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Air Date: March 6, 2008
2324 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Welcome, my friends, welcome.
It is already the sixth day of March 2018.
And hey, we're going to be live here for the next three hours.
We're scheduled to have a very special guest joining us on this live Thursday edition coming up in this hour.
That surprise guest.
And we'll see if that pans out coming up here very, very quickly.
In the news, McCain ends arduous and amazing comeback at White House with the President yesterday as he cinches up the Republican nomination the media is claiming he now has over the thousand-plus delegates that he needs.
So barring some ultra-massive scandal coming out, and I'm sure they're going to wait until he's in a race with Hillary and Obama, those two as a team, as we first predicted about nine months ago,
Until they bring out the information to destroy him and then deliver Hillary and Lord Obama into the White House.
So we'll be going over that today.
Also, ABC News is saying that, this is the ABC News headline, was killing the puppy a way of coping for one Marine?
And they go on to say it's basically a way to blow off steam.
Kind of like Rush Limbaugh said about the Abu Ghraib torture.
We have that clip there just blowing off steam.
Haven't you ever wanted to just have some fun?
So we'll break down the latest chapter in this disgusting saga that's giving our troops a bad name.
If they just punished him and said it was wrong, then it would not besmirch everyone.
And there's a lot of good people, obviously, in the military.
This guy is one of the bad apples.
But by Michelle Malkin and many others defending it, it only makes us look that much worse and legitimizes this for more of it to happen.
A shaming day for democracy.
Members of Parliament vote to deny British people a say on the EU Treaty, further integrating Europe with the island nation of the United Kingdom.
So we'll be breaking that down as well.
Fox News hysterically hypes New York blast.
Explosion that shattered no more than a window.
Stage diversion for puppy killer, Fury.
We've caught the U.S.
and the British and many others throwing firecrack flashbangs onto their structures every time there's an election, the day of Tony Blair's re-election in 2005, early morning hours in New York.
The Israelis have been caught with flashbangs before.
This has come out in mainstream news in England when they wanted, quote, more British security around their structure.
They did it to heighten awareness.
That later leaked out a year after they did it.
But this could be some punk kid thinking he's doing something good as well.
They're saying it's somebody on a bicycle riding by and doing it.
It looks like they put it in the door jam to try to get some type of pressure.
One of these flashbangs is what it looks like.
It's been that in the past.
If it is a flashbang, the governments and the people that have access to that
Very, very suspicious what is going on.
Also, Bali Bomber claims CIA Mossad involvement.
We'll be going over that history as well.
All they're saying is it's got to be some intelligence agency because the bomb they built was very small.
And they admit there were two bombs.
They admit mainstream news.
The FBI evacuated at the hotel nearby in the hours before it happened.
That has been admitted.
So we'll be breaking that down.
Also, we talked about this last week but it's now hit the Associated Press.
It was an alternative media picking up on the federal court ruling.
Government concedes vaccine injury case.
Government health officials have
Conceded that childhood vaccines worsens a rare underlying disorder that ultimately led to autism-like symptoms in a Georgia girl and that she should be paid from a federal vaccine injury fund.
Medical and legal experts say the narrow wording and circumstances probably make the case an exception, not a precedent for thousands of others pending claims.
That's spin.
They have a $4 billion vaccine damage fund they pay out every day, very quietly, folks.
This is not isolated.
The government has not conceded that vaccines cause autism, said Linda Rincey, the lawyer representing federal officials who have consistently maintained that childhood shots are safe.
We'll cover more of that later as well, right here on the GCN radio network.
Stay with us.
We'll be right back.
We're good to go.
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All right, ladies and gentlemen, we're back live now to the second segment.
It is the sixth day of March 2008.
I am extremely honored to be joined by one of my idols, someone I admire as a real journalist and a true patriot who's been defending the sovereignty of this nation, defending the jobs of every working American, and who stood up in an incredible way to globalism and the corruption of the out-of-control federal government.
He, of course, was born in Texas.
We're very proud that he hails from my state.
And he joins us.
His new book is bound to be a bestseller like all his others.
He's the bestselling author of The War on the Middle Class.
And the new book is independent today.
He is Lou Dobbs.
Lou Dobbs, thanks for coming on with us.
Oh, it's great to be with you.
Thank you for the kind words.
You're a busy man.
I hear you're going to start a syndicated radio show on top of your CBS TV show and your number one CNN show.
As a matter of fact, we started Monday, and we're off and running a soft launch on a syndicated radio show, and I'm having a ball with it.
You didn't tell me how much fun this was.
It is, because you have the free forum, and you're not kept down a little five-minute segment.
We've only got you for this segment, so I want to move quickly and go through a lot of points.
Tell us about your new book.
Well, Independence Day is a time for people to start thinking and acting independently, to push back against these partisan political parties, the Republican Party and Democratic Party alike, who've really brought us to the mess that we're in, and now are fielding three candidates that say they're the solution.
It is a remarkable approach to create the problems, sustain and perpetuate the problems, and continue to run
As those who will solve those problems and as a result we get more of the same every four years in this country.
Well we certainly do.
I'd like you to be as candid as possible.
You always do that, but to really give us the bottom line, both parties bought and paid for by the Fortune 100, who could care less about our sovereignty, who have already basically stripped mine, this nation, economically.
What do you see coming out of this election with McCain versus Hillary or Obama?
I truly believe, just as you said, Alex, that both parties are bought and paid for by corporate America, by socio-ethnocentric interests, special interests.
And, you know, the first tenet of any democracy is that the rule of the majority prevails and that the majority will rule in a democracy.
We have a representative republic in which those tenets of democracy were to be preserved.
That is, the majority would be first recognized and ruled.
The majority in this country is simply ignored by the elites of both our political system, academia and corporate America.
And this race will result in a perpetuation of partisan control and the control of corporate America.
There will be no change, I will guarantee you, if one of the two candidates of these two political parties is elected president.
There won't be a change in their fortunes at all.
You joined CNN when it was founded out of the gates as their financial news director.
You've been studying this.
You've run private successful companies yourself.
We see Congress with, depending on the poll, between an 11% and 20% approval rating, the lowest it's ever been.
Both parties are reviled.
We've never seen this before.
Looking forward that the establishment is just giving us more of the same.
Kennedy said those that make peaceful revolutions impossible make violent revolutions inevitable.
Looking forward, do you see some type of either economic or even physical revolution or more and more clashes between the disappearing middle class and these elites?
I happen to be one of those, Alex, who believes very strongly that either we will take back our system of government that is a populist, representative republic,
And that will function through the consent of the government.
We will see an absolute change of direction.
I don't think it will be a violent revolution, but I think there will be a crisis that will demand action on the part of the people.
The American people right now are not being represented in Washington, D.C.
The will of the majority is not being followed.
As a matter of fact, it's been derided, spit at by those that we are sending to Washington, D.C.
to represent working men and women and middle class families in this country.
And that is the foundation of this country's very existence.
The American dream.
And it's being
I see one of the biggest crises is not just the war in Iraq, now over a trillion, 300 billion dollars that you speak so much about, but also the plunging value of the dollar.
Greenspan a week ago saying, telling the Arab countries to go ahead and dump the dollar, now accelerating that.
We could see this crisis coming to a head very soon.
I believe that there is no question that a crisis in our financial system is already here.
When we are looking at the dollar decline to all-time lows against the euro, falling against the yen, and dropping to 20-year lows against many of the major currencies in the world, that is a clear signal as to how much trouble this economy is in.
Alex, as you know, we have $53 trillion in unfunded liabilities, in Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, all of the entitlement programs.
We have a $9 trillion national debt, a $6 trillion trade debt that's rising faster than our national debt.
And we have idiots in Washington, D.C., in academia.
Walking around suggesting that the economy is just fine and business as usual will work out just ducky.
If it were not so tragic, it would be laughable.
Lou Dobbs, why have the elites that control this nation...
Whereas 20, 30 years ago, with the last dollar crises we had, they decided to shore it up and try to keep it as a World Reserve currency.
I look at the economic landscape.
It seems all we have left was our dollar being the World Reserve currency.
But instead, the federal government has had a weak dollar policy, which only spells rack and ruin.
Why do you think they're doing that?
Well, I think it's pretty clear that the reason they're doing it, again, in my opinion, is that these people believe that this is 1965 rather than 2008.
There was a time when if you lowered the value of the dollar, it would make our exports cheaper, and we would push back against imports because they would be more expensive and you could look to a trade balance.
But we, Alex, are absolutely dependent on China for our toys, our computers, our consumer electronics, our clothing.
So there's no what the economists call elasticity in the demand relationship on imports.
So as this administration has demanded that the Chinese, in effect, raise the price of their exports to the United States, the reality is we're going to create even more inflation in this country.
We have the specter of stagflation staring at us.
Totally, and I think inevitably.
Sir, some pundits, even on national television, have come out and said that the globalists, and now the Council on Foreign Relations three weeks ago, as you know, came out and confirmed that and said, we want to go ahead and get rid of the dollar to create a new kind of a marrow dollar and then merge that with the euro.
So I believe the globalists, in their own words, by design, want to kind of put the dollar slowly to death so they can then replace it.
Well, I think that there are certainly, there's no doubt, that those who would in every way degrade the sovereignty of this country would want to certainly degrade the power, the strength, and the respect of the U.S.
And it is the last thing we should permit.
But what we should all understand is when that dollar is declining as it is right now in world markets, it is the clearest possible signal that we could have that our economy
He's in a very, very desperate condition.
And we have to start being responsible, taking prudent action to return to the values that makes this country great.
In every sense of the social order, and in terms of the economic order, that means we have to raise our savings rate.
We have to take control of our borrowing from overseas.
We have to come to terms with the enormous debt that we have allowed our elites in this country to run up, while the working man and woman in this country has not participated in what has been a period of prosperity for corporate America for 20 years.
We only have about five, six minutes left with Lou Dobbs, obviously a very busy man with a syndicated radio show, writing columns, CNN every night with his number one program in that time slot.
So I want to move quickly here, sir.
Again, the new book is independent today.
Everybody needs to get it.
It's excellent, and it's rocketing up the charts right now.
Lou, I want to talk briefly about yourself.
Growing up in Texas, you're alive, getting into the media, being a journalist.
When did you start waking up to, as you say, the new world order and these elites, and the last five, six years really turning the heat up on them?
What was your awakening to these elites?
My awakening to, and by the way, I just want to make it very clear, I am a capitalist.
I believe fervently in this free enterprise democracy of ours.
But this isn't free market under the globalist system.
Well, it certainly is not in terms of that.
I'm talking about in terms of its ideal.
And the reality is that this country is what has created wealth throughout the world over the course of the past 40 years.
This great economy has driven just about three-fourths of the wealth generated in the world over the past 40 years.
But my awakening came on September 11, 2001.
We're good to go.
I think?
To work in the national interest and to look to the common good, but rather to try to maintain and preserve a world without regulation or responsibility.
They made it clear that they could care less about this nation.
Right, absolutely.
And the multinationals who are going to participate in this...
13 trillion dollars, the world's richest economy, have to take responsibility and take leadership.
Instead, they have hidden behind the Business Roundtable, the U.S.
Chamber of Commerce, the lobbying organizations, and it's seldom you'll hear an individual CEO stand up and
Speak on any issue involving our society, our people, or the national interest.
Leaving the voices, their voices, still in favor of the efforts of their lobby, the U.S.
Chamber of Commerce.
Lou Dobbs, since you bring up 9-11, I want to read a quote here instead of just playing the audio.
This is Lou Dobbs on your national CNN news program.
The fact that they would continue to perpetuate the lie suggests that we need a full investigation of what is going on and what is demonstrably and...
Incompetent and what is worse, a deceitful federal government.
You said that months ago.
Now it's come out that the White House was manipulating the 9-11 Commission, which they appointed, of course.
They first tried to give us Kissinger.
What are you talking about?
Incompetence versus deceitful federal government surrounding 9-11.
Well, I'm talking about it in this regard.
I'm talking about the idea that we have Georgetown, a gold medal, while the CIA failed to act intelligently and responsibly to stop that attack.
I'm talking about a government that continues for almost seven years after September 11th to leave our borders wide open.
And our ports are insecure, with 95% of the goods entering this country uninspected.
It's unconscionable.
At the same time, this president, the Democratic leadership in the House and the Senate all claim to be concerned about the American people's safety and welfare during a time of war against terror, and yet they leave our ports and our borders wide open.
