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Air Date: Feb. 19, 2008
2342 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Welcome, welcome, welcome.
Thank you for joining us.
It is already Tuesday, the 19th day of February 2008.
We're going to be live here for the next three hours.
I am your host, Alex Jones.
The websites are Infowars.com, PrisonPlanet.com, Infowars.net, PrisonPlanet.tv, JonesReport.com, TruthNews.us.
Those are the main sites.
The sites all have basically the same news on them each day, but each site has four or five, sometimes ten, twenty stories that are independent only to that website or audio files, video files.
Let me just run through the news that we'll be covering today.
New search rules for Amtrak passengers.
Random screening, just like the airport.
People are freaking out over this.
We told you about it four years ago.
Homeland Security said they'd do this.
The malls will have it.
Random checkpoints on street corners will have it.
You want to live in Red Dawn, you're going to live in it.
All selectively enforced.
The police are ordering to not even touch them.
That's mainstream news.
Proving it's just total fraud.
BBC, another big scientific report.
I'm seeing one of these four or five times a week now.
Universities, scientific institutions, governments admitting cell phones are frying your brain.
And if you have one in your pocket on, frying your genitalia.
Cancer link to heavy cell phone use.
Bad signs for the dictator Musharraf.
In his party and election right now in Pakistan, what type of event will he stage to get back on top?
Something really despicable is happening, something Ron Paul refused to do.
Clinton is targeting pledged delegates.
That's right.
Delegates who went in, delegates who represent votes that were cast by citizens in the Electoral College.
Clinton is publicly targeting them, trying to steal the election.
Again, no difference between Clinton and Barack Obama, cut out of the same cloth.
But she's cheating him, and we've got unified data of election fraud against Barack Obama.
We just report the facts.
We're not saying he's good.
We're not saying go out and vote for him.
But maybe when we open the phones up, you'll give me your take on what you think this means.
Why are they trying to shut Barack Obama down?
Clinton targets pledged delegates.
Also, regulators eye Wall Street's role in housing bust.
That's like Satan eyes lower demons' activities in running hell operation.
Or Hitler eyes Herman Goering in investigation of Nazis.
Or Joseph Goebbels.
These are the very regulators that set up the regulations and allowed all this to happen.
We'll break that down.
Global warming!
It's the coldest winter in decades.
Daily Express dovetails with heavy snow, brings grease to stands still.
There's even snow in some areas of North Africa.
Well, there's definitely climate change and violent climate change going on, but it isn't global warming, ladies and gentlemen.
And their carbon tax won't do anything to stop it, and they know that.
It's about taxing you, but
McCain joins the Bush crime family.
Great story by ThinkProgress.
Nemo did a great story for Infowars.com.
Government surveillance is not a mistake.
They keep claiming they're accidentally spying on you with the NSA.
Whistleblower site taken down.
I didn't get to this yesterday.
This is big news.
And some incredible new police brutality video coming up as well.
We're going to play the audio and analyze it and break it down here.
Stay with us.
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We're good to go.
He's the T-Rex of political talk.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
The most well-organized, coordinated, at the state, national, and international level, attack on our Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms and defend ourselves has been in full swing for at least one year.
The NRA, the fathers of modern gun control, that is their actual history, Larry Pratt has come on, the head of Gun Owners of America, and documented from their own quotes and statements, is telling gun owners that we're winning the fight.
They have supported the last big gun control legislation for expanding federal databases, banning people with misdemeanors, any type of mental designation, like PTSD, or even hyperactivity disorder.
This is unbelievably bad.
And now the Supreme Court is about to hear arguments for the Second Amendment, and you watch.
They're going to rule that you have a Second Amendment unless prescribed by law, and that is a great attack on the Second Amendment, the biggest we have ever seen if that happens, coming up in about a month.
It'll be in March.
That's when they're set to rule.
They're hearing it right now, and you watch.
That's going to happen.
The Supreme Court is total New World Order, seven of the nine appointed by Republicans, viciously anti-gun.
The Democrats are viciously anti-Second Amendment.
And on the heels of this latest shooting in a victim disarmament zone, with a Prozac head, they're coming after us in a big way.
Larry Pratt in the third hour.
Joining us for 30 minutes in the second hour is Professor Michael Chosodosky, who we've interviewed many times throughout the years, and he is really an expert on what happened in Kosovo, what happened in the two wars that happened in the 1990s in the Balkans.
He'll be joining us to talk about what this NATO enclave is being set up for and why it's angered Russia so much geopolitically.
So that is coming up in the next hour.
We're also going to have open phones in the first hour, into the second, and the third today.
Of course, we interviewed Willie Nelson for the second time yesterday.
For an hour and ten minute long interview.
We have several important articles up on prisonplanet.com and infowars.com.
Willie Nelson says, impeach Bush now, throw the bastards out.
We're good to go.
Do that, and we can push this out again.
Millions of people who weren't looking at 9-11 being an inside job now are doing it.
Willie said that every show, and he's been doing one every night for the last two weeks, he's on the road, works very hard, that people come up saying, thank you, Willie Nelson.
So he's certainly getting a response.
People all over Austin where I live, I've been stopped on the street, stopped at the grocery store, stopped at the MS Communications building in Austin when I was there Sunday for three hours.
I think?
That is coming up now in 30 minutes.
But Willie Nelson, I'd rather have an electric chair named after me than a toll road.
That's a second article Paul Watson did today.
Country music icon explains why he rejected the state of Texas proposal that's all part of the North American Union.
He agreed it was part of the North American Union.
We need to get that added to the story.
Story's good, but we need to add that part because we were discussing how it's all part of the New World Order, how it's to wall off the rural areas and shut down small towns.
It's a good story.
It's going to be beefed up.
Paul is working on that now.
You're welcome to take the statements with your own news website, your own blog.
Pull out your own quotes.
We need to, again, take this interview and use it to get the word out.
That's why Willie Nelson came on the show.
He wants to get people together.
He wants to organize.
He wants people to move forward.
That's why Charlie Sheen contacted us.
That's why William Nelson contacted us and came on.
That's why these individuals are doing this.
Not for fun.
You heard him.
He's worried about martial law.
He's worried about a takeover.
So, Willie's got a lot of courage and we owe it to him.
We owe it to ourselves and this country and this planet to get the word out.
Willie Nelson, I'd rather have an electric chair named after me than a toll road.
This is great info to use against the toll road pushers.
They tried to use him.
He said no.
Willie Nelson, impeach Bush, throw the bastards out.
We need to make sure Bush is punished.
We're unable to punish Clinton.
We tried.
Well, there's even more impeachable offenses against George W. Bush, and that needs to happen, and that needs to happen as soon as possible.
So, again, it's up to you to move the ball down the field and to get these stories out to everybody.
I went on my MySpace this morning, and there's always people on there freaking out, saying, Do you read this?
Do you look at this?
Respond to me!
I can read a lot of my email.
Somebody always reads the email up here.
I read some of it.
Aaron reads some.
Trey reads some.
Paul reads some.
Steve reads some.
Tim reads some.
Mike reads some.
Pretty much all of it gets read.
But there's no way I can ever respond to you.
People get mad when I don't personally respond.
We get about 5,000 emails a day.
Thousands and thousands of posts on our message boards a day asking me questions.
It's hard to even look at it all.
Believe me, I'm addicted to reading your feedback.
I love the points you make.
I love all the news links you send us.
Almost everything you hear here is leads you've sent us.
But I cannot respond to you.
And I had one lady one time send me an email going, you say you can't respond, but Jeb Bush did in an email when he was governor.
That is one of his staffers, and that only says it's from Jeb Bush.
I assure you, it's not Jeb Bush responding to you.
So I know it makes a lot of you mad.
I just physically can't do it.
But everybody was on the MySpace and the message board and emails freaking out over this, saying, why aren't you covering this?
Why aren't you talking about this?
I have been talking about this for four-plus years.
I don't know, 2002.
They hadn't funded Homeland Security yet.
They hadn't made it a cabinet position yet.
But Governor Ridge was already acting chief of it, and I told you about two hours of C-SPAN I watched.
Somebody needs to dig that out and find it.
Again, I can't do it all.
I don't even know if I taped it.
I can't do it.
I don't remember now.
The point is, 2002, so I guess six years ago.
And he laid out everything.
I'd already seen it in federal documents going back to the early 90s.
This was a plan.
And each administration carries the ball, carries the water.
It's like a relay race where they hand off the baton.
And he said, you're going to have to have a national ID card to have a job.
You're going to have to have a national ID card to get on a plane, get on a train.
We're going to have checkpoints in malls, checkpoints on the streets, federal police everywhere, deputized local police that...
The federal government's going to control drug testing.
It's going to control what you can buy and sell.
And now you see it all happening.
Oh, the cold medicine.
Oh, the cigarettes.
Oh, the liquor.
Got to show a federal ID.
Oh, want to go on a national park.
Oh, Viper teams in Dallas and Phoenix.
And where was the other big place?
Just randomly on the street, they just show up and run checkpoints and search you walking down the sidewalk.
Face scanning cameras, cameras up nationwide that read your license plate, scan everywhere you're going.
The toll road transponders, major cities admitting what I told you 10 years ago that they were doing then, and that is with radio readers up, reading everywhere you go.
It's already going into databases, all being tracked, everything.
And we're just now having a debate about, are we going to listen to Al Qaeda's phone calls?
That's what the public's told.
And then you read the actual bill, it just says the NSA can spout anybody they want anytime in the U.S.
They've always been doing it.
So it is just wall to wall what is happening.
And everybody's freaking out.
I get emails and people say, you haven't talked about the Tavistock Institute.
You're covering that up.
I've probably done 15 shows on it.
You're not talking about the Club of Rome.
I've probably done 40 shows on it.
I mean, I don't know, 50, 60.
I cannot cover it all.
In one show or the one day you tuned in.
I have talked about this.
I have warned you.
Now it is happening.
New search rules for Amtrak passengers.
Random screening.
Airport passengers are already used to long lines and invasive searches when waiting to board for trips to the airport.
And Amtrak passengers next.
And it goes on to report that they're going to be doing that.
Here's one out of the Daily News.
Amtrak riders will see more cops face random bag searches soon.
This is Catherine Ruddish and Leo Standora, Daily News writers for the Daily News.
New York Daily News.
And they just go on to say, just like they search your bags now on the subway, well, it's going to be like that on the trains.
And it's going to be like that on the streets.
And they're going to have cops walk up and want to search you in the mall.
This is bondage.
And we need to do a story on this, but do a Google search, because I've seen hundreds of stories on it, where a sheriff in Tennessee, a sheriff in Texas, a police chief in New Mexico, I mean, I've seen them all, they will arrest whole vans with 15, 16, 18, in one case, illegal aliens.
They'll take them to the jail, they'll call ICE, the Border Patrol,
Immigration and Customs Enforcement.
And they'll say, sorry, let them go.
We're not coming.
Houston Chronicle three years ago reported over 400,000 aggravated felons released in the two years previous.
A number I couldn't even believe.
I'm going from memory.
It was 400 and something thousand.
Just get it for yourselves.
Again, I can't do it all.
You're smart.
A lot of you already write for newspapers.
A lot of you already write.
Write articles.
We'll post them.
You got some website you want to plug?
Put a link at the bottom.
I don't care.
I can't.
I can verbally analyze all this.
We can write ten articles a day with four writers.
Most newspapers, you know, their writers put out one thing a week.
We are working around the clock here.
But the illegal aliens, the point is, the illegal aliens, literally when they get stopped at these checkpoints, they're just left alone.
