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Air Date: Feb. 28, 2008
2249 lines.
Big Brother, mainstream media, government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
We are now live, ladies and gentlemen.
Another edition has begun.
It is the 28th day of February 2008.
We're going to be live here for the next three hours.
Ron Paul, Bernanke deliberately destroying the dollar.
Congressman, school's Fed chairman, again during House Financial Service Committee meeting, warns that history is against you.
And Bernanke literally gulped and looked like he was a
Pile of worms whenever Congressman Paul brought up this fact to him.
Just an amazing grilling and Bernanke just sitting there engaging in doublespeak.
We're going to be airing that coming up in the next segment.
Also, we have some big guests today.
We've got Noel Sharkey, Professor of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics at the University of Sheffield.
We'll talk about robot wars.
Also, Matt Dayton from Project for a New American Citizen is going to be joining us.
Last night, Bill Clinton was in town at UT with, I'd say, a crowd of 5,000, 6,000 people, it looked like to me, about the same crowd Ron Paul got, maybe smaller.
And they hold up in a huge crowd of signs saying,
A pretty big sign, but as big a sign that one person can hold it up, though.
Probably about three feet across.
And it says, investigate 9-11.
And the crowd starts hissing and screaming and freaking out, saying, take that sign down.
But it's the crowd that causes the disturbance and literally shuts Clinton down for about four minutes.
I think?
I think?
And then the crowd starts chanting and screaming, take down the sign, take down the sign.
Then we got calls and emails this morning where I walked in, Aaron Dykes said, did you confront Bill Clinton last night?
That's what people are saying.
No, it wasn't me.
It was PNAC.
And then they thought someone was there with a bullhorn.
No, that was the crowd disrupting.
Then the crowd disrupts themselves and then blames it on me.
So, the wicked fleeth when none pursueth.
They just totally shut Clinton down for like five minutes.
The video's up on Infowars.com, PrisonPlanet.com right now.
And I woke up this morning to see this, and I called Rob to say, Hey, call the peanut guy.
See if they'll come in.
He said, Oh, they already called me last night.
Already came in.
We YouTubed it.
And I said, Oh, great.
So the YouTube I see, Rob put up.
So an example of how I'm not even running my own office.
I don't know half of what's going on around here.
So, just a great job there, because this became quite an incident.
And it happened.
We had our free speech at a public university to hold up a sign.
And it would have just been that, a sign.
Everybody had a right to have their signs.
There was even some Obama people there.
But their attack on free speech, they're physically grabbing... I don't know if it was Matt Dayton that got grabbed on.
I know he's coming in in about 45 minutes.
Because I just learned of this this morning.
I don't know who was videotaping.
I just know it was PNAC that did it.
But we'll find out just how much he got manhandled or who got manhandled.
Because the YouTube video is somebody back at a distance, I'd say about 80 yards away, shooting over the heads of a crowd in the middle of the crowd.
And the PNAC person with the sign is like 20 feet in front of Clinton, but he's on a high spot.
And so you just really see above this whole crowd the Investigate 9-11.
So fabulous job to those guys.
They're going to be in studio.
Bill Clinton confronted in Austin is the headline at prisonplanet.com and infowars.com right now.
Financial news.
Stay with us.
Straight ahead.
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I think.
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What is that?
What is that?
We're good to go!
We're good to go!
We're good to go!
Ah, their great victory.
Let's give a big welcome to our former president!
They got the sign down.
The big victory.
Then the sign goes back up.
And Bill Clinton responds.
And here is just now the finest Secretary of Housing and Urban Development this country ever had.
Do we notice?
Put the sign down.
Let me say to all of you, first of all, it's an honor to speak on Hillary's behalf.
It is an honor to be here at this great university.
And it's an honor to me to be heckled by people who are afraid to hear the truth.
Alright, and it goes on from there.
Now, let me explain what happened here.
Then I'm going to get into the economic news, military news.
We've got a huge guest coming up today.
The folks that confronted Bill Clinton are going to be in studio with us coming up here in about 50 minutes.
But the story here is you've got thousands and thousands of people at the University of Texas.
You've got Bill Clinton down here at a university, a supposed...
It's a place where free speech is cherished and honored.
It is a student group that's out there.
They have their one sign out of thousands of other signs for Hillary Clinton.
And just like the reports that have been caught on video of Hillary Clinton supporters coming up at universities in Colorado and Minnesota and other places pulling down Ron Paul signs.
They just say, Ron Paul, how dare you have free speech?
How dare you hold something up?
Bill Clinton started free speech zones his last year in office.
Of course, the Russians
Now, the idiots out there that were there to worship their god, Bill Clinton,
I think?
We're good to go.
These individuals that don't want us to investigate 9-11, that don't want the Bush administration and the military black ops that carried out the attacks brought to justice.
Now, that's not really what they want.
They just hate anybody that doesn't fall down prostrate in front of Bill Clinton or Hillary.
But the pit you dig for somebody else, you fall into.
You meant to stop our free speech.
You meant to stop our political advocacy.
We're good to go.
I think?
Very little attention, but because you freaked out, as a mob psychology, a bunch of red doper diaper babies, as Michael Savage likes to call you, himself a red doper diaper baby, or a red diaper doper baby, that's what he calls them.
By red diaper, he says their parents are communists, so they're born into red diapers, and they're doper babies.
But it's true, man, a bunch of bedwetting red diaper doper babies out there,
I didn't say some of the things that Beatnik says aren't true.
It's true.
You're out there.
Of course, that red diaper goper baby wants to restrict free speech as well, but from a right-wing angle.
You go out there and you just blew it.
You made Bill Clinton look like a fool.
He was red in the face.
They got close-ups of his face.
He's real mad.
He's upset.
And then he tries to spin it in classic Bill Clinton deception.
And he says, These people here, they just...
These hecklers, it's great to be heckled by people that don't want you to know the truth.
There was no heckling going on by the five or six PNAC people that were there.
Project for New American Citizen, countering the neocons.
They've just done so much as a student group, only can commend them all the work they've done.
Bringing Ron Paul in, and bringing Sulla Castillo in, and bringing myself in to speak to a thousand standing room only crowd, and all the events they've had, and the education they've engaged in.
Just a great job.
They just went out there like they always do with an Investigate 9-11 sign, and then Bill Clinton says that they're the ones heckling them.
They always just effectively hold up the sign and then let you act like a bunch of freaks, whether it's Republicans or Democrats.
They're non-verbal.
There's not a degree of separation between the Republicans and Democrats when it comes to their hate of free speech and their love of tyranny.
And so Bill Clinton lies and says that it's PNAC that's heckling him when it's the crowd that's just gone into mob psychology.
They come up, grab the sign, grab his arm, pull him down.
He gets released again.
He goes back up with a sign.
Then Clinton addresses it because he can't give a speech because the crowd is howling and screaming, put the sign down.
Which was... Bill Clinton was up on a stage.
It was probably at his ankle level.
It's down below him.
There's Hillary signs all at the same level all around it as well.
But it's that black and white sign.
That'd be a good political sign.
Politicians always use red, white, and blue, and green, and white, and colors like that.
What about just black and white?
Very effective.
These are smart young men and women in PNAC.
And so Bill Clinton then lies and says they're heckling, and then says they're trying to disrupt him trying to tell the truth, because Bill Clinton knows we're the truth movement.
And so he's trying to expropriate our terminology.
It's like Obama has expropriated We Are Change.
And there's no doubt that that's happening.
When he adopted that nomenclature six, seven months ago, that was the height of We Are Change being on national news and getting all the attention and there's all these activists and the establishment knows you want change.
And so they're going to try to masquerade and make you think that you're getting changed when you're not getting changed.
So we're going to talk more about this in the next hour because if the people get active and go to every event, every major event, and do yell and scream at the politicians or do hold up signs and let their supporters act like fools and do continue to get at their town hall meetings and their staged events and show that they're not really public...
And keep injecting and keep literally in the info war hijacking all of these events as the First Amendment authorizes us to do and encourages us to do.
It only really points out our God-given right.
Then it's going to bring them to their knees.
And they are scared.
They are upset.
They are worried.
And so, good job.
But the behavior of the red diaper duper babies.
Now, I know most liberals...
Are now waking up.
They're becoming libertarian.
They're buying firearms.
They're eating organic food.
They're waking up to the larger pictures.
They know we have a tyrannical government.
They understand both parties are controlled.
But you still have the hardcore liberals, the hardcore young people, who still drink the Kool-Aid and think that Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are the answer to this.
No, they're just clients of the same intelligence apparatus.
A huge apparatchik that is their political commissariat over this nation.
And when I use communist terms, that's what they use.
I'm not even saying they're communist.
Communism was only one form of control and authoritarian domination.
But they have adopted the political subterfuge and systems of oppression and suppression that the communists and fascists used, the globalists have borrowed from all those movements, which they, by the way, created, so I guess it isn't really borrowing.
It isn't plagiarizing something that they actually wrote.
They're just bringing their tricks back again.
So shame, shame, shame.
I know we have listeners that are Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton supporters.
I know we have listeners listening right now on 1330 AM, listening on 96.3, listening on 90.1, or on the Internet at Infowars.com, right here in Austin, Texas, who are out there in that huge throng worshiping Bill Clinton.
And I know you probably couldn't help yourself in the mob psychology, in the group mind, mob behavior, into chanting, take the sign down, stop him, stop him.
Would you like to call in when Matt Dayton from PNAC is in here?
And maybe apologize for being under mind control?
Or maybe you want to call in and say it's wrong for Matt Dayton and PNAC to have a sign saying investigate 9-11.
Maybe you think at a public event, at a public university, in the open air of the UT mall, that free speech is allowed below the UT tower.
Maybe you think the universities aren't a place for free speech.
Maybe you want to defend your disgusting activities last night.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, we'll be right back with financial news and a lot more.
I'm done with the Bill Clinton stuff until the next hour.
We'll be right back.
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I think?
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I'm gonna chase this guy forever With a woman
This just in...
And you know I don't tease.
We have got a huge fish right up to the boat for next week.
We've got a bunch of big guys coming up the next month that are confirmed, but a big fish popping in next week on the show.
But not just big guests.
Big bombshell revelations.
And I just thank God for all the success of this show and for the great crew I've got and the work we're doing here at this office.
We are in dark times, though.
And when the enemy comes in like a flood, the Spirit of the Lord lifts up a standard against it.
Okay, let me get into financial news.
And then again, we have the professor, one of the top robotics experts in the world, coming on to talk about robot wars.
This is London Telegraph.
This is big news.
This article actually plays down how serious it is.
You'd think this was a shocking headline.
Hey, it's 2008, ladies and gentlemen.
It is Buck Rogersville.
We're in the future.
We're here.
Coming up in the next segment, I'm going to play Ron Paul.
It's a six-minute clip confronting Bernanke yesterday.
This was the best...
I have seen yet.
