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Air Date: May 18, 2008
1831 lines.
From America's election headquarters, two more the day after tomorrow.
Kentucky and Oregon ready to weigh in with Hillary Clinton expected to get perhaps double the Kentucky vote Barack Obama will receive and she's campaigning there all day letting it be known she'll be on the ballots until the very end next month.
You don't tell some states that they can't vote and other states that have already had the opportunity that they're somehow more important.
I don't believe that.
I want everybody to vote and everybody
To help pick our next president.
Obama in Oregon, where he's polling about 15 points ahead of Clinton, spending time today with senior citizens.
John McCain has already said that he supports private accounts for Social Security.
In his words, along the lines that President Bush proposed.
I believe that privatizing Social Security was a bad idea when George Bush proposed it.
It's a bad idea today.
John McCain taking the day off after his Saturday Night Live appearance last night.
Osama bin Laden out with another audio tape, this time chastising Arab states that have made nice with Israel, calling on Muslims to end the Israeli isolation of Gaza, and suggesting that can't be done without Muslims fighting with countries like Egypt.
Well, Truby Lundberg is saying don't shoot the messenger.
She just does the bi-weekly survey that tells you how much more of your money is getting sucked down the gasoline pump nozzle.
Another 17 cents at the pump in the past two weeks.
Regular grade is now $3.79.
It is another all-time record high, including inflation adjusted, and there was probably more to come.
A couple of glimmers of positive news on the supply side, though, with the Saudis deciding to pump a little more out of the ground and the Congressional decision this week to stop filling the Strategic Petroleum Reserve.
Parts of southern Florida under a dense smoke advisory, firefighters battling several wildfires that have burned more than 60 square miles.
You're listening to Fox News Radio.
Fair and balanced.
News Radio 590 KLBJ, good afternoon.
It's 4.02.
I'm Sarah Hudeberg and topping Austin's news.
The head of the Austin Fire Department says rising fuel costs are affecting his budget, but he's doing what he can to fight the high cost of gasoline and diesel fuel.
Vehicles other than fire trucks, we're purchasing the Priuses, Ford Escape Hybrids.
That's made a big difference on that portion of our fleet.
But Acting Chief Jim Evans says fire trucks and larger vehicles still run on diesel fuel and only get about five or six miles per gallon.
The main lanes of I-35 south of Onion Creek get shut down late tonight.
State highway crews need the room on the southbound lanes to set up overhead beams, which will eventually become the 45 southeast toll road as it merges with I-35.
It'll take four nights to get them across the south side.
And then sometime after Memorial Day, we'll do the same thing on the northbound side where we bring them across half the interstate.
Texas John Hurt says tonight's closure starts at 9 and only affects the main southbound lanes.
Northbound I-35 will be open.
Jared Allen, News Radio 590, KLBJ.
Tonight Austin joins communities in 119 countries in the 25th AIDS Candlelight Memorial Service.
Eric Crabtree, coordinator for the event in Austin, says the numbers show the battle against HIV and AIDS is far from over.
Over the last 25 years, 33 million people have died from this disease, and there's an estimated about 30 million worldwide that are infected currently with the HIV disease.
Krabcheese says state and local officials will participate in tonight's service in downtown Austin.
Now, the KLBJ radar weather watch.
It was certainly a nice Sunday, but the temperatures are rising and it's going to be a scorcher from Monday into Tuesday.
Now, for tonight, we're good.
We'll see clear skies with overnight lows dropping down in the mid-60s.
Mostly sunny again for your Monday, but how about this?
High temperatures in the mid to upper 90s.
Possibly a record breaker.
We'll have to stay tuned for that.
From the Weather Channel, I'm Aaron Williams.
News Radio 590, KLBJ.
KLBJ, it's 4-0-4.
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Now live from Austin, Texas.
Here's Alex Jones.
Hello, my friends.
Thank you for joining us.
It is Sunday, the 18th day of May 2008.
We're going to be here live for the next two hours.
We're going to have open phones in this first hour and the second hour at 877-590-5525.
Or you're listening to the main station that we syndicate out of deep in the heart of Texas.
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My news websites, the largest and most effective of the alternative media websites out there, Infowars.com and PrisonPlanet.com.
You have found it, the front lines of the Infowar, the tip of the spear in the resistance against the Global Crime Syndicate
The Global Eugenics Syndicate, known as the New World Order, unaffectionately.
We have the founder and the head of the Human Extinctionist Society that wants all humans dead on the face of the earth.
These views are the majority views at every major university in the world.
And you can go to events at the War Royal Society in England, you can go to events right here in Texas, UT events, St.
Edward's events, and things like this are said, and there are 95% standing ovations when the total annihilation of all human life is discussed.
It is a sick, dangerous death cult.
They have their biologists working in all Level 4 bioweapons laboratories towards the great goal of a mammal pox that will kill every human on Earth.
Now, the group coming on later, they don't say that.
They just say they want us to voluntarily not breed and for all humans to die that humans are a diseased cancer and need to be gotten rid of.
Now this is like dog training.
The global elite have trained their little minions, their little biologists and scientists to have this view.
The global elite have no intention of getting rid of themselves.
They just intend to get rid of the mass of us and build the world in their image.
Now I understand you're not going to see this on 24, you're not going to see it in the fiction or the other fiction that poses as non-fiction, Fox and CNN.
But I assure you that when you actually study what the United Nations says, what Prince Philip, Ted Turner, Bill and Melinda Gates, Warren Buffett say, when you find out where they give 90% of their money, and what they're obsessed with, and all they do, and they volunteer and fly around the world constantly, passionately working 17, 18 hours a day to get rid of 80% of us.
Now, they're conservative.
The majority of the globalists want 90% extermination, but they're now being seen as old hat, and a large minority want 99.9% extermination, and a small but virulent minority want total homo sapien sapien extermination.
Now, I understand you didn't hear about that during Super Bowl halftime.
I understand.
But if you will actually research the claims I'm making that affect every one of you,
You will find out this is deadly serious and I am telling you the truth right now.
It's the type of knowledge that keeps you awake late at night.
It's the type of knowledge that upsets you and makes you scream and yell.
But I'll attempt to be calm today.
I'm normally a very calm person.
Except when I get on air and then I get agitated because there's so much information I want to cover and I never can.
Here's one stack.
This is the anti-terror stack today, which means anti-freedom stack.
Human enslavement stack.
Here is the police state stack.
Each one of these is about an inch and a half, two inches thick.
Here is the financial stack.
And here is the human extinction, anti-human stack.
The leader just actually conditioning the public, preparing us for our deaths, preparing us for our cancer deaths, preparing us for our bioweapons deaths, making it very sweet, and, oh, it's time for you to die.
It's for the Earth.
I got news for you.
How about you walk the plank first, New World Order?
Oh, but you're the experts that have to oversee the great work, and so you can't do that.
And besides, Mr. Jones, you've seen how you talk about these serious issues,
And the slaves, the profane, the cattle, don't care.
Proof that they need to die, Mr. Jones.
You tell them every day, but you notice they don't listen.
Oh, Mr. Jones, they're not listening.
Look at them take their shots.
Look at them.
They're like children, and like children, they will die.
So, uh, you're tuning in for the first time.
You're like, what is this guy talking about?
Well, you better find out in real fast what I'm talking about.
Oh, man.
You see, there are global managers.
There are people that run our societies.
There are individuals that govern our societies.
And whereas the people in the past decades and centuries had some input and impact on their surroundings and society, more and more we do not.
And an elite class of technocrats, for the last 50 years, in accelerating and expanding their control,
Almost have complete control over human thought, technological development, and more and more, we are living in what you could call a three-dimensional matrix-like reality.
By that, we are not in a physical matrix, but our minds have been mapped, programmed, propagandized to the point of, which they are, electrochemical computers, organic computers that we have been programmed.
You understand the elite don't care about shiny Mercedes.
The elite don't care about acting cool.
They don't care about Hollywood stars.
They don't care about big mansions.
That's all false spectrum reality.
They control the real issuance of currency, liquidity.
They own the world over a hundred times.
They have created a debt system so they can implode the middle class and get control of you and seize all real assets in the third dimension.
The plane that we live on on this planet.
They're very close to having that.
And now, through the fake environmental revolution, through the global taxes, through the ozone action day and air quality days, they are going to squeeze you, tax you, control you, what size your toilet can be, what size light bulb you can have.
Now it's, your house is going to be remote controlled.
They're going to control your thermostats.
They're going to control how much you eat.
They're going to have CPS workers talk to your children at school weekly.
Everything will be a prison.
Now bringing us into the one-child policy, now bringing us into the anti-terror, so they can get us into compact, controlled cities, so they can stage the bioweapon releases, always claiming terrorists did it, then locking down even greater control in the laboratory as they kill more and more of us in successive waves.
This is the future, unless we stop them.
It's all in their policy reports, it's all in their documents, it's what they plan to do to us.
I'll tell you what, let me just cover police state news first, and then I'll get into all the human extinctionism and your calls and the rest of it.
Look at this.
Speeders under Florida law face vehicle confiscation five to ten years in prison.
Mainstream news.
Homeland Security to train cops to combat roadside bombs in the US.
