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Air Date: Jan. 31, 2008
2536 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
We're live, ladies and gentlemen.
It is Thursday, the last day of the first month of 2008.
January 31st, 2008.
Hard to believe that the
First month of the new year is almost gone.
We'll be waking up tomorrow.
It'll seem like tomorrow.
Twinkling of an eye and it'll be 2009.
Dollar recovers as stocks fall.
That's a misleading headline.
The dollar continued to drop to all-time lows and then made back a tiny percentage point of its losses.
That it's suffered just in the last month.
And they call that the dollar recovering.
And stocks fall.
But it is true that the two are tied to each other.
The dollar pulled back from a record low against the Swiss franc and a two-week trough against the euro on Thursday as worries over the health of the financial system hit market sentiment.
We'll be going over that.
Also, Starbucks access sandwiches as part of a fix and a big slowdown in their
Sales, mortgage bonds vulnerable to bank selling, troubled bond insurers face more downgrades.
I'm just giving you the headlines.
We're going to break these down after the break.
Jobless claims tops views as consumer spending slows.
Former Morgan Stanley strategist expects economic meltdown chaos pillaging.
That is the headline out of Bloomberg Financial.
That is not us saying that.
Amazon shares whacked on margin worries.
That ties in with the Starbucks.
This is just basic retail sales.
Basic service economy.
What's happening with it?
I can look out my window and see all the businesses shutting down in Austin.
Within 100 yards of where I sit in one of the most booming areas of Austin, trendy South Lamar, and I've seen three businesses shut down in the last month.
No, wait a minute.
One, two, three, four businesses shut down in the last month.
I went to see a movie at the Alamo Drafthouse Village about three weeks ago, and I hadn't been there in about a year.
Really cool little shopping center area.
Every shop over there has been filled since I lived in Austin when I moved here when I was 17.
Half the shops were shut down.
Oh, I'm sorry, I'm already digressing.
Getting into the Ron Paul campaign in the election of 2008.
PrisonPlanet.com headline, Ron Paul cheated again during CNN debate.
We'll also give you the short amount of time, the little clips, the few minutes he was allowed out of the two hours of debate, coming up later in this hour.
Also, some people are saying that Ron Paul wins California Republican debate Super Tuesday.
We'll find out in six days.
Governor Schwarzenegger, wicked that he is, has endorsed John McCain.
You notice Ron Paul had as many as 12 different newsletters, six being published at one time, that he just put his name to.
And out of thousands and thousands of newsletters published, they were able to find a few things and take them out of context or spin them.
But John McCain was asked about how he constantly calls Asians gooks.
That's like calling black people the N-word, and he just said, yeah.
He goes, I'm talking about the people that held me captive.
And he goes, those bleeping gooks.
But the point is, I'm not even getting into political correctness here.
I'd say that Asians should be mad about sodium fluoride being put in their water, or mercury in their children's vaccines, or the New World Order carrying out ops against all of us.
But the point is, it just shows the hypocritical nature of this.
Oh, he's so what?
He likes to scream the word gook.
I'm politically, he's not even supposed to say that word, but McCain, he can.
He's good.
And Schwarzenegger can say he admires Hitler.
It's okay.
If you actually fight Hitler, though, you're called Hitler.
ADL doesn't like that.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk, Alex Jones, on the GCN Radio Network.
I'm going to go ahead and get into the Ron Paul 2008 campaign, really part two of what I discussed yesterday, what I think the strategy should be, a recap, and then
Add the latest data that we have into the equation.
Ron Paul cheated again during CNN debate.
Corporate media engages in mass public deception as Congressman receives just a third of the questions given to Romney and McCain.
In the last debate, he was given less than a third of the time.
Other candidates got on average 20 minutes.
Romney got the most, 22 and a half minutes.
Ron Paul got 6 minutes, 31 seconds.
And that's counting the questions and people laughing at him and talking over him.
So let me see.
Is this fair?
The other candidates get on average 20 minutes.
He gets 6 minutes.
6 minutes, 31 seconds.
And we have basically the same breakdown here.
Doesn't matter what network it is.
People have instinctively noticed that you see the same drug ads in the same order.
You see the same top news stories in the same order.
The same covers of Time Magazine and Newsweek.
A unified propaganda front is what this is.
Big national marquee institutions are steered and controlled by intelligence agencies.
Bottom line, the top producers...
The people that run the shows, the editors, are government operatives, or they were formerly operatives, and now liaison between the Defense Department, between the White House, between Congress, and between the larger corporations who also interact and follow the same script.
Here's a great example that we covered on one of my TV shows a few weeks ago that's now up on prisonplanet.tv for members.
Go to a toy store.
Go to a Five and Dime.
Go to a big, massive toy store like Toys R Us.
Or go to a dollar store.
Go to a Walgreens.
Go to a Savon.
Go to any of these stores.
Every toy.
Every jet.
Every tank.
Every bag of army men.
Even the Playmobil toys.
It is a rarity.
I mean, I have children.
But when I noticed this 10 years ago, before I had children, I started walking through and looking at the toys.
And 10 years ago, it was about 80%.
Now, I'd have to say it's about 95%.
That's a guesstimation.
I mean, every once in a while, I will see a toy that says USA or has an American star on it.
The designation of Allied Forces from World War II.
The single star.
Go to the store now.
I mean, you are pressed to go to two or three stores and find anything.
Any helicopter, any tank, any box of army men.
When I was growing up, it was the Guns of Navarone set.
And, you know, you're fighting the Germans.
Or G.I.
He was fighting Cobra, but he was the all-American hero.
Not anymore, ladies and gentlemen.
It's all U.N.
Global Peacekeeper.
The police have ugly looks on their faces.
You put black ski masks on them.
Again, that shows total unification.
Hundreds of companies.
It's all the same.
That didn't happen by accident.
Just like they give him less than one-third or right at a third of the time
Mitt Romney got 17 questions.
McCain got 15.
Ron Paul got 5.
Again, a third.
You see?
A third of the time.
A third of the questions.
Doesn't matter.
Republican Party of Florida.
Doesn't matter who puts it on, it's the exact formula.
You can see the attack pattern.
See, nothing in intelligence is secret.
That's why in war they have, you know, our guys, back when we were the good guys, go observe the enemy, because off of observations you could backtrack and reverse engineer what they were doing.
But I don't need to do that anymore.
It's now public that Marvel Comics has been in league for decades with the United Nations.
It's now public that they've been in league with Scholastic and the big publishers.
You're under propaganda attack.
Do you like that?
Do you like people trying to brainwash you?
Do you like not getting straight talk?
Look, I'm going to get into all the campaign right now.
Let's play the seven and a half minutes.
And this is with Ron Paul being interrupted.
He really got about six and a half minutes and cut out all the interruptions.
Here is Ron Paul.
Congressman Paul, 61% of Americans think there's a recession already.
61% of Americans say there's already a recession.
Are we better off than we were?
No, no, we're not better off.
We're worse off, but it's partially this administration's fault, and it's the Congress.
But it also involves an economic system that we've had for a long time, and a monetary system that we've had, and a foreign policy that's coming to an end, and we have to admit this.
You know, the Republicans were elected in 1994 to change direction of the country.
Because people sensed there was something wrong.
We were going the wrong direction, but we didn't do anything.
In the year 2000, we did also.
We were elected in the year 2000 to have a humble foreign policy and not police the world, yet what are we doing now?
We're bogged down in another war.
We're bankrupting our country.
And we have an empire that we're trying to defend that costs us a trillion dollars a year.
The standard of living is going down today.
It's going down and the middle class is hurting because of the monetary policy.
When you destroy a currency, the middle class gets wiped out.
Poor countries don't even have middle classes.
We used to have one.
And they're on the ropes right now, but it has to do with a fiscal policy, monetary policy, and foreign policy of way too much spending.
But it took a lot of years for us to get here.
The people in this country have been begging for a change in direction, and they haven't had it.
It's time we gave it to them.
We've got a lot of luck to solve a lot of the problems in our country.
Do you agree with Governor Schwarzenegger on this point?
Yes, I think Californians should do what they want, and we all recognize that.
But one thing that hasn't been emphasized here that should be emphasized when we're dealing with the environment and greenhouse gases is property rights.
We neglected during the Industrial Revolution property rights and governments and big corporations got together and colluded and that's what has to be reversed.
You have to emphasize the property rights.
But I would like to take one minute since I didn't get a chance to answer this discussion on conservative versus liberal.
I promise you you're going to have another opportunity to do that.
I promise you.
Coming up in like two minutes.
Or two questions.
I just want to go right now to Janet.
Well, you know, the governor says that you have to borrow for a handout of a check from the Chinese.
Where are you going to get the money to build the highway?
Same old thing.
You know, we have a foreign policy where we blow up bridges overseas.
And then we tax the people to go over and rebuild the bridges overseas and our bridges are falling down and our infrastructure is falling down.
So yes, this money should be spent back here at home.
We have a trillion dollar foreign operation to operate our empire.
That's where the money is.
You can't keep borrowing from China.
You can't keep printing the money.
We have to cut some spending.
That's what nobody here talks about.
Where do you cut spending if you want to spend some money?
We need lower taxes, less regulations.
And we need to free up the market.
We can't expect the government to do everything.
We have to have faith in Congress that the market works, but you can't do any of that unless you look at the monetary system.
Next question, Senator McCain from Jim Vande Heide.
We're staying on the economy here.
One place where Ron Paul and I are in total agreement, spending is out of control.
And I'm tired of borrowing money from China.
Let's pick up on that.
Yes or no, Congressman Paul, was Sandra Day O'Connor the right choice?
I wouldn't have appointed her because I would have looked for somebody that I would have seen as a much stricter constitutionalist.
Senator McCain?
I'm proud of Sandra Day O'Connor as a fellow.
Congressman Paul, this comes from Jay Majumdar from Roswell, Georgia.
And he wants to know if you agree with Senator McCain's statement that the United States might need to have U.S.
troops in Iraq for as long as even 100 years.
I don't even think they should have gone.
So, keeping them for 100 years, where's the money going to come from?
You know, the country's in bankruptcy, and when I listen to this argument, I mean, I find it rather silly, because they're arguing technicalities of a policy they both agree with.
They agreed on going in, they agreed for staying, agreed for staying how many years, and these are technicalities.
We should be debating foreign policy.
Whether we should have interventionism or non-interventionism.
Whether we should be defending this country or whether we should be the policeman of the world.
Whether we should be, you know, running our empire or not.
And how are we going to have guns and butter?
You know, the 70s were horrible because we paid for the guns and butters of the 60s.
Now we're doing the same thing and nobody even seems to care.
The dollar is crashing and you're talking about these technicalities about who said what when.
I mean, in...
In 1952, we Republicans were elected to stop the war in Korea.
1968, we were elected to stop the war in Vietnam.
And tragically, we didn't stop it very fast.
30,000 more men died.
So when I talk about these long-term stays, I think, how many men are you willing to let die for this?
For something that has nothing to do with our national security.
There were no Al-Qaeda there.
Had nothing to do with 9-11.
And there was no threat to our national security.
They never committed aggression.
It's unconstitutional.
It's an undeclared war.
And we have these silly arguments going on about who said what when.
I think it's time to debate foreign policy and why we don't follow the Constitution and only go to war with a declaration of war.
Governor Huckabee, the idea of 100-year involvement by the U.S.
in Iraq.
Congressman Paul, what makes you capable of being leader both on the economy and the military?
The Constitution is very clear that the president is the commander-in-chief of the military.
But the president is not the commander-in-chief of the economy or of the people.
When we get asked questions like, how are you going to manage the economy?
It's a reflection of conventional wisdom, but of a lot of lack of understanding of how the economy works.
The president's not supposed to manage and run the economy.
The people are supposed to do this.
The government's supposed to give them sound money, low taxes, less regulations.
The people are supposed to run it.
But here, we're assuming that the president's supposed to run the economy.
We're not supposed to manage the people.
One of the things the federal government should have
Does the federal government, in your opinion, have a role in stimulating the economy?
