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Air Date: Feb. 20, 2008
2350 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
We are scheduled to have Dennis Desenich, the congressman, popping in to talk about a new investigation he's launching and hearings he's calling for in Congress about the 9-11 concrete poison dust that the firefighters, police, and emergency workers, and New Yorkers for that matter, breathe in the government cover-up.
We're good to go.
Another headline, Obama has the upper hand.
Mike Bloomberg claims vote fraud, that someone's cheating Barack Obama.
Well, that's been confirmed.
Also, there's reports of surrogate Clintonistas going after Barack Obama.
Then we'll get into the economy.
This out of Financial Times of London.
America's economy risks the mother of all meltdowns.
And when they say it, the true financial paper of record...
You better take it serious.
We'll be going over that.
More on Obama.
I mentioned this, but more has come out.
Clinton targeting Obama delegates dastardly as it gets.
I'm not saying vote for Obama.
I don't like Obama.
He's total New World Order.
We're just reporting the facts.
They're clearly cheating him.
We have to ask why.
We're going to go through that today.
Also, cancer linked to mobile phone use.
I mentioned this, but even more has come out.
I want to spend some time today, and I'm going to make myself spend some time on that as well.
On the economic front, again, gold reserves to hit sale block.
Analyst IMF seeking to depress gold price.
That's from Dr. Corsi at World Net Daily.
Also, economists expect Fed to lower Dow to 8,000.
Credit claims agreements involving billions used to shift market.
Did deal with Queen to hide Diana murder facts.
It's just a fait complete now that they murdered her.
And the Willie Nelson interview of Monday finally hit AOL News.
It hit Yahoo News and a few other places, but AP didn't pick it up.
Willie Nelson calling for Bush's impeachment, talking about a new world order.
We need to make sure those stories, those articles that were written, Willie Nelson talking about the NAU, the NAFTA highways, Willie Nelson talking about impeach Bush, throw the bastards out.
Those stories are all at Infowars.com and PrisonPlanet.com, and it won't break nationally.
We're on the verge of that happening.
Alex Jones Show!
I think?
We're good to go.
I think we're good.
We need to get this out to everybody, to all the country music fans, to all the Willie Nelson fans, to all of his pop fans, to wake them up about 9-11 being an inside job, the New World Order, secret societies, toll roads.
He talks about it all.
It's ten minutes long.
Alex Jones' second interview with Willie Nelson is the name of it, at prisonplanet.com, your whole email list, your message boards, your MySpace.
We want to get this on the main page of YouTube.
We want to push it out there and get it out to people.
So get in there, post comments, five-star it, get it up there, because I want this interview.
It's very powerful to get out there.
And again, we're able to reach out.
We're able to have an effect.
We're able to break through the media Berlin Wall when you take action.
The ball is in your hands.
I've given you the ball.
Willie Nelson has given you the ball.
We're all on the team here.
Go to prisonplanet.com right now.
Get it.
And get it out to everybody.
And get our press release on the interview.
And get it to talk stations.
Get it to enemies.
Doesn't matter.
As long as the information gets out.
Alright, we'll come back, plunge into massive news.
Congressman Dennis Kucinich, coming up.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Miami police plans urban test of Honeywell's micro unmanned aerial vehicles, drones.
Kucinich promises hearing on 9-11 health responders.
Judge holds reporter in contempt in anthrax case.
The reporter won't say where they heard that Mr. Hatfield was involved.
He, of course, was a patsy.
Guaranteed that reporter's not reporting on other government people that put them on the wrong trail.
Bottled water is the latest target of eco-mentalist.
Marxist mayor of London wants his drive to shame consumers for increasing carbon tax.
See, it's all about them getting the moral high ground and selling everyone that the earth is dying because of global warming and that it's caused by man, not the sun.
So they can then...
Ban whatever they want, when they want, and more importantly, tax it.
So we'll be going over that.
Also, new freezing weather hits Saudi Arabia.
Coldest winter in 25 years globally.
But again, it's all global warming.
Also, stop Blair, the London Guardian says.
Ambition to lead Europe hits fierce opposition.
He lied, remember, six months ago, saying, I'll never be EU chief, I don't want the job.
Then he converted to Catholicism so he could head out the predominantly Catholic European mainland.
And, of course, the EU president is supposed to rotate amongst the 20 member states, but they break whatever rules they want.
And just they say, oh, well, it doesn't matter if England's 10 years down the road to have an EU chairman for a year.
They're dictators.
Just he's going to get it.
And that's the way it is.
And if you don't like it, we'll have some guys drop by with submachine guns.
Don't try to protest.
We'll beat your heads in the street.
Don't try to videotape or interview people in the streets of London where the cops will come up and put you in a terror database.
And we've got cameras that now shot orders at you and hover drones watching you.
It's freedom.
UN propaganda aimed at U.S.
school children.
More comes out with the kapow, the UN hero for our troubled times, teaching us that world government is the answer.
But again, if you talk about how you don't want world government, the media says you're insane and it doesn't exist.
Also, a journalist who exposed UN corruption disappears from Google, is being censored.
This out of Fox News, of all places.
Possible cell phone ban in San Antonio.
That's the headline.
Also, doctors and teachers to act as informers to target violent offenders before they strike.
Controversial new minority report plans announced by government.
An incredible story from LouRockwell.com up on PrisonPlanet.com that I'm going to try to get this family on, or at least the writer on, who wrote the story.
I see these stories every day, and they're so painful to read.
A lot of times I don't even read all of it.
But, Happy Autistic Child...
Good parents, no criminal record, Russian immigrants living here for many years, 17 years old, CPS neighbor said the kid didn't look quite right.
Well, of course he didn't.
He was autistic.
They dropped by, took him, they drugged him all out, been torturing him.
It's government abuse, child abuse by the government.
Government rips an autistic boy from his home because it prefers a different treatment than the one offered by
The parents, the government says you must put him on Prozac and all these other poisonous drugs that have nothing to do with autism.
It's the same government that pushes the mercury-laced vaccines on you that literally causes all of this.
Another taser report at a high school basketball game.
There was a slight tussle.
The head school police officer pulled the people apart.
The press reports it was no big deal, mainstream report.
Just some shoving.
And then another officer runs up, pulls his taser, aims it at the young man, and his boss, the head cop, says, Stand down.
Don't taser him.
And he went ahead and tasered him, and then tasered him again, twice in the chest.
We call that buck fever.
You know, back when I had time, growing up, from the time I was about 10 years old until I guess I went deer hunting about two years ago again in Fredericksburg,
I go to these deer camps, and it's fun, sit around the fire, you know, grill hamburgers, a lot of beer drinking going on.
Then you get up at 5 a.m., cook biscuits and gravy, get in your trucks and get dropped off in the woods, walk to your deer stand.
But every time there's a couple guys there who've got buck fever, a lot of them have been hunting for decades, and they can never shoot a deer because it doesn't matter if it's 10 yards outside their stand.
And they always get more and more desperate.
They shoot at buzzards.
They shoot at possums.
They shoot at foxes.
A doe will walk up.
Nobody really wants a doe, but they'll go ahead and shoot at it and miss it.
Or they'll get hysterical and act crazy if they're even able to hit one.
They usually gut shot them or shoot them in the hind end or blow a leg off.
Or they'll shoot them 10, 15 times if they are able to actually hit the deer.
And you can be out at the shooting range with these guys, and they're great shots.
One of them I grew up with.
But they cannot shoot a deer or a wild hog, because when they see it, they start shaking.
They get real, well, they call it buck fever.
And there's also people who are just trigger happy.
But it's a craze.
I mean, they've got this weapon.
They want to use it.
And they're going to use it.
So the first time you back talk, the first time you ask a question, you don't get out of the car quick enough.
Whatever the case may be, they are going to get you.
And it supposedly went on for more than a minute.
You've got the head officer more than twice screaming, do not stand down, nothing's happening, do not taser him, screaming at point-blank range at his deputy, the guy that was under him,
Do not taser.
Do not taser.
Still tasered him.
And then was getting off so much on it, he tasered him again.
Just wild, crazed mental illness.
And I have seen it many, many times.
Same thing with some gun owners.
Just because there's bad gun owners, just because there's people that are crazed and just waiting to shoot somebody...
That's all the more reason for me to own a gun.
That's all the more reason for us to have a Second Amendment.
It's to protect us from them.
You're never going to be protected from nuts, loonies, crazies, psychopaths, bloodthirsty people.
I've never called for disarming the police.
I mean, there are a lot of dangerous people out there.
Cops need guns.
Well, we need our guns, too.
All right, I'm already digressing.
Let me get into the election and Hillary Clinton, and then we'll open the phones up.
At 1-800-259-9231.
And first-time callers today, I do this every few weeks, go to the head of the line.
The only person that can trump that, if you want to tell us, we don't screen your calls, but if you volunteer that you disagree, you go to the head of the line.
And there's kind of a wild card there.
People call them from New Zealand or South Africa.
Or Japan, I tend to put them to the front of the line as well.
Not so much, though, because a lot of them are calling in on IP phones, so it's not really costing them anything, but in the past, we always did that.
But it's always first come, first serve, unless I announce that I want first-time callers.
You're allowed to call in, but first-time callers go to the head of the line.
Every once in a while, I throw in the wild card of foreigners getting on first.
But something trumps both of those, first-time callers and foreigners, people calling from out of the U.S., and that is people that disagree.
Here are the type of headlines I have.
Hillary Clinton fades as Obama takes 10th straight victory in White House race.
Obama has the upper hand.
Mike Bloomberg claims vote fraud against Obama.
And it goes in... Here's another story.
Surrogate, a dim divide.
And it talks about NBC reports that they're turning Clinton junkyard dogs loose on Obama.
Clinton targeting pledged delegates for Obama.
Here's the deal.
It's fun.
It's interesting to get into a horse race.
There have been...
Many, many presidential elections since we had any real viable choice.
And if you could call Pat Buchanan a viable choice, he's still a Republican insider.
He talks the talk against the North American Union and the New World Order, but he did drop out at key points in races.
He's a bit suspect.
But other than Buchanan, in the last 20 years or so,
It's always been insiders on both sides, both Republican and Democrat, and most Americans now know that.
That illusion has been destroyed to a certain extent, and that's a healthy thing.
Ron Paul came along.
For every dollar you donated to his campaign, we probably got $10 in free advertising from the mainstream media, real issues of the war, the currency tax, the inflation tax, the domestic police state.
The SPP, the North American Union, and Ron Paul's still running and showing good in quite a few polls.
You know, he's showing 15, 20% in some states.
He's been coming in second place in quite a few states.
He's doing great.
The problem is, I have no doubt there's election fraud, and the evidence has shown it for McCain.
Plus, the media's been giving him 5, 10, 15, 20 times the coverage, depending on the program.
Some programs, for an hour, they'll spend 15 minutes on McCain and no time on Paul.
Or even Huckabee, for that matter.
They'll give him a pittance.
I'm not saying I like Huckabee, either.
He's CFR.
But McCain is the anointed one.
And we haven't seen a real candidate in decades and decades anything near Ron Paul.
Ron Paul makes Barry Goldwater look liberal, look statist.
And so people are now saying, well, we don't like McCain, the anti-gun, open-border promoting liar who's a chameleon who says one thing to one audience and another thing to another audience.
More skeletons in his closet than are in a mortuary.
So people want to believe in Obama because they hate Hillary.
And I don't blame you.
But I'm sorry.
Obama wants a global tax.
He's for gun control.
He's for socialized health care.
This guy is bad news.
So we'll break it down on the other side, right here on the GCN Radio Network.
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A new world order.
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It's known as the Bilderberg Group.
Both their objectives being world domination...
For thousands of years, their dark order grew.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
A lot of big Democrat websites and even some mainstream news are pointing out that in the last six months famous Republican donors, big corporations have given a lot of money to Barack Obama.
