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Air Date: March 2, 2008
1505 lines.
He stands for truth.
He stands for justice.
He stands for what's right.
This is the Alex Jones Show.
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Now live from Austin, Texas.
Here's Alex Jones.
Well, well, well, my friends.
Thank you so much for joining us.
It is March 2nd, 2008.
Willie Nelson's gone public in the last few weeks saying 9-11 was a false flag inside job.
The former Italian president for seven years, the former head of their intelligence agency as well, has gone public saying 9-11 was carried out by criminals in our government.
Two former German defense ministers have gone public saying 9-11 is an inside job.
Their former head of technology has gone public as well.
Number two in the Japanese government has gone public saying that it's an inside job.
The head of the second largest party and has multi-hour long TV live broadcasts.
On national Japanese television, in the Diet, in their Congress, showing all the documents.
But you notice you never hear about that in U.S.
You never hear about that.
It'll be on the cover of British papers, and Japanese, and German, and Dutch, and Russian, and South African.
But never in the United States, unless it's a Charlie Sheen.
Oh, he partied 15, 20 years ago.
We'll think we can go after him and demonize him if he says it's an inside job.
Not if it's the former CIA section chief for Europe, Bill Christensen, highly decorated, or if it's Bob Baer, they made the movie Syriana about, a famous, highly decorated CIA field commander, or if it's Ray McGovern, White House CIA briefer, high level for Ronald Reagan and George Bush Sr., when he says all the evidence shows inside job.
There's a total news blackout.
But you get a woman, and not just a woman, she's French.
And she won Best Actress this year, the brunette bombshell.
9-11 attacks were made up, says French Best Actress Oscar winner Marion Cartier.
Sparked a political row yesterday after accusing America of fabricating the 9-11 attacks.
She said it on national French television.
Hundreds of newspapers covered it today.
Now you're with the evil French, if you say it's an inside job.
Ignore all the high-level people in our own government that have gone public.
Ignore the fact that there's hundreds of declassified examples where our government admits that they have staged terror attacks and events.
Oh, you didn't know that?
There are hundreds of declassified admissions?
Where the people running our intelligence agencies will bomb school buses, blow up buildings, shoot people, hijack jets, crash them, blow them up, and blame it on their political enemies.
It's called a frame-up.
And if you don't think intelligence agencies don't do this, you just don't know anything about history.
So, before you get mad at me, and before you get mad at all these former top CIA people, and before you get mad at the Italian former president,
Who, by the way, admitted and apologized that he helped stage terror attacks for the U.S.
government in Italy.
That's why he knows about it.
They did it in the 80s.
He's real sad about what he did.
Why don't you just admit Gulf of Tonkin was staged?
It's now declassified.
Our government staged it, claimed our ships were attacked, and then launched a war that killed 58,000 Americans and a million and a half Vietnamese.
Or it's now been declassified.
Chicago Tribune's carried it that Israel premeditatedly attacked the U.S.'
's liberty to blame it on Egypt.
Now declassified.
The debate's over.
Chicago Tribune, Associated Press, NSA, Israel admits it.
Debate over.
All the lies, all the books debunking it, all the things saying we were liars, now declassified.
Now, there's all the Operation Gladio, over 100 bombings itself in Europe, Germany, Italy, Spain, to blame it on their political enemies.
You could be right-wing.
You could be left-wing.
If you started getting political power against the establishment candidates, a bomb would go off, and then they would plant explosives at your house and come arrest you and say that you did it.
It's real simple.
How this is done.
Hitler gets elected president.
He wants to be Fuhrer.
He wants to be the head of the upper and lower house of the Reichstag, their parliamentary system.
He firebombs his own building.
We have the declassified documents over a decade ago, but people still wanted to say no.
Hitler didn't firebomb his own building because they didn't want you to know about false flag.
Then last month, Spiegel, BBC, London Guardian, all the documents were released.
And Marinus Vanderlube, the retarded man that they framed, they went and just grabbed a retarded street person who couldn't even talk, totally insane, drooling, and they cut his head off for committing the attacks on the Capitals.
And it's always the same thing.
So now it's admitted the Reichstag was staged.
Of course, we always knew from Nuremberg that to get into World War II, Hitler staged an attack on his own army base at Gleiwitz on the German-Polish border.
That's always been admitted.
So see, first off, governments do that.
First we have to admit that.
Then we have to move forward from there and see if our government's done it.
And lo and behold, they do it all the time.
Declassified over and over and over and over again.
Just Google Operation Ajax.
You'll be at CIA.gov.
They brag how they staged terror attacks on the government website.
You know, it's just how they do it, how they operate.
It's very funny.
And I'm sorry I know how to go to CIA.gov and read about it.
And I'm sorry I know how to make films about it.
And I'm real sorry that I dare to talk about it.
But I'm not going to shut up.
Because we, until we expose that criminal elements in our government are staging terror attacks and staging events, they're going to continue to do it.
And not just kill innocent people, but then take my freedom and make me a slave in the name of keeping me safe.
So I'm here to tell you, I have had enough of all of this.
I am done with all of it.
And I see this story here, attacking this intelligent, incredible actress, 32-year-old woman.
But I could have told you, when I woke up this morning, I mean, I knew it.
I knew, because it had just broke.
And I said, the attacks will be incredible.
I told my wife, who lived in France and speaks French, is a French major at UT, graduated UT, loves French.
She's a Frankphile, I guess you'd call them.
And if you love the British culture, you're an Anglophile.
But she's a Frankphile.
And I said, you watch.
It is going to be savage.
They ignore Willie Nelson going public.
She said, why?
And I go, well, he's an icon.
They can't take him on.
Well, they ignore all these defense ministers and German defense ministers.
And former Italian presidents and all these former US CIA people and Bill Doyle, the head of the biggest 9-11 victims group, and the majority of the 9-11 families at conferences have marched around the White House saying they believe it's an inside job.
The media ignores that and keeps using the families whose other family members the government killed in this staged event and saying, oh, they all don't believe it's an inside job.
The families get very mad.
So as soon as I saw that it was a French woman...
Oh, and Hollywood.
It's over, folks.
They're going to go to the races.
This is going to be a major national story for days.
And I'm on the telephone to my Hollywood contacts, and I am going to try to get this incredible woman on the show.
And she made some really good points.
She made the point about how the buildings were leaning, how they had asbestos, how they said they wanted to destroy them.
They were at less than half capacity.
So they were chosen as a target.
That's not the motive.
You just choose a target that fits.
It's a cost-benefit analysis.
And then walks through it.
By the way, Mr. Steele, in fact, I want to get him on this week, former high-level CIA analyst, he's gone public saying it's an inside job, but now he's gone more public writing a big treatise about how our government did it exactly.
And, of course, it fits very closely in with mine from all the available evidence.
Like new listeners tuning in,
Did you know that it's admitted that the hijackers trained at spy schools all over the U.S.
at every level of intelligence?
And that the government admits they trained at our bases, but just says, just ignore that.
The hijackers penetrated our bases and got spy training.
Again, ladies and gentlemen, if you believe that, I've got a bridge I want to sell you.
These guys admittedly worked for our intelligence agencies.
Now, I don't know what they did on the planes, or I don't know where the story goes from there, but I know that they were working for our government, the government ordered a stand-down of NORAD, ordered a stand-down, and stood to gain, and that Bush had the launch order to attack Afghanistan on his desk the day before 9-11 happened, and in the months before had the carriers and the troops massed.
And then they wrote a bunch of memos before that saying we need a huge terror attack as a pretext to enslave the American people and launch a global war.
So, uh...
Now, what is the controlled corporate press doing?
The controlled media?
Hollywood Today.
Victim's Furious.
This Oscar winner said 9-11 fake.
New Depp movie targeted.
We want to make sure she's not the actress on the new Johnny Depp movie.
Yeah, good luck kicking her off that.
