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Air Date: Feb. 13, 2008
2269 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Welcome, welcome, welcome.
Thank you so much for joining us today.
It is the 13th of February, 2008.
And we're going to be live here for the next three hours.
We are going to take your phone calls on the economy, on the Ron Paul Revolution, on Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, on the big brother technocracy enslavement dehumanization grid.
On another suspicious death of one of the former Russian oligarchs, one of the engineers of the Velvet Revolution.
It is all coming up today.
The toll-free number to join us is 1-800-259-9231.
It's just a three-hour free-for-all.
With lots of phone calls and tons of news.
Now, here's some news I didn't finish up with yesterday, so I'm going to get to this later in the hour.
Mayor compares threat of global warming to terrorism.
This is very, very important, and I'm going to go over why that is the case, and also all the evidence of global cooling that is about to start in the next decade.
Then we will break down Senate votes to expand spy powers, basically get rid of the Fourth Amendment.
Bush has been illegally spying on the American people without warrants, and now they're just retroactively saying that's okay.
We're seeing amazing things happen right now, and Fox News and others are misrepresenting the facts, claiming, oh, they've always been allowed to
Spy on foreigners calling the U.S.
without a warrant, that's not true.
If that was the case, why would they need a law?
And I want to repeat that the Supreme Court is about to hear a Second Amendment argument, and the Supreme Court, from the evidence we have and the different pro-gun groups that have people on the Hill,
And they're in Washington.
They're going to spin it that, oh, you have a Second Amendment right, and so it'll be heralded as a victory.
It is not going to be a victory, just like what they just did in several other of the federal district courts.
They're going to say, unless prescribed by law.
Well, you can pass a law saying black people don't have rights and aren't human beings, but it's unconstitutional, violates the Bill of Rights, and just common law, organic law.
And you have a right to revolt.
It doesn't matter if Hitler said it was illegal to revolt against him.
Did you have a right to revolt against Hitler?
Or do you like to follow his favorite out-of-context scripture of Romans 13 running around to Caesar?
So they can say we don't have a Fourth Amendment.
It's a fraud.
They can say that we don't have a Second Amendment.
That they can, by law, restrict it.
It's a fraud and it's a lie.
But we're going into a new era of lies and spin that is just amazing, where they tell you we've won, and then really we're losing.
They're getting more and more sophisticated.
In the past, they would just say guns are evil, we want to ban them or restrict them, and then there'd be a big fight and we would win.
Now they say, ooh, you won.
Oh, you're doing really good right now.
And we're really losing.
So it's getting sophisticated.
They also have different stratas of propaganda.
They have just the baseline propaganda that's at a sophomore, junior high, or elementary school level for the general dumbed-down public, where it's all just in real simple good guys, bad guys, and where they spoon-feed people.
All right, I haven't even gotten into it all.
There is so much.
I'm going to shotgun out what's coming up when we get back, and then I'm going to your calls in this first segment at 1-800-259-9231.
Big announcement, too, when we get back.
Big announcement.
It is a big idea.
A new world order.
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For the first time in history, the elite's plan for world government is blown wide open.
You will learn the secret that drives the entire New World Order agenda.
Bilderberg is making great progress toward the world.
Most people have no idea.
They're not after money.
They have all the money they need.
They're after power.
That's what they're after.
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Okay, huge show today.
Tons of news.
A lot of your calls.
Here's the big announcement.
We're finally getting around all the plans I've had the last few years.
We have redesigned Infowars.com.
To where you can comment in all of the stories.
And, of course, brought it up to kind of a Web 2.5 look.
We have now launched our own MySpace-type system, our own social network.
We just put it up this morning, or late last night, and I'm told there's like 60, 70 members in there.
You can have your own blogs, your own area.
You can post your own photos, your videos, profiles, whatever you'd like.
It is the InfoWars.com network.
The actual address to the front page is social.infowars.com.
But you can just go to InfoWars.com itself.
There's a big fat banner on the front of the page where you can just link through.
It says, The InfoWars Network Meetup Blog Fight the New World Order.
This is a place where we can all feed on each other's energies.
We're good to go.
I don't care if you put women up there in bikinis or whatever.
We're not going to try to censor everybody.
But no porn, no hacking stuff, no death threats, or some people are into dead bodies and other things I'm not going to mention that they posted on my MySpace account.
We do ban people that do that.
And don't confuse us with my MySpace account on MySpace.
That's my little MySpace.
This is your own MySpace account.
It's the exact same type system.
You can customize it.
We're going to add even more features.
We can upload your own video and audio.
We're just checking in even bigger servers to be able to do that.
It'll be very expensive, so we have to gauge how much of that we're going to be able to do.
It may just be audio blogs, so you can have your own platform.
It's outside of YouTube and Google.
It'll then feed into those.
It's just really exciting.
I want to see 1,000 people sign up today.
Now, again, when I left the house, it was 50, 60, 70.
It was like 50, so I'm sure it's 70 by now.
That's why I'm saying that.
They were signing up every minute.
I want to see 1,000 people signed up by the end of the day.
Again, your own space, your own pages, your own blog, your own area on high-powered content distribution network servers.
I mean, this is a strong platform.
You will then get all of the traffic and attention that InfoWars.com has built up over the last, how long has it been in operation?
Last 11 years.
We've had the website for a little over 11 years.
And all the traffic that PrisonPlanet.com is feeding into it, all the traffic that TruthNews.us is feeding into it, JonesReport.com, InfoWars.net, the radio show, all of it.
It is there, waiting for you, right now, at Infowars.com.
Please go out on MySpace and the message boards everywhere.
Help us make a big announcement.
We can't do that without you.
Tell everybody, this is a place where you're not going to be censored.
This is a place where you're going to have free reign.
Unless you post pornography or start calling for killing people.
And then because of liability of...
You know, after it gets big, we've got a few moderators that we know are reasonable and good who we'll put in there just because, obviously, we can't have triple-X porn being posted on there.
But it's not going to be policed very heavily, ladies and gentlemen.
So go in there.
It is your own area.
Go wild.
Even some criticisms.
Now, there's about ten different stalker groups out there that have called for my death and called for people to kill me, and they all think it's real funny.
Any of those groups of the subsidiaries don't even bother signing up, because I know who you are, and if I see it, you're going to be knocked off of there.
So, again, this is not going to be a tool to call for killing people or killing me or posting porn.
Or giving hacker codes to go bring down somebody's website.
And they do that, by the way, to go in there and try to get us shut down.
That will not be allowed.
But other than that, you are going to be left alone.
You can criticize my ideas.
You can disagree.
You can do whatever.
Just go wild.
Infowars.com social area.
Meetup, blogs, Fight the New World Order, audio, videos, your films, your video clips, your photos, your reports.
I'm welcoming all of the We Are Change groups to go in there and create their own allied, I guess, mirrors of your local We Are Change groups.
That gives us more redundancy.
I love the fact there's so many We Are Change groups.
Popping up and I've tried to financially support three or four of the groups as much as we can with seed money and things in the past.
I'm welcoming you to go make clones of your...
We are Change Group, or your InfoWars group, or your Freedom to Fascism group, or your grassroots Ron Paul meet-up groups.
Go in there, make your own pages.
It's always good to have mirrors.
It's always good to have backups.
It's always good to have that synergy.
And that's what we're doing together, is trying to have a place for an open free-for-all, so that everybody who's online can go to InfoWars.com social section,
We're good to go.
I think?
And, again, it'll be more like a chat room, you know, meet-up area for people that want to talk or people that want to maybe go hunting with fellow patriots.
Or just, again, social networking.
You want to go have a barbecue with fellow patriots in your town?
You want to meet fellow patriots to go fight City Hall or fight police brutality?
Or you want to meet fellow patriots to get together to make a film or to start a radio show?
I don't care.
Go wild.
Right now at InfoWars.com.
It's uncustomary for me to just go right to your calls, but I want to before I get into all this news.
And believe me, there's news on the economy.
There is news on new spy powers, Big Brother, the nanny state.
So much important stuff.
But let's just go to your calls right now.
Derek in Canada, you're on the air.
The new webpage looks really fabulous.
I'm really excited about it.
You had mentioned in a previous broadcast,
That you're presently working on a new JFK film.
Right, I was kind of hoping maybe you could tell us a little bit about the contents of it, and when we can expect to see that.
Well, sure.
Do you want to get this on air, or do you want me to hang up on you and then answer the question?
You can just let me go.
Okay, thank you.
I was just thinking if that was your only question.
I have always made two-plus-hour films.
Every film at order of death is more than two hours long.
And so, A, I'm going to make two 70-minute films.
I'm going to keep them to 70 minutes.
And they're cinematic.
They're cinema verite.
There is not voiceover.
There is not a bunch of documents.
It is...
In the JFK, there will be some documents, some photos, but still it's done in a narrative format.
But the pure cinema verite, what we're planning to do with the film about 9-11 truth, We Are Changed, just grassroots activism, period, showing the power of it, how the establishment is scared, show like the last three years of 9-11 truth.
I'm making that film.
And then at the same time, I'm making a JFK film with Paul Grudy,
Who, again, was the undertaker when they made him put the fingerprints of Lee Harvey Oswald on the gun, staged that.
E. Howard Hunt video that's never been seen before.
We are going to, of course, Jim Mars is in it.
A few other people are going to be in it.
I'm just going to leave it at that.
And I'm trying to have both these out by October or November of this year.
Two films at one time, double barrel blasts.
A totally different style.
And so that's what's coming from that film project that we are working feverishly on with the great intellects of Rob Jacobson and, of course, Aaron Dykes and myself.
Trey's also working some on the film, Trey Kincaid.
And we are...
We have 500-plus hours of footage.
We have 400 hours of our own footage, over 100 hours of other 9-11 truth groups and We Are Change groups that have given us footage to put in the film.
So just going, that's all been logged, captured.
We're finishing writing up the film, and we're finishing trying to write up the JFK film, and then we slap it all together, then we sweeten it, the soundtrack's being produced.
We're going to use Graham Reynolds, and we're going to use the Octopus Project,
Great Austin band.
So we're going to have two different groups working on the films.
And they should be out, Lord willing, in the fall, into the winter of this year.
Eight months from now.
All right, we'll be back with more of your calls.
Chris, Jim, Aaron, Ken, many others.
I'm Alex Jones.
This is the GCN Radio Network.
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For thousands of years, their dark order grew.
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For the first time in history, the elite's plan for world government is blown wide open.
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Delaware is making great progress toward a world government.
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They're not after money.
They have all the money they need.
They're after power.
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We're good to go.
I think?
Now, from the makers of Loose Change, the most downloaded film in Internet history, comes the long-awaited release of Loose Change Final Cut, an entirely new two-hour film that completely destroys the official fable forever.
Loose Change Final Cut hopes to be a catalyst for a new independent investigation in which family members receive answers to their questions.
We're good to go.
We're back live, ladies and gentlemen.
Let's talk to Chris in Kansas.
Chris, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
I was wondering if you had any views or opinions on Executive Order 13303 that was originally filed on, yes, it says May 22nd of 2003.
Well, let me go to Google.
I can't keep these memorized, and they're always changing them and then reissuing them under new numbers.
What's the executive order?
I have pretty much the abridged version of it without all the legal jargon in it.
Okay, read it to me.
It says, all property and interests in property of the following persons are blocked and may not be transferred, paid, exported, or withdrawn.
Oh, yeah, that's the one if they claim that you're aiding Iraq in any way or aiding the insurgency, that they can just grab assets without even a judge, jury, or anything?
