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Air Date: Feb. 14, 2008
2336 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Well, I've done a lot of interviews with a lot of amazing people.
But I have to tell you, this is the most excited I've ever been.
But it's not just his music that I grew up listening to and that I love.
We're good to go.
I think?
Obi-Wan Kenobi level zen-ness.
It's not an act.
He's an incredible person.
I'm not going to gush.
He doesn't like it.
Willie Nelson, thank you for spending time with myself and the audience.
Well, thank you, Alex.
No, no, I was enjoying that introduction.
Thank you.
Well, you deserve every bit of it, sir.
Thank you.
I'm glad to be on your show.
I'm a big fan and have been for years, and I've watched your videos and listened to you on radio, and I'm always checking in to see what you're doing and
You're doing a great job.
That's amazing.
It humbles me.
I better do a really good job of Willie Nelson's tuning in along with the Japanese Parliament every day.
Willie, this is a quick segment.
We're going to come back in a long 20-minute segment.
But, you know, I asked you before the interview, I said, what do you want to talk about?
And you said, whatever you want to get into.
Let's talk about some fun stuff first.
Tell me about what the band's doing, your new song, Gravedigger.
What's going on?
Well, we have this new album that's out.
It's called A Moment of Forever, and it's a song that Chris wrote.
And it's probably the greatest love song I've ever heard.
And then we've got a couple of videos coming out of the album.
The Gravediggers won.
And then we did another video that's coming out in a couple of months.
We did it down at my ranch there in Texas out there in Texas.
There's a video with me and Jessica Simpson and Owen Wilson and Woody Harrelson and all the Wilson boys and Ray Price and Johnny Bush, and we just had a big crowd down there in town, and we had a lawnmower race.
I wish you'd have been there.
You'd have had a lot of fun.
I actually heard about it from Turk Pibkin and other people.
But anyway, that's what we're into, and we're out here doing a couple songs off the album every night.
You've got quite a few websites.
What are some of the sites people can visit to see your latest info?
Well, there's willianelson.com, and my daughter does a column every day to tell everybody what we're into out here.
And there's the willianelsonpri.com, which is a website set up.
I did it originally to try to organize all the peace organizations in the world,
And we did a pretty good job of doing that, I think, because there's a whole lot of networking going on there about people talking about peace.
And then I wrote this song with my daughter, Amy, called Peaceful Solution.
And I put the song on the website and told people they could record it, rewrite it, or sing it, or put their band behind it.
I just gave them the song, basically.
And so far, over 100 people have recorded that song and videoed it.
The University of Texas did two videos on it.
Go ahead, Willie.
I'm just fooling around.
Well, it's fantastic.
All of it.
It seems like your music just gets better and better.
You are a driven individual, and that's what I want to ask you when we get back.
What drives Willie Nelson?
What does Willie Nelson think is most important in this world?
What is your philosophy summed up?
I know your book that I read just last week, The Tao of Willie, is amazing, and I learned a lot from it.
We'll talk about that.
Biodiesel, hemp, the warb.
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It is a big idea.
A new world order.
In the near future, Earth is dominated by a powerful world government.
It's known as the Bilderberg.
Could their objective be world domination?
For thousands of years, their dark border grew.
Now, as they hail the birth of the new world order, their great dream of exterminating 80% of humanity is at hand.
For the first time in history, the elite's plan for world government is blown wide open.
Most people have no idea.
They're not after money.
They have all the money they need.
They're after power.
That's what they're after.
He's the T-Rex of political talk.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
He is counted among the top country legends, music legends, political activist legends.
Pretty much the icon of music.
And he is quite a survivor.
Willie Nelson, again, thank you for being with us.
I wanted to throw out that question, I mean, about your life growing up.
What made you the way you are?
Why you've always stood up for the little guy, the farmers and people in Africa and just so many others.
Why did you go in that direction in your life?
Well, you know, I don't really know, except the fact that I was, I grew up in a town in Abbott, Texas.
It was a little small community farm town.
And I knew everybody in town.
Everybody knew me.
Three or four churches there, four churches.
So in one way or another, you went to church every day and every night of your life.
And I learned, if I learned anything, I learned that all those places, you know,
Sometimes the Baptists wouldn't talk to the Methodists, or the Church of Christ wouldn't talk to the Catholics.
But they were all trying to do the same thing, and they were just divisions, even in that small town.
But the one thing that I did learn out of it was the golden rule, you do unto others as you would have them do unto you.
And that and Amazing Grace, I pulled out of Habit, Texas, and I think those two things alone have been really good for me.
When did you start your first band?
I was about 10, let's see, before I got out of high school, I started a band with me and my sister and my brother-in-law and my football coach, and he played trombone, and we had a little family band.
We played all over Texas.
We played in Waco and West and, you know, places that we could drive to with a,
A trailer.
Didn't you start out in radio by 16 or 17?
You already had your own show?
Yeah, I was with KHBR in Hillsborough, and we had our own radio show there every Saturday.
And then after that, I went to the Air Force and then went down to Pleasanton, Texas, and went to work at KOB Pleasanton down there, and then I worked several other radio stations, and at the same time playing bars around, trying to make it.
It's amazing.
Well, you certainly did make it a long career.
You've been out, what, on the road and playing since, what, 54, 55, earlier?
Yeah, at least at 49, when I graduated from high school.
I was already in a band then.
So, 49.
Shifting gears, again, we're talking to Willie Nelson.
First of all, it all happened, the Dixie Chicks was overseas when they said what they said that seemed to have upset everybody.
I was overseas, too, at a press conference, and I guess they had it in for the Dixie Chicks more than they did me, I don't know, because they had every reason in the world to get on me also.
They're afraid of you.
They knew it wouldn't fly them.
Well, I don't know.
But they said, you know, what about this crazy cowboy from Texas you got running?
I said, first of all, he's not a cowboy.
Second of all, he ain't from Texas.
So, you know, let's start there.
And, I mean, I make the point that they backed off from you because I don't think that they could chew up Willie Nelson.
I think they tried to pick on the Dixie Chicks, but it seemed that that backfired on them.
Well, it did, and it took a while, and the chicks had to go through some uncomfortable times, but, you know, they're tough, and they came out on the other side of it really looking great, and they're more popular now than they were then, and a lot of it's because of that.
So, you know, I don't know whether they'd rather have it done that way or not, but at least they said what they thought, and they stuck with it, and I think their last record was, you know, we're not ready to make nice yet.
Not ready to play nice, not ready to go along with this.
I'm mad as hell, and I'm just going to continue doing the right thing.
And that's why they're becoming even bigger icons.
Willie, your take on the war.
I mean, you were there from day one saying it was bad.
Now, 80% of Americans...
It was always a bad idea.
You just don't start wars.
Again, it goes back to whatever I learned in Abbott, Texas.
You just don't kill people.
There's something in the Bible that says thou shalt not kill.
There's also a lot of things in there about peace on earth.
I grew up believing that way.
Then all of a sudden I found out there are huge organizations out there that are starting wars.
And selling bullets to both sides, and I said, what the hell is going on?
What happened to peace on Earth?
Well, you brought up a key there.
Can you elaborate on your take on big organizations selling to both sides?
Because that's the key here.
The humanity, the humans, the children, the people that die that have their countries bombed out, the Americans that are taxed to pay for it all, and the no-bid contracts, humanity loses, but these kingpins, they win.
Yeah, and they've been winning ever since the...
You know, in the Old Testament, it talked about war.
There will always be wars and rumors of wars.
But in the new one, it said, let's talk about peace.
And then there's going to be some peace.
And I believe that eventually there's going to be peace on Earth.
And it's those other bastards that are getting in the way of it.
So what do we do about them, Alex?
Well, I have to say this.
I do interviews every day on other people's talk shows, even confrontational interviews, adversarial interviews, and they'll take 10, 20 calls, and at 20 calls, 19 people agree with me while the neocon or right-wing host is attacking me because I come to it from a libertarian perspective, and it just neutralizes them.
Now, five, six years ago, that wasn't happening.
It was half and half.
And I'm seeing a total shift.
But also in the polls.
But now both parties have circled the wagons against the people, and they're saying, we don't care what you want.
John McCain said this war is going to go on for 100 years.
Yeah, and it can't.
It just can't.
We can't let it go on another year.
The other day I was getting interviewed, and somebody said, what would you do if you were elected president?
I said, I would stop the damn war.
And it's just that simple.
You stop that war, you stop the other wars that we're in around the country, and you go around the country being a peacemaker and stopping wars.
I thought that's what you're supposed to do.
Since when does America invade all these countries that have nothing to do with 9-11?
Yeah, really.
And all of a sudden, you know, the way I heard it, 15 people from Saudi Arabia hit us in New York, and we go jump on Afghanistan.
I never could figure that one out in Iraq.
Well, I did figure it out, too, but I'm surprised more people haven't figured it out.
Willie, you brought it up.
You figured it out.
What's your take on 9-11?
It just came out in AP today that the White House was running the commission.
We always knew that, but now they admit.
In fact, I have the headline right here.
I read it before you came on, where they're now admitting that it was a staged commission.
Well, that ain't good news, but it doesn't surprise me.
Did it you?
No, it didn't.
I'm glad it's coming out.
What's your take on 9-11?
Do you question the official story?
I certainly do, and I saw those towers fall, and I've seen an implosion in Las Vegas.
There was too much similarities between the two.
And I saw the building fall.
It didn't get hit by nothing.
So, you know, how naive are we?
What do they think we'll go for?
So are you saying you started having questions or that little voice in your head?
I mean, did you have a bad feeling the day it happened?
Is that what you're saying?
The day it happened, I saw one fall and it was just so symmetrical.
I said, wait a minute, I just saw that last week at the, you know, casino over in Las Vegas.
And you see these implosions all the time.
And then the next one fell and I said, hell, there's another one.
And they're trying to tell me that an airplane did it.
And that's, you know, I can't go along with that.
And then you find out that mainstream news reported, but it never got any attention, that the supposed hijackers were given national security clearance and were trained at U.S.
bases, and the dean of the Defense Language School, Colonel Butler, goes public and says, we train these people, the government's involved, and they start court-martialing until he agreed to shut up.
True story, I guess.
I hate to hear it, but it's probably true.
You've had a chance to see what Terror Storm, Endgame, some of the other films.
What's Willie Nelson's take on those films?
Oh, I think they're right on.
I think, you know, the fact that there are a few elite that are running everything, calling the shots, starting the wars, financing them all, I believe that.
And what else we're doing, who knows?
But that one thing alone is enough for us to think about how do we stop them.
Well, the proof is in the pudding.
If you've got on every issue, 75 to 85, in all the major scientific polls, the people are against everything this government's doing.
We send the Democrats to Congress to end the war.
They increase it.
And now they're saying they're going to be there 100 years, Hillary and McCain.
I mean, to me, that is a small group running things right there in front of us.
And, Forrest, I can see all those people attended the same meetings that you and the guys attended up in Canada.
Am I wrong?
Oh, no.
A lot of them do go to the Bilderberg Group.
Yes, sir.
Is that freedom?
I don't think so.
It's not democracy either.
Willie Nelson, you're blowing me away here.
When we get back, I want to talk about solutions, your ideas, because the people are awake to a certain extent.
I just don't think that they have the specifics of what to do.
I want to tell them about some of your organizations and groups.
I agree with taking...
Our everyday life in our own hands, like you've done with the biodiesel, that's a separate thing from what they're doing with the corn and other things.
I want to be sure and separate that out and explain that to people and what you've tried to do and all the money you've put into trying to get us into renewable resources and things that will allow us to not continue to destroy the earth.
We'll be right back.
Oh, in fact, we're not going to go to break.
I forgot.
I told him to skip that break.
I'm so used to going to break at the 20 after, and I told John to skip that so we've got more time here.
I'm a little bit dumbstruck here talking to you, Willie.
I mean, you talk about how we do have this elite running things, and the evidence shows that, and the documents have been declassified.
What are your ideas to get the people to mobilize to do something about it?
The song that I wrote called Peaceful Solution, now all those people that recorded it believe, and so do I, that there is a peaceful solution.
