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Air Date: Feb. 27, 2008
2254 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Welcome, ladies and gentlemen.
It is the 27th day of February 2008.
We're going to be here live for the next three hours.
And boy, is the news important.
It's important every day, but it's just getting...
More and more bizarre by the minute.
Everything is accelerating.
The cascading effects of what's happening in our society, financially, spiritually, mentally.
There's a lot of good things happening and also a lot of bad things happening at the same time as we reach towards a crescendo or a grand finale.
Or I guess a group of rolling finales into even larger finales.
Gold hits record high on surging oil and euro.
It's a nice way for Reuters to say plunging dollar.
Confidence plunges.
Inflation rate soars.
Associated Press.
Fed sheaves signals another rate cut.
That signals the dollar will plunge further.
But the know-it-all trendies will see the stock market maintaining at least its numbers.
They don't understand they've devalued those numbers.
So they're giving you an illusion.
You like illusions?
You're going to get illusions.
Gas may reach a $4 a gallon by spring.
Key home price index shows record decline.
Record decline.
The IMF is dumping gold in the market.
It's still not suppressing the price.
The price...
When I checked just a few minutes ago, it is $957.90.
It opened this morning and blasted its way up to $965 before dropping down to about $951 and changing.
Now racing back up right now as we speak.
Bank profits plunge 84% in fourth quarter.
We're now getting all this economic news from the end of last year.
We told you, remember, that in late February, early March, we would have a cascade, it's a key word, of economic data coming in, and when the sheep find out what's happened, it's only going to accelerate, intensify the deepening economic woes.
One in ten home loans nationwide is underwater.
So that's the economic news.
I'm going to go over that in detail after the break.
Also, Florida power blackout remains a puzzle with those reactors having problems.
I've got to be careful when I talk about a nuclear reactor having a problem or something.
People will take it and edit it together with me screaming and yelling.
I've had people take nine hours of radio and edit shocking sounding headlines together claiming that I'm putting out this info.
There's a
It's good news.
Because it means I'm getting more effective.
So, Florida Power Blackout remains a puzzle.
Key home prices.
Again, record decline when we get back.
Britain thought an earthquake was an Al-Qaeda attack.
That is just some of what is coming up.
After the break, a new NAU meeting, North American Union meeting, has been announced by the State Department.
Robot wars will be a reality within 10 years, London Telegraph.
San Jose police use sound weapons on citizens.
It's all coming up.
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I was watching YouTube videos of her last night.
I allow myself a little leisure each evening.
And I saw a live performance in Oregon of Heart like in 75 or something.
And it was like 10 times better than even this live one.
That woman's got an incredible voice.
You know, the heights that human beings can rise to in poetry and art and
And the lows that we can sink to as well.
I certainly hope we will all try to reach higher and be better people instead of the mind-numbed, drugged-out slobs that we have drifted towards.
Myself included.
Okay, financial news and geopolitical news.
It is all wild and of great import.
Gold is not up today.
Oh, I mean, it's up.
It's at record-time highs of...
965 plus dollars an ounce, gyrating between that and 957 right now, which itself would be an all-time high.
It just streaked past its previous highs of a week ago.
And it's not because gold is actually up in price.
The same amount of euros that would buy gold for a certain amount a week ago or the same amount would buy it this week.
The dollar is being destroyed, and I know that we talk about this constantly now, because this affects our entire economic system, our entire economic outlook, our future, our present, and of course the past, the investments, the savings that you've made.
They're all inexorably tied together.
And whereas one little area of my psyche, of my intellect, is pleased to see gold exploding, because we like to be right here, I am more, I'd say 10, 20, 30 times more upset about this happening, because it just means the globalists are continuing with their policy of fully gutting this country and leaving it as a banana boat police state.
So let's go through the financial news right now.
Gold hits record high on surging oil and surging euro Reuters.
Gold roared above $9.55 an ounce on Wednesday.
Notice what they say above that.
Again, it's $9.65.
To its highest ever, with investors pouring money into the metal after oil hit a record above $101 a barrel, and the U.S.
dollar tumbled against other major currencies.
Spot gold rose as high as $955.70.
I don't know why Reuters is saying this.
I was just looking at it.
It was $965.
It's $957 change right now.
With buying particularly from investors and speculators in Japan.
By the way, I looked at gold futures.
The big gold companies are saying they're going to buy back because they sell gold before it's mined.
And they sold it at $850, $890, $900 an ounce in different futures contracts.
They're buying it back even with the penalties right now.
Like they're saying some of the biggest gold buybacks in history are happening.
Now when the gold mines are buying their gold back...
We need to get some experts on and discuss this, but I'm a layman.
I mean, this is pretty much a no-brainer.
The gold futures are way up.
This is a bull market all the way in gold.
Everything else is a bear.
Well, commodities are up.
But all the frivolous garbage and stocks and the rest of it are in deep trouble.
They're tied to services and other things.
Manufacturing, you name it.
Unless it's in manufacturing or extraction...
Systems used as components in raw material extraction, preparation, distribution.
But I'm getting off here.
Spot gold rose as high as $9.5570.
That's not true.
Silver hit a 27-year high, and palladium jumped to its best level in more than six years.
Investors are very concerned about the fluctuations and troubles in other markets, said Darren Heathcote of Intervest Australia in Sydney.
Let's say $970 is not inconceivable.
It hit $965 this morning.
I was on Kitco.
As I guessed, $1,000 is not inconceivable.
There just doesn't seem to be much reason to sell gold, he added.
Weak economic data and comments from the Federal Reserve, number two, provided more proof that the U.S.
interest rates will continue to head lower.
Now, that's been officially announced.
Pushing the dollar below the psychologically crucial 150 level against the euro to a record low and spurring a broad-based commodities rally.
Remember yesterday, Greenspan, we reported that Monday, he gave a speech to OPEC's minions,
And told them, go ahead and de-peg your currencies from the dollar.
That's like pushing a drowning man back under.
Oh, I am just... Okay, I'm going to try to just cover the news here.
We're seeing history happen right now.
This is the end of this country's dominance.
This is the beginning of New World Order domination, all by design.
The stock markets and oil are going up, and that attracts buying interest going ahead.
We are talking about 970, said Ronald Lewin, director of Lee Chong Gold Dealers in Hong Kong, who pegged support at 9.30 an ounce.
Gold shrugged off worries about sales of the IMF of some of its bullion reserves.
Which Loon said would be done in stages and in limited quantity and were unlikely to cause a sharp drop in gold prices.
I mean, they're dumping masses of gold out of central banks right now.
Tens of billions of dollars of it.
And it's doing nothing to suppress gold.
I mean, it has left orbit, ladies and gentlemen.
They may be able to pull out every stop.
There may be some profit-taking and
Some hedging, you know, it could go down to $900, but after that it takes a breather and goes up above $1,000.
You watch.
It may not even do that, though.
It could be $1,000 by the end of the day.
It could be $1,000 by the end of the week.
I think it's going to be $1,000 within a month.
That's a pretty safe bet to make.
Folks, it could be, once it goes past the psychological barrier of $1,000,
Okay, I'm going to get into confidence plunges, inflation rate soars, Fed chief signals another rate cut, what that means, home price index shows record decline, banks record losses, bank profits plunge 84%, business week, 1 in 10 homes going into bankruptcy.
And where all this is going and what we can do to fight back against it, but I forgot he was waiting in the wings because I called Ted again and said...
Well, do you want me to come on again today?
Not just to pitch gold at you at super low prices, but to give me his expertise.
Ted, if we're having record gold mines go in and buy back gold that they had sold in futures, AP's reporting it's record buybacks, and IMF's dumping gold in the market, and it's not suppressing the price, as the bankers have tried to do in the past.
And every other economic indicator is coming out and it's showing bad to worse.
And finally the yuppies are starting to panic.
I am really upset because this is moving very, very fast, Ted.
What does that mean if gold figures are way up and gold companies, the biggest, are buying their gold back?
Well, what that means, Alex, is when a gold mine sets off to mine gold from the ground, they do core samples, and they find out how much gold is available to be mined out of the area, and they know how much ore they can move and how much they can spread across their leaching pads, and then they sprinkle sodium cyanide over it to dissolve the gold out of the rock.
When they sell the gold short in the futures market, it just means that they're selling what they expect to produce gold.
And it costs money to do that.
There's a lease rate for this, and usually the gold that is supplied for this sale is coming from the central banks.
That's why you're hearing about the central banks selling an awful lot of that.
And the gold mines don't mine the right amount.
If they mine too much, or because it's very expensive, you know, for per hundred pounds of rock or whatever, the mine's bringing you an ounce of gold.
I've read about this myself.
Correct me if I'm wrong.
That's why they like to sell it beforehand to lock that in to know that they can go extract it.
But if they're running in saying, we're going to buy it back at premium, boy.
Yeah, that's what the problem is.
If you sell it at a price of, let's say, gold's $8.50, and you go ahead and sell all your in-ground supply at $8.50, and now you've got gold at...
We're good to go.
And buy the gold that they sold short into the marketplace.
So now they've become a net buyer rather than a net seller.
And, of course, that's competition pushing the price up as well.
It shortens up the supply.
And then it's like a perfect storm because from South Africa to Brazil, they're having strikes, power outages, earthquakes, record problems.
Yeah, that's exactly what's going on in South Africa right now.
There's power outages, and like you're talking, the euro is going up.
The cost to produce gold, get it out of the ground, is going up through the roof as well.
So they need to get these higher prices just to operate.
Tim, when we come back, I want to talk about the biggest, is this the biggest bull market you've ever seen?
I can tell you right now, Alex, it's developing into a bull market that was much larger than the market I was in in 1980.
Okay, well, I want to see where you think this is going.
On the other side, I'll get into all the other economic news.
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I was unable to go out to the big Ron Paul rally here in Austin this Saturday that reportedly had more than 4,000 people.
The police said more than 4,000.
It looked like 7,000.
And there was Ted Anderson's Ron Paul Air Corps flying around with a big Ron Paul banner over it.
And Jimmy just did an amazing with his band.
Rendition of his Shackles on Me song.
All right, shifting gears back into the economy.
Ted, I hope listeners understand we're not joking around about what this means.
That the government, that Greenspan, that they have decided to cut interest rates again.
They have decided to inflate the currency.
And they've already inflated it to a point where it's going to be devastating.
And now they're just going to increase that and deepen it
I'm going to break it down after you leave us, you know, with my own views and a lot of news stories I have here in front of me.
I mean, gold's only one part of this.
Most Americans don't hold gold anymore.
So institutions do, and some individuals do.
But to have gold, when I called you this morning at about 8 o'clock, you were driving into work, it said on Kitco 967.
By the time you got to work, you saw 962.
It's right at 960 right now.
With the IMF dumping gold, trying to drop down with all of this happening?
What does this mean, Ted?
Well, the central banks right now are trying to dump the gold in order to keep people into the U.S.
There's no question about it.
They're trying to protect their fiat currencies just like you said yesterday.
And convince people that they have enough control and that this is only an anomaly.
But it's not an anomaly.
But let's be clear.
They're devaluing our currency while simultaneously trying to keep us out of gold.