Big article up on prisonplanet.com.
Paul Watson wrote, Ron Paul Bernanke deliberately destroying the dollar.
Congressman School's Fed chairman again during House Financial Services Committee meeting warns history is against you.
And I don't like to spend too much time on this, but I think it's important to understand psychology.
We just talked about the mindless...
Bedwetting liberal types.
And by bedwetting, that really is a proper term for them.
I mean, I know these people.
If they're at your house and they see a gun in a gun case, they literally start shaking and going, You know, they don't like free speech.
They like the nanny government injecting them with mercury and controlling them.
And they're just absolute idiots.
But they mean well.
We're good to go.
All we do is have Ron Paul's quotes, the admissions of skyrocketing inflation, the fact that they are devaluing the dollar.
I mean, that's in Reuters, AP, everywhere.
Finally, they're admitting it.
And they just say, idiotic, fear-mongering, conspiracy tards.
Deep Six is inaccurate.
And then a person said to them, I take it you didn't read it or watch the videos.
This is in Dig.
I take it you didn't graduate from middle school.
See, one of our people actually said, I take it you didn't watch the video, or I take it you didn't read it.
It's a transcript.
And they come back with... The individual being attacked, who's being reasonable, comes back with, Oh, you put me in my place.
How can I argue with that logic?
With your ego, I'm going to have to let you know that was sarcasm.
We're good to go.
I think?
And they go on in here with their comments about how we're lying, the dollar's strong, Bernanke's wonderful, the Federal Reserve isn't private.
And I love a quote in here that was posted.
This was in Woodward and Bernstein, one of their best-selling books.
Kissinger said this publicly about how military men are dumb animals to be used.
So this individual comments to him, hey, here's a quote how you're dumb animals to be used.
The establishment hates you.
And they respond with, does it exist?
It's not real.
Kissinger loves me.
I mean, they love being slaves.
They love being dumb animals.
Dumb animals out there attacking free speech at UT for Lord Clinton.
Dumb animals who like being injected with poison, like having their dollar destroyed.
And then sit there and say the dollars that make me valued were liars.
Heaven help you.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
I think?
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We're back live, ladies and gentlemen.
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Okay, let me get into Bernanke.
Ron Paul Bernanke deliberately destroying the dollar.
Congressman School's Fed Chairman again during House Financial Services Committee meeting warrants history is against you.
We're going to play the audio of this right now.
But the amazing thing about this is, is Bernanke,
Just three months ago, in December, before Ron Paul, said that inflation was 2%.
We played that here.
Now, that's the government numbers.
Big, large banks, brokerage firms, investment houses, they all debated it, but depending on which one you looked at, it was between 13% and 17% to 20%.
But the average was about 15%.
15% inflation last year.
Now, that's what Bernanke's saying, it's 2%.
Then, now the government admits that it's going to roar up to 7.45%, and Bernanke's now admitting that, so if he was saying 2%, here's what I'm trying to make, if he was saying 2% before, and it was really 15%, and then now they're saying 7+, ha ha ha ha ha,
And then he keeps bringing up the Federal Reserve is mandated to deal with prices.
And Ron Paul's, what does prices not have to do with the value of the dollar?
It's the devaluing of the dollar that's causing all these commodities to go up.
And finally, when Reuters and AP and others report, they say, gold explodes on dollar drop.
Oil explodes on value of dollar drop.
I mean, it's a 1 plus 1 equals 2, not even 2 plus 2 equals 4 level equation that a 4-year-old can do.
But Bernanke keeps this illusion going that that's not what's happening.
Because they don't want to raise the paychecks, they don't want to raise the amount of money for people on fixed incomes, the people who have paid into Social Security.
That's just one reason.
So they want to just keep playing along, and I guess most Americans are going to play along.
Okay, well, they say there's low inflation.
There is, dude.
The price of wheat just doubled in five months.
Let me say that again.
Every major commodity is skyrocketing,
Not because it's really... And then, I've got this ABC News report about time to play it.
I'll play it.
You got that, right, John?
I sent it to you?
You're getting it right now.
Okay, good.
We're going to play it later.
Where they claim that it's ethanol is the reason that wheat prices and corn prices and all of this are skyrocketing.
You know, I actually went last night when I saw this newscast.
I already knew the numbers because I had experts on and covered it on air, but I wanted to check.
Still, only about 5-6% of our wheat and corn was used for ethanol.
That doesn't even really play in to why the price has exploded.
It is the devaluation of the dollar that has done that.
And now, because the dollar's been devalued, other currencies are worth more.
And so, the larger...
We're good to go.
It's a fire sale.
Now, people in the past really couldn't afford U.S.
grains and things.
They still bought a lot of them, but they were still somewhat expensive because they were third world nations or they were Europe and the dollar was worth so much you had to buy it in dollars.
Not anymore.
And so I looked it up and that's it.
They radically increased the export.
We're finally exporting something because we're so poor.
We're like a third world country now.
But look, I'm digressing.
I better get to this financial news or I never will.
Here is Ron Paul confronting Bernanke and Bernanke engaging in spin that is just... I always say off the charts.
They talk to the public like we have IQs of 65.
Here it is.
The gentleman from Texas, the ranking member of the subcommittee.
Thank you, Mr. Chairman.
Chairman Bernanke, earlier you were asked a question about the value of the dollar, and you sort of deferred and said, you know, that's the Treasury's responsibility.
I always find it so fascinating because it's been going on for years.
Your predecessor would always use that as an excuse to not talk about the value of the dollar, but here I find the Chairman of the Federal Reserve, who's in charge of the dollar, in charge of the money, in charge of...
We're good to go.
I think?
Or a mere reflection of the value of the dollar.
If you want to control prices, then you have to know the value of the dollar.
But if you're going to avoid talking about the dollar, then all you can do then is deal with central economic planning.
If we stimulate the economy, maybe there'll be production and prices will go down.
And if prices are going up too fast, you have to bring on a recession.
You have to try to balance these things, which I think is a totally impossible task and really doesn't make any sense.
Because in a free market, if you had good economic growth, you never want to turn it off.
Because good economic growth brings prices down, just like we see the prices of computers and cell phones.
Those prices come down where there's less government interference.
But you know, the hard money economists who have been around for a while, they have always argued that this would be the case.
Those who want to continue to inflate will never talk about the money, because it isn't the money supply that is the problem, it's always the prices.
And that is why the conventional wisdom is everybody refers to inflation as rising prices.
Instead of saying inflation comes from the unwise increase in the supply of money and credit.
And when you look at it, and I mentioned in my opening statement that M3, now measured by private sources, is growing by leaps and bounds.
In the last two years, it increased by 42%.
Currently, it's rising at a rate of 16%.
That is inflation.
That will lead to higher prices.
So, to argue that we can continue to do this, continue to debase the currency, which is really the policy that we're following, is purposely debasing, devaluing a currency, which to me seems so destructive.
It destroys the incentives to save.
It destroys, and if you don't save, you don't have capital.
Then it just puts more pressure...
Let's keep pumping.
Pump, pump, pump.
And it just is an endless task.
And history is against you.
I mean, history is on the side of hard money.
If you look at stable prices, you have to look to the only historic sound money that's lasted more than a few years.
Fiat money always in.
Gold is the only thing where you can get stable prices.
For instance, in the last three to four years, the price of oil has tripled.
A barrel of oil, $20, $30, up to $100 a barrel.
And yet, if you look at the price of oil in terms of gold, it's absolutely flat.
It's absolutely stable.
So if we want stable prices, we have to have stable money.
But I cannot see how we can continue to accept the policy of deliberately destroying the value of money as an economic value.
It's so immoral in the sense that what about somebody who's saved for the retirement and they have CDs and we're inflating the money at a 10% rate.
Their standard of living is going down and that's what's happening today.
The middle class is being wiped out and nobody's understanding that it has to do with the value of money.
Prices are going up.
So how are you able to defend this policy of deliberate depreciation of our money?
Congressman, the Federal Reserve Act tells me that I have to look to price stability.
Price stability, which I believe is defined as the domestic prices, the consumer price index, for example.
And that's what we aim to do.
We look for low domestic inflation.
Now, you're correct that there are relationships, obviously, between the dollar and domestic inflation, and relationships between the money supply and domestic inflation.
But your achievement, we have now PPI going up at a 12% rate.
I would say...
That doesn't get a very good grade for price stability.
Wouldn't you agree?
I agree.
The more relevant one, I think, is the Consumer Price Index, which measures the price consumers have to pay.
And that was last year between 3.5% and 4%.
And I agree, that's not... And PPI is going to move over into the consumer index as well.
We're looking forward this year, and we're trying to estimate what's going to happen this year, and a lot of it depends on what happens to the price of oil.
Oil flattens out, we'll do better, but if it continues to rise at the rate of 2007, it'll be hard to maintain low inflation.
I agree.
Hard to maintain low inflation.
So he's saying we have low inflation.
Prices are exploding.
That is inflation.
And the main driver of this is dollar devaluation.
This equation is not even at the level of one plus one equals two.
I'm wrong.
It's like having a three-year-old look at the number one and going, one, daddy.
I mean, can the public just look at it and see what it is?
And the fuel...
We're good to go.
And that's cooked books.
And remember, that's in the aggregate.
That compounds each year.
You don't just lose 15% of your dollar's value in 2007.
No, then we go into 2008, and 15% on top of that, that'd be 30% loss in everything you've got.
In the value of any savings you've got.
But see, the Fortune 500, the Dow Jones Industrial 30...
They're the top 30 stocks, and they're international, and so their value is staying up.
Or even if it drops, you're still buying them with dollars, so oh, it's still $12,000, but it isn't really $12,000, it's $6,000 and dropping.
But the yuppies, they can figure out how to wax their BMW, they can figure out, as I say, how to act stylish and cool and be cynical and snicker at people.
They can figure out how to support George Bush, or they can figure out how to go support Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama.
They can figure out how to windsurf.
I'm not knocking if you windsurf.
You know what I mean, though.
You can figure out how to laugh at us in the message boards, but if you don't politically get mad about this, they're going to continue it.
They wouldn't do this if they thought you wouldn't go along with it, you buffoons!
And I don't mean our main listeners.
I'm talking about those that will not get it.
This is life and death in our economy.
Gold went above $9.65 again today.
There is no doubt it's only going to go up.
I mean, it might correct a few dollars but then race back up next week.
I think we're going to see $1,000 gold by the end of next month.
I mean, that's a pretty safe estimate.
I don't make predictions in financial markets, but mainstream news is saying it'll hit $1,000.
It's one of the only places where you can have limited knowledge and still make a lot of money or at least keep some of your assets.
We say you're making it, and in dollars you are making huge profits, but that's a fraud because you're not really making money.
You're just keeping the value you had.
It lost 15% of its value last year, and they paid you 4%.
You got a $25,000 CD.
It's going to lose 15% to 20%, maybe more this year, in true value.
