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Air Date: June 16, 2008
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The Global Predatory Parasite State
...is carrying out all of its plans to set up a tyrannical, one-world government.
We are here desperately trying to get people to get past all their left-right distractions and diversions, or what country they're from, or what color they are, and to realize that we have a global, scientific dictatorship that has studied how humans operate, and they are punching our buttons, they are manipulating us, they are controlling us.
It is the 16th day of June 2008.
We're going to be live here for the next four hours.
I will be in studio for the next hour, then Jason Bermas for the following three.
I made a promise to my family that
My children are growing up, and I hardly ever get to spend more than a few hours a day with them, and I take a few days off because I was out of town for Bilderberg.
That's why I may not be at 9-11 2008.
I want to be there, but I'm trying to finish two films right now.
Truth Rising's done, but it's being mastered and being mass-produced later this week.
And I'm trying to finish Fabled Enemies with Jason Burmess before 2008 is over, while 9-11 is at its peak.
Uh, and I'm doing so many other issues.
People want me to go to the DNC and cover that police state in Denver.
They want me to go to these other events, but then I'm just completely out of town, on top of my heavy workload, and then I don't even see my family.
But I'll take the next few days off, and then I'll be back later in the week, and Burmus again will be sitting in.
We appreciate him doing that.
A lot of big guests lined up for you this week.
But, uh, I did go ahead and come in this morning.
Because I literally can't control myself.
I have such a passion to want to warn you, such a passion to want to cover what's happening in the world, that I was supposed to, you know, spend time with family today, and I just couldn't control myself.
Here I am.
Here I am, and so the next hour I'm going to try to cover this big stack of news, a bunch of news from today and some news yesterday I never got to on the Sunday Show.
Report, Blackwater Worldwide purchasing Brazilian-made fighter planes.
Nuclear ring reportedly had advanced design.
Get Osama Bin Laden before I leave office, Bush orders.
British Special Forces.
Gingrich says Supreme Court decision will cost us a city.
More terrorism from him.
I'm going to cover that first in detail.
Top court eases rules for foreigners to stay in the U.S.
The Marxist roots of global warming scare.
blogger charged with insulting a Singapore judge.
Saudi King, we will pump more oil.
Tentative accord on spy bill, immunity sources, the end of the Fourth Amendment, Reuters.
McCain attacks Guantanamo rulings as the worst in history.
Irish voters reject EU treaty.
I know we've been covering this since Friday, but we'll talk about the ramifications of what this means.
A big, big victory.
Fed farms out-imprison slaves to make corporations rich.
And I know about this, you know about this, we all know about it, but do you know the full details, the full magnitude?
They're not just making furniture and license plates or cutting the highways, trimming the grass.
They are engaged in slave labor under orders.
They are put in a hold, they are tortured basically.
Now they are not even fed subsistence food unless they work as slaves.
And they are taking computer jobs, they are taking telecommunications jobs, they are taking secretary jobs, and in fact, now they're competing with India and the illegal aliens.
People talk about the illegal aliens driving down wages or outsourcing doing it.
What about 4 million people in prison, more than 8 million in the system in and out of prison, millions of them competing against their jobs for profit, not for the prisons.
We pay the taxes for the prisons and then private groups get the slave labor.
So now when you get sent to the government slave camp, you have to work.
So I thought we'd cover some of that as well.
More on their plan to shut down the web, which unbelievably I heard National Radio this weekend as they were promoting the idea on a computer show of how wonderful it is.
So we will break it all down after this quick break.
The websites are Infowars.com, Infowars.net, PrisonPlanet.tv, JonesReport.com, TruthandNews.us.
We'll be right back after this quick break.
Stay with us.
Our beloved Republic is on her knees.
The forces of globalism are destroying national sovereignty worldwide.
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Big Brother!
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
I'm gonna make several key announcements at the bottom of this hour in 22 minutes.
So call your neighbors, your friends, your family, folks that you know, regular listeners on AM and FM dials, shortwave internet satellite.
Tell them to tune in.
Or when the show rebroadcasts on the web starting at three o'clock central standard time, four o'clock eastern, tell people to tune in because it is important information and points that we need to be made.
Several points.
I'm also going to try to have a cogent, calm, little five-minute message for the neocons.
You know that Mark Dice last week, Michael Reagan, one of the biggest talk show hosts in the country, called for his murder, contracted for his murder, and other 9-11 truthers said that he would pay to have us killed, pay to have the bullets paid for, to have us killed.
Mark Dice is going to be popping in for about 10-15 minutes in the next hour when Bermas is sitting in for me, Jason Bermas.
And then today he's scheduled to be going on a Michael Reagan show, where Michael Reagan personally called him a few days ago and said that he's going to apologize on air.
That's going to go basically like this.
Well, you know, I had just been meeting with the troops a few days before.
Watch, this is what will be said.
And, uh, they told me how much they love the war, and how much they're committed to it, and how they're all for it, and how they love all the lies we've told them.
And, uh, they were, you know, just really need our support, and I was just so mad at him for what he's doing to the troops, and the treason he's committing, that I went a little too far and said that, uh, he should be killed, and I didn't mean that, and nobody should hurt him.
But, it is treason, and I think that they should be tried for treason.
Now, watch.
That's what they're gonna say.
Because I talked to several people that talked to Mike Reagan.
How do I know?
Somebody in Talk Radio who talked to him this weekend who I won't name.
Mark Dice who talked to him.
And we posted a story from Op-Ed News from someone who had his number and talked to him.
Who he knows is a good writer and trustworthy.
Plus it matches the two people that I talked to that I know talked to Reagan.
And that's basically what he's saying.
So not a hard prediction when we already know what his story is.
And people can say, well, you know, why is this such a big news story?
Why have you posted probably 15 articles on InfoWars and Prison Planet from your sites and other sites?
Why are you... Because if they can set the precedent to sit up there and say we need to be murdered, if they can go along with this White House talking point that we know is a White House talking point, saying 9-11 truthers with no evidence bombed the Army, Navy, Marine Corps recruiting center in Times Square,
In the months previous to that, they in unison on CNN, MSNBC, Fox, all said that the military quote needs to be used against us, that we are going to carry out terrorism, that we are treasonous, that we need to be arrested, that we need to be tasered, that we need to be beaten, that we need to be taken to secret camps.
All of this has been said.
We've played the clips.
Bill O'Reilly, Sean Hannity, Joe Scarborough,
The list of individuals that have said this goes on and on and on.
It is a talking point.
Geraldo Rivera.
That is a White House talking point.
Mike Reagan, of course, was photographed.
He went to the White House, met with Bush, and was, quote, given talking points.
They hide all of this in plain view.
That should show everybody that they are scared of us.
That they know we're hitting very close to the nerve.
That the bullet is hitting the bone in the info war.
And that it is shattering their fraud and their lies and their pretext to control and enslave our society.
Let's go ahead and play this clip of Newt Gingrich.
This weekend he was on one of the news shows, Face the Nation, and here he is engaging in psychological warfare and terrorism, saying we're going to lose a city.
The problem with Obama is he's wrong.
It's not that he's inexperienced, it's that his policies are wrong.
He applauded this court decision.
This court decision is a disaster, which could cost us a city.
And the debate ought to be over whether or not you're prepared to risk losing an American city on behalf of five lawyers.
It was a five to four decision.
Okay, let's walk through the fallacies in that.
Gingrich sat on the Council on Foreign Relations Committee, the Hart-Rubin Commission, that called for the Department of Homeland Security several years before it was set up.
The famous commission met two days after 9-11.
We have clips of that in Road to Tyranny and several other films where Gary Hart says we need to use this disaster for a New World Order to set up what George Bush called for, a New World Order.
And Gingrich knows exactly what he's doing.
Now, let's talk about the ruling here.
The Supreme Court said that they at least have to have some chance within a few months of being detained to be able to have access to the courts.
Now, under the Defense Authorization Act, under the Enemy Commissions Act, the Military Commissions Act,
It states that U.S.
citizens can be grabbed instantly, extra judiciously, separate from any court, declared by the President, the Secretary of Defense, or any of his designates an enemy combatant, and it's clear in the orders, and disappeared into a black hole.
Now, if they have proof that these individuals are supposedly tied into terror networks, even if you believe they exist outside of the intelligence agencies that are carrying out the attacks and funding these groups, then if they've got the proof, they need to show it.
And in federal court, they can even be in, quote, secret proceedings.
And they've had those many times in the past.
You see, Gingrich and others represent one thing while they do another.
It's like with Bush saying a few years ago, we do not spy without warrants, we do not spy on U.S.
citizens, and then they got caught spying on millions of us, something they've already been doing for decades with the National Security Agency and the Echelon system.
Now remember back in the mid-90s and up until 2000, the media would deny Echelon existed.
Twenty years ago, they denied the National Security Agency existed.
I remember being on talk radio in 96, 97, 98 talking about Echelon and how they use keywords and listen to your phones and neocons would write articles and I would go on other people's shows and they would attack me and they'd say I was a liar.
The government doesn't do that, it doesn't exist.
Well now we all know it exists and we all know they were doing it.
And I was only going off the declassified documents and what was admitted.
It's kind of like Israel having 400 plus nukes.
And Fox News says, well, it's true, but you're not allowed to say it.
Well, a few years ago, they called that a conspiracy theory.
They called the North American Union a conspiracy theory.
They basically talk to you like children.
So, so, so, Ginrich is up here saying we've got to do this to keep us all safe from these terrorists, but then we have the section chief of the CIA over Central Asia, writing a book two years ago.
Was it Jawbreaker?
We had him on.
And, uh, there were a bunch of news articles about it, saying that they were ordered to let 6,000 Taliban and Al-Qaeda go.
The U.S.
loaded them on C-130s, the true Al-Qaeda, set up in 1979 to attack the Soviets when the Soviets responded.
That's the admitted history, now declassified.
It's not the other way around, as we've all been taught, or as these Tom Hanks movies, uh, tell us.
Like Charlie Wilson's war, total theater, total fiction.
Part of these false narratives that were taught.
And they said that they would roast a cow.
They don't have a lot of cows in Afghanistan.
It is a complete delicacy.
And they would have the goat herders, who anthropologists have reported for decades, don't know where the U.S.
is on a map, are literally the equivalent of cavemen.
They would go set up because they had to have somebody to pack Guantanamo Bay with to give the illusion of terrorist and to test their torture techniques.
They admit it's quote a laboratory.
There's a CIA torture camp with the more advanced stuff in the outside camp where they engage in torture.
And there's so many facets to that one minute clip where I could just spend days breaking down all the lies and all the frauds of Newt Gingrich.
But bottom line is this.
They would then bring the goat herders down and
Taliban generals and Al Qaeda generals would then arrest them, grab them, bag them, take them to the United States, who knew that they were totally innocent, and get in some cases as much as $40,000, most of them was about $5,000, to then load them on C-130s, and they were paid bounties, and then fly them out to different black sites all over the world, Eastern Europe, Guantanamo Bay, and other areas for torture.
They would also take them to camps and torture them to death inside Afghanistan.
They would put, in one case, 3,000 of them inside containers, in the hot sun, and then they're in the high desert, freezing cold at night, and then a week later, open up the door, and they would all be dead.
And they would then mass grave, in one case, 3,000 plus people.
Totally and completely innocent.
Now, it's admitted, but Ginrich knows the average American can't find Afghanistan on a map, thinks it's in the Middle East, he knows you're ignorant, so he talks to you like that.
He says, oh my gosh, we've got to not have courts, we've got to not have trials, we've got to not have, you know, any evidence or any habeas corpus or anything, because Al-Qaeda will get us.
Then he says a city will be nuked.
Wait a minute.
Our government in England helped give Pakistan nukes, that's admitted,
Pakistan now has scores of them.
They're threatening their neighbors.
They have medium-range missiles that can hit Europe, hit Russia, hit China, hit India, their enemy.
All of that's happening.
But then they say, no, no, no, it's not Pakistan.
Al-Qaeda is going to nuke the U.S.
when Al-Qaeda doesn't even exist.
But even if you believe their official story, they don't have nukes.
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Act now.
Newt Gingrich again said on Face the Nation, this court decision is a disaster, which could cost us a city.
We're back live.
And the debate ought to be about whether you're prepared to lose an American city on behalf of five lawyers.
He also then undermines the Supreme Court in one of the separation of powers, one of the branches of government, implying they're just five lawyers.
And they are just five lawyers under Marbury v. Madison.
Any law that violates Bill of Rights Constitution is null and void, but whenever they defend it, they are not just five lawyers.
They have done everything they can to protect bin Laden, whether he's dead or alive.
They ordered special forces.
See, none of this is debatable.
This is admitted.
They ordered them to leave the supposed regions there on the Pakistan-Afghan border where he was staying.
He supposedly was in Tora Bora.
Of course, months before 9-11, British papers reported that British and U.S.
diplomats were visiting with bin Laden and that he was being protected by U.S.
Special Forces.
But see, it's complex, and so it's just easier for Gingrich to sit up there and say, we can't have habeas corpus, we have to allow U.S.
citizens to be secretly arrested, secretly tortured, or we're going to lose a city.
We're going to have a city nuked.
And that is the very definition of terrorism.
They're terrorizing you.
If you read the definition of terrorism, the classic definition, it is to carry out a violent action or to threaten a violent action if your political
Or economic demands are not met.
And that's what they're doing.
Go read the definition for terrorism.
They say, give up all your liberties, give up all your freedoms.
Let us steal trillions out of the Pentagon coffers, out of the Pentagon pension funds and investments.
Let us spend three trillion into a black hole with no-bid contracts.
And then they play more games with the public's childlike minds.
They say, oh, you don't want no-bid contracts.
You want the French to get contracts.
And we go, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.
companies aren't allowed to bid.
And then those companies they claim are, quote, red, white, and blue, like Blackwater USA.
Changes its name to Blackwater Worldwide and moves overseas.
Or they say Halliburton's U.S.
And then for two years it's moved to Dubai, just like Cheney's bought a house in Dubai.
And they're still hailed as American companies.
It is the globalists, both parties that work together in tandem.
Barack Obama's running around calling to attack Iran, calling for attacking Pakistan.
And they twist it and then claim that he is not hawkish enough.
And I'm not saying vote for Barack Obama.
The enemies of liberty and freedom, the enemies of the Republic, get aid and comfort off of this WWF wrestling event that they have where they stage these fights amongst themselves when the outcome of the election is already predetermined.
And I just want to explain to the neocons out there that we have no future.
And I'm talking about neocon followers.
If you don't wake up to this fact,
I'm gonna talk about this later in the next segment, but just look at what they've done.
Look at all of their policies.
Is this pro-US?
Is this constitutional?
Is this conservative?
And no, it doesn't resemble it in any way.
I saw a new clip on YouTube last night from a little neocon named Gordon Bloyer, who's called for me to be arrested for treason.
Months ago, and he's up there saying we're conspiracy nuts, there's no plan to set up a world government, when Bush Senior and everybody calls for a new world order, Bill Clinton, Gordon Brown, they're all calling for it currently, Henry Kissinger, that it doesn't mean a world government, that it means a community of Western nations, something like the League of Nations.
Well, we have David Rockefeller's books he's written, we have the statements of the Council on Foreign Relations, we have
Hundreds of books and documents and German chancellors writing books like Helmut Schmidt saying a new world order is a world government run by private banks for their administrative convenience, removing national sovereignty and checks and balances on liberty.
But if we can't get even conservative, you know, mini pundits to admit the truth, what are we going to do?
How are we going to turn this around when there's so much denial?
I mean, do they deny that the World Trade Organization has more authority over our trade than our Congress and that it's been transferred via the Congress to that world government body?
Can we deny that more and more of our decisions are being made on the international scene?
Can we deny that the central private banks who engineered the latest currency crisis are calling for a world banking system with world regulatory governmental enforcement?
Run by the bankers for their administrative convenience.
Can we deny that they're proposing global carbon taxes and global carbon assessments at bureaucrats in our daily lives and that we will buy our carbon credits from the private central banks?
They are becoming the world government right now.
They are making the changes.
