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Air Date: Feb. 17, 2008
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It is the 17th day of February, 2008.
We're going to be live for the next two hours.
I took off Thursday and Friday because there has been a new addition to my family.
Very blessed and thank God for that and my great wife.
And I wasn't going to take off today, but there was just too much news, too much happening.
So I'm here live, ladies and gentlemen.
Massive escalations, at least on the surface, between the former Eastern Bloc, the United States versus Russia.
The US supposedly teamed up with the former Eastern Bloc.
Russia denounces the new Kosovo Declaration of Independence.
Kosovo members of parliament proclaim independence.
Russia says US satellite shot a weapons test.
And even the British papers and U.S.
papers admit that they're not going to laser beam or particle beam that satellite to keep it from crashing into the Earth, that it's a public violation of the different weapons treaties that are out there.
Putin says Russia ready to target NATO threats with nuclear weapons.
Huge escalations.
This makes Khrushchev look tame.
Russian bomber buzzes U.S.
aircraft carrier twice, headed towards Japanese coast and international waters.
Also, nuke threat puts West on notice.
We're definitely going to talk about this stack of news today.
Also, the Democrats are plotting a five-year amnesty program through the agencies without even passing a law.
More and more, the federal government, run by both parties, they all work for the same globalist interests, just by fiat, use the agencies to carry out new policies, never even passing new laws.
So you think 30 million illegal aliens driving down the dollar, bankrupting the hospitals and the government, quote, social safety nets,
You think that's bad?
Wait until another 30 million are legalized and used as a political tool to vote for gun control, everything else you can imagine.
The big reason I came in to do the show live today is because another serotonin reuptake inhibitor, the Prozac class of drugs, another person I've never seen a case.
The guy a few months ago at the shopping mall there in Nebraska and Omaha.
A few months before that, the individual in Blacksburg, Virginia.
It's always the same, but that's not where it stops.
The victim disarmament zones, it's always in a no-gun area where these people know they can have their way with people.
Then the media hypes it, causing copycats.
And this individual wrote notes about the last shootings.
He was wearing a French coat.
He was a devil-worshipping Nazi.
It's always the same M.O.
He'd just gotten out of the Army.
He was going to school to be a cop, and he went off his medication.
Now, all the major serotonin reuptake inhibitor drugs, by law, two years ago, Europe five years ago,
Had to put in their inserts.
And if you go to the different Prozac and Luvox and the rest of them's websites, it will admittedly say massively increases suicide, massively increases psychotic breaks, violent actions, psychopathic behavior.
Well, it's an oxymoron.
Yeah, but when you have a bad trip, it happens when you're on it, but it also happens when you go off of it because then it totally whacks you out.
And we've done a study, I've looked at some of the studies, but I've made a study of it.
A lot of people that do commit suicide in jails and prisons, they get arrested, they go in for DWI or no seatbelt or a fist fight, they go in and three or four days later they're off their Prozac and they kill themselves.
And this just happens over and over, and I know people this has happened to.
Totally normal on this stuff.
I mean, I guess you could say in some cases it actually helps people.
But then they go off of it and they cut their baby's arms off.
They drive their car with their three babies in it over the cliff.
They shoot their neighbors.
This stuff is dangerous.
So there's no talk of restricting yet.
Oh, no, no, no, no.
It's our guns.
So that when a nut is on their medication or goes off their medication and comes in to kill you, you can lay there like a bunch of squealing rabbits while they have their way with you.
So we'll be breaking...
We'll go over that.
That's come out in the mainstream news.
Also, EU to kill off firework displays.
As new safety regulations come into force in England, UK Daily Mail.
You see, it's not just that your thermostat's going to be remote controlled by the government now being proposed here in the U.S.
It's not just that in the EU they're banning outside space heaters.
It's not just that they're banning what type of light bulbs you can have in the U.S.
and the EU in the name of saving the Earth.
It's about setting the precedence.
That they control local governments, that they control you.
And so they can tax each and every facet of our lives.
Taxation equals control.
So they're setting those precedents.
Also, British government minister over family planning says sterilize teenage girls.
Mainstream News Daily Mail.
You see, it's just eugenics.
That's who runs the global system.
If you don't know what eugenics is, folks, you better find out quick.
Also, Infowars.com reporters with WeAreChange.org and WeAreChange Los Angeles got a lengthy interview with Vicente Fox where he admitted that they want to set up world government, where they admitted they're setting up a North American union.
Now, he admitted this on Larry King Live, but briefly.
He spent about a minute on it a few months ago.
We played it here.
He admitted this on a few other national TV shows.
In an interview on The Daily Show, he admitted it.
But here, at the end of a speech...
Luke Radowski and others walk up and start talking to him, and Fox just says, come on over, let's have a long interview.
I mean, I at least have to hand it to him that he didn't scream for security and freak out that he was asked about it.
Fox will just be honest and say, yes, we've signed the agreement and it's being integrated right now.
You can go to Infowars.com or presentplanet.com or wearechange.org right now.
I just want to commend the We Are Change crew.
Getting this big interview with Vicente Fox.
Vicente Fox seeks international, North American, and emerging world government.
Now, we have the documents, but when we talk about it, the national news says we're insane doesn't exist.
Doesn't matter if we have the SPP documents.
Doesn't matter if Judicial Watch sued to get the secret ones two years ago.
Remember, CNN, Fox, we play these clips here before on the Sunday show, Sunday edition.
We play these clips here where CNN and Fox both say there's not even a North American transportation agreement.
They say that Ron Paul is insane and believes in an imaginary trans-Texas corridor.
Now, if you live in Texas, 27 million people, you see the big billboards everywhere, and they're taking over existing roads and putting toll roads on it, and the treaty says the money part of it goes to Mexico to build their roads.
And it's all admitted in documents but they know you're dumb.
They know you've been brainwashed.
And so they'll just lie to you and say no, it just doesn't exist.
Those billboards put up by the state of Texas don't exist.
Vicente Fox admitting all this doesn't exist.
Bush getting up a few months ago at the Rose Garden with the German president, Merkel, and the head of the European Commission, Barroso, and saying that they're already merging the EU with the NAU.
But he'll admit it, but then later the media will say it doesn't exist.
So, I mean, when the propaganda gets so bad that other mainstream media calls Lou Dobbs insane...
Well, I guess I didn't have enough employees, but...
I got more than that.
I got like 14.
But I guess only 10 in Texas.
A few months ago, I got the letter saying, you no longer report to the Texas Workforce Commission.
We now report directly to the NAU.
And you now file with the North American Hemispheric Government.
Doesn't exist, though.
It just comes to me in the mail.
Don't report to them through the Workforce Commission.
I guess I'll be fined or arrested, but that doesn't exist either.
Texas Workforce Commission doesn't exist.
Government only loves you.
Nothing exists.
We're going to cover the gun control when we get back.
Everything's wonderful.
Stay with us.
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The U.S.
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Farm food production is turned into ethanol fuel.
What should I do?
How long can I afford food or till there's no food?
How long before it's all poisoned?
Will three years worth of food supply be enough?
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Will it be okay to wait till after the holidays?
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Today it is the 17th, the day of February 2008.
Two program notes here.
During my weekday show tomorrow, I'm scheduled to have a really big guest.
I'm just going to leave it at that.
Surprise everybody.
We've had Charlie Sheen on the show, Charlton Heston.
We've had
Some of the other individuals, Willie Nelson, as of late, talking about 9-11 being an inside job.
Big guest tomorrow, that's all I'm going to say.
Infowars.com finally went to a Web 2.0 system in the last month.
And so you can comment on all the articles individually.
We also have created an InfoWars MySpace type system where you can have your own area on the website, post your own video, audio, other clips, write stories, blogs, whatever you like, post photos.
That's at InfoWars.com.
