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Air Date: Feb. 29, 2008
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
And new numbers out today show inflation is on the rise.
Consumer prices jumped 0.4% in January, higher than economists expected.
The cost of food and fuel are the reasons.
In the past 12 months, prices have risen 4.3%.
And one of the ways you're surely feeling the effects of inflation is in the price of bread and pancakes and pasta.
Anything made with wheat.
Today, a bushel sold for $10.33, more than double what it cost a year ago.
As ABC's Sharon Alfonsi reports, consumers are eating those higher prices.
Bakery owner Pam Weeks is counting every pinch of flour and watching every penny.
It's just unbelievable how much the price of flour went up overnight, literally.
Just a few weeks ago, these 50-pound bags of flour cost $15.
Today, they're $40.
We're trying to figure out ways to cope with that, but it's to the point now where we have no choice.
We're going to have to raise prices.
Blame it on the price of wheat.
Demand for alternative energy has farmers planting less wheat and more corn, the key ingredient of ethanol.
Add the growing appetite for wheat from developing countries, and the supply is strained.
wheat stockpiles have hit a 60-year low, and wheat prices have never been higher.
That means the cost of pasta has doubled.
And that loaf of bread, it'll cost you an extra 20 cents.
Economists say it is the fastest rising rate of food inflation in nearly 15 years.
The price spike is being felt across the globe.
In Italy, the cost of pasta is spiraling, up 20%.
Malaysia is no longer allowing anyone to take flour out of the country.
And in Pakistan, they're now stockpiling wheat and using its military to guard flour mills.
As long as this strong foreign demand continues, and as long as the demand for ethanol continues to grow very rapidly, there doesn't seem to be any end in sight.
Putting wheat farmers like Joe Care in an unusual position, the driver's seat.
It is real exciting to see where the prices are, prices that I have not seen in my lifetime.
The world's hunger for ethanol is changing the landscape of America.
Pam Weeks wonders if the price will curb our appetite.
Sharon Alfonsi, ABC News, New York.
Welcome, ladies and gentlemen.
It is Friday, the 29th day of February 2008.
We're going to be live here for the next three hours.
We have...
The top economist, Mr. Robini of the New York University Stern School of Business joining us.
He was in the Financial Times of London last week with this headline, America's Economy Risks the Mother of All Meltdowns.
I've heard the neocons on air this morning flipping around on several different channels, all going off talking points.
It was clear that the Federal Reserve is loving and wonderful and good, and Bush is good, and that evil Democrats...
So the scapegoating is beginning.
And the question is, how far down will the economy go?
Gold futures gain after hitting record high of 978.
Here's a Reuters headline.
Gold powers towards record on oil.
Eyes $1,000 an ounce.
So we have the professor joining us in 20 minutes.
Then Jeffrey Smith, an expert on GMO foods.
You're not going to believe what you hear.
But it's all documented.
Unbelievable information.
Daniel Esselin popping in for 30 minutes as well in the third hour.
It's a jam-packed Friday transmission.
PrisonPlanet.com and JonesReport.com are the websites.
Be sure and check them out.
We'll be right back.
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From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Noriel Ravini of the New York University Stern School of Business saying we face an economic meltdown.
We'll be joining us coming up in 20 minutes.
Then we've got Jeffrey Smith.
He's an incredible researcher.
I was reading some articles he'd written.
I tuned in to Genesis one night.
I was listening to Rents.
I heard him on there.
So often what happens is I've read thousands of documents and articles over the years about GMO foods and hormones in the food and the milk and the synthetic hormones and you forget it all.
Well, you don't completely forget it.
It's like in your mind and then you get on air and you kind of shorthand it.
By shorthand, you just go, yeah, the GMO is really bad for you.
When they change one gene, it changes thousands of others randomly.
And then I just kind of move on.
I read a story here.
I read a story there.
But I heard this guy for like an hour on the radio.
Then I went and read a bunch of his writings and checked out his website.
And he's an author, and it's all documented.
And so you're saying, well, why are you having somebody on if you say you've already talked about it and you've already documented it?
And if you're saying you know everything he's saying is true, why even have him on?
Why shouldn't you just say it?
Because he studies it all the time.
He's up on it.
He's constantly looking at it.
He knows all the latest info.
He was mentioning all these quotes and all these documents and all these statements where the GMO makers admit they know this is hurting people, admit they know that they don't know what they're doing, admit that it's created new amino acids that have never existed on planet Earth that are
Totally toxic.
And we've had, again, Nobel Prize winners, top scientists on, who worked for these companies, and they're making millions of dollars a year themselves, and they still have the will to come out and say, we can't put this on store shelves, and then they get fired.
And I respect people like that.
We've had quite a few of them on who are heading up whole biotech divisions.
You know, who have millions of dollars of stock in the company and are paid millions a year, and half the rats die in a month eating a new potato, and they go, this is being approved?
We can't put this on shelves.
And they say, shut up.
Do you understand?
That's why everybody's getting sick.
Massive studies linked directly...
To the GMO corn, the potatoes, the other staple vegetable and grain crops where you eat this stuff and then it causes your immune system to go into overdrive like you're fighting an illness every single day and basically that wears your body out and what happens is when your body stops fighting cancer, when your body stops fighting outside organisms,
They know that it's causing massive increases in diabetes.
They know.
That it's causing all sorts of inflammation of the brain.
And we have all these studies.
But he can just sit here and rocket them off and give you source after source after source after source and then whole other areas of synthetic bovine growth hormone and a cocktail of other hormones that they give the milk cow so they'll make three, four, five times the milk a milk cow normally would.
And then you drink them
Into your system, and the boys are effeminate.
I don't want to get too graphic here, but when you're 10, 11, 12, you're supposed to, or even earlier, you're supposed to have a male's reproductive organs are like ovaries, but they sit on the outside because they need to be about 96 degrees to produce healthy sperm.
This gets into the whole science of it.
But your body's 98.9.
Or higher in some cases, or a little bit lower.
And so they drop.
When you go into puberty, for women that don't know about this, and even most men don't remember this is the process, but when you go into puberty at 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, I went into puberty at like 10, which is pretty early for a male, and they then descend.
They're up in your body, and they come down.
Well, now they've got tens of thousands of males that are 20 years old and never had their testicles dropped.
And that's because of the hormones.
Absolutely documented.
See, I'm already getting off into this.
I have all this economic news I want to get to.
But we need to start focusing more intently in on this on the show.
Now, conversely, the males are feminine.
The males act feminine.
They look feminine.
They're filled with estrogen and estrogen mimicking things.
They're in the milk.
They're in the plastics.
It's in everything.
It's in just so many tens of thousands of products.
But females, conversely, remember a few months ago, it was in the U.S.
and British papers, big studies coming out, with hundreds of thousands of girls going into puberty when they're six.
Thousands going into puberty when they're three.
And they take the child to the doctor, and, well, my three-year-old is, you know, developing larger mammary glands, larger breasts.
I mean, we're talking about seven-year-olds who aren't even pregnant, lactating, I mean, just crazy stuff going on.
Well, you're on hardcore, chemically produced, in big factories, hormones that make cows just produce massive amounts of milk.
These are frankenfoods.
And so it really hurts the girls, statistically worse than boys.
And that's why women, that's why breast cancer is way, way, way up.
And again, it's a cocktail of things, but just the chemicals, just the hormones and the milk alone, and there's no debating this.
This is absolutely proven in the company Monsanto and others that produce it own internal documents.
There have been films made on it with the documents.
There have been lawsuits.
The documents have come out.
They know it does this.
They know it takes your girl, and girls are supposed to go into puberty later than boys, and she should be going into puberty at 13, 14 years old
And she's going to go into puberty at three years old, and you're going to take her to the doctor, and as the doctors say, get her off GMO foods, get her off the cheeses and other milk products and yogurts that have these hormones in them, these unnatural hormones?
No, he's not going to do that.
He is going to put her on a hormone regimen that is going to block out and cancel out the other hormones.
There's going to be fluctuations.
The hormones are very toxic to the liver and other glands.
They're associated, higher hormone levels, with cancers.
It is our sexual drive that burns us out.
It is tissues in the body that have higher exchange rates of hormone fluctuation.
They're very toxic.
Even natural hormones.
And so that's why you generally get cancers in hormonally rich regions.
See, sharks do not get cancer because sharks do not operate on a hormone system.
Mammals do.
And most other life forms do.
Sharks don't.
I've just seen TV specials on it and read about it.
They really study the sharks.
I'm sure you know about it as well.
The point is, this is all documented.
And they don't get cancer.
And they pegged it to, they don't have hormones.
And it just expands from there.
Lizards rarely get, reptiles don't get a lot of cancers either.
They do have hormones, but at much lower levels than us.
But you notice they're also cold-blooded.
They have to go out and have the sun.
See, we have internal engines that drive us.
We're very dynamic creatures.
But the flame that burns twice as bright only burns half as long.
And we have done amazing things, extraordinary things.
But we need to understand the nature of this.
You start pouring a bunch of artificial hormones, or even if it was natural hormones hopped up, you're going to have problems.
But these are synthetic
Cheaply made because you want cheap milk at the store.
Yeah, milk will be three, four times the price, but it'd be three, four times thicker and more healthy.
You know, they've even bred cows to have a different type of milk than they had a few hundred years ago.
They found some cows that had some passive genetic traits to make a thinner type.
They have different names and letter rankings.
There's really four different types of milk that cows produce.
I'm going from memory on this to look it up.
The milk we drink is the gruelish, thin junk.
Now I've just spent the entire segment on this.
What have I done?
That's coming up in the second hour.
And I'm going to spend more and more time on this, more and more guests on this.
But I like to get people on who I know are accurate, and I know this guy's accurate because I basically know everything he knows.
He just is on it and more articulate because this is all he does.
And he can give you the sources so you can prove to yourself right now we're telling you the truth.
And it's a holocaust.
There's no doubt.
This is affecting us all.
That's why if you study the Rockefellers and Rothschilds and the elites, they all have their own private farms in many cases.
They have their own food organically delivered to them.
They only go to special organic restaurants that are certified.
They're always drinking reverse osmosis or specially filtered water.
They know.
They know.
And most of us can't even afford to fully be off of what they're doing.
And now when we try to force it into market by buying it, the feds come in and sue people and won't even let them properly certify they don't have hormones in them.
Or that they don't have GMO.
Or they say, oh no, we're going to start certifying GMO as healthy.
And saying it's not GMO.
And that's why allergies are exploding.
That's why all of this is happening.
It's why your kids have got pimples all over their faces.
That's the body trying to kick all this out.
Kids didn't have pimples 50 years ago, 100 years ago.
Because we're being poisoned and it's only getting worse.
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Gold went up to right at $980 an ounce today.
It's at $971.50 right now this second.
Going up and down between $975 and $970.
We have a top economist joining us in the next segment.
Noriel Robini.
Headline, America's economy at risk for the mother of all meltdowns.
And I'm not even saying all this is going to happen.
But there's a good chance of it happening, so we're going to be addressing it and we're going to be talking about it.
I mean, Bush coming out and saying we're not even in a recession, that type of lying is not encouraging.