It's happening.
And it doesn't matter how many IMF World Bank documents we have released in March of 2002 stating all of this.
It doesn't matter how many Club of Rome documents, how many CFR public publications.
The neocon followers have signed on to this fraud so they can't say they were wrong.
They can't admit they were wrong.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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You can run on for a long time.
Run on for a long time.
Run on for a long time.
Sooner or later gotta cut you down.
Sooner or later gotta cut you down.
Go tell that long-tongue liar Go and tell that midnight rider Tell the rambler, the gambler, the backbiter Tell him that God's gonna cut him down Tell him that God's gonna cut him down
Well, my goodness gracious, let me tell you the news My head's been wet with the midnight dew I've been down on bended knee Talkin' to the man from Galilee He spoke to me with a voice so sweet I thought I heard the shuffle of angels sing He called my name and my heart stood still When he said, John, go do my will Go tell that long-tongued liar Go and tell that midnight rider
Tell the rambler, the gambler, the backbiter Tell him that God's gonna cut him down Tell him that God's gonna cut him down You can run on for a long time Run on for a long time Run on for a long time Sooner or later, God'll cut you down Sooner or later, God'll cut you down
Thank you for joining us.
That's right, New World Order.
Controlled leftists, controlled right-wingers.
You're controlled by the global corporate parasitic slave state.
And it's time to stop denying that our masters are hiding their hand, ladies and gentlemen.
They're doing their wicked deeds by stealth, but more and more of it is coming to light because they're very close to bringing their world government into fruition.
They are very, very close to bringing their new world order in.
Everything we said they would do, they're doing.
The Club of Rome, the Council on Foreign Relations, the IMF, the World Bank, David Rockefeller's own autobiography written four years ago.
They brag how they're going to bring in a world tax on currency transfers, a world tax on all human carbon output.
That includes your breathing, your respiration.
The New York Times called it a tax on breathing, but then said they supported it.
We see Pat Robertson doing TV ads with Al Sharpton saying we've got to do something about climate change.
We've got Newt Gingrich coming out saying he supports it doing TV ads.
We've got all these, quote, conservatives like John McCain pushing for open borders, gun control, but all these supposed mainline conservative groups are supporting him for president.
And they're only doing that because of the false choice.
Oh, what are we going to do?
Vote for Barack Obama?
Instead of politically revolting and taking this country back, you will now compromise your values, compromise your ideas.
How do they sell the average conservative American or the average liberal American on going along with all of this tyranny?
Well, first off, they play the two sides off against each other in kind of a football mentality, rah, rah, rah, our team against your team.
But the league itself
With only two teams is owned by the globalists, is controlled, is financed by them.
And so that's why you can't ever get any real change.
And all I'm here is doing saying basically it's like a prize fight, a heavyweight prize fight where Don King owns both fighters in the fight, which most of the fights he does now.
And that's killed viewership and even some of its profits because people know there's a good chance on any given match that it's staged.
And they've been caught staging boxing events.
Not a conspiracy theory, a conspiracy fact.
Well, it's the same thing here.
Instead of looking at the two fighters in the ring, look and see, is Don King running it?
Is he in control of it?
And that's the main point I'm trying to make here.
But what happens is, liberals fight with conservatives to get Bill Clinton elected in 1992-93.
And then no matter what Bill Clinton did, what corruption he was involved in, no matter what horrible things he engaged in, they still defended him.
They still supported him.
Because it was their team.
It was their boy.
It was somebody they'd voted for.
So no matter what evil he carried out, they now were compromised psychologically, and they had signed on the dotted line, and so they were committed to continue to support him.
Now, years later, after Bill Clinton has been less politicized and has lost some of his power, every Democrat I talk to knows he's corrupt and hates him.
But they couldn't see that when he was in office because they were psychologically wedded to him.
And it's the same thing with conservatives.
Most of them are good people.
They support our sovereignty.
They support our Second Amendment.
They mean well.
They were scared by 9-11.
They were scared by the attacks.
Who wasn't?
And then they were told, well, we're gonna go have a war, and now it's okay to bring your American flags back out.
The same government that had demonized flag waivers suddenly said it was okay, but now the flag symbolized the police state.
Now the flag symbolized premeditated, unprovoked wars against sovereign nations.
Now the flag symbolized the torture, the torture of children and secret arrest.
And they signed on to that.
And they gave us Hollywood and TV icons like Jack Bauer and 24 so that we could participate in torture simulations, you know, being mesmerized, being hypnotized, being conditioned.
And Homeland Security, years after I made the point, they themselves admitted that Jack Bauer was their mascot, that Jack Bauer had politically sold their ideas, that they had parties at the Justice Department televised on C-SPAN celebrating 24 and its effect on the public.
George Bush is going to leave office soon, and all of these tyrannical powers that Republicans, many of you have supported, are going to be handed over to Barack Obama, or whoever else gets into office.
They're going to be handed over to John McCain.
And while you're busy, terrified, and horrified of Al-Qaeda hiding under rocks,
And under your table, and under your bed, and in your closet, they are going to be busy dismantling our country, bringing in carbon taxes, bringing in greenhouse gas taxes, bringing in more regulations, hiring more police, building more prisons, raising our taxes, launching new wars, sucking the pension funds, and raiding and looting the economy on a greater scale.
I watched in horror
In 2002, in 2003, when Secretary of the Treasury at that time, Snow, after O'Neill was run off, for speaking out about the premeditated plans to attack Iraq and get the oil, and I'll never forget, in a Kansas City hotel room, up there for an event, watching them say, we want a weak dollar, we are going to have a policy for a weak dollar, and the dollar began sliding at that point.
Why do they want that?
Because then they can accelerate the amount of debt this nation has and at least make an attempt to pay it off.
That way they can also, because they're globalists, they're international, they just flap a flag in your face to neutralize you politically so you'll accept their operations.
They can then come in and buy up the roads, the ports, the infrastructure, the companies, the real estate at pennies on the dollar.
And that's now happening.
I get emails and see clips on YouTube and hear talk show hosts
Say that we're liars.
The dollar hasn't been devalued.
Or that we're traitors to say it's been devalued.
Or now some are admitting the dollar's been devalued.
They're saying it's our fault for talking about it.
Or it's our fault the stock market's going down.
I mean, it's crazy.
I'm talking about real geopolitical things that are happening.
The New World Order is real.
The IMF and World Bank are real.
The European Union is real.
The fact that Europe has voted it down and wants out of it and they won't let them out of it.
The governments are dictatorial.
That's real.
The fact that last year, Bush at the White House on the South Lawn signed agreements with Barroso, the head of the EU, and Merkel, the head of Germany, to start merging the North American Union with the European Union is real.
The video is in endgame.
Judicial Watch had to sue to get some of the documents from the SPP.
September 24, 2006, and their first agenda was to keep it secret, to implement it by stealth.
We have the smoking gun!
But conservatives have signed on to fake republicanism.
They have signed on to torture.
They've signed on to war.
They've signed on to saying it isn't real.
They're now signing on saying global warming is real and we've got to go ahead and accept the tax.
Because they can't admit that they were wrong.
They can't admit that they are going along with this New World Order.
They can't admit that our government in 79 created Al Qaeda.
And then in the fifties, went in with the British and radicalized Muslim groups to overthrow mainline secular governments and put extremist regimes in because they would work with the West.
They can't admit that our government with the British put in Saudi Arabia.
They can't admit the overthrows that the criminals that run our government orchestrated in Iran.
They can't admit that the CIA created Al Qaeda and expanded them to attack the Russians in 79 when it's declassified.
They can't admit that the White House for four and a half years has been commanding four Al Qaeda groups attacking Iran, while the media says Iran is Al Qaeda when they're Shiite, the opposite group.
You have a defenseless public that don't know the basics of the world, the basics of the world power structure, the admitted basics.
You have a public trained to deny basic realities.
You've got a public, even when there's video, of
Benazir Bhutto being machine-gunned.
They show the video and still lie and say she hit her head.
And say Al-Qaeda did it.
They talk to you like you're five-year-olds.
The country is being dismantled.
The country is dying.
Get past the labels of liberal and conservative and realize that the Fortune 100 are international.
They are bigger than most nations.
Together they're bigger than the top ten nations combined in their wealth.
They have private intelligence agencies.
They have created myriads of new federal agencies that aren't even commissioned or chartered by Congress, who do whatever they want.
They are looting and parasitically feeding on all of us.
And there isn't much time.
They're folding the country up.
Let me break it down to you neocons and liberals very simply.
They took the U.S.'
's name, our energy, our wealth, our fiat currency, and they bought the world up with it, and now they're leaving us holding the financial bag.
And in case we revolt over this, as the news has announced to us, they have militarized the police and taught the police there's no First Amendment or right to demonstrate.
Now they're coming in against the web and attacking free speech, saying people that disagree with the government should be arrested and put in forced labor camps.
A la the Morning Joe and Michael Savage and the rest of them.
They claim we are involved in sedition because we can simply read international treaties and agreements and see that our country is being dismantled.
Our country has a wrecking ball being taken to it right now.
Frankly, it's probably already irreversible.
And the establishment knows that a lot of people are waking up.
The majority have woken up to the fact they've been lied to, and they have a horrible feeling.
And just what they can prove to themselves is so horrible that they don't know what to do.
There isn't a lot of time left.
And so, getting past the childish fights and the childish arguments about who's right and who's wrong, I am begging mainline liberals and mainline conservatives
To please get David Rockefeller's book published four years ago, his memoirs, and read it.
I'm begging you to get Brzezinski's new book he put out last year where they admitted they created Al-Qaeda and attacked the Russians to make them attack.
I'm begging you to read the Chicago Tribune where they admit, the NSA admits, that Israel attacked the USS Liberty to try to sink it and blame it on Egypt to start a wider war.
Now admitted, we were right about that.
We were right about Gulf of Tonkin.
We were right about everything.
This isn't our government.
These are criminals that have taken control of our government and are using our credit to build their world government and then leaving us holding the bill.
It's very, very simple in the final analysis.
And I love my children, I love this country, and I'm begging neocons who are on Propaganda Bureau payrolls, who were hired because they're vitriolic and they believe in all of this, to really have a gut check and really get past your emotion and just admit that you've been conned and admit that you've been wrong and admit that the country is going in the wrong direction.
And don't just cop out.
I talk to so many of them and they say, yeah, we know a lot of what you're saying is true,
This is generals and colonels and FBI people and others, but what are we going to do?
We're just going to follow our orders.
It's not my fault.
You need to go get the bad guys out of office.
It's your fault.
You know, it's the people's job.
Well, we've got electronic voting machines that have been proven to be fraudulent.
Their own executives going public and saying they were hired for fraud.
They've been caught for fraud.
Every case we've called in New Mexico or Ohio that was fraud, it's turned out was fraud.
A pack of criminals are in control.
Presidents are nothing but their minions, their puppets, their marionettes.
And I'm just begging everybody to really assess how far down we've gone and to ask yourselves, do you like the policy of devaluing our dollar?
Do you know what that means to your savings, your bank account, your future?
That's why the oil prices are so high.
That's the biggest reason in the equation.
The biggest input in the equation.
70 plus percent of it.
Yeah, there's a lot of global speculation going on because the dollar's imploding everywhere and people are trying to dump out of dollars and getting into something.
It's also the fact that Americans pay four to five times more than anybody else for prescription drugs.
We pay $4.10 for 87 octane.
They pay 40-something cents in Mexico, 20-something cents in
Brazil, 14 cents in Venezuela.
It's also that we are seen as the schmucks.
I've told this story many times.
I'll say it again.
Remember the right whale?
Why was it called the right whale?
It was the right one to hunt.
The right one to harpoon.
For hundreds of years until it was almost extinct.
Other whales would dive.
Other whales would fight.
Other whales would run.
Other whales knew.
The right whale was a playful whale.
It's got a lot of blubber, a lot of oil.
It'll come up to your ship, it'll be friendly to you.
While you kill it.
While you kill its calves.
And that's who we are.
We're the right whale, folks.
We are the great-great-grandchildren of people that built a country, carved out a continent, amazing individuals, the world around, historians studied us and said we were the best, we were the most amazing, the most inventions, the most hard-working, and we had liberty, to some extent.
And we are now mindless, dumbed down,
Mesmerized, hypnotized creatures who have invested in a lie, who have denied, who have rationalized, who have made excuses about what's happening, lazily.
And now we're like lambs to a slaughter.
We're like right whales harpooned, being drug into the boats, being boiled down, rendered for our oil, being sanguinated.
And I've committed myself to this fight against the New World Order.
I don't like the death threats.
I don't like the open death threats.
I don't like the White House talking points directed at me and others.
But in a way, I do like it because it lets me know.
I personally don't like it, but overall I like it because it lets me know we're having an effect.
It lets me know that we're fighting the New World Order.
It lets me know that we're getting their attention.
It lets me know we're striking at the real enemy of this Republic.
It's the only country we've got
You know, the Irish, God bless them, they still got paper ballots, they just shot down the EU expansion.
We have to shoot down the North American Union.
But first we have to get past the fact that the enemy's lying, telling us this isn't an assault, telling us that they're not attacking our lines while they're doing it.
But I want the neocons to know, those that have sold out to evil, we're never gonna stop and you're gonna fall, you're gonna be brought to justice.
We'll be right back with more info.
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Another untold story, here it comes.
Another untold story, here it comes.
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The greatest storyteller once told a sad story, or shall we say, described a sad scene.
A scene of the deceived.
He warned of deceivers when he said, Beware of the false prophets who come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly are ravenous wolves.
Then he described the sad scene of the deceived.
Not everyone who says to me, Lord, Lord, will enter the kingdom of heaven, but he who does the will of my Father who is in heaven.
Many will say to me on that day, Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name, and in your name cast out demons, and in your name perform many miracles?
And then I will declare to them, I never knew you.
Could the preachers in our land today be deceivers?
And what is one of the possible main common denominator deceptions in most churches in America today?
A deception that has kept people from doing the will of a father.
No one seems to be telling, but we tell at AnotherUntoldStory.com.
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It's quite a story.
For another untold story, go to AnotherUntoldStory.com AnotherUntoldStory.com
We have a choice before us.
We all know the truth deep down in our gut.
That bad feeling you have isn't because you're worried about Al-Qaeda.
Your sixth sense is telling you that evil is all around you.
That you're under threat.
Everybody says they feel it.
It's because we're on the edge of world depression.
They've hired 26,000 preachers to tell their flocks to hand their guns in and go to FEMA camps.
That's admitted!
Think about how far we've come.
Think about how deep into tyranny we are, but also think about how far the cause of liberty has come.
How many people are waking up?
I'm going to cover another subject for the next four minutes, then Burmese is going to be in here.
And it's just this.
I want to thank you, the listeners, for all you've done.
It is you, the listeners of this show, that have spread the word about this radio show, about the websites InfoWars.com and PrisonPlanet.com.
You are the reason we've had the success we've had.
You're the reason the enemy is attacking us, because you have made us effective.
And I never thought, when I started out on this journey 13 years ago in my fight against the New World Order,
That as we became successful, a lot of our own ranks, people who want to be leaders, people who have websites or radio shows or who are somewhat prominent, would become so jealous and so angry with those of us that had become the most effective.
Those of us that are in the greatest danger.
Those of us that are on the very front line, the very tip of the spear.
I want to encourage listeners to not even debate or fight with the legions of people
That tell thousands of lies and invent new ones daily out of whole cloth against us.
They are doing that because if you talk to the public and you say, who woke you up to the New World Order?
8 times out of 10 or more.
But 8 times out of 10 is conservative.
They will say Alex Jones first woke me up.
Because we were able through the web, through videos, through the fact that we were some of the first to be posting videos on the web 10 years ago.
We have been able, thanks to you the listeners, making copies of films before the age of YouTube and Google, even before that, to have the greatest effect.
And a lot of people in this movement who are prominent get sick of hearing my name, get sick of hearing about Infowars, and they really are in this for the wrong reason.
You understand that with trepidation, with my heart beating fast, I see our web stats growing, I see our listenership exploding.
