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Air Date: May 22, 2008
3420 lines.
We're good to go.
Well, we've got a big broadcast lined up for you today.
It is the 22nd day of May 2008.
We're going to be live for the next four hours.
Eric Nordstrom is joining us in 30 minutes.
He came up with the idea for the InfoWarsMoneyBomb.com idea.
He'll be popping in for about 10 minutes with us to track what's happening
They're coming up at the bottom of the hour.
Tommy Chong will spend a full hour with us.
When I took a couple day vacation with the family a few weeks ago, he got raided.
The documentary filmmaker of the film, Tommy Chung, aka Tommy Chung, got rated for their evil political speech.
He's going to be joining us to talk about the aftermath of that.
Smoking marijuana with Governor Schwarzenegger.
He'll be here to talk about the phony drug war and a lot more.
Thirty minutes into the interview, Kevin Booth, maker of the film that I consulted on, American Drug War, will be popping in with us.
And then Jeffrey Jensen, and he is the head of the National Forensic
He is the head of the group that is basically involved with all of the different coroners, and they've come out and they've said it is amazing.
The head of the National Medical Examiners Association.
There you go.
Got it out of my brain.
They're in the deep file.
Because they're saying, look, the taser can't sue medical examiners and doctors for saying tasers kill people.
I mean, now it's thousands worldwide, somebody every day in the U.S.
It's accelerating as they serve out more tasers globally.
Here in the U.S.
there's a death every day, it seems.
I don't know, it was over 300 last year.
And they taser you and you die.
You're 25, 30 years old, and you die right after the taser, and they say it's not related.
I mean, pretty soon they're going to sue medical examiners if they say that police guns, you know, when they shoot some guy in handcuffs 14 times in the back, or in some cases like the LAPD, have shot people over 100 times to pieces that are unarmed.
Maybe they'll say, they didn't die from gunshots!
That's a conspiracy theory!
So this is the otherworldly craziness that's happening.
The truth is, there are individuals who can get 25,000 volts through them through a smaller powered appliance, and they'll have a heart attack and die when they're young.
There are people who can take 100,000, 200,000, 300,000, 400,000 watts.
There have been people that have been hit by 500,000 watts and lived.
There are people that are struck by lightning, estimated to be at a million watts.
But some people, and it's a goodly percentage, they've got studies on it, die when they get hit by 20,000 watts.
Well, Tasers 50 to 60 have got a new model out with 70.
And so, of course, it's killing people.
Most of those that died are hit right in the chest.
Where they're told to aim at people, and the heart has a ganglia of complex nerves that control it.
That's why a lot of people get pacemakers when they're older to control that ganglia, that nerve ganglia.
And a nice jolt of that electricity runs through those, and it turns off, just like the paddles
The defibrillators.
They shock your heart back on?
Well, you can shock someone's heart off with them.
You shock someone with defibrillators, whose heart is already going, you're either gonna get a crazy, and I've seen the medical literature on this, a crazy heartbeat, or, just as often, the heart's gonna stop.
Then you gotta shock it back on.
Oh my gosh, this is incredible.
So now you're not supposed to, because they will sue you if you say it's killing people.
Oh, no, they just taser somebody and they die.
It's no relation.
I guess next time a cop beats somebody in the head with a billy club and they die from the billy club, they'll say, now, billy clubs don't beat brains out.
Yeah, well, I'm here to tell you they do.
All right, big news, tons of news, huge news, bullets on the dollar, what's happening with oil.
It's all coming up right now.
Stay with me.
It is a big idea.
A New World Order.
In the near future, Earth is dominated by a powerful world government.
It's known as the Bilderberg Group.
Could their objective be world domination?
For thousands of years, their dark order grew.
Now, as they hail the birth of the New World Order, their great dream of exterminating 80% of humanity is at hand.
For the first time in history, the elite's plan for world government is blown wide open.
You will learn the secret that drives the entire New World Order agenda.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk, Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Okay, Tommy Chung, rated for his free speech.
Can't have that in America.
Can't make a film about government corruption.
Land of the free, home of the brave.
Can't allow that.
This is the only country I've been in, other than England, where they, we all have the same corrupt systems, where the police march up to you as you're peacefully videotaping at a park or in front of a government building and just say, turn your camera off.
You're not allowed to videotape.
I don't care who you are, what press, I'm putting you in a terror database, and they put you in a terrorist database.
And it doesn't matter where you are, police just in this country march up and say, turn cameras off!
They say, don't talk to people on the street!
You don't talk, slave!
You're under martial law!
So I'm really looking forward to going to Virginia
And, uh, if the police come up to me and tell me turn my cameras off on a sidewalk in Chantilly, right outside DC in Virginia, covering Bilderberg, I'm not turning my cameras off.
And, uh, I'll just give you a heads up, we're gonna have live web streaming over the, um, you know, the cell phone system hooked into a wireless broadband system.
We may have to go to just a cell, uh, archiving to a remote scene.
But that's land of the cowards, home of the slaves.
I mean, that's how far we've come.
That I am guessing the police are going to march up and say, alright, you're not allowed to be on the sidewalk, you're not allowed to have cameras, you're not allowed to cover the secret elite of the world meeting in a hotel.
125 presidents, prime ministers, Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Queen of the Netherlands, U.S.
government officials,
Violating federal law?
They're going to say, because that's why our intel is telling us they're having it in the U.S., they used to only have it four years in a row in Europe, then one year in North America, now they had it in Canada, then they had it in Istanbul, Turkey, then they're having it back in the United States.
You watch!
And that's because, quote, there's a better media blackout in the U.S., our press is so controlled that there will be no coverage, it doesn't exist, and our police are so third world,
I mean, you can be in Nicaragua.
You can be in El Salvador.
And I've been there.
You can have video cameras out filming whatever you want.
You can be in Russia.
You can be in Germany.
You can be in Communist China to a great extent.
Only in the United States and England do they march up and say, there is no freedom.
You are a slave.
And they will immediately freak out, flip out, and attack you with a deadly weapon, with a taser, if you don't submit.
And that's fine.
I've had enough of it.
We're going to have cameras pre-placed, of course, 100 yards away or so to capture any of this and any attempted setups.
Now they make it, and I'm doing this as an attempt to let them do the right thing, to not give me a scene, to not give us an InfoWar victory, when it's a sting, when you violate us, when you violate, when you try to decapitate the First Amendment, when you savagely attack the Founding Fathers with a double-edged dagger at their heart, and that's what this is.
When you viciously attack what our veterans have fought and died for, when you viciously attack freedom with hatred and avarice.
We hope you don't do that.
But I am going to Virginia.
And I'm going to cover the Bilderberg Group, the 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th.
And I want to see everybody out there.
It really kicks off on the 6th.
We need to see big crowds there.
And, you know, they may back off.
They may leave us alone.
They may try to set up a free speech zone.
But if it's 10 or 15 of us,
Uh, in the, especially in Virginia and D.C.
surrounding area, uh, they're in the District of Criminals, uh, they will attack us.
They are some of the worst police in the country, are in Chantilly.
There's been events there before, we know.
Some of the worst in the country, uh, are in D.C.
And, uh, it doesn't matter.
You're not gonna attack my country.
You're not gonna turn this into a third world, death squad run, scum filled system.
And so we're going there to defend the First Amendment more than anything.
You can go to Istanbul, Turkey and videotape the Bilderberg meeting.
And the cops leave you alone and are respectful and polite.
Supposedly an incredible police state.
You can go to Japan and do it.
You can go anywhere because they know the press.
People with cameras have a right to cover events.
But only in America is it... It's so incredible!
You want to come with a global elite meeting and you want to videotape!
How dare you criminal!
Right here in Austin, you can be out videotaping an event with the governor at it, on the sidewalk, and they'll walk up and say, leave!
And you'll say no, and they'll say, okay, we're gonna arrest you.
And you have to say, you know, I'm gonna have to sue you personally, you're trying to violate my freedom, my Bill of Rights, my Constitution, how dare you?
I had to do that, it's all on video.
It's on the web.
I don't want to get off into a rant.
I was just thinking last night how I've got to face down and I've got to deal with almost certain harassment of paramilitary third world enforcing goons who are stabbing my country in the heart with full power.
I mean, that's what it is.
They are assaulting the Republic and I'm disgusted.
I don't want to go be around you.
I don't want to go have to face you down.
I don't enjoy it.
I don't enjoy the fact I have to put my body in the way of your fist.
I don't like it.
But I have to do it in the battle for the Republic.
Alright, I've already digressed, ladies and gentlemen.
Let me give you the news we've got here today.
Oil climbs to record above 135.
That's right, it was all-time record yesterday at 130.
Now, 135.
Now watch, it's going to drop now back to about 125.
I'm predicting.
Then it'll surge back to 140.
Then it'll drop to 130.
Always the psychology of, hey, at least it's not 140 a barrel.
It's only 125.
And it'll probably peak out at 145, 150 by July, middle of July, end of July.
It'll settle back down to 125 a barrel.
But then, by the next summer, I predict $200 a barrel of oil.
Of course, we've been telling you this for over two years with our inside sources.
They are training you, they are indoctrinating you, they are enslaving you.
Your journey towards despotic enslavement is now very close to being complete.
Oil climbs the record above 135.
No one will say in our controlled whore press, so whored out that globalists come here to meet now, because Europe has to free a press.
And you will hear nowhere that it is 90% of it's the dollar.
You'll have grandstanding by Congress blaming oil companies, which are subsidiaries of the New World Order, and are making their 7 to 9% a year, and are making record profits, but that's their set profit.
They are intermediaries.
OPEC is an intermediary.
Okay, this is all dollar devaluation.
And people now want it to be undenominated?
Oh, try $300 a barrel, $400, $500, $600, $700, $800, $900.
You know about pesos being devalued?
You know about rubles being devalued?
You better find out about dollars being devalued.
You know, a lot of you out there think you're richy-rich because you're worth a million bucks.
This isn't a millionaire 100 years ago, or 50 years ago, or 30 years ago, or 5 years ago.
I mean, having a million bucks five years ago is like having $100,000 30 years ago.
But now having a million bucks is like having $50,000 20 years ago.
I mean, it's all illusion.
But you want illusion?
You want delusion?
Fine, enjoy it.
Oil climbs a record above 135.
Squawk Bok, a top analyst, says $12 to $15 a gallon gas.
Well, why stop there?
Why not $200 a gallon gas?
It's so sick.
And the average yuppie, the average know-it-all there, I hear them on talk radio and calling in, they have no idea it's the dollar.
Big oil defends profit before irate senators.
These whore senators know exactly what they're doing.
They have a lot more to do with this, and I'm not defending the oil companies.
But they're like a big toe, whereas the central banks of the brain
Big oil defense profit before irate senators, oil smashes, 135 Asia trade on supply concerns.
That's why gold has shot up over $100, dropped down $5, $6, now shooting back up.
I mean, they've dumped hundreds of billions this year, in the last four months, openly, of IMF World Bank gold in the market, and they can't suppress it.
Gold was 300 bucks five years ago.
So, I am not going to sit here and belabor this all day with everybody.
It's just that we are in the middle of a full-scale, absolute economic implosion.
And it is going to be five years in the scale of human development is a twinkling of an eye, not even a blink of an eye.
It is a millisecond parsec.
I mean, it is just a tiny piece of a millisecond.
It is a fraction of a millisecond, and in the next three years, we are just going to see riots in the streets, sound cannons, microwave guns, mindless idiots that only want to feel powerful, and it's like they're hunters.
Instead of going out and hunting a bear with a spear, like real hunters used to do,
They hunt men, and they hunt domesticated, cowardly, dumbed-down, poisoned, poor, pathetic, radiated slaves, running, looking from side to side in an absolutely emasculated fashion, just going... I mean, that's real manly.
Pulling families over, snatching people's kids, social workers.
I know it was a social worker yesterday.
I was driving through Westlake Hills on business,
And I was like stuck in traffic and then right next to me in the other lane, going the other way for about a minute, was this, was this, the ninnying, chicken-necked, well actually giant jowl, and he was just looking at me with pure hatred, and with the car he was driving and what he looked like, guaranteed it was CPS.
And the guy was just looking at me, trying to intimidate me, and I just went psst.
And I turned away, not because I couldn't look at your gaze, but I don't like going around staring at, like, if my dog vomits on the back porch, I don't like really looking at it.
I just clean it up or spray it off with a water hose.
I mean, I don't think I turned away because I couldn't handle your big intimidating demon look.
It was that I just, it's like a, if I see a, you know, if I gotta drag a dead horse out with a tractor and it's been dead for a week with maggots and bloated guts and animals have been eating on it, I don't stare at it.
I just go up, tie a chain to its legs and pull it into a ditch out of the road.
Uh, and so just to, you know, but I saw you.
I saw you.
It was very demonic.
Oh, you're gonna pay in the end, don't you worry, you trash.
You disgusting, weak filth that just enjoys abusing innocent people.
Everything you got's gonna be taken, scumbag.
So enjoy your holiday of evil.
You're the ones that are gonna pay in the end.
You're gonna be hit the hardest.
And we're gonna take this country back and this world back.
And those of you who survive what's coming are gonna swing high on the end of a rope after you've been given full due process.
Full due process.
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I think so.
David J. Smith for Newswatch Magazine.
Did you know that it doesn't matter which political party occupies the White House?
They have both been captured by those who are working for world government and the destruction of our Constitution.
They believe that governments formed in the 18th and 19th centuries based upon constitutional rights of the people are now obsolete and need to be changed.
That change will be to communism, socialism, fascism.
A form of government that takes away all our rights.
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That's 1-800-516-8736.
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On a lonely, lonesome highway East of Omaha
A lot of thugs think that tyranny is cute and fun.
They're gonna all find out just how fun it is.
You have your once free nation destroyed, overrun by third world populations.
But I guess we're a nation of trash and cowards.
It's what we deserve.
Uh, yeah, we're the biggest tattletale nation in the world.
Grandparents turning in their grandchildren for marijuana for 500 bucks.
New York Times, a nation of snitches.
Does that mean we're all scum?
But we have come from the greatest country into the most decadent, wicked country.
If you read the Bible and history, that always happened to upright nations.
They always became spoiled and evil.
And I'm sad this is happening.
Oil climbs above $135.
That's a commodity.
That's why gold is exploding right now.
TED has gold prices locked in at last week's prices and silver, which are both up massively.
Gold up over $100.
Silver up over $2.
And I would use this as a buying opportunity because it's only going to go up in the midterm.
By that, the next six months to a year.
I mean, how could it not?
Every commodity is exploding.
The dollar is devaluing.
I want to bring Ted Edderson up for a few minutes.
I'm going to play some clips coming up about what's happening on the economy afterwards.
Ted, just real fast, tell them about the offer you've got.
Well, real quick, we have the Walking Liberty half rolls.
That's one of my favorites right now because of the fact that silver just broke through $18 an ounce now.
Yesterday it was just poking towards $18.
Now it's seen $18.10.
Those silver dollar, I'm sorry, the walking liberty halves were trading for $205 last time I was at this level.
Right now I have them at $182.
And the reason why they're at $182 is because I locked them in back when silver was at $1650.
No, I also have the... So that's $182 for how many?
$182, roll of $20.
Sorry about that.
It's a roll of $20.
So Ted, are you selling this at below spot?
Well, the spot is just approaching right where the price, if you put two of them together, $1 face value, it's right at the level.
Okay, so basically you're getting high quality silver that's really hard to get a hold of right at spot, and tell them about the gold.
Well, not as really hard to get a hold of, Alex.
I couldn't sell these three weeks ago.
I'm sorry, three months ago.
Gold right now, the best thing I have in gold right now, hands down, is the franc coin.
It's at $199.
Gold, again, is trading in the $900s now.
It's seen a high today of $928.50, and we're just approaching that $1,000 mark again.
There's no way you're going to be able to buy a coin like this at that.
Bottom line, I don't know when it's going to happen, but you can have $135 a barrel oil.
Analysts conservatively talking about $6 a gallon gas on average.
Some are talking about $14.
The dollar is imploding, but you'll never hear it on the news when it's absolute headlines all over the world with everyone panicking, dumping dollars.
And we are such a dumbed-down population that literally, I hear financial shows nationally, locally, they won't tell people, Ted, and they know.