Yes, by lower taxes, less regulations.
They could do a whole lot by having sound money where we don't print the money out of thin air.
We'll be right back.
That basically was some of his comments there.
He was publicly cheated as things were staged in front of everyone.
We'll be right back here on the GCN Radio Network, truthnews.us, jonesreport.com.
Stay with us.
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In the near future, Earth is dominated by a powerful government.
It's known as the Builderberg.
Don't their objectives mean world domination?
For thousands of years, their dark order grew.
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They're not after money.
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How stupid do the controllers think we are?
Well, they know a large section of the population is.
About the basic activities in our society.
Like Ron Paul in all these debates being given a third or even less in some debates of the time that other candidates are given.
It'd be like having a horse race where they're going to do ten laps and you let the other horses run five laps, six laps, seven laps before you even let Ron Paul out of the gate.
Or NASCAR where they're going to drive
500 laps.
And they let the other cars do 350 laps, and then they let Ron Paul out of the pit.
You call that fair, huh?
They basically give all the other candidates equal time.
They generally lean towards Mitt Romney.
He gets more than anybody.
But just a few minutes more than the other candidates, except Ron Paul.
Ron Paul gets five questions...
Mitt Romney gets 17.
McCain gets 15.
Huckabee gets 12.
Ron Paul gets 5.
Ron Paul gets 6 1⁄2 minutes.
They get more than 20 minutes apiece.
Isn't that just brazenly corrupt, brazenly staged?
We have to get this message out to people.
It's on PrisonPlanet.com.
Ron Paul cheated again during CNN debate.
Corporate media engages in mass public deception as Congressman receives just a third of the questions given to Romney and McCain.
And then you add to that the fact that he won Louisiana.
The evidence is clear.
They claim he got second place, but Paul is contesting it.
He won second place in Nevada, and they just say, sorry, we're not going to have you in the running.
We're going to say McCain got it.
It doesn't matter if the official results show Paul won.
Second place, we're just not going to let you have it.
How's that sound?
I mean, that's brazen staged event, brazen corruption, brazen twisting.
It's worse than spin.
Like every other debate.
And that's the big news here, is how it's a unified formula.
And that's what should concern every man, woman, and child out there.
Now, let's talk about McCain.
Again, part of the Keating Five.
Gave all the secrets over instantly.
Was kept in a nice facility while his comrades were kept in the dungeons.
In some cases, cages smaller than their bodies.
That's right.
Serious form of torture.
McCain, who is in league with the Clintons, his wife,
Has been caught repeatedly in elections wearing Clinton campaign buttons.
They call them family friends, say they, again, vacation together, just like Bill Clinton and Hillary vacation with Bush Sr.
and Barbara.
Just like Fox News fundraises for Hillary for five years and strategizes for her in the White House, helps write her speeches.
That's come out in a score of mainstream newspapers.
Roger Ailes, the man behind Rush Limbaugh, the man that runs Fox News, strategizes for, has fundraisers.
Rupert Murdoch, for years, going back at least five, on a weekly basis would have two, three, four-hour meetings with Hillary in private penthouses in New York since she became a senator.
This is six, seven years now.
Eight years, wow.
That's right, I've been saying five years for three years.
It's been eight years.
Okay, I'm sorry.
Totally staged.
She was on the Walmart board.
It's now surfaced, of course, that she blocked the unions and the rest of it.
Of course she did.
It's all talk.
They'll pat the gay community on the head, and then it's been declassified that that's how they vectored the AIDS virus through the different vaccinations they gave them in New York.
They'll pat the blacks on the head while they CPS your children and use them for medical experiments.
Blacks are the favorite group for that for some reason.
I guess it was grandfathered under the eugenics.
They'll pat every group on the head, pat the unions on the head while stabbing them in the throat, ramming through NAFTA and GATT.
Both parties were for it.
But both parties' supporters and members are against it.
The people don't want open borders.
They don't want NAFTA, GATT, SPP, NAU.
And I keep harping on that, but that's the key.
On every issue, the people don't want what the government's doing, and the people happen to be aligned with the Constitution, because the Constitution and Bill of Rights is a good idea.
It's good for the people.
But the elite don't want a middle class.
They want to remove it.
And they do everything they can to have controlled economies.
These guys pose as free marketeers.
They're not.
They're the opposite.
They extend all the credit.
They flood the markets with liquidity.
Decade after decade, they debase the currency.
And now it's all coming to a head.
They've geared up their police state to suppress any dissent.
The question is, are we going to let them win and go into the next phase?
More election news straight ahead.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Hi, neighbor.
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Welcome back.
We're going to open the phones up here in just a few minutes at 1-800-259-9231.
We also have about 15-20 minutes to the next hour, part two of our investigation of what's happening in Tennessee as the government moves sections of it to remove the deadly poison sodium and, of course, its parent, its sister, stannous fluoride, out of the water.
He is a doctor, a medical doctor, and he is also a member of the state legislature.
He'll be popping in with us coming up in the next segment, or in the next hour.
I'm going to continue with some of the political news and some of the economic news, and again, we're going to be taking your calls at 1-800-259-9231.
So, what do we see happening here?
We have Hillary Clinton, the arch-criminal...
The complete front of the New World Order.
We know her husband was recruited into intelligence when he was in England by one of the men associated with E. Howard Hunt and, of course, George Bush Sr.
We've even gotten documents on that.
We've got to get Jim Mars on to cover that.
His new book even is going to be dealing with some of that.
And Hillary, clearly in intelligence as well.
They're an intelligence family, an intelligence marriage family.
As all the high-level intelligence operatives are.
And they're here to fool the public.
They're here to scam the public.
The good news is, again, Congress only has an 11% approval rating.
And when they poll the general population, both parties, people who call themselves Republicans, Democrats, and Independents, they are all very unpopular.
And so the illusion of choice is dissolving.
And until that illusion dissolves, until we expose that there is electronic fraud-driven, fraud-designed systems run by criminals nationwide, we're not going to turn the corner.
But that education process is continuing.
Now, they know we're going to educate the public on that.
That's why they're trying to tell you torture's good, secret arrest is good, protesting isn't allowed.
That's why they're trying to double and then triple the number of police and brainwash them against the public.
That's why they're trying to switch the economy over to a military industrial complex system with all the big university grants and people having their tuitions paid, the scholarships to go join this system.
They know they're going into a total command and control where the illusion of freedom is even gone.
They know you're going to get upset.
Ministry of Defense reports, Defense Department reports, openly saying, we work for the world government.
We work for the new world order.
We work for the global...
We're good to go.
We'll control them if we have to.
We'll just neutron bomb.
That's being looked at.
Neutron bombs for population.
And Cheney wrote the September 20, 2000 PNAC document, Rebuilding America's Defenses.
It's on their own website.
They're very proud of it.
That race-specific bioweapons will be a politically useful tool and that they should lobby the media to promote it.
It's a good thing.
Hey, you know, killing certain races is good.
See, people tune into this show and think, this guy's nuts.
This guy talks about crazy things.
This guy's a fearmonger.
Well, let me see.
They're talking about using neutron bombs on us.
Do you know what a neutron bomb does?
It just basically fizzles.
There's a big white flash.
There isn't a ground wave explosion.
There isn't a flash, you know, air burst at a thousand feet that sends the explosion into the ground over the widest radius.
No, it just flashes in the sky and incredibly high-powered radiation shoots several hundred feet into the ground.
Even the deepest bunkers...
You just won't die right away.
You'll die in a few days as your fast-growing tissues, your intestines, your gums, the mucous membranes around your eyes, as blood begins to pour out and your teeth all fall out.
But if you're on the ground, you're going to die in about five seconds.
You're going to feel the intense pain, and you're going to fall on the ground, and you're going to writhe and die.
How's that sound?
All the birds, all the bugs, everything dead.
How does that sound?
Now, I'm not the one saying that could be used against populations to control the population.
The British Ministry of Defense, the Pentagon, their war planners have published thousands of reports.
This is an official government report of England saying the new threat to the elite and the threat to the state that works for it is the people.
And you see the whole apparatus, the whole mechanism that we fund, that we pay taxes for, being swung around against us.
And they trained us to accept war against us.
Oh, it's to stop those drugs.
Oh, it's to stop family violence.
It's to stop bad nutrition on all the TV shows.
He was killing children.
And he owned guns.
He was a child molester.
And he owned guns in all these dramas and fiction shows, again, equating guns with the worst things on earth.
All brainwashing, all propaganda, and they have realized that we're exposing them.
Before they tried to creep around, lie some, mainly spin, lie by omission.
Now they've just entered the vortex of either throwing it in your face or outright lying.
Outright stealing elections, outright cheating people at debates, outright just doesn't matter if Ron Paul won first place, he's not going to get it.
Doesn't matter if he got second place, we're not even going to list him in the running.
This is the new way they operate.
It's prima facie evidence.
There's no debating it.
And I keep talking about this and talking about this, and I do because it's so important.
For people that serve the system, FBI agents, police officers, bureaucrats, Department of Labor people, I don't care where you work in government, social workers, you think the government's got a benevolent, loving aim, and yeah, it makes mistakes, but it's for the greater good.
Because you're a good person, so the system must not be bad.
Just go find out that there is no law.
You have to take vaccines to go to school or work or go to college.
Go verify there's no law and then watch the news as they lie and say that there's a law.
Never citing it.
Isn't that evidence of corruption where they're mass lying?
Oh, but it's for my own good.
Okay, well go find out that they knew in the 20s and 30s and 40s, and used it in Russia and Germany to suppress people in labor camps, that sodium fluoride is toxic, reduces your fertility, attacks every major organ and every major gland, bone fractures, retardation, everything.
And then find out that they'll spend millions to get it put in the water in your town because they say they care so much about you.
And then find out the eugenics documents where they talk about using it in the 20s and 30s, and they did.
And then realize you are under attack.
Whether you like it or not, whether you think you're part of the system or not, you are with us.
I mean, they've openly declared war on us.
Whether you like it or not, you're under attack.
Meanwhile, what do we have?
We have Hillary Clinton and John McCain being positioned to run against each other in a totally staged event.
Just like we had Bush's cousin on every side of his family.
It's like a breed of dogs in those New England states.
I mean, they're all intermarried.
But, I mean, they were 12th cousins, 13th cousins, 5th cousins.
Third cousins.
I mean, they were just every angle.
You go, well, how are you related on every side of your family?
Well, it's like a Boston Terrier.
It's related to every other Boston Terrier.
It is literally a breed of hawkish, cold-blooded killers.
Bloodline is everything with these people.
They enjoy hurting you.
They enjoy stealing from you.
They enjoy... It's a power trip for them.
They want to be in control.
They hate it that you're good looking.
They hate it that you've got a nice house.
They hate it that you're doing well.
They hate who your ancestors were.
Who almost got out from under their control.
And it is a control freak pleasure to know they're poisoning you and hurting you.
And we're just listing the ways that have been confirmed and documented.
There's hundreds of other ways we know about they're hitting us and hitting us hard from every angle.
They hate you with a passion.
And Governor Schwarzenegger comes out this morning and endorses John McCain.
Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger will endorse John McCain.
Giving a boost to the Republican presidential frontrunner six days before California's high-priced primary.
The two will appear at a news conference after touring a Los Angeles-based solar energy company, and the governor will make his endorsement official, his senior aides confirmed.
And McCain's saying he's going to condone and promote global greenhouse taxes right here, carbon taxes to micromanage your life, the remote-controlled thermostats in your house the government's going to control.
The light bulb, everything.
Well, the feds have already passed that.
Setting the precedent for total control.
Arnold Schwarzenegger, who didn't even move here until he was 20-something, who openly bragged to film crews that he admired Hitler, who dresses up in Nazi uniforms, who says he wants to be worshipped like Hitler at Nuremberg, who says that he wants to be a dictator.
That's a quote.
Who seethes with avarice and bestial lust for power.
As much passion as we have for liberty and freedom, they've probably got even more passion for wickedness.
