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Air Date: March 13, 2008
2113 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Welcome, ladies and gentlemen.
Thank you so much for joining us.
It's already Thursday, the 13th day of March 2008.
Beware the Ides of March.
You've seen Eliot Spitzer go down, the governor of New York, the former anti-corruption attorney general.
We're good to go.
I think?
Experts fear dollar crash as greenback hits new lows.
Bush's bumbling strong dollar comments precede fresh plunge.
Gold prices hit $1,000 an ounce milestone.
Gold is over $1,000 an ounce right now as we speak.
Great story by Paul Craig Roberts.
The article itself is very important.
I don't know if I totally agree with the headline.
Republicans and free market zealots bring disaster to America.
You mean people posing as conservatives, posing as free market zealots.
So, again, gold at $1,000 plus on weak dollar.
High oil now over $110 per barrel for crude oil.
Also, attacks on free speech globally.
Russia moves to crack down on web news sites.
The same model they're using to censor the web is the model now being employed here.
That dovetails with a story I want to spend more time on today, dealing with parents to be arrested and spend prison time if they don't vaccinate their children.
So we'll be going over that.
Parents may be jailed over vaccinations.
There's no law here in the U.S.
This is not in the U.S.
This is in Europe.
But it all goes together.
So we're going to be breaking that down.
Also, Jim Rogers on CNBC from Singapore attacks the Federal Reserve and basically lays it out like it is that they are destroying our economy.
We're going to break here in a moment.
And then I'm going to try to calmly come back, and instead of getting into a bunch of details and statistics and numbers first, I'm just going to lay out in a very simple nutshell what the central banks are doing and try to simplify this and where this is going, how this is going to unfold and extrapolate out.
We're going to do that, and then we're going to go through all the numbers and the different economic factors
Indicators we have is bad news, stacks on top of bad news, stacks on top of even worse news coming in.
And what will the response of the establishment be?
Now remember, they're orchestrating all of it according to their own statements and documents and their actions.
Why are they racing to beef up the police?
Why are they racing to put on more taxes?
Because they're going to squeeze and squeeze and squeeze.
This is a total destruction of our financial system, an overrunning of our borders.
The country will submerge into a third world morass that it will never emerge from again.
This is it.
This is the beginning of the swallowing of the United States fully into the belly of the new world order.
I will break this down.
When we get back, then we'll get into all the police state news.
We'll get into the military news.
We'll get into... Also, I'm going to have the D.C.
Madam on briefly in the second hour to comment on Elliot Spitzer.
Because most of them use high-end prostitutes.
And most of it is homoerotic...
Minority go after the women.
But why did they burn him?
It's an important mystery to a larger picture.
We'll be right back here on the GCN Radio Network.
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It is a big idea.
A new world order.
In the near future, Earth is dominated by a powerful government.
For thousands of years, their dark order grew.
Now, as they hail the birth of the new world order, their great dream of exterminating 80% of humanity is at hand.
For the first time in history, the elite's plan for world government is blown wide open.
You will learn the secret that drives the entire New World Order agenda.
Bill Vargas makes great progress toward the world government.
Most people have no idea.
They're not after money.
They have all the money they need.
They're after power.
That's their attitude.
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Because there's a war on for your mind.
Imagine you are the big private families that own the private central banks.
And you already own most of the big
Mining facilities, the railroad stocks, IBM, the defense stocks, media stocks, there's less than 100 families and they own 90% of the world's wealth.
But how do you get the rest of it?
How do you get total control without militarily doing it?
Well, you set up central banks.
You go in, you buy off politicians in third world countries to accept your private central bank that will then masquerade as the governmental bank.
And then from there, you start sending teenagers credit cards.
You start offering people home loans and student loans and
I think.
Universities, media empires, everything.
It's literally unlimited for the New World Order.
That's where their power comes from.
They've had control of England for 200 plus years.
They've had control of this country for close to 90 years.
It just continues to expand across the planet.
The 20 or so rogue nations are all third world or second world countries that do not have the central banks over them.
And we're not saying those nations are good, bad, or indifferent.
It's just they're not under the globalist control, so they're always called terrorists, called enemies.
Now, the globalists then use the militaries in the West that they control and the intelligence agencies to try to overthrow them, to try to fund insurrection or terrorist organizations or coup d'etats by the military.
And the vast majority of the time, they are successful and are able to overthrow and take control of those nations.
But then, people beneath the CIA and MI6 and Shin Bet and the rest of them, in those nations say, why don't we just take control?
If the CIA overthrew things, we can overthrow things.
So a lot of times you see those nations changing hands and getting into other dictators' control that the globalists don't like.
And then you'll see a coup d'etat against them.
And they're just basically bringing that form of government here to the U.S.
In 2002, we got the IMF World Bank documents, BBC reported on it, where they go into third world countries, we already knew this, but it was public now, pay their politicians off, not to pay off the debts, not to pay back the loans to the IMF and World Bank, that's again issued out of nowhere, just out of fiat, but backed up by our military.
And then they don't pay it back, but they sign deals signing over the water, the land, the roads, the natural resources, agreeing to... I mean, the IMF makes countries sign agreements to change the national uniform to black uniforms with no insignia.
I mean, it's global standardization.
They even say you've got to hire this advisor for your federal police, and then that advisor tells them how to go provocateur bombings or how to go attack peaceful groups by first attacking police in staged events.
I mean, it's all scripted out.
How to bring down a nation, how to blow it out, how to control it.
Once they get control, they then turn the water off, turn the power off for just a few days or weeks to cause panic.
Then everything falls apart.
Then they come in with the next phase of absolute total domination.
And they can take Argentina that was first world per capita as wealthy as the U.S.
The average person there was as well off as somebody in America until 2000.
And the globalists went in, we have the documents, and destroyed it all within a week by devaluing their currency.
And it was an IMF order to do it.
And then they took it all over.
They took everything.
99% of people lost everything.
Families that were worth millions of dollars, worth nothing if they weren't out of the currency.
And I do believe now they're planning that here.
And if you try to go out and protest, they're going to roll microwave guns out in the street.
The cops will be bankrupt.
Their mama will be in the street.
They're going to follow the orders.
They won't care.
Because it's about the personal power trip.
It's about believing they're part of the power structure, part of the system, defending the system.
This is how they do it.
And so we need to have a public discussion about this and ask if this is what we want.
So it's very simple.
The big central banks, the hucksters, the carnival barkers, the scam artists...
Took control of the entire planet in the last hundred years.
They had a few fights amongst themselves.
That was World War II, World War I. They set up the Communists because they couldn't have the West.
The people of the West wouldn't put up with invading Eastern Europe and invading Southeast Asia and killing people en masse and carrying out huge eugenics policies.
But they were all funded by banks in New York and London publicly.
And U.S.
advisors were always flying in.
To all the major communist capitals, giving them the armaments to roll into the next country.
Then the coal mines, the nickel mines, the silver mines, the diamond mines, the uranium mines are then publicly handed over to Rothschild, Rockefeller interest, Arm & Hammer, all public.
Because, again, we couldn't be the bad guys then.
We had to have that front.
When I say we, that is the people running our nation.
I always still think of it as I'm, you know, as America's doing all this and we run something and I'm part of the structure.
See, I have to deprogram myself.
I'm not.
The people using us knew we wouldn't go along with serving them to do that.
But then they said, look, the Cold War, we're done staging that.
We better have staged terror attacks.
We better have huge Pearl Harbor events.
Brzezinski wrote books.
Cheney wrote documents.
PNAC, September 2000 documents, one of them, Rebuilding America's Defenses, and
The outward attack is about knocking out rogue nations they don't control and they don't dominate.
But the bigger target is having the outside threat so that we will rally behind the leaders and still follow them while they destroy the dollar, enslave us, destroy the middle class, set up surveillance police state grids over us domestically.
We're the real target.
We've always been the real target.
I told you that on the day of 9-11.
We're the main target.
They've got to fully capture us to then bring in the draft and then use us against the outside target again for the new larger empire.
But we're only going to be a dynamo in a larger engine funding and powering the world government and supplying good old boys that sign up at the rodeo for the Marines, which is now part of a global response force for the new world order.
And there'll still be American flags and feeling good and strutting around as we're integrated into the North American Union.
We'll still have our local branding, and that's all they care about.
So they have set all this up, and imagine, they have unlimited currency, unlimited cash, unlimited.
And for the last decade, they decided in 93, more than a decade ago now, this is 14 years,
They decided and changed all the regulations before a bank could loan out ten times what it actually had in cash reserves.
And they did little stage deals like they'd set up dummy banks below them and then fund that bank and then let it leverage out ten times again.
And by the time you got to the fourth or fifth sub-bank, it was basically infinity.
But that wasn't enough.
Then they started certifying junk paper as the highest quality in the last ten years.
They allowed the big central banks and then even private banks to certify junk
Derivatives and thousands of different forms of debt obligations, taking people's debt and then selling it to investors who would buy that debt.
And they pumped and pumped and pumped and pumped and pumped and pumped and pumped and pumped and pumped and pumped the Ponzi scheme up to levels thousands of times what could ever physically be paid off.
All the taxes, all the assets, everything in the United States cannot even pay back a fraction of what is owed.
You see, the same banks come in, and they create debt out of nothing, and then have our government back it up in our name.
But now they need to call in all the bets.
Now they need to implode it.
And they're going to implode their own big central banks now.
It has to look official.
It has to look like, you know, they're even in trouble.
And they'll even send some bigwigs to jail.
And a few little ones like Martha Stewart, who's done nothing, but people think, you know, she's got a hundred million, she's King Tut, when the real families have hundreds of trillions apiece.
In this fiat ocean.
But they use that to flood, to buy.
People will kill their mother for a thousand dollars.
Well, imagine, it's just fiat.
They can buy the world with it.
Now they have to implode it.
So that's why simultaneously Bush talks about a strong dollar, talks about the economy doing great.
That's for political consumption by the dumbed-down mass.
That's so they feel confident and feel good while the rug is being pulled out from under them, while the gates are lowering down, while the jail door is closing.
So you politically won't blame them
While they do it, while at the same time in the real financial universe, they have got Federal Reserve Chairman, former Chairman Greenspan, the Bank of England head, all of them running around 24-7 telling everybody dump the dollar in China, in India, in Europe.
Two weeks ago, starting this latest problem, this latest slide to the Arab oil producers, Greenspan said dump your dollar, they started dumping.
While running back and telling you the dollar's strong, everything's great, everything's wonderful.
And while saying, look, the stock market went up 400 points, everything's dandy.
Every time they cut interest rates, they know it drives down the dollar.
Every time they badmouth the dollar, they know it drives it down.
Every time they say we're going to increase government spending massively and run up debts even higher.
They know.
It drives down the dollar.
They're doing everything, and their own documents say they're doing it, for the reason of bankrupting us.
Meanwhile, they've been taking all that fiat currency and putting it into commodities, putting it into raw infrastructure.
They're positioned for their next move.
We'll tell you about the next move when we get back.
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It is a big idea.
A new world order.
In the near future, Earth is dominated by our government.
It's known as the Builder Bird.
Could their objective be world domination?
For thousands of years, their dark order grew.
Now, as they hail the birth of the new world order, their great dream of exterminating 80% of humanity is at hand.
For the first time in history, the elite's plan for world government is blown wide open.
You will learn the secret that drives the entire New World Order agenda.
Don't worry, it's making great progress for the world government.
Most people have no idea.
They're not after money.
They have all the money they need.
They're after power.
That's what happens easily.
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No matter how hard you try, you can't stop us now.
No matter how hard you try, you can't stop us now.
Yeah, that's what the New World Order is saying.
They look at a public in massive private and public debt, a public who literally doesn't even know the basics of the geography of the planet or where their own nation is, a public who generally still thinks the economy's wonderful and thinks the dollar's doing great.