Yeah, and you say that they're dropping the interest rates and that's devaluating their currency.
It's watering down the supply of money.
It is.
Foreigners don't want to get into the U.S.
bonds if the interest rate return on the U.S.
bond is lower than the amount that the currency is falling.
And so by lowering the interest rates, you're just going to cause more selling to occur, and the acceleration of the dollar falling is going to increase.
You know, it just continues to go down faster and more furiously.
And in layman's terms, and I know our listeners know this, but they have a lot of friends and family or new listeners just tuning in.
Explain what it means to decide to keep the stock market up, but with devalued dollars.
That means it doesn't have as much worth, so they're giving us the illusion, but then by destroying the value of the dollar, it destroys your savings, it destroys the fractional reserve currency, which was the main thing this country had left going for it, because foreigners would buy our debt when we're running $100 billion a month trade deficits.
Well, you're going to prop up the stock market when you lower interest rates just due to the fact that, first of all, corporations get to lend money for less cost, so their bottom line profits show more.
In addition to this, you're putting more money in the hands of people, and they'll go out and spend money on cars and boats and planes or whatever.
Most of that stuff is imported nowadays anyway, so you're going to be buying...
Foreign goods.
I mean, really, basically, we're just shipping off more money overseas.
But the economy's so bad, people are maxed out.
It's not helping the economy.
No, it's not.
No, and lowering the interest rates, it looks to me like they're making a ditch effort to try to stop all these mortgage bankruptcies that are occurring and bail out the banking system.
That's the only thing that I... But they're sacrificing the rest of the economy.
Oh, yeah, they're sacrificing the rest of the economy and the United States' savings.
I mean, the people that are at the age of retirement that have been saving all these years are going to be lucky to be able to purchase 40% of what they did even just a couple of years ago.
Let me just boil it down.
The globalists are destroying the dollar, destroying our credit, destroying our name, destroying our savings, destroying those on fixed incomes are going to be hit the worst.
Unraveling our entire economy just to keep their world financial bubble going.
The U.S.
is being fed like a primer cap in the back of a round to fire the larger engine.
Yeah, I agree with you, Alex, on that.
The bottom line result for this is an American union with a North American currency and getting rid of the dollar altogether.
Our sovereignty is on the line on this one.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
I think?
It's a machine.
It's a mechanism.
It's a process.
They want more control, and they want to be able to collect more of our labor.
That's what it's all about.
Ted, you've been through a couple of these booms and busts.
You've been in the markets since before 1980.
I want to get your analysis on where you see this going in the short term, midterm, and long term on the other side.
Then I'll cover the other financial news folks.
Stay with us.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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I've been throwing horseshoes over my left shoulder I've spent most all my life searching for that four-leaf clover Yet you ran with me chasing my rainbow
And honey, I love you too.
That's the way love goes.
That's the way love goes, babe.
That's the music God made for all the world to sing.
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Losing makes me sorry.
Well now, honey, don't worry.
Don't you know I love you too?
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We're back live, ladies and gentlemen.
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I know you like it.
And honey, I know you love me too.
That's the way love goes, hey.
That's the music of me.
For all the world.
Alright, back into the serious news.
Alright, I have the official number.
Yeah, gold went to $9.65 today, and it's been about $5 down from that.
Still, it's up more than $10 from yesterday.
Just amazing all-time highs for gold today.
Today, Ted, I look at the economic numbers, and they're just going to keep coming out now, every quarter.
And we're getting the news from the end of last year.
And think how bad all the indicators on the ground have gotten just in the last two and a half months.
Just in the last two months.
And, of course, we know that the last quarter news is really old news itself from the quarter before that.
Statistics are generally a few months behind or sometimes even longer.
It's like gun crime statistics.
Those are usually about two years old.
But economic statistics are normally just a few months old.
My point is, is that you look at the on-the-ground numbers.
Home sales.
In one quarter, on top of a 19-point drop before the last quarter, a 8-plus percent drop.
Let me pull the actual article here.
I think it's 8.9 drop.
It's here in my stack.
Just in the last quarter,
Yeah, 8.9.
I mean, here is an AP headline.
Confidence plunges, inflation rate soars.
In more bad economic news, consumer confidence at home prices poses sharp declines with higher costs for such basic goods as food, energy, and medicine, left wholesale inflation rising at a pace unseen since 1981.
Well, Paul, Ron Paul, just a month and a half ago, was questioning Bernanke, and Bernanke said we had a 2% inflation with it only going up to 3% in 2008.
Now, folks, of course, we're looking at conservatively 15% inflation last year.
The big firms and banks that rate this are saying 20% this year, and the Federal Reserve's telling the public it's at 2%.
Ted, I don't see how anybody could be buying the bull out of the Federal Reserve.
You know, when you say that inflation rate, it just astounds me.
I get befuddled that the AARP is not suing the United States government for publishing that figure and then setting retirement payments off based upon that inflation rate.
That is the biggest, bogus lie that, you know... And it's all about that.
It's all about...
Not having to increase the checks that are coming out of Social Security and all the different pension funds for all the veterans that have went out and fought in these wars that we have.
And, you know, it's a farce.
Well, here's an example.
My grandmother didn't retire until five, six years ago.
You know, lower middle class, hardworking people.
My grandpa in the oil fields.
My grandma at a print shop here in Austin.
And she paid into Social Security.
From the 1950s, out of college, right... Well, that's from the 1940s, out of college.
She was out at the end of World War II.
Right through until she was... I think she was still working when she was 70 years old.
So there's my grandma, and I've talked to her, and she's like, suddenly, you know, I had some savings, but now it's all gone.
And she lives very frugally, and they send her this pittance...
You know, $600 a month or something, telling her there's 2% inflation, when if you add the last four years of inflation, it's more like 40%.
They've taken 40% of what she's got.
It's going to be another 20% this year.
That means she'll be living on 40% or less than what she used to have, and the government's telling her that there's been 6-7% inflation in the last four years.
It's a fraud you're being stolen from!
It is.
It's exactly that.
The obligation is that they increase...
The payment by the inflation number that's published on the Consumer Price Index.
But they will adjust that Consumer Price Index.
They'll take out things that are going up too fast and add things that are going up slowly.
That's how they dope the numbers.
They've been doing that for years, and they want to make it look more rosy than what it is.
And it's a way for the government to save and not have to pay out all these...
All these payments to Social Security recipients, and quite frankly, it is fraud.
And if you took that to a jury of those U.S.
citizens, I know full well that the jury would be finding it in favor of the people that are supposed to be getting these payments.
It's crazy.
Great point, Ted, and I'm glad you brought that up with the Social Security.
What are we going to do, though, when tens of millions of people, and there are tens of millions living on Social Security, and they paid in big time,
When the bull meets reality and they just can't buy their food.
The people will be in bread lines.
That's what's going to happen here.
We're going to have bread lines like we had back in the Depression.
Oh, by the way, Ted, you're hitting me on the head again.
If you just type in tent cities...
In areas of California, Texas, New York, really bad in Michigan, where there were, every major state, where there were no tent cities, abandoned city parks, I'll have 1,400, 1,500 people in them, no power, no electricity, using porta-potties, and the cops can't run them out.
But now in California, they're talking about running them out.
Where are they going to run these families?
These are families.
Yeah, they can't go anywhere.
I mean, the homeless numbers are just going to be going up.
The sad part about it is it's going to be people like your grandmother.
And by the way, you're right, Ted.
It's not just the alcoholic drunks you see on street corners now, ladies and gentlemen.
Now it's a new kind of homeless.
Yeah, it's going to be the middle class that's going to be homeless.
That's what's happening.
The middle class is being forced into a position where you've seen like in Argentina and Mexico and all throughout Central America, the middle class is going to get wiped out because their currency is getting wiped out.
And they have no other choice.
It's not like they can be invested in...
And a lot of precious metals and all these different things.
And by the way, that happened in Argentina.
People should pull that.
I'll never forget that Washington Post article.
Their currency started gyrating.
Overnight went down in just a few months and then suddenly fell off a cliff.
And within a week, the power was off.
The water was off citywide.
And there's a story of a cattle trailer of Argentine beef, the best out there, flipping over.
And people, middle class people, were running up with knives, cutting globulets off, gobbling the raw beef.
That was in the... We ought to pull that.
Listeners, I bet you don't believe me.
Our listeners can find that story from when that happened in Argentina, what, in 2000?
You can post it.
We'll post it in the Prison Planet Forum.
Yeah, you should put it up there because that's what we're looking forward to here in the United States of America.
Believe it or not, it's happening and it's happening right here.
And people that are not prepared are really going to be hurting.
And most of the people are not prepared.
That's the sad part about it.
Well, that's the thing, Chad, is that when... And I made this point, but I'll make it again.
This is key for you to understand, folks.
And we're not saying it's going to get that bad, but it is a real possibility.
Again, it's a question of bad recession versus total depression and collapse.
And Dr. Roberts and many others said if the dollar dies, we will go into a deep depression.
We had 80-plus percent agrarian living on farms.
Even the city folks all were into agriculture.
They were one generation out of the field.
And still people starve.
Grapes of Wrath, go rent that movie.
Watch it online.
We're good to go.
Well, Alex, like you said, but right now what we have is we have the very gears turning in the direction of destroying the United States currency, lowering interest rates, giving this big tax credit that Bush proposed.
All these things are the things that are going to destroy the dollar.
The only way you can prop up this dollar again is becoming fiscally responsible, but nobody wants to do that.
We had one guy running for president that wanted to do that, but we only have about 8 to 20 percent of the people that are willing to vote for him.
The United States citizen is a junkie that's been hooked on this fiat currency, and what they're looking for the solution to this is give us more of our drug, and that drug is going to kill us.
We don't have that.
And I'll tell you,
Go ahead.
Than what we've seen in Argentina, because right now there are so many foreign countries that are sitting on reserves that are so tremendous, and they need to get out of them, and they know it.
And, Chad, I'll tell you what's not fair about this.
The people that went and got...
$500,000 houses with no credit and even got cash back.
In the last few years they did this scam where you'd go sign up and they'd give you $20,000 added onto the note back to you to live on and make the first few payments.
You know, those type of ne'er-do-wells, you know, they're just going to crawl off.
But the people that have invested, the people that have saved, the people that have been frugal, and the old folks and the retirees that have invested and believe in Social Security, it's the good people that are going to be hurt the greatest by this.
And it's all being done by design.
And listen, out of all this economic news, I've been so busy, I haven't even covered this.
Sunday's Wall Street Journal reported...
That they are massively beefing up the FDIC, the supposed federal depositors insurance corporation, where you get $100,000 back.
Now, it may take a year, they say, in some cases.
Generally, it's faster to get your money back.
And once there's a total collapse...
But the point is, they're now gearing up for more than 100 major bank failures.
They're already gobbling up quietly.
I get reports, I see it every day, where good-sized banks regionally are quietly being taken over the night before.
Your bank account's still there, but now they issue you new checks the next month.
They're gobbling up right now, as the Financial Times of London said six months ago.
The big central banks are engineering this to consolidate up the larger credit market.
