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Air Date: Aug. 5, 2008
2890 lines.
It is Tuesday, my friends, the fifth day of August 2008.
And we're going to be live here for the next four hours.
The heavily censored and restricted websites being censored and restricted by governments, universities, corporations, internet service providers, InfoWars.com and PrisonPlanet.com have been updated, of course, multiple times daily for you.
They are there awaiting you to go check out the information posted there to back up almost every subject or issue that we cover here on the air.
If not, we have links to our guest websites where they back up their claims and the information that they cover.
I have launched a big contest.
In fact, I've launched a bunch of contests.
One of them ends midnight Central Time, and that is this Sunday.
And by this afternoon, we already have the contest pages up on InfoWars.com and PrisonPlanet.com.
Where you can submit your videos.
One of them is going to be a $2,000 prize.
$2,000 prize for whoever can make the best video.
And that is the video that gets the most hits.
The most YouTube views.
Or views on any other platform where it can be independently verified.
I recommend YouTube.
The most viral.
Whoever has the most hits with a YouTube video covering the censorship of PrisonPlanet.com
And InfoWars.com from the video of my rant yesterday that is posted on InfoWars.com for free.
You can go there and grab it.
It's in higher quality on PrisonPlanet.tv.
We're working to make the high-quality version free right now.
So, you've got five and a half days, $2,000,
For the, uh, one place prize.
There's only one place in that... ...contest.
There's a thousand dollars I'm just throwing in for whoever makes the best, and that'll just be judged by me by Sunday night, the best trailer for Truth Rising, the best fan trailer.
And that'll just be judged by what I think is the best.
But, whatever's up there, the quickest against the most hits, that'll also be, uh,
Brought into consideration.
And then coming up on the 19th, we're going to have another one about internet censorship overall to fight back against it and to identify it.
It can be 2 minutes long, it can be 10 minutes long, under 10 minutes long.
And that is going to be $5,000.
There's going to be a second place is 1,000, third place 500.
But the good news is we all win because free speech is defended.
Hundreds of videos, no doubt, will be made the next 15 days for that contest and they'll all get hundreds of thousands of views in just the first few months, I would guess.
Millions total.
And so very effective.
We're doing this to expose.
Will it save the Internet?
By itself, no.
But will it light bushfires in the minds of men and women everywhere that will help push out the full nature of Internet censorship to a larger audience?
It's resistance, and resistance is victory, ladies and gentlemen.
If we resist, we win.
If we lay down, we die.
Then I've got another $2,000 prize for the 19th.
A $2,000 prize for the best new Declaration of Independence.
And then a $1,000 prize for the best Bill of Particulars listing in detail with hyperlinks the crimes of the New World Order.
The more, the better.
There's millions of them, but let's see what you can list.
The admitted murdering children with chemical and biological and radiological testing.
You know, killing foster children, staging wars, staging terror attacks, bid rigging.
DU, GMO, just all of it.
Listed all.
$1,000 price.
That's $3,000 for essays right there.
Alright, massive news.
Key info.
Your calls.
Straight ahead.
Stay with us.
It is a big idea.
A new world order.
In the near future.
Earth is dominated by a powerful world government.
It's known as the Bilderberg Group.
Could their objective be world domination?
For thousands of years, their dark order grew.
Now, as they hail the birth of the New World Order, their great dream of exterminating 80% of humanity is at hand.
For the first time in history, the elite's plan for world government is blown wide open.
You will learn the secret that drives the entire New World Order agenda.
Build America is making great progress toward a world government.
Most people have no idea.
They're not after money.
They have all the money they need.
They're after power.
That's what they're after these years.
Order In Game on DVD at PrisonPlanet.com or InfoWars.com.
Or watch it online right now at PrisonPlanet.tv.
Blueprint for global enslaving.
In Game.
You have been warned.
You ever have one of those days where everything goes right?
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The Genesis Communications Radio Network proudly presents the Alex Jones Show.
Because there's a war on for your mind.
He joins us once a month and I can't think of a better time to have him on.
He's Mike Rivero.
He's gonna be with us for a full hour getting into the anthrax, Patsy, and that whole cover-up.
It's very hard to find it, but if you dig deep into the LA Times and a few other publications, he committed suicide in the mental institution.
This microbiologist, this Fort Detrick, Maryland vaccine expert.
Meanwhile, we have this lieutenant colonel,
Who broke into the Level 4 Bioweapons Lab and he is not a suspect and is still working in another government bioweapons facility.
And so, Mike Rivera will be with us in the second hour today.
In the third and fourth hour, we're gonna have Alan Watt, New World Order researcher,
For two hours and we're going to have open phones with Alan Watt for most of the two hours today and we'll talk about many of the current issues here in the scientific dictatorship that we are in the middle of.
I also want to take a lot of your phone calls in this first hour today.
The toll-free number is 1-800-259-9231.
I do have economic news, news on the Olympics, the big bombing in China killing 16 police.
Another bizarre report here, Knights Templars heirs in legal battle with the Pope out of London Telegraph.
We'll be covering that in this first hour.
But first, I wanted to briefly tell you a story.
YouTube videos have been made of my interviews before on the John Gibson Fox News Radio Network.
I looked for one this morning, and I guess no one was listening to it who's a listener of this show, so a YouTube hasn't been made yet.
Perhaps somebody can find it and put one out so that we can
Tomorrow, or maybe even later in the day, play a clip of it so you can hear it for yourself.
But John Gibson was out yesterday and so his lapdog, his little Ed McMahon, I would call it, kind of like Salacious Crumb, the job of the hut, little creature that sits in his lap and giggles and laughs and calls me a conspiracy theorist and a nut job in the background whenever I'm on the show many times.
I've probably been on there ten times.
Over the last year and a half.
He was the host yesterday.
I forget his name.
And I was on there about 20 minutes.
And he would just laugh at me and giggle at me and say I was a conspiracy theorist and that I didn't believe in the moon landings and mix in things like that that I don't even get into.
Well, I brought up the fact that the White House was on Cipro, the anthrax-fighting antibiotic, September 10th, according to Ari Fleischer, White House Press Secretary, the Associated Press, and many other publications.
The White House admits it.
We have the video of it.
In fact, it's in the upcoming film, Fabled Enemies.
And he just basically said that, uh, I hate Jews was the whole gist of it.
And I said, no, we're just pointing out that
Lieutenant Colonel Zack has ties to Israeli intelligence and that he had been disciplined for racially harassing Arabs that worked at the facility and that he broke in the level four bioweapons laboratory after he'd been fired.
Now that's all was in the mainstream newspapers back at the time but since dropped and they've never investigated it.
And we're just saying, look, the White House was on Cipro, the anthrax-fighting antibiotic, what, four weeks before the letters showed up and started killing people.
Weeks and weeks before they were mailed out.
And the White House just arrogantly says, yeah, we were on Cipro, the White House, the Cabinet went on it, on September 10th, and we point all that out, and he would just laugh at me and call me a conspiracy theorist.
And I said, are you saying that's not true?
And he just said, no, I'm just laughing at you.
And then he went to a caller who laughed at me and made a joke, and then they both laughed.
Like, it's funny!
It's not funny!
It's this fake, self-assured, self-satisfied attitude that people who think they're members of the establishment have while Rome is crumbling and falling down around us.
While this modern Rome, this New World Order,
Is just sliding into complete mental illness and mass decadence.
And then... And I haven't heard the tape of it yet, that's why I want to go back, because he was talking over me when he said this, but... He starts laughing, saying, oh yeah, our government would do something bad to us.
And I said, well, what about black men in Tuskegee with the syphilis and letting them die of it and spread it to thousands and...
Excruciating deaths over decades, and... He laughed, and I believe what he said, because then I countered, I said, you're making fun of Tuskegee?
And he said, oh yeah!
Can't have the black people eating the... I think he said fried chicken, because that makes them sterile, and I said... I said, did you just say what I thought you said?
That's not funny!
Tuskegee isn't funny!
I mean, I know he said that.
It was just so amazing.
I want to hear the tape of it, though, for I'm absolutely, totally, 100% sure that he just said that with so much pleasure.
It's like Michael Savage making fun of autistic children and saying they need to basically be slapped around their spoiled brats.
No, Michael,
When I drive by a bus stop, or I'm sitting in a restaurant, or I'm at a movie theater, or I'm at church, or on the street, and I see children drooling, who are emaciated because they don't like to eat food, who are completely out of their poor little minds, who are just completely fried, I mean, there's no doubt
That the mercury, even the federal government's had to admit now in their own studies, that the mercury brain damage, and we had internal CDC documents from 2000 in a secret meeting where they said, how do we cover up millions of brain damaged children?
I mean, they know what mercury does.
They know once it enters the bloodstream what it does.
See, your stomach and your intestines are designed, there's mercury in fish and mercury in food,
Most of it binds in with the food and the body has a way of shedding most of it, but it can still build up and cause a problem.
But, when it's injected into little bodies, at hundreds of times, what, the flu shot has 500 times the safe level for a child, several thousand times for a baby because of their weight.
We have all the federal studies, where if you take more than three flu shots, your chance of Alzheimer's more than doubles, and there's people out there who've taken them 15 years in a row,
No wonder we got people 25, 30, 35 who've got Alzheimer's.
And, you know, they're not faking it.
They're going into wheelchairs.
They're going into gurneys.
They're dying.
But not at 80-something years old like Ronald Reagan.
At 30, 35, 40.
You know, we know what we're talking about here.
I said, what was it, a year ago, when the spinach was
Killing hundreds of people, and then the tomatoes killed hundreds?
And then peppers were sickening thousands, killing hundreds?
Hundreds, dying!
I said, uh, these companies that have been identified, I went and Googled their names and found out on their own company websites, we wrote stories about it, that they grew most of their produce in Mexico.
Well, they used the local sewage, untreated from the local towns, to put on those tomatoes.
And to put on those peppers, and now I have Associated Press today.
It also came out last week, and the Feds, after a year-long cover-up, are having to apologize and are about to be sued by U.S.
companies that it shut down.
Oh yeah, they knew day one it was feces from Mexico, but you couldn't say that because that's anti-Mexican.
No, it has nothing to do with Mexicans.
It is a third-world country where they put untreated sewage
On the produce.
Yeah, they don't pay for fertilizer.
Again, undercutting U.S.
They don't have environmental laws, workers' comp, any of it.
Slave labor, basically.
I'm not blaming the poor people down there trying to work.
And they also defecate in the fields.
And, um, it will probably come out that they
It's destroying themselves, but it's kind of like when people riot in the inner city and burn down their own neighborhood, that they're doing a lot of this on purpose.
Now, I was on record a year ago saying it was, it was the farm workers both spraying raw sewage, I mean right out of the till, right out of the toilets, it goes right into those honey ponds as they're called, and then it is sprayed right on to the crops.
Okay, that's part of it.
But they're also going to the bathroom in the fields, they're not provided toilet paper, they wipe their hands on the dirt.
And some of it's probably on purpose.
But you know what?
Somebody on Fox News, they'll just laugh and call it a conspiracy theory.
But I was so amazed by the fried chicken comment
Oh yeah, the chicken places, they're sterilizing the blacks.
Just a sick, cynical, disgusting joke, laughing at the Tuskegee experiment.
It's unbelievable.
Because these guys think they're immune.
All the people that serve this corrupt system,
I was reading Alexander Sholts and Itza's writings last night.
I read Gulag Archipelago more than a decade ago, but I was reading some of his writings, and he talked about the Soviets, the establishment, how they were self-assured, how they had this disgusting attitude.
That's what they have here.
May I have everybody's attention, please?
I've come with a message of information.
9-11 was an inside job.
Do you like being a puppet, sir?
Do you like being a puppet for the New World Order?
How do the American people know that 9-11 was a stage?
Was it engineered by you, David Rockefeller, the Trilateral Commission, the CFR, and Lisa D'Arcello?
The day that we stop asking questions is the day that we have allowed the seeds of despotism to grow at our own door.
Seven years after the attacks of September 11th, a global awakening has taken place.
An inside job.
How dare you?
If you know that there's treason going on, you can be held accountable for treason yourself.
All hell is breaking loose on 6th Avenue.
And if the government has not told the truth in five years, we will be here on the 10th anniversary of 9-11.
Truth Rising.
Download the film at PrisonPlanet.tv right now, or get the DVD at Infowars.com.
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They have a term for it.
They call it a, you know what, eating grin.
And I don't understand this self-satisfied, angry, but smiley face at the same time, elitist attitude that establishment liberals, establishment conservatives have, yuppies, middle-class people have.
When they're the ones that are most under attack, they think they're part
Of the establishment, and they just giggle and laugh and make jokes about it.
I was on the show and I said, Sy Hersh has reported, most respected living investigative journalist, that Dick Cheney wanted to create fake Iranian boats that look identical and have Navy SEALs on board, heavily armed, have a shootout with our larger ships, and the guy just laughed at that.
I mean, I wish that wasn't true, but it is!
I want this to stop.
But we can't let it get us depressed.
And I'm talking to myself now when I say that and everybody else.
This is the pickle we're in.
We have the facts we have to deal with and we have to face them.
And we have to make the best of the situation we're in and try to educate as many people that do care to try to raise the alarm and turn things around.
But societies go crazy throughout history.
They become decadent.
They become evil.
It's a cycle.
And no one has ever had it better than Americans the last 50 years.
And we've been such a great nation.
We've had a lot of problems, but overall we've been an amazing country.
We've been really good, hard-working people, full of courage, inventive, self-reliant.
But we have become decadent slobs.
Myself included.
I mean, I think about how hard-working my grandfathers were, and how
We're hearing about their fathers, how hard-working they were, and how strong and dedicated the women were, and how strong families were, and how family came first, and people knew to not trust the government, and they knew that family came first, and they were just good people.
And if they heard about something like the Tuskegee Experiment, they would get very upset about it.
That's why the government had to keep it secret.
But today, so much of this stuff, there's things going on that dwarf the Tuskegee Experiment,
By the 10th power, and to come to realization that it is a fact that all of this experimentation and poisoning of the population is going on.
I mean, you tell people that there are thousands of government reports and university reports, thousands, admitting that if you use a cell phone for an hour a day for 10 years, that's what most of the studies show.
Some studies are for 5 years, some are even longer, that you have a massive increase in brain tumors.
In rare brain tumors.
It's an absolute fact that they give you brain tumors.
Are people stopping using their cell phones?
I know I have.
I only use my cell phone to get messages off of it.
And I got all this news here to cover.
All these issues I want to go over.
Huge news here in front of me right now.
And I just get flabbergasted
By the fact that it upsets me and it's real for me, I consciously worry about it, and then so many other people, even in our movement, don't take this as serious as it is.
We all need an attitude adjustment.
I mean, look at this article.
I said I'm going to take your calls and will in the next segment, but this story is off the charts huge.
And every day on Infowars.net.
I mean, seven days a week, Steve's writing articles, each one more bombshell than the other.
And they get attention, but not the attention they deserve.
This is life and death type stuff.
I remember Steve, two years ago, broke.
And it did get a lot of attention, and did get picked up by some mainstream outlets, but didn't get the attention it needed.
That the government created fake videos, morphed the heads of two of the hijackers, Mohammed Ad and one other, and stuck their manufactured video into a made-for-TV movie, and then used that in a trial
Against people supposedly involved with 9-11.
Then I have the Miami Herald and McClatchy Newspapers and the Seattle Times all reporting last week.
We hardly even covered it here.
That's how conditioned we've gotten to just incredible news going by the wayside.
We even drop the ball every day.
We're not perfect.
Where, oh yeah, number two, bin Laden's number two man, his bodyguard,
His right-hand man was picked up by Special Forces, sent to Guantanamo, and released in one week.
But we'll tell you about this big report when we get back and go to your calls.
There's a new one out on Infowars.net.
Law professor has dropped a bombshell.
We'll be right back.
We're on the march, the Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Woah-oh-bop-a-bop Woah-oh-bop-a-bop Woah-oh-bop-a-bop At a glance, I looked at you Just as fast, I felt brand new For you I look at you If I may, I'll pass at you
Law professor counter-terrorism czar told me there is going to be an I-911 and an I-Patriot Act.
An Internet 9-1-1 and an Internet Patriot Act.
Steve, great job on this article, but you probably need to spell out Internet.
I know you're giving his actual quote, but people aren't going to understand that.
Law professor, counter-terrorism czar, told me there's going to be an Internet 9-11 and a Internet Patriot Act.
The Feds are going to attack the Internet themselves as another way to try to bring it down.
Stanford Law professor, Lawrence Lessig, we're going to get him on, details government plans to overhaul and restrict the Internet.
Now, that's all stated by Internet, too.
The consortium of government, universities, and 50 corporations.
They publicly said it all.
You can go to the Internet2's website and go read their corporate minutes and press releases going back seven years.
Absolute fact.
They're going to steal and destroy and cut up the web right in front of you.
This is incredible.
Amazing revelations have emerged concerning already existing government plans to overhaul the way the internet functions in order to apply much greater restrictions and control over the web.
Lawrence Lessig, a respected law professor at Stanford University, told an audience at this year's Fortunes Brainstorm Tech Conference in Half Moon Bay, California.
That's the elite of the elite IT meeting.
That there's going to be an Internet 9-11 event which will act as a catalyst for radical reworking of the law pertaining to the Internet.
Now I would just add that for five years they have had a program, according to MIT, larger than the Manhattan Project, in secret, but now leaked earlier this year, to quote wage war on the Internet and shut it down by the Pentagon.
And of course they're going to claim that Al Qaeda did it.