And it's called a peace revolution.
And we just take back America.
And we do it, vote it back, we do it, we make sure that the crooked ballot boxes are thrown away, we get a paper trail and everything, and make sure that
Good, honest people can get back in control, and that's the only way we're going to do it, is to just do it.
You know what I mean?
Well, I think that's happening.
Just in the news today, we're seeing that they've recruited 26,000 preachers the White House has through FEMA to tell their flocks to stand down, to turn in their guns, to follow orders, to do what the President says in the Presidential Decision Directive 51.
Bush says he's above the Congress.
It's no longer involved in continuity of government in the John Warner Defense Authorization Act.
They have openly funded for insurrection and rebellion by the American people.
The whole police state apparatus they built up after 9-11, and I want to get your take on this, Willie, because I know you're aware of it, is now being used against the people.
They're not even talking about the boogeyman of Al-Qaeda anymore.
No, and I do believe that it's a long time until Election Day and some sort of national crisis could put off the elections.
A lot of people are saying that.
I was saying that many years ago, and now Bob Woodward's talked about how they're setting up for martial law, of all people.
Naomi Wolf is talking about it.
I think that might save us.
I'm seeing a...
I would hope that we'd be smarter than that, and I would hope that we'd say, no, we're throwing all you guys out and we're starting over.
You can stop the elections if you want to, but you can't stop the people.
Well, Ron Paul has gotten more donations from...
Well, again, the troops are under orders, and if they don't do what the orders are, then they get shot.
So the troops have no choice.
There's a few of them in there that are there because they think it's the right thing to do.
There are a few there because they just like to fight.
But there's a lot of them there, like you say, that would rather be home with their families and save our good men and women for something that really matters, for really something that is the defense of our country.
If we need some people down here on the borders, let's take 150,000 people out of Iraq and put them on the borders of Canada and Mexico.
We can secure our borders that way.
Well, how do we have this war on terror where there's an Al-Qaeda terrorist under every bed, under every table?
We've got to have checkpoints and kids getting thumb scanned to get their lunches to stop Al-Qaeda, but then the border's wide open.
That kind of makes the war on terror look like a fraud.
Well, yeah, and, you know, they're fighting over there because you remember the old joke about the guy that dropped a quarter and he was looking around and the guy said, where did you lose it?
I said, I lost it over yonder.
And he said, why are you looking over here for?
I said, well, I call the lights better.
Ha, ha, ha, ha.
Ha, ha, ha, ha.
I think that's why they're over there.
The light's better.
Well, it's a black hole to launder money and dump trillions of dollars in no-bid contracts to Halliburton.
Yeah, and there's nobody stopping it.
And as long as it keeps going on and nobody stops it, I don't know what the end result will be.
It can't be good for us.
Well, you're right.
Tyrants have known throughout history.
They keep pushing.
They keep testing.
Tyranny doesn't come overnight.
And I hope a lot of people that support this war, I hope you know, we have illegal wars not declared, torture, the rest of it.
None of us are safe here.
What comes around goes around.
You reap what you sow, don't you, Willie?
Ten times over, I remember it.
And I'm not sure I want to get treated ten times as bad as we're treating other people.
Did you ever see the actual Army reports?
MSNBC posted it, but then never covered it, with what the actual torture was, not just those photos.
I mean, it reported they tortured people's children in front of their parents.
No, I didn't hear that.
Did you see the report about them raping the women inside the camps?
Well, that one doesn't surprise me, but torturing them in front of their family, I didn't know...
We did, Dad.
Yeah, if you want, I can email you some of the mainstream stories.
They had a CIA section chief in the Washington Post say, yeah, we tortured their children in front of the parents to get answers.
Well, I don't understand it.
I think the establishment is trying to seduce our troops into evil, but again, I think they're throwing it back up at them.
Well, I think so.
This can't happen because everyone is an individual.
We all have our free will, and God gives us the freedom to use it.
So no matter where we are or what we're doing, if we know it's wrong, we should not do it.
Well, for anybody that wants the report, it was a Filipino-American general, two-star General Tagumbo, was hired to run the report on 30-plus camps in Iraq, and that was the findings.
For anybody that wants to go check that, those are amazing claims, but they are true.
Speaking of an individual like George Bush and these elitists that are puppeteering him,
How do you think they sleep at night, Willie?
Because somebody like you or myself, we have a conscience, and I love my conscience.
It's my greatest possession.
And I wonder about psychopaths sometimes, how they just enjoy evil.
Well, you know, I don't know where you grew up, but I grew up with a lot of people who really are... You have to doubt if they have a conscience.
And I know they're all over the world, so I'm not surprised that people can...
It's a power trip, isn't it?
Well, where I'm from, my dad is from two counties over to the east.
That's where our family's been since 1829 with Spanish land grants.
And then my mom's family were German immigrants in the 1840s to right around Austin and surrounding areas.
So I am really proud to be a Texan because you're a Texan, Willie.
All the way through.
You know, I love our state.
It sure is growing.
It is good, and I'm glad to see it.
We've got a lot of room down there, you know, so if it gets too crowded in Fredericksburg, we'll go further west.
But there's plenty of room out there, so I'd tell people to come on down.
You've got a studio out in Fredericksburg, don't you?
I have one out at 3rd and 9th.
It's out just west of Austin there.
It's between Austin and Fredericksburg.
Boy, it sure is pretty out by hunt.
Yes, it is.
It's just incredibly beautiful all over that state, and I'm prejudiced, and I would be the first to admit it.
The presidential election, Kucinich has dropped out.
My audience and others helped raise the money for the recount.
They did find evidence on the Republican and Democratic side of chicanery in New Hampshire.
But Kucinich has dropped out now.
What do you think of Ron Paul?
I like Ron Paul, but I think he's got the same troubles that Dennis had.
First of all, he's
You know, there's not that much support.
Behind him, he is growing a little bit, but I noticed his numbers had come up in Maine here in the last day or so that he got quite a good... You know, I like what he says.
I still think when we get down to it, it's going to be McCain and either Hillary or Obama.
And they're all pro-war.
It sounds like it.
I was hoping that Hillary had changed her mind.
I was hoping Obama was all the way against the war.
Maybe public opinion can keep their minds where they need to be.
I don't know.
Let's talk more about the election, biodiesel, hemp, the drug war, so many other questions.
Half the interview has already gone by.
This is just wonderful to have you with us, Mr. Nelson.
You are a sweetheart to spend so much time with us.
We'll be right back with Willie Nelson after this quick three-minute break.
Please stay with us.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
We're back live, ladies and gentlemen, transmitting on the MNFM dial across the nation, simulcast on the satellite and on the internet at truthnews.us, infowars.com, prisonplanet.com.
We have eight servers, and this has not happened in about a year.
Some of the sites you can't even hardly get to right now.
I guess the word has spread on the internet.
That Willie Nelson is, and we can take millions of visitors, so people are going crazy right now on the websites.
Willie, you have made quite a splash here.
Yeah, you're burning the place down.
Well, that's good.
It's awesome.
Getting into the war and then the solution, trying to fix this politically...
Magically, Ron Paul's been getting half the votes the polls show he should get.
Obama was getting 15 more points or more than Hillary in New Hampshire.
She magically won by almost four points.
That's like an 18-point swing.
That's never happened before.
Ron Paul really got second place in Nevada.
The media just said he didn't even make place.
He won first place in Louisiana.
They lied and said he got second place.
These voting machines, all the corruption there.
Give us your view on that.
Well, you know, it's a no-brainer.
You've got to get rid of the voting machines because they're crooked or they can be hacked.
And we can't afford to have another election still.
Well, in the past, when you were growing up as a young man and then even older, I mean, the voting was they put the ballot box out in the middle of the room.
They all got counted.
That precinct then announced it.
Everybody got to watch the counting.
You still had a few problems.
Yeah, that's my question.
You know, what
What do we have to see in order to change it?
Because we know it's crooked.
Well, I guess we first have to expose that it is crooked, and that's now happening.
What's the second step?
The establishment knew we weren't going to like what they were doing, and so now they've moved in to block us with these machines.
Well, since I know zero about machines, it wouldn't be that hard for them to fool me.
It's done with pencil and paper.
I get fooled with that, too, but it's a little harder to
But you didn't get fooled on the war from day one, and you didn't get fooled on 9-11, Willie.
No, I didn't.
And I still think I know what's going on there.
Well, now that Kucinich has dropped out, do you think Ron Paul's the best candidate, or what's your take on that?
I think he's a great candidate.
I think he's a great guy, and I wish him well.
And we'll see what happens, I guess, tomorrow that will answer a lot of our questions.
Yeah, Super Tuesday coming up tomorrow.
Willie, getting back into 9-11, because you brought it up, and I was debating even bringing it up.
It's so controversial.
But other questions, other things that piqued your interest and made you question the official story surrounding 9-11?
Well, as soon as...
It happened, and the next day I was somewhere doing a show, and somebody said, what do you think about it?
And I said, well, first of all, when I get hit, I like to look around and see who did it before I start swinging at everybody in the room.
And it kind of looked like what we were doing.
We get hit over here, and the next thing you know, we're jumping on everybody in the town.
So we got hit from Saudi Arabia.
I think we have some
Questions that need to be answered from those folks.
You know, that's a really good point you make.
Again, Newsweek reported a week after 9-11 that in the six months before, they had massed carrier task forces, 44,000 U.S.
troops, 18,000 British troops in Tajikistan and Uzbekistan surrounding, and that Bush on September 10th signed the order in the next week to attack Afghanistan.
Man, what timing, Willie, that he signed the attack order the day before.
Yeah, I wonder how that happened.
I mean, how smoking gun is that?
Yeah, I mean, what does it take for us to realize that, you know, we're having the world pulled over our eyes one more time?
You know, there's a war against the American people, and that's the drug war.
Back when drugs were sold on store shelves, we had a lot less drug use in this country.
They criminalize it, it corrupts the police, and it puts a lot of money in drugs, and then the kids get involved in it, and of course they've got to go after marijuana because 70 plus percent of people don't use other drugs.
They use the medicine, hemp, and you've been a big advocate exposing how DuPont and Dow Chemical shut that down, even the cannabis varieties that don't even have HTC in them.
When did you first begin to fight the drug war and to expose what was happening with the suppression of hemp?
Well, first of all, I knew that there should be... that it's the greatest killer on the planet is stress and the best medicine is cannabis for some people.
And it's a good medicine.
So, first of all, there was no reason to make it illegal unless you had an agenda.
And the same thing with...
The same thing with biodiesel and ethanol.
Ethanol back in the 30s, 25% of the market was ethanol.
The other 75% was standard oil.
So once ethanol became a problem, what did they do?
They came up with Prohibitia.
It did two things.
It stopped the farmer from growing
And making ethanol, because he was making ethanol in the same piece of equipment that he made his whiskey in, which was a still.
So when they brought in Prohibition and stopped the whiskey, they also stopped the making of ethanol, and they put the farmers out of business who were making their own fuel.
And also, Standard Oil again won the battle.
Yeah, my family's from in between Fairfield and...
Buffalo, and we've still got over 1,000 acres out there.
Farming's tough.
Some of the years they would sell land off the original Spanish land grant just to be able to pay the taxes, but the big drought in the 50s almost made them go under.
But there are rotting stills back there down on some of the swamp land.
I don't know who put them there.
They're still regulators.
They might come after us.
But there's old metal remnants of stills, and the story I got was is that they made them destroy them
And went after people, and they weren't even, most of the time, making moonshine with them.
But you're right.
That was an economic warfare against the farmers.
Because I know that happened to my family, the Joneses.
Well, it definitely happened to a lot of people.
And it put the ethanol people out of business the first time.
And then the second time around, they put them out of business.
And now they're trying to do it again.
And as oil goes up and up and up and up...
They're also looking at us over here who are into the alternative energies, and I've heard from the oil companies that, hey, you know, it's all right.
You guys go ahead and do what you're going to do for the next 36 months or so, and then we're going to come in and take it over.
And that would all be well and good, except that when that happens, I know it's not going to be good for the local producer and the local consumer.