Johnny Depp will give in to you when hell freezes over.
I wonder if Johnny Depp knows 9-11's an inside job.
I know the answer to that, but I'm not talking.
It is a big idea.
A new world order.
In the near future, Earth is dominated by a powerful government.
It's known as the Builder Earth.
Could their objective be world domination?
For thousands of years, their dark order grew.
Now as they hail the birth of the New World Order, their great dream of exterminating 80% of humanity is at hand.
For the first time in history, the elite's plan for world government is blown wide open.
You have been warned.
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We're back live, my friend!
You know, I came out of the gates hot.
Like a freight train.
Headed for hell, as they say.
The official story is what's on its knees.
In a big way right now.
But notice the mainstream controlled whore corporate press.
Of sniveling fake left and fake right controlled opposition will not attack former Italian presidents and number three in the Blair government, Michael Meacher, and just all the engineers and colonels and generals.
I mean, I've interviewed three-star generals, like one of them, Stubblebine, who was over special forces at Bragg.
I mean, black ops super commander saying it's an inside job.
I forget about him.
I mean, the hundreds and hundreds and hundreds and hundreds and hundreds.
Of incredible experts.
You want engineers?
You want experts?
You want physicists?
We got them.
9-11's an inside job.
Any way you cut it, the official story is a fraud.
But see, they won't tackle all those people with credentials.
They're going to try to tackle because they pick their targets.
They think she's weak, and it's going to blow up in their face again because more people will just look into it and find out about all the evidence and the experts and look at it for themselves.
We've got a huge guest coming on this week.
I'm going to leave it at that on the weekday radio show.
But we do.
But it's not her.
We're going to work on her.
We've got somebody else big coming up this week.
But for those that just joined us, yes, best actress this year.
She won best actress.
That's one of the two most coveted awards you can get.
Best actor, best actress.
And she won Marion Cartier.
I'm probably pronouncing that wrong.
My wife will skin me alive because she's got a degree in French, as I said.
But calling 9-11 a U.S.
fake, ignorant and despicable.
And then she called 9-11 a U.S.
government fake.
You notice Hollywood Today takes out of context what she says and then puts it in quotes to make it an attack on America.
This is the type of spin machine that they engage in.
If she's a woman, she's French, she's a foreigner, it's over.
You're going to hear about this.
But notice you're not going to... Remember, you're learning how mind manipulation works.
Notice you're not going to hear about any of the other people.
They're going to choose.
We've got a story pointing this out that Paul Watson's writing right now that by the end of this hour will be up on prisonplanet.com.
I know Kurt Nemo over at our other big juggernaut, our other big news titan, infowars.com, is writing a story about this as well.
And I would do it.
I don't know what they're writing on.
They both told me they're doing stories on this.
I would at least add in there that notice they won't attack all the big experts.
They'll attack this little lady because they think they can beat up a little woman.
But again, that's going to blow up in their neocon trader faces.
I'm gulping hot coffee, ladies and gentlemen.
Okay, here is the other news that's coming up after I take some of your calls after the break.
And that number, in case you want it, is...
877-590-KLBJ or 877-590-5525 for stations across the country or if you're listening here in Central Texas, 836-0590.
Here's some of the other news that I will cover today.
Gold surges on economic uncertainty to all-time high, closing in on $1,000 an ounce.
And, of course, that ties into statements made last Monday by Alan Greenspan about how the world should dump the dollar.
And Kitco, the big gold site, highly respected, is saying that Greenspan had a senior moment.
No, there's nothing senior about it.
He means to hurt the country.
They're just saying he's an idiot.
No, he's not an idiot.
When you slit somebody's throat, you do it carefully, with love.
That's what he's doing.
He hates the country, and that's what's happening.
No, it's all about the globalists destroying the dollar.
We'll explain that.
Also, homeschooled Germans flee to the U.K.,
Now, this is a story we covered briefly last week, but guess what happens this week in the United States?
And I don't just have the news article about it.
I actually went and got the court case in the Court of Appeals of the State of California, 2nd Appellate District, District 3.
And you can read this for yourself.
We even give you the case number.
The government says they own your children in here.
The government, I mean, anybody doubting the government's out of control, and they say homeschooling is illegal, and that they want to, because they've been telling families they can't homeschool in California.
You see, the system's panicking, with around 4 million children homeschooling now, not eating their Ritalin, not gobbling their Prozac, not drinking their fluoride water.
The establishment, we have documents on that, is very upset they're not having their IQ reduced properly.
We have the government documents where they admit public education is about teaching your child to not be able to think.
We've covered those at nauseam and given sources here.
And just as we make this claim here today, we have the London Guardian, and we happen to have the actual court case from the state of California.
And so that is our exhibits here for you, and we'll be going over how they say you do not, your children are not yours, they belong to the government.
Also, in 2000, ABC News admitted what we already knew,
Dan Burton's committee in Congress sued and demanded to get federal documents from the Food and Drug Administration, and they got them, where the Food and Drug Administration admitted that the Marisol, mercury, and vaccines did cause millions to have autism.
Since then, they've had lots of propaganda and paid-for government studies.
By the way, aspartame, every monkey that ate it died, and they still approved it in the 80s, so that's the government for you, but every monkey dies whether you're going to get approved for you and your family.
Because the government loves you.
But I'm digressing.
Government studies saying mercury either is good for your brain, we have those, or that the mercury was out of them, which isn't true.
You can verify that by going to the doctor and asking to see the shot insert.
But we have this here today.
Government concedes vaccine autism case in federal court.
We actually have the case here.
And the federal court admitted they only studied 4,900 cases of the millions and millions and concluded that...
The federal court even convened a blue ribbon panel.
Those are usually whitewashers.
And they have awarded the individual who was damaged at 18 months.
The child was happy, walking, giggling.
But in the third round of shots, as it always is, the mercury went to toxic level and then started eating holes in the brain.
See, because other heavy metals create plaques and kill some cells but then kind of just stop.
You ever seen the movie Alien, where the acid just keeps burning through level after level of the spacecraft?
Level of plate after plate?
Well, that's what happens.
We've actually got university electron microscope videos up on prisonplanet.com.
We can watch different heavy metals in chimpanzee brains, similar to ours,
And other heavy metals just sit there and kill the surrounding cells.
Not mercury.
It's the gift that keeps on giving.
It just races through your brain.
It just keeps burning and burning and burning through level after level after level, causing an electrochemical explosion in the neurons.
It excites the cells to where they explode themselves, busting their neuron heads open.
So another gift the government has given to you via eugenics.
By the way, it is by design.
We'll be going over that happy little tidbit for you coming up after the break.
Also, welcome to the North American Army Mainstream News as they merge the U.S., Canadian, and Mexican military.
And we've told you that under new environmental laws, you see, they get you all concerned about the environment that sounds reasonable.
Then they get you to all accept that we've got to do whatever the government says to save the environment.
And then they just come in with thousands of new taxes.
I told you years ago the federal plan is to tax all roads with GPS in your car.
And this is the Seattle Times.
Should roads have tolls to fight global warming?
All toll roads.
So we'll go over that as well.
On the other side of this quick break, your calls and then more news.
Stay with me.
I think.
It's a fact.
Since the creation of the Federal Reserve in 1913, all banks in these United States create money out of thin air for every single loan they issue.
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The Federal Debt Relief System has created a successful attorney-backed program to legally eliminate credit card debt, personal loans, lines of credit, and other unsecure debts which have been fraudulently created by the banks.
We're good to go.
I think?
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Coming to you from the capital of Texas, broadcasting the truth coast-to-coast and worldwide, this is the Alex Jones Show.
All right, here's the deal.
We're going to take phone calls for the rest of this hour, then next hour.
Government concedes vaccine autism case in federal court.
Now what?
Also, mock, gum, and terrify students.
They're always going into elementary, middle school.