That's deceitful, it's dishonest, and it's irresponsible.
That brings me to my next question.
It is such a manifest fraud to have the banks accepting consul matriculas that you can get out of a Cracker Jack box for illegal aliens.
Bush trying to give $140-plus billion to Mexico for their military when it's been all over Texas papers for a long time.
Now it's finally in national news that Mexican troops shoot at Border Patrol, come across, grab drug shipments away from sheriffs.
I've interviewed that have had Mexican troops...
Well, it's unconscionable.
Again, what this administration, this government, this Congress...
And we, the people, have permitted and allowing the Bush administration to have effectively further reduced our sovereignty and the respect for our laws and certainly regard for our borders and our ports.
It's been a shameless, shameless period
In American history that we're going to have to reverse.
Doesn't that say that they're not... I'm sorry, go ahead.
I've got to run.
I'm sorry.
I'm being called on.
I was just going to... I understand you just called, but final question.
Doesn't that show that they're obviously not too concerned about a terror attack?
And I guess if one happens, that means they get even more governmental control if they don't stop those further attacks and leave the border wide open?
You know, Alex, in terms of trying to figure out what in the world this president and this administration is thinking at any time, if indeed they are thinking, is well beyond my limited capacity.
Lou, last question.
Absolutely unfathomable.
Lou, I know you've got to go, but last question.
I had to get this out.
North American Union, we saw it in SPP documents a year ago.
Now they admit that they're merging the Canadian and U.S.
military for domestic operations.
Your final comment.
That if people do not awaken to the absolute threat to this nation's sovereignty posed by the Texas Trans Corridor, the NAFTA Superhighway, the North American Union.
I think the New World Order is going to be defeated in the end.
Do you think that?
I understand.
I've got to run, and I do believe that if the American people awaken, we can do anything we choose, including assure that this great nation bestows its blessings on succeeding generations of Americans.
But we have to awaken, and we have to do it soon.
All right, Lou, thank you for the time.
Take care.
There goes Lou Dobbs, ladies and gentlemen.
That is one busy man.
Yesterday we had him scheduled, and then we finally got him on today, and they're telling me that in the future we'll be able to have him for 30, 45 minutes.
But right now he's extremely busy starting his new syndicated radio show on Monday, but I did hold him over a few extra minutes to get basically all of my questions out to him.
All right.
I know there's a lot happening with Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton,
Ron Paul only got 5% of the Texas vote, but got 70% of his district's vote.
If you believe that that is accurate, I got a bridge I want to sell you on the moon.
I've now had a day or so to look at the numbers from Tuesday, and there is no doubt that Ron Paul was cheated in Texas.
We've caught them cheating him where he got second place in Nevada, and then they just didn't even put him in the placing.
The official government...
We're good to go.
In Texas, with signs, billboards, planes, blimps, radio, TV ads, everybody I talk to saying they love Ron Paul.
I mean, I guarantee you, folks, he won Texas.
Not McCain.
Every Republican I know, every Libertarian I know, hates John McCain.
So this is a big issue.
And people say, well, he's already lost.
It's McCain now.
Let's move on.
Now we have to set about exposing this, prosecuting.
There's talk and investigations in Houston of election fraud and prosecutions.
There is all sorts of news spilling out in Texas.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Now, of course, we've had sheriffs on here.
It's been in South Texas News who've had the Mexican troops come across three miles across the border, put guns to their heads, point guns at them.
Years ago, we have covered this.
This has really been in the news in Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, and a few other areas, but it's been covered up.
It's finally breaking nationally.
We looked it up this morning when we first saw this.
This had been on MSNBC this morning, on the morning show, and
We looked up all the stories.
Paul Watson, Steve Watson, and others had written about this in the last five years.
There were more than 20 stories with photos, videos.
I mean, this has been... They've killed Border Patrol.
They've shot Border Patrol.
They've killed citizens.
We are under military attack.
And what does the federal government do?
They say they're going to give $140-plus billion to the Mexican military to, quote, fight drug dealing.
You can go down to any part of Mexico where they grow marijuana, and you can watch the huge marijuana fields as you drive down the street.
I mean, I saw this one as I was a kid.
I saw this about a year and a half ago.
I went down to Mexico on a vacation.
I wasn't even looking for it, and there were Jeeps or Humvees parked with guys with machine guns standing up in the top smoking cigarettes with a marijuana field behind them.
They guard the drugs.
They run the drugs.
Our government knows that.
And they're just openly saying they're going to give them $140-plus billion.
They announced that a month ago to supposedly fight all of this.
While they're waging war on us and attacking us, and the Mexican military has been videoed for at least three years, scores of times we've put it on the website, American Patrol's posted it, gotten the video, so have the other organizations, Ranch Rescue, the Minutemen, and others.
Where you'll see convoys of armored vehicles and Humvees with heavy machine guns guarding and shepherding and literally transporting in flatback trucks hundreds and hundreds of illegal aliens in each instance.
They bring them across.
They shepherd them.
They fire on the police.
If a citizen went down there and fired on Border Patrol, they'd call out hundreds of vehicles, helicopters, it'd be national news, it'd be alerts on the TV, evil terrorists, you know, evil American citizens are attacking our glorious Border Patrol and our military, our National Guard.
That is not happening now.
And so we've got that audio clip.
That's coming up after the break as well.
But you can also, again, chime in on that news-making interview we just got you with Lou Dobbs.
I'm going to tell you, Lou Dobbs is big.
We're getting back soon.
We've got guests even bigger that are lined up in the next month, coming up in the next few weeks and into April.
We've got people that are working on films, finishing up movies, who can't do it right now, but have contacted us and want to come on in April.
So, and why is all this important?
More and more prominent people speaking out against the New World Order, speaking out against government-sponsored terror like 9-11.
Be right back after this quick break.
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And though it's ill, we'll rise again.
I am a Midwest farmer.
I make a living off the land.
I ride a John Deere tractor.
I'm a liberated man.
But the rain hasn't fallen since the middle of July.
And if it don't come soon, my crops will die.
The bankman says he likes me, but there's nothing he can do.
He tells me that he's coming, but the clouds are coming too.
Did you know that federal regulators I've got the news articles here in the stack are going all over the country now to farms and ranches and their Bureau of Land Management others where it's private property are just showing up harassing people over environmental issues over the smallest thing cows who have run off into streams and they're telling them
When they say, hey, we're a small farm, we're a small ranch, we're barely surviving, they say, hey, get big or get out.
You can have a pig farm with 100,000 pigs and it can toxify your whole county.
They leave you alone.
You can have a big agrib chicken facility.
You can have 5, 10 million chickens.
They leave you alone.
But now, whether you're in Texas, Colorado, it doesn't matter.
For the last two years, you try to go show your cow at the local fair.
You don't report it within one day.
$2,000 a day fines or higher.
Inspectors suddenly show up.
We've now got two years to see the aftermath.
They just show up and say, I'm allowed to come on your property now.
I'm allowed to look in here.
I don't care if you've got 20 chickens.
And they say, why?
They say, because you signed that agreement.
You're now under premises and animal ID.
Now they'll use that to then claim it's the law, like taking vaccines or anything else that's color of law, or putting your children in school.
They're now saying that's the law.
They have to go to a government-approved school.
I have federal and state rulings saying, you don't control your children.
They're not yours.
They're the states that they say, if you don't put them in a big school to, quote, socialize them, that it's abuse.
They're going to take them.
I mean, I have the court ruling here in front of me.
This is the government taking over the society.
When you go to have a baby, you think they're asking you questions while you're sitting there in labor, entering it into a computer.
They're asking, does your husband abuse you?
Do you have firearms?
All that going to the health department.
No judge, no jury, guilty until proven innocent.
They don't even tell you that you're now under law enforcement scrutiny.
They have a nurse do it, who you're supposedly trusting of, who has patient doctor privacy.
That's all gone now.
Just secret police prison planet grid going in everywhere.
We have 30 million plus illegal aliens in this country.
80% of them happen to be from Mexico and Latin America.
I'm not against these people.
The globalists have enslaved them, done horrible things to them, and then always tell them it's the American people doing it.
Not that it's the globalists using the U.S.
and others to do it.
They're taught in U.S.-funded textbooks that our government for 50 years have paid for.
50 years!
I don't know, since 1960.
Almost 50.
48 years.
That the Southwest belongs to Mexico.
Hundreds of billboards in L.A.
saying it's Mexico.
That just say this is now Mexico, paid for by big TV station owners who aren't even, by the way, Hispanic.
Balkanizing us, playing us off against each other.
So citizens are all slaves.
Citizens are having more regulation, more taxation, more control.
All these new bureaucracies springing up.
But we have a group that's been taught to hate America who's vitriolic, totally nationalistic for Mexico, and then we're told as Americans not to be nationalistic or have false nationalism of going and attacking something like Iraq.
We're told that's patriotic, but not the other thing.
And then the cover-up the last five-plus years, it's been going on for ten.
I mean, I've had sheriff after sheriff after police chief after police chief.
Article after article.
Go read them at prisonplanet.com.
I know Paul and Steve are putting together an article today that has all the old stories about it.
Photos, video, local news stories.
Where they'll catch a dump truck loaded with marijuana and in another case a truck full of cocaine and a van.
They'll be in one case 3.3 miles, another case over a mile over.
All of a sudden Humvees pull up with guys with heavy machine guns aimed at them.
They'll pull up with a big old armored truck with a winch on it.
In one case, the police had shot the tires out of the dump truck it had run, and they drug a dump truck miles through different ravines, incredibly dangerous, with guns pointed at our sheriff.
And what was it, three of his deputies?
I've got to get him back on.
The articles posted, the audio of the interview, what was that, three years ago?
That particular sheriff...
Now, Mexican troops in Mexican vehicles surrounding our elected police, guardians of the peace, can you imagine if a group of militia people that are always demonizing pulled up to a drug bust and aimed machine guns at cops and then drug the dump truck with a winch?
It had run 3.3 miles to less than a mile from the border and then drug it a mile through the desert right in front of them.
Then the dump truck got stuck in a ravine right before the Mexican border and the Mexican troops pulled their trucks down and loaded the marijuana in front of the sheriffs.
By then a bunch of other sheriff's deputies had shown up.
Border Patrol had shown up and they sat there and watched Mexican troops aiming machine guns at them.
Now, you'd think that'd be national news, breaking CNN, Mexican troops hold police hostage, hold sheriff's deputies hostage.
And now this young lady who we do have coming on the show, we appreciate it, Sarah A. Carter, great reporter.
I'm glad she reported it in her local newspaper and finally got some traction.
But this is all over the news.
It's here and there, but to me it's a big breaking story because at least it's on a couple TV networks.
That's pretty big compared to total silence, total TV and radio silence on this subject.
My cousin has lived in Chicago the last four years.
He came back down to visit family.
Buckley grew up for, I don't know, five years of his life when he was like one to I think six in Guatemala because my uncle was doing work down there.
So naturally, growing up as a musician and a lot of other things, most of his friends are Hispanic here in Austin.
I was friends with them all when we lived here too.
Back when he was working on Road to Tyranny and Masters of Terror, he worked on those two films with me.
I don't know why I'm digressing off into all this, but early on, he would tell me the stories.
He goes, yeah, you know, I speak Spanish fluently.
In fact, I've been around Buckley on a road trip before.
He also helped me on America's World by Design as a camera guy.
He drove around the country with me for two weeks to make that film about the U.N.
And when he sleeps, he dreams in Spanish.
You don't wake up here and somebody speaks Spanish.
It's because whatever you speak when you're a little kid.
But the point is,
He would hear me talking about La Reconquista stuff seven years ago when he was working on films with me.
He'd say, yeah, it really hurts my feelings, because he also bartended on top of being a DJ, when Hispanics would walk up to the counter and say, you know, listen, you stupid gringo, puto, look at this dumb white twit.
You know, I'd like to beat him up or kill him.
And Buckley would snap back in Spanish, hey, how dare you say that to me?
And they'd say, oh, sorry, we apologize, and then give him a big tip and apologize.
My wife grew up in Spain.
She lived in Spain four years, lived in France three years, lived in Italy the longest six years.
Her dad worked for the agriculture department.
He's the guy that finally got the rules loosened to get prosciutto, real prosciutto, delicious ham into the country, a side issue.
The point is, one of his big accomplishments, he's got this big trophy from the Italian government for it.
Point is, she's heard that and seen that and freaks out when she tunes in to Spanish radio, Mexican radio.
It's like revolution.