A lot of things will be imported, palm oil for all over the world, and that's not good.
Until we can get it back to where...
Your family and my family can grow their own ethanol and their own biodiesel and then our economy is going to stay bad.
We have to bring it back to sustainable agriculture locally and it's got to start locally.
Going back to biodiesel, there's a big difference between biodiesel and some of the things they're making out of corn because you're able to make the biodiesel you create out of all sorts of things.
Can you explain the difference and then talk about the program you've tried to launch nationally?
Well, the first diesel engine, Rudolph Diesel designed his first engine to run on peanut oil.
So for all these years that we've been using peanut
You know, oil and diesel.
We could have been using peanut oil.
We could have been using all kinds of vegetable oils.
We didn't have to become that dependent.
So it was a... Again, it was a planned agenda to keep us away from the biodiesel because they wanted to sell us oil.
At the same time, the government was using biodiesel and ethanol and its equipment because it was...
Well, you talk about the Monopoly game they played to do this.
Is that the place you started to learn about the Monopoly men and the larger global forces?
Or when did you discover what, for lack of a better term, we'd call the New World Order or the Kingpins?
There's one thing and another.
Oh, I don't know.
That was part of it.
You know, when the cannabis thing and the marijuana was made illegal back in those days, I traced it back to the petrochemicals again.
Everything that was made from
Cannabis now is made from petrochemicals, so it's just the oil companies again coming in and taking over and making marijuana illegal and telling people it's crazy and it'll kill you and all that stuff.
So far, I don't know of anybody that's died from marijuana unless a bail fell on them or something.
My friend Kevin Booth just produced a film I consulted on called American Drug War that's going to be airing on Showtime coming up in March, or this next month.
And he spent four years making it, and he's got the numbers.
From year to year it changes, but about 200,000 to 300,000, it changes each year, die from pharmacological legal drugs.
And about 10,000 die a year from all the really hard, you know, quote, bad illegal drugs, which I agree are bad, heroin, cocaine, things like that.
And then they can't even find any deaths from marijuana, and George Washington grew it on his land and smoked it for stomachaches.
So why is marijuana illegal, and why do they fill the prisons with hundreds of thousands of people a year who are caught with it?
Well, it's obvious again, because everything that's made from petrochemicals at one time was made from cannabis.
And it's... Even the...
The Blue Jeans.
Did you ever read a book called The Emperor Has No Clothes that Jack Harrow wrote?
Yes, I did.
I like the Bible, yeah.
And it talks about the original Levi's being made from cannabis.
And it talks about all the ships, the covered wagons, the canvas was made from cannabis.
Yeah, the sails, the ropes, they lasted four or five times longer.
Yeah, and when I was in high school in the FFA during the war,
And they had us making rope out of hemp.
They made hemp legal again back during the war because they needed it, and we were making hemp ropes in the gymnasium there in Abbott, Texas.
It really is a magic plant.
I mean, you can grow it anywhere, and it's just an incredible product for industry, but I guess it's not centralized like a giant chemical plant, so they just can't let the farmers have that, can they?
That's right.
It's just too hard for them to compete against something that you can just throw out some seeds.
And you've got food, fuel, material, everything you need in one seed.
And that's just too much for them to compete with.
We're talking to Willie Nelson.
He's not just a country music legend or been in scores of films.
John, you've got that, right?
Sure, go ahead.
We sent him so many songs.
It's there.
I forgot to tell him that we might play that if you mentioned it.
Here it is, and we'll be back to Willie here in about two minutes.
So many things going on in the world.
Babies dying.
Mothers crying.
How much all this one human life was.
What happened to peace on earth?
We believe everything that they tell us.
They're gonna kill us.
We'd better kill them first.
But I remember a commandment.
Thou shalt not kill.
How much is that soldier's life worth?
And what have they to peace on earth?
And the people of earth still believe that
Everything we've been told from Harvard.
Hell, they won't lie to me.
Not on my own damn TV.
But how much is a liar's word worth?
What happened to peace on Earth?
So I guess it's just two and a hundred before
Let's just kill them all And let God sort them out Is this what God wants us to do?
And the people who still believe in Everything we've been told from our birth Hell, they won't lie to me Not on my old damn TV
But how much is a liar's word worth?
What happens to peace on earth?
Don't confuse caring for weakness.
Can't put that label on me.
The truth is my weapon.
Of mass protection And I believe truth sets you free But he will return, she'll believe that Everything we've been told from our birth Yeah, they won't lie to me Not on my own damn TV But how much is a liar's word worth?
We're good to go.
Willie Nelson's website.
We have a link to him up on infowars.com, prisonplatter.com.
It's out there on YouTube.
Spread it around.
Willie Nelson really boils it down there.
How much is a liar's word worth?
Willie, I mean, the White House, the Congress has been caught hundreds of times, the documents have come out, buying billions of dollars of fake newscasts and buying reporters.
And that's what I always ask my listeners when I'm on other talk shows and on television.
I say, we've been lied to thousands of times we know of, hundreds of times by the Bush administration.
They've been caught.
We know they're lying.
They're not making mistakes.
Your view on that, Willie?
Well, you're absolutely right.
After all the other things that they've done, lying is certainly not going to stop them.
If all it takes to cover up what they're doing is a little white lie,
Well, they'll paint the world with a little white lies.
And I wouldn't call... Yeah, white lies are bad enough, but these are big black lies.
These are huge black ones, yeah.
Willie, I want to talk about courage.
And I know you get sick of people thanking you and lauding you.
You're a very humble man.
That's where your strength flows from.
But the courage... Or is it just instinctive?
It's in your spirit, so you're just doing it.
I mean, the courage to come on this show...
And I don't think you've ever talked about 9-11.
I don't think you've ever talked about martial law, or maybe I missed it anywhere else.
And to say these things, can you tell us in your heart why you're doing this, and A, and then B, is this the first time you've said some of these things?
No, it's not the first time I've said it, and it won't be the last time.
I'm just saying what I believe.
I'm not that brave, I don't think.
Maybe I'm too dumb to be scared.
But I just believe in saying what you really think.
And that's always been what I did.
Sometimes that doesn't go well with other people, but they'll have to get over it.
Well, you are certainly a straight shooter.
There is absolutely no doubt about that.
In about six minutes, the show's going to end, John, and I want you to go out in the last 30, 45 seconds with Willie from that High Women song, Silver Stallion.
You know, talking to a music legend like yourself, obviously Johnny Cash affected me a lot, so did Waylon Jennings.
What is it like having those two friends gone, Willie?
Oh, I miss them a lot.
You know, Waylon and I were...
We fought like cats and dogs.
We fought like married people, you know.
But I loved him like a brother, and I know he did me, too.
And John and I got really close during the Highwaymen tours, and we did three of those.
And, you know, you don't travel around the world and live that close without getting to know people.
And John and Waylon and Chris and I, you know, we had a whole lot of fun together.
When did you first meet Johnny Cash?
He had already left Nashville when I went to Nashville, and then I got a letter from him.
He got my address from Chris or somebody and said he wanted me to write him a song.
And so I wrote him the song, and he recorded it, and then the next time he comes to town, we got together and talked about it.
And we'd run into each other every now and then, but when we did... He had a show over in Switzerland,
That him and June went over and they did a Christmas show over in Switzerland and he asked me to come over there and be on that show.
And Waylon went and all our families went over there and we spent Christmas over in Switzerland and had a great time.
That's when we first started talking about doing the first Highwaymen album together and also doing the tours.
Well, I love all your music but the Highwaymen, it's just all of it's poetry.
I think there's some great songs.
Chip Smallman is a really great producer.
Got a lot of those songs together.
And we did, too.
We just sat around and figured out what we wanted to sing.
And, you know, I thought that there were some good songs in there.
What's your favorite Highwaymen song?
Oh, I like the song, I Was a Highwayman.
Oh, yeah.
The Jimmy Webb song.
I like that one a lot.
In fact, change that.
Let's go out with I Was a Highwayman.
I love that one.
But we're not going out yet, Willie, and I know you're really busy.
You've given us an hour on the show ends.
I'd like to talk to you just for a moment or two about some other things.
Just in closing,
We're good to go.
I guess worst case scenario would be if we all had to go back to the way we grew up and grow our own food in our own gardens in the backyard or in our pot plants or whatever.
And it's something we can do.
In fact, all over Houston, New York and cities now, people are using vacant lots and rooftops to grow, starting to grow their own vegetables.
And I think the way things are going, we all should be thinking about how can we sustain ourselves
If gasoline is too expensive, or if there is no more, or if the roads get cut off, there's the weather problems that we've had, and from all indications, those things are going to get worse.
Are you familiar with the Mayan calendar, by the way?
I am, and it's clear we're going to have to do a part two if you'll do it in the next six months or so.
Yeah, I'd love to do that.
We could talk about all those things, but it's obvious that the weather patterns are getting more severe.
Well, look at the tsunamis.
I mean, in the last seven years, they've had more global disasters with more numbers killed than the last 30 years before it.
Yeah, and I do believe that the weather is going to be giving us more problems than anything else.
It's going to affect us every way possible.
So we all may have to go back to the self-sustainment of growing our own food and trying to find our own water.
Well, I think that's the solution is getting back to the earth, unplugging from the television, loving our families.
I think that's how we beat the New World Order, Willie Nelson.
Oh, you do?
I do.
That's the way we do it.
And it's the act of God that's causing us to do it.
It may be weather patterns that makes us have to do it,
But it's, again, fortunately we're not in control.
There's somebody up there taking care of us, and they'll make us go back to doing what we need to be doing.
Yeah, I see people who are bored, depressed, these yuppies with all this money, they're unhappy.
How could they be unhappy?
We're on a spaceship flying around the sun at thousands of miles an hour in the middle of the cosmos.
We live on this beautiful planet.
I get the idea that Willie Nelson never gets bored, that you love life.
Oh, I have a good time all the time.
I try to.
Where is your tour going next?
If you're in Tucson now, where are you playing next?
We play Tucson.
We play here the next couple of nights at a casino.
And then we go into St.
Louis, Obispo, California, Reno, Monterey, Santa Rosa, Los Angeles, Indio, Flagstaff, Farmington.
Willie Nelson, we're out of time.
This has been the most amazing interview I have ever done.
I've interviewed so many great people, and I just want to thank you for spending this amazing time with us, sir.
I feel like, at a certain level, we're kindred spirits, and I just, I love you.
Well, you too, Alex.
I admire what you're doing.
You've got a lot of guts, and just keep doing it, buddy.
Well, I guess we're all highwaymen in the end, and we'll come back around, fly that starship across the universe divide.
That's good.
All right, Willie, we're going to roll this song out, and I'll talk to you in just one moment, and then I'll let you go.
Please stay right there.
I'm Alex Jones.
We'll have a report on this at prisonplanet.com.
Stay with us.
Thank you for listening to GCN.
Be sure to visit GCNlive.com today.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Welcome, ladies and gentlemen.
It is already the first day of February 2008.
We're going to be live here for the next three hours in the third hour in studio.
Paul Grudy, he was the funeral director who took the body of Lee Harvey Oswald and then the federal government came in, Secret Service, FBI, and made him put the palm print of
Lee Harvey Oswald on the Manliker Carcano rifle that supposedly shot three shots in right at six seconds.
Just another absolute nail in the coffin.
He lives here in Austin, Texas, and I'm making a film about the JFK assassination.
The final word is really what it's going to be.
Jim Mars was saying, you know, he used to live in Dallas, but he lives in Austin now, out by Lake Travis.
You ought to interview him.
So I'd gotten his phone number, but hadn't called him yet, and I was at TalkFest last Saturday here in Austin for KLBJ 590, and guess who came to TalkFest?
Guess who likes George Norrie and likes my show?
Yes, it was Mr. Gritty.
So he and his son were there, really nice people.
So he'll be coming on the show in the third hour today.
We're also scheduled coming up in the next hour to have the very successful, well-known hip-hop slash rap artist Paris coming on the show.
It's very frustrating to me that he's been trying to contact me for several years, and I get so many thousands of emails to the main email account that we missed it repeatedly.