Yes, that's the one where pretty much it's so vague where if you're...
Holding a sign that says, for example, no more blood for oil, you can actually be held in prison for any undetermined length of time.
Sure, sure, we've covered that.
I had just forgotten the exact number.
There's so many bad ones in the 12,000 and 13,000 series, but they're bad back into the 9,000s.
And, again, presidents are always rewriting them and reissuing them, and so they're changing.
But, yes, I'm fully aware of that.
And are you asking my take on it?
Yes, and your views on...
I guess what would happen if they started applying this to the anti-war protesters and anyone who, I want to say, develops any type of an opinion regarding the current world state.
They're going to have to sell that incrementally to the public, and they bite off 10 or 15 bites, and then they throw most of it up, but they usually get one or two bites down their belly.
And they are trying all of this, but their free speech zones are getting sued out of court.
They're backing off on those.
They're backing off, but then they're always piling on ten times.
Like, they push five steps forward, we push them back four, but they still get one foot forward.
We've just got to fight even harder.
If we let them use that as a chilling effect, though, and then people say, well, I better not criticize anything, that's your free speech right.
If we get into it now and let them chill our speech and our political action and our...
We're good to go.
I mean, it says he's the Fuhrer, and he says he's above Congress, and it says he's a dictator, and he plans to pass that on to Hillary or Barack or whoever it's going to be, and it'll just continue.
They're all, you know, coming from the same place.
But it's very serious, but we need to redouble our efforts, not let it chill us.
All right, thanks.
Enjoyed your films, and keep them up.
Thank you, sir.
I really appreciate the call, Chris.
Jim in Oklahoma, welcome.
Thank you, Alex, for taking me on the air.
You bet.
I have a book here written by Chaplain Lindsey Williams, who was a first-hand man on the Alaskan oil pipeline.
The Energy Non-Crisis.
So you know all about that.
I was going to say that I would recommend that to be a platform somewhat of Ron Paul.
Well, you know, I've probably interviewed Williams 20, 30 times.
I mean, I lose count over the years.
I haven't had him on in a few years.
Separately from Williams, and I think he's a very good man and his information is very accurate, separate from Williams, we have government documents, we have congressional reports, that in one oil field on the North Slope in Prudhoe Bay, they have enough oil to run this country for over 100 years and it's near sweet.
Very good oil.
And that means not a lot of refining, for those that don't know what that means.
You can take it right out of the ground and it catches on fire like gasoline.
We're good to go.
Of the oil being, in some cases it's even higher, 85%, I've seen some numbers, being pumped out, goes to Japan and China.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
About 150 miles, and then it goes down another 100 miles past that, in somewhat shallow water, easy to extract, very good oil, low sulfur, very high quality, light crude.
It's a huge 600-plus square mile area, and there's no drilling allowed there.
Now the U.S.
is going to let China and Mexico drill, and we get none of it.
See, stay there.
Let's talk more about it on the other side.
Remember how our government, not the communist Chinese, our government gave them the Panama Canal?
See, they gave them the ports.
They gave them Long Beach.
We'll be right back.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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There are thousands of oil fields in Canada.
The majority of Canada has not even been surveyed or prospected properly.
I've seen the numbers on that.
Just in the fields they've gotten into, it's just massive.
There's too much oil.
Russia is finding gigantic fields on literally a weekly basis.
They have found oil all over the 15 or 16 stands.
The Turkmenistans, the Uzbekistans, it just goes on and on.
Afghanistan, just unbelievable oil and natural gas.
Just right under the surface of the earth, in the crust, is just natural gas, oil, coal, everything.
Remember that in the 60s and 70s, they found on U.S.
and state lands, predominantly U.S.
government lands, because the government has more than 90% of the land in Utah,
But just in Utah, they found enough clean-burning coal.
No mercury, none of it.
What did Clinton do in 1998?
He laid it all off-limits and said no firms could go in there and extract it.
But they allow the dirty coal, the lignite, mined out of right here in Texas.
They scooped that dirty lignite right up, full of mercury and everything else you can imagine.
And they dump it right into the power plants.
Texas is now supplying surrounding five states with more than half their electric power.
They're actually taking environmental standards off.
Rick Perry has taken it off, and he's done a privatized deal with a Bilderberg-funded leader.
That's been in the news.
And they're handing those over to them, privatizing them.
Taxpayers pay for it, and they just hand it over to them.
We pay for the railways to the new power plants to ship in even more dirt coal.
Just dirty, filthy, worst grade coal you can find.
They could care less.
Can't have that clean coal.
Because by laying most of the resources off limits, that jacks up the profits of the select families and banks and corporations that own most of the world's resources.
You know, Mexico has more billionaires per capita.
Mexico's 100 million people in country, 30 million out.
130 million people now, and that number will double in the next 20 years.
Having an average of about five children.
I forget, it's four and a half, five.
Look up Mexico's numbers.
It's very high.
One of the highest in the world.
It's a third world nation, but they're getting better health care, so infant mortality is very low.
Are the globalists worried about that?
Absolutely not.
You have a tiny oligarchy that runs Mexico.
Mexico has more discovered oil, coal, gold, silver, and every other major industrial metal, precious metal, than the United States has.
In fact, the official numbers come in at about three times what the lower 48 have, Mexico has.
Drowning in resources.
It's the South Africa of the Western Hemisphere.
Brazil is just gold, oil, diamonds, rubies, sapphires.
The alluvial deposits alone are just out of this world.
And that's the mountains that have flown down into rivers and streams and deposited just in the mud.
Not still locked up in hard rock deposits.
I don't want to get off into all of it, but the point here is that there are so many resources on this planet, we are drowning in it.
So, 12 years ago, Dutch Rochelle, BBC reporter, of course Greg Palast broke this, their actual documents.
Have you ever noticed how about half the advertisements, literally, the back cover, the middle, the big spreads, every issue of National Geographic,
My grandmother sends me an issue every year since I was a little kid as a present.
That's the only reason I take it.
The eugenics publication, basically anti-human publication.
And you read in there, and it's just all BP.
It's all Dutch Royal Shell.
And did I say Dutch Royal Shell funded it?
It's British Petroleum, excuse me.
But Dutch Royal Shell's involved too, but it was BP, BP that funds it.
A lot of the environmental groups first came up with the fraud and funded Russian and British scientists to claim that there is basically the oil's running out that we peaked in 2006.
And so now you've got to accept greater taxes.
Now you've got to accept greater regulation.
Now you've got to go along with all of this.
And you tell a mainline environmentalist, who's a well-meaning person, hey, they've got massive oil deposits in Canada.
Massive oil deposits that have been discovered for decades in Alaska.
And they'll just go, no, there isn't.
You're a liar.
It's running out.
And you're like, no, no, we've interviewed former oil executives.
We've interviewed people that worked in the companies, eyewitnesses.
We have government reports.
This has come out.
It's not a secret.
And they'll just say, no, no, no, no, no.
Well, here's another example.
Saddam Hussein got in trouble when he had a $30-plus billion debt to BCCI and others.
Another big CIA money laundering operations from his Iran-Iraq war in the 80s, and he was, quote, over-pumping, driving oil prices down to 85, 95 cents.
It was fluctuating there.
Remember, OPEC said, you're over-pumping, you're not following the cartel's directives.
And then the U.S.
shut him up and said, go ahead and invade Kuwait, we're your ally, and he did it, and look what happened.
I'm not defending him.
He was CIA trained in 1958.
That's declassified, and he was shut up.
The point is, I'm not defending him any more than I'm defending our own government's criminal policies.
There's oil everywhere.
Let me explain something.
I have family that are petroleum geologists.
I have family that have... One of them, Uncle Leonard, just retired, running one of the biggest refineries in Houston, Texas.
My grandfather worked all the way from a roughneck in the oil fields after World War II
He even worked in some of the oil fields before World War II.
My uncle, his son, worked offshore from the time he was 18 years old before he volunteered for Vietnam as a helicopter pilot.
My whole family is involved in oil at every level.
My grandfather, my mother's father, worked from a roughneck,
In the West Texas and New Mexico oil fields, right up to Leash Hound, you know, right up into the companies.
I know all about it.
I live in Texas.
You can basically drill an oil well almost anywhere if you're willing to go deep enough and there's oil.
South Texas, East Texas, West Texas.
And they say, well, those fields have been depleted.
Where my family's from in East Texas...
Limestone, Freestone County.
You drive out there, there are drilling rigs everywhere.
And you're only seeing the wells they're drilling and hitting.
You drive down the highway, down I-45, anywhere, just look off.
There's drilling rigs all over the place.
They're hitting oil and natural gas.
I mean, gushers.
Black oil shooting up out of the sky.
Good old-fashioned... I mean, they're drilling wells triple-hitting oil, triple-hitting gas.
I mean, they're hitting it at multi-level, shallow wells.
Horizontal wells.
And you say, well, why are they drilling here?
Well, the oil companies hate it.
They try to use regulators and everything else they can to try to stop these medium-sized companies, they're multi-billion dollar, from coming in.
But you see, you've still got property owners in Texas...
The vast majority of Texas, in fact more than any other state, is privately owned.
More than 90% of Texas is in private hands.
It's not like Utah and Nevada and other places where it's 90 plus percent government owned.
You go to those places where it's government owned, it's all locked up.
And do you have the big oil company lobbying to open that up?
You know, I said I'd take your calls and now I've gone on a tirade.
I just want to give you this knowledge.
And I am going on a tirade.
Because there is oil everywhere.
Have you noticed on a map of the country, wherever there's private property, California, Illinois, Oklahoma, Texas, wherever there's big pieces of private property, there's oil wells.
There's gas wells.
There's lignite mines.
But where there isn't, you don't see it.
And then they'll stick up on the news, 15 or 20 ratty, well-meaning, sandal-wearing hippies, God love them.
And they'll say, yeah, man, we beat...
More drilling and more pipelines in Alaska.
You didn't beat anything.
And then the neocons get on the radio and say, These dumb environmentalist wackos, they stopped the drilling.
We need to get in there and drill.
The Republicans controlled the House, the Senate, the Supreme Court, and the Executive.
All three branches of government.
And did you see them open up any more oil out of Alaska?
Did you see them open up any of the Gulf of Mexico?
Other than giving, just territorially, thousands and thousands of square miles, tens of thousands of square miles in 2002, Bush just said, well, you've never contested this, and this belongs to the U.S., but we're just going to give this to Pemex, the oil monopoly in Mexico.
When you've got the big Chinese government-run oil company that's going into Africa and everywhere else, they gave them thousands and thousands of square miles off the coast of Florida, off the coast of Mississippi, and just said, you know what, we've always had a claim to this, but you just have it.
And why is that?
They make deals with China and Mexico to have limited exploration, to gauge it, and to keep down production.
This is a monopoly.
And I don't want to have to debate that with people.
It is admitted.
Go to the encyclopedia.com.
OPEC is a monopoly.
You know, I hear these neocons get up on air and talk about the oil companies aren't corrupt, they're not making big profits.
That was a talking point the last few years by neocon liars.
They were told to report on it, and that came out lying.
We have the 2000 AP series of articles where the AP, through lawsuits that were done by private groups, got the documents, but it never got on the national news.
And you can go read the Chevron, ExxonMobil,
Texaco documents where in 1995 and 96 they had a series of meetings in Houston and in Dubai and in London.
You can read them stamped and certified where they said there's too much oil, they're discovering it everywhere, private companies are going in, this is really going to mess us up and our cartel...
There are hundreds and hundreds of independent refineries.