That's exactly right, Alex.
I mean, right now, the banking system, I mean, the United States Treasury is obligated to all these different banks to cover, through FDIC, any of these bank closures or anything that, you know, full collapse of the system, and they only have about 6% on the FDIC insurance thing covering it.
There's not enough money to go around.
It's all about...
Printing more money to solve these problems, and every time one of these problems come up, the problem just gets bigger because the dollar's falling and the value of our currency's disappearing.
And we've had all these top economists on from different camps telling you
That killing the dollar is the worst thing that could happen, so what's the government doing?
Every stop they can, they pull out every stop to accelerate this.
There is a method to their madness, though, Ted.
Give us your take on what that method to the madness may be.
Well, I mean, the thing about it is, what you're alluding to and what you're getting to here is world currency, getting away from the United States dollar, turning our sovereignty over to the New World Order or the World Bank.
Which is in Council on Foreign Relations documents from 30 years ago, Trilateral Commission 34 years ago, current CFR position paper two weeks ago put out saying let's get rid of the dollar.
Folks, they're not going to say they're getting rid of it publicly, just like they gave you a national ID card in the mid-90s.
Now in 2008, they tell you you've got a national ID card.
When it's been a world ID card in 2000, it's still going to be dollars, but it's going to be pegged to a North American system, and they're already signing treaties, merging it with the euro.
Which means we're just going to lose our ability to have any kind of sovereignty here as the United States of America.
You might as well kiss that goodbye.
Woodrow Wilson was running on this platform when he ran for president back in the early 1900s.
This has been their dream all along.
You're now seeing it.
But we're able to expose them.
We're good to go.
Lowering interest rates, driving down the dollar, driving up our trade deficits, driving up our federal deficit, that that's good medicine for an over-leveraged economy.
I mean, they are, again, it's like giving cyanide to a patient who's sick.
Ladies and gentlemen, this is unspeakable.
Now, Ted, I've had you on for quite a while.
I know you're busy.
I appreciate all your time.
I just wanted to get...
Just Ted really is an expert.
Ted's worked all over the financial system.
I wanted to get you back on here.
I know you can't offer gold at the price it's been for the last week, but you haven't gone up much, and this is about the lowest you're going to find it anywhere.
Folks, these are introductory offers.
Ted, tell them about the offers today.
Well, again, what we have right now, we have the British Sovereign coin, and they're at $262 per coin.
That's a quarter-ounce gold piece.
We have the Frank coin, which is a fifth of an ounce of gold.
They're at $210.
Silver blew through $19, now approaching $20 per ounce.
Right now I have BU silver, which I'll explain here.
It's uncirculated silver at $21 now per dollar face.
And what that means is that 10 dimes equals $1.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
I don't know why you haven't been listening.
Folks, this is only the beginning.
Every economic indicator, what would you say, 95% chance it's only going to go up in the next month, Ted?
Well, I mean, what's the chance of the dollar continuing to fall?
What's the chance of the United States trying to bail out more of our problems by inflating away the currency?
I mean, that's 100% in my book.
I mean, maybe there's a chance that that might turn around, and maybe I'd put maybe 1% on that.
It's going to go.
The dollar's falling, has been for years.
Bottom line, ladies and gentlemen, bottom line, this is a hedge against inflation.
Don't be left holding the bag with bank runs, which they're openly discussing.
There's already been quite a few.
They've kept quiet.
They've got the gold coins.
They've got the silver.
At rock bottom prices, 800-686-2237.
Get some kind of parachute, ladies and gentlemen, because they're throwing us out with the bathwater right now.
More economic analysis straight ahead.
Our beloved republic is on her knees.
The forces of globalism are destroying national sovereignty worldwide.
But in Liberty's darkest hour, there is hope.
For the first time in modern history, the people are beginning to wake up.
It is essential that patriots worldwide accelerate their fellow man's understanding of the New World Order master plan.
We have a short time frame to fully awaken and energize the people to meet this threat.
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Gold's up any way you cut it, more than $10 today.
On the big side, $16.
And Ted went up on that gold coin.
What, about $4, $5 a coin, so that's just about for what it went up.
So give the brokers a call at 1-800-686-2237.
Tell them it's the Alex Jones Special.
All right, I'm going to continue to get into the other economic news, and I want to open the phones up next hour.
I would like to talk about the Serbia situation, the globalists handing over a large portion of their country to the Muslims.
You can't have your cake and eat it too, neocons.
You know, the Muslims are going to kill us.
They're everywhere.
They're hiding under every rock.
They've got 45-foot-long dagger fangs, acid dripping out of their noses.
Their eyes grow red and purple.
They've got long hook tails.
But then...
Well, so what if our government founded Al-Qaeda and is using them to attack the Iranians right now?
So what if they handed over Al-Qaeda-backed areas of Serbia?
That's good!
Of course, most of the people will just say, I'm lying, I get their emails.
That's not true!
Doesn't matter if it's all admitted.
What do you think about what's happening to the economy?
How bad do you think it's going to get?
What do you think of the announcement for another interest rate cut?
What do you think about the federal government, the federal regulators saying, I've got the article here, preparing all these new federal judges to deal with bankruptcies?
FDIC preparing for massive bank failures?
What do you think about all this?
1-800-259-9231 And to Muslims out there, I've even gotten a few emails going, Hey, we're a Muslim community, listen to you.
Why are you bashing the Albanian Muslims?
Again, you can't have your cake and eat it too, either.
I'm against the globalists invading Iraq, dividing your country in three parts, attacking Iran, sending Wahhabist Sunnis in there, and that's admitted.
And I'm against the communist slash Muslim Albanians being brought in, being CIA funded, to destabilize Serbia.
Of course Serbia massacred people.
They all massacre each other.
They came in to kick them out.
And then the globalists went and invaded, took the nation.
Everybody always knew they were setting it up to be autonomous.
They're not letting Serbs, by the way, leave Kosovo.
The Serbs want to leave Kosovo.
They say, fine, the Muslims are killing us.
They're hunting them down.
They set up random checkpoints and grab people out of their cars and kill them.
It happens every day.
It never makes our news here, but it's in the foreign news.
And the head of NATO said, we're not allowing Serbs to leave Kosovo and go into deeper Serbia.
You've just got to stay here and let us basically kill you.
So you've got your ethnic cleansing going on.
You can't have it either way.
It's wrong with the globalists.
And that just shows how intellectually and how they don't have any morals or any base.
They don't even back any one group.
The globalists back whoever they can use to overthrow the next nation.
And they're using Muslims to attack Serbia and to break up and destroy their nation.
And they're already trying to now have the northern Kosovo move across the border and start fights into deeper Serbia.
And then again, if the Serbs fight back, our military will be sent over to take more of Serbia.
And then they move again.
They've already taken more than a third of Serbia, what, 20% Kosovo and about 10-15% depending on how you look at the maps on the western side of Serbia.
Handing it over to the Croats and others.
So Muslims, you can't have your technique at two.
I'm against wars of aggression.
I'm against the New World Order overthrowing anybody.
I'm against them doing it to Iran.
I'm against them doing it to Serbia.
I don't care if they use Christians, Muslims.
They'll use black animists who worship, you know, nature against black Christians.
I'm against that.
I'm against them using Christians to kill animists.
It's called divide and conquer.
All right, we'll be right back, ladies and gentlemen.
Thank you for listening to GCN.
Visit GCNlive.com today.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, I know a lot of stations join us right now and carry the last two hours.
I've got a bunch of economic news I haven't even gotten to yet.
Dollar plunging, gold exploding, oil exploding, commodities across the board from platinum to palladium exploding, food exploding.
Again, it's a commodity basics show.
I've got a bunch of other military news, but let's just start going to your calls right now because I said I would, and then we'll get back into all the news.
But the callers always take us in interesting directions.
Joe in Pennsylvania, you're on the air.
Or maybe not.
Steve in Chicago, you're on the air.
First of all, Alex, I think we can't forget that old Alan Greenspan works for Deutsche Bank, and he's interested in the European Central Bank increasing their intake.
I called because I saw an article in Die Welt, and it was on the man behind Obama.
It's his bag man.
I don't know if you're familiar with him.
His name is David Axelrod?
Yeah, how he came into Chicago and how he goes back and forth between Chicago and New York City.
And gets the money from somewhat Jewish clients there.
But the interesting thing was that this guy, he manages that Duval Patrick's campaign, and all these speeches are supposedly written by him.
So the idea that he's plagiarizing from himself is a little bit far-fetched.
Look, Hillary knows the public's dumbed down, and she knows the public really thinks that these politicians write their own speeches.
All their speeches are written by somebody else.
It's a non-issue.
It's a joke.
Okay, but one thing I've got to say about Hillary, and then I'll hang up, is at least she's sticking it out, and Ron Paul went home early.
Thank you.
Well, Ron Paul, you know, had a big rally here in Austin.
He's fighting for his congressional seat.
He's staying in the race.
Look, McCain's in all this trouble.
Remember we said, barring McCain self-destructing, which is a good chance, he always does, then that's why Huckabee and Paul are staying in.
But barring McCain self-destructing, neither one of them have much of a chance.
But they have a good chance between those two fighting with each other if he self-destructs.
And look at all this lobbyists, and did he have sex with her, and was it an impropriety, and is he lying?
We're going to find out real soon.
Remember two or three weeks ago when I said, well, Paul has gotten 50 delegates, and
McCain's got 800 to something, and McCain's only got to get 1,100 and change.
So you do the math.
Ron Paul isn't even on the scoreboard.
But this is like sudden death in a Super Bowl.
If McCain, or rollerball or something, if McCain gets knocked out, then it becomes a free-for-all between those two.
So there's still a, I don't know, 10% chance, a wild chance, but that's a pretty good-sized chance,
That Paul could do something.
I mean, I looked at his total strategy.
Go look at the article Paul Watson and I wrote two, three weeks ago when all this happened.
And when Paul put out that report saying, I'm kind of retrenching back to Texas.
I'm still staying in the fight.
People couldn't understand the subtlety of what he was doing.
Now, you see Bloomberg getting ready to run.
You see Nader getting ready to run.
Working on getting him on, by the way.
He's been on before.
They're running because they know the two parties are weak right now.
A scandal could come out on Obama right now.
This guy's got a bunch of skeletons.
Same with Hillary.
So, there's a lot going on here, but regardless, if it's a Hillary, if it's an Obama, if it's a McCain, it doesn't matter.
It never mattered.
They're just puppets.
If we got a Ron Paul in, then we would have a real candidate, and that's why they ignored him and gave him a third as much time in the debates, and the media blackballed him and demonized him, because he was the only real candidate.
So, if it's one of the other candidates, they're going to be a puppet and the establishment stays in power.
It doesn't matter.
Ron Paul, if he got in, would just use a bully pulpit and the executive to be able to expose all this.
So, we've won either way because who would have ever thought you'd have 5, 6, 7,000, the police have more than 4,000, in Austin, chanting down with the Federal Reserve, down with Big Brother.
Who would have ever thought we'd have movements like this?
