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Air Date: Feb. 24, 2008
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Welcome, folks.
Thank you so much for joining us.
It is already the 24th day of February 2008 on this Sunday edition.
I, of course, am a Syndicate Radio Talk Show host running through Friday, but five days a week is not enough.
So much news happens over the weekend.
Sunday is a key point as one week is ending and a new week is beginning.
Sunday always signifies the first day of the new week, but to me it really is the end of the week.
All right, we're going to be live here for the next two hours, roughly, and we're going to have open phones at 877-590-5525.
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Here is the news I have in front of me.
I have 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 stacks here I want to go over.
and Canada pin bilateral military plan under North American Union auspices to merge militaries.
Now, this is mainstream news this weekend.
It came out on Saturday.
And, of course, I made films six, seven, eight years ago that show the documents they'd already covertly merged with the Mexican and Canadian military.
They will use Mexican and Canadian troops to, quote, deal with American dissenters.
That was in army agreements with Canada and Mexico in 2003.
This is a big deal, all part of the North American Union, that the yuppies don't know exists yet because they're too busy acting cool.
Also, the Washington Post is reporting Wall Street bank run.
I'm sure I told you about this about seven months ago.
Now they're getting in on the act.
It's not just individuals running on banks.
That's happened in France, England, and the U.S.
Some of the biggest banks.
But that's small compared to institutional runs on banks.
And so we'll explain what's happening there.
Also, Euro hits two-week high against the dollar.
Gold nears 1,000 an ounce as stagflation fears grow.
Dollar falls to three-week lows on U.S.
recession fears.
Microsoft is going to be taking over Yahoo, it looks like.
That's not good news for choice.
I mean, if Microsoft isn't an oligopoly, I don't know what is.
Again, I'm all for the free market.
This is not free market.
And both Yahoo and Microsoft have been big brother enterprises, and this is not good for those of you out there that want choice and competitiveness.
These two conglomerates together will have about 60% of the Internet under their control.
And Google's basically a CIA operation.
We've had CIA top analysts retired on to talk about.
The CIA set up DARPA, the Internet...
All of it, folks.
And it's just all run by them.
It's a sick joke.
And they're now announcing how they're going to shut the web down.
Maybe we'll have time today to talk about how they're going to phase out the free web and let it be the worldwide wiretap.
That's why they call it WWW.
That was the joke back in the 60s when they had their own private Internet.
Then in the 80s, the government already had it everywhere.
And then the big joke is worldwide wiretap.
Kind of like you're fishing for a bass with a purple worm.
You want to let him swallow it first before you set the hook.
And that's what they're doing.
You just keep drinking your fluoride.
You keep taking your mercury shots.
Keep listening to all the doctors on the radio, paid for by the government.
You just trust them.
They're going to take good care of you.
You don't listen to crazies like me.
But we'll be getting into the military, merging with foreign militaries.
Also, there's a bunch of new 9-11 truth news.
A former congressman, U.S.
congressman, has gone public saying it's an inside job on my show Friday.
We also have the number two in the Japanese parliament going even more public saying it's an inside job with a Japanese parliament investigation of it being an inside job.
Willie Nelson, of course, two weeks ago on my show said it was an inside job.
Democracy Now!
picked up on that last week.
They covered it.
Got a clip of that coming up.
I interviewed Willie again this week.
One hour, I guess, wasn't enough.
It was great to be able to have him back on.
I wanted to have him back on because it was so much that we didn't get a chance to talk about.
He talked about impeaching the president.
He talked about both parties being in control.
He talked about the toll roads being part of the North American Union.
I condensed the hour, ten minute.
It was over an hour long interview down to ten minutes.
And we're going to be playing that coming up at the end of the show today if we have time.
We'll probably be
Playing that.
The really big news, though, Moscow threatens force over Kosovo.
Moscow, through their head NATO ambassador, has told the U.S.
and NATO that they will, quote, use brute force, quote, military action against the United States if the handover of Kosovo continues to the Muslims.
Now, mainstream news admits Al-Qaeda ran the attacks on the Serbs.
Serbs fought back.
Rush Limbaugh and others went on air and said, we've got to agree with the Clintons.
We've got to attack Slobo.
And so it was the conservative thing to help al-Qaeda attack the Serbs.
The Serbs always said it was to hand over part of their country to NATO.
That's now happening.
And Russia is saying, we're not going to let you hand over the country to al-Qaeda.
And it literally is al-Qaeda.
Of course, our government has al-Qaeda paid attacking Iran right now.
Iran's the opposite group.
They're Shiites.
But they've got actual Wahhabi al-Qaeda.
Bin Laden's even been there in the late 80s running the operation against the Serbs, attacking the Iranians right now.
He's been a great CIA commander always since he was hired back in 1979 by Vizigna Brzezinski.
And I wonder how many silver stars he's gotten secretly.
I'm not kidding here, by the way.
I mean, he's just led the attack forces for the New World Order like no one in CIA history.
So, hey, here's to bin Laden.
Great job attacking the Serbs.
Great job U.S.
government backing him.
How dare those Russians say they may come in and defend against it.
How dare them!
The U.S.
has been moving nukes into Ukraine and other areas.
The Russians are saying, hey, we may go ahead and name nukes at you.
I mean, this is just insane.
I can't believe how sick it's gotten.
Moscow threatens force over Kosovo.
Also, Russia threatens nuclear attack on Ukraine.
That's London Telegraph.
Turkish troops enter northern Iraq because the communist Muslim-funded groups, just like the Albanians, have been killing and attacking the Turkish civilians.
And the U.S.
is saying, how dare you, Turkey?
Our al-Qaeda forces will be defended.
Also, Serb police guard embassies after riots.
By the way, listeners, new listeners, you didn't know our government created Al-Qaeda?
You think I'm joking, don't you?
See, that's why they got you.
Fresh violence in Kosovo, Serbs protest.
How dare them not love Al-Qaeda?
And rigged Gitmo trials prove 9-11 official story wrong.
A whole bunch of mainstream newspapers are admitting that six years of torture, which they admit they torture people there at the camp, that you can't believe any of these fake confessions now coming out.
Alex Jones Show!
We're good to go.
I think?
And then that Barack Obama would be her VP.
It may be the other way around now they're talking about.
You never know.
I mean, he has captured the hearts and minds of the people.
And I was watching the debate from Austin, Texas Thursday night on CNN.
And you look at Hillary.
I mean, she just looks like a witch.
She looks like an eel.
And she was sitting there with that smirk, that arrogant, witch-like smirk.
She looked like a moray eel.
I mean, I don't usually judge a book by its cover, but she's repugnant.
You recoil from her instinctively.
And Barack Obama, I felt drawn towards him.
Well-spoken, intelligent, seems real reasonable, genuine compared to her.
But he's got very evil people behind him.
And his policies, you know what we'll tell you about his real policies when we get back and how I see the election shaping up.
Some election 2008, some theater.
Let's all go out to the theater, the ballpark.
Let's go out to the movies, have ourselves some snacks.
It's total theater.
The whole world is a stage, each of us a player upon it.
Hand-loaded phone lines, your phone calls.
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February 22, 2008.
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Yeah, we're back live.
Ed, Charles, Derek, Jesse, everybody that's patiently holding.
We're going to get to your calls here very quickly.
In fact, in this segment...
Look, I could elaborate all day, but if you're an anti-establishment, anti-New World Order, anti-corruption candidate that hurts the global corporate crime structure, that is rapidly destroying the free market and setting up world government so it can have its will with you and your family and literally make you slaves, that's their own stated goals?
Well, notice they ignored Ron Paul, they demonized Ron Paul, they gave him a third of the questions a third of the time in the debates.
Notice how they give Barack Obama all this attention and love him.
Just like they give Hillary Clinton all this attention and love her.
