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Air Date: Feb. 1, 2008
2277 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Welcome, ladies and gentlemen.
It is already the first day of February 2008.
We're going to be live here for the next three hours in the third hour in studio.
Paul Grudy, he was the funeral director who took the body of Lee Harvey Oswald.
And then the federal government came in, Secret Service, FBI, and made him put the palm print of Lee Harvey Oswald on the Manliker Carcano rifle that supposedly shot three shots in right at six seconds.
Just another absolute nail in the coffin.
He lives here in Austin, Texas, and I'm making a film about the JFK assassination.
The final word is really what it's going to be.
And Jim Mars was saying, you know, he used to live in Dallas, but he lives in Austin now, by Lake Travis.
You ought to interview him.
So I'd gotten his phone number, but hadn't called him yet, and I was at TalkFest last Saturday here in Austin for KLBJ 590.
And guess who came to TalkFest?
Guess who likes George Norrie and likes my show?
Yes, it was Mr. Gritty.
So he and his son were there, really nice people.
So he'll be coming on the show in the third hour today.
We're also scheduled coming up in the next hour to have the very successful, well-known hip-hop slash rap artist, Harris.
Coming on the show.
It's very frustrating to me that he's been trying to contact me for several years, and I get so many thousands of emails to the main email account that we missed it, repeatedly.
So I put the call out, I guess Tuesday.
I said, you know, I'm sick of not being able to talk to Paris.
He said he liked Road to Tyranny on his website back in 2002, and that 9-11 was an inside job.
And I got an email from him then, but I can't ever get a hold of him, and boom.
He somehow got Aaron's number and called yesterday, so he's scheduled to be joining us coming up later in the broadcast as well.
And you know how much I love his artistry, his work.
Okay, really big news in the meantime.
Let me just give you the headlines I have here in front of me.
Coulter, I will vote for Hillary over McCain, Fox News.
We'll break that down.
Mexican farmers protest NAFTA.
They hate it, too.
It's bad for the people, good for the elites.
Also, illegal immigrants, it's in the law, unless they amend it now, the stimulus package, they're going to be getting tax rebates in Mexico.
Also, Bloomberg Financial reported this yesterday.
It was in the stack.
I didn't get to it.
It's huge news.
Bigs tips for rich.
Expect war.
And he came out and he said you need to buy guns, canned food, water, fertilizer, wine, medicine, clothes, etc.
and get a farm in the country.
Total collapse.
How many experts are saying this?
This is a top expert from one of the biggest outfits out there, Morgan Stanley.
He's one of their top people.
Ladies and gentlemen, I'm very, very concerned, and you better be very, very concerned.
We don't get up here and talk about total collapse for nothing.
Have you noticed that what we talk about comes true?
Now, I'm not saying this is going to happen, but there is a very good chance it's going to happen.
Kind of like playing an interstate traffic...
Running back and forth between 18 wheelers is a good chance you're going to get run over.
Don't do it.
Well, we don't have a choice here.
We're going into these waters.
It's been orchestrated.
We're going to cover that as well.
Also, Bill Clinton saying we just have to slow down our economy to fight global warming.
Kurt Nemo, great article out on that.
Bill Clinton, pauperize the populace to cure global warming.
It's all coming up today.
Absolutely jam-packed transmission.
prisonplanet.tv, infowars.com, infowars.net, jonesreport.com, truthnews.us.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
It is a big idea.
A new world order.
In the near future, Earth is dominated by a powerful government.
It's known as the Bilderberg.
Could their objective be world domination?
For thousands of years, their dark order grew.
Now as they hail the birth of the new world order their great dream of exterminating 80% of humanity is at hand.
For the first time in history, the elite's plan for world government is blown wide open.
You will learn the secret that drives the entire New World Order agenda.
Bill Vargas is making great progress toward a world government.
Most people have no idea.
They have all the money they need.
They're not after money.
They're after power.
That's what happens.
Order Endgame on DVD at prisonplanet.com or infowars.com or watch it online right now at prisonplanet.tv.
Endgame, blueprint for global enslavement.
You have been warned.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Before I launch into the news, I just want to thank my team.
The Info Warriors down here in the Info War bunker in Austin, Texas.
Aaron Dykes, Frank Kincaid, Weldon Henson.
Mike, Nelson, Amanda, Michelle, everybody, Ryan.
I also want to thank the folks up at the network, Ted Anderson, of course, the GCN Radio Network, the guy who just is the best board op.
He's more than that.
He just does so many great things.
You could call him the backup producer.
We're the wild card producer, and that is John Harmon up there at the GCN Radio Network.
I also want to thank all of our AM and FM affiliates.
I want to thank all of our sponsors, all of our listeners, and I want to thank God for the guidance and protection and all the blessings that I've been given in my life.
I need to pause more often and just thank the Lord above.
I also just want to tell the listeners that we live on a beautiful planet,
Wonderful things are happening.
Life is so transitory.
We're almost like insects.
Our life cycles are really so slow.
I mean, go by so fast.
It's just a real blessing to even exist and have consciousness.
And to just have all these amazing wonders around us, and it's sad to me that so many people are depressed, so many people are unhappy with their lives, so many people feel insecure, so many individuals out there think that life is boring.
Life is beautiful.
Life is amazing.
Life is dynamic.
Life is a wonderment.
It is enchanted.
And you need to see the magic in life.
You need to see the beauty in life and appreciate it.
Madison Avenue is there to make you feel inadequate.
Madison Avenue is there to make you feel weak and pathetic.
That's how their whole science started in the last 150 years, to then sell you the newest style each year as you throw out your whole wardrobe, to sell you all the skin care products, to sell you all the crud or, quote,
You're not worth anything.
Well, I'm here to tell you, you are worth something.
And what does matter is family and sovereignty and freedom and friends and liberty.
That's what matters.
Not these phony plastic people that rule and dominate our society.
They are a sickness.
They are a cancer.
So for anybody out there who feels inadequate or feels ugly...
Or for anybody who's a few pounds overweight and the system tells you you're worthless, you do have value.
What matters is your soul.
What matters is your mind.
What matters is what you build and the people you love and the people you take care of and the people that take care of you.
That's what matters in life.
I'll probably in the next few days do a more eloquent rant on that subject because it's really been touching my heart.
Let me get into the news right now.
Encapsulate as much as I can before our first guest joins us.
Let me just get into the Coulter situation first.
Ann Coulter is a singularly disgusting person.
I've met her in person, seen her at the RNC convention in 2004, and I literally was stunned.
I felt a presence of evil.
I'm not kidding when I say this.
And I turned, as I was there at the entrance, I'd already gone through three checkpoints, to Madison Square Garden, entering into the media entrance.
And I thought that I was seeing like a concentration camp victim slash ringwraith.
She could barely walk.
She was toddling on her legs with her arms out like a ghoul.
Folks, I'm not kidding.
And as she was walking towards me, she had rouge on her cheeks.
It was like a corpse, and it had makeup put on it.
And she had a gaggle of men in suits around her, and she was literally...
Have you ever seen a concentration camp victim or somebody starving to death in Africa or Asia?
You know, their joints start going out and they're having trouble walking.
She was as anorexic as it gets.
And then she just had these evil eyes stumbling forward, painted up like a corpse, like you'd paint up a corpse.
And then she just gave me a leering smile and stumbled past me.
Now, I don't normally go after people for how they look.
But have you seen Giuliani in person?
He literally looks like an orc or a ghoul.
He acts like one, of course, as well.
He looks like the cross between a joker and the penguin, with a little mix of Nosferatu.
Ann Coulter is the same way.
I got the same evil from Janet Reno when I talked about how she ran the mass murder op at Waco to her face at the LBJ Presidential Library.
By the way, that's in Police State 2, the takeover.
And I brought up the murder of the children, and she smiled like a demon and stuck her tongue out and was, you know, enjoying it.
And I felt the palpable evil.
I haven't had many of those experiences with these people.
I've been around Bill Clinton.
I didn't get the feeling of radiated evil.
I've been around Bush and didn't feel that feeling of evil.
I did his wife.
I've met her.
I've been close, you know, face up to her.
Back in 97, no, 96, I got into the...
Well, the radio station said, hey, we were given these passes to cover this film festival, the Governor's Film Festival.
Do you want to go?
And I said, sure.
So I took a camera guy down there, Dennis Hopper, and all these people were there, and there was Bush, and there was his wife, and I got the same look from her, and she came over and talked to me.
But I wasn't as well-known then.
They knew who I was.
She asked me about the show, but she was, I guess, gauging to see if I was going to do anything.
But, I mean, just radiating pure evil.
You know what, I've already burned four minutes.
I better hurry up and just get to the news.
I digress.
But instead of just attacking Ann Coulter for how she looks, look at what she writes, the things she says.
Let's put people in camps.
Torture is good.
Let's get rid of the Bill of Rights.
I've debated her here, where she said the Patriot Act didn't say that they could go after citizens, and I'd read her the subsection, and she would just laugh at me.
But Ann Coulter is an operative.
There's no doubting that.
And I've read several of her books.
They're very sophomorically written.
She is there to bind conservatives to her.
She's there to sell them on the lie of neoconservatism and endless war and tyranny.
But the reason this report is important is that
We told you that Roger Ailes, going back now eight years, I keep saying four or five years and years have passed, and I just keep using the same number, since the election, since 2001, so that's like seven and a half years, it came out, I got sources in New York, then I saw a few blurbs confirming it, then I reported it, that Roger Ailes consults with Hillary, that they fundraise for, that they covertly supported her first campaign for Senate in 2000,
Then by about 2003, we were getting reports that every week he was having two, three, four-hour dinners with her at his penthouse or at her penthouse.
That's Rupert Murdoch.
Then it came out the last two years, the White House has been helping write her speeches, has been advising her.
Fox News started saying things like, well, Hillary's pretty good on the war.
Well, she's not too bad.
Well, let's get past politics and politics.
And then, of course, Scarborough on MSNBC is saying, Hey, conservatives, stop attacking me.
I like Hillary.
She's tough.
She's smart.
I've heard Limbaugh saying little nice things about her.
Well, as bad as she is, she's better than Ron Paul.
So I've seen the talking point accelerating.
And now it's come out in the Dallas Observer and other New York papers that the White House wants her, is behind her.
Well, we already know that.
The Clintons and the Bushes go way back to when
Bush Sr.
recruited Clinton into CIA.
One of the guys that E. Howard Hunt was handling at the time in 1968 was his handler.
Those documents have come out.
I'll have Jim Mars on about that.
He's the expert.
He actually has the documents.
He was showing them to me in Dallas, but I was so busy getting JFK stuff, I forgot to videotape them.
I'd always heard that, read that, seen that in books.
Known that from Clinton Bush and the CIA by Terry Reid, CIA officer.
By the way, works at World Net Daily.
You never see stories about it.
About how Clinton and Oliver North and all these people and Bush would come into Arkansas, how they were all in business together in narcotics and the CIA.
I mean, these guys, this is a government operation.
You understand that?
And there's just thousands of other pieces of evidence.
But I have said in the last two years, over and over again, I have said, you will see Fox News endorse Hillary Clinton.