Yeah, they won't tell people because they're afraid of what'll happen.
They're afraid of losing their customers.
They don't want to talk about what's really going on in the United States.
That's because the stock market's an absolute fraud, folks.
The top 30 winners are at $12,000, and that's with a dollar devalued by 60% or more.
I mean, that sucker's down at $5,000 now.
I mean, this is red level.
Ted, give them the number.
They can't beat that deal.
Yeah, 1-800-686-2237.
Again, that number is 1-800-686-2237.
Secure your position.
If you have money in the stocks, if you're sitting in the bank, if you have your money denominated in U.S.
dollar, folks, you've got to do something.
You really need to do something about your portfolio.
It is going to go down.
Mainline analysts are talking about $12 to $14 a gallon gas.
That means that they think the dollar is going to go down to like 5% of its value five, six years ago.
I mean, that's what Ron Paul says.
He says once it starts racing down, that's what all these other analysts say.
We need to get Bob Chapman on.
I keep forgetting to get him on this week.
Alex, every time the United States has a problem, they start printing money.
They just turn on the printing presses and that's what's causing the problem.
So it's compounding.
It'll be like trying to drink from a fire hose by the time they get done printing.
Gentlemen, I've got a little bit of money in the bank, savings.
I want to start this TV network, which I'm just going to dump it on.
And why have I decided to just spend a little bit of capital I've got as emergency backup?
Because it won't be worth anything in a year or two anyways.
It's a massively devaluing asset right now.
And so, if you're not putting it into a business, or, because again, this isn't even a business, because our model isn't a business.
It's fight the New World Order.
But why have I decided to blow our emergency fuel?
Because it's being dissipated anyways.
It's like my fuel tanks have holes in it, so I might as well go ahead and burn it in my engines to get to my destination before it runs out the fuel tanks.
So I'm throttling the engines up to full blowout capacity.
The United States is completely
Financially imploding.
Get the silver right now.
Get the gold.
You can't beat those deals.
Ted, thanks for coming on.
Yeah, thanks for having me up, Alex.
You bet.
We'll be right back.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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A new world order.
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It's known as the Bilderberg Group.
Couldn't their objective be world domination?
For thousands of years, their dark order grew.
Now, as they hail the birth of the New World Order, their great dream of exterminating 80% of humanity is at hand.
For the first time in history, the elite's plan for world government is blown wide open.
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They have all the money they need.
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This is the end Beautiful friend This is the end
You know, we've been talking all morning long about energy prices.
Watching crude oil prices touch above $127 for the first time overnight leads a lot of people to start wondering about peak oil and the peak oil theory.
You've been writing about peak oil for some time, so did you see this coming?
Yes, we did.
Not quite the way it's turned out, but this is not a surprise.
You say not quite the way it's turned out.
What's happened that's different than you were predicting?
Well, I wasn't particularly predicting.
I'm a student of this and have focused on what we do about the problem after it really hits.
Peak oil has a... The idea is that it would hit a sharp peak and then production in the world would hit a sharp peak and then drop off.
And what's happened is that we've hit a plateau in world oil production.
And that plateau has been ongoing since about the middle of 2004.
Dr. Hearst, there are a lot of people when we talk about peak oil who say there are going to be new technologies that are always developed.
There will be new ways to get oil, whether it's from coal, whether it's from the oil shales, and they say that that means we will never actually hit peak oil.
What do you say to those people?
They're incorrect, and the reason that they're incorrect is that they don't understand the magnitude of the problem and how long it's going to take
To bring substitute liquid fuels on and to introduce energy efficiency on a massive scale.
That's something that we analyzed and it takes decades and the reason simply is that the magnitude of the problem is enormous.
You know, Bob, I know you are not an oil expert, so I'm not going to try and pin you down on peak oil theory, but clearly inflation is something that consumers are struggling with.
As we watch these higher prices at the pump, you said yourself you paid almost $4 a gallon for filling up your car yesterday.
Do you think inflation like this continues?
If we have hit some sort of limits, does oil continue to climb?
I think the oil price has a good bit of bubble in it.
I can't imagine it staying at this level permanently.
I think it'll go down a little, eventually go back up.
On what to do about it, I think I'm going to go to the office after this and I'm going to write a four-word blog posting.
It's going to say, drill more, pay less.
While we're waiting on alternative fuels, it's silly for us to put so many places off limits to drilling while countries like Brazil can go out there and just do it and hit it big.
We ought to be drilling more.
Dr. Hirst, what do you say to that?
The idea that we should be drilling in places like Anwar and drilling offshore, would that solve this problem of a plateau in oil production?
There's no single thing that's going to solve this problem, because it's as massive as one can possibly imagine.
And the prices that we're paying at the pump today are, I think, are going to be the good old days, because others who watch this very closely forecast that we're going to be hitting $12 and $15 per gallon.
All right!
And then after that... All right, that's enough!
That is the biggest bunch of bull you're ever going to hear in your life.
Now, the host let out the little dirty secret that you never hear on these shows.
That was quite an interview.
It goes on.
It's up on Infowars.com and PrisonPlanet.com right now.
The rest of it.
They are paying for adjusted U.S.
That's even with devalued dollars.
15 to 16 cents in Venezuela, 22 cents in Brazil.
They are paying about 45 cents a gallon in Mexico, just like they get prescription drugs four or five times cheaper.
We're the schmucks.
We're known as being idiots.
We're known as thinking we know it all.
We're known as the international sucker.
Just like whalers 150 years ago, 200 years ago, called the right whale the right whale because they were sweet, friendly whales that even though you'd be killing them, they'd come up friendly to your boat.
Whereas a sperm whale would attack your smaller boats and would kill people.
And other whales would froth and resist.
So it was known as the right whale.
The right one because it's the one to attack.
It's the good one.
That was the term for being right means doing the right thing.
Being the one you want.
The right woman for me.
The right house.
The right car.
The right whale.
We are the right whale, ladies and gentlemen.
Make no mistake.
We are the most imprisoned, stupidest, most unhealthy, most arrogant, know-it-all group ever.
And that's why you're not going to escape corrupt government people.
You're going to pay all that money for gas, and you're going to lose your standard of living, too.
It doesn't matter, though.
You'll still get to put black masks on.
That's all that matters.
And so you hear that guy, now I told you four or five years ago, Paul Watson wrote articles four or five years ago, two years ago, three years ago, about how they would tell you you were going to pay more, not because of inflation, but just, oh, it's peak oil.
How do we know that?
Because the big oil companies, let's talk about what they have done.
They've bought up over a hundred of the over 200 plus refineries, Associated Press, 2,000,
Uh, got all the documents and where they was, the top ten oil companies bought up the refineries and shut them down, created an artificial bottleneck.
But the main reason is because the dollar's been devalued.
There is no shortage of oil.
The dollar has been devalued.
Every time the dollar goes down, oil goes up.
It has nothing to do with peak oil.
You can drill almost anywhere in East Texas or West Texas and hit oil.
The old oil wells have filled back up.
One field in Anwar has more than half of Saudi Arabia.
They estimate that all of Alaska has many times more than Saudi Arabia.
Discoverable, usable, deliverable, now.
90 plus percent of the Gulf of Mexico is off limits.
You drill anywhere, you hit natural gas and oil.
Most my family works at every level of oil, or has worked at every level of oil.
It is a fraud and a sick joke.
But you tell the idiot public that, oh, it's because there's no more oil, they'll believe it!
Oh, there's no more oil, that's why they're paying 15 cents in Venezuela, 20-something cents in Brazil.
That's why they're paying 40 cents in Russia, 44, 45 cents in Mexico.
No, it's because we are the idiots.
That's why.
Now, I'm not going to spend long on this.
I'm going to have him back up for like 30-40 minutes next week and then on Friday for an hour.
Because one of the staff at Genesis, Kristen Davies, great lady, great webmaster for GCNlive.com, will tell you about her own police state adventure before Tommy Chung joins us.
Uh, and, uh, just so you know what the public schools are.
She's standing by in the next five, six minutes.
But I want to go to Eric Nordstrom.
He's the fellow that originally came up with the idea to put it on the web to do a money bomb.
The idea itself was developed by, he said, a jazz musician in New York.
Then it got picked up by others.
Uh, but he put up a money bomb a few weeks ago.
It's at fifty-something thousand dollars.
People have pledged to donate.
We're going to have a 1-800 line that's posted in a couple days.
We're going to have my PayPal.
Yes, it's going to be my PayPal.
People keep asking, is this you?
Well, I didn't come up with the idea, but yes, it's going to be a link from their site to a page on my site that has our PayPal.
You'll be able to donate there or call with a credit card, or you can mail now and we'll add it to the Money Bomb for next Friday and next Saturday.
I think we ought to start the Money Bomb in the afternoon on Friday, have it go for a day and a half, that's my opinion, and really try to see how much we can get in there.
Not my idea, but frankly, I need to spend capital on better cameras, better equipment, bigger office, and, I mean, we were here working until 1 o'clock last night, and Burmus and Aaron and everybody else got here about 30 minutes ago.
And I left at 1.
I don't know how late they were here.
Hey, how late were you guys here?
Everybody left at 2 and Rob was back here 30 minutes ago.
And so, I mean, I need to hire people.
I mean, we are literally like horses in the Pony Express that don't change horses after a 40-mile run.
I mean, it's just totally maxed out to the edge.
I don't have money to hire more employees.
I'm just so dedicated.
I just keep fighting and fighting.
And we need personnel.
You know, when three of us leave and go to Virginia, there aren't many people left in the areas they're in, in this office.
Because my cameramen are also my editors.
And please don't flood me with a hundred things to come work for us.
We don't have the money to pay you yet.
We don't have the office to put volunteers in yet.
So, going to Eric Nordstrom, Eric, sorry to have you holding this whole oil fraud thing exactly as we predicted is now unfolding, and the dollar's plunging, and oil's exploding, and total insanity is going on.
But the money bomb, I mean, I want to see hundreds of thousands come in.
Also, I had a question for you.
You had up there, we want to get
Well, originally, when we started doing the Money Bomb for Ron Paul, we had set certain goals that we would like to reach, and our basic theory was that if we aim for the stars and hit the moon, we're golden.
So, you gotta have something to start the ball out with.
We put it up.
I've taken it down now because we've got some momentum on it.
But as far as the little graph thing goes, as people pledge and put their email in, all I'm using that for is a headcount and also to remind people that the Money Bomb is going on, say, a couple days before, and distribute certain information.
But it's kind of a general headcount of how many people have shown interest.
They may or may not be putting in $100.
The estimate right now is about $51,000 based on that $100,000.
But in all of these things, you have about probably a good 30% of the people who will wind up donating don't put in their email address.
They don't show up on the headcount.
And I'm also getting a lot of people who are wanting to pledge that I'm just getting pure emails from that say that they want to send a check in.
I probably had a good 150 people email me asking me what's the address
To send a check in because they didn't want to use a credit card.
So, it's just basically kind of a roundabout estimate for how much interest has been put into it.
And I'm trying to be conservative with it.
I don't want to give anybody false hope, but I'm 99% sure that it's going to be well over $51,000 just today.
So, basically I've got a headcount of about 517 people that have put their information in the email little widget there.
Uh, but there's probably a whole lot more out there that, uh, just, you know, don't want to deal with the credit card.
They don't want to put their email address in my, uh, website, because they just... Well, that's very exciting.
You know what?
I mean, I haven't given you much guidance in the few things I've told you you've done.
The site looks great.
I can only commend you, Mr. Nordstrom.
But yeah, maybe we should just go ahead and put my 3001 South Lamar address up.
And say if you want to mail it here, we will account for it Saturday live and put it up.
I'm planning to come in Saturday during the Money Bomb and I'm planning to do a Saturday show.
If the network wants to carry it, that's fine, but I'm going to do a Saturday show.
I think the best time to do it
Uh, would probably be, uh, in the evening, so maybe, maybe like 5 to 8 or something to do a Monday, uh, a, uh, Saturday evening Moneybomb Show.
Burmess is in here playing with the studio equipment, and that's going over here, Burmess.
Oh, you're, you're something else, man.
Did you hear that?
That is a great new video.
Hey, Burmess, come in here!
What's the name of that?
I got Tommy Chung coming on.
I may have to move the Genesis employee under attack to a later date.
That new handlebar is a video.
That's what I was just setting up for you right there, Alex.
So you can play it in the fourth hour and people can get video off the DVD player.
So it's ready to go.
No good D goes unpunished.
I'm griping at you for help.
Yeah, it's handlebars by the Flowbots and the lead track.
I believe it's... There's a war on for your mind.
There's a war going on for your mind.
No doubt they're listers.
I want them on.
It's a good... By the way, go tell Eddie Bear about that.
Because all of the enemy programs are going to scramble to get them before we do.
We have to defeat them.
All right, I will let him know.
Hey, good job.
That's a joke, folks.
We are competitive here, but only in a fun way.
Okay, I'm going to shut up.
I'm sorry.
I just wanted to describe what we were hearing just now with Burmese in there.
Let me just... I've got the computer turned down.
I don't know why that was playing.
You know what?
Say whatever you want, Eric.
I'm going to shut up for a minute.
The only thing I can think of is I've put a new picture up.
It says, Revolution will be televised.
And I only say that because
I know the Alex Jones supporters will get up and show our forces on the 31st of May, but I also want to make sure that the people out there who are supporting Ron Paul, people out there who are supporting the Constitution Party, the Libertarian Party, you know, if we want a manifesto to actually come to fruition, if we want to affect the general election and boost up our numbers during the general election, you know, the best way to do it is to
Well, let me put it this way.
Sometimes you can't bring a horse to water.
Sometimes you gotta put the trough in front of them.
And most of the bulk of the people out there, to include people in my family, etc., they don't go on the internet.
They watch television.
You know, if we can get something going with the Dish Network or something or other, and actually put this information in front of their faces to where they have no option but just to kind of stare at the boob tube, which is what they're used to anyway, we can bring the water to the horse and we can, you know, bring the information to them, which will get them thinking.
So the revolution will be televised.
The Ron Paul folks out there, I know a lot of them think that the money bomb kind of belongs to the Ron Paul thing, but you've got to think of it this way.
Alex Jones, the Info Wars, I mean you've got David Icke, you've got Republic Magazine, Restore the Republic, you've got We the People Foundation.
These are not different factions that need to be protecting their own houses.
These are all part of one large, massive awakening that is happening in this country.
Eric, I didn't know that.
I mean, I didn't know that.
You're saying when Ron Paul said on this show, you ought to go find that interview from last year where he said half his support had come from this show and half the people that came up to him were from this show.
I mean, obviously our listeners, even if he, you know,
For political reasons, it doesn't go along with 9-11 truth.
That energizes his core.
I mean, there's always going to be some ninnies that are like, no, only Ron Paul!
Don't give to Alex!
I mean, look, it isn't about that.
I'm one of the few people who will actually spend 100% of this, and my word is gold.
I'm going to spend 100% of the money.
I look at it this way, if we had a network of this kind up, you know, broadcasting on televisions across the nation, in fact across the world, at the beginning of 2007,
I can bet with full assurity that the outcome of this current election would have turned out vastly different than it has.
Can you imagine if I would have had like a Democracy Now!, but a Patriot, you know, constitutionalist, libertarian, TV channel, even done bare bones like Democracy Now!
did at first, very inexpensive, you know, compared to big networks, it would have energized and blown sky-high.
I'm looking forward to the day when I see the likes of McCain
And Obama, and etc.
during a general election on the Alex Jones Network television show as far as a presidential election, what do you call it, debate, where Alex Jones is hosting the debate and asks the questions.
Could you imagine Alex Jones asking Senator McCain certain questions?
Oh my God, it would be such a party favor.
Just even watch it, the entertainment value alone.
Well, you're right, Eric.
You're right, Eric.
We have to shoot for the stars, and I commend what you're doing.
We're going to have 1-800 people, one or two people here at my office.
We'll have a 1-800 number up in the next few days.
The PayPal will be up today, so people are wanting to see it, wanting to go back to my site somehow.
But don't give until that Saturday that is coming up.
And ladies and gentlemen, we'll be posting and announcing the numbers every few hours.
I'll be giving them to Eric Nordstrom as that develops.
We're gonna talk to
One of the Genesis employees, um, who's being harassed by the police and her daughter being harassed on the other side of this quick break.