And it'll come right out that Al Qaeda didn't, but to a public who doesn't know the Vice President is, doesn't know the three branches of government.
When you watch Jaywalking on Jay Leno and the public doesn't even know what city they're in, that's not a joke, ladies and gentlemen.
They're totally mesmerized and dumbed down.
Lessig also revealed that he had learned during a dinner with the former government counterterrorism czar, Richard Clark, that there is already in existence a cyber equivalent of the Patriot Act.
Patriot Act, or Internet Patriot Act, if you will, and that the Justice Department is waiting for a cyber-terrorism event in order to implement its provisions.
Admitting they're going to use it as a pretext, regardless of who's behind it.
There's going to be an iInternet event, which doesn't necessarily mean Al-Qaeda attack.
It means an event where the instability of, or the insecurity of the Internet becomes manifest during a malicious event, which then inspires the government into a response.
This is him speaking in front of the top computer tech and owners.
You've got to remember that after 9-11, the government drew up the Patriot Act within 20 days and passed it.
Actually, sir, they wrote it years before.
The Patriot Act is huge, and I remember someone asking a Justice Department official, how did they write such a large statute so quickly?
And of course, the answer was that it had been sitting in the drawers of the Justice Department for the last 20 years waiting for the event where they could pull it out.
So he states the disinfo first and then states the facts after.
Of course the Patriot Act is filled with all sorts of insanity about changing the way civil rights are protected or not protected in this instance.
So I was having dinner with Richard Clark and I asked him if there is an equivalent, if there's an I Patriot Act is sitting waiting for some substantial event and an excuse to radically change the way the internet looks and he added, of course there is.
Watch Lessig reveal the details at 420 into the following video.
Do me a favor, go to
I just got the story 20 minutes ago.
Go there, John, and pull that.
We'll play that at the end of the show for those that don't have internet.
Shortwave and MNF and folks can listen to it.
Les Sig is the founder of Stanford Law School's Center for Internets and Society.
He is a founding board member of Creative Commons and is a board member of the Electronic
Frontier Foundation and the Software Freedom Law Center.
He is best known as a proponent of reduced legal restrictions on copyright, trademark, and radio frequency spectrum, particularly in technological applications.
There are... These are clearly not the ravings of some paranoid cyber geek.
The Patriot Act, as well as its lesser known follow-up, Domestic Security Enhancement,
Act of 2003, also known as Patriot Act II, have been universally decried by civil libertarians and constitutional scholars from across the political spectrum.
They have stripped basic rights and handed what have been described by even the most moderate critics as dictatorial control over the president and the federal government.
Many believe that the legislation was a response to the attacks of 9-11, but the reality was the Patriot Act was prepared way in advance of 9-11, and it sat dormant, awaiting an event to justify its implementation.
And then it goes into how they're going to shut the web down that way, there.
Folks, they're hitting us from every single angle.
Here's an example of what the feds do.
In 1996, they shipped millions of strawberries and raspberries and other berries for the federal school lunch program.
I say millions of berries, it didn't say.
It said millions of servings, so... However many berries that is.
They shipped that out to the school lunch program from Mexico,
Covered with three types of hepatitis and a bunch of other deadly pathogens.
And thousands of children got hepatitis from it.
And it was reported in the major papers a few times.
Then, the Fed said, oh, we'll just start radiating and then freezing all of the
Produce in the school lunch program and then that gave the seed money to the military industrial complex companies who then put in huge irradiation centers in California, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Texas, New York, Illinois, and a bunch of other key distribution centers.
So, what the government does is they, through seed funding,
Not just on the issue of irradiation, they always, with regulation, create the original seed money to put the irradiation centers into place.
Then Tyson Chicken and others start shipping out, you know, rotten chicken.
They pay off politicians so that, and that came out in the news, so that they can pay off inspectors so that they can ship this trash out.
But people get sick, people die.
So their answer is?
We'll just start spraying live viruses.
In Latin, it translates out to bacteria-eating virus.
They're in the phalange family.
Millions of times, you know, their argument was, well, these viruses are naturally in the gut.
Naturally in the intestines and stomach.
Upper and lower intestine, large, small intestine and stomach.
The gut, as it's known.
And they said, uh, well, this is naturally in your gut, yes, but this is millions of times what is in the gut, and they grow the viruses in large vats where other bacteria and viruses mutate, and where there are other, and this has come out in the news, dangerous viruses and bacteria present, that is then sprayed on your meat, and then
Suddenly, we go from 1 in 100,000 people having Crohn's-type diseases to 1 in 1,000, and the numbers start shooting up.
And it's a cocktail of other things.
And they don't care, they just misdiagnose it, give the doctors a handbook, they don't know what's happening.
Everybody sees the intestinal problems shooting up, then studies start coming out showing that there's all these genetically engineered viruses and bacteria in your gut now.
They don't care.
See how that works?
But that isn't enough for them.
It's not enough to spray the viruses on the meat, because the viruses only get on the surface of the chicken, and the cold cuts, and the beef.
They're spraying on everything that isn't prime, ladies and gentlemen.
You don't want to eat these viruses, you gotta buy prime beef.
Or you've gotta go buy it from a local rancher.
And if we would change our behavior and start doing that, it would help the ranchers, help local communities.
They'd have more money to spend locally, but instead, the Cattlemen's Association was taken over a decade ago by the Packers, and so that's all being shut down.
And so they radiate the food that destroys most of its value, they spray it with viruses, and the public just laughs.
I mean, I've been on talk shows, and I mention, you know, well, what do you think's most dangerous we're facing?
And I say, well, I think cross-species
Hybrid human-cow, human-spider, human-goat, human-pig for transplant.
That's allowing zoological viruses and other life forms to mutate within the host, and it's already escaping and causing problems, and they just laugh and say, there are no human-pig
And I just say, well, it's all over the news.
Please Google it.
And they go, oh, the Internet.
You can say whatever you want there.
See, it's just total willful denial.
That's the same thing.
A year ago, spinach comes out.
Bunch of people die from it.
Thousands get sick.
It shuts down a bunch of spinach farms and lettuce farms in the U.S.
And we talk to the experts who can't get in the media.
We go and look at the companies that are the ones that have had their recalls, but the media wouldn't put two and two together, and they're growing the stuff in Mexico, and then I already knew that in Mexico they use raw sewage on the plants, on the crops, and so we make the statement
That it's coming out of Mexico and websites then attack me saying I'm a racist and don't like Mexicans.
No, ladies and gentlemen, I don't care if you're white or if you're Hispanic or if you're black or if you're Asian or if you're from the South Pacific Islands.
Do you want to eat stuff that's going to make you sick for a week or maybe kill you?
I don't know.
But see, that isn't where it ends.
It doesn't just end there.
It destroyed many farms in the country.
Because for a year, no one ate spinach.
And still, people look down on spinach.
And still, a lot of restaurants won't place spinach.
And then it was cabbage.
And then it was tomatoes.
And then it was... And then now, they just admit in Bloomberg and AP, but never on the news, what were the average dumbbells.
You know, people think they're intellectual.
They watch the news.
Most of the public doesn't even watch the news or read a newspaper.
You know, there's layers of propaganda.
While throwing a few rotten tomatoes
regulators might help ease the economic pain.
Growers involved in the latest salmonella food epidemic would prefer cash for their trouble.
After weeks of implicating domestic tomatoes in an outbreak of salmonella, federal food safety sleuths have shifted the spotlight to jalapenos and the serrano peppers grown in Mexico.
They were found to be related to more than 1,300 infections, and about 1 out of 10 gets reported, so it's more than 10,000, and at least 43 states and the District of Columbia in Canada.
And it goes on to say that it destroyed farmers in Texas, Florida, California, all over the country, that they've lost more than $100 million in sales just from the peppers.
Well, see, the government couldn't blame their, quote, free trade, NAFTA, GATT, and the feces covered stuff out of Mexico.
In fact, they got labeling laws where they won't even tell you where this stuff comes from.
Alright, I said I'd take calls.
It's just another example.
And so now they're gonna hire more federal regulators and more people to harass local farms, local ranches, but then allow them to ship in all this infected beef with diseases and hormones and all this stuff.
It just never ends.
Everything that, you know, Midas had a golden touch?
Well, everything the New World Order touches turns into something else.
It's what goes down the toilet bowl.
Everything they touch turns to you-know-what.
And I'm tired of it.
And the public needs to get out of denial about all this.
I mean, everyone knew day one who is in or around agriculture that it was the sewage in Mexico.
The local cities pump the sewage right out to trucks
And in some cases in pipes, right out to the big fields, where the people know better than slaves, poor, hard-working, decent people.
And they go out there, and they eat this stuff in Mexico, they die in Mexico, what about them?
Oh, it's good enough for the Mexicans to eat the salmonella, and the hepatitis.
And I guess it's good enough for the Americans to eat it, and the government is just going to cover it up.
Now, I don't like Mexicans eating their own crap,
And I don't like Americans eating it.
And it needs to stop.
We need to demand higher standards.
I'm all for what Hawaii and others do with this dill-o-dirt.
The Germans have been doing it for 500 years.
It's called a honeypot.
They put their sewage into big agricultural pots.
But they can't do it anymore because of the drugs and the stuff that's in the main sewage systems.
And then you let it cook for four or five months.
Then they dump it out and roll it into soil.
And it's clean as a whistle, because the bacteria have burned it all out, they've eaten everything in there, and then they've died.
And it's deader than a hammer, but full of nutrients.
Hey, they don't do that in Mexico.
They run sewage that is hours out of the human body, filled with every pathogen you can imagine, right out there, and that's what you eat.
That's why they'll tell you when you travel to Mexico, remember when I was first traveling there?
27, 28 years ago as a child.
You don't eat the salad, you don't eat it.
You know what you eat?
You eat rice that's been boiled, and you eat fried fish.
You eat eggs.
Because you're not used to it.
It's covered in microbes.
And everybody around me, every time I would go to college, go with friends, a couple times down to Cancun or someplace for spring break, yeah, I did that.
Even in Cancun, I would watch all the dumb gringos.
I'd say, don't eat that salad.
Anything with water on it, anything grown on a field, it's gotta be boiled.
And I'd watch them all a day later vomiting.
They'd spend their vacation in the hotel room with diarrhea.
I'd spend it out snorkeling on the beach drinking pina coladas and hanging out with the girls.
I'm not that smart.
I'm going into a country that's third world.
I'm not going to drink the tap water because I don't want liver flukes.
You know, tens of thousands of Americans have liver flukes now.
Does the government screen you for it?
Tell you about it?
I said I'd go to your calls.
Alright, alright.
We're gonna come back, go directly to them.
We got Mike Rivera coming up and a lot more.
Stay with us.
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Adam, Elliot, Jay, Ron, Scott, we're going to get to all of you.
Adam in New York, thanks for holding her on the air.
Hi Alex.
Um, you know, it seems like we're always fighting the New World Order, we're always on the defensive.
You know, they'll blow up the World Trade Center and then we have to try and convince everyone that they're lying or they did it.
They do, you know, they do different things and we always have to... I think it's time, you know, we take even more of an offensive.
I think we are changing.
It's been great at challenging people, but
What happens is, just like what you were talking earlier, you experience, they'll just laugh or say something and it doesn't force them into answering.
And so I had a couple of thoughts on how to really take the offensive to the New World Order.
Sure, some of it requires a little money, but if you put like a full-page ad was put in something like USA Today,
And said some of the things you're saying.
You've always talked about Halliburton Diner Court.
If you were to say that they were involved with child sex rings and that weren't true, you'd be sued.
You know?
Wait a minute.
I mean, it's been in the Chicago Tribune.
More and more I realize that paper prints a lot of truth.
It's been in a bunch of major publications.
It's been in congressional hearings.
That's the thing.
Sure, but what I'm offering or suggesting is also a challenge, just like the income tax challenge.
You know, certain people like Sherry, I'm forgetting her last name right now, who is an IRS agent.
Peele Jackson.
She started from one of those challenges in a paper saying, okay, let me check this out.
So imagine also if you offered, okay, if this is not true, $100,000.
We all know it's true.
Here's the deal.
Here's my problem on that, and I think if rich people out there want to do that, it's a great idea.
Here's the deal.
Do it.
Here's the problem.
A, I don't have the money for that, and nowhere near it.
USA Today, all of them have been caught exaggerating their circulation.
Even with it plunging, they're exaggerating that.
And I don't think it's worth $100,000 to have an ad on page 3.
I mean, do you realize that only a few hundred thousand people probably see that?
Whereas, if we, the listeners, make one and say, my videos go viral on something like YouTube, we can get a million people?
To watch it?
I mean, I mean, there are better holes in the enemy defenses.
That's why they're just getting ready to shut the web down.
And folks, I'm not kidding.
The web, you know, will not be there in 12 months if we don't turn this around.
In fact, in many areas, it's already not there.
The British government is shutting us down.
...or something's buying something.
It's insane, which is fine.
What we can't afford is podcasting, and I keep meaning
But we're trying to get more IT people, move offices, upgrade, you know, it takes time.
You know, imagining something's one thing, doing it's another.
To have free podcasts...
On the website, where you can come into an interface, record it, and then use our site as a platform.
But then the provocateurs will flood in and go on my site and slander people to get us sued.
So then people will scream censorship if we don't let somebody, you know, just tell blatant lies about someone.
So, uh, but I mean, that's the type of stuff we're trying to build a backbone.
We're, you know, we're trying to, to, to, to do everything we can.
But, uh, what are your other solutions?
Uh, not really.
Solutions is thoughts, and I think everything being done is, is excellent.
Um, something like also, you know, someone like a Bill O'Reilly, psychologically, to get to him, is to have him constantly hammered as a coward, that he's, say, afraid to debate you on certain issues.
And that's, to me, that's a way to get in there, because... Ah, here we go, we gotta jump.
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Continue with your calls and Mike Rivera joins us.
A lot more has come out on the Anthrax case and the cover-up.
We'll also get into a host of other issues with him.
Then Alan Watt for two hours today.
On this Tuesday, the 5th of August, 2008.
Uh, let's go to, um, Elliot in Ohio.
Elliot, you're on the air.
Yeah, Alex, I was watching, uh, one of your, uh, videos where you were, um, you were getting your, uh, driver's license, and you didn't want to take thumb scan print.
And you were speaking about, um, an Army War College, uh, report of 1968.
And, um, I tried researching that,
And with all this internet friendship going about, like, I spent a good hour and a half looking for the Army War College for 1968.
Couldn't find it.
Went on Army War College, their own site.
You're gonna have to refresh your mind.
Well, a lot of the old stuff, most stuff pre-99 isn't on the web.
You've got to sometimes go to the library itself.
You've got to go to an institutional big library, like a major university library or Library of Congress or one of its branches.
I'm trying to think here.
What specifically did it entail?
Because there's a lot of Army War College reports.
Well, you were saying, like, uh, when you were being, uh, taped, like, uh, that the Army War College 1968 planned... Oh, yes, I remember now.
Yes, um, they, the Army War College commissioned, uh, I forget how many millions of dollars, for a, uh, inkless fingerprint reader, and said this would be used
Worldwide for a foreign identifier and it studies on it at that time.
Yes And I've got a copy of it somewhere.
You know, I mean that that that protest you saw was 11 years ago I made that film 11 years ago America destroyed by design so I don't have that in front of me and it's in it's in the depths of my memory
Well, I guess I'll just get it in my library.
But I mean, there's no doubt, I said in that 11-year-old film, they're gonna be in tanning salons, they're gonna be to get driver's license, they're gonna be at grocery stores.
They're gonna force you onto this, and I said, through... First, they make you have all these IDs.
Then they allow that to be stolen.
Then there's identity theft.
Then they say you've gotta have biometrics tied into the card to confirm it, and now that's what they want at the airports with the self-check-in.
So the proof is in the pudding.
I mean, I hold up the executive order and give its number about urine and blood samples they want to take when you get a driver's license.
Were you able to find that?
I was just about to resurge and I fell asleep.
I woke up until 4 o'clock in the morning.
Yeah, a lot of times... I actually, um... Go ahead.
I was about to say, like, I was just going to the bank on Friday, you know, just to cash the check.
I didn't have an account with them.
They made me do the little thumb, you know, you ink your thumb, and then you place it on a check.
Now, I went to a cash-in-check, one of those quick cash-in-checks placed on my 18th birthday, all the banks were closed, long story short, and I did the exact same thing.
Ink my thumb, they scan the checks for you.
They don't scan your thumb, they scan the deck.
Let me explain something, sir.
In every case I've seen, I've been all over the country, if you look under that ink pad that for ten years has quote been on, you know, given to them free, when you turn it over, it's a consortium of biometric companies.
And it will give you the biometric consortium name.
You can then go to their website and they admit they are preparing you to thumbprint.
That's why
Did you notice that the cover of the ink pad was a big red sticker with an image of a thumbprint?
That is a Pavlovian device so that when you really thumb scan over the red in the future, you would have been acclimated to seeing the red dot.
But then when you really go into the Federal Driver's License Facility, that's where they are, as I said in 97, now public, Real ID, federal, you will notice it is a red dot.
See, it's animal training.
It's dog training, sir.
Were you able to get your license without thumb scanning?
Yep, I appreciate your call.
And you will not be able to buy or sell without it.
That is the official plan.
And if they don't like you, they will turn your thumbprint off, your face scan off.
And we're only a few years away from that.
And if you don't like us, SWAT team will come and murder you.
We'll be right back.
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Mike Rivera is our guest for the next hour.
Then we have Alan Watt for two hours.
We're going to open phones.
I know we already have callers holding.
We're going to get to you.