We're taking over America.
Ha, ha, ha.
The gringos will get it.
And the establishment all knows this.
The establishment, the other day I was out here by the convenience store next door and there were some Hispanic guys and one of them made a, hey, look at the stupid white bird.
Look at him.
Hey, gringo, go get me a beer.
He said it in Spanish.
I looked at him and he went, oh, you know a little Spanish.
I was like, come on, man.
Knock it off.
I don't hate you.
But see, the media has covered all this stuff and it's like, it's okay, it's cute, it's funny.
We're going to cover this up.
But side issue, I got into talking about my cousin because one of his friends owed him money.
It was $4,000.
As I remember loaning Buckley the money six years ago that he gave to his friend to try to help get his dad out of jail.
And Buckley was down here visiting, and Austin didn't have time to see me because he had to run down to the border where he was supposedly finally going to be paid back with a car where this guy's dad now lives.
So he went down to Nuevo Laredo, where we've told you it's a war zone.
The State Department said two years ago it's more dangerous than the West Bank.
We're good to go.
Didn't get the car, by the way.
Had their car torn apart when they came back through the border.
But the point is, I mean, in 2006, remember, 54 American citizens, Los Jetes, came across into Texas.
They call them former military.
They're current.
You'll see colonels giving them orders from the videos down there.
Kidnap 54 American citizens and held them hostage for the U.S.
government and Mexican government to basically sign an unofficial treaty with them to give them the five major border towns that border Texas.
And now you don't see police, nothing.
It is run by the Mexican drug lords who work for the government of Mexico.
But my cousin was down there two weeks ago, and he told us that it is completely...
And totally, absolutely shut down.
It is just gone.
And, see, that accelerates it now.
These poor people have to basically come here because they're starving to death down there.
They're forcing the natives in the south and the central areas, the eastern sides, the coastal west areas, the eastern areas on the Caribbean.
They come in at gunpoint and force them off their cornfields.
They've lived there for a thousand years.
They don't have title to it.
They can say my grandfather's grandfather was born in the same rock house they're living in.
This is in the news down there.
And the troops just say, get out of here.
That's why Mexico City went from 14 million to 33 million, what, from the early 1990s until 2005, last time I looked up the numbers.
Biggest city in the world.
30 plus million people.
And then that's a staging ground for the Matilda Dores factories all along the border, which they themselves have shut down for China.
Then they all come here while our economy's imploding.
So let's go ahead and go into the first part of this clip.
We'll finish it up after the break.
Here it is, finally, from the Morning Joe, who said that 9-11 truthers should all be put in special secret prisons and tortured and tasered.
This is the new system.
But from the same guy, now claiming he's breaking the story, here it is.
But now the U.S.
Border Patrol is warning its agents to look out for Mexican military units.
You heard me right.
Mexican military units on American soil that could be a threat to their life.
With me now, the reporter who broke that story, Sarah Carter, from the Inland Valley Daily Bulletin.
Thank you so much for being with us, Sarah.
Talk about this story that you stumbled across.
You were just doing reporting on immigration work, and you uncovered a bombshell.
Talk about it.
Yeah, absolutely.
I spent the last year covering our border, both the southern border in Mexico and the northern border out here, all the way from San Diego into Arizona.
And one of the things that I had heard often was from Border Patrol agents is these incursions, Mexican military crossing our border, assisting drug smugglers.
And also human smugglers across the border.
I heard this over and over again and not only from the border patrol agents but also from the immigrants themselves who would hide on the other side of the border before they made their run from these drug smugglers and from the Mexican military.
So it began an investigation for me that started late last year, actually early last year into late last year when I was able to uncover the documents.
And, Sarah, you're saying that the Mexican military is actually crossing into America repeatedly?
I'm not only saying that.
I believe I know that.
I believe the documents prove that.
These documents show 216 incursions over the last 10 years of Mexican military into the United States.
And just today, I received information from a chief deputy actually out in Hudspeth County, Texas, and the FBI confirmed today that Mexican military incurred
At 3 o'clock this afternoon in Texas, into the United States, assisting drug smugglers, and I was able to confirm that before I got on the air with you tonight, Joe.
It's a stunning story.
We have here Mexican military incursion.
A lot of people along the border would say it's a military invasion.
Let me bring in T.J.
Stay with me, Sarah.
's the president of the National Border Council.
T.J., Sarah says there have been over 200 incursions into the United States by Mexican military units.
Does that number sound about right to you?
Actually, it sounds a bit low, Joe.
It happens on an all-too-frequent basis.
And it's not just an innocent geographical blunder where they come across and go, oops, we'd better turn around.
They have fired upon our Border Patrol agents on several occasions, striking two of our agents just last year.
Why are they shooting at our agents?
Because our agents are standing in the way of them getting drugs into this country.
And what's our federal government doing about it?
Has the State Department stepped forward and made a protest?
Has the Department of Homeland Security talked about this issue as being a great threat to America and certainly its border patrol?
They're pretty silent on this issue, Joe.
We complained vocally after a 2000 incident where 16 soldiers chased our agents around, fired shots at them,
All we got back from the White House was a form letter thanking us for raising concerns about water boundary issues.
No one ever followed through and did anything on these issues.
And, you know, then five years later we had our agents shot up by a Mexican military down in Tucson, Arizona.
Well, it's unbelievable, TJ and Sarah.
Is this happening because the Mexican military is really in the pockets of some of these drug cartels that operate along the border?
Yeah, you know, let me begin by telling you, I've spent time in quite a few of the border towns, and I've heard that over and over again.
If you go into Agua Prieta, or if you go into Sasa Bay, Mexico, even out here in San Diego, along the borders, you'll hear that over and over again from the people that actually live in those communities.
We're going to come back and finish this.
You'll hear it.
See, I'm going to get her on.
I'm going to give her.
Right now, we're grabbing hundreds of articles.
Literally, we're emailing it all to her.
We're going to give her photos, documents, videos, sheriff's names.
I mean, we've got the whole enchilada.
There's no hurt about it.
They drive right back and forth in official uniforms and vehicles.
Our beloved republic is on her knees.
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We've got a reporter that's breaking misinformation.
Nationally, about the Mexican troops viciously attacking.
Forget just guarding the illegal aliens and drugs.
It's all coming up.
Let's go back into the rest of this newscast.
Yeah, you know, let me begin by telling you, I've spent time in quite a few of the border towns, and I heard that over and over again.
If you go into Agua Prieta, or if you go into Sacibe, Mexico, even out here in San Diego, along the borders, you'll hear that over and over again from the people that actually live in those communities.
A lot of them are poverty stricken.
We're good to go.
But at this point in time, I think, you know, like what TJ said, you know, our State Department hasn't acted on this.
I'm continuing to follow these stories.
And like I said, today, the FBI was able to confirm where Mexican military were crossing the Rio Grande today.
And they were actually 200 yards in across the river with mounted machine guns
Pointed at our border patrol agents, at our chief deputies, at Huxley County deputies, and as well as the Texas Highway Patrolmen.
So it's interesting that the State Department doesn't mention this or that Chertoff downplays this, but I think it's a very serious issue and I believe that the cartels are able to buy out some of the Mexican military personnel that are along the border.
I'll tell you what, Sarah Carter, thank you so much for this report.
It is very frightening.
Yeah, so I'm glad that she gets into the big cover-up.
She's a great lady.
We got her coming on in 30 minutes.
When we come back with the next hour, I'm going to take your calls for most of the 30 minutes.
I've got some other news before she joins us.
There is just so much happening.
For those that just tuned in, we had Lou Dobbs on.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Not just AM and FM, but WWCR as well.
Those frequencies are up on Infowars.com.
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This is a big part of the fight here.
It also supports our operation.
And you've got to get Endgame Blueprint for Global Enslavement.
It covers the North American Union, the Mexican troops.
It covers the open borders.
It covers how they're going to destroy the dollar, how they're setting up FEMA camps.
And that's about 45 minutes of the 2-hour, 20-minute film.
History of the Globalists, what their master plan is.
If you haven't gotten Endgame on DVD with the 40 minutes of extras that spends time on the La Reconquista movement, get it at InfoWars.com.
Get the DVD at InfoWars.com.
Thank you for listening to GCN.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Well, years after the fact, MSNBC is reporting about Mexican troops shooting at Border Patrol.
Kidnapping him, holding him hostage.
We've got the reporter, Sarah A. Carter, who deserves a medal for pushing this out into the open discussion.
Joining us in 30 minutes, T-30.
Another InfoWars salvo coming up.
I've got a lot of other economic, government-sponsored terror news, the latest revelations in the puppy, ABC News saying this is psychological therapy, how they blow off steam.
I guess that's how Jeffrey Dahmer did, too.
Limbaugh says that that's how they blow off steam.
This is a talking point.
The Pentagon gives them these talking points.
It's guaranteed.
It's been admitted.
So that's coming up, too, right now.
Chris in Florida, thanks for holding.
You're on the air worldwide.
Hi, Alex.
Yes, sir.
Hey, how are you doing?
I called you a few weeks back about Newt Gingrich and Joe Scarborough, and the other day you were experiencing technical difficulties.
I absolutely believe that they're listening to your show and that they do censor out bits that they
I don't want you revealing.
Well, they can only do that by cutting lines and things.
But then when we had the leader of the Lakota Nation on, who they admittedly surveil, both his two separate phone systems went down.
We were trying to call him back.
He said he's never seen that before.
We had two ISDNs were going down.
But look, the government admits they are targeting, quote, the Internet and alternative talk shows and testing ways to, quote, shut us down.
That is official news.
Oh, yes, definitely.
No, after I made my point, I actually was trying to continue talking.
I don't know, maybe if you hit the button on me or what, but my phone usually just says, call ended.
It just turned off.
I mean, it felt like it got zapped out of my hand.
Well, sir, I appreciate your call, but listen, we can start getting paranoid, too, okay?
I'm a big fish in this, about as big as it gets in the fight against the New World Order, and believe me, it's a position I don't relish or enjoy.
Other than a lot of people in the movement who are in this movement for the wrong reasons get so jealous, and I kind of allow myself to enjoy that.
I shouldn't, but it's sick.
But I know how serious the enemy is.
I know how dangerous the New World Order is.
Walking point, being on the front lines is a duty I have.
And it's not fun at the end of the day.
But, you know, people think that a helicopter flies over their house, it's surveilling them.
Or people think that their phone cuts out.
It's the government.
The government doesn't have the personnel for that.
Okay, do they have the army going to peace groups in Houston and Sacramento?
Is that mainstream news?
That the Pentagon spies on anti-war groups with physical agents dressed up like hippies?
Do federal provocateurs go attack cops and then have the police attack the peaceful people?
That's been exposed many times.
That's mainstream news.
But they have... You see them at key events, core events, and in big cities.
They tried to beef that up.
I mean, New York has thousands of agents.
Even small towns, the feds will give a grant for, you know, anti-terror, domestic terror.
Let's say they've got ten deputies.
One of them will be federally deputized and going around spying, looking for terrorists in Mayberry.
And by the way, they're not talking about Al-Qaeda.
It's all about gun owners and who's got a stockpile of ammo, and a neighbor talks about it, so they raid you, even though the ammo isn't illegal.
Every day we see where they raid you for having, you know, 15 guns and ammo.
And they'll say on the news, well, he told his neighbors that the economy might plunge.
And so they freaked out and called the local terror deputy, and they swapped him.
All the guns are legal, but they kept him in jail for a week, and now won't give the guns back.
I think I saw that, what, a month ago in Indiana?
I mean, I'm just picking one case out.
He told his neighbors.
It said, buy storable food and gold.
Guaranteed, one of my listeners.
We could never get a hold of him after that.
And just like when the people had the Ron Paul sign in their yard,
Or people have Ron Paul signs over and over again from Tennessee to Texas and police show up and arrest them.
Or you fly an upside down flag and the cop comes in and knocks your door down and beats you up and arrests you.
Remember that?
South Carolina?
Or you got a sign in your yard saying our judicial system's a joke and they come arrest you, Tennessee?
Or you hand out a Ron Paul video, they arrest you saying it's... They're crazy.
They think it's Iraq where you're not allowed to have free speech.
So that is going on.
But it's not all encompassing.
It's not everywhere.
And if we cower to that, they're going to win.
But don't start jumping at shadows, okay?
Mark, Will, Rich, Trent, and others.
We'll be right back.
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We're good to go.
Terror Storm, a history of government-sponsored terror.