I just announced that Wednesday and it's got about 2,600 members and I only plugged it
Let me go ahead and get into the gun control situation.
This nation was born out of the Redcoats, the British imperial government, trying to disarm the 13 colonies.
The people revolted, but Lexington and Concord, both events that triggered the war in 1775 that led to the Declaration of Independence, July 4, 1776, started when they tried to come and confiscate the guns.
The short arms, the long arms, the blunderbust, all of it.
They tried to also confiscate and destroy some of the little small factories that people had, the little blacksmithing shops where they were producing firearms.
And that's what started the war.
That was the straw that broke the camel's back.
Now, Chicago and most of Illinois have gun bans.
Many other cities have absolute gun bans.
They have some of the highest crime rates in the country, just like New York City.
Mayor Daley, son of a mob boss, is for open gun bans.
This was a victim disarmament zone where the professors, the teachers, the janitors, the students, people that live on campus and homes, it didn't matter, cannot have guns.
And they'll slap felonies on you if you have them.
Now, have you noticed that almost all these shootings happen in government-controlled areas?
Public schools, secondary schools.
They happen in colleges.
They happen in places where people can't fight back.
But then, just a few months ago, at that big Colorado church that Tim Haggart used to run...
They did happen to have armed off-duty volunteer security guards.
And so the guy comes in, shoots and kills one person, starts trying to shoot the security people.
They kill him.
Remember that?
So that got shut down.
Instead of 15, 20, 30 people dead, individuals were armed, and that stopped.
Have you noticed anywhere where you've got a strong Second Amendment, like Texas or Florida or Nevada, that we have less of these shootings, and when they do occur, people go for their handguns, they've gotten their purses, and they stop what's developing?
This lies firmly at the feet of the government.
A, it's a victim disarmament zone.
And the more shootings there are, and the more publicized they are, shootings are actually down.
They peaked in about 1989.
Mass shootings actually peaked in 1989.
But there has been, I've seen government studies on this as much as three times.
They're reporting on them since Columbine on April 21, 1999, in Littleton, Colorado, a suburb of Denver.
So, since then, they have had at least triple the reporting on them, endless hype, endless fear-mongering, calls for victim disarmament, calls for restricting the bedrock of our Constitution, our Bill of Rights, the Second Amendment.
And you notice that they just keep pushing and pushing, and they're always passing more gun control.
And then the answer is always more, more, more, more.
Handgun Control Inc.
and others admitted strategy is incremental, death by a thousand cuts, as they've said.
They want to...
Have abolition of, quote, civilian ownership of firearms.
That means us.
We have a military form of government.
Sarah Brady, on the floor of the House in 87, said that they want a socialist America, and to have that, they've got to disarm us and have gun control.
Earlier this year, the biggest gun control act ever passed the House and Senate.
Now the Supreme Court is hearing for the first time in over 80 years a gun control case.
I predict they will rule in favor of gun control, but the media will spin it and claim that it's a pro-gun control ruling.
They've been doing that at the appellate court and at the different circuit court levels.
They will say, yes, you have a right to own guns unless we restrict by law.
Well, that's a restriction on the Second Amendment.
But then they spin it.
Just like Texas passed a property owner's bill of rights in the last legislature, and you go read it, and it says you actually don't have property rights now if the state or a private interest wants to take your land in accordance with the New London v. Kelo decision from Connecticut.
Go read it.
By the way, my dad owns a...
Several big pieces of property, family land, and he's been sent by the state and by some energy companies saying, listen, if you don't take the amount of money we offer you for this or that, or if you don't let us have your land, we'll just go ahead and take it under this new law.
But they tell you in the media, oh, you're getting some new property rights.
Well, we already had absolute property rights.
Why would we need new ones?
I remember back in 2004, they passed the Patience Bill of Rights.
You read the bill.
It meant you didn't have health privacy.
It meant that all of your data, from prescriptions to hospital stays to doctor's visits, if your doctor takes Medicare or Medicaid, not even if you're taking it, just if they take it, it's all uploaded to the feds.
No judge, no jury, no warrant.
So, see, they call every... It's a new strategy they've had the last 10 years.
Before, they would just lie or spin.
Or they would openly announce they were for gun control, and then we'd have a fight with them over it, and we'd win.
Now they say, oh, you're winning, you pro-gun people.
No, we're losing the Second Amendment right now.
It has never been a worse attack, and if the Supreme Court rules, coming up in March, as they are predicted to, the quote, Republican-dominated courts, see, they're not going to save you.
If they rule, and you watch, they will, because other federal courts have been ruling, then, oh, you've got a Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms,
Unless prescribed by law.
That's saying, yeah, you can have liberty and freedom unless we say so.
Well, if they can take it away, you don't have liberty and freedom.
And at the state and federal and local level, they can restrict.
So that's what's happening right now, ladies and gentlemen.
So this was a government victim disarmament zone where they wouldn't let you protect yourselves.
I mean, because we have these people on Prozac and other drugs that admittedly make them have psychotic breaks and go out and kill people.
That's admitted in the drug inserts right there on the bottled.
Because this is happening, that's all the more reason for us to be armed.
Then on top of it, it's not just a victim disarmament zone.
He wasn't on the... I mean, it's not just that he was on the drugs again.
He was.
Then it's the media hype and the way they're copycatting and the way they're giving it massive coverage.
I just did a Google search this morning for fatalities from car wrecks and found more than 20 stories from just the last two days where over 150 people died.
Eight here, four there, six here, three here, two there.
Hundreds and hundreds.
Eight people.
It was seven, now it's eight.
Looks like a ninth may die when the people are drag racing and the cars collide.
Are we going to ban cars now?
What about this guy that went in and killed the psychiatrist with a meat cleaver?
Are we going to ban meat cleavers?
Have a five-day waiting period on meat cleavers?
I'm going to finish up on this.
And then we're going to go to your phone calls.
Let me get back.
And coming up, I'm going to get into the economy.
I'm going to get into the major escalation between the, quote, U.S.
and Russia with Kosovo's Declaration of Independence.
We're going to get into the whole world government taxation grid.
The election, a lot more.
Toll-free number 877-590-5525.
We'll be right back.
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The powerful corporate interests that are setting up world government...
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
And the United Nations openly, in UNIDIR documents from the 60s, 70s, 80s, some of the most memorable in July of 2000 in the summit they had in New York, where international treaties were signed, where they openly stated that the civilian abolition, the abolition of civilian, that's us, the people, ownership of even small arms, handguns, rifles, is their goal.
It is the United Nations goal and the U.S.
So the government's goal is taking your guns.
They could care less...
About a school shooting here or there.
They hype the daylights out of it.
They create this perception that it's happening all the time, like terrorism.
And then their answer is, always more gun control on law-abiding citizens.
This person had been in and out of mental institutions.
How this person ever got into the Army, I have the AP, no one knows.
He gets out and he goes in and kills 15 people, including himself being among the 15.
And then when I say copycat, they hype and hype and hype until mentally ill people out there that are on these serotonin reuptake inhibitors, the Prozac family of drugs, that close to 20% of the American people are now on, every time,
Every time we see in the news a woman cuts her baby's arms off up in Fort Worth, or a woman drowns her babies in Houston, or a woman in Wisconsin drives her children over a cliff into the water, every time I go watch, they're going to be on it, or they're going to be just gone off of it, which makes you even go crazier.
If you go off of them, you've got to go off very slowly.
If you're on these, you've got to go off over a month or two.
I've seen the reports on how doctors say you're supposed to do it, because then you'll actually have violent LSD-type hallucinations.
Because the serotonin reuptake inhibitors are in the hallucinogen class.
That's the class that their molecular structure is in.
That's the areas of the brain it affects.
This is hardcore stuff.