Oh, they're drunk driving?
Oh, you don't have insurance?
Oh, you don't have an ID card to get a bank account?
It's okay.
This is about controlling us, the dumb cattle.
I was driving to work this morning and saw three motorcycle cops and two squad cars.
I drive about six miles to work.
And they were pulling over people, giving them tickets.
The coffee shop got robbed two weeks ago.
The police refused to come out.
The house behind my office just got robbed.
And whoever did it urinated all over the table and vandalized things.
And the cops won't even come out.
But you'll write some one of us fat hogs up a ticket.
We're here to be bled and sucked off of.
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It's Alex Jones, only on the GCN Radio Network.
Dr. Paul Craig Roberts is joining us in the next segment to talk about the police state and big developments there.
We also have Michael Chosodosky, professor, coming on to talk about the handover of Kosovo to the New World Order.
Larry Pratt with the attack on the Second Amendment.
But to make a long story short, we've gotten federal documents, we've gotten training memorandums.
The police don't even know this themselves.
But they're there to collect revenue and keep the highways clean.
They're there to clean up wrecks.
Many more cops die each year of being hit while they're out writing tickets.
You'll see them hanging their butts right out in traffic.
I try to go around them.
They're getting hit all the time, risking their lives to write tickets.
It's all about raising money.
But the illegal aliens are above the law, A. And I've had Austin cops tell me, yeah, we're basically told not to arrest illegal aliens because they just let them go anyways.
They get in trouble.
They get written up.
It's frowned upon.
You don't touch the gods.
No, you touch the dumb, trained slaves that think they're free.
The arrogant, know-it-all fat cattle to the American people.
That's it.
So there's this coffee shop over here.
Somebody crowbars in and breaks in.
They called the cops, and the cops said, yeah, we'll be there in two hours.
Never showed up.
Behind me, and this is a middle-class area.
I'm in a residential area, but kind of in a little business park area.
They broke into the house behind us, tore everything up, stole a bunch of stuff, and then urinated all over their living room.
Just scum.
Cops wouldn't come out.
I happen to know there are drug dealers down the street.
I have seen before, this was about 12 years ago, or it was about 10 years ago, there was this gas station down the street from my house, which was run by some foreigners, and they were openly running whores out the front.
I mean, within six months of them taking it over, it stunk in there, they didn't really have food on the shelves, they still had gas, but they had hookers out front, and I'd pull in to get gas, and I'd see them women getting in the cars, going and talking to the guy at the counter, saw them selling drugs, it was clearly drugs,
I pull up.
These cops have got somebody pulled over.
I wait until they leave, and I pull up, and I go, listen, about a quarter mile from here, they're dealing drugs and running whores.
And they said, okay, give us the info, and they drove off.
Nothing ever happened.
I mean, if you were a cop, how about Fourth Amendment?
You could just park down the street in an unmarked car.
You could watch the hookers.
You could watch the drugs.
You can go stop them right there.
No, no, no, no, no.
No, that stuff's shipped in by the bosses.
You've got to go bust the teenagers that have the marijuana cigarette.
That's right.
You've got to bust somebody who's had three beers and take them to jail and ruin their lives.
And look, my point here is this.
That 15 years ago, I lived down here in Austin, but I had an old girlfriend in Dallas, and I was up there visiting with her.
My Mustang gets stolen.
I call the police.
I'm polite.
I say, please come out.
I want to make a report.
And they say, we don't come out for stolen cars.
We don't even make reports.
But we'll call you when it's found or if it's found.
So I said, okay, and hung up the phone.
Wasn't even rude.
Ten minutes later, two cops knock on the door, open the door.
They push their way in.
They're looking around, and I go, what's going on here?
And I said, are you here for the stolen car?
And they go, no, you hung up the phone.
Why did you do that?
And I said, well, she said they couldn't help me.
I just hung up.
You don't hang up until we say you can.
Then they went around searching around for something.
And that's the old joke in third world cess countries.
It's well known in third world cess pits, which we now are becoming.
I mean, we're almost there.
We're basically in most areas now.
We're pathetic scum.
Let's just admit how scumbag we are.
We have a scumbag population, scumbag cops, scumbag corrupt government, just total scum.
And so, in the third world, you don't call the cops because when they come by, they're going to take you to jail.
You don't call the cops in Mexico or Guatemala or Nicaragua or El Salvador.
I mean, I was down in Belize last year, down there on a vacation, and you just see the cops are just dirtbag criminals.
Everybody's scared of them.
They run around on a power trip look in their face.
That's what America is becoming.
So just don't give me the baloney anymore.
You're going to have checkpoints everywhere and searches on the streets and on the buses and just goons everywhere, and that's what the economy's shifting over to?
But when your car gets stolen, they won't come out.
When your office gets broken into, they won't come out.
When somebody breaks in, robs your house blind, and then urinates everywhere, it's funny!
Now, in the old days, the cops would search them out, hunt them down, throw the book at people that were caught with stolen goods.
Not anymore.
They don't even come out, ladies and gentlemen, when your house gets robbed.
And then I lived in Austin.
When I lived in Austin...
Same car.
Somebody knocks the window out, steals the stereo.
I call the cops, and they say, Oh, that's private property, those apartments.
We can't even come on there.
But they're running around with their tow trucks, towing cars off.
They didn't get their sticker right the day the sticker goes out.
I mean, you know what?
This is a criminal, bloated, disgusting, worm-eaten government feeding on us.
Your calls are coming up.
Stay with us.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Pienso que un sueño parecido no volverá más Que me pintaba las manos y la cara de azul Y de provisa del viento la vida me dejó
Charles, Steve, Becky, Jack, Jim, we're going to get to all your calls.
Our next guest isn't on until halfway into the next hour, so I'll get your calls in the next 20-30 minutes.
I want to hear from you.
I got a bunch of other news on the economy, on cancer links, to heavy cell phone use, on what's happening in Pakistan.
It's a big news day.
Larry Pratt joining us in the third hour about the massive, sustained, organized, bipartisan attack on the Second Amendment.
They're getting slicker.
They're not announcing it.
They're just doing it.
Real challenges ahead of us, but...
Dr. Paul Craig Roberts emailed us this, and I'm glad this is getting attention because this is in my book, The Sentence to Tyranny.
Congress of the United States, House of Representatives, 1997, encloses information pertaining to the Army policy and guidance for establishing civilian inmate labor programs and civilian prison camps.
Now, this started in 86 secretly.
Thank you, Alex.
What do you think is most important?
What's on your mind, first topic?
Well, Alex, I thought this Protect America Act that the Democrats in Congress have let expire, and Bush says this means we're going to be blown up by terrorists.
I think it's worth focusing on this.
The notion that we have to have the Protect America Act is absurd.
Because we already have the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act.
It's a 30-year-old act, and it lets the executive branch spy, and all it has to do is get a warrant from a secret court.
In fact, it can even start spying and then go get the warrant.
But the warrant does provide some accountability.
It makes it difficult for...
The president to spy on the opposite political party, for example.
Because in order to do that, he would have to lie to the federal judges on the separate court in order to get a warrant.
He would have to say, oh, I'm going to go spy on terrorists and not tell them he's really spying on Obama or Senator Kennedy or whoever.
And that, of course, would be another felony.
And so it is some accountability on the executive branch under FISA.
What they've had for the last year, which expired on the 15th of February, is the Protect America Act that they got through Congress by bullying and telling everybody we were going to be blown up if they didn't pass it.
And we've got to love that Orwellian name.
It's like the Patriot Act.
Yeah, that's right.
Protect America.
Very Orwellian.
But what you see is the only difference between it and the existing FISA Act is that
Under the Protect American Act, there's no accountability whatsoever.
The President doesn't have to...
Explain who he's spying on or why or anything.
Well, they're blanket blank checks, and it's anybody of interest.
And the bigger issue here is they committed all these felonies, and now they're trying to retroactively have Congress do something in England.
A secret police bureau has just been discovered that was spying on all members of Parliament, basically.
So, I mean, this is serious.
Yes, but you see, exactly, everything you said is right, but it's serious also because it's establishing another precedent that the president isn't accountable except to himself.
In other words, it's an elevation of the office, it's another step in the elevation of the office into a dictatorship.
And we also, also what has come out is
They claim they didn't start this illegal spying until after 9-11.
But we now have in court documents statements by Joseph Nascio, the former CEO of Quest Communications, who says that his firm was approached more than six months prior to the September 11th attack and asked to participate in a spying operation.
That Quest believed to be illegal.
And when Quest refused, the Bush administration withdrew opportunities for contracts worth hundreds of millions of dollars.
And the CEO himself was subsequently indicted for insider trading.
That is incredible influence peddling, extortion.
That is corrupt to the core.
I mean, that is right out of the racketeering laws.
That's right.
What we have here is a criminal administration, and they're doing everything they can to elevate the office of presidency into a dictatorship in which there's no accountability.
And that's what they're striving for, and what they keep telling the Americans is, oh, if we have to be accountable, you won't be safe.
You can't be safe unless the president is unaccountable.
By the way, under the old system that still had some vestiges of the Fourth Amendment, all these different FBI offices from Phoenix to Chicago to Minneapolis-St.
Paul to Dallas found out about the specific reported patsy hijackers and even said, hey, we think they're planning to fly them into the World Trade Center, and they were ordered...
Yeah, there's no difference in the spying.
Under FISA or under the Protect America Act.
This is just domestic and can be done secretly.
The only difference is there's no accountability for the president so that
If there's no accountability for one thing, why should there be accountability for another?
And doesn't this fit in with the rest of the pattern, the John Warner Defense Authorization Act that says for domestic insurrection, use the military, abolish the governors, you know, basically abolish the National Guards, local control, Bush and his PED 51, saying that he is above Congress during continuity of government.
I mean, all of this fits together into a picture.
Yeah, I think that's what it does.
They're trying everything they can possibly do to create an unaccountable executive that's not restrained by law, the Constitution, the judiciary, or the Congress, and certainly not by the American people.
And the Protect America Act is another element in this removing all restraints on the executive body.
Now, you know, of course, the founding fathers had the opposite view.
They said that American people cannot possibly be safe unless the president is accountable and under many restraints.
But the argument that we're getting from the Bush administration and from the brown shirts is that Americans, people, won't be safe unless
The president is unaccountable and has dictatorial power.
Only then can he protect... Well, that's what Mussolini and Hitler and, you know, the first person, the first real dictator who made people carry papers was Julius Caesar.
And then under the Byzantine Roman Empire, they made everybody carry papers.
And you would be arrested if you weren't found out
That's right.
It's elevating the presidency into a dictatorship, and the
And the Congress will become like the Roman Senate under the Caesars.
It's just a kind of a decoration which has no power.
And I think that people need to understand that this whole war on terror is a contrivance in order to concentrate power in the executive branch.
That's all it is.
I don't actually believe that there really is a war on terror.
I think it's a hoax.
And the only terrorist attack that we know of is 9-11.
And if you pay any attention, you're very suspicious that that was anything other than an inside job.
And the terrorists in Iraq, we created by invading.
There weren't any there until we went there.
And the Taliban in Afghanistan are most certainly not terrorists.
They were involved in a civil war within Afghanistan.
So the whole thing is a hoax, and what has been achieved in the war on terror is, of course, to create numerous terrorist recruits for bin Laden, but primarily it's been
To accumulate massive power in the office of the presidency in the United States.
