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Air Date: June 29, 2008
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Even pets coming down with watery eyes are being lethargic and they're suffering from the smoke.
Despite the U.S.
push for strong U.N.
penalties against Zimbabwe's government, Chinese officials say they favor more talks with one of its main African allies and trading partners.
Chinese Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi said after meeting with Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice that the most pressing path now is to stabilize the situation with serious dialogue toward a proper solution.
Talks in Beijing came as Zimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe awaited swearing in for a new term after his one-candidate election win.
This is IRN USA Radio News.
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Former President Bill Clinton and presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama will likely speak directly within the next few days.
That prediction comes from Terry McAuliffe, who served as chairman of Hillary Clinton's presidential run and is past chairman of the Democratic National Committee.
He told CNN's Light Edition the former president will support Obama's White House run.
He is raring to go
I spoke to him today.
He's ready to go.
He'll do whatever Senator Obama and his team want him to do.
Requests for help recovering from the Midwestern floods are falling in as the waters recede.
More than 56,000 registrations for assistance have been received in Iowa, Indiana, and Wisconsin.
Calls so far for housing assistance and other disaster-related help are estimated at more than $115 million.
A senior U.N.
official says the number of civilians killed in fighting in Afghanistan has soared by nearly two-thirds.
The top U.N.
humanitarian official, John Holmes, says that the world body has recorded 698 civilian deaths for the first half of this year.
For the latest news and analysis, log on to IRNnews.com.
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The Taliban is promising retaliation against the government of Pakistan.
Officials say Pakistani paramilitary forces destroyed a handful of militant centers as they pressed ahead with an offensive against extremists near the Afghan border.
Even though California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger doesn't agree with all of John McCain's energy proposals, he's standing by him.
Appearing on NBC's Meet the Press, Schwarzenegger says the presumptive Republican presidential nominee is the real deal on the environment.
He is terrific with the environment.
He has been there four years ago and stood by my side when I talked about the environment, when I talked about fighting global warming and putting together a good energy policy.
A spokesman for Israel's Prime Minister says the cabinet has overwhelmingly agreed to a deal with Hezbollah to swap a notorious Lebanese prisoner for the bodies of two captured soldiers.
The proposed deal also needs the approval of the Lebanese militant group's secretive decision-making council.
The agreement had sparked a fierce public debate over whether Israel would be giving up too much or is carrying out its commitment to do everything it can to bring home soldiers who'd fallen into enemy hands.
The deal would have Hezbollah return two soldiers it captured in a July 2006 cross-border raid that sparked a 34-day war.
Israel would release Samir Kantar, who's serving multiple life terms for a 1979 attack in which witnesses say a man was shot in front of his four-year-old daughter and the girl also died after being struck in the head with a rifle butt.
Richard Stewart, IRN USA Radio News.
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Now live
This is a message from the New World Order.
To those of you in the population who are aware of our existence.
Those of you who have chosen to resist us.
The final war is approaching.
This is your last chance to join us.
You must accept that you are not the majority.
Your numbers are not growing.
Your efforts to expose our methods have gone unnoticed and buried.
Your brothers and sisters are not awake.
Your children will not rise up.
They will remain unaware of our presence and live lives of no significance.
You must thank us for giving
In this blessing, we have clouded their eyes by design.
Even your leaders, those you look to for inspiration and direction, know fully well of their impending defeat.
They see the fate that awaits their movement.
They cannot rise above the full force of our manipulation and control of the government, of the media,
Of the economy.
Of the armies.
Those who will uphold our new laws are being prepared all around you.
Alex Jones.
The 4th of July is approaching.
You have already slowed our juggernaut machine.
You have made your point.
You are beginning to become a nuisance.
Lay down your arms.
Silence your flock of sheep.
You are leading them to a slaughter.
Do not force our hand on Independence Day.
Those who cling to the old world must accept what is coming.
On July 4th, the truth
All right, my friends, we are live.
It is Sunday, the 29th day of June 2008.
We'll be here for the next hour and 50 plus minutes.
And we're going to have open phones coming up in the second hour today.
You can get lined up now if you'd like, but we'll be going to your calls at the end of this hour, but guaranteed by the start of the next hour.
No guests today because there's a lot of news and information I want to cover.
That is a fan-made trailer for my new film, Truth Rising, that comes out July 4th on DVD, available at InfoWars.com and stores here and there across the country.
As well as instant download in super high quality at PrisonPlanet.tv.
That is a fan made video.
I was sent that video.
I guess it was a Friday night I saw it.
Somebody made it on YouTube and it was sent to my inbox.
And then I sent it to my web guys and said post this and we made the point that it was probably a joke.
I mean obviously a joke.
It's meant to get you thinking to realize that there is a global elite.
That they are carrying out tyranny.
And then a lot of people are having big debates on YouTube and my own website, InfoWars.com, about whether it's real or not, when we're telling you it's obviously not a real message from the New World Order to us.
It is a point that we are making.
It's to get people thinking.
And my God, it's doing that.
Tens of thousands of people have watched it just since we posted it last night.
Okay, folks, you can watch the video that goes along with the audio you just heard at InfoWars.com and PrisonPlanet.com right now.
We'll play the audio of some of our official trailers that we made coming up later today, dealing with the film Truth Rising.
Find out about the Truth Rising at InfoWars.com.
Okay, here are the stacks.
We have Israel prodding U.S.
to attack Iran.
CBS News, large stack of similar news.
Very important, we'll be going over.
Also, 20 people killed in Mexican border city with the United States, with Texas.
LAPD won't ask about immigrant status, even of their aggravated felons.
Police report Mexican Army members attack U.S.
going to home invasion, murder U.S.
Police union standing by Mexican militia reports attacking U.S.
car bombings in Dallas being covered up by the media.
Texas real estate slump lets Mexicans take it back.
Rich Mexicans say they're buying up Texas, and now more than a dozen towns fly the Mexican flag in Texas.
No English allowed in court, and no gringos allowed.
Bloomberg Financial.
They're saying it's good, of course.
Everything's fine.
Sarkozy lays out a plan to tax the Internet.
Thought I'd throw that in there.
Libs blast disappointment with Obama over the FISA betrayal.
He said he'd vote against it.
Of course, he voted for it.
He is a complete congenital liar, and totally new rule of order controlled.
That is just some of the news we have in that stack.
I'll be going over in more detail.
Of course, the energy and dollar devaluation news.
Oil prices hit record above $142 a barrel Friday.
New York Stock Exchange slumps as oil hits record high.
OPEC chief, you think that's bad?
He sees $170 a barrel oil coming.
OPEC prices rebound as OPEC predicts fresh highs.
Oil, again, went over $142, set to go to $170.
Barclays warns of financial storm as Federal Reserve credibility crumbles.
Gloom descends over Wall Street again, New York Times.
This is Washington Post.
The recession is just beginning.
OPEC leader says dollar will drive oil to 170.
Finally, out of all our mainstream news, one article tells what all the foreigners, Germany, France, Saudi Arabia, Russia, China, and they're not happy about it.
They begged the government not to do this.
Our government did it.
In the last six years, and they've killed the dollar, they've killed us!
And I hear every financial show in the U.S.
I hear local shows, you call into them, the call screeners won't let you on to talk about it.
Everyone just runs around like a pack of idiots, leading idiots, bumbling about, blaming oil companies, blaming speculators.
The dollar is in the toilet!
Period, period, period, period, period!
And it's a political decision, and if the people would wake up to it, we could have reversed it.
But you're going to find out.
Don't worry.
When you realize we're in a full-blown depression, sucking your thumb with guys in black uniforms feeding you into FEMA camps, then you'll know about the dollar.
But until then, you pack of mindless, greedy, neocon baboons and mainline liberals aren't going to know any better.
OPEC leader says dollar will drive oil to 170, begs U.S.
to stop devaluing its currency.
They are begging on their knees.
It is destroying the world economy.
But the psychos running things want it by design, and we'll tell you why.
And no, it isn't Bush, or it isn't Obama.
Let's forget about the little left-right fight they get you all focused on like a football game, while the real world goes on behind the curtain, boys.
So, finally, it's in some of our media, what's behind the dollar's decline in value, Los Angeles Times, Citigroup sinks to 10-year low, Goldman urges short sale, Mayday, Mayday, Mayday.
They've put, what, $300 billion in a Citigroup, and they can't prop it up.
It's got over 35 trillion in derivatives.
That's right, there's thousands of times paper what there is real assets in the world.
You understand, ladies and gentlemen?
This will make the Depression look like heaven on earth if it continues to unfold.
Meanwhile, you won't figure it out till it's too late because you're powerful yuppies and you just giggle and snicker at everything.