It's non-existent, but it's all part of the hysteria and fear.
That's the federalization and militarization.
That's their cover story.
I, of course, reported that to you in 1998 when we got secret Pentagon documents that are now public.
9-11 operator, I don't give a bleep what happens to you, woman told.
Ponoma Police Checkpoint Angers Residents.
Everyone was searched.
They were told no Fourth Amendment.
A new documentary draws stark parallels between Chile under Pinochet and the 9-11 War on Terror.
Well, of course, the criminals that run our government ran that.
Our government funds more dictators and murderers and torturers than anybody else.
They've always wanted to do it here.
Now they are.
We're in a race to stop them.
This is just some of the news I have.
Kane County to force all suspects to give blood at random checkpoints on highways.
They've been doing this for at least seven years now.
It's going nationwide.
Concerns over posse commentatus violations.
Pentagon officers in gallery at House debates on Iraq menacing the congressman.
TSA to install 200 more body scanners to scan your body's naked image into Homeland Security computers.
That and your family.
High-tech face recognition cameras going into all the major stores.
In the U.S., England, quote, make sure you're not doing anything illegal.
We'll come back, cover the rest of it.
Stay with me.
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There are individuals filling the bureaucracy, the technocracy, the western governments.
They've financed all the major Asian and Central Latin American nations.
A few rogue countries they don't control, those are always targeted.
And they say they're going to bring in a one world tax system, one world child policy, forced inoculations, kill you dead in a hammer.
With the late soft kill weapons.
Think of all the times the government's lied to you.
Think of all the horrible things they've been caught doing.
Just try to think about all of it.
You'll be for hours just be thinking of new ones.
Sit around with your friends and play the game of, well, what they lie about.
Then you'll, for hours, list things they lied about.
Well, what evil stuff do they do?
And it'll go on and on and on and on and on.
Does that mean the average cop or the average social worker or the average person working in a statistics bureau is bad?
It's compartmentalized.
That's why the New World Order system is a pyramid.
This is just the police state news from the last two days.
Some of it.
Listen to it.
What happened is I mentioned Friday on my weekday radio show that since about seven years ago in Tucson and places like that, the police, you pull up to random checkpoints and they're there and they stick needles in your arm and take blood because quote the prosecutors have said, well, even if we force you to do a breathalyzer, you know, it doesn't always hold up in court.
So now we take blood.
So intrusive, crossing those boundaries.
I mean, can you imagine Nazi Germany in the old black and white movies if the Nazis were on the train sucking blood?
They've always got a good excuse, though.
See, I mean, that's a major, in your space, major violation of the Fourth Amendment.
But now they're doing that under federal grants everywhere.
They're doing it in Texas, you name it.
And so I mentioned it, and some people didn't believe me on air, and then others emailed me just literally, I quit counting, 30, 40, 50 different news articles from around the country where they just stop you and suck your blood now.
And I'm sorry, but the cops pulled me over and want my blood.
It isn't happening.
And I guess that's the end of my life, because they'll just gun me down right there, or taser me until I die.
And that's all part of freedom, guys in black masks.
A few weeks ago, the big police chief there in one of the suburbs of Boston said, yeah, we wear black uniforms to intimidate you.
That's another thing.
I have video of the Chicago police chief saying, yeah, we want to intimidate you.
We're going to make all our officers basically SWAT team now to wear black uniforms and run around.
Of course, they disarmed the people, so the crime rates exploded.
And I was looking at him.
At the police chief, and he just looked like something out of a comic book.
He was so evil.
And I know that the mob boss's son runs Chicago, and I mean, you can't make this stuff up.
And I know they shake bars and restaurants there down and beat up whoever they want and show corruptness off the charts.
And I know every major city.
I can give you hundreds of cases, like Dallas, pulling cars over randomly, throwing bags of chalk in them, taking them for themselves.
Again, the system is bankrupt, and if we don't let the general public know that the system is bankrupt and totally corrupt and can't be trusted and is all fraud and lies, they're going to get their next phases of corruption.
And believe me, folks, you don't want to see that.
So, here's one article, and I just blew three minutes on it.
I literally have like 200 stories here I want to tell you about.
And it says, uh, county to force DUI suspects to give blood, take breath tests.
And it just says, we now, quote, have the authority.
And then I actually went and looked, and there was state lawyers and people saying this is illegal, and there isn't a law, but is there a law you gotta take vaccines?
Well, they still announce it's the law on every local news station, and people line up thinking it's the law they gotta take it or their kids get taken.
There's no law, it's all hoax government.
That's what I'm saying, the government's totally criminal.
I'll bet anybody $10,000, there's no law you gotta take vaccines.
Unless you're in the military.
And then it's not even a law.
You've just signed your rights over in a contract.
But the public thinks there is.
It's all hoax.
It's all fraud.
But now they want your blood on the side of the road.
I mean, they draw a nice portion of it, too.
Speeders under Florida law face vehicle confiscation.
Look at this.
And I have the bill here.
I couldn't believe it, so I went and pulled up the bill.
Florida Bill HB 137.
Just type Florida Bill HB 137 into Google, it'll pop up.
And, uh, you can go read it for yourself.
Speeders under Florida law face vehicle confiscation 5 to 10 years in prison.
And it says, uh, but don't worry, the first time it's only a $5,000 fine and 1 month in jail, but then the next time it's 5 years and $20,000 and it goes on.
But, but, you know, I never thought I'd get a 30 mile over the speed limit.
But one time I was driving to Crawford to cover a story, some little town out there, driving down a farm road, major road, and it says 60, and I got it on cruise control at 60, and that town put a speed trap in, because down another road is a school, quarter mile or something, and just for a few hundred yards it says 30.
Boom, he pulled me over, he said, oh, I'm a fan of the show, I'm giving you a ticket.
I said, thank you very much.
Point is, 10 years in prison, and just last week I saw news articles where the private prisons, they're building more, we're 5% of the world population, but we've got 35% of the world's population in prison.
We're 5% of the world's population, but we got 35% of the people in prison in the world.
And growing!
And that's the biggest part of our economy now.
And the private drug cartels that own the private banks, literally, there's been reports of this, own the prisons.
You gotta love it when the drug dealer's on the prisons.
But that's what all these big drug wars on the border are about.
The CIA sent in Los Vegas-trained U.S.
military forces.
They're wiping them out down there so the U.S.
government gets 100%, not just 85% of the cartel money.
Of course, I told you that three years ago.
It's mainstream news today.
If you have time, I'll go over that for you.
But, oh yeah, the country's real far gone, folks.
Real bad.
Real hardcore mafia runs things with a bunch of eugenicists above them.
So, you don't know what eugenicists are, you better find out fast.
Better find out real fast.
But, yes, speeders under Florida law face vehicle confiscation, five to ten year prison, and the private prisons are lobbying all over the country.
Uh, that, oh, we need more people in prison, so we need you to have maximum laws against the general public for hard prison time.
Oh, you missed class three times, that's five years in prison.
Oh, you dropped the banana peel, that's a year in prison.
Oh, you, uh, on and on and on.
Speeders under Florida law face vehicle confiscation, five to ten year prison term.
Homeland Security trained cops to combat roadside bombs, and AP reported that they are... Now, I remember in 1998 we got secret documents because the FBI accidentally gave them to us.
They were on a checkpoint in Belton.
It's in my film, Police State, Do the Takeover.
Watch it free on Google Video or get the DVD at infowars.com.
and uh... just just got the documents right there in the up and there's military has citizens pulled over mike hansen's driving along my camera guy stops and run over so you can videotape and the fbi pulls up says get out of here here's a press release was a press release stapled on top of smart documents mark secret what an idiot
But said, under the cover of bomb disposal, we're taking over.
We're in 77 Texas counties, we're doing warrant service, SWAT team raids, it's all illegal, don't tell anybody.
But now they've removed it, see, so it's all retroactive.
Quiet, see, the bankers that own our military took over the rest of the world.
You think they're going to leave the prize alone, the U.S.?
They always take over.
They always take over.
That's what happened in Rome, it's what happens in Latin America and Russia and China.
It's happening here.
That's why they got microwave guns and nerve gas helicopters waiting in every major city.
And sound cannons.
Because when they take your pension funds, your bank accounts and everything you got,
And when you're finally not worried about your favorite football team and you're riding in the streets, they're gonna gun you down.
At least that's what they trained for.
I got video of it.
The question is, can we wake the public up, the military, the police up, before it's too late?
I'm gonna come back, take a bunch of calls, then get into eugenics, then get into the economy, and a lot more.
Your phone call's straight ahead.
It is a big idea.
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Thank you for listening to GCN.
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I just talked to We Are Change Kentucky.
Those are our roving reporters that ask politicians and minions of the New World Order serious questions.
I'm gonna have them pop in later.
Guess what happened?
They went today, asked Oliver North politely about continuity of government.
He'd been in Senate hearings in 86 about how he was planning martial law takeovers.
That was in the newspapers.
The police handcuffed him, private security that looked like Secret Service, erased their cameras, stole their batteries, and threw him out on the street.
That's your free country, baby.
Not gonna ask about those FEMA camps, boy.