I realize I put myself in greater degrees of harm and danger.
I am humbled.
I'm sure you've noticed I've been more focused.
I am chastened.
I have tried to do a good job.
I'm certainly not perfect and I make mistakes.
And it isn't that I mind being attacked or lied about.
It's that I know it is so destructive.
And so I ask listeners not to waste your time defending me.
If you care about me, I know a lot of you spend a lot of your time defending me on the message boards and on the chat rooms and the comment pages.
Don't do that.
Let people attack me.
Let them spend their time and energy in our own sick movement.
The sick sections of it.
It's a beautiful movement overall for liberty and justice and goodness and love.
Spend your time waking other people up.
Leave me behind.
Now, when I'm being death-threaded on air by national hosts or other people are, defend us.
And spread the word about the show and what we do.
But don't waste your time debating or arguing with people that invent lies against us.
Unsubstantiated frauds.
Realize that a lot of them are COINTELPRO, a lot of them are agents, a lot of them are people that picked up on the COINTELPRO and have been fooled.
I'm going to spend five more minutes on this and then Mark Dyson will be on air and you'll have Jason Bermas.
Coming up in five minutes.
But I want to finish up briefly talking about this because it's one of the sicknesses
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We are a very sick society.
There's a lot of good in it still, but there's also a lot of sickness.
For a lot of people, fighting the New World Order is a social movement.
It's a hobby.
It's about being a leader themselves and being prominent.
And I'm sad to say that most of the people that attack me and invent one new lie after another, or more often than not, twist things and add truth in with lies, that most of them are not government agents.
You know, when government agents attack us and big mainstream media outlets attack us, people know they're liars.
They've been discredited.
And so it really only points people at our websites, InfoWars.com and PrisonPlanet.com.
It only lets people know that we're a place that needs to be checked out and looked into.
But I also get frustrated because we wake up so many millions of people a year with this radio show and the websites that we wake people up, but they're still lacking in knowledge.
They're lacking in discernment.
They are, uh, what you'd call rookies to all of this.
And so I wake up so many people, millions of people, my listeners wake up millions of people, only to turn them over to the rotten ne'er-do-wells who pockmark so much of our movement.
We need every able-bodied man and woman who's awake to what's happening to wake people up that vaccines are not mandatory and they're poisonous, that sodium fluoride does brain damage you, that GMO foods are hurting us, that hormones in the milk are
Hurting our children, that our borders are being dissolved, that they're trying to launch a war against Iran.
We need to have our websites and our radio shows be focused on issues so that when people tune in, they don't think we're just a bunch of infighting nuts.
So that's why I'm saying to you out there,
That you need to stay focused on real issues and I wouldn't even spend your time defending me.
I would spend your time trying to warn your fellow man about the New World Order.
Because I don't want myself to become a distraction or to become a diversion.
I don't want it to all be about Alex Jones.
I do want it to be about our model.
Fighting the New World Order, which is getting people moving and taking action that has been so effective.
The formula that we organically, by accident, came up with.
You know, we had the money bomb that raised $250,000, which sounds like a lot, but it's dropping the bucket to start a TV show, and I appreciate what you did.
That made people come out of the woodwork and attack me, and I feel so sorry for them.
People I've supported, people I've promoted,
As we get bigger and bigger, as we have a greater effect, that's only going to intensify.
It's not going to go away.
People say, well, why don't you defend yourself?
Why don't you come out and talk about the lies that have been told about you?
Well, the nature of the internet and the way things work is you can expose a lie a hundred times, it just comes back over and over again.
It takes people time to just learn who the liars are for themselves, and that's something you've got to do.
And so I just encourage you, when you go to a website that all they do is attack other patriots and say they're the best and everybody else is bad, ignore it.
Don't go to it.
Don't spend your time fighting and ninnying amongst ourselves.
We need to spend our time going up against the New World Order.
If you want to help us, just buy the books, buy the videos, make copies of my films, spread the free videos that are on the web around everybody, and just work that much harder to get our information out because we're hitting pay dirt here in the Infowar.
We're on target.
We're having an effect.
We're bringing in a giant harvest of minds and souls that are being unlocked.
And so let's redouble our efforts doing that.
We know it's upsetting the globalists.
We know it's hurting them.
Spread Endgame.
Spread Terrorstorm.
Free on Google Video.
Loose Change Final Cut.
Tell people about this radio show.
Tell them about the private Federal Reserve that's now becoming the global government.
Tell them about the global carbon tax.
Stay on issue.
And ignore those.
That, whether you like it or not, I guess I'm the leader who tried to tear down the leader to hurt the movement.
Alright, Jason Bermas will begin with Mark Dice.
Stay with us.
It is a big idea.
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Alright folks, we are back.
And I'm subbing in for Alex for the rest of the week.
He is taking a well-deserved vacation, and we have Mark Dice on the line.
Obviously, this entire situation with Michael Reagan has hit a...
A hot point.
It is on RawStory.com right now, making some pretty big headlines.
That's probably the biggest headline it's made so far.
People want to keep it pretty quiet that, you know, Reagan's son called for the death, the painful death, by the way, the executions of 9-11 truthers, especially Mark Dice, who apparently does not even deserve a blindfold at a firing range.
Mark, you with us?
I just got done doing an interview with that criminal.
I'm with you.
It was a pre-recorded show.
He's leaving the country here.
He introduced this segment by trying to minimize his words, saying that he claimed that if somebody were to shoot me that he would like to pay for the bullets, so I had to open by clarifying that he openly put the call out to have his listeners find and shoot me.
Then I read him the penal code in California, which clearly states that what he did is illegal.
He tried to minimize it and then claimed that, quote, my people were then sending him threats and posted his cell phone, his home address on the internet, which is not true.
None of us would make any threats whatsoever.
And I urged his listeners to continue the campaign.
Look, a lot of people that don't even like me and that don't even believe
What we're doing are appalled and disgusted by this, and it's shocking that this has hit a brick wall in the mainstream media.
Nobody's talking about this.
KFI 640, the largest talk station in Los Angeles, apparently was addressing the situation.
I was told that they were joking about it and calling me a crackpot.
So we just need to continue to get the word out to other news agencies, continue to file reports with the FCC.
I didn't feel like Michael Reagan was remorseful whatsoever, and he needs to be fired immediately, and I'm going to pursue the legal action to hold him accountable for his action.
And let's be clear, your quote-unquote organization are just people that believe in liberty, the truth, and pretty much the 9-11 truth movement.
You don't have an official organization.
Anybody that's on a message board posting stuff in no way represents you, Mark Dice.
However, this guy has a national audience of millions of listeners, and he himself
Called for your execution by gun.
And not only yours, but all of 9-11 truthers, because you're trying to shed some light on the subject to the troops.
And I just want to get your take on this story.
Now, on Friday, the London Guardian, it reports that Afghan militants attacked Kandahar prisons and freed inmates.
Okay, Mark?
Now, it says that out of the 1,000 prisoners that were let go on this attack, 400 were Taliban militants.
Of course today, CNN is reporting that hundreds of Taliban are now occupying Afghan villages.
Again, showing how this entire war on terror, especially the one in Afghanistan, is staged.
If they were really a threat, they would not be in a prison in Afghanistan where they could be let go yet again and wreak havoc on the people in Afghanistan, giving us another reason to stay there for years and years and years indefinitely, Mark.
Look, I want to check out The Road to Guantanamo.
I understand there's a documentary film about an individual that was in Guantanamo for, I think, months, if not years, and he discusses the kind of treatment that he was facing there, only to be finally released and had his name cleared.
And yeah, we know that they've just rounded up individuals and claimed that they were terrorists, that they were getting paid for anybody that they claimed was a Taliban member or was a member of Al-Qaeda so that they could be rounded up and put in prison.
And, you know, Michael Reagan, he's really just taken this to a new threshold.
He's opened the Pandora's box, and now he made no unequivocal or qualification statements about it.
Usually, somebody will make a qualification after somebody has tried, and then they'll say, if such and such happens, then they'll make their threat.
But he made no qualifications.
It was extremely clear, which California Penal Code 422 states that if it is clear and unambiguous,
Then it is a threat punishable by one year in state prison and that's what needs to happen to this individual and others and I'm sure that many of his supporters now and many out there upon hearing his statements will fully support his words and probably try to carry them out in in stalking and in vandalism and in creating bodily harm for myself and for others and we need to I want to thank everybody actually for getting on board for this and
And just really standing up for what's right and for not stooping to their level and not harassing them, not making threats back, but standing up for what's right and standing up for the Constitution and getting this man off the air is a top priority right now, followed up by legal and civil action.
Well, I feel like this needs to double and triple our efforts to bring the truth out.
In other words, if you're listening out there and you haven't sent a package to a soldier, it's time to do so.
It's time to copy a couple DVDs, print off some documents, send a care package with
You know, some candy in there, make it appealing for them and send it out.
And you can go to theresistancemanifesto.com and see how to do that and where to send it and where to help out.
And you also need to put pressure on this guy's radio station and radio stations and mainstream media across the country that it is not okay
That's what's so great about this movement, Mark, is that we truly are a peaceful organization in the light of Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr.
This is a civil rights issue.
This is a civil rights issue for everybody, Mark.
It doesn't matter what the color of your skin is or your choice of religion.
They don't care.
You know, it's all about a serf class, about a slave class, and that's what they're trying to create.
They're trying to dehumanize us further and say, no, it's okay because these guys are bad, that we can shoot them, Mark.
Listen, I want to add that anybody that's participating in Operation Inform the Soldiers, where we're sending them emails and DVDs, to maybe copy the DVD and don't put the title on there.
People will go through these packages and see if there's any material that they think is going to be
I don't think so.
To the troops, and I got a couple emails from troops that are stationed overseas thanking me for this.
One of them said that a magazine, Stars and Stripes, which is delivered to the military, wrote about our campaign and several soldiers have written to me asking that we send them specific information about this and they would distribute it to others.
I have a friend of mine that's stationed overseas that heard about this campaign, said that 60% of the people that he's in contact with are on our side.
The only people that don't are morons that just play video games all day long.
And he said that it was a great idea to foster a discussion, to encourage a debate, and to get this information out to create a safe climate.
So again, if you don't want to spend the money to send them information, you can sign up to send them emails back and forth.
Again, you can catch more flies with honey and that's the kind of approach I'm all about.
I was in a bar over the weekend and I had a little, you know, InfoWars.com
I don't
You know, you had some political affiliation.
And I said, no, you know, this is a website.
I asked him if he knew who Alex Jones was.
He didn't.
He was ex-military himself.
He had been in the army.
He luckily had not had to go overseas to Iraq.
He'd been stationed in Japan for a while.
And he's like, well, what's it all about?
So, you know, I had Building 7 on my phone.
I showed him Building 7 right away.
I think so.
I don't know.
And I think that you're the epitome of that.
I mean, by putting videos out on YouTube, by staying media-savvy, putting out press releases, and really making a difference by sending troops... DVDs... Listen, if people... Go ahead.
If people would have told Martin Luther King that the powers that be are too powerful, that the white man's in control, that nothing's gonna change...
That would have just spoiled the movement, and who knows what would have happened.
People need to get together.
We can make change.
It's been done in the past.
My dad says the squeaky wheel gets the grease, and by squeaking as loud as we can, we will make a change.
We have made change.
We've thrown a wrench in the New World Order.
I think that the movement has prevented another false flag attack from happening.
We know that they would have done it by now if the large amount of the population would have been informed.
If anything happens now, we're going to stand up and point the finger at directly who did it.
So we can make change.
In my interview with Michael Reagan, there was a lot of cross-talk.
I couldn't even finish a sentence without him butting in.
So I don't know how much of the information I said got out, but this man needs to be held accountable and anybody else.
That suggests such ridiculous things, such criminal activities, and so please get on board.
Contact Radio America.
Let's send the troops some information.
Send them documents.
Write them a letter.
You know, you don't even have to send them Operation Northwoods.
If you start sending them documents, somebody might fish through the package and think that it's material that the troops shouldn't see.
So if we just write them emails and tell them, hey, we understand.
That's great.
Absolutely, and the truth of the matter is they're going to come home at some point.
And a lot of them are going to be involved in security services, sometimes private security forces, sometimes our very own police.
And you're going to want these people to be educated in both the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, and the current geopolitical situation, in case there is an attack in this country, in case they do release bioweapons, in case they do decide to round people up.
You know, I'd rather have somebody who knows what's going on, who's compassionate to human life, who hasn't fallen for all the dehumanizing brainwashing out there, than somebody who's just a pawn of the system.
It's the Alex Jones Show.
I'm with Mark Dice.
We'll be back after this.
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Alright folks, we're back at the Alex Jones Show.
I'm sitting in, I'm Jason Bermas.
With me, Mark Dice.
Let's read the Raw Story article real quick.
Radio talk show host calls for murder of anti-war activist.
Michael Reagan, radio talk show host and son of late President Ronald Reagan, adopted son, could be investigated by the FBI after he called for the execution of Mark Dice.
I'm glad they're not mince words.
That's what he did.
Anti-war activist and founder of the media watchdog group, The Resistance, on air.
On June 10th edition of his nationally syndicated Radio America show, Reagan called Dice and others in the 9-11 Truth Movement, traitors, after learning that they were sending letters, declassified documents, and DVDs to troops in Iraq.
That they say point to government involvement in the attacks on the World Trade Center in 2001.
The effort is part of the resistance Operation Inform the Soldiers.
What a great title!
I don't want the soldiers who are risking their lives in Iraq to be used as pawns in the creation of the new world order, Dice said in a recent press release.
I personally know US Marines who believe 9-11 was an inside job and they tell me that many Marines suspect that this is the case but are afraid to speak up.
Absolutely not.
I want to say something else too.
Some people are emailing me and there's been a couple blogs that have suggested that I not go on Michael Reagan's show thinking that it's going to hurt the case.
The case officer with the FBI said that this would not hurt the case whatsoever.
I know what I'm doing.
I'm in contact with them.
Uh, instance, uh, something else I was gonna do, uh, they suggested would hurt the case, so I refrained from doing it.
Uh, they, they knew full and well, uh, that I was gonna go on the show, that I was invited on the show, and they said that that would be fine.
Uh, this doesn't hurt the case whatsoever.
Some people thought that I would go on and, and accept his apology.
Uh, you, when, when you accept an apology and when you forgive someone, you,
You then remove any rights to hold him accountable, and so he does not deserve to be forgiven at this moment.
He must pay for what he has done.
I said that I hope that this was the last broadcast of his career, and I enjoyed being on what I hope to be the last broadcast of his radio career.
So anybody that thinks that this was going to hurt the case is at this point wrong.
So I just again want to thank everybody for their concern and for the outreach.
You know, this just goes to show, man, when they attack one of us, they attack us all.
And, you know, I got a lot of those emails myself, Mark.
They're like,
Oh, you know, Mark, you need to tell him not to go on that show.
And I'm like, look, you know, the guy's going to do what he's going to do.
It's his decision.
He was the one threatened.
And, uh, you know, you've been smart in the past, Mark.
So I, uh, I'm not going to judge what you're doing.
I think it's a, it's a smart idea to go on there, especially to see, you know, him try to weasel out of it.
And then now that I know that it was a prerecorded interview, I mean, God knows how they're going to edit it.
Uh, you know, just listening to, uh, the last time,
They were discussing you.
Of course, they tried to lump in Ron Paul, which is absolutely ridiculousness.
And, uh, they actually made jokes.
Oh, that's where all the Ron Paul supporters went, Mark.
Yeah, now I videotaped myself during the entire conversation, so if what is aired does not match up with what was actually said or was edited in any way, I will be releasing that video.
Wait a minute, wait a minute, I can't even get out of the office here, Mark.
You're saying you did an interview with who?
Well, I was on Reagan's show.
It was pre-recorded.
So those cowards pre-recorded it?
They pre-recorded the entire show.
Apparently he's going to be leaving the country.
I made it clear to the listeners, he made it seem like it was live.
It's a beautiful sunny day in Southern California, so I let everybody know that it was 8.30 in the morning when I did that.