Just like they give John McCain all this attention.
They steer the debate by who they give the attention.
Let me just give you a news flash here.
Barack Obama, we've written articles about it.
It's been in the mainstream news.
He's called for a global tax of hundreds of billions of dollars a year to the United Nations.
We're good to go.
They just come in and piggyback on this movement for alternative energy, which can be a great business, and then they add to it, oh, by the way, let's have a bunch of regulation and taxation, local taxes, local control, and the big corporations are pushing for this.
Barack Obama is pushing for a global tax, and if he gets into office, he'll probably be able to get it unless we fight him.
And talk about messianic.
They're acting like it's JFK.
They're acting like it's Jesus.
They're acting like the Savior has landed.
The Eagle has landed.
And I don't think Hillary has a prayer now, I have to say, barring some scandal coming out.
I thought it would be Hillary.
All the big money was on her.
Las Vegas was betting on her.
They're rarely wrong.
But Barack Obama has got Zbigniew Brzezinski and others.
The Rockefellers as his advisors.
He's got the biggest banks.
Backing him.
He's got the big money backing him.
So just make no mistake.
The establishment is pushing Barack Obama right now.
And they tried to force-feed the public Hillary.
The public kind of spit her back up because of all the baggage.
I'm not saying he's not a likable guy.
I'm not saying it's an interesting success story.
But Barack Obama is for restricting more Second Amendment.
He is for open borders.
Barack Obama...
Then mixes in a little bit of populist ideas of, oh, we'll keep some of our jobs here in the U.S.
And, oh, I don't think NAFTA and GATT were good.
But then he's actually for the Security and Prosperity Partnership that expands that into the North American Union.
So he's playing politics with you, and Barack Obama's lying to you.
Because his advisors and the people that control him are all for the New World Order, all for the SPP.
And then there's this debate between...
Well, he's going to fine parents if they don't have health care for their kids.
And he's for forced socialized health care, but he doesn't think we should take your paycheck.
There's about two degrees between his plan and her plan.
Folks, if angels ran the government, it'd be fine to take somebody else's wealth and give somebody else health care.
But did you know that they wait, on average, 16 months in England for brain surgery when they have a tumor?
They wait, on average, more than six months when you need heart surgery.
I mean, go look it up.
That's mainstream news in England.
Canadians have to come here to get their health care.
We don't have a free market system, though.
We have corporate fascism with scams being run with the insurance companies and the big hospitals.
Did you know that if you don't have insurance, on average your bill is about four times larger, but when you do have insurance, the insurance companies go in and have deals with the hospitals and it's a lot less?
You got insurance?
Baby, six, seven grand.
You don't have insurance?
It could be 30 grand.
Most people cannot fathom what it's going to be like to live under socialized health care because you haven't lived outside the U.S.
and you haven't studied it.
But there's not just that.
This will give the government control over health care and meeting it out and who gets it.
And remember, just in the last six months, the U.S.
and British governments have announced, oh, we don't want the overweight...
We don't want smokers.
We don't want them to have health care.
People say, yeah, because it's socialized.
Well, then we decide how you live your life.
The government decides.
But then they add, oh, by the way, we're not going to treat old people either.
Oh, you don't believe me?
Just type in top doctors or government officials call for not treating elderly.
And it just says you won't get health care under this.
It's bioethics.
See, this is eugenics.
The people that run the planet are social planners.
They engineer societies.
So it isn't just that they're going to take over 15%.
The government already is half of our GDP.
The government already owns and runs half of our society.
Now it's going to get 15% more?
The government is going to be over 65% of the nation?
And with waste, fraud, and abuse, the feds take on average a dollar of your money.
With any federal program, you get about 34 cents back.
And so, they're going to take over 15% of the economy, and then they're going to send you 34% back.
God help us, ladies and gentlemen.
God help us.
And the government's completely bankrupt.
We're tens of trillions of dollars in debt.
Tens of trillions.
You know, we currently owe close to a trillion.
Currently, today.
It's kind of like your credit card bill comes in.
You owe this month a trillion.
But if you look at the full debt, like it'll show your full payout on the credit card, it's over $100 trillion.
That's even been in the Dallas Morning News.
Well, the Dallas Morning News said six years ago, $54 trillion.
And then now the Congressional Budget Office says, okay, it's over $100 trillion.
That's right.
Once you start getting into numbers this big, it starts doubling every few years.
So, the government's totally bankrupt.
They're devaluing the dollar.
I think we're good to go.
And it's getting worse and worse, and here's Barack Obama, and here's Hillary Clinton, arguing and fighting over which socialized plan they've got, where he's going to come find you, and CPS, he was mentioning the Massachusetts plan, CPS comes and takes your kids if you don't have health care.
You see, it's the government watching you, just like it's Cuba.
Just like it's the Soviet Union, hovering over you.
Oh, you didn't take care of your kids.
Oh, well, we're going to enroll you in forced government welfare, but now you're going to get CPS visits.
Now the man's going to be at your house in your life.
Well, you read the social planning documents from 100 years ago.
I've had guests on this show to cover it.
Hundreds of textbooks, all the thinking.
Dewey, the Rockefeller Foundation, it says Americans are too smart.
We've got to teach them not to be able to read.
We've got to take over the families, break up their families.
And in the 50s, they said, we'll do it to the blacks first.
They said, we'll go in, tell them it's welfare.
There's documents on this.
They've got 90-plus percent legitimacy.
They're building their own clinics, their own doctors, their own cleaners.
We're on grocery stores.
We'll go in, tell the women they can't have a man in the house to get this money.
We know it'll break down the family, and now blacks are more than 90% illegitimate, and their societies look like a war zone.
And here comes Barack Obama.
He's got some more help for you!
He's got some more Margaret Sanger eugenics for you!
More help!
Just what you need!
Whites were about 4% illegitimate.
Now we're over half illegitimate.
Great job, government!
We'll be right back, I promise, with your calls and loaded phone lines.
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All right, folks, we're back live here.
I'm going to take a bunch of your calls, but because there are so many, I would never get to hardly any of you, but I didn't go fast.
Kind of had your question, your comment, your statement ready.
I'm going to move on here.
Then coming up, it's incredible news.
I should have just started the show freaking out about this, but it's gotten to be just commonplace.
We told you about this years ago.
It was happening in secret.
Now they've announced that they're merging the U.S.
and Canadian military.
They will use Canadian and Mexican troops on the American people.
So we'll be going over that report.
Also, the San Francisco Chronicle.
Huge report on concentration camps that have been built in the United States.
Again, nothing new to you, but the reason this is important is that it's now in the San Francisco Chronicle.
Also, some good news out of England.
Schools removed CCTV cameras from children's toilets after furious protests from parents.
Now, here in the U.S., they put cameras in thousands of school district bathrooms, and the parents are such...
Fluoride head zombies, they just think that that's freedom.
Just like in 1984, Winston thought a camera in his bathroom was freedom.
And homeschooled Germans flee the U.K.
A 1938 law never overturned in Germany when Hitler banned homeschooling.
Again, he was a eugenicist.
He said the state couldn't allow that.
They're now not allowing any homeschooling in England, and people are fleeing Germany en masse.
And that ties into how they're trying to ban homeschooling in California and Illinois.
This is just the tyranny we deal with.
So that's coming up, too, and Russia threatening force against the U.S.
Very serious things that are happening.
Again, I could talk all day about Barack Obama.
Bottom line, the Democrats want your guns.
They want to butcher this country.
They want open borders, just like the Democrats.
They're bought and paid for by the same people.
Barack Obama doesn't have all the murders in his past, doesn't have the Clinton death list, doesn't have the wars and millions of dead Iraqis and Serbs on his hands.