You will hear Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity endorse Hillary Clinton.
And you will have so-called conservatives, the guys that festoon their cars with Russia's right stickers, because they're so invested in neoconism that they think it's conservatism, that they will rebuke us as liberals for being against Hillary.
Now, I have said that hundreds of times, like a parrot.
Ladies and gentlemen, ABC News.
Reporting on Fox News.
Coulter, I will vote for Hillary over McCain.
In case you missed it on Hannity & Combs last night, controversial pundit Ann Coulter, by the way, she's a Fox News contributor.
Who supports Mitt Romney for president, says she would back Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton, Democrat in New York, over Senator John McCain, Republican in Arizona.
She's more conservative than he is, she said.
She will be stronger on the war on terrorism.
I will campaign for her if it's McCain.
Now, McCain's saying, 100-year war, attack everybody, get ready for more wars.
McCain's wife wears Hillary Clinton pins in this election and the last two elections, the last two that the Clintons were involved in.
I mean, this is in your face.
The 92 election, the 96 election, and now this election.
They openly, Bill Clinton, they've played the clip on Meet the Press where he says, this is going to be totally friendly, we're family friends.
So why would Ann Coulter be saying, oh, he's not pro-war, so I'm for Hillary?
Because it's true.
Hillary is the anointed one.
Fox News machinery is behind her.
Just like the NRA is for gun control.
You can't tell most NRA members that.
It's just too big.
You can't explain to them.
But maybe this will wake them up, now that we have Ann Coulter coming out and saying, I support Hillary Clinton.
She's conservative.
She's good.
You see how that works?
Why are they being so open now about this?
They're circling the wagons against the people.
It's the elite against the people.
It's not Republican or Democrat.
We'll be right back.
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It is a big idea.
A new world order.
In the near future, Earth is dominated by a powerful new government.
It's known as the Bilderberg.
Could their objective be world domination?
For thousands of years, their dark order grew.
Now, as they hail the birth of the new world order, their great dream of exterminating 80% of humanity is at hand.
For the first time in history, the elite's plan for world government is blown wide open.
You will learn the secret that drives the entire New World Order agenda.
They'll be making great progress toward a world of government.
Most people have no idea.
They're not after money.
They have all the money they need.
They're after power.
That's what happens.
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Endgame, blueprint for global enslavement.
You have been warned.
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This program is designed to imprison anyone whom the federal government deems an enemy of the state.
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I read the news today, oh boy.
An atomic weapon had detonated.
About a lucky man.
But don't worry, the President Clinton will save us.
And now the anti-war left once World War III.
And we have to arrest all the evil gun owners.
And Fox News hails her.
He didn't notice that the lights had changed.
Get ready for all the neocons to worship Hillary.
Prepare that if you don't support the Clintons, you're an evil communist.
As the elite prepare to install their little empress, their little CIA linguist who revels and shows off detailing every regional accent no matter where she travels.
It could be Kentucky, it could be London.
It could be Seattle, it could be Texas.
Isn't it nice to have government operatives staging elections, running everything?
Getting ready to suck everything dry.
Coulter, I will vote for Hillary over McCain.
We'll get more into this later and actually read our disgusting quotes about how good Hillary is.
Let's see, because it's from Coulter.
Oh, I guess Hillary's good now, because Coulter's such a good conservative.
Her books are so sophomoric about torture and secret arrest, and Malkin writes books, The Case for Internment Camps, and Woolsey's behind McCain.
We've been down to a Woolsey event here at UT called The New World Order was the lecture, where he spoke for an hour about putting people in camps in America.
Yeah, they're just openly selling us on absolute, total martial law.
They're not doing it because they're not planning to try it.
I think they're going to let Bush fade out, fade into a deep recession, and then Hillary will come in with an inaugural terror attack, and we'll all go, no, some people question, could a woman do it?
But then the terrorist hit us and hit us hard.
And after that, the country learned to love her.
She became like a mother to the nation.
She dealt strongly with enemies and didn't allow dissent because the country had been so badly damaged.
And in just two short years brought us out of depression into an incredible boom time.
By dollarizing North America, she brought the dollar back up, made alliances with Europe, and invaded the Middle East.
Hillary Clinton, who would have ever thought, once hated by conservatives, is now loved by her.
Photos of her hang in most conservatives' houses.
We love you, Hillary.
Sure, she's arrested hundreds of thousands of Americans and put them in labor camps, but they should have to work.
You know we shouldn't have to pay for them in those camps, as Michael Savage has laid the groundwork for.
Michael Wiener, the top beatnik in the 60s, who wrote about love affairs with friends, love novels.
Find out about the friends.
Find out about who he wrote love novels about.
Oh, it's so conservative.
Oh, it's so good.
It makes me so sick, you scum!
In fact, I got this clip of Woolsey I never played from two days ago where he was going, John McCain wants everybody's support.
Even Trotskyites.
And his eyes light up like a devil.
Boy, that guy just radiates evil.
He's another one of them.
There's a little inside joke.
He smacked and giggled and his eyes lit up.
Because the Communist Fourth International is the entire skeletal workings of what the neocons are.
Oh, you didn't know that?
I'm not saying they're communist.
They use any vehicle for absolute power.
Stalin, black uniforms, mass arrests, huge slave camps.
Hitler, black uniforms, mass arrests, huge slave camps.
Invading nations.
Same thing.
Mao, black uniforms, giant slave camps.
Invading Tibet, surrounding areas.
Always the same.
They come in the black uniform with the black masks.
But now the toys sold everywhere for children.
Little boys fantasizing about being heroes for the tribe.
They learn that the good guys have mean faces and show their teeth and wear black masks.
Don't you understand, police officers?
You grew up with that.
That's why you like it now.
You're living your dream.
You're living the dream.
And let me just tell you, you're going to get to live it.
You're going to live in squalor.
You're going to have the enemy carry out the same bio-weapons attacks they've carried out on Africa on you.
You smirked and laughed.
Now you get to have a taste of it.
That's the one bit of solace I have, that you will reap what you sow.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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That's H-E-A-R-I-T-O-N-L-I-N-E dot com.
Good evening, I would like to report on the state of our war against the American people.
We're mounting a sustained campaign to crack down on every American and every person of every faith in every nation
And to bring them to justice.
All missions are being executed according to plan, without warning or provocation.
Americans are being swept up in an international dragnet.
Thousands of FBI agents are on the trail of other citizens here and abroad.
It has everything to do with hate and evil and murder and prejudice.
America's strong, strong.
The man's going to be joining us, Harris.
More than four million records sold, CDs sold.
And I think he's got the anthem.
I think he's got the most powerful hip-hop, anti-Beast, anti-New Order song out there.
Here it is, and then we're going to the man.
Stay with us!
I think?
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Hope you understand the time, brother, because it's major.
Paris, it is a real honor after all these years marveling at your wonderful artistry to have you on the broadcast with us.
And I don't think of any song out there that's three and a half minutes long that tells as much of the story.
I appreciate it, man.
It's good to be here.
Thanks for your ongoing support, too.
I know this has been a long time coming.
That song was actually inspired by Road to Tyranny, believe it or not, so...
Yeah, we're coming full circle.
Well, we're honored to have you, and just a little bit about yourself, a little bit about some of the music that you've come out with lately.
We're going to play some of that coming up.
Also, the website, the organization, you also put out other people's great music and other artists.
Break that down for us, and then let's get into your political view of what's happening in the world today.
Well, I've been basically doing music since 89.
I had my first...
My first album came out when I was still in college.
Actually, it came out in June of 1990.
I mean, excuse me, in April of 90.
And I graduated in June of 90.
When I graduated, it was top 10.
So I pretty much had a job getting out of school and never looked back.
So let me see.
Been doing it all this time.
Was briefly a tech analyst for a major broker dealer.
I went to college for managerial economics.
And then...
I was a full-fledged investment banker for a minute, and that funded my ability to be able to do what I do independently.
And right after 9-11, I was reinvigorated.
I came out with an album called Sonic Jihad in 2003.
What Would You Do, the song that you just played, is featured on Sonic Jihad.
And I have just seen this kind of groundswell of support
And, you know, the realization that the voice that I have speaks for a lot of other people.
Tell us about the website.
Okay, the website is called GorillaFunk.com.
And it was really, the company itself is called Gorilla Funk.
And it was formed as a response to the self-imposed censorship that the entertainment industry had in place.
They don't want a strong, hardcore political message, do they?
They just want to show people with a bunch of bling acting silly.
Across all genres.
It's not specific to hip-hop.
Oh, it's rock and roll, it's country, it's everything.
Everything is escapist right now.
Well, when Willie Nelson came out and criticized the war, they cut back on playing his music.
The Dixie Chicks tried to do something serious.
They tried to shut them down.
Pretty much across the board.
I mean, still in effect.
Bruce Springsteen did not too long ago.
Same situation.
So, it became apparent to me that I had to be as independent as possible and set it up and GorillaFunk.com is a site that reflects everything that's going on with Gorilla Funk and there's a huge subscriber base and, you know, there are similar parallels to what you have going on with InfoWars.
So, again, it makes sense for us to collab.
Absolutely, and it's a great honor to be collaborating with you, sir.
Let's talk about your awakening.
I mean, obviously, you've got a lot of anger, but it's also focused, you know, a lot of righteous indignation.
I mean, it really cuts through as totally real.
What was your metamorphosis or growing up?
What were things that you saw where you saw the injustice?
When did you learn that AIDS was engineered, now completely documented?
When did you wake up to government-sponsored terror?
I mean, tell us about Paris himself.
All of it comes from independent reading.
You know, nothing that I learned in school.
I graduated, like I said, from college in 1990 completely oblivious to what was really going on.
I mean, you know, I had been prepared for a job to work for somebody else.
Had no real conscious awareness.
And it was only really as a result of hearing it in other people's music and having that be the catalyst to make me want to learn more.
You know, so...
I come up in an era, when I first started in hip-hop, there was much more diversity in the message.
And honestly, negativity was an exception to the rule when I came out.
And now it's exactly the opposite.
And just after doing a lot of independent research and reading on my own, that was really it.
And then, of course, traveling around the world on these tours, seeing the impact that we have had on other societies.
And seeing how other people live and what other people believe.
I honestly believe that a lot of ignorance can be erased by people just being exposed to more.
By people going out, by people seeing and interacting with other people.
Here's your tax dollars at work.
See this devastation.
And I now completely subscribe to the notion that nothing significant happens on the world stage that isn't completely predetermined.
Not elections, not wars, nothing.
You know, the concept of manufactured enemy creation is one... I mean, I know that you've echoed this sentiment, too, is one that's tried and true at this point, and it's been proven to be successful over time.
Well, Roosevelt said that nothing happened by accident.
That's absolutely right.
And that's on record.
That's, I mean, any big, you know, huge event that they...
I was trading or getting ready to begin trading, believe it or not.
So I actually did all of my training in the World Trade Center.
That's what I went to school for.
I always got into the financial markets with this objective of having this Robin Hood type of mentality.
It enabled me to get low-income housing and stuff like that out here.