Oh, this country's far gone.
That's it, I'm gonna find out next place North is on this book tour.
And I'm flying there.
And I tell you what, I mean, I'm gonna sue those jackboots up one side and down the other when they put their dirty paws on me.
This country isn't as free as you thought it is.
You better raise your voice right now, because they're trying to intimidate everybody to shut up, so they can have their way.
I'll tell you how mad it makes me.
When these goons violate our First Amendment and treat us like we're third world slaves, for this is communist Russia, while they wrap themselves in the American flag.
Republicans, Democrats, they all work for the same New World Order system.
I mean, look at this news.
Speeders face 10 years in prison.
Homeland Security train cops to combat roadside bombs.
That's all for martial law training.
That's their cover to take over.
9-11 operator, I don't give a bleep what happens to you.
Panama police checkpoint angers residents.
This is out of the Daily Bulletin.
And it looks like Nazi Germany.
They're all in black uniforms, pulling people out of cars, searching everything randomly.
The new documentary draws stark parallels between Chile under Pinochet and the 9-11 post-war on terror.
Concerns over Posse Comitatus violations.
Big article about how the military is taking over the U.S.
and how they're all felons and criminals now they're hiring.
Oh, you didn't know that?
Yeah, it's not Audie Murphy's military anymore.
Pentagon officers in gallery at house on debates with Iraq spending bill.
TSA to install 200 more body scanners that, again, give a total color image of your naked body in federal records.
Gonna walk you, your little kids through it, everything.
That's the feds.
Total humiliation.
High-tech face recognition cameras, going to be installed in the U.S.
and in England to, quote, make sure you're face scanned off your driver's license to make sure you're not buying beer or cigarettes.
See, the local people can't do that, or the person behind the clerk, you know, they can't do it, but that's really for buying and selling.
That's just going in the cashless society grid.
In-body sensors to warn doctors of health problems.
Electronically, electrically charged riot shields to be used against the people.
Taser shields, when they touch you, it zaps you.
Cops to implement in-your-face policing on and on and on.
On the economy, no one will say why gas is exploding and why major banks are talking about gas going up and brokerage firms at $200 a barrel.
It's because the dollar is being devalued.
Not all the other cockamamie reasons that they give.
Just unbelievable.
Dollar falls most against Euro in seven weeks on sentiment.
This is Bloomberg, so the dollar continues to plunge to all-time highs.
That's what's happening.
That's what's affecting everything.
Oil pushes above $127 a barrel and holds there.
Globalists take steps for $200 a barrel oil, the total raping of you, the people.
And again, it's not the oil companies that are even doing it.
They're certainly part and parcel.
That's a red herring.
It's the dollar plunging.
So when you hear that the oil companies are making their 9% profit like they always are, that's true.
It's the dollar.
heading for double-digit inflation.
Bank of England warns no more rate cuts before 2010 as credit crisis deepens.
trained forces reportedly helping Mexican cartels.
Houston Chronicle.
Drug cartel carnage tears Mexico apart, bleeds into Texas.
Congressman highlights Mexican commando incursions in U.S.
murders as far north as Dallas.
We told you this three years ago.
Just go to Prison Planet.
I'm tooting my horn.
You always hear it here first.
People couldn't believe me.
Violence in Mexico, again, spills across into Texas.
Programs from government claims are aimed at foreign enemies are being used against American citizens.
Congressman highlights Mexican commando encourages in the U.S.
urge action of U.S.-trained Mexican security personnel carrying out cartel killings.
Well, that's for the CIA.
They're killing their competition.
Told you that three years ago.
We only had DEA agents and people retired on to tell you about it, training down there in South Texas.
And they're using Latin American death squads trained in the 80s by North and others to now take over.
In Iraq, 10,000 death commanders, death squad leaders.
Now let me tell you where Oliver North is going to be next.
We need to get 50 people out at these events with video cameras, so his private security goons and
Other people, I mean, you're just asking about the martial law drills he did, and this guy's the opposite of a conservative, okay?
Saturday, May 24th, 6 p.m., Cornerstone Church, 726 West Old Hickory Boulevard, Madison, Tennessee.
Sunday, May 25th, 8 p.m.
He thinks this is Guatemala, Nicaragua, El Salvador, where they could just kill the people, shoot them in the back of the head, and throw the whole families in shallow graves, as U.S.-trained death squads did.
And North was heavily involved in over that entire program.
This is the U.S., Bubba.
I can't, but you know what?
Go ahead and get those guys online.
I want to talk to them next break.
Go ahead and call We Are Change Kentucky, who just went and had their camera stuff erased, their batteries taken.
Let's take some calls.
Somebody doesn't like my movie, so we're going to go to them first.
People that disagree, always go to the head of the line here.
This isn't a staged broadcast.
Malcolm says he has a complaint about my movie, which means he was one of only 200-something people to see it at the Alamo Draft House downtown last time.
He's going to it one more time tonight, then it comes out on DVD.
And so I'm going to hear how bad I am right now.
Go ahead, Malcolm, from Austin.
Hi Alex, I like the movie, but my only complaint was I was hoping that something on Stephen Jones was in it, because I'm trying to prove 9-11 via Stephen Jones, and you didn't have anything on him in the movie.
Well, I mean, I've made four films on 9-11.
This is one about the 9-11 Truth Movement, and so Stephen Jones is in it.
Stephen Jones is in Terror Storm.
Yeah, and I liked his interview in Terror Storm and stuff, but I was just
I guess I'm not really angry.
I was just more hoping that you'd have something on hand.
What did you think of the film overall?
Oh, I liked it.
It was a great tribute to all the people participating in the 9-11 truth movement.
It was great.
I especially liked the parts about Lou Rogowski.
But was it entertaining?
Yes, absolutely.
Especially like the guy who went into Walmart and went on their main system.
We'll see.
We're doing something different here and I appreciate your call.
You know, I've made all these documentary style deals with all the documentation and this document and that document.
Now I'm making this film and my next film, which is about JFK, case is now closed.
I'll probably call it Black Sunshine or something.
I'm not quite sure what the name of the film is going to be, but it might be Black Sunshine.
I'll tell you why later, but the point is, is that I'm making cinema verite.
I'm making two.
Showing people I can do it, okay?
Okay, you gotta do something different occasionally.
Let's go ahead now and talk to Robert in Colorado.
You're on the air.
Alexander Emmerich Jones.
Thanks for taking my call.
How are you?
Appreciate it.
Thanks for calling.
Good, sir.
Yeah, I got two questions if I may.
Front page of today's Denver Post, two or three school systems are going to start random drug testing.
I'm thinking that's invasion of privacy and violation of Fourth Amendment, is it not, without any probable cause?
We'll see first they habitualize and train the cattle through what they believe is common law or adverse possession.
They're engaging in that.
Also, it's under admiralty.
That's why we've been under martial law for decades.
Since 1933, it's just what increment of martial law are we going to live under?
And first it's if you're on the football team drug test.
And then if it's in any extracurricular activity.
Then it's if you park your car.
Now they're just saying everybody gets drug tested.
And of course they say that sounds good, but they ship the drugs in.
Meanwhile they push Ritalin and Prozac that are even worse than heroin and cocaine on the kids.
And they've proven the D.A.R.E.
program showing all the kids the drugs makes them want to use it.
Have you ever read a book called Forcing the Glory by Laurent Bennett?
It's a book about Abraham Lincoln and him being the great emancipator.
Supposedly, he's really the great BSer, but he really threw a lot of rocks.
The author at Lincoln, and I agree with Paul, didn't free anyone, didn't want to free anyone, but he also threw rocks at the founding fathers, Thomson, George Washington, et al., in that they signed the Declaration of Independence and the U.S.
Constitution, but they also held slaves.
So I guess my question, in that context, were the founding fathers really just two-faced people?
Let me comment on it when we get back.
Stay with us.
Our beloved Republic is on her knees.
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You're listening to GCN, the Genesis Communication Radio Network.
All right, let me try to answer the last caller's question from Colorado without spending 10 hours on it.
You have to look at the time people lived.
Slavery is still going on in Africa right now, black against black.
Most of the slaves that came to this country were white, they were indentured servants, they didn't get out in seven years, they had it worse in many cases, but that's politically incorrect, but that's mainline history.
And so Thomas Jefferson actually, by 1800, before he died, released his slaves.
Okay, his black slaves.
And of course, he had children with them.
And so the institution was different depending on where you were and what area of the colonies.
I mean, we have forms of slavery going on worldwide right now.
And so it's really a red herring.
It was the United States and other western nations, England, that initiated banning slavery worldwide.
I mean, in the Bible you read about, you know, part of the Jews being slaves to other Jews.
You know, bond-servant.
So, it's really a history lesson.
It's so shocking and turned into a political tool today.
But, you know, I had ancestors that were indentured servants.
Okay, I want to go to Adam Cuttington with We Are Change out of Louisville, Kentucky.
He was there with some 9-11 Truth Guys.
They went to the NRA convention, which we support, but the NRA mainline is actually supporting gun control.
You know, the globalists are very powerful and they have ways of influencing people, and I've had gun owners of America and others on to expose the fact.