The police, running and screaming, we're going to kill you.
The kids defecate all over themselves.
You can't make this up.
It's back in the news.
Total brainwashing.
Should roads have tolls on all of them to fight global warming?
Total brainwashing.
Global warming isn't even real.
CBS News, I've got a story here admitting that we're having a record cold winter globally.
So that's all coming up.
We've got a lot of other financial news we're going to be going over as well.
But, now, I know we've had callers holding longer than Robert from San Antonio, but he says I'm wrong about something.
He disagrees, so Robert goes to the head of the line.
Oh, you didn't know that?
I'm not like the fake liberal shows that stage their guests and their callers.
I'm not like those fake shows that stage their guests and callers and, you know, only look for idiots that disagree with them so they sound like morons.
And I'm not like the neocon shows who do the same thing.
You disagree, you go to the head of the line here.
Now, that doesn't mean I'm going to listen to you for 10 hours.
Let's add that caveat.
Let's go ahead and talk to Robert in San Antonio.
Go ahead, sir.
You've got to turn your radio off, man.
I mean, this is incredible.
You see, you try to go to somebody that disagrees, but they've got so much mercury, so much sodium fluoride in their brains, literally, that now, sir, if you know how to turn your radio down,
We will call you back.
There's a delay on this show.
One time I had a guest on here who was cussing, and I hung up on him.
I talked about, well, I hung up on him because he was cussing.
And people called me, you liar, we didn't hear him cussing, because I delay him out!
That's another thing on the web people say I'm lying about.
Oh my goodness, it's unbelievable.
Okay, nobody else disagrees here, but let's go to Ben in Indiana.
He's been holding the longest.
You're on the air, Ben.
Yes, sir.
Mr. Jones, thank you for taking my call.
I'm a long-time listener, and I happen to call because I'm concerned, like a lot of your other listeners here in northwest Indiana, that ever since Ralph Nader announced that he's running for office, I have yet to hear you talk anything about it.
So I was curious for your take on him.
Is he legitimate, or is he put there to take away votes from somebody else?
We're working on getting him on.
I've interviewed him, what, two, three times on the radio once I was asked to speak at a rally that he was going to be at.
I introduced him.
I am not a Green Party supporter.
They're what you call watermelons.
Green on the outside, red on the inside.
But, I mean, I don't believe in socialism.
I think a lot of Greens are pro-free speech.
There are a lot of good people in the Green Party.
I think Ralph Nader would be better than Barack Obama.
I mean, in between John McCain and Barack Obama, the only reason I might even start leaning towards McCain, I can't believe I'm saying that, is that Barack Obama wants to CPS.
And he says he wants the model that they use in Massachusetts to steal your children.
They don't just fine you when you don't have health care because you can't pay for it.
They come and CPS your kids and say, well, the state owns your children.
By the way, that's coming up later where they're saying that now in California.
And then, of course, the state can then force health care on you.
This is the eugenics dream where the government can.
Under national health care, they're now calling for not treating old people, saying it's just time for you to die.
I'm not kidding.
You can't make this stuff up.
Just Google under national health care, under socialist health care.
And this is in major papers where they're proposing.
People that are for national health care, that old people, well, they don't deserve the same health care as young people are.
You smoked 20 years ago, you don't get health care.
Or you're fat, you don't get health care.
You don't want to give the government control of 15% more of the economy.
But no, I don't particularly like Ralph Nader.
I don't particularly like Barack Obama.
And I'm going to talk more about that later in the show.
Does that answer your question?
Yes, sir.
It sure does.
And I take that back.
I can't vote for McCain either.
It's just they're all evil.
I just can't do it.
I appreciate it.
I just can't do it.
Look, it's like they've got a latrine that is Barack Obama they want me to swim in.
They've got a latrine that they want me to swim in that's McCain.
They've got a latrine that's the Green Party.
Ron Paul was the only clean pool.
So they go, well, here, have a false choice of these guys.
Ron Paul's staying in the race as a Republican.
Who knows, McCain may, you know, go under mind control programming any minute and claim he's the Frosted Cocoa Puffs.
I don't know.
The guy's completely out of his gourd.
It may come out next week, the Barack Obama.
I mean, he really did live overseas, folks.
He really did, you know, have some interesting family over there.
I mean, the guy's pretty suspicious.
That's all I can say.
I mean, I just got really bad feelings about him.
But I just wish they'd have a black guy who was pro-gun, who wasn't for socialism, who was pro-America so I could vote for him.
Because what's going to happen, I could care less.
You know, if the football player's black or white, if they're good, I'll watch them.
We've got to get our government back.
But to say, you're not proud of America, of anything.
She said, I'm not proud of anything America's ever done until now that people are about to elect my husband.
And then she went on to say, because white America's been so racist, but now maybe they're not.
Are you kidding?
Most white people are totally guilt-ridden and worship black people.
It's the opposite.
I mean, look at all the music stars, football, TV, highest grossing entertainer, Oprah Winfrey, and just on and on and on and on and on.
It's the opposite.
Okay, I'm a white guy, I can tell you.
There's the idea that black people are the super race, not the other way around.
So the people are going to say it is racist to not go for Barack Obama.
The guy has Zbigniew Brzezinski who created Al-Qaeda.
He wrote a book last year bragging about it as his top advisor.
Barack Obama has called for world government.
Barack Obama has called for world taxes.
Barack Obama has called for amnesty.
Barack Obama wants to CPS your children.
Wants to take your children if you don't have the insurance.
Now, I'm drawn towards Barack Obama.
I like him as a person better than I like Hillary Clinton.
And he may be a nice guy, but he's got evil advisors.
Oh, I just wasted a lot of time on that, I guess.
You've got my thing on Barack Obama now.
I've said it.
Let us now go ahead and talk to Rick Insolato.
Rick, you're on the air.
Thank you very much, Alex.
I really enjoy your show, and thank you.
I'll make this as brief as possible.
I want to talk about in-game.
I was amazed when I watched the film because I'm an artist and a musician and when, well not a musician, a guitar player, but when I was in art school, they seemed to have this tendency to give me assignments that would point me towards people like R. Buckminster Fuller and make me read about his philosophies.
And at first I was confused.
I didn't know what that had to do with me being able to paint good pictures and things like that.
I read his ideology in H.G.
Wells' New World Order.
Let me just stop you.
It didn't matter when I was in college whether it was trigonometry or sociology or psychology or history or speech.
Every class, they would say, now it's time for you to learn about getting rid of the majority of the population and how world government is good and how guns are bad, but how if you don't like world government, world government doesn't exist and you're crazy.
So you were going to school to be an artist and they were force-feeding you this.
Yes, and I wouldn't want to tell the people the sick things that I had to read.
Well, I mean, B.F.
Skinner basically killed his son, made him live for more than ten years in a box, said that there is no morals, and he's a big hero.
These people are sick.
And let me finish my call by saying that my cousin is a big part of the intelligentsia, and I'm a Christian.
And I tried to talk to him one day, and I was just making conversation, and he started crying, and he said, Rick.
One of these days, we're going to achieve immortality.
So when I watch your film, all these things, you know, a lot of people probably think the last part of your film is crazy.
But these people really believe this stuff.
They do.
We'll be back.
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We would intend not to be standing in the bread line with the ignorant and the foolish who pretend the facts of food disappearance are untrue.
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Back live, ladies and gentlemen.
Next hour, government of California officially says that your children belong to them.
Now, that's in thousands of textbooks and documents, literally, but this is a court saying your kids belong to us.
If you don't like it, we'll have some people drop by with submachine guns that are trained to kill.
We've militarized them against you.
Shut up and suck on a gun barrel.
So that's coming up.
Also, every major road will be told via a transponder tied into GPS in your car by law very soon.
That's in all the official documents.
Now they're getting it ready in the newspaper, preparing you the slaves for it.