Because it's all they've got, ladies and gentlemen.
Arnold Schwarzenegger is a beast.
A anti-gun, pro-open border.
Socialist piece of trash whose father ran an entire sector of Austria.
His father was an SS captain.
That's the equivalent of a full bird colonel.
His father went door to door arresting people and taking them to their deaths.
And this outlander, this outsider,
Has the nerve to come to our country and stage these elections and sit up there?
Do you really think people elected Schwarzenegger?
Do you really think individuals elected George Bush for a second or even a first term?
Do you think any of this happened?
You look at McCain, it's the same thing.
Just like they staged that deal with Kerry, members of the same secret society,
Do you really think that?
They're cousins?
They couldn't just steal the election.
They had to have the guy they stole it from fall down flat on his face and not contest.
And it's the same thing now with Hillary Clinton and John McCain.
They are buddies.
They vacation.
They say that they love each other.
It doesn't get any more staged than that, does it?
It's the same deal.
Do you really think Floridians, and do you really think Nevadans and Louisianans, do you really think they voted people in New Hampshire for John McCain?
No, they didn't.
And that's why they won't do a real recount.
That's why it's been proven to be a fraud.
Criminal enterprise, it's all a fraud.
You just think magically suddenly scientific polls aren't accurate and Obama was 15, 20 points ahead.
He loses by 15 points.
You really think Ron Paul gets half the votes in these states he's supposed to?
Or when it is a state where they can actually have somewhat of a fair caucus, Ron Paul gets first or second place and they don't even report on it?
No, this is a fraud.
We're going to call a spade a spade.
We're going to call it what it is.
And Arnold Schwarzenegger can run around screaming in front of witnesses repeatedly at the bodybuilding gym, down with the blacks, down with the blacks, you're subhuman.
He could run around and openly make these statements.
They didn't put it in the film, but they reported and told...
Rolling Stone, and then, by the way, he bought the film to keep it from being released.
He bought it for ten times and reported what it was worth, pumping iron, just to keep the outtakes.
They were going to put a second part out.
With the actual film of him going, I admire Adolf Hitler.
I want to be worshipped at Nuremberg-style rallies.
I've always dreamed of being a dictator.
Now, we're going to come back and jam in a bunch of your calls.
Matt, Larry, Roke, Victor, Lynn, and others.
We're going to get that state rep on about eight after, so in the ten minutes of calls time we have, I'll take at least five calls of each, about two minutes apiece.
That's the news I have there.
Schwarzenegger endorsing McCain.
You're going to see gun control.
You've already seen the biggest gun control act ever passed.
The NRA supported it at Judas Coats.
You're going to see the new social worker guilds being released.
They're filling the colleges up with right now.
I mean, this is a military operation.
It's like building up for D-Day.
Massive build-up.
You think what's bad, bad, what's right now?
This isn't one-tenth of what you're going to feel.
We're talking about secret police on every corner, cops on every corner, neighbors tattling on you getting bonus cash, large portions of the college grads who've got to get into this because that's their job.
It's what they've got degrees in.
I mean, this is a massive governmental build-up for the global corporations that are going to turn us into a full-bore third-world nation.
We're almost there now.
This is just the beginning.
And we're going to have pieces of filth like Arnold Schwarzenegger, who poses in gay porno mags.
And again, I'm not even judging him for that.
The point is, the dirt on this guy.
Gay porno mags.
Imagine if John Edwards had done that.
Or Barack Obama.
And he's in private collections too.
And that stuff he's bought up.
It's supposedly some pretty serious stuff.
But that pales compared to being anti-gun, probe and border.
And he's a Republican.
See, both parties have attacked the people.
Both parties know you're awake to them.
They're in their final phase.
They're bringing down the hammer now.
And they're getting rid of all the illusions now for you.
But we don't have to buy it, and we aren't buying it, and that's the good news.
And meanwhile, McCain.
McCain criticized for slur.
He says you'll keep using the term.
San Francisco Chronicle, he was on the bus with San Francisco Chronicle reporters and others yesterday, campaign bus, and he said, I hate the gooks, McCain said yesterday in response to a question from reporters about his campaign bus.
I mean, they can...
They can say, I admire Hitler, man.
I hate gooks.
They can do whatever they want.
They'll get ADL awards all day long.
But you start exposing how the Zionists... There's best-selling books out on this now.
University Press has put this out.
How the Zionists actually helped Hitler.
And then made Jews pay them huge ransoms to get out of Germany.
A million ahead.
And that was in those days' numbers.
You talk about that, they'll call you a Nazi because you're not for killing Jews.
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We're good to go.
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We're good to go.
Let's go straight to your calls.
Then we've got a guest coming up for about two segments, and I'm going to get into the economy in detail.
Let's go ahead and speak with Matt in Virginia.
You're on the air, Matt.
Hey, Alex, I had a question about the election.
Now, it seems like the fix is in for the Democrats.
My question is this.
Do you think that McCain, if he did win the nomination, would throw it for Hillary Clinton?
No doubt in my mind.
And then he'll be given a cabinet position.
Okay, that's what I was afraid of.
I mean, you know, they're just treating Ron so bad.
How do you think it's going to come along in Louisiana with him contesting that?
The press will never cover it, but the alternative media will.
The people will just have one more piece of evidence of staged events.
You see, we're winning by engaging them, by people learning about the Federal Reserve being private, learning about the New World Order, learning about the inflation tax.
And by them cheating him and giving him a third or less time and a third the questions, and by everything people are seeing, we couldn't just sit here and take it.
This campaign has been a great victory.
It has been a great success, and I predict Ron Paul is going to run in some third party, whether it's Constitution or Libertarian, and then they're going to try to shut him down out of those debates.
And so, again, we're giving fight to the enemy.
Well, I know we've got Super Tuesday coming up, and everybody's going to have to get the word out more than ever, because now's our chance to shine.
He's got a great message.
He's the only candidate of hope.
He's the only person speaking peace in the entire race, and I'm just hoping that... And he's the guy that gets the biggest applause, unless it was that one tiny stage Fox audience.
Yeah, I know.
It's crazy.
It is absolutely crazy.
Go ahead.
No, no, no, that's it.
Go ahead.
This is Matt Kazee, too, by the way, Alex.
Hey, Matt, how you doing?
I'm doing good, brother.
I'm doing good.
I'm on my way home.
I just thought I'd give you a call and ask you that question, because I've been wondering if McCain would throw it.
There's no doubt in my mind that Hillary's their girl, as I've been saying since the start.
I appreciate your call.
Larry in Oklahoma.
They want a CIA officer running the country.
Larry in Oklahoma, you're on the air.
Hi, Alex.
So great to be on the show.
Good to talk to you.
I definitely just want to first thank you for everything you do.
I would say that I sent my fax today to New Hampshire, the Attorney General's office.
I did my precinct with Ron Paul running as a delegate for him.
But, you know, so I kind of was going to make a comment that you just addressed that, you know, it's not that he is going to get elected, because we all know, I think, the system's rigged.
But I think the beauty of it is seeing everybody wake up and see the outright bias.
That's right.
If we didn't run a horse in this race, they would be able to rig it.
But everybody's going, wait a minute, there's ten laps in the race, and you didn't let him out of the gate until six laps had been run.
That stage.
See, we're forcing them to show us who they are.
I did want to make another comment, a little off-topic, regarding Gardasil and HPV.
Yes, sir.
Is there any way, I'm actually a drug rep who calls on women's health care and pediatricians, and they are forcing that on patients left and right.
Yeah, they tell them it's the law now, even though it's not even in Texas, and they haven't done it nationwide.
It's recommended by the state health department.
And, yeah, they, quote, force it on them.
Again, knowing the public's dumb, lying.
Even if you're for the live cancer virus injection that's killing people, you should be against the fact that they're lying.
And, I mean, why don't you describe as a drug rep what you're witnessing?
Well, absolutely.
I mean, you know, I just left an office right now.
I was speaking to the nurse, and I guess...
The drug rep from Merck was in there, and he's showing pictures of what could happen and scaring the nurses into thinking.
And so the nurses are thinking now that they have to do this, and so they're really pretty much... She said just yesterday they probably did 35 injections of it, and that's just a small office.
And so, anyway, you know, I guess in a sense, yes, I'm working for the pharmaceutical industry, a little tainted.
But, you know, it's a small company.
I work for doing OCs and birth control.
But what I wanted to say is I guess I'm getting passionate about it.
Here I am knowing this knowledge and I'm talking to these doctors on a daily basis.
Is there any way I can get that information?
Stay there.
Stay there.
Let's talk about it when we get back.
Second hour, 70 seconds away.
Thank you for listening to GCN.
Be sure to visit GCNlive.com today.
It is... Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas...
Alex Jones.
You know, we reach millions of people.
It isn't enough.
I burn with passion, with desire, every day, to be able to reach people and warn people.
And I talk to adults.
I'll be at a restaurant, or I'll be at the gym, or I'll be walking down the street, or I'll go with my parents to church, and people inevitably will walk up and say, Hey, you're Alex Jones.
Hey, I really like your show.
But are you lying to me?
This has happened a few times.
They wouldn't say on the news, it's the law that all girls have to take this HPV shot, and they say it cures cancer, it'll keep them from getting cancer.
And I just say, listen, I wouldn't lie to you.
Go to the Gardasil's own website, read that they admit, watch their TV ad they admit, that they believe it might help.
Block this particular virus that is associated with warts, by the way, and a large portion of the population has this.
In fact, it's close to 50% if you've had more than, I forget the numbers, I think it was five, six sexual partners.
I mean, this is very, very common.
And they believe the inflammation from it on the cervix is associated with getting
Cervical cancer.
Now, they admit it covers six strains.
And I have to repeat this because this is a public service announcement.
I know most of you already know this.
You're sick of hearing it.
You better go tell somebody, okay?
Now, there's over 350 active strains that are associated with cancer.
Now, they say this covers six strains.
There's new strains every year.
There's thousands of strains, but they think over 350 are associated with it.
It is a live cancer virus that has had its DNA reportedly damaged.
So the body then goes and recognizes it and then, quote, creates an autoimmune response.
But they admit that if you are already infected with it, it gives you a 40... This is their admission.
45% increase in actually getting cervical cancer.
Now, cervical cancer only...
Kills 9,400 people a year.
That sounds huge, but compared to, you know, 250,000 from car wrecks and 80-something thousand from drowning and 10,000-something from guns, it is very, very small, and it's usually associated with drug addicts, people that already have bad immune systems.
And they really scare women.
You know, they go in, oh, you've got this virus that means you've got cancer.
It doesn't mean that.
Go look at the numbers.
It's like one out of a couple thousand.
Just go pull it up yourself.
I'm going from memory here that actually have it that will get cancer.
So they give you this live cancer virus that's killed a bunch of people in the U.S.
and England that causes horrible autoimmune problems.
Doctors are now saying, a lot of them, that to find out, oh, don't take this, it's dangerous.
But the big story here is it's not the law.
It's a lie.
It's not the law.
The governor.
Last year, when Merck knew it had a problem with this new product, same folks that bought you Vioxx with all the heart attacks, same people that just had the big vaccine recall, they knew, under federal law, that if a governor mandates it, and by mandate, he mandated the state health department to make it policy that all students have it, but then there's no law, so you just get a waiver, but there's no law to have that.
It's all color of law.
Now, does that stop them when they line up in Maryland?
Thousands of kids to get their shots, telling them they'd be arrested.
Remember that?
They had cops with dogs out there.
They didn't tell them you didn't have to take it.
The news was there.
National News announced it was the law.
Look, they all had to show up at court to get shots.
It's a mass hoax.
They're treating you like you're morons.
Do not believe me.
Check into this.
Do not believe me.
Look into this.
It doesn't protect you from it.
It gives you a 45% increase in the cancer if you are already infected with the virus.
It's dangerous.
And they don't test any of these girls and women to see if they're already infected.
Now, stay there.
I want to go to the caller.
This guest won't be on too long.
Stay there, Larry, Rourke, Victor, Lynn, others.