It's a very simple equation and I'm not going to sit here and lie to you and say buying gold is some huge profit.
You're only keeping your value.
Unless it goes completely wild, which it looks like it may, and then you might actually make huge profits in the global arena, but only because globally middle-class know-it-alls who've been snookered by the New World Order haven't started buying it yet, but they're starting to get it.
And when it becomes the fashionable thing, and you're at the gym, and the yuppie next to you is on his cell phone talking to his wife about how he just figured out how gold's the big buy, and he's the expert, that's when you know it's going to go to $2,000.
All right, I'm not going to spend much time on this.
I've got a bunch of other economic news, but I wanted to bring Ted in for just a few minutes.
Ted, you've got gold at yesterday's prices.
It hardly went up in what you're charging in the last two weeks.
This is bargain basement just to get people into gold, to introduce them to it.
You've got a couple different coins and some silver.
Again, what do you think about what Ron Paul said to Bernanke?
You heard him talk about gold.
He's talking straight with people, and it's really nice to see that kind of a conversation going on between a congressman and the sitting chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank.
I think we're good to go.
What's going to happen if we lose Ron Paul in that position?
Well, the Republican Party, they're not even running a Democrat against him.
The Republican Party have pulled out all the stops in Texas, and Ron Paul is in danger right now.
Well, I can tell you right now, I hope every Texan in that particular jurisdiction gets behind him.
It's March 4th.
It's next Tuesday.
Well, they better get on it, because that's all I can say, is that we need somebody like him with his voice in that position, because if we lose him...
Oh, man, I tell you.
Ted, I know you've already spent, what, $20,000, $30,000 of your own money, and about $20,000 has come in from listeners for airplanes.
Everybody saw them this weekend in Austin.
Maybe I'll put in a few thousand.
We need to get some airplanes over his district this weekend and Monday and Tuesday in Galveston, in Lake Charles, in Texas City.
I agree with you, Alex.
I've already got one out there.
I think we'll fly one.
I'll call my guy and get it up in the air.
All right, Ted, I wanted to get into gold with you briefly.
Stay there.
We'll be right back.
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We're good to go.
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Once again, that's 866-885-6625 for BioSolutions.
I'm not going to belabor this, but you've got a chance to protect yourself.
I know Ted Anderson's a good guy to get gold and silver from, but if you don't get it from him, just get it from somebody and get it fast.
Crank it up for a minute.
I've got to hear it.
That's right.
Don't wait until the trendy Wendy's pile in to get the gold.
Because then it's going to go up to $2,000.
Get it now.
Little baby, you don't have to go.
Little baby, tell me you won't go.
We're here Monday through Friday.
11 a.m.
to 2 p.m.
I see your man ain't here.
All right, we're back live, ladies and gentlemen.
Going back to Ted Anderson.
Ted, I just appreciate you starting this network.
I appreciate everything you've done.
I appreciate how much information you've given out, how right you've been all along, the advice you gave me seven, eight years ago when I first got a little bit of gold and silver here and there.
You got the deals.
Tell folks about the offer and then that's going to be it.
I appreciate you coming back in to do this.
I've just really been hammering on this, listeners, to move into gold and silver.
Yeah, I got to tell you right now, Alex, gold just blew through $9.50, and today it has hit a peak of $9.68 so far.
Oh, it's up $3 since I last looked.
Yeah, it's definitely strong.
There's no question about it.
Gold, I've got those British Sovereigns at $9.62 again.
That's the same price as it was back when I was pricing these at $9.40.
And then I also have the Frank coins, which are also a really good deal at $210.
Same price range.
Silver just completely ignored.
$18 an ounce blew right through.
Almost to $20 now.
It's been as high as $19.84.
I wouldn't be surprised to see silver at $20 an ounce very shortly.
And I still have those coins, the quarters and the dimes.
At $21 per face.
And, Ted, we're really seeing the illusion of the Federal Reserve crack.
I mean, who would ever thought we'd have $8,000, $6,000, $4,000 at Ron Paul Rally, chanting down with Big Brother, down with the Federal Reserve.
I mean, it's really starting to happen.
Folks, protect yourselves, even if it's a quarter-ounce coin, even if it's a twentieth-of-an-ounce coin.
Those are great coins to have, beautiful coins.
Give them the toll-free number, Ted.
Again, 1-800...
Yeah, it's 1-800-686-2237.
Folks, you've got to get gold and silver at this time.
Like Alex said, if you're not going to buy it from us, get it somewhere else, but get it.
These are great deals.
And the tiny...
4% profit or whatever I was asking Ted this morning that goes into it for Ted.
That literally just pays the people to take the order.
Ted is doing this to introduce you to gold and silver.
And on any other security or commodity, you're paying the stockbrokers a lot more percentage-wise just to buy that crap.
I'm telling you, folks, 800-686-2237.
Tell them it's the Alex Jones Special or it's going to be higher price.
Ted Anderson, thank you for joining us.
Hey, thanks for having me up again, Alex.
We'll be right back with more news.
Your phone calls in PNAC.
Thank you for listening to GCN.
Be sure to visit GCNlive.com today.
Big Brother, mainstream media, government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, Ron Paul confronted Fed Chairman Bernanke.
You heard me play that audio clip.
Bernanke will engage in absolute lying and scamming as usual.
As the criminals that run our government.
Look, third world nations are known for debasing their currencies.
Mexico does it all the time.
African countries do it.
Asian countries do it.
The politicians do it because they get to print and issue the money, give it in no-bid contracts to their buddies.
Run up huge debts, get the population in debt, and then by the time, it could take 5, 10, 20 years, 30 years in some case of the U.S., for it to finally come around and collapse, and by then they're living in Switzerland, they're living in Spain, they're living in the Bahamas, they're living in the Cook Islands, they're living in New Zealand.
They're long gone.
We're left holding the bag.
And we're now seeing the rapid inflation.
It always comes right at the end and accelerates.
I mean, you know back in the 50s, when they really started debasing it, a very nice three-bedroom house, two bathrooms, three grand.
That same house is $500,000 on average now.
Some cases more.
A brand new car in the 50s that was $800, $1,000 is $35,000 now.
So there was gradual inflation and gradual debasing of your savings.
You could still, though, over time, spend those savings, invest them in things, and it wasn't as noticeable.
When you start getting 15 point drop in dollar value per year compounded, you enter a red-level nightmare land.
And now it's not going to be 15 this year, baby.
In many sectors and with many commodities, we're seeing 20, 30, 40% increases.
I mean, it's exploding.
But on average, we're looking at about a 20%.
That's a conservative estimate from all the experts we've interviewed and what even the mainstream media is starting to say.
Now, sometimes it gyrates and explodes, and we can see 30, 40, 50.
Ladies and gentlemen, we could be like Argentina or Germany.
We could wake up.
And in a matter of days, it could drop down to 10% of its value.
It's already lost 52% from Euro parity, but the Euro opened at 82 point something.
So if you take 82 and 52, that is a 60% loss.
Take 42 and 82.
Take the difference there.
That's 18% from when it was below the dollar.
Add that 18 to 52.
60% swing.
And I was reading this morning, it's actually about 61% now.
Now, that's against the euro.
And Bernanke can try to argue, well, see, that's overseas.
That doesn't affect us here.
But I don't know how these neocons can go on our message boards, the Prison Planet message board.
I don't know how they can go on the DIG comment section.
I think?
The same couple hundred trolls.
They're all over the web.
They're up at 3 a.m.
They're up at 5 p.m.
They're all 24-7, the same people, all over YouTube, all over the message boards everywhere, the same handles, the same people, the same names, just saying everything we say is a lie.
No, we're not lying about anything.
We've given you good advice.
We told you food prices would explode.
They have.
We told you that two years ago.
We told you gold prices would explode.
We told you oil would go up and up and up.
It's happened.
I've got mainstream news today.
I've got an MSNBC clip.
By the way, I sent that to you.
I sent you so many, John.
Did you get that one I just sent?
Where they're saying $300 a barrel oil.
Remember Kissinger at Bilderberg two years ago reportedly said it was going to go to $150?
Well, we're well on our way there.
And baby, if it just stays at $100 a barrel, we're in trouble.
If it goes to $150, we're in really bad trouble.
And if it went to $300, you can forget it.
That would cripple what food prices are right now.
What do you think runs the farm machinery?
What do you think ships it?
Puts it in the grain elevators?
Puts it on trains?
Brings it to your town?
Runs the factories?
We are headed into massive inflation.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk, Alex Jones, on the GCN Radio Network.
Professor Noel Sharkey, one of the top robotics experts in the world, warning of militarized combat mechs and drones, will be joining us from Sheffield, England, coming up in the third hour.
Coming up later in this hour, Matt Dayton, who did hold up a sign and caused an absolute freakout at a Bill Clinton event, will be joining us in studio.
Got a bunch of other news, but let's just go to some of your calls right now at 1-800-259-9231.
Joel in Texas, you're on the air, thanks for holding.
Yeah, hey, Alex.
What's going on, man?
Doing a worldwide transmission against tyranny.
Yes, sir, yes, sir.
Hey, listen, I was in the Special Operations for the U.S.
for a few years.
I'd gotten out a couple years and living here in Texas now, but...
Were you in planning and logistics, or were you on the ground?
No, no, no.
I was special operations.
They call them door kickers, so we were the guys that went in to get... Well, I'm not an expert on all this, but I know there's guys that planned the special operations back at HQ, so I was just curious which end of that.
No, I'm not the planner.
The planners are a lot of the officers.
I was the NCO, so we're the guys that actually go in and
How many door kicks would you do a day?
I've seen reports as many as 75 different doors you'd kick down a day.
Well, yeah, I mean, that was... It just depends.
By the way, kicking down one door going in one house is incredibly stressful for police officers.
Imagine that, folks.
Door to door.
And what, you'd go on, what, four or five missions a week?
At least.
I mean...
Honestly, I've been on four or five missions a night.
So, you know, it just depends on what it is that we're... Whatever we were doing, whatever was required for, you know, the mission, the moment, stuff like that.
Well, my point is, that's like taking a car and driving it around on the expressway for a couple years in first gear.
It's not good for your engine, but go ahead.
Right, right, right.
Yeah, no, I mean, you definitely end up building a stamina, that's for sure, but...
You know, the whole thing was, you know, I'm extremely patriotic and stuff, and I started watching some of your films.
A buddy of mine, he's a professional heavyweight boxer, actually showed me some films and kind of, you know, directed me towards your stuff.
And at first I was really apprehensive and, you know, it was like, I didn't want to look at the information that was out there because I was, you know, it's almost like you don't want to believe it, like everybody else that you run into.
And the more and more films that I see
of years and like all these documentaries and stuff it's like the public is just completely rejecting it because you don't want to believe that there is a man behind the curtain because it kind of it's depressing and it's like everybody just wants to be
Especially when you've invested like yourself so much passion, so much courage.