And then what they do is, if there's another staged event, a provocateur event, or another event because of open borders, there are some real terrorists, though it's low-intensity, you know, small bombs, shootings, stabbings, as we see in Israel, when it is real, in some cases.
Israel's also been caught staging events.
That's been in Haratz and Jerusalem Post, for those that didn't know.
Then the dictator gets to say, oh, see, terrorists hit us again because you didn't let me protect you, and now the law has, quote, elapsed.
Bush is freaking out, saying, if you don't do this, if you don't pass this again and give me immunity to commit these felonies, then terrorists are going to get you.
Yeah, that's right.
It makes you wonder if they're well enough organized, the Bush crowd, to stage an event.
And then they could blame the Democrats and probably smash them in the November election.
Right now.
I don't know that they're well enough organized or whether it's already planned because it's very strange.
Democrats offered to temporarily extend the Protect America Act while they worked out a better bill.
And Bush said, no.
You can pass it exactly as I extended it or you're making us
So even according to his game rules, they were going to, quote, protect us by destroying the Fourth Amendment, but he used a technicality to say no so he can grandstand.
So he can grandstand, or if you think they're capable of it, organize something that he can say was terrorist and the Democrats are responsible because they didn't give him these
These powers.
I guess you've also spoken to your audience about the fact that having been defeated in Iraq, we're now paying 80,000 Sunni insurgents $800,000 a day not to attack us.
That's right.
In fact, that was the stratagem to begin with, was to build up three different warlord groups fighting with each other to keep Iraq de-industrialized, to suppress the flow of oil, to then jack up prices and have a black hole to pump money and money laundering and no-bid contracts in.
But I think they've overplayed, and there is some evidence it's falling apart, but that's the order out of chaos.
Remember the tens of billions of dollars a month they were shipping in on big pallets and then paying out to the troops?
Privates get 40 grand in a year, colonels get a million, generals get untold millions.
That's also a process of corrupting our troops for black ops later here domestically.
Can you comment on that?
Well, I don't know enough about that to comment.
But what I find interesting is that the out-of-pocket cost to Uncle Sam of the war in Iraq is $275 million a day.
But they've bought off the opposition for a mere $800,000 a day.
So that's only about three-tenths of 1%.
So I expect soon that the Sunni leaders will hire consultants
...to come in and advise them on how to up their share.
They ought to get more of the savings than three-tenths of one percent.
I mean, you would think if we split it with them, and they were getting half the daily cost of the war, but even that, you see, would be cheaper than McCain's hundred-year war.
But it's only a matter of time until other groups and even the same groups start staging events and then demanding new, larger payoffs.
And I noticed, you know, these bought Sunnis now have walked off the job.
And it's because an airstrike went awry and killed them.
And I wondered if they won't use this walk-off to up their demand for a higher bribe.
Well, see, Dr. Roberts, you're not evil.
And so your brain, I guess you haven't studied it as much as maybe I have.
You know a lot of stuff I don't, but I may know a few things you're not, or just aren't ready to accept.
We have evidence, we have documents, that they were actually funding insurgents.
Well, nothing would surprise me.
We know that we're at war.
On the basis of an undeclared agenda, every reason that the United States government has ever given for the invasion of Iraq has proved to be a total fabricated lie.
And so we do know they have never told us why.
I mean, we might speculate the reason that they did it, but they have never told us why they invaded Iraq.
What their real reason was has never been given to us.
Every reason
They've officially given, of course they've changed the reasons of time, we know is false.
So we have this war, a very expensive war, in many ways expensive, and we don't know what the reason is for that war, or if we know it's only because we speculated it.
Our government has not ever told us the real reason.
You're absolutely right.
In the final segment, Dr. Roberts, I want to switch gears into your take on the civilian inmate camp program.
Also, where you see the economy going, what you think the $600 a person stimulus package is going to do, and what you think of the different political candidates.
That's quite a mouthful.
Maybe we'll keep you over five or ten minutes into the second hour if you can do that.
If not, we'll let you go at the end of the hour coming up after the break.
Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, of course, is also a syndicated columnist.
You can just type his name, Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, into Google and see thousands of different editorials and great analysis that he's written.
We link to him daily whenever he writes stories at InfoWars.com and PrisonPlanet.com.
But we'll come right back and talk about the economy, talk about the unfolding police state, the announcements that they want to search everybody, getting on Amtrak trains now.
This is out of the New York Daily News.
Homeland Security told us four years ago, five years ago they were going to do that.
Why is that a surprise?
This country is becoming Nazi Germany.
We'll be right back.
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Dr. Paul Craig Roberts is our guest.
And he'll be with us into... I forgot to ask you during the break.
Dr. Roberts, can you stay with us into the next segment, just under five minutes?
Okay, great, because we won't have time in just this five-minute segment.
The economy.
Again, you're more of a, not a forecaster, more of an economist who tries to develop a program, but...
Where do you see it going?
We keep getting mixed signals of we're not even in a recession to we're going to go into a depression depending on which government individual speaking.
What do you see happening?
How do you see the White House handling this?
Are they handling it well?
No, they're not handling it well.
They're deluded.
If you want to know the honest truth, as far as I can tell, Alex, the statistics on which we rely have been
So tweaked over the years in order to put a rosy spin on things, that they're no longer reliable.
The unemployment numbers aren't reliable.
The gross domestic product numbers aren't reliable.
It overstates what the real growth is.
The unemployment understates the unemployment.
The numbers greatly understate the inflation.
Each administration wanting to put a spin on things monkeyed with them a little bit.
And over the time period, they're just completely now misleading.
So as far as I can tell, we're already in a recession.
It's going to be very difficult to get out of it because traditionally,
The way the government has gotten us out of the recession is to pump up the money supply with a lot of credit.
But the American people are so overwhelmed with debt, they don't qualify for any more credit.
So it's going to be hard to pump it out through the banking system, plus the banks are in terrible condition.
Well, we've had other bubbles in the 70s, bubbles in 87, bubbles in 2000, but am I right in saying this is the big one, or does this look to you like this is the end of the bubbles, or like a mega bubble?
Well, I think what I'm trying to get at is I think this time,
They can't pump up consumer demand because they can't expand credit.
People are already too indebted.
And the tax rebate that they're going to give people, that's going to disappear paying off existing bills.
Appendance, Jim.
See, everybody has died.
They're submerged in credit card debt.
It's not going to...
We're very much new consumption.
So when you try to drive the economy through consumption, as we have done in this post-war period, except for a short period of Reaganomics, when you drive the economy through consumption, what you're doing is accumulating debt.
And we build up the debt and the debt and the debt and the debt, and it reaches the point where no one can accept any more debt.
And the banks don't want to lend to people.
Now, we haven't hit the wall yet, have we?
I mean, what's going to happen to all these people on fixed incomes with the inflation compounding each year?
Their real incomes are going to go down.
You see, one of the reasons you can tell the numbers are rigged is, according to the productivity numbers and the GDP numbers,
We've had, you know, reasonable economic growth, high productivity, and yet the median family income has been stagnant.
And it's not possible that you can have rising gross domestic product and rising productivity and not have rising income.
And so we've probably been in a recession for some time.
Stay there.
Stay there, sir.
We've got to break back in 70 seconds.
I want to hear where we're going.
You are listening to GCN.
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You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Final segment with Dr. Paul Craig Robertson.
I know callers called in before I even gave the number out, so we'll get to Charles and others that are holding out.
A bunch of other news we'll get to.
All right, with me interrupting you, Dr. Roberts, the short and sweet of it, with everybody leveraged out, matched out, the inflation compounding, government debt skyrocketing, Bush wants hundreds of billions for...
Mexico to build up their infrastructure.
I mean, it's just wild what's happening.
Where do you see this going, and when do we hit the wall?
I mean, is it going to unravel faster, or do you think it's just going to stagnate?
I think we hit the wall is when the dollar goes as reserve currency.
And that's been happening sort of gradually.
The foreign central banks have been substituting on the margin euros for dollars.
So the dollar now is probably just a little over half of world currency reserves, whereas it used to be like 90% or more.
So it's gradually coming down.
And what may happen with the Bush regime now, because
The trade deficits continue to explode with all the offshoring of our capacity and the hiring of foreign labor.
And the budget deficits are exploding from the war and now from the recession.
And, of course, from the tax rebate.
That's another $150 billion.
So the foreigners have been financing the budget deficits.
But whether they want to finance it when they see it doubling or worse, they've been financing the trade deficit by acquiring ownership of our existing assets so that the foreigners own more and more and more of the United States.
And it looks like both parties are just accelerating.
You know, the $147 million to Mexico, the rest of it, it's as if they're acting like they know it's all going to blow, and so they're just getting out with as much money out of the vault as they can, or what's your take?
Well, it could be that.
I think it's just a hubris.
They think they're a superpower, and they don't realize, I don't think, the consequences, and so they'll be caught up short.
You know, the day that they can't finance the budget deficit means they can't finance the government.
You know, a recent Treasury auction, normally when the Treasury auctions new bonds or bills to pay its bills, these things are oversubscribed several times.
The last one wasn't.
It was oversubscribed, but not by much.
And that's kind of a sign that people say, well, we've got enough of these things.
The same with the trade deficit.
How many more companies and real estate and toll roads do foreigners want to acquire?
Well, that's another thing.
The government just keeps adding more police and adding more tickets and checkpoints and fines and fees and all this fake global warming, greenhouse taxes that all these states are passing.
The feds are getting ready to do it.
I mean, they're acting like they're never going to.
They're just running on into the sunset.
Yes, but despite all the money they collect, they're still all running deficits in their budgets.
And that's what's going to break it.
I think it's going to hit the wall when the dollar loses its reserve currency role, and then they simply can't pay for things.
And that's happening incrementally.
I mean, when do you see that finally happening?
I don't know.
That's up to people like the Chinese and the Japanese and the Saudis and, to a lesser extent, the Europeans.
I don't know.
And I don't think the Bush crowd have given up on attacking Iran.
You know, I forgot to ask you about Iran, and I forgot to ask you about the election.
Do you like any of these candidates?
Ron Paul's basically out of it now?
I think the only question is whether Obama is better than Hillary.
He's certainly better than McCain.
I think Obama might be a bit better.
Hold on, hold on.
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Because there's a war on for your mind.
We're going to cover the handover of Kosovo to NATO as a NATO aircraft carrier, basically.
Big attack on the Second Amendment.
Larry Pratt for about 30 minutes in the third hour.
Your calls are coming up, but I wanted to hold Dr. Roberts over so he could finish up his statement about the candidates.
We've got Barack Obama promising everybody nationalized health care.
Hillary says one worse.
She'll forcibly take your money, garnish your wages, levy them to pay for it.
We've got McCain running around wanting open borders, gun control.
I don't believe Republicans are voting for him.
Something's rotten in the state of Denmark.
I agree.
Hillary and McCain, Barack Obama, just because he hasn't been in power that long, we don't have as much baggage.
But it's like being in a latrine and having a choice of what's floating around.
I don't want to bathe in any of it.
And like you said, Robert, it's all from the same Washington system.
I find it very curious that we're ending up with these three candidates.
Well, why?
I mean...
Why is it curious?
The powers that be supply the money.
It's very hard to be a candidate without money and without name recognition.
The American people are so clueless that when they get somebody who would actually defend the Constitution, like Ron Paul or even Dennis Kucinich, they haven't got the wits to vote for them.
And so you always end up with somebody financed by the Israel lobby,
The military security complex, the pharmaceutical companies.
And moreover, even if you get somebody in who's marginally better, like I think Obama might be, he has to staff his government from what's available.