So he looks better, speaks better, I'm sure is a better guy than Hillary, who just radiates demoniac glow, just like Bush or somebody.
Well, Bush is more like a demon troll or something, like a retarded demon troll.
But Hillary, just up there arrogantly with all her baloney,
I'm sorry if you support Barack Obama, you're being conned.
Just understand that.
I'm not saying vote for Hillary either.
Nader's jumping in.
He's really a socialist, but I've interviewed him a few times.
At least he isn't a complete communist, but he's against globalism and globalization, the North American Union, so he might be good.
I wish Ron Paul was running third party, but people keep saying he's still in the race.
I mean, he still is in the race injecting real ideas.
All right, let's go ahead and go to your calls.
Who's been holding longest?
Ed in Northwest Austin, you're on the air, sir.
Yes, hi.
I heard your interview with Willie Nelson a few weeks ago where he talked about 9-11.
And so, is your guys' theory that the federal government planted explosives in the Trade Center buildings before the planes struck them?
Yeah, Bill Christensen, who was CIA Section Chief in Europe, believes that.
Bill Doyle, the head of the biggest 9-11 victims group, says the majority of the 9-11 families believe it's an inside job.
We have Bob Baer, the movie Siriana, is about famous CIA commanders saying all the evidence points towards inside job.
Did you know there's a whole bunch, over 200 declassified examples, where our government admits they staged terror attacks and blew up buildings in other countries to blame it on their enemies?
I mean, first off, are you aware of that?
No, sir, I'm not.
But why did the government do that?
Well, why did Hitler, and by the way, we always have the documents on this in Europe, 60-something years later, Marinus Vanderloo, they grabbed a retarded, mentally ill person, thrown him out naked on the side of the street, and said that he'd firebomb the Reichstag.
Hitler then used that to become dictator and pass anti-terror laws and start grabbing the homeschoolers, and that's what he started with.
Your position, then, that the government coordinated this with the...
No, that's not... Well, they have said that Al-Qaeda attacked us because they had our freedoms, and then the government's done everything they can to take our freedoms, so it's true that Al-Qaeda attacked us to get our freedoms.
And it's true that our government founded Al-Qaeda.
Zbigniew Brzezinski just wrote another best-selling book where he brags in 79, six months before the Russians invaded, they created a code name, Al-Qaeda.
And that means the base of CIA operations in Central Asia.
And then they launched Operation Cyclone.
This is all declassified now.
To attack Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, and several other of the Russian satellites to get the Russians to invade.
And then that whole thing was a large setup.
I know they have a Tom Hanks movie that claims the CIA got involved in 1985.
You're flooding me with words here.
I'm trying to stick it out.
Oh, no, I'm sorry.
I'm flooding you with facts.
The people that piloted the planes, they coordinated that with the government who planned the explosions?
Well, who says that the official story that those guys supposedly piloted those planes?
Whoever said that fairy tale was true or wrong?
Okay, you do not believe that... Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.
I do not.
Sir, sir, it isn't that I don't believe.
It isn't that I don't believe.
I have the Associated Press.
I have the San Jose Mercury News.
I have the Pensacola News Journal.
I have Newsweek.
I have the Toronto Star.
Did you know that I interviewed the two heads of the Saudi Arabian U.S.
Embassy in Saudi Arabia in Riyadh, and I interviewed the head of the main U.S.
Mr. Springman in Ottawa, Canada.
I know those are words, but Canada's a place.
And I interviewed him.
That's the capital up there in Ottawa.
It's very beautiful.
And about a year before 9-11, these guys are coming back into the U.S.
and they're flagged as top-level terrorists.
And he's not giving them visas.
And all of a sudden, he's the head of the embassy.
He gets a call from the State Department saying, let them in, that's their cover.
He says no.
Then the deputy...
The Secretary of State calls him and says, they're not terrorists, they're CIA agents, the terror designation is their cover.
Now that was in the Canadian and British papers, and I thought, my goodness, I better call up and get that former heads of the embassies on the show.
Okay, now you can say those are words.
Your little story is you're going to talk real slow, like you're real smart and I'm real dumb, and you're going to go, okay, you think.
See, first I explain our government admits they stage terror attacks and blame it on enemies to start wars.
That's been declassified hundreds of times.
I've tried to give you examples of that.
And you said, why would our government do it?
Same reason Hitler firebombed his own capital.
To say, oh look, we're under attack, I've got to take all your rights and be your king, and you can't question me and my no-bid contracts to Heinrich Himmler.
And Hermann Goering.
And the rest of them.
And Jens Fromm.
Okay, so I'm answering your question.
Government stage events, it's called problem, reaction, solution.
Yeah, Gulf of Tonkins, I remember being called a conspiracy theorist five years ago.
That's now been totally declassified that that was all staged.
To get us into Vietnam, killed 58,000 Americans, over a million and a half Vietnamese.
The Italian, the former Italian president, the former head of their intelligence agencies, went public two months ago and said that everybody in intelligence knows the U.S.
staged the attacks against itself, but not the U.S., the criminal elements.
The number two in the Japanese Parliament, the head of the second largest party, has been having public, month-long investigations, 30 minutes an hour, live on television, every night in Japan.
They're all glued.
Former congressman went public on my show Friday, saying he believes it's an inside job.
That's up on prisonplanet.com and infowars.com.
Andres Fambulo, the former Secretary of Defense of Germany,
He was also the former head of intelligence before that, has gone public saying inside job.
Number three in the Blair government, Michael Meacher, I flew to London to interview him, went public saying all the evidence says inside job.
I mean, I could go on for like ten hours here.
Physicists, scientists, engineers, architects, the head structural engineer on the World Trade Centers, directly under...
I think?
84% of Americans in major polls believe the government's lying about it.
So your ballgame's over, buddy.
We know crooks run the nation.
So you can talk real slow and act real smart.
Bush isn't a conservative.
Barack Obama's evil.
And you're a moron.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
Hi, neighbor.
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Food control has been the plan historically in every enslaved population and is the plan for America.
The only value of the knowledge you have to take control of your food is if you choose to give a supply while you still have the freedom to choose.
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Look, I shouldn't call that guy an idiot.
I've just made three films, written a book, published another book, making another film right now about it being an inside job.
First off, if our government's done it over and over again...
I mean, our top generals will put 2,000, 3,000, 4,000 of our troops in a valley just to suck in an enemy to kill them so we can take out the larger force.
Once you have that unjustified as a means idea, what's blowing up a school bus full of Italian kids to blame it on communists?
That's declassified.
What's taking some of our troops, putting them in a chamber and nerve-gassing them to death?
You'll tell me that's a bunch of words, buddy.
But, you know...
That's the truth.
After I went to break, I thought, I got all these loaded phones, I got all this other news I want to cover.
But, you know, that guy probably just heard me mention how the U.S.
Embassy heads were saying that they were told, these guys are CIA, don't worry about their terror designation, let them back into the country.
Do you understand what that means?
I mean, does that compute with you?
You know, the supposed lead hijacker, all of them?
But then we get the...
Head of the Defense Language School, Colonel Butler, in Monterey, California.
This was in the AP and a bunch of other publications, news wires.
Saying, these guys were trained at our bases.
The government did this.
These guys were trained in spy training at the school.
I saw them in class.
I taught them.
Then the heads of the Pensacola Naval Air Station go, yeah, we trained these guys.
And it made it in the Pensacola News Journal, but then nothing else about it.
I called and talked to Colonel Butler.
I mean, he had Muhammad Atta in his class?
And people say, well, if that was true, that would have come out in the news.
It did!
What is Muhammad Atta doing at the Defense Language School?
What are they doing getting clearance to come back in from Al-Qaeda and Malaysia terror summits?
Hey, buddy, do you know what a Wahhabist is?
Do you know what a Shiite versus a Sunni is?