But make no mistake, even though this whole mission is evil, it doesn't mean that you're evil.
It doesn't mean that you're not still a person of great courage and great conviction.
And it takes even more courage to admit you've been used.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Sounds good, but the government's corrupt and bad, so you can't do it.
Kind of like socialized health care sounds good, but because eugenicists run the government, and because at the top it's bad, you can't allow it.
Do you see what I'm saying?
Yeah, no, I totally know what you're saying.
It's funny because everybody, you know, I can speak from that side of it that, you know, guys are dedicated, and you've got these guys that are like supermen that are, you know, so devoted, and they're devoted.
What they're devoted to is
Is, you know, what the forefathers built this country on, and it's like... And they have no idea that exactly what the forefathers, that they're dedicated to, everything they set up is being destroyed.
Right, exactly.
And I mean, and if they knew, you know, and I've been trying to get this out to guys that I knew in there, and so I have to do it in a very careful way because people, you know, they do, they look at this and think, oh man, you know, you're just starting to lose it, man, you're starting to lose it.
And the truth is, it's like,
So, you know, you give it to them and just spoon fills and you just say, hey, check this out, see what you think.
And the truth is that one of the main things that allowed me to see it was that, you know, I can't get into specifics and stuff because it's just very secretive.
Yeah, you signed national security letters.
So, you know, we were on our way to a specific country and
Going to get very specific people, and for years, you know, on deployments, we were going to get high-value targets, and for some reason, always, we'd always just miss them, just miss them, just miss them, and like, it always just seemed interesting, but what really, you know, made me feel like movies like Clear and Present Danger, stuff like that, really existed was that we were on our way to go get a high-value target in a specific country, and
On our way there, at the last minute we were turned around because basically we were compromised by someone within our own government who decided that because they have key meetings with these specific people in this other country, they developed more of a bond with those people and they were able to say,
Well, you saw, I mean, you heard about all the special forces colonels that went public about how they would capture the number two Taliban and they'd be ordered to release him or fly in the 6,000 Taliban al-Qaeda out of Afghanistan into Pakistan.
That was, I mean, I've talked to other people who are in special operations and, you know, they would literally go do photo ops for CNN.
I mean, it's...
It's, or you're there, the real people you're grabbing who you're told are high value aren't high value.
It's for a PR stunt at one of the ghost sites, you know, to show the media, or one of the public ghost sites, one of the front ghost sites like X-Ray or Abu Ghraib, when the real sites is, you know, are in other nations.
And then every time you're really going to get somebody real, see, most of the NSA, and this has come out in documents and lawsuits and from experts we've interviewed, but
Most of the NSA is to spy on military intelligence, is to spy on good parts of the CIA.
It's to spy on the good compartments, which make up the majority, to make sure you actually can't ever get the bad guys.
And then it's all just an exercise in futility.
It's an illusion.
This is the black arts.
You know, I mean, special ops is the fist...
Of the shadow government.
I mean, they even admit that now.
But you guys aren't ever brought into the larger picture of what you're part of.
You're given a full script or mental template to follow.
You understand?
Yeah, no, I understand.
I mean, that's what, you know, a lot of it, it's kind of disenchanting to look at it that way, but it's, you know, a lot of the things, you know, like the Northwood documents, and then I started looking at the USS Liberty and then Operation Ajax and all these false flag events.
And those are admitted.
I mean, you know, bring those to your buddies and say, these are declassified.
Mainstream news, our government stages terror attacks.
Right, right.
That's pretty much, you know, kind of what... It's just disheartening, you know what I mean?
But at the same time, I think, you know, just to speak about what you're doing, I think, you know, it's amazing that you started off, from my understanding, in public television, you know, here... Public access TV, yeah.
Right, and you've just grown, and I mean, obviously you... You know, I actually was...
I went through Ranger School and everything with Tillman and became pretty close with him.
He's just an intense, passionate dude.
His bro is.
Basically, it's funny to see guys out there as passionate as you are because I consider myself pretty passionate, yet I'm not involved.
I wasn't aware.
I really wasn't aware of a lot of this stuff until recently.
It just seems like I know exactly.
Relate with you and empathize with the stuff that you're frustrated with.
I've seen another side of it.
I'm not sure if you haven't seen it, but I've seen this other side of it as well so I can bring that to the table and start looking at things.
No, I haven't seen the things you've seen, and very few ever will, but I've basically interviewed, debriefed so many others on and off air that have, and going back to Vietnam, going back to Black Ops before that, and it's always the same.
They take well-meaning, cream-of-the-crop people that are incredibly dedicated, not just physically strong, but mentally strong.
The two are tied together, obviously.
And you do all these things...
Yeah, it's pretty crazy.
I'm going to try to, you know...
Get the word out and stuff.
Are you still in the military or you're just in contact with them?
No, no, no.
No, I'm out.
I actually was kind of pursuing that direction.
At one point, I was attempting to get hired with the... Blackwater?
And it's because it's a lure because they throw $200,000 a year for these young dudes and you just got to do what you were already doing.
It's even easier.
So basically, you know,
As far as everybody's concerned, to speak for the Special Operations community, they are extremely dedicated.
They are extremely patriotic.
They are this group of loving guys and when it comes down to what it is that we're doing, it's a brotherhood that's very close and you're fighting for
But they're using your love of your brothers to control you and to keep you from asking questions.
I mean, they developed these systems of control thousands of years ago.
You know, we talked to Kevin Tillman, but he would never come on.
And like a year before it came out in news, they believed he was killed.
What do you think happened with Pat Tillman?
You know, honestly, I don't know how much I'm glad to talk about that still to this day.
But honestly, I think that it was a tragic experience.
Well, let's admit it now that there was a cover-up
Oh, yeah.
I mean, I 100% believe that.
You know, I don't think that it's so much of a conspiracy of a cover-up for, you know, were we trying to do something to Pat?
I think it was more concerned with the fact that everybody is career-oriented.
I understand.
Listen, call me back sometime.
You can always tell stories hypothetically.
It's always good to hear those.
Thanks for the call.
It is a big idea.
A new world order.
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It's known as the Bilderberg Group.
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For the first time in history, the elite's plan for world government is blown wide open.
You will learn the secret that drives the entire New World Order agenda.
Bill Berges makes great progress toward a world government.
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We're good to go.
Let's give a big welcome to our former president, Joe Biden!
Let's give Lauren Anderson a hand.
And here is just now the finest Secretary of Housing and Housing Development this country ever had.
It's duly noted.
Put the sign down.
Let me say to all of you, first of all, it's an honor to speak on Hillary's behalf.
It is an honor to be here at this great university.
And it's an honor to me to be heckled by people who are afraid to hear the truth.
Well, there wasn't any heckling going on other than the crowd screaming and yelling and telling Matt Dayton to put down his black and white sign.
They could have all their Hillary or Barack Obama signs, but there he is.
Well, we have the man himself here to talk about what happened to him.
Matt from Project for New American Citizens, UT Group.
It's just done so much here at the University of Texas at Austin.
Set this up for us, Matt.
Tell us what happened.
Alright, first of all, Alex, thank you for having me on air.
Well, it was all sort of last minute.
I really wanted to, I went and checked out the scene beforehand and it turned out they had the setup exactly like the Barack Obama rally that happened a year ago.
They had all the cameras lined up in one place and then it was all pointing in one direction.
They had him and Bill Clinton on the stage in the middle.
And so I was like, well, I have to do something.
So I ran home, got my sign, went to
No, by getting in.
By getting in, this is outside.
Yeah, this is outside, but they had it all blocked off, and so they were doing bag checks and stuff before people could actually get in.
And so people were passing out Hillary posters, and so I took a Hillary poster and wrapped up my sign in a Hillary poster in order to get in.
So I went and checked my bag.
We got in, and then I gave Steve the camera.
We're good to go.
Now watching this video,
You really get the idea that you put the sign up as he's walking out, and then everybody starts heckling you, saying, put the sign down, put the sign down, though they've got their signs up, that Clinton kind of waits a few minutes, and they just stand there.
Then they grab and pull your sign down, and then suddenly he comes out, they announce who he is, then you put the sign back up, and there wouldn't have been this disturbance if they hadn't have attacked your free speech.
So really...
They dug a pit for you, but they fell into it, Matt.
Yes, absolutely they did.
And they're the ones who created so much disturbance and draw more attention to my sign.
So it was actually good for us because it disrupted it way more.
So their hate of the First Amendment ended up backfiring on them.
But at the same time, you hear from the video all the people yelling.
But what you don't see are all the...
The faces and all the thumbs up I was getting from other people in the crowd.
That's key.
Stay there.
We'll be right back.
Because obviously from just a video up on YouTube, we don't get the full picture.
You told me when you first arrived here that they did manhandle you.
I want to discuss all of that with Matt Dayton from PNAC.
We'll also fire out his website when we get back on the other side.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Cyrus Jones from 1810 to 1913 made his great-grandchildren believe you could live to 103.
103 is forever when you're just a little kid.
So, Cyrus Jones lived forever.
Grave digger, when you dig my grave, would you make it shallow?
Let's be clear here.
This isn't just about PNAC going out and taking action.
It's about all of us doing that.
And it's about the response against the First Amendment by these Bill Clinton minions.
There was a lot captured on the camera that was 50, 60 yards away that you...
Okay, so I wait for Bill Clinton, obviously, to start coming out.
That's when I put up the sign.
As soon as I put up the sign, I get a mixed response.
Well, mostly a negative response of people beginning to yell at me and all the people around me.
You can just hear them, you know, muttering.
But I also get a lot of thumbs up and a lot of, like, smiles on people's faces, and I'm making eye contact with a lot of people.
And you don't see that in the video because it's filmed the other direction.
And so I hold it up for about...
Probably, I don't know how many minutes it is, until finally a very disgruntled Hillary supporter comes up and physically grabs my arm, or my jacket, and is trying to literally pull me out of the crouch, drag me through.
That's key.
So it was a Clintonista minion, just like with the Ron Paul rallies where they grab the signs down.
If it's a Clinton rally and there's a Ron Paul sign, that's key.
It was a Clintonista that went after your sign.
Yeah, I mean, as far as I know, a Clint supporter.
Just some guy who just was pissed off.
What did he say?
What did he do?
He was just yelling at me furiously, pulling at me.
And then, what's great is that a guy who was right next to him physically stopped the other guy from touching me and told him that it was my right to do it, to hold up that sign, and that he can't touch me.
And so he, like some stranger, just protected me from some crazy guy.
So that's good news.
So the mob psychology wasn't complete.
What percentage would you say were for you?
No, it wasn't.
Oh, I don't know.
Five percent?
Ten percent?
I would say more in between five and ten percent of the people that I could really kind of see.
You know, mostly against me, but it was encouraging to see a lot of people who were definitely in support of what I was doing.
And so...
The sign got ripped down.