I'm based in the Bay Area in California.
To a certain extent, I achieved my objectives, but I was getting ready to start trading.
On the West Coast, of course, it's much earlier for us when the financial markets opened.
So you wake up about 5 in the morning every day?
Well, even earlier than that sometimes because I've overseen distributors that I have to deal with.
So if I have to talk to Japan or France or something, I'm up pretty much all the time.
So I was getting ready to start trading and that's how the planes hit.
I got the phone calls and I was trying to reach people that I knew that actually
What did you think?
What did you first think?
Within 30 minutes they were saying it was Bin Laden.
Did you have an instinctive feeling it was an inside job?
When did you discover that?
The first plane hit I thought it was an accident.
You know, I think a lot of people thought it was an accident, it was a tragedy, and then the second plane hit, and then all of a sudden the game changed.
And it took me a minute to process it, because I'm not really a rusted judgment kind of guy.
But, you know, knowing what I know of our treacherous history, it wasn't a stretch for me to be able to put that together.
And then I began to see all the postings online, and I began to digest the information that I learned about
By the way, speaking of things gelling, Willie Nelson just called.
I couldn't talk to him.
He called just right now.
I'm sorry, Paris.
Everything is exploding right now.
Are you not seeing that?
Oh, without a doubt.
Without a doubt.
You have this...
This current race right now with this election and this whole thing is amazing to me.
How short people's memories are.
It's amazing.
You look at what we've gained from this past administration and what we've lost.
The erosion of our global clout and this climate of fear, this ruling by fear.
Everything that's happened.
Compromised media reporting.
Immigration scapegoating, racial intolerance, religious intolerance, you know, housing meltdown, recession, higher gas prices, greater reduction in funding for social programs.
I mean, nothing is good right now.
You know, and then you have these diversionary kind of arguments about, you know, abortion rights and gay marriage and stuff like that, which really does not affect most people.
And again, not getting on either side of that, what you're saying is that it's a football issue.
They're never going to resolve that.
They just use it as a way to divide us.
But then you look at the war profiteering, and you look at eminent domain seizures, domestic spying, and all this.
All these things are in effect, and the effect of them have been ramped up as a result of post
We're talking to Paris, more than 4 million records sold, and that's his label.
It's GorillaFunk.com.
Again, sir, I don't want to sit here and grovel to you.
I'm not.
I just want to tell you that I feel, and there's very few people I feel this with, a kindred spirit.
Because people get mad at me sometimes because I get so angry and I grind my teeth.
But you talk about...
Spitting cyanide each and every verse.
These people are killers we're talking about.
They're murdering us.
The least we can do is just get enraged at them.
People say, oh, no, be easy about it.
No, we need to get mad first, like Howard Beals says in Network, and then that's when things start changing.
We need to realize this is everything.
This is our life.
We're under attack, and as much attack as I've been under, as much attack as I've seen,
White people being under... It's nothing.
And I'm not saying this because you're black.
It's what I talk about on the show.
As you know, it's the truth.
Black people are under the greatest attack of any group.
They've had everything tested on them, like Tony Brown says first.
And I understand what's done to... Somebody else is going to end up happening to me at an instinctive level.
I am outraged by what I've seen done to...
Black people, Africans, whatever you want to, you know, human beings.
I mean, can you speak to being a black American, what it's like growing up in this system and your anger there?
Well, I mean, you can see the statistics.
It's pretty much self-explanatory at this point.
I mean, we've only gone to war with a country.
We've gone to war with countries of color pretty much nonstop since World War II.
Except for the exception probably of Kosovo.
And you see, every time there's violence visited on people, it's the country of color.
You see it here.
You see it domestically.
You see it with Katrina.
You see it with, you know, economics and education.
And, you know, I don't, there's a huge amount of blame that can be placed on society the way it currently exists and on policies and the way they affect people.
But I'm also of the mind of kind of a self-healing within my own community and to make people realize that we really can't rely on anybody else.
You know, you've got to step up to the plate and you've got to do it for yourself also.
So, you know, it's a two-pronged approach as far as I'm concerned.
Well, I agree with that, but when I read Margaret Sanger, the eugenicist,
You know, saying we can't let the black weeds know that we want to exterminate them, and how they went and hired black leaders to be their fronts.
Again, they always take a disadvantaged community and test on them, and I want... But there are no black leaders.
I keep that in mind, too, and especially when you look at, you know, like a lot of people in the black community, a lot of their guidance comes from the church, and the church is, for the most part, GOP-sponsored at this point.
You know, so...
You can always find somebody that's willing to sell out their people and their ideals for the right amount of money.
And that goes across all colors of eyes.
They control all the leaders.
They have them all.
I mean, every major political candidate, except for Ron Paul, and they're twisting and demonizing and spinning him.
Every major political candidate, except for maybe Dennis Kucinich, and he's dropped out on the Democratic side, and they totally ignored him, that's how they control us, is they control the leaders.
So here we are, with basically an oligarchy type of a situation.
You know, just Bushes and Clintons since, what, 88?
You know, so it'll be different.
And more importantly, do our votes really count anyway?
Well, we're demonstrating that it's a fraud now.
It's certainly that most of the countries, and you look at these companies, they're all intelligence agency fronts.
But with Diebold in the mix, you know, it can be argued that votes don't count.
I mean, it appears to me that everything is a game to most people.
They don't take conditions seriously anyway.
I think the only way to truly enact change and a policy that's fair to people is for our leaders to fear us physically.
Now that, you see what kind of cause you get after that statement, but it's true.
The government is supposed to fear the people, not the other way around.
Well, that's what the Founding Fathers said.
When the government fears the people, you have liberty.
When the people fear the government, you have tyranny.
There you go.
I agree with you, Paris.
I want to come back and talk more about your label, more about your political awakening, and your ideas of getting real leaders to the fore and getting individuals to be individual leaders in their areas.
It's guerrilla...
And then Paul Grudy as well.
He was there running the funeral home with JFK.
We'll be right back.
Terror Storm, a history of government-sponsored terror.
Loose Change, Final Cut.
Endgame, Blueprint for Global Enslavement.
The True Story of the Bilderberg Group.
The Late Great USA.
America, Freedom to Fascism.
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Hi, Ken.
It's Judy again.
I just wanted to call you back and let you know how thankful Mike and I are for your working with us.
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It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
We're good to go.
You came out with What Would You Do, what, 2001, 2002, I forget the date, and it was so hardcore, really before any other artist in any genre had the nerve to come out and do it.
I mean, did you have to take a deep breath before you did that, or I get the idea you're the type of guy that once you made the decision, you weren't even worried about it.
Yeah, the decision was pretty much made and stuck with.
I mean, I got a lot of heat behind that song, and I got a lot even more heat with the album cover, which is...
And the airline are heading for the White House.
And there was a lot of backlash at retail.
And I ended up having to get distribution for Gorilla Funk from overseas and make all these products available as imports here.
That's how bad it was.
And then, of course, once we started posting a profit and people started taking a listen, then here comes Universal and here comes EMI, which has always been the case.
It's like people really only stand by their convictions.
Again, I've been fired off radio stations, I've been censored, and I've done it.
Most people I know, Paris, even if they talk a good game in this, quote, movement of liberty, they will turn in a minute for money.
Without a doubt.
You didn't do that, though.
No, no, no.
I mean, it's not worth doing.
I mean, I can go make records for...
You know, syrupy pop records or something, if that's the case.
I mean, I have a passion about this.
And I have information that I enjoy sharing with people.
And I know that there are a lot of people who are receptive to what's being said.
And, you know, I keep doing it.
I got another album coming out later this year.
Well, for the first time since Sonic G.I., that'll be out, I think, in June.
Well, you just said it.
For me, I can't sell out.
I couldn't even think about selling out.
People say, well, are you going to sell out?
And I'm like, how do I do that?
This is who I am.
And you basically just said the same thing, that, hey, this is who I am.
There's not even a discussion of this.
What kills me the most is, and I know this has probably happened to you, is people say that you're capitalizing off of people's misery by doing what you do.
And really, we're commentating on what's happening.
And, you know, there are no bigger beneficiaries of misery than the government.
We're trying to stop the misery.
They're the ones that capitalized on it.
Their own memos, their own PNAC memo says it.
And if I really wanted to cash in, you know, I'd be making music like 50 Cent or something.
So, there it is.
Well, I think you've got the best voice.
You could probably do James Earl Jones voiceovers.
Hey, hey, Lucas, call me.
Thank you.
Oh, man.
I tell you, Parris, again, I really do feel, and I'm telling you personally, that we're kindred spirits.
And the funny thing is, I'm pretty left-leaning, you know, but I can find common ground with just about anybody as long as logic is employed, you know?
I mean, you know what?
And it just seems like that's something that I don't encounter that much.
I think people are so emotional and so reactionary nowadays that they can't, you know, we live in an era where
People believe what they want to believe.
You know, the truth can be as plain as the nose on your face.
Even on TV, you know, in those rare moments where TV is actually truthful.
And they still gravitate toward what they want to believe.
Now, that's another key point that you just raised.
And that is that people, especially these yuppies, they think they can choose what the reality is and that that makes it that way.
No, that's not how it works.
That's true.
That's true.
You know, again, if you believe as I do that everything is predetermined, then
You know, we're pretty much along for the ride.
Well, that's what Karl Rove at that cocktail party told the Washington Post and the New York Times reporters.
He said, hey, we're history's actors.
You're just spectators.
We run the whole show.
We decide everything.
But I'm here to tell Karl Rove and Bill Clinton and the rest of them, we're taking the system back.
And I see that happening at an explosive level.
His name's Paris.
He's sold more than four million albums.
We're going to be right back after this 72nd break with this icon.
What's wrong, Mommy?
The people are upset about some things, darling.
Why are they yelling?
They want attention.
They're trying to get attention so the people listen to them.
Our way of trying to get some media attention because they are ignoring us, they're ignoring the anti-war movement, they're ignoring the anti-government movement.
We love our country, but we cannot trust our government anymore.
Our government is totally out of control.
That's what it's coming down to.
Do you believe your neighbors?
Do you believe the people that live in your hometown?
Or do you believe these mad dog killers in Washington, D.C.?
Are we setting up a situation where young people who are just starting to come of age are going to have no choice but to either join the military where there seems to be a lot of money or to go to jail where there seems to be a lot of money?
Is that what this is lining up to be?
The microphone in this land of jokes.
Can't leave it alone, cause you know I can see right through corrupt plans in these bullshit scams and uncroups.
We living in a maze, different days and times.
The world is a stage, most truth is a lie.
In this propaganda matrix, the sheep just died.
So these murderous conservatives with corporate ties deny knowledge of the truth.
Ignoring the poor, they just human ammunition.
We're good.
We're good to go.
Absolutely amazing.
Sheep to the Slaughter by Paris.
And tell us, Paris, because we're about to go to break, come back with a long segment, final segment with you, and I want to have you back again, if you'll grace us, with some of the new CDs, some of the MP3s that are out, how people get them?
Well, most of the material, believe it or not, is available in stores, but if you want to get it directly from Gorilla Funk, you can.