And then just to make sure that what was recorded, what makes it out on air, was what was actually said.
Again, I videotaped myself.
During the entire conversation.
Uh, it's that by them attacking you and making a big deal out of this, it's only going to make everybody now send this stuff to the troops.
I mean, they're just idiots.
It's going to completely... These bullies don't understand that the American people aren't going to back down.
So now that they've done all this on Fox and Reagan's show, I bet 50 times the amount of Terror Storm and Loose Change Final Cut DVDs are going to be sent out.
Yeah, their plan has completely backfired and while it's a very stressful situation to be in, I think that it's a...
It's going to be beneficial for Operation Inform the Soldiers.
It's going to be beneficial for the 9-11 Truth Movement.
It's going to be beneficial for the country and for us all, so... You know what?
I'm not taking a few days off.
Get out of here, Brian, because I'm doing the show.
All right.
Hey, Dice, great job.
I'll be tuning in tomorrow to see what happens after the interview later today, and I'm sure they're going to edit it.
She'll have to release it, and that'll be a whole other issue.
Is he leaving now, or is this it?
I think that we only have until 30 after.
Do you have to go, Dice?
I could probably spend another seven minutes with you guys if you want.
Yeah, stay another ten minutes with Lord Burmas.
Alright folks, have a good one.
It's hurting them!
Get Terror Storm!
Get it out to everybody!
We'll be right back!
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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I wish a buck was still silver It was back when the country was strong Back before Elvis And before the Vietnam War came along Before the Beatles and yesterday
Alright folks, we're back!
It's the Alex Jones Show.
I'm Jason Burmess.
And Mark, I gotta tell ya!
They seem to be throwing a big fit over the fact that the Supreme Court has finally decided that habeas corpus does still exist.
We do have the right to face our accusers.
And let me just read a couple of things that have been said by a couple of the top neocons.
First of all, Gingrich has said, the court decision is a disaster, which could cost us a city.
And the debate ought to be whether you're prepared to lose an American city on behalf of five lawyers.
It was a five to four decision.
It's pretty ridiculous.
Of course, they're saying, oh, because we have habeas corpus, that means the city needs to blow up.
That's really great.
And then McCain is also attacking the ruling.
This is the guy who is running for the president.
He'll probably get, you know, 30, 40, maybe 50 or 60 percent of the vote of the sheeple out there, unfortunately.
And he's saying it's one of the worst decisions in the history of the country.
After all, he wants to bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb Iran.
So we have these neocons basically saying that habeas corpus is bad, we don't need it, and if we do have it, Mark, uh, the US city's gonna blow up.
Sounds about right.
These Nazis have no respect for human life whatsoever.
Their continuous erosion of
Of the freedoms of humanity of the citizens of the United States and of other countries around the world, it's just absolutely despicable.
There's video clips on YouTube of Michael Reagan saying things I don't even want to say.
You can just look it up yourself.
It's the title, His Solution for the Middle East.
He wants to do very bad things for the children over there, young babies.
He wants everybody to be killed.
He's called for Howard Dean to be hung.
This man has a track record of issuing violent statements.
I was able to mention one issue about the Bilderberg Group, and apparently Michael Reagan thinks that that was, quote, old news and doesn't matter anymore.
Oh, the Bilderberg group that met a week ago is old news, although much of the policy that they discussed has not yet been implemented, but it's old news.
I mean, it's unbelievable.
Actually, you know, I'm going to try to play the clip, but earlier this week, the student scholars asked John Edwards yet again about his participation in Bilderberg and really had him at a moment where he had to answer.
And he answered, he said that he gave a 20-30 minute speech, and then he was asked, well, was this where you were, you know, picked to be the running mate of John Kerry?
Did you discuss being, you know, the vice presidential candidate?
And he's like, oh no, no, that was before.
Uh, I was, I was picked.
So he just kind of walks away and smiles, but he knows that the decision to make him, uh, the vice presidential candidate was made at Bilderberg.
We all know that, uh, Obama and Hillary met with Bilderberg members.
I mean, it's not an accident that he literally tricked his press corps into getting on a plane so that he could be right around the corner in Virginia to have quote unquote secret meetings that ended up being with Hillary Clinton and others.
And the stories of where they met have changed from,
You know, they met at her private home, they met at somebody else's house, they met at Dianne Feinstein's.
Well, the truth of the matter is, they probably met at the Marriott in Chantilly, Virginia, with a bunch of high-level globalists, Mark.
Even if they weren't able to make it to the hotel itself, I'm sure that they were on a conference call, or that members of the Bilderberg Group came to them.
And yeah, this is despicable.
That's why they're trying to put an end to the Internet, why they're trying to charge us for our bandwidth, for our Internet usage, for
The emails that are sent, and we're just not going to stop.
They're in panic mode right now.
I don't think they know what to do.
I think they underestimated the good people of this country.
They underestimated the dedication of individuals to care for this country and to get the word out.
And they're in damage control.
They're going to have to revamp their entire plan.
Let's just continue to throw wrenches into their system in a peacefully and civilly way, civil way, and we'll just continue to fight for this country and do everything that we can to stand up for what's right.
You know, I want to get your take on this article, too.
The Times Online, the Times of London that is, is now reporting that Bush is going to do one last push to get Bin Laden before he leaves office.
And of course, Intel officers are saying, well, if he gets
Bin Laden, there'll be no doubt in history that he really saved us from the terrorists.
After all, he killed Saddam Hussein, and if he gets that Bin Laden, boy, this Bush presidency is gonna go down in history as a great one.
And I'm thinking to myself, oh my God.
Say they do roll out this boogeyman.
All's they'll do is create another boogeyman.
They'll create an Iranian boogeyman, or some other Middle Eastern type that's shadowy.
And then Bush will be worshipped for six months to a year on television.
We'll see specials about it the rest of our lives, Mark.
I mean, it really turns my stomach that somebody who is a front man for this international crime syndicate, the actual people that carried out 9-11, is still going to try to pose as our hero by wheeling out, you know, this patsy, this intelligence asset.
Look, probably what they're going to do is they're going to blow up a cave or blow up some building somewhere and then just claim that he was there, claim that they have the DNA evidence that it was him, that intelligence leads them to believe conclusively that it was him, and it's possible that he's been dead.
It's likely he's been dead for quite some time, and we just need to get the word out again about the professors over at Duke University, the voice analysts that show that
Some of the tapes that have been released claiming to be Bin Laden by the CIA and by the White House are, in fact, not him.
Some of the videos that have been released claiming to be new videos are, in fact, old videos, excerpts of old videos that have already been released.
So I'm just going to guess that if they do pull this, that they will blow up a cave or a building and claim that he was there and that they have got him.
And, yeah, Bush is the new savior, the war on terror is successful, and now we need to shift into a new phase, which is
Just ridiculous.
We just need to continue to expose them for all that they are.
And, you know, I see the mainstream really leaning towards Obama.
I mean, I don't see much of a push for McCain.
I feel like he was the establishment candidate that wouldn't challenge any of their ideas that would toe the line of these globalists no matter what.
But I really can't see him
Uh, being elected eight years of, uh, neocon tyranny has really taken its toll even in the minds of the sheeple.
And, uh, you know, Barack Obama's a very well-spoken guy.
He doesn't say much, but people want change they can vote for, Mark, and it's these slogans.
that are embedded in people's minds, and I think they actually trick themselves into believing that if they vote for somebody like Obama, who will probably have Hillary as his running mate, maybe Edwards, who knows, they're going to get change!
And they're not going to get change.
They're going to have the same globalist overlords.
They're going to have the same lack of freedoms.
They're going to have the same push towards this technocracy, this biometric society.
In fact, I've got a story right in front of me right now from Philly.com
Where it's telling me that there's going to be new wine vending machines in the next five years, and that they are going to biometrically decide whether you're old enough to make the purchase mark.
Yeah, we know that the Bilderberg Group and the criminals that run the voting machines can sway the votes in large percentages, and it just depends on who's willing to serve them the most.
That's who the money's going to go behind.
I mean, we know that the money's behind both of them, and I think that perhaps once they decide, once this establishment decides who it is that's going to bow down and willingly serve them the best and be able to rally up the most public support for their agenda will be the one that they finally push
We're good to go.
We won't be able to walk outside of our house without being scanned, without being recognized, and with the push of a button.
Yeah, they'll be able to track and trace our every move through voice morphing and through voice tracking technology.
You could probably pick up any phone.
You could pick up a payphone in Mexico, and your voiceprint is going to be detected by Echelon, and that call is going to be logged and flagged and traced as to who it is that you're calling.
Yeah, this system is being implemented, and again, we have nothing to hide, which is why we just need to expose the people that do have things to hide.
Absolutely, and you mentioned Echelon, but these are programs that have been around for quite some time, programs that predate 9-11.
I encourage people to check out the Carnivore software they have, the Promise software they have, and of course, Echelon.
This is an all-encompassing piece of software that really gets data information and crunches it very quickly.
And I mean, anything from your phone conversations, to your emails, to your online time spent, I mean, it's there.
And the government's had it for a long time.
And it's not talked about, Mark.
And if they do get to implement this system, this system of a cashless society control grid, which they're weaning us towards, you know, it's incrementalization.
I don't think so.
You know, and then the government comes in and says, well, most of us have it anyway.
It's really, it's really for our own benefit and safety.
And if you take this chip, you know, you're going to get free medical coverage.
You know, they're going to, they're going to pave it, you know, the road to hell is paved with great intentions.
And they're going to make it look like a gold paved road.
And it literally will be a gold paved road to hell, Mark.
You know, a hellish system where you're told what you can and cannot consume, how much of which.
You know, how long you have to work.
I mean, I just can't picture what society is going to be like.
If you look how much society has changed just in the past 20 to 30 years, it's amazing.
I mean, we literally went from a society that played board games as a family to where families don't even have dinner anymore.
The kids are spoiled rotten.
They're on their PS3, you know.
They're rat bastards a lot of times, Mark, and they're not informed at all.
People don't read anymore.
The television that they watch is garbage.
I mean, I remember as a kid watching Entertainment Tonight, and that was the big tabloid program, but it was only on for, you know, an hour a day.
Now there's entire networks dedicated to that kind of tabloid journalism, and even the quote-unquote real news networks like Fox News, MSNBC, are as tabloid as they get at this point, Mark.
Look, Paris Hilton and some others will probably get the chip.
They'll be touted as being the new purveyors of this trend.
And when Fox News and really all the networks have live coverage of Paris Hilton going to jail, I mean, that just goes to show this is not news.
They don't care about the news.
And for these people that are saying that this chip and the Vera chip and then the future digital angel with GPS is going to be a way that can protect their kids,
They're not thinking about the fact that if some psycho, some sick pedophile wants to kidnap a kid, he's just going to cut the chip out of them and smash it.
So they'll know the area where the kid was taken from, but they're not going to know where the kid is going.
I mean, these people are going to be able to destroy these chips and cut them out.
And not only that, but you're going to have hackers that are going to hack the chips and that are going to copy chips and be able to take your identity or others.
I don't think so.
I myself am not an animal, and we know that they were putting numbers on the Jews in the concentration camps, and so I myself am not going to be marked for death here with this bear chip or any other similar system that they may invoke.
I'm glad you brought up the pedophile concern because, again, I have a story right in front of me right now from AustralianIT.news.com.
It's out of Australia.
They have a new intranet database that they've put together called OneSchool, which profiles each of the state's 480,000 public school students enrolled from kindergarten to 12th grade.
In other words, your entire school career.
Yeah, we're talking about
The possible stalking from ex-lovers, ex-boyfriends, ex-girlfriends, being able to stalk these individuals or others, this really has to be stopped.
People like Katherine Albrecht, who have taken this all the way up to a national level and who goes to hearings and is a very professional, very articulate speaker on these, is doing her best to make sure that
At least safeguards are put in that we can slow this technology down, and the things that are coming, the patents that she's dug up, or what they've planned to implement against us is extremely scary.
So, before it gets out, before it becomes mainstream, before you see Paracetamol on TV touting their new Vera chip, and walking around reading their IDs at home, and being able to purchase things just with the wave of their hand, we need to get everybody aware of this technology, aware of the dangers, and aware of the entire plan.
And just continue to inform the people in a peaceful, civilly information outreach, because I think we've slowed the bear chip down.
They've been planning this for quite some time.
Last I checked, bear chip stock was just dropping like a stone, and I think that they probably had planned that they would be implemented by now here in this country if it wasn't for good patriots opposing it.
I have to agree with you there, and you just mentioned
You know, not having to have an ID.
Well, the U.S.
is now barring ID refuseniks from planes, but not ID losers.
This is out of the register.
So in other words, you know, usually you have to show a license to get on a plane.
I've had to board planes.
My license is in rough shape.
I mean, it's burnt.
It's got holes in it.
Blah, blah, blah.
I usually have to argue with the people.
But what they're saying now is, before you could say, look, I don't have an ID, they'll put you through some additional screening, you get on the plane.
They're now saying, no, no dice.
The only way that you're going to get on the plane is if you accidentally forget it, and then I'm sure you're going to have to jump through a million different hoops.
But as you just said, you know, this will eventually go to the system where it's going to be like, well, you know, leave your ID at home.
You don't need your ID.
It's going to be with you at all times.
They're going to scan your hand or
They're gonna scan your arm, and then you'll be able to get on the plane.
And since nobody's able to hack these things, Mark, which is a total lie, very easily hackable, you know, we're gonna know who you are, and that's a good idea.
That scares me, that somebody who hacks...
An RFID chip, especially somebody who would potentially do us harm, will be able to easily get on a plane, will be able to easily, you know, go about, you know, his business.
Especially, you know, in places like D.C.
where there are all these secure areas.
How easy is it going to be to hack a chip and people to infiltrate these places?
People aren't looking at the negatives.
They're always promoting the positives because this is a tool for our enslavement, Mark.
Mark, why don't you give out the website, tell people how they can get involved in the Soldiers Program really quick before the break.
All the information's at markdice.com.
Just scroll down, find Operation Inform the Soldiers.
All the information's there about how to sign up so you can email the troops.
Costs you nothing.
There's also organizations there in the press release where you can sign up and get addresses of troops.
And again, try not to send the DVDs with the covers, with the boxes.
Somebody might see that and think that they don't want it to get to the troops.
Maybe put a different label, put it in a different box, just say this is a cool DVD, write your letters, and let's just get that information out.
It's called Operation Inform the Soldiers.
There's a press release about Michael Savage's death, or Michael Reagan's death threats, rather, and please get that out to the media.
As far as I know, no major media has covered this other than you guys and Raw Story, so this needs to get out.
He needs to be fired.
People need to know what it is that they're doing out there and calling for our deaths.
All right, thanks, Mark.
It's the Alex Jones Show.
We'll be back after this.
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I read the news today, oh boy About a lucky man who made the grade And though the news was rather sad Well, I just had to laugh I saw the photograph
Alright folks, we're back!
The Alex Jones Show.
I'm Jason Bermas.
I'm going to be subbing in for the rest of the week.
I want to remind everybody
That Alex's latest film, the 9-11 Chronicles, Truth Rising, which I was lucky enough to do the cover for.
I hope the kids like it out there.
Did a little poster for it, too.
Those should be being posted soon.
But on July 4th, PrisonPlanet.tv members are gonna get the movie.
And it should be exciting because this is a brand new, almost two-hour flick that really goes into the 9-11 truth movement.
I mean, it's unlike anything Alex has done before.
This is shot cinema verite.
No voiceover.
Really, Luke Rudowsky.
It takes us on a journey on the struggle to get 9-11 truth out there, to confront our criminal globalist overlords, and also the struggle to get people to recognize the fact that the first responders are being ignored after they were lied to and essentially given a death sentence, a painful death sentence.
So that's all in there.
We of course got Couscous Kucinich in there, who is a
Really, my new hero.
I love Dennis Kucinich.
You know, again, bit of a gun grabber, bit of a left leaner, sure.
But 35 articles of impeachment, the last three having to do with 9-11.
First off, that they actually lied about 9-11.
They didn't investigate it.
They tried to get that investigation out.