But I've interviewed Ted News, you know, I've interviewed Oliver North, and I'm interviewing Oliver North again.
And Oliver North's got this good rep as fighting communists, but it's really the opposite.
The CIA Solicitor General did fine, there was CIA narcotics trafficking at the time, and CIA-trained death squads that he was over engage in things that are unspeakable.
And so, there were the congressional hearings back in
In fact, type in Oliver North Marshall Law into YouTube.
They'll have clips from my film, Police State 2 The Takeover.
Go to YouTube and type in Oliver North Marshall Law.
Or no, Oliver North Camps.
And I want to play that.
I mean, I want you to hear Congressman Inouye telling Congressman Jack Brooks from Texas to shut up about it.
So these young men went and they asked him about this.
So the police arrested them, handcuffed them, stole the videotapes out and the memory sticks and their batteries and gave their cameras back.
That's what America is.
And I talked to them during the break.
There were cameras inside.
It was the convention.
They paid to get in.
But this is the country.
They just do what they want.
And this is outrageous for bringing this up to Oliver North.
I'm going to go ahead now and bring you up.
Guys, try to find it as quick as you can.
I'm going to go ahead and bring up Adam Cuttington.
Adam, tell people exactly what happened, where you were.
We were in Louisville, Kentucky today at the Kentucky Exposition Center, which is where Six Flags and the African Hall is.
By the way, you keep talking.
I'm going to be listening to you on the speaker.
I'm going to walk in the other room and make sure they find the right clip.
Keep talking.
And anyways, the NRA was hosting their 2008 National Convention in Louisville.
We actually had obtained press passes into the event called the Public Affairs Office and used our We Are Change passes to obtain NRA press passes.
Anyway, so we had been covering it yesterday and wasn't able to really get anything.
Today we found out that there was going to be a forum and Q&A with Oliver North, along with a book signing later, and a
form and Q&A with Ted Nugent.
We went to the Oliver North thing, which was first, and confronted him on continuity of government.
Say that again, you confronted him on continuity of government.
Yeah, we confronted him on, did he work on the continuity of government program, which he actually went into it a little bit, started talking about RECS 84, how it was a plan to get the
The work at the NSC
Well, you know, I decided at one time to work on planning... Back it up a little.
I want to hear Colonel North.
I want to hear him say his name.
You can just type Oliver North, FEMA camps into Google and you can actually go watch hours of the full hearings.
And now they admit it.
They've trained, the military's trained.
Take your children, take your guns, take you to camps, put you in forced labor camps.
And I mean anybody they want.
This is the criminal government.
Go ahead and play it.
Colonel North, in your work at the NSC,
Will you not decide at one time to work on plans for the continuity of government in the event of a major disaster?
Mr. Chairman, I believe that question touches upon a highly sensitive and classified area, so may I request that you not touch upon that, sir?
I was particularly concerned, Mr. Chairman, because
I read in Miami Papers and several others that there had been a plan developed by that same agency, a contingency plan in the event of an emergency that would suspend the American Constitution.
And I was deeply concerned about it and wondered if that was the area in which he had worked.
May I most respectfully request that that matter not be touched upon at this stage.
If we wish to get into this on certain arrangements can be made for an executive session.
And tragically the only member who got close was Jack Brooks and he was stopped by the term.
And that was Congressman Henry B Gonzales right after talking about how they would stage a terror attack.
He said that in 1990.
He's dead now.
He said there was a plan to stage a terror attack and bring in martial law.
But they've decided the country's been so free to stage a couple of them to incrementally get you ready for it, and that's in the documents as well.
That's right!
Very friendly government we have.
Now understand, now Congress and Homeland Security in Congress, the committee, co-equal with the President, has asked to see the new plans, and they were told you're not allowed to.
The President is a dictator, and they're going to pass that on to Obama or whoever.
Uh, so let's go back to Adam.
Adam, uh, Cunnington, finish up with what happened to you.
See, we're talking to him about Condu, he was giving you a line of bull.
Keep going.
Okay, I just wanted to clear up, uh, it was, uh, we were at Change, Kentucky and we were at Change, Ohio.
Uh, Cody Deeds and a couple guys from Change, Ohio came down to, uh... Okay, fantastic.
Tell us, tell us what happened, please.
What happened is, Cody was the one at the MAC, uh, asked him about the continuity of government, uh, and of course he went over, uh, saying it was the President.
Uh, anyway, if any questioned him on, uh, Building 7, uh, and would he support a new, uh, investigation of 9-11, uh, he kind of just said pompously, investigate away.
Yeah, there's nothing you're going to do, slaves.
After that, Sam, another guy from Ohio, went up just after the Q&A and questioned him on camp.
I actually wasn't up at the front of the room at that time.
I was in the back with Cody, so I didn't exactly get all that.
Okay, but the key here is how they grabbed your cameras.
Right, right.
Later on, after the Ted Nugent, we went
Back to the book signing that Oliver North was doing, and they were going to give him a DVD and some literature.
Now to be clear, this was open, you know, other people had cameras, other people were snapping pictures, videotaping, it was you guys, go ahead.
Right, right, and what we got was press was completely open to cover this event.
No, I know, this is, you gotta sue them, but keep going.
By the way, we don't like suing people and wasting our money.
The point is, we're going to save the First Amendment, listeners, or it's over, or they win.
Go ahead.
Anyways, when they got up to the desk with North, they were pulled off to the side by a couple of non-uniformed Louisville Metro Police Department, a couple of uniformed Louisville Metro, and what I'm guessing is private security.
Just goons.
Guys in suits, yeah.
Anyways, what happened next?
I was across the hall actually getting footage from a different angle.
When they were taken off to the side, they came over, brought me over, confiscated our NRA event press passes, told us that we needed to leave.
Couldn't come back.
If we came back, they'd arrest us.
So we proceeded to leave.
Sam, which was walking behind me,
I didn't exactly see what he meant, but took out his camera, messed with his camera, did something, and was taken to the ground by a non-uniformed officer.
So that's America, so assaulted for touching his camera.
Attack dogs, trained to attack cameras, trained to attack press.
This is one inch from total martial law, third world armpit.
Oh my god, this is huge news.
Okay, tell me the exact name.
I know his name is Sam.
We need to talk to him.
Is he still with you?
They were heading back up to Ohio after the event.
No, no, no.
So Ohio, we are changed, is tackled by a... Oh my God.
Oh my God in America, folks.
He's tackled by a demon.
Keep going.
Uh, and handcuffed.
He was put in handcuffs.
He was put up against the wall, what looked like a face first when we got outside and then Cody tried documenting what was going on with him, with his camera.
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My UN envoy is in Myanmar to plead with the junta to accept more international aid for its cyclone survivors.
Here's Joycelyn Gekker.
We still don't know any details about his trip.
The UN says that they don't know yet who he's meeting with.
They don't know any details about his itinerary, and they don't know how long he's going to be staying.
So, in terms of a breakthrough, I don't think anybody knows yet.
And efforts near the epicenter of a recent earthquake in China appear to have shifted from searching for buried survivors to clearing corpses from shattered buildings.
Hans Trode is in this with the World Health Organization.
There is a long list of essential drugs and equipment that they are in urgent need of and we're trying to mobilize and to procure this needed equipment and supplies.
This is IRN USA Radio News.
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President Bush is calling on the Arab world to isolate state sponsors of terror and give citizens more freedoms.
Speaking today at the World Economic Forum on the Middle East in Egypt, Bush asked that countries treat their people with the dignity and respect they deserve.
You should have a strong voice in leading your countries.
And my nation looks to the day when you have the rights and privileges you deserve.
Doctors in Boston are working to determine the cause of a seizure that sent Senator Ted Kennedy to the hospital yesterday.
A top aide says Kennedy spent a peaceful night at Massachusetts General Hospital.
He's just been enormously influential for decades.
Without Ted Kennedy, the Senate would be a very, very different place.
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John McCain probably isn't in a hurry to see Democrats pick a nominee and isn't afraid to joke about it either.
Appearing on Saturday Night Live, McCain quipped that it would be crazy exciting if Democrats were to finish their national convention without having a presidential nominee in place.
He also said controlling government spending isn't just about Republicans or Democrats.
It's about being able to look your children in the eye.
In my case, my children, grandchildren.
Great-grandchildren, great-great-grandchildren, and great-great-great-grandchildren, the youngest of whom are nearing retirement.
Three of the five Northern Illinois University students shot dead during a campus rampage in February have been awarded post-autonomous degrees.
The degree for 20-year-old Gail Dubowski was among the first to be handed out at the commencement ceremonies.
Joe Dubowski is Gail's father.
There's still a lot of planning and brainstorming going on over the permanent memorial.
You know, people coming up with different ideas and prioritizing.
And the NAACP has picked former news executive Ben Jealous as its president.
At 35, he's the youngest leader in the 99-year history of the nation's largest civil rights organization.
This is Interim President Dennis Cordland Hayes.
I am very confident that he has the ability to do it, and we've got a strong working staff and board ready to step up and help him to get it done.
I'm Jody Jordan, and that's news from the Information Radio Network.
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This is the Alex Jones Show.
