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Air Date: Feb. 22, 2008
2267 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Welcome, ladies and gentlemen.
It is Friday, the 26th, 22nd day of February 2008.
We're going to be live here for the next three hours.
One of the writers of that San Francisco Chronicle story about concentration camps and martial law being set up in America will be joining us.
He's a former congressman coming up in the second hour.
And I've gotten a few emails and seen a few comments in the Infowars.com message board.
People saying, Alex, you've been talking about this for more than a decade, crying wolf.
We're sick of hearing about it.
And then there was another person in the dig comments, and he was serious because I went to his dig page.
It was all neocon propaganda.
Saying, I'm sick of your lies, there's no plan for camps, but I wish they were there.
I want to kill you and gas you in the camps and just murder all of you.
So there's not tyranny, and we're not in danger of it, but he agrees we should be killed.
Ladies and gentlemen, if myself and many others hadn't been on air, and of scholars and professors and former members of Congress and many others...
Hadn't been blowing the whistle on the move to set up martial law, like Congressman Jack Brooks did, in congressional session brought it up, and in a way, the head of the committee said, shut up, that's top secret, you can't talk about it.
He did that in 1986.
If we hadn't have been talking about this, the people now would know it wouldn't be a major issue being talked about by Naomi Wolf, Bob Woodward, the list goes on and on, Dr. Paul Craig Roberts...
Willie Nelson, Ron Paul, the list goes on and on.
Now, sure, I was one of the most vocal people.
I made three police state films.
It's been my main issue before 9-11 and even during 9-11.
We talk about it about once a week because they're building FEMA camps.
They're training the military to take your guns.
They did it in New Orleans.
Now they've trained the preachers to suppress you and tell you to go along with it.
They've hired...
You better be glad we're talking about this.
This is serious.
But it just shows the mental illness of the individual in Digg.
And I see these comments all the time.
And this is a serious person.
He has a big profile with hundreds of stories he's posted.
It's all kill the Muslims, World War III's good, world government's good, ha ha ha.
Probably a simpcom operative.
And so there's no camps, but I can't wait to put you in them and gash you and kill you.
And kill all you 9-11 truthers.
So it's all very, very serious.
And whereas in the 80s the martial law program was in its embryonic phase, they built it slowly, lovingly.
It's grown.
And now it is lined up at the line of scrimmage.
The quarterback is saying, blue 42, blue 42.
And the center is about one second away in the scheme of historical perspective from
And the concept of police state, and it's just about to say, hut, hut, hut, hut on three, baby, he's going to snap that ball.
It's going to go into action.
The play is going to be live, and things are going to get real nasty, unless we cause a massive revelation about government-sponsored terror, about police state, about the camps.
And if we stop them from ever going to full-bore martial law, I know I'll be attacked.
He was the one that always talked about it.
He was the one that always said it was coming.
No, I'm the one saying they're building it all around us.
We better dismantle it.
That's what I'm saying.
We'll be right back.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
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From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
All right, here's what's happening right now.
Our entire industrial base has been shipped to the third world.
Literally more than 90% of it.
Even high-tech research and development is being offshored.
To China, India, predominantly China.
Russia and China are openly threatening to attack the United States, Eastern Europe.
The globalists have gone in, destabilized, destroyed Kosovo, now handed it over to be a NATO enclave.
Russia is threatening to roll troops into Serbia, into Kosovo, quote, their ambassador to the U.S., publicly saying, we will use brute force, and then he added, bloodshed.
We will use brute force, we will use violence.
Now, that was real.
That was truly Russia taking action during the NATO attack on Serbia.
When, at the end of it, NATO tried to occupy Kosovo then and take it over and hand it over to the Muslim Communists slash Albanians, a nation of just complete tyranny, torture, secret arrests.
It's a wonderland for the globalists.
And the Russians sent in several divisions of troops into Pristina.
Do you remember that?
Well, Russia says they're getting ready to invade...
They're talking about invading.
Turkey just poured across into Iraq a few hours ago with large armored divisions of tanks, helicopters, ground troops, field pieces.
Meanwhile, people were tuning into Barack Obama and Hillary last night as they sat there and grandstanded and acted and all the swooning people for Hillary and Obama.
Hillary literally looked like an eel or a demon.
I couldn't help but love Barack Obama.
Not that he's even a good guy.
I can tell you he's evil.
He's a globalist.
He's got some of the most evil globalist advisors.
He wants gun control, open borders, socialized health care.
He's bad.
I couldn't help but love him, because she's so evil!
I hardly ever watch television, and we said, well, it's in Austin.
Let's watch it.
Plus, some of our friends were down there, and Aaron and Rob were down there with cameras.
So I thought, well, I'll see what happens.
You know, let's watch it.
So I watched, I tuned in 45 minutes into it, so I watched half of it.
And it just completely blew me away.
I mean, they're talking about, when the country's already bankrupt, total socialism of 15% of the economy, fining you, CPSing your kids, basically, and of course, with government health care comes eugenics.
All of this is going on, Hillary fake tearing up all of it, disgusting attacks on Barack Obama, which, it's like they're designed to make him look good.
Saying he plagiarized something because one of his top campaign advisors helped write a speech?
As if all that stuff they say wasn't created by advisors?
But again, I'm going to get into that today.
It's just unbelievable.
But I'm not going under their mind control, ladies and gentlemen.
I am not going to support Barack Obama.
And a lot of you are emailing me and calling me saying, well, we hate McCain and we hate Hillary, blah, blah, blah.
And conservatives are saying it.
The guy has got...
People say he's an inch deep and a mile wide.
I don't agree with that.
People say, as Hillary tried to use a folksy term, that he's all hat and no cattle.
You know, where's a big cowboy having done on a ranch?
There's plenty of those around here.
No, it's her that's all hat and no cattle.
He's very dangerous.
I can tell you right now, Barack Obama has charisma.
He's very intelligent.
He's very evil.
He's very dangerous.
We got stories about the Secret Service pulling security off of him
Boy, that really adds to that Nobel laureate saying they think that he'll be killed.
If he's not a top globalist, which all of his pedigree and evidence says he is, and he's being supported by top globalists, then yeah, I have no doubt that they're going to loan Nutty.
And this latest info, so we're going to be talking about that today.
I mean, we have got so much to cover here.
Willie Nelson went on for about an hour with 48 minutes total, an hour-long interview on Democracy Now!
yesterday, and they brought up, you've controversially said you question 9-11, and he said, yeah, I do.
So that's a big deal.
That's up on prisonplanet.com and infowars.com right now.
I am just wallowing in news and information.
But I am going to just briefly get into concentration camps now, then I'm going to get into the Turkey situation, the Kosovo situation, the burning embassies, all of it.
This is how wars start.
This is what the start of World War I looked like.
This is what the start of World War II looked like.
Just fires popping up everywhere.
And don't think it's not happening by accident.
The globalists are manipulating all of this.
But before I do that,
The San Francisco Chronicle, with an article written by a former congressman, Congressman Dan Hamburg, wrote a story that was footnoted, linked to PDD 51, sourced and quoted every claim they made.
The White House is openly building camps, openly talking about martial law.
This is one of the top 15 papers in the country.
Some years it's rated in the top 10, but I'll just say top 15 to be safe.
It's one of the biggest papers in the country.
Establishment all the way.
It says, get ready, they're trying to set up martial law.
They source it all.
Of course, it sounds like we wrote it, because we're just going off the facts, too.
Steve Watson writes an article about it, adds some other documentation about the clergy response teams and the InfraGard CEOs and corporate chiefs being hired to be secret police and prepare for martial law.
This is all public.
This isn't hidden, like Professor Scott said yesterday.
So we post this article on Infowars.net.
He puts a dig link up there.
Dig's rigged, but we still leave it up there just to prove it's rigged.
We can get 2,000 digs, and usually 100 puts it on the front page.
2,000 won't do it.
And top newspapers, wire magazines come out and prove it's all rigged and a fraud.
But we're going to continue to expose that.
We don't just give up because it's rigged.
We prove it's rigged, you see.
We destroy their name because they deserve it.
Well, we don't stop just because you kick our butt.
We just keep giving fight.
That's why we win in the end.
It's perseverance.
It's never surrendering.
So he posts this, and somebody with a handle, IH8Truthers, they did it with two O's, truthers, and he comes in and he says this,
Once again, I wish these camps existed so we could round you people up.
Now, the story has links to the Houston Chronicle admitting they built the camps for the American people.
All of it documented.
But it doesn't matter to this CENTCOM guy.
Once again, I wish these camps existed so we could round you people up.
See, they don't exist because it's not time to announce it yet.
But there's also the threat.
We're going to get you, though, and put you in them, you see.
Once again, I wish these camps existed so we could round you people up.
I would be glad to round you up and gas you.
He wants to kill us.
He's saying, I want to kill you.
But there's no threat of fascism in America.
Let me just read it and then comment.
Once again, I wish these camps existed so we could round you people up.
I would be glad to round you up and gas you.
If you think Infowars or anything else, Alex Trader Jones, definite military, definite, definite.
It says in the John Warner Defense Authorization Act for insurrection for the American people.
It says in PDD 51, Congress no longer has power and Bush is dictator, and then Congress homeland security with the highest level security clearances, so we want to see that full plan, and they said you're not allowed to.
That is dictatorship.
A dictatorship of the office.
It'll probably be passed to Obama or Clinton or whoever it is.
You see?
Even when it's admitted, even when they're saying they're going to secretly arrest Americans, got FBI files on 755,000 people, growing 20,000 a month, tracking everything, all this going into place, the troops training to confiscate our guns, the preachers hired to tell their flocks to turn in their guns and go to camps, we told you a year before it was in the news, gave you secret documents, now we have newscasts admitting it, but saying it's good.
Still it doesn't exist.
We're liars.
But we still need to die, and he would love to kill us.
He would love to kill us.
And then you go... I mean, he's saying he wants to kill you.
Because we're traitors.
You go to his site and you learn why.
Ron Paul's evil, a traitor.
You go to his subpage on Digg.
Just every form of anti-Muslim information.
Definite, definite active duty.
Probably in a propaganda corps.
And you talk to the low-level propaganda corps people, they are just dumber than dirt.
I mean, I've been in a studio at KLBJ doing the morning show there one day, where right before I was coming on, they had some guy written a propaganda book about Afghanistan, how wonderful it was.
He'd been in special ops.
I went and Googled his name.
Found out he'd been in intelligence.
Confronted him.
He just laughed me in the hall.
He said, yeah, I'm running an op.
Get out of my way.
And it was all I could do to keep from slugging him.
I was just like, oh, the military running ops on me.
Running ops in the U.S., man!
They're everywhere!
And let me tell you something.
They will take us, and they will line us up, and they will sit there and blow our heads off.
Because all they've been doing is playing video games for the last ten years.
Then they go into combat.
Then they get on a power trip.
About 30% go psychopathic and end up loving it.
The rest fall apart and degenerate.
Because they've got souls.