So I put the call out, I guess Tuesday.
I said, you know, I'm sick of not being able to talk to Paris.
He said he liked Road to Tyranny on his website back in 2002, and that 9-11 was an inside job.
And I got an email from him then, but I can't ever get a hold of him, and boom, he somehow got Aaron's number and called yesterday.
So he's scheduled to be joining us coming up later in the broadcast as well.
And you know how much I love his artistry, his work.
Okay, really big news in the meantime.
Let me just give you the headlines I have here in front of me.
Coulter, I will vote for Hillary over McCain, Fox News.
We'll break that down.
Mexican farmers protest NAFTA.
They hate it, too.
It's bad for the people, good for the elites.
Also, illegal immigrants, it's in the law, unless they amend it now, the stimulus package, they're going to be getting tax rebates in Mexico.
Also, Bloomberg Financial reported this yesterday.
It was in the stack.
I didn't get to it.
It's huge news.
Biggs tips for rich.
Expect war.
And he came out and he said you need to buy guns, canned food, water, fertilizer, wine, medicine, clothes, etc., and get a farm in the country.
Total collapse.
How many experts are saying this?
This is a top expert from one of the biggest...
I think we're good to go.
I think we're good to go.
Running back and forth between 18 wheelers is a good chance you're going to get run over.
Don't do it.
Well, we don't have a choice here.
We're going into these waters.
It's been orchestrated.
We're going to cover that as well.
Also, Bill Clinton saying we just have to slow down our economy to fight global warming.
Kurt Nemo, great article out on that.
Bill Clinton, pauperize the populace to cure global warming.
It's all coming up today.
Absolutely jam-packed transmission.
prisonplanet.tv, infowars.com, infowars.net, jonesreport.com, proofnews.us.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
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Before I launch into the news, I just want to thank my team.
The Info Warriors down here in the Info War bunker in Austin, Texas.
Aaron Dyke, Frank Kincaid, Weldon Henson, Mike Nelson, Amanda, Michelle, everybody, Ryan.
I also want to thank...
We're good to go.
It's just a real...
Blessing to even exist and have consciousness and to just have all these amazing wonders around us.
And it's sad to me that so many people are depressed, so many people are unhappy with their lives, so many people feel insecure, so many individuals out there think that life is boring.
Life is beautiful.
Life is amazing.
Life is dynamic.
Life is a wonderment.
It is enchanted.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
You're not worth anything.
Well, I'm here to tell you, you are worth something.
And what does matter is family and sovereignty and freedom and friends and liberty.
That's what matters.
Not these phony plastic people that rule and dominate our society.
They are a sickness.
So for anybody out there who feels inadequate or feels ugly...
They are a cancer.
Or for anybody who's a few pounds overweight and the system tells you you're worthless, you do have value.
What matters is your soul.
What matters is your mind.
What matters is what you build and the people you love and the people you take care of and the people that take care of you.
That's what matters in life.
I'll probably in the next few days do a more eloquent rant on that subject because it's really been touching my heart.
Let me get into the news right now.
Encapsulate as much as I can before our first guest joins us.
Let me just get into the Coulter situation first.
Ann Coulter is a singularly disgusting person.
I've met her in person, seen her at the RNC convention in 2004, and I literally was stunned.
I felt a presence of evil.
I'm not kidding when I say this.
And I turned, as I was there at the entrance, I'd already gone through three checkpoints, the Madison Square Garden, entering into the media entrance,
And I thought that I was seeing like a concentration camp victim slash ringwraith.
She could barely walk.
She was toddling on her legs with her arms out like a ghoul.
Folks, I'm not kidding.
And as she was walking towards me, she had rouge on her cheeks.
It was like a corpse, and it had makeup put on it.
And she had a gaggle of men in suits around her, and she was literally...
Have you ever seen a concentration camp victim or somebody starving to death in Africa or Asia?
You know, their joints start going out.
They're having trouble walking.
She was as anorexic as it gets.
And then she just had these evil eyes stumbling forward, painted up like a corpse, like you'd paint up a corpse.
And then she just gave me a leering smile and stumbled past me.
Now, I don't normally go after people for how they look.
But if you've seen Giuliani in person, he literally looks like an orc or a ghoul.
He acts like one, of course, as well.
He looks like the cross between a joker and the penguin, with a little mix of Nosferatu.
Ann Coulter is the same way.
I got the same evil from Janet Reno when I talked about how she ran the mass murder op at Waco to her face at the LBJ Presidential Library.
By the way, that's in Police State 2, the takeover.
And I brought up the murder of the children, and she smiled like a demon and stuck her tongue out and was, you know, enjoying it.
And I felt the palpable evil.
I haven't had many of those experiences with these people.
I've been around Bill Clinton.
I didn't get the feeling of radiated evil.
I've been around Bush and didn't feel that feeling of evil.
I did his wife.
I've met her.
I've been close, you know, face up to her.
Back in 97, no, 96, I got into the...
Well, the radio station said, hey, we were given these passes to cover this film festival, the Governor's Film Festival.
Do you want to go?
And I said, sure.
So I took a camera guy down there, Dennis Hopper, and all the people were there, and there was Bush, and there was his wife, and I got the same look from her, and she came over and talked to me.
But I wasn't as well-known then.
They knew who I was.
She asked me about the show, but she was, I guess, gauging to see if I was going to do anything.
But, I mean, just radiating pure evil.
You know what?
I've already burned four minutes.
I better hurry up and just get to the news.
I digress.
But instead of just attacking Ann Coulter for how she looks, look at what she writes, the things she says.
Let's put people in camps.
Torture is good.
Let's get rid of the Bill of Rights.
I've debated her here, where she said the Patriot Act didn't say that they could go after citizens, and I'd read her the subsection, and she would just laugh at me.
But Ann Coulter is an operative.
There's no doubting that.
And I've read several of her books.
They're very sophomorically written.
She is there to bind conservatives to her.
She's there to sell them on the lie of neoconservatism and endless war and tyranny.
But the reason this report is important is that
We told you that Roger Ailes, going back now eight years, I keep saying four or five years and years have passed, and I just keep using the same number, since the election, since 2001, so that's like seven and a half years, it came out, I got sources in New York, then I saw a few blurbs confirming it, then I reported it, that Roger Ailes consults with Hillary, that they fundraise for, that they covertly supported her first campaign for Senate in 2000,
Then by about 2003, we were getting reports that every week he was having two, three, four-hour dinners with her at his penthouse or at her penthouse.
That's Rupert Murdoch.
Then it came out the last two years, the White House has been helping write her speeches, has been advising her.
Fox News started saying things like, well, Hillary's pretty good on the war.
Well, she's not too bad.
Well, let's get past politics and politics.
And then, of course, Scarborough on MSNBC is saying, hey, conservatives, stop attacking me.
She's tough.
I like Hillary.
She's smart.
I've heard Limbaugh saying little nice things about her.
Well, as bad as she is, she's better than Ron Paul.
So I've seen the talking point accelerating.
And now it's come out with Dallas Observer and other New York papers that the White House wants her, is behind her.
Well, we already know that.
The Clintons and the Bushes go way back to when
Bush Sr.
recruited Clinton into CIA.
One of the guys that E. Howard Hunt was handling at the time in 68 was his handler.
Those documents have come out.
I'll have Jim Mars on about that.
He's the expert.
He actually has the documents.
He was showing them to me in Dallas, but I was so busy getting JFK stuff, I forgot to videotape them.
I'd always heard that, read that, seen that in books.
Known that from Clinton, Bush, and the CIA by Terry Reid, CIA officer.
By the way, works at World Net Daily.
I've never seen stories about it.
About how Clinton and Oliver North and all these people and Bush would come into Arkansas, how they were all in business together in narcotics and the CIA.
I mean, these guys, this is a government operation.
Do you understand that?
And there's just thousands of other pieces of evidence.
But I have said in the last two years, over and over again, I have said, you will see Fox News endorse Hillary Clinton.
You will hear Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity endorse Hillary Clinton.
And you will have so-called conservatives, the guys that festoon their cars with Russia's right stickers, because they're so invested in neoconism that they think it's conservatism, that they will rebuke us as liberals for being against Hillary.
Now, I have said that hundreds of times, like a parrot.
Ladies and gentlemen, ABC News.
Reporting on Fox News.
Coulter, I will vote for Hillary over McCain.
In case you missed it on Hannity & Combs last night, controversial pundit Ann Coulter, by the way, she's a Fox News contributor.
Who supports Mitt Romney for president, says she would back Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton, Democrat in New York, over Senator John McCain, Republican in Arizona.
She's more conservative than he is, she said.
She will be stronger on the war on terrorism.
I will campaign for her if it's McCain.
Now, McCain's saying, 100-year war, attack everybody, get ready for more wars.
McCain's wife wears Hillary Clinton pins in this election and the last two elections, the last two that the Clintons were involved in,
I mean, this is in your face.
The 92 election, the 96 election, and now this election.
They openly, Bill Clinton, they've played the clip on Meet the Press where he says, this is going to be totally friendly, we're family friends.
So why would Ann Coulter be saying, oh, he's not pro-war, so I'm for Hillary?
Because it's true.
Hillary is the anointed one.
Fox News machinery is behind her.
Just like the NRA is for gun control.
You can't tell most NRA members that.
It's just too big.
You can't explain to them.
But maybe this will wake them up, now that we have Ann Coulter coming out and saying, I support Hillary Clinton.
She's conservative.
She's good.
You see how that works?
And why are they being so open now about this?
They're circling the wagons against the people.
It's the elite against the people.
It's not Republican or Democrat.
We'll be right back.
It is a big idea.
A new world order.
In the near future, Earth is dominated by a powerful government.
It's known as the Bilderberg.
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For the first time in history, the elite's plan for world government is blown wide open.
You will learn the secret that drives the entire New World Order agenda.
Bilderberg is making great progress toward a world of government.
Most people have no idea.
They're not after money.
They have all the money they need.
Yes, they're after music.
They're after power.
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I read the news today, oh boy An atomic weapon had detonated About a lucky man who made it But don't worry, the President Clinton will save us And though the news was rather sad And now the anti-war left once World War III
We have to arrest all the evil gun owners.
And Fox News hails her.
He didn't notice that the lights had changed.
Get ready for all the neocons to worship Hillary.
Prepare that if you don't support the Clintons, you're an evil communist.
Is the elite prepared to install?
They're little emperors.
They're little CIA linguists who revels and shows off detailing every regional accent no matter where she travels.
It could be Kentucky, it could be London.
It could be Seattle, it could be Texas.
Isn't it nice to have government operatives staging elections, running everything?
Getting ready to suck everything dry.
Coulter, I will vote for Hillary over McCain.
We'll get more into this later and actually read our disgusting quotes about how good Hillary is.
Let's see, because it's from Coulter.
Oh, I guess Hillary's good now, because Coulter's such a good conservative.
Her books are so sophomoric about torture and secret arrest, and Malkin writes books, The Case for Internment Camps, and
Woolsey's behind McCain.
We've been down to a Woolsey event here at UT called The New World Order was the lecture where he spoke for an hour about putting people in camps in America.
Yeah, they're just openly selling us on absolute, total martial law.
They're not doing it because they're not planning to try it.
I think they're going to let Bush fade out, fade into a deep recession, and then Hillary will come in with an inaugural terror attack.
And we'll all go, no, some people question, could a woman do it?
But then the terrorist hit us and hit us hard.
And after that, the country learned to love her.
She became like a mother to the nation.
She dealt strongly with enemies and didn't allow dissent because the country had been so badly damaged.
And in just two short years brought us out of depression into an incredible boom time.
By dollarizing North America, she brought the dollar back up, made alliances with Europe, and invaded the Middle East.
Hillary Clinton, who would have ever thought, once hated by conservatives, is now loved by her.
Photos of her hang in most conservatives' houses.
We love you, Hillary.
Sure, she's arrested hundreds of thousands of Americans and put them in labor camps, but they should have to work.
You know, we shouldn't have to pay for them in those camps, as Michael Savage has laid the groundwork for it.