But Hillary Clinton has also gotten more corporate contributions and more, quote, mainline Republican contributions than Barack Obama has.
So both sides point at each other.
No, these big institutionalized organizations, they're giving to the Republicans, they're giving to the Democrats, they're giving to the main contenders from the Republican Party, the main contenders from the Democratic Party.
They bet on every horse.
And whereas there may be some fighting at certain levels between the candidates about who gets the levers of control, who gets to be the boss, who gets to have the CEO job, here in this regional governorship of the New World Order of Slavery Incorporated, like I say in Waking Life, filmed from 2000 by Richard Linkletter.
Two different management teams fighting for control of the CEO job of Slavery Incorporated.
Now, I know as an audience you understand this, but the public still doesn't.
And the establishment needs to rope people in.
They need to get you to believe in the illusion of the two-party system.
And Barack Obama is perfect for them.
Now, on the other side, we do have Hillary clearly cheating him in New Hampshire, cheating him in New York.
Massive public evidence that large sectors of the machine, including the Bush machine, who's been helping her write speeches, and Bush has said she's the best candidate from the Democrats, and they vacation together, and Bush blocked the pardon gate investigations of the Clintons, and they recruited the Clintons and the CIA in 68, and Bush Sr.
was involved with Clinton in narcotics trafficking.
All that's there.
And a fact.
I guess we need to do a big report breaking down the history of this.
So, Barack Obama is an outsider in that we don't know all his baggage yet.
We know there's been some scandals about where he's gotten campaign contributions, and we know that he's hooked into the Council on Foreign Relations, and his wife is in it, and we know that he's definitely a New World Order individual.
So, at the end of the day, if it isn't Ron Paul, it's nobody.
And I've been predicting it will be Hillary Clinton in the Democratic ticket.
It looks like she's going to win Ohio.
It looks like she's going to win Texas.
That is in question now.
Out of six big polls I saw this week, she's winning five.
Barack Obama is winning one.
But her lead in Texas, which has got the second biggest delegate prize after California, is narrowing.
Her lead is narrowing.
And whereas it's interesting to watch this, just from a sporting view of who's going to win...
It doesn't matter at the end of the day.
It appears, though, that Hillary is cheating him, is stealing, does have the Democratic and Republican machines together against him, and that's a good sign that at least that Barack Obama is somewhat better than Hillary.
But I could not bring myself to vote for him.
I will not vote for him.
He's anti-gun, probe and border.
We've listed that laundry list before.
But I do want to get your take on the situation.
Again, we get about 55, 60% turnout depending on which presidential election it is.
We get about a 40% turnout in off-year elections.
But the national average is about 8.5, 8.4.
It changes every election, but it's a little over 8% each year.
8% turnout for local elections, more than half turnout for big federal elections.
I know we can still get into office locally.
I know we can beat the machines locally.
I know that if enough of us run, and in some cases even keep quiet about our liberty agenda, just like they keep quiet about their tyranny agenda, that we can get into county commissioner positions and city council positions and selectmen positions and water district positions and school board positions.
And imagine if you were the head of the school board, you could make announcements every year that there is not the law to take vaccines, that it is only mandated by the state health department, and that it's a fraud, and that schools shouldn't expel people for not having shots, that that's fraudulent.
Or, if you were the head of the water department, you could take the sodium fluoride out.
You could have medical doctors come into town and speak before you.
Now, you're not going to get campaign contributions.
They'll probably kick you out of office next election, but you would have educated people.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Day after day Alone on a hill The man with the foolish grin Is keeping perfectly still But nobody wants to know him They can see that he's just a
The Clinton Crime Mafia is here in Austin.
Clinton was here this last weekend giving a speech.
She's going to be back in Austin.
They're going to have a singing in debate tomorrow.
We're going to post all this information on jonesreport.com, a map of where their headquarters is, a map of where the debate's going to be.
I would hope that 9-11 truthers would swarm down there with 9-11 inside job signs that we are changed locally here in Austin, and the local 9-11 truth groups go down there.
Of course, the debate is going to be 100 select minions.
They claim that they're randomly selecting people, but
The Democrats and Republicans have been caught staging these.
I mean, Cheney, whenever he appears at a, quote, town hall, they make you sign a pledge that you're a Cheney supporter, Bush Cheney supporter.
They run your license plate.
But then on television, it's the facade of the town hall!
This is all an intelligence operation.
Here's the University of Texas at Austin subpage.
Athletic Center.
A map of the campus is online.
The debate is hosted by the University Democrats and Registered Students Organization and is presented by the Lyndon Baines Johnson Foundation on behalf of the LBJ School of Public Affairs.
It is by invitation only due to security restrictions.
Yes, we must keep them safe from the evil American people.
These people are complete, absolute puppets.
They run nothing.
And again, I wish them no harm.
The New World Order would get unbelievable, endless gas mileage out of something happening to them.
Unbelievable gas mileage out of it, and the illusion that they actually run things.
The only presidents or presidential contenders getting killed are people that are anti-New World Order, and it always leads back to the global crime syndicate that is committing that and taking those actions.
Austin headquarters opening.
Team Texas is proud to announce our state headquarters in Austin, Texas.
We are urging everyone to bring their cell phones so we can spread Hillary's message here in Texas.
Food and refreshments will be provided.
And it's off of Ben White, right on the east side of I-35.
It's at 701 East Ben White Boulevard, Austin, Texas, 78704.
Right off of I-35.
Now, I know that campus groups can protest and demonstrate.
And I know that generally the campus police leave other groups alone if they're out there protesting and demonstrating because they don't want to get sued.
But who knows what's going to happen.
But they need to be bullhorned and they need to be protested.
And if we have to go down by some UT interest right off UT property and demonstrate against them, I guess we've got to find out
And coordinate pretty quick.
Should I come out?
Should I come out to that event?
Again, we've had so many big shots in Austin over the years, and I always tell you about the event.
I always encourage you to go out to it.
I've sent our cameras down to confront Keene and confront many others because you need to do this.
I mean, I can go out and do this.
I enjoy going out and doing this.
But I don't particularly want to have my face in the newspaper.
I don't particularly want to be the one getting the attention.
I want you to get the attention and you to learn to go out and take action and stand up to these individuals.
But it is important to go out and point out that the Democratic Party is covering up the fact that 9-11 is an inside job.
It is important to
Go out there and point out that they both want global taxes, they both want socialized health care, and then people say, well, Hillary wants to garnish your check, take money out of your check with a new tax for it, Obama doesn't.
Where do you think the money's going to come from?
It's going to come from your check one way or the other.
And then the government has control over health care and can force you to do things, or, oh, you're overweight, or you're old, we're not going to give you treatment.
That's now being proposed here and in England.
This is eugenics.
This is control.
If angels ran the government and, yeah, they could just give you all the health care they wanted and everything in the future was standardized and robotic, we are approaching that singularity where health care pretty much will be free.
That's what technology's doing.
It's totally shattering every financial and economic paradigm.
All right, I've got a bunch of audio clips after I take calls coming up.
Does Senator want to play a clip of him commenting on investigating 9-11 and the dust?
Keith Huberman talking about the Supreme Court ruling that Bush is above the law yesterday and is basically God.
Lou Dobbs talking about the North American Union, Napa Super Highways, and Ron Paul.
I also have a boiled down 10-minute audio that's with video at InfoWars.com.
I hope it'll spread, but...
We're going to play the boiled-down audio, just ten minutes of it, from the Willie Nelson interview, coming up in the third hour for folks that missed it, or even if you heard it, you want to hear all his key comments together.
And we've got a Congressman McDonald clip right before he was killed, shot down by the Russians, when he was heading up the John Birch Society on Crossfire, that I forgot to play Monday.
I sent that to you, John.
John, do you have that McDonald clip?
Most of it?
Good job.
Yeah, I don't want to play the whole thing.
Okay, good.
Yeah, we'll just play like the first ten minutes or so.
Remind me to play that McDonald deal from Crossfire in 83.
It's really important.
And I have a bunch of medical news, a bunch of financial news.
There's a lot of it.
It's important.
But as promised, let's go ahead and go to your calls.
Adam in Boston, you're on the air.
Adam on Boston, right?
Okay, cool.
Hey, I just wanted to comment on the Barack Obama versus Hillary kind of phenomena that we're seeing right now.
I think it's pretty obvious that this is just a campaign strategy.
The voter fraud, or what seems to be apparent voter fraud, makes him just that much more of an attractive candidate.
It makes him look anti-establishment.
And it's pretty easy, apparently, as we've seen since, you know, pretty much 2003, to pull off these kind of things.
What do you think, Alex?
Oh, I totally agree with you.
I wouldn't be surprised if Obama becomes her VP running mate.
Oh, yeah.
In fact, that's what's been in the cards from insiders for over a year.
And it just drives me nuts when I hear people talk about Obama.
Oh, he truly wants to bring on change.
He's not establishment.
I mean, for...
For Christ's sakes, he's a drinking buddy with Karl Rove.
It's obvious here, people.
Wake up.
Well, he's got Zbigniew Brzezinski as big a global gopher.
I mean, top henchman, top lever puller.
You talk about people who run things, it's Henry Kissinger, it's Zbigniew Brzezinski.
That's one reason the New World Order is having problems, is even though these guys are geniuses, they're 80-something years old apiece, and they're losing it.
But they still literally give the orders.
I mean, they advise the Pope, they advise Bush, they advise Clinton.
It doesn't matter.
I mean, they're literally just crisscrossed the world, carrying out the orders of the Rothschilds and Rockefellers.
Oh, yeah, and I kind of came across a pretty profound realization the other day.
I was thinking about Mormonism with the United States.
Now, imagine if Mormonism was actually to catch on, and all of a sudden Christ truly actually was...
Born in the United... was in the United States and everything happened inside the great book actually happened in America.
Now all of a sudden America would be the mecca.
Of course those who are in control would support a religion like that.
That means America would be the mecca for a new religion.
That's why honestly I believe that Mormonism is intertwined so very deeply in the Central Intelligence Agency and a lot of other, I guess, official agencies.
That's why you see Mormons popping up everywhere when you think, when you see corruption.
Well, it is true that predominantly there are more Mormons.
I mean, what are Mormons?
Two and a half percent of the population?
And then you look at the CIA, it's like 20%.
I mean, what you're saying there, the Mormons I know are nice people and hardworking, but definitely there's a lot of stuff.
It's a case of the religion, you know, doing things on behalf of the people and contrasting with people doing things on behalf of the religion.
This happens with pretty much every religion.
No one just because they hold a particular religion is a bad person.
Well, people use organizations as vehicles of control and power.
I appreciate your call.
It was a great call, Adam.
Sean in Arizona, you're on the air.
Yes, sir.
It amazes me with the Ron Paul movement and the things that we've done in Arizona.
People accept 9-11 as being an inside job.
They know the government's behind it.
Or they know that the monetary system is dying and stuff, and yet they won't bring themselves to vote for Ron Paul.
And it just amazes me that they'll go out and say, well, we'll vote for Obama.
And it's like, no, this man is part of the establishment.
Don't you understand?
Both these sides are on the same team.
There's no difference between these two people, between the Republicans and the Democrats.
There's just none.
Ron Paul is having trouble with his own party.
You know, getting an elect... His own party has been cheating against him in the primaries.
And it amazes me that people will accept, you know, voting for John McCain or Barack Obama.
I don't think that's... Listen, listen.
I don't think that's really happening.
There is massive systemic fraud.
There is no way that McCain...
Is getting more votes than Mike Huckabee.
I mean, he is very popular with the majority of Republicans.
He's kind of a mainline Christian conservative, at least on the surface.
I'm not saying he's good.
There's fraud, sir.
There's definite fraud.