Credit crunch forcing U.S.
middle classes to live in their cars.
Bill Clinton says Barack Obama must kiss my ass for his support.
London Telegraph headline.
Probably murdered, but who knows?
These people are so decadent, she might have thrown herself out of there.
Ah, falls off a building and dies.
Global warming, taxes coming in, mass raping of the population, total bedlam, massive gun control act passed by the Supreme Court.
Idiot public told it's a pro-gun ruling.
You'll hear the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth straight ahead.
I'm Alex Jones.
The truth is rising!
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Every Sunday, we're here, 4 to 6 p.m.
Folks listening in stations on the East Coast, you know what that means.
5 to 7, people out in the mountain areas.
3 to 5, Pacific, 2 to 4.
It's an abbreviated Sunday edition.
Five days a week, four hours a day.
Isn't enough for me, weekdays.
We are here going toe-to-toe with the New World Order, the Fortune 100 global crime syndicate that own the private banks, the printing machines.
They flooded the world with pure liquidity to buy up the real assets.
Now they're leaving a vanguard of police state systems so that they can't be punished for their crimes.
They are not playing games.
This is the real world.
The United States is being systematically dismantled.
As we speak, within three years it will be fully dismantled if we are unable to warn and then rally the people to resist the crime syndicate that has seized control of the federal government, both political parties, and most state governments.
There is a mass criminal looting going on.
That is what tyranny is.
Here's some of the other news I have, this of the London Telegraph.
Government permission required for parents to kiss their children, or to hug them, or to change them, or to dress them.
It's now pedophilia to change your baby's diapers.
This is how the government plans to break up your families.
They will make all normal behavior criminal, despite the fact that government is five times more likely to abuse children, either physically or sexually.
They are the perverts, that's why
They say kissing your child on the forehead or hugging them is illegal.
I'm not joking, ladies and gentlemen.
We're going to be covering this news article.
They're now making it law in the UK, trying to make it the law here.
In fact, when we posted these mainstream articles Friday, there were a lot of comments on our message section to other local stories where CPS neighbors will see a father or mother hug their child in the backyard.
CPS comes, take your children, and they say you're not to hug your children.
This is your sick, degenerate, filthy government.
This is who they are.
Don't forget the Texas Youth Commission with the giant rape facilities at every major youth facility.
Texas Rangers bust them.
They're not allowed to bring it public.
It's all over the country.
It is hell on earth.
Of course!
Who do you think deals the drugs?
Who do you think does all this stuff?
It's the scum that runs everything!
It's scum criminals everywhere!
They're total degenerates!
Look at their track record!
Is there some good government?
That's why you got so many police busting themselves!
But the point is, is that we're in trouble, folks.
Red-level emergency.
Evil has gotten in almost every position of power in government, and they're bringing in their buddies.
It's like pirates taking over a ship.
We're in a fight for the deck right now.
It's desperate.
They're about to take the ship fully, and then you get Nazi Germany, then you get Soviet Russia.
It isn't fun.
It isn't a cakewalk.
It isn't a game.
Oh, man.
Some of the news I have here.
You know what?
I'm just going to go through financial now.
I'm going to calm down.
I read through some of the headlines.
I'm going to go through it.
Then I'm going to get into how they want to have war and what that'll mean.
You think gas prices are bad?
How about $10 a gallon?
You're going to be paying it.
20 people killed in Mexican border city.
I'm going to get into all this.
It's just total bedlam.
But first off, BBC.
Oil prices at $142 Friday.
In futures, they're trading as high as $143.
Now, then you have the head of OPEC come out and say, Reuters, OPEC chief sees oil at $170 in coming months.
Crude oil prices could rise as much as $170 per barrel in the coming months, but are unlikely to hit $200, and should ease towards the end of the year, OPEC President Chiquique Cayo said in an interview on Thursday.
Now, remember, they always go down in the winter.
Fall and winter, and they always go back up in the summer, as I predicted last week.
They're going to run up, I said $150 a few months ago.
It's higher than that.
$150 a barrel, then it'll drop back down to $125.
You'll think that's great when three years ago you were paying $50 a barrel and thought that was high.
Then, next summer it's going to go to $200.
And it's going to sit at about $205, unless they totally get rid of the dollar.
That will be the dollar with about 16% of its value if they go to $200.
Right now, it's got less than 40% of its value.
It's all because of that.
And Bilderberg said two years ago, we went and covered their conference, infiltrated, got the documents, as usual.
Earth-shattering stuff that we go through, but, you know, just decadent, mindless, baboon public, doesn't even realize what pearls are thrown before them, that we told you it'd be $200 by 2009, and that it'd be $150 by this summer.
And now, where is it?
Oh, we just magically pull these numbers out of a... Go listen to all the podcasts!
Go listen to all the shows saved on the web!
Go read the articles we've written!
I mean, I DEMAND you pay attention to what I'm saying!
Because if you had political will, and if you knew the difference between fake politics with Barack Obama and that... that... that albino gerbil, uh... McCain, then you would understand, ladies and gentlemen, that this is serious business.
This is very serious business.
There's real stuff going on in the world.
OPEC chief sees oil at $150 to $170 in coming months.
I forecast prices probably between $150 and $170 during the summer.
They'll perhaps ease towards the end of the year.
The comments came as crude oil prices shot above $140 a barrel.
Now, let me get into some of the other news here for you.
Oil reaches 142 on view.
Dollar will keep falling.
Associated Press.
Now, I am on other people's talk shows and I get laughed at by the neocon host saying the dollar is a new value.
Or I cry to call into other shows in Austin.
They won't let me on and laugh at me when I say, hey, they're having a debate, wondering why we owe so much.
I'd like to tell them.
I'll listen to hours of talk radio.
The hosts never get it, never understand.
It's like a bunch of lobotomized baboons.
And the listeners are even stupider at all these shows.
And I just want you to know the truth.
I mean, it'll be in the news wires, but never on your nightly news.
Never getting picked up.
Never being told to you.
And this was done politically by design.
By the Federal Reserve, the private bankers that own you.
People say, don't be so negative.
If I am not negative and tell you the truth, we'll never have a chance of knowing who the enemy is in reversing this.
It's like saying, don't be negative about that big tumor on your brain.
Just decide it's going to be fine.
No, I want the thing cut out.
It's not negative to say, get it out of there!
You understand what it's gonna mean if this continues down to 15% dollar value?
You think things are bad, folks?
It's gonna be like A-bombs dropped on your cities financially.
You know how dangerous the scum public's gonna be when they're totally bankrupt?
You understand what this means?
Curtains, ladies and gentlemen.
If you don't grow up, if you yuppies and people that have got some power in the system don't stop being jackasses that believe whatever the mainstream media says.
Barclays warns of a financial storm as Federal Reserve's credibility crumbles.
Head of Barclays says investors will do well if they can preserve any of their wealth.
That's London Telegraph.
Here is the New York Times.
Gloom descends over Wall Street again.
I'll come back and tell you what's behind this and tell you where we're going.
Downhill into a Hades-like financial system.
Warp inflation.
A depressionary inflation.
Not 1929 U.S., 1929 Germany.
You better look into the difference.
We'll be right back.
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We're good to go!
You're listening to GCN, the Genesis Communications Radio Network.
Since the founding of this nation more than 200 years ago, there has been less than 1% inflation or devaluation in the dollar until around 1900.
By the time the private banking families took over our banking system and our currency issuance and control and liquidity control, we have had a 99% devaluation in value.
Now, more than half that devaluation has happened just in the last eight years alone.
There is now about one cent of value left.
That is what you think of as the value of the dollar.
Now, in that one cent,
If things continue in the next two and a half years, it will lose down to less than 20% of its value.
We're talking peso.
We're talking ruble.
This has never happened in the Republic.
Now, when Mexico did this in the 80s, or Argentina did it in 2000, everybody knows what it is.
They're corrupt regimes.
For the decade before, buy villas in Switzerland, and buy oil companies, and buy aircraft manufacturing lines, and buy massive stocks in defense.
In areas outside their country, they devalue the currency, and then overnight, it is learned that that happens, and you have a slide into even first world nations like Argentina.
Argentine are gone, are destroyed.
That's what happened in Argentina.
The old saying, riches in Argentina, they don't say that anymore.
In fact, in some cities they have a higher standard than we do here.
Not anymore.
Total third world, total crime, total police state.
The elites all move out.
The jets leave.
The elites leave.
The elites of the U.S.
have been leaving for about six years.
All of them.
Democrats, Republicans, Dick Cheney, the Hollywood people.
They're all moving out.
They're all leaving.