We covered this Sunday with Mike Rivera, but more has come out now, and he's been one of the leading experts
Researchers looking at the mysterious anthrax attacks, that when you look at them aren't that mysterious, of 2001.
So Mike, let's look at the basic history of what happened, recap who the main suspects are, the FBI's history, the fact that there is a media blackout, but if you dig deep enough they admit that their patsy did die in the mental institution.
Let's break down what's really happening with this anthrax, then
I want to get into the massive concerted intensification, the cocktail of different attacks we see on the free internet that are happening right now.
Mike Rivera.
Well, obviously, you know, this story goes all the way back to just after 9-11, when perfectly timed to encourage Congress to pass the USA Patriot Act, a series of letters started arriving at the Congress and at certain media outlets containing
...weaponized anthrax.
Now, the letters and envelopes themselves were written in a manner to point the finger of blame at Arab Muslims, but it very quickly became apparent that the weaponized anthrax inside was not something that could have been whipped up in a cave someplace in the Middle East, and eventually it tracked back to U.S.
government laboratory as the source of the weaponized anthrax.
Now, there have been three attempts to frame individuals for this
The first one was an Egyptian scientist working at Fort Detrick.
I'm blanking on his name.
Dr. Ayad Assam, I think, is the name.
I could have butchered it.
And he was basically... An anonymous letter hit the FBI that said, this is the guy who did it.
They investigated him.
Nothing came of it.
Then they focused on Stephen Hatfield.
And they turned it into a media circus.
The FBI was desperate to prove that they had solved the case.
And they just kept pounding and pounding and pounding on Stephen Hatfield.
Eventually, the case fell apart.
Hatfield sued.
He won a multi-million dollar settlement, or they agreed to an out-of-court multi-million dollar settlement for Hatfield to just go away and not be a pain anymore.
And at that point, the FBI appears to have focused on Bruce Ivins.
And Bruce Ivins, at the point where he was going to go into court, and according to his attorneys, be able to prove his innocence,
Supposedly had committed suicide and the timing of course is absolutely perfect because now the FBI is screaming he was the guy and they're trying to proclaim his guilt everywhere.
This man does not get a fair trial.
He does not get a chance to cross-examine the witnesses against him.
And they're trying to say he was it and we can shut the investigation down.
This has obviously been one of the greatest embarrassments in FBI history.
That they've been unable or unwilling, emphasis on the latter, to solve this case.
Now the really interesting part about it, there continues to be more and more information coming out about how this case against Bruce Ivins is entirely circumstantial.
Even the Wall Street Journal came out with an article saying Bruce Ivins was not it.
The biggest hole in the case is they cannot place Ivins in Princeton, New Jersey on the day when the anthrax letters were emailed from a particular postal box.
Nevertheless, we're continuing to see the media smear Bruce Ivins.
He was completely crazy.
There is one witness and one witness only that is the focus of all of these allegations of mental instability, and that is a woman who is referred to in the press as his therapist.
But in point of fact, she's just a substance abuse counselor.
And she herself has got her own history with substance abuse.
And the issue is that she's not really a therapist, but everyone is saying, this is the woman who knows that this guy was crazy.
But there's a couple of problems with this story.
If Bruce Ivins was really showing all these symptoms of severe psychosis and homicidal tendency, going back to his college years,
How did he ever get a security clearance to be working with weapons of mass destruction?
Secondarily, even though he was forcibly committed to a mental institution, that mental institution apparently decided he was perfectly okay because he was scheduled to be released, at which point this so-called therapist, Gene Dooley, filed more court papers seeking a protective order against Bruce Simons.
Now, as of this moment,
This Jean Julie is still in seclusion according to her spokesman.
She is, you know, concerned for her safety and hiding out.
Well, one has to wonder why, if the man that she was supposedly afraid of is now dead, what is it she is hiding from?
The one that has surfaced just today is apparently there are rumors being spread all over the media and also on the internet that
Bruce Ivins may have had a close association with that mailbox in Princeton where the anthrax letters were mailed from because he may have had a rented post office box in the immediate vicinity through which porn was being sent to him.
Of course, this is very obviously another attempt to impugn his character and say, oh yes, he's a porn freak and therefore he must be guilty.
And the instant I read that story, the first thing that I thought of was the post office box
That Lee Harvey Oswald supposedly rented under the name A. Heidel, to which the mail order rifle was sent.
And at the time, in Texas, you could walk into a gun store and buy a gun without an ID, without leaving a trace, completely, uh, no trail of evidence whatsoever.
And at the time, a lot of people suspected the reason the post office box was rented and the rifle sent there was to create
An evidentiary trail in order to frame Oswald for the assassination of John F. Kennedy.
So frankly, given how easy it is to get porn on the internet for free, the fact that somebody set up this postal box and paid to have porn sent there begins to smell like it's another part of the frame-up to attempt to create a circumstantial case that Bruce Ivins is the anthrax killer.
Meanwhile, of course, the one suspect who was actually caught going into that lab where the anthrax used in the letters was kept
Keep going.
...had been caught on the Fort Detrick security systems going into the lab where the anthrax used in the letters was stored without proper authorization and after he had lost his job over a racially motivated attack on an Egyptian co-worker.
Interestingly enough, the same Egyptian scientist who was the first target of an attempted frame-up regarding the anthrax letters.
So, you know, I mean, anybody looking at this has to tell you that the guy actually caught going in where the weapon was stored has to be your first suspect.
And yet, amazingly enough, the FBI has steered a wide path around him and instead focused on trying to blame the Egyptian, then Stephen Hatfield, and now Bruce Ivins, and they are rushing as fast as they can to close this investigation down.
And, uh, declare Ivins the guilty party.
Frankly, Ivins is starting to look like this generation's version of Bruno Richard Hauptmann, who was the man who was framed and then executed for the murder of the Lindbergh baby.
My biggest reason, not just all the incredible evidence you just listed there, Mike, but my biggest reason for seeing this as suspicious, let me list it, is the fact that all of this precipitated, all of this happened
Within weeks of Steven Hatfield winning this multi-million dollar lawsuit and it coming out that the FBI tried to frame him, a media firestorm started building saying, who really did this?
It was being looked at again that it was super weaponized and that it was Bush's enemies that had it mailed to them.
Uh, then, uh, you look at the fact that the media is burying, and, and literally last night, because I went on Fox Radio to debate somebody, about an hour before I scanned through mainstream news,
And probably scanned 50 articles.
They would all say he died.
He died.
Normally they'd say where he died.
And then in a few articles, and in the original little local stories it said, he got a hold of acetaminophen and took a whole bunch of Tylenol and killed himself in the mental ward, in a lockdown area.
That would normally in basic journalism be in all the stories, but uniformly it wasn't.
I had to dig and dig and dig to confirm what you said the night before on my Sunday show, which I hadn't even known about myself.
You had to dig, but I was just confirming what you said.
I believed you, but I had to look for like an hour is the point to find one article from right when it happened in a local paper saying, yeah, he died there and they came and picked him up and took him to the morgue.
Just incredible spin there, and then you add the backstory of the White House on the ship row four weeks before the anthrax letters are sent.
You add that it's the enemies of the White House having it mailed to them to cover up the FBI lying and saying that it wasn't weaponized, that anybody could make this basically in a bucket in their basement.
I mean, ridiculous stuff like that.
And then them trying to persecute all these patsies.
And then again,
Yeah, it definitely was a rush job because once the Hatfield case fell apart,
Attention, of course, refocused back on Dr. Philip Zach.
And the question everybody was asking is, you've got a suspect here who was caught at, effectively, the scene of the crime.
Why aren't you investigating him?
And the pressure was building for them to go back and look at Dr. Zach.
And then, all of a sudden, conveniently, Bruce Ivins supposedly committed suicide with Tylenol codeine.
And they declare him guilty, and they shut the investigation down as fast as they can.
I mean, they couldn't look more guilty if they tried.
You exposed Vince Foster.
You called it a murder right after it happened.
What are you saying this is?
This looks more and more like a murder in order to have a dead body who couldn't fight back the way Steven Hatfield did.
And you'll notice they waited until he died to go public with all of this smear stuff because now they're safe from being contradicted.
They're safe from being sued.
Nobody has standing to sue on behalf of Bruce Ivins in court.
And he doesn't get his day before a jury to prove his innocence.
He doesn't get to cross the dam.
And of course, I bet the surveillance tapes we were able to subpoena him, I bet the cameras were turned off that day.
It just never ends.
Well, they've murdered him and that's how they operate.
Let's come back and get into a whole host of other issues, Mike Rivero.
In fact, it'll be a
Roulette here.
I don't know what you think is most important, but I want to get your take on whatever you think is most important when we get back on the other side.
Stay with us.
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The number of the mounted troops was 200 million, the vast majority of the population of the U.S.
Though the people of the U.S., where their numbers and influence are strongest, have primary responsibility for reigning them in and bringing them to justice, all nations will participate since they reside the world over.
They are called Illuminati, elite, proponents of the New World Order.
They oppose everything that is God and truth.
They are of the line that was disinherited 2,000 years ago.
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Mike Rivero of WhatReallyHappened.com is our guest.
You know, Mike, I try to not create division.
I don't like getting into bashing black people when black supremacists say, kill all the whiteys, they're the devil.
But I'm forced to cover it.
I don't like the fact that there's the whole Reconquer movement in Mexico, funded by the Ford Foundation, the federal government to break up the U.S., because I know when I cover it,
It's misconstrued that I don't like Latinos.
Uh, there's a whole crowd out there that just obsesses on the Catholics and the Catholic Church.
I don't debate the Catholic Church, uh, is calling for a new world order and pushing, and I'm not even, don't have a dog in the fight.
I'm not Catholic.
And they're crazy and say lies about me.
And it hurts because we've had countless guests on talking about what the Catholic Church is up to.
Doesn't matter.
And I don't like bashing Israel because it's a hot-button issue.
It's divisive.
I don't hate Jews.
I know it's a diverse group of people, both racially and politically, as well as culturally.
But I was on Fox News Radio yesterday, and I just said we should investigate Lieutenant Colonel Philip Zach.
Because he broke in there when he was fired and in there where the anthrax was, and they just laughed at me and said, you don't like Jews, basically.
And I really think that argument's running out of gas.
Because I kept trying to say, well, wait a minute.
I mean, I'm just covering who is connected to this and you're the one bringing up Jews.
I guess he does happen to be Jewish and, you know, has connections to the Israelis, but
You know, I talk about LBJ staging the Gulf of Tonkin.
I'm not saying Americans are bad or Texans are bad.
I'm saying LBJ's bad.
And then I get to be bashed by the people who are white supremacists and do hate Jews, period.
You know, because they're the only ones that are right, and it is Jews that are the cause of everything.
It's just very sick.
I mean, do you get what I'm getting at, Mike, dealing with this case?
A lot of that already, and I've had a lot of people say the same thing to me, that I'm only pushing on Philip Zach because he's Jewish, although now there are people trying to say that he's actually Catholic.
And my response to that is, I don't care!
He is the likely suspect.
We should be looking at him regardless of what his racial background is.
Whatever it is, he obviously does not like Egyptians because he was part of this whole Camel Club thing.
Uh, that was sending, you know, uh, plastic toy camels with, uh, adult marital aids taped to them to this doctor, uh, this Egyptian gentleman.
And, um, you know, that's hateful behavior regardless of what your background is.
So, uh, you know, he needs to be looked at, and it has nothing to do with whether or not he's Jewish, or whether or not he's Catholic, or whether he's, you know, whatever.
You know, he is the guy that was caught on the security system going into the lab where the anthrax was kept.
That is the most obvious suspect to be looking at, and yet the FBI is very obviously cutting a very wide path around him.
They're trying to protect him.
They're trying to keep the investigation away from him.
This whole creation of the term, a person of interest, was a swindle to get the media to focus on Stephen Hackfield and get him to not look at Dr. Philip Zack.
Because, obviously, if Dr. Zack is the author of the anthrax letters, and he comes under scrutiny, they're going to start looking at his connections, whereby, was there a means of communication where either he told the White House, four weeks ahead of time, I'm going to do this to you, you better start taking Cipro, or whether the White House started taking Cipro and called Dr. Zack and said, we need a special favor from you.
There is something there.
Well, listen, when I was on Fox,
John Gibson's producer was the host yesterday, and he was just vicious towards me.
They are really scared of this.
Yeah, they have reason to be.
They have reason to be, because I mean, certainly looking at the online alternative media, nobody is buying this latest story coming from the government.
The government's credibility is absolutely zero, and they're just making the situation worse by trying to hard sell another lie to us.
Nobody's buying it.
Well, now we're coming to that crisis in confidence, and over the last few years I keep saying they're losing confidence, they're losing confidence, they're being discredited.
We're winning.
But now, I mean, it is getting to the point where they could come out and say the sky was blue and people wouldn't believe it.
I mean, what are they gonna do?
Yeah, you know, they're rapidly approaching the point where they're not going to be able to function any longer.
When Americans stop believing that the government is being truthful completely, when they realize it's not just an occasional lie, but a lie all the time, they're going to start going back and looking at all the people who've been saying, including a federal judge, who are saying the income tax isn't legal.
Well, all I can say is, Mike and I aren't happy about this, but we're just telling you the facts.
The government is completely criminal, okay?
It is a criminal enterprise.
We'll be right back.
We're on the march, the empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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I'm good.
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I know most of the listeners have checked into our claims over the years.
You've seen the tyranny for yourselves all over the world.
But I wanted to burn into those that make jokes and laugh that this is real.
This is happening.
You know, we posted a story about folks that had a Ron Paul sign on their yard.
The police came with the military.
Local National Guard forced their way in and arrested him.
Beat him up.
Bunch of other examples of similar things happening.
Uh, a husband and wife, uh, in Las Vegas were pulled over for having a Ron Paul and InfoWars.com sticker, and the cops told them, it's cause you got these stickers, we pulled you over.
And then I noticed in the dig comments on the story on InfoWars.net, there were people on there, but seriously saying, and you can go to their website, they have their own little dig site,
Saying this is good.
We need to stop these Ron Paul and Alex Jones people.
They could be terrorists.
And then they say on their own dig sites, yeah, we're military, and then you follow their handle, they're MySpace, and they really believe it.
Now, that's a minority of the military, but they think tyranny is good.
They think that the government's the good guys, and so they're gonna do whatever the government says.
They're on a power trip.
They're just like liberals who associated their personal power with Bill Clinton.
Their identity with Bill Clinton, they didn't care what he did, they would defend it.
Well, it's the same thing with about, I don't know, 20% of the country, depending on the polls you look at, that will go along with anything.
And that's enough for them to carry out their tyranny.
Now, we have more than 20% of the country that knows they're being lied to, and it doesn't take a majority to win a fight in the Infowar, physically.
It only takes an irate minority, as Thomas Jefferson said.
Mike Rivera, your comments on that?
Well, that's absolutely true, and, you know, right now the majority of Americans do know we were lied to about Saddam's nuclear bombs.
And, you know, once you accept that, that the government is willing to lie to the people about something that serious to trick us into a war of conquest, then it's time to look back at everything you've ever been taught with a very skeptical eye and say, well, you know, is it entirely possible that we've been lied to about a bunch of other stuff?
And, you know, the answer is obviously, yeah.
There is nothing that we can assume is true that we've ever been taught by the state-sponsored schools or by the government or even by the corporate media which has been carrying the water for all this stuff.
We're seeing the government once again try and lie us into a war in Iran.
By trying to claim that Iran is some kind of a deadly threat to the United States, which is of course totally and completely absurd.
Let's go to Iran in a moment, but I want to go back to the USS Liberty.
It's come out of the Gulf of Tonkin, declassified mainstream news, staged.
I was on this show yesterday, the guy was laughing, saying that basically wasn't true.
And now the Chicago Tribune and others have reported the NSA intercepts that the government knew.
Israel premeditatedly attacked the ship to try to blame it on Egypt, just as all the officers and admirals that we interviewed over the years said.
They were right.
They didn't lie.
And it was the truth, but now you don't hear anything from the debunkers about that, do you Mike?
No, you don't.
They basically, their goal is to win their point of view, not to find the facts and truth, which is why, you know, they'll come back and argue about only those things they know.
And when you say, well, what about this over here?
And they say, oh, that's not, that's irrelevant.
Let's stay over here.
I'm on the part that I know where I can win.
And, you know, back when, you know, we had a lot of forums going on on the internet, it was a very common trick.
You'd see somebody come on and they'd argue the government's case and you'd beat them down with the facts.
Then they'd go away and they'd sign up under a whole new name just to start the argument all over again.
But you'd recognize them because they'd use the same phrases and the same typos.
And their goal was just to wear you down and grind up your time and learn how to avoid those people so you could go out and talk to the people who are really ready to listen.
And back then we would say, I bet it's the government, because the way it was so concerted now, for years it's admitted that they have huge office buildings, even private corporations do, all over the country, all over the world, and now CENTCOM and the military and all these big PR firms they've hired,
They are paying people $50,000, $60,000, $70,000, $80,000, $100,000 salaries.
It's come out in Congress six years ago.
And do they stop?
Congress says this is illegal?
This fake news?
This fake blogging?
They say, we don't care, we're going to intensify it.
And, I mean, it's incredible, folks.
That is not a good government.
That is not George Bush or Bill Clinton.
They are just front men.
It is the military industrial complex, owned by the private banks, trying to have a corporate takeover of this country.
And folks, it's going to hurt all of us, even you idiots serving it.
Well, keep in mind that's your money they're spending to lie to you.
That's the most insulting thing about it all.