We can't shut off all these medium-sized and private venture and sovereign capital groups going in and drilling and finding these resources, but we can go into countries and we can foment wars to block pipelines or to restrict how big they are.
We can go into the United States...
And we can buy up all the refineries and we can press for bigger regulations on refineries to force them to sell.
And they went in and paid 2, 3, 4, 5, 10, 20 times in some cases what refineries were worth.
And they went in and they bought up 200 plus refineries in the lower 48.
And they say in the document, they did this in the next 5 years, it came out in 2000, they said to create an artificial
If we can't fully... Again, they suppress most of the reserves being brought to market, but just like by 1995-96, and the Bureau has put reports out on this, the Oppenheimers are very proud of it, the big world diamond monopoly, they had dropped down to a 90% monopoly.
Diamond prices by 2000 had plummeted by 50%.
It's a semi-precious stone.
It's just regionalized to areas of South America, Africa, and Australia.
Remember they found the diamond mines, the DeBrule family?
Went in and bought thousands of acres up in Arkansas?
Remember that?
They bought them in the early 90s.
They were going to start diamond mine operations, and the U.S.
government came in and Clinton said, you can't dig for any of these diamonds.
And then De Beers came in and bought out the Buhl family for $3 billion.
By the way, my dad worked for them.
That's one of the ways he paid his way through medical school.
So I happen to know about that from the inside of it.
My dad was no big deal in their little company, but since my dad had known him since, what was it, college, that's a whole diamond business is about trust, and so he would just carry things, or an airplane would land with some diamonds, because the Buhls did this stuff, and it was legal, but I remember hearing the stories as a kid about how, don't confuse the Buhl with the Buhrer.
De Beers is the name of one mine in South Africa, but they took that name, Cecil Rhodes, about how they would hunt you down and kill you.
How they would come after you.
I remember hearing these stories growing up, ladies and gentlemen, just because my dad did little jobs for them.
That's why so many ethnic groups are involved in diamonds, because it's all about trust within those groups.
Alright, I've gone on and on.
I apologize.
I'm going to hurry through your calls.
It's just people bring up these key points, and I want to get this knowledge and information out to you.
It's all about monopolies.
That's why landowners all over the country are getting these letters, and Texas passed something called the Landowners Bill of Rights.
You'd think it would give you some new rights, and you read it, and it says, well, due to the Supreme Court ruling of Kelo v. Connecticut,
Not only can the government take your land now, but private interest can.
And if you don't take our first offer within six months, the new Texas law is, we will just take your property and give you nothing and make you pay for attorney's fees.
See, the big story wasn't just that they were taking people's houses in New London, Connecticut.
The ruling was, if you fight them, then you don't just get nothing, you've got to pay.
And so my dad just got a letter.
They want to put a pipeline for natural gas across some of his property.
And they just said, you don't take this deal.
We'll just take your land.
You're going to owe us.
See, this isn't America anymore.
When you've got the politicians saying, oh, we just passed today, by the way, in the Senate, that there's no more Fourth Amendment.
You think they're going to stop with your privacy?
No, no, no, no.
Oh, no.
This whole police state is about taking your wealth.
We're not going to pay you for a road over your property with a trans-Texas corridor.
We're not going to pay you for a gas pipeline we're going to run across your property.
We're not going to pay you for jack squat.
Now, how does that sound?
And if you don't like it, we're going to
Put liens on your property for you fighting us in court, and then we're going to send a SWAT team out, and if you don't let us take the property, they're going to shoot you and your whole family.
And don't think they won't do it!
Now that's the new America.
I get letters from the Texas Workforce Commission telling me my employees are now under a North American Union code.
I don't need to read it in the newspaper, baby.
I get it in the mail.
My daddy doesn't have to read about how they tell people you don't own your own property.
Because he gets it in the mail.
And the idiot public thought that it was about a taxpayer's bill of rights.
A landowner's bill of rights.
Okay, I'm sorry Jim and Oklahoma to be ranting, but did that flush it out for you?
Thank you very much, Alex.
Anything else you want to add, sir?
No, that's it.
Are you sure?
All right, thank you.
Thank you very much.
All right, we'll be right back, ladies and gentlemen.
Aaron, Ken, Ted, Paul, straight ahead.
Stay with us.
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We're good to go.
In Ohio, you're on the air.
Thanks for holding.
Hey, Alex.
I just wanted to say, down in Portsmouth, Ohio, there was a shooting at a school, and now they're using that to have martial law in some of the elementaries.
In one article, it actually says, no matter where you are on school property, someone's always watching.
That's what they're doing everywhere.
The schools and government documents that's admitted are training grounds to train the children to live in a prison environment.
Lockdown, bag searches, drug dogs, DNA testing, thumb scanning, cameras in the bathrooms.
Yeah, I mean, this is a small school, so it's even coming to the smaller cities, the small little towns.
And school shootings are actually down, but they hype it up.
I mean, if you're afraid of something, folks, you're afraid of dying.
Don't get in cars.
You're thousands of times more likely to be killed in a car, but that doesn't matter.
We've got to change our whole life because shadowy Al-Qaeda is hiding under every toadstool and in every dark closet, and their shooters are going to kill your kids everywhere.
I appreciate you calling, my friend.
Let's talk to Ken in New York.
You're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
I'm calling over a couple of things.
First is the Ron Paul decision not to run as an independent.
And the second thing is I attended an anti-amnesty rally in June in Washington.
I met Don Goldwater, nephew of Barry Goldwater.
And he told me a few things about McCain I think you'll find interesting.
And also what he intends to do.
Again, this was back in July, so maybe he's changing his mind.
He has changed his mind.
I'll start with the Ron Paul thing first.
When I read on Friday, I think it was, when he sent out the email to his donors that there won't be a third-party run by him, I was mostly depressed, like 90% depressed over the weekend and 10% angry.
And I won't use the word betrayal because there's no betrayal involved.
Ron Paul obviously is an honest man.
The words disappointment and his strategy?
Yes, and I think it's dereliction.
That's the worst word I think we can say, because the choice of McCain versus Hillary or Obama is an abomination.
And for him, who has the name recognition, who has the grassroots support, who's got a following, who's got the people behind him, he's got a great deal of the people of the country behind him, he's offering a fresh choice for the voters in November.
And for him to say, I heard his interview with you yesterday, for him to say that it wouldn't be smart to run as a third party candidate.
I don't think it's smart to allow the voters to have that horrible Hobson's Choice in November between McCain and Obama.
I hope he reconsiders.
I don't think he will.
Well, people are saying Obama may win now.
I'm not so sure.
I think Hillary's the anointed one, but we're going to break that down in the next hour.
Well, that leads me into the
You got one minute.
If he's the GOP nominee for president, he still intends to vote for him because he can't take Hillary.
But here's a guy who's willing to vote for a guy who he thinks is mentally ill just because he's the GOP candidate.
Hillary or McCain or Obama won't be running anything.
Well, don't worry.
We'll be right back.
Thank you for listening to GCN.
They're puppets.
Visit GCNlive.com today.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
This is the kind of headlines I've got in front of me.
Mainstream media, MSN, Money Reports, the conspiracy theory that Osama and Al-Qaeda are responsible for the housing meltdown.
I predicted they would blame that on them.
I mean, it's just getting too ridiculous.
Got a bunch of financial news, a bunch of election news coming up.
But as promised, we're taking a lot of your calls first.
Hands are out the next two hours we've got left.
Right now, let's go ahead.
And take a call from Ted in Texas.
Thanks for holding.
Go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
Before I start with my comment, I would just like to remind the listeners that as far as Ron Paul is concerned, usually disappointment comes with unrealistic expectations, and you've got to adapt as things go by.
So that said, I'd like to follow up on your Louis Black piece yesterday.
Did you ever read the Austin Chronicle conspiracy theory pieces he wrote?
I don't think so.
Okay, well, he wrote three editorial Google Austin Chronicle conspiracy theories where he directly quotes you as saying that both parties are corrupt, so political action is useless.
Research and study to amass more detail was your only recommendation.
Oh, I did see one of those.
That was about six, eight months ago?
It was six, eight months ago, indirectly.
No, but he didn't directly quote me.
He said he had my quote of both parties are corrupt, and then he went on to say, so Alex is saying political action is useless.
It was a paraphrase.
That's right.
And so my action in response is that he's got a little international party going on here.
And it starts March 7th.
It's called South by Southwest.
Yeah, there'll be, what, 40,000, 50,000 more people in the city.
And we're going to be passing out copies of In Game to anybody who's here specifically to look at, you know, South by Southwest film.
Hey, we got a great film for them, compliments of Alex Jones.
And I just like to call anyone to action.
It doesn't have to be organized.
But all during the South by Southwest Music and Film Festival,
We're going to be out on those streets passing out in-game and info, and it's going to be an international hit.
Thank you very much.
Thank you, and good job, my friend.
I want to thank you for the work you're doing, Ted.
That's another straw man that a lot of people attack me with.
They say, Alex Jones says the voting machines are a fraud and that both parties are controlled by the same international interest, but then he goes out and says vote.
What does he take us for?
They're taking my argument out of context.
They're taking it out of context.
I'm saying it's not fraudulent everywhere, but we have caught them engaged in fraud all over the nation.
We have to go out and vote and investigate and pull watch and expose the machines and the felons and crooks and drug dealers who always work for the companies because that's who they use to do it.
In just every case, it's what happens.
To discredit it, to get our voting back.
We're fighting for the integrity.
Just because a big dog has grabbed our baby and is running off with it, doesn't mean I don't run after it and try to get the baby out of its mouth.
And so Black did the same thing, and the media does that all the time.
They say, Jones says it's all controlled, there's no point to anything, and don't be involved.
That is the complete opposite of what I say.
The absolute polar opposite.
Look, just the exercise of fighting, voting for Ron Paul, being involved, standing out with signs, that's something tens of millions of Americans have done this year and last year that they've never done before.
People who knew the system was a fraud and had tuned out.
They're coming back to it.
They're getting involved.
You're meeting like-minded people.
You're forming organizations that can have effect locally.
You can say, oh, we can never do anything.
We can't have an effect.
Well, I know if we just sit on our hind ends, sucking our thumbs, it's never going to get better.
I absolutely know that's the case.
Things will be moving a lot quicker inside the New World Order, and things will be a lot worse right now, I guarantee you, if we weren't involved.
We're holding them back.
We're slowing them down.
They're having victories.
We're having victories.
The battle has been joined for a long, long time.
And we're going to talk to Paul and many others on the other side of this break.
And I'm getting into all the news.
Stay with me.
It's all coming up.
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Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
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It's going to be big, and create your own website, your own subpage, piggyback on the success of InfoWars.com.
All of us can move forward against the globalists.
I'm going to continue doing something a little bit different today.
Just taking a lot of calls.
The news is coming up.
And believe me, there is a lot of it.
Senate votes to expand spy powers.
Got a bunch of Big Brother news.
Want to get back in the American parachute of global warming to terrorism.
A bunch of financial news.
It's all of the utmost importance, and it's coming up.
But continuing with your calls, Paul in Vancouver, up in the Great North.
You're on the air.
Hi, Alex.
Go ahead.
Thank you very much.
Can you hear me okay?
Yes, sir.
Have you covered the Green World Bank story?
Yeah, your phone cut out right when you said the first part of the headline.
Did you cover the Green World Bank story?
No, but I know the World Bank is saying they're only going to give money to people now that, quote, follow their different policies of putting in enviro-taxes to then suck the money directly out of the population back to them.
It's a world tax.
Tell me the headline.
Go ahead.
The headline is something by the AFP.