The number one goal, I need to do a show on this and soon, is keeping the Ron Paul movement, the Liberty movement together, and all of your groups, picking, while you've still got your groups together, goals, so you can stay together.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Crazy on you.
Let me go crazy.
I'm gonna go crazy, baby!
Coming up, cooling friend puts global warming theory in doubt.
Reuters update.
One FPL prepares Florida.
And reactors for restart.
Five reactors down yesterday causing power outages, and they won't say why.
Florida blackout continues to be a mystery.
I'll give you my take on that.
Drop of 8.9% in late 2007, the largest in the index of 20-year history with the economy.
Britain's thought an earthquake was an al-Qaeda attack last night.
NAU meeting announced by State Department.
Robot wars will be ready within 10 years.
London Telegraph.
San Jose police to use sound weapons on American people.
Doomsday Seed Vault opens in Norway.
Treasure hunters drill for buried Nazi gold, looted paintings.
That's very interesting.
Iraq to curb food rations, spurring fear of hunger in Iraq.
NASA takes aim at Moon with a double sledgehammer.
That is just some of what's coming up, but I haven't even gotten into the tip of the iceberg on economic news.
Let's move quickly through your calls right now.
Scott in Colorado, thanks for holding.
You're on the air.
Did you say Scott?
I sure did.
Okay, it just flashed out for some reason.
I'm just calling from Colorado and just wanted to add a little levity to it.
Hey, good buddy.
I know that a lot of really bad things going on right now.
I listen to your show about every day.
I don't know if anybody's ever mentioned this, but
Just a little levity you can watch during your break.
I don't know if you've heard of it or seen it, but the one where the cop arrests the firefighter?
No, I haven't seen this.
Oh, this is great.
It's ridiculous and funny at the same time, but it just shows you, and this was back in 2003, but it's just ridiculous.
Why did he arrest him?
Pardon me?
Why did he arrest him?
It's a police chief.
And there was a wreck on the side of a four-lane highway, and the wreck is partly out into one of the lanes.
And there's a man trapped in the car.
He's got a broken back.
So the fire truck pulls up in the other lane over, the second lane in, so it blocks the traffic because they're running really close to what was going on.
And the cop didn't want him parking there and went and told the driver to move
Like the firefighters aren't the experts on what to do, yeah.
Well, anyway, he ended up, the captain is over there trying to help get this guy out, and the cop actually goes over, handcuffs him, and puts him in the car.
Lost the case, and the cop had to pay this captain $17,500.
But I say go, it's called Cop Arrest Firefighter, and when you Google it,
Go to the one that says Flash Over TV, not the YouTube, because Flash Over TV on that one, it actually narrates what's going on, and it's just unbelievable.
So I just called to kind of give you a little laugh in between all the things going on.
I listen to your show almost every day and really enjoy it.
In fact, I'm trying to get it on in Colorado Springs on one of the radio stations here, the talk station.
So anyway...
Have a great day, my friend, and I will hopefully talk to you at a later date.
All right, my friend, good to hear from you.
Yeah, here's the video right here.
Oh, man, cop arrest fireman for giving aid.
That is, well, it'd be funny if it wasn't so serious.
Let's talk to Greg in Kentucky.
And you're talking about Gary in Kentucky.
Okay, Gary, go ahead.
And anyhow, a couple of things as quickly as possible.
And first thing, you're talking about Dr. Paul staying in the race at an outside chance.
And he's in the race...
And because he was called and ordained, and for this time, by our Creator, and he is out there, you're right on target, exposing, and everything is taking place.
And the...
And anything, I have something that the Holy Spirit has told me that's going to happen in between now and the November general election.
What's that?
And there's not going to be any November general election.
That there's going to be a cross-board martial law declared, and Bush will continue right in and right on.
And the fact is that Daddy Bush is the one that is controlling Son Bush.
Well, there's no doubt of that.
The daddy controls the junior.
Thank you, Gary, for the call.
Let me just briefly comment on this.
Okay, Ron Paul three weeks ago said that he was going to be focusing on the congressional race, cutting back the amount of funding on the national because he was basically not in the running.
The facts are the facts.
There's cheating, election fraud, media cover-ups, media suppression.
There's no doubt of it.
And that's been proven.
I mean, so much evidence it makes your head spin.
He gets second place in Nevada, they just don't even show him in the running.
He wins in Louisiana, they say second place.
The polls show he's getting double in New Hampshire to what he really got.
Clear evidence, we sent investigators, funded recounts, total fraud everywhere.
Caught on tape.
And then there's the media demonizing him, media ignoring him.
So we know that happened.
We asked him to run.
He did a great job.
It's woken people up.
It's energized.
It's exploded the liberty movement.
Now we need to hope something happens with McCain or Obama.
Either way, scandals could come out any time.
They certainly are coming out on McCain.
But if you're an Austin meetup group or a New York meetup group or L.A.
or San Diego or Minnesota or Florida, groups there,
I mean, you're talking hundreds and hundreds and hundreds and hundreds.
What is it, like 300 plus thousand people in these meetups?
The UT police said more than 4,000 down there at the mall.
It filled up three large areas.
I mean, it was just overflow.
You know what 4,000 Austinites, it was probably 7,000.
Some of the firemen estimated that many.
With 7,000 people, we could take over the city politically.
I mean, I mean everything.
Private investigators on city council people, catching them in any dirt we can.
They're all dirty folks.
I mean, once you get to a city this size, they're all involved in bad stuff from just city government.
I mean, you randomly go sue and get the books on any city department, there's going to be fraud and thieving everywhere.
You know, exposing land grabs, knocking on doors to get laws passed, to get bad laws repealed, to get land that was stolen by the environmentalists for the banks, sue them criminally, go after them for racketeering, criminal complaints on judges, exposing the CPS, I mean, the Youth Commission in Texas, literally run by pedophile criminals, I mean, I told you that years ago, now it's in the news.
I mean, rape rooms, public rapings.
It's so horrible, it sounds like something out of a bad nightmare.
I mean, reality of what we know is so bad, it seems like it couldn't be real.
And then imagine it's probably ten times worse.
Just pure evil everywhere.
You start digging anywhere, you're going to run into it.
The evil is concentrated in government.
I mean, it's everywhere in society.
We're degenerating, but it's really bad.
Kind of like the bottom of the toilet bowl.
You know, that's where you really find it.
Hadn't been flushed in years.
I hate to use horrible analogies like that, but that's what it is.
And the government is the toilet bowl.
So, I'm sorry, it's the sewer, ladies and gentlemen.
It's what it is, a cesspit.
And instead of just, hey, let's keep having signs and rallying, and you should keep doing that too, pick things.
Hey, we're going to try to get gun control laws repealed locally.
We're going to try to get the University of Texas, like some universities...
To stop saying students can't have guns in their dorms.
Or you can't have concealed carry on the schools.
And there are huge student groups that have started, and we're having some victories.
To fight open borders.
To sue banks.
Letty Legals have Mexican ID.
You can literally get out of Cracker Jack boxes, but citizens got to have three forms of ID.
That's discrimination.
I mean, pick an issue.
There's hundreds.
4,000 of you in Austin, you could take this city over in a couple years.
I mean, active, involved.
It's less than 4,000 Tarrytown yuppies that run this town.
And it's the same for every city.
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I can't do it all.
Believe me, there's so much evil.
If you just go investigate, you're going to run right into it.
Start playing hardball.
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I'm gonna chase the sky forever With the woman and the stallion and the wind And the sun is gonna burn into a cinder Before we ever pass this wave again And we're gonna ride
Alright, we're back live.
Get lost in that music.
Yeah, I went and saw the video because they just lost the police in federal court of the firefighter that the listener was talking about.
You got this big highway.
I'd call it medium traffic.
The cars are going about 70.
But shutting down two lanes didn't slow the traffic.
And I see this all the time.
Police literally, especially on 360 here in Austin, will hang their butts...
Way out in the lane, and of course everybody tries to get in the other lane and get around them.
And part of it's because if you get pulled over, folks, pull over on the shoulder.
These people that pull over, I mean, I pull over in the grass or I pull over off the shoulder.
They'll just pull right over, just right.
I mean, if I was a cop, the first thing I'd do was get on my loudspeaker and say, please move over to the gravel.
But no, these cops, they just...
By the way, I've seen the statistics.
Cops freak out and wear body armor and are scared, running around in fear of being shot or stabbed.
Statistically, many times chance they're going to die in a car wreck or get hit on the side of the road.
But again, they haven't been habitualized and taught to fear the cars.
They've been taught to fear us, the devil people.
You know, an us-against-them mentality.
And so this officer, it's the fire chief, the guy's got his back broken, it's the fire captain,
There's medics there.
They've already radioed in that he's got his back broken.
The guy's all tangled up in the car.
And the firemen don't feel like being on the side of the road with a bunch of idiot yuppies on their cell phones flying by at 70 miles an hour.
So they pull over in the lane to block that lane, which I see this in a lot of cities and towns.
I don't see it in others.
And frankly, they're just completely crazy if you don't block a lane.
And I know some cities have different policies on this, and I think the ones that don't have the policy to block a lane are nuts.
Especially when there's no traffic, or it's not a problem.
I'm already digressing.
I've got calls and tons of serious news.
Just watching.
We're going to play the audio of this video.
Just type into Google, cop arrest fireman for giving aid.
For the police... Well, here comes the fire truck pulling up.
The squad car is already there.
You're watching squad car video.
The fire captain literally, before the car even stops, before the engine stops, has the door open, jumps out as it's coming to a stop with his gloves on, runs up.
This guy's in critical condition.
To give aid, and the cop comes over and starts yelling at him, telling him, move your truck.
And you can see, you can't hear the audio, but you can see the face on the fireman.
He walks over and he goes, come on!
We're just blocking it for safety.
And then they've got the report that that's what he said.
But you can see him being reasonable.
He's like, look, it's there for our safety.
What are you doing?
He goes over, starts giving aid.
The cop's over, starts yelling at him, yelling at the person driving the truck.
Move it!
Park it on the side of the street over here.
And the person driving the truck, the fireman driving the truck, won't follow that order.
This is not his boss.
He runs back over, and you see the fireman, the fire captain, who's literally helping somebody whose back's broken, turn around.
He's like, saying, what is your deal?
I'm busy here.
That's it.
Pulls him off a guy in critical condition with his back broken, tangled up in a car.
Puts him in handcuffs and drags him off.
It's mental illness.
It's about, I'm the boss.
I'm in control.
You're going to do what I say.
You're going to follow my orders.
I'm an enforcer.
You're the general public that have to be minded and controlled.
It's an amazing, amazing video.
Jeff in Boston, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
I've been trying to get through for days, and I guess today was finally the day, because this stimulus situation happens to me countlessly.
I'm a record driver up here in New England, and, you know, it's just common sense to try to block a lane to force people away from you.
I mean, it's not... I don't even understand this story, but, I mean, if I had a nickel for every time a cop yelled at me for trying to protect my own butt, you know, I'd probably... Stay there.
You probably called in about something else.
You've been holding for 20 minutes, but...
Now, you want to talk about this issue, that's fine.
Stay there.
I don't understand why police like dying.
You see, I don't get scared of what the media says get scared of.