And then after they cheat in the first few primaries, they don't have to cheat anymore because then it becomes self-fulfilling and people, quote, want to vote for the winner.
We see this with football fans when they kind of wait for the playoffs to say who they're rooting for, and then they root for the hottest team.
Well, you know, we're going to have to change something somehow, Alex, because, you know, when the dollar collapses, it's going to be, you know, some really major pain that is going to be up front every day when you can't put food on your table because bread costs $150.
Or as Bush says, food on your family.
And it's just, you know, people have to realize that these, that's what these guys want.
That's what they're aiming for.
That's what they've been doing for the last 80 years.
But they have to have their police state grid in place before they do it, and the cops and public brainwash to go along with it.
Well, you know, you see all the videos of these women being brutalized, you know, the lady that died in the airport, the one in Florida being brutalized in a jail cell.
You're six cops stripping her naked, and she was the victim who called the police because she was assaulted?
I mean, you can go to existentialistcowboy.com and see it off of a YouTube video.
And it's just amazing that people are not up in arms, demanding the heads of their... They are up in arms, but we don't have a way to unify.
We're developing that capability with the Internet, but it's all fractured into a million pieces.
Believe me.
We're beginning to move in the right direction.
I appreciate your call, but I understand your frustration.
Bottom line, any way you cut it or dice it or slice it, we're headed into very serious times.
Andrew in Texas, thanks for holding.
Bless you.
I was wondering if you had any thoughts on whether early voting or just vote regular, whether it really makes a difference, which you do.
Well, in the past, in many states and many counties...
Voting early is supposedly a paper ballot, but those are still fed into computers.
And some evidence shows they have more time to cheat and skew the early voting, and that they use that when they then add that into the equation to cheat elections.
You know, I mean, it's six one way, half a dozen the other.
Well, I just want to encourage everybody to get out there and vote.
You know, vote for Ron Paul.
Vote for anybody else who's a vote for the destruction of our country.
I agree with you and I appreciate your call.
And then again, I get these emails every day saying, you say there's election fraud, you say we're being cheated, you say the machines are a fraud.
Well, I don't say.
It's been documented.
So much so, it's a joke.
Why should we vote then?
You have to go vote and show your numbers and have poll watchers so people show up to vote for Ron Paul and
And then it comes out in the news the next day that there were zero people voting for Ron Paul in that precinct.
Or you go vote for Barack Obama in an area that's 95% black in Harlem, and then he gets zero votes.
You discredit the fraud by engaging it.
You have to flush it out.
You have to flush it out.
You have to run it out of the bushes into the open.
I probably saw 50 Ron Paul signs from my house to my office today.
Probably 20, 30 Ron Paul bumper stickers.
I wasn't even looking for them.
They're just everywhere.
You can't miss them.
I saw about 10 of them just in the two blocks to my office.
They're just everywhere.
People are going to look into Ron Paul.
He's been the most Googled term off and on for about five months now.
They're not looking at Britney Spears, which was the most Googled term.
OJ Simpson, which has been the most Googled.
Or iPhone, which was the most Googled.
They're looking at Ron Paul.
They're finding out about the private Federal Reserve.
They're finding out about the New World Order.
And so Ron Paul doesn't win.
Ron Paul goes away.
Ron Paul doesn't completely go away.
He's still going to be in his district, hopefully in Texas.
He's still going to have a Liberty Committee.
All these meet-up groups, all these organizations.
I told you a few weeks ago, that's why I said, hey, this campaign's not going well now.
At least campaign-wise, you better start organizing now before your meet-up groups dissolve, before your organizations disappear.
You better say, okay, plan B now.
Let's come up with strategies locally to fight land grabbing, to fight open borders, to fight gun control.
You better take these thousands of people per city that we're organizing and filling up parks and filling up bars and filling up churches and filling up government halls.
You better now set goals to stay together and also trumpet that you've had a great victory.
Instead of, oh, they cheated, oh, they ignored him, oh, there's nothing we can do.
We better now point out that we actually won great victories, codify, try to keep the numbers we've got, and then expand those into operations locally.
And then you're going to have victories, and then you're going to be addicted to fighting the New World Order.
We need to see Ron Paul meet up groups in Austin, a supposed biggest one in the country, next to L.A.
and New York.
We need to see you.
There's also huge ones in Minnesota.
We need to see you go down and confront Hillary Clinton, confront Barack Obama with real issues, with big signs.
We need to see you all over town.
You know, do it.
It's tomorrow.
I'm not going to sit here and tell you how to do it or where to do it.
Do it.
This is the info war.
This is how we're going to affect change.
It comes down to the liberty culture realizing how powerful we are, but also realizing that we're not going to save the world overnight, realizing that the New World Order wasn't built in a day, we're not going to tear it down in a day.
This is a process.
And by exposing government-sponsored terror, by exposing staged events or who's behind the banking crises, when the globalists try to pull the rug out from under us, they're not going to get away with it.
Don't think we're not hurting them.
Don't think we're not having an effect on them when Congress has an 11% approval rating.
More of your calls straight ahead.
Tons of news.
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Congressman Dennis Kucinich will be popping in in the next hour to talk about his call for a congressional investigation of the 9-11 dust, the medical crises, a bunch of audio clips, tons of news, economic info,
It's all coming up.
Right now, back to the calls.
Dan in Georgia, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hey, Alex.
I appreciate you taking my call.
I just want to let you know, I've been passing out DVDs of Loose Change Final Cut, and I was able to go on the street, and I just couldn't take it anymore.
I went on the street there with the signs about 9-11, and I did want to ask you, well, I got on the New York Board Show last week,
You know, got out InfoWars.com information and it's amazing he allowed me to talk about building number seven and he talked about it himself in a negative sense and I wanted to know about Hillary if you thought she would get in there and allow, you know, if Bill Clinton actually become president, if he was vice president, you know, somehow something happened to her, could he become president again?
No, he couldn't, because they passed the 22nd Amendment barring more than two consecutive...
Do you think she'll get in there?
From all the evidence I've got, she's got the White House and EOCON backing, the Israeli lobby backing, and it looks like they're just trying to make it more exciting for the cattle to watch this horse race.
But I may be wrong.
Okay, but keep up the good work.
Thank you.
I appreciate it.
Remember how they said Huckabee was unstoppable, Huckabee was going to win everything?
And then that was just to get attention away from Ron Paul, and then suddenly McCain wins everything?
I mean, overnight, there could be some scandal with Barack Obama and a woman, or some Chinese general giving him money.
It's okay if Hillary does it, but not if he does.
Just overnight, something could happen.
And it's going to happen in the next month.
My money's on Hillary Clinton.
And then I don't even think that the country...
I've looked at the different demographics, and I think McCain does better against Barack Obama.
You know, Limbaugh tries to get away with endorsing Hillary for president over McCain by claiming it's because he hates her and Republicans will have a better chance of beating her.
Well, that's an oxymoron.
I thought you were against McCain.
And then he goes on to say, well, once she's in there, she'll be a political dead duck, and so she won't be able to get anything done.
Fox News, Roger Ailes has been advising her.
They've been giving her money.
They've been having secret fundraisers for her, now public.
They are for Hillary Clinton.
This is real.
Ann Coulter's endorsement is real.
And that's the type of mental fraud and mental sophistry that they engage in.
And then the biggest fraud is they say, well, we're for Hillary because McCain isn't tough on the war on terror.
McCain froths more for the war.
He's more bloodthirsty.
Hundred-year war, let's attack Iran.
I mean, this guy makes Bush sound tame, but then Limbaugh, I read the transcript of it, said two weeks ago, a week and a half ago, that, well, he's not good on the war on terror.
What are you talking about?
So, see, they know they can tell mainline conservatives anything.
Jump off a cliff, it's to fight Al-Qaeda, they'll do it.
Well, we better vote for Hillary, she's better on the war on terror.
And it's not even true.
So, they really are selling some bull.
Selling some bull in a big way.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, second hour, more calls, tons of news.
Congressman Dennis Kucinich, straight ahead.
Thank you for listening to GCN.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Barack Obama talks all day about how he's for change.
And I guess it's true.
Socialized health care, more gun control, more open borders, that is change.
But it's a change for the worst.
And then people say, well, who are you going to vote for then?
When you're given false choices, you can't.
There are lots of local elections, congressional elections.
State elections.
You need to be involved in the process.
You need to learn how it works.
You need to learn if you have Diebold or other fraudulent machines in your area.
You need to move to remove them.
People thought that was hopeless five years ago.
Now the majority of Americans know that the elections do have fraudulent systems in place.
85% in the Gallup poll.
Even higher in some polls.
First, you've got to wake the people up.
Now we can move to remove them.
And they're being removed in some areas.
The problem is they're putting them in other areas just as fast.
In fact, the United Nations, speak of the devil, won't even certify these touchscreen non-record systems.
In the third world, they're not certified unless there's a ballot box in the middle of the room.
They're all counted in front of people at the precinct level.
Then that number is publicly announced, and then those are all tallied together.
And then it's very hard to engage in fraud, except in very close races.
You've got to literally stuff ballot boxes.
You've got to lie about precinct returns and hope nobody noticed.
When the CIA took over the voting system in 1963, when they set up voter news services after they killed the president,
They did do that.
They would nationally, very secretively, y'all go read the history of this, the government issued private associated press with a couple other news agencies under armed guard, would supposedly get the phone calls from the states and from the regions, and then they would tell you who'd won.
And you'd see tricks where, you know, eight hours before California polls closed, they'd already be projecting the winners and announcing winners in the east.
To get people to stand down and not go vote.
Or a week later you'd find out that somebody else had really won, but they would just go, well, the other person was announced and nobody's going to contest.
Just all forms of chicanery.
Or you'd have big party machines.
That's why certain parties in certain areas, the Democrats, were able to, you know, they were the kings of stuffing ballot boxes or having voter fraud where people vote four, five, six, seven times or dead people voting.
But that still takes a huge machine.
But they were doing it for civil rights and doing it for America, so it was okay.
At least they thought they were being used.
So Republicans had the argument of coming in with their big machinery in the last ten years and putting in total fraud-driven systems.
And they control the companies.
Well, three of the five.
The Democrats are now muscling in.
And so they'll now have Democratic county clerks who are over the elections buy from the Democrat companies, and this company will be publicly avowed Republican, and this company will be publicly avowed Democrat, and they'll just have the Republican machine or the Democrat machine.
Just fraud on top of fraud.
Now, sometimes it becomes too obvious.
Karen Sunlightner, back in the late 90s, county commissioner here in Austin, she was losing.
And I went to bed at about 1 o'clock in the morning happy because we'd gone after her for a bunch of CPS behavior and CPS and kids for missing one day of school and loss at 14 days and the ASAP program and the rest of it.
So we went after her and then the paper reported in the morning she won and said that at 2 a.m.
she collapsed in the arms of her good friend, the county clerk, who she, quote, vacations with.
She began crying and screaming, I can't believe I've lost.
DuBois said, you know, took her in the bathroom, reportedly hugged on her and said, I'll deal with it, walked out, and she won.
But this last time, the polls showed she was going to lose by such a huge number, it was just a little too obvious.
So they replaced her with a neocon.
And that's just some county commissioner.
So we don't give up.
We continue to vote.
We continue to poll watch.
We continue to ferret.
You know, they'd love for us to figure out it's a fraud and just walk away so all the idiots can still vote.
No, no, we're not going to give up.
And they don't have fraud in everywhere.
That's the good news.
We'll be right back.
Dennis Kucinich coming up.
More of your calls.
Economic news.
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We are continuing with your phone calls.
Muhammad in New York, Jason in Ohio, JP, Aaron, Scott, many others, your calls are coming up.
Congressman Kucinich is set to call in any time, but he'll only be with us about 20 minutes.
Congressmen always float around, especially when Congress is in session, because you never know when they're going to pop in.