Eric, let me get you to pop back in with another update tomorrow, okay?
Yes, sir.
Thank you so much.
Yeah, I mean, we supported Ron Paul.
I mean, will you support us?
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Okay, I'm going to get an update from her at the end of the show because I've got Tommy Chong coming on.
But it's standard.
You fall asleep at your desk, you're 11, A student, your mom's in the hospital the night before.
They arrest you, charge you, six months probation, $500 fine.
Disorderly conduct.
Apple Corps on the ground by accident, falls off the picnic table, police are watching, month in jail.
These are articles I have in front of me.
Don't use your turn signal, arrested.
Don't have a seatbelt on, even if you get out at your mailbox and then drive 50 yards to your house, arrested.
That's right here outside Austin.
Just maximum enforcement.
There's not even laws that three absences, you go to jail, but they still arrest you in Austin.
And I have all the video of that and county commissioners admitting it with the ASAP program.
Just, look, they're building prisons, they need people, the schools are training camps.
And I know with the economy, it's hard to not have your child in a government death camp.
Uh, Prozac, Ritalin, uh, sex, drugs, use, uh, program where they teach them how to feel inadequate and teach them how to be Madison Avenue slaves.
I went to a government training camp, uh, for school.
And even most of the private schools are now under government training camp regulation and control.
I'm not joking about that.
Now, um, Kristen Davies, I've only talked to her a few times, she's real nice, the webmaster for GCNLive.com,
Um, but I'm told she's a really professionalized person.
Her mom sometimes picks up her daughter.
She didn't pick her up yesterday.
Doesn't matter.
The police call her and say, we know your mother ran into cars.
She said, we got video?
Well, we know she picked him up yesterday.
She's like, she didn't pick him up.
You know, pick my daughter up.
So they said, well, we're going to question your daughter tomorrow at school.
And she said, you can't do that without a lawyer, without my consent, without due process.
They said, yeah, we will.
Uh, she still put her daughter in school today.
I'm not saying she's bad, but you know,
The point is that we don't know what's going on.
It's a violation of the 4th, 5th, and 7th Amendment.
But they still do it all the time, and she told her daughter not to talk to him.
But the point is, she didn't quote, bump a teacher's car.
This is just, just these, these, I mean, this is what these facilities are.
Davies, or Mrs. Davies, tell me what's going on.
Well, I just got a phone call yesterday from a police officer, and he didn't
He didn't tell me anything, he didn't really say anything.
All he just started out with was, will you tell me what happened today?
And he said it very cruel and mean and harsh like I had done something wrong and I told him I didn't know what he was talking about and then he said that something had happened in my daughter's school and he still wasn't telling me what was going on.
Well see that's a violation of your due process.
They never let you know it's an investigation.
It's a trick.
And so you didn't even know what he was talking about.
You mean when he called you had no idea?
No, because nothing... Would you imagine how easy it is?
Parents don't know these are hunting grounds and they can just feed at leisure.
They've got quotas.
Whoever's in there might want to close the door.
I'm getting a radio feedback.
Kristen can...
Kristen, continue for me.
Well, when he finally told me there was a hit-and-run accident, he said that my mom had picked my daughter up from school, and an eyewitness told him that when she picked her up, she maliciously rammed into two teachers' vehicles and then tore off, and my mother was nowhere near the school yesterday.
My mother did not pick up my children from school yesterday.
It doesn't matter.
If you were to go talk to them, they might taser you, beat you, claim you attacked them.
They're just looking for somebody.
I'm not joking, by the way, folks.
You never know when you're dealing with the criminal department.
What department is this?
I don't know.
I really don't know.
Where's your daughter?
What area of the city?
I mean, Minneapolis, St.
Minneapolis suburbs, St.
Louis Park.
Louis Park Police?
Is this School Gestapo?
Um, when I talked to the school, the principal actually was on my side and said that they weren't going to be talking to my daughter without informing her so that she could inform me first.
Well, they'll usually black off and tell you that, but it might be a nice principal.
Uh, it's all part of deception and wickedness when they lie and say your daughter's got to take shots when there's no law.
Have they lied and told you that?
That's good.
Well, stay there for one minute.
We're going to hold Tommy Chong.
Call Tommy in three minutes, okay?
John, I want to hold you over, Kristen.
This is important.
And I'm not joking, by the way.
Don't get in their clutches.
It's all about feeding on the slaves.
We'll be right back.
Thank you for listening to GCN.
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Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
We're talking to GC employee, Kristen Davies, really classy, nice young lady.
Her daughter goes to government training camp and
Who did pick your daughter up yesterday?
They're calling you up saying your mother who picked her up is a psychopathic, mad dog, Christine driver.
But like you said, your mother didn't pick her up.
How did your daughter get out of the government training camp?
She was picked up by a friend yesterday.
Okay, so she was picked up by a friend?
Was the friend driving or was it a friend's parents?
No, it was a friend of mine.
I'm sorry.
Okay, but it doesn't matter.
They're just saying your mother did it.
And the cop told you, I'm going to question your daughter?
Yeah, he said that we're going to be interviewing your daughter, um, to get her side of things.
And I said that I didn't want anybody talking to my daughter without me being present.
And, um, he yelled at me, told me to shut up, not to tell him how to do his job.
I mean, they kept treating me like I was a criminal.
Everybody's got to buy recorders and hook them up to their phones.
You just, everybody needs to buy a cheap video camera or at least a digital recorder.
So he told you to shut up.
Yeah, he told me to shut up and not tell him how to do his job.
I want his name.
What's his name?
Oh, man.
I talked to so many people yesterday.
I have it written down on a piece of paper at home.
Well, I want you to get that for us tomorrow.
I want you to file a complaint on him.
Yeah, I called and talked to his superior yesterday.
Now, he'll probably get promoted for that, so you just need to go ahead and write it up on the web, post it on the Genesis site, so the rest of his life people Google his name, they'll know who he is.
So he told you to shut up?
How are you talking to this Demi guy when he told you to shut up?
I was actually being really nice and I was trying to maintain control and I told him the reason I didn't want to talk to him or didn't want my daughter to talk to him without my being there is I said that you know she's a very sensitive child and I was worried that this was going to scare her.
And he said shut up?
Yeah, he said shut up.
Don't tell me how to do my job.
I can talk to your daughter if I want to.
We talk to children all the time without their parents being present.
Shut up!
Shut up and pay my paycheck, slave!
Man, I'm tired of these people.
So what else did this piece of filth say?
No, he just kept treating me like I had done something wrong and he kept saying that, you know, I needed to give up information and I said, I don't know what information you think I can give you.
So he was bullying you without counsel?
And when I talked to his superior and told him what happened, his superior was saying that, well, we use tactics to get criminals to be forthcoming because they don't normally, you know, spill their guts, so we have to use special tactics.
Oh yeah, they can't stop the Los Zetas, CIA trained hit teams murdering cops everywhere.
They can always slap around some woman.
It's an absolute filth.
Oh, I can't handle it anymore.
So now you got me scared.
I want to go get my daughter out of school.
Yeah, I tell you what, go ahead.
Yeah, don't make a scene or they'll try to swatch you right there.
Oh, just say, you know, if you have to just say, oh, family issue, thank you.
And just get her out.
Because I was thinking you're schooled in this week or next.
You're telling me the government camps, I know they're phasing it in.
She won't be out of school for a month up in Socialist Minnesota.
Yeah, we go till the middle of June.
Well, I know you work hard, Kristen.
You ought to hit Ted up for a raise.
She can put her in a private school.
At least they're not like total prison facilities.
But I just feel sorry for so many Americans who can't quote the free schooling, and actually is our property tax, unbelievable amounts of money.
And, uh, it's just, it's just, it's so far gone.
And again, folks, my whole life I've had cops threaten to frame me, cops dealing drugs around me, total corruption, total evil, uh, and that's why, I mean, I'm not gonna play the game of saying they're a bunch of little angel cakes.
Uh, and Kristen, I'm sorry he treated you like filth.
We don't respect him either.
Uh, and I want his name tomorrow, okay?
I want the name of the department.
And, uh, get your daughter out of there, because, uh, how old's your daughter?
She's twelve.
Oh, man.
Yeah, when I was in high school, uh, they were doing drug searches, and I shot my mouth off and said, these cops are drug dealers!
Because I happened to have friends that I'd seen cops deliver drugs to, and, uh,
And I wasn't even in the drug scene, by the way.
I was just around it.
It was everywhere.
And they took me in, slammed my head on the desk, and said, I will kill you if you talk about this.
So that was kind of my wake up.
Okay, well, thank you so much, Christine.
Thank you, Alex.
Thank you.
There goes the evil criminal.
She was yelled at by her God, her Lord.
Terror Storm, a history of government-sponsored terror.
Loose Change Final Cut.
Endgame, blueprint for global enslavement.
The true story of the Bilderberg Group.
The late great USA.
America, freedom to fascism.
These are just a few of the hundreds of powerful documentary films and books available at truthnews.us and prisonplanet.com.
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I'm Alex Jones.
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I also consulted on, and I'm in the extras, for the film American Drug War that isn't even available on store shelves until the 25th, but is available at Infowars.com for order right now.
American Drug War.
It also has Tommy Chong in it from prison.
Now, Tommy Chong, of course, a famous comedian, star of Cheech and Chong, and that Blockbuster series of films, and quite a few other films, he was running, or some of his family was running, a marijuana pipe company.
And, you know, you can go to the local Walgreens and buy pipes, you can smoke marijuana, and pipes are legal.
But the government selectively went in and arrested him, sent him to prison,
He went through all manner of things.
They tried to set him up there.
I want him to tell that whole story today as much as he can.
Now they made a film called Tommy Chong, or AKA Tommy Chong, and they were going to play part of a newscast.
They raided the business, stole 10,000 of the DVDs, took everything, and they're trying to punish him.
Now, they also raided Celica Stillo, the high-level DEA agent, highly decorated, by Ronald Reagan and George Bush Sr., who found out about government drug dealing, Oliver North, Alapango Airport, Nicaragua.
They rated him and said, you better shut up.
You shouldn't be, you know, I saw you on TV.
You're going to pay for that TV show.
So they're really upset about American Drug Workers.
It's aired 50 plus times now on Showtime the last three months.
It's really hot and there's a big buzz out for it.
And it really destroys the whole fraud.
And so we are honored to have Tommy Chong with us five minutes into the next hour.
And we're also going to have Kevin Booth joining us in about 20 minutes on air, the maker of American Drug War.
Mr. Chong, thank you for coming on with us.
My pleasure, man.
It's always fun to be on the Alex Jones Show.
Well, thank you.
Where should we start?
Should we go to the latest stuff that's happened, start at the end, or start at the beginning?
Well, you know, the beginning of it all.
Yeah, let's start at the beginning.
What happened to me really was a micro look at what happened to America.
Because I was taken by surprise as was, you know, everybody.
You know, I was just doing my comedy and, you know, selling my water pipes.
And next thing I know I'm in jail for nine months for some little obscure
I don't know.
You know, they didn't want this to go to court because I would have been able to, you know, show the jury of my peers how evil and how ridiculous these people are.
And by the way, 100 years ago, 200 years ago, 50 years ago, you didn't threaten people's families.
That is a terroristic threat.
That is terrorism.
Don't fight this.
Give up your rights or we're going to get your wife and your children.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
And the way they even got us to break the law was total entrapment.
They just went out and...
You know, fake like they had a head shop, and then when we wouldn't send them, when we wouldn't break the law, they put people in my company, or in my son's company, and they broke the law, basically.
Let's walk through that.
This is a double sting.
This has been big in the Seattle papers, where the cops now own more than half the bars and restaurants because they seize them, and then illegally own the original things they seized.
And what has happened there is a cop will sell a cop drugs in your bathroom and then seize your business in Seattle, one of the most corrupt cities for that in the country.
Totally lawless by the system.
And that's the same thing.
They set up a business, put somebody in your business to mail and commit the crime.
They should all go to prison.
Go ahead.
Yeah, well, that's what they did, you know, in mind, because we even documented, it's in the documentary, AKA Tommy Chong, where, you know, we have the film that the undercover people used, you know, where they're recording us, saying no to their request to send them, you know, bongs across the state line.
And then we see them, you know, come in to head shops and, you know, undercover, and
And so they really, you know, it was a total setup.
And they told me that they were under the gun.
They had to do it that way because I wasn't breaking any law.
And so they had the raid all set up to go, you know, coordinated to do a countrywide raid on all the bong shops.
And because they wanted me, I was their trophy, they had to do what they did.
They even told me that.
They told me that I forced them to do what they did.
Because I wouldn't break the law.
And the thing was, I never broke the law anyway.
It wasn't my company, it was my son's company that did it.
And so, you know, when they threatened me, and, you know, when I seen how desperate these guys were, I realized, you know, I never had a chance, you know.
And what I did, what I wanted to do anyway, is I wanted to take a look.
You know, I really didn't want to go to jail.
Of course, no one does.
But once I, you know, accepted the fact that it was going to happen, then I turned around and then I became like a reporter, you know, where I kept my eyes.
Years open and my mouth shut, and I just documented what went on.
Yeah, that's what exceptional people always do.
You didn't want to go through that persecution and hardship, but you turned it into something good, and that's a real mark of an amazing person, Mr. Chong.
Yeah, well, you know, it was either that.
The thing is, you know, when you go to jail and you never, you know, and you're not a criminal, you know, most criminals, you know, when they get caught, it's almost a relief for them.
You know, and I met a lot of people in jail that they almost get caught on purpose so they can, you know, get rid of that drama in their life and go on with, you know, the incarceration part.
And a lot of them lived in foster care or in the government system.
They want to be back in there.
I mean, it's very comforting to them, you know, because once you're in jail, you know, you don't have to think,
For yourself, you know, you're like a caged chicken.
You know, they just take you out, feed you, and exercise you, and then put you back in your cage.
And there's a lot of people, you know, in the system that really like that, you know, as opposed to them living, you know, on the streets or, you know, in some dead-end job, you know, where they really have to work.
In prison, you don't work, you know, basically.
You work a few hours a day, maybe.
You know, but it's not difficult at all, and what you do mostly in jail is read.
That's what I did.
I read, and you eat.
So what's happening with America is that these greedy corporate entities have gotten the population to where it becomes a way of life with them.
With these people.
You know, like the prison guard union is the biggest in California.
And that means, really, the biggest in America.
And their job is to incarcerate American citizens.
Or, you know, anybody.
Well, they just had a Frontline special where it showed in Texas and other states, the private prison industry comes in lobbies for stronger laws to put people in jail.
Now, Florida, if you speed, you get 10 years in prison.
Now, if a child, I have the article in Texas, fell asleep at his desk because his mom had gone to the hospital the night before he was an A student.
They arrested him, charged him, put handcuffs on him.
He's now on probation for falling asleep is disorderly conduct.
And they are just going mad dog crazy on us.
Oh, absolutely.
And because there's no checks and balances, you know.
Like when I was incarcerated, they used to lock us down around Christmas time.
You know, they would just say, okay, lock down.
And that's what you do when there's a riot or when there's any kind of trouble in the yard or, you know, they lock everybody down.
And then when they lock everybody down, everybody's in their cell.
Everybody's locked in.
They do the search, you know, sort of the obligatory search, and they're always going to find something, you know, because you're not allowed to have anything, you know, in your cell or anything like that there.
And the reason they do that is so they can collect double overtime, you see.
So what they do, they supplement their Christmas income by these phony lockdowns.
And there's all sorts of scams going on in the prison system that people aren't aware of, you know.
There's one called diesel therapy, where they just wake prisoners up for no reason.
They're being held for trial or being held in between prisons, and then they'll put them on a bus, a prison bus, and they'll ship them across the country.
Or even put them on a plane and ship them across the country.
And there again, when they do that, they get paid extra money for doing that.
And we pay the taxes.
Sorry, go ahead.
Oh yeah, no, it's all out of the taxpayer's money.
It's all in the taxpayer's dollar.
And they just do this, you know, they do it as a form of punishment.
Like if they don't like a prisoner, they'll tag him.
They'll say, okay, this guy's going to go on diesel therapy.
And they'll wake him up like midnight or two in the morning and chackle him and put him in with other prisoners and then they'll take him on a bus and away they go.
And that is the form of torture.