And they're coming back here to rule and to sup on our blood.
An orgy of death and destruction.
I mean, every day I can give you 20 quotes like this.
A lot of times they'll admit they're in the military.
A lot of times they'll admit they're working for CENTCOM.
They'll just say, hey, we're going to kill you.
We're coming.
None of the tyranny exists, but we're going to kill you.
We're going to put you in camps.
We're going to murder you and your family with pleasure.
Do you understand?
We got the guns.
We're coming.
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Every morning at the mine you could see him arrive.
He stood six foot six and weighed 245.
Kind of broad at the shoulder and narrow at the hip.
And everybody knew you didn't give no lip to Big John.
Big John.
Big John.
Big bad John.
Big John.
Nobody seemed to know where John called home.
He just drifted into town and stayed all alone.
Didn't say much, kind of quiet and shy, but he spoke at all.
He just said hi to Big John.
Somebody said he came from New Orleans where he'd gotten a fight over a Cajun queen and a crashing blow from a huge right-hand-send Louisiana fella to the promised land, Big John.
Big John, Big John, Big Bad John.
Welcome back, folks.
Big John.
Then came the day at the bottom of the mine when the timber cracked and men started crying.
Miners were praying and hearts beat fast.
Everybody thought that they'd breathed their last, said John.
We're in trouble.
All right, folks.
They scientifically, and there's thousands of government documents on this...
Increased violence on television.
Murder and violence increased perfectly on the graph with more violence.
The last 20 years, violent video games have conditioned the youth.
They're now in the military.
Again, most of them are good men and women, and they don't go psychopathic.
They just break down from the two, three, four tours, the hardcore combat, the murder, the killing, but about 30% like it.
They're all over our message board.
They're all over the other message boards.
And you go to their sites, it's all neocon propaganda, and all they talk about is murdering us.
All they talk about is how they want to kill us, and then saying they want to kill us, but that there's no threat to us and we're making it up.
These are very wicked, dangerous, dangerous people.
And national talk show hosts are constantly talking about arresting people that disagree with the government.
We're going into very dangerous times.
There's more of us than them, though.
And we've got the lovers, ladies and gentlemen, and I tell you, somebody who's got love can fight a lot harder than one of these psychos.
In fact, they cry like little babies.
Somebody finally stands up to them.
But we're in very serious waters.
When mainstream news can report the camps the preachers trained for it, all of it,
And these individuals say, once again, he says this because he's said it many times, I wish these camps existed so we could round you people up.
I would be glad to round you up and gas you.
If you think InfoWars or anything by Alex Trader Jones is true or credible, then you are just a waste of organs anyways.
Besides, Jones has been crying wolf on this martial law BS for years and years now and still nothing.
Yeah, just checkpoints now to be on our streets, checkpoints on the trains, checkpoints in the buses.
National ID cards, face scanning, retina scanning cameras, walk scanning cameras, license plate scanners, everything going in.
Open talk of camps being built, of course, for our own safety.
Meanwhile, geopolitically, in Belgrade, they burned the U.S.
Embassy to the ground, large parts of it.
One protester reportedly died in the flames.
Turkey has poured into northern Iraq, northwestern Iraq.
Putin is saying that he may invade.
Putin is saying he's going to aim nukes if it continues at former satellites of the Soviet Union.
Turkey launches ground operation in Iraq.
Turkish troops launch a ground incursion across the border into Iraq in pursuit of separatist Kurdish rebels.
The military said Friday a move that drastically escalates Turkish conflict with the militants.
See, the U.S.
likes them, so they call them militants, not terrorists.
And by the way, they are terrorists.
They're going around shooting military and police and others cold-bloodedly.
In Turkey, by the way.
It is the first confirmed ground operation of the Turkish military into Iraq since the U.S.-led invasion toppled Saddam Hussein.
It also raises concerns that it could trigger a wider conflict with the U.S.-backed Iraq Kurds, despite Turkey's assurances that it only targeted was the Kurdish workers' partner, PKK.
The ground operation started with Turkish warplanes and artillery bombarded suspected rebel targets.
Thursday, the military said on its website the incursion was backed by Air Force.
The statement said, Turkey has conducted air raids on PKK guerrillas.
Now they've moved in with ground forces.
We're going to come back, get into what's happening in Serbia, get into what Putin's doing.
Meanwhile, the average American walks around sucking their thumb, watching Barack Obama saying, save me, save me.
We'll be right back.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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In front of me is the London Telegraph headline.
Russia threatens nuclear attack on Ukraine.
Rioters attack British Embassy in Kosovo.
Burn down U.S.
Embassy in Belgrade.
Turkey launches ground operations in Iraq.
Chinese submarines are shadowing U.S.
occupied military forces.
It's not our military.
It's occupied forces by the corporate elite, so call it their aircraft carriers, globalist aircraft carriers.
The globalists also control the Chinese as another arm.
It's a sick chess game they play against humanity.
Big Bear bombers are buzzing over the aircraft carriers.
I'm going to break it all down, but first I want to play the trailer.
You can see the video up on Infowars.com.
Kurt Nemo got it posted.
I just saw this this morning.
Somebody posted it on my MySpace.
And literally, I've seen hundreds of video games like this.
This teaches you that the resources are running out, that everybody's going to be starving, that there's not going to be food or water, that we have to have these two global armies, the East and the West, just like 1984, fighting over oil because there's no oil.
They are discovering massive reserves every week.
There's enough oil, documented, mainstream news, but back of the paper, in Alaska to run this country for 200 years.
There's enough coal in Texas to run this country for 500 years.
There's enough clean-burning coal in Utah to run this country for 300 years.
There's enough discovered oil in the 20 or 15 different stands in surrounding nations to run the world for hundreds and hundreds of years at current use.
But the globalists know they can control those supplies and artificially then on a system based on fossil fuel.
I'm all for getting off of it, by the way.
They can then restrict that and consolidate all the world's finances and property.
You'll pay anything for fuel, won't you, to heat your house or drive your car.
Our roads in the U.S.
and the West are built around sprawl and mobility.
And so they're entering this into the nomenclature.
Now, this first one I'm going to play has audio that lays out kind of the narrative.
There's a bunch of other trailers from gameplay or battle.
Very well done.
It shows robotic tanks, mini tanks, which they've actually developed.
This is very accurate for the next generation now coming in.
Where, you know, this mini tank the size of a Volkswagen rolls up with its Gatling gun, starts shooting some people in a building.
There's troops directing it with little joysticks.
That's what this is all about.
But the troops won't even be there.
Large craft will fly over.
They'll release them, you know, via payload with rockets or parachutes.
It'll land.
Then it'll roll forward.
But you have to understand, most of this development is for domestic operations.
You also, in the video game, fly little hover drones about four feet across.
They already have these.
It shows them flying them into buildings, killing civilians.
Just watching these videos this morning, it shows them in what looks like the U.S.
or England, you're running around shooting citizens.
It shows citizens tumping buses over, rioting for food.
The IMF World Bank documents, just one group of them got leaked in 2002.
They confirmed they were authentic, and it was how they go in, get control, over-issue liquidity, then restrict liquidity, credit, implode economies totally so they can have almost 100% consolidation.
They call it the IMF riot.
They want riots to ensue.
They just have to make sure they have the riot police trained so they can then pose as the saviors and act like they're fixing it so when order is maintained and brought back in, then you go forward in martial law from that day on.
They are planning this year.
It could be a bio-release.
It could be economic crises.
It could be a nuke.
It could be more 9-11s.
But they tend to scale these up.
They get bigger each time.
You notice they've got all the pundits lined up within minutes to come in all across all channels with a unified line.
Give up your liberty.
Give up your freedom.
World government will save you.
We've got to take your freedoms now.
We've got to attack a bunch of countries.
In five minutes, they're all on TV saying the same thing.
See how obvious it is?
It's all scripted.
And then you read their actual documents.
PNAC, Brzezinski, others, they say we need big terror attacks to unify our slaves for wars with the eastern barbarians.
Meanwhile, they're financing the, quote, Eastern Barbarians to start wars and to have regional conflicts as well.
They're gouging Serbia into fighting back.
They're gouging Russia into conflict.
They're gouging China, encircling them.
They're gouging citizens into fighting back.
They're more than happy on the national news to show the videos of cops tasering pregnant women or beating people to death for no reason.
Why is the mainstream news doing that?
They're doing it to outrage you and then to make cops further get into their mob psychology and compact together.
It's meant to separate us from the police.
I probably helped in this.
I've just gotten more sophisticated in my understanding now, and I'm saying I'm sorry.
We still show the videos, we talk about them, but we point out that they're trying to drive us apart.
We're all being played.
Police, citizens, troops, please!
Please don't be part of this!
This is high-level psych warfare!
Let's play Fuel of War.
Here it is.
Something's happening.
We've known it for a long time.
The West knew it.
America is addicted to oil.
It is conceivable to me that our children will be able to maintain the American way of life and that the world will be full of resource-based wars of all kinds.
The East knew it.
It will provide for a significant increase in the volume of oil supplied to
We've known it for a century.
There is no doubt about our absolute and complete dependence on oil.
Without oil, civilization as we know it could not exist.
Oil was running out.
It's what we grew up in.
Post-Middle East, post-peak oil, post-everything.
What they called the Long Emergency.
It started slow.
Little things at first.
Lines at the pump.
That hot summer of 2008.
When the blackouts started lasting weeks.
The avian influenza hit in 09.
I got taken out of school when there wasn't enough vaccine.
They said it would get better.
Something would save us.
Solar power.
Cleaner nuke plants maybe.
The depression hit in 2012.
Africa ran out of food, then we did too.
People stopped trying to do anything about the problems and just tried to survive.
We'd watched them starve for 40 years and it didn't seem real.
But pretty soon the scenes we used to watch on the news were happening just down the street.
It's been happening for years.
Now we're at the tipping point.
I was 16 when the Chinese and the Russians figured out they'd rather fight us than each other.
We didn't waste time forming the coalition.
Now, we're staring each other down across the last wells in the Caspian.
I left school for the affiliated press and they sent me overseas.
Out here in Turkmenistan you can see it clearer.
In the little prefab town the oil boom left in Central Asia.
This is where it's going to happen.
In towns too small to have a name, built in two weeks by oil industry contractors.
It's 2024, the 21st century.
People ask me how we let this happen.
I tell them, we always knew.
The storm is coming.
The storm is coming.
Fuel Wars.
All right.
Now, a game that probably cost $50 million to develop.
I was looking into it this morning.
It's like a movie.
You get to play in it.
You get to fly the drones into American cities and deal with the insurgents.
You get to kill American citizens.
You get to go fight overseas.
You get to play a part of the Russian-Chinese Federation.
Get to send in your drone tanks.
This is the conditioning everywhere.
Religiously ingraining everyone with predictive programming.
Telling us what our future is going to be.
The long emergency.
It's all in the PNAC documents.
It's all in the Club of Rome documents.
It's a massive war against humanity.