Blackwater, Halliburton, Cheney, all going to Dubai.
Everybody's going.
Everybody's leaving.
You understand?
And then they even write about it in different Pentagon journals and they write about it in British Ministry of Defense documents.
They say it's over!
They have used us to fund the New World Order.
Now it's going to rise.
We get the blame.
The U.S.
gets the blame for the wars and the torture, all by design.
They leave a rear guard of domestic propaganda that neutralized us to think we were the good guys, while the newspapers, the Globalist Zone, demonized us for their actions outside the country.
You understand how masterfully that was done?
And we've still got a chance.
We've got a lot of wealth, a lot of ideas, but you're so mesmerized, they've decided to go with it.
They've decided to fully drop the hammer on you, because even when things are really bad, you will still lick and suck the boots of government.
You will still worship the liars if they wear an American flag on their suit lapel.
I mean, folks, I was out on a deep-sea fishing cruise just in the Gulf for a day a couple weeks ago.
I was talking to business owners, guys who claimed they were millionaires.
They didn't know about the dollar devaluation.
I talked to people at the gym.
They don't know.
I just happened to be at a meeting where an oil company owner was this last week of a pretty good-sized oil company.
He knew about dollar devaluation but hadn't thought about it.
I mean, but everybody outside the country, the Germans, the Dutch, the Russians, the Chinese, the Swiss, everybody, the people in Qatar, the people in Israel, it's all they're talking about.
We are literally... I mean, I made myself call into a couple talk shows this weekend, I heard, one on this station, another on another, and I got through, used a fake name, and just said, you're talking about oil all day!
I mean, if the dollar is devalued, will you please read AP and Reuters and press releases by the oil companies and by everybody else instead?
But see, that's in the news wires, but never on the news.
Most of what I tell you is in, like, like George Bush funded the illegal alien rallies.
The Republican Party funded that.
That even made it in Dallas Morning News three years ago that people still call me a conspiracy theorist.
Rob Allen & Co., Republican Strategy Group, funded it.
Republican Party funded it.
While they prance around claiming they're going to fix it.
I mean, it's frustrating to see you being gold, to see you being manipulated.
Listen, let me read to you Bloomberg, okay?
This is Bloomberg Financial.
You will never see this on the news, though.
OPEC leader says dollar will drive oil to 170.
It's all the dollar.
Case closed.
No debate.
I've been telling you this for six years in horror.
I thought when it lost ten percent of its value in a year, I was freaking out.
Then it kept losing, kept losing, and I've just been panicking.
This is it!
You understand?
It's over!
You know what this means?
Third world!
For real, folks!
And all I want to do is warn you!
I love this country!
I cry when I hear the Star Spangled Banner!
I'm a real red, white, and blue!
Not one of you fake little bastards that supported this war, that's bankrupted us, and was meant to destroy our name!
In sophisticated global chess, you have no idea what you've gone along with!
But you're gonna find out now.
OPEC leader.
Predicted that the price of oil will climb to $1.70 a barrel before the end of the year, citing the dollar's decline.
That's all it is, ladies and gentlemen.
Oil prices are expected to reach 170 as demand for fuel is growing in the U.S.
In the summer period, the dollar continues to weaken against the euro.
They're paying 24 cents in Brazil, 14 cents in Venezuela, 40-something cents in Mexico.
They're not paying more around the world.
Only the schmucks pay five times more for prescription drugs.
You guessed it, us, than everybody else.
Only the idiots.
Only the decadent sports fans that didn't want to know about how the world worked.
Do you think in Germany and in China and in Russia this isn't headlines?
It is every day for years.
Because they can't feed their people, Bull, as dumbed down as they are.
Only us.
And look, I'm not sardonic here.
You're thinking, I'm smart.
I'm just an average guy.
That's like a god compared to the general public.
And it's time for you to stop having mental midget brains and to decide that it's important to figure out what's going on.
And you're not going to get that from whatever filters onto TV or mainline talk radio.
You understand?
You don't have to believe Alex Jones or some conspiracy site.
You can go to the government documents.
You can go to the rulings.
You can go to the foreign press.
You can go to the news wires.
You know, let's say there's a thousand AP articles a day, you probably see five in your paper.
And the five you see in your paper are in every other paper.
That's the gatekeepers.
You want to go find out what's really going on?
Go read a Reuters or an AFP or a UPI Newswire sometimes, folks.
You know what's in there?
Car bombs, truck bombings, Mexican troops slaughtering people in Texas, Arizona, California, Indiana.
Towns falling to Mexico, Mexican flags running up, whites being slaughtered, blacks being slaughtered.
You'll never hear it on your news!
TB exploding!
Drug-resistant TB everywhere!
Huge sanitariums being set up!
Leprosy spreading everywhere!
Flesh-eating bacteria killing kids in every town every day of the week!
Total insanity, ladies and gentlemen!
You'll never hear it!
You'll never know about it!
You understand?
This show is a tiny little pinprick through that electronic Berlin Wall!
And you bet I'm freaked out, folks!
Because our country's falling into third world and the elite are using a highly nationalistic, narco-terrorist, incredibly corrupt nation.
What other nation has an animal killing another animal on its flag to basically overrun and destroy the U.S.?
And the media tries to spin it and say, oh, you're not for open borders, you don't like Mexican-Americans.
Oh, is that why close to 70% of Mexican-Americans in every major Gallup poll and other poll, Angus and Reed, Mason, Dixon,
Scripps Howard are against the open borders.
They know it's destroying their wages.
The media says all Hispanics want open borders and then make them feel bad if they don't.
And the Larry Conquistas then attack them because they're patriotic Americans.
And all the big Fortune 500, the big beer makers, and the NFL, and all of them, Fondola Reconquista.
The Reconquering.
Because that's their agenda.
That's what they're here for.
That's what the new old order wants.
And don't worry!
We're going to be a peon slave state.
Don't worry all of you out there.
You'll get what you want.
The only semi-free country is falling, falling, falling.
They're getting rid of the Fourth Amendment, the Second, everything else.
This Supreme Court ruling says they can take your guns.
And I told you they'd tell you it was a gun victory.
Because I know what I'm talking about!
We'll be right back with more news you can't afford to miss!
Stay with us!
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It is now time to reign in evil and bring them to justice.
Through the authority that has been delegated to us, it is time to destroy the destroyers.
The number of the mounted troops was 200 million, the vast majority of the population of the U.S.
Though the people of the U.S., where their numbers and influence are strongest, have primary responsibility for reigning them in and bringing them to justice, all nations will participate since they reside the world over.
They are called Illuminati, elite, proponents of the New World Order.
They oppose everything that is God and truth.
They are of the line that was disinherited 2,000 years ago.
Everything they have built over the centuries, the wealth they have accumulated, the power they have established, the poisoning of the masses, the destruction of the earth and mankind, we will undo through the authority that has now been delegated to us.
Visit our website at unveilingthem.com.
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Coming up is next Friday, July 4th.
Just remember, the people claiming they're patriotic in both parties that put American flags in your face all day are the very globalists destroying this nation.
They want tyranny.
They want third-world serfdom.
A bunch of dumbed-down, economically bankrupt slaves.
They can push around.
What elites have always wanted.
Now listen to this.
Now, now, now.
Folks, this is a small part of the Mexico news of the last three days.
20 people killed in Mexican border city.
Police say 20 people have been killed in less than three days in the crime-ridden border city.
Latest wave of violence.
From Texas to California.
Just 20 just outside Texas.
State Police spokesman Cesar Ramirez says a father and son were killed at their home while sleeping.
Where among the victims a third victim was a man whose body was cut up in pieces and dumped in a empty lot.
Ramirez said this year alone more than 500 people have been killed in Juarez across the border from El Paso.
Now let's stop right there.
It was over 600 killed.
Just in 2006, I remember in Texas alone.
I mean, I remember going down to that area, Nuevo Laredo and stuff in college.
It was fun.
You go down there and, you know, it was cheap because their peso was like our dollar and, you know, it was devalued.
So you go down there and you have a fun weekend.
Now it's all boarded up, all shut down.
My cousin's been down there.
I've been down there the last few years.
I mean, the State Department says it's more dangerous than the West Bank of Israel.
They're killing U.S.
cops everywhere, but when they kill a cop,
It's kept quiet, like a drug runner killed a cop a few months ago, and Mexico got him, and then the judge just said, I'm letting you go.
It was actually a border patrol agent.
They just said, basically, good job, kill more Americans.
I mean, the Mexican troops routinely kill our military.
Our military is told to run.
They're not allowed to have bullets.
They routinely kill border patrol.
I mean, every few months I see it in the news, or they kill our military, or they kill FBI, and it's always in the back of a news wire.