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Now live from Austin, Texas, here's Alex Jones.
Brenton, Seattle, Kelly and Las Vegas, Allen and Virginia, Aaron and Missoula, many others, your calls are coming up.
I've got two guests we're going to have on right now finishing up.
With Adam Cunnington, we are change.
Y'all said we are change Ohio there, there we are change Kentucky.
Went to the NRA meeting, public meeting, had press passes, brought up continuity of government.
We just played congressional hearings about it.
We're polite to him.
We're nice about it.
And the police tackled one of the guys, grabbed their other cameras, took them outside, stole the tapes, the memory sticks, the batteries, and gave them the cameras back.
And they're lucky they didn't plant bombs on them.
In my new film, Truth Rising, we have the police and others saying cameras are bombs and guns.
And thank God we were able to get footage of that out to everybody.
It's folks, when the major Dallas Police Department, and it was Dallas Policy, I mean, the crime lab went along with it, too.
They would just pull over nice cars and drop bags of chalk in the back.
I mean, it's far gone, folks.
I want you to know, the government is completely criminal.
And then we're going to Les Knight, the founder of the Voluntary Human Extinction Movement.
You can't make this stuff up either.
See, I'm aware of the real paradigm.
I study reality, what's really happening, what movers and shakers really think are really doing.
Wait till you hear this guy, and I appreciate him coming on.
When we called him, he goes, oh yes, we were already notified by our Austin members that you had talked about us.
We were expecting your call.
And I believe it.
I mean, you know, I've been to these UT functions where they say, get rid of 90% of us, and they're standing ovations of people crying, going, yes!
With giant skulls projected on the wall.
I mean, you can't make this stuff up.
And the general idiot public has no idea.
Which I guess feeds into the social Darwinist view of, well, see, they're scum.
They need to be dealt with.
But he's a nice guy, though.
He wants to be voluntary.
We'll go to him in just a minute.
So they're on the friendly side.
They just want you to die of your own accord and not have children, instead of what most of the eugenicists who have different views than his are pushing.
I'm not saying he's a eugenicist.
I'm saying most of those that have these views are hyper-eugenicists, that only the creme de la creme can live.
He's different.
He's not a eugenicist.
He says, I guess,
All humans need to disappear off the planet, so that's coming up in a moment.
Actually, a very popular view, by the way.
They just are, most of them, very quiet about it, as they're in power positions.
Adam Cuttington, you, uh, just recap everything that happened, and then tell us about him stealing your stuff.
Um, recap, questioned Oliver Northond, uh, continuity government in 9-11, uh, and camps, uh, camps in America.
Um, questioned Ted Junjian on, uh, whether he supported a new investigation.
He just flat out said no.
When we were walking outside, once we got outside and Sam was put up against the wall, Cody tried taking out his camera to document what was going on and was rushed himself.
Now, did they knock him down and slam his head in the wall, or were they nice?
No, he was not knocked down.
He was grabbed by two officers, but he was not knocked down.
Well, the other guy was assaulted, attempted murder, and that's what it is.
If you tackle one of them, they charge you with attempted murder.
I mean, they could have killed him tackling him.
It's hardcore assault.
Uh, and I mean, you know, this is disgusting.
Again, you have a camera, so they tackle you.
I mean, again, we're animals.
We're scum to them.
We deserve to be beaten up, because we're a third world armpit.
Land of the cowards, home of the slaves.
I want land of the free, home of the brave back.
Go ahead.
So what happened?
They grabbed your stuff?
Uh, yeah, they took his camera first.
Um, took, uh, the, uh, memory card out of it.
Um, proceeded to take all of our cameras.
Uh, removed the memory sticks from them.
Remove the batteries from all of them.
And you said that Oliver North's goons were involved in the earlier stuff.
Well, there was a guy in suits.
I mean, I couldn't... One of the other guys... Hold on, hold on.
One of the other guys wants to say something.
You want to throw him on?
And I apologize to last night and at last.
This just happened.
We're going to get to you.
We'll hold you longer.
Just please be patient.
We'll plug your organization about getting rid of all the humans in a minute.
The evil humans.
Who is this now I'm talking to?
They're busy giving the phone to somebody else.
I heard somebody talking loud in the background.
I want to give them a chance.
What thought criminal is this that dare have a video camera and press passes?
Who is this thought criminal in the new Russian America?
The new communist America?
I think they're having a big discussion about if they want to get on the phone first.
This is Citizen Media.
Are you there, Adam?
Yeah, I'm here.
So they don't want to come on the phone?
Listen, tell them we can't do these three-way talks when they're ten yards away talking.
If they want to come on, they can.
Okay, Adam, just stop talking to them and let me finish up with you, okay?
Okay, you want me to go on?
Yeah, I wanted to talk to whoever's babbling in the background.
I mean, see, they're talking, so I thought they wanted to come on air.
Oh, I'm sorry, are you talking about on my line?
Because they are not actually with me, they're on their way back to Ohio.
Okay, okay, so you thought I was bringing somebody else on.
Let me be clear here, I heard somebody talking.
Yeah, I thought somebody, I heard somebody talking real loud and thought they wanted to come over to the telephone.
And listen, if I sound mad at you, I'm not.
I'm mad about police tackling someone.
You're lucky that it didn't set you up worse.
I'm sad for my country and my children's future because we're a nation of cowardly trash that allows horrible things to happen to you like this.
Now, finish up.
What did these goons say to you while they were stealing your stuff?
They were naming off names they could arrest us for public disobedience or public mischief or however they term that.
Naming off how they could set you up and be bigger criminals.
Go ahead.
Right, I mean it was like we were just trying to explain that we were pressed.
We had went through the normal channels and got our regular press passes.
I mean, one guy stuck his finger, like, two inches from my face, and it was just like, you don't talk without talking, too.
I mean, it was completely Gestapo.
Well, no, see, a lot of them were drill sergeants, and they think you're a new recruit in the military.
I mean, literally, that's it.
Shut your mouth, boy!
You don't talk, you scumbag American!
We rule you now like we do the Iraqis!
Shut your filthy mouth!
We're gonna take your houses, take your bank accounts, we wear black masks to intimidate you, we got armored vehicles, we beat up who we want, boy!
You understand the country's gone!
What Audie Murphy fought for is gone!
Do you understand, scum?!
You have no freedom!
Do you understand filth?!
Do you understand, Adam?!
You piece of filth!
You want me to set you up?
You want me to billy club you, punk?
You know how many cop car videos I got where the person records the cop going, I can set you up right now, scum!
I can show you who's in control!
That's exactly what they sound like.
Yo, you want me to go get one off YouTube right now and play it?
You want me to go get one off YouTube right now?
I'm not a slave and I'm sick of this!
And we used to be free because we had attitudes like I do!
Not a bunch of domesticated slaves!
Adam, anything else you want to add?
After those events, they said... What else did these gods do to you?
After that, they proceeded to search us and then banned us all from the Kentucky Exposition Center for Life.
Which is, like I said, the local fairgrounds in Louisville.
Then they released him.
They did release Sam.
They took him out of the handcuffs and did release him to my amazement after how they were treating him.
But that's because they wanted to get back in and eat chili dogs and act tough and look at girls.
More than likely.
Yeah, and believe me, they'd set you up and send you to prison for life and sleep all night feeling good about it.
God, this country's so cess-filled, so evil, so going down, folks.
God, we're in trouble.
Adam, I'm really sorry this happened to you.
I want to have you on the show tomorrow.
And I hope all other good Americans are mad at this, and just disgusted by this.
Disgusted that our country has turned into this.
Right there with you, brother.
Alright, my friend.
Anything else?
I mean, did they laugh with supreme victory over America and freedom when you walked off?
They were all pretty pompous about the whole situation.
Oh, absolutely.
There's nothing like slitting this country's throat.
Nothing like it.
It's clearly Gustavo with smiles on her face, though.
Taking down this country's A-number-one job.
Damn right.
You're lucky they didn't drop some chalk in the back of your car and they'll be driving your car next week.
Alright, ladies and gentlemen, this is real hardcore radio.
Thank you, Adam Cuttington.
Thank you.
Assaulted by third world paramilitary forces.
Equipment stolen.
His friend assaulted.
This is America.
This is what we've turned into.
This is the martial law grid.
We'll talk to the human extinction movement leader on the other side.
Stay with me.
It is a big idea.
A new world order.
In the near future, Earth is dominated by a powerful world government.
It's known as the Bilderberg Group.
Could their objective be world domination?
For thousands of years, their dark order grew.
Now, as they hail the birth of the New World Order, their great dream of exterminating 80% of humanity is at hand.
Most people have no idea.
They're not after money.
They have all the money they need.
They're after power.
That's their aphrodisiac.
Have you ever felt like the United States government knows way too much about your financial affairs?
I continue to hear stories about property seizures, frozen bank accounts, confiscation of stocks and bonds.
It makes me wonder if the U.S.
citizen will ever again have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.
Unfortunately, with the Drug and Money Laundering Act, the IRS Revenue Ruling 6045 of 1984, and the Trading with the Enemy Act and Franklin D. Roosevelt's Executive Order of 1933, some precious metal holdings are subject to government intervention.