So look for that any minute now, any time this hour.
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It is about drugging you, killing you, implanting you, spraying you.
This is all documented in Endgame.
For the New World Order, a world government is just the beginning.
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We need to add that point.
With the aid of advanced technology.
I don't know if that's true or not.
That's what they're saying, what they believe.
That's what they're reaching for.
For the first time
We reveal the secret plan for humanity's extermination operation endgame.
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We gave you almost two hours of extras that weren't on the DVD just for PrisonPlanet.tv members from Endgame.
I agree with you absolutely, Alex.
There's no difference at all.
I just wanted to make a couple of quick points also.
On your news report last week, I saw on Infowars.com, you guys had that thing about the skateboarder kid that got yelled at by that cop.
And then another video came out with him assaulting an artist.
Yeah, and the first video, I called up one of the local mainstream media over here, and they actually picked it up and played the story the same night, but they made it look like it was an isolated incident.
And I called them back, telling them that there's more incidents like this, and I can show it to them on YouTube, and they told me, well, unless you're a cop, we can't verify the information.
Well, there's any excuse they can to just grovel for the system.
Secondly, Alex, I just want to say you've been doing a great job.
You woke me up about five, six years ago, and I just want to let you know you actually have a very large audience.
Which is a Muslim population.
Well, I know that, my friend.
We have a large growing audience all over the world, and thank you for spreading the word.
Mohammed from New York, take care.
Let's go ahead now and take another call here.
Let's talk to Aaron in Ohio.
Yeah, Alex.
Go ahead.
Yes, sir.
I was going to say, I'm 17, and it just feels like there's nothing I can do to help the truth movement.
Do you have any suggestions on how to help?
Yes, there is.
Never use illegal drugs that the CIA makes its money off of and the private banks launder.
Don't dress.
It doesn't matter how you dress.
I don't care.
To me, I don't see how you dress or how you look.
They do that to get you into a subculture so that they can have the police alert on you.
They've been trained as an enemy uniform.
You beat them by being clean cut, smart, being successful, taking care of your parents, being a leader, and studying the New World Order.
You can pass video links around the web to others.
That's very effective.
We're winning minds every millisecond.
You can go join We Are Change groups or Infowars groups or start your own organization.
You can start a printed newsletter.
Just in your neighborhood, there are thousands of things that you can do, sir.
You can stop eating fast food to get healthy, myself included.
Stop using cell phones.
Don't let them have their radiation weapon used against you.
There are just thousands of things you can do.
Stop drinking their fluorinated water.
Extricate yourself out of their system.
There are so many things.
You beat them by living well.
You beat them by being strong.
You beat them by being self-sufficient.
You beat them by not drinking and driving and letting them get you in their clutches.
You beat them by just putting one foot in front of the other.
You beat them by loving your neighbor.
Yeah, and I also was going to ask, if Barack Obama is New World Order, why would Hillary need to cheat to win?
Well, the globalists are monopoly men, but they do allow competition in tyranny.
They put out bids on who can put out the best brainwashing from PR firms, or who can come out with the best microwave gun to shoot American citizens with, or who can come up with the best rubber bullets.
And clearly these snakes are fighting with each other.
I don't think it's part of a shill within a shill that they're stealing from her and that she's stealing from him and that they're cheating.
I mean, clearly she is the establishment candidate.
But what they do is they own all the horses in the race, so just in case their particular favorite doesn't get it,
And there's like different cliques in the elite, too.
It's like Henry Kissinger's behind Clinton, and then Barack Obama has the big new Brzezinski.
See how that works?
I mean, you heard the caller earlier talk about how he's drinking buddies with Karl Rove.
That's been in the news.
I mean, that guy is as fake as a $3 bill.
Hey, good to hear from you, my friend.
Let's go ahead and take another call.
Let's talk to JP in Canada.
JP, go ahead.
Hey, Alex, can you hear me?
Yes, sir.
Hey, how's it going?
I've been listening to you for a very long time, and when I heard you say today that first-time callers call in, I thought I'd take the opportunity.
Welcome to the interlaves.
Thank you.
A couple of points I want to bring up here, actually, with Canada.
Jot down a few ones.
We have the new RFID chip coming into place in British Columbia.
And the driver's license is over here.
Globally standardized in a 2000 treaty.
And that's going to be 2009, actually, coming in Ontario.
There was a few people, actually...
Your work colleagues talking about how cool their new driver's licenses were looking, and I was just commenting on how the chip's going in there soon.
That's because the hockey games and for the Super Bowl, they always have little PR pieces, and five years ago, IBM ads where the guy's got a chip, so it looks like he's stealing in a grocery store, and the security guard says, excuse me, sir, and gives him his receipt.
They've been preconditioned.
For years, and now they don't know why they think it's cool.
They forget all those advertisements.
Now, they won't think it's cool if you teach them how they're being brainwashed.
Oh, no, of course not.
See, that's like kids won't know why they support the UN now, though Marvel Comics and others for 50 years admit they've been putting pro-UN messages in.
Now the UN's openly paying them to send free comic books to every kid in the U.S., teaching them about world government.
You see how this works?
Same as the Live Earth campaign that they did.
They won't know why they support it.
And they get all the musicians behind it.
Another point, HPV Catholic schools up here in Canada, all grade 8 students are going to be implemented with the new HPV vaccine.
And again, it's a mass fraud.
They claim it's the law.
You've got to take it now here in the U.S.
It's not the law.
Again, proving they're total criminals.
Go ahead.
Other points, I mean, you guys were talking about Barack Obama.
The thing I see about him, too, he kind of resembles kind of a John Kerry or Al Gore character there, you know, to try to make it look like there's a close race as well.
I think the main problem right now is that the election fraud has complete control.
You know, when you've got, as you said, 10% of Congress, 70% of the troops want out of the war, you know, it's clear that...
The American government's not listening to the people, and yet these candidates continually get in there.
It's absolutely ridiculous.
I think they're trying to make it look like a close race, and I just see Obama being another guy that's going to bow down.
Like, you didn't see him say anything about New Hampshire.
You know, when that came through, isn't that coincidental?
You know, he never said, oh, well, this looks suspicious here.
He just kind of let that fly.
He's the perfect candidate in that area.
Look, his policies, gun control, global taxes, Barack Obama is bad.
Just forget the presidential race.
It's cinched up.
It's staged.
Liberty moves forward.
It is a big idea.
A new world order.
In the near future, Earth is dominated by a powerful government.
It's known as the Builder Bird.
Wouldn't their objective be world domination?
For thousands of years, their dark order grew.
Now, as they hail the birth of the new world order, their great dream of exterminating 80% of humanity is at hand.
For the first time in history, the elite's plan for world government is blown wide open.
You will learn the secret that drives the entire New World Order agenda.
Bilderberg is making great progress toward a world government.
Most people have no idea.
They're not after money.
They have all the money they need.
They're after power.
That's what they have to do.
Order Endgame on DVD at prisonplanet.com or infowars.com or watch it online right now at prisonplanet.tv.
Endgame, blueprint for global enslavement.
You have been warned.
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We're good to go.
We have Congressman Dennis Kucinich.
With us for this segment and the next report up on jonesreport.com.
Kucinich promises hearing on 9-11 health.
He promised earlier last year to meet with 9-11 responders.
He went there and had lengthy meetings with them.
You can see the video up on jonesreport.com.
We are changed.
Videotaped that.
We appreciate that.
He's come out, and it's been admitted that the White House covered up politically that it was deadly poison, all of the mercury and the lead and the concrete, and they're dying right now.
Congressman, thank you for coming on with us.
Thank you very much.
Good to be with you.
Congressman, in a nutshell, from your investigation, I know you're just now getting deep into it, what happened on 9-11 with the pulverized concrete?
Why was it covered up, and what are you calling for?
Well, you know, we know that now that there were environmental consequences for all the workers who survived.
And I went to New York City to meet with 9-11 workers.
One of them had come up to me at a presidential debate.
And he was a gentleman who was obviously in great distress physically and emotionally.
And he had asked me, would I come to New York City and hear what people had to say?
So I did that, and we met in the church near Ground Zero and had a two-hour meeting where dozens of people had an opportunity to be in the meeting, and many participated in explaining the health effects that they had as a result of the work they did during 9-11 and that the kind of help that they had expected and was being promised didn't materialize.
So I took a lot of notes, and then from there...
We're going to, I'll be greeting the 9-11 workers who are coming to Washington, I believe next week, who are going to be presenting their case to the media.
And then with them, I'm going to set a date up for a hearing so that we can give them an opportunity to share with the nation what the health effects of their service has been and how
And how there needs to be serious attention to making sure that they get the care they need, and how they were basically ignored for a long time.
With this case, it's so cut and dry.
We know that we have the memos where Christina Todd Whitman, the head of the EPA, went to Bush a few days in and said, this is deadly dust.
She was basically ordered politically to say it was safe and open things up.
Giuliani did that.
But then even worse, afterwards...
We're good to go.
I think?
I mean, that's even more despicable to use them and then not even help them.
Well, I have to tell you, when I went there and met with people, you know, it's one thing to hear about them in the abstract.
It's another thing to go and talk to people who were there and who since that time have experienced multiple tumors, respiratory, extreme respiratory distress, a whole range of medical problems that would be necessarily associated with
You know, ingesting or inhaling large amounts of pulverized metals and concrete, and it's very heartbreaking.
And so because someone came up to me and said, please help, and the man was crying.
I had to respond, and that's why I went to New York City, to respond.
My heart was open, and I heard what people had to say, and I'm going to be with them in Washington, and we are going to schedule a meeting
In front of the Domestic Policy Subcommittee so people can tell their stories and we can keep the light focused on this critical public health concern, but it's also a concern about do we really honor those who served on that day if they can't get the care that they need and the long-term care that they need for when they put their lives on the line?
You think about that.
People put their lives on the line as part of the safety forces in 9-11.
And now, you know, who's going to fight for them?
So that's why I'm going to do everything I can to be of assistance to them and make my committee available to them.
Well, we commend you for that, Congressman.
We're very thankful, and people should support you in your efforts.
Obviously, the biggest issue is getting them the medical care that they need and deserve.
But secondarily, justice needs to be done.
Your response to the news, even New York papers have admitted there was a cover-up of the dust.
I think people need to go to prison for that cover-up.
We'll get to the bottom of that.
We'll get to the bottom of that.
I'll seek all the relevant information and correspondence to be able to bring it to the committee's attention.
That's not going to go unchallenged.
Let's talk more about the timeline here, meeting with him next week, when we can see hearings with Dennis Kucinich.
People, we've been calling for this for years.
He's doing it.
We'll be right back.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
I'm Dr. Bill Diggle, M.D.
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Welcome back.
Congressman Dennis Kucinich, whose district centers in and around Cleveland, Ohio.
I know we have two affiliates that go into Cleveland, three stations in the fine state.
We're very, very thankful for those stations.
Hello, Ohio.
I have a strong presence for this show in Ohio.
And the Congressman was just telling me during the break he is in a fight of his life for his seat.
So is Ron Paul because they spoke out against the war.
Even if you don't agree with Ron Paul on every issue, you need to support him for truly trying to bring change, not fake Barack Obama change.
We need to thank Dennis Kucinich, even if we don't agree with him on every issue.
I disagree with him on gun control.
I agree with him on almost every other issue.
He is definitely a maverick and not in their hip pocket.
That's why we've got to support him and keep them from taking him out.
So we're going to talk about that in just a moment, because he just alerted me to how dire his straits are right now.
But finishing up with the 9-11 responders, yeah, you're not going to be in Congress to have those hearings if we don't do some fighting.
But continuing, sir...
You took time out of your busy campaign schedule and Congress schedule to go to New York.
You're meeting with them again next week.
You're having a press conference.