I don't think so.
And when I think of disgusting health issues, there are none as disgusting as this one.
Last week I was in a 7-Eleven.
Alex may have covered it on the show last week, but I've got to cover it again.
And I'm sitting there, getting my slurpy, my disgusting, you know, my terrible food that I shouldn't be eating.
And I see this Time Magazine cover, and it's a baby on the cover, and I had just had a conversation with one of my good friends, who is actually a teacher, and he was asking me how his sister
And her husband would approach the situation, uh, when, uh, and you know, the new baby was born and they didn't want to take the vaccines.
And I simply informed him like, look, from the very get go, you need to say, look, my kid's not taking these vaccinations.
I want the conscientious objector waiver.
I'm not putting thimerosal in my kid.
I'm not putting SV40 in my kid.
I know what's in these preservatives.
And they're going to give you the runaround.
It's not going to be easy.
So I'm in this 7-Eleven and I look at this Time Magazine cover and it's this baby looking up at somebody about to give him a shot.
The baby looks worried.
It then says, the truth about vaccines.
And at this point, I think it's going to be able to go either way.
You know, it's showing, you know, this infant about to get a shot.
Well, it says, worried about autism?
Many parents are opting out of immunizations.
How they're putting the rest of us at risk.
And then it goes on like a five-page diatribe about how we're all bad.
Environments, I want you to cover that next hour.
I now am actually leaving to go spend time with my family.
But for about two months, I've been trying to set Jordan Maxwell up, but he's been in bad health and stuff because he put a call out for help.
I want to try to
Thank you for listening to GCN.
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Alright folks, we're back and we should have Jonathan Ellenhoff as we are Change Colorado on in a moment.
But first I want to go over the story I was just talking about.
How safe are vaccines?
They're admitting, and I think it might actually be a little bit more than this, that by the time your child is two years old, they get 28 vaccinations.
28 vaccinations.
Think about that.
It's a lot.
And then they're saying, oh, only 2 to 3% are opting out.
I'd say it's more to 5 to 10% and really growing to 10 to 20% after people like Oprah Winfrey give this a forum.
to mainstream America after people like Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carrey march on Washington saying, look, they have thimerosal in the vaccines.
It's a poison.
It causes autism.
My kid got.
From the shots.
He wasn't born autistic.
He obviously got it from the shots.
And, uh, the one thing I don't agree with is the fact that they're wearing shirts that say, green our vaccines.
No, just take the poison out, okay?
We don't need to put this in with the green movement, okay?
That's just ridiculous.
See, that's more propaganda trying to promote, you know, let's go green!
We all need to recycle and we need to have a carbon tax for global warming.
It's great!
So I don't really approve of that, but at least they're coming out there saying, look, vaccines are bad.
And I do like the fact that they're showing that it's not just a religious waiver.
It's also a philosophical exemption waiver.
But schools are really trying to rush towards get rid of that as well.
You know, they have total tyranny, total color law.
There's no law saying you have to take this stuff.
It's poison.
Mercury is not good for your brain.
No matter how many times the local news runs an ad saying that mercury helps your brain, it's not true.
It's poison.
So I'm only thankful that my buddy's waking up, that he is a teacher, he can influence other people in the administration, at his school, and say, look, this isn't good.
And I just want to give big props to him.
You know, for doing that, because it takes some bravery to do that.
All right, we have Jonathan Ellenhoff on the line.
And in case you didn't know, We Are Change Colorado last week was arrested for handing out DVDs for free.
The police claimed that this was peddling, even though they were not taking any money, that what they were doing was covered under free speech.
It's the same thing as when you're handed a pamphlet, a booklet, you know, a poster, a card.
That's all a DVD is.
Yet, they decided to arrest some people, didn't they, Jonathan?
That's right, they did.
And, uh, the funny thing is, is, uh, I just posted a video today that we found in our archives, uh, when Sander Hicks was out, um, a while back, when cops showed up at the exact same location on 16th and Walton.
And, uh, they were actually called on us.
And we called the cops.
The local security guard called the cops because they said handing out DVDs was illegal.
And Sander then debated with them right there.
The cop showed up.
We got this all on camera, by the way.
And the police officer said, no, of course it's not illegal.
What you're doing is protected by the First Amendment.
Try not to block the sidewalk.
And he told us to have a nice day.
And drove off.
And that's posted over at loosechange911.com.
Both videos or just that one?
Yes, both videos.
So people can see clearly the Denver Police must be confused on where their stance is because I've got video of them basically on both sides of this issue.
Well, I'm very glad that you have that because that's going to be presented in court.
I don't want to see these people settle.
I don't want to see them take a ticket for what they've done.
Look, we're trying to save this country, Jonathan.
We're trying to figure out free information that literally, literally, folks, it's life or death.
Life or death information.
If you don't know the government, our government, is involved in false flag terror, you need to know, okay?
You need to know the system is controlled.
Hey, we got Jonathan Ellenhoff from We Are Change Colorado.
I am Jason Bermas.
Remember, Truth Rising, coming to PrisonPlanet.tv July 4th, and it'll be shipping out just around that time, too.
So definitely check it out.
It's the 9-11 Chronicles.
Badass film by Alex Jones.
We'll be back after this.
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Alright folks, we are back with Jonathan Elanoff of We Are Change Colorado, but before we get back into the fact that, you know, we still do have a First Amendment, we are allowed to give out free DVDs and information.
Again, trying to spread the truth, I want to thank a couple of our sponsors.
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That's 1-800-569-4056.
Now, Jonathan, you've really taken off this year, really bull by the horns is how I like to call it.
I mean, you started the We Are Change chapter in Colorado.
You've confronted numerous political figures about the New World Order, globalization, 9-11.
I mean, you're all over the place, and you're not too busy to educate the little guy, which is what we're about.
I mean, you're out on the streets handing out DVDs, and now they're trying to criminalize that.
Why don't you just go over that?
Well, you know,
Obviously, we've got a coming police state.
Well, we're already actually in a police state.
We've been in one for a while.
I think we've got a coming martial law, more intensive police state.
And for those who don't know, actually, martial law is really already going on.
Look at some of the acts that were passed, executive orders.
So the military and the police have all kinds of exempted kinds of powers and privileges.
And they're using them all the time.
In Denver, for instance, for the DNC protest,
They passed all these laws that are not just unconstitutional, but they're illegal.
And I'll give you an example of one that they did.
Like, for instance, you cannot protest, hold a sign, wear a shirt with a political ring to it, anything without a permit.
And that was done in 2000 in Seattle, where literally people were not allowed to walk to work if they had an anti-WTO button on, folks.
Free speech is over, but continue.
And in order to get these permits, you have to go through this lottery process, which is supposed to be transparent.
It's not.
And let's just say, hypothetically, you get one of these permits, you can't even go where you'd like to go and say what you'd like to say or wear what you want to wear.
They have these designated free speech zones where you can go.
And even then, the press is not going to be covering them because they're two and a quarter miles away from the actual DNC convention itself.
So, we're talking major violation of civil liberty.
Well, these free speech zones are there to squelch dissent.
They're there to make the appearance that there is nobody upset with what's going on.
And, uh, it's also there to try to appease those who think they have a First Amendment, Jonathan.
I mean, they did this back in 2004 at the DNC, uh, over in Boston, which was absolutely ridiculous.
Alex Jones got some really good pictures up on Infowars.com.
If you go to the, if you go to the archives and you can see the jackboot cops literally in big black uniforms, people were smart enough to scroll 1984 into the sidewalks.
And really that to me, uh, was the beginning.
Um, well,
What's going on right now is I successfully dismantled two groups that looked like they were going to be... They were actually planning demonstrations that were going to put protesters within arm's length of police officers.
One protest was surrounding the Denver Mint, literally 25 feet from the actual county jail.
And I actually effectively dismantled those groups.
And most of the people who have broken away now from that group have formed a new group.
Uh, that is calling for non-violence.
In fact, I know many of the people in that group.
Which just shows the incredible power one person can have, folks.
Jonathan Elenof is making those changes.
Right, and I'm good friends with a lot of people.
There's a new group called Alliance for Real Democracy, and it's a bunch of people who, they had no idea the groups I was talking about were going to be violent until they looked at the demonstrations that I helped expose, which not too many people knew about.
I went to some core meetings and was able to get all this information out to the public.
And they all agreed it was, uh, there was no message to the demonstrations.
The demonstrations were designed to put people in aggravated situations and agitated situations that were going to put them literally within arm's length of cost.
And they all broke away.
They're making a big stance for peace.
But I did a lot of harm to that group in terms of them, now they can't get funding.
Uh, all 10 state universities broken away from them.
All these people are now breaking away from them.
And, uh, I've actually... It's been interesting.
There's some people who don't like me because of the work I've had to make.
There's been a split.
The extra work people have now had to do because of, uh, what I was saying.
Well, I'm sorry.
If they don't like you, it's too bad.
You know what?
If you're not gonna follow the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, if you're gonna try to provocateur an event where you throw pain on people, where you bring a shield, okay, where you try to upset police into attacking you, something needs to be done, Jonathan, and you did that.
You know?
That's the bottom line.
Well, and the demonstrations speak for themselves.
I mean, surrounding the Denver Mint had no message to it.
And I asked them about that.
What was the point of surrounding the Mint?
They said, well, you know, the economy's getting bad.
And I said, well, the law states, according to when we went to the Mint and asked the security guard, that if you attempt to obstruct that fence or vandalize it or surround it, they can actually shoot you on sight.
And they had a whole demonstration to surround angry
Radical protesters that surround that Mint, which is located right across the street from the jail where the police are setting up their headquarters.
And by the way, they love violence.
They crave death, especially prior to the RNC.
You know, they get something done at the DNC.
You know what I'm saying?
Then the RNC is, I mean, totally off-limits.
Let's say someone got shot and killed at the DMC protesting.
There would be no chance of any kind of free speech whatsoever within a 5-10 mile radius of where they hold the RNC.
I guarantee that.
And, you know, it would just be out there to, you know, try to parade this false left-right paradigm in front of all of us saying, oh, look at the left!
They can't even stop from acting like animals!
Look at the left!
You know, and then they'll... Seriously, that's what they'll do, and they'll show, oh, see, this is why you need to be a Republican.
Further ingraining Republican-Democrat, conservative-liberal into people's minds when we are about freedom, we are about the Constitution, we are about the Bill of Rights!
And being a free humanity, I don't know about you, but I was actually ecstatic with the fact that the Supreme Court ruled that habeas corpus is still in effect.
And then you see fear-mongers like Newt Gingrich and McCain come out and say, Oh, now a U.S.
city is going to blow up and it's on their heads.
And this is the worst decision ever.
It sounds pretty suspect to me.
By the way, folks, I'm going to be taking your calls, so hopefully in the next segment, Jonathan and I will be answering questions for you.
Why don't you tell people, at least in your area, how they can get involved in We Are Change, because these are the groups that are having an effect, Jonathan.
These are the groups that are on the front lines.
These are the groups that are handing out DVDs that aren't cowering towards the jackboot officers that are saying, You don't have a right to hand out no DVDs!
You're peddling!
You're a peddler!
So how can we join?
Oh, we have, uh...
We have WeAreChangeColorado.org, which is the activist front.
TruthAlliance.net, which is working on tons of projects right now.
I know we have a new WeAreChange hub site.
The actual just WeAreChange.org site is being redone by TruthAlliance.
It looks phenomenal.
I've already seen it.
Hopefully that'll be done soon.
They're working on a United Peace and Justice Peace March for the first responders and family members to get something visual to get attention on 9-11.
So I know there's a lot of stuff going on.
We have projects up and down that we're trying to finish.
I have a film, Corps of Corruption, that's going to be coming out soon, hopefully.
And, you know, there's always something going on.
Handing out DVDs, we have massive, massive 800 to 1000 DVDs we hand out a week in Colorado.
So we know we're hitting them, and we're hitting them hard.
What's interesting, I wanted to mention,
We're actually in our own struggle with Alliance for Real Democracy.
They've banned We Are Change from being a part of them because we blew the whistle on violent protests and caused a bunch of people to work, actually, overtime to get grants and stuff.
They don't like us.
And so we're trying to figure out why we're the group that blew the whistle so that people could be peaceful.
And anyways, it's really weird.
So we're starting to look at this and
Hopefully people get the message.
Look, if it's not one group, it'll be another, or it'll be an individual.
Someone's going to plan something to make us look bad.
So we gotta keep our head up, and we gotta look for the stuff, and we can't expel anybody.
That's right.
PrisonPlanet.com, InfoWars.com are the websites.
Remember, 9-11 Truth Rising coming your way July 4th.
We'll be back after this.
It is the Alex Jones Show.
We're good.
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Alright folks, it's the Alex Jones Show.
We're back.
I got Jonathan Elanoff from We Are Change Colorado on the line and we're gonna go to your phone calls.
Bunch of California calls to go to.
Sunny California.
Let me tell you, sunny Texas is ultra hot.
I step outside, it's 100 plus.
I'm dying out here.
I can't wait to get back to New York.
I can't lie.
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Now again, folks, truth rising, coming your way.
Obviously, fabled enemies will be done at the end of the summer.
We're looking at a
A late August, early September release date for that, I'm stoked.
If you want to get to know me...
Or a little bit more about me, you can go to myspace.com slash Jason Burmess.
I do read everything I get.
I don't always respond, guys.
I do get a lot of messages, but some of the very stories I talked about today, for instance, that Australian database were tips that somebody sent me over on my MySpace.
So I encourage you to go over there, check it out, and give me a little email.
I do respond sometimes.
So let's go to phone calls.
Remember, I am with Jonathan Ellenhoff of We Are Change.
Colorado, somebody who actually made a difference, folks.
Somebody who didn't say, I can't do anything, I have no power.
He actually has incredible power, just like all of us do.
Let's go to Chris in California.
Chris, are you with us?
Yes, how are you doing, Jason?
Good, man.
How are you doing?
Not bad, not bad.
I was actually calling in regards to one of your previous segments, when you were talking about health concerns and Dennis Kucinich, you brought up.
I'm not quite familiar with it.
What is it?
All against militarizing space?
Yeah, you know, it talks about banning chemtrails, electronic psychotronic information weapons.
You know, I'm glad that you just mentioned chemtrails, because this is something I didn't mention yet, but Beck, the musical artist, has a new song entitled Chemtrails, and it's like, look up into the sky, you know, what's going on, where did all the people go, and it's just very interesting.
We got a tip from that, but continue.
Yeah, I was just wondering, you know, it's kind of odd that
You know, I've never heard anyone ask him about this bill that he's presented.
Well, I'd definitely love to engage him on it.
I mean, I'm just stoked that the guy came on Alex Jones and said, you know, if they let these 35 articles of impeachment just kind of wade in the water, they don't act on them.
I'm going to stand on the floor
We're good to go.
But the cojones on this guy.
I mean, he was listed in everything from illegal wiretapping and surveillance to 9-11 to Gitmo prisoners to torture.
I mean, he really laid it down.
And he's number one right now.
He is the number one guy seeking truth in office.
You know, I still love Cynthia McKinney.
I still love Ron Paul.
But this is the guy asking the hard questions.
And he's pressing on, man.
Look at Kucinich.
He's not a big man of stature, yet he has incredible power, even though the mainstream media ignores him, Chris.
Yeah, you know, actually, he was on, was it on Friday with Alex, I think?
It was either Thursday or Friday.
It was a big day for radio.
It was him, Nader, others.
I mean, it was big.
Yeah, and he was saying that, you know, he'd like to come back on next couple weeks and, you know, I'd just like to maybe get someone to ask him, you know, about the Space Preservation Act or maybe Chemtrails.
Sure, you know what, I will keep that in mind and I will lay that down on the producers.
Hopefully we can book him.
He is a tough guest to book, but we thank him for his courage.
Thanks for the call, Chris.
Let's jump to Martin in California.
Martin, are you with us?
Jonathan, how are you doing?
Hey, how are you doing?
Hey, what's going on?
I heard the last part of Mark's interview.
Did he say that Michael Reagan is not in town, that he was leaving town today or something?