Gold powers to record on oil, eyes $1,000 an ounce.
The professor is joining us in the next segment, but for about three minutes I've got Ted up here again, because when this rush is gone, it's gone, and folks, I believe we're at the beginning of the bull market.
Gold has gone from, what, $264 an ounce seven years ago to $900.
And 70-plus dollars in the future are way above that.
Gold should be at 2,200-plus for 1980 numbers for inflation.
Now, I don't know if it will ever go to 2,000.
It probably will.
But regardless, the dollar is going down, and this is how you save some of your assets.
This is how you store wealth and potentially end up making large profits.
But who knows what's going to happen there.
Ted, this is amazing.
It just continues.
Yeah, well, the U.S.
dollar is dropping again today like crazy.
It's been dropping almost every single day I look.
Every now and then you can see an uptick day, but it's very rare.
Well, when we have Greenspan running around telling the Arabs, dump the dollar, gold's going to go up.
Yeah, well, gold's going to go up, and the Arabs want to get out of it.
Greenspan running around is just adding fuel to the fire, that's all.
Basically what it comes down to is...
It looks like the Titanic may be sinking.
You might want to lie fast.
Or you might not want to listen to us.
I don't know.
Yeah, just go ahead and go down in the icy waters.
I can tell you right now, I'm still running the same special as I did yesterday, which gold is up now $30 since I put that special together.
We do have the British Sovereigns.
Again, they're at $262.
That's a quarter-ounce gold piece.
You can do the math.
The Franks right now, same thing.
I priced all this stuff at $940.
Franks right now are at $210.
And the silver, Alex, just approaching now $20 an ounce, $19.91 at the high.
Presently right now silver is at $9.75, $21 per dollar face on silver.
That's for quarters and dimes.
Now, again, in math you just do four quarters or ten dimes equals $1 face.
What is it silver at right now, $19 what?
$19, currently right now $19.80.
And it's seen its high at $19.91, so silver's a really good buy as well.
All that stuff is going up.
You've got to remember, the last market peak, the United States dollar was still in control of the world.
It was the world reserve currency.
Even though at that time we had double-digit inflation, which we're going to see that here.
There's no way we can escape it now.
But even though we saw double-digit inflation, then the countries of the world were still trying to use the United States dollar as a reserve currency.
Now all they want to do is get out of it as fast.
Whenever there's an opportunity to sell, they get out of it.
Yeah, this is a very sad day, folks.
You shouldn't be rubbing your hands together if you've bought gold and it's doubled and tripled and quadrupled in value, or if your silver's quadrupled.
I mean, silver was at like $5, $6, and now it's at $19.
This is very sad for our country.
I mean, it's not fun abandoning ship.
It's just, this is a hedge against mega-inflation.
And give them the number.
Tell them about the deals again.
Yeah, it's 1-800-686-2237.
The British Sovereign's at $262.
Again, that's 1-800-686-2237.
It's a steal, man.
The Frank coins are at $210.
It's a quarter-ounce gold piece.
Again, another really good buy in the marketplace.
That's one-fifth of an ounce of gold.
And then the silver right now at $21 is about $1.40 over spot.
That spot has just raced through $18 an ounce, and it's just plastering through $19.
I'm sure we're going to see $20 here very quickly.
Give them the number, Ted.
Call us.
It's 1-800-686-2237.
Get your position secured.
Get away from that Federal Reserve note.
It's not our country that's dying right now.
It's the Federal Reserve note that's dying.
Let's bring back the Constitution.
Let's have the United States back.
The brokers are there right now.
It's just like going to a grocery store line.
Tell them which one of those deals you want, and they'll mail it right out to you.
Give them a call.
Or, I guess don't.
Invest in the stock market.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
That's 888-USE-SFR1 today.
We're good to go.
Noriel Rabini, Professor of Economics, International Business, Stern School of Business, New York University.
And he has been an advisor to the Treasury Department, advisor to...
Well, if I tried to go through his bio, we would basically lose all the time that we have with him today.
Needless to say, advisor to the U.S.
Treasury Department, senior advisor to the Undersecretary for International Affairs, directors of the Office of Policy, Department of Revenue, U.S.
Treasury, senior economist for International Affairs, White House Counsel, and economic advisors, on and on and on.
And I was already aware of his work, and we try to have top economists on each week for you,
He was quoted in a Financial Times of London story last week.
America's economy risks the mother of all meltdowns.
And joining us is Professor Robini.
Sir, thank you for spending time.
A pleasure being with you today.
You've got the floor.
Can you explain how we've gotten to this point and where you see the economy going with more and more bad news, leveraged debt, the states trying to get their money out of investments, all the... I mean, just bottom line, in layman's terms, Professor, what are we facing?
In Lehman's terms, we're facing a pretty severe recession.
In my view, the recession has already started.
When you look at all sorts of economic indicators, like there is no job creation, demand is falling, the housing recession is getting worse.
The firms and the consumers are nervous about the future.
Inflation is rising.
It's obvious that economic activity is contracting, and this is going to be a pretty severe recession.
Last time around, we had a recession.
In 2001, it lasted only eight months.
I fear this is going to be a longer and more protracted recession that may last 12 to 18 months.
So something very painful for jobs, for employment, for incomes, for consumption.
I know you're not political, but we need your analysis.
President Bush comes out and says we're not even going into a recession and everything's wonderful.
Is that them trying to sure up a panic, or what's happening?
Yeah, I mean, saying we're not in a recession is not accepting reality.
You go around America and you ask people.
They're worried about their jobs.
They're worried that now inflation is eroding the value of their incomes.
The price of gas is going up.
The price of energy.
The price of food.
The price of all sorts of goods.
And wages are not going up.
So people are really being stressed.
That's why consumption is falling.
The value of the homes are falling.
People cannot use any more food.
They're home as ATM machine and borrow against it.
Oil is at $100 per barrel.
Gasoline is going to be soon enough at $4 per barrel.
You have now a slack in the labor market with job losses.
Confidence is down for the consumers.
You have a credit crunch in the mortgage market.
Interest rates on consumer debt are going up.
Americans and houses are being pinched in a severe way like they've been for 20 years now.
Have we, since the 70s in my opinion, have we hit the wall or will we hit the wall when everyone's maxed out and then we have all these cascading events coming together, Greenspan's telling the big oil producers, get out of the dollar, which it seems to me all we've got left is our fiat currency, sir.
You're right.
We have many different problems.
We have these very, very nasty problems in the credit market and it's not anymore just a subprime mortgage problem because the rot has spread from subprime mortgages to near prime mortgages to prime mortgages.
And it's not just mortgages.
You know, you have now default rates rising for consumer credit, auto loans, credit card, student loans.
And it's not just residential real estate now.
There's a beginning of a bust in commercial real estate.
And then you have this problem you suggested of rising oil prices and rising inflation.
And at the same time, we have the weakening of the value of the dollar.
And soon enough,
The foreigners might not want to buy our assets because they're losing value by buying things that are losing value in their own currencies because of the fall of the dollar.
So we have a widespread of real economic and financial trouble ahead of us.
As an economist, as a forecaster, on the good side, how do you see this playing out?
What, a one, two, three year recession?
On the bad side, you talk about total economic meltdown.
Can you talk about what the good side might look like from your past experience versus the bad side?
Well, for the time being, I'm quite pessimistic.
I believe that this recession has already started, and only started, so it's going to last longer than the previous two, and it lasted only eight months.
It's going to be more like 12 to 18 months, so there is light at the end of the tunnel, but it's going to be after we've had a massive increase in unemployment, losses of jobs,
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
I think?
Well, you're a highly respected professor and
There are several things you can do.
We probably need not just to freeze the reset of some of the mortgages, but we need an across-the-board freezing of that.
We need to stop foreclosures, not just for 30 days, but probably for at least six months.
We might need to change our bankruptcy laws in ways that the bankruptcy judge can cram down and force a reduction in the value of the mortgages as part of the restructuring of the debt of those who cannot pay their bills.
So there are many things we can do in terms of trying to reduce the amount of financial distress for the households that are now going bankrupt for a closure.
That's what we need to do.
The Financial Times talks about the 12 stages.
Can you mention some of the most important?
How far into those 12 different events we are that could cause a meltdown?
And what do you think the percentage chance is we're going to have a huge meltdown versus just a deep recession?
I worry about the financial meltdown because we've never seen such a severe crunch in financial and credit markets for the last 30 years or so.
I'm not going to enumerate every step, but of those 12 steps, I think that the first one is that the housing recession is getting worse rather than better.
Home prices are falling now at a rate that's going to be closer to 20% when everything happens.
We're good to go.
I think?
We're good to go.
Professor Rubini, did you see the Financial Times of London story six months ago where it said big central banks
And the highest tier of the financial order actually stand to gain from this because they get to have that fire sale and consolidate up all the other banks and brokerage firms and stocks companies and just raw assets and commodities?
Or is this a core crisis at the highest levels?
I think it's a core crisis at the highest levels, because even some of the largest financial institutions have had dozens of billions of dollars of losses.
You know, the biggest bank in the U.S., Citibank, or, you know, many of the other large broker-dealers have had massive losses.
Mary Lynch, Berra Stearns.
So it's not just 200 subprime investors.
From my understanding, in the early 1990s, we saw massive regulatory loosening
Of regulations to where banks could just basically certify their own loans, go way past the 1 to 10 rule of fractional reserve banking.
Was it just greed that brought us to this?
It's a combination of greed in financial markets and the total absence of appropriate supervision and regulation of mortgage lending and of the financial system.
The regulators were asleep at the wheel because there was an ideology in Washington for the last six years of just free market fundamentalism.
Thank you.
Thank you.
All this stuff that was really reckless and dangerous and predatory was allowed because regulators did not care.
I mean, Greenspan himself was the biggest chief leader of this kind of financial innovation in mortgages and subprime.
So the Fed, the regulators, and many others are in part to blame because a financial market that doesn't have institutional rules and regulations is like the jungle because greed dominates.
Do you agree with Joseph Stickler's speech a few days ago that was widely carried, where he is really blaming Greenspan for a lot of this?
That sounds like what you were just doing.
Yeah, I mean, Greenspan and the Fed were part of the problem for two reasons.
One, the Fed reduced during the last recession the Fed funds rate to 1% and kept it too low for too long, and that fed the housing bubble, and Greenspan and the Fed and the other regulators ignored these kind of reckless lending practices.
They were occurring in mortgages and credit markets, and not only ignored it, but they were cheerleading and saying these are great innovations.
So, certainly, Greenspan is partly to blame for it.
But they're not stupid.
I mean, I remember people 20 years ago, 15 years ago, when they started changing all these rules, phasing them in.
Ron Paul was saying 20 years ago that this was going to happen.
And he even predicted that it would happen in the 2000s.
And so, I mean, they just recklessly did this?
You don't think they had any premeditated idea to just pump out all this liquidity?
Then they would make personal profits and then leave us with the bag?
Certainly some financial institutions, there was this kind of wrong incentive.
They knew that they were gambling for redemption, making risky loans, and then when things go wrong, maybe the Fed comes and uses monetary policy or bails them out.