And it's designed according to the fluoride molecule.
Now, finishing up with this.
So now you have these mental cases who think, well, I'm going to commit suicide.
How am I supposed to do that?
And it introduces it into their minds.
I go out, and it's what I'm supposed to do, and it's hyped up.
I go out and I shoot a bunch of people.
And also, in almost every case we've seen, they've been avid gamers, obsessed with shoot-em-up video games, which also desensitizes them for instinctive firing.
Doom, the video game, was invented by the military.
You know, now we're ten generations into it.
These shoot-em-ups, because they found in World War I, only about 5% would shoot somebody up close.
World War II, with paper targets popping up, they trained them for about 20% of the time they would shoot somebody they were up close.
By Vietnam, it was over 80%.
Now they have 95% plus percent.
Of our troops, because of video games that the military has them play, and most of them already played them earlier, I played them growing up, we'll shoot somebody up close.
We were instinctively didn't want to kill our fellow man even up close.
That's why most people can't win a fight, folks, with your fist.
Most people won't turn loose all the way and totally, you know, beat the daylights out of somebody.
Because if you do, you'll kill somebody.
Most people hold back a little.
We have that engineered into us.
But by simulating killing hundreds of thousands of times, and that's on average, sometimes it's higher,
In these shoot-em-up games, it desensitizes you.
So they're playing shoot-em-up games.
They're on hardcore psychotropic drugs.
It's introduced into their head with constant newscasts about mass shootings that that's what you're supposed to do when you go crazy.
It gives them the idea.
Here's another case.
You can go pull the federal numbers on this.
Suicide in public schools has gone up several thousand percent.
Children as young as 10 routinely hanging themselves now.
Why before, or taking a bunch of pills?
Back in the early 80s into the early 90s, you never heard of it.
Who ever heard of teenage suicide?
Who ever heard of adolescent suicide?
Who ever heard of 9- and 10-year-olds committing suicide?
Now it's up several thousand percent, more than 2,000 percent.
The feds in 1992 started death education through federal curriculum through state funding.
And now the schools start telling 8-year-olds about suicide.
8-year-olds never thought about suicide.
8-year-olds never had the class sit up there and talk about, now don't commit suicide when you're depressed.
Don't hang yourself.
Of course you start talking.
Look, I'm all for some, quote, sex education.
These are parts of your body, this and that.
But not when they're 5, 6, 7 years old.
Studies in Europe and the U.S.
also show, you start teaching children graphic stuff about sex when they're young, it makes them have more sex.
It's human nature, ladies and gentlemen.
Europe, 15 years ago, and there's big news articles out on this, massively increased the amount of anti-cigarette smoking ads, put up huge billboards all over Europe and all over Canada as well, showing people on respirators saying don't smoke.
Do you know what happened when they did that?
Buy a pack of cigarettes in Europe.
I've done it.
I smoke off and on.
I have real problems with it.
It's got people.
The whole cover of the cigarette pack is a guy on a respirator.
Do you know what happened when they did that?
Cigarette smoking massively increased.
It doubled.
Just type into Google, cigarette smoking doubles in Europe after ad campaign.
Don't believe me?
You start teaching kids about suicide, suicide.
You start saying, don't commit suicide.
Don't come in with a gun and shoot everybody.
Now you've introduced it into their mind.
And they've had all these video games.
I've seen them in the news where you kidnap and torture children to get bonus powers like Dungeon Keeper.
They have other games where you rape a prostitute and don't pay her the money and then steal her money.
And then you get more money.
It's one of those games where you're running over people in a car.
I remember seeing it on the news.
I mean, that's the type of thing our young people are learning to do.
You have a criminal corporate government that's not free market.
You have these global corporations that are banded together to buy off and take control and lobby and take control of governments to set up world government so they can get rid of our Bill of Rights and Constitution and bypass that.
You go look at who funds world government, it's the Fortune 500.
They want it.
They're the ones pushing it.
They want to disarm you as well.
I mean, I've got reports right here.
I'm sure you've all heard about the case.
They finally caught the guy who...
Went in to his, in Maryland, into his psychiatrist's office, but he wasn't there.
He didn't see him.
And so he starts hacking the other psychiatrist in the office next to her up with a meat cleaver.
I mean, if I was going to be a psychiatrist working with psychopaths, and admittedly, he'd been in institutions.
He was a complete nut.
Why wouldn't you have an instant access pistol safe in your drawer?
I got one in my home office.
I got one in my bedroom.
I got one upstairs.
In my radio booth at my physical office.
I mean, I got one right there.
357 Magnum.
Somebody comes in there with a meat cleaver, baby.
They're gone.
Real fast.
I'm not going to sit there and squeal and get down on the floor and start squealing like a rabbit when a wolf comes up to grab it.
I'm sorry.
But this woman, and I'm sad for her, got down on her knees and begged and pleaded while this guy took a meat cleaver.
Somebody bust into my door.
In two seconds, man, right underneath the table.
Door pops open, slides out, handgun.
You're dead.
And that's only because I've got children in my house.
Before I had children, those suckers were in the drawer.
They weren't even in an instant access pistol safe.
Stop being so afraid of guns.
I have seen, quote, liberals.
You're domesticated liberals.
You're not liberals.
When you see a cop in a black ski mask with a submachine gun, oh, you feel safe, oh good.
But you see a citizen, listen, here in Texas now, you can't drive around, there's no law against it, but you can't drive around with a rifle in your rack.
Notice you don't see that anymore.
You know why you don't see it anymore?
Because they'll call the cops on you.
Every few weeks I see a report in Austin or around the country where they call SWAT teams out to an apartment complex.
And they'll say, we saw a man with a rifle.
And nine times out of ten, it's always during deer season, Colorado, Texas, wherever, the guy's going hunting.
I had a carpet cleaner at my house like ten years ago.
Saw a shotgun in a rack in my broadcast studio, out of my house.
He got ready to call the police on me.
He'd seen cop shows that are all based in New York or Chicago, where they go, oh, you've got an illegal gun.
Both fiction and non-fiction.
So he thought guns were illegal.
He was a chicken-necked, domesticated piece of trash.
We'll be right back.
Stay with me.
Your calls, I promise, are straight ahead.
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Yeah, it's scary.
I'm going to finish up on the guns, and I promise I'm going to Alex, Scott, Mark, and many others that are holding.
It's scary to have people moving into Austin from Los Angeles.
Moving in from New York City, moving in from where they basically have gun babies.
Because they form their opinions by watching the sitcoms, the dramas, the cop shows, in all of these different dramas.
They pull the guy over, he's got a gun, they go in his house, he's got a gun, that's it, you're going to jail.
The dumbed down public that didn't grow up with parents that had guns, didn't grow up shooting, didn't grow up hunting, they think guns are illegal.
And you didn't know that carpet cleaners and repair people, no matter what city you live in, are getting money from the police when they turn you in.
You got grow lights because your wife likes to grow orchids or because you're going to... I had a good friend, his girlfriend lived with him.
Back when I was living in an apartment, they got SWAT teamed, and they were straight razors, you know, didn't drink, didn't smoke.
And the cops said, oh, we're sorry after they busted down the door, but...
The carpet cleaner again came in, saw the grow light.
She was going to UT to be a botanist.
She has her degree now.
Didn't matter if it wasn't marijuana plants.
Just in this Nazi spy country.
Oh, we got to call the police!
You got grow lamps over the orchids.
I remember about 10 years ago, a well-known retired professor from UT, one of the top scientists that studies fish, old lady, 90-something years old, had all these fish tanks.
The Austin Police Department goes through all your power bills and knows how many people live in your house.
No warrant, no Fourth Amendment.
They just spy on everybody.
Every major city does this.
Now, the reason I raised it is they just now admitted it two weeks ago in the papers.