Yup, he's going to laugh at you in the street, man.
And by the time it starts affecting us, which it's starting to do, it's going to be too late.
Gold is over $1,000 an ounce today.
That's a major psychological barrier.
The IMF is dumping huge amounts of their gold reserves onto the market trying to drive it down, and it's just not working.
Oil is over $110 a barrel today.
$110 a barrel.
They're talking about it being 120 by the summer.
That's federal statistics.
I was reading this number this morning.
They're projecting out.
OPEC's saying they're not going to increase output.
We're in for rough times.
And the dollar is now at almost 156 to each euro.
That is, the euro is 156 to the dollar valued at $1.
It's about 56 cents above it in value
And it's just accelerating right now.
So what's the next phase of the globalists?
They've stated it.
No more free market.
The new market's going to be prisons, wars, police, checkpoints, tattletale squads, illegal aliens driving down the wages for the menial labor.
Social workers running your life, environmental social workers, family social workers, they're announcing it all.
Huge new taxes.
If you can't pay for socialized health care, they're going to CPS your kids.
Huge government warehousing of children.
When the Depression hits, it's just going to be hell on earth.
And they're going to say, hey, you can't criticize the government.
We're in a huge crisis, and Al-Qaeda just hit us again.
So we're going to arrest you if you criticize the government.
And we've all got to pull together to bring the country out of this.
And they're going to just further implode the economy, further implode the dollar down to nothing.
If this continues, and it looks like they're doing everything they can to accelerate it, and the dollar will die, they will then bring in a North American Union currency.
They've publicly said this.
And if you say you don't want it, then the news says it doesn't exist.
It's all public official.
Been announced.
We told you this 12 years ago, but now it's been announced.
We had their documents then, but now it's public.
And if we don't wake the people up to who their enemies are, I mean, it's our government, the criminals running it, that aren't just screwing up and killing the dollar or overprinting it.
They're trying to drive it down while they accelerate the issuance of it.
While at the same time telling the public the dollar is strong.
And so the next phase is the implosion of our economy.
And then the consolidation of it, because the elites have put all that fiat currency they created, they knew where to invest it, into commodities, into roads, into infrastructure, into power plants, into water treatment plants, into universities, into law enforcement, into prisons, into the military.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Running checkpoints, gun confiscations, and I'm already seeing them on the street.
Man, they are scary.
Shaved heads.
They're ready to rock.
And as long as they get that paycheck, they're going to do whatever they're told.
And you're going to hear talk show hosts and everybody else roll over to it.
We're going to hear worship of the government.
You're going to hear total agreement with everything they say.
And everybody's going to know the truth deep down.
But it's just going to be serve the man.
People were starving to death when 80% of us lived on farms in the 1930s.
Now 90% live in the city, and about 4-5%, depending on which number you look at, can actually self-sustain in the country.
4% can self-sustain.
We are lambs to the slaughter.
We are just absolutely pathetic and wide open and arrogant and think we know it all.
And just stupid and unhealthy and brainwashed.
Not just the police.
And it's... The government ships in the narcotics.
It's going to get worse.
They're building nothing but new prisons everywhere.
We're already the most imprisoned in the world.
And they're going from 1 million to 2 million to 3 million cops.
But when your car gets robbed, they're not coming to help you.
It's only there to write tickets and CPS your kids.
I mean, cameras everywhere, cameras in bathrooms.
Total big brother.
We'll come back and finish up with the economic news.
Stay with me.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen.
The Pentagon, in hundreds of public reports they've put out, have said, the Ministry of Defense report out of Britain has said that it's going to be internal suppression of populations is going to be the main mission of Western militaries because the West is not going to like losing first world status.
They say.
They even brag on NPR.
You've heard it.
That Americans are about to lose their standard of living.
They've been saying it for a decade.
They've been setting all this up.
They're conquering us.
A global financial combine of the most powerful industrialists.
Who set up central banks in the last 200 years is going for broke.
It's total economic siege, flooding everything with fiat currency, getting everyone overextended, governments overextended, in debt that could never be paid back, and then putting in police state governments, and then basically conditioning us that we're all a bunch of slaves, shifting over into this.
We can stop this if we get the word out.
We can stop this if police officers will just break their conditioning, break their brainwashing, and look into what we're facing.
If they care about their children's futures.
I'm going to say it again.
Officers, they shoot your kids up with mercury-filled vaccines.
Don't you laugh at me and say they're not in there.
Next time you're at the doctor, just say, I want to see the insert that came with this vaccination.
You're going to see thimerosal in there, and that's mercury.
And you're going to know I told you the truth.
And I want you to go read the studies on fluoride.
Thousands of them admitting it is hurting every gland in your body, every organ, hurting you.
Do you like your children losing 20 IQ points?
That would be like if you slammed their head every month into a brick wall for 10 years.
That basically is what they're doing to your child.
Do you care about your children?
You may not care about yourself, people in government.
FBI, bureaucrats, all of you.
This government's criminal.
The globalists want to destroy all nation states.
They've created a global order, a global regulatory system, where they use NATO and our military and the UN to go around enforcing this.
They say that they're going to bring us completely back into neo-feudalism.
That is their term, a post-industrial world where we literally live in total squalor, with no money, where they force whatever inoculations they want on us.
They're already from Thailand to South Africa injecting people with shots where they come and say, we're giving you three shots for tetanus while you're pregnant.
And then the babies die.
Now, in the insert for tetanus, you're not even supposed to give it to somebody when they're pregnant.
But the UN from Africa to Latin America to Asia forces three shots when tetanus is one shot for seven years.
And the babies die.
They have miscarriages.
It sterilizes the women.
These are cold-blooded killers.
These are the people that funded the Nazis.
When we say that George Bush's grandfather was the head Nazi agent in the U.S., that was in mainstream newspapers in the 1940s and 50s.
My film, Martial Law, covers it.
But it's bigger than the Nazis.
That was just one flavor.
It's eugenics.
It's bioethicist.
Now, here's what Dr. Paul Craig Roberts said today.
Crude oil for April hit delivery of $110 per barrel.
The U.S.
dollar fell to a new low against the euro.
It now takes $1.55 to purchase one euro.
These new highs against the dollar are an ongoing story of the collapse of the U.S.
dollar as world reserve currency and corresponding collapse of American power.
You see, the globalists used us to build their world government.
Now they're imploding us.
Do you understand?
The U.S.
is literally blowing up right now.
If you could image us as a battleship, the magazine just blew up sky high.
Okay, the ship is on fire.
And yuppies are dancing around, giggling and snickering, and cops are strutting around, writing tickets on the side of the street.
And, you know, CPS is grabbing people's kids at pell-mell speed.
It's just unbelievable.
Each new decision from the insane Bush regime pushes the dollar a little further along to oblivion.
It isn't Bush, Dr. Roberts.
It's the globalists.
The same Fed announcement that boosted the stock market on March 11th sent the dollar reeling and the price of oil up.
The Fed's announcement, just like oil went up and gold went up, the market went up.
It took more dollars to buy those stocks.
When you devalue the dollar, the stocks go up.
The stock market isn't up.
Your dollar's down.
Your gold isn't up in price.
It's the same price it was with the euro.
It goes on.
A little further towards oblivion.
The same Fed announcement that boosted the stock market on March 11th at the dollar reeling and the price of oil up.
The Fed's announcement that it and other central banks are doing the deal with the derivative crisis by monitoring $200 billion of the troubled instruments signaled more dollar inflation.
And he goes on for page after page.
I'm going to get into that.
Experts fear dollar crash as greenback hits new low.
Folks, the dollar could crash any time.
Most of the experts we have on say the next year to two years.
But now they're freaking out saying it could be sooner.
Do you understand?
Greenspan and others are running around bad-mouthing the dollar.
They've got George Soros' people everywhere bad-mouthing the dollar.
And they're blaming Bush for it when he's just a puppet.
We're good to go.
Gold prices have been going up and down above 1,000 today.
And joining us, somebody who's been a broker.
Ted, I don't think people know all your credentials.
Why don't you spend a minute or two before you give us your economic analysis of what's happening about your 20-plus years in all of this and what you see happening now.
Well, okay, we'll talk a little bit about me.
I started as a gold and silver broker back in 1980.
I worked for another company here in town.
That was when I was just graduating from high school.
Actually, I started as a janitor and worked my way up to be a broker in 1982.
In 1984, I got a Series 6 license, so I was trading mutual funds.
And then I got a Series 7, which put me into the position to be able to trade stocks and
And bonds and mutual funds and everything you have and the whole gamut of the whole economic thing.
I've spent over, well, it's 28 years now that I've been in the precious metals business.
And I can tell you right now, Alex, over the time, and back when I started in 1980, you couldn't believe how many people were getting into the precious metals market.
It was just hot as a pistol.
But it is nothing, nothing in comparison to what we have now.
I just cannot believe what's happening to the United States dollar.
It just, it befuddles me.
In the Chicago Tribune, back in 1980, they had to take the penny.
The copper penny cost too much to produce, so they took nickel and they plated it with copper, and that's the new penny that we have since 1980.
It was devalued to that.
Now nickel's become so valuable now, because the dollar's lost so much of its value, that now they're going to steal.
In 180 days, we're going to have steel pennies.
Right now, the only thing that's stopping this from happening is Ron Paul standing up in the banking committee right now and saying, no, you're devaluating the currency.
The United States people deserve to have a currency that's constitutional.
And the constitutional argument is sitting right here in the Chicago Tribune, and they're mentioning Ron Paul for it, and thank God they're doing that because it's...
People in the United States of America right now need to wake up to this fact that it isn't, you know, the reason why we're in trouble right now is not because of the people and the way that we're, you know, our spending habits.
It's because of this Federal Reserve Bank.
And the production of debt.
We can't even have currency in our economy without people going into debt.
I went to the post office to deliver everybody's gold and silver yesterday, and the tenant said, hey, guess what?
There's really good news out there.
The United States government is now getting into buying these subprime loans, and the economy is going to get better.
And I just thought, oh, my God, woman, if you just didn't even, if you could really know what that is.
That means they're going to accelerate the depreciation of the dollar even more, and that's when they announced it.
We're good to go.
And I remember my dad explaining that their money was steel and aluminum and pewter because they had a devalued currency because their government was corrupt, and they did that to rob their population.
And then it was a scam that the elites ran to print a bunch of money so they could buy up real infrastructure and then leave the people holding the bag.
That is now happening, and they look at 1970s, late 1970s, 1980, when they said this was the last big crisis.
We're good to go.
To where everything's going to go bankrupt except the big elite corporations that have positioned themselves into commodities, into raw things.
This is the final New World Order move.
CFR a month ago wrote a big report, officially put out by their bureau, that looks at economics, saying, let's get rid of the dollar.
This is it.
They are doing it, and the dollar, unfortunately, is probably never coming back.
It's not going to come back, Alex.
Not the dollar that we know right now, not the Federal Reserve note.
There is no way the Federal Reserve note can come back because right now it's a snowballing thing.
When the snowball starts at the top of the hill, it's small, but as it rolls down the hill, it picks up momentum and gets larger and larger.
That's what the problem is going on.
The United States...
The United States government, actually the United States people, we the people have to get currency through debt.
And when you add compounding interest on that, the problem compounds.
It builds and builds and builds.
It gets worse.
And now it's too big for us to handle.
There's not enough labor for us to turn over enough tax dollars for us to finance the interest on debt.
And the foreigners have been holding on to this currency.
The only reason why the dollar was a world currency is because it was backed by gold through 1971.
And when they stopped that, when Nixon stopped that in 71, it was curtains for the United States dollar.
It's just that we didn't know it yet.
At that time, we were living on the legacy of strength and superpower.
And the United States was able to live on that for the next 30 years before everything started to melt down.