So that's part of the problem, what people, economists refer to as moral hazard.
When you have insurance, your behavior is going to be dangerous and reckless.
And there is even now expectation on Wall Street of banks and investors are being bailed out by the Fed or by the government.
There are already plans for bailing out financial institutions from their own trouble.
That would be wrong.
Well, I'd like to know why you say it's wrong.
I agree with you because they're going to bail it out by further inflating the currency, which then causes other countries to stop buying the federal securities, which further destroys the country, doesn't it?
Yeah, one of the risks of what's happening right now is that certainly the Fed is now forced to reduce interest rates as a way to avoid a more severe recession, but with lower interest rates, the value of the dollar is falling to historical levels of low, and that fall of the value of the dollar is going to make
The value of goods to import from the rest of the world is more expensive, and that's going to feed inflation, and that's something we should worry about.
And it might lead also foreigners not to want to invest in our securities.
And we need their financing because we are still running an $800 billion current account deficit.
So a fall that is disorderly of the dollar and a rise in inflation is one of the risks of the mess that we have created.
Professor Rubini, you've written a book that I've read excerpts of, including bailouts or bail-ins, responding to financial crises in emerging economies, political cycles, and it goes on from there.
This looks like gunboat diplomacy to me, where the big central banks go in and loan money to third world countries.
Wink, wink.
The dictator doesn't pay it off, and they come in and seize the assets.
This just looks like they're treating the U.S.
like a third world nation, literally strip mining us, as you said, predatorily, creating a cycle where they get all the power and then implode the economy and pick up the pieces.
But you're saying it's also now endangering them.
Have they gotten so greedy and so predatory that they may fall into the pit that they dug?
Well, you know, they might be greedy, but part of the problem is we created this mess ourselves.
We spent the last 10 years spending more than our income and running a current account deficit, and therefore we have to finance it by foreigners buying and lending us money.
Until recently, the foreigners were willing to just buy low-yielding treasury bills.
Now they've gotten tired.
They said, if we have to finance the United States, we want to buy your land, your firms, your gems, your real assets, and that's the phenomenon of this crisis.
We're good to go.
I think?
Well, that's the... We tighten our belt before we can say anything to the foreigners.
Well, that's the same thing, though.
A lot of those sovereign wealth, you know, rich elites in Europe, they're the very ones that gave political contributions to the groups that loosened all of the regulatory precautions.
Yeah, I mean, there were lobbies that were mostly domestic.
There were also some foreign ones.
Certainly the lobbyists for the financial institutions created this mess in which they said, don't mess with the financial system, don't regulate, don't supervise, market knows best, and unfortunately in financial systems, if you don't have rules and regulations, you'll love the jungle because greed is the main driver of the decisions of investors, and you need to control that.
Noriel Rubini, professor of economics, Ph.D., advises the U.S.
We've got a quick break and then five minutes on the other side.
Please stay there, Professor.
I want to come back and talk about how what's happening in the U.S.
will affect the rest of the world as well.
We'll be right back.
Terror Storm, a history of government-sponsored terror.
Loose Change, Final Cut.
Endgame, Blueprint for Global Enslavement.
The True Story of the Bilderberg Group.
The Late Great USA.
America, Freedom to Fascism.
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That's 866-885-6625.
Once again, that's 866-885-6625 for BioSolutions.
Noriel Rubini, Ph.D., Professor of Economics.
Heads up, RGEMonitor.com.
One of the premier sites out there analyzing global trends in the economy.
He's also an author.
Put a link up to him on InfoWars.com.
We've only got a few minutes left with you, sir.
I hope to have you back up in the future.
We're honored to have you.
In the College of Professors, with your colleagues there in New York and around the world, just a guesstimation, what percentage are saying we're going to have a meltdown or a great danger of a meltdown versus we're just in a recession versus those that say we're not in a recession, that we're in a wonderful economy?
Unfortunately, a majority of professional economists and forecasters are still deluding themselves that we're not going to have a recession.
So those who are actually claiming we're going to have a recession are still a minority.
Unfortunately, they're not talking to the average American because the recession has already started.
Every economic indicator you look at shows a downward trend in economic activity, demand, production, employment, sales, and you name it.
Well, we've got these forecasters that work for big companies that want to keep putting out the good word, and isn't that political?
They don't want the political blame, so they're just telling people, you're delusional, the economy's great?
Oh, that's part of it.
Part of it is also that, you know, many of these financial institutions are underwriting stocks and bonds, and they don't want their chief economists to say, we have a recession.
So, you know, there is a little bit of a bias or self-censorship.
They are not going to be the first ones to claim that we're in trouble, because their entire business model is based on an economy that's growing.
You know, the U.S.
is about 30% of the global economy, and unfortunately when the U.S.
Just give us a ballpark number.
10% chance of total meltdown, 20%, 30%, and what will a meltdown look like if it does happen?
A meltdown would take the form of a very severe recession that lasts at least a year and a half or two in which the financial losses in the financial system are going to be over a trillion dollars and in which millions of households are going to lose their homes.
I think that there is at least a 50-50% probability that scenario would happen at this point.
And then there's the cascading effect with all this inflation.
People on fixed incomes are now starting already to become homeless.
We see tent cities popping up everywhere.
I mean, if Bush says this is a boom economy, I'd hate to see a recession.
Yeah, in a recession, people lose jobs, incomes are not growing, and inflation now is going up.
So it's a major squeeze, and certainly those that are at the bottom of the income distribution, who have not done very well in the last few years, are going to suffer even more.
The poor, the homeless, the people who have lower income.
And it's going to affect even the middle class.
Today there is a middle class malaise because cost of education, cost of health care, cost of energy, everything is going up in price and incomes are not growing very much.
So it's not just the working class, it's also the middle classes that are squeezed.
RGEMonitor.com, Noriel Rubini, we really appreciate you spending time with us, sir.
Thank you.
Pleasure being with you today.
Take care.
All right, we'll be right back.
Let's go ahead and get the next guest on.
I want to immediately get into GMOs and how deadly they are.
You're going to hear information you think you know.
No, it's far worse.
Coming up, and then we've got Daniel Esselin popping back in.
Thank you for listening to GCN.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
We just had a top economist on, advisor to the Treasury and the White House, admitting that we have a 50% chance of a total economic meltdown.
And we're not trying to scare you.
We're not trying to be negative here.
We're positive.
If we know bad things are going on, we can warn you about them.
And, you know, we can tell you if we get into gold when it's $300 an ounce, and now it's $980 an ounce.
I mean, we've got a track record here.
Our predictions, our info, we know what we're talking about.
Now, this is some really scary news.
But the good news is, led by people like our guest, Jeffrey M. Smith,
We are fighting back.
Good things are happening.
But first I want to give you the bad news.
And then I want to give you the good news about GMO.
Now, I've heard him on the radio.
I've read some of his writings.
I've ordered his book.
But if it's anything like his info, it's all accurate.
Because I study this all the time.
But then I get up here and it's so much info, it's hard to spend my time articulating it.
We've had Nobel Prize winners, top scientists on.
That's where I learned everything that I heard Jeffrey Smith talking about.
I can just tell you, this guy's accurate.
He just doesn't have my knowledge.
He goes well past that.
So I want to make him a regular part of this show.
This is a short segment we're about to break.
But Jeffrey, in the time we've got before the break, tell us a little bit about yourself, your mission, your films, your books, what you're doing.
I'm the Executive Director of the Institute for Responsible Technology.
And I've written the books Seeds of Deception and Genetic Roulette.
We're leading campaigns that we believe can end the genetic engineering of the food supply by informing consumers about the health dangers associated with genetically engineered foods and giving them non-GMO shopping guides so they can make healthier non-GM choices.
And you've got a couple different websites.
Tell us about those.
Well, seedsofdeception.com is one of our websites that has products, downloads, free...
And our Institute for Responsible Technology is at responsibletechnology.org.
And they link to each other, so if you just remember one, you'll get to the other.
And you can sign up for a free monthly e-newsletter, listen to an hour-long talk, watch a sample video.
We have the most recent book that I've written is called Genetic Roulette.
And I worked with more than 30 scientists over two years to document all of the known health risks of genetically engineered foods.
Well, see, I'm an addict of reading, you know, all the scientific papers and even peer-reviewed studies, not just the news articles about them.
And listening to you on radio and reading your writings, it's like, oh, I remember that, I remember that, I remember that.
And I was shocked at all the stuff I'd forgotten, the incredible admissions they've made, and that as bad as I thought it was, it was even more crazy.
Because you kind of put it all into picture.
When you put it all together and you read it together, you read thousands of sick, sterile, and dead livestock, thousands of toxic and allergic reactions, damage to virtually every organ and every system studied in laboratory animals.
And then there's all sorts of assumptions that they used as the basis for safety claims, which turned out to be false.
So taken together, we have irrefutable, overwhelming evidence of harm associated with these genetically modified foods.
Well, we're going to break, and we're going to come back.
We've got a long segment coming up.
I want you to give us the basic history of it, and then go right through how, when they change one gene randomly, and I've had Nobel Prize winners on about this subject who invented this,
It randomly changes thousands of others each time there's a new generation of the plant, new amino acids, killing half the mice that were fed it, knowing it's doing it, putting it on the market, genetically engineered pesticides into the food, all the numbers of the milk, the girls at three going into puberty.
I mean, this is a holocaust.
I mean, we cannot, I think with words, sir, describe just how bad it is.
Well, it is pretty remarkable what a catastrophe our food supply is, and the biggest, most radical change in history is the genetic engineering of the food supply, which came under the radar in 1996, big time.
I agree, and I've interviewed so many experts from so many different fields, and from all of my 13 years of interviewing people on a host of subjects, they believe that genetic engineering...
Is the potentially most dangerous thing we face more dangerous than thermal nuclear weapons?
We'll be right back.
And there's no controls, folks.
It's all open air.
It's out there.
You're eating it.
It's unbelievable.
We'll talk to this amazing guest on the other side.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Okay, he interviewed scores of scientists for just one of his books alone.
I'm telling you, the info he's going to give you is documented.
We're very honored to have Jeffrey Smith with us from Institute for Responsible Technology, your consumer safety partner.
There is a revolution brewing.
When you hear the bad news, remember the good news in the second half of the hour is coming up.
Sir, you've got the floor.
Lay out what we're facing.
Okay, the FDA should have been pretty heads up about this in the 1980s when a genetically engineered food supplement called L-tryptophan ended up killing about 100 Americans and causing 5 to 10,000 to fall sick.
Many are still permanently disabled.
Only the brand that was genetically engineered to produce this food supplement had these deadly contaminants that caused this epidemic.
The only reason the scientists were able to discover it was because the disease was rare, acute, and came on quickly.
If all three characteristics had not been in place, that same deadly L-tryptophan might still be on the market.
Which begs the question, what about the genetically engineered crops that are on the market?
Might they be producing the doubling of food-related illnesses in the United States, or the asthma and allergies, etc.?
We don't know because there's no post-marketing surveillance, no human clinical trials.
In fact, the FDA had urged their superiors, the scientists, we know this from documents made public from a lawsuit, their scientists had urged their superiors to require long-term safety studies because they said genetically engineered foods could create allergies, toxins, new diseases, and nutritional problems.