One of the sticks inside the sign broke, and so I brought my sign down and then scooted my way over in order to wait for them to reintroduce Bill Clinton because the first one is him just walking out, and then that's when I hold it up.
And then the second one, I wait for them to actually introduce Bill.
And then clearly you held him up from being introduced because they wait.
Oh, yeah.
No, they probably just didn't know what to do because there was so much yelling going on.
They were confused.
So we definitely disrupted the whole beginning of his introduction.
All right, so you go up there.
Clinton's coming out.
You hold up the sign.
People start grabbing on you, your arms, dragging it down, trying to get the sign.
People kind of fight them off for you.
Then Clinton starts speaking.
You hold it up again, and then he responded.
Tell us about that.
Yeah, so I held it up again, and he responded by saying, it's an honor to be heckled by people who are afraid to hear the truth.
Like, complete doublespeak.
I mean, almost the definition of doublespeak, as if what he's saying is the truth and what I'm doing is,
Lying to people, which is clearly not the case.
Well, he also knows we're the truth movement.
He's been confronted all over the country now.
New York, Minnesota.
I mean, the list goes on and on.
He's starting to get upset about it.
Oh, yeah.
I'm sure your listeners have seen the video of him getting in people's face and becoming red over arguing with people about this issue.
How dare you?
How dare you?
Now Bill Clinton is the ultimate expression of truth.
We are the expression of lies.
Apparently, and that's the picture.
It looks like he's trying to paint.
So, again, the second time I held it up,
We were yelled at.
There's a girl you hear in the video say, Put the sign down, Bill!
And, like, it's silent, and so everybody hears her, and everyone erupts in laughing.
I mean, it is pretty funny.
And then I turn around and hold up the sign towards Clinton, and that's when it gets yoinked out of my arms for good.
So what's funny about that is it's yoinked out of my arms, and the crowd starts passing it back.
They just start, like, passing it back to get it away from me.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
And for a couple minutes.
And then when you put the sign back up, Bill Clinton responds to you and they're all heckling.
They're screaming, heckling you.
And then he claims that you're doing what they're doing.
So literally, he's the liar, you're telling the truth.
They're the ones that are disrupting their own event, not you.
If they would have just left you alone and let you have your free speech, it wouldn't have been a big incident.
I think so, too.
They definitely drew out way more attention than I could have anticipated.
And so they were the ones...
Heckling me, which only, like I said, drew more attention to what my sign said.
What's also really good about something positive I took out of the situation is when I was holding the sign up for the first time, there was a couple of black dudes sitting next to me who they had Obama pins on.
We're good to go.
And they probably wanted me to do it anyway because they were Obama supporters and they liked me disrupting the Clinton.
But regardless, whether they agree with you or disagree with you, they're allowed to hold up their signs.
This is, quote, a public event.
I mean, they search you for weapons going into the park area, but they're not, I mean, were they checking to see if your sign was proper?
Because at the university, you shouldn't be allowed to do that.
No, absolutely not.
I was afraid that they would do that, and they would just kind of tip everyone off.
Did they check what your sign said?
I rolled it up into a Hillary poster, and so it looked like I was a Hillary.
But see, in America, you shouldn't have to do that.
No, absolutely not.
You shouldn't have to, but that's just how things work, you know?
Oh, no, I agree, but I would have done the same thing.
I'm just making the point that this is the UT Mall.
This is an open park area by the tower, and you're there holding up your sign.
They're holding up their sign.
This is freedom.
And it's outrageous that this mob psychology went into effect and grabbed you, took the sign away.
How violent were they?
Because it looks like they're really grabbing on you.
Well, one guy in particular was really violent, and that's the first guy who tries to literally pull me out of the crowd.
I mean, he grabbed me and is pulling me like...
That's not loving a liberal.
No one actually did that, thank God.
But see, wanting to take your free speech is one step away from them when Hillary or Obama gets in power, putting on black uniforms, coming to our homes, taking us to FEMA camps for our speech.
I mean, if they're ready to beat somebody up, grab them for the sign they've got that says Investigate 9-11, that's only one degree, and that's how this works.
Once you decide there's no First Amendment at public events, then it just turns into hell on earth.
Right, absolutely.
And it's even scarier the fact that
Everyone was cheering him on as I was being dragged out, being basically physically assaulted.
You get cheers.
And that's what's really... Well, Fox News has said when Hillary was confronted before by 9-11 truthers, they should be beaten to a pulp, they should be tased.
So, I mean, they're very concerned about us not playing along with their dog and pony shows.
And for the crowd...
It really goes along right with their psychology because they don't want to accept any sort of truth about 9-11.
And they want to... You know, they're in denial about it.
They don't like when people talk about it.
So it goes right along with our psychology of people who believe that being punished in some way.
So they actually sort of want that, maybe.
I don't know.
Well, we're spending a lot of time on this today because what you did, a lot of courage.
You continue to do great work, Matt, and your whole crew.
But we're also, again, talking about it so you can do the same thing in your area.
The good news is you were able to put the sign up a second time.
You were able to really get attention because they fell into their own trap, not our trap, of acting like fools, attacking the First Amendment, and that blew up in their face.
That's a good parable.
Again, I mean, how many people were there?
Four or five thousand?
Four or five thousand.
Yeah, it was huge.
Would you say as big or bigger than the Ron Paul?
I would say not as big as the Ron Paul rally.
The Ron Paul rally was even bigger.
Yeah, definitely.
And so, they're getting an education here, and it does show.
I would imagine you had more than 10% support because people further away don't know what's happening.
And they're just going to support as a group they're being attacked.
That must be a bad man.
That's how group psychology works.
But up close, it sounds like you had higher percentages of support because they could humanize you and see that you were a human being and see how you were being assaulted.
Right, absolutely.
And when I say that percentage, I'm talking about people I could physically see who were right in front of me, who I could tell were in support of me.
I think if they knew your story and you were humanized, you'd have been 30-40%.
No, I definitely agree, but I think most people were more upset at the fact that I was blocking their view than anything.
Of the great Bill Clinton?
Of the great Bill Clinton, which it's really scary that people worship that guy.
But again, what you were saying as far as just people getting out and doing stuff,
It wasn't really a group effort.
I mean, I just went out and one other person, Steve, and we were able to do that.
So it doesn't take a lot of organization.
It takes two people, two, three people, to go get in front of cameras.
Tell us about the PNAC website.
Our website is PNACitizen.org.
We have several videos up there.
We have our video of John Gross.
Some of the video you shot ended up in Loose Change Final Cut.
Yeah, absolutely.
We have that video up there.
We have the video of Professor Stephen Jones revealing his evidence about the iron-rich spheres.
And that's one of the top videos on Google Video right now.
Oh, really?
I haven't even looked.
I saw it yesterday.
Oh, well, that's great.
It's in the most discussed, most shared section, top 20.
Yeah, and so we have a bunch of other videos on a few other topics.
Just hopefully by doing things like this, drawing attention to our website and people go and maybe check out some of those videos, we really encourage people to, or at least university students or anybody, to maybe start their own organization and get somewhat of a credibility on campus where you can set up your own events.
How old is PNAC?
PNAC's about a year and a half old or so.
And just laundry lists, a lot of the accomplishments you guys have had.
Well, we've brought in a lot of speakers.
We've brought you, Alex, several times, speaking with Jack Blood and George Humphrey.
Thousands of them have come to different events.
Yeah, we've definitely had over a thousand at some events.
Then we've had, obviously, the big PNAC conference, Rebuilding America's Senses, which happened last April, in which we brought Webster Tarpley, you, Alex, Stephen Jones, and a whole bunch of others.
Then we brought Steli Castillo, who was a former DEA agent.
Him spoke at the ballroom, the crowd of about 500 or so people, speaking about the war on drugs.
You've also been all over campus, though, and you guys went out and did the same thing to Barack Obama with a sign, too.
Yeah, that happened a year ago in February.
We did the exact same thing, held up the Investigate 9-11 sign, and got a bunch of great photos and video.
And the important thing about these two incidences is that it's right in front of the news media cameras, and they can't...
Help, unless they, like, really zoom in and crop out the image.
It gets on their footage, and so, you know, thousands of people see it all over.
And that's what's, I think that's what's really key about it, is that you're getting a lot of people who wouldn't ordinarily see such a protest.
And what's happening, again, I keep restating this, but to be clear, you have all these kangaroo events where they have this kind of communal group think, and where the left or the right, they're both controlled by the globalists,
We're good to go.
By standing up, by saying, I don't agree, that's your right, and by injecting that into the debate, and then seeing their police state response, that only adds credibility to what we're doing, and it's shaking them up.
I mean, it's all over television.
Every week it's in newspapers that InfoWars groups and WeAreChanged.org and PNAC and all these other groups and just individuals, it's a movement of going out, or when a congressman comes to talk at some church to 100 people, people are coming and confronting him.
And so they're not just there putting out their corporate bilge, you know, their propaganda.
Now it's being countered, and it's causing spontaneous discussions, grassroots resistance is exploding.
And to paraphrase Kennedy, what did he say?
Those that make peaceful revolution impossible make violent revolution inevitable?
And so by always trying to suppress you guys, it's really showing people how serious this is.
And I'd say shame on all those Democrats who are out there trying to hurt your free speech.
Because the same thing happens when Bush will come to some public thing at a university outside, and there's 10,000 people there or 5,000 there to see him, whether it's Tennessee or Texas or South Carolina.
It's happened everywhere.
And there'll be somebody with a shirt saying, no blood for oil, or somebody saying, get us out of Iraq.
And it'll be billed as a public event, you know, in a park or in a big facility.
And then they'll come up and just say, you have to leave.
You have to cover up that shirt.
And they'll say, it's my First Amendment.
Boom, they'll arrest him.
And that's been happening to some 9-11 truthers.
So Democrats all freak out about that, but I wonder if Hillary or Obama gets in, are they suddenly going to like the free speech zones?
Are they suddenly going to like restricting this?
I mean, this is a debate we need to have right now.
I totally agree, and to go back to that Kennedy quote you said,
It's really a shame because they are suppressing us so much as far as, and will suppress us so much as far as our freedom of speech and our right to peacefully assemble and demonstrate and that you're going to have a certain amount of people who are going to begin lashing out and that's only going to further their agenda for a police day.
That's going to give them the excuse they need to lock down even more.
Or if we don't lash out, like in the case of Ottawa, Montebello last year, they will hire cops.
Cops were caught.
For those that didn't know, it was in the major papers.
They got caught.
Cops dressed up like anarchists attacking other cops so they could run a bullet and attack the peaceful people.
So proving your point, they want us to get violent to the point of they go out and stir it up.
Yeah, I totally agree.
Because whoever shoots first loses.
Just like Lexington and Concord, the British fired first.
And I'm not saying there won't come a time when we're trying to take you to FEMA camps if it gets that bad that we won't have to defend ourselves, but for now, by making them act like the bully, we're winning the info war.