I get scared of real stuff that can hurt me.
Like I have a bunch of brown recluses right now in my house.
I mean, I got spider traps everywhere.
People laugh at me about it.
Hey, that can kill me!
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
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Let's go right back to your calls.
Jeff in Boston.
So you're a wrecker driver.
And you'll try to shield yourself by, what, blocking part of the lane, just so cars see you, or a whole lane.
When there's a wrecker, you're pulling something off, and the police, I guess, come and tell you to move.
I don't understand, but notice firefighters and wreckers and others don't want to die, don't want others to die, but cops will follow orders, man.
I mean, if they're told to hang their butt out in the street, they'll do it.
And I just, I don't understand it.
But you wanted to finish up your comment on that.
Yeah, actually, I'm pretty much done with that.
But my real reason for calling was... Well, what do you say to them?
I want to go back.
Well, you know, honestly, Alex, I've come close to being arrested a couple times just simply because, you know, if you don't back down, I mean, forget about it.
That's what they want you to do.
You know, so when you try to make your point, you try to be civil, and you're not even...
You're not even trying to be a jerk.
It's like fighting this uphill battle and they just don't want you to get up that hill.
Whether it's my safety or the person's safety or the person who's dying's safety, the things I've seen, I'll tell you, the highways are crazy, but...
Yeah, I mean, they just... Well, every few days I hear about some massive pileup or wreck, and half the time it's one wreck causes another wreck.
Absolutely, absolutely.
And it's, you know, some guy who decided to pull over on the left-hand side of the road instead of the right, you know, and the cars are whipping by at 80 plus.
I mean, no one does the speed limit.
Let's not joke here.
The speed limit's 65.
People are doing 75, 80.
It's that simple.
But my real reason was calling was the...
The new InfoWars layout, I'll tell you, you guys have done an excellent job.
You know, I don't want to say I was embarrassed to bring people to the old layout, but it's really, it's like night and day.
It really brings a whole new credibility to the site.
And I just give you guys kudos, all the guys that are working on it behind the scenes, all the people who...
You know, obviously don't get much credit for it.
Well, we're going to redo Prison Planet 2.
I'll tell you, Curt and M.O.
and our other web people, they've all just done an incredible job.
Major kudos, guys.
And, you know, keep up the good work.
And, you know, not to plug anybody else's product, but I listen to you on my cell phone every day.
If you have a smart phone and you get a program called Pocket Tunes, you can listen to Alex 24-7 from your cell phone.
I plug it right into my record, and I'm good to go no matter where I am.
Yeah, technology is destroying the old media monopolies and now the best info is having a chance to shine and the broadcast is just absolutely exploding.
Thank you so much, my friend.
And we want you to plug things here.
It's a free-for-all.
The only time I don't like plugs is if somebody calls in every week with the same plug or another radio show calls in to plug themselves and I know that the radio show attacks me.
You've got to love that in this Patreon movement.
People will attack you and do all this underhanded stuff, and then when you disassociate yourself from them, they'll all freak out like you're bad.
They never admit when they're wrong.
Let's go ahead and go to Rocco in Connecticut.
Rocco, you're on the air.
Hi, Alex.
How are you doing here?
This is Rocco Frank from Milford, Connecticut.
Good to be on your show, and as always, thank you very much for your support on these critical issues that we're all facing.
I wanted to bring up a couple of things today.
One is the housing crisis which is going on.
Anyone who lives in Connecticut, all you've got to do is look at the Connecticut Post and you'll see that pre-foreclosures are up around here.
Nearly 200, actually 90% in some places.
Some places in excess of 300%, which is absolutely incredible.
It goes to support what it is that you've been saying on the air.
You know, that aside, I also wanted to talk about, you know, my efforts over here in trying to abate fluoride from our state.
I'm not sure if you're, you know, are you still, are you there?
I'm trying to see if... No, I'm here.
Oh, okay, good.
Good, I just wanted to make sure you were still on.
But, you know, what I've been doing with fluoride in this state, and I went on the InfoWars social website that you guys created, and there's a link for Connecticut over there where I've been posting all the replies we've been getting from the
Thank you, Mike.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Connecticut site.
And by the way, all that new research is really old research.
They always knew.
And now the Kidney Society admits it eats your kidneys, but they won't even tell their members.
Kind of like the AARP won't tell their members that they're being cheated with the currency being devalued in inflation.
All these, quote, advocacy groups are bought and paid for.
I'm going to read you a quick reply from what he wrote.
I can't read the whole letter because it's too long, but I'm going to read you the summary of it.
He said, in summary, the Connecticut Department of Public Health is doing everything in its power to make sure that the public water supplies meet federal safety standards.
We appreciate your concerns over water fluoridation, but feel that this issue has been extensively studied, and we have approximately 50 years of public health experience with fluoride.
This accumulated body of knowledge bears out the utility and
Well, notice he didn't cite anything there.
He just said we've been doing it for 50 years, kind of like we've had black people as slaves for 200, so it must be okay.
When all the major studies show it attacks every gland, your bones, hurts your teeth, a bunch of places in Europe are removing it from the water.
I mean, there's so much evidence here it makes your head spin, but go ahead.
Absolutely, and I think the confusion really arises from the fact that
If you apply fluoride to your teeth without swallowing it, it's so toxic it kills all the germs in your mouth and it has a beneficial result that way.
But when you actually swallow it, basically the equivalent of having fluoride ingested through your water, a cup of water contains a lot of fluoride versus a little drop of toothpaste, which is all concentrated, and you kind of spit that out.
I think they really ignore the fact that when you drink fluoride, you're actually ingesting a toxic chemical versus looking at the research where if you just put it to your teeth as a topical applicant and then spit it out, you have two very different results.
That's the part that really frustrates me with these people because they just refuse to acknowledge that we're eating it.
If you do eat it, they want to say, well, it is a drug.
We're administering it to you, but
You're eating it in a dose that is safe and, you know, it's not really doing any damage to you physically.
But see, you're coming on air and you're trying to warn people and what you're saying isn't one one millionth as bad as it really is.
They don't just put sodium fluoride in your water.
They are allowed to take the raw toxic waste...
So there's no doubting it.
But that's why the public is so dumbed down, on average, depending on the study, between a 10% and 20% IQ reduction that's even bigger in children.
And it's for good.
I mean, it eats holes in your brain.
It attacks you.
They're doing it.
We have documents where they said in the 20s they were going to put it in our water to make us more easily managed.
They knew in the 20s what fluoride did because it's used in so many industrial processes that they had a lot of spills and problems with it.
This is the eugenicist literally eating holes in your brain, literally attacking your glands.
It's tied into...
So many things, and all I can say is I salute you for going down there, talking to them, exposing them to the facts, and I appreciate your call.
You know, people debate all day, is mercury good for you or bad for you?
Well, Congressman Dan Burton, in 2003, under congressional orders, had thousands of pages of documents seized from the Food and Drug Administration.
And in it, they found 2,000 corporate minutes of the directors in a board meeting of the Food and Drug Administration.
And it was the director having an open discussion saying, well, I'm going to make sure my granddaughter doesn't get mercury vaccines.
My God, this is brain damage for millions.
But we better not tell the public about this.
Now, that got picked up by ABC News.
People say, well, wait, do they lie or do they tell the truth?
Well, ABC News then came out later and said, oh, we've taken the mercury out.
No, they just made the shots available.
If you pre-order them, and if your doctor has ever even ordered them and knows how, you can get allotments of mercury-free vaccines.
But the vast majority, literally 99 plus percent, have mercury, and then I got an AP article where they increased the mercury.
So it's not even so much lying as it is spinning.
Because in a lawyer way, that is true.
They have taken mercury out of vaccines.
But do they say what vaccines?
That would be like if I was a car dealer and I said, Corvettes have 600 horsepower engines.
And you're really buying one off the lot that's got a 350 horsepower.
Can you buy a specially made, specially designed one from Chevrolet that's got 600 horses?
But it's a lie to just say, Corvettes have 600 horses.
Well, no, they got 300 horses.
Or 300, we can get into all the debates.
I mean, I'm using that hypothetical.
So they're constantly doing that.
They're constantly playing those games with you.
An example is, they claim that since 2000 and 2007, autism has exploded in California.
And it has.
And they then in the federal study say, well, mercury was taken out in 2000, so in seven years it still went up in California.
So this shows that mercury doesn't cause autism and has no link.
But then I went and read the study.
I knew what I'd find.
They just took the fact at face value that lots of vaccine have been available without mercury and
And so they then concluded with the false data that none of the children were administered Tamarisol.
And they told the nurses and doctors there's no longer mercury.
I mean, I just had a baby a few weeks ago.
My wife did.
And I was there at the hospital.
And both the nurses there, you know, they took the baby to give it a bath and all that.
And I'm saying, no vaccines.
They had me sign a waiver.
And then the nurses say, yeah, we didn't give our babies the hepatitis shot either.
I don't know why they give it to them.
It's sexually transmitted or IV drug use.
And they say it is dangerous.
But I'm not supposed to say that.
But since you said you didn't, I can tell you.
And I said, go give me that vaccine, really.
I want to look at the insert.
And she's like, well, I heard they took the mercury out.
And the baby's sitting there under the heating lamp or whatever.
And they go over and get it.
And I say, see right here at the Marisol.
Oh, I heard they took that out.
You see, the doctors aren't bad.
The nurses aren't bad.
You're compartmentalized, just like the cops, by and large, aren't bad.
They're told this is how you act.
This is what you do.
Now, why did AP report?
They got a lot of good reporters there.
I went and looked it up and found out it was true.
Three years ago they reported, for some reason the feds recommended, and then they do that for liability,
And by liability, I mean the vaccine makers don't even ask why.
They're just told, do this, do that.
Make a lot available that doesn't have mercury.
But again, that's the minority of the injections.
Or they tell them, we've decided you need to put more thimerosal in.
Boost it five times.
And so, for no reason, you don't need more of it, quote, as a preservative.
They just increase it by five times in MMR, flu vaccine, and others.
And then there has got to be a hundred studies.
I mean, I see a new one every couple weeks, and I'm not even looking for these.
Where they study people 50 and older.
You know, now we have early onset of dementia, early onset of Alzheimer's, and a laundry list of other horrible diseases.
Brain degenerative diseases.
And they're all linked to mercury.
Are there other things adding to that?
It's a cocktail, but...
You find out that you've had three flu shots, you've had four or five, some people get them every year now for like 15 years, 15, 20.
By the time you, if you take three flu shots, you have, let me go back to memory, double the chance of getting Alzheimer's.
And then, I've got to pull the study, there's a bunch of them, but go look at them for yourselves.
I mean, if you've had five, it like just goes up astronomical.
If you've had ten, it's just, you're gone.
That's why you've got 30-year-old people who, since they were 18, you know, Mama's been telling them, you better get your flu shot.
We've got people since they were 10 been taking the shots.
They're now 30.
And they're sitting there shaking and drooling and don't know who you are.
Well, of course they don't know who you are.
You ever heard the saying, mad as a hatter?
That's because the dying process they would use for top hats and things
And the entire... They had sayings like, mad as a potter, but it never got really popularized in England.
