
What is the larger geopolitical reasons for this?
What is behind it?
Why has NATO, the U.S.
and Israel, launched a sneak attack on Russia?
What is Russia going to do?
You studied them for decades.
What does this mean in the larger picture in context with the election Iran?
Well, Mr. President,
It's fairly simple to explain this.
Once you tweak the nose of the Russian bear in a place where you're vulnerable, the Russian bear is going to strike back.
The Georgians took it into their head to mount a full-scale attack on Ossetia, South Ossetia.
And even the U.S.
Special Envoy called it, and I quote, deplorable, horrible.
Uh, here's a quote from this fellow, Matthew Brizza, who's a Deputy Associate, uh, Deputy Assistant Secretary of State.
Uh, to fire on civilians, as the Georgians did on the evening of, uh, August 7th, is simply deplorable.
Uh, it's illegal and, uh, and horrible, says Matthew Brizza, U.S.
Special Envoy to the region.
That's what started it.
Now, what the Georgians had in mind is really bizarre.
I think that they would
As divorced from reality as some folks in the White House.
If they thought that the United States of America, which already has all its deployable troops deployed in two godforsaken wars, Iraq and Afghanistan, if they thought the U.S.
would come to their aid, or worse still, if they thought the Russians would sit back there behind their border and take this without reacting, you know, well, he needs to have his head examined because that could never be the case.
The Russians are on the march in this sense.
They're tired of being humiliated.
They're tired of being whipsawed.
We have NATO moving ever closer to the traditional borders of Russia.
We have a missile installment in Poland and a radar installment in the Czech Republic.
Now, those are going to be really handy for protecting Europe against an ICBM attack from Iran.
But Iran doesn't have any ICBMs and can't have them for many, many years.
As a matter of fact, the U.S.
intelligence community unanimously decided that Iran is not working on any nuclear weapons, at least as of mid-2003.
So, you know, for Putin and the rest of the Russian leaders there to swallow all this stuff and not react when they can react.
I mean, they can't do anything about Poland or the Czech Republic, but they sure as heck can do something about their soft underbelly.
And it's not only the Soviet Union or the new Russia, it's the old Russia.
It's the old Russia going back four centuries now that has this very paranoid
Well, analyzing
Mikel Chakasvely, this guy is on TV and live programs chewing his tie, looking like a complete nutcase.
When there's no threat, he runs in fear, panicking like no leader I've ever seen.
And I'm not saying I wouldn't run from an air raid, but he just...
According to all the reports, he really is out of his mind.
And meanwhile, you've got all these Israelis there.
Jerusalem Post said a thousand Israeli advisors.
You've got U.S.
Special Forces doing drills there two weeks before.
I mean, what were they thinking to gain from this?
Well, again, as far as Saqqafash Ali is concerned, you know, he's sort of like the Chalabi of Georgia.
Well-spoken, pretty glib, in good with the neocons and several other people on the Hill, and they sort of gave him the impression, some of them at least, maybe as high as Cheney, that, yeah, we're going to tweak this Russian bear, and we're going to defend what you consider to be your strategic objectives, and so I can only reason
That Zakhar Vasilyev thought that he could actually go in there and the Russians wouldn't respond.
Now, here's the president out there in Beijing playing beach volleyball with those comely women, and not really being in the picture, Cheney being in charge back home and issuing threatening statements.
Thank goodness Robert Gates made it clear that we're not going to react militarily.
So the whole thing is an abject lesson, or an object lesson I suppose, is the right word, although abject also fits here, of how these people are not reality-based.
How they thought that they could do this stuff in a place where they can't defend a little nation like Georgia.
How the Georgian leader thought that he could get away with this is beyond my comprehension.
But he did it.
The Russians reacted.
And now they've given a lesson to places like that, that really violated understandings reached back in the early 90s, where these, you know, Ossetia and Abkhazia would enjoy a measure of autonomy.
And that there would be Russian people in there.
They feel closer to Russia than they do to the Georgians.
Well, we know those two areas were given by Stalin to Georgia because he was a Georgian.
And they're 90 plus percent, what, 92 percent one, 90 percent another Russian.