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We're good to go.
He's the T-Rex of political talk, Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
The criminal occupational government we have is announcing they have secret police and announcing they're looking through your walls to create a chilling effect like it's illegal or bad to speak out or have political views as a chilling effect.
I know so many neocons and mainline liberals who will say, oh, a lot of what you say is true, but it's exaggerated, and the government's not that bad.
Plus, I don't want them to come after me.
See, that's double think.
Oh, the government's not bad, but I don't want them to come after me.
Or, shh.
And I've had so many neocons march up to me at the RNC and other events over the years and say, none of this is real, but they're going to arrest you, they're going to get you, thinking they're messing with me.
But deep down, they're the ones that are afraid.
Look, this government's made up of our military, our FBI, it's made up of our citizens.
And most of them are good.
I want to be clear about that.
But don't confuse that with those on top being bad and the integration, the top-down integration
Integration in a pyramidal power structure where there are very large, very wicked, very evil compartments that are doing all sorts of bad things.
And then a lot of well-meaning people that have been brainwashed, who aren't that intelligent, or who aren't informed, haven't seen the full paradigm or even the edge of it, they think it's good to spy on peace groups.
They think it's good to sneak around and be secret police.
Years before they officially got rid of Posse Comitatus.
By the way, they're just saying they got rid of it.
They really didn't.
They claim that, oh, well, if it's terror-related, we can have troops involved.
But now they're involved in everything.
So, as best I can tell, there are about 50,000 government-type spies from the federal government, actual spies.
That's not that many, but 300 million people.
Then you've got 440-something thousand truck drivers.
There's no real terror.
I've actually watched online.
People videotaped it.
The training program they do, the Eagle Eyes program and several others, where the feds pay local deputies, again, federalizing them covertly.
They never see the forest for the trees, to go in.
And the truck companies, to get better insurance points, again, they engineer it where financially it's good, send the truck drivers to be eagle eyes.
These truck drivers are usually vets, hardest working people out there, tough jobs, professionals, and, I mean, really good people.
Salt of the earth.
And they say, hey, you caught the sniper.
Hey, look for terrorists.
By the way, that was all staged.
Look for terrorists, but since there's not a lot of terror and crime.
And then they teach them, did you see a mother?
You know, when the kid's jumping around the car, smack them on the leg, write the plate down, call the police, cops pull them over, CPS the kid.
You see, because these guys have gone through weeks of training.
Now they're on the road, and it's sad.
You see a tarp flapping.
You see people on the side of the road with a backpack.
I mean, now I've got friends that like to hike across the U.S.
They'll get their three-week vacation a year.
They'll take it all at once, and they'll go march the Smoky Mountains.
Sounds great.
I'd love to do it.
We're good to go.
And then, of course, there's always an argument for that.
So they've got the really big threat is the 26,000 preachers.
We told you about it a year before it was in news.
Plus, now medley training their flocks to turn in their guns, training them to go take forced inoculations, go to camps.
They don't tell them the feds are paying them and training them.
That's key to keep it secret, though it's now broken the news.
We got the secret documents, again, a year plus before from Pastor Butch Paw, had some of the pastors on.
Butch is on, by the way, 8 o'clock at night.
Great guy.
He's on the network.
So that's all going on.
And look, the caller brought this up.
I had to digress because this is so important.
Then they have the InfraGard, which is 23,000 executives spying on everyone and giving shoot-to-kill orders during martial law.
And those documents have come out.
And the FBI tried to spin it.
Well, we do have them prepared for martial law, but they're not shoot-to-kill.
They're just allowed to call us for shoot-to-kill.
Folks, you don't need the FBI to get you secretly in a martial law shoot-to-kill thing.
If you work at a power plant, they should have the policy that the managers are allowed to have firearms in their desk.
Or even on them, if you've got the training.
I think there should be some training around a power plant.
You're still going to have a few people go nuts.
That's how life works.
And yeah, you see somebody running up with a statue of explosives or something, take them down.
But that's so rare.
And then we study terror, and we find out it's always government.
Even if it's some idiot Islamic who believes they're fighting for Allah, you track it back, it'll be CIA funding, or Mossad, or Shin Bet, or MI6.
I mean, again and again.
So you've got all these groups out there, but, I mean, they were already there.
It's all meant to spy on you.
And so if we just expose this, we're going to be able to reverse it.
All right, now, I've got to go to your calls, and that means no matter how good your call is or how good the point is, I'm not going to be able to spend much time.
Mark in Illinois, thank you for calling.
Yes, Mark, go ahead.
Oh, hi, I've got information.
I'm a little nervous, but...
Have you ever heard of the late Nord Davis Jr.
of North Point teams in Topton, North Carolina?
Well, in 1968, his first printing of Dallas Conspiracy, he shows at a Life magazine.
Oh, yeah, I've heard of the book.
Go ahead.
And also, the second subject is a touchy one.
Well, finish your point about that book.
Finish your point about that book.
Hold on.
Go ahead.
Well, I'm looking at, I know the guy, well, I don't.
I'm looking at a copy of it on the internet that I can share with you how to get it, but it shows his name is D. Morenschildt, a.k.a.
I don't know.
Von Morenskold, was this guy that's standing on the sidewalk with two fully automatic pistols with silencers, and the little girl that's famous for running up and all of a sudden she slows down.
She witnessed a woman that had stepped in front of this man and was shot in the head.
And there is, in the original Warren Commission report, the big one, that this police officer had blood on his left side of his helmet and the left side of his motorcycle.
I never heard that.
I'll have to look into it.
I would imagine if that was all documented, I would have heard about it.
Okay, what was your next point?
Well, it's the most touchy subject of all.
I learned it 20 years ago, and I've grown with it ever since.
And it is a fact.
You can look in the 1980 Jewish Almanac, a Jewish rabbi stating, it is incorrect to call a modern-day Jew an Israelite, or a modern-day Israelite a Jew.
They are not Israelites.
They're Israelis.
And the Anglo-Saxon, Scandinavian, Germanic, and Kindred people, commonly called the white race, which has been demonized,
Came out of Assyrian captivity.
They migrated north over the southern Russian mountains of the Caucasus.
Oh, this is what Encyclopedia Judaica says.
Well, I don't know much about... No, no, no.
The first part was from Encyclopedia Judaica.
The new stuff you're saying is British Israelism.
No, it's Anglo-Saxon.
No, no, no.
But I mean, to be clear, though, I'm trying to see where the quote out of Judaica ends and where what you're saying begins.
Yeah, I know.
I haven't actually read it.
I don't have a 1980 Jewish almanac in front of me.
Well, listen, I happen to have actually looked into that, and I appreciate your call.
And the part you talked about with the rabbi saying that, that's in all the Jewish almanacs, and it's true.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Whereas your mainline Semitic Arabs are a mix of Negro, Caucasian, and Asian.
Now, again, this is the mainline sociology, mainline anthropology.
You have the Caucasoids, the Negroids, the Asians, and those are your three major groups.
And you've got subgroups that are divided where those groups have touched.
The Vikings founded Moscow.
The Vikings ruled up until about 800 years ago, right up into Turkey, coming into those fjords, coming into those rivers.
This is great stuff.
Any history book on the Vikings, about their whole history will tell you this.
They set up the trading civilization that's there, and they traded then with the Turks and the rest of them, and the Persian Empire.
They had trading routes, literally with the camels and donkeys, and ships would bring it right up to the rivers that the Vikings controlled, all into Russia, all into the steppes, all the way through Europe,
Through what's Germany today up into Scandinavia.
And they also interbred a lot along those lines.
So what you have is a Central and Eastern European group with small amounts of Noric-infused
And then you also have some of the genetics of black folks infused because Arabs were also interbreeding, touching there, and they had already, at a larger level, intermarried with the North Africans and even Africans that were brought up as slaves from further south during the slave trade that, of course, goes back to even before the Egyptians.
So since we're getting off into all this, each caller brings up incredible points.
There's no way I can't really get into all this.
So we are getting into it.
So, everybody's basically a Mongol.
The Europeans always called everybody from Moscow on, or really from Poland on, Mongols, because they'd been invaded by the Mongols, they'd been invaded by the Huns, and had been dominated in some cases for hundreds of years, and that's why Vladimir Putin and others have these slant eyes.
That's why you'll see somebody with blonde hair, blue eyes, but they've got slant eyes.
Just like if you were a white settler to the U.S.
and you married an Indian woman squaw, you're going to, throughout your generations, because it's dominant genetics, going to have squinty, slant eyes.
Like I have squinty, Asiatic eyes to a certain extent.
Because a lot of sides of my family, especially on my dad's side, married Native American women.
But again, it doesn't manifest in coloration.
It manifests...
In the eye, shape, ears, things like that.
Okay, we'll be right back.
It is a big idea.
A new world order.
In the near future, Earth is dominated by a powerful world government.
It's known as the Builder Bird.
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Finishing up briefly and back to your calls, what that fellow brought up.
So you've got about 15-20% who are Sephardic.
And they're from the Middle East and they look like Palestinians.
And if you look at the old paintings done by the Romans on walls, they would paint the different groups that lived in Rome of what a Jew looked like.
And you see some of the Israeli soldiers.
They've got the dark hair, the high cheekbones.
You can totally tell they'll be right next to an Eastern European guy with red hair and blue eyes.
And that's the majority of Israel.
And that is a... Well, you know, they have popular terms for it.
And then he turns popularly used.
But the main group comes out of Khazaria.
It was a huge area, spanning from northern Turkey out to Greece, Macedonia, a huge border.
And everybody always called me like this is some big breaking, which is fine, breaking news.
I mean, this is just mainline history.
Now, when you get into Christian identity and British royal Israelism and the rest of it,
Every British king and queen for more than a thousand years, even before William the Conqueror and 11-whatever came in, they have been coronated as sons of David, and they are coronated on the stone that supposedly Abraham almost sacrificed Jacob on.
And they believe that when the Christians showed up more than a thousand years ago in the British Isles, they saw Hebrews.
And a lot of them already thought that.
So I actually looked into this about a decade ago.
I didn't believe it.
I was like, oh, that's just ridiculous.
Yeah, I mean, the Europeans are Jews.
Well, Jews are just one of 13 tribes.
The tribe of Judah.
Now, to say that all Europeans came out of the Middle East and really are, no.
But there's no doubt that they all migrated different groups.
It's known that Vikings and others were coming in from Northern Europe.
Into the Mediterranean.
Not just all the rivers that come out to the Mediterranean.
There's a whole history that they burned up in Alexandria and the great... Folks, you want me to keep talking about this?
It's pretty interesting.
Or should I take calls?
I'm just going to take calls.
I've got to do whole shows on this.
Because I actually have a pretty great knowledge of it.
Back before I knew all this stuff was so important, I was reading history books about it.
You read Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire.
That stuff's in there.
Let's go ahead and take another call.
Will in Pennsylvania, then Rick, Trent, Steve, Joe, and others.
Go ahead.
Hello, you're on the air.
Good afternoon, Alex.
It's a pleasure to speak to you again.
Nice talk to you.
Thank you.
It's found interesting that you were speaking about other countries earlier.
I know the New Orleans plan is global.
However, George Green and others have stated that they've traveled extensively.
You can't really get away from it anywhere.
If you could pick one country, I've been thinking about New Zealand a lot lately and looking into that.
What would you pick if you had to actually flee the United States for citizenship?
Okay, New Zealand, the Cook Islands, Costa Rica, even the Pacific coast of Mexico, from Baja South, is where all the big money's going.
I'm not telling you go there, because here's the deal.
The U.S.
and Europe are going to be the big targets of New World Order total domination, because we're the core power centers.
They've got to fully get us enslaved.
They've already got China, other areas under their control, so they're moving on to us now.
But they can one by one overthrow those other nations anytime they want, and the same planning grid is more ahead in some of those nations now than it is even here.
It's just that they're not going to be the main targets at first.
So nowhere is safe.
You must stand and fight.
Now, you can stand and fight running a website from New Zealand if you want.
I'm not saying don't move where you want.
But, you know, the Gibsons in 1968 left New York,
When Hutton won Jeopardy, Grand Champion, I think he won like $100,000 or something.
He moved the family there for organic farming because he was worried about GMO then.
And then it got just as bad, so they fled back over here.
And now, you know, Mel's bought a big ranch down in Costa Rica and is basically fortifying it.
So, you know, what do you do?
I don't have the money to buy five acres in Costa Rica, much less, you know, one that's a thousand acres or whatever it is.