Oh yeah, everything you do is tracked.
Everything you do, computers look at.
This is the freedom.
Unless you're an illegal alien, then you don't need to have an ID and it's selectively enforced and you're left alone.
The point is, is we're being raped here.
We're being controlled.
This is a fraud.
And we need more guns, not less guns.
And we need to get to the point, and there's actually been quite a few college shootings and law firm shootings and other shootings where it was gun-free, but somebody didn't follow the rules, and they just reach right in their bag and shoot the guy.
There have been cases in public schools of that.
We wrote an article for PrisonPlanet.com Saturday.
It's up there right now.
Psychotropic drugs and gun-free zones, again, a cocktail for a killer.
And we gave like four or five recent examples of where they start shooting people, and they only get to kill one or two because people pull their own guns.
But the media doesn't hide that.
Oh, that story just kind of goes away real fast.
We need more guns, not less.
There is a global policy to disarm from Canada to Australia to the U.S., and you better fight for your Second Amendment if you want to keep it.
All right, I'm going to shut up about that.
Let's go to your calls.
Who's been holding the longest?
Alex in California, you're on the air.
Thanks for holding.
How you doing, Alex?
I was actually calling to discuss a situation that hasn't been discussed on your show lately.
I actually heard you discuss the chemtrail phenomena, especially here in California where I'm from, Vacaville.
It's right near Travis Air Force Base here in California.
Every day for the past, I want to say six months, I've been seeing maybe three to four trails on the hour.
Distorts the air, bad breathing perception.
Yeah, how low are they?
It's definitely not above 10,000 feet.
Yeah, let me comment on that.
For those that don't know, ice crystal trails or condensation trails normally didn't form but 10,000 or feet higher, normally during the winter, and they would dissipate in a matter of seconds or minutes.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
And now the government has declassified that indeed they are doing atmospheric manipulation.
It's even in government textbooks.
There are literally hundreds of mainstream newscasts now admitting it but saying it's for your own good.
High school textbooks are telling the children that, oh, it's good for you.
They're saving the earth.
It's a sunscreen.
All I know is there are more than 13,000 declassified examples of the U.S.
government spraying chemical, biological, radiological, and in some cases killing citizens from Oklahoma to New York
It's in my film, Endgame.
Mainstream News admitting it.
So they have done this before.
Now, there are kooks in people who think that every trail is a chemtrail, and they're not.
But there is a huge program going on, and it's very, very serious.
There's a bunch of programs, but more on that has been declassified.
Yes, and one other thing that I would like people to notice is that also recently there is a United States Postal Service program
Well, that's true.
I've interviewed the former head of the
Heart program up in Alaska, and they are doing atmospheric testing with different arrays, energizing it.
Look, the government loves you.
Just drink your fluoride and take your mercury-filled shots.
The media lies and says they've taken the mercury out.
Just go get a shot and ask to see the insert, and it'll say it's a marisol.
It's not true.
But just don't, you know, just don't believe the handout either that comes with the bottle.
Just trust the government.
They love you, sir.
Scott in Colorado, you're on the air.
Go ahead, Scott.
Thanks for taking my call.
Hey, Alex.
Thank you.
Hey, I just wanted to comment on a story that was done on Colorado Springs that was done on Channel 13.
Oh, the real seat of government, the real capital, Colorado Springs, where NORFCOM rules our country.
That's another good story.
No, but I'm being sarcastic about where you live.
Go ahead.
This is, shootings prompt more to apply for concealed carry permits, and it also has a video with it.
People need to go out.
But, again, you shouldn't have to have a permit like Vermont or Arizona.
You have a right to carry because of the Second Amendment.
So see these, whereas I'm for people going and getting the concealed carries so you don't get arrested when you have the gun out with you,
I'm overall against it because it turns a right into a privilege and starts... And that's how it started 50 years ago in New York.
You had to get the permit.
Then they just stopped issuing the permits.
Then you can't even own a gun.
Well, most people don't know this, but in the state of Colorado, you can carry a loaded pistol right at your side in your car without any kind of permit.
Now, you can't carry it on you without the permit, but you can carry it in your car.
Anybody and everybody can carry a gun in their car.
And most of these signs on buildings and restaurants that say no guns allowed...
It has to be, according to the state laws, properly done, listing the code, listing the law a certain size, or it's not the law.
But again, those are places saying, come in here and shoot us.
Those are places saying, we have victims ready to be killed.
The problem is the corrupt insurance companies try to make them do that just to get insurance.
Well, where this story came from is, one, after the shooting up at Ted Haggard's church.
Yeah, where the lady stopped him from killing 20 people, he only killed two.
Well, the story is about how many people are getting concealed permits, and then after this latest shooting, and it's just really escalating here.
There's a really nice quote down at the bottom.
I wish, again, shootings prompt more to apply for concealed carry permits.
It's basically about this...
This news reporter that's now getting her permit.
Oh, yeah!
They did a story on this... It's about three years old.
It's called Whistling Pines at Gun Club that I actually belong to.
And she is there getting her permit.
That's exciting.
Send me the story or go post it in the PrisonPlanet.com forum or on the 590KLBJ.com forum, any of the forums.
I scan them all.
But post it up there for other listeners.
Now, again...
If you have a daughter going off to college, or you have a daughter, I mean, why would you not train her, teach her proper use of a firearm?
Oh, well, she's a girl.
We better not teach her.
And I've told this story.
My dad has a friend who's a big newspaper editor.
He's worked for Time Magazine, a bunch of other publications.
I met him when I was a little kid.
To make a long story short, during college, I didn't have most of my rifles and handguns at my apartment.
I had them in a gun safe at my parents' house.
And so I was about 18 years old.
I'll never forget this.
And I went over to my parents one afternoon.
I was going to go target shooting back when I had time to do such things.
And I walk in, and there are bedrooms by the dining room, and they're in there eating, sitting around after dinner, drinking wine.
One is I'm imaging exactly what happened.
Why does that matter?
There's a reason I tell stories like that.
And I'm walking through the house.
I've got a rifle and a gun case.
And all of a sudden, this nice fellow I've known since I was like two, three years old with his wife goes, Is that what I think it is?
And literally starts pulling back like an 80-foot cobra with laser beams shooting out of its nose.
I mean, you would have thought, and he kind of grabbed the handles of the chair and leaned back, and my dad said, Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
It's okay.
It's okay.
Alex, go put that back and then come in here.
So I went and put it back, and I came in, and I said, Listen, it's not dangerous.
It's not bad.
You know, we're properly trained on these.
Do you get a scare when you see a cop with a gun?
How have you become domesticated like this?
And my dad comes back with a .357 Magnum in the case, and he opens it up, and he opens the cylinder up, and the guy's, like, shaking, going, put it up!
No, God, it's going to go up!
And he said, look, it's, you know, there's the cylinder.
It's going to kill us!
No bullets are in it.
Listen, you need to get over your fear.
He's, oh my God, please not my weapon.
It's irrational.
I mean, they are just jellyfish.
That's what a lot of Americans are like that.
And so they want your gun.
They're ignorant.
So watch out.
You've got some old revolver in a case in your living room, and a carpet cleaner's there, or a handyman, and he's going to call the cops.
He thinks it's illegal.
He thinks he just saw a nuclear weapon.
He just thinks he saw a meth lab.
This is how they're destroying the Second Amendment.
We'll be right back.
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That's right, we're live.
I'm here every Sunday.
It is Sunday.
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All right.
Mark, Tom, Scott, many others, your calls are coming up here in just a moment.
Later I want to get into the escalation.
The new Cold War.
Is it really happening?
How does Iran tie into that mix?
Kosovo, quote, declaring independence.
Very serious issues.
Putin threatening to aim nukes at areas of Eastern Europe, formerly satellites of the supposed old Soviet Union.