But the White House had instructed the FDA to promote the biotechnology industry in 1992, and the person in charge of policy at the FDA was the former attorney of biotech giant
Monsanto, and later Monsanto's vice president.
So the policy ignored the scientists, it ignored the science, and allowed the foods on the market with absolutely no safety tests required.
The FDA only has a voluntary consultation process in which the companies basically give summary data and don't actually give raw feeding study data or anything that they can actually evaluate safety.
Only one company gave raw feeding study data.
It was for a genetically engineered tomato.
It turns out
That when it was force-fed, the tomatoes, because the rats actually refused to eat it, seven of 40 died within two weeks.
Another seven of 20 had stomach lesions.
In the UK, they wanted to do long-term safety studies to prove to consumers that GM foods were safe, so they gave a $3 million grant to Dr. Arpad Pustai, one of the world's leading scientists in his field.
He fed supposedly harmless, genetically engineered potatoes to rats.
It caused potentially precancerous cell growth in the digestive tract, smaller brains, livers, and testicles, partial atrophy of the liver, damaged immune system.
And this was because of the process of genetic engineering itself, not the particular change that they made for the potato.
He went public with his concerns, was a hero for about two days at his prestigious institute, and then two phone calls were allegedly placed from the UK Prime Minister's office
Forwarded through the receptionist to the director of the institute.
The next morning, Dr. Pustai was fired from his job after 35 years and silenced with threats of a lawsuit.
His 20-member research team was dismantled, and they never implemented the long-term safety testing protocol.
But now he's been vindicated.
We've interviewed him several times.
Now the studies have come out that it was right.
He said half the rats that were fed the potato died.
I'm going from memory there.
Well, in his case, in his particular study, there were no deaths, but there was another study that was done recently on rats
And these were fed genetically engineered soybeans.
That was the one?
Yeah, Russian National Academy of Sciences.
And they fed it to female adult rats, and it turns out more than half of the offspring died within the first three weeks.
So the rats themselves that ate it didn't die, but the offspring died.
Also, the offspring were, on average, much smaller, and they couldn't reproduce when they tried to mate them together.
This woman who I was in a conference call with yesterday, with the Ukraine...
With a biosafety presentation, she describes how she did this study three times in a row with similar results, and then, for some reason, the rat food that was being bought by the Institute and to all of the rats turned out to switch to genetically engineered soy-based rat food.
So she couldn't do any more studies, but after two months of feeding all of the rats in the facility genetically engineered soy-based rat food, she asked her colleagues, what's the infant mortality?
It had shot up to over 55%, suggesting that it wasn't just her particular batch of GM soy that caused the problem, but it's generic.
In fact, when they fed GM soy to mice, they looked at the testicles and they found that there was changes in the young sperm cell.
They looked at the embryos when the parent mice were fed GM soy, and the embryo DNA acted differently.
When this Russian scientist fed male rats GM soy,
The testicles turned dark blue instead of pink, and the whole cell structure looked different.
I've got to stop you for a minute, and we've interviewed that scientist you mentioned and many others.
The point here is, this stuff's been approved, humans are eating this, and lo and behold, we see fertility plummeting, we see all the same things.
God, I can't believe that this is happening, and I can't believe these companies have done this.
It's remarkable, you know, when you look at their goals.
Arthur Anderson Consulting
worked with Monsanto early on, and they bragged in 1999 in January conference about how they worked with Monsanto executives.
They asked the executives to describe their ideal future in 15 to 20 years, and the Monsanto executives described a world in which 100% of all commercial seeds were genetically engineered and patented.
And Anderson Consulting worked backwards from that goal to create the strategy and tactics to achieve it.
So they have very large goals.
The takeover of the food supply on Earth.
Now we do specifically from the scientists and the studies know what it does because every time they change one gene to make a potato last longer or taste better or whatever the case may be by adding insectoid genetics or mammal or other plant genetics, then it's, and I'd like you to elaborate on this, it then is a, like you say, genetic roulette.
Randomly thousands of things each generation change
And can you get into that?
We'll come back to some of the other health risks about the thousands of dead animals.
Well, I mean, do that now if you want.
Go ahead.
Oh, either way.
Actually, let's alter them.
I think your question is excellent.
The process of genetic engineering, people think it's just splicing it in precisely.
What they do is they take, let's say they take a gene that produces its own pesticide out of soil bacteria.
They take that gene, make millions of copies, make some changes in it, add a promoter from a virus to turn it on 24-7 around the
And then they put it into a gene gun.
They actually shoot the gun into millions of cells, hoping that some of the genes make it into the DNA of some of the cells.
And then only a few of them actually get the genes, which they then grow that cell into a plant using cloning or tissue culture.
Now, the process of inserting the gene and the process of cloning the cell into a plant both create massive collateral damage in the DNA.
We're talking 2-4% difference of the DNA after it's been genetically engineered compared to before it started.
So we're talking any particular mutation, any single point mutation could have deadly consequences.
We're talking about hundreds or thousands.
And one food plant might have 50-60 different chimeras where they're already splicing other organisms and then splicing that and then sticking viruses on top and then firing it in randomly.
We're probably already doomed.
Well, it turns out soon after GM soy was introduced to the UK, soy allergies skyrocketed by 50%.
No follow-up studies were done.
So, when you look at all of the studies together and say, well, how could a genetically engineered soybean increase allergies?
It turns out there are many candidates.
This process of disrupting the DNA caused an increase of a known allergen in soybeans up to seven times higher in cooked soy, according to Monsanto's own study.
They also did a skin prick test with individuals and at least one person had a reaction only to the genetically modified soy and not to natural soy.
They then looked into the soybean and found that there was a completely new and unexpected protein, also likely from this result of massive collateral damage, and that new protein was allergenic.
And then, by the way, we see studies all the time where they're growing this stuff open air and it's now jumping into other plants.
Don't get me started on that.
That's the worst problem.
We're taking self-generating, self-propagating genetic pollution...
And putting it into the environment where we have no technology to recall it.
And never before vandalizing the very genetic code of the biosphere because these are systems that never occurred over millions of years of natural development.
Now it's just randomly invading.
Good God.
Beautifully said.
And not only that, but the genes we introduced today may outlast the effects of
Of nuclear waste.
I mean, they are self-propagating possibly for the rest of our biosphere's life.
And already replicating and merging and already causing.
I mean, this is insane!
Just to finish up with the allergies, because I know there's a lot of allergy sufferers listening, and they may want to know if these things are safe or not.
That's why it's growing.
I talked to one allergist, by the way.
He said, I used to do tests for soy allergies all the time, but now that it's genetically engineered, it's so dangerous.
I tell my patients never to even try it.
Unless it's organic and non-GMO.
So there's another thing.
The reason why 80% of all genetically engineered foods are created, and there's only four major crops, soy, corn, cotton, and canola, and all four have been engineered not to die when sprayed with the company's herbicide.
So if you spray a natural soy plant with Roundup herbicide, you'll kill it.
But if you spray genetically engineered, roundup-ready soy or cotton or canola or corn, then it will not die.
Just all the rest of the biodiversity and weeds and plants in the field will die.
Now, that means that when you pour lots more herbicide on these crops, and then when you ingest them, you ingest higher levels of this herbicide, which also might cause reactions.
In addition, mice that were fed genetically engineered soy had problems with their livers, suggesting that there was a toxic insult, and their pancreas cells had changes which reduced the amount of enzymes needed to digest food.
And we now similarly see all sorts of previously rare cancers skyrocketing, juvenile onset of all these cancers, mimicking what we see in the lab animals.
And any one of which could easily be from genetically engineered foods because it's totally a genetic roulette.
One of the things is when you insert this gene cassette, which they blast into the crop, you have what's called a promoter, an on switch, which can not only just turn on this foreign gene, but it might switch on any other gene in the DNA permanently.
And that's why it's affecting embryos in mammals.
Well, I mean, we don't actually know why it's affected.
We know it has affected it, but the problem is there's not enough studies to identify the causation.
Good God.
And when we get back, they're now expanding it out into every crop you can imagine.
It's just... I have children, folks.
You have children.
We've got to stop this.
Stay there.
It just gets more out of control.
When we get back with our guest, stay with us.
It is a big idea.
A new world order.
In the near future, Earth is dominated by a powerful world government.
It's known as the Bilderberg.
Could their objective be world domination?
For thousands of years, their dark order grew.
Now, as they hail the birth of the new world order, their great dream of exterminating 80% of humanity is at hand.
For the first time in history, the elite's plan for world government is blown wide open.
Most people have no idea.
They're not after money.
They have all the money they need.
They're after power.
That's what they have to do.
It's a fact.
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Back before Nixon lied to us all on TV.
We're back live, ladies and gentlemen.
By the way, I should have mentioned, our guest has the best-selling book worldwide on genetically engineered foods.
This is stuff that I've ordered, I'm getting, and I'm going to read it all.
I mean, I try to keep my children off this.
I try to stay away from myself, but it's so hard.
We have to.
That will force the change in the industries, but they're striking back, and so our guest can tell us about that.
Tell us about your best-selling book and how folks get that.
Well, Seeds of Deception is the book.
It's at seedsofdeception.com.
I decided to weave the science of genetic engineering into the stories of how scientists were fired, stripped of responsibilities, forced out, how regulatory agencies were hijacked by the biotech industry, offered bribes, stalked with people with the biotech company's own personnel, how they rigged research, how Fox TV reporters were
So I dug out the dark underbelly of GMOs and turned them into a series of stories...
And I weave the science into those stories so people can understand the risks that these foods present.
Now, GMOs are obviously the most dangerous, but just going back to what Searle did when they had good old Rumsfeld, it was later at Monsanto, running it, and I've read the study on air, almost all the monkeys they gave aspartame to, the baby monkeys died, and they still approved it.
And so out of that culture grows this.
In fact, the aspartame is the product of genetically engineered microorganisms, so it is in the category that I report on.
Well, let's try to spend some time on that.
I'm sad we only have an hour with you today.
Please continue with the health effects you were getting into.
There's at least two more major categories I want to discuss.
One is there's two...
traits that are genetically engineered.
We already talked about herbicide tolerance, the ability to spray a genetically engineered crop with herbicide and not kill it.
The other is there's about 20% of the crops are engineered to produce their own insecticide in every cell and in every bite.
It's called DT for Bacillus thuringiensis.
It's used in organic agriculture in its natural form as a bacteria, but it's not necessarily safe.
In fact, if you ask the biotech industry and the
And the Food and Drug Administration, the EPA, about BT, toxin.
They say, oh no, don't worry about it.
It has a history of safe use.
It's used in organic agriculture.
Well, they ignore the fact that about 500 Americans and Canadians had allergic reactions when it was used for spraying gypsy moth infestation.
They ignore the fact that when BT toxin was fed to mice,
The mice had damaged intestines and an immune response as powerful as cholera toxin.
But plus, it's been genetically altered and put inside, not a little bit of fungus on the outside.
It's designed to be in concentration thousands of times greater than in the spray form.
It's designed to be more toxic than the spray form.