Because people working in these industrial areas, lead is cheap, lead goes into paint very well, lead is very good for staining, mercury is very good.
Mad as a hatter.
I mean, somebody who worked in a British factory making hats, by the time they were 40, they were drooling and didn't know who anybody was.
Well, of course, they're around lead and mercury all day.
So, hey, you know, I know you're not going to believe me.
You're going to laugh at me.
Roll your sleeves up.
Keep getting your flu shot.
And when you're 45 and don't know who you are, it's not my fault.
And then you take somebody who's 65, 70, who already has brain tissue die-off.
When you hit 30, your brain starts losing massive brain cells every day.
Now, they've taken conductors or mathematicians who were 96 years old, 95 years old.
I've seen the studies.
I've even seen it on PBS programs where they show the brains.
And they do an autopsy of some person who was bouncing off the walls, intelligent, when they were 95 years old and they died of a heart attack.
Cut open the brain, it's tiny.
Tiny, a little shrivel down to the size of a small orange or a pear.
You know, the size of a tangerine.
Little bitty.
The person had a, you know, just bouncing off the walls of intelligence.
Because they stayed interested.
They kept learning.
They kept eating up life.
You take somebody without mercury and you put them in front of the TV five, six hours a day like our old folks...
And the brain stops creating new neural pathways.
Your brain's dying every day, but it's using all the, quote, excess brain.
That is an extra brain.
You need that as you get old.
New neural pathways, new connections, new areas as areas die, new areas are opened up.
Wisdom is developed.
It's like a fine wine aging.
That's why you meet somebody who's been healthy and smart and intelligent and studying, and they're like 80 years old.
It's like talking to Obi-Wan Kenobi.
Versus you meet somebody, even if you're a hard drinker partier, you can be 80 years old and still smart, if you stayed enthused with life.
But you watch TV and take mercury shots, you're going to be a vegetable.
I'm Dr. Bill Deagle, MD, of the Nutri-Medical Report here on Genesis.
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We're back live.
Thank you for joining us.
Stan, Kyle, Mark, everybody, we're going to get to your calls.
All right, I want to finish up with some economic news after I take four or five more calls.
Then I want to go into all the other geopolitical news.
I'm going to cover it.
Also news like this.
Cooling trend puts global warming theory in doubt.
Coldest winter globally recorded in decades.
And that's because the sun was in its hottest cycle in modern recorded history.
We were reporting that to you last year.
Suddenly, in the last five months, it has gotten the darkest it has been seen in 300 years of study.
The sun heated up, got real bright, and then it cooled down.
The amount of energy, the amount of different wavelengths of radiation being issued from it, the sunspots, it is at record lows.
And so it is going to get cold, ladies and gentlemen.
And when it gets cold, it means it'll get even hotter in other areas, and there's going to be earthquakes, and there's going to be all sorts of weird weather, because the Earth is always changing.
So I'm going to go over that report as well, coming up.
You know, that is a bleak picture.
I was talking about the fluoride eating holes in your brain.
Go read the scientific reports.
I mean, it literally eats holes in your brain, so
Go look at what the Mercury does.
Go look at what television does.
Hundreds of big studies.
I mean, I see them all the time.
About television and the onset of Alzheimer's.
Well, of course, you just sit there like a vegetable.
Less blood goes to your brain.
You're not stimulating your mind.
It's going to kill you.
And you add a bunch of Mercury-filled flu shots to that.
C'est la vie!
Just go ahead and trust your government.
They wouldn't hurt you.
It's a religion to just believe these people.
It's a religion to go along with their propaganda.
Well, I'm not going to go along with it anymore.
Before I end this hour, Inner Health Botanicals,
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Third hour.
All right.
Tons of calls.
I promise it's going to be mega jam packed.
Thank you for listening to GCN.
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Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Wide open phones in this third hour at 1-800-259-9231.
Here's what I'm going to do.
I'm going to take two or three calls, then cover news.
Two or three calls, cover news.
Then I move quick, which means snail speed for me with calls.
Stan in Missouri, you're on the air.
Thanks for holding.
Hello, Alex.
Homelessness is now starting to affect rural Missouri.
What I'm calling you about today in Missouri, it's a rural town area known for its manufacturing, industrial-based economy.
They now have 231 homes.
Homeless school children in Sedalia, Missouri.
I've got a new report out.
Bernanke, this is the headline, acknowledges crumbling economy.
Alex, let me tell you where the priorities lie in Sedalia.
Instead of securing a federal grant to help the homeless, here's what State Prayer Community College in Sedalia is now doing.
Now let me be clear, let me be clear.
Citizens can train for man-made or natural disasters free of program.
Yeah, let me just stop you for a minute.
And again, when you hear natural disaster emergency preparedness, that's anti-gun, martial law, that's the cover name.
And as I've said, every major university, even small ones, are converting over where there's only grants for that and for illegal aliens to keep them here for benefits and to shift you over into police.
As I keep saying, this is Farmer Stanman calling for many years, again, everything's shifting over.
Go ahead.
You're exactly right, Alex.
This is exactly where their priorities lie.
They're destroying America by design.
I made a film called America Destroyed by Design.
I know.
I've watched a lot of your videos.
You've done a great job of waking up the people, Alex, but there's still a lot of people out there that are completely dumbed down.
And this antenna thing, a lot of Americans have a TV antenna.
Well, I tell you what, Alex, they're not going to get this converter box.
What they're going to do, they're going to completely quit watching TV, and they're going to start listening to Alex Jones and Dave Von Kleist and say they quit watching TV.
Absolutely, my friend.
Good to hear from you.
Every small town, every city, there's not money to fill the potholes, but there's money to have the feds come in and deputize and hire a few new deputies that just spy on the community.
Total conversion into police state.
Kyle in Iowa, you're on the air.
Alex, I want to make a quick comment to the Ron Paul movement, but the main thing I want to talk about is, hopefully it'll be a reality check, what I want to say to some of the establishment elite, whether they're non-establishment or part of the establishment.
First off, to the Ron Paul people who are whining and complaining about what's going on with Ron Paul not running third party,
He's following his war doctrine that he came into the whole race with, at least from my understanding, was just to inject real issues, and he's done that.
I think we might be better off just saying, because he's not going to be president, and he'll have an unfortunate accident if he is, we're probably better off just keeping him in Congress where he can actually still serve the people.
So I guess basically just if you people are upset about it,
Stop whining about it and start taking action and start doing something yourself.
We need to take these meet-up groups and they need to all decide themselves, create a board of elected, you know, 10-member board for each meet-up group, and then they decide a yearly goal, they decide a monthly goal of just continuing the activism, running for office, taking action.
Sure, sure.
Like, I've signed up to be a delegate.
If you haven't signed up, at least do that and just quit whining and shut up.
The next thing I want to say is to all the people that are
Anything else you want to add?
Anything else?
Yeah, stay there.
I could.
Terror Storm, a history of government-sponsored terror.
Loose Change, Final Cut.
M-Game, Blueprint for Global Enslavement.
The True Story of the Bilderberg Group.
The Late Great USA.
America, Freedom to Fascism.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk, Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Coming up in just a moment, Bernanke acknowledges crumbling economy.
Record cold weather on a planetary scale puts the damper on the global warming theory.
It's all coming up.
Kyle in Iowa.
You make a great point.
Historically, not in some cases, but in every case, the middle class is courted by the elites to be made to believe that they're part of the system.
Yeah, well, you know, I mean, there's a lot of people that...
Okay, like you said, you've got a lot of billionaire friends, you know, that are going to go out... I don't have a lot of billionaire friends.
I know lawyers that are billionaire clients.
I know a few billionaires.
I know people that are worth a lot of money.
I bump into people that know a lot of people.
And Austin is like the second richest city in the country.
And so there's a lot of them around here.
And they're all freaking out.
Go ahead.
Well, okay, like a lot of these people you were just kind of commenting on was, you know, these guys are going to go have their little...
Squad the guys with machine guns to protect them.
They're going to all go send their people over to Puerto Rico or somewhere else where they think they're going to be safe.
But if the establishment elite, after they consolidate power and brownshirt everyone within their ranks, they're going to start looking at these people.
And sure, you can have a squad of ten guys to protect you and your family and all your food supplies, but there's not going to be any match for an Apache helicopter attack
Or a gunship floating around the Puerto Rican islands.
They're just going to be sitting ducks out there.
I mean, it's stupid.
They need to do something now.
And when they go up to heaven and they don't do something, and God's going to be like, well, you had lots of money, lots of power, lots of influence, and you could have woke people up to what was going on and all this.
What did you do?
They're going to sit there and bow their heads in shame.
I mean, it's ridiculous.
They need to stand up now.
Because if they don't,
They're going to be just as screwed as the rest of us.
I mean, you can go off on whatever island you want.
It's not going to matter.
It's not going to make a damn bit of difference.
All you're going to do is you're going to eat for a little bit and have some guys with machine guns thinking you're safe, and next thing you know, everyone you know is going to be getting blown up.
Well, it won't even be that.
You know, when the real federales come, your security detail will just run out on you.
Oh, yeah, yeah.
Or they'll end up, your security detail stuff unravels, we'll put a gun to your head and make you give them the Swiss bank account numbers.
Yeah, that too.
I appreciate your call.
This is a political atmosphere we don't want to be part of.
This is a system that we don't want to end up being stuck in, is the bottom line.
And I don't know if it's going to get as bad as he was saying, but that's, as I say, in the cards.
It could come to that.
Bernanke acknowledges crumbling economy, singing in money.
The economy faces the prospect of slower growth, but increasing concerns over inflation could complicate the Federal Reserve's efforts to stimulate the economy.
Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke told lawmakers Wednesday.
That's today.
I bet Ron Paul questioned him.
The central bank chief, in testimony before the House Financial Services Committee, said the housing sector and jobs market could deteriorate further.
He also warned that leading and lending could be squeezed by tighter credit conditions.
It is important to recognize that the downside risk to growth remain, Bernanke said.
The Fed will act in a timely manner as needed to support growth.
And he also went on to say that they are going to be cutting interest rates again.
They didn't say.
How much?
The markets turned higher Wednesday on Bernanke's testimony as investors read signals that the Fed was prepared to continue cutting rates if necessary to stimulate the economy.
In fact, the growing consensus is the Fed will cut interest rates by another half a percentage point when policymakers meet again March 18th.
I babbled through that article for you.
Spells and acceleration to the end of the dollar.
Let's go ahead and take another call.
Let's talk to Mark in Oregon.
You're on the air, Mark.
Good day, Alex.
Great to speak with you.
Alex, I have a short statement and a short question for you.
The puzzle pieces all fit together as well as they always have.
They're all working synergistically, one with another, within the New World Order, Luciferian order.
It's a great show.
It's designed by the devil himself, I believe, of course.
You have really great progress by them.
They've had successes with shorter increments of time between those successes and also larger successes over recent years, especially since the advent of this current administration in Washington.
I personally, from my own viewpoint, Alex, I see it as well.
It's basically over and done with, with the momentum and the successes that they've built on and where they stand at right now.