And he can't get anybody confirmed by the Senate that the Israel lobby opposes or that the military security complex opposes.
Or any other powerful interest group opposes.
So it's very difficult for any president to do any change.
Reagan managed some change, and he managed to get a few people in, but he was immensely popular and had a sweeping victory, and he had a personality that just sort of was hard to...
Well, I'll say this for Barack Obama.
He's called for a global tax and the rest of it, and he's obviously a New World Order type, but he's clearly been cheated in New Hampshire.
He's clearly been cheated in New York.
There were areas of New York where he got zero votes.
By the way, some of those were in Harlem.
That's right.
Yeah, tens of thousands of votes in a district, and he gets zero.
And now Clinton has said she's going to go after his delegates, people that are representing votes that were for him.
Richmond Mayor Douglas Walder predicts riots in the streets of Clinton campaign were to overturn an Obama lead.
So it is clear that Clinton isn't really doing as well as they say she is and that she's trying to steal it.
Do you think that's just the Clinton machine on their own, or do you think that's the establishment behind her?
I think it's the establishment and the Republicans.
I think it's the Republican program, Diebold,
Electronic voting machines.
They're all programmed with proprietary Republican software.
And I think the Republicans want Hillary.
Even George W. Bush has said that she's the best candidate among the Democrats.
That's right, and they've been helping write her speeches.
The Fox News people have been raising money for her.
And Limbaugh endorsed her over McCain last week, and he was serious.
Yeah, and so did Ann Coulter, didn't she?
So, when you see the far right, like Coulter and Lindbaugh, I think that she's easier to control and she's no different from Bush.
There'll be continuity.
Nothing will change.
Instead of having maybe the architect of Bush's bombing of Iraq, she'll have the architect of Clinton's bombing of Serbia.
So, it'll be the same mentality, doing the same
And I think that it is organized to try to make her the candidate.
I don't think the neocons see anything, any substantial difference between her and McCain or her and Bush.
So I think that that's what they're pushing for and that they will certainly do everything they can to steal it from Obama.
And some people actually have
They forecast that he'll be assassinated if he prevails.
You know that British... Nobel laureate.
Nobel laureate.
She said that they'll shoot him down the streets.
I think that there is a risk of that.
If you look at the leaders who came up that weren't easily controllable, John Kennedy, his brother Robert...
It's Governor Wallace from Alabama.
Reagan got shot by a good Bush family friend.
Reagan got shot.
Martin Luther King was shot.
They always blame a kook.
Of course, the kook never shoots any member of the establishment.
It's always the people who are hard to control that get it.
Or a little bit harder to control to get shot.
So bottom line, Dr. Roberts, I appreciate all the time.
I guess your forecast is we're just going into even more dangerous waters than ever.
I think that what's going to happen is the United States is going to be destroyed by the hubris and self-righteousness of the American establishment.
I think that
Is what's going to destroy them.
They're not aware of the seriousness of the problems that we face.
But there's still a huge police state apparatus that's going to be left and all these bureaucracies.
And so I just see us kind of like a third world country where everybody's scared of the cops and we're just a huge third world cesspit.
Yeah, that's it.
Particularly if they disarm us.
Otherwise we can go into gangs and fight back.
But we're likely to be disarmed.
But that, I think, will be a telltale action when they do that.
You know, I want to ask the rich people in this country, and by rich I mean upper middle class people worth $10, $20, $30, $100 million, who think they're members of the elite, and then even some of the big billionaires.
I mean, do we really want to do this?
I know a lot of wealthy people.
I know a lady worth more than $6 billion who's moved to New Zealand.
I know a lot of the big Hollywood people are getting out of the country.
It seems like even people in the power structure or in the higher echelons don't like it and are leaving.
I guess it's just the military-industrial complex slash Israel lobby just has to have it their way and has to destroy the country.
Yeah, that's it.
I don't think they realize that they are destroying it because they're full of hubris.
Well, a lot of big-money people, Doctor, are leaving.
What do they know?
Well, they've got enough money to hedge their bets, I guess.
You know, the trouble with leaving, unless you're very rich, is you go to a foreign country, you don't know the language, you don't have any connections.
If something goes wrong there, they're likely to blame foreigners.
Plus, your government can still claim you and have you extradited, and it's hard to get away.
Well, you know, the U.S.
is one of the hardest countries now, I was reading, to get out with your money and have them leave you alone.
That's right.
The IRS can simply say that you left for tax reasons and therefore you're still a citizen and you're still subject to tax.
They can make you pay it even if you have a different citizenship if they conclude that you left for tax reasons.
That's what the Romans did.
What the Roman government did to Roman citizens was they chained them up to their property.
They wouldn't let them flee.
And they had to stay there to collect the taxes for the Roman state.
So that, I think, we already see that.
I don't know that being real rich, I mean, you can buy you protection elsewhere if you're rich enough, or you can intermarry into a powerful foreign family or something like that.
I think that's what it takes to actually get away.
Yeah, very few can escape.
And plus, they're setting up this system worldwide.
Dr. Roberts, thank you for spending time with us today.
I really appreciate it.
When's your new book coming out, your new edition?
It's coming out next month, Alex.
It's The Journey of Good Intentions.
It's all updated, new material.
It shows how the United States government has turned the law...
From a shield of the people into a weapon in its hand.
Well, it's gone from common law to Roman civil law.
Yeah, to dictatorial law.
Can I have my producer contact you after the show just to find out who I should contact to get the best deal on carrying your book?
I read the first edition and should have carried that.
I need to carry the second edition.
I want to have that at the InfoWars online bookstore, Dr. Roberts.
Well, thank you, Alex.
Of course I'll wait for your producer.
Of course.
He'll be calling you in about two or three minutes.
Thank you, Dr. Roberts.
Thank you, Alex, for sharing your audience.
You bet.
Thank you for coming on.
Okay, listen, I didn't open the phones up at the start of the show.
And 30 minutes in, I was notified that the phones were loaded.
And then I saw that one of my good buddies, Charles from Louisiana, called in.
So I said, okay, I'll take calls.
I'm not taking calls.
Sorry to everybody that's been holding.
You called in, and I said, okay, I'll humor you.
I'll take them.
I wasn't intending to take them right away.
So I'm just going to let everybody go.
Because I've got news I'm behind on that I have to cover.
I think?
I think?
There's this video where the lady is arguing with a cop.
He turns the camera off.
When the camera turns back on, she's in a pool of blood.
He knocked her teeth out, blackened both her eyes, and he said she just fell and hit her head.
It is a big idea.
A new world order.
In the near future, Earth is dominated by a powerful government.
It's known as the Bilderberg.
Would their objective be world domination?
For thousands of years, their dark order grew.
Now, as they hail the birth of the new world order, their great dream of exterminating 80% of humanity is at hand.
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Okay, we've got five, six, seven of these every day.
Cops beating up kids on skateboards for no reason.
Just beating up people, picnicking now.
Just running up, screaming.
Just going psychopathically insane.
There's this drunk woman.
They had charged her with DWI after the case of this cop and he got in all this trouble.
They threw a bunch of more charges on her.
Just no conscience, no nothing.
Just fake charges.
I mean, I've seen my listeners charged for handing out my videos and Ron Paul videos.
I've seen it in the newspaper, and they'll take you to trial saying, yeah, those videos are anti-government.
I felt threatened by them.
I want you to serve six years in the pen, boy.
Just total mental illness where they just think we're scum and here to be fed on.
Again, you can't get the cops out when they break into your house, but boy, you drive five miles over the speed limit, you're going to learn.
You're here to be sucked off of, worm.
You got that?
Lick my boots!
Now, this woman, I mean, huge pool of blood, both eyes black, teeth knocked out, cuts all over.
I mean, hamburger meat.
Hamburger meat.
The cop walks over, turns the camera off, beats the daylights out of her, turns it back on and says, oh, she fell down.
Yeah, right.
Sounds like Fannie Malick in Arkansas, the medical examiner, where people have their arms and legs and head cut off.
And then the police would say, oh, they committed suicide.
And the government loves you.
Let's go ahead and play part of this newscast.
Here it is.
I'm disturbing, and we warn you of that police video.
A woman suspected of drunk driving ends up on the floor of a police station.
How did she get there?
The incident was caught on tape, but David Muir is back here now because it seems that a key portion of the tape is missing.
Yeah, this is a classic case of he said, she said, Diane.
But as you mentioned, it all comes down to what's on the tape, or more importantly, what's not there.
And we want to warn you this morning that the video is really quite tough to watch.
You're not doing what we told you about.
You're not doing what we told you about.
Angela Garbarino, seen here, was arrested last November on suspicion of DWI by Shreveport, Louisiana police.
On the tape, you can hear her repeated demands to make a phone call.
I have a right to call somebody right now.
They know that.
Is it correct?
It's good.
Wiley Willis, the arresting officer, has been trying to read her her rights, but he runs out of patience and things turn ugly.
What happens after that is a mystery.
Because as you can see, the officer turns off the camera.
When the recording resumes, Garbarino is lying in a pool of her own blood.
Another officer takes a look before she's taken away on a stretcher.
Garbarino suffered two black eyes and cuts to her face, along with two broken teeth and bruises.
She says the officer beat her up.
Willis was fired, but a statement from his attorney says he turned off the tape, quote, in accordance with normal practice.
And added, the suspect tried to leave the room.
In the process of stopping her, she fell and injured herself.
Experts who reviewed the footage say at the very least, the officer should have called for female backup.
I think you have a situation here where the arrested person is refusing to cooperate and the police officer...
Apparently overreacting.
And you can see this morning why so many people are reacting to this.
Police decided not to file criminal charges against the officer, saying no one knows for sure what happened because the tape was off.
Garbarino faces trial and charges of DWI, hit and run, driving and reckless driving, and she denies those charges.
Meantime, the officer is appealing his firing.
A Shreveport police spokesman says there's no specific law, but typically suspects in Shreveport get processed, booked,
See, they make it all about policies.
I mean...
Any idiot knows this woman didn't fall down and hit her head.
You fall down, you can get a cut.
Or you can get a black eye, but not double black eyes, teeth knocked out, cuts all over, I mean, huge pool of blood.
I mean, they just treat us like we're total idiots.
But I want to tell the police something.
I know all police don't act like this, but it's encouraged.
In some jurisdictions, it's supported.
And these videos are all coming out, and people are seeing it all.
The women getting strip-searched by men.
People getting beat up for no reason.
I've seen so many videos myself, people I know, where they don't even touch the cop, and the cop slams them on the ground and then charges them with assault.
That's wrong.
That's bearing false witness, and it doesn't matter.
The whole country's going to fall apart anyways.
You'll get yours one way or the other.
You'll get it with us.
You like tyranny?
You laugh at us when we tell you sodium fluoride eats your brain?
You laugh at us and we tell you there's mercury in the shots, you believe in the system?
Go ahead.
Keep shipping the narcotics in, keep taking our kids to jail, keep building more prisons.
You're not going to get out of your own trap either.
You're the one that dished it out, now you get to take a big bite of it.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
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We're back live, ladies and gentlemen.
We'll be talking to Professor
Michelle Jasodowski from Canada, runs globalresearch.ca.
Great analysis.
There in just a moment.
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I think?
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All right.
I really appreciate Michelle Chasadasi coming on.
And if you go up to his website, globalresearch.ca, you can read the story.
Kosovo, the U.S.
and the EU support a political process linked to organized crime.
I have one at a counterpunch.
NATO's Kosovo colony and...