What do we need to do to support a real investigation?
Because I believe this can open the whole thing up.
You've also called for an investigation of the bizarre insider trading on 9-11.
Can you speak a little bit more about the dust and where that's going and then your questions about the insider trading?
First of all, I'm not afraid to ask questions about 9-11, and I think that when we look at how the workers have had this adverse effect from what they've breathed in, I want to make sure that they have a forum in Cleveland, or in Washington, rather, and I'll be with them next week.
But in addition to that, I want to plan with the affected workers and their representatives
A hearing in Washington where they can come to the committee and explain to the nation what's been happening.
I'm chairman of the Domestic Policy Subcommittee, and I want to bring them in front of the committee.
It's a committee that has a very broad jurisdiction, and it's an investigative subcommittee.
I want to bring them in front of the committee, and I also want to get the details about what officials knew and when they knew it about the environmental hazards that were contained in what Christine Todd Whitman called deadly dust.
Now, on the other issue that you asked about, Alex, I have indicated a longstanding interest in gathering information and trying to get to the bottom of exactly what happened with respect to all the stock activity that took place preceding 9-11.
There were people who, and I think we need to talk to the people who were involved in making those transactions in order to try to figure out why they were made.
For example, the American Airlines and United Airlines stock.
Those are things that we need to look at and just get some questions answered.
Record put options.
Record put options.
Again, we're talking to Congressman from Ohio, Dennis Kucinich, running right now in the primary, needs your support now.
Please continue finishing up with the bizarre insider trading, the put options.
Yeah, so that's something that caught my attention and that I've continued to talk to people about.
At some point, those who may have a strong background in that, I'd like to hear from them if they call my Washington office, if they have any insight as to how to approach it.
But I can tell you that from my own personal standpoint, I have had longstanding questions about
Why this volume?
Why those airlines?
Why that time?
Who made the buys?
Why did they buy them?
Who told them to make the buys?
Who was involved?
There's questions there that need to be answered.
As part of an effort to just get to the truth.
Well, that's a very important investigational line when you've got record put options when the airline stocks were at all-time highs, betting that there would be massive plunges.
Now, two FBI agents went to jail for some side insider trading.
That was never further investigated, but that was a small piece of something larger.
We can really find out who was behind it or who was involved and who had insider knowledge if we followed that investigation.
See, this is what, again, I don't know what happened.
I'm not alleging anything here, but I sure want to find out how it happened.
And so I've told some of the people in the community that I have a small staff, but I do have a committee that has a good reach.
So I'm going to endeavor to try to gather some information here.
Now that I'm off the...
Presidential campaign trail.
I have time to focus on even more of the issues that you're talking about, Alex.
But you are instigating or you are initiating an investigation or at least trying to gather information for an investigation on suspicious 9-11 trading.
I mean, mainstream newspapers had headlines about it being suspicious and, oh, we're going to catch who was involved.
I mean, I think that's pretty reasonable for you to be calling for that.
I wonder why other members of Congress haven't.
Well, I think, you know, just keep in mind, I mean, we all have things to take care of back home.
You know, I've got people losing their jobs because of factories shutting down, people losing their health care, their retirement security, losing their homes.
And, you know, there's an avalanche of economic bad news that has been visited in a lot of areas in America.
And the area that I represent is included in that.
So we have to try to take care of those things, and at the same time, take care of some small business, which relates to 9-11's fruit, and in particular, these stock options.
You're talking to a person who happens to be chairman of a subcommittee.
I want to know about it.
I want to know what the answer is.
So that's why I'm talking to you right now, to let you know that I have an ongoing interest in it, in gathering information.
Well, Congressman, I have to say...
I respect you because on the issue of the electronic voting machines and election fraud, you've been there since day one.
On the issue of government corruption, the Patriot Act, the police state, you've been there from day one, speaking out when it was unpopular.
You've been proven right.
You were against the war from day one with your only other colleague that was Congressman Ron Paul.
And now even Mayor Bloomberg's saying it looks like there's election fraud against Barack Obama in districts where he's getting, in areas, precincts getting zero votes, clear fraud there.
So because you are an independent voice, whether somebody's liberal, conservative, libertarian, we've got to support you.
You've exposed the weather weapons, the space weapons, you've tried to get...
You know, laws passed on that.
When that's declassified, they still laugh at you.
So you're a very important person in Congress.
So is Ron Paul.
And I find it to be no accident that Cynthia McKinney was run out twice.
They're going after you.
They're going after Ron Paul.
He said he's never been in a fight this hard.
They're lying about him, spinning.
Both Republican and Democratic machines are after him.
I know that the big Republican machine...
That is after you.
You told me during the break you're facing an incredible battle.
Tell us about that battle.
You know, corporate Cleveland is unleashing millions of dollars to try to knock me out of office.
You know, any time you fight a corporate empire, you know, there's consequences.
And my position has always been independent.
Alex, I can't be bought and I can't be bossed.
And all of these people who try to, you know, take this congressional seat in order to enhance their own corporate interests
You know, they're just about protecting the status quo, and it's time that we challenged it, and that's what I've been doing in the Congress, and with the support of the people, I'll continue to do that.
But right now, if people want to help in any way, go to Consentants.us.
We need help.
You know, I've got millions being poured into this race against me, and I need to make sure that people know it's happening, and also that I'm going to continue to stand up and speak out.
You know, people think that just by trying to knock me out of Congress that they're going to
I'm going to keep speaking the truth.
I'm going to keep seeking the truth.
And as long as people are there to support that, I'll stay in Congress.
Give out the website again.
Yeah, it's Kucinich.us.
And I need help.
If people live in the area who are listening to this, come to our campaign headquarters on 118th and Lorain.
And if you're listening in and you care about having an independent voice in the United States Congress who can stand up for the American people, I also can be reached at Kucinich.us.
And if you want to help us in any way you can, whether it's morally, spiritually, financially, politically,
Now's the time to help the elections on March the 4th.
It's coming right down the tracks pretty quickly.
Well, Congressman, let me just make this point again.
Even if Republicans and others don't agree with you on some of your social policies, you are one of the few truly independent voices.
Congressman, women really are bossed around and are controlled.
And if they're able to punish you and punish Ron Paul and punish Cynthia McKinney, that then sends a chilling effect throughout Congress.
This is very important to keep a few independent voices, at least, in Congress.
How important is that?
Well, that's it.
I mean, you know, right now we have a lot of me-tours and yes people.
You know, they're not bad people, but the problem is that this money that goes into the system causes problems.
People to not speak up when they should speak up.
How is it looking for you in the primary?
What are your internal polls doing?
You know, I think if my supporters come out, I'll win.
But there's an unprecedented amount of money being spent here against me.
This isn't by any means a cakewalk.
I have to tell you, this election is being vigorously contested.
And the reason why it's an election at all is because the amount of money that he's
These downtown Cleveland corporate interests are putting in.
They just care about their own bottom line.
They don't care much about what's happening in America.
They just care about themselves.
I've been standing up for the people and making sure that the public interest is defended, making sure the truth gets out.
I can't do it alone.
I need help.
That's why I'm letting your listeners know that it would be important to have their help.
We have a lot of listeners who don't have computers.
What about a phone number to the campaign office?
Yeah, the phone number to the campaign office is 216-252-9000.
Very easy number to remember.
216, the Cleveland area code.
And some people are there right now.
In closing, Congressman, I think the establishment's scared.
That's why they're going after you and Ron Paul.
Well, I think, you know, when you have an independent voice...
And, you know, Ron and I don't agree on everything, but you know what?
The things that we do agree on, about keeping us out of wars that are illegal, about protecting our basic liberties, these are essential issues in this time.
You know, each family in this country is paying $16,000
For a war that's been based on something other than the truth?
Well, even the Wall Street Journal said it's up to $38,000 per person in the aggregate by the time this war is projected to end that we'll have to pay.
Think of what we could have done with that money.
Think about that.
There's only a few people who stood up and challenged it.
And if you think we're done with these wars, we don't have independent voices in the Congress who can challenge it.
People who are Democrats and Republicans alike
We're bound to get another war.
I mean, this administration is spoiling for a war against Iran.
They're trying to destabilize other countries, and here we are.
We've got people that are having trouble keeping a riff over their heads at their jobs, at their health care, their retirement security is in jeopardy.
What are we doing here in America?
We're losing our country to war based on lies, to destruction of our civil liberties, to massive debt.
And so, you know, I have no hesitation to stand up
And continue to speak out.
And again, as long as people are showing up on Election Day on March 4th in the Cleveland area, I'll continue to do that, and I appreciate it.
Congressman, in closing, one more question.
Election fraud.
You've called for investigations.
You've called for Congress to look into this.
Now, with clear evidence of Barack Obama being cheated in New Hampshire, you went for the recount there.
God bless you.
The listeners supported you.
Now, in areas that are 95% black, he's getting zero votes in New York City.
I mean, even Mayor Bloomberg is in the mainstream news today.
In fact, I'm digging out.
The actual headline, it's here in my stack, saying that it's fraud.
I mean, do you think there's evidence of fraud against Obama?
Here it is, New York Post of all papers, Mike Bloomberg claims vote fraud.
Well, you know what, I will tell you that anywhere there's vote fraud, you know, or an allegation of it, we're gathering the information.
I wish I had more staff on my subcommittee so we could track every complaint.
But when you're talking about a presidential election,
This is the reason why.
We need paper ballots in all federal elections.
And by the way, I voted against certification of the last election.
I know.
Because I didn't like the way the votes were counted.
Well, you were proven right.
In Ohio, the place you fingered back in 2004 and then in 2006 you pointed stuff out, people went to prison.
Let me just tell you something.
Well, you know what?
The depth of the problem in Ohio...
is being addressed now by a new Secretary of State who actually has pushed for paper ballots in the Cuyahoga County area.
That's good.
I'm glad for that.
Well, we've got to get you back on when that report comes out.
Let's talk again.
Alex, thank you so much for the time and thanks for being a great patriot.
Hey, thank you and take care and we certainly hope you win.
Folks, get out there locally and support him.
Thanks for spending time with us.
Thanks again.
Bye now.
Take care.
Now again, folks, I've gotten really mad at Kucinich before because he is just a gun grabber, folks.
But I'm telling you, I've met him in Austin twice.
He's in American Dictators.
He's in my film.
He's for real.
I mean, he really is a liberal.
He really believes what he's doing.
And you can only respect that.
In this world where people are not genuine, they're not real, they're frauds, all I want is people that are the same people
Yesterday, today, and tomorrow.
I'll be the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow.
Ron Paul's the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow.
And we asked Dennis Kucinich to run for president.
I know Democrats did.
He did?
Now they're coming after him.
You've got to support him.
For Republicans and Libertarians and Liberals that supported Ron Paul, some of you have gotten mad now and taken your marbles or your ball and gone home.
It was an uphill battle.
He's still in it.
You know, he doesn't really have a snowball's chance, but he's winning the Infowar.
People are getting the word.
It's a step forward.
If we just laid here and took it, we know we'd get worse.
We know they'd win.
And let me tell you, Ron Paul is fighting for his political life.
In fact, there's a rally this Saturday.
They invited me to it, but that family stuff, just frankly, I'm burnt out, folks.
I'm making two films, doing the radio show, and I just... It's fun to go to rallies, but I just can't do it.
I know Jimmy Vaughn, my good buddy, is playing there.
Also, Derek right out of this office is going to be playing.
And the story of Golden Bear, I think, is playing.
Hey, Aaron, where's that Ron Paul?
It doesn't matter.
I'll announce it later.
I've got to remember all this stuff.
I almost forgot that Barack Obama and Hillary are going to be in town.
Well, they're in town right now, but they're going to be in town for a debate tomorrow.
Hey, will you go find out where that Ron Paul rally is and everything for me?