I'm going to get to you.
The guest won't be on long.
We'll be right back.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
I was talking to state rep, Tennessee House of Representatives, District 70, Lawrence Lewis, and part of Wayne County's Joey Hensley.
He was in a local newscast speaking out as a medical doctor, the only medical doctor, practicing doctor in the legislature of the great state of Tennessee, the volunteer state.
It's a special place in my heart because the Tennesseans helped found Texas.
And, uh...
Andrew Jackson sent down the Texians from the Hermitage, but that's a little side issue of history.
And I brought up HPV to him, and he actually introduced a bill to block them trying to claim it was mandatory.
So he's right on fluoride, he's right on this, and he's a medical doctor.
Before we go to him, I'm going to play you some manager, Jim.
I'm going to play the whole newscast.
It's up on prisonplanet.com and infowars.com.
This is a local Nashville TV station getting it right.
And they've got the medical doctor, the state rep, toxicologist, former head of the EPA's poison program, who we had on a couple days ago from this newscast, talking about sodium fluoride and what it really does.
Here's part of that newscast.
We have been fluoridating our water in Tennessee for more than 50 years, but never before has there been more talk that fluoridating our water might be a bad idea and a health risk.
My dentist farrier has the latest developments on a story that impacts all of us.
Joey Hensley is a respected physician.
He's also a Tennessee state lawmaker.
He is now combining those two professions to make a very strong point.
We've been doing it 50 years, but just because we've been doing something 50 years doesn't necessarily mean that it's right.
Hensley's talking about something most of us don't even think about.
Fluoridating water.
After much research, the doctor has sent out a letter to every water district in Tennessee asking them to stop fluoridating water.
The evidence, he says, fluoride works better when you rub it on your teeth, not when you drink it.
But fluoridation is medication added to water without your permission, and that's wrong.
But most of all, because the National Research Council believes young children are getting three to four times the dose of fluoride as adults.
And now the American Dental Association is telling mothers not to make baby formula with fluoridated water.
That's good.
Now, again, for everybody listening to me, we've had Nobel Prize winners on this subject, the one they mentioned in this newscast.
We have had top scientists, neurologists on.
It eats holes in your brain.
It attacks every organ, especially the kidneys.
And the bigger question is why they put it in our water.
And Representative Hensley, thank you for joining us, sir.
It's my pleasure to be with you.
First off, tell us a little bit about yourself, how you woke up to fluoride.
You are a medical doctor, of course, and still practicing, and a father as well, and a state rep from District 70.
And then why you decided to move forward boldly to get this poison out of our water.
Well, when I realized the...
The damage it was causing and the really limited benefits of fluoride.
I'm against the government doing things that hurt people.
As a family practitioner, I've been practicing 21 years and practice in my hometown, which is a small southern middle Tennessee town.
I would just like to see people know what it does because so many people just accept it
As something that is beneficial and many people even think it's a law that these water districts have to add fluoride, but they do not have to do it and they can stop it if they want to.
So I just sent a letter to them just telling the water districts that some of the problems with it and especially when the
American Dental Association came out last year saying that mothers should not add fluoridated water to their infant formula.
And then recently with the National Kidney Foundation talking about the damage that it has to kidney patients.
I just think people should know about it and it's just something that the risks are more than the benefits derived from it.
From your medical research and the different research papers you've looked into saying that you studied it, what are the effects of fluoride in the water cumulatively?
Well, cumulatively, it accumulates in the bones and the organs in the body, and that's one problem.
I don't think people have really done long-term studies on it.
And we just started doing it 50 years ago and I won't get into the reasons why we started doing it but the fluoride comes from the byproduct of fertilizer plants and people get an unregulated amount of fluoride and different people get
Get different amounts.
Well, we get fluoride from the food we eat.
They've recently even decreased the recommended amounts people need.
And it's just something long-term.
People suffer from it.
And I think most people don't even realize that they are suffering from it.
And we are seeing more and more reasons why.
For the limited benefit to prevent cavities, which we're really seeing that topical fluoride works better than ingesting fluoride.
It's just medically speaking, we couldn't do it now.
If we wanted to start adding fluoride to water today, we couldn't do it because there's just not enough beneficial studies to show that fluoride
The benefits of it outweigh the risk, but since we've been doing it 50 years, the American Dental Association and all of the medical societies endorse it, but I just don't think that any of them have the real zeal to stand up against the government and against all of the agencies that have been advocating it over the years.
Well, I've read the Swiss studies, the German studies, the Irish studies, the British studies, the U.S.
studies, the Chinese studies, the Japanese studies.
They've all found the same thing.
We have studies back to the 20s and 30s, one from the University of Texas, 1933.
They said that it had a cumulative...
In fact, they said that it reduced IQ between 10 and 20 points after a substantive use at the level we're now using it.
In children, because children, again, eat more than adults for their body weight, as that report said, four to five times.
Even the level adults get, it actually calcifies into the bones, as you said, into the hypothalamus, the pituitary, just everywhere.
It causes bone fractures, fluorosis, little rod holes in the teeth.
And, of course, it is a fact.
In the Nuremberg trials, the Germans used it in the camps.
But I guess that's not what our government was doing, Doctor.
They just wanted to help our teeth, didn't they?
Well, that's what they say, anyway.
So I don't know.
Of course, this started back during the 40s and 50s.
Supposedly, that's what the benefits were, but even that is very suspect today when all somebody has to do is just read on their tube of toothpaste.
If a child gets more than one dose, it's considered poison, and that's why children aren't supposed to use toothpaste with fluoride in it and...
That's all people have to do is just realize that.
But most people just don't take the time to do it and just don't think that the government is going to recommend anything that would be harmful.
Well, they've also been having their fluorides.
So, I mean, what a robbery if it's admitted that it reduces IQ...
And it literally brain damages people.
That's what all the studies show.
What was it?
An eight times increase in the study out of Missouri.
The study out of China showed it even higher.
Have you seen those studies where it massively increases, formerly a rare form of bone cancer, in boys now that's exploded?
Right, right.
Osteosarcomas, yes.
I've seen some of them.
You sound like you've seen more than I have, but certainly all of the studies where they do them, there are just more and more problems with it.
And it's just an unregulated amount of fluoride.
It's one thing if you want to give somebody a documented amount, but just adding it to the water is not the way to do it.
Especially people that have special problems, kidney patients, diabetics, all these people have increased problems from the fluoride, and there's no way to regulate how much they get.
Well, 16 years ago, one of the heads of the health service in Canada, a prominent dentist, we interviewed him a few years ago, he lobbied to get most of Canada fluoridated and called us all conspiracy nuts.
Then he thought they were giving him calcium fluoride.
He just figured that.
And he also had a chemist background.
And then he found out they were giving them the industrial fluoride from aluminum, from uranium enrichment process, from, as you mentioned, fertilizer, and that they allow hundreds of other substances to be mixed in with it.
Oh, yes, Sam.
And that is another issue, you know, that's even beside the fluoride part.
It's where the fluoride comes from.
From the byproduct of these fertilizer plants.
And there are many other chemicals mixed in with that.
Arsenic and mercury and all kinds of other things.
And those, too, are added to the water.
It's the cheaper way to do it, but
It's a way for them to get rid of these byproducts of fluoride.
Doctor, you live in Tennessee, and as you know, when they had the big uranium enrichment facilities, they had some big spills that killed some rivers and poisoned some people.
And what were they going to do with all that toxic waste?
Well, we'll just say it's good for you, and the problem's solved.
Right, exactly.
And that's what they did, and they...
And they convinced people that it was good for them.
And so they've been doing it all these years.
And there's still a lot of these water districts that don't do it.
Some of them, many of them do.
Tennessee, it's the water district have that option to do it or not do it.
But most of them just go by the government's recommendation.
And of course, the ADA has recommended it all these years.
And I just had so much
Well, that's because they are good guys themselves, and so they can't imagine the system doing something bad.
Final segment with our guest, Joey Hensley, Republican, District 70.
There in Tennessee, he joins us.
He's a medical doctor.
I want to talk about your letter, the effect it's had, and what other physicians step up to the plate.
We'll be right back with our guest.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Final segment with State Rep Joey Hensley.
We've got one affiliate in Tennessee, WVCR, going into Knoxville.
Folks need to support this man and demand the water facilities.
Districts stop putting this poison in it.
And you heard him.
The bigger issue is all the other heavy metals, gritty artery agents they're putting in there.
I want to move fast to the five minutes we've got left with you, sir.
And also give out your contact info for other stations or groups that might want to talk to you or have you talk to their group.
I know you're a very busy man with your practice and also being a state rep.
But finishing up here, you sent out this letter when?
It was sent out December 2006 to all of the water districts in Tennessee.
And we have about 130 or so water districts.
Well, the report is now, though, that some of them have stopped doing it because of your letter.
Some of them have stopped, yes.
Even though most of them have not stopped.
But there are a few that have, yes.
And my letter probably helped, but I think there was a lot of them that were getting serious objections from some people that the Water District served to, and the letter just helped them to
To stop, yes.
Well, we've got reports where districts will be ordered to do it and they'll keep doing it.
I mean, it's so important to give us this.
They really care about us.
Bottom line, you say in the piece that this is medicating people without their consent.
Exactly, yes.
And there's no other medicine that we give to people without first getting informed consent and
Anything else that we try to do in the medical profession, we have to give people all the risk involved and medication and procedures.
Yet fluoride, we can add it to people's water against their wishes.
Don't get anybody's informed consent.
Don't even tell them the risk of it.
Just add it to their water.
And that is the only chemical or medication that we do that way.
So just that part of it,
Would be worth stopping doing and not even counting the risk and the problems it causes.
Now, shifting gears into HPV, I just happened to bring it up to you.
You're very informed.
Obviously, he's a medical doctor on that subject as well.
We were talking, and you talked about it during the break, only covering four or five strains.
We talked about how most people already have this virus.
We defeated ourselves.
Can you recap that in your own words and what you think about them trying to claim it's the law?
Just like with the water districts claiming fluoride's the law, it's not.
It's actually not the law here in Texas.
It's recommended to the state health department.
And it's not the law here either, but I had a bill to prevent our governor or our health department from making it mandatory.
The bill...
I was defeated because the health department claimed it wasn't mandatory, and they weren't going to make it mandatory, even though it is available on our Medicaid system here, and the Medicaid does pay for it.
And the schools are saying it's mandatory to go to school, and you just said it.
There is no law in Texas, none in Tennessee.
When you go try to beat them with a bill, they try to introduce legislation here in Texas, same thing.
They say, but it's not mandatory.
But then the governor's on TV saying it is mandatory.
Well, he made it mandatory, I thought, and that was the real impetus for our bill because the Texas governor just was trying to make it mandatory, and we didn't want it mandatory as a physician.
I don't think people should have it.
Unless they're going to be engaging in very risky sexual behavior and they choose to have it, but it just covers 70% of the HPV viruses.
Most people exposed to the virus
We're good to go.
He mandated the health department with an executive order to put it on the list of childhood required immunizations, but there is no law that they're required.
They regulatorily call it required, and then by law have to provide the waiver form, but they don't tell the kids that.
They march them into courthouses on the news and say it's the law, you've got to take it.
Well, that's what we tried to prevent here, and it's not mandatory here, but they do recommend it on our Medicaid program, starting with the young girls age 9 and then on up through the teenage years, and it's just not... We don't have the long-term problems with it, and I'm a Christian myself.
I don't think people... We should be encouraging teenagers to be involved in...
Or to make them think it's giving them protection when it only covers a fraction of the strains.
In closing, why do you think the fluoride information is starting to really come out now?
Well, because people...
Are really becoming interested.
People are seeing all these studies in these other countries.
People are suffering some of these side effects from damage of it.
And people just don't want the government doing this to them.
Joey Hensley, Republican from District 70 in Tennessee, medical doctor.
We appreciate you, sir.