There is an implied contract.
When the government takes taxes from you, it is...
To provide for the general welfare of the country, to keep the roads working, to keep the bridges repaired, to keep the levees repaired, to keep our infrastructure together, to take care of the country.
The government is instead taking that tax money and besides lining their own pockets with it, giving it to Israel and spending it on these wars, they're spending your tax money to keep you fooled, to lie to you, to hire people, to go out and pretend to be ordinary citizens to argue against you,
They will fund documentaries.
You know, we've seen History Channel lately has turned into the Propaganda Channel.
It's just one show after the other after the other.
When they're not doing UFOs, they're talking about how great the government was, and all these things.
They're debunking 9-11, they're attacking the bloggers, and it's all paid for with your tax money.
Now, you know, we pride ourselves on being a nation where the government rules with the consent of the governed.
I do not consent to be lied to.
I certainly do not consent to have my tax money spent for the government to lie to me.
That is an illegal use of my money.
Congress should have stopped it.
But then Congress should have stopped this president long ago, and they didn't.
They didn't.
They are part of the problem.
So when we talk about impeaching Bush, we've got to talk about impeaching the entire Congress with him.
Mike, I want to go to Rod and Jerry, Brian, David, and others, but before we do that, briefly,
There is a huge array of different tactics that the establishment, the private corporations, heading it up with governments are using to shut down, filter the web.
The British government and all the major transportation facilities is blocking your website.
WhatReallyHappened.com, I know you're aware of that.
PrisonPlanet.com, universities, corporations.
The major filter companies that claim you're downloading software to, you know, for safe surfing.
They're blocking out even mainline alternative sites.
They are moving ahead with Internet 2.
Now the two big IT systems, the two big phone companies in Canada announced two weeks ago, as you know, that they are going to quote only let you visit a few thousand sites.
It's all happening and now up on InfoWars.net we have top
Uh, Stanford, uh, professor, law professor is saying that the terrorism's arm, naming names, and he said this in front of a huge, uh, media conference, uh, said that they are planning to basically shut the internet down.
I mean, it's happening now, Mike.
What do we do about this?
Well, you know, you need to look back at the old Soviet Union, because they tried to do the same thing with the Samizdat, which was a network of fax machines that people were using to spread information around about what the government was doing wrong.
And I know it sounds like this real dire plan, and I have no doubt they're going to try it, but you know something?
They've been trying to control the Internet in China for decades now, and the really good computer users are always able to figure ways around it.
People want the truth, and when they know it's out there, they're not going to just quit looking for it just because the
The internet stops working for a moment.
They'll go back to Fidonet, they'll go to Packet Radio, they'll go to fax machines.
They know they're being lied to.
Just turning off the internet is not going to make that go away.
The people are not going to wake up.
The genie's out of the bottle, but we do need the net in its current form for a true viral spread of our info.
There's no doubt.
Your website, my website, would be 20, 50 times bigger.
Right now, we would have probably already won the war if they hadn't have blocked us with this cocktail of different suppression tactics.
Well, we're still winning the war.
These suppression tactics are not working.
We're still winning the war.
I just want the listeners to appreciate what really happened.com.
I mean, we go through living hell.
Our streams are down right now.
You have to go to the Genesis streams to listen.
I mean, it is an ongoing, complete and total battle around here.
Frankly, we don't even have the funds.
I'm trying to save the 200-plus thou we raised to start the TV deal.
We're doing that right now.
And I'm so busy covering news, I haven't even plugged my books and videos and what we carry on InfoWars.com.
I need your support, folks, and I need you to spread the word about the radio show and the websites and what we do, because while the web is still freer than it will be in the near future, the message here is we better use this weapon now while we still have it as it's slipping out of our hands.
Yeah, absolutely, but, you know, I think people need to start looking at developing their own lines of communication because, yes,
The government is going to try and turn the internet into another glorified TV network where a few large corporations own it all and use it to just sell products to you.
But, you know, again, once the people know they've been lied to, they're going to want to find out what the truth is.
They're going to want to know what their government has been doing.
If there had been an internet in 1930s Germany, Hitler never would have been able to pull off World War II.
And I want to say one more thing about Israel, and we're going to one of the calls, and it's this.
It is not people like Mike Rivero and Alex Jones that hate Israel.
We hate what Israel's doing.
We hate what our own government's doing.
They're out of control.
We don't hate the British people.
We hate what their government's doing.
And for all the people out there in the US, in Israel, in the UK, really the true axis of evil,
It is your governments that are making the world hate you and blame you individually.
My parents just, they travel to Europe about once a year, and the Europeans really do hate us now.
And people say, oh, well screw them, we don't care.
Well, you know what, folks?
Our name has been destroyed here.
And this has been done in our names.
And I'm just so upset about everything that's happening, and I
This is so real, ladies and gentlemen.
I mean, you think things are bad now.
We're on the nice edge, about to descend into far worse tyranny.
A hot tyranny.
Not a cold war against freedom, but a hot war against freedom.
And all the people that think it's macho and cool to support the New World Order.
I mean, I feel sorry for them, Mike, because they have... I mean, I just played a news clip yesterday about how the vaccines, they have a general in there, disguising his voice, admitting it's killing a bunch of the troops, and then they give him the shots, and then they just basically go back home and die.
Those that survive lose all their weight or are on kidney dialysis.
I mean, my point here is, what's your angle on the eugenics program?
Because we know they're putting sodium fluoride in the water, we know there's the mercury in the vaccines, we know they created HIV, that's all been declassified.
I mean, how do you get the public to even face the magnitude of the evil?
There is a severe problem with denial.
What I have found at my own website over the years is, along with digging out the true stories, you have to become a judge of what people are ready to accept and what they're not ready to accept.
And you basically want to stay away from the stories people are not ready to accept just yet.
My wife has this wonderful way of saying it.
You can't shove somebody across a bridge to the other side, but you can stand on the other side and gently beckon them across.
And that's kind of the approach that we take here.
And over the years, it does work.
You start by giving people something they can accept as having happened.
Then you say, okay, well once you accept this, then the next logical step is XYZ.
Right now, everybody knows we were lied to about Saddam's weapons of mass destruction.
You start with that.
Once you start with that, and the government's credibility is in question, it makes it a lot easier to approach people and say, well, how do you know the government is telling the truth when they tell you this?
How do you know they're not lying when they deny doing that?
And the bottom line is, they don't.
What's happening with me is, I've always done what I do for a love of decency and honor and my family and the good guys winning.
But I always had hate for the New World Order, and now I see what pathetic, wicked, greedy little creatures they are, and how pathetic and dumb their minions are.
I'm really losing my hate of them, and it's more of a sorrow.
Do you know what I'm talking about?
Well, you know, hate can burn itself out after a while, and some of these individuals, particularly the useful idiots, they really are more deserving of pity than anything else.
But you know, in our society, hate kind of gets a bad rap.
We're constantly getting, shouldn't hate this, shouldn't hate that, shouldn't hate this.
But you know, sometimes hate is useful, and if that were not true, our government wouldn't be working so hard to get us to hate Arab Muslims right now.
So it is okay to hate people who do hateful things.
It is okay to hate institutions.
Oh, I'm not saying that I hate the CPS.
I hate police brutality.
I hate all that.
It's not that I think even hating bad is a bad thing.
I'm saying that I just realize how pathetic they are, and I want to fight them more than ever.
It's just that it... I don't even know what I'm saying.
It's just so disgusting.
I mean, I can't believe how dumb they are, is what I'm saying.
I can't believe the useful idiots' ignorance.
I just cannot believe how obvious all this is.
Well, the problem with the useful idiots, and we hit this point when we went across that line for torture, and I wrote an article about it back then.
Once we went across that line into torturing people...
Anybody who didn't stand up then and say this is wrong, they became trapped because now they are loyal supporters of the dictator because they can't stand to look in a mirror at what they themselves have become.
That's right, and now, and of course dictators know that, psychopaths know that, they twist you, they corrupt you.
Once you sign on to torturing, then it's okay to torture children.
Then it's okay to torture Americans.
And you're right, they have committed evil.
They have signed on, said they're the good guys, and now they've got a
Uh, rather than turn back, buy into anything.
That's absolutely right.
That's where fanatics come from.
They are hopelessly enslaved mentally.
They can never go back to what they were before, because then they would have to confront what they themselves have become.
And they are the most dangerous people in service to a dictator.
And, uh, you know, it will end, unfortunately, for them, because they can't admit that they were wrong.
You think it's gonna end up with, uh, lots of dead people?
Or do you think it's gonna just fall apart like you say the Soviet Union?
I would hope that the U.S.
government is going to collapse the way that the Soviet Union did, because that will minimize the amount of violence and upset and dead bodies.
Unfortunately, it looks like we're heading up on a period where there are going to be some dead bodies.
And, you know, what's that thing they have down in Texas?
He needed killing?
We do have, unfortunately, a few of those in our government.
God help us, folks.
This is the real world.
This is not a game, not a joke.
There are a lot of idiots on the other side that are all macho, raring for a fight.
I am not raring for a fight.
Let me just tell you, this is something you're not gonna like.
Because once the gloves come off, once the veneer of civilization peels away, God help us all.
God help us all.
We had to go down.
We had to go down the cesspit hole.
Let's go ahead and talk to Rob in Oregon.
Thanks for holding your on the air with Mike Rivero.
Hey Alex, you're a good man.
There's no doubt about it.
And I just want to let you know that I can definitely appreciate and identify with your frustration, with the ignorance and apathy there is in this country.
But don't lose your faith because you are turning things around and there are things that are happening.
Uh, that, uh, because of you and what you, and the work that you've done is great.
I wanted to say one thing about this Amtrak thing.
When this news story first broke, the first thing that dawned on me, uh, to begin with is I wondered why this guy didn't commit suicide with a couple of shotgun blasts to the back of his head to begin with.
And then when it came out that he OD'd or took an overdose of Tylenol, I'm thinking, well, here's a guy that's a biochemist to begin with.
He probably has access to every drug on the face of the planet anyway in his status of existence, but yet here he is to OD himself on Tylenol.
And then the next day I turn around and hear that this guy was in a mental institution, in a government-controlled mental institution.
I just about fell off my chair.
I mean, it's so obvious what's going on here, but yet
Business as usual.
That's because there's no checks and balances on the criminals and they're just running wild.
It seems like.
Good points.
Mike Rivera?
Yeah, absolutely.
He could have killed himself in a variety of ways, but it's interesting that Jean Dooley is a substance abuse counselor, so she would have known what the lethal dose of Tylenol codeine would have been.
Oh, God.
All right, more calls straight ahead with Mike Rivero, Jerry, Brian, David, Perry, Alan, and others.
Stay with us.
You ever have one of those days where everything goes right?
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We're good.
Mike Rivera will be with us five minutes in the next hour, finish up with some of your calls.
I do want to challenge all of you to go low-tech but also high-tech.
Realize that time is of the essence, that every one of you needs to be in the fight.
Go on message boards, tell them about Infowars.com, WhatReallyHappened.com.
Explain to them about web censorship.
Take advantage of the time we've got as they try to shut the web down.
We're going to fight to try to keep it alive and to keep it in its true form, but
We need to prepare for the worst, ladies and gentlemen.
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Give it to somebody and say, hey, tell me what you think of this wild film.
Or, you know, have your neighbors over for a barbecue and pop in something like Truth Rising.
What do you think of this?
What do you think of this stuff?
You don't even have to go out on a limb.
That's how we're going to change things.
And don't say, oh, it's too big, oh, it's impossible.
We've already discredited Congress down to a 9% approval rating.
People aren't laughing at us when we talk about a new world order anymore.
The people are finally ready to hear the truth, and instead of talking to yourself blue in the face, give them a film, or send them a podcast of this show.
Let's go back to your phone calls here on the GCN Radio Network.
Next up here is Jerry and PA.
You're on the air with Mike Rivera.
First of all, Mr. Jones, I'd like to say
My hat's off to you.
I think you stand in a gap.
I also think you're a prophet.
I used to work for a sterilization company that moved to Monterey here recently.
Worked on a lot of stuff for Plum Island and for Dietrich.
Shoved through there probably in the last year more than I've seen in the 27 years that I worked there.
Wanted to bounce a couple things off you.
See what your thoughts are.
They were just to create martial law.
I really don't think the public would stand for it to be major upheaval.
Personally, I think that they might try something more like an epidemic.
Oh, I think that's in the cards.
A lot of things that I've seen through the years and things started fitting together.
You see them, little plastic coffins and everything.
You have to contain it.
The CDC, I'm sure, there's some involvement there.
And they could use that to grandstand and act like the saviors and scare the public back in the loving government.
Michael Romero, most of the people, most of the experts we talk to, the political scientists, the sociologists, say that a biological release is probably one of the next moves by the New World Order.
Your take on what the callers are saying?
Yeah, absolutely, because they're only going to be able to get away with it once they think
Uh, because of the distrust in the American population.
And I think this is one of the reasons we're constantly hearing anthrax, anthrax, anthrax, anthrax in the media to pre-sell that this is a scary material.
But the advantage of using anthrax to stage a phony terror attack is there is no secondary communicability.
When you spray somebody with anthrax, they will get sick, but they don't give it to other people around them.
Jerry, stay there.
I'm going to hold you over.
I want to ask you questions about Plum Island.
You know, they're planning to move that sucker to the middle of San Antonio, Texas.
Thank you for listening to GCN.
Visit GCNlive.com today.
May I have everybody's attention please?
I've come with a message of information.
9-11 was an inside job.
Do you like being a puppet, sir?
Do you like being a puppet for the New World Order?
How do the American people know that 9-11 was a stage?
Was it engineered by you, David Rockefeller, the Trilateral Commission, the CFR?
Seven years after the attacks of September 11th, a global awakening has taken place.
An inside job?
How dare you?
If you know that there's treason going on, you can be held accountable for treason yourself.
All hell is breaking loose on 6th Avenue.
And if the government has not told the truth in 5 years, we will be here on the 10th anniversary of... Truth Rising.
Download the film at PrisonPlanet.tv right now.
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Waging war on corruption.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
There is a reason we go out on the AM and FM dial, global shortwave WWCR, six hours a day, satellite.
That's because the internet is becoming something that's less and less reliable.
Unless you're on Internet 2.
And our internet streams have been down for about two hours.
They are back up now for the higher quality audio streams and the restreaming.
Everybody listening on the GCNlive.com streams can now move back over to the Infowars.com streams that are there on the site because later I'm going to do some behind the scenes
You know where we skipped some of the breaks on my streams with Alan Watt that's coming up in about 15 minutes.
We're gonna have open phones for him as well.
Going back to Jerry and PA, I want to cram in some other calls.
Jerry, you're saying they're really gearing up and you say pushing through doing a lot more, I guess, zoological stuff that can spread between animals and humans.
We know they gave us
Uh, the West Nile from there, outside New York, in the ocean at that island.
We know they gave us, uh, the weaponized Lyme disease.
Another little friendly thing the government gave us.
Um... I mean, give us some inside tidbits.
You say you worked in and around bioweapons facilities.
I actually worked for... I don't know if I'm allowed to name names of companies.
Sure, tell us.
I worked for Steris Corporation, which bought the old American Sterilizer Company and moved them on array.
They really originally didn't want to buy us.
They wanted to buy a service company.
They ramped up for a $20 million cut for the federal government, under federal excise tax.
They said even if we worked for minimum wage, that they wouldn't stay, and with no benefits.
They moved to Monterey, ramped up their effort.
But we did, probably in the last year, there are probably more sterilization equipment for Plum Island and for Dietrich than I've ever seen in the 27 years that I was there.
I watched the spread of West Nile come across western New York into Pennsylvania.
Birds dropping over dead all over the neighborhoods.
They told people if you see dead birds, call them up and they'll come in and analyze them in the whole nine yards.
I'm right on a lake.
But they have to have a delivery system.
That was mosquitoes.
We heard about mosquito cages.
Mosquito cages got put out by the government right before that happened.
And it's widespread here.
Uh, but, uh... And more what, you know, ask yourself what would be a better way to get people to submit to go get a vaccine or what have you.
Maybe this thing with the troops is an experiment to see if they can get a vaccine to vaccinate them.
You know, what more way could you get people to bend a knee whenever you're sick and you want help?
No, it's perfect to make them the saviors.
They love killing us while we clutch at them like there are mommies held to their breast.
But really, rattlesnake venom comes out of their black breast.
Let's, Mike Rivero, comments on what he's saying or any questions for him.
Well, my comment before was, I'm in agreement with what we were saying before the break.
A biological release of some kind is probably going to be the means by which the government is going to try one more time to scare us all into agreeing with whatever their agenda really is.
And we've certainly been seeing a ramp-up of American biological weapons laboratories over the last several years, necessitating, obviously, all of this additional equipment being built.
Under BioShield, under the program, $6 billion.
And notice how they're building them all in major urban areas.
Yeah, and that is really the scary thing, because once you get an accident in a major urban area, it's a real problem.
Again, Anthrax itself has zero secondary communicability, but a lot of these other things they're working with could potentially result in a runaway contagion.
Yeah, let me ask you this, Jerry, and then finish up, Mike, when we get back.
Jerry, I mean, do guys that work in and around this ask why are they suddenly breaking every convention on bioweapons handling and moving them into cities?
Well, you know, we all questioned ourselves that.
I don't know if you people know just exactly what level 4 and level 5 stuff is.
Tell you what, stay there, stay there.
I want to get Mike's take on this, but I know, but I don't think the listeners know, this is hyper-weaponized stuff with close to 100% kills.