And now we're watching, you know, foreigners going, you know, God, how do we get out of this?
And they want to get out of it.
You're talking about Greenspan going in there and talking about you better get out of the dollar.
As far as I'm concerned, that's good advice.
People should get the heck away from the Federal Reserve note.
We should have that secondary currency that Ron Paul talked about.
But, Ted, here's the key.
They tell us the dollar's strong domestically, and then they go tell the foreigners the truth.
That's treason.
I agree with you, Alex.
I agree with you 100%.
The education that they're giving the foreigners right now should be happening right here in the United States, but you've got to realize that's political suicide for Bush to come out and say, hey, the dollar's doomed, better get into some hard assets right now before it's too late.
You know, that isn't going to happen here.
Let me add a caveat to that.
Studying hyperinflation globally, it hits the country that does it last, but then it hits them hardest.
So whereas you go to Europe now, you're going to notice things are more than double.
A hotel that was $200 five years ago is $500.
A glass of Coca-Cola, if you're paying in dollars, is about $8.
A pack of cigarettes is about $12 American dollars.
If you were trying to buy fuel over there, you're talking about $10 a gallon.
When it finally hits here, it always hits last in the nation that is devaluing.
Now, we're already seeing the leading edge of the storm with food prices up 30% in the last six months, with real admitted inflation at around 15%.
I mean, folks, look at all the prices.
You go to a restaurant, how much milk is, how much fuel is.
That is just the beginning.
Because once the true devaluation hits, the dollar's been devalued down to less than a penny to what it was worth before.
Decades ago.
And see, the devaluation we've seen is only 50% globally or a little bit more.
Imagine when that real devaluation hits, which it will, will be like the peso where it's 50 or 60 or 70.
You know, the peso just five years ago, I looked it up last night, was about 100 to 1 to the dollar.
It's now 13 to 1.
The peso's rising.
The dollar's plunging.
It's going to be like you're holding pesos.
Yeah, Alex, it'd be like you're holding pesos, but the problem is we're at the front side of the devaluation.
If people in Mexico knew to get out of the peso when it was about to be devaluated 40% in one year, they would have all run for cover.
And that's why they can't tell people here in the United States.
If we as a country...
Americans, compared to the institutional wealth and the governmental wealth,
Let's be clear.
Hold a fraction now.
In the past, we held the majority.
Now we hold, because we're a debtor nation.
The average household is actually a negative.
We have the highest private debt ratio in U.S.
history, higher than the depths of the Depression in the winter of 1933.
We passed that mark in January of last year, now about 14, 15 months ago.
So, this is the important point here.
That as all this unfolds, if people got into Swiss bonds, if they got into Euros, if they got into metals, I mean, I say diversify, folks.
If you did that now, you would be personally protected.
But the globalists, and they've written policy papers on this, it's in the IMF documents of six years ago, but it's in many of the new ones, and even the Times of London and others, and Financial Times of London admit all this.
We're good to go.
To not pay back your loans so they get your house.
This is admitted.
This is Banking 101.
It's fiat.
They want you to come under their control.
Well, Alex, it gets worse than that.
The Federal Reserve Bank right now is buying subprime loans, which means that they are becoming the debtor directly of people that own homes.
And when they start...
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
I mean, I don't know what more you need.
And by the way, that's all mainline history.
They brag that they caused the implosion as a consolidation, as a transfer of wealth.
It's exactly right, Alex.
Right now, they're ending up with the real value in this nation.
The real estate, the things that really count, like you said, the infrastructure, the water, the roads, everything that really has wealth.
While the dollar is falling through the floor, they're making money at it.
Let's explain the Ponzi scheme simply on the other side.
Final segment with Ted, then we've got...
madam popping in to talk about, briefly, to give us her take on the former governor and what's going on behind the scenes there.
The D.C.
Then we'll continue with your phone calls in the second hour into the third hour.
We've got a life extension technology expert joining us.
But let's explain how Ponzi schemes work when we get back.
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Loose Change, Final Cut.
Endgame, Blueprint for Global Enslavement.
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Alright, we're back live, ladies and gentlemen.
Getting into Ponzi schemes.
To put it simply, the classic ones are where you tell people at the country club, there's some guy who's always got a name like Rothschild or Rockefeller, his real name's Smith.
You know, it's a classic con.
There's different forms of them, but here's the grassroots, simple one.
And he invents some people, some rich old ladies generally, is their favorite target, to invest $1,000, and in a month they'll get $5,000 back.
And they invest in the new business scheme that he explains to them in his tuxedo.
And they get $5,000 back in a month.
And they tell all their friends.
And they invest $10,000 apiece.
And the next month they get...
You know, $40,000, $50,000 back.
They're like, this is incredible.
Then all their husbands and everybody else invest a million dollars.
A million dollars apiece.
Let's say he gets hundreds to do it.
The guy skips town.
The money's in a Swiss bank account.
He makes an investment of maybe $200,000 for the Ponzi scheme to pay back a little bit.
And then he's able to get $50 million.
Well, the Federal Reserve took over.
They issued all this currency, they bought up the world with it, and then now they've got to leave you with, you know, holding the bag.
That's what they're doing.
But they know you want to come arrest the guy that did the Ponzi scheme, so they've gone from 300,000 cops to a million and a half, about to be two million, FEMA camps, no protest allowed, we've got machine guns, shut up.
And the cop doesn't know.
He's like the average American, literally can't find the U.S.
on a map.
The average American doesn't know who the vice president is.
They're just literal idiots.
And that was done through the culture and the entertainment where we're just a bunch of lazy idiots.
So, but you can get out of the Ponzi scheme now.
See, that's why I don't promote multi-level marketing here.
It's kind of the same thing, but not as evil.
I don't promote magic machines here.
You know, buy this machine and it magically heals you.
I hate it.
But I do promote gold, ladies and gentlemen, and silver.
And I'll tell you about other securities that Ted isn't involved in that you might want to look into.
I just know this.
The dollar is going down.
We told you to get into gold when it was $300 and less than that, $264 an ounce, and now it's $1,000.
That's a big psychological barrier.
Ted, I've had you on for 30 minutes because I wanted you to get your own analysis, and we always appreciate your expertise.
I think it's overlooked sometimes, but you do have gold at last week's price.
You have secured it.
It will go quickly.
Last week, we thought we'd run out, but then gold kind of sat there at about 980.
And so you got a little bit, but then it will go up with this $1,000.
There's no doubt it may correct, but then shoot back up.
This is a major psychological barrier, isn't it, Ted?
It sure is.
It wouldn't surprise me a bit to see $1,200 announce rather quickly now that we've had $1,000 under our belt.
It's just like when you're buying gas at $3, all of a sudden $2.80 seems like a buy and a bargain now.
It works the same way for the gold price.
Right now we do.
We have some of those British Sovereigns gold coins in here still.
They're at $271.
That is the price that it was before it hit $1,000.
We also have the Frank coin.
The Frank coin right now is at $216 again.
A coin that is at price before we hit gold at $1,000.
And Alex, I can't say it enough.
That silver right now is just... I have a few bags of those Walking Liberty halves left.
And they're going for $210 per roll of $20.
Silver's way over $20 an ounce now.
It's way closer to $21 than it is $20.
And those silver halves at $210 per roll, they will go up.
In addition to this, I'll make a prediction.
Paper currency will stop buying food.
It's going to stop buying gold and silver.
The value of it is going to become so worthless that at some point in the future, this Federal Reserve note that we have will no longer buy your family the food it needs.
I think it's time to get in.
800-686-2237, Alex.
Stay there, Ted.
We'll be back in 70 seconds.
I want to hear more about that prediction, and I want to hear more about that offer again.
Ladies and gentlemen, I know you got money in those college funds just sitting there getting 4% a year.
Because I do, too.
And I've been so busy, I haven't gone and taken it out and put it into gold and silver.
And every day I wait, it goes up.
I am an idiot, just like you.
Thank you for listening to GCN.
Be sure to visit GCNlive.com today.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas...
Alex Jones.
All right, final segment with Ted.
We've been talking about the economy.
Gold over $1,000 an ounce.
Oil over $110 a barrel.
The Fed doing everything it can to lower interest rates to drive down the dollar further, while the former Fed chief and others run around globally bad-mouthing the dollar.
The globalists are doing this by design, and Europe's going to be pulled into this, too.
You know, I've looked into euros and looked into Swiss bonds, and those are all fine and dandy, but all the experts agree that as this crisis deepens, it's going to pull down their currencies, their economies, their investments.
Don't think if you're outside the U.S.
this is just going to affect people in the U.S.
Ted, I hear national talk show hosts and so-called financial hosts
I don't believe the dollar's weak.
I don't believe the dollar's having problems.
Like them saying they don't believe it, but they know the public thinks like that.
Oh, I believe it's doing well, too.
That somehow that affects the dollar.
The dollar is in the toilet.
Now it's just going down the drain.
Alex, some people just want to deny it.
It's like the alcoholic denying his alcoholism.
I mean, we're sitting here in a crash.
Everything's falling apart.
And, oh, it's not happening.
Come on.
Your house is on fire.
If you want to deny it's on fire, you're going to get burnt up.
Either that or you get out the hoses and you put out the fire.
The people of the United States right now are expecting the government to bail out our problems.
And the government has fallen suit with that, and that's when you see Benarkey in there talking about buying subprime loans and all this other stuff.
That type of attitude is going to destroy the currency.
There's no question about it in my mind, and I don't think that's going to change.
I was on this Ron Paul thing, and we're trying to get hard currency back in.
I sat there in these Republican conventions, and we'd argue as to whether we should have hard currency or not have hard currency, and the people still believe that we should print our way out.
It's not changing.
You said in the delegate deal you were voted down narrowly, you and your group, and they said, we love the Federal Reserve, they are good.
Yeah, that's exactly what they said, and that's just because they don't know.
They think that the government has to solve these problems.
The government has to get the heck out of it.
Well, let me say something in conclusion here.
We're already totally bankrupt.
The central banks loaned the government money out of nothing so they would get the real assets.
That's all going to come to an end.
But what is Barack Obama and Hillary promising?
Socialized health care?
CPSing, taking your kids if you don't have it but you can't pay for it?
A new nanny state?
They're going after the farms, the ranches with the animal ID and the premises ID?
I mean, the government is like doubling, more than doubled under Bush, almost tripled.
Now they're talking about quadrupling it.
It's over, man.
We're good to go.
Are insane.
I've got to go get some of my kids' savings out to get some of this.
The silver is going to go.
You've got to give them a call right now.
Ted, on those two gold coins and on those silver, give them the number.
Yeah, 1-800-686-2237.
Again, it's 1-800-686-2237.
And when you're buying coins from back at the turn of the century, that means they're not making them anymore.
There's a finite supply.
About 3% of the people get into gold, and it's going to be gone.
There's not going to be enough to go around.
Paper currency right now is buying gold and silver, and I can tell you with the attitude of the nation, it will not in the future.
We will not even be able to buy food with this currency.
Sad as that sounds, that's the way we're heading.
Don't worry, they'll have an emergency Eurostabilization America package.
And all the people that said we were nuts and it didn't exist will suddenly say they love it, and the government's got a new plan to save them again.
And that'll be a deeper end of the depths of their control.
They create the crisis, then you go deeper into their clutches.
Get out of their clutches.
That number if you missed it.
That limits the Alex Jones Special.
Folks, you're not going to be able to get this deal in just a few days.
Gold is above $1,000.
We're going to come back and do a ton of news and a lot more.
Ted, thanks for spending time with us.
Yeah, it's a pleasure to be on.
We'll be right back.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk, Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
All right, we're going to open the phones up later in this hour.
I'm going to get into a bunch of economic news, police state news as well.
But I really appreciate Deborah Jean Palfrey, known as Jean Palfrey, the D.C.
Madam, for coming on the show today.