The website address is www.gorillafunk.com.
Doesn't matter how you spell Gorilla, you'll still get there.
Either after a gorilla or after a gorilla fighter, two different spellings.
Either way, you spell it, GorillaFunk.com.
Right, that's it.
Tell us about some of the newest albums.
You got it.
Well, the new album, my new album is called Acid Reflex.
It'll be out probably in June at this point.
I think I'm going to have to push it back a couple weeks.
You know, these release dates come in two week increments, and you have to deliver about a quarter early.
I know how it is.
Yeah, yeah.
So, that, then I have a
Oh, films!
I want to hear about that, or can you talk about it?
Oh, well, you know, it's just independent documentaries right now.
We have one called Sounds Like a Revolution.
It looks like it's going to be a theatrical release.
And a lot of people involved with that.
The Dixie Chicks, Della Riafra.
Wow, stay there, stay there.
The battle is joined.
Paris, take an action.
We'll be right back.
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We're good to go.
The Genesis Communications Radio Network proudly presents the Alex Jones Show.
Because there's a war on for your mind.
We're talking to Paris.
He's producing films.
He's producing head after head with some of the biggest artists out there in multiple genres.
And he's got some of the most powerful hip-hop slash spoken word, whatever you want to call it, pieces I've ever seen.
And this is our final segment with him.
I'm going to twist his arm, get him back on with us in the near future.
We're going to have some other big guests coming up, too, in the next week, God willing.
Paris, I want to play...
We're good to go.
I didn't ask you this question.
Let me ask you on the air.
Is it because the Internet and alternative distribution systems like the ones you've created that have been so successful now forcing the big universals to cave in to alternative information?
Because now my videos are in Blockbuster and Hollywood Video, nothing compared to what you're doing, but I've even seen my stuff break through now, and I've talked to some of the big corporate guys, and they're all, yeah, we know it's true.
We know the new world is running everything.
Yeah, yeah, we're trying to sneak your stuff in.
So it seems like that the facade is starting to collapse.
Well, yeah, it's definitely collapsing.
But I think that, you know, just from a financial standpoint, I think they're really attracted to business models that make sense right now.
You know, and so if you have an operation with really low overhead and, you know, you can sell a lot of volume and, you know, you can deliver fairly consistently, I think that that's something that they're attracted to.
I mean, the...
Antiquated business model of having a record label or a film company with 200 to 300 employees, like a lot of these current subsidiaries have.
I mean, we've seen that.
It's come to an end.
And again, it's a proven sales history.
And I mean, with the kind of numbers you move and the following you have, that'd be no problem at all for you to do the same thing.
That'll do it.
I mean, if you're already in Blockbuster, that's getting over the hump.
You know, being in Blockbuster for your movies is the equivalent of being on Clear Channel for music.
It's amazing this is starting to happen.
What do you think the establishment's going to do?
They're clearly getting desperate.
They're admitting in Pentagon and Ministry of Defense reports that the people aren't buying the propaganda.
The new British Ministry of Defense report openly says the elite may have to wage war against the people.
They're shifting the military-industrial complex apparatus fully over the people now.
Your take on that?
Well, you know, the military industrial complex and the prison industrial complex, I mean, they're working in tandem.
You're absolutely right about people waking up and becoming more aware, and that is directly attributable to counter-establishment, popular media, like what we create, and to the Internet.
I mean, the Internet really is a great equalizer of information.
You can find out pretty much whatever you want to know about anything on the Internet, and...
You know, that is something, and the Internet is in real time, you know, also.
So it's not something that you have to wait on to find out stuff about.
It's pretty much instant.
That's right.
It would take months or years or decades to expose the CIA's lies and fraud and murder and terrorism before.
Now it comes out in a matter of hours or days.
What do you think the system's going to do to try to counter that?
I don't know what they can do.
I mean, I don't know what they can do, honestly.
I think the cat is out of the bag.
Pandora's box is open.
I agree.
Tell us about AWOL.
AWOL is another song off of Sonic Jihad, which is my last record, which is a first-person narrative of a high school student who encounters military recruiting on campus and all of the lies that they tell him and everything that he goes through, and he ends up going for it.
And, uh, you know, to a sad end.
So, it's pretty self-explanatory once you hear it.
Here we go, ladies and gentlemen.
AWOL by Paris from Sonic Jihad.
And you don't hear none of those stations for hip-hop and R&B playing them.
You can ask why.
In fact, where are those stations today?
Somebody better ask somebody that.
The people that's most affected by this war are the so-called hip-hop generations.
The Army is the best-kept secret in the world.
And every soldier gets his or her own private room.
They even forget that old brown-blue image of the Army.
I remember how it started.
Remember the time.
I was watching Rap City about a quarter to nine.
Commercial said the military giving money for school.
Caught some puns up to my campus.
They were signing recruits.
They made this dude named Diablo.
Some kind of vet.
He explained the situation.
Told me what to expect.
He said, I could take computer classes and could quit if I want.
But best of all was the fact that I had my own job.
I have my own space and have my own place to kick it.
On top of that, I travel and visit the world.
Hell, Diablo's hit the women overseas with the pearl.
Didn't even call my girl.
Let's get it on for sure.
Saw my name, took some tests, and I was out of the door.
A true soldier for America, ready to go.
On the road, a vacation will be good for the soul.
We're good to go.
If I didn't know no better, I think, boy, what's my name?
Same bullshit line, so many bits for me.
Got a n***a twisted up in this illusion of freedom.
I'm out tomorrow, made of my mind.
Everything Diablo said I'm finding out was a lie.
That's when my unit got the call, the commander-in-chief.
On the ground, Trooper Simon's keeping peace in the east.
What a relief!
I'm thinking, finally, something new.
Ships us off and 20 hours later, we was in route.
Touchdown around 11, the desert was bruised.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
I think?
We're good to go.
It looks like they want to give us a draft, don't they?
I've heard that.
Being floated around for a while now.
We'll see.
We're definitely going to see.
It's a sad, sad state of affairs.
Well, those are all amazing songs, and they're even better ones, I think, on some of the other albums.
They're all just excellent.
We've got a few minutes left, Paris, and again, I want to invite you back up any time again, GorillaFunk.com.
In the last few minutes we've got, you've got the floor.
Any other key points or things you want to express to the audience, all the fans and supporters you've got out there?
Well, that's one thing that I want to acknowledge, is the supporters.
I never say fans, but I definitely appreciate the support.
Encourage people to support counter-establishment media and to support independent media and independent art like what Alex is doing, like what you're doing and like what I'm doing.
And I want to say thanks to all the many people that are on MySpace.
MySpace has been a huge thing for me as well as GorillaFunk.com.
And to Jonathan Black for this interview and to you and Trey and Aaron.
Everything is appreciated, really.
In closing, I know you talk to a lot of other famous people, celebrities, artists.
I talk to quite a few.
Going back years, they knew 9-11 was an inside job.
They knew that we were going into tyranny, but they were scared to speak out like you did.
How many people do you talk to who are well-known, that know the truth, but are scared to go public?
You know what it is?
Especially in hip-hop, man, it seems like nobody knows anything.
I don't encourage anybody to speak out on things that they don't know.
You know, it's like you even look worse when you have an opinion and you're not knowledgeable.
So I encourage everybody to do more independent reading, more independent research, you know, to become more exposed and to travel if you can, if you're of means, to be able to travel and go places and experience things that other people are going through.
You'll have a much clearer idea of what's going on in the world and how our situation in America adversely affects everybody else.
Oh, you're absolutely right.
And people always ask me about solutions.
Just getting the word out.
The general public is still not educated.
They know something's wrong now.
But education, education, getting informed, that's the key.
That's the first step.
The TV is the great miseducator.
And, you know, it's like people seem to be alerted to reading now.
And when people go to school a lot of times, if they just go by the book and
and and don't explore things on their own and they'll only be equipped to work for somebody else and you know and and there's no incentive for anybody to see you become knowledgeable understand that you know there's no incentive for them to see you know anything you know somebody has to work at Walmart right so we just keep fighting to just fight
Well, you're amazing, my friend.
Paris, we salute you.
Go with God.
And I'll talk to you during the break if you can hold there.
But I just want to thank you for spending time with us, sir.
Alex, thanks for having me, man.
I'm looking forward to coming back.
Well, I'm very honored that Road to Tyranny influenced you.
And just God bless you, my friend.
All right, folks.
We'll be back with a bunch of news.
Ron Paul campaign.
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We're good.
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I'm the face that you have to face, never in your state.
I'm what's left, I'm what's right, I'm the enemy.
I'm the hand that takes you down, when you choose your means.
So who are you?
I think?
What if I say I'm not like the others?
What if I say I'm not just another pawn in your play?
I'm gonna pretend I'm What if I say I will never be better?
What if I say I'm not like the others?
What if I say I'm not just another pawn in your play?
I'm gonna pretend I'm What if I say I will never be better?
We're good to go.
Well, that's high-powered, isn't it?
All right, we're scheduled to have the Ron Paul 2008 campaign.
Head of the campaign, Kent Snyder, popping in.
And I've got a bunch of other news.
We're going to have Mr. Grudy, Paul Grudy.
He was the head of the funeral home when they basically ordered him to stage the fingerprints of Lee Harvey Oswald onto the supposed shooter gun, the Mandelkirk Carcano, back in 1963.
Ladies and gentlemen, we're not playing games.
We're bringing you the eyewitnesses.
We're bringing you the deathbed confessions.
We're bringing you the facts.
We're bringing you the info war.
We're not fighting the New World Order to lose.
We've got God on our side.
And if we lose, we die, ladies and gentlemen.
They can continue to carry out their bioethicist operations, their eugenics upon us.
This isn't a drill.
This isn't a game.
You're only alive once.
This is Mortal Kombat, toe-to-toe, with the NWO and their Dark Lord.
This is the GCN Radio Network.
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Global transmission continues right after this quick break.
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Man, I am so excited right now.
We just talked to Willie Nelson.
Probably going to have him on the show soon.
Ha ha!
That is exciting!
And we just had Paris on.
We got Paul Gritty, the funeral director.
He was ordered by the government to put Lee Harvey Oswald's prints on the Madeline Clark Arcana rifle.
He lives here in Austin.
We've got him about to be in studio coming up the next hour.
Ron Paul 2008 campaign.
It has been just amazing.
There's another money bomb going on today.
Two million raised a week or so ago.
And we are joined by Kent Schneider of the RonPaul2008.com campaign to give us an overview of where we're going and what's happening coming up in the Super Tuesday.
Mr. Schneider, thanks for spending time with us.
There's so much to talk about.
What is most important to impart to the listeners right now, sir?
Well, you mentioned Super Tuesday, and that's really the showdown is Super Tuesday.
I know the Super Bowl is on Sunday, but the real important game is on the following Tuesday.
And we'd certainly encourage people today and all through the weekend to sign up for precinct cleaners, get their friends to get out and vote.
And there's, what, 20, 22 states.
So the big showdown is on Tuesday to donate if you can.
So we can get more television and radio out there, but a whole year's worth of effort is really coming down to Tuesday, and here's our opportunity to take a stand.