Professor, if you can, just walk through the basic history for folks that don't know what the globalists did there in the 90s, how they used Al-Syayata, the opium, what they're doing there today.
Break it down for us.
Well, essentially, in 1999, what happened is that NATO invaded Yugoslavia.
They started bombing Yugoslavia.
Well, and then they invaded Kosovo at the end of that war.
And they used the pretext that this was a humanitarian crisis.
We know that that was a lie.
It's been proved that it wasn't a humanitarian crisis.
There wasn't any ethnic cleansing.
And they supported the KLA, the Kosovo Liberation Army, which is a paramilitary group which has links both to organized crime as well as to Al-Qaeda.
In fact, Al-Qaeda is very much
Now, you said something key.
It has been proven.
Everything you're saying is admitted in the mainline record.
It's just not publicized.
Well, it is not publicized.
I mean, it is so well documented.
Michael Levine, who's a former DEA, a good friend of mine, stated that the KLA...
Which was formerly headed by the current Prime Minister of Kosovo, Hashim Tashi, is known to every single police Interpol, Europol, and intelligence agencies throughout the world that this is a criminal organization.
It's responsible for war crimes.
It's linked to crime syndicates.
It's involved in the drug trade, prostitution, and you can, I mean, it's come out in so many different newspapers, and now what disturbs me in this Kosovo independence thing is that first of all, they don't mention the history of the invasion.
It was an illegal invasion of a country, and they present this as a real independence project, which in effect it's not.
It's simply a
It's a partition.
It's not a country.
And I want you to elaborate on that, but let me just give it my boil down, and then you comment or tell me if my historical research on this is accurate.
It's simple.
They came up with Operation Cyclone in 79 to use radical Wahhabist Muslims to attack the Soviets to get them to come into Afghanistan, and they basically, in the early 90s, said, let's launch, this is what they did, the same operation out of Albania,
Using these communists slash Muslims to go in and take over basically one-third of southern Serbia, historically theirs, forever, to then get the natural resources and balkanize to also control the drug trade and to have a base in the Balkans to further destabilize in a domino effect the next nation and the next nation.
So this is a new world order.
I think that's
I think that your description is correct.
It started with Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan.
Al-Qaeda was a CIA-sponsored operation.
And then they applied it in Bosnia in the early 90s, where they supported the Muslim army, which was integrated by Al-Qaeda Mujahideen, and the Clinton administration supported that.
And then in Kosovo, they sent in these people,
To establish, and of course, there's Bondsteel, Camp Bondsteel, which is a very large military base, which is there.
And the drug trade goes from Afghanistan right through Albania and Kosovo, which is a transshipment point for channeling heroin into Western Europe.
But what bothers me is that in the news coverage, they'll never mention that Hashim Tashi has a criminal record, that he's a war criminal.
The prime minister of that country and the previous prime ministers have criminal records and they're linked to the drug trade, and that this is not an independence project, it is the establishment of a
And, of course, you've studied this in depth.
You've written countless articles on the subject.
The incredible thing to me, Professor Chasadosky, is that...
The UN came in and backed all this in the early 90s, then the takeover in the late 90s.
I mean, the Serbs, and then the 2000 CIA stage coup of Slobo, then Slobo Milajevic is poisoned in his jail cell at The Hague.
The UN says he poisoned himself.
How would he get poisoned?
I mean, this is incredible.
Right out in front of everybody, here is our government and NATO openly working with Al-Qaeda, openly working with drug dealers.
This is pure evil.
Well, absolutely.
It's pure evil, but it's also the fact that it's the criminalization of the whole so-called international community of NATO, the European Union, and the United States.
And it's the links to organized crime, but it's also the fact that these political and military entities are controlling organized crime.
They're working hand-in-glove with organized crime.
And they actually admitted, I have a quotation from the Heritage Foundation, it's dated May 99, and they say, they say, well, despite the KLA's unusual ideological roots, okay, Marxism, presumably, and apparent ties to organized crime, so they acknowledge it, and then they said we should still work with these guys.
And then they say, well, but their crimes in any event can't be compared to those which were committed by the Serbs, which of course is an absolute lie.
But, you know, this is the background of falsehoods.
They don't say, or at least they didn't say at the time, the KLA doesn't have links to organized crime.
In fact, they said, yes, they do.
But now they say, oh, wow, that was back in the 90s, these guys, Hashimpashi, they're no longer criminals, they're good guys.
But they don't even say that because it doesn't even come out in the newspapers that these guys were linked to criminal syndicates and involved in targeted assassinations and so on.
Well, Michael, I mean, here's the $64 million question.
Why did the establishment, why did NATO want to go in and take over?
I'll give my take from their own admissions.
Serbia was building its own auto plants, its own aircraft plants.
They had a lot of natural resources.
It was becoming very popular.
Europeans were vacationing there.
They were building big 30-, 40-, 50-story skyscrapers, glistening.
Areas of it looked like London or Paris.
They had a lot of great lakes and a lot of nice places to go.
And the New World Order came and said, you better take our central banks, you better let us run things, and they said no, so they hired a bunch of Al-Qaeda, who've always worked for the globalists, to go in and attack them, and they bombed the whole country with depleted uranium, and now they've done this, and then that leads into Russia's rightful response to be upset about this.
I mean, this is such an illustration...
Of the total intellectual bankruptcy of the elite that's running things.
So why did the elite do this, A?
B, what is Russia's response going to be?
Well, first of all, I think we have to go back to a national security decision directive of the Reagan administration.
I believe it's 1981, which ultimately states very clearly that
That the objective is to destabilize Yugoslavia.
Okay, so that that national security decision directive was issued.
And then they went through a whole process of economic destabilization through IMF reforms.
They destroyed the Federation in 1990 by...
Preventing the federal government from financing the republics.
Okay, so it literally led to the breakup of the Federation.
And then they started financing insurgencies and paramilitary groups.
And essentially, as you said, Al-Qaeda.
Al-Qaeda is a creation of the CIA and was used extensively in the Balkans, in Kosovo, in Bosnia, and also in...
And also in Macedonia.
And the case of Macedonia is very interesting because, in fact, Al-Qaeda operatives were caught together with U.S.
military advisors just a couple of months before 9-11.
And we have pictures of these guys, and then they say, well, no, that was back in the Cold, you know, during the Cold War years, and we've had no links with Al-Qaeda.
But there were links with Al-Qaeda documented
And again, Macedonia, that's the northern part off of Greece.
For those that don't know, that's to the east there.
That's right.
Go ahead.
It's the former Republic of Macedonia, and it is contiguous to Kosovo, and there's also an ethnic Albanian minority.
There's an ethnic Albanian minority in Macedonia.
And I suspect that what we're going to have now, you're going to have Kosovo,
You've got the ethnic minority in Macedonia, which is also linked up to Kosovo and you have Albania.
Most probably what they're going to now...
You know, Al-Qaeda really is the skeleton key, and for those that don't know what a skeleton key is, that was kind of the old-fashioned, you know, key, and you'd have a master skeleton key that could basically open most types of locks.
And Al-Qaeda is just this shadowy situation where they hire these paramilitary Muslim groups
We're good to go.
I mean, I'm not that smart.
I've talked to some of the general public.
They have been turned into slobbering animals, and they have no idea what's going on.
This dark force is militarizing everything.
They're going to do that right here.
I mean, we're in trouble.
Well, absolutely.
But I mean, I think the American public is a victim of media disinformation to such an extent that they can't even, even when the truth is actually presented...
The media has a way of turning things upside down and saying, well, these are bad guys, let's go ahead and torture them, okay?
And, of course, you don't find out whether they're bad guys until they've been tortured to death, okay?
And they only torture them because they need someone to go testify that they're guilty.
Well, yes, and they need a bogeyman for all the crimes that they've committed, including 9-11.
But I can't believe that it's admitted that Al-Qaeda's CIA, it's admitted they use them to attack the Serbs.
They don't even debate it.
Now, if we get back to Kosovo, this is a form of Al-Qaeda Republic.
Because the KLA is very much linked up to Al-Qaeda.
And so it's a CIA-controlled protectorate with the EU, NATO...
The United Nations, the U.S., all together with mercenaries, security companies, a thousand more experts have been sent, dispatched to Kosovo by the United States, 2,000 by the European Union, and the British are sending a thousand extra troops.
And let's not forget, DynCorp gets to kidnap children and women there.
That's been BBC.
Oh, yes, DynCorp is involved in the prostitution racket.
At least according to one report.
Basically, these black operators, they just like black holes to have fun.
Just nice little hell pits, and they're using Kosovo now, the whole destabilization of the Balkans, as a set piece to continue the domino effect.
Stay there.
And of course, we'll be told about the next boogeyman, the next boogeyman, and they'll have somewhere for our high-tech bombers to drop bombs on people, and you'll feel good and stick stickers on your car and drive around feeling powerful.
You're idiot slaves.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Globalresearch.ca is a great website.
I just need to have him up for two hours sometime.
We're almost out of time.
I'm going to try to keep him five minutes in the next hour.
It's been years since I interviewed with the professor, and I'm glad to have him back on.
I'm jumping in a lot because I'm frothing angry.
To be the bad guys, to know the U.S.
is the bad guys, to know we're doing this, and to see the... And Europe's involved, too.
And to see the public thinking we're the good guys when this is so... And then, this is supposedly our enemy, the Muslims, but I'm the only one that's going to be at a checkpoint driving down the road in Austin now, and they're going to search the Amtrak trains...
The only way they're getting away with this, Professor, is I guess that we're just dumb as dirt.
I mean, is that it?
No, and I think we're not dumb.
I think that there's a very sophisticated and coordinated media campaign which is turning realities upside down to such an extent that we're prepared to accept anything.
And people are afraid.
They're scared.
They're scared of the truth.
And the truth is scary because what if, let's say, if the so-called international community, the United States, Europe, the UN, are supporting known criminals, people, bad guys linked to the drug trade, terrorists, and then they're telling us that the terrorists are the enemies of America, well, it's very hard to swallow.
It's very hard to swallow unless you've done mountains of research and then you know that it's real.
So what's the endgame?
Robert Bin Laden is enemy number one, but he's also intelligence asset number one, which is behind all these covert operations in support of insurgencies and so on.
That's right.
In fact, the MO we've got is that Bin Laden was involved helping the KLA.
Well, of course.
Bin Laden, and that's not... Actually, that is even corroborated by official sources and European press reports.
So there's no secret in that.
Bin Laden supported the KLA.
The CIA supported the KLA.
The German intelligence, Bundesnachrichtendienst, supported the KLA.
I think what bothered me at the time in the late 90s
Is that some of the people who were defending the KLA were so-called progressives.
They were saying, yes, it's a genuine liberation movement.
Well, that's because Clinton, they just want to worship the Democrats.
What's the endgame?
I mean, long-term, just continually getting the next group to kill the next group just to destabilize everything?
Well, I think the endgame as far as Yugoslavia is concerned, and that's
Something which has been planned for many years is to militarize that portion of southern, what used to be southern Yugoslavia, because it's an area of transit for the oil pipelines linking the Black Sea to the Adriatic.
And as we discussed earlier, it is also the transit point
For the heroin trade, which I've estimated to be in excess of $150 billion a year.
That's the cash, that's the street value of this trade.
That's just there?
Yeah, well, part of it goes through Kosovo.
So there's money laundering, there's protection.
Some of the money laundering then, in fact, is recycled into the sex trade.
Because Kosovo is also, Kosovo and Albania are the
The key criminal, have the key criminal organizations involved in that trade and the entry of women into Western Europe prostitution.