Congressman Hanson exposed the IRS.
So they drove him around for months until all his feet exploded.
The toes all popped out.
They knocked his teeth out.
This is a U.S.
And it was done with extreme pleasure and enjoyment.
A nation of torturing thugs and killers.
The biggest part of the economy growing, growing.
Spreading like a staph infection.
Flesh-eating bacteria.
The country dying as they celebrate.
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Day after day, alone on a hill.
The man with the foolish grin is keeping perfectly still.
But nobody wants to know him.
They can see that he's just a fool.
Tommy Chong, award-winning actor, comedian.
Tommy Chong and of course Cheech are about to go on a big tour with their comedy routine.
Hope you support them.
There's a sealed indictment with the raid on the makers of the film aka Tommy Chong.
The prisons, the whole culture, the police-military culture has gone completely criminal.
They're now hiring felons, illegal aliens.
It's a total shift into bedlam.
And they are, the criminality is taking over.
And they're not going to stop.
It's just going to grow and grow, like a staph infection, like a flesh-eating bacteria, racing through the body politic.
Tommy, you talked about how they kept trying to set you up in prison, too.
Yeah, I was offered
Um, almost daily.
And, uh, I was in there, I guess I was in there for about two weeks.
And then, uh, a guy come up that I, you know, I made friends with and, and he, he, he showed me a joint.
But luckily I was with this, uh, old, you know, um, convict that had been down many times.
And he was sort of like my mentor.
He was kind of hanging with me and making sure that I, you know, that I didn't get into trouble.
And when he saw that, he told the guy to take off in so many words.
And then right after I got offered, they brought me up to the control area and they drug tested me.
Because they really were hoping
I don't know.
You know, I use the examples of Houston, Dallas, Chicago, but I use the Dallas one a lot.
Did you hear about a few years ago, they pulled over thousands of nice cars, they'd throw chalk in the back and just take the car?
I mean, that's criminal.
And then the whole department was involved.
I mean, this is scary.
And they would certify the chalk as cocaine.
I mean, that is ruthless, hardcore crime.
Let me tell you, probably the worst I've ever heard.
It was in the prison that I was in, it was in Taft, California, in the main prison.
What they had, they had a couple of illegal aliens in there, and they had them in there for a couple of years until the illegal aliens learned how to speak enough English to tell their story.
And their story was this, they were outside a Home Depot looking for casual work, day work, and the federal DEA guys came down,
The government.
Yeah, and charged him with, you know, dealing cocaine.
Yeah, in fact, Dallas, it started, they said, ten years ago with the illegals and they moved on to everybody else because they know they can't defend themselves.
You're absolutely right.
And it's because they can't bust the real drug dealers because the government ships them in and gets a cut.
So they've got to go bust innocent people.
Yeah, yeah, and that's exactly what they did.
And that's the dangerous part.
And the other thing I heard, you know, when I was in jail, I made friends with another
A lawyer from down south, you know, down Mexico way, even further down.
I forget exactly which country he was in.
He was from Columbia.
And he's telling me about this plane, the DEA flies in and out of Columbia every day, and it never gets searched.
I mean, who's going to search a DEA plane?
And they pick up loads of cocaine and drop it from Columbia, drive it, fly it right into America.
Well they just had a few months ago 4,000 tons of pure cocaine in a CIA-owned aircraft that was doing rendition torture flights crash in Mexico filled with cocaine.
Oh yeah, one of those, yeah, well then that's the plane.
I don't know if it's the DEA, CIA, or who it is, but the guy, he's seen it.
Well, there's a whole bunch of them.
I mean, it's like major deliveries.
I mean, how do the police feel good taking kids to jail for a joint when they know the government brings the smack and coke in?
Well, that's the whole point.
That's the whole point of a criminal mind.
You see, that's one thing you have to be very careful with.
Like, if you tell one lie or you steal, you know, shoplift one little item, you enter a world of criminality.
Stay there, Tommy Chong.
Stay with us.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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And when you see a real drug war, that is the U.S.
government and others waging war on the smaller drug cartels that they don't control.
And that's what you're seeing on the Mexican border with the United States right now.
And we've had CIA, DEA, FBI retired on.
They've all been caught.
It's all admitted.
Tommy Chong is our guest.
We'll fire out some websites.
I've consulted on the film AmericanDrugWar.com.
It's not available in stores for another three days.
We've had it for a month because I'm a consultant on it and in the extras.
Three hours of extras in the film.
Two-hour film.
It's a big blockbuster on Showtime.
The DVD is available at Infowars.com or by calling toll-free 888.
We're good.
Fire out AKA Tommy Chong, tell folks about the film that's being suppressed, tell folks about your different websites, your different groups, what people should visit, and then let's get into the latest saga in the Big Brother, Jack Boots.
Well, the AKA Tommy Chong is available on that website, akaTommyChong.com.
He grabbed Spectrum Labs.
They busted Spectrum Labs, a drug testing company.
And they grabbed, I don't know how many DVDs, thousands, I'm not sure.
Because the Feds won't even tell us why they're busting the labs.
You know, this is a sealed indictment, whatever that means.
But you can get it at akaTommyTongue.com.
We were on Amazon, I don't know, I think the Feds
Took it off Amazon or whatever.
I'm not sure, but one of the reasons they don't want you to see it is the Attorney General or the prosecuting attorney that went after me, Mary Beth Buchanan, she's featured prominently in the film, and she probably has the funniest line in the film.
She gets the biggest laugh, you know, when she starts explaining to the press how a bong works.
I mean, it's pretty ludicrous and pretty funny.
I was told when they sentenced me that I'm not to profit from my crime in any way.
It's great.
Don't make any movies, don't do anything.
I think so.
You know, I just want my story to get over.
Well, Tommy, that's your First Amendment right.
And I love that line you said on local news when they raided the place and grabbed, they reported 10,000 DVDs, most of the ones you guys had had printed or that separate company had, and they had you say, oh no, I'm not profiting from my First Amendment being suppressed.
That's exactly it.
No, I'm not profiting at all in that one.
Isn't that something?
Yeah, she's quite a loose cannon, you know, Mary Beth Loose Cannon.
You know, she's just the talking head for the Bush administration and the Gonzales era.
And the Ashcroft, you know, all these guys.
They even made Ashcroft back off, or quit, because they got so ridiculous.
I was talking to a well-known rock star, that's all I'm going to say.
I better not even tell the story.
It doesn't even matter.
Let's just say this.
I can't tell the story.
I mean, Gonzales is just unbelievable.
That's all I'm going to say.
These people are such hypocrites.
Yeah, yeah.
That's the best, the working word.
It goes beyond that.
They're evil.
I mean, they're into the... You have to start believing that these people are the enemy.
You know, they are the people that they're supposed to... we're fighting against.
You know, because you have to think about this.
Don't they have Bin Laden?
You know, why haven't they captured him?
You know, this most powerful nation on Earth, and we don't have the people to go in and find this guy and take him out?
I mean, it seems that he's being protected, and how come every time, you know, the Democrats start surging ahead and the Bush boys, you know, they need a boogeyman, all of a sudden Bin Laden comes up with another tape?
You know, all of a sudden he's addressing the American people again, you know?
It's as if, it's as if that, that Bin Laden needs the Bush people, and the Bush people need... in order for both of them to exist.
Well, well, Tommy, I've got quite a few video guys here in my office, a couple of them have degrees in it.
And we had blown up, from the news, the original source videos, these different Bin Laden tapes, and we had noticed, because you can see in the pixelation when you blow them up, you can blow them up as big as you want, down to per pixel, filling up the screen, that they were laying in the Al-Qaeda supposed watermarks, and at the same time as the Intel Center and others,
And then later a top video analyst told Wired Magazine, he put it out and showed it with his program, that indeed it was the same.
He got pressured to say, well, it's inconclusive.
But we already had caught them from government servers uploading the original Al-Qaeda videos.
And then right when we saw on the eve of the war, when Colin Powell, Secretary of State, before the UN and then before Congress, he says, yeah, bin Laden works with Saddam Hussein, which has admitted fraud.
And he said, yeah, bin Laden's put out a new tape agreeing to that.
It's all orchestrated, yeah.
Yeah, and that's why, you know, that was
Probably the main reason that they railroaded me into prison, you know, made me become a felon, you know, because I realized, you know, I was on talk radio like I'm on now, and I was just speaking my mind, and I happened to be in St.
Louis, where, you know, Ashcroft and the boys are at, and they loved me on this talk radio, you know, it was a very right-wing talk.
Sure, and I happen to be on that show, speaking my mind.
The thing is, man, it's so orchestrated, such a dance, that even the right-wing people that spout all this crap, they don't believe it.
They're just following the party line.
They're just going and saying what they're told to say.
Well, and you're right, the phony right-wing likes to have a snack, or something to show the public, oh look, we even got Tommy Chong.
They love that because it creates fear, and you've got, what, twenty-something states that have passed laws legalizing marijuana?
So the feds come in and say, no, you can't do that, and what, Kevin Booth always brings up the number, and I've seen it in the government's own numbers, 87% of drug users only smoke marijuana.
Their drug war, their fraud is over if they don't have marijuana to persecute.
Oh yeah, yeah.
Well, the marijuana is just a thinly disguised racist law that the government is just... and everybody in government, including, you know, the black, you know, Republicans, all of them, they have no idea what a Jim Crow, what a racist law that they're supporting.
Because they're so ignorant about it.
Well, what about how a 15-year-old black kid that has a tenth of a gram will get 5-10 years in prison for cocaine, but a lawyer can have 50 times that amount?
The laws are even written to go after minorities.
Oh, totally.
I just read this recently.
They busted a methamphetamine lab.
And what they did, they found chemicals, you know.
And what they did, the government broke down the chemicals into hits.
And so they come up with some ridiculous number, like 25 million hits of methamphetamine.
And you get, your sentence depends on how much drugs that you're dealing.
And so now it's not just drugs, it's the precursor chemicals they're trying to claim you get prison time for.
Yeah, yeah, that's exactly what it is.
And they got the time.
These people got, you know, I'm not a meth fan at all, you know, and I, you know, it's horrible.
Speed kills.
Yeah, it's terrible.
I've seen it in prison.
A lot of them in there, you know, recuperating from the effects of it.
But the kind of time that these guys get, it's mind-boggling because, you know, compared to the crimes that are committed by the so-called right-wing, you know, where they're
Well, you look at what Bush has done, and all these guys.
They violated the Bible.
They swore to uphold the Constitution.
They put their hand on the Bible and their hand on their heart, and they swore to uphold the Constitution of the United States.
And then they went out and systematically violated that Constitution that they did.
You know, and that's what they did.
That's the only oath that you have to, you know, that if they wanted to impeach or imprison any of these guys, that's all you have to show.
You just have to show them, you know, swearing, being sworn into office, because that's why they swear these people into office.
Well, you're right.
Yeah, that's why law enforcement, you know, they have to swear to uphold the laws.
And when they get caught, they do it at serious times.
So it's a matter of time before these guys are going to get caught.
Well, Tommy Chong, if we just step back and look at a taser death every day, and then taser sues the medical examiners and doctors and says, you can't say that our taser is killing people even though they die right after they're shocked.
I mean, if we look at how they're putting people in jail for now falling asleep at their desk, first offense in school.
I mean, if we look at how they treat us and yell at us now,
I mean, I remember ten years ago, if there was a wreck on the road, the cops would wave you around and wouldn't smile at you, but now they'll just scream at you like you're scum.
I mean, it's like governments turned into mad dog maniacs.
Oh, it's terrible.
Well, you know, when I was incarcerated, they had what was called Valley Fever Warning.
I don't know if I talked about this last time, but anyway, what it is, it's when the wind picks up in the desert, you know, the jails in the desert.
Uh, something happens, I think, because they built the jail over some toxic waste dumps, and the air is toxic, and people that have been incarcerated, they develop some of the, it's a wasting disease, where you start off with like 180 pounds and you're down to 130, like your skeleton.
There's people that look like they're in Auschwitz death camps.
And when I was in there, this one victim of this valley fever was dying in his bunk.
And no one would help him.
The guards wouldn't help him.
Nobody would come to his aid.
And the prisoners can't, you know.
And finally, he was going to die.
He knew he was going to die, so he staggered up himself.
He stood up.
He was on the second floor.
And he staggered to the stairs.
And then they put him in a little jeep and they took him over to the main hospital and he died the next morning.
And then they cremated his body immediately.
No autopsy, no notifying Mexican, nothing.
Yeah, we're living in a giant death camp.
I have all the government documents where they just take and poison and kill and sterilize all the natives on reservations.
Still ongoing.
It's all eugenics.
The public thinks that I'm sometimes exaggerating.
I'm not.
It's so bad, you can't even explain it to people.
It is so monstrous, Tommy.
I know, I know.
I saw it first hand.
That's why they asked me, you know, the inmates in there, they had a Christmas show and they wanted me to perform at it.
And I was going to.
And then I started thinking about it.
You know, I'm in jail.
You know, I don't have any rights at all.
And if I were to get up and just say the wrong anything or even... They'll kill you.
They'll kill you.
Yeah, I got up.
I'm at risk.
You know, because they can even expose you to that valley fever thing.
You know, they can leave you... Oh, they're right.
Tom, let me tell you, it's not...
At Huntsville, it's all admitted.
They do biological, chemical weapons tests at thousands of the prisons.
The guards even get sick and die from it.
Believe me, sir, if you want, I can send you some news articles on it.
It's probably something else going on there at the facility, what you just described.
A lot of government weapons testing going on.
It could be, yep.
I want to go to Kevin Booth in a minute.
Time flies so fast now.
You've really been gracious to give us all this time, Tommy, but getting back into 9-11,
Who owns Bush?
Well, you think about it.
The Saudis.
So, it goes right into the international field.
And they throw John McCain in front of your face.
Almost as if they're flaunting it.
But here, we talk about the horrors of these people.
They've got that.
It took Hitler a lot more years than just the warriors.
Hitler came up through the ranks and he was very innovative as far as knowing how to have people get afraid and then finding a boogeyman for these people.
And that's what it is.
You have to find the hippies you have to find the at one time it was the blacks and now it's the Hispanics You know these people are sneaking into their own country.
You know they're going to do us harm.
You know It's it's all this fear tactic, but it's education and and and and the thing that saved me is was my knowledge of the of the goodness of the universe because this universe is
You can live in it, and you can be as evil as you want, and all you're going to do is create an opposite force that is the real force.
It's not really an opposite force.
There's no duality.
There's only one truth, and that one truth will ring through.
That one truth saved me.
It took me through
Through that whole labor of deception and fraud and evilness, and brought me to this point.
And that's the way this universe works.
And so no matter how much we see the evilness, we can't... It's nothing.
It's an illusion.
Just like wealth is an illusion.
You know?
Like Ted Kennedy will tell you that.
No matter how rich he is,
And how wealthy and how many boats he has, he's only got one body.
And when that body is ready to go, it goes.
And there's nothing, no one can, your wealth can't save you there.
And that's what all these people are going to find out.
And they're going to find out in the worst possible manner.
And rather than be afraid of these people,
We have to really, you know, find in our heart to love them and to feel sorry for them.
Tommy Chong, amazing.
Let's come back with Kevin Booth.
This is unbelievable.
This is really powerful stuff.
Stay with us.
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The police were never involved in your business 50, 60, 100 years ago.
Unless it was a murder or a crime.
Now they've got an excuse.
They're looking for drugs.
Something that's addictive.
Something people want.
And of course they're gonna also be in control of that business because they're the only ones that can be.
And a low-level poor cop on the ground getting shot by some crackhead, he's not.
It's a trap.
They put it out for you.
When you take the bait, they get you.
And we're about to go to Kevin Booth for this segment and the next.
Hold him over with us when we've got another guest coming on about the Tasers.
But Tommy Chong is our guest, aka TommyChong.com is the film.
Mr. Chong, fire out some of your websites, your comedian website.
You've also got a book coming out in August.
Tell us about that.
Well, yeah, I've got a... I wrote the unauthorized autobiography of Cheech and Chong.
Because Cheech and I were on the outs for so many years that I just wrote a book about it.
And now the funny thing is we're going back on tour in the fall.
In fact, I'm meeting him later on in a couple of hours.