It's the two major branches of Islam.
Iran is Shiite.
They're government Shiite.
But our television tells us they're Al-Qaeda, but they're funding Al-Qaeda.
That is bull.
Then Cy Hirsch reports three years ago, we broke it, of course, before that with our sources, but now it's admitted, the White House six months ago admitted it, that for three plus years they've been funding Wahhabi with the number three of Al-Qaeda to attack Iran to destabilize them.
Real Al-Qaeda, Wahhabi-ists, are attacking the Shiites.
And it doesn't matter, you still call the Shiites Al-Qaeda.
It's the opposite group, you lame brain!
Why are you so stupid?
Why do you like being conned?
Our criminal government created Al-Qaeda in 1979!
They sent them over there, they attacked the Russians first!
Brzezinski's proud of it!
He's written two books on it!
He's Barack Obama's top foreign advisor!
I'm just tired of it, man.
What is wrong with you?
It's admitted mainstream news that bin Laden helped command forces CIA-backed in 1993, 4, 6, 7, and 8 against the Serbs out of Albania.
Do you know who the Albanians are?
They're Wahhabi-ist commies!
Do you know what Albania is, boy?
Mr. Phony Conservative calling into my show when you don't know your head from a hole in the ground.
All I do is study this.
You're like, well, who were they?
Why were they getting on the planes?
They believe they were taking part in drills.
That's all we know.
Remember James Woods, the big actor on a plane?
They were getting up, doing simulated hijackings.
He tells the FBI and they threaten to arrest him and say, shut up about what you saw.
Good FBI agents kept trying to bust them, saying they don't want to know how to land.
They don't want to know how to take off.
And they're told, shut up.
I've interviewed those FBI agents.
They said it was like Al-Qaeda ran the FBI.
Well, of course they do.
Of course the government runs it.
The NSA spying isn't used to stop Al-Qaeda attacks.
We're good to go.
I think?
Stop being a little boy.
We're not going to save this country if you keep being a little boy.
You've got to be strong enough to at least look at the facts I'm bringing out here.
I've got loaded phones.
I'm taking one call in 50 minutes.
I don't know what I'm going to do.
I've got foreign troops.
I've got all the documents where they're going to merge our military.
Already the military is illegal aliens and violent felons.
It's just off the charts insane.
The dollar is being destroyed.
It's just...
Moscow's threatening World War III, and these guys are calling in going, I'm a conservative!
You know, just that fake bull.
You're not a conservative.
Do you even know the NRA is the first gun control group of this country?
You don't even know that, do you?
You don't even know Gun Owners of America's gotten all the documents out of their Judas Goat group.
Now, you're not going to believe it, because you don't love America.
You love feeling good about yourself and thinking you know it all, when you don't know anything!
All right, here.
Who's up first?
Charles in Canada, you're on the air.
Hey, Alex.
How's everything?
It's not good, you know.
It's really cool up here.
Alex, everything you said was true.
I didn't believe it until I was arrested.
Our government is insane.
They're out of control.
And I'm a filmmaker myself, and I'm going to make a film about this.
Two weeks ago, I was in a club, and
Sir, if you're late to class one time in Austin, they put you on juvenile detention, your life's over, okay?
I mean, it's all over.
It's all they're banning homeschooling, injecting the kids with poison.
The average idiot administering it doesn't even know what they're part of.
Well, the lawyer that I consulted with said that... They'll just tell you to pay them 20,000 loonies, or your dollar, and then they'll just plea bargain you and hand you over.
Well, right now our legal aid system is terrible.
The legal aid is there to feed you into the meat grinder.
Just continue to demand a jury trial under Magna Carta 1215.
You've got the same Bill of Rights we've got under Magna Carta.
You just demand that all the way up, and they'll drop it, and you call that person in, and you show it.
Listen, used to in the U.S., if you had to pull over and urinate driving out on the highway.
I remember being a kid, we'd pull over, you know, go on some road trip and go behind the bushes.
They take you to jail and charge you with sexual crimes for that now.
It's all about getting you on welfare, getting you in prison, or getting you in the psychiatric system.
This is all scientifically run.
We have their textbooks.
A criminal class of psychopaths and their minions run society.
Let's go ahead and take another call here.
Let's talk to Mark in Atlanta, Georgia.
Go ahead.
You're on the air.
Hey, Bo.
You're everyone up there, as you know that.
Yeah, I thought you'd share with me that these Google people, they're conditioned that they're the big city because they don't know better.
They don't understand...
Unfortunately, call me back when you've got a better phone line.
We'll put you to the head of the line.
Guys like that fellow that first called, well, wait, there were hijackers on planes.
Let's just talk about that one area.
And he'll never look into the AP report and they were trained at U.S.
military bases or the embassy heads or FBI saying the government was behind it.
They'll only just keep going, Hey, they were on video walking on the planer.
And I saw Forrest Gump shake hands with Kennedy in that movie.
I mean, we go... And they don't understand that they're merging the Democratic and Republican parties.
There's no difference.
McCain versus Hillary and Obama, there's no difference.
Open border, gun grabbing, trash, every single one of them.
Let's talk to Derek in Oklahoma.
Derek, you're on the air.
Hey, what's up?
I'm 16, and I was wondering if you saw the Ed Geist movie.
What movie?
The Ed Geist movie.
No, I haven't seen it.
What is it about?
Oh, Zeitgeist, yeah.
I couldn't understand your pronunciation of it.
Yeah, I've seen the film.
I don't agree with the first third of it, the second...
Second, third, and third, third are good.
Why didn't you agree with the first part?
Because it's not true about Jesus just being a repetition of other, you know, pagan gods before it.
I mean, there's major mistakes just in, you know, when...
Well, I mean, I'm just telling you, sir, that I talked to the maker of Zeitgeist, and that's why they put out a new version of it.
But, I mean, do you want to talk about that, or what do you want to discuss?
Well, yeah, let's talk about it.
Well, I mean, I've got to go to break, but what is there to discuss?
Some movie on the Internet.
Why don't you check out Endgame, Blueprint for Global Enslavement.
That's what matters.
We'll be right back, ladies and gentlemen.
Stay with me, far and true.
Hi, this is Ted Anderson.
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Now live from Austin, Texas.
All right, Russia's threatening to attack us.
By us, the people who live in this country have been captured by the global crime syndicate.
We're being used, drug around, we're milk cows that feed their world government.
They're merging with U.S., Canada, and Mexico.
Openly announcing mainstream news.
Our military will, quote, help each other deal with disturbances.
Right here.
We, of course, heard this from us years ago.
We have the documents, but now they're announcing it to the cattle.
Bunch of financial news.
I know we've got loaded phone lines.
They're always loaded by the middle of the show, but they're loaded from the start of the show and have stayed loaded without me really even plugging the numbers.
I know folks are fired to talk.
Look, I blew up at a guy earlier because he brought up 9-11 men and inside job.
And I get frustrated because...
They were protected.
They were protected.
Then I study other actions where the U.S., the Russians, the Chinese, Cuba, I mean, governments for thousands of years have staged attacks and blamed it on their enemies.
There's examples 600 years ago of different, you know, war chiefs, shoguns in Japan doing this.
Framing people.
You want your population to go off and have a war with their neighbors?
You've got to burn something down and then, you know, club an enemy over the head and claim you captured them there.
But there's hundreds of examples where our government did it.
Then we get a secret document declassified in 2000, Operation Northwoods, ABC News, Baltimore Sun, AP.
They all cover it.
government plan to terrorize U.S.
Blame it on Cuba, Soviet Union, start World War III.
Then I talked to the admirals.
I talked to the colonels.
I talked to the generals.
I talked to the JAG officers.
I talked to the Army special ops people about all the staged events they did.