Very important news.
Also, you want my take on Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton and their race and the debate coming up in Austin in a few days and all this other bull?
I'll be going over that as well.
And some New World Order news.
We're more and more mainstream media admits that they're setting up a global government.
So that is coming up.
Plus stories like Democrats plot five-year amnesty plan behind the scenes.
Well, let's vote Republican then.
Well, McCain wants total amnesty up front now.
See, both parties are against what the Constitution, Bill of Rights says, against what the people want.
Ninety-plus percent in Gallup polls want to control our borders and reverse the open borders policy, but that's not happening.
So that's coming up.
But before I go to Mark and Tom and Scott,
A few weeks ago, I saw a report where it was eight young people in one town in England have committed suicide.
And they admit that they're doing it because it's been hyped up by the media.
There's this particular MySpace site that they all go to that talks about how beautiful it is that they're committing suicide and basically hypes it up.
And Paul, who's running the show today, had raised that point because I was talking about how the media hyping these mass shooters now who are always on Prozac family of drugs.
The media hypes up the fact that basically mass shooting is the thing to do.
It introduces it into your mind, but there's no doubt that teenage suicide and even younger, they're now doing it 10 and younger, is because of death education in the public schools in Europe and the U.S.
The government teaches you about suicide and don't commit suicide and here's how you commit suicide.
Really sick stuff.
It's really a whole eugenics policy.
They started out about 20 years ago playing spaceship or life raft.
They say, we're on a spaceship.
They get kids together in groups of six.
And only four of you can live.
There's only water and food on the spaceship or the life raft.
All your kids have played this in public school.
And the eugenicist and B.F.
Skinner and others wrote this up, psychologists, to prepare you for euthanasia and the government exterminating the population.
I know you don't believe that, but that's the documents.
This stuff's so crazy you can't believe it.
But it's true.
And now that they teach death education in Littleton, Colorado, they had them get in coffins and simulate death.
That's 2020 ABC News.
You can't make this stuff up.
But Paul, do you have a take on that?
Oh, no, I just, when you were talking about the whole suicide phenomenon earlier, it just made me remember earlier in the week I was watching the early show, and they were focusing on this particular town in England that were having all these suicides.
You said it's up to ten now?
Last time I saw it was like eight a few months ago.
Yeah, it was something like that, and their main angle was focusing on the fact that this website was glorifying suicide, and they were trying to get it shut down.
Yeah, I've seen... Well, there goes the mainstream news for you, CBS early show.
Exactly, but see, it's the reverse.
And I've seen the same reports and other outlets saying ban these websites because it can hurt others.
But see, no one's ever going to ban them from doing similar things.
See what I'm saying?
See, CBS is all for banning that website because the alternative media is kicking their butt.
I don't know.
I'm just trying to play devil's advocate.
I mean, I think the website's sick, too.
No, no, no.
But I think Nazi websites are sick.
But the minute we let them restrict those, then what happens to our free speech?
I don't know.
Maybe Barack can sort it out for us.
But then I get your point, though, that, yeah, there's even CBS admitting they're glorifying suicide.
But just hyping it up the way the media does is also causing it.
Let's go ahead with these very easily influenced minds.
Mark in Georgia, thanks for holding her on the air.
Hey, bro.
Hey, man.
What can I hear?
You have a newborn?
Is that what you're saying correctly?
Thank you.
Tell you what, as of yesterday, I am one of the delegates for the GOP that I was about ready to completely say, well, this is it.
We were trying to steal back what had been stolen for us because people think that it's all about the popular vote, and that locks it up.
I relish the idea of John McCain having one of his infamous temper tantrums if he were to find out that he didn't get the nomination after all because a bunch of us
Secretly conspiring together.
I have basically... I understand brokered elections, conventions, but only if it's a few percentage points behind with a secondary candidate can that happen.
I mean, if there's huge discrepancies between the A candidate and B candidate, brokered conventions really don't happen.
But it's good to have good delegates there who can put pressure on the party platform and inject real ideas.
Well, the thing I'm trying to get across to you is what I heard at a Patriot Network meeting recently, is that McCain has lots of delegates, but his delegates are predominantly Ron Paul supporters.
So the thing is that we can, you know, like I say, we can take things back.
I just don't want to give people false hopes.
Have you heard Ron Paul say there's next to zero chance of that happening?
Well, like I say, we do what we can because we can't do anything for it.
No, no, no.
Listen, I hear you and I understand.
I see more power to you being involved in the process is good.
People say, well, wait, it's a corrupt process, all this evidence of election fraud.
Look, I don't like Barack Obama, but I really hate Hillary Clinton.
But I don't come to a news story and say, well, because I like this candidate or I don't like that candidate or I hate this one more than the other, I'm going to spin things.
I don't like Barack Obama.
I'm not going to vote for Barack Obama.
If Ron Paul isn't in there, I'm not voting in the presidential race.
I'll vote on all the other slots.
But the facts are the facts.
Barack Obama won New Hampshire.
They had a recount.
Proven fraud.
In New York, in a bunch of areas of Harlem, he got zero votes.
Now, do you believe in Harlem, Barack Obama got zero votes?
That's ABC News reporting on that.
Clearly the Hillary machine is cheating.
Clearly she's unpopular with Democrats.
But don't think just because he's winning right now that she's not going to steal the other states.
Okay, Hillary is the anointed one.
The establishment is for her.
There is a revolt with the Democratic Party against that.
But people locally are going, oh, former Austin Mayor Kirk Watson is for Barack.
Well, I'm definitely against him now.
And I heard him earlier going, well, she wants to take your wages for health care.
It's horrible.
A whole new government tax.
It's a horrible idea.
Hillary's pure evil.
But Barack Obama has talked about mandatory federal health care.
I mean, the guy is his wife's counsel on foreign relations.
He's the exact same thing.
We don't have time to take another call right now, do we?
We're about to break.
We're going to come right back, and I'm going to get to Tom and Scott.
I've got to get through some of your calls a little bit quicker here.
And then I promise I'm going to get into Russia denounces Kosovo Declaration.
Kosovo members of parliament proclaim independence.
We'll give you the backside story on that.
Russia, U.S.
satellite shot.
Down a weapons test.
Mystery of the toxic satellite.
Putin says Russia ready to target NATO threats with nuclear weapons.
Russian bombers buzz U.S.
aircraft carrier twice.
Heading towards Japanese coast.
Nuke threat puts West on notice.
This is big news.
It's coming up.
Got North American Union news and a lot more.
Straight ahead, one of our reporters at InfoWars.com.
Reporting for InfoWars.com.
We are Change.org.
Got a chance to interview Vicente Fox.
We'll tell you about that as well.
Stay with us.
It is a big idea.
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For the first time in history, the elite's plan for world government is blown wide open.
You will learn the secret that drives the entire New World Order agenda.
It is a big idea.
A new world order.
In the near future, Earth is dominated by a powerful government.
For thousands of years, their dark order grew.
Now, as they hail the birth of the new world order, their great dream of exterminating 80% of humanity is at hand.
For the first time in history, the elite's plan for world government is blown wide open.
You will learn the secret that drives the entire New World Order agenda.
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This country had 10, 12, 15% growth rates every year.
Real growth rates, not measly 2.5, 3%, like we have now.
For the first hundred plus years of its history.
When the federal government was teeny tiny.
It's got to go the other direction, not bigger.
We're bankrupt.
The dollar's plunging in value.
Coming up, I'm going to get into the Russian situation and more, but let's just get through more of your great calls.
It's always a great grab bag taking us in different directions.
Let's talk to Scott in Florida.
You're on the air, Scott.
Go ahead.
Hello, Alex.
Congratulations on the new addition to the Jones family.
Thank you.
The Jones clan's getting bigger here.