We're going to talk about a grill called Up In Smoke, something like the George Foreman Grill.
It's going to be Cheech and Chong's up and smoke grill.
I wonder if the government will raid that?
They'll see the smoke and they'll think, well, when there's smoke and there's Chong, there's something else being burned.
Wow, so you guys are just about to have your reunion today?
Yeah, we're going to meet today, actually, in a couple hours.
I want to give you guys some time to get back to being pals, but please let me get you and Cheech for your first big radio interview here.
A couple million listeners will all please come on here.
Yeah, well, we'll give you the scoop.
You'll be the first to get it.
Man, you are the best.
Now, fire out your own personal website, not just akatomichung.com.
Well, the one I'm on, or I'm going to be on, is live video.
It's the TommyChong.com on live video.
So that's what I'm working on now.
It's going to be an interactive
Uh, you know, where we talk to the people and we put programs on.
I'm going to have programs like, you know, like funny skits that we do.
Like I did on YouTube for a while.
I had one looking for a Mexican.
All you do is Google Tommy Chong and there's just millions of things pop up.
Absolutely amazing.
Now, I'm going to go to Kevin Booth here for just a moment while you're on.
I appreciate him holding the maker of americandrugwar.com that you're in, but just in closing, we want to be clear.
They've seized the DVD, aka TommyChung.com, but some are still available at akaTommyChung.com.
They do not want you to see this.
The woman who had it seized is the woman that's the villain in it, and it's a sealed indictment.
It's like Kafka.
They won't let you know what the secret crime is.
Yeah, that's it.
That's it.
And it's under investigation, and they said the investigation could take as long as 15 years.
When does the Cheech and Chong reunion tour start?
In the fall sometime.
I don't have an exact date.
Man, that's going to be huge.
That's going to be huge.
I mean, you guys have always been huge, but it's like retro, so big again.
I'm sure you know that.
Yeah, that's one of the reasons we're back.
You know, bury our differences and suck it up and light up and toke up and do it again.
Anytime, and you know, with Tommy, hey Tommy, how's it going?
Hey, how are you doing, Kevin?
Good to talk to you again.
You know, I just wanted to talk while Tommy was on there just about what I had to go through to be able to get into prison while Tommy was in there.
I mean, it took four months, and I actually had to have Alex's help there giving me, you know, FCC licenses every time the prison and TAF would get back with me.
And tell me that I, you know, had been okayed and we would actually book our flights and book hotels.
I'd have to call.
I'd have to send him corporate documents.
Ted Anderson would have to call to prove it was media.
Stay there, Kevin.
Back in 60 seconds.
Final five minutes with Tommy Chong, ladies and gentlemen.
Then Kevin Booth is going to ride shotgun for the rest of the hour with us.
We've got the head of the Medical Examiner Association coming on who is outraged that they're saying doctors and medical examiners can't say tasers kill you.
A judge is gagging them.
I mean, this is insane.
Tommy Chong, our amazing guest, stay with us.
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Five hours total.
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Tommy Chung, aka TommyChung.com.
The film has won so many awards at film festivals, I'm not even going to have time to mention it.
The feds have raided them over.
This country's in deep trouble.
Got to stand up for the First Amendment.
Yeah, Kevin, I remember you for like eight, nine, I mean, I'm guessing months and months, and I had to call and give them more documents and have prison call me and GloboCorp or whatever it was called.
I even forgot about that, the hoops you jump through to get in to see Tommy in prison.
Tell folks about that.
Yeah, I've had an easier time, you know, trying to get a record deal with Warner Brothers.
You know what I mean?
It was like, you know, it's the same, you know, it was a privately owned prison, the Taft Corporation, it used to be called Wackenhut, they changed it to the Geo Group, and people should go and you should Google Geo Group and you'll see that this is a U.S.
based corporation that has prisons on seven continents.
Um, and they even have like a picture of the globe with little dots where all their prison facilities and detention centers are, uh, sprinkled all over the world.
And, you know, basically every time they would tell me that, okay, you've got the okay, they'd give me a date, I'd book the flight, I'd hire the crew.
They do that on purpose!
Yeah, I mean, I had several times, I had a time when we, I had gotten the whole crew here to Los Angeles, this was back when I was living in Texas.
And then the woman called me, I'm like, oh, we're not going to be able to allow you to get in unless you fax us that, you know, and you know, I was having lawyers and people.
Well, we got three minutes left.
Tommy, you want to comment on that?
Just, I mean, that's just a one little view.
I have no idea, man.
You know, they, they, they never let me know anything, uh, you know, inside.
But that's just one little example of the manipulation.
Well, you know what they did?
They let me in right before I got out.
Hold on, Tommy, go ahead.
If my wife showed up wearing the wrong pair of shoes, they wouldn't let her in.
And that's after driving, you know, hours and hours and hours.
What they did was they purposely just allowed me in to interview him right before he got out.
That was their thinking.
That's what it was, huh?
It doesn't matter, you know, because you got a good movie there, I guess, huh?
Well, the fact is, everybody knows who the bad guys are, and Tommy's had amazing courage to do this, and I don't know how long this system can go, or what's going to change.
Tommy Chong, do you see a revolution coming?
No, it's a quiet revolution.
It's a Mahatma Gandhi-type revolution.
It's like the Barack Obama thing, where he's not beholden to big corporations.
And that's what happened.
Everything happens for a reason.
We've got to realize that.
And it's a yin and yang thing.
The higher the oil prices become, the more dependent we will become on electric cars.
So it's all going to work out fine.
So you see it as a renaissance?
Because you can't... I read a bumper sticker one time.
You can't win peace.
You can't fight peace.
You have to become peaceful.
And you can't fight a peaceful person.
It's impossible.
One time I got attacked at the airport and the guy used karate on me and I didn't fight back at all.
And his blows were ineffective.
He just literally stopped and then the cops took him away and, you know... Why did they attack you?
He just stopped.
Why did he attack you, just for no reason?
It was Hare Krishna.
They were trying to shut the Hare Krishnas down from Bagan at the airport.
And so the airport employees were walking behind the Hare Krishnas blowing whistles.
And I happened to be standing there, and I got involved.
This guy started pushing me, and I pushed him back.
And he turned out to be a hitman, a karate guy, for the Hare Krishnas.
And he attacked me.
And I just didn't do anything.
And you know, I'm a brawler.
I'm a hockey player.
You know, I can get into a good one.
But something just stopped me from doing anything.
And that's when I found out the power of non... Amazing.
Tommy Chong.
Tommy Chong, thank you so much for all the time.
I can't wait to have you in, Chi Chong.
Thank you so much.
Let me say bye to you during the break.
Thank you so much.
Kevin, stay there.
Another big guest coming up, too.
Stay with us.
Terror Storm, a history of government-sponsored terror.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk, Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
They're getting on the line, the head of the National Association of Medical Examiners.
Very prestigious group of physicians.
State judge, they had three deaths in one county.
The doctors, the medical examiners said tasers did it.
They all died after being tasered.
That's kind of like when a Mack truck runs over somebody with a drunk driver.
Will Mack trucks sue the family of the dead person that the Mack truck smashes over 50 yards?
You know, have you ever seen that?
I have.
Uh, maybe they'll just, Mack Truck will just sue, uh, the family and say, hey, you can't say that a Mack truck, uh, killed.
Maybe the, I mean, again, I've seen a Mack truck on the side of the highway that ran over somebody who ran across the highway, cross I-35.
And we were all stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic.
I hate to be graphic, but there was guts, there was a leg, there was... it was all... a person was torn in several pieces.
They were over about 50 yards.
The truck hit them, smashed them, flew up over the top.
Other cars ran over it.
I wonder if... I mean, I'm sure the medical examiner said cause of death was a Mack truck and was being hit by a large automobile.
And I wonder if Mack... It was a Mack truck.
I saw the little bulldog on the hood ornament.
That was the person's fault, by the way, for running across, but the point is, is that the Mack truck would have been what killed him.
Being hit by a truck going 70 miles an hour on I-35.
Now, what would you do if Mack truck sued that family and said, or the medical examiners and said, you can't say a Mack truck did that, or what if cops shoot a bank robber and the family is upset about it and the medical examiner says that the cops
2-2-3 SWAT team round, fired out of an M16, killed him.
Will, say, Bushmaster, a maker of M16s, or say Colt, will they then sue the medical examiner and say, you can't say the cause of death was a bullet out of a Bushmaster 2-2-3?
Now, we just had Bloomberg say up in New York that there's a gag order in a trial of a gun owner.
He can't raise the Second Amendment.
I see cases where the FBI says the Constitution's inadmissible, the judge agrees.
I mean, we're living in the twilight zone, and if you can't talk about the Constitution in court, I don't know where you can, but this is very dangerous.
Where does this end if a medical examiner finds that, say, some poisoning of a water supply killed people?
Or let's say there's a chlorine gas release.
We're about to go to our esteemed guest, so I appreciate holding while I set this up.
I have family that lives down in Texas City and Houston.
They've had cases where chlorine gas has gotten out and killed people.
Several times in the last few decades.
Will the chemical plant sue the medical examiner if they say chlorine gas killed the person?
Or if the doctor says that?
I mean, this is a new dark age.
This is like Galileo saying that the planets orbit the Earth.
Uh, or, or, or, or, or saying that that wasn't the case.
Uh, you know, you know, saying that, uh, saying that, uh, the Earth orbits the Sun.
I mean, he was locked up for that by the judges, by the papal judges.
So, we now go to the head of the National Association of Medical Examiners.
Very busy gentleman.
We appreciate Jeffrey Jensen for coming on with us.
You guys have been decrying this is very dangerous.
Why is this dangerous, Taser, having a judge say that medical examiners and doctors can't say tasers aren't good for your heart?
Well, first of all, thanks for having me on the show today.
I appreciate the opportunity to discuss this.
First of all, let's start out and say that tasers, or what we call electromechanical devices, are a novel and new method of taking people into custody.
And they are much safer in that regard than using excessive force and possibly
Handguns are firing at victims.
So, it is novel and new technology and it's been very effective.
But because of that, we haven't been able to study the technology in real-life situations.
And more and more, it seems that tasers, or these electro-mechanical disruptive devices, are involved in cases where individuals die suddenly.
Those individuals are commonly violent.
They are extremely disoriented and have high levels of drugs in some cases.
Disguise the fact that the terminal events are often involved with some kind of electromechanical dissociation device.
Well, we also have, and you're right, most of the time it's somebody hopped up, charged up, so they taser them 5, 6, 7, 10, 11, 12, 14 times.
That's generally what's happening because the taser isn't fully knocking them out because they're in rampage.
But we have old ladies dying, we have people that won't get out of a wheelchair, quadriplegic being tasered and having heart attacks.
I mean there's also a lot of cases where, but they're saying no the taser has nothing to do with it.
Well the tasers are becoming much more available even to non-law enforcement applications and this is a real concern that individuals who aren't used to using these or use them for other purposes will get a hold of them.
But as far as the situations go is that now that we have more research, we're starting to see episodes where we're highly suspicious that tasers can cause death under certain circumstances, such as when the taser would be used at a particular interval when the heart is very susceptible to going into cardiac arrhythmia or some kind of a heart attack.
So, the more experience we get with these, the more we're learning about them.
The National Association of Medical Examiners is involved in a major literature review to look at the research that has been done on these and to help inform the Department of Justice on the safe use of the equipment.
Now, getting to the, I guess, the crux of the issue, and that is a recent court case out of Ohio.
In which the representatives from Taser sued the medical examiner to require her to remove any mention of the use of a Taser or electromechanical disruptive device within the autopsy protocol.
The autopsy protocol, in our opinion, is a medical record.
And the judge ordering the pathologist to remove that information from the medical record is tantamount to invading the purview of the physician in treating the patient.
They're practicing medicine now.
The judge now has a medical degree.
And I think it also sets a slippery slope into what you had mentioned before, is to when
This opens up a whole issue about going in and sanitizing records and removing mention of activities and evidence that the medical examiner sees.
Well, what are they thinking?
I mean, tasers picked a fight with all the physicians and medical examiners, or according to what I've read, and my dad's a physician, are some of the most trained and most prestigious of physicians, and it's very, you know, scientific with all these areas of... I mean, to come to this huge group of top physicians and say, you're not allowed to say tasers are associated with people dying, and I mean, not just that, it's an insult to common sense.
You know, medical examiners, our role is to determine cause and manner of death and to use objective observations in coming to those conclusions.
And we are just part of, we're independent agencies that look at these cases.
And in this case, by invading the purview, we think that we agree with you that the judge is practicing medicine.
And determining what will and will not be within the medical record.
Does he have a medical degree?
No, not to my recollection.
And specifically, does he have one in pathology?
This is bizarre.
Well, I think more and more judges are being asked by the court to make determinations as to who are experts.
And I think they've taken, in this case, they've taken it too far.
Well, I mean, am I correct, sir, to say the heart is electrochemical, it has ganglia of nerves, everybody knows that any electricity getting in there can, I mean, a small amount from a pacemaker changes its beat, and yeah, I've been looking over the medical literature, I'm not a doctor, but I mean, it's clear that these tasers are making people die, and tasers saying, no, you will not say that, and now they're talking about beefing up the power from 50,000 to 70,000 watts?
Well, let's just say that in most cases where you have a product that is suspected in being involved in causing death or injury, the manufacturers of that product are very willing and desirous of working with physicians and individuals within our organization to help identify the factors that result in the death.
And in this case,
I think so.
But then I've seen them make up other reasons.
They say, oh, they got upset and had a heart attack.
You know, he's 25, he got upset, he just died because he got upset.
Well, in many of these cases, the death is multifactorial.
You have an individual who, as you mentioned, have high amounts of stimulant drugs, for example, cocaine or amphetamines, and they have a long
Altercations with law enforcement and the buildup of the adrenaline can also stimulate the heart or increase the threshold, or I'm sorry, decrease the threshold where that heart would go into fibrillation when sustaining an electroshock.
Yeah, the heart's already jacked up like a rabbit and then it gets hit with 30,000 volts.
And we just feel that our organization is
is adamantly opposed to the ability of the judge to remove this information and order a pathologist to remove the information.
Doc, stay with us.
Doc, we got a quick break.
One more little five-minute segment with you, please, sir.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
This is so important.
Are the judges and police going to be doctors now?
We'll be right back.
I mean, maybe they'll be God next.
I don't know.
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Okay, let's go right back to the
Do it now!
We've got five minutes left, sir.
Just run the gamut, because I don't think some listeners may not realize just how incredible and amazing what's happening really is.
Well, the involvement, the increasing involvement of tasers and related to sudden and unexpected deaths and individuals are being taken under custody by law enforcement is becoming very alarming.
And there have been studies in Canada and California that have suggested that these products are not as safe as
We once thought, and they're calling for independent research on these to determine how safe they are before we release them to law enforcement.
Our organization is especially concerned about the judge's court activity in which he ordered the medical examiner to remove any mention of the taser used within the autopsy protocol, which we feel is an infringement upon our constitutional right.
Of course.
Um, the prosecutor in the area to make a decision in that case before we would proceed.
Well, look, it's one county, three deaths from taser, just with this case and the companies being so aggressive.
Uh, I don't see how this could stand.
I mean, uh, this is, this is just crazy.
And, and now police in Canada are using it.
If they catch you on the train without paying, they say as a form of punishment, or if you don't give a urine test in jail, they taser you.
I mean, this is like cattle prods.
Well, as I mentioned, our organization is concerned that they're being used indiscriminately and by individuals that aren't trained to use them.
You know, we are very willing to assist in the research into these products and to alert law enforcement about the use and the misuse of these, but we really feel that
We have a right to make an objective determination of the cause and manner of death.
We also understand that there may be differences of opinion, and we're willing to take those into effect, and whether those carry the day in the court, that's not our
Our objection is to being ordered to remove all mention of the device.
I've heard of police chiefs and mayors getting indicted for ordering medical examiners to change reports.
Well, we are legal and have our own authority, and when that authority is invaded by individuals and other agencies, it disrupts the balance of power.
Methinks they protest too much.
Taser is acting very aggressive, very suspiciously.
You have over 500 now in the western world known deaths right after you get tased.
And it seems like they're trying to deny reality.
I don't see this as a fight they're going to win.
Well, as I mentioned, as research comes out and as we have more and more experience with these, hopefully the Taser Company will come alongside and continue the research on these products.