Whereas you think that it's going to be
You fighting against foreign enemies, it's going to be a war against free humanity, individuals.
The long emergency is the beginning of the new dark age.
It is the beginning of the elite's extermination plan against 80% of humanity.
You know, they talk about, oh, the blackouts began in 90... in 2008.
But you notice in England and California and all over the world, they're enforcing blackouts in Sydney.
Oh, because we don't have enough fuel to create that artificial image that they don't.
And they admit, no, it's just to get you ready for having less.
And then you hear PBS and public radio laugh and say Americans are greedy, lazy, we've had too much energy, now we're going to live like they do in Africa.
We deserve it!
This is the social engineers taking away the middle class, taking away excess energy so that you don't have free time, so you're dependent on the state.
Government-sponsored, controlled health care so they can do what they want to you when they want, so you're literally completely defenseless and they can have their way with us.
They talk about, we watched Africa starve for 40 years and now we're not watching it on TV, it's on our streets.
The very globalists that document how they waged war against Africa, Latin America, and Asia to keep them from industrializing in the Royal Commission on Population, that program is now just going to be instituted here.
But not just through starvation and tainted vaccines, but through social workers regulating and watching every facet of your life.
Being late to class will get you months in jail.
Speeding, you'll go to jail.
No seatbelt, you'll go to jail.
You won't have jobs, you'll have to go get the government make-work jobs, and that's going to not be building dams and roads, but spying on your neighbors and outrunning checkpoints.
All codified, all in government plans, all public.
You notice how they talk about, oh, then the avian flu came in 2009.
There wasn't enough vaccine, a big ad for vaccines.
Notice it's exactly how I have laid it out, because I've followed their actual real battle plan.
That is segmented in compartments, but you can just put them together and see the full picture seamlessly.
I told you.
Smaller bio-releases that only kill a few thousand, but create total panic.
Lockdowns of areas, training you for ever more control, and it just incrementally gets worse and worse, and the attacks get bigger and bigger, and then millions die.
And then billions die.
Until you wake up and stop buying their propaganda.
Hillary Clinton runs nothing.
Barack Obama runs nothing.
McCain runs nothing.
There are technocrats, PR, psychiatrists, psychologists, sociologists, anthropologists, experts, building on hundreds of years of study, mainly out of Britain and Germany, and the United States, on how to control, on how to manipulate, on how to play you, how to punch your mammalian buttons.
And they're telling you that only a police state will give you resources.
Only giant wars will give you resources.
When wars blow more resources than anything else.
So again, they're creating the artificial image of there's not enough resources.
This is what feudalism does.
Putting the population, 95% of the population, on 3-4% of the property.
All the rest of it being off limits.
You're starving to death.
You set up a little rabbit trap.
Your wife and children are starving to death.
You're out there in the middle of a cold night, hoping one of the forest rangers, one of the game wardens of the king doesn't come by.
Dawn comes up.
Your stomach's growling.
You've got a cold, but you should be in bed.
You're out there in rags, but you're out there as a man just trying to get that rabbit.
You catch it.
You get it.
You jump on it.
It bites you.
It kicks.
It doesn't matter.
You strangle it.
You run back in the little hovel.
You're not allowed to have firewood.
You're only allotted a few little tiny twigs a day because you can't deforest the king's land.
You run in.
You don't dare cook it now because they routinely do home inspections when the sheriff or his men come through the little village each day.
They know the smell of cooking meat.
You're not allowed to have it.
Your children are vomiting meat.
One of them, basically, has been unconscious for days.
You're doing everything you can.
Your wife's eating grass, making stews out of grass.
She just wants to keep the babies alive.
You're a foot and a half shorter than the nobleman because for a thousand years you've been starved under feudalism.
They ride by arrogantly and pot-bellied in their glistening armor.
You wait till nightfall.
You get the now dead rabbit.
You skin it.
You put it into the tiny pot.
You cook it as fast as you can.
You try to get it into your children, but they're so debilitated.
Their little pot bellies are filled with fluids.
They can't even take the food down.
The next day, you bury your daughter.
I hate you, New World Order.
I hate parasites and scumbag control freaks.
My soul hates your feudalism and I see you bringing it into society and into the world because you know the renaissance is here of technology and you have a short window to clamp down to the new dark age or technology is going to extend our lives, extend our wisdom, free us, and free humanity will spill into space, spill into the solar system and the galaxy.
And we'll have all of God's promises and our great creativity can move forward.
But alas, that's not your plan.
The New World Order is a global monopoly, a monopoly of force and power, waged against free humans.
This war is against you.
This war is coming.
People ask how I have the courage to do what I do.
Like Willie Nelson said,
There is no courage.
How could you not fight them?
Knowing who they are, knowing what we face, how could you not throw yourself against their machinery?
There's still time if you rally now!
But every week that passes, we go into darker waters!
Terror Storm, a history of government-sponsored terror.
Loose Change, Final Cut.
Endgame, Blueprint for Global Enslavement.
The True Story of the Bilderberg Group.
The Late Great USA.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
The global architects control the currency.
They control the money.
And they literally buy your souls with it.
Are we smart enough to look at the engineering?
They openly said what they're gonna do.
Can we fight back?
Are you with me?
Yeah, you're the pretender.
People out there serving this New World Order and fake patriots.
We've got a former congressman coming up talking about the camps and your phone calls.
Bob Chapman popping in.
Bunch of military news, but finishing up, I've got to make Endgame 2.
I'm going to finish the two films I'm working on right now, but I've got to make Endgame 2 to break down what they're going to do in the future and go over the control grid, how they've laid it out.
But by controlling the resources, the best way to understand what they're doing now on a more sophisticated level is to look at what feudalism in Europe 500, 600 years ago looked like, what it looked like in Japan.
90 to 95% of the people lived at absolute subsistence level, and the elites wrote handbooks saying,
Independent of each other in Japan, China, they wrote it independently of what the West came up with.
To where most people lived on tiny little bitty plots, and they had to, it was worse than being slaves, because they were, quote, independent, and they had to give about 25% of what they grew or what they raised to the king.
They were given just tiny subsistence areas.
And they were allowed nothing outside of that.
And in some cases, I mean, feudal England, over 95% of the country was locked up.
And you couldn't feed yourself.
And the elites called the country people the little people.
You know, the joke, the hobbits, whatever.
Because they were literally starving to death.
They were literally at the edge of death.
And that was done as a tool of oppression and control.
And they've done it to Africa.
They've done it to many other areas.
They're doing it now here.
You'd look at Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton in the debate last night.
I meant to talk about that today, and I'm going to spend some time on it.
Hillary just literally looked like the Joker out of a Batman movie.
Just radiating insincerity, wickedness, arrogance.
Obama doesn't have all the baggage.
I mean, he's an evil globalist, but he hasn't run all those murders and done all that evil like Hillary's been doing for 30-something years.
So that's why, at a spiritual level, just looking at the two, you reach out, you feel drawn to Barack Obama.
I know I do.
But it's who he's juxtaposed with.
It's who he's next to.
And he has top globalist advisors.
He's for world government, world tax, gun control.
So, for those of you who are having a love fest with Barack Obama, don't be suckers, don't be taken.
We'll be right back.
Thank you for listening to GCN.
Visit GCNlive.com today.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Every day I get emails, posts, and message boards on the dick comments I scan from saying, we want to kill you, we're going to kill you,
Once again, I wish these cams existed so we could round you people up.
I would be glad to round you up and gas you.
If you think InfoWars or anything, Alex, Trader Jones, is true or credible, then you are just a waste of organs anyways.
Besides, Jones has been crying wolf on this martial law BS for years and years now and still nothing.
Yeah, they're just building the infrastructure around us and now it's in the Houston Chronicle and San Francisco Chronicle.
And it's just all admitted and we've got to
Former state rep coming on to talk about it here in just a minute who helped write the article that was in the San Francisco Chronicle.
But I didn't see this.
When I commented on it, everybody went and scanned and found his handle and went to his MySpace.
Reportedly, he is in the military, like I predicted, and a big warmonger.
I already saw his dig page.
It's all, you know, get the Muslim stuff.
They're going to kill us any minute.
It doesn't matter if your chances, according to the CDC, of being killed by a terrorist, 1 in 88,000.
Chance of being struck by lightning, one in 45,000.
Doesn't matter if you've got twice as good a chance, or close to twice, but 2,000 short of that, of being struck by lightning when you do have been killed by a terrorist.
But it looks like the coward pulled his MySpace account with his pictures down.
What, you don't like to go around saying you want to kill people and then have people point it out?
I think I'm going to start every day, or at least when I run across this stuff, because I've ignored it.
I think I'm going to, like, give you all special time.
LH8Toofers, who went and commented in Steve Watson's excellent article, Former Congressman Warnes of Martial Law,
FEMA camps in America.
Oh no, we're crazy.
They're not building camps.
It's just admitted in the mainstream news.
But we'd like to put us in camps and kill us.
Because we're lying, saying there are people that want to kill us.
Because he wants to kill us.
See just the complete mental degeneracy in that?
The intellectual dishonesty with himself?
You bought into propaganda.
Your mind has been destroyed.
Maybe it hasn't been.
Maybe you can turn back and stop thinking it's manly and cool to hate people like us that want to keep the Bill of Rights and Constitution, that don't want the world fuel state to be put into place by the globalists as they build it publicly.
Now, I haven't gotten into Turkish troops enter northern Iraq.
School removes CCTV cameras from children's toilets after furious protests from parents.
Some good news.
That's the kind of news I don't get to every day.
Police concerned about order to stop weapons screening at Obama rally.
This is very serious.
We're going to be going over that.
Russia threatens to attack Ukraine.
Russia threatens to invade Serbia if Kosovo is given independence.
British Embassy in Kosovo under attack, on fire.
Embassy in Belgrade burned to the ground.
This is what's going on in the world.
And meanwhile, you're worried about the Muslim extremists.
The Muslim extremists under Al-Qaeda's CIA command, this is public in mainstream news, attacked the Serbs, and when they fought back, Bill Clinton went in there with a big setup, Tuttle's a big New Brzezinski plan, and took over that area, and now they're publicly taking it.
You're an idiot.
Our government, the criminals that run it, wrote books about how they set up Al-Qaeda, how in 79, six months before the Soviets invaded, they attacked...
Russian republics to get the Soviets to come in to their base of Afghanistan.
Al-Qaeda is the right hand of the New World Order.
It is their sword.
Now, are they recruiting idiot Muslims to follow them?
Are they real Muslim terrorists?
Of course.
And you've got 1 in 88,000 chance of being killed by them.
1 in 88,000 chance.
That's the CDC's own numbers.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk, Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Gold is at all-time highs right now.
Oil went well over $100 a barrel and fell back a few dollars.
Economic news coming up in the third hour with Bob Chapman, international forecaster, popping in.
I've got a bunch of news on the debate last night.
It's a non-news item unless you analyze the propaganda.
We're going to do that.
I have got...