I mean, what do you do?
I don't know.
I mean, can you get off the radar and go be forgotten and run a dive shop somewhere and have the New World Order leave you alone?
But, you know, those slots are going to get filled pretty fast.
Every day I think about if I had the money, running to some place and trying to buy a little dive shop, but I'm not going to do that.
Believe me, I'd love to take tourists out fishing every day.
I'd love to take them out diving.
I mean, I just can't get enough of the ocean, the jungles.
I may have to go down to be with the Latin Americans to get away from the reconquistas here.
It's not that I want to get away from Hispanics.
I want to get away from the ones Ford Foundation brainwashed to hate America.
See what I'm saying?
Can I sneak one more question in?
Sure, go ahead.
You've, for a long time, ignored the extraterrestrial threat, and understandably, it's hard enough to get this stuff down into people's pockets.
Here's the deal.
I've got a guest coming up for one segment.
If you want to hold over, I'll go to you afterwards, and all the other callers.
Do you want to stay there, or have me let you go?
I've got to go, but how about I call back tomorrow or sometime next week?
Okay, okay, okay.
All right, we'll be right back, ladies and gentlemen.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
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So much going on.
So many things going on in the world.
Babies dying.
Mothers crying.
How mature this one human life was.
What happened to peace?
All right, ladies and gentlemen, we're back live here.
Sarah A. Carter is the National Security Pentagon reporter for The Washington Times.
So she reports also, of course, on border security.
She has won national prestigious awards for her coverage of the border situation in the North and the South.
We're good to go.
And I was talking to her in the break and I said, bottom line, isn't it that the Mexican military generals are running the drugs?
I mean, I've been down in southern Mexico and seen the Humvees guarding marijuana fields.
They don't even hide it.
Our government knows that.
And so she joins us now because most Americans who don't live near the border have no idea from San Diego to Nuevo Laredo in Texas just how serious it is.
But she has spent a lot of time in these literal war zones.
And Sarah A. Carter, thanks for spending time with us.
Oh, thank you so much for having me on.
It's a pleasure to be here.
Go ahead.
No, no, I'm just saying, please give us an analysis, a report on all the new developments and really a summation of what we're facing.
Go ahead.
Well, you know, I was going to say, it's very true.
There's a lot of people that really don't understand how serious the situation is on the southern border.
And even to the extent where sometimes even some of our own government officials choose to ignore it even though they know it's going on.
This is a very serious national security issue in many respects, and it deals with an array from smuggling humans to smuggling narcotics, and the whole mix-up there is that there's many people within the Mexican government, within the Mexican military, that have already been bought and sold out to the drug cartels.
So it's very difficult to distinguish between those that are really trying to do the job and those that are sellouts to the drug cartels.
I've seen it with my own eyes.
I've been down in many of those same border cities.
I spent an enormous amount of time in Nuevo Laredo investigating this, working with intelligence officials and others, and I have many, many sources, Mexican sources, who have said, please, you know, get the truth out, get the story out, because the people in Mexico as well are suffering from this, and they're hostages within their own cities.
Well, you talk about how Chertoff and others and bipartisan, they just, this is big news, and there's still pretty much a news blackout on this.
There is.
That's right.
You know, and to a large extent, that's because the government won't come out and talk about it.
But what happened was, a number of years ago, two years ago, I actually came across documents that exposed that the United States was actually monitoring Mexican military crossings on the U.S.
And because of those documents, the story could no longer be ignored.
And thank goodness for that, you know, that those documents existed.
FBI officials as well as local police officials
As well as federal level officials in the DHS were monitoring how many times the Mexican military had been spotted crossing across the border.
And, you know, these weren't just incidents where the Mexican military personnel were lost and accidentally crossed into our territory.
And that's difficult for me to believe as well, that they would get that loss, that they would cross all the way into U.S.
But a lot of these incidents, they had actually spotted Mexican military assisting and aiding drug cartels moving their product into the United States illegally.
And it's not just, like I said, it's not just narcotics.
It's also human smuggling, which poses a significant national security issue when you consider that terrorists
And especially post-9-11, are going to try to find other ways to enter the United States.
Very open border situation in particular areas of the border.
And when you go into Mexico itself, and you're in cities such as Nuevo Laredo, which we know that we've seen extraordinary violence there.
In fact, when I was visiting there, three people were gunned down about a block and a half away from me.
At one point in time, it was a pretty terrifying situation.
The sources that I was dealing with were so terrified
Yes, over a period of time, yes.
And many of those people have not been found.
You know, a lot of these Americans have not been located.
I'm going to tell you something.
You know, I was down in Nuevo Laredo and I was there when Betty Flores was still the mayor of Nuevo Laredo.
And I remember having a one-on-one conversation with her and I said, look, there have been Americans in Laredo that have been kidnapped in Laredo and taken into Nuevo Laredo, Mexico.
And there's still no sign of them.
Nobody has done anything about it.
What are you going to do about it?
What is going to happen here?
Basically, the answer to me was, well, we believe a lot of those folks were involved with the cartels anyways.
Well, that isn't true.
Well, remember South Padre Island?
Remember South Padre Island right across?
And there was over 100 women missing?
And then over the border in far west Texas, it was hundreds and hundreds of people, and they kept digging up all the dead bodies?
That's right.
I believe, are you talking about the Matamoros incident?
Well, it was Matamoros, and then that was in Texas Monthly, that they were not making... Yes.
I mean, it's everywhere.
I mean, it's everywhere.
That's absolutely right.
You're absolutely correct.
It is, it is.
And it's a situation that's been ignored for quite a long time.
And, you know, I remember, and I'll tell you, the first time that I went to... I began my investigations, and this was years ago...
I was actually down in Baja, California.
I found a tunnel, an open waterway that was being used as a tunnel for illegals to cross back and forth from Mexico into the United States.
And there was also some other tunneling situations down there.
There were underground tunnels where they were bringing in narcotics.
And the first time I had ever heard about the Mexican military and other Mexican law enforcement officials being involved in the drug trafficking to this extent was when I was interviewing illegal immigrants getting ready on the Mexican side of the border that were planning on crossing over.
And I asked them, they had brought up to me that they had hidden in the brush the night before
Because law enforcement officials from Mexico were down in the brush assisting drug traffickers with their load and bringing it through into San Diego.
And that if they had seen them, they would have killed them on the spot so that they had hidden there.
And I thought to myself, this is amazing.
If this is true and Mexican law enforcement officials and military officials are involved in moving narcotics,
Somebody in our government has to be monitoring it.
Well, I mean, every month or two... That's where I start to look for the documents.
Sarah A. Carter, a reporter for The Washington Times, won some of the most prestigious national awards for reporting on the border situation, especially in the South.
Every few months, you can just Google Mexican government official arrested, Mexican government official found with hundreds of millions at his home.
They're always getting caught, and it seems it's one cartel in the government ratting on another cartel in the government.
It's just, I mean, everybody knows, Mexico, that large portions of the government are the drug dealers.
That's right.
And look, it's difficult for our law enforcement agents and intelligence agents as well, because many times, in order to move forward or to see what's going on, to establish who's in control of the cartels at that time, they need cooperation.
From the Mexican authorities.
And that's very limited.
I mean, there are times where, you know, the Mexican government does cooperate, but like many intelligence officials tell me, and DEA agents, a lot of times you don't know if you're giving the information to the bad guy or to the good guy.
So it's better not to give too much information.
You know, and also the violence is so extreme.
It's not like people just get killed there.
You know, these kidnappings and these murders are gruesome.
We're good to go.
A massive shootout, and people were kidnapped, and they were describing the situation to me as the blood was all over the streets.
It was the most horrific situation they had ever experienced, and guess what?
Hardly no one reported on it.
Not even the Mexican papers, because unfortunately, any reporter who tells those stories inside Mexico, in those cities, then becomes a victim of these cartels.
I think so.
Mexico is our partner, our trade partner.
There's a lot of people that don't want to bring this up for fear that they're going to lose something economically.
I remember interviewing some folks out there in Laredo involved in the World Trade Bridge.
And they were downplaying all the violence and saying that Nuevo Laredo and Laredo is going to be the crux of all new export, bringing in trucking and shipments into the United States, cargo.
And they don't want to lose that.
Well, let's talk about the truth here.
I've been down there.
I had family just down there two weeks ago.
They say it's all completely boarded up.
It's 100% opposite of what it was just 10 years ago, thriving, fun place to go as a tourist.
I mean, is it worse than it was two years ago, or is it just stagnated?
I think it's stagnated for a bit.
I don't think it's worse, and I don't think it's better.
Well, you've been there.
Describe what it looks like.
Describe what these border towns, especially with Texas, look like.
Well, I'm going to tell you.
The last time I was in Nuevo Laredo, which was about a year ago, it was devastating.
A lot of the businesses had left and moved into Laredo, Texas.
People were still terrified.
People were still frightened.
One of the most interesting moments, I think, you know, I remember going into a home of some sources there in Nuevo Laredo, and their house was so boarded up.
It was unbelievable to withstand the gunfire.
A lot of the families that had money in that area left.
There was the battle inside Nuevo Laredo in particular, and then I'll go on to Juarez if you'd like, but...
And who has the backing of Los Zetas?
Oh, of Los Zetas?
Well, it was Oseal Cardenas.
Oseal Cardenas with the Gulf Cartel.
Now, remember, the Zetas and the Gulf Cartel kind of merged into one.
It's like they almost bought out, you know, they were former Mexican military, according to some sources, that now train, actually train new members.
But Oseal was arrested.
A lot of people have said that the Zetas have taken over the organization.
They're very militant.
And they were in constant street battles with the Sinaloa cartel.
Now, ma'am, the info we get, and we know the CIA has been caught, subsections of it.
We know a few years ago they caught the head of the Army for all Latin American anti-drug.
Remember that colonel shipping in heroin and cocaine?
And he got caught.
But the point here is that we know there's a wink-wink.
We know our big banks launder the money.
A CIA aircraft a few months ago.
Crash with the 3.3 tons of coke.
And the info I get from DEA and other people is that our own government is covering up the true Los Zetas, burning up cars, even blowing up some cars in Texas, that they're now as far north killing people in Indiana, Chicago, and that our government and the law enforcement is even scared of them and that they're also even involved in corruption with some of the people in our own government.
I wish I had information to provide you on that, and I would.
I know what you're saying about the crossing into the United States.
I have heard that as well, that the Seitas have come into the U.S., and as recently as just this last year, where there was a kidnapping in Texas of a gentleman that I think they believed, at that point in time, one of the cartels came all the way into Texas, kidnapped a guy, and ended up being the wrong guy.
You know, and the FBI was investigating that.
Well, you remember the car they blew up with somebody in it in Dallas, and that hardly even got news.
See, barely.
That's what I mean.
This stuff doesn't even get attention.
You're trying to cover it.
I'm trying to cover it.
There's so much of it.
You know tons of stuff I don't.
I know stuff you don't.
That's what I mean.
How does this unwritten rule work where the media, even the Dallas Morning News, just plays this down?
You know, I have been asking that question for years.
It is a huge story.
It is a big story.
It's bigger than most of us even know.
And people are afraid of covering the story.
They don't want to cover it.
A lot of people don't.
I mean, we hear reports, but we don't see in-depth details.
Is that because they've targeted reporters on both sides?
I remember when I first went to... When I first started doing my series and I was crossing back and forth, there were people warning me, telling me, don't go back over there.
Are you crazy?
You're going to get killed.
You're going to be targeted by the cartels.
You're exposing them.
You're writing these stories and you're exposing them.
In fact, they've been blowing up news stations and newspapers on the border.
Well, let me tell you.
That's true.
No, you know, many people very close to El Manana newspaper, La Manana, I'm sorry, in Nuevo Laredo, and I investigated that quite a bit.
There was a young reporter there who was gunned down.
He did survive, but became paralyzed.
They also rocketed two different newspapers, right?
They did that as well, and they did grenade La Manana as well.
So they did grenade the paper there as well.
So, I mean, this is very serious.
I mean, some of the killings, Alex, it's unbelievable.
You know, there was a lady that ran a Chrysler dealership in Nuevo Laredo, and, you know, basically in order to get her back, the Zetas,
Kidnapped both of her children.
I guess her husband had been involved in some smuggling for the rival cartel Sinaloa.
And these folks don't care about children or women or, you know, there's no distinguishing factors for them and there's no line that they won't cross.