Well, for those that don't know, headline, Taser went in court, puts chill on doctors.
That's crazy.
Doctors condemn threatening taser ruling.
Physicians speak out on bullying tactics of Taser International over its less than lethal weapons.
And I think it goes to police threat continuum.
I mean, you know, they shouldn't use this because somebody talks back to them.
This is like right before they've got to use their gun with somebody, I guess, that's swinging at them.
I mean, what are they really supposed to use these?
These are a
These are an advanced method of taking an individual into custody, and as you mentioned, should be used... I'm not a law enforcement expert, but should be used only when other non-dangerous methods have been, you know...
Uh, gone over.
Well, have you seen the footage of people in the drunk tank?
And they're telling them, walk on the line, do their hands, do that.
You don't have to under the Fifth Amendment.
And the guy's being polite, and the cop's choking him, and then he tasers him for punishment for not doing it.
No, I haven't seen those.
Well, it's just incredible.
How long until we get some word on whether you guys are going to appeal this?
Uh, we should know within the next 30 days where this court case is going.
Okay, TheName.org, T-H-E, Name.org, National Association of Medical Examiners, and we've had their director, their head guy on, Jeffrey Jensen.
Sir, thank you so much for coming on with us, and please pop back in as things develop as we follow this.
You're welcome, thank you.
Thank you so much, doctor.
Okay, ladies and gentlemen, there goes Dr. Jensen.
We'll be right back with Kevin Booth's Taser Story.
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PrisonPlanet.tv viewers will be able to see it over the live video feed.
We do every day in the fourth hour, but many times we end up doing three, four hours of the show.
Some days we're about to go back to
Kevin Booth, the maker of American Drug War, to talk more about that film.
And yes, take your phone calls at 1-800-259-9231.
We're going to have Tommy Chung and Cheech on for at least an hour coming up in the next month or so.
We'll open the phones up then as well.
I mean, how transparent does this drug war have to get?
How fraudulent?
How obvious?
We'll go to Kevin Booth in one moment.
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Actually happened.
Anyways, I'm just... It's an insane life.
By the way, good old Rob Jacobson.
I met him through Kevin Booth.
He worked a little bit on American Drug War at the first.
Kevin, tell your Taser story.
I was... Got to go out on a ride along with the LAPD, and we went to the most, definitely most infamous neighborhood in Los Angeles, the Skid Row area, which is now by far more dangerous than even South Central is.
And that's where the term skid row comes from.
Yeah, I mean, this purposefully is a place where they purposefully, like, kind of dump all the homeless people.
Now there's stories now where hospitals are dumping old patients that can't pay their bills.
By the way, that's been confirmed in the personal bag and they'll punch him in the face, yeah.
Yeah, they've got it on camera.
Hospitals just dumping old women with no shoes on and bat like your old grandmother, like in a bathrobe.
It's like we're India or Mexico or Guatemala.
This country is gone.
It's unbelievable.
I was right.
Chinatown is right in the border there, very close.
And they got a call and there was a...
Black guy on PCP had taken off all of his clothes.
He had run into this Chinese restaurant.
Don't say what he's doing, it's in the film.
Yeah, he just went crazy and basically what was interesting that I've never spoke about before was, you know, after they'd shot him with the tasers, he had all these darts in his back.
And it was the way that the policemen and even the EMS guys
Well that's part of the sick mental illness.
The death camps in Germany made it a procedure.
How many taser darts does he have in his back?
About seven.
Now that's why people are dying.
It's the repeated tasering the study show.
Did they need to taser him seven times?
No, I mean, he was already, you know, subdued at that point.
He was sitting there still.
Well, yeah, he's peaceful.
I mean, he was peacefully in the restaurant sticking ice cubes somewhere.
That's all we're going to say.
And I'm sorry this film's so graphic.
We're not into this.
It's what's really going on.
I mean, I had to just show this thing, and I didn't even show it as a way to really
Yeah, I'm not trying to make the police look bad by this.
This was just them.
I mean, at least they didn't kill the guy, right?
But then it's what I had to go through, I mean, after this.
But why seven tasers?
They just all had to get in on it because they surrounded him?
I'm not sure how many guns were shot at him, but it was just the way that they kept it going and the way they carefully placed him on a gurney and carried him into an ambulance.
Well, it was on a dart.
Um, while the guy kept all the taser darts in his back.
So the guy was, like, long.
He was completely restrained.
You know, head to toe restrained with a hood over his head.
And yet they left all the darts in his back.
They carefully placed them on the gurney.
And the guy, like, holding the gun that was, you know, popping the juice on him, like, you know, escorted him into the ambulance.
How many times did they juice him?
I'm not sure.
I'm not sure.
Well, I mean, did you hear the ticking repeatedly?
No, not that many times.
I've done most of it before I got there with a camera.
I was seeing the aftermath.
I'm not sure how much ticking there is when the wires are in.
I think the ticking is when there's a gap.
Different types of tasers, how they work differently.
But what I wanted to talk about was just about how the LAPD tried to censor me from being able to use the footage in the film and how they basically, you know, I had to sign this contract in order to go on the ride-along and then they told me that if, you know, after watching the footage that I would have to remove the footage and they said, well, you know, they had this woman who was like this Emmy Award winning news anchor woman who had been now the head of public relations for LAPD
Calls me up and she's like, Kevin, I can understand why you want to have that footage in your film.
It's powerful.
It's powerful.
I understand why you want it, but we just can't allow you to do that because it gives away our police procedures.
And that was their reasoning, and then she told me that if I left it in the film that I would be sorry, and that's how she left it with me.
And now you've been getting helicopter visits and telephones.
Right after I got producer tax.
I got a thing in the mail saying, you owe three years of back producer tax.
And it was just producer tax.
I called everybody I know that's lived in Los Angeles their whole lives, and nobody's ever heard of a thing called producer tax, and yet now I got it.
And they basically said, if you don't pay this producer tax, we could take your home away.
You need to incorporate back in Texas or Alaska.
I'm incorporated in Nevada.
They can't do that.
And you're not under a union.
That's a load of bull.
It's crazy.
My lawyer looked into it.
It came from the mayor's office.
That's just one of many things.
And then I suddenly start getting jury duty, and it's just like, all of a sudden,
I'm like the target of all these little things I have to constantly say.
Tell me about the guys on the White Pole every other day in the helicopter.
Oh, well, I mean, we, you know, here in the Hollywood Hills, I mean, there's always helicopters buzzing around, but I'm constantly having helicopters that will just, you know, the guy, you know, I'm on the very top of a mountain and the guy will just be, like, practically face-to-face with me.
I've got pictures.
I could email you a picture.
You've got to put those on the web.
Yeah, they just sit there and buzz.
Hey, get this, they were gonna buy like these 13 or 12 million, I forget, dollar German helicopters.
And, uh... I noticed that they were overpaying for them, and I went down and complained.
And I said, stop saying it's Starflight.
You're mainly gonna use this to harass people.
And the pilots all got real mad, and guess what they did a few days later?
This was admitted.
They flew over my parents' house, who live on three acres in the middle of town, and the guy hung out and flipped my mother off.
I mean, at treetop level.
I mean, yeah, these people are amazing.
Yeah, I know.
I just wonder, like, how much fuel they actually waste while they, like, buzz around sometimes up there.
It's incredible.
I mean, you gotta just go, what are you guys doing?
I mean, so that's, like, the last address.
I guess they don't know where my address was at the time, because I, you know, I had, I mean, I was, like, 23 when that happened.
And then I'd been, I moved out of home for, like, five, six years then.
But no, I mean, it was right there, and she walks out, and he kept going for minutes, and he was like, meh, right over the trees.
I mean, dangerous.
And then she comes out, and she's looking, and the guy hangs out the side and just flips her off.
That's classic.
I mean, you gotta love America, don't you, Kevin?
That's classic.
That's classic.
You know, to back to Tommy, you know, a little bit to wrap up on the Tommy Chong thing, and, you know, for any of your listeners out there that think of him as, like, an old stoner hippie or something like that, or
A bad influence.
I mean, Tommy has become an American icon, and that's why it was so important for them to take him down.
But, you know, why the drug war is so important, and it's hard, you know, I try to go to college campuses, and a lot of the young kids out there, they don't really understand it, because they equate it with, like, well, the only reason anybody would want to stop the drug war is because they want to do drugs.
And, you know, when Richard Nixon put marijuana in Schedule 1 back in 71,
That was definitely a defining moment.
And anybody out there, it doesn't matter whether you smoke pot or not, whether you smoke cigarettes or not, whatever.
When our government tells you that you can go to prison, and we'll go to prison for growing a plant, or you can go to prison because you want to smoke green herbs instead of brown tobacco, then you're not living in a free country.
Well, now if you have any of the chemicals used in making amphetamines, they all put you in jail.
Now the chemicals you go to prison for?
And this latest story we've been watching too, I just made a little video clip called Operation Sudden Fall.
I think you had a link to it on InfoWars.
You can also go to YouTube and just type in Operation Sudden Fall.
They just had this arrest, and so because of the death of one or two kids, obviously, you know, a 19-year-old white girl from an overdose of cocaine on the San Diego University campus,
They arrested over 75 students, and as a result, almost 100 students now aren't going to be graduating.
And of course, who was dealing the drugs?
It was all the guys going to school to be cops.
Yeah, exactly.
That's good officers.
I don't know why they did that.
Yeah, exactly.
Homeland Security guys, frat boys and all that.
But the point is that, once again, what they do is they bleed it all together.
You know, it's one thing if you want to arrest the top dog and he was sitting on four pounds of cocaine and all that.
I understand that, but what they did was they arrested anybody that they could give to sell even a joint to an undercover officer.
They went in there and they planted... Yeah, most of the arrests were for marijuana and not cocaine and heroin that the government's shipping in.
Yeah, exactly, but when you watch the news stories about it, they skew all the lines.
And all of a sudden they draw these charts, like the classic Costa Nostra, like the big Godfather charts where it's like, here's the top guys, and you know, like the big flow chart of all the faces, and it's all these goofy college students.
And you're realizing, like, some of these faces, the people, you know, the kid that had a quarter ounce of pot.
And I also wanted to tell one other story really quick, and that is, we know a young boy,
It was a friend of the family who, um, he had to go to a 60-day court-ordered drug rehab there in Texas.
And while he was in the drug rehab, and by the way, he had to go there because they caught him with a bowl of marijuana, they get cable TV in there and they were told that if they watched American Drug War or the show Breaking Bad that they would be sent to lockup.
So he was sent to jail for a bowl, a tiny, basically the amount that's in a cigarette.
He had had a DWI charge in all fairness, and so he was under probation.
Yeah, but the point is, is that we have more people in prison.
What's a greater danger?
Somebody smoking marijuana?
Or even a few drunk drivers when they're not even allowed to arrest illegal aliens?
That's admitted.
Or millions of goons running around shaking us down?
I mean, you know, that's the greater danger.
Well, not only that, but they've taken a young boy who has never been exposed to hard criminals or hard drug use, and now he's spent 60 days side-by-side with hardcore heroin users, the PCP users... And those are new friends, those are contacts he's going to make, and they're called colleges of prison, and everybody knows this.
And don't give it to me, cops, the drugs aren't brought in by your bosses, and that, oh, I'm making stuff up.
We all know there's triple the heroin, double the cocaine there was 15 years ago.
We all know we've gone from 300,000 in prison to 7 million in the system, 4 million behind bars.
They're building even more prisons, from 300,000 cops to 2 million cops.
We all know it's a joke.
We all know that by criminalizing it, it makes the drugs very expensive.
Now we have huge drug gangs taking over.
Thanks a lot, dirtbag government!
And thanks a lot, ignorant mainline conservatives who went along with Nixon, whose whole administration was run by narcotics traffickers.
They were bringing in drugs.
They wanted higher prices.
Yeah, the drug war is reportedly now, just in the upfront tax cost, has now cost the taxpayers over one trillion dollars.
That's just the reported, like, to fund their normal budget.
That's not all.
And here's the deal.
They got three trillion with the phony war so far, over a trillion with this.
Here's the deal.
They've militarized their business, and now they're coming for speeding, not using a turn signal.
You're going to get hard prison time now.
Have you heard about Florida?
Ten years in jail for speeding?
No, I haven't heard that one.
Oh yeah, in England, I got stories here.
You take your trash out, they arrest you.
You take your trash out before midnight, before the day they arrest you.
You drop a banana peel, it's now happening here.
Cops are being arrested because fellow cops spy on them and see them smoke a cigar on their bass boat.
It's over, they're fired.
I mean, there's tattletales everywhere.
Did you see the New York Times, Kevin?
Where 44% up in tipster lines, grandmothers turning in grandchildren?
No, I don't see that.
I mean, that is land of the coward, home of the slaves.
I mean, that is land of scum and filth.
Let's admit what we are, folks.
We are bloated, disgusting, evil, retarded, petulant, greedy, backstabbing rats.
Maybe we can turn it around, but who knows?
It is a big idea.
A new world order.
In the near future.
Earth is dominated by a powerful new world government.
It's known as the Builderberg Group.
Could their objective be world domination?
For thousands of years, their dark order grew.
Now, as they hail the birth of the new world order, their great dream of exterminating 80% of humanity is at hand.
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I think so.
Folks, I don't care how you dress, how you look.
That doesn't mean anything to me.
But the police have been trained that long hair is an enemy uniform.
They have been trained that hippie style clothes, uh, trendy, any of it,
And my whole deal is, I mean, do you want a trained paramilitary force that needs to throw you into a meat grinder to feed the drug cartels that own the prisons?
Do you want them to alert on you?
It's kind of like if a bull attacks somebody in red, why are you wearing red?
And you're like, because I'm allowed to wear what I want.
I know, but you're in an enemy camp.
We are occupied.
MIT admits it.
We are under a scientific Pentagon slave grid.
They're locking it down.
They're building camps.
And they want to alert on you young people.
You defeat them by never using their drugs.
You defeat them by waking others up.
You defeat them by exposing them.
You defeat them by living better than them and not being degenerate scum.
I mean, it's so sick, so dishonorable.
Kevin, does it ever just blow you away mentally that reality is so crazy that the government ships the drugs in and then puts us in prison for using it?
I mean, the diabolical criminal mind there.
Well, I mean, what blows me away is what they're allowed to sell as prescription drugs, compared to that, where the drugs that I can go out and get legal prescriptions for
from a doctor are so much more powerful and so much more dangerous on so many different levels with side effects and just making you crazy.
I mean, when I was younger experimenting with drugs, one time I took a diet pill and I mean, I had a full-on psychotic episode.
Nothing compared to any of the illegal drugs.
I've had much more bizarre, horrifying experiences from legal prescription drugs.
Oh, I've had girlfriends that were on Prozac and they were complete lunatics.
Yeah, no, and that's just, that's at the center core of this whole drug war, and that is, it's really, you know, to me it's like the, it's like the pharmaceutical cartels and the oil cartels are really kind of like behind this whole... And they launder the drug money!
Have they been caught hundreds of times?
The Federal Reserve's been caught with hundreds of millions of drug money before.
I mean, why not?
Because they gotta keep the drugs illegal to keep the price up!
And then you put us in jail, you bastards!
Maybe I'm gonna build a car that runs off of cocaine.
Oh my God.
Can you believe that they're talking about $200 a barrel or $10, $12, $14 gas?
I know, exactly.
That's all.
I'm going to build a car that'll run off cocaine.
It'll be cheaper.
You probably have Richard Grasso, head of the New York Stock Exchange, visit you.
These people make me sick, man.
That's incredible.
I just, you know, I just want to make sure that everybody stays focused on the drug war with all these issues that are coming down right now.
Election fraud and all of these things that's important.
To keep your eyes on the drug war, because the drug war is at the nucleus of this whole thing.
I mean, it's been an incredible tool.
Without the drug war, they would not be where they are today.
Yeah, that was their cover to militarize the police, build their camps, build their prison complex.
Now is the next move.
They've only eaten part of it.
Now they're going to fully digest the country.
Drugs and terror.
I mean, those are the two things that will never be defeated, and that we're going to go down trying to fight.
Look at what a hoax it is, Kevin.
Look at what a hoax it is that they're training local police how to quote, detect roadside bombs in Austin.