Then I learned about the USS Liberty, where the U.S.
and Israel teamed up to attack one of our ships, to cut it off radio control, sink it.
Most of our military didn't know.
To blame it on Egypt and the Soviets to try to start World War III again in 1967.
By the grace of God, it's the most decorated ship in U.S.
They handed out multiple Congressional Medals of Honors.
The ship did not sink under torpedo attack, descent mysteries, mirage attacks.
We get called conspiracy theorists when I'm interviewing the former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, when I'm interviewing the captain before he died, when I'm interviewing all the medic, everybody.
Oh, three months ago, Chicago Tribune comes out, NSA declassifies it, National Security Agency, Israel declassifies it, admits, okay, we did it, it was staged.
Did you know that's now been declassified?
The debate's over!
NSA transcripts of Israel, the pilots refusing to attack the ship, saying they're flying a double-sized wartime American flag.
They're 13 miles off our coast, international waters, off the Sinai.
The pilot, the head pilot of the first squadron, the Descent Mysteries, and they sit in the mirages, refused to attack, and they threatened him and say, Attack that American ship now!
And they blow up the radio relay tower, shoot down the wires.
The guys get out there while it's burning, stringing again.
They get a call off to the main fleet a few hundred miles away in the med.
They say, help us, help us.
Admiral Guy says, launch, launch.
They launch jets to go attack.
The president comes on the line.
I've interviewed the admirals.
This is in the conning tower on the aircraft carriers.
The president comes on and says, countermand.
That ship's going to the bottom.
And they followed orders and they turned those planes around.
And then it went on.
Gunboats, attacks, everything.
And they couldn't sink that ship.
Huge 35-foot holes from torpedoes.
The captain had his intestines tied in at the bridge.
You want to see the photos of it?
After the fact, huge holes everywhere.
Fire everywhere.
Just incredible.
But they locked down the bulkheads.
They followed procedure.
They were unable to sink the ship.
It's declassified now!
You see, Tonkin, they had claimed the ships had been attacked by the North Vietnamese, and the tapes of the president, McNamara, from the ranch are now released.
Him talking to McNamara from the ranch up to the Pentagon.
And McNamara has already staged it and is telling them how they staged it, and now you've got to follow along, showing how they just handle presidents.
And they're on there telling them, this has been released.
We're going to go say that they did attack our ships, but they didn't attack the ships.
So I guess it didn't work well enough.
That time.
By the way, it was McNamara.
I mean, I've interviewed the admirals who were there getting the call.
McNamara first comes on and tells them don't send the planes, and then they refuse McNamara's order.
And then the president calls them.
It is a set piece of infantry battles going back 4,000 years to send out a small group
To lure the enemy in, knowing that group's going to be wiped out.
And once you have that attitude, it's all over.
And that's the same attitude on 9-11.
Once you have the attitude of, well, it's just war, we've got to have 3,000 die, just like Dick Cheney wrote in the PNAC documents, we've got to have a big terror attack to mobilize our people to set up this world government.
Our people aren't going to accept invading all these nations.
Look, I'm running out of time here.
I haven't even gotten but to one set of my news here.
And I know we've got Russell holding the longest, then Jesse, then Dwayne, Mark, John, Lee, AJ.
There are just so many.
So here's what I'm going to do.
I'm not going to air the Willie Nelson now.
If you want to watch the boiled-down hour-plus interview down to ten minutes, it's on YouTube.
It's up on PrisonPlanet.com.
This is a new interview, not the one last week.
We had Willie back on Monday for an hour and ten minutes.
And I haven't re-aired that yet, so I wanted to air more of it.
I'm not going to have time for that now.
I'm going to cover the Wall Street situation.
I'm going to cover the foreign troops situation.
I'm going to cover the Moscow threatens force over Kosovo situation after break.
I guess I don't have time to take one now, do I?
Who's been holding longest here?
I do?
Actually, it's Jesse in California.
Jesse, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hey, Alex.
I'm a research psychologist and educator in the University of California.
And I'd like to talk about the first caller you had, the guy that called in, you know, just a complete zombie.
I'd like to talk about the psychology of waking people up and why people don't wake up.
Cognitive dissonance.
Well, I mean, there's an absolute ton of psychology that underlies this whole phenomenon.
And I've kind of come to the conclusion that
It's almost pointless to try and take on the New World Order with an information war because the deck is so stacked against the individual people from coming out of this cult-like brainwashing that's been going on.
Well, I mean, I hear you, but people are waking up in record numbers and they're...
But yeah, on 9-11 Truth, they'll point out what some kooky 9-11 group's saying and use it for government ops, but they'll never go look at all the real info.
Speaking out.
Like, why was the CIA running drills of the exact same targets at the exact same time being attacked the exact same day?
The more research that I do, the more frightened I become of the situation.
I know, it's incredible.
If you look at the Military Commissions Act and couple that with the Defense Authorization Act of 2007... And PDD 51.
The basic implication is that...
We technically, the discussion that all of us are having right now is an act of treason and terrorism.
Well, what have you heard Michael Weiner, beatnik, 60s king, pimp, daddy, savage say?
He says anybody who criticizes the government in time of war should be arrested.
They want to bring back sedition acts.
They want to arrest citizens en masse.
I have people email me every day saying, yes, there are camps.
I can't wait to kill you.
I'm going to torture you in the camps.
I mean, even the San Francisco Chronicle admits they've built the camps now.
Listen, I hear you and I appreciate your call.
Great call.
More calls straight ahead on the other side.
I'm going to blast through them and then tons of incredible news.
Stay with us!
It is a big idea.
A new world order.
In the near future, Earth is dominated by powerful world governments.
It's known as the Bilderberg.
Could their objective be world domination?
For thousands of years, their dark order grew.
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For the first time in history, the elite's plan for world government is blown wide open.
You will learn the secret that drives the entire New World Order agenda.
Bill Vargas makes great progress for the World Guard.
Most people have no idea.
They're not after money.
They have all the money they need.
They're after power.
That's what they have to use it for.
Order Endgame on DVD at prisonplanet.com or infowars.com or watch it online right now at prisonplanet.tv.
We prep for global enslavement.
You have been warned.
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1-800-686-2237 extension 129
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And the true perpetrators of this horrendous crime are brought to justice.
Loose Change Final Cut is the ultimate 9-11 expose.
From hijackers being trained at U.S.
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You're listening to GCN, the Genesis Communications Radio Network.
Alright, we're back live, and I know we've got callers that have been holding, like Russell, as long as an hour, and John, your calls are up next, but Mark in Austin says he disagrees, and so he'll go to the head of the line.
He's probably going to tell me Hillary is conservative or something.
Go ahead, Mark, you're on the air.
Yes, Alex, the spiritual or mental cause of this country going down is
Is that all the churches teach that the human appearing of the Holy Ghost, that is, Mary Baker Eddy and Christian science, are from the devil.
Well, look, sir, you don't really disagree with me.
You're just having some, I guess, religious argument about, I guess, some lady from some Christian religious sect was sent to us because we didn't follow her.
We're in all this trouble.
I would agree that
Overall, as a nation, we've become very materialistic, very petty.
The average American, we've all seen jaywalking on Jay Leno where they don't know anything.
I mean, they don't even know what the U.S.
They don't know anything.
They're just grueling idiots.
But I've seen national studies and university studies.
Most people, again, don't know basics about where their state capital is, how many continents there are.
To them, it's like rocket science at what temperature Fahrenheit water freezes.
They don't know how infrastructure operates.
They don't know what the three branches of government are.
But they know Al-Qaeda hit us on 9-11.
You try to explain to them Al-Qaeda is run by our government publicly.
Again, they treat you like complete morons, ladies and gentlemen.
It's just so frustrating.
I remember...
In 2002, seeing deals, in 2003 signed, to merge our military with Canada and Mexico.