Because you're not supposed to know that Mexico hates this country.
You're not supposed to know that if they catch you with one marijuana cigarette, or one .22 shell casing that was underneath your seat from ten years ago when you were out plinking,
That they're going to suck hundreds of thousands out of you, keep you in jail for years, rape you, torture you, pour Tabasco down your nose to find out how much money you've got, suck it off your family.
Oh, but you're supposed to love Mexico, our little friend, a place where they enslaved their people, a place that hates the U.S., that lost two wars with the U.S.
and one with Texas.
And then I'm supposed to just sit here while all these towns fly Mexican flags at the courthouses?
Oh, man.
America's becoming like Mexico.
We're becoming a third world nation.
And we're here to be sucked dry.
And Mexico has more billionaires than the U.S., did you know that?
Mexico has triple the resources than we have, but the people are some of the poorest in the world.
Once a country goes corrupt, its economy falls apart, but the elite want that.
They don't like you being middle class.
They don't.
And they've got you all fooled with Barack Obama or George Bush.
You're all debating that and they laugh at you when they own both of them.
And their whole agenda just continues.
Listen to this.
I pulled up my office one night and I saw my IT guy in handcuffs and I pull up and the cops all freak out and they recognize me.
Hey Alex Jones, what's up man?
We're fans of the show, but you're arresting this guy.
Oh, his license is expired.
And I said, but if it was an illegal alien, you wouldn't arrest him.
He goes, that's right, we're told not to.
And then I've got all these news articles and cops saying, oh yeah, we'll arrest 15 illegals in a van with marijuana, we're told to release them.
Or they're drunk driving, we're told to release them.
Because the government wants to drive down the wages.
Wants to turn us into... I'm not against the poor Mexicans that want to leave their tyranny.
Except then they also hate this country because they're taught that from birth.
Well, then I'm supposed to play along when we've got Mexican radio stations named El Norte, Revolution, the RAZA, which means the race, and they'll have, like, call signs at the end of the hour for the FCC going, for those inside the race, everything.
For those outside the race, nothing.
My wife speaks Spanish, folks.
She lived in Spain for six years.
It's on, it's, we're gonna get you, we're gonna kick over, we're gonna kill the gringo, ha ha ha!
I mean this isn't, it's all around you, you just aren't told about it.
It's perfect, it's code, it's another language.
And I'm not supposed to talk about it, I must be politically corrected.
Oh my, I won't discuss it.
LAPD won't ask about immigrants' status, this is AP, the last one was AP.
It's like 20 deaths every few days now on our border.
A California judge blocked a lawsuit that sought to enlist Los Angeles police officers in weeding out illegal immigrants.
And it says, Los Angeles police work in communities with large numbers of illegal immigrants and generally don't inquire about immigrant status because it could discourage undocumented people from helping officers report crimes.
And it says here that if you've been arrested even for a felony, they don't ask you about that.
Go read the article.
Police report Mexican Army members busted for home invasion and murder.
They caught them!
Now I had the former head of the DEA Latin America on, Celica Stillo, a great friend of mine, five years ago, four and a half years ago said, the U.S.
government has trained thousands of Mexican military, they're doing hits all over Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, California, Nevada, of other drug cartels that aren't paying a cut to U.S.
Mexico works with the U.S., that is the crime syndicate.
Just like our government ran all the death squads in Latin America.
And now it's actually come out that our government's funding them, training them, and so it's gotta be, sometimes they get out of hand, it's gotta be kept quiet.
Our criminal government runs them.
You understand?
So if they get out of hand and kill a few U.S.
cops, so what?
You know, like Henry Kissinger wrote in Say Goodbye to the Boys, he said our military's dirt and they're to die in scum.
They're a bunch of dumb animals.
I don't believe that, but your government believes that about you.
They call you dumb animals and you love it, and love them as their troops kill you and you love them still.
Police reports show that three men arrested in Phoenix, home invasion and homicide Monday, were active members of the Mexican military.
The Mexican Army.
While on the J.D.
Hayworth Show, Phoenix Law Enforcement Association President Mark Spencer said the men involved were hired by drug cartels to perform invasions and assassinations.
Home invasions and assassinations.
Well, of course!
Go read the articles we wrote three, four, five years ago.
We wrote a bunch of them about this.
I've had the sheriffs on, where Mexican troops will come three miles over, pull their squad cars over, run them off the road, and then other sheriffs will show up, the Mexican troops will get out in their vehicles, take the drugs back that the sheriff's department sees, and drive off.
I mean, we've got hundreds of videos of the Coyotes, our Mexican flatback army vehicles.
They drive across, dump the illegals off in other vans, and then fire on our police if they do anything.
It's Mexican armored vehicles!
Heckler & Koch MP5s!
Whole platoons!
Over a hundred men!
Hundreds of videos!
In one night last year, the Mexican troops burned down 26 houses in Arizona.
They just came into a town and burned part of the town down!
And the scum government, because they're all making so much money off the coke and heroin, they will not let you know about it.
You will never hear about it outside shows like this, okay?
This is out of Phoenix TV, KFYI.
Police unions standing by Mexican militia reports.
Federal government told them that they were incorrect.
They're standing by and say, we've captured the guys.
And they're in the military with IDs, Mexican troops.
That's just how it works.
Bloomberg today, Texas real estate slump lets Mexicans take it all back.
More than a century after, and a half after Mexico lost Texas to the U.S., Virgilio Garza wants a piece of it back.
A Texas for Sale sign and cowgirls in boots and white hats greets Garza at the Convex Center in Monterey, Mexico.
Earlier this month, the Monterey developer and investor Garza was in search of foreclosures and U.S.
property to buy.
Texas is like our home, said Garza.
Forty-five have joined hundreds of Mexicans pouring over a list of properties in the four-day event.
Garza, who owns manufacturing sites and other land in Mexico, said he and five partners must invest as much as $8 million in Texas.
We believe there can be more opportunities.
A rising peso, see we're, dollars going down, pesos going up.
We're done.
As long as you keep sucking your thumb and loving George Bush and Obama.
Okay, idiots?
Time to wake up.
Time to be men and women.
Time to quit being gullible idiots.
A rising peso and an economy growing faster than the U.S.
has given some Mexicans, yeah, the ruling elite, the, got more money than our people, the buying power to go over their little poor pathetic slaves, but see, they get to say, oh, the gringo's bad, the Americans are bad, go get them!
And see, then they feel good.
To take advantage of the housing slump in Texas, which the U.S.
annexed in 1845 after Texans gained independence from Mexico nine years earlier.
A three-year war followed and ended with Mexico ceding about half its territory.
Yeah, Mexican troops attacked and slaughtered our military, hundreds to one in one case, up in Oklahoma, and so the Marines went down there and could have taken your whole country, your whole godforsaken nation over, which was stolen from other Central American countries to begin with.
A three-year... They had kings.
They had a German king down there.
I mean, Mexico's just an absolute pit of corruption.
Just its entire history.
Heart-eating, blood-drinking individuals were running it before that.
Oh, don't criticize our culture.
Okay, the Nazis are a culture.
I think they're an evil culture.
I can see that's an evil culture.
A three-year war followed and ended with Mexico ceding about half its territory, including Arizona, Nevada, and California to the U.S.
under the 1848 Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo.
The peso gained on the dollar.
We'll be back with the second hour and your phone calls.
More on Mexican troops attacking, car bombings, mass slaughter of U.S.
The media completely covers it up.
It's in little local areas, but you'll never hear about it from the globalist media bringing the U.S.
We're gonna bring them down!
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Robert Mugabe has just been sworn in for yet another term as president of Zimbabwe, and he's promising serious talks with the opposition.
World leaders have condemned Friday's vote, which Mugabe claims to have won overwhelmingly.
Correspondent Angus Shaw reports that other African countries are disturbed by the election outcome because it doesn't represent the will of the people.
The Pan-African Parliament elected lawmakers from African Union countries, which is pretty much continent-wide, have described the election as in no manner free and fair, characterized by intimidation and violence.
Levees on the Mississippi River are holding today, but damage from the waters may last for years.
As water levels receded for a second straight day, officials and citizens are taking stock of the toll.
The storms and flooding have killed at least 24 people since late May and displaced an estimated 38,000 from homes.
This is IRN USA Radio News.
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Barack Obama's critics say the candidate's proposals for change on various fronts translate to more than $1 trillion in new government spending.
Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty, a key John McCain supporter, told ABC's This Week that level of spending means middle class Americans would end up paying higher taxes.
Barack Obama has proposed his tax cuts that do not pay for all of his spending.
He has proposed over a trillion dollars.