Relative to where they're going to be in the very near future, that being the next minute.
I mean, they're really caught up well and they're really just dotting their I's and crossing their T's at this point, I believe.
And I don't see anything else at this point, given the resources of truth of what you're included and all of us who are truth seekers and truth tellers and try to spread truth to friends and people that we meet, that helps a lot.
But I don't believe there's anything that is going on currently in itself that will defeat the momentum which they have, and thus their sure success to every horrible thing that they want to do, as well as a perpetuation on a daily basis until they get to the later stages soon, if they go at this current rate, what they're doing right now.
With your contacts in the entertainment business, such as Willie Nelson and Charlie Sheen,
If a global television network could be instituted which would cover more people on the planet because you're doing a top-notch job of research and have accumulated evidence through the years which I believe is the main tool in the arsenal of truth at this point that can be used in order to go to a next stage because truth can go to a next stage too.
They're going to next stages all the time on the dark side.
But if you could just consider that, Alex, that's the main reason I call you today and I have a short question but a global television network
Could actually be something to think about with the people that you know.
There may be a communal effort between people who have power within themselves financially and such, and communications-wise, and I just wanted to mention it to you, sir.
Okay, what was your other point?
Yes, the question is, Zbigniew Zbinski actually, not long ago, you reported it and it's been reported in other quarters,
said that the activities, I guess referring to the foreign policies of the Bush administration, have then put back 30 years as far as the New World Order political objectives.
Do you believe that was a sandbagging statement?
And is he just basically trying to give a general impression to the public of the world that, you know, they really have been set back by the Bush administration, whereas really, of course, we know
That every move of the Bush administration had to be approved at the top.
And I sure appreciate your time, Alex.
And God bless you and have a good day.
It was great to get through.
Hey, thank you.
I really appreciate you calling.
Look, let me take the first question first.
I've heard people talking about a billionaire may step forward and buy thousands of radio stations.
A billionaire couldn't buy thousands of radio stations.
A hundred million dollars you could lease in the interim say you have a two year plan and you could lease your choice of 500 small and medium stations or
Not even 100 big ones.
Do you know what a big FM or AM goes for?
20, 30, 40.
I remember KVET, FM, when they sold it, Clear Channel paid like $100 million for it.
One radio station.
So that's why big globalist institutions and corporations...
Are able, because they control the purse strings.
They issue the currency, the credit, the money to do that.
Now, I'm not throwing a wet blanket on what people are talking about.
More power to them.
It's just that that's an old media model to begin with.
Now, because of the Internet and 70 plus percent of the U.S., 90 percent of South Korea, 80 percent of Europe, China, about half are now on the web, a million and a half people a week get on the web.
Because of open source and the Internet and information, a pittance, much smaller amounts of money put into radio networks or put into an online TV network and having more professional sites and better reporters.
That it's the content.
As Sumner Redstone said back in the 40s, and boy, he was proven to be right, it's going to be content, content, content.
Back then it was even more about the distribution chain or the theater where you were showing something.
I don't want to get into media theory and how it all works, but I've actually studied this quite a bit.
It doesn't mean I put any of it into function.
I can barely tie my shoelaces.
I'm so busy doing media and being the content that the content quality is getting better, but it's mediocre compared to some stuff.
Case in point, I can't spend two years just making one film.
You better believe I could make the best documentaries out there.
I know I could.
But I don't have two years.
I have six months a year using a small portion of my allotted time that I do other things like managing business, doing radio shows, interviews, hiring, firing, research.
I mean, it's just incredible.
And so we could all do with more organization, with more money.
But money is only one part of a larger equation, one piece of something larger we need to build.
I mean, to buy a little bitty mom and pop radio station is a million bucks.
And then you'd have to have money to advertise to get people to tune into that station.
Then you'd have to have management and people that work there.
And systems.
And most people in the patriot movement, not the listeners, but the people that command it, I wouldn't trust with your dollar.
So, you know, this is an important subject.
I think I'll talk more about it when we get back on the other side of this quick break.
And then I'm going to cover news and back to your calls.
It is a big idea.
A new world order.
In the near future, Earth is dominated by a powerful world government.
It's known as the Bilderberg Group.
Could their objective be world domination?
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For the first time in history, the elite's plan for world government is blown wide open.
You will learn the secret that drives the entire New World Order agenda.
Bill Vargas is making great progress in the world.
Most people have no idea.
They're not after money.
They have all the money they need.
They're after power.
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All right, finishing up with people talking about our own independent media empires and the money to do that.
The entire global media structure worth trillions of dollars owned by the New World Order is faltering, losing money in almost every sector, having big problems, and is being shaken to its core by the Internet and alternative media, film, art, all of it.
As we approach a type of media singularity, as they say.
Newspaper circulation is down.
The fact that you can buy a $500 ad in a newspaper and don't get one call, put a free ad in Craigslist and get $300, literally, shows what's happened.
And so that illusion is crumbling right now.
Now, I'm all for people that have money.
If they want to go out and start some kind of TV network,
A, they've got to come up with a concept.
They've got to have the talent.
They've got to have the reporters.
Even if you had billions of dollars, it would take some time to organize and set that up and vet people and train them.
The establishment would send regulators after you.
They would nitpick your information and sue you frivolously.
It's harder to beat tens of millions of Americans and hundreds of millions of people globally starting their own websites, getting their own video cams, starting their own web news blogs, reporting for your town, becoming a trusted source.
You can do that just in six months or so.
Getting out there in the street, then getting traffic, getting your own advertising.
I've never wanted to be der leader.
And if I approach the people I know that have money,
And they have a lot of success and say, oh, give me a bunch of money for a big investment.
I don't know how long they'd be friends with me.
See, people like me who have money and power because I don't ever really ask them for anything.
They end up calling me up and saying, hey, I've got an idea here, an idea there, and I usually just say, well, do it then.
Just like I didn't go out and confront Barack Obama or Hillary.
I said, you ought to go do it.
Or I went to the Ron Paul rally.
That was for Ron Paul and you.
I mean, we're not going to win unless you take action, unless you get involved.
Should you support radio networks?
Should you support local stations that carry this show?
That's where it all starts.
If some magic man pops up from behind a bush and says, here's $100 million, here's $1 billion, I mean, I've been approached by real people in the stock market, people that are worth millions,
Hundreds of millions of dollars about doing just that.
I mean, these are real people that really have the money.
And I have just said, you know what?
I have to stay committed to what I'm doing.
I have to stay committed to my websites, what I do, with the people I reach.
As an organization with about 14 people in it, one newspaper that reaches maybe one-twentieth of what I reach, a medium-sized paper,
Would have five times, six times, seven times that staff.
Very top-heavy.
If you'll go out and tell your email list and go on the blogs and go on the message boards and tell people about the show, we don't need $100 million to reach 100 million more people.
It's there now.
We have the venues.
We have the platforms.
See, the media dichotomy is changing.
The delivery systems for the media are changing.
But I think the best idea out of all of them aren't going out and buying a bunch of radio stations, even if you could do that financially.
I think it's, if somebody really wanted to do something, this is my advice for what it's worth, is that you would get together with former TV producers and people that had the background.
You would get a couple million dollars for a decent studio and a basic lineup.
You'd have to have the talent.
Of people that have good Q scores on television, that means watchability, who also have the understanding and the background to put together a basic couple newscasts a day and some talking head discussion shows.
You'd have to be in a capital-type city, New York, L.A., to be able to get the big guest in.
You'd have a budget of hundreds of thousands of dollars, just bare minimum each month, just doing basic talking head reporting.
That's how CNN started.
And then you'd need time to grow that
And you'd be on the cable dial.
Then you'd need to advertise and promote, and the grassroots would have to get behind it.
And then it could be like democracy now, but not be fake left-wing garbage, but be patriotic and free market.
And yes, that would work.
So go build it.
Go do it.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Soon it will be upon us as an overwhelming surprise.
The world is pressing toward a forced one-world religion.
The real issue behind this is the union of church and state nullifying our First Amendment.
Americans will have to give up their peculiar beliefs and accept what the new world religious leaders prescribe.
In 2005, President Bush signed the Real ID Act.
Which goes into effect May 11, 2008.
Many people believe that this will be the mark of the beast because of the restrictive measures included, which seems to parallel the no buying and selling of Revelations 13, 17.
In Revelations 14, 9, speaking of the mark of the beast, it says, If any man worship the beast, take notice.
It says, worship the beast.
This issue is about worship, not economics.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
A lot of people.
Probably been 40 plus groups that have started cable channels.
And they think just having a studio and some reporters is going to give them an audience.
You've got to have content.
You've got to have personalities.
So I've told all these people
Yeah, you go start your network.
And then if you want me to come anchor some show an hour a day, I'll do it over satellite from a studio we'll put together in Austin.
Or if it's big enough, I'll move to where you're at.
I'll go do a TV program.
But if people want me to use my name out front to collect the money or something, it isn't going to happen.
Because I know how big a job that is.
I know how speculative it is.
You see, I've grown slowly, but I've grown very, very strong.
You know, the mighty oak grows very slow, but it grows strong.
And that's what we do here is we just try to move forward, plodding forward through the ditch, you know, up into the foothills and down into the mountains towards the enemy's stronghold.
And only you can set us free.
You are the ones that have the power to get Infowars.com out there to the world, to get PrisonPlanet.com, by going and joining the Infowars network, by being reporters, by writing articles, by posting info, by using that as a base of operations.
You see, I'm about the grassroots.
That's what I know has the power to overturn this.
And it's not just that it's dangerous.
If I go out and start something big, and it's all about me,
But, um...
Oh, you know, that guy brought that up ten minutes ago, and I'm still babbling on about it.
It's just, it's a very important question.
Now, that was his first question.
What was his second question?
John, remember that last caller?
He asked me about why not start a big global patriot network.
And then the second question was, I forget.
The point is,
That they can kill me, set me up, demonize me, demonize the outfit, but they can't stop all of you starting your own organizations.
I mean, more than 4,000 people at a Ron Paul rally from Austin?
You organize, you break up into groups, you know, four groups, four different cores with different ideas.
And don't spend your time about fighting about who the leaders are.
And instead, spend your time on deciding how to go out and confront politicians.
Expose corruption.
Overthrow the Patriot Act.
You know, so many things you can... We already did that here, but... So many things you can do that then the world will start changing.
But if I would have started out 13, 14 years ago just focusing on announcing, I'm Alex Jones, I have arrived, I am your leader, put your media organizations under me...
I mean, every day there's some new person shows up on the Patriot scene announcing they're the leader and then freaking out if everyone doesn't run under their banner.
They haven't proven themselves.
And why should we be under their banner?
Why should you be under my banner?
We cannot be beaten when we are aggressively attacking the enemy in the info war in your own sector.
And there's a revolution brewing, you can see it everywhere, every sign, that is not going to be stopped.
The battle will be joined.
Alright, I know we've got loaded phone lines, I want to go to your calls, but I promise to get to this news, so let me, as quick as I can, run through it, okay?
Cooling trend puts global warming theory in doubt.
Over the past year, anecdotal evidence for a cooling planet has exploded.
This is Daily Tech.