I want to get her view, her take, on what's happening, of course, with the governor that stepped down yesterday of New York, Elliot Spitzer, and also get an update on where her case is.
Now, my views are very simple, and I want to see if she concurs with these, or if she can expand, or if she disagrees.
Elliot Spitzer did go after some big corrupt institutions.
People that were engaged in crimes that were actually hurting people.
Like Enron.
Hundreds of thousands of people not even getting their pensions.
People being ruined.
A lot of serious things going on.
I'm not defending Elliot Spitzer.
He was for a lot of things I disagreed with.
He wouldn't go for another 9-11 investigation.
The point is, though, he really did hand out some hundred million and billion dollar fines.
He did make some big boys mad.
And we know that this stuff is selectively enforced.
I mean, Barney Frank can have underage teenagers, homosexuals, at his place in Maryland running a brothel that he said somebody was running.
He just let them do it, and he doesn't get in trouble.
Or the White House.
Bush can have hundreds and hundreds and thousands of visits by Jeff Gannon, the mail madam, bringing in the male prostitutes.
That's the main thing the Republicans like, at least from what I've heard and seen and read over the years.
That's a running theme.
And so, you know, we see all that happening.
And we see just constant sex scandals with things that are really criminal, like all these Republican Homeland Security people being caught being child molesters.
I mean, what's going on there?
Why is it happening so much with this one crowd?
Meanwhile, you've got these upscale escort services where there's not even sex involved a large part of the time.
And I'm not defending it one way or the other.
I'm just analyzing this coldly.
And they raid her, they go after her, they take everything she's got, they don't give her due process, but then they protect all the bigwig Republicans and Democrats that were using the service and go after her.
Well, now we've got Spitzer, where his bank is spying on him, over a $15,000 transfer, and all this is happening, but meanwhile you can have the gay porn stars every night at the White House, and that investigation is shut down.
It just looks to me like he's being persecuted.
It looks to me like this is also a message to everybody else.
We've got all these financial corruption coming out.
Six, seven years ago, as Attorney General, he went after kind of the many subprime mortgage crowd who were involved in all these different derivative scams.
Now, do they want to send a message to other regulators that you better leave us alone with all the scams we're running?
I don't know what's happening, but I know that something stinks.
This is selective enforcement, and we know he has been selectively targeted.
Now, I don't know if she agrees with that, but Jean Palfrey, the D.C.
Madam, thanks for coming on with us.
Well, thank you for having me today.
What do you think of the statement I just made?
Well, thank you for coming on.
What do you think of the statement I just made?
I just think you wrapped it up very nicely.
I agree wholeheartedly.
I've been following this quite a bit for the last three days.
As I said to somebody just yesterday, I woke up Monday morning and I thought the highlight of my day was going to get my hair trimmed.
And the first call out of the gate was, would you like to be on Larry King tonight?
So, you know, I've been privy to it from the moment it broke, and I've been following it on my own and through various people who have been giving me tidbits as events have unfolded here in the last 72 or so hours.
And I conclude with you, this is totally and completely politically motivated.
As a matter of fact, I've come to the conclusion that escort services and adult service businesses, agencies, are really the new hunting ground
For the targets.
And I believe that's part of what has happened here.
And you touched upon a point.
I'm so happy you made this point about the bank spying on you.
I believe that's exactly how this started.
I think the government was gunning for him.
They're probably gunning for quite a few people.
You know, it's a game.
It seems to be, this is a war.
And all the rest of us little people are down here at the bottom, and the big boys and girls even are up at the top gunning for one another.
And they do it in a variety of ways.
And one way they do it is they go to the bank, and this is exactly what I believe happened to me.
They go to the bank, in this case it was the North Fork Bank, if I'm not mistaken.
Mine was the Wells Fargo Bank.
And they say to the bank, we suspect, watch,
And the bank, in essence, is spying on you, the client.
So whenever a transaction occurs that seems even slightly askew, as innocent and innocuous as it might be, the bank, you know, the pleasers that they are, you know, run to the feds and say, look, look, look.
Now, what I find very interesting is the fact that I read that Elliot Spitzer's last reported tax return, which I must assume is for 2006,
$1.9 million of income.
This is a very wealthy man.
I have heard figures that he spent between $15,000 and $80,000 at Emperor's Club over a period of anywhere from four or five months to two years.
We're looking at maybe $3,000, $4,000, $5,000 a month being transferred between and among his various accounts.
I do not see this, just as a layperson here,
As reason for alarm for the bank to go running to the feds and say, oh my God, he transferred $3,000.
Well, that's chicken feed over six months or so, $15,000 for somebody that does make $2 million a year.
And I think they're using that as a cover with the Know Your Customer and the Suspicious Transactions Act.
I mean, they are definitely selectively...
Using dirt on people, there is no doubt.
What do you think, from your inside sources, I mean, you're on Larry King, you know all these people, you're talking to people.
I mean, what's the M.O.
you're getting?
Well, this seems to be what I'm getting, that there's something fishy behind this, that this is selectively prosecuted, that the bank, I do believe, initially triggered the feds.
And then they found out about the company, VIP, Emperor's VIP.
And then, from what I understand, there's something in the New York Post this morning that someone just sent me and I was reading in preparation for our talk here about the informant that they used last October or so when I guess the transactions were being reported by the bank is an ex-madam in New York who used to work for VIP
who gave them the necessary information that they required to start tying everything together and that's when I think they went after the company as a whole.
Now what's interesting here is I don't think they necessarily were going to go after the whole company but I think in tandem with what I started with at the beginning of the conversation they saw what they had gotten themselves into this very high priced
Escort service, which was a fantastic hunting ground because, you know, we have many other clients here.
We have at least clients one through eight here, plus how many come after nine, I don't know.
And I think they saw this as just hitting the mother load.
And I think, again, that escort services and adult service agencies, just like the banks, are being used as tools in this war of the big boys and the big girls at the top with all of us at the bottom here to get one another.
I mean, this is a sick society that we're living in, and a lot of us, very sadly and very tragically, are getting caught up in the middle.
Well, why is Barney Frank allowed to have underage people?
I mean, that is a crime, but that's okay.
But then, I mean, doesn't the public see the double standard or the White House and all these gay prostitutes?
Well, we're in a Republican... I understand, I believe Barney Frank is a Democrat, but I understand that we're in a very Republican administration right now.
This is a DOJ administration.
I mean, there have been a lot of people, I think, gunning from the Republican side for Eliot Spitzer for a long time.
I mean, they hit the jackpot with him.
Regarding Barty Frank, that happened years ago.
I'm not all that familiar with that circumstance.
Well, why are they throwing bricks in glass houses?
I mean, thousands of visits after midnight by these male prostitutes?
Well, because we're in a Republican DOJ.
Look, David Vitter, in my situation, he's still a United States Senator.
I mean, you know, there are many people involved with my case that somebody could have gone after, but nobody ever went after.
Now, of course, I do claim that I was running a fantasy service, and they all are claiming that they only receive fantasy appointments.
And that's the sticking point here.
These escort services, as you said at the beginning, some indeed are legal.
Legal in the sense that, yes, they are erotic, yes, they are sexual.
They do a variety of sexual fantasies and experiences, but they stop short of the line of illegality.
Which means not crossing over into prostitution and oral sex and intercourse and that sort of thing.
The folks at VIP, that's why Eliot Spitzer is in such hot water is because there are so many tapes on these people.
Text messages, emails, telephone wiretaps.
They've got the goods on pretty much everybody there because apparently all these people were actively engaged in prostitution and talking between and among themselves in a very overt fashion.
So that's why Eliot Spitzer, yes, he would be very embarrassed today if he was just caught up in a fantasy concern like David Vitter.
Now, Op-Ed News and others, I don't know if you've seen these reports, are claiming that Dick Cheney may have been involved as one of your clients.
That seems to be the rumor.
You know, I'm still trying to figure out why they targeted me.
And, you know, I was not under investigation for five months like Emperor's VIP.
I was under investigation, actually, hubris-like observation, it appears, for anywhere from two and a half to six years, depending on one's perspective.
Yeah, they were using you as just a net to later use dirt on people, probably without... Even suspecting, probably.
I think so.
I think that's a real good thing.
Either that or they were hiding something or something.
They were using me for some reason.
Well, it's just like drugs.
The government has been caught thousands of times shipping in narcotics, but then they'll kick down somebody's door looking for a marijuana cigarette.
It's just they have no standing to even be involved in any of this.
That's true.
That's true.
These are very victimless type situations that are being used for political advantage.
Stay there.
I want to do a final segment with you.
You're very busy.
Deborah Jean Palfrey.
Jean Palfrey is our guest.
She's the D.C.
And she's here helping us analyze what's happening with Eliot Spitzer.
Again, I'm no fan of Eliot Spitzer.
The point here is, this is selective, hypocritical enforcement, and it stinks.
It's for political reasons.
It is a big idea.
A new world order.
In the near future, Earth is dominated by a powerful government.
It's known as the Bilderberg.
Don't their objectives be world domination?
For thousands of years, their dark order grew.
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For the first time in history, the elite's plan for world government is blown wide open.
You will learn the secret that drives the entire New World Order agenda.
Silverberg is making great progress toward a world government.
Most people have no idea.
They're not after money.
They have all the money they need.
They're after power.
That's what they're after.
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In Game, blueprint for global enslavement.
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I don't know.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
All right, going right back to the D.C.
Madam, Jean Palfrey.
We'll keep her a little bit in the next segment.
Because this could blow things sky high.
You're going to court in three weeks.
The talk is that Senator Vitter may be called as a witness.
He's admitted to all this.
We have the former Bush's aide czar, Randall Tobias.
We have Eli Lilly, top exec.
As well, a lot of other people out of hundreds of different escort services in D.C.,
How would you not know if it was Cheney or not?
Because Wayne Madison and others keep saying that.
Amazingly dangerous, even if it's true to be talking about that and being the source of saying it.
I mean, how would you not know if it was Cheney?
And how do we know that Brandi Britton, one of your girls who committed suicide, didn't commit suicide?
Well, we don't know about that.
There's two schools of thoughts.
One says yes, one says no.
But regarding Dick Cheney, he very possibly could have used the service.
I don't remember him.
I'm sure he used an alias.
After all, he probably would not have used the service once he became vice president.
That's pretty obvious.
He became very well known.
But in the mid to late 90s, as he faded off the radar screen during the Clinton years,
You know, I could have sent easily a 25, 26, 28-year-old woman, we hired age 23 and up, who would have been 18 years of age when he was the Secretary of Defense back in the late 80s and early 90s.
And to be honest with you, she wouldn't have recognized him.
But why is his name coming up?
Well, you know, there are people who claim that Wayne Madsen, who claims he has sources confirming it.
These sources are not coming forward, though.
Well, I know why.
If it's true, boy, this is dangerous.
What were the circumstances that made people question Brandi Britton's death?
Well, you know, people say that she was a very upbeat person, a very positive person, that she was going into court, she was ready to fight him, that she absolutely was not going to give in.
And all of a sudden, I think a few days before she was to go to trial, she committed suicide.
And her family members, her friends say that this was extremely abnormal.
She was not in the frame of mind to commit suicide.
You know, that perhaps she knew something.
There's been a lot of speculation about that.
She had very little to lose.
She wasn't going to go to jail.
That's right.
She'd been charged on a prostitution case.
She'd been busted, but I guess she was going to name names or something.
Who knows?
Who knows?
Maybe that's what they thought she was going to do.
Maybe that's what they thought I was going to do when I suddenly closed my business in August of 2006 and was selling my house and trying to move to Europe.
I had no intention of doing any such thing.
I just had every intention of just moving on with my life.
And they panicked and thought that I was going to do something similar to what you're saying here, that I was going to write a tell-all book, perhaps, or name names.