I'm good.
Police in Orlando, Florida are investigating the spray painting of dozens of city vehicles, some with disparaging messages about Barack Obama, including a racial epitaph.
For the latest news and analysis, log on to irnnews.com.
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The future, it's brighter.
Israel has approved a prisoner exchange with a Lebanese Hezbollah.
Here's correspondent Mark Levy.
The bitter enemies worked out their prisoner exchange with German mediation.
Israel gets back the bodies of two soldiers Hezbollah captured two years ago, setting off a bloody 34-day war.
Hezbollah receives the bodies of guerrillas, several prisoners from the war, and Samir Kantar, serving multiple life sentences for a brutal 1979 attack in northern Israel.
Israel's cabinet approved the deal by a wide margin, though critics charge it's unbalanced.
Mark Levy, Jerusalem.
Hundreds of California wildfires continue to threaten thousands of homes, and now they're also threatening people's health.
The California Air Resources Board says pollution readings in Northern California are two to ten times worse than the federal clean air standard.
A spokesman describes the mix of smoke and ash as very dangerous and urges people to stay inside.
Red flag fire danger warnings are in effect today with more dry lightning and stiffer breeze is expected.
Red flag is the most extreme category.
A lonely little robot made millions of friends during the weekend and even outgunned Angelina Jolie.
Wall-E, the Pixar animation tale of a robot toiling away on a long-abandoned earth, debuted as the number one movie this weekend with more than $62 million in ticket sales.
Jolie's assassin thriller Wanted opened in second place with $51.1 million.
Richard Stewart, IRN USA Radio News.
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Now live from Austin, Texas, here's Alex Jones.
That's right, open phones in the shower.
You can comment on any of the stories I covered in the last.
The imploding dollar.
The imploding border as the government allows military teams to murder and slaughter whoever they want, and the complicit, lobotomized media isn't even capable of reporting on it.
Spoon-fed monkeys.
877-590-5525, locally in Texas.
If you're listening to me out at the station that we broadcast out of, 836-0590, this is Radio 590 KLVJ, where we come to you from, syndicated across the land, and on global shortwave internet and satellite.
But just listening to Fox News and local news, I got a comment on both of them.
Fox News, actually finally giving you some real information, because the White House is being so public about it, five years ago, because three and a half months into the invasion of Iraq in March of 2003, the White House admitted they were running three Wahhabi, that's Al Qaeda out of Saudi Arabia groups, attacking Iran, uncovered operations.
Then, Sy Hersh, four years ago, reported at the New Yorker Magazine that U.S.
Special Forces were leading Al-Qaeda groups in bombing mosques, blowing up police stations, attacking schools, because the Iranians are smart and won't fight back.
The Iranians know they're being sucked into something.
Now, they think of you as such idiots.
That Bush gets up on U.S.
TV and says, Iran is running Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan, attacking the Afghan government.
Mohammed Karzai, on the podium, with Bush and Mr. President, in clear English, and he's a Unicole executive and buddies with Bush, but you knew how crazy that was in foreign media.
He said, Mr. President, that's not true.
Iran is Shiite.
It's Sunnis that are attacking us, and Iran actually is enemies with them and they're helping us.
And Bush said, nope, they are Al-Qaeda, they are attacking.
Well, that was last year.
What about seven, eight months ago?
I mean, only here do they think we're such morons, and I guess we are morons, that the criminals running our government, I don't want to say our military, our government, but the criminal group that's hijacked it, the coup, the junta, they are running Al-Qaeda attacks in Iraq.
Then, in the middle of last year, about a year ago now,
Read it on air.
The White House puts out a press release saying, we're running four revolutionary groups in military operations against Iran.
And they blew up mosques full of people, they bombed a bunch more schools, and Iran is suing the U.S.
in the U.S.
and in England for those murders, and the U.S.
admits they did it.
Our government, with the number three in Al-Qaeda,
You can't make this stuff up, is blowing up their mosques, blowing up their schools, and Iran just keeps saying, we stand down, we stand down, we stand down, we stand down.
Iran's been overthrown twice by the people that run our government.
They still stand down, and our government keeps blowing up their jetliners.
Iran still stands down, still stands down, trying to goad them into fighting back.
Now, here it is in plain view.
AP, AFP, Reuters.
Here's the headline.
Gives Major Boost to Covert Ops in Iran Report.
And it's, again, New Yorker Magazine citing former military intelligence congressional sources.
The move reveals a major escalation.
Bush is going to give $400 million more.
He's already done that three times every year and a half to these people.
And they're just gonna keep, I mean, there's car bombings, truck bombings, blowing up mosques every week, and the Iranians just take it, and take it, and take it.
And imagine the U.S.
getting hit every week, every week, killing our kids.
It's Al-Qaeda doing it!
And then those lying generals get up and say, Iran's funding Al-Qaeda to attack Iraq and giving them IEDs.
Then it turns out the weapons aren't Iranian-made, they're Russian-made.
Okay, so look that up.
It's like 20 times.
General's wrong.
The headline is they found Iranian IEDs, improvised explosive devices.
Then you'll read a week later in the back of the paper, okay, they were wrong.
They weren't wrong!
They talked to you like a lobotomized monkey!
A monkey that's had its cerebral cortex carved out is smarter than you.
It's not even smarter.
It wants to know.
You gotta give it a banana.
For it to eat it, you can give an American some dog dung.
And tell them it's a banana and they'll gobble it right up.
Heard a local newscast.
They had some university professor saying that it's because of speculators that the oil... Let me explain something to you.
The head of OPEC, the oil companies all over the world, it's the dollar being devalued.
But she'll never, ever, ever, because the conventional
That everyone's meant to parrot so they sound wise and mighty.
Most of these people that parrot this stuff aren't bad.
They just parrot whatever the big parrot says to feel official.
Oh God, I can't handle it anymore.
I said I'd take your calls, but I'm going to just finish this story and then I will go to Ryan, Illinois.
I want to hear from Alex in Florida.
Says he's a reporter and got arrested, whatever that is.
Steve, Mike, Willie, Lynn, Chuck.
We're going to get to everybody, I promise, after break.
Look, I'm not going to spend much time on this.
I could spend ten hours.
But the government, in hundreds of textbooks and government documents, I've had former head of the Department of Education Policy on Charlotte Isserby, wrote the book, Deliberate Dumbing Down.
I've had John Taylor Gatto, award-winning educator, work for the government.
He got the higher levels and found out they're dumbing you down on purpose.
Everybody knows that, but I mean, we got the documents.
And they said a hundred years ago they were going to turn you into people who couldn't think.
The teachers are three, four generations in.
They don't know.
They're brain-dead monkeys, too, sitting there brain-damaging the children.
Government permission required for parents to kiss their children.
See, this is the next thing.
They just say, it's improper.
You may be arrested if you're seen hugging your child.
If a father takes a son or daughter or a mother takes them alone to the pool, you must be licensed to have children.
And you must be licensed to touch your children.
If you get a license before, you can change your baby's diaper, or if you are seen doing, breastfeeding, anything, it is perverted and you will be arrested.
London Telegraph.
You cannot make this up.
It's now the law in England, and it has all the cases here, and they're now starting it in the U.S.
And I see Paul and others can't believe it.
I know, I can't believe it either.
Who would believe that they'd put scanners now going in all the airports that show your naked body and record it?
Who would believe that in 2011, Ford and Toyota have announced all cars they make will have a... I don't know if they're going to put it in, but they say they are.
We may be able to stop it.
Somebody watching this in three or four years.
But they say that all their new cars will have breathalyzers.
Just Google it.
All guilty until proven innocent.
Face-scanning cameras are in every city.
Pentagon-controlled license scanning are everywhere.
When you come back into the country across the border, they confiscate your computer and phone.
No Fourth Amendment.
And search it.
No Fourth Amendment.
Everything's a joke, folks.
The government's rogue and criminal.
Here it is.
Government permission required for parents to kiss children.
Quarter of adult population face mandatory anti-pedophile test and sweeping expansion of child protection measures.
Sweeping new policy set to be introduced in the UK will mandate parents to get government permission to kiss their children or take them to the swimming pool in public.
Measures that are poisoning relationships between the generations according to respected sociologist Professor Frank Fruity.
By the way, Trey, I want him on the show.
And then Paul did an article about the London story, it was in several of their papers, London Telegraph and others, and we found even worse stuff.
Where they're doing it in the U.S.
starting, where CPS take people's kids in the U.S., if a mother is seen hugging their son or daughter when they leave school, CPS then comes.
If you don't have the child over, SWAT teams will come and will gun you down.
You understand?
You will be murdered if you don't let the pedophiles have your kids!