I totally agree.
Another example of this is my friend Harlan went down to the Obama rally recently when he was here after the debates, and he had a sign that said Establishment Demagogue, and he was violently attacked, or physically attacked and spit on and cursed at by a bunch of people.
But a lot of the same supporters who were there sort of saw what was happening and were disgusted at how this mob mentality... They were actually there to see Obama, but they were really concerned, and they expressed their concern with him after they saw him being attacked, about how this mob mentality is beginning to work.
All right, Matt Dayton with PNAC.org.
Thank you for your time with us.
Thank you, Alex.
Thank you.
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Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen.
Thank you for joining us.
We're scheduled to have a professor, Noel Sharkey, from England, about robot wars, mainstream news, very serious information.
That is coming up in a few minutes.
We started something new here because I knew that George Norrie was involved in it, and I really respect the work he's doing trying to help out this charity.
When I was growing up, my parents sponsored two different children.
I asked them about it for at least six years.
My uncle, who's really intelligent and informed, sponsored a young third world boy for more than 12 years, and he even knows people who are involved in a charity.
If you're going to give to charities, you need to give to ones that you know and trust.
I'll tell you one that's good, and that's, you know, domestically, is Salvation Army.
About 90% of what you give actually ends up getting to people.
Red Cross, totally wicked.
I don't mean volunteers, but the people with the... Look, I'm digressing.
That point doesn't matter.
The point is that Children's International is the best group out there.
My family's been involved with them.
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I'll probably end up talking an hour about it.
You know, we research what the best charities are.
It's like two days after 9-11, we said, send breathing apparatus to this church near Ground Zero.
And we were sending those there because we knew what they needed.
And, well, I'm done talking about that.
I've already belabored it.
Ball's in your court.
It's up to you.
In fact, I know Curt Nimmo is listening right now.
I know I should put the banner there.
Move the banner to the top somewhere for today or put a link up at the top because I really want people to be able to find it easily.
I know we opened the phones up and we got loaded phones.
And our next guest will be with us in about 20 minutes, 30 minutes.
Then I promise we'll just take calls the rest of the show.
If you don't want to hold, you can hang up and call back.
Look at this ridiculous headline.
Bush says U.S.
is not headed into a recession.
President Bush said Thursday that the country is not headed into recession, and despite expressing concern about slowing economic growth, rejected for now any additional stimulus efforts.
They claim the country is growing at about 1.5% now, dropping from a little over 2%, with a 15% conservative inflation rate yearly.
That's an actual huge conscription in the economy.
Bush's view of the economic economy was decidedly rosier than that of many economists who say the country is nearing recession.
Nearing recession?
We've been in it for years.
With many economists saying we're already in a recession.
The centerpiece of the government efforts to brace the wobbly economy is a package Congress passed and Bush signed this month that will rush rebates ranging from $300 to $1,200 to millions of people.
The average is about $600.
And you have tax incentives to businesses.
Bush also used the news conference to pass Congress, to press Congress, to give telecommunications companies legal immunity from helping the government eavesdrop on September 11th terror attacks.
After the September 11th terror attacks, yeah, on the American people.
The President and Congress are in a showdown over Bush's demand on the issue of immunity.
So that's what's...
Going on on that front.
I have another story we're going to get to later.
Investment banker predicts $300 a barrel oil.
I don't know if that's going to happen, but it's on CNBC of all places, so it is getting crazier and crazier by the minute.
I started talking about this article yesterday, so we've got a guest scheduled to come on after this break.
Robot wars will be a reality within 10 years.
The world is sleepwalking into an international robot arms race.
A leading expert has warned, and so we'll be getting that warning from him.
I've been very concerned about this in the last decade as I watch the Pentagon and other military-industrial complexes, fortresses, move in that direction.
Shifting back into the economy later, I'll get into this as well.
UN report during crisis, eat bugs, the AP reports.
They have a luscious platter of cockroaches there for you to eat.
I'm not kidding, that's up on InfoWars.com.
Also, lawyer says bin Laden did not orchestrate 9-11 during terror trial in Australia.
We'll be going over that.
Also, childhood vaccine linked to convulsions.
Associated Press.
Meanwhile, all U.S.
kids should get the flu vaccine, federal panel says.
Also, Tamiflu's effects on the brain.
More on that coming out.
And does McCain's birthplace rule him out?
This is in the International Herald Tribune.
It's all coming up after this quick break.
Stay with us.
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Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
We are now eight minutes into this third and final hour of transmission blasting out on the AM and FM dial across the United States, simulcasting on three satellites, Global Shortwave at WWCR, and the Internet at Infowars.com.
I remember more than a decade ago reading official Army reports, how they planned by 2011 to have half of the Air Force and Army aircraft fleet being drone, having them with their own operating systems where they could even make decisions on their own within the set battle plan.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
To deploy robots, deploy droids, deploy drones, and it takes out of the equation the troops refusing to kill civilians.
It also dehumanizes things further, where the robots, anybody who doesn't have the proper face scan or who can't present ID, will just kill you.
That's already the case in Fallujah.
If you don't show the proper ID, NBC reported, the troops kill you on sight.
That's hard to believe.
I have the NBC report.
Right before Tom Brokaw retired, he gave the report.
So we have an incredible expert on instead of me just babbling.
The point is that we're seeing a full conversion over to this.
This article says within 10 years.
I say it's already here.
Noel Sharkey, B-A-P-H-F-I-E-T-F-B-C-S-C-I-T-M-F-R-I-N-F-R-S-A.
Folks, he's got so many letters, I've got to stop right there.
I mean, he's an electrical engineer, he's a psychologist, he's a... This is one of the top robotics experts, people studying the trends, futurist...
He's at the university there in Sheffield, where Paul Watson is from, the University of Sheffield, Department of Computer Science, EPSRC Senior Media Fellow.
Folks, literally.
I can't go over the rest of this bio.
This is one of the leading experts in the world with us, and I saw this in the London Telegraph.
Robot wars will be a reality within 10 years.
The world is sleepwalking into an international robot arms race.
A leading expert has warned Professor Noel Sharkey fears increased research and spending on unmanned military systems by countries including the U.S., Russia, China, and Israel will lead to...
The use of autonomous battlefield robots that can decide when to kill within a decade.
That's already here, and of course he knows that.
But, Professor Sharkey, we are very honored to have you.
Hello, Alex.
Thank you very much.
And let me just say before I start, I don't think you were babbling at all.
I think you put that stuff really well.
You're right on the ball there, and I'm really glad you're doing this and putting it out there.
Well, thank you.
I can just extrapolate what elites have done in the past.
I mean, the elites could have robots or robot aircraft carry out attacks and then say somebody else did it.
You know, they're saying Al-Qaeda may use these.
Oh, but we'll never know who really did it because you can't really interrogate the robot or they could wipe its memory circuits and plant false data.
But now I'm really going off the handle.
Yeah, well, a little bit.
That's not the real, I mean, they're really, we don't have to get too futuristic.
As you say yourself, the robots are already here and armed, especially the flying ones, the Predators and the Reapers now.
You must know about the Reapers that are carrying 14 Hellfire missiles.
And there have been so many accidents.
And then we've got the first deployment of the Tail on Swords robots in Iraq.
Last year in December, and they're all armed with grenade launchers and that kind of thing.
There's only four of them, and they haven't actually fired a shot yet as far as I know from what I hear from the military.
But there are 80 more of them in order.
That's not what we hear from the fighters in Iraq, but go ahead.
Yeah, well, the kinds of robots you're talking about are not really my main concern, although they're very worrying.
What I'm worried about is that if you read all the US documents, which I've done, and you read the latest roadmap, which was published in December for 2007 through 2032, if you read that, you'll find that what they want to do now is have autonomous robots, and that means there's no human in the loop.
So at the moment, when there's a predator flying, and you know they're flying them from the Nevada desert, that's where the pilots are, and the predators are over a rock, so they're 7,000 miles away.
But now they want to take the human out of the loop as well, and that's where it gets really scary.
You're the expert on this.
You've been studying it for decades.
Break down the problems that you see, the problems we've already witnessed.
Yeah, well, I mean, the big problem now is,
If you have an autonomous robot, that's a robot that just goes out on its own which is what all the United States forces want then it's going to make decisions who to kill, when to kill and where to kill them.
And this is happening thick and fast.
You know, we've got the DARPA challenge, the grand challenge now in the United States.
It's been going for four years.
And it started off with cars racing across the Nevada desert completely autonomously.
And this year it was urban.
So it was around a sort of makeshift city.
The cars whizzed around the city and did all sorts of tasks.
And you can see what this is about development for us.
Development for robot weapons that will work on their own with no humans there.
And scary is that the reason this has to happen is because of mission complexity.
But the one thing I really try to get across to policymakers is that
There's this kind of mythical artificial intelligence.
You know, you've seen all the science fiction movies, and every time killer robots are mentioned, people start talking about Terminator and Skynet and all this kind of stuff that's really fairy tales.
And if they were like that, it would be better.
Because what you've got here, this is like a washing machine.
This is a dumb, stupid machine.
And then you're going to give it the decision to kill people?
I mean, it's just ridiculous, really, to me.
I mean, one of the things I know is, with my expertise, I know what the limits of artificial intelligence are.
So that's what's really worrying me.
And, you know, one of the fundamental laws of war, for just war, if you can imagine there is a just war, and I'm talking here about the Geneva Conventions and the various protocols, and the fundamental of that from the beginning is that
Any weapon, system, or any individual must be able to discriminate between civilians and soldiers, between combatants and non-combatants.
You're not allowed to just go out and kill innocent people.
And there's no sensing equipment on robots at present.
There's no artificial intelligence on robots at present that could make that discrimination.
Now, if you look at the Geneva Convention, the first one in 1940, it wasn't the first Geneva Convention, the Geneva Convention in 1940, what they say there is, what's a civilian?
Well, you have to use common sense to work that out.
And humans can do that.
The next protocol, Protocol 1, in 1977, which America didn't sign up to, but there they said they had to define what a civilian was, and how they've defined it is, they've defined it as somebody who isn't a combatant.
So there's no real definition of a civilian, no rules you could program into a robot to say what a civilian was, and yet they're going to let them go out and decide who to kill, and that's worrying.
Well, you talk about an arms race, the argument will be by the Pentagon and DARPA, and the big magicians up there at the top, and then the huge military industrial complex and the universities and sciences, you know, they're feeding this, is that, well, we've got to develop it or somebody else would, and we've got to keep superiority, and as you said, they're immediately out of the gates.
We're good to go.
Yes, it is.
But you've got some good robotics guys in the United States, in the military, who are trying to do things.
There's a guy called Chief John Canning, Naval Surface Warfare, who works on robots and the law.
And what he's saying is, he says they shouldn't be allowed out, autonomous robots, unless what they're going to do is target weapons and machines.