They acclimate you first, explain it all to you.
And again, if you don't like it, mental drop by with machine guns.
That's how all this works in the future.
Of course, we could decide to fight back against this, but your children are all being acclimated with mock gunmen, terrified students where they bust into every major school we know of every year and scream, I'm coming in to kill you and don't tell them it's a drill to traumatize them.
Hardcore trauma.
So that's coming up, too.
Very happy topics here.
As we expose the New World Order, I just don't care anymore.
I'm just letting it all hang out.
I'm bringing you the hardcore info.
But right now, I'm going to blitz through your phone calls as quick as I can blitz.
That's snail speed.
Let's talk to Jeremiah in Fredericksburg, Texas.
You're on the air.
Hey, man.
What's going on?
Good to talk to you, sir.
Yeah, hey, man.
I called you a while back.
I was in Japan interviewing Benjamin Fulford.
Yeah, the former Forbes writer who talks about the world government, yeah.
I don't know if you remember.
Yeah, right.
Well, he told me to tell you that the pyramid dollar is finished.
I guess he meant the Rockefeller dollar by that, and that the people's dollar is going to return.
But anyway, I wanted to ask you, he was telling me that the Chinese submarines popped up behind the American aircraft carriers.
Uh-huh, that's been in the news.
So are they still sitting there behind the carriers?
No, I mean, we've had Russian bear bombers flying over, and our aircraft carriers supposedly didn't know it.
We've had, during drills, the Navy that hails from the U.S.
that's owned by the globalists, that thinks it works for the U.S.
but doesn't.
I can't even call it ours anymore.
Pops up.
Chinese subs have popped up behind them, evading their sonar and other countermeasures.
We're good to go.
I mean, I have associated press here.
You can't make this stuff up.
And so it just never ends.
And if you don't know what a Wahhabist is, folks, you better find out right now.
Zbigniew Brzezinski, the guy who basically handles Barack Obama, is the guy that created the Al-Qaeda group that is based out of the Wahhabist.
As for pyramid dollar, yeah, the Trilateral Commission says after they wreck the U.S.
currency, they'll then wreck the euro, and then say, oh, we've got to have a global currency, and that's where this is headed.
Now that's even been on MSNBC and a lot of other places there now.
CFR two weeks ago, three weeks ago, came out and said, yeah, we want to do this.
So now it's all public, what we told you, again, 12-plus years ago.
Let's go ahead and talk to Ray in Wisconsin.
Ray, you're on the air.
Hi, Alex.
I called a couple weeks ago about the semi-direct and indirect aerosol spraying campaign.
Yeah, the Chemtrail program.
Yeah, and I wanted to follow up on it because I really wasn't ready to talk about it.
I just wanted to get that info to you.
And basically, some things about it that concern me quite a bit are, you know, the fact that it probably has cost millions, if not billions of dollars to create all of this
You know, I don't know.
From what I could tell from the KSLA newscast in Louisiana, that it was metal and metalloids, arsenic, cadmium, chromium, lead, silver, and barium, that, you know, I'm guessing they're spraying, you know, millions of gallons a day.
It's just added into the fuel, so the aircraft...
And the pilots don't even know what they're doing.
But more than that, that's perfect compartmentalization.
But bigger than that, that's only one area.
Weather modification, immune system reductions, only one segment.
There are more than 13,000 declassified examples of lethal and possibly lethal chemical, biological, and radiological agents being sprayed on U.S.
And so all the chemtrail people that try to expose it, very few of them ever actually go to the source documents.
If you watch my film Endgame, well, we spend 20 minutes out of two hours plus just showing all the mainstream news and admissions of where they routinely kill our troops, kill our people, all admitted, not even debated.
Oh, but they wouldn't kill us on 9-11, but they just admit they killed us all these other times, and then they condition us and program us to even laugh about things like that when it's admitted.
Like, there are a lot of neocons and people that think they're conservative about driving around and laughing at what I just said.
They'll never know that it's all admitted.
They'll just program that they're members of the establishment, they're powerful, and we're lying.
So, there are a couple other things I wanted to mention, too.
You know, maybe this got grandfathered in because it started before the law changed, where they changed the experimentation, or maybe it qualifies as one of the exceptions.
For human experimentation.
So you're talking about U.S.
Code Title 50, Chapter 32, Subsection 1528, Paragraph B?
So I don't know.
I mean, maybe there really is something to do with the weather, but the things that I've noticed is it's only overpopulated areas as far as I can tell.
So you've got to understand, that high spring isn't even hitting the populated areas.
It's drifting and hitting other areas.
Well, at least when I've been driving in the middle of nowhere, I've never seen it.
I've only seen it over major cities like Milwaukee and, you know, well, not major cities, but larger populated areas.
Well, I mean, my point is that you've got kooks out there that think every condensation trail is the government spraying you with something.
But then you've got the general public who's going, yes, it's 96, suddenly there's trails everywhere, and they're lower than 4,000 feet, and they stay there all day, and what's going on?
And I'm saying there are declassified government programs where they're manipulating the weather.
They're doing, I mean, what, in 2004, they sprayed all of Oklahoma with tens of thousands of tons of subtilis globagy out of thousands of different aircraft Saudi flights, and it admitted that it can cause a
Infertility and spontaneous miscarriage in all mammal species.
And they just flew over every city at 2,000 feet with Cessnas and small aircraft spraying, saying they were testing biological weapons monitors.
I mean, that was in the Daily Oklahoman.
See, I got thousands of those.
That's all I'm going to... I'm going to make a film on chemtrails.
That's it.
I'm making one.
But it's only going to be the admitted stuff.
And it won't be popular, of course.
But I'm glad that caller called.
He did bring up some documented instances, so that's good.
Let's go ahead and take another call.
Let's talk to Freddie in San Antonio.
Go ahead, Freddie.
Hey, Alex.
Love your show and agree with most of what you say, but I always kind of wonder, you know, you say, and you, and believe me, I almost vomited my mouth to say the word Rush Limbaugh in the same sentence as your name, but you'll both say there's no such thing as global warming.
And then you'll turn around and say, but we're just having the coldest winter on record and so-and-so.
And it blows my mind because, to me, that's obfuscation.
I mean, it's obvious that if you say it's warm in one part of the world, it's cold in another part of the world.
And it may get colder here and there.
What's really happening is not global warming.
That's something that's used to throw it out there so the people can understand it.
Well, there's always climate change.
But climate change.
There's always climate change.
Well, of course, and always.
But the point is that we as human beings for a long time have been able to enjoy this somewhat temperate climate between, say, 20 degrees Fahrenheit and 100 degrees Fahrenheit, and anything lower than that or higher than that, it starts to become difficult and uncomfortable for us to live.
Actually, that's not true, sir.
During the Hyborian Maxim that started at the beginning of the Bronze Age,
If you look at that 8,000 to 6,000 years ago, the global temperature on average was 12 degrees higher.
And that's why they had grape vineyards in London and they don't today.
But now the great vineyards... We didn't have the Chinese smokestacks and the American smokestacks and all the fluorocarbons and all the gasoline and burning engines.
Well, let me just stop you, and I'm going to hold you over if need be, because you really disagree, you're reasonable, you're well-spoken, and you have points you want to make, so I'll give you a few minutes after the news if you can hold, but let me just say this first.
If you're trying to get me to say that I think that there's no environmental problems or that humans aren't having an effect adversely on the planet, you've got the wrong guy.
Okay, well, that was my issue, is that when you say there's no such thing as global warming, it almost sounds like you're saying, don't be worried about the climate, this and that and the other, which I know, I don't know, but I thought you didn't believe.
I mean, if you see the pictures... That's the problem.
That's the problem.
I'm going to put you on hold and just come back to you.
Look, I'll just have to explain it when we get back after the news, okay?
The problem is I take calls, I cover news.
It's impossible to really flesh out my thoughts and my ideas.