God bless.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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I hear the train a-coming It's rolling around a bit And I ain't seen the sunshine I don't know when I'm stuck in frozen prison And time keeps dragging on
But that's rain that keeps rollin' On down to San Antonio When I was just a baby My mama told me, son Always be a good boy Don't ever play with guns But I shot a man in Reno Just to watch him die
All right.
We're back live, ladies and gentlemen.
About to go right to Larry, Rort, Lynn, Dave, Brian.
I really appreciate you holding.
Then the economic news and more calls going into the third hour.
I also want to spend some more time breaking down where I think Ron Paul should go, how all this is going to flush out.
On the subject of that state rep we just had on from Tennessee, medical doctor, general practitioner, you see, he knew all about fluoride, he knew all about HPV, but he still, the mass hoax of having a governor come out and say, it's the law, all girls ages 4 to 18...
Must have the shot.
And then meanwhile you see the Gardasil ads all over TV.
One less, one less, one less.
And then they say at the end that we believe this might help you with the virus.
And then you read the insert.
45% increase in actually getting cancer if you already had it.
And masses of people, hundreds of millions already have it.
Some studies again show upwards of 50%.
He just heard the medical doctor say that.
But he went, well, I thought Perry said it was the law, so I went to the Tennessee legislature and said, we're not going to do that here.
And they said, don't worry, it's not going to be the law, we're just going to mandate it.
You understand?
It's a fraud.
Maybe I haven't made this clear enough.
Let me explain exactly how it works.
Remember I had the state attorney on?
In Maryland, who was on the news saying, it's the law, you've got to take the shots.
Thousands of kids lining up to take them.
I get him on and I say, there's no law to take that shot, is there?
And he goes, no, there's not a law.
But I use the family welfare clause that if they're not in school, we then arrest them.
And I went, ah.
Now, of course, I already knew this.
I said it a million times.
But here he was saying it.
This is the lawyer.
I said, once you kick them out, they become truant.
And then, that's the criminal clause.
And he said, yes.
But I said, there is a waiver, though.
And he said, yes.
But I said, why would I need a waiver for something that isn't a law to begin with?
And he said, well, we let people know they don't have to.
And I went, you've been on the news saying you have to.
CNN, MSNBC, Fox, local television in Maryland.
1,400 kids with their parents showed up.
They had cops with dogs.
It's all on CNN.
And the parents go, it's the law.
I don't think they should have arrested those kids like they did, but we're here.
It's a mass hoax.
I can't take it anymore.
It is a hoax.
It is a hoax.
It is a hoax.
It's a hoax wrapped in a fraud, wrapped in a scam, wrapped in a lie, wrapped in a carnival fraud.
The shot's dangerous.
The shot's killed people.
It's causing accelerated autoimmune crises and deaths.
It only covers a fraction of the viruses.
It doesn't even protect you from those.
If you're already infected, it gives you a 45% increase of actually getting cancer.
You have to take it.
There's no law.
On and on.
It's fraud from pillar to post.
It's fraud from beginning to end.
Up one side and down the other.
But it's like everything else.
He said the health departments, when he talks to them, the water districts, they believe it's the law.
And he goes, where's the law?
And they go, oh, they're in one.
We'll take it out.
They think there's a law.
You've got to have fluoride.
Just like cops arrest people in the town I live in every week.
We're walking down the street not having an ID card.
They pull over.
They take you to jail, they say failure to ID, it's overthrown hundreds of times by the Supreme Court, thousands of times by state courts, they don't stop.
They are told it is illegal.
This is a criminal government.
What other evidence do you need that they lie constantly?
And even educated medical doctors who were in the legislature were like, yeah, I thought he said it was the law.
Oh, heaven help us.
This all started because Larry in Oklahoma called in.
Then we go to Rourke, Lynn, and others.
But I want to move quick here.
Larry, you say you're a drug rep.
And, yeah, this is how they do it.
They come and they scare the nurses.
They scare the doctors.
The more shots they get, the doctors actually get bonuses, trips, cruises, money.
They come in there, and these nurses, man...
I mean, they'll get mad at the hospital when you say no vaccines.
Now, if they think you're ignorant and poor, what they'd call white trash, or a minority that thinks poor, they just say it's the law, CPS comes.
I see it in the news all the time.
There's no law.
They still grab your kid.
But you go to one of the upscale, nicer hospitals, especially if the doctor's a fan of the show, everything's fine, but still the nurse will try to bug their eyes out and go gripe at the doctor, and the doctor, right in front of me, just said, nope.
That was with our first child, and we got another doctor with the second, but... It doesn't matter.
It just is so crazy.
This country is so gone.
They herd you like cattle.
They lie to you constantly.
Larry in Oklahoma, thanks for holding.
Well, you got to hear the doctor and the state rep talk about it.
You were saying, is there a way to educate these people?
I mean, I'm just sitting here, you know, talking to some doctors right now, you know, since I've been waiting to get back on, and they were unaware, of course, and it's just amazing.
You get their email addresses.
Sorry, go ahead.
No, I'm just saying, if you got the information, brother, give it to me, and I will make it my duty to let everybody in three states know that I call on OB-GYNs, women in health care, know.
Well, you can just Google doctors question HPV and a bunch of medical doctors, after they see adverse reactions, just like you heard the last medical doctor saying, you know, they're trying to be political, but be safe.
They say, this is not a tested drug yet.
Even the FDA said that.
And though it's been approved for experimental use under state-mandated regulations, it is causing problems.
And you can go pull up the articles that Paul Watson and I and others wrote last year when this popped up.
Just type HPV, PrisonPlanet.com into a Google or Scroogle search.
You can also just go get them to give you the drug insert.
The RTI insert.
Yeah, I mean all thousands of words of it.
And scan into adverse reactions.
Show them how it says that it isn't proven to protect you.
They also admit it increases the cancer risk if you're already infected.
So are you screening for that?
And, I mean, basically, I would just do a Google search in front of them, and if they don't like our articles, our articles are full of hyperlinks to mainstream news.
I mean, they can, just last week, they were reporting people dying in England where they just started giving it at the first of the month.
Did you see that headline?
No, I sure didn't.
Yeah, just type, girls die after HPV vaccine.
Just type that in.
Girls die.
London Telegraph.
In fact, let me get the exact headline.
I don't think that's the exact headline.
Let me...
Let me just go to Google here.
I don't like doing this on air because, well, obviously it distracts me.
This is important.
Okay, girl's death.
Girl's death after HPV.
Let me see if that brings it up.
Okay, alert over jab for girls is to die following cervical cancer vaccine.
Daily Mail got another story.
Alert over jab for girls after to die following cervical cancer vaccination.
They just started it a couple weeks ago.
That's in England.
Girls fainting after painful HPV vaccines.
Some girls, let me see.
Let me just type deaths HPV in here.
And again, I do this, folks, so you'll just learn for yourself.
Deaths, HPV.
And it goes on.
And then you can find the reports right there.
Let me click on News.
So, I hope that answers your question.
It does.
Alex, and if I could just say one thing real quick before I go.
You know, I was just curious on your thoughts on, you know, of course, in the election again.
You know, Hillary obviously will, you know, in my opinion, win because it's all fixed.
But do you really think, since they're going to try and get rid of Ron Paul, do you think they're going to have, like, Bloomberg or Adnan out here that Nader may be coming back into the picture and have him, give him the nomination for the independent?
Here's the problem.
They've looked at the math, and we've even, you know, done a Zogby poll.
We're thinking about doing another one.
But any fair poll, and all the major polls show this, any of the scientific ones show this, Ron Paul, Hillary is unpopular on issues.
When you stack, when you ask people, Hillary's for A, B, and C, do you like her?
In both parties, in Independence, people say no.
Around 37% support her.
Then if you ask them about the policies of John McCain to Republicans, Democrats, and Independents, they'll say they don't like him.
Ron Paul, though, has the popular position on war, on borders, on the economy, on everything.
They just don't let his message get out.
They block him.
They cheat him.
I think his message has gotten out.
There's clear fraud all across the gamut.
Even when he wins, they don't even report it.
So that's basically where we're at.
And I'm sorry, what was your question again?
I'm just basically saying that it seems like they're already preparing, knowing that they want to get him to wake up.
Sure, sure.
So now, you're asking about the third party.
So now bringing in Nader, bringing in Bloomberg.
Two months ago, there was a report out of New York, mainstream news, I forget the exact publication, reporting that Ron Paul, that Bloomberg was going to run to block Ron Paul.
So see, Paul is popular with Democrats, Republicans, and Independents.
And in the general election...
The only hurdle he would have would be getting on the ballot and the party machinery and they'll still try to cheat him with the machines, but that's hard to do.
Plus, they don't want him in that final three-way race, you know, having equal time during the debates.
And really catching fire.
They're scared of him.
And so, yeah, they're trying to move in a bunch of other third-party niche candidates to suck away from him and then party faithful.
Just like when Perry was going to lose in a two-way race, a bunch of other people came into the race, three other independents that then sucked out the independent vote, so Perry won.
Perry won by a minority vote.
It's almost a parliamentary system.
So they're using parliamentary maneuvers to bring this down.
In a three-way race, Ron Paul could raise the money, get on the ballot, and have a good shot at it.
Election fraud would come out.
It'd be highly contested.
That'd blow their whole system.
So I appreciate your call.
It's a very, very good question.
Okay, I apologize, everybody, for not getting your calls.
We're going to do it now.
Rourke in Texas.
You're on the air.
Thanks for holding.
Hi, Alex.
Yeah, we got off to the wrong foot last time, and I'd like to discuss a few things here, if you'll let me.
And, uh, yeah, I think Aaron was right.
I think we need to organize, and, uh, you know, I think there are reasons, uh, that maybe, uh, are leading to, uh, an action here that we should talk about.
And, uh, okay, um...
Well, I don't remember getting off to a bad foot, Rourke.
I don't remember your caller.
I remember we talked about, you know, I said the monetary system was an exploitable framework, and then you said that, you know, you got angry and...
That I was a communist or something to that effect.
No, that's not what you said.
You said that, but you also said that we should just build things because we want to without money and then just have machines and give everybody everything.
That isn't how it works.
Well, yeah, but I think that the monetary system is fundamentally based on greed, and then a system like that would be fundamentally based on giving.
Oh, man.
I really don't know what to say.
Just go ahead and put your economic theory up.
Well, it's not, you know, I didn't really call about that this time.
But, you know, I think we do... Let me ask you a question.
Are you smoking marijuana right now?
No, no, I'm not.
I'm not at all high, and I didn't appreciate that.
Well, you just, I mean, you sound, I'm not saying you sound stupid.
You don't sound stupid.
You sound, like, spaced out.
I've lost some weight, and, okay, and that's what you hear.
Well, just make your point, sir.
All right.
I've heard you say in the past that you're not our hero.
And then you'll say that, you know, you feel like the movement is in the hands of God.
And I think you're deferring your responsibility.
And I think that since you're the one that's at the top, and you've already covered the information, that it's going to be hard for somebody else to, you know...
Look better than you.
And I think we need to form the movement and go ahead and, you know, maybe become a political arm and then maybe form the rudimentary basis of some kind of military, if necessary, so if things break down, we can go to that, you know, to that option.
And, you know, I believe religion is brainwash.
Okay, Rourke, I appreciate your call.
Look, I shouldn't call you stoned.
I apologize for that.
You'd have the sound of somebody who'd been smoking marijuana.
And I don't want to get into a fight about marijuana, folks.
I'm for decriminalization.
I just am tired of being around stone people, and that's what it sounded like to me.
The last time he called, I remembered who he was.
He called last week once he mentioned it.
It doesn't even matter.
The point is, do you know what they do to all these political movements that start up that have a head?
If you build a movement around one head...
That person can be assassinated physically, or they can be politically assassinated.
They can be demonized.
Dirt can be dug up or manufactured.
And then people lose heart because the movement was built around a leader.
People like leaders.
It's how we're designed, and our development is homo sapien sapien.
It's great to have Ron Paul as a leader, but he said I'm only a focal point.
This movement goes on.