Michael Wiener, the top beatnik in the 60s, who wrote about love affairs with friends, love novels.
Find out about the friends.
Find out about who he wrote love novels about.
Oh, it's so conservative.
Oh, it's so good.
It makes me so sick, you scum!
In fact, I got this clip of Woolsey I never played from two days ago where he was going, John McCain wants everybody's support.
Even Trotskyites.
And his eyes light up like a devil.
Boy, that guy just radiates evil.
He's another one of them.
For his little inside joke, he smacked and giggled and his eyes lit up.
Because the Communist Fourth International is the entire skeletal workings of what the neocons are.
Oh, you didn't know that?
I'm not saying they're communist.
They use any vehicle for absolute power.
Stalin, black uniforms, mass arrests, huge slave camps.
Hitler, black uniforms, mass arrests, huge slave camps.
Invading nations.
Same thing.
Mao, black uniforms, giant slave camps.
Invading Tibet, surrounding areas.
Always the same.
They come in the black uniform with the black masks.
But now the toys sold everywhere for children.
Little boys fantasizing about being heroes for the tribe.
They learn that the good guys have mean faces and show their teeth and wear black masks.
Don't you understand, police officers?
You grew up with that.
That's why you like it now.
You're living your dream.
You're living the dream.
And let me just tell you, you're going to get to live it.
You're going to live in squalor.
You're going to have the enemy carry out the same bio-weapons attacks they've carried out on Africa on you.
You smirked and laughed.
Now you get to have a taste of it.
That's the one bit of solace I have, that you will reap what you sow.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Good evening, Alex.
We'd like to report on the state of our war against the American people.
We're mounting a sustained campaign to crack down on every American, and every person of every faith, and every nation, and to bring them to justice.
All missions are being executed according to plan, without warning or provocation.
Americans are being swept up in an international dragnet.
Thousands of FBI agents are on the trail of other citizens here and abroad.
It has everything to do with hate and evil and murder and prejudice.
America's strong.
Federal agents, we are armed!
The man's going to be joining us, Harris.
More than four million.
Records sold, CDs sold.
And I think he's got the anthem.
I think he's got the most powerful hip-hop anti-Beast, anti-New Order song out there.
Here it is, and then we're going to the man.
Stay with us!
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Hope you understand the time, brother, because it's major.
Paris, it is a real honor after all these years marveling at your wonderful artistry to have you on the broadcast with us.
And I don't think of any song out there that's three and a half minutes long that tells as much of the story.
I appreciate it, man.
It's good to be here.
Thanks for your ongoing support, too.
I know this has been a long time coming.
That song was actually inspired by Road to Tyranny, believe it or not, so
Yeah, I'm coming full circle.
Well, we're honored to have you, and just a little bit about yourself, a little bit about some of the music that you've come out with lately.
We're going to play some of that coming up.
Also, the website, the organization, you also put out other people's great music and other artists.
Break that down for us, and then let's get into your political view of what's happening in the world today.
Well, I've been basically doing music since 89.
I had my first...
My first album came out when I was still in college.
Actually, it came out in June of 1990.
I mean, excuse me, in April of 90.
And I graduated in June of 90.
When I graduated, it was top 10.
So I pretty much had a job getting out of school and never looked back.
So let me see.
Been doing it all this time.
Was briefly a tech analyst for...
A major broker dealer.
I went to college for managerial economics and then was a full-fledged investment banker for a minute and that funded my ability to be able to do what I do independently.
Right after 9-11, I was reinvigorated.
I came out with an album called Sonic Jihad in 2003.
What Would You Do?
The song that you just played is featured on Sonic Jihad.
And, you know, have just seen this kind of groundswell of support and, you know, the realization that the voice that I have speaks for a lot of other people.
Tell us about the website.
Okay, the website is called GorillaFunk.com and it was really, the company itself is called Gorilla Funk and it was formed as a response to the self-imposed censorship that the entertainment industry had in place.
They don't want a strong, hardcore political message, do they?
They just want to show people with a bunch of bling acting silly.
Across all genres.
It's not specific to hip-hop.
Oh, it's rock and roll, it's country, it's everything.
Everything is escapist right now.
Well, when Willie Nelson came out and criticized the war, they cut back on playing his music.
The Dixie Chicks tried to do something serious.
They tried to shut them down.
Pretty much across the board.
I mean, still in effect.
Bruce Springsteen did not too long ago.
Same situation.
So it became apparent to me that I had to be as independent as possible and set it up.
And GorillaFunk.com is the site that reflects everything that's going on with Gorilla Funk.
And there's a huge subscriber base.
And, you know, there are similar parallels to what you have going on with InfoWars.
So, again, it makes sense for us to collab.
Absolutely, and it's a great honor to be collaborating with you, sir.
Let's talk about your awakening.
I mean, obviously, you've got a lot of anger, but it's also focused, you know, a lot of righteous indignation.
I mean, it really cuts through as totally real.
What was your metamorphosis or growing up?
What were things that you saw where you saw the injustice?
When did you learn that age was engineered, now completely documented?
When did you wake up to government-sponsored terror?
I mean, tell us about Paris himself.
All of it comes from independent reading.
You know, nothing that I learned in school.
I graduated, like I said, from college in 1990 completely oblivious to what was really going on.
I mean, you know, I had been prepared for a job to work for somebody else.
I had no real conscious awareness.
And it was only really as a result of hearing it in other people's music and having that be the catalyst to maybe want to learn more.
You know, so I come up in an era, when I first started in hip-hop, there was much more diversity in the message.
And honestly, negativity was an exception to the rule when I came out, and now it's exactly the opposite.
And, you know, just after doing a lot of independent research and reading on my own, that was really it, you know.
And then, of course, traveling around the world on these tours, seeing the impact that we have had on other societies,
And seeing how other people live and what other people believe, you know, I honestly believe that a lot of ignorance can be erased by people just being exposed to more, by people going out, by people seeing and interacting with other people, you know.
Here's your tax dollars at work, you know.
See this devastation.
And, you know, I've now completely subscribed to the notion that nothing significant happens on the world stage that isn't completely predetermined.
Well, Roosevelt said that nothing happened by accident.
And that's on record.
Any big, huge event that they get power out of, every time we then have time to back-engineer it and find out the facts, they were behind it.
And now they admit Gulf of Tonkin was staged.
They admit hundreds of bombings worldwide were staged by criminals in this government.
Now even E. Howard Hunt, deathbed confession, admitted what we always knew, that he was there running the black op in Dallas to kill JFK.
On the morning of 9-11, where were you?
I was trading or getting ready to begin trading, believe it or not.
So I actually did all of my training in the World Trade Center.
That's what I went to school for.
I always kind of got into the financial markets with this objective of kind of having this Robin Hood type of mentality.
It enabled me to get low-income housing and stuff like that out here.
I'm based in the Bay Area in California.
So to a certain extent, I achieved my objectives there.
But I was getting ready to start trading.
And, you know, on the West Coast, of course, it's much earlier for us when the financial markets open.
So you wake up about 5 in the morning every day?
Well, even earlier than that sometimes because I've overseen distributors that I have to deal with.
So, you know, if I have to talk to Japan or France or something, you know, I'm up pretty much all the time.
So I was getting ready to start trading and that's, you know, that's how the planes hit and
You know, I got the phone calls and I was trying to reach people that I knew that actually worked, you know, at the broker that I used to be affiliated with and couldn't reach anybody and come to find out that they had moved to ING Bank.
But, yeah, it was an awakening.
What did you think?
I mean, what did you first think that, I mean, within 30 minutes they were saying it was Bin Laden.
I mean, did you have an instinctive feeling it was an inside job or when did you discover that?
The first plane hit, I thought it was an accident.
You know, I think a lot of people thought it was an accident, it was a tragedy, and then the second plane hit, and then all of a sudden the game changed.
And it took me a minute to process it, because I'm not really a rusted judgment kind of guy.
But, you know, knowing what I know of our treacherous history,
It wasn't a stretch for me to be able to put that together.
And then I began to see all the postings online, and I began to digest the information that I learned about Halliburton and Cheney's Ties and Ben Live and the Carlisle Group and all of that.
All of it just began to gel, you know, and it wasn't a secret anymore.
By the way, speaking of things gelling, Willie Nelson just called, and I couldn't talk to him.
He called just right now.
I'm sorry, Paris.
Everything is exploding right now.
Are you not seeing that?
Without a doubt.
Without a doubt.
You have this current race right now with this election and this whole thing.
It's amazing to me how short people's memories are.
It's amazing.
You look at what we've gained from this past administration and what we've lost.
The erosion of our global clout, this climate of fear, this ruling by fear, everything that's happened.
Compromised media reporting, immigration scapegoating, racial intolerance, religious intolerance, housing meltdown, recession, higher gas prices.
And again, not getting on either side of that, what you're saying is that it's a football issue.
They're never going to resolve that.
They just use it as a way to divide us.
You know, but then you look at the war profiteering, and you look at, you know, eminent domain seizures, domestic crime, and all this, you know, all these things are in effect, and the effect of them have been ramped up as a result of post-9-11 America.
We're talking to Paris, more than 4 million records sold, and that's his label.
It's GorillaFunk.com.
Again, sir, I don't want to sit here and grovel to you.
I'm not.
I just want to tell you that I feel...
There's very few people I feel this with, a kindred spirit, because people get mad at me sometimes because I get so angry and I grind my teeth.
But when you talk about
Spitting cyanide each and every verse.
These people are killers we're talking about.
They're murdering us.
The least we can do is just get enraged at them.
People say, oh, no, be easy about it.
No, we need to get mad first, like Howard Beals says in Network, and then that's when things start changing.
We need to realize this is everything.
This is our life.
We're under attack, and as much attack as I've been under, as much attack as I've seen,
White people being under... It's nothing.
And I'm not saying this because you're black.
It's what I talk about on the show.
As you know, it's the truth.
Black people are under the greatest attack of any group.
They've had everything tested on them, like Tony Brown says first.
And I understand what's done to... Somebody else is going to end up happening to me at an instinctive level.
I am outraged by what I've seen done to...
Black people, Africans, whatever you want to, you know, human beings.
I mean, can you speak to being a black American, what it's like growing up in this system and your anger there?
Well, I mean, you can see the statistics.
It's pretty much self-explanatory at this point.
I mean, we've only gone to war with a country.
We've gone to war with countries of color pretty much nonstop since World War II.
Except for the exception, probably, of Kosovo.
And you see, every time there's violence visited on people, it's the country of color.
You see it here.
You see it domestically.
You see it with Katrina.
You see it with, you know, economics and education.
And, you know, I don't, there's a huge amount of blame that can be placed on society the way it currently exists and on policies and the way they affect people.
But I'm also of the mind of kind of a self-healing within my own community and to make people realize that we really can't rely on anybody else.
You know, you've got to step up to the plate and you've got to do for yourself also.
So, you know, it's a two-pronged approach as far as I'm concerned.
Well, I agree with that, but when I read Margaret Sanger, the eugenicist,
You know, saying we can't let the black weeds know that we want to exterminate them and how they went and hired black leaders to be their fronts.
Again, they always take a disadvantaged community and test on them.
But there are no black leaders.
Keep that in mind, too.
And especially when you look at, you know, like a lot of people in a black community, a lot of their guidance comes from the church.
And the church is, for the most part, GOP-sponsored at this point.
You know, so...
You can always find somebody that's willing to sell out their people and their ideals for the right amount of money.
And that goes across all color lines.
They control all the leaders.
They have them all.
I mean, every major political candidate, except for Ron Paul, and they're twisting and demonizing and spinning him.
Every major political candidate, except for maybe Dennis Kucinich, and he's dropped out on the Democratic side, and they totally ignored him, that's how they control us, is they control the leaders.
So here we are, with basically an oligarchy type of a situation.
You know, just Bushes and Clintons since, what, 88?
You know, so what'll be different?
And more importantly, do our votes really count anyway?
Well, we're demonstrating that it's a fraud now.
It's certainly that most of the countries, and you look at these companies, they're all intelligence agency fronts.
But with Diebold in the mix, you know, it can be argued that votes don't count.