So I'll try to briefly do that on where I stand via environmentalism, conservation, and where I stand on what we hear of as global warming on the other side.
Then I'm going to take a few more calls, and I've got to get into the government saying they own your children, a bunch of other issues.
We'll be right back.
For more information, that's 877-996-4327, extension 101.
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I guess five days a week is enough for me.
Monday through Friday, the weekday show.
Here we are.
Okay, loaded phone lines as usual.
Your calls are coming up.
I've got a bunch of news I've got to get to, though.
Gold surges on economic uncertainty.
Greenspan admittedly caused this.
It was a great contributor last Monday telling the Gulf oil-producing states to dump the dollar.
I'll explain what that is.
I know most of you understand.
Government concedes vaccine autism cases in federal court.
The state of California says they own your children.
It's all coming up.
Trying to answer the question of Freddie in San Antonio.
Freddie, cutting down the rainforest is a problem at tens of thousands of square miles a year.
Dumping toxic waste in the ocean is a big problem.
By the way, government's the biggest polluter out there.
Genetic engineering.
I mean, I do a couple hours every week on that.
And all the open air testing and the food we're eating and how it's killing most of the lab animals and making us sick and all these diseases skyrocketing and
So you've got all these real environmental crises that are happening.
But that's not what we should be worried about, the government says.
We should be worried about global warming and the seas are going to rise and we're all going to die if we don't do something.
And what's do something?
It's put tolls on every road.
It's to tax you.
It's to have regulators see how big your house is.
It's government bureaucracy, what type of light bulb you can have, how big your toilet can be.
Can you have outside space heaters?
Can you smoke?
It's government control.
And if you read the Club of Rome documents, you read the UN documents, I've actually done this.
I put it in my film, Endgame, that just came out.
Endgame, Blueprint for Global Enslavement.
They talk about how it's a mode of political control.
So they're going to take your legitimate concerns about the environment and instead of you going out and really doing something about real problems that face all life on this planet...
I mean, I'm a real environmentalist because what hurts a rat or hurts an eagle or hurts some plankton in the Pacific Ocean affects me too.
I mean, we're the most toxified creatures on this planet.
We're at the top of the food chain.
And we're in the middle of these urban centers.
But they're using it, the global architects, as an excuse to come in and micromanage our lives.
And then you look at global warming itself.
The sun just went through the hottest 12-year cycle ever recorded in 300 years of them being able to record the resonance, the amount of energy put out by the sun.
Then suddenly it just went very cool.
The coldest temperatures recorded off the sun the last 100 years.
And suddenly things started getting cold.
And so the entire solar system, moons of Jupiter and Saturn have been melting the last decade.
Now they're freezing again.
And we have satellites and sensors and radio satellites that are able to track this, photograph this, probes that fly over, these spectrometers that can accurately read all this.
And so what you hear about global warming is a fraud.
The Club of Rome first wanted to call it global freezing in the 60s.
By the 70s, they said, no, the trend is towards warm.
At least for the next 20 years, we'll say it's heating.
It's an excuse to control your life.
You think I want my children drinking dioxin from all the plastics production?
Do you think I, or my daughters being more feminine, and my son being feminine because of all the dioxin and estrogen-mimicking chemicals that are in the food and in the plastics and in the air?
Do you think I like breathing coal-fired, dirty coal-fired plants in Texas filled with mercury?
You think I like the government that said in 1998, Clinton said you can't have any of the coal in Utah.
It's clean burning, no mercury.
So they had to dig up the lignite here in Texas full of mercury.
You think I like that?
No, I don't like that.
So we could get into a big debate and argument about this.
Also, most of the mainline environmental groups are animal liberation fronts.
They are eugenicists.
They are into killing humans.
They were born out of the transhumanist slash eugenicist movement.
And please, transhumanists, don't email me and say, transhumanist isn't eugenicist.
Julian Huxley, the founder of transhumanism, was the head of the World Eugenic Society when he founded transhumanism in 1956.
He said, we got caught with Hitler.
We look bad.
We'll call it transhumanism.
You don't know what you're talking about, okay?
I've done my homework.
Now let's go back to this nice caller and see if that...
See if that explains anything to Freddie in San Antonio.
My view, my perspective.
Go ahead.
Yeah, I mean, I think that I thought originally I just misunderstood you and I thought I disagreed with what you were saying.
I do agree with what you're saying.
I am, though, however, concerned as well about all the things you're talking about.
And I do believe that all those do affect the Earth.
Well, I mean, climate change, I mean, no matter what's causing it, climate change may make areas deserts that weren't, places that are deserts will be fertile now.
I mean, yeah, there's always changes.
But I am also concerned that it seems that we are affecting the planet and that the polarized caps melting is a concern.
They're not melting.
Greenland is getting thicker.
They're getting bigger.
They always slough off.
Sir, remember how they, and I appreciate your call, remember how they showed the polar bears the last two years and said, look at the polar bear family, they're going to drown.
Their ice island melted.
They're dead.
Folks, I just happen to be an admirer of nature.
And so I happen to have watched a few other TV shows about them and read books about them.
Polar bears are the strongest and best athletic animals.
They've been recorded to swim 300 miles.
Land animal there is.
They routinely swim 150.
They like to swim.
150 is no big deal to them.
They go out in the spring and summer onto ice flows.
And they understand, they're so smart, that the ice flow is going to go down south.
Say, from the eastern side of Canada down towards southern Canada.
And they will ride for a couple hundred miles the ice flow.
To hunt beluga whale and seals, and they will grab them and drag them on.
Yeah, one polar bear can drag a beluga that weighs three times its weight onto the rocks.
That's power.
That's power, ladies and gentlemen.
They just drag them up, sticks its head up, boom, you're dead, beluga.
Happy little white beluga swimming around.
And then they swim back to land.
Okay, they do that.
They hunt.
I happen to have read about Arctic explorers 100, 200 years ago.
Growing up, I wouldn't read a lot of
I was into that.
Fiction, I'd read non-fiction because it was so interesting.
And I read about watching the polar bears hunt on ice floes.
Okay, that's what they do.
But the media knows you don't know that.
So they go, look, they're grounding.
They can't get off the ice.
The whole family's going to die stuck on an ice floe.
They treat you like morons.
They enjoy the fact they control the left and right, and they put out fake right-wing worldviews.
And fake left-wing worldview, and they feed you this entire system.
Don't believe me.
All I'm asking you to do is realize you are being scammed, you are being lied to, you are being manipulated.
History shows that.
How many times has government and corporations and individuals been caught cheating, stealing, lying, the subterfuge of the Caesars thousands of years ago, of the Aztecs hundreds of years ago and thousands of years ago, of the Japanese emperors, of the African kings?
Humans all act the same.
Evil tends to get into positions of power.
It's time to stop being schmucks out there and to admit just how serious all of this has gotten.
Now, I'm going to have to cover news when we get back, but then I'm going to rush to Anthony, John, Michael, Ted, Ed, Michael, Chris, and many others.
Folks like Tim have been holding the longest, and Ed, so we'll get to them first.
But I've got to get to this news when we get back.
Government concedes vaccine autism case in federal court.
Now what?
That's a big deal.
And then on the heels of that,
Certified for publication in the Court of Appeals of the State of California, 2nd Appellate District, Division 3.
We'll give you the court name.
We'll give you all of it.
Government says they own your children.
Maybe you can agree with that.
Barack Obama says you don't go buy their socialized medicine.
They're going to come take your children.
Hillary says the same thing.
I'm going to have to vote for McCain just because of that, but I think he supports it too.
We're in trouble.
I'm not going to vote for McCain.
I can't vote for Beelzebub over Satan.
Lucifer over Baphomet.
We'll be right back.
It is a big idea.
A new world order.
In the near future, Earth is dominated by powerful governments.
It's known as the Bilderberg.