But not just women, children are kidnapping.
Children as well, children as well.
There's your loving government.
BBC reported in 2000, 1.2 million women kidnapped out of Central and Eastern Europe alone.
A large portion of them under the age of 10.
That's your loving government.
Professor Chasadosky, stay there.
I want to get your take, and I know you're an expert on this, on Russia.
Russia is rightfully very upset about this.
They rolled troops into Pristina.
We'll be right back.
Thank you for listening to GCN.
Be sure to visit GCNlive.com today.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas...
Alex Jones.
We're talking to award-winning author and economics professor Michael Jasodowski, current director of the Center for Research on Globalization, which hosts the critically acclaimed website globalresearch.ca.
He is also a contributor to the Encyclopedia Britannica.
He has worked with the United Nations on missions in Latin America and sub-Saharan Africa.
He has acted as an advisor to governments of developing nations.
He's also an author of international bestsellers, including The Globalization of Poverty, which is something I read that all of you should read.
I mean, we know that Russia's tied into the whole global crime syndicate, the Rockefellers, but I do see a split happening right now.
They're in Georgia, they're in Ukraine.
Putin's threatening to aim nukes back at them.
Bear bombers are...
Well, in fact, I think the Cold War never reached its climax.
It's been a continuous war of destabilization because, in effect, what the United States and its Western European allies
have been doing is establishing protectorates in the former in several of the former Soviet republics.
Azerbaijan is a good example.
And of course these countries are very important because they are the source of tremendous oil reserves.
I mean Azerbaijan, Georgia is more on the transit route of the oil pipelines.
This is a continuation of the Cold War and it has all the major features now of the Cold War with one very important difference is that under the Cold War assumptions we were talking about mutually assured destruction and nuclear weapons were considered to be the weapon of last resort.
It was under the notions of deterrence and today
The Pentagon is saying, well, let's go ahead and use nuclear weapons because they're harmless, quote, for the surrounding civilian population.
And they've redefined the nuclear doctrine.
They now have this preemptive nuclear doctrine, which, in fact, has just been acknowledged by a major NATO-sponsored document.
But they know that we don't want war, and so they just say it doesn't exist now.
Go ahead.
Well, what they're saying is that war, in effect, what the U.S.
military strategists are saying is that war is peace.
That you need to have war and you need to have nuclear war to prevent nuclear war.
It sounds absurd, but if you read the documents carefully, you'll see that's exactly what they're saying.
The most recent expression is the NATO-sponsored document which was published in December and which essentially says
That we should use nuclear weapons on a preemptive basis to prevent the spread of nuclear weapons.
And essentially what they're saying is that they favor a nuclear holocaust.
They never use the term nuclear holocaust.
They'll say, because they also say that nuclear weapons are safe for civilians.
A bit like cigarettes don't cause any cancer.
You just shift the labels on the bombs and then you say these bombs are safe for civilians.
That's a very important shift in military assumptions from the Cold War era to the present.
Do you think it shows intensifying hubris by the Western elite?
What do you mean by that?
I mean, they're just incredibly arrogant now.
Well, they're very arrogant.
They don't have much concern for
For human life.
It's a war of extermination up to a point.
I think that term is correct.
I mean, they don't care how many million people will be killed.
As long as their financial and economic objectives are met, which is the control of territory, the control of resources.
We're out of time.
I want to have you up in the near future for a full hour to talk about solutions.
Stay there.
I'd like to talk to you during the break.
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We're good to go.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Listen, folks, I need your help.
We had Willie Nelson on for a second hour-plus long interview yesterday.
He spoke out against the New World Order.
He spoke out in the last interview about open borders.
He spoke out about the war.
He talked about the North American Union taking over our existing roads.
We're good to go.
I think?
It'll definitely be at JonesReport.com, the first place it'll be.
I want your help getting this out to everybody, because Willie Nelson is really popular.
He's a great guy.
We need to reach out to his tens of millions of fans here in the U.S., hundreds of millions worldwide, because now he's talking about the New World Order.
Now he's talking about all these issues.
This is big.
And when we have a great tool like this, we need to use it.
I need your help.
You need my help.
Larry Pratt needs your help.
We need his help.
In the last year, I've called it like I saw it, and I've been proven right, unfortunately.
The NRA is a gun control group.
They've supported every big gun control law that's come through.
That's how they fool us.
They just passed the biggest gun control act ever, the Victims and Police Officers Disarmament Act.
It goes after anybody with PTSD or anybody who's ever had, quote, hyperactivity disorder.
You know, they've got names for anything now.
Now criticizing the government, they say, is a mental illness.
I'm not kidding.
You can't make this stuff up.
We're under attack!
We're under attack!
The Democrats are coming.
You know, Bush had to do it by stealth, and he has been anti-gun.
But now the Democrats are coming.
Republicans aren't going to win, folks.
We said, Ron Paul or nobody.
Okay, and barring a miracle, that's not going to happen now.
They're coming.
They're coming after your guns.
They have these victim disarmament zones where they disarm the people.
They always have a Prozac-class drug head, former military, going to school to be a cop, devil tattoos all over him.
Every time they're on these drugs, it's always in a victim disarmament zone.
This guy last week killing the psychologist, psychiatrist with a meat cleaver.
Why didn't she have a gun?
I knew if I was a psychiatrist who treated psychopaths as their office did, he killed her, but he was trying to kill the guy that was next door to her office.
You heard him, too.
I mean, you come to my office, I'm going to kill you.
I've got an instant access pencil safe right here.
We need to get angry, get aggressive.
Gun owners have gone to sleep.
Gun groups have gotten smaller.
Not just NRA, but Gunners of America, and I keep telling you the last four months, five months, I put links all over my websites to Gunners of America.
It's the only big group we have, the second biggest group in the nation.
Listen, the NRA isn't going to tell you.
They're a Judas Code.
We're under red-level attack!
It's under attack!
Larry Pratt.
I think this is going to be a very key test, and you're right about what the court's looking at, and it was made much worse by what the
Bush administration did when they had their solicitor general in the Justice Department submit a brief that basically calls for upholding the D.C.
gun ban, even while in a very Orwellian fashion saying, well, yes, of course, the Second Amendment protects an individual right to keep and bear arms, but that doesn't keep a federal judge, if he finds that it's reasonable to ban any gun or all guns,
As in, say, the case of the D.C.
gun ban.
That would seem to be reasonable to them.
After all, we know that a widespread ownership of guns only leads to an increase in crime.
That's what's in the Bush administration's brief.
So not only is it bad constitutional analysis and law,
It just doesn't even know how to handle the facts.
Because more guns after a concealed carry in Florida or Texas, we get 15 to 22 percent crime drops.
So again, the government's position is more guns, more crime.
Yep, that's exactly what they are saying.
It's an amazing piece of writing.
And I tell you, when I read it, when I'm reading the section about the individual right that's protected by the Second Amendment,
It even allows it.
It protects it.
It doesn't create it.
Man, this is not bad.
But you get to what then should be done, and they engage in this word game that would only make...
The folks that ran the government that George Orwell was describing with such horror would only make them stand back in admiration.
Well, here's the deal.
I mean, here's an example, Larry, and I want to get your expert take on this as the head of Gun Owners of America, gunowners.org.
People, you better join today.
You better go sign up for the free legislative alert.
It's over.
It's over.
But they need your money right now.
But I'm sorry, I'm just really upset.
They passed the Landowners Bill of Rights Protection Act in Texas, and what it actually said is, we agree with the federal New London, Connecticut, Kelo decision.
Here's an example.
We can take your land now.
If you don't let us take it and take the first thing we offer, even if it's 10% of the value, we're going to charge you with court costs and not just take the land for nothing, but also charge you money.
It's going to protect the property for the guy that'll pay the bigger tax load.
So what I see now is where they say, ooh, big victory for land rights.
It's the opposite.
Or they say, oh, it's a patient's bill of rights, Patient Protection Act, Privacy Act.
Three years ago, and then it actually uploads everything you do, every prescription you get, no more privacy.
Just like here, they've gotten slicker now.
Usually they just said, we want your guns.
Now they say, oh, you've got your gun, you've got your right, unless I say you're not allowed.
It's like the U.N.
Declaration on Human Rights has 31 articles.
But Article 29 and 30, after all these great rights, say, unless we say we can take them away.
In fact, all of the rights that are protected, quote-unquote, by the U.N.,
are subject to the purposes of the UN.
And that seems to be an often overlooked little item.
It's really very, it's not as if we were immune to this for years in places in this country.
The Illinois Constitution says that the right to keep and bear arms is protected, subject to the police power.
And the first part of the sentence, they say you're home free.
And the second part of the
Sentence says, stick your hands out for the cuffs.
What did you think of that son of the crime boss, Mayor Daley, up there saying, just go ahead and ban guns, you know, oh, we had another shooting.
They're the ones that caused it, making that a victim disarmament.
I mean, these psychopaths on Prozac always go to a place where they know nobody can defend themselves.
What I think we need to do, one of the many things, is to challenge aggressively this whole mantra that's operating in the government schools today,
That we ought to have zero tolerance for guns.
They don't have zero tolerance for anything else in those schools, but they have zero tolerance for guns, and meanwhile, they seem to have unlimited tolerance for the victims, as you very well said, victim disarmament zones, criminal safe zones.
That's where we need zero tolerance.
Zero tolerance for murderers, as soon as they start shooting, boom, they get
Mailed from two, three different directions.
That would be the ideal zero tolerance.
Well, I would not... We've got to get rid of zero tolerance in the schools first.
I would not live in Chicago.
I would not live in New York, now L.A., where they have these gun bans.
And, of course, they have crime rates four, five, six, ten times any other area.
I mean, like Austin, Texas, you break in somebody's house, you're going to get your butt blown off down here in Texas.
And I think that is reflected in your crime data.
There's much more brazen home invasion...
In Washington, D.C., than there is in Austin, Texas.
And it may be that the people in Austin itself have a very dependent view of, we want government to take care of us, but they happen to be protected by Texas law in spite of their own proclivities, and criminals know that, that they still might run into a house in Austin where somebody could do exactly what you said.
Well, we just had the guy that shot the people robbing his neighbors and they're trying to throw the book at him.
Yes, but you know, it's taken them so long.
This is the one over in Pasadena.
Horn, yeah.
I'm not sure that the prosecutor will bring it up.
At least the one over near Houston.
I don't think they've even brought him before the grand jury yet because they realize, first of all, that the two guys that were running out of the neighbor's house were actually on...
Mr. Horn's property, and when he shot him, the castle law clearly protects what he did.
Well, we need to start, you know, folks, if you catch somebody vulgarizing your house, kill them for America, kill them for freedom, because they're going to end up going to some house and finding some woman and raping them.
And we need to put the fear of God back in the scum, don't we, Larry?
That is the message that needs to go forth.
Do we want to continue to live in fear as they had to in that
We're good to go.
Two minutes later, the police got to Northern Illinois University lecture hall, which is an excellent time.
It didn't keep six people from getting murdered.
And in Virginia Tech, it took them about the same length of time to get to the lecture hall there as it did for the police to arrive at the New Life Church in Colorado.
But what a difference in the outcomes.
Well, the government wants a monopoly.
And I'm sorry, when your car gets stolen, when your house gets broken into, at least where I live, the cops don't come.
On force.
But they'll give you that ticket.
Just let us defend ourselves.
And I know most police are pro-gun because they're around guns and they know how important it is.
But not the police chiefs.
They're political.