Now, I know you guys want to look forward instead of backwards, and I want to do that today and talk about your strategy, because the listeners obviously want to know, Mr. Schneider.
But going back, I mean, New Hampshire, now Bev Harris, who helped produce the HBO documentary, she says there is clear fraud and, quote, criminal operation there.
Dealing with a recount.
You guys did say that there were serious problems in Louisiana where it looked like you won first place.
They're saying second.
Then in Nevada, Ron Paul got second, but Fox and others didn't even show his face and said McCain got it.
I mean, what the Ron Paul supporters I know are wanting, they're now getting with the campaign saying they're upset about this.
But, of course, we have to look forward, but I think we look forward to more of this.
I mean, what's your statement on all this chicanery?
Well, we reserved our right, as far as Louisiana, reserved our right to file a lawsuit down there.
We're actually going to be making a decision about that in the next day or two.
Dr. Paul did have a statement in terms of New Hampshire.
I mean, there's no doubt that elections, there's problems in terms of what degree, of course, you'd have to go through each individual situation.
As far as the media bias, you and I have talked about this before, and of course that was never more evident
In the latest debate at the CNN broadcast at the Reagan Library in terms of the time that Dr. Paul got and even Huckabee got or didn't get is probably a better way of putting it.
But there's no doubt that the establishment is pulling out the stops to make sure that the Ron Paul campaign and all the people who support him are silenced or ignored or aware of that.
Unfortunately for us, we have a campaign to run.
It's very difficult when you get into this legal mud, as I call it, of various jurisdictions around the country.
It's very, very difficult for us to run a full fledged campaign at the same time
Oh, I totally understand, and I think the listeners do, because you spend all your money, all your time, all your energy fighting those instead of looking forward and dealing with the next battle to come.
But I want listeners and Ron Paul supporters to take heart, which they are,
Because this massive blackout we're seeing and this attempt, I wouldn't even call it bias.
I mean, when they give him a third the time the other candidates get, less than a third the questions, when they...
That's not bias.
That's cheating.
It's like having a horse race that's ten laps, and you give the other guys six laps, you know, head start.
Or, you know, in an Indy 500, Ron's got to wait two hours after the race starts to even be able to get his car out there.
And that shows the establishment is scared.
But the good news is alternative media has gotten the word out that he got second place in two major states.
No, you're right.
Thankfully for shows like yours and of course the internet and all the websites and the blogs and all the email traffic, people around the country, in fact different parts of the world, they keep the truth going.
I mean, thanks.
Dr. Paul has said many, many times if it wasn't for the internet and the so-called alternative radio,
Talk shows, broadcasts, as well as via the Internet, this whole effort wouldn't be what it is today.
So that's a big thank you to all those people.
Well, now is the time to redouble and retriple our efforts.
Regardless of what happens in this election, as the Congressman has said, we're educating people who would have ever thought we'd see...
MSNBC talking about the private criminal Federal Reserve and how there's a need for investigations.
Who would have ever thought we'd see Ron Paul on Jay Leno twice?
Who would have ever thought that Liberty's message, I see Ron Paul sticker signs, phone calls, it's just the buzz is everywhere that's clearly they're cheating.
I mean, there's no doubt on its face.
I know that's happening.
People say, then why keep running?
Why keep canvassing?
Well, my biggest suggestion for people is, again, to become a precinct leader and do that on RonPaul2008.com.
Make a donation so we can keep the ads going.
But the third thing is, and this is overlooked time and time again, is people should invite, encourage, urge, push, whatever words you want, five, ten people, friends and family to do the same thing.
I mean, just imagine.
Do the math.
I mean, let's say we have a million people out there actively doing, you know, coming to Pre-Seek later and we've got people donating money.
If every one of those people would just get three people just to do the very same thing that they did,
I think so.
Kent, the congressman said six months ago that he probably wouldn't run on third party because the machinery isn't there.
I agree with that at that time.
And obviously we can't even start talking about third party runs until we see what happens in Super Tuesday and after that.
But now in some of the debates and some of the interviews he said, well, I never really thought about it, but now there's such interest.
He said things similar to that, you know, that, well, now, you know, maybe, but right now, you know, I'm running as a Republican.
I'm not trying to put words in his mouth.
I don't have the exact quotes there, but you've heard them, Ken Schneider, head of the campaign.
I don't want to put the cart before the horse here, but as a way to buoy people to let them know so they don't get crestfallen, we need to have the maximum effort now.
We need to have a maximum effort in donations, on the street, and disagree if you disagree.
I'm telling you my idea.
We need to have the maximum money given, maximum phone calls at talk shows, maximum canvassing, people going to the site, signing up to be precinct leaders now in a week.
They can do so much.
I mean, obviously, he's starting to hint.
There's so much momentum, so much money can be raised, and if... I mean, right now, Bloomberg sees how weak the two parties are.
So if they shut Ron Paul out, cheat him out, I mean, you look at the numbers, he's popular with independents, he's popular with Democrats, Republicans.
I've done a poll that shows with Zogby, it was a fair poll.
We even published the actual questions, which they never do.
Ron Paul would win in a three-party race if he could get on the ballot everywhere and
And even if he didn't win, he would be in those national debates to continue to expose the fact that both parties are pro-war and pro-New World Order.
So there's my take, Kent Snyder.
You've got the floor.
Give us your take.
Well, Dr. Paul has said many times, as you know, that this is not the end, it's the beginning.
And he's also said none of us can really predict the future.
And when you consider those two statements that he's made consistently from the start of this campaign a year ago, I do believe that Dr. Paul and you and millions of other people around the United States, that this really is the beginning.
And what form it takes, we don't know.
Dr. Paul doesn't know.
Nobody really knows.
But the good news is, and this is where people should take satisfaction, they should take heart, and they should take this as a source of encouragement, that this is the beginning, it's not the end.
Exactly what form it goes past Super Tuesday or past the convention or past the election, no one really knows.
But the exciting part for Dr. Paul, and I've heard him say this publicly as well as privately, and for people who've been in the freedom movement for a long time,
This is the beginning.
That's the exciting part.
What form it takes, we don't know.
So I just encourage people, especially that are new to the freedom movement, new to the campaign, if you really consider it, the glass is half full.
It's not half empty.
And whatever happens, that to me is the exciting part because I don't know exactly what form it's going to take.
You've got to keep it fluid.
You can't make decisions now.
You've got to stay fully in this game.
We're having incredible victories.
I mean, if you go back six months ago, they were still cheating him on time, but he was getting a little more coverage because they thought he was an anomaly they could minimize.
Now they're actually scared.
That's when we saw the hit pieces get launched.
I mean, they are desperate right now, and that shows how viable Ron Paul is.
One thing is so many new people have come to the political process who were turned off by it, or people who were turned off who'd been involved earlier, and they're expecting, you know, this is all going to be a bed of roses.
This is a long, hard fight, Kent.
Oh yeah, that's a good point and I'm glad you reminded people of that because things didn't get bad overnight and it's going to take a long-term effort to correct them.
We know that.
A lot of people know that, but people who are fairly new to the political process and who are frustrated with how things are, six months is no time at all.
I understand the frustration, but people like Dr. Paul and yourself who've been involved in this for many, many years, we just need to keep going and people need to understand who are fairly new to this freedom movement that there's a lot more that we need to do, but like you said, a lot has been accomplished this last year and for us,
That really is the exciting part for us to keep going even harder and faster for the next 5, 10, 20, 30 years.
Putting a pretty face on this, I don't have words to describe how good this is.
Coming in third and fourth in some states, winning second place, clearly first place in Louisiana, but they cheated him.
Winning first, second place, this huge buzz for liberty.
As Ron Paul says, he will not be our leader.
He is trying to be a focal point for turning the people's power and liberty in the free market loose.
Again, listeners, and most people understand this, but some still don't,
This is so exciting what's happening, and we've got to stay fully 110% in the game right now through Super Tuesday, through the next couple primary days, and then don't worry, you're going to see, hint, hint, we can't give the enemy too much ammo right now, you're going to see something big happen.
Let's talk about, hypothetically, a three-way run.
The problem is Bloomberg's going to come in now, knowing both parties are weak.
I see that as hurting Dr. Paul, but still, he'll be one of the strongest candidates in that fight.
Give us your take on that, I mean, hypothetically.
Well, yeah, I think you're right.
Bloomberg is really the wild card, and he's the wild card because he has so much money, and he's publicly said, at least in the reports I read, that he would spend a half a billion or even a billion dollars to run.
And, of course, that is an ungodly amount of money for someone to run for president.
I also understand he's been doing quite a bit of polling and has been for the last several months to determine whether or not his campaign would be viable.
I do think the other wild card is that the political taste and mood of the country is something that is really hard to gauge.
I think my personal guess is that for us, the public by and large, they're not satisfied with Obama or Clinton or McCain or Romney.
That's why they're kind of looking towards Bloomberg.
But for us and our movement, I think the time is ripe.
I think we're good to go.
That's right.
Politically, third-party candidates or alternative candidates always are stronger during major political realignments.
We're in the middle of a political realignment.
Ron Paul came at the perfect time.
Every major political strategist who was being honest, regardless of their stripe, have admitted this.
They call it liquid.
In the political realm, ladies and gentlemen, in the sociology and psychology and PR realm, things are liquid now.
They've been frozen in the left-right false control paradigm for the last, really, 100 years.
We're seeing the first major realignment.
There's no debating.
New York Times, Washington Post have all reported.
Congress has an 11% approval rating.
Both parties are hated.
And there's only one candidate now in the race.
We're good to go.
The candidate.
He is the perfect candidate.
I mean, this is like a fairy tale or something.
It's so perfect.
And then his message has, for 30 years, has been about what is now precipitating, what is now unfolding, Ken Snyder.
Oh, you're absolutely right.
I mean, Dr. Paul, as you know and your listeners, I'm sure know, that Dr. Paul has been making these statements for the last 30 years.
He's been making these predictions time and time again.
He's found to be correct in all of those, especially the predictions in terms of what's happening.
And as everyone knows who's followed Dr. Paul at all, they realize that he has such a consistent record, a long-time, long-term record in terms of what he's talked about, his votes, his legislation.
So when people look to Dr. Paul for the first time, I am struck time and time again, they usually comment
You know, he has a record that's so consistent, that's long and consistent, that it gives me a feeling of trust in terms of who this person is.
And that's something that you just don't do overnight.
So fortunately for him and for the campaign and the supporters, we're now able to showcase that trust and that people are finding that, especially in today's climate, they're finding that very attractive.
We've only got about a minute and a half left with you, Ken Schneider.
Hypothetically, Congressman's picking up delegates every time they have a primary, and the other candidates are dropping out, so he's getting more and more attention even though they try to freeze him out.
How many delegates do you think you need to get to stay in the Republican process, and when might we see, and again this is all hypothetical, the announcement for third party?
Well, as far as the delegates, I mean, that really is a function of how Romney and McCain go.
I mean, if Romney and McCain come down with 45% of the delegates into the convention in September in St.
Paul, Minneapolis, St.