I was actually calling in to tell you about some website I found called Amerocurrency.com.
You can go and look at the latest coins that they've engraved for the Amero.
Now, to be clear, though, that's a concept coin company.
There's thousands of independent coin companies.
That's not an official Amero currency, but we do have the official Amero symbols.
It's been announced.
It's in government documents.
But if you do a little reading on that page, the guy that they commissioned to make those coins actually worked on several of the state quarters.
No, no, no.
I thought that was interesting.
I mean, it was definitely commissioned as a concept coin for the government.
And I'd also like to comment on the guy who called in earlier, Alex, from California, about the chemtrails.
I work in Central Florida here at Air Force Base as a supportive role to the Kennedy Space Center.
And since October, November, December of last year, the contrails were so thick that they said it was red tide and people were wearing masks in and about town there.
I know.
And it was something else.
You couldn't breathe.
I worked there all day.
We'd be sick from just asking for air.
Well, I want to be clear about this.
For those tuning in who think we're making this up, the government has declassified over 13,000 examples of where chemicals, biologicals, and radiologicals were sprayed on the U.S.
Thousands of examples have been done to British citizens, killing U.S.
and British citizens, releasing bioweapons in 68 in the New York subway.
The people running our government, U.S.
Code, Title 50, write this down, U.S.
Code, Title 50, Chapter 32, Subsection 1520A,
It's research.
Pardon me?
Who defines research?
Well, exactly.
You're exactly right.
Listen, there are so many... The government does.
You know, a few months ago, a listener called me and he said...
Have you looked up this term?
I can't remember the exact term.
It was something like passive and non-passive aerosol testing.
It had some technical term, and like millions of links came up.
All these universities, all these government agencies, and it showed radar going, look, here's where we're spraying off the coast of California, the barium, and then it does this to the weather.
And I'm so busy, and I told my writers, I sent them the links, I said, do a story on this, and nobody did it.
Can you, the listeners, go pull all those articles in mainstream government sites and maybe do something?
I mean, that's the great part about InfoWars now is you can post your own articles.
It's in the reader's section.
I'm so busy, I can't even... In fact, listeners, somebody call in.
I know we've got one line open here.
Call in if you know the term.
I know I've reported on it.
I've read some stories on air, government documents, and then I just... I have a semi-photographic.
It's not as good as it used to be.
It's not anymore.
What is that term?
It'll pop in my head in a second.
I've got to hurry here and get to your calls.
As good as your calls are, it's a cash 22.
If I don't hurry to them and only give you a little bit of time, we'll have time to get to the next person.
Let's go ahead and talk to Tom in Iowa.
Tom, you're on the air worldwide.
Hi, Alex.
How are you doing?
Hey, listen, I was just thinking about the economy and how it's going down.
It's being engineered right now.
Yes, according to the World Bank document.
I was just thinking, this is how they're doing it.
I mean, this is how they're going to put the Super Bowl in because, you know, there are going to be millions of people to build that thing.
So, they're going to have... Because I just read Jerome Corsi's late great USA book.
Yeah, they're going to have work brigades where you're going to have to work for the government, basically, if you didn't have savings.
And that's why 10% of the college grads are already Homeland Security now.
They're shifting the economy over to spies, police, checkpoints, surveillance, or government make-work projects.
Just total socialism, but again, the corporations will get the profits.
It's capitalism for the Fortune 500.
It's enslavement for us.
See, people get confused.
Sorry, go ahead.
Speaking of college, I'm in college right now, and I'm a science major, and I was in my chemistry class the other day, and one of our experiments was like, pretend you're in the Department of Homeland Security and there's a terrorist threat, and you have to, you're looking for the nuclear bomb and stuff like that, and you need to detect the chemical and things like that, and then you need to find... Yeah, all the textbooks, all the nomenclature.
Absolutely, I appreciate your call.
Yeah, you know, my wife had a baby three or four days ago and been at the hospital for a couple days.
Day and a half while we were there, I ended up watching three or four hours of TV a day, something I don't do.
Every Discovery Channel show, every History Channel show was about tracking, satellite tracking, the government watching you for your safety, checkpoints, how being spied on is good, how the Second Amendment is bad.
I mean, just everything I watched, or I'd flip to a fiction show, and it'd have messages in it.
Again, I've been using this example a lot.
I did it in a TV report a few weeks ago for prisonplanet.tv members.
About how, go to the store.
Go to the Toys R Us or go to a Walgreens.
Every toy for little boys that's G.I.
Joe or combat toys, none of it says USA.
It says Global Peacekeeper, UN Peacekeeper.
How do 50 different companies all no longer say USA?
I mean, that's how bad the propaganda is.
It's everywhere.
For those that doubt me,
Marvel Comics a month ago announced that they're in a UN program that's in every kid in America, a free UN Marvel comic book making world government look good.
It's said in the press release, to make global government look good, all your children in public schools will get free comic books, teaching them the UN and world government's good.
Then they tell adults it's not kosher to talk about, it's a kooky.
You see how that works?
And then adults know it's true, but they won't talk about it because their neighbor will think, see, they're neutralizing you where you won't talk about issues.
If you read the UN press release and follow some of the links, they go, this is no big deal for those that are criticizing us.
Marvel Comics has been putting out UN propaganda for 50 years.
This is just a bigger program.
Every toy maker says UN troops are global peacekeeper.
See, your kids are growing up fantasizing about this.
They're role-playing.
It's total brainwashing everywhere.
Hey, Alex.
Hey, congratulations on the addition to your family.
Thank you.
God bless you.
What I wanted to say was I just ran into Joe Scarborough and Newt Gingrich when the Republicans were having the debate.
Two fake conservatives.
They're to neutralize conservatives and control us under the globalist agenda.
And what I did was I always listened to your show with a piece of paper and pencil, and I write down what you say.
And what was funny was when I asked Joe Scarborough to sign the piece of paper, he saw it.
Stay there.
I want to hear about this on the other side.
Stay there.
We'll come back to you, Chris and Ray, Don, Robert, and others.
Don't hang up.
In fact, I think that's probably going to be it.
I'll take five or six more calls.
Or if somebody's got that chemtrail question, can answer the name of the scientific term so you can see all the declassified admissions.
I need that to do a key word search.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
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We're good to go.
I think?
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
You're listening to GCN, the Genesis Communications Radio Network.
Corruption never had a worse enemy.
You're locked in to the Alex Jones Show.
We've got 26 minutes left in transmission time.
I've still got to get into Russia.
Threatening to point nukes at more countries.
That escalation, what the EU's up to, global government expanding.
There's a bunch of callers here.
One of them says he has the term right that I can't remember.
We'll Google it together on air and see if that's correct.
We're just the government admits all this chemtrailing spraying us because they care about us.
Not because you Genesis run things or anything.
Not what my film Endgame covers or anything.
No, no, it's because they love us.
But Chris in Florida, go ahead.
You were saying when you talked to Newt Gingrich and asked if he knew who I was.
Go ahead.
He said he nodded, and I said, you know, a second, I said New World Order, and I said Bohemian Grove.
I asked him which books he would recommend.
My family, see, it was an interesting situation because my family had actually had a fundraiser for him
20 years ago, so he knew I wasn't hostile.
He thought maybe we were changed, probably, because I was the only person.
I was wearing a baseball cap, and I look young.
I'm 30 years old.
Well, anyway, I kind of approached him nicely, and I brought up the fact that my family knows, are good friends with the Sensormatic CEO, the president, the guy who founded that company, and they had held a fundraiser for him.
I showed him the notes and everything and I asked him what he thought and I asked him if he knew you and he said yes and I asked him what books he recommended to read and he recommended the Thorn Birds and a series of books there and so I recommended that he listen to your show perhaps be a guest and to check out Endgame which I recommend everybody see.