And we'll be right back.
And don't worry folks, don't worry all you that serve the government, they're gonna kill you.
They get a chance.
Your mama, mama government, gonna kill her baby.
You gonna get what you want.
Terror Storm, a history of government-sponsored terror.
Loose Change Final Cut.
Endgame, blueprint for global enslavement.
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Big Brother, Mainstream Media, Government Cover-Ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Alright, I want to get to some of the callers, but I want Jerry to be able to finish up.
What he was talking about.
Yeah, yeah, tell us about... I know about Level 4.
There's rumored to be these Level 5 underground.
That's where they do a lot of the chimera cross-species type genetic creations, which they've now admitted to a lot of those, but they won't... I don't know anything about... I mean, I know they have Level 5, but that's so classified.
We know nothing.
I know
Level 4 has minefields, you know, containment facilities, guys with machine guns guarding it.
Tell us about that, Jerry.
Well, Level 4 and below is below ground.
Concrete rooms.
Rooms are sealed with concrete.
Sterilization equipment that goes in them are actually sealed onto the wall, so you have a clean side and a dirty side.
Anybody that goes to work there is watched constantly, followed to the hotels, what have you.
I find it hard to believe anybody could get in and out of there without being seen.
As far as Plum Island is concerned, the place is probably shot, okay?
When I say shot, I'll give you an example.
For instance, a chickenpox virus.
If you took a small beaker of chickenpox virus and you opened it up in a room with 40 people standing in a room, it's so volatile, just by opening the beaker,
Within 20 minutes, everybody in the room would be infected.
Now, this is just a chicken pox virus.
God only knows what kind of stuff they're playing with.
I'm sure they're not going to tell us.
I remember five years ago when the head of a big Australian university released the design diagram to simply make an animal pox that kills 99% and he did it with a mouse pox.
Mike Rivero, do you think that's a cover story?
I mean, for later releasing it?
I mean, why would a government put out the design specifications to easily make something that kills 99% of the mammals it comes in contact with?
Well, I think that's kind of like putting out the blueprint for a nuclear warhead.
Most of us know how one is put together, but if you can't get the tools and materials, it doesn't really matter.
You know, this gets back to the fact, it's like this claim that Bruce Ivins or whoever made up this anthrax in a bucket in their garage.
It's just complete nonsense.
It takes millions of dollars worth of equipment.
And very tightly controlled feedstock supplies to manufacture these things.
So, um, I'm sure that if they're planning to do a biological false flag attack, they're going to have to somehow create this idea that whatever is going to be used, and I would say it's probably going to be anthrax, is easier to make, uh, you know, and doesn't require a lab, you know, so that they can pick up this image of somebody in Iran just whipped this stuff up in their backyard and decided to shower it on America over the weekend.
Don't you think they pry much, though?
In the media?
Oh yeah, there's always a priming.
I mean, they've been talking about bird flu for how long?
There's always a priming.
Nobody really knows anything great about it.
You get little bits and pieces of it.
Like I said, it's going to have to have a delivery system.
It's going to have to look like an epidemic that came into the country somehow, and the government's going to be our savior.
We're going to go all get inoculated of some sort.
Who knows if they're putting chips on us, or signed agreements, or... And let's say, well, we know they've been drilling for forced inoculation, but the police... We know that.
...refused to go along with that five years ago, but I mean, here's a hypothetical, and I'm not saying they're going to do this, but just think about the... You couldn't kill our whole military with a foreign army, but if you gave them a delayed shot that was going to kill them in six months, you could inoculate all four branches of the armed service, and then they'd all die in six months.
And you have to have a containment system.
You have to have a containment system.
What do you think they got Tupperware coffins for?
I mean, who knows?
They could come kick in my door any minute.
I work for another major company right now to try to lease space from them, and the building was so contaminated they wouldn't even lease it from them when they told them to hold those in place.
But, uh, I could really give you an earful on some other stuff on the Patriot Act, how that was shoved down our throats here, too, but that could be another time.
But I want to say, gentlemen, it's been a pleasure talking to you.
And keep on doing what you're doing, Alex.
You won't believe how much your information is getting out there.
I work for a major manufacturer that has over 4,000 employees.
And I'm really surprised at how many people are educated and getting educated, and particularly some of the younger generation.
I'm 50 years old, and I hope to see the downfall of this craziness in my lifetime.
That's what it is.
It's the craziness.
Call me back sometime, Jerry.
Brian in New York.
You're on the air with Mike Rivera.
Go ahead.
Hello, Alex and Mike.
Thanks for all your hard work, guys.
I love your show, Alex.
Thanks for everything.
Hey, I'm the guy who confronted Gary Hart on his letter to Iran there.
You're in Truth Rising.
Good job.
That's right.
That's right.
Thanks for putting it in the film.
I love your film, by the way.
It's awesome.
No, no.
Thank you for doing it.
I actually have a question about your video contest, which I think is an excellent idea that's going to generate a lot of awareness for the censorship.
You had mentioned that there's a special prize for the video with the most hits by Monday morning.
Yeah, there's two different sets of... There's two different waves of contests.
There is a $2,000 prize.
I've now fleshed out the actual numbers last night.
A $2,000 prize.
For whoever makes a video about internet censorship tying in PrisonPlanet.com and InfoWars.com that are being censored by Sunday.
So there's not much time.
That's why this has got to be done in the next few days.
Whoever gets the most hits by Sunday night, and that means whoever emails that we've got contact points up there on InfoWars.com and PrisonPlanet.com about this.
And then a $1,000 prize which will be announced Monday for whoever makes the best
Trailer for Truth Rising.
So, and then on the 19th of this month, 14 days from now, or 15 days from now, we are going to have a $5,000 prize for the best video about internet censorship and exposing it.
Oh, okay.
So that, um, so the censorship video contest is for Monday as well.
There's two of them.
Because that's the craziness that came off the top of my head yesterday when I blew up over all the censorship.
I love it, Alex, and I look forward to participating, actually.
I'm a video editor myself.
Okay, well, all the details are up on InfoWars.com right now.
I'm waiting for my web guide to create a new email contest at InfoWars.com, but there's some contacts up there now, and as they come in, we'll be posting them, and we all win, because then it gets the truth out about Internet censorship.
Thank you for the call.
You know, I want to go to David and Perry and Alan and Matthew and Brent, but I'm going to have to get to all of you once Alan Watt is on with us, but we'll get to you because we've got to let Mike Rivero go here in a minute.
Mike, anything else important you want to talk about?
Yeah, I want to talk about, before we were talking about, you know, the population, you know, of America, trying to deal with all that's going on.
And I know that our government controls people by keeping them afraid.
And a lot of people are afraid, not necessarily of the fake enemies the government is waving at us, but they're afraid of the government itself.
But you know, when you get angry, anger has a way of killing fear.
And I was watching Network the other night where the Howard Beal character gets up and says, I don't know how we're going to fix everything, but the first step is you've got to get angry about it.
And I think we're at that stage right now where people need to get angry over what the government is doing.
And when they get angry, they'll realize they stopped feeling afraid.
And once they stop feeling afraid, then they're free to go out and do what needs to be done to get this country back on track.
It's always great to have your once a month visit with us, but I ended up having you on Sunday and today, so we really appreciate you spending time with us.
I agree with you.
Mike Rivera from WhatReallyHappened.com.
We'll talk to you soon.
By the way, I like the site redesign.
Thanks an awful lot.
Thanks for having me on your show.
You bet.
Take care.
We're going to go now for the balance, an hour and 45 minutes roughly, with Alan Watt, another wonderful researcher.
And I want to talk to Alan today.
I want to get into some of their mechanisms, their control, their programming with him.
She's really an expert on that.
But I also want to talk to her about solutions, and how we somehow get out of this mesmerized, hypnotized.
Because the public, their brainwaves show.
And Alan can talk about this, are hypnotized.
When you watch TV, the first time you watch it, there's different studies that show vaguely different numbers, but they're 45 to 50 minutes of watching television with the flicker rate.
The first time you watch it, it takes close to an hour to push you into a dream-like lower state of consciousness.
I mean, your brainwaves change.
The next time, it's about 10 minutes.
The next time, it's about 3 minutes.
And after you've been habitualized, you shift into a dream state, lower level of consciousness, a unconscious, purely subconscious brain operation.
No interface between the cerebral cortex and the rest of the brain, or the two sides of the brain.
I don't
Well, I took my wife out on her birthday to a restaurant, and I saw multiple families with 5 and 10 year old children between those ages.
And the families weren't talking.
The adults were sitting there eating their steaks and their food, texting, and on the cell phone, in a nice restaurant.
The children all had their own little private video games or DVD players.
And you could see the light, you know, flashing in their faces.
And we're already being inserted into the matrix, as the Pentagon said in 2000 in that Army War College report about how they were going to insert us into a matrix.
That was a declassified report from the 80s, which the film The Matrix is based on.
The official policy of the U.S.
military, the Army, is to, by 2025, to insert us into pods.
I'm going to get Alan Watt to talk about that first.
Now, that sounds crazy.
Okay, I don't talk about
Astronauts saying aliens are real and about to land when it's in Associated Press.
Because that's disinfo.
But what I do talk about is stuff far crazier.
And I'll get, I want to get Alan Watts' take on what I'm talking about.
How do you... Well, I've seen studies out that people are many times more suggestible than they were just 30 years ago.
That's why, uh, hypnotists now, 50 years ago, couldn't hypnotize maybe 1 out of 10 people on the street.
Now, 65% they can hypnotize.
Because they're already hypnotized.
They're already zombies, folks.
You see, we're freaking out why people aren't waking up.
Because they're zombies!
I'll be right back.
Hello, Ted Anderson.
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Ellen Wan is our guest.
By the way, if a tree fell in the forest and nobody heard it fall, did it make a sound?
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To two hours after the show, depending on how long it takes to encode, for members to go watch at their leisure, then you great guys and gals chop it up, put it on YouTube and everywhere else, do great condensing down the info.
We really appreciate it.
Of course, there's also the free internet streams and higher quality at InfoWars.com, and so we can catch up on some of the time today, getting Alan Watt on a bit late.
I'm going to skip some of the breaks for InfoWars.com.
Those streams are separate from GCN Live.
You'll need to move over to the M4 streams to hear some of the behind-the-scenes.
Alan, you were on hold before we went to that break where I brought up how the public, when they watch television, it's admitted.
They taught this in RTF.
Go into a dream state or a hypnotized state
We've got to go back into the histories of the publications of some of the members of this world movement.
Like Huxley and others, and Lord Veteran Russell, who talked about the whole notion of peace and how they defined peace, and that was to eliminate all conflict throughout the world.
And that meant right down to male and female conflict, which meant that the separation of the family unit, the disintegration of the family unit even, was essential for world peace.
But they also said that individualism had to be destroyed
And what that meant was they would have to target specific parts of the human brain, and those parts which gave you your self-preservation abilities, your perceptions, the same things that animals have, wild animals, that keeps them alive.
And people like Arthur Kessler, who was a propagandist and a member of MI5,
Who wrote lots of novels and nonfiction books along this particular line, wrote one book called The Ghost in the Machine about the elimination of this part of the brain.
And he mentioned how departments within the United Nations were working on methods to lobotomize this part of the brain.
And they tried different methods, including chemical lobotomization, viral attack through inoculation, and various other means.
Now, they have done this, I am pretty certain.
They've been pretty well successful with most people.
And it was to be augmented again with the kind of technology that Brzezinski was talking about, technotronic era, in his book Between Two Ages.
He talks about techniques used, scientific techniques, electronic devices, which would, and he meant from the basic units of television onwards up to literal ELF waves from towers affecting people's minds and eventually directing them.
He said eventually people won't know where their thoughts come from or where their opinions will come from.
They'll be unable to think for themselves.
They'll expect the media to do their reasoning for them.
Yeah, well that ties in with a report that came out of Sweden from the Finnish newspapers, Finland, where a scientist there had
I think so.
And without moving anything on that tower, they could target any individual within three feet.
And this is all mainstream news, but people listening are laughing right now.
Folks, it's 2008.
This is Buck Rogers.
Oh, it's here.
It's here.
And you go through the airports now, they have camming lights, and they're also using this technology.
And that was in AP three weeks ago.
In fact, Chertoff had a big demonstration of it.
And they're using passive MRI, which from a hundred feet away is scanning the brain, which they're now putting on the cell towers, as you mentioned.
Everything Alan Watts says is documented.
I have separately read it in mainstream news, everything he just said.
Hidden in plain view.
We'll come back, Alan, and I want you to
You've got the total floor here.
In fact, I'm gonna just sit back and listen.
I want to break down how they're doing this.
But more importantly, why am I immune?
Why are you immune?
This stuff only enrages me.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
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There is a scientific dictatorship.
They've written hundreds of textbooks bragging how they're doing it all to us.
Brain damaging us with mercury.
Injecting us with different cancer viruses that are hormonally triggered, age-triggered to kill you.
And the cancer rates are going straight up.
Every other disease, degenerative type of affliction is intensifying.
And it's being done scientifically by people playing God on huge power trips.
And it's real.
And it's happening now.
So I was getting into how the public is mesmerized.
How more and more they are in a Matrix-like condition.
Their brainwaves are different.
And now it's intensifying.
I'm not bashing video games.
I know big video game designers, a lot of them are big fans of the show.
I've been stuck in a bunch of video games, you know, where the video games, you get to the final level of, you know, some of the most popular games, and they open the safe up, and it's my videos in the safe, the ultimate answer.
I mean, just all sorts of craziness.
But the point is, the video games, something about the added controlling the joystick with the not moving, and the intense focus, gets you into a lower than dream state, which is a natural state of near-death narcosis.
And actually causes endorphins to flow.
That's why these kids love 10, 15, 20 hours.
I remember I had video games when I was a teenager.
They were more primitive, but I remember a few Saturdays.
I never got that heavy into them.
Two, three hours would go by like that, and I'd be sitting there in a daze, but like in heaven, totally focused, going through all the levels.
And later I saw the scientific reports that I was in a
Artificially oxygen-starved narcosis.
But that said, going back to Alan Watt.
Alan, lay it out for us.
Yeah, these techniques were... They copied a lot of this, actually, from the yogis of India.
They studied some of the top yogis in the 1800s and early 1900s.
They studied them.
And did all the measurements on their body and so on.
They were intrigued by the guys who could go into these almost trance-like states, death-like states.
Very, very shallow breathing.
And they measured the oxygen content in their bloodstreams and how they survived, etc.
But they also were measuring their brain patterns.
And what they found, too, was that people in such brain-patterned states could be very easily influenced and directed with outside information being pumped into them.
You're easily led, you might say.
Things which seem absurd to you in a fully conscious state, you'll take it at face value and accept it.
We're good to go.
For their military training.
And they found the same thing, that people who are trained in the more advanced games to kill on sight would actually do it in combat in the battlefield.
And what they found too, when they did immediate tests on these particular soldiers who would kill, they found that their breathing rate was much shallower too, just like as though they were in the video game.
So they're going into the same response mode in the battlefield as they were on the video game.
Well-documented, and we get that published in mainstream media, and then the public go and buy the game.
Let's explain again.
Every time it would show, in what they admitted was a test, tens of thousands of children with collapsed convulsing, the problem was is they knocked their teeth out or busted their, you know, their eyes, they got hurt, and so they quit doing it.
But in a test, anytime they want, they can flick the switch and make you fall down on the ground convulsing.
And what they found, too, with these games, you see, this isn't just the games.
It's the parts of the brain that they want to target to alter behavior, mood, serotonin levels, etc.
And it's the temporal lobe they were aiming for.
The temporal lobe is very, very important if you want to control people.
And the types of epilepsy they were inducing was temporal lobe epilepsy.
And where they go into a fugue state, and people who have epilepsy will often get the initial fugue coming on them, where things seem unreal to them.
They're moving in a surrealistic world.
It's like a hallucination, or some people call them the quizzles, where they're in a sleepwalking state.
And that happens before they go into the actual grand mal seizure.
Yes, and they can have a fugue state again of complete amnesia when they come out of it.
So, this is the same kind of thing that they're inducing by going for areas of the temporal lobe.
Now, it's interesting, too, to put everyone addicted to cell phones, which also affect the temporal lobe.
It's doing similar things there.
People are mesmerized on these phones.
They'll stand there and talk in street corners for hours and hours.
Hours go by.
And I'm going to stop you again just to back you up.
I have seen, literally, I saw two or three today, thousands of university and government studies.
I remember one about eight years ago because I had a buddy who was always on the cell phone.
I noticed his behavior was changing.
He was always on it for no reason, just jabbering.
And before, he'd never been on the telephone.
You couldn't keep him on it.
And I remember reading that it raises the brain.
So there's nothing surprising to me about any of this.
This is an agenda.
People like Brzezinski, who was right in there with the NSA, published some of this stuff in his own books to do with controlling whole populations.
And he said populations, not just individuals.
And that this technology would be used.
And prior to him in the 1950s, you find Lord Veteran Russell, who also worked for MI5 and 6,
Um, publishing the same thing in his Impact of Science on Society book, where he mentioned that the techniques would be used that would bring whole populations to the conclusions and they'd have no idea that it was even being done to them.
And he said, eventually we'll be able to convince absolutely anyone of anything.
Now I want to move forward from there historically, but let me digress.
I wouldn't say you and I and many others are immune, but with any disease, with any program, there's always immune roaches to certain poisons, there's always plants that are immune, there's always people throughout history that are immune or resistant to things.
Why, going back about eight, nine years ago, I pretty much quit watching TV because it would irritate me, it would anger me.