I mean, it appears to me that everything is a game to most people.
They don't take conditions seriously anyway.
I think the only way to truly enact change and a policy that's fair to people is for our leaders to fear us physically.
Now that, now, you see what kind of cause you get after that statement, but it's true.
The government is supposed to fear the people, not the other way around.
Well, that's what the Founding Fathers said.
When the government fears the people, you have liberty.
When the people fear the government, you have tyranny.
There you go.
I agree with you, Paris.
I want to come back and talk more about your label, more about your political awakening, and your ideas of getting real leaders to the fore and getting individuals to be individual leaders in their areas.
It's guerrilla...
We'll be right back.
It's a fact.
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From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
This is a short segment.
Paris is going to be with us until about 20 after next hour.
We're going to play Sheep to the Slaughter that names names and AWOL.
So much stuff is happening during the breaks here, ladies and gentlemen.
So much is moving.
It's that flashpoint.
Times in history when more happens in a month than happens in 10 years.
And Paris, I mean, I've got to give credit where credit is due.
Yeah, the decision was pretty much made and stuck with.
I mean, I got a lot of heat behind that song, and I got a lot even more heat with the album cover, which is an airliner heading for the White House.
And there was a lot of backlash at retail and, you know, I ended up having to get distributions for Gorilla Funk from overseas and make all these products available as imports here.
That's how bad it was.
And then, you know, of course, once we started posting a profit and people started taking a listen and, you know, here comes Universal and, you know, here comes EMI, which has always been the case.
You know, it's like people really, really only stand by their convictions.
Again, I've been fired off radio stations, I've been censored, and I've done it.
Most people I know, Paris, even if they talk a good game in this, quote, movement of liberty, they will turn in a minute for money.
Without a doubt.
You didn't do that, though.
No, no, no.
I mean, it's not worth doing.
I mean, I can go make records for...
You know, syrupy pop records or something, if that's the case.
I mean, I have a passion about this and I have information that I enjoy sharing with people and I know that there are a lot of people who are receptive to what's being said and, you know, I keep doing it.
I got another album coming out later this year.
Well, for the first time since Sonic G.I., that'll be out, I think, in June.
Well, you just said it.
For me, I can't sell out.
I couldn't even think about selling out.
People say, well, are you going to sell out?
And I'm like, how do I do that?
This is who I am.
And you basically just said the same thing, that, hey, this is who I am.
There's not even a discussion of this.
What kills me the most is, and I know this has probably happened to you, is people say that you're capitalizing off of people's misery by doing what you do.
And really, we're commentating on what's happening.
And, you know, there are no bigger beneficiaries of misery than the government.
We're trying to stop the misery.
They're the ones that capitalized on it.
Their own memos, their own PNAC memo says it.
And if I really wanted to cash in, you know, I'd be making music like 50 Cent or something.
So, there it is.
Well, I think you've got the best voice.
You could probably do James Earl Jones voiceovers.
Hey, hey, Lucas, call me.
Thank you.
Oh, man.
I tell you, Parrish, again, I really do feel, and I'm telling you personally, that we're kindred spirits.
I mean, you know what?
And the funny thing is, I'm pretty left-leaning, you know, but I can find common ground with just about anybody as long as logic is employed, you know?
And it just seems like that's something that I don't encounter that much.
I think people are so emotional and so reactionary nowadays that they can't, you know, we live in an era where
People believe what they want to believe.
You know, the truth can be as plain as the nose on your face.
Even on TV, you know, in those rare moments where TV is actually truthful.
And they still gravitate toward what they want to believe.
Now, that's another key point that you just raised.
And that is that people, especially these yuppies, they think they can choose what the reality is and that that makes it that way.
No, that's not how it works.
That's true.
That's true.
You know, again, if you believe as I do that everything is predetermined, then
You know, we're pretty much along for the ride.
Well, that's what Karl Rove at that cocktail party told the Washington Post and the New York Times reporters.
He said, hey, we're history's actors.
You're just spectators.
We run the whole show.
We decide everything.
But I'm here to tell Karl Rove and Bill Clinton and the rest of them, we're taking the system back.
And I see that happening at an explosive level.
His name's Paris.
He's sold more than four million albums.
We're going to be right back after the 72nd break with his icon.
Be sure to visit GCNlive.com today.
This is our way of trying to get some media attention because they are ignoring us, they're ignoring the anti-war movement, they're ignoring the anti-government movement.
We love our country, but we cannot trust our government anymore.
Our government is totally out of control.
Do you believe me?
That's what it's coming down to.
Do you believe your neighbors?
Do you believe the people that live in your hometown?
Or do you believe these mad dog killers in Washington, D.C.?
Are we setting up a situation where young people who are just starting to come of age are going to have no choice but to either join the military where there seems to be a lot of money, or to go to jail where there seems to be a lot of money?
Is that what this is lining up to be?
Our sons and our daughters are out there being used as cannon fodder.
It's an outrage.
And we can stand up and seize the hour.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
I think?
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Absolutely amazing.
Sheep to the Slaughter, My Paris.
And tell us, Paris, because we're about to go to break, come back with a long segment, final segment with you, and I want to have you back again, if you'll grace us, with some of the new CDs, some of the MP3s that are out, how people get them.
Well, most of the material, believe it or not, is available in stores, but if you want to get it directly from Gorilla Funk, you can.
The website address is www.gorillafunk.com.
Doesn't matter how you spell Gorilla, you'll still get there.
Either after a gorilla or after a gorilla fighter, two different spellings.
Either way, you spell it, GorillaFunk.com.
Right, that's it.
You got it.
Tell us about some of the newest albums.
Well, the new album, my new album is called Acid Reflex.
It'll be out probably in June at this point.
I think I'm going to have to push it back a couple weeks.
You know, these release dates come into week increments, and you have to deliver about a quarter early.
I know how it is.
Yeah, yeah.
So, that, then I have a
New albums by Cam, who's a West Coast artist who's fiercely politically conscious.
Same thing with T. Cash.
I have George Clinton.
I have a record with Eric.
Proposed arrangement with Erykah Badu that I think is going to come to fruition.
And a lot of different films in the works also.
Oh, films!
I want to hear about that.
Or can you talk about it?
Oh, well, you know, it's just independent documentaries right now.
We have one called Sounds Like a Revolution.
It looks like it's going to be a theatrical release.
And a lot of people involved with that.
The Dixie Chicks, Della Biafra.
Wow, stay there, stay there.
The battle is joined.
Paris, take an action.
We'll be right back.
Our beloved republic is on her knees.
The forces of globalism are destroying national sovereignty worldwide.
But in Liberty's darkest hour, there is hope.
For the first time in modern history, the people are beginning to wake up.
It is essential that patriots worldwide accelerate their fellow man's understanding of the New World Order master plan.
We have a short time frame to fully awaken and energize the people to meet this threat.
In the Info War, PrisonPlanet.tv is a powerful weapon in the battle to regain our freedom.
PrisonPlanet.tv is a vault of forbidden information.
All 18 of my documentary films can be downloaded or stream in super high quality directly to your computer or iPhone and shared with others.
Thousands of special video reports, from tainted vaccines to martial law, can be found in this online video library.
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Soon it will be upon us as an overwhelming surprise.
The world is pressing toward a forced one-world religion.
The real issue behind this is the union of church and state, nullifying our First Amendment.
Americans will have to give up their peculiar beliefs and accept what the new world religious leaders prescribe.
In 2005, President Bush signed the Real ID Act,
Which goes into effect May 11, 2008.
Many people believe that this will be the mark of the beast because of the restrictive measures included, which seems to parallel the no buying and selling of Revelations 13, 17.
In Revelations 14, 9, speaking of the mark of the beast, it says, If any man worship the beast, take notice.
It says, worship the beast.
This issue is about worship, not economics.
The Alex Jones Show, because there's a war on for your mind.
The Alex Jones Show, because there's a war on for your mind.
We're talking to Paris.
He's producing films.
He's producing head after head with some of the biggest artists out there in multiple genres.
And he's got some of the most powerful hip-hop slash spoken word, whatever you want to call it, pieces I've ever seen.
And this is our final segment with him.
I'm going to twist his arm, getting back on with us in the near future.
We're going to have some other big guests coming up, too, in the next week, God willing.
Paris, I want to play...
AWOL, we've played Sheep to the Slaughter.
But before we do that, we were just now talking about the fact that you've broken through and are now getting distributed by Universal.
I didn't ask you this question.
Let me ask you on the air.
Is it because the Internet and alternative distribution systems like the ones you've created that have been so successful now forcing the big universals to cave in to alternative information?
Because now my videos are in Blockbuster and Hollywood Video, nothing compared to what you're doing, but I've even seen my stuff break through now, and I've talked to some of the big corporate guys, and they're all, yeah, we know it's true.
We know the new world is running everything.
Yeah, yeah, we're trying to sneak your stuff in.
So it seems like that the facade is starting to collapse.
Well, yeah, but it's definitely collapsing.
But I think that, you know, just from a financial standpoint, I think they're really attracted to business models that make sense right now.
You know, and so if you have an operation with really low overhead and, you know, you can sell a lot of volume and, you know, you can deliver fairly consistently, I think that that's something that they're attracted to.
I mean, the...
Antiquated business model of having a record label or a film company with 200 to 300 employees, like a lot of these current subsidiaries have.
I mean, we've seen that.
It's come to an end.
And again, it's the proven sales history.
That'll do it.
And I mean, with the kind of numbers you move and the following you have, that'd be no problem at all for you to do the same thing.
I mean, if you're already in Blockbuster, that's getting over the hump.
Being in Blockbuster for your movies is the equivalent of being on Clear Channel for music.
It's amazing this is starting to happen.
What do you think the establishment's going to do?
They're clearly getting desperate.
They're admitting in Pentagon and Ministry of Defense reports that the people aren't buying the propaganda.
The new British Ministry of Defense report openly says the elite may have to wage war against the people.
They're shifting the military-industrial complex apparatus fully over the people now.
Your take on that?
Well, you know, the military industrial complex and the prison industrial complex, I mean, they're working in tandem.
You're absolutely right about people waking up and becoming more aware, and that is directly attributable to counter-establishment, popular media, like what we create, and to the Internet.
I mean, the Internet really is the great equalizer of information.
You can find out pretty much whatever you want to know about anything on the Internet, and...
You know, that is something, and the Internet is in real time, you know, also.
So it's not something that you have to wait on to find out stuff about.
It's pretty much instant.
That's right.
It would take months or years or decades to expose the CIA's lies and fraud and murder and terrorism before.
Now it comes out in a matter of hours or days.
What do you think the system's going to do to try to counter that?
I don't know what they can do.
I mean, I don't know what they can do, honestly.
I think the cat is out of the bag.
Pandora's box is open.
I agree.
Tell us about AWOL.
AWOL is another song off of Sonic Jihad, which is my last record, which is a first-person narrative of a high school student who encounters military recruiting on campus.
And all of the lies that they tell him and everything that he goes through, and he ends up going for it.
And, you know, to a sad end.
So, it's pretty self-explanatory once you hear it.
Here we go, ladies and gentlemen.
AWOL by Paris from Sonic Jihad.
And you don't hear none of those stations but hip-hop and R&B playing them.
You can ask why.
In fact, where are those stations today?
Somebody better ask somebody that.
The people that's most affected by this war are the so-called hip-hop generation.
The Army is the best kept secret in the world.
And every soldier gets his or her own private room.
They even forget that old brown-blue image of the Army.
Job, like anything else.
I remember how it started.
Remember the time.
I was watching Rap City by the quarter to nine.
Commercial said the military giving money for schools.
Caught the bus up to my campus.
They were signing recruits and made this dude named Diablo for some kind of bet.
He explained the situation.
Told me what to expect.
He said, I could take computer classes and could quit if I won.
But best of all was the fact that I had my own stuff.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
I think?
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
It's more than video games.
The government developed the video games.
The military makes video games.
They issue them to the children.
And I assure you, for all the zit-faced kids out there, when you get there, you're going to find out that it's not a joke.
It's not a game.