A bunch of global destabilization news.
Embassies burning, Turkey invading Iraq, Russia threatening to point or use nukes against countries.
Total escalation everywhere.
But right now, we're joined by Dan Hamburg.
Dan Hamburg, of course, is a member of the House of Representatives from California's
First District in office back in the 90s.
He's involved in a lot of political actions and investigations.
He also heads up the Voice of the Environment.
And he wrote a story for the San Francisco Chronicle, Rule by Fear or Rule by Law.
And he gets into PDD 51.
He gets into the funding for martial law, the camps that are in mainstream news.
So I thought we'd have him pop in today and give us his perspective.
We had the Supreme Court on Monday say that Bush is above the law, say that literally he can do whatever he wants.
Congress has not even been allowed to see PDD 51 in its entirety.
They've been told that they're no longer involved in continuity of government.
This is dictatorship.
Now, again, it's the office accruing these unjust, tyrannical powers.
These can easily be passed on to Barack Obama, Hillary McCain,
We had, of course, Professor Scott on yesterday concurring that this is a 30-plus year program by the military industrial complex.
Always the greatest threat to a free society is its military and the corporations that grow up around it and control it.
Daniel Hamburg, thanks for spending time with us.
Good morning, Alex.
I feel right at home.
Listening to your introductory comments, I...
I think I'm on the right radio station.
I think you are, my friend.
We appreciate your work.
Tell us a little bit about yourself, how you woke up to these issues, some of the other areas you didn't have time to get into, and then how you got the San Francisco Chronicle to publish this.
Well, I've been involved in, you know, left politics, for want of a better term, since the 60s.
You know, since the Vietnam War and the Civil Rights Movement.
So, you know, I've
I go back many, many years in active politics, mostly in Northern California, where I reside.
I was a congressman from Northern Coastal California.
I've been involved in a lot of environmental issues, social justice issues.
I don't really need to recount them all, but the way I got interested in this particular issue was looking at
Some of the things our local sheriff, our local county sheriff was involved in.
I just noticed an article on the front page of our local paper in which the sheriff was requisitioning these storage facilities that were going to be placed in strategic locations around the county.
And he was asking county residents to contribute to an inventory of equipment that
That was in their possession so that it could be used in the case of an emergency.
And it just kind of piqued my interest.
And, you know, I started wondering, well, you know, what does this have to do with, you know, the job of a local county sheriff?
What's the linkage between this kind of activity and the Department of Homeland Security?
What kinds of, you know, I knew, you know, certainly back to the Ollie North days,
That there were plans to incarcerate citizens in the case of civil unrest.
A lot of this is hardly new, and as you point out, when you have a country that's basically being run by the military and by its industrial components, this kind of thing is going to be both profitable and efficacious.
I mean, they're going to need a way to deal...
With people when they get out of line in large numbers.
And of course, back in the 80s, the fear was that if the Reagan administration invaded Central America, there would be a mass uprising, a protest against that, and they'd need places to take people in order to make sure that civil unrest could be contained.
So I knew none of this was new, but certainly since
Since 9-11, you know, and that's where I begin my article.
This has all been stepped up.
And no doubt it's increased.
I mean, they're shifting large sectors of the economy, recruiting and colleges over into it.
I would say 1,000%.
Now, in 99... I do want to address, Alex, if I could, one other thing you asked, which I think is very an interesting question, is how did we get this article in the Chronicle?
You know, you can go to the internet and Google in any of these terms and you'll get, you know, thousands and thousands of hits.
But my goal from the beginning in researching and writing this article was to get it into a mainstream newspaper because I knew if it did, it would be much harder for people to say, oh, this is just, you know, more internet BS.
And the reason that that happened is because Mr. Seiler and myself have been writing for the Chronicle for over 10 years and we've had some
And I would also imagine, and we commend their courage, well, I would also predict, and tell me if I'm right, that you guys could come in for every claim you made and show them that it had already been admitted by the White House.
Well, you know, the piece was,
I had quite a few footnotes, and we could point to exactly where we got all the information, but still, for a major mainstream newspaper to say that the government has contracted with companies to build thousands of rail cars, some equipped with shackles to transport detainees,
I don't think a sentence like that has been in any other mainstream newspaper in the country to date.
No, Daniel, I commend your courage, and I want to flesh that out with you in the time we have today.
But before we go any further, in 99, I got a call from a cop who's a friend of mine.
He said, listen, they're building an emergency FEMA relocation center at the old Robert Mueller Airport.
And he said, they're about to lock the airport down, but you can still get in there.
And I went in there, and we got video, bolts and chains in the floors, porta-potties, barbed wire, just like what we saw at Pier 57 in 2004 at the RNC in New York, where they scooped up more than 2,000 peaceful people and put them in there.
And all over the country, they've built these centers near airports to fly people out.
They admit it's for domestic insurgents.
I think listeners who just now tuned in need to understand this is real.
They really are gearing us up.
Yeah, and since we wrote this article, we've been getting, you know, every day I get emails from people corroborating and expanding on the thesis that we put forward in our article.
The other thing that's been amazing is that if you go to Google and type in the title of our article, which is Rule by Fear or Rule by Law, you get over 35,000 tips.
So this article has been viral.
I mean, I've never been involved in anything that has spread this quickly in terms of people.
You know, it's kind of like a hunger for somebody to start telling the truth.
And to say it, you know, again, I think it's key that
That a mainstream newspaper was willing to print this.
Well, I agree, but here's what happens.
Four years ago, we had a mayor on, I even forget the town, but it was in local TV news.
They admitted it.
Then we had him on, but it never got national news.
The feds approached him and said, we're going to build a giant concentration camp here for martial law.
You can Google that.
We wrote stories about it at the time.
I mean, I'm just now remembering.
See, there's been so many of these for me.
That I've forgotten, you know, more than I can even imagine.
It's just so much, but it never gets that national platform.
No, you're not going to see it on MSNBC.
You're not going to see it on CNN.
And that's what really keeps it kind of in the background because, you know, as we all know, Americans are so poorly informed politically.
And the government...
You know, if you've watched George Carlin's riff on the American educational system, it's not by accident that Americans are the most undereducated people on the planet.
No, you're right.
Now, in the San Francisco or California area, I mean, is this article starting to get people concerned?
Well, you know, it's not just here.
You know, as I said, I've been getting emails and phone calls from all over the country, and this is
Two years ago, two different pastors contacted me.
They gave me secret FEMA documents.
The feds even tracked back how the pastor got them to me, came to him, threatened him.
One of them scared him.
A year after I reported it, local television in Louisiana reported the same thing.
They said,
26,000 preachers have been recruited to tell their flocks to turn their guns in, to go to FEMA camps, to take forced inoculations, that it's of the Lord, Romans 13, Hitler's favorite quote, to submit to Caesar and government, and that whatever government we have is of God.
And then now they have the InfraGard program, 23,000 CEOs and corporate chiefs in a secret police program to spy on people.
44,000 truck drivers.
Have you heard about that?
Oh, I've definitely heard about it.
I think it was reported this last week on Democracy Now!
And I've seen a couple articles about it.
So my point is, there are 26,000 preachers, and they plan to double that number this year.
It was 13, then 26, now they want to double this year to 50-plus-thousand.
I mean, if that isn't secret police slash East Germany, what is?
It's exactly, you know, I remember growing up in the...
Well, it is.
Stay there, Daniel.
I want to hear more on the other side.
Stay with us.
A new world order.
It is a big idea.
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It's known as the Builderberg.
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Silverberg is making great progress toward a world of government.
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They're after power.
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Again, Daniel Hamburg is a former member of the U.S.
House of Representatives from California.
We're extremely honored to have him and very appreciative.
Hopefully I can keep him into the next segment because we're running low on time.
There's so much I want to tell him, so much he's telling me I didn't know.
And I said, what do you think is most important to talk about when we come back?
He said, well, why are they contemplating this?
Why are they setting this up?
And that's the point.
When they start hiring 26,000 preachers, and we got the secret documents a year before that was in the news, saying get people ready to go to camps, American citizens, to submit, and then it came out in the news later.
I mean, this is big.
This is being prepared.
Please continue, sir.
Yeah, well, we were talking during the break about
You know, what could the government possibly be contemplating that makes it necessary for them to make these kinds of arrangements, to be building and in some cases refurbishing these army bases and other detention facilities, training the military, the InfraGard program in which business leaders, 23,000 business leaders from around the country have been recruited essentially to spy on
...on their fellow citizens and report to Homeland Security.
I mean, this is the kind of stuff that we were taught as kids goes on in the most totalitarian societies, and here it is going on in the USA.
So, you know, back in the 80s when Ali North was involved in secret ops for the Reagan administration, there was fear that if
There was an attack on Central America that that would cause a kind of civil unrest that would need to be contained and people would have to be rounded up and put into detention facilities.
But today I think the stakes have been raised tremendously and I think the government is in fact contemplating taking actions that will lead to massive disruption perhaps in major cities and things that
The government feels it needs to be ready for it.
This often comes under the heading of continuity of government.
The governments need to maintain its operations even in the face of massive domestic resistance to their programs.
And I think right now the most obvious thing that I think the government is contemplating is a furtherance and an intensified war in the Middle East.
I think that if anyone who believes that because the Bush administration only has another 11 months in office that they're finished with their reign of terror, you know, just doesn't really understand the mentality of this administration.
I think an expansion of the war in the Middle East is a real possibility, and I think that if it happens,
People are not going to remain in slumber.
At least a large number of people are going to say, hey, this is too much.
We elected a new Congress in 06, hoping that this war was going to be brought to an end, and now instead we're going to see an expanded war.
But I don't think that's the only thing they have in mind.
I think it's a whole mentality of...
Being in total control over the society and being able to move the society in whatever direction the elites wanted to move.
They are seizing the entire infrastructure and the body politics mind to forge us as a war mock, a juggernaut, an engine of global Pax Americana, Anglo-American system.
And you hit the nail on the head.
They're going to need a draft.
The military is already completely falling apart.
People are starting their fourth, fifth tours.
We're good to go.
Yeah, and the other thing I think is critical and something that we've been pushing for and I'm sure you have and some people around the country have is the commencement of impeachment proceedings against Bush and Cheney if for no other reason than to simply slow them down and
And occupy them so that they're, you know, somewhat contained.
And, you know, it seems like right now there is a struggle going on within the American government between the neocons, of course, led by Cheney, and elements of the intelligence services, the 16 intelligence services that came out with the NIE report that basically cut the legs out from under Bush's claims that, you know, Iran was...
Congressman, can you stay with us about ten more minutes?
I'd be glad to.
Okay, we'll be back after this quick break with Congressman Daniel Hamburg.
Tell you about some of his websites and organizations as well.
This is the fight of our lives, the fight for the heart and soul of this country.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Ladies and gentlemen, I just called Paul Watson at PrisonPlanet.com and I asked him to do something we've never done before.
We've probably written...