And the sneak attack where the Georgian peacekeepers were knifing and shooting the Russians in the security zones, inside the peacekeeping bases.
I mean, this is unprecedented treachery.
Yeah, you know, one of the real statesmen at the end of the Soviet era, Shevardnadze, Eduard Shevardnadze, who was the foreign minister, he talked about this whole series of events, and he was careful not to be too terribly critical of what the Russians have done, but he did point out that there's a way of handling these kinds of things, and it has to do with long-term
Uh, cultivation of ties, and while he was president of Georgia, he reached out, he went to Oaxaca, he went to Ossetia, and he met with the people, and there was a gradual rapprochement happening.
That's not the way our clients do things.
You know, we do shock and awe, and we raid cities and kill a lot of civilians in the middle of the night.
That is deplorable.
That is beyond the pale.
That's what Takahashi really did.
Do you see that, Ray McGovern, as another window into the neocon mindset?
That they would obviously greenlight this?
That they're so delusional that they just think they're going to see victory everywhere?
Well, yeah, I think the Georgian president also may have taken it a little farther than he was really supposed to, but yeah, this kind of hubris is what leads to the downfall of lots of people besides ancient Greek heroes.
Okay, Ray McGovern, we're going to skip this break.
For InfoWars.com listeners, everybody else will be back in about three minutes.
Ray McGovern is our guest.
Stay with us.
Okay, Ray, I want to continue.
I don't want to waste any time here because I want to get into the Iran-Iraq situation, the big picture there and where you see this going in the election.
Any new developments the last two weeks since you were last with us?
But finishing up with the Russian situation, it looks like the neocons are escalating things now and moving in more forward.
Yes, sir.
I don't think Ray McGovern knows that we went to break.
Ray, we're still on the air right now, Ray, did you hear that?
I haven't seen the reports on U.S.
I'm still there, yeah.
troops going to the Ukraine.
Well, they had them, they're training them as advisors, and yes, they're increasing the amount.
And they're flying in, you know, more troops to help in Georgia.
Well, I think that the Ukrainians will have learned this lesson pretty well.
Also, with respect to NATO, of course, they have already postponed any talk of accession to NATO by Ukraine and by Georgia.
So there'll be a period of several months now where people will kind of hunker down and weigh the implications of what just happened and realize that, you know,
Would we want Mexico to be invited to join the Warsaw Pact?
The now defunct Warsaw Pact?
I don't think so, you know?
And what Americans need to do is put themselves in the position of the Russians.
And as the Russians look out on what the U.S.
has done over the last eight years,
You know, cancelling treaties, putting new missile systems in Western Europe, invading other countries.
You know, if I were Vladimir Putin, I would think twice about not giving them a lesson when he can so easily do so.
The Georgians were thoroughly penetrated by Russian intelligence.
They knew exactly what was happening.
That's why they were ready to respond.
And for the Georgians to think they could get away with this, you know,
It was really started by the Georgians, and they're going to have to pay a price.
What about Israel?
What do they think they're going to get?
Part of the oil and gas?
Why are they there?
Well, the oil line there that runs through Georgia is very important to Israel.
But also, you talk about the military-industrial complex in this country.
You know, there's a great big one in Israel as well, and they have been making megabucks by sending all kinds of armaments and selling them to the Georgians.
And of course, to the degree they can get a foot in Georgia, it's similar to the foot they used to have in Turkey, or even earlier in Iran, of all places, then they have more of a security
So you're saying another huge international blunder for the neocons, Washington and NATO, just another stinging, pathetic, fall-on-their-face defeat?
Yeah, and it could be worse, Alex.
You know, you have to take five steps back and always ask yourself how the Israeli leaders will look at this.
Now, there have been some really bad things happening as far as the Israelis are concerned.
Number one, we're going to be out of Iraq.
Now, it may take a year, it may take two years, but... Tell you what, recap that, we come back to the full audience.
We're about a tenth of our audience when I skip these breaks.
Ray McGovern, stay there.
Let's come back and talk about that right now.
Here we go, ladies and gentlemen.
Okay, Ray McGovern, the Israelis, heavily involved.
Well, as usual, it's good and bad.