I mean, this is insane.
Yeah, and it hasn't even happened once, right?
I mean, you know what I mean?
It's so crazy.
Well, it's an excuse to go under military control.
Hey, Kevin, will you stay with us and take calls?
You can also call me on the local line at 512-646-5400, or 1-888-201-2244.
Is that the new Money Bomb number?
That starts not this Saturday, but next Saturday, like T-minus nine days.
I want to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars.
You have my total commitment.
All money given on the PayPal and the toll-free number on that Money Bomb Day will go to fight the New World Order.
Get American Drug War, the new film.
Defeat the terrorists.
They are the terrorists.
By getting the film and showing everyone.
We'll be right back.
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Okay, I want to play this little three-minute music video.
You can watch it if you're watching PrisonPlanet.tv's stream right now, or we'll, in a few hours, post the file from this fourth hour.
The Flowbots!
I learned about them last night.
Their new music video came out a few days ago, already had half a million views.
Six hundred and something thousand a day.
Uh, and it's titled Handlebars.
They're opening songs called War On For Your Mind.
There is no doubt these folks are listeners, and I can't wait to get them on the show.
I bet my bottom dollar they are listeners of the show.
So we're going to play this three-minute Flo-Bot music video, and, uh, you can just Google Flo-Bot Handlebars and find it yourself if you'd like.
Then we'll go right back to Kevin Booth, AmericanDrugWar.com, and we'll be taking your phone calls as well.
Here it is.
I can ride my bike with no handlebars, no handlebars, no handlebars.
I can ride my bike with no handlebars, no handlebars, no handlebars.
Look at me, look at me, hands in the air like it's good to be alive.
And I'm a famous rapper, even when the pasts are all crooked-y.
I can show you how to do-si-do.
I can show you how to scratch a record.
I can take apart the remote control, and I can almost put it back together.
I can tie a knife and cherry-stem.
I can tell you about Lee Farrickson.
I know all the words to De Colores, and I'm proud to be an American.
Me and my friends are platypus.
Me and my friend made a comic book, and guess how long it took?
I can do anything that I want, cause look, I can keep rhythm with no metronome.
No metronome, no metronome.
And I can see your face on the telephone, on the telephone, on the telephone.
Look at me, look at me, just can't say that it's good to be alive.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Look at me, look at me driving and I won't stop.
And it feels so good to be alive and on top.
My reach is global, my tower secure.
My cause is noble, my power is pure.
I can hand out a million vaccinations or let them all die in exasperation.
We're good to go.
We're gonna be right back with Kevin Booth and your phone calls on the other side.
We're talking about AmericanDrugWar.com.
The key
Created crises.
The military-industrial complex needed an excuse to take over our lives.
They launched the fake drug war in 1971, supplying the crises the drugs themselves.
I'm Alex Jones.
Transmission continues on the other side.
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You know, I am proud of what this little show has been able to do.
From Charlton Hessen to Charlie Sheen.
From Jesse Ventura to the German Defense Minister.
And we've had Tommy Chong, Auburn, and Cheech on.
They're reunited.
He said they do their first together interview with us.
Promised to do that.
I mean, that is going to be amazing.
And to know that I'm just a little nobody and I've made 18 films.
My 19th is almost done.
To know Kevin's made all these great films and music videos and already been a
You know, big rock star in the 80s and the producer for Bill Hicks and all the stuff he's done.
Human beings are amazing and I'm just so blessed to be alive and to be fighting back against this evil.
And if it sounds like I'm screaming and yelling at the government, what's the mind trick to where we wouldn't be sick of it?
They bring the majority of the drugs in, they only raid at the source level, their competition, which is small, they're enslaving us, they're taking over, there's no debating it, we're in deep trouble.
We have to take the moral authority back from them and say, get off my back, get out of my life, leave my Second Amendment alone, let me protect myself.
We got loaded phones on both phone systems, Kevin.
I'm going to take a bunch of calls for the rest of the hour with you if you'll stay with us.
I'm going to play one more music video from Flo-Bot coming up called, War On For Your Mind.
I wonder where they got that.
Just for five, ten minutes, anything you want to talk about, Kevin, concerning what you were saying about Al, the drug war, the war on terror, it's the key boogeyman, and we have to understand they are creating it, they are provocateuring it, they are behind it.
This is their business of making us think that we need them.
You know, and back to the marijuana argument, and what the statistic that you told earlier about, 85% of all illegal drug users only smoke marijuana.
And so when you go and you, you can go to the DEA's website, and it's like a, it's almost like a shell game how they've slipped marijuana in with all these, like, really dangerous, weird substances.
I mean, go to the DEA website, look for yourself at the drug scheduling, and you're gonna see all these dangerous, huge, long, dangerous list of substances, and then marijuana is just mixed in there like it's no different.
And, you know,
Um, the drugs are, and other people will argue this by saying, oh, well, we tried to legalize this, uh, you know, this one seed for, uh, you know, the treatment of cancer a while back, and it turned out that it had cyanide in it, and they have all these bizarre and ridiculous, like, arguments, but the funny thing is, is that what other substance
On earth has there ever been where you're going to see people have like these giant parades and rallies.
You know what I mean?
You're never going to see a Prozac rally or a Prozac parade.
You're never going to see a crack parade or a crystal meth rally.
You know, marijuana is, you know, a freedom and a right that, you know, should be guaranteed to everybody.
And them taking that away is really at the nexus.
You know, it's a canary in the coal mine type of thing.
I just like Robert Steele in the film talks about that marijuana is right at the nexus of good versus evil, of corporatism versus, you know, freedom and sovereignty.
And I just can't get that across enough that it doesn't matter to the people listening to this whether you're completely sober or whether you're a teetotaler or whether
You sip on whiskey occasionally or you're a cigar smoker.
No, never.
It's just not part of your personality.
And back to, like, what...
Because I know marijuana is far less bad and probably, and we know it scientifically, is like a wonder drug, like aloe vera or even better.
All of the, for glaucoma and cancer, I mean the admissions, the hundreds of drugs they've made out of it, and it's not my opinion, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, they all grew because hemp was their shirts, it was their, the rigging on the ships, the sails, it was the cotton of the day, because it would grow in many more places than cotton.
I mean in every climate, basically, except Antarctic or Arctic,
And just so amazing, and they all wrote books about it and how wonderful it was, but they also grew the one variety that would relax you, and it was listed by medical doctors.
You would go to the apothecary, local drugstore, and they would say, smoke this in your pipe, but they'd mix it in with tobacco and inhale it, and they would smoke, and I've read the old apothecary, you know, smoke the sexual buds of the plant,
Uh, you know, when it's going to seed, uh, it would explain, you know, what types to smoke.
George Washington raised it on several thousand of his hundreds of thousands of acres.
I mean, this is a fact.
This is a fraud.
George Washington would have been SWAT teamed.
Yeah, no, exactly.
And by the way that they've demonized it by mixing it all together in the same category with these horrible chemicals and
And the other thing that the DEA does, too, and the drugs are does, one of the ways they skew the lines is that they always tell you, well, if you go and you look at the statistics of children being sent to rehabs and drug arrests, well, marijuana is the highest thing.
It's just, well, because you have to understand the way that they come up with those numbers is that if you take a guy that does heroin,
Show me a guy that does heroin, and he probably will also be a beer drinker, a cigarette smoker, and a pot smoker.
Show me a guy that does crystal meth.
He's probably a beer drinker, a pot smoker, a cigarette... You know what I mean?
So, anybody that does the harder drugs...
Probably also does smoke marijuana and then they will use that as this big phony gateway.
Well they also claim it's a gateway when really what it is they tell you all drugs are bad then you smoke marijuana and you're like oh well the other stuff must not be bad they say reefer madness makes you run around murdering people as they taught in the 50s and 40s people that smoked it and felt like laying around on a couch giggling or you know raiding the refrigerator so they go it must be lies but here's the deal
Uh, it's a very small percentage that tries a hard drug and likes it.
And I was among the majority that didn't.
I mean, I tried cocaine and absolutely hated it and thought, this felt like when I'd been in a car wreck and, you know, adrenaline was up and or I'd seen somebody killed, you know, in a car wreck.
I mean, it was like being freaked out and my heart beating.
I'm like, my God, I hate this.
And I tried Speed once and threw up for two days.
I was like, my God, this is like getting the flu, paying to get the flu.
You know, you're at a party, you're 14, they go, here, try this, and you're throwing up for two days.
You know, thank God I tried a few hard drugs, they were so horrible that I never did them again.
Some people like that stuff, but by it being illegal, they then brew it all up with these toxic chemicals so it's ten times more poisonous instead of the old stuff Elvis did that, you know, gets you speedy but, you know, isn't as toxic waste.
But then luckily, I smoked marijuana some and just always hated it every time I tried it.
And folks, don't get mad at me.
You worship marijuana out there.
I'm trying to get it decriminalized for you, but at the same time, don't tell me I have to like it.
You know, Tommy Chong called it an original thought.
I just didn't like being like, ugh.
And you know, maybe that's me.
But the point is, different strokes for different folks.
I have a different metabolism.
Then most people, I can drink Starbucks coffee and go to sleep.
Other people can't, so I've got a different brain than some people.
You know what I mean?
But you get the point I'm making, Kevin.
Right, but let me tell you about two other things that this prohibition also causes.
Like, let's take that girl that OD'd in San Diego, okay?
It's tragic.
But what is the reason, one of the reasons that she did OD is that because when people buy illegal drugs off the street, there is absolutely no control over the strength.
And so these prohibitionary tactics create a situation where people that are out there doing heroin, you don't know if you're getting 1% pure or 100% pure.
And there's just no way to tell when you're buying a powdered substance off of some gang member on the street.
And this prohibition is also causing your average old pot dealers in college to now have to sell cocaine and heroin and crystal meth in order to make a living.
It's easier and more profitable to sell the harder drugs, and that's what this prohibition has created.
It's much easier to get caught smoking marijuana because of the bulk and the smell, and it stays in your urine for 60 days, versus if you do cocaine, it only stays in your urine for 72 hours.
Cocaine is much easier to conceal.
Cocaine, you can do it much quicker.
Um, you can get away with it.
You can sit there and do cocaine right in front of a bunch of people just by slipping off in the bathroom.
No one would ever know about it, but you can't do that with marijuana.
For PrisonPlanet.tv, we just put up an image of Celica Stillo poses with 600 kilos of cocaine seized, and here he is on the record with everybody else saying the government brings the drugs in.
Yeah, absolutely.
And, um, it's just, uh, you know, I just
You know, what I want people to do with my film, I know a lot of it is preaching to the choir in these kind of situations and that a lot of people listening to this have probably already seen it or agree with it, but what I want is for people to get a copy of American Drug War
And to force the person that you know in your life, the conservative person that does think that someone belongs in jail for smoking pot.
Well, let's be clear.
They're not real conservatives.
Drugs weren't illegal in this country.
You can go in the drug store and buy anything you wanted 80 years ago and there was less use.
So they're not real conservatives.
They're chicken-necked, cowardly, control freak, nanny state lovers.
Go ahead.
No, absolutely.
Right, right.
The so-called conservatives, whatever you want to label them.
But to get them to watch the film.
That's what I targeted.
I created this film...
And edited this film as a way to try to pry loose like some pretty hardcore belief.
And it was five years in the making.
Let me add, I've got a picture of the DEA with a marijuana drug bust.
They put money and a gun next to it to make it associate guns with drugs.
So now they're using the huge mechanism of anti-drug war they've got.
They're shifting that into the attack on the Second Amendment.
So all you good old boys out there, they're coming after your guns now with all these cops they've got.
Yeah, that's all they have to do.
If they put a picture of, like, a pistol next to a bag of marijuana and a little stack of cash, then all of a sudden it's like, oh my god, oh my god, look at these horrible people.
Yeah, it's a vice-versa demonization, yeah.
Yeah, no, it's the same old thing.
It's the same old story.
People should check out this organization called LEAP.
It's Law Enforcement Against Prohibition.
It's leap.cc, I think.
And these are thousands of retired narcotics officers that now are almost like repenting for what they did, because they realize that they have destroyed hundreds of thousands of decent lives.
You know, there's drug war.
We've got a situation now going on with the drug war where a 15-year-old kid in high school gets caught with a single joint, and as a result of that, he can't get student loans.
He's not going to go to college now.
And so, instead of going to college, he's gonna go to prison.
Now, if you tell me, like, how that helps our society at all, on any level.
Well, they also glorify the DEA.
I'm looking at Pamela Anderson dressed up like one.
I mean, I'm just sick of all their propaganda.
They're a bunch of drug-dealing thugs who are too cowardly to be regular thugs.
They've gotta run around like they're good guys, and I've just had enough of it.
Alright, we're gonna take, uh...
Infowars.com calls during the break and then come back to everybody with Genesis calls.
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Oh yeah, we're taking calls during the break for people listening at InfoWars.com, some behind-the-scenes stuff, and PrisonPlanet.tv.
When I call us a nation of cowardly scum, a nation of idiots, it's so you'll wake up and not be a nation of idiots.
I love this country.
This has been the greatest country in history.
The most inventions, the most wealth, the hardest fighting.
I mean, we have been it.
But we've sat on our laurels and have become degenerate scum.
Again, they pay $0.14, $0.15 in Venezuela for a gallon of gas.
dollars, we pay $4.
In U.S.
They pay about three times, four times, depending on the drug, less in Mexico than we pay.
We pay more for gas, more for legal drugs, more for everything here.
We're idiots!
We're idiots!
I mean, they're passing global warming fake environment taxes all over.
It's all scams.
They treat us like morons, the left and the right.
And, uh, so when I call everybody idiots, I'm saying stop being conned.
I mean, we are a pathetic country, and it's getting dangerous.
The cops and the corrupt drug-dealing government have decided to just take everything over.
That's what Homeland Security is.
I mean, they're saying, no more free market, no more nothing, we own you.
And Kevin was just making the point, a caller called in and said, well why is hops still allowed to be grown?
It's in the hemp family.
Yeah, they ban like something, what is it, 25 different forms of hemp?
There's like more than a hundred.
But all of those don't have a THC except one variety, and then only one sex of the species.
But in the 30s, they paid the federal government to go around to public schools and teach and show them film clips of people murdering and killing and killing babies and like, the sheriff smokes some and then murders everybody.
I mean, just totally mad.
And they said, my God, we got to ban it.
So they banned all of these
Types used for oils, used for cotton, hemp cotton, fabric, ropes, and it can be grown anywhere.
And Kevin made the point that they're doing this because they want to ban it everywhere.
They have to ban something that can be done at the family farm level that is so, such an amazing, it really is an amazing plant.
Because if people were allowed, say everybody with a little bit of land could grow enough of this stuff,
I could list thousands of pharmaceutical drugs that would probably just go out of business immediately.
Anything for depression, anxiety, sleeplessness, nausea, heartburn, indigestion.
It just goes on and on and on, and not to mention the fact that you can make all the fuels from it, the oil fuels.
You know, we could probably have hand-powered cars.
And it's literally a weed.
It isn't like corn.
You need, you know, lots of water and fertilizer for it.
It grows everywhere.
Yeah, just the idea that they've made something that grows naturally everywhere, and they've made it so you can go to jail for growing a plant that already, like, grows everywhere naturally, should just tell everybody it doesn't matter.
It says nothing to do with wanting to get stoned.
Now, let's be clear.
They banned in the 30s, DuPont and Dow Chemical, they banned varieties that have no THC.
I guess Kelly's gone.
Kelly and I, were you just hung up?
Yes, anything else, Kelly?
I was reading like a 1903 study, I think it was from the Rockefeller Foundation,
Where basically when Henry Ford was starting out his car company, a lot of it he was making out of hemp.
And they basically, from what they could tell, is that Hemp could pretty much take away 70% of DuPont business.
And the British were in Vietnam and Thailand with the rubber for the tires, and Hemp makes better tires, and he was already making composite that was going to be plastic cars like we have now, and they just said, you want a SWAT team to drop by?
Shut up, slave!
You're trash!
We're banning a plant that helps America that has no drugs in it!
Shut up!
You're slaves, and that's the end of it.
Anything else?
No, it's just a nation of idiots.
Nope, that's it.
Anything else?
Thanks for your time, guys.
Makes me sick.