For this reason, Midas Resources has prepared a report explaining the boundaries of trading precious metals privately.
Whether if you have any intention of trading with Midas Resources or not, I have instructed my representatives to give this report out free.
Call for your free copy at 1-800-686-2237.
When investing, always proceed with caution.
Again, call 1-800-686-2237.
Exercise your legal right to trade metals privately.
Another untold story, here it comes.
Another untold story, here it comes.
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It, of course, was long, long ago that he did it, and it did work.
The raging battle was going against him greatly, and he was about to be overcome and overrun, so he did it, as horrible and difficult as it was to do.
And he did it in the open.
Upon the wall of the city for all to see.
It worked.
It caused the battle to turn and his enemy to flee.
This is how it is said in the greatest storybook, and I quote, and there came great wrath against Israel and they departed from him and returned to their own land.
End quote.
What did he do?
We tell you the rest of that Another Untold Story at AnotherUntoldStory.com and tell you how the same power is being used in our land today.
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At showtime, I'll be showing Endgame.
The new film.
Truth Rising.
The Alamo Drafthouse downtown.
It's 6.30 tonight.
I'll give a speech.
And I'm fired up now.
Look, I get upset about the press being assaulted when they had trespassers being grabbed, being shaken down, being threatened, being laughed at, being abused, being beat up.
That's third world, folks.
That's Russia.
That's China.
And police would have never done that 20, 30, 40 years ago.
We're in a lot of trouble.
And again, this isn't a thing about hating the police.
It's about knowing we're in deep trouble, folks.
This country is in bad shape.
We've got very evil people running the government.
Shifting gears, last night, Voluntary Human Extinction Movement, their website is V-H-E-M-T dot O-R-G, V-H-E-M-T dot O-R-G, and we wrote an article for Infowars.net, Eco Group calls for Voluntary Human Extinction, says Massachusetts should be indoctrinated to stop having children in order that human race can die out
And save the planet.
So, all humans need to go.
Correct, sir?
Well, sure.
As long as there's one breeding couple, we could be right back where we are.
But we aren't really in favor of indoctrination.
We're countering the indoctrination that we get from childhood to breed as much as possible.
But, I mean, you're inherently saying we're a bad species.
No, we're not.
We don't mean to be.
No more than any exotic invader is.
But, I mean, all species on this planet are in competition.
So to say that they're a non-indigenous exotic invader is just ridiculous.
Well, we've only been in North America, what, 13, 14,000 years?
More like 35,000.
Okay, I'll accept that.
So 35,000 years ago, humans came to North America and it started causing species to go extinct.
Well, that's what other species do to others.
Yes, the pygmy, mammoth, the mammoth.
So what?
They rarely actually cause them to go extinct, because then they would go extinct.
They don't endanger their own existence as we did.
But of course, we're so clever, we can go ahead and kill off a mammoth species and still do fine.
But I mean, before humans even existed, there were millions of species that came and went.
Yes, they did.
They all predate on top of each other.
Well, most of the time they just...
Passed on to another species, but 99%... Let me just say this, okay?
Our species comes first, we're going to the stars, and no human hater is going to stop us.
I love humanity, I'm in love with humanity, and I'm going to live on through my progeny's genetics, and we're going to Alpha Centauri's, and you're not going to stop us!
I hear you, you don't like that, do you?
You don't like the fact that we're going to the stars, do you?
Well, I don't know.
We ought to take care of our own backyard first.
Oh, by getting rid of all humans?
Well, that would help, yeah.
Well, it's not going to happen in our lifetime.
Well, that upset you to hear about humans going to the stars, didn't it?
Well, you know... The evil would spread?
Oh, like the German film fest winning film from last year that shows humans spreading across the universe as a disease?
Well, I didn't make that film.
I didn't know about that.
Interesting film, though.
Oh, I'm dead.
What is it about humanity?
I mean, your mommy and daddy weren't nice to you?
No, some of my best friends are humans.
I'd probably like you if I got to know you.
Okay, where were you in... because I know you've got a mainstream view.
I know most people at the major colleges agree with you.
I mean, tell me... I mean, you've got your people right here in Austin.
Tell me about the goals.
Tell me about the group.
Well, one of the main goals is to respect freedoms that are being taken away from us, especially reproductive freedom.
More and more people are losing the right to not breed.
All over the world this is happening.
People have denied contraception.
They won't even give them condoms.
To prevent AIDS, and of course, more children than they can care for.
But that's part of the Eugenicist Royal Commission on Population, where the eugenicists actually want them to breed, so it breaks down their society, so that most of the children die as a soft-kill op to keep them suppressed.
So don't you think we should stop that?
Well, no, because they also do that, but then they also run the eugenics overlay program with the sterilization compounds and the vaccines and the rest of it.
Well, eugenics, that requires breeding.
We're not in favor of that at all.
Oh, I know.
You're even more extreme.
But, I mean, you know about Dr. Eric Bianca who wants 90% of us men and women to die, right?
Oh, I think I heard that, yeah.
But, you know, 100% of us are going to die eventually.
What's his hurry?
So you think this should just be a planet with all the skyscrapers and pyramids and the rest of it with ivy growing all over it?
A heavenly place for the different animals to live on?
Yeah, wouldn't that be nice?
No, it wouldn't be nice.
It wouldn't be nice at all, no.
Well, eventually they will get covered with ivy.
So when did you found the group?
Why did you decide to do this?
Well, I'm not really the founder.
I'm kind of the finder.
It was here all along.
I just gave it a name so that it wouldn't get lost again.
But every time I looked at a problem, both human and ecological, it all came back to there were more of us than
Uh... the area could handle and uh... every problem is increased by there being more of us.
Well see, I disagree with that and uh... the earth was born out of fire, the earth is extremely strong, life is very resilient uh... and once a country industrializes, our population goes into negative fall.
We're going to peak at about eight billion in about fifteen years and the population's going to start dropping on its own.
Uh... but to say that we should go down to no humans, I mean it's just it's just sick.
Yeah, it isn't going to happen is it?
I don't know uh...
People just keep on... Why do you suppose people reproduce so much?
Because we are a dynamic species that has that inbred instinct to continue on and live forever through our progeny as we reach for the stars as a dynamic magical super species completely dominant on this planet made in the image of God.
But I bet money you don't believe in God, do you?
Or a creator.
Well, the full range of philosophical belief exists in the movement, but I just wondered how much... We were created, and let me assure you, the Creator isn't going to stand by.
We were created for a reason, Bubba.
Well then, there's no problem.
I mean, that would be very handy.
Well, your people, though, work in the biology labs, they work in the weapons labs, Pianca's people work in those labs, he got a 95% standing ovation, Peter Singer gets that,
You know, you're just the extreme version of these guys, you know, who only want 90-95%.
I had his graduate students write me and say, all humans should die.
How many members you got?
It's not an organization.
There are no members.
It's a movement.
I have no idea.
I'd say millions of people have arrived at the conclusion that the Earth's biosphere would be better off without humans, but I don't think very many of them imagine that we could... Are you kidding?
Humans are going to be able to create new planets and terraform them.
We're going to spread life.
We're good, not bad.
We're just taking some of the resources from the egg that we're in for sustenance.
Our eyes are on the stars while we're sinking in toxic sludge.
Well, we're actually not sinking in toxic sludge.
That's all exaggerated so the establishment can make us anti-human so they can preditate and feed, and as predators, feed on us.
And it's a predator system where a subspecies of psychopaths have created armored guilds to feed upon us, the normal homo sapien sapien,
The communal, friendly homo sapiens sapiens who do not have the psychopathic overlay that 1% out of 100 of our population has.
Why don't we starve them to death by not creating more of us?
Well, I think we should educate the public instead of dumbing them down as the elite are doing.
So the elite want to kill 90% of us and then manage the other 10%.
You just want us all gone.
But you have that same idea that they have.
No, I think we have an entirely different... I have more along your lines of ideas.
We need more freedom.
More freedom to die.
Well, we're going to do that.
I mean more freedom to live.
But don't worry, the UN is going to speak for all the animals and their votes can outvote us.
And the UN, as Richard N. Haas said, is going to quote wage war against humanity.
Stay there, policer, if you can.
I'd like to talk to you more on the other side and get out the website for those that want to see this is actually real.
This is the Majority View in all major universities.
They're everywhere.
We'll be right back.
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Yeah, you pay hundreds of taxes so the eugenicists that run our society can boss us around.
You don't follow their order, doesn't matter how unlawful it is.
They're gonna beat your brains out and taser you till you die.
And then a judge is gonna tell the doctor, the coroner, to say you didn't die from a taser.
It's called tyranny.
It's how most people live.
You want to be third world slaves?
You want your kids to grow up in bondage?
You want to deny all this is going on America?
Then you're gonna be under the gun.
Shifting gears.
Yeah, the majority view is an anti-human.
Humans are bad.
Gotta reduce our numbers.
Gotta tax us.
Gotta regulate us.
Gotta control us.
Gotta squeeze us.
But some, and it's quite a large group now, are saying get rid of all humans.
The Earth will be better without humans.
Let's just get rid of everybody.