Larry Pratt, stay there.
I want to hear about solutions.
How to fight back.
How to stop the Supreme Court.
What do we do?
It is a big idea.
A new world order.
In the near future, Earth is dominated by a powerful world government.
It's known as the Bilderberg Group.
Could their objective be world domination?
For thousands of years, their dark order grew.
Now, as they hail the birth of the new world order, their great dream of exterminating 80% of humanity is at hand.
For the first time in history, the elite's plan for world government is blown wide open.
You will learn the secret that drives the entire New World Order agenda.
Bilderberg is making great progress toward a world government.
Most people have no idea.
They're not after money.
They have all the money they need.
They're after power.
That's what they're after usually.
Order Endgame on DVD at prisonplanet.com or infowars.com or watch it online right now at prisonplanet.tv.
Endgame, blueprint for global enslavement.
You have been warned.
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Don't call my name out your window when I'm leaving.
I won't even turn my head.
Don't send your kin folks to give me no talking.
I'll be gone like I said.
You would say the same old thing that you've been saying all along.
The Second Amendment is in crisis.
Our borders are in crisis.
Our Fourth Amendment is about to be completely overturned where the NSA could openly spy on all of us.
They've already been doing it.
They're already scanning and reading all your license plates.
They're already listening to your cell phone.
That's all admitted.
But they need this to codify and do it legally and start using it against all of us.
Big brother on steroids.
And the key to all this is the Second Amendment.
They built the camps.
It's mainstream news.
It's hardcore serious.
And, again, the NRA won't tell you about this.
Larry Pratt, we said earlier the NRA is supporting all this gun control.
Is that an accurate statement?
I'm afraid it has been.
They certainly haven't stopped with the recent Veterans Disarmament Act.
They just wrote off 140,000 veterans.
In fact, I was talking to a psychiatrist today who's also an attorney, and he said, there's hardly any diagnosis that would indicate somebody might be a danger to self or others.
When you get into some of the schizophrenic diagnoses, fine.
And I said, well, then you don't have any problem if, in those cases, we make sure that before we strip them of their gun rights, they go to court, right?
He said, of course.
He said, but the rest of them, that shouldn't even be an issue.
And yet, that's exactly what was done.
...to men and women that have been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder.
They get stripped of their gun rights based on a diagnosis, and I can't for the life of me figure how the NRA sees that that is going to be something that's pro-gun.
Now, they did get a little crumb that you can get your name cleaned up, or at least you can try, cost you several thousand bucks, get a lawyer, get maybe your own psychiatrist or two to try to rebut what the government...
As said, but at the end of the day, it won't be required to be in court.
No, this is guilty until proven innocent.
Listen, this guy had been in a mental institution.
How the military ever took him is very suspicious.
Magically, even Limbaugh admits they keep having these shootings right in time for gun control.
How do we fight?
I know we join Gun Owners of America.
What is it, $25 a year?
Well, we'll take $20, but actually we're only asking for $25, but we'll take $20, whatever...
Whatever comes, we're glad to put somebody on and get them into the fight.
The thing that we would like people to do right now is to, even if we can't get the Bush administration to back off, put some heat on them and get members of Congress to take a stand themselves.
Virgil Goode, representative from Virginia, is circulating a letter to his colleagues saying, join with me in this letter to the White House, which in so many words says, bad brief, withdraw it.
And let's see how many members of Congress will join with him.
Folks, go to gunowners.org.
We've got an email alert there that will go to their congressman.
It's inside the alert that we've sent out.
Go to their congressman, asking them to join with Representative Goode so that that letter can go to the White House.
The cutoff's going to be at the end of this week.
Larry, how do we get the ad council, the federal government, that puts out tens of billions a year with all these billboards and TV and radio ads?
All over Austin, all over the country where I go, there's a picture of a revolver.
It says, report illegal guns.
Then the idiot public thinks that all guns must be illegal.
They call the cops on you.
They see you putting your deer rifle in the back of your truck.
How do we stop letting the government use our money to demonize guns?
We need to have enough members of Congress that are willing to go against the leadership and force a gun vote.
The Republican leadership may actually even be pro-gun, but they're always thinking in terms of protecting some liberal Republican that is not pro-gun.
Because after all, we have to keep our forces in Congress, otherwise where would we be?
And so they work against having these recorded votes, so gun control keeps going through.
And this big gun control act that just went through, that was supposed to be like today is pork belly or today is Christmas, you know, the unanimous consent, no vote, no record of how they did it, very, very crooked, very, very evil.
Had there been a recorded vote, we would have won, because you're not going to get a majority of the Congress to vote against veterans.
It's incredible, folks.
We're going to see more.
We're going into the fight of our lives.
Larry, give them the toll-free number to call and get a membership.
It's 888-886-GUNS.
That's 888-886-GUNS.
Or just go to GunOwners.org.
Folks, it's the one group we've got.
JPFO is great, but they're more like a think tank, and they work with Gunners of America.
GunOwners.org, or give them that number again.
Say it again.
Folks, you have no excuse.
I'm telling you, you need to support them.
I'm trying to support them.
They're coming after our guns.
They're the only group we got that'll tell the truth that's fighting for us.
They're the only group we've got in Congress.
The only group!
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Call now.
I'm going to blitz through a bunch of news we haven't gotten to and take a few of your phone calls about any of the issues we discussed today at 1-800-259-9231.
But I was going to let Larry go, and I asked him during the break, I said, is there anything else going on?
He goes, yeah, we've entered a brief, and it's very expensive to do this and to try it with the Supreme Court.
So they're in there.
And then I said, Larry, are they joining?
Are they getting involved?
He said, not really.
He goes, they don't take it serious because there's not recorded votes.
The media isn't acting like there's a fight going on.
They've gotten slicker, folks.
Usually they try to shell us on their bull, thinking they can manipulate us.
Now that people are waking up, they just do it by stealth.
And I'm here on the watch wall going, Enemy attacking!
Enemy attacking!
They've basically knocked the gates down.
They're pouring in.
And most conservatives are just walking around going, I love George W.!
Oh, man!
Just like I was in that gun shop last year, a big gun shop here in town, and I had two guys at work there go, You're lying about Bush being for that salt weapons ban.
I don't appreciate it.
Larry, I mean, how do you get through to these people?
Well, it's certainly not easy because of exactly the problem that you just described.
If the challenge is not out in front, if the devil doesn't come dressed in a red coat, a tail, and a pitchfork, people say, what devil are you talking about?
Instead, they hear this dulcet voice saying, oh, there's nobody here but us chickens.
And if they would but look, it's the Fox!
But that's not what they want to do because it's much more comfortable to just think, well, we really don't have the problem.
Maybe I get involved if they're really going to do something, but they're not going to do that.
Well, they've just done a whole bunch, but they didn't call it what it really was, and they got it through.
And my guess is that they'll keep doing the same thing the next...
Big challenge, almost certainly, is going to be an effort to slash and burn gun shows in this country, something that I predicted well before this present gun law had passed and been signed into law, that this would be their next move.
These guys are so predictable.
Once you pull the cork out of the bottle and you let any piece of gun control through, man, does it start to flow.
It emboldens them.
We're good to go.
Gun shows, about as bad as what Senator McCain has put in the past.
What are we going to do?
Oh, but Republicans love him.
If it's to fight Al-Qaeda, they'll hand our guns in.
California, Schwarzenegger, making them stamp the bullets.
That's going to be adopted nationwide.
I mean, we're entering a red-level crisis at every side.
And we're being told that lead is something that's been harming the condors and softening the shells of the eggs because the condors eat...
Eagles, or I'm sorry, whatever game bird might have been shot down with a lead shot.
Total mold.
In fact, we'll be putting out an alert that has a link to what a toxicologist, a Ph.D., had written about just how much of junk science this really is.
These birds are not harmed with this.
If anything, it helps clean them out.
Bottom line, they're going to hit us every angle.
It's never going to end.
It's the fight of our lives.
The NRA is going to be there telling you to stand down the entire time.
Either you love the Second Amendment or you love the fake republicanism.
I'm telling you.
Now, briefly, tell me about the brief.
Well, we put a brief in, what's called a friend of the court brief.
It'll be part of the whole mix that's heard on the 18th of March by the Supreme Court.
In our brief, we said, look, this Orwellian language that you guys have been playing with about, well, if we have a reasonable basis, we can ban anything we want, there's nothing like that in the Constitution.
In fact, there's actually some instructions on how to interpret the Second Amendment built right into the Second Amendment.
The last four words, shall not be infringed.
And so, at one point, the attorneys, they actually asked me about this because it's a little pushy for attorneys to write like this.
And let me just back up another step.
One of our members actually was concerned that we hadn't put enough sites to lawsuits into the case.
It was more of a going back and looking at what the words actually mean in the Second Amendment.
And of course, the answer to that concern about not having enough cases is,
Don't play the cases game because then they got you.
You've already departed from the Constitution.
Because there weren't a lot of cases because everybody knew what it meant.
No one ever dared challenge it.
The war started over them trying to come and take the guns and take the powder and take the shot.
I mean, everybody knows you were allowed to own a gun in this country and do whatever you want with it as long as you didn't hurt someone.
I mean, it's never been debated.
And those crooks at the Supreme Court, oh man, we're in trouble.
Well, we referred quite a bit to a book written recently by a guy by the name of Dave Young, and he showed so clearly how as the governments of the colonies were transitioning to governments of the new and independent states, the militia was also transitioning out from under colonial militia law, under the law of these new states,
Totally apart from the authority of the Crown, but always under the authority of we, the people.
We showed that the first time that well-regulated militia was used was in Virginia in 1775.
In reference to the people's militia apart from that which the Brits were trying to control and to shut down.
So rather than indicating that somehow the militia needs to be controlled by Washington...
Well-regulated militia meant the people expressing their own sovereign ownership of arms in an organized fashion.
It meant having a lot of people involved.
You got fines if you didn't have a gun.
I mean, it meant you're going to have a gun.
So what they did in this one, I think it's about page 30.
People can go to gunowners.org.
We've got a link to the brief.
They can read it for themselves.
Around page 32.
It makes the point that even as the colonists had endured a long train of abuses, language from the Declaration, and found that their petitions were falling on deaf ears, they ultimately had no recourse other than to resort to arms.
So too, we told the Honorable Court, the people of this generation, as the founders of the Republic were,
We're watching what you're going to do with the guns.
So you're openly telling them this is just like letters to the king.
You're pushing it.
You know you can't do this.
If you do, you're getting into very dangerous water.
For the courts and other courts that claim this, that you don't have an individual right is so...
We're saying it, but they're saying that, oh, of course it's an individual right, but that doesn't mean that we can't take all the guns.
Oh, it's incredible.
Larry Pratt, give that number out again for folks that want to call, donate.
You donate by signing up.
How expensive will it be to try this case before the Lordships?
Oh, my goodness.
Even just a friend of the court brief, the way these guys went at it, we're talking probably $15,000 alone.
And if we had been the main plaintiff taking it all the way up, Mr. Heller's lawyers and their expenses alone...
I mean, you're talking well into six.
Well, bottom line, you're our eyes and ears in Congress.
You're the people that tell us the truth.
People need to join.
888-888-888-886-GUNS, or just go to gunowners.org.
Give them the number again.
All right, folks, go join today.
And by joining, it gets you involved.
It gets you part of the organization.
In fact, people can help with local chapters of Gun Owners, can't they?
We don't have chapters per se, but we work with a lot of groups that have allied themselves with us.
That's what I meant.