It's something along the lines of Green World Bank, and it was reported on January 25th.
It's Gordon Brown, and he goes on to say that it's time for a new World Bank, and it's going to be under the pretense of a Green World Bank, and they want to form a military organization, world organization, as well as a civilian force, actually, is the word he used, I believe.
And he basically wants to set up a world army.
And that's what he's calling for.
I tried emailing it to Aaron.
I don't know if he got it or not.
To me, that's pretty big news because he's basically saying he wants to set up a world army to go into nations in distress, basically.
And I just wanted to let you in on that.
Well, I did find this.
World Bank giveaway green tech billions.
It's not.
It's our money that we pay the interest on, and they don't give it to these groups.
They go in and basically retain ownership of all the companies they're giving the money to.
So this is private investors that are setting up the world government.
That's what they've been doing for 100 years, going in with our money and buying everything up and then handing the assets over to themselves.
That's what the New World Order is.
And we can't let it happen.
I mean, our kids are going to have a horrible world if we don't do anything about it.
And I just had a baby girl four months ago, and I'm not going to let it happen.
Well, the job is, and thanks for the call.
You know what?
I said I'd take calls, but he just brought this up, and so I'm going to do it now.
I'm going to talk about it now, and then we're going to go to your calls at 1-800-259-9231.
But since you brought this up, let me just go ahead...
And try to break this down as simply and as succinctly as I can.
It starts with this story.
This is a good way, because there's so many thousands of facets to this.
To give you the full magnitude, it's really hard.
It takes years of research, and then it's like trying to describe an entire, what could be a four-year story.
Course, you know, in college, to even get a grasp of.
And I'm not tooting my horn.
I'm mad at myself because it's so evil, it's so multifaceted, multivariate, just so incredibly corrupt that it's such a huge system.
That's why they're in power.
That's why they own the power companies and own the computer companies and set the world standards.
They're the bosses.
They own it.
They control the issuance of currency, credit, liquidity.
And they have us financing our own destruction.
Now, I saw a United Nations report back in 2000.
And the best article I saw, a synopsis of that report, was in one of the major Australian papers.
And I made a big deal about it at the time.
And the report said, the public now knows there's a move for rural government.
They are not going to like it.
And because we know world government is so wonderful and so good and so needed, and even the article about it was like ten pages long and glowing, we have to give them a choice.
People like a choice.
So we're going to give them a right-wing New World Order choice that will be George Bush.
And we're going to give them kind of an America-slash-England-Anglo-American power axis, and then we're going to give them a liberal United Nations version, and then that makes organizations strong to have this false bipolar.
It's like it supposedly was, you know, bipolar political world with the Soviet Union and the U.S.
That was, to many degrees, staged as well.
Because elites understand they need organizing principles.
Generally, that's a military threat, or the threat of the invader, the threat of the empire across the river, the threat of the tribe down the road, the threat of the other hillbillies living on the hill across from you.
That's what unifies people is war.
And the Carnegie Endowment for Peace says they need war to help bring in a world government.
They said that in the 20s.
But again, that gets into their whole philosophy.
And so they need organizing principles.
So in the false left-right global paradigm, which are two arms on the same system,
But people see those as two different choices and two different manifestations.
Instead of saying, I don't want any world government.
I don't want some bureaucrats in distant land controlling me.
I don't want a world government because then if you get a dictator or an oligarchy over the world government, of course you will, it's been designed by them, they will then be able to abuse everyone and no country will be able to stand against them or block them.
The, uh...
French royalty, the Sun King line, had had a renaissance, and suddenly there was a middle class, and the king and his extended family, the lords, and the bureaucracies that served them, were losing control and losing their monopoly of industry and commerce, and thought.
And so they came up with mercantilism as a system where the king still had to license you and certify you.
Just like
The local South by Southwest group with this huge music film festival uses the city enforcers to shut down anybody else having a party or a music venue or a film venue in the city.
It's all selectively enforced.
That's a microcosm example of that locally.
Well, that's what mercantilism is.
And it gets more complex how they only allow raw, finished materials to be produced in London, in Paris, in the imperial capitals.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
So they did it in small, one-man, two-person blacksmith shops.
They weren't allowed to make a shovel or a rake or farm implements.
You weren't allowed to make finished goods.
They had taxes and regulations on that, and that's one of the big reasons that we had the Revolutionary War.
You had to mine the metal out of the ground.
You had to cut the trees.
You had to finish part of the lumber.
You couldn't have value-added goods.
You had to ship the raw material by ship back to England.
And then they would come back with the value-added product, and that gave them incredible political control.
Now, that's in a simple framework.
There's a lot of other interlaced programs and control mechanisms, but there's too many resources.
The elite is threatened by the middle class, the world middle class, world intelligentsia that's not under their control.
They want a monopoly on new technologies.
They need a global government to enforce that.
Or they say in the Royal Commission on Population and other memorandums, State Department memorandum 200, that they will then lose their hegemonic power.
We're already under a world government.
They're just mopping up the last few rogue nations they don't control, like Serbia, Iraq, Iran, a few others.
So this is the... We're down to the last, you know, hour of a 10-hour risk game.
And they've got 90-plus percent of the board, and they're down to just a few little areas.
But that's the hardest part, because now they've got to show everybody who they are.
And so, the globalists have been poisoning the Earth, doing all these bad environmental things.
Causing all these problems.
I'm not saying there aren't problems.
They know that humans want to take care of their environment instinctively.
The Rockefellers, the Carnegies, 110 years ago, openly founded as eugenicists.
All the modern conservancies, all the modern environmentalists.
That's mainline history, by the way.
Go read who founded environmentalism and conservation.
Knowing it sounded reasonable, then they got government lands.
They stole other lands.
They can't just come with a gun and take your property, though the Rockefellers and the Pinkertons and others did do that.
They got a lot of trouble.
They learned how to say, well, it's for the earth.
Or we can't let those ranchers have that piece of property.
They got dirt running off in the stream, hurting the town's water, and they'd go take it.
See, they're very practiced at this.
And so now they need to totally fund the world government, fund the world army with tens of trillions a year, and they're going to do that with sharing of taxes.
The local governments are becoming federalized and through treaty internationalized.
They're going to get a cut of the transponder in your car that taxes you on all roads.
That's the official plan.
They'll start it out with just a few cents a mile, saying it's for the earth, endless propaganda on every news channel, the NFL saying it's good, Sunday morning cartoons, the churches, the preachers.
I mean, this is the full press.
And so the left arm of this is going to be the environment.
Every facet of your life micromanaged.
Bureaucrats in your home weekly.
Everything tracked to save the earth.
But really it's to freeze out competition, consolidate industry, and bring you into a feudal state so the government has to literally feed you so you have to follow their orders.
This is bondage.
It is a big idea.
We'll be right back.
A new world order in the near future.
Earth is dominated by a powerful world government.
It's known as the Bilderberg Group.
Wouldn't their objective be world domination?
For thousands of years, their dark order grew.
Now as they hail the birth of the New World Order, their great dream of exterminating 80% of humanity is at hand.
For the first time in history, the elite's plan for world government is blown wide open.
Hi, neighbor.
We all know that knowledge is power.
We've tried to give you knowledge to help you prepare for rough times.
There's the worldwide famine and our country's dependence on often dangerous food imports.
You know about genetically poisoned food.
Two-thirds of the food is disappearing with the bees along with huge crop failures from all-time record water shortages.
You know they're turning food into fuel with corn ethanol plants.
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Oh, we're living history.
I don't know how anybody could be bored right now.
We got some very wicked people coming up against us.
But adversity brings out the best in us, doesn't it?
Give them battle!
I think this says it all.
Hey, bottom line, ladies and gentlemen, we know the New World Order program.
We've cracked their code.
We understand their operations.
All we've got to do is get the word out to the people.
If you approach some well-meaning liberal hippie and tell them global warming isn't real, they're going to laugh at you.
There is global warming.
There are earth changes.
It's constant.
But if you explain to them, and I've done this myself, with, you know, hippies and greenies that don't even know who I am, I explain to them how the oil companies are creating artificial scarcity.
I explain to them how regulation is for the big corporations.
I explain to them how it's a control mechanism.
And you approach them like, see, everything, the mainstream media has Limbaugh and others come out and call them idiots and play chainsaws in the background laughing about cutting down redwood trees.
Which is just horrible, the old growth we should conserve.
But it shouldn't be fraudulent for the Rockefellers.
And so the Greenies hear that and then think, well, my gosh, I'm totally for anything they say.
You know, global government, global taxes, it'll save the Earth.
We've got to do it.
We've got to organize around it.
But you explain to them that socialism was engineered by the British Empire to sell their populations back into slavery.
And then people can't understand what I'm saying.
I'm not saying...
That communism, as it was put forward, is something to make money.
It isn't about making money.
The elites issue the currency.
They control the bank.
They control the literal ether in which we swim.
They control the symbols of energy.
It's a fraud.
See, life on this planet is all about energy.
Food, water, light.
It's all about energy to drive our cars, run our machines.
LiDAR highways.
It's that basic thing.
They're always about monopolies.
If they control the regulation, if they control the issuance of currency, which, again, isn't real energy.
It's a symbol of energy to get past barter to smooth and accelerate commerce.
I mean, what is a check?
It would just be a letter from a bank signed by you where they indemnify and say that that is good for gold or silver to the bearer.
But they just remove the gold and silver.
So they're taking over.
But you still own property.
You still own land.
Other companies can still compete with them.
So they want a world government, a world regulatory body with a world army and world courts to enforce it.
This is all stated by the Bilderberg Group, Council on Foreign Relations, United Nations, all their documents.
And it's about control.
So what they're doing now is getting everybody hyped up and in the last 20 years, hyping global warming and save the earth.
And we've got to all get involved with the earth.
They get you to do a bunch of things that make sense and seem reasonable.
Hey, let's recycle and not be so wasteful.
Hey, let's...
You know, wear that shirt two or three times before you wash it.
Save the earth.
Save energy.
Don't hurt the bunny rabbits.
Oh, we need to have a light bulb that lasts eight years.
Doesn't matter if it's filled with toxic waste.
It all sounds reasonable, but it sets the precedent for them to control everything and to tell companies and businesses what they can and can't do.
Then they can come out with more radical things like,
And whatever California adopts gets adopted within about five to ten years, depending on the state and the rest of the nation.
They say, oh, we're going to put remote controls in all your thermostats by radio control, and the government's going to set your thermostat.
I mean, if that isn't being a prisoner in San Quentin, I don't know what is.
Or, oh, we're going to put a
I think?
I'm going to finish up in five minutes after the break, and I promise, go to your calls.
They didn't get into Barack Obama, Hillary.
Is he pulling ahead of her?
Does it matter?
Just so much more coming up.
Check out the new and improved InfoWars.com.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Ain't that right, Orange County?
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We'll move on!
What is it?
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen.
Thank you for joining us.
We're live right now.
There's a war going on for your mind all around you.
Are you going to wake up to that fact?
Or are you going to let them continue to punch your buttons, control your destiny?
It's time to break your conditioning.
It's time to become free.
All right.
Let me finish up.
So first they get you trained with what type of toilet you can have or what type of paint you can have or what type of light bulbs you have.
Or they train you what type of catalytic converter you can have.
A lot of it sounds reasonable.
But now you're trained.
Now you're trained to accept it.
And they wrote textbooks on this.
This is all public.
I was talking to the Austin Air Force, a group funded by the feds and the UN, six, seven years ago.
I did a TV report on it.
And they were doing free emissions testing.