But the voluntary extinction is they're saying, well, we just shouldn't breed, and that's how it should happen.
You say people don't have rights.
I mean, it's not given to them, like health care is a right.
That's what the government wants to give us, health care, so they can carry out eugenics upon us.
I mean, are you for all the new environmental rules and carbon taxes to cut back on the resources humans get so we stop breeding?
I hadn't heard about that.
They're going to cut back on our resources in order to get us to stop breeding?
Why don't they just not give us $1,000 per child?
That's in the U.S.
In the rest of the world, it's different.
You're right.
It's true, truly.
It's $3,000 in Australia.
Almost every country except China is paying people to reproduce.
They want more people.
They can control them better.
Let's be clear about the eugenicist policy developed, okay?
And official U.S.
government policy, if you'd like to read it.
Have you seen State Department Memorandum 200?
No, I haven't.
Okay, well let me just tell you, and you can Google that and go to the State Department and you can read it for yourself.
It's official U.S.
policy since 1973, secretly declassified in 92, that that's white countries, they have a secret program to try to get whites to breed, and now it's public with the billboards saying have children and giving them money.
But the Planned Parenthood and the black and Latino neighborhoods and the eugenics funding and U.N.
funding and IMF agreements from South America,
All the way over to China is official agreements for one-child policies, and that was signed with the IMF and World Bank through State Department memorandum 200.
Well, they sure don't seem to be implementing that plan very fast.
Well, no, they only want to get rid of the brown people.
That's why AIDS is, you're much more likely to get it if you're not an Anglo.
Well, that's not nice.
Yeah, so the whites need to get out of the way too, right?
Well, I don't see much difference.
You know, race is really a social construct.
Well, I don't either.
So, I mean, in your perfect world, you're the boss.
What would you do?
I would make sure that every couple on the planet had the ability to not breed if they didn't want to.
And the government, of course, wouldn't get involved in pushing that, right?
I don't think they need to, no.
Italy has one of the lowest birth rates on the planet.
1.2 children apiece, they're dying, yes.
Well, their population is holding steady.
Uh, through migration.
That's immigrant influx from North Africa?
Predominantly in Asia, yeah.
But let's talk about Germany, 1.4.
England, 1.8, with a giant immigrant influx.
The U.S., 2.3, but it's actually about a 1.7 if you don't count the immigrant influx.
So the death of the West isn't enough for you.
The rest of what's happening's, uh... I mean, what would you do then?
Because you said people aren't going to do it.
I mean, what would you do?
Oh, the first thing you have to do is allow reproductive freedom, and then it does happen.
Italy doesn't have any program of trying to keep people from breeding.
In fact, they're paying them to breed.
No, they're very selfish, modern, decadent people who've lost the will to live and they're dying.
Maybe that's the way to do it.
Have more decadence.
Well, that's actually what the official government plans and psych warfare programs of the official Pentagon policy is to do that, and that's why you see all this entertainment and the rest of it.
Well, yeah, and forget about having our jobs shipped overseas.
Well, the first thing they've got to do is get control of the society and dumb us down so people are in a false reality so they can carry out the extermination.
Don't worry, it's coming.
They've just got to have an orderly culling.
You mean an actual extermination, like gas chambers and all that stuff?
Oh, no.
Controlled bioweapons releases they claim that Osama bin Laden will release.
Oh, I see.
Well, I sure wouldn't want to bring a child into a world like this.
But I mean, overall, though, if humans are so bad, doesn't that get what you want?
Well, I've never said humans are bad.
We're not bad.
We're not evil.
But we all need to... we need to all go away, though.
Phase out.
Yeah, peaceful phase out.
Don't you think that would solve every problem on the planet, both human and... But see, you're here to break the ice and introduce this idea.
You all know it's not going to be voluntary, and it's not voluntary, and you're not stupid, Mr. Knight.
You know what's going on.
Well, I'm learning a lot on your program, that's for sure.
Don't worry, there's the big boys are up there.
They're thinking, too.
Are they the elite?
I hear about those and I wonder who they are.
Yeah, the Davos World Forum is meeting right now.
David Rockefeller, they all write books about our slaves and how they want to, you know, the Rockefellers funded over 100 eugenics organizations.
They funded Hitler.
And that's what they're carrying out.
Is the Vatican part of that group?
No, the Vatican actually pushes for larger populations.
Right, they do, yeah.
It's not one monolith, that's why there's these jockeying groups.
I see.
But the dominant technocrats want a forced reduction in population.
And the U.S.
current regime, the Bush administration, are they in favor of more people or fewer people?
Well, you know, he says he's a conservative, but he tripled the size of the government and tripled the size of the BATF and opened the borders.
So, in actuality, it was his father as a U.S.
ambassador to China that had them sign the eugenics plan of
State Department Memorandum 200.
So, yes, he does want eugenics and population reduction.
So they only want certain genetic species of humans and not others?
Yeah, that's what the DNA Ancestry Project's about with IBM.
Did you hear about how the head of the Human Genome Project that happened to be at the Cold Springs Harbor had eugenics laboratory, the birthplace of that in the U.S.?
How he had to leave last year saying blacks really weren't humans?
No, I hadn't heard that.
Well, see, every major person heading up every major group has that same view.
Well, that's not nice at all.
I mean, they're just like us.
Not according to people who have a view that humans are bad.
Just only a select... Don't worry, most Anglos are going to be exterminated, too, and reduced and one-childed out.
But they believe an elite guild of Anglo-Saxon will go on into the future.
Well, I guess that's not a future that I'll see.
I'll be gone before that happens.
But they got their ideas from, whether it's good or bad, I'm a Christian myself, but they got it from the Old Testament.
So it actually comes out of the Old Testament, their beliefs on that.
I thought that sounded familiar.
I just want you to know who's running it all, and I wanted you to know that that's happening.
Well, because there's some other racial groups that also believe in the same thing.
They just believe it's going to be their group that's going to go on and live, too.
So it's kind of a jockeying for the control levers.
Because, see, now they have life extension technologies.
They don't want the general public to know about those.
I bet you think that's a bad idea.
Can you imagine six and a half billion people with life extension?
Look out!
You never find a place to park then.
There might be an agreement on a lot of things, Alex.
So, so, so, how did you wake up to all of this?
I mean, how did you form these ideas?
I arrived at it the same way a lot of people have, through logic and love.
I looked around and figured out what was happening, and then using compassion for my fellow humans.
Oh, lovely!
Oh yeah, you've got it too.
Come on, I can tell.
For compassion for my fellow humans, I thought, what we need here is more freedom.
Yeah, we don't want to build those deep space bases and mine the asteroid belt and travel to distant solar systems and then galaxies.
Going to the next level.
God forbid this incredible species has brought us Mozart and Beethoven and Saturn rockets.
Yeah, we like that.
But when we're gone, we won't need that.
But, you know, we are very clever.
Let me just tell you, you're going to fail, and humanity is going to realize that people with your mindset are at the switch, and we are going to wake up and break out of the matrix paradigm, and we're going to the next level.
It's horrible to worship life forms, lower life forms, to such an extent.
I want all the environmentalists to realize this is the final expression of your ideas, to worship them so much and put them ahead of our species.
Well, it's not just them, it's the entire biosphere as a whole.
The entire biosphere was born in deep space radiation with a giant sun blasting it in volcanic slurries.
We couldn't take that today.
We certainly could.
Life is going to continue.
Well, I hope so.
Let me give you a little news flash.
I hope that it does.
Now, it is true that humans may destroy themselves because of our elites, who have the superconducting heavy reactors, with the cyclotrons, which they admit their own equations show, will probably destroy the whole planet.
I am against destroying the planet, but only because it's our launch pad to the cosmos.
I appreciate you joining us.
And I would just tell you that if you think humans are so bad, you need to go ahead and show us by example what we're supposed to do.
No, not that.
No, you've got to continue with your knowledge.
You've got a too important a mission, right?
Once we're here, there's no sense in... I'll be dead soon enough.
There's no hurry.
Okay, VHEMT.org.
Thanks for talking to us.
You bet.
Our beloved Republic is on her knees.
The forces of globalism are destroying national sovereignty worldwide.
But in Liberty's darkest hour, there is hope.
For the first time in modern history, the people are beginning to wake up.
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You're listening to GCN, the Genesis Communications Radio Network.
All right, take some final calls.
All I want to do is warn my fellow man that you don't know what's going on in the world, and I've discovered things I can't believe, but it's true.
Look, the elite don't really want us all to die.
They've done psychological warfare tests that are published.
I can't imagine what's unpublished.
That they're teaching you humans are bad, so you lose your instinct to live, your instinct to thrive, your instinct that your life has value, so they can more easily take your resources, use you as a slave, and as robotics becomes widespread, get rid of you.
They're only taking your instinct to realize how important you are, how dynamic you are,
How special you are, and I commit myself to humanity.
I commit myself to service.
I commit myself to rekindling the fires of liberty in everyone's hearts so we can go against these transhumanists.
So we can go against these New World Order eugenicists.
So we can bring them down and defeat them!
So we can realize that life's more than just strip malls!
It's more than just letting Madison Avenue make us feel inadequate and petty.