What did he say when you said that?
He took a step back, and he's got kind of squinty eyes, and he kind of just sort of looked at me like, you know, he gave me an odd look, let's say.
Well, it's just like in the movie They Live.
We got one that can see.
You were wearing the sunglasses.
Good job, my friend.
Yeah, Gingrich is a total New World Order pusher.
He's for torture.
He says a lot of the right things on immigration and other issues, but he's total New World Order.
He was on the heart-rubbing commission that called for homeland security before 9-11 happened.
He's a top globalist, a very dangerous man.
Of course, former history professor.
Very, very wicked.
And an enemy of America.
I mean, I'm not joking around when I say that.
They've got to control people on the left and the right, and Gingrich is one of their top minions.
So, of course, he knows who I am.
They know who the enemies of the New World Order are.
You better believe it.
Okay, let's go ahead now and go to Ray in Wisconsin.
You're on the air, Ray.
Hi, Alex.
I think I've got the term.
It may have been a different variant of this, but I'm on a government website right now, and it is Indirect and Semi-Direct Aerosol Campaign.
That's it.
And I didn't get, you know, I only got like 1,500 hits, but I know that that... I mean, when I said millions, I mean, I got hundreds of thousands when I Googled that.
About four months ago, a caller called and said, check into this.
And then I spent like an hour after the show, all these universities, all these government sites, admitting that they're spraying us, manipulating the weather.
But, of course, it's all so good.
And then I never did a story on it.
We need to.
But keep talking.
I'm going to see how many hits I get.
Yeah, so, yeah, I mean, if it's so good for us, why isn't it public?
Why don't they talk about it?
Well, now, I mean, have you brought Chemtrails government textbook in?
Now they're telling the kids, see those planes, see those big trails?
That's to keep the sun from hurting you.
And then NASA admitted two years ago that the Earth is now 20% darker on average, and they show all these satellite photos of all the major countries, and they're just covered with these lines.
Have you seen those?
Yeah, I've seen them on YouTube.
Keep talking.
I'm typing it in.
Yeah, so, I mean, I just think it's ridiculous, and, you know, but, you know, I've talked to a few people about it, and they're, you know, they're starting to wake up to it, and, you know, they've seen them, and they say, yeah, those are weird, you know, and at least I think, you know, it's that domino effect, you know, talking to one person, and I talk to the next, and so on and so forth, and that's how you get the word out and get people looking up at the skies and asking, what is that, and
You know, why aren't people, why isn't it widely disseminated?
Yeah, I got 270 hits.
Boy, it was hundreds and hundreds of thousands a few months ago.
They must be removing this stuff.
Yeah, I don't know.
You know, it's another term there.
I mean, direct.
But I know that this was somewhat what he talked about.
You know, and I'm on, I don't know what.
Yeah, it says, no, I mean, it's all right here.
It's government.
Yep, it's all government.
Yep, exactly.
Thank you so much for the info.
People think I'm like scouring for new and older evidence.
I'm grounding in it.
I mean, I've just got unbelievable news here in front of me.
Let's go ahead and talk to Don in Texas.
Don, you're on the air.
Hello again, Alex.
I wanted to talk to you about two of your weekly shows, weekday shows that were on a few days ago, one of which we discussed Ron Paul's candidacy, and I was going to suggest that
Those of us who find all the other candidates unsatisfactory can write in Ron Paul in the general election, but he needs a VP candidate.
And it'll be interesting to see how Diebold handles that.
Well, I mean, Diebold's definitely shooting Barack Obama, but it's not in Nationwide, so they're only able to steal it in New York, steal it there.
I mean, do you really believe in Harlem?
He got zero votes and Hillary got them all?
Well, anyway, maybe if we write them in, it'll be harder for them to cover it up.
I mean, how obvious does it get when in multiple areas of Harlem he gets zero votes?
I agree with you.
Yeah, right.
Next issue, Lee Harvey Oswald's head.
Who collects human skulls?
Skull and bones.
Who collected Geronimo's head out of his grave?
Well, that's admitted.
George Bush's secret organization has stolen a bunch of famous heads, and that's been Associated Press news.
People demanding their family members' heads back.
Well, anyway...
I think that's where Lee Harvey Oswald's head ended up, was at Yale University.
Well, for those that don't know, somebody in the night dug up the body, broke open the 2,300-pound concrete sarcophagus, and did a lot of stuff there.
I appreciate your call.
And if you just tuned in and you don't believe that Skull & Bones steals famous people's skulls, Prescott Bush went down and dug up Geronimo's skull.
He's real famous for that.
He was the top U.S.
Nazi agent in the United States.
Just Google Skulls.
Indians demand skull back from Skull and Bones.
It's mainstream news.
I mean, we're not the freaks here reporting all this weird news.
They're the freaks.
Let's talk to Robert in Arizona.
Robert, you're on the air.
Hello, Alex.
Yes, sir.
I joined your social.infowars.com groups.
And I'm happy to report I've set up two or three categories.
One is Prisoners of Politics and Commerce.
And there's a young boy named Omar Kader.
I probably butchered his last name.
I think his father was an Afghani.
And when he was 13 years old, his father visited Afghanistan and took him with him.
Apparently he had some meeting with Osama bin Laden.
And there's a breaking story that's coming out.
And the guy that has all the dope on it
Is our friend Professor Donald Scott of Canada from the Common Cause Medical Research Foundation.
And I have his phone number.
If you want to message me when you get off the air, I'll get it to you.
Just do this.
Can you give it to Paul, who's in the running of the show?
Yeah, I think I can dig it up.
Okay, other than that, or email us at Aaron at InfoAwards.com.
He really assists me as well.
Yeah, this young boy is trapped at Gitmo, and he's been tortured.
And there's a chance they're going to... Oh, I've heard about that.
Don't worry, he'll confess after six years of torture.
Torture isn't good for real intel, but it's good for fake confessions.
It sure is.
Speaking of InfoWars.com, you go there.
It says InfoWars Network.
It's just been up a few days.
It's got 2,600-plus members.
Your own website, your own subpage on InfoWars.
I encourage people.
It's free.
It's quick.
It's easy.
Write your own blogs.
Write your own stories.
And if it's good stuff, we'll put it on the main page of InfoWars, getting millions of readers a week.
Oops, I actually hung up on him.
Call back if you can, sir, and we'll get that number.
Instinctively, I hang up on people when I'm done.
We're going to come back.
No more calls.
I've got to hit the Russia news.
I've got to hit the New World Order news.
This is very important information.
After this quick break, I'll also recap some of the top stories, some of the other interesting things.
We've got a little 12-minute segment coming up on the other side.
Everybody stay with us.
But, yes, InfoWars.com.
Go get your own subpage, your own area, your own blog, photos, videos.
It's PowerfulInfoWars.com.
We'll be right back.
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Crushing through the lies and disinformation.
It's Alex Jones.
Governments are almost always corrupt throughout history, even if you have an angel government or a good king.
Over time, you get bad people in, power corrupts, absolute power corrupts.
Absolutely, as Lord Acton said, just like Ahmadinejad three weeks ago, the president of Iran called for a world government.
Again, they're bad, our government's bad, Israel's corrupt, England's corrupt, China's corrupt, Japan's got corruption.
Powerful pig-like people that want dominance and control, who are ruthless and who are good liars, get into positions of power and support elites that were there before them.
I want to say that because I'm not saying Vladimir Putin's good.
He's a former KGB chief.
He's been caught staging terror attacks to blame it on his enemies.
He's banning free speech, doing a lot of horrible things.
I don't know if this fight is real between the Western and Eastern elite.
But I do know the government's own, the UN's own numbers.
In World War II, the Serbs fought on the side of the Allies, the United States.