This is the Hell Force!
I'm so sick of it!
You understand how evil this is?
You understand how degenerate and filthy this government is?
Just you go read the story.
Government permission required for parents to kiss their children.
From next year, the new independent safeguard authority will require any adult who comes in contact with children or vulnerable adults
Either their work or involuntary groups to be vetted, according to the London Telegraph.
And it goes on, in the Think Tank Report, Professor Fruity highlighted cases where government checks were already being required by schools and other organizations for parents to merely interact with their own children in public.
In one example, a woman could not kiss her daughter goodbye at school trip because she had not been vetted with a license to touch their child.
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Though the people of the U.S., where their numbers and influence are strongest, have primary responsibility for reigning them in and bringing them to justice, all nations will participate since they reside the world over.
They are called Illuminati, elite, proponents of the New World Order.
We're good to go.
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Hey, I just did my good work.
I just gave an AP Anna Bloomberg financial report about how the dollar is plunging and that's why oil prices are up to the nice news lady out there, Sarah, the local station that broadcasts that up.
I guess she's going to give it to the news manager.
Because all I hear on every talk radio station and everywhere is, why, why, why, why, why, why?
And I hear, speculators, speculators, speculators, speculators, speculators, speculators.
It has the dollar plunging globally.
Everybody's dumping out of dollars.
And that causes about 20% of the price increase, but 70-plus is that dollar going down the old commode.
And here I am, just keep saying it like I told you five years ago, our criminal government's running al-Qaeda operations in Iran, then blaming Iran for being behind al-Qaeda, because who else but the gullible Americans can you lie to like this?
I mean, we really need to realize how pathetic we are, folks.
I mean, it's sick.
It's shameful.
I'm totally freaked out right now.
Everybody knows they can eat our lunch, the illegal aliens, everybody.
We pay more for gas, we pay more for prescription drugs, we are the idiots!
Stop putting up with it!
Is there nothing you won't take?
Alright, I'm gonna shut up.
Calls for the rest of the show!
Ryan in Illinois, thanks for holding.
You're on the air worldwide.
No problem, Alex.
All over the internet, I've been hearing a lot about the global march against the NWO on July 4th and July 12th throughout the world.
I've seen some YouTube videos about a July 4th thing, and I think that came along a little too late to have a big effect, but the Ron Paul July 12th deal, Big March in D.C., I'm going to be promoting that and pushing that.
I won't be there.
I'm too busy finishing films, doing radio, researching here in the bunker, but I do get out and confront Bilderberg.
I may go to 9-11 this year, I haven't decided yet, up in New York, but anything else, sir?
I was going to say that if you can't make it out to the Capitol, just do it in the nearest city to have it.
And even if it's you and ten people out in your small town saying 9-11 is an inside job or down with the New World Order, we've got to get the buzz going against who the real criminals are.
That's all I had to say.
I just appreciate the broadcast today.
Appreciate you.
Yeah, as long as we're talking about Barack Obama and John McCain and diverted by them running things, they're down here, down low.
The real power is up above them.
Let's look up a little bit.
Let's stop being idiots.
I mean, seriously, folks.
Major breaking news!
The U.S.
has covert operations attacking the Iranians inside Iran.
And Iran just sits there and takes it.
Can you imagine if Iranians were running around blowing stuff up here?
But see, this is how we are, the bad guys, folks.
But we, the people, aren't.
See, the people think they're part of the system and, yeah, we're giving it to them Iraners.
Well, you know what?
The Iranian Arabs aren't even Arabs.
Well, let me give you a little newsflash.
You're getting raped by the same elite.
You think the elite doesn't care about Iranians, but it cares about you?
Hey, Dumbo!
Alright, let's go ahead and... I'm in a really mean mood, because I love this country, and your ignorance is destroying it.
The globalists, evil's gonna come eat your lunch if you're an idiot.
And so it's your fault this is happening.
Some of you out there, my great listeners, know what's going on, and I love them.
Let's go ahead here and take a call from Steve in Indiana.
Steve, go ahead.
What's up, Alex?
Great show.
I heard you a couple of shows ago touched on IBM using Microsoft as a front.
I was wondering if I could take that question off the air to answer.
If you could touch on that for people that love Bill Gates and think he's the best in the world.
I was wondering if you could just touch on that and how deep it goes.
I appreciate it.
Well, thank you.
Yeah, I saw a Frontline special that got into it a little bit about probably 12, 13 years ago.
I remember right when I was first getting on air, I remember watching like an hour-long special on PBS that got into some of it.
Then I read a few books years ago, talked to some telecom people, some computer experts.
Then I got into some history books about Thomas Watson, the big Nazi for Hitler.
Who created the machines, the people with the numbers on their arms, IBM.
And then when he died in 54, the company was to be a trust to carry out eugenics.
That's the whole point of IBM.
Making the money is just like Warren Buffet gave 47 billion for eugenics.
The Gateses gave 40-something billion for eugenics.
That's in my film Endgame.
I mean, they make all this money just to give it for eugenics.
You hear, helping Africans.
But no, Bill Gates' dad's the head of Planned Parenthood.
Bill Gates is on tape saying, yeah, that we should sterilize people, have one-child policies.
I mean, these are the hardcore people.
But IBM was set up during the trust-busting in the early, you know, turn of the last century.
You know, 1905, 1906 started getting big, and he saw the trust-busting.
So to get around a monopoly, they couldn't have the operating system and sell all the machines.
And so they have, and IBM specializes, they have thousands of front companies.
Out there, like Applied Digital Solutions is one.
IBM doesn't want to come out and get you ready for an implantable chip, so they have a front company for nine years that never makes money and loses tens of millions a year, and I read all its financial filings for three years straight.
That's right, thousands of pages, I scanned them.
So I just kept running into IBM, IBM with fronts, and so that popped out as my organic computer analysis.
Okay, there you go.
Let's go ahead and take another call.
Alex in Florida.
You're on the air worldwide.
Go ahead.
Thanks for taking my call.
Hi Alex.
I'm a student.
I work with a student-driven student news organization based out of Miami, Florida.
We run a website and over Memorial Day weekend we went out to South Beach and Miami Beach, Florida and we had gotten reports from the Miami Herald that there's going to be a heavy police presence.
And when we went out there we were actually surprised by what we saw.
There were actually
Um, federal multi-jurisdictional anti-gang task forces roaming the streets.
Yeah, the feds are federalizing everything, building FEMA camps, FEMA command bunkers.
And they had, um, they had, uh, ICE agents walking with them.
That's right, it's called Operation Endgame, hence why I call my film Endgame, and they said we're going to only arrest a few thousand illegals to make the public think
We're stopping illegals to set the precedent to have roving federal forces.
This is all declassified.
Houston Chronicle reported on it January 7th, 2006.
They were engaging in stop-and-frisk on people, just random people on the street.
That's also part of the Viper teams against, uh, exactly.
And the reason we went out there was a hip-hop festival, and when we went out there with several, there was about five of us, and we had shirts that said Tierney Response Squad.
And we're all armed with cameras and microphones to document this.
And what happened in your free country?
We were out there for about two nights in a row, and on the second night I was approached by one of the detectives who was a member of one of the local city police forces, and he started cursing at me, telling me I better turn off my camera.
And I close it, but it doesn't turn off, and I just walk away.
And, um, as I'm walking away, I realize my friend is gone.
My friend isn't with me, so I walk back there, opening the camera for my own safety.
Well, number one, the police can't tell you to turn your cameras off.
The government's putting cameras up in school bathrooms, rest stops, shoving them down our throat.
But then I have cops run up to me and tell me in Austin, turn my camera off.
It's because they have been trained that it's them against us, because they're here to make sure the looting is carried out in orderly fashion, and that the dumb, schmuck slaves don't get out of line.
Yeah, and this guy looks more like a gang member than a cop yet.
Well, I mean, in Florida, sir, they're almost all on the narcotics take.
What else happened?
Well, I ended up walking away.
Someone, well, either an ICE agent or a probation agent.
One of the gods, one of the gods.
Stay there, I want to hear what else happened to you, okay?
Listen, you deserve that, boy!
This is land of the coward, home of the slave!
You better lick his boots!
Just get ready to have everything taken from you, and you need to thank him when your dollar's worthless!
You need to hand in your guns and worship him, right now!
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Are you tired of searching for great talk radio?
Well, search no more.
We are the GCN Radio Network.
Yeah, it's actually big news in England.
It's happened to me there.
You're just walking along videotaping stuff.
Cops walk over and I'm putting you in a terror database.
Not allowed to talk to people on the street.
And they grab mainstream news cameras now.