Yeah, he's going out of the country.
He's going to be doing his radio show, but it's all going to be recorded, supposedly.
And that's why Mark Dice was recorded.
Hey, I encourage people to listen to it and check it out, man, because I want to see what he has to say.
This guy should not get away with threatening us with death.
Anything else, Martin?
Yeah, I got in at the Clear Channel today and I got on the air with the story about... Stay right there, we're going to come back.
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I think so.
From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
When John McCain was asked whether or not he'd be interested in Cheney,
In his administration.
He said, I don't know if I would want him as a vice president.
He and I have the same strengths, which is evil, obviously.
But to serve in other capacities?
Hell yeah!
Hell yeah!
Oh, McCain, you're just such a puppet.
It's unbelievable.
We got Jonathan Ellenhoff from We Are Change Colorado with us.
And remember, they do some great things over there.
Jonathan also posts blogs over at my little site, loosechange911.com.
And I'd like to encourage everybody to go to loosechangethefinalcut.com
And, uh, get a couple copies of the film.
Uh, perhaps, you know, make 10 or 20 copies from that copy that you buy and hand them out.
Because we are in an information war, especially when they're trying to arrest us for giving out that free information.
We have Martin from California on the line.
And you were saying how you, uh, got through to Clear Channel this morning?
Yeah, well, first off, we scheduled a protest for Michael Reagan today, but I didn't know he was going to be out of town.
What do you think?
We should still do it, or do you think we should wait until he comes back?
No, definitely do it, man.
Go down there and make sure that they know that it's not cool to hire somebody who called for the murder of American citizens and the shooting deaths of American citizens.
I rock an investigate 9-11 shirt or a 9-11 was an inside job shirt or you know and you know question 9-11 truth now.
I wear that stuff two three times a week.
The last thing I need to do is to be walking down the street and one of Reagan's crazed listeners come up and shoot me.
I don't need that.
I don't I don't need it for wearing for for being a
Somebody who believes in the truth, for expressing my free speech, for trying to spread the message.
I, you know what, I don't need to get capped in the head by some crazy.
So... Right, and Michael Reagan, the thing about Michael Reagan is, you know, we have to remember, you know, his show, on his site, you can go and see his producer, his phone number's on the site, the fax is there, all the P.O.
Box, if you guys want to contact him, I encourage people to contact him and voice your opinions to this guy.
You have to remember, you know, his stepfather, Ronald Reagan, launched
The DEA created the false war on drugs and ever-expanding prison-industrial complex at the same time Iran-Contra was going on.
So we have to remember, Michael Reagan's the last one to talk about treason or anything along the terms of traitor.
His father was investigated for treason while drugs were being brought into this country under his years.
He created the war on drugs.
I mean, you can't get any more treasonous than that.
Not only that, but this guy, listen, this guy is a spoiled rich kid who thinks he's above the law because he was the president's son.
That's the bottom line.
This guy feels like he's beyond reproach.
I mean, that's, that's the real deal.
I guarantee that's how he feels.
He lived a life of privilege.
His father was the president.
He got away with everything and anything he ever wanted to do.
So he really thinks he has carte blanche to say whatever he wants.
And if he calls for our murders, that's okay.
Because he's part of the elite.
At least he thinks he is.
He's not really part of the elite.
He's such a lower echelon.
He's a wannabe.
Yeah, he's a wannabe.
He's a wannabe for sure, Martin.
Look, go down there.
I totally encourage you, man.
And let us know how it goes.
Post it on YouTube.
I thank you for the call.
Let's jump... Man, we got so many California calls.
Let's jump to Josh in Hollywood.
Hollywood, California.
Josh, you with us?
Josh, you there?
I'm here.
Hang on a sec.
Phone issues.
Alright, Jonathan.
Or not Jonathan, Josh.
What do you want to talk about?
That was a quick jump, bro.
How you doing today?
Good, man.
I'm having trouble.
Hang on.
Can't hear you.
Oh, live radio.
Are you there?
Can you hear us?
Yeah, I gotcha.
So what do you want to talk about, Josh?
Oh, not much.
I just wanted to say good job to everybody.
It's just nice to see that there's people out there doing stuff and
You know, hopefully we can turn this thing around.
It's going to take a lot of us.
I'm a very frustrated, actually.
I'm a college student, and one of the topics that comes up often, no matter what class it is, whether it's philosophy or one of my courses for my major, there's often war on terror, preemptive attacks, and this sort of stuff.
And some of the responses that some of the students are giving are just chilling.
It's like they didn't pay attention in their high school civics class.
They didn't pay attention in their high school history class.
They don't understand why the government doesn't have a right to know what you're doing in your home, why you have a right to privacy, why you have a right to free speech, why you have a right to bear arms.
People are afraid of weapons now, rather than being glad that they can have them to defend themselves against people who have something else.
Well, let me say this, man.
Josh, I mean, let's be honest.
I see people out there actually doing something about it and showing people that, hey,
You know, um, this isn't right.
You know, I'm with you there, but let's be honest, I mean, civics is dead.
I mean, in civics class, I didn't even have civics class and I was in high school ten years ago.
You know, 10 plus years ago now.
I thought that it was a federal requirement to have a civics course.
I just went to my 10th anniversary.
Maybe that was a state requirement, but I thought the whole country was required to have a course.
I remember when I, well I did take a course in government, but it wasn't called civics, and it was a half a semester course, and then I took youth and justice, which was also, I guess, kind of like a civics course, but not really.
But really the meat
Of what I did take that gave me any kind of education on the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the laws, is that I took Advanced Placement History for college credit out of SUNY Albany in high school.
And really, that's about it for me.
I mean, maybe youth injustice, maybe government, but... I mean, people just are not taught that you are a free human being, that they don't have the right to come in.
And that's legally speaking.
I mean, just as a man, as a human being, nobody's got that right anyway.
I don't need a piece of paper to tell me that I have those rights.
Those rights are mine, and if people don't want to give me those rights, then I will take those rights for myself.
I don't know what the hell they're thinking.
I mean, if you look at history and you look at what happens when you appease government, when you appease tyrants,
Or even when you appease the bully on the playground.
I mean, because most people aren't really ahead.
They're about five years ahead of a monkey squabble, socially speaking.
We develop the most in our one to five years as a child, when we're one to five years old.
I mean, let's be honest.
We're five years ahead of a monkey squabble.
And everything that happens in society, you can see on the playground.
And if you really look at society, you really understand it, and you sit there and you watch these people talk,
You know, they use some fancy words, their articulation and diction's a little bit better than the guy down the street, but it's really not all that different.
And the sooner that people wake up and realize that, that it's the blind leading the blind, the emperor has no clothes, and it's not a conspiracy.
You know, people always jump out, oh, it's a conspiracy.
It's not a conspiracy.
It's the way that it is.
The sun's out.
You know, this person's doing this thing, that person's doing that thing.
Human nature's the way that it is.
And with 24 types of human nervous system, I'd say there's 24 conspiracies afoot at any one time.
Well, I'm with you.
I'm with you 110%, Josh.
Anyway, that's all I got to say.
I just... I hope everybody keeps up the good work.
And I hope that we can all somehow coordinate this, because we're all kind of working on different things, and we're all kind of hitting different angles.
And I just hope that we can all come together and make this great again.
But at some point, we will have to organize all these groups together, all the great groups, the groups like WeAreChanged, the groups like TruthAction.org, the groups like Student Scholars for 9-11 Truth, you know, Veterans for 9-11 Truth, people that are really concerned.
Go ahead.
We do have a temporary system that Jason and I, Jason Charles of our Truth Alliance, you know, are trying to promote, which is over at TruthAlliance.net, we have a new feature that they paid for and built out under their profiles.
And what we're trying to do is get people to sign up, create a little profile, just like Facebook or MySpace or anything like that, except this is for the Truth or Movement.
And basically we're going to create newsletters, and we are chained at 9-11 Truth, at InfoWarriors,
We only got about 170 members so far.
And by the way, there's also another social networking thing out there with Lonelantern.org and Gary Franchi.
In fact, I should get a hold of him because he put that together and I haven't really checked it out.
And Lonelantern.org is really another one of those organizations that is out on the forefront.
And folks, I mean, please go to PrisonPlanet.com.
Go to InfoWars.com.
Find the most hard-hitting articles and then send them to 15 or 20 friends.
I mean, there's 15 hard-hitting articles on those sites daily.
Get the DVDs.
Order the DVDs.
I tell people, you know, some of the best stuff.
You know, when I saw Terror Storm, I'm not going to lie to you, I didn't know anything about what went on in the 7-7 bombings in London.
I knew nothing.
And Alex Jones opened me up to a whole world of the history of false flag terrorism, and it changed my life forever.
And everyone I've ever handed in a terror storm to, same thing.
I've never had a negative response from that.
Everyone wakes up immediately.
And what's really interesting with the older generations is you get people to come back and tell you, oh yeah, you know, this is just another chapter in a long history of treason that these guys have been doing.
They were involved in Kennedy, they were Watergate, Byron Contra.
Some of them know about Gladio.
I mean, yeah.
It's crazy.
Yeah, it is crazy, but that's how we have to do it.
Let's take some more calls, Jonathan.
Let's go to Rob in Minnesota.
Rob, are you with us?
Hi, Jason.
How are you doing?
Good, man.
How are you doing?
Pretty good.
I was kind of calling in a little off-topic of what the other callers were talking about.
I don't know how the state and how it starts in schools.
I'm sorry, could you repeat that?
Kind of like how the police state is really starting in schools now.
And you're talking about really uh... grade schools uh... you know kindergarten through twelve just like i just said in australia they literally have a uh... database of every student and their goals uh... their career opportunities their grades uh... we have cameras going up in all these schools and you know they also run a lot of drills i mean that you sound like a young guy uh... what are you in uh... high school right now?
I'm going into sophomore year.
I recently posted this video on youtube
Because I was just simply talking, and I was then written up for what was cited as disrespect.
So then I asked them why I was being written up, and it was a simple question of authority, and they called the police in.
Oh wait, you Myspace me, right?
Yeah, I mean, it's incredible to me that they would call the police on a student for speaking up, but not really.
I mean, I gotta tell you, even when I was in school, we had these, uh, all of a sudden, Code Red, Code Red would come out over the loudspeakers.
They literally locked down the, uh, and this is a small school, man.
I graduated with 55 people, okay?
My entire high school had about 300 people.
And they locked down the rooms, they brought in the drug-sniffing dogs, and they parade around as our saviors.
You know, total police state.
And you're right, you don't have free speech anymore in this country, especially in a classroom.
If you look what happened to that Japanese teacher recently, you know, he talked about 9-11 being an inside job with his students and he was forced to make a public apology to the PTA.
Now you were written up, the police come in, explain it to me.
What do the police even say to you at this point?
What do they do?
They take you down to the office like you're the bad guy and interrogate you?
It was about 3.20 and school gets out at 3.18.
I've already got all my school supplies and I'm already right next to the exit and here comes a police officer with one of the school officials and she comes up to me and she goes, you're going to have to come with me now.
And I just simply ask the simple questions.
What am I being detained for?
Am I free to go?
What do I do?
She didn't answer them.
And then I said, why are you detaining me?
She didn't answer me.
She just told me, if you don't come with me, I'm going to put you in handcuffs.
So where does this go?
I mean, did your parents come down?
Did they charge you with anything?
Did they try to write you a ticket?
Or did they just kind of really try to scare you?
Because that's their thing.
They want to make you fear them.
They're the authority.
Mostly scare tactics.
They held me in there for about an hour trying to tell me, you know, like, you're not going to go anywhere with this.
You're nothing.
You're not getting anything accomplished with this.
They didn't contact my parents if it weren't for a friend telling my parents they wouldn't be there.
They're trying to use scare tactics to get me... They basically wanted to get me to, you know... They want you to give up your civil liberties once you come into the school.
Bow down!
Bow down before your leaders!
I'm hoping your parents, you know, filed a complaint, said they don't like this, called the administrator, called the principal.
Know something?
Or did your parents not just get it?
Do they get it yet?
You're a young guy, you seem to get it.
They don't get it, do they?
No, my parents definitely get it.
Actually, I got in contact with Lukardowski recently, and my parents are going to call him up, and we're trying to work on something like flooding the phone lines in, because they need to just get the message that they can't keep doing this, whether it's over now, but they just cannot keep instilling the police state.
It's not over, buddy.
If we want our freedom, it's never going to be over.
You know what?
We're going to have to fight this tyranny.
We're going to have to press on.
I love what you're doing, man.
I hope that Luke can help you out.
He's a good person to get in touch with.
God bless you and your parents.
Rob, I thank you for the call.
Check in with me on MySpace.
I'm going to be hosting all week.
Any developments, we'll have you on for a 15-minute segment.
We should really get him on anyway.
All right, let's jump to another caller.
Let's jump to Joe in Pennsylvania.
Joe, are you with us?
Yeah, how you doing there, guys?
How you doing?
Good, man.
I'm doing alright.
I've got a few subjects that I want to talk about first.
Friday, when I was listening to that thing about Mike Reagan, the first thing I did was call his radio show at the Anthem Machine, of course, and I said, you're going to need more than one bullet.
I said, you're going to need millions.
I said, you've got one marked with my name on it because there's a lot of us out here.
He has no idea what he's doing.
He's drawing a line in the sand.
He cannot fight a battle, but he has no idea who's on the other side.
There are so many people in this movement that will pursue him now legally.
He's going to be harassed for the rest of his life for saying that.
He can't talk about treason.
I don't know if you guys saw this or not.
Keith on MSNBC, you were talking about they're monitoring the food we eat and all that.
Tell us what we can eat and what we can't.
Over in Japan, the government... Yes, I did see this.
There actually is a 34 inch waistline.
Yeah, it's actually unreal.
Yeah, you can't have a 34 inch waistline in Japan.
What they're going to do is they're going to measure it.
And if you're over 33 and a half inches, well, you're going to be put on a diet and they're going to inspect you.
You're going to have a little time to lose the weight.
But if you don't lose the weight, what is it?
You're going to be arrested, right?
I mean, you literally go to jail for being fat in that country now.
Well, I read where it's six months and then they'll start giving you financial penalties.
Listen, you can't make this stuff up.
They're now trying to penalize people for being overweight.
Total police state, total control.
They'd love to have it here in America.
They'd love it.
There was just one more thing, and that was Army Regulation 210-35.
It was something Alex was talking about.
About the prison inmate labor and the civilian inmate labor.
If you Google that, Army Regulation 210-35.
Yeah, that means if you're in a wheelchair, you still have to, uh, you still have to work for them, right?
Well, I have a wheelchair.
I'm a quadriplegic.
Oh my God.
I'm sorry, sir.
But anyway, uh, it's, uh, you gotta, you gotta, it's civilian and inmate labor, and they're supposedly gonna use the non-violent criminals, but it literally says they don't get paid, uh, you have to work, they work for them, um,
Hold on, Joe.
Actually, hold over.
We'll talk about that last subject on the other side.
It's the Alex Jones Show.
That's right, folks!
They're enslaving you through private prisons!
Do you stay up late worrying about your teen driver?
Do you need to know the exact location of a loved one or a company vehicle?
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We're good.
The good guy's lost.
The poor stay poor.
The rich get rich.
That is how it goes.
Unless you're ready to man up and take on the system.
You know, the fact that they're actually gonna regulate what people can eat in other countries reminds me of that sci-fi movie, The Island, where they got all these clones, they don't know they're clones, they're basically gonna be there
We're good.
They're being regulated.
They have to, you know, go to the bathroom every day and they figure out what they're allowed to eat, and this guy's upset because he can't eat bacon, he can't eat this, and basically they're doing that to make you like a breed of a dog, you know, to tell you what you can and can't have to control you further, and I'm so glad that Joe in Pennsylvania brought that up.
Really good point you're bringing up, Joe.
So why don't you bring up that final point with us?
The final point had to do with, uh, it was a caller that I had called before, and I was just curious, you know, I was on another radio talk show host,
Our talk show, and you know, they had all these illegal immigrants out doing their march.