It's very, very sad.
I tell you, Paris, you are doing so much societally, socially, spiritually for society.
And what are they going to do now that they're not getting enough recruits?
They're not even getting enough illegal aliens to be recruits.
It looks like they want to give us a draft, don't they?
I've heard that.
Being floated around for a while now.
We'll see.
We're definitely going to see.
It's a sad, sad state of affairs.
Well, those are all amazing songs, and they're even better ones, I think, on some of the other albums.
They're all just excellent.
We've got a few minutes left, Paris, and again, I want to invite you back up any time again, GorillaFunk.com.
In the last few minutes we've got, you've got the floor.
Any other key points or things you want to express to the audience, all the fans and supporters you've got out there?
Well, that's one thing that I want to acknowledge, is the supporters.
I never say fans, but I definitely appreciate the support.
And, um,
You know, encourage people to support counter-establishment media and to support independent media and independent art, like what Alex is doing, like what you're doing and like what I'm doing.
And I want to say thanks to all the many people that are on MySpace.
You know, MySpace has been a huge thing for me as well as GorillaFunk.com.
And to Jonathan Black for hosting up this interview and, you know, to you and Trey and Aaron.
You know, everything is appreciated, really.
In closing, I know you talk to a lot of other famous people, celebrities, artists.
I talked to quite a few.
Going back years, they knew 9-11 was an inside job.
They knew that we were going into tyranny, but they were scared to speak out like you did.
How many people do you talk to who are well-known, that know the truth, but are scared to go public?
You know what it is?
Especially in hip-hop, man, it seems like nobody knows anything.
I don't encourage anybody to speak out on things that they don't know.
You even look worse when you have an opinion and you're not knowledgeable.
So I encourage everybody to do more independent reading, more independent research, to become more exposed and to travel if you can, if you're of means, to be able to travel and go places and experience things that other people are going through.
You'll have a much clearer idea of what's going on in the world and how our situation in America adversely affects everybody else.
Oh, you're absolutely right.
And people always ask me about solutions.
Just getting the word out.
The general public is still not educated.
They know something's wrong now.
That's the first step.
But education, education, getting informed, that's the key.
But the TV is the great miseducator.
And, you know, people seem to be allergic to reading now.
And when people go to school, a lot of times, if they just go by the book and
And don't explore things on their own.
And they'll only be equipped to work for somebody else.
And there's no incentive for anybody to see you become knowledgeable.
Understand that.
There's no incentive for them to see you know anything.
Somebody has to work at Walmart, right?
We just keep fighting the good fight.
Well, you're amazing, my friend.
Paris, we salute you.
Go with God.
And I'll talk to you during the break if you can hold there.
But I just want to thank you for spending time with us, sir.
Alex, thanks for having me, man.
I'm looking forward to coming back.
Well, I'm very honored that Road to Tyranny influenced you.
And just God bless you, my friend.
All right, folks, we'll be back with a bunch of news.
Ron Paul campaign.
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A new world order.
In the near future, Earth is dominated by a powerful world government.
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For the first time in history, the elite's plan for world government is blown wide open.
You will learn the secret that drives the entire new world order agenda.
Bill Burr has made great progress in the world of government.
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They're not after money.
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Larry Nichols, any websites, phone numbers, contact info you want to give out for other talk show hosts that might want to interview you?
My number's 501-329-1159.
Well, let's get that out at the end of the interview, and I would ask listeners to not just call you, because you might get a thousand phone calls.
But think about it.
Let me explain to you about Iran.
May I, please?
Go ahead.
Because nobody does.
And then I shot.
He got nukes, folks.
He had them.
He got them from Korea.
He got them from China.
He got them from Russia.
He doesn't need nuclear plants to build plutonium rods to create nuclear weapons.
Do you know what their problem is, Alex?
Their oil is drying up into sludge.
And they need the power.
They need the power.
Well, they are building peaceful plants that have nothing to do with uranium enrichment.
I don't know if they have weapons, as you say.
I know that our government helped give Pakistan the weapons.
Why would the U.S.
help Pakistan get nukes?
Well, go figure.
Look, our job in the Middle East is to keep that place in turmoil.
And as long as it's in turmoil, then there's one bunch that supposedly has the big stick that controls it all, which are the major oil companies.
But let me tell you, Mariel Maliki ain't putting up with it anymore.
He's had it.
He's finished.
And so he's made alliances with Iran, with Syria.
Why do you think they killed Buda?
Why do you think?
Well, I'm asking you, Larry.
Because they didn't want any stability.
Actually, they killed her because there was a plan at the same time to kill Maliki and the rest of them.
Yeah, that's the M.O.
And the machine gunned her in front of everybody and then blew her up and then said she hit her head.
I've got.
And then hundreds of witnesses and videos came out of it being a lie.
And our media is telling us that...
I'm standing right here on TV in front of us and everybody just goes, okay, see, we're all looking at the Super Bowl.
We're all looking at this election.
What y'all better be careful of is what you're not looking at.
Now, I want to say one thing very clear.
I want to say it right now.
If you think I'm against the American soldier, then you need to come to 58 Kensington Drive, Conway, Arkansas.
Because we're going to fight.
There's no better soldier.
No better.
No braver.
But you've got to be a soldier to understand what's happening to them.
These kids are serving two, three, four, five tours.
Alex, they're coming back.
Have you been standing by somebody when their head got blown off?
Have you done that?
No, I haven't.
Let me tell you, it's a pretty impressive thing.
They're feeding our troops into a meat grinder.
They're keeping them in over four tours.
That wasn't done in Vietnam, World War II.
Now, let me give you a little tip.
Look at all the generals.
Look at the generals, and I want you to look on their left breast.
And if you don't see this long blue rifle, which is called a 90-day badge, that guy ain't ever even been in combat.
We've got American soldiers right now playing chicken and egg.
Can you believe that?
Chicken and egg.
What's chicken and egg?
Let's say you and I were on one corner, all right?
Of a four-way intersection, right?
And we're sitting at an old building that's been blown up.
We get a call from command, and you know what they tell us to do, our squad?
Talk into your phone.
They tell us to go across the street...
And set up perimeter at the other service station on the other side.
You know why?
So that when we cross, the enemy will shoot at us, and then we'll know where the enemy is so we can shoot back at them.
Yeah, they put them in those little trip deployments for, quote, security as bait.
It's called the chicken and the egg.
Why do that?
What difference does that corner make than the other one?
Just sit there.
The bad guys will come to you.
If you've been in battle, if you've been in combat, trust me, if they're bad guys, they'll come to you.
They'll come to you.
And then you know what you do?
You kill them.
Then nobody gets hurt.
Everybody comes home.
Our soldiers need to come home now.
Well, 70-plus percent are against the war, but they tell us they're going to stay there, showing the puppet masters around everything.
Stay there, Larry Nichols.
We've got Ted Sampley of Veterans Against McCain coming on to break down who he is.
He's, just like Bob Dole, like you said, meant to lose to Hillary Clinton.
We'll be right back with our guest, Larry Nichols.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Larry Nichols is riding a shotgun with us for the rest of the half hour.
We're going to have Ted Lane Chambly up for a full hour either next week or the week after that.
30 minutes is not enough.
I can't go over his incredibly distinguished military career.
He heads up Vietnam Veterans against John McCain.
In Vietnam, Staff Sergeant Sampley served as company commander of the 36 Mike 4 Civilian Irregular Defense Corps Company, assigned to operate along the Cambodian border during that year of combat.
Sampley was awarded four Bronze Stars, the Army Commendation Medal, and the Vietnamese Cross of Gallantry.
And, of course, he was in the Green Beret Special Forces.
In 1970, Sampley was reassigned to the 3rd and later the 6th Special Forces Group at Fort Bragg, where he continued his military training and just goes on and on.
All the things he did in Vietnam.
He got, what is it, four bronze stars while he was there in Cambodia and Vietnam.
And I've had veterans on years ago who were actually in the camp with McCain.
He made all the propaganda films.
He spilt his guts immediately.
And he's just, he's anti-gun, pro-open border.
His wife has campaigned for Hillary where Hillary Clinton pins.
You watch, it's just like Bob Dole, they're running a dead horse against Clinton.
And it's going to be Hillary Clinton.
I told you that Romney was going to step down.
He's done that today.
And that's exactly what Larry Nichols, who helped bring out the first...
Thank you very much for having me on board.
It's like having Herman Goering running the Nuremberg Trials when you break down who John McCain really is.
John McCain is a chameleon, like a lizard, a reptile.
It turns the color of the limb he's on at the time and he gets away with it because he forever has had the liberal talking heads in this country.
Tim Russerts and Chris Matthews, that crowd adore him and cannot say enough good about him
And they have built this false image of a POW resistor hero.
If you go back and read his record very clearly, at the best you can give John McCain was, he was a POW survivor who traded information for better medical care and other special gifts he got from the communists.
So he collaborated very seriously.
But I got on to John.
I know John McCain personally.
I met him in 1986 or 88, somewhere in there.
I think it was 88 when he was in Congress.
And it was over the POW issue.
And I was in his office.
And it just wasn't a good feeling.
It was supposed to be a casual conversation.
I thought he acted a little bit like a screw was loose a little bit.
Because as we were talking, I was talking about the men left behind.
He got up and started walking around.
And then he paced right out of the office and left me sitting there.
He didn't say yay, nay, or anything.
And I got up and kind of tagged along behind him, and he just outpaced me, so I just went on about my way.
But the real concern was, in 1992, during the Senate Select Committee on POW Affairs, that Senate study that the Senate commissioned, it took 18 months, to study and report on what happened to the American servicemen known to have been alive in captivity, but not returned at the end of the war.
McCain, you would think, would be the best friends of the families of the men missing and still missing and left behind.
He turned out to be Hanoi's best friend.
And we started looking closely, and he had for some time been carrying water for the Communist Vietnamese.
Trying to pass legislation or get legislation passed that would open the door to give communist Vietnam normalized relations.
Something that we didn't want until the communist Vietnamese fessed up to what they did with our men.
And that's why he worships them and they call him a songbird is because they've got all the dirt on him.
They have everything that he did.
They kept meticulous notes.
And not only do the Vietnamese communists have it, the Chinese have it, the former Soviets, which would be the Russians who intelligence have it,
The Cubans have it, and there was even some Palestinian involvement as observers in observing the interrogation of American prisoners of war.
Did you call him the ultimate security arrest if he was going to be the commander-in-chief?
And one other entity has it.
The CIA knows what he did.
So there's a man that at the slightest threat, that if any of those collaborations, the seriousness of them is made public...
He'll go under, so he's going to have to bend when the CIA tells him to bend.
Let's bring Larry Nichols in here because he's an expert on this and he was involved in black ops as well.
Larry, you were talking earlier, this is exactly who they love.
He's friends with the Clintons.
Bill Clinton has said it's going to be a sweetheart race between the two.
What do you think is happening here with McCain and how the media and the establishment is firmly behind him?
Is it because they can destroy him any minute so they know he's totally compromised?
Well, he's totally blackmailable.
I mean, that's exactly what the sergeant's talking about.
Continue, Mr. Sampling.
In Special Forces, my training was very extensive.
I spent seven years in Special Forces out of my ten years in the Army.
Part of my training was at Fort Washington, Arizona, Operations Intelligence School.
I was trained as an interrogator.
I was trained on what to look for.
I was also trained in what to
What to try to achieve with a prisoner.
And one of the things you want to achieve is to neutralize them and then control them.
And the way you do that is you get them to do something they're not supposed to or get them to do something against one of the other prisoners and then you hold that over his head.
Well, I'm going to tell this other prisoner you're the one that told on him and he caused him to get the mess beat out of him if you don't tell me some more.
And then he's caught in this trap.
He has to keep talking and keep talking and keep talking.
That's the position that McCain is in when it comes to what happened in the Hanoi Hilton.
And there's no doubt they're still controlling him today.
Well, he went back to Vietnam in front of witnesses.
And Bob Dornan, former Congressman Bob Dornan, would tell you this.
McCain said to the Vietnamese in front of him, if you ever release my files, you'll never see normalized relations.