Thanks, bro.
I guess I could Google it right here.
I just can't do five things at once.
Oh, man.
I'm tired, folks.
I'm not always tired.
I just put it all out there, man.
I go 110%.
And I know you're taking action, and I commend you.
By the way, the condensed Willie Nelson interview, 10 minutes of it, for Monday, is coming up in the next hour.
I've got about five, six audio clips I'm going to play and comment on.
We've got financial news coming up straight ahead.
Stay with me.
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Ira Hayes.
Ira Hayes.
All right, I've got a ton of audio clips, a ton of news.
It's insane coming up into the next hour.
Let me get into the economy right now.
America's economy risked the mother of all meltdowns.
This is by Martin Wolf of Financial Times of London.
It does not get any more official than that, okay?
This is where they actually tell you what they're going to do.
Years before they pop the subprime mortgage, they told you it was staged by the big banks.
Years before things happen, or months before, they are on target.
Now they'll usually spin it, but when they say something, I pay attention.
I would tell audiences that we're facing not a bubble, but a froth of lots of small, local bubbles that will never grow to scale that could threaten the health of the overall economy, Alan Greenspan, The Age of Turbulence, wrote.
That used to be Greenspan's view of the U.S.
housing bubble.
He was wrong, alas, so he might be... So he might... So how bad might this downturn get?
To answer this question, we should ask a true bear.
My favorite one is...
Nouri Rabbanani of the New York University Stern School of Business, founder of the RGE Monitor.
We're going to get him on.
Recently, the professor's scenarios have been dire enough to make the flesh creep, but his thinking deserves to be taken seriously.
He first predicted a U.S.
recession in July of 2006.
At the time, his view was extremely controversial.
It is no longer.
Now he states that there is a rising possibility of a catastrophic financial economic outcome.
What does the chief economist of the World Bank who quit over at Joseph Stickler say?
Same thing.
What does Dr. Roberts say?
Same thing.
What does Bob Chapman, a national forecaster, say?
Same thing.
What does the Financial Times of London say?
The same thing.
The characteristics of the scenario are, he argues, a vicious circle with a deep recession makes the financial losses more severe, and where in turn, large and growing financial losses and financial meltdown make the recession even more worse and severe.
See, it feeds into itself.
Professor Robani, pronouncing that right, is even fonder of lists than I am.
Here are his 12, yes, 12 steps to financial disaster.
Step one is the worst housing recession in U.S.
Housing prices, he says, fall by 20 to 30 percent from their peak, which would wipe out between $4,000 billion and $6,000 billion in household wealth.
Ten million households will end up with negative equity, and so the huge incentive to put the house keys in the post and depart for greener fields.
Many more homebuyers will be bankrupt.
Step two.
Would be further losses beyond the $300 billion now estimated for subprime mortgages.
About 60% of all mortgage orientation between 2005 and 2007 had reckless or toxic features.
Step three.
He went on to say it could mean another 20% loss, so 40% loss.
Step three would be big losses on unsecured consumer debt, credit cards, auto loans, student loans, and so forth.
That's now happening, by the way.
That goes into the next year.
The credit crunch would spread from mortgages to a wide range of consumer credit.
Step four would be the downgrading of the insurer's.
Which do not deserve the AAA rating on which their businesses depend.
So that means stock starts to go down, too, and also government investments.
A further $150 billion write-down of asset-backed securities would then ensue.
They'll just print more money for all this, of course, in accelerating inflation.
Step five would be a meltdown of the commercial property market, while step six would be bankruptcy of large region or national banks.
Stay with me.
I'm going to do the rest of these, get into some of the other news here.
All right, we're walking through these right now.
I'll continue with economics about 15 minutes into the next hour, and then I've got to, I guess, just basically spend the rest of the show on these clips I want to play, but I've got all this other news.
Thank you for listening to GCN.
Visit GCNlive.com today.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
I got some clips from a 1983 interview with Congressman McDonald who they murdered about the New World Order.
I've got Oberman talking about
The Supreme Court saying Bush is Supreme Ruler.
Lou Dobbs on the NAU.
I want to try to get to this and a 10-minute Willie Nelson boil-down for Monday.
I'm going to try to jam it all in.
We've got to move quick here.
I'm getting into the economy right now.
Let me just go over this top economist.
His predictions have been dead on the last two decades.
The steps here.
Step one is the worst housing recession in U.S.
Step two is further continued losses in housing, which are now beginning.
So this is all happening.
Step three would be big losses on unsecured consumer debt, credit cards, auto loans, student loans.
Step four would be a downgrading of monoline insurers...
Step five would be the meltdown of the commercial property market, while step six would be bankruptcy of large regional and national banks.
By the way, Florida, Texas, California, a bunch of other states found out AAA, corporate securities, investments they bought were really trash or a mix of trash and good stuff.
Now, their contracts said they were allowed to get full money what they put in back.
You know, no profit, just my original money back.
The big brokerage firms and big banks were saying, sorry, baby, you get nothing.
This has collapsed already.
Just how bad is it going to get?
Step five would be a meltdown of commercial property market, while step six would be bankruptcy of large regional international banks.
We've already had a bunch of big banks get in trouble, having to be bailed out.
We've already had other big international banks go under, from France to England to the Middle East.
We've already seen all over the country storefronts and shops shutting down.
And this was just the beginning.
Step seven would be big losses on reckless leverage buyouts.
Hundreds of billions of dollars on such loans are now stuck in the ballot sheets of financial institutions.
That's why, even though stuff's a fire sale with a devalued dollar, grabbing up of U.S.
assets is slowed a bit.
Because it's so dangerous, folks.
That's when you've got to watch out.
Even the big money and the sovereign wealth is pulling back.
Kind of like a shark bites into you and lets you go because you're rotten.
Step 8 would be a wave of corporate defaults.
On average, U.S.
companies are in decent shape.
I don't agree with that, but a fat tail of companies has low probability, heavy net debt.
Such defaults would spread losses and credit default swaps, which insure the debt.
Losses would be $250 billion.
Some insurers might go bankrupt.
Step nine would be a meltdown of the shadow financial system.
This is the Financial Times talking about the shadow system.
See, the private banks run it all.
They inject cash.
It's all insider trading.
It's totally rigged.
The issuance of money, credit, stocks, it's just...
Step nine would be a meltdown in the shadow financial system dealing with the distress of hedge funds, special investment vehicles, and so forth will be made more difficult by the fact that they have no direct access to lending from central banks.
But that's what the central banks want.
That's who they wanted to consolidate and grab the medium-sized level companies.
And then, of course, the government's going to melt down, not being able to keep bailing all this out because that will accelerate inflation.
Step 10 would be a further collapse in stock prices, failures in hedge funds, margin calls, and shorting could lead to cascading falls in prices.
Step 11 would be a drying up of liquidity in a range of financial markets.
That's already happened.
Including interbank and money markets, institutional investment.
Behind this would be a jump in concerns about solvency of the entire market.
Step 12 would be a vicious circle of losses, capital reduction, credit contraction, forced liquidation, and fire sales of assets at below fundamental base prices.
Forget P.E.
Price earnings.
These, then, are the 12 steps to meltdown in all, argues the professor.
Total losses in the financial system will add up to over $1,000 billion, and the economic recession will become deeper, more protracted, and severe.
This, he suggests, is the nightmare scenario keeping Ben Bernanke and colleagues at the U.S.
Federal Reserve awake.
It explains why, having failed to appreciate the dangers for so long, the Fed was lowered rates...
200 basis points.
They didn't fail to recognize it.
They're going for broke with the wars, the police state, the corruption, the looting.
They're going for broke.
They're going for dictatorship.
So they're grabbing everything now.
We'll be back with more.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk, Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
All right, so I was just reading from the Financial Times of London about what's happening with our economy.
I am genuinely concerned.
And then you see this, some of the mainstream media, it's schizophrenic now, they'll say depression, recession, or there's no recession, or, oh, Americans think we're coming out of the recession.
The fundamentals of the debt of the government, the fundamentals of the devaluation of the dollar.
I mean, alone, the fact that in the last two years, we've had a 30% reduction in the purchasing power.
And that's conservative.
You add four or five years together of dollar devaluation, it's like 45, 50%, depending on which index you look at, of people on set incomes.
And you're seeing everywhere 85-year-old people working at 7-Elevens now.
And I'll say, why are you working?
And they'll go, well, Social Security wasn't paying for it.
I mean, when you see 75, 80, 85-year-old people working, and I'm seeing them bagging groceries everywhere, I mean, this is bad.
What about people that are disabled?
And it just continues.
What about middle-class families?
What about blue-collar families?
This is a hidden tax issue.
And then I've got news like this.
Economist expects Fed to lower Dow Jones Industrial Average to 8,000.
Credit claims agreements involving billions used to shift the market by Dr. Corsi.
The stealth methodology of the Federal Reserve to depress the market even while lowering interest rates in an unstable effort to stimulate economic growth.
An economic analyst is charging.
Mike Bolsler.
The Federal Reserve is directly involved in manipulating the stock market, said economic analyst Mike Bolzer.
The New York Stock Exchange finished the day at 108.08 points, closing 12,635, much as Bolzer predicted, despite recent emergency Fed rate cuts of more than 1.25%.
And it just goes on.
You see, it's not just one little economic bubble.
It's a whole bunch of them,
Coming together.
And I watch the financial shows.
You hardly ever hear them say gold is a good investment.
Well, we told you about an investment in 2000 that went up from $300 an ounce, to low, it was like $260, to $920-something today.
It's just staying in that $920 area.
I think we're good to go.
I think we're good to go.
It is going to get worse.
No, you're right, Alex.
One of the reasons why we would always have these rebounds for the last 30 years is because we could rely on places like China, Japan, Germany, all throughout Europe financing us.
They would lend us their money, buy the U.S.
Treasury bonds, and basically bail us out of our problems so we could continue to deficit spend.
We don't have that anymore.
The United States' dollar is falling because foreigners are trying to get away from it, not trying to get into it.
Because of that, that forces the Federal Reserve System to print more money
We're good to go.
You know, obviously, with Social Security, if Social Security followed the true inflation numbers, it would be broke, and it would have been broke a long time ago.
And let's point out, the feds are bailing out the big central banks who stand to gain in consolidation from this.
They're bailing out the brokers, everybody else, but they're not bailing out people that have been paying into Social Security in some cases for 55 years.
No, they're not.
As a matter of fact, they're doping the numbers and they're making the figures work out in their favor rather than in the people that actually paid in and the ones that are actually relying on it for income.
They're just getting robbed and cheated.
This should go to court and it should be held in trial with the jury of our peers.
I know darn well that they'd be found guilty for doping the CPI figures.
As soon as something goes up, they take that item off the list and they add something in there that hasn't been going up.
It's a farce.
And then that's what they peg the Social Security income on and also the retirement for anybody that's been working for the government.
It's crazy.
It's a system that is broken, and if they tried to fix it, they'd just drive Social Security broke because of the fact that it's all U.S.
Treasury bonds.
Well, bottom line, even the mainstream analysts admit...
Gold hit its last peak of $8.50 in 1980 when the dollar was worth well more than double what it is.
Purchasing power has lost more than half since 2000, much less 1980.
Gold should be at $2,300.
It has not even begun to move.
They're trying to suppress it.
It's not working.
You were just mentioning, Demeter, in the break, that China has now surpassed us in gold purchases for private citizens.
I saw that, too, last week.
So they're driving the market, a billion, 300 million people, getting some discretionary purchases.
We're good to go.
And that's a good coin that's tradable wherever you go.
I also have the Frank coins, which currently right now are trading at the price of $2.02.
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I can't stress that enough.
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And folks, I want to explain something to you.
When you go buy an Apple, they bought it for 30 cents and they sell it to you for a dollar.
That's the type of markup.