And basically what they did was they kidnapped her children, which were 13 and 15 years old, her sons, and set them on fire in front of her after tying them up.
This is a very vicious... Now, I want to be clear, and we're about to break, but let me just hold you five more minutes to the end of the hour.
Is that okay?
That's fine, thanks.
Okay, because for those that don't know, Mexico, Guatemala, Nicaragua, El Salvador, from southern North America down to the tip of Chile in South America, kidnapping is a way of life, and now we're seeing that start even in the U.S.
by MS-13 and others.
Do we want to live like they do in Guatemala?
That's the big question, Sarah.
That is a question.
And I mean, unless... And I know our law enforcement agents, there's a lot of them out there.
They're doing their best job to best these guys.
But it's a very serious issue.
And if it's not addressed, it's only going to get worse.
Stay there.
Quick break.
Final segment with our guests.
Then your calls, economic news, and the latest info from the flashbang or whatever it is that went off at the Army recruiting station there in New York City.
This is the GCN Radio Network.
We're talking to Sarah A. Carter, national reporter of The Washington Times.
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We videotaped my interview with Lou Dobbs and I put images to it.
It'll be up by about 4 o'clock today.
We're good to go.
I was talking to her during the break about how no one really reports on this, or if I see it in the local papers, in the back of the paper.
I mean, think of some militia group rocketed somebody in Texas.
It'd be national news, freakouts, calls for legislation.
Think of some black national group did it, or think of some liberal group did it.
You know, when some liberal group burns down a building, it gets news.
And that they should.
Some environmental group burns down some ski resort.
But we've got murders, killings, bedlam.
In the last four minutes we've got with you, Sarah from the Washington Times, Sarah A. Carter, who writes weekly on these issues and daily, you've got the floor.
Other key issues we haven't talked about, you know, the government, really from what I've seen, is doing nothing on the border.
No fence really has been built.
McCain says he wants to block the fence.
He doesn't want a virtual fence.
I mean, I think we ought to put our troops on the border, and the next time Mexican troops shoot at them, light them up.
I mean, that's what you're supposed to do.
I don't know if a citizen was shooting at them, they'd light them up.
I mean, are we just going to put up with this?
Well, you know, it's up to the American people to look at this subject and to decide what they want from it and to contact, you know, I believe their local leaders and their Congress and the President.
You know, it's unfortunate that this issue is not discussed more.
I know that, you know, for many folks, and there's a lot of other reporters who have worked in Mexico and along the border region specifically with the drug cartels in regards to the drug cartels, and it's a dangerous situation for all of them and for the people living on the border.
Americans and Mexicans alike, and ignoring this issue isn't going to make it any better.
Getting the information out there, the right information, and finding solutions is probably where we should be.
Well, Sarah, you said it.
If the media isn't reporting on it like they should, people can't put pressure because they don't know what's happening unless you're in the war zone.
You told me during the break, I asked you, have you been threatened?
How have you been threatened?
Well, there were a few different times that incidents like this came up.
I started reporting prior to going to Mexico on the Mexican mafia, La M. And there was a threat, and it was mitigated.
And fortunately, it's a difficult... I mean, these are difficult subjects.
They don't want this information coming out.
And while I was in Mexico a few times, there was one incident in particular where...
A photographer that I worked with, Therese Tran, and I were chased in the city of Sasa Bay, and it was very harrowing.
Oh, tell us about that, please.
Tell us about that.
We were on our way to Altar, actually, which is a main point for drug smugglers and also for human smuggling.
It's where they meet their coyotes and then move back across the border through Arizona into the United States, and
We got into Sasa Bay.
We were ditched by our guides, pretty much left us, and we headed on our way into Altar, and at that point we were confronted by large vehicles that came up behind us, chased us down the dirt roads on our way to this city out in the desert, and continued to chase us and almost rammed into us.
I'm a pretty good driver.
We made our way out of the city eventually, but it wasn't with a lot of party and a lot of fighting.
Sarah, Sarah, this is only a 70-second break.
I know you're on your lunch break right now.
Just 70 seconds.
Stay there.
Come back for two or three minutes and finish your story, and we'll let you go.
I can't leave it there.
This is incredible.
This lady's amazing.
Sarah A. Carter.
Thank you for listening to GCN.
Be sure to visit GCNlive.com today.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
We are now into hour number three.
Masses of news, your phone calls, and a lot more in this hour.
But we're finishing up with Sarah A. Carter, National Security Pentagon reporter for the Washington Times.
She's won all sorts of national awards for years, covering, mainly in Texas when she was first a reporter down there, the incredible stuff that's happening.
And during the break I was saying, my gosh, you're being chased by the drug cartels, you're being threatened, they're kidnapping kids, burning them in front of their parents.
I said, I want to make a film down there, but my wife and family begged me not to go.
I'm probably still going to do it, but I've been down the border a few times.
It's dangerous enough just there.
You've got incredible courage.
And then you told me a story about what the sheriff's departments and others say.
Tell the listeners about that.
Yeah, well, you know, I think what happens is, too, we can go over to Mexico as tourists.
And some of the towns, it's great.
You go down there, you have a great time, and you leave, and nothing happens.
When you go down there as a reporter...
We're good to go.
I think?
They asked me why do I do it and why do I go down there.
And, you know, I think it's important.
I chose to be a reporter because I love this job.
I love it so much I can't even tell you.
I think I'm so privileged to be able to bring the stories to the American people that I think and that I ask that I know they think is important.
And I wouldn't be doing justice neither to the paper that I work for nor the people that I report to if I didn't see it with my own eyes.
Here's the bottom line.
Here's the bottom line.
They feed on people because the population's poor and been dumbed down and enslaved, and that's why liberty doesn't exist in Mexico.
Mexico uses us as a steam valve for their poor unwashed.
Now this same evil government culture and drug culture is coming up here, and if we as Texans, Californians, New Mexicans, Arizonans, Nevadans, don't say no and kick this drug cartel out and really slam them,
They're going to take over our society.
They're already taking over much of the Mexican government.
I mean, they could really start taking over the Southwest.
Towns like El Cenizo now fly the Mexican flag.
I mean, and this is sick.
Go ahead.
El Cenizo, I've been there.
Yes, I know what you're talking about.
I've seen that for myself.
Well, you know, and I mean, think about this.
These cartels are making billions and billions of dollars a year allowing Colombian cocaine to move through their transient routes.
Moving their own products, both illegal drugs, humans, as well as contraband, other contraband, into the United States.
And some, I mean, in law enforcement, I've talked to a lot of law enforcement officials, and a lot of people that are working on the ground floor down there say that these cartels have amassed armies much bigger than their own.
I mean, their firepower and their capabilities are incredible.
And their resourcing is incredible.
And because our government wants to leave the borders open and make everybody think it's wonderful and sweet, they cover this up, and so now these criminals can take over.
Meanwhile, they're setting up domestic checkpoints in the middle of the country searching us, quote, for Al Qaeda, but our border's wide open, and that really makes the war on terror look like a fraud, doesn't it?
Well, I've reported on it.
I've reported on people crossing that border who have been taken by the Joint Terrorism Task Force who, you know, if they want to look at the borders, the border is a place where many other than Mexicans are using it to cross.
Sarah A. Carter, we've got to have you back up again.
Washington Times reporter, you're a hero to me.
Thank you for spending time with us.
Oh, thank you.
I appreciate it.
You're just awesome.
All right, there she goes, ladies and gentlemen.
We'll be right back.
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Government cover-ups.
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Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Ladies and gentlemen, the dollar has slid to its all-time low.
The dollar is at 1.5370, or $1.5370 against the euro.
The euro opened at 82 cents against the dollar.
So what's 18 and 53?
That's how many... That's the change in value.
Now, a parity, when the euro reached parity, what, six years ago with the dollar...
It's lost 53 plus cents of its value, and against other currencies it's even worse, like the pound.
The euro is not even the strongest out there.
The IMF is dumping billions of dollars of gold in the market today in a public attempt to suppress gold prices.
It isn't even working.
Gold hit $9.90 today.
Yesterday, I went up to $9.85, went back down $20, and raced back up to $9.90, went down, is racing up again, what, at $9.81 right now.
Folks, I'm going to get into it later.
I've got tons of other news, but you've been holding too long.
Let's go to your calls.
Who's up first here?
Rick, Ian, Tejas, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
I've been listening to you almost every single day since early January of 2007, and I'm so thankful that you're out there, a beacon of light for the truth, because we are truly moving into some very challenging times.
Everything's insane.
It was said by someone great that all that's necessary for evil to prevail is for good people to do nothing.
But on the flip side of that, Andrew...
I killed the bank.
Jackson said that the committed actions of one equals a majority.
Well, that's it.
And I would just add to that, evil people know that we lay down and we're cowardly, and so there's drug dealers running everything, corrupt government running everything.
Evil is just going nuts.
That's called tyranny.
Go ahead.
Thank you.
I wanted just to say, I'm a Ron Pauler, and I want to say that
Failure is not an option that the revolution lives on, no matter what.
And even if Ron Paul is not elected president, we have not failed.
Well, of course we haven't.
We've woken up more people than ever.
The Federal Reserve being private is now a household word.
New World Order, NAU, now a household word.
And Congress has an 11% approval rating, and we're going to expose all of them.
I just wanted to put this out there.
I've been part of the grassroots, and...
I don't want to give away too much information because I don't want it to come back and harm us, but I was in one of the precinct conventions, and it went very well, even though the precinct chair did not want to approve, voiced her opposition to us putting out a list of alternates that she didn't know, and there was some discussion about it.
Somebody else piped right in and said she thought that anybody who was willing to actually
I think we're good to go.
Well, I think you need to protest McCain and at least point out that he is a low-down, dirty dog, New World Order, gun control, open border, globalist lover.
At the very least.
But, I mean, Ron Paul isn't... I keep getting all these calls from delegates, people that are about to be delegates, saying that you're going to just call for Ron Paul.
That isn't going to happen.
I mean, if you did that, the media would say, look at him.
He only got 5% of the vote or 10%.
They're trying to steal it.
And Ron Paul isn't going to accept it.
I understand that.
But this is really... Well, I know you understand, but I've told people that told me broker and convention and all that who are friends of mine, and they kind of got irritated that I wouldn't just buy into it, and it wasn't going to happen.
But all I know is if we don't move forward, every one of us listening, we need to do something proactive to bring this message forward.
And it's not necessarily about getting Ron Paul elected.
It's about moving him forward.
He has become a symbol, a standard, if you will, for our movement.
Well, I hear you, and I appreciate your call.
You know, to call it our movement, it's just liberty.
It's freedom.
It's resistance to tyranny.
Truth movement, patriot movement, whatever you want to call the effort.
It's get off my back, get out of my business, stop being a parasite and telling me how much you love me and how it's all for my own good.
The government can't, won't, and isn't going to help you.
It's got good people in it, but it's run by bad people.
And it's all falling apart, and it's only getting worse.
And the country's already in shambles.
Like a snowball headed for hell, as Merle Haggard says.
So, we can't ever turn it around if we can't get the yuppies and the know-it-alls and the trendies to realize that we're in this much trouble.
People say, oh, you're so negative.
No, I can't find words to describe the triangulated, multifaceted angles we're being hit by
People say, well, where's the energy and drive of the New Order come from to do this?
They're criminals.
They've got scum working for them.
Their whole systems are set up to be predatory, to be parasitic.
They're always hiring new people.
Their system's always growing.
It has a hunger.
That's why it grows.
That's why it's so aggressive.
Why it's at every spot.
Because all their minions are getting money out of this.
And power.
It's like we're a 100-pound dog dragging a 200-pound tick.
If you look at taxes and debts and commitments and bureaucracy.
We're good to go.
You know, the tick has put TV sets up in front of the dog, showing it how loving ticks are, and it shows the latest fashions of the dog, how ticks are beautiful, and ticks' slimy underbellies, and little furry tick arms are pretty, and the dog's basically dead now.
Yeah, you're real nice.
You're disgusting scum.
I mean, we got people running things that put poison in the water because they want to dumb you down.
Documented, admitted public.
That shoots your kids up full of mercury and then lie and say it isn't in there.
That's Vermont Top.
See, they love things where they can add MBTE to the water that sterilizes you.
It's in the water supply of 49 states.
The feds ordered that in the name of the environment and it wasn't even taken out because of environmental concerns.
Deadly poison.
Kills all the fish, everything.
It's like cyanide.
You put it in your gas tank.
They love taking the sodium fluoride and all the toxins that come with it and putting it in the water.