They saved Madeleine Albright's father, who was a communist in Czechoslovakia and helped exterminate more than a million people.
She fled there as a child.
What did she do as Secretary of State?
Bombed them.
The UN's own numbers, even on Discovery Channel programs, have admitted, oh well, the Croats and the Muslims...
...killed three times the number, in some cases higher, of Serbs, but the Serbs are the mean ones.
Now, I'm not getting into a debate here about whether a Cro-Lat's good, or a Muslim's good, or a Serb is good in this area, but the Serbs were there originally.
They got overrun during, of course, the expansion of the Muslims that triggered the Crusades into Central and Eastern Europe.
It's called the Balkans because you've had all these different nations fighting with each other, hence the term Balkanization, meaning divided groups.
The Serbs, after World War II and the intervening years, they had Tito, and then after the Soviets supposedly fell apart, it broke into all those pieces.
And the Croats who backed Hitler and the Muslims who backed Hitler came in two to one and started slaughtering Serbs, invading, killing everybody.
Now, I'm just reporting historical facts.
The Serbs fought back.
Arkan fought back.
Slovo Milajevic fought back.
Kosovo has been part of Serbia for more than a thousand years.
Kosovo was just like a region, like Texas, or an area, comprised about 25% or so of the Serbian nation.
The Serbs, under Tito, were universal.
They didn't let Muslims and Christians fight with each other.
Or the predominantly Catholic Croats.
Who backed Hitler.
They came in.
They brought more Muslims in from Albania, which was also a socialist state, a communist state.
And then the Croats, funded by the CIA in the early 1990s, this is all declassified now, began attacking schools, police, school buses, killing them.
Real Al-Qaeda.
Bin Laden then went to the region.
That's mainstream news.
Of course, he worked for CIA.
Of course, he did.
Then when the Serbs fought back, the media hyped it.
Hillary went and stood when she was basically vice president with Al Gore.
She was basically vice president or co-president with Clinton.
She went and stood behind barbed wire fences put up by NATO and said, look, they're behind barbed wire.
Or they'd show UN food facilities with barbed wire around them with Serbs and Croats and Kosovoans.
We're good to go.
Then they come in, bomb the whole place, blow up the chemical plants, drop DU bombs, massive carnage, they stage the overthrow, the CIA did, a Belgrade, overthrow Slobo, poison him in his jail cell, that's all come out.
Serbia's always really been allied with Russia, culturally, the Slavic.
So this is basically like a big part of Russia being taken right now.
Russia denounces Kosovo Declaration.
And the Kosovans are out of the streets, the Muslim communists, and they're out running around saying how great it is wearing Uncle Sam outfits.
I have the AP photo right here in front of me.
And they're saying, America, thank you.
I mean, that's period.
Our government did this.
Great job.
So now the Russians are real mad.
Also, the U.S.
is moving nukes all in around Russia, medium, short-range frogs.
Really escalating the Cold War, putting weapons in space, doing all of this, and I'm just reporting to you the facts.
And Russia rightfully says U.S.
satellites shot a weapons test, and then the U.S.
says that's a conspiracy theory.
These satellites go out all the time.
They burn up coming into orbit.
They never kill anybody.
Suddenly they said, we've got to use a particle beam laser to blow it up, violating these treaties, but it's only for everybody's safety.
Well, even the London...
Independent says the satellite, which is about the size of a school bus, has been drifting back towards Earth since last month.
And it goes on to say it does contain about 1,000 pounds of toxic fuel called hydrazine, but the risk, even if the fuel did spill out of the middle of a city, is so minimal and laughable, according to experts.
So they go on to say that it's a total, it's a weapons test.
The point is they're lying to us as usual.
Now they are moving nukes into former Warsaw Pact countries.
Putin says Russia ready to target NATO threats.
Russian President Vladimir Putin said Thursday he is ready to target missiles at former Warsaw Pact countries including neighboring Ukraine if they join NATO or host Western military facilities.
What would we do if Russia was in Mexico or in Canada?
Ukraine is applying to NATO while Russia has been
Infuriated at plans by the Czech Republic and Poland to host U.S.
anti-missile defense system.
Which then makes the topo limbs useless, and so then Russia has to escalate and build more weapons.
This is a weapons race.
Meanwhile, Big Bear, Russian strategic bombers...
This is according to the Daily Mail.
Russian bomber buzzes U.S.
aircraft carrier heading towards Japanese coast.
The Russian bomber twice buzzed a U.S.
nuclear-powered aircraft carrier in the most stark warning yet from the Kremlin of the return of the Cold War.
The Pentagon leaked word of a potentially dangerous encounter.
Now, remember a few months ago, right up there in the China Sea, multiple Chinese subs popped up within hundreds of yards right behind the supercarriers.
Which supposedly they're not able to do because of the sonar.
This is really bad news.
Another headline, Harold's son nuke threat puts West on notice.
Russian President Vladimir Putin has warned Ukraine he will aim nuclear missiles at it if the country joins NATO.
There you go.
So that's just some of the type of news we have there.
That's a big issue.
I'll be covering that more during the week and back here live next Sunday before I run out of time.
I've got a really big guest on tomorrow.
I'm going to leave it there as a secret.
I don't want to jinx it, but just tomorrow's show is going to be big.
No, it's not Barack.
Barack Obama.
I'm not excited about Barack Obama like you.
You're in there drinking the Kool-Aid, my friend.
I know compared to Hillary, he looks great, but just he's from the same people.
Same cut out of the same cloth.
Continuing, Democrats plot five-year amnesty plan behind the scenes, and it's been reported by multiple mainstream media.
News outlets, if they plan to just have the agencies just go ahead and legalize them by fiat and accept them and give them green cards with no documentation.
So it's just happening.
Just like the feds are engaged in gun control without anything.
Here's one out of the New York Times.
Harlem district reports zero votes for Obama.
Hillary is certainly having him be cheated, so interesting things happening there.
And then really big news here.
I could have played the clips, but you can just see them up on Infowars.com and presentplanet.com.
It is the top story right now.
This is really, really important.
Vicente Fox seeks interdependent North American Union and emerging world government.
Former Mexican president urges U.S.
to embrace solidarity, not selfishness, as the North American Union unfolds.
And We Are Change got a lengthy interview with them at WeAreChange.org.
WeAreChange.org are the only certified, because I can't have people under my name that I can't trust.
I do trust them.
Luke Radowski and the other chapters, they are InfoWars.com auxiliary reporters.
That's why you'll see InfoWars.com and Truth News there tagged at the end of the video.
Just a huge news-making interview where Vicente Fox admits it's the North American Union and that they're integrating our nations and integrating us with the European Union.
For those that like Barack Obama, again, it's foolish when you go out and vote for an establishment candidate, Hillary or him, or John McCain.
They're all New World Order.
They just love suckering you, and you go, well, who do you vote for then?
Vote local.
Vote for good candidates locally.
You know, that's how you do it.
Obama pushes bill that would mandate global tax, prisonplanet.com, and he has it all footnoted, Paul Watson did with all the mainstream articles.
Presidential frontrunner Barack Obama is pushing a bill that will lead to the implementation of a U.N.
global tax costing the U.S.
at least $85 million.
$845 billion over 13 years in the name of fighting worldwide poverty, as well as banning small arms and light weapons under UNIDIR, where the UN says they want to disarm the American people.
Barack Obama wants your guns.
Anybody who wants your guns wants you to be their slaves.
Hitler was for gun control.
Stalin, Mao.
There's big attacks on the Second Amendment right now.
The British government minister over family planning says sterilize teenage girls.
Everything is run by eugenicists.
Learn about eugenicists, see the film in-game, Google in-game.
It's very easy to do.
EU to ban outside space here, talking about banning fireplaces, talking about banning all fireworks displays in England, as well as saying it's bad.
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