The markup in these coins, what, on like 19 bucks, what are you putting a dollar in there, Ted, literally just to pay for the trade?
On the gold, you're putting a couple dollars in there.
These are great deals.
Ted is doing this as an introductory offer to get you into this.
Give Ted's brokers a call.
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Ted, give them the toll-free number.
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This is a great buy.
Again, gold is going up like crazy.
Again, today up very strong.
It opened up today at $9.20.
$9.35 an ounce.
Obviously, this is not over.
There's going to be a lot more increases in gold.
The dollar is going to continue to fall.
We have not seen the top of this.
We're not even anywhere as close to the top of it yet.
Folks, I wish you would have listened to me.
I know some of you did when it was $300 an ounce.
That's when I really started hammering it, but it was lower than that before.
There's no way it's ever going back.
It is a very safe investment in my personal view.
That's what I believe in.
Here's the number.
Give them a call now.
People all the time ask me, well, how do I get into gold?
Well, what do I do?
How do I do it?
This is how you do it.
And, of course, they try to call their stockbroker who tries to sell them different stocks.
You have to be very educated on top of things to know what gold stocks to buy.
I'm not saying you shouldn't be in some of those.
I'm just saying this is a no-brainer.
Physically hold it in your hand.
Call them right now, ladies and gentlemen.
I've been so busy I haven't even called to get some more silver.
That's what I've been buying because I think it's going to go up even more, and that's what I can afford.
Ladies and gentlemen, I know a lot of you out there have capital, and if you haven't hedged your bets at least, you are nuts.
Ted, thanks.
Hey, thanks for having me up again, Alex, and it's always a pleasure, man.
Thank you, Ted.
When we come back, I'm going to play some audio clips and comment on them, but right now...
I didn't get to this yesterday.
I'm going to get to it now.
Every day, I see new studies.
Universities, scientific institutions, governments, the Swiss, the Dutch, the Chinese, the Japanese, the British, the Americans.
This is the BBC yesterday.
Cancer linked to heavy mobile phone use.
Heavy mobile phone use may be linked to an increased risk of cancer.
The salivary gland, the study suggests, areas that are radiated.
Researchers looked at 500 Israelis who had developed the condition and compared their mobile phone usage with 1,300 healthy, controlled patients.
Those who had used cell phones against one side of the head for several hours a day were 50% more likely to have developed a salivary or gland tumor.
The research appeared in the American Journal of Epidemiology.
Numerous studies have focused on the risk of tumors among those users
Mobile phones have overwhelmingly found no increase in cancer risk.
That is pure bull.
So even when they tell the truth, folks, I see these all the time.
Now there are a few that the cell phone companies have put out where they cook them.
Just like they had that
Thing put out by the California government a few months ago saying, well, since we took mercury out of the vaccines, and autism still exploded since 2000 in our seven-year study, they just released that last month, seven-year study, that means that mercury doesn't cause autism.
But then you actually go, look, they just took raw numbers and entered in the fake data, the false data, that there was no longer mercury in there since 2000.
Folks, in 2002 is when they issued new federal guidelines to pharmacological, big pharma vaccine makers, saying we would like you, when we look at your liability cases, which the government pays for in the Vaccine Damage Fund, to make lots available of non-mercury, and they did in very small numbers.
Say a company makes a million shots of a flu vaccine that has mercury, they'd make, and I saw these cases, 5,000 that didn't.
And yes, rich people do send off for those, and they do get them, and you can order them and have them sent to you.
But see, they just said, oh no, there's no more mercury in shots in California, but autism still exploded.
They used the fake data, saying it was no longer in there when it is.
We'll be right back on the other side with Keith Oberman and a lot more.
Stay with us.
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Ron Paul rallied this Saturday.
4 p.m.
is when it says it starts.
Austin, Texas.
Main Mall, University of Texas, UT Austin.
And my good buddy, Jimmy Vaughn.
He's going to be out there playing.
Before it unfolds.
Here is just the intro of Keith Oberman last night where he lays it out and says it like it is.
Supreme Court saying Bush is supreme ruler, but notice it frames the ACLU as the good guys.
Oh no, they attack the Second Amendment and everything else.
They pose as the good guys.
They have a lot of well-meaning members, but what they do is go out and create bad case law.
And so they're not our friends, but here it is.
Today, the Supreme Court had a chance to make history to take up the most brazen, bald-faced manifestation of the Bush administration postulate, that the President is above the law.
In our third story tonight, the Supreme Court said, eh, not interested.
Specifically, the Court refused to hear the case of ACLU v. NSA, the National Security Agency.
The agency, Mr. Bush, had wiretap Americans without court warrants in violation of U.S.
law, including the FISA Act, specifically designed to curb government intrusions into Americans' privacy.
The ACLU also asking in vain for the High Court to issue a ruling definitively affirming, and I'm not really dumbing this down by a lot, that the president of the country is not allowed to break the law.
The Supreme Court declines to do so.
That means a lower court dismissal of this case stands.
The lower court ruling that the plaintiffs represented by the ACLU had no standing to sue because they can't prove they were wiretapped, because the government won't say who it has wiretapped,
Because the courts won't make it say who it has wiretapped because the suit is being dismissed because no one has standing to sue because they can't prove they were wiretapped.
And that, my friend, is where Joseph Heller got the idea for his novel Catch-22.
I'm joined now by Jonathan Turley, professor of constitutional law at George Washington University.
Thank you again for your time tonight, sir.
Hi, Keith.
That is the gist of it, right?
I mean, you can't sue over being secretly wiretapped because you can't prove you were secretly wiretapped because it's a secret.
That is it in every ridiculous detail and unfortunately that is a standard that is not unique.
Why courts continue to use it is a very good question because they have the ability, if they really wanted to, to force the government to make some minimal showing, even under seal, that would allow plaintiffs to get a ruling on the merits.
But this is one of the reasons why many people have asked Congress to do something other than talk about this problem.
Because as you note, the courts have created an impossible test.
People cannot prevail in getting even a review of the law.
Now, Gordon Brown over in England, it came out that the government, a secret police unit that doesn't even have a name, involved with MI5 and MI6 for years, is wiretapping the offices and homes of members of parliament.
So, political spying.
So that the military industrial complex and banks that really run things have control.
I mean, they're banning demonstrations, protests, interviewing people on the street.
I mean, it's like Russia now in England.
I mean, I've been there.
I've experienced it.
And the same stuff they're trying to push here and it's starting to unfold here.
They're more ahead of us down the rat hole in some respects.
We're more down the rat hole in some other areas than they are.
And they're just doing it.
And there, last week when all this came out, Gordon Brown just said, well, because it's for national security, you're not even allowed to learn the names of the secret agents.
You're not allowed to prosecute and no one can get in trouble.
And basically members of parliament and the parliament can't even do anything.
The shadow government runs everything.
Shut up.
It's all to fight Al-Qaeda.
We've got to spy on the parliament.
It's for political control.
And the NSA, for decades, has been listening to all the phones, all the email, all the faxes, all the radio transmissions.
It all goes through AI, keyword computers they've had for at least 25 years.
It's now super advanced.
Just like Google can search the whole web in one second, well, these things search all the chatter that's going on in a second.
I mean, they invented the Google system.
Google's merged basically with NASA.
The DARPA and the Pentagon invented the Internet.
It's worldwide wiretap.
That's why they call it the web.
Worldwide wiretap.
That's the big joke in DARPA, in the Advanced Defense Research Laboratories.
And it's just in your face.
But see, I always told you they would need to then announce they were doing it.
And so first it's, we're just listening to Al Qaeda.
Isn't that alright?
We're just listening to Al Qaeda talk to Americans.
Okay, we're just listening to everybody.
What's the problem with it?
Then they say, it's an accident that we were routing all the phone and all the email through these systems.
We just screw up.
By the way, we want to scan your license plates and have RFID on all your products and get rid of cash and make you accept all this because we love you.
We're the government.
It's all happening by accident that the whole world has 911 now.
It's all happening by accident that the whole world has standardized IDs.
It's all by accident.
It all just happened magically.
We can barely balance our checkbooks, but the government can just accidentally put in a global seamless system.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
It's a fact.
Since the creation of the Federal Reserve in 1913, all banks in these United States create money out of thin air for every single loan they issue.
With never-ending late fees over the limit fees and higher and higher interest rates, it has become mathematically impossible to repay all
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
I think?
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Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen.
Torturing you with country music.
All right, let's play this Lou Dobbs clip, then I'm going to comment after it and get into some other news.
Stay with us.
Senator Clinton and Senator Obama will square off Thursday in a CNN Univision-sponsored debate in advance of the Texas and Ohio primaries March 4th.
The debate will be at the University of Texas.
Many Texans, however, are simply furious about an issue that the presidential candidates are just trying their darndest to ignore.
It's the plan to build a massive superhighway, the Trans-Texas Corridor, the NAFTA superhighway, which will run from our border with Mexico across Texas, and that superhighway intended to go all the way up to Canada.
Bill Tucker has the report.
It's known as the TTC, the Trans-Texas Corridor, I-69, or just the NAFTA Superhighway.
One, two, three, four!
It's highly controversial.
The proposed route from Laredo, Texas to Texarkana, Texas would be a 4,000 mile network of new toll roads with truck and car lanes, rail lines, pipeline and utility zones.
Its projected cost?
$183 billion over 50 years.
The purpose of the Trans-Texas Corridor would be to speed up the movement of goods from Mexico to proposed inland ports in America.
This is about international global companies that are coming in and having their way with our politicians and making sure that this kind of an international corridor happens.
It doesn't matter what it does to the people in the path.
It doesn't matter what it does to our way of life.
And that's not going over well with thousands of people in the way of the massive project who've shown up at town hall meetings held by the state.
Citizens here
...are not going to bear the burden so Walmart can get their cargo into the U.S.
cheaper and faster.
So far, none of the companies interested in financing the corridor are American.
And among its opponents, presidential candidate and Texas congressman Ron Paul.
We don't know exactly what the long-term plan on and what the motivation is.
Is this part of the North American Union?
Or is this just to enhance travel in Texas?
And I suspect it's a lot more.
It's very costly.
It involves millions of acres that may be taken under eminent domain.
And besides that, everybody I've run into in Texas, the people here, don't want it
The Texas Department of Transportation notes that three-quarters of the traffic coming out of Mexico to the U.S.
comes through Texas.
It argues that Texas has to find a way to accommodate the traffic and fund the corridor's construction.
Frankly, we're in a different day and age right now, and the way we built our roadways 50 years ago simply isn't keeping up with the congestion that we're seeing here in Texas now.
There is no voter approval needed for the project.
So, like it or not, Texans could just have to live with the corridor.
And the state is vowing to use eminent domain to lay claim to any landowners who oppose the project.
And those opposed say they are not against new and better roads.
They just would prefer to see the expansion and improvement of existing roadways rather than something on the size and scale.
Of I-69 or TTC.
You know that expression that Texans love, set up by the Department of Transportation, don't mess with Texas?
They put it up in terms of protecting their roads and beautifying the highways.
This is really messing with Texas.
You can't tell me that Governor Rick Perry...
And the head of the Department of Transportation down there, that they're dumb enough to say that because all of this traffic's coming out of Mexico, that the Texas citizens should be funding the highway that is needed as a result of that traffic.
That's absolutely idiotic.
The folks at the Department of Transportation told me today, look, it's not our job to stop.
Whose job is it?
If these trucks are coming in, we get to deal with them.
Whose job is it?
We'd say it's above their pay grade.
Well, I'll tell you what.
It isn't above their pay grade.
There isn't a single American who has... That's a cop-out.
Every American gets a voice on these issues, and every Texan certainly should.
And I gotta say, if people are putting up with this nonsense from their state government and Governor Rick Perry and their Department of Transportation, these aren't the Texans that I know and who I respect mightily.