See, it's all centralized.
They're all about wherever all the power goes in a little bitty tube up to a little dark room, and that's why everything's command and controlled.
And so the Ron Paul movement isn't a Ron Paul movement, as he would say.
He was just a focal point of it.
It's the liberty movement.
And so you take these meet-up groups with thousands of people, tens of thousands in the big ones, hundreds in the small ones,
And you call yourselves now, you know, a liberty committee.
Or call it whatever you want.
And then have picnics.
Have a bowl together.
Have some fun together.
Meet your dates there.
You've got to make it fun to perpetuate it.
And go out and heckle politicians and go out and lobby together against gun control.
When the legislators in session all go together, find out what committee it is.
500 of you show up.
Watch those gun bills go down in flames.
Or get together and
You know, start following politicians, mayors and people.
Just call yourselves reporters for a website.
Don't call it some covert thing or they'll stick the FBI on you.
Just be above board with a pad of paper and stuff.
Go into the bar, see what the mayor's doing.
If you know the mayor's married, watch him get in the car with that hot jelly.
You don't like that gun control, CPS individual?
You just go down, he put that on YouTube.
Honey, start playing vicious hardball with these people.
They're coming at us.
I ought to just have whole shows on how to burn these people to the ground.
Peacefully, legally, lawfully.
These people are so corrupt, folks.
You go to legislative meetings, you'll almost every time just catch cash bribery in the hall.
They're so corrupt, they don't even... I've caught them multiple times.
You'll just have cash bribery, everything else.
About half the judges, and I'm not joking when I say this,
If you just follow them when they leave, or if you happen to see them, they'll be in drag.
They'll pull up in a field and pick up a five-year-old kid a cop delivers to them.
I mean, the Texas Youth Commission has giant rape parties of small children.
The cops bring them all in, and they have gladiator fights and everything else.
Just hell on earth, total criminals running everything, running around foaming at the mouth.
But the average beat cop out there helping people, going to responding to robberies, responding to crackheads, you know, responding to bank robberies, responding to reckless drivers, they don't know.
They're not bad.
It's all the higher-ups, ladies and gentlemen.
Let me tell you something.
You scratch the surface on any politician pushing New World Order, and that's about half of them, and I'm telling you, they're all crooks, ladies and gentlemen.
They're all crooks.
And I don't just mean we're saying what they do is criminal.
I mean, they're all involved in sick stuff.
Above board.
They're drug dealers.
They're child molesters.
You know there's a child molester guild that runs most of the country.
But there's good cops busting them every day of the week.
They're always being caught.
You notice every day they're being caught, mainly Republicans?
I'm not a Democrat.
I'm not a Republican either.
But it's true that the Republicans pretty much are a pedophile guild.
The higher-ups.
You don't get in unless you're part of the club.
You have to be gay, bottom line, but then they'd like you to go further and be a pedophile.
I'm not kidding.
All right, I've been ranting again.
Trent, Joe, and others will get to you on the other side, then I'm going to get in the nose.
Look, I'm sorry the truth is so insane.
I mean, I can't believe it's this bad.
I can't believe they're this evil.
But it's true.
It's true.
It's all documented.
You know, I'd get up there and say rocket attacks, mass murder, criminal gangs running Texas.
People wouldn't believe me.
And then here I have an award-winning reporter on saying everything I'm saying and more.
Burning children in front of their parents.
Just never in the news.
Never in the news.
We'll be right back.
It is a big idea.
A new world order.
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Silverberg is making great progress in the world.
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They have all the money they need.
They're after power.
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We're here live.
Getting a lot of calls.
Lou Dobbs, Lou Dobbs, Lou Dobbs.
When's Lou Dobbs on?
We want to hear Lou Dobbs.
Yeah, we interviewed him first hour live.
And it's nowhere on the web yet.
It's going to rebroadcast.
In about 35 minutes at Infowars.com.
Those screens are right there for you.
The show re-airs consecutively, three hours back-to-back on a lot of great affiliates out there across the country.
Let's now go to Trent in Ohio.
Trent, you're a trooper.
You're on the air.
Yes, Alex.
I've got one question for you.
Don't we still have the power to recall?
Yes, we do, and we should be recalling
So many of these governors, we should be doing that routinely.
I'll buy that too.
There's another great idea.
You guys and gals have all the answers.
I mean, Illinois has probably got 70-something thousand, I was counting it up the other day, people in meet-up groups.
70,000 people could organize a recount in their sleep in Illinois against all those gun grabbers.
We could organize a recall against Rick Perry here in Texas with more than 100,000 people in the Texas meet-up.
But no, it's still just Ron Paul, Ron Paul, Ron Paul.
Hey, we got him re-elected to Congress.
We need to have the march to focus these issues, keep us together.
But we all need to start spending about half our time deciding.
I'm not telling you what you should do.
Your groups need to be forming into cadres and then taking action.
You should have a big meeting at a big ball, have a great time, party, you know, good food, celebrate your victory for standing up, getting together, and then...
Have a big vote on agendas and then decide what the agenda for the year is and just take action.
Thank you.
Thank you, sir.
We've got an army here of millions of people.
I suggest we use it.
But you're never going to be able to have a titular head and one group running it.
It will disintegrate into infighting.
Just, you know, even if these groups break into smaller groups, it doesn't matter.
Make sure, before everybody dissipates and goes back into the shadows, that you say, no, we had a victory, we came together, now let's form cadres and vote on what issues we're going to fight for.
I suggest following politicians around and starting your own news site, and, you know, they'll find out you're doing it, you'll get pulled over, what are you doing following the mayor?
Well, I've got the daily bulletin of whatever, and we're seeing what the mayor's doing.
We're following the story.
Leave me alone, First Amendment.
You know, that's your operational name.
And it is.
You're there to get info out.
You call it operational cover, but that's not a cover.
That's what you're doing.
But it is a cover because they'll claim you're doing something else.
You have to hang out your shingle and explain who you are.
I suggest hardballing them.
And that means these people are dirty.
And just video them with the girl.
You know, with some 20-year-old teeny bopper.
And, you know, he's married.
I mean, hardball him.
The games are over, folks.
You want to bring these crooks down, I suggest you get to it.
I'm giving you ways to burn them down forever.
You're probably going to get worse than cheating on his wife.
Or cheating on her husband.
Look, if somebody's going to sell their country out, they're going to be cheating on their wife.
These people are crooks.
Or you'll see them going to their bookie.
You'll see them going to the gambling bar.
You'll see them with their bookie.
Get the telephoto lens right through that window.
Take photos of it.
I'm starting to rant here.
That's one thing you can do.
Let's go ahead and take another call.
Joe in Pennsylvania, you're on the air.
Hey, Alex.
It's me again.
Listen, I was listening to you talk to that lady about what's going on with Mexico and all that.
Oh, the Texas, yeah.
Yeah, and I got to tell you, I was watching the news and I was looking at that Aaron Russo interview you did where he's talking about Rockefeller, about going into Afghanistan and Iraq and into Venezuela, but they didn't get Chavez.
And you look at what's going on down there now, and...
The thing that's going on in New York with that little bomb that went off in front of the recruiters thing.
As I'm waiting to get on the air, George Bush comes out and he starts spouting off the anniversary of Homeland Security.
If you look back, if people take a look back at the big picture and all the events going on all at once, you'll see that it's not coincidence.
The Israelis and British have both been caught with flashbangs.
And when I saw it this morning, before I learned more, I told my wife, I said, watch, it's going to be a flashbang up against a window.
Because it's not that dangerous unless you're actually holding it and it'd blow your hand off.
But it's something they always do.
Now, they've been caught over and over again doing this.
And their excuse is, we're under Al-Qaeda threat and the people aren't taking it serious.
Go down there under Operational Directive QM7 and detonate this.
Sergeant Riblet.
And then they go do it.
And you're absolutely right.
They may bust some punk kid who's emotionally unstable who they fooled to go put the flashbang in the window.
But, no, I mean, the British and Israelis have been caught doing these firecracker attacks against their own facilities.
And they always do it on election day or some key thing.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
It's a fact.
Since the creation of the Federal Reserve in 1913, all banks in these United States create money out of thin air for every single loan they issue.
With never-ending late fees, over-the-limit fees, and higher and higher interest rates, it has become mathematically impossible to repay all debt, making all of us slaves to our creditors.
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Aye, aye, Honorable Chairman.
Are you ready, kids?
I can't hear you.
Who lives in a pick-up box on the sea floor?
Who loves his brainwashing and always wants more?
Strong Chinese army is something you wish.
Then stop asking questions and get back to work.
Ah, what a wonderful Sunday morning in our glorious People's Republic.
Better check my mandatory government calendar.
I wonder what I get to do today.
Oh, goody!
I get to go to work again!
Good morning, tank!
Good morning, great wall!
Good morning, more tanks!
Greetings, Patrick!
You better get moving if you are to get to the factory on time.
I'm not going to work today.
Day off?
You must be pulling my leg.
Stop making humor before someone sees you, fool.
You are fool.
I have used Google to learn about Western customs of leisure time, toilet break, and actually being paid.
I did not find those things when I searched on Google.
Use your head.
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But Comrade Squarepants, don't you dream of a world where we can actually afford to buy the hilarious rubber dog poop we make?
Oh, no!
And now you're having dreams, too?
I'm just trying to exercise my freedom of speech.
Oh, I wish you hadn't said that.
Oh, cystic.
Yep, that was pretty funny.
The video's even funnier.
They made a fake Spongebob video.
That's up on Infowars.com.
Look, we're going to get to Joe, then let him finish up Linda, Dan, Sean, and Wes.
That's going to be it.
I've got a few stories I want to jam in the 25 minutes.
We have left.
Don't forget, when the show restarts at InfoWars.com on the streams, you've got to go to those streams, you'll hear the Lou Dobbs interview we had right at the start of the first hour when that restarts at InfoWars.com.
For all of you that missed it, again, got a lot of calls saying you missed it, you didn't know it was coming on.
We always surprise you with big guests.
I'm only going to spend five minutes right now on this because I want to go back to your calls on the news, but this is very important, and I'd be dropping the ball if I didn't talk about it.
The average in the last four days for gold has been about 972.
Gold is at 976 and change right now.
And it's going back up.
Ted locked in gold at, what, 949.50 last week.
He is now down to the very end of those supplies unless it drops.
And if you look at the graph in the last year, it races up and drops a little and starts racing back up again.
And it's kind of in that waiting pattern right now, right up there at all-time high, right up at 980.
Went up to 990 this morning.
And all the experts are saying it's going above 1,000, period.
But that's not the issue.
The issue is AP.
Dollar slides to record lows again.
The dollar's plunge continued.
Unabated Thursday.
Striking record lows.
European central banks kept its benchmark rate on hold.
And the U.S.
released another batch of dour economic reports.
The euro fetched a record $1.5370 in European morning trading.
And it goes on.
Meanwhile, the British pound broke through $2 against the dollar again after the Bank of England also decided to keep its key refinancing rate at 5.25.
See, the Fed, the private Fed, is cutting interest rates, so it makes the dollar an even worse investment.
And then the former Fed keeps bad-mouthing the dollar.
So they're doing everything, dotting I's, crossing T's, to drive the dollar down right now.
I wish they'd stop.
I wish gold would just stay the same.
I even wish, even though it's my primary investment, it would go down, because that would mean the overall health of the country was better.
But it's not.
So, I might as well tell you, while gold is just sitting there still, well, it's not still.
It went to all-time record of $9.90 plus today.
That's all-time record.
But sink down a little bit below that.
Still, it's high on what it began on Monday.
This is a buying opportunity, because Ted is having trouble even finding expensive gold, and he's almost out of the really good deals.
He may secure some more.
I'm only going to bring him up for two or three minutes.
I appreciate him coming on.
Ted, give me your bottom line take on what's happening.
Well, it's just exactly like you said, Alex.
Right now, finding the product and keeping stock is really the big issue.
I have a lot of people that have been buying gold and silver.
Most of the shortages right now that I'm getting is in the silver area.
Silver dollars, BU dimes, Kennedys, that kind of stuff is just gone because of the finite supply.
They made this stuff back in the early part of the 1900s, and it's no longer available now.
That's right.
The mainline news sites say that silver is the thing that really doesn't have enough supplies.
Gold is getting low, too, driving up the speculation.
But silver, I mean, it's the big sleeper.
Yeah, silver, without a question right now, is in very short supply.