See, the government's going to surveil you, the slave.
But you're not going to point a camera anywhere near them.
You're going to learn that when the government says jump, you say, yes, master, how, hi.
You're here to serve government and be a slave.
You're here to work and pay taxes.
Shut up and learn to be a slave.
Learn to be a schmuck, okay?
Don't listen to people like me.
I'm bad.
I'm not patriotic.
Patriotic means be a slave, worship criminal government, okay?
I'm bad.
I don't like it.
But you are good.
You've got it all figured out.
You know, the media says the gas is up because of speculation.
It ain't true, doesn't matter.
You're supposed to parrot that like a little parrot, like a cockatoo.
You could admit it was the dollar devaluation by the Federal Reserve and politically force them to stop it and save your future, but you're not going to, because you're members of the establishment.
You don't listen to conspiracy theorists when they read to you directly from press releases by OPEC begging the government to stop devaluing the dollar, because it's destroying the world economy.
Let's go ahead and go to someone who tried to go out with a Turing Response Team shirt.
We have those at InfoWars.com.
I imagine you got it from us, a great listener.
And he had his First Amendment rights violated in this third world cesspit.
Go ahead, Alex, and floor to finish up.
I guess so.
As I'm walking away, they grabbed my arm and twisted behind me and somehow I'm able to get my camera, which was running the entire time, in my pocket.
So everything that I'm about to tell you, I've got.
And let me guess, after they assaulted you, they charged you with assault?
Um, actually, my only charge was resisting arrest.
Oh my God, this is unprecedented.
And my camera charger actually dropped 24 hours later.
I never even saw a judge.
Well, that's because they know there were other camera shots of it.
Were there other people's cameras?
Oh, yes.
Well, that's only why.
You see, they would have probably gone ahead and tasered you till you had a heart attack, and then had a high-five celebration that's been caught on tape, and then framed you, and there wasn't cameras!
But that's good, because that's what slaves like you exist for, boy.
Yeah, no, man, I was actually... You exist so steroid heads can blow some steam off, because they can't get a woman.
You understand me, boy?
Yeah, and then... Worship your God right now!
I want you to worship them!
Oh, and then they actually tried to delete the footage 1,000, 1,000.
That's what slaves deserve!
They didn't count on the fact that... TAMPERING WITH EVIDENCE IS GOOD!
They didn't count on the fact that we're a bunch of computer people... DESTROYING EVIDENCE IS GOOD!
See, they're cancer cells racing through.
They think they're winning.
They're really killing the body.
They think they're winning.
They're really killing the country.
But it feels good to be cancer!
It feels good to kill America!
And don't worry, you're gonna win!
Don't worry, scum!
New world order!
You're winning!
You're destroying it all!
Go ahead, I'm sorry.
That's what they're trying to do, but we actually modeled our new organization based on the work that you're doing and that we at Change is doing.
And we've actually distributed over a thousand copies of your movies on Endgame, 9-11 Road, Tyranny, Martial Law.
We're actually trying to be the satellite in South Florida for the work you guys are doing.
We've actually hooked up with Florida Change.
And we're actually... How dare you criminals engage in the First Amendment!
That's high treason against the New World Order!
Give us any websites out anywhere you see your photos and video or any interview.
That's the news website.
Oh, that sounds like a... So it's about the God?
Yes, the federal government hijacked the system.
Can I go worship the men in black uniforms at that site?
Oh, there's plenty of photos and stuff like that.
Maybe you'll be allowed to be a boot licker.
Like, on every corner, they'll just walk over and have a slave in a chain who will lick their boots.
That's how they'll polish them.
I think that's how the country ought to run.
Yeah, that sounds about like South Florida.
Last week we actually tried to get into the U.S.
Mayor's Conference, and we've got a story up there about that, and a Code Pink reporter was arrested.
Well, I'll tell you what.
Hey, Trey, my producer's in there.
He board ops on the Sunday Show.
I want you to find, uh, check out his website.
I'm sure it's good stuff.
Let's have this guy on.
What's your name, Alex?
My name's Alex.
Alex Hyde, H-E-I-D.
Hey, Hyde, good to hear from you, brother.
No question.
And by the way, I do satire every few weeks.
That was all satire the last 10 minutes.
I know, I'm a long-time listener.
I know you know, but other people are like, what in the Hades is this?
I just can't handle it anymore, man.
Cops in Darth Vader outfits waddle over and say, turn your camera off.
That's high treason against this Republic!
I've had enough of it!
Don't you fools understand?
You're working for hardcore criminals bringing the country down, and there's no coming back once it falls, you idiots.
Let's just say coming back's really hard.
The guys are laughing on control room.
It's making me laugh.
Ha ha ha ha ha.
Oh, too easy.
Let's take some more here, ladies and gentlemen.
Mike in Maryland.
Go ahead, sir.
Hey, thanks for taking my call.
With your recent story about parents in England having to get permission.
And they're setting that up here, too.
Can't have your children, you'll be arrested.
Well, you know, we're all part of the same country, Oceania.
And I also, too, another article from the London Telegraph saying that before you can drive another family's kids, your neighbor's kids, to the soccer match, you've got to be vetted by the government.
Yeah, and you're certified.
It's licensing families for the one-child policy.
Total government takeover of everything.
Sure, and those two stories sent me scurrying to this one website called orwelltoday.com, which is very good.
It's not my website, so I'm not making any money off it.
No, no, it's not Canada.
And it takes today's headlines and there's quotes from 1984 that
That, if I may read, that kind of like fits into what you're talking about.
Well, we'll do that in a minute, but the point is, the apparatus is worse than 1984.
They're just not mass machine-gunning us all or torturing us to death yet for our actions, but they're all gearing up, over-killing their tyranny before they loose it fully.
But, yes, go ahead and read the quotes.
Yeah, they're just boiling the frog routine.
Okay, here's the quote.
Already, we are breaking down the habits of thought which have survived before the revolution.
We have cut the links between child and parent, and between man and man, and between man and woman.
No one dares trust a wife or a child or a friend any longer.
But in the future, there will be no wives and no friends.
Children will be taken from their parents at birth, as one takes eggs from a hen.
The sex instinct will be eradicated.
Procreation will be animal formality.
Now, let me stop you.
I'm going to let you go back and read it.
I'll have to hold you over, I will.
I've read it before many times.
I'm thinking about making a film about it.
It's the reason it's one of my specialties that I really want to talk about.
I'm glad you brought it up.
It's so prescient.
Well, here's the deal.
People think that this is reality imitating art.
Orwell was a secret member of the police in India.
Then he was a member of the propaganda corps.
He fought on the communist side.
No, yeah, that was pretty much the quote.
Basically, you know, I used to think when I read 1984 in high school in 1970, I thought it was something way off in the distant future, but really, this has been ongoing for the past 40 or 50 years, but it's just accelerating at an exponential rate.
And also, too, I want to say that it was a pleasure meeting you at Chantilly a few weeks ago.
I was sitting next to you when you were eating your pizza at the bar, and my name is Mike Cunningham.
Hey, Mike, I remember meeting you.
Help on us cover Bilderberg, but that's my point, is this is art imitating life.
And that's why you have to quit being gullible, compliant slaves, Americans and people worldwide.
You have to say, no, I will hug my child whenever I want, you pedophile, degenerate government scumbag!
That's right.
We have to stand up.
We can't tolerate this.
Hey, California ruled two months ago that the government
Owns the children and that homeschooling is illegal.
It actually says it in a ruling.
This is a criminal, out of control, lot of scum.
I appreciate your call.
Does that mean everybody in government's bad?
But the higher level groups are evil.
They're directing something evil.
Final segment.
Your phone calls, Willie, Lynn, Sue, Chuck, and others.
On the other side, I'm Alex Jones.
This is the human resistance against tyranny.
This is the awakening.
You bet I'm angry.
You bet I'm upset.
I'm watching them destroy our world before our eyes.
Greedy bastards!
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Alright, it's the final segment.
You'll be taking your phone calls here in just a moment.
For the last six months, knowing the Supreme Court had already had their debate and ruled, and then months later, report on it, I told you you would hear this.
I even said it last Monday, days before it came out last Thursday.
I said, you will hear, big win for the Second Amendment.
Court rules for the first time, it's an individual right.
But does put some restrictions.
What headlines did you read?
And what did you hear?
Exactly what I said it would be.
Because I know their tactics, I know their mind, I know their operations.
The Federalist Papers, the Anti-Federalist Papers, every other major federal court ruling before the 1934 Appellate Court ruling said it was an absolute, unalienable, uninfringed, absolute right against tyranny and the federal government could not get involved in any way.