Couldn't their objective be world domination?
For thousands of years, their dark border grew.
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You know they're turning food into fuel with corn ethanol plants.
If we do not control our food, food will be used to control us.
Food control has been the plan historically in every enslaved population and is the plan for America.
The only value of the knowledge you have to take control of your food is if you choose to get a supply while you still have the freedom to choose.
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We're good to go.
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Loose Change Final Cut is the ultimate 9-11 expose.
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Alright, let's just plunge directly into all the news and information right now, and there is a lot of it, and then we'll come back into your calls in the next segment.
Oh, by the way, up on prisonplanet.com, that article we promised, and I want your help in getting out to everybody.
Despite smear campaign, desperate smear campaign follows actress 9-11 comments, international establishment media recycles year-old comments to attack Oscar-winning actress
Actress, despite the fact that she is merely echoing a plethora of highly respected public figures in questioning 9-11.
I may have time to read part of this article on air, but it's up on prisonplanet.com right now.
Good job, Paul Watson.
Moving quick on Sunday to get that up.
We've got to counter the enemy propaganda.
Now, the first country to have compulsory government-approved certified education was Prussia.
About 180 years ago.
And in the Prussian textbooks for educators, it said the state owns the children, we're going to build mindless drones and workers and warriors, standardized testing and control, and the state owns your children.
Adolf Hitler codified this nationwide in 1938 in Germany.
By then it had been exported here to the U.S., and now in Illinois and in California, the courts have been ruling that the state literally controls
It has more power than the parents over the children and basically is the parents.
Now I have a major court ruling saying this.
Now again, federal courts have ruled black people aren't human beings.
Does that mean blacks aren't human beings?
Federal courts have ruled that you can forcibly sterilize a single woman.
Can the government forcibly sterilize a woman?
No, you jackbooted scum.
You can't.
You're not God.
And so just because you say this doesn't mean it's the case.
We're going to expose you.
But first I want to give you this London Guardian story to give you an idea of what this is like now.
Homeschooled Germans flee to the UK.
A 1938 law designed to ensure state control of all children has provoked a family exodus to Britain.
Families are fleeing to the UK from Germany to escape a law introduced by Hitler that is leading to their children being taken into the care of the government if educated at home.
One father who arrived in Britain with his wife and five children last month was told the Observer that the family had no choice but for being warned that their children would be taken into foster care where you're five times more likely to be abused statistically.
I'm not saying you're bad at your foster parents, you're just five times more likely because a lot of them are pedophiles and scum.
That doesn't mean you are if you're good, just statistically they don't lie.
That's what a lot of
I think we're good to go.
Children suffering from serious illnesses can stay home.
So, there you go.
Hitler's law never repealed.
California and Illinois have had courts ruling the same thing.
Ruling that they own your children.
Here it is, right here.
In the Court of Appeals of the state of California, 2nd Appellate District, they overruled the lower state court that disagreed with them.
And this is Jonathan L. and Mary Grace, petitioners, Superior Court of the State of California for the County of Los Angeles.
And the case number is JD00773.
And we posted this up on InfoWars.com and PrisonPlanet.com yesterday for you.
And you turn the page, you can go through it all.
Now listen to this carefully.
The trial court reasoned for declining to order public or private schooling for the children was its belief that parents have a constitutional right to their children in their own home.
However, California courts have held that under provisions in education code, parents do not have a constitutional right to homeschool their children.
Now did you hear that?
All the courts before this had never even been raised...
We're good to go.
However, California courts have held that under provisions in the Education Code, parents do not have a constitutional right to homeschool their children.
Education Code.
Something they just wrote up.
Here's the government saying it owns your children.
And of course, Schwarzenegger, son of an SS officer who arrested people and took them to their deaths, who admittedly said that he admires Hitler and wants to be worshipped at Nuremberg trials, he is supporting this.
Oh yeah, he told Rolling Stone in 77 he admired Hitler.
Then he bought out the Pumping Iron movie because of the extras they were going to put in it of him saying he worshipped Hitler.
So of course he supports this.
It's Nazi law.
California courts have held that under provisions of the Education Code, parents do not have a constitutional right to homeschool their children.
You do not have a right, they say.
Thus, while the petition for extraordinary rent asserts that the trial court's refusal to order attendance in public or private school was an abuse of discretion, we find that refusal was actually an error of law.
So they're telling the lower state court, you're wrong, the government owns your children.
Heil Hitler!
So you read this article about, ooh, Nazi Germany made the kids go, and now the kids are having to leave Germany.
That's where this came from.
Study the history of education.
ABC News, of all places, reported the truth in 2000.
In two, they got the documents from 2000 as the head of the FDA is meeting with the head of the CDC in a board meeting, and they're saying, we've got millions of brain-damaged kids.
The Mercury's damaged them.
We've got to cover this up.
But I'm going to tell my granddaughter, don't take it.
Congressman Dan Burton sued and got those documents.
Then the feds paid for a bunch of studies saying, actually, we took the Mercury out, and so autism's still skyrocketing, so it couldn't be the Mercury.
What they didn't tell you is that they made small lots available of all major vaccines that don't have mercury.
Literally a few thousand ampules per million doses that do have thimerosal.
Don't believe me?
Next time you're at the doctor saying, I see a vaccine, may I read the insert?
It will say thimerosal.
Don't believe Alex Jones and don't believe them.
Go find out for yourself.
Then have the nurse come in and tell you it's not in there.
Well, here it is, the Huffington Post.
Government concedes vaccine autism case in federal court case.
Now what?
After years of insisting that there is no evidence to link vaccines with the onset of autism, spectrum disorder, which has gone from 1 in 25,000 to 1 in 75 now, was 168 now, it's 1 in 75 now.
The U.S.
government has quietly conceded a vaccine autism case in the court of federal claims.
The vaccine makers have total liability protection.
You have to go to the feds.
The unprecedented concession was filed November 9th and sealed to protect the plaintiff's identity.
It was obtained through individuals unrelated to the case.
The claim of one of 4,900 autism cases currently pending in federal vaccine court was conceded by the U.S.
Attorney General Peter Kessler and other Justice Department officials on behalf of the Justice Department Health and Human Services, the defendant in all vaccine court cases.
The child's claim against the government.
See, the government has the claim, and you go to court against the government because they're trying to force this.
They order the states to lie and say it's the law.
By the way, there's no law you've got to take shots.
Go check it out for yourself.
Then ask why they lie on the news and say that.
All part of a mass fraud.
But here it is admitting how it eats holes in your brains.
We'll finish up with that when we get back.
Get more into how the police come in and do mock raids on elementary, middle schools, high schools, colleges, saying, I'm here, I'm a gunman, I'm going to kill you.
The children, literally a lot of them, end up going to mental institutions.
They don't tell them it's a drill, all part of Soviet training that the CIA picked up.
We have the documents to brainwash and shock our children into catatonic states.
We'll be right back.
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All right, finishing up with a vaccine story.
The child's claim against the government that mercury-containing vaccines were the cause of her autism was supposed to be one of three test cases for the Marisol autism theory currently under consideration by the three-member panel of special masters.
These are picked by the Justice Department in their own kangaroo court, they still rule for the child.
The presiding justices in the federal courts claim.
Kessler wrote that the medical personnel at the HHS Division of Vaccine Inquiry Composition and Compensation
I had reviewed the case and concluded that compensation is appropriate.
The doctors concluded that the child was healthy and developing normally until her 18-month well-baby visit.
Then she received vaccinations against nine different diseases all at once to contain thimerosal.
Now, I know a lot of you aren't going to listen.
You believe in world government.
You believe in open borders.
You believe in gun control.
You believe George Bush is God.
You believe Hillary and Barack Obama are God.
You're not going to listen.
Just notice.
The baby starts getting shots when they're born.
Six months.
They get them in a year.