Now you hear about a $143 billion deal to Mexico with their military, and it says to aid the U.S.
Remember, the Mexican troops came up during Katrina.
The Canadian troops came in.
I mean, it's mainstream news that 20% of the ground force in Iraq are illegal aliens that were legalized.
Our army now is 20% illegal alien.
And that they're actually looking for aggravated felons.
Not just felons, meaning, you know, they stole a bunch of credit cards.
Or stole a bunch of cards.
I mean, these are violent.
You don't believe me?
Just Google it.
And the military says, well, yeah, we need rape.
Well, it's, you know, they're sorry.
I mean, I remember going to Urban Warfare Drills in 1999 and videotaping Canadian and British and Dutch troops
Aiding Marines to take Americans' guns and saying it's for America.
And then, of course, in New Orleans, they didn't bring food and water.
They came to confiscate guns.
And foreign troops were in support roles feeding our troops to go do that.
The FBI leading on flatback trucks thousands of troops to come into people's upscale homes and take their guns.
Oh, you never saw that video?
I mean, look at this.
This is incredible.
CanWest News Service, biggest private news service up in Canada, has put out, and it says, well, it was secret, and the government has kept agreements secret to use U.S.
troops to quell, you know, crises or disasters, and we're going to be used there.
CanWest, Canada and U.S.
agree to each other's troops in civil emergencies.
The Northern Command, folks.
When Judicial Watch sued to get the SPP documents...
They sued to get the Security and Prosperity Partnership documents, and they got them.
NORTHCOM was running the meetings.
We're run by NORTHCOM.
NORTHCOM admits that the military designed the face-scanning cameras, the license plate reading cameras.
For at least ten years, this grid's been nationwide.
These cameras on the highway, they're now... Oh, by the way, they're for crime, too, not just traffic.
Notice how they're putting divider lines up on all the major highways so you can't cut across?
The military admits their entire job is dominating and controlling you.
Now, does the average grunt know that on the ground?
Our military works for the Fortune 500, who set up a world government, and they use our governments to extract our wealth out of us via taxes.
I don't know how else to get that message through to you, ladies and gentlemen.
And these guys got a lot of chutzpah that are running our government.
They, uh...
They've moved nukes into Ukraine and have been threatening Russia and helping overthrow nations around Russia.
They've now stolen a third of Serbia and are trying to move troops in there, and Russia's threatening to attack us.
And I've always attacked Russia.
Russia's horribly corrupt and run by Putin and bad.
But we're the bad guys in this.
Our government's hired Al-Qaeda to attack the Iranians.
That's admitted.
The public can't even figure that out.
They're literally drooling right now.
You've got Al-Qaeda that attacked them, attacked the Serbs.
When the Serbs fought back, they were evil and had to be attacked.
We've got the stories up on InfoWars.com.
Curt Newman did an analysis with a bunch of old stories about it, mixed in with a new one.
The U.S.
and Canada pin bilateral military plan under North American Union auspices.
Can West reports U.S.
agree to each other's troops in civil emergencies.
And it says it scared Canadians because it was kept secret.
Why did Prime Minister Harper keep it secret?
Neither the Canadian government nor the Canadian forces announced an agreement which was signed February 14th in Texas.
And this just made it public.
This is nothing new.
American soldiers arrive on the border of Toronto as part of a training exercise in carrying out a NATO presence patrol in the Indian Ocean near Somalia.
It goes on and on.
And then here's the San Francisco Chronicle.
Rule by fear or rule by law.
And it goes into martial law and the FEMA camps they've publicly built for you, and it says for martial law, and they say they're going to take your guns, and they've hired 26,000 preachers to train them to tell you to hand your guns in.
Most big preachers here in Austin where I broadcast from have admitted they're part of this program.
We told you about this program a year before it was declassified.
Bad people run the government.
They're getting a lot of well-meaning idiots in InfraGard that the FBI has recruited 23,000 executives.
Do you understand?
I mean, just secret police everywhere.
But the border is wide open.
Illegal aliens don't show how to get a bank account.
Rule by fear or rule by law?
The power of the executive to cast a man into prison without formulating any charge known to law...
And particularly to deny him the judgment of his peers is the highest degree odious and is the foundation of all totalitarian governments, whether Nazi or Communist.
Winston Churchill, November 21st, 1943.
And then they just go through.
It says in the U.S.
Code, any U.S.
citizen can be arrested secretly, secretly tried, secretly executed.
It says that the military funding under NORTHCOM now deals to abolish the governor's,
That President Bush is a dictator.
Of course, that will be passed on to Barack Obama.
The liberals will love it when he's taking our guns and be running around jihading in the streets.
Oh, we're all in deep trouble.
It's all gone, folks.
They're going to rape everything you've got.
They're going to take all your pension funds, everything.
And you're still going to sit there worshipping them on the news when the very corporations that stole your pension funds destroyed the dollar, moved all the assets offshore.
You'll still go, oh, I love the government.
I love the advice they give me.
Like, they wouldn't hurt me.
The government's nice.
A bunch of hardcore corporations with their own private intelligence agencies didn't come in in 47 with the National Security Act and turn the government into their own private cash machine.
And they didn't get real arrogant and decide to just go ahead and deep-six the U.S.
and totally blow it out into a third-world military colony.
Everything's fine.
I love the government.
I love FEMA camps.
I love the fact that they've got secret police everywhere.
I love the fact that the law is all selectively enforced now.
I like being face-scanned and plate-reading camera everywhere.
I love the fact the Pentagon designed it to admit we're now a theater of operations under Northrop.
I like having fluoride put in my water when even the new scientist admits it reduces my IQ by 20 points.
I like being brain damaged.
I like being stupid.
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You know, some days I come in here and I'm calm and I'm nice.
Other days, folks, I'm freaked out.
I mean, I am.
When you've read probably a hundred textbooks written by the top sociologists, top government think tanks, and they admit they're poisoning the water, they admit they're poisoning your shots, they admit their brain damaged us all, me included, on purpose, they admit they broke up our families and destroyed our society, they admit that... I mean, it's all admitted!
But I can't get people to look it up!
I mean, it's like here.
I've read hundreds of news articles, government documents, had professors, JAG officers, special ops people on, told you they were merging our military, got the documents, told you everything that would happen.
Everything I've told you so far has come true.
It's not because I have a crystal ball.
I'm following their own documents.
And I know people are waking up to some extent, but they still think I exaggerate.
Folks, I'm not exaggerating.
It's worse than what I say.
And it isn't about Bush or Barack Obama or Hillary.
They own all those people.
They're nothing.
It is a hardcore scientific dictatorship is what they call it.
And they're like the board, these big corporations that meet in these governing councils, just like organized crime, and they set the policy, they're think tanks, all the top scientists, all the top people at the universities come up with different plans, they're all well paid, and it's all put together.
I mean, the military admits, in the last 20 years, they designed the cameras, the grids, the RFID, and they say it's to control us, and that NORTHCOM's going to run our lives!
Get rid of our borders, destroy our country!
The government ships in most of the narcotics.
They only wage war on cartels that don't pay their cut.
Then the cops raid your house looking for drugs.
The government shipped in.
I'm sick of it, man!
I'm tired of it!
And they're getting ready to make a big move.
They're getting ready to start World War III.
They're circling Russia, China, while they're busy arming them.
They've got all sorts of super weapons.
They know they're going to win.
These people are nuts.
And they want to make sure here at home we're all battened down and all a bunch of good little slaves that go along with this.
Well, I don't want to go along with this.
You think I'm happy criminals in our government carried out the attacks?
You think I'm happy to know the hijackers were trained at our bases?
You say, well, then why were they on the planes doing the attacks?
I don't know what they did once they got on the planes.