It has properties of a known allergen.
And so they just put it in the food supply and assume it's safe and don't do any testing on human beings to find out if it's safe.
Now, I want to be clear.
Allergen, we've been desensitized to that term like, oh, it's an allergy.
An allergy is when your body is fighting against something saying, this is hurting me.
And that's what's happening now with Indian farm workers who are picking genetically engineered cotton engineered to produce this Bt toxin.
Just by touching the cotton, by loading it onto trucks, by leaning against it,
We're good to go.
Now you also have the fact that genetic engineering causes unpredicted side effects in the growing.
And so they convinced thousands and thousands of cotton farmers to plant Monsanto's genetically engineered cotton.
The cotton failed in many parts, and tens of thousands have committed suicide as a result of being indebted and not being able to pay back their loan.
In fact, the BT corn, the corn engineered to produce this toxin, has been associated by farmers with thousands of sterile pigs,
Hundreds of sterile cows.
Well, most of the farmers I talk to say their animals won't even eat it, unless you mix it in with some sugar.
Stay there.
Yeah, the bugs and animals won't eat it, but we are, folks.
It's like you said earlier, the rats won't eat these tomatoes.
You have to force feed them.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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I read the news today, oh boy
I'm going to ask our prestigious guest about how they're testing and using hundreds of different genetically engineered bacteria and viruses in the oceans for spills, chemical spills and things.
Also, callers are calling and wanting to know about the Doomsday Vault.
So we'll get his take on that.
The elite definitely know what's happening.
Before we go back to our author...
An expert we're interviewing on one of the most important subjects we could discuss.
I've got a challenge.
You know, growing up, my parents sponsored two different children through Children International.
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And again, a lot of charities are bad.
We've talked about that.
Children International is good, like a few others.
And they really help these children.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Okay, going back to our guest...
Best-selling author Jeffrey M. Smith, Seeds of Deception, now Genetic Roulette.
Please continue, sir.
Well, you made a very good point about some of the people you talked to describe how animals will not eat genetically engineered feed when given the choice.
We've seen that with geese, cows, pigs, elk, deer, raccoons, squirrels, mice, and rats.
So it's my job to get people up to the level of animals.
And I teach people how to avoid it.
It's on my website at seedsofdeception.com.
One of the most shocking results that really motivate people to avoid eating genetically engineered foods came in the only human feeding experiment ever conducted on GMOs.
Now, this was to determine whether or not genes survive digestion, because this was a big concern among the FDA.
In fact, the British Medical Association, which called for a moratorium on
...on GMOs linked this as one of the reasons.
They were concerned that genes from genetically engineered plants might transfer into the DNA of human gut bacteria.
Now, what they were concerned about was the antibiotic-resistant marker gene that's used in GM crops that could end up creating bacterial diseases that are accidentally engineered to withstand medicines, to withstand antibiotics.
And so...
The biotech industry told the FDA, oh, don't worry, genes are destroyed during digestion.
Transfer into the DNA of human gut bacteria is not possible.
So they took seven, after years and years, late in 2002, they finally did a test.
They took seven human volunteers, and these volunteers had colostomy bags.
They had their lower intestines removed, not for the study.
And they fed them genetically engineered soy burgers and soy milkshakes, and they found, to their surprise,
How much intact, genetically engineered soy had survived digestion through the stomach and small intestine and ended up in the colostomy bag?
Well, look at the Crohn's-type diseases are exploding.
Everybody I know seems to have intestinal problems.
And then the universities in Germany found what's killing the honeybees predominantly is that this bacteria that has been genetically engineered in these crops is getting into the honeybees and frying their little gut.
Well, you're getting ahead of me because that's exactly what they found.
The next thing that they checked, they looked inside the bacteria before they fed these people the burger and milkshake, and they found that in three of the seven human volunteers, the gene that had been inserted into the soybean to make the soybean resist death by herbicide, that herbicide-tolerant gene had transferred from some soy food they had eaten in the past and had taken up residence
In the DNA of their gut bacteria and continue to function, which means long after they stop eating genetically engineered soybeans, they're still producing this foreign genetically engineered protein inside their own intestines.
Now, a corollary to this, and I keep interrupting, I want listeners to know, you're only giving them the base stuff.
As scary as it sounds, it gets much worse.
In over 90%, and these are federal studies, but they haven't gotten a lot of attention, of people with Crohn's disease, and also in autistic children, they are finding the measles virus from the vaccine in their gut.
So again, you take something that's been genetically modified in a vaccine, and it's frying the guts.
I mean, this is incredible.
Yes, and the thing is, the gut bacteria is very important.
In fact, there are 10 times more cells in our gut bacteria than there are in our entire bodies.
The gut bacteria is used for creating vitamins and minerals.
It's used as part of the immune system, and it's used as part of digestion.
Now, consider what would happen if you eat a genetically engineered corn chip.
Now, corn is genetically engineered predominantly to produce a pesticide.
If the gene that produces this pesticide were to transfer to the DNA of your gut bacteria, it might theoretically transform your intestinal flora into living pesticide factories
Possibly for the long term.
So this is a completely possible scenario.
But you say possible.
They're covering it up.
This stuff's happening everywhere.
Now, when I talk about this at medical conferences, and I've been to several, the doctors come up to me afterwards, and what they say consistently is, you know, we've seen a lot of gastrointestinal problems in the last 10 years.
Maybe it's this colonization of the gut bacteria from genes that have been inserted into crops.
Now, the biotech industry, when I've debated them, they'll come back with a really wimpy argument saying, oh, well, if genes transferred from plants, we'd be green, we'd have the photosynthesis.
If genes transferred from plants, it would happen all the time.
But they completely neglect the fact that there are natural barriers from genes transferring from plant genes into bacteria DNA.
But with genetically engineered crops, they put in genes from the bacteria into the plant.
Which is animal, which is able to transfer over and is.
It is optimized.
All of the natural barriers that we know about that prevent transfer from plant genes into bacteria
Since you bring up their spin, this is the Rush Limbaugh talking point.
They say, George Washington Carver crossed plants and got different varieties.
Well, that was using natural breeding, like breeding dogs or horses.
You weren't changing any of the original DNA.
You were taking the animal with different characteristics and going for that, and you still get some problems.
That's totally different.
They talk to us like we're little kids.
If you take a bacteria and stick a cockroach gene and a plant gene in it, and maybe 15 other genes, and then stick it in a corn plant, that's totally separate.
That's very well said, and that is exactly their spin.
They try and say, oh, we've been doing this for 10,000 years.
It's just a more precise method.
It's needed to feed a hungry world, and it's safe, and the FDA proves it's safe, and it'll reduce pesticides, and it'll increase yields.
All of that is PR spin.
Now, about this time, I'm suspecting that some of your listeners are concerned about how to avoid eating genetically engineered foods.
So I think we have to touch on that before we get into more of these risks.
There are four ways.
First, you can buy products that say organic.
Second, which the inorganic products are not allowed to use GM inputs.
Second, you can buy products which have voluntary labels on it that say non-GMO or made without genetically modified ingredients.
Third, you can consult a shopping guide, which you can find on our website at seedsofdeception.com under How to Avoid GM Foods.
And fourth, you can learn what the at-risk ingredients are and read the panels on the side of the packages to make sure it doesn't contain one of the seven genetically engineered crops in North America.
And that is soy, corn, cotton, and canola.
Those are the four major ones.
Because they're the big cheap filler.
Yeah, exactly.
Now, let me stop you.
SeedsofDeception.com, everyone, you've got to take control of your life now.
You've got to go check this out.
You've got to at least start trying to discover how to eat organic.
Now, I want to expand on this, though, because the feds have tried to come in now because we force a lot of stores to start adopting organic or at least non-GMO, which means it's not organic practices to give you the plant.
It's still pesticides and things for listeners that don't know, but at least there's not...
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Is that if we don't stop them now, we only have a few dozen things that they've planted worldwide on a mass scale that we're now eating, as he said, the seven major food crops.
The problem is they've got thousands of labs integrating into trees that produce oils, essential oils, into grasses, into everything.
You say, well, I don't eat grass.
You're going to breathe that.
And grasses and things are designed to spread.
They will get outside the fields.
I mean, I know I'm shotgunning myself here, but that's what goes on in my mind.
Yes, in fact, the pollen issue is a problem.
In the Philippines, they found that a certain variety of genetically modified corn that produced its own toxin apparently was responsible for skin, respiratory, and intestinal reactions and fever.
In five different villages that planted this genetically engineered variety.
It's the bee king killing the bees.
Yeah, but go ahead.
Yeah, that's a possibility, although I wouldn't say it would be the primary cause because there's some bee deaths in countries where there's very little acreage, but it could be a contributory factor, and yes, the genes do transfer to gut microorganisms inside the bee, and yes, but when they take the pollen from these pesticide-producing corn plants, their immune system is compromised.
Getting to some more information about how to avoid eating genetically engineered food, this also relates to that milk issue that you talked about.
Yeah, let's talk about that.
There is a genetically engineered drug called recombinant bovine growth hormone, RBGH, or it's also called RBST, and it's from Monsanto.
And this will take a long time to discuss all the details, but essentially...
They inject it into dairy cows to increase milk supply.
The biggest health concern is that the milk has higher levels of a hormone called IGF-1 and that that is very deeply linked to cancer and an increased rate of fraternal twins.
And right now, because the person in charge of policy at the FDA, when that was approved, was Monsanto's former attorney, they don't require labeling of dairy products
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
To label their products as free from the use of this hormone.
In a supposed free society, they're suing and blocking.
And I remember four or five years ago, you'd see it on the milk.
Suddenly, that's off the milk.
Well, what's happening is, in the last two years, there's been so much consumer education toward the tipping point to drive this off the market that about 40 out of the top 100 dairies have committed to stop using RBGH in some or all of their products.
And that includes Starbucks, who took it out of their company brands by the end of last year, Kroger, that took it out by this month.
And this is the good news, is that you and others, all of us together, we're having a victory.
It's fantastic.
In fact, you know, the tipping point concept is very real.
In 1999, in January, a biotech company was projecting a 95% takeover of all commercial seeds within five years.
But within a month, their ideal future crashed because a food scandal erupted about GMOs and GM food safety in Europe.
Within two months after that high-profile event, in a single week, virtually every major food company in Europe committed to remove GM ingredients from their European brands because it had become a liability because consumers were taking steps to protect themselves.
My organization, the Institute for Responsible Technology, has a plan in place to achieve that same type of tipping point in the U.S.
Before the end of 2009.
Simply by informing consumers about the type of health dangers we've talked about today, plus many more, and putting in their hands a non-GMO shopping guide so that they will shift their purchases to those wise companies that don't use GMOs
Making it a marketing liability for those that do.
And let's be clear, this is literally life and death.
The biosphere is, this is the real environmental crisis.
Not plastic bags, not the greenhouse.
That's all because they want a global tax in their own documents.
Meanwhile, we're rushing towards oblivion.
And this revolution of wild, open, reckless genetic engineering is just exploding.
Can you briefly speak to, we've got to stop them and slow them now.
There's 172 different species that have been field trialed in the United States alone.