It's bigger than me because he knows he can be struck down, he can be politically destroyed, he can be cheated, whatever, and then everybody loses heart.
And everybody wanders off in different directions.
I want you to follow ideas and ideals and start all your own organizations and all your own groups.
I don't take pleasure going to events and everybody telling me how great I am.
And frankly, I spend all my time studying the New World Order just to be able to understand it and trying to make films versus some organization.
And you said a military?
Let me tell you what they do.
People ask me all the time, Alex, are you a Fed?
Because there's so many COINTELPRO people and the useful idiots that parrot and repeat what they say on the Internet.
First off, a Fed doesn't come on air and tell you you have personal power
Start your own organizations.
There are good people in government who we can wake up.
We can all work together.
Black, white, old, young.
We're all together.
In government, out of government.
It's a process.
We can't affect change.
Warning you about medical things that are happening.
Warning you about monetary things that are happening.
Giving you advice to make you self-sufficient.
Telling you to be non-violent.
You know what feds do?
They come on air and say, there's nothing we can do.
We're not getting steam.
This movement's all screwed up.
We need to have an armed march on Washington.
This leader's bad, and this talk show host is bad, and Ron Paul's a this, or Ron Paul's a that, or Alex Jones is a this, or Alex Jones is a that.
Let's just say I'm bad, okay, for the sake of debate.
I'm not.
I'm the real deal, folks.
That's why I'm successful.
A lot of you have discernment, you know that.
For those of you that don't, fine, just mark me off as bad, but please now go fight the New World Order.
Since you know you're good, will you please warn some people about fluoride, HPV, open borders, gun control?
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I think?
It's not the kill.
It's the thrill of it.
Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen.
Glad that you decided to join us today.
You found it.
The front lines of the InfoWar.
Tip of the spear.
All right, we're going to get to Lynn, Dave, Brian, and many others.
Continue with open phones into the next hour.
Then I'm going to get into the financial news.
And, boys, there are a lot of it.
Look, ladies and gentlemen, I am not going to be your leader.
All right?
I try to lead with ideas, with guests, with news, with information.
The solution is in you taking action, getting out there, and waking other people up.
All right?
It's that simple.
The solution is in you being leaders, you taking action, like We Are Change and so many others do.
Instead of looking for leaders to do it,
The Ron Paul thing is a great victory because it's a process of awakening people and proving the fraud in the election process.
So it's all a win-win-win-win-win.
As for a military, you know what would happen if, let's just say hypothetically, and I'm not doing this, they'll try to edit this up and give it to the state police and get some federal funds to put a detail on me just by editing this.
It's how they get funding, folks.
It's how they show threat assessments to set this up.
To brainwash their cops and the FBI.
The FBI in San Francisco and many other areas, Detroit, would go get a group of people.
They'd be soup kitchens, feeding folks, taking over the political process, waking the people up.
They'd go radicalize one member.
They'd say, hey, you're getting threats.
You need security detail.
That person would be a fed.
They'd then detonate a stick of dynamite in a bus or something, claim they did it to arrest everybody, or detonate a stick of dynamite above San Francisco and have the news there to cover it.
A military.
A military.
A military.
Yeah, I need to set up a military.
You know what happens in any of these militia groups or any of these Republic of Texas groups?
You go to one of those meetings, there's more feds there than there are actual members.
And the fed will be the one saying, let's go kill some people.
Let's go pipe bomb.
Let's go murder.
And when they find dumb enough street kids in Miami, or they set up young, dumb Muslim kids up in Toronto, you understand that?
You understand I've had people try to set me up repeatedly?
I'd be behind bars right now if I took people's advice like the last person?
And I'm not beating you up, sir.
I understand how you feel.
I believe in the Second Amendment for defense.
I believe that we should have more guns, not less.
And I believe that none of us should go to FEMA camps.
And I believe we should let the police and military know that if they ever try to carry that stuff out, force inoculations and the rest of it, that it's not going to go well.
And I'm against what happened in New Orleans.
But we're kicking their hind ends right now in the Info War.
We are taking the New World Order on in a big way right now.
We are having victory after victory.
The last thing we want to do is start waving guns around.
Thank you for listening to GCN.
Be sure to visit GCNlive.com today.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
I was not attacking Rourke in Texas last segment, and I'm sorry if I did sound mean to him.
It's just people always tell me, I need to do this, I need to do that, I need to do more.
I literally can't do any more than I'm doing.
You know, as more funds come in, we start more websites, we hire more people, we try to do a better job, we try to make better films.
But I'm doing everything I can do.
And Ron Paul's doing a great job, too.
None of us are perfect.
And yes, of course I know that I'm as big as it gets in the anti-New World Order movement.
Okay, all these magazines and newspapers now call me the king of conspiracy, the leader of it all.
I do not like that.
It is not fun.
This is not a game.
I do not play at this.
You know how much danger it puts me into as I enter into this phase?
I want to continue my work, ladies and gentlemen.
I don't want to go to events and everybody tell me how great I am and drink a bunch of beer.
I don't want to... This is not a social thing for me.
It's great.
We're going to take this country back by making liberty a social thing.
I say go do it.
But me, I literally am in the gun seat firing at the enemy in the Infowar 24-7.
I build weapons like Endgame.
That was a two-year production weapon that I literally poured my heart and soul into working 18 hours a day many days.
Getting home, getting four hours sleep.
I literally, literally drove myself to the edge of exhaustion.
I'm doing everything I can, and I don't have all the solutions, and I don't have all the answers.
It takes every bit of my intellect and every bit of my energy just to be able to
Articulate the enemy's attack profile in a lame fashion.
It's so big.
It's so complex.
It's so wicked that I can't even articulate the length and breadth of this missile cruiser that's up against us, firing at us at will.
They are killing us.
They are poisoning us.
All I can do is expose that at my great peril.
You know how many times I've had somebody show up at the office or show up at an event and say, Alex, let's blow stuff up.
Let's kill people.
And I say, get away from me, you know, you're a cop or a fed, and how many times we follow them out to the parking lot when we're having them thrown out, and it's an unmarked fed car.
I mean, they're so arrogant.
They think we're so stupid!
I'm not one of these poor inner-city kids that you went and gave a hundred grand to to go videotape the FBI building so you could say they were going to blow it up.
I'm not one of your special forces guys you fooled and drugged and sent to the gurney to kill at Terre Haute.
I'm not one of these hippies in San Francisco you lure out to set off a piece of dynamite on.
It's the only reason I'm not in prison or dead.
Or when somebody shows up in my yard yelling and screaming and waving a gun, I don't run out with a gun so the cops can jump out and gun me down like they did Bill Cooper.
Or when somebody in an event starts a fight with me, I don't act like a tough guy.
I turn around and I stick my tail between my legs and I walk off.
And you know why I do that?
Because I'm going to go on hurting the New World Order.
And I'm going to go on helping people.
And I'm going to go on waking people up.
And I'm going to go on with my work as long as God wants that done.
That's all I pray every night is that God lead, God indirect me.
They write me.
Email me.
Alex is a fear monger.
They call me.
I'm not a fear monger.
This stuff's going on.
It's worse than I can even articulate to you.
Evil is spreading everywhere.
The culture, not just the government, is getting more and more corrupt by the minute.
Okay, I promise.
I'm going to your calls in the next segment.
Lynn, Dave, Ryan, and others in the economy is coming up.
Man, I saw something on the internet last night that just totally blew me away.
Every time I think I've learned the bottom of the barrel of evil, I find something even worse.
Maybe I'll talk about it.
Maybe I won't.
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We're good to go.
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The forces of globalism are destroying national sovereignty worldwide.
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The first time in modern history, the people are beginning to wake up.
It is essential that patriots worldwide accelerate their fellow man's understanding of the New World Order master plan.
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Once again that's 866-885-6625 for BioSolutions.
That's 866-885-6625.
From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
It's corny, but it's true.
Hey, go download that song, Maverick.
We ought to add that to the show.
You've got to know when to hold them, know when to fold them, know when to walk away, know when to run.
There's a time to live, a time to fight, a time to die, a time to reap, a time to sow, a time to do it all.
The globalists go around staging events, creating militarized groups.
Now, am I saying buddies shouldn't get together and train with firearms to be better shooters?
But people get into the whole idea of it, you know, and call themselves commanders and outfits, and they own a bass boat, so they're the admiral of Michigan or the admiral of Texas.
I mean, I've actually seen this.
And people running around saluting, calling people the president.
I mean, that makes us look like a joke to everybody.
Urban camouflage is tennis shoes, blue jeans, and a t-shirt.
Urban camouflage is a suit and tie.
I mean, if you were ever going to fight the New World Order,
Whatever came down to martial law, would you run around the streets in camouflage?
Or would you run around the streets in a repair van?
In overalls?
In coveralls?
With a pocket protector?
You see.
We want to recruit people to the cause of liberty.
We are the legitimate individuals.
We don't creep around.
Anybody that contacts you and wants to be part of a group, they're all, It's secret.
There's security.
I need to keep you safe.
We need to build pipe bombs.
It's all part of these paranoid lunacies.
You're going to be getting set up for prison.
They're going to use you in local news to get more anti-terror funding.
And they're going to run around fear-mongering.
We're mainstream.
We are the patriots.
We are for the republic.
We have the ideas that will save this nation.
They've recruited 26,000 preachers to tell their flocks to turn their guns in and go to FEMA camps and take force inoculations.
I was accused of fear-mongering two years ago and we had the pastors on and covered it and got the secret documents.
Now it's on the news.
If you went strutting into a city council in camouflage
Yeah, hi, is Lynn here?
This is Alex.
Who's this?
My name's Lynn.
I'm from Toronto.
Lynn, go ahead.
I agree with you all the way when you say, you know, don't lay it all on me.
You know, we, the people, need to come together with our, everyone with their own baby, their own plan, you know.
And I just want to let you know, give you a heads up.
Here in Toronto, here's some things for Canadians to get into.
I just found out that they have optical scanners.
So when there's a municipal election...
They're using these scanners.
Total fraud.
They won't use them in third world countries.
The UN won't certify them in the third world, but we use them here.
So, you know, it'll grow, and that's got to be stepped on.
Yeah, yeah.
And the last cutesy is that just two nights ago at the Toronto Board of Education building, which is the biggest board in Canada, they actually voted in favor of what they call black schools.
And so people up here, if they need a cause, I think that's a good one.
What are black schools?
There's schools that the black students can go to.
They're saying, well, it's voluntary.
And it should improve their education because their problem, they're saying, is that they lack black history.
Yeah, everything is going into Hispanic schools, black schools.
They're setting up all these government-run military academies for minorities.
And, again, that will also be their shockwave cadre, brainwashed kids serving the New World Order.
And I had seen some of those reports in the U.S.
I know that that's happening.
The balkanization is accelerating.
Yes, very scary.
I just wanted to give you a heads up about what's happening up here.
Very interesting.
Anything else, Lynn?
Well, I think there are wars going on with the people regarding fluoride and the like, but it's so important that the information, we've got to get that out, and I'm with a friend trying to get some shortwave radios made so we can start furnishing the people at a very low price with these things to make shortwave listening exciting.
And that's my part, but you're doing a great job, and thank you so much for your show.
Thank you.
You're wonderful, and thank you for holding.
Dave in Iowa, you're on the air.
A couple quick points.
I'd like to make my nomination for the single most controversial magazine ever published in history.
Single issue.
It's the January-February 2001 edition of the Barnes Review.
It's the Holocaust issue.
Your listeners could get a copy of that by going to the barnesreview.org, the A-R-N-E-S, and they click around on their archive thing, and it's available for anywhere from $8 to $5 an issue, depending on how many you get.
I think you'd find it amazingly interesting.
If I could, I have an extra copy.
I could send it to you if you'd like to see it.
Sure, go ahead.
Just the Lamar Street thing?
Lamar Avenue, whatever that is?
One other thing.
Bob Chapman was talking about Dr. Paul and this Bloomberg thing.