The point is, why aren't we hearing about why they were U.S.
That's the whole issue.
You prove that, it's all done.
And it's been proven!
Oh, God.
Oh, man.
Oh, God.
You know, I've got a great life.
I've got a great wife and children.
I've got a wonderful family.
I know so many great, cool people.
But I can't enjoy any of it because I know these people are literally hanging over us every minute and doing all sorts of nasty stuff to us.
They're a bunch of psychopathic, sadistic control freaks.
They're worse than psychopaths.
They don't just not have emotion.
They're like one of the clinical, you know, really vicious psychopaths who enjoy it.
I was just reading a bunch of scientific reports and articles last night for like three hours about psychopaths.
I already knew about psychopaths, but just reading about them, how they're slick-talking, they wear suits and ties generally, they enjoy murdering people.
One in a hundred is a psychopathic killer.
Men, one in three hundred on average, but about one in ten is a sociopath.
The society breeds more of them, and so you've got psychopaths running things with all their little sociopaths under them.
A bunch of sick filth, and you've got a bunch of gerbil-like public trained to be slaves and just begging ninny.
I'm tired of it, man.
I'm tired of watching evil people win.
I'm tired of watching them get away with it all the time.
I just want you to know I'm telling you the truth, folks.
Really bad people run things.
I've risked my life to bring you this information.
Again, can't you just picture those skull and bones?
You know, Eastern establishment frat boy types, they love putting poison in your water.
It's just a power thing for them to eat your brain and dumb you down.
It's just about the force of will, what they do to you.
They just laugh at you.
And I've been in RNC meetings and big events, and I've had lots of elitists come over to me and say, Jones, they don't want your health.
They're never going to want it.
You're barking up the wrong tree.
You ought to try to join people like us.
It's a predator.
Well, I'm not a psychopath.
And I'm not going to be part of all this.
Sick freaks.
And you've got this idiot yuppies who've been trained under the elite because they've got a million bucks running around acting cool all day.
A bunch of scum.
A bunch of idiots.
A bunch of trash.
But let me tell you something, folks.
It isn't going to keep going on like it is now.
It's going to get worse and worse.
And I want you to know who did it to you.
That's all I beg.
Okay, I've got to go to your calls.
Russell in Austin.
He's been holding the longest, hasn't he?
Yes, and then John.
Russell, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hey, Alex.
I'm going on some serious rants today.
I'm calling on my cell phone getting salivary cancer and hearing loss.
You've got thousands of government reports eating your brain.
Go ahead.
Austin Police has this Citizens Patrol or Citizens Police Academy.
I was wondering if you could comment on that, if it's a whitewash.
Well, again, that starts and it sounds reasonable, and if it was left there, it'd be fine.
I'm all for civil defense.
But then, it's like anti-terror, but there's no real terror, so now they're spying on people and taking people's kids because, oh, we...
So, yes, it's bad because the government's bad.
It's bad because those directing it are bad.
It's like... Wait, Tom, to go there?
Well, no, it might be good for patriots to quietly go join it, but I know what's being taught.
I know what the feds teach here locally.
It's gun owners are bad, you know, all the rest of this bull.
But, no, you should go join that to spy on them and watch what they're doing.
All right, and Ralph Nader, can you comment on that?
I'll take your comments off there.
I've interviewed Ralph Nader a few times, and as a media guy, you tend to want to be nice to folks you've interviewed, but I don't agree with his policies on socialism, big government, carbon taxes.
He's kind of the other arm of the New World Order.
But, I mean, the Green Party has a bunch of well-meaning people in it.
But anytime you create big government, anytime you create big taxes, the corporations come in, and I don't mean your corporation.
I got a corporation.
What do you mean corporations are evil?
I don't mean your auto parts store or your little shopping mall or your tree trimming business.
I mean the Fortune 100, Fortune 500.
Really, you look at Fortune 500, it's all interdirected, interlocking with the Fortune 100.
They have their own intelligence agencies, their own systems.
It doesn't matter.
Let's go ahead and take another call here.
Let's talk to John in North Carolina.
John, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hey, Alex.
Thanks for taking my call.
I just wanted to mention, maybe the neocons should take a look at what's going on in Serbia right now to re-examine the whole war on terror.
They're going to use Mexico within the next 15 years, I predict, if it continues, to break up the U.S.
That's right.
just like they're doing Serbia right now.
Oh, is that where you were going?
That was exactly what I was going to say.
People have to look at, I'm not, you know, I'm not Serbian, I'm not defending, we're saying that they're angels, but clearly they're on the right here.
I mean, we went in... They were losing 3-1 losses.
They were attacked by the Croats and the Muslims who'd been Hitler's little buddies when the Serbs saved a lot of our people in World War II.
Our criminal government went and financed them to attack them because the Serbs had created a first world nation that wasn't controlled by the New World Order.
That's exactly right.
And now you've got this guy, Hashim Thaki, who, I mean, he's an open drug dealer, and we're supporting him like it's some great leap forward for mankind.
And have you noticed heroin's back on the streets, and we've gone from only a million people to two, three million?
They debate the numbers on heroin.
Remember after we liberated Afghanistan, suddenly you have eight-fold?
And now it's come out, our troops have to guard the opium?
They ship it right in here to go in your daughter or your son's veins, and then cops are going to SWAT team them because they used the drugs our dirty government brought in.
It's just horrible because there was no ethnic cleansing on the side of the Serbs back in the 90s.
That was total invention, and you still have people parroting that nowadays.
It's the same idiots, it's the same yuppies that said don't buy gold when it was $300 an ounce five years ago who are saying don't buy it when it's $9.50 now.
Which is my other point.
The New York Times is reporting that Bank of America is floating a $739 billion bailout plan for the banking industry.
Bank of America is really over-leveraged.
35 trill, according to the...
Big foreign groups that have been studying the numbers.
Citibank is like 46 krill.
I'm going from memory here.
So, yeah, when you talk about hundreds of billions in bailouts, that's only current.
If you look at the leveraging, the AAA stocks that were really junk, doesn't matter though.
Yuppies don't even understand it.
They just know how to act stylish and swirl their hair when they walk out of the...
You think you know it all?
You think I'm wrong?
I'm right about it all!
I do my homework!
Terror Storm, a history of government-sponsored terror.
Loose Change, Final Cut.
M-Game, Blueprint for Global Enslavement.
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We're good to go.
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Hi, neighbor.
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You know why I'm mad?
Because everything the New World Order said they'd do and their planning documents 80 years ago they've done.
Now they say they're going to do the rest of it.
Once they've got their world government in place, they're going to have controlled bioweapons releases.
They always blame on terrorists.
They'll use that to get more control.
Hurt you into smaller cities.
Keep exterminating.
Long after I'm gone, long after many patriots that fought against them are gone, they'll just be nothing but drugged out Prozac, Ritalin head yuppies watching their television, their view screens, begging and worshipping the government and stumbling around acting cool.
And it's just a real travesty.
You know, I just can't believe they're going to use foreign troops.
I can't believe they're filling up the ranks of our military with illegal aliens and felons.
That's true.
I mean, that's happening.
How dare you talk about our military, boy!
You don't like our military!
Well, if our military is a bunch of illegal aliens and felons, I don't like our military!
You know, you're idiots, okay?
Those of you that support this system, you're idiots.
The country's already gone.
We're not going to get it back until you wake up!
Meanwhile, let me explain this.
Going back, the Rus, or the Northerners, from Russia, set up by the Vikings more than 2,000 years ago, one of their main homelands is there in Serbia, what's Belgrade today.
This is the heartland of the Slavic or Russian culture.
And now they've come in and taken it for a NATO drug-running, child-kidnapping operation.
Oh, you didn't know that?
That's what the UN does.
It's filth you can't imagine runs this planet.