That means that they have a version of a genetically engineered food to replace virtually all the natural food on the shelves and in the gardens and in the fields.
Now, they're trying to introduce the next major crop in the United States for the first time in over a decade, genetically engineered sugar beets.
We're good to go.
Very rapidly, a liability for selling.
And you haven't even gotten into how, what, 97% of the ancient Mexican corn crops have been infected with just one Monsanto variety.
You haven't even gotten into how these GMO crops are taking over the original crops.
Yes, that's some of the real bad news.
Yeah, we're going to have to have you back up for two hours in the next few weeks.
This is unbelievable.
Final segment with our guests.
We've got listeners wanting to know about the...
Doomsday Vault that the elites have built.
You know, this is all so wonderful.
Why have they done this?
With our amazing guest.
His new book is Genetic Roulette.
We're good to go.
If the body has the proper nutrition, it will heal itself.
Ask yourself,
or go to HempUSA.org today.
Terror Storm, a history of government-sponsored terror.
Loose Change, Final Cut.
Endgame, Blueprint for Global Enslavement.
The True Story of the Bilderberg Group.
The Late Great USA.
America, Freedom to Fascism.
These are just a few of the hundreds of powerful documentary films and books available at truthnews.us and prisonplanet.com.
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Folks, I want you to know something.
This is not my opinion.
I've probably had 50 genetic engineers and scientists on this show.
And we're going to have more and more on.
And the gentleman you're listening to, he's giving you what's documented.
You know, what he can conservatively say.
I have children.
It's even worse.
And I'm telling you, they have no future.
Yours have no future.
We're good to go.
Dioxin's bad, folks.
It's nothing compared to this.
This is the big issue.
Would you say, because I really see you as the preeminent expert, Jeffrey M. Smith, would you agree with the statement I just made?
Well, absolutely.
I'd say genetically engineered organisms are one of the most dangerous health and environmental threats faced by humanity.
I would also say it's one of the easiest of the major problems to fix.
In terms of the food supply.
But how do we deal with these psycho companies?
What's wrong?
I mean, I know Monsanto in 99, it was in major magazines like National Geographic.
Remember when they came out and said, our plan is to contaminate everything so you won't have a choice.
I'm paraphrasing the quote.
Yes, indeed.
In fact, a friend of mine was debating with someone from USAID in South Africa, and when the TV cameras went down, they continued to argue, and at one point she said, you just wait.
We'll have so much genetically modified corn in South Africa that no one in Africa can plant non-GM corn.
It was contamination by design.
Good God, we've got to have you back up soon.
I've got Daniel Esselin from Spain joining us, but can you stay?
We're about to break just another five-minute segment, five minutes into the next hour, or do you have to go?
Sure, I can do that.
Okay, good, because I want to plug the book again.
Again, ladies and gentlemen, if we don't cause a massive awakening now, this is going to get firmly entrenched, spread throughout the biosphere, spreading into other plants already.
In fact, it always does.
The mindset of these companies, though, how are the people that work at them so evil?
Don't they care about their own families?
Well, you know, I interviewed someone from Monsanto who had left the company, and he was recruited in 97, and he actually evaluated the words of the then-CEO, Robert Shapiro, who promised great things for the world from genetic engineering and pressed the heck out of this guy.
And so during the employee orientation in Monsanto's headquarters,
He waxed philosophical about what he was doing for the world.
He got pulled over after the meeting by a vice president and said, Wait a minute.
What the CEO, Robert Shapiro, says is one thing.
What we do is something else.
We're here to make money.
We don't even know what he's talking about.
It's incredible.
Yeah, well, we're going to feed the Africans, but the Africans are smart enough to let this stuff rot on the dock.
Yeah, when I spoke to the House of Chiefs in Zambia, first of all, I apologized on behalf of the United States, which tried to bully them.
To take genetically engineered food aid, and I applauded them for resisting it, because, of course, feeding 80% or 90% of the caloric intake of genetically engineered corn to people that are already immunosuffering and malnourished would be a disaster.
You know, in a sick way, though, by you and others stopping them from poisoning people en masse, it actually, in a sick way, lets them continue.
If you just let it go into Africa and then it killed a bunch of people, we might be able to stop it.
I'm not saying do that, but, I mean, do you see the point I'm making?
I am, but we started the segment, we started the show talking about how L-tryptophan had killed 100 Americans and caused 5,000 to 10,000 to fall sick, and how difficult it was to even trace it to the L-tryptophan.
If we saw lots of people dying, they could easily let it go and not attribute it to genetically engineered food.
Well, they're already doing that because they don't teach the doctors through the American Medical Association how to diagnose unless, like you said, it's incredibly acute.
Acute and fast-acting and rare symptoms.
Otherwise, if it's cancer or heart disease, who would know?
We'll be back with the final segment with you, my friend, in just 60 seconds.
By the way, major federal court ruled and admits with the scientists that the mercury did cause the brain damage.
But see, that's because it's so acute, because the kids have convulsions after the third round of shots at 18 months.
We'll be right back.
You are listening to GCN.
Visit GCNlive.com today.
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas Alex Jones.
Daniel Esselin from Spain, covering global governance conferences.
We have a global government clip expanded with Walter Cronkite talking about global government and the devil.
Folks, you can't make this stuff up.
It's coming up.
These people are completely out of their minds.
Our guest is Jeffrey M. Smith.
You've got to go to seedsofdeception.com.
You've got to get Seeds of Deception, the book.
The number one international bestseller on GMO foods.
You've got to get his new book, and that's Genetic Roulette.
And yes, we're going to be carrying them here.
I've made that deal with them, but we're not selling them yet.
Just get them now.
We cannot wait.
We have just got to get these out to people.
We've got four minutes left.
I'm going to just actually gag myself.
I'm going to stick a shoe in my mouth.
You've got the floor, sir.
Whatever else you think is important.
Well, I think that I want to
Describe what's happening currently because it may be in a state from some of the listeners and they could participate in expressing outrage to their state assemblymen or the departments of agriculture.
Monsanto is backed against the corner because the tipping point is occurring against genetically engineered bovine growth hormone.
And so starting in October in Pennsylvania, the Department of Agriculture, the Secretary of Ag passed a ruling saying it was illegal
For companies to label their products as RBGH-free, or as they say, RBST-free.
And there was such an outcry that the governor's office stopped the ruling and said, we're going to delay it by a month to review.
And he finally came out with a compromise plan that allowed for the labeling but required this bogus sentence saying that according to the FDA, there's no difference in milk from cows treated with RBGH or not.
And that bogus sentence was written by Monsanto's former attorney,
Who was in charge of policy at the FDA, and it's a lie.
There's a significant difference between the milk from cows treated with RBGH.
It has higher levels of IGF-1, which is linked to cancer, and I mean very linked to cancer.
Women with high levels of IGF-1 who are premenopausal are seven times more likely to develop breast cancer.
Men are four times more likely to develop prostate cancer, and it's in much higher levels in milk from cows treated with RBGH.
So, unfortunately, we have sort of won in Pennsylvania.
We've sort of won in Utah, but it's being fought now.
I mean, in Ohio.
So who do we lobby?
Who do we lobby?
We're lobbying right now Kansas, Missouri, and Utah are the main ones right now.
Okay, in closing, because the listeners will get mad I forgot this question, the Doomsday Vault that they've built 100,000 kilometers from the North Pole filled with all of the seed stock that hasn't been contaminated.
Well, certainly these type of vaults are all over the planet, and they're not often well kept up.
And sometimes a biotech company will sort of take an ownership interest in them so that they can have access to the germplasm to genetically engineer it, patent it, and then further their plans to control the world's food supply.
I happen to know Carrie Fowler, who is the director of the Norwegian
He's a very good man, and he has a very good dream for protecting the world's seed supply for the long term.
Now, whether or not the corporate interests are involved in it and what their level of interest is and what their level of ability to manipulate that, it's hard to say.
But this is something of fundamental importance
To protect the biodiversity.
When the Green Revolution was started in India, they had 250,000 varieties of rice.
They knocked it down to a few hundred.
And by the way, I've got to stop you again because we're almost out of time here.
You just brought up a whole other thing.
The big GMO companies are buying up all the heirloom seeds so you can't get them.
Oh, yeah.
In fact, Monsanto is the largest seed company in the world.
And so they're reducing the amount of non-GM seeds available in certain seed categories.
So they're really in a situation to control the shots if they own the seed supply.
Seeds of Deception is the best-selling book.
The brand-new book is Genetic Roulette.
We're going to have you back up for a two-hour interview when you get back after the 16th from that conference.
All I can say is Jeffrey M. Smith, God bless you for what you're doing for all of humanity.
People need to support you, and thank you for spending time with us.
Thank you so much, Alex.
An amazing individual.
There he goes.
We'll be back with Daniel Hustlin from Spain.
And then a lot more, ladies and gentlemen.
We're living in very interesting times.
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Because there's a war on for your mind.
Okay, a month or so ago they had the Davos, Switzerland World Economic Forum.
Kind of a public Bilderberg meeting.
But a lot happens behind the scenes.
Daniel has now gotten intel from his sources.
He joins us from Spain.
He's coming to the U.S.
here very soon for a tour.
Well, good afternoon, Alex, to all your listeners.
Of course, I am in Spain.
I am coming to the United States next week.
I'll be there for a couple of weeks.
Making some noise.
Hopefully a lot of people will participate.
Again, just the latest information from this year's Davos Forum.
As you said, it's mini-Bilderberg open.
Of course, everybody talks about it.
Nobody talks about Bilderberg.
I wonder why.
The message from Davos this year is one world, literally in every concept, shape, and form.
The first point that these people talked about, again, behind the scenes, is the new hegemony.
I just want to read you a couple of paragraphs from some of the intel reports that we got.
This is just one sentence.
Wealthy individuals in the developed world have been among the greatest beneficiaries of globalization, leading a search for the highest risk-adjusted returns that has spread through other economies and social classes and into almost every nation in the world.
Now, then there's the flip side to that.
Just hang on a second.
I'm going to flip to it.
The same people are talking about at the opposite end of the spectrum.
The other great beneficiaries of globalization, the wealthy, will have both altruistic and self-interested reasons to demonstrate that economic freedom.
Now, again, very, very important.
We're talking about one world.
We're talking about wealth.
And what is the clincher for this point is they're talking about in the same report, and this is the sentence, they're talking about where does one find a legitimate base
For the power of corporate management to make decisions that can profoundly affect the economic life of nations.
Well, this is very, very funny because... They're saying, which global government node do we use?
Exactly, you got it.
And what's so interesting about that phrase, Alex...
Again, this is paraphrasing almost to the letter what George Ball said in 1968 at the Bilderberg meeting in Mont-Tremblant in Canada.
And his phrase, and literally I found it in my book, it is, Where does one find a legitimate base for the power of corporate management to make decisions that will affect the lives of nations?
To whose governments they have only limited responsibility.
Again, the message itself is very, very clear.
The idea is the wholesale destruction of nation-states.
The same point that people like David Rockefeller and Etienne Davignon and the Kissingers
But now their big debate is, do they use NATO, the UN?