Paul, and then Dr. Paul has 10% of the delegates, that would be certainly enough for Dr. Paul to have, if you will, a bargaining chip, a very big one.
So it's really going to come down to how Romney and McCain
So you think a brokered convention is in the cards?
Oh, I think it's definitely possible.
Okay, okay.
I agree with you from my perspective, but you know more about this than I do.
At the same time, again, I see the third party move as even stronger at that point.
Would you guys... What do you like, the Constitution Party or the Libertarians?
Well, I don't know.
I mean, it's really hard to say.
I mean, I...
I'm not evading your question.
I'm just so focused on the task at hand that I don't even think about post that.
The only thing, again, I'll say is, as I said earlier,
No one, nobody knows the future.
We'll just have to assess it at that time.
I think that's how Dr. Paul thinks as well.
Yes, sir.
I want to stay forward-focused on the battles in hand.
I agree with you.
Everybody, redouble efforts.
But I wanted people to know there's a battle coming after that.
There's a whole other half in the ballgame, sir.
Yeah, very good, sir.
Thank you so much, Ken Snyder.
Thanks for having me.
There goes Ken Snyder, head of the RonPaul2008.com campaign.
You bet.
I'm Alex Jones.
Key news straight ahead.
And then our massive guest in studio.
Stay with us.
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I think?
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I wanted to have Chad pop in for just a moment.
I forgot to ask you, John, is he there?
All right.
Look at this.
This is Finance and Development, Mainstream Magazine.
Global governments.
Who is in charge?
Just global government in your face.
But then if you say you don't want global government, they say that magazine doesn't exist.
announcement doesn't exist.
That U.N.
Ted, you were reading to me just last night over the phone.
I went and pulled it up.
The Wall Street Journal's on about $230 an ounce gold.
Excuse me, $2,300 an ounce gold.
I wish it was $230.
Like it got close to a few years ago.
It's at 9.30 something today.
Chad, tell us about that report.
Oh, yeah, I was reading it myself, and it's good to see that the stock people are finally coming along with this, too.
$2,300 gold because of the fact that the inflation hasn't been adjusted yet on the gold prices.
They're saying that gold has been a poor hedge against inflation due to the fact that the central banks have been manipulating it for so long, and now it's breaking loose, and that's exactly what got... You know, the reason why I picked up the Wall Street Journal is because I wanted to see that GATA ad
We're good to go.
You know, affecting not only our nation, now bleeding into the Japanese markets.
You know, it's like affecting the entire world.
There's very little positive news at all in that Wall Street Journal.
Everything is negative.
And that's, you know, the people that are selling stocks now are saying this, that you've got to get out of paper and you've got to get into gold.
I think it's just ironic and somewhat comical to see those guys finally turning around and going, you know, we really do have problems.
We'd better start looking at gold.
And they're talking about buying gold not as an investment, but they want to buy it now as insurance.
Well, it's about time they wake up.
They should have been buying it.
Six years ago was insurance when the handwriting was on the wall.
Now we're experiencing the problems, and they're finally saying, yeah, go ahead, guys, let's diversify and get into gold.
Chad, how much gold do you have at last week's price?
I didn't talk to you before we did this offer.
I mean, do you have it still at last week's price?
I have a few things that are still sitting here in inventory.
Obviously, we don't sell everything out.
I have some of those British sovereigns that are still at a really good price level.
I mean, if you take a look at gold right now,
Gold today hit $935.70.
Right now we're looking at roughly around $910 for gold, and it's strong.
I mean, with that $935.70... It's gyrating up and down, but staying above $900 now, off and on for months.
Ted, how do people call?
Tell them about the different offers you've got.
Yeah, right now they call 1-800-686-2237.
We do have the British Sovereigns.
Right now they're currently at $256.00.
We got the Franks right now at 205.
I do have some of those gold commemoratives left at 340, and the silver dollars obviously are a great buy at this time as well.
Alex, I just can't say enough.
I mean, right now, the Wall Street Journal is calling for $1,000 gold here, and now before things correct and adjust for inflation, $2,300 an ounce for gold.
I mean, that's the Wall Street Journal, and that's coming from the
Give them the number on those offers.
You can't beat these deals.
Are you out of silver dollars?
No, I still have some.
You can call us at 800-686-2237.
Again, that's 800-686-2237.
Now, folks, the price has gone up.
They have limited supplies.
It's the Alex Jones Special.
It will be gone by the end of the weekend, okay?
And there's not much left.
We'll be right back with Paul Grudy.
Stay with us.
You are listening to GCN.
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You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Coming up in the next segment, we're going to have Paul Grudy on.
He was the head of the funeral home that took in the body of who they claimed was Lee Harvey Oswald.
They then, the government came in and made him put his handprints, fingerprints, on the Maglikar-Curcano rifle that they claim shot Kennedy.
Three shots in six seconds.
So we're going to have Mr. Grudy in studio coming up in about six minutes.
After this quick break, we're going to talk to Mr. Grudy.
I'll air about 30 minutes of the last 15-20 minutes.
If you have specific questions about the JFK assassination and his story, then you're absolutely welcome to call in as well.
I'm, of course, making a documentary about the JFK assassination, interviewing St.
John Hunt, interviewing Jim Mars and others, and we're so honored to have Mr. Grudy in studio with us.
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Now, as I said...
In closing, we're going to come back and get into the JFK assassination with just an amazing eyewitness, and a very kind, very nice person.
I enjoyed meeting his son, who I saw at a talk fest this weekend.
I enjoyed meeting Mr. Grudy.
And, of course, also he has his wife here with him today, and she's just a sweetheart.
So it's great to have this gentleman here with us.
He enlisted in the United States Army and became a chaplain assistant and then surgical technician.
And that was in World War II.
My goodness, these guys are so great.
It's always good just to be able to talk to a World War II vet.
Both my grandfathers are now gone, and one of them was a B-17 gunner.
And the other was in fighter planes, but I probably wouldn't be here, though.
He crashed pretty early in the war, and so he got injured and got out of it quick.
Because I know my other grandfather almost got killed in those B-17s.
So I guess a hand to God there, you never know what happens in things, so you'll be around.
Because did you know in a lot of those missions, they would lose half of their aircraft?
That's how dangerous it was going into Italy, going into Germany, going into the Balkans, up against the Nazis.
Both my grandfathers, again, were in the European theater of operations.
Even worse or as bad out there, of course, in the Pacific.
So we'll get him to talk a little bit about that.
He's seen quite a few things.
He's Paul Grudy on the other side of this quick break right here on the GCN Radio Network.
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We're good to go.
Paul Grudy was born in Washington, Kansas on February 22, 1919, George Washington's birthday.
After high school and college, Paul graduated from the Williams Institute of Mortuary Science.
He enlisted in the United States Army and became a chaplain's assistant and then a surgical technician.
After being honorably discharged, he returned to civilian life to build cemeteries, homes, and mortuaries.
Paul was the licensed undertaker and funeral director in charge of the burial, subsequent
Exhumation, exhuming, and reburial of Lee Harvey Oswald.
And he retired at 85 years of age, and he is as sharp as a tack, and we are honored to have him here in studio with us.
Mr. Grudy, thanks for being here.
I'm just glad to do it.
We appreciate the fact that after all these years, we can still talk about it and enjoy the fact that it is something that the public is still interested in.
Tell us about growing up, World War II, a little bit about yourself and then how you got into the mortuary business leading up to the tragic assassination in 1963.
...other happened to be a part of the family that had a mortuary in Ohio.
And because of that background, I was inclined, and my brother was also inclined, to become a mortician.
Being around the business, we might say, for 75 years, that's a long time to be in anything.
It's only those who are honestly dedicated that can be in this business because we're at a service
All the time.
We are the ones that had to do what most folks didn't really ever want to do, and that was to go to a home or to go where somebody had died or been killed.
We're the ones that had to clean up that sort of mess that always exists around that kind of death.
Continuing from there, so you were trained as a mortician before you went to World War II?
I was a licensed embalmer and funeral director.
You have to get a license to do so.
Handled a lot of bodies.
Matter of fact, in the Williams Institute of Mortuary Sciences, it was required that we deal with at least eight mortars.
Autopsies and bodies.
I happened to be so easily accessible and so interested in it, I had 88 instead of just 8.
Because of my background there, I ended up in the medical field with the Army, and because of that, every pathologist that ever came around and was in a base hospital, wherever we were stationed in the States or overseas,
We're good to go.
And then you got even more training in World War II.
You were in the Pacific Theater?
We were the infantry regiment that were the ones that fought in the bulge.
So you were in the European Theater?
Yes, we were European Theater.
We ended up going into Le Havre, going through France and up into Germany, fought the Germans, and at that time we knew it was winding down because the Germans were running out of
I think so.
Because of the fact that they were winding down, it didn't make a lot of difference, but a German Red Cross agent, one who was an honest-to-goodness medic like I was, came across the line and said, Sergeant, can I end up working with you guys because we know we're ending the war?
He was using perfect English, and I said, how come you can talk such good... Oh, he said, I've been to the States, I've been around, my family's been around, and he said, if I could work with you guys, I would sure like that.
And I said, come on, we always could use extra help, because we were still in the war.
We were still fighting, they were still shooting at us.
Do you know that the Red Cross man, who is the representative of the American Red Cross, was a part of our outfit...
He lost his Jeep, and this young German found out about it, and he told the man, he said, you lost your Jeep?
He said, yeah, it blew up.
He said, I hit a mine and it tore it up.
He said, I don't have a vehicle.
He said, you just sit still a while.
He said, I'll be back.
He went across the line, went over to the motor pool on the German side, and came driving back in a great big German Mercedes car.
So this gave you even more training in death, in firearms, in what the ballistics of a bullet going through flesh look like.
I mean, I don't want to make you tell any war stories, but what were some of the most amazing or harrowing things that you saw while you were in Europe?
Well, of course, they were bringing me not only the Americans who had been injured and hit by...
Ammunition or buy a bomb or whatever.
They were bringing that through my aid station and we would take care of the best we could.
Then we'd send them back to the base where they needed to go to get further help.
It was a matter of most fantastic that these boys were treated on the scene by my guys who were my medics out in the field and
It was remarkable that they did save their lives.
And, of course, we were taking care of the Germans as much as we were the Americans.
Because, after all, and those German boys all said the same thing.
Said, we're sure glad you came along because you're going to get rid of Hitler.
And they didn't like it either that they had this battle to fight.
But if they spoke out against Hitler, they got executed.
That's it.
That's it.
And, of course, we didn't know what happened to them after we sent them back.
But they were taken care of, that's for sure.
And after all these years I found out that a lot of us at that time were never treated for the fact that the bombs going off and the ammunition that was used and the type of death that we saw and the
Bad stuff stuck in our minds and they didn't recognize this.
Only now they do for the boys that are over in Iraq.
That they really realize that they're committing suicide and they are not being, they had a problem.
But we, back in those days, had no help whatsoever.
They didn't know that we were affected by the bombs and by the death that was around us.
Your grandpa was in the air.
I saw them up in the air and fly over us.
And some of those planes were in bad shape because they had been riddled and hit.