He is of the opinion that if Bloomberg gets in the race as an independent, and then Ron Paul goes independent, that's split the votes up into four different blocks, and he thinks Ron Paul could win pretty easily.
You know, I don't completely agree with that, because what will happen is...
The media will then give more attention to Bloomberg, and Bloomberg has billions he can spend, and Ron Paul does better when he goes up as a single independent.
I mean, there may be a few stragglers, but as a mainline real challenge, because he'll get large sections of the Democratic and Republican vote.
If they start... Look, do the math as a pie, Charlie, okay?
About 30% are calling themselves Republican right now.
About 35% are calling themselves Democrat.
Okay, that then leaves about 35% that would be going for Independent.
So if Ron Paul's the only big viable Independent, and he gets 35%, and then he pulls 10-15 from the Democrats, 10-15 from the Republicans, who's going to win?
But if you split up,
Yeah, it'll be bad for Ron Paul if Bloomberg runs.
I think it would be.
Ron Paul, if there was an election fraud, would win as a third-party candidate.
He's got the name recognition.
He's got the money.
I've looked at the issues.
I've looked at the polls.
He would win if there wasn't fraud.
He will give them one.
Incredible run, even with fraud, if it's a three-way.
If it's a four- or five-way, he'll be minimized again, and that's why they're going to run Bloomberg.
That's why they're going to run some other people as well, because they've got to block that.
Still we win, because he'll still be in the national spotlight, still injecting real issues.
It's just amazing that he gets such a short amount of time on these debates, and he just blows everybody away.
I appreciate your call, sir.
So what we need to do...
It's not just go on PrisonPlanet.com and TruthNews.us and Infowars.com and the rest of the sites, but we need to also go onto the ABC message boards and the Neil Bortz websites and onto all the other sites.
Get the articles Paul Watson's written about how Ron Paul or it's Hillary.
We told you this a year ago, a year ago, only Ron Paul could beat Hillary.
We told you the frontrunner being the Democrats, Hillary.
Barack Obama will probably be your vice president.
That fight between them is as staged as it gets.
It's as phony as a $18 bill.
You know what?
I've heard of the economy.
I'm actually going to just break down the numbers.
I'll have to pull them up again.
I don't want to just go out of memory here.
Let me see if I can do that during some breaks.
This is too important.
Just break this down for you.
Chapman's a pretty smart guy.
You might have misheard him.
Bloomberg is recognized as running...
Let's go ahead and talk to Walter in Tennessee.
Oh, boy.
You're on the air, Walter.
Oh, I just want to... Hi, Alex.
I just want to tell you that I really like your radio show, and I was listening to you talk to the doctor from here in Tennessee about...
I was just wondering if Memphis was one of the cities that is considering taking the fluoride out of the water.
And did he say, I did hear him say they had taken fluoride out
Well, that newscast was old, and one city had done it then.
During the break, he told me as many as ten towns have pulled it out.
He isn't sure, so he didn't say on air, but he said more have done it.
But you can contact his office if you'd like, sir.
And what's his name?
His name is Joe Hensley, Republican from Hohenwald, District 70.
Oh, Hohenwald.
Hold on.
Joe Hensley.
And I want to say there's a local radio station here that's always putting Ron Powell down, but I began to like him because I've heard some of the things that he said and some of the things he stands for.
Let me guess.
It's a mainline, supposed conservative talk station?
Yes, it is.
Yes, sir.
Yeah, attacking the only real conservative.
They do it on two shows.
I listen to yours.
Well, I quit listening to those because all they do is a tag.
And we have another show that comes on at night that's off to good on this same station.
I think that they explore it.
But I want to say something else.
Well, you're going to get distracted listening to yourself on the radio.
Oh, me?
Yeah, it's blaring in the background.
Finish up your point.
Anyway, I just want to say another thing.
Because I had laser in my eyes.
And there's another thing right there that I've wondered.
You never hear anything about it, but I just wonder.
It's very dangerous.
Sure, we'll be right back.
It is a big idea.
A new world order.
In the near future, Earth is dominated by a powerful world government.
It's known as the Bilderberg Group.
Could their objective be world domination?
For thousands of years, their dark order grew.
Now, as they hail the birth of the new world order, their great dream of exterminating 80% of humanity is at hand.
For the first time in history, the elite's plan for world government is blown wide open.
You will learn the secret that drives the entire New World Order agenda.
Bill Vargas is making great progress toward a world government.
Most people have no idea.
They're not after money.
They have all the money they need.
They're after power.
That's what I have to use you for.
Order Endgame on DVD at prisonplanet.com or infowars.com or watch it online right now at prisonplanet.tv.
Blueprint for global enslavement.
You have been warned.
David J. Smith for Newswatch Magazine.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Guess who we've got coming on the show tomorrow?
We've got the funeral home director that took in the body of Lee Harvey Oswald.
The Secret Service came in.
FBI made him take the dead hand of Lee Harvey Oswald and put the fingerprints on the gun.
In studio tomorrow.
Guess who else is on?
I just talked to him during the break.
He's been trying to get a hold of me for years, he said.
I only got the one email and saw the post on his site.
And we get so many thousands of emails every day.
I've been missing it for years.
And he heard the show yesterday, I guess, when I said, somebody got a hold of Paris.
So he went wild, called a bunch of numbers, got a hold of us.
And so Paris is going to be on the show tomorrow.
That is just fantastic.
That is just great.
I just love him to death, so that'll be up tomorrow.
Right now, let's go ahead and go back to your calls.
Who's up next here?
Maureen in New Hampshire, thanks for holding her on the air.
Go ahead.
Yes, good afternoon.
Thank you for taking my call.
This is Maureen in New Hampshire.
Yesterday on your show, you spoke about John McCann and his brother and father being part of a mob and being arrested and put into jail.
No, I said that about Rudolph Giuliani.
Oh, it was Rudolph Giuliani that you said it about.
Yeah, his dad was first a street enforcer and in time for armed robbery.
And then he became reportedly, and this has been in major New York papers, this has been in the Village Voice, a book's been written about it, was a capo.
That means he sits under a don.
Yes, I understand.
Generally a don will have four to five, sometimes more, captains.
Yeah, I do understand.
I understand that part.
I was... But John McCain is mafia-connected.
Tell me how, could you please?
Sure, there have been press reports and stories done on it.
He was involved in the Keating Five, you know about that?
Junk bonds, stealing money, insider trading, all of it.
That's why they call him Mr. Anti-Corruption.
Whatever they call him, it's the opposite.
His wife...
He is the daughter of a heavily hooked up guy.
Just go read about it for yourself.
Just type John McCain mob connected in.
Reporters that report on it, though, their cars blow up in car bombs.
Oh, I understand that.
No, no, no, I mean with McCain, literally.
You don't live too long.
The mob is so horrible that there are... My brother was murdered by the mob, so I really understand that.
And I was very, very concerned if he was...
Any choice, any chance of McCain.
So yesterday you heard me talking about Giuliani, but it just so happens the other guy's also a mob connective.
But not like where his... Where can I find this information?
Like I told you, ma'am, Google.
Just like the person earlier asking where they got info on HPV killing people, I typed in HPV deaths.
Or girls die from HPV.
Yeah, and it came up.
I mean, it's, you know.
All right.
Thank you very much for talking to me, and also we are working...
We did download from your website about Harris' calls for resignations in New Hampshire, and we did get her video, Beverly Harris.
Yeah, what do you think about all the chicanery going on in New Hampshire?
It's horrible.
It's absolutely horrible.
And we have shown it to our representative, and she's going to conk it with it.
This is a very small town in New Hampshire that I'm from.
And seeing the video, Hacking Democracy...
Everybody sees that, they will roll over.
That's the bigger HBO special, but she's got all the videos shot on the ground with the creeping around by the Secretary of State and his minions.
This is terrible.
This is absolutely horrible.
This is horrible.
If the people only knew.
But we are trying.
Well, here's the good news.
I mean, look.
Five, six years ago, they had polls.
10% of the public believed it was election fraud.
Now it's 85% last year in scientific polls.
I haven't seen one lately.
I mean, now this is a big issue.
They're reporting that it is probably the third biggest issue.
It's economy, war, and then the election system, and then the open borders.
After seeing that and after seeing the big corporations and what they did, I mean, just from looking at her video...
I believe that.
If people could just see that, everybody could see it, I don't know how they would change the system.
Well, she got it vetted for HBO.
She's very careful about what she says, and I've never heard her be so strong.
She said, criminal enterprise in New Hampshire right now with the voting.
Thanks for the call.
A couple more calls on the other side, then I'm going to hit the economy and more on the election.
You'll want to stay with us.
This is the Meat and Potatoes of the Transmission.
Straight ahead.
Two big guests tomorrow, ladies and gentlemen.
You'll be sure to join us.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
We at The Bible Says want to alert the world to the topic of the Mark of the Beast.
Soon it will be upon us as an overwhelming surprise.
The world is pressing toward a forced one-world religion.
The real issue behind this is the union of church and state nullifying our First Amendment.
Americans will have to give up their peculiar beliefs and accept what the new world religious leaders prescribe.
In 2005, President Bush signed the Real ID Act.
Which goes into effect May 11, 2008.
Many people believe that this will be the mark of the beast because of the restrictive measures included, which seems to parallel the no buying and selling of Revelations 13, 17.
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I think?
It's all about the battle for your body, mind, and soul.
And now I'm hoping you don't close your mind so they shape you.
Don't forget they made us slaves, gave us aid, then raped us.
Another push season mean another war for profit.
All the secrets so the public never speak to stop it.
The Illuminati, Triple Six, all connected.
Stole the votes, they control the race and take elections.
It's the Stolen Bones Freemason Kill Committee.
See the dragon get shot in every city.
We're good to go.
All right, we've got to cut it off there.
I've got a few plugs.
I want to hit the economy, and then I want to go to your calls here.
Umar in Detroit, Derrick in New York, Bush in Texas.
We've got Brian in Idaho, Mick in Pennsylvania, just so many.
I'm going to try to get to everybody, so I've got to move faster.
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I've been so busy taking your calls and covering the news.
I haven't even plugged my videos today and I'm not really going to do it.
I'm just going to say I'm a filmmaker.
I made 18 films.
Endgame proves how they're killing us.
How they gave us age and raped us.
It shows just who these devils are.
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Just go look at the clips, the samples, the quality.
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This is Breaking News with Bill Clinton.
This is on ABC News.
And I'm just going to play this now, then go to your calls, then jam in the financial news.
Let's go ahead and play this.
This is Bill Clinton at an event for Hitleri.
And Hitleri and Bill are there, and somebody's yelling 9-11's an inside job, and Clinton really gets mad.
The how dare you, I did not have sex with that woman.
Here's the criminal.
What are you screaming about?
Let him talk.
Are you one of those it was an inside job guys?
Well, let me tell you something.
The great thing, first, Hillary agrees we should end the war.
But we've heard from you now.
Now you hear from me.
I'll let you be rude and interrupt me.
Scream at the top of your lungs.
9-11 was not an inside job.
It was an Osama bin Laden job with 19 people from Saudi Arabia.
They murdered 3,000 Americans and other farmers, including
Hey, Bill Clinton, how about you, you CIA criminal?
How about you go away?
The former Italian president, one of the most highly respected Italian presidents, seven years in office, that's a record.
The former head of their intelligence agency has gone public saying 9-11 was carried out by our government.
The head of the German parliament, Andres Fambulo, former head of their intelligence.
Andres Fambulo, the former head of the German technology office.
That's the highest level office in Germany.
Their economy is everything.
Their technology is everything.
Andres Fambulo and the other head of the lower parliament, also former intelligence, went public in 2001, a month after, and said it was carried out to launch wars and set up a police state.
Robert Baer, the guy Syriana's about, one of the most highly decorated, most famous ground officers ever, says all the evidence points towards inside jobs.
Bill Christensen, CIA section chief, Europe, says all the evidence says inside jobs.
Bill Doyle, who lost his son Joey Doyle on 9-11, the head of the biggest 9-11 victims group with over 7,000 members, says most of their members think it's an inside job, and he does too.