It's all part of the same structure, run by the same people, but they're kind of searching, even in public discussions now, about what will be the prime, dominant, highest tower in this global government fortress.
From your inside knowledge of Bilderberg and Davos and in Europe, what are they leaning towards?
Publicly, it looks like a super NATO.
Well, you know, actually, what my people are telling me is just public posturing to get people involved one way or another to take sides.
You know how it works.
It's like, you know, as if these were two football teams and you just decide which one you're going to bet on and play for.
And I think that's basically the idea.
Because, again, the idea is... False choice.
False choice, Jim.
You know, they're accelerating it.
And what's amazing is how much of this stuff is coming into the open.
They're no longer afraid, terrified, or worried, or concerned about people standing up to them, whether it's before.
It was always some kind of in a hush-hush tones, you know, double meaning in their language.
Well, no longer is it.
And that's one of the key things I think we have to understand and be very, very aware of.
Another thing that they talked about this year at Davos, and again I'm reading from one of the reports called the new hegemony, is global citizenship.
Now what do you think is that all about?
Well, global citizens are minions of a global government.
And again, it goes back to the same ideas we talked about before.
How do you establish a David Rockefeller utopian idea of the world where supranational sovereignty of world bankers and superpowers supersede national autodetermination practiced in past centuries?
And of course, there are different ways of looking at it, but basically...
The current parliamentary democracy works on a basis.
You have a head of state be a president or prime minister.
You have a parliament which of course can be eliminated, taken out in any kind of
A crisis situation.
And then, of course, you have a third branch of government in charge of the financial system called the World Over the Independent Central Banking Systems.
And we know how independent the Federal Reserve is, European Central Bank, and the Queen's Treasury in England.
Of course, all of these institutions are heavily interlocked with Bilderberg, with New World Order, with Davos, with Trilateral Commission.
Well, an example of you saying they're coming out, we know for 50 years they've had programs with toy makers and cartoon makers, and that's been declassified, pushing world government, you know, the new Fantastic Four always helps the UN, the toys are all UN soldiers now, but now Marvel Comics admitting free comic books to all American school kids,
I didn't know that.
When was this?
Oh, really?
We didn't get this in Europe.
Okay, very interesting.
I see.
I see.
Well, you know, another thing, speaking of base, another thing that these people talked about this year is that was, again, this is, they are being very, very careful because I think, again, this, you know, this will be the key idea is the destruction of nation states.
Now, I got it from several people, which means
It's obviously the truth.
Now, you know, funny thing about the 20th century, I think, in my opinion, it will go down in future history as the century which is outstanding for the endless monotony of its popularly believed rise.
Well, I think the 21st century, up to this point at least,
It's outstanding in how, you know, openly these people are discussing and promoting their One World Order plans.
And again, one of the key issues coming out of this year's Davos, and strangely enough, none of the multimedia corporate elite who were present actually talked about it.
They spoke in droves about all these things they're going to do to help the world, but none of them spoke of the wholesale destruction plans
Well, you know, I don't know.
People are saying that they're having a lot of problems on a lot of fronts.
I'm frankly not seeing it, because again, you see so many of them openly talking about, outspoken, about the same things that they were very hush-hush about
10, 15 years ago, they're coming out and openly talking about, at least in Europe they do, and I imagine obviously in the United States and Canada as well, about the need to create a United Nations army, about the need for the Rapid Reaction Force, which is a European version of European army,
You know, generally speaking, again, if you look at the European Union, it is one
Big country made up of 27 nations.
You have North America, Canada, United States and Mexico.
And again, now with the latest, the American and Canadian armies are coming under one command, of course.
Oh yeah, I wanted to get your take on that.
We knew that five years ago.
You had American Blackwater people searching you at the airport in Canada.
Yeah, talk about that.
Now they're just open... Well, you know, again, for the people who haven't, you know, who don't know the story, when I came this year, or last year in October, to promote my book in the United States, I came through Canada, where I was almost not let into my country, not really brought it home.
The people who searched my bags were asking me the most ridiculous questions you can imagine.
Where American security guards working through Dim Corp contracted by the Canadian government and they basically told me that we decide whether you get into Canada or not.
And that really brought it home that an American
Well, well, well, reading the SPP documents from September that we got last year, from September 06, it was, NORTHCOM was running the meeting.
Go ahead.
When you and I were in Canada in 2006, in Canada, covering Bilderberg, you and I, in the time that we spent together with Jim Tucker, we were talking about all the stuff going down, and again, it goes all the way down back to 1996, when their plans were coming together for the creating of the North American Union by breaking Canada up into...
We're good to go.
People are afraid.
Their will to fight has been destroyed.
The images of terrorists, just as in Stalinist Russia, there's terrorists in every street corner, has really brought it home who is running the show.
And I don't know what the heck is going on, but I think, again, there is a reason why these people have lost their fear.
I'm talking about the Bilderberg-Alette One World Order.
I think, you know, all of this is coming together very, very quickly, and unfortunately, you know, they're basically saying to us, what you going to do about it?
Well, I agree with you, but could it be hubris?
I mean, I'm trying to see some light at the end of the tunnel here, and could it be because we did expose them, now they're forced to come out and admit it but try to put a good face on it?
Well, you know, I think there's a little bit of both.
I think they're closer to it than we would like, and not as nearly as close as they would like.
It's not coming together as quickly from their point of view, and too quickly from ours.
But again, I think what we're witnessing right now, I think this is the only hope we have,
It is the preservation of the nation's states.
The idea that countries, constitutions, they cannot be touched.
They're sacred.
And again, for the people who are listening to the show for the first time, you better understand that the politicians, the mainstream politicians running for the elections in the United States, none of these people out there, the Clintons, the Obamas, the McCains, they do not represent your interests.
They're working against the interests of the United States.
Final segment with Daniel Estelon, coming up.
It is a big idea.
A new world order.
In the near future, Earth is dominated by a powerful new government.
It's known as the Bilderberg.
Could their objective be world domination?
For thousands of years, their dark order grew.
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For the first time in history, the elite's plan for world government is blown wide open.
Most people have no idea.
They're not after money.
They have all the money they need.
They're after power.
That's what they're after.
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It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Daniel, we've only got a few minutes left.
Tell folks about your trip, some of the places you're going to be, and then go to danieleslin.com, learn more.
I'm going to be in New York City for three days.
We have lots of interviews planned.
We have a big show in Portland, Oregon.
If people live in the area, please get the tickets.
We're expecting a full house.
I'm going to be also in Los Angeles.
For three or four days.
We have a lot of things on the agenda.
We have people calling from Canada.
We have interviews planned in Seattle, in Miami, I think in Philadelphia, in Chicago.
This will be over the phone, obviously.
And again, big trip, second trip to the States in the last six months.
A lot of interest in the book.
The book is still ranked in the top 500 on Amazon.com.
If I have about a minute and a half, Alex, I was thinking before the break of what you said, now what can we do?
You know, I think if a people is to participate in self-government, they must participate in the ideas by which society is self-governed.
Ignorant, illiterate people cannot participate competently in self-government because they do not understand the issues of government and what they are.
Again, if you think about the 19th century African-American slaves, literacy literally was the first
That's right.
Yeah, they've dumbed us down, they've massively dumbed us down, and everybody else is obsessed with their iPods, and so people better wake up or they're going to be slaves.
If we can wake up from this stupor again, drunken stupor, I think it could literally mean the death of oligarchism, because nations which foster the creative mental development of their population produce people which will not tolerate oligarchical forms
Of rule indefinitely.
Only illiterate and technologically backwards population will.
Indeed, I think illiteracy and technological backwardness are contributing causes for the emergence of this oligarchical one world order rule.
And again, all you need to do is just to look at the young United States as a federal republic as a demonstration of this point because
In the 18th century, the average American was culturally and economically superior to the average Briton of the 18th century.
And again, that speaks volumes.
The ideas, the interdependency between levels of technological progress
I've got to get you up for a full hour.
Maybe we can schedule that now for when you are in the United States.
I want to thank you for all you've done.
Folks, you can get your best-selling book at Infowars.com right now, or stores all over the place, though it's sold out.
Quite a few places are going into your fourth printing in the U.S.
Over a million-plus sold globally?
A million and a half, an amazing micro-publisher in the United States is publishing.
Every big publishing house said, no, we're not interested, not right for us.
Now, what have you sold, like 40,000 copies in the U.S.
I think we're over 54,000 or 55,000.
We've done about 1,650,000 now worldwide.
We just sold our 50th country.
That's going to be coming out in Croatia.
So we have the entire world for the exception of China and a couple of other nations.
Daniel, I'm going to have Trey call you here in a minute and try to get you set up for a full hour to take calls while you're here in town next month.
Thanks for spending time with us.
God bless you, Alex.
God bless you.
Take care.
Yeah, my book, his book, Bilderberg, my film, Endgame, they go together.
Cover a lot of the same material.
You need to get them at InfoWars.com.
Okay, I've got a bunch of financial news.
I've got a ton.
I've got the news about them admitting autism caused by the Mercury federal court ruling.
The feds admit it.
This is a big deal.
That's coming up after the break.
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We've got like a nine and a half minute new Walter Cronkite clip.
I'd always seen the short clip of him calling for global government and the guy introducing him doing it and Hillary.
We found a larger clip on YouTube.
It's like nine minutes long.
It's up on prisonplanet.com and infowars.com right now.
Go watch it after the show if you want it now.
You can see it.
But we're going to play... John's trying to edit it down to like three minutes so I have time to play it because I've got a bunch of other stuff I want to cover when we get back.
That's coming up in the final segment of the show that's about 20 minutes away.
Folks, we better rally, we better wake up, we better take action, because this whole system is anti-human, it's murderous, they know what the GMO food's doing, they know what they're doing to us.
It's just, you have to get your mind wrapped around just how evil they are, then you can understand.
I know it's hard to believe, but the evidence is overwhelming.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
And new numbers out today show inflation is on the rise.
Consumer prices jumped four-tenths of a percent in January, higher than economists expected.
The cost of food and fuel are the reasons.
In the past 12 months, prices have risen 4.3%.
And one of the ways you're surely feeling the effects of inflation is in the price of bread and pancakes and pasta.
Anything made with wheat.
Today, a bushel sold for $10.33, more than double what it cost a year ago.
As ABC's Sharon Alfonsi reports, consumers are eating those higher prices.
And now we go to Steve Schenck.
You know, we told you to get gold when it was 300, well, it was really 264 when we started back in 2000.
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Went to 980 today, announced.
We've told you to get into storable, clean products.
By that, none of his food is GMO.
Almost all of it's organic, but some of the bananas and stuff is just, you know, you can't say organic.
It is non-GMO, and it pretty much is organic.
But what, Steve, you say 99% of your stuff is organic.
The point is it's clean, healthy food.
It's where I've gotten food several times.
I just got some more from Steve.
It just came in today.
I want to thank you, Steve.
We just ordered that a week and a half ago.
Another year's supply, and I'm probably going to buy some more.
I don't...
I think we're good to go.
This is a perfect storm.
Steve Shank, thanks for coming on.
Well, hey, I'm glad to be here, Alex.