Then he'd come back to the United States and use his authority as a senator to get all the POW records sealed.
How many men at that time when he got those sealed do we know were left behind?
The number has varied depending on who's counting, but Senator Bob Smith and former Congressman Billy Hendon, they're coming up with the numbers that could be two or three hundred.
We know there was a second tier of prisoners, a secret tier,
That none of the other prisoners knew about.
The Soviets were very interested in our pilots because at that time our pilots were zooming in and getting through the SAM system, missile system.
That was the same system that was defending Moscow.
And so they were very interested in what they could get out of these pilots.
And they got a lot.
And all of that is sealed.
McCain's not the only one that collaborated.
A lot of them did.
And Mr. Sampley, you do realize that they have cheapened...
The word hero with John McCain.
He got a silver star, and I can trace it.
The dates he got the silver star, I read the citation, were the same dates that he, quote unquote, was trading military information for better medical care.
Well, his daddy was the head of the Pacific Fleet.
And his granddaddy was a famous admiral also.
That's why he got that.
Now, the problem is...
Mr. Sampley, and I am for you.
I support you.
I honor you.
But what they're going to do now, after the Swift Boat deal, you know what you're up against.
I was involved in the Swift Boat deal against John Kerry.
I was one of the leaders.
We just reinvented the organization and turned it against John McCain.
Oh, so you know... John O'Neill.
And you know this time...
The media's going to be ready for you.
They're blasting us left and right.
Then you know Dr. Corsi, right?
Yeah, he's a regular guest here.
Let me say this now.
We are planning right now a counteroffensive, and we're going online on the Internet probably tomorrow or the next day, but we're opening an offensive called GOP Tea Party.
And in the spirit of 1773, when the colonists rebelled against the King of England and tossed all that tea over, we're going to rebel against the Republican Party, and we're going to toss McCain over.
We hope to make it so hot for McCain between now and September, the convention, that this Republican establishment is really going to be rethinking this thing.
But they're all dropping out.
Are you going to go for Huckabee or Paul?
Here's what we're going to do.
We only got to move 5% to 10% of the conservative Republican base.
Simply get people to pledge that they will not vote for McCain under any circumstances and sign a pledge to that.
Here's the deal, sir.
I don't believe these polls.
I think something's changed.
We've seen evidence of fraud.
I know Republicans.
I'm on a whole bunch of stations, and I do interviews all the time on other stations.
I can't find Republicans that support McCain.
I don't believe that he's actually winning.
He's winning with less than 30% of the Republicans.
Well, as bad as Romney is, he was better than McCain, and now he's dropped out.
People don't understand or don't realize that there are a lot of left-leaning Republicans now.
We have gotten, the Republican Party has digressed.
So one of our objectives is, the Tea Party, is to jettison all of them and reestablish the conservative Republican Party.
And McCain is, the people rallying around McCain are left of center.
So you're going to do this, but you're not going to be able to support a candidate?
I mean, Ron Paul?
No, the only pledge is, we'll not vote for John McCain.
And then you're left with... If Ron Paul jumps up there, vote for Ron Paul.
I understand.
Well, that's who I will, but I mean... He jumps up there, I probably will too.
We better get this word out really fast.
I wonder if all the... We got to September.
I wonder if all the fake mainline Republicans are going to have you on.
They better.
Well, I'm doing quite a few radio shows.
I'm doing one or two a day in sizable radio shows, and I appreciate you guys inviting me.
This is news, by the way.
This is the first time we've announced this program, this campaign we're starting.
We're going to be on the line.
It's GOPTeaParty.com.
Give us all the details.
You've got the floor.
Break it down for us.
We're setting up a website.
It should be ready in two or three days.
GOPTeaParty.com in the spirit of 1773 when the Boston Tea Party, when the colonists rebelled against the King of England,
We're going to rebel against the Republican Party.
We're going to hold a... We hope to start a revolution within the Republican Party to cleanse it of all the left-leaning Republicans.
They're showing themselves around McCain right now.
And McCain, I don't care what you say, is a leftist.
If you look at his major activity... Well, what he is is a globalist New World Order minion.
Well, let's say what you're doing, Mr. Stanley, is smart.
You see, people believe because you say you're a Republican, you're a Republican.
You're not.
Lindsey Graham's not a Republican.
We have drifted so far, the Republican Party has drifted so far to the left that we didn't even realize it.
But McCain has exposed everybody.
You know, I was just reading the McKell Malcolm article yesterday,
Well, she connects John McCain and his Reform Institute to that multi-million dollar, what is it, Soros?
George Soros, yeah.
Was donating money to McCain's Institute.
But see... And some of McCain's staffers right now work for that institute.
But see, that's Clinton.
Yeah, that would go back to the Clinton connection.
McCain is involved with those same people.
Sir, sir, I mean, I don't know if you know this, but I'm sure you do.
Remember back in the last two Clinton elections, McCain's wife kept getting caught campaign fundraising and wearing Hillary pins?
No, I don't remember that.
Look it up.
That'll be dope.
Well, I mean, look, it's the Republican Party itself, wants big government, they want, you know, all this corporate welfare, and I'm sorry, I mean, have you seen the reports about Roger Ailes and the head of, the owner of Fox, Rupert Murdoch, having fundraisers for Hillary?
No, I haven't seen that.
I haven't seen that.
The problem, gentlemen, that we have is that as a nation, as a nation, we're running out of time.
We've been betrayed.
We've been infiltrated.
We've allowed it to happen, unfortunately.
But we do have an army.
We do have an army that we've never had before.
And that is a huge army of people that are now unemployed, underemployed, scared that they're going to lose their job.
Houses being repossessed.
So for the first time, Mr. Stanley, you've got an army.
Well, he does have an army.
He is the vice president of Rolling Thunder Motorcycle Rally Washington, D.C.
I mean, you guys have gotten how many people out on their motorcycles many times?
Well, this past Memorial Day weekend, we probably had 600,000.
That has turned into, and I'm one of the founders of Rolling Thunder, and that's turned into one of the largest...
Special events, annual special events in Washington, D.C.
They look forward to it because the vets come in and they're all there for the POW.
The servicemen miss my hand.
Do you have a way of emailing or letting them all know?
The organization is a non-profit organization so we have to be very careful about that.
But word of mouth to get around and people can act individually but as an organization we cannot come out and
And do something like political.
We have to be very careful of that.
But at VietnamVeteransAgainstMcCain, which is VietnamVeteransAgainstJohnMcCain.com, and we'll get links to that up on the websites, people could get in there and expose him.
We get plenty of people reading our website.
It's gotten off to a small start, like a pebble tossed out in a little pond, and a little ripple started, but it's getting bigger and bigger.
And so it's similar to what happened when we went up against John Kerry.
We were the first to open up on John Kerry.
We took a lot of crap.
Same stuff is still being thrown at us about McCain.
It was thrown at us about John Kerry.
We weathered it, and the next thing you know, the Swift boat, so John O'Neill's crowd jumped in, and they just took it on home.
But let's be clear.
In my opinion, and we're talking about these globalists, it's all the same.
McCain is much worse than even Kerry.
Because we know where Kerry's going.
McCain is a deceiver.
He is the great deceiver.
You can't trust him.
And I want to remind people that McCain was only just a one little breath away from accepting the vice president position with John Kerry.
He was actually shielding John Kerry from the swift boat vets.
So you're hoping that by the convention,
I mean, what do you do if he's got all the delegates and Romney and others who's just as bad as you have got?
We don't care.
We know if we can move from 5% to 10% of the Republicans that normally vote to say, I'm not going to vote for McCain, that will cause McCain to lose and the Republicans to lose.
The Republican establishment knows that, and if they see that coming into the convention, they're going to have to do some tap dancing, and we hope they're going to eject...
With Jettison, John McCain.
And then have a brokered convention and get somebody else.
Okay, I'm going to have to have you up again next week.
Even tomorrow.
Who knows?
Could you come on for a part two tomorrow or on Monday, sir?
Maybe I'll have the website up and working by then.
By the way, we're getting state coordinators.
We're getting people all over the place that are signing on to get people.
Just go to people and say, pledge to us and sign this pledge.
It don't mean anything other than you're saying you're not going to vote for John McCain.
Okay, folks.
Go to the website and do that.
Vietnam Veterans Against John McCain.
Ted Sampley, thanks for spending time with us.
Thank you.
Call me back anytime.
All right.
It is a big idea.
A new world order.
In the near future, Earth is dominated by a powerful government.
It's known as the Bilderberg.
Could there effectively be world domination?
For thousands of years, their dark order grew.
Now, as they hail the birth of the new world order, their great dream of exterminating 80% of humanity is at hand.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Now that we are in the midst of the presidential primaries, Republican candidate Ron Paul needs our support more than ever.
Ron Paul stands for the issues that need to be addressed and not glossed over and forgotten like the globalist crowd being fielded.
Unlike other candidates, Ron Paul takes a stand to follow what our forefathers envisioned America to be
We're good to go.
Yard signs, bumper stickers, window decals, buttons, car magnets, and much more.
Support Ron Paul.
Take the stand for the traditional values that America needs.
Go to RonPaulStickers.com and help get the word out about Ron Paul.
This is our chance, America.
Stand up.
Now is the time to act.
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Yet they don't want you to know about them.
This product is made right here in the United States and is not a typical gas treatment found at your local store.
SFR lasts up to six months.
We're good to go.
That's 888-USE-SFR1 today.
I want to thank Larry Nichols for spending time with us today.
We're going to have a final word from him in a moment.
And I hope that you'll take his words very serious.
We weren't taking calls here in this interview, and I had a call into the board.
Somebody got the back line going, this guy is incredible, blah, blah, blah.
I've checked out everything he's talking about.
And you just, I guess, weren't around during the whole Clinton scandals.
This guy had the media go over him with a fine-tooth comb.
He's the guy that released all the big scandals.
He did do the things he said he did.
And I want to say something to the Free Republic people and even some of the World Net Daily folks and all of them that have sold out to the neocons that think all this is cute.
You've been gamed by the puppet masters, as Larry says.
As much as I like this other group going after McCain, and he is bad, they're putting him in.
And they mean for him to fail, and for Ann Coulter to now endorse Hillary, and for that to happen.
Now, we can shoot down McCain early, and I hate to play lesser of two evils.
I mean, Huckabee, even though he's CFR, would be better than this guy.
I mean, you can't get any worse than McCain.
But he's a Clintonista.
He's in bed with them completely, just like Fox News is.
And good job, creepers, all of you.
You've helped destroy the country.
You just love to hate Islamofascists so much when our own boys, our own system created it.
Larry Nichols, final comments on the point I just made.
Well, first off, too, Charlie Stanley, what a terrific hero.
It don't matter.
He ain't going in.
McCain's not to be there to go in.
Hillary's going in.
That's where we fight.
Congress is where we win.
And to the people that don't believe, look, my life's an open book.
I don't hide.
I don't hide my phone number.
I don't have my phone.
I don't have my address.
And as Alex knows, from the BBC to Good God, the Washington Post, to the New York Times, to the Time Magazine, to NBC, CBS, 60 Minutes.
Look, folks.
If they'd spotted me telling one little fib, it'd have been over.
It ain't over yet.
Well, Larry, I'm not going to wait five years to have you back on.
I want to get you back up in the next few weeks because you're the Clinton expert.
And I just really appreciate all the fine work that you've done, my friend.
Go ahead and give out your number for other talk shows that may want to interview you.
Thank you so much.
Larry Nichols, take care.
Thank you.
Folks, the show's basically over.
If you missed any of the first or second hour, it was all invaluable information.
I mean, very important show today.
The second hour was off the charts important.
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This is what we do full time.
This is who we are.
And some of the greatest assets we have are people that work for the system.
When they saw dead children, and that's always a story we get, just finally had their Saul of Tarsus on the road to Damascus moment.
So please, when the show ends in about two minutes, go to InfoWars.com.
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They're bringing in martial law.
They're bringing down the country.
I agree with him.
The economic attack is worse than any terror attack.
And they're attacking us.
Ball's in your court.
God bless you all.
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