And now they've caused a big problem by going after you.
What's going to happen in your trial?
I'm going to defend myself vigorously.
I'm bringing in people for my defense, some well-known, some not.
I'm of course not at liberty to discuss that.
The government's case, from what I can tell, is absolutely abysmal.
I don't think they ever thought it would get to this point.
I think they thought they would come in, they would scare the hell out of me, which they did.
They did a great job of intimidating me.
Smear me on the internet, put me up there on the smoking gun.
Leaked documents to Bill Bastone of the Smoking Gun.
You know, they leaked that unsigned search warrant affidavit.
He couldn't have gotten it any other way except had it been leaked by the government.
You know, they threatened me prior to indictment of late February last year, either plea to our terms or plea somehow, some way.
Or we're going to indict you on RICO and racketeering, which is absurd in my situation.
Well, the fact that you're so visible really protects you going on Larry King and other big shows, but you want to put it on record that you're not planning to commit suicide?
No, I'm not planning to commit suicide.
I'm planning to go into court on April 7th, if indeed we do have the trial, and I plan on defending myself vigorously, and I plan on exposing the government...
In ways that, you know, I do not think they want me to expose them.
I want them to explain to me in open court why they came after me.
How does the FBI do this?
They know you had a bunch of, you know, government and cabinet and White House and Defense Department people, and they don't go after any of them.
They go after you, and then instead of just dropping it and leaving you alone...
They've made a huge mess out of this.
What I think happened is that they used me.
I was a hunting ground.
I keep using that term because I think it's so applicable.
I was a hunting ground.
They thought I had something perhaps.
They were watching me for years.
Again, they were not watching me for a few months.
They were watching me for anywhere from two and a half to six years.
I was a very routine person.
All of a sudden, here I go and I
Abruptly quit the business.
Now, if you're watching me from afar, this could be in a very Hoover-esque-like fashion.
This could be very alarming.
She shuts down the business.
She's selling her house.
She's moving.
Oh, my God, what's going on?
They've come flying out here to California.
And it was tipped off, by the way, by a wire transfer from my bank.
That's right.
They're spying on everybody.
Final segment with our guest.
She's the D.C.
madam, Jean Palfrey.
This goes deep.
We'll be right back.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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We're good to go.
The drug war, prostitution war, it's all of it.
It's a complete joke.
The big boys run it all, and they selectively enforce it.
And we know that the Bushes attend the Bohemian Grove, where they bring in the female prostitutes by jet.
They fly them from all over the world to Monterio, the town right outside the 2,700-acre Redwood Retreat.
But then they can bring the male prostitutes because it's all male.
Even the New York Post has reported headline, top gay porn star, you know, services moguls at Bohemian Grove.
It's just unbelievable.
And they've now destroyed the governor of New York.
It's amazing.
They're senators who openly use prostitutes or call girls, escorts, whatever you want to call it,
You've got all these other executives caught red-handed.
Nothing happens.
So the big question here is, why was the governor shot down?
There's something important behind that.
Talking to the D.C.
madam here, Jean Paltry.
Jean, there's a lot of other facets to all of this.
Your trial's coming up.
Do you expect them to finally drop it, or are they going to let you call senators and other prominent people
In there to testify in the media circus that will cause embarrassing the White House.
Why doesn't the Justice Department... I mean, we know that the Justice Department ignores massive, super hardcore crimes all the time and says Bush is above the law.
Why don't they just drop your case?
Or is this just about mindlessly punishing you?
Well, who knows at this point?
I've wondered this all along.
I think they got themselves into a mess here.
And they just don't know how to get themselves out.
This is the big question.
Are they going to allow me to go into court and present my case and my defense and let me open my very big mouth here and let it all rip and get it all out there in open court with an entire gallery of press sitting there taking down my every word, allow me to bring in some very high-profile people as witnesses
And on the other side of the equation, from what I can tell, the most they have at this point is they took a bunch of women, they terrified them into saying this statement.
Yes, I committed acts of prostitution.
However, she did not know about it.
You see, in order to convict me, I have to know about it.
Not only do I have to know about it, I had to instruct them, I had to foster an environment for that sort of thing to occur.
And that just simply isn't the case.
From what I can tell, they have absolutely no audio tapes on me whatsoever.
And I do know I was being taped and tapped for many, many years because I didn't do anything wrong.
I did structure this as a fantasy concern, and I ran it accordingly.
So for them to come into court with virtually zero case, zero evidence, and this is the most they have from what I can tell.
And then me, with what I'm going to say...
And all of the people that I'm going to bring in to support that this indeed was a fantasy concern.
I just don't see it going forward.
However, you know, these people are not that bright sometimes.
You know, I used to think that these people were extremely smart and, you know, they were the top people in this country.
These people are not that bright in government.
They're a bunch of buffoons sometimes.
They honestly are.
Anybody with half a brain in their head would never have allowed my situation to get as far as it has.
We went to them in the very beginning, when this was still in the civil asset forfeiture, back in the fall of 2006, and said, what do you want?
I mean, are you running some sort of an investigation, some sort of influence peddling type of investigation, and you need me as a witness?
Perhaps in the Brent Wilkes case, and by the way, Brent Wilkes was a client.
Brent Wilkes, Randy Duke Cunningham, that whole little mess, he was a client.
You know, and we thought maybe I was affiliated with something like that, which I actually was in a very indirect way.
Is this what you want?
This is what we asked them.
We offered Queen for the Day several times, and that's what it's called, where a person would come in, give the information that they have about, say, a corrupt person like Brent Wilkes,
And then be given immunity and, you know, told to go on their way.
Not with me.
They came in on day one, the day my house was raided and the warrant was executed.
They seized every penny that I have.
I've been living on credit and financial fumes for 18 months now.
After that, they said, if you don't plea out, we are going to indict you on racketeering.
I told them, go for it.
I said, you know, you're not taking a penny of my life savings
In a minute of my liberty, I didn't do anything wrong.
Whatever mess you created here, because I think they created a mess, I think they thought I was involved in something or I had something, and when they got into this house and they didn't find it, and they couldn't get the confirmation, they just figured, oh, screw it, let's just wrap it up and charge her anyway, get something out of this after all we've investigated for years.
I am not going to pay for their screw-up.
Are they happy now, or are they a little bit upset that you're going to court?
I can't imagine they're happy.
You know, they play with poker faces.
I've never seen people who are more robot-like in my life than an assistant United States attorney.
These people at the Justice Department, I think they all have lobotomies.
They're not human.
They're not human.
They walk into that courtroom stone-faced, and they walk out stone-faced.
But I know underneath that, they've got to be human, and they cannot be happy with the situation.
Well, what about Porter Goss?
He had to step down because he was going and having the poker parties there at the Watergate Hotel about a year and a half ago where, I mean, it was flat-out prostitution.
The big defense contractors basically pay for the poker, and then you select your girl, and nothing happens to him.
It's crazy.
Well, it all depends on what administration is in play.
And the next one is probably going to be Democratic, and perhaps it'll go that way, you know, where they'll go after the Republicans the next go-around.
But right now the Republicans seem to be safe and the Democrats seem to be not so safe.
You know, it's a sad, sorry, state of affairs that there's this game going on at the top when there's so many more important issues for all of us.
Everything from the war in Iraq to health care to security to taking care of the people who truly need to be taken care of in this society.
Well, that was my final point, is that the borders are literally wide open with crime in the streets down here on the Texas border.
There's organized crime running wild, murders.
There's all sorts of corporate corruption.
The economy is on the verge of imploding.
And what is the FBI doing?
They're spending their time spying on anti-war protesters.
They're spending their time going after people that run escort services.
They're spending their time spying on citizens.
I mean, they admit, I had a professor on yesterday who's done this big study, that two-thirds of the FBI's time now is basically in political commissariat-type spying.
I mean, it's a political core now.
Yeah, then what I'm saying is true.
Then what I'm saying is true, that it's
They're using our tax dollars to get each other.
They're using our tax dollars, our resources, resources that should be used for border security, for homeland security, for any number of good causes.
You know, I sit back and I think the amount of money that's spent every day in Iraq, if it was just doled out to my little hometown or my little town out here in California or my area, the number of schools that we can build, the infrastructure, the hospitals,
Anything but all of this nonsense that's going on.
But yet, you know, it's this big power play with the oil, and they're using us and our resources to get at each other so that they can have whatever it is that they want, not necessarily what's good for the country.
And I firmly believe that.
Well, the dollar's plunging.
The nation is in the biggest financial straits we've faced since the Great Depression.
The economist and forecaster I've had on has concurred.
And meanwhile, we are spending tens of billions of dollars a year to spy on citizens.
Well, thank you very much for inviting me.
I've enjoyed it.
We've enjoyed it as well.
Thank you.
Take care.
It's been very revealing.
Thank you.
Uh, yeah.
I'm going to get to the bottom of this Spitzer thing.
Because, you know, with just regular prostitution or call girls or whatever, we wouldn't be here covering it.
This is not a show about sex.
We don't talk too much about sex here.
Though that's always an interesting radio topic and people like to hear about it.
It means nothing to me.
It's boring.
Other than the fact that it's so hypocritical and they're using it to bribe and blackmail each other.
And that's what they do.
They get in there and they get a list of her client list, the list they can get, and they record the phones, and then they use that to blackmail people.
Oh, you're not going to vote for the Patriot Act.
Oh, you're not going to vote for Bush being dictator and Congress having no authority.
Well, remember 15 years ago when you first got into Congress and your buddy introduced you to some call girls at those parties?
Well, guess what?
The FBI was surveilling that.
And it turns out they basically run it.
And now we've got photos.
We've got video.
We've got... You're going to do what we say, okay?
And hey, if you do, we'll give you lots of contracts and money and power.
But if you don't, it's going to come out on the news.
And they're like, but wait a minute.
All these other guys visit prostitutes in the Congress.
And they say, we don't care.
Do what we say or we're going to burn you.
And nobody's going to believe you when you come out and say other people use them.
So this is one of the main ways that they have been blackmailing
The other one, of course, is just they've written the rules where you can fly on jets, you can take free vacations, you can take gifts.
Then they change the rules and say retroactively you can't, and then they have a scandal about that.
They just do so much.
Meanwhile, Halliburton and DynCorp can be in the Chicago Tribune and the London Guardian and Le Figaro, the BBC.
Running child kidnapping rings.
Kidnapping women.
I'm not talking about what they put on the national news or PBS where they trick 17, 18 year old girls out of Ukraine or Russia to get on a plane and they land in Israel or Saudi Arabia and they won't let them leave.
And then if they get pregnant, they force them to have abortions.
That is on the scale of evil.
That's... That's really bad, but that's...
You see, way over here on the leash, you've got these rich women getting $4,000 or $5,000 a pop, living in penthouses, modeling during the day, have one or two rich clients a week, governors, CEOs, people like that.
And then you've got the next level of girls that are working every day, multiple times a day, through escort services, and then the classic whorehouses, and then the streetwalkers, who are drug addicts, and it goes down the gradient.
And then the next worst thing, the women getting grabbed, now even out of the U.S., or Mexican women being brought up to Houston.
They bust them all the time with fake walls and whole areas walled off and apartment complexes with women chained down.
Not a lot of investigation going on there, though.
They just basically bumble into them half the time.
The police kind of as an afterthought stop them.
And then that gets into teenage girls, 10-year-old girls, boys.
Right down to toddlers.
Right down to snuff films.
I mean, they don't ever allow this on U.S.
television that I know of.
But Russian, Italian, French... I mean, I read the translations of these, and I've watched these newscasts, and I mean, it's two-year-olds being raped and then having their heads blown off.
And you know who's buying that stuff?
People in the U.S.
Just like, you know, that movie 8mm?
About a snuff film?
Folks, it's worse than that.
And you know who's buying that stuff?
Our government.
And again, that's just history.