And I went up to them and I said, this is to train people for when it becomes the law.
And he said, yeah, mm-hmm.
The local director of it just laughed at me.
Now, we're not saying emissions testing couldn't be a good thing.
The point is, is it sets the precedent.
They're going to come in, and they're going to tell you how big your house can be.
If you want to add anything onto your house, you have to get new inspections by the EnviroCops.
You've got to pay taxes into them.
It's a new structure.
Oh, you want to have a farm?
We're going to regulate.
If you don't report a chicken that dies or a cow that gets sick, $1,500 fines a day, we're going to take your property.
You're going to have new federally and locally funded, because they all share the wealth in this governmental system, coming on your property without warrants.
You have to add all these new parts, all these new systems, all these, you know, quote, cleaner programs.
Oh, factories.
But then India, China, and 160 plus of the third world nations, where all the industry's already gone, they have to do nothing, ensuring that globalist holdings will only expand in the slave nations they already have complete domination over.
This is war against the middle class that's left in the United States, in Canada, in Europe, in Japan.
Open war, consolidation of resources, thousands of new bureaucracies, thousands of new regulations.
I mean, they're already starting it in England where they come to your house if you want to add on to it or if you're having repairs done.
They're going to inspect.
You're going to pay a big tax.
And they're going to use all of this money to intensify free, and it's not free, you paid for it, United Nations comic books on a weekly basis.
They want to get it down to that.
Right now, it's just free comic books every year into your kids' hands, teaching them that world government's good.
They say this themselves.
Funding TV programs with product placement, billboards, to then expand the next phase.
Again, there's so many facets, it's frustrating to not be able to go over all or even grasp them all in my mind.
When I get on air, I get all hyped up and then lose half my intellect, but... So, incredible regulation, a world court, a world army, all of this enforced, but it'll all be regionally branded to Texas or New York, and then nationally branded to the United States, Canada, then North America.
Meanwhile, they've already set up a North American Union, they're publicly merging EU and NAU...
Regulations now, in plain view, and if you criticize it, they say it doesn't exist.
I mean, just unbelievable propaganda.
So now that they're going to have these funding mechanisms, what do they do?
What did Bush just do?
Get the actual headline.
$1.4 billion for Mexico to build more roads, to take toll road money, and build larger infrastructures, not for the people, but to bring slave goods in from the Pacific side, to further drive businesses in the U.S.
out, and to drive out the unions.
See, it's economic warfare.
It's scorched earth economic policies where they pile more regulations, more control.
The corporations can take your property if they want it.
The Supreme Court ruling said they're even allowed to pay off.
It says they're allowed to make contributions to have government locally, state, or nationally take your property.
Legalizing bribery to literally steal your assets, your intellectual property, your land, your ideas.
So it's a full assault.
More regulations on us.
More controls on us.
Thousands, literally thousands of new taxes.
County, city, state.
On your driving.
Everywhere you go.
Cities banning plastic bottles.
Again, sounds reasonable, but they're banning plastic bottles.
Cities banning plastic bags.
Setting precedents.
Taxes on your cars, taxes on your homes, regulators to come and check and inspect, hardcore laws, five years in jail if a AA battery is found in your backyard that fell out of the trash can.
That's been proposed in England, passed in Australia, they're trying to pass it here.
And you notice it's all the exact same laws, even the same names of the laws and agencies in what I call the Echelon Group of Countries.
I call it that because for 40 years we've had Echelon through the NSA
With the Echelon Group, that's the U.S., Canada, England, New Zealand, Australia, they all have Head Starts, Smart Starts, Secure Starts, you know, for getting kids into school when they're 2 or 3, getting them on the vaccine, CPSing you.
You get on Head Start or Secure Start.
You get three CPS visits a year.
Then they try to take your kids when they're in your house.
You don't even know they're not your friends.
Everyone with bureaucrats assigned to them, environmental bureaucrats, safety bureaucrats,
We're good to go.
But instead of just hearing it from me, this is what it's all about.
They get you all hyped.
The earth must be saved.
What do we do?
Now only a global government, the comic books, the textbooks, the entertainment, the cartoons of the kids, only a global government can save us, and we must have a global tax.
And what is the global tax?
It's the carbon tax.
It's the cap-and-trade tax.
It's the regional taxes, which then a portion is paid to the feds, who then kick in a portion to the IMF, World Bank, XM Bank, OECD.
But here is French news agency, also founded in Reuters, British Prime Minister calls for Green World Bank.
British Prime Minister Gordon Brown called Friday for the World Bank to assume an environmental role capable of taking on global challenges posed by climate change.
See, that's their excuse for global government.
Terrorism is one rail, and then the global crisis of the environment is the other.
Meanwhile, they have set the regulations where you can, as I say like a parrot, but it's so important,
Greatest threats to the Earth.
Real threats.
Open air, genetic engineering, release of genetically engineered and massively fundamentally altered organisms.
A. Biggest threat.
Second largest threat.
Nuclear industries, the open release of depleted uranium, and then the super secret weapons programs, antimatter weapons, which the Air Force and which they've got, but are classified.
Superconducting supercolliders, which all the top physicists and quantum mechanics experts say could cause something that makes the biggest hydrogen bomb look like a firecracker compared to a regular nuke.
I mean, blow the whole planet up, whole solar system.
I mean, the equations show clearly, and every day they got those suckers in Europe and right here in the U.S.
and in China and Japan slamming uranium, plutonium, isolated antimatter,
They've got these giant capacitors with these fields where they isolate it.
I mean, I've seen some of the equations.
It'll take the power that Cincinnati uses in a week just to capture the antimatter, hold it, and they've got these huge fields.
I mean, it's so science fiction, folks.
The stuff we even know about is 30 years old.
Holding it.
This is not...
Chupacabra stuff.
This is mainstream.
This is in scientific reports.
30, 40 years ago.
Accelerating the particles.
They're holding the particle.
It's taking the amount of power to run a major city for a week.
Huge, giant complexes just to hold the one particle.
Then they fire it.
They accelerate it through the superconducting supercollider and slam it into blocks of lead, blocks of gold, blocks of uranium, blocks of plutonium.
Do you know how the primitive...
They fire a bullet of plutonium into a core of uranium.
A-bombs work.
That's the guaranteed way to get a reaction.
Some of the larger reactions you get when you jack at them and perfectly cut high-grade explosives.
But I'm getting off into nuclear weapons production.
The point is, right now, they are accelerating these on a daily basis.
They are nuts.
Now, let me ask you a question.
There are tens of thousands of released chimeras everywhere.
They have genetically altered bacteria, viruses, animals.
Most of the food you eat has hundreds of different animals, insects inserted into it, allergies are exploding, illnesses are exploding, it's spreading into oak trees, other crops, just total insanity.
And the little environmentalist shuffling along in their sandals, coming to your door.
I'm not knocking your sandals.
I'm just saying, you know, they have their little uniform on.
It's a cult.
And they knock on your door and say, would you like to give money to save our springs?
There's a microcosm in Austin.
And I was telling them 15 years ago this.
Now they listen.
Oh, you've come to my door.
Come on in.
Did you know that they, this is a model used all over the world.
This is me 15 years ago before I even had a show, telling them when they come to my apartment.
Do you know what they do?
You get money from suckers to fund your seed group, because con artists never spend their own money.
Your organization is a Nature Conservancy Sierra Club front.
It's self a Rockefeller Brothers endowment.
Carnegie Le Pew.
Now, let's go look at what you're going to do.
In all these other cities, the same funded groups come in, act like they're local.
They get teenagers like you at minimum wage or college students to go knock on doors with a young sad face.
We give you the seed money.
You go buy off the city council.
They go out to surrounding ranch and farmland and take it for five cents on the dollar in forced takings, claiming it's going to be giant nature preserves.
Then five years later, everybody forgets.
You convert it over and build shopping malls, luxury hotels, and golf courses.
And if they get smart with me, I say, now get out of my apartment!
Now when they come to the door, I don't have time for them.
They have already released enough chimeras that it's probably already just absolute nightmares.
It's already happening, but I can't imagine how bad it's going to get.
According to the Nobel Prize winners and top genetic engineers we've interviewed here.
They got all these super weapons they built.
They're testing them all over the place.
And you're running around taking people's farms and ranches.
But after they stole more than 20,000 acres of people's surrounding property that they've now built luxury homes on, golf courses, malls, five-star salons, getaways for the elite.
It's incredible.
You know, $500 a night, $1,000 a night hotels.
Five-star golf courses.
After they're done doing that, this is just locally here.
After they're done doing that, then all the hippies wanted to come in and gripe at the city council, and the council just basically banned them speaking, because the hippies were going, you're building on all of it.
No, you were just useful idiot fronts while we were getting this in.
I went to, in 1998...
We've got this somewhere on tape.
It's powerful.
I've got to put this on the web.
They had 5,000 city managers and city bureaucrats from all over the country at a Smart Growth Conference here in Austin.
I went to it.
They had the heads of banks, the chairman, famous Dallas Cowboys, you name it, Michael Dell, and they just openly said, we're taking any property we want.
This is all about development.
This is about tax-free holdings.
It was just open business, and they said it had nothing to do with the earth, and I would talk to them, and they would just laugh at us.
I mean, it was... Boy, I sure wish you could have been there, environmentalist, but you were at the tea shop, acting cool, you know, prancing around.
Just like idiot Republicans are at their little neocon meet-up places, prancing around, thinking you got it all figured out.
You are in a counterculture-controlled bubble created by the CIA.
The whole hippie-yippie movement was funded by the communist beatniks, funded by the CIA.
They're not communists.
They want to teach you to accept socializing our wealth so it can be controlled by the big corporations.
They've created you as an army of ne'er-do-wells who are lazy, who they can send out to steal other people's resources, you fools.
Addressing the global political and business elite gathered at the Swiss ski resort of Davos, Brown also pushed on similar operational reforms of other international institutions that had failed to move with the times.
The IMF, the World Bank, the United States...
United Nations were built from the problems of the 40s and can't deal with the problems we have in 08.
Brown said, it's just like DynCorp changing their name when they're caught running child kidnapping rings.
They just want to change the name.
It's still the United Nations bureaucracy.
See, they know it's got a bad name now.
Brown said, citing the challenges posed by climate change, conflict-ridden states, non-state terrorism, and the threat of global pandemics.
I can't see why we should not move immediately to the World Bank becoming a World Bank for the environment as well as development.
See, it isn't about environment.
That's their eugenics.
They bring in control, how much you can eat, where you can live, what type of industry you can have.
They force you with the inoculations.
They then have their doctors come in and cover up the fact that you've got a bio soft-kill weapon being used on you.
We need a global carbon market, and we need a climate change agreement.
And we need an institution that is global and can provide funds for developed countries that want to introduce alternative sources of energy.
I.e., that means they need our tax money to go buy off and enslave and continue the extermination of the third world.
Turn to the United Nations.
He highlighted the world's body and ability to respond swiftly or effectively enough to conflict with problems of failed states.
Then he called for a global military.
Tell all the callers home.
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We're good to go.
You can run on for a long time.
Run on for a long time.
Run on for a long time.
Sooner or later, God will put you down.
All right, we're going to your calls.
Let me finish up with Gordon Brown, who calls for New World Order on a daily basis.
Brown attending Davos for the first time as Prime Minister supported the creation of a military and civilian rapid response agency that could react immediately when countries are in difficulty.
You mean when somebody won't hand over their land, like Rwanda, when the UN went in and did the murders?
Then they spun it that the UN just stood down?
No, they ran them.
We got photos of it.