A hundred, perhaps a million of them.
And they had a, you know, black people did a million man march.
And I was just curious, our greatest, you know, to protect ourselves, you know, you guys have a lot of great groups and I love Alex Jones, but if they're naive enough to think if they silence him, they're going to silence the movement.
That's very naive.
My question is this, and I'm going to get off the phone after this so you guys can talk about it.
What are the chances of just uniting us for a little while to make a huge march on Washington?
Well, I gotta tell you, the best shot we got right now is Ron Paul.
And you mentioned the Million Man March, or the Million More March.
Million More March happened a couple years ago.
And Farrakhan organized those things.
Now, love him or hate him, Louis Farrakhan knows about 9-11.
He's gone public about it.
He knows about the power structure.
He openly says that the real ruler of this planet is Satan.
And love him or hate him, I think he's got a lot of good things to say.
And love him or hate him, he's one of the few guys that can get millions of people.
Well like Alex said, let's drop our color, our religion, our race, our creed, whatever, and just unite under that one banner of freedom and truth.
I agree, man.
I agree totally, and I hope we can do it.
You know, I hope that thing is a success this summer.
I know Ron Paul is now doing another convention, but you know what?
I'm going to try to get in touch with Farrakhan.
I've been in touch with his people before, and maybe he is the guy.
You know, because it's by any means necessary to me, Joe, to get us out there, to let people know there are millions of us, that we want change, that we know about 9-11, and we want our Constitution and Bill of Rights back.
You're doing a great work, and I'm praying for all of you.
All right, thank you Joe.
What's your take on that, Jonathan?
I mean, it's pretty much by any means necessary, as long as we are peaceful about it, correct?
Yeah, I mean, you know, the funny thing about China, Communist China, is that Bush, of course you remember, made them most favored nation in 2002.
That was still during the time that they had the one-child policy, and they were killing, uh, you know, female babies and all kinds of things, and we still have the struggle with Tibet and Burma.
Well, that's what they want here.
I mean, that's the whole implementation of this green movement and this carbon tax.
It's to make you feel bad for living your life, for having a family, for having two cars, for having a big house.
We're the culprits, folks.
Listen, we're gonna take your, uh, calls in the final hour.
I wanna let everybody know.
Live streaming video over at PrisonPlanet.TV.
Remember, Truth Rising coming to PrisonPlanet.TV July 4th.
Right now.
MySpace.com slash Jason Burmas is where you can get at me.
We'll be back after this.
It is the Alex Jones Show.
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Alright folks, it feels good to be alive.
I gotta tell you, I love doing this final hour on PrisonPlanet.TV.
For all you subscribers out there, I love how it gets out on YouTube.
I love how you spread the word.
It encourages me.
It lets me know that this info war will not be fought in vain.
That we can take on these tyrants.
That although the world we live in is ruled by evil, that does not stop us from doing good.
You know, no matter how many lies,
Manipulative disinformation they put out there.
There are going to be people like you and me, folks, that aren't going to stand for it, that are going to educate the masses, that are going to tell our friends and family, that are going to try to stop this system of corruption, of greed, of decadence, and of death.
And that's what it is.
So that being said, I'm just going to go through your calls for this hour.
If you've got something to say, now's the time to say it.
Let's go to Dave in California.
Yet another California call.
Dave, you with us?
Code Brown, Code Brown, all you neocommies out there, run around and scream and soil your drawers.
Yeah, I got a couple things for you, Jason, real fast.
First, a big hi and thank you, and God bless you, and good job to all the We Are Change folks out there, including Denver, including Ireland, including the folks who are at Chantilly, and took down the Bilderbergs and made them look stupid and powerless and weak and ridiculous like they are.
A bunch of hoarding little pukes.
Oh, and I've got two pieces of really good news for you.
One, we've had a whole week of clear blue, high blue sky, no chemtrails whatsoever, and I'm really attuned to this.
And secondly, speaking of getting DVDs out to the troops and information out to the troops, as soon as I heard this Michael Reagan and what he had to say about us and our people,
I called his offices and gave him my P.O.
Box and demanded a response in writing to my charge that what he had done was criminal and it needed to be addressed.
And if anybody in this organization is hurt as a result of it, then we're going to not only hold Michael Reagan responsible, we're going to hold the radio station and all the managers and everybody else personally liable.
Also, and this is just
Totally off the subject, but you guys are going to love it.
I know Alex is a Jimi Hendrix fan.
I have a friend who just found a couple DVDs with 300 unpublished Hendrix songs and reviews and all kinds of stuff, and also a really nice DVD of him.
Uh, so I'm sending that stuff out to you guys right away.
There might be some good bumper stuff in there, but at least you'll enjoy it and feel free to copy and spread it out.
Oh, excellent, man.
I thank you so much for that.
And yeah, man, if anything does happen to any of us, I hope that we double, triple, quadruple our efforts.
And I hope that people are going to double and triple, quadruple their efforts today after Mark Dice came on and explained that yes, he was allowed on his radio show, but it was a prerecorded interview.
They're going to, they're going to edit it any way they like.
And, uh, Reagan's taken off out of the country.
He feels the heat.
I guarantee it.
I guarantee people got a hold of his phone number.
They called his house.
He doesn't feel so comfortable anymore.
He doesn't feel like the spoiled rich kid he was raised at.
He's a real telephone tough guy.
That's what I like to call these people.
Telephone tough guys.
They'll say whatever they want behind a microphone or behind a phone, but face to face?
Tell me you're gonna shoot me in the head, Michael Reagan.
Get two feet from me and pull a gun.
Let's see what happens.
I want to talk a little bit about this prison break over there in Kandahar.
400 of them Taliban.
Now isn't it just so convenient that whenever they want to break out these dangerous terrorists, the terrorists that are going to get us, we can't ever secure the actual terrorists, only goat farmers.
So they constantly are attacking us.
Go ahead.
Yeah, no, I mean, you're exactly right.
And, you know, and they won't give you the right statistics.
You know, I finally looked it up and there was 1059 prisoners.
Alright, hold on, we're going to talk about this on the other side because it's really important because today they're reporting that in Afghanistan the Taliban's taken over again.
Gee, I wonder if it has anything to do with all those Taliban that escaped.
Sounds like a script to me.
I'm Jason Bermas, it's the Alex Jones Show, PrisonPlanet.tv.
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Because there's a war on for your mind.
We live in a country that is the number one superpower militarily in the world.
But somehow, we can't get a handle on a few hundred, under a thousand Taliban members that are now wreaking havoc in Afghanistan.
A war of aggression that we started almost seven years ago.
We still can't get a handle on that country due to a ragtag group of people who literally have no equipment, folks.
That's right.
You know, it sure reminds me of the two British agents that were bombing stuff and got caught, and all of a sudden they got broke out of
Well, before the British MPs could even get there to break them out of the prison, the heads of the prison already knew to let them go.
I mean, they knew right away.
They're like, look, we don't want to get in trouble here.
Obviously, these guys are military and they were, you know, part of some covert action.
It doesn't matter that they were blowing up mosques, you know, women and children.
That's cool.
As long as they're military, they get to get away with it.
They've got to pass.
They're above the law.
I had to read about it before it even would make it to the, you know, the little media loop that they run, you know, with the nude bicyclists and all that stuff.
But, you know, a thousand people are broken out of a prison.
Well, actually, they say 870, and I did the math, and it was 892.
So, I mean, there should be an exact number if these are dangerous criminals, you know, that 22 they're missing.
If 22 people broke out of a federal penitentiary here, you know, that's all you would hear about.
Listen, the bottom line is, if they were any kind of danger to any part of our national security apparatus, to any part of the United States of America,
Hey, how's it going, Jason?
How you doing?
Good, man.
I'm breathing.
I'm breathing.
Hey, listen.
All right.
I hear the question constantly, and I talk to a lot of people, and I've passed out some videos and whatnot, and the attitude across the board is pretty much, yeah, we know the government's messed up, but, well, what do you do about it?
And, you know, I thought about it.
I can't sleep at night.
I've come up with a plan.
You know, I think about the economy.
I think about the political state in our country, and it really boils down to personal independence.
You know, a chain is only as strong as the weakest link.
And if every single one of us could follow a plan to kind of get our own lives in order, as far as like getting out of debt, maybe running for public office, you know, we're so dependent on the system.
And when the system fails,
Everything fails.
Well, I'm with you there.
And the problem is that we have grown up in such a consumerist culture, the average family ain't getting out of debt.
You know, they got $40,000 in debt just in their car alone, a couple hundred thousand dollars in debt in their home.
Okay, they don't really own anything in their house because it's bought on credit.
And you know, they've probably got, you know, somewhere between $10,000 to $30,000 in the bank for all that debt.
No, absolutely.
State Senators.
If we have people that are running for Congress in their district, okay?
That's why I like what Ron Paul's doing with this campaign for Liberty.org.
Hopefully they're serious.
Hopefully they are going to get people who believe in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights in the local government.
Because that's the first place we need to infiltrate, Eric.
Oh, absolutely.
You know, and independence is just that.
For every debt that we have, or for, you know, for electricity bill, or phone bill, or everything, each one of those is like an arm being tied down.
And, you know, how many people even grow gardens anymore?
I mean, it boils down to every single part of your life that you could have control over.
We're relinquishing that control for a false sense of security.
No, absolutely, and look how much our energy bills have gone up in the past, you know, seven or eight years since 9-11.
I mean, ever since we put that into the hands of Enron, you've just seen a doubling and tripling of how much electricity costs, how much gas costs.
We already know that oil is up
Uh, to an unprecedented rate where we're going to start paying $5 for a gallon of gasoline in this country.
And that's going to be the norm.
And people have been prepped for that.
You know, they spanned it out over a few years, so that instead of total outrage of jumping from $1.50 to $5, they jumped to $1.50 to $2, to $2.25, brought it down to below $2, and then it's up to $3, and now it's up to almost $4, but they'll bring it down below $3, and then it'll be $3.50 on the regular, and now it's $4 on the regular.
And you watch, by the end of the summer,
Most of us are going to be paying $5 for a gallon of gasoline, and they've quelched most of the dissent by doing it incrementally.
People are just not upset.
They're just not awake, man.
They're drinking the fluoridated water.
They're watching seven hours of television.
They're more concerned with Britney Spears and Paris Hilton, and they've got to drop it, man.
They need to wake up.
They've got to realize, if they want a Constitution and Bill of Rights, if they want a government for and by the people, they're going to need to become that government, Eric.
I couldn't disagree more.
I mean, couldn't agree more.
And so, yeah, get out of debt.
And these large corporations, they calculate every single penny they spend.
They know where it's going and what it's going to.
We don't do that.
We just splurge and we go out to eat, we buy things we don't need.
You don't need a brand new car.
You could buy a used car for a few thousand dollars and have it paid for and not have that debt hanging over your head.
Absolutely, man.
I thank you for the call.
Let's jump to yet another caller.
Let's go to Charles in Ohio.
Charles, are you with us?
Yes, I am.
I appreciate a chance to talk to you and your audience.
Thank you.
And I appreciate the work you do, too.
Well, thank you, man.
I just have a short comment.
I think there's a few things people ought to know.
We've got an election coming up, and there ought to be questions in everybody's mind concerning the global carbon tax and fuel prices.
I've done my own research, and I think people should know that a common 4,000-pile car is capable of getting 80 miles to their gallon on straight gasoline.
If the government really cared about fuel prices, they could mix our gasoline now with 50% water, 50% gasoline.
And a common car can be converted to run off of water.
And if they cared about pollution, our cars now, we currently have technology.
And these things are facts.
They're not fantasy.
They can be backed up.
I don't
These are history, they're not fantasy.
I mean, if you look at it, this is about supply and demand.
Well, absolutely.
And they control the supply of oil now, so they can demand what they want.
They have no interest in pushing these technologies.
I mean, look at the electric car.
I watched who killed the electric car.
There's no doubt in my mind.
That that thing could have been improved upon, and they made it so that people who bought that car could only lease it, and they took it back.
If you look at, you know, the fuel cell research, that's old school.
That's very old.
I mean, fuel cells are kind of a joke.
If you go and Google online, I believe it's saltwater burns, you'll see how this man has converted saltwater to energy.
He put it through a certain frequency.
They're doing tests on it, but he converted his car to run mostly on water.
That's true.
Uh, the government has no interest in free energy for you and I because, uh, controlling how much power we're allowed.
Uh, the heat of our homes.
Uh, the amount we can travel in our car.
It's beneficial to them because we constantly are paying our, you know, criminal overlords to live, to breathe, to survive in the society today.
So I encourage people to do the research that you're talking about and I thank you for the call, Charles.
Yeah, there's a lot of alternative energy out there, folks, and there's a lot of ways to get a hold of it.
There's a ton of info.
Again, saltwater burns.
Just bring it up.
I'd play the clip over the radio, but it's not quite as convincing.
You can get on Google.
You can do it.
All you people that aren't computer adept,
Go over to a friend's house and type it in.
But yeah, this guy is burning salt water, creating energy.
I'll admit that supposedly the frequency that goes into it, the amount of energy to produce that frequency, is more than it actually pumps out.
So it's not zero-point energy yet.
But it's very, very interesting and I'd like people to go take a look at that.
Let's go to Helen in Florida.
Helen, are you with us?
Yes, Jason.
I'm so glad to meet you.
My shortwave is broken down, but I still remembered your number, you and Alex.
I don't, to the best of my knowledge, there is no candidate that's ever been endorsed by little E.T.'
's extraterrestrials, and these creatures are Matilda and Mumford Rabbit, and they have developed a number of good habits.
The latest is the 49th habit, which is Mumford Rabbit has a habit... Alright, uh, we're gonna have to let you go because you're talking crazy talk.
Uh, we don't talk crazy talk.
On Infowars.com.
We don't talk extraterrestrials and Mumford and whatever the hell she was just talking about.
You know, I'm trying to be nice to people, but this is a political show, alright?
This is not a show about little grey aliens and make-believe fairies and, you know, gold at the end of the rainbow and leprechauns and unicorns, folks.
We talk about real issues here, and not just nutty space nuts.
I mean,
The media gets in a huge tizzy a few weeks ago when a guy says, he's got a real live space alien on the video.
Oh, but we're not going to show you the video or show you the clip, but we're not going to put it out to the public because we're putting it into a documentary to make money.
Oh, to make money.
And I've got no problem with making money.
OK, I am a diehard capitalist myself.
I think you have to make money to live.
You know, I'm not a communist, I'm not a socialist, I'm not one of these guys that thinks I'm going to live off the earth.
But I also give my stuff away for free.
All right.
Alex Jones gives his stuff away for free because it's important.
And a political candidate with the E.T.
Alright, I'm not even going to give it any more attention.
Let's go to Skip in California.
Skip, are you with us?
Hey man, how you doing?
Oh, pretty good.
What an honor to talk to you.
I have a few things I just want to throw out there and see if you like any of these suggestions.
One is I know that you've had Tommy Chong on lately and I guess apparently from what I hear Cheech and Chong are getting back together and supposedly going to announce it on the show.
So I went through some of my old Cheech and Chong tapes and on the album Big Bamboo there's a
We're taking your calls.
It's the final hour of the Alex Jones Show.
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Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Remember, folks, if you missed any of it, any of the four jam-packed hours of the Alex Jones Show.
First hour, of course, Alex Jones.
Second hour, myself and Mark Dice.
Third hour, Jonathan Elanoff from We Are Change Colorado.
And now the fourth hour that is being broadcast right now over PrisonPlanet.tv.
Just taking your calls, seeing what you have to say.
I guess I have to weed out through a few crazies, but, uh,
You know, that's the nature of the business.
You're gonna get crazy people in all walks of life.
Right now, we are talking to Skip about Tommy Chong and Cheech and Chong.
One of their early albums, I guess.
You said Old Bamboo?
You with us, Skip?
Big Bamboo.
Big Bamboo.
And if ever there were a segment that they made that was made perfect for this show, it would be that clip.
And what it is, is
It's supposed to be a late night TV show with some guys asleep and the TV's on and there's an inquisitor that's trying to get this old man to sign papers saying that he didn't torture him.