In major polls, Angus and Reed, 84% of the American people believe they were lied to about 9-11.
68% in a Zogby poll believe the government was involved.
Just like 90% know the government killed Kennedy.
So you go ahead.
Everybody knows you're a lying crook.
You go ahead and have the Republicans and Democrats tell us what an inside job.
How dare you?
I'm going to blitz through your calls now.
I want to go fast.
Umar in Detroit.
You're on the air.
Go ahead.
This is Umar Sufadeen, General of the Black Panther Militia.
For 20 years, I've been listening to the shortwave now on the computer about the so-called Illuminati...
And people in our own government that's been outright killing us with bio-viruses and everything else.
They done gave black people or African people or whatever you want to call us all over the world the death sentence with the AIDS.
Now, the Jews in their Talmud said, Hadron 72a and Barachus 58a and 62b say, He who comes to kill you, arise and kill him.
In Leviticus 19.16, it says, Thou should not stand idly by the blood of your brother.
How long are we going to stand idly by and let them just continue to murder people all over the world and then say, don't do nothing to them?
They need to be brought to justice.
Henry Kissinger, Alexander Hayes, the big new Brzezinski, all those people that's behind Barack Obama,
Anthony Lake for the Rewinding Massacre.
All these people need to be brought to justice and executed on public TV.
And that's how I feel about it.
And for all you people out there looking for Ron Paul to be your guide, God is in you.
Manifest into a self-leader.
Don't put your faith in any leader.
Thank you, Alex.
Take care.
You bet.
Look, you're saying rise up and kill, or you're quoting those, but what do you do?
The average moron cop is like the moron public.
They don't know this stuff.
They're starting to wake up.
I used to be dumb.
I'm sure, Umar, you at one time didn't know what was going on.
I mean, should people, the UN, it's now come out, even mainstream news, ran the Rwandan Massacre.
And they do have a special love of killing black people.
But they kill everybody, by the way.
And so all I can say here is that I'm trying to wake people up to who the enemy is.
So... And not only so I don't get arrested, but also because I know that's the course.
We're finally waking people up.
I mean, do I think people that have carried out mass murder deserve to be tried for murder?
And the sentence be carried out?
And then sentenced?
That's legal and lawful.
As long as it's couched in those terms, fine.
It's just a lot of FBI agents out there listening think they're part of the system.
Hey, Mac, they are putting fluoride in your water, buddy.
They are eating holes in your brain.
They're not your friends.
Can't you get that through your head?
But there are a lot of evil people who like serving this system.
I've got to move really fast now here.
Mick in PA, you're on the air.
Go ahead, Mick.
I've got enough thoughts and observations that I'd have to spend a week in the booth with you, but I don't know where to start.
One thing I think a way to smooth out what these people are trying to say is an organization to have any degree of success at all, you need organization and leadership.
You've got the leadership position whether you want it or not.
I want to know if it would be possible if
You could be the rallying point and maybe set up direction to some websites and start compartmentalizing the patriots.
A rallying point.
When you run this stuff by people and they say, well, what do I do?
You could say, well, are you especially interested in the vaccine aspect of it or the loss of our liberties aspect of it?
You could say, go to this website, and it'll shoot you to another one or direct you to another one, because there may be hundreds, you know, you may find there's a million like-thinking people in America, but there's nowhere for them to rally.
Sir, sir, and I appreciate your call.
There's more than 10 million of us.
It's a great point.
There's 50 million of us that know what's going on.
A hundred million got questions.
Again, I do not have a leadership position.
I mean, I have the biggest radio show out there in the patriot movement.
I've got the most popular films.
This is a big world with complex tasks.
And I tell people the issues to get involved in that I think are most important.
I mean, Ron Paul said on this show, the majority of the support he got in the first six, eight months of his campaign was from this show.
We're still one of the largest pieces of his support.
But I said that's only one venue, one educational strategy.
There's many other venues.
Spam my website.
Spam my videos, as they call it.
It's not really spamming.
It's your free speech.
On the YouTube, the Google, don't use my name when you post videos because you're trying to block them out and not let them on the main page.
I mean, nothing's stopping you from taking Endgame Blueprint for Global Enslavement that's free on Google Video in the top 100 and giving it to your entire email list, your neighbors, telling people that's education.
They still aren't awake.
That's the biggest thing we can do.
If the cops and the police and the military and the government know that they're working for criminals, this thing will fall apart like with Ceausescu in Romania.
I mean, look, here's one example.
They were going to make the police, firemen, medical workers, nurses, 14 million people total in 2002, take the smallpox shot.
People are dying taking that shot.
They're starting to pull it out of cities and towns all over.
It's in major magazines and newspapers now.
All those millions of people that laughed at us and called us kooks are now learning we told the truth.
You wake them up on one thing.
Hey, they put something in there to eat holes in your brain on purpose.
Here's the documents.
It's over.
We have a fluoride section.
We have a vaccine section.
We have a police state section on prisonplanet.com.
It's there.
Let me give you a little hint.
You start spending four or five hours a day calling people, writing emails, going on sites, researching,
You'll figure out solutions in your own area.
It's simple.
Are there going to be evil people in the system that don't care?
Is this going to get violent?
And I'm doing everything I can to avert it going violent and just have the New World Order back off and slow down.
I don't think they are.
But our numbers will be that much larger when the fight starts.
But folks, the new order can set off nukes.
They can release bioweapons when we start fighting back against them.
They can push one button and have 5,000 Iraqis they brought in that work for the government start terror attacks or blame it on them.
They can push one button and have the radical black groups start burning and blowing stuff up.
They'll think they're doing good.
They can push one button and have the Mexican groups start doing it.
They can give one order and they can do whatever they want and get us all fighting with each other.
We have to educate people about that and who has the capability and who's planned that and who's done that and who has motive.
Now inside job is in the nomenclature.
Now false flag attack is in the vocabulary.
It's in the vernacular.
We're having a big effect.
We can win this thing if you go crazy and start educating people now.
Uh, Brian in, uh, Iowa, you're on the air.
Indiana, go ahead.
I started listening to you, uh, last summer and, uh, well, I had a lot of pieces of the puzzle and you just put them all together for me.
I was just looking at all the pieces and, well, all the puzzle fits together now.
Um, but, uh, here's my main point.
I'm in, like, the security industry, and I've seen a lot of, like, law enforcement people and a lot of government people, a lot of military people buying into all this torture is good and, you know, just taser people and all the rest of this stuff.
And I didn't understand what was going on because these people I knew for two or three years, these aren't like these people.
It just seems to be taking over.
Yeah, no, no, they have to forge a wicked battering ram to crush liberty, and they all fantasize about being Jack Bauer.
There's no real terrorists.
It's going to be us they're torturing.
Yeah, I can't see how people can watch that 24.
So what do you say to your friends that have turned into ghouls?
Well, I haven't said anything to them yet.
I just had to walk away because I was terrified.
Well, when we get back, I mean, tell me about it.
You're sitting around at the bar, and you're like, I'd like to rip somebody's teeth out.
I'd like to waterboard somebody.
I'd like to get rough.
Yeah, we were sold evil.
Like an evil download.
And I'm trying to get the country to vomit it up.
But I need your help.
We don't have to absorb this.
And we have vomited.
They forced a gallon of it down us.
This black syrup.
And we vomited 80% of it up.
It isn't enough.
It is a big idea.
A new world order.
We're good to go.
For the first time in history, the elite's plan for world government is blown wide open.
You will learn the secret that drives the entire new world order agenda.
Bill Burr is making great progress in the world government.
Most people have no idea.
They're not after money.
They have all the money they need.
They're after power.
That's their after news.
Order Endgame on DVD at prisonplanet.com or infowars.com or watch it online right now at prisonplanet.tv.
Blueprint for global enslavement.
You have been warned.
Do you need more than just the constant news of impending tyranny?
Yes, this is Elizabeth Porter, back with The Divided Kingdom, the hour that analyzes spiritual and cultural issues, too.
Lou Blanchard and I are delighted, thanks in large part to past listeners' lobbying efforts,
Now, to be on the great Genesis Communications Network Monday through Friday at 6 p.m.
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We invite you to hear our program, one we pray will strengthen and bless you.
Indeed, trouble is part of the story, but the fellowship of faith surpasses it.
Tune in at 6 p.m.
Central with The Divided Kingdom.
Hi, Ken.
It's Judy again.
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Some folks are born.
All right, real fast.
Brian in Indiana.
You say you talk to these people in law enforcement.
What types of things are they saying?
Well, they're saying, like, well, what should we do?
If they're not going to cooperate, or they're going to just attack us, or how are we going to get the information if we don't torture them?
And, you know, I just can't say.
It's like, well, here's our intelligence.
Well, I remember in a bunch of law enforcement magazines, one day I was walking to a 7-Eleven and something told me to pick one up, and it was like, torture's good.
The terrorist has anthrax bombs that's going to go off.
You have their child.
Do you torture their child in front of them?
The answer is yes.
And then there have been literally 50 plots I know of on different TV shows where they torture children in front of their parents, and then in real life that's happening in Iraq.
Again, once you get man-rated torture children, it's all over.
Well, this book that I'm reading now explains how all this stuff is happening, and it's a very important book.
If you're in law enforcement, read it so you don't fall into this.
What's the book?
It's called The Lucifer Effect by Philip Zimbardo.
It sounds interesting.
What's it talk about?
Well, it talks about the prison experiment where anonymity and just authority... Oh, well, they did those in different universities and they found like 95% of people will torture someone to death in order to do so.
Yeah, that's part of it, but they go into a lot more in this book how the system actually affects it.
When the police put on their riot gear and all the propaganda, how about all these protesters are evil...
That just gets into their head and then they start doing more than what they were asked for.
They're not bad people, but... I agree.
It's brainwashing.
Well, it's the old... Remember the old Looney Tunes Saturday morning cartoons where they explain it and they put different hats on Elmer Fudd and he acts different depending on the hat?
It's the same thing.
I appreciate your call, sir.
Great call.
You know what?
I'm sorry to everybody else.
I can't take your calls, Buck and everybody else.
Call me back tomorrow.
I'll go to the head of the line.
So I wanted to hit some of this economic news.
I covered some of it at the first of the show, and that's going to re-air here in about five minutes at the InfoWars.com streams if you missed it.
But dollar receives, recovers as stocks fall.
But it didn't recover.
It didn't recover.
It keeps plunging downward.
But, oh, it gained...
0.1% back.
A tenth of 1% it gained back.
That's like saying you fell 5,000 feet, but you bounced.
The dead count bounced.
And then stocks fell.
Gold is way up again today.
But here's the key news.
Starbucks acts as sandwiches as part of a fix.
They're also going to cut the price of their coffee.
See, I told you, grocery stores, restaurants, it's all these kids eat free deals, and the restaurants are empty, and people aren't buying as much, and retailers aren't selling as much, and now they're not going to have ham and egg sandwiches, cheese, bacon.
They're not going to have these sandwiches anymore.
See, they're cutting back.
I've got a pile of these.
I've got another one here about Amazon.com's stock going down, losing money because they think sales are going to go down, and sales are starting to slow.
See, I mean, it's actual retail now being hit.
And this is just the beginning of what's happening to the economy.
Mortgage bonds vulnerable to bank selling.
The banks are dumping all of this AAA-rated junk corporate paper.
Here it is.
Amazon shares whacked on margin worries.
Man, we're out of time here.
I had a lot more to cover.
Well, the show restarts here in just a moment, so basically we'll be right back after this break.
If you're listening on the AM and FM dial, we'll see you back tonight or back tomorrow whenever the stations air us.
We appreciate all of them.
If not, 24 hours a day at the streams at InfoWars.com.
If you missed any in the first or second hour, just go to InfoWars.com right now and you can click on the main streams right there to hear it in super high quality 32-bit.
And just get out there and take on the New World Order.
God bless you all, ladies and gentlemen, and get in game and get it out to everybody.
We'll be right back.
Thank you for listening to GCN.
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