150, 200 articles about martial law, the camps, the training, the Marines coming into Hobbs Middle School and screaming, the President wants you to know what martial law is like, putting them up against the wall.
I mean, literally hundreds of reports.
We've never integrated them into one.
We can't even remember all the stories we did.
All the documents, the FBI training manuals, saying they're going to arrest citizens.
No free speech.
The Pentagon spying on peace groups.
Working with the CIA to spy on bike riding groups in New York.
The surveillance.
We need to create a message area in the Prison Planet message board where you, the listeners...
Can help find all the stories we've done, all the other big reports in the last five years, even before that.
The military running secret drills in Texas, secretly merging with 77 Texas counties.
The police running drills.
It's in Road to Tyranny, where we have troops walk up to us outside Waco and say, turn your cameras off.
They have the robot out there.
They blow up two cars.
They tell the public terrorists are really it.
They pull over the Greyhound bus.
There's troops out there.
They give us the secret document on accident.
Saying that they've secretly taken over 77 counties.
That was in 98.
Again, I can't even keep track of it all.
I told Watson today just to take all those links and to put them all together with just a header as an addendum to what has been done by the congressman because people are... Willie Nelson two weeks ago just brought this up on his own on the show.
Dr. Paul Craig Roberts just called me out of the blue last week.
He used to kind of poo-poo concentration camps when I'd have him on.
Father of Reaganomics, now he's all freaking out because of the San Francisco Chronicle story.
He's sending me documents.
Well, we need to find, it's in my book, but we need to find that addendum that was classified, declassified, reclassified, PDD.
You know, all the other PDDs.
Remember Thomas Sanchez said he saw a secret PDD-25 in Alice, Texas?
And he was the emergency manager for the Kingsville County.
And he was a former special ops in Vietnam, emergency manager, head of the town.
They came to him and said, we're getting ready for martial law.
And he said, no, I won't be part of it.
And then he was on local television.
I mean...
Daniel Hamburg, I'm almost panicking here because I don't, even I have trouble grasping how this has crept into every facet.
In my film Road to Tyranny, made in 2001, 2002, I have a former Marine Corps captain who was in special ops in the late 80s, secretly merging military and police, doing gun raids, drug raids.
I mean, this has been going on a long time, sir.
Yeah, and it's hard to tell if anybody in Washington, like let's say among the
535 legislators in Washington.
Are any of them aware of this?
I think Dennis Kucinich, who may lose his seat very soon, is aware of this.
He was the only member of Congress who asked for an investigation of this incident on August 30th in which six live nuclear-tipped cruise missiles were transported from a base in North Dakota
to a base in Louisiana, which just happens to be the staging base for the Air Force for munitions that are sent over to Iraq.
And Kucinich was the only member of Congress to try to push for an investigation of that, which, of course, actually never happened.
And I just wonder, you know, does Sheldon Whitehouse, does Feingold, does Leahy, does Bernie Sanders, does anybody in Congress
Understand what's going on in this country.
I think there's one person, and then I want your take on this, Congressman.
DeConcini on the Homeland Security House Committee said he wanted to see it six months ago.
They said no.
Then the chairman said he wanted to see it.
And Bush said, you can't even see the new continuity of government.
It's so bad, not even Congress can see what the full plan is.
But we can reverse engineer it at the ground level and see what it is.
Total takeover.
Well, it's interesting.
DeConcini's a Republican.
I mean, if they're not even allowing Republican senators to see this kind of stuff.
Something I saw this week, though, that I thought was rather heartening was that Senator Susan Collins, who is pushing the Senate version of Jane Harman's bill, which is the Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act of 2007, I guess now 2008, which passed the House by a vote of 404 to 6.
And this is a bill that would set up a commission...
So, you know, I do think that
You know, there is a pushback.
And regular citizens, you know, I saw them on TV the other day, and these were not, you know, these were just regular, ordinary citizens saying enough is enough.
So things like that do give me some hope that people are waking up a bit to what's going on.
Well, I agree that there is pushback against this.
What are ideas you have, Congressman, to fight this?
Well, I think the first way you find it is information.
I think people have to know what's going on and then they have to find each other and be ready to organize.
I think that eventually this is going to involve a lot of people taking to the streets.
We've seen it happen in other countries around the world and we've seen that there's a point at which
Enough people get fed up enough with what's going on that they demand that it stop.
I think that it's really interesting to see this Obama phenomenon going on and I think all your listeners understand the very compromised position of a Barack Obama who gets the majority of his funding or a lot of his funding from Goldman Sachs, from the nuclear power industry and so on.
But what Barack Obama shows is that this is a country that
That is just dying of thirst, wandering around in the desert, just wondering where they're going to get their next sip of water.
And Obama's standing there with a glass of water and saying, you know, something will change.
And I'll tell you what, if he does carry through with this, and he is elected president, and if the kinds of change that people in this country want does not begin to happen by 2012...
We're going to be on the verge of a kind of degree of public unrest.
That this country had certainly never experienced in its 200-plus year history.
And that's why they're building the camps.
They are going to continue with their policies.
It's not going to change.
They'll give us some fronts, some fakes, in my educated opinion, like Obama, who will say what you want to hear, but then won't actually do it.
But you do see them choosing him over Hillary.
She's being rejected because people know she's a warmonger.
People know that she's establishment.
And I misquoted earlier,
The article, Bush's martial law plan is so shocking even Congress can't see it.
Executive Uber Alice, as member of Homeland Security Committee, barred from viewing post-terror attack provisions.
PrisonPlanet.com, President Bush's post-terror martial law plan is so shocking that even members of Congress and Homeland Security officials are barred from viewing it.
And it was Congressman Peter DeFazio, I don't know why I said DeConcini, Yeah, that makes more sense.
Yeah, I was asked by his constituents to see what was contained within the classified portrait of the White House plan for operating the government after a terror attack, and he was told no.
Then the chairman asked and was told no.
Now, was that the chairman of the Intelligence Committee?
No, that was the chairman of the Homeland Security Committee.
Okay, okay.
I did pull it up.
It was also in the Oregonian, not just our article about it.
Well, I think there's also a really good reason to wonder what might transpire between now and November.
I think people who say, well, will there even be an election in November?
Will there even be a transference of power from the neocons?
Although, you know, I think there are a lot of very powerful influences in this country that see how
Badly, the neocons have damaged the country.
You know, at least in terms of our international reputation, you know, the country is economically bankrupt.
I mean, things are not all that wonderful in America that, you know, there's definitely a need to tweak things.
And maybe that's all Obama is.
But if he doesn't flake some of that thirst that people are feeling in this country for some very bread and butter things, like for
I was talking to a guy this morning.
He happens to be a very wealthy guy.
Sent his two kids to college.
They can't find jobs.
These are college-educated rich kids.
Can't find a decent job.
The destruction of the middle class, the lack of a decent health care system, the lack of decent schools, the fear about what's happening to the climate.
Americans have lost their sense of optimism.
And that's what Obama is providing, and that's why nobody else, I don't think, can touch him, is because people are so desperate to feel some degree of hope and some degree of light in terms of where this country's going.
But I think it's like somebody in the Sahara Desert four days without water who starts seeing, you know, big oceans of fresh water.
Yeah, well, you know, I'm green.
You know, I voted for Cynthia McKinney for president, so I'm not, you know, I'm not a big...
You know, I'm not a starry-eyed idealist, and I've been to Washington, and I've seen the way Congress works, and I know it's just as corrupt as people can imagine that it is.
It's a swamp back there.
But I still think there is this yearning in people's hearts for something real and something true and something good, and if they don't get it, that yearning turns into anger.
And at the point it turns into anger, people start...
Demanding that something change.
And, you know, it's my only hope.
It's all I have to hope for is that people will finally get set up and demand that it change.
Because, as we know, that's the only way anything ever changes.
Well, sir, I want to thank you for the time you have spent with us.
He is a former congressman from California, U.S.
Congressman, House of Representatives.
He's Daniel Hamburg.
You can check him out on Wikipedia.
You can check out his great article that he wrote recently.
With Lewis... Siler.
And it's rule by fear or rule by law.
You can also go to voiceoftheenvironment.org and check out some of the work you're doing there.
I hope to have you back up as things develop.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Would it help if people called or emailed the Chronicle and asked them to commission you to write another story to go more in depth?
That would be fabulous if they would do that and support this kind of...
I think we're good.
You know, I want to encourage them, and if your listeners can encourage them, that's marvelous.
Do you think, as a lot of researchers do, that, I mean, a bunch of deaths of people that were in and around it, very strange deaths, not just trying to ship those nukes into theater, but maybe trying to get some that were about to be decommissioned, because if it would have been done properly at Minot, they would have just said, oh, those were destroyed, and then you could quote, say, Al-Qaeda detonated one in the Middle East or detonated one here to start World War III.
I think that anything is possible.
You know, any government that could bomb its own citizens in the major city of the country could do anything.
And by that... There's nothing to put past them.
And by that, are you talking about Operation Northwoods?
I'm talking about 9-11.
So you believe it's an inside job?
I'm in the assisted...
Oh, I agree with you.
Oh, so you were listening before you came on?
That's even been in the BBC!
Well, a lot of things are in the BBC that never make it to the United States.
No, no, no, I mean, I agree, but I mean, it's in all the scholarly books.
It's an admitted fact that Brzezinski in 79, six months before, founded Al-Qaeda.
That was the computer file name of radical Wahhabist Muslims.
They split the funding with Saudi Arabia.
They got them to attack Soviet front groups.
They got them to attack...
I mean, and of course the Serbs are going to riot.
But, I mean, please elaborate.
I mean, I know we've just got a few minutes left.
Since you brought up 9-11, al-Qaeda being an arm, a creation of Western intelligence.
Elaborate on your views on that 9-11, sir.
Well, I think that, you know, if you look back to what the neocons were up to in the mid-90s, in the formation of the Project for a New American Century,
You know, it's all right there to read.
I mean, they said that what the country's going to need is another Pearl Harbor and that that's going to sufficiently frighten people so that measures can be put into place under which the government can take total control of the population.
And that's precisely what they've done.
And I think if you look at, you know, there have been so many excellent measures
But hundreds, yeah.
Well, exactly.
Hundreds of declassified examples of government-sponsored terror, not just by ours, but by others.
And then we have Northwoods, and they admit they staged the Gulf of Tonkin.
They staged the 53 situation in Iran.
They staged events when they overthrew Guatemala.
They've done it throughout history.
Well, here's the final question.
Why do you think PNAC and Brzezinski and all these guys have such chutzpah to actually write white papers that are public?
And then lately, neocons have written, the Philadelphia Daily News wrote an article where they said 9-11 was great, we need another one.
We have Republican memos saying we need another 9-11.
I mean, why are they so arrogant?
Well, that was exactly the word I was going to use, arrogant.
Because they really believe, and they believe it for good reason, that the American public is dumbed down.
They believe that they can act with impunity because they have acted with impunity and they have never been held to account.
And that's why I think this impeachment drive is so important.