And they get the big shots at a year and a half, and the mercury builds up to super toxic level, eats holes in their brains, and that's just the way this works.
That's just the way they operate.
So, I'm sitting in here, and Bruce Dumas, who does Beyond the Beltway, pretty good show, is right behind me.
They've got Kirk Watson, who was on TV worshiping Barack Obama, coming in, a wonderful mayor.
Must be some farmland around here, something he can get from some family to build shopping malls on, claiming it's for the earth, but
There's the autism story.
Let me now get into should roads have tolls on them to fight global warming.
See, they get you all sold on global warming is real and the earth is dying and we're going to have thousand foot tsunamis and volcanoes going off and Loch Ness monsters attacking and only by grabbing all the farmland and property can we be safe and only by handing our property over to the government can we be safe.
And only by letting bureaucrats micromanage every facet of our lives can we be safe.
And we have all these global government documents that are in my film, Endgame, but it's publicly available, where they say it's about a new system of government taxation, control, and regulation.
And here it is out of the Seattle Times.
Should roads have tolls to fight global warming?
Two global warming bills likely to pass the legislature this season and this session could be...
Continuing here.
Could open the door to tolls on major highways in the central Puget Sound region as a way to reduce traffic and greenhouse gas emissions.
See, it's not just reduce traffic.
It's not just rape everybody.
Now, they've been saying for a decade, get in your condition.
There's not enough gas tax.
There's not enough gas tax.
We were using 15 million barrels in 1995.
We're using 25 million barrels and growing in 2008.
If you look at federal graphs on the federal gas tax graph, it's off the charts.
You look at state taxes, they're jacking those up just through the roof, but they know the public doesn't know those numbers, so they come out and say...
There is no more money.
We are bankrupt.
We have got to put a transponder in your car, and by the way, we'll track everywhere else you go, and then put toll roads on existing roads.
Of course, here in Austin, they just say, we are putting them on Mopac, but that's not an existing road.
Or I-35.
And then you find out it's to build roads in Mexico to bring more slave goods in faster.
But see, people wouldn't go along with this if they didn't have the excuse of, oh, it's for the earth!
Yes, slapping a big tax on you for driving, and they're proposing 60 cents a mile, making your car a taxi, as if you don't pay enough now, that, of course, is going to force you all into buses, and they say that.
They say it's social engineering.
Oh, we're going to control your living now.
We're going to make you do what we want.
While the oil companies, by the way, are pushing and supporting this, they suppress all the alternative technologies.
Two global warming bills likely to pass the legislature this session.
Likely to pass.
You hear that?
Could open the door to tolls on major highways in central Puget Sound region as a way to reduce traffic and greenhouse gas emissions.
Then they'll take the money from that and put it into billboards, radio ads, TV ads to buy the media.
It's kind of an unwritten rule.
You ought to read the documents.
Environmental groups, that means land-grabbing pirates, basically communists who work for big banks that want to steal your property but need the excuse.
Environmental criminal organizations, I'm sorry, I'm adding that.
Environmental groups consider the bills critical to a larger effort to get people out of their cars and into public transportation.
Transportation accounts for almost half of the state's greenhouse gas emissions.
House Bill 2815 requires the state to sharply reduce greenhouse gases between now and 2050.
It also calls for slashing the number of miles traveled by vehicles in the state by half in the same time period.
The second bill, House Bill 1773, rolling us back to the tyranny of 1773, says tolls should be used to reduce greenhouse gases.
It would allow tolls to become permanent and to vary in price based on the time of day, which is tracked by a transponder in your car.
I told you this ten years ago.
I read you in plans globally.
This has already started in England.
Hundreds of billions of dollars a year per country, and a large portion is going to go to the UN, NATO, and others to build their world government, their world army.
Meanwhile, here is CBS News.
I was surprised by this, but it's been all over the media the last week, where they admit all the ice cores, all the big professors, all the scientists, and the largest, including NASA and others, that just get the global temperature.
The Earth's just had the coldest winter in decades.
Cold water on global warming.
But it won't matter.
They already have it in place.
And once you have a tax, it never goes away.
Plus, it tracks everywhere you go.
It has almost become something of a joke when some global warming conference has to be canceled because of a snowstorm or bitterly cold weather.
But stampedes and hysteria are no joke.
And creating stampedes and hysteria has become a major activity of those hyping global warming crisis.
And again, they use it to steal people's property, mainly.
That's what goes on here locally.
They mobilize like-minded people from a variety of occupations, call them all scientists, and then claim that all the experts agree on global warming crisis.
Their biggest argument is that there is no argument.
A whole cottage industry has sprung up among people who get grants, government agencies who get appropriations, politicians who get publicity and steal property.
They don't have that.
And the perpetuity...
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Next up, how if you don't turn everything over to a global consortium, oh, the future without humans.
We need to get rid of humans.
Humans are destroying everything.
I mean, these are all the different programs that people are forced to watch.
Oh, my gosh.
And so I'm done ranting about that subject.
You can go read the story here.
It says a new and very different conference on global warming will be held in New York City under the sponsorship of the Heartland Institute.
And it's going on right now.
It is called the International Conference on Climate Change that will examine the question of global warming, crisis or scam.
And they've got all these top scientists, 98 speakers, 400 participants, the president of the Czech Republic, on and on and on, General Motors people there.
And you're saying, well, they're all just corporate whores who want to keep hurting the earth.
Oh, no.
Have you noticed the NFL supports global warming and global tax?
All these other big corporations do.
The CEO of...
General Motors came out and said it's BS.
That's what he actually said.
I can't say what he said.
He said BS.
And then he had to apologize and say, okay, I shut up.
General Motors supports this.
You see how that works?
Okay, loaded phone lines when we get back.
We're going to go to Tim, Ed, Michael, Chris, Anthony.
And many others in the final segment, absolutely jam-packed with your phone calls.
And the story is up on PrisonPlanet.com right now, written today just for you to get the word out to people about how they're attacking the lady that got Best Actress for saying 9-11's an inside job.
We explain the cover-up and what's really happening at PrisonPlanet.com.
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I'm never giving up.
Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen.
Alright, I know we've got a load of lines.
I want to get to everybody in at least a minute or so.
But I never got to this.
O'Reilly calls Ariana Huffington a Nazi.
I don't like Ariana Huffington.
He's a gun-grabbing, open-border-promoting, New World Order minion.
I'm taking fight.
I'm saying, I'll never give it up.
Look, I don't like her, but the point is O'Reilly's another neocon.
He's always attacking free speech, always saying you shouldn't be allowed to protest, there should be no First Amendment.
And on her website, she has literally hundreds of thousands of posts every day.
It's a huge site.
It's bigger than most major newspapers.
Millions of visitors a week.
Somebody went on there and made fun of Nancy Reagan falling down.
You ought to read message boards anywhere.
I mean, anywhere.
There's trolls saying nasty things.
And he has this neocon guest on, blogger, and she's going, well, you can't bash Ariana for having comments in her comment section.
And O'Reilly's like, yes, yes, you should get in trouble.
This is like Nazi Germany.
What she's done, she did it.
And the lady's like, actually, I disagree with you.
Comments are, I don't have time to play it.
You guys have it ready?
Go ahead and play a little bit of it.
Yes, the left-wing blogs have to take some responsibility for this.
No, it's her.
It's her.
It's her.
It's Huffington.
It's her.
She's responsible.
Mr. O'Reilly, I'm surprised at your lapse of judgment comparing the tactics of the Nazis to the Huffington Post.
I'm not going to play anymore.
It just goes on and on.
You can watch it at InfoWars.com.
In a story that Kurt Nemo wrote, O'Reilly calls Arianna Huffington a Nazi.
The point here is, the lady keeps saying, but it's a comment on a message board.
I mean, you go to the Houston Chronicle, they'll have like 500 comments per story.
Infowars.com has like 500 per story.