And his big motto is, let men target men, and it should be let humans target humans, really, and let machines target machines.
Yeah, we need treaties right now.
We do need treaties, indeed, immediately.
But the United States with the arms race thing, you see, it's not a matter of them worrying about the arms race.
I'm afraid it's a matter of them creating it.
Because they're beginning to scare other countries into following suit.
We've got Grand Challenge for the first time in the United Kingdom this year.
Grand Military Challenge with swarms of autonomous helicopters.
We've got a Grand Challenge started in Singapore last year.
Well, they've already got autonomous dragonflies flying around surveilling people.
Well, I'm not sure how true that was.
That was the Washington story, wasn't it?
Well, I mean, we know they developed the dragonflies, and we know they said they're going to test them, but we don't know if they were at that event.
Yeah, but there's all sorts of sinister... I mean, you want to talk about that and talk about surveillance coming in.
I mean, one of the most sinister ones is... And they put a lot of money into this, like, you know, $80 million into a project.
What they're doing is they're putting little microchips...
Into the cocoon of a moth, into the pupae, so that when the moth comes out, it's got this chip embedded in it, and then they can use a living moth, control it remotely, and use it for surveillance.
What do you think of that?
And they're telling us about it now.
I wonder how many years ago.
I mean, I remember 20 years ago seeing remote-controlled cockroaches.
Yeah, that's right.
They were.
Let's talk about...
Where the technology has advanced to, and then ideas of how to control this, and where it's going with our guests.
We're just so honored to have him.
You can't have a better expert on, ladies and gentlemen.
This is the future.
The future is now.
I'm Alex Jones.
It is a big idea.
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Electroengineer, futurist, robotics expert is our guest, Professor Noel Sharkey, University of Sheffield, England.
Autonomous robots, ground forces, surveillance systems.
From tiny mobs to huge predator aircraft.
The Reaper, laden with blisters of weapon systems, hellfire missiles.
Continuing with where the science is, some of the most draconian type developments.
And of course, a lot of this I see being developed for urban use against civilian populations.
By police forces.
You've got the floor.
Please continue.
Yes, sir.
Are you talking to me?
All right.
Yeah, the police force thing is very worrying as well.
I notice a lot of reports.
I haven't seen them firsthand, but I notice a lot of reports coming out of the United States about SWAT teams using robots.
But, you know, sometimes they use them very well when they're not armed.
But now they put tasers on them.
And, you know, the Amnesty International reports about the taser use are horrific.
Although many people in the United States are denying it, lots and lots of people are dying through tasers.
People die every day from it, and they've got, right here in Austin, shotguns on them, and they claim it's to detonate bombs, but they send them into houses with shotguns.
They've got shotguns on them now, have they?
This is news to me, in Texas.
Oh, they had shotguns on them ten years ago.
Oh, my goodness.
Yeah, I've got video in my film Road to Tyranny from 2000.
We have video of them out with a robot with a shotgun.
I'll have to see that.
I really will.
Please continue.
Well, you know, the other thing is, as you say, the big thing is, as you say, you're sending these things into civilian populations, and even if there's a human in the loop sending them in...
The United States keeps talking about, you know, winning hearts and minds.
It's George Bush's big slogan all the time in Iraq.
Let's win hearts and minds.
Well, you see, I'm not sure how many hearts and minds you win with a robot stuck in people's faces.
An armed robot.
What do you think of that?
People instinctively don't like it.
Of course you don't.
I mean, it's called... One of your famous generals called it the last three steps.
And what he meant by that was it's the armed forces in a foreign country, in Iraq or whatever, and they're three steps away from the enemy or three steps away from the civilian population or three steps away from people in the prison camp.
And in those three steps, they're an ambassador for your country.
Well, what about what Japan's doing with these...
With these Honda and Sony robots where they say they're going to look for shoplifters and stand at the front of stores giving you orders?
Yeah, that's not good.
But, you know, I have to say that Japan, you know, we have to look at it in perspective.
They're not arming them at all.
And the other thing about Japan is they're the only country in the world that have actually been bringing out rules for the government of robots.
We're good to go.
Smirking, because it wasn't funny at all.
South Korea last year got commissioned robots from Samsung, and they're putting them all along the border between North and South Korea.
And these things shoot to kill.
They've got really good sensors on them.
They can detect a vehicle or a person from about three kilometers away.
Now, the thing is that they're in the demilitarized zone, the DMZ, and according to international law, in the DMZ, you're fair game.
You enter the DMZ, you can be killed.
But, you know, you can put mine there.
But, you know, if you're a soldier doing it, you can be looking around, and you see this kid who's accidentally come in here, or somebody who's just been shot, who doesn't know where they are.
Or a helicopter accidentally crashes.
You're crawling out of the helicopter, you're crawling out of the 747, and here come the swords.
That's really good.
That's really good.
That's a really good example.
I'll use that again.
They're not mobile.
They're fixed.
So they sit there, but they turn around and swivel.
And they can shoot two and a half miles.
Well, I've seen marine vehicles that they say they're going to turn over to robots five years ago, and they've got a huge .50 caliber gun on the top, and they'll just basically be robotic.
Stay there.
There's so many facets.
I want you, when we get back, Professor...
Because I didn't know about the DMZ.
See, there's so much.
Any other key areas like that where they're already deployed.
Did you hear that?
There's already combat mechs with high-powered weapon systems in the DMZ.
This is incredible.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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All right, we got to move quick.
It's our final segment with him.
And he's agreed to come back in the near future so we can pick his brain.
Professor Noel Sharkey, now you just dropped a huge bombshell on me during the break.
I googled it and found news articles about it.
I didn't know about armed autonomous robots in the demilitarized zone between North and South Korea.
Anything else that's just so amazing like that that you can tell us about, Professor?
Well, I can tell you some other things, but one thing about the armed robots in the demilitarized zone is if you look at Google again, you'll see that the South Koreans are actually planning to have a full robot police force
In their cities.
Civilian police force.
I remember seeing that.
And that's pretty bad as well.
But, you know, one of my really big concerns is this idea that, you know, America's put all these plans out there.
And the thing about the United States is I really like the United States because the reason why I know so much about what's going on in the United States is because it's an open information society.
So all of the plans are published.
I only found out yesterday at a conference with a lot of British military people what's going on in my own country.
We don't publish any of it.
There's no freedom of information in that kind of way.
Well, this is breaking news.
Tell us what you learned.
Well, I mean, I've read all the roadmaps, for instance.
I'm not going to say too much about what I learned yesterday.
In fact, I can't because I was under something called Charter House Rules.
Well, I mustn't repeat people's comments.
Plus, they could just put a D-note aside if they didn't like what you said.
Well, one of the things I learned quite a lot about was, and I knew a bit about it myself, was the kind of things that terrorists will now copy.
Because the thing is, the United States will make these very sophisticated robots.
The United States is a civilized country, and they will try their best to make robots that can discriminate between... I don't think they can do it, but they'll try their best to make robots that will discriminate between civilians and non-civilians.
If you don't really care about that discrimination at all and you're not really worried about accuracy and you're not going to be on the media worrying about accuracy then it's pretty simple to make autonomous robots.
It's really simple.
And you could make swarms of these things.
I mean, one of the things I've done is I also, I'm a judge on, you might have heard of Robot Wars.
I think I've judged it for America as well.
Oh, I happened to see that once, yeah.
Well, I've been the head judge of that for all series of it throughout the world.
And so I've traveled around a lot and run competitions in China and India and Egypt and things like that.
And you find that all the civilian populations are very sophisticated.
They learn very quickly.
They recycle old cars.
You take the windscreen wiper motors out of an old car and you can just build a robot for practically nothing.
And in Iran they have a lot of robot competitions.
In Saudi Arabia they have robot jockeys riding camels.
So this technology is all out there.
And if these people want to turn their mind to it and turn it into military, for military use, they can do it.
And if you're not worried about accuracy and discrimination, I mean, you could go into Washington State and release a whole swarm of little robots.
Each with a small explosive on it into the civilian population.
I'm reluctant to say this because I'm hoping new terrorists are listening.
But I was told yesterday by some admirals not to worry about saying it because they're convinced they already knew all about it.
So you could release swarms of these things in.
You can go on the internet, you can get a model airplane, you can get a Microsoft phone connected to the little, you know, not a model airplane, but one of those little ones you fly, small airplane, can't be detected by radar, put a Microsoft phone on it, you can use the GPS system from the Microsoft phone, you can text to that phone and send it coordinates.
Now you imagine a couple of thousand of those flying over Washington,
You wouldn't even be able to detect them on radar screens.
You couldn't shoot them down.
And this is well known about... You're talking about the hobbyist planes that have got like three or four... Yeah, the hobbyist planes.
That's it.
The little remote control things.
That's it.
But you can make them fully autonomous.
And they're not that accurate.
But they're pretty accurate when you send them into a civilian population.
And this is really scary stuff.
And we're really worried about it in this country.
I learned yesterday from people.
We're worried about this happening to the Olympics.
I found on websites people explaining how to simply make...
Well, if 20 years ago, DARPA had remote-controlled cockroaches with a microchip wired into its brain, they have Roborat for five years.
Yeah, that's right.
I mean, can you talk about the cybernetic-type developments?
Yeah, well, we've got those as well.
You mean using animals to run... Well, you mentioned the moth, but... Yeah, that's right.
What about robo-rats, well, you know, carrying on their back a quarter pound of high explosive jacketed in metal shavings?
Yeah, robo-rat's a little difficult.
With the robo-rat, you know, that's the rescue rat, kind of what it's called, that.
The robo-rat doesn't have any electronics on board.
It needs a good scientist to run a robot rat.
I understand, but I mean, that technology is going to get easier and easier.
It's going to get easier and easier and easier.
But, you know, the American military is very creative.
You know, the part of your brain that controls, we use for navigation, is called your hippocampus, right?
It's a little piece inside the middle of your brain.
And, for instance, they tried using a hippocampus to drive a tank.
So all these things are being tried, and some of them are going to be very successful.
Some of them are bound to be very successful.
What worries me is there's a really tragic accident waiting to happen here, isn't there?
Now, what about technocracies, though?
Because the British...
Military put out last year their 10-year prospectus on what they believe is going to happen.
The London Guardian did a big report on it.
Did you happen across that?
No, I didn't happen across that.
Tell me about it then.
Well, in that big report, they talk about flash mobs.
They talk about how the elite's going to deal with the population.
They talk about more and more have-nots versus the haves.
And I just see this.
What if Hitler was alive today and running Germany?
Now, he had SS guards that would kill people, and, you know, Waffen-SS troops.
But, I mean, imagine what elites can do, what a technocracy can do, or what a technocracy say in 20 years, most of the government's robotic, a lot of countries have robotic police.
And then, you know, supercomputer geniuses probably already in government, they go in and stage a coup using what's... I mean, that kind of is the Skynet scenario where they use the B-2 bombers that are robotic to launch a nuclear attack.