I knew stuff was going on there.
I mean, why, just with the social programming, why did Alan Watt, or Alex Jones and millions of others, why are we at least resistant?
Well, I think the precursor that set up the whole field for this to work for the elite was the inoculations.
They were the initial precursors that set up the brain structure by attacking the brain now.
And people who tend to have allergies, etc., can also divert toxins away from the brain that would normally be uptaken by the brain, and it'd be diverted elsewhere, so they end up having sometimes problems at stomach, gastric,
Um, the problems, uh, lower bowel problems, stuff like that, where this stuff has been drawn to and has settled in, but it did not go to the brain.
And I've found that with a lot of people who are really awake and have been most their lives.
That's, I try to find the common denominators in them, and I talk to them.
And that is one thing that a lot of them have, are these what seem simple allergies, but pretty persistent allergies.
Well, I mean, you mentioned the first big insult before the mass programming begins at birth with the shots.
When we were young, we didn't get as many shots or no shots, and I have seen that as a correlating factor.
People in the country
I mean, here's an example.
I've had a lot of medical doctors on about this.
One of them, Dr. Eisenstein, has one of the biggest practices in Illinois.
I mean, out of over 100,000 Amish in just a three-county area, none of them have autism.
None of them have any neurological problems.
And then he did a study and looked at other studies around the country in Pennsylvania and other places where you have Amish.
They don't have it.
It isn't there.
But it's the same thing with Dr. Ewan Cameron and the mind control.
When they would grab these children, these declassified tests, they would first for six months, as you know, but for the listeners, electroshock them to wipe things out, to create that original insult as a place to then start building the new identity or the new wavelength.
That's right, they did use a lot of children in the MKUltra tests as well.
It wasn't just adults, even though in the movie the CBC covered it, actually whitewashed more than they showed.
And the reason a lot of children, they wiped out their memory to try to build a completely brand new personality that would be robot-like and very obedient, and put them out into society and use them as spies, etc.
So it's the vaccines are acting as the chemical lobotomy or as the electroshock?
No, there's no doubt about it.
Kessler talked about these tests being done back in the 50s and 60s and under the auspices of the United Nations.
And the different groups who are doing some of them, like the Soviets, were doing direct lobotomies, physical, mechanical lobotomies.
They're also doing that in the United States under the guys who work for the eugenics programs in the psychiatric institutions.
And they were doing pre-frontal lobotomies to thousands of troops that came back to the U.S.
after World War II and Korea.
Have you ever seen the black and white films of them laughing and just jabbing an ice pick in the troops head and going and laughing?
Laughing to the students going, watch this as the guys chain down awake and they just go,
I mean, it's the most bloodthirsty stuff you've ever seen with an ice pick.
That's right.
And even had traveling, they called him the mobile doctor who did the lobotomies on behalf of the U.S.
And he did it out of the back of his van.
This was high science, as they called it.
And all they were doing was destroying the frontal cortex.
But that's where your behavior is altered, right in the frontal cortex.
That's a definite behavior alteration right there.
And you do become much more suggestible, very easily managed by authorities, because you have no confidence in your own decision-making powers afterwards.
Well, all of this is really just a scientific codification of total war against our own species by aberrant psychopaths directing human development.
And it isn't just that it's cold-blooded and they want the power.
This is a literal wonderland to carry out all the horrors that are horrible to us, but that are beautiful to them.
The public have no idea that war was declared upon them long ago.
Total war.
All-out war was declared upon every member of the common people, as they put it, at the time.
The commoners were afraid it would outbreed them and eventually overthrow them and take over.
And they claimed that the world would be in darkness because we're all too stupid to make good and proper decisions.
So therefore, the idea was they'd have to eliminate the common types, the inferior types that had not made it up the Darwinian scale into success and monetary success and business success.
It'd have to be eliminated.
But of course, if they got wind of it, there could be an uprising.
So they had to make a secret war.
And it's not so secret today, it's out in the open under various guises that we must bring the population down one way or another, there's not enough food and all of the various crises they're creating.
Now that again was part of the plan back in the early 1900s
And adulterate, and adulterate, and adulterate the food.
Adulterated, absolutely.
The chemicals are in it.
They're not there just for preserving the food.
It's also to alter you.
People have become terribly sick and the IQ has dropped over the last 50 years or so.
And the sperm count?
And the sperm count is way down as well.
So none of this is by chance.
And now they've admitted that there's a particular substance in soy which they pushed mightily back in the 60s and 70s as a substitute for meat.
And had so many people go on it.
Males who've been on it, their sperm count is down 70% lower than those who are not.
And it also is now associated with breast cancer, but they tell women to eat it for breast cancer, and now, I mean, it's just, they're all getting breast cancer, and it's just the government will have all these big pageants and anti-cancer rallies with celebrities and everyone fighting it together, you know, making it like some great, ooh, you've got it too!
Ooh, it's like having a cold!
Oh, the government!
Let's take more vaccines!
They love us!
In the past they would just take troops out in a field and nerve gas them.
Now it's getting widespread where I've been looking at the numbers and they're all calling me now going, yes, almost everybody's been in the military.
When they hit about 45, they're getting the cancer now, even in families that never had cancer.
But then even more of the troops are just dropping dead when they give them the shots.
Yeah, and I've talked to some of them, too, and they phone me up when they come back, and they tell me they were given all kinds of medications, and they're not told what these medications were.
They were told to open their mouths every morning.
The sergeant comes along and pops these pills in their mouth.
They make sure they swallow them, too.
And these are all tests they're doing on different sections of the military.
I'm sure it's going to affect their mind as well.
They're trying to create this good killer robotic type soldier who will not suffer with flashbacks when he gets home.
Well, the head futurist, Dr. Marshall, at the Pentagon said that in Wire Magazine, as you know.
That's right.
So, this is at the age where science is supposed to rule and dominate, and all this began hundreds of years ago with the old alchemists, the fraternity of alchemy.
Who said that they'd always keep advanced sciences to themselves.
That was part of their oath.
And by doing so, they'd take power over kings, queens, and governments, because those governments would need them to create the war machines.
But ultimately, they would rule in what they called a logical manner, where the world would be run by the superior ones using logic.
And to them they say, logically, Mike makes right, survival of the fittest, social Darwinism, and they point blank say in their books and thousands of different footnotes, we are going to build a worldwide control grid, we're going to kill 90 plus percent of you, and we're going to do it for the betterment of us.
And to them that's logical.
To them, it is logical, and it justifies the means.
I think it was Rockefeller said at the World Bank meeting that this generation are the cannon fodder for this particular agenda.
And he said also that, well, you can't make a normal without breaking eggs.
So all the crises you're going through in the last 50 years, the breakup of families,
Thank you.
That's just what has to be done, ladies and gentlemen.
I'm going to skip this break for InfoWars.com audio stream listeners.
You've got to go to that site to listen to those streams, the one on InfoWars.com.
And then we're also streaming live on the web for PrisonPlanet.tv members.
You can see the document cam, the guest cam, the internet cam, and a lot more.
So we will be right back in three minutes for everybody else, but for PrisonPlanet.tv members and folks, we're going to keep talking behind this break.
Alan, I've got to tell you, I'm getting better and better with my guests, I'm not interrupting, but every time you say something, I want to back it up with footnotes because I myself have verified it 20 other places and it just freaks me out because you're one of the few people that's done the same research I've done.
How do we get this out to people?
Because, I mean, this is a guaranteed fact.
Well, I've been putting this out for donkey's years, the same material.
And I've given up on those who are gone.
I've got to look at the world as a world of survivors and casualties, and it's a war.
And when you look at the casualties, and you're in the war and you're helping to fight it, you can't be distracted by the casualties.
That's how far gone we are.
We've got to realize that we don't have the time to wake up just an occasional individual who's well under the New World Order's mind control.
We've got to concentrate on a large audience and try and reach as many people as possible within that audience, individuals who are able to receive.
Well, the incredible thing is, amongst the elite, there's not that many, maybe 5,000 or so that really have a big part of the plan in their mind, and even those are compartmentalized and think they're going to be the ones that are saved.
I've had some of the elitist of the years, you know, off record, that's why I can't give us sources, but they've written about this too, say, well Alex, as you notice, you're telling them and they don't care, and we are in control, doesn't that show that we are the elite?
And so we do deserve to be doing this?
And in fact, that you see it, that means you might want to join us!
That's their simple logic.
Their simple logic.
And they're stunned.
And they put on a strange expression when you don't take their offer.
They can't imagine why you could possibly hang on to what you're hanging on to for emotional reasons or personal emotional reasons or attachment to others.
They can't understand why you don't take the bait or the bribe.
It's unbelievable.
I mean, they are just cold-blooded killers.
We're going to go back on the main transmission.
I want to get into solutions.
I understand you're saying they're casualties, but how does somebody with a loved one or somebody else break them out?
You know, there's the classic archetypal image of the cold bucket of ice water being thrown on people.
What is that real-world contextual way that you've found to try to break people out?
I mean, I know with the programming that's built in that when you try to break them out, they fight back even more into a self-assured, self-satisfied little smile and spew, you know, pre-programmed memes back at you, but I want to talk about that with you right now.
Here we go.
Don't worry.
This show is documented.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
I fell into a burning ring of fire.
I went down, down, down.
And the flames went higher.
And it burns, burns, burns.
The ring of fire.
The ring of fire.
Yeah, the truth hurts, but not facing the truth is a lot worse.
I indict the globalists.
You know, they say through their social Darwinian system that if the public's dumb enough to be enslaved and dumbed down and poisoned, that's what they deserve.
And I say to them that, you know, that's like saying, well, if a baby doesn't know how to feed itself, kill it.
Like Dr. Peter Singer says, where old people are like mackerel, go ahead and kill them.
We destroy who we are as humans when we don't empathize, when we don't take care of weaker, when we don't thrill at unlocking minds or teaching.
I love teaching people.
I love learning.
I love showing people things.
I love seeing things be built.
I want the best in our species and to try to suppress
The worst in us.
Instead, the globalists say, no, order out of chaos.
We'll play them off against each other, make them bestial, animalistic, dumb them down, play on their weakest factors.
Your take on that, Alan Watt, and then solutions.
I know you're saying they're all casualties of war, move on, but for friends, for family, for others, I have been able to unlock minds, but just with a frontal assault of shocking them, maybe like a big bucket of ice water, but what are some of your ideas there?
Yeah, this is the main problem with most people.
They try and wake up the person next to them, generally a spouse or a relative, and that's where dissension comes in.
And what generally happens is they overload them with too much at once.
You've got to realize that you've moved on into a different realm of understanding that person is still back there in the 6 o'clock news version.
And you've got a head-on clash right away.
You're talking an alien language to them.
And they have been trained that if it isn't on television, it cannot be true.
So, you have to, even with a presentation of evidence, they still go into a mind-block.
Because they do believe the media is going to tell them all the truths that they should know.
They really believe that's the function of the media.
They've been trained that way.
And they have to go into a mind lock when you present them with facts, printed documentation, and so on.
And it takes a lot of time, just feeding them a little bit at a time.
And so pick something which is contemporary, that is provable to them.
Even the heavy aerial spraying we've had for 10 years, coupled with the changing weather, because they're creating this new weather phenomena, to convince us that we are the problem.
However, they are doing it.
You can see them doing it.
You can see them even creating a storm.
You can breathe it.
And that's the kind of thing that you can show them immediately.
That they must start using their own perceptions for the first time.
And if they deny it, you can show them the Communist Chinese today clearing the air with different devices in Beijing.
Expanding on that, you mentioned how they want to kill our propulsion or our self-preservation instinct because they say, ooh, that's too aggressive, that will be their impulse drive system to fight us and to have sovereignty and to defend their family and tribalism.
Oh no, only our elitist tribalism is okay.
We've got to neutralize that in them, and you're right.
As Richard N. Haas, the head of the CFR says, modern environmentalism is about taking our survival drive and turning it against ourselves, making us the problem.
So it's kind of a feedback loop, or like being electrocuted.
We must get rid of humans to save the humans.
So it makes our survival mechanism turn against itself.
Turn the gun against ourselves.
Let's kill ourselves to save ourselves.
Meanwhile, the globalists, as you said, with weather control, are doing things to the Earth to then stampede us into accepting that we're the problem.
Yeah, there's the guy behind the curtain in The Wizard of Oz.
That's what they're doing.
And they're whistling the wind and say nothing while the proof is in front of our faces if we care to look at it.
All right, Alan Watt.
We've been all over the map here.
I want to get more into how somebody listening who's laughing right now, how we get them to realize they've been mesmerized by television, that they are in a dream setting, that they are hypnotized.
Back in one minute.
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Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Your calls are coming up for Alan Watt in about 15 minutes, but Alan, continuing with the fact that we do have social architects with chemicals, with flickering screens, with semantical distortion, with the tactics of having six screens behind
The CNN host, and then only your subconscious mind can take in all six screens, and he's in front of it talking, which is another feed.
Then you have a scroll at the bottom, a blue mist in the corner, and then they teach in that high level of television, I mean, I've talked to the producers, but it's also in textbooks, that that is meant to make you immediately go into subconscious mode, and I'm using that example because that's something that a bureaucrat listening right now, you know, laughing at us, or some cop, or somebody who thinks they're part of this system, when you're watching CNN tonight,
Catch how you feel like you're dumbed down, how you're sleeping, how you're daydreaming.
That's what they call it, that brainwave.
And then notice it's because your conscious mind can only focus in on one or two things at once.
Some people two, most people one.
And the more you watch television, the more it narrows what you can pay attention to.
And that because there's all those things going on on the screen, it automatically flips you into subconscious mode so your brain can take it in.
Alan Watt.
And so you're into alpha state.
And when you're reading as well, you see the eye movements.
You watch hypnotists, for instance.
They love to use something which moves in front of your face.
When your eyes are moving from left to right, left to right, as you read that screen, it's also aiding you to go into that hypnotic state.
That's why the readings at the bottom of the page.
Well, I mean, I talk to the public, and people say, oh, it's like they have glazed eyes, and nobody talks to each other, and they're obsessed with their little media device.
That's because that's becoming the whole world.
That little screen is connected to the eyes, which are just brain stalks, and it literally is an interface, and they're being sucked into the matrix.
How long until
You physically think they start inserting people into the racks, like they already do in Japan at night, in the major metropolis there in Tokyo, where people don't even go home, they just live in these racks.
The military says they will be inserting us, by law, into the pods by 2025.
You think it'll even take that long?
No, in fact, there'll be a lot of people going into it voluntarily to begin with, which puts everyone at ease, thinking, I can go into it and come back out, I can go in and play and come back out of it.
That's the appeal to putting out to the public.
And even at this stage of virtual reality games and so on, there are people who are now addicted to the other world, and they're getting treatment because they like this other world better than the real one.
Any other world you can be a child forever.
There's no aging, no decay, no worries.
You can get everything you want with virtual money and all the rest of it.
So you're finding that that's already working with a lot of people on that level.
They have the ability now to preach into the virtual reality, and the Pentagon has admitted, and I've read it on air from their own documentation, they have supercomputers set up with every individual pretty well on the planet.
They have a duplicate of you with all your personal data, information, height structure, and so on, preferences, and all kinds.
They call that the server in the sky, every person being tracked with the Google data, with the RFID, with the NSA, in live time, everything you're doing.
And so they have a clone of you in the virtual world, which they claim they can put you into eventually, and one day very shortly, and I've got a few articles in from professors just sent, who claim that very shortly you'll be unable to tell if you're waking up in the virtual world or the real world.
It'll be indistinguishable.
But even without that high-tech system, when the average American is watching close to five hours of TV, two or three hours of video games, text messaging, we're already losing our humanity and being sucked into the matrix.
We are, and it's all in preparation for it.
Watch television, that was very simplistic.
As you were talking about the media, the way the media is presented, the stories are presented, it's more simplistic than ever.
They used to do a lot more persuading at one time to convince you.
They don't have to.
It's almost like a parent talking to a child in a little short speech.
They're dumbing it down by design.
Behind the scenes on the InfoWars.com exclusive streams.
We're going to be talking to Alan Watt.
We'll be back for everybody else in three minutes.
Alan, continue along that line.
Yeah, this came from the Soviet system.
You see, they used the Soviet system as a big laboratory, where people had basically no rights.
And they used lots of political prisoners for experimentation.
They had absolutely no rights.
And they used the virtual techniques on them of mind control to a very high degree.
They also used ELF devices on them as well to try and control their behavior and actually program them into sort of remote programming, you might call it.
They used little black boxes in some of the top schools that put the children at ease and very calm.
They weren't agitated.
They'd sit and listen attentively and there was no hyperness whatsoever with the children with these scientific boxes that gave out ELF frequencies.
This was all used there and now blended with the Soviet system as they said they'd do at the Reiss Commission.
That was the function of the big foundation was to blend the Soviet system eventually, which they knew they were going to do.
Thank you.
And use those techniques in an even higher level, to a higher degree, because the U.S.
had the incredible tax bases to pull from and funding and institutions to work on these high-tech equipment.
But we're seeing it now.
This is the virtual world they want to bring us into.
And even now, it's strange.
You know, this is not crazy whatsoever.
As you say, the Matrix movie was based upon releases from the United States Air Force and DARPA from the 1980s.
They can use the human body as a battery.
They can take energy from the human body.
They've even got new dance halls coming up with floors which will pick up the movements of the people above it, and each pound of the food or whatever, they can actually take energy from the movements of the human body, and that makes the whole dance floor.
It lights it up and everything.
So, we are batteries.
Absolutely, continue.
It's not shocking at all.