We ended up going all the way across Germany.
Clear across Czechoslovakia, up to Czechoslovakia.
Now that was 1300 miles away from Le Havre.
They put us aboard little boxcars and took us back.
That was 1300 miles.
Something affected me at the time that still carries over.
Do you know our car had a flat wheel?
It was thump, thump, thump, thump, thump, thump all day long for that 1,300 miles.
And to realize today, when I go to a grocery store and get a cart and it's got a bumpy wheel, man, I get rid of that booger.
I can't stand that.
So this something carries over all these years later, realizing it was that many years later.
It's amazing.
Now, when we're going to break, I want to come back and get directly into the JFK assassination and the part you play in that whole saga and story that is now coming to a head finally in closure today.
Paul Grudy, what were you doing on that horrible day in 1963 when the president was killed?
We were at the funeral home in Fort Worth.
And I was managing that theater home.
Secret Service called me and said, You are Paul Brody.
We have checked into the records and found that you are a licensed mortician, that you did fight in the bones and you fought in the war.
Secret Service said, You come to Dallas and get the body of this man because we want your kind of guy to help us get the job done of knowing that this man was embalmed
And buried properly, and that's how we did it.
Now, we did go to Dallas.
I did go to Dallas and pick up his body, brought him back to funeral home in Fort Worth, embalmed that body, made arrangements, and buried him.
But a part of that that I think is so important, do you know the general public talks about Lee Harvey Oswald doing this,
I know his mother or knew his mother because she's gone.
She never was convinced that it was really Lee Harvey.
His brother, his wife, the two babies, and of course one thing about it, to think that this guy was
We're good to go.
And that was Ruby, Jack Ruby.
And now, I didn't know, but maybe there was a third nut out there who was going to come and shoot the undertaker.
I didn't know.
Well, when we get back, I want to break down, I mean, as slowly as possible, as detailed as possible, Mr. Grudy.
I want to walk through what happened that day, then when Oswald got killed, how the Secret Service had you come get his body, how they had you put the fingerprints on it and the rest of it, okay?
Ladies and gentlemen, we'll be right back after this quick break with Paul Grudy.
We're having him for the rest of the hour.
Very interesting history.
Stay with us.
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Before you slip into unconsciousness... Paul Grudy is our guest.
He was the funeral home director who they had come out and pick up the body of Lee Harvey Oswald.
He wanted to prove that it indeed was Oswald later because there have been debates about three guys with the same name, different people running around.
But the big issue here is the Secret Service came and had him put his palm print of the dead body of Lee Harvey Oswald on the Malinker Carcano rifle.
So if you can, Mr. Grudy, walk us through when you went and picked up his body and then later when they came back and had you put the palm print on there in as much detail as you can.
Just the fact that we knew good and well if they put a palm print on his hand that they would put the black print
...ink all over his hand, and I was concerned the fact that when they did that, I had to clean it up again because I was the one going to have to bury this guy, and I didn't want that black all over everything.
So it was a matter of asking them to be careful when they did this, but they came to my preparation room, as we call it, and did actually apply his hand onto that rifle to prove that that rifle had the...
We're good to go.
I think?
Brother said this is Lee Harvey.
His wife said it was him.
Now, because of that, I had to type up a death certificate and file it, because that is my job.
And I had to prove that it was really Lee Harvey Oswald, and that's why I was convinced it was Lee Harvey.
Now, who did the shooting?
I absolutely do not know.
But the Secret Service established the fact that they felt that that was who it was supposed to be.
I understand.
Let's walk through this now very slowly.
Go back in memory, Mr. Grudy.
They come in, they take his hand, they put it where?
On the Mannlicher Carcano rifle.
And B, was this the rifle?
Did they tell you this was the rifle that Oswald supposedly had?
This is what they told me, that they wanted to do that, because this was the rifle that they got from the schoolbook depository, and that was the one that Oswald was supposed to have used.
Now, we don't know.
I have no knowledge of the fact, were they telling me the truth?
Well, that's where all this speculation can come from.
Could have been some drummed-up deal.
We don't know.
I have no idea.
But the one thing I had to establish was it wasn't really Lee Harvey.
So, therefore, I had the body of Lee Harvey Oswald.
They knew I had the body of Lee Harvey.
Describe the layout.
Now, first you got the body, was that the day after he was killed in Dallas, or when was that?
Well, he was killed that same day was the day I went to Dallas after the autopsy had been performed, which is an experiment.
We're good to go.
Hunk of skin where the bullet went in.
Now, Ruby did that, and it was so quick.
There was an officer absolutely handcuffed to Oswald at the time.
On each side.
And therefore, him walking up and shooting like he did, remarkable that it missed the rib.
It would have ricocheted and changed direction and all of that.
But I saw where it went through the rib.
Between the ribs and lodged over on the other side of his body.
I saw all that, so I know that that's where Ruby had hit him.
What killed him?
What killed him, that's right.
It went through his inferior vena cava, his aorta, which are the big artery vein down your backbone.
It was definitely a lucky shot as far as Ruby was concerned.
Couldn't have been any...
And after all, I've been in this business, you know, for 75 years.
I've seen so much of that very thing.
Well, they say that the trauma medics see hundreds of times what any surgeon will ever see from gunshots from war.
And to know that my experience overseas and with the bodies and people I was around and with all the army camps where people had been accidentally killed and whatnot and all the autopsies I've been around, thousands of them, it's
I saw what I saw, and I know that this guy was killed by Ruby.
Now, I don't know who else.
They couldn't have substituted a body on me.
They would not have come up with a body that quick.
And the reason you bring this up is because then there became a big controversy about was it Oswald or not.
Was it Oswald or not.
Now, I buried him.
Seventeen years later, the head of the British intelligence called me and said... Oh, well, hold on.
Let's hear about this on the other side, okay?
We've got a break.
We're going to come back with Paul Grudy on the other side.
I want to go back again and have you go back to memory exactly what the Secret Service said, what they had to do with the hand, then the former head of British intelligence calling you the exhuming of the body.
We're going to talk about it all with Paul Grudy on the other side.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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We're back live, ladies and gentlemen.
Paul Grudy was born in Washington, Kansas, February 22, 1919.
After high school and college, Paul graduated from Williams Institute of Mortuary Science.
He enlisted in the United States Army and became a chaplain's assistant.
He was in the Battle of the Bulge and then a surgical technician.
After being honorably discharged, he returned to civilian life.
To build cemeteries, homes, and mortuaries, Paul was the licensed undertaker at the funeral director in charge of the burial, subsequent exhumation, and reburial of Lee Harvey Oswald.
And you can just type Paul Grudy into the search engine and read all about him.
There are different encyclopedia entries, you name it, the Lee Harvey Oswald Research page, and a lot more online by searching the keywords Paul Groody together.
Okay, Paul, this is such a big deal.
I want to walk through this slower.
Describe that day, what you've been doing, if you remember, when the Secret Service came in, what they said to you, where the body was, what they had the rifle in, what they said the rifle was.
In detail, as much detail as you can give us, walk through it slowly.
Alex, I knew that we were probably going to be harassed.
When I would walk out back of the funeral home, we counted 1,300 cameras back there behind us in our parking lot.
We knew we would be harassed.
When the Secret Service said, we're coming and we're going to want to make a print off of the hand of the man that you have and we're going to blacken his hand and all.
And I said, well, you guys be careful back there because I'm going to bury him and I don't want that black all over all his clothes and everything.
They were careful.
So they did.
Now, they took a handprint.
And took his hand and put it against the butt of the rifle that was supposed to be the rifle that this man used.
I don't know if it was the real one or what it was.
Do you remember their names?
How were they holding it?
Was it in a box?
No, it was in a case.
It was in a case.
So they came in and took it out?
Took it out and blackened his hand and pressed his hand on the butt of that gun exactly as a man would hold it.
Now, a dead human remains that had been embalmed, which I did, and did a...
A little more than normal, as far as embalming was concerned, because I knew they might want to look at him again in the future, because that, it would be hard to really get a good print.
So, we don't know how good a print is.
Because of rigor mortis?
Oh, yeah.
And because of embalming.
Talk about that.
Talk about rigor mortis.
Well, Riger will set in shortly after death.
When it does, everything has become rigid and firm.
You can tell how long a body has been
Are humans similar to dogs?
Just an hour and a half later, and he was already getting stiff.
That's right.
This is a part of what happens to people, and that's what happened in combat.
Boys had been hit, and we didn't know how long they'd been hit, but we knew if Ryger had sent in, he'd been hit some time earlier.
So you never know what's going on.
But we definitely knew that they were going to do this, and I was careful because...
To make sure that they would do it in a manner that would be proper, and they did.
It seemed like to me.
So where was his body described?
Well, we have, and I think this is an interesting tale.
Alex, there was a man that passed away in a rest home by the name of Bobo.
Mr. Bobo and the lady who was in charge of the rest home said, Mr. Bobo died and Paul, would you come and get his body and then bomb him and bury him?
And I said, I'll do it.
And she said, now he had four $100 bills in his boot because he was an old cowboy and the boot had a hole in it and it had four holes.
That's a bigger hole, smaller, smaller, smaller hole.
In the $100 bills.
He had four $100 bills, and that was to bury him with.
Those are the bills I used to bury that old man.
Now, knowing good and well that I had Bobo on table one, I moved Bobo to table two and put Oswald on table one.
Everybody that looked, and they would say, is that Oswald?
I would say, because I'd open the door to go in there, and they'd say, is that Oswald?
I'd say, no, that's Mr. Bobo.
And all this time, I used Bobo to hide the fact that I had Oswald, because we didn't know what was going to happen to us.
We knew good and well that if Secret Service came, they would come, and they went to table one, where Oswald was, put that hand mark on him,
We don't know how it turned out.
We don't know what happened to the gun.
But you were there.
You saw them put the hand on it.
Oh, yes.
There's no question about it that that's what they did.
Well, I mean, obviously, here's the issue.
They then ran out and told the media that they found his fingerprints on the gun.
Can you speak about that?
I have no knowledge of that.
Well, you know the Warren Commission and others then said that his fingerprints had been found on the gun.
Yes, that's right.
Can you speak about that?
Well, if they found that, that's what they were doing.
They were making sure that his fingerprints were on the gun to prove that he was the one that actually used the gun and to definitely make him to be the one who did the killing of President Kennedy.
Does that look suspicious to you?
Well, we've often wondered, really, if they were covering up, was it some connection?
And Mama Oswald always said that.
His mother always said, I don't believe that was my son that did the shooting, that it could have been somebody else.
Now, they had claimed they were coming to get his fingerprints, but then they were trying to put the rigor mortis hand with the ink on the gun.
Did you say, hey, why are you doing that?
Well, no, I didn't question them.
It was all right with me, whatever they did, just as long as they cleaned it up after they got through.
How many Secret Service men?
If I remember, it was three.
And I'm not too sure that it was exactly Secret Service.
It could have been some other branch of FBI or something.
But they said they were Secret Service.
They said they were Secret Service.
But they showed me badges, so they proved that they were the people.
But you never know in this day and time who's who when you are around that sort of thing.