If this country is going to survive, and I'm not even sure it's a good idea that it survive as an entity, but if it is to survive, there has got to be some truth-telling.
And there never has been.
I mean, we've gone for decades and even centuries without telling anybody
The true story of our country.
I mean, going all the way back to the ethnic cleansing, which was the precursor for the founding of the United States of America.
Now, there's a lot of delusion, a lot of illusion.
Congressman, this has been absolutely amazing.
Thank you for spending time with us.
Dan Hamburg.
My pleasure, Alex.
Take care.
We'll talk to you soon.
We'll be right back.
I'm going to get into the escalation in Kosovo, the escalation in Turkey with Iraq, a lot more.
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What's it going to take to wake you up out there?
Congressman comes on and just volunteers.
Oh, by the way, I think 9-11's an inside job.
Our government bombed its own people.
And I say, when?
He goes on, 9-11.
Everybody on the street's talking about the camps.
You boys weren't able to cover that up.
But I know you're full of hubris.
You're probably going to go ahead with your plan.
But see, you're not going to be able to sneak attack us now.
We're going to kick your butt.
I want to give that newsflash to the New World Order.
A lot of us are going to make it to this fight.
People tell me, hey, Alex, we want solutions.
You heard that, Congressman?
The solution is like Paul Revere.
The people are not yet fully awake.
We have to let them know who's behind the New World Order, who's behind the destruction of our currency, the inflation.
Who's behind the lies, the wars, the terrorism, the diabetes, the mercury, the poison in our water.
And we're going to expose them.
We're going to bring them down.
This nation is going to survive, and it's no longer going to be a hive of wickedness and a command base from which wicked elites launch attacks against innocent people.
The truth is coming out.
Liberty is rising.
Your destiny is in your hands.
Your destiny lays bare before you.
You've got to make the decision.
Are you going to stand up?
Is the only prayer you've got a survival?
Are you going to live on your knees in the dirt, licking boots?
Now is the time to rise up.
Now is the time to resist.
Now is the time to wake everybody up around you.
Now is the time to get aggressive.
All right.
Russia threatens nuclear attack on Ukraine.
The rhetoric's getting a lot stronger.
Turkish troops enter northern Iraq.
We've got a bunch of other news on Euro hitting its all-time high against the dollar.
UN fires tear gas at Serb protesters.
It is just all sorts of wild stuff going on.
Serb police are guarding embassies after riots, the attack in Belgrade.
I'm going to break down the geopolitical makeup of this from my perspective.
I'm going to spend some time on the debate last night.
I actually wrote some notes watching it.
It's just absolutely amazing.
And we're going to do a lot more coming up in the jam-packed third hour.
I just briefly want to remind you that I'm a documentary filmmaker.
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You are listening to GCN.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
The news is so incredible.
Burning embassies in Kosovo, in Serbia proper, from Kristina to Belgrade.
Burning UN buildings.
We've got Turkey coming in with armored groups for the first time into northern Iraq and to Kurdistan.
The biggest news here is that Putin, and I have several articles here, we're going to cover it after the break, because we've got Bob Chapman, we're going to get his take.
He was in Army counterintelligence, and of course one of the top gold brokers out there in history.
He had the biggest newsletter period, still one of the biggest.
He retired and then came back and rebuilt it.
I want to get his take on that first, because...
And I want to read the actual quotes here.
I'm going to be frank.
I just had it in my stack, and now I can't find it.
With the Russian ambassador saying, we will use brute force, and he said, violence, bloodshed.
That's a quote.
He said, we will use force.
We're ready to go to war.
This is basically like Texas being taken from the U.S.
And has been part of Russia historically, an ally.
Bob Chapman, this looks like the beginning of World War I or World War II, where there's all these fires just everywhere popping up.
Well, you're right, Alex, and we've been talking about it for months.
We ran many exposés back in the 90s regarding what was going on in that area during the NATO incursion and the bombing and the usage of the KLA, which is Mr. Tracy, who is now the president, and his background.
He's a hardened first-line criminal, is what he is.
And of course, the British and the United States governments get along very well with those kind of people.
And we've been talking every week and saying that there's going to be war if the United States and Great Britain and Europe decide that they're going to allow a unilateral declaration of independence in Kosovo, which has belonged to the Serbs for over 1,500 years.
And it's coming about, so it's no surprise to
Radio listeners and subscribers, that that's what's happening, that they've been following what I've been projecting.
The mission by the United States in particular has been so obvious, arrogant, and outrageous in this regard.
At least they lied and were subtle about Iraq, and it took two or three years for people to catch on to what they were doing.
In this instance here, it's there for the whole world to see.
They just want to do what they want to do.
Well, the Russians are not going to allow them to do that, and I have predicted that's what they would do, what's going on right now and what they're saying.
And we are also going to throw in here that in the last couple of weeks, Albania has come forward and said that, and then they abide, that they've discovered oil big time.
And so the U.S.
obviously knew this, along with Europe, and they want to get their hands on that.
And there's also just all kinds of natural resources in Kosovo that they'd like to get their hands on as well.
So like in Iraq, there's something to be gained there.
Most of the troops there are NATO troops, which are from Europe,
And, of course, the Europeans did not really want to send anybody to Afghanistan or Iraq, and now they're going to be forced to send troops to... And these are reluctant troops, believe me, and reluctant governments, in spite of what's going on.
And the Serbians are fighting for their own homeland.
The kill ratio by the Serbians is going to be very high.
And this time around...
The United States and Western Europe are not going to have the skies to themselves.
They're going to have to deal with Russian Air Force might.
And they're not pipsqueaks.
And they've got excellent equipment.
And so you have a dismemberment going on like you said, Alex, early on.
It's like separating Texas from the United States.
And if you go back to the 13th, 14th century... Stay there, Bob Chapman.
We'll be right back after the break.
I have the articles about Moscow threatening sports over Kosovo.
It's all happening, ladies and gentlemen.
Stay with us.
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Look, it's simple.
The West, owned by the big private banking families, has got a lot of secret super weapons now.
The stuff you see is 30 years old.
They're very arrogant.
They're trying to start wars everywhere.
And then other countries, even our allies like Turkey, are making their moves right now.
Musharraf is in trouble in Pakistan.
They got nukes.
The globalists gave them.
England, the U.S.
We've got communist terrorists, and they are terrorists, murdering police, military, and citizens into southeastern Turkey out of U.S.-controlled Iraq.
They've now rolled in.
We've got the U.S.
going in with a bunch of drug-dealing Al-Qaeda terrorists.
And that's admitted Al-Qaeda, real Al-Qaeda, attacking the Serbs.
They fight back.
They carve it off.
The Serbs always said, we know you're planning to take it over.
Then there's a CIA coup in Belgrade.
They put puppets in in 2000.
I'm just giving you some background.
And then this.
Moscow threatens force over Kosovo.
Moscow's ambassador to NATO says Russia could resort to brute force of NATO or the EU formally recognized Kosovo as an independent state.
We too will have to proceed with the view that in order to be respected we must use brute force, in other words, armed force.
And then on top of that, I've got it here in the stack, where Putin comes out and two days ago he said we're going to aim nukes at Ukraine and Belarus and Georgia.
Now, and that isn't Georgia in the U.S., boys and girls, for those that are public school educated like myself.
Now he's saying, we will nuclear attack.
I mean, I've got these articles here.
Bob Chapman, go back to the 1300s, 1400s, as you were saying.
And just as a novice of history, the way I'm looking at this, and this is just going to escalate, we don't know if it's this year or two years from now, this is how world conflicts start, isn't it?
It absolutely is.
And I've used this ruse over and over again.
The balkanization of countries.
They put them together in such a way from previous conquests that you always have warring factions within the group of the country that they've created.
And then when they want to start a war, it's very simple for them to do so.
And so that's a good example of what Kosovo is all about.
But it's going to happen all over the world.
These are all planned conflicts.
Turkey going into northern Iraq
They're going after the Kurds.
The Kurds have been doing a lot of what they do from drug profits.
And the Kurds have made incursions into Turkey for many, many years.
And the U.S.
has kept Turkey there too far from going after them.
Well, they're going after them now.
And so you're going to have more of these things happening in more places
And why do these things happen?
Two, geopolitical position, natural resource advantage, and number three, to cover up the collapse in the American economy.
Let me expand on that.
For those that don't understand what Bob was saying, to expand on it, the British did this, empires, the Romans did this.
When you read the Battle for Gaul, Julius Caesar put out the first newspapers in Rome, the first where they were invented there, to brag about his exploits.
You can't just go in and take over a region because then it's obvious you're dominating them and everybody will unite and resist you.
But if you go in and break it up in a couple pieces along ethnic or religious or racial lines...
You then have one client state or two client states that are your buddies, and you gang up on one group, and then it looks like that other group's taking over the nation next to them, but really it's the larger imperial power doing that.
And then the globalists are so treacherous, they'll then turn around and stab the last group they worked with.
Like they used Saddam to go after Iran, then they take down Saddam.
Then they take Iraq over again, then they take over Afghanistan and use that to leverage Iran.
Go ahead.
Well, they're also doing the same balkanization procedure along tribal lines in Pakistan, which you mentioned earlier that we allowed them to have nuclear weapons.
And you saw the MI6 CIA agent who was sent into Pakistan recently, and believe me, she was an agent.
Well, that's admitting them.
Yeah, they had her murdered.
And so, evidently, she wasn't doing what they, which is what Bella said, is a boo-too.
She wasn't doing what they wanted her to do and said too much about Al-Qaeda not, in essence, existing.
Yeah, she came out and said it was all fake.
Now, here's the deal, Bob.
You know, from your business experience, counterintelligence experience, it seems to me that the globalists think they're in control, but really, looking at this, I think it's out of control.
Well, I do, too.
The tip on that was almost two years ago when Zbigniew Brzezinski said what the Bush administration has done in Iraq and Afghanistan have been an absolute disaster.
All this planning we've put together for years has been bent asunder, and this sets world government back 30 years.
Well, hooray for that.
But the point is, you're right.
They are like little kids...
At the Dykes in Holland and it's springing leaks and everybody's sticking their fingers in the hole trying to stop them.
And that's what the Illuminati is up to right now.
They are on the run.
They've got serious problems.
Bob, let's shift in to...
Let's continue with the geopolitical view and then let's get into the economy because this is too important in my view.
Or do you think we should get into the money now or should we keep talking?
Because I've got a few other questions for you on the Russia situation.
Well, let's do the Russian and then we'll get into the money.
Well, I know the Russians were funded by the West.
I know they were set up.
I know they've always been doing deals.
I know the Vietnam deal was controlled as kind of a black-off with both sides behind the scenes with a handshake.
But the conflict's real.
Just like...
We're good to go.
That this is real, but at a higher level, they believe they're staging it, or they believe out of this chaos, they're going to get some end event.
A, do you believe Putin really is split from the New World Order now, or what power faction with the New World Order is he allied with?