You'll give them literature and info, and they can go out and they can help sign people up.
They can help sign people up, and when they are interested, they can work in their own state legislatures.
We'll back them up in that.
All right.
Thank you, Larry Pratt.
Thank you for all you're doing.
Alex, thank you so much.
You bet.
Folks, I'm going to take some of your calls here in a moment.
They're coming for our guns, and they've gotten slick.
This is it.
The government's gone so criminal now, they'll go, you've got a right, now hand him over.
That's what D.C.
They say, you have a right, but we can ban them.
But we have a right to ban them.
It's the right of the government.
Very sick, degenerate people.
Our government funds gun control worldwide.
Our government is a bunch of degenerate, control freak filth who love you living in fear, love you living in crime-ridden streets while they live in armored compounds with bodyguards.
They are trash.
All right, I'm getting really mad.
We're about to go to Mike and Bernie and others that are patiently holding.
Before I do that, Freedom Law School 2008 Justice, Peace, and Freedom Conference.
I wanted to tell you about this.
Their website is livefreenow.org.
And the location is going to be Irvine, California, Radisson Newport Beach Hotel.
Very nice area.
William Rodriguez is going to be speaking.
Jason Burmess, G. Edward Griffin.
Dave Von Kleist, Paymon, Tom Cryer, Joe Bannister, Larry Becraft, Michael Collins, Piper, and many more.
Those are all excellent speakers.
I've seen them all speak.
They're all excellent.
How to prosper in the coming hard times.
Is the income tax really a giant fraud?
What is the purpose of the U.S.
What does the U.S.
Constitution say about the income tax?
What powers and restrictions are placed upon the U.S.
and state governments by the U.S.
Do you really know you have God-given rights versus constitutional rights?
And again, Tommy Cryer beat the IRS in court.
Joe Bannister beat the IRS in court.
Larry Becraft beat the IRS in court.
These aren't a bunch of kooks they're having.
Most of these conferences are run by a bunch of kooks that will send you to prison.
These are real people at this, okay?
That's why I'm plugging it.
It's five-star.
Give them a call.
And that is coming up March 28th through the 31st.
Three days.
Okay, let's go to your phone calls.
Mike, in Ohio, you're on the air.
Yeah, the earlier gun control measures, was that in the 1913 thing when the country started getting more industrialized?
What about the League of Nations?
Did that play into it?
Well, the NRA was founded by the feds to get young people ready for the military because northerners weren't as good as shots as southerners.
They started the Civil War.
Then they supported Gun Control Act in 34.
They supported the 78 Gun Control Act.
They supported the Gun Control Bill in 93.
They supported the Gun Control Bill in 2000.
They supported last year's bill that Bush signed this year.
They are an anti-gun, vicious, wicked, evil organization that manipulates and controls their well-meaning members and sucks their money.
What about the League of Nations?
The Degenerate League of Nations was founded by Woodrow Wilson and the Big British Bank's Lord Milner.
The Rothschilds openly to set up a world empire.
Okay, can I ask you one more?
Is there much being done about the survivors of 9-11, their family members?
I mean, I know I supported a money bomb.
I think it raised like $12,000 or something.
I flew to New York for free and gave my speech for free and showed Endgame for free, and we gave $14,000 to the first responders with that.
I mean, I paid for my hotel, expenses, everything.
I took it all up there.
Put it all together.
Did it with the volunteers.
Gave it all.
They give small amounts of medicine and help pay their rent when they're about to be kicked out to the Feel Good Foundation.
I've tried to support them.
We're doing everything we can, but no, the government's doing nothing except Dennis Kucinich.
Praise the Lord.
Somebody's doing it.
Thank you.
Well, you're doing it.
You're the listeners, you know.
Came to see Endgame.
I think they charged like $10 or something.
I forget.
And it just all went directly right to them.
Here, just here, Feel Good Foundation.
Here, just have it.
I mean, I'll go charge for my movie.
But they were trying to give me some of the money.
Well, we'll pay for your expenses.
And I just said, I just can't do it.
I just can't have you pay for my airfare and my hotel.
That will be my donation.
Because I just want it all to go to them.
Plus, I don't get involved in any charity stuff.
I never have and I never will.
I mean, either I get nothing or I don't do it.
That's just how I operate.
The charity is supporting our sponsors.
That's how you support us.
We're not a bunch of commies begging for money and whining and screaming at the audience and beating you up.
That's why you listen.
Let's go ahead and talk to Bernie in Virginia.
You're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hello, Alex Jones.
What do you think about waterboarding?
Well, waterboarding is listed, according to the French and Spanish Catholic Inquisition, as one of the best forms of torture.
The CIA, in its training manuals, teaching our airmen how to properly respond to torture, listed as one of the worst forms of torture in our own government manuals until 2000.
And generally, it isn't putting a rag over the face or the mouth and pouring water down the nose.
That's field waterboarding.
We're good to go.
I think?
So most waterboarding isn't even what the news has shown.
It's drowning somebody.
Sticking their head in until they're inhaling water, letting them cough it out, freaking out, panicking, and the panic reflex kicks in.
But it's not good for intelligence, the CIA's own manuals say.
It's good for fake confessions.
Like these guys they've had for six years, undergoing torture unknown before.
I mean, they do high-tech stuff like stopping their heart, psychological warfare, drugging.
They're going to come out and say they carried out the attacks.
Right, okay.
Do you think they'll deal with U.S.
citizens for any reason?
They publicly torture Americans every day.
If you look at my film, Martial Law, in the extras, I show pro-life demonstrators sitting peaceably on sidewalks in the 80s and 90s.
The police walk over with nunchucks and break their arms, twisting them until they break and then they laugh, dragging people with nunchucks with their hands, bleeding.
They call it pain compliance.
If you won't give a urine test, they will taser you until you do.
If you're peacefully laying down on the street, they will do pressure holds and torture holds.
Torture is public.
Torture goes on every day.
In the yogurt shop murders, and it turned out with DNA, the boys were innocent like we knew.
We know who really did it.
They got government friends, so they're not going to get in trouble.
And they murdered these four girls.
And when they finally grabbed some hippies on video, the video got released.
The cop put a gun to his head and said, confess or I'll blow your head off.
And he confessed.
And they put it on the news and said, we now put guns to your head.
It's completely normal.
Okay, before I hang up, is there anyone in the Democratic Party that is pro-life?
That's why you can't vote for Barack Obama.
And I don't want to hear it, liberals out there.
Oh, it's a right.
No, it's not.
It's eugenics.
Shut up by eugenicists.
And, I mean, look, they're all bad.
I'm not going to vote for Hillary.
I'm not going to vote for Barack Obama.
I'm not going to vote for McCain.
I mean, they literally lay out three...
Three buckets of vomit, and they ask you to eat one of them, and I'm not going to eat vomit.
It's called false choices.
It's like they give you a liberal U.N.
or a right-wing world government, and then they say, we're going to give you a false choice.
No, it's no choice.
It's like going to a car dealership, and he goes, well, if you don't like this one, you can make a decision.
You can buy that one.
That's a mind trick in sales.
See, and I take all of that and turn it right back on.
I'm like a magician who goes out and teaches people the tricks.
I've just studied their operations.
I know what the tricks they play.
Most people in government now don't even know they're playing tricks.
They've been taught how to act, how to lie.
And so a car dealer will say, well, you've got a choice to make now, Mrs. Johnson.
You can have this car or that car.
Which one do you want to choose?
A lot of weak-minded people will go, oh, well, I'll choose this one.
It's a trick.
We'll be right back.
It is a big idea.
A new world order.
In the near future, Earth is dominated by a powerful world government.
It's known as the Bilderberg.
Wouldn't their objective be world domination?
For thousands of years, their dark order grew.
Now, as they hail the birth of the new world order, their great dream of exterminating 80% of humanity is at hand.
We're back.
For the first time in history, the elite's plan for world government is blown wide open.
You will learn the secret that drives the entire New World Order agenda.
Bill Vargas is making great progress toward the world.
Most people have no idea.
They're not after money.
They have all the money they need.
They're after power.
That's what they're after usually.
Order Endgame on DVD at prisonplanet.com or infowars.com or watch it online right now at prisonplanet.tv.
Endgame, blueprint for global enslavement.
You have been warned.
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We're good to go.
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Final segment, take a few final calls.
Aaron's a little bit behind.
He's made a lavish 10-minute boil down of the last Willie Nelson interview we did yesterday.
It's a new interview.
It'll be going up on jonesreport.com.
In the next 30 minutes or so.
He's encoded it.
It's uploading to YouTube.
Please get it out to everybody.
A great recruiting tool.
He talks about the North American Union, the toll roads, and Peach Bush, 9-11, so much more.
Help us send this YouTube clip out viral.
There's a lot of other cruddy clips and things out there.
It's in high quality.
Put a lot of work into it.
Please help us.
Before I go and take two final calls from Rob and Mick...
E-N-E-R food.com.
Go to Infowars.com.
Link through on the banner on Infowars.com to Interfood Botanicals.
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Give them a call.
Or enerfood.com.
Rob in California.
You're on the air.
Oh, hello.
Hey, Alex.
How are you doing?
Hey, bro.
Yeah, I was calling because I saw this show on the History Channel the other night called Life After People.
Yeah, that's that New York Times writer's put out that book.
We tried to get him on about how wonderful it'll be when we're all gone.
Oh, okay.
So it was based on a book.
I didn't even know.
I just caught part of the show, so I didn't know much about it.
But yeah, it's very slick and well-produced, and it's all about how... It seemed like it wasn't just about after people.
It was about destruction of everything human...
Well, he's been on national television.
I read the synopsis of his book.
I almost bought it the other day.
I saw it at the grocery store.
They're pushing it, and I couldn't bring myself to give him money.
But it was right there at the checkout stand on an end cap.
But no, he hates humans and he's a big anti-human guy.
This is how they're popularizing their view.
This is the elite showing you what they think about us.
Right, right.
And the History Channel evidently is, you know, they're part of this, I mean... Hearst Publishing.
Hearst Publishing, yeah, the same as Popular Science, Popular Mechanics, you know, the fake building collapse theories, you know, how...
Yeah, it's a good thing.
It's going to happen.
They're introducing it.
Thanks for the call.
Call me back again.
We'll talk more.
Mike and PA, last caller.
Go ahead.
Or Mick.
Go ahead.
Thanks for taking my call, Alex.
I'm looking at the clock and I'm praying that
I don't really want to talk to the audience.
I'd like to run my idea by you.
I think I have a great idea, and if we run out of time, would you stay on the air?
I can't.
I can't.
I can't.
Go ahead.
How about let's grab the rattlesnake right behind the head because they're attacking us on too many fronts.
We're in an impossible battle.
How about a giant money bomb promoted by you through our listenership
And we go after these corrupt politicians in Washington legally.
Let's get them.
Do you know they're corrupt when they have millions of dollars and they're working on $150,000, $200,000 a year salaries, maintaining two homesteads?
Give me a break.
There's so much corruption and they rub our noses.
They stick their finger up in the air at us.
I hear you.
Call me back tomorrow, and we'll talk more about ideas like that.
I'm probably the only show that could actually do something like that, but I don't think I am.
Because even if we raise $20 million, what will we do with it?
I mean, that just sounds like a lot.
It's nothing.
Okay, but we'll talk about it tomorrow.
Hey, the show starts over right now at InfoWars.com.
If you missed any of it, we'll be right back at InfoWars.com, right there at the streams.
Thank you for listening to GCN.
Be sure to visit GCNlive.com today.