If the world can't come to terms with that, then the suffering that has existed in countries from Rwanda to Bosnia will be repeated again and again, he said.
So they always use what they engineer as the excuse for more control.
Point right here.
Then IMF, meanwhile, should become an early warning system for the world economy that could help ward off the sort of market turmoil triggered by the crisis in the U.S.
subprime mortgage sector.
And they engineered all that.
They set the policies.
We have their own documents.
Even the Financial Times of London had mentioned they're orchestrating it.
And then they say, we'll save you from what we did.
Again, all you want to be liberals.
Barack Obama isn't going to save you.
Hillary Clinton isn't going to save you.
They're bought and paid for.
They're puppets.
Bought and paid for.
And to all the wannabe rainbow children, I know a lot of you are good people, but you're conned.
What you know is environmentalism isn't environmentalism.
It's just, let's steal the property from the middle class and give it to the bankers.
That's the end result of what you do.
Let's have regulators run our lives.
Let's let the corporations suck everything out of us through their conduit, the government, with you, the rent-a-mob, screaming for it so they can blame you for launching it.
All these concerts you go to, all this, let's save the earth, you've been conned, period.
Now it's time to admit you've been conned.
And it's time to really do something for the environment.
And that isn't going to happen running around worrying about somebody's gasoline they're using.
You better be worrying about the super weapons.
You better be worried about the bio weapons.
You better be worried about the genetic engineered crap.
Excuse me, I'm getting mad here.
Just please, we need you to wake up.
Just like neocons.
You need to stop supporting George Bush.
You need to stop supporting the war and all the rest of it!
They play you off against each other, left, right, and then you fight with each other and think you're in different camps.
You're not.
You're sitting together in the cheap seats.
Who's up first here?
I'm sorry to the callers.
Harry in Florida, then Steve, Jay, Archie, and others.
Go ahead, Harry.
Hey, Alex.
It's great to talk to you.
I've been a listener since day one, shortwave.
I'm 61 years old.
I'm a
I'm an ex-retired pipe loader, pipe sitter, union, and I work up in the slope and I work on the pipelines.
I've covered just about every part of this industry and I've seen just about every evil that this regime has put on us in my 61 years.
Right now I'm down with Agent Orange, first team retirement.
And I'm passing my time, but I've been passing this word.
I first heard about the NWO in the late 70s, and I started watching and paying attention and reading things and watching the skies, and I noticed chemtrails, and I'd bring them up to people, and I'd get persecuted for, well, I'm a radical, and there's no such thing, and...
You know, the government is on our side.
They're a big brother and listen to them and behave.
You know, keep your mouth shut and do your thing.
And I thank God every day for people like you and George Norrie for finally bringing out this truth.
Brother, it's good to have you as a listener.
Thank you for your kind words.
Take care, my friend.
Steve, Jay, Archie, and many others, your calls are straight ahead.
I'm going right to you.
Stay with us.
Back in 70 seconds.
Thank you for listening to GCN.
Visit GCNlive.com today.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
We have the illusion of a free market.
We have the illusion of freedom, but we still have some vestiges of it left.
We must rally and regain it.
All right, I haven't gotten into the economic news, the election news, a bunch, but we're continuing with your calls.
Right now, let's go ahead and talk to Steve in Chicago.
Steve, you're on the air.
Yes, Alex, I want to bring your attention to...
An article in today's Scotsman.
It's the 13th of February.
The actual title is, Private Equity Plutocracy Leaves UK a Hostage to Fortune in Credit Crunch.
Subtitle, Who Cares if a Few Thousand Plutocrats Get Stinking Rich if the UK Has Full Employment?
It's based on a book by Robert Peston.
It just came out.
It's 20 pounds.
It's entitled, Who Runs Britain?
And it goes through the civil servants, the business tycoons, and city bankers.
The thing that I thought was most interesting to this is that they said that these private equity funds, this locust plague, they brought in more money to England, made more money, 11.2 billion pounds, more than the stock market made for last year, which was 10.4 billion pounds.
And to finish it up, and I don't want to get you mad, but they talk about Blair and Brown giving them tax advantages, and they pose the question, you know, the rich people haven't taken their dividends and cashed in their investments.
What is the general benefit of the super-rich propensity to recycle their gains into overpriced modern art or control of a football club?
Well, no, that's it.
Look, in the 1950s, the bankers already had control.
But they went to the county, city, state governments.
They fly the National Association of Governors, county commissioners, city managers, all in their own group, to 5, 10, 15, 20 meetings in Tokyo, in New York, in Chicago, in London.
And they just openly give them the blueprints on how to run everything and then how they're going to move up to bigger city jobs, how they're then going to move up to private corporate jobs.
All they've got to do is hire each high-level government bureaucrat in a revolving delayed payoff, just a few hundred thousand a year, and they'll sell everything out.
They then raise taxes to pass bonds that are never even issued to build roads.
The whole investment goes in to these private equity firms who then leverage it out ten times, set up more banks and businesses,
Leverage that again ten times, and then they give loans to the people, knowing they can never pay them back, but then leverage and get the real assets there, and then the economy starts imploding, the bubble starts faltering, so their answer is get more mortgages, freeze the other mortgages.
It's all about control, because this money's nothing to them.
It comes from nowhere.
It's the vino kleptocrats that steal the balls off a brass monkey.
If these people had any kind of moral propriety or decency, they wouldn't even be in that kind of work because it just attracts the people that are basically or intrinsically bad.
You know, I'm glad you said that.
The globalists think they control things.
Picture the world as a bunch of square grids, but there's big cracks between each one of them they don't control.
And they just think they're in control.
They're smart, they've got think tanks, but they're having big problems.
And they're all so greedy with each other, and they're all wanting to get the new big invention,
That they're just randomly testing super weapons, randomly testing bioweapons, randomly splicing all the genetics?
They're nuts, man!
These people are so aggressive, so competitive, so nihilistic.
I mean, is the point I'm making getting across that they're just wildly stealing everything?
But the thing is, you had that Daniel Estill in about the Bilderberg Club.
There's a...
He was 100% right.
A schism that's growing between the Europeans and the Americans.
You're talking about how they're fighting amongst themselves right now.
European Central Bank wants all their money that they've loaned us back, particularly this Harry Matlow in New York City who bought all this real estate, $6 billion worth, and is not willing to repay, so they foreclosed on him.
But the story being is that... Stay there.
It's too important.
Stay there.
By the way, Warren Buffett's talking about leveraging $800 billion to save all these AAA-rated junk bonds that the states and cities are now demanding their money back.
I mean, we're on the edge of total financial oblivion.
I don't know if it's going to blow.
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Let me try to boil it down real simple.
The private central banks control the issuance of the dominant global currencies.
The euro, the dollar, others.
They just create unlimited liquidity, which then they end up getting real assets for.
It's a wall, a tsunami of cash that they use as a weapon.
And then taxes, that's about control.
Now we're going to have all these new taxes, all these new regulations in the name of global warming.
When CO2 follows within 200 to 600 years after heating periods...
Then CO2 goes up because more plant life.
It is a life-giving gas.
That's the big threat, though.
They're teaching all these fools.
Oh, it's so sick.
I mean, it's like the Rainmaker.
You ever seen that play or seen that movie where the con artist comes to town and tells them he can make it rain?
Witch doctors go back thousands of years telling people they can control the weather.
Oh, look, it rained.
Oh, it got cold.
Look, the climate's changing.
You better give me all these goodies or I'll make the gods be a bad harvest.
We better sacrifice people.
Why do they sacrifice?
To make...
The population be subservient.
It's a ritual.
Well, now you recycle.
Now you have the right light bulb.
Now you don't have plastic bags.
See, all sounds reasonable, but they're habitualizing you.
Finish up.
Dog training.
That is training you.
Steve in Chicago.
Finish up the great points you were making.
Okay, the split between Europe and America.
They had an article in the Spiegel.
It was a social democrat, and he said that...
The United States is requiring more than the 19 bits of information that the European Union is providing on aircraft passengers destined for the United States.
And he says, look, he says the United States has a desire to collect surveillance on all the people on Earth.
And the other thing he said, he says they want total surveillance, and that's devoid of any logic.
They're trying to pressure the EU to accept more and more information
I hear you, and I appreciate your call.
Yeah, Monday I saw the Germans and the Europeans griping, but they do that to look good.
I'm not even saying that member of the German parliament does it mean well, but this is how it works.
In 2000, they signed a treaty internationally between the majority of nations in the world to have world standardized ID databases and biometrics.
And so now when you go to Europe, they thumb scan you and face print you.
When they come here, they do that to them.
Then they start doing it domestically.
Germany's putting in the thumb scanners for buying and selling and the sports arenas and the Disney worlds and the, you know, all of it.
Same stuff here.
It's all the same social planning.
They're unified.
But then they make it look like they're having to adopt this because America's demanding it.
Then the U.S.
says we're having to adopt this because Europe's demanding it.
It's a rollout scheme.
They write up these scripts to get the public to contextualize it and think it's all just part of a helter-skelter development.
Senate votes to expand spy powers.
New York Times today, after more than a year of wrangling, the Senate handed the White House a major victory today by voting to broaden the government's spy powers to give legal protection to phone companies that cooperated in President Bush's program of eavesdropping on American citizens without warrants.
One by one, the Senate rejected amendments that would have imposed greater civil liberties checks on the government's surveillance powers.
Finally, the Senate voted 68-29 to approve legislation that the White House has been pushing for months.
Mr. Bush hailed the vote and urged the White House to move quickly in following the Senate's lead.
Now, in the last session, the House had passed it and sent it to the Senate.
In this session, the Senate passed it and sent it to the House.
We can still beat it.
John, I send you all these audio clips every day, and we don't play half of them, but remember the clip I sent you last week of an analysis of Fox News clips lying about spying?
You don't remember that one?
Something like Fox News being dishonest, I think, about spying.
I think that's the headline.
It's a YouTube clip.
There's somebody on YouTube commenting, but it's the clips of Fox.
I don't know where they go.
The government's always been able to listen to Al Qaeda or foreigners.
What's wrong with that?
And then another newscast, they say, all they're doing is listening to Al Qaeda when they call America.
You've never needed a warrant for that.
If they're listening to an American citizen on the other end, they do.
Now, they've always been doing this.
Your computers watch you.
Your cable boxes track everything you do online.
Because that's what these digital cable boxes are.
They're online.
Your viewing habits, your psychological profile, your assessment.
They've assessed you.
They're now just getting around to announcing it.
And so the media is acting like, well, this is nothing new.
Well, why do you need a law then if it's nothing new?
And this is retroactively, because what Bush did was illegal, a felony, by the way, each time.
Done millions of times that they admit to.
And so now retroactively, they're going to say it's okay that he broke the law.
And then it's not even put out in the media like that, but that's what it is.
Oh, man.
Yeah, let's just play a little bit of this, and then I'm going to go, I promise, we're going to go to Jay and Archie and Pat and Seth and others.
Go ahead and just play a little bit of it.
So earlier this month, when the Bush administration bamboozled the Democratic Congress into granting the US government sweeping new spying powers, I couldn't help but notice the Fox News misinformation campaign that helped seal the deal.
Fox began this campaign by misinforming its viewers about the rights they had before the law was changed.
As you can see in a Fox News story from August 3rd, the day before the Democratic Congress amended the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, or FISA.
In this story, Fox falsely claims the old FISA law never required a warrant from a judge to listen in on conversations between Americans and those outside the United States, as you can see right here.