It's really bad for the U.S.
to take a punch in the nose of this magnitude.
It's the equivalent of what the Iraqi Prime Minister did a month and a half ago when he said, all troops out of here.
I'm not signing any agreement until you agree to a deter or all U.S.
troops should be out of there.
Now, if I'm an Israeli leader, and I know that part of the reason that U.S.
troops are in Iraq
It's the misguided notion by the neocons that that would somehow give Israel more security.
I mean, you know, you can laugh at that now.
I mean, there were no terrorists in Iraq before the invasion, and now it's teeming with terrorists.
But anyhow, if that was one of the reasons, and now the U.S.
troops are going to be gone, well, that part of the world is much more dangerous for the Israelis.
Now, worse than that, take a look at this defeat.
You know, this obvious
Punch in the nose in Georgia.
How will the U.S.
react to that?
It's clear that some Israelis will say, well, you know, you can't depend on the U.S.
to come to your aid, can you?
And other Israelis will say, forget it.
Israel is not Georgia.
Israel has incredible political capital here in Washington.
And now, lest we waste any more time, we need to start a
Start the kind of practice that will lead us and lead George Bush to honor his promise to us to take care of Iran before he leaves office.
So I think, on balance, because of the increased danger of our departure from Iraq after George Bush leaves, and the situation where we have had a substantial reverse and might need something to kind of compensate for that
And I would deduce the example of when we lost those 242 Marines in Lebanon.
Do you remember that?
Do you remember what we did right after that?
Remember what we did?
Pulled out.
We went and invaded Grenada.
Oh yes, another diversion.
We conquered Grenada, okay?
And we showed the mice of the 82nd Airborne despite the losses in Lebanon.
So there's going to be a big temptation on the part of the neocons and on the part of the Israelis, you know, the Lee Kudnick's, those extreme... I'm not talking about the Israeli citizen in the street.
I'm talking about the extremist right that has taken over the Israeli government.
There'll be a great temptation for them because of the dangers in Iraq and because of the opportunity to give the United States some sort of way to show, well, we're not just a paper tiger.
We can really do things.
It's even more likely, it seems to me, that the Israelis will decide to perpetrate the kind of provocation that will almost require Iran to react.
And once they do, the U.S.
will be in there with both feet because the U.S.
President has promised the world that that's exactly what he does.
Well, the Associated Press is reporting today, as well as other publications, that the Saudi delegation and Egyptian delegation meeting with the Iranian delegation yesterday told them, do not provocate, do not give in to provocations, back down, talk sweet, because they are really planning to attack you.
I'm sure you saw that.
So overall, what are things looking like right now?
I mean, is it still a green light to go in there before or after the election?
There's no green light yet, Alex.
Although, as you know, I think the green light will flash before too long.
What we have, you know, the most important aspect of this is we have a real Donnybrook happening in the White House.
A big conflict between Vice President Cheney, Elliot Abrams, who's running our policy from the National Security Council, on the one hand, and Robert Gates, the Secretary of Defense, and Mike Mullen, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, on the other.
Mullen and Gates have made no secret of the fact, they think, that opening a third front, what they mean, of course, is striking at Iran, would be a disaster, would be a catastrophe.
It is not what Mullen wants.
He said that about three times, and they've told the Israelis that.
Now, the question is, and this is the real question, when the Defense Minister from Israel, Barack, for example, or when the head of their intelligence or other high officials come to Washington,
Usually they go to Dick Cheney's house last, okay?
And what they say is, you know, this guy Mullen and Gates, you know, those wimps, you know, they want us not to do anything against this terrible threat from Iran.
What do you think?
And if Dick Cheney winks and says, well, you know, they are kind of soft on this threat, then the Israelis are going to take their cue from Cheney and not from Gates or Mullen, and we'll be off and running.
Off and running.
Three-minute break and back with Ray McGovern on the other side to take some of your phone calls.
Stay with us.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones on the G-Town Radio Network.
Off and running.
Three minute break and back with Ray McGovern on the other side to take some of your phone calls.
Stay with us.
We're on the march, the empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Seven years after the attacks of September 11th, a global awakening has taken place.
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