A. And then B, we've got them threatening to invade.
They did roll tanks into Pristina, the capital, because of the last time the globalists tried to take it.
This split looks like it's real to me.
So, I mean, A, where is Putin in the power structure from your research?
And then B, I mean, he's threatening to nuke countries now, threatening to invade nations?
Well, that's the media having them run off in the wrong direction.
It's hard to tell
In advance, what's going on between Russia and, we'll call them the Western powers, I believe, like you believe, I think that there's been a split.
And I think that, you know, with $481 billion in foreign exchange and gold, Russia feels that they have to fund aggressive action that can easily do so.
And they've been building up their missile and equipment while we've been destroying ours in Iraq and Afghanistan.
And so they're in much better shape than the European allies are.
And one of the features of the breakdown of the Soviet Union was that Yeltsin and his gang of criminals allowed the European bankers to come in and put up the money for the oligarchs to...
Takeover for Pittens, the very, very important industries within Russia.
And since then, most all of them have been kicked out of Russia or fled Russia.
And others now run those businesses, including the state.
And so I think Russia is on its own doing its thing.
And, you know, I said the other day on a program, at least when the Russian government tells you something, you can believe it.
Which is...
Which is novel in as much as I don't believe anything that comes out of Western Europe, Great Britain, the United States, and Canada.
They lie about everything.
We weren't this bad just 20, 30 years ago.
What happened?
How did we just degenerate?
Because people were living good lives.
They never had a bad day in their life.
And the economy was good.
And we're invulnerable.
And everything's going to be okay.
So why should I listen?
They still don't listen.
And they're going to pay a terrible price for it.
Because if the Balkans and Kosovo become a major conflict, which I think they will, they're going to have to institute a draft.
I mean, the Europeans are not going to send... They'll need at least 200,000 troops to go in there.
And they're not going to send them.
And so who's going to do it?
America's going to have a draft.
And then Pakistan is teetering on the edge of collapse with nukes.
But we have, the United States has, the nukes under control.
There's a ranger division, or I don't know if it's a division, but there's rangers there, U.S.
Army rangers guarding that.
And I don't know how many there are, but I do know for sure that they're there because they contacted me.
That's how I know.
And I don't ask any questions.
Whatever they volunteer, I do.
Well, that's separately, if you didn't see it, Bob, that's separately been in the press.
Oh, has it?
Yeah, but not just let them have nukes.
England and the U.S.
gave it to them, basically.
Why would the globalists give nukes to Pakistan?
In antithesis to China and India?
Exactly, but it's just a strategy of Armageddon.
Well, they did it a long time ago, too, and this is not something recent.
No, you're right.
Ten years ago, so... Oh, even longer than that.
And it could have been a standoff between...
Israel and Pakistan, Pakistan being a Muslim country.
I mean, who knows what goes through their thinking?
They certainly don't care who gets killed, I'll tell you that.
Bob, would you say that we're in as dangerous a point as we were in 1961 during the Cuban Missile Crisis, or more so?
I think it's equal to it, and I think it's more so, because the action has already started.
And, um...
Boy, you know, I'll tell you.
Russia was under the Soviet Union was one thing.
But these guys get their act together.
Stay there, Bob Chapman.
Stay there.
We'll be right back with you.
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You've got someone to blame You said one love
Bob Chapman.
Be with us into the next segment, and then we've got a bunch of news I'm going to head on.
Just incredible analysis and info.
Believe me, I don't have baloney or BSers on this show, and he's the real deal, and we really appreciate him spending time with us.
Bob, I'm mad.
You know, you're all cool and collected about it.
I'm sick of it.
I've got a family.
You've got a family.
I've got small children.
Yours are grown up.
I'm mad about this.
I mean, the globalists have got all the money, they've got all the power, and they've just got to constantly run around starting wars and killing people.
They're destroying our country.
And you were talking about Russia getting its act together.
I mean, how do you see this fleshing out?
What's the time frame?
And then let's get into what the world says.
Oil's up on what's happening in Kosovo and Turkey.
Gold's exploding to all-time records of 950-something.
And you'd think we'd be happy as gold bugs.
I know we're not.
Go ahead, Bob.
Well, I was on an earlier program today and I vented my spleen on that one.
So I'm a little cooler on this one.
But I am outraged.
Outraged at the continuation of war and occupation in Iraq and Afghanistan.
The incursions by our people into Pakistan and the deliberate act of war in Serbia.
It is just beyond belief
And the Russians and the Serbians are the good guys.
Our government is the bad guys.
No, that's it.
I mean, we're in Iraq.
We set it up.
We told him to invade Kuwait.
It's like the people running our nation, in every case, we're the ones that torture and talk about it.
I mean, Russia would do it, but they wouldn't brag about it.
I mean, do you think the people running it are just doing this on purpose to make everybody start a war?
Well, yes, and they need the order out of chaos.
We're good to go.
And millions of people now know that there is a conspiracy behind government.
There are a group of people who do these things to control other people and control the wealth and power of the world.
And they're not going to get away with it this time.
You know, for me to say something like I just said about Russia being the good guys, I spent several years spying on them.
I understand.
And by good guys, you're not saying they're angels.
It's that the people running the U.S.
are clearly in the aggressor, clearly in the bad guy's seat.
Well, I just said the same thing.
Well, no, I agree with you.
So, how do you see this?
I mean, I know you don't have a crystal ball, but what's most likely to happen?
Well, I think the beginnings of World War III are starting in Serbia.
And I don't know how long it's going to take it to evolve into conflict.
It might be a couple of weeks.
It might be six months.
But that's what's going to happen if they continue to do what they're doing, because the Russians are going to hit back, and they told the United States that a year ago.
And by the way, the last two world wars started in Serbia, in the Balkans, and in Eastern Europe.
You're absolutely right.
Absolutely right.
This is a big deal for Russia to say, they never talk like this, that we're going to go ahead and attack you.
It is a big deal.
And you know something?
They are totally justified.
They're in the right.
They are the good guys.
And it's awful that we have to put up a government that goes around warmongering.
One war after another.
They're absolutely insane.
But we know why they're doing it.
So it's not insanity.
Just read about what they've done in the past.
Just listen to programs like Alex's.
This is where you're going to get the truth.
How much you can do about it remains to be seen because we get Congress that has been bought and fully paid for.
Either that or they've been compromised and there's a few other people in there who are good guys.
We have an administration totally controlled by the Illuminati.
So you're not going to get any satisfaction from government, I'm afraid.
Bob, I want to talk about ideas.
Eventually, that only leaves you one avenue.
Tell us what that avenue is on the other side from your perspective.
Bob Chapman, TheInternationalForecaster.com.
Email him and get a free issue of it.
You can get it delivered to you a couple times a week via email.
Very lengthy, very detailed, very scholarly.
Or you can get it sent out to you in a paper format.
We'll tell you about that on the other side.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
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Thank you.
We're good to go.
About to go back to Bob Chapman.
I've got a bunch of news I'm going to hit on.
Special guest in studio the last five minutes.
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And I'm not going to belabor this because I want to go back to Bob.
I've made 18 films.
The newest is Endgame, Blueprint for Global Enslavement.
It gets into everything you're seeing right now.
You want to have literally the Bible on what these people are doing inside the New World Order?
A chronicle of it.
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Be sure and check that out.
Also, check out TheInternationalForecaster.com.
You need to get a link to that up on Infowars.
I notice we've got his name up there, but not a link.
Bob, how do folks get a free copy to check it out?
Well, they can go to that site that you've been giving, TheInternationalForecaster.com.
Oh, they can call 800-375-4188.
That's 800-375-4188.
And they can get a copy there as well, either hot copy or email, and we get them out right away.
Bob, I feel robbed.
I mean, I've got a good attitude.
I'm happy.
I love the sunshine.
I love going out.
I mean, I've got lots of energy.
I'm a positive person.
But this Paul, this darkness hangs over me now because no matter how good life is, I'm angry at the globalists.
And you were talking about solutions or where you think this is going.
Go ahead.
Well, I think because after this coming election, people are going to see that there is no electoral process.
Votes continue to be stolen.
Candidates are all from the same group, controlled by the same group of people.
And I think if they give the people a nudge in the middle of a recession, depression, they might have a revolution on their hands.
Well, I agree with you, and I think that's something at a sick level they want.
It won't be good for the cops and military to get chewed up, or the citizens, but the globalists don't care.
They're going to be off in Switzerland, aren't they?
Yes, but one thing, we know who they all are.
And in the final analysis, if they think they're going to get away, they're mistaken.
So you think, I mean, you really, from your analysis, or just historically think that they've gone too far?
They've gone too far, and they've made a terrible mess out of it, and this time they're going to pay big time.
Well, I know this.
Just five years ago, the globalists, when I watched Davos on C-SPAN, they were real arrogant and haughty.
They all look scared now.
They all look shaken.
Well, their plans haven't worked very well.
And, you know, the banking system is essentially bankrupt.
And the only thing that keeps the European Central Bank and the Bank of England and the Bank of France and the Bundesbank and the Federal Reserve above water, they just keep on pumping money and credit into the system.
We get an increase in England of 12.3% of the equivalent of M3.
We get 12.9% in the European Central
In the Eurozone.
And those figures just came out two days ago.
And in America, we get over 16%.
We get two auctions coming off each month, $30 billion each, and about $20 billion flowing into the repo market.
That's $100 billion that's going into the banking system.
And they're rolling the money.
They're renewing those bonds.
All they're doing is paying the interest.
Bob, we've got...
Five minutes left with you.
You've got the floor.
A to Z. Gold goes above $9.50.
It's staying up there right now.
Record, the now mainstream saying it'll probably go to $1,000.
Where do you see it going?
They're now admitting that all this other debt, credit card, top economists are saying it could be a total collapse.
Most of them are saying that now.
There's still kind of a consumer-grade propaganda put out that everything's wonderful and we're not even in a recession.
I mean, break down where we really stand.
We've now had a few more weeks for things to develop.
Is it leaning towards worse or better?
Just give us the basic economic outlook on gold and on other markets in the next five minutes.
The situation is far worse now than it was seven to eight months ago when it all started.
And we've only seen the tip of the iceberg because they've been able to paper it over in this interim period.
They will continue to do that until they can't do that anymore or some untoward event happens and everything starts to come unglued.
That event could be tomorrow, next week, or three years from now.
But they're going to continue to do what they're doing because that's all they can do.
As far as gold is concerned, very simple.
Official inflation figures since 1980 put gold...
At $2,268 an ounce.
So, $950 is cheap.
We've got to still, just to get up to the official level.
Real inflation?
$6,600 an ounce.
What am I calling for?
A minimum of $3,000 an ounce.
As long as we have hyperinflation, we'll go right along with it, probably go over $100 an ounce.
It's a lock on making money
It's the easiest thing.
It's like falling off a log.
We've been long, the subscribers, for the last eight years.
Some of them made a fortune, and they're going to make a heck of a lot more money.
Tell folks when you got out of the market.