To get the old man to sign a paper, they put a cigarette out in his eye.
It sounds bad, but the way they present it, it makes torture look ridiculous and humorous.
How are you doing today?
Yes, Jason.
Appreciate you having me on the call.
I've got two subjects here, and hopefully I can get to them quickly.
One is chemtrailing, as you know, it's happening all over New York, basically almost every single day.
I've contacted the governor twice to office, no response.
I've contacted the DEC Commissioner, Pete Granis, with at least five emails, and I forwarded these emails to different people in the movement, as well as Ken Schneider.
And, uh, other people, and no response yet.
And, you know, I want some action on this, basically, to investigate that our air is being poisoned.
You know, I-I go outside and there's, uh, uh, gold powder on my car.
I know they've been chemtrailed before I even look up in the sky.
Well, Vinny, I can't agree with you more, and the only problem is that this is obviously a federal program that is taking place across the country, and probably globally.
It's probably really a globalist program.
So, I'm just saying that your Attorney General, you know, New York, David Patterson, the Governor, these guys are going to ignore you.
What I would suggest
Is to go to local government, to go to a city council meeting and have your state senator or run for office as a congressman.
Listen, I'm with you and I like what you've done.
I'm just saying that I see it as the only way that we're going to bring this issue to the forefront is through local media, just like they did in California, and local government.
And it is a real issue.
You know they're poisoning us, Vinny.
And I just see those things being ignored, ignored, ignored.
I say take a camera down to your local city council meeting, bring up the subject, and demand, demand that they bring it up with their superiors.
That's what I'm doing right now.
I have a local environmental company looking into this, so we have actual documented tests and everything.
Um, you know, the other thing is, the man's name is Pete Grannis, and I give out the email, just maybe people in New York want to email him, just for fun, to fill up his email box.
It's Pete Grannis, G-R-A-N-N-I-S, at G-W, like George Washington, dot D-E-C, dot state, dot New York, dot U.S.
Um, you know, so that was one issue that's really disturbing me, that you can't even go out, and it's supposed to be a clear day, and there's poison in our air.
Um, yeah, I was told to do it on a state level because the government isn't going to listen to us.
I figured I'd start there.
The other issue is, how about this for an idea?
And I don't know, you know, it's been suggested, I'm sure, but have you ever heard of Ithaca Hours?
No, but I've been to Ithaca.
Well, Ithaca Hours is a local currency they use.
Wouldn't it be a nice idea if we'd all just start using local currency and cut the Fed out of the equation?
We don't use your money anymore, we use our own local currency.
Well, that is a great idea, but I would also say that, you know, the way around that is to start investing in silver and gold, and it's pretty easy to get a $20 silver piece, and nine times out of ten, if you're at a local market and you're not at a Walmart or a big
Absolutely, I agree with you 100%.
We're going to continue to pursue this chemtrail activity, though, because I don't want it here in New York State.
I can't stand it, and I've got to tell you, up in Oneonta, I see it all the time.
I've filmed it.
They've really put the full-court press on in the last 18 to 24 months, and I thank you for what you're doing, because I'd like to breathe some fresh air myself.
Let's jump to yet another caller.
Let's go to Leo in Massachusetts.
Leo, what's on your mind?
Hi, thanks for taking my call.
Jason, I think we're missing a really great opportunity here.
Well, hold on.
We're about to go to break.
You tell me what that opportunity is on the other side.
This is the Alex Jones Show.
Remember, TV stream right now, PrisonPlanet.TV.
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We are back, ladies and gentlemen.
I am not Alex Jones.
I'm going to be in with you for the remainder of the week.
I am Jason Burmiss.
Alex Jones taking some much-deserved time off with his family, a little vacation town USA.
I'm actually going to be going to New York the final week of June for a wedding.
One of my best friends from high school is getting married.
She's a neocon.
She worked for George Pataki for a little bit.
She just won't listen to me.
I'm kind of laughed at.
I get a couple calls here and there.
I remember she was in Jamaica and somebody was having a screening of Loose Change, so she gave me a ring.
You know, she's seen the movie and she just doesn't want to buy into it, but I'll tell you what, when I go to this wedding, and that's in a couple weeks, she's getting a copy of Endgame.
She's getting a copy of Martial Law.
She's getting a copy of Loose Change Final Cut.
She's getting a copy of Order of Death.
She's getting the whole shebango.
She's getting a big old stack.
You know, and it'll be with the cash I give her, but I hope
And I pray that at some point she's going to take a look at this information and it's going to scare her into awakening.
You know, I'm not going to give up on my friends.
I'm not going to give up on my family.
And I encourage all of you out there to do the same, to keep trying to spread the truth, no matter what the obstacle you face seems like.
Whether it seems impenetrable, whether you seem like you're so small that you can't have an effect, that's nonsense.
We can all have an effect.
We can all have a big effect if we want to.
And we're talking to Leo in Massachusetts that feels that we've lost an opportunity.
What opportunity have we lost out on?
Well, we haven't lost.
We're kind of missing the opportunity.
With all the gas price rises, why aren't we passing out an address of a website to these people to find out why the gas is going up?
And I think this is striking right at the point of production.
What website would you endorse?
Oh, I would say, you know, I would create a website called Why Gas Prices Are Up, or something like that.
Hey man, nothing's stopping you from doing it.
Maybe you don't know technologically how to do that, but it's so easy now to get a WordPress site, and it's literally type and publish.
And if you want to do it, man, nothing is stopping you from doing that.
But more than that, I think the other idea I want is
To see if somebody who really is good at making up a menu.
Now, New World Order sounds like it's something like a restaurant, you know?
And so I think we should have, you know, like appetizers and entrees and just desserts and all that kind of stuff.
Well, that would be a nice little YouTube clip, I got to admit, or maybe a nice little PDF pamphlet that we could spread around.
Well, I'm thinking of just put it on a web page somewhere so people can copy it and put it on the water cooler.
I mean, the water cooler is a powerful place if we know how to use it.
No, I agree.
Well, that's why I always encourage people to talk to their co-workers, to their friends, to their family, the people that are around.
A lot of people know this information, and for some reason, they can't get past the barrier of sharing it with others.
They feel like they're going to be ostracized, they're not going to be invited to events, they're going to be looked at funny.
Look, I don't care about that stuff.
You can look at me funny all you want.
I have the truth on my side.
And, you know, I've turned some heads, raised some eyebrows, been laughed at many a time.
And you just gotta have a thick skin, man.
This is life or death.
This isn't a time to let feelings get in the way.
Leo, I thank you for the call.
Sorry, I let him go.
I apologize.
As soon as I say that, they let you go.
You know, we can't fit it all in.
I encourage him if he wants to do that, because I think that's a great idea.
But really what should happen is somebody should be outside of an ExxonMobil or a Texaco with an Infowars.com banner or a PrisonPlanet.com
This doesn't just show you why they're gouging you for gas.
This shows you how the system works.
How the right and left are fake.
They're controlled.
They're a paradigm.
They are putting you into a mindset of believing that you're a Republican, or a Democrat, or a donkey, or an elephant, or a conservative, or a liberal.
It's all bull.
It's all there to put you into this two-party system where a third party or a fourth party or another voice does not get to speak.
Does not get to be heard by the masses.
Alright, let's take another New York phone call.
Let's go to Kirk in New York.
Kirk, you're with us.
Hey, how's it going, Jason?
Good, man.
How you doing?
Good, good.
I just want to say you guys are doing an awesome job.
Keep it up.
And I'm really looking forward to your and Alex's new film coming out.
Oh, thank you, man.
And just a quick point.
Oh, did we lose him?
I think we lost him on his end.
I'm sorry, Kirk.
I wish we could have talked to you.
Yeah, that's right.
Remember, 9-11 Truth Rising?
The 4th of July?
Yeah, oh, you're back, Kirk.
What were you going to say?
Go ahead.
I was just going to make a point.
Go ahead.
I actually work for an airlines out of LaGuardia.
And I've seen, since 9-11,
That's how the security's changed, and it's just horrendous.
I actually work for an airline.
No, no, no.
Have you seen anything, and LaGuardia is a big airport, folks.
LaGuardia and JFK are two of the largest in the world.
Have you seen any evidence that there is a real terror threat?
In other words, somebody getting through with some explosives, somebody being detained for being suspicious, and it turns out he did have some kind of connections, because from what I've heard, and my boy used to work down in LaGuardia with TSA for about four years, he told me that anytime anything got through, and it usually would come in parts, like, you know,
I've never seen anything even remotely close to a threat, a problem, anything.
In fact, the closest thing I could say that would be a problem or a threat is since the TSA has been implemented
Uh, into the security system.
Uh, they used to have really good people hired through the airlines to do the security.
It wasn't invasive.
I'm sure you remember.
Uh, and now with TSA, it's just a free for all.
It really is.
It's a power trip almost, you know?
And they, they love it.
And really, I mean, they, I saw them, they fired really good people and, you know, no offense because it's across, across the board.
I've flown all over the place.
It's just...
They find really bad people.
Not everybody, but... It's disgusting.
It's disgusting.
They literally hire people that want to get in other people's business, that want to demean other people, that want to go on this power trip.
It's a revolving door.
There's no qualifications whatsoever.
You know, you can get hired off the street as one of these guys.
And this is the guy that's going through your bag.
Oh, what's this?
What's that?
I mean, I... You know, I'm a professional documentary filmmaker.
I go through with a big XL2 and a case.
Now, this is obviously a camera.
Uh, they make me take it out of the box.
Then after it's out of the box and it goes through, oh, well, we're gonna have to swab it for bomb-making material.
I'm like, it's a lens, man!
It's a $2,000 lens and you've gotta swab it for bomb-making material?
What came up in my profile that gives you the right to do that?
What alarm went off?
They already throw you through those... I don't know if they've got them in LaGuardia.
They got them in Albany, so I would imagine they have them in LaGuardia.
But those little machines now that you step in and they...
Yeah, but I'm sure they're on the way.
But I do know that there are some, as far as TSA goes, they have put some of the X-ray machines downstairs, the CTX machines, to where people, you know, they say they're trying to make it easier for passengers to get through quicker.
I don't want to say too much, but I've worked downstairs near these people and I've seen just crazy things.
I mean... They go through all your bags now.
I get a Homeland Security pamphlet in my bags every single time.
I try not to put anything of too much value in a bag because I am worried about thievery.
I carry anything of any kind of value that I absolutely need onto the plane with me, even if that makes it so I have to check a bag at the plane, because they encourage you now, oh, it's only one take-on.
Maybe it's two.
American Airlines is now charging you for bags.
It's getting out of control, Kirk.
I thank you for the call.
I really hope we can turn it around, folks.
Because the tyranny in the airport is just one small piece of the puzzle.
Let's go to Fred in Philly.
Fred, are you with us?
Oh, Fred dropped off.
It's too bad.
I wanted to talk to him about the biometric wine scanner out of the Philly news there.
That's right, folks.
Biometric wine scanner.
How does that work?
What do you mean, wine scanner?
Well, they're going to have a nice little place that you prop up.
It's going to have your favorite wines.
It's going to be kind of like a vending machine, if you will.
And it's going to biometrically scan you to see if you're old enough to drink.
Now, if you pass all of their qualifications, and you're not drunk, by the way, because you're also going to be taking a breathalyzer, you can't be drunk and buying the wine.
I'm sure it's going to be some kind of a ludicrous .01 or .02 limit.
And you're not going to be allowed to buy wine.
They're going to ID you right there.
They're going to decide whether you're drunk.
You're going to blow another thing.
Total slavery.
Total police state.
We got some Florida calls out there.
Let's go to Pablo in Florida.
Pablo, are you there?
Oh yeah, I'm hanging in here.
Alright man, what's up?
Same thing, different day.
I almost wanted to tell you about some crazy stuff, but I didn't want to do it on the air, so let's just talk about, you were just talking about how much trouble you were having with your friend up in New York.
She's from your high school and you want to give her the truth.
I can tell you that when I was 19 or 20,
Came back from my little top-secret stint in the military.
I came back to my friends in high school in the Midwest, and I would say to them, and I'm almost 50 now, and I'd say, dude, you've got no clue.
You know, I'm weak at the knees.
We're just the most evil country on the planet.
It's amazing what we're doing.
I had some inside info, and my friends looked at me, who hadn't seen me in a few years, and they said, oh, man, you're out of your mind.
Yeah, and you're the one serving in the military.
See, it goes so deep that we don't want to believe that our country could be anything but what we were taught as a kid.
You know, we did the Pledge of Allegiance.
This is the place where, you know, the American Dream, man.
Anybody can become president.
You can become anything you want to be, and I bought into that.
I remember back in 99 when I went to Woodstock there, I was just screaming out how much I loved this country.
If you didn't like it, get out.
Just total jingoism, total ignorance, just no idea about what our real foreign and domestic policy was about.
And, you know, I really feel like although 9-11 was super tragic, it really kick-started the awakening in this country.
It's what woke me up.
It's what's woken up a lot of my friends.
And it continues to wake people up with the help of people like Dennis Kucinich, who are on the House floor, now trying to impeach the President and his administration for their actions on an afternoon election.
When somebody wakes up, you know, they get all feverish and crazy, like, oh my god, I gotta tell everybody, this is just the best thing in the world.
And sometimes it's a little scary, you know, you get a little too vocal with too much truth.
That's a risk all of us run, Pablo, and quite frankly I just can't live in that kind of fear.
I think Dennis Kucinich was dead on when he told Alex that when you talk about these things, and it is scary, and I lost a lot of sleep.
I mean, a lot of sleep when I first started getting into 9-11 Truth.
There were nights that I was just waking up with nightmares, cold sweats.
For months at a time.
I mean, it really, especially after I saw Road to Tyranny.
But, like Dennis Kucinich says, a lot of the times, the things you fear, you inadvertently bring into your life.
And I just gotta live with no fear.
Pablo, I thank you for the call.
I've gotta just go day to day.
I've gotta be positive, you know?
Alex always jokes about how I'm so smiley in the studio.
It's because I really do enjoy life, folks.
I love my life.
Even when I was working, you know, 60 hours a week, two separate jobs.
And, you know, I saw what was going on in the country, and
Bush was being re-elected.
I still loved my life.
I still knew there were positive forces in my life.
I still knew that I was a free human being and that I could create my own destiny.
We can all create our own destinies and that's the bottom line.
If we get together and we want a country formed by the people, one with a constitutional government, one that encourages freedom and civil liberties, we can do it together.
I promise you.
Let's go to Mary in Florida.
Mary, are you with us?
I own a program that covered all the years.
Constitution, Bill of Rights, Federal Reserve, IRS, U.N., HAARP, vaccines, all these topics.
And I just want to make, and you believe in analogies, make a point,
This friend I heard of you a few minutes ago, that you're kind of ridiculing these little creatures, but they're afraid that we're going to blow up their planet along with ours.
That was the whole point, and they've covered all these topics.
And that was the point, trying to make a strong point, not anything fairy tale whatsoever.
Oh, is this the aliens thing?
Oh my, alright, thanks for the call.
Geez, man.
I can't get rid of these alien people.
Come on!
I'm not gonna pretend like I know the entire universe, but they love it when people try to associate 9-11 truth with spacemen and UFOs.
That's what the disinfo folks do.
That's what Popular Mechanics did when I debated them at Democracy Now!
They brought up Area 51 and UFOs and Holocaust denial.
These are the things they want you to talk about.
Listen, there's a reason.
That the last 20 years our culture has pushed these little gray men with big eyes, okay?
I encourage you to go read Order Out of Chaos by Paul Joseph Watson.
He has a whole chapter on it.
Now, I don't know if there's life on other planets.
I've looked into the UFO thing.
I definitely think that there are UFOs.
I don't know what they are.
I don't know if they're, you know, military aircraft.
They come from another dimension.
They're a living being.
God knows what they are.
I'm not gonna pretend to know, but that's garbage, man.
I don't want to talk about that on a show when we're trying to save this country.
Spacemen don't want us to blow up the world.
Come on.
I don't want us to blow up the world!