Nero, I've told this story many times, go look it up for yourself, he would dress up like a werewolf.
He would dress up in a wolf's hide, and they would have this big party going on with orgies, and they would chain down a young boy, and he would run up and bite their arteries in their neck and spray blood everywhere.
I mean, that's the type of stuff.
Caligula marries his horse, sleeps with it in the bed, fires the Senate, brings it in, has the scribes, instead of reading the tea leaves or the bones, you know, read the excrement.
I mean, this is the type of lunacy.
And I'm not going to get into the rest of it.
It gets far worse.
Far, far, far, far, far worse.
The Aztecs, far worse.
I mean...
Every day, son came up, sacrificed somebody.
Son went down, sacrificed somebody.
In each major temple city.
On an eclipse, 10,000, 20,000 people.
They'd go grab every village for hundreds of miles around them.
Apocalypto is nothing compared to the truth.
Just chopping hearts out with three, four priests going with their assistants.
24 hours a day, exhausted, just chopping hearts, chopping hearts, chopping hearts, chopping hearts, chopping hearts.
They had these huge mass sacrifice areas at Chichen Itza where they would have scores of them, of the sacrifice areas, just chopping hearts, chopping hearts.
You see, what happens is, only about one out of a hundred people is a psychopath.
But then several out of 100 people are sadistic.
And there's different types.
Not everybody in the system is a psychopath.
Some of them are just really mentally ill and wicked.
Who once you weren't born a psychopath kind of became demons.
There's different psychological terms for it.
And throughout history, you get big levers, big governments get built, big systems get constructed, and then those guys are the ones that always want the levers, and they get into power, and nobody's opposing them, nobody's blocking them.
So they start wars, and they start, you know, they kill their brother or sister, they drown their dad, they go crazy, they announce themselves God, no one's saying no to them, and they just go wilder,
And wilder and wilder and wilder.
But you have to have people running a government like that to have an IRS that'll take some blue-collar families home because they couldn't pay their taxes because something happened with the business.
You've got to have an evil government.
If cops are going to stand by with no evidence while some pedophile CPS worker takes somebody's kid because...
The kid fell off the trampoline and broke their finger and went to the hospital.
I mean, this is what goes on every millisecond this is happening.
You know, the feds back under Clinton in 1998 changed the law, and they told the states and cities with the Adoption Act, is what they called it, oh, you get federal funds, and your federal funds are tied to the amount of children you take, and don't give back.
And that's why no matter what you do or how you're in the right or how many witnesses you've got, it doesn't matter.
Unless you've got big money to sue them and go, your kid's gone.
Because these people, they won't have a job.
They have quotas.
And every year they hire more CPS, so to keep them they've got to have higher quotas.
I mean, we're evil, folks.
And so...
Nobody's going to stop the snuff films or Dyncor or Halliburton and their slave pits.
No, they're going to run around and burn the governor for a 33-year-old prostitute.
And then we'll all feel like goody-two-shoes.
Terror Storm, a history of government-sponsored terror.
Loose Change, Final Cut.
Endgame, Blueprint for Global Enslavement.
The True Story of the Bilderberg Group.
The Late Great USA.
America, Freedom to Fascism.
These are just a few of the hundreds of powerful documentary films and books available at truthnews.us and prisonplanet.com.
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Wake up and smell the fascism.
Being in government means never having to say you're sorry.
What part of unconstitutional do you not understand, George?
It's not who votes that counts, it's who counts the votes.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Express your freedom of speech today.
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Because there's a war on for your mind.
Professor Omri de Grey is coming up in the next segment.
Saw him on a national TV show here in the U.S.
I was already aware of his work in life extension technologies.
They'll be joining us for about 30 minutes in the next hour.
Then I'm going to continue with all of the news that I have here in front of me.
It's all extremely important.
I've got this audio.
I want to play a video of a guy in Canada.
He's clearly not resisting.
They've handcuffed him on the ground in the police station.
And then the cop puts the taser to his back and says, this will teach you not to give me problems.
And tasers him at point-blank range.
And the guy had like a Parkinson's-type disease, so he had one of those implants in his brain, and it fried it, and the cops are defending it.
I mean, when you're chained down, they call that pain compliance.
It's all part of torturing us.
It's fine.
You think you get away with that, cops?
Hey, don't worry.
Your loving government's going to take everything you got.
So, hey, enjoy yourselves.
Love tyranny.
You're going to get to take a big fat bite out of that sandwich, too.
It's real funny.
Now, I know all police don't taser you in the back for fun.
The point is, is that more and more of these mental patients, psychopaths, sociopaths, sadists, are getting a badge and a gun.
And, uh,
It's just all coming out.
It's all being admitted.
All right, I want to get into some news here dealing with how they're going to shut down the Internet, how they're moving against free speech and the web.
Russia moves to crack down on web news sites.
It's out of Radio Europe.
One new bill proposed tighter state control over Russian online news sites.
Another restricts foreign ownership of Internet service providers.
And a new government decree compels ISPs to allow the authorities to read their clients' emails.
And people are going, oh, look at Russia, they're so corrupt.
Exactly what our criminal government does.
And what they're saying is that basically they can go in and tell the ISP who to kick off, what to do, what to ban, what to control.
And that's the whole model Internet 2 is, where they shut down the old hubs, the old routers.
They said they're going to do this.
And then force you onto the new, quote, faster network that you've already paid for through your power bills and through your tax money, through your Internet bills, your connection bills.
And then they say, oh, well, on this new Internet...
You have to have a sub-website like MySpace forward slash InfoWarrior.
MySpace.com forward slash InfoWarrior, like my MySpace account, or a sub-page on Digg, or... And they're saying that's the model.
You'll only have 100, 50 institutional, 50 private hubs, and then you'll run, get your sub-domain under them.
But also they're saying they're going to start filtering.
The old Internet isn't dying fast enough for them, so they're getting rid of net neutrality in and of itself, stopping the free flow across networks, and then they're saying, oh, we're going to selectively turn down our paying customers' traffic over our own network if they're going to sites and places we don't like.
Then they have big indexes of thousands of sites that they restrict and slow down.
Comcast is getting sued over that.
So my point is, this story out of Russia, I'm going to get to this later, and I'm also going to get more into the parents, maybe jail over vaccinations.
I never finished on that yesterday.
I have a bunch of other economic news I'm going to be covering as well.
But our guest, Aubrey DeGray, will be up right now.
Thank you for listening to GCN.
Be sure to visit GCNlive.com today.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
For the next 30 minutes, we are joined by Aubrey de Grey.
He's written a lot of scholarly works and books.
Helps put out the Rejuvenation Research Journal.
Heads up Life Extension Technology Group that studies this and funds university research.
I tried to cover his whole bio.
We're right out of time here.
This is a short segment now.
It's a good time for you to basically tell us a little bit about yourself, what you think is most important about the work that you've done.
Well, that's a big question.
I work on, as you said, combating the aging process, and my academic research over the
You've given me to believe that we are much closer to truly defeating aging than most people have previously thought.
What I mean is really bringing it under the same degree of control that we currently have over most infectious diseases, for example.
Now, that's obviously a very strong and ambitious statement, but it's based on a conceptual breakthrough that I made back in 2000 or so, which was to realize that historically we have been thinking about the postponement of aging in the wrong way.
The human body is a really, really, really complicated machine, and we don't understand it very well at all.
Therefore, if we try to make it work properly for a longer amount of time than it normally would, by trying to, if you like, improve on what evolution has put in place, we're probably not going to succeed, not for a long time to come anyway.
We're probably going to have to understand the human body much better than we do in order not to have side effects that outweigh the benefits that we may confer.
So, we're realized.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Like, you know, a Land Rover or something with corrosion resistant metal and all that sort of stuff.
So that it inherently lasts a lot longer than an average car.
And that's the sort of way that evolution has approached the problem by building humans that live a lot longer than mice or dogs, for example.
But evolution has different tools than what we have.
And so another way to make a simple machine last a lot longer, which may be much more applicable to what we as biomedical researchers and eventually as clinicians can do,
Is the approach of repair and maintenance, which works just as well.
As we know, there are plenty of, for example, VW Bugs on the road now that are 50 years old or more, and that's because they have style, and their owners have fallen in love with them to the extent that they do an exceptional amount of maintenance on them, and that allows them to keep going.
And that's the same reason why we have much older cars than that, cars that are more than 100 years old, and why we will always have cars that were made in, you know, around 1900 or whatever, simply because we know how to look after them.
Now, the reason why it's easier to keep a machine going by repair and maintenance like that than by inherently improving the, you know, cleaning up its operation so that it doesn't accumulate damage so fast in the first place,
It's because damage, you know, things like rust, for example, on a car, is inherently harmless until there's too much of it.
You know, eventually there's too much rust, the doors start falling off and so on, but until that time, you've got a sort of window of opportunity to rejuvenate the machine by getting rid of the damage.
And it's exactly the same with the human body.
We don't actually experience any real functional decline as a result of aging until the second half of life.
But... Tell you what, stay there.
When I come back, I want to talk about the institute you head up and how far along these rejuvenating or these systems of stopping or slowing aging or repairing have gotten.
We've got a break.
And then larger questions of population and how that interacts...
With the entire given community.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
We've got one of the leading experts in life extension technologies joining us.
He's won all sorts of scientific awards, peer-reviewed studies.
Aubrey de Grey from England.
Mr. de Grey, look, you've got all these mice studies.
They've done all these other in-depth, long-length, complex studies of mice where they've made them live twice as long in some cases just by the diets they feed them.
Then, of course, on the other end, you've got genetically engineered mice that live...
In some cases, more than twice as long and are healthier.
I mean, we know that there's a lot of potential to all this.
Can you just, in the time we have, boil it down into the basics for people?
Because so many people out there aren't even aware of the fact that there already is, just via diet and health and other things, ways to increase your lifespan, but then some of the more high-tech things that are coming in.
Right, yes.
I mean, I want to make sure that everybody understands that the amount that we can do at the moment is actually very slight.
Even in mice, actually, what you just said is not quite right.
We can only get about 50% of extra life.
But the critical thing is that even that we can only get in mice if we start intervening in their aging process really early on, either by, as you said, genetic modification,
Well, I don't mean to interrupt you, but I remember seeing in the news like six months ago a new mouse that they'd engineered, and it was in a bunch of scientific publications that it was living twice as long compared to its counterparts.
I mean, are you saying that...
Are you familiar with that report, or are you saying that's wrong?
I will be very surprised if there's any report with which I'm not familiar, and I haven't heard of such a report, so I suspect that it was journalistic distortion of the actual... Media hype, okay.
But still, 50% longer is a big deal.
It's a big deal, that's right.
Unfortunately, it seems very much as though the methods that...
I think we're good to go.
The magnitude of the response of long-lived species like humans to those sorts of interventions is going to be smaller than the response of short-lived species.
So we might get a couple of years out of this, and that's indeed what we seem to see in the famous case of the island of Okinawa on the south of Japan, where they sort of voluntarily do calorie restriction, or they used to anyway.
And sure enough, they live longer than the people on mainland Japan, despite having basically the same genetics and the same composition of their diet.
But they only live a couple of years longer.
Okay, so if we want more than that, then as you say, we need to go to more high-tech alternatives, and indeed alternatives that don't yet exist.
And that's what I work on.
As I mentioned a moment ago, the basic approach here is repair and maintenance to identify the various types of molecular and cellular damage that accumulate throughout life as a side effect of our normal metabolic processes and to repair those various types of damage before they reach the level of abundance that causes age-related diseases like cardiovascular disease and cancer and diabetes and so on.
And that's what the program that my foundation is pursuing amounts to.
There are seven major types of damage that we need to address.
And over the years, I've either developed or brought together from other people's ideas the most promising approaches for doing exactly that for each of those seven things.