Under the law, warrants must be obtained under FISA when someone in the U.S.
is targeted for surveillance, but the law has never required warrants to eavesdrop on foreigners, even those who call the U.S.,
Now, it was false for Fox to claim the law has never required warrants to eavesdrop on foreigners, because as you can see at a link in the video description, the actual old FISA law required a warrant to listen to, quote, the contents of any wired communication to or from a person in the United States if such acquisition occurs in the United States, unquote.
So the old law did require a warrant to listen in on the foreign calls and emails of Americans, except when the eavesdropping was taking place outside the United States.
To put it simply, under the old law, American spies working outside the United States didn't need to get warrants from U.S.
judges because they were spying outside the United States.
But spying inside the United States always required getting a warrant from a judge based on evidence of some wrongdoing.
But now, under the new law to which I've also provided a link in the video description, the government can just go to American phone companies, American email providers, or even YouTube, and demand to eavesdrop on all communications so long as they fit a very broad definition of, quote, foreign intelligence information, unquote, and so long as it, quote, concerns persons reasonably believed to be located outside the United States, unquote.
But from watching Fox News, you'd never know about this huge expansion of U.S.
government power to use wiretaps and warrantless subpoenas inside the United States to listen in on all the email and phone conversations Americans have with those... And that's completely accurate, but it's much worse than what he's saying.
See, now he's saying, oh, now they can go to the phone companies.
In 1996, entire floors of every major telecommunications hub, all of them, had NSA move in with entire floors or section of buildings.
How many years did I tell you that?
Then last year, somebody at AT&T in San Francisco said, they got a whole floor, it's NSA.
The NSA is in the phone companies.
It all goes through them.
Supercomputers are listening for keywords.
And they're running diagrams on politically what's working, how to manipulate us, what we're planning to buy.
That information is handed to select Fortune 100 companies.
They use it for insider trading, bid rigging.
They use it to spy on their competition.
That's the main use.
And then the rest of it is used to spy on the FBI, CIA, others.
All the FBI agents have been on record saying it was... There's headlines.
Where the FBI says, it's as if Al-Qaeda had moles at the highest levels of the U.S.
government intelligence.
Well, of course.
Because they'd say every time they were about to bust somebody, every time they were about to go get somebody, they hadn't even told their superiors most of the time.
They'd get a call and say, stop doing what you're doing.
They were under surveillance.
You are under surveillance.
And they blew those towers up on 9-11 to get the government, the people inside the military, to do the spying and do all of this.
They're manipulating you too, not just the general population.
This is sick.
This is absolutely disgusting.
Let's cram in another call here.
Let's talk to Jay in Tennessee and then Archie.
Jay, go ahead.
Alex, earlier you mentioned the diamond trade that went on and the burgeoning diamond trade in late 19th century Africa.
Then you mentioned mercantilism.
And along those same lines, I wrote an article saying
About Cecil Rhodes based on yet another mainstream historian's biography of the Colossus who used all of these nefarious, underhanded, deceitful practices to push out all the other competitors in the diamond trade.
And again, I want to stress that just like the Collier and Horowitz biography of the Rockefeller family, this is yet again a mainstream historian's apologetic commentary
Hey, there was an April, from memory, April 2000, and I'll hold you over, April 2000 New Yorker magazine, where deburers bragged that they should hit men and hit teams and kill people and take over countries, and just said, we run the diamonds, and if you get involved, we'll kill you.
Just right out in the open.
Go ahead.
Is he still there?
...to the Rhodes family archives, and wrote that...
As you know, most people who've seen the documentaries you have on your website know that Rhodes attended Oxford and became under the influence of John Ruskin of the Fabian Socialist Society at Oxford.
And Lord Milner.
Stay there.
And he openly wrote books saying, we'll set up a world government with mercantilism, we'll tax everyone, they'll all be our slaves.
And the general public says, none of it exists.
It is a big idea.
A new world order.
In the near future, Earth is dominated by a powerful world government.
It's known as the Bilderberg.
Was their objective the world domination?
For thousands of years, their dark order grew.
Now as they hail the birth of the new world order, their great dream of exterminating 80% of humanity is at hand.
For the first time in history, the elite's plan for world government is blown wide open.
You will learn the secret that drives the entire New World Order agenda.
Bill Vargas is making great progress toward a world government.
Most people have no idea.
They're not after money.
They have all the money they need.
They're after power.
That's what they're after usually.
Order Endgame on DVD at prisonplanet.com or infowars.com or watch it online right now at prisonplanet.tv.
Endgame, blueprint for global enslavement.
You have been warned.
David J. Smith for Newswatch Magazine.
Have you ever wondered what former President George Herbert Walker Bush meant in 1990 by saying the Desert Storm War was a good chance to start the New World Order?
The New World Order would cause us to lose our freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution and also our national sovereignty.
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The real issue behind this is the union of church and state nullifying our First Amendment.
Americans will have to give up their peculiar beliefs and accept what the new world religious leaders prescribe.
In 2005, President Bush signed the Real ID Act.
This issue is about worship, not economics.
For a better understanding of this very important topic and to receive your three free books and a free DVD, call 1-888-211-1715.
Tell the folks to come on Make the waves a-fly
That's 1-888-211-1715.
All right, I've got to move faster.
I've got a bunch of news and your calls and some clips I want to play.
Jay, finish up with the point you're making about Cecil Rhodes.
Hundreds of books published, thousands of government documents, they've set it all up, and they treat the public like idiots when they complain and say, shut up, child, it doesn't exist.
Go ahead.
Well, for those that don't know, the reason he's important is because the modus operandi that he used in taking over the diamond trade in Africa...
It's the same mode of operation that all the elites use.
He would stage, Roberts writes that Rhodes would stage phony business battles with competitors, one of whom was named Barney Barnado.
And this was all, both sides were being funded by the Rothschild Anglophile interests, Roberts writes on pages 82 and 83.
And so this monopoly ended up funding and establishing, as you know, the roundtable groups, which give birth to the
On top of that, he was also very much into the occult.
He was inducted into the Masonic Order in 1877.
And Roberts writes that Rhodes received his inspiration for his...
This is a mainstream biography of him, yeah.
Tell folks the name of the book.
I mean, I've seen all those quotes.
I've read his own writings and books.
I mean, again, you can't make this stuff up, but for folks that want to read it, tell them the name.
It's called Cecil Rhodes, Flawed Colossus.
Again, the tone of the whole work is apologetic.
I've actually seen that book quoted in publications.
I haven't read it myself.
Why don't you do what you did last time?
Source it, write an article with just the quotes.
I've got the article up on our website.
What's your website?
What's your website?
What's your website?
NiceneTruth.com, N-I-C-E-N-E, Truth.com should be the top article there.
Shoot it over.
I'd like to post it on Infowars.
Thank you, my friend.
I mean, you can post your own articles now on Infowars.com, folks.
Take care.
New design, have your own social network space, everything.
Archie, what a trooper.
Thanks for holding.
You're calling from Los Angeles.
Hi, Alex.
How are you, my friend?
Thanks for holding.
What's going on?
I'm very enlightening, very enlightening to get to know you.
I actually heard about you about two months ago.
My friend gave me the film, Freedom to Fascism, and I didn't need to take a long time to understand from that film what the message was about, so I started searching, searching.
I got into your website, and I know this really just about two months, and I spend about eight, nine hours a day
About 8-9 hours a day to learning all this.
And I've learned a lot.
And some people even telling that they have illusions about, let's say, Putin not being part of this.
He is part of this.
He is for sure part of this because right now in Russia when you dial the emergency phone call, it used to be 03, now you dial 911.
Oh yeah, it's all globally standardized.
It's all staged.
Yeah, so globalists, nasty little dirty games they play, they stage the differences so they can doom people deeper.
They have the same free speech zones.
The U.S.
got that from the Soviets.
Hate crimes started in the Soviet Union.
Oh, I know.
I was born in the Soviet Union, and I started noticing the same signature in the handwriting when I was telling my friends,
Who were, you know, American-born.
I said, guys, this is not no freedom.
In order to even drive a taxi, you have a license.
And if you pass one city line, you're getting arrested.
This is ridiculous.
And now they're making the taxis have cameras, and now they're using the speed-easy passes.
Admittedly, the toll tags would track everybody all over the cities, as they said they would.
I mean, listen, this is total control.
Oh, oh, I know.
I mean, you don't have to explain that to me.
Imagine, I mean, we grew up hearing about the Soviet Union.
We would have laughed if the Soviets would have remote-controlled everybody's thermostat.
But they do that here, and we go, oh, it's freedom!
Oh, the government's going to... Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know.
And people are so really naive or brainwashed or stupid that, you know, it's really hard to accept that your grandmother who was giving your children the food and she cared about you, she had dead bodies in her refrigerator.
You'll do everything possibly to debunk that.
I do understand the feelings of the people because it's a horror...
And nobody wants to face the size of it, and nobody wants to understand.
Because once you do that, I was really depressed after... Yeah, it's very scary.
It's very scary.
So a lot of people fight against this.
Go ahead, sorry.
I mean, I really think like I found a brother in you, and more people...
Yeah, no, no, no.
Actually, I told a couple of my friends that I thought they were my friends, but didn't want to believe all this.
Tell you what, stay there, Archie.
You held long enough.
I'm just going to take calls from Pat and Seth and maybe one other after, because I've got some audio clips I want to play, some things I need to cover.
But he's bringing up great points.
I want you to hear from somebody that grew up in the Soviet Union what it's like to be a slave.
You need to get ready for it.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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I wish your butt was still silver It was black
The country was strong Back before Elvis and the boat The Vietnam War came along Before the Beatles and yesterday When a man could still work and still would
Is the best of the free life behind us now?
And are the good times really over for good?
Are we rolling downhill like a snowball headed for hell?
It's the best of the free life behind us now.
Are the good times really over?
Merle Haggard live!
What a voice!
Your call's coming up!
I wish coke was still cola in a joint.
It's a bad place to be.
And it was back before Nixon lied to us all on TV.
And for microwave ovens, when a girl could still cook, still would.
It's the best of the free life behind us now.
Love that could not really hold her for good.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
All right, let's go back to Archie in L.A., who grew up in the Soviet Union.
Where exactly...
Did you live?
Was it in a satellite or in Mother Russia?
And how old were you when you got out of there?
Right, yeah.
I was born in Armenia.
It was a satellite, but then I lived in the capital of the evil empire, as they call themselves, in Moscow.
And I see the same, absolutely same signature.
And I can challenge anyone, just give me enough time, I can challenge anyone
It's the same people behind all of this.
It's the same system.
It's the same schooling brainwash for kids.
It's absolutely the same.
The government was basically put on a pedestal as God.
And if you were speaking about the government, it was equal to speaking against your own native country.
I don't see any, any difference whatsoever between what was going on over there and what's happening right now here.
It's been going on for years.
It's stupid of me, but thanks to you.
I was busy with my cars, buying houses, watching some stupid shows.
That was pretty much design.
And after knowing everything, I'm not even watching a TV, just listening to alternative media.
And guess what, Alex?
A lot of people are waking up.
That's the good news.
And that's my firm belief that they cannot win.
It is impossible for them to win.
They know they're cracking up.
We have to be aware.
We have to do the best to educate people.
But my firm belief is I'm very...
Relaxed about it, that the positive energy and knowledge will defeat them.
They can't win.
They can't keep just doing what they're doing.
Well, with God's help, with God's help and we take action, that's the case.
Good to have you on board, Archie.
Pat in Texas, go ahead.
Hey, Alex, I think you're like a prophet, man.
Oh, come on.