China is in its coldest winter in 100 years.
Baghdad has seen its first snow in all of recorded history.
North America has the most snow cover in 50 years, with places like Wisconsin the highest since record-keeping began, record levels of Antarctic sea ice, record cold in Minnesota, Texas, Florida, Mexico, Australia, Iran, Greece, South Africa, Greenland, Argentina, Chile, the list goes on and on.
No more than anecdotal evidence, but to be sure.
But now the evidence has been supplanted by hard scientific fact.
All four major global temperature tracking outlets...
Hadley, NASA, GISS, URSS have released updated data all show that over the past year, global temperatures have dropped precipitously.
Yeah, because the sun does it.
Not your SUV, not your roof, not your cow's flatulence.
Those are all commodities they want to tax.
And so they tell you there's something wrong with it, and they're going to put a bureaucrat and a social worker over it.
We have their own documents.
It's in my film, Endgame.
They say...
The UN, the Club of Rome, they say they're going to use it to tax you, and that's what it's about.
The entire solar system has been heating up the last 12 years.
Now it's going to start cooling down because the sun just dimmed.
Now it may act strange and heat back up, but the point is that right now we're going into a cooling cycle.
And when these temperature changes happen, you're going to see spikes all over.
You're going to see tornadoes, tsunamis, the sun affects the moon affects the tectonic plates.
All of that.
Continental drift.
And we're always having changes.
It's just that you live so few years.
Life is so short.
We feel like we live forever because there's this human society and all this history and this civilization.
Humanity's going to be here a while, or hopefully.
We've been here a while.
But you don't live that long.
We're like bugs.
We're here one season, basically.
It's like your dog.
He lives 12 years on average.
It's over.
And so they can fool you and tell you, look, there's changes.
It's incredible.
Oh my gosh.
We have the ice cores, folks.
We know that there was a huge warming period 300 years ago.
We know there was a cooling period 200 years ago.
We know this happens.
But it doesn't matter.
They take all this reasonable sounding recycling and helping the earth and better fuels and alternatives.
It's great stuff.
Then they tack onto it global government as if it's going to be the guardian and the prime mover, the progenitor of all of this when it's the opposite.
Financial news.
Confidence plunges.
Inflation rates soars.
They're now having to admit that inflation is exploding.
The Fed was saying inflation was 2% when it was at 15%.
Now the Fed's saying it's 7.4%.
So, if it's quadruple that, what's that?
Fed chief signals another rate cut.
Very important.
That'll drive down the dollar.
Gas may reach $4 a gallon by spring.
Gasoline prices, which for months, lagged the big...
...run up in price of oil are suddenly rising quickly, with some experts fearing they could hit $4 a gallon by spring.
Diesel is hitting new records daily as oil closed at an all-time high Tuesday of $188 a barrel.
It says it's coming at the worst time for the economy with growth slowing, high energy prices that were once easily absorbed.
Let me tell you, if you've got a 2% growing economy and you've got 20% inflation, that's what it really is, or higher, that's a slowing, that's a contracting economy, not a slowing growth.
I mean, this is not hard to figure out.
Key home price index shows record decline, 8.9% in the final quarter of 2007.
Preliminary data showing it's exploding in the last two months.
Bank profits plunge 84% in fourth quarter.
Profits at federally insured banks and thrifts plunge to a 16-year low in the fourth quarter.
Institutions set aside record high amount of covered losses for bad mortgages.
Data released Tuesday shows.
Bank profits again plunge 84%.
One in ten homes going into foreclosure.
Boy, that's some happy news.
Everybody's calling me asking me about the five reactors shutting down yesterday.
Power off in many areas of Florida.
I don't know what's going on.
Why would a bunch of reactors go down and shut down?
They're being pretty secretive about it.
I guess we'll maybe find out in the fullness of time.
I can't believe anything the government says, so who knows?
I don't even want to talk about it.
People will edit me talking about reactors shutting down and with me reporting on an ABC newscast about them saying a missile was fired from Russia and then they'll lie and say I said missiles were fired at reactors.
So, um,
Yeah, look for those kind of tricks out there.
The latest one, again, is taking me yelling at somebody who was so stoned they could hardly talk on the show, editing that in with me interviewing Willie Nelson, and people think it's real.
A lot of dirty tricks, folks.
Just have a little discernment, okay?
Continuing here, Florida Power blackout remains a puzzled...
Power executives were still in the dark Wednesday, sure they were, about how a glitch at a substation triggered a blackout that cut power to millions across Florida.
The outage darkened traffic signals, forced hospitals to scramble for generators, and cut off air conditioners in the afternoon heat.
Sporadic outages 300 miles in the peninsula, but appeared to be concentrated in the southeastern part of the state.
And it goes on here, Reuters says that a 693 megawatt nuclear unit is at the Turkey Point power plant in Florida for restart, but will first use the outage to conduct some other maintenance, a spokesman for the plant said Wednesday.
How does a power outage somewhere else do something at a nuclear power plant?
Both units shut down full power on Tuesday, and I watched CNN yesterday say five.
This says two.
To the loss of the off-site power in response to an under-voltage cause when the two power distributor lines between Miami and Dayton went down following an equipment malfunction in a substation near Miami, the U.S.
Nuclear Regulatory Commission said in a release.
So I guess they had to shut down because they couldn't send the power down the lines.
I don't know.
Who knows what's going on?
I'm sure no big deal.
Flooride's good for you, too.
There was a moderate earthquake in northern England the other day up near where Watson's at.
And people thought that Al-Qaeda had attacked.
Kind of like when Orson Welles got on the radio and said aliens were attacking.
And people ran outside and fired their guns at water towers.
They did the same thing on 9-11.
The feds fly a few planes into buildings, have their own agents who thought they were taking part in drills on board the planes.
We just know they were their agents.
We don't know exactly what they did.
But it's the same thing here.
Just total hysteria.
Thought Al Qaeda was attacking.
By the way, I sent you that clip.
Do you have that BBC clip, John?
Let's just roll that.
Oh, come on, come on.
Here it is.
Do you feel that?
And then they all ran outside.
BBC reported and thought that Al-Qaeda had attacked.
Watson's from Northern England.
He always makes fun of their accent.
Everybody's accent's funny to everybody else.
But I've dialed the wrong number before to Sheffield, and they answer the phone and go, Hey, what are you doing?
I can't understand a word of it, man.
That is definitely a weird dialect.
You wouldn't know that was English, would you?
A minor earthquake that hit Britain last night, causing little damage and just a handful of injuries, provoked hysterical people across the country to fear that Al-Qaeda terrorists had launched an attack on their homes.
During an interview on BBC News, Crew 1 eyewitness shared his initial fear that the earthquake was a terrorist attack
Similar sentiments were expressed in other reports following the tremor.
You may not have been able to understand that dialect, but they were saying Al-Qaeda has attacked us.
Since earthquakes and even rarer geological events such as lightning strikes can kill an infinite number more Westerners than terrorists do, why on earth would people mistake a minor earthquake for an Al-Qaeda attack?
Why would terrorists be interested in attacking a council estate in the nondescript northern town of Hull?
I agree.
Continuing, NAU meeting announced by State Department upon Infowars.com.
The Advisory Committee of the International Economic Policy will meet on Monday, March 10, 2008 at 2 p.m.
in room 1105 of the Harry S. Truman Building.
The meeting will last until approximately 4 p.m.
and is open to the public.
NAU meeting you can go to.
The meeting will be hosted by Assistant Secretary of State for Economic Energy and Business Affairs, Daniel Sullivan, and Committee Chairman Theodore Kassinger.
The committee serves as the U.S.
government's sole advisory capacity concerning current issues and challenges in international economic policy.
Basically, the merger of our governments, the national ID, the international ID, all of it.
Robot Wars will be a reality within 10 years.
London Telegraph.
Well, the Pentagon says by 2011, half of their aircraft fleet will be drone.
Fighter, bombers, bombers.
And then they can just have their video game geeks sitting back in command ships flying overhead, or a thousand miles away for that matter, or in office buildings in Pennsylvania or Seattle, and the aircraft land, disgorge their robots, their combat mechs, and they can go about slaughtering whoever they wish.
Nice and detached.
And of course it allows the globalists to pre-program these and the public won't even follow their orders.
The globalists can just control their droid armies to go out against us.
Or they can remote control aircraft and claim Al-Qaeda did it.
Which we've had remote control aircraft since World War II when Bobby Kennedy Jr.
died flying in an airplane behind a B-17 loaded as a cruise missile.
No, Joe Kennedy Jr., excuse me.
Robot wars will be a reality within 10 years.
So that means it's already here.
They already admittedly have this.
SWAT team will just turn these loose on you.
They'll come in and nerve gas you.
Nice and neat.
Have disposal.
Come pick up your bodies.
The world is sleepwalking into an international robots armed race.
A leading expert will warn today.
Professor Noel Sharkey.
I want to get him on.
Fears increasing research and spending on unmanned military systems by countries including the U.S., Russia, China, and Israel will lead to the use of autonomous battlefield robots that can decide when to kill and when to not kill.
In a keynote speech, he will also predict it is only a matter of time before robots become a standard terrorist weapon to replace suicide bombers.
Again, the robots will attack.
We will always be told it's Al-Qaeda, and you can't interrogate the robot, or they can put false data on it.
Just a wonderland of evil.
I'm going to try to jam in some calls.
I had a few other little sniblets of news as well.
Final segment straight ahead.
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Front porch sittin' in an old rockin' chair
The sun is hot in the Texas sky.
Garden growing, clothes out on the line.
Dusty road when a car goes by.
Story telling of days long ago.
And the only place she'd ever been.
San Jose police use sound weapons.
That's coming up, and I apologize to some of the callers that we're holding.
Call me back tomorrow, and I'll put you to the front of the line.
But I want to hit the San Jose Police to use sound weapons and a few other important tidbits here.
By the way, in the first hour, we did nothing but economic analysis and all the stories.
If you missed any of that, it's big news what's happening to the dollar, big news what's happening with housing.
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San Jose police to use sound weapons.
Now, we're going to write an article about this for Prison Planet later today.
It may already be up there for all I know.
Paul said he's doing one.
And it's just incredible what they're doing.
The head of the Air Force, remember last year in the AP, said, we need to use these on the American people because it's illegal to use these sound cannons anywhere.
And he also mentioned microwave guns against foreign militaries, but we can use it against our citizens and then claim its civilian use.
San Jose police have a new crime-fighting tool.
You might want to hear about it, but you won't unless you want to hear...
They're being used.
They'll be using a dish-shaped sonic weapon called a long-range acoustic device, or LRAD.
By the way, you can see these in my film, Martial Law.
They had them in New York, but didn't use them.
Police say it will be used mostly as a high-grade sound system to amplify police officers' orders.
Pure bull.
It'll totally fry your hearing.
And they're doing this, the microwave guns, the rest of it, because they know people are going to be revolting.
Because they're going to do bad things.
See how it's all premeditated right there?
Alright, the first hour, as usual, was totally jam-packed with financial news.
We'll be right back at the InfoWars stream, so stay with us.
We'll be right back at InfoWars.com.
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