And the Methuselah Foundation, the organization that I run, and I'm the Chairman and Chief Science Officer of,
How does the Methuselah Foundation get its funding?
From philanthropy.
We have a website, mfoundation.org, where anyone can give us money on their credit card.
But also, of course, we do plenty of fundraising by speaking to very wealthy individuals.
And they sometimes decide that we are sufficiently valuable and credible and so on that they agree to fund this work.
So that's the main source.
And you've got quite a bit of funding.
I mean, it's interesting to know, how much funding in a year do you usually get?
Well, we're very pleased to say that it's been going up by at least a factor of two each year for the past, well, ever since the foundation was formed back in 2002.
So last year we received well over a million dollars.
And then you use that to confer and study other scientific developments or fund scientific research?
Mainly it's to fund scientific research, that's right.
We don't have our own facilities.
We fund scientific research in laboratories around the world, in universities.
Yeah, I was familiar with that because I'd seen them reporting on that on the news.
Looking forward, again in layman's terms,
I think we're good to go.
I see that bandied about.
Then I see extreme statements by the transhumanists and post-humanists saying, oh no, technology's doubling so fast.
Kurzweil saying that by 2020 we're going to have this.
Is that more hype?
Well, the most important thing to understand here is that the hard part is to get as far as 150, or even 110 average lifespan.
If we succeed in developing these repair and maintenance technologies comprehensively enough that we can take middle-aged people, people who are already 60 or 70 years old, and give them, let's say, 30 extra years of healthy life...
Then that means they're still going to be in a good condition 30 years later, by which time we will have improved the technologies quite a lot.
So we'll be able to rejuvenate these people another few decades.
And so that's why Kurzweil wrote the book, Live Long Enough to Live Forever.
Sort of.
Ray Kurzweil is focused on the idea that, in general,
The rate of technology progress accelerates in any given discipline, but actually what I'm saying doesn't even rely on the acceleration of technology.
It just relies on a reasonably steady progress of technology, which means that it's almost certain that when we achieve the, let's say, the first 30 years of increase of life extension, the hard part will be over, and people who are benefiting from those
Okay, I want to expand on that in the time we have left.
We have six billion, three hundred and something million right now.
They're talking about by 2015 there being eight billion or so, and then it basically leveling off by 2020 at about eight and a half, nine billion.
And I know that once you industrialize a nation, people stop having as many children.
In fact, in Europe we have negative population growth minus immigrant influxes.
But what about the argument by those that say if you start radically increasing life extension, people are still going to want to have children, their children are going to want to have children.
What are we going to do with all these people?
I would say, obviously, space colonization.
Well, you're wrong, because space colonization would not solve the problem.
The main reason it wouldn't solve the problem is because you might think there's a lot of space out there, but there's only so much space that we can get to in a certain amount of time.
So actually, space will fill up in a very real sense if we try to adopt that approach.
So the actual thing that we're going to have to do is solve the problem by indeed keeping the birth rate more or less equal to the death rate over the long term.
And of course, if we can do that, then we won't need to do complicated things like space colonization.
Now, the question then is, how hard is that, and should we do it?
And my view is perfectly clear.
First of all, it's clear that we have a moral obligation to develop these technologies so as to give humanity of the future the option.
It may not be easy, it may be a hard choice whether to go for a low birth rate or a high death rate, but it's a choice that people of the future are entitled to make for themselves rather than have us
Well, wait a minute.
Wait a minute.
Let me just stop you, because I wish we had you for the full hour, but we've got time zones mixed up here, because I wanted to not really debate this, but discuss this with you.
I differ, because we've had a lot of even NASA people on the show discuss this, to say that space will fill up
Rather quickly.
Yeah, we had four or five children a piece of wood, but once you industrialize, that doesn't really happen.
And the technologies we'll have in just 50 years, the nanotech, all of it, I mean, the technologies we have now, if we made the investments, I mean, space... Let me go through the mathematics of it for you.
Let's suppose, perspective argument, that nobody dies of anything.
Nobody dies of aging, and also nobody dies of anything else.
That's a reasonable approximation, because at the moment, two-thirds of all deaths are to do with aging, and in the industrialized world, something like 90% of all deaths are to do with aging.
Okay, so let's suppose there's no death.
And now let's suppose that people carry on having children at a rate of each woman, shall we say, having a child every 20 years, every 30 years, something like that.
All right?
Now, that means that it doesn't matter how many children they're having, you know, per decade.
It means that the rate of increase of the population will be exponential.
Oh, I understand that.
And that means that actually the number of people will double each, let's say...
30 years.
Now, if we've got 6 billion people on the planet now, and let's suppose for sake of argument that this all happens tomorrow, because it doesn't really matter what you call the sort of starting time, then we'll have 12 million in 30 years, and 24 billion in 30 years more, and 48 billion in 30 years after that.
Now, if you actually do the arithmetic on this, what you find is that that means that the distance that you have to go away from the Earth in order to fit the people in, even if we're actually not colonizing planets but colonizing empty space using spaceships, it means that we just run out of enough matter, enough actual atoms and molecules to make our bodies and our spaceships out of.
And we actually hit even a barrier of the speed of light within only a couple of thousand years.
And that's with very generous assumptions about the density.
You're talking about just the biomass expansion of Homo sapiens sapien reaching light speed.
Yeah, obviously something would happen before that.
I'm talking about in the near term.
I understand the exponential equation there.
Something's going to develop.
Something's going to change.
Stay there.
We're going to talk more about this on the other side.
It is a big idea.
A new world order.
In the near future, Earth is dominated by a powerful world government.
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All right, we're going to be back up for a full hour in the near future.
We're almost out of time.
Aubrey de Grey.
The book bestseller out there right now is Ending Aging.
And he's written a lot of other books and publications as well.
We've got links up on InfoWars.com over to the Methuselah Foundation's website.
Look, bottom line, this is what I see happening.
And this is what I see the Club of Rome and other elite organizations talking about, who I'm sure you know about them, Mr. de Grey.
They're saying that they basically have to make a lot of these technologies secret as they develop, that it has to only be given to the elite, because if the general public ever gets access to them or demands it, that the general public also won't have the money to keep up the regimen or to have access to the technologies, at least in the short term, in the interim, that then we'll have this huge population explosion you just talked about.
And then you said, well, we'll leave that to the next generation to decide.
I think...
At least people's belief in this technology unfolding is really going to be a type of new gold rush or a new civil rights struggle where people are demanding access to this.
It's like a science fiction nightmare novel.
I mean, do you get the angle I'm going at here?
Well, I don't think of it as a nightmare because I think you've answered your own question.
The fact is, as you say, there will indeed be rather a lot of public interest in all of this.
And the good news is that that public interest will begin in earnest when we have breakthroughs in the laboratory in mice that are sufficiently decisive.
Essentially all we really need to do is achieve the same sort of degree of life extension that's already being seen in mice
Well, sir, it's a revolution, as you know.
If you can make people who are 70 feel good until they're 100, that's a big deal.
I know, and that's why it won't be possible to control it.
So there won't be any prospect whatsoever of these things being in any way kept secret.
What will happen, on the contrary, is that there will be a bona fide war on aging with the general public in all countries taking the view that it's absolutely imperative to accept a temporary diminution of standard of living to pay for not only the development of these therapies, but the investment in all the training of medical personnel and building of
So a total revolution, a total shift really in our civilization.
I've got to get you back up.
You're saying you'll do two hours with us?
If you want.
Yeah, let me have my producer... Well, when is good for you in the next few weeks, do you think?
Actually, the next few weeks are pretty good.
I'm not traveling too much for the next couple of weeks.
You know, perhaps we should just do an hour tomorrow.
Is tomorrow good?
Tomorrow actually is not good.
Tomorrow I need to be elsewhere.
Okay, well listen, I'm going to have Trey call you right now before you go pick your wife up, and I want to just set you up sometime next week for about an hour and a half, okay?
Next week is good.
I think I'm free all week.
Yeah, that way we can talk for an hour and then take 30 minutes of phone calls because regardless of where people stand in this position, this is something that we're moving into.
The fact that we can extend life already, substantively, is proven.
The only question is, you know, is it going to go as far as you're saying you believe it will?
That's right.
And don't forget that I'm actually Dr. DeGray, not Mr. DeGray.
Well, I'm doctor.
Goodness, doctor.
We will call you Dr. DeGray from now on.
No, I know you've got a huge bio here.
We just didn't have time to go over all of that.
When did you first start getting into all this stuff?
About 12 or 13 years ago.
I mean, what first piqued your interest?
I discovered that other people were not interested.
That was a big revelation to me.
I had always presumed that everybody understood that aging was, first of all, a bad thing, and secondly, was in principle something we could fix.
And it was only after I met and married a biologist that I began to discover that actually most people didn't think that.
And I was absolutely outraged, so I eventually decided that I had to try and make a difference myself.
And here I am.
And specifically, what is your doctorate in?
I'm in biology, in the biology of aging.
I got it for some of the early work that I did on the role of mitochondrial DNA in aging.
Yeah, I saw that in the report here, and I guess next week when we talk, we'll get into the role of that type of aging in the mitochondrial DNA.
Just in closing, how many different organizations or websites do you have, or is it just the one big website?
Well, we have a site and some sub-sites within it, but yes, certainly if you go to mfoundation.org, then that gets you everywhere.
All right, well, thank you for spending time talking to us.
And the book is The End of Aging, correct?
No, Ending Aging.
Ending Aging.
I'm going to have to get that and read that.
Thanks for spending time with us.
My pleasure.
Thank you very much.
Speak to you next week.
You bet.
Yeah, I'm going to get him on for at least an hour next week and really go over it.
I need to read the book first.
But you can see where this is going.
And that's really where I'm interested.
Because the belief that we're going to have all this life extension is driving the elites.
It doesn't necessarily mean that I believe this thousand-year business is really going to happen.
But who knows?
The elite believes it, and what man dreams up, he tends to do.
So, it's a big question.
We'll be right back.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
We're good to go.
I think?
We're good to go.
I think?
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Cures for cancer.
They are engaged in covert bioweapons programs against humanity.
They are obsessed with life extension technologies.
They're funding hundreds of different groups.
You know, in MJ and Blueprint for Global Enslavement, I'm not saying that radical life extension is attainable or not.
I am saying that the elite are obsessed with it and are researching it and are looking into it and are pushing it, and that one of their major reasons that they state that they want a worldwide government, a worldwide police state, and a technocracy in the name of global security, and look at how many things are secret, how many technologies are secret, that we find out 20, 30, 40 years later the government had.
They want that to be able to give access to the life extension technologies to the elites, but not the general public.
Because of the argument of the general public is a bunch of dumb scum, they don't deserve to have access to this, and if we do give them access to it, they will exponentially fill up the universe with humans.
Now, there's no doubt that with diet and exercise, you can make yourself live a lot longer, unless it's genetic, that you're already going to get a certain type of cancer or heart disease.
But then they're getting better and better biomedical devices and gene therapies and systems that can treat that.
And they practice that on the public, so that's called a practice.
And then what works is passed on to the elites, and what doesn't work is kind of left to us.
But still...
According to the information I have, and tracking it and interviewing experts like what you just heard from, still, people don't live past about 116.
That's very rare.
Living to 100 is rare.
And, yeah, I mean, if your whole life you have the right diet and exercise right and have access to great medical care, they're thinking now people that are 30, 40, 50 are going to be living to 120, 130, comfortably to 100.
But the whole argument is, the way technology is advancing, is that if you can live another 20, 30 years, that then there'll be all these new technologies that have grown up and been vetted and developed, that then you'll be able to live another 50.
And then if you can do that, it's over.
There's just going to be all this incredible...
I'll be back tomorrow.
But that's kind of the Aubrey de Grey branch that's a little more grounded, even though it sounds wacky to some.