Doesn't it make you sick, Kevin?
Yeah, no, it's just sad.
It's just sad of how... A nation of idiots.
It makes me sad of how they were able to sell my parents on it, and how my parents both went to their grave as heavy alcohol drinkers.
Thinking that all this was true, it just makes me sad.
The government admits, what, alcohol kills over 300,000 a year, marijuana not one person.
Exactly, exactly, but they will still, they will still just...
You know, on their website, they say marijuana is a dangerous thing.
They've done national polls, over 70% want to decriminalize marijuana, 80% want out of the war, 90% want to control the borders.
Ain't none of it happening, because we have an armed camp of criminals that work for foreign banks that own and rule this nation of cowardly scumbag idiots.
It's just sad, it's sad.
But I have to agree with Tommy a little bit, and I hope
That in the end, this could kind of be a renaissance.
In order for a revolution or change to take place, I mean, you've got to hit a bottom.
And hopefully this is our bottom that we're hitting now.
Now, it's death camps, mass graves, total control.
Zach, Chris, Richard in Scotland, Steve, Will, your calls are straight ahead on the other side.
We'll be talking behind the scenes right now.
We're on the march.
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For the first time in history, the elite's plan for world government is blown wide open.
You will learn the secret that drives the entire New World Order agenda.
The Oval Party is making great progress toward a world government.
Most people have no idea.
They're not after money.
They have all the money they need.
They're after power.
That's their aphrodisiac.
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Remember our trade deficit?
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By the way, that new band I like out of Denver, Flo-Bot, set up for the show next Wednesday,
We got some other really big guests next week.
I told you we'd have big guests this week.
Maybe Tommy Chong.
We're gonna have an exclusive with Cheech with him soon.
They just got back together.
National Tour starting in the next few months.
And, uh... We're also, of course, at Jesse Ventura back on.
Big guest tomorrow.
Not tomorrow, excuse me.
Next week.
I think of weeks as days, so tomorrow is next week.
Time goes by so fast.
I wonder who's coming on.
Hint, hint.
All right, let's cut all these calls on the main network line.
Richard in Scotland.
You are on the air, sir.
All right, Alex.
Good, sir.
How's it going, man?
How's things in Texas?
It's alright, it's already 100 degrees last week one day, so we're heating up.
Burmas is from New York, and he's already thinking it's the hottest thing he's ever seen, and we're explaining to him that 110, so he's going to feel like he's living in a bread oven.
It's about 9 degrees over here, and it's pretty warm.
Can't wait to torture Burmas with the heat.
I'm looking at him right now.
I like having Burmas around.
He's a smiley-faced creature.
Anyways, I'm sorry, sir, from Scotland.
You're on the air with Lord Booth.
Alright, Kevin, how's it going, man?
Hey, good, how's it going?
Not bad, not bad.
Just wanted to say thanks for all your work as well, man, because I've got some of your stuff about your book on Bill Hicks and stuff, and I didn't realize you were the same Kevin that Alex speaks about until he started talking about you and Bill going to the Branch Davidians.
Oh, yeah, yep.
The penny dropped, if you know what I mean.
I just wondered if you'd read Alfred McCoy's book on the politics on heroin.
Yes, I have.
It's been a while, but yeah, definitely.
It's a very complicated, lengthy book, and I came very close to interviewing him.
It just didn't work out.
Yeah, I've actually interviewed him a couple times.
Yeah, it's definitely a very, very powerful book.
I recommend that.
I recommend reading Dark Alliance.
Those are probably two of the big bibles, you know, besides Pelicasteria.
By the way, there's no doubt, there's no doubt they killed Gary Webb.
You don't shoot yourself twice in the head.
Uh, you know, I know one of your sources in the film is a very nice guy, but he's wrong about that.
Right, no, I know, and I was just having to go with, like, you know, once again, just so I wouldn't be blamed.
I was just saying this is what the party line was.
You know, this is what they told us.
That was kind of the point of that.
Well, just tell me if they shoot me twice in the head, I didn't commit suicide.
I believe it.
Please, for God's sakes.
I mean, they just killed the DC madam.
She was on my show saying, I'll never commit suicide.
They're after me.
She told friends they're planning to kill me.
Oh, no.
That's what I was talking about.
We should start an anti-suicide league where everybody, you know, wants to sign a thing saying if I suddenly end up shot, I did not commit suicide.
Yeah, because then they'll have government spooks or well-known operatives pop up and say, oh, she called me magically and said she was.
Any sons of bitches, excuse me, anybody does that, it's a lie with me.
Yeah, and the tricky thing with Gary was that, you know, you have like the whole thing with his wife being involved and then owning the rights to his book and the film rights and, you know, it just became like all these other situations where it's like, oh, it's, you know, saying that it was a suicide is too upsetting to the family, so just, you know, everybody go along with the story and please be quiet.
Yeah, because they don't want to get killed.
Anything else, Richard, in Scotland?
Yeah, I just wonder what your thoughts on the UK reclassifying cannabis back to Class B substance, because Tony Blair put it down to a Class C about four or five years ago.
Yeah, they always do a stunt to make you think they're liberal or reasonable, but of course, I mean,
Sir, they now arrest you in the UK for dropping a banana peel or, you know, as you know.
It's the same thing here now.
It's maximum enforcement.
We are the slaves.
We have to realize that to become human again and not be slaves anymore.
Our government's gone bad.
It's gone rogue.
Our governments are exactly the same and it's disgusting.
Yeah, they're trying to ratch the laws back up.
Kevin, you got a comment on that?
Yeah, I mean, I remember how Tommy was talking about how they bust people with crystal meth and all of a sudden they'll say there's
You know, there's this many things.
The word that they use, the DEA uses, is dosage units.
Like, if somebody gets arrested with mushrooms, they'll say, like, oh, those two caps of mushrooms were, like, you know, 10,000 dosage units.
And you can get X amount of years for each dosage unit.
Now, to be clear, though, and I've seen these cases, the mushroom head might get one person hallucinating a little bit.
Uh, but they'll say, no, that's dealing 10,000.
See, we've come into a corruption level now, where it's just la-la land.
Kevin, did you see the front line aired a few weeks ago?
Where they show Texas, where the private prison corporations lobby to put people in jail for speeding and stuff?
No, I haven't seen that.
I mean, there's a new reign of terror, Kevin, where it's just like, you speed and you never see your wife again.
Incredible, incredible.
But back to what he said about the scheduling, and that is,
You know, it sounds good on paper, and it looks good, and it makes a good story, and it makes everybody go, oh, okay, you know, everything's cool again, but even if they moved marijuana to, say, Schedule 2 or Schedule 3 here in the United States, it's still, people, it's not going to stop them, you know?
It's just like a front for how dangerous it is to say it's like Schedule 1, so they'll still arrest you for whatever schedule it is.
Yeah, but we need to decriminalize now, not next week.
And of course, the drug dealers, I guarantee you, the drug dealers would kill anybody who really was trying to repeal stuff, because that's where they make all their money.
Folks, anybody who doubts the government controls and deals and launders the drug money, bottom line, that's why there's so much money, because it's illegal.
It's 2 plus 2.
And that's why I say our country is so stupid.
But really, it's not.
The majority of us don't want the drug war, but it doesn't end because the government is rogue and criminal.
I appreciate your call, Richard.
Hey, real quick, check out American The Movie.
It's going to be a new documentary about Bill Hicks coming out, made by my friends there in London, Matt Harlock and Paul Thomas.
So go to AmericanTheMovie.com.
Let's go ahead and talk to Zach in Canada.
Zach, you're on the air with Kevin Booth, American Drug War.
Hey, guys.
Here's some more scary stuff.
Have you guys heard of Bill C-51?
It's going through in Canada up here.
No, I mean, what's it do?
Just throw five-year-olds in prison for looking at marijuana or something?
Oh, no.
Not that bad yet.
Basically, they'll be throwing you in prison now for
Uh, having vitamins and stuff.
Oh yeah, I did see that.
Yeah, they're gonna ban all the vitamins and make you pay 500 bucks for fish oil.
I don't know what I mean.
I'm not kidding.
It's just lawless criminals running everything.
Under the SPP will that become law?
It says, uh, I was hearing that under the SPP it'll also affect, uh, America and Mexico.
They'll become law there?
Under the SEC?
And they're going to shut everything down incrementally.
And they're talking about, they've already SWAT team rated aloe vera facilities.
Kevin, did you hear about that last year when they SWAT team an aloe vera facility?
No, I didn't hear that one either.
Yeah, they're now claiming that if you drink a bunch of aloe vera, it gets you high, which is pure bull.
And they've rated a bunch of other herb places now.
I mean, there's no end.
There's no end to these criminals.
You know, Ruttiger is on aloe vera.
That's crazy.
It really helps with stiffness.
But, you know, I'm pretty sure they'll
They'll start arresting us if you lick a toad or if you drink some fish oil.
No, no, they do arrest people for licking toads.
No, I'm not.
I mean, they had a raid and they only caught them with the toads.
You know, there's that toad that's got poison on his back.
Right, I know, I know.
Yeah, you lick its eye and you're supposed to eat it.
You hallucinate.
Oh my God.
I tried that this morning, actually.
I do that every morning.
I sit at a coffee, I go, ugh.
That's a joke!
That'll be in the New York Times.
It's a joke.
It's a joke.
Okay, anything else, Zach?
Another thing I noticed in the Army, I noticed the rapes were at like around 3,000 of like officers in the Army.
And I see how they're letting more and more, I guess, criminals in, except they're not letting any people who use POD into the Army.
Yeah, I've got a report.
Everyone else but drug users, like the marijuana users.
Guess where the largest, well that's because the military hands out military-grade amphetamines to everybody.
Thanks for the call.
They call them Mickey's.
What do they call those?
It's what Elvis, his commander, he was so patriotic when he was in the military in 20-something in Germany.
This is admitted.
His commander was making him do four or five events every Saturday and Sunday.
He said, I'm too tired, boss.
And he said, look, take these.
And they ordered Elvis to take the amphetamine.
Yeah, I think a Mickey is something that knocks you out.
That's what the Mickey's a... Oh, what's the one that they take that's the pure amphetamine?
Same thing they give to school kids.
It's kind of like Benny's or what is it?
Benzene's or whatever that's the name of the drug, yeah.
But I don't know, just back to that last caller, I don't know if you're aware of the new bill that's up right now with Barney Frank and Ron Paul.
One of the things is called Make Room for Serious Criminals and the other one is about medical marijuana.
We've got a deal right now where we'll send a free copy of American Drug War to your senator, your congressman, or your state representative.
If you go to americandrugwar.com.
Alright, let's go ahead and make another call here.
Chris, in Idaho.
You're on the air worldwide.
Go ahead.
You're on the air, Chris.
Yeah, Deloitte.
Yeah, I'm here.
Okay, buddy, you're on the air.
We're gonna have to let you go in a minute if you don't talk.
My name is Deloitte Scott.
I was attacked by two police officers here in Coeur d'Alene last week because I didn't have a headlight on my bicycle.
I was hazed.
Into compliance.
They tried to tase me into compliance.
They actually held me down.
Yeah, they tased me again.
Hey, that's a good idea.
They're going to get on the bike and then put your tongue on the wires.
Put the wire in your mouth and then they'll ride behind you tasing you down the street to light the light.
That's good, Kevin.
I don't mean to laugh at you.
Tell me the story, slave, of what your God did.
Tell me.
I was riding down the street, an officer said what I believe to be high, and I said high back and waved, and he asked me if I had an identification, and I said I don't need any.
You waved at a guy?
Hold on, Paul, stop right there!
See, acting like you're on the same level as a fellow human, you're, you're, you're, you're whale scum, you're whale poop, okay?
You're lower than that.
You don't wave, you should have bowed like it was the Pope!
Now you tell me what you did!
Well, I don't mean it that way.
You shut your mouth, slave!
This country's ruined us!
Tell me what happened!
Tell me how that officer put you in your place!
Tell me how he put you in your place, slave!
Tell me what happened!
Uh... He... Uh... As for identification, I told him... I asked him if I was under investigation for a crime.
He said, yes, you are.
And I said, I need my assistance of counsel.
So at that point in time, I shouldn't have had to say anything more.
And they decided they would threaten me with going to jail.
And when I demanded I see the warrant and the affidavits, they tased me.
And one of the officers come around to grab me thinking that I was still hooked up.
I had pulled the taser out of me.
And he spun around after realizing I was still up and capable.
And he lost his flashlight.
And I grabbed his flashlight and I said, you little MF, you tased me.
I couldn't believe that he had done that.
And what was he doing, crapping his pants?
I bet he pulled a gun on you.
Little coward.
Oh, he run.
He run.
Cowardly scum.
Absolute filth.
Assaulting you with a deadly weapon out on a dark road.
He's been in Iraq, probably running ops.
Then they tased me again.
So wait a minute.
Tell me about the coward running.
So he tazed you to get his pleasure.
You pulled it out.
What happened next?
He tazed you for sexual pleasure.
He grabbed me.
And when he realized I was still capable of moving and defending myself, then he turned around and ran.
And when he turned, he spun around real quick and he dropped his flashlight.
And I decided, hey, I need that.
And that's what kept them off me for a period of time.
There was people videotaping.
There was close to two dozen witnesses out there.
Oh my God, I've got to have the video!
You'd have been dead.
You'd have been dead if there wasn't a video.
What else happened?
Tell me what else.
Well, uh, his supervisor came.
I said, I want these guys arrested.
They assaulted me.
And, uh, I said, I want the sheriff out here.
You guys don't have jurisdiction over me.
You're employees of a corporation.
And, uh, the supervisor turned around and said, you're under arrest, and shot me with a taser again.
God Almighty.
I took the flashlight out and I hit him in the head with it.
See, stop, stop, stop.
Stop, see, that was your punishment.
That was your punishment.
No, no, my punishment is yet to come.
My punishment is yet to come.
Oh, you're on the run.
He was trying to subdue me.
So, then, as I went after him and hit him in the head, I was attacked, I was, uh, jumped on from behind by two guys.
I hope they know that.
They hit me head on the ground.
And they tasered me again, and I mean this time the tasers went in my back really well, really close to my heart.
Those guys attempted to murder me.
Well, they have an orgasms while they were doing it?
I've seen cops when they do it go, Oh, God, I hate America.
Oh, it feels so good.
Oh, yes.
Oh, God, I'm destroying freedom.
I've got the power.
I've got the power.
I'm the boss.
Oh, God, I hate freedom.
Oh, gee, I love it.
I mean, what were they doing?
My face was pushed into the sidewalk, so I couldn't tell whether they were having an orgasm or not.
Oh, God, I hate freedom.
Oh, yes.
It's an officer orgasm.
And I was denied a phone call.
I was denied assistance to counsel.
Okay, so what's happening now?
What's happening now?
I didn't give them my name until I was being arraigned.
They still knew me as John Doe.
That made them so mad.
But you've got video.
Do you have video of the assault with the deadly weapons?
I do have.
God, you gotta get that on YouTube immediately.
Well, why did these mad dogs attack you?
Because I didn't have a flashlight on my... or a headlight on my bike.
No, I understand that part.
Well, they got nothing to do.
They're just hiring more of these felons.
Are these guys felons?
Well, one of them was up on steroids.
I mean, he's got 18-inch biceps.
He doesn't have any neck.
But he's the guy who approached me.
But no doubt he can't have sex with a woman because he's destroyed his real manhood.
These guys, definitely, they either got beat up in high school or they were like the high school bully who then couldn't get a real job.
And they can't get real women either.
They're real mad.
Yeah, I think his testicles are about the size of a green pea.
Alright, let's stop.
This is getting out of control.
We have a lot of people listening.
I'm sorry, that's just an indication.
Hey, you're a slave.
Now, what's your criminal name?
Slave scum.
And where do you live?
Uh, Coeur d'Alene, Idaho.
You're an Al-Qaeda criminal.
Coeur d'Alene, Idaho.
My name is Deloitte Scott, and I was... They knew after I was in there 12 hours, they knew that they had a problem, and they started using up on me.
But there's still a little Nazi down there on the night shift.
I think he's got down there.
Well, don't worry, he's scum.
He doesn't realize what's about to happen to him.
Well, they don't know what's going to happen when we take this country back.
There's going to be some serious problems for Redcoats.