Turn me on today because I thought I was going to give up.
You know, I said, can't these people see this country's fixing to be destroyed because we're for abortions?
We don't stop.
We won't even let a candidate talk who's not for abortion, who wants to put us on the ghost and to do something for the country.
They won't even let them talk.
And the churches, I mean, we're right here.
To me, we're right here where the SNL scandal happened, who robbed America by Ralph Nader.
And I'm going to read another one, Arrogant Capital by Kevin Phillips.
We've got derivatives on top of the same thing now.
I mean, the economy is fixing to blow to high heaven.
And then they're going to pose as the saviors when they did it.
Oh, yeah, yeah.
But see, if they knew Jesus, a girl's best friend is not diamonds.
That's why they're pushing it, you know, Valentine's Day.
That's the most successful PR campaign ever was diamonds.
It's a junk gem, and a man will pay half his year's salary just to buy a rock.
The woman's got to have it.
Yeah, because you can't even tell that from a cubic zirconia.
But boy, if you take...
You show somebody some gold, I think they'll know it.
If they know gold, well, they'll know it.
But you've got to have a microscope for cubics.
And none of that used stuff is any good.
If you try to turn it in, that jewelry for loaf of bread, forget it.
So, you know, we need help.
Everything the New World Order gives you is a fraud, is a lie.
It's like biting into a piece of bread made out of hot air.
How you doing, Alex?
Yeah, I'm kind of bummed out myself with everything that's coming down the pipe.
I'll make it quick.
I know you've got other callers waiting.
I tried to call in yesterday because I heard about a federalization of the police.
A couple years ago, my brother got pulled over for speeding, and the cop comes up to the window, asks for his papers, if I can sell you a Russia, and without any prompting, the officer just told my brother, oh yeah, we just got these new
Federal grants for new body armor, new squad cars, new police station.
Just out of the blue just tells my brother all this stuff.
I don't know why he just... I guess he just felt like bragging.
He's like, oh, I'm a god slave.
This is what we're going to have for you in the near future.
Well, they have federal grants for the checkpoints, federal grants for the training is the key.
Generally, they'll fund a new police department or more cops for a year or two, but then it's unfunded after that.
And then they just raise local taxes, write more tickets, run more checkpoints.
But then...
I have a friend who had his credit card number stolen.
They even know who the person is that charged over $12,000 on it, know their address in Austin, caught red-handed.
The idiot was having stuff shipped to them, and they called the APD, and the APD said, file a report.
Then they did that.
Then they didn't do anything.
I mean, they won't even come out with $12,000 stolen when it's in their hand, but then they'll sure throw you up against that squad car if your papers aren't in order, and now they want tissue and blood.
And like you're saying, this is a whole global system because I was in Japan a couple years ago.
My wife is Japanese.
And when I first got into the country, all you needed was a passport.
Now, to get into Japan, if you're a foreigner, you have to do the digital photo and the biometric fingerprinting if you're a foreigner trying to get into the country, just like they're doing here.
That's under the 2000 UN Treaty.
We had a World ID card.
We went under World ID control in 2000.
And the total cash in society control, I'd say 99% of all transactions in Japan are with cash.
And when I was over there two years ago, I saw the...
Anti-cash propaganda, just like the show here.
Billboards, signs, it's dirty, it's bad.
The bottom line, it brings them control.
I appreciate your call.
One last caller, then I've got to go to the news.
Bethany in California, you're on the air.
Hi, Alex, this is Bethany.
I have a quick question and a quick news item.
Okay, go ahead.
I wanted to confirm a rumor that you used to be in a punk band or some other type of band when you were young.
Well, anyway, last spring I started a MySpace page called Punkster Ron Paul.
And I'm excited to announce that the legendary pro skateboarder Dwayne Peters, his band, the U.S.
Bombs, is currently officially on tour for Ron Paul.
And if you go to theusbombs.com, there's no periods in that, just theusbombs.com, that's their tour dates, and they're playing Omaha tonight and they're going to go across the country this month.
For Ron Paul.
Well, that's awesome, Bethany.
What else is going on?
I just want to let everybody know that diversity is behind Ron Paul.
Everybody loves freedom, and the punks love freedom, and look for the U.S.
Bombs on Tour for Ron Paul.
Thank you, Bethany, for that call.
Before I get into some news here, I just want to...
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I've covered a lot of the news, but a lot of it I haven't gotten to.
There's just so much here.
But where should I start here?
Problem is, there's just so much of it.
FISA bill again passed the Senate.
You know about that.
Obama turns to economy after latest win.
Senator Barack Obama blamed Washington and his Democratic and Republican rivals for the nation's economic woes on Wednesday.
One day after racking up big primary victories, Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton courted Texas voters, counting on the state to help her faltering candidacy rebound.
And they're saying that if she doesn't win Texas and a couple other states, she has no way of winning.
In fact, she's got to beat Barack Obama by more than 20 percentage points in Texas and other states that are coming
Or she is in danger of losing.
Now, all the cards, all the evidence, every angle we've seen, with Fox News behind her and the White House advising her, and everything the media's done, tells me Hillary's their girl.
Limbaugh endorsing her, Ann Coulter endorsing her, saying she's more pro-war.
You know, they try to spin it later and say, people who defend Rush, they go, no, he thinks she's easier to beat than Obama.
No, actually.
I think?
Who knows?
They've got so many tricks up their sleeves.
I just know this.
McCain, Hillary, Barack Obama, it doesn't matter.
They're all cut from the same absolute cloth.
They are the same people.
McCain says he's fired up to face Democrats.
Republican John McCain said he was fired up and ready to go against either Democratic presidential contender as he celebrated primary victories Tuesday in Maryland, Virginia, and the District of Columbia.
By the way, Barack Obama won all those on the Democratic side.
Would you not yet know for certain who will have the honor of being the Democratic Party's nominee for President McCain's shed of Barack Obama?
By the way, McCain is only about 100 delegates short now of being locked in as the nominee.
Do you really believe people are voting for Hillary?
Do you really believe Republicans are voting for pro-open border, pro-gun control, pro-scum?
I mean, he is just absolute scum.
Do you really believe Republicans went for him?
I don't believe it for a single solitary second.
Big news on the economic front.
Venezuela halts oil sales to ExxonMobil.
Venezuela's state-owned oil company halts oil sales to ExxonMobil.
Said Tuesday that it has stopped selling crude to ExxonMobil Corp.
in response to the U.S.
oil company's drive to use the courts to seize billions of dollars in Venezuelan assets.
More than $30 billion has now been seized in offshore assets and accounts of Venezuela.
ExxonMobil is locked in a dispute over the nationalization of its oil...
Ventures in Venezuela that has led President Hugo Chavez to threaten to cut off all Venezuelan oil supplies to the United States.
Venezuela is the United States' fourth largest oil supplier.
Folks, if that really happens, it'll cripple the economy and gas will go to $5 a gallon.
Tuesday's announcement by state-run petro-oilists to Venezuela was limited to ExxonMobil, which PDVSA accused of judicial economic harassment for its efforts in the U.S.
and European courts.
So the paralyzed sales of Crude and ExxonMobil and suspended commercial relations with the Irving, Texas-based company.
We'll come back and get into a lot more.
It is a big idea.
A new world order.
In the near future, Earth is dominated by a powerful world government.
It's known as the Bilderberg Group.
Could their objective be world domination?
For thousands of years, their dark order grew.
Now as they hail the birth of the new world order their great dream of exterminating 80% of humanity is at hand.
For the first time in history, the elite's plan for world government is blown wide open.
You will learn the secret that drives the entire New World Order agenda.
Bill Vargas is making great progress toward a world government.
Most people have no idea.
They're not after money.
They have all the money they need.
They're after power.
That's why I have to use you.
Order Endgame on DVD at prisonplanet.com or infowars.com or watch it online right now at prisonplanet.tv.
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You have been warned.
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Stand up.
Now is the time to act.
All right, here's the type of news I have in front of me that's up on infowars.com and prisonplanet.com right now.
Corporate pharma, FDA test drugs on terminally ill.
That's nothing.
They do it to the little CPS kids they've grabbed.
Some of the other news here.
When surveillance cameras talk, we talked about that yesterday, but just how they're going to put them all up shouting and yelling at us.
Life will be like an airport just on the street.
Just lots of announcements about terrorists are everywhere to create fear.
I mean, how big brother is this?
It's off the charts.
Continuing here, you've got to Google that story.
British Prime Minister calls for Green World Bank, World Army.
New Jersey's E-ZPass tracks drivers not on toll roads.
Drivers that use E-ZPass toll responders are having their movements recorded, even when driving on free public roads.
The New Jersey Star-Ledger columnist Paul Molshein confirms that the State Department of Transportation uses E-ZPass scanners to know when, for example, a motorist drives to the mall on Route 24.
They just admit it.
I remember seeing eight years ago in San Francisco that they put radio readers up all over the city, even though there's just two toll roads there.
It just attracts you everywhere.
These are criminals, ladies and gentlemen.
They're crooks.
They want to make sure you never throw them out of office or never stop them sucking off you.
You are the milk cow.
You are the goose that lays the eggs.
And they're going to put you in a little cage and slap you around and say, shut up, it's for your safety, or the earth's going to die, or Al-Qaeda's going to chew your guts out.
On the police state front, Afghans to be spot on like the rest of us, prisonplanet.com, invaded conquest peasants share big brother glee with free world.
It's good enough for the population of the so-called free world that it must be okay for the poor brokeback bombed to smithereens peasants of Afghanistan.
Remember, I saw this in MIT Magazine a couple years ago.
They admit in Iraq and Afghanistan they are, quote, putting in the same control grid.
They even call it that that they put in here.
This is a military designed grid with the microphones and cameras.
The U.S.
government is contemplating a massive video surveillance project for the country of Afghanistan that will establish surveillance over all major thoroughfares in Kabul, the capital city, as well as all U.S.
multinational camps, traffic circles, and Afghan ministry compounds.
And it goes in to say that the surveillance apparatus will provide 24-7 command and control system that would enable authorities to track personnel and identify vehicles with the use of license plate recognition systems.
See, this is a...
Occupied military grid.
And this is the military here saying this for Afghanistan.
This is what you're under, Americans!
You're becoming slaves right now!
Here's another one.
Canadian taxi drivers protest in-cab snoop cameras.
They're trying to make the law in New York, too.
CBS News, hundreds of taxis clogged the states of Ottawa Tuesday morning as drivers demonstrated against new bylaw requiring security cameras in vehicles starting July 2nd.
Dublin Council authorizes covert agency to prowl city.
It says they're going to have domestic spies listening to your speech, watching for hate crimes, watching for litter.
See, the secret police are for the most petty crimes, but you're going to do hard time quoting community service in labor camps.
With the introduction of the litter tip-off system, people will be encouraged to watch their innocent neighbor and report suspicious.
This is the Irish Independent.
I mean, I got stacks of these.
Dead billionaire had feared enemy plot.
He said that the Russian government wanted to kill him, and now he's been found dead for six billion bucks.
And it just goes on and on.
I'm out of time.
I mean, I've got so much other news.
Do you understand?
The Pentagon designed the ID cards, the cameras, the license plate readers.
We're under military control.
We're already in martial law, and they're ready to go hot
With 23,000 executives recruited, 26,000 preachers, 440-something thousand truck drivers, they got the FEMA camps built, all they got to do is stage attacks or bio-releases and claim LCIA did it and we're off to the races.
In three hours, I didn't even plug my videos.
They're powerful.
You need to get them.
They're at Infowars.com.
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