As I say, they've got a virtual you, every one of you out there, in these super pentagon supercomputers, these Cray supercomputers, and all the data that you put out on the internet, all the stuff collected from your sensor forms, etc.
From all your banking forms, your habits, your purchasing habits, all the rest of it, you'll have a duplicate world in there.
And they can predict pretty well your behavior patterns.
They've admitted that with the cell phones now, they've been... And that was always their big goal 50 years ago.
The guy that invented the term 60 years ago, robot, Isaac Asimov, wrote about these new supercomputers that would track everything you did and then be able to predict the future off of that.
Here we go.
And just give me a fresh call list, John, from the top so I can get them all straight here.
Your call's coming up in about five minutes.
We've been getting into this control grid.
I see one weak spot in the New World Order structure being their own technicians, their own IT people, their own specialized individuals who are very intelligent.
Who have been put on these power trips, who have been given great power, I see rebellion within their ranks and humanity springing eternal.
I know they've carefully screened them and also carefully watched their own people, but I do see continual leaks from them.
They're not omnipresent, they're not all-powerful, they're trying to have this ultimate final revolution against humanity, an ultimate tyranny that can't be defeated in their own words.
But I see a great weak spot being their own people leaking information, sabotaging them, bringing information out.
Because I talk to people in Hollywood, people in government, high level, they know what's going on.
They're upset.
They don't like it.
They talk about how it's closed systems, how the inner party of the New World Order is some of the most oppressed people of any group.
I mean, do you think that's an area?
I mean, obviously resistance springs from the grassroots, the middle class, but what about from elite circles?
From Leitzicles themselves, and for those who have been very good faithful servants to bring all this about, you'll find it just isn't the Soviet system.
For every person who was a bureaucrat or a scientist, they were more heavily monitored on a daily basis than the average citizen.
Because the elite must be sure of them first and what they're doing.
If they get loose tongue somewhere, they're simply eliminated.
And I think we'll find more and more suicides as time goes on.
That's how we present it to the public with a higher number of bureaucrats or scientists.
Because it's been found that they're becoming loose-tongued, because they're worried about their own lives.
They know too much.
They know that eventually their own function will be over, and they will also be eliminated.
So they start to panic and talk to close friends, and they don't realize they're being monitored more heavily than the average individual or citizen in the street.
That's how the Soviets did it, and that's how we're doing it here, too.
With this whole science, there's a million different ways they do this, but to get their, say, FBI or Secret Service, they found the FBI to fight the mob, it's instantly corrupted with the mob, so out of the gates, and of course the government made alcohol illegal for those ten years, it later came out, to corrupt the federal police, then they say, oh, we're fighting communists, we've got to cut corners for America, they get them compromised, they commit all this evil, and then now today,
Yeah, the low-level FBI is just investigating petty crimes, but at the top, these are a sinister army of murderers and killers and drug dealers.
Same thing with the DEA and the CIA.
You see these guys, you go to events, you talk to them, and you say, you know they're killing the troops with the cancer viruses, you know they're giving it to the public.
I've even, you know, seen globalists whose daughters have died of cancer when they're ten, I'll say, you know, you know that's killing you, and they just kind of look at you and, you know, well that's the way it is.
So I guess it's also, kind of like O'Brien says in 1984, because Orwell really lived through all that, Eric Blair had, that O'Brien says, I'll be smashed, I'll be destroyed, I'll be tortured and killed.
Oh, I love it, it's the strength of the evil system.
I live on in this system that's just meant to tear humans apart.
But what you also find, and this is what they found with Adolf Hitler and those who loved Stalin, during the Nuremberg Trials with Hitler, all the officers who were on trial glorified Hitler to the bitter end.
And, of course, the conclusions they come to, they all had psychopathic-type natures.
Within the psychopath, there's a pseudo-masochism that's very, very obvious.
They despise the inferiors beneath them in rank, but they glory in the power of those above them.
They worship power, and so they worship those above them to the bitter end.
And that's also the structure you have in the scientific and bureaucratic elite that runs the world today.
They glorify the ones above them for having so much power.
It's hard for a non-psychopath to understand you cannot get into their mindset.
But that's what works with them, the lust and the craving, and an awful craving for total power, and they worship those who have it above them.
And that's what it is.
When you look at Bush and people on a podium, or you look at a Bilderberg group meeting photo or video, they are all looking at each other lustfully, and then Bill Clinton, even in front of George Bush Sr., will, in front of everyone, not saying why he's doing it, he will just bow to him, and then they all just fro, yes, power!
Oh, yes!
And they love the power of children dying of cancer.
They love the power of killing the troops.
And they love the fact that the police worship them while they're giving their cancer virus injections.
Oh, look at them loving me while I kill them.
They just love it.
It's so sick!
Look at them worshipping us as we kill them!
Look at the public loving us after!
I mean, Bush, if you watch him on the pile with the bullhorn, he's just getting this sick, evil look, and you can just see him just loving the firemen crying and worshipping him.
He's thinking, look at these scumbag bastards!
Just look at how I've killed a bunch of them, and they love it!
I mean, he's feeding right there!
I mean, that statement that Brzezinski made to one of the major magazines in an interview,
Well, there's no doubt.
We're good.
Well, that's like in the book Kiss the Boys Goodbye.
I mean, Kissinger wrote himself, the military are dumb, pathetic animals to be used up as cannon fodder.
And they just go, Yes, sir!
Murder me!
Kill America!
I love it!
Yes, sir!
That's the name of the game in the psychopath's world.
And that's why they have these amazing
This incredible protection that occasionally lets them down and lets out their sexual strangeness that they all have because they are all sadomasochistic in every way in the bedroom as well.
You know, like, I don't like pain, and to me that's bizarre and weird, but they love being humiliated.
I mean, I don't want to get into what they do, but it's admitted with Hitler, and they're always catching British lords having the same thing done, and they love to be beaten, they love to have crap smeared all over them, and they're going to do that to us, folks!
See, that's their love for us, is brutalizing us and crapping on us.
And, you know, even David Suzuki, who is one of the leaders and proponents, he said on national television in Canada, we've got to kill off, I think it was 140,000 a day to save the world.
The guy who loves furry little animals, but who is a geneticist who works for the World Wildlife Fund and the United Nations.
In one of his early lectures, he says, we're all just fruit flies.
And he was into breeding fruit flies.
He says, that's all people are, they're fruit flies.
I want to get your take on it.
Well, here's the point.
We're going to take a break and take calls, but we're actually going to skip this break for InfoWars.com listeners, because it's too important.
I keep making a big deal out of this, and it's in my film, Endgame, because it is a big deal.
It's the key.
Two different newspapers reported it, and I've been at similar events.
When they talk about, when Dr. Eric Pianco talked about, we've got to kill 90% of the public, my wife and my family, we're all ready to die, he projected a giant PowerPoint of skulls with a red filter.
And the newspapers described raptured three-minute standing ovations.
Every time he said, kill everybody, 95% standing ovations.
And that's the point.
And they all, I mean, you go look in every case.
I mean, I've had his graduate students, who are now doctors, send me threatening emails.
Then I check their MySpace.
I check their professional pages.
They're all in bioweapons or bioweapons research.
And now they've moved this cult of killers into the new 36 level 4
We're good to go.
And then it's like, oh, you're so beautiful how you're gonna die.
Oh, it's, I mean, and then they catch PETA, and I reported this years before it came out because I know somebody was in it, goes and gets dogs from the pound and then they sit in there eating hamburgers and rolling around on tables injecting dogs and cats with poison, killing them.
I told you that.
Okay, folks, and then it came out in the news.
I mean, they're psychos!
Do you understand?
Psycho killers run it all!
Yeah, even Skinner.
There's videotapes of Skinner and others actually dropping fairly newborn babies from a foot and a half high to see how they react when they hit a table.
I mean, that's what they are.
These people are utter psychopaths and we better understand that quickly.
Very quickly.
And the whole world is being built into an amusement park for the elite to cram us through meat grinders, slit throats, rape children, buy a weapon, because they think death and piles of maggot-covered bodies are beautiful.
I mean, John Wayne Gacy, the rest of them, they loved maggots.
They loved rotten flesh.
They loved torturing people.
And you're going to find out, folks, that's who runs it.
Troops, when you're dying from the shots they give you, remember, they're enjoying killing you.
And they get off on the fact that the public never catch on to it.
See, that's the big joke amongst them.
They get off on the fact that the public go along with everything that they want us to go along with.
We must acquiesce to every part of their plan, and we do it by silence and acceptance.
And they laugh at us for doing so, as dumb animals.
I know, and I just can't stand it.
God, I can't stand it, Alan.
I mean, I know you say it's casualties of war, gotta move on, but
I can't believe a bunch of spindly-necked, pot-bellied pedophiles who love dead bodies and love torture and black uniforms run the planet.
I mean, I just can't believe what humanity could do if they weren't holding us back.
That's just it.
And even some of those involved, like Lenin, who was well-trained by the big bankers to do his role, who said communism is the new, it's been around the last 70 years, and he was right on.
He said that there are a thousand directions society could go in, human society, but they must not be allowed to know that.
They must think the one they're born into, the system they're born into, is the only natural one that could have evolved.
So we're not supposed to realize.
But look at the industry of man.
Look at all the waste of tax money and all their big projects which enslave us through technology and research and development.
If that didn't go into all the right causes, we truly could have one incredible world here.
And we wouldn't have all the ills that we have today caused by these psychopaths who run us today.
And they always drill into us.
It's evolution.
It's set.
You don't have free will.
No, it's because they know you have free will, and they don't want you taking hold of real human destiny.
We're going to keep talking right now.
On the average.
Alan, four minutes.
You've got the floor to talk about whatever you want.
We're going to come back and take calls.
Well, you know, if you ever study pedophilia, pedophiles, for instance, are, again, sadomasochists, but generally sadists.
When they're questioned, when they're caught, they will often say that the child wanted this to happen.
No matter how grotesque the actions were, they'll blame the victim.
And that's standard what the abuser does to the victim.
They blame the victim for what happened, including themselves getting caught.
And they'll hate the victim for that.
Now, they've created a system of abuse in the world.
It's an abusive system.
And the public are trained to go back to the abuser for help when the problems brought on by the abuser affect them.
That's how the system is.
The public are trained to cry, you must help us do something.
And the abuser smiles and grins and says, well, okay, we'll see what we can do, but it's going to cost you.
And we better get that through our heads.
Stop going back to the abuser because they will not fix your problems.
They've caused your problems.
And we're simply doing exactly as they predicted we would do.
We've got to understand the behavior patterns here in the mind of the pseudo masochist psychopath who runs the planet.
Or we're doomed.
Acquiescence to everything is the plan.
We acquiesce to all their demands.
Look what's happening in airports and everywhere else in the world.
We're watching the total destruction of freedom.
All the rights that were fought for over many, many centuries have been taken away over the last few years under this absolute absurd notion of terrorism.
And terrorism had nothing to do with it until you realized, to the elite, we are all the terrorists, you see.
Any individual with a thinking mind who understands what's going on is a terrorist.
Any person who says, I'm not going along with this agenda of genocide is a terrorist.
We're all terrorists.
If you want to get married and have children and pick your own mate, you are a terrorist.
That's not to be allowed in the near future.
The young children at school are being taught right now to even volunteer themselves for sterility to save the world.
And there's even some come forward to do that.
I said that would happen 16, 17 years ago.
It's happening.
When you read their agenda, which they publish copiously, you know what they're going to do next.
It's quite simple.
But you've got to get off that mainstream television, away from the talking professional liars, to get a well-paid to lie to you, and start thinking for yourself, and talking to each other.
When television first came in, it didn't just separate people from talking within the community, it stopped everyone in the household from talking to each other.
Well, look where you said it.
You said at the center of the living room, everybody's focused on it, it becomes the center of daily life.
And it destroyed... You know, in Britain, there was a campaign.
In Britain, most of the bars, they were run by two or three big chains.
And people used to go into the bar, that was a community place where everyone talked.
Now you go in a bar and they all want to watch TV!
This is the massive social engineering, and we have to get people to break out of it.
You start by not watching the mainstream television, by cutting it down to almost nothing, not letting your children watch it, by not eating GMO food, by not having cell phones, by getting your children out of public schools.
We're coming back live.
Alright, David, David, Alan, Bill, and many others, we're going to go to your phone calls right now.
David in Canada, you're on the air worldwide.
How you doing?
Yes, sir.
Yeah, it sounded like my phone was about to be clipped there.
I spoke to you on May 19th and you wanted me to send you some additional information about me fighting the power structure and how I was held in custody for eight years on fabricated charges.
You call a lot of shows, yeah, and talk about how you're locked up somewhere.
How can we help you?
Yeah, well, what I want to do is tell you that when people try to fight the system, um, that they basically turn into boat rockers and they get thrown overboard.
I've had numerous people that try to come forward to help me that have had, uh, calamities in their own lives and, you know, family members die and things like that.
So, what happens is people turn into what I call sand heads.
They tend to bury their heads deeper into the sand because they're too afraid of what's going on and they figure they can't do anything about it.
And you virtually can't do anything about it because they have so much power that they use shows like this to find out who the dissidents are.
So we might as well give up and not even do radio shows.
Look, I appreciate your call, sir.
You call every show continually and then you always badmouth the shows.
I don't know what you want or what you're talking about.
I'm giving you things to do.
Stop eating GMO food.
Stop using cell phones.
Get out of public schools.
Stop watching TV.
Get to know your neighbors.
Find out what's happening.
I mean, we're here trying to talk about solutions, and since we're one of the only places where people can have a say, then we get attacked because people are just clawing at each other like trying to save a drowning man.
Alan Watt?
Yeah, there's no doubt.
I mean, when you cannot voice what's happening, it truly would be game over.
And we have to see what's happening and warn what can happen if the people don't stop now.
We know that every device they give us in technology is to serve them.
That's a given.
Years after they gave us one, even a cell phone, then they tell you, we've been tracking you from the beginning and finding out who all your friends are to get your modes of behavior and to see if their modes of behavior coincide with yours, etc., etc.
It's all studies, studies, studies, and data.
But we know that they're getting smaller and smaller.
These units can do more and more and eventually be so small that they'll be dysfunctional.
And the children will then be presented with the chip, the interfacing chip.
That's where it's supposed to go to.
And I think now parents got to start with their children and start telling them.
Look, this is fascinating you.
It's designed to fascinate you, actually.
You've got to draw the line now.
And they're already, like in Time Magazine for Kids, on two different issues, saying, your parents said this aren't cool.
They don't want you to have the chip.
Rebel and get it.
You've got to explain to your children they're taking their natural rebellion and trying to turn that against the family.
You've got to, early on, expose the government and the state as bad to your children, and then they will be with your family and not with the state.
Notice the state says, don't educate your children, don't give them your values, let them be who they want to be.
No, no, no.
That means let the state come in and program them.
That's right, and some countries have admitted that already.
Italy, for one, has banned homeschooling.
Well, not homeschooling, they've actually wanted all children homeschooled.
Well, California's announcing it, but people aren't just going along with it.
Yeah, and Hillary Clinton said that if she got in, she'd also ban all homeschooling, because they must have everyone, and I've said this, in the system.
The one system.
Go ahead.
David Jackson.
David in Texas, here on the air with Alan Wong.
Go ahead.
Yeah, guys, great show today.
Pretty intense.
Two questions, make them quick.
The first question, y'all brought up the soy milk and that it might not necessarily be good for you, lower sperm count.
Is that true even with the organic soy milk?
I quit drinking regular milk because it had all the hormones and crap in it, but now I'm hearing, you know, that the soy milk isn't good for me.
Any staple, any staple they push is going to be bad in some way to hurt you.
This is total war.
Understand, what they do is, they are, with all your major soy milks, they are crushing it up and reducing it down with the cores.
Now even the meat of the soybean, you know, even the flesh of the soybean, the supposed good part, has high level of estrogen mimicking plant sterols.
But the core is almost pure estrogen.
And so it hyper-feminizes the girls and feminizes the boys.
Alan, what?
Yeah, and that was known from the beginning.
These guys don't make mistakes.
Henry Ford developed it all 87 years ago.
It was almost 90 years ago.
You find that Charles Galton Darwin wrote the book The Next Million Years in the 1950s.
He was a physicist.
And he was the grandson of Charles Darwin.
And he was a eugenicist and all for this agenda, but he put it in his book that they'd have to alter the hormonal levels of male and female, and if possible, get high doses of estrogen into the males.
And he suggested a whole bunch of ways to do it.
Yeah, there are thousands of types of plastics they could make, but they choose, for almost all plastic drinking containers, the type that leaches estrogen-mimicking chemicals.
See, they chose that exact chemist calculation to hit you and hit you hard.
Stay there, we're going to talk behind the scenes right now with Alan Watt.
Alan, you have the total floor for three minutes, and we're going to come back and plug your books and videos and things and keep taking calls, but right now, you've got three minutes.
Yeah, another thing to watch, too, is they put the same coating of this bisphenol even within beer cans now, and lots of canned vegetables, etc.
Now, tin cans were fine all the way up until fairly recently until they put this stuff in, so why is it in there?
It's to heighten the dose of bisphenol, or this artificial estrogen.
And then you find out when they did the big baby campaign to stop mothers from using breast milk, etc.
Then you found out that the actual rubber heat they had on the bottles was also made of the same stuff that gave them high doses of estrogen.
And from then on we've seen all the problems with males down through the generations.
They also had the big companies that made baby food as moms were
Convinced that ordinary food wasn't good enough anymore, scientifically designed food was better, then they were doing the same thing.