It's about reaching for the stars, being creators in the image of the creator of the universe!
I can feel my ancestors' strength, their love, their passion, everything they did to bring us to this point.
And now we're decadent, drunk on hamburgers and beer, not appreciating it anymore, decadently, nihilistically talking about mass death and destruction.
The people that push this don't know what mass death and destruction is.
God help us, and God help our police stop being thugs who think they're God, and who think they can violate our rights all day, as they're trained by the feds to do it, for some horrible future event.
Alright, I'm going to go to your calls as quickly as possible.
Alan, then Kelly,
Then Brett, then Chris, Adam.
We're going to get to everybody.
I think I got two Adams.
That was what was confusing me earlier.
Let's go ahead and talk to Allen in Virginia.
Thanks for holding so long.
You're on the air.
Thank you very much, sir.
And I'm called in today because I am a transhumanist and you've been melting off quite a bit in the last week or two.
And I think I'd like to set the record straight on a few things.
Well, if you'd have said you disagreed, you'd gone to the head of the line an hour ago, but go ahead.
Well, thank you very much, and I posted some comments on my InfoWars blog, and I used the username AlonzoTG if you want to look at it.
Let me just be clear.
I know there's different camps of transhumanists, and I'm not against getting electronic eyeballs if you're blind.
I'm not against stuff like that.
I mean the founders of it were eugenicists, and the main overarching drive of it is an elitist eugenics move.
Oh yes, I've spoken to a number of people
I know, personally, like James Hughes of the World Transhumanist Association.
I've met him in person.
I've met Dr. Hugo DeGaris.
Let's get all them on!
Hugo DeGaris, that's a good idea.
And I've, I know, with various opinions, like we, the general sense of the community is that
Kevin Warwick, for example, he's more of a publicity hound, and he'll just say things to get on the air.
What about Peter Singer?
What about all of them?
I mean, your founder was Julian Huxley, head of the UN Black Op on population reduction.
I'm not familiar with him.
You might become familiar with the founder of transhumanism.
Well, we're not really a unified group, as you mentioned.
I understand that.
Look, look, look, I don't want to cut you short, but all these other callers gotta get on.
You call me back during the weekday show, I'll give you at least 10 minutes, Alan, okay?
Well, I'll try to think of something coherent to say then, thank you.
Okay, okay, thank you.
I don't want to cut you short, you disagree, but I don't think you understand what movement you're claiming you're part of.
Okay, look into Julian Huxley right now!
It's an emergency situation!
These people aren't playing games!
Adam, you're on the air, go ahead.
Hey Alex, I'm a first-time caller.
I have a question about Bilderberg.
Did they meet over in Vienna or are they coming to D.C.?
I'm the prison planner for them.
We've never seen so much chatter, disinfo.
We don't know what's true.
We don't know if they really met in Greece.
We don't know if they're going to meet in Chantilly in Virginia in two weeks.
We don't know if they're meeting in Vienna.
We're seeing all sorts of stuff.
But we haven't missed one in 35 years.
Our people have always gotten it, and Tucker doesn't believe the Greek press.
He thinks it's still coming up, and he will be on Monday.
Tucker will be on Monday!
Okay, Alex.
I live real close to the West Hills Marriott Hotel and it is a perfect spot to have the meeting.
It's really secluded.
I actually went over there the other day and I scoped it out.
I mean, it's secluded by trees and everything over there.
You need to go in like you're checking in or you need to call and try to check in on that date.
I should have done it.
I did try to call and they said it was booked and I said, oh, because there's a Bilderberg meeting and they said, we don't know what that is.
Well, we'll defeat the enemy, don't worry.
I don't know.
I've just been working so much finishing this film and I'll be showing tonight in about 45 minutes.
Alright Alex, well you know, it was great meeting you.
I met you last year at 9-11, so I just, you know, love you, man, and appreciate everything you're doing.
You're awesome, God bless you.
Okay, let's go ahead here and take another call.
Folks, I'm mad because I know what's really going on, and it's a nightmare.
It's a nightmare.
You're giving me a sign for two.
Should I call her two?
Oh, they disagree?
Well, who is it?
Former APD officer, you're right, Alex.
Oh, I see it.
Go ahead, sir.
You're on the air, Bill.
Yeah, just to let you know, you're completely right on about the police corruption.
There's so much corruption in the local police department, I know firsthand at least.
And the average citizen has no idea, they have no idea how much corruption there is out there, and the power the average officer has.
So you're doing a service by letting everybody know, thank you.
Well, these police chiefs back up corruption now.
I mean, look, I had the New York cops discuss framing me for hitting them.
And I said, there's video cameras.
I didn't hit you when you arrested me.
And they said, you're in here now.
You know, we can do it now, right now, buddy.
And I mean, you know, I grew up where the sheriff dealt the drugs in Dallas and then he went to jail for it.
My point is, we've gone bad.
Go ahead.
No, yeah, you're completely correct.
There's, and I don't want to name any specific names, but there's plenty of individuals in the local police department, at least, who are corrupt, involved, engaged in drugs, prostitution, beating their wives, everything else, but because they have buddies that are higher up, you know, nothing happens to them.
The mainstream news reported in California, 994,000 people cannot be arrested for DWI speeding, paying tolls, and it's police and their families.
Police and their families, and bureaucrats and their families are gods.
The average person is scum, filth.
And I'm gonna say it!
I'm scum, filth, trash, with no rights, absolute garbage, and I want my freedom back!
Yeah, there used to be something called, you know, innocent until proven guilty.
That's not the way it is anymore.
Now it's guilty until proven innocent.
Listen, I had the Austin riot police out there, and we were having a demonstration, and they said, we're gonna arrest you, and we're gonna charge you with a bunch of stuff, and I just flipped out, and I said, listen,
I said, don't make me do this.
I'm going to sue you each individually, and I know you'll probably get off, but you're going to have to pay for it.
And I said, don't violate my First Amendment, and they backed off.
And Austin just lost a lawsuit last month over that.
They've lost more than $100,000 for arresting people demonstrating.
I mean, just leave our First Amendment alone!
Did you hear about him tackling that guy and then stealing his camera?
That's just the one you hear about.
For everyone you hear about, there's $30,000 or $40,000 or $100,000 out there you don't hear about.
Listen, I know there's a lot of cops who are just getting their paycheck, doing a good job helping people, but the system is corrupt, and they protect the bad ones.
I know a cop who beat up a guy in a wheelchair, because he was on a Roid Rage, and you know, he said, get out, and he said, I can't, I gotta get in my wheelchair, and he blew up in front of the guy's wife and beat him up.
They got the squad car video, and then he got promoted to commander.
Oh yeah?
In Austin!
In Austin!
I mean, it's scary to have shaved head Roid heads flipping out on you, because you're with a woman better looking than what they've got on, you know.
Yep, and it happens all the time.
That's what people don't realize.
It's all a good ol' boy network.
It's not going to change.
That's the problem.
Well, it's going to get worse, actually.
It is going to change.
You know, Bill, you know, you could secretly show me your documentation, because I've had a lot of other cops do this around the country, and then I could have you on as a guest without saying your name on the radio show.
Can I get your info right now?
Yeah, we can do it off the air.
That'd be great.
Yeah, I'm going to put him on hold.
Get his info.
Get Bill's info right now, and then I'll
Document what he's saying, we'll have him on as a local guest or something.
Okay, and again, folks, we're in red-level crisis.
The elite want corrupt cops because they're really getting ready to do what dictatorships do.
And that's taking houses, taking ranches, taking bank accounts, taking women.
I mean, let me tell you, these people aren't playing games.
Well, the White House wrote memos saying they could sexually torture children in front of their parents.
Folks, that's official.
I mean, it don't get worse than that.
And they did that and put that out to psychologically set the bar even lower.
One last caller.
I'm sorry.
Somebody you've been holding so long.
Kelly in Vegas.
You're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hey, how you doing, Alex?
Love your show.
I wanted to get your opinion.
I was going to the corner store, and we have guys everywhere here in Vegas petitioning.
And he was petitioning to get Ralph Nader on the ballot.
Bad news.
Ralph Nader's bad news.
Yeah, for the Independent Party.
I just wanted to get your opinion on that.
Socialist, you know.
And I got invited one time to introduce Nader.
People said, why'd you do that?
Because I got to say what I wanted to say.
But they didn't really know, then they freaked out and didn't want me to.
That's in one of my films.
But we're just out of time, Bob.
Anything else?
That's it.
Oh, no.
I love what you do.
Keep doing what you're doing.
Thank you.
Yeah, don't vote for Bob Barr as a libertarian guy either.
He's a total fraud.
Though we're going to be interviewing him soon again.
Vote for Ron Paul or vote for the head of the Constitution Party, Mr. Baldwin, Chuck Baldwin, who I want on the show.
All right, ladies and gentlemen.
I'm burning... Oh, he's on Wednesday.
I'm burning hard for liberty.
I'm burning hard for the human species.
I'm committed to serve you, to serve us, going to the stars.
Let's take our government back!
Let's move forward!
I'll see you at the Alamo Draft House in 30 minutes, downtown.
Hi, this is Ted Anderson.
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