It probably won't be the robots.
It'll be bad humans using the fact that they've built in where in the past it would take millions of people to stage a takeover.
Now it just takes a couple hundred in the technocracy.
I think you're right.
We'll be bad humans.
I think there's nothing wrong with the robots.
They're just dumb machines.
It's who uses them.
But I'm surprised.
I'm waiting for the first moment now to see when robots are going to be equipped with water cannon for strike breaking and for riot breaking.
Well, listen, my grandfather developed that in the late 1960s as just a tinkerer.
They sold the prototype to the army and it was the equivalent of just a remote control robot that had these big poles that could extend in all directions with high voltage.
Oh, really?
Your grandfather's responsible for that?
So you've got a lot to answer for then, haven't you?
Well, you're making up for it now.
But, you know, it'll be quite easy.
You can imagine, tomorrow morning...
I could start a project for the police, which I'm not going to do, I assure you.
And within a couple of months, we could have a bunch of big robots armed with water cannons.
You could have police in tall buildings with, you know, video screens looking down at the population and rounding them up.
And that will automatically, like the scoops in the movie Soylent Green, that will dehumanize it in the psyche of the police.
Yes, completely.
It's exactly like that.
Like the video cameras on the jets, you just see a little dot on the ground and you bomb it.
Of course it will dehumanize it.
And, you know, the thing is, governments are all... It's all very well having a democracy and things, but the whole thing can shift in a technocracy, can't it?
Everything can change.
It allows horizontal integration instantly.
Yes, quite.
And you get...
You know, as you say, you could easily have a coup.
You could have all sorts of things like that.
But I suppose that, I mean, you've got vast spaces in the United States, don't you?
You could have huge underground labs or a big workshop somewhere if you're rich enough.
And as we speak, there could be somebody developing lots of robots to attack places.
You can't really tell.
How could you ever detect them?
I think one thing's for sure, Professor.
We're in for quite a ride.
I hope not.
I mean, one of the things I'm doing at the moment, I'm pushing really hard.
I'm talking to the people.
You know the people who got the landmines banned?
There's a treaty banning all landmines throughout the world.
And I'm talking to them now about trying to get a ban on all autonomous weaponry.
I don't think we'll be very successful, but I think that we don't even have international discussion at the moment.
We have countries just developing as they want.
Because what I'm worried about is, as you said at the beginning, about sleepwalking into this.
We're not making the policies.
The policies are making themselves.
You could things like supply things already.
Supply trucks called the mule that are autonomous.
Well, you know, they can run between groups of soldiers.
Okay, they can run on their own between groups of soldiers and deliver supplies.
Nothing wrong with that.
But they're an expensive asset, and they don't want them to fall into the hands of the enemy.
So you're going to put weapons in those eventually, and that's how it's going to gradually creep into use.
So it's not going to be that one day the military are going to say, right, we're going for autonomous weapons now, and everybody can protest and stop it.
It will creep in step by step.
You're talking about mission creep.
That's right.
That's a good term for it.
Yes, mission creep.
So we'll creep in step by step, and you won't know that it's happening.
It's not like nuclear, where you're either a nuclear bomb or you're not.
There's no half nuclear bomb.
But with robots already, it's mission creep, as you call it.
Oh, Professor, there's so many areas, so many facets to all of this.
We're doing the right thing, though.
Having a debate, educating people about this, I think is the key.
From what I've heard from you, South Korea is the furthest along in this.
I remember seeing that last year, wanting to deploy...
Robot police forces, and they've already got the killer robots in the DMZ.
Why have they chosen to go this route?
Well, it's too expensive.
Patrolling all the time is a very big area.
But what's worse is I've heard, you know, when it was first announced, I got onto the case and it was in newspapers, and most of the online newspapers, you've got comment sections.
And I noticed that a lot of American right-wingers
We're immediately saying, great stuff, we could get this to the border with Mexico.
That was the first thing that was said.
But then, even if you're for controlling the borders, that sets the precedent.
It does, yeah.
But, you know, that's not a DMZ, so it's completely illegal.
I haven't heard anybody in your government suggesting that at all.
But, you know, the future changes, doesn't it?
Well, it's constantly changing.
You say 10 years away.
Can you extrapolate out, kind of with this mission creep, at current growth trends, which of course are exponential, what life will be like in 20 years if serious debates and controls and treaties aren't put into place now?
I didn't actually say 10 years, in fact.
If you remember right, I said within 10 years.
Within ten years.
It could be five, you know, I mean, we're talking about, if people, we're talking in a radio show, a lot of people, I hope are listening to this, and I don't, just let me say this, I don't want to be scaring people, they're not going to be robots knocking on your door in ten minutes time, they're dumb machines, and we can stop this now, but we need a lot of people pulled together, right to your, you know, your senator, or your local, whatever you call them, we call them MPs here, you've got senators and, you know, your local government officials, and
And if they think there's some electoral mileage to be made in it, they will change things.
They will fight against it.
And that's one message I'd like to get across.
Well, I agree.
We can't stop this.
Well, there's an angle right there of a helicopter or boat blowing into the coastline to the DMZ and the hunter-killers kill them in South Korea there with North Korea.
But here's another angle.
The military-industrial complex is literally taking over our economy, shifting, taking over the universities right now.
That's the whole direction that this is going.
But Lockheed Martin, three years ago, got their red light cameras kicked out, a very primitive system.
Out of San Diego, because under common law in the Constitution, similar to your Magna Carta, you have to have an officer physically giving you the citation or the summons to court for speeding or running a red light.
Plus, the cops don't want to lose their jobs to robots.
And, you know, we know, just like Bill Joy wrote in Wired Magazine, why the future doesn't need us.
You know, we have to have these debates about mechanization and robotics.
That's a whole other discussion area about what this will do to society and jobs.
But if under law you can't have the red light camera issuing you a ticket because it was a private company issuing you a ticket, you can only have police controlling cameras and then they still issue the ticket.
I think the point here is that we don't want to turn this loose on us because it's so unaccountable.
I mean, do you get where I'm going here?
I do indeed.
It's very unaccountable.
One of the big things about an autonomous robot that does it itself
Who's responsible when it kills people all over the place?
I mean, I heard lawyers talking yesterday about the idea that, can a robot be guilty of war crimes?
And I think that's so stupid, because that's the kind of thing you worry about.
Oh, you know, let it go out and kill a load of people, and then what do we, and I asked this guy, how are we going to punish a robot?
Switch it off!
So you let robots go out and attack people, and then you say the robot was responsible for it.
Where were you yesterday having these meetings you can't talk about?
I was at the Royal United Services Institute in the United Kingdom.
One thing I must say, though, that overall I was very warned that the British military who were there
We're not up for having autonomous weapons.
I'm not up for having autonomous robots.
No, you've got to keep humans in control.
But expanding from there, because that's exactly where I was going next...
I picture them sending in advanced, you know, fourth, fifth generation sword types, say, into a Fallujah.
We know there was already massive civilian slaughter that went on, firing howitzers in the buildings.
They go in, they kill a bunch of people.
That then allows higher level corps in the military to cover it up, because it's always the brutes on the ground that blow the whistle later.
If you have your robots go in and do the killing, it's much easier to cover that up.
Ah, there's nobody watching, you mean.
There's no witnesses.
So you can't call anybody to a tribunal and ask them.
Well, you know, some people are saying that to use these things, you're going to have to put a log on board so that everything is logged.
So you have a little log so that if it kills anybody, it has to report that it's fired its weapon and that kind of thing.
But every time the cops do something bad here, their squad car camera malfunctions.
Same thing.
Oh, the computer.
Oh, it had a data loss.
Yeah, yeah.
That is a big problem, yeah.
But, you know, at least you don't have...
Like, when I go out of my house, I don't know if you know this, when I go down into Sheffield or any city in the UK, they reckon I'm photographed 400 times.
Yes, I've seen that at most of the society, anywhere.
Yeah, we really are.
Well, they're now coming out with AI software where the cameras watch you, and then they shout orders at you or report back to somebody.
Well, when's it going to be that we're getting tasered from a camera?
They're already shouting orders like the telescreens.
Well, I mean, I'm sure you heard about the company trying to work with Taser to develop the flying drones that fire Tasers at crowds.
Yes, yes, I have, yes.
But when are they going to be in our surveillance cameras?
You know, that's the next thing.
We have cameras that say orders to us as well.
It's really freaky.
But, you know, you're getting a more sneaky surveillance.
We don't really have time to go into this now, I know.
But you're starting to get... In Houston, Texas...
Not far from where you are, I'm sure.
They had the Federal Aviation Authority give permission to use pilot and use small, very small fixed wing aircrafts with cameras on for doing police surveillance.
And these things can see like a mile.
They can see in your window of your house.
Professor, we're out of time, but I've got five minutes.
I've got five minutes on the other side.
Hold on.
I want to come back and just get a two-minute summation from you in the final segment.
This has been an incredible interview.
I hope and pray you'll come back and spend another hour with us, or close to an hour.
This has been amazing.
It is a big idea.
A new world order.
In the near future, Earth is dominated by our governments.
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Bill Berges makes great progress toward a world of government.
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It says, worship the beast.
This issue is about worship, not economics.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
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Well, it's final segment with Professor Noel Sharkey.
Any websites you want to fire out?
Any research areas people should check out?
How do people read your research papers and check into the amazing body of work that you've been involved in?
Well, if you want to check out, I'm not on here to sell anything except the message, but if you want to look at other things I've done, you can just put Noel Sharkey in inverted commas, you know, into Google, and you'll find me instantly.
That's the best way to find me, really.
In a 60-second summation...
What do we need to do?
Where are we going?
Well, I'm hoping what we're going to do is ban these autonomous robots before they start.
We're not going to stop the ones that are remote-controlled, the ones that are tele-operated.
It was too late.
We're too far in there.
We're not going to stop the unarmed combat air vehicles.
Russia now have the SCAT-1 in development.
China have the invisible sword.
Europe have the SAAB.
They're here to stay.
We're stuck with those now.
But we can't stop the autonomous ones.
But I'd like to say something.
I'll just be able to say this once.
In the New York Times, in 1950, published in November the 19th, 1950, there was a professor called Edmund C. Berkeley, and he wrote, We will need a Robot Machine Commission to function like our present Atomic Energy Commission.
He asks for a United Nations Robot Commission to give protections to the people of the world.
And to penetrate national defense establishments and regulate guided missiles and other robot machines.
And here we are, 57 years later, and we're starting to meet the consequences.
And this guy was telling us 57 years ago, and nobody listened.
Professor Sharkey, thank you for all the time, and I look forward to speaking to you again.
It's been great.
I've enjoyed it.
Thank you.
Thank you, sir.
I'll try to find some photos of that robot my grandpa built and send them to you.
It's been great talking to you.
Take care.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, that's it for this transmission.
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