Tell folks, because I've got those old newsletters.
Tell them when you got out.
Tell them what your advice did.
We got everybody out of the market at the...
Bob, continue.
And so what's happening, we have bond insurance falling apart.
We're looking at $125 to $150 billion in losses.
We have the commercial paper market has dropped $500 billion from $2.2 trillion just seven months ago.
And that's going to continue to diminuate.
And that's one of the reasons they have to feed so much money to the banks because the banks are feeding...
Why did the financial planners, the big central bank regulators...
No, they were people in a position where they had to have another boom in the economy or face depression and face the music, so to speak, financially and monetarily.
And they chose to give it more life.
We're good to go.
But even at that, the game is over.
It's just a question of when it's going to end.
Well, they're signaling that they're just going to continue in flight, that that's their final bubble.
But that's the bubble of all bubbles.
That is more than predatory.
It's eating our own.
It's going into cannibalism.
I know so many yuppies and people that are worth a few million dollars, and they instinctively just can't invest in gold because their stockbroker doesn't tell them to.
What's wrong with them?
Well, they just don't understand.
You've got to remember, 1980 was 27 years ago.
Now, if you were 20 years old in 1980, you'd be 57 now.
So that means that there's nobody under 57, with minor exception, who knows anything about the value of gold or the bull market in gold or the antithesis to the market, which is gold.
They just don't understand the brokers, and never mind the public.
You talk to somebody with a doctorate or a master's in economics about gold, no interest.
Ask them about the Federal Reserve, I really don't understand it.
Because it's not taught in school.
They're taught a limited spectrum of the economy, not the full geopolitical nexus matrix.
You're absolutely right, and I've been there, and I know that you're right because that's what they do.
In fact, when I was in school, I did poorly in economics because my ideas were crazy.
My ideas were the truth.
They just didn't want to handle that.
Well, we'll continue to chronicle things as they develop.
Do you think gold's going to move back from its $9.45, $9.50, rest a few weeks and then go up to $1,000?
Or when do you see it cresting $1,000?
And as far as people investing in gold and silver-related assets, just do it.
I mean, traders have a hard enough time making money, and if you think you can pick the bottoms and pick the troughs or pick the corrections, you're sadly mistaken.
Oh, I mean, I agree.
I buy a coin.
If you like the action, you go in and buy.
It's long-term.
It's durational.
We've got a long way to go.
Buy and don't think.
Well, I know that, you know, coin here, coin there, when gold was $300, and I, you know, it goes up, and I don't sell.
I mean, I bought silver at $7, $8 an ounce.
I know it even went lower than that.
Now it's $18 an ounce.
I mean, it's really a no-brainer.
But I guess it's a good thing that the yuppies haven't moved into gold yet because the Chinese are.
And isn't that one of the big drivers?
They just became bigger buyers of gold than the U.S.
Well, yes.
And the yuppies will join us, those that have money left.
They'll probably get in somewhere around $1,500, $2,000, $2,500, $3,000.
And it will be discovered, like mutual funds were in the 90s, and then after 2000, the real estate market, and everybody will be talking about it, and gold will go cuckoo, like all other bubbles will, and it'll go to $7,000 or $8,000 or $9,000 an ounce, whether it should or not.
That's the way markets are.
They're mad.
And then it'll settle down to $3,000?
Don't know.
It all depends on what's going on.
If the world's in chaos, it'll stay up there.
Bob Chapman, theinternationalforecaster.com, thank you for your analysis.
Thank you for spending time with us.
My pleasure.
Anytime you want.
All right, there goes Bob Chapman.
I've been reading his newsletter for years.
Very accurate info.
I wish he was wrong.
Speaking of the devil, speaking of gold, ladies and gentlemen, if I had more money, I'd be going into gold and silver.
You know, I have modest holdings.
But Ted Anderson, Bob just told it like it was.
I know you've still got a little bit of gold and silver left at yesterday's offering that was a week old.
It stayed up.
In fact, it went up to $9.50 staying there.
And you're at 920 sales level right now, so this is at a reduced price.
This is at the price weeks ago.
How long can you hold at this, Ted?
Well, I'm going to hold it through the weekend.
I just have made a commitment for enough to make it, and I'm going to let people get involved.
I mean, I've got to tell you right now, Alex, I feel really good about getting people in the gold and silver and getting away from that stock market and getting out of the banks.
It's a security blanket, and every time that we do some business with somebody, we're just adding that much more security to one more patriot who needs that gold because you can just tell what's going on in the marketplace.
Just like Bob said, the handwriting's on the wall.
There is no argument anymore.
Gold is a necessity, and so is silver in a portfolio.
It's not even an option anymore.
You need to have it because the United States dollar is going to bail, along with all the world currencies.
Yeah, right now, Alex, I do.
I still have the British Sovereigns at $254, and I'm not kidding.
That's a quarter-ounce gold coin.
I mean, right now we're looking at $950 gold.
Do the math.
When I priced these out, gold was at $920.
I also have the silver.
Silver is very important, too.
Silver went over $18 an ounce here just yesterday, and I've got silver at $19 per face.
Now, when I tell you that, I want to say it like that, because dimes times...
I think?
We're good to go.
People that have been buying this stuff, even Alex, we've done interviews here just three months ago, are looking at 10-20% profits in their portfolio just from buying a few months ago.
They're going to watch the gold go over $2,000 like Bob was saying when the hysteria comes and you've got $8,000 gold.
Do you realize what kind of a position you'll be in?
In addition to this, every time you're buying, you're helping out the Genesis Network and the Alex Jones Show.
Well, not really, Ted.
You were telling me like $5 or something on those coins and $1 on the silver.
The point is, this is an introductory offer we do on this show because I demand, and Ted likes to do it, the lowest prices for my listeners, 1-800-686-2237.
You are just crazy if you don't buy some gold and silver.
The silver is a great deal.
I don't know what else to say, Ted.
This is all going crazy.
Who would have thought 950 gold?
Well, we would have thought it, but it just keeps going up faster than we thought it would.
Well, I mean, like you said, the yuppies are just sitting there, well, how did this happen?
I mean, gold is going to go over 950.
It'll be over 1,000.
It'll be over 2,000.
Because the dollar's falling.
It comes from this Federal Reserve Bank system, and they're deciding to liquefy our money supply, which means any money that we put away, whether it be in paper, stocks, bonds, don't matter what.
And by the way, the central banks are dumping gold right now, and the price is still going up.
It is, because the private demand is just sucking it all up as fast as they can sell it.
Out of all this pain, we ought to make some lemonade.
We got lemons.
Let's make lemonade.
Ted Anderson, thank you for spending time with us today.
Hey, it's always a pleasure to be up there, Alex.
It is the Alex Jones Special column right now, ladies and gentlemen.
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Don't worry, it's making great progress for the world government.
Most people have no idea.
They're not after money.
They have all the money they need.
They're after power.
That's why they have to use it.
Order Endgame on DVD at prisonplanet.com or infowars.com or watch it online right now at prisonplanet.tv.
Endgame, blueprint for global enslavement.
You have been warned.
Hi, neighbor.
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The preacher man says it's the end of time and the Mississippi River, she's a gold drive.
Okay, I meant to have him in here a little bit earlier.
We know him.
He's a guy who delivered pizzas here.
A real friendly fella.
And I've talked about how illegal aliens don't have to show IDs.
They can show another bank card or they can show a consular matricula.
But members of Congress and state reps have gone out and proven for 24 bucks at any place, they'll give anybody a consular matricula.
You can get five, six, seven of them.
They'll give you Social Security with it.
They'll give you welfare.
And he went into a local bank...
He said it was Compass.
And he went in there yesterday and actually gave him the sheet of what's acceptable, and it says consular matricula.
I just want to point out, you've got to have a national ID card now.
Your driver's license is federalized, for listeners that didn't know.
But then...
The illegal aliens, they don't have anything but one of these Cracker Jacks box cards.
The point is, it's not about terrorism, it's about controlling you.
Tell the story.
I went in to do nothing more than cash my checks, and I started asking questions as far as their policies regarding illegal immigrants, and expressed my concerns on the larger scale, being globalism and all this.
Finally, the teller gets her boss out there,
She comes out.
She's very concerned about why I wanted to know these.
That's what concerned me.
How dare you ask questions?
Right, exactly.
That kind of thing.
You know how to talk.
Those problems are arresting them.
You can talk.
Basically, they painted me out to be a racist, and I don't know what I'm talking about because illegal immigrants started this country type of thing.
Basically, they started putting words in my mouth and tried to close my account.
Without my express permission.
They were just, get out of here.
Basically, and I stopped them.
I was like, don't put words in my mouth and don't close my account.
All I said was that I want information regarding your policies.
Finally, she comes out with a piece of paper, but she tells me I can't have it.
She said I could read it, but I couldn't have it.
I told her I wanted to do my own research on it.
I needed to have that piece of paper.
Finally, she goes in the back.
For a long time, I wait out.
Everybody starts ganging up on me, basically, you know, calling me a racist and things like that.
I don't know what I'm talking about.
She slides us over.
As I left, I realized how close I got to having the cops called on me for simply asking questions.
Oh, no, that's not allowed now in America.
Apparently, you can't even go into your bank and question their policies on illegal immigrants.
And you're a well-spoken, professional guy.
Sure, I'm a student.
You come off real well.
I don't...
Yeah, and everybody in there was, like, ganging up on me.
Let me just read this to people.
This is from Compass Bank.
It says, Bank approved identification.
It says, under the USA Patriot Act, non-U.S.
And it just says an employment authorization card, employment authorization card, matricula card, foreign passports, alien registration card, but the big one is matricula.
Anybody can get that.
Go ahead.
Also, what really scared me is all this at the very top says, under the U.S.
Patriot Act, implying that before then they couldn't do this, which to me... Oh, no, exactly.
In fact, the Fed's even told banks...
And car loans, they're not under the same rules.
Yeah, the coincidences between 9-11 and what the Patriot Act is doing for the basic...
Silent third world invasion of America is insane.
There's too many things that add up.
I wasn't planning on doing this.
I was simply asking questions, and I almost got turned away.
I've been in the bank when there's one, two, three forms to set up an account, and I'm watching illegals with nothing.
Nothing, yeah.
And the point is, remember that when they're pushing all this on you, or the cops pull you over, and the cops will tell you, they don't arrest illegals for DWI, for no insurance.
They have more rights than we do these days.
Johnny, we're out of time, but we're going to scan that in.
Aaron's going to do a blurb on JonesReport.com.
Thank you for doing what you did.
Thanks for having me.
Thank you, man.
And I saw you were reading that book.
Have a free copy of Boulder Birds.
Thank you very much.
God bless you, my friend.
Folks, I'll be back Sunday live, 4 to 6 p.m.
Central, on the Internet, shortwave, satellite, and local AM and FM affiliates like KCAA, KCXL, and many others across the nation, KLBJ590.com.
We'll be right back with that key info at InfoWars.com.
God bless you all.
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