And after all, I've been around it.
Ambulance business was a part of our business, too.
And being around that all the time, we were questioned everywhere.
No question about it.
We had to check and make sure we were talking to a real policeman or whatever it might be.
How long did it take you to get the ink off his hand?
Well, I don't remember now, but of course we have cosmetics, and I felt as though the cosmetics would probably cover it up, and it did pretty well cover everything up.
We didn't have any real problem with it because his hand is down and covered up with wax.
Did they have an open casket at this funeral?
Actually, the parents and the brother, the mother, and the brother and the wife, they got to see him, but the rest of the public did not.
Now, why was his body later exhumed?
We know a controversy erupted because there had been three different people using Oswald's name.
There had been a police officer who looked just like him who had been shot.
I mean, is that why it led to the exhumation?
You also talked about former head of British intelligence calling you.
You left off there, but start over.
Mr. Bobo, I mean...
Michael Eddowes is an English author that wrote a book about it.
And because of that, they wanted to know if I could disinter his remains so they could look at him again.
So this is what the process was.
And Mr. Bobo
I mean, Mr. Eddowes, Michael Eddowes, said that he was going to come over and that he'd pay the bill if he'd dig him up.
And I said, well, if you're going to pay the bill, I'll get a permit.
I went to the wife, went to Marina and got her to do it.
And I did.
She's a lovely, lovely person.
By the way, she believes it was a government op.
Yes, they are all, you know... You know, we had her number, but then she got divorced and moved out of the Dallas area.
Are you still in contact with her?
No, not at all.
We're trying to get in contact with her if somebody can help us.
Even Mars doesn't know how to get a hold of her now.
I talked to her just a few years ago, and now I've lost contact.
She doesn't like to be bothered about it.
I'll guarantee you that.
She's very nice people, and just one of those things that...
I have no reason to hunter up or... Now, you mentioned the former head of British intelligence.
Start over.
We ran into a break.
Start over.
He called me and wanted to know if I could disinter.
And I said I could.
So that's who was writing the book, was the former head of British intelligence?
Yes, right.
And he said, I'll pay the bill if you dig him up.
So I did.
I got the permit.
I went to the state and got my permit.
The man who helped me get it done, Mr. Carroll was in charge and I knew him from experience.
He gave me a permit.
I went out, dug him up, brought his vault to the surface.
When we opened the vault, it was a steel reinforced concrete wall.
It weighed 2,700 pounds, so it's not just a little flimsy thing.
It was broken, and we don't know why.
And because of the fact that... What did the break look like?
Well, it was a typical dead human remains, I'll guarantee you.
No, but I mean... It had been recently... I mean, it had originally been broken.
It seemed like shortly after I buried him...
Now, one tale that goes with this that I think is interesting, if nothing else, the man who ran the cemetery, he committed suicide some years later.
And I said, I knew that man.
I can't believe that he would commit suicide.
Doctor was in charge, the pathologist that had done the autopsy on that guy.
I said, how did he die?
He said he committed suicide.
And I said, what did he use?
He said he used a knife.
I said, a knife to commit suicide?
Yes, 17 stab wounds.
To commit suicide.
And you've experienced that?
That's not possible.
He evidently knew too much about who got into that grave after I buried him.
We don't know what happened or why they wanted in the grave.
Who's going to prove what?
Were they going to steal body parts or what are they going to do?
We have no knowledge.
From that has stemmed a lot of...
Who he was.
Was it Oswald, really?
And this sort of thing.
I know.
I buried Lee Harvey.
Now, let's be specific about this vault.
Was this a concrete sarcophagi that had another coffin inside of it?
Yes, it had the casket inside of it.
Can you detail the materials?
I mean, talk about the larger sarcophagi and the smaller sarcophagi.
Well, now, the smaller is not anything that's sealed.
The cheap casket is what it really was.
It's a number 31 from the casket cup.
Is that water metal?
Wood and cloth-covered wood.
Very inexpensive as far as caskets go.
Now, because of that, I did not spend a lot of money for that family.
Robert, the brother, said, I will pay the bill.
I said...
How are you going to pay for it?
He said, I have $800.
I said, I'm not going to use it all.
And I only spent $710.
That was three grave spaces.
That was a casket.
That was a funeral.
That was everything.
Why put it inside the concrete?
Well, that's how you do.
With a steel reinforced concrete vault that has a lid.
So it's a big box made out of steel.
Made out of reinforced steel and it is asphalt lined and the lid is asphalt lined.
I know how they're going to be made.
I know how they're made and I know about them.
I almost bought the company, the franchise, and I knew good and well how they're made.
I helped to make them.
Matter of fact, the lid that was on that was one of the lids that I... That's right.
You're quite an entrepreneur.
So is your son.
Well, been into a lot of things.
Building cemeteries, building homes, building buildings and all.
We definitely knew that if we dug him up, it ought to be all right.
But it turned out that vault was actually broken and they're not supposed to break.
Now, let's talk about that vault plan.
How was it broken?
What did it look like?
Did it look like it had been jimmied to you?
Say that in your own words.
Well, the fact that when we put it into the grave, it was solid, it was cured, it was solid concrete, it was not anything cheap.
It's a good, heavy-weighted thing.
When we...
Well, the sides are cracked, and the lid, the part of the casket was off to the side inside.
The body had been disturbed, no question.
So it looked like this had been done hurriedly.
Hurriedly, that's absolutely true.
And then the man who was running the facility, he magically died.
Yes, yes, yes.
17 stab wounds.
Yes, that was... Supposed suicide.
Yes, suicide.
We've had people have their arms and legs cut off and they claim it's suicide.
Well, yeah, there's no question about it.
Being in my business all these years, I've seen a lot of things, and that's one thing...
We always kind of wonder about it.
I wonder how they get local police to certify that people shoot themselves twice in the back of the head and cut their arms and legs and head off.
Some Clinton people had that happen to them.
Is that the truth?
They could find me cutting 50 pieces and they'd say I did it.
And do you know who takes care of all of that?
The poor undertaker.
I have been there hundreds and hundreds of times because we are the ones that have to go clean up the mess with a suicide or with a murder and all of that.
So you have to respect the old guy who's been at it.
It's a tough job.
I couldn't imagine having to do it.
You have to have a strong stomach, I'll tell you.
And because of the fact that people now here just heard it this morning.
Somebody's going to have to have an autopsy.
I know what takes place.
My wife asked me the other day when I heard somebody talking about it.
She said, you're sure quiet.
And I said, well, I'm going through what they're probably going through with this autopsy they're going to perform.
Let's go back to, so the wooden coffin was open inside, the larger sarcophagus that had the top knocked off.
What did the body, what was the condition of the body?
Well, it's a typical 17 years of being exposed to the elements is the way it turns out.
Because by simply opening it, it destroyed the remains.
That's it.
You speak to that probably being the end.
Well, just the fact that if I go out into the woods and get a body that's been out in the woods a long time, you know it's going to end up to be nothing but a skeleton because that's all that is left.
And it's nearly always disturbed and distributed around in the area.
But if they've left intact, their jaw is down on their chest.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
But if they didn't want somebody to be able to exhume it and do another autopsy to really find out identity or something, they'd want it to rot.
That's it.
That's it.
We knew good and well that somebody had been there and didn't know what they were doing.
Was there clothing left or was it all left?
Well, that clothing isn't... After that many years, it's gone.
It's nothing.
It shreds anyway.
And they... We took that body after the autopsy.
I mean, after we'd exhumed it.
We took him to Parkland, where a pathologist and the assistants and all took care of it and made a total record of what it appeared to be.
And the weird part of it was, this man had been autopsied, therefore his skull had been capped.
So that the brain was removed.
They have his brain someplace.
I put the cap back on and sealed up his head again.
Now, that head looked like it had never been autopsied, because when I seal him up, I seal him up.
In other words, I glue that back on pretty well, and therefore, I didn't want it sliding around, because it'll make it crease right across the forehead, if that's the case.
So I...
Hooked it in there pretty good.
Was it the same skull?
I say it was the same skull.
But there could be the question.
Since you couldn't see a whole lot of that exist with the new autopsy, or new at least report.
But you're saying you couldn't even see the cut?
No, you can't see the cut when it's after 17 years.
It's going to seal itself back up.
We'll be right back, Mr. Grooney.
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Paul Grudy, I'm going to come out to your home and interview you.
You've been gracious enough out there.
I'm told it's beautiful out by the Oasis over Lake Travis.
Across from the Oasis.
Wow, that's beautiful over there.
I can't wait to come out and see you next week.
Your wife is lovely and wonderful.
We've got about three minutes left.
Any other points you want to add?
Anything else you want to talk about?
Anything you want to plug?
Any websites?
Anything else you want to... Final word to the listeners.
I really am...
Happy, Alex, to leave all that good stuff to you, because you have it.
It's what it takes to get the job done.
Knowing good and well that we talked just the other day.
My wife is a full-blooded Swede, and her grandparents came from Sweden.
Settled out by Round Rock, out by Hutto, had property out there, the Westberg family.
The owner of this network is a Swede of Minnesota.
That's good.
They are great people, and because my wife and I went to the museum in Round Rock, I mean in Georgetown, which now is set up, shows all of the old stuff.
And of course, these Swedes came over here because of the potato farm
Famine that was going on, so many of them, like the Irish did too, and that's where my family came from.
I got a little bit of everything in there.
Yeah, we have a river in Ireland by the name of the Groody River, a bridge over it, the Groody Bridge, and a roundabout to get to it.
So we know it's the Groody Roundabout, so we know the name Groody over there.
Folks know it, not over here, because we're strangers.
You were telling me about your daughter, too.
She's one of those guys.
Well, our daughter happens to be a part of the display department of the Little Apple.
Anheuser-Busch, taking care of the... She puts on all their big events.
SeaWorlds and Busch Gardens and that sort of thing.
She runs all that.
She's a display person.
And your son's pretty successful.
Our son has built homes forever, as we did, too.
I recognized your son when I met him.
I've seen him once.
In fact, Don has designed homes and has built himself one up on the top of a mountain in...
Lago Vista.
Well, really, Jonestown.
And he's got a mansion up there that's a gorgeous thing.
And you guys are a classy family, and I really am honored to count you as friends.
Mr. Gritty, thank you for joining us.
Well, thank you for being... You're the guy you are.
You're great.
I appreciate it.
I know he's listening right now.
I want to say hi to your son.
And say hi to everybody else.
Mr. Gritty, thank you for joining us.
Okay, buddy.
Ladies and gentlemen, we're out of time.
The show restarts again.
If you missed any of the first hour with Paris or the Ron Paul information, that restarts now.
You go to InfoWars.com and there's the streams right there.
Powerful info if you missed it coming up.
I want to thank all the listeners, all the affiliates, all the sponsors.
And don't run off, Mr. Groody.
I want to shake your hand and say bye to you and your wife.
And also make sure I get your address right to come out and interview you next week for the JFK film.
This is Alex Jones signing off.
God bless you all.
We shall prevail against tyranny.
Retransmission starts now.
See you Sunday.
Thank you for listening to GCN.
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