Then you've got the Kurzweil types who openly want world government, who openly say the elite aren't going to want us to have access to it, who openly say the future doesn't need the general population, who says that by 2020 we're going to be merged in with computers if you have the money to be able to pay for it.
And so that he thinks he'll just go on to be a new life form inside the machine and that he will then just put a node of his consciousness, or basically like a memory chip, a high-tech memory card, into a biomechanical humanoid, into a robot, into a spaceship, and then fly around the universe exploring new worlds.
Kurzweil talks about how, and many others, and these are people that won, you know, Nobel Prizes and things, so they're pretty serious people.
People are paying attention to them is the point that I'm making.
I'm not even saying it's going to happen.
The point is they believe it.
They're crafting the future in what they're doing, and what they're doing to us according to that, and that, you know, one version of Ray Kurzweil will stay here on Earth, and then he'll launch probes into space sending two or three other, uh,
Copies of himself that will then independently go out and become different from the one left on Earth.
And so when I end it, Endgame, Blueprint for Global Enslavement, with the global elite's quotes talking about these types of things, people are saying, Alex thinks they can live forever.
Alex thinks that the elite can never die.
Alex thinks all this is real.
I never said that.
And the film doesn't say that.
And again, this isn't about defending my film.
It's about getting people to be more intellectually honest about what I'm saying.
I mean, I don't believe in Moloch, the god that the Canaanites and others sacrificed children to.
But over and over again in the Bohemian Grove's literature, they say they worship Moloch, and then they worship a big stone idol to Moloch.
So I'm just reporting on what they believe.
It doesn't mean I believe it.
And other people keep calling me saying, Moloch isn't an owl.
And then I keep saying on air, I know Moloch is not an owl.
Moloch was a bull.
It doesn't matter.
They worship whatever they want.
The kingdom of the cults, I mean, in India they've got 10,000 plus gods.
You can make up whatever god you want.
It doesn't matter.
They're calling this thing an owl, and they're calling it Moloch, and that's why we call it Moloch.
I'm not getting down into your esoteric debates about occult religion, and which Ouija board's more powerful, or which talisman gives me more hoo-joo.
I'm not into all that.
I'm reporting on what they're saying and what they're doing.
Obviously, I know that the owl...
Is, you know, the Greek goddess of wisdom's buddy, and I know it was worshipped in other quarters, and people were, by the way, sacrificed to it.
The point is, the elite are into the occult.
The elite are making decisions according to it.
They believe that there's already not enough resources, so we have to be sterilized and reduced or killed to save the earth.
There's the added caveat of we can't allow the general public to have access to these technologies.
Because if they do have access to these technologies, they will overpopulate.
I mean, already, the bioethicist boards, the eugenics boards, taking over
The different medical divisions in Europe and the United States and Canada, Australia, and the rest of the world, are saying that under socialized health care, the old won't get health care.
That the young, the bioethicist board, they as the new priesthood, will decide if you're going to get health care.
Well, you're old.
You don't deserve a new liver.
See, first it's if you're a drunk, you don't deserve a new liver.
And once you get into that idea, oh...
Now you're overweight, you don't deserve a new liver.
Or you are fat, you don't deserve a new liver.
You're a drunk, you don't deserve a new liver.
All of this, see...
I think we're good to go.
In their leisure time, taking up more and more of their time.
The elites say that that's going to happen because there's not going to be as much work for us.
So we'll be in tiny little compact cube apartments, but we'll still have our government issued for free.
I mean, that's what they're building.
I, uh...
That's actually happening.
I talked about how I went to the rodeo a few weeks ago, and I was walking around in the livestock show with all the 4-H clubs, all the kids in there with their cows and horses and sheep and the rest of it, and the parents were all talking, but the kids were all on palm-sized video games.
Totally mesmerized, totally dialed in, totally obsessed.
And you read what Microsoft, and I've talked to some of their high-level developers, say, they're talking about within five, six, seven years...
Your telephone, your internet, your TV, all of it is tied into that box, your video game console, and then it's tied in to a main platform where all your data is on another centralized computer.
And you basically put on the headset, and they already have all this a decade ago or more, but becoming more and more real, immersing you in it.
They're now talking about adding sensors onto you that give you electric shocks or give you feelings of pleasure.
They're already talking about making, by 2010, the fighter pilots take brain implants to be able to interface.
Well, you want to be a fighter pilot, you don't have to have the brain implant, but if you want to be a fighter pilot, you've got to have it.
Or, oh, you don't have to take an implantable microchip, but if you want to work in the Mexican Attorney General's office, you've got to have one.
See, that happened four years ago.
Or, well, yeah, you can be like the Amish.
It'll be like you're the Amish.
You're those backwards people that are afraid of technology.
You won't take the implant.
You won't take the life extension.
But then now you read what the futurists are saying and government planners are saying.
Within just a few years, they're now going, well, you know what?
We're just going to make you take this.
We're just going to force you to take this.
Because it's going to be so good for your daily life and so good for your quality of life, we're going to make you take these implants.
That's one small step away from Belgium making people vaccinate their children with provenly dangerous vaccines.
The government setting the precedent to put in your body what it wants.
Or here in the U.S.
where they have mass media hoaxes and claim everyone's lining up at the football stadium or the courthouse to take their shots because they'd be arrested if they didn't.
There's no law, but they line up and do it.
That's one small step being made to take a chip from them putting sodium chloride, which they admit is forced medicating the public.
Even if they say it isn't bad for your brain, oh, it's good for your teeth, we're forced medicating you.
And then now they've got already little nanotech chips that can be used to track or trace you that they admit they have that are so small they can be put in your water.
And there are studies to do that.
I'm going off in a lot of different directions here because I'm just trying to have pure thought, debates.
I'm trying to spur debate and thought out there with people.
There's no doubt that the elite are preparing to limit most medical care to the general public.
In England, you already wait 16 to 18 months for cancer tumor removal, even if it's lethal.
You just die.
They make you wait sometimes weeks to have a broken bone set.
The same things are happening in Canada.
Again, sounds good to have socialized health care, but it isn't, because it gives these controllers, this technocracy, control over you so they can carry out their larger eugenics agenda against the human population.
So that's the system that they have, and that's the system that they're using.
And so the very foundation of what they're developing, once you have government health care, they decide what you get.
They decide when you get it.
And everything the elites are doing is about heading us off at the pass to ensure we're just a bunch of befuddled, entertainment, sexed-out, drugged-out fools who don't even know anything about our basic world or how it operates.
So the elite can deal with the higher technological plane
And technological civilization they have built and that they command and control.
And so when you hear talk about people that are just supremely confident in their intellect and then see the world through their own eyes and make a political statement like, oh no, the people will be concerned with this, they will want to know, they will want to be involved, and this is going to be given to everyone.
When already health care isn't being given to everyone, and when it is, it's given with strings attached.
You go in to have your child at a government hospital, and they offer it for free because you're poor, they're going to take your kid a large percentage of the time.
See, nothing's for free.
This is already a hyper-parasitic, hyper-predatory scientific dictatorship we have running things, and people like the futurists that we've mentioned today...
Like Ray Kurzweil, openly talk about world dictatorships and how you're not going to get access.
And Bill Joy, who goes to these meetings and meets with 200 of the top guys, comes out of the meeting and says all they talk about is how the elite is going to kill the majority of us and how they don't need us.
And how the machines they're building, the computers they're building, may not even want the elite around.
Now, again, is all that going to happen?
I don't know.
But we are in 2008, and a lot of things have changed, and a lot of crazy stuff's going on.
And people need to spend a little less time caring about the Cowboys and the Tennessee Titans and the New York Giants, and a little more time having meaningful debates about the issues that we're talking about here today.
Okay, so it doesn't matter if you don't believe in live extension technologies.
They do.
It doesn't matter if you don't believe in the devil.
They do.
It doesn't matter if you don't believe in the New World Order.
They believe in you.
And they are out there operating.
They are out there controlling society.
They are out there doing what they want, how they want, when they want.
And so that's my statement.
They built the world government as a world tyranny so they can control the resources for themselves, so they can cull our population, they see us as a scourge.
It's kind of a feedback loop.
They actively dumb us down and then we basically do behave like a scourge.
But they're a greater scourge for all of their elitism and their great understanding of the whole system.
They're cold-blooded control freaks and killers at the bottom line.
And so that's the point I've been attempting to get across to you today.
That we need to have a real discussion about this.
That even if you're an intelligent person, you can study this all the time.
You can study one discipline of science and not know one one-hundredth of even what's going on, much less understanding it.
And it's all racing around us.
It's all at breakneck speed.
I mean, cloning meat, cloned milk already approved.
GMO, with all the studies admitting it hurts us, all being approved.
You talk to these scientists.
They're all real positive.
They work for the companies.
Oh, yeah, there's been some problems, but everything's fine.
We'll work it out.
It's going to be great.
Ha, ha, ha.
They believe in their own intellects.
They think.
And then you have a giant public, the majority of the 6.5 billion people, who aren't even having a debate about it.
They don't even know the basics of their own anatomy, the basics of their own intellect, the basis of their own society, the basics of their own Bill of Rights and Constitution, much less the fact that the elite are openly talking about exterminating the majority of us so we don't have access to their new planned utopia.
And you saw their last try at that with Hitler.
Come back with a final segment, a few final news stories.
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Is it getting better?
Or do you feel the same?
There's no doubt we're in a controlled, manipulated society.
The control freak scientists, architects of doom that run our society.
They poison us, they drug us against our will, they run the entire grid.
And what's really scary is they run our lives, they control our lives, but they don't control the whole planet.
It's like they control certain sectors and certain areas.
They get their jobs done, but the goal of what they are going for isn't being attained.
You see what I'm saying?
It's like they've got grids, but there's cracks in those grids they don't control.
And you add all that together, they're destroying the planet, they're hurting innocent people,
They're playing God, and we are all hurtling towards serious calamities if we are unable to turn around this New World Order.
I mean, who would have ever thought in Land of the Free, Home of the Brave, they'd be talking about forced inoculations of the public, and FBI spying on citizens, and a million people in a terror watch database in the U.S.,
Cameras in school bathrooms and checkpoints and police tasering people when they're in handcuffs on the ground to teach them a lesson and breaking pro-lifers' arms to teach them a lesson and all the craziness that's going on and the prisons they're building everywhere and talking about socialized health care and fining you or taking your children if you don't have health care.
You know, this nanny state and
Launching wars and robot armies and robot air force and hundreds of drugs and chemicals and toxins in the water supply.
I mean, it's nuts!
We're living on a spaceship, folks.
But you've been so close to the problem, you haven't seen it.
We're a huge rock with a liquid core with this thin ribbon of atmosphere hurtling through the cosmos.
I mean...
I think that's the biggest issue, is we get so focused on the billboards and TV and our wives and husbands and work and socializing and being petty, that we don't see the majesty of the universe all around us, A. And B, we don't notice how much serious stuff's going on.
I mean, I'm just a good old boy that found out there was a world government and a bunch of scientists who've been hired by private banking families to build a control grid.
And I found out that they take all your internet and table surfing and build huge psychological databases on you individually.
And that's not freedom.
That's not privacy.
That's not... You know, I found out that they're putting stuff in our water, our air.
They're playing games with us.
They're messing with our genetics.
They see us as a liability.
I mean, I can read to you, Council on Foreign Relations...
President documents?
Or he's saying humanity is the enemy?
We've got to have a world government to deal with humanity and our military is shifting into domestic operations and admitting that it's for domestic operations?
And admitting that they're coming after us?
I mean, this is the elite turning its guns on the people.
This is what happens 99% of the time.
But now it's got a high-tech science fiction nightmare veneer.
Look, Endgame is my most important film, and you want to know how the globalists operate, what makes them tick, you need to get Endgame at Infowars.com on DVD.
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