And you're just thinking, everything's fine, or you're afraid the Muslim extremists are going to get you.
Oh, the real Muslim extremists work for the CIA MI6 Shembet or Mossad.
And it's admitted that the incredible part is... Moscow threatens force over Kosovo.
Their ambassador said, we too will have to proceed with a view in order to be respected.
We must use brute force.
In other words, armed force invasion.
Russia threatens also to nuke Ukraine.
I mean, you can't... Turkey's moved in because the communist-backed Muslims are attacking them.
The U.S.
tells Turkey, how dare you defend yourself?
Every scumbag terror group works for the filth that runs this nation.
Indonesia has now gotten evidence that the U.S.
It was an Asian-backed bioweapon, race-specific.
engineered the bird flu.
We already knew that.
Oh, man.
Do you think your way of life is going to be okay if you let corruption grow and secret police be everywhere?
Okay, let's jam in some final calls here.
Dwayne, and then who's been holding next after that?
It'll be A.J.
and Lee.
Dwayne, thanks for holding it on the air.
From Austin, go ahead.
Hey, how are you doing, Alex?
I'm just crazed and angry and upset.
Hey, I'm calling because I saw the rally yesterday with Dr. Paul.
Yes, Ron Paul was here in town.
Jim Vaughn played.
And I was noticing that there were basically no African Americans there.
And the thing I noticed, when we have our family members go online and do the presidential poll, you know, the candidate that has the most in common with you in your beliefs, every time, all my relatives, it always comes up Ron Paul.
It's never Barack Obama.
And I wanted to know why are a lot of African Americans just blindly voting for this guy?
Is it because Oprah says so?
Because the way I believe, the way my family members believe, we can't vote for that guy.
The guy we're supposed to be voting for if he's going on ideals and having things in common is the Republican Ron Paul.
Because we don't believe in open borders.
We believe in enforcing the Constitution.
We believe in protecting the United States.
And we believe, you know, basically...
In the foundations of the United States, and I just want to know what you think about that.
Well, I mean, if it's Hillary, Barack Obama, or John McCain, you can't vote for either of the three.
They're all owned by the same people.
They're giving us a false choice.
That's why they were all given plenty of attention.
That's why they were all given plenty of gas mileage.
Now they're shooting McCain down, and I'm surprised it's not Hillary.
I mean, if it ends up being Barack Obama, I'll have to say that I was wrong, because she was the anointed one.
I mean, I like the guy at a personal level because I hate Hillary so much.
You know, I mean, the system knows how to play us.
And the reason they know how to play us is because they have the top psychologists and psychiatrists and PR people who know how to examine human activity.
They even have war game computers that can spit out what to do.
And I think that, you know, you should vote your conscience.
I mean, if it came down, I mean, I have to say,
Look, I can't say go vote in the primary for Barack Obama over Hillary, even though I would like to because she's so bad.
The point is that, of course, she's bad.
She's already been in power.
Barack Obama has really evil people behind him.
He's calling for a global tax.
He's anti-gun, pro-open border.
His socialized health care plan isn't as bad as Hillary's.
I've always said don't go for lesser of two evils.
So, you know, that's your decision.
I mean, I'm not going to tell you what you should do.
Hey, I'm just basically saying a lot of folks are just voting without even knowing what this guy is for.
Well, he just says change, change, change, because they know people want change.
But it's not more change.
It's more government, more control, more of the same.
I mean, I wouldn't vote for either three of those people.
I would write in Ron Paul.
You know, he's on the ballot still as a Republican.
And if I was you, you're a very intelligent, articulate person, sir, I would run for office yourself locally.
We get 60% turnout for national elections, 8% turnout on average locally, and that's what Austin is.
Austin's the national average, about 8%.
For local elections, that's where the real power is at.
So you know you're good.
You need to run.
Okay, let's go ahead and jam in some more here.
Another call.
A lot of calls today from Austin.
Lee in Austin.
You're on the air.
Go ahead.
Oh, hi.
I just wanted to say you were absolutely right about the NSA.
My dad worked for NSA, and he would come home and say we have to hide things from the FBI today and hide things from the CIA tomorrow.
So you're totally right on target.
Yeah, that's the main thing.
The NSA is there so that the real guys run in the country so agencies don't find out what the real crooks at the top are doing.
And now I think we've gotten to the point where they don't really care what anybody knows or anybody says.
No, it comes out that DynCorp kidnaps hundreds of thousands of children from child sex slaves and DynCorp just changes their name.
Doesn't matter if BBC reports it.
Nobody gets arrested and I get death threats told I better shut up.
They just don't care anymore.
They have enough power to control the world and they don't care what anybody says or knows.
I walked up to a bunch of Austin cops one night out in front of the DynCorp headquarters, and I said, you know, that's a really evil company.
You need to find out about it.
I told them about it in some news headlines, and they all just laughed at me.
It's like, this guy knows how to talk.
That's funny.
Child kidnapping rings.
You know, like I'm making that up.
Like I'd be on the air five minutes if that wasn't true.
Believe me, I wish every day it wasn't true.
I am sick.
My spirit is sick.
I am sick of all this happening, Lee.
I'm tired of knowing these monsters are everywhere and nobody's doing anything about them.
Because we won't pick up our arms and fight against them.
It's us against them now.
Well, we first have to wake the people up by who the real enemies are.
But I'll just tell you, folks, they're going to blow the economy completely up
They're destroying the dollar.
I mean, look at these headlines I've got today.
Wall Street runs on banks.
It doesn't look like an old-fashioned bank run because it involves the biggest financial institutions trading paper assets, so complicated that even top executives don't fully understand the transactions.
But that's what it is.
It's spreading fear among financial institutions that their brethren can't be trusted to honor their obligations, and then they go into it.
They're telling us the economy's going to be great in six months.
Folks, the dollar's gone.
We didn't have industry or anything.
That's all we have.
We have this strong dollar left.
It's gone!
The government decided to kill the dollar to bring in the North American Union.
You're on the air.
in California.
Hello, Alex?
Yes, sir.
Yeah, I'm glad I got in.
I'm really appreciative about what you're doing out there.
I hear you all the time rant and rave and say I'm going off, but you know what?
I feel exactly what you feel.
One of the most frustrating things for me, and I've had personal experiences with what goes on with some of the government agencies, just to give the viewers a listen from just an ordinary person.
An ex-girlfriend of mine had her kids removed from her because of a CPS thing where her ex-boyfriend before me was laying his hands on her and beating her up.
And so they come in, take both the kids, remove the kids, put them in CPS care.
Where they're five times more likely, according to federal numbers, to be abused, and then they cover up.
There was articles in the local paper today about how these schools cover up teachers that rape kids.
I mean, you know, it's just... Absolutely.
And what they did, what they did what really infuriates me is what they did with their son a parent couldn't do to another parent in a divorce.
They actually told her that she couldn't tell her kids things.
And they were telling her son, they would tell her, if your son acts up, he can't come see you.
Now, the kid's been pulled out of the house.
The family's been ripped apart.
He's acting up.
They want to force him on medication.
Then they want to tell her that your kid, you can't come see your kid.
And most of these social workers were abused themselves.
I went to college with people going to school to be social workers.
You'd be out drinking a beer and there'd be some girls there.
They'd go, I was abused.
I can't wait to get these bad parents.
I can't wait to get out there and take kids.
And this person shouldn't be allowed to clean toilets.
This person can't wipe their own nose.
But they're going to go out and break up families.
Look, the government that got involved in families has destroyed our families.
I have the textbooks written 100 years ago where they said they were going to do all of this.
But the idiots carrying it out don't know.
I'll be back live next Sunday, 4 to 6 p.m.
Thanks to all our stations and listeners.
I'll see you back on the weekday show as well.
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