There's horrible stuff in there.
And O'Reilly says it's their job to take it down.
MSNBC message boards can't control that.
You can ban certain people.
Again, he's calling for banning free speech and then saying it's her fault.
It's deceptive lying.
And he knows the 85-year-olds listening to his show, watching his show, literally, that's his demographic.
His demographic won't be allowed another five years.
I'm not being mean about it.
Very, very small demographic, whereas I have it all.
People like me have the entire spectrum.
This guy literally has 85-year-old people listening who don't understand the Internet.
It's disgusting and deceptive.
I'm tired of this type of deception.
Of course, he's called for my head on a platter and called for banning free speech, and just O'Reilly's a disgusting worm.
Powerful story up on PrisonPlanet.com right now.
Despite Smear campaign,
The truth's coming out.
Desperate Smear campaign follows actress 9-11 comments.
You've got to get this out to everybody, folks.
Best actress 2008 Oscar winner being demonized for saying 9-11 is an inside job.
Okay, let's cram calls in here.
Let's go to Ed in Pennsylvania.
Thanks for holding.
Go ahead.
Come on, Ed.
Go ahead.
This is Tim in Michigan.
And it's very good to talk with you, Alex.
I just wanted to talk about some previous comments you made on a show, I think last week, about Ann Coulter and Janet Reno, the feelings that you had when you met them.
Back in the 70s, I met Spiro Agnew, and I've got to tell you, he hit the nail right on the head.
We were having a drink together up in the Kuwaiti Hilton,
And when I sat down next to him, all I wanted to do was get away from him as fast as I could.
Oh yeah, being around these psychopaths is very upsetting.
And Ann Coulter, I'm not kidding, and for those who didn't hear the story, I was outside the RNC, you know, right at the last checkpoint.
I'd just come outside, and it was at the RNC at Madison Square Garden in 2004, Republican National Convention.
And I literally thought that a Day of the Dead creature just walked by.
She was so anorexic but looked so demonic.
And she was toddling.
She could barely walk.
And it was scary.
Well, thank you, Alex.
Keep up the good work.
Thank you for holding to tell us that story.
Let's talk to Ed now in Pennsylvania.
Ed, you're on the air.
Hi, Alex.
Yes, sir.
Only took me two months to get in this time.
You're on the air, Commander.
I wanted to give you a little bit of humor along with the pathetic stuff.
I mailed you a business-sized envelope with three pictures of my car with my answer to the media blackout of Ron Paul.
It's a pizza delivery sign, yard signs on both sides.
And if you look for it... Good job.
Well, so maybe we'll scan it in and put it on the web.
Well, I sent it in to you.
I don't know if you'll be able to find it.
It's in a business-sized envelope.
Ed Kemenaw is on the address.
And anyway, then...
I wanted to tell you, I have a letter in there also stating my little confrontation with my bank I've been with for about 25 years.
What happened?
Tell us the story.
Okay, I went in and I was telling a young teller there, a female, that she knows any girls having babies, don't let them do the...
...vaccines on them, and I gave her a slip of paper with all the websites.
Yours, TexMars, and... Oh, you're not allowed to talk to fellow Americans in America.
That would be un-American.
Talking to other people?
You could be arrested for that.
What happened?
What did you do, criminal?
Yeah, well, there was a little bit older lady, but two positions down from her must have been overhearing this, and the girl was thankful.
I finished my business.
I left.
I came home.
I'm in the backyard.
Doing stuff, and my wife calls me.
There's a police officer at the bank who wants to talk to me.
Well, sir, that's why I could predict your story.
That's in the news all the time.
Free speech is illegal.
Liberty and freedom is illegal.
It's all this secret police apparatus that gets you all afraid of the non-existent terror while they leave the borders wide open.
And then all these new commissariat political police have to do something.
So what happened?
Did you go and kneel before him and say, Oh, God, I worship you.
I'm sorry I warned someone about vaccines.
No, this one surprised the heck out of me.
He started telling me, what was it that I was writing on this thing for this girl, you know?
And I said, it was a bunch of websites.
He says, well, what's this Texas Massacre?
And I thought, speechless.
I says, you're kidding me.
He says, no, they're talking about a Texas Massacre.
I says, the only thing that's got anything near Texas is TexMars.
No, see, see, see, send me your info.
I want to have you on as a guest.
I want proof, though.
The wicked fleeeth when none pursue us.
So you said Tex Marr is a best-selling author, writes the textbooks for the military, and again, they saw a massacre in that.
It's all part of the hysteria, all part of the fear, all part of the cowardly chicken-neckness.
But then they'll take the injections that are deadly and eat all the GMO foods and things that are really problems, but then they worship their government, they worship the establishment, they just love it all.
But, hey, the parasites that run our government, their whole house of cards is collapsing.
And so, that's it for the New World Order.
Let's take another call here.
Anthony in New Jersey.
You're on the air, Anthony.
Hey, how's it going, Alex?
Good to see you.
I just wanted to get this out to you real quick.
I'm looking to put together a Ron Paul Fight Night, essentially on March 29th.
We're looking to sponsor a fighter in a championship mixed martial arts fight.
And it's at ringsiderevolution.com, and we're taking donations, and we've got about two weeks left, and I just wanted to throw that out to you.
All right, man, I really appreciate you holding to tell us that.
Michael in North Carolina, you're on the air.
Don't dare talk or we'll send the police to your house.
It's freedom.
Go ahead.
Hello, sir.
Hi, how are you?
Don't have any free speech or we'll arrest you.
It's evil.
Go ahead.
Do you have that much time right now?
Right, right.
We have time.
You're very evil, though.
Go ahead.
All right.
Where do I start?
I really applaud you for taking on the chemtrail situation, and I want to do a documentary on it.
I think you should take that firsthand and maybe do a three-part kind of thing on that and vaccines and GMOs as one whole poison.
Well, you just stole my thunder.
I'm going to finish a JFK film and a 9-11 truth film, and then I'm going to do kind of an Endgame 2.
You should put this before, though.
The Endgame 2 is going to have it in it.
No, no, no, sir.
All right, good.
Well, listen... It's going to be how the eugenicists that run our government are killing us.
I understand.
Well, that's what I'm talking about right now.
A while ago, I came down with, after a massive outer ear infection that was just crawling all over my face, the doctor gave me prednisone to quell it.
After he gave me prednisone, this horrible crawling sensation began, and then I, by research, found out that I have what is being called Morgellons Syndrome.
This is something that's been extremely just wiped out in the press.
No, no, I understand.
We're out of time.
Listen, this is what's happening.
The mice they feed GMO food to are dying.
The guinea pigs are dying.
The pigs won't eat it.
They force it on them.
This is documented.
They don't just take two plants and cross them.
They change their chromosomes.
They inject viruses, other DNA, bacteria.
And then they get the genes changed they want.
The one gene changes.
But then randomly, thousands of other genes and the way they combine changes and literally creates new amino acids, new toxins.
That's why all these different diseases, problems in the guts, Crohn-type diseases that were incredibly rare now everywhere, one in three is getting diabetes.
I mean, we are getting sicker.
Our life expectancy in the U.S.
is dropping.
Cancer, lung cancer in women is up six-fold in just ten years.
And it's all tied back to the GMO food, the mercury, all of it.
Okay, I'm sorry for Michael and many others that are holding.
Call me back during the weekday show if you want at InfoWars.com or back here next Sunday for the special Sunday reports from 4 to 6 p.m.
syndicated across the country from the studios of NewsRadio 590 KLBJ.
To all of our AM and FM affiliates, to all of our sponsors, listeners, all of you, great job.
And to Trey and Paul in there running the show, excellent job as well.
Be sure and check out the big headline we've got.
Best Actress This Year, San 9-11's an Inside Job at PrisonPlanet.com right now.
Find out the true scoop.
We'll see you soon.
Take care.
Call today.
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