The big companies now have admitted that the chemical they used to supposedly sterilize those baby jars before putting in the food, there just happened to be a synthetic estrogen that they happened to use, and they just found that out now.
So, come on, come on, come on, when do we wake up, and how long are we going to act stupid here?
This was a planned war, which they published, they've done,
And we still don't want to believe it is so horrific until we get past that stage and believe, yeah, this is truly a horror show.
We don't stand a chance.
And these guys have got to pay for this one day.
They've got to pay for this.
We can't let it go on.
We can't let them go unpunished.
It's got to be done.
And they know this too.
They know that when people start
Uh, getting the education, and coming back at them.
These guys will be running for their lives.
They know that.
What else can they do?
They either kill us all off, or have us hunt them.
They know this.
This is war.
They're well aware of it.
And these guys mean business.
We better start meaning business, too.
Or it's game over for all of us, and all the children who could come.
All of the children.
That's the bottom line with the whole thing.
Because, you know, the society's been so broken,
That the continuity of generations, which was so important to every people on the planet, a natural thing that gave you a form of security and peace of mind as you went through your life, that the cycles would continue, that has been broken.
Natural affection has been almost destroyed, again, because of this war on the people, the war between the genders, etc.
There's also a war between the generations.
You read all the communist literature.
They said they'd have to destroy the connection and the bonds between all generations.
Then they, from the top, could control each generation.
That has been done.
That goes as far back as 1934.
Comintern meeting that Beria presided over.
He said it used to take 70 years before we could make major changes within the structure of society on a cultural basis.
Now he said we can do it every five years, and eventually it'll be done every year.
Here we go.
Alright, we're gonna go back on the main transmission now.
Here we go.
Riders on the storm Into this house we're born Into this world we're thrown Like a dog without a bone and actor out of law Riders on the storm There's a killer on the run
He's a killer on the road.
His brain is swirming like a toad.
Give this man a ride, and we will die.
We gave them more than a ride.
They run it all.
Warrior Phone Calls here in just a moment.
I want to encourage all of the listeners to realize that we face a serious battle, but we're gaining a lot of ground.
And the info war is the key.
You can talk yourself blue in your face to your neighbors, co-workers, friends, family, strangers.
And that has some effect, but videos are the key.
And all you gotta do is direct people to sources of information that can break the matrix for them.
And then once they finally see behind it, it's fire and forget.
Once you get somebody to, whoa!
I just saw the matrix, whoa!
Then, they have unlocked their mind on their own.
They can begin to see what's happening, and that's where my films like Truth Rising, that everybody needs on DVD, available at InfoWars.com.
That's where it's all available.
Get it on DVD, make copies of it, you know, low-tech it, give it to everybody you know, or go to PrisonPlanet.tv, get a 15 cent a day membership, download the films at super high quality, burn them to disk, give them to people.
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It was designed for that on PrisonPlanet.tv.
We're fighting the prison planet!
We are educating the public.
We are unlocking minds, and we're having a great effect.
So, again, InfoWars.com, PrisonPlanet.com.
Call toll-free to get an in-game blueprint for Global Enslavement, the preeminent film for the wide-spectrum analysis of the New World Order system and their master plan.
I've made 19 films.
I carry a bunch of other books and videos, the best that I've seen out there at InfoWars.com or PrisonPlanet.com or 888-253-3139.
Before Alan leaves us, we're also going to plug some of his videos and materials that are excellent as well.
We have links to his website up on InfoWars.com right now.
Alan, in fact, plug your website and stuff right now, and then I want to talk about the positive things that are happening, because the elite is not happy.
They are worried about how many are waking up.
I believe even with their predictive computer systems, they did not, they admit, expect this much awakening to happen.
They'll probably just launch a bio-attack or a nuke or something early to get us to clutch back to their psychopathic under...
People should look into CuttingToTheMatrix.com and see what I have up there that keeps me going for sale.
There's hundreds and hundreds of shows I've done and talks on all the various subjects to do with this order that's running the world.
And you can also look into Alan Watts' Sentinel.eu.
That's the European site, and that covers a lot of bases as well, with other data and transcripts which you can download and print up.
But on the positive side of this, as you say, they're terribly, terribly worried.
That's why they're out in such force, and there's screaming terror everywhere.
They're very, very worried now that the public will get wind of what's been happening to them, not just recently, but for a long time.
And we know that they're terrified for their lives, actually, at the very top.
And people who are terrified for their lives, conspirators, are lethal in their actions.
They're absolutely lethal in their actions because they're ruthless.
They must be ruthless to succeed.
They know what will happen to them if all of this comes out and more and more of the public know what's been done to them, their families, their children, the sicknesses, the diseases.
They've gone through the heartaches, they've gone through watching people dying of cancers, etc.
that were man-made.
These people will have to be utterly ruthless, and that's why the Preacher Society, a militarized society, to try and force us all to go along to the bitter end and do what's told, they're hoping that fear is going to stop us all, and fear will not stop us all.
I have no doubt of that at all, if they can't get their way.
But there's no other way to do this.
There's no time left.
You can't simply do the old way of passing information quietly down through the generations now.
You have to put lots of information out on the right topics that really hit home to people to put them into action.
You see, the elite have told us where they're taking us, which is the extinction, basically, of the species as we know it.
The transhumanist agenda is so heavily well-funded.
There's international organizations of professors and scientists to create the new types of humans.
And they're the ones that stand up with 95%, you know, the audience, standing ovation.
Kill everyone!
Oh, yes!
Oh, it's so wonderful!
I mean, you know, that's in the news.
So, one big thing they have going for them that I want people to point out, you know, to themselves
I think so.
You have no choice.
They have told us where they're taking us.
They say that the old human is not good enough.
It's obsolete.
And they're going to create new types of humans, which eventually will have nothing in common with the old human.
What they mean by that, they're going to create a perfect race of slaves to serve them, which will be unable to think for themselves as distinct, independent individuals.
That's what they mean by that.
So we've got to understand, they've planned our extinction, our death.
And they're publishing it now, openly.
And they hope to guide us along so that we'll go along with it quite happily and willingly until we die off.
That's right.
They're teaching us how beautiful and wonderful it is.
So again...
Military, police, government bureaucrats.
When you're wondering why your 10-year-old's dying of an advanced leukemia and why a kid down the street's dying of it, just remember, we warned you, we loved you, we believed in you, we tried to warn you, and you laughed back at us, and you went out and cracked somebody over the head with a belly club, or for some school teacher that's laughing, or some member of a state legislature who's laughing.
Remember you were warned.
I think that's important because, you know, we may not even make it another five years, another six years, another ten years, Alan, but people are going to remember these transmissions, and these transmissions are going to be passed around if the enemy succeeds when they're illegal.
People are going to huddle in areas they think are safe to even receive this info.
And later they'll realize, this has already happened with stuff I put out 12, 13 years ago.
People are just blown away by it now.
You know, they go watch TV shows I did 10 years ago.
My God, it all happened!
This guy's a prophet!
The enemy told us everything!
The enemy told us everything!
So remember!
When you think 1 out of 3 getting cancer from 1 in 33, you know, is bad, wait until it's everybody.
You see, just remember, just remember we told you, we were right, we cared, we had the courage to tell you if we're not able to turn this around.
And I think remember too, the technique they're using at the moment, through all this fear creation,
When you live under fear and stress for a long time, it's no different than being in a torture chamber.
You'll crack eventually.
It makes you more malleable, more suggestible, and you're guided by the authorities along ridiculous paths.
Ridiculous if you were completely conscious and perfectly sane at the time.
You would not go along them.
But when you're under tremendous stress and fear, fear of all the coming crises and food crises and all the crises they're creating,
They want you to be so apathetic.
That was an essential tool to create apathy, to allow yourself to be guided to the slaughterhouse.
That's what they want.
And so we mustn't let all of this crisis creation beat us down.
Imagine if we could take the US or another country back and then bring all this out and show everybody the documents and have public trials showing how they did it.
And then basically outlaw or restrict these technologies of control.
Then we could have a true golden age of humanity and go to the stars.
Total transparency.
Have to be.
You cannot allow foundations and organizations with secrecy and the backing of billions of dollars to do as they wish anymore.
You cannot do that.
And I have to say, I'm not calling for any form of tyranny, but this ultimate dehumanization, this perfection of darkness and wickedness is so dangerous, and will always try to come back, that we do, as you said, need to have absolute transparency, and it will take
Oh, absolutely.
You cannot have secrecy.
It means worldwide prison.
It means worldwide extermination grid.
They're behind eugenics and everything else, because they decide what is a good citizen, what constitutes a healthy citizen, mental and otherwise.
Well, here's an example.
You know, they say families are unhealthy, everything's bad, but the bills they create.
I told people 12 years ago, because I had the documents, and I had a congressman on the show, and I had a member of parliament from Australia on.
I found out that everybody at birth for 35 years now, it's almost 36, had blood taken and was put in an international database.
And I gave them where it was stored.
Now, because the show got big enough and others talked about it, they went ahead in the last six months and came out and said, yes, we're taking all your blood, it's in a database, we're keeping DNA databases, we're putting it in criminal databases, Homeland Security has it, and then they're now passing retroactive laws saying it was okay to take your blood.
Folks, the government is so criminal.
That they've been taking your blood in the industrialized world for 35 years, and the program started everywhere the same year, 35 years ago.
See, that shows the global government is already in place.
It's just sending down more tentacles, more tripods, more control systems, and building a pyramid of control up around the skeleton of the pyramid that already shot out decades ago.
Yeah, but Nick, the big world leaders signed
That means everyone dead but a few million elitist.
That's correct.
Peace means, just like the Emperor says in Revenge of the Sith, he goes, we'll kill everybody and then we'll have peace.
Yes, that's it.
That's absolutely it.
And they had the whole agenda worked out before they signed the Charter that they'd destroy the family unit, create a war between male and female,
Who's up next here?
I've got calls all over the map.
Allen in Virginia.
Allen in Virginia.
You're on the air.
Yes, go ahead.
Yes, it's a real privilege to be on today.
Usually the system will kick callers off after ten minutes, but fortunately there was a glitch today and the queue got cleared for me.
I wanted to talk with your guest today, Alan Watts, about... You know what?
I'm not going to let that go by.
John, there's no system that kicks callers off the phone system, is there?
No, there's not.
Yes, sir.
And everybody keeps saying they're hearing a chhh.
That's what the Telos phone system does in talk radio to let you know you're on the air.
It goes chhh when we go to you, caller.
So, it's something with your phone if you're being kicked off after ten minutes.
But the point is, this is a classic, I'm not mad at you, but this is a classic kind of mental distraction here that each caller will add some little, little inanity to as a preface to what they're saying.
I want to get to all the calls.
So you've got the floor.
Do you have an issue to cover?
Yes, sir.
I called several weeks ago and mentioned that I was a transhumanist, or I'd identify as such, and I wanted to talk with your guest today about whether the... I've not been able to identify.
I mean, I've done extensive Google searches on everything from brain-computer interfaces to people talking about collective consciousness and stuff, and what I've found is that the
Most advanced brain-computer interface out there is called the BrainGate.
It's not terribly impressive in itself.
It's just a centimeter-squared unit which can be implanted on the cortex.
And it does provide for a limited... Sir, they were remote-controlling rats with total control, even controlling their heart rates 20 years ago.
They have robo-rats deployed all over the world.
I mean, they had robo-roaches 25 years ago.
Are you saying... Oh my God, just go ahead.
Well, yes, the Brain Gate chip, I mean, you have to understand that if you want some dramatic result, yes, you can...
Get a dramatic result like increasing the heart rate and providing a euphoric feeling.
What is your point?
What are you saying we're making up?
Everything's fine, the government loves us, take your shots basically?
No, not at all, and I think that there is a great deal of evil in the government, but I'm just saying that Mr. Watts is jumping the gun and... Let me answer that, but with some facts for a change, okay?
Delgado, who ran the FBI Department and Mind Control at one point, was controlling bulls in the arena back in the 1950s and 60s completely.
So the stuff that you're talking about, and it's published in the so-called magazines and so on that you look at, is completely and utterly obsolete.
These guys are so far advanced and stuff.
They don't publish to you.
They're quite confident they can pull this off.
And it's not just about getting a brain implant.
Who the hell do you think is going to program you when you're in this virtual real world yourself?
You won't be doing it.
They're programming you through the television set.
Go ahead, Alan.
I mean, these guys are so stupid.
On the one hand, they believe that there's somehow some altruism left amongst the psychopaths that allow them to go into the spiritual world, where they'll be part cyborg and part this and part something else, and be allowed to do what they want.
The whole intent of the spiritual world is so that you can be completely and utterly controlled.
You find at the World Science Meeting held in Louisiana in 2001,
Yeah, stay there, stay there.
We're going to keep talking.
I want to keep going here.
Look, we're not trying to beat you up here, Allen in Virginia, but out of the gate she just brought up some stuff that wasn't accurate about the phone system here at the network.
You know, the architecture of the technological revolution, we're not saying it couldn't be empowering, as low-level transhumanists say.
We understand that.
The point is, it's being deployed and funded as a control mechanism, and we've been right about every step of this.
And you're saying you can't find where they say they're going to use this as a control mechanism?
What about the January 7, 2000...
Well, I'm saying, sir, that I've not been able to find any thinker or a group or anybody
And who actually discusses about inhuman collective consciousness in any serious terms.
Well, you just, I mean, it's not my, number one, and I appreciate your call, I mean, I really, it's in my book, Descent into Tyranny, I've made films about it, Bill Joyce, Why the Future Doesn't Need Us, owner of Sun Microsystems, chairman of Sun Microsystems, saying the elite have decided to basically kill all of us,
I mean, it's throughout the literature that the elite is going to get rid of the majority of us, and they're going to be gods empowered with all this.
So you're saying, with no proof, that you can't find proof when there's a mountain of it.
Alan Watt?
It's just incredible.
The universities, they've had world meetings recently across the planet on the transhumanist societies, heavily funded, big foundations, big professors from all the top universities.
Well, on the positive front, for what, five years they've got brain implants where people can see in black and white now.
And I think that's a positive thing, but of course it's going to be used for bad.
They've got all sorts of brain chips to stop seizures and things.
I mean, Aldous Huxley, whose brother ran the UN, Julian Huxley, right before he died in 62, talked about how he'd been seeing secret programs in the 50s with people remote-controlled by wires.
When my dad was at University of Texas, he knew people were doing experiments.
And what this last fellow said, too, is interesting.
He was into the collective mind.
See, that's been pushed through all the New Age movement.
We're all one.
The collective mind, the collective mind means you have no mind of your own.
Alright, here we go, here we go, here we go.
There's a bunch of control freaks that want to try to dominate society.
They think the future belongs to them and them alone.
And I'm here to tell them this is a declaration of independence against war, you pot-bellied, chicken-necked pedophiles.
You degenerate, power-tripping sickos.
You are going down!
We're going to get our hands around your scrawny necks, you bastards.
David in Texas, you're on the air.
No, we're already with David.
Bill in Texas, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Man, this IM system giving me collars.
It's just all jumbled.
Just tell me again who it is.
We'll just try to muddle through it.
Tom in North Carolina.
Tom in North Carolina, you're on the air with Alan Watt.
Hey Alex, this is Tom McMillan.
John McMillan, son, I talked to you years ago.
John McMillan was killed in 82 for talking about the Trilateral Commission and the Rothschilds and International Bankers.
Which the public used to tell us didn't exist.
Now it's all been announced, so they say it exists, but it's good!
And this September, I keep getting the same feeling that, you know, it's like post-traumatic stress syndrome for the families of the revolutionaries, the good patriots that spoke about these years ago.
And they have a gag rule on our story, the book, we can't make a movie.
They talked about my dad in relation to Gordon Call, and I chose a life out in western North Carolina in the Smoky Mountains instead of a prison like Gordon's son got.
You know, I forget your story, so it's just kind of on the show, and I don't even know what you're talking about, so I don't think the listeners do.
You said last time, you said, well I guess you're telling the truth, but this story made national attention.
He was a celebrity.
You sound just like him.
And they killed him.
They shot him 18 times in Bexar County, Georgia.
Brought a SWAT team out of Athens, Georgia.
Okay, okay, tell me the name again.
B. McMillan.
Say it again.
John B. McMillan.
And it's documented.
I don't know if you can pull it up from Atlanta.
And the government told you that's a gag order?
Well... Gag orders have screwed them!
Do whatever you want!
I mean, I do whatever I want.
They tell me not to talk, I'll keep talking.
I know, but see... I'm talking to you because I don't believe in the gag rule, and I keep talking to everybody I know out here in Western North Carolina about this story.
And I'm a little sensitive about this.
Alex and Alan, thanks for giving them hell.
I appreciate it.
Yeah, I'll keep it real quick for you, because I know it's at the end of the show.
I can't think of any other way to exit the show with something constructive.
We put up the No New World... NoNewWorldOrder.com website up.
It's a money bomb for Chuck Baldwin.
I can't think of any other candidate out there who's been more vocal against the New World Order.
Okay, we're out of time.
Gotta let you go.
We're gonna have some days this week where I just take phone calls so everybody can get on because then they're hurried and it doesn't work well.
Alan Watt, thank you for spending time with us.
It's been a pleasure.
You bet.
Take care.
And to John B. MacMillan's son, I don't mean to sound rude, it's just at the end of the show it makes no sense and I just don't even know what you're talking about.
Okay, InfoWars.com.
Retransmission starts now with a bunch of big guests today on the streams at InfoWars.com.
Get the free podcast there as well.
God bless you.