We've just seen some very interesting things.
You know, you talked a little bit earlier about what we had been talking about a year ago, six months ago.
A year ago, we broke the information about how the bees disappearing would affect the food supplies.
And now, right now, we have the result of the shortages
And all of the bee disappearance with their pollenizing about two-thirds of the food that we eat.
And just this last weekend, 2020, came out with a big thing about the bees disappearing.
They're only a year behind you, Alex.
What can I say?
Well, they're a year behind you, my friend.
And so it's the falling dollar, the bees, the ethanol, all of it's a perfect storm.
Well, yeah, and let me just, you know...
You know that when you and I get on, our objective isn't to scare the daylights out of people.
The only thing that I just want to point out is the stuff that we've been trying to tell folks and that we've been sharing as we go along.
What we've been trying to do is, first of all, educate folks and let them know what's happening at the supply end of the food chain.
But there's no way that people can know unless they're sitting in the spot that I am, and I share that with you.
You're the nation's, what, 27 years longest continually and largest storable foods companies.
No MSG, none of the garbage.
I bought food before I knew about you that all had MSG in it.
Why do so many of the storable foods companies have MSG?
Well, it's a food enhancer.
A lot of times it's a flavor enhancer.
It's used in a lot of the production foods and a lot of the food storage organizations.
You've got to realize a lot of these people aren't really into storable food supplies and knowing what it takes to keep the family healthy.
They're marketers and they're just buying whatever they can throw into a can.
It's getting quite dangerous because now that type of practice is life-threatening rather than just unethical.
But we've had a situation come up here.
I want to just touch on four things real quick that I think your listeners might be interested in.
First of all, the reenactment of the bee thing.
Now we're sitting in a situation that's the result of what's going on with the bees and now the media is just telling us about the bees.
The second thing is this doomsday seed repository.
You and I talked about that about six months ago and told folks, hey, listen, the same people that are genetically altering the food to make you glow in the dark walk sideways in one eye, travel to the other side of your head, and that are working with hybridizing and genetically altering and have created the doomsday seed
We're good to go.
The papers are also coming out and saying that no one person has a key to the vault.
I was about to say that we had one of the top experts on GMO Foods, the best-selling author.
I mean, he has the book that's the best-selling out there, interviewing 30 scientists, that the Monsanto and others really own and control these vaults because they know they're going to contaminate everything, and so they want to keep these seeds off the market.
It's called the mother seed.
What they have to have is they have to have the mother seed that is a non-hybrid, a non-altered seed, so that they can modify... To get the original genetics to make more, yeah.
That's exactly right.
And so that is coming out now after, you know, six months after we squalled and hollered about it.
And listeners, all this means, folks, is that if you have your own supply...
Then you will not be dependent on those who would control the food supply.
We've had another really interesting situation go on that I don't think I had a chance to mention with you, Alex.
One of our staffers here is married to a little gal from Japan.
Japan and China are really getting into it because Japan has to import an awful lot of its food from China, which is where we're importing a lot of our stuff from.
And they're sending them the same poison-painted stuff that we get, and they're just not standing up.
And by we, you mean the United States, not your company.
Oh, yeah, I'm sorry, yeah, the United States, yes.
And so what's happening is the very stuff that you and I have been talking about
That's coming in.
The Chinese imports and the Mexican imports and the third world country imports that we try and guarantee, by we meaning the J. Michael Stevens Group, guarantees people that they aren't going to get, this stuff is causing international problems.
But there's an issue that came up.
I just got a call yesterday from the folks down in Ephraim, Utah that pack all the foods that...
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
The flour that they send to these grocery stores.
Now, this is a serious issue with regard to... Well, the U.N.
said this week, headline, even first world nations may begin rationing food, middle class to even be affected.
And now, just before you brought me on, there was that announcement with regard to wheat prices and things, and I think that they announced that it was... More than doubled.
That's right.
Yeah, more than doubled.
My call from Charlie this morning, which is that same supplier that I was telling you about that does all of our packing, said that as of this morning, wheat was going for $22.75 a bushel.
So just a day ago it was $10, and it was $4 before.
Now it's gone to $20.
It's 22.75 this morning.
Folks, that looks like massive hyperinflation, and I'm seeing this in all the commodities.
Look at gold going up to close to 1,000.
Man, you know, Steve, it's when things are the scariest that...
We're good to go.
Well, the foods that we ship out, folks,
are very simply guaranteed not to have genetic alteration.
They don't have any MSG in it that will make you kind of glow in the dark.
No Mexican or Chinese imports.
The whole objective is to get food out of the warehouses and into families' homes before this thing gets really goofy.
And all of these foods are dried straight from fresh raw.
You cook with them just like you do straight out of the garbage.
And this is being done by the experts in Utah, who wrote the book on it.
Yep, exactly.
And the difference between this... Now, one of the things that we tell folks, there are a couple of kinds of dehydrated foods.
One is freeze-dried, and the other one is the dehydrated,
What we tell folks, now we're going to be handling a line of freeze-dried.
We've had it available for quite some time.
We just don't have it up on the website because it confuses people.
The freeze-dried is about three times more expensive, takes four times the space, and is great for backpacking and camping.
What we tell folks, until they have a three to five year supply of the dehydrated, not even to waste the resources on freeze-dried.
So don't be confused by that.
One of the things that's happening, Alex, I think the folks from listening to you and from some of the things that we cover on Fearless Radio, my program, they realize that the food is absolutely excellent.
One thing that happens any time there's a panic situation or a deep concern like we have among our listeners that you and I convey,
I think so.
Well, basically, the way we structure things is with a year's supply for one adult.
The objective is to have a balanced diet of fruits, vegetables, dairy products and grains and everything that you need and it's extremely well balanced.
Now because of the fact that a lot of folks are already in a situation with the economy so that they really aren't in the position to throw in a three, four, five year supply, even a one year supply all at once, we came up with a two month supply.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
The farmers that are growing the wheat...
Yeah, that's it.
They sell it to them.
They're going to sell it to them.
See, that's what it's like to be a third world nation, folks.
And look, it's turning out to be even worse than I thought it was.
You know, Steve Eargo's like, it's pretty bad.
There's going to be food shortages.
And I'm like, maybe a little bit.
And he said, no, no, no.
The dollar, fuel, then the farmers will feed it to their animals.
On and on and on.
Meat goes up.
Delivery goes up.
It's a cascade.
And how long can you hold prices?
They're still very reasonable.
How long can you hold prices?
When will the next jump be?
Well, I'll tell you what.
If you look at a food supply organization that has reasonable prices and is doing any kind of a sale right now, you run, don't walk away from them because they're selling old stuff from inventory.
What we're shipping out right now... That's right.
The stuff you do is, what, usually about a month old?
You just packed it?
Oh, well, no, it's packed as we get the orders.
It's a month old that we got it into the warehouse.
No, that's what I meant.
Yeah, it's all fresh stuff.
And so the reason we had this last price increase, and we're going to put some stuff up on the Internet as to what caused it.
The reason we had it is we had to buy...
By the next bunch of stuff, and it was so expensive that we had to pass some of that along.
No, no, no.
I was at a pizza place a few weeks ago, Mangia, great pizza, and there was a sign-up saying, we're sorry the pizzas are 40% more, but milk's more, wheat's more, it may have to go up again.
And now stores are, look, Steve, give them the number for the year's supply, the two-month supply.
It's still very affordable compared to what the grocery store would cost.
Yeah, it's ridiculous.
It's past 60% savings right now.
Anyway, the phone number is 800-409-5633.
If you can do it on the Internet, get up on efoodsdirect.com.
Now, I need to give you an alert, folks.
Those of you who have ordered one-year supplies or multiples of it,
And have not been able to find wheat in your local areas, please contact us.
We will ship wheat, but we will only ship the amount of wheat to you that will match the number of your supplies you have.
We have to conserve the wheat that we have.
So you literally can only now sell wheat to prior customers?
We will not sell wheat separately.
We will ship it to prior customers that have not been able to get theirs based on the number of units that they need to have supplied.
The present customers we will ship wheat to them to match what they're ordering.
We will not ship extra wheat.
We just can't because we have to have enough wheat to go with
With the other foods that they're getting.
Give them the number again.
And I apologize for having to limit it, but we are... It's now happening.
What you said is now happening.
Or eFoodsDirect.com.
Huge banners.
We're good to go.
Folks, look, even if none of this stuff happens, but it is happening, and let's say everything turns out okay, this is insurance you can eat.
This is stuff that's high quality.
It stores in very small areas.
It's very heavy per can.
1-800-409-5633, 1-800-409-5633, or eFoodsDirect.com.
Steve Shank, thanks for spending time with us.
Hey, it's nice talking with you again, Alex.
Be good.
You bet.
Let me talk to you during the break real fast.
We'll be right back with the final segment in that big Walter Cronkite clip.
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Okay, we played this before, but now we got even more.
This is a synopsis, about three and a half minutes, of Hillary Walter Cronkite, the head of the World Federalist Society, talking about bizarro stuff.
Here it is.
The Global Governance Award, Walter Cronkite.
World government is the structure necessary for global justice.
You, sir, you, sir, have been a lifelong advocate of this principle, and it is appropriate, therefore, that we present you with this amethyst shield.
Thank you very much, Mr. President.
Those of us who are living today can truly influence the future of civilization
We can influence whether our planet is going to live or die, whether it's going to drift into chaos and violence, or whether through a monumental educational and political effort, a monumental effort, we will achieve a world of peace under a system of law where individual violators of that law are brought to justice.
For how many thousands of years now have we humans
Then what we insist on calling civilized.
And yet, in total contradiction, we also persist in the savage belief that we must occasionally at least settle our arguments by killing each other.
While we spend much of our time and a great deal of our treasure in preparing for war, we see no comparable effort in establishing peace.
Meanwhile, emphasizing the sloth in this regard, those advocates who work for world peace by urging a system of world law and order, world government if you please, are called impractical dreamers to yield up some of our sovereignty.
That's going to be to many a bitter pill.
It would take a lot of courage, a lot of faith,
A lot of persuasion for them to come along with us on this necessity.
Today we must develop federal structures on a global level to deal with world problems.
We need a system of enforceable world law, a democratic federal world government in our global village, all of which are going to have to be convinced to give up some of that sovereignty to the better, greater union.
And it's not going to be easy.
Most important, we should sign and ratify the Treaty for a Permanent International Criminal Court.
That is now at the core of the World Federalist Movement's drive.
That court will enable the world to hold individuals accountable for their crimes against humanity.
Their leader, Pat Robertson, has written in a book a few years ago that we should have a world government, but only when the Messiah arrives.
He wrote, and literally, any attempt to achieve world order before that time must be the work of the devil.
Well, join me.
I'm glad to sit here at the right hand of Satan.
Good evening and congratulations, Walter.
We honor you for lending your voice to the cause of human rights around the world and for your lifelong commitment to international human rights law.
You have stirred our consciences and challenged all of us
All right.
Now again, see, oh, the global government will help us and give us peace, but it's the bloodthirsty New World Order killers that are running it and causing most of the problems.
I'll be back live this Sunday, 4 to 6 p.m.
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