Well, here's the deceptive headline.
Supreme Court says Americans have right to own guns, but they have a right to license them, restrict them, make you get licenses, and so basically now they have a tool to come after your guns.
The power to license is the power to tax and destroy.
Kind of like New York 50 years ago said, you just got to get a license.
Then a few years later, oh, we don't offer the license, you can't get it now.
That's how they do it.
A license is a right to do something, is a permission to do something,
That would be illegal.
Now, I actually spent time reading over, this is only part of the federal briefing on it, and basically it's a treatise on massive gun control, a reign of terror.
I interviewed two gun group heads, Aaron Zellman, Chief of Specification of Firearms Ownership, Chairman, and of course the Chairman of Gunners of America, Larry Pratt, they both concurred that it is a massive attack on the Second Amendment.
But again, we give you absolute information here and facts instead of what you get everywhere else.
Just a bunch of bull.
Folks, you've got to start demanding more.
I mean, the truth is out there.
It's intriguing.
It's exciting.
It's dynamic.
Okay, I want to play the other 9-11 Truth Rising trailer.
Oh, you already closed that out?
Oh, you have it?
We play these on YouTube, off YouTube.
We ought to just play them off disc.
You do have my other Truth Rising?
Well, if you go to InfoWars.com, go to the main page, and here's the page.
At about 3 o'clock over on the main page, it says, Second Truth Rising Trailer.
And my new film, Truth Rising, is coming out Friday.
You'll be able to watch it on PrisonPlanet.tv, and you'll be able to order it on DVD.
You can order it now, but it starts shipping next Saturday and Monday.
So just go ahead and get your order in now.
Cinema Verite.
No Alex Jones voiceover in it.
It's the 9-11 Truth Movement, what it's really about.
Willie Nelson, Jesse Ventura, Michael Moore, Rosie O'Donnell, liberal conservative, it's Martin Sheen, the list goes on and on.
And then confronting the New World Order, police coming over and saying, we're going to plant bombs on you and say you're terrorists if you don't stop protesting, saying 9-11's an inside job.
Just, it's unspeakable film.
It's so powerful.
Really is probably my masterwork.
Let's go ahead and play that trailer.
Do you like being a puppet, sir?
Here it is, ladies and gentlemen.
Do you like being a puppet for the New World Order?
What's going on at the Bilderberg meeting, and what are you guys talking about up there?
The day that we stop asking questions is the day that we have allowed the seeds of despotism to grow at our own door into a great tree that blinds us to the truth.
We are here in Times Square.
Many people from other countries are here with us, know a lot about what's happening.
The American public is still learning about the atrocity of that day.
I just wanted to say this.
This guy outside told me, uh, stop talking about five years ago.
And I told him I will never stop talking about five years ago.
And if the government has not told the truth in five years, we will be here on the 10th anniversary of 9-11.
There's a three-minute sneak peek for the film and two trailers.
That's the short one-minute trailer.
There's another two-minute trailer.
Up on InfoWars.com.
If you're not online, you can just get the DVD by calling 888-253-3139.
Grab a pen and paper.
I'll give that number out as we end the show today.
And you're authorized to make copies of the film.
Give it out to everybody.
We're going to have it in DivX format for PrisonPlanet.tv members to pay for the download because we can't put it out for free.
I spend about $20,000 a month now or more on IT alone.
Just give, you know, the sites are so huge.
One of my sites is bigger than RushLimbaugh.com, and I have four sites bigger than his.
To give you an idea, we have four sites bigger than the Dallas Morning News.
Each one rated higher on Alexa.
That's right.
We are engaging the New World Order at point-blank range, and we are explosively growing right now.
Oh, that brings me to the final subject, and I'm going to jam in four phone calls in the last eight minutes.
A WikiLeak, and the government admits it's accurate once it's taken down, another Army Field Manual on Torture and Control, How to Train Death Squads and Crush Revolutions from South Salvador to Iraq, and in the Army Special Forces Manual, it says Psychological Operations.
PSYOP can support the mission by directing the insurgent forces to neutral groups, creating dissension among the insurgents themselves and
Supporting de facto groups.
And it says divisive programs create dissension, disorganization, low morale, subversion and detention and defection within the insurgent forces.
Also important are national programs to win insurgents over.
So all these groups are attacking me right now, claiming their patriots, making stuff up, lying.
And that's good.
The fact that I'm getting attacked literally by hundreds of sites, hundreds of people, a lot of them are
Weak-minded people that parrot what disinfo operatives are saying, but we know operatives are on us.
I mean, folks, I got HUMET on me.
I'm followed around in Austin.
I mean, it's unbelievable how people admit they're government agents and threaten me.
That's good.
I mean, we're exposing these terrorists, and they don't like it.
We're going to defend the Republic.
We're the real Americans.
They're the anti-Americans.
And a lot of good people in government are coming to our side.
I mean, I have the heads of the Department of Treasury and former top CIA section chiefs coming on my show saying the government carried out the attacks.
We are winning.
But you read that, you see, I don't create division.
I say, move forward, fight the New World Order, be positive, we can win, we can have a change.
I'm being attacked like never before by, quote, people in our own movement.
Those are operations, ladies and gentlemen.
And people that are being part of that need to ask themselves, are they being used?
Because, I mean, even if I'm a bad guy, which I'm not, shouldn't you, if you're really fighting the New World Order, spend your time attacking the New World Order?
Instead of Alex Jones all day, who, judge a tree by its fruits, you will know them by their fruits.
I'm sorry you have to hear my name a hundred times a day if you're in this movement.
I'm sorry that nine, or eight out of ten, or nine out of ten people that have woken up are from me and my listeners.
We're doing our job here.
And I haven't been killed because they don't want to put an exclamation point after everything I've said.
They don't want to underline or highlight everything I've said.
They don't want to make me a martyr, dummies.
I'm tired of hearing all day, why are you still alive then?
Alright, I'm going to rampage through your calls.
Willie in Houston, you're on the air, welcome Willie.
Yes, Willie.
Pleasure to talk to you.
The reason I'm calling is to discuss the dollar devaluation.
I guess most Americans, I feel, have never been through a devaluation, so they don't know what to look for.
I myself have.
My grandmother, who is 93 years old, has lived through two devaluations and a depression, so she knows what to look for.
And for the last past 20 years or so, she's been ranting and raving about
About the economy here in America.
And of course everybody, all the net, all the grandsons and what not, are like, oh grandma, you're being, you don't know what you're talking about.
But I'm here to tell you she does.
And what I'm getting at basically is that the inflation
I'm losing my tracker.
See, Mexico's central bank was plenty money that was never backed up by gold or silver.
That's right.
So your grandma or your mom's from Mexico then?
My grandmother.
Yeah, she's from Mexico.
Yeah, and again, the elites buy real things and they leave you holding the bag.
That's why a nation with three times the resources of the U.S.
is so poor.
And see, now it's going to happen to us, folks.
Well, right, right.
And when you try to sit here and talk to my neighbors, for God's sake, it's like pulling my hair.
God, this has been done before.
It's happening here.
It's what happened in Mexico.
Look, I went to Mexico in August.
I was getting 10 pesos for every dollar.
I just went two, three weeks ago to Cozumel.
I'm getting five pesos.
Oh, I mean for every dollar, I'm getting five pesos.
Hey, I remember when you got 30 pesos for a dollar.
So, in other words, the dollar is coming in power with the freaking peso.
We're out of time.
I apologize to Lynn and Sue and Chuck.
Call me tomorrow on the weekday show if you want 11 to 3.
If not, next Sunday, I will be here live while everybody else is out water skiing and having fun while the house is burning.
I will be here, ladies and gentlemen, defending the Republic.
God bless you.
I appreciate your call, sir.
Yeah, he's absolutely right.
You know what it means?
It means this country is in the greatest straits it's ever been in.
It isn't about Barack Obama or John McCain.
They're puppets.
They're marionettes on a string.
Truth Rising comes out July 4th.
If we expose the globalists who did this by design, by design we have the IMF documents, we can stop them.
If not, it's over.
God bless you all.
Are your Federal Reserve notes looking for a safe haven?
Mine found it in precious metals.
Not paper promises, but actual gold in my possession.
It is liquid, it is private, it owes no one, it cannot go bankrupt, and it maintains its purchasing power.
Find your answer at Midas Resources.
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The answer is at 1-800-686-2237.
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You know about genetically poisoned food.
Two-thirds of the food is disappearing with the bees along with huge crop failures from all-time record water shortages.
You know they're turning food into fuel with corn ethanol plants.
If we do not control our food, food will be used to control us.
Food control has been the plan historically in every enslaved population and is the plan for America.
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