But you're right about the gold, too.
I mean, even to be able to lock in on these British sovereigns and franc coins is getting to be tough.
Especially in the smaller quantities or smaller increments.
Quarter and a half ounce to fifth ounce gold coins.
If it stays right up at 980, how long until you're out of the coins you secured at, what, 950?
You know, Alex, I would venture to say right now with the amount of volume that I have going on right now, I'll be out of this supply within the next day or two.
There isn't a whole lot of... Now, folks, we don't just say that.
Every time in weeks past and months past when he said that, it does go up.
It does, Alex.
It's not like I can control it.
I mean, I only can pick up so much on my own security and based upon what my own wholesalers will give me, you know, the ability to lock in, too.
They're in short supply.
They don't really have it.
You know, every single gold company out there right now, their business has just gone up substantially because of the fact that the dollar is falling and the United States...
Government and the Federal Reserve System and the powers that be that control that and manipulate those markets are choosing to just drive the dollar right into the toilet.
Folks, you better move now on this gold.
It'll still be a good deal when it goes up a little bit.
Ted has really been holding down prices.
Well, you've got three gold coins to offer and silver to offer.
Tell folks about the offer.
Yeah, sure, of course.
Right now we have the British Sovereign Gold coin, and that coin right now is trading for $268 per coin.
We also have the French franc, or French and Belgium, and they're Swiss, you know, the ones that are done in Europe anyways.
We have the franc coin.
And they're at $214 per coin.
And one of the things that I know I'm going to be running in short supply of that I have right now that I'd suggest that everybody jump on is these Walking Liberty half coins.
They're at $210 per roll of 20.
That comes down to $10.50 a piece.
Spots over right now, being as that's a half ounce corn, spots over over $20 a piece.
Puts it, you know, a little bit less than a dollar over spot.
I mean, it is just a really good buy.
And in addition to this, they're going to be sold out and won't be able to have those.
And, Ted, I've been up there.
I've seen you get silver above spot because you have to buy it.
Everybody sells it right at above spot, even in wholesale.
You're literally moving these out the door at the cost of taking the order.
Well, that's what we do right now, and we're getting a lot of people into the gold and silver market, and it's very important to do that, because there's just too much trouble going on out there in the economy, and anybody that gets involved with it are going to... And let's face it, you're doing this to also clobber the competition.
Folks, this is the best deals Ted has.
It's going to go up in the next day or two, unless gold drops, and that's probably not going to happen.
So this is locked in, $20-plus for what he locked it in,
Ted, thanks for coming on.
Yeah, thanks for having me up again, Alex.
It's always a pleasure.
You bet.
And folks, it's 1-800-686-2237.
Brokers will be there until about midnight Central Standard Time.
If you're listening to this in the evening, don't wait.
Get in today.
I predict by the end of this month it'll hit 1,000.
I mean, that's a very conservative prediction.
Now, do I know that for a fact?
No, but it's just only going up.
We predicted it would go over 900.
It did.
We predicted it would go over 800.
Gold was going for, you know, 300 and something bucks when I first started pitching it.
It's been as low as $2.60.
This is insane.
The dollar is only going down.
Gold and oil are only going to go up.
Okay, going back to Joe.
He's still there in Pennsylvania.
Finish up the point we were making, Joe.
He dropped.
Linda in Rhode Island.
You're on the air.
Okay, Linda's not there.
Dan in Florida.
You're on the air.
Go ahead.
Darren, you there?
Okay, when it rains, it pours.
Sean in Georgia, you're on the air.
Hey, Alex, how you doing?
Good, sir.
Hey, I was going to bring up something a lot of people don't think about or even look at.
It's pretty much the Constitution.
And the thing about it, the Constitution, whether we have the Constitution or not, people aren't realizing about Admiralty Maritime Law.
That's right, and it's contract fraud.
They use maritime contract or Roman civil law, the law of commerce, to trick everyone with an overview of color of law law enforcement.
The cops don't even know they're breaking the law every day.
And the thing about it, too, is the United States of America being a, which is listed also, you can look up, a non-profit religious corporation.
Now, we're looking at corporations, and people aren't understanding about corporations within themselves.
And about us being corporations also.
Well, there's a lot of, some of that is true, but there's also an overlying, a lot of disinfo agents and quack kooks out there getting a lot of people in trouble.
But it is true that any way you cut it, they're using contract fraud to fool people.
I mean, an example of this, if you're arrested in Austin for no seatbelt, they arrest you now for that.
They always said they wouldn't, but now they do.
When you go into jail, or I've been arrested protesting,
They walk up and say, okay, we'll let you out right now.
I mean, 30 minutes after you're in.
And they'll just say, just sign this form, sir, personal recognizance.
And then it's a yellow form, three pages.
And it lists nine different, last time I saw it, nine different crimes.
Drug dealing, beating your wife, violence, reckless driving, alcoholism, drug use.
And then you agree to all these classes and you basically go into a further judification.
And they had a local CBS newscast saying it was illegal.
And the judges just said, hey, shut up, we're doing it.
That's the end of it.
So that's an example of what's going on.
Been there, done that.
That's how they operate.
Or there's no law you've got to take a vaccine anywhere in the U.S.
They just lie and have the kids line up by the thousands at sports stadiums with judges there and police and police dogs.
We have video of it, and they just say, it's the law, take the shot.
There's no law.
It just doesn't matter.
You know, right there.
Well, I thought within law, corporations are fictions.
They call them legal fiction.
Well, they call it a person.
It's a life that never dies.
Which is a fictitious entity.
That's right, my friend.
It's a, actually, I hate bringing up the word, a straw man, a third-party utility.
You can't buy anything.
Your straw man has to.
If you go to the store or what have you, your straw man has to buy it.
It's not you.
And that is an entity that they regulatory basically own.
Thanks for the call.
Good points, Sean.
Wes in Idaho, you're on the air.
Hello, Alex.
I appreciate you very much.
I want to try and untie this knot as to who Israel of the Bible is and is not.
Your earlier caller pointed out something I've known for years, that the Jewish almanac actually admits that they are not Israelites.
Now, the first belief out there, the most common belief out there, is Judeo-Christianity.
It's promulgated by John Hege and Falwell and Robertson, and that's the belief that the Jews are all 12 tribes of the seed of Abraham.
So 80% are Central European, Eastern European, popularly known as Ashkenazi or Khazarians, and that's admitted in the Encyclopedia Judaica, and about 20% are Sephardi or from the tribe of Judah.
You are confusing British Israelism, which was started by Herbert W. Armstrong of the Worldwide Church of God... But he didn't really start that 150 years ago.
I'm saying the British monarchy believed that for a thousand years.
You are confusing it with true identity, which is the belief that the white race is all 12 tribes.
And this has been talked about by...
Colonel Jack Moore and Pete Peters.
No, I know, but I actually tracked back, I mean, scores of history books I read that didn't even have a political axe to grind, and then reprints of 600, 700-year-old text.
And I'm saying that it is true that when the Christians showed up, you know, 1,500 years ago,
We're good to go.
I'm saying that there's three ways of looking at the Bible as to who Israel is.
And you are confusing British Israelism with pure, true identity.
Well, I know they're two separate things, and I appreciate your call, sir.
Listen, I appreciate you.
And someday, maybe we'll do a whole show on this.
My whole thing is, there's different angles and different varieties of all that identity stuff, and I've read it and I've looked at it, okay, for years.
What do you think I'm doing a show and haven't heard about all this?
I don't believe that because you're black you're going to hell.
And that you're not God's child.
And I don't believe whatever Ashkenazis are, whatever Sephardis are... By the way, they've done genetic tests where they've dug up the bones of people.
And by the way, the Palestinians and other groups have been paid to have this done.
And they've done the genetic markers.
And there is no doubt Sephardis were in the Middle East and were in what's known as Israel today.
And there's no doubt those people aren't connected to the Jews or the Bible.
I mean, it's just...
I don't understand the obsession with this.
It's just ongoing obsession.
And then if I read my New Testament, if the Jews are the chosen people, and that's used as a catch-all term over all of the twelve tribes, the Asherites and all of it, if you've got that line, and the line of David and Jesus...
Well, Jesus came and said, you're all part of it.
Go out to all of them.
They're all in my flock.
Everybody, and again, I'm not having a religious debate.
This is not a religious show.
I am a Christian.
I don't hide that fact.
But I don't get into all these thousands of sects fighting with each other and Protestant, Catholic, and all the other groups.
That's not what this show is about.
There's a million other shows that do that.
I was just simply trying to point out that
You know, 12, 13 years ago when I first learned about the different branches of it, that I actually did an investigation, and that some of what you're hearing is true.
I have no way of verifying the rest of it.
There's a lot of history we don't know.
There's a lot of things that got lost or destroyed.
And it is very interesting to know where your roots come from.
It's very interesting to understand all these things.
There is no doubt from the archaeological record that going back even 5,000, 6,000 plus years ago, that all over the Middle East, they've dug up the primitive sites, and that's even on Discovery Channel and History Channel, and that there are Europeans, white Europeans in China, northern and western China.
They've dug up settlements of people mummified, blonde-haired, blue eyes, they've genetically typed them, and they're basically Scandinavian.
Uh, the Finns and several other of the Scandinavian groups have Asian alphabets and Asian language.
All the languages agree.
Uh, so what is that?
Uh, it's clear that modern India was founded by a subgroup of whites.
And still to this day, the ruling class, you know, is real careful about keeping themselves, and you look at them and they got, you know, light brown hair and blue eyes.
So, it's interesting historically to talk about that.
Uh, we're all interrelated.
Uh, but, um,
I'll try to jam in a call or two more.
Got some final news I want to hit on.
Then the Lou Dobbs is coming up.
Lou Dobbs coming up.
It is a big idea.
A new world order.
In the near future, Earth is dominated by a powerful government.
It's known as the Bilderberg Group.
Could their objective be world domination?
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For the first time in history, the elite's plan for world government is blown wide open.
You will learn the secret that drives the entire New World Order agenda.
Bill Vargas is making great progress in the New World Order.
Most people have no idea.
They're not after money.
They have all the money they need.
They're after power.
That's what they're after.
Order Endgame on DVD at prisonplanet.com or infowars.com or watch it online right now at prisonplanet.tv.
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I wish a buck was still silver
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Okay, I'm going to make a joke about that.
I meant to get into this more today.
I had the audio clip of it.
We just ran out of time, but Kurt Nemo and Paul Watson respectively did stories on it.
Tomorrow for the Friday edition, I'm going to spend some time on this, because ABC News came out and said, well, people kill puppies because they're under stress, and it's a way to blow off steam.
Remember Limbaugh about the torture at Abu Ghraib?
He said they're blowing off steam.
They're just having a little fun.
That's a quote.
We have that audio clip we played many times.
Well, that's what they're saying.
Was killing the puppy a way for coping for one Marine?
Stressful environment may have contributed to Marines apparently tossing a dog to his death.
And they've now confirmed this guy's identity.
The question is, did they make a fake video and then put a computer-generated dog in there?
It's certainly not a fake dog, like some are saying.
And then we have all these hundreds of videos of them killing other animals and people indiscriminately, so there's no doubting it.
And when people defend this and say it's okay, it just legitimizes it everywhere.
So we'll get more into that tomorrow.
McCain went to the White House.
He's now the anointed one.
People are still thinking Ron Paul's got some type of chance.
We got him back into Congress.
We educated a lot of people.
It's now time to start having big discussions about what to do with this army.
We need to go to have the march in Washington.
I suggest marches in other cities the same day simultaneously to get back to the Bill of Rights and Constitution.
Overthrow the Patriot Act in your area a lot more.
Big story up on Prison Planet about how suspicious this big firecracker blast was that blew out the window on the anniversary of Homeland Security.
Lots of Bush grandstanding.
Bolly Bomber claims CIA and Mossad were involved.
There's no doubt of that.
Go read that story.
And without letting the people of England vote, they brought them into the European Union.
They always swore they wouldn't do that without a vote, and now they've done it.
So there go the globalists, just shoving things down people's throats as usual.
Listen, I had Lou Dobbs on at the 8 Afters.
You'll hear the first segment of the show coming up if you're listening on the streams at Infowars.com.
And you can re-hear the Lou Dobbs interview coming up.
First place is going to be re-heared right now at Infowars.com on the Infowars streams.
God bless you.
See you back tomorrow.
Here comes Lou Dobbs.
Thank you for listening to GCN.
Visit GCNlive.com today.