I mean, to put up with this is just idiotic.
Well, they're not putting up with it.
By some of the estimations that I got this afternoon, 10,000 people have shown up at these 46 town hall meetings, which wrap up this week.
And they've been very vocal.
There haven't been any supporters at these meetings.
There's been a lot of opposition.
Well, this is another example of trying to ram this nonsense through.
They're trying to be so cute.
All of these folks who want to put together this highway that would run in their dreams from Mexico to Canada.
I cannot imagine why there isn't just complete outrage.
There is complete outrage, Lou Dobbs.
Lou Dobbs is an interesting fellow.
He never... When they attack him saying he's racist against Hispanics, he never pulls the card that his wife's Hispanic.
He's worked in the fields.
He's from Texas.
He worked in the fields with the Mexican migrants, by the way, from South Texas.
You know, Ron Paul on there talking about we don't know what it's for, but we know it could be for this.
It's in the SPP documents that they plan to use it to tie the three nations together.
They're going to use taxes for it to fund the North American Union integration of the government, and that they're going to pay for hundreds of billions of dollars with the tax money, and it's going to be in all the major states, from California to Texas, to New York with toll roads to build roads in Mexico, to bring in more Mexican trucks.
And it isn't one highway.
It's 8,000 miles of roads.
That's the official maps.
We live here.
8,000 miles of existing Texas roads with transponders tracking everywhere you go, taxing you.
And yes, they do plan to grab land on 10 miles on each side.
That's what they claim the power to grab.
And then the state passed laws saying they could take your property without paying you for it.
You've got to take their first offer.
It doesn't matter if it's 10% of what the taxes say it's worth.
You've got to take it, or then they take it and charge you for lawyer's fees.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Of Texas last year threw this out, and then Governor Rick Perry said, okay, I'm vetoing it, but don't worry, two-year moratorium, and they go ahead putting in the toll roads.
On existing roads.
Remember that?
Texas did do something.
10,000 people?
I've been at meetings with 1,500.
On that newscast, they show a gigantic hall that's got to have 2,000 people in it.
Try hundreds of thousands have come out to these things.
The news has reported as many as 2,400 at one meeting last year.
And no one is there for it.
No one.
But the government goes ahead with it.
This is taking over our infrastructure, endgame blueprint for global enslavement, documents it all.
That's just 30 minutes of the 2-hour, 20-minute film.
That's why everybody's got to get endgame.
Okay, I'm going to go ahead and play the Willie Nelson interview coming up in about 3 minutes.
We'll play part of it, then go into the final segment with it.
This is the condensed boil-down of the hour-plus-long interview for Monday.
It's up on InfoWars.com and PrisonPlanet.com.
Aaron spent a day and a half editing this with video together.
It looks very good.
We want this to go viral.
Please help us get it, because people say, oh my gosh, Willie Nelson's talking about impeachment, talking about martial law, talking about NAFTA, NAU.
Great way to wake people up.
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The Willie Nelson.
I promised to air it.
The boil down of the audio from the YouTube video that's at the top of the page at prisonplanet.com.
Here it is.
Blast it out to the four winds.
The media is trying to shut this down and censor it.
We've got a story up on prisonplanet.com about this.
Let's break it national again and wake up millions with a failed swoop.
The ball's in your court.
Here it is.
It is the 18th of February, 2008.
For the rest of the hour, we are honored to have...
Legend, icon, Willie Nelson from Part 2 of the interview we did two weeks ago.
We are live.
He is rolling along, I guess, to the mountains out of New Mexico into Texas right now via cell phone.
I tell you, that interview we did a few weeks ago made a lot of waves.
Did you get any feedback from it?
Everybody seemed to agree with what we were talking about.
There's definitely things...
That we don't know.
What has spurred you to have the courage to speak out against the war from day one, to speak out against the 9-11 cover-up?
Oh, I don't know.
I think it would take more courage not to say something.
I mean, I'm pretty easy when...
I usually say what I think, and it's harder for me to shut up than it is to quit talking.
You also talked about Building 7 and how no aircraft hit it, and some of the national media tried to spin it and claim or imply that you were saying no plane hit Tower 1 or 2.
Just to be clear on record, you were talking about Building 7, weren't you?
I was talking about the third building that nothing hit, and yet it fell as if it was hit the same way.
I mean, all three buildings fell the same way.
But the third building wasn't hit by anything.
And we made that clear on air, but that's what the corporate media does.
That's what the neocon media does, is they build straw men.
They won't attack what you actually said.
They will misconstrue things.
Yeah, and, you know, you're right.
That's what they do.
The war.
We talked about the war last time you were on, but just briefly, the vast majority of Americans want it to end.
It's a fraud.
It has to start with the individual.
If you're tired of the war, and I'm tired of the war, and everybody else is tired of it, then it won't have to stop.
So it has to be everybody thinking the same way to stop the wars.
But I think there's enough of us and more of us every day starting to think whatever happened to peace on Earth, and how can we get it?
You know, I think we need a Department of Peace.
Dennis Kucinich tried to put one together.
And if you're going to have a Department of War, you damn sure need a Department of Peace, don't you think?
My biggest issue is we have to end this war, but also collectively, even if we were against it from the beginning, say we're sorry as a nation and repent to the world because we did have a pretty good name, despite some things we've done in the past.
We were better than a lot of other countries.
And now we're the bad guys worldwide.
You're a great symbol of Americana, you know, one of the top symbols out there.
What is it like for you when you go all over the world to realize that our good name has been destroyed by these warmongers?
Well, one thing I found out that most of the people I talk to around the world realize that it's not me and you doing it, that it is our government that's doing it and a certain small number of people that are running the whole show.
And they're wondering how long we're going to let them stay in power.
That's for sure.
They're wondering why we hadn't thrown them out years ago.
I mean, they know it's our government, but I've had them say, why don't you get them out of there?
Well, what do we do with the voting machines?
What do we do when they've got both parties?
Well, yeah, you're absolutely right.
The deck is stacked, and we have to figure out a way to get a fresh, new, good deck in the deal.
I don't know how else to do it except to
Throw the bastards out, you know.
And then we went through a couple of elections now and didn't do anything.
And we thought we did.
But come to find out, like you said, the voting machines are crooked.
Everything's stacked against us.
The politicians that we vote for won't stay and fight.
They won't count the votes.
So, I don't know.
We just have to hope that this new bunch of politicians that we're looking at...
That's a better idea of what we want.
And keep their feet to the fire.
And keep their feet to the fire.
Well, you know, what simplifies it for me is that you have a group of people who make a lot of money starting wars.
And they've been making a lot of money starting wars a long time.
And it's the same group of people that you were talking about.
And the elite who have all the money they could ever need and all they're needing now and wanting is more power.
And so if they can start a war over here and start a war over there and then sell bullets to both sides and finance both countries, whoever they start.
They've got a huge lucrative business there and it's been going on a long time on the planet.
And I don't know how much longer we're going to let it work.
But we see what's happening.
And like you say, a lot of people are realizing that, wait a minute, this ain't right.
There's things happening in this country and around the world that we should stop.
And I think the more we find out about it, the more chances we can have on putting it to a halt.
Let's talk about your specific ideas for solutions on the other side with Willie Nelson.
You know, we've talked about getting involved, demonstrating, marching, calling, voting.
I think the key is education, because people know something's wrong in the world.
They just don't have the specifics.
That's why I think what you and others are doing is so important.
What are some of the ideas and specifics you have to expose this global elite, this cabal, and to fight them?
Well, you know, I don't have any great secret solutions except that you and I have to keep talking about it and have to keep it in front of the public and have to keep reminding people that it's happening and that there is something they can do about it.
Every human being out there is in it, so they have to stop and ask themselves, you know, what am I going to do?
I've got choices.
I can do nothing or I can do something.
I think that's it.
I think it's not taking action, not putting one foot in front of the other.
Yeah, and you know, there's the old saying that one man can't change the world, but one man can definitely carry a message that will change the world.
And that's the secret.
People say, well, Alex, you're being negative about the world.
No, there's so much beauty, so many good things in the world.
I want to protect that.
I'm involved in fighting back against tyranny because I want to protect what we've got.
I don't want to lose anymore.
No, I don't either.
I don't think we have to.
I just think we have to take a winning stance and say, hey, this is a war we're going to win.
It is a big idea.
A new world order.
In the near future, Earth is dominated by a powerful government.
It's known as the Builder of Earth.
Would their objective be world domination?
For thousands of years, their dark order grew.
Now, as they hail the birth of the New World Order, their great dream of exterminating 80% of humanity is at hand.
For the first time in history, the elite's plan for world government is blown wide open.
You will learn the secret that drives the entire New World Order agenda.
Build-A-Bear gets to make some great progress toward the world government.
Most people have no idea.
They're not after money.
They have all the money they need.
They're after power.
That's what happens.
Order M-Game on DVD at prisonplanet.com or infowars.com or watch it online right now at prisonplanet.tv.
Blueprint for global enslavement.
You have been warned.
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I'm involved in fighting back against tyranny because I want to protect what we've got.
I don't want to lose anymore.
No, I don't either.
I don't think we have to.
I just think we have to take a winning stance and say, hey, this is a war we're going to win.
And it is a war.
It's a war against the people who are trying to take over the world, trying to...
I think it's very important historically, so they can't rehabilitate Bush and the neocons after they're long gone, that we try to impeach him now, that we don't just let him fade away, that we expose who he is.
Do you support impeachment?
Well, yes, I do.
You know, our old buddy Dennis Kucinich had it on the table there, and it seemed like everybody took it off the table, but
Uh, it's still, uh, if you break the law, you already have to pay for it one way or another, and, uh, if these guys haven't broke the law, nobody has.
I really do believe that George Bush believes he's right.
I think he really believes what he's saying, and that makes it even more pathetic, I guess.
I just think he's been the, the victim of a whole lot of bad advice, and, uh,
I find it hard to blame the guy.
I almost feel sorry for the guy.
You know what I mean?
Oh, I know.
Ten years ago, I would hate all these people, but now I almost feel sad for them because they're missing out on so many things.
And I've studied how the global elite, the Bilderberg Group, manipulates presidents, and you're right what you just said, from my study at least, from my perspective, that these presidents, they handle them, they manipulate them.
They also like to look for people that are unstable, like Bush, like Nixon.
Yeah, and they find them and they groom them and they put them in office and they stay there and they do exactly what they're supposed to do.
You give them speeches with small words and big letters and let them go.
Last time you were on, you said you're worried about Bush trying to stay in office, or at least the cabal that controls him trying to stay in office in some type of staged event.
What are your specific concerns?
Well, they could do anything and anything will work because they have everyone scared to death.
I just think that there are people out there who will do anything to stay in power, to do anything to keep what they have.
They've already proven they'll do anything to keep it.
And what to do about it, I don't know.
We just have to realize that those people exist and have to figure out a way to...
To undo what they're trying to do.
Speaking of undoing what they're trying to do, I know they approached you to name a big toll road after you, taking existing roads, building new roads, putting them in.
They now admit that's to fund the North American Union.
Can you speak about toll roads specifically and why you told the state of Texas, don't name that toll road after me?
Well, first of all, I don't like toll roads.
I wouldn't like for a guy to drive up on the Willie Nelson Road and have to spend his last dollar getting from 1.A to .B.
I don't like that.
I didn't want a toll road named after me.
That's ridiculous.
I'd rather have an electric chair named after me.
Folks, the entire hour, ten-minute interview is up on prisonplanet.com and infowars.com.
Spread it out.
It's very important.
Willie has tens of millions of fans.
This is waking them up to the freedom movement.
The video of YouTube that you just heard the audio from is very well done.
It's on infowars.com, jonesreport.com.
Please get it out to everybody